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 c  ,mfM4^CMl  X  TIIK TRIBUXK IS TIIK OLDKST  NEWSPAPER  PKIXTED  (X  THK   KOOTKXAYS  Saturday, September 1:2.,  1903  NEI.SON IS THE TRADE CENTER OF SOUTHEASTERN  BRITISH COLUMBIA  POLITICALSITU ATION  The week ending today had but one sen-  .sjirioii^iur-polities. The government announced a change of date for holding the  elections; thnt instend of being held on  October !flst, they would be hold on Saturday, October 3d. The announcement of  the change caused considerable commotion among the Liberals, and a few of the  prominent men in the party implored tho  lieutenant-governor, by personal interviews nnd telegrams, to ignore the recommendation of his responsible ministers.  Thc lieutenant-governor had assented to  the change of date, or it would not have  been announced. So the protestants liad  their trouble, and gained little more than  a laugh from the people. The people nro  nofc worrying over rthe matter. They  know just as much about the issues now  as they would know if the campaign was  extended till Christmas, aud thoy want  tlie election over.  While neither party has nominated all  its candidates, it may be stated that the  candidates of tlie respective parties have  all been selected. In the Kooteuay-Boun-  dary districts, the Liberal-Conservatives  have named nil their candidates excopt for  Columbia riding, and the Liberals have  named all except for Sloeim and Rosslaud  City ridings. Reviewing tho situation,  making due allowance for the political  bias of The Tribune, it appears that tho  Liberal-Conservatives are tlio stronger iu  Greenwood, Grand Forks, Nelson City,  Ymir, Kaslo, Cranbrook, and Fernio ridings, and are more thau likely to carry  these seven ridings. Dr. Spankie, in  Greenwood riding, and George Fraser, in  Grand Forks riding, aro hard at, work  making a personal canvass. Both arc opposed by lawyers, tho Grand Forks Liberals having put up a lawyer, named Clem-  outs, in place of Neil MoCalhuu, who resigned. In Nelsou City John Houston is  also opposed by a lawyer, who claims lie  has the labor vote in his hip pocket.  Houston's majority will bo a hundred or  more. In Ynii*-, Harry Wright's opponent  i.s probably the weakest man, from every  standpoint, iu the riding. He is looked  on as a blatant blatherskite by the laboring men who know him, and business men  will have nothing to do with him.  Wright's majority will bo over 200.  IifKaslo, "Bob" Green is opposed by  John L. Retallack, who is given all the  credit for securing the ��_o-n-toii bonus on  European Steel Corporation.  [Associated[Tress.]  London, September 12.���Inquiry made  at the European offices of the United  States Steel Corporation today revealed  the fact that no serious importance is attached to the statement made by the Brussels correspondent of the London Daily  Telegraph, that negotiations are in progress favorably botweeu representatives of  the large steel works iu Germany, Belgium and France for the formation of a  European steel corporation. So far as  known, the continental manufacturers are  no newer a combine thau when the idea  was first mooted about a year ago. It is  pointed out, however, that the price of  steel on the continent are now kept extraordinarily low, which would facilitate the  efforts to effect a combine, though it is  doubted whether the vastly differing interests and methods of the various coun-  lend. While not detracting from the  #oo<l work done by Mr. Retallack with  respect to the aid secured from the Dominion government, this fact should not be  lost sight of: "Bob" Green wa.s working  to secure fair treatment for the silver-  lend mine-owners of Kootenay during all  the years Mr. Retallack was sojourning  in the United States, and the work Mr.  Green aud others did while Mr. Retallack  was an actual non-resident of the province made it all the more easy to secure  what little was obtained from the Dominion government. In Cranbrook riding the Liberals arc marshalling  spellbinders, which is an indication that  "Tom" Caven is getting there with bot '  feet. "Tom" is a worker, not a spell  binder, and his majority will be over 100  W. R. Ross, in Fernie riding, has a walkover against E. C. Smith, the Liberal  candidate. Smith is the candidate of the  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company; Ross is  the caudidate of the people.  In the Slocan, William Hunter is working like a day laborer on a contract. His  Liberal opponent dropped out, and a convention is to be held at New Denver on  Tuesday to name another candidate; but  it is not likely one will be named. The  day is too late, aud the race will be be  tween "Old Bill" Hunter mid William  Davidson, the candidate of the Independent Labor Party. Tho race will bo close;  but we are inclined to believe that Hunter's wind is the better of the two, and  that he will lead at the finish by a neck.  In Revelstoke, the fight is "between Taylor  aud Kellie, Bennett, the Socialist, not being considered iu it. Kellie is posing as  an Independent, iu the hopes of drawing  support from all parties; but the dodge is  too thin. Taylor can win if only his supporters use common seuse iu making  their campaign.' Claptrap and abuse of  Kellie will not help Taj-lor.  In Rossland City, the Liberal-Conservatives nominated ex-mayor A. S. Goodeve  on Friday night, aud Liberals will probably uouiinato a lawyer, named Macdonald, next week. Goodeve is one of the  best speakers in Kootenay, and as he was  elected mayor of Rossland twice, he should  be able to defeat lawyer Macdonald as  easily as John Houston will defeat lawyer  Taylor in Nelson. In both ridings it is a  case of "too much lawyer." 13pin Columbia riding, W. C. Wells (Liberal) will  probably have a walkover. Ho was chief  commissioner of lands and works for three  years, aud he took good care that every  request from a constituent for a road or a  trail was gratified. Hence his popularity.  Outside of tho Kootenay-Bouudary ridings, the situation may be summed up as  favorable to thc Liberal - Conservatives.  There is a good deal of friction in both  parties in Vancouver and Victoria, and  the result will be the return from these  two cities of five Conservatives and four  Liberals. Atlin, Skeena, Delta, Dewdney, Richmond, Chilliwack, Now Westminster, Esquimalt, The Islands, Saanich,  Cowichan, Newcastle, Nanaimo, and  Alberni will break even. Cariboo will  return Rogers and Adams, both Liberal-  Conservatives. Lillooet, Yale, Similka-  miocn, Kamloops, and Okanagaii should  return a majority of Liberal-Conservatives.  BOYS,  THE MEMBERS  FOR. THE  KOOTENAY - BOUNDARY   RIDINGS  CONTROL THE NEXT   GOV-  ENT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA!  Under date of September 3d, John Houston, the candidate of the Liberal-Conservative Party   for Nelson riding, mailed  the following letter to his constituents:  In asking for your vote and influence nt  the coming election, it is only fair L should  state what I accomplished during the time  I was a member of the legislative assembly.  Elected in June,; 1900, the first session  of the legislature commenced in August.  At that session I iu traduced a bill amending thc Water Clauses Act, aud secured  its passage. City municipalities, like Nelson, have now the same status under the  Water Clauses Act ns power companies.  This enabled the City of Nelson to not  only acquire watiir rights ou Kootenay  river, but to acquire a site on which to  erect a power station.  I drafted an amendment to thc Mineral  Act, which was adopted, allowing owners  iu mineral claims to advertise co-owners  out who refused to pay their share of as  sessment work. Snch a provision bud  been asked for for a number of years, but  for some reason, definite action liad not  been taken. The amendment has been a  part of the Mineral Act for three years,  and thnt it has worked well is evidenced  by the fact that no complaints have been  heard agaiust its operation. In the three  following sessions I introduced and had  the miuiug committee adopt the following, which was reported to the house:  "Your select standing committee on  mining beg leave to report as follows:  Your committee is of the opinion that no  amendments should be made to the Mineral Act duriug the present session."  This actiou was iu line with public  opinion in Kootenay: that the fewer  changes made in the Mineral Act the better it would be for everyone interested in  mining.  tries concerned could ever be united under  one organization.  Go to Extremes.  [Assoeiiitcd l'ress.]  Berlin, September 12.���The keeper of  the restaurant attached to the Royal opera  house at Dresden, which he has occupied  for fifteen years, has been refused a renewal of his lease because he sold chocolate bearing pictures of ex-crown princess  Louise of Saxony, who eloped with" the  French tutor Girou.  Sailing for Home.  [Associated Press.]  New Yohk, September 12.���Sh* Thomas  Lip ton's chartered ocean-going tug Cruiser sailed today for Liverpool. Tho  Cruiser came over with the Shamrock  and the Erin.  The Turkish Insurrection  [Associated Press.]  London, September 12.���Private letters  from Monasfuvstate that the Wallichiau  inhabitants of Krushevo fully confirm the  charges made by the Bulgarians, that the  Turkish soldiers and Bashi Bazouks outraged aud slaughtered defenseless women  ajid children there, the atrocities contiuu-  uing two days and nights. As the Wal-  lichians hate the Bulgarians, their, testimony in this instance carries considerable  weight. Hilmi Pasha has admitted that  thirty Bashi Bazouks were concerned in  the affair. Hilmi Pasha says that these  Bashi Bazouks stole 4000 cattle, all of  which have been restored to the owners.  A pitiful condition of affairs still exists at  Krushevo, where the wounded people are  lying on the bare floors with their undressed wounds bound in spiled rags. The  -only doctor in the town-was killed and the  drug store destroyed. The Turkish officials now will neither permit a doctor to  go to the town nor the wounded to be removed to Mouastir for treatment. The  wounded arc mostly women and children.  It appears that for diabolical reasons, the  women were especially outraged, how  many will never be knowu, but a large  number of cases have been fully authenti-  cuted. Many dead bodies were eaten by  street dogs, and their skulls and bones are  still lying on the ground. The military  hospital at Mouastir is filled with over one  thousand wounded soldiers, the majority  lying on the floor amid filthy surroundings. Nearly a hundred families from  Smilvolo ore outside the town, but tire not  permitted to enter. At the request of the  Austrian consul, Hilma Pasha allowed a  few of the severely wounded to be brought  into   tho   hospital.   The   other refugees  were told to return to their burned villages.  Sofia, September, 12.���Further details  of the villages burned and massacres committed in the vilayet of Mouastir have  reached here from reliable sources from  Salonica. The names are given of 84  villages in the kaza of Okx-ida whicli have  been burued byy the Turks. At Velgo-  shila, near Ortakol, 12 men and women  perished in the flames. Sixty peasants  were killed iu this neighborhood, most of  the bodies being left uuburied. Nine villages and a' Large forest area- havo beeu  burned in the kaza of Rosen. AtPodmo-  chani and Pokivenita many women and  children were killed. In the kaza of  Prespa the soldiers surrounded a forest in  which the women nnd children from the  villages of Louboino. and Bratiohiuo were  concealed. They viola ted the women and  put many of them to death. The mou-  astry of St. Golniau iu the kaza of Velas  hasbeen pluhd&fed. 'The town of Klis-  sora is filled with refugees from' the  burned villages. The large number of  bodies lyiug unburied and decomposed  has caused an epidemic among the Turkish troops, from whicli many have died.  Reports are beginning to arrive from  Adrianoplc which indicate that tlie Turks  are employing similar measures to suppress the outbreak iu that vilayet as have  been used in Mouastir, and it is feared  that when the Asiatic troops reach the  district, even more appalling atrocities  will be committed. The insurrectiou in  eastern Macedonia is progressing slowly.  Geueral SentichfF has been engaged in  three skirmishes with tlie Turks in the  district of Djoumai. The Turkish artillery has utterly destroyed the village of  Debrouani, Mouastir vilayet. Many of  the inhabitants were killed.  Serious fighting occurred at Moihoyo on  September 5th, when tlie insurgents, who  occupied a strong position, arc said to  have killed 100 Turks, while their own  loss was insignificant. The same night  the great niouastary of Cheerbreeu at  Moihoyo was thoroughly looted. The  servants who were sent to Mouastir to  complain of the outrage were killed on the  way. Tho London Daily Mail correspondent, in a dispatch tinted September (5th,  claims that with himself, the British vice-  consul Macgregor, and an American missionary named.Bond, are the intended  victim's of Turkish revenge, because they  reportecLthe Turkish ^atrocities. If their  murder could be compassed it would be  fathered upon the Bulgarians. The correspondent describes further atrocities by  the soldiers. In oue case they flayed a  little girl's head, while in another they  dug flesh from under a woman's arm with  pocketkuives, in order to see the working  of her lungs.  '"' A Constantinople' dispatch to the Daily"  Mail, dated September 10th, says the  porte telegraphed to Washington asking  to have the American squadron withdrawn'from Beirut, but the request was  refused. Mr. Leishman declared that it  would remain until the departoe of the  late villi, Reshid Pasha.  Peary Will Make Another Dash.  [Associated Cress.]  WASiriNfiTO.v, September 12. ���Orders  granting three years' leave of absence to  commander Peary of the United States  uavy, beginning April 1st next, have  been issued today. Commander Peary is  now on duty at the bureau of yards and  docks. He will start ou his. dash for the  north pole Jul}* 1st next.  As a member of the municipal committee, I drafted a number of amendments to  the Municipal Clauses Act and the Municipal Elections Act, which wore adopted,  notably the following: (I) Giving municipalities power to borrow money on the  revenue derived from public utilities, so  that the interest and sinking fund charges  on the borrowed money need not be raised  by taxation on real estate. This will enable Nelson to borrow $150,000 for the erection of an electric power station without  increasing the rate of taxation. (2) Taking from the mayors of municipalities the  right to revise the annual voters' lists, and  placing the preparation of such lists solely  in the hands of city clerks; also, providing means by which names improperly  omitted from voters' lists [could be placed  on, and names improperly placed on  struck off; nnd the further provision that  all voters be on an even footing, each to  have one vote only for aldermen when a  city mmiicipidity i.s divided into wards.  These amendments have worked satisfactorily in every city in the province.  The Redistribution Act, as far as it relates to the number of seats allotted to  Kootenay and the Boundary, and the  boundaries of these ridings, is iny work;  and there are few people iu Kootenay and  the Boundary who will say that this section of the province has not a fair shard of  representation, or that the ridings are not  equably divided.  "The Assessment Act Amended Act,  190.," in so far asit relates to the taxation  of mineral claims, i.s in accordance with  amendments introduced by ine. I insisted (1) that the tax rate on crown  ���granted claims should not be increased from twenty-five cents to fifty  cents per acre: (2) that no taxes shall  be payable if actual work to the value of  $200 be done annually on a crown granted  claini; (3) that mineral claims should be  treated the same as real estate at tax sales,  that is, that title should not pass to the  purchaser at a tax sale on tho day of the  sale, but that title should only pass at the  German Authorities Discipline Brutes.  -~'-^''i^''*''-TAs'SocIiVfe'(lTrcss.]' '  Beklin. September 12.���Paul Perwitz-  sky and Ernest Wahl, directors of a  workhouse at Saalhauseu, a suburb of  Dresdeu, and a policeman named Anton  Bruch, have been sentenced to two j-ears  and six months, one year and six mouths,  aud six months imprisonment, respectively, in connection with the terrible  abuses committed on the inmates of that  institution. The inmates were compelled to climb on a hot stove and march  at the double until they were exhausted.  One witness testified that he was bitten  by a dog which ho believed was trained  for that purpose. Another inmate, who  escaped from the workhouse, wa.s brought  back, and in order to be released gave  vent to insults agaiust the emperor,wliich  expiration of a period given for redenf  tion, which on minernl claims is now fix  nt a year from the date of the tax sale.  The above amendments to laws are'gcj  oral, not special, in their scope, and II  lieve they are practical and will bene  residents of municipalities and peoplo <  gaged in the mining industry.  I secured foi* the City of Nelson (1) trfj  to the foreshore, (2) title to the park,'  title to land on Kootenay river forapow  station site, (4) liberal appropriations  the maintenance aud construction of  general hospital, (5; an extra appropr  tion   for the  construction of. the hij  school, (6) an appropriation for.NelsbJ  first fair, and   (7)   an  appropriation:!  $40,000   for   a   new   court  house,  addition, I secured liberal appropriatiol  for school   houses and for other pnbf  buildings throughout the riding, and f/  complaints have been heard regarding tl  amount of the apjH-opria tions I secur  for roads, 'trails, and bridges.  In aslting your support for reelection |  the legislature, I can only say that if*:  elected I will do my best'to advance ;  political and material interests of Nell  and the country  tributary to it, whicli|  the whole of Kootenay and the Bouuda  Both parties will hold rallies tonig_  The supporters of John Houston will ra_^  in the  Liberal-Conservative   counuitt*  rooms at the corner of Baker aud JosepJ  ine streets.   There will be speeches 1  the candidate and by a dozen of his be  spellbinders.    His nomination paper w]  placed in ��� circulation   today,   and   at  o'clock over 200 names were signed to i  and among the names were several wel  known Liberals, who say that in a pr  viucinl electiou friendship cuts more figc  with them than politics.   The" Eibcr-  will hold'their rally in their commit.,  room ou Vernon street.   The announci  speakers are  Ihe candidate himself, cal  didate Parr of Ymir riding,  and F.K'jl  Black and William Ebbs.   The latter is  Socialist spellbinder, who has been ]  snaded to drop Socialism for'the tirde i  advocate Liberalism: .   -       '*,?���'  Alf Parr, from. Ymir, is registered  the Madden  v?4  m  resulted in his getting a longer sentend  -ina.regular.prisen. ���������_ - ..' ��� *��-.*-s___|  Snakes in Ireland.        '  [Associated Press.)  Loxdo.v,   September  12.���The    Timl  prints' an extraordinary story dated froJ  the Midland hotel at Manchester, iuwhiq  tho writer announces that he arrived froi  America on the White Star* Line steamJ  Celtic and vvcut to Cork.   He then visits  Blarney Castle, where he liberated fo.  teen fairly good-sized rattlesnakes. - Tlj  letter concludes: "Time will tell whefhj  St.   Patrick's   edict  is  a myth or kc  Yours for science.',''; Signed, C. R. "YVicfl  The Times,  commenting on the  lettel  says, if there is any truth iu the writer!  claim,   "to have committed a dastartL  act," the local authorities will doubtlesj  give their atteution to the matter.  PoplarJJre^Jffif^at^  The rush to this camp still continues,  two coaches being required to bring iu the  passengers.  During the past week W. B. Pool and  J. J. Young closed a deal for the Swedes  claims, situated about 1 Jo iniles from the  Lucky Jack, on the east side of Poplar  creek. Thc purchase price is said to be  $1 i)0,000, with a substantial payment down  nnd the balance in HO and (10 days. Development work is to be commenced at  once, and a stamp mill will be iu operation before December.  Rutherford and Stevenson, representing  Philadelphia capital, have bought the  Athwood group, just west of the Marquis  and (filbert.  New gold strikes aro reported tin Canyon creek, eight miles from here, also HI  miles below Trout Lake, on the north side  of the hike.  Building operations continue as rapidly  as lumber can be obtained. The Kaiser  and Jacobson hotels tire under way.  Archer of Kaslo litis opened a hardware  store. A new restaurant lias been opened  in a tent, and the Smock hotel will open  this week. William Schuell has sold his  bai-ber shop to Al Gregory. Williams and  Gavin are building a blacksmith shop on  their lots. Billy Schnell has opened his  hotel and Baillie's brokerage oflice is  nearly completed.  Several representatives of capital have  visited the camp this week.  Ask for a Postponement.  [Associated Cress. |  Wasitinoton, September 12.���Russia  lias requested permission of China to postpone her evacuation of one of the frontier  ���,-yovinces of Mauchuria for several months  after October 8th, the date fixed for the  general evacuation of Manchuria.  Minister Couger cables the state department this fact, and the matter has been  referred to secretary Hay, at the secretary's summer home in New Hampshire,  for consideration. The state department  apparently is not concerned over Russia's  request, as it is pointed out tho province  is a small one and the postponement is  only for a short time.  Edward Baillie and H. M. Stoveiiron  are registered from Poplar Creek at the  Hume.           W. Stevenson of Revelstoke is registered  at the Bartlett   Charles Olson is at the Grand Central.  He is from Mullaii, Idaho.  Sid Brown, from Hillyard, is at the  Nelson.  J. P. Redding, who is working a property on Gray's creek, is making arrangements to build a trail to his claims.  Edward Stanley is in town from the  Gladys claini ou Morning mountain. He  has worked steadily for nine years, and  expects to break into rich ore before long.  It touches the Juno and other valuable  mines in that vicinity.  It is reported that the clean-up of the  Venus-Athabasca for the past month was  $20,000.          Experts claim that uothing but stringers have as yet been worked ou Morning  mountain.    There aro live feet of ore iu the face of  the Juno drift. It is the best ore that has  been found upon the property.  James Vnllancc of Sandon has taken up  his residence tin Latimer street.  Frank Armstrong of Rossland was selling beer iu the city yesterday.  John F. Burne and A. S. Wheeler of  Ymir are registered at the Strathcona.  Blake Wilson has returned from a trip  over tlie Crow, and reports till the towns  from Kootenay Landing to McLeod as  being in a prosperous condition. P. Burns  & Co. arc supplying the meat to thc contractors who are building the cut-off  through Montana from Hnyden to Columbia Falls. The cattle used are procured  in Montana and Oregon. Every yenr P.  Burns & Co. buy 20,000 tons of hay in Alberta.  John Daly of Kaslo is in the city, and  states that he thinks thc prospects for a  smelter in his city are brighter than ever  before. At the Rambler 05 men are working, and the compressor is being moved  some distance from its present location.  A rich strike was made on the Antelope,  one of the five claims comprising tho  Rambler group, a short time ago. The  recent strike on tho 700-foot level is IS  inches wide, and ussaj*s li). ounces iu silver and 70 per cent lead. Up to date this  year the Rambler has shipped 1700 tons of  ore.   '  Henry Roy will return to Nelson from  Ottawa next week.  body.    Mr. Ayers was it native of Bruce  county, in Ontario, and was SO years old.  Miss Maggie McKenzie of   Kaslo lias  come to reside in Nelson.  William Koch has removed all his horses  and wagons from Rossland to Slocan.  John Gordon has returned to the city,  having been successful in enlisting t-nni-  tul to look at sonic valuable! claims near  Cambourne. '  G. R. McMillan is in town from Gray's  creek. On the iron property, where he is  working, tlio tunnel is in (IS feet and will  tap the ledge by October. The rock is  very hard, taking two shifts to drive n  foot. Assays from an open cut ou the  Bismarck show (iu per cent iron. Representatives of capital from Michigan and  Illinois are in town for the purpose of inspecting the properties. The working of  mines ou Cray's creek will benefit Nelson, as it is only seven miles from this  eity. Mr. McMillan returns to the property next weelc with an increased force of  meu.    Ulvin Bros, of Lardo will open an hotel  ami store at Gold Hill, the new town  about two miles from Poplar crook. Ellis  of Grand Forks will also build an hotel  at that poitit^   Times must be picking up in Kaslo. J.  A. Ferguson of Grand Forks has opened a  barber shop in that city.  R. T. Lowery will start a paper in the  lower Lardo country just as soon as the  location of tho permanent town is settled  in the vicinity of Poplar creek.  Thc funeral of Alfred Ayers will take  place on Sunday afternoon at .::!(> p.m.,  from the undertaking parlors of I). McArthur & Co. The. Fraternal Order of  Eagles will assemble at their hall at 2  p.m., in order to attend the funeral in u  Thc labor market in Nelson just now is  fairly well supplied, 'Quite a number of  men have recently gone to Phoenix to  work as muckers and machine men in  the mines around that city.  Wm. Toiiilinson, one of Slocan's best  known men. was married at New Denver  this week.   The Lakeview hotel, that popular resort  of miners, reports transient travel better  than for many years.  The Sherbrooke hotel on   lin  had over fifty guests Ins! night.  cer street  TODAY'S METAL QUOTATIONS.  NEW  VOKIC  Lead    -fl  10  Silver      -M�� 7-S  Casting copper       1- 7-8  LONDON.  Silver iii 1-I<1  Loud ��11 Us 3d  The Prince May Not Attend.  (Associated Press.]  Boston. .September 12.���No stops whatever have been taken iu connection with  the frequently reported contemplated visit  of the prinee of Wales to America. No  invitation has been tendered to the prince,  nnd neither ihe United Slates embassy,  till! British cominissimiers to the St. Louis  exposition, nor C T. Watson, the secretary of the ciiiniiiission, have any expectation that Hi'- visit will occur. Nothing is  being done, even ina preliminary unofficial way, towards securing the 'prince's  presence at .*-'��� i-onis.  Train Robbers Sentenced.  jA--(M*inliMl Cross.]  El. Paso. 'IVxas, September 12.���-The  Americans v. li" nibbed a Mexican Central  train and tin- Wells-Fnrgo express at Ber-  mejillo, |)ui;'ii-o. July 2'ird. I!'i'2, have  been senien.-t-ii at Mapimi to lo years imprisonment n't'l lined ijilOOO each.   The  men wei*e Bill West, alias Ingram ; Lee  Smith, alias Whitaker, and James Paris.  It is said thoy got from the Wells-Fargo  compauy _o2,*i00, all of which has been  recovered except about ��10,000 or $1 *>,000.  Want to Improve Ireland's Condition.  [AssocliiK'il  Cress.]  London, September 11.���Another conference looking to the improvement of the  condition of Ireland will be called shortly.  Captain Shaw E. Taylor, who was secretaiy to the recent landlord and ten-nits'  conference in Dublin, which was instrumental in securing the Irish Land Hill,  pro]loses to invite the representatives of  the Orangemen. Roman Catholics. Protestants, and the heads of educational institutions iu Ireland lo meet in Dublin  and confer together wilh the purpose of  finding a common ground on which all  may stand, thus ending the religious differences in connection with education,  whicli has lasted for centuries and which  has been responsible for many of Ireland's  difficulties.   Snow Storm Swept Montana.  [Assin-iiiti.'il Cress.  Rkd Lowirc, Montana, September 12.���  A heavy snow-storm swept over Montana  last night. Considerable grain is still  standing, and il i.s probably ruined. The  storm covered a wide area, it is reported,  that two feet of snow fell near 1'rvot  mountains.  Returning Bodies of Soldiers.  [A>snci,iici|   Cress.]  NkwYokh, September 12.���TheUnited i  States' transport Kilpatrick from Manilla |  arrived   today.     On   the  transport  were j  the bodies of 'iOU United  Stales  soldiers,  who lost   their  lives  in   Ihe   Philippines.  This  is the largest number of bodies ever  returned al one time from I he islands.  the libera tion of fourteen rattlesnakes in  the alleged interests of science at Blarney  Castle, near Cork.  Session Closed.  [Assocftitcil Press.]  Lkickstbu,  England,   September 1-.'.���  The Trades Unions'  Congress closed its  session   here today with  the election  of j  two delegates to attend the convention of ;  the American Federation of Labor.  Historic Castle Discovered.  [AsMieliileil Civ��-.i  BKm.iN, September 12 ���A historic castle, which is believed to have existed four  hundred years before < "lii-ist. lins been  broughi lo light near Cassel.  Notice to Contractors.  NKI.SON COrit'l' I IOCS K.  [ Certificate of Improvement  .VOTICK.  Aeries miiicriil elnim, sitiiule In the Xelso,  iniiilnu ilii-Mnii of West Kootenay distrjc  Where luetiieil: .Neiir tlie-Arliiigtoii Mine, Krie.J  i'like Nollee Hint I. .lolm O. Anderson, P. L. S  imeai lor William Connolly, freo miner's certifl  entc N". Il'iS-iI-, nnd Kdwiird Walshe, freeminerl  eeriilieute No. KT.MDil, intend, sixty dtiys frotf  the dnie hereof, to npply to tlie mining recordd  for ii eertilleiiie of improvements, for the pnl  pose or oljluinlni* a crown Kraut to (Im abo*_  ��� ���Mm. I  Ami further lake notice that action, uixl'l  M-etiiiti ::;, miivi In* (.���(itnmenecil before the issi|  am fsinli eeriilieate of improvements.  I'ated this'.hid dav of September, A.P. l'KB.  j. ii. axdkhso.v. |  JOHN   HEPBUR]  IiUII^DI2R AND  CONTRACTOR  Jojildug work done    Kstlinutes given  N'otiee is hereby (.'(veil that Hie time for re-  eeiviii!' leiiiler.-i for ihe erection and completion  nf the'"iirt Mouse at Nelson hie- been extended  up lo and incliiiliii;; Mondav Iho twelitv-tirst  inxliint W. S. tiOKK,  Nepuiy I'ououis.inner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works department,  Victoria, II. i'., Mth September. 1W.'I.  London, .September !-.���The Associated ;  Press is informed that no one of the name ;  of W.K. Wields staying or has been staying :'  at the Midlnnd hotel, Manchester. Jtultr- j  ing from this, it would appi���: r ihat the I  London Times has been hoaxed in pith- j  Hailing tho letter today which announced '  Certificate  of Improvements.  NOTICE.  I: and L and Corinthian mineral chiint<. ��itii-  aleiuilietlo.il Hirer iiitiilnx division of U'esi  KiMiC'imy dl.-liiel. Where bleated : On ihe easl  side of Kootenay lake, at the mniilli of I'niwferd  buy.  Take Notice lllilt I, .lollll MeJ-iltellie, Metilli; as  uj-ciil for ��'. O. Major, ulliej.-il administrator  (trustee of thi-estate of I:, d. Munro). Luzettll  I'ield, free miner's eerl idea le No. 1IIS217, and  Chillies M. field, free miner's certilieatc No.  I'ls.'li', intend, sixty dny�� from the dale hereof,  to apply l-> the miuiim ' recorder for ccrtiliealcs  of improvements, for the purpose, of obtain im:  crown k rati Is to the above claim*.  And further lake notice tlml union, under section '17, must do i ommeueed before tin; issuance  of such eerlllicales of improvemeuls.  Dated this lib day of .September. A.I)  C.o:i.  JOHN McLATCHIE.  SHOP                                   KKSIDKNCK  lleliitiil new postolllee        for. Trout and W'|l!o_   .VKLSON   Fsrank   Fletchea  PHOVLNCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  Lands and .Mineral Claims Surveyed  and   Crown  ti rim ted  CO. Hex r>63 Oflice: Kootenay St., NelsoJ  Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron. Ltdj  R^e-al Estate ��"<*  General Agents  LABOR   UINIOrVS.  NKLSON MlNEl'S' UNION, No. !Hi, W. F. M.-  M eels every Sat unlay evening at 7 ::'i> o'clock, ii  Miners' I'nion Hall, northwest eorner Bakel  and Stanley streets. Wuye scale for Nelson UisI  triel: .Machine miners, fl.iii); liammersmenl  Itl.i'i; mine laborers, f3. .1. \V. SlneUir, presil  dent; Crank Phillips, secretary. Visiting brethB  ren cordially invited.  WANTED.  Hride-fminers at j-overumelit bridge near Klkcl  Southeast Kootenay. Apply to K. C. Ilifl, forei  limn, Klko. J. F. AKMSTKONti,  Government Agent.  Fort Steele, H. C, September 1st, HW.*!. e neisoE-  Bank of  Established 1817.    Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up) $13,379,240.00  REST     9,000,000.00  UNDIDVIDED  PROFITS        724,807.75  Head   Office,   Mont real  RT.  HON.  1,0UI) STitATHCONA  AND  MOUNT  KOVAL,  O.C.M.G.,   President.  HON*.  G.  A.  DUUMMOND, Vice-I'rcsident. '"���  S.  CLOL'STtlN, Ceiieral Manager.  NELSON BRANCH &TJ;-  Corner Maker and  Streets  A.   H.   BUCHANAN.  Miin.'igcl*.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  With which is uiiialKiiiiiutud-  The  Bank of  British  Columbia  PAID  UP CAPITAL $8,700,000  reserve _ und  3,000,000        Head Office:   Toronto, Ontario  A.GGREOATE  RESOURCES OVER  78,000,000  HON.  GEO.  A.  COX,  President      11. E.  WALKER, General Miuinger  Savings   Bank   Department  Deposits received and interest allowed  NELSON  BRANCH  BRUCE   HEATHCOTE,   Manager  Founded in 1892.  THE TRIBUNE COMPANY, LIMITED,  PKOI'BIETOBS.  McDonald Block, Baker Street.    Telephone 120.  ADVERTISING RATES. ��� Display advertisements will be inserted in The Nelson Tribune  (six insertions a week) at the rate of Four Dollars  per inch per month. Single insertions 20 eents  an inch. Regular ndvertisements will be inserted  in tlie weekly edition without extra charge.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.���The daily edition will  be sent bv mail for $5 a year, or portions of a year  nt the rate of fifty cents a month; by carrier in  Nelson at the same rates. Payable in advance.  The weekly edition will be mailed for $1 a year,  payable in advance, andno subscriptions will be  taken for the weekly edition for less than one  year.   Address all communications���  THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, 15. C.  LIBERAL-CONSERVATIVE  CANDIDATES.  HON. ROBERT F. GREEN  TOR KASLO  JOHN HOUSTON  FOR NELSON CITY  HARRY WRIGHT  FOR YMIR .      y  WILLIAM HUNTER  FOR SLOCAN  THOMAS TAYLOR  FOR REVELSTOKE  THOMAS CAVEN  FOR CRANBROOK  WILLIAM R. ROSS  FOR FERNIE  ���  GEORGE Ai FRASER  FOR GRAND FORKS  DR. G. Er SPANKIE  FOR GREENWOOD  A. S. GOODEVE  FOR ROSSLAND  Tlio people of Nelsou are uot neglecting thoir material for their politic:! 1 interests. Thc success of the  first fair given by tho Nelsou Agricultural aud Industrial Association means much to Nelsou as a town, and  a good deal to the whole of Kootenay. It -will bo tlie  flrst time thnt tlie varied resources of Kootenay will be  on exhibition, and at oue place, and the surprise will  come with the showings that will be made. No finer  fruit aud vegetables are grown in the province than in  the country tributary to Nelson, and the number of exhibits will prove that the fruit-growers aud vegetable-  raisers are net all confined to one locality. That the  mineral exhibit will' be the finest ever made in the  province goes without question; but there is another  field for display, and that is the field of mechanics.  The exhibits of mining machinery aud mining appliances should range above the ordinary, for mining is  and will continue to be a great industry iu Britisli Columbia for inauy years to eome. These all advertise  the material resources of the Kootenays. There is still:  another department that will make a showiug. Tlie  ladies of Kootenay haye the reputation of excelling-iu  the arts of the housekeeper, aud the display of articles  of needlework will prove that the reputation is based  ou merit.   Make the fair a success!  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1908  Eight out of teu of the old-time prospectors'and miners, resident in Nelsou, arc supporting John Houstou  for member of the legislature. They say politics cuts  no figure with them; that they are supporting a mau  who has proved that he is a man who has the courage  of his convictions, and that for fourteen years in Kootenay he lias always stood for the interests of the men  who prospect aud mine.  There is no good reason why churchmen should not  have all the privileges aud rights enjoyed ana exercised  by laymen in election campaigns. They are interested  iu good government. Only one churchman in Nelson,  however, is actively engaged in missionary work on behalf of either of the candidates, and, strau ge to say, he  is not trying to convert anyone to vote for John Houston.  The candidates in the eleven ridings in Southeastern  Kooteuay, of all political parties, have been extended an  iuvitatiou to attend the first exhibition of the Nelson  Agricultural and Horticultural Society. If they all  come, their speeches will be reported verbatim and circulated free iu their respective constituencies.  LIST OF PERSONS ENTITLED TO VOTE  IN THE  GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  .-_.."         August, 31st, 11)0*3.   No.  y  10  ii  Christian name and surname of  thc Claimant in full length.  Resilience of Cliiimiiiit.  Kesidence ol Claimant.  (If in n city or town, the imnic ami side of the  street upon which lie resides,nnd the mimes  of the nearest cross streets between which  Itfu rovl.li.tii.it {�� tillii>tti>\  ui    nil.   I1LII IL'BL   ui'193   out;  his residence i.s situate).  Profession, triind or  culling (if any'.  Ahlgren, Samuel   Ahl.n, John F   Aitken, William   Albi, John   Allen, Edward Benjamin ..  Angrignon, Nestoi ious   Archambcau'.t. Archibald ..  Archer, Frank   Archibald, Charles Herbert  Ashcrolt. Albert lidwaid ..  Atwcod, James   12 Baillie, Nicholas   13 Baird, *1 hon as   14 Banbury, Thomas David ...  15 Banner man, David A   16 Bannerman, James John ...  17 Barter, George    18 Barnes, Alfred John   19 Barrett, Leonard S. M   20 Barton, David Sankey   21 Barton, Frederick William  22 Barton Robert   23 Bayly, Hubert J    24 Bechill, Isaac     25 Beckwith, James    2G Bedard, Jul'en Augustine .  27 Belgi-ove, Albert     28 Bell, Charles Nelson   29 Bell, Henry Shepherd     30 Bell, William   31 BelUck, Alexander    32 Belleck, Louis Andrew   33 Bellefontaine. Michael    U Belt, Wm. Garret Herbert  35 Benertnan, Fpenoer    36 Bennett, William      37 Bennetts, Alfred E   38 Benson, Peter Albert   39 Berger,  Maxim'lian      40 Bernard, Isaac Murray    41 Bllton, Herbert John    42 Birce, Edward      43 Birnie, Edwin Ross    44 B'rr.ie, James Stuart    45 Bishop, Edwin Warren   46 Bjorn, Anders Gustaf     47 Black, Alfred  S3ymotir  ...  48 Black, Julius Prior    49 Blair, Henry    Greenwood  ;  Eholt      Greenwood   Tailor  Midway    Hotel-keeper  Eholt    .Minor  Greenwood   Miner  Mother Lode Mine  I'M rem an  Greenwood   Smelterman  Greenwood     Plasterer  Greenwood      I'. L. S.  Midway     Prospector  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   Dairyman  Greenwood    1 .ivoryman  Boundary  Kails    Farmer  Greenwood   CPR shed forerun  Midway     Exp.  messenger  Greenwood     Greenwood   Carpenter  Boundary  Falls    School teacher  Eholt        Carpenter  Eholt   Meichant  Greenwood   Miner  Mid way    Rancher  Greenwood   R. C. Priest  Boundary   Palls    Cook  Greenwood   Clerk  Greenwood  Miner  Midway    Miner  Eholt    Engineer  Eholt   Fitter's helper  Dcmoro   Mi nor  Greenwood    Banker  Midway    Prospector  Greenwood    Section foreman  Eholt   Machinist  Anaconda   Smelterman  Greenwood     Hotel-keeper  Greenwood    Minor  Eholt    Car inspect-.!*  Eholt      Wiper  Greenwood    .��� Book-keeper  Greenwood   Clerk  Greenwood   Plumber  Midway    Farmer  Greenwood    Solicitor  Eholt   Hotel-keeper  Greenwood  Miner  VOTERS' LIST���GREEN-WOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Christian inline and surname  the Claimant in full length.  Iicsidi'iirc nf Claimant.  (If in a city or loun, ihe name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest er<~> streets between which  his resilience is -iluale).  l'rofession, trade or  calling (ii any).  50 Bloor, Gorge Henry    11 Bombini,  Miehele      52 Boomer, Liiiwood      53 Bo. ne. Jean Bapiiste    il Botiiwill. Ch tides I.d.v.rd .  55 Bong,  Gc.rgo      51*. Bowie,  Robert      57 Boyle,   William      5S Bray, Charles    59 Brock,  We-Uy     (H)|Bi-i.onilleld,  Al-:x ndor      (II|Brown, .loun  Iti.b.-it    02|Bruce,  Henry     G3Bryanl, Lewis     01 Bubar, Bayard We lesley ..  65 Bubar, Franklin Merrill ..  OU Bubar,  Stanley   Livir.gstono  07 Buchanan, Duncan     08 Bunting, Ernest    09 Bunting, Herbert   70 Burns,  George     71 Burnside, Anson Jones   72 Buron,  Joseph      73 Bush, James H   74 Butler, Albeit Edwin ,   Eholt     Car repairer  Anaconda   Farmer  Eholt     Loci), fireman  Greenwood     Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood    Miner  Eholt      Fireman  Anaconda   Miner  Boundary   Falls    Sniilternian  Boundary   Kails    SiiU'ltnr o.np.  Greenwood   SI ago driver  Greenwood     Barrister  Midway   Farmer  Greenwood    Miner  Midway      Farmer  Midwt  K  Midway    Farmer  Boundary  Kails    Miner  Eholt ��������� Clerk  Greenwood  Contractor  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   Accountant  Eholt Blacksmith  Midway  .;. 'Blacksmith  Boundary  Fails    Labourer  (o Cameron, Benjamin    76 Cameron, James    77 Campbell, Alex. McKay ...  7S Campbell, Duncan N   79 Campbell, John Murdoch ..  50 Cair.polieto, Giovanni      51 Campolieto, Pasquale     52 Cannon, Homer Earl    53 Carlson,  Eloff      84 Carlson,  Joihn    '������  55 Carney, Mars-ten    56 Carolan,  John      57 Caron, Jcsaph    SS Casselman, Jo���n. C   89 Castauo, Saivatore     90 Castleaian, Asaph  ���  91 Caulfield, John Joseph     92 Chambers, Robert J   93 Champion,  Thomas      94 Charbonneau, Napoleon ...  95 Chisholm, John A.   90 Chisholm, Roderick V   97 Christenson, Mark      9S Christophers, Philip    99 Choate, William Thomas ...  100 Clark, Thomas      101 Clint, Henry John     102 Cotes, John Langton   '1U3 Colgan, Peter     104 Collie,  Robert      105 Collins, Patrick     106 Comer, Harry    107Connell, Wesley      108 Conners, Archie    109 Conway, Bert   110 Cook, Daniel     111 Cook, William   112Coulson, John Archer    113 Coulson, Thomas Nicholson  114 Coulter,  Charles      1.15Coutts. Harry    516 Crabb, John    117 Craddock, Bruce   118 Craig, Wellington H.   119 Craig, w. Wellington   120 Crawford, John Alfred    121 Creighton, James   122 Cropley, George H   123 Cropley, John    124 Cross, James Harris    125Crouse, Charles McPherson.  126 Crouse, Solomon     127 Crowell, Samuel A   128 Crowley, Mark    129 Crowley, Mark    1.0 Cruse, John Cory    181 Cunningham, Andrew     132 Cunningham, George    133 Cunningham, George D. ...  134 Cunningham, James F   135 Curnow, Richard ���������  x 36 Currie, Alexander     137Curts, Fred   Anaconda    Greenwood    Greenwood     Boundary Falls  Eholt      Anaconda     Anaconda  Blacksmith  Blacksmith  Saieltormtvn  Bridge carpenter  Woodcutter  Woodcutter  Anaconda   Teamster  IVniiway CPR sec. foreman  Eholt Carpenter  Boundary Falls    Carpenter  Greenwood   Miner  Anaconda  ���'  Smelterman  Boundary Falls    Smelterman  Anaconda^  Woodcutter  Boundary Falls    Miner  Greenwood   Merchant  Boundary! Kails    Smelterman  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   Labourer  Denoro, Eholt  Miner  Denoro, Eholt    Hotel-keeper  Boundary Falls    Farmer  Anaconda   Smelterman  Eholt Agent CPR  Greenwood  Prospector  Greenwood  Store-keeper  Greenwood   Bookseller and S.  Greenwood Miner  Eholt  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  13SDahl, Sivert   139 Daignault, Leo    140 Daimpre, I. D. D. ........  141 Darraugh, Duncan Joseph  142 Davidson, James    143 Davis, John      144 Davis, Robett Andrew ...  145 Davis, William Penn   146 Dempsey, Charles Ardis .  ~T47 DeffnTaiiTATrthur'-William^  148 Denton, Thomas     149 Derrick, Richard    lf-0 Desrosiers, John Baptiste  151 De Veber, Le Baron   152 Dickinson, Harcourt P.  ���  153 Diet-/.,  Charles Auguste  -  154 Dinnin, John Henry     155 Dixon, Frank Alexander .  156|Dobie, Thomas    L)i|i.onagin, Robert  Eholt    Prospector  Greenwood       Cook and baker  Greenwood   ���,.��<...  ****'��� Carpenter  Eholt    Miner  Greenwood   Greenwood Carpenter.  Eholt    '      Cook  Midway ���.-'. :     ������ Farmer  Midway  Carpenter  Boundary Falls    Smelterman  ���Greenwood  .:.�������'   .,,... Cook  ��� Greenwood     Teamster  ��� Greenwood  Merchant  ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� ��� ��� Hotel-keeper  ���Boundary Falls    '.   ....Merchant  ��� Greenwood           ��� Greenwood .  - ��� ��� ��� Carpenter  ��� Greenwood '..    Merchant  ��� Greenwood      Labourer  ���Boundary Falls Smelterman  ���Midway  Publisher  ��� Greenwood  Miner  ���Midway Hotel-keeper  ��� Greenwood   Miner  ��� Greenwood   Miner  ��� Greenwood    ��� Accountant  ��� Greenwood Smelter emp.  ��� Greenwood Mining recorder  ���Midway    Prospector  ��� Eholt        Miner  ��� Greenwood  Miner  ���Greenwood...  Constable  ���Eholt Miner  Midway    ���  Hotel-keeper  ��� Greenwood Smelterman  Greenwood Machinist  ��� Eholt   Prov. constable  ��� Greenwood  Miner  ��� Greenwood  Smelterman  Boundary Falls    Carpenter  Anaconda   Smelterman *  Greenwood  Carpenter  ^_i'cTway"\T7r.~.'.".   . ���r.-7T7T^yrT-^-r^w-^Loco^engineer���  Eholt    Carpenter  15S  159  100  101  1(12  103  10 J  105  100  107  10S  1.09  170  171  172  173  17-1  175  170  In  1?S  179  ISO  1S1  1.2  1S3  184  185  ISO  137  1SS  Donnelly, Duncan William  Dougherty, George F   Douglas, John Cattanch ..  Dow,  James      Doyle, William  Samuel  ..  Drennan, .lames Edegar ..  Driscoll.   Austin      Drum. James    Diil'Iield, Robert  Delmer   .  Dtinstan, William Langton  Darning, Andy     Dynes, Valentine   Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  Rock  Creek  Boundary  I  Greenwood  Eholt '.....  Greenwood  Greenwood  Smelterman  Carpenter  Bank manager  Agent  Farmer  "alls    Smelterman   Labourer   Farmer   Miner   Miner  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   ���lnM proprietor  Greenwood  Axeman  Greenwood   Contractor  Midway  Greenwood  Greenwood  Boundary I  Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  'alls  Farmer  Tailor  Miner  Farmer  Miner  Miner  Agent  Bates, Cyril John   1-ast, John Henry   Kek, John C   Eden, John James   Eddy, Alan Fairoairns ...  Eddy, William Fairbairns  Greenwood   Bank messenger  Midway     Farmer  Anaconda      Smelterman  Anaconda   Smelterman  Rock Creek    Rancher  Rock  Creek    Rancher  Edgren, Magnus  Greenwood   Miner  Elkins, Frederick M Greenwood  Agent  Ellis, Hai ry  Greenwood   Miner  Elli?, James Wyrum Greenwood   Printer  Elson,  Wellington    Greenwood   Merchant tailor  Embree, Adolphus Stewart . Greenwood   Printer  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood    Engineer  Greenwood   Painter    Painter  Erwin, James Thomas  Eustis",   Gabriel      Evans,  Albert  George  Evers,   August      190 I  .191 jl-  19_|K  .1*13 "  19!  195  190J1-  197|_  19811'  199|'1<'  2ll0jl'  2(1 l.|l  20211:  'air. Charles Henry   'alconer, Alfred E   -leoner. Harry William  'aulkenham, Nehsmiah .  'ee,  James Parker      eenoy, .lames Irvine  ...  'era,   Francesco      'ergii-on, Adolphus    'erguson, John Robert ..  'indlay,   George      'isher, Henry Gladstone  'lemming.  Robert      'leming, AVilliam Boyd  .  leming, John  Erasttis  ..  'lett, Alfred J   loyd, Oscar Samuel   'loyd, Robert Maxwell ..  ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� Greenwood  ��� Greenwood  ��� Greenwood  > ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� Midway   . ..  ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� Greenwood  ������ Eholt      ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� ��� Greenwood  ��� Greenwood  . Greenwood  ��� Greenwood  Merchant  Miner  Printer  Miner  Miner  Engineer  Hotel-keeper  Farmer  Foreman  Banker  Exr.rei-vnian  Miner  Surveyor's assl..  Mil km :i n  Mil km an  No.  Christian name and surname of  the Cluiiniint in lull length.  Itcsideuee of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is siluate).  l'roi'i'ssion, trade or  culling (if any).  ster  int.  i man  _!K! Fraser,   Mantel  Alexander  .Greenwood   ,   Miner  ���J'ljFiith, Kenneth C. B Greenwood     I'oslrnt  .ii.yFi itli, Walter Morland   Greenwood   AltM chai  .'H'jr'o!rest.   David    Boundary   Kails    Smoliei i  _i>7iFo_st.er, Walter   Anaconda    Miner  L'!i;>|Fosse',t, Hugh   Eholt    Hostler  -iliiii'Y.stt-;* .Gr.iirge May   Greenwood      I'liys.   and   stitg.  -IlijlAiiilils,   .Ionian    Greenwood    Miner  211 jKoulds, .lo.-cph James  Gieenwood    Miner  ���_l::jKtiwle:\   William    Greenwood     Mine owner  _):tJKox, Henry Hugh   Greenwood     Poller  21 t|Gaine, Thomas Ker'iuson .. Greenwood   Cook  -injGuinsby. Ctem Burton Deadwood      I.ali.tirer  21t'i('alb:aith, Malcolm M Greenwood   Mine supt.  _l"iGalh)\vay. C. Scott Greenwood   "  Miner  21.*'JGurducr.   Robert    Gieenwood   Miner  _19|Gai'di>ni.   Reginald    Midway    Sub-coll, customs  220jGailand, Thomas A -Anaconda    Broker  221 Gau-hier. Paul    Greenwood   Lumberman  222jl'!ault. William   Anaconda    Smelternian  223jGibs_n,  William    Greenwood   Smelterman  22l|Gidon.  Claude    Anaconda    Rancher  Gillian, Robert   Eholt    Miner  jGillis. James   Eholt    Labourer  JGilbertsoii,  Charles    Greenwood  Smelterman  'G-urge, William E Greenwood   Miner  09  '���)  220  227  22S  229  2;:o  231  234  235  230  237  2?.S  2Ji9  240  2-11  212  213  244  24 c  240  247  24 S  249  250  251  ���>r,i>  lood,   David   A Deadwood  Goosney, Isaac  Greenwood    Gordon,  George Sinclair  .. Greenwood    Gordon. William L. C Greenwood    Gowdy, John  Boundary  Falls  Gowing, Arthur. Jos. M.  .. Greenwood    Graham,  Arthur Greenwood       Labourer  Prospector  Miner  Phys. and surg.  Smelterman  aham, Angus Daniel  Graham, James D :..  Graham. William Sinclair,  Graser, Charles   Gray,  George  Herbert   ...  Gray, .1. P. Myers   Green.  John      Green, Robert W.  ��� Greenwood   Rancher  ��� Deadwood    Miner  ��� Greenwood   Merchant  ��� Anaconda    Smelterman  ��� Anaconda    Clerk  ��� Greenwood   Barrister-at-law  ��� Rock  Creek Shoemaker  Eholt    Car repairer  /  Green,  William    Greenwood    Hotel-keepn  Greenwood, Louis    Greenwood. Joseph    Grieger, Reiuhold    Grierson, 'Samuel Austin  .  Griffin, Herbert Poultney  Gulloy, Thomas Millford  .  Gustafson,   Axel      Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  Caipenter  Labourer  Wit. liquor dealer  Painter  Farmer  Greenwood   Merchant  Greenwood   Miner  Guy, Dantel   Boundary  Falls    Blacksmith  253 Halm, Emil     254 Haiti, Edward A   255 Halcrow, Robert     250 Haley, Arthur W   257 Hall. William     258 Hallberg, Abel     2591-Iallett, Arnold Dixon      2fiOHallett, Isaac Hoyt    2011-Ialpenny, Robert Magee ..  202 Hambly. Richard Henry ...  203 Hamilton, Robert G   204 Hamilton, Thomas Knox ..  265 Hamilton, William Henry .  260 Hanson, Andrew    207 Hansen, Nels   2GS Hansen. Otto.   209 Harrington. Frederick W.  .  270 Harris, Hairy Walker   271 Harrison, Jobn Stanley  ...  272 Harritt, John William      273 Harritt, Walter R   274 Harvey, Edwin   275 Harvey, Bnos   270 Harvey, William     277 Harvey, William Graham ..  27S Haver ty, James     279 Hayden, Shorey   280 Hayden, William    281 Hayes, Michael   28*i Hayter, Charles Alfred   283Heit,   Christ-   284 Henderson, George    255 Henderson, James   256 Henderson,  John  C   257 Henderson, Thos. Trimble .  2SS Heslewood,  Frederick Wm.  259 Hickey, James Henry   290 Hickey, Pat.   291 Hielsher, Paul      292 Hilbert, George Fred   293 Hill, David    294 Hitch, Charles Mitchell   295 Hodge, Leonard Bruce    296 Hodges, Walter Ernest   297 Hodgins, Richard Erwin ..  29S Holmes, Fred. Blackmail ..  299 Holmes,   John      -300!Hoopoi?,-A-i,L^...1.i.i.i...i.-.Jii5_.^-.  SOllHowey. Robert William ...  302 Hoy, James E   303|Huff, Howard Hatford      304|Hulme, Elisha   305 Humphrey, John McGivern.  306 Hunter, Douglas McDonald.  307 Hyde. 13. H. T   Eholt Carpenter's  hlpr.  Midway    , Merchant  Boundary  Falls Labourer  Midway    Agent, CPR  Eholt   Greenwood  Harness maker  Greenwood  Chief of police  Greenwood  Barrister-at-law  Eholt     Ry. conductor  Deadwood Miner  Midway  Rancher  Midway  Rancher  Greenwood  Miner  Greenwood    ...... Miner  Boundary   Falls Fireman  Greenwood  Woodchopper  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood  Dry goods clerk  Midway         Notarv public  Eholt  ;.  Eholt       .Engineer  Greenwood     Liveryman  Greenwood Dairyman  Greenwood   Liveryman  Greenwood   Driver  Greenwood  Railroading  Greenwood  . ��. Blacksmith  Deadwood    Miner  Greenwood  Miner  Midway   CPR watchman  Denoro, Eholt Miner  Greenwood      '. Miner  Deadwood    Hotel-  Eholt   Miner  Greenwood     Miner  Greenwood    Mecli.  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood   Miner  Midway    Car inspector  Eholt    Barber  Greenwood   Miner  Greenwood  Steward  Greenwood   Electrician  Greenwood   Chartered Acct.  Greenwood   t..   ... v... A ccountant  Greenwood       ,. Clerk  Eholt    /. .'-Clerk  Rock^Greel-^.-...-.^.1...,.............^,,._..,i.i._^i._^^anche_a=^^=,=^  Boundary  Falls    Smelterman  ���keeper  engineer  M.  E.  SOS Irish, Arthur M   .OO Irwin, Charles Albert ..  310 Irwin, Stephen S   311 Jackson, Arthur James .  312 Jackson, John Robert ...  3.13 Jacobs, . Edwin      XI 4 Jacobs, Israel Robert ...  315 Janion, Cecil     310Jaynes,   Prank      317 .left'ery, William Harold  ���jLSJenks*   William      :-tlji Johnson, Sydney  ���'20 Johnson, Charles  ���j-1 Johnson, Ole    322 Johnston, Hurry Lin wood  32ii|.lohnston, Charles Albert .  324[Johnston, Samuel     325 Johnstone, Peter     320|Jolly, Henry Joseph    327|.Iones, William Henry    328|Johns, Samuel      329|Johns, William    3S0|.Iordan, Alexander Fisher .  331|Kaiser, Frederick     332|Kane, Michael Henry   333|lvay, Mark     33i|!veele, David     3;*5|Kennody, Ward Eugene ...  ���'''OKeith, Walter Stanwood  .  31)7 j Kempt, Murdoch      3'-iS|Ke:T,  James     ���'.':9j'KeiT, Robert Duncan   olOjKilby, John    34! Iking. Harry Al'.ei t   :: 12'Kill-wood, Will am James  3 13|'kiiox, John  D. P   Anaconda   .  Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  Greenwood  ��� Greenwood .  ��� Greenwood  ,  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Midway  ���  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Greenwood   .  ��� Greenwood   .  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Greenwood  .  ��� Greenwood .  Rock Creek  Greenwood  .  Midway      Greenwood .  Rock Creek  Greenwood .  Greenwood .  Deadwood ..  Greenwood .  Greenwood  .  Prospector  Blacksmith  Farmer  Clerk  Teacher  Nurse  Eholt      Greenwood     Anaconda      Boundary  Falls  Greenwood     . Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood  Midway      Eholt      Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood     ��� Master mechanic  . Bartender  Electrician  Pii.tcher  . Farmer  Journalist  Farmer  Cterk  Salesman   i  Farmer  C. E. & surveyor  Smelterman  Farmer  Roadmastcr. CPR  Brakeman, CPR  Smeller emp.  Farmer  Machinist  Driver  Miner  He tel-keeper  Miner  Hotel proprietor  Miner  Carpenter  Smelter emp.  Miner  Cicrk  Miner  M i ner  Farmer  Mach. helper  Merchant  Carpenter  Clergyman  344 LCBeau, John    Eholt      3!5jLeBeau,  Lewis    Greenwood  3-iOiLaboiiit-   William Joseph .. Midway   ...  :ji7il.aing.  Hugh  M Greenwood  34S!Lamont, Neil  Greenwood  '!!9JL:.mping. Joseph   Greenwood  3501 Lander, Arthur  Midway   ...  Snl'Landcr,  William    -Midway   ...  3.')2|Lane, Joseph B. C Boundary  1<  353 LaPorte, Oliver   Greenwood  Carpenter  Carpenter  Exp. messenger  Miner  Agent  Miner  Farmer  alls  L: botirer  Miner The Nelson Trijbune  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  \.  | Hcsidonco of Cialmaiit.  Cliristiiin name mid surname of ( (lf i!l �� ''"y or town, the mime and shit- of the  the Claimant in f,,|| length. sti-ect upon which he resides, nnd the mimes  I       ol the nearesi cross ni reels between which  |       his residence is situate).  Profession, -mile or  calling (if any).  ���I j Larson, Wiggo Waldemar.  3;"i.*iJLuiMtn, SiimucI Theodore ..  .���ioU| Lee, Edwaril      357 Loo,  Henry      358 Leo, Robert     35!) I.eggatl, Cliarlrs Janus   300 Lemon, Iliirnetto M   3iil|Lennox, Jtiines     1/tillage, Joseph      Lepard,  William      Lewin. Fredei Ick    Lewis. Evan Oliver   Lewis. G. K   Lewis. John Oswell    Libby. Homer Fran kin    Lightbody,  Thos.  J   Lind. Alfred John    Lindsay, James McQueen ..  Lindsay, William Walter ..  Little, Robert      Little. Stephen     Lloyd, W. H. li. W   Logan,   Albert      Longton, John     Lou tier, Leon     Lowry, John     Lucy, John    Ludlow, Morley Wesley ...  Luscumbe, James Caiwell .  Luse, Norman    Lund, Charles    Lysons, Edmund Wm. M. ..  302  3i:3  301  305  300  307  30S  309  37(1  371  372  373  374  375  370  377  37S  379  3S0  381  3S2  3S3  3S4  3S5  Eholt      Rock   Creek      Boundary   Kails  Midway      Eholt      Midwav      Eholt      Greenwood      Anaconda      Greenwootl     Greenwood      Boundary Kails  Boundary Falls  Boundary   Kails  Greenwood     Boundary  Kails  Anaconda     Rock  Creek      Greenwood      Greenwood     Greenwood     Boundary  Falls  Greenwood     Boundary  Falls  Greenwood     Anaconda     Greenwood     Denoro, Eholt.  ..  Midway     Eholt     Eholt      Greenwood    . Machinist  . IIi tel-kceper  . Carpenter  . Farmer  . Bridge carpenter  , Bairister-at.-law  . Tel   operator  Miner  Teamster  Teamster  Bank clerk  Hotel-keeper  .Smelterman  Hotel-keeper  Pnolographer  Smelterman  Smelterman  Farmer  -Labourer  Miner  Labourer n  Accountant  Jeweller  Smelterman  Carpenter  Plasterer  Miner  Hotel-keeper  Section man  Hotel-keeper  Miner  Surveyor's asst.  380 Machell, James  387 Madden, Henry Benedict .  3SS Madigan. Michaei  389 Manchester,  David  390 Marcineck,  Joseph  391 Marks,  William  392 Marshall, William  393 Martin, Charles  394 Martin, Charles  395 Martin, Joseph  390 Mather, William B. Q.  397 Matheson, Robert  39S Mathieii,   George  399 Maynaril, George  400Medill, William Robert  401 Merritt, Charles Elting  402 Mesker, Asa C.  403 Mesker, Charles T   404 Methot, Joseph Henry   ���Hlh Mever, Arthur Francis H.  406 Mites,  Alfred      407|Miller, John Rae   408|Miller, Thomas P   409|Miller, William Peter    410IMH13, Ernest   411'Milne, David  .... .....  412|Mitchell, John Best   413|iVloifat, Robert John   41-l|Monk, Edward AVentworth  ..lS'Monioe, Arnott   ,  410|Mooney, Robert   41?|Moore, AVilliam Henry    41SjMoraiul, AVilt'rid Etienne .  4j9|Morgan, James   420)Mori'isoii, Daniel    421  422  423  4:.-i  425  420  427  42S  429  430  4311  Morrison, John AVilliam  Moslier, Frank L   Mott, John Mei'win   Muliiern, .John     Mulliner, F. H. Greville .  Mundy, Clement     Munroe, Hugh Bell    Munro,   John      Murdock, AVilliam    Murphy, John Wesley ..  Murray, Hugh    . Greenwood     ��� Greenwood     . Eholt      ��� Greenwood     ��� Boundary  Falls  ��� Greenwood     ��� Eholt      ��� Greenwood     ��� Greenwood     ��� Greenwood    Eholt   ��� Greenwood     ��� Boundary  Falls  Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood     Midway      Midway      Greenwood     Greenwood     Midway      Greenwood   .  Eholt     Greenwood     Boundary  Falls  Anaconda      Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood     Anaconda     Eholt   Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood   ,  Eholt.   ,  Denoro, Eholt ..  Greenwood   ,  Midway     Greenwood     Eholt      Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt     Greenwood     ��� Greenwood     Miner  Hotel-keeper  Blacksmith's hlpr  Hotel-keeper  Smelterman  Miner  Operator  Shoemaker  Shoemaker  -Miner  Dentist  Assay asst.  Machinist  Mason  Law clerk  CPR Conductor  Liveryman  Asst. Cust. Coll.  Accountant  Labourer  Butcher  C'-vpenter  Labourer  Smelterman  Rancher  Miner  K   O. & Agent  Agent  Smelter emp.  Ttainman  Miner  Teamster  Machinist  Miner  Restaurant kpr  Farmer  Miner  Ch ecker  Miner  Merchant  Miner  Trainman  Miner  432 MacArthur, Alexander     433 McArthur, Charles Joseph .  434 Macaulay, James Babington  ���135 McAuley, Thomas    430 MacBaiiv, John AVelsh    437 McBride, AVilliam   438 M'cCague, Samuel     439 McCallum, John    440 McCarron, L. M   441 McCharles, Farquhar R.   ..  442 McClelland, Samuel     443 McCreath, James    444 McCrimmon, Archibald   ...  445 McCurdy, Hugh     440 McCutcheon, Hugh      447 McDonald, Alexander   448 McDonald, Alexander      449 McDonald, Alexander Colin.  450 McDonald, Angus R   451McDonald, Archie B __  452 McDonald, Daniel     453 MacDonakl, Daniel James ..  454 MacDonald, Daniel James ..  455 MacDonakl, Donald Alex. ..  450 McDonald, Duncan J   457 MacDonald, Edward S   45S McDonald, George R   459|McDonald,  Hugh      400|McDonald, James   4U.1 (McDonald, Philip    4G2!McDonaId, AValter  John  McDonoll, Charles Stewart  McDonell, Jerome    McDonnell, Mike     McDougall.  Daniel  McDousall, Daniel  McEacliern, John    McElmon. David R   McEwen. Joseph Ernest ..  McFnrlnno,   Alexander   ...  MacGHlis. Daniel H   McGillivray. Hugh Daniel  McGillivray. James   McGlashan. Donald    McGuire, Adam James  ...  Mclnnis, Fred   iMcIntominey, AVilliam Hy.  Mcintosh, Duncan    Mcintosh, James     Mcintosh, John Bruce   McKague. George A   McKaracher, John F   McKes, Hugh   Mackenzie, Finlay H   McKenzie, Kcnne'.h   McKenzie,   Murdoch      McKenzie, Rout. Daniel  ..  McKellar, John   Mackenrot. Ernest Alfred  McKercher, Joseph  A.   ...  492|McKian. James   493|McKinnon. Daniel  Allen  .  494|McKinnon. Hugh     495|McKinnon. John Walter   .  49-|McLaine, Frederick AVm.  .  497|McLaren, Donald   498'iMcLaren, .lame. Ca's.n ..  4!S9|McLean, Daniel     500|McLean. Edgar Clarence ..  501 |McLean, Francis    5()2|McLean. James A   503|McLean, Kenneth      504|McLciinan, Neil     505|McLeod. George    500|McLeod, John Peter   507|McLeod, Lauchlan    50S|McLeod, Murdoch     509|McLeod, Norman      403  404  ���105,  400  407  40S  409  470  471  472  473  474  475  ���176  477  47S  479  4S0  481  482  4S3  484'  485  4S0  487  4S8  489  490  491  Boundary Falls  Greenwood     Phoenix   .......  Midway      Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt      Midway     Boundary Falls  Eholt      Greenwood    Greenwood     Greenwood     Boundary Falls  Greenwood    Eholt     Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood     .Green wootU.-.-,-.-..  Eholt     Greenwood    Anaconda      Boundary Falls  Eholt      Eholt      Greenwood      Eholt      Eholt      Greenwood     Greenwood     Anaconda      Anaconda      Eholt      Boundary  Falls  Greenwood     Boundary  Falls  Eholt      Anaconda      Eholt   Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood   .....  Greenwood     Anaconda     Anaconda    r  Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt      Greenwood      Greenwood     Midway      Greenwood     Greenwood      Greenwood     Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt      Eholt      Greenwood     Greenwood     Eholt      Greenwood     Eholt      Greenwood      Deadwood      Deadwood      Greenwood     Eholt      Greenwood     Greenwood      Midway      Greenwood      Eholt      Greenwood     Eholt      Greenwood     Greenwood     Smelterman    Ccal and wootl  ... Labourer   Hi tel-keeper  .... Teamster   Miner    Carpenter  .... Farmer   Agent   Carpenter   Miner  ,,.. Manufacturer    Logger   Carpenter   Customs officer    Liveryman   Labourer    Miner   Miner  ;-r"rv=Labourer    Miner   Miner    Rancher    Livery keeper   Miner   Miner    Ai'ner   Liveryman   Hotel-keeper   Miner    Labourer  .... Mi muster  .... Miner  .... Engineer  .... Randier  ,... Siiielterinan   AVafcliniaker    Merchant   Miner  .... Miner    M'lier    labourer   Miner   Contractor  .... Smelterman  .... Miner   Mine supt.   Miner   Miner  .... Freo miner   CPR engineer   Teamster   Com. traveller   Carpenter    Labourer   Miner  .... Hnlcl-keeper   Engineer  .... Lumberman   Miner   Miner    Labourer  .... Clerk  .... Mining broker  .... Townsite prop.  .... Miner   Miner   Moulder  .... Carpenter  .... Tinsmith  .... Ti-amstor  ,.,. Miner  .... Bi rrister   I-'.otol-kcoper    Labourer  .... Electrician  VOTERS' LIST-GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  510  511  512  513  511  515  510|  517[  518;  519  520  521  522  523  524  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in, full length.  Kesidence of Claimant.  (Il in 11 city or town, ihe name and side of Ihe  street upon which he resides, mi,) the names  of the nearest cross streels between which  his resilience is Minute).  l'rofession, trade or  calling (if any).  McMann, Fred. Kilmasier  Me.Mann, AV. R   McMnster, John A   .McMillan John Geddie ..,  Mtu'Millan, Norman    [MacMUlaii. William Nol  McMillan, John Alexander  McMillan. Murdock    McMunn, James  IMcMynn, James Graham .  McMynn, William Grah'.m  McN'ames, James Henry  .  McNames, John     .\ieNau_hton,  Daniel      McNeill, James Henry  r*25JMcNeill. James  Henry  520  527'  528  529  530  531  532  533  534  535  530  (McNeill, Roderick  McNeill, Stephen    McNicol, James     McNutt, Jos.ph   McOrmond, Samuel Thomas  McPhail, Arch. Alex   McPherson, Alexander     MacRae, Arch. Oswald     McRae, Colin      McRae, Duncan C   MacSwain, James Peck   537 liucTavish, Robert D.  .  53S  539  540  541  542  543  544  545  546  547  54 S'  549  550  551  552  553  554  555  550"  557  55S  559  500  5G1  562  5G3  564  565  506  567  56S  5G9  570  571  572  573  574  575  576  577  578  579  580  581  582  583  584  585  5S0  587  5S8  589  590  591  592  593  594  595  590  McVicar, Daniel AVilliam  McAVilliams, AVilliam J. .  Naden, George Ratcliffe  Needham, Thomas K. ..  Nelson, Carl     Nelson, John William ..  Newman, H. M. AV   Nicolai, Hermann     .Nicholson, Ernest    Nicholson, Rod. Angus  ,  Noel, James      Norin, John   Norris, AVilliam Henry .  O'Brien, Andrew E   O'Brien, John AVilliam ..  O'Brien, Lindsay   O'Brien, William    O'Connor. Daniel    Ogilvie, Clarence D   Oliver, Charles    OUver,  Sidney      Olson, Daniel     Olson, Gust. .".   Oppenheimer, Sidney Sol.  Owen, Sidney   Packard, Charles Spencer  Page, Daniel      Paintin, Edwafd     Palmer, Thomas Stuart .  Patinell, Howard Hiram .  Pannell, AVilliam Brooks  Parker, Frank H. ....   [Parry, Evan      Paseuzze, Vincenzo    Patterson, George   ^ater-on, Thomas Henry  |Patterson, William    ^aulson, John Peter   Pearce, Thomas   |Peiekart, Thomas    |Pelly, Arthur Norton   Penson, Ernest A   Perry, Robert    iPetch, Benjamin F   jPeters, Harrison F   iPickthall, John     jPierce, Thomas Milton ..  Pischke, Alexander   |Plumnier, Alfred Harold  Pond, William Grey   Pope, Edward    ,Pope, Robert William   ..  Portmann, Anton   Portmann', John    Portmann, Leutfried  ....  Powers, AVilliam     Prangley, Israel    Preseott, John    Price, Sydney    597 Ranee, Thomas Francis ...  598 Redpath, Edward Riley ..  599 Redpath, Herbert   000 Reid, George AA'illiam     601 Rendell, George Arthur ...  002 Rendell, Charles Martines  003 Rice, Frank Dwight   ^004 Richardson^James^..-.=.-..  005 Richter, Joseph     000 Richards, Francis Philip .  007 Riley, Benjamin Joseph ...  60S Rippeto, Edward Howard .  G09 Ritchie, John A   610 Roberts, Arthur    OllJRoberts, Frank   CI2|Roberts, Nathaniel     013jRoberts. Robert    014|Robeitson, John G   015|Robins, William Aubrey ..  010|Robinson, Alexander     0l7|Robinson. Edward Wm.  ..  01S|Robinson, Robert   OlUjRol'inson, William     _2.|i��'bison,  Robert llcibert .  0211 Roderick, Samuel   U22|Ruscorla, Thomas    0-3|Ro_s,  Duncan      024|Routhier,   Henry      025|Roxbuigh,  John      (J2i;|Rusk, John      027|Russell, James Alexander .  GSSiSait. Henry O. Lewis    G_9jStil'.er, Lewis E.   030|Saiideison. Alfred F   031  032  033  034  035  0;J.(i_  037JSett,i;rini  jSansom, Chas. W. Herbcit.  S-.itor,  Andrew      Satii'e, lleai y Jaachl     Schon, James Edward  ....  [Scott, AVilliam      Sesswoith, Walter Edgar .  --.,_. ���toh, Jessie      GSSjShannou', John James ....  G39|Shaser, Felix  Warren     040jS!ia\v, Henry Curtis   f.41|Shaw, Charles AE   642'jShieIds,  Thomas      043|Shovel, Samuel    (U-tjShrapnel, John Henry ....  fi-lajSimpHon,. AVm. John    (MGjSimmons. Harry Seymour  (i47|Skidmore, Isaac    (i4S|S;nailes, Ralph  G49!Smith. "'*"''' r:  050  051  052  053  054  055  050  057  OSS  059  000  061  David G   Edwin Foyle   Jas.  Carmichael   .  .James Henry   Prter C   Sidney Thcr-philus  AVill.ani T   ISoderstiom. ALeri      Spankie, James Ernest ..  Spearing,   Frank      .Spencer,  LafaycCo     |St. Amand, Oscard     [Stapletr.n,   John      Smith,  Smith,  Smith,  Smith,  Smith,  Smith,  Greenwood    Greenwood'   Eholt      Boundary   Falls  Deadwood      Deadwood      Greenwood      Green wootl     Eholt      Rock  Creek      Greenwood  .....  Midway   Midway      Midway      Greenwood  .....  Greenwood  .....  Eholt      Eholt   Midway   .. ,.  Greenwood  .....  Eholt   Midway    .'.  Boundary Falls  Greenwood ....!.  Deadwood   ......  Greenwood   j.  Greenwood  ....!.  Eholt   j.-  Greenwood   !.  Eholt   \.  Miner  Ciplain  I! ol el- keeper  Smelterman  Farmer  Miner  Miner  Miner  Rancher  Govt. Agent  Farmer  Farmer  Carpenter  Merchant  Merchant  Sretion foreman  Merchant  Blacksmith  Ei-gineer  School teacher  Hotel-keeper  Pres. minister  M/'ner  Merchant  Printer  Carpenter  Miner  Prospector  ��� ��� Greenwood   ;.  ��� ��� Eholt    ,  ��� ��� Greenwood   .  ���' Greenwood   .  ��� ��� Midway    ���.  ��� ��� Boundary Falla  ��� ��� Greenwood  .. ..I.  '' Greenwood  .. .i.  ��� ��� Greenwood  ... j.  ���* Greenwood   !.  ��� ��� Midway    j.  '��� Eholt [  ���' Anaconda   ��� ��� Greenwood   !.  ' * Greenwood   .  ��� ��� Greenwood   '���.  * Eholt   '.'  ' * Greenwood   .  * Greenwood  .....  ' Greenwood   .  * Greenwood     ' Greenwood     * Eholt     * Eholt   ..........  ' Greenwood     ' Boundary Falls  ' Greenwood     ' Midway      ' Midway   ' Greenwood    1 Greenwood     ' Greenwood    ' Greenwood    * Greenwood    ' Greenwood    * Eholt     ' Greenwood    ' Greenwood    ��� Greenwood    * Anaconda    " Greenwood    ��� Greenwood  ,  * Eholt     ' Greenwood     * Boundary Falls  * Greenwood     " Greenwood     ' Boundary Falls  * Greenwood    * Greenwood     ' Greenwood     * Greenwood     * Greenwood    ' Midway      * Eholt     ' Greenwood  ,  * Eholt     * Boundary Falls  ��� Greenwood  ,  ��� Greenwood     * Greenwood   * Eholt      * Eholt      ' Greenwood     . Agent  ��� Loco, engineer  . Hotel proprietor  ��� Hotel proprietor  . Farmer  . Biewer  . Miner  . Carpenter  . Miner  . Smelter emp.  . Fr.rmer  Miner  lintel-keeper  Miner  , Miner  . Blacksmith  . CPR conductor  Carpenter  Miner  Smelterman  Smelter emp  Phys. and surg.  Clerk  Car repairer  Miner  Fireman  Rancher  Printer  Gt rdener  Butcher  ���Hotel-keeper  Miner  Blacksmith  Gardener  M'ner  Machinist  Prospector  Hotel-keeper  G'-ntleman  Labourer  Miner  Cleric  CPR conductor  Miner  Smelterman  Labourer  Clerk  Smelter emp.  Miner  Smelterman  Brewer  Brewer  Brewer  Lv Hibernian  Carpenter  1 abourer  Fitter's helper  Miner  Stiition agent  Brakeman  Blacksmith  Merchant  Ri'iicber  ...Surveyor's asst. _  n-iffli rvrrrrrrrrrrr  ��� Midway     ' Greenwood     ��� Boundary   Falls   ..  ��� Greenwood     ��� Greenwood     ' Midway      ��� Midway     ��� Eholt     ��� Eholt      " Boundary Falls ..  ' Green weed ....;.,  ' Greenwood     ��� Grconwt.iid     ��� Greenwood     ��� Green wend      ' Greenwood     ��� Eholt     ��� Greenwood     ' Greenwood     ��� Boundary   Falls   ..  ��� Greenwood   ,  ��� Greenwood      ' Greenwood      ��� Eholt      ' Mill way      ��� Greenwood    ' Greenwood     ' Greenwood      ' Green wood     ' Greenwood      ' Greenwood      ' Greenwood     ' Greenwood     ' Boundaiy   Falls   ..  - Midway     ��� G recti wood     ��� Greenwood     ' Midway      ' 'Mother l.odo Mine  ��� Eholt      Greenwood     ��� Greenwood     Green wool     Green wo''d     Greenwood     ' Greenwood     '.'I'l-enwood     ' Greenwoo-i    ' Anaconda      ' Boundary   Falls   ..,  ' Greenwood    ' Greenwood     ' Greenwoi !    ��� Green wot i        ��� Anaconda      ��� Eholt      ��� Greenwood    Farmer  . Miner  Pipe fitter  .Miner  Miner  Rancher  Farmer  Cook  Wiper  Sn, ell orman  CU'i'I- in II. orders  Miner  I '.bonier  .Shoemaker  Alinor  D. ay in an  I 1 bonier  Mir.er  I'til'lislif-r  Engineer  S'.riollertnan  Miner  .Merchant  Fireman  Ik tel-keeper  Miner  Architect  Hotel-keeper  Labourer  Pliys. and surg.  Labourer  Assayer  Miner  Siiielterinan  Rancher  B.'-visttT-at-hiw  P   L. S.  Firmer  Miner  Fireman  Hoiol-koojw r  Dentist  Farmer  Mt-Tc'iant  Rancher  Cabinet maker  Br nk mi'.s. eni-or  Miner  Carpenter  Il'Micher  -cner  Siiielterinan  Physician  Salesman  Farmer  B'acksinitli  Miner  VOTERS' LIST���GREENWOOD ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  ��� 'hristhin name and surname of  the Claimant In lull leii(;lij.  Kesidence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  culling (lf uny).  .WjSteenes. Evard Le. lie Greenwood    Contractor  <*. 3|Sl.ecr. Clirford C Greenwood    Hole   cleric  MM.St-ffeii. Peter   Greenwood      ..... ������er  Ou'-iStephens,  Kenneth  Mel).  ..Greenwood        B-*ok-keener  ^.Sterling. Edward D Eholt           .    \     1^ coSctor  H;,��u:ren, Richmond K Greenwood  Steward  08|Stevenson,   Lindsay   ........ Greenwood      .. "." " Sourer  0t.9|Stewa,i,   Dan Greenwood-      Labour,.  GVOjStewart, Alexander, Sr.  ...Eholt   ..  t-aoourei  ���071 iStowart, Alexander  Eholt   ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.   '.'.'.['.'.[[Ill   .'.'.'.'.'.'.'! Diuggis't   Gi'2jStewau, Robert    073|Stewart,  Timothy      bT-.^tcoke, Charles William  07*i|Sto:,ke, Samuel George .  GV6|Siory, Albert Edward  681  6S2  OS-  Greenwood   Lumberman  Greenwood   Miner  Midway   Farmer   ���    ;��� >  Midway    Farmer  Greenwood Miner  (.VTJStuart. Randolph G. K Greenwood  Free miner  fiVS|3ulliviui, Daniel Joseph  ...Anaconda      ; Smelterman  C79|Sullivan, Florence John  ...Greenwood   Baker  G-0 Sullivan-, John F Eholt Brakeman  Sutherland, James   .Greenwood     Mine owner  Sutton, Edward  Midway     .Rancher  Swan, James  Boundary Falls         Boilermaker  GS4 Swayne, George  Greenwood  Lodging hse kpr.  6S5 Taylor, George Birkett Greenwood City clerk  GS6 Tebo, Michael  Eholt "... '.....'  M.ner  6S7 Tesse, Samuel  Greenwood     Smelterman  GS8 Terhune, David Midway Labourer  GS9 Terhune, George Wm Greenwood   Miner  G90 Therier, Joseph Greenwood   Miner  69_|Thibaudeau, Alex. Gilbert . Boundary Falls        :.   .... Smelterman  G92 Thomas, Arthur Francis ... Midway Biuggist  69.1|Thomas, Thomas  Greenwood  Tailor  Thomet, Charles L Midway  M.'.ne owner  694  695i  G96  697  Thompson, Alfred Stuart  Thompson, Frank Tyrrell  Thompson, George H.   ...  GOSl'Tiiompson, John O   699 Thompson, Josias    700 Thomson, Hans Peter   701. Thornton, Edward   ...  702 Tippie,   William      703 Tornc-y, William S   704 Tucker,  Philip Ei'ue^t  ...  705 Turner, Henry Allen     706 Tye, Charles Herbert   707 Tyo, Nelson Joseph     70S Tyrrell, John Hassard   ...  709 Van Sickle, John Oscar ...  710 Vielette, Henry ���   711 Villandre, Joseph   712 Wake, Thomas ���'...."   713 Walker, Thomas     714 Walmsley, Robert    7.15 Warbtu'ton, James   716 Warren, Edward George  717 Wartman, James    715 Wartman, Raymond   719 Wartman, Walter James ".  720 Watson, Charles William .  721 Way, John Ross   722 Webb, Alfred Edward ....  723 Webb. David   724 Webb, Thomas   725AVeed. Charles Harry   72G Welch, Frederick Charles .  727 Wells, Joseph Dohson ....  725 Wellwood, George ......"..'.  729 Wheeler, Geo. Washington  730 White, John Lillie  .......  7.1 White, Robt. C. G.  .......  732 Whiteford, Daniel ........  733 Whiteside, Arthur M   734'Whit-ord,' Richard     735 Wieland, Charles    736 Wickwire, Edmund T   737 Williams, David   738 Williams, Evan     739 Williams. Geo. Foxwell ...  740 Williams, James Thomas .  741 Williams, Richard Pierce .  742 Williamson1, James    743 Williamson, John      744 AVilliamson, Robert     745| Williamson,  rnomas  .....  746 Wills, William     747 Wilmot. Ashley Noel   745 Wilmshurst, Joseph  .......  749 Wilmshurst, Joseph, Jr. ...  750 Wilson, Ai thur *M.  .......  751 Wilson, Charles White ...  752 Wilson, George Edward  ..  753 Wilson, Robert    754 Wilson, William     755|Wi!son, William Clough   .  7 5 (! IW i n 11 eJL__. T h o m as���B.._._.........  Midway   Clergyman;  ��� Midway         Farmer  Greenwood   . .....  Painter  Midway   ........ Clerk.  Boundary  Falls    ......  Carpenter  Anaconda  ... .   ............ ... Smelterman  Boundary Falls SraeUerman  Midway   Farmer  Eholt Merchant   -*  Boundary Falls Su-elterman  Greenwood  . C'erk  Greenwood  ..   .. Smelterman  Greenwood     Clerk  Midway     ........ Teamster  757jWittc, T. B. I-I.  .........  75S|Wood, Benjamin L   7591 Wood, Christopher    760|Wood. Robert    7011 Wood. Robert George ...  7(!2|Wood-. Paul      7(!3IWriglit. Henry St. John,  7iJ4JWright.   Wallace  Ogle   .  7G.-)|Voi'k. Frank Wellesloy .  7'ifi!Voun:c. Albert William  .  767JVniing.  J.   VV   7iiS!'"i-img. Joseph      7G9JYoung,  Stephen      770|YoiiiighuKbanil. John V.  771|Yuill. Silas Barrv    ��� Boundary  Falls  ��� Greenwood    .  ��� Greenwood   ...'..  ��� Boundary Falls  ��� Midway      ��� Greenwood      ; Midway      ��� Greenwood      Greenwood  Greenwood   .....  Greenwood   .....  Midway   .'.......  Boundary Falls.  Eholt   Anaconda     Anaconda     V-i w:y   Eholt ...........  Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood   .....  ��� Greenwood  .....  ��� Greenwood      ��� Boundary Falls .  ��� Greenwood      ��� Greenwood    Greenwood .....  Greenwood .....  Greenwood .....  Boundary Falls .  Greenwood      Green wood .....  Greenwood .....  Greenwood      ��� Anaconda      Greenwood      Boundary Falls .  Greenwood      ��� Greenwood      Greenwood      Anaconda     Greenwood      Greenwood      G reenwood      Greenwood      Greenwood      Greenwood      ^Gj.-eaivw.ood^-,...a...  Barber  Miner  M.'ner  Hotel Droprietor  Merchant  Conductor  E.ec. engineer  Mtson  Stone mason  Contractor       ^ .  Farmer  Machinist  Boiler maker  Miner   ,  Miner  Farmer  B-Ok-keeper'   ~  Labourer   ���  Hotel-keeper''  . Miner  . Diuggist ,  . Druggist  . Smelter emp.  . Barrister-at-law  . Miner  . M.'ner  . Broker  . Engineer.  Miner  . Com. traveller  . C erk  . Machine agent'  . Miner  . Wood merchant  . L; bourer  . Smelterman  . Miner  . B-iik clerk  . Engineer  . M ner  . M'ner  . Merchant tailor  . Lr,bourer  , Customs broker  Miner  Clerk  Greenwood ...  Greenwood ...  Greenwood ...  ��� Green wootl ...  Greenwood ...  Eholt   ��� Greenwood .. .  Green wootl ...  Eholt   Greenwood ...  Denoro, Eholt  Greenwood ...  Greenwood ...  Greenwood ...  Greenwood   ...  Carpenter  Tailor  Fice miner  Rcctaurant prop.  Miner  Miner  Clerk  Miner  Miner  Miner.  M-ner  M _rchant  .11'ST  .A II It I VIC 11  l���  New Spring Goods      | cArthur Gee  OI-" THK   I.ATICST   FASH ION'S  Scutch    Tweeds,    Landslide,   Strut li.'oiia  and P.i'lwarp Sor-ros.    A liin- line  of Bantings of tlie latest stylos  I'rii-es losnlt the limes. Cull and see them.  John Smal-wood  Waril Street M ICI'OII ANT TAII.OK  Drink  THORPES  LITHIA  WA1ER  Every s:nall bott    contains fi<ve grains  of Lithia Carbonate  Sewing Machines / Pianos  FOR   RENT nnd   FOR  SALIC  ^Merchant Tailor  i     Trillion. Hlouk linker .Street  CHOICE SPRING  SUMMER GOODS  Latest Cut  Latest Styles  REISTERER & C2  BREWERS  OK  LAGER P.EER AKD PORTER  I'm up in I'liektiiies lo Suit the Trade  Old Curiosity Shop,  .liiM'|i|iine Su-eet  Nelson,   11. (J.  llrewery mid OmVe:  I.iilimer Street, Nelson, H.C.  NOTICE  As my v.-i'r, Theresii Olheiser. hns left my bed  nnd hii.-ird without emise or provocation, I will  nol he ros-miisilile for "liy debts she lntiy con-  o.i'-l mi iiinl niter the (bite of this nollee.  I'Mtod m my nitich on Six-Mile Creek, H.C,  this 1st dux- of September. I'M.--.  KU.AXK OLIIKISEK. The Nelson Tribune  The J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.  Importers   and  Dealers  in]  Sl-ielf  nncj; Heavy  HARDWARE  Tinware and  Graniteware  Stoves and  Ranges  BAKER ST.  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Portlaiid Cement,  T-Rails, Ore Cars, Sheet Steel, Crescent,  Canton and Jessop's Drill Steel : : :__:_:  INELSOIN  MORLEY k CO.  Wholesale ami Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers  Honey  IPURE  CALIFORNIA  In 1 -lb Glass Jars 25c  Honey  J. A. IRVING & co.  Groceries and Provisions  Houston Block, Nelson.  Preserving Peaches   f  r  t  1       We  are  now  receiving regular  consignments of the X  1 Crawford Freestone Peach direct from Wenatchee. Prices X  | have touched  rock  bottom  for this season, so do not de- 1  J lay in ordering your supply. X  I J. Y. Griffin & Co., Limited, j  c/lrtists' Materials  Engineering and Mining  Books  Typewriters  cMimeographs  'Photographic Supplies  cMusical Instruments  Morley & Co. Nelson. BX,  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT.  Mi's. Li. B. Hoyt, Slocan; J. Martin and  wife, Winnipeg; E. McDonnell, Grand  Forks; L. Birnie, Phoenix; W. Douglas,  C-iuibrook; Rev. McOall, Columbia; J.C.  Resel, New York; W. Bolielaw, Vancouver, are tit the Queens.  George F. Rnnsome, of the Payne mine,  was in town last night. At one time  Georgo was tho champion snowshoe runner of Canada, and is one of thc best lacrosse players in this province.  Hugh Mann, who was killed at Envood  yesterday, was well-known in Nelson. He  lived for many years atSandon and was a  brother of Dan Mann, the millionaire railway man.  A. W. Strickland, manager of the Bank  of Montreal at New Denver, weut to  Greenwood this morning. In that city  his wife gave birth to a son yesterday.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  t   w    !  NELSON,   B. C.  ���  ��� ��� �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_�����������������������������������������������������������������  ^   Wholesale Provisions  ��� Produce and Fruits  R. A. Rogers & Co., L_ci., Winnipeg  Representing   ^ N. K. Fairbank Co.,     -.    Montreal  Simcoe Canning Co.,     -J   Simcoe  Office  and  Warehouse,  Josephine  Street:  Nelson, B. C  J. A. Kirkpatriek & Co., Ltd. 1  Wholesale and Retail g��g  Groceries, Crockety and Glassware p|  Aberdeen Block, Nelson ������  Oora  go(o  wora  CsQn  *��_-(?  We have just received a consignment of The Cudahy  Packing Company's famous  Diamond C Bacon  especially   cured   and  smoked  for  family use.    This   lp  - bacon-has-no^equal-on^the^market._JIxy it. __^W_e_ have   Ht  a few gross of Preserve Sealers left at right prices. ^  J. A. KIRKPATRICK & CO., Ld. |  0)0(0  Job  Pointing  We Use Gumption as  well as the best papers  and inks iu the execution of your orders���  they will not be mis-  ^ understood. Quick dis- ^  patch given out-of-town  work  ^vA<v^vvvv^vvvr��yvv^^A^^*vvvl  Gait Coal  And  Wood  of All   lvinU��  Terms Spot Cash  W H. JONES  Madden Building     NELSON, H.C.  The  Si ne  tr athcona  (formerly Hotel I'lmir)  E5. TOMKINS  MANAGER  J& PANTS  |A.T  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale  and  Retuii;  Meat  Merchants  Head  Office &n<_j{ColclJ_St*or&_je  Plant^at Nelson.  BKANCfl MARKETS nt Kaslo, Ymir, Siimlon, Silverton, Kevelsloke, New Denver, Cnscmle, Trull,  Grand Forks, (Ireenwood, Mldwav, I'hoeuix, Itosslund. *-!oeun City, .Moyii-, Cranbrook,  Fernie and Mueleod.  NELSON   HIIANCII  MARKET,   MI UNS  BLOCK,   HA KICK STHEKT  Orders by mall to any I'miu'li will receive promiit and careful attention.  Cash   Advanced   on   Consignments  Jacob Green & Co.  Auctioneers,   Appraisers,  Valuators  General ^Commission  Agents  Corner of Baker and Josephine Street.  NELSON, B. C.  We earrv a verv large  Stock of  The Latest I'ultc  Carpets, Rugs,  Lrinoleums  Come and make your eliolee  Before House Cleaning  LSEE    OUR   GO=CARTS  AU prices.   We can suit you.  D.   McARTHUR   &   CO,  Furniture   Dealer-   and   Undertakers  j L A, Gilker's!  ������������������������ ��������������������������������>������������������������  Tic   i^!W^_?/! ���_*! ;>  The Leading Hotel of the Kootenays  Good Sample Rooms  Special  Kates  to  Commercial  Jlen'  Stanley nnd Victoria. Streets,  NELSON  Madden House  W.  F��. TIERNEY  Telephone '2(15 linker Street  ��� ��������������������������������������>������*������������<��������������  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  _.'.. THOMAS MADDEN  rl'ROPBIKTOK  Centrally Located  Electric Lighte  HEADQUARTERS FOR TOURISTS  AND  OLD TIMERS  Baker and Ward Streets  Nelson, B C.  Queen's Hotel  Baker Street, Nelson. B. C.  Lighted by Electricity aud  Heated by Hot Air  Large and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-  class Dining Room.   Sample Rooms for Commercial Men.   __.LRATES_.t2_ PER DAY_      MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress  An Old Head on Young Shoulders  Isn't always indicative of wisdom, as II lakes experience to make h muii appreciate the high class  work done at the Kootenay Siciim Laundry.  After your experience of ragged edges und spren'd  eagle button holes, streaked shirt fronts, etc.,  yon will come to us tostjiy.  Kootenay Steam Laundry  S30 Water St.  Tolcphone 146  NELSON  STEAM  LAUNDRY  Work dour; by hand or machine, and on short  notice. Delivery wngon calls for and delivers  work every day iu the week.  Silver King Hotel  |BAKEK STREET,  NELSON  t  IG HORN  -j       BRAND  Onion  f  mc.  WE   MANUFACTURE  Shirts,  Cooks'  Aprons and  Overalls,  Caps, ,  Denim Pant's,  Carpenters' Aprons,  Tweed Punts,  Waiters' Aprons,  Cottonade Punts,  Painters' anil Plas  Jumpers,  terers' Overalls,  Blouses,  AUickinaw Coats,  Engineers' Jackets  , Mackinaw Pants,  Waiters' Jackets,  Tarpaulins,  Barbers' Jackets,  Dunnage lings,  Gingham Jackets,  Horse Blankets,  Mission  Flannel  Tents,  Underwear,  Etc., Etc., Etc.  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  t  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���������������������������������<���>���<*������<���>���������������������������  TURNER, BEETON & GO.  LIMITED,  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS  Warehouses, Wharf Street  Factory, 1 Bastion Street  -VICTORIA.  B.C.  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  -  ���������������������*���������������������������������������������������������  I SUNDAY!  HOURS  UNDER   OLD   MANAGEMENT."  RATES $1.00 PER DAY  The Dining Room is unsurpassed and the  Bedrooms are Ihe best iu Nelson. The liar Is  stocked with good Wines,  Liquors and Cigars.  T*emont House  European and American 1*1 nti  Meals 'Al cts.   Rooms from i*i els. lo II.  Only White Help Employed.  Blankets, Flannels, Curti.ins, etc., a specialtv.  Dyeing and Cleaning also done. Outside orders  promptly attended to.  PAUL NIPOU, Proprietor.     P.O.Box 4��  NOTICE OF MEETING.  Nki.son, It. C, September r.th, llHia.  Notice is heruliy given that an extraordlnurv  general meeting of the shareholders ot the  Northwest Coal and Coke Company, Limited  (non-personal liability), will be held (in Monday,  tbe twenty-first day of September, HX)*!, ut the  hour of :i p.m., at the head ollice of the company,  Kootenay street, Nelson, I!. C, for the purpose of  increasing the capital slock of theeomjmhv from  $:(,0(10,l��0(l to ���fI0,-tK>���(Kl(l lo increase the number of  directors from six to eleven,and lo authorize the  directors to issue debentures of tho conipunv to  the amount of ���H.iiOti.tHh).  Bv order of the directors,  B.  B. MK'HTON,  Secretary-Treasurer.  MALONE  (& TREGILLUS  Baker St., Nelson Proprietors  Lakeview Hotel  Corner Vernon and Hall Streets,  NEIvSON, B.C.  BEST -DOLLAR-A-DAY  HOI'S'.;  IN  NKI.SON  NO  CHINESE  EMI'LOVEP  Aagtist Thomas,   Proprietor  ���  ���  ���  Bartlett  House  Josephine St.,  Np|��(in, B. 0.  White Help Only Employed  Thc Best  Dollar-a-Day House  in .Nelson  The Bur Is the Finest  GEO.  W.  BARTLKTT,  Proprietor  Kootenay Wire Works Co.  Manufacturers of Mattresses, .Springs,  Pillows, Bed Lounges, Conches, Cphol-  slering, Turning, Bninl.-nwing, Cii'lll  Work and other novelties. Onr No. -1  Spring is tbe best on the market. Ask  for It and take no other.  FRONT STREET NELSON, xi. C  ��� jl __%_r "-w *X"-��_y ���  ��� ��� ���  X Our store (corner of Baker X  X and Josephine streets) will *  X be open every Sunday for X  X dispensing purposes:���  ���  X 9:30 to 12 o'clock  X 2:00 to    5 o'clock  X 7:00 to    9 o'clock  I Canada Drug and Book |  ���   Company, Limited   |  <>��� ���  ������������������>��������<���>��-��������<><�����������������'���' ������<������������  ROSSER'S  Second Hand Store  "'i China Hall  New and Second Hand Cloods of every description bought and sold. Sec onr Crockery and  Clla'sswiire  WESTERN   CANADIAN   EMPLOYMENT  AGENCY  Goods   Rented  ���pii-ttt-Cluss   Wurehouse  Roi-  Stovuge  Baker Street, West,  Next to O.I'.R. Ticket Ollice  Phone 2II1A l'-��- "ox i>SS  Geo. iVL Gunn  Maker of first-class hand-made Boots and  Shoes. Repairing neatly ami promptly  done.  Satisfaction guaranteed in all work  Wt����-d St. next new postollh-c bid "Nelson  .NOIICE?  In the matter of nn application for a duplicate  of a Certificate of Title lo l.nt 111, block -IT, in Ihe  town of Nelson. .Notice Is herebvgiven that it is  my intention to Issue ut the expiration of one  month from the llrst publication hereof a duplicate ol ihe Certificate of Title to Hie above mentioned Lot 111, block 17, in the town of Nelson, in  the name ,,f Albert I'lcurv, which certificate is  ��� luted Ihe nth dav of April, I'.iui, and numbered  117a. 11. 1*. MA(JLKOI),  Land Kcgislrv Ollice, District Registrar  Nelson, lilc, 101I1 August, l'JlKl.  ���  ���  Nelson Agricultural & Industrial Association ���  2-SOLID DAYS-2!  Of  Sight  Seeing  and Sport, Magnificent Display' of J  Fruits, Vegetables,  Farm  Produce,   Flowers, Horses, J  Cattle,   Poultry,   Dogs,   and   the   Greatest Collection ���  of Minerals ever Exhibited iu British Columbia. t  LACROSSE  Shamrocks of Montreal, Champions  of the World, vs. Nelson, Champions of the Kootenay.  ROCK DRILLING X  North Star Team vs. Ymir Team ���  for ��1000. ���  $500 in other Prizes for Rock ___  Drillins. ���  ��  Place* Mining in operation each day ^  ' BALLOON ASCENSION I  And Parashute Drop of 2000 Feet Each Da}'  ��  Baby   Show   First   Day %  I BAND CONCERTS t  X    Grounds   and   Buildings   Illuminated   Each   Evening   T  ��� -  '���  JAMES JOHNSTONE,  President.  J. E. ANNABLE,  Secretaiy  ^V-t-V-i/VVV'***^^  Dealers iu  Coffee, Teas, Spices, ^Baking, Powder, and  Flavoring Extracts.  OUR  GOODS arc Pwe ancI se'ec^ed from the best in the various  _-.���.---_������.-���.--_-_���___ ijneSt    jn orcfer f0 gC( fjie best, please buy from us  direct, and Ive guarantee satisfaction.   cAddress,  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Telephone 177 NelsOn,   ��>. C. I'. O. Box  182   A   -  West Kootenay Butcher Company  Fresh and Salted Meats.   Fish and Poultry in Season.  OH DICKS  HY  MAIL receive prompt  and careful attention.  E. C  TRAVES,  Mnnuj-cr  K.W.C. j-loek, Nelsou


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