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 ^&L  *��  THJi TRIBUNE IS THE OLDEST NEWSPAPER  PKINTKI) IN THE  KOOTENAYS  Saturday, December 5, 1Q03  NELSON IS THE TRADE CENTER OF SOUTHEASTERN BRITISH  COLUMBIA  .-���"-���-"���J-  THE LIBELAL-CONSERVATIVE NOMINATING  Assessment Bill Not in Accordance With  Pledges of Liberal-Conservative Association ���Amendments Introduced by  John Houston.  Tlie assessment bill introduced by the Joly-McBride government does not meet with the approval of any of the members.  It is looked on as a measure that will, not attract people to the  province however much it might do towards increasing the  revenue. Increasing taxes is unpopular, and the government  that is, required to do it must be strong on its feet, which the  Joly-McBride government is not. The Liberal-Conservatives,  \>y supporting the bill, are forced to admit the plank in their  pl'atform re taxation of the output of mines was intended to deceive.;, Such an admission would readily be made by Conserva--  tive^Tike the Macdonald-Carle}'' coterie iu Nelson, but will not  be made by Liberal-Conservatives who demand that the party's  pledges shall be kept. As a matter of fact, the Joty-McBride  government is uot a. Liberal-Conservative government; but is a  government made up of "chums,".whose one principle is to hold  office regardless of consequences.  There is a strong feeling amoug business men that some  pther method than that of the pawnbroker must be devised in  order to put British Columbia iu a good condition financially.  To meet interest and sinking fnud charges ou the public debt  takes one-fourth of the total revenue, and to maintain public  schools takes another quarter. Surely a method can be derived  that would wipe out both these drains on the revenue. If not,  ,.-   then the outlook for the province is n!p||brigh.t. -  ,;.���_'-.. :Therassessiiient:bill iiitrbduced by the ..government re-enacts,  ; \' 'fliSr,2^^  changes;whatever iu the existing law.   John Houston, the meih-  ;   ber for.; Nelson Cit}-, has put. himself on record by declaring that  ; he stood for the principles enunciated in the platform of the  ; Liberal-Conservative party, one of which is that the tax on the  output of mines shall be on the net proceeds, and another is that  home industries shall be protected and encouraged. He now  goes on record by introducing amendments to the government's  . assessment bill, which he will insist must be incorporated in the  bill, which if adopted will be most effective in carrying out the  pledges of the Liberal-Conservative party both iu letter and in  spirit; The amendments introduced \>y Mr. Houston are as  follows:  GOVERNMENT LAND POLICY  "10. (1.) AH mines and mining claims,  JlotnJplacer__andaiacltin4)luce,i_cQiitaining=  or bearing gold, silver, copper, lead or  other valuable mineral deposits (except  coal or petroleum), after purchase thereof from the Crown, shall be assessed at  the price paid the Crown therefor, unless  the surface ground, or some part thereof,  of such mine or claim is used for other  thau mining purposes, and hits a separate  and independent value for such other purpose, in which case said surface ground or  any part thereof, so used for other than  mining purposes shall be assessed at its  full value for such other purposes; and  all machinery used in mining, and all  property and surface improvements upon  or appurtenant to mines and mining  claims which havo a value separate and  independent of such mines or miuiug  claims, shall be assessed as other personal  property.  "(2.) There shall be assessed, levied  and collected from every person owning,  managing, leasing or working amino, and  paid to His Majesty, His heirs and successors, two per cent on thc assessed value  of oro or mineral bearing substances raised,  gotten or gained from any lands in this  province, and which have been sold or removed from, the mining premises. The  assessed value shall be ascertained by thc  assessor from the returns, to be .furnished  him under section 14 of this,Act, or from  such other information ris hemay be able  to obtain.  "(a.) Lands held under lease from the  Crown for tlie purposes of placer dredging  or hydraulic mining, upon which a royalty is payable, and the personal property  anil plant which are assessable under the  lease, shall not be subject to the tax imposed by this section-"  "15. The return mentioned in section  11 must contain a true and correct account of the actual expenditures of money  in and about extracting the ore or mineral from- the-mine and transporting the  same to the mill or.reduction works, and  the reduction of tlie ore and the conversion of the same into money, or its equivalent, during tho quarter or period for  which it is made. In making the statement there must be allowed all monies expended for labor, machinery and supplies  needed and used iu mining operations,  for improvements nec.ossnry in and about  Iho workings of the mine, for reducing  tho ores, for the construction of mills aud  reduction works used and operated in connection with the mine, for transporting  the ore, and for extracting the metals and  rmiiiornls^thevj6fi'onL;^b.n.t_iuojiey__iny.e-te.d_  in the mines or improvements during any  quarter or period, except the quarter or  period for whicli such return is made,  must not be included therein. Such expenditures shall not include the salaries, or any portion thereof, of any persons or officers not actually engaged in  the working of the mine, or personally  superintending tho management thereof,  or for any moneys expended for transportation or milling or smelting done outside  the Province of Britisli Columbia."  MINING NEWS.  Charles P. Law, who is one of tho best  known mining man in British Columbia,  and who represented tlie province as commissioner at the World's Fair in 1893 at  Chicago, lias had a lengthy trip through  the Similkameen country. He says there  is no other district so extensively mineralized as the Similkameen. Thero tire rich  deposits of copper and gold everywhere  and large areas of coal. Tho only thing  required is a railway and Mr. Law does  not see how railway construction can be  deferred much longer.  The sale of the Alpha group on the  Great-Northern hill to Mr. Scheustcr of  London, England, is said to be the wind-  up of the business of the famous Horne-  Payne in the Lardeau district. Tho Alpha group consists of eight claims on  which considerable development work has  beeu done. A plot of 1300 acres on the  North Fork of the Lardo, suitable for a  millsite is included in the sale.  W. C. Koch, the lessee of thc Enterprise mine, is iu the city and reports  steady development going on at the mine.  Owing to the soft weather it is impossible to get the ore down from the mine at  present. There are 65 men on the payroll  aud a large number will be employed a.s  soon as the ore now ready for shipment  can be handled profitably.  Thc stockholders of tho Republic Consolidated Gold Mining Company which  owns the Republic mine have assigned nil  the property for the bout-fit of the creditors. There is little hope that anything  will be left for the stockholders after the  debts are paid by the assignee.  Victoria, B. C, December 3.���Both McBride and his attorney-general have placed,  themselves on record by writing as follows're Lots 4593 and 4594, Group 1, East Koot-,  enay : "The policy of the present' -government with regard to. the disposition of the lands  is to secure to all present legal holders of any claims thereon,.their statutory rights. We  deem it advisable not to take immediate action along these lines, as we wish to avoid any  complications which might arise by alleged claims that may be made on behalf of the  C.P.R., which we do not recognize. We do not anticipate that the Dominion government will attempt to disallow chapter:8, statutes 1903, but it is thought advisable to defer  action until the disallowance period shall., have elapsed, which will be about Maj>* 1st,  1904. Immediately after this last mentioned: date we propose to deal with the lands in  question as though the same hadalways been vacant crown lands and will then recognize all valid, legal locations according to Aheir priority, including these now in existence.  We will not, however, assume the responsibility of deciding conflicting claims," .  'President G. O. Bmhanan '$ Address  To The Assol^e0<Boards of %*ade  The recollection of the generous hos-  .pitality'extended, to us.by'the people of  Rossland on occasions in the past makes  us glad that this city has been selected  as the place.of meeting of this our sixth  convention;.';,"; "-.  ��� Of tlie different subjects that were  recommended, by the convention that  met at'Fernie in,March last for presentation! to the provincial government,.d  am not aware that any (except the pro--  vision for county ; court-facilities for  Fernie) have been dealt with. '" -r--.\.  ���i.iyariiwhappy .to^info.rm;tyou.;thatj:the.-  lpri_-<''flght. for;:the-.recognition of the  rights'.'. of our". lead' "miners , has atylast  reached a definite result. The dominion  government, in view of its large surplus of revenue over expenditure,: has  been unable to see its way to grant the  increased tariff protection upon lead products coming into Canada for which  we have been asking, adding" as this  would have done 'to the burdens of consumers. Recognizing, however, the justice of thc request of our producers that  they be placed upon an equality with  those engaged in similar lines of business, it has agreed to pay for a period  of. five years.a bounty upon lead produced in Canada, said bounty not to exceed $15 per ton and not to exceed in  any one year a. total of $500,000.  Owing to the protracted sitting of  the dominion parliament, 'the act pror  viding for the. payment of this bounty  did not become a law until the 24th day  of October, and the regulations providing . for its operation have not yet been  promulgated.  On account of this delay, and also be-  :Cause=the-price-of=lead-in-the-market_=  of the world has gone to an exceptionally low, figure, we have not. seen that  marked revival in lead mining that early  in the season we were led to expect.  In reply to our request for an expert-;  mental orchard under the auspices of  the dominion department of agriculture,  to be established somewhere in the  mountain region I have a communication from the minister stating that par  liament is averseto the multiplication of  experimental ��� stations.  Since ftie --termination'of the coal  miners' strike.'at Fernie in February  last, no labor r troubles., of." any., consequence have been heard of in our territory. t : ;y. ���y;y7-;-:.y:'y.;"'';���"''.',; y -y  .In the mining,situation the'encouraging factors are:- ���'-'-'  First-���The  development of the coal  mines in'the Crjow's.Nest'pas's,.creating,  as/this   development   has,* a  series   of  busy-''communities,'and offering -at"rea-r  .sonable prices an taniple supply of fuel  for existing1 local industries. v:' *. 4 V;  _^_Second-^.__a_r3^^^  in bothy'theS.eas-Tahd^  our  territoryy 'of  enormous    additional  .-���tores of coal lying ready to meet an*/  demand that; pan be -made upon theni  by any industrial: conditions that can  possibly be created in* a thousand "years  to come,;   a.:,'.A :: "A. >-'*"'���' ;  ��� Third���The hopeful indications of the  existence- in ����� the-extreme  southeast  corner of the ^province of vast petrof  leum deposits.;    ..   ....,, >: ;.  .-. The political complications that have  arisen have;; completely, tied, up this  region, even froin -the-prospector, but  this state of;things cannot conceivably  continue forya; long-time, and ,.i.t is a  general ^opinion, that the- removal of ,<the  embargo now resting upon it will be  quickly followed by the ' development  on our side of the line of a great central  deposit , of y petroleum,. of which it is  believed the flows that have been found,  in Montana and Alberta are. but the  offshoots.  Fourth���The increased copper production and the demonstration that the  copper ore bodies of the Boundary and  =Rossland-camps-can-be-mined-and-treat~  ed profitably at a figure that a few years  ago would have been considered ridiculously low. "   ���:  Fifth���The successful application of  the Elmore and Hendryx processes of  the treatment of low grade gold < ores  suggesting the possibility that deposits  of such, rock heretofore useless will, be  brought within the zone- of profitable  exploitation.  Sixth���The probability that under the  stimulus of the liberal bounty, now. paid  by the government, the lead industry  will revive, : and attain proportions  greater than at any time in its history.  The-unfavorable feature of the situation, may be stated as an extraordinary  dearth of capital offering for the development of new properties. Not only  is this'experienced in the older camps,  in which it might be supposed that failures had made investors wary, but even  in new. camps such., as Poplar creek,  great- difficulty is experienced in selling  properties' or raising money, for their  ._deyelo_jii^nti__^v_..^.��:. y_y.Z���--.^i--^ -  y;''The? :-lu__ber .'"industry, has  attracted  great'attention during the year, many  ��� thousands of acres of timber land have  been tak-en up by prospective lumbermen, a number of new mills have been  established, and more are in contempla-  ..tion,   ��� -���'  ,   .    ���_'."��� '-,.'���"'.."���.":;   -  The admission; of rough lumber from  the United States into Canada free of  duty/ while our lumb'er is debarred from  their market by a duty.of $2'per thousand, feet, is felt by our manufacturers  of lumber as an. injustice, and in view  of the fact that a tariff affording moder-  - ate protection to all native industries  seems 'to be permanently established as  a trade policy of Canada, the attitude  of our lumbermen's associations in asking/for. the imposition of a duty of $2  per thousand feet upon rough lumber  coming into Canada seems justifiable.  The very successful exhibition held in  Nelson in. September last afforded an  illustration of .the quiet progress that  is being made in the development of  new-sources of wealth.  The culture of fruit   and vegetables  -has-already-become-anMndustryrand-the  testimony of the , exhibitors from all  parts -was to the effect that extraordinary success has attended the growth of  hardy and semi-hardy fruits and berries  and it seems assured that in a few years  the production will entirely supply the  home market, and will keep pace with  the requirements of any outside market, such as that of the territories and  Manitoba, that can profitably be reached.  Assessment ^Bill Brought in by the Government  T#e Two Per Cent Tax on Minerals is Retained  The following is the government's plaii  to increase the revenue:  All former assessment acts nre repealed  and a new act, practically consolidating  tho repealed acts and containing a number of changes, is substituted for them.  Under tho new act, as iu the old, income  up to $1000 is exempted. Personal property exemption is fixed at ��1000 instead of  $;i00 as before.  Tlie assessment rolls of 1904, already prepared, are cancelled, and new assessment  rolls are to be prepared and must be ready  for revision not later than January S31st,  1904. . All taxes under the new rolls are  payable on 1st April, 1904.    -  Some of the salient features of tlie new  assessment and other acts are giveii below. The new schedule of general taxation is as follows:  "On Real Estate���One per cent on the  assessed value of real estate other than  wild land.  "Ou Wild Land���Three per cent on the  assessed value of wild land.  "On Personal Property���Ono per cent  on the assessed value of all personal property.  "On Income���On so much of the income of every person (subject to tlie deductions allowed in this act and in the  schedule of forms to this act) as exceeds  one thousand dollars within the following  classifications; upon such excess the rates  shall be a.s follows, namely:  "Class A���On one thousand dollars nnd  not exceeding teu thousand dollars, one  and one-half per cent up to five thousand  dollars, aud two and one-half per cent on  the next five thousand dollars.  "Class B���On ten thousand dollars and  not exceeding nventy thousand dollars,  two and one-h:ilf per cent up "*to twenty  thousand doilnvs, and three per cent on  the next ten thousand dollars.  . "Class C���On twenty, thousand dollars  aud upwards, three per cent tip to thirty  thousand dollitis, and tliree and one-half  per cent on thi' remainder.  "Provided niways that if the abovo  tnxes are paid on or before the 80th day  of June in each year, but not otherwise,  the assessor or collector is hereby authorized to allow to every taxpayer a discount  at the rate of ten per centum upon the  amount so piii'l by him for the current  year's. taxes only- All arrears must be  paid in full without discount.  Corporations share in the taxation on  the following scheme: When tho taxable  income shown on said form is under ten  thousand dolln-.v, 2J_ per cent; on $10,000  and under $20,000, 3 per cent; on $*20,000  aud upwards, is1... per cent.  Included in this are banks, insurance  companies of nil kinds, loan ahd guarantee companies, telegraph-, telephone, and  express compiink-S gas and waterworks,  and electric lighting mid power companies.  In addition, cut lie and sheep pastured  on crown lands ;iic taxed at 'in cents.per  head on cattle nnd live cents per head on  sheep as before.  Mines and minerals are to p��y a two  per cent levy ni"1 ^e assessed value of  nil ore or product shipped from the mine  promises.    This is subject, to the reduc  tion of tlio cost of transportation and  treatment. Twenty-five cents an acre m  default of at least $200 worth of work being done is to be levied on crown granted  mineral claims. Permission is given to  group nt least eight of these claims.  Land and improvements used as a residence or enjoyment and not for tlie purpose of profit or gain will be assessed 5  per cent of the assessed value ns income.  Yearly tax sales tire provided for as in  last year's assessment act, subject to opportunity .being afforded of property-being redeemable within a specified time.  Tlie coal mines act amending act ] ro  vides for the collection of 15 cents an : ere  yearly for five years from any leases for  coal or petroleum mining. Any time  during the continuance of the lease, or at  its expiry, the land may be purchased together with coal aud petroleum, at the  rate of $10 an acre. Tlio license is increased from $50 to i*. 100 to prospect for  coal. Tho royalty on coal of 5 cents per  ton is retained; royalty on crude petroleum is i1/, cents a ban-el.  Municipalities are to be precluded from  taxing railway companies. Railway companies are to be assessed at .*jil0,000 per  mile including sidings*. The provisii us of  tlie new assessment act are then upou  made applicable to tho property of the  railway companies. Electric railways are  inclnded.  The amendment to the hind net mnkes  provision for granting to the highest bidder for a term of twenty-one years limber  leases. The lessee is subject in addition  to a royalty of 50 cents per thousand feet  on the timber cut, and of a rental of 25  cents au acre.   The rental is reduced to  Parliament to Adjourn Next Saturday for  Holiday Season���Government Relies  on Socialists and Independent Labor  Members. :^:  Victoria, B. C, December 5.���It is announced that the leg-'  islature will adjourn on Saturday next over the holidays, to  meet again on January nth.  Victoria, B.,C, December 4.���The million dollar "loan'bill  -;  was   passed  through  committee yesterday without amendment  aud several other bills were advanced a stage.   John Houston,  president  of  the  Provincial   Liberal-Conservative Association,    ���  has  fixed  Wednesday, January  6th, as the date for holding a  convention to nominate a candidate to contest Kootenay at the  Dominion election.    The convention is to be held at'Nelson*and   --  each  provincial  riding  will be entitled to five delegates,- to be , *  chosen as delegates   to the  provincial nominating convention;  Ji  Committees have been struck.    Vancouver gets the .chairman-  '"��  ship of three and Kootenay the chairmanship of one, the- other  " I  two going to Price Ellison of Vernon, who is here but confined,^'/  to his room owing to injuries from a fall. ���     . - .   ',��.  In answer to questions asked by Houston of Nelson, premier ",,  McBride said today that lieutenant-governor Joly had not intSr. - )  fered in any way with the issuance of licenses for prospecting!^  for coal or oil on blocks 4593 and 4594 in East Kootenay.   ^/y  ,*-*���*" I  -I  "_'/  Victoria, B. C, December 3.���(Special to The Tribune).���-^  The Joly -McBride government is evidently reiving on the" So-^  cialists and Independent Labor members to -keep'it ^n-^tH-iweri'^E  Judging from the speeches on the address-made\by|tneisSociali��^p  .0       *    U��� -U-M   .    1    ���      ��� i.     i_      ���    j    ���   -_J?"  ___kll"Vij__^^_?____^_|__^_|^'  members,~wff-_e"-cl_iining.to-be-ina-^eOT  ly to the Liberals. Hawthornthwaite of Nanaimo was'_nbst-pfo#iS;  nounced, saying he would never vote to place in power tlie panyS^S  supported by "Billy" Mclnnes'. It is claimed by leadingA'Bib|S||  erals that Smith Curtis is here acting, as a go-t>etweeri 'and! whi*p1||K||  per-in for the Joly-McBrideites, and he is being' roundlyl^Jel;7:?!  nounced for his double dealing, as he calls himself a.Liberal||i-37|jJ|  The government passed an anxious hour on/.,^ednesd^;3i|^^||l  the time Houston was speaking. The day" beior^^tfei^^g^ns^  eral Wilson made most uncalled for and cbarse^feferencepjtoysy  the member for Nelson, which was resented.: by 'nearly '^every  supporter of the government and by every fair-minded -Liberal-  Conservative in Victoria. Houston's speech was impersonal,  forcible and broad-guage, and dealt solely with the sound mat  ter of the speech from the throne.' It was strongly in contrast  with,that of attorney general Wilson and it is safe to say that  Houston stands higher than Wilson in the estimation of the  members of both sides of the house. Wilson, however, * is-the  elected leader-of the Liberal-Conservative party, and as he has .,  read the member for Nelson out of the party, Houston considers  he has a free hand iu all matters political until Wilson is succeeded b}' a leader who has brains aiid tact, as he seems to be  lacking in both. .    ���  10 cents an acre on condition a sawmill  is equipped on tlie property and cuts one  thousand feet per day for every four hundred acres for six months a yenr. A timber license for logging is confined to (110  acres and cannot extend over five years at  tho rate of $100 a year. A royalty of 50  cents per thousand feet and 25 cents per  cord of wood is collected from that on  I imber leaseholds. Provision is also made  for a sliding scale of royalties upou timber cut within thc province which is not-  covered bv other sections.  Meeting of Nelson Wholesalers.  On Monday night at the Board of Trade  rooms the Wholesalers' Association met  to consider the tables of incoming and outgoing freight rates which have been prepared for the board by John Watson.  These tables are very comprehensive and  show the freight rates on all classes from  Vancouver, Lethbridge aud Winnipeg to  Nelson aud all points in the Kootenay aud  Bouudary nnd also the local rates from  Nelson to Kootenay aud Boundary points.  The figures show a startling discrimination agaiust Nelson as a wholesale center  on all classes of freight to all points. For  instance, the average rate from Vancouver to Kootenay lake and Lardo is .il'i of 1  cent per 100 pounds per mile, the goods  being handled five limes; from Nelsou to  the same points the average is .08 of 1  cent per 100 pounds per mile, handled  twice, and from Vancouver to Nelsou,  with three haudliugs, the rate is .34 of 1  cent per 100 pounds per mile.   This con  stitutes a very heavy handicap ou Nelson  wholesalers. Then, takiug the rate from  Winnipeg, thure is a discriminatiou  against Nelson on shipments to Fernie of  $1.5U per 100 pounds, to Kaslo 24 cents,  Poplar 24 cent-, Nakusp 09.cents, Grand  Forks 35 cents, Eholt 31 cents, and Greou-  wood 30 cents. These figures apply to  first-class freight, but taking other classes  tho discrimination is found to be equally  great. On a car of- iron from Winnipeg  to Graiid Forks the rate would be 91 cents  per 100 pounds, but if the car came through  Nelson the ordinary rate would be* 11  cents higher, or even taking into consideration the sp.cial commodity rate aUqiyed,  it would be 7 cents higher per 100'-pot_u__,  a heavy tax. y   ay  Up-to the present time the local men-  have been able to hold their own and capture a good share of the trade because of \  the fact that the country was new * and  goods were wanted quickly regardless of  cost. The association now ^ says,; however, that as busiuess conditions settle  down this nid will be removed and; unless  Nelsou merchants can quote rates on an  equality with the coast and. Winuip-g,  tliey will be completely frozen, put. It is  pointed out that to make Nelson a common point would be of great advantage  to the mil ways as thoy would thus 'sret  practically the same rate to Nelson as  they nre now getting, to all points iu .the  vicinit.- aud.in addition get the local rate  out Of Nelson. ������������-..  Energetic action is being taken to improve the position of tho association, and  a committee will be appointed to take up  the matter.with the C.P.R. The Nelson Tribune  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817.   Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up) $13,379,240.00  REST     9,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       724,807.75  Head   Office,   Montre-al  HON  RT. HON. LORD STRATHCONA AND MOUNT ROYAI,, G.C.M.G., President.  G. A. DRUMMOND, Vice-President. K. S. CLOUSTON, General Manager.  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker und  Kootenay Streets  A.   H.  BUCHANAN,  Muntiger.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  With which is amalgamated  The Bank: of British  Columbia  PAID UP CAPITAL * 8,700,000  RESERVE FUND    3,000,000  AGGREGATE RESOURCES OVER  78,000,000  Head Office:   Toronto, Ontario  HON. GEO. A. COX, President     B. E. WALKER, General Manager  Savings   Bank   Department  Deposits received and interest allowed  1NEL-SOIN BRANCH  BRUGES  HEATHCOTE,  Manager  The Nelson Tribune  Founded in 1892.  THE TRIBUNE COMPANY, LIMITED,  PROPRIETORS.  McDonald Block, Baker Street.    Telephone 120.  ADVERTISING RATES. ��� Display advertisements will be inserted in The Nelson Tribune  at the rate of Two Dollars per inch per month.  Legal advertisements will be inserted at the rate  of Ten Cents a line for the llrst Insertion and  Five Cents a line for each additional insertion.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.���The Nelson Tribune  will be mailed for ?1 a year, payable in advance,  and no subscription will be taken for less than  one year.  Address all communications���  .THE TRIBUNE, Nelson. B.C.  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1903  It is generally admitted that lieu tenant-  governor Joly is the whole government.  McBride is only a figurehead, afraid to assert himself. In June last, the lieutenant-  governor directed McBride not to issue  coal and oil prospecting licenses for lands  s ��� in blocks 4598 and 4594 in East Kootenay  until his government had the approval of  the people. The people gave their verdict  on October 3rd last, two months ago; yet  no licenses have been granted, although  ' applicants have been most insistent that  they be granted their rights. The lieutenant-governor now says the licenses  rnuBt not be issued until a full year has  elapsed from the date on which he gave  his assent to Bill 16.   As this bill was as-  , . sented to on May 4th, 1903, applicants for  " licenses to prospect for coal and oil on  ���blocks 4593 and 4594 will have to wait  until May Sth next before they cau get  action, unless McBride musters up cour-  , age to hand in his resignation. This he  will not do, as he and his colleagues like  the sweets of office far too well to resign  office even when repeatedly snubbed. If  governor Mclnnes exceeded his constitutional rights, and was removed from office  in 1900 for doing so, what can be said of  Joly when he practically dictates to McBride what he shall do in matters of departmental routine! "When the governor  ���was a resident of British Columbia, our  -people would not stand for dictatorship.  ���y Why stand for it now, seeing that the  ���goyernof is -a resident of the province of  .Quebec?   . The Joly-McBride government has secured the dismissal bf David B. Bogle  . from, his position of editorial writer on   the_Colonist. The Colonist will-now, it  ' is:said, be edited by P. Carter-Cotton,  M.P.P., of Vancouver.   As an organ of  the Joly-McBride government, the Colonist must have the confidence of the individual  members  of  the  government.  This the Colonist had not with Mr. Bogle  as editor, and it.is strange if it was expected  that he should have, seeing he  had the entire confidence of the Dunsmuir and  Prior   governments,   governments that were so violently and so bitterly opposed for two years by McBride,  --I-i-O-V.-Gre?1?) aad Fulton, who are now  members  of  the Joly-McBride govern-  y-mjent.j.'ii seems small business for a gov-  p-erament to sqek -to deprive  editors   of  '������h-W-papers -of' the- means of -earning a  ; liv&gl ibuti' then; the Joly-McBride gov-  ���'. ,eiw^efl^isrpoKl-6ked-on.,'as 'a very big  ;i outtE[fej-ither..mentally. or morally.   ...  'ySoisitir vni.L) y .'i'':'."'..:. > { ���^ ..,;. ���.  *-'*���____,t"*__e_nper "for'���'Y__i-/* made a most  "������'"'J 'UV '~r,'-<'"'  />������' :'   )���     :      j- .,: >  ,. '.���s^H^g^SEf^ch. *-^?hen .r^e moved the-adop-  **tion!-'of.:-lie a_t__ess: from the-throne.   It  '���'���>'.'>'-. Ci ���;lc'.' . .' I-aToj.t'-j ,   ;;.  .  ��� ���'-,Cheap -atad- Rapid' Gommanication.  v,. . A^ndofl,coi^8pondent.of the Toronto  :;MaU-.a__l-Empire..says: .'���(Within three  j'in'otttii-rp-obably'befofe the /'New Year,  ^'Qirect^'t^epiione commuhi-atibn, without  . ,interm$toterepeating stations, will be  ti established for the first time between New  "York-and' -London, and telegrams will be  exchanged 'it' a speed of more than four  'tunes, the-previous capacity of any cable.  ���It is strongly expected that within a year  it will be as feasible to converse by telephone between New York and London as  it is across the city of New York.   The  feat of rapid communication between London and New York as a matter of fact has  been greatly surpassed recently in actual  practice, in other words, the problem of  cheap and rapid long distance communication has been solved and the credit for  this signal triumph of modern science belongs to England. I am compelled to  await the permission of the inventors before making this general announcement. "  Above Supply and Demand*  There is a higher law than the law of  supply and demand. Human labor cannot  justly be bought as capital buys wheat  and pork. Soul and heart should be considered and the need for general progress. It must have been this view, I  think, which led Lincoln to say, "Labor  is prior to and above capital and deserves  a much higher consideration." For myself, I fully agree with James Lane Allen's  finely expressed thought: "When the top  decays, as it always does in the lapse of  time, whence shall come regeneration if  not from below? It is the plain people  who are the eternal breeding grounds of  higher destinies."���Congressman Liver-  nash.        ;,   '   '  . ������������ ���  '  Nelson in 1889.  The following letter was written by  Randall H. Kemp, special correspondent  of the Spokesman-Review in May, 1889.  Warm Springs is now known as Ainsworth. Fourteen years has made a vast  difference in both the means of transportation and appearance of the district mentioned.  "At 5 o'clock a.m. of the 10th instant I  again embarked on the steamer Galena  at Warm Springs. We steamed along the  lake southerly a distance of ten miles,  then turned west into the outlet of the  lake, or the continuation of the river to  the Columbia, twenty miles down the  river, and after passing through the narrows,, or what tho old-timers. in these  mountains, called the Jaws of Death. At  9 o'clock in the morning we dropped anchor in front of the town of Nelson, which  is really the seat of government for the  West Kootenay mining district. Not much  of the town can be seen from the deck of  a steamboat, and after a walk is taken  over the townsite not much is to be seen,  but the expression is often heard, "If the  mines surrounding, this place were only  in the United States tliere would have  been, a city of 5000 people here by this  time." I am of the opinion that there is  some- truth=4n -this,- at -least- everything-  would have a livelier and more thrifty appearance and look more like a western  mining center if it was beyond the 49th  parallel.  I visited the offlce of the mineral recorder and met Mr. Thomas Giflin, the incumbent of that office. He was seated in  a shake shack, which a wealthy and enterprising (?) government furnishes hin*  in which to do his writing and attend to  the important duties of his oflice. Mr. G.  M. Sproat, the gold commissioner for the  district, had been on the outside during  the winter but is on his way in over the  trail leading from the Columbia river to  this point. Nelsou is situated on the east  side of the river about the mouth of Cottonwood creek. Navigation ends about  two miles below the townsite, as from  that point to the Columbia tbe river is a  succespion of rapids and falls. Never until last year was a trail made along the  bank of the river, but now a survey for a  wagon road is being made and by the  usual haste with which these Britishers  move, probably in the course of a couple  of centuries the road will be completed,  unless a half a dozen or so American prospectors take the matter in hand and finish  it in two or three weeks. Outside of the  government business transacted here, J.  Fred Hume has a well stocked general  store and J. F. Ward, well-known to  thousands of mining men, has a restaurant and lodging accommodations.  The mines on Toad mountain are situated six miles back in the interior and are  reached by trail. Tlie Cottonwood mine,  owned by an English company who are  bringing in two small Huntington mills,  is located'on-Gold hill, five miles up Cot-  tonwood'ereek, while the Poorman gold  mine, the property ot* Ike Nail, aud Mr.  McDougall, is on Eagle creek, seven miles  down the river. On tho llth instant I  took the trail and went down to Mr. Nail's  BIG HORN  BRAND  Union Overalls,  me Shirts^  Shirts  Overalls  Denim Pants  Tweed  Tan Is  Cottonade Pants  Junipers  mouses  WE MANUFACTURE.  Cooks' Aprons and  Caps  Carpenters' Aprons  Waiters' Aprons  Painters' and  Plasters' Overalls  Mack inaw Coats  Engineers' Jackets  Mackinaw Pants  Walters'Jaekets      Tarpaulins  Barbers' Jackets  Gingham Jackets  Mission Flannel  Underwear  Dunnage Hags  Horso Blankets  Tents  Etc., Etc., Etc.  Turner. Beeton & Co*  LIMITED,  Wholesale Merchants  Warehouses, Wharf Street, Factory,  Bastion Street  VICTORIA,   B.C  *������������������������������������������������������������������������<  place, where I.was royally entertained,  remaining until the morning of the 14th,  when we came up to Nelson to meet the  Galena, whicli was due that morning.  Among the first to step on shore was  James F. Wardner. The arrival of this  prominent mining man in camp was taken  as a good omen by all old Coeur d'Alene  miners and prospectors in this vicinity!  Mr. Wardner was accompanied by John  C. Davenport and sons, Horace, Line and  Gus Reitli. These gentlemen visited the  Nail property in the afternoon, Messrs.  Wardner and Davenport, Si\, returning  to town in the evening. After nightfall,  when the pale moon had risen and the  camp fires were brilliantly burning, there  was much speculation aniong the groups  LABOR  UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION, No. 96, W. F. M.���  Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock, in  Miners' Union Hall, northwest corner Baker  aud Stanley'Btrcets. Wage scale for Nelson district: Machine miners, ?3.50; hammersmen,  $3.25; mine laborers, $3. C. A. Barton, president; Frank Phillips, secretary. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  FOR SALE  Improved Ranch in Lardo  Valley for sale. Address E.  R. Vipond, Trout Lake, B. C.  JOHN  HEPBURN  BUIUDBRAND  CONTRACTOR  Jobbing work done   Estimates given  SHOP RESIDENCE  Behind new postoflicc       Cor. Front and Willow  NELSON  =6eorMr6unn  Maker of first-class hand-made Boots and  Shoes. Repairing neatly and promptly  done. Satisfaction guaranteed in all work  Ward St. next ncwpostofllce bid Nelson  Brydges. Blakemore & Cameron. Ltd,  Real   Estate   and  General Agents  Houston Illock, Josephine Street, NELSON, B. C.  Kootenay Wire Works Co*  Manufacturers of Mattresses, Springs,  Pillows, lied Lounges, Couches, Upholstering, Turning, Bandsawing, Grill  Work and other novelties. Our No. 4  Spring i.s the best on the market. Ask  for it and take no other.  FRONT STREET , NELSON,  M. C  Fancy DINNER SETs  China  AND  GLASSWARE  Old Curiosity Shop,  Josephine Street  Nelson, B. C.  PROSSER'S  ���    Second Hand Store  and China Hall  New and Second Hand Goods of every description bought and sold. See our Crockery and  Glassware.  WESTERN  CANADIAN  EMPLOYMENT  AGENCY  Goods  Rented  H1! ��*ist- CI aaa  Warehouse  For  Storage  Phono 261A  Baker Street, West,  Next to C.P.R. Ticket Offlce  I'.O. Box    8  around the fires as to what the visit of the  gentlemen named portended. One party  said, "I am not rich, but I can rustle, and  I would willingly give .$1000 if Jim Wardner would take hold iu this camp." Another spoke up and said, "I am only a  laboring man; I have uo means, hut I  would willingly work "10 days and 10 hours  a day, if Jim Wardner would decide to  stay here." Such were the expressed  opinions of a number. They appeared to  look upon Mr. Wardner of a leader where  life aud energy were required, and tho  writer thought as he wended his way to  the cabin on the river bank whore he  slept���Jim Wnrduer may be a prince  among his fellow-men, but he is a king  among the miners.  Yesterday, the 15th instant, I started at  G o'clock a.m. and after four hours hard  climbing readied the Hall brother's camp,  at the Silver King, Kootenai Bonanza^  and American Flag mines. Messrs. Wardner and Davenport arrived soon after aud  we liad a jolly time exploring tlie surface  through about three feet of snow. The  other gentlemen returned to Nelson tlie  same evening and I remained all night  coming down the-next morning. Tomorrow the Galena is again due, but it is probable that I shall not leave this point until Saturday or Sunday, when I will take  passage on tho Idaho for Warm Springs  and there remain for some time."  The  Sine  tf athcona  (formerly Hotel Phair)  B- TOMKINS  The Leading Hotel of the Kootenays  - Good Sample Rooms  Special  Rates  to Commercial  Men  Stanlev and Victoria Streets.  NELSON  Lakeview Hotel  Corner Vernon and Hall Streets,  NELSON, B. C.  BEST DOLLAR-A-DAY HOUSE IN  NKLSON  NO CHINESE EMPLOYED  Aagost Thomas,   Proprietor  Silver King Hotel  BAKER STREET,  NELSON-���  UNDER   OLD   MANAGEMENT  BATES $1,00 PER DAY  The Dining Room is unsurpassed and the  Bedrooms are the best in Nelson. The Dar is  stocked with good Wines, Liquors and Cigars;  Queen's Hotel  Baker Street, Nelson. B. C. ';  Lighted by Electricity and  Heated by Hot Air  Large and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-  class Dining Room. Sample Rooms-for Commercial Men.  RATES ?2 PER DAY  MRS.. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress  Madden Hot*se  THOMAS MADDEN  .KOPRIETOK  Centrally Located  Electric Lighte  HEADQUARTERS FOR TOURISTS AND  OLD TIMERS  Baker and Ward Streets  Nelson  B. C,  Tfemont House  European and American Plan  Meals 25 cts.   Rooms from 25 cts. to |1.  -Only White Help Employed.  MALONE  Baker St., Nelson  & TREGILLUS  Proprietors  Bartlett  House  Josephine St.,  Nelson, B. C.  White Help Only Employed  The liest  Dollar-a-Day House  in Nelson  The Bar is the Finest  GEO.  W.  BARTLETT,  Proprietor  NOTICE.  In the matter of an application for a duplicate  of a Certificate of Title to thc South To feet of lot  10, block 38, in the town of Nelson and part (3  feet frontage on Latimer street) of lot 7, block U,  Nelson city (map I8U.) Notice is liereby given that  it Is my intention to issue at the expiration of one  month from the first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certilicate of Title to the above mentioned land in the name of Annie Liester,  whicli certilicate Is dated the 8th dav of September, 18DU, and numbered 2311K.  H. F. MACLEOD,  Land Registry O01ce, DistrietRegistrar  Nelson, B.C., intli November, 1903.  LANDS  For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Nelson Assessment District,  Province of Britisli Columbia.  hour  here-  I hereby give notice that on Honda}**, the seventh da}' of December, A. D. 1903, at the  of twelve o'clock noon at the Court House, Nelson, I shall sell at public auction the lands     inafter set out of the persons in said list hereinafter set out, for the delinquent taxes unpaid by  said persons on the 31st day of December, 1902 and for interest, costs and expenses, including  the cost of advertising said sale :  HUME ADDITION TO NELSON.  NAME Ol'* PERSON ASSESSED  Bain, Mrs. Grace   Paulson, P. A   Crickmay, E. J   I-I arg raves, George   Bremner, I)   Colbert, John   Parker, Hon. Sidney   Schultz, Samuel D   Schultz, Samuel 1)   Schultz, Samuel I)   Schultz, Samuel 1)   Murray, Thomas and Patrick   Jacoby, Henry   Jacoby, Henry   Manslield Manufacturing Co   Mansfield Manufacturing Co   Manslield Manufacturing Co   Dunlevy, Peter C   Manslield Manufacturing Co   Fell, James F   Colbert, John   Jaeoby, Henry   Fell, James F   Schultz, Samuel D   Schultz, Samuel D   Smith, Henry 11   Schultz, Samuel D    Colbert, John   Schultz, Samuel 1)   Bcndratt, James   Schultz, Samuel D   Schultz, Samuel D   Fell, James V   Jacobv, Henrv   Ellis, Wm. H ���   Schultz, Samuel D   Fleming, Sidney Alf   Smith, Henrv B   Fell, James F   Jacoby, Henry   DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY  Lots^ and 3, block 9, lot Wi   "   17 and E .'. lot IS, block 111, lot '.Hi   "   2 block 17, lolUli   "  2 and :i, block 23, lot no   Lois -1, Hand li, block .-IS, sub-division 1.9(1   TO NELSON.  t;u 1  1-0  go  so  (10  so  so  10  so  20]00  80  no:  !���'��!  10  'MO  Frame, Christina R   Driscoll, Mary It   McRae, John   McLauehlan, Herbert L   Schultz, John A   Hardie, Mrs. Isabel   Doherty, James   Christie, C. D.J   Clarke, Annie and Edward.  Christie, 0. D. J   Criddle, Percv   Criddle, Percy   Ambrose, E. G   Job nson, Em il   O'Kell, Arthur.   Mallandaine, Edward...  Johnson, Herman   O'Kell, Arthur   Hunt, George A.   O'Kell, A   Lynch, D.    Meagher, George   Mnl landaine, Edward   Mallandaine, Edward   Mai landaine, Edward   Neelands, Hamilton George.  Smith, C. F.  Benny, Glenn M.  Beadles, W. F. estate.of   Erickson, Andrew   Feeny, William :.    Gille, James M   Rossland Great Western Mines, Limited.  FAIRVIEW ADDITION  Lot  I, block 1, lot 58a   " 11, block 1, lot 58a   Lots 1 and 2, block 2, lot 58a   "   1 and 2, block -I, lot 5Ka   " 12, block 7, lot 58a   " Hand 12, block 111, lot 58a   "   3 and 4, block .15, lot 58a   Lot  7, block, 15, lot 58a   Lots!*, 10, 11, and 12, block 15, lot 58a...  "   8 to 17, block 17, lot 5Sa   "   3 and I, block 1!>, lot 58a   "   (1 to '.I, block 111, lot 5S.v   Lot   1, block 21, lot58a   Lots 2 and 3, block 21, lot 58a   " 21 and 22, block 22, hit 58a   " 23 and 21, block 22, lot 5Sa  3 00|  ��� " 3 and I, block 23, lot 58A  2'80  Lois 13 and 11, block 23, sub-division 58a  2 SO  "     1 to 5 block 32, sub-division 58a  (i 10  "   18 to 22 block 32, sub-division 58a  5 00  Lot    3, block 33, sub-division 58a  1 20  15, block 33, sub-division 58a  120  Lots  1 and 2, block 31, sub-division 5Sa  2 80  Lot  12, block 35, subdivision 58a  1 00  15,     "     35, " "    80  8,     "     37, " "  120  13,     "     37, " " -;  120  Lots 23 and 2-1, block 38, sub-division 58a  1 80  Lot    il, block 311, sub-division 58a...-  100  1,    "      -Iii, " "     80]  24,    "     46, " "     100|  Lots 3 and -I, block 47, sub-division 58a  2 00  Lot  20, block 47, sub-division 58a  1 00.  Lots 13 and 14, block 49, sub-division 58a  1 GO  Lot  12, block 50, sub-division 58a  80|  SUBDIVISIONS OF LOT  182, GROUP 1  Lot  11, block 5f sub-division U82 1 1  Lots 3, 4, 5 and ti, block 8, sub-division 1.182... I 5  "     7,8,9 and 10,     "     8,            "  Lot    2, block 18, sub-division 1.182  3|  "     8,      "    18, " "      1  "     1,      "    20, " "      1  Lots  (i, 7 and 8, block 21, sub-division U82  3  "     7,8 and II,     "    22, " "      3  "    3 and I, block 31, sub-divisioii 1.182  I  ISlock.A, sub-division 1.182  I  TOWN OF CRESTON.  Lot  II, block 44, sub-division 1.525   "     S,    "      45, " "   S12 ft. lots, block 40a, sub-division 1-525   Lot    8, block 49, sub-division I/-25   "   14,     "      50, " "   "     4,     '���       35, " "   TOWN OF KITCHENER  Lot    7, block  1, sub-division 2510 ~0$k  Lots 11'and 12, block 1, sub-division 72-i��g^��  Lot   (i, block :i, sub-division 251(1 .*;.'.  "     7,    "     3, " "      Lots  8 and 9, block 3, sub-division 2510.   SUBDIVISIONS OF LOT 812,  GROUP 1.  10 acres, block 27, sud-division _S12 ...  40    " "     28, "   ' "...  10    " "     29, "    . "...  '40     " "     30, '��� "...  SUBDIVISIONS OF LOT 891,  GROUP 1.  180 acres, block 21 and 22, sub-division J891 1      12I00M  SUBDIVISIONS OF LOT. 892,  GROUP 1.  |40 acres, block 19, sub-division 892 |        li|00  35 acres in sec. 1, Tp. 15, 1,1237  "        1,   "   li>.  Delinnncnt  Taxes  Costs  and Expenses  Taxes  Interest  9  00  1  10  o  00  11  20  1  30  '2  (HI  (1  40  70  2!00  o  10  30  2|00  ii  20  35  2  00  Total  I2;70*\  14 50 I  UilO *- Subdivision of  Lot  ���l!70 I  9(1, <i. I.  20  0  00  3 80*  35  2  00  5]55  20  2  00  3t80  30  2  00  5  10  20  2  00  3  80  30  0  00  5  10  30  2  00  5  10  15  2  00  3  55  115  2  00  8  45  2  25  2  00  21  25  30  2  00  f,  10  (15  2  00  8  25  15  2  00  3  55  30  2  00  I  70  30  2  00  5  10  30  2  00  5  35  30  2  00  5  HI  30  2  00  5  10  70  0  00  9  10  55  0  00  7  55  15  2  00  3  35  15  2  00  3  35  30  2  00  5  10  10  0  00  3  10  10  2  uo  2  90  15  0  00  3  35  15  2  00  3  '15  20  2  00  I  00  10  2  00  3  10  10  2  00  0  90  10  2  00  3  10  25  2 00  4  25  10  200  3  10  20  2|00  3  80  10  0  00  2  -��y  Subdivision of  Lot  58a, G, I. ,A  20  15  0  00  3  20  (10  2  00  7  20  (10  2  00  7  20  35  2  00  5  00  10  0  00  :.  (i0  20  2  00  3  20  35  2  00  5  20  35  2  00  5  80  55  2  00  7  80  55  2  00  7  [80  10 I Subdivisions Lot 182'  80,      G. 1.  1  00  10  0  00  3  (10  05  2  00  2  110  05  2  (X)  2  1  00  20  2  00  3  80  10  2  00  2  ���1  00  45  2  00  ti  10**  115 (_ Creston.    Subdivis-  80 I     ions Lot 52.5, G.l.  90  32  03  0  00  2  32  03  2  00  2  80  10  2  00  0  80  10  2  00  2  80  10  2  00  ���*)  1  OO  20  * 2  00  a  80 I  90  15,1  35**.  *��!  !"���" _ Kitchener. Subdi-  90 ( visions Lot 25411, G. 1.  90  soj  (1  00  Go  2  00  8  0  oo  (15  2  00  8  ti  00  t">5  2  00  8  0  00  05  2  00  8  11*  Co |  ,05J  Subdivisions of Lot  812, G. 1.  Chisholm, Abe   Miller, Mary Ann   Miller, Mary Ann   Bell, J   .1 ;   Williamson, John F    Cerillioii, A. F. und Sivier, Peter.  Sivier, Peter   Rogers, J. P   Rogers, J. P   Bassett & Lamb   Parker, Robert H >   Rohal, -Peter.   Klaveno.Mrs. Kate   Bassett, A   White, R.......   K lass, Joseph A :   Patterson it Sanderson   Hudson, Mrs. Lizzie O    Strandridge it Shaw...-   .Patterson. tt.Sanderson....._^.:i..i.i...i.  Patterson A Sanderson   Patterson & Sauderson   Patterson A Sanderson   Hudson, Lizzie 0   Latham, Arthur   Bourgoine, Jos B   Johnson, Douglas F  ..   Klaveno, I'eler   Boremell it Odair   Welch, Thomas   Smith,!!. B   Saudstead, Chas   Ritehter, August   Watson, William   327  100  113  Lots  Lot  2,   "   13, U:!3(i   4, 5, 8, II, Tp 15, 1.1237   28 and 33, Tp. 17, 1.1242   TOWN OF YMIR.  1,32|  12,  24  |00  95  ll'Sil  1 and 2, block 7, Tp. 17,1.1242, HO.  1, block   9, Tp. 17, 1.1242, lili   13,  14,  10,  11,  13,  9,  11,  11,  11*,  17,  20,  Lots 10 and 17, block 20, Tp. 17, 1.1242, lid...  Lot   20, block 20, Tp. 17, 1.1242, Mi   "   10,     "     21,   "   17,     "     "   "     8,     "     23,   "17,     "     "      Lot   15, block 24, 1.1242, itli   G,      "     25,     "       "   Dow, John W   Selous, Harold   Ueer Bros   Tolmiot R. F. and Edwards, J. \V..  Copeland, D. A   Wing, Ah   Turner, John A   9,  11,  ��� 12,  ���I,  11,  -12,,.  -*',  2(1,  20,  -�����>,-  Lois 15 and 30, block 26,1.1242, HO   "     1   "     2,     "     27,     "       "   "    15   "   lti,     "     27,     "       "   "     1    "     2,     "     28,     "       "   Lot  11, block 28, 1.1242, nd   12,      "     29,     '���       "   3,      "     G,     "'      "   Lot  9, block,   3, Tp. 11, l'.8, 1.1237   4,     '���        4,   "   II,   "     "       13,     " I, ���'"   II,   "     "       8,     "       10,   "   14,   "     "   Lots 9 and 12, block 10, Tp. 11, n8 1.1237...,  Lot    (1, bloek,'ll,Tp 14, ��8, 1.1-37   11,     "       11,   "   II,   "     "       524 Gl, 1(10 acres   2512 Gj, 1-15 acres   li|15 Ol, IHO acres   873 G1, 420 acres   Hloek 1, l.i, 2 and 3, sub. lot 222,15 acres..  N, E. corner block 11, sub-division 222, 51  Lot   229 Gl, 73 acres '.  12 Hill  1521  5]49|  2:00||  151351 Subdivisions of Lot  I    f     891, G. 1  8JG51 Subdivisions of Lot  /     892.  15  80  [80  25  25  [80  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 (HI  2 00  2 00  2 00  I  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 00  2(K  2 0(1  2 00  200  2 00  2 00  2 00  2 0(1  2(K)|  2 00|  80  JO  80  |80  80  80  80  0  0  [80-  !oo  25  80  35  L'5  35  70y  00**  91)  in  1(1  25  10  00^  Ymlr. Subdivisions  Lot 1243, G. 1.  .Ymlr.  TOWN OF SALMO.  McLennan, Duncan   Lot  20, block 4, sub-dlvlslon 1. 2IMIA   111  05  2 00  2  ���IfA  Fennel, Mrs. M. L   "     (1,     "       5,            " ���         "   "       2  III  30  2 00  4  70  Chambers, W. L   Lois 12 and 13, block  5, sub-division 1. 2011.1   8(1  10  2 00  2  90  Tait it  Paterson   "     1   "     2,     "     12,           "           "   "      81)  10  3 1x1  2  9.1  Chambers, W. 1,   "    9   "    10,   ���"     12,            "           "   "  81)  111  2,0(1  2  90  White, Mrs. Elizabeth    Lot   23, block 13, sub-division r. 2011a   III  05  20(1  2  45  - Salmo.  Subdivision  Albano, J   Lois 11 and 12, block 14, sub-division 1. 20f,A   811  1(1  2 (ID  2  90  1-ot 20tlA,G. 1.  Klaveno, Mrs. Lizzie   l.ol   17, block 29, sub-division 1. 20(Ia   ���III  05  .*  00  2  45  Oleson, Swan   "   11,     "     C,             '       (K)  (15  2  00  2  115  Strickland, Wm. E   "12,     "      C,             "          "    "        (K)  1X5  .j  00  2  (15  Henderson, Murdock A   "   13,   ' "      J),               ���        40  Oii  2  00  2  45;  Dated at Nelson, B. C,  October 29th, 1903.  ROBERT A. RENWICK,  Assessor and Collector, Nelson District, West Kootenay.  REISTERER & C2  BREWERS  OP  LAGER BEER AND PORTER  Put up in Packages to Suit the Trade  Brewery and OBlce: Latimer Street, Nelson, B C.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given that thirty days from  date I inlend to apply to the honorable the chief  commissioner of lands and works at Victoria, B.  C, for a special timber license to cut and carry  away timber from the following described laud :  Commencing at a post marked M.E.K southeast corner post, situated on the west side of Slocan lake, said post is planted on the line of Alex.  McKuy's west boundary line, thence west 80  chains, thence north 80 ehains, thence east 80  chains, tlience south 80 chains to place of commencement, containing U40 acres.  Dated, Sept. 22,1903. ���  M. E. KOCH  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  The Alhambra Fractional Mineral Claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located: On the west slope  of Gold Hill, on Eagle creek.  Take notice, that I, Peter Edmond Wilson, Free  Miner's Certilicate No. B80757, as agent for John  F. Swcdberg, Free Miner's Certilicate No. 58282,  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such certificates of improvements.  Dated this 19th day of September, A.D. 1903.  P. E. WILSON.  Certificate  of Improvements.  NOTICE.  R and Land Corinthian mineral claims, situate in the Goat River mining division of West  Kootenav district.   Where located : On the east  side of Kootenay,lake, at the mouth of Crawford  Take Notieejthat I, John McLatchie, acting as  agent for ('. G. Major, official administrator  (trustee of the estate of R. D. Munro), Luzetta  Field, free miner's certificate No. B48247, and  Charles M. Field, free miner's certificate No.  BI824G, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the mining recorder for certificates  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  crown grants to the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance  of such certificates of improvements.  Dated this 4th day of September, A.D. 1903.  JOHN McLATCHIE.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Agness" mineral claim, situate in the Nelson  mining division of West Kootenay district.  Where located: Near the Arlington Mine, Erie.  Take Notice that 1, John D. Anderson, P. L. S.,  of Trail, B.C., agent for William Connolly, free  miner's certilicate No. B58512, and Edward  Walshc, free miner's certilicate No. B75499, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 2nd day of September, A.D. 1903.  J, D, ANDERSON. The Nelson Tribune  ���IMS  *-$&������  ���1MS  ���$&���  ���IMS  4M*  ���IMS  3M*  ���IM?  :$&���  -IM?  vJM*-  ���IM?  -4M?--  -1MS  4MK-  SMifc  ���1M?  4M��  ���IM?  ���$<&-���  ���IM?  ���IMS  ���IM?  *-$&*  ���IM?  ���IM?  ���IM?  -IM?  ���IM?  'IM?  =���$&������  --$&-  ������IM?  3M��  ���IM?  :$&-  ���IM?'  ���JM*'  ���-IMS  =$&  ���-1M?  ���IM?  ���IM?  -���tM?  ���*��  ���IM?  ���1MS  4MsJ-  :-1M?  ���4S<_--  reat Northern Mines, Ltd.  A Consolidation of the Following Gold Properties:  The Lucky Jack Group:    Poplar Creek  The Swede Grotip :    Poplar Creek  The Oyster-Criterion Group:    Fish River and Pool Creek  The Imperial Group:    Fish River and Pool Creek  The Lade Group:    Gainer Creek  The Strathcona Group:    Silver Cup Mountain  Twenty-One  Claims of Valuable Gold Mining Property*  CAPITAL. :   $1,500,000  In Shares of the Par Value of One Dollar  DIRECTORS  \V. B. POOL, President of the Ophir-Lad e Mining; Syndicate, Limited, Ferguson.  W. F. COCHRANE, The Cochrane Ranc he Co., Ld., Macleod, Alberta.  F. W. GODSAL, Ranche Owner, Cowley, Alberta.  .1. J. YOUNG, M.L.A., President, The Herald Co., Ld., Calgary, Alberta.  T. KILPATRICK, Superintendent, C. P. R., Revelstoke, B. C.  E. M. MORGAN, Locator of the Lucky J ack Mine, Poplar, B. C.  JAMES LADE, Mine Superintendent, C amborne, B. C.  B. CRILLEY, Assitant Manager Ophir-L ade Mining   Syndicate, Ld., Ferguson.  HEAD OFFICE ..;........:   FERGUSON, B. C.  BRANCH OFFICES Poplar Creek, B. C, Camborne, B. C.  BANKERS   ... .'. Imperial Bank of Canada, Ferguson,  SOLICITOR AND SECRETARY Robert Hodge, Ferguson, B. C.  The promoters of the Great Northe  feel that they are presenting a proposit  of mining, and one in whicli the few w  allotted to them may* well feel that the  est gold mines ever discovered.  Every man who reads has heard of  of the Lucky Jack, at Poplar Creek. T  should have lain for years on a well-kn  dreds of prospectors���even having a rai  at last by the men from whom this Co  It is a case of truth being stranger tha  The Company's second acquisition, t  smith and Gold Hill claims, (over 100 a  bigger and richer property.    It is an accepted fact among minin  tluco more than two or three great min  three great gold properties, and the Gr  of thehi.  rn Mines, Limited, have every reason to  ion which stands unique in the history  ho are fortunate enough to have shares  y have an interest in some of the rich-  the sensation created by the discovery  hat a claim of such unheard of richness  own line of travel, passed over by hun-  Iroad built through it���to be discovered  mpany bought it, is almost incredible,  n fiction.  he Swede Group, comprising the Gold-  cres), is, in the opinion of many, an even  g men that a camp does not usually pro-  es. In the Poplar Creek camp there are  eat Northern Mines, Limited, owns two  A.   COIVSOLIDATIOINT  The promoters of this Company ha  famous Nettie L. and Silver Cup mines  experience of nearly ten years mining a  which" time they have organized several  able properties, in each case with marke   Having acquired several of the mos  British Columbia, the promoters decid  organized company, and place on the m  block of the stock at par.    Hence this  The consolidation includes the folio  described in another part of this pros  ve in the past successfully operated the  in the Lardeau.   They can point to an  nd prospecting in this district, during  companies, and developed many valu-  d success.  t notable free milling gold  groups  in  ed to consolidate them in one big, solidly  arket, for a limited time only, a small  prospectus.  wing properties, which are more fully  pectus:  Gainer  Creek   Property  No. 1.���OLIVE MABEL  G OLDEN VILLE  -FOUNDATION  A.NNIE   L.  OPHIR  Crown granted;   partially developed;  contain rich, free milling and telluride  ore.  FAMOUS  Surveyed for Crown Grant.  Pish   Creek:   Properties  No. 2��� OYSTER  CRITERION  MASCOT  GOLD BUG  No. 3.���ROSSLAND  IMPERIAL  BALFOUR  Claims all Crown Granted; developed,  and stamp mill, etc., erected, ready to  mine and pay dividends this year.  Crown Granted and partially developed; adjoining above group and Eva  mine.  Ferguson   Property  No. 4; ���STRATHCONA.  TRIUNE FRACTION  Assessments completed  to date.  Poplar Creek  Properties  No.  -LUCKY JACK  LUCKY   THREE  LITTLE PHIL  No. fi.���GOLDSMITH  *    GOLD HILL  Surveyed, and Crown Grants applied  for.  Will  be  Crown  Granted  as  isoon  as  possible.  THB   COMPANY'S   POLICY  It is the intention of the Company to actively develop all these valua'ble properties and sell such of them as they do not wish to mine themselves., either  to outside capitalists or to subsidiary companies to be formed by the parent  Company, the proceeds going to the shareholders of the Great Northern. Mines,  Limited.  i  Description  of Property  No. 1, embracing seven claims (a claim is about 52 acres) and well! .known  throughout the province as the Lade Group, is situated on Gainer Creek, 14  miles above Ferguson.  A tunnel 112 feet long has been run and a shaft sunk on the ore. Five tons  of the ore shipped to. the smelter gave returns of $1,100 to the ton, in free gold.  Frequent assays of ore from other parts of the claims have more than confirmed this high value,' running from $200 to >-,200, and from picked samples  as high as $11,340 to the ton. ������������-.  The property is traversed by.a main ledge, eight to twelve feet wide, and  several smaller veins carrying high values in free gold and telluride, similar  to the rich ores of Cripple Creek, Colorado. In the Lade Group the present  promoters were satisfied from assays, development work and thorough investigation, that they had a property as rich as any in British Columbia; but on  account of the distance from transpor tation, and. the altitude (over 8,000 feet)  they decided to let it lie until a more co nvenient season, and in the meantime  acquired other gold claims from which quicker returns could be obtained.  A  Complete  Aline  No. 2, consisting of seven claims, has been purchased from the Ophir-Lade  Mining Syndicate, and is a gold mine in full working order. It is situated on  Fish River and Pool Creek, 1500 feet above Camborne, and only six miles from  a daily steamboat landing at the head of Arrow Lake. On this property, the  Ophir-Lade Syndicate has completed, at a cost of about $24,000, 1500 feet of  tunnels, cross cuts and other development work. It has also, at an approximate  cost of $35,000, installed one of the most complete and best constructed outfits  of machinery in the province, including a 10-stamp Fraser & Chalmers' quartz  mill, rock crusher, Frue vanners, air compressor and drills, aerial tramway, two  Pelton water wheels (300 horse power), assay offlce, and all necessary buildings.  For a description of this property, the Directors have pleasure in referring  to the report of Mr. A. H. Gracey, mini ng engineer of Nelson, made in 1901.  At that time Mr. Gracey was Manager of the Eva mine. Space does not allow  the reproduction of his report in full, but the following extracts willgive a fair  idea of this property:  ���:���-...-.,-.'���' 1 ��� Oology.. .......'.,:, ..  "The country rock of the neighborh ood is metamorphic in character, but  may be called in general a talc schist, with probably some chlorite present. A  belt of this formation extends many mil es in an East and West direction, and,  so far, the free gold discoveries in this district are mostly confined to this belt.  VEINS  AND  CHARACTERISTICS.  Exposed on the property at the pre sent time are two well defined veins of  free gold bearing quartz, which have been opened up on the surface by cuts,  etc., for considerable distances. The Oy ster vein (on the Oyster claim) strikes  N. GO degrees W. and pitches into the mountain at an angle of 57 degrees from  the horizontal. It has a width, where exposed, of from 8 to 25 feet, a large  portion of which is solid quartz.  "The Criterion vein (on the Criterion claim) has been exposed by open  cuts for a distance of about 400 feet. The strike is due East and West (magnetic), and the surface cuts show a width of vein of from 3 to 17 feet. The  vein is composed of solid quartz, carrying its chief values in free gold, associated at some points with a little iron pyrites and galena. The following  assays are of samples carefully taken from this vein by myself:  "1. Average chipped across both ends at collar of shaft, $18 gold per ton.  "2. Average ore from bottom of shaft, $21.60.  '        "3. Average chipped across big cu t, 17 feet wide, $4.50 per ton.  "4. Average chipped across cut No. 3, 4 feet wide, solid quartz, $3.20 per  ton. There are in this cut some rich seams showing free gold, which are not  included  in sample.  "Selected samples from these cuts gave assays running from $478.20 to  $2,001.40  per ton.  "A large amount of exceedingly rich ore has been found,^specially at the  -point"where=theishafris=heing=rsunkr __==_ . "* ~  "Intersecting this gold bearing quartz vein is a smaller vein of galena and  iron from 12 inches to 24 inches wide. This has been stripped for over 60 feet  and is particularly well defined and regular. Average samples of this vein  give values as follows:  Gold   $22.80  Silver 25.2 oz.  Lead   27.6 per cent.  "Although these veins are not developed to any extent, they are all exceptionally promising, especially the Criterion vein. They are all well defined and  with every appearance of permanency, and warrant a thorough development.  "The facilities for cheap mining and milling are excellent. The veins can  be worked to depths of hundreds of feet from tunnel levels. There is an abundance of timber suitable for all mining purposes on the property, while for  power purposes a record for 300 miners' inches of water has been secured in  Pool Crock at the foot of the mountain."  Immediate   Returns   Expected  In the course of a few days it is expected that the stamp mill at this  mine will be producing bullion in sufficient quantity to pay immediate dividends.  Another   Good   Property  No. 3. The Imperial, Balfour and Rossland claims, lying on Lexington  mountain, immediately between tliree working mines, the Eva, the Cholla, the  Oyster-Criterion. There are on tlie property three well defined quartz ledges,  showing free gold on the surface. A 50-foot tunnel has been run on the Imperial. It is run on the ledge and free gold was encountered throughout tis  entire length.  The large amount of development work done both on the Eva and Oyster-  Criterion had proved that the rich gold values on this mountain continue and  even improve with depth. At tlie 700-foot level on the Eva, close to the line  of this group, some of the riclH'-t ore on the mountain has been struck. The  workings of both of these well known m ines are close to the property of the  Great Northern. The main ledges on the property run into tha Oyster-Criterion  ground.  The tramway and air pipe of the Oyster-Criterion run over the property,  and the Eva tramway cuts across one corner.  The whole of Lexington Mountain i s a mass of ledges of free milling quartz,  and the Great Northern Company hav e every reason to believe they own one  of the richest portions of the hill. '  A meeting of the shareholders of the Ophir-Lade Syndicate is being called  to formally ratify the sale of that company's property to the Great Northern.  Two   Potential   Claims  No. 4 property consists of the Strathcona full claim, and the Triune fraction, lying on Silver Cup Mountain, near Ferguson, between the Triune and  the Cromwell, both of which have been proved by extensive work to be rich  in gold. The Triune has shipped a large amount of ore, averaging about $240  to the ton. The Cromwell has made a shipment to the? Trail smelter, representing 13 days' work for two men, and yielding as follows:  Gold, 5.76 oz per ton.   Total value (after deducting 5 per cent.) ...... ..$722.53  Silver, 18.1 oz. per ton.   Total value, (after deducting 5 per cent) ......   71.24  $793.97  Smelting charges       79.22  Net Proceeds $714.55  The  Gv&evt Lucky Jack  No. 5. The Lucky Jack has been so much talked of since its discovery, and  has created such a sensation in mining circles, being described in all the leading mining journals, that the directors feel it almost unnecessary to* say much  further. The group comprises three claims, situated at the mouth of .Poplar  Creek, and with, the Lardeau branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway .running  through it. .  .   .    _   ....     .,,   - J���__ ..  No less than seven ledges have been discovered on it, all carrying free gold.  The main ledge, containing the phenomenal showing which has astonished  the world, cuts the mountain vertically, and is from 18 inches to 6 feet wide. A  tunnel is now being run at the lowest workable point on the ledge. On September 12th it was in 50 feet, and the ore has been found to retain its sensational  values throughout. ��� .  Timber, water power, tunnelling sites, and every natural advantage for  economical mining are at hand.  It is interesting to note that the m outh -ot Poplar Creek was mined for  placer gold in the sixties and from the amount of work done, it is evident that  a large quantity of gold was taken ou t, but it remained for the present owners  to locate the source of the gold.  The company has already taken steps to instal a stamp mill and all necessary machinery for quickly mining out the wealth of the Lucky Jack and converting it into dividends for the shareholders. '  Last  But  Best  No. 6. Though enough has been sai d in the foregoing to satisfy even the  most sceptical, there is still better to follow.  Words fail to describe the phenomenal richness of the  "Swede"  group.  Briefly, however, it may be stated, that it consists of two full claims, the  Goldsmith and Gold Hill, being a continuation of the Lucky Jack and lying  higher up on the mountain, thus furnishing better tunnelling sites and enabling the ledges to be mined to a depth of nearly 2000 feet, without sinking.  There are, as far as known to date, nearly a dozen   ledges on the claims,  carrying from an ounce'to over a hundred thousand dollars per ton in free gold  and^besides-this.^there are-rich-(leposits-of-galeha=and=telluride=on=the-clainis,-as-  indicated by the following certificate given   by Mr. J. McLellan,    assayer, of  Poplar and Trout Lake City, after testing the ore:  Gold ozs. Silver, ozs. Total value  per ton.      Value.       per ton.   Value. per ton.  Galena,   etc 24.02 $480.40 90.70 $50.79        $531.19  Telluride ore from the Lucky Jack and Swede groups, assayed by Mr.  McKillop, assayer, of Nelson, gave returns of from $1700 to $6540.  Statements  Accurate  The promoters of this company are men well known in Western Canada,  and occupying such positions that they cannot afford to connect their names  with any other than  legitimate mining   ventures.  Every statement in this prospectu s is made advisedly, with a full knowledge of their responsibility as directors. The promoters have engaged in  active and legitimate mining for many years. They are not here today and  gone tomorrow. They expect to slay with mining, and assist in making British Columbia what she is destined to be���one of the greatest mining countries of the world.  In the expectation of making the Great Northern one of the strongest  mining companies on the continent, they have thrown all their gold properties  into this consolidation.    Not a single claim or interest has been held back.  The expense of operating and management will be comparatively small,  especially as the same economical methods will prevail which have characterized the promoters of the Ophir-Lade and Nettie L., and which have enabled  them  to achieve signal  success  in  the  past.  Strictly   Limited  The company will under no consideration sell more than one hundred  thousand shares, and the proceeds will be used strictly, for development purposes and paying for plant and machinery.  The shares are of the par value of one dollar, and are offered for a  limited time only at that figure. They are fully paid, non-assessable, and  carry no further liability whatever.  The directors reserve the right to allot shares according to priority of  application, or in the event of the shares being over subscribed, to allot  them pro rata.  APPLICATION   FOR   SHARES  Application for shares, acconipeinied by payment in full, should be made to the Imperial Bank of Canada,  or the Secretary of the Company, Ferguson, B.C.  FERGUSON,   B.C., September 21, 1903.  ���mm  m*  ���ims  ���IMS  -$&-  ���IMS  ���1MS  --$&���  -IMS  ���IMS  *M?  am-  ���ims.  -JMfc  ���-1MS  ���W  ���7MS  ���IMP The Nelson Tribune  _ne, J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.  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John Smaflwood  MORLEY & CO.  Wholesale and Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers  cArtists' Materials  Engineering and Mining  Books  Typewriters  cMimeographs  'Photographic Supplies  cMusical Instruments  Ward Street  Mi'-KCIIANT TAILOR  Morley & Co, Nelson, B.C  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT.  W. G. Taylor and wife left this week  for Honolulu, where they will spend the  winter.  The Camborne Miner has changed  hands, and is now under the entire control of (Jr. Ii. Northey.  Joseph Rochon aud Miss Lillie Radcliffe were married on Wednesday, tlie  Rev. W. W. Buer officiating.  Alfred Bush, brother of Mrs. J. A.  Irving and Howard Bush, has arrived in  Nelson and will reside here in future.  The general impression of those likely  to kuow seems to be that the Dominion  elections will take place in February  next.  Jacob Dover of Nelson and W. B. Pool  of Ferguson, who were in Victoria for a  week on mining business have left for  Seattle.  Charles Jeffs, the well known hockey  and lacrosse player, was married at Revelstoke to Miss Maud; Haney by Rev. C. A.  Procuuier.  Dr. Quinlan, who left Nelson last spring  for California, is in Victoria, having decided to again take tip his residence in  British Columbia.  A. Taylor lately in charge of the C.P.R.  land.office in Nelson \vas married in Winnipeg, and is now visiting Nelson with his  bride on their wedding tour.  Had the Joly-McBride government issued coal and oil prospecting licenses for  land in East Kootenay, it would not now  be at the mercy of pawnbrokers.  The C.P.R. on Tuesday received a new  heavy consolidated compound: eugine.  This makes the seventh received in the  last six months and more are still- required.  The Spokane Falls -.Northern railway  are giving special, rates from Nelson to  Spokane on December 15th Jto loth. Ben  Hur is to be performed ��� at the Spokane  theatre. . '  ��� F. Carter-Cotton, who is editor of both  the Vancouver News-Advertiser and the  Victoria Colonist, is dubbed the "'consult-;  ing engineer'' of the JolyrMcBride government.  W. C. Bayly, has; returned from Gam-  borne and reports prospects good in the  Lardeau for the coming winter. The Eva  mill and mine and, the Oyster-Criterion  are running steadily.  Edward Tanghe, confined in Nelson  jail for not obeying the orders of gold  commissioner Fraser of Revelstoke, was  released on bail on Thursday, R. S. Lennie acting for the prisoner.  Bishop Dart arrived in Nelson yesterday. He will bold a confirmation service  in St. Saviour's cjiurcjj tomorrow evenr  ing at 7 :b*0 and will probably hold an ordination service during the week,  . The Rossland Miner is wrong in saying  that the speech on the address from the  throne delivered by the member for Ymir  was typewritten, "it was graven on the  memory of Yrnir's member and never will  be effaced.  The "Nugget," published at Poplar by  R. T. Lowery, has made its appearance.  In the future Poplar district will have a  .suiunch-advocate.^lt-should-be-well-sup-"  ported and given reliable information to  disseminate.  W. C. Wells, M.P.P., who was on his  way to Victoria from Ottawa, was recalled owing to the death of his mother,  Mrs. James P. Wells. Mrs. Wells, who  was 95 years of age, died on Tuesday, December 1st.  A dance wns given at the Success Club  on Wednesday evening. The attendance  was not large but a very enjoyable evening was spent by those present. Another  dance will bo held on��Wedu-.sday evening  next und thc committee report it will be  well attended.  II.M.S. Flora ran ashore on Thursday  morning at Village point, Dpimian island,  near Comox. No lives were lost but it is  reported that the ship is a total wreck.  Tlie Flora, a second-class cruise.r, wjis  commanded by captain Baker.  P. E. Wilson and J. H., F��x returned  from Rossland where they had attended  the meeting of the Kootenay Curling As?  sociation. It was decided to hold t-bo  bonspeil at Revelstoko this year. Tho  oilicers of the association were duly elected.  Thomas Gordon, a section man at Salmo,  hanged himself in his shack on Thursday.  He had been drinking heavily. Dr. Arthur  held an inquest, the coroner's jury bringing in a verdict of death by hanging at  his own hands. Returning on a handcar  from the inquest,. "Scottie" Stewart of  Beaver was killed. When near Beaver  station, the S. F. & N. train came round  a curve and ran into the handcar. Tliree  men jumped and escaped serious injury,  but Stewart was thrown against the rocks  and his head smashed in.  A reception in honor of archdeacon  Pentreath was given by tho members of  tlie congregation of St. Saviour's on Tuesday night last. There was a musical programme, in which Mrs. Bruce White,  Mrs. Hnnuiugton, Miss Brymner aud Mr.  P. DuMoulin took part. Refreshments  were provided by the Ladies' Aid of tlie  church. The rector and archdeacon Pentreath gave short addresses. This morning archdeacon and Mrs. Pentreath left  for New Denver, theuce to the coast. The  archdeacon's many friends in Nelson are  sorry  that his  faithful  services to tbe  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������  * ���  :taao.pAlV[Tc!  _Made .* AINU:  AT  IT. A.. Gilker'si  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������  church ��� in the Kootenay diocese are, for  a time at auy rate, to be discontinued.  Many hope, however, that- he will some  day "in the near future guide the church  as bishop of Kootenay.  Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Walley of Inger-  soll, Ont., who have been visiting in Nelson for several months with their son A.  T. Walley and daughters Mrs. Emory  and Mrs. Holme's, left this morning for  Birtle and from there will go homo after  spending Christmas.   ",.  Cyril J. Archibald and Miss Olive.-Irene  Jackson were married on -Wednesday  last at the,home'of the bride's parents,  Victoria street, by the; Rer. F. H. Gra-:  ham. The happy pair left for atrip to  the East.aiid are expected back,'in Nelson  about April 1st.   ".."���      ���������[ ::A\-, ������"''"'��� ^   >'  Householders and licensees have to feg^.  ister annually or they' will not be able ��� to  vote. Apply immediately at the city hall  as the lists close 'on December 31st. Do  riot think that because:-.you voted at the  last election you are stiJl entitled to vote  this'year, if a'householder or licensee you  must register again. ,',-:'-::; ���'   .'���������.���:  On Tuesday last Julius Reisterer;of the  Imperial Brewery, married Miss Johanna  Opdalh,"the ceremony being performed at  their future libiiie, corner Silica and Cedar.  Mr. Reisterer' has been in Nelson since  1893 arid has "many friends in the community who wish him and his bride every  happiness and prosperity.  It is announced that tbe many friends  of Mrs William Davis propose giving her  a benefit entertainment before she ioaves  Nelson. During,her residence hero. Mrs.  Davis has given a number of successful  dramatic entertainments fpr tlie benefit of  the various athletic clubs-        ,  ��� Dr. Watt of Fort Steele was in Nelson  on Friday on bis way home from Rossland where he was attending the meeting  of the Associated Boards of Trade. Dr.  Watt has not been in Nelson since 1899  and was much impressed with the improved appearance of the city.  A. C. Ewart, architect, a former resident of Nelson who left on account ofjll-  "he(ilth=f6rCalif6i'fli_ralfou.t two years ago,  ��� returned on Friday, ou his way to Cranbrook where his wife and family reside.  Mr. Ewart's many friends in Nelson were  glad to know that his health was greatly  improved. Strange to say California was  no improvement on Nelson for asthma,  which is Mr. Ewart's complaint and he  came north to Oregon where he got well  rapidly.  To old-timers in Nelson it is very interesting to occasionally read what was said  by outsiders years ago. Tbe following is  au extract from tlie Lardo Reporter of  June J 7th. 1893. The town of Lardo at  the head of the lake at that time boasted  of a weekly paper, and was expected to  havo a great future before it: "To the  enterprise of the citizens of Nelson is  due much of the niaterinl development of  tlio mining districts of West Kootenay.  They have readied deep in their pockets  to aid in forwarding every project that  would open tljo country and help show to  the world what it possesses; they have  shown a generous spirit in their treatment  of struggling neighbors in the past and  stand ready today to aid them in every  way that is equitable and fair. Their  boautiful city is a striking example of  what combined effort and dauntless energy can do. Cradled in an xmdeveloped  country she has progressed rapidly upwards, surmounted every adverse condition that existed during' her infancy and  entered the broad road to municipal fame  for which the e3*e can discern no end."  $2,000.00  WANTED���To borrow "1-000 for two years on  Nelson real estate as security. Addresser apply  to John Houston, Nelson, B.C*.  Timothy Hay  First-class Timothv Huv, baled, ner ton   djf A  f.o.b. Colville     -P'*  F.  BAI'MAN. Colville, Wash.  FOR RENT  Wi'll furnished room, comfortably heated and  electric light, with private family. Apply P. o.  box SI, Nelson.  Christmas Necessities  J. A. Irving & Co. have every necessary article that  must be in a household in order that Christmas shall  be a day of feasting and pleasant memories. Among  other articles, they have Cleaned Currants, Seeded  Eaisins, Orange Peel, Citron Peel, Lemon Peel, Figs,  Dates, Walnuts, Almonds (sheiied and unsigned), and Filberts.  J. A. IRVING & CO,  Phone At6t  Houston Block, Nelson  Groceries and Provisions  St. Andrew's Night in Nelson.  The clans gathered around' the festive  board at the Strathcona hotel about JO  p.m., with the president, captain Duncan,  in the chair. After eujoyiug the good  things provided by host Tompkins, the  toast list was reached, and speeches and  songs enlivened the further proceedings.  Amongst those who proposed or replied to  toasts were A. L. McKillop, A. M.  Brydges, E. A. Crease, J. Hamilton J. M.  Lay, F. Starkey, G. Robertson, P. M.  Black. Captain Robertson, T. G. Proctor  and others contributed songs, while C. E.  Warriner on the mandolin and H. S.  Boduier on the piano greatly added to tho  enjoyment of the evening.    -  Telegrams from the various Caledonian  Societies throughout Canada were read,  as were also the replies sent. Few understood them as they were mostly in Scotch  or Chinook, but the applause came in at  the right time. The haggis was pronounced a great success and the Scotch  whisky .was satisfactory to those who  drank it.-     .       ���   ;   ���;'������"      ���  A Warning.  James M. Macouu, who was sent to  the Peace River country by the geological  survey last summer, is preparing his report on the agricultural and other resources of the district. In view of the  fact that "no surveys have been made and  that there is neither a market for the produce nor employment for those without  means he will report that no man should  go to Peace River now who lacks such  means to maintain himself .until railway  construction has actually begun there.  SHERIFF'S SALE.  By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued out  of the Supreme Court of hritish Columbia, at the  snit of the Woodburyi Mines, Limited, non-personal liability, plaintiff against James A. l'oyutz,  defendant, and to me directed-and delivered,  against the goods and chattels of the said plaintiff, The Woodbury Mines, Limited, non-personal  liability, I have seized and taken In execution  all the right, title and interest of the said plaintiff in the mineral claims, "Mayflower," "Sunset," and "Number l'lve," situate on Woodbury  Creek, and recorded in the ollice of the mining,  recorder at ICaslo, 13. C, aad also in a ijuantily  of mining tools and machinery all of which 1  shall sell to satisfy Said judgment debt and costs  at my ollice, next to the Court liouse in the City  of Nelson, on Tuesday, the 15th day of December,  I'.'OS, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  9 An  inventory of  the mining tools and machinery may be seen at my ollice.  Note���Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as to tillcahd interest of thesaid plaintiff,  Dated at Nelson, B. C, Sth December, i'JOH.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of Soutli Kootcnav.  NELSON LICENSE DISTRICT.  Notice is liereby given that tho undermentioned persons have made application under thc  provisions of the "Liquor License Act, HHK)" for  iiotel licenses at the places set opposite their  respective names:  ^=JnsephiWnlkei'rRiiSsell-HotelrK-it(*l]"c*ierr=  John Marshall, Marshall Hotel, Kitchener.  Owen Boyer, Vancouver Hotel, Ymir.  Mitchell Tnlt, Palace Hotel, Ymir.  .1. W. Masterson, Ymir llotel, Ymir.  C. B. Archibald, Ross House, Ymir.  K. M. Peters, St. Charles Hotel, Ymir.  Finlay McLeod, McLeod llotel, Ymir.  John rlruim, Cosmopolitan llotel, Ymir.  (I. S. Coleman, Waldorf Hotel,-Ymir.  Fred Adic, Fori Sheppard llotel, Waneta.  William Cray, Salmo Hotel, Salmo.  Joseph Bhinoluird, Northern Hotel, Salmo.  (ieorge McBean, Mersev Hotel,  ICrie.  Louis Noll, Port" Kleo llotel, Porto Klco.  1). McLaughlin, Ball Hotel, Hall.  William Uobcrts, Florence Park Hotel, near  Nelson.  Joseph Boyer, Valley llotel, near Ymlr. I runs-  fer lo (-'red Allaire.  Hohcrt Wood, Thistle Hole), Woodsvillc,  T. li. Procter, Outlet Hotel, Procter.  Ceorge Hartlell, Hlrdnr llotel, Sirdar.  tleorge Munro, Munro Hotel, Creston.  A meeting of Ihe Hoard of License Commissioners of Hie Nelson License District will be held lo  consider Mich applications al Ihe Court lloiisual  IheCltv of Nelson ou Tuesday the fifteenth day  of December, I'.Hl'l, at the hour of len o'clock in  thc forenoon.  W. I|. UI'LLOCK-WI'-BSTKIt,  Chief License Inspector  Chief Constable's Ollice, Nelson, B. C,  7th November,  1WI.  AINSWORTH LICENSE DISTRICT  Notice is horeby given that the undermentioned persons havo made application under Ihe  provisions of Ihe "Liquor License Act, lll.Hl" for  hotel licenses at the places set opposite their respective names:  Ole Ulvin, Brlttania Holel, Lardo.  J. J. Cameron, Commercial Hotel, Lardo.  Leander'Hanna, Lardo Hotel, Lardo.  J. A. Melsaac, Victoria Holel, Whitewater.  C. F. Oleson, Hot Springs Hotel, Ainsworth.  Ole Ulvin, Miners' Hotel, Goldhiil.  Arthur Brunelle, Crawford Bay llotel, Crawford Bay.  A. W. linodcnough, King iTotel, Ainsworth.  A meeting of the Board of License Commissioners of the Ainsworth License District will be held  to consider such applications at the Court House  at the City of Kaslo on Tuesday, the liftecnlh  dav of December, UK'S at the hour of eleven  o'clock in the forenoon.    '  W. 11. BULLOCK-WKBSTFK,  Chief License Inspector.  Chief Constables Oflice, Nelson, B. C,  7th November, I'.Kfl.  Application to Transfer Liquor License.  Notice Is hereby  at the next sitting  nilssioners of the  transfer the retail  for the Nelson II  on lot ill, block 1,  Ink A Boyd.  Dated, Nelson, II,  Witness:  Ueohcjk Bacon.  given that I intend to apply  of the Hoard of License Coin-  City of Xcl-on for leave to  lii|iior license now held by mc  Olel, situate on Baker street,  Nelson, Britisli Columbia, to  C., November 7th, 1WK.  CilAKLKS A. UAI'ULAY,  Starkey & Co,  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits  ( R. jK. Rogers ��S_ Co., L,d., Win mi pee:  Repi-esenting   ; j>j. k. Fail-bank: Co.,     -     Montreal  (Simcoe Canning Co.,     *     Simcoe  Office  ond   Warehouse,  Josephine  Street  Nelson, B.C.  Cash   Advanced   on   Consignments  Jacob Green & Go,  Auctioneers,  Appraisers, Valaators  General   Commission Agents  Corner of linker and Josephine Street.  NELSOit, B.C.  P.Burns&  Wholesale   and   Retail  Meat  Merchants  Head Office and Cold .Storage Plant at Nelson.  BRANCH MARKETS at Kiislo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Revelstoke, New Denver, Cascade,"Trail,  Clrnnd Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Phoenix,. Kossland. -locau City, Moyie, Cranbrook.  Fernie and Macleod.  NBLSON  BRANCH   MARKET,   BUKNS JJLOCK,   BAKEK  STREET  Orders by mull to any Briuiuh will receive promot and careful attention. .-.���������������-!������>-.'���  West Kootenay Butcher Company  Fresh and Salted Meats.   Fish and Poultry in Season.  ORDERS BY MAIL leeeive prompt  ,    and careful attention.  E. C. TRAVES, Manage^.  K.W.C. Block, Nelson  NEARING HIS FINISH  Aguinaldo is right now. He hns got enough I  Tliere nre many people iu this town that know  when they have had enough of poor laundry  work on llieir linen, and they (urn to us for relief. It is a pleasure to a man to see the cx>|iils-  ltccoloraml llnlsh thai tve have put on his shirt  collars and cuffs when sent out from this laundry.  Kootenay Steam Laundry  S20 Water St.  Telephone 146  NELSON  STEAM  LAUNDRY  Work done by hand or machine, and on short  notice. Delivery wagon calls for and delivers  work every day in the week.  Job  Printing;  ���  <  We Use Gumption as  well as tlie best papers  ��   and inks in the execu-   4  ���  ���..   tion of  your orders���  tliey will not be mis-  ^ understood. Quick dis- 4.  patch giveii out-of-town  work.  W. E JONES  Madden Building     NELSON, B.C.  /  Blankets, Flannels, Curtains, etc., a specialty.  Dyeing anil Cleaning also done. Outside orders  promptly attended to.  PAUL. INIPOU, Proprietor.    P.O. Box 48  Drink  THORPES  LITHIA  WA1ER  Every small bott   contains five grains  of Lithia Carbonate  FOlrTsALE  For Hale���Two teams of heavy draft horses.  Apply 10 W. C. Mel-ean, northwest corner Ward  nu -ilicii streets, Nebon.  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ! SUNDAY!  !    HOURS     !  x        , I  X Our store (corner of Baker X  t and Josephine streets) will X  X be open every Sunday for X  X dispensing purposes:���        X  9:30 to 12 o'clock  2:00 to 5 o'clock  7:00 to    9 o'clock  ���  ���  ���  I Canada Drag and Book*  ���   Company, Limited   f  ���������������<������������������������������������������������������������������  I Qalt Coal |  ��        And  Wood bf All  Kinds        ��  C Terms Spot Cash J  > W. F��. TIERNEY C  _���   Telephone 205 Baker Street  ^


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