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 - -, ���������������������������':%������������������ ,*-*.,- ���������  ���������* -���������������.'..-. '-,;_��������� V rh?.Z "j-i --Zr-Mfil ������,���������>--'r .^*.*-_.'.^i-*"������i^^_>'__"T_������M_o_l  --���������<-.���������:��������� ���������..--..-;.   -. ;"-1;;-' ;.h.-.-J-.:;v'V-vo:^  ::|^;|sf^;&Si|piW  ':'���������- :U'^&:''.S������Vp^r-������"v'^.tft3Ss������|  ���������"'���������':v ''���������' '*- y;':-y^'-l-:''ii^i>Ji^iy.y^4FM^^  -v.'.. -.v-.*.   -.:���������-������������������������"-.������������������\-'r,\-^-t)i'rM\-.l^tm  if^S^fl  Vancouver City, Motitlt Pleasant, SeijthVancouver and The Province  ������������������-'^WMMMm?-  VOLUME I  VANCOJVER, British C6Luiii?u, JANUARY 21, 1910.  THE YEAR 1909  Exploration.  The year IW.l will forever be famous  in the annals of scientific accomplishment as having witnessed the success-  till culmination of the age-long quest  for the North Pole; and the achievement of Commander Robert E. Peary  of the Uniteil States navy in finally  reaching this theoretical .-point, at the  dome of the world, after twenty-three  years of practically uninterrupted eu-  cleavor, wil stand as the most difficult  feat of geographical exploration in the  history of'the.world. It was eminently  lilting that Peary should lie the first  to reach the Pole; for among all the  Arctic explorers he was easily the  first -in practical knowledge and experience. When..'he. announced to the  world en September 5th that en  April. 6th. 1909, he had reached the  coveted goal, his word was accepted  ���������without question. Subsequently his  data was passed upon favorably by the  National Geographic Society of America, which later presented him with  its medal; and the verdict of-this tri-  lunal has been tacitly indorsed by the  vat-iocs learned societies throughout  the world.  ".''Commentingupon the freely-expressed doubts of Dr. Cook's claim that he  also, and a year, earlier, had reached  the North Pole: '"The man who can  look Death full in the face throughout  all the cruel sufferings of a two years'  search for the secret of the frozen  North, is built upon lines too noble to  admit of the slightest subterfuge or  misrepresentation.' It was evidently  with the .same:'' conviction that the  Danish authorities and the Danish people at large acepted Dr. Cook's stupendous claim in a spirit of loyal belief, %yhich appears never to have  wave red'until, the fiasco of the receipt  of his so-caled data by a committee of  the University of Copenhagen. These  petitlemen very quickly jepofted that  Cook's statement was the sanYe as that  printed in a New York newspaper;  that the copy of his notebooks contained "no original astronomical observations whatsoever, but only results:" that the documents presented  were "inexcusably lacking in .'information which would prove that the astronomical observations, therein referred  to were really made:", and that they  contained "no details regarding the  practical work of the expedition and  the sledge journey which would enable the committee to determiue their  reliability."  By this sweeping repudiation of Dr.  Cook's claims; the University of Copenhagen has drawn the final curtain upon  one of the most spectacular -dramas of  audacious imposture in the history of  geographical research.  Second cnly in importance to  Peary's achievement in reaching the  North Pole was Lieut. Shackle ton's  wonderful ������������������ journey in. the Antarctic.  ���������when he succeeded in reaching latitude 8S degrees 2?. minutes south, and  arrived within .11.1 miles of the South  Pole. Shaeldeton passed the very  point reached by Scoit in 1003; pushed  _,,,, for :'.2.". miles and was defeated in  his quest* by hunger, fatigue, sickness  and the loss cf his dogs and ponies.  He discovered eight new and distinct  mountain ranges and over one hundred  mountains, and ascended Mount Erebus, the most southerly volcano. The  south magnetic pole was reached at  T2 degree 25 minutes.  Astronomy,  Photography and  Chemistry.  The   year   1,909  ' is    astronomically  memorable for the return of Halley's  TELEPHONES  It is to be hoped that the government of U. C. will give due consideration to the repeated efforts of the  electorate of the 'Province and lake  over the telephone systems of the Province. Ami we further trust that the  city will not be too hasty in introducing a dual system iii Vancouver,  but will assist in persuading/ the  government to take over the whole  system. We can safely leave this  matter in care of Aid. Stevens, who  has  taken such  a prominent' part  in  BRITISH ELECTIONS  (Continued on  Page 4)  MOUNT  PLEASANT  Up.to-Pate HARDWARE STORE  lllJ-/ lYlADE IN SOOTH BEND KAlNvjL  As TIGHT and SOUND  As a STEAM BOILER  -"-38;'  The British elections are proceeding  with  a  great  deal  of  orderly  excite-  It begins to be apparent that no final  results are to" accrue from the present  elections. The mixed multitude marching under what is termed the Liberal  banner wjll hold a majority aparently  in the new house, but-with a greatly reduced majority.  At   the  present   writing it   appears  famous comet. On September 11th  last. Dr. Max Wolf of Heidelberg dis- introducing the move re Government  covered this historic wanderer upon ownership  me of his photographic plates in almost the exact position which the calculations of C'owell... and Crommelin  'Jailed- for���������a feat which may be re-  ..ardtyl as a triumph of mathematical  -strouoniy. The comet will pass perihelion' oh 'April 20th, and will be, a  conspicuous object in the western-nient.  heavens after sunset about the middle of May, at which time the earth  will . pass through" a portion of the1  comet's tail, and the comet itself will  cross the sun's disk. The reappear-  ���������rice, is therefore of exceptional interest, because it wil give astronomers an  jpportunity of obtaining much valu-  ible information as to the comet's  structure.  The year was further,signalized by  iie discovery ol: another comet by Mr.  Daniel of the Princeton Observatory���������  the third he how has to his credit.  On September 24th, :|J������0J), an opposition of Mars occurred���������the most favorable which astronomers can possibly  have, for another fifteen years^ On  that date the planet was distant 35,-  iOO.OOO miles. Naturally, the old question of Martian habitability wa,s revived. Prof. Pickering, in order to  settle It once and for all, proposed a  method of signaling by mirrors, and  Hot': Wood of John Hopkins University suggested a method of "winking'"  ty means of black cloths on reels.  Neither astronomer 'probably: believes  in ihteligent life on Mars, but was actuated solely by "a desire to close a  wearisome, perennial debate. The  theoiT of habitability defends very  largely upon the presence of water on  Mars: Dr. Canipbell, director of the  l.ick Observatory, made a careful comparison last year of the spectra of the  moon and -Mars.; He found that there  was no appreciable difference between  the two, from which he infers that  Mars must be practically waterless,  and therefore as dead as the Moon.  Mr. Very, of Prof. Lowell's staff, on  the other hand, has arrived at dircetly  epposite conclusion. So far from being decided, the old question is therefore more alive than ever.  "There were two" eclipses of the Sun  and two of the Moon. The lunar eclip^  ses were both total and occurred on  !lime 3rd and November 20th. The  eclipses of the Sun, occurring on June  27th and December 12th. were respectively central and partial.  As might be expected, the radio-active elements still continue to engage  the attention of chemists. Although  ��������� luring the year 1000 no very dramatic  dis covery was made. Ramsay. Soddy,  and   Debierne    made    important    an-  KRVATIVE5WARD5  ;.j.. Annunl Meeting.  .   . - ���������  Tin; annual meeting of Ward V  Conservs-.tiye association was held on  Monday, evening la.st. The President  Aid. Stevens, occupied the chair. Reports of past year were presented  showing the Club to he in a very satisfactory condition.  Aid. Stevens introduced a resolution'  exftvessing approval of the action of  the? Provincial organization in urging  theQovernment to take over the Telephone system of the Province and requesting that the Government take action early and asking that all other  organizations co-operate in an endeavor  to secure   this  end.  A copy was sent to Ihe. Hen. the  Premier, the. local members, other associations,etc. The motion carried  uhannimously.  The folovvingofficers were elected:  .-President, Geo.  H.  Williamson.  First Vice-president,  D.  Hyndnian.  Second Vice-president, D. S. Nixon.  Secretary-Treasurer, D'Arcy Birmingham.  Representative to Central Executive  W. R. Owen.  Mr. E. H. Murphy is to be a candidate for   First  Vice-President  of  the  that the homogenions Unionists ranks  have a slight lead over the regular Lib-fCentral Association  and  was pledged  Is riveted together just like  a boiler. Were it not made of  Malleable iron and steel, it  would be impossible to do this.  Cast iron ranges are put together with bolts The nuts  pet loose and drop off. The  joints leak. Hut once .the  rivet is driven home on our  rauge, it is there forever. Just  think what this means���������Airtight where should be, perfect  comfiustion, perfect baking.  I  erals combined with the labor element.  But the Irish Nationalists will control  the situation if this continues.  The strength ������f the last house lay  in the fact that the Liberals alone  held "a strong majority in the house and  counted the labor and Irish votes as  auxiliaries. It is evident that any'.majority depending . upon- the auxiliaries  will be uncertain and unable to aceoim  plish drastic work.  But it is probable that the-last half  of the elections wil add to the Unionist strength so that the very life of the  new government will be uncertain, and  another general election shortly probable. '"_.-." ���������'���������'- ;���������'.;.' .'".'������������������ "V\ -_>���������_  "It" is hot likely that should such be  the case, Lloyd-George and Winston  Churchill will be able to stir the country again as they have done at. this  time. To attack the Lords again, etc.,  will be to try and start a prairie fire  over burned ground. To this lead the  present decadewill scarcely respond  again  with-'much  enthusiasm.  The issues before the country in  England are serious. _ Among them  are:  Tariff Reform  The House of Lords  National Defense.  Irish  Home Rule.  Imperial Organization.  Most of these- questions can afford  to wait for a parliamentary term.  Tariff rel'orni -is^needed. aud.appari  ently is bound- to come./ England;  while loyal to the' ideal of Free Trade,  cannot afford to keep the only free  and open market amongst universally  protected ones. This must spell hunger for her own workers > while she  does.  Not only so, but while Britain's rich  market .is kept free and open among  universally protected ones, it appears  that the hope of general free trade will  never be realized. The animal advantage gained by protected-countries,  dumping their products free of duty  inlo England-is so great that it pays  a high premium on protection. Only  where all countries are alike protected.  ;o that no advantage over a neighbor  ;s leaped, will protection become un-  nrefitable and leave the. way open to  ���������generally lower tariff walls without  saerilk-e.  !!ut whether the thought that to  I'mally remove protection, that pr.nci-  ple must become operative univer.ally  and so become unprofitable is to far  a, cry for the English politician, .the  hunger of the homo ''worker wauling  bread, the wages paid the foreign producer would supply is a present ar.su-  tli'e support of the Club.  - The Club purpose holding    an    at-  iipme in the near future, for which s  committee was ''appointed:.-.  NEW COUNCIL  ment.  which   the coming  cannot escape or ignore.  sovernni:-mts |  : A feature of the first meeting of the  ueyv council'was a "kick" from Aldt_  Ci^)'w and Hepburn. To say the least  of u these complaints they savorer"  very much .of. the.'-"ill-tempered. boy."  Aid. Hepburn wanted to be chairman  ofi finance. -Aid. Crowe wanted to be  cliairnian: of works. I.ut the couhci;  "oi'f motion sustained His Worship in  his original draff with a few minoi  changes. The Committees are as fol  lows:    '   .    ��������� . ,������������������-���������'..    :  STANDING   COMMITTEES,   1910.  Board of Works.  Aid. Mcliricle; Aid. Crowe. Aid Hep  burn, Aid. McTaggart, *AId. Whiteside,  Aid. White. '":''"'  .Meets every alternate Tuesday at -1  p.m.  Health.  Aid. .McKechnie. Aid. Ramsay, Aid.  Roberts,  Aid.  Enriglit, Aid.  Macpher-f  son, Aid. Stevens.  Meets every alternate Friday at 4:30  P.m.  '.--JVIarket and Industries.  ^AlcirCrowe, Aid.  Hepbuni, Ald,^ En-_  right.. A?,d. Mcih-ide, Aid. Stevens, Aid.  White.  ���������   Meets every four weeks on Wednesday preceding Council at 8 p.m.  Water.  Aid. McTaggart. Aid Hepburn, Aid.  Roberts. Aid. MePherson, Aid. White.  Aid. Stevens,  ���������   Meets every alternate Wednesday at  ���������I  p.m.  Fire  and   Police. i  Aid. Whiteside. Aid. Hepburn. Aid.  Roberts. Aid. Enright. Aid. McF.ride  Aid. McKechnie.  Mets every alternate Thursday at  t:;:o p.m.  Finance.  Aid. Ramsey. Aid. Crowe. Aid. M<-  Taggurl. Aid. Mel-ride. Aid. Whiteside. Aid. McKechiiie'.  .Meets every alternate Friday at 7::.0  p.m.  SPECIAL COMMITTEES.  Bridges and  Railways.  Aid. Mncphersou. Aid. Crowe.. Aid.  Whiteside. Aid McTaggart. Aid. Ramsay,  Aid.   .McKechnie.  .Meets at  call of Cliairnian.  Harbor Improvements.  AM. Hepburn. Aid'. Roberts;. Aid.' En-  j light. Aid. .Vici..rid.\ Aid. Steven-.-.. Aid  White.  Meets at call of Chu-Cir.an.  Mr. Woodwo-th a(!dress< <! Ike  ( rv:.  J.  A.  FLETT,  Ltd.  2337 Westminster Ave. Mount Pl^isant  The German' menace is another ,-t.it  j ler.   The Genuan army is a great -cal-!  ity  and  a great  menace to   l-_uro>ean i  n:.'itir.ns"whose borders march'withGer-1  many's.    The rapidly created  Geuiian !  .navy  is.- very  r'jal.     Its  omen   for. the |  weal or woe of Britain  is portentious.  .Weakness at this time may settle th*1 ' tim<  status of Britain adversely to her. for I the.  : :-i   remie-H'iii-. a tm  I  ! the .New 1  ; seeking   a  date is to  t.  nag tor ins. cm-n1.  lephoao Couiiiaiiy. who':'.;-;  frauchi.-f in - t he city. A  e luitLi'���������] by the .Major.  VANCOUVER'S  FUTURE  DEVELOPMENT OF MOUNT PLEASANT  The future (.It'velopmeut'.of Vancouver is ;i iiintter of interest to  '������-wry great circle of persons.  As to its ultimate si/.e. it will be large, thtit much is evident,  how 1 urge, who can tell. There are. however, certain factors which,  if they all come into play will, assure that the population of the city  will be large.  Vancouver's'location' at'the gateway of the West is one factor.  No great inland ..waterway stretches thousands of miles inland to  scatter sea-born traffic among inland cities, as is the case with thft  East Coast. There no single city, can claim to be the ocean terminus. Halifax. St. John. Quebec. Montreal. Toronto. Sarnia, Sault  St. .Marie. Port 'Artliur. Fort William all share in the benefits of '  waterside towns and seaports. Here you touch Vancouver, and the.  water traffic is barred. This is a great advantage. Vancouver lies  at the inner end of tlie ocean passage through .Juan de Fuca straits,  while Vancouver Island, bars free egress and ingress elsewhere near  on the Coast  Vancouver lies on tbe coast line next to the International boundary between Canada and the States, a strategic point of great importance to her. She gets the advantage of sharing in mixed cargoes to  American and Canadian Ports, and in contributing to make up  such cargoes, making a charter market worth competing for by the  best lines. Prince Rupert, .jammed up in the Northwest corner of the  AVesf Canadian,coast can get no such advantage.  Vancouver is the .business centre of a district rich in coal and in  iron, a combination which always develops great iron industries and  markets.:  Six or seven railroad lines are either here-or are coming here,-  making this city one of the greatest collecting and distributing point.*  on the continent.  Vancouver has adjacent to it enormous water-power, suitable for  hydro-electric power.  -:    .These, and other reasons lead us to think that Vancouver mav '  be the first city to totich the million mark in the Dominion.   That is  to say. of course. Vancouver and.adjacent neighborhood. ���������  .,'.-���������.''  Changes will come over"the present city.   The Falseereek development will help this on.    The streets between Hurrard Inlet and  False ('reek  will go into skyscraping, offices and  warehouses, etc.  ������������������Retail...business will, because it must, go south of False Creek.    Its  centre will ' probably ���������'be about' the junction of Westminster avenue  and 'Westminster Road:   Grandview and Fain iew Hast will be near''*  if hot the very heart offhe North I'.nd of the Town.  '.Wise, civic engineering and government   are  needed.    Of this  character, the turning down of.the.Parks' By-law was not wise.  A re-ari-angemeut* of uses to which city real estate is put is now  in  progress and will  continue until -the. change .is. complete years,  hence. ' ., .   '��������� ���������'.  The West End residential district is rapidly changing from the  select home.district to an-apartment block district, and this c.hanire  ii ��������� ���������     _  .-     - _.-���������-.'  '"w1'll:T.i'.ikt'"'r^  west end of coal harbour and the running of freight across Dcniuaii  street to the C. P. R. yard end west of Granville, will also mater-���������:���������.  ially affect the district. ������    "  " '    \, '  The extension of docks along the south side of English Hay will "  change the proposed residential character along the marine Drive  befdr it has well got under way.  The ousting of retail business from Hastings street, which is in  process now. because real estate values there are so high that nothing  but .skyscraper office and wareroom buildings can pay interest on  the investment, will establish a retail centre elsewhere. Tltis we  venture to think will centre about the junction of Westminster avenue Westminster road  ;ind   l.roadway.  The development of tin* city as to its business section, will be  along the lines between Vancouver and New Westminster, which  cities are hound to draw together until they become one.  The prices of real estate in anil near the present city boundaries  is such that industrial organizations will seek less expensive stands  for their plant. ai:d fur residences for their employees. Accordingly  we titt'd them hiok'ng south of ihe .-'razcr. And as the international  harbor at Wh'ie K-x-lc and I'laine has excellent shipping facilities,  and as the railriftids are heading that way instead of'striking into t.l������e  c'!y north of the. Fraser. ii seems sure thai development -will stretch  -   3. ������'  t. "~*iM  a  ���������ross to that point in ihe iurtrcr city.  v:z.  Th"s cxtciis.io!i will  :  l.ur'-al-!   Inlet. 1 lie  (I'.siati'-e  anoitt  (  ive \'aii>-(iiive!-t hree ];:;>u'ti*fi'-'*ti< waterways  Ynser l.ivcr and lioundary 1'ay���������all within  ie-iiteeli   Hide-.  r i.  We hepe :."r.e ia-w  Pari: CoiinniHs.ion-  rs  will   iva.c  war on  the 'cron-  nuis-  ucc in Stanley Park.    At the present  we have no sonii birds there and  shtiulil I.e.    At the present time  ;hv City Health Oiih-er j the stre'_���������.-. v.ie. Sputum of tobacco  iiiait.er of ia:>'y.i;\ feed ; ���������.:.,,|.S- of < onsuniptives, etc.. vriK. pr<������l-.-'-  -lr.:--t of t';e Htieet \vh;:^;n,.,.. ,,-fJl..._.i,isea.;e huien  dust  swet t  in  ' ioutls  very.diy and  windy day on  ihe ford e;-f:sed for sale. '  Thi.- is erlnnual and _i!;c.nii:;r.l.Ie- and  :--hou!d  1 e re.ne������li"ii.  What   (!'���������������  'hii.l;   if   ti  J'Xp'lKCti   !(  'jiferi d fol  We saw  inp.  a  thi.  ; it in cji.ti-  of a nier.t and ���������iroie-v store. H^ef.  , imitton. poiU. cooked ham. cooked sau-  I saare.   poultry,   fruit,   vegetables,   eu-.  sale.  a boy witli a broom" s'.veep-  .; layer of dust and raisi'.;:  Is just   i:i:ii:edi.".l<-!y  in  front  i  all time.   Pelay in nipetinir this .ans-  er niav he fatal.    Keranse of this on*1  {Continued on  Psge 4)  the crows make liiis park a hedlarii.  The new- sonsr in Vancouver is-  "There Was I. Waiting at the "Phone.'  and we  all   sins it.  the senn laden dust of the street, coin- [  posed of nameless contributions from ���������'*' ������������������������ over.-i.-ht the v.te- pulled for  soles of boots which hail tramped in Mr. Owens as nark ctintniissioner read  'TCibles.   lavatories.   . hintitown   alleys. :!')'',. and should have read *>:.!���������. -.������tiai~'u~-������w������--_J:  ���������y.-i''->-.'-"'^''.-^i-^;'^'''MSM^p:^R*:^  '���������*TW:'|l.TSflEJS"-  THE WESTERN  CALL. VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  fl!  CANADIAN  AN1 GENERAL,  Andy 11. Jones was found guilty at  Fargo, N. D., on thirteen counts in an  indictment charging him with the  wrecking of the First" National Rank  of Rugby and the First State l.ank  of Rait on.  CjuVtiss defeated Pauihaii in the aeroplane speed contest i-jyer a sixteen-  mil'e course at Los Angeles, Cal., by  five, seconds. ' .'-���������-'. '���������������������������,'>  H. A. Wickert, a. timekeeper in tbe ���������; lHH4i������3  Canadian   Pacific .'.-hops'  at    .-Brand 311,'  Man.,  was killed-yesterday...by  bemg.l  '. 'V.-'  .V.v.1.-'- ' ,-.-������������������'    -    ���������������������������'     '���������'--*" ���������-'ivr.  .ua over t$ a-train in- -the .yards.;   : f  Hon. L. P.;fero<rleur, minister of maj1-.  ine and fisheries; tor Canada, who has*j  been seriously ill, is showing signs of  improvement.  The budget debate was continued, in  the Canadian Commons, R. S. Lake, of  Qu'Appelie, emphasizing the naval  policy. The debate will not be concluded till tlie middle of next week.  Evidence adduced at the Winnipeg  police court indicated that the methods of handling milk utilized by a  number, of dairymen were disgustingly  filthy, and a number of fines were imposed.  Joseph Chamberlain has issued a  manifesto urging electors to vote for  Unionist candidates on patriotic  grounTs. He says this is the last imperial chance.  George Ford, a switchman in the  Canadian Pacific yards at Moose Jaw,  Sask., has been sent up for trial  charged with being drunk while, on  duty.  Severe storms are raging in Ohio  and Iowa, the Toledo district suffering  from one of the worst blizzards in  seven years.  Winnipeg rinks won three out of  four games played in the opening .competition in the Regina .bonspiel.  ^Irs. Scott, of London, Ont., was  ' found guilty of the murder of her  ! father-in-law.  A. M. Blackburn was elected president of the Winnipeg baseball club,  and the prospects of the organization  are said to be very encouraging.  Canadians feel that many speakers  in the British election campaign misunderstand conditions in the Dominion and consequently misrepresent the  country.  The general store of Bokofsky and  Erickson. at Wynyard, Sask., was destroyed by fire, causing a loss of $13,-  000, partly covered by insurance.  Members of the Manitoba Life Underwriters' Association held a. banquet  and were addressed by Ktv. J. L.  Gordon.  Napinka curlers,who are now'-holders' of tbe O'Grady cup. will receive  many challenges for games for that  trophy.  .  A contingent of Winnipeg and Manitoba curlers left yesterday to compete  in the bonspiel at Dululh. Minn.  The bye-election at Ottawa to return  a member for the Dominion House will  take place Saturday, January 29.  ,. The Winnipeg Board of Trade is opposed to the idea of having the post  office closed on Sundays.  John   Waldie,   of  Cart Wright,   yifin.  one of the best known stock breeders,  in the province, died yesterday at the,  Winnipeg  general   hospital.  Several girls had to be taken out  through the windows during a fire at  the Macdonald tent factory yesterday  at 460 Logan avenue, Winnipeg.  Heavy ice interfered greatly with  the playing of Winnipeg rinks at the  Duliith, Minn., bonspiel, and they met  with defeat In several cases.  R. A. Culver's elevator at Osage,  Sask., was destroyed by fire, about  12.000 bushels of grain and a car load  of flour baing burned.  There were numerous  accidents  at  the aviation meet now in progress at  .Los Angeles, Cal., but two world's rec-  tords were broken by Curtiss.  Winnipeg school teachers held their  annual association meeting and elected   officers.   A.   G. IdcA-'thur    being  Ifchosen president.  The public school at. Headingly,  Man., was destroyed by fire yesterday, entailing a loss of more than  $30,000.  Grimmett's Jewellery Sail!   I! 1  CHALLENGE PRICES!  ���������Vr -       ��������� "       ���������   ;:X'"y^  20 per cent. Discount  ...'���������. < '  Maiiy ask tlie question and/-infer that the price., has. been  marked to off-set the discount.  Answer���������You may bring any catalogue issued by any of the  large Seimate Jewellery Stores in Canada and I WILL' DISCOUNT  by 20 per cent. ANY ARTICLE priced in their catalogue that I  havs in my stock. My sale is genuine. The discount is straight.  T.iis sale is no sham.   Anyone knowing  GRIMMETT  will tell you that 1 do not do busines that way.;, But I want to burn  it into your mind that the goods are right and the price 20 per cent,  lower than you pay in the regular way. Come and see us and try  Xmas is near here.    DECIDE NOW !  us.  1  John T. Fitzgerald was elected  mayor of Boston, defeating James  Storrow, a prominent banker, by' 240  votes. The latter will demand a re:  count.  'Our Market' N0W,_pp^D for  ���������    '��������� :_.  BUSINESS  please visit o������r store 1849 Westminster Ave.  H. N. CLEMENT, Proprietor  * , ��������� a  The   basketball   team   rp������.r������.'p"<"  the Winnipeg Y. M. C. A., defeated the  Grand Forks, N. D., team by 32 to 24.  A Montreal coroner decided.hat the  death of Nathan Wittenberg, of Win  nipeg, was a clear case of suicide.  Madam Humphrey's  The Civic curlers defeated ��������� tb  ".trathcona-Free Press representatives  by 19 pcints for the Caledonian.  Canadian trade conditions are ewal  and travelers fidn that spring orders  ate numerous.  Winnipeg's* hospital situation, was  discussed before a committee of the  city council yesterday, and,it w-as in  dieated that 5750.000"mav be asked for  to place the various institutions on a  satisfactory basis. Mayor Evans was  of the opinion that such an amount  could not be raised in one year,.-and  he suggested that the various representatives should agree on some permanent policy and then make \ their  requests  for  llnancial   assistance.  0. W. GRIMMETT.  JEWELLER and OPTICIAN  9  793 Granville Street.  *-*���������������������/#������������ -L-3*/*������������*  MT. PLEASANT  D. E; HYNDMAN  REALESTATE  Cor. Ninth and Westminster Ave.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Broadway Cash Grocery  An. unknown man and woman defrauded Winnipeg bankers . and;, merchants put of $300, which was collected under the declaration that it was in  \ aid of the Women's Christian Temperance union. The latter, organization  did not learn of the swindle until a  couple of days ago.  Paying Cash means the LOWEST PRICES  220 BROADWAY, W.    -   -    VANCOUVER, B.C.  CHURCHES  Baptist  '���������& PLEASANT  B������i>tii.t Church���������  ���������^Junction of Westminster Road and Wait-  ?;���������> minster Avenue-  REV. S  Everton. B. A., Pastor.   ..'"  ''���������'.- 2724Westminster Road.  Pieriching Services���������11 a. in.  and 7:30  p. m.    Sunday School -nt 2:30 p.  B. Y. P. U.���������Monday. 8 p in.  ��������� -m.  Methodist  MT  PLEASANT CHRCH���������.  Cornel   Ten'ili ivTe. Hinl  Onlkiio     .  Skrvicks��������� Preacliiujsr at JI a. ni aul at  7:tK> p. in.      Siuidny School and Biblt  Class at 2:80 p. in.  -   Rev. J. P. Westmax, Faster.  '���������Jnr������onage \Xi Klevviitli avenue, went. '1'e.e  Vm.p :ti'_M. -     .  Presbyterian  M1'  PLKASANT Church���������  Cornel- Mil ill live, .ui'tl Quebec ������l.  Stl.NOAY Skuvjoes���������Public woivhip at  II m. ui and 7 :00p.m ; Suuday school  and Bible Class at 2 :150 p   in.;    Monday���������Christian Endeavor at S:00p. m.  Wkdni:suay���������Prayer Meeting at 8 :t-0  p.  in.   bun. ay���������Choir practice.  v Kev. J. W. Woodsiue, M. A.,  ReF. 17(1 Ninth ave. \V      Tel. Hmhik.    Pastor.  WESTMINSTER Church���������  Cor. We!ton Hint 'Jfiih.    One ti  ni \\'csiiiiiii.-lf r Ave.  services���������Sniiday 1 ��������� :00 a. in.  p. in.    Suurlay School 2:80. ,  Wetluesday���������Prayer meeting 8:00 p.m.  Rev. J. H. Uamcro.n, B. A.,  Resilience ' or. vm-hei- mid -Jl.-l.  Pastor.  Angriciin  ST. MICHAELS���������  ' Conn  1  ii*.i nth ave. and tTtn-e Kdward-I.  Services���������M.orniu# Prayer at- 11 a in.  aud Evensong at. 7 :'.o p. m. each Sunday, holy (Join in union ou first and  third Sundays in each mouth after  Morning Prayer, and on second and  fourtn Suud>'-.s at ts:0() p -iii. Suh-  day .'.0 p. in.  , -Rev. (j. ii. V\ n.s      Rector.  Rectory CoraiT   h.bvc kiki Prince tflwurd  J'elephone bM'ji)  CENTRAL BAP'J 1ST CHURCH���������  (J.iiuei-Tent" Ave. ������mt Luu'elfet.  Services -Pieucbiu}:  at   11  a.m.  and  7.:>0 pin   Sniiddy Sclionl at V.'M p.iu  Rev P ClU'Ton Pakkek, M. A ,  nth Ave *v \   Piistor.  Latter Day Saints  REORGANIZED Church of Christ-r--  8:17 Ninlti R\cliue cam.  Services���������Every Sunday evcuing at 8  o'clo<;k.    Sunday school at 7 o'clock.  Prayer M^etiiif.' Wed-ief-day iit-'Hp. u*  ,L S. Raini'y, Elder.  BROADWAY BROISCRAOe CO.  -A. N. DtVAZ, P.or.  220 BROADWAY W.,1 FORMER 9tli AVENITE  REAL ESTATE   ���������   -   LOANS   -   -   INSURANCES  A large stock of Hair Goods,  Combs, Barrettes, Hair Ornaments  of a wide variety, Hair Bands and  Ornaments suitable for Xmas presents. A splendid imported line oi  Switches will be sold below cost,  Puffs, Pompadours, in fact these  will all go at a sacrfiee. A Few  bsatif ul manicure sets and brush  and comb sets. Toupee sf or gentlemen at greatly reduced prices.  8 Do Not Fail to Gall on Madam Humphrey and Secure  . a Genuine Bargain.  587 Granville St.  A deputation from Port Arthur,  Out., is in Winnipeg interviewing  Canadian Pacific officials regarding  improved -railway���������facilities-.--- The city-  is making a strong effort to secure  large manufacturing plants, several  having  already    decided    to    locate  there.  A woman and four children lost their  lives in a fire at Saskatoon, Sask.,:  early yesterday morning. It is supposed that an over-heat���������d coal stove  set fire to the house. The victims  v.e;e Juts. Henderson and her two  childien and two  Reid  children.  Joseph Chamberlain has issued a  manifesto to the electors in which he  declares that commercial and political  degeneracy menaces the nation and  he makes an appeal to the patriotism,  of the people to save the country  by  adopting colonial   preference.  An artesian well on the farm of  Guy Scott at Dundee, .Man., twenty  miles east of Winnipeg, is causing  alarm in the district, as it has' been  impossible to control the flow of water  for more than a year.  <jj  lli  Five of the leading business men of  Pittsburg, Pa., all of them multi-millionaires, have bean arrested on  charges of conspiracy arising out of  the grafting aceusatiens made against  memfcers of the city council.  Five automobiles -which have been  brought into Canada without payment  of customs charges have been taken  from their owners and tour of the machines were sold by auction.  LODGES  hntiependent Orqer of Oddfellows  I.  DON'T BE CHIU.Y  *~-������������������������. /hi***������������������ ''������������������^���������������������������^������������������-���������^^-^^������������������-���������-������������������������������������-���������-���������������������������^���������IM-.WI^W^MIiiiMiiMI^  .'-'     O    ������������������->''���������    ���������  We have an excellent stock of STOVES���������the very best makes for  either cooking or heating-  STOVES  COAL - WOOD - .        OJU  EVERYTHING IN THE HARDWARE MNE  fUm JtCtLiypRY PHONJE2353  "Q. E. McBRlPE & CO.  Cor. t6th and Westminster Aves.  MT. PLKASAKJ-Lofljsc No. 1������.  MeetiseveryTuesdiy at 8 p.  m , '  ib I. O. O.V Hall We.-uniuster ave..  Mt., PleaHMiit.     Sojourning brtthreu���������'���������  covdia.llvinvit������������it<>atteu<l.  J.' W.Nfxx, Noble (uaiid. .ix.:i We!1, Ayv  A CjvMPBKI.l,"Vice Grand, .\oitli Aim ltd.  THOS   S.KWKIJ.. KeC   Sec.  JM Till HVe. t.  (.oval Orange Uodge  -A/l '*���������" Pl#A8ANT-'L.-6;L. No. IMS  W4-   Meets thojst aiid :id 'fiinrsda/ of  ^vwxWii  ^V^WMy<^>^A/V^A^^A'iA^^  The Edmontcn hockey team, which  opens a series of games for the Stanley cup with the Ottawas next Tuesday evening, is cent-dent cf victory.  MENTION THE "CALL"  ,-^.zi..^- ������������-*-  lasK-i-A-  i  |     Winnipeg residents whose homes are  on Assiniboine avenue haTe petitioned  the   civic   authorities   to   restore   the  Webb lamps which were used to de- \.  stroy odors from tie street manholes  tAAAJAAAA_____U___AAMk  rtm pine  Job  vJ4*        ^  f  rinting  -TRY ���������  Dean & Goard  2408  Westminster Road  ^KBSPil  _ _ ,daj ...  each mouth at M p. in , in  ���������the K. of P Hall  All   _ visifiiif,'   Brethren  cordially welcome.  John Coviixe, W.IM.  . W Kith ������ve. W.  N*. K: Loi:mhkei>, Secy  "4"i tTtli ������ve., W.  ,.l������!_!<P-kniI������nt.Ot������ler_. foresters.  COURT VANCOUVER No. 135.!--,-  Mcefs id and 4th Mondays of each  month at h p. in"., in the Oddfellows'  II: 11, alt.. Ple-i-mnt. Visiting broth-  eru alwayi. welcome.  J. Menziks, Chief Rnncer.  M. J. Crkha.v, Reo. Sec.  xff rriii.e!-."streel. City.  A. PENGEU.Y, Financial Secretary.   'J:ti Klevpnth m venue eMSl.  Piano Tuning  Expert Rjepair Work.  Factory Experience  Best References  ���������W. J.  GOARD.  Leave your orders at the Western Call  f  !%  .-;  PHONE 1405  c  iVWSW^N^V A>V^ V>AA-W<������AliVS^V^>^^-V������^<������^^>^^  t+++f+  S. W. KEITH  Corner Ninth Avenue, and  Westminster Rd.  Phone 1637.  HAY, GRAIN, FLOUR,  AND FEED  Grain Crushed on Short  Notice.  POULTEY SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY  Pratt's Food, Shell, Bone,  Beef Scraps, etc.  Large Variety.  Best Quality.  .. Prompt Delivery.  .-> Frcfxy, January 21, 1910.  THE WESTERN CALL. VANCOUVER. BftlTBH COLUMBIA.  3  j'    s,'L  >    C.H1  .   __W  We Want a Good  Apply in Person  SATURDAY, 2:00 p. m.  Office of  * -  Western Call  2408 Westminster Rd.  Birmingham, U.S.  "The last ���������tv. e've months," he says  in part, "have comprised, a period of  building -activity in Birmingham and  vicinity AH pievious building lecoids  weie exceeded. Four new office build  tags are already . added to the city's  imposing list, anions? them be'ng the  new hcnio of the ChamLor of Com  mgrce." Mote home3 were built in Ilir-  mingliam and the average of cost was  la.ger last >car than ever befoie.  Thies new railioads. the llinois Cen-  traf, the Mel tin and Ohio,"and the nil-  mingham and Atlantic, made formal  entrance into ..Birmingham during the'  past year. .A new terminal station  was also completed. Thc'populaiity of  Birmingham as a convention centre  has emphasized the need of a new  hotel. Arrangements tor supplying,  that need'are now utider way. In post  office receipts the first quarter of 1909  shows a gain of 22 per cent, over the  first quarter ot last year.  The bank clearings in Birmingham  fell off in 1908 nearly $20,000,000 from  1907, showing the great effect of the  industrial deiiression on the district.  This year, with one month to go, the  clearings amount to over $86,000,000,  and will, helot e the year is out. show  an increase over last year, when the-  total of clearings was $93,600,000.  Business men seemed to he agreed  oh the point that the absence of saloons reduces crime, makes more law  and order and elevates the moral tone  of the community.  There are three daily newspapers in  Birmingham,, tw;o of them favoring'  prohibition and the thiid oposing it.  According to City Auditor Petersen,  the citj lost $llo,000 in liquor license  tees when the saloons went out. The  total revenue of the city for 1907, the  last year ot saloons, was $706,200 as'  against $692.(100 in 1908. theHrst year  without saloons. After the saloons  were abolished some of the assessed  valuations on real ������ property ' were  raised. That change was coming anyway according to the auditor. There  was also an increase in business licenses in nearly all cases. There was  a direct result from prohibition shown  in the reduction of the fines collected  in the police court. These dropped  from $49,899 in the last year with saloons to $34,-178 in the first year without saloons.  uANADlAN ANII llLA LKAL! spondent in the old country; has writ  , i   -  The railway mail clerks of Winnipeg  are dissatisfied   with  their  pay,  and  'hey will send a delegate to Ottawa to  nteiview   the  dspal-tment.  The Windsor hoi el, the post office  and the Cockburn hotel weie destroyed bv ine at btuigeon Falls. Out , occasioning a loss cf $7T>,000  ten a letter to the Times protesting  against an insult tp >Hamar   Green  wood. He states that Canadians resent the imputation that their loyalty  can be bought or that they are foreigners.  Hon I. B Broileur. minister of mar-  .ne and fisheiies. in the Laurier cab-  net, is l'l Ho will he conned to his  home, toivseveral weeks  There is a hitch in the negotiations  hot ween the British Columbia government and Mackenzie & AUnn as to  the tut ins tm the building of the Canadian Xoithem lailway hi the Paci'ic  crast.province Businessmen demand  lower fieight latesj, claiming disciun-  ina'tion  ; A large apaitmetit block will be  erected by O II Waltcn on the Benson property rdjofning the Caincgic  Library site. Winnipeg.  It is.,-predicted that there will be  a gre'sft demand for both skilled _>nd  unskilled labor in western Canada this  year.  KepreLeutati\es of all the big mil-  way corpoiations befoie the railway  commission, opposed the proposition  ot the boa id to do away with brake-  men on top of freight car?i thus ������������������educ-  ing the necessitv of high bridges and  lessoning the cost  Tbe preliminary bearing of ,_the  charge of manslaughter against-John  C. Comlins. of Winnipeg, in connection  with the death of Andrew Coleman  white walking to a1 lumber camp near  Darwin. Man., was comihenced, hut  was adjourned, and the, accused was  released en bail. > '  r  nfl  It is reported that "Dutch Henry." a  notorious cattle thief, wanted both In  Canada and the United States, was  shot and killed by a Northwest Mount-"  ed policeman at Big Muddy river, sixty  miles south of Moose .Taw.  i Balfoui, at Glasgow, made a plea for  the heieditary principle in the British  constitution There will probably tie  Unionist gams in London. The Daily  News says the Liberals will do better  than in 1906  Napinka curleis won the O'Giady  ciip, and the challenge trophy leaves  Winnipeg tor the fiist time in its history. ;-.-.���������  Henry Hickson, a prominent official  of the Hudson's \Bay" Company, died  suddenly at Battletord, SasU  Theie will lo a thiee-coineied fight^  in the Ottawa bv-election for the Dominion House, Di. J L Chabot having been nominated by the Conservative convention and. e\-\|ayor Ellis declining to withdraw as an independent  Consei vntive     ,  It   is  believed  that  the    Canadian  Pacific lailway will abandon its western Canada news service as a lesult  of a decision of'the board of railway  .  commissioners  handed  down   at   Ot- \  tawa.  * VI  D'Afcy Tate has been appointed  solicitor ot the Giand Tr"-������k Pacific,  with headquaiteis at Winnipeg  Theie ������ue widely diveigent views  as to the t esult ot the coming election. Some in edict a Liberal defeat  while" otheis piophcsy a sweeping vic-  toiy The Unionists hope to cut down  the" Libeial maioiity to an embanas-  sing extent  The', Methodist ministeis of Toionto  are   preparing   toi   a   woild's   conter-,  ence.: '  Father Peloqum died at St  Lament,  Manitoba, eaily Monday morning  J.. C. Comlins, a wood contiactor, of  Winnipeg, was anested last night lol  lowing the inquest as to the death oJ  Andrew, Coleman, who perished troni  exposure while walking to one ot Coin-  lin's camps near Dai win. Man The  jury's verdict held Comlins lesnonslble  for the haidships enduied b> the men.  The Canadian railway commission  has issued an order, that hereafte.  newspapeis aie to be cariied from  Winnipeg by expiess at" the old ratr  o{ one-quaiter of a cent a pound in  stead of halt a cent a pound as chatg  ed at present  The coioner's jury which investigated the death of Chailes J Kav  anagh exonerated the ctevvs ot the  engines involved and suggested an im  ptoveniert tr tve method ot doing the  wot*- mi Hie Winnipeg railway vaitls  in wintci  John Guun. who secured the con  tiact from Winnipeg to reconstmct  the Louise bridge over the Red river  has found that he made a big mistake in the amount of his tender and  he desires to be  released  from it.  The Canadian railway commission  has decided that the Canadian Pacific,,  telegiaphs must not discriminate ill  tates against the Western Associated  Press, and an outer has been issued  comi o'l.ng the compapv to ad'usMtn  tai ilT*- if *������ en dance witlf the finding,  to take effect by  Febiuaiy  The executive of the Grain Growers'  association expects that the reply of  the Manitoba government to the mem^  oilal presented last week will be re>  ceived in a few days.  Napoleon and Zeph Sioux are  charged with manslaughter at Portage  la Prairie, Man , in connection with the  death of Charles Hall, an Indian who  is alleged to have died from alcoholic,  poisoning, the liquor having presumably been supplied by the accused  Nathan Wittenberg, , a Winnipeg  man, committed suicide in the Queen's  hotel at Montreal His last 'request,  made in a letter which he left, was  that his pictuie. with an account of  Ins death, be published in the Manl-  toLa Free Pi ess ,  , The Hon. Colin H. Campbell, attorney-general for Manitoba, who is at  Toronto, gave an inteiview in" which.  he stated that the Canadian provinces  piopose to make a strong fight against  the alleged aggression of the federal  government.  <>^,  i  V   a  ,t,'lt is pointed out in the annual report of the Northwest Mounted Police  dijiailtineni that the force is not large  "ejjoqgi. to fill the legitimate demands  hutde uik>n it in the newer poitions of  the.Canadian west  1. Because it is situate on the very finest bathing bea^ ;  2. Because it has a magnificent train service from the City���������Leaving Vancouver at 8.15 a.m.; 10.30 a.m.;  4.00 p.m.;" 11.45 p.m.   Leaving White Rock for Vancouver at 5.30 a.m.; 2.00 p.m.; 5.30 p.m.; 8.45 p.m.  3. Because it has a climate equal injsunshine to Victoria, in mildness to California.  4. Because its soil is unsurpassed for garden quality.  5. Because its outlook is magnificent, taking in the Islands of Sound and Gulf, Vancouver Island, Olympia  Mountains and Mount Baker, with all the movements of shipping on Puget Sound passing from Vancouver to  Seattle or from the Ocean to Vancouver.  6. Because of the boating and fishing facilities.  7. Because it is on a magnificent harbor bisected by the international boundary wbich is destined in" the  near future to rival Burrard Inlet as terminals for Canadian and American roads.  of'  H. H. STEVENS ������& CO.  317 Pender Street  N. B���������This is White ROCK ���������_ra-y3*..tirA*_ov^^  ������**_** .w^ra-Mao!.*;**^  .  '   .   ' ' .V-        '       !.' .���������-..-���������  ���������r^*-;  l;;::  THE WESTERN CALL. VANCOUVER. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Friday, January 21, 1910*  I  V,  I  l_  THE WESTERN  "CALL"  ������fcued every Friday at 240ft West'r. Rd.  Phone 1405  Sabscription One DoUar  Change of Adds  must be in by Tuesday.5 p.m  Advertising Tariff  1st and last pages 50c per inch  Other pages 25c per inch  Transient Ads to arrange   for  Lodge and Church Cards $10.00  per year  Birth,  Marriages and Deaths  free  ;  News Items  The first regular meeting of the  newly formed Y. M. C. A. Debating  Society w-as held Tuesday night, a  I large number of members being pre:  sent. "Resolved that woman has wielded a greater influence in the world  than man,'' was the topic for the  evening's discussion. Messrs. W. H:  Henderson������ and Thornton Mitchell  opened the debate for the affirmative,  while H. Boothman led off for the negative.  . The strong point of the affirmative  was the influence of the mother in  the home, and in the teaching pro-'  i'essicns, in moulding the character of  the rising generation.. They cited  j the influence which women had wielded in literature, where books by feminine writers had resulted in ��������� great  reforms; notably that of Uncle Tom's  Cabin, which played a large part in  the abolition of slavery.  The negative, who were handicapped hy the unavoidable absence of  one of their leaders, showed that man  had ever teen the stronger force in  the history of the nations; that man  had been the leader in practically  every branch of life; that the in-  lleunce of the home was not final,  and not always lasting, in that later  companion ships and environment had  much to do with the moulding of  character  Mr. R. A.'- McConnel adjudicated  and awarded* the decision to the  affirmative.  The subject for next vvesk's discussion is: : "Resolved that Canada?  instead of having her own navy,  should contribute to the British  navy." Affirmative, D. T. Scrimgeour  and -R. J.  Cromie;     negative,  W.  E.  DRY FIR  INSIDE FIR  DRY CORDWOOD  (Cut any length)  SLABS  EDGINGS  PHONE 16*4  Wood to BURN!-  ROYAL WOOD YARD  -     29 LANSDOWKE E.  (Continued from Page 1)  would wish to see the strongest hand  at the helm both in Britain and Canada.  Moreover it seems strange for us  to write it, but the menace of aerial  navigation has become very real to  such congested cities as London and  to fleets, arsenal, docks, etc., and the  present givernment does little or nothing .i to meet it.  These thing require prompt action.  The Lords have been ever with -us.  They will pass or change their relationship to the nation in time. But they  can reform themselve, or wait.  Heme Rule will not come during the  coiuipg term, any way, we venture to  belie.ve.  What would be the effect of a return   to  untrammelled  power  by  the J Brown and G. T. Co'es  present  house?    Perhaps" the  unhin-1  dered-grovvth of an hostile fleet which j  might try-successfully conclusions with j  the British fleet.  What then?  ' The British fleet is the last line .Germany has to break in' Europe. Austria she has tried conclusions with and  brought to heel. France she has. tried  conclusions with and broken.' Russia  is defenseless for the present decade.  In fact, so defenseless that a German  mandate niight enforce co-operation  against Britain. Only the British navy  lies between the Kaiser.and European  and Asiatic dominance.  - Say, then, the fleet neglected is  found unready and broken, what then?  Britain herself'Would sink to a third-  rate power.  The British colonies would have a  choice-subjection to German domin-  with the States.  ���������ay the litter would be  Ifar as concerns Canada |  CRUELTY  TO   ANIMALS,  Isaac Mills and his driver, Alex. Gordon, weie heavily fined in police court  [Tuesday   for   driving   a   horse, which  was not in  a fit condition for-Work.  Mr.  Jos.  Pengally, inspector  for  the  S. P. C. A., laid the information, and  had also inspected the animal in question on the streets and ordered its re  moval to ths barns.    Mills was fined  $20  and costs,  while his  driver was  assessed $10 and costs.    This is the'  company's third appearance in  court  within as many weeks.  I  I  Isia.  Mr. and Mrs. Cook left today/on a  three months' vacation in Vancouver  and cities at the Coast During .the  vicar's absence Rev. Sir. Reynolds will  conduct the services in St. Mark's,  Episcopal Church.���������Kaslo itootenaian  The Canadian immigration department has thrown cold water on the  s concerns v>nuaua .  _    .. _.       t_  . ,  Then   with   South  benevolent intentions of a Balmoral,  For ihe Coming year make it  your busimess to put ward 5 forward and help it to keep pace  with the general devdopement of |  Vancouver.  Do business on the hill mid we  are satisfied you can to your  gain.  We want to assist and make  ii easy to promote a strong ward  | feeling, co-operative with us.  I      One way of making the ward  known is through ihe columns of  the newspapers; you can help  2* ivithyour personals "and news  items.  Begin at once and get the habit of phoning the items of interest  V  1910 is here, what will it do  for Mount Pleasant- what will  you do for the ward.. ,  Start a ward 5 boosting Bur-  Surrey Snaps  Close to water = Close to Station  A i LandMn Blocks of various sizes  $150 to $200 per Acre  *  These are snaps and will not last long  20 Blocks in the subdivsicn, and 6 already sold1  Apply to  T. P. Goard  1701 ROBSON St.  Man., farmer who was desirous ot  teaching young Englishmen the first  principles of farming for a consideration. The department has notified  those concerned in the old country  that emigration secured cji that basis  is not desired. /  The report of the killing of Dutch  Henry at the Big Muddy river, south  of Moose Jaw. Sask.. by the Northwest  Mounted Police recalls the depredations of "the gang in" the" Killarneyv  Clearwater, Gartwright and Delor-  aine districts. At least one cold-blooded murder was committed by them.  by the Dutch element  with Germany, and "with  ' Canal lost, Australia, New  Canada,-allied with Uncle  Buld have to take up the Anglo-  destiny. A broken one, shorn  inh of its glory, indeed,., for even  y he Sam's glory and welfare is large-  boupd up with, the other Anglo-  __uon branch, and by Britain's fall.  Uncle Sam's glory would be reduced  f'so. -But the race .would find a rallying place there and in some generations would attain something like the  glory now within the grasp of the race.  ��������� We trust, however, that better things  are in store and to this end wish strong  men at the helm in the Old Land.'  Even then the shock may come.  Hut if it does, and the ptron^theucd  navy stands the stress the result would  t e a hlood-w-e'dlng of.Britain and-her  r'l'on'pcs which would endure to the  end. "The stress of united conflict and  endeavor would unite c the various  branches for ever.  And ten to one. the eldest son. TTncle .Wifnipes officials are unanimous in  ���������������am. would be unable to keep foot, free their declaration that the city should  from the strife, and uniting to repel e,ect a hospital for the accommoda-  vrith us'a common foe to our common |tion of tubercular patients, but permls-  t.f.,t.f.������re. fi,P f���������c.-on of the t'ace. which ;sion musl be first obtained from the  v-'oi.m maVo it tnvuh.erfh'e would re-!-Manitoba legislature.   It is pointed out  cau.  A story is published in St. Louis,  Mo., to the effect that Ray Lamphere,  the tiired man of the Guinness farm,  who died a few days ago in the Indiana penitentiary at Michigan City,  confessed that he had chloroformed  Mrs. Gunness and her. three children  and then set fire to the house.  cult, fveni the stru^rrle a"d that fusion  when   it  comes  will  abide.  Then- the .-British Enipirp wi'l *,e  F������'oiio������ed up in tlie pursuance of the  Anglo-Saxon race.  THE COWS MUST GO.  Action   will  shortly  be    taken  by  that  the  situation   in   regard   to  consumption is most alarming.  Mrs. S. G. Faulkner and Miss Faulkner left Wednesday for Los Angeles,  where they will be guests for a time  at the I_eighton hotel, where Mr. and  Mrs. John Hendry and Miss Hendry  are also staying, and where Mr. Faulk-  Health Inspector Meek,who has charge j n������_,-  w-jp join  them in   a  few  weeks  cf the milk inspectors in the city. tojThev   expect  to  be   away  about  twr  compel   keepers   of   cows   within   the j months',  ���������limits to register-'with the authorities. |  j!8 required by the regulations.    Last  yef-r <?ver 12"i  keepers of cows  were  rosnstered,  but  up  to the  present  no-  application has teen made for 1910.  At a meeting of the privy, council  yesterday. Kins: Edward signed the  proclamation dissolving parliament  2nd at the same time the issuance of  writs fcr the general election was begun.  The Year 1909  An agitation has been started to secure a new trial for B. T. Howell, of  Winnipeg, who was sentenced to two  years' imprisonment with 15 lashes  for an alleged  indecent assault.  (Continued from Page 1)  noun-emenis. Sir William Ramse*  sealed up some radium brom.de in .  l.ottle together with water. ' and ��������� ol  served the regular e^o'iiMon of the ga.  'hy.lropen ard cxvr.en) at t^e rate o'  ?,0 cubic centimet'e-s re-' wee'i. AfteT  nine mon'hs this evolution ceased almost eifiire.y. firm which Sir William  Ramsey concluded that either*he radium salt had lost its capacity- for rle  composing the water, or that the vel- j  oci.y of the reverse action (the re-ccm-'  bination  of. oxygen  and hydrogen  tc������  water) predominated over that of de  composition.   These results are ques  tioned by Bebierne, who decomposed  water" by  the  direct action  of  rays  keeping the radium; salt and the wate:  in separate glass vessels.   Whicheve;  chemist ultimately proves to be right,  the   investigation   is   interesting,   be  cause it is the first attempt to apply  practically the enormouse store of en  ergy   which   is   contained   in   radium  and which may be gaged when it it  stated that, during disintegration, ra  dium emits  two and one-half millioi,  times as much heat as an equal vol  time of hydrogen and oxygen combiri  ing explosively  to  form  water.    The  work   of  Sotldy   for   1909   has   showi.  without question  that helium  is  pre  duced from uranium as well as from  radium, the amount being t-vo mill.  grammes of helium annually from ove.  a million kilogrammes of uranium.  In photography we find an interest  ing attempt to present moving picture:  in colors by several inventors���������liarri  celli.   Friese-Greene,   and   Cuban   and  Smith.   Curiously enough, ail three in  ventions   are   based   upon   the   same  principle of so rapidly presenting im  ages colored red, yellow, and blue tha.  .he eye has no time to notice the successive   presentations,   and   therefore  combines iheni into one picture.    In  the same  field  o������ cbronophotography  must be mentioned the important application cf the moving-picture machine to the ultra-microscopic    by    Dr.  Comandon,   an   application   somewhat  similar   in   principle to  the  combination of the ordinary  microscope  and  kinetoscope  made   by   Dr.   Robert   E.  vVatkins  of this  city  over ten  years  ago. Commontlcn's invention promise;:  to be of considerable educational value  in.   actually   enabling   us   to   see   the  ..trugg.es of our blood corpuscles with  heir micrc-tic enemies.  is practically new,    $5,500. ..Terms  Box G 2, The Call.  WANTED-rCanvasser. Can give good  commission.   Box C 1, The Call:  FOR SALE���������A doctor's residence of  8 roomsl modern, on a 06x12.0. con  ner. Below market value if taken  in a.few days.    Box F12. '���������  FOR SALE���������A '50-ft-lot on Eleventh  avenue for $2,500.   Phone 4G72.  SNAP���������A fully modern home on. Eighth  avenue near Ninth, Kit nunc, $4,7aO;  full lot.' ea.y tciin-i. -vpyly box 17,  Western Call;  V   Cor  a  few  day*:  onlv  I  c  Ky X...... 1..   . _.     . --.     ���������  'or- a few days only- I can deliver the  Northwest corner Prince. Kdward ami  Broadway for $0,000. Box 16. Western.  Call.  rive {icre>*~on' Rovvlinc Hon.I at. $900 per  tic-re. This N t'le b' t tn.y in South  Vancouver 'icrease lo-Jav. Box C,  Western Call.  Tl-ipple corner nf ..-,��������������� If nml Woodland  drive, 100x111. $L'...ou: i ne-r|ua> |pr  casili, 6. 12. 18' month*. Tliis ctJnnot  be,. e'qualli.d in Grandview. ��������� Box -15;  We .tern  Cnll.  Double  B  for cjuicl  )ub!e -:'corner in Grandview. 8.1v1U,  $:i,-100: J--I eaeli. C. 12, IS months.  Box 9.-Western  Oa^ -  P'or cjuiclr sa!e 1 have a double corner in  Ker'ri--fT.i)e.    Sfi^liO.- 'for   $1.:!.r.0:   $C00 V  cash,   C.   12.   18.     This   will   double   in  - rt'.-A     in     iii.^i     *.-ir... !_���������..������-     r ..   ..... ..   ��������� 11  Call.  in   one   year.     Box   7,'- Western  -   /  FOR S.4LE���������A lot near car in South  Vancouver, $700.   The Call, Box Fl3.  Splendid  double  corner  in  Kitsilano,  corner  Third   and   Larch,   $7,000.  Box iH 10, Western Call.  Double. corner of St. Catherines and  Twelfth; good huihling site: only  $3,500.    Box H  12, Western  Call.  FOR SALE���������A 33-ft.. lot on First avenue, between Semlin and Lakewood.  A bargain from owner. Box F C,  Western  Call,  t On 50 feet of land on *  I top of hill, Third Ave., |  t Kitsilano; modern, I  t with furnace, bath, *  * pantry; grand view cf *  Two   South   Vancouver   lots   at   $500  <'a;neca.    The  Call, Box  F~.  A| six roomed home in Kitsilano on  ia 50-foot lot. Below market price.  land location csnno. be duplicated.  I Address, The Call, Box F 9.  I  i ' .      ��������� ..  A modern home on Seventh avenue.  ! $3,350. J1.0C0 ca-h, balance very  I easy.    The Call, Box F 10.  I bay-  rjOR SALE���������Double corner I00x120  i on Fiften'h ard Alberta for $4,700.  ; Address, Call, F 14.  FOR SALE���������Beautiful (.-room modem  i home, ?3.3.r>0. See this before you  j buy.    Telephone 4672.  FOR   SALE���������10   aces   ft   Boundary  Bay  in   one  of  the  best  locations.  '. Tbis   is   a snap   and  will.not -last  long.    Eox 8, The Call.     Vfer^'  A  TERMS  APPLY  FOR   SALE.  One hundred shares Canadian North-  .vest Oil Company. Read article in  Western Call, Jac. 14th. Box R7, Call!  office.  FOR PALE���������.5 acres at CntPiwack, in  grass; close to to*ATi; good roads,  etc.   A snap at ?500 per acre.   Will  se"l at $350 per acre. Box S 2. The  Call.  FOR   SALE���������House  ard fryo  lo's   in  Kitsilano,   top   of   hill,   on   Third.  Hcufce is modem, has furnace and  2!47 3rd Ave.W.  OR  "CALL" OFFICE  Ten anre^ at Olfve;- fn. Surrey.'. B'o-.t  view In (he dl-'-trict: <���������;> -v to clear.  $100 per. acre.    Box 8, We-tern Call.  Wanted, a loan of $3,300 on frond lion^e-  nnrt'docbte- lot in good locality. Box'  S,  Western Call. '  r-'O" <SAI_E���������Agreements for sale. The-  CaU.  What offers  for  double,  corner  on   Kerr  and   >'o.    2   roads.    South    Vancouver,  . 110x107.     I   must   ������ell   and   will   con-  plder   any   reasonable   offer.     Box   ^4,  Western Call.  $2."00 will purchase. _! acres in Rurnal.y.  Tliis property is s|>!r*ndt lly situated  and i-< Tfio^t. a'--������nt-������.dly a ^ood buy.  Box P.. Western Call.  I have -t-t feet on Westminster avenue,  netveen��������� Tenth and l-.leventh avenues.  Karly next, sprinir We������tniin������ter avp-  tme i-^ to be block paved, when this  piv.pertv will ^-))i'edilv advance in  price,     r.ox  ^'0,  Western  Call.  T would like to show you n beautiful  B0  foot   view   lot  on   Vork   street,  looking ; ;  over  Kit..-;ilapo beach.    If you want r(n ' ,  a."tlietic     home    site     Uiis    vVtll    suit. J  Box 18. Western Call. 1  For ouick '-al������. 1.- t-S ao-"-. Impfoved  land, half mile' from' Central Park,  8-roo.r'O.t boi^e, 40 ^r'-'U t'���������"������������������������������������: 3-1 acre  of strav.-l-err'e'-. ?n r>0'J. Terms easy.  Box A. Western  Call.  Water Street Snap���������Two lot--. GGx]3_! ft.  each: 132 ft. frortnae on Water street,  .evlenilinjr back 132 ft. to the C. P. R.  track. .-\ fii--!t-(.la������s wholesale' ware-  l.ou=e site in the verv hr-irt of th<*  city and vv!iole--'n'e di������tr'cl. . *1.000  Wiv front' foot.    Terms  reasonable.  FOR S.M.K���������A modern tt-rnom bou^e  with fireplace, furnace. ; -��������� situated oh  fi 50-ft lot bftween Fairview anil Mt.  Pleasant.    An ideal  home.  ICO acres for =ale in Co.iv.tiain. S300 per  acre. $11',000 cash. li.i_. in 3 years-.  Good  piece to subdivide.  FOR S_-U_E���������10 acres, eh.iice site, hieh  and ovei-lool'imr Kr.i������--er river, near  SniK-ide. for only S2'_.ri per acre if sold  immediately.     Fair   term--.  100 feet on Fourth rvrtio r������ir Oran-  -ville. This is splendid 1.Ksir.es property and  the price is rislit.  I_arg? board In? hou--e for-'-a'o on Alex-  arider street, ravine <���������"]. ������������������tssot at"1 ''.iph  revww* of 13 cer <-ent. net. This Is  a chance to itiTe-t your money in a  conservative and commvn-sense- manner.   ,  [for S*I.f���������VvVt corner in r> T_. 5-.0  1     for ?6.3������������:  $2.������������������  ca=h.  6.   \i  n.ontli*.  Thi������ i? 132x13"? ft.. ar>������1 sj)i���������-������i.. site.  'Double   corner,   D.   L.   S4i.   C6H32   ft..  $3.--���������������������:   *i   a0   cash:   batanic   a,   9,   1.  menths.    Ti-.is is a goad bny.   , Friday, January 21,1910  THE WESTERN CALL, VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  fr  ADDRESS ALL ENQUIRIES  =TO=  I������ W.H.KELLY  fe MARKET CLERtt  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  The following are the average prices for the week  FRUIT  Pears ���������.  .. 11.15 to $1.40  Apples.  ..,���������.$.1.50 to.$2.00  To the Farmers.  We) are open'-to. buy for cash all  kinds of Local Home fed  meats providing tbe quality is of the best.  ';���������:   Please don't hffer us anytbiup else.  FARMERS AGENCY ���������- CITY MARKET  When in town don't forge*1  that the G lobe Hotel is the  nearest tfotel to the Market.  Thoroughly up-to-date and the  "tf   terms are reasonable.  }   Cunningham A Chapman  VEGETABLES      ���������'  Potatoes    Carrots, per sack ...  Turnips, per sack ..  Beets per sack   . $1.00..  Cabbage, per lb. ...  Onions, per lb   Cauliflower, per doz  $1200 to$15.00.  - .75.;;....'...:c  .60 ....I.v.:")  .or#... ;..  .01' arid 1^-.  .40.....;...  Dressed and Live Poultry  Fresh Eggs. Raspberries  Bed Currants and Cherries  all direct from the fanner  Tho South Vancouver Gar'  dons employ only White Labour. They are; daily on the  '.-market-with a choice display  of vegetables. Free delivery;  If you Can't Call Telephone  your orders. '>  COOK & ROSS :H  s THE RELIABLE AUCTIONEERS  J Sell all kinds of Live Stock on the  5 City Market every Saturday  Z "         at 10  ��������� (i***^^^^^^^^  /ery aaturaay       i,  a.m. j������  When toe advertise Cream at 10c  per can even/one thought tve had  struck Rock bottom. But look! we  arc now selhvq J Cans for 25c every  '4 Can gaura'ntved.  S. T. WALLACE & Co. v  POULTRY  Laying Fowl ...........  Dressed Fowl, per lb'.'.'"  Wholesale..-.....  Retail., '..  Spring Chicken, per lb.  Turkey, per lb   Geese, per lb..,         BUTTER AND EGGS  Fresh Ranch Butter ...  Eggs,. Wholesale.......  v.-.   -Retail ....;.   Woman's World  It seems such a pity that Canadians  are fbpying the people of the United  States so closely in building their  houses without gardens. A garden is  a never failing source of delight all  the year around. They give the house  ah air of dignity and seclusion and the  place looks more home-loving tor its  bit of grass and flowers. Sometimes,  too, it keeps the boys and girls occupied, thus giving a certain gentleman, noted for looking up idle hands,  a hint of being no longer needed. It  you are planning a house, see to it  that its high and dry, on the snAny  side of the street, and has a good, big  garden fore and aft.  $7.00 to $8.00  .15 to  .22...  .20 to  .35...  .20....  .35..  .55/.  .60:.  .17  ,21.  HOT HOUSE PRO-  ,   DUCE '.-���������-  Tomatoes, per lb....  .  Tomatoes, per box....  ^E&TS  (Wholesale)  Beef,, per lb   Veal, per lb.   ..........  Mutton, per lb. .  Lamb, per lb  Pork, per lb  .10.........  $1.00 to $1.25  .07..������ to .08  .11 tO ; 11;. ������  .13        .    ....  .15    ..  ...  13 to  13^  The little blind babies are vet y nu-  j nievous in the world, A good many  years ago Professor Crede discovered  that a_ two per cent, solution of nitrate  of silver droped. a single drop, into  each;eye of the new-born child would  destroy the germs of the disease, aph-  thalmia neonatorum, with which so  many childien are afflicted soon aftei  birth, and that this would not injure  the eyes of the healthy child.  Unlicensed nurses, a very few ph>-  siciaps who are unworthy of the name  and whose knowledge is questionable,  work much harm, and in numerable  children have been banished into dat k-  ness because proper precautions vve'e  not taken with the infants' eyes at  birth.  .   We will tell you some more some  othet time.  Local - General  A special piogramme of music will  he lendeied in llount Pleasant Methodist Church on Sunday evening next.  The congregation will join in a numbei  of bright, inspiring hvmns, and the  choir will lead in the following:  "Awake and sing the blessed story  From every stormy wind;  Ciown Him King of Kings,  All praise to Thee,  The Heaven of life."  The pastor will speak morning and  evening. 11 a m., "Do I lielieve in  the Inspiration of the Scripture?"  7::_0 p m, "The Effect of My Belief,  or Christianity Worked Out."  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*  ���������      We arc always open to buy first   J  j class Hay^and Oats'and always,  pleased to quote   pnecs.     Wit*  buy tho BEST lor wo only  sell tho BEST.   FOX BROS. 11.0. Wtut. Ave. Near market  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4  A dainty underwear that " vomen  Ic've can be fashioned of eross-baned  dimity linen lawn batiste or long c'oth  The first named .is easily decoiatec.  wil.li eyelets ai.d any simple design.  Pretty corset covers, are particularly  near a woman's heart, and there aie a  number cf new designs cut in ore  piece that arc easy to put togethei  Reading and edging can be used, or  folded net is pretty for a'change in  'he trimming. Night dresses-aie easily made at, home and much more satisfactory than the.ready-iuade ones A  pretty style is one made with the yoke  and. sleeves of deep flouncing, with  the neck high'or low and finished  with frills. Spring is coming, gentle  Annie. Time ycu got your sewing  dene'. '  For LAYING  FOWL and  CHICKENS call  L. Walter  City Market  Sprays, Pumps, Harvesting (^Machines,  Buggies, in fact every? tool required on .  ' the Farm can be purchased at the  Walworth Rolston Stents  WESTMINSTER A VENUES  - - NKARTHB MARKET    ;  The  flowers that bloom   in   ihe  Springaieonly the forerunners ot th'e-  goreuonb dis, 1 iy that wnie* lntpv.  Mike your ho ne cheery by^ giving  ns an order ou Saturday.  tWm mti ripRlstsT  The choicest display of Vegetables  ever seen in Vancouver at less than  Chinaman's prices and we employ  only white labor. ,  South Vanwwver Warket Gardens  ���������;,-.- ���������  G Clapp. Proprietor.  Choice Butter and fresh Eggs  are all we handle. Ask any of  thejregular customers at the  market. They will tell you. bur  stock never varies and our sales  keep on increasing.  VARS& MORRISQH  CUT FLOWERS ./���������  AND POT PLANTS  in great variety.  F. FATKIN  Now is the time to buy fine handkerchief linen, hand embroideij   and  fine lace.   These, carefully combined,  will develop into a blouse  that is a  ii thing of beauty and a joy through several tubbings;    Separate blouses will  be more tlian ever in favor the com  ing season, as so  many  of the  new  suits'are built to show the b'ouhe almost to tlie waist-line.   The shops aie  showing   beautiful ������������������ all-over'   embioid-  eries that can be made with a simple  Gibson tuck at the. .shoulder.', aul   a  frill down the front'either of embitid-  ery;  flouncing or face.    Hem-stitched  linen, accordeon pleated,would be a  dainty  finish  also.    The  sleeves   aie  iismally   finished with  a  cuff  to    be  worn with links, and may be long oi  short  as . fancy  and  vanity    d-utaies.  ; The heavier linen waists are severely  [tailor made,  with tucks that  extend  t slightly over the sleeves.    With these  taiiot-ed blduses-iiiveircollars are \vorn.-  i For the lingerie waists, the Dutch collar and French cuffs offer'��������� opportunity, i  for the needle lover to ply her art.  That the work of the Canadian Bible Socie'y in this province is bearing an abundance of good fruit was  shown at the.ennual joint meeting of  the B. C AuMIiary and the Vancouver  branch of the society which was held  Tuesday evening* in Christ Church,  with evMayor Douglas in the chair.  The lepoit of the secretary, Tvlr. F. \V.  Jones, showed that during the past  twelve months 4484 copies of the Bible. New Testament and Gospe's had  been 'sold and distributed throughout  the piovinoe, of'which number 4078  had been in English and the rest "in  foreign languages The tieqsurer's report, which was piesented by his holier Judge Grant, in the absence of Jh.'  Philip Maikin, showed a balance ot  $.",9 34.  In   moving  the  adoption  ot  the le-  poit, Judge Giant btttd it was absolute-  lv nreoessaiy to have a general secie-  taiy  to oigani/o the 'vvoik throughout \ |;  the piovince i!a  Rev  J   K  "Wlight piesented the le   ^  port   toi   the" nominating   committee I i<  which was adopted in its ontnetj. the j *���������  ofliceis  tor the local  branch and toi  the B   C  Auxihaiy being as follows:   I"  For the Vancouver bianch���������Presi-j^  de"t. Judte Grant, vice pietideuts,Di;  \V B McKechnie, A E. Carter. Dr  F. T Undeihill, Rev. E. Buckham and  J. A McXan; secietaij, Rev E W.  Stapletoid; tieasuier, W. Hepburn  The niemleiship of the local bianch  will consist of the clergy cf the city  and two delegates tiom each of the  congiegations.  The officers of theBiitish C61umbia  Au_-iliaiy aie: President, Rev. C. C.  Owen; vice presidents, Rev,. Wm.  Wright, D.D.' Rev. D. M Fraser, W.  Hepburn, Judge Giant, Noah She'.es*  peare, D". S. Curtis; minute e'erk, Re#.  M. .Mikes; tieasiirer. J. P. D Maikin  Directors were also appointed in different centres throughtout the province.  II  PICTURE FRAMES  von  CHRISTMAS  Phone 2%7 and we will tall; or you will be welcomed at  T1MMS' WORKSHOP  Where yoj csn see a nice new line of Samples of Moulding  to choose from.   Frames delivered.to all parts of the city.  501 Georgia Street, (Cor. Richards)  ;������������������������ ���������    ���������������������'->������������������  (hurry  KITSILANO  150 ft. frontage corner 10th Ave. and McDonald  St.; price $4,400; good terms.    (Exclusive)  *  iiovv can a woman with two babies,  a muff, a package, an umbrella, no  pockets, and a purse, have a ticket  ready for those "Pay as You Enter''  hurry alls? A conductor who is sec  or.d cousin to a valet to u. brother of a  duke, insisted upon one poor vvoinan  staggering back the length of the cai  to put her ticket in the pot as the'cai  lurched across the Granville btidg<  cue day recently. It was beneath hi.  dignity to carry the box to her. He  is a bachelor, no doubt.  A world's record was created th<  other day when the stockholders oi  the Barre Savings Bank rs-elected  George Howard to the board of trustees. Mr. Howard is past 100 year;  cf age.  ������  <_5*  i  y.  DISTRICT LOT 301  100 ft. on 17th Ave, block from car;  $1800,  cash, bal. 6-12-18 months.  50 ft. lot on 6th Ave., near carline, only 1,600;  easy termsl   SNAP!  A. WILES & Co. io02, Granville  PHONE 5204 OPEN EVENINGS  An unusually delightful social gathering was the large tea given by Mrs.  C. S. Douglas, when he many friend.-:  were given an opportunity of offering  gocd wishes to Miss Fisher, who will  leave next- .week for Toronto, where  ���������:��������� her marriage to Varcn von Xettelbladt  of Buffalo will take place early in the  summer. The large, handsome rooms  were gay with flowers, and were filled  with a animated and smartly-gowned  crowd of guests, who greatly enjoyed  the lavish hospitality of tho hostess.  Mrs. Douglas wore a love'y gown oi  white lace over white saun. with a  bertha of rose point, with which she-  wore handsome pearl ornaments. Miss  Fisher, who received with her. iooked  extremely well and was the subject ol  much admiring comment. Her dress  was of cream de crepe de poplin trim  med with wide bands of silk embroid  ery, and made after cne of the simpler  ,- and most graceful of the new drapetf  ���������J* I models.    In the tearoom Mrs. Stuart  ������*������  V'en. Archdeaccn Pentreath gave a  biief but interesting addiess on the  history of the British and Foreign Bible Society, while the subject of the  Canadian Bible Society was ably dealt  with Ly Rev. R. F. Stillman.  The chairman in his opening le  marks, congratulated the members ol  the'society on the excellent woik they  had accomplished, and wished them  every success hi the tfutu're:.  The Old Timers' annual ball, which'  formed the chief social attraction for  Thursday evehihg, vvas held in the Dominion Hall, Pender street, and held  the record of having the  largest' attendance of any  dance ever held  in  the city.   Last year there was by actual count just'a dozen short of    800  merrymakers present.    But this year  even this record was broken, judging  by the phenomenal demand for invitations.     Over   one   thousand   were   issued to old timers.    Reynolds' orchestra provided the music, and a.lengthy  program of dances, among which were  found seme of tin- old favorites of the!  early day pioneers as well as the lat-1  est and most popular dance successes,  to please the chechakoes.    An clabo-|  rate grand march, which  was headed  by Mayor Taylor and a number of the  early pioneers of the city, started tho j  festivities at !) o'clock sharp.   Arrange- j  ments were made to provide two or j  three   seutings   of   the   entire   supn.r |  room were necessary to accommodate I  all  at  supper.      The    committee    in !  charge  of  the  affair    comprised   Mr. i  Harry   Duncan   (chairman).   Mr.   Wm. I  Rae   (secretary),   Mr.   A.   H.   C'.eland j  (treasuierl. Mr. J. Eiif-h. Mr. R. .lam-i  ieson.  Mr.  H.   v\r: Elliott.   Mr.   H.  .Ed- ���������  wards,   Mr.-'('has. Green,   Mr.  .1.   Alor-j  gan,  .Air.  H.  Slater.   Mr.   Fred  Tubbs. j  and Mr. J. Reynolds.   Masters of cert; I  monies. Messrs. W. F. Findlay ami ('. i  J. McAllister. .  *4*j������H_4*#4^4*#*K^ ;������K^;^:^4������W������H^***4^^*,H-* |Llvln������ston and -Mrs- J- y- Griffin pour  ed at a polished table ornamented with i  centre and doilies of Florentine-lace. ;  and a huge sparkling punchbowl rest-;  iin'g on  an  epergne of  cut-glass,   be- :  heath   which     vvas    a   largo    mirror'  wreathed with smila.v.    The ices were j  served  in  the  library  by  Mrs.  Aulay |  Morrison.    Helping    in  the'   tea-room  were Miss Davidson, who is Mrs. Douglas" house guest, and who was wearing  a pretty white lace gown.  f  A Beautiful Pic^  . ture for the  Home  Welcome News to  Readers of  ������  The Family Herald  ^mm*^mmimm^mmmmmm****auu**B*tHiBMammmmtimmmmmmwmmmm '  and Weekly Star  AND   ���������'       /'  The Western Call  A most beautiful picture is that  issued by The Family Herald and  Weekly Star, of Montreal, entitled  "The Soul's Awakening," by James  Sant, of the Royal Academy,  The publishers of the Family  Herald have secured this picture at  enormous cost for their 1910 subscribers, and we have conclude^ an  arrangement by which our readers  can secure a copy as well. \  "The Soul's Awakening" is 19  x 24 inches, ready for framing.  t   Every ^oihe^'M^4be^tetter"  of a copy of this beautiful picture.  It can only be had through The  Family Herald and Weekly Star.  HERE IS OUR SPECIAL OFFER  ' . The price of th Family. Herald  and Weekly Star is one dpllar a  year.  The price of The Western Call  is one dollar a year.  You may have both papers for  a full year each, including a copy  of "The Soul's Awakening" for  One Dollar and Fifty Cents.  A copy of the picture can be  seen at this office. To see it is to  want it at once.  Send your order NOW to  TBE WESTERN CALL  2408 Westminster Road,  VANCOlJVFR.   R. C.  ' *i"v'.r  ' ,1 >\  &&4i&k  i   <  _.    r ..  n  At   <���������  *  U  H1  ������Vi*  lfl'Ai������M������Wl,' )Mft*,'IW,'<>...wnw.a.i^. it.,>Jjv.tW< *>fi_s.-i/^*������7^ivv^_^  !5������������M!.p^?.^^  *-.fi,.y--d';5i,i___<.^i������PP^^^  'it-  THE WESTERN CALL. VANCOUVER' BRITISH COLUMBIA,  I  m  vi  ������  ��������� 'ik.  I  ���������j  m  vr?'s  -art/  Ilk*.-  Friday, January 21,  lOli^B^  Will Stand  CHILLI W ACK  A -number of five acre  blocks adjoining City  Umits. . This land is  absolutely first class,  in grass anci fenced.  $350 per acre; good  terms; adjoining Jand  selling^or $500 an acre  H. H. STEVENS & CO.  317    Pender    Street    West.  Read This Ad. Again  ��������� __���������__���������  II I I  Marvels of  Moclernitv  Among the Greatest of these  is the  "Telegraphone"���������Also the  Telephone   Recorder.  There is on exhibition in a room in  the Loo .building one of these recent-  inventions, which is a niervel not only  to the ordinary man, but a puzzle  even to those of scientific attainments.  It is the Telcgraphone, and by it vvon-  |dei;t'ul things are acomplished. Ovv-  | ing to the discovery of a Danish scientists, vyho is able to magnetise steel  locally, it is possible for a business  man to place a telephone receiver to  his ear, and by talking in an ordinary  tone, dictate his letters, which are recorded on the steel disc, which revolves similarly to the disc of a grapho-  ibhor.e. The extraordinary part of -ii  is that when the letters, say, have  been typewritten, it is not necessary  to use a new cylinder, but. simply to  proceed all over again. :.s if nothing  had been on the disc L.iore. The  secor.d opertion <>'. li.erates the first.  The speed of the machine may be  regulated easily and automatically,  nd as an ingenious and labor-saving  device it has few equals.  With .such aii invention, it is expected that in-a short time postal discs  will be commonly used, and they are  now in Europe. On a small disc may'  be dictated a letter, and this disc may  be sent through the post for two cents  It may be used thousands ^of times,  being of a high quality of steel.  Another invention, resulting from  the same discovery, which may also  be seen at'the'same*, place, is the machine which records telephonic messages. That is, if an office man has  to go out, and while away, some one  calls him. any message may be. transmitted and recorded on a flue- wire.  which works automatically.- As. there  are hundreds of -feet' of this wire.' it  would take all the messages that  might be received in a' week. Wlien  the man returned to his office, he simply starts the reel and hears as  through the telephone the messa'ges  delivered in his absence., It is a marvellous invention and opens up untold possibilities. .-���������''.. ���������,_-?'  CANADIAN AND GENERAL  Frank;'I-ohr, the baseball player, has  recovered ..from the effects of an accident sustained last year and will again  manage the Winnipeg Maroons.    ,   .  .Andrew Coleman, whose- body was.  -'.'ou'iid near Wiiueinouth, M an., died of  exposure "while tramping to camp under the influence ot' liquor.   _ .'  Montreal.���������Acording to the report  of; Chief Trenib.ay of the fire department here, the. brigade had'.1,75.6 runs  during the past year. The total loss  is estimated to have exceeded .$500,000.  this amount being-''less than ?1.25 il.er  head. At tlie beginning of tho year  some 12.000 inspections were made- by-  the captains and ofliceis of the'department. Three firemen were killed  while on duty during the year.  Montreal.���������A hundred and five cases  have been entered against the various places in the city lor the sale of  liquor mineis.  Nelson. B.C.���������Rade McKevitch was  hit by a Hying rock at the Phoenix  Mine. Up walked home and then died  .suddenly.  'invitations have been sent from  Switzerland, requesting that flirt':; C..n-  -!..i:tn rinks be sent to conipffi. ar the  bonspiel   in  that country.   ���������  I Montreal. ��������� IJonorius l.awroncello  jhas been appointed sequestrator of the  j Compazine D'Ausrancc Mutualle Du  iCanailf.. Centre Le Feu, ponding judg-  jment in -the 'appeal to ��������� thy 'superior  icourt on the question of liquidation.  . Ottawa.���������The death occurred: cf Dr.  ���������Wiilhim Chester Brown, who had been  ;suffering for a year with stomach iroti-  jl.ie. Deceased "was born in North  j Gov..';!- in '1.861. Tr.o brothers,  j Charlvs and Russell.7live at Stou.-htcn.  'Sask. ' ���������  IN  KITSILANQ  DOUBLE CORNER  Yew St. and 3rd Ave; cleared  $4,500  v       -   CORNER .  Balsom St. and 3rd Ave.; cleared.  :r;>  CORNER  Balsom and York Sts. ? cleared and  graded.   SNAP!  $7,800  CORNER  75 ft. x 75 ft. on Cor; 3rd and Yew  $5,000  50 ft  On 4th Ave., close to Balsom St.  $3,000  50 ft.  On First Ave., choice  Easy Terms on all the above  GEO. UNDERWOOD  2165 3rd Avenue, W.  OR  317 Pender St. W.  ?.ler.tve;-.i.��������� William     .F.ovv-sr.     alias j ~  .William  V.M.so.i. Hi years of usa. was  ; sentenced l.-y Jure? Choquef .to-day to- Ring Up  ���������three  years  in ^throenit-nitiaiy.    He j  was fori a sanity of i.:.vine strlcj  merous arUt-V.s  from t.  ipa.rtmental' stores in  t  T?of--'lir>!n. Sask.��������� Rein ha yd Fif'tor.  i\ young farmer, liviini west of Ros-  thfrn. was committed for trial to-day  rn a chart;e of seducing a lK-yoar old j  ���������girl.������������������ A-friend. Charles Lehman, was  ���������arrested en a charge of giving false  ; evidence. Both prisoners were taken  to Prince Albert jail' to await trial.  Eiidlf^ The Acme Plumbing and Heating Co.  For estimates on plumbing  Hot Air or Water Heating Phone 5545  319 Broadway E. = Vancouver _������> _ M-. -*** r t  THE WESTERN CADI,, VANGQlWE-t, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  <->-i��������������������� 9r^"^trvmtUitf<*^W'OfW wmw'^    r.  ^^.  from the  Property of  i . - '.. ���������   ���������       .   ���������  Fossil Oil Company, L'd.  REPORT  Fossil, Wyoming, January 15th, 1910.  Messrs. Bernet&Helm,  1006 Granville St.,  Vancouver, B. C.  Dear Sirs:- Y       ,        '  We are down 770 feet, and have had considerable set-backs for the last few days.  Last week we lost a whole string of tools for .three days, but we got them out alright.  Yesterday we lost a partjsf a BIT in the well���������it broke off while drilling���������and we are drilling  it up to-day.  The showings still improve as we go down and it looks as if we would get the well  any day.";.-.���������:.-.��������� I never saw a case where the good showings were so far above the main body of  Oilbefore.  We have had SAND ROCK in the last few days, and it is so hard that we hrve made  not over ONE (1) INCH per hour while working, but I like to see that on top of the Oil.  It is one of the best indications possible. For the last few days the floor of the Derrick,  where the water runs, has been covered with Oil.  I only wish some of you folks would come down and see what we have. I believe it  would be a wise thing for you to send somebody down to look it over and so be able to report  to the Shareholder, ;ancl open their eyes. I think we have the biggest proposition ever, and  I am satisfied that we will strike it rich.  Yours truly,;;  DON'T DELAY  SECURE VOUR SHARES TO-DAY  v f-  Twenty-Five Cents (25c) per Share  Pay Cash, or One-quarter Cash, Bal. 30=60=90 Days.  BE  IfC 4_3il .<  Phone 5 i 92  FiSCAL AGENTS AND BROKERS    Open Evenings 7:30 to 9:00 8  THE WESTERN" C-VLU VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Friday, January 21, 1910  I>r *  If  I  hi  rift  '#���������  I  m  -If  I'a 'i  if  Local and  Otherwise  ��������� Lights off?���������Why, yes. quite often.  *    *    *  Fraser  River line of ears are  well  patronized.  Mr. Geo. Parker of Saiidford, Man.,  is in town.  How about white tickets tor use all  day Sundays on the B. C. E. Ry. Co.  cars?  \lr. Edward Cook. 10-19 Nelson  street, will not receive again until  further notice.  *    *    *  A considerable number went to  White RocU this week, and report  weather ideal.  Mr. Ueid ai:d wife have left tor San  Diego, Southern California, tor the  ���������Tyhiter.  *'���������   *    *  Mr. W. Garland Foster, editor of  the Nelson News, was in town Tuesday  eri route to Victoria.  Mrs. Edward Goolc. of .10.4ft Nelson  street, will not receive again until further notice.  .Mrs. J: A. Gaibult of ~>2?, Tenth avenue east, has returned from the East  where she lias been visiting relatives.  Mr. R. Gale is again a patient at the  Vancouver General Hospital, where he  underwent sin operation for appendicitis.  F. E. Groffnian of Vancouver is a  visitor to Princeton, and may become  a permanent resident.���������Similkameen  Star. Princeton.  Mr. Chas. Moody of Hartney, Man.,  arrives in town the first of next week.  His many friends here will be pleased  to see him.  If you wish to subscribe  drop a card to the office.  That hole on > Westminster avenue,  between Tenth and Eleventh, is a danger and in a dangerous condition. Who  is responsible?  Mr.   Blochbergei  Eellinghani.'  is    rusticating   in  Mr. Wm. McNeill has returned from  California, .where his family is spending a holiday. He will go East shortly. '   .    , .  - The , people of' Mount Pleasant  should hand in their local and personal items to the office not later than  Thursday, 6 p. m.  This is possibly the oldest and most  populous ward in the city and can  stand more business houses, more  business and is about due for a boom  ���������are you coming?  Miss Critickshanks, who has been  visitiiis/.her sister. Mrs. .7. W. Gibb,  left, this week for Portland, where she  will loin her mother and family and  '.accompany, them to Los Angeles.  *    ���������    *  Mr. E. H. Moore, piesident and manager of the Prince .'Rupert Timber &  Lumber company, and Mr. .lames Gill,  real estate broker, both of this city.  will leave on Sunday -for an extended  trip through   southern   California.  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elkins have left  the Mayfuir Apartments and arc staying at the Gk'iicw I-odsre for a week,  after which they will occupy Mr. Edward Douglas's residence on Broiigh-  ion .street.  .The Laymen's--Mission are holding  a .service on Sunday in the hall, 10|.">  'Seymour street. Messrs. A. E. Bolton, E. Odium, 1-1. H. Stevens. George  Grimmett, Win. Savage. Win. Towns-  ley and others will speak on live .subjects. Good solos will be rendered.  You are invited.  When do the B. C. E. Ry. Co.  their late ear service?  * * -   >s  Mr. F. AY. Guernsey, a mining engineer, is at the Hotel Vancouver.  * *    * ,  air.  Leicester L. Ponsford left this  week on a business trip to Europe.  ���������'���������'������������������'  Do your business on the Hill; it  will raise the price of your property.  * $    *<  We have two good aldermen for this  ward; help them make this a banner  year for .Mount Pleasant.  * ���������    ���������  .Mr. .lames Wilson, superintendent  of  ('.   P.   R.  telegraphs,   left  Tuesday  for the Island.  ��������� ���������������   ������������������  Boost your ward���������it's coming to it.  Collect all the data you can in regard  to it and spread it around.  * *       *      (  Mrs. Shovel, of Winnipeg, is'visiting  her   niece.   .Mrs.   A.   E.   Burnett,   10-!.?  Ontario street.  ������    ������    *  Vancouver Information and'Tourist  Association is having some improvements in their headquarters.  * *    *  Mr. N. L. Harney, private secretary  of Mr. D. Oi Mann, is here with a mild  attack of typhoid.  * *    *  Mrs. Fred Salsbury of Thirteenth  avenue and Alberta street, receives on  the first and second Tuesdays of each  month'     \ . r _! *.-'*-4*iiii  Mi-, and .Mrs. Dan Starrett and  daughter. Miss Myrtle Starrett. leave  next week for several months' sojourn  in Honolulu and Australia.  Mrs. D. S. Macdonald. Kitsilano. left  on Tuesday afternoon for Harrison  Hot Springs and will remain there for  several weeks.  So many of the people have got the  habit of doing business down town.  Youv<lon't know the stocks kept oh the  Hill, and some of them are fine.  * *    *  Mrs, Richard D. Leeson reoe'ved for  the fist time on ^Thursday. Jan. 20,  at 1225 Eleventh avenue west, and on  the first Thursdays of each month following.  .Mr. Pat Burns, the millionaire cat-  start I tie king, of Calgary, accompanied  by  Mrs. Burns and child, is registered at  tiie Hotel Vancouver.  On Thursday evening the ceremony  of swearing in the Boys' Brigade of  St. Michael's Church as member's' of  the Baden-Powel  Scouts  took place.  GRAND    SCOTTISH    CONCERT.  concert, to be held In Oddfellows'Hall,  Mount Pleasant, on Tuesday evening.  January 2r.th, at 3:1." p. m. Popular  prices���������25c and 50c.  PROGRAMME.  PART I.  1_    S^n"- "id   Chorus.  '"Hip'-p   \Va������  a Lad Was Born in Kyle".Comt>frv  2.    Song, selected '..'.:. Mr. H. Bell  ?,.    Song. "The Tea R-'~"     ...................Miss M. Isdale  4;   Dance, Scotch Reel.   -    Misses H .- and E. fjrquhart.- : - ------  Masters A. and J. Isdale.   .  5.    Sone.  "A" Man's  a   Man   for a'  That" Mr. P. Duncan   Edward  <>.    Song.    "The    Star    o'    Robbie  Burns"  Mrs.  Robertson  7. Recitation,  selected    .'...... ..Mr. W.  H. Kelly  8. Violin      solo.    "Memories      of  Burns" Mr. W. \V. Robertson  !).    Song  (comic), selected...     Mr. .1.   Laidlaw  PART   If.  I.    Duct.  The '"'���������'���������  . V r. j  "Slican  .-1-.-.C."  Da lire  Ron*  Son^  Violin solo.  (With  Sung.  '���������.I   M-s.  Rnl-.e-tsor  PrinVliiis"..     Miss   L.   Isdale  selected Mr.  H. Boll  4. Song.  '-AiigiiK  McDonald"    .Miss M. Isdale  Scot'-h   Fantasia".   Mr. W. W. Robertson  Initiation   of   bagpipes.I  'Afton   Water"     Mr. P. Duncan Edward  '.    Song. "Ye  Banks and   Braes"..      m rs. Robertson  (Irish   jig.)  5. Dance.- Irish  ji.'r.    ...Miss   Dorothy   Lester  \\.    Song   t'.-omic). selected   ...."' M>-. .).  r.aidlaw  Finale. "A'uld  Lang Syne".'. .Company  Mrs. O'Dell  and  Mrs. W. H. Kelly  piano 'accompanists.  Now that the new council will be  getting clown to business, we would  like tb see the B. C. E. Ry. Co. made  to place a fender on their cars. They  are waiting to be told again.  Mr.  and   Mrs,   Ft.   Hoar.   14::   Tenth  avenue east, were surprised on Monday   evening    by   a   large   party    of  ! friends.   iThey spent  a  very delightful evening with games, music and re-  I treshmcnls.  i  I '    ���������    *  Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Christian Endeavor Society decided to keep  two home missionaries in th;i fie'd.  Last, ye^r the society assisted in providing the scats For the new church,  and this year decided to enter' the  heme misbion field as its sphere of  work.  , Mr. George Wright, accompanied by his family, one of the old-  timers of Vancouver, now part proprietor in the 'Walker House in Toronto, is a visitor in the city, renewing acquaintances. It is many years  since Mr. Wright was on the Coast,  and he finds a great change in Vancouver and the district. He is a guest  at the St. Francis Hotel.  *   ���������*   '*  Prof. T.  Bonne Miller, organist and  choir leader of .Mt. Pleasant'Methodist  Church, was given a surprise by the  members of his choir on Tuesday evening at his home, 2ri?i1 Ontario street.  A very enjoyable evening was passed  during which a presentation of a handsome suit case  was made by  Mr. T  Phillips on behalf of the choir. Prof.  Millar, though taken by surprise in the  visit and presentation, made an appreciative speech of acceptance.  We are to have a new kind of street  car. By the time we have the single  track wheelbarrows (now on Fourth),  the half and half (bar for conductor t."  loan agaiist). tbe "pay as you enter"'  (patent smoke* fumigatorl. and the  car you "enter at the back and go out  at the front"���������we will be ready for  the centre side entrance car, the best  of them all. This will give us an as  sortinent so that there should be nc  cause for kick. Vancouver will soon  be a walking or rolling museum.;  The twelfth annual bail of the Vancouver Firemen's Benefit Association  was held oh Thursday, the 27th inst,  "in t lie DoTrii Iiidif Hal 1,���������u'rideV the pat'-"'  ronage of his worship the mayor and  the lire and police committee. The  grand march was at !) o'clock sharp,  A new and picturesque feature of the  ball was the appearance of all the  hosts in their .uniform, ''ni'tain Dun  can acted as M. <".. rrd the decoration?  of the hall were '������ven better than in  previous years. A sumptuous suppei  was served at midnight. Over 10(10  invitations were sent out.  Miss Alcorn, who is spending part  of her year's furlough in the city, gave  a. very bright address on her experience in mission school work in .lapan  befrn-i' the .Mount Pleasant M<>'.hod!st  Woman's Missionary auxiliary Tuesday afternoon. The members of the  auxiliary, who number iilioiti one hundred, have spent a busy and successful year and are now.-arranguur to give  a concert of high-chiss sacred music,  in the church on the evening of February 1st. Miss Preston and the members oi" tho -Woman's Missionary society, advisory commit tee. will entertain the .Methodist, ladies of lh? city  tomorrow afternocn from " to ."������ at the  new mission home,  (i.12 ICeefe;- street.  The fortnightly meeting of the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge club was held  at the home of Mrs. J. C. Donald, who  entertained ;tne members; to luncheon,  after, which two tables of bridge were  made up.  Mrs. Fyfe-Smilh informally entertained'a few friends on Monday evening at her home en Harwood street.  Several tables of bridge were made up  and a pleasant game enjoyed.  Consul and Mme. Yada were in Victoria this week to be present at the  opening of the legislature. They will  also attend Mrs. McBride's reception.  Mr. II. G. Parson, M.L.A.. of Golden,  accompanied by Mrs. Parson and their  children, arrived in town en Monday  and went to Victoria Tuesday, where  they will stay during the session of the  legislature.  I  WESTMINSTER AVE. GROCERY STORE  Making $500 per week.   33 ft. frontage, 6 rooms upstairs ,  large barn and shed in rear.   If you have $28(������0 act quick  because it is a snap and will improve.        We have exclusive.    Enquire  Mount Pleasant Realty  2440 Westminster Avenue  j Confectionery  I  W. A. MULLEN  2440 Westminster Avenue  Speciality-High Classed Cigars. MAKE A VISIT  s the siih-  Y. P. C.  E.  "Lights Under Bushel?"  ject  under, discus'-1'*'-   !y   the   Mount!  Pleasant Presby'e���������'-n Y. P.. C. E. last '  evening.    The    subject    was    nicely  handled   by   Mr.   N.   Somerville.      He j  -bowed how timidity and lack of con- j  Hdenee are  the  two. greatest bushels 1  under which our    lights  may be hid. 1  He aupealed particularly  to the new  and  backward members to take their  place in the meetings, using as a very  fitting illustration  the  fact that it is!  when first lighted.that a candle shows  the most light, not after it has been  almost burned out.   It was decided at  the meeting to support two home mission fields, the selection of the fields  to be made by the executive at their  next   meeting.    Mr.   Campbell's   solo,  "Not Half Has Ever Been Told." was  very much appreciated.  Choice Creamery Butter 30c lb. I lb 55c   Best Fresh Eggs 35c doz.  ~\~\T   /\    "OT~V������^. <*ROCERV AND CROCKERY STORE  VV   J:^L������YA-J   K^        2617 WESTMINSTER ROAD  PHONE   F23Q42  Oscar Kidd  PRACTICAL HORSESHOER  Between Sixth and Seventh  Avenues  Special attention given to Lame"  and Inerfering Horses.  PRINCE   EDWARD   STREET  Loeber.  The remains of Herman F.  Loeber  were forwarded by Great Northern ex-  >.���������.,.?..���������..?!.���������.,.-:,  (y.!*!^!^*!'  .���������*'>���������:������!������.���������  press    -Wednesday    afternoon  o'clock to New Orleans.  at  Hazelton.  The funeral of YVilmer J.  Hazelton  took   place   from   Center   &   Hanna's  chapel  at  10 o'clock.    The   Rev.   Dr.  Perry officiated.  Anderson.  The death occurred Tuesday afternoon in the General hospital of Matilda  Dorathea Anderson in her (>4th year.  She resided at ������8(> Howe street with  her two daughters. Anna and, Emma,  both of whom are ineinlers of Wesley.  church choir and of the Epworth  .league.'-. .The' funeral' took place on  Thursday afternoon at 2'o'clock from  Center & Hanna's chapel. Rev. Dr.  Whittington officiating.  The death occurred Wednesday of  Robert George Tuttle, infant, son of  Mrs. Thos. Tuttle, 563 Prior street.  The death of the little one carries a  pathetic story with it. His father  Thomas Tuttle, was killed in the tram  accident on. the \Vestniiiister_interur-  ban line at Lakeview a few months  ago. With the death this morning of  her baby. Mrs. Turtle's cup of sorrow  has been filed to overflowing. The  funeral took place Thursday afternoon at 2 o' clock from the family  residence. The Rev. Mr. Summer-  scales' officiated.  X     The best  stock of  ARMS, S  ���������   "       ' .-������������������*!  | AMMUNITION,    CUTLERY, |  | and SPORTING GOODS  can f  ���������:��������� -.      4  V be found at the store of ���������������������������  tChas.E. Tisdall I  ���������:��������� -���������������������������.<!.  %        618-620 Hastings St,  ������    $  ���������>-l.">=."."-s������:������w:������w  ^  v  ^Hfl  I^Bul^'  ><^^iSh  fetih^^t  ^^^BI  ���������^���������^���������^���������^���������Vi^  wtm  ^n^f^sjjPi.  ftilipl  iiEjSQ,;  'MZSSK  ',.- i; r-- ^.-.-;.-.  ^^^^^nmmnvw^i  sKl'S-C:' ���������''/.'  ^^^^  :: -���������Tr:'.;r^'jt,-.-M.  ''''=.'L ^viX'S:;^  ;;.<.....>,:c.,. ,;;.,.  '-i^  ^aBJ  ''-$'^;'?T^  i.:i-'.''"r'''"'''''"  r?"^'^���������-'^  RUSSEl & KAYE  CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS  Plans and Estimates Furnished  148 Uth Avenue, West.  ! TJELF.N   BADGLEY ��������� Teacher  of  ���������O-    Elecntiou, Physical Culture and]  j Dramatic  Art.    Plays Coached, Enter-,  tainments Dire ited, Platform Recitals:  Sxubio: !)!)3 Horkbt Stkeet  Telephone RSoiJo. ���������  If it is  First   Class   SHOEIYIAK-  ING and SHOE REPAIRING  yon want, go to  R/PETERS & CO.  2511 Westminster Ave.  (Near Broadway)  We guarantee our work bo be as good'  as any in the city.  V.R.TIMMS  Sign  and  Car:'age   \  . Painter.  Removed from Westminster AveV  ; To STEELE & MUIR B Id'g.  Mt. Pleasant.  |SMt*^,t*t^,J,'i,,I*,S'*I,'<iwI*''i'v*ri,,C*'-v"������*'i5,������*<i'"������*'^'"  Th  nary  brated  much,  ia.,-1:.:  G. B.  Chocolates I  We .have just opened a 'fresh ������  stock of.these unexcelled Choc- %  olates.       The   packages-   are ������  dainty,   and   make   beautiful o  presents. -?>  Y  Prices range front 35c v  to $3.CO  We also carry these Chocolates V  in hulk at fiOc j)er pound.        -.-���������  FOR  LAYIXO  FOWl^  AND  CHICKENS,   SEE ���������  L. WALKER,  ���������(slev  clr.irch,  of  Miss   *''    -*���������      7 7 ������  reiattd. u..d Mr. c u.x Independent  Drug  marnii^e vvas <���������(  l'.ith   at Wesley  S. K. XiNon of ir  fraiicis. who lor some lime past h  Leen connected with the Wrodwani  departriient stores. Kev. Rnleri Mil  HUoii olliciatcd. The bride was sivcn  away |;h-y Mr. 1). .McLaren. Miss .1.  Xi.con 'aciod iis hridesmaid, and .Mr. \V.  V. Woodward sii|i|)orted the groom.  After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs.  FViwicis left on n. short trip to Pori-  land. and on their return will take  up their residence on Tenth avenue.  ASKE HALL  1540  Fifth  Ave., West|  FOR  RENT  Private Dances.    General Meetinfs  PHONE L&R3364  "GEO.  ASKE  2033 GRANVILLE ST;  Qtore  (LErATOUREL <������: mcRae)  Cor. 7th & Westminster  Avenues  A special    invittttion   is  extent! il   ttl  yonii^  Indies,   yonujr men   and  ndnlt.-J  not  ntfendtn^ any .Sundy  Scln-ol.    t������l  conic mid visit sonic one of our ditt'eren  V  hihlo clu'sscK iu Mt.   Pleasant Methodist!  O   S. S. next Sunday afternoon at 2-30 |'.-n|  *?*  and take part iu tho discussion of  tlm;  ���������>  jr;-t'ut  lesson "Beatitudes."'    We have]  .;.. i un- Bible Classics, one for yoa'ig ladies J  % I one for j'onnjr men, a Junior for young  'f i people a ml senior for adults.  <���������;> j     Evcrybocly come and receive  a  royal  *:*  welcome.  i  Keeler s Nursery" ���������<*������  i  Remeinnilber ovst Floral Work  s Besfe in the Cifey  PHONE  R2196  For Ornamental Trees for the next 30 days AifMrstcfass08"


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