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The Tribune Jul 2, 1898

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 Has Mines that are Paying Dividends aiwvt-?^-
dreds of Properties that can be M<;•-.&'-<V--;>,
Dividend Paying Mines. "v^.*/;-^..
Has   a    Mmural   Output    of   Upwards   ot   Cr e
'  Million    Dollai-s    Every    Month
In   The   Year
They   are Received   -with Jeers   by the   Electors of Vancouver.
N. F. I Ingle, a Manitoba lawyer who for
a .short time was af resident of this city,
made'his appearance-on tlie political platform in Vancouver   this  week   for   the
purpose of telling the electors of that city
why they should not supportrsuch a man
as .Joseph Martin.    Judging  by the  fact
that it was a government meeting, and
that   Magic was unmercifully hissed and
hooted,  he can hardly  be  said to  have
made a   favorable impression.     I [agio's
story is that during the railway troubles
of Manitoba Joseph  Martin said  that if
justice was not accorded to the people of
Manitoba that they would become annexationists, iu short that the people did not
like  being given over to a railway  company's   monopoly.    The   second   reason
why the people should   not support Martin  was   that he favored  the Northern
Pacific Railway Act, in Manitoba, which
contained a provision  that the company
should account for the expenditure of ail
aid furnished  with the exception of $500
per mile.
Martin's reply to Hagle was in every
way satisfactory. He explained that the
remark about annexation had been made
in the course of a private dinner at
Ottawa while Mr. Green way and he were
endeavoring to arrange the railway matter with the dominion government. A
well known annexationist passed the
table at which they were seated, and he
made the remark that if tlie federal,government continued to oppose the provincial government's railway policy all
Manitoba would become annexationists.
With respect to (he $500 per mile, not to
be accounted for, Martin admitted tlie
corn, but added thatic was a much better
bargain than the Turner or Davie govern-,
ernments had ever made since they never
required the companies receiving aid to
give an accounting for a dollar of tho
escape the penalty for his many blunders
by the policy of putting up independent
candidates instead of straight government candidates, who may be called upon
to defend the policy of the administration
they intend lo support? The policy of
the Turner government is to avoid all
direct issues on the, mainland by nominating candidates who repudiate all responsibility for the actions of the government.
Those who earnestly desire to secure reform should place no reliance in the semi-
independent government candidates. A
party who-e policy cannot be defended is
unworfhy of support. Mark'your ballots
for J. Fred Hume.
Tnrc Victoria Nation, a campaign paper
published in the interests of the Turner
government, has an article in the last
issue devoted to the advantages'of out
door employment from a hygienic point
of view. Marked copies should be sent to
premier Turner and his colleagues.
Ou the coast the organs of the Turner
government refer to the efforts of E. V.
Bodwell to secure the passage of tlie
Kettle River railway bill as "a bitter
light to" rob Canada of the rich Boundary
country and give it to the United States."
If such was the case it is odd that tlie
mine owners of Boundary made no kick.
Joseph Martin of Vancouver has not
seen the inside of the legislative chamber
yet, but he has caused the Turner ministry
, almost as much worry as the chief commissioner of lauds and works has in the
last three years. There must be some
thing in that fellow Martin after all.
The Westminster Sun says that James
Dunsmuir the Turner government's candidate in Comox is gaining ground. Since
the Dunsmuirs already own one-third of
Vancouver Island it is to be hoped that
the Sun's statement is incorrect. James
.Dunsmuir already has too much ground
for the public good.
Premier Turner estimates that during,
the past ten years there were spent in
East aud West Kootenay sotue $000,000 iu
public works, hospitals etc. The public
accounts show thatu duriug I SOT the
revenue from West Kootenay alone was
$310,902.. It is evident that the mining
industry has little to thank the government for. West Kootenay paid back in
one year more than half the amount spent
in East and West Kootenay in ten years.
Premier Turner no doubt repents the
rash statement that his government
would stand or fall upou its.record for the
past three years. If this test were applied, and every self-confessed government candidate was successful at the
polls, there would not be sufficient government members elected to organize the
house. In West Kootenay and the lower
Fraser constituences the aim of all candidates is to get as far as possible from
premier Turner's great policy.
Premier Turner has been in public life
in this province for many years. He has
been finance minister of the province for
the past decade, aud yet he has not got
over telling the electors of the province
what his government could do if it received the receipts from customs duties.
Since the federal authorities betray no
intention of handing over the customs
receipts to premier Turner, and without
them he is apparently unable to do anything, the electors had better return
another set of men to manage the business
of the province.
The chief difficulty that premier Turner
sees upon the political horizon is that his
government is not likely to receive
sufficiently large cash subsidies from the
federal treasury to keep the province
going. The difficulty which the electors
see is the inability of premier Turner to
.-judiciously lay out the revenues which
already coaie into his hands.
A Trick to Avoid Repons.tbillty.
In every day life, when the manager of
any business concern shows his incompetence, he is brought to account by the
people whose business he is managing.
Why should the electors of British
Columbia be asked to adopt a different
rule in political matters from that which
is observed in every day business? Why
should premier Turner be permitted to
He did   not Impose  tho   Unjust  tax   but   He
Persists in Collecting- it,
"Thu'question of miners' licenses is another that lias had the  very serious  consideration of tlie go vermen t.    it is, understand, as in the case of the mortgage tax-,
one which has always been in existence in
British  Columbia,    and   for   which   this
governmeutis not inany way responsible,
as you would be led to believe.    This government- has simply  not altered the law,
that is all.    It was announced some time
ago  that this  tax on  working miners in
metalliferous mines would   be taken  off,
but a great deal of opposition was raised,
on  the ground  that the majority of  the
miners   in  the  new    districts,   many of
whom,   by the  way, are prospectors and
claim owners as well, are not British subjects, and while earning a livelihood and
having all the'advantages ot citizenship,
would  contribute practically nothing to
the   revenues of   the country.     This  is
something  the force  of which cannot be
denied.    1 am willing to admit the justice
of there being no distinction among working miners  of any class,  and tlie government is disposed to place all on equal footing as soon as it can see its way clear  to
do so."
The above is taken from premier
Turner's election manifesto which has
been supplied so all the government
organs for distribution as supplements,
it is a fair specimen of the quibbling resorted to by the great finance minister of
this province. For nine years he lias
been urged, to repeal an unjust trade tax
imposed upon mechanics and others employed in the metalliferous mines, and in
all this time he has not mustered up
sufficient courage to be even fair. No one
has asked premier Turner to remove the
tax imposed upon prospectors aud claim
owners, but to avoid the d'roc*- ?ssuy he
mixes them up with wage-earners employed in the mines. If in nine years
urging the members of premier Turner's
cabinet cannot see their way clear to do a
simple act of justice what hope have the
electors ot ever securing needed reforms?
hi the minds of the electors of Kootenay
tho government which persists in collecting an unjust tax is equally to blame
with the government that imposed it.
Chinese Competition "With   White Labor.
If the wage-earners of the province
mark their ballots in favor of candidates
who are in sympathy with the Turner
government they lessen their own chances
of securing any restrictions upon the
immigration of Chinese and Japanese
into this province. Under the most
favorable circumstances there will be
difficulties encountered iu the matter of
securing the needed legislation, but if the
electors of the province in which Chinese
and Japanese competition is most keenly
felt, return to power an admittedly pro-
Chinese government, they will very
greatly damage their chances for the
favorable consideration of prohibitive
legislation at Ottawa. The history of the
past three years has shown that during
its best days the Turner government was
but half-hearted iu its efforts on behalf or
white labor. If the wage-earners hope to
accomplish anything in the way of more
stringent Chinese immigration laws they
should elect members who are in accord
with their views, by voting for the opposition candidates.
That are before the Electors of the Province
for Their Sultrages.
Witli (lie exception of Cassiar, nominations were made in all the constituencies
throughout the province on Saturday.
The following is tho list, the names appearing in the first column being ■ the
candidates with government leanings and
those,to the left being opposition :
Vr!o, WesL	
Vulo, NorLli	
Kootenay. ItasL-Nmih	
KoDU'imy, Kiist-Soulli	
IvouLcniiy, Wusl-Iiosriliiiid,..
ICoiiii.'lliiy. WiMt-li<!\'olslnku
Kou(i;nuy, Wost-Nelson	
KooUmiiv, Wcsl-Slocan   ...
Ijill'.ioi-L, ICasL   	
Ijillonul. WchI '...'
Westminster City	
Westminster, fiichmoiid ,. .
Westminster. Chilli whack ..
Westminster, Dewdney	
Westminster, JJi'JI.-i	
Victoria, North	
Victoria. South	
Xanaimo City ■	
Xiinnimo, North	
Xanaimo, South   	
...Kllison.  ..
....Wilson.   ..
.. . MclCiuie ...
...While..  ..
.. Karwclt ....
..  .'....Hume
...Ketallaclc .
.....'.. .(il'CUll
.  ... Preiuico
.. .Smii.li	
 '.... Kidcl
. ... .Aliinroc
... Wlietliam
. Jicn.son	
...(tardea   ...
.. JlcPherson
..Turner ".  ..
. Ilelmcken..
..Mcl'hillip* .
. Hall	
. Kherts	
. .MeCretfor..
.. Hi'Vflcn	
. Walkem	
. I'ouinsoii  ..
 1 lord
/ Million   ....
1 I'ooley	
.. ir.iyward
j liogers	
..   kinchaut
t Hunter ..    .
... Hclcfcson
/ Irving	
... MoTavixh
1 Clifford .  --
. Call breath
Tncre was to have been an election ou
Saturday to fill a vacancy on the board of
school trustees, but the election went by
default, as but one elector put in an
appearance in addition to tho secretary
of the board. It is easy to account for
tho lack of interest in school matters in
Nelson. The people of Nelson have virtually no voice in the manner in which
the schools are conducted. It is true
they are called, upon annually to elect
members of the board of school trustees,
but the educational authorities pay no
more attention to the three trustees than
they would as many white poker chips.
Mad the provincial government granted
the request of the people of Nelson, and
permitted them to manage and defray
the cost of their own schools, it is safe to
say that tho election ou Saturday would
not have gone by default. The dog-in-
the-mauger policy adopted by the educational authorities with respect to the S'el-
son public school should cost the government candidate many votes on Saturday.
The school is not up to the requiremen ts of
the city, but the provincial authorities-
refused either to improve it or to allow
the city of Nelson to improve it and
defray the expenses of education. The
board of school trustees, the members of
the city council, and the South Kootenay
board of trade have iu turn urged upon
the government the necessity of creating
Nelson a separate school district but without success. The result is that the public
school is not up to the requirements of
the city, and the government which prevented others from improving it has not
the means to make the improvements
Those who wish to support the joint
action of the board of school trustees, the
city council, and the board of trade in tlie
effort to secure efficient schools aud pay
for the same should vote for J. Fred
Hume. The government of premier
Turner has refused to make the school
efficient or to allow the city to assume the
responsibility in the matter.
Green is a Sure Winner.
Assurances are received from all points'
in the Slocan riding that Robert Green
will have a substantial majority over
John L. Retallack and his sack. In the
election in JS0.1 the vote of the Slocan was
■more than two to one opposition, outside
of Kaslo, where a local candidate was in
the field, and it cannot fairly be said that
since that period the policy of the Turner
government has been such as to
strengthen the government party in that
riding. Every influence that the government party can bring to bear is being
used to defeat Green, but he will be elected because he is one of the people.
The Strongest Man Will Bun.
In the Dewdney riding of New Westminster there have beeu two opposition
candidates named to contest the election
of Richard McBride, but the probabilities-
are that before election day one of the
opposition candidates will retire. The
opposition candidates are C. B. Sword
and Charles Whet-ham and it has been
arranged that a poll be taken of the opposition supporters, and that the weaker
candidate will pull out of the contest and
leave the way clear for his successful
rival to defeat McBride. <
Davis as Chief Justice.
Within the'next two weeks K. P. Davis
will   probably bo appointed to  tlie Chief
Justiceship of the   Province  of    Hritish
Nelson Electors Cannot be Bribed.
The'.Economist advises the electors of
Nelson to vote for the Turner government's semi-independent candidate because such a representative is more likely
to secure the ear of the government than
an opposition candidate. This goes to
show that the Economist does not know
the electors of Nelson. They have never
yet sacrificed their manhood to go begging to any government for what they
were rightly entitled to, and they have
never yet asked from any government
what they were not fairly entitled to.
They cannot be bribed into supporting
any candidate in the hope of securing
appropriations to which their district can
lay a just claim. The majority of them
will vote for J. .Fred Hume because they
believe in the principles which his party
advocates, and they have every reason to
believe that when tlie ballots are all
counted, the next government will be
formed from the members of the present
opposition party.
Five Candidates in Esquimalt.
In the district of Esquimalt, where two
members were returned by acclamation
in 18!)I, there are now five candidates
running for two seats. Tlie government
candidates are Hon. C. E. Pooley and W.
P. Bullen, while D. W. Biggins and W.
If. Hay ward are out as opposition candidates, and Dennis II. Harris is running as
an independent in the hope of defeating
Ainsworth is for Green.
John L. Retallack's candidature is not
well received by the miners around
Ainsworth. The miners of Ainsworth
are not to be caught with fair promises
on the eve of an election contest. They
agree that the Turner government is
sadly in need of reforming but they think
that the more satisfactory method will be
to entrust the management of the affairs
of the province to nnw men.
Vote Ifor the Government Candidate
proves of the Government's' policy.
On Saturday next the electors of the
Nelson riding of West Kootenay will be
called upon to make a choice between two
Candidales, as to which of them shall
serve as their representative in tho legislative .assembly for the next four years.
One of the candidates is J. Fred Hume.
He received the nomination of (he opposition convention held in this city and
stands pledged when elected to use his
influence jointly wilh the present opposition party to secure ■ cerlain reforms
recited in his platform, the necessity for
which is admitted by every fair minded
elector. ■
The other candidate is A. S. Farwell.
Me is virtually a self-nominated candidate, aud though nominally independent
of the two political parties, is and always
has been allied with the government
party. That there is a perfect understanding between candidate Harwell and
the government of premier Turner is
shown by the efforts which ■ the government officials in Nelson are making in his
The  issue  therefore narrows down  to
whether the electors are satisfied with the
Turner  government  and   its policy,  or
"whether they desire a change. They must
choose on Saturday   whether they shall
have the affairs of the province administered in the interests of the people of the
whole province or whether for the next
four years they shall have class legislation iu which the interests of the whole
province shall be subordinated to  the interests of the favored coal barons of Vancouver  island,  and    concession    hunting
charter mongers.   In the present contest
there are five Dunsmuir members seeking
election. The electors should ask  themselves whether the interests of the province will be served by the return of this
set of men to the legislature.    If they do
not they have it in their power to weaken
the Dunsmuir influence by voting, for J.
Fred  Hume.    Every vote for a government candidate strengthens the hold of
the Dunsmuirs upon  the government of
the province.
In the present contest an elector in
Cassiar has a six times greater voice than
an elector in the Nelson riding. Iu marking their ballots on Saturday the electors
of Nelson will either approve of or con-'
demn the action of the Turner government in thus fixing the representation of
tho two districts, ff they are of the
opinion chat the electors of Cassiar are a
superior class of men and that they are
entitled to have six times the voice in the
affairs of the province that is accorded to
electors in t.he Nelson riding, they should
mark their ballots for A. S. Farwell the
Turner governments semi-independent
candidate. If however they think that
in the redistribution bill which was passed
during the recent session premier Turner
committed a gross violation of the rights
of the electors of Nelsou they should mark
their ballots for J. Fred Hume. A vote
cannot be cast for the governments candidate without condoning the injustice of
the redistribution bill.
if the Turner governmeutis worthy of
support why are not the electors of Nelsou
given an opportunity of voting for a
candidate who is openly supporting that
government? Why is it necessary for
the government party in Nelson to seek
to secure the return of a government
candidate under false pretences. The
Turner government is either good or bad.
Why then does not A. S. Farwell come
out openly and say whether he will support the Turner government or oppose it?
If A. S. Farwell is the smart man his
friends claim him to be, how comes it that
he sees neither the faults of one party nor
the merits of the other? Why is it necessary for so able a man to sit on the fence
while less clever men cast in their lot
with the one side or the other?
sion party's interest nine candidates, or
one for every seat, while there is but one
straight government candidate in the
Meld. The solitary government candidate
is premier Turner'who is seeking election
in Chilliwhack. If premier Turner had
not entered the lists himself there would
not have been a'single candidate'in the
lower Eraser who would have gone before
the electors as the avowed champion of
the greatest finance-minister this province
has ever seen. Premier Turner has
realized the truth of the proverb: "He
that tooteth not his own horn bv no man
shall it be tooted." ,
The City Council   Favorably   Considers  Some
of the Applications for Sidewalks
At the meeting of the city council held,
on Monday afternoon, the petition of J.
Coxhead and others, asking that Victoria
street     between   Josephine    and    Cedar
streets be opened up, was considered.   On
motion of alderman Teetzel, seconded  by
alderman Madden, it was decided to comply  with  the request of the  petitioners
aud also to lay a -l-foot sidewalk on  the
south side of   Victoria   street,   between
Cedar and Stanley streets.
Messrs. Junes, Richards «fc Akroyd had'
a letter before the council expressing the
opinion that one  lot would  be sufficient
for the purpose of a fire station in Addition A
Messrs. Gamble & O'Reilly had a request
before the council asking that a ditch be
dug on the north side of Mill street to cut
of! the water now flowing over block 3G,
and offering to bear part of the expense.
The matter was referred to the city engineer.
The residents and property owners of
Mill street had a petition before the council, asking that the plank sidewalk on
Mill street be extended from the corner of
Hendryx street to the middle of block 38.
The council decided to lay a
Judge Forin addressed the
ing for a road to his house on Cedar
street, and offered to bear one-half of the
expense if the city would undertake tlie
work. The matter was referred to tlie
engineer for report.
The petition of the owners of property
in blocks '2-1, 25, and 20, on Silica street,
asking to have a roadway opened up particularly from Hendryx to Park street,
on Silica street, was referred to the city
engineer for report.
The council decided to lay a 3-foot sidewalk on Josephine street, between Water
street and the water front. Also a I-foot
sidewalk on the south side cof Latimer
street, from Stanley street to the eastern
limits of the city.
It was also decided to grade the roadway at the corner of Silica and Ward
streets so that it be passable for teams,
the work to be done by day labor.
The by-law to impose a tax upou insurance companies received its third reading.
;:!-foot walk,
council  ask-
Turner's Pro-Chinese Government.
Premier Turner's election address contains about as many misstatements as a
column of the Vancouver World's editorial matter. In referring to the bill for
the  prevention   of  the   employment   of
Chinese and Japanese'upou works carried
on under provincial charters premier
Turner says: "The Alien Law of 1.S07
was passed with the consent and the
assistance of the government." The
records of the house show that every
member of the government voted against
the passage of the measure.   This bill did
'not go so far as to \say that Chinese and
Japanese should not be employed, in the
province, but merely that companies
receiving concessions from the crown
should not employ them.    I-render Turner
.and his colleagues were opposed to giving
the white laborers of the province even
that much protection..
Hume is the Candidate for Reforms.
Those electors in Nelson who desire to
see certain reforms enacted by the next
provincial legislature have the choice of
voting for a man who is in accord with
the party that stands pledged to secure
the reforms, or for a semi-independent
candidate who, to secure the desired reforms, has to reform upwards of a dozen
legislators. J. Fred Hume is the candidate to support if the electors really desire reforms.	
Where are the Government Candidates?
In the lower Eraser district there arc
nine seats to be filled in the approaching
election. 'Vancouver has four representatives, Now Westminster City one, and
tlie ridings of 'Westminster district four.
There have been nominated in the opposi-
An amusing incident occurred recently
in the committee room of the Par well
campaign committee. Several members
of the committee were disposed to kick
over the traces at the way the campaign
was being run. This element wanted
candidate Farwell to run as a straight
supporter of the government, as they
claimed that he was losing votes posing
as an independent. One of the members
of the committee said : "J have a father
and brother holding flown offices under
the Turner government, and I want a
candidate who will, if elected, vote to
keep them in office." An astute committee man, lately from Winnipeg, squelched
the yoiitiR .man with two relatives iu
office by remarking: "See here, -young
man, our candidate has issued his manifesto, which declares for {progress and
prosperty, and,we can't change it now,
even if your dad and your brother lose
their jobs."
The contest on Saturday next will not
be a contest between'Liberals and Conservatives   upon   the   old   party  issues.
The issue is merely  whether the Turner
government has administered   the affairs
of the province well or. not.    The contention  of  the  opposition   party,   which   is
borne out by the records of the legislature,   is that the government of premier
Turner has admintcred  tin; affairs of the
province in the interests of the speculating  class as  against  tlie wage earners.
If the electors of Nelson, want four years
more of such government as they  have
had  during   the-past  year  they should
vote  for the government's semi-independent  candidate   -A.   S.  Farwell.    If they
desire a change  they "should vole for J.
Fred Hume.
The political fight in-the Nelson riding
goes merrily along, and an illustration is
being given of the fact that while men
may not like a candidate's politics, a campaign may be wiiged without resorting to
personalities or abuse. There arc a great
many men in Nelson who like Par well
who are going to vote Hume simply because they believe that the. opposition
candidate belongs to the party that is
pledged for reform and they are conscious
that what the province needs more than
anything else is reform.
Mine Could Supply 100 Tons per clay for
Eighteen  Months.
The  first general statutory'nieoting of
the Whitewater mines, limited, was held ,
iu London on June 10th.    in his report to
the,shareholders the chairman g>ive them
the  value placed upon   ihe   Whitewater
mine   by   Ihe company's engineers.     lie
said   that Mr. Fowler values the   White-,
water  claim alone at $585,000.   although,
he states,'from an intimate knowledge of
the  irround,   that  the   Whitewater  vein
has   been proved   to run   no?, only  across
the   AVhitewater .claim,    but across tlie
Irene and Myrtle R claims to the extreme
western limit of the company's property.
He,adds that it is not unreasonable to expect that iu both the Irene and'Myrtle R
claims  the company  has two  properties
which will prove to be as'valuable as the
Whitewater proper,'and this is the more
probable  as  the southern   boundaries of
these claims extend further on the dip of
the  vein than is the case on the White- .
water.    To give some idea of the immense
returns of ore  available   for stoping in
the mine, the latest information received
from the company's Manager in  British
Columbia is to the effect that there is now
in sight a sufficient quantity of ore to
supply a concentrating mill with 100 tons-
daily for eighteen months.    The development  work carried  out by  the company-
has rendered   available  for  shipment a
very  largely increased quantity of ore:
but   further   than    this  the    company's
neighbors on the south—evidently believing in  its continuity—have  conclusively
proven  the existence   of the  vein  at   a
depth by carrying out the necessary work-
on their ground, and striking the Whitewater vein,  of similar quality   to  that
above, at something over 1,000'feet below
its outcrop on the AVhitewater property.
The Northern Pacific Buys the Roads.
There is every reason to believe the
story that the Northern Pacific Railway
Company has purchased the Corbin rail- *
way systems which tap this district from
Spokane, it was generally understood
that the Canadian Pacific Railway Company was dickering for the purchase of
Cor bin's roads, and that it was this business that took Corbin east. If the Northern Pacific. Company has secured the "
roads it will be because that company
offered a larger price than the Canadian
Pacific, aud the people have no reason to
kick since it lessens the chances of a railway monopoly in Kootenay. The Northern Pacific officials at St. Paul, have no
doubt that the Spokane Palls 6c Northern
has been absolutely acquired by the
Northern Pacific Railway Company, but
have not heard the details of the" deal.
The new line should prove a very valuable feeder from the Boundary Creek,
Kootenay and Rossland mining districts,
aud its effect ou revenue should be considerable. The Spokane Falls & Northern
has 110 miles of main lines and 77 miles of
allied lines, and its bonded indebtedness
is about $3,050,000, which is considered
Trail Smelter to Start this Month.
The Trail smelter will start about the
middle of the present month or perhaps a
little earlier, when one of the blasts will
be blown in. Tt is expected that it will
handle about 2:10 tons of ore daily,
and I2."S men will be employed. The
smelter has been receiving ore steadily
ever since its acquirement by the Canadian Pacific railwaj', and there are now
thousands of tons on hand awaiting treatment. , Work is proceeding as rapidly as
possible with'the construction of the new
blasts that are to be erected at the works,
but so far the necessary machinery for
use in connection with ,them has
arrived. ..
The Lo Roi Deal Off.
for the purchase of the
Tho deal for the purchase of the Le Roi
mine is-off. The London directors it is
said grew tired of the long wrangle, and
gave the contracting parties till July 12th
to deliver tho mine over or call the deal
off. As there was no prospect of having
matters straightened out by the time
specified the deal was declared off.
The Montezuma Strike.
The lead came into the face of the long
cross-cut tunnel at the Montezuma last
Saturday, and what is more to the point
the ore body, just as it appeared 1000 feet"
above, .appears to be in place. The last
man down from the mine states that the
whole face of the tunnel-is in concentrating ore of a good grade, but the extent of
the ore body is as yet undetermined. If
it holds out going down, to its upper dimensions, there should be ten or twelve
feet of ore. In this event the mill, which
has been idle since last fall, can be started
up soon.
What Kootenay Owes the Government.
P. A. O'Parrell, who has the reputation
of having eclipsed J. C. McLagau in the
writing of fulsome gush about the members of premier Turner's cabinet, has been
put into the harness again, and is now
telling the people of .Rossland riding what
wonderful people the provincial ministers
are. O'Parrell says that if the Turner
government had not given D. C. Corbin
and F. -Vug, Ileinze large land grants
there would be no Rossland. no Trail and
no Kaslo today.
The Price of the Corbin Railways.
J. I'ierpont Morgan & Co. of New York-
are reported ns the purchasers of the
Corbin system of railways, and the price
paid for the same is estimated at between
$5,000,000 aud $(i,00O.OO0._
admits that the
I).   C.   Corbin
■v-ile has been made.
C. P. R. Traffic Receipts.
Montreal, June, 21.-The Canadian
Pacilic Railway Company's traffic receipts
for the week ending June 21st were $-175,-
000. l-'or the same week of last year they
were $ If•.2.000.
-^Vr^\:'^.v;,V-r-:i'V-i;v^ THE  TRIBUNE:. NELSON, B.C.   SATURDAY, JULY 2,  LS98.
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P. 0. box S2.'ICaslo, B. C.
(I.   irOLlUCH—Analytical Chemist.
Victoria street, Nelson.
and A.r»fiycr.
T    C. GWILLIM, B.A.Sc. & W. S. JOHNSON, B.A.Sc.
<J •     —Alining   Engineers   and   'Analytical   Chemists,
'; Slocan City, ii. C.
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second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
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Knights of Pythias, meets in Castle hall, Macdon-
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Tuesday evening at S o'clock. All visiting knights are
cordially invited to attend.
Jon.v .T. M.W.O.VR, C. C.
Gkokgk PAirritincK, IC. of R. & S.
®tte C£rttraue<
...JULY. 2,  18'J8
!'or Member of the Legislative. Assembly for the Nelson
Riding of West Ivootenay Biolricl.
DAY  OK ,Ii;.VK,   ISilS.
" Whereas. The Turner government' by its class legislation, (1) by imposing a tax upon the output of metalliferous mines not imposed upon the output of coal mines;
(2) by refusing to remove the tax imposed on men working in metalliferous mines; (:i) by denying the people of
the province equitable representation in the legislative
assembly, has proven itself unworthy of further confidence or continuance in oflice; and.
•' Whereas, The railway policy of the present administration is inimical to the best welfare of the province as
a whole: therefore, be it
•'Resolved, That the interests of the Nelson riding of
West Ivootenay district demand thai the electors return
us their representative in the next provincial legislature,
a man who will not only strongly advocate, but will also
use his inlluencc with the members of the legislative as-
• sembly opposed to the present administration, to secure
the following reforms;
"First. An equitable plan of representation in the
legislative assembly on a basis that will recognize that
an elcctoi in one portion of the province is the equal of
an elector in any other portion where like circumstances
"Second.    Equalization   in  taxation with respect to
mines, so that if the output of the nietaliforoiis mines be
. taxed, [.lie output of all coal mines shall bo treated in the
same manner.
"Third. Repeal of the special tax imposed upon working miners in the metalliferous mines, which partakes of
the nature of a trade lax, and is an unjust exaction.
" Fourth. An amendment to the assessment act which
permits what is virtually dual taxation, under the. indefensible mortgage tax, or tax upon poverty.   ,
"Fifth. The passage of a general railway act, which
will allow the building of railways by bona fide railway
men without cost to tlie province, cither in cash subsidies or land grants.
"Sixth. Tlie starving out of railway charter mongers
by refusing to grant any further land subsidies in aid of
railway construction, and by insistingwherever cash sub-
subsidies are granted that such subsidies shall be by way
of loan secured by a lien upon the railways when built.
"Seventh. The absolute prohibition of tho immigration of Chinese into the province, and the exclusion of
Chinese from employment by any company receiving any
concession whatever from the crown.
" Eight. That in employing labor on public works, preference be given to citizens of the province, and also I hat,
all government oflices be filled by capable bona fide residents of the district where the vacancies exist.
. "Ninth. Due recognition of the fact that the mining
industry i- the chief attraction for outside capital to the
province, and is responsible for the increase in its population; that thin industry may be \ itally affected by
legislation, and its importance demands that we should
have in tho cabinet a practical rather than a theoretical
"And with a view to securing the above reforms, we
pledge ourselves to support by our votes and inlluencc
the nominee of this convention.
doctor for the Dunsmuir collieries, is seeking election in South Nanaimo, and
Joseph Hunter the superintendent of the
Dunsmuir's railway is seeking election
in Cariboo. Why are all these men who
are in the service of the Dunsmuir interest so anxious to get into the provincial
legislature? Every vote cast for a government candidate strengthens the. hold
of thu Dun.sin nil's upon the government
of this province. ,        ,
J>  premier Turner and his  colleagues
honestly believe that they have merited
the confidence, or the electors of the province, why did they do-all in their power
to secure  the defeat of  Korster's secret
ballot   bill?   This  is   a question   -which
every elector should answer for himself
before he marks his  ballot on Saturday
next.    The advantages of a secret ballot
are known  to every man  who is dependant- upon his  labor for his  living.    He
should ask himself what motive prompted
the-Turner government to  try and  deprive, him  of his  right to vote so  that
inquisitive officials should have no means
of finding out which candidate he voted
for?   If the secret'ballot bill was a bad
measure   premier Turner   and   his   colleagues should be  on record in  their opposition to it.   That they did oppose it,
and opposed  it in such a way  that there
is no official record of their opposition to
it, is'the best possible evidence that they
considered tlie bill as one in the interests
of the electors and that they were ashamed
to oppose it openly.   The bill which granted the electors of  British Columbia the
secret ballot  was introduced by Thomas
Forster of the opposition party.    Premier
Turner and his colleagues were afraid  to
oppose the bill upon its second reading because their names would be'recorded in the
journals of the legislature.     Instead  of
doing  this premier Turner waited  until
the   bill  reached   the   committee    stage
when  A.  W.   Smith  moved    "that   the
chairman leave the chair" without reporting the bill.    The members who voted in
favor of this  motion for the purpose  of
killing the secret ballot bill were:   Messrs.
Huff, Smith, Mutter, Baker, Turner, Martin, Adams, Pooley, Ebcrts, Rogers, Bry-
den,    Hunter—12.    Every   one  oi*   these
men by this vote declared himself as opposed    to giving  the   electors   a   secret
ballot.    Those   who voted   against   the
motion  were:   Messrs. Hume,  Kennedy,
Korster,      Macpherson,     Kidd,     Sword,
Vedder,      Williams,    Semlin,      Cotton,
Helmcken,     Graham     and     Braden— IS.
Those who favor a free expression of the
voice of the electors should  mark their
ballots in favor of .J. Fred Hume.
The electors should remember that the
ballots to be used on Saturday next will
be absolutely secret. Heretofore it was
possible to trace every vote cast in provincial elections, but the opposition party
secured a reform in this respect during
the recent session of the legislature. Tt
will be'impossible to tell how any elector
casts his ballot on Saturday next. Tt
will be the lirst time in the history of the
province that the wage earners ' have
enjoyed such a privilege in provincial,
contests. It is a privilege for which they
can thank the opposition party. A vote
for the semi-independent candidate is a
vote in favor of: the/government vvhichdid
all in its power to withhold' from tho
electors the secret'ballot. A government
that is afraid of a fair expression of the
voice of the electorate is unworthy of the
support of fair minded men.
Jk the electors of Kootenay desire to
secure government by the people and for
tlie people, in the place of a government
by and for the Dunsmuir interest, they
will record their votes in favor of the
■ opposition candidates. \n the.tipproach-
ing contest the Dunsmuir interest is
making a great effort to retain its control
upon the government of the province.
James Dunsmuir the head of the Dunsmuir family is seeking election in Ihe
district of Comox: lion. C. E. Pooley the
Utinsmiiir solicitor is seeking election in
E-iouimalt; John Pryden, James Dunsmuir's brother-in-law, is seeking election
in    North   Nanaimo;    Dr.   Walkem,   the
That the Turner government is a pro-
Chinese and  Japanese government   was
shown  by the debate upon ITelmcken's
bill to prevent the employment of Chinese
or Japanese on works carried  on  under
franchises granted by the province. Such
a bill was passed during the previous session   but   lieutenant-governor   Dewdney
withheld his  assent from  the same, and
as  the  Dominion  authorities  refused to
assume the responsibility which Dewdney
should undertake, the bill never received
the force of law.    For these reasons it became necessary to re-enact the legislation
during the recent session, and H. D. Helmcken  introduced  the bill  to the house.
When this bill  was called for its second
reading  premier Turner aud  Hon. C. E.
Pooley made strong speeches against the
passage of any anti-Japanese legislation.
The temper  of   the   house was   against
them  however   and   they saw   that  the
members of  the cabinet  were in a hopeless minority.    The debate upon the second reading was  postponed.    When  the
debate was called a second time premier
Turner and his colleague tried to square
themselves.    They asked  the indulgence
of the house  to enable  them  to make a
second  speech, when  each  withdrew the
objections  which  he had   raised   to  the
passage of the bill in the first place.   The
division   upon   the second reading of the
bill   was  then   taken  when  all   members
voted in favor of it except Chinese Martin
and colonel Baker.    Do the wage earners
of Kootenay desire   to  retain  in oflice a
premier aud president of the council who
will only vote in  favor of  restricting the
employment of  Chinese   when   they are
practically  forced   into  it?   Do they intend to support a  chief commissioner of
lands and works and -a minister of mines
who stand, out obstinate in their refusal
to legislate in   favor of  white labor.    A
vote   for a government   candidate or a
semi-independent government candidate
is a vote in   favor of the Turner government's    pro-Chinese    policy.     Vote   for
Hume and Green. >
that their promises to reform are* made
solely for the purpose of dodging the
consequences of theirmisdeeds. The first
reform demanded by the opposition party
in the Nelson riding is an equitable
system of representation. Will the
Economist say that the manner in which
the Turner government fixed the representation for the next legislature was fair?
If the (Economist believes so let it publish
the number of voters in each constituency
and the representation accorded to each.
Jf the Economist can show that the recent
redistribution bill was fair it will have
accomplished much in the interests of the
Turner government's semi-independent
candidate in this riding.
The second reform which the opposition platform calls for is the equalization
of the taxation upon miues. At present
the metalliferous mines are treated in a
different manner from the coal mines in
the matter of taxation. In the case of
the metalliferous mines there is a tax
upon their output, while in tho case of
the coal mines they arc treated in the
same manner as other classes of property.
Returns submitted to the legislature during the past session show that under this
exceptional treatment the coal mines pay
less than one-fourth of the taxes which
are imposed upon the metalliferous miues.
If the Economist can show that the
figures supplied to the legislature by
premier Turner are not correct, and that
the coal mines are paying, the same rate
of taxation imposed upon the metalliferous mines, it will remove one very
serious objection which the electors of
Ivootenay have to returning men to
support a government which they have
every reason to believe has been dominated by the Dunsmuir family.
Tub third reform which the opposition
platform calls for is the repeal of the
trade tax which the Turner government
.persists in collecting from the' men who
work in "'the metalliferous mines for
wages, ft does not matter to tho wage-
earners in Ivootenay whether premier
Turner admits that this taxis unjust so
long as he persists in collecting it. They
are of the opinion that a tax which is
admittedly unjust should be repealed,
and in this respect they have differed
from the Turner government and its
predecessors for the past nine years. It
is idle for the Economist and for premier
Turner to dodge the issue with excuses.
The fact remains that despite repeated
promises to repeal an-admittedly unjust
tax, premier Turner and his colleagues
persist in collecting it, and the only excuse
they have to offer is that it brings them
in a certain revenue. Will the Economist
deny that there is an issue between the
opposition party and the Turner government in this respect?
Thk Nelson Economist, which is advocating the election of A. S. Farwell, says
that the platform laid down by the opposition convention contains nothing that
the Turner government is opposed to. If
the electors had any x'eason to believe in
the sincerity of the members of the
Turner government there would be cause
for rejoicing in the Economist's announcement that they had become convinced of
the necessity for reversing their policy.
There is reason to believe however that
tho penitence of the ministers has been
induced by the approaching elections, and
. The fifth reform which the opposition
party stands for is the repeal of the dual
taxation involved in the mortgage tax.
As the law now stands the owner of real
estate is taxed upon the value of the real
estate which he may own, and is also
called upon to pay a fax upon the mortgaged indebtedness of the same property.
The policy of thet Turner government for
the past three years has been to avoid the
direct issue in this matter by raising legal
quibbles, and to continue collecting what
is virtually a tax upon a man's poverty.
Business meu who have no interest in the
proceeds of this tax have no hesitation iu
pronouncing it double taxation, but the
politicians in premier Turner's cabinet
who have an eye to the proceeds of the
tax dodge the issue by saying that there
cannot be double taxation because double
taxation is illegal. What do the electors
of Kootenay think of a set of public men,
who after discussing the question for
three years in the legislature find it
necessary to expend $1000 in order to
secure an opinion as to whether the working out of the mortgage tax involves dual
taxation or not?	
The   sixth   plank   in   the   opposition
party's  platform  calls  for free  trade in
railways by the passage of a general railway act,  so that railway men may build
railways   where "railways   are   required
without being at the mercy of railway
charter mongers, or  under the thumb of
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's
monopoly.   The. policy of the opposition
party in Kootenay is, that if the province
is  to  enjoy  the advantages   of  railway
communication   with the   United States,
such communication shall be accorded to
all parts of the province in which it would
be advantageous,, and  not  restricted to
such points as the Canadian Pacific Railway Company chooses to designate.    The
members of  the  opposition   party hold
that if Canadian patriotism can stand the
test    of   railway    connection   with    the
United States at Mission and other points,
that it could stand the test of similar connection    in    Boundary    Creek    district.
They are men who contend that Canadian
patriotism  should  be   broad  enough    to
consider other interests as well as  those
of  the  Canadian  Pacific Railway   Company.    They are  men who contend that
when   premier   Turner   opposed   D."  C.
Corbins application for it railway charter
to   Boundary   Creek,    he   sacrificed   the
interests of the people of Boundary Creek
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to those of the Canadian Pacific
Ltailway Company, and they are not
afraid of being called traitors by premier
Turner nor his henchmen. They consider
that the patriot is one who is true to the
interests of his country and that
patriotism is not shown by depriving (he
people of a free and competiting railway
in order that the Canadian Pacific .Railway Company could earn cash bonuses
aggregating $1,010,000 in building feeders
to its monopoly. It Ionics almost as if
there was an issue here.
TmoiiK - are four other direct issues
raised in the opposition party's platform
which dirpfily rnndii-r. with the settled
policy nf the Turner government, but
sufficient has been referred to show that
the statement.of the Economist "that the
"platform contains nothing that the
"Turner governmeutis opposed to" is not
iu accordance with fact. By its method
of-dealing with the opposition party's
platform the l<>nnotnist admits that the
reform* advocated in it are desirable. lb
has merely tried to persuade tho electors
that all these reforms can be secured by
returniug supporters of the Turner government. Against the fair promises of
the Economist the electors must place the
experience of the past four years. The
men whom the Economist desires the
electors to support were in power—but.
none of the desired reforms came. The
electors must try a different set of men.
Deluxe the past four years Messrs.
Turner, Pooley and Company have shown
themselves consistant advocates of Chinese, labor. Those electors who are in
favor of the exclusion of the Chinese from
competition with white labor should vote
for J. L-iYcd J1 time, because a vote cast in
his favor is a vote against the great pro-
Chinese government of premier Turner.
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Vancouver Island.
Allow me to lay before your readers
some'facts with regard to the .Esquimalt
aud Nanaimo Railway Company. This
company, half the stock in which is believed to beheld by C. P. Huntingdon and
the Southern Pacific gang, hold roughly
the whole east third of Vancouver Island,
two million acres or so in a solid block,
and tax free for ever.
First as regards prospectors, the company compels everyone who locates a
a mineral claim forthwith, on threat of
ejection, to pay them $200.00 for alleged
surface rights, half down and half in a
year. It is not that the price, $5.00 an"
acre, would be unreasonable, were the
claim of known value: but the company,
so far as known, have no right whatever
to demand that payment. Tt is absolute
lawless wrong. But the people are poor
and must submit: who would go to law
with the E. & N. ?
Then  as to  the farmers, the company
reserves great blocks of the best land and
will  not sell  it at all: and  their lowest
price  for  inferior  land  is  high for poor
people.    But,   besides, in  their  deeds to
settlers they not only reserve the right to
mine anywhere on the land, on compensation, but they reserve the right to take
all the land they may want for their railway,   and  all   the  timber   for    railway
purposss. without paying tiny compensation at all.    Probably few of the settlers
half grasp the effect of these deeds.    But
the public should also realize the personal
injury with which the company are thus
able  to  threaten  whole sections   of the
population.     If   a   poor   farmer   crosses
them,  politically or otherwise,  they can
first, if any purchase money be outstanding at interest, as is often tho case, order
him peremptorily to pay the whole down,
or  be turned out of house and home; or
even if he has fully paid for his land and
got his deed, they can send their men to
cut and carry away ever stick of timber
on his place.    If whole trees be too cumbersome they will take just the tops or so
forth, aud  let  the  rest spoil.    And   the
timber is often worth more than the land
it stands on.
'There is, besides, a wholy different
question. There is strong reason to believe that the land does not belong to the
company; that they hold it, not as
owners, but as mere trustees, to sell as
crown land. Should this bo established,
the company will probably be liable to
the provincial treasury for a large sum
on account of all the taxes lost through
the ^land being with-held from sale,
instead of being settled by tax-payers.
The remedy proposed is not to take any
property from the company, but to compel them to deal with the land in a public-
spirited manner for the country's good ;
or rather if they cannot be trusted to do
so themselves to have the property man-
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aged for them by the government, returning them the proceeds. At the same
time the question what interest the Company has in the land should be determined
impartially, by the courts for instance,
and by fair suit without collusion.
It might be unjust to lay the blame of
these wrongs on the succession of eminent
men who have held the premiership of
this province while the matter was half
I'o llie doctors of the Sloenn riding of West Kootenay
Electoral district,:
(Iciilleiiicn : Al the request of a lai^e proportion of
I lie fomniiiiiily reprc-i/nliiifr every heel ion of the riding,
I lieu to aniioiinee iny-elf as a candidate for your Miller-
ages in t.hc coining elections.
In respectfully soliciting your votes and support. I declare myself a supporter and follower of the Hon. J. If.
'Turner, as the loader of the only party in this province
with a defined policy and coherent, existence.
During my eight years residence in this (list ricl. I have
been a consistent, supporter of his party in recognition of
their attitude in meeting, and in cases anticipating, the
requirements and expansion of this great milling region.
I am in favor of llie following reforms:
(I).   The abolition of the lax upon worUing.miners.
(2).   The abolition of the Mortgage Tax.
(H).   The distribution of seats in  the legislature in direct proportion to population.
(I).    I do not approve of tho policy of tlie late legislative assembly in using their influence fo exclude foreign
railroads, such as ihe proposx'd  railroad  to  Uoundarjv
(.1). I favor certain revisions in the mineral and land
acts, particularly some easy plan by which the holders of
claims can advertise out their defaulting co-owners.
((i). In filling all government appointinonts I am in
favor of appointing bona fide residents of the district in
all cases where such can be found competent to act.
(7). I believe that the provincial legislature should
bring all the aid and influence .it its command fo the assistance of the lead mining industry, especially in the
direction of obtaining stronger recognition from the federal government at Ottawa of the importance of this industry aud the disadvantages under wliicjli it now labors.
If you do me the honor to elect me as your representative, I -will ut all times endeavor to 'protect and further
the interests not. only of the prospector, but also of all
those employed in and around our mines, recognizing
that our entire community is dependent upon llie mining
industry.    I mn. gentlemen, your obedient servant,
dormant and perhaps but half understood. But now all should .join throughout the province, without regard to
party, in enforcing the law, in establishing the public rights, and in defending
our farmers and miners from high-handed
wrong. L. H. Ptjij.agak.
Of the Nelson Riding- of West Kootenay Electoral District.
Gentlemen: I oiler myself asan independent candidate to represent you iu the next Provincial  Parliament.
Should I bo fortunate enough to secure your support I
shall endeavor to bring about the following reforms:
(I.) A change in the Mineral.Act. to compel all partners in a milling claim to bear their share of the assessment work or forfeit their interest.
(2.) An amendment to cause litigants to put up
reasonable security for costs before ad versing applications for certificates of improvements.
(3.) Regular promotion in the Civil Service, avoiding
the injustice of the appointment of outsiders over the
heads of men already iu tho service, all vacancies being
tilled by our own people.
(I.) The removal from the Statute-book of the discriminatory tax of §5 per annum on mechanics, miners
and other employed in our metalliferous mines.
If returned I pledge myself to work to the best of usability to secure a local expenditure of public monies in
proportion to the revenue collected in the district, and
to ensure such expenditure being laid out to the best
possible advantage.
Tho mining interests of British Columbia have now
reached such proportions that if is desirable they should
be administrated by a separate department under the
charge of a minister who would devote his undivided
attention fo the subject.
I shall endeavor to rescind the legislation of.lSOli, by
which mining suits were taken out of the jurisdiction of
the County C'ourc and relegated to the Supreme Court,
thereby entailing increased costs and interminable
During the past ojghf years Kootenay has been represented by straight government supporters and by an out,
find out oppositionist, the result in neither case has been
satisfactory. I consider the time has arrived when all
the Kootenay members should join in advocating measures for the benefit of this district as a whole and for its
special industrv, without regard to party.
A. S. KAltWKLI,.
L,|,l\,•       ■
FjT* r it
t, I      ., t . ■ ' ■        4«# to I   >      '      ■ al»     I-* \"    i       fc     *      •    >H i !       •» «l * i1 ' I     h *    « p> " # rto»l       »■ .      t » ^ a       V • a* ■■•■■_ al  • • \ d I Sla      4a     ■■!,•■■■ a> ^   >«l   .>.■   ■   •. 1 h   B> 1 1 .h ■     * .a m fc ■    •. II #la ■• «> 1 >■  •     1 l»a» *w\ » aa»sH to »fc^ aaa. lrai ■■ ■■,«.! I-J w a*a •*• *■»■■••- ,Tl
all paid
up,     -
.  112,000,000
-     6,000,000
lion. GKO. A. DRUMMONO Vice-President
K   S. CbOUSTOX General Manager
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
has been   established   in  connection   with   the   Nelson
Branch of this Bank. (
received, and current rate of interest allowed (at present 3  por cent, per annum).
n.n<l'iii the principal cities in Canada. ■
liny ninl sell Starling  Exchange .and  Cubic Transfers
available in any part of the world.
RATIO OK INTKRKST (at present) Ii Per Cent.
(Colli hilled flillll  l''nlllth  r.-i^'i-.l
Harwell, Arthur .Stanhope, Nelson, civil engineer
Karon, Joseph, Nelson, miner
Kawoolt, Alfred I'ercivnl, Nol.son, conductor
Keeney, William, Nelson, minor
Ferguson, tfdwnrd. Xelson, clerk
Korland, Arthur, Nelson, inerchaiit.
Kinlay, Archibald, Nelson, minor
Kiiilay, .lot ham, Nolson, miner
Kiniicane, Krancis Joseph, Nelson, accountant
Klahitr, Kdward, Nelson, minor
li'letehcr, Krank, Nelson, land .'commissioner
"ieichcr, .John, Nelson, tailor
Fletcher, John Ownsworth, Nelson, printer
Kleet, John, Nelson, carpenter
Fie wry, .Albert, Nelson, painter
Flynn. Thomas, Ymir. miner
Flynn, Thomas, Nelson, miner
'Kord, Arthur, Nelson, wood dealer
Form, John Andrew, Nelson, county court judge
Forlclt, John, Nelson, section foreman
Korbes, 'Frederick Jlcnry, Nolson, mining
Korster, Arthur P., ICoolenay River, engineer
Forrester, Alan. ■Ymir, miner
• Kosier. Howard AL, Nelson, miner
Ko.c, John ICmorson, Nelson, labourer
Kraser. Roderick D., Nelson, miner
Krascr, Agustin G„ ICusknnook. inerchaiit
Kraser, John, Nelson,■accountant
Kreer, Harry Corlandt, Nelson, civil engineer
Krost, Kdivard, Nelson, steam litter
Gabriel. George Krancis, Nelson, steward
Gallon, Thomas, Nelson,'merchant
Gallagher, Patrick John, Nelson, hotel-keeper
Galliber, William Alfred, Nelson, barrister-at-law
Gamble, Arthur Gordon, Nelson,'accountant.
Gamble, Krancis Clarke. Nelson, civil engineer
Gibson, John Ayton, Nelson, druggist
Gill'en, TetToneo Hamilton, Nelson, registrar
Gignae, Joseph, Nolson. labourer
Gillette. William, Nelson, carpenter
Gilchrist, George Nicol, Nelson, agent
Gilker, James A., Nelson,'merchant
Gloazor. Percy James, Ymir, minor
Goepol, William John. Nelson, inspector of otliees
Goldsmith, Krank G., Nolson, farmer
Goodwin, Charles Kretlorick Smith, Nelson.-hotel-keeper
Good.■ 1-Iuhurt JS., Nelson, cleric
Goodeve, Herbert George, Nelson, accountant
Gordon, John Gillillan. Nelson, book-keeper
Gordon, Arthur Lindsay, Nelson, miner
Gbsnell, William. Nelson, brewer
Graham, Frank (!.. Nelson, barber
Graham, George W., Nelson, conductor
Graham, Robert Williamson, Nelson, boiler-maker
Graham, William, Nelson, minor
Graham, John Robert. Nelson, clerk
Graham, William II., Nelson, shoemaker
Graham. Hartley. Nelson, telegraph oper.it or
Graham, Enoch, Nelson, barber
(irant, Kdwurd, Nelson, teamster
Grant, William Hume. Nelson, accountant
Grantham, Krank, Ymir, notary public
Gravel, Krank. Nelson, miner
Gray, George Washington, Nelson, engineer
Gray, Pierrepont Hamilton, Nelson, engineer
Gray,'.Robert Scott, Nelson, carpenter
Green, .Frank Conipton, Neison, provincial land surveyor
,: Green, Jacob, Nolson, painter
Green, John Robert, Nelson, school teacher
Greer, Christopher Whitton, Nelson, smelterman
Grifliths, George Henry, Nelson, teamster
Guise, George, Nelson, clerk c
Gurn, John, Nelson, cook
Haijeii, Frederick Oberlin, Ymir, miner .
Ilamcs, Hubert Bolton, Nelson, bank clerk
Hall, Abraham, Nelson, bricklayer    :
Hall, George Arthur Benjamin, Nelson, physician
Hall. Herbert Ernest, Nelson, dentist "     .
Hall, William H., Nelson, prospector  '
Hall, William, Nelson, telegraph operator
Halliday, Thomas. Nelson, stonemason
Hale, George Washington/Nelson, shipwright*
Haley, James, Nelson, blacksmith
Hamber, Claud S. K., Nelson, agent
Hamilton, John, Nelson, C.P.R. agent
Hamlin. Kerdinand, Ymir, miner
Hanna, William Ijorne. Nelson, blacksmith
Hannington, Robert Wofmore, Nelson, solicitor, etc.
.Harbor, Charles, Sanca. free minor
Hai'greaves, John James, Nelson, gentleman
Harrison, Horace Ridgway. Nelson, accountant
Harrison, Ligh Richmond, Nelson, barrister
Harvey, Charles, Kuskonook, railway-man
Harvey, William, Kuskonook, carpenter
Harper, Frank, B., Nolson, physician
Harry, William J..Nelson, labourer
Harwood, Joseph, Nelson, labourer
Hayward, Charles, Jr., Nelson, clerk
Hayard, William, Nelson, miner
' Hearn, James, Salmo, miner
Ileathcotc,G. W. Hruce, Nelson, clerk
Hebden, Bernard Sydney. Nelson, plumber
Hebdcn, Frank Englis, Nelson, plumber
Reddle, Robert, Nelson, carpenter '
Hcddle, Malcolm, Nelson, baker
Hepburn, John, Nelson, carpenter
Herring. William John, Nelson, miner
Hicks, James, Nelson, clergyman
Hill, Wyman John, Nelson, printer
Hill. William Thomas, Kuskonook, carpenter
Hillyer, Charles, Nelson, builder
Hirsoh, John, Nelson, surveyor
llipperson, Arthur John, Nelson, tinner
'Hong, John Morley, Nelson, photographer
Hodge, George Cadenhead, Nelson, telephone, supt.
Hodgins, Arthur K„ Nelson, civil engineer
Hodsoii. William, Nelson, baggageman
Hogg, James, Nelson, photographer
Holbrook, George. Nelson, Scavenger
I Iolden, Isaac, Nelsou, hot el-keeper
Holdich, Augustus Henry, Nolson, assayer
Holt, Grunge Virot. Nelson, bank manager >--     "
Hooper, William Henry, Nelson, mining operator
Hoover, Newlin, Nelson, rancher
Horton, John, Nelson, contractor
Houghton, Charles Molyneux, Nelson, miner
Houghton. Arthur Case, fanner
Houston, John, Nelson, printer
Howard, Harry. Fort Shoppard,- miner
Howard, John, Nelson, watchmaker
Huckerloy. Peter, Nelson, telegraph operator -
■ Hughes, jlilehell, N'elson, labourer
Hugonin, Charles, Nelson, minor
Humt'rey, William K'eys, Ymir, livery stable keeper
Hume, Horace Duncan, Nelson, hotel-keeper
Hume, J. Kred, Nelson, merchant
Hunter, Thomas, Nelson, inerchaiit
Hunter, George Alex., Nelson, insurance agent
Hurry, Frederick Knight, Nelson, dairyman
Hurry. Robert, Nelson, baker
Husoroft, James, Ivootenay liiver. rancher
Huscroft. William It., Kootenay River, rancher
Huweroft, George, Ilykert, miner
Inee, Robert, Nelson, constable
Ironside, William Nelson, Nelson, butcher
Irvine, Frederick, Nelson, clerk
Irvine, Herbert Thomas. Nelson, merchant
Irvine, William, Nelson, merchant
Irving, John Alexander, Nelson, merchant
Irving, IOdward Bond, Nelson, free minor
Irvin, Albert, Nelson, miner
Irwin, Percy, Nelson, bank malinger
Jackson, Moses, Hall, engineer
Jackson, George A., Nelson, butcher
Jackson, John, Kuskonook, labourer
Jackson, John I)., Nelson, minor
Jackson, Sanison, Nelson, butcher
Jackson. Frank Andrew, Nelson, packer
Jameson, Williaiit'Atorloy. Nelson, clerk
Jarvis, Colborno Ilennis, Nelson, policeman
Jarvis, Frederick William, Nelson, miner
Jnynes, Percy Franklirj Nelson, merchant
Jcllbrson, Albert, ICoolon.-iy liiver, labourer
Jetl'reys, Albert, Nelson, miner
JeH'reys, Albert, Nelson, brakeman
Jiszkowiez, Charles, Nelson, watchmaker
Johnson, John, Kuskonook, free miner
Johnson, Axel, Nelson; hotel-keeper   :  r
Johnson, ArchieMainwaring, Nelson, barrister
Johnson, Abraham Nicholas, Nelson, hotel man
Johnson, George 1.1., Nelson, miner,:
Johnstone, George, Nelson, customs ollieer      '    '.'■■■ '■
Johns,-.Solomon,'.Nelson,- hptel-keepeV -7
Jordan,-.'IOdward. Goat River C'rossiiig,,tiinbermaii
Joye. John, Nelson, contractor /      ;'        ......
Judsou, Almoii W., ICuskonook, carpenter
Jowett, William Austin, Nelson, real estate agent. 7
Ivalb, Alfiird Frederick, Ivootenay liiver, raiieher ■ '
Kearns.llenry, Nelson, miner.
Kealey,Michael, Nelson, miner. '■'■'-,-.1   , 1:
Keays, George Herbert. Ymir, cook ■r:.?      ' 7
Keefer, George II., Nolson, lumberman'
Keofor,-George Henrv, Nelson, gcnUenian.
Keefer, John M., Nelson, LeamsteiV;        :, ■" ■      ..'.■'•-"■■•.
Keefer, John Mole,;NeIson. inerchaiit  "■''-:'.'. '.'.-■.'■'.'■
Keefer, Thomas S., Nelson, cook , •
Kcel'e, David. Ymir, hotel-keeper     7    ■.-■''
Ivcene, Robert, C, Ymir, miner,',''"'
Kelly, Aaron Hartt, Nelson, miner <.:   ".  ,,
Kelly, James, Nelson, teamster
Kcmpling, VVilliain lOrncst. Nelson, mason
Kent, Thomas, Nelson, .steamboat man '•'•■,.
Kilby, Ernest, Nelson, carpenter .-"'■
Kilby, John Fryer,' Nelson, ^vatchhian: ,
King,dOrnest, Nelson, com'niissi'on merchant'.-'■
Ivinahan, Thomas, Nelson, bank clerk 7-:
Kirk. John Albert, Nelson, surveyor ';':■        '
Kirkpiitriek, John A.;Nclson, clerk
Kirkpatrick, IOdward, Nelson miner.'  .' f7
ICitchcn, George Irving, Ymir, dry goods clerk    ...
Klaveno. John,'Ymir, teamster ....
Knaup, Jacob Arthur, Goat River Crossing, timberman
Knight, William, Ymir, .miner.'.'.- ;
Knowles; John, Nolson. dairyman
iviioulton, Albert, Ymir, dairyman
Kydd, George, Nelson, bank manager1 - -
Liicassc, Wilfred, Nelson,niiner
Ijafrance, Eluear Na/.airo, Kootenay Lake, rancher
Lamont. Peter, Nelson, druggist'■;•>■■•:
. Lam out, John. Nelson, carpenter -,...',
Lambert, \\rilliam IIcrbert, Nelson, hotel-keeper:
Lance, Richard, Nelson, bridge-builder ,
Lavin,'William Isaac, Salmo, engineer
Lawler, Edward '"Miles, Goat River Landing, cook '
Lawrin, Adelor,'Nolson, carpenter;
Lawr,-'William, Nelson, bricklayer	
Lawrence, James, Nelson, hardware merchant
Lawsou,'.David, Nelson','labourer   . ■■'■
Lemon. RobertJO.. Nelson, inerchani
Lennox, George Luther, Nelson, barrister       ,"'.'■
Lennie.-.Robert Scott, Nelson, student-at-law
Lovasscur. George, Nelson, cook
Lbvecuo, Frank. Kuskonook, free miner .'
Lewis, David Owen, Nolson, civilengincer   .,	
Lewis, Isaac, Nelson, miner
Lillie, William Graham, Nelson, inerchaiit
Lillie, Thomas Lester,'Nelson, boot and shoe merchant
Lingrel, John Fred, Rykort, miner
Linklafer, George Reid, Salmo, hotel-keeper    ...;■■
.Little,,.Fred, G.i'Goat River, rancher v'
Livihgstone, Lauchlan McLean. Nelson, clerk
Lomcr. Edward, Nelson; miner
Long, Robert J., Kootenay River, tiremaii    '
Lott, Albert IOdward. Nelson, merchant   '.
Loudiu, Clifford P.. Nelson; porter ■■■■- .■'-.■'.
Longhecd, Isaac, Nelson, miner  7
Lowes. John W.. Nelson, clerk
Lusk, David, Nelson, iniiicr
Lusk. David,.Nelson,.free niiner                 ..•:.-:     ..-,.: .
Lynk, Alexander. Goat River Landing, carpenter
Lys, Francis Brian, Nelson, clerk ' .
Maedonakl, Norman Charles, Nelson, clerk
Macdonald, Neil, Ten Jlilo Point, hotel.l-ceoper
Macilonnell. Henry IOdward, Nelson, freight agent
Mnodonald, Hugh, Ymir, miner
Alaedonald, Reginald Murray, Nelsoii. barrister-at-law
Macr'arlane, Duncan Brodie, Nelson, freight-checker
Mackay, JNIunloeh, Nelson, clerk
MaeLcan, William L'oss, Nelson, mineral water m'f'r
Madden, Anthony, Nelson, carpenter
Madden. Thomas, Nelson, hotel-keeper
Magrand, George Charles, Nelson, brewer
Mahon. Frank, Nelson, miner 7
Malanson, Harry, Nelson, labourer
Malone, John J., Nelson, hotel-keeper
Malloy, Michael, Nolson, miner
Maltbj', Charles, Nelson, drayman
Manhart, George. Ilarlaud, Nelson, brakeman
Manson, Alfred, Kuskonook, hotel-keeper
Markell, William, Nelson, rancher     •
Marks, Alfred John, Nelson, hotel-keeper .
Marriott, William, Goat River Crossing, miner
Marshall, Thomas E., Nelson, miner
Martin, Robert, Nelson, clerk
Martin, John Robert, Nelson, clerk
Martin, George IOdward Campbell, Nelson, merchant
Mason,'Thomas,.Nelson, miner -
Matheson, John H., Nelson, barber
Matheson, George, Nelson, labourer --,-.■'
Maunsell, Richard Edwyn llare. Nelson, mining
Mawrmann, Paul, Nelson, miner
May, Thomas B., Nelson, barber
Median, Martin, Nelson, minor •■   '
Merrylicld, John, Nelson, miner
Merchant, Charles. Nelson, miner
M^iddleton, William, Kuskonook, hotel-keeper
Mighton, Saiiiuel J.. Nelson, merchant •.
Mighton. Benjamin Beebe. Nelson, clerk
Miles. John, Nelson, miner,
Miller, Joseph Alfred, Goat River Crossing, carpenter
Mills, Sandford, Nelson, hotel-keeper
Mills, Sahdford, Nelson, miner
Mills, Edward James, Nelson, merchant'
Mills, Thomas Alfred, Nolson. sign-painter
Mitchell, Charles, Nelson, railroad man
Mitchell, George Henry, Nelson, engineer
Molsen, Charles, Boundary, miner '
Monaghan. Michael Charles, Nelson, miner  '.,
Monroe. Arnot. Nelson, trainman
Mentreuil, Eugene, Nelson, miner
Monypenny', Brocket Howard. Waneta,
Moore, Abncr Wellington, Nelson, contractor
ilorgnn, John, Kootenay River, rancher
Morice, David T„ Krcdcrietou, hotel-keeper
Mordcn, George Herbert, Nelson, clergyman
Morley,- Thomas, Nelson, stationer
Morris, David. Nelson, civil engineer
Morrison, Hugh, Rykort. miner
Morrison, William John James, Nelson, barber
Moriarfy. Thomas. Nelson, labourer
Moyle. William, Nolson, miner
Muir. Andrew Crichton, Nelson, barrister
^lunro, Alexander William, Nelson, labourer
Monroe. John. Nelsou. carriage-builder
i\lurphy. Malachias, Ymir. miner
Murray, Alexander, Nelson, carpenter
Musson. Horace Wilberforee, Nelson, assayer
McAlman, John Abraham. Nelson, carpenter
McArthiir, Diinean, Nelson, carpenter
McArfhiir, James C. Kuskonook, carpenter
AIcArlhur. James. Nelson. labourer
AloArthur, (lien Allen. Nelson, carpenter
AIcArthur, Robert, Nelson, labourer
Mcltoath, Duncan Archibald, Nelson, saloon-keeper,
MeC'iindlish. William Kdgnr, Nelson, labourer
McC'a.iisland, Hugh, Nelson, labourer
AlcClelhind. John Sil'ton. Nelson, blacksmith
Mcculloch, Andrew Lake. Nelson, civil engineer
Mi-Cully, Albert Frederick. Nelson, telegraph operator
McCleary, Albert, Nel-on,-miner
.Mct'reath, James, Ncl-on, bard ware inerchaiit
Mel tanicl, .Marl iu, Hall, packer
McDonald. Alexander, Nelson, clerk
.McDonald. James Nathan, Nelson, newspaper-reporter
McDonald. Duncan. Nelson, carpenter
McDonald. Daniel, (loaf River Crossing, (iniberinan
McDonald, John. Nelson, labourer
McDonald. John Joseph, Nelson, miner
"McDonald, John Angus. Nelson, miner
McDonald, Peter Ronald, Champion Station, miner
McDonald, James, Nelson, merchant.
.McDonald, Price, Sanca, miner
McDonald, John Hugh, Nelson, blacksmith
McDonald, Duncan A.. Nelson, rancher
McDonald, William Charlton. Nelson, clerk
.McDonald. Angus, Nelson, lineman
McDougfill. Robert, Nelson, labourer
McFarland, George, Nelson, contractor
McFarhine, Duncan A., Nelson, customs ollieer
McKarlane, Thomas, Sanca., miner
McFarhine, William (.!., Nelson, physician
McGhie, James B.. Nelson, builder"
McGralh, Michael, Nelson, bridgeman
Melliii'dy, Charles Korbes. Nelson, labourer
Mcfnnis, Israel, Goat  Riser Landing, blacksmith
McKay. Hugh, Goal River Crossing, timberiiiuii
AlcKa'v, Charles A., Nelson, prospector
McKay. Stephen. Nelson, carpenter
McKay, James, Nelson, blacksmith
McKcnelly. Mnhew H., Nelson, carpenter
MeKim, John llerberl. Nelson, miner
Alclvillop. Alexander hawson. Nelson, assayer
.McKiunon. Alo:. K.. Nelson, chief Of polirn
McKiiuion, Cowan I.'.. Nelson, liihourer
.Mi'lCiiinon. John Joseph. Waneta, oontlncfor
McKirdy. David, Waterloo Lauding, prospector
McLaren. John. Nelson, accountant.
McLarfy, An-hiliald, Nelson, root raclnr
Are now iorepared' to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit on
Dawson City, Yukon District.
M.eLatchie.: John. Nelson, surveyor.,
/McLaughlin, William.I<ce, Nelson, miner '   '       ,.,7-
McLeun, David, R .Nelson;miner, 7 ',
McLean, Samuel, Nelson, cook n ,
IMcLwin, John. Nelson, plumber
McLean, William C, Nelson, contractor   ,
McLennan, Donald,.Nelson,labourer
McLennan,William Thomas, Sanca, free niiner: .":'.'.'.'.
McLennan, David, Saiica.'frce miner      '■.'•■.-"
vMcLennah, John Allan. Nelson.'labourer'.
McLenniiii, John Charles,,Sanca, free niiner    ' -     ;
McLeod, John, Ymir. postmaster ''■■'■
M'cljfiod,. Iloborl, Girvin, Nelson, mining ...,.,.'
^McLeod, Neil. Nelson, miner :.,,-.,    :     '   '„
iVIcManus.Joiin Henry,Nelson, carpenter    .     ,.■•.""'
McMdlan, John, Kuskonook, labourer      ■■■;{.",'', 7
McMillan, Henry Allen, Nelsoii, miner -. <   .,
McMorris. DavidC. Nelson, mariner
McMor'ris.W'illiain George, Nelson, printer ::■'■
-M.cNamara, James, Nelson, carpenter.'.'.  .'
McNnmani,William, Kuskonook, plasterer.  ;
M'ePhec, James, Nelson,,electrician '   .   r   ., r
MePhcrson, 'I'lioinas Shanks, Nelson, clerks
Mct,)iieeii, Thomas Kingsbury, '.Ymir, merchant '
McRae, John Nelson, wood contractor ....
McVean. Hugh, Nelsoiv-curpentcr:
.-M'oVica'r, John", Ymir, assn.yor
McA^iiinon, Angus, Kuskonook, free miner
Naden. George R., Nelson, lumberman
-Neelaiids, Hamilton George, Nelson, photographer,7
Ncolands, James, Nelson, photographer
Neeiaiids, Samuel, Nelson, merchant   ....
Nelson. Hugh Sponco, Nelson, carpenter
Nelson, Robert. Oliver, Nelson, free miner ,    •
Nelson, John Thomas. Nelsoii, butcher -        . (>     .    [   •
Newman, Frederic Leslie, Nelson, free miner
Ncwbound, Albert, Ymir,-butcher."-.■■'■v.
Newton, William-Mel ville, Fort Shoppard, agent   ;
Newling, Onslow, Nelson, contractor '.'.,"■_'.
Newington, Arthur AVilmott, Rykert, miner
Nowitt, Thomas Henry, Nelson, clerk.      ,.
Nisbet, Robert Matthew, Kuskonook. journalist  	
■Nitz, Ernest, Nolson, miner.
Nixon, James, Nolson, carpenter
Nixon, Hugh. Nolson, millwright :;
Nolan. John Hoight, Waneta, customs ollieer '
Ndonan. Patrick, Nelson,miner • :
Noreross, John, Nelson..wheelwright -.',".
Northridgo, Charles, Ymir, miner1 ,       ':■">■..:':
Noxen. Alfred'f'on'nyson Nelson, jeweler       \  7   :  .
Nunn, George, Nelson, accountant    .
Cafes, John, Nelson', butcher.;      ,     v •
O'Brian. Nicholas. Sanca. free niiner
Oddie. Thomas Henry,'Ymir, blacksmith
O'l'iriscoll. GcorgroR.G.; Nelson, capitalist-    ,
.C'Karrell, Thomas P., Nelson, draughtsman
Olds, Charles, Rykort. miner
O'Neil. John, GoatRivcr, miner     -.■.'■■-.,       ;;
O'Reilly, Martin, Nelson, clerk
Osier, Francis, Llewellyn,.Nelson, broker
Owen, George '.Herbert, Nelson, gentleman
Palmer, Charles Henry. Nelson, gentleman
Paqucftc, Joseph Alfred, Nelson, telegraph operator
Park, Thomas, Waterloo Landing, prospector   .
Parkcs, IOrnest, Nelson..prospector    , ■■ '
Partridge, George, Nelson, government official ..';..:
Parkin, Joseph', Nelson, prospector :■'-.■,.
Parkinson, Thomas, Nelson,-.traveler •    : ,        ;
Parr, Sterling Young, Nelson, builder
Patterson, James M., Nelson,druggist 7
Patcrson.Johii, Nelson, engineer
Pafton, John Ray, Sanca7nu'ncr ^   .,
Patonaud. Joseph Orila,1 Nelson, iWatchmaker
Payy.ant, James Austin,' Ymir, physician ".'.""
Pearsc. William. Nelson, miner    "7,'        .
Peck, Arthur Wurreii. Nelson, accountant  ■:.
Peel, Thomas Leopold, Nelson, broker •
Pennycook, Henry M.'. L. T.. Kuskonook, book-keeper
Pepin. Joseph. Nelson, bricklayer.
Perks, Harry JJarton. Nelson, clerk
Perry, Roger F. 10.. Kivc-iiiile Point, detective
Peters, Krancis While, Nelson, general freight agent
Pettingill. William Greer, Nelson, druggist
Phair. Edwin E.. Nelson, hotel-keeper
Phair, Henry Jasper, Nelson, clerk '-'
Pierre, Samuel Deal, Nelson, tailor
Pinkerton, John Bradley. Goat River, clerk
Piper, Albert, Nelson, miner
Piatt, George, Kootenay Lake, miner
i'lnin, Ernest Shcldrieh. Nelson, clerk ...    ,    '.
Pocock, Alfred, Nelson, painter
Pollok, Hugh.'W. Ferguson, Nelson, merchant
Pollard, William B., Nelson, cutter
Pool, Alexander, Nelson, clerk
Pope, Thomas, Nelson, miner,
Pordey, Charles. William, Nelson, secretary
Porter, Jay.C, Nelson, contractor
Powys, lOvclyn Archer, Nelson, commission agent
Powys, Arthur, Nelson, mining broker
Pratt. Fred G., Kootenay River, rancher
Price, John Thomas, Ymir, teamster
Purkis, Stephen Charles, Nelson, plasterer
Purdy, Amos. Nelson, clerk
Pnrdy. Arthur William, Nelson, furniture denier
Pym. Horace Montagu Tindal, Nelson, clerk
O.uinn, Arthur. Nelson, miner
Quinlan,Waller Joscelyn, Nelson, dentist.
Ranch. Edward F., Nelson, lumberman
Raynor, Walter. Kuskonook. carpenter
Reid. John Keith. Nelson, mining agent ;
Reith. John. Waneta. rancher
Revsbeek. Andrew ii., Nelson, hotel-keeper
Richardson, William. Nelson, carpenter,
Richardson, Frederick..Nelson, clerk ■
Richardson, 1 lillyard John. Nelson, clerk
Richardson. George W., Nelson, real estate agent.
Ricsteror. Robert. Nelson, brewer
Riesterer, Julius Robert. Nelson, brewer
Ringrose, Jose])h IL. Nelson, electrician
Pippin, Henry, Nelson, miner
Ritchie, George, Nelson, salesman        -
Ritchie. Samuel, Kuskonook. free miner
Riviere. Naroisse,. Ymir, miner
Roberts, John, Nelson, carpenter   >
Roberts, Samuel Joseph. Nelson, hotel-keeper
Roberts, William, Nelson, miner
Robertson. James Roderick, Nelson, mining  Col's M'g'r.
Robillard. Jereinic. Nelson, miner i"    .
Itobinson. Robert. Nelson, carpenter
Ribinson, Robert, Kuskonook, shoemaker
Roliinson, William P.. Nelson, deputy shcrid'
Robinson. William George. Nelsou, hotel-keeper
Robson, George R.. Nelson, clerk
Rulfe, William Nicholas. Nelson, sawmill man
Roper. Edward. Nelson, bricklayer
Roray. Clill'ord S.. Nelson, lumberman
Ross, Alexander, Nelson, miner '   -
Ross, James. Rykcrt's. miner '.
Ross. George Oliver. Nelson, tailor ,,    ' ■
Rowley, John Richard Frederick, Nelson, brewer
I toy, Andre, Nelson, miner
Roy. Simon, Nelson, miner
Roy, Thomas George. Nelson, miner
Roy, Henry. Sanen, free miner
,Rudd. Henry Yittoria, Nelson, clerk
Russell, lOdmund Clowes. Nelson, gentleinan
Russell, Patrick Joseph. Nelson, commission inerchaiit
Russell. William Aniiesley. Nelson, engineer
Rutherford. William. Nelson, druggist
Rutherford, David Watson. Nelson, poslofliec clerk
Rykert, John Charles, jr.. Boundary, customs ollieer
Sanderson. Spencer. Ymir. merchant.
St. Barbe. Charles, Nelson, journalist
S|. Laurent, Peter, Nelson, miner
Hansom, Charles B.. Nelson, clerk
Scoley. John Henry. Nelson, miner
Scott. William, Ymir, mine owner
Scott. Leonard. Nelson, butcher•
.Scott, Matthew John, Nelson, lircman
Scale. James. Nelson, teamster
Scale. Joseph. Nelson, teamster
•Sealey. Charles IOdward, Nelson, book-keeper
Seaman. William. Nelson, mariner
Seaman. William Homy, Nelson, merchant
Scions. Harold, Nelson, minor
Senkler,,.lOdmund dimming, Nelson, solicitor   <
Shannon. Alexander V., Nelson, farmer
Shank, Thomas S„ .Kuskonook. hotel-keeper
Shaw, Donald Stewart, Nelson, clerk
Shaw. William Bismark, Nelson, clerk
Shaw, Samuel Poole, Nelson, clerk
Shcran, James, N'elson,miner
Sicottc, Noel. Nelson, farmer
Simmons, lO/.ekiel, Rykert. miner
Simpkiiis. IOdward Thuiua.-' Higley. Nelsou. law student
Simpson. William John, Nelson, bartender
Sinliot, Peter. Rykert, farmer
Sloan. William I'ortoous, .Kuuleiiay River, rancher
Smart, James. Nelson, inerchaiit
Smith. John William. Ymir. hotel-keeper
Smith, William. Nelson, miner
Smith, William Slarmer, Nelson, painter
Smyth, (Oilwin Grant. Nelson, telegraph operator
Sneddon, David Henry, Nolson. .-loom Miter
Soilerberg, Oscar Cornelius, Nelson. Miner
Sontar, Frederick, Ncl-on. banker I
Spencer, James Smith, Ncl.-nn, miner
Spencer, William Gilmore, N'eKon, tinsiuiih
Spear, John, Nelson, cook
Sproll. Willifiin Miller. Nelson, jeweler I
•'■Sprout', .Gilbert']lector Shaw. Nelson, marine'engineer
: Sproat, Gilbert !.Maleo!m.,\'.<.d.S'.vn, hind agent •..'■•"'■' : ;
Sproat, Jnilies. Nelson, labourer ;•■•,:' 7 ."■■-.•
Sliroat, -Thoinas. Nelson, carpenter      .'■''"  ■-'"■. ,:    ,
Sproule, Charles"'Ilarki',. Nol-oil,'clerk..-     '    7: ■.
Squire. Fred. Nelson.'.|.ii.i!o'r : ',.■.'        "   ,        ■"*  •;■■
Stamfoi'd.-.Jame.slJeoiiiird, Nets.fii; pluinber ■ ;■   7  ' i/,
Stanley, Kit ward Hall, NeNon. prospector; 7       ..."'..'';''■;'■
Slanlcy, Gilbert, Nelson, pholdgrnpher        c  ',,■■';.■'.
Stables, VVilliain; Nelsoii, miner .. .   '    f    :     '- .
'Starkey. Fred.'Nelsbii, ebmmission agent . T   -     ',
Steed. George, Nelson, blacksmitl) ■',    :•     : "'
Steel, Reginald James, Nelson, labourer ,    •:
Steele,.David Jetl'ei'sou, Nelson, 'miner -    , ,-•    ''":'•'■ , i
Steele, George \Vellinglon, Nelson, clerk'/>:.»■
Sfeiu. Robert, Nelson, labourer
Stearns, Orange William. Nelson, millwright
.Stephen. John, Nelson; miner   '.'.■"
:Stephcnsbn, George, Nelson, tinsmith     .',' '."-.'::77"
St.ephonsoii, James, Nelson, stenographer  '        ' o,
Stevens, George, Goaf River Crossing, tiinbermaii
Stewart, Alexander.Nelson, book-keeper    ,.   '   •/ ,7
Stewart, Tlicodosius Alexander, Nelson, surveyor
Stewart, Alexander Finlay, Nelson, carpenter   -.-'■ ;
Stcwart/Robert Holdeii, N'elsdn; inining engineer ,
Stewart, Charles. Nelson, butcher   ''■'.'!'   ,,.,,,    '■■,-,".'.'
Stewart, John. Nelson, bank clerk '■■■■-.     ,;
Stewart, William F, Nelson, miner ','■:•        ..',■■.'..'.
Stiusoii, John, Ymir, prospector .,>
Stokes, Robert Thomas, Nelson, C. P. R. roadmastcr
Storey, Albert. IOdward,'Nelson, ininci" .
Slowe. George, Sanca, free niiner,   .   ,      ,
Striiulcs, John, Nelson, rancher    ''■,'<■■..    '
Strafhern, Robert, Nelsoil.Mcwellcr
Strar-lian. Jumcs Keith. Nelson, clerk ...;.
Strong, William Henry, liykort, farmer"''".■'■•     o 7
•Stiiekey; Riclnird, Nelson, carpenter ..,•'■•'
Stiitl.or,Henry, Nelson, labourer .'■■',:■   ': "',      ;,
SuIIy.WaIter John, Nelson, labourer
Swanncll, Frederick William, Nelson, salesman
Swansborough,''Thoinas John, Nelson, bartender.
Swedberg.Jons Pearson, Nelson, miner , ,,     .
' Swerdfeger,William Henry, Nelson, miner     ;  ,.
Sykcs. Alfred Doyley, Nelson, accountant
Symonds.G. Henry.;Hamilton, Nelson, physician -,77
,'i'aife. Herbert Bayntun, Nelsoii, free niiner > ',; ",--^;
Taite.HerberDBayntiin, Nelson, druggist
Tait, Alitchull, Ymir, iniiior . ,'■
'I'amblyn, Francis Arthur, Ymir, hotel-keeper
Tapper, Abraham, Nelson, barber,    7.   .    .    ': -    ,     -
Taylor,-Jobn Arthur, Nelsoii, shoemaker    • .!, 7..   7
Taylor, David,'.Nolson; carpenter■ ■     ",•'..;-,;
Taylor, William Mcgregor, Nelson, broker
Taylor. Sidney Stockton, Nelsoii; barrister. N.W.T.   '.-;,
Teetzel, William F.;.Nelson*, druggist ...... .,     .    .•   .,
Telford, William, Nelson, lineman ,'■■'.-'■
Tenon, Joseph, Nolson, farmer,     • ..'■.".. •   -,■•■.
.Thompson, William D., Nelson, miner    . ■.;
Tliompsbn, .Tames E., Goat River Crossing, carpenter ,
Thompsoii;\V"illiain.)'., Nelson, carpcnteiv
Tlioinpson, Francis Joseph, Nelson; painter      c7, •
Thompson,.Robert Arehibill. Ymir, hotel clerk,.:
Thompson, Xtobert James, Kuskonook, grocer
Thomson, Johudvo'eler, Nelson, shoemaker , ;.,-
Thomson, Henry Broughon, Nelson, clerk ':7'"
'I'lioinson, Edward Vcrnoii, Nelson, miner        .
Thorpe/Gabriel, Nelson, carpenter ,:
; Thorpy, Edmund, Kuskonook, free miner     :'7 v, ,'■
Thorbui'ii, John, Waterloo, free miner
Thurman, WilJiam Augustus, Nelson, merchant
Todd; Thomas, Nelson, bricklayer
Tolmie. Roderick Kinlayson. Nelson, Government ollicial
Tblson, John \\'., Nelson, miner ■•...•■'■■'.
Toye, Sydney Howard, Nelson,'miner  '.:.■'■
Traves. Webster Fbrinan, Nelson, contractor   .:
Tregillis, Alfred, Nelson, hotel-keeper
'Treloar.W'illiam, Nelson, niiner
Timstall. George C, JiO, Nelson, clerk ■'(.)■
Turner, John Anthony,'fNolson, clerk ■■.--■.'   ' ..'■'-. ;
Turner. James Edward. Nelson, piano tuner :,   ,.
Turner. Peter Bodycartie, Nelson, merchant
Tuttle, James Bald win. Nelson, shoemaker
Twigg..Herbert Thomas, Nelson, surveyor , ;-..,;.■
Vanstone, Joseph II., Nolson, druggist    ;
Verge, Robert,Nelson,miner   ■,■-■-,
Vincent. Henry Manville, Nelson, minor 7
Wade, Glill', Nelson, labourer •
Waleroft, Charles, Nelson, section man
Waldie, William, Nelson, clerk .
'Walker. Arthur, Nelson, niiner       "'f'"7-.'".■-.7 ' ..
Waldron, Thomas .Harry, Rykert, minor .■•
Wall,William IL. Kuskonook, railroad,man"
AV'allace,.lames IL, Nelson, merchant 7v
Wallace, James,'Nelson, labourer ■'■ ■■".-
Walley, Albert Thomas; Nelson, merchant
Warburton, James, Nolson, lircman
Ward, Harry I-L, Nolson, miner
Ward, Harry Hume, Nelson, agent /-
Ward, Thomas M;, Nelson,miner
■■Ward, William Arthur, Nelson?liotel-kceper   --'-: ;■■
Ward,'William A., Nelson, miner     ■'• ■:. ...."''
AVasson, Williams IOrnest, Nelson, aecountanl
Waterman, Charles Augustus, Nelson, broker
'Watson, John, Nelson, railway clerk
Watsoii, William, Nelson, miner.      ...'     ':
\Ycir, John Franklin, Nelson, merchant
Welsh, John. Nelson, carpenter
West. Frederick. Nelson, rancher ...
West', Walter William, Nolson. raiieher 7
Westaway, Frank, Nelson, cook
Whallcy IOdward P.. Nelson, miner
Wheeler, Alfred, Nelson, tinner
White, Charles Edward, Nelson, labourer
White; Stephen, Nelson,'hotel-keeper
Whittcfc, Charles, Nelson, carpenter ,-.■■-,
Whiler, Jacob. Nelson, carpenter
Wigcn, Ole Johnson, Duck Creek, hotel-keeper
Williams, Owen, Cradoek, Nelson, dyer
Williams, Frederick, Rykerts, dredgomnii
Williams, George Charles, Nelson, contractor    "',
Williams, Henry Joseph, Nelson, contractor   •
Williams, Thomas, Nelson, miner •
Williams. Richard. Kuskonook, miner
S\rillianison, Alfred, Nelson, railroadman
Williamson; Fred, Nelson,'miner'
Willis, ChristO))hei, Salmo, teamster
Willis.-Alexander, Nelson, brewer L
Willey, Lot,'Kuskonook, hotel-keeper        '","■''..'
Wilson, John. Nelsou, free miner      -
Wilson, Peter Edmund, Nelson, barrister
•Wilson; Phillip L., Nelson, rancher''■'•'
Wilson, William, Nelson,miner
Wilson, William John, Nelson, butcher
Wilson, William, Nelson, livery stable keeper
Wilson, John, Nelson, niiner
Wilson, Robert, Nelson, manufacturer's agent .
Wilson, lOdwin, Kuskonook, railroader
Wilson, Herbert John, Nelson, miner
Wilbur. Fred, Nelson, loubonrer'-   .    , .        ,      "-
Wilde, William; Ymir, livery-stable keeper
Winerals, Robert Aylmer, Nelson, free miner
Winlield, Harry. Nelson,miner .
Winter, Cecil Burton, Nelson, bank clerk
Woolvcrton, Charles Barnby, Nelson, gcntlcuian
Wood, Alfred Wills. Nelson, miner
Wood, Robert, Nolson, eating house keeper
Woods, George IL. Nelson, carpenter 7
Wright., Frank, Nelson, labourer
Wright. Harry, Nelson, clerk
Wright, Samuel Bacon. Kuskonook, carpenter
Young, George. Nelson, labourer
Young, Allen IOdward, Nelson, lumber merchant
Yuill, Robert, Nolson, miner
M  ^ K^ (?&  5-JS-. ^ -
■ if>.
-J .11-V, £^3
West Baker Street, Nelson
viAh r.bmtlb
Received Daily from Spokane at the
MILLS & LOTT, Cor. Baker and Ward Sts., Nelson,
Architects, Builders, and Joiners
When Requiring Thoroughly Seasoned Lumber   Call .and
Inspect. Our Stock.
>'ii-i ''^
In stock 1,000.000 feet of flooring, lining moulding.-,, doors, sashes, and every dcsciiption of joinery constantly on
hand.   .Screen doors and windows made to order.
Cor. Hall and Front Sts. T.    W\    GJRA.1T,    j?FOp.
The Kootenay Lake
C. 0. BUCHANAN, Proprietor, Kaslo, B. C.
Yard and office foot of Hendryx Street, | Everything in the building line on hand
Nelson.    John Bell Agent. j or made at short notice
Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.       UNION MADE CIGARS
All communications eclating  to  British   Columbia  business 1o be addressed   to P. O.  Drawer
505, Nelson, British Columbia '
J. RODERICK ROBERTSON, General  Manager/   *,,-,   0/-m\i      o    r\
S. S FOWLER,  E.M., Mining Engineer I   HtLoUIN,    D. O.
The humble daddy long-legs, the (lying and cheerfiilant,
the irrepressible 'blow-fly, and the genial
winged bug can be kept out.'of your
house by usingscreen doors. '
2 foot 6 by 6 foot 6 at $1.50
2 foot 8 by 8 foot 8 at 1.75
2 foot 10 by 6 foot 10 at  2.00
■ •Screen Windows M;uie to Order iii all .SizeK
T. W. Gray, Proprietor.
Th,e Direct and Superior Service Route from the
Kootenay Country to all Points East,
& West, fJorth aqd Sotitfi.
Tourist Cars (yodels of Comfort) From Revelstoke Daily.
During-  the month of July a
discount of 20 per cent will
allowed on
boots   and
all  purchases
shoes   at   the
Having secured the more commodious and convenient quarters of the above hotel, Mrs. K. C.
Clarke takes this opportunity of thanking her
former patrons at the Clarke Hotel for their
patronage in the past,, and for soliciting a eon-'
liniiance of the same.
Rates $2 per Day
E.  C.   Clarke, Proprietor.
This is not an old stock
that is being run off.
New goods at new prices
■pa U    sa
MALON'K & TRKOUAjVS. Proprietors.
Is one of Urn best hotels
is the headi)nailers
in Toad Mountain district, and
or prospectors and miners.
Notice of Application for Liquor License
Notice is hereby given that I. the undersigned, thirty
days after (hit>', int.end In apply to the si ipendiary magi.--
Irate of West Kooteimy district for a license to sell
li(|Uora|. iiiv hotel at lironklvn Inwnsilo, West Kootcnnv
district.      " .1. 'I'. MARTIN.
Mated. Brooklyn, .lunc i.Hh. IXJiS.
Sealed tender-, addressed   Io the undersigned,  will bo
received   up  till   12 o'clock noon on  Monday. .Inly  |S|.h,
l,S!)8, for the Hollowing debentures of Ihe Cily of Nelson :
$111,000, the proceeds  to be u.-cd for puivha-iiig and
extending  the plant of Ihe Nelson   Kleclric I.ighf
olO.oOO.  the proceeds  to be  used  for extending the
waterworks system of the city.
SIO.liUO. • the  proceeds  lo lie  used   for extending the
sewer system of the cily.
.f.O.DOO, the proceeds lo be used for purchasing a cemetery site for the city.
' The debentures will bo for SI.Odd each, dated Augu.-t
].-•(. liSUS. ru'iining twenty years, and bear intercut a!, the
rate of "i per cent. p<:r 111*11111111, payable sciiii-aiiiiilnlly. on
1'cliruary Island August 1st, at the Hank of .Montreal.
No tender will be accepted iinle-s the party tendering
will agree to pay llie amount of the tender inin tlie .'lank
of Monircal, at Nelson, on August, 1st. |S;K.
Mated, Nelson, H. C, June ISth. I Mis.
Rossland  and   Main;  Line  Poiqts.
Leave.                                   DAILY Arrive.
fi:10 p. 111    ...:  NKLSON ,...l('i::«l p. 111.
Slocan  City,   Slocan  Lake   Poinds  and Sandoq
Leave.                    Dnilv   Kxecpf .Sundav Arrive.
!):<X»a. 111..  NKLSON .2:20 p. Hi.
Kootenay Lake-r^aslo fJouto--Stean\er Kokanee.
Leave.                  Daily  KxceiU  Stimlav Arrive.
l:0(i p. in....  ..NIOI.SON ll:mi a. 111.
I^ooteqay  ({iver Route-Steamer Nelson,.
Leave. Arrive.
7:00a. 111  N'KI.HON S::i(i p. 111.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Ascertain present ftediiecd Hates and full informal ion
bv addressing nearest local agent or
CE0RCE S. BEER, City Agent, Nelson, B. C.
W. I'. A.VDKKSfi.v, Traveling Passenger Agent. Nelson.
K.J. ('(ivi.i:. Mis'i I'assengcr Agent, Vancouver.
Spokane Falls & Nopthcpn,
Nelson & Fort Slieppai'd,
Red Mountain Railways,
Tfje only all rail route without change of cars
between Nelson at|d Rossland, ai\d
Spokane ar|d Rosslaqd.
Leave 7 Arrivb
i;:^»i a. in NKI..SON a:.'!."i p.m.
l-.'.b.'ia. 111 ...   KO^.-'LANM.; lL':Utip. m.
S:.-«.l a. in SI'OKAXK 3:H» p. 111.
The train that leaves Noi-on at li:L''la. 111., makes close
connections al bpok.'inc with trains for all I'acilic ('oasl
I'assengers for Kettle liiver and Houmlary Creek connect, at Marcus wilh-tage daily.
Home Work for Families
We want a number of families to do work for us I
at home, whole or spare time. The work we send
our-workers i.-1'iuickly mid easily done, and returned by parcel post, as MiiNlicd. flood money
made at home. For particulars ready to commence, send name and address.
The Standard Supply Co., Dent. G., London, Out.
Notice of Application  For  Liquor  License.
Notice is hereby given that Ihe undersigned will apply
lo the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the Cily of
Nelson of their next, silt ing for a license, to sell li'iuo'r al
retail a I. his hotel known at I he .Mont real liolel. -it 1111 ted
ou lot 2\. block fir, corner of Josephine and Veinon
streets. ADOU'IIL    LAI'dlNTIC.
Mated al Nelson, li. ('., .luiu; 10, IS!*. |.liiue II]
Notice of Application to Purchase Land
Notice is hereby given I hat -ixty days after
date. I intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to purchase the following described unsurveyed. unoccupied
and unreserved crown lands, situate in the Nelson mining division, district of We-I Koolenav. Hritish Columbia, namely: All that portion of land bounded on all
.-ides by the Long Tom, Cleopatra, and flood Hope mineral claims, containing bv admeasurement. .11 acres, more
or less. R NKLSOX  KKLI..
Mated this -.'nd day of .lime. A. M. ls!W.
Nelson    Planing    Mills.
I'lease lake m>l ice I hi it from Ibis date henceforth I will
not be re-pon-itdc for nny goods supplied'to Ihe Nel-on
Mailing .Mills miles-order- -ignoil by .Mr. L. C. LnuTord
can he produced as vouchers for same.
T. V,'. ft It AY.
N't I-011, Hritish Columbia. June (ith, ISliS.
1- " Ahi 1 «     '-ir •ZiX.&rJfPi Jr     ■/.'i'*'7 .'"an V^-r:     *' ■*  h.  ,i«\Si31.::,i1  &<'.*'n   I'.-■ .'ft.'.- '•■«■?»■.- »   *^j ''Mr.-.. — -■- ■£ ^.-j<j;« «      •-  ■■'.'■ ■•'.>■* .1 ■"■ .1"  \.   -1">"•? ■i--l i.1.    ■».-r''   .'•-.•.■   •*. I." ■ i  ■!•'. ■ '.'■■ii'1,   '"-\r ■:.   •'-.>....1   ■'•■.■■■" •' i':'   •* -'• ■■.^•' ■ VlW -.»   »V.- •*. .- • \." ■» ■ *'" •«"•■ *,!. ' w- '■  !■■»■  ''.'"-i1 ■ •.'.'»?.>*• *#''.■? •ft/:* ■»■   ■    'j. J*,.-: ?<r Sn-i i?-1 lA* '
l» \
50c TO $5
OF   ,
Black and, colored in every weave iti
vogue of tin.' latest inivolt-ifs for spring
find  summer  wear.
Fabrics   in   endless   |ii-<ii'iisi(in,   including
' crgandies,   ball-isles,   linens,  zephyr, cam
brics, lawns iind   new gi-i'iiadine muslins.
We me now shewing a complete range in
evorviliiii": tlie market - a Hon Is.
I'luck and n.'ivy serge, plain and figured
alpaca, brocade silk and satin shirts, duck
piijtto and denliani skirts and suits for
Special sale of waist* in organdie, grenadine and Lafayette muslins, sizes 32 to
■12, ranging from *>0 cents to s5 each.
Shirt waist forms in all. sizes find,colors
at  *i0 cents each.
Verv latest and  most swatit'er ed'ects in
checks, stripes and plaids.
See our special lines of  ready-made clothing.     Write for samples,
In    the    Nelson    KicliriK   of    West    Kootenay
Electoral   District.
Adams, John Alexander, itykcrt. miner
Adie. Kred.  Fort Shcppard. hotel keeper
Aikcnhead, Al".\. I>.. Nul.-mi, clerk
Aldous Jlcrbert, Nelson, nccouutanl
Allan. Alexander, Nelson, carpenter
Allan, John. XuNuii, sieaiiit)oiilinaii
Allan. Christopher I junior. N'elson, contractor.
, Alien, James C'rolhers, Ymir, merchant
Allen, Thohiirn, Nelson, bookkeeper
Allingham. Harry l.e Hoy. Nelson, stenographer
Anderson, John. Nelson, miner
Andcr.-on, .laines, Nelson, purser
Anderson, Joseph, Kootenay liiver, rancher
Amiable, John Edward. Nel-on, agonl
' Applcwhaitc, Kdward. Nelson, real estate agent.
Armitnge, Krederick. Hall, engineer
Armstrong, .lames Albert, Nelson, veierinary .surgeon
Arrowsmilh, John, Goaf liiver, rancher
Arthur. Kdward C, Nelson, physician
Arthur. Matthew H., Nelson, free miner
Asbpitel. Walter Shepheril. NcNon. soda water labourer
Askew, James, Nelson, mirier
Asselin, Arthur, Nolson, miner
Atkinson. Horatio Nel-on. locomotive engineer
Avery, Henry II., Nelson, blacksmith
Hall. William. Nelson, tinsmith
Hambury, Will in in II., elson. carpenter
Bannerman, James. Nelson, merchant
llanncrinan, John. Nelson, merchant
l-tarrie. J'cier, Xelson, minor
Harbour, William, Nelson, miner
Havre!t, Albert, Nelson, butcher ,
Darren, Dennis Joseph, Salmo, store-keeper
Harreit. Thomas. Nelson, miner
Dart on, Frederick William. Nelson, teamster
Dates. Krod. Xelson, miner
Daughen, James. Noi.-on, labourer
Haxendale, Richard. Xelson, miner
Haxi or. John Bradford, Nelson, plasterer
Deasley, Charles Kdward, Nelson, railway employee
Deiisley, Harry ICxeter, Nelson, supt. C.P.U.
Heat tie. James, Nelson, teamster
Dec:k. I lurry D., Fort fcjlieppnrd, carpenter
Deer, ttcorge Statl'ord, Nelson, railway employee
Dell. John, Nelson, lumberman
Hellamy. lienry Kose. Xelson. mining broker
lieiinetl, William, Ymir, miner
J-iennett. Thomas. .Salmo. miner
Berry, Thomas, Nelson, lumberman
Berwick. William. Krie, miner
JJigclow, (leorge A., Nelson, trader
Diggart, 1'ercy Addison, N'elson, tailor
Billing.-. Hugh Miller, Salmo. miner
Dliickwell, William Waller, Nelson, produce dealer
Hlanchard, Chaiies, Nelson, painter
IJlundell, lliehard, N'elson, miner
Boice, .Samuel. Nelson, miner
Bond. Judas, Xelson, labourer
Booth. Tom, Nelson, merchant
Booth. Arthur, Nelson, insurance agent
Houltou, Arthur Henry, Nelson, civil engineer
Uourke, James, Fori Shoppard. miner
Howes, Joseph II., Nelson, barrister
Uoyd. James, Nelson, miner
liradford, Italph, N'elson, stenographer
Bradley, Itobert Heni-y, Nelson, clerk
Bradley, John Charles, Nelson, miner    .'"■'.7r
IJt•fldley, Kredci'ick.Iolin, Nelson, painter
Bradshaw. William Vernon, Goat River, store-keeper
Brant, William, Rykert, miner
Brewster, Archibald, Goat Kivcr. contractor
Brewster, Donald, Goat River,
Brewster, I'eter, Goat River, time-keeper
Britton. Frank. Ymir, mine owner
Bristol,-Frank, ICuskonook, blacksmith
Brown, William, Nelson, miner
Brown, William K., Kuskonook, blacksmith
Brown,Thomas, Nelson, miner
Drown, Thomas, Nelson, prospector
Brown, Tiiomas, Nelsoii, assayer and chemist
Brown, Charles Southwell Massiiigberd, Nelson, clerk
Drockman, Sidney Yates. Nelson, inerchaiit
Bruce, Robert Randolf, Nelson, civil engineer
Buchanan, Arthur Hamilton, Nelson, bank manager
Hucbanan, James Kitchen, Nelson, stcamboatman
Buckworth, Arthur iiernard, Ymir. free miner
Bunyan, John Gregory/Nelson, freight truckman
Hunker, Alfred. Nelson, miner ,
Burden, Thomas, Ymir, miner
Burns. Richard Ronald, Nelson, drug clerk
Burns, Michael, N'elson, miner
Burns, Patrick'Henry. Nelson, cattle dealer
Burngeat, Archibald G., Nelson, clerk
Burgress, Andrew. Vmir, miner '
Hush, Howard, Xelson, clerk
Butler, James F„ Nelson, miner "';-'
Byrne, Michael James. Nelson, bus driver
Caddy, Francis William, Rykcrts, miner
Cairns, Andrew, Ymir, mining engineer
Calbrick, Wesley, Nelson, carpenter
Caldwell. John. Nelson, labourer
Caldwell, "William John, Nelson, grocery clerk
Cameron, Hugh Robert. Nelson.,agent
Cameron, Dougald, Ymir. miner
Cameron. Charles, Nelson, miner
Cameron, James, Ivootenay liiver.,miner
Cameron, James Dickering. Nelson, miner
Campbell, Allan, Nelson, merchant
Campbell, John James, Nelson, mariner.
Campbell, Frank. Nelson, miner
Campbell, Archibald. Nelson, labourer  ■   <   :  '
Campbell, John. N'elson, mariner
Camiibell, Angus, Nelson, stcamboatman
Campbell. Arthur James. Ymir, miner
Campbell. Johnston li. C. Nelson, mining engineer
Cary, George Lunell. Ymir, inincr
(,'arrie. Alexander, N'elson, con tractor
Carlev, .Robert Henry. Nelson, commission agent
Can Icy. Kdward. Xelson. carpenter
Chandler. Frederick C, Xelson, surveyor   ;
Chapman, Henry. Nelson, engineer .
Cliai'boneau, Napoleon, Ymir, miner
l.'hi]iinan, Joseph Howe. Xelson. miner
Chrisiie. Charles David John, Nelson, broker
(;licsnutt, John Robert, Ymir. miner
Chcslcy. Kdward. Xelson. conductor
Chisholm. Abrani, Ymir, miner
Churches, Alfred Ernest. Waneta. minor
Clark. John Godfrey, Nelson, telegraph operator
Clark. Francis I'liilip Camiibell. Ymir, free niiner
, Clavis, William Alexander. Nelson, miner
Clements, Austin Henry, Nelson, hotel-keeper
Collin. Thomas Agiistus. N'elson, miner <
(.'ollins. John. Xelson, farmer
Collins, John Cameron. Nelson, soda water faclorvinan
Conway. James, Xelson. miner
<'on way. fat rick. Nelson, miner
C'onuor. Henry Edmund. Xelson. clerk
Coimell. John Wesley. Nelson, carpenter
Coniiell. William, Nelson, contractor
Ciioks'in. Wilfred, Xelson. labourer
Cooper. Richard Thomas. Nelson, clerk
< 'er-iin^lc.'.. Kdwiipl, XeNon. clerk
Corlvll, R'ibcr'. WImhi. miner
Co^ii-lln. Wj!!iaiii A.. Xelson. cU-rk
< '.Mi.-ins. Hr.-riicrl. Archer. Nelson, clerk
■Cnueii. William, Kouii-nny River, rancher
Coulier, Siiimicl Kgerion, ^'mir. miner
Cfiutls, Thom.-is Alfred. Ymir. miner
Crawford,-Williiim. Xelson. carpenter
Craig. Leonard. Nelson, clerk
Creamer. Christopher James.- Ymir. miner
Crease, tvlivar.i Albert. Nelson, i.arrister-af-law
(.'riddle, 1'crcy. Xelson, book-keeper
Croasdailc. Henry Kdward. Xchajn, eommercial manager
i-rou-au. I.iigene. S mir-, free miner
Crowe. Klbiidge. Xelson. team.ster
dimming.--, Frederick N'nriuau. Ni-l.-on. miner
f'iitnmings. Xonii.'i.ii Mcl.eod. Nelson, soda water maker
Cuiiiming. George Hell Irving, Nelson, clerk
Cummin*. Henry Colin, ('rooter's, hght-house keeper
Ciirr.m, Kdward John. Nelson, liotcl-kecpei"
1'alpe, Aldric. Xelson. miner
liavies, Thomas J,, Kootenay River, rancher
I'avys, Montague .Stanley, Nelson, engineer
Davis, Coiner. Nelson, clerk
Davis. Jonathan. Nelson, miner
I'avies, William Iluntly, Nelson, electrician
Dawson, John.  Kuskonook, foreman
Dawson. Thomas, Nelson, miner
Dawson. Chnrlcs. Kuskonook. foreman
Day. Oscar William. Xelson. telegraph opornlor
Dayton. James, Nel-on, miner
Deacon. Frank,   '.elson. labourer
ii'd.ih-iy. Willit-e, Ymir. blacksmith
D 'i!-.-ir,i-ii. Chambers. Nelson, journalist
DcM-ilne. George, N'elson. miner
Dennis. Oliver George Nelson, government agent
DciT.ih, .M.ir-dinil. Nelsim, miner
Des l)ri--ay, Merrill. Nelson, merchant. ,
Jics Hrisaj . .Solomnu. Nelson, men-hiiiil
Stock in Mine Supplies more Complete than Ever
Ore Cars, T-Rails, Iron Pipe and Fittings
Contractors Profits will be Better
if we are Allowed to Figure on the Hardware
cfiooner oeer sue
Dcsell. I 'el er. .N'elson, hotel-keeper
Dickson, Win. John Gillespie. Nelson, mining broker
Dillon John Cormack. Nelson, tailor
Dimoek. William J., Nelson, miner
iJockerill, I'Vancis Edmund, Ymir, minor
Donahue. William, Nelson, teamster
Donald, Daniel, Ymir, carpenter
Donnelly, James, Fort Shoppard, rancher
Donaldson. John T., Kuskonook, painter
Donovan. Tim. Kootenay River, carpenter
Dorey. John. Nelson, farmer '
Dove, William Ernest, Rykert. miner
Dover. Jacob, Nelson, jeweller
Dowsing. William Henry, Nelson, clerk
Dow, Alexander, Nelson, engineer
Dow. John Wilson. Goat River, rancher
Doyle. William Samuel. Nelson, contractor
Doyle, George, Nelson, clerk
Driscoll, John Joseph', Nelson, butcher
Driseoll, Thomas J.. Fort Shoppar.d, contractor
Drew, Iiichard William, Nelson, C.P.R. employee
Dryden, John, Nelson, moulder
Duhamel, Henry. Nelson, carpenter
Duhainel, Joseph. Nelson, farmer
Dumoiit, Joseph, Nelson, labourer
Duncan, William Alexander, Nelson, mining broker
Duncan, Thomas J., Nelson, miner
Duncan, Thomas Johnson, Nelson, mine manager
Dunlop, John, Nelson, miner
Eastman. George Archibald, Kuskonook, broker
Edwards, Albert. Nelson, waiter
Egan, Thomas, Nelson, teamster
Elliot. Frederick. Nelson, barrister-at-law
Elliott,Harold Clinton, Nelson, shipwright
Elliot, John, Xelson, barrister
Ellis, George, Waneta, rancher
Emory, Arthur Dunham, Nelson, inerchaiit
Emerson. Frank, Elliot, Nelson, clerk
English, James, Kootenay River, labourer
English, Thomas. Ivootenay liiver. labourer
Etcher, John, Xelson, stonemason
Ettar. Charles, Nelson, lumberman
Evans, Henry Jones, Nelson, merchant
Ewart, Alexander Charles, Nelson, architect
Eplctt. Ernest, Nelson, miner
Esnouf, Richard Benjamin, Nelson, miner
Tenders for Laying  Water  Pipe.
Tenders are required for laying about nine thousand
feet of iron water pipe.' Specifications can be seen and
forms of lender and other information obtained al, the
olllce of the city engineer.
Scaled lenders marked outside ■'Tender for pipe laying" must be sent in not later than '.} p. in. on Monday,
the lib July next. The city council do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender sent in. By
order of the council.
J. K. STRACHAN, City   Clerk.
Nelson, li. C, June -Sllli. ISllS.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned up
to Saturday, 9th July,for tlie building of an addition to
the Nelson court house.
Plans and specifications can be seen at the oflice of the
architect, Mr. A. E. Hodgins. The lowest or any tender
not necessarily accepted.
0. G. DENNIS, Gold Commissioner.
The Farwell committee advertised a
public- meeting to take place in the fire
hall   Tuesday   evening.     The    candidate
was on the spot but there were so few
supporters that it was decided to call tlie
meeting off.
At the meeting ot the grand lodge A. F.
& A. M. of British Columbia held in New
Westminster on Thursday last, the following officers were elected: D. Wilson,
Grand Master: D. Walker, Deputy Grand
Master; F. McB. Young, S. G. W.; H. H.
Watson, J. G-.-W.: Rev. J. Irvine, Grand
Chaplain; A. B. Erskine, G. Treasurer; D.
Quinlan'. G. Secretary: J. Eoska, G'. Tyler.
The uniforms for the Kootenay rifles
are expected to arrive in Nelsou next
week. An effort will be made to induce
the authorities to consent to the organization of a second company in this city.
Rev. A. B. Winchester of Victoria will
preach in tlie Presbyterian church at the
morning and evening services on Sundny
in connection with the re-opening ot the
church. On Monday evening an entertainment wili be given for whicha double
bill including a musical programme and
refreshments has been provided.
James Martin, the opposition etindidate
in the Rossland riding, is considered a sure
winner by the men in the swim. During
the past week he has displaced McKane
as the'favorite in. the betting. This is
significant in view of the fact that at the
start Mi-Kane money could not get takers
except afc long odds.
The K. & S. railway company lost in its
suit against, the Hall mines. The case
affected the validity of a limestone location in tho railway company's land.
The special jury in the case of Pender
vs. War Eagle mining company failed to1
agree and the'jurors'were discharged on
The reguhir meeting of the ladies
hospital' aid society will be held^on Monday in the Presbyterian church at three
o'clock. All members are reejuested to
.1. W. Barber was sentenced to two
month's imprisonment by magistrate
Crease on Thursday, for stealing a keg of
beer from the Tremont hotel. Although
Barber wtis found drunk a few feet from
the partly emptied keg. he protested his
innocence of the theft.
To and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply for sailing dates, rates, tickets, and
full information to any Canadian Pacific railway agent or
GEO. S. BEER, C. P. K. Agent, Nelson.
WILLIAM SCOTT, General S. S. Agent, AVinnipeg.
Notice of Dissolution of Copartnership.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore
subsisting between ns as brewers in Nelson, li. C, has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent. All debts
owing to the said partnership are to be paid fo the undersigned, William Gosnell, and all claims against the said
partnership are to be presented to the said William Gosnell. at the Castle Brewery, by whom the same will bo
Witness:   Eijward A. Crkasi-:.
Dated at Nelson li. C, this 2Sth day of "May, A. D. ISUS.
a friend for advice
a woman for sympathy
strangers for charity,
but for
Go to
The Oueen Shoe Store
Itepiiiring of all kinds done. Our prices are right.
iskroft & leOlellan
Jobbers and Retailers in
We rrjake a specialty of WSining Railroad ar|d Steamboat Supplies
Our stock will be the most complete in Kootenay
full line of Tools5 Cutlery, Stoves and Ranges, Granite, Tirj ar|d Woodenware
_A-cs-:E:rsrTS foe
Truax Automatic Ore Cars.    Giant Powder Co.    Jessop's Steel
■B^.EIEI'R,   STBE33T   BAST,    "-NrZELSOItT.,   IB- O.
We Have the
Leading1 Kinds
Best  Lime  Juiee
Mineral    Waters
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded      Baker Street, Nelson
When you require a Stylish Suit
of Clothes eall  and examine my
stoek of Worsteds and Serges.
West Baker Street, Nelson
For the  next thirty clays only \ve will  offer the whole of our'large stoek of
Ready-made Clothing- at greatly reduced  prices.
Men's Tweed Suits, former price 65 8, reduced to $6
Men's Tweed Suits,        " "        10, reduced to      7
Men's Tweed Suits,        " "        12, reduced to      8
Men's   Serge   Suits,        " " 16, reduced to     12
Boys and Children's  Clothing ;it corresponding reductions.
This is ii genuine clearing sale and  bargains equal  Lo these have never before been oflered in Nelson.
Next door lo J'.ank of  I'ritish  Columbia, .Baker si-reef., Xelson.
Baker Street
Are offering special bargains in
Fine Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums
expert horseshoeing;
Wagon  Repairing  Promptly Attended  to
by a First-Class Wheelwright
Special attention given to all l<,inds of repairing
{f.n,d custom worl^ from outside points
SHOP:    Cor. Baker ai|d Hall Sts. Jtelson.
oes wi
■|<: WOULD  .1,1 KK TO  MKN-
i*N* to-wiesit, ib-A-IR nsronsriE
A Glanee at oup Rang-e and Prices will do no Harm
18 and 20 I
,'.'*^' fi -..!™—■ ■ ■*■;;—
ii     a  .j i.«... ..,, Ak'j-; ."' "
"• »■. "\ . ti ■  ■'.'.'■..Vi--*
.*-'■ -v.'---v- ,■.}.>,.;r- '"■*.
•;*    ,■ -i      - „-f  .    -, !•  ■-
.. "^    ^.U...-..ll!l.....u^.-.?i-_ ML
* wr .s? • * r.-: r!. •'■ii .■ i - '.«'.■"* i ^ jir i".^''':., ^.l
■■■hr'wn   *       ■'■ J   ■'   '  .-. i^.-J-S  -   ■* ..
*.\" I*.
• E
- ■_.      '


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