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 %<  ARE YOU OIS( OUR UST?  NO! WHY?  Vancouvsr City, Mount Pleasant, South Vancouver and The Province ^  VOLUME II  VANCOUVER, British Columbia,   NOV.  18,   1910.  N0^28:'  ATHLETICS  VS.  |.      -Man has always attached greati'n porta nee: to high  physical  [-development.    In all ages the athlete has been the object ot! ad-  ( miration, men seem to glory iu the achievements*, of 'JfjfWi's.   We all  love to >vit,iies.s a eon test of strength and;;skifl-   Tlas teiulencv is  V right in the Very blood'of the raee. and it-is as-it should -be'.-"'"It  is also worthy, of note that in order.to reac'h.ji.nv degree o.f eminence..  \ in the realm'of athletics it is essential that tlie "competitor live a  ' plain, simple life.   No feasting, no whiskey, no--re������kJe������s-living can  M>e allowed,'otherwise'success is impossible.    It is because .of this  b latter fact that, parents frequently encourage their boys to,-join  Athletic clubs, fueling that they'are unlikely to form habits of dis-  I sipation, as lorrg'as they. are engaged in healthy .recreation.  .  ' For a.good'many years the local  "athletic   club"   has   been  j  viewed in this light and has succeeded iii producing many prominent   athletes   in   various  branches of sport7 It has generally been  viewed Ms a place where a yoiing man could surround himself with  healthy'^; influence* ,and companions.   It will therefore be. a subject  I for sincere 'regret.with many" to know that an attempt is being  I made to merge the '���������athletici club" with the "Commercial club."  "We have nothing whatever to say' against the hitter organization,  it is a ������������������club" in the ordinary sense of the term and as such has its;  "bar" which is perfectly legal, and as far as we know it is well'  run, but is it advisable to have a young men's athletic club connected   with a social organization where liquors   are freely and  |habitually used?    This is a pertinent question and one in which  the citizens of Vancouver are, or should be, deeply interested.   We  submit it is not advisable and every effort should be made to. discourage the union.  I        Of course it is well known that the moving spirit in both or-  1 ganizations is the proprietor of a prominent local liquor business.  J There is no desire ou our part to cast any reflections, upon a citizen  ��������� because he happens to be in that business, but on the other hand  ^the "athletic club" has been a serai-public institution,, at least many  [citizens subscribed to the stock of the institution simply to help it  along, and on more than one occasion appeals have been made  [to the public for aid, and consequently in our opinion it is undesirable that this semi-public athletic association should be coupled up  with a private club or .too closely identified with any private business interests; .7...   .,  ,7 ...- v.77.,7 \7.-,,-77���������.'  The "Gold Seal" road race is now recognized as a championship  affair and is started from a liquor ptpre and finishes at the same  place, the dressing room is among the whiskey barrels of this  establishment, this again is undesirable. If any concern wishes to  run a road race for advertising purposes, lef; them do so, but when  the winner is declared to be the provincial champion it is time to  call a halt, nnd question the wisdom of the course pursued.  Sport is one of the best tonics society can have, and if properly  conducted is a great benefit to the youth of the community. But  sport and whiskey is an unholy alliance wrhich will xdtimately  result in the ruin of both the sport and the competitor. _���������      -  BRIDGES.  Money by-laws are to be submitted for the two new bridges  -one from the foot of Burrard street to Kitsilano, and one from  Iieorgia and Dunsmuir street to Harris street. The council heard  umerous deputations for various sites and finally decided as  bove stated.  It There was a strong difference of opinion regarding the bridge  jonnectiug Harris street to Georgia and Dunsmuir by means of a  'Y" in the bridge. Aid.* MaePhersOn contended for a cqnnec-  ion between Harris and Dunsmuir, leaving Georgia to be connected  ater to Barnard and Prior, but West End influence prevailed and  it was decided to connect the two into one bridge. It means the  sxpenditure of very large sums aud the citizens should go carefully  ������nd study the situation well before finally voting the money. The  present action will -affect- the future very -materially.^7 ^   BRITAW'S ANNUAL PKINKTOt  Mr. G. B. Wilson, Secretary of the United Kingdom Alliance,  is just submitted to   The   Times   the annual estimate of   Great  ritain's drink bill for 1909.   The to^al amount is placed at nearly  70,000,000.   This, however, while large enough, is a decrease on  ie figures for 1908 by $20,000,000.   To this national bill for intoxi-  [ants England and Wales contribute nearly $643,000,000, and Scot-  ind and Ireland each about $66,000.    The average per head of  Iiopulation is estimated at nearly $18.00 for England and Wales,  Iver $13.00 for Scotland, and about $15.00 for Ireland. It is  stimated that only about 55 per cent, of the people consume these  [quors, so that the average for the drinking public will be nearly  wble these figures, and will be about $33.00 per head for the  iglish drinker, $24.00 for the Scotch drinker, and $27.00 for the  [���������ish drinker. If we take the average family as consisting of five  Iprsons, we find that each family in England and Wales consumed  the average 4 barrels of beer and 6 gallons of spirits, wine and  [thier liquors; the Scotch family used only about 1 1-5 barrels of  ?er and 7 4-5 gallons of spirits, etc., while the average Irish family  id 3 barrels of beer and about 5 gallons of spirits, etc. To most  us in Canada this consumption of alcoholic iiquors will seem  iartling. aud when we consider that two-thirds of this enormous  jink bill is supposed to be paid by the working classes, the magni-  ^de of Britain's drink curse will be even more apparent. The workmen of Great Britain cannot afford to waste over $500,000,000  *nually upon beer and whiskey. National degeneracy must surely  ^company such an expenditure.  AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY.  A mamomth cave has been discovered in German East Africa in  It. Nangoma. about an hour to the south of NandenVbo. Though  fscovered in August, 1909, it was not explored till, February, 1910,  len the police officer, Weckauf, and a missionary named Ambros  lyer made a partial investigation of it. The entrance is 43 meters  de by 21 meters high, and the whole cave has a length of 329  jters. It is of pipe-like shape and has a funnel-shaped opening,  lused by a cave-in. It is in a chalk mountain and caused by water  jsion. The natives had long known of it. but concealed its exis-  ice from the whites. During the uprising of 1905-06 they used it  [r a hiding place for thousands, completely baffling the enemy,  i contains a spring of fresh w'ater, which gives it additional value  a refuge. Its entrance lies in the primeval forest. Evidence is"  rong that it has been the habitat of thousands of bats through un-  ld years. It is hoped that i'unds will be forthcoming to provide for  thorough exploration, since this can hardly fail to yield prehistoric  lains and antiquities of great interest and value.  (UliristmaH Auurrttatmj  ~l  /W'fariStUtHS  i8   onty   a   'little   over one  VLl' *$P month off, and  the shopping  has already commenced. Our Advertising Department is being taxed to the utmost  attending to the many demands made upon  them.. If we have overlooked any of our  patrons or if you wish to use this medium  just drop a, line to 2JlOS Westminster Road  or PHONE U05 and we ivill have our  Representative call on you at once. Do not  delay   this   matter   until Hhe   last moment.  We want to get your   business so assist us  I      in this way.  Public vs. Private Service  Some Questions for Commissioner Edgett���������Why Do the License  Victuaiers Support Bim?  The office of license commissioner is a purely honorary position, bearing no emolument and is in the nature of a public service,  gratuitously given, at least that is what it is supposed to be . The  duty of the commission is to see that the license laws are properly  observed and that the piiblic interest: is carefully conserved. It  will readily be seen that no man coultl properly and impartially  discharge such onerous duties if he wei& directly or indirectly connected with the business of the licens������ej������$tywas because of this that  the legislature decreed that "no person holding a license could act  as a member of the board, nor any one interested in a hotel oi* restaurant holding a license." This, however, does not go far enough  as it permits a member of the board to enter into extensive business  relations with those who hold licenses, such as supplying groceries,  meats, provisions, crockery, furniture, etc.  The mayor cannot supply the city with goods or enter into any  contract in which the city is interested. An alderman is not allowed  to profit by his position.  A school trustee must religiously refuse any monetary advantage his business may give him.  But a licence commissioner may do business directly with as  mauy hotels and restaurants as he can induce to deal with him.  Tliis is manifestly unfair and unwise, and is a privilege which has  been much abused in the past and is being seriously abused at the  present time. ���������������������������  A member of our staff has been carefully investigating this  .abuse for some time, and, as stated in our last issue, we purpose-  laying    before the public    the facts,  also asking    Commissioner  Edgett to publicly reply to certain questions which the citizens have  a right to know:  ������������������    Fact No. 1���������The "Louvre'Ion Carralstre^^  and Cordova streets, is masquerading as an hotel, when as a matter  of fact, it has no proper dining room, but only a lunch counter.   Is  it not a fact that they now buy their supplies from Commissioner  Edgett?  Fact No. 2���������-About one year ago the proprietor of the Astor  hotel wras summoned before the license board to answer for the  trivial offence of allowing people to stand in the doorway.  Is it not a fact that prior to this time they had been buying their  meat from Commissioner Edgett and had just changed their account  to purchase from "another shop," when they were summoned, as  above stated? And is it not also true that immediately following  this summons the said hotel again gave their account to Commissioner Edgett?  It is also stated that the party in charge of the buying for the  hotel explained that the reason they closed their account with the  "other shop" was because it was better that Edgett should have  the account.  Fact No. 3���������The Waverly had some difficulty about their building not complying with the law.  Is it not true that upon some small concession being made to ���������  them by the commission they transferred their account to Com- ;  missioiter Edgett.   Why?  Fact No. 4���������A certain hotel on Cordova street, not a mile away  from the Russ house, had been sub-letting their dining room, which  is contrary to law. They had been dealing with three different  grocers who gave very good satisfaction. This house reeeutly took  over control of their own dining room fearing they would get into  trouble with the commission and instructed the steward to buy from  Edgett. It is reported that the steward refused, result, resignation and exit steward.  Fact No. 5.���������The license commission is also used as a medium of  collecting accounts. Frequently appeals are made to the commission to force hotels to pay up. Thus it will be seen that the hotel  trade is a very desirable trade for the grocer and provision merchant.  Will Commissioner Edgett deny that his trade with the hotels  has vastly increased since he became license commissioner?  Why does he openly boast that he cannot be defeated?  Will Commissioner Edgett deny that he is strongly supported  by the license victuaiers?  Will Commissioner Edgett support an amendment to the city  charter prohibiting license commissioners from dealing wjtk* the  holders of licenses? ~"~^  We submit that the foregoing questions a/e Periin^itl2Vj:JSr'fe  an answer; The -erectors1'place a citizen1 6fi tn'encense commission to properly protect their interests and not to advance their  own personal ends. We contend that it is time the present abuse  of privilege were ended and independent, impartial persons elected.  who will enforce the law, and this Commissioner Edgett has not done.  Ill . CRITICS  ,-t  ������������������'._  7.5,  t  1   :���������'��������� '} .<���������  ''"><. .."*  VKy  i\.  We Invite Criticism���������We Answer It.  Recently. w;e ..have tfeciuthe recipients of'considerable criticism*  ���������some fair, some otherwise���������and it is our purpose to auswer thera  frankly.- .������������������,,���������.������������������:,��������� > ,,-..-.    ....    ..     -.  ;  The question ivasi been asked, "What does The Western Call  stand for, why is it published?"   Again, "Who is the Editor?"     *  Those .wiiqread: the :"Call" carefully will usually see the *:  editor's-neme'published;-'but for the benefit of those -iivho^ may have ���������  overlooked it, we will say that the "Call" is edited by H. H. k  Stevens, Alderman for Wffrd Five,,andra7r.ei#dent of Mount Pleas- j.  ant for the past ten years or more. ;   ���������.   ... *,���������:'. ���������  The;"Call" is published by a "company, composed of somerof  "the best business men' ofHthe7city1 and has for its definite object  and policy the issuing of a sheet which can be placed in evdry  home filling a double want, viz./ a paper free from objectionable  and sensatioual news and atTthe same time ready to discuss fearlessly all questions of piiblic; interest.. This journa.1 is absolutely free,  from corporation control, j In politics we are independent and our  columns open to all to discuss any question, just s6 long as it] is  discussed in a fair and courteous manner. t 7  Another gentleman remarked that he had read the "Call"  through carefully and then re-read it and found within its eight  pages more mental pabulum than in all the rest of the city papers  combined." These were his own unsolicited words. We gratefully  accept the same and will''simply say, that it is our intention, to improve with age.  "You do not discuss live topics," said one man. A late copy  of the paper was laid before him and he had to confess he was  wrong. We do not claim to discuss all of the live topics, that is  impossible. We select those which we view of most general importance. ';  "You do not publish the news the people demand." Correct, that  is, if it is meant by that, we not publish sensational news. We do  not intend to. Jt is not the fnnction.of any newspaper, daily or  weekly to pandor to the passions; of the public by, publishing sensational items of public gossip. Unfortunately too many journals  do this and flourish. By this practice they create the demand for  light questionable reading. This journal has \iothing to offer to  those who wish to have the sensibilities tickled with all manner of  shady news. We seek to publish that whieh may be read with profit  and interest.  "You claim'to be reformers but do not reform.'* We make no  such claim, nor do we wish to be classed as such. We are not philanthropists, but a business concern seeking to run our business in a  free independent manner;! ol~ad-  vertising, such as liquor ads. patent medicine, etc., but on the other  hand this journal does publish criticism of the companies holding  local franchises such as cannot be secured through any other source  and as stated is absolutely free from corporation control.  BRITISH COLUMBIA FRUIT.  "There are probably still a good many people who wOuder what  British Columbia is doing with a national apple show, and what  interests can afford to supply the $25,000 of prize money that has  brought to Vancouver one of the most remarkable collections of  orchard products ever gathered together in America. We are apt  to forget that British Columbia is going to be one of the chief  fruit-growing centres of the continent. In the valleys of that  province land that ten years ago was growing sage brush and bunch  grass is now as carefully tilled and as beautiful an orchard country  as the stretch between Hamilton and Grimsby along the shores of  Lake Ontario that is a source of pride to every Ontario man."  The above is au extract from the Toronto Weekly Globe and  indicative of the growing interest in British Columbia that is being  takenJby out friends in_the East. ,..���������_.._ ^^,...,..^i..^^.____.^=J^^.^j,  The national apple show was the greatest add Vancouver and  British Columbia ever had and is a most gratifying result f������r the  effort of our citizens. ������  GREATER VANCOUVER  The Commission Form of Government Turned Down.  The city council last Monday turned down the recommendation  of the joint "Annexation Committee" that a commission form of  government be adopted by Greater Vancouver. The opposition was  led chiefly by Aldermen Hepburn and McBride and ably supported  by Aldermen Whitesides, Ramsay, Roberts, McTaggart.  The only reason submitted being that it was time enough to  change when the people asked for it. But in strange contradiction  to this the same aldermen refused to allow the question to ever  go to the people for decision.  South Vancouver is very determined on this point, and we  think justly so, as our present system is hopelessly inadequate and  incompetent. Not necessarily the members of the council but the  "system'' is what is at fault, and until we have a change in thi*  regard it seems hopelessly impossible to get competent administration.  CAPILANO BRIDGE.  Quietly aud unostentatiously developments are going on of  whieh the public hear little. Mr. H. Peterson has just completed  a large trestle bridge, for the B. C. Electric Railway, over the  Capilano for the car extension in that section. The bridge is a  structure 4S5 feet long and 83 feet high and has over 7,000 feet of  piling and 200,000 feet of timber. It is not only a bridge of considerable size and importance but was a most difficult one to construct, owing to the nature of the ground.  Mr. Peterson is a resident of Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, and  an experienced bridge builder and is to be congratulated upou the  successful completion of this big contract.  WHY NOT IN BRITISH COLUMBIA?  The Manitoba government is being urged to adopt the same  ^policy, as the, Ontario government in connection with the supply  of electric power in bulk to the cities and towns and municipalities  of the province at cost price. As in Ontario, the Avork of distribution of light and power to the consumer from these centres will be  undertaken by the local authorities.���������We would add why not ia  British. Columbia? ���������������-,*���������*> >~*&4*..X'V:i  ^jtM/JUATssr.: aljtwj i������St.'J~,<Wi������ i\ ?XUX'.  ���������."Sffife-jiift'iitJiSWtW?  ;������ni������ri)tsTB4aa������.:������:  i^&AJ / *-Htu,l!^- ���������!��������� J MW^  ���������i > i <jvi i������iM^������tfju jiJA*. r^'������>hS^������  THE WESTERN CALL, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Mount Pleasant Livery  NEW STABLES - ������ NEW EQUIPMENT  2545   HOWARD STRET     -     -     PHONE 845  HACKS, BROUGHAMS, SURREYS,  SINGLE AND DOUBLE DRIVERS.  Night Orders promptly attended to.  Paper Hanging and ftalsomining  E. H. PINK & SON  WS-^&VE., WEST PAIRVICW  Interior Decorating, Sign Painting and Hardwood Polishing  HOUSES FOR SALE  'THE GOOD DIE YOUNG*  ! Wffliam K. Webb  Harold E. Brock we ;  TELEPHONE 3539  I MIDWAY ELECTRIC CO. ������  EILKCTKICAL CONTRACTORS  529 Broadway W  VANCOUVER, B. C.  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How sad tbe  world would be without him here';'  How innocent he is, bow glad we ought  to be to have him, dear."  And then she'd kind of choke and give  a sob she'd held back all she could.  And be afraid he mightn't live, because he was so sweet and good.  Our darlin' wasn't took away; I guess  it must have been because  At night ma always used to pray God  not to mind how good he was.  We saved up every cent and planned  to start him out in splendid style;  He'd all the schoolin' he could stand  and got    through   college    after  'while���������  But not before he'd run in debt and  mixed up in a scrap or so;  It took some schemin' not to let his  proud and happy mother know.  One day a city paper come that had a  piece marked off with red;  It nearly knocked us old folks dumb  ���������our son was married, so it said.  There still were debts he'd left to pay  ���������the load was rather heavy, top;  He'd promised when he went away to  do his best to help us through.  Poor ma, she read the piece and cried,  No girl was fit for him, or could  Be so, no matter how she tried, "because he was so pure and good."  She acts in plays, I understand, and  he don't have to do a thing  But travel round and dress up grand  and live in high style like a king.  He never visits us no more, nor writes  to tell us where he is;  I worked till all my bones were sore  to settle them old debts of his���������  j And oft ma she still will give a sob  STRONG WATER  Mr. Edison was once asked to send  a phonographic cylinder to a fair. He  sent this reply:  "You ask me to send you a phonographic cylinder and to say a few  words to the audience. I do not think  the audience would take any interest  in dry scientific subjects, but perhaps  they might be interested in a little  story that a man sent me on a phonographic cylinder the other day from  San Francisco. In the year 1873 a mar  from Massachusetts came to California  with a chronic liver complaint. He  searched all over the coast, for ������  mineral spring to cure the disease, and  Anally he found, down in the San  Joaquin Valley, a spilug the waters o'.  which almost Instantly cured bim. H*  therefore started a sanitarium, aix-  people all over the world came snti  were quickly cured. Last year thb\  man died, and so powerful had been,  tbe action of the waters that tbey had  to take his liver oat and kill it with  a club.���������Edison."  THEY HAD THEIRS OFF.  Little Sue Brown was allowed to  stand on the staircase and feast her  eyes on the beautifullyVdressed decollete ladies at her mother's party.  Presently she beckoned to her mother  and anxiously whispered:  "Mother, may I take off my guimpe?"  "Mercy, no." said her mother; "it is  the middle of winter and you would  take your death of <:old."  "Well," said Sue regretfully, "look  there: Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Smith  have theirs off."  A COMMON FATE.  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And our city has grown in the most  natural and permanent manner. In  fact if ever a rapidly growing centre  kept its equipoise, in even balance,  Vancouver has done so.  The factories, large, ���������ahJct< small,  shipping lines, small and large; railway lines; long aqd 'longer; > tram  lines superior to anything in Canada,  and considering the population from  the beginning up to the present,, the  greatest on the continent;, the financial institutions, including banks and  loan companies; the schools and  churches; the vastness.and perman:  ence of the central buildings, private'  company and public; the street.'  sewerage, water-delivering and other  public advantages, all combine to hold  up Vancouver as a marvel of progress,  creditable to her citizens and to Canada, "the nation of the twentieth  century:-' What Canada will, prove  herself to be to the world, during  this coming hundred years in the race  of nations, Vancouver will prove herself to be, among the progressive and  life-throbbing cities of all time.  No man can look within her limits  and into her potentialities without  feeling assured of her immediate, permanent glorious advancement. No  man can look outside and behold the  splendid suburban centres, North,  East, South and West, without concluding that these growing wealthy  municipalities will shortly add their  strength to Vancouver in an official  manner, as they are now doing in a  practical every day manner.  Who can go outside the city and  observe the most enterprising and  well-timed plans of the B. C. Electric  Ry. Co., rapidly running into material  form, to the great advantage of the  whole public and to the growth of  Vancouver, without seeing a guarantee  of a population and wealth of a most  surprising character?  The other    railways    are    all    pul-  By Dora Read Goedale.  His Youth.  His  cap  was  too thick,'ar.d  his  coat  was too thin;      /  He couldn't he quiet; he hated a din;  He   hated   to   write  and  he  hated   to  read; ;  He was certainly Very much  injured  indeed!  He must study and toil over work he  detested ;��������� k ;���������-[  His patents were strict, and he' never  was rested; ��������� ' ' " ��������� -   ���������   '  He knew he was wretched as wretched  could be!  There   was   no   one   so   wretchedly  wretched as he!  His Maturity:  His farm was too small and his taxes  tod big.  He was'selfish and lazy, and cross as a  Pig;  His wife was too silly, his children too  rude,  ���������;���������"   :'   ^    .���������������������������'    ^ ''   ':,  7  And just hecaus* h������f was' uncommonly  good!'' 7"   '    "*'''    ' "--  He hadn't got money enough  and to  spare";'  ���������'������������������'[���������. 'r-      \ ���������    '��������� 7.  He had nothing at all fit to eat or to  wear;  He knew, he was wretched as wretched  .could be; .  There   was . no   one   so    wretchedly  wretched as he!  His Old Age.  He finds he has sorrows  more deep  than he fears;  He grumbles to think he has grumbled  for years;  He grumbles to think he has grumbled  away  His home and bis children, his- life's  little day;  But, alas! 'tis too late! it is no use to  say y  That his eyes are too dim and his hair  is too gray;  He knows he is wretched as ^retched  can be;  There     is   no   one   so   wretchedly  wretched as he!  ���������Sunday School Visitor..  THE WAY TO G000H  There is a right and a wrong way  to do everything; and since coughing  is unfortunately one of our common  acts, perhaps it is as well to know how  to set about it. London Answers tells  us:.��������� -    ^ ^������ .7    '  Few people know', how to !cough  properly! In fact, it never occurs to  the oidinary. individual.that there are  right and wrong ways of doing it; yet  it is a matter of no small .importance.  . It every sigh mejins a drop of blood  out of the heart, as people say, every  cough means some greater or less  proportion of time .knocked off pone's  life. Most people'cough as loudly and  forcibly as they can. Some chronic  coughers seem proud of the noise  they make. But it is a, rather costly  noise, for the simple reason that it  tears and inflames the lungs.  The lungs consist of an extraordinarily delicate, sponge:like tissue,  "which sometimes gets inflamed and  choked, with phlegm. When we .try  to get rid;of this substance we cough.  But, ojbviouslyf if/we remove it violently we must necessarily injure 'the  delicate lung tissue.  Therefore train yourself to cough  as gently as possible7 After *a little  practice you will find it. quite easy  to do so. In that way you. will do  a minimum of mischief to 'the .lungs,  and add years to your life.  Mrs. Caller:���������"I understand your  husband is troubled with rheumatism."  Mrs. Growell:���������"Yes; but his rheumatisms doesn't trouble him half as  much as it does me."���������Chicago News.  THE BISHOP AND THE DRUGGIST.  One day a Bishop chanced into the  shtiiT of a druggist Who was 'jreryifoiqL  of a joke���������on somebody else. The  druggist, wishing to have a joke at  the Bishop's expense, asked:  "Bishop, can you tell me the difference between an ass and a Bishop?"  The Bishop could:not.  "Well," said the druggist, smiling all  over, "an ass carries its cross (burden)'  upon its back but a bishop carries his  cross ��������� (of gold) on his breast.  "\tary good," replied the Bishop, and  then continued: "Now then, my friend,  can you tell the difference between an  ass and a druggist?"  After some hesitation. the druggist  answered:."No, sir, 1 can't."   .  "Neither can I,'* retorted the Bishop  as he walked out.  WIT IN EPITAPHS  If brevity, be the soul of wit, this,  on a tombstone, merits attention:  "I   am  anxiously; awaiting you���������  k '  A.D. 1827. " "   T  Here I ami���������A.D. 18677  ���������This one line is on a stone erected  over a photographer at his ewn direction: ���������"'.'"'��������� :"..:77';.   ,  _.������,   \  "Here.I am���������Taken from Life." .  His neighbor has this on his stone:  >;; -"That which <a being-was, what is  V r   it, shoWf ���������       : ��������� ;,. ~k k  That^being which^was^jwhat hr it  now?  .   To be what 'tis is not to be, yon  see,  That which  now  is not, shall a  being be."  A  good  word   of  advice  put  inte  marble-in England reads:  "Reader I've left a world to yo������,   .  In which I had a world to do;  Fretting and sweating to get rich,  Just such another fool as you.'.'  HIS VERACITY  WAS ADMIRABLE.  .At a certain Scottish dinner it was  found that every" one had contributed  to the evening's entertainment - but a  certain Doctor MacDonald.  "Come, ��������� come; Doctor'���������' MacDonald,"  said the: "chairman," "we* cannot* *let  you escape." . ������������������_:��������� \.t-.  The doctor protested that he could  hot sing.  "My voice is altogether unmusical,  and resembles .the sound caused by  ^e act of rubbing a irick along the  panels of a door."  The doctor, attributed this to the  doctor's modesty. "Good singers, - he  was reminded; always needed a lot ot  pressing.        - ��������� ;     . ������v  "Very well," said.the dpctor, "if you  can stand it I will sing."  Long before he had finished 'his  audience was:Uneasy. ''  There was a painful silence as the  doctor sat down, broken at length by  the voice of a braw Scot at the end  of the table.  "Mon," he exclaimed,,"your singln's  no up to much, but your veracity's  just awfuL You're richt aboot that  brick."- -v7 ���������������������������:-.;,.' k-  mode of governing the city. Beware  of men who would be glad to have  the power to govern by the oligarchic  method, in place of the open above-  sating with life, enterprise and great. | board dem0cratic plan.   Let those who  endeavor.     These   corporations    and:have ears to hear  hear words of wls.  their   Brain   Centres  are   as   restless -dom from any and all sources.  and as irresistible as are the tides.     [ jj ODLUM  iliiilll  ^^^^^^^^^^B  HRl  Ui  Bill  Hi  wmk  Illl  I  '  HMiKill^^^BfS^lllifi!  GAb  tl )  m<*  9  iliiPllBBBH  ^  ibi  lltllilillf  Wt^hW3^Sl!^W^S������iWS^^^mmmmM  Wm  1?  1  J  A &  gstog^^sN*518  PHONE 6964  P.O.  BOX   15,    HILLCREST  WEBB & YOUNG  PLUMBINC-., QASFITTINO andr HOT. WATER  HEATING.     Stoves  Connected  and General  Repairs,   Etc.  Estimates Given COR. 2!si end WESTMINSTER AV  The improvements of the water  supply of the city, of the sewerage,  streets, sidewalks, lighting, heating, of  the school systems including our public national schools inferior to none  on earth, our colleges, public and  .private hospitals, churches, Y. M. C.  A.'s. S. A. undertakings, and all the  rest of necessary improvements, are  prodigious, imperative, urgent . and  persistent.  The electors are asked for large  sums of - money and must vote these  sums, not only for their immediate  advantage, but in the interests of the  highest economy and for the best  service to be handed down to the  future  generations.  Frequently I am asked my opinion  of the future. My answer has been  steady, pointed and unchanged for  twenty-two years, so far as Vancouver  is concerned. Our future is safe, sure,  assured, even glorious among the'great  cities of all history. We hold the key  of Western Canada, and Canada holds  the key of the growing competitive  nations of the world.  Population increases.    The breeding  of the human race, Its natural increase,  lis   constant   and   multltudinously   advancing  at  a momentous  pace.    The  [sparsely populated, well governed, law  abiding, healthful aud naturally wealthy   countries   must   win   out   at   an  enormous   rate   over   all   other   competitors;   and  among    these    Canada  'stands pre-eminently at the head.   And  as  before  said  Vancouver  holds  first  place in Canada for the future.  Hence to sum up in a few words: ���������  My advice to all who are debating  about the future, is to stand at your  post in our Terminal City, and de-  ! termine to make it your permanent  ihome on earth. When leaving Van-  vouver go to the next, the only best  in the universe, viz., to the New  Jerusalem.  This is the place, Vancouver. I mean,  ifor optimism and faith in the future.  I And. as bad as we imagine ourselves  jto be as a city, I must say that our  [city is as well governed as the best in  I Canada, and therefore as well as" any" j  ion the continent. In closing these hur-'  ���������vied   reiharks,   I   v.ov.ld   say     to     the  electorate, vote liberally at tho doming  pVetion ii; Jan-nary, for the p:;s-age of  the money by-luvs. and go slowly ar.d  Icerefully iu the way ot' changing the  Vancouver. B. C.  Nov. 12th, 1910.  PRAIRIE PRODUCE CO.  New Laid Ekks -   ,  .  Eastern Eggs  Eastern Select        -  Eastern Extra Select": - '    -  Sweet Butter -      -      -  Orange Creamery Butter       .-.,���������_..,.  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IkV  lip-  |  T������*s  j**-  ^^������jMi^^^x~H"W~>^~H.*X"H~W~t~v** <���������K^M'MH"X->^W~H~X^~X~H������������������^���������^���������^ ���������H~X"JS~H^^l',4^~X4^~X~>.W*.X"X~J,fthis city. In conclusion let us mutually help each other and make allowance on both sides. If there's another  ensign in the world that spells "freedom" better than the British���������we Britishers want to see it.  History tells us that Colonization of  any part of the globe is easier to the  British than any other country. If it is  possible for us to do this aud live  amicably with all nations and peoples.  it ought to be easy to do it with the  Canadian people, our own flesh and  blood.  W. H. K.  How   about   your   Christmas   printing?  Always Reliable Furniture Store  SPECIALS IN LEATHER UPHOLSTERED GOODS  t  MT. 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I  ���������I V11111 l<H������li<M MI M.H"M"H������  <������l** <��������� 11 -M'*^** WfrfrH-frfrW* ���������4^1������������1<11'������'11������1"H-������^4'44"H'������< l'.������*  M������������������#MM*������*������������*������������������������M������������*t������������������***<*������*<'M'������*������������������**������������������  To tie Electors of the City oi Vancouver  Ladies and Gentlemen:  Raving faithfully endeavored to carry  into effect the policies in respect of whwh I  asked for your votes last January. I now  come before you for a continued endorsement  in the fojtm of re-election to the office of  Mayor for the coming year. In due course  I shall have the honor of offering you an  account of my stewardship and a statement  of tlie measures which, should you again  return me. I shall seek to have put into  practical effect.  Yours Obediently,  L. & TAYLOR  t***'************************+  Is Getting  Ready for  B--I--G  B USIN ESS  HENRY GEORGE POOL.  The funeral of the late Henry George  Poole took place Thursday from the  family residence, 36 Fifteenth avenue  east. Rev. L. Hall conducted tbe services.  REID.  The funeral of the late Mrs. Thos.  Reid took, place on Friday, the 11th,  inst., from the family residence, corner Page road and Westminster ave-  nuue, South Vancouver. Elder Conway officiated. The pall bearers were  Messrs..T. Carnivah, Eberts, A. Grant,  S. A. Wil.burn, J. Barns aud W. J.  Orr.  Local and  Otheiwise  The old design for septic tanks does  not meet with general approval, of  South Vancouver people. Following  the advice of the new plumbing inspector, modifications have bsen made in  tbe .plans. The new tanks will be as  efficient, but. less costly.  Tenders have been let for clearing  and improving the South Vancouvei  school grounds. The trustees know  there must be extensions of the school  premises as the schools ��������� are all crowded. A formal opening of the Collingwood extension is being arranged.  The South Vancouver delegates who  have been appointed to go to Ottawa  to see the ministers about the dredging of the Fraser will hold a prelim  inary meeting in the Westminster  board of trade rooms. They will have  the advice and help of Mr. Stuan  Wade, secretaiy of the New Westmin  ster board of trade.  Ave.  The ladies of the Altar Society o:  St. Patrick's, Mount Pleasant, are ar-  anging to hold a baazar on the after-  uoonand evening of Tuesday, the 22nd.  :nst., at the Church hall.    Afternoon  ea will be served and an orchestra has  oeen engaged for the evening entertainment. _ ���������       ._,..  TOLERANCE.  Tolerance is a fine virtue���������and there  is great need of it in this.Canada of  ours���������there is need of it even jiu  Vancouver.  Just now there are a great many  British arrivals here���������all sorts of men  and women.  It may perhaps be as well to point  out to the Canadian citizen, that they  are not all remittance men, and the  usual judgment of condemning the  bunch as no good, is not fair, to say  the least of it.  "Have you noticed the increasing  number of Britishers coming this way."  Can'you Imagine what this means?"  They are forming Fraternal Societies,  here, there and everywhere, massing  together to help each other, and it in  right here where the older element of  British citizens can check the' in.  tolerance of the new; arrival. At present the prevailing feeling in the  Lodges is to be tolerant to each other.  Occasionally some bitterness arises  ���������some decent Britisher anxious and  willing to become a good Canadian  citizen���������anxious for the uplifting of  his countrymen butts up against;  some callous minded individual  through inexperience, and. his Judgment is for a time biassed, but as time  passes, with the instinct of fair-play,  he sees why his Canadian brother is  up in arms against him. The prairies  with their remittance men, tbe* towns  and cities with their new arrivals,  dudes, etc., who tell the Canadians  "all about it, and how to do it, don't  you know style," we must admit this  is not right.  For seven years I have watched the  growth of the. city, its incoming ant  outgoing people, and occasionally oik  comes up against a countryman, s-  bigoted, so narrow, tbat we feel almost  ashamed of him, and can oli'i^'leavt  it to time and experience to changi  such a persdn'svlews.  There is this to say, however, fpi  such a person. The chances are that  he has never been 50 miles away, from,  home or his own city, the impressions,  environment and everything else is  so new, that for a time at least we  ought to bear with this kind of animal.  This is a plea for tolerance���������give  the British a show. He'll have it one  way or another, and the majority  will make good. This is showing itself in this city now. It is weil ti  remember that wheu he comes her-  he has not left home and country altogether, Canada is still home io him  and he has the right before any othei  man to settle here if he chooses.  To the broadmiiided or ti ave". led  Canadian this article does not appeal  he knows and understands, tint t'  every Canadian not. in close touch  with the Mother Country. 1 hops thi  will appeal to his consideration.  We Hritish are here to settle���������to uplift with the mother country's teachings and flag, all that is best, the home  life, the fraternity and the loyalty  already   here.  Let us help each other and be tolerant. To the Britishers let us remember thut the lordly air ot" indifference  and patronage is out of place here or  anywhere else, and whatever one may  think, it is foolish to forget that this  is a new country���������and that progress  will iiot be stopped, which m?ans that  when these large new cities on this  glorious continent have reached tlieir  ambitions���������rhe old cinos of th? world  will be behind in many things com- i en" by our young people was also de- j  paratively. To the Canadian it is well | lightf'ul. A very pleasing and very j  to remember that you can't stop the  incoming of men and women of all  nations, and surely the British have  as much right to become good .Canadian citizens as the Galic-ians. Russians. Italians, etc.. etc., who are all  the time pushing this way.  Don't forget if any industries arrive  here, it means British Capital, labor  Tbe South Vancouver Council has.  voted $500 for the expenses of a delegation to Ottawa in reference to the  iredglng of the Fraser. This and other  important matters require serious consideration and the South Vancouver  board of trade have arranged a special  meeting for Monday night.  Do not  wait  for  Christmas  before  jrdering that stationary.  If you do not  ise us.  receive your paper, ad-  Five-room, modern house  vitsilano.   Apply   office.  for   sale  .7 A big sheet music sale. All 50c  "ind tUtc music, :! for 25c, at. Cowan's  Music store, 2:515 Main street, corner  Seventh.  The Mt. Pleasant Epworth League  will not have'their regular meeting  next Monday night, but instead are  having a grand concert by Enoch Bacon, the ''Yorkshire Nightingale," who  is universally pronounced a "veritable  marvel," being able to sing in two  distinct voices. His soprano is high,  powerful and surprisingly effectual in  its ranges, while the baritone is singularly rich and rolling. He is also  a gifted elocutionist Those who appreciate a first class entertainment  should not fail to hear Mr. Bacon.  Don't go out in the rain. Just telephone the Mount Pleasant Pharmacy.  Their delivery is prompt.  WOWAN'S GUILD.  The Woman's Guild of Mount Pleasant Presbyterian church held their  regular monthly meeting on Wednesday afternoon in the ladles' parlor of  the church. There was a good attendance, and arrangements were  made for the sale of work to be held  in the gymnasium of the church on  Thursday afternoon and evening of  the 24th. Inst.  The girls band of Willing Workers  are to have the management of the  tea stall, under tbe supervision of  Mrs. Fenton, while the ladies to preside at the other stalls are Mrs. Stee-  vis, handkerchief stall, assisted by  Mrs. J. G. Johnson and Mrs. D. H.  Robinson; flower, stall, Mrs. Mills and  Mrs. Millar; home cooking, Mrs. J.  G. Thompson, Mrs. Jeayons, and Miss  W. McLachlan.  This sale of work finishes up the  work of the Guild for. this year and.  the annual meeting for election of office bearers, etc., will be held on Dec.  14th.  The Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners opened a new  branch of their organization at Central Park on Friday, November 11th.  At present, there, are -about 30 mem*  hers, but it is expected that this num*  ber will, at.least, be doubled in the  very near future. Tbe new branch was  declared open by Brother D. Henderson, secretary of Vancouver First.  Brother J. Anderson, Sr., was elected'  president,. J. Anderson Jr., secretary,  and Brother F. Woodrow, treasurer.  Central Park branch is very lucky in  haying such a member as Brother J;  Anderson, Sr.; as their first president.  For 38 year6; has Brother Anderson  been a member of a "trades union and  'iis long and varied experience will be  i great, benefit ������0 the new branch.  A "chip off the old block,"-is Brother  J. Anderson,. Jr. His service in the  Amalgamated has been Al. He op-  ?ned tbe Nelson branch some time  igo and acted as secretary until his  ieparture for Vancouver. In Brother  F. Woodrow the branch has a trustworthy treasurer. His genial presence  in the Vancouver First branch will be  greatly missed. There are quite a  number of old time members in the  branch and with the Central Park organization is assured. Any carpenters  residing within the vicinity of Central Park of Collingwood are heartily  invited to attend the next meeting  which will be held in the Agricultural  hall, Central. Park, on Friday, November 25th, at 8 p.m.  There was an illustrated lecture In  the Simon Fraser school on Thursday  night by Judge Howie, Mr. Sparling  kindly using his lantern for the  views.  W. C. T. U.  Last evening. November 15th, a very  successful  concert  was  given   in   the  Methodist church. Mount Pleasant, under the auspices of the Hospital Flower Mission department of the W. C. T. |  U.    There was a good audience pres-!  eat.   who   manifested   their   apprecia- {  tion of the excellent programme pro-!  vided. and deservedly so, for the solos j  were  charming, the recitations inter- j  EIGHTEEN���������WEstern Call  ..   ..OCCl  esting,  pathetic,  tragic and  well  reir- j  dered.    The  instrumental   music  glv- ���������  appropriate   feature  of the entertainment was a vocal duet given by t'wo  little   tots���������the   Misses    Carter,   who  sang very sweetly.   A free will collection was taken up and the gratifying  sum  of  $57.75  cents  was the result.  The convener, Mrs. McCubbins, is to j  be  congratulated  on  her tactful  ar-:  range ment and energetic work in pro-1  and experience, not necessarily bo, but vlding  such a delightful  evening  in'  most probably.    You have it now in the interests of so worthy a cause.  SPECIAL-  BARGAINS  In the very finest of  Fresh Meats  on sale MONDAY next  at the  MT. PLEASANT MARKET  RIB ROAST  6th and 7th ribs  PRIME  RIB ROAST  SIRLOIN  STEAK  HAMBURGER  STEAK  PORTERHOUSE  STEAK  MUTTON'  STEW     -  12-ic  15c  18c  10c  18c  8c  35c  CREAMERY BUTTER  Our Special Al  ON SALE MONDAY NEXT  Mt   Pleasant  Meat  Market  Cor. WestatHter 14 Jt Broadway  PHONE 984  HAVE YOU  SEEN OUR  ?  This week we have received a large shipment of j  DAIRY BUTTER direct  from Alberta. 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Carson, "Propr.  1841 MAIN STREET        PHONE 57������  [MERILEE'8 GROCERY AND PROVISION STORE  Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Flour  2640 MAIN STREET  ,   Pbone P*41*  '    ALLEN'S GrtOCEKY  Four1 deliveries daily i  Goods of Best Quality  ������ck at Old Stand���������COR. TWELFTH  AVE. AND MAIN STREET  Pbone 4148  EFFORD BROS-  pholce Groceries, Fruits. Butter, Eggs  and Provisions  244 and 246 BROADWAY EAST  Pbone 914  OAKERY  THE WOMAN'S BAKERY  Bakers and Confectioners  Goods all First Class  Irs.  A.  C.  Coulter     -     Manageress  2159 MAINtSTREET  Pbone 3701  RESTRUANT  THE PLEASANT CAPE  Modern.   Inviting  and   Appetizing  Salter & Eaton      ���������      -      Proprietors  2642 MAIN STREET  Phone R8376  REAL ESTATE  fRIMBLE  A  NORRIS   REALTY CO  J   Real Estate, Insurance. Brokers  12503   WESTMINSTER   ROAD   AND  COR. OF BROADWAY  Phone L3IS4  G. W. CARLETON ....  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AND MAIN  STREET.    Phone 2853  FURNITURE  Delagua, Cal.���������Between forty and  fifty men perished in a mine disaster  here on Nov. 9th.  Edmonton, Alta.���������E. M. Michner, M.  L. -A., for Red Deer, has been chosen  leader of the Conservative Party of Alberta.  Edmonton, Alta.���������The commission  appointed to investigate the Government relation to the G. W. Railway  scandals have reported, clearing the  government of all blame and asserting  there was no wrong-doing.  Winnipeg.���������The stock yards here are  taxed to their capacity during the past  season. Tbe question ot adequate accommodation by tbe C. P. R. is becoming a very important puestion, ind,  is now rapidly coming to a head. '���������  Ashcrpft, B. C���������There is consider;  able railway surveying going on In the  IJttooet district. Bom the Howe  Sound & Northern railway and tbe G.  T. P. bavins parties out.  Tale, B. C���������Atex. Imk&s has been  oooainated as -conservative candidate  for the Yale by-electlone. It is thought  that Mr. Stuart Henderson will fee the  liberal standard bearer.  Victoria���������>fbv. 10th���������The board of  trade here to-day passed a resolution  that no proposals for reciprocity with  the United States should be finally  adopted by Canada, until tbey have  been submitted for consideration to  the boards of trade in Canada, and  "tbat this board would not favor any  arrangements which would lessen the  advantages of the preferential tariff  in favor of Great Britain and other  parts of the Empire."  Winnipeg.���������Food inspectors reported to the city health committee that  they, have destroyed in the past month  nearly a ton of different kinds of eatables.  New York.���������A truce has been ; declared between the striking drivers, at  New York, and their employers. It is  likely that the differences that caused  the strike will be arbitrated.  Edmonton, Alta., November 10th.���������  Sam T-roke: has been taken to Saskatoon in charge of a R. N. W. M. Policeman to stand trial.  Edmonton.���������Railway courtradtare are  moving their construction outtftts from  tbe prairies to B. C, owing to 'the cold  weather ooaoing on.  St. ^Petersburg���������Count Leo Tolstoi,  tbe' aged Russian author, tons ���������disappeared stsnB -cannot be located. " ��������� '  New Y������rk���������Reports are current that  (the Postal Telegraph Cable <to., are  about te Kediuce ordinary rates ������ra cable  "Nelson; Nov. -15th.���������A freight train  wtocTv near Kitchner delayed fcae westbound train live hours.  THE ART STORE  Dry tttods, Millinery ������H Drctmititf  AU kinds of Hand Painting and Em-  broideriea  Orders now taken tor Hand Painted  Christmas Goods.  . Reason* given in Fiue Art. .  fliss Hicks  #EH5tb Ave. aac Weatmfester tttf  Phone 5615  Gems of Wisdom  There are men who would be ready  to step forward and teach Taglloni  how to dance, Tom Sayers how to box,  or the Chevalier Bayard how to be a  gentleman.  ���������Thackery.  Pure religion and undented before  God is this, to visit the fatherless and  the widows in their affliction, arid; to  keep himself unspotted from , tne  world.  . ���������James.  The love ot the human race is in,  creased by their individual differences,  and the unity of the creature, made  perfect by each having something to.  bestow and to receive, bound to the  rest by a thoustand various necessities and various gratitudes; humility  in each rejoicing to admire in his fel-  Jtfw that which he finds not in biniself  and each being la some respect the  complement of his race.  ': ���������Ruskin. 'f:  God scatters love on every side,  Freely among bis children all.  And always hearts are.lying open wide  .,_  Wherein some grains may fall.  ���������l^ewell.  .'���������! ���������'-���������!��������� M'i~ ���������  ��������� ������������������    '   '���������       .     ..:  The tissue of the life to be.  We wear with colors all our own;  And in the field of destiny, j  We reap as we have sown. ���������'. '  W ''������������������-'"     " ���������Whittier.  The chains of habit are generally too  small-to be felt till they are too strong  to be broken/  ���������^-Samuel Johnson.  Man is first startled by sin; then It  .becomes pleasing, then easy, then delightful, then frequent, then habitual,  then confirmed.  ���������Jeremy Taylor.  All habits gather by unseen degrees.  As brooks make rivers, rivers run to  ii ���������seas.-.M :;'';'  " ���������-Drydea7  EOGAD fWmKIT������MUE CO.  Carpets and Furniture and  Linoleums House Furnishings  224* MAIN :STRBET  Phone f������562  QENERAL  MT. 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Glassware     School Supplies  2241 MAIN STREET  Phone 39;"o   \   *    THE  VANCOUVER   RACKETT  Christmas Goods a Big Feature  Sales floor is 33x220 feet  The people are in crowds at  107-9 BROADWAY  EAST  MOUNT   PLEASANT   LIVERV  Hacks,  Broughams and  Surreys  always ready  The barn is now fully equipped  A.  F.   McTavish      -      -       Proprietor  2".4r,  HOWARD ST.    Phone S45  PRICE'S    BOOT    REPAIRING   SHOP  Solid English System  Promptness a Feature  232 BROADWAY EAST  REAL ESTATE  Prof. E. Odium  17J0 GRANT STREET  Phone 2502  JUNCTION   PHARMACY  Complete Stock of Fresh Drugs  Prescriptions a Specialty  [619   FIFTEENTH  AVENUE  EAST  Phone 5557  NEIL  BROS. & CO  Contractors   and   Buildeis    Estimates  and Plans Submitted  FIFTEENTH   AVENUE   AND   WESTminster _ro ad   o~akley   heating   and   sheet  METAL  CO.  Cornice, Furnaces and Hot Water  Plants at reasonable  prices  105  BROADWAY  E. Phone  S643  Panama. Nov 15th.���������The Panama  canal wiU be completed December 1st;  1913. ' This information was given to  President Taft to-day while Suspecting i  the fam*oos Gatttn dam. The official  date of tt&e opening remains January  1st,.. 1915....;.   , ;.... _......  Montreal���������There is a general reduction in the cost of living evidenced in  the market returns.  POLICE SERGEANT SENTENCED.  Prince Albert, Sask., Nov. loth.���������Sergeant Mountford of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police was today sentenced to three years in the penitentiary  for stealing money from the Dominion  government in connection with land  deals.  Vancouver, B. C���������Judge Mclnnis remarked regarding the evidence of witnesses for the Atlantic Hotel in an  appeal against a conviction for selling  liquor on Sunday, that in his opinion  "the register had been changed in order to falsify the evidence aud that  purjury had been committed."  Selkirk, Man.���������It is feared that the  steamer Wolverine has foundered in  Lake Winnipeg with the crew and 60  passengers.  Two Lots Going 4t a Sup  Well located, just off Page Road, South  Vancouver.  $930 for both lots.  $350 down, the |balanee 115 per twntth.  ������������H5(h Ave. *U Westmitisfcr ftoid  Phonk 5615  t  Yorkshire!  (ENOCH BA  * A man with two voices, a clear soprano and a rich  X- baritone.  * Under the auspices of the Epworth league.  j W. PLWSANT HfTHUOIST CHURCH  Holiday Night, Nov. aist  ADMISSION 25c    -      -      -      -      8p.M.  *2>  YOUR GROCERIES  ������laaaB������Baa*������Ba1������Ba������B������������a������Baa^BaaaaWBaBaa������aaa^Baaaaa^������Baaaa^Baa^  YOUNG & THOMPSONS SPECIALS  For  FRIDAY & SATURDAY  C. C. PILKEY  General Repairs and  Machine Shop  252". MAIN STREET  Ottawa���������The revenue of Canada has  increased almost $10,000,000 during  the first seven months of the present  fiscal year.  Twenty-six minion -bushels of grain  have been shipped from the head" of  the great lakes this season.  London, Eng.���������Home Rule is to be  the issue in the coming imperial elections.  APPLES���������  Onions, 10 lbs 25c  Nc  1   Table Apples. ' lbs 25c  Gocd  Cooking Apples, 6  lbs 25c  Apples, per box    $1.10, $1.15       $1.50,  $1.60,  $2.00  CURRENTS   AND   RAISINS���������  New Re-cleaned Currants. :> lbs..25c  New Raisins. 3  16-oz. Pkts 25s  Victoria Cress Raisins, 2 pkts...2oc  Extra Fancv Golden Sultanas,  2   lbs 25c  New   Lemon  Peel,, 2 lbs 25c  New Mixed Peel, per lb ..15c  FLAVORING   EXTRACTS���������  2-cz. bottle Lemon 10c  Vaniila  10c  FLOUR���������  Our  Best  Flour,  per sack $1.70  Five Roses Fiour. per sack... .$1.30  Robin Hor-d Flour, per sack..$1.95  Royal   Household  Flour, sack. .$1.80  CREAM���������  B. C. Cream, per tin 10c  Star  Cream, per  tin 10c  CEREALS���������  Post   Toasties.   per  pkt 10c  Carnation Wheat. Flakes, per pkt. 10c  Canadian   Wheat   Flakes,   large  pkt.    35c  Postum   Cereals,   per   pkt 25c  Corn   Flrtkes.   per  p!c: 10c  7-11). sacks  li. ti  K.  Rolled  Oars.35c  Superior   Holed   Oats 25c  Ground Rice. 3-lb. sac-Ks 25c  VEGETABLES���������  C'an'uts,   lo lbs 25c  Parsnips.  10 lbs 25c  Ti:r.';i|)S.   1������   lbs 25c  Cabbage, nice firm heads. ; e,   lb. 3c  CLARK'S  PORK  AND   BEANS���������  With Chili Sauce. :Mb. tins, 2 for 25c  With  Tomato Sauce, 2-lb.  tins,  2   for    25c  Piace your orders with us and help make South Vancouver grow.  Prompt delivery.  FLOUR & FdED  F. T. VERNON  Hay.  Grain, Flour  and Feed  Poultry Supplies  a  Specialty  24T1 WESTMINSTER ROAD  Phoae 1637  Revelstoke. B. C���������R. Smith, city en.  gineer, submitted plans for the construction of the city water supply  sources. The council will take up the  matter with the Board of Trade.  A large meeting of Winnipeg women  last night denounced the policy of the  city ia tolerating a acgregated area.  Young a Thompson  -  -   -   Cor. 26th & Westminster Ave  Phone 7032 ' 1. LSI-��������������������������� '���������* .laiM/J."/. i>,;,  ���������iVr.-^.r-w-"!-. i:;-[;: J^TivwA"?  ������.���������u.i������.T..i-i*%'&;������^^::tt7:������������*iV**W^*^  IS  w  hi*.  Pi  I-' '���������!?;  ill-  SHEET MUSIC iX~~|  3 tor 25c  ALL 50c and 60c MUSIC,  YOUR CHOICE 10c  For every  THREE you PURCHASE  we will give  ONE extra copy absolutely FREE if you mention or  bring this advertisement  COWAN'S MUSIC STORE,  2315 Main St.,  Cop. 7th  THE JUNGLE  WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR  \  THE UNTRUTHS WHICH LIE HERE.      j  EVERYBODY   ATE   ROYAL   HAMS.  ENCOURAGING   CHOLLY.  "I'm doing iny best to get ahead,"  asserted Chollie. "Well, heaveu knows  you need one," assented Dollie.���������Toledo Blade.  ON THE LEVEL.  you    assimilate    your  food;  Phone 345  Always in Mt. Pleasant  ������J   iii JLJ JLj    JL      ,ffe)'  Stand:    . Mount Pleasant Livery.  Phone 845  ���������>  ���������>  ������������  $  For good values in i  REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENTS  Call on  li-TRIMBLE  &  NORRIS  Cor. Broadway and Ninth Avenne  '���������������4^^<>������������������������>������������������������:-������'i-������-i-*-i-������'i^->������t-������'i'������'i^i-������i������'i-������l ���������  Acme Plumbing & Heating Co. 1  for Estimates on Plumbing  ''."������������������ HOT WATEBJ JHE^TINfrf 77  PHONE   5545  '-..ir  ii  131 loth Aveli |2.      Vancouver !!  "Do  auntie?"  "No, I doesn't, sah.   I buys it open  an* honest, sah."���������Baltimore American.  FRIENDLINESS.  "What's the good having friends if  you can't ask favors of them?"  "That's right. But I've noticed that  the man who has the most friends  is the one who asks the fewest favors."���������Cleveland Leader.  WOULD CAUSE LESS TROUBLE.  A fond mother in Valparaiso hearing  that, an earthquake was coming, sent  her boys io a friend in' the country, so  that they might escape it. ��������� In a few  days' time she -received.a note from the  friend, saying:  "Take your boys away- and send  along the earthquake."���������Judge.  NERVE.  Lady���������"Why do you give me this  bit of paper?" ���������','������������������:    '.'./  Tramp���������"Madam. I do not like to  criticize your soup, hut it is not like  mother used to make. Allow me to  give you, her recipe."���������Fliegende  Hlaetter.  "The most successful swindles,"  said James R. Keene at a dinner, "are  those that have a basis of honesty.  It's like the story of King Edward's  pigs.  "At. Sandringham, you know, King  Edward raised prize swine, prize bullocks and. all manner of fancy live  stock. Well, there was a fashionable  west end butcher who bought all the  king's fat swine every year at a simply  enormous price, and a reporter said to  this butcher one day:  " 'How can you afford to pay such  prices for the royal swine?" :  "'Well, you see.' said the butcher,  with a wink of the eye, 'the king's  pigs have such a lot of legs!"���������Detroit  Free Press.  CHURCHES  Baptist  MT .PLEASANT  Baptist Church���������  Cor. 10th Ave. and Quebec St  S. Everton .8.A., rastor.  26013th Avenue. East.  Preaching tinrvic. j���������li a. in.  and 7:30  p. m.   Sunday School at 3:30 p. m i  Methodist  MT. PLEASANT CHROH.-.  Cornel  Tenth o.rfc. nnd Outaiio    -  Serticbs���������Preaching at 11 a. m and atl  7:00 p. in.      Sunday School and Bible]  Class nt 2 -.30 p. iu.  Rev. W. Lashlky Hall, B.A.B D.  Pastor.      I  Parsonage-123 Eleventh avenue, west. Tele  A GOOD BUSINESS.  "Ruggles, you ought to go into the  business of raising chickens by hand.  It's great."  "I believe I would. Ramage, if 1  could buy a good incubator cheap."  (With eagerness) "I've got one, old  chap. I'll sell you for a third of what  it cost me."���������Chicago Tribune.       j  MODERN.  "Show me one of these old robber  castles of the Rhine," commanded the  tourist.  "Robber castles?" echoed the puzzled guide.   "Does the gentleman mean  !a garage?"���������Washington Herald.  A TANK  AT  RADCLIFFE.  To the list of famous misprints  should be added that ascribed to Miss  Irwin, dean of Radcliffe College, who  was made to say in an annual report  that the new swimming tank at Rad-  cliffe had a capacity of 20,000 gals.  ���������Christian Register.  EGGS WERE PLENTY ENOUGH.  While Jay Gould was traveling on  the Wabash System he stopped over  for dinner at a little town in Southern  Illinois. The party ate some eggs, j  among other things, and when the  bill was presented to Gould it contained the item,������'"One dozen eggs,  $1.80." The great railroad magnate  remarked that eggs must be at a  premium in that section, to which the  restaurant-keeper replied, "N'o, sir,  eggs are plenty enough; but Jay  Goulds are mighty scarce."  *f  ..."  ���������������.ig*.������.iji.figi.������-ifr.������i|i.������-i>''������'i*''������i i  j SALTER, p VTON & CO., 2642 JVWIN ST.  *  THE LIGHTEST, MOST AIRY and MOST CHEERFUL    PLACE TO MX ON THEJULL .  ^ Cuisine^of the Ptest    ^  L,.EveEythjng^������w.and.np^o-c|ate.     We are here to serve,   <������  not to be'serve<$.      GiveTua;'a "call and yovrwill call again: ^  ,|ftt^^^i^b&a^jA|aA^fti^i^B^^^a^ fc'  T^Z^^r^r^V ��������� V ��������� *g^^^*a^^^msw^^  BROTHERS-IN-LAW.  In an English town a gentleman and  a countryman approached a cage in  the traveling zoo from opposite directions. This cage contained a very*  fierce-looking kangaroo. The countryman gazed at the wild animal for a  few minuter with mouth and eyes both  open, and then, turning to the gentleman, he asked; "What kind of animal  is that?"  "Oh," replied the gentleman, "that  is a native of Australia."  The countryman covered his eyes  with his hands as he exclaimed in  horror, "Well, well! my sister married  one of them!"���������Judge. :  ,7 JACKED AGAINST TIME.   ���������:  A charming Southern girl, as Lip-  (pincott's avers, who was convalescing  from typhoid fever, received an invita-.|  tion from a young man who was very  much in love with her to take a drive.  She obtained her physician's permission on the promise of returning in  half an hour.  The young- man ^stuttered badly,  an,d, overjoyed at seeing the girl again  after her long illness, arid knowing her  keen delight in tormenting him, his  difficulty was greater than usual.  "W-w-w-w-where," he stammered as  they started off, "sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shall  w-w-w-w-w-w-we g-g-g-go?"  "I think," she replied demurely, "it  it is time now to go home.'  ;   COULDN'T GO THE LAST.  An Irishman had just "come over"  and, being hungry, went, to one of the  swellest hotels in New. York. When  the waiter appeared lotake his order  he said: '"Bring me the best you  have."  After being gone a few minutes the  waiter returned .with a glass of water,  a bunch of celery and a lobster.  When about time ��������� to; cl^ecli' him up  the waiter returned to' the' customer,  asking why he had not eaten his meal.  "Well," replied the man, "I drank  the water; and 'sriielled of the bouquet,  but I'll be durned if I'could go the  bug." ���������.������������������:.,",!  TORONTO HOSPITAL.  The first contracts have been let  for the construction of Toronto's new  $3,000,000 hospital.  Socialist Party  OF CANADA  PROPAGANDA MEETING  held on  Wed., Nov. 23, 8  2237 WESTMINSTER AVE.  OPPOSITE I.O.O.F. HALL  Speaker���������Dr. Curry  Admission   Free  p'.iUNe *fci4.  Prespvterian  M  T. PLEASANT Church���������  Corner Ninth eve. ,<ml Quebec st.  Sunday Skrvicbb���������Public worship' aitl  Ham and 7:00 p. in ; Suuday school |  and ������lble Class at 2:80 p   m.;  :.. Rkt..J,W. Woodmde, M. Ai,  Lieb.170 Ninth ave. W.       Tel. U.rtMa.    FttMOt.  W  EtjTM1.NSiER Diiuich-  Uor. Wellou u-Uil -Jblti.    ouu Uloult oust  oi Wuaimiii.-ier Ave.  skbviCKS���������Sunday li;tH>a. ui. aud 7:30^  p. ui.   EHiuti'ty school <J:W).  BEV. J. H. UAMtKON, B. A.,  tteside.ui-e Our. tjuebcv ami -aisf. Pastor, j  Anglican  VJT. MigHAJsOiEJ���������;  O    oo'nier 9th ttve7aua f rhi'-e ttdward ������l.  Sb������viCES���������Morning Prayer at 11 a. m.  ftnd hveueoug at 7 :30 p. m. each Sunday. - ,  Rev. G. H. Wilson, Rector.'  iRectory, Cor. Ave. 8lh 1111U Priuue Kdward St. J  Telophoncjg-Vjg^ ���������     ji  C~~V^Dt'llm^^ i>Af ilOi. UllUtfcCitt���������  )     Oorner Tenth Ave. ������"<? Laurel St..  Sbkvices -Preaching at  11 a.in. an������  7:30 p.ui   Sunday School at 2.80 p.ml  Rev P. Otifc-roN Parker, M. A ,     J  Latter Day Saints  REORGANIZED Chnrch of Ohriat  837 Ninth avenue e������������t.  S������RVicE8-Every Suuday eyenmg^ at  TI0D5ES  Your Patronage cordially solicited.  B. C. Ornamental Iron & Feiice Co., Ltd.  PHONE 6571  COR. WESTMINSTER AVE. and FRONT ST  THEN  HE  BLUSHED.  A good story has been told of Dr.  tW-. W- Keen, ot Philadelphia, who has  great repute as a'surgeon*. In New  York, one^winter afternoon last year,  her saw 7a~ican7������lip7;on: on icy pavement and fall heavily. He hastened  at once to the prior fellow's assistance  and found that he had broken his leg.  Dr.?Keen used fiis umbrella as a  splint,; and, with his own and several  borrowed handkerchiefs, bandaged the  broken limb tightly. As he finished  his task the ambulance arrived.    -  "You've bandaged this rather well,"  the young blue-uniformed ambulance  surgeon said to Dr. Keen.  "Thank you,''' said the other.  "O, not at all. I suppose," the youth  resumed, "that you have been reading  up some 'first aid to the injured'  treatise, eh? They say a little learning is a dangerous thing, but, really,  the little you have learned about  surgery you have put to good account.  Give me your name and address, and  I'll forward your umbrella to you."  "I'll give you my card," said Dr.  Keen. He did so, and the young surgeon flushed a little as he read on it  the name of one of the greatest of  modern surgeons.  WHAT JOHN   KNEW.  The teacher of one of the classes  in a school in the suburbs of Cleveland had been training her pupils in  anticipation of a visit from the school  commissioner. At last he came, and  the classes were called out to show  their attainments. The arithmetic  class was the first called, and in order  to make a good impression, the teacher  put the first question to Johnny Smith,  the star pupil.  "Johnny, if coal is selling at $6 a  ton and you pay the coal dealer $24,  how many tons of coal will he bring  you?"  "Three," was the prompt reply from  Johnny.  The teacher, much, embarrassed,  said: "Why, Johhn, that isn't right."  "Oh, I know it ain't, but they do it  anyhow."���������Philadelphia Record.  . JJ j.  ��������������������������������������������������������� -I>������ ��������� T��������� --^.---.i.  ... Back Again ...  THE DON  PHONE  We have moved back to our old store  Prop.McGOWEN  .   .    & SALTER  m? MAIN STREET,   (Near Corner lZth)  FEEPjfc MILK A"D R UTTER PAtLY,v ���������   BJ.G J -I*.C������ ASS-OAN DIES -  and-'?*B!ifi*"f'l,itrir������: * **'A  Fl'LL'LlN'K OF CIGARS. CIGARETTES and TOBACCO.  Agerki for WOMAN'S   BAKERY   BREAD  and  CONFECTIONERY.  .-.hr  '/������������������������������������������������������*���������   "?-  BEYOND   HIS  JURISDICTION  Justice Giegerich, of the New York  Supreme Court, who has a fine summer home on Staten Island, is very  fond of sailing.. A few weeks ago. he  invited a friend of his���������a lawyer���������to  go down the bay with him.  At the start the wind was quite  brisk, but soon freshened into a gale,  and caused the little craft they were  in to toss and roll in a manner that  soon caused the lawyer's features to  twist into expressive contortions.  Justice Giegerich, noticing his  friend's plight, laid a soothing hand  on the latter's shoulder, and said:  "jlv dear fellow, can I do anything  Tor- you?"  "Yes. your honor,'' replied the law-  ver. in plaintive tones, "you will  greatly oblige me by overruling this  motion.-'  o     SERIOUS   BLUNDER.        7  Newport was aroused last month  over a story that J. Pierpont Morgan  told at a luncheon at the Fishing club.  "They talk of the high cost of living," Mr. Morgan said, "but it's just  as bad abroad. You all know what  Trouvil'e is like in the season.  "An American took in Trouville's  grands semaine last year. When his  bill was sent up he paused in his  breakfast and studied it with a sarcastic smiie. Then he sent for the  hotel clerk.  '"See here,' he said, 'you've made a  mistake in this bill.'  "'Oh, no, monsieur, Oh, no!' cried  the clerk.  " 'Yes you have,' said the American,  and with a sneer he pointed to the  total. 'I've got more money than that,'  he  said."���������St.   Paul   Dispatch.  We  Busy  Already making pictures for  Xmas for our customers. Don't  put off till the last few weeks.  And don't think you must have  fine suuny weather. We can  .make . photographs... any |day���������  rain or shine.  PHQH$a*84  and make an appointment with  Mt.   Pleasant  Photographer  I   COR. WESTMINSTER AVE, and BROWWAT*  I      PHONE 5484     Mount Pleastnt  l^^cnacnt Orqcr of 0<Mfeltow|  MT. PLEASANT Lodge No. 19. \  Meetalevery Tuesday at 8 p. ml  in I O. Oi F. Hall Westminster ave!  Mt. Pleasant.    Sojourning bretlr  oordiaUy invited io attend.     _ _  J Douglas, Noble Grand.. 26th & Ma  T. Matthews, Vice Grand,  Thos. SawMjU Rec. Sec, m 7th ave. s.:(  ���������~^^~XoviT Orange Lo4������e 7  rT. PLEASANT L. O. L. No. 184}  Meets the 1st and 3d Thursday  each month tt 8 p. m,  theK. of P Ball.  All    visiting   Bret!  oordially welcome.  Jobh Gomi*. yi.  ao 13th ������re. wc  N. B- Locohbbd,Secj  -745.17th ave., W.  Independent Order foresters  W. A. Mullen  2440 WESTMINSTER AVE  ICE   CREAM   PARLOB  FRUITS, CONFECTIONERY,  CIGARS.     ALL KINDS  OF  SOFT   DRINKS  AFRAID OF HIMSELF.  Joseph   Jefferson,   the   actor,   once  told this story to a friend:  "I was coming down in the elevator  of the Stock Exchange building, and  at one of the intermediate floors a man  whose face I knew as I know yours  got in. He greeted me very warmly  at once, said it was a number of years  since he had met me, and was very  gracious and friendly. But I couldn't  place him for the life of me. I asked  him as a sort of feeler how he happened to be in New York, and he answered, with a touch of surprise, that he  had lived there for several years.  Finally I told him, in an apologetic  way, that I couldn't recall his name.  He looked at me for a moment, and  then he said, very quietly, that his  name was U. S.-Grant."  r. "What did you do, Joe?" his friend  I asked.  j "Do?" he replied, with a characteristic smile. "V.'hy, I get out at the next  \ floor, for fear I'd ask him if he had  j ever been in tlie war'.''  South Vancouver  BAKERY  Westminster Ave.  Cakes, iPastry  Bread. Confectionery, Etc.  Wedding and  Birthday Cakes  a specialty  South Vancouver Bakery  GEO. HERRING, Prop.  Westminster Ave.  pOURT VANCOUVER  No. 1331  VJ   Sheets 2d and 4th Mondays of ea  month at 8 p. m., in the Oddfellov  Ball, Ut. Pier qant.    Visiting bre^  em always welcome.  H. Hankins, Chief Ranger  M. J. Crehan, Rec. Seel  337 Princessstre������'t, Cf  A. Pengeu-Y, Financial Seoreta  ; 237 Eleventh avenue el  Piano Tuning  Expert Rjcpair Work.  Factory Experience  Best References  Yt. J0 GOARD.  0QI.UKQWOQPJ4ST  Leave your orders at the' Western'  (Ha  No. 1 Timothy*  Alfalfa  Prairie  POULTRY SUPPLIES  cA SPECIALTY  & .%f &  F. T. VERN01  V  Successor to S. W.  KEITH  Broadway and Westminster Roa^  PHONE 1637  I The best stock of ARMS  I AMMUNITION, CUTLER!  ? and SPORTING GOODS  ca  *> be found at the store of  v  I Chas. E. Tisdall  ���������>        618-620 Hastincts St.  V ^ .���������      *���������-      * ��������� ~  J },S'l*'V*ll>*'i^i'*'l'*,l,*tV*,l'*'l'*,l*  TORONTO  FURNITURE   STORE  8334 Westminster Avenue.  Beds, Bed Springs and Mattresses Dressers and Stands.  Extension and Kitchen Tables,  Carpet SquareB, Linoleums, Oil  Cloth with leather seats, Easy  Chairs, Sofas, Crockeryware,  Japanese Spuares, all sizes,  Rugs, Lace Curtains and Poles.  M. H. COWAN.  cwrioMiT  -*ssa?  PROPERTY OFF THE MARKET,  ersons now having listed property  las follows:    Lots 28, 29:224, 526 take  lattice lhat the^saBBe/la hereby witb-  A. 8. GOARD.  MACK BROS. Indertakm  Open Day and Night  [OFFICE and CHAPEL  202BGRANY!lim Phwe82S2  PHONE   R219G  (HEELER'S NURSERY  For a fine assortment of  DUTCH BULBS  ���������  V A  just imported from Holland  PRICES   REASONABLE  ICOH IP & WESTMINSTER AVE  Cut Glass and  Silverware  Our stock of thei* Beautiful  goods waa never so select and complete. Every article ueceasary tor  the table in these lines you will  find in our large stock.  Special Offer  Cut Glass Berry Bowl $4.50  Regular price $8.00  ���������This is. the finest,vftk^in  Bf rry Bowls "we have ever "  handled; it is made from a pure  white Crystal blank and the  cutting is beautiful and aristic  A WORD TO THE WISE���������  Do your shopping early, you  can get the best attention and  the best selection to choose from  Geo. Q.  Bigger  JEWELLER and OPTICIAN  143 Hastings, W.  Opposite Province  HALL FOR RENT.  I. O.    O.    F., Mount    Pleasant.���������All  applications for use of this Hall to be  made to J. Haddon and all rents   for  same to be paid only to me.       [  J.. HADDON,  Phone L3184     Care Trimble & Norris.  2503 Westminster Road.  \s>>tW&rHr*'**'i'*&^  "If it is  First   Class   SHOEMAK-  ING and SHOE REPAIRING  yon want, go to '  PETERS & CO.  2511 Westminster Ave.      n  (Near Rroadwav)  We gua an tee our work to be aa good  as any in the city.  t  ?  V  ting & Sheet Metal Co.  Hot Water Heating a Specialty.  Hot Air Furnaces. Ai! Kinds of  Cornice and Sheet Metal Work.  Phone #43  (05 Broadway East  $2500  Tw o Houses and li acres for       -  In fruit ancggarden  4 Home for ������ More Bmgmtello  This will not last long.      Investigate.  Lmngley Aeroeg*  All sorts and sizes,  with or without houses;  some valuable  timber.   $65 to $100 per acre.  ������. ft. O'Connor "^"^ST  ���������*������  ������������������:-*:-x~h~:~x~X":~k~:������:"X~:~xk-:~:*  For Good Values  IN  Men's and Boy's Furnishings go to  ARTHUR FRITH'S  NEW7    STORE  I50 Broadway, East.  Any article purchased and found unsatisfactory can be  returned and your money will be cheerfully refunded.  ONE DOLLAR OVERALLS A SPECIALTY.  SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY  Men** Working Gloves     -      -      -      35c; 3 pr. for $1.00  mmmiimni 11 h tnuajimi m 1 niHMii tu 1 luif  Certificate   of   tbe   Beffiatratloa   ol  Sstxa Provincial Company.  COKPAXZZS  ACT.  (July 1st.. .1910.)  Canada:  Province of British Columbia.  No.   45B  U910).    i.  I hereby certify that 'Waterlioupe &  Lester Company, an Kxtra Provincial  Company, lias this flay be*ii registered  as a Company under the "Companies"  Act" to carry out or effect all or any of  the.object* of tlie Company to which the  legislative authority of the Legislature  of British Columbia extends.  The head office of the Company is situate at 534 Howard Street, Sun Francisco. California. V. S. A.  The head office of the Company In this  Province is situate at Rooms 303-6,  Crown Building. 615 Pender Street, Vancouver, and Arthur C. Smith, Banister,  whose address Is Vancouver aforesaid,  is the attorney for the Company, not  empowered to l������sue or transfer shares' '*f  or stock. *  The amount of the capital of the Company Is Two Million Dollar*, divided into  Twenty-'��������� Thousand, shares' of-One Hun-  dr*rt Dollars each?^"'- ���������'     -.���������--. s   ���������  The time of the existence of the said  Company Is fifty years from the 16th  day of November,..1905; -.-,.-  TSlven under "my'H^nd and1: Seal-of Of*������  flee at Victoria, Province of British Columbia.  .tlii:-������   twelfth   day   of   November,  one: thousand  nine hundred and  ten..  D.   WHITESIDE.  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The objects for whicii this Company  ha-i been established and registered are:  To engage in. conduct and carry on,  in all its branches the business of importing, exporting, buying, selling and  generally ��������� dealing iii wagon-makers',  blacksmiths', horse-shoers' and trimmers' supplies, of al.', kinds and description. iiPd to manufacture, buy/sell, deal  an������i '-. J.? In.; import and export, wagon  maker.*', ^blacksmiths', horse-shoers' and  trimmers' supplies-, together with wheels,  tops, bodies anil wagon materials of all  kinds, together with hardwood lumber,  vehicles, and vehicle parts. To engage  in, conduct and carry on the manufacturing business in all its brandies. To engage in, conduct and carry on a mercantile business in ail its branches. T<> engage in. conduct and carry on a mechanical and mining business in all its.  branches. To engage in, conduct and  carry on a commercial business in all its  branches. To engage - in, conduct and  carry on a general iron, steel and hardware business in all its branches; to  manufacture, buy, sell, deal and trade in  flin- ami ewy kind of iron. ������teei and  hardware,  chemical,  metal  and  mineral  I'i        i ci    ot a-i   Kinds,  ai-o torest,  wood  and wood prouacts of all kinds, and al������-n  vegetable   and   animal   products   of   all   *  kinds; and articles and things collateral, j ������|������  incident or related to, or connected there-   ������������������*���������  i with  and. with  those  lines  of  business |*>  ! hereinabove mentioned, and- each  there-' ������������������  of;  to acquire,  take over and carry on'*  the businesses now carried on and con-'������>  ducted in the United States of America  ���������>  iby  Waterhouse & Lester, a corporation  ��������� formed under the laws of the State of  California, together with the good will,  m ".let* and properties of said corporation,, and to issue stock in payntent there-  c : in take .oyer, acquire.;, conduct, manage and carry on the business or businesses, stock, assets and properties of  such other cqrporation ov persons engaged !f rturri''n������" or .carrying1 on any one  or more of the kinds of businesses, pur-  -po-es, objects or operations herein specified or any kindred business, property,  object or operation or owpihg or holding  any property of any kind herein men  tioned, as the Directors may consider for  the benefit of this,Company; to. purchase,  or otherwise acquire.' the good will,  rights, property or assets thereof, and  to assume the whole or any part thereof, the liabilities of any person, firm, association or corporation, and tooay...eive  c- exchange therefore caslii stock, bonds  other good or valuable con.sideration: to  purchase, acquire, own. take. hold, improve, lease, sell, mortgage, encumber,  convey, and otherwise to deal in and  dispose of real property and any and all  estates and interests therein; to purchase, acquire, own. take. hire. hold.  'ch e. sell, mortgage, pledee. deal in and  dispose of pergonal property, chattels.  goods, wares, merchandise of every kind,  .t.   r 'w ������.-���������   in   action,   patents,  bullion, gold, silver, iron, copper, and all  lt.:e.  iii.     ii'iinei-a'i  ;   to  appropriate,   pur-  ��������� chase and otherwise acquire water, water  I vi.'>-it..������ and franchises and to store, dis-  ; tribute, sell, supply and furnish water  : ior all  uses and purposes:  to construct,  maintain, operate and use, in the United  States and in the foreign countries, csin-  al������. *'vmei!. pipes, wipe 'ines, reservoirs,  pumping plants and appliance's necessary  . ������.-. : t-n.ei:t ior me -torage, collection.  ������������������ e- ������...iT.^ro..t.iri(iii. di trihutlon or disposition of water; io purchase, take, receive, build, construct, sell, lease, mort-  ��������� .-.e. c ! >-.-y or otnerwi-e di-pose of ferries, wharves, chutes and piers, and* to  apply for. receive, hold, acquire, use, ex-  .ercise.- sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise  dispose of buildings and structures of  every nature: to erect, construct, purchase, acouire. sell, lease, mortgage, convey or otherwise dispose' of hotels and  lodging houses and to carry on the same  (and any and all business incident thereto or connected therewith; to construct,  buy. sell, lease, mortgage, run. maintain  and charter vessels of all kinds, and  whether propelled by steam, sail, electricity or other motive power, and to  sell and navigate the same upon any  and ail navigable waters of the earth;  to execute, issue, sell, pledge and di-pose  i of bonds and debentures,  and to secure  | the   payment   thereof    by   mortgage   or  ��������� trust deed upon any or all of the real or  ipersonal property of the corporation: .to  ; apply for. obtain and register, purchase,  [lease, or otherwise to acquire and to  i hold,   use,   own.   operate   and   introduce.  and to sell, assign  or otherwise dispone  of,   any   trade-marks,   trade-names,   patents, Inventions,  improvements and processes   used   in   connection   with,   or  secured under, letters patent of the I'nited  States,   or  elsewhere,   or  otherwi-e,   and  to  use.  exercise,  develop, -grant   licenses  in   respect  of.   or otherwise   turn   to  account any such trade-marks, patents, 11-  ceu-es,   processes   and   the   li'<e.   er- iiny  such property or rights: to sub-.crib* for,  purchase, acquire, hold, own, sell, a -.-ign.  transfer,  mortgage,  pledge,  or otherwise  dispose of share:; of the capital stock of  '   this  or other corporations  and any  and  '   all evidences of debt or s-ecuritie- given.  ' I executed or issued by  this or other cor-  ' I porn tl tins:    to   construct     pnivt-m e-   ac-  ' onire  or   lease    a   warehouse   or    warehouses,  and to carry  on  the  bn.-ui*- .s or  .warehousing  or  of  a  warehouse   and   as  ; incidental  thereto  to  make  loans or  ad-  I . aoce    i.pon  property stored therein, arid  | to   issue  warehouse  receipts,  certificates  ; or warrants, negotiable or otherwise, for  j property .-o stored: to purchase, acquire,  hold, use, lease, mortgage, execute deeds,  of tn:-t upon, convey and deal ln. real or  personal property of every  kind  in such  ; riuc-e or piac-es in the several State-, and  {Territories  of  tlie   United   State-;  and   in  [   uch     loreign   countries    as   .shall   from  1 time to time be found necessary or con-  j-..���������'!!><���������'������'t >'d!- the Company's lni-ine<s.    To  i construct, buy, sell, lea-e. mcrtyage. run.  i maintain and convey saw mills and plan-  i ing  mills, and generally to carry on and  ��������� conduct the saw mill business in all its  '��������� brandies, and generally to carry on. en-  I tra^e in and r:-;;n-.;������et any ar-' ���������������-! lawful  I businesses whatsoever, whether marrn-  ' facturing  or   mercantile   or  commercial,  ��������� which are nece-^'-nry or convei-iei t to he  i engaged   in   or  carried   on   in  connection  ��������� with the afore-ukl businesses of this cor-  ��������� poration, or either or any thereof: to  i manufacture, purcha-e. or otherwise ac-  j quire, hold. own. mortgage, sell. a������---ign.  j and transfer, invest, trade and deal in.  j and deal with goods, wares and merchan-  i dise and property of every class and description: and to do all and every thing  pece."ary. --ilitable. convenient or proper  I for the accomplishment of any of the  i purposes, or the attainment of any one  j or more of the object" herein tnumerat-  I ed. or incidental to the powers herein  : named, or which shall at any time, ap-  j pear conducive or expedient for th������ pro~  I tectioh or benefit of the corporation.  I either an hetAers of, ������r interested ia any  property er etherwiee.  Cannot Be  Equalled for  coughs & COLDS  V   ������-. -   A -'  ' V -       ���������  If The only way to cure a cough or bronchial troubles  is to medicate the throat and lungs with a medicine  which will not DRY UP the trouble but CURE IT  by LOOSENING the cause of the cough or hoarseness thereby allowing it to be expectorated and the  trouble completely eradicated from the system.  If Therefore extracts from $alm of Gilead, Spikenard  Root, White Pine Bark, tyiMfcherry Bark, Ipeca*  Root and Sassafras Root, well known to be the best  remedies for this purpose, were put in combination  with Syrup and the resultant product called  rup  Sold in 6 oz. bottles at 50c by  (LbPatoubel & McRae)  Cor. 7th & Westminster Ave. - Phone 2236  The Store  where  your  Prescriptions  are  MEN WHO KNOW.  dispensed  by  ::  This coupon is good for a BOTTLE OF PERFUME  with eyey bottle of Northern Pine purchased.  I  ?  Y v  T  Announcement  *s������  The Opening Patronage was more than  up to expectations and we have but  gratitude to offer for this liberality on  the part of our first customers.  A New Grocery Stock, Fresh and of  the best, has been placed on the shelves  of the refitted building at the corner  of Westminster Road and 9th Ave.  We are experienced men and will meet  your every need with the most courteous treatment. Try us and be  convinced. Prompt and speedy delivery service.  KEEP YOUR EYE  ON THIS SPACE  FOR THE FUTURE AND YOU  WILL PROFIT THEREBY  Tlie Mt. Pleasant Grocery Co,  Cor. Westminster Road and 9th  z  KHtiimimiMiiiiumruiiiiniiHmtm  IHIMII>MIHIUI>IM������I1 >--i';<-':ii.'v -���������':  THE WS8TERN pAbh, TANC0UV1R. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  if  IS*  1.  ������ffi  1  If1'*  U?^7-  7x7;  >���������; ,; 1  i :\::j.  11*.>  .������4mh������k*^:~k>4^m>4^x������*^^>4^{~> <~H~>������H*<^^H~>*K~:~K~K^*x^-i ^���������^^k^~w<~k~h~h~h**h~x������':-i,'I~J'  *  t  t  *  Phone  790 . .  Phone  . . 790  You Heard the News?  ������������������������������������ ' " '      . ���������- /..    r.  The Mount Pleasant Pharmacy is under "  new management  and has been entirely   re-organized   and  made  new,  :?:  !  *T  z^  PRESCR IPTI0Ni  This department now is under the care of two GRADUATE  CHEMISTS  and the  system  used  in  dispensing  Prescriptions is the most careful and accurate.  We Will Be Pleased to Serve you  In any way possible and dispense your Prescriptions only  as the Doctor orders.  The Obliging Drug Store  Mount Pleasant Pharmacy  2419 Westminster Avenue  r\ A. WILsON, Proprietor - - - SUB POST OITICE  I V  ^4h|������h^~>^:~>m^:^h^M"H������*������h^ ������^-:~k^-k������k-M"X^xk-x^-k~x������ *^x~x~h^~x~x^:^>x~X'***  South Vancouver is about to name  200 new streets, it is to be hoped they  make them as short as possible.  Cut them out���������Why the Coupons advertised���������Little trouble. Big gain.  Mrs. E. J. Third, of 36 ���������12th avenue  ���������west, will receive on the third Thursday of each month.  Mr. Walden is opening up a Bakery  and Confectionery business at 25th and  Main���������Watch his Add.  The Acme Plumbind company have  secured one pf the prettiest calendars  for 1911.  The Chamber's Drug Store are opening up in South Vancouver.  Text Books and Instruments are  made accessable to students in South  Vancouver by the School Trustees.  This is a good move.  Coupons in one of the Adds.   Hustle,  it means money.  Have   you   visited   Kelly's   market  yet? -.-" -  ��������� I    McCartney, the   Grocer���������corner   of  Cedar   Cottage   *���������**������^Z s���������������* and Bridge street have some  about to, form a Boys Soc ety-Save inducements they ai, offering  the boys and the old men will be such    * ^ ^.^ McCart.  they will need no saving. ,  ���������  ���������   ney's.  The Independent Drug Store are of-  fering coupons in the add. Look them  up.  South Vancouver is sending representatives to Ottawa on some pertinent matters. This municipality is pro  gressive.  You can get at a reasonable price a  watch fit for a king at Geo. G. Big-  gars, 143 Hastings St., W.  Mount Pleasant Grocery���������Corner of  Westminster and Broadway report  business jumping from the start. They  have installed some nifty fixtures and  can fill your wants.  Cedar Cottage Presbyterian church,  of which Rev. J. C Madill is pastor,  holds services for this Sunday ias follows: 11 a. m., "Spiritual Experience  at Home." At 7:30 p. m., "The Maker's  Parting Experience." Sunday school  and bible class at 2:30 p. m.  Persons wishing extra copies of The  Call would do well to secure them on  Saturday. .  Mr. Blockberger is around again ���������  minus a toe.  Mrs. G. Pettipiece of Second avenue  west is improving* in health.  We have had some reports of subscribers not getting their papers.  Phone us if you are missed.  Mrs. Leckie of Kelowna  town attending the funeral  mother, Mrs. Lewers.  was   in  of    her  Mrs. J- H. Hamilten and daughter  are expected home from Neepawa on  Tuesday next. Miss Hamilton has  been living in Neepawa in the past  but will make her home with her parents now.  The Kitchen Piano  A SOUTH BEND MALLEABLE RANGE  (t  South Bend  Malleable  Range  is conceded by the Btove trade  to be the Leading Range of  America���������handsome as a picture. Strength, durability,  economy and convenience combine an ornament to the kitchen; madeof malleable iron and  Bessemer steel ^combination,  riveted together like a boiler.  It will last a life time. Saves  repairs���������saves the cook���������saves  time and labor���������and does more  and better work on less than  half the fuel of cast stoves.  No crackiug, no warping, no  polishing, and no open seams.  Burns wood, cobs, hard or soft  coal.  A Perfect Baker,  Ideal Draft, Plenty of  Hot Water  A  Perfect  Range  Means Time for  Reading and Recreation, Time to give  to your Children.  Don't you IMnk you havo put up wilh that oM  oook stovo ot* poor stool rango long anough?  Go to-day and see a perfect range.  You will find one at the store of  W-.  R-   OWEN  2337, WESTMINSTER AVE. - - TELEPHONE 447  Ask for "Oven Secrets" "Inside Range Information"  "  FF���������  and a valuable Cook Book FREE.  ;V.       t    ,..{     ���������'���������������������;-  Grand Prize  Jonathon  Apples  $3.25 per Box  First Prize  Grimes Golden  Apples  $2.50 per box  First Prize  Newdtoit Pip-  pon Apples  $2.50 per box  First Prize  $2.50 per box  You have un-  doubetdly seen  these apples displayed at the  Apple Show.  These are the  finest; apples  ever grown and  you should not  miss the opportunity to secure  some of them.  Al  HYDE'S KINO  per box $1.50  BALDWINS  per box $1,50  FRESH HEINTZ  MINCE MEATS  2 lbs for 25c  . NEW FRESH STOCK  New Raisins, New Figs  New Peels,   New Nuts  '< New Currants,       New  Dates,   Etc.  P. S.���������DON'T FORGET  THE ADDRESS.  Cor. Bridge St.  & Seventh Ave.  PHONE 6126  Steele & Muir are handling the famous B. M. F. car and it is a dandy.  Not-caving to trust to a mere letter,  the Central Park Progressive ��������� Association appointed a committee to endorse its request tor fire-fighting facilities. This was determined on at  the meeting helil Friday night in the  Bingay . hall. The association wants  sufficient hose and a chemical'engine  that will ��������� allow'them to make headway  against any blaze that may materialize  in Central Park for same time to come.  The new fresh lines of boxed chocolates at the.Mount .Pleasant Pharmacy  are very tempting.  The Alt... Pleasant. W;. C T- U. .will  meet on Tuesday, 22nd, inst.,'at 2:30  p. m. in the Sunday school room ef  the Alt. Pleasant Methodist church ami  at It p. in. be reinforced., by members  of the other unions for a symposium on  the Franchise.  Where do you. ask . your ; doctor, to  send your prescriptions? Try the  Mount Pleasant Pharmacy, now under  new management. .  H. A. L������wis, editor of the Times.j  local weekly, has announced that  will   run  for  the  position  of  schc  trustee in the next elections in Jai  ary.   Air. Lewis has been approach]  by a number of his personal frienrj  who have promised him their suppol  He will run independent of the loq  political organizations.  On Saturday evening there was  enthusiastic game of basket ball  tween the Mount Pleasant Presbyt*|  ians and the St.    Patrick's    Cath������3  team in the Presbyterian gymnasiul  The St. Patrick's team won by a scol  of i) to 19.    Arrangements have bcfl  made  for a  match  between St.  Prl  rick's basketball team and the Moul  Pleasant Presbyterian team forevel  other week.   On Saturday evening ty  Normal   School  girls   and   the  Moul  Pleasant: Presbyterian  girls  will 'phi  a match, and' Director Austin expecj  to have another match on the sanl  evening.  Have you noticed the change in the  Mount Pleasant Pharmacy? The obliging drug store���������the Alount Pleasant  Pharmacy.  . S. A. Glazebrook has opened a new  baking business at the corner of  Twenty-fifth and  Main.  Geo. G. Bigar is showing Xmas  goods now. His reputation is good,  his goods are good; 143 Hastings St. W  Xmas novelties and presents at Big-  gars, 143 Hastings.  The 'Mission  Band   oucert    in    th  Suuday  School    hall,    Mt.    Pleasail  Alethodist church Thursday evening (\  last week was a decided success.  The first part of the. program col  sisted of drills, recitations and chorul  es by the children, who deserve grea  praise for the manner in which tht]  were rendered.  The second part was given  adults. Among those taking part wel  Misses Anderson, Heather, Fremli]  Sims, and Hall. Airs. Turnbull ai|  Messrs. Snider arid Phillips. Rev.  Hall was chairman.  The leader of the band, Mrs. McDJ  fie and her assistants, Miss Collins an  Airs. A:' Bowles, are to be congra  ulated on the success of the entertal  ment.  1 Singer Sewing Machine Co.  run U404  ���������t. PUwant Brand, C0I. WESTHINSTEI ATE. ft IMAIWAT  .Prices and terms same as down town. $2.00 per month buys a  new machine. Rebuilt machines for little money, which can  be placed on a new machine within 2 years from date of purchase  MACHINES RENTED, EXCHANGED, REPAIRED.  I   MU5 atcLEOQ, who ia a specialist in Ladlas' Talloratl Ooalaj  %   aasj Skirls, is in attendance, a capable demonstrator and teacher  <gH������KgHgHgH^H$HgHgHgM$HgHgH&lg>3H������>^^  SAVE 30  Why buy sub-  division properties  when we can give  you lots in the same,  locality at 9Qo less  We nave tor sale  choice lots on  Charles St. just, pff  Nanaimo. Lots  30x120 are high and  dry. Our price is  only $900 each,  terms can be arranged. Call at either  of our offices at 612  Hastings St., west,  or 2343 Main street  and our auto will  take you to the property. Act quickly  they won't last long  The price is excep-  . tionallylow.  Lougheed & G  JAS. L LOUGHEED,  612 Hastings St., west  2343-Main Street���������  Manager.  Phone 811  Phone 711


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