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 j    t '������v.i.aotf.uW*-. jf /  THE TIUH-XK IS THE OLDEST  NEWS. APER  l'RINTED  IN* THE  KOOTEXAYS  Monday, September \A9  1Q03  NELSON  IS THE TKADK CENTER OF SOOTH-  EASTERN  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  BOTH  _n_l A _���! ��__!_/  Both Equally Large and Enthusiastic, but the Liberal-Conservative was tne More Representative of Nelson  There were two political rallies iu Nelson on Saturday night, and both wero well  attended. The Liberal-Conservative committee room was-filled to overflow, and  fully fifty people, unable to get in the  room, stood on the sidewalk and heard the  speeches. The Liberal committee room  was also well rilled. Those who attended  both meetings say the crowd was about  tho same at each, but that tho Liberal-Conservative meeting was by far thc more  representative of Nelson. At the Liberal  meeting, "Pete the Packer" and a delegation from Ymir were in attendance, aud  they and "Billy" Haucock, the brick-  maker of Bogustown, did the bulk of the  applauding.  The Liberal-Conservative meeting was  not called to order until 9 o'clock, owing  1 . to tho unavoidable absence of tho chairman of the campaign committee, and iu  his absence, Fred Starkey, president of  tlie Liberal-Conservative Association of  Nelsou, presided.  Mayor Rose was first called on, and he  said:' It is charged that the candidate  of the Liberal-Conservative Party iu Nelson was unable to secure any legislation  during Iris term in the legislature. Tlie  letter lie has addressed to liis constituents  iu Nelson proves different. Instead', of  being unable to secure legislation, he secured the passage cf a number of laws,  the practical workings of which are  of the greatest benefit to the people  of Nelson and to ��� the Kootenay  country. Your candidate is the kind of  -,/��-man that does things, and the men who  ���do thiugs are what British Columbia  '-needs.-. Tlio speaker then outlined the  policy of the Liberal-Conservative Party,  showed wherein it differed from that  of tho Liberal Party, . and .....wound,  lip a fif teen-minute speech'.- by nrg-  ino his hearers to.-.-. work, from  uow on until election day, as nothing was  so good as a good big,majority.', The candidate if elected by a good majority would  have greater confidence in himself, for he  would know that the peoplo were behind  him, nud his associates in the legislature  .��� ...would..have...,mor.e,.respecj;..,fpi_liim._oj)i*e-..,  sentiug as he Would more thim half oi' the  people.  John Houston, the candidate, was'then'  called for, and he ' spoke for an hour.  After his preliminary remarks, he said  experience was as much required in the  legislature as iu any other trade or calling. "If one of you;" said the speaker,  "wanted to employ a carpenter, or a  blacksmith, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or a  bookkeeper, would you employ a day  laborer? Legislating requires experience,  and that experience can only bo gaiued by  serving an apprenticeship. I havo served  an apprenticeship of three years, and if  other things, such as ability, force of character, and backbone, are not lacking, I  certainly have a percentage iu my favor  when compared with the man who is opposing me as tho Liberal candidate.''  The speaker then referred to the fiuan-  cinl couditiou of the province, and said  that there would be no great inflow of  outside capital to British Columbia until  such time as the credit of the province  was as good as that of any of the provinces of the Dominion. The credit of the  province could not be made good by wiping out taxes, but it could be made good  by the closest economy in expenditures,  to the end that the outgo would uot be  more thau the income. "When the debentures of the province are worth par,  outside capital will seek investments in  British Columbia. "How many men in  this room," saidMr. Houston, "are looking for capital with which to develop a  prospect ? How many aro looking for  purchasers for their real estate holdings?  How many are seeking capital with which  to enlarge their business ventures? Yet  many of you are unable to obtain what  you want, and one of the reasons is that  the province is running behind from half  a million to three-quarters of a million a  year. The. desired chauge, aud it is a  change that uiust come sooner or later,  will uot come through electing to the  the legislature men who are pandering to  ���a class for support. The legislature must  be made up of men who will legislate for  the good of the greatest number, uot for  the good of one trade, ono class, one cnll-  iug, or one profession. As your candidate, I am not appealing for support from  a class; I am appealing foi* support from  the people of Nelsou, and that I worked  for. the people as a whole when in the  legislature is proved by. the legislation I  secured. .  The speaker said it took time to get  legislation passed, and cited the case of  the repeal of the law that required all  men Working iu or about a mine to take  out a miner's license. . It .took ten years  persistent work to bring about the repeal  of that law. ,In 188S the speaker drafted  a petition, to the legislature, which was  then iii session, and, it was signed by  miners at- Revelstoke, Illecillewaot, Don-  ..ajd^and-^lcleu,.the ,Jheu centers pf the  mining industry7 in "K6o^nay'.*sv''Tirey'  prayed that the tax be repealed; but no  action was takeu. At succeeding sessions for ten years the agitation was kept  up, and finally the obnoxious tax was repealed. This, of course, not having been  done by a man iu the employ of the "Western Federation of Minors or by oue of the  paid secretaries of that organization, will  not be looked on as in the interest of labor.  One of the candidates of the Liberal party,  Kellie of Revelstoko, who sat in the legislature for ten years, only succeeded in  Prospectors Endorse Houston  Nelson, September 12th, 1903.  John Houston, Esquire, Nelson, B. C���Dear Sir : I am  instructed by the Prospectors' Association to inform you, that  =at-a-speGial-meeting,-held-in-their-room^at=Nelson^todayHt^was-  resolved unanimously to endorse your nomination and give you  our votes at the coming election on Saturday, October 3rd,  1903.    You, therefore, can rely on our support.  GEORGE T. DEMAINE, Secretary.  A Crises in the British Cabinet.  [Associated l'ress.]  London, September 14.���Tho Associated  Press understands that the rumors of the  approaching resignation of the chancellor  of the exchequer, Mr. Ritchio, aro well  founded.   He will attend a cabinet moot-  ��� ing held for today witli the determination  of resigning.   Other minor  resignations  are likely to occur, but colonial secretary  Chamberlain and premier Balfour tire reported to bo standing together and intend  keeping the cabinet together by filling the  vncaucies.   From all parts of the country  and tlie continent British cabinet ministers came to London today to attend the  cabinet meeting, which was regarded as  marking the most important phase iu the  recent political history of the United Kingdom.   Thc Times voices public sentiment  in saying it was "a great occasion," more  important even than the historic meeting  wheu home rule was supported most. For  the main issue today is "The Unity of the  Empire."   Not since the fateful day when  the cabinet framed an answer to president  Kruger's   ultimatum   had   such   crowds  gathered around Downing street.   From  early morning loiterers assembled here in  the hope of catching a glimpse of political  leaders.   However, it wtis announced that  tho cabinet would not meet until 3 o'clock,  and  the spectators dwindled.   Mr. Balfour, who arrived in London from Scotland yesterday, went to Downing street  early.    Treasury officials were posted all  , the morning with Mr. Balfour's secretary,  ���*'nnd going over tlie statistics on which tho  cabinet is supposed to base its decision f' r  or against free trade.   Mr. Chamberlain,  who was the central figure in today's proceedings, left Birmiugham accompanied  by his wife.    A large crowd bade them  farewell at the railroad station.    On their  arrival  here Mrs. Chamberlain  went to  their Loudon home and Mr. Chamberlain  proceeded to the colonial ofiice.  Disastrous Wind Storm in Florida.  [Associated Truss.]  JacksonViLi.i*, Florida, September.34.���  No wires arc working south of Jacksonville this morning, and no details of the  hurricane which swept across the southern part of the state Saturday is complete. So far as known seven people met  deatli, the bodies of five being washed  ashore near Miami on the east const, and  two near Bounton on the west side of the  state. Passengers arriving today on belated trains report that on the etist coast  many vessels have beeu wrecked. Above  Miami it is reported seven or eight are  ashore. The property loss in the city of  Tampa is about one million dollars. "West  Tampa was flooded. No loss of life i.s reported in Tampa, although several persons were hurt by the falling trees. Much  damage was done to the Orange groves  and gardens, and it is feared that the  beautiful winter homes of northern people are damaged. The disturbance is today sweepiug across Alabama and Louisiana. All wires south of Montgomery,  Alabama, are dowu. Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, and Now Orleans, all report high winds. There is no evidence of  the storm at Charlestou, South Carolina,  although precautionary signals have been  displayed for two days.  Thc announcement that from and after  tlie 3 5th passengers to and from Revelstoke would be sent by way of the  Nakusp and Slocan railway and the  Slocan Kiver branch was premature,  as nothing has boon heard of it at Nelson.  Tlie time between Ive'.sou and Nakusp 1 y  that route is six hours.  securing the passage of one bill. It is  kuowu as Kellio's Tramway Act, The  bill as originally introduced was on lilies  advocated by the speaker, iu the Nelson  Miner and the Nelson Tribune, for several  years, that is, free trade in railway building; that auy one who wished to build a  railway im British Columbia should be  allowed to do so without first securing a  charter from the legislature. Tho bill as  introduced by Kellie was thrown out. The  next year he emasculated it, and secured  its passage as a Tramway Act. Today the  party of which I am a candidate has declared itself to be in favor of free trade in  railway building. "These axe two illustrations." said the speaker, "of how* difficult it is to secure the passage of legislation that is fair and beueficial. Unless a  member has ability, coupled with force of  character and persistence, he is absolutely  useless'iu the legislature of British Columbia."  Mr. Houston then referred to questions  that were local. He said that during his  residence in Nelson he had, as far as his  means permitted, done all ho could to  build up the town. He had given employment, either as an individual or as a  member of a firm or as manager of 'corporations, to hundreds of men, and no one  of them ever complained that lie had to  work for "scab" wages; or had.they to  organize unions in order to get fair treatment at his hands. He probably had paid  out one thousand dollars for wages where  his opponent had not paid out one, and he  had never seen the necessity of patronizing Montreal tailor shops or establishments like T. Eatou & Co.'s of Toronto.  It is true, had he done so he might now-  be better off in this world's'goods; but  Nelsou had:iiot beeu built up to be one of  the finest towns in Canada by men who.  patronized eastern department stores and  tailor shops; but, instead, had beeu built.  up by men who spent iii Nelson what they.  earned in Nelsou.    Beferring to the progress of tho campaign, the speaker said: ' 'We have othe.  election won. now, but the enemy down  yonder in the Hume building on Vernon  street is led' by men who will uot scruple  at anything in order to steal,from you.  what you havo got. No statement is. too.  base for them to circulate; no practi.cesp.  unfair thatithey will not take advantage  of it,; Each and every one,of you must be  'nlertr':'A~*te  half a dozen different elements, uoue of  whom have interests in common, is work-'  ing every game that he kuowsiu order to'  bring about your defeat. "What is there  in commou between Ebbs the Socialist  aud J. J. ;Campbell of the Hall Mines  smelter? What community of interest is  there between W. W. Beer and Frank'  Phillips? What has David Marks Car-  ley iu common with McDonald the architect? Do they all want to see the  principles .of   the   Liberal   party   pre  vail? No! ��� But they all >vnut to sec John  Houston defeated. Tli.t is the one thing  they can all agree on. It is a most praiseworthy object, no doubt; but it is your  duty- as practical politicians to see that  their object is not accomplished.    ���  The Liberals squeezed themselves into  Taylor's committee rooms last Saturday  and four speakers filled the air with  words.. The News reported an audience  of 237. In 3900, when the Provincial Party used the same room;il50 people filled it  to suffocation, but then!the Liberals may  havecshrunk until less 'space accommodates them. John. Hamilton was chairman, and opened the uleetiug with railroad promptness, but without prayer.  P. M. Black discussedithe affairs of state  iu a vigorous maimer, ahd painted a.beautiful heaven for this province provided,  Sidney Stockton Taylor was elected.- He  handed Sidney several lines of sweet  praise, and said that he had no strings on  him. Probably he meant that the Nelson  Liberal god would buy his pants in Montreal, if he wished, without paying any attention to the local establishments that  have done so niuch to make the men pf  Nelson. . Mr. Black, also stated that Sidney would not go to Victoria with the object of personal gain, but would be a loser  financially, and- was a man whom wc  could trust and respect. Perhaps Mr.  Black was partially- in' jest wheu he uttered those, words. Who ever heard of a  lawyer losing anything -by being sentenced  to- thc ��� legislature? .,, Ask the Western  ���Federation . ��� of .. Miners at Rossland  what they tliink .about Taylor's-weakness . for losiug,, .anything. Law is- a  profession and , lawyers- live -��� upon  tlie mistakes and .troubles of ���������the human  family. . Some of .them are liars, and will  squeeze every dollar out of a client that it  is possible, to get. Is it reasonable to sup-.  .pose that Taylor is an angel in a profession  .black with intrigue, and bloated with, the  spoils slammed frotu the pot of human  troubles? Canada is cursed with too .many  lawyers in its legislative halls. ,       ...   .  William Ebbs is a Socialist���one;of the ,  cii-eamyitnid: *TIo-l___ a-jptiot's nntn-re-raiicl-  has dwelt many' au hour with Homer,  Virgil,,Bui'us', aud other dead composers  of beautiful imaginations! Ebbs is tin  eloquent speaker, and has the fire within  him that touches' the soul aud drives it  above practical matters. Ebbs believes iu  public ownership, afar off probably, its'  did the Socialists of Nelson when it came  to wanting public-ownership of the electric light. Mr. Ebbs, judging from his  flow of oratory, is evidently iu love*with  Sidney Stockton, andlooksupou the little  lawyer as the hero of a poet's dream  dressed iu a cheap Montreal suit of clothes.  However, the. little god may wear Ebb's  shoes. ;  At this point Alf Parr struggled to his  feet and the audience put a ciuch on its  breath. Alf talked all about tlie way to  haudle this country and put the smelters  and, railways on the ragged end of dividends. Parr did uot say auything new.  He is a chubber iu politics and tackles the  job like a. jack - of - all ��� trades. Parr  knows as little about the science of  politics .as he does ��� aVont principle. . He belongs' to a class who cry  wolf in order to reach the' maple syrup  themselves. If Alf fails to peg ou October 3rd ho might u take a fortune lecturing  upon "The Gift of Gab, or How to Live  Upon Wind." ' !���������������  When Mr. Taylor rose : to his feet he  threw a bouquet at Ebbs and went on to  tell his con tinned story about what he  would do for this great country, provided  lie could sigu M. L. A. after K. C. Mi*.  Taylor iu his speech said many -wise  thiugs, but he did not mention one thing  that he has done for labor in .this city.  He referred feelingly to his clothes, and  thought it was .repulsive and nauseating  to have an issue made about where he"  bought his. nice, cheap clothes. In presenting his claims upon this progressive  city he failed to remark that'if all meu  pursued the policy of buying their goods  in the East there would be no election in  Nelson, for there would be no Nelson. It  is the men-who assist in the upbuilding  of a city who deserve auy honors that the  people may have to give. :Point, to anything that Taylor.has built in1 Nelsou,  except a bank'account. It has been a  lunch for him, and now he wants, a full  dinuer. -   '��� ..        ���        j  ��� ��� Y-rnt, September 11.���Tliere is considerable complaint over returning officer  Perdue of Trail not providing polling stations at all points. No provision is made  for the* Ymir; mine,*Patterson, Westley,  Poorman mine, Balfour. It is hoped that'  gentleman will see; his way clear to make  provision for stations at the above mentioned points, so that a fail*. poll.-. may be  had of the voters'wishes; The Nelsou  Tribune is being, shipped; in bunches to.  the electorate of this riding, with a'view,  it is supposed, of.influencing the voters'  ���the way-John!;Housianf -tlrlnks.' vThore is  uot much danger of this, as the rank and  file of Ymir riding thoroughly know John  Houston, and consequently will not be  guided by his advice "how to vote." It is  conceded that Harry. Wright is already  defeated, as thc mere fact of .his being a  tool of Houston's spoils his'chance of election. Anyhow, his failure' to meet Mi-.  Parr, tlie Liberal candidate, on the plat-,  form, has lost him a lot of votes. Eveu  if he were elected,-his remuneration of  ���-.SOO a year would not enable him to hire  someone to speak for him in Victoria.  Perhaps John Houston is figuring on  doing this gratis.  The above is from the Rosslaud Miner,  and is a fair sample of the rot that daily  appears in that uewspnper, whicli is  classed as Conservative by the Liberal  press. The Rossland Miner is tho same  kind of a Conservative no wspaper as tho  Nelson Economist. It helps the Liberals  by firing in the rear of the Conservatives.  The returning officer of Ymir riding has  been most fair in locating polling places.  Why should a polling place be made at  the.Poorman mine wheu - there is one at  the Granite mill, which is about half a  mile from the Poorman; mine? Why locate a polling place at the Ymir mine  when tliere one at the Ymir stamp mill,  which is only a few yards distant from  the.mine? Why locate one at.Balfour  when there is one at Proctor, just across  Kootenay river? So far as the reference  to The Tribune is concerned, The Tribune  is advocating the election of the Liberals  Conservative Party, and when the election is over no candidate of the party will  be able to say that its work was ..halfhearted ; and no candidate of., thc Liberal  Party who has conducted his campaign in  a spirit of fairness will be able to say that  The Tribune did him an injustice, cither  by actual statement oi\ by insinuation.  Moyie Leader, 13th::"AJconvention~of  the delegates of the American Labor  Union andtho other unions of the district  was held in Cranbrook 'last Tuesday.  After considerable discussion they decided  natto place a labor leader in the field.  The actiou taken is due to the fact that-  Thomas Caven, the Conservative candidate, is a member of organized labor, "and  in him they have a candidate who is in  every way. satisfactory to them. Mr.  Caven is a member.of Division 407, Cranbrook Order of Railway Conductors, in  good" standing, and has- always been an  untiring and energetic worker in his'  union. The labor unions of the district  -jE__l��t__iMn3fj*,:.Oaxpn-theyji,.:^v.e a man  who will guard their interests iii the legislature aim .will not counteuauce any legislation which 'might bo detrimental to  their welfare. They look upon 'him as a  sure winner, and from all indications  their judgment will be found correct."'  The concert, "Morning, Noon and Night  in Spring," will be repeated by unanimous  request of tlie chorus of children ou  Wednesday night in the opera house,  commencing at 8:3 5 sharp.    A laughable  medley, comic recitation, and a brilliant  duet will fill tho several omissions. Mr.  Sullivan, principal of the publio school,  will sing "The Storm Spirit" aud read  "The Ode to Nature" for tho pantomime  so gracefully rendered by tho bevy of fair  mnideus, which delighted the audience so  much. All who are au\ious to view this  last act should secure seats in tho gallery,  so as to take iu the full detuils. Price 50  conts���no boys allowed up stairs, but one  side of auditorium allowed to school children at 15 cents, the main body So cents.  Tickets at opera house.  Lardeau Eagle, 13th: "Very little enthusiasm has beeu manifested so far in  this riding over politics.   Before. anotljer  issue of the Eagle, however, we think tho ���'  political situatiou will be receiving more  attention.     As   a   starter, Hon.   R.   F.  Green, minister of mines, came into camp  Wedncsdny and the same night held' a ���  political meeting nt Five Mile, which was  attentively listened to by the large crowd ' m  IM-sent.   Thursday Mr. Green visited the jf t|  Nettie^L mine, nnd today he aud some"  friends oro at the Silver Cup mine.   A  big time is expected at thc Liberal-Con-.  scrvative mass meeting in Ferguson Saturday night at S o'clock, when we expect*  to hear speeches from tho three' candidates in  tlie   field,   Messrs.  Retallack,'.  Shannon, and Hon. R F. Green.    Every "  person iu the camp should come out to  this meeting." "  Quiet Reigns at Beirut.  [Associated Press ]  Washing ton, September 14.���Thenayy *  department today posted tho following-  bulletin: "Admiral Cotton telegraphs*  from Benut that he had exchanged satis- ^  factory visits with tho governor-general. ->  The governor-general has personal charge,',  of the vice-consul case. Twenty-eight^i  persons, including the principals in thc���  disturbance of last Sunday, have been5  ai-rcsted. Beirut is quiet. The adminis-^  tration ot thc now governor-general '__.��������  spires confidence. The former governor-^  general left on the 12th instants for Con��:  stantiuople."^ ., , %$f4  Probing the Postal Scandalsiv^ -1|  , ._���   . _ [Absociated Press.]-,  ,    ,r j.^-** jte-l  Nkw Yoke,   September  14.��� Charles \  McGcichcn aud George H. Huntington of j  the Columbia Supply Company, who are \  indicted  m   Washington   in  connection  with   the  postal   scandals,   surrendered  themselves to United States marshal Hen-  kle iu this city today.   Bench warrants  were issued for Huntington and McGei-  chen at the time of thc arraignment of  George W. Beavers on the Washington  indictment. l -  J. E. Annable, secretary oi* the exhibition" was wired today: "'Tlio Shamrocks  will bo in Nelson to play during the exhibition."  MI  E. B. Kirby, general manager of the  War Eagle-Centre Star companies, states  ithat.the,Rossland=Po.wer^Conipany.,.a_sub-i  sidiary company of the War Eagle and  Centre Star, has perfected all plans and  arrangements for the immediate construction of the long-promised concentrator for  the treatment of thc low grade ores of the  War Eagle and Centre Star mines, and  probably other, mines of tne Rossland  camp. The mill will be erected on the  flat north of the smelter, near the present  rifle range. Tho original plant will have  a capacity of 200 tons per day, but it will  be constructed in such a manner that it  will be enlarged to advantage as fast tis  cirunistaiiL'OS nitty require. Work on the  construction of the mill will commence  immediately under the direction of Franz  Cazin, a mechanical engineer of Denver,  who enjoys an exceptionally high reputation in the ranks of his profession. Mr.  Cazin spent a few days in Rossland last  winter. The superintendent: of the mill  will be Clyde M. Eye, who has been in  charge of the experimental plant at Silica.  The building of tho concentrator will be  of very material benefit to Trail, as a considerable number of men will be employed  in its operation.  Water for the mill will be taken from  Stoncy Rock, and Murphy creeks, aud  conducted to the concentrator by a flume.  Sixty or seventy men will be employed  on the mill in construction, and the work  will be rushed as rapidly as possible.  While the concentrator may not bo ready  for operation by the first of the year, it  certainlv will be in operation within four  to six mouths. While the plans are for  a 200-ton plant, there is every reason to  suppose that us soon as it has been in successful operation it will Ijo doubled if  uot quadrupled in capacity without the  slightest unnecessary delay. The erection of tho mill will be completed earlier  than would ordinarily have been the case  by reason of the fact that the company  had the timbers sawn some weeks ago,  and the material is now thoroughly  seasoned und ready to put into place  Moreover;' the machinery for the plant  has been ordered from ihe manut'a<,tiirors  at various plants, nnd arrangements made  for the stonework required in the foundations. A special effort will be made to  have the premises roofed in before th,.  snow flies and the outlook for the. accomplishment of this seems to bo bright.  NO  Blairmore (Alberta) Times, 12th: Tho  Frank mine of the Canadian-American  Coal & Coke Company has again resumed  "its~plaec=attheihcadaot���the^listasa^ship-  per of coal from this section, at present  sending out some 400 tons of first-class  coal per day. The three openings on the  coal measure are all now in tt position to  ship steadily. At the old workings the  main entry is again iu excellent shape,  and with tho installing of the new fan  will be in shape to produce fully its much  coal as it wtis before tlie slide. Within a  few dnj-s the new fan, which is a six foot  Murphy, will lie placed in position itutl  then the mine will be well ventilated, and  the former heavy shipments of coal resumed.    Miss Eraiicy, who was visiting friends  in the city, was called to Iho bedside of  her brother in Spokane yesterday. While  running a train out of Spokane lie had the  misfortune lo lose his leg.  J. A. Wetmore lias been transferred  front the imperial bank in Ferguson to  Nolson.   E. G. Wootl ward of tlio Ferguson Eagle  is spending a short time in the metropolis  of Kootenay.   _    '  The Imperial bank tit Ferguson is putting in a branch at Trout Lake City.  T. W. Fletcher, Armstrong; C. li.  Hutchings, Toronto, art) at the Hume.  John S. Black of Now Denver is in  town, after spending his holidays in the  Lardo.  F. C. Green is surveying tit the Silver  Cup in tlio Lardo.  Constable 1'liick brought in two Slavs  from McGuigan charged with obtaining  goods under false pretenses from Powers  of McGuigan. They will reside for three  weeks in Fhe finest jail of this city.  JOHN  HEPBURN  ���-.L'lI-OE.- /ViND  CONTRACTOR  ���lobbliii  SHOP  Hcliluii new !>���  'lone    Kstimntes given  '������������Sini'NCK     '  ..nice        Cor. I'riiiil anil WllliAv  NKLSON  In Danger of His Life.  [Associated Tress.]  =^B'Bi{'iTiNt"S(spteinber-=l-.7=i"Aii=extraordi'=-  tiry letter, purporting to have been written by a Bulgarian statesman, has appeared iu the Klein Journal. Thc writer  asserts that a snbtemiueau passage leads  from the castle whore prince Ferdinand  lives, as though besieged, to the river,  through which tho prince can escape by  water when convinced that his position  i.s no longer tenable. It is added that tlie  princess Clementine, mother fit* prince  Ferdinand, saw king Edward at Vienna,  and told him that her son was in �� deplorable position and in danger of his  life, and begged the king to have a vessel  iu readiness lo carry him away from Bulgaria. King Kilward.it is' asserted, assured princess Clementine that prince  Ferdinand would always find an asylum  iu Kiighiad.  FOR SALE  Improved Ranch ii_ Lardo  Valley for sale. Addi-ess E.  R. Vipond, Trout Lake,  B. C.  Notice to Contractors.  NELSON COI'UT HOI'SK.  Notice is Iiiiri'l-y k'vcii Hint tin: Hint' for n.-  ci'lviiig ttftiilt'rs for tin: iTi'iition mill coiiiiili-tioii  of the t'nnl't llousfiil NYImhi lias lu'i'ii cxU'iHc'  up lo unci j IK'! ml litK Moinhiv tin.' I won lv-lirst  instiint. '��'..'. i;ili;i',  lii'pnty ('niiiiiiissioiior of Linnls inn! Works.  Liui'ls mill Works l>e]>urtiikmit,  Victoria, U. <-' , Sill SVpli'inljcr, I'.hl'l.  Fff&sik   Fletcher  ri'OVlNCIAL  LAND Sl'l'VKYOR  Liunls mill Mineral  Claims Surve.wil  und  Crown  Uranted  I'.O. Ilox 003  Oiliee: Kootenay St., Nelson  Hon, Charles Wilson to Speak  Salmon Arm, September 14th, 1903.  John   Houston, Nelson:    Have  arranged   for  meetings' at/  Fernie ou Wednesday night and Cranbrook on Thursday. Will'  3_ou__arra*nge for meetings at Nelson on_Frjdayjjightiajid_Kaslpi  ou Saturday? CHARLES WILSON.  The Liberal-Conservatives of Nelson will an*ai3ge for a meet-|  ing in the opera   house on Fr-ida}* night.    Mr. Wilson is one of  the 3nost logical speakers in tlie province. ��� 1  SMOKE  Ttfckett Cigar Co's  \  Monogram I  Union Label Cigars  (  Margt-Cfite-f  [George E. Tucfcett's Cigarettes  {  Karnack  Only Ui-iIoi-i-.Vlmlo  _Ji����ii*iitto in Camilla     ^      I\   OC   B.  w. j. McMillan & co.  WHOLESALE   GROCERS  Ajrents foi" Britisl-i Co3tjm*bit��.  Vuncouvei*,_,8.C;  GELIGNITE   The strongest and best Explosive on the Market  Hamilton Powder Company        j  -lilMU'll'.'ttll'l'il  Hy tin:   QUO.  C. TTNKTALL. J It.  District .Mri-., Nelson. H.C.  Mmiufnetiirurs of  High Grade lixplosivcs. Sporting*, Mining and Blasting' Powdel  Certificate   of Improvements.  XOTIl'K.  I* mnl L iiml (.'orlnlli inn ininoriil cluhiis, slin-  nli' ill lln._tionl Kiver iniiiini* division of NVsl  Koolcnuy illslrirl. Wliirru lufnti.-il: On Hit' i-i.sl  -iilc of KooliMiiiy Ink'.', ill tin.' mouth of i'raw fun I  I my.  Tnko Xolii'o thut I, .'olitl Mi'l.iilcliii', nrti!i�� lit  lu'i'ii! for t'. <!. Mujor, ollicin! inliiiliiistrnior  (Ini.-'ti'i' of 1 In- estate of I!. I'. Munro), l.uzi'tlii  Kii'l'l, fri'i' minor's ri'ililiriiU' No. KI.S'.MT. nml  -nurlc".   M.   I'Mi'lil,   frro   miner'.-  certitieulo   No  II I.s-'IU, init-iiil, sixty liny.'- from the iliitu lo-ivo?.  In apply tj the milling reeor.ler for eerl iliniti-s  of improvements, for '.Me purpose of oijiniiiliii.'  .���row 11 14raills to iIn- above eluims.  A tnl further lake nolire linn iti'lioii. MM'ier se'-  iloiillT. iiiiw lie 1 oiniru'iiiTi! In.'1'or-' the issnaiiee  ol .-mil ee villi intcs of improvements.  Diiteil this llh ilnv of S-pieiniior. A.I". !!':i:i.    .KHIN Mrl.VI'i mi-..  Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.  Real Estate ��"��j  General Agents  Certificate of Improvements. |  ��� NOTICE.        .  ���'"'""   ���*���'>��� "i "������;',  iinuuu,  sixiv Uiivs  iron  iiic iliite hcreot, id npply to the  mliiiiiK ruuordc'l  lor 11  eertllieate of  improvements,  for the pur  po.-e or obtiiininy  u crown  grunt  to  tha nbovi  luim. , J;  And further take notlee that aetion, undel  seel inn .17, must lie commenced before the Issu  mice of such certificate of improvements.       ������*;  Haled this imd day of September, A.I). 1903.  .1. I). ANm-l'-ON'. i  WANTED.  1'ridc-friimcr.s at government bridge nenriClkcl  Apply to -*.?���. Iliff, fowl  Soiitheiist   Kootenay  man, 1 lko  J. K   AltM.STKONO.  Government Ai ont.  1U0-. .; The Nelson Tribune  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817.    Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up) $13,379,240.00  RKST     9,000,000.00  UNDIDVIDED  PROFITS        724,807.75  Head   Office,   Montreal  RT. HON. LORD STRATHCONA AND MOUNT  ROYAL, G.C.M.G.,  President.  HON. G. A.  DRUMMOND, Vice-President. K. S. CLOUSTON, General Malinger.  NELSON BRANCH ftS&FftkSS?  A.   H.   BUCHANAN,  MdiidKer.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  With which Is amalgamate _G  The Bank of British Columbia  PAID UP CAPITAL ? 8,700,000  RESERVE FUND    3,000,000  AGGREGATE RESOURCES OVER 78,000,000  Head Office:   Toronto, Ontario  HON. GEO. A. COX, President     Ii. E. WALKER, General Manager  Savings  Bank   Department  Deposits received and interest allowed  INEL-SOIS  BRANCH  BRUCE  HEATHCOTEvManagei-  The Nelson Tribune  Founded in 1892.  THE TRIBUNE COMPANY, LIMITED,  PBOMUETOKS.  McDonald Block, Baker Street.   Telephone 120.  ADVERTISING RATES. ��� Display advertisements trill be inserted in The Nelson Tribune  (six insertions a'week) at the rate of Four Dollars  per inch per month. Single insertions 20 cents  an Inch. Regular advertisements will be inserted  in the weekly edition without extra charge.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.���The dally edition will  be sent by mail for $5 a year, or portions of a year  at the rate of fifty cents a month; by-carrier in  Nelson at the same rates. Payable in advance,  The weekly edition will be mailed for $lu year,  payable in advance, and no subscriptions will be  taken for the weekly edition for less than one  year.   Address all communications���  THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, B. C.  LIBERAL-CONSERVATIVE  CANDIDATES,  HON.  ROBERT. F.  FOR KASLO  GREEN  JOHN HOUSTON  FOR NELSON CITY  HARRY WRIGHT  FOR YMIR.  ,WILLIAM HUNTER  FOR SLOCAN  THOMAS TAYLOR  FOR REVELSTOKE  THOMAS CAVEN  FOR CRANBROOK  WILLIAM R. ROSS  FOR FERNIE  GEORGE A. FRASER  FOR GRAND FORKS  DR. G. E. SPANKIE  FOR GREENWOOD  A. S. GOODEVE  FOR ROSSLAND  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1903  Two associations have been organized to protect the  interests of tlie men engaged iu mining.   The one was  started at Victoria and has branches at several places in  the province.   It is known as the Provincial Mining Association.   Its originators claimed that it was non-political ; but it is notorious that every member of its executive (whether tliey be professed Conservatives or professed Liberals) are either openly or secretly supporting  the candidates nominated by the Liberal Party.   The  other association was organized at Nelson a few months  ago, and  is named  the  Prospectors' Association  of  Kootenay.   Its membership is made up of men who  prospect; they are poor men, as a rule.   They cannot  get their pictures printed at public expense, or get long-  winded articles published in journals which devote  space to mining.   But they are going to take a hand  in politics.   They held a meeting in Nelson on Saturday,  and unanimously resolved to support the nominees of  the  Liberal-Conservative  Party  in Nelson City and  Ymir ridings.   The one association seeks to accomplish  its work by underhand methods; the other comes out  openly and declares what its members will do.' Whicli  is the more worthy of consideration?  Unlike the Nelson Daily News, The_Tribune gives  impartial reports of the political meetings held in Nelson. When a daily newspaper is unable to do this, it  becomes a mere organ of a'faction: Newspapers receive  support from people of different shades of opinion, and  not from one class." The Daily News, however, since  the last city election has been a mere mouthpiece of a  faction. This is not because Mr. Deane, its publisher,  is an unfair man; but simply because his managing  editor is "nutty. "  According to the press despatches of today, the people  of Great Britain will soon be called on' to decide  whether they shall stick to free trade, a fiscal policy  that is essentially British, or substitute for it colonial  secretary Chamberlain's policy of reciprocal protection  within the empire.-  TODAY'S METAL QUOTATIONS-  NEW YORK.  Lead  fl 10  Silver       56 7-8  Ousting copper      12 7-8  LONDON.  Silver 2li 1-ld  Lead ��11 lis 3d  LIST OF PERSONS ENTITLED TO VOTE  IN THE  GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  August 81st, 1903.  No.  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in (ull length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, und thu names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trand or  calling (if any;.  l[Ahlgren., Samuel  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11   Greenwood    Ahlin, John. F Eholt     Aitken, William Greenwood  Tailor  Albi, John Midway   Hotel-keeper  Allen., Edward Benjamin ... Eholt  Miner  Angrignon, Nestorlous Greenwood  Miner  Archambeau't, Archibald ... Mother Lode Mine Fireman  Archer, Prank Greenwood  Smelterman  Archibald, Charles Herbert . Greenwood   Plasterer  Ashcroft, Albert Edward ... Greenwood   P. L. S.  Atwood, James  Midway  Prospector  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32  33  34  35  36  37  38  39  40  41  42,  43  44|  12|BailHe, Nicholas Greenwood  Miner  Miner  Dairyman  Liveryman  Farmer  CPR shed foremn  Exp. messenger  Baird, 1 h-ir.as Greenwood  Banbury, Thomas Davll Greenwood     Bannerman, David A Greenwood    Bannerman, James John Boundary Falls  Barber, George  Greenwood    Barnes, Alfred John Midway     Barrett, Leonard S. M Greenwood     Barton, David Sankey Greenwood   Carpenter  Barton, Frederick William . Boundary Falls    School teacher  Barton Robert Eholt      Carpenter  Bayly, Hubert J  Eholt   Merchant  Bechill, Isaac   Greenwood  Miner  Beckwith, James  Midway   Rancher  Bedard, Jul'en Augustine  .. Greenwood   R. C. Priest  Belgrove, Albert   Boundary Falls    Cook  Bell, Charles Nelson Greenwood  Clerk  Bell, Henry Shepherd   Greenwood   Miner  Bell, William Midway    Miner  Belleck, Alexander  Eholt   Engineer  Belleck, Louis Andrew Eholt  Fitter's helper  Bellefontaine, Michael  Denoro  Miner  Belt, Wm. Garret Herbert . Greenwood   Banker  Benerman, Spencer  Midway    Prospector  Bennett, William   Greenwood  Section foreman  Bennetts, Alfred E Eholt   Machinist  Benson, Peter Albert Anaconda    ���. Smelterman  Berger, Maximilian    Greenwood    Hotel-keeper  45  46  47  48  49;  Bernard, Isaac Murray  Greenwood  Bilton, Herbert John  Eholt  Birce,  Edward    Eholt  Birnie, Edwin Ross  Greenwood  Birnie, James Stuart Greenwood  Miner  Car inspector  Wiper  Book-keeper  Clerk  Bishop, Edwin Warren Greenwood     Plumber  Bjorn, Anders Gustaf  Midway   Farmer  Black, Alfred  Seymour  ....Greenwood  Solicitor  Black, Julius Prior Eholt  Hotel-keeper  Blair, Henry  , Greenwood  Miner  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  Christian name and surname of  the Claiiimnt in full length.  Resilience of Claimant.  (If in a eity or town, the name and side of the  street upon which lie resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  l'rofession, trade or  call lug (if any).  Bloor, George Henry    Bombini, Michele     Boomer, Linwood    Boone. Jean Baptiste ......  Bothwell, Charles Edward  Bong, George     Bowie,  Robert     Boyle,   William      Bray, Charles    Brock, We_ley     Brcomfleld,  Alexander   ...  Brown, John Robert   Bruce, Henry     04  G5  6C  07  68  69  70  71  72  73  74  Bubar, Bayard We lesley ..  Bubar, Franklin Merrill ..  Bubar, Stanley Livingstone  Buchanan, Duncan    Bunting, Ernest   Bunting, Herbert   Burns, George      Bui nside, Anson Jones ....  Buron, Joseph      Bush, James H   Butler, Albeit Edwin   Eholt  Car repairer  Anaconda   Farmer  Eholt    Loco, ilieman  Greenwood    Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood  Miner  Eholt    Fireman  Anaconda    Miner  Boundary  Falls   Smelterman  Boundary  Falls    Smelter emp.  Greenwood  Stage driver  Greenwood    Barrister  Midway   Farmer  Greenwood   ., Miner  Midway    Farmer  Midway    Farmer  Midway  Farmer  Boundary Falls        Miner  Eholt   Clerk  Greenwood  Contractor  Greenwood    Miner  Greenwood Accountant  Eholt  .... Blacksmith  Midway  .; Blacksmith  Boundary; Falls    Labourer  75 Cameron, Benjamin  ',  76 Cameron, James   77 Campbell, Alex. McKay ...  78 Campbell, Duncan N   79 Campbell, John Murdoch ..  80 Campolieto, Giovanni    81 Campolieto, Fasquale     82 Cannon, Homer Earl   83|Carlson.,   Eloff      84 Carlson, John      85 Carney, Marsden   86 Carolan,  John      87 Caron, Jossph    88 Casselman, John C   89 Castano, Salvatore    90 Castleman, Asaph    91|Caulfleld, John Joseph    92 Chambers, Robert J   93 Champion, Thomas   94 Chai-bonneau, Napoleon ...  95 Chisholm, John A   96 Chisholm, Roderick V. ....  97 Christenson, Mark     98 Christophers, Philip ...   99|Choate, William Thomas ..  100 Clark, Thomas     101 Clint, Henry John     102 Coles, John Langton    103 Colgan, Peter   104 Collie,  Robert   105 Collins, Patrick    106 Comer, Harry    107Connell, Wesley      108 Conners, Archie    109 Conway, Bert    110 Cook, Daniel    111 Cook, William   1] 2 Coulson, John Archer   113 Coulson, Thomas Nicholson  114 Coulter, Charles  ......   115 Coutts, Harry  ..  316 Crabb, John    117 Craddock, Bruce     118 Craig, Wellington H   119 Craig, W. Wellington   120 Crawford, John Alfred ....  121 Creighton, James   122 Cropley, George H.   1_3 Cropley, John    124 Cross, James Harris    125 Crouse, Charles McPherson.  126 Crouse, Solomon    127 Crowell,' Samuel A   128 Crowley, Mark   129 Crowley, Mark *   ISO Cruse, John Cory   131 Cunningham, Andrew    1.32 Cunningham, George    133 Cunningham, George D. ...  134 Cunningham, James F   135 Curnow, Richard    136Currie, Alexander    137 Curts, Fred   138 Dahi,-2��i'v-i*i?.   139 Daignault, Leo    1.40 Daimpre, I. D. D   141 Darraugh, Duncan Joseph  142 Davidson, James    143|Davis, John   144|Davis, Robert Andrew   145 Davis, William Penn   146|Dempsey, Charles Ardis ..  __1,47 Penman, Arthur William .  148 Denton, Thomas     149 Derrick, Richard    1.0 Desroslers, John Baptiste  151 De Veber, Le Baron   152 Dickinson, Harcourt P.   ..  153 Di&tz, Charles Auguste  ..  154 Dinnin, John Henry     155|Dixon, Frank Alexander ..  156|Dobie, Thomas  Anaconda1       Greenwood Blacksmith  Greenwood Blacksmith  Boundary; Falls Srneltormaji  Eholt Bridge carpenter  Anaconda Woodcutter  Anaconda; Woodcutter  Anaconda < Teamster  Miuway CPR sec. foreman  Eholt  Carpenter  Boundary Falls    Carpenter  Greenwood  Miner  Anaconda ; Smelterman  Boundary j Falls    Smelterman  Anaconda ;     Woodcutter  Boundary Falls    Miner  Greenwood  Merchant  Boundary :Falls        Smelterman  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood  Labourer  Denoro, Eholt Miner  Denoro, Eholt Hotel-keeper  Boundary Falls    Farmer  Anaconda'     Smelterman  Eholt   ; Agent CPR  Greenwood  Prospector  Greenwood Store-keeper  Greenwood  ' Bookseller and S.  Greenwood  Miner  Eholt     Eholt   Prospector  Greenwood  Cook and baker  Greenwood    ....tt  ��...-. Carpenter  Eholt   ...     Miner  Greenwood  ;   Greenwood  Carpenter  Eholt  Cook  Midway r.    Farmer .  Midway  Carpenter  Boundary Falls Smelterman  ��� Greenwood ..-. ��..,������ ...... Cook  ���Greenwood Teamster  ��� Greenwood *>. Merchant  ���Greenwood Hotel-keeper  ��� Boundary Falls       ........   .... Merchant  ���Greenwood    ���Greenwood  ..   '..Carpenter  ��� Greenwood  Merchant  ��� Greenwood        Labourer  ��� Boundary Falls   Smelterman  ���Midway , Publisher  ��� Greenwood  j Miner  ��� Midway       Hotel-keeper  ���Greenwood Miner  ��� Greenwood Miner  ��� Greenwood  Accountant  ��� Greenwood  Smelter emp.  ��� Greenwood Mining recorder  ��� Midway   Prospector  ��� Eholt   Miner  Greenwood  Miner  1 Greenwood       Constable  Eholt  Miner  Midway    Hotel-keeper  ��� Greenwood  Smelterman  Greenwood  Machinist  Eholt   Prov. constable  Greenwood  Miner  1 Greenwood Smelterman  Boundary  Falls    Carpenter  Anaconda   Smelterman  Greenwood  Carpenter  .Midway^.... ..^...... .....^...............^Loco.-engineer-���=-  Eholt   Carpenter  loi|j-onagin, Robert   158 Donnelly, Duncan William .  159 Dougherty, George F   100 Douglas, John Cattanch ...  161 Dow,  James      162 Doyle, William Samuel  ...  163 Drennan, James Edegar ...  104 Driscoll,   Austin      ] 65 Drum, James   166 Dufncld,' Robert Dclmer  ..  167 Dunstan, William Langton.  168|Durning, Andy    169|Dynes, Valentine    170  171  172  173  174  175  176  177  178  179  180  1811  182  183  184  185  186  187  1881  189  100  191  192  193  194  195  196  197  198  199[  200  201  202  Eales, Cyril John   East, John Henry    Eek, John C   Eden, John James   Eddy, Alan Fairuairns ...  Eddy, William Fairuairns  Edgren, Magnus   El kins, Frederick M   Ellis, Harry    Ellis, James Wyrum   Elson,  Wellington      Embree, Adolphus Stewart  Erwin, James Thomas   Eustis,   Gabriel      Evans,  Albert George   ...  Evers,  August      Greenwood Smeltermam  Greenwood  Carpenter  Greenwood  Bank manager  Greenwood  Agent  Rock Creek   Farmer  Boundary Falls    Smelterman  Greenwood  Labourer  Eholt  .- Farmer  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood   1 Iotel proprietor  Greenwood  Axeman  Greenwood  Contractor  Midway    Fanner  Greenwood   Tailor  Greenwood   Miner  Boundary Falls    Farmer  Greenwood  Minor  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood    Agent  Greenwood   Bank messenger  Midway    Farmer  Anaconda   Smelterman  Anaconda  Smelterman  Rock  Creek    Rancher  Rock  Creek    Rancher  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood   Agent  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood  Printer  Greenwood   Merchant tailor  Greenwood  Printer  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood  Engineer  Greenwood  Painter  Greenwood  Painter  Fair, Charles Henry Greenwood  Merchant  Falconer, Alfred E Greenwood  : Miner  Falconer, Harry William .. Greenwood      Printer  Faulkenham, Nehemiah ..-Greenwood  Miner  Fee,  James Parker    Greenwood  Miner  Feeney, James Irvine   Greenwood  Engineer  Fera,   Francesco    Greenwood  Hotel-keeper  Ferguson, Adolphus  Greenwood    Ferguson, John Robert Midway  Findlay,  George    Greenwood  Fisher, Henry Gladstone .. Greenwood  Flemming, Robert    Eholt  Fleming, William Boyd  .  Fleming, John Erastus ..  Flett, Alfred J   Floyd, Oscar Samuel   Floyd, Robert Maxwell .,,  Farmer  Foreman  Banker  Greenwood   Expressman  ��� Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   Surveyor's asst.  Greenwood   Milkman  Greenwood  Milkman  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  203'  ��04  205  206  207  20S  209  _10  211  212  _1*{  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in lull length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of, the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  l'rofession, trade or  calling (If any).  Fraser.  -Daniel Alexander . Greenwood  Miner  Frith, Kenneth C. B Greenwood  Postmaster  Frith, Walter Morland  Greenwood  Merchant  Forrest,   David    Boundary  Falls    Smelterman  Forster, Walter  Anaconda   Miner  Fossett, Hugh  Eholt    Hostler  Foster .George May  Greenwood   Phys.  and  surg.  Foultls,  Jordan    Greenwood   Minor  Foultls, Joseph James Greenwood   Miner  Fowler, William    Greenwood   Mine owner  Fox, Henry Hugh  Greenwood    Porter  214 Gaino, Thomas Ferguson .. Greenwood   Cook  215 Gainsby, Clem Burton Deadwood    Labourer  210 Galbraith, Malcolm M Greenwood   Mine supt.  217 Galloway, C. Scott ;. Greenwood   " Miner  21S Gardner, Robert    Greenwood   Miner  219 Gardom,  Reginald    Midway    Sub-coll, customs  220 Garland, Thomas A Anaconda   Broker  221 Gauthier, Paul   Greenwood   Lumberman  222 Gault, William  Anaconda   Smelterman  223 Gibson,  William Greenwood   Smelterman  224 Gidon.  Claude    Anaconda    Rancher  225 Gillian, Robert   Eholt   Miner  226 Gillis, James  Eholt   Labourer  227 Gilbertson,  Charles    Greenwood   Smelterman  228 George, William E Greenwood   Miner  229 Good,  David  A. Deadwood    : Prospector  2S0 Goosney, Isaac  Greenwood   Miner  231 Gordon, George Sinclair  .. Greenwood  Phys. and surg.  232 Gordon, William L. C Greenwood   2o��� Gowdy, John  Boundary Falls     Smelterman  234 Gowing, Arthur. Jos. M.  .. Greenwood    Baker  235 Graham,  Arthur    Greenwood  Labourer  236 Graham, Angus Daniel  Greenwood   Rancher  237 Graham, James D Deadwood    Miner  23S Graham, William Sinclair.. Greenwood   Merchant  239 Graser, Charles Anaconda   .��� Smelterman  240 Gray, George Herbert    Anaconda Clerk  241 Gray, J. P. Myers Greenwood  Barrister-at-law  242 Green,  John    ...Rock  Creek    Shoemaker (  243 Green, Robert W Eholt   ...,     Car repairer  244 Green, William    Greenwood   Hotel-keeper  245 Greenwood, Louis  Greenwood  Carpenter  246 Greenwood, Joseph Greenwood ,    Labourer  247 Grieger, Reiiihold   Greenwood  Wh. liquor dealer  248 Grierson, Samuel Austin  ..Greenwood   Painter  249 Griffin, Herbert Poultney -Greenwood   Farmer  250 GiUley, Thomas Millford  .. Greenwood   Merchant  251 Gustafson,   Axel    Greenwood   Miner  2S2lGuy, Daniel  Boundary Falls  Blacksmith  253  254  255  256  257  25S  259  2G0  201  2-2  263  264  265  266  267  268  269  270  271  272  273  274  275  276  277  27S!  279'  2S0|  2Sl|  28;-  283  284  2S5  2S6.  287  288  2S9  290  291  292  293  294  295  296  297  29S  299  -300  301  302  3031  304  305  306  307  Hahn, Emil Eholt  Carpenter's  hlpr.  Hain, Edward A Midway    ���     Merchant  Halcrow   Robert   Boundary Falls    .... Labourer  Haley, Arthur W  Midway   Aepnt CPR  Hall, William  Eholt    .. Ageni, k,x it  Hallberg   Abel ... Greenwood ... ���.'.... HaII":''. . I' Mill Hants'maker"  Ha et , Arnold Dixon  .... Greenwood .,  , �� cllief of 1)olice  Hallett, Isaac Hoyt   Greenwood Barvister-ar-law  Halpenny, Robert Magee .. Eholt  Ry conductor  Hambly, Richard Henry ... Deadwood    .......    . MlAer  Hamilton, Robert G Midway     .    . rtanclie'r  Hamilton, Thomas Knox .. Midway    ...  .      . Rancher  Hamilton, William Henry -Greenwood    ..   .Miner  Hanson, Andrew  Greenwood  ���. Miner  Hansen, Nels  Boundary  Falls Fireman  Hansen   Otto   .    .... ���... Greenwood     Woodchopper  Harrington, Frederick W. . Greenwood ...; Mlnel.  Harris, Harry Walker Greenwood  Harrison, John Stanley ... Midway  ...  Harritt, John William   Eholt     Harritt, Walter R Eholt  Harvey, Edwin  Greenwood  Enos   Greenwood  William   Greenwood  Dry goods clerk  Notary public  Engineer  Liveryman  Dairyman  Liveryman  308  S09  210  311  312  3J3  311  315  316|  317i  31 Sj  319  Harvey,  Harvey,  Harvey, William Graham .. Greenwood       Driver  Haverty, James   Greenwood      Railroading  Hayden, Shorey Greenwood  Blacksmith  Hayden, William Deadwood    Mmer  Hayes, Michael Greenwood Miner  Hayter, Charles Alfred .... Midway CPR watchman  Heit,   Christ    Denoro, Eholt Miner  Henderson, George Greenwood  Miner  Henderson, James Deadwood    Hotel-keeper  Henderson,  John  C Eholt   Miner  Henderson, Thos. Trimble . Greenwood  Miner  Heslewood,  Frederick Wm. Greenwood Mech  engineer  Hickey, James Henry. Greenwood .... .- Miner  Hickey, Pat  Greenwood .7  Miner  Hielsher   Paul Midway...., Car inspector  Hilbert, George Fred Eholt  .....: Barber  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood Steward  Greenwood  Electrician  Greenwood  Chartered Acct.  Greenwood    .��v... Accountant  Greenwood   Clerk  Eholt   ��� Clerk  -Roelc-Greek���r...----.--;-. 7. r;   ;~v.^vr\^Raircifer' "^  Boundary Falls    Smelterman  Hill, David  Hitch, Charles Mitchell ..  Hodge, Leonard Bruce ..  Hodges, Walter Ernest ..  Hodgins, Richard Erwin  Holmes, Fred. Blackman  Holmes,   John      Hoope*v=Ari-" ,...^.=..- -- -.  Howey, Robert William .  Hoy, James E Anaconda       Prospector  Huff, Howard Hatford  .... Greenwood  Blacksmith  Hulme, Elisha   Greenwood   Farmer  Humphrey, John McGivern. Greenwood   Clerk  Hunter, Douglas McDonald. Greenwood   Teacher  Hyde, E. H. T Greenwood  Nurse  Irish, Arthur M   Irwin, Charles Albert  Irwin, Stephen S   Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  Master mechanic  Bartender  Electrician  Jackson, Arthur James Greenwood   Butcher  Jackson, John Robert Midway   Farmer  Jacobs,  Edwin    Greenwood   Journalist  Jacobs, Israel Robert Greenwood  Farmer  Janion, Cecil Greenwood  Clerk  Jaynes, Frank   Greenwood  Salesman  leffery, William Harold ... Greenwood     Jenks,  William    Greenwood Farm-.  Johnson, Sydney M.  320|johnson, Charles E.  321  322  323  324  325  326  327  328  329  330  Johnson, Ole  Johnston, Harry Linwood  Johnston, Charles Albert .  Johnston, Samuel     Johnstone, Peter    Jolly, Henry Joseph    Jones, William Henry   Johns, Samuel     Johns, William   Jordan, Alexander Fisher .  331 Kaiser, Frederick     332 Kane, Michael Henry .,.  333 Kay, Mark    334 Keefe, David    335[Kennedy, Ward Eugene .  336jKeith, Walter Stanwood  337|I-empt, Murdoch     338|Kerr,  James     339"  340  341  342  343  344  345  346  347  348  349  350  351  3521  3531  Kerr, Robert Duncan   Kilby, John    King, Harry Albert   Kirkwood, Will.am James  Knox, John D. P   ��� Greenwood   C. E. & surveyor  ��� Greenwood   Smelterman  ��� Rock  Creek   Farmer  ��� Greenwood Roadmaster, CPR  ���Midway   Brakeman, CPR  ��� Greenwood Smelter emp.  ��� Rock  Creek    ; Farmer  ��� Greenwood   Machinist  ��� Greenwood   Driver  ��� Deadwood    Miner  ��� Greenwood Hotel-keeper  ��� Greenwood Miner  ���Eholt  Hotel proprietor  Greenwood Miner  Anaconda   Carpenter  Boundary Falls    Smelter emp.  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood   Clerk  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood  Miner  Midway    Farmer  Eholt   ; Mach. helper  Greenwood  Merchant  Greenwood  Carpenter  Greenwood  Clergyman  LeBeau, John     LeBeau,  Lewis      Labodio. William Joseph  Laing, Hugh M   Lamont, Neil   Lamping, Joseph    Lander, Arthur   Lander, William    Midway      Lane, Joseph B. C Boundary Falls  LaPorte, Oliver Greenwood  Eholt Carpenter  Greenwood   Carpenter  Midway    <.    Exp. messenger  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   Agent  Greenwood   Miner  Midway    Farmer  ���*  Labourer  Miner The Nelson Tribune  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  354'  355  357  358  359  360  361  302  3C>3  ,3641  365  306  367  36S  369  370  371  372  373  374  375  376  .377  378  379  380  381  382  383  384  3S5  Christian name and surname of  the Clulmant in full length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  Larsen,  Wiggo  Waldemar. Eholt   Machinist  Larsen, Samuel Theodore .. Rock Creek    Hi tel-keeper  Lee, Edward   Boundary Falls    Carpenter  Lee,  Henry    Midway     Farmer  Lee, Robert  Eholt   Bridge carpenter  Leggatt, Charles James Midway   Barrister-at-law  Lemon, Burnette M Eholt   Tel  operator  Lennox, James  Greenwood   Miner  Lapage, Joseph   Anaconda  Teamster  Ivepard, William   Greenwood  Teamster  Lewin. Frederick Greenwood  Bank clerk      .,  Lewis, Evan Oliver Boundary Falls    Hotel-keeper  Lewis, G. F Boundary Falls    Smelterman  Lewis1, John Oswell Boundary  Falls    Hotel-keeper  Libby, Homer Frankin Greenwood  Pnotographer  Ldghtbody,  Thos.  J Boundary Falls    Smelterman  Llnd, Alfred John Anaconda Smelterman  Lindsay, James McQueen .. Rock Creek    Farmer  Lindsay, William Walter .. Greenwood   Labourer  Little, Robert  Greenwood  Miner  Little, Stephen  Greenwood Labourer  Lloyd, W- H. H. W Boundary Falls Accountant  Logan,  Albert   Greenwood  Jeweller  Longtpn, John  Boundary Falls   Smelterman  Lontier, Leon   Greenwood  Carpenter  Dowry, John   Anaconda    Plasterer  Lucy, John Greenwood       Miner  Ludlow, Morley Wesley  Luscumbe, James Carwell  Luse, Norman   Lund, Charles    Lysons, Edmund Wm. M. .  Denoro, Eholt   Hotel-keeper  Midway    Section man  Eholt   Hotel-keeper  Eholt   Miner  Greenwood  Surveyor's asst.  386 Machell, James   387 Madden, Henry Benedict ..  388 Madigan, Michaei     389 Manchester, David. ,  390 Marcineck, Joseph*   *-   391 Marks,  William      892 Marshall, William E   393 Martin, Charles   ,  394 Martin, Charles     395 Martin, Joseph  '   396 Mather, William B. Q   397 Matheson, Robert    398 Mathieu,   George      399 Maynard, George    400 Medill, William Robert  401 Merritt, Charles Eltlng  402 Mesker, Asa C   1  403 Mesker, Charles T   404 Methot, Joseph Henry   405 Meyer, Arthur Francis H. .  406 Miles,  Alfred      407 Miller, John Rae   408 Miller, Thomas P.    409 Miller, William Peter    *��� 410 Mills, Ernest   411 Milne, David    412 Mitchell, John Best   ''���   41.3 Moffat, Robert John .......  .    414 Monk, Edward Wentworth.  ���" 415 Monroe, Arnott   416 Mooney, Robert .... .'..  417|Moore, William Henry  Morand, Wilfrid Etienne  Morgan, James   Morrison, Daniel    Morrison, John William .  Mosher, Frank L   Mott, John Merwin   Mulhern, John    Mulliner, F. H. Greville ..  Mundy, Clement   Munroe, Hugh Bell   Munro,  John      Murdock, William    Murphy, John Wesley ....  Murray, Hugh     4.18  419  420  421J  422  423  424  425  426  427  428  429  430  431  432  433  434  435  436  437  438  439  440  441  442,  443  444  445  446  447  448  449  450  ~45x  452  453  454  455  456  457  458  459  460  461  462  463  464  46  466  467  468  469  470  ���171  472  473  474  475  476  477  478  479  480  481  482  483  484  485  4S6  487  488  489  490  491  492  493  494iMcKinnoii,  495  496  497  498  499  '/OO  501  502  503  504  505  506  507  508  509  Greenwood    Greenwood    Eholt  ....   Greenwood    Boundary Falls  Greenwood    Eholt     Greenwood     Greenwood    Greenwood    Eholt     Greenwood    Boundary Falls  Greenwood    Greenwood .....  Greenwood    Midway     Midway     Greenwood  .....  Greenwood    Midway     Greenwood    Eholt     Greenwood    Boundary Falls  Anaconda   Greenwood .....  Greenwood    Greenwood    Anaconda     Eholt  ..........  Greenwood    Greenwood .....  Greenwood .....  Eholt      Denoro, Eholt ..  Greenwood    Midway  .'..".   Greenwood .....  Eholt     Greenwood    Greenwood  Greenwood  ,  Eholt     Greenwood    Greenwood    Miner  Hotel-keeper  Blacksmith's hlpr  Hotel-keeper  Smelterman  Miner  Operator  Shoemaker  Shoemaker  Miner  Dentist  Assay asst.  Machinist  Mason  haw clerk  CPR Conductor  Liveryman  Asst. Cust. Coll.  Accountant  Labourer  Butcher  C'vpenter  Lji bourer  Stt'elterman  Rancher  Miner  F  O. & Agent  Agent  Smelter emp.  Tiainman  Miner  Teamster  Machinist  Miner  Restaurant  Farmer  Miner  CI* ecker  Miner  Merchant  Miner  Trainman  Miner  kpr  MacArthur, Alexander     McArthur, Charles Joseph .  [Macaulay, James Babington  McAuley, Thomas    MacBaia, John Welsh    McBride, William   McCague, Samuel    |McCallum, John   McCarron, L. M   McCharles, Farquhar R. ..  ^IcClelland, Samuel .;.....  |McCreath, James    McCrimmon, Archibald  ...  McCurdy, Hugh   McCutoheon, Hugh    McDonald, Alexander   (McDonald, Alexander      McDonald, Alexander Colin.  McDonald, Angus R   McDonaid'rArchie"B.^rrTrrT  |McDonald, Daniel     MacDonakl, Daniel James ..  MacDonald, Daniel James ..  MacDonald, Donald Alex. ..  McDonald, Duncan J   [MacDonald, Edward S   McDonald, George R   McDonald, Hugh    McDonald, James   McDonald, Philip   McDonald, Walter   McDonell, Charles Stewart .  McDonell, Jerome     .McDonnell. Mike    McDougall, Daniel     McDougall, Daniel John ...  McEachern, John   McElmon, David R   [McEwen, Joseph Ernest ...  McFarlane. Alexander      MacGllli-, Daniel H   McGillivray, Hugh Daniel .  McGillivray, James    JMeGlashan, Donald   McGuire, Adam James    Mclnnis, Fred   .Mclntominey, William Hy. .  iMclntosh, Duncan    Mcintosh, James  :   Mcintosh, John Bruce   McKague, George A   .McKaracher, John F   'McKee, Hugh   Mackenzie, Finlay H   McKenzie, Kenneth   j McKenzie,   Murdoch      .McKenzie, Robt. Daniel ...  McKellar, John   Mackenrot, Ernest Alfred .  McKercher, Joseph A   McKian, James   McKinnon, Daniel Allen  ..  McKinnon, Hugh    [McKinnon, John Walter ..  McLaine, Frederick Wm. ..  |McLaren, Donald   McLaren, James Carson ...  [McLean, Daniel     McLean, Edgar Clarence ...  McLean, Francis    McLean, James A   McLean, Kenneth    McLennan, Neil    McLeod, George    McLeod, John Peter   McLeod, Lauchlan   McLeod, Murdoch    McLeod, Norman     Boundary Falls   ..  Greenwood    Phoenix      Midway     Greenwood    Greenwood    Eholt     Midway     Boundary Falls ...  Eholt     Greenwood   Greenwood   Greenwood    Boundary Falls   ..  Greenwood    Eholt    Greenwood    Greenwood    Greenwood    "Greehwood"yrrrr7tyy  Eholt    Greenwood    Anaconda     Boundary Falls   ..  Eholt     Eholt     Greenwood    Eholt     Eholt     Greenwood    Greenwood    Anaconda   ���    Anaconda     Eholt     Boundary Falls   ..  Greenwood     Boundary Falls   ..  Eholt     Anaconda     Eholt     Greenwood    Greenwood    Greenwood     Greenwood    Anaconda   Anaconda    Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt     Greenwood     Greenwood     Midway     Greenwood     Greenwood    Greenwood     Greenwood    Greenwood    Eholt     Eholt   Greenwood    Greenwood    Eholt     Greenwood     Eholt     Greenwood    Deadwood     Deadwood      Greenwood    Eholt      Greenwood    Greenwood    Midway      Greenwood     Eholt     Greenwood     Eholt     Greenwood   Greenwood  ���,  Smelterman  Coal and wood  Labourer  Iir tel-keeper  Teamster  Miner  Carpenter  Farmer  Agent  Carpenter  Miner  Manufacturer  Logger  Carpenter  Customs officer  Liveryman  Labourer  Miner  Miner  "-Labourer'  Miner  Miner  Rancher  Livery keeper  Miner  Miner  Miner  Liveryman  Hotel-keeper  Miner  Labourer  'i'i amster  Miner  Engineer  Rancher  Smelterman  Watchmaker  Merchant  Miner  Miner  M.-ner  labourer  Miner  Contractor  Smelterman  Miner  Mine supt.  Miner  Miner  Free miner  CPR engineer  Teamster  Cm. traveller  Carpenter  Labourer  Miner  Hotel-keeper  Engineer  Lumberman  Miner  Miner  Labourer  Clerk  Mining broker  Townsite prop.  Miner  Miner  Moulder  Carpenter  Tinsmith  Teamster  Miner  Bi rrister  P.otel-keeper  Labourer  Electrician  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Xo.  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  510 McMann, Fred. Kilmaster  oil McMann, W. R   512 McMaster, John A   513 McMillan, John Geddie ..  514 MacMillan, Norman    515MacMHlan, William Ne'l  510 McMillan, John Alexander  517 McMillan, Murdock   518 McMunn, James    519 McMynn, James Graham .  520 McMynn, William Grahini  521 McNames, James Henry  .  522 McNamc-s, John     523 McNainghton, Daniel      524 McNeill, James Henry  ...  525 McNeill, James Henry  ...  526 McNeill, Roderick  527 McNeill, Stephen  528 McNicol, James  529 McNutt, Joseph  530 McOrmond, Samuel Thomas  531McPhail, Arch. Alex.  532 McPherson, Alexander  533MacRae, Arch. Oswald  534 McRae, Colin  535 McRae, Duncan C.  536 MacSwain, James Peck  537 ivicTavish, Robert D;  538TMcVicar, Daniel William  539 McWilliams, William J.  540  541  542  543  544  545  546  547  548  549  550  551  552  553  554  555  556  557  558  559  560  561  562|  I  563  564  565  566  567  568  569  570  ���571  572  573  574  575  576  577  578  579  580  581  582  583  584  585  586  587  588  589  590  591  592  593  594  595  596  597  598  599  600  601  602  603  jm  605  606  607  008  609  610  611  612  613  614  G15  616  017  618  619  620  021  622  623  624  625  026  627  Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt      Boundary  Falls  Deadwood      Deadwood      Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt     Rock Creek  Greenwood     Midway      Midway      Midway      Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt     Eholt     Midway      Greenwood     Eholt     Midway     Boundary Falls  Greenwood     Deadwood      Greenwood  .....  Greenwood     Eholt     Greenwood     Eholt     Miner  Ci-ptain  Hotel-keeper  Smelterman  Farmer  Miner  Miner  Miner  Rancher  Govt. Agent  Farmer  Farmer   "  Carpenter  Merchant  Merchant  Section foreman  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.:  Naden, George Ratcliffe  Needham, Thomas K.  ..  Nelson, Carl  ......   Nelson, John William ..  Newman, H. M. W   Nicolai, Hermann    Nicholson, Ernest ..   Nicholson, Rod. Angus  .  Noel, James      Norin, John   Norris, William Henry .  O'Brien, Andrew E   O'Brien, John William ..  O'Brien, Lindsay   O'Brien, William    O'Connor, Daniel    Ogilvie, Clarence D.  Oliver, Charles    Oliver,  Sidney   Olson, Daniel      Olson, Gust   Oppenheimer, Sidney Sol.  Owen, Sidney   ��� Greenwood     ��� Eholt   Greenwood  ....  1 Greenwood    ��� Midway     Boundary Falls   .  1 Greenwood   .]  ��� Greenwood   I  Greenwood   i  Greenwood  \  Midway    -   '-  Eholt     Anaconda     Greenwood ....  Greenwood     Greenwood    Eholt   Greenwood . ���  Greenwood ....  Greenwood ....  Greenwood ....  Greenwood    Eholt     . Merchant  . Blacksmith  . Engineer  . School teacher  , Hotel-keeper  . Pres. minister  . M'ner  Merchant  Printer  Carpenter  Miner  . Prospector  Agent  Loco, engineer  Hotel proprietor  Hotel proprietor  Farmer  Brewer  Miner  . Carpenter  Miner  Smelter emp.  Fr.rmer  Miner  Hotel-keeper  Miner  Miner   ,  Blacksmith  CPR conductor  Carpenter  Miner  Smelterman  Smelter emp  Phys. and surg.  Clerk  Packard, Charles Spencer  [Page, Daniel   ^aintin, Edward     iPalmer, Thomas Stuart .  Pannell, Howard Hiram .  Pannell, William Brooks  Parker, Frank H.   Parry, Evan   .'...'.'   Pascuzze, Vincenzo ......  jPatterson, George    [Paterson, Thomas Henry  jPatterson, William    |Paulson, John Peter   Pearce, Thomas    ^eickart, Thomas     |Pelly, Arthur Norton  Penson, Ernest A.   . *   [Perry, Robert    [Fetch, Benjamin F   [Peters, Harrison F   (Pickthall, John   |Pierce, Thomas Milton ..  Pischke, Alexander   Plummer, Alfred Harold  Pond, William Grey .   Pope, Edward  ..'...  |Pope,  Robert William  ...  Portmann, Anton   IPortmann, John   Portmann, Leutfried     jPowers, William   Prangley, Israel    Preseott, John    Price, Sydney   Ranee, Thomas Francis ...  Redpath, Edward Riley ..  Redpath, Herbert   Reid, George William    Rendell, George Arthur ...  Rendell, Charles Martines  Rice, Frank Dwight   Richardson,JJ[a**Q^s=i^^^.iv^  Richter, Joseph  Rickards, Francis Philip  Riley, Benjamin Joseph ..  Rippeto, Edward Howard  Ritchie, John A   Roberts, Arthur    Roberts, Frank   Roberts, Nathaniel    Roberts, Robert   Robertson, John G   Robins, William Aubrey .  Robinson, Alexander     Robinson. Edward Wm. .  Robinson, Robert   Robinson, William     Robison, Robert Herbert  Roderick, Samuel   Roscorla, Thomas    Ross, Duncan     Routhier, Henry      Roxburgh, John      Rusk, John      Russell, James Alexander  02S Sait, Henry 0. Lewis   629 Salter, Lewis E   630 Sanderson, Alfred F   G31 Sansom, Chas. W. Herbert.  632 Sater, Andrew      633 Sauve, Henry Jaachl     034 Schon, James Edward   C35 Scott, William      036 Segswoith, Walter Edgar .  637 Setterington, Jessie      638 Shannon), John James   639 Shaser, Felix Warren    640 Shaw, Henry Curtis   G41 Shaw, Charles AE   G12 Shields,  Thomas      043 Shovel, Samuel .'   044 Shrapnel, John Henry   645 Simpson, Wm. John    646 Simmons, Harry Seymour  647 Skidmore, Isaac    648 Smailes, Ralph     649 Smith, David G   650 Smith, Edwin Foyle   651 Smith, Jas.  Carmichael   ..  052 Smith, James Henry   653 Smith, Peter C   654 Smith, Sidney TheoPhilus  655 Smith, William T   056 Soderstrom. Allien.    657 Spankie, James Ernest ...  658 Spearing,  Frank      659 Spencer, Lafayette     660 St. Amand, Oscanl    G61 Stapleton,   John      ��� Eholt  Car repairer  ��� Greenwood Miner  ��� Boundary Falls    ....Fireman  ��� Greenwood    Rancher  ���Midway      ..Printer  ���Midway    .............    --Girdener  ���Greenwood    ...... Butcher  ���Greenwood..     .......   ...... Hotel-keeper  ���Greenwood ..     .. Miner  ��� Greenwood         Blacksmith  ���Greenwood Gardener.  'Greenwood .....Miner  ���Eholt    .,. Machinist  ���Greenwood   Prospector  ��� Greenwood ,;  Hotel-keeper  ��� Greenwood .. ;?:.:...-......   ..;... Cvntleman-"��� .������-..-  ��� Anaconda  i.... Lt-. bourer  ���Greenwood   Miner  ���Greenwood Clerk  " Eholt   ���. CPR conductor  ���Greenwood M.'ner  ��� Boundary Falls   . ?  . Smelterman  ' Greenwood  Labourer  ��� Greenwood  Clerk  ��� Boundary Falls    ....     Smelter emp.  ' Greenwood    MJner  ��� Greenwood  Smelterman  ' Greenwood  Brewer  ��� Greenwood  Brewer  " Greenwood Brewer  ' Midway L*-mberman  " Eholt   Carpenter  ��� Greenwood  i  1 abourer  "Eholt   Fitter's helper  ��� Boundary Falls    Miner  ' Greenwood      Station agent  ��� Greenwood Brakeman  ���Greenwood Biacksmith  ���Eholt     Merchant  ��� Eholt   Rv noher  ��� Greenwood* Surveyor's asst.  ���-J-ho-U..... ���-......-....���.������^- ��� ���  .... ._..,_,.������_  ..._j^1J_  ��� Midway    Farmer  ��� Greenwood  Miner  'Boundary Falls    Pipefitter  ��� Greenwood  Miner  ��� Greenwood  Miner  ' Midway    Itancher  ��� Midway   Farmer  Eholt   Cook  Eholt    Wiper  ���Boundary  Falls    Sn.elterman  ��� Greenwood   CU-rk in 1-1. orders  ��� Greenwood   Miner  'Greenwood  1.tJiourcr  ��� Greenwood   Shoemaker  ��� Greenwood  Miner  ��� Greenwood  D, ayinnn  Eholt    I (���bourer  ��� Greenwood  -Miner  1 Greenwood Publisher  Boundary   Falls    Engineer  Greenwood   Smelterman  ' Greenwood   M'ner  Greenwood   Merchant  Eholt    Fireman  Midway    Intel-keeper  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood   A', chitect  Greenwood   Hotel-keeper  Greenwood   Labourer  Greenwood   Phys. and surg.  Greenwood   Labourer ���  Greenwood   A?sayer  Greenwood   Miner  Boundary  Falls    Smelternian  Midway   Rancher  Greenwood   Ben-ister-at-law  Greenwood   P   L. S.  Midway   v   .. -. ��� Ft; rmer  Mother l.odc Mine Miner  Eholt    Fireman  Greenwood   Hotel-keeper  Greenwood   Dentist  Greenwood   Farmer  ' Green wi Mid   Merchant  Greenwood   Rancher  Greenwood     Cubinet maker  ' Greenwood  Bank messenger  Greenwood   Miner  1 Anacondu   Carpenter  Boundary  Falls    Rancher  Greenwood   Ai'ner  Greenwood   Sinelterman  Greenwood   Physician  Greenwood   Salesman  ��� Anacomlii   Farmer  Eholt   Biacksmith  Greenwood  Miner  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Kesidence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross street** between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  662 Steenes, Evard Lei lie  603 Steer, Clifford C   664 Steffen, Peter     605 Stephens, Kenneth McD.  006 Sterling, Edward D   667 Steven, Richmond K. ...  668 Stevenson,. Lindsay      669 Stewart,  Dan   670 Stewart, Alexander, Sr.  671 Stewart, Alexander    G72 Stewart, Robert    673 Stewart, Timothy      C7i Stooge, Charles William  675 Stooke, Simuel George .  676 Story, Albert Edward ...  677 Stuart, Randolph G. K. .  078 Sullivan, Daniel Joseph  G79|Sullivan, Florence John  080  681  682  683  6S4  685  0S6  6S7  688  *6S9  G90  691  092  693  G94  695  096  097  698|  699|  700  701  702  7031  704  705  706  707  708  709  ���710  711  Sullivan, John F.  Sutherland, James  Sutton, Edward ...  Swan, James ..   Swayne, George ...  Greenwood  .....  Greenwood  Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt      Greenwood     . Greenwood     . Greenwood     Eholt      Eholt      Greenwood     . Greenwood     Midway      Midway      Greenwood     Greenwood     Anaconda     Greenwood     Eholt   Greenwood    Midway     Boundary Falls  Greenwood    Contractor  ���Hotel" clerk.  M*ner     ���,  Book-keeper  It/, conductor  Steward  Labourer  Labourer  712  713  714  715  716  717  718  719  720  721  722  723  724  725  726  727  728  729  730  731  732  733  734  735  736  737  738  739  740  741  7421  743  744  745  746  747  748  749,  750!  751  752  753  754  755  756  757  "75S  759  760  761  762  763  764  Taylor, George Birkett ...  Tebo, Michael    iTesse, Samuel   [Terhune, David   Terhune, George Wm.  ...  [Therier, Joseph   Thibaudeau, Alex. Gilbert  Thomas, Arthur Francis ..  Thomas, Thomas   Thomet, Charles L   Thompson, Alfred Stuart .  Thompson, Frank Tyrrell  Thompson, George H.  Thompson, John O   Thompson, Josias     Thomson, Hans Peter'.-...  [Thornton, Edward     Tipple,   William      IToniey, William S   Tucker, Philip  Ernest  ..".  Turner, Henry Allen    [Tye, Charles Herbert ......  Tyo, Nelson Joseph ......  [Tyrrell, John Hassard  ...  Van Sickle, John Oscar ...  Vielette, Henry 7..... .  Villandre, Joseph     IWake, Thomas ,  Walker, Thomas   Walmsley, Robert .,  Warburton, James  ....   Warren, Edward George ���  Wartman, James    Wartman, Raymond :. .*.  Wartman, Walter James ..  Watson, Charles William ..  Way, John Ross    Webb, Alfred Edward ���'.....  Webb, David ......;......'.  Webb, Thomas ............  Weed, Charles Harry   Welch, Frederick Charles ..  Wells, Joseph Dobson  .  Well wood, George   Wheeler, Geo. Washington .  White, John Lillie  i  White, Robt.*C. G. ........  Whiteford, Daniel    Whiteside, Arthur M   Whitford, Richard     Wieland, Charles   Wickwire, Edmund T. .....  Williams, David    Williams, Evan     Williams, Geo. Foxwell   Williams, James Thomas ..  Williams, Richard Pierce ..  [Williamson, James    Williamson, John     Williamson, Robert    Williamson, 'rnomas    iWills, William     ^Vilmot, Ashley Noel   Wilmshurst, Joseph .......  [Wilmshurst, Joseph, Jr.  iWilson, Arthur M. ,   Wilson, Charles White    [Wilson, George Edward ...  IWilson, Robert    Wilson, William  ..........  Wilson, William Clough   ..  Winnett, Thomas B   Witte. T. B. H   WoodrBen jam i n'L  iWood, Chriotophcr    Wood. Robert    Wootl, Robert George   Wood, Paul      Wright. Henry St. John, .Ir  Wright, Wallace Ogle      76ajYork, Frank Wellesley  76G|Young. Albert William  767|Young. .1. W   76S|Young, Joseph      769|Yoting, Stephen     770;Yoiinghiishand, John V.  771|Yuill. Silas Barry  .  . Greenwood     - Eholt   - Greenwood  .....  . Midway      . Greenwood    . Greenwood   .  ��� Boundary Falls  ��� Midway      ��� Greenwood .....  ��� Midway   ��� Midway  ... ':....  ��� Midway    ....  ��� Greenwood    ��� Midway   ��� Boundary Falls  ��� Anaconda     ��� Boundary Falls  ��� Midway      Eholt   Boundary Falls  Greenwood      Greenwood      Greenwood      Midway   ....   Boundary Falls  Greenwood     Greenwood  .....  Boundary Falls  Midway      Greenwood  .'   Midway      Greenwood      Greenwood      Greenwood      Greenwood      Midway      ��� Boundary Falls .  ; Eholt   ��� Anaconda     ��� Anaconda     ��� Mi *w;y   ��� Eholt   ���Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Boundary Falls .  ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood     ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood   .....  ��� Boundary Falls .  ��� Greenwood    .  ��� Greenwood      . Greenwood      . Greenwood      ��� Anaconda ......  ��� Greenwood   .   ��� Boundary Falls .  ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood     . Anaconda  ......  ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      - Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      . Greenwood      . Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      rGrcettwood ::r..  ��� Greenwood      . Greenwood      Greenwood      Eholt   ��� Greenwood      Greenwood      Eholt   Greenwood      Denoro, Eholt ..  Greenwood      Greenwood      GiTonwootl      Greenwood      . Di uggist  . Lumberman  . Miner  . F-rmer  . Farmer  . Mirer  . Free miner' ;  . Smelterman  . Baker  . Brakeman      "��   ' f  . Mine owner ' >  . Rancher  . Boilermaker  . Lodging hsc kpr.  , City clerk  . M. ner  . Smelterman  . Labourer  . Miner __  . Miner ^  . Smelterman  . Bi uggist  .Tailor  .'Mme owner  . Clergyman  . Farmer  , Painter  , Clerk.  .Carpenter  Smelterman  . Smelterman  Farmer  Merchant  Su-elterman  C'erk  Smelterman  Clerk  Teamster  Barber  ; Miner  Miner  Hotel proprietor  Merchant  Conductor  Eiec. engineer   r  Msson  Stone' mason*  Contractor  Farmer *��� ';  Machinist  Boiler maker  Miner  Miner  Farmer.  B-ok-keeper:  Labourer t>  Hotel-keeper ...  -Miner   * '*'- "���-**  . pi uggist .    ,  . Druggist"  . Smelter emp.  , Barrister-at-law  . Miner  . M.'ner  , Broker  , Engineer  Miner  . Com. traveller  , C.erk  Machine agent  . Miner  Wood merchant  , Lt bourer  , Smelterman  .Miner  . B=:nk clerk  . Engineer  , Miner  , Miner  , Merchant tailor  . Labourer  , Customs broker  , MiDer  Clerk  Carpenter  =-Tai lor   '-^S-Y^-.  Fiee miner  Rc-taurant prop.  Miner  Miner  Cierk  Miner  Minor  Miner    ~  M'ner  Mtrchant  .ll'ST  AMUVKI)  New Spring Goods  OF THK I.ATKST  KASIIIOXS  Scotch    Tweeds,    Landslide,   Strutliconn  and Belwnrp Serges.    A line line  uf Pan tings of tlie latest styles  Trices to stilt the limes.  Call mid sec them.  John Smallwood  Ward Street MKHCIIANT TAILOR  Drink  THORPES  LITHIA  WA1ER  Every small bott    contains fi<ve grains  of Lithia Carbonate  REISTERER & C2  BREWERS  OK  LAGER BEER AND PORTER  I'llt up in I'aekages to Sult,the Trade  Brewery and Ollice: Latimer Street, Nelson, B.C.  Sewing Machines ./'Pianos  FOR  RENT and FOI1  SALE  NOTICE  Old Curiosity Shop,  Josephine Street  Nelson,  15.0.  As my wife. Theresa Ollielser, has left my bed  him! luianl wllliont cause or -inn-oration, 1 will  not he responsible for any debts she may eon-  tracl on and after the date of this notice.  Dated at mv ranch on Six-Mile Creek, H.C,  this 1st day of September, l'.HW.  l'lt.VNK  OLIIEISEK. The Nelson Tribune  The J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.  Importers   and  Dealers   In  Shelf  and_Henvy  HARDWARE  Tinware and  Granite ware  Stoves and  Ranges  BAKER ST.  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Portland Cement,  T-Rails, Ore Cars, Sheet Steel, Crescent,  Canton and Jessop's Drill Steel : : : : :  INELSOIN  Honey  PURE;  CALIFORNIA  In  lib Glass Jars 25c  Honey  J. A. IRVING & CO.  Groceries and Provisions  Houston Block, Nelson.  !  t  t  ���.  ���  ���  +++++++++++++++++++*++++++*+*++*++++++*+++++++*++++++X  ���  ���  ���  ���  Preserving Peaches  We  are  now   receiving regular  consignments  of the X  Crawford Freestone Peach direct from Wenatchee. Prices X  have touched  rock  bottom  for this season, so do not de- X  i   lay in ordering your supply. X  \ J. Y. Griffin & Co., Limited.]  | NELSON,   B. C. ========= \  Starkey & Co.  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits  R. A.. Rogers <& Co., Ld., Winnipeg  Representing   | N. K. Pairbank Co.,     -     .Montreal  Simcoe Canning Co.,     -^   Simcoe  Office   and  Warehouse,  Josephine   Street  INelson, B. G��  J. A. Kirkpatriek & Co., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail  Groceries, Crockery and Glassware  < Aberdeen Block, Kelson  We have just received a consignment of The Cudahy  Packing Company's famous  Diamond C Bacon  especially cured and smoked for family use. This  bacon has no equal on the market. Try it. We have  a few gross of Preserve Sealers left at right prices   ojf  J. A. KIRKPATRICK & CO., Ld.  P. Burns & Co  Wholesale  and   Retail;  Meat  Merchants  Head Office -and^CoIdiStorage  FMantJJat Nelson.  .BRANCH MAKKKTS nt Kiislo, Ymlr, Sandon, Silverton, Kevelstolu', New Deliver, Ciiscaile, Trail,  Grund Korku, (jruouwooil, illtlwuv, I'lioenlx, Ko.ssliunl. Sl3can Cily, Moyie, Cranbrook,  Fernie and Muclcud.  NELSON  HUANCir  MAKKKT,   HUl'N.S IH.OCK",   HAKKH STHKKT  Orders by mall to any Hriim-h will receive prompt ami careful attention.  Cetsh   Advanced   on   Consignment-.  Jacob Green & Co,  Auctioneers,  Appraisers,  Valuators  General ^Commission Agents  NELSON, B. C.  Corner of Baker and Joseplilne Street.  We carry a very largo  Stock of  The Latest I'ulte  Carpets, _Rug;^s,  Linoleums  Come and make your choice  Before House  -leaning  LSEE    OUR   GO=CARTS  All prices.   We can suit you.  D.   Mc ARTHUR   &   CO.  Furniture   Dealers   and   Undertakers  MORLEY & CO.  Wholesale and Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers  (Artists' Materials  Engineering and Mining  Books  Typewriters  cMimeographs  Photographic Supplies  cMusical Instruments  Morley & Co. Nelson. B��G  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT.  J. H. Wimble, W. B. Wilson, R. E.  Stnrfc, and Thomas Crook are at tho  Strathcona. Thoy tire the advance guard  of the British Chamber of Commerce  delegation now touring the province.  Fifty more delegates will arrive Tuesday  evening nud the balance Wednesday.  J. E. Poupore and his partner McVeigh still have an iujiinctiou on the  Frank and Grassy railway. The roiid is  being operated by a receiver uutil the.  dispute i.s settled by the court.  New towns continue to spring up in  the coal regions. Coleman, about three  miles from Blairmore, is the latest, and  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  :  :  ���  ���  ���  :  :  ������  ���  ���  t  t  ���  ���  ���  x  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  I3BT PARTS j  ��� |AT '  *  IJ. A. Gilker si  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Aguinaldo I.s right now. He has gol enough!  Tliere are many people In this town that know  when Ihev have hail enough of poor laundry  work on their linen, and they turn to us for relief. It In a pleasure to a Mian to .see the cXijiiIk-  lie color ami llulsh thai we have put on his shirt  collars ami cuffs when sent out from this laundry.  Kootenay Steam Laundry  R20 Water St.  Telephone M��_  NELSON  STEAM  LAUNDRY  Work done by hand or machine, and on short  notice. Delivery wagon (Mills for and delivers  work every day in the week.  Blankets, Flannels, Curtains, etc., u specialty.  Dyeing and Cleaning also done. Outside orders  promptly attended to.  PAUL NIPOU, Proprietor.     P.O. Ilox 48  NOTICE OF MEETING.  Nki.son, It. C'., September Sth, l'.nw.  Notice i.s hereby given that an extraordinary  general meeting of the shareholders of the  Northwest Coal nnd Coke Company, Limited  (lion-personal liability), will lie held on Monday,  the twenty-lirst day of September, l'.HI'l, nt tlie  hour of II p.m., at the head ollice of ihe company,  Kootenay street, Nelson, II. C, for the purpose of  increasing Ihe capital sleek of theeompanv from  W.OOn.liiM to $Kl,l)lX'���tHil) to increase Ihe number of  directors from six to eleven, and to authorize the  directors to i*suc debentures of the companv to  the amount of ?1,.')00,0U0.  Hy order of the directors,  li.  Ii. MIGIITON,  Secrctury-Treamirer,  Li. A. Manly of Grrntl Forks  has charge  of the real estate.  J. Stack and wifo, London, Eng.; D.  H. Smith, Spokane: U. B. Appleton,  John Milieu, Eight Mile: J. H. Gueu-  ther, .7. F, Gallon, .Spokane, are at the  Queen's.  E. C. Davidson, who is traveling for  Harry Jacobs of Winnipeg, has been in  town for several cloy.-. He reports business good all through tlio West.  The price of coal in Nelsou is ��7.50 n.  ton. This is 00 cents of ttu advance over  the price of last winter.  L. Ernst is in England busily engaged  iu selling coal stock, nutl will nut return  to Nelson for sovenil months.  A Goyett has'��� opened a furniture store  in Blairmore.  A. J. Sanderson of Galashiels, New  Brunswick, i.s at the Strathcona.  Dr. W. A. H'indryx arrived in the city  yesterday. !  i  W. H. Row ell of Cranbrook is at the  Silver King.  W. J. Doust of Spokane is registered at  the Madden.  A. Gray fron Hamilton is at the Tremont.  Nearly 150 members of the Fraternal  Order of Eagle.; attended the funeral of  Alfred Ayers yesterday.  s  The  trathcoiia  (foriiijurly Hotel 1'lialr)  B.  The Leading Hotel  Goin  Spot-in'  Stanley and Victoiia Streets,  rOMKSJNS  MANAGER  of the Kootenays  Sample Kooins  Kates  to  Commercial   Men  NKLSON  madden House  ���"I'HOl'KIETOR  Centrally Located  Electric Lighte  ���HEADQUARTEKS FOR TOURISTS AND  OLD TIMERS     -  Buker and Ward Streets  Nelson, 15. C.  Queen's Hotel  o Baker Street, Nelson. B. C.  Lighted by Electricity''and  Heated by Hot Air  Large nnd Comfortable Bedrooms and First-  class Dining Room.   Sample Rooms for Commtir.  elal Men.  CRATES ?2 PER DAY     -  "MRS. E. C. CLARICE,  Proprietress  Silver King Hotel  ��� BAKER STREET,  NELSON  UNDER   OLD   MANAGEMENTS  RATES .-51.00 PER DAY  The Dining Room is unsurpassed and the  Bedrooms are the best in Nelson. The Bar is  stocked with good Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  TWnont House  European and American Plan  Meals 25 ets.   Rooms from 25 cts. to Jl.  "=^���"Oiny"W']iitirireli5=Emplo>^dT^=^  MALONE  &  TREGILLUS  Baker St., Nelson Proprietors  Lakeview Hotel  Corner Vernon and Hall Slreets,  NELSON, B. C.  BEST DOLLAU-A-DAY HOUSE   IN  NELSON  NO  CHINESE EMI'LOVED  Aagost Thomas,   Proprietor  Bartlett  House  Josephine St.,  Nelson, II C.  White Help Only Employed  The Hest  Dollar-a-Uny House  in Nelson  The liar Is the Finest  GEO.   W.   1IAKTLETT,        Proprietor  Kootenay Wire Works Co*  Malinfaetnrers of Mattresses, Springs,  Pillows, Bed Lounges, Couches, Upholstering, Turning, " Bandsiiwlng, drill  Work and other novelties. Our No. -1  Spring i.s the best on the market. Ask  for it and take no other.  FRONT STREET NKLSON, xi. C  TIMBER NOTICES.  Notice is hereby given Hint thirty (30) day  after date I intend to apply to the chief  commissioner of lands and works fora special  license to cut and earrv away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia. Commencing  ata post marked N. W. corner post, planted on  the south side of Summit creek, min hundred  yards from the month of the Norlh Fork, and  about, about fourteen miles from tin- mouth of  said Summit creek, thence runnititr -.mith forty  (III) chains, thence east olio hundred and sixtv  (Kill) chains, thenee north forty (HI) chains,  tlience west one hundred and sixty (icn) ehains  o the place of beginning; containing six hundred and fori v (r.lll) acres.        <-'���  -M.   lll'.N'NKV.  Puled .hino'-.itl). limn.   LABOR   UNIOiNS.  NKLSON   MINE 1-S'   UNION,   No. '.Hi, W. F. M._  Mcetseverv Saturdav evening nt7::]u ,,V],i,.|c, in  Miners' Union  Hiili, northwest  tier  linker  and Stanley streets. Wage scale fur Nelson district: Machine miners, $'J-5I>! liaiinncrsiueii,  $���'._>; mine laborers, fl- ���'��� w- Sim-lair, president; Frank Phillips, secretary. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  ^*-��>>A-VWS*>i*A>AA*VVW'*^^  " Gait Coal |  And  Wood   of All   Kinds >  Terms Spot Cash _��  \V.  F��. T1.3RJNI2V <  Telephone 2��5 Baker Street   <  ��� ���*��������������>���*���<>*���-�����������<>���,*<)���><>���.���������><>*  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  Ulision  /Iftade  Shirts,1**!  *��.-  WE   MANUFACTURE  Shirts,  Overalls,  Denim Pants,  Tweed Pants,  Cottonade Cants,  Junipers,  Blouses,  Cooks'  Aprons and  Caps,  Carpenters'.Aprons,  Waiters' Aprons,  Puintcrs' ami  Plas-  ���terers' Overalls,  Mackinaw Coats,  Engineers' Jackets, Mackinaw Pants,  Waiters' Jackets,     Tarpaulins,  Barbers' Jackets,     Dunnage Hags,  Gingham Jackets,    tinrse Blankets,  Mission  Klannel       Tents,  Underwear, Etc., Etc, Etc.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.  LIMITED,  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS  ^ I Warehouses, Wharf Street  28 Factory, 1 Bastion Street  ��� I  VICTORIA,  B.C.  X  ���  X  ���  ���  4>  ���  ���  ���  ���������������������������������*���<*>���<���*��*���*���>��$��������> ������������������������  finmi-.  We Use Gumption as  well as; tlie best papers  and inks in the execution of 3'our orders���  the}* will not be mis-  ^ understood. Quick dis- ^  patch given out-of-town  work.  W. H. JONES  Madden Building      NELSON, B.C.  ������������������������*���������*������<*������-������*���������������������  ��� '   ���  I SUNDAY!  HOURS  ^"0"uT��tore"(corher cTPBakeF^  X and Josephine streets) will X  X be open every Sunday for X  ���  ���  ���  X  ���  X dispensing purposes:  9:30 to 12 o'clock  2:00 to 5 o'clock  7:00 to    9 o'clock  I Canada Drug and Book  Company, Limited  X   Company, Limited   f  ������������������������������������������������������������������������o**  PROSSER'S  Second Hand Store  mi'i China Hall  New and Second Hand Goods of every description bought and sold. .See our Crockery and  Glassware  WKSTEKX  CANADIAN  K.MPLOYMENT  AGENCY  Goods   Rented  Pii-st-CIass  Warehouse  Por  Storaue  Baker Street, West,  Next to C.P.It. Ticket Ollice  Phone -111 A I'-O. Box .iSS  Geo.  Maker of first-elass liaiid-niade Hoots and  Shoes. Repairing neatly and promptly  done.  Satisfaction guaranteed in all work  Ward St. next new postolllee hid "Nelson  ��fft^  NOTICE,  In the mutter of an application for a duplicate  of a Certilicale of Title lo Lot i:i, hloek 17, in ths  town of Nelson.    Notice i.- hereby given Ihat it ie  inv intention   lo  issue ui   tl xpiralion of one  month from the lirst piihlieaiioii hereof a dupli-  cale of the t-'eililicale of Title lo the aliove mentioned Lot l.'l, block IT, in the town of Nelson, in  the name of Albert Fletiry, which certilicale is  dated the lith day ,,f AJuiI, P.iill. and nnmliered  1-I7A. ��� II. F. MACLEOD,  Land IU'Ristry Oiliee, Uistrlet Iteglstrar  Nelson, H.c , loth August, ll'U'i.  WE CARRY THE BEST  MONEY CAN BUY.  We sell al prices which will compare with any. If  you can buy at T. I_aton's, pay freight and d ray ing  formless money .than we can put the goods in your  house, that's the place to buy. Furniture Dealers and  Funeral Directors.  & Co,  Baker Street, -Nelson,  4&  FIRST ANNUAL  of   the  Nelson Agricultural.& Industrial Association  Of Sight Seeiug. and Sport, Magnificent Displa}' of  Fruits, Vegetables, Farm Produce,- ��� Flowers, Horses^  Cattle, Poultry, Dogs, and the Greatest Collection  of Minerals ever Exhibited in British Columbia.  Shnuirooks of Mon front, Champions  oi* the World, vs. Nelson, Champions of fho Kootenay.  ROCK DRILLING  North, Star Team vs. Ymir Team  for ��1000.  $500 in other Prizes for Rock  Drillius.. > '  ���  Placet* Miniiig in operation each day  " MON  And Parashute Drop of 2000 Feet Each Day  ���  iAND CONCERTS  Grounds   and   Buildings   Illuminated   Each   Evening  $1000.00  PRODUCTION OF THE OPERA  in the Opera House each evening  M*mamrMtmimxJ*mwmm��**.,w*m���mta*m���K��I^Jim*i0V��Zmmmmfm  MIKADO  JAMES JOHNSTONE, J. E. ANNABLE,  President. Secretaiy.  ���  ��� ���  ���  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Dealers in  Coffee, Teas, Spices, ^Baking, Powder, and  Flavoring Extracts.  OUR  GOODS **'*- Pwe anc* se^ec^ frorn the best in the various  =r=r^r:~ -��� lines.   In order to get the best, please buy from us  direct, and toe guarantee satisfaction.    cAddress,  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Toloplioiio 177 Nelson,    CB, C. I'. O. ��ox 1S2  *-  any  Fresh and Salted Meats.   Fish and Poultry in Season.  ORDKI'S   HV   MAIL wuivi.' prompt  uml  un refill, iilti'liliolt.  _..  O.  TRAVES,   Maiiujei',  IC.W.G.   Hloek,  Nelson


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