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The Tribune Jul 3, 1897

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Array w.
Has Mines that are Paying Dividends and  Hun*
dreds of Properties that can be Made
Dividend Paying Mines.
Has  Three  Smelters  in  Successful Operation/
and  Enough   Ore  in,Sight to   Run
Several  More.   ,
Tho Citizens Fittingly Celebrate the Anniversary of Confederation.
There was more or less rain both days,
oi" the Nelson Dominion Day celebration,
and for this cause the attendance was not
so large as it otherwise would have been,
but all who came to Nelson managed with
its citizens to squeeze considerable enjoyment out of the celebration—between
the showers. The rain interfered with
several features of the programme, but
all save some minor details was carried
out, and the committe lived up to its obligations faithfully. The rain hit the foot-
racers hardest, but several of the events
■were pulled oil', the chief of which were:
One hundred yard race—Dill of Kaslo,
Gus Wright, of Ainsworth, and Bob
McLeod of Nelson entered. Dill won,
Wright second.
One hundred and twenty yard hurdle
race—Dill of Kaslo and McLeod of Nelson
entered. Dill won, but McLeod was a
close second.
to Dallas, who dropped it on the Kaslo
(lags. Smith secured it, but lost to Dill,
who returned it to the Nelson defence.
The home team devoted about eight minutes here to some fine passing. Cooley
finally passed to Smith, who scored. Time
fourteen minutes.
The Horse Races.
The quarter-mile race—three in five—
free for all, was the best event in the
° horse racing. Buck and Pedro, a couple
of Sandou horses and Billy Perdue's Wea-
zle were entered for the $50and $20 purse.
Pedro and Weasle were alternately the
favorites,Buck selling in the lield. Pedro,
owned by Hammond of Sandon, won the
first heat, and the next three went to
Buck, the other Sandon horse.
In the'free for all for non-winners in
previous events, Wilson's, Harry and
George Neeland's Barney. Weasle sold as
a favorite; but was never in the race,
Harry taking three straight heats, with
Barnev second. The prizes for the event
were $'25 and $10.
The slow mule race proved rather amusing. Larkius' Pete was entered against
Perdue's Knight and won in a walk.
The Lacrosse Match
The lacrosse match between the Kaslo
and Nelson for a handsome set of medals,
was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators.    The Kaslo boys did not entertain
1 very strong hopes for success, but they
put up a game and took their defeat good-
naturedly. The Nelson team was considerably strengthened by the acquisition of
-Messrs. Turnbull'.and Devlin,-and- what
turned out to be a  very one-sided match
• was freshened up by several very pretty
exhibitions of lacrosse. When the teams
lined up it was found that the visitors
were one man short, and the Nelson team
laid off Hippersou to even things up. The
lower half of the ground was very slippery, and much merriment was furnished
the spectators by the frequent falling of
the players in the numerous puddles of
water.    The teams lined up as follows:
Devlin . ...
G ray .'."..
Mclntyre .....
Livingstone ..
Smith....  .....
 ..Goal .... .
......  Point	
.. .Cover Point....
... 1st Defence...
. ..2nd Defence...
,   Center	
 3rd Home	
..'. 2nd Home —
 1st Homo.
Outside Homo..
. Inside Home..
. Field Captain ..
...A Mills
— C Frost
.. Bennett
...  .... Dill
... Wilson
.. .McLeod
. Donnelly
.8 Palmer
-..'. ...Keid
In the first game the ball was faced off
between Dill aud McMorris. The latter
secured the ball and passed to Taylor.
Taylor passed to Cooley, who made a shot
on goal and missed. Frost, then secured
the ball and sent it down on the Nelson
defence. Turnbull returned it to Jeffs,
who passed to Cooley and Cooley passed
to Smith, who made a shot and scored.
rJime, three minutes.
After a ten minutes' rest the ball was
again faced off. Dill secured it and dropped it on the Nelson flags. Turnbull relieving, sent the ball on the Kaslo defence,
and after a pretty exhibition of lacrosse
on the part of the Nelson home, Cooley
secured the ball and scored. Time, five
Iu the third game McMorris secured the
ball from the face-oil, and passed to
Cooley, who lost to Dill. Dill dropped
the ball on the Nelson (lags, and Kaslo
tried hard to score but Turnbull was too
much for them. He finally relieved to
Jeffs. The ball was 'then passed to Gray,'
to Smith, to Livingstone, who shot and
scored the third game for Nelson. Time,
six minutes.
The fourth game was the fastest in the
match. McMorris secured the ball from
the face-off, and passed to Cooley. Cooley
passed to Gray, who returned it and
Cooley shot and scored in one minute.
Play was resumed for the fifth game
without rest. Dill got the ball fur Ivaslo
aud passed to Strathern, who dropped it
on the Nelson goal. The strength of the
Nelson defence was again mauifest, auc}
the ball was again returned to center,
where, after considerable scrimmaging,
Cooley emerged with the ball. Five minutes of good combination play on the part
of the Nelson home, followed, which
ended by Cooley again scoring. Time,
ten minutes.
The sixth game was a repetition of the
third, Cooley scoring in seven minutes.
In the seventh game McMorris got the
ball tor Nelson and passed to Taylor, who
lost to Dill. Dill dropped the ball on the
Nelson flags. Turubull secured the ball
and passed to Jeffs, to Taylor, to Smith,
who scored iu two and a half minutes.
The eighth and last game was the longest of the match. Nelson secured the ball
again, and after five minutes' play on the
part of the Nelson home, Frost secured it
and sent it up the field to the Nelson defence.   Mclntyre got the ball and passed '
The Boat and Canoe Races.
The rain seriously interfered with
aquatic sports and several of the events
scheduled for Thursday were carried over
till Friday. There was-great interest
shown in the races, and the skill and
endurance manifested by the competitors
furnished much encouragement to those
who have been endeavoring to make rowing and canoeing a popular sport in the
city. There is much better material in
Nelson for a successful boat club than
most of its citizens thought, and with
practice Nelson could easily hold its own
with most of the cities in the province.
The first event called was the single
canoe race. The course was variously estimated at from one half to three-fourths
of a mile, with a turn. The only entries
in this event were Messers. Blomfield and
McRae. The race was freely conceded to
Blomfield before the start, and McRae was
permitted to use a double-bladed paddle.
The race went to Blomfield by two or
three lengths.
The chief feature of this portion of the
programme was the four-oared lapstreak
race  between  four   craws   picked   three
days before the race.   It was  rowed in
trial  heats, the   winning   crew   in 'each
coming together to decide the question of
superiority.    The course was about a mile
straightaway, up the lake and finishing
at the government wharf.   The first heat
was between the Perks and  Day crews,
made   up   as   follows:   Mclntyre   (bow),
-Ellis (2), Askew (3) and Perks (stroke), and
T. Lilhe (bow), Winters (2), Chambers (3),
and Day (stroke).   The Day crew had the
advantage of   the   inside   course, which
was   generally favored.    The   crews  got
away well and made a nice race for the
first half, after which the strength  aud
speed of Day's crew proved too much for
the Perks boat, and the former won easily in three lengths.    In  the second heat
the Donogh and Senkler crews came together.    The first was made up of Hodge
(bow), Poovah  (2), Beer (3) and  Donogh
(stroke), and the second of W. Lillie (bow),
Hale (2), Smith (3) aud Senkler (stroke).
The Donogh crew won tlie inside position,    in the start the Senkler crew got
aud  advantage and  kept it throughout
the race.   During the latter half of the
race the~D6nogh crew'pnshed the Senkler
boat pretty hard, but were unable to get
ahead,   the   latter   finishing    some   two
lengths in the lead. What was announced
as   the final between the winners of the
two trial heats was   the   most   exciting
event   on  the   programme.     The   crews
were very evenly matched and rowed a
strong race at   a lively clip.    The Day
crew won the inside course and got ahead
at  the start.    They increased  their advantage to about one-third of a length,
but during the latter half of the race the
Senkler boat came up even with Day's
forward   canvas.      Both   crews   steered
rather poorly and came over the finishing
line together,  narrowly escaping a miss-
hap.     Each   crew   claimed   a   foul,   but
neither claim was, allowed and the race
was declared a dead heat.    In rowing the
dead heat off Day's crew wbu.
The double canoe race was an exciting
event. The entries were Blomfield and
McRae and Burritt and Walbey. The
event was won by Burritt and Walbey
with'a length and a half to the good.
The four-paddle canoe race furnished a
little fun. The crews were made up of
Day, Smith, Winter aud W. Lillie, and
Burritt, McRae, Hodge and Walbey. The
latter crew steered a better course and
won easil3r in two or three lengths. After
crossing the line Smith purposely upset
his canoe and spilled its occupants into
the lake, giving them an opportunity to
furnish an exhibition iu swimming.
Elliott and Hale and Joy and en-
The Grand Jury Makes a Plain Statement Concerning the Present Lock-Up at Nelson.
Nelson grand jurors have n,habit of
compiling very interesting presentments
for the supreme court judges. That
handed in by foreman John A. Turner at
the close of the last grand jury's work
was no exception to the rule. lb recited
the following facts :
Having examined the jail, we find the
sanitary arrangement thereof in a most
disgraceful condition, from structural deficiencies and complete lack of ventilation.
As an> instance we would point out that
during the present assize it has been necessary to confine three prisoners in each
cell and we urge the government to provide a suitable jail as soon as possible.
We consider it a disgrace to the district
and the province that during the present
assize, a prisoner .against whom a true
bill for murder has been found,' has been
allowed to escape from the jail in broad
daylight. We have taken a considerable
amount of evidence in connection with
this matter and it is attached hereto in
order that it may be forwarded to the
proper authorities. We are of opinion
that much of the blame is owing to the
employment by the authorities of
amateur instead of professional jailers.
We refer more especially to the guards in
the jail.
We understand that the provincial government has provided a law library which
is at present lying in the freight shed.
We would suggest that a suitable building for its reception be added to the court
house, where at the same time some accommodations for jurors might be provided.
The government wharf, which was erected six years ago, is now badly out of repair, and further, is totally inadequate to
the present requirements of traffic.
tered for the double scull race in inrigged
boats and the former won with little
effort. ■>■..'
In the single scull-outriggers event
Chambers and Donogh came together in
the first trial heat. Chambers lead from
the start and won by about three lengths.
In the second trial Elliot and Joy contested for a place in the final, the former
winning easily.   The final has not been
rowed off.	
The Drilling Contest.
The drilling contest interested a large
crowd Friday afternoon and considerable
money changed hands'upon the result.
W. M. Ross and C. W. Smith, of the Elise
mine, Quartz Creek, won the first prize of
$150, drilling 37 7-1(5 inches, in granite in
15 minutes. The second prize went to E.
Stevenson and Joe Davis, who drilled 33
3-S inches. The following is the list of the
competing teams and the progress made
by each:
First team—Thomas Jewell and Thomas
Prisk.    Drilled 22 1-1(5 inches.
Second team— li. Stevenson and Joe
Davis, Le Roi mine, Rossland. Drilled
33H inches, winning second prize of $50.
Third team—M. Burns and J. O'Don-
nell, War Eagle mine, Rossland. Drilled
22i inches in eight minutes, when their
steel broke in hole.
Fourth team—John Pierson and Harvey
Dunn, Silver King mine, Nelson. Drilled
21 i inches.
Fifth team—D. W. Mason and Swan
Peterson, Whitewater mine, Slocan district.    Drilled 274 inches. .
Sixth team—W. M. Ross and C. W.
Smith, of the Elise mine, Quartz Creek.
Drilled 37 7-10 inches, winning first prize
of $150.
The Provincial Government Sees Pit to Ignore
the Corporation Upon Police Matters.
Charles Edward Sealey, city clerk, received notice by wire this afternoon from
colonel Baker, provincial secretary, that
Edward Albert Crease had been appointed
police magistrate for the city of Nelson
and that William Alexahder'Macdonald,
of Nelson, had been appointed a member
of the licensing board and police commissioner.
These appointments were made for the
purpose of snubbing the men whom the
electors of Nelson have chosen to' conduct
the affairs of the municipality." -The appointment of Edward Albert Crease is
made in the face of the ifnanimous wish
of the city council that P. E. Wilson of
this city should be appointed police magistrate. It is very foolish on the part of
the provincial government to thus ignore
the corporation and people of the
city of N'elson, but then the provincial
government holds the record for doing
very foolish things.
The personality of the appointees does
not enter into this question. Messrs.
Crease and Macddnald have been chosen
in order that a slight may be put upon
the corporation of Nelson and if they
have the spirit of a louse they will refuse
to serve.
Weeding Out the Vags.
The city police have commenced
weeding out the vagrants and suspicious
characters about town. On Tuesday
Arthur Locke, who made a boast that he
had not worked for seven years, was sentenced to one months imprisonment for
vagrancy by Judge Forin sitting as a
stipendiary magistrate. Robert Powell
for using obscene and profane language
on Baker street was fined $10 by Geo. A.
Bigelow. John Walters, for stealing a
coat from the Victoria hotel, was sentenced to 30 days at hard labor by the
same justice on Saturdoy. John Lynch,
an accomplice of Walters, received a like
Will Cancel the C. P. R. Lease.
Ottawa, Ont., July 2.—Minister of
railways Blair has given notice to the
Canadian Pacific that he will cancel the
agreement after a year by which they
run their traffic-over the Intercolonial
between St. John and Halifax. Mr. Blair
says the agreement is unfavorable to the
country, and he wants to make anew one
in the interests of the government
railway. It is his intention to push at
once the road into Montreal and show the
whole Dominion how a government road
can be run with profit. v
The Law Society Lost the Case,
case of  the   law   society against
Smith Curtis, of Rossland, for alleged con
tempt of court in practicing as a solicitor
before being admitted in the province,
came up on Friday at Victoria before
chief justice Davie. Archer Martin appeared for Curtis, denying the truth of
the allegations,, and, having heard his
statement, the chief justice dismissed the
case. '	
Canadian Roads Increase Earnings.
The traffic earnings of the Canadian Pacific Railway company from June Mth to
21st were: 1807, $1(50,000: 180(5, $37(5,000; increase, $8(5,000. The Grand Trunk railway's earnings from 15th June to 31st,
were as follows: 1807, $381,(502; 1S90, $35:5,
371; increase, $28,231.
Plve Years For Shooting at Chisholm.
Malcolm McDonald, who took a shot at
R. A. Chisholm at Quartz Creek some
weeks ago, came before justice Walkem
for sentence on Monday and received five
years in the penitentiary at hard labor.
Upon a Charge of Murdering D. M. Woods  in
• October Last.
Justice Walkem on Wednesday sentenced James Woods to be hanged for
the murder of Samuel M. Woods in
Nelson on the night of October 2nd 1890.
The execution is to take place six weeks
from the date of passing sentence.
The    case   was    called   at   9. o'clock
Wednesday morning.     The   crown   was
represented by E.  P. Davis, Q.  C, aud
deputy attorney general   A.   G.   Smith.
The   prisoner   was   not   represented   by
counsel and  the   court assigned   A.   M.
Johnson to defend.   The crown presented
a very strong circumstantial case against
Woods and as.the prisoner could give no
account of his actions or whereabouts ou
the  night   of   the   shooting  there   was
nothing left for his counsel to do but try
and break down, the case presented by
the witnesses for the crown.   Through a
mistake or oversight on the part of gold
commissioner Fitzstubbs, the deposition
of    the    murdered    S.   M.   Woods   was
irregular, and it was a question whether
the  crown   could   succeed   iu having it
admitted as evidence.. It  was important
in as   much   as   in it Woods positively
identified the  prisouer as the man who
shot him.   Chiefly upon the evidence of
Dr. LaBau, concerning interviews he had
had with Woods prior to his death, the
deposition was admitted and the case for
the crown was rendered complete.
When the case was called A. M.
Johnson, on the prisoner's behalf, made
an application for a change of venue contending that it would be' impossible to
get a fair trial in Nelson owing to local
prejudice. The application was refused
by the court.
Frank Harper was the first witness
called. His evidence, was to the effect
that he had seen the prisoner around the
Tremont hotel several nights previous to
the night upon which Woods was shot
and that on the night of the shootiug he
left the hotel about 10:30 or 11 o'clock.
His evidence as to the fact of the
prisoners being around the Tremont
hotel previous to the night of the shooting
was corroborated by William Chase of
the Tremont hotel.
William Beard who was employed by
Woods aud slept iu the  blacksmith shop
with Woods where the shooting occurred
gave  practically the same evidence that
he   gave   at   the coroner's inquest,     lie
testified that he was asleep in the blacksmith shop on Josephine street on  the
night of the shooting and was awakened
by the sound of voices talking.   He heard
the murdered  man asking someone what
he was   doing  iu the shop and heard a
voice reply that it was not he that was in
the shop  but  that it was^another man
that had, gone  down the street.    He said
he heard Woods reply again that it was
he that was  in the shop as he had seen
him turn on the electric light.   The light
was. then  turned  on and  witness heard
Woods then ask "what are you going to
do ?" Woods then called witness to come
down stairs and as soon as this had been
said a shot was fired.   Witness said he
put his head out of the window and gave
the! alarm and then  saw a man running
down Josephine street.     When   he  got
down-stairs he found Woods the blacksmith lying on the floor.
The legal fightin the case came up upon
the evidence offered by Dr. LaBau upon
which the crown succeeded in getting in
the deposition of Woods in which he
identified the prisouer as the man who
had shot him. The doctor gave evidence
of having heard the shot fired, of having
heard a man running upon the sidewalk,
and of having, been called to attend
Woods a few minutes after 12 o'clock. He
found the deceased with a bullet hole in
the upper muscles of the right arm, two
and a half iuches below the shoulder and
upon examination found that the bullet
had passed through the apex of the right
lung and lodged in the backbone. He
gave evidence as to several statements
made by the murdered man himself
aud in his hearing concerning the shooting
and the man whom Woods accused of
doing it. The doctor was present on the
afternoon of Sunday, October/!, when
the identification of the prisoner by
Woods took place in the presence of gold
commissioner Fitzstubbs, constable Miles
and others. lie testified that the wound
received by Woods was fatal aud was the
direct cause of death.
Mrs. Malette of the ivootenay hotel said
that she heard voices about 12 o'clock on
the night of the shooting, She saw tlie
blacksmith lead a man into the blacksmith shop and turn on the electric light.
When the light was turned on she saw
the man draw a revolver and lire at
Woods. The man who fired the shot then
ran away. She heard his footsteps
running down Vernon street and across
the Vernon street bridge.
John Nelson of the Kootenay hotel also
testified to having seen a man running
past the hotel in the direction of the
Vernon street bridge.
Alex. Dow, engineer on the C. & K.
railway, testified that tin; clay following
the murder he saw the prisoner-asleep
near the railway track about Hi miles
from Nelson and detailed the suspicious
actions of the prisoner. He first started
to go back into the brush and afterwards
made a feint of returning in tlie direction
of Nelson. it was upon information
received from Dow that the arrest was
Ex-constable John Miles gave evidence
concerning the arrest of the prisoner and
the finding upon him. of a 38 calibre
revolver, a billy and a. couple of. razors.
He also related the incidents in connection with the identification of the
prisoner by the deceased and repeated
soveral conversations  which he had had
concerning the man who shot him and his
general appearance.
Charles E. Tisdall, an expert gunsmith
from Vancouver, swore that the bullet
which was taken from the body of the
deceased by the doctors was manufactured by the Peters Cartridge Company,
aud that the revolver which was what is
commonly known as a 38 calibre, was of
American manufacture and was about'
equal to the gauge of the English 35 calibre. He positively identified the bullet
taken from tlie body of Woods as being
the manufacture of the Peters company,
as were also the cartridges remaining in
the revolver found'upou the prisoner.
This closed the case for the crown and
as the prisoner made no statement there
was little left for tlie counsel to do. Dr.
Arthur was the only witness called for
the defense. He was called for the purpose of giving evidence as to the effect of
morphine upou the mind, with a view to
weakening the deposition of Woods,.
which was put in by the crown. His evidence was not up to the expectations of
the defence. „
The case was closed at 4:15 o'clock and
A. M. Johnson addressed the jury on the
prisoner's behalf. He spoke for 20 minutes and made a very good address, considering the short time he had had for
preparation. E. P. Davis' Q. C, addressed
the jury on behalf of the crown, speaking
till after 5 o!clock. Justice Walkem
charged strongly against the, prisoner.
The jury retired and returned in about
10 minutes with a verdict of guilty.
A. M. Johnson then asked for an arrest
of judgment and asked the court to state
a case upon the question of the admissibility as evidence of the statement made
by Woods previous to his death, taken
by gold commissioner Fitzstubbs on Sunday, October 1th. This was denied and
justice Walkem thereupon proceeded to
sentence the prisoner. The sentence was
that he should be removed to Westminster and be returned, to Nelson to be
hanged six weeks from June 30th.
Throughout the trial the, prisoner did
not betray any feeling whatever. He
has not the bearing of an innocent man,
and in 'the opinion of most people any
other termination of the case would have
beeu regarded as a miscarriage of justice.
The jurors who sat upon the case were :
Wj M. Leach, Frederick, Swaunell, David
S. Hardie, James Allen, Albert B.
Shannon, W. J. IL McKernan,Christopher
F. Allen; Thomas W. Gray, William N.
Ironside, Frank Bruce, David R. Taylor
aud Kenneth Curtis.
Valuable ■ Claims-are Jumped Upon a Technicality and Great Excitement Prevails.
The Rossland Miner this morning published a dispatch respecting the m"ore or
less successful jumping of the Volcanic,
Iron Cap, Wolverine and Coin mineral
claims, near Grand Forks, in which the
most prominent men of the city are implicated. The Volcanic, which has a
world-wide reputation as being the most
extensive mineral deposit in the known
world, has been or is, owned by the Olive
Gold Milling company, with a capitalization of $20,000. This company also owns,
or owned the Iron Cap, an extension of
the Volcanic and Wolverine, on the opposite side of the north fork of the Kettle
river and within sight of the other
properties. l
The law passed at the last session of
the provincial parliament providing that
mining incorporations must pay a license
of $100 by July 1, has in the case of the
Olive Gold Mining company not been complied with, although rumor has it that
those who were£6 attend to this business
had told other interested parties that the
money had been paid. The officers of the
company are: S. P. Shope, of Chicago,
president; John A. Manly, mayor of
Grand Forks, vice-president; Harry W.
Treat, Chicago, secretary; Edward Blew-
ett, Seattle, treasurer. The trustees, in
addition to the foregoing are W. Call, of
Midway, and Nels Larsen, of this city.
Wednesday evening Chas. Cummings,
manager of the Grand Forks townsite,
accompanied by Dave, Woodhead. a
miner ef the city, went up the north fork
toward the Volcanic, for the purpose, it
is said, of jumping the Volcanic and Iron
Cap soon as they became vacant, which
would be one minute after midnight.
They have not yet returned, so the result
of their expedition cannot be learned.
The Crow's Nest Pass Railway.
Vice-president Shaughnessy says now
that the Crow's Nest pass legislation has-
been completed, the work of construction
will be pushed with the utmost. rapiditj\
M. J. Haney, who has entire charge
of construction, will at once let the work
out in small contracts so as to expedite
the work. The company calculates on
having 125 miles completed by December,
or, in other words, expects to be across the
summit before the snow falls.
The whole western- country will be
drawn from in the purchase of supplies
and the expenditure in this connection
will be great. In the first hundred miles
of road it is estimated that from eight to
ten million feet of lumber will be drawn
from the British Columbia mills. The
subsistence and forage for the first camps
will be purchased in Winnipeg, which
will be the source of supply for some
time. Mr. Haney has had considerable
experience in building -railroads in the
west. He came to Winnipeg in 1877 to
build the Pembina branch of the C. P. R.
Later he was appointed by the L>ominion
government to complete the famous
section 15 of the C. P. li. .He also completed the Ondcrdonk contract on the
U. P. IL in British Columbia.
For the Proposed Water and Sewerage Systems
for the City.
The city council held four meetings
during the past week. At the regular
meeting Monday evening all members of
the council were-present save Alderman
Fletcher. Three sets of plans and specifications for the proposed water works and
sewerage systems were submitted by
Messrs. Coyle, Cummings and MeColloch,
and on motion of Alderman Teetzel,
seconded by Alderman Maloue, were
referred to a special committee made up
of the entire council.
The council went into committee of the
whole for the purpose of considering the
fire limits by-law. Alderman Teetzel was
called to the chair. The by-law was read
section, by section and on ' motion of
mayor Houston, seconded; by alderman
Gilker, the committee reported the by-law
complete with amendments. On motion
of alderman Teetzel, seconded by alderman Gilker the by-law was read a third
The plumbing by-law was consideredin
committee with alderman Milone in the
chair.   Progress was reported.
An adjourned meeting of the council
was held Wednesday afternoon for the
purpose of enabling James Coyle to
explain the plans submitted by himself
for the proposed water and sewerage
systems. Coyle was introduced to the
council and when he had concluded his
explanations the council adjourned.
E. W: Cummings was accorded a like
privilege at a meeting of' the council
called on Wednesday morning. '   '
At 2 o'clockv.tlie same afternoon A. L.
McCulloch explained the plans submitted
by himself.
The following accounts were passed
during Wednesday afternoon's session:
M. Kelly $20; Allen Rhodes $12.50; F .
Rowe $11.90; George Fitzgerald $11.90;
John Lynch $11.90: Ed. Jones $11.90;
Robert Powell $11.00; John Card by $10;
Robert Corbett $11.25; John Fallett
$11.2.-); Joe Kelly $8.75: James Morris810; -•
Lewis Johnson $7.50; R. J. Steet $7.20;
Robt. Carr $5; L. 0'iVeil $5: Jacob Sersou
$(51; Ed. Shaw $51.25; George Hankrige
$39: Thomas Dempster $31; John
Southerland $28.50; Jerry Stinson $15:
M. Burns $12; J. Howard $21.40; David
Woods $2.50; W. A. Morrison $2.50:
Hector Barielle $2.50: Alex. Chi.sholni
$29.20; P. Conrad $21.90; C. Sicley $21.90.
Ore and'Matto Exports Growing Again."
Although there were noshipments from
the mines of the Slocan entered at the
port of Nelson for the last few days of
June the shipments of matte and bullion
from the Trail and Nelson smelters were
sufficient to bring up the month's aggregate to close upon $500,000. These two
smelters, together with the Le Roi mine
at Rossland, were the only shippers entering matte or ore at the customs for export since Friday of last week. The entries were:
Hnll Minos Hhnoltnr, Nelson, mnixc.
Hull Mines smelter, copper bullion..
Trail smelter..:..:...... ..........
Lcjloi mine, Rossland.
Total for week .....t........
Total so far for July -.'.
Total for June	
Total for May .:..	
Total for April	
. Total for March	
Total for February	
Total for January	
Total via Revelstoke to May
Total so far for 1897 ......
.     M0
-ISO v
. 3.630
. 2,995
. 3.7i'l
. 5,822
. 5.201
. 4.543
. 2,2!«»
St 13,412
' S677.fiSl
Burglars Make a Good Haul.
Early this morning burglars entered the
dry goods store of F.Irvine & Co.'by
forcing the back door and secured about
$500 worth of goods. From the appearance of the store when it. was opened for
business this morning the burglar or burglars must have been familiar with the
dry goods trade and the disposition of the
goods in the store. Nothing but the more
expensive class of goods was taken and
nothing was disturbed which was not
taken. The visitors evidently knew/good
goods and just where to lav their hands
upon them. The police have peen noti-'
fied of the theft.
Final Payment on Silver Glance.
John S. Baker, of Tacoma, is said to
have made the final payment upon the
Silver Glance bond. The Silver Glance
was located by Mesrs. McLeod, Fitch and
Franklin and was bonded in January last
for $10,000. It is developed by a tunnel
about 100 feet on the ledge, and the ore'
assays some 70 ounces silver and about $S
in gold. The property has developed well
and had the final payment not been made
by • Baker the boys could easily have
placed the proport3r upon better terms.
Kootenay Lodge No. 16. I. O.O. F.
The officers1 of Kootenay lodge No. 1G,
1. (.).. O. F., will be installed on Monday,
July 5. After installation supper will be
served at Bro. J. Johnson's Silver King
hotel. The meeting in the lodge room on
Ivootenay street will be held at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially invited to
Some High Grade Rossland Ore.
The addidion of the Centre Star to the
list of shippers makes five mines which
are now sending ore to the Trail smelter.
The others are the lie Roi, the War Eagle,
the iron Mask and the Columbia and
Kootenay. A recent consignment of Le
Roi ore went $80 in gold alone, and a ten
car lot of Iron Mask averaged $07.
msaiitrnmimimmMssmisaim -.1
TIIK TRTTIUNE i< publisher! on Saturday*, by Tun
TkIHUNK PuHi.lsill.N-r. Ciimi'a.vv, ami will ho mailed
Co suli-?criliL*r-5 on piiymenl of Two Doi.i.akS a year.
No -tiib-icription taken for les-; ilian a year.
KEGUL.AII AlJVl'Jin'lriF.MKN'I'.-J printeil al. llie following rales: One incli, £3li a year; two inches.
SiiO a year; Llnee inebe* iSl a year; four inches,
$90 a veiir; live iiHn-<. $U)'i a year; six inches and
over, at. tlie rale of $l..'n) an inch per iiioulh.
TRANSIENT ADVEUTleiKMENTd 2" ecu is a line for
rir.il insertion anil 10 eouls a lino for, each lulflilinnul
iiwerLion.   Hirlh.  inarrinKe. and  dentil  notices free.
line eaeli Insertion. ' .  ,
JOB PRINTING at fair rates. All accounts for job
printing and advertising payable on the lirsl of
every motilli: sub>criplion. in advance.
ADDRESS all communications lo
DLaHAU, M.I).—Physician and Surgeon.
•   and 4 Digelow block, Nelson.   Telephone
hours from 1 lo 2:30 p. m. and 0:30 lo 8 p. in.
Rooms 3
■2.   Ullice
K lUTUlIIK, IJrovinciaI Land Surveyor.
Rilchic building. Ko'ssland, U. C.
Oilicc iu
WJ. II. HOLMES, C. E.—I'rovincial Land Surveyor.
•   P. O. box 82, Kaslo, li. C.
T C. GWILLTMTliiA.se. & W. S. JOHNSON. H.A.Sc.
«J • —Mining Engineers and Analytical Clicinints,
Slocan City, H. O.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. K. & A. M. Meets
second Wednesday in each month. Sojourning
brethren invited.
Tha Ames Holden Go's special "Columbia,"
"VancQuver," "Kootenay" should be worn
by everybody who wants a first-class mountain boot.
©to gPrtbrtm.
The rank and file of political parties are
alike; so are the leaders. When their
party is out of office, the cry is reform
aud retrenchment: when in office the practice is expenditure aud extravagance. The
Conservative party was in oflice for
twenty years. They were extravagant.
The Liberals said they were even worse;
, that they were corrupt.' The Liberals
have been in power only a year. They
have not retrenched expenditures, however much they may have reformed
ollicial abuses. Should they retain oflice
for twenty years, the country will in no
way be in better shape than if the Conservatives had remained in office. The
trouble is that all—or nearly all—men are
liberal when it comes to. spending other
people's money. Office holders always
spend other people's money.
The present government iu British
Columbia is a nondescript, and no explanation can be given why it retains office,
other than the fact that the people, at
times, like to .look at curiosities,
premier is a fairly sensible man
surrounded with sensible men ; the
attorney-general is no good ; the commissioner of lands and works is too much
of a hail fellow ; the provincial secretary
is a faddist; the president of the council
is a corporation lawyer. The subordinate
officials are as bad a lot as are the chiefs.
They have been so long in office'that they
imagine .the country cannot get along
without them ; their methods of doing
business are not up to date ; they are so
numerous that they are in the way of
each other. The whole outfit should be
made walk the gangway. This can be
done a year hence if the people who are
qualified to register will go to the trouble
to have their names' placed on the voters'
list. Every man in Kootenay qualified to
register should register at once.
Jt is not likely that Kootenay will be
accorded the representation in the legislative assembly that it is entitled to, for
the coast is jealous of Kootenay. Even
were Kootenay to show that it had one-
half the population of the province, the
present government would not give it
more than one-fourth of the members of
the house. Kootenay must fight for
what it is entitled to, and the prelini-
iniary skirmish, line should be made up
of men who will see that the name of
every man qualified to vote is on the
voter's list.     -
George Turner, who is a United States
senator from the state of Washington, is
said to be in Ottawa using his influence
against the imposition of an export duty
on ore. Mr. Turner is one of the owners
of the Le Roi mine at Rossland, and the
owners of that mine are contemplating
the erection of a smelter to treat their
own ore. They want to locate it on the
south side of the international boundary
line, preferring Northport as a site. The
placing of an export duty on ore would
handicap them, hence Mr. Turner's trip
to Ottawa. In commenting on the question, the Spokane Review says the owners
of the Le Roi will close down the mine
rather than submit to the exact ions of
the Dominion government. If they
are foolish enough to take such action. Canada can stand it as well as- can
the owners of the Le Roi. Canada was a
fairly prosperous country long before the
birth of any of the men who now hold
shares in the Le 'Roi Mining & Smelting
Company, and will be a good country in
Avhich to live long after they are all dead.
Most of the owners of the Le Roi were on
"their uppers" two years ago; but now
that they have had a few thousand dollars distributed among them from the
yield of a Canadian mine, they imagine
they can run Canada and her people'.
George Turner had better be in Washington attending to the interests of the people of his state. ',
"Gen Els a i." Charles Warren of Spokane is also up in arms against the laws
of Canada, more especially of this province. Because mining companies are required to take out a license and pay for,
it, he has called on all his prospecting
parties to return from British Columbia
to Spokane. Two years ago "general"
Warren was without the means ,to even
keep himself in British Columbia for any
great length of. time, to say nothing of
keeping prospecting parties in the field.
Through associating with a mau who had
conlidence in the country aud "nerve," he
has made money, and is now said to be
living on Easy street. "General," while
your geniality will always be held in
kindly remembrance by a l'ew'of your intimates, your ingratitude will be resented
by all self-respecting Canadians.
Girr/.nsti of the United States come to
British Columbia, and will be welcome
just as long as they do not bite the hand
that feeds them.  '
* The Victoria Colonist says that "evi-
" deuce multiplies that the province
" is»very much in earnest in demanding a
" a railway through western Kootenay."
We suppose the Colonist means that the
people of the province are very much in
earnest in demanding that the Dominion
government shall bonus the Columbia &
Western railway from Robson to Pentic-
ton; in other words, bonus another Canadian Pacific branch railway. The Colonist
is mistaken'. The people of the province,
who have property interests, are not demanding any such thing. The people are
of the opinion that the Canadian Pacific
should build its branch roads without a
bonus from either the Dominion or the
province. The building of the Columbia
& Western railway would not give the
merchants of the coast cities acompetitive
route to western Kootenay, however much
the building of that road might add to
the receipts of the Canadian Pacific. The
coast cities have competitive routes to all'
points in southern Kootenay, and what
more do they want, unless it be a/railway
that will run from tidewater to some
central point in Kootenay, and be operated
independent of existing lines. The Colonist does nob fairly represent the wishes
of the people in this matter; but then
The Colonist seldom represents the wishes
of the people on any question.
Formerly Stanley House
Ur|der new
Refurnished and
Renovated throughout
Everything new and
Electric lights and
E. J. Curran, Proprietor
A New Typewriter—Made by a Canadian Firm;.
We Imve li'"! tli" pleasure of looking over the New
Empir Tr;i w- . r. u Ciiiiiuliiiii iniule machine, and lltid
it ii in r . . -i i.ii .icily through which the makers claim
(luralj.l..j. 'I ,n: i j i)os strike direct, inuviiiK only two
inches on a steel bed, giving speed and great manifolding
power. Each l.yjie al. time of writing is locked, ensuring
perfect alignment. The writing is visible doing away
with tlie lifting of a Ileavy carriage; llie touch is easy.
Hie response ipiick and tlie type do not appear to lock.
Ruling vertical and horizontal may he done on il, and the
price is loss than half that, of oilier standard machines.
So conlldeiit are the makers of the success of Iheii machine they will refund the money of any unsatislled purchaser after a ten days'trial, 'llie Thomson Stationery
Company of Vancouver and Xelson are to he congratulated on securing the general agency for H. (_!. The machines seem to us to he al the top in merit and bottom in
The West. Kootenay Power & Light Company arc prepared to receive lenders for the excavation and" removal
of about twenty thousand (-'0,000) cubic yards of rock
work on their power-house site at .Middle Kails, Kootenay river, seventeen miles from Robson,on the; Columbia
& Kootenay branch of the C. I'. It. All particulars will
he furnished ■ on application to .1. 'j. Kellelt, Resident
Kngiuecr. !■'. O, Rox TO. N'elson, H. ('.
Dated, Xelson, li. C. June 7l.li. I8!)7.
AM persons wishing to visit the Goat
River, Duck Creek, Summit Creek, Fort
Sheppard, Priest Lake, or Fort Steele
Mining Districts should know that by
taking the Steamer Alberta or Ainsworth
for Ockonook, Idaho, and purchasing
their supplies of the old reliable Ockonook General Store, they will get their
goods at Spokane retail prices and be
from 20 to 50 miles nearer the above
named districts than at any other supply
point on  the   Kootenai   River.
BARNES Manager
The business centre for the rich
mines on Springer Creek and
Slocan Lake. This is one of
the richest districts in British
100 to
Ffy\NK FLETCfjE^ Trustee.
_    9
Kiln-dried and other Lumber
can now be obtained at the
yard; also Sashes, Doors, Veranda and Newel Posts, Base
and Corner Blocks, Brackets,
Balusters, Mouldings, Etc.,
Etc.,  at lowest prices.
Wagon   Repairing   Promptly Attended  to
by, a First-Class Wheelwright
Special attention given to all i^inds of repairing
an,d custom worl^ from outside points
SHOP;    Cor. Baker aqd Hall Sts. flelson.
100,000 shares of stock in the Hansard
Gold and Copper Mining Company.
50,000 scares in the Kootenay Development
100,000 shares in the White Grouse Mining Company.
Kor further information apply to
R. E, LEMON, Nelson, B.C.
Clements & Hillyer block.
j^txtd coavnaynissionsr .A-GrEirsn:
avEiasriasrcs- beqeee
"~FOR   SALE. "
Several valuable business sites on  Baker St.
Business block—two stores—Baker street.
Business  block—three stores all rented—on
two 30-foot lots, with offices above.
Residence lots, 60 teet frontage, Vernon St.
Apply to W. J. G.  DICKSON.
Application for Liquor License.'
Notice is hereby given that, I lie iwidersigneil will ;i(, the
expintlioii of thirty days, apply to the stipendiary magistrate of West ICooter.iiy dislrict. for a license to sell
liquor hy retail nl. their notol. i-il.iinf j on the southeast
corner of Wright n nil Snlton slreoU. al, Ainsu-ortli.
Dated this S.'lth day of June. IS!)7.
Having appointed \V. .1. G. Dickson local agent for
Addition A to the townsite of N'elson, intending purchasers of lots, or persons wishing information, plans, or
price-lists of the addition, will please apply to him.
_^__   O.   IE"sAr_A_:R,T
Room (i. Clements & Hillyer Block, Nelson
JDtt.   SI.   J3_   HALL
A good (ill-round servant girl wanted. Apply at ./.
Fred Hume's residence', corner Ward and Hoover
si reels. N'elson.
JUST RECEIVED a small varied stock of
OBJECT is to furnish you with enough to k,eep your work going while th,e
balance of your order is coming from Toronto.   Thanking y°u for past favors
arren Webster
per cent bettor than any oilier make of heater      The Webster Svslem of Healing wilh  Exbauxt, Slenni relieves back pressure on engine
The Morse Valve Hesealer will re.-eiit any style of vnlvo -without removing valve
Darling Bros. Adjustable Pipe Cutter Cuts Pipe, any metal, 3-4 to 24 inches in.diameter
Freight and Passenger Elevators
Write FRANK DARLING, Sole Agent for British Columbia
Street Hydrants, Gate Valves, Pipe, Crescent Drill Steel, Wire Hope
Office, Hodgins building, next Phair Hotel, Nelson
The Kootenay
Lake Sawmill
Kaslo, B. -C.
Will  start about   March   15th
with  about  double   its   former
■   capacity' iii    all    departments.
feet of
for early
delivery. e
The Planing Mill
and Factory
Is now running full time under tho management
of,C. E. Doty, a competent draughtsman aud
mechanic who will furnish special drawings free
of charge. 	
New Designs
In house interiors, oflice and slore fixtures, dado
work, mantles, .brackets, mouldings, bookcases,
furniture, turnings, carving, grill work, and band
sawing. Orders for all such work executed in an
artistic manner.
One Car Glass
Direct from Belgium expected this month. Hough
and dressed lumber, laths, etc., always in stock.
Two Cars Sash
and Doors	
Yard and branch ollice foot of Hendryx Stre
J. C. BLANDY & CO., Proprietors,
BALFOTJE     ■.       7
This  famous and  delightful  summer resort  lias been
taken  over by the above firm and will  be con-
, dueted'in the future in a first-class manner
RATKS:   $2 00 AND .§-2 f>0 PER DAY.
500 Men to
drink cool,
refreshing 7
For Two Bits a Quart
Come and Rush the Pitcher
A -ron
MALONE & TREGILLUS, Proprietors.
Is one of the best hotels iu Toad Mountain district, and
is the headquarters for prospectors and mine™.
D. T. MORICE, Proprietor.
Excellent accommodation furnished the traveling public
Prospector's and miner's supplies kept on hand.
Mrs.    Morley   is
receive pupils, for
prepared   to
piano, violin
or organ.     For
Apply to Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd,, Nelson
Dental rooms in olllce of Dr. (!. A,
Simpson block. Nelson,
Ii. Hall
li. (!.
Karloy &
28 Broad Street, Victoria, I!. G,
Gold $1 00
Silver   1 00
Lead    I 00
Copper    a 00
Other metals on application. All samples to he sent
carriage paid and clearly marked, and to be advised by
letter enclosing 3harge.s.
Gold and Silver §1 f>0
Lead and Silver   1 50
Copper, Silver, Gold., '.i 00
Always reliable and
as represented
For sale by
all leading wholesale
and retail dealers
Ghas. Boeckh & Sons,
Manufacturers of Brushes
Brooms and Wooodcnwaro
Toronto, Ont.
Manufactured by The George E. Tuekett & Son Co., Ltd.
W.   GRAY,  Proprietor.
Doors, • Sash,  Band Sawing,  Turned Work,  and Office
arrived and  in  stock,  a carload
Glass; all sizes up
of Chance's
to 4 by 6 feet.
ish Rolled
General Commission and Manufacturers' Agent
:...•• ' -,-:■;        ■'•■.;•    AGENCIES: . ' ■> ■.
Great West Oatmeal Mills. Pilot JloiuUl, Manitoba        The Virden'Holler Mills. Virden. lUnnitoba
The U. M. Smith Biscuit r-'aolory, Victoria, 1!. C- Smith & Kisohel, Gi'tfnrs, St. Jerome, Qnebee
Charies A. Waterman & Co.
Office:   Bealey; Block, Baker Street, Nelson.
Auctioneers, Real Estate and fieneral Commission Agents,
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Stoves, Graniteware,
Miners' Supplies.
Tinsmithing Fun stock of Estimates Furnished
and Plumbing Bunders' and Miners' Supplies on Application
A new consignment of window shades embracing the latest colors has just been received by
The Nelson Planing Mill has
just received one carload of
clear dry cedar lumber from the
One carload of glass.
A boom of half a million'feet
of fine logs from Idaho.
T. W. GRAY, Prop.
Pleasant Location
Home Cooking
Comfortable Rooms
No Children
(.'arbonute Street, near Wsirrt.
Terms Reasonable MRS.  T.  TODD \y
all paid
up,     ■
Hon. GEO. A.
. .General Manager
,-iO.V •. .
N. W. Cop. Baker and Stanley Streets.
     BHANCIIKS IN    	
and in the principal cities in Canada,
Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers
available in any part of tho world.
RATE OF INTEllEST (at prosonl) 3 Per Cent.
Contract Let for Generators. .
Tlie Canadian General ElectricCompany
of Toronto has receiver! the contract for
supplying the generators for the power
plant that is to be put in at the falls on
Jvoot'enay river ten miles below Nelson.
The generators are of 2500 horse-power
capacity. It is not known when the plant
will be in operation.
sidewalks, and the
A by-law for regulating .streets and
tralllc thereon.
1. No person or person", bodies politic or corporate,
shall encumber or injure any sidewalk, road, street,
alley, lane, bridge, wharf, or other eoniuiuniealion
within lliu Oily of Nelson with any animal, vehicle, or
by any olher means, or erect, place, or maintain therein
uiiy structure or building whatsoever: Provided, always, that this section shall not prevent, merchants and
olliers from Ihe moving of goods, wares or merchandise
across any sidewalk with all reasonable dispatch for Ihe
purpose of taking in and delivering the .same: and pro-
. vided, also, that   this seel ion ,^hnll not extent, lo the oc-
' copying, in accordance wilh the provisions of this by-law,
lml. not otherwise, of a portion of Ihe sidewalk or street
for building purposes.
2. Where any house or building is being creelod.buill,
or'repnired on "the lino of any public street or way, or
within seven feet thereof, Ihuroshalt beerected a boarded
fence six feel high, lo enclose the sidewalk allowance in
front, of such building to Ihe wiulh of six feel, and oiii-
sidc of Mich a fence a plunked pathway shall he laid, al,
least four feel wide, for the convenience and security of
llie public ; or it shall lie la wlul. instead of such fence or
pathway, to plank over the whole of Ihe seallbhl at the
height of the lir-i. Moor above the ground, and to enclose
such scaffold ,u the same height at least eighteen inches
all round above the level of the p!a ked Moor aforesaid.
Ihe sidewalk of the street, being ler'l free for tho public
use; and il. shall be Ihe duty of the person erecting,
building, or repairing such house or building, and the
contract or or other pi-rson employed in doing lliu work,
10 see that the provisions of this section arc can icd out.
;i.    No  pcr.son shall  p.ace any  lumber,   stone,   chip-,
shavings, rubbish, nrother builiiing material whatsoever
on any sidewalk : ami when building-, are being creeled
on any street, no per-on shall be allowed to o.:cupy more
than one-third of the roadway with any such building
material, and no person shall place any stone, lumber, or
olher building material in such u manner as to obstruct
the free passage ot water in lliu drains, gutters or watercourses: and  no  person shall sulfur any such building
material to remain on the streels any  longer than is, in
the opinion of tnu mayor, absolutely necessary  fur the
' erection of the building for which such  material  is designed : and every person .shal1, on the completion of the
builiiing.   within  three days entirely remove the same
from the streets, and cause the .street to be cleared from
all such budding material and left in good repair.   Permission niay be granted by lliu mayor for the occupation
oMho roadway for the purpose and  in the manner mentioned in this section. , '
•I.    No   person   shall break,  tear up,  or remove any
planking, pavement, sidewalk, crossing,  curbing, macadam,or other road surface, or make any excavation in
or under any street or sidewalk within  the city for any
■purpose   whatsoever  without  the  permission   of   the
mayor: and it shall be the duty of every person breaking, tearing up,  or removing any  planking, pavement,
sidewalk,  crossing, curbing, macadam,  or other  road
surface, or making any excavations in or under any such
street, or sidewalk, as speedily as practicable, and under
the. direction and   supervision  of the city engineer, to
place, relay, and make good, and to put in  ns good order
and repair as before, to the satisfaction of the city engineer, every such sidewalk and street., and  if the earth
should settle, such person shall till the same from cinie to
time as may be necessary, and to the satisfaction of the
city engineer; aud every such person, and the contractor
or other person by whom the work is actually done, shall
erect and maintain a good and''sullicient fence, railing,
or barrier around every excavation made by him, iusucii
-a manner as to prevent accidents, and shall place and
f kocji upon such, fence,  railing,  or barrier, suitable and
sullicient lights during tlie night, and take such further
care  and   precaution as the city .'engineer may   deem
necessary and direct for the protection and safely of the
public, and shall, if roquind  by the mayor to do so, indemnify the cily against all damages or injuries that,
may be caused by such Works to any person ; and it shall
be the duty of the mayor, before giving, any such permission, to lake, from every such person security that he
will perform all  the obligations imposed  upon  him by
v this section. -   ■
a.   No person'shall, without having, lirst obtained permission from tho mayor, construct,  place, or make any
moveable.trap or door for the purpose of entrance to any
cellar or premises in or under any building or place, or
any steps, porch, or other entrance to any building which
shall in any way encroach upon  the sidewalks or streets
■of tlie eily.   ■   . .       ;       ?'..'■■. , ■. '.
(i.   No person  shall. erect any canvass awning which
shall in any way extend over any street or sidewalk at a
. lesser height than seven feet above the same.
7.   No person,   persons,   bodies   politic or  corporate,
after the date of passing this by-law, shall erect or place
any verandah on or over any streets or sikowalks within
the city. .....
S. No person, persons, bodies politic or corporate shall,
after the dale of tho.passing of mis by-law, creel, or place
any projection of whatsoever nature or structure over
any of the streets or sidewalks of the City of Nelson,
saving and excepting canvass awnings of a temporary'
character, which must be erected in conformity witii
section six hereof, or cornices to buildings.
!). No person shall place, suspend, or hang a signal a
lesser height than ten feet from the sidewalk, not at a
• greater distance than two feet iu front of and from the
wall of any house, shop, store, building, or place whatsoever, or continue any such sign not. in conformity .with
the provisions herein laid down.
II). No person shall injure or destroy any ornamental
or shade tree, .shrub, lamp, lamp post,, fence, railing in
or upon any public, ground, street, alley, or other public
places, or uponany private premises.
11'. It, shall be flic duty of any occupant of any build-
.. ing fronting on any street within the city lo keep the
sidewalk jj) front id' such building in a proper stale of
cleanliness, and no occupant shall place the sweepings or
allies from his premises on llie public street. -..
12. No person driving any carriage drawn by a horse
or horses, or otlieraniinal or animals, or riding upon any
horse or other animal on any of the bridges within the
city, shall cause or permit or .sulfur the horse or horses,
or other animal or. animals, which ho shall bo so driving
or riding, to go al a faster rate than a walk.
III. Every verandah, sign, doorstep, porch,availing, or
other erection or obstruction projecting info or oyer any
road or oilier public communication within Ihe city, and
not erected iu compliance with the provisions of this bylaw, shall be removed by the proprietor or occupant of
the properly with which such projection is cciiiiucicd,
after fourteen days' notice in writing reijiiiring the removal thereof shall have been given to sueh proprietor
.or'occupant, or left for him on the premises, by or under
the authority of the mayor, and in case the proprietor or
occupant of such property shall neglect or refuse to remove such projection for seven days after the expiration
of such fourteen days, the siinie may he removed by or
under the direction of the mayoral the expense of such
II, Kvery person who shall excavate for the erection
of any wall or building, or for any other purpose, near to
any street or highway within Ihe city, shall put up a
good and sulllcient'prnlee.ling rail or plank along the line
of such street opposite to such excavation, and niiiinlaiu
the same so long as may be necessary to prevent danger
lo persons travelling along such street or highway, <>.• lo
their horses or vehicles. • '
la. The owner and occupant of every house and building adjoining any si rent or highway within the city shall
have, maintain, and keep tight covered waterspouts, bv
which the wafer shall be convoyed from the roof of sucii
house or building to the distance of not less than I welvo
inches-.eyond the out edge of the sidewalk, where the
water is brought, down adjoining streets.
' ](!. No person shall have or maintain a gat e or door to
or upon premises owned or occupied by him which shall
be so constructed (hat the same snail swing over any
sidewalk within the city.
17. No person shall take up, dig, or carry away any of
I he earth, sand, or gravel in or from any street, road, or
lane within the city without the permission of llie
mnj or. '
IS. Every owner or occupier of any house, building,
oriel within the cily who shall require to drive'any
horse or other animal, or wagon or other vehicle, across
any paved or planked sidewalk for Ihe purpose of entering his house, building, or lot, shall construct, across the
drain, gutter or watercourse opposite the gateway or
em rnncc to his premises a good and sullicient bridge of
planks, so constructed as not, to obstruct sueh 'drain,
gulter, or water course, and shall also place a piece of
limber along the edge of each side of Ino pavement or
planking sullicienl to prevent the pavement or planking
lroni being injured in crossing it, or entering such house,
budding or lot.
111. No person shall drive, lead, or hack any horse or
olher animal, or wagon or vehicle, or draw, push, or'
propel any hand cart, wagon,carriage, or other vehicle
in or along nny sidewalk m any public street or olher
public plaec'withiii the city: Provided, always, that
Ibis section shall not apply lo the propelling of baby
carriages (but, in all cases it shall be Ihe duly of every
person propelling a baby carriage lo give way lo fool,
passenger.-., and, if necessary prevent interference with
Ilium, lo turn oil the sidewalk) or to the lawful crossing
of a sidewalk to go into any lot or yard adjoining ihe
same, where a proper bridge is construe!ed, us prescribed by ihe next proceeding section.
h2U. No person shall tie his horse or otlieraniinal to
any post, hook, or ring, or in any way across any sidewalk, pavement, or crossing within the city, so as lo
obstruct the ordinary tralllc of the street, or leave any
carriage or other vehicle standing upon any street, or
thoroughfare within the city, unless il be opposite lo
premises with which, or with the occupant of which,
such person has business, and then only for areasohiihlo
time, and no longer than is absolutely necessary for the
transaction of such business; Provided, always, lliat
nothing in this by-law contained shall prevent carriage
makers, wagon makers, blacksmiths, inn keepers, and
keepers of livery and lodging stables from temporarily
occupying tho roadway for tlie space of ten feel in width,
immediately in front, of premises occupied by Ilium, with
vehicles undergoing immediate repair*, or with vehicles
from which horses have been unhitched for the purpose
of buing stiod, or prevent draymen, expressmen, or olher
persons from occuping the alley, if'the same be twenty
I'ecL in width, for Ihe space of six feet immediately in
rear of premises occupied by llieni, with such vehicles as
are being actually used by them in the prosecution of
their respective business callings.
21. No person shall remove, ur assist in removing, any
building into, along, or across any street or sidewalk
within the cily without first having obtained the written
permission of the mayor, and then only by thorouiennd
in the manner directed by the said mayor.
22. No person shall leave any horse, mule, ox, or team
in any si reel, alley, or public place within the city without
being sullieiently .tied ; and no person shall halt any
wagon or other vehicle on any crossway or footway
within the city.
2J. Kvery driver or other person in charge of any
vehicle conveying goods, wares or merchandise, in or
through any of the streets of the city shall remain upon
such vehicle, or walk beside the horse or animal drawing
the same while such vebicls is in motion.
'21. No person driving any carriage or other vehicle
drawn by a horse, horses, or other animais, or riding
upon anyborseor other animal in any of the streets or
thoroughfares of the cityshall cause, sutler or permit Ihe
horse or other animal which he shall be so driving or
riding lo go al a gallop or olher immoderate rale
exceeding eigbL miles an hour: and every such person
so driving orriding shall slacken the speed of his horse
or olher animal m approaching any crossing for foot,
passengers upon which any person .may be crossing such
si reel or thoroughfare.
2.">. No person shall throw or pile cord wood, firewood,
orcoal upon any paved or planked sidewalk witnin the
city, or saw or split cord wood or lire wood upon any
sidewalk within Ihe city.
•2i>. No person shall throw or pile, orcause lobetbroun
or piled, upon any street, within the cily, so as to unnecessarily obstruct tho passage in the same, cord wood,
lirowood, or coal, except for the purpose of tho same
being deliveiud al premises owned or occupied by him
opposite to which the same shall be llirown or piled, or
tor the usu of the person owning or occupying the same;
and no person shall permit, such cord wood, lirowood, or
coal lo remain upon Ihe street for a longer lime than
I wenty-four hours, or so as to obstruct the free use of
such street.
27. No por-nn shall make or prepare mortar in any
street or public square in this city without permission
from Ihe mayor.
2S. Ii sluil'l not be lawful to gather in crowds on any
sidewalk, or in any street within the city sous to obstruct
travel therein, or encumber the same, and t hreo or more
persons shall not stand in a group or near to each other in
such a manner as lo obstruct a free passage for fool
passengers on any street or sidewalk within the city,
after n request to move on made by any member of Ihe
police force.
2.'l. Whenever during the winter season snow or ice
shall accumulate on any of the sidewalks or verandahs
in the said City, or any'portion of them, it shall be the
duty of the person owning or occupying, or having
charge of the house, building or lot of ground before
which such 'accumulation as aforesaid shall be, to clear
the said snow or ice from oil'the said sidewalks or verandahs before the hour of 11 o'clock a.'.m. following next
after the snowfall. Should the person owning, occupying, or having charge of any house, building or lot of
land, neglect or refuse to comply with tlie provisions of
this clause, it shall be the duty of lliu chief of police, or
person acting as such, to cause the work therein ordered
to be done at the expense of the party guilty of such neglect or refusal,    	
30." The rule of the road within the limits of the City of
Nelson shall be thai vehicles sl|a)l pass to the right hand
side of the street, <
,'il. Auv pnrson or persons who shall violate the pro-
vi-ions of this by-law, or any of them, shall, upon conviction before the police magistrate, or any two justices of
the peace having jurisdiction within the city, forfeit and
pay such sum not, exceeding one hundred .dollars and
costs, together with the costs;of prosecution as the police
magistrate or other convicting justices shall seem right;
and in default of payment of such line and costs as aforesaid, it shall and may bo lawful for the police magistrate,
or justices convicting as aforesaid, to issue a warrant
under his band and seal to levy the said penalty and
costs, or costs only, by distress and sale of the offender
or offenders' goods and chattels to'stitisfy thosaid penalty.
The said police .magistrate, or other convicting justices
may,' under his hand and seal, issue a warrant committing
such person or persons to the common gaol for any
period not exceeding two months, with or without hard
labor, unless said lines and cost are sooner paid.
H2.   This   bv.law may   be  cited   for  all   purposes  as
"Streets and Sidewalks By-law No.!), 1SU7."
Read first lime. May I'Jth, 1S'J7.
Head second time May 2nth,JS97.      ■•      .      ;
Uoad third time June 3rd, 1S97,
Reconsidered and finally adopted Juno 9th, 1S97.
'      [seal.] JOHN HOUSTON, Mayor.
-   Ciiaiu.ks E. Sealev, City Clerk.
The above is a true copy of a by-law passed on tlie 9th
dav of June, 1S97, by tho municipal council of the City of
Nelson, and all persons arc hereby required to take
notice that anyone dosirous'of applying to have said bylaw or any part thereof, quashed, must make hi <application for that purpose to the supreme court of British Columbia within one month next after the publication of
this by-law in the British Columbia Gazette, or ho will
be too late to be heard in that behalf.
B_2T-L-A."V5r  JNTO-   14.
Whereas it is desirable and necessary to license and
tvgulate plumbers iu the City of Nelson, and to
provide for lliu appointment of a plumbing inspector,
and to provide for thu elfective plumbiiig„sewerago
and draining of buildings.
Therefore be it enacted by the municipal council of the
Corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:
1. The municipal council shall, from time to time, as
occasion may require, appoint such inspector or
inspectors of plumbing, hereinafter called plumbing
inspectors, as maybe found necessary; but. no person,
.shall bo eligible for such appointment who shall not have
passed a satisfactory examination for proficiency in both
practice and theory of plumbing and drainage before the
board of examiners as hereinafter provided.
2. Such inspector, or inspectors shall he under the
supervision of the mayor, and shall be paid such salary
as the municipal council may determine.
.'i. A board of plumbing examiners is hereby constituted, to consist of the city engineer for the time being,
who shall be chairman of the board, one practising
physician, and one practical journeyman plumber, both
of whom shall be appointed'by the municipal council:
and the board shall be called together at such times as
the chairman shall find necessary.
I. In case tiny dispute arises under this by-law, as to
whether tiny person or persons employed by any master
plumber is a regularly educated, practical and
experienced plumber, as in this by-law is provided, the
plumbing inspector may notify the said workman lo
appear am] be examined before such board of examiners,
whose decision as to the competency of such man shall
be final and conclusive.
a. The said board of examiners shall examine and
may grant certificates of eompetencv to any plumber
who may. apply for that purpose, mid such certificate
shall be recorded in the olllce of the city clerk, the
person receiving the same paying a fee of one dollar
therefor, and such plumber shall be a registered plumber
of the city. \
15. Upon and immediately after the passage of this
by-law, and in every ensuing year on or before the first
day of July, any person desiring to carry on business ot"
trade as a master plumber within the Cily of Nelson,
shall take out a license, for which ho shall pay at the
time of the issuing thereof the sum of twenty-live dollars,
except as hereinbefore provided, and
any  person may
lake out, a license under the provisions of this by-law on    , -     -.   ,..,....  ......
behalf of a partnership, firm, or company of which he |  waste pipe aqd ventilators shall he made   wifha gasket
may he a member.
7. No person shall receive a license unless lie is of the
full age of twenty-one years, and has a place within the
City of Nelson, and furnishes a bond binding himself lo
the amount of $500.(11), with al least two sureties in the
sum of §250.01) each, to llie satisfaction of the municipal
council, or a bond to the same amount from a guarantee
company, and that he will employ only registered
plunibeis who have received and hold a certilicate of
competency from Ihe board ol examiners to do all sueh
plumbing work as he mayengage lo do, and whether he
is a practical plumber himself or not, will not permit or
allow any such work to be done by himself or in connection with Ihe business except by such registered
plumbers, and that ho will not violate any of the terms
and conditions!, rules and regulations contained in this
by-law, or inany olher by-law which shall come into force
from lime to time in the City of Nelson respecting
plumbing, drainage, sanitary matters and water works
within the said city.
8. Every person desiring such license shall llie with
tho city collector a petition iu writing of the same, giving
name of the applicant, and in ca«e of a partnership, Ihe
name of each member thereof, together- with the place
of business, and asking to become a licensed master
plumber, and said petition shall be accompanied by the
bond and fee hereinbefore mentioned.
!). Any change of firm or local ion of the business shall
be promptly reported to the city collector, and the
license shall be kept, in a conspicuous place at the
location of ihe business,
10. When any member of a partnership or company
is licensed individually for the partnership or company,
the license may be issued in the name of the linn, copartnership or company, the said license selling out the
names of the members of the firm, co-partnership or
directors of the company, and the date tho license was
granted, and no license so granted shall be transferable
except, with the permission of the municipal council.
It. All licensed master plumbers shall be held responsible for all acts of their employees in connection
with their business for which sueh bonded license is
12. Every such bond and license shall bo for tho year
current al the time of the granting thereof, and shall
expire on the 15th day of July next succeeding the date
of issue.
Ki. Upon satisfactory evidence furnished to the
collector that any master plumber has been twice convicted by the police magistrate, or two justices of the
peace having jurisdiction wilhin the limitsof the City of
Nelson, of any violation of the provisions of this by-law,
or any of the by-laws respecting plumbing, drainage,
sanitary matters or water works, ids license shall be,
ipse facto, forfeited and returned to the collector.
It. Any master plumber whose bonds and license may
become forfeited shall not again be entitled to a license
until the said declaration of forfeiture shall be revokud
by tho municipal council, and if such master plumber is
carrying on Ids' business in co-pan nership. or as a
member of a company, the co-partnership or company
shall not carry on the business of plumbing from the
date of such cancellation.
15. Before proceeding fo construct, re-conslrnct, alter
or change any part of the plumbing, drainage or
ventilation of an hotel, tenement, warehouse, wash
house, or other building, the owner, his agent or the
master plumber constructing the same, shall Hie in the
oflice of the city clerk an application for a permit
therefor, and such application shall be accompanied
Willi a specification or abstract thereof, in a blank form
prescribed and supplied for that purpose by the eily
clerk, staling thu nature and work to bo done, und
giving I ho size, kinds and weights of all pipes, traps and
liftings, together with a description of all closets and
oLher lixtures, and a plan with the street and street
number marked thereon, and .-bowing tho drainage
system complete. il'Inns mutt be legibly drawn in ink on
a scale of eight foot to an inch.
Hi. A permit shall be granted or refused within two
days from the time of filing of the application, and the
permit of tho plumbing inspector (if granted) shall be
valid for six months from llie date of issue.
17. If the plumbing inspector shall find that the said
plans and specifications do not conform with the rules
and requirements laid down in respect to plumbing and
drainage in the by-laws of the City of Nelson, he shall
not, issue any permit for such plumbing and drainage,
and it shall be unlawful lo proceed them with.
IS. Afler a plan or specification has once been
approved no alteration or deviation from the same will
be allowed except with the written consent of the
plumbing inspector.
III. From and afler the passing of this by-law every
owner, or agent of an owner, of any building doing or
causing lo be done any plumbing in such building shall,
on ihe same beirg pa-sed by the plumbing inspector, be
granted a certilicate that said plumbing has been done
in accordance with the city by-laws, and on being
requested lo do so shall deliver such certificate lo auy
person proposing to purchase or occupy such building.
20. No part ot any plumbing or drainage work shall
be concealed or covered up in any way until it has been
examined and approved by the plumbing inspector, to
whom notice must be sent when the work is sullieiently
advanced to be inspected, unless in the case of drainage
below the surface of the ground, which the inspector
has failed to inspect wilhin the live working hours
ensuing after being notified, then tho ground may he
filled in, in case of an emergency alluding the public
21. All material must be of good quality and free from
defects, and the work must be executed in a thorough
and workmanlike manner.
22. The arrangement of soil aud waste pipe must be as
direct as possible.    ,
2,'i. The soil, waste and '.ventilating pipes and traps
must, whore practicable, be exposed fo view for ready
inspection at all times and for convenience iu repairing.
When necessarily placed within partitions," or in
recesses of walls.soil, waste and ventilating pipes must
be covered wilh woodwork so fastened as to be readily
removed. In no case shall they be so placed as to be
absolutely inaccessible, unless- under 'written permission from the plumbing inspector.
21. When the ground is made Or unsound the house
sewer shall be of medium or extra heavy cast iron or
brass pipe, with joints properly caulked with lead.
25. In sound ground, provided it is outside of the
building, hard salt, glazed, vitrified'pipe may be used;
each length shall be wetted before being laid and the
space completely filled with cement mortar, made in the
proportion of two of good, clean sharp sand and one of
the best Portland cement, except in wet ground, when a
gascet" shall be placed around the spigot and forced
down to the bottom of the socket and finished in mortar
cement, as described above. Each pipe must be cleaned
out with a mop after being laid. The different lengths
must belaid in perfect line of the bottom and sides. All
connections must bo through "V" junctions.
20. Any soil pipe, passing through a building, or
beneath the floor of a cellar or basement, shall be of east
iron or brass as in section 21 hereof, and shall extend to
at least five feet outside the building and no wall shall
be built leaning solidly upon the same.
27. Where it is found impracticable to carry the main
ventilating pipe abp.vo the surrounding openings or
adjoining buildings within the prescribed distance of
forty feet, as in section 32, permission may bo granted hy
tne plumbing inspector to insert a running trap between
the house and .the sewer in a position to be approved by
the plumbing inspector, such running trap to have a
cleaning cap made gas and air tight, brougnt up to the
surface of the ground, and taken utf the outer or inner
side of such running trap. A fresh air inlet shall he
brought up to the surface of the ground from the inlet or
house side of sueh running trap, and bo provided with a
cast iron grating set in Portland cement, and bo kept
free from dirt and deposit. In all cases where such intercepting trap is used, the main ventilating pipe must
open at least ton feet from any opening or window.
2S. No exhaust from steam engines, or blow off from
steam boilers, or overflow froin wafer motors, shall be
connected with either private or public sewers.
29. Every vertical soil pipe shall be of cast iron or
brass, and shall extend a sullicient height above window;
roof or coping, or light shaft,.to the satisfaction of the
HO.. No rain water, down pipe, or chimney flue shall
be used as a ventilator for any sewer, trap, soil or waste
pipe, or as any soil or waste pipe.
81. Each building shall be provided with a main
ventilating pipe of cast iron or wrought iron pipe,
galvanized, of not less diameter than four inches, which
shall be carried at least two feet above the highest
window, opening or light shaft, and to tho satisfaction of
the plumbing inspector.
82. Soil or main ventilating pipes in an extension
, must   bu  carried   to  and above the roof of the main
building, when otherwise they would open within forty
feet of any openings of the main or adjoining houses,
unless as provided in seel ion 27.
'i'.'i. No soil pipe shall be less than four inches in
diameter. A waster pipe receiving the discbarge of live
or more sinks shill not be less than three inches iu
diameter and shall have two inch branches.
HI. When lead pipe is used to connect fixtures with
vertical soil or waste pipes, or to connect traps with
main ventilators, it, shall nol he lighter than :
I   inch in diameter,   li  pounds p^r yard.
li'incli in diameter,   5| pounds per yard.
Ii inch iu diameter,   fi  pounds per yard.
2" inch in diameter,   S  pounds pur yard.
•I   inch in diameter, 15   pounds per yard.
2.J inch in diameter, IliJ pounds per yard.
,'i  inch iu diameter, I0A pounds per yard.
•I   inch in diameter. 21   pounds pur yard.
Trap vent pipes shall be of brass, lead, cast, or galvanized
wrought iron.    All traps and fillings shall bu equal in
quality and  thickne.-s to  the pipes to   which, they are
H5. All cast iron pipes must, be of the best clean grey
metal, free from sand cracks, honey comb, poms places,
air holes or other defects, and of the grade known ns
medium used below all lixtures, and for ventilating
pipes the grade known as "Standard" of the heaviest
quality. In. buildings over three stories in height llie
three iower stories must, bu lilted with the grade known
as extra heavy.   The following will bu accepted :
Standards 2   in. 8   in. 1   in.   5 in.   0 in.
Below fixtures (pounds). I   iu. Iii in.!)  in. 17 in. 20 in.
Above flxtureslpoundsl. I   in. 5   in. (IJ in-
Extra heavy (pounds).. .5.1 in. Ill in. 18 in. 17 in. 20 in.
All  linings  used  in connection   wilh  such  pipes  shall
correspond in weight and  qualify.    All  such pipes to he
coated inside and out with tar and asphalLinn.
.'ill. Before being accepted all plumbing work shall be
tested by water or other test approved by and iniide in
the presence of the plumbing inspector. All defective
material shall be removed and replaced, and bad workmanship made good.
87.    All joints iu  iron  or brass sewer  pipe, soil pipe.
:b-x--ij.a_-w" i<ro- 11.
Whereas, it is expedient to define the (ire limits within
the City of Nelson aud adopt regulations relating
thereto: ,;
Therefore be it enacted by the municipal council of the
corporation of the City of Nelson as follows:
1. The lire limits of the City of Nelson shall be as follows:   Comnianciug at the eunter of the intersection of
■Vernon and Hall streets, thence westerly along the
center of Vernon streel to its intersection with ICoote-
niiy street: thence southerly along the center of Ivootenay
streut to its intursuction with Victoria street; thence
easterly along the center of Victoria street to its 'intersection with Hall street: llicnce northerly along the
center of Hall struct to tho point, of commencement.
2. No building shall hereafter he erected within the
said fire liinits unless a permit for the erection thereof
shall have lirst been obtained from theniunicipalcouncil
of the said city.   ,
8. No building'or structure of any kind or description
shall be erected or constructed within the lire limits, as
'defined in section one of this by-law, unless the outside
walls shall be constructed of brick, stone, or material of
like nature, and unless the party walls thereof are composed of brick, stone, etc.; and all buildings which shall
or may hereafter be constructed or creeled within the
said lire limits sliall have front and rear walls of nol less
than one foot in thickness, and if any building shall be
more than'two stories in height (above the basement),
the front and rear walls of the basement of the lirst story
shall be not. less than sixteen inches in thicknc.s.s.and the
front and rear walls of the stories above the second shall
be not less than twelve inches in thickness, and. with
the exception of the rear wall, shall extend at least eighteen inches above thu roof. .Interior walls, if any. of all
buildings fifty feel and over in width shall he of corresponding thickness, and carried through the roof [hereof,
and for every additional fifteen feet in heightfoiir inches
shall be added to the thickness of the walls. The foundation wall shall bo in nil cases at least six inches thicker
,l)uui ihe walls built thereon. • The interior walls of sheds
used for the storage of goods, and under two stories iii
height, abutting on lanes or passages or railway tracks,
other than streets, may be consl meted of non-couibusl i-
•blu material, eight inches thick. Interior walls shall
mean walls dividing stores, or partitions of buildings,
aud running from tho front lo the rear thereof.
,1. Provided, that buildings erected and used as dwellings only, maj lie constructed with 'walls of non-com-
busliblu material in all cases four inches less in thick,
i less than is hereby above speci lied, and provided, further,
that any dwelling, cottage or liarn.mie or two stories iu
height, may he built with walls not less than eight
inches thick.
5. No building which may be erected within the fire
limits shall have any bay or oriel window const rucicd of
wood or projecting over two feel from the street line
from door of second story of said building with cornice
projecting ten inches more: and no cornice of wood shall
be placed "on any building over two stories in height, not
counting the basement., if any, as one story, and all
chimneys shall be erected al least four feel, above the
roof, and the top thereof shall bu at least four feci from
any woodwork of any building, or adjoining buildings.
0. All roofs shall bu of nielnl, slate, tiles, bricks, or
fell covered with distilled roofing cement, or equally
good, noii-in fla i n ir able materia I: and no roof shall be constructed sloping towards the streel. if any portion of il is
within four feet, of the street line.
7. No wooden building, or pari of building, within the
lire limit •! prescribed in seel ion one of this by-law. shall
lie raised, enlarged or re paired, except as herein provided: but no wooden builiiing within the limits described in section one hereof, shall be repaired or altered
to a greater extent than 15 per cent, of. its then present
value, the value of any such wooden building so lobe
repaired or allured wilhin the above described limits, lo
be determined by the cily engineer of the said corporation of the City of Nelson, aud no wooden building .-ball
be removed from any pari of said above described limits
to any other part of .-aid above described limits: but
any wooden builiiing may. in the discretion of the municipal council, be removed from i\t\y pari of said described limits to uny pari outside of said limlls. provided
said wooden building so to be removed shall be denned
by said municipal council lo be worth 75 per cent, of
what. it. would cost to erect a new building of like character.
S. No person shall own. build, or aid in the erection of
any builiiing, or pari of builiiing. within the said limits,
contrary to. or iu any other manner than authorized by
of oakum, and lead hand caulked, and lie perfectly gas
tight. ,
88. All connections of lead with tiron or brass pipe,
shall be made with a brass ferrule of the' samediameter
of the lead pipe put in hubnf the iron pipe and caulked
wilh lead. The ferrule shall be connected wilh tlie lead
pipe with a wiped joint. Vent and flush pipes of water,
closets shall be connected with brass couplings or strong
rubber connect ions under the discretion of the plumbing
89. All connections of lead, waste and vent pipes shall
be made with wiped joints.
10. All water closets, urinals, sinks, basins, wash trays,
baths and all tubs or sets of tubs, and hydrant wasle
pipes shall bu separated and cfluetually Irappud, except
when a sink and wash tuhs immediately adjoin each
other, in which case the waste pipe from the tubs inny
be connected with the inlet side of the sink trap. Urinal
platforms, if connected wilh. the sewers, must also be
properly trapped, vented and automatically flushed
with water from asupply tank.
11. Traps' shall be placed as near the fixtures as
practicable, and in no case shall a trap be more than two
feet, from the fixture. All traps must have a cleaning out
screw on I he underside. '
12. Ad waste pipes from fixtures other than water
closets shall bo provided at the outlet with strong metal
strainers, and all sinks and wash tubs sliall be provided
with approved grease traps.
18. Tho waste pipes from no olher fixtures shall be
connected with a water closet trap.
II. All traps shall be protected from syphonogo by a
ventilating pipe leading from the highest and outer
portion of. Ihe trap, either separating or joining ihe
main vcntilalinir pipe, above the highest fixture, except
in such particular cases, that in the discretion of the
plumbing inspector the vent pipe may be dispensed with
upon proof of non-syphonage.
45. For traps in water closets the branch ventilating
pipe shall not he less than two inches iu diameter, and
not less than three inches for buildings of Ihree stories or
more iu height. Whore a hath or basin, or both, are in
the same room with a water closet, the vents for same
may join the closet vent above the fixture. In no case
shall more than two water closets communicate with the
same ventilating pipe unless it is over two inches in
■Hi. Overflow pipes must discharge Into the open air,
whore .possible, with a flap on the end to keep out
draught, otherwise they must in every ease be connected
with thu waste pipe on the inlet side of the Lrap.,
17. Every safe under a wash basin, bath, urinal, water
clo-et or other fixtures, shall be drained by a special pipe
unconnected wilh a sewer, waste or soil pipe, discharging
into the open air. The outlets of such pipes are to be
provided with flap valves.
48. No drain pipes from refrigerators shall be directly
connected with any soil pipe, waster or sewer.
49. Water closets shall not bu placed in an tin ventilated
room or compartment. In every ease there shall be an
opening to the ouier air. All water closets shall be
supplied with water from special funks, and the water
fromtheseshnllnot.be used for any other purpose. No
water closets shall be directly supplied from the water
mains or service pipes. Water closet cisterns shall be
fitted with ball taps, etc., to prevent wasie.
50. Where the Lrap of the closet is above the floor, the
connection with the soil pipe shall be made with brass,
rubber or approved door flanges.
51. Overllow or discharge pipes from tanks for
drinking water shall never he connected with any soil,
vent, waste pipe orsewer.
52. No closet or any other convenience which allows
the escape into the house of airor gas which has been
conlined iu nny pari of it, or from the drain or soil pipe,
or which allows the accumulation of filth in or about it,
shall be fitted up or used.
58. No person other than a licensed plumber or pipe
layer, acting under tho supervision of the inspector,
sliall be perinitled to make any connection with a public
51. All openings for private sewers must be so made
as to cause as little inconvenience as possible lo the
public; on completion the surface to be left in as good
order as it was before the opening was made, and all
materials, loose earth and rubbish to be removed within
twenty-four hours ; all such openings to be fenced by day
and lighted by night in such a manner as may be
approved by the inspector.
55. No house sewer pipe to have a less fall I lml one in
forty, unless special put-mission, in writing, is granted
by Ihe inspector.
oti. No private sewer in actual use shall bo disturbed
unless under the special direction of ihe plumbing
57. All water pipes must he protected from injury or
55. 'The plumbing inspector shall have power lo enter
upon nny premises aud examine the plumbing, ventilation and drains, and should the same, in hisopinion, bu in
an unsanitary condition, may notify Ihe owner or his
agents lo havethe same put in a sanitary condition, and
any person neglecting to do so forthwith, to the satisfaction of the plumbing inspector, shall be liable lo the
penalties of this by-law.
59. ,'l'be plumbing inspector is also authorized to
receive and place on tilu drawings and descriptions of
the plumbing and drainage execuled in Llie City of
Nelson prior to thu passagu of Ibis by-law. and examine
and give a curlilicale if in accordance with the provisions of this by-law.
(10. Any person guilty of any infraction of any of the
provisions .of Ibis bj-Iaw shall be liable, upon
conviction before the police magistrate or any two
justices.of the'peace havingjurisdiction within the limits'
of the City of Nelson, io be lined in any sum nol
exceeding one hundred dollars, inclusive of costs, and in
case of the non-payment of the line and costs Ihe same
may be levied by distress anil sale of the offender's goods
and chattels, and in case of the non-payment,-of the line,
and there being no distress found out of which-thu stun
can be levied, such oll'ondoi' shall be liable to be imprisoned for any period not exceeding two months.
(il. This bv-Iaw mav be cited for all purposes as the
'•Plumbing By-law, No. II, 1S97."
the provisions of this by-law; or own, remove, or assist
in removing, any such building from without f he said
limits into same ;.or own, repair, or assist in repairing,
any damaged wooden building, contrary, in either case,
to any of the provisions of this by-law.
9. If any wooden building is erected, enlarged, removed, altered or repaired, or in process of erection, enlargement, removal, alteration or repair, contrary to
this by-law, tho owner, occupant, person iu charge, or
builder thereof, shall, on receipt of a notice from the
mayor, or other oflicer duly appointed by the municipal
council, to that, ell'ecr., pull down or remove the same,
and if such person fail so to do for the space of twenty-
four hours after receiving such notice as aforesaid, the
mayor, or other olticer duly appointed by tho municipal
council, may have Ihe same pulled down or removed,
and the expense thereof may be collected from the
owner, occupant, person in charge, or builder of such
10. ICvery person keeping or occupying a shop or other
building, or contractors during construction of building,
wherein shavings or olher combustible materials are
accumulated or may be contained, shall forfeit the sum
of two dollars for every neglect lo clear or reipovc the
saine out of such buildings, and llie yards belonging
thereto, at least three times iu each week, provided
such buildings are situated wilhin two hundred feel of
any olher bui'ding: and no stove shall be Used inany
such shop or building unless the saniu shall be set in a
box .surrounded wilh lire-proof materials, with the pipe
carefully set up according to the provisions of the cilv
by-laws; and no lighted candles shall he used inanvsucii
shop or building except they be placed in a candlestick
made of a iniilurial not liable to take lire, under a penalty of two dollars for each offence.'
11. No person removing shavings or chips, or other
combustible materials, sliall scatter or strew them in
any street, or shall at any lime direct, permit or sutler
any chips, shavings, or olher conibiihlible materials to
be taken, thrown or scattered in any street or alley.,
12. All iron chimneys conveying smoke from any
steam boiler shall not be of a less height than fifty feet,
and nol less than twenty-five feet above the roof, and
shall have a proper spark arrester kept in good order ou
the top.
13. All buildings within the city having hatches, heist
ways, cellar openings, or other openings leading from
floor to Moor (except properly protected skylights) of
whatever name or description, shall be provided with
good substantial .shutters or doors for all such hatchways, hoist ways, cellar doors, or other openings, and the
said shutters or doors shall he kept closed, except when
in actual use.
II. Any person guilty of an infraction of any of (he
provisions of this bylaw shall, on conviction before the.
police magistrate or any t wo justices of the peace having jurisdiction wilhin the limits of the City of Nelson,
forfeit, and pay a penalty, in the discretion of the police
magistrate or justices convicting, not exceeding one
hundred dollars and costs for each offence, and in default of payment thereof it shall bo lawful for the police
magistrate or justices of the peace convicting as aforesaid, io issue a warrant under Irs hand and seal, to levy
the said penally and costs, or penally or costs only, by
distress and sale of the offender's or olleiiders'goods anil
chattels, and should there bu no sullicient distress to
satisfy the said penalty and costs, or penalty or costs
only, il shall and may bo lawful for the said police magistrate, or justices of the peace, convicting, to commit
the olfender or offenders to any lockup house in the said
city, or in the nearest common gaol, for any period not
exceeding two months.
15. This by-law may be cited for all purposes as the
"Eire Limits Hy-law, No. 11, 1S97."
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given (hat the undersigned will apply
to the board of licensing commissioners of the City of
Nelson, at their nexL sill ing. for a license to sell liquor at
retail at, the Shurbrooke House, situate on lots 5 and li,
block 91, Nelson. JOSEPH STURGEON."
Dated al Nelson. B. C. June 9th. 1S)7.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given thai the undersigned will apply
to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson, al, their ncxl sitting, for a license Lo sell liquor al
wholesale al their premises, situate on lot 8, block 12,
Nolson. H. .1. EVANS & CO.,
per If. J. Evans.
Dated at Nelson. Ii. C, June 9th, 1S97.
Application   for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given tluitl.hu undersigned will apply
lo the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the Cily of
Nelson, at their nuxl, silling, for a license to sell liquor at
retail at, the Silver King Hotel, situate ou lot 8, block 10,
Daled at Nelson, Ii. C, Juno 9th, IS97.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that thu undersigned will apply
to the Hoard of Licensing Comini-sioners of the City of
Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at
wholesale at our premises, situate on the west half of lot
7, block II, Nelson.     HUDSON'S PAY COMPANY,
per (i. II. Ronso.v.
' Daied at Nelson, B. C„ June 0th, 1S97.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that Ihe undersigned will apply
to the Board of Licensing 'Commissioners of the Cily of
Nelson, at their .next:sPting, for a license to sell liuuorat
retail at the Clarke liolel, situate on lot II, block 5,
Nelson. c   |.;. c. CI.AIMCK.
Dated at Nelson, ii. C., June 9th, IS97,       .'
,       Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply,
to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson, at, their next sitting, lor a license to sell liquor at
retail at Hie Kootenay Hotel, situate on the west half-of
lol.fl. block 1, Nelson.   ■   PETERSON & MALLETTE.
Dated at Nelson, B, C, June 9th. US97.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply
o (he Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nci. i
Certificate  of the  Registration  of a Foreign
'Comjm.viks Act," Pakt IV., a.vd Amending  Acts
I-   C, MIXING   COM PAN" V,   l.I.MITKI),"
t .
Nelsoii, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at
retail at the Nelson Hotel, situalc on lot 10, block 1,
Dated at Nelson. H. C, June 9th, 1S97.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will appl v
to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson, at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at
retail at the Madden House, situate on lot 2, block 5,
Dated at Nelson, B. C. June 9th, 1S97.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that thu undersignedwill apply
to tho Hoard nf. Licensing Commissioners of the City o'f
Nelson at, their nuxl silling, for a license to sell liquor at
retail at the Hotel Phair. situate on lots 10, II. and 12,
block 13. Nelson. E. E. PHAIR.
Dated at Nelson, H. C. June All.,' 1S97.
Application for Liquor License.
.Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply
to the Hoard of  Licensing C uiissioucrs of the City of
Nelson at their next sit ting, for a license to sell liquor al
retail at, the Merchant.,' liolel. situate on lot 7, block 5,
Dated at Nelson, li. C., June 9th, 1S97._
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply-
to the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson at their next .sitting, for a licens(; to sell liquor al.
retail al his holo!,: situate on the west half of lot I block
2, Xelson. \V. A.  WARD.
Dated at Nelson. II. C.'.lline IIIh, 1897.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that the imdersignrii will apply
to the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor at
retail at lliu Ctrand Hotel, situate on tin; cast hull' of lot
I. block 2. Nelson. JOHN BLOOM I1ERC.
I>atc<I at Nelson. II. C. June llth. 1S97.
Application for Liquor License.
Nolici: is hereby given that the undersigned will apply
10 the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson at their next sitting, for a license lo sell liquor by
wholesale at their premises, situate ,)„ lot I. block 2,
Nelson. .'        TURNER. IIEETON & Co.,
per IIknkv H. Thomson, Manager.
Diiteiljit Nelson, it. (;.. June fifli. 1*7.
Application  for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will apply
In the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson at. their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor nl
retail al the Tremont Hotel, situate on lots (I. 7 and
S. Hlock ii. Nelson. MALON'K & TRKCILLUS.
Jjaled at_Nelson. H._C.. Jnneftth. 1S07._     _   l.lntie 12th]
Application for Liquor License.
Notice is hereby given that (he undersigned will apply
to l.hu Hoard of licensing Commissioners of the City of
Nelson at their next sitting, for a license to sell liquor.nl
retail at. Ihe Central Hotel, situate on lot S. Hloek .5,
Dated at Nelson. II. C'.. June 91 h. 1S97. Mniie 121 hi
Application  for Liquor License.
. Notlei) is hereby given that the undersigned will apply
to the Hoard of Licensing ('nuiiiils..sioiiers of I ho Cily of
Nelson, al I licit- next sin ing, for a license to sell Honor at
wholesale lit lliclr premises, situate, uu lot 22. block (i,
per .1. .1. Cii.v.MUKIts.
Dated at  Nelsoii. II. C, June III h. I.S97.
Application for Liquor License.
Notice i.- hereby given that Ihe undersigned will at the
expiration of thirty days, apply lo tbesl ipcndhiry magistrate of W'e.-I Kootenay district, for a license to sell
liquor hv retail nl bis hotel at Crawford Hav, II. ('.
Daled. June 1st. IS97. I.liilieolhl
Itegistered the 22nd day of February, IS97.
T IIBItKHY CERTIFY that I have this day registered
x the ••Kootenay-Tacoma L. C. Mining Companv, Limited," (Foreign), under tho "Companies Act. Part IV.."
"Registration of Foreign Companies, and Amending
The bead olllce of the said Companv is situated at the
City of Tacoma, in the Slate of Washington. U. S. A. ■ /-■
'fhu objects for which Ihe company is establithed are:
To do and conduct a general mining business in tlie
Lnited States of America, and in the Province of British
Columbia, Canada', with  limited liability to the stockholders, as provided for by lliu laws governing such iu
'the Province of Hritish Columbia, Canada: in addition
I hereto, lo purchase, hold, lease, sell, mortgage, convev,
bond, and  otherwise dispose of any and  all  kinds of
mines, mineral hinds, ami mineral claims; lo use, equip,
and operate the same, either separately or in conjunction
with any other mines or mineral claims, or with any
other uulerprise authorized by these articles of incorporation, either iu the United Suites of America or in  the
Province of Hritish Columbia, Canada; lo construct, acquire, hold, lease, convey, and dispose of. maintain and
operate railways,  motor lines, wagon roads, and tramways, and build furnaces and reduciion works; to reduce,
smelt, and reline, any and all kinds of ore; lo use, equip,   -
and operate thu same, either separately or in conjunction
with any other railwu>s. motor lines, wagon roads, tramways, furnaces, and reduction works in the United Suites
of America, or in the Province of British Columbia, Canada; to acquire and operate water rights, ditches, flumes,
and olher conduits and apparatus necessary for the ap-•
propria!ion. use. and disposition of water*in operating
mills and  mines, running and operating electrical machinery in the United Statesof Ainerie-iand Ihe Province
of Hritish Columbia, Canada; to purchase, acquire, hold,
creel, and operate electric light and power plants for the-
purpose of mining and treating ores, and for the purpose
of tarnishing light and creating power for nil purposes!
connected with such mining business in the United States
of America and Province of British  Columbia. Canada:
lo use. equip, and operate the said railwavs, motor lines,
and other [appliances  with   steam, electrical, or oilier
motive power; to survey and plat into town lots and
blocks any or all real estale that this Corporation mav
acquire: to sell, lease, and mortgage real and personal
property, or otherwise dispose of, incumber, all and singular ,lhu same, iu connection with said mining business,  .
in the United Slates of America and  the  Province of
Hritish Columbia. Canada: to do and conduct a general
mercantile business, and such other transactions as the
business of the Corporation may require.
The capital stock of the said Company is §1,000,000, divided into 1.000,(100 shares, of the par value of §1 each.
Given under my hand and seal of olllce, at Victoria,
Province of British Columbia, this 22nd dav of February,
1S97. ■ S. Y. WOOTTON.
Registrar of Joint Slock Companies.
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate  of
Take notice that f, J. Herrick McGregor, acting ns
agent for tho Victoria Mining & Development Companv.
Limited Liability, free miner's certificate No. 77.51S. intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the mining
recorder for a certificate of improvements for ihe purpose of obtaining a crown grantof theabove claims. And
further take notice lhataction, under sect ion H7, must bo
commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. J. HEKItlCIC McGIUCGOK.
Dated, this 21st day of April, 1S97. [.May 8th]
Notice   of  Application   ror   Certificate   of
Take notice that 1. P. Wilson, acting as agent for the
1 lamillon & Rossland Gold M ining Company, Limited Lia-
bility, free miner's certificate No. 79.:i2li, intend sixly days
from thedale hereof, lo apply to the mining rccordcrfora
certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a, crown grant of the above claim. And further take
notice that notion, under section 37. must be commenced
before llie issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated, this ltb day of May, 1S07. [Mny Sth]
Notice   of  Application   for   Certificate
Take notice that I,,N. Jb\ Towiiscnd, agent for Hubert.
J. Bealey, free miner's certilicate No. 7:i,;j.'tii, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof. Io apply to the mining
recorder for a certificate of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant of theabove claim. And
further take notice that action, under section :)7, must bo
taken before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements. N. F. TOWNSENI)
Hated, this 24th day of June. 1807. -■ (June 2i;th]
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Sixty days after date t, the undersigned, intend to apply to tlie chief commissioner.of lands and works for
permission to purchase the undermentioned tract of
land: '    -■   ■
'-,:.."■   BESCmiTION.' '■
''.Commencing at a post marked "C.St.B., N E." placed at
the head of II mile point on the south shore of the outlet
of Kootenay lake, thence 10 chains south, thence 10
chains west, morn or less, to the outlet of Kootenay lake,
thence following the shore to the point of commencement, 100 acres more or less,
Nelson. 21th of May, 1S97. ,.. lMay2!).|
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Notice is hereby given that I, A. O^ Evans, intend lo
apply at the expiration of sixty days from the puhlic.ition
of this notice, to the commissioner of lands and works to
purchase the following unsurveyed, unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate at or near \\ bite Grouse
'mountain, and embracing lands near confluence of imrlh
and west branch of Goal creek, a tributary of Goalrivcr.
in the Goat river mining division of the district of West
Kootenay. Hritish Columbia.
...   ni-sscKHTioN.. .
^Commencing at initial post, marked "A. (>. K.'s N. E.
corner," thence due north 10 chains, thence due west Mi
chains, llicnce due south III chains, thence due east si
chains to point of commencement, colilaining :i2u acres
more or less. A. H. KVASS,
Dated this I llli day of May, 1S!«7.        ' (June l!Uli|
Notice of Application to Purchase Land.
Notice is hereby given that I, L. P. Mcrrimnii. intend
to apply al the expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice, to the commissioner of lands and
works, to purchase the following unoccupied, iiiisiirvcycd
iirnl unreserved, lauds, situate at or near White Grousu
mountain, and embracing lands near confluence of north
and west brunch of Gout erei k. a tributary nf Goat river,
in the Goat river mining division of West ICoolenay dis-
trici; Hritish Columbia.
|   IIICriCltllTIU.V.
Commencing at initial post marked ''I.. P. M.'s N. E.
corner," thence due south III chains, thence due west SO
chains, I hence due north III chains, tlii'iiec due cast l-'l|
chains to point of commencement, containing X.1I acres
more ur less. I,. P. M K1CIM.M AN.
Daled this lllh day of -May. 1SH7. (June lllth
Notice of Application to Purchase  Land.
Notice is hereby given that I, G. II. Owen, intend to
apply at the expiration of sixty days from the publication of this notice; lo ihe commissioner of lands and
works to purchase the following unsurveyed, unoccupied, and unreserved crown lands, situate on the north
shore of the west arm of Koolcay lake, in the Nelson
ni in ing division oj the district of West Kootenay, Hrilish
Columbia.  '
Commencing at initial post marked "G. II. Owen R. E.
corner," thence due west 10 chains, thence due north 10
chains, thence due east 10 chains, thence due south W
chains to point of commencement, containing IWI acres
more or less. G. II. nWEN.
Dated this 2(ilh day of June, 1SI7. (June 2t>th|
Silling of Ihe count} conn .of Kootenay will be bullion
nl the court house. City of Nelson, on the tilth day of
Julv. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon.
E. T. II. SIMPKINS, Acting Registrar of Court.
Dated this 1st day of June. A. 1). 1S!I7. |.lune.11h|
After  tho   firs!, of July the price of  lots iu Addition
A to N'elson will be raised.    Intending purchasers should
take advantage of the present prices.
(June 12.| W. .1. G. DICKSON. Agent.
S. R. Fraser, who for several years has
followed the misfortune's of a newspaper
man's life returned to Nelson this week
from the Slocan. , ile has succeeded in
locating a number of promising mineral
claim's on Wilson creek and in consequence is hopeful of being-able shortly
to bid farewell to newspaper work and
its financial inconveniences.
. Hon. 0. B. Martin, chief commissioner
of lauds and works, announces that he
will shortly visit Nelson for the purpose
of directing the government's campaign
against the Nelson squatters, who have
improved the government's town'lot.s, by
building houses upon them. The com-;
mis^ioncr's zeal in looking after what he
fancies are the public interests in this
matter will no doubt contrast strongly
with all previous' actions of ,his iu cases
where the public interest was threatened
,   ,   by the greed of railway promoters.
, Tho   ratepayers    of    Nelson    did   not
evince the .slightest interest,in the school
election which was to have taken place
in the.school house on Saturday. Dr.
•Arthur of tlie school board, and J. li.
Green, the school master, were the only
citizens present and consequently there
was no quorum and no action could be
taken to iill the vacancy on the board
caused by the retirementof G. It. Robson.
As the date for this meeting is lixed by
statute tlie failure-of the ratepayers to
attend the meeting, puts school matters in
a queer tangle. The retiring trustee was
„ prevented from attendance at the
meeting by .jury duty during the assize',
and his other colleague George Johnstone
was detained by customs business.
Married—Robert Alexander Ren wick, of
Nelson, B. C, and Maude Leighton, eldest
daughter of Mr. R., B. McMicking, of
Victoria, at St. Andrew's church, 'Victoria,
on the 2Si-h June 1S97, by Rev. li. D.
McLaren, M. A., B. D.
Edward Watts, who for several years
managed thje Wellington mine in tho Slocan, arrived in Nelson this week en route
for' Sandon, where he proposes developing the Eagle mineral claim, located above
the Slocan Star group. Senator McLaren
of Perth, and'W. A. Allen, of Ottawa, are
interested in this property. Mr. Watts
will run in a 100-foot tunnel to tap the
o ledge, and if the appearance warrants it
extensive development'work will be undertaken.
At the ball given   in   the   Macdonald
• building Friday evening, Mrs. Dr.'La Ban
secured the lady's prize for waltzing and
C. Y. Dake the gentleman's prize.
This week the Hall Mines sent forward
• a train-load of copper bullion consigned
to Great Britain. There were 100 tons of
bullion in the shipment aud it will go
across the continent in a special tram
suitably marked as an advertisement of
the mineral resources of the district.
John Thompson, who is employed in
the sampling- room of the smelter, was
assaulted early Tuesday morning by an
unknown man and severely beaten over
the head. The assault took place in the
' vicinity of the Ivootenay hotel. Thompson was rendered unconscious by the
blows and remained so for half an hour.
Ed Becker, of Kaslo, who has been back
in Ontario since April last, arrived in Nelson yesterday on his way home. He was
in Gault when the news came that Robert
Scott1 was elected mayor of Rossland, and
the people generally were jubilant. Mr.:
Becker says that it would how be hard
work to sell mining shares of any Rossland company in Ontario.
The Nelson orchestra will give a fourth
. of July ball in the fire hall Monday evening, July 5th.    It will be a public ball aud
a general invitation will be extended to
all citizens to attend.
The Kootenay lumber company has
made all arrangements for carrying a full
stock of building lumber in this city.
Charles St. Barbe has been appointed
agent to look after the local business.
On Monday evening Kootenay lodge,
No. 1(5, I. O.- O. F., will install its officers,
after which a supper will be given in the
Silver King hotel. All visiting members
of the order are requested to attend.
The smelter team did not compete iu
the tug of war tournament on Friday.
There are some big strong men around
the smelter who never let go of a rope
and they had decided to teach the boys
around town a thing or two about
pulling, but they had a slight misunderstanding among themselves and the tug
of war contest was abandoned. it
appears that the boys were practicing on
a rope'last Wednesday evening. It was
rather'dark and one side snubbed the
rope around a tree. The men on the other
end tugged until their hands were sore,
but they could gain only such of the rope
as their opponents were willing to pay
out, and the latter being the fresher
could easily take such in and snub it
around the tree again. When the trick
was discovered a free light was narrowly
averted, and no one had the hardihood
since to mention a tug of war contest.
The young man McDonald who broke
jail at Nelson while awaiting trial upon a
charge of stealing.cigars from Russell <fc
Thurman's warehouse, received twelve
months imprisonment upon the charge of
breaking jail on  Wednesday.
Col. Baker, minister of mines, is in East
Kootenay picking up snaps in the way of
promising mineral claims. The colonel's
latest mining venture is the bonding of a
group of six claims on the south fork of
St. Mary's river. The claims were located
in 1SU(5 and are credited  with  having a 20
We have just received another lot of Ladies' Fine Shirt
Waists, made of Organdy and Dimity Detachable White
Collars and Cuffs; also Collars and Cuffs to match Waists.
An early inspection of these goods are asked, as they are
selling rapidly.     Mail  orderswill receive prompt attention.
covered, the sports were postponed and
about 200 men engaged in the search.
When darkness came on about 30 men
were provided with lanterns, and searched
the bush all about where the child was
last seen. AboutS o'clock Saturday morning the child was discovered on a trail
leading to the Nelson & Fort Sheppard
railway track. It did not have the appearance of a child that had been out all
night, arid the supposition is that it was
picked up and afterwards placed wheie
it could be recovered.
Mrs. Reid, wife of J. K. Reid of this
city, accompanied by her son, arrived in
Nelson'today. They will spend the summer in Nelson.
Sir Charles Ross, one of the principal
shareholders in the West Kootenay Power
& Light company, was iu Nelson this
week. He says the company contemplates
the erection ef a plant capable of supplying ]0,000 horse-power. It will start with
a capacity of 3000 horse-power. The power
will be generated at the middle Kootenay
J. B. McArthur of Rossland, spent a
couple of days in Nelson this week. Like
most men who are alive to the welfare of
Kootenay, he is convinced that a change
in the provincial government is necessary,
and when the opportunity arrives he purposes putting his shoulder to the wheel.
On Thursday a complete change was
made in the laboratory and assay office of
the Hall Mines smelter, Harold Boedtker
of New York, taking the oflice of chief
chemist and assayer in the place of A. IT.
Holdich, and N. Carmichael taking the
place of assistant assayer vice G. C.
A Complete stock of building lumber of all kinds will
now be kept at Nelson.
Charles St. Barbe, Agent.
Scaled lenders marked on the envelope "Tender for
mineral claims,'' will be received by llie undersigned un-
lill noon on Saturday, the iith day of July, for the purchase of llie interests of tlie lule George Johnson in tlie
following mineral claims, situate in the Nelson mining
division of the district of Wesl ICootenny:
Item I, "Itud Cii]i,""Tlioriib,v"iind "Keystone"mineral
Item 2, "Lizzie C." mineral claim.
Ilcm .'), "Magpie" mineral claim.
Item I. "Vulcan" mineral claim.
-Hum,"), "Aimizon" mineral claim.
A separate price must, be put on each item where more
than one is tendered for.
The highoML or any lender not necessarilv accepted.
Ollicial Administrator. Donald.
Donald. June -23rd, 1SU7.
Notice     of
Application     for
Certificate    of
Take notice I hat I. Onirics A. Stoess, of Ra'lo. H.C,
acting as a.iconl. for C. Slierbarl of Nelson, li. ('.. free
miner's certilicate Xo. S'-i.-IO. intend sixly daws from the
dale hereof, to apply to Ihe mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for Ihe pin-pose of oblaininp; a
crown grant, of Ihe above claim. And further tako
notice ihaL action, under sec-lion ,"7, must be communed
before tlie issuance of such cerlilicale of improvemr'nl-.
Dated this 14th day of June, 1SIJ7. I July :tnl]
The Payne is shipping 40 tons of ore a
day, one-quarter of which goes via the C.
P. R. The output will be increased as
soon as more wagons can be procured.
No. 3 tunnel is expected to strike the lead
very shortly, when the force of miners
and output of ore will be still further increased.
Work upon the wagon road connecting
the Rambler-Cariboo mine with the Mc-
Guigan creek trunk road has been completed and ore is now being prepared for
shipment. The cross-cut tunnel has been
run about 2150 feet and it has about 200
feet further to run to strike the lead:
When this is reached an increased depth
of 300 feet below tlie upper workings will
have been secured. A power drill has
been put in and is about ready to be operated.
The Ibex mine has commenced shipping,
the first shipment having reached Kaslo
on Wednesday. There are four car-loads
of ore at the mine awaiting shipment.
Manager Gibson, of the Gibson mine, reports the finding of a large ore body ou
the secondchute of the mine when in 300
feet and at a depth of 185 feet. They
have three feet of ore, eight inches being
solid and 28 inches of carbonates and galena mix "'.	
l\iper Rails Favored,
rails   for   railways   are
Notice , of
Application     lor
Certificate    of
Take notice that, I. Charles A. .Stress of ICaslo, U. C.
acting as agent for C. Sherhart of N'elson, U. C. free
miner's certilicate N'y. 82,210, intend sixly davs from ihe
dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for
a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown granl of the above claim. And further lake
notice thai action, under section 117, musl bo commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of improvements
,     '      , , CHAKLKS A. STOKStf."
Dated this 1 Ith day of June, ISD7. [July itrd]
Notice   of
Application   for
Certificate  of
foot ledge of galena ore. Tlie bond calls
for the payment of $00,000 in easy installments.
The dissappeurance of the Barrow child
Friday afternoon, caused much uneasiness about the city Friday evening. At
0 o'clock, the child  not  having  been   re-
Paper ' rails   for   railways   are   finding
great favor in  the United States.   The
iron  or steel  rails now in use are by no
means   free   from   defects.     The   metal
is always  more  or  less affected   by the
condition of the atmosphere,   and accidents   are   frequently   traced     to     the
warping,    contraction   or   expansion   of
the  rails.     Again,  there   are  flaws   and
similar    imperfections   in    rails   of   the
metallic   order,   and    these   often   give
trouble.     The    heavy   locomotives   and
other.rolling stock of these days require
fiuire extraordinary large and heavy rails;
consequently  the rails cannot be made
very loner as  the  weight  would   be  too
much.    The   paper   rails   are   less   than
one-half   lighter   for    the    same   length
and     size,    so     that,   as     far    as    the
weight     question     is    concerned,     the
length  of   tlie latter can   be  twice'that
of the iron or  steel   rail.   This  obviates
the use of just so many joints, dispensing
with so many bolts and connections, and
relieving the wheels  of the coach  from
just so many shocks.
A Result of Cucumbers.
The butler-"Hand hevery night at the
hour of midnight the ghost b appears and
groans and wrings its hands."
American tourist—"Ah! Must have
died in the cucumber season."
Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoes« of Ivaslo. B. C.
acting as agent for C. Sherbiirt of Nelson. 13. C.. free
minor's certificate No. 82,210, intend sixty days from the
dnte hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of Ihe above claim. And further take notice
that action, under section H7, must be commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated, this 11th day of June, 1S97. [July :ird]
Notice   of  Application   tor   Certificate   of
Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoes=, noting as agent
fori?. \V. Willey of Nelson, H. C. free miner's certificate
No. 07 SS7, intend sixty tlnys from the dale hereof. Io apply
to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,
for Ihe purpose of obtaining a crown grant, of the above
claim. And further take notice that action, under section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such
certificate of improvements.
Dated, this lith day of June, 1SU7. IJuly :ird]
Notice    of     Application     for     Certificate    of
Take notice that I. Charles A. Stoess of Kaslo B. C
acting as agent for C. Slierbarl.of Xelson, B. 0.. free
miner's certilicate Xo. S2.210, and P. W. Goorgoof Xelson,
U. C. free miner's certificate No. 79,075, intend sixlv days
from the dale hereof, to apply to the mining recorder f>>r
a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above clnim. And further tak»!
notice that action, under section 37, must he cjmmenccd
before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements
•       '      <      .        ,       ■ OHAItLKS A. STOKSS.   -
Dated this 2(Jth day of June, 1SII7. [July 3rd]
Notice  of   Application   for   Certificate   of
Take notice that I, Charles A. Stoess of ICaslo. ]!. C
acting ns agent for C. Slierbarl of Nelson }i. C, free
miner's certificate Xo. 82.2111, intend sixty diiys from the
dale hereof, lo apply t.o the mining recorder for a certiC-
cat.e of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
crown granl of the above claim. And further take
notice that action, under suction H7, must he commenced
before the issuance of such ceri idealo of improvements
Dated this I Ith day of June, I8H7. |.July3rd|
Near corner Victoria and Stanley streets
Views of all parts of Kootenay
Photographs in the latest Btyles
Guarantee satisfaction
Irs. Johnson.
A -carload of Nails and am prepared to quote prices to Builders
and Contractors lower than has ever before quoted in Kootenay.
We carry in stock a full line of Builders' Hardware, Stoves, Iron,
Steel, Anvils, Bellows, Shovels, Picks, Hammers, Powder, Fuse,
Caps, Etc., and a complete stock of" Groceries, and with our large
and our knowledge of the requirements of the country we claim to
be better able to fit out a prospecting party or a mining company
with supplies than any other house in the city or district. Sole
agents for the Giant' Powder Company, and the Gurney Stove and
Range Company.
Just received
T'HE latest styles of Ladies'  Purses and   Card Cases,
and Gents' Pocket Books and  Purses.     The prices
are right and ,the goods the  best manufactured.
W.  F. Teetzel  & Co,
Agents for 13. Lawrence Spectacles and Kye Glasses
EyoMght tested free
We are just placing in stock the finest line of READY MADE CLOTHING
ever brought into the city
that will give satisfaction.
An entirely new stock of FELT HATS AND CAPS
in the latest styles and makes
A Magnificent line of Scotch Tweeds and Worsteds, and West of
England Trouserings, suitable for spring wear.
A special feature of Fancy Worsted Suiting's.
Easy Payments and.
Liberal  Discounts
Our premises have just been generally overhauled
and greatly enlarge.d. Stock has also been increased.
We carry everything that a man can want, and the
prices   are   right.      Eng.   City  K.   Boots our specialty.
18 and 20
J. A.
BRANCH MARKETS   .   .   .'.-.   .
Rossland and Trail, in Trail Creek District
Three Forks and ' Sandon, in Slocan District
Kaslo in Ainsworth District
Prepared to supply consumers with everything1 in the way of fresh and cured meats.
Orders by mail carefully filled and promptly forwarded.


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