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 '-^WMU^C  THE TRIHUNE   IS THE  OLDEST   NEWSPAPER  PRINTED   IN THE  KOOTENAYS  Wednesday, September  9,  1903  NELSON  IS THE TRADE CENTER OF SOUTH-  EASTERN   BRITISH  COLOMBIA  STRONG IN  PRESSIONS  GNATION  [Assoeialed Press.  London, September 9.���The revelations  contained in the report of the royal commission ou the conduct of the war iu  South Africa have filled all England with  consternation nnd indignation. Of the  three volumes just issued much has been  suppressed "in the public interest," but  enough remains to justify apparently the  opinion freely expressed that the war oflice  at the outbreak of the trouble was in a  state of incompetence which is nothing  short of amazing. According to the testimony of general Nicholson, the intelligence section of the war office relating to  South. Africa was run before the war on  tlie two men and a boy principle, with two  officers and one clerk. The treasury,  against the united recommendation of the  war office, refused any increase. Hence  it is not surprising that, when England  went 'ownr, there was no effective map  whatever of the Orange Free State, the  Transvaal, or Natal. To quote lord Kitchener's own testimony, according to the  official memorandum, "a field intelligence  department had to be created from the  very beginning."  NO INTELLIGENCE department.  General Nicholson is responsible for the  information that there wns practically no  valid connection between the intelligence  department and the defense committee of  the cabinet. Colonel Altham testified  that every Boer gun was known and  traced after the war. The British local  defense scheme was, however, based on  an inadequate force. It was merely that  generals should report how they could  make the best use of what troops they  had, and that experts by desire should  prepare the plan of a scheme of mobilization in the early summer. But the ��� government would not vote the extra necessary money until it was forced to do so.  This was the testimony of general sir  F. Stopford, aud, from the oilicial memorandum and colonel Altham's testimony,  it is apparent that the marquis of Lnns-  downo knew that there wero forty-eight  thousand mouuted Boers waiting to oppose the British. Yet, almost without  exception, infantry were sent. When finally the mobilization of the first army  corps was ordered it was so late that it  was uot possible for general sir Redvers  Buller to be iu a position to take the field  until the end of December. The Boers,  however invaded Natal in the second  week in October. The hasty mobilization  on tlie part of the Britisli caused disorganization.  Nearly all the military witnesses, nota  bly general Kelly-Kenny, lay stress on  the fact that the representations of the  counnauder-in-chief did not meet with  sufficient compliance.' Viscount Wolseloy  lays great stress on this and ou the way  lord Lansdow'ue treated him aud his advice iu 1890, wheu he was absolutely disregarded, tlie secretary of state for war  absolutely refusing to' sanction even the  most urgently needed expenditures. This  refusal delayed the army corps, nor did  the war office send out the reinforcements  he urged. Lord Roberts also condemns  the initial preparations in South Aft-ica.  MANY OFFICER.*! WORTHLESS.  A large number of militia officers had  never been trained lit all, according to  major general Borretc, while lord Lovat  stated that each reginlent practically had  officers who were so completely worthless  that they could uot be taken on a trek.  They used to be left!iu different head  quarters for superintending baggage nnd  stores.  Vice admiral sir R. Harris tells the following delightful story: "The confusion,  of course, was tremendous, owing to the  war all through the colony. I may say,  for instance, that I sent a truck load of  one hundred and fifty lyddite shells to  lord Methuue, which was absolutely lost  for three weeks."  Utter confusion existed initially and  through the course of the campaign. Sir  Redvers Buller said he went without any  general instructions whatever and received none ou his arrival in South  Africa. Sir J. Ardagh declares the war  office always contemplated a withdrawal  to the south of the Tugela on the outbreak of the war, and never thought for a  moment of Ladysmith being a defensible  place. Yet the bulk of the stores in that  town were poured iu from October 7th,  tlu-ee days before the war broke out, and  it was then impossible to have removed  them.  LANSDOWNE  SnOUl.l) RESIGN.  Some of the newspapers are strong in'-"  their expressions of indignation. The  Daily Mail says: "One lessou blazoned  on every page of this report is that our  national interests cau no longer bo entrusted to men who regard statesmanship  as a pleasant occupation for the leisure  classes. The day of such men as lord  Lansdowne and Mr. Broderick in English  statesmanship i.s over. They are costly  and dangerous luxuries. The reputation  of lord Lnusdowuo is blasted a hundred  times over in the pages of this evidence,  and not only his reputation but the whole  attitude of the present cabinet towards  their duties to tho empire."  The Times says, iu regard to the report:  "It is a sweeping indictment of our mili  tary uupreparcduess, an uupreparednesst  be it observed, which there is uo reason to  think has been very materially lesseneid in  the period since the war."  The Morning Advertiser sarcastically  remarks: "There is only one thought  likely to trouble the mind of the patriotic  Britisher, as he reads these remarkable"  volumes���that is the notion that they *wilF  be of greater sendee possibly to our ____*-  tary friends ou the continent tlian they  will be to our own war office and army.!?  The Daily Chronicle says: "If lord7  Lansdowue has any. sense of decency left  he will send in his resignation at once. It =  is not fitting that a minister who has so  flagrantly mismanaged oue departrhieat of  the public business should remain in  charge of another of equal importance.','  Candidate Taylor Has  Turned Press Reporter  Candidate Sidney Stockton Taylor, K.  0., puts in his spare time doiug reporter's  work for the Nelson Daily News. Yesterday stipendiary magistrate Crease held a  regular sessiou of the small debts court.  Tho liquidator of The Tribune Association, Limited, has sued a number of people  who owed the old Tribune company small  balances for advertising and job printiug,  auiong others a number of trades uuions  and fraternal societies. The names of all  these trades unions and fraternal societies  are reported iu the Daily News this nioru-  iug, aud it is ostentatiously announced  that S. S. Taylor, K.C, appeared to look  after thc interests of tho unions and societies, aud that John Houston was present  as a witness on behalf of The Tribune  Association, Limited. As the Daily News  did not have a reporter preseut .during the  session of the court, aud ns the report in  its columns is not in .accordance with the  facts, it is safe to say candidate Taylor  did a little gratuitous reporting for oue of  his four newspaper organs.  One of the accounts sued for was owed  by the "Labor Party." Sydney Stockton  Taylor, K.C, appeared for the defendant,  and his bosom swelled with emotion wheu  lie arose and moved that the actiou bo dismissed.   Ho said, in supporting his mo  tion: "The Labor Party is not au incorporated society, and therefore it cannot be  sued. I represent some of thc members of  the party, and they say they did not  authorize printing to bo done by Tho  Tribune, and deem it unfair that they be  held responsible for debts they did not incur." [Suppressed applause from a member of the Cooks and Waiters' Union, who  was present. ] Mr. Taylor then took his  seat. Asked if he knew anything about  tho account, John Houston might have  said*; "I presume it is much the same as  tho accounts still owing by the other political parties. The Tribuue was a "good  angel" to all political parties. It did their  advertising nncl job printing and got promises of payment. Nouc of the other political parties have been sued, aud I do not  kuow why the Labor Party should have  been singled out, unless it was for the  purposo of giving a handout to the candidate of the Liberal party, who uow soems  to be the "good angel!'of who-  labor for a living."  Another party sued was the Orange  Society. Caudidatc Taylor appeared, and  said tho Orange order was not incorporated in Canada and could not bo sued. He  also claimed the society did not owe The  Tribune. Association, Limited, but was  unable to produce receipts. There were  no Orangemen present, so Taylor had to  sit down without applause.  The Painters' Union was also sued for  five or six dollars. Taylor appeared to be  preseut iu the interest of the faction that  brought about the disruption of the union,  and as the summons had beeu served on a  painter who belougs to the faction who  stood by the union, he refused to have  adythiug to do with the case. Stipendiary  magistrate Crease decreed it a piece of  foolishness to sue a union that was nonexistent.  Candidate Taylor had not been retained  for iinj- of the other parties or organizations sued, so he picked up his traps aud  left the court-room. Before ho left judgment had been giveii agaiust the Micaw-  bees for a small amount, but he did not  appear on their behalf. After judgment  was given, two or three members of tho  order turned up, and thoy claimed the  officers of the lodge had only been served  with the summons a few minutes before.  Ou this representation being made, the  magistrate set aside the judgment. But  candidate Taylor, in his report of the proceedings in the Daily News, would have  it, that ho appeared for the Micawbees and  protected their interests.  Taylor is proving himself a "cheap guy"  and williug to descend to little tricks in  order to score points. He is parading as  the one champion of Oppressed Labor and  Harrasscd Orders. After election day he  will be suing Oppressed Labor aud Harassed Orders for fees for legal services  rendered before election day.  THE TOWN AND THE DISTRICT,  The C. P. R. shops at Nelson is turning  out as good work as is! turned out at any  of the company's big shops in the East.  The repairs made to Big engines, like the  Shay engines used on the heavy grades at  Phoenix and RosslandJ show that locomotive foreman Woodhoiise, who is in charge  of the Nelson shrps,' ranks high as a  mechanic and that the'men under htm are  practical -workmen. -The Shay engine  from Phoenix was given a trial run yesterday by engineer Robert Collie, and will  be taken to the west side of the river to  resume hauling ore from the Phoeuix  mines to the Granby smelter.  Tho supporters of candidate Johu Houston held a meeting in the party's committee room last night, and the reports  made were so satisfactory that the treasurer of the campaign committee was authorized to purchase a cord of wood and a  braud-new stove aud present them to the ���  Liberal candidate, who has had several  attacks of chills since he received that  confidential telegram announcing that the  elections were to be-pulled off four weeks  earlier than he expected.  The voters' list of Rosslaud City riding  will be ready for delivery tomorrow, and  the list for Greenwood and Grand Forks  ridiugs will be delivered on Monday next.  The printing offices of Nelson are second  to none in the province.  There nre over a hundred small farmers  within a. radius of twenty miles of Nelson. Many of these men work iu the  .mines.in_the.w.intea:;and.ou.their.farms in.  the summer, and iii a few years they will  be independent.  Burning Texas Oil.  [Associated Press.]  Port Arthur, Texas, September 9.���  The steamer City of Everett, which took  fire yesterday, is still burning and a number of oil tanks are entirely destroyed.  The loss will amount to $350,000.  Nelson 'Prospector Is  Having a Turn in Asia  In June last the writer of tlie following  letter was one of a party of prospectors recruited at Nelsou for work iu Asia. Thoy  were engaged by the Duff Development  Company, whose headquarters ore at  Singapore, Straits Settlements:  Dwaxa Lube, July 20th, 1903.  To The Tribune : I am writing from  the laud of monkeys und eocoauuts. We  arrived from Singapore on "the 281x1 all  well. We stopped at Hongkong for two  days, aud fotud it to be quite a modern  city. Yokohama, Kobe, aud Nagasaki, iu  Japan, arc all interesting cities, but our  stay in these places was short���ouly a few  hours iu each place. The Japanese are nn  enterprising people and are adopting the  ways aud customs of Americans and Europeans. They are building their own battleships aucl have their own steamship  lines running between Japan and other  countries. Their cities are clean and well  looked* after .-"It is'different with the Chinese. In Hongkong we weut sightseeing  iu the Chinese quarter, and in places there  was so much filth iu the streets that wc  had to turn back. I do not know how wo  will be able to staud the climate here. It  is necessary to change your clothing every  night and liquor must be drank iu very  limited quantities. At Singapore, I saw  Petrie of Ymir ou his way home. He had  beeu in the hospital for some time. Clnrk  aud the others who came out ahead of' us  are well and fit so far. Clark is at a place  called Soko, and I am going there in a few  days. So far it has beeu one holidny for  me, but I know* the climate is trying and  the language more so. Fancy being sent  into the jungle with a lot of "natives thnt  you canuot do any tiling with except by  sigus. I have picked up n few words,  such as man, water, woman, bread,  matches, etc. I shall welcome The Tribune when it conies, ns we are all interested in British Columbia. I suppose the  election cainpcign is in full swing, aud I  aui sorry I am not iu Nelson to help you  out. John GiLLi's.  Would Brand the Rossland Miner. :,  .[Special to The Nelson Tribune.]  Trail, September 9.���Tho article in yesterday morning's Rosslaud Minor, dated-  at Trail, was uot sent from here, and it is  merely an effusion inspired by a mixture  of malice and Scotch-and-soda. .The Liberal-Conservatives here say it is a lie, aud  if refuting it wouldn't publish it more,  they would brand it as such.  A Rapidly Growing City.  [Assoeiiitcd l'ress-.]  Winniti-'g, September 9.���That Winnipeg is rapidly becoming the greatest commercial  center of this fair Dominiou is  Preparing for  the Dominion Election.  [Associated l'ress.]  Macleod, Alberta, September 9.���At  the Liberal-Conservative convention held  here Tuesday, the honor of leading the  Conservatives of this riding at the ensu-  iug election was secured by J. Herron of  Pincher Creek. Mr. Herron is well  known throughout tho whole constituency, having been for years a resident of  Pincher Creek and has been identified  _.with.niauy!Spublic^asiwoll^^  terpriscs. He is at present extensively  engaged in stock-raising and ranching.  Mr. Herron is well and favorably known  as tin upright businoss man aud a good  fellow aud the Conservatives could not  have selected a more popular or stronger  standard bearer to contest the riding  in their interests.  Developing Coal Mines.  [Associated  l'ress.]  Grand Forks, September 9.���Advices  received here by the Granby smelter people say that a force of miners are pushing  underground development work ou the  various senilis on the conipnny's coal  property in Alberta ns rapidly as possible,  nnd more miners are being added just ns  fast ns room can be inside in tho workings. The coke ovens that were built for  experimental purposes are kept going and  a first-class quality of coke is being turned  out. Material for an additional hundred  ovens litis been ordered, aud which as  soon ns it nrrives will lie the means of  giving employment to a large number of  men, as it is" the intention of, the company to rush the building of these ovens  to completion if possible this fall. Just  as soon as the townsite is thrown on the  market it will mean that a number of  buildings will be begun, which, with thc  coke ovens, tipples, washers and other  outside improvements, will make the  camp a busy one this winter. The new  town will be named Coleuinn.  The Insurrection in Turkey.  [Associated l'ress.]  London, September 9.���The Sofia correspondent of the Times says the insurgents have laid up largo stores of provisions in the mountains, aud even contemplate a winter campaign. The sutl'oriiig  to the women and children thereby entailed will be appalling, but the insurgent  leaders believe that the ill-clad troops will  sutler more than themselves, owing to  their inability to obtain supplies in a  devastated country with interrupted communications. He continues: "Any active  interference on the part of the powers  seems past praying for. Russia and Germany are urging tlie Sultan to adopt more  vigorous methods of repression, while the  other powers have apparently no voice to  ATTEMPT TO LYNCH MU  [Assoeiiitcd Press ]  Chicago, September 9.���Under a lire of  __r_ck__j_u_l___t___._L_,_=p__li__J  rescued a negro murderer from a mob of  would-be lynchers. Ten minutes before  John Brinkley, a colored watchman, had  shot aud killed Charles McCarthy, a plasterer, almost in the presence of the hitter's  wife, who stood iu the doorway holding  her baby. Then tlio negro, backing into  the doorway of his own quarters, held a  crowd of 300 men and boys nt bay until  patrolman Patrick Moouey walked up to  him nnd unarmed him anil took away his  weapons.   Tlieu cnino the second and ex  citing attempt of the mob to wreak vengeance ou the murderer. Moouey opened  -the-door-and-took-his-prisoner-intO'the^  office of the tile factory in which Brink-  ley was employed, to await the patrol  wngou. But as ho did so, the crowd  surged forward once more with cries of  "Lynch him ! Lynch him! Get a rope!"  The policeman tried in vain to close the  door ou the crowd and keep it closed with  the assistance of the now terrified murderer, but it M-iis useless. While Moouey  wns thus struggling Brinkley turned and  fled from the ollice by the rem- door. Tho  mob saw the escape and, bended by  Moouey, streamed down an alley in pursuit.    The negro run .several blocks before  he was finally overtaken. The policeman'  having been brushed aside, Brinkley was  -at"tluvinercy-of"the^crowd7'^A"teauistor-  jumped down from his wngon aud began  lashing the negro across the face with his  whip, tho victim being held by a dozen  men and boys. If was just wheu the cries  were growing furious and au attempt was  being made to drag the negro away, that  a patrol wngon arrived with three policemen, who, together with Moouey, drew  their clubs and fought their way through  the struggling mass of men, while bricks  and stones ruined on thorn from every  side. By a desperate rush the policemen  succeeded in dragging the murderer to the  patrol wagon.    None of the  rioters  were  arrested. At the polico station, when revived, thc negro begged to be put in a cell  -whoro'nO'mob^could'getfatiiimT^McCnr-^  thy's family was left destitute by his  death. The shooting grew out of a quarrel in which McCarthy had accused Brink-  loy of stealing chickens from his promises.  Forger Arrested in Idaho.  [Assoeiiitcd Press.]  Bonnkr's Fkrry, Idaho, September !).���  Attorney Snnford Clnrk of Sniidpoint wns  placed under arrest on Monday by sheriff  Whitney on complaint of Portland people,  who charge him  with forgery to the ex-  otl'er, nnd content themselves with an attitude of disinterested spectators." The  Athens correspondent of tho Times hears  that count Lnmsdorf, the Russian foreign  minister, has declared his opinion fhat the  Bulgarian bunds are guilty of greater tyranny nnd devastation thim the Turkish  troops, nnd flint it would be necessary to  warn the Bulgarians that they will not  succeed in inviting Russia in armed intervention against the Turks, nnd further,  that Russia will not permit a change in  the status quo by the creation of an autonomous Macedonia or the appointment of a  Christian governor.  Examining Frank's Big Slide.  Frank, Alberta, September 9���Professor  Moses, who i.s professor of mineralogy at  at the Columbia University of New York,  is iu town. He is here to examine the  rock slide and the present state of the  mouufnin. His opinion of tho present  stability of the penk will be awaited here  witli considerable interest. Around the  mines hero work is being pushed along  steadily and a string of teams aro kept  busy hauling out coal to the railway. An  airshnft has been put through to the surface from the workings on No. 1 vein nnd  tilt; ventilation in tlie mine is first-class.  The Beirut Outbreak.  [Assoeialed l'ress.]  Wasiviniiton,  September !).���A cablegram from tlie  Turkish  foreign  ollice to  Chekib Bey, the Turkish minister here,  gives the following version of the trouble  at Beirut on Sunday, reported by admiral  Cotton in his dispatch to tlie navy department: "Some Christians of'the city of  Beirut attacked four Mussulmans, nnd  during the melee which followed four persons were injured. Tliree of these were  soldiers. Two persons nre dead, one of  whom is ii soldier. The minister is in receipt of ti dispatch from Coiistnntinople  ehnrncteri'/.iiig as 'absolutely false' the  published reports that there was'no security in Ooiistiinfinople, nnd that Mussulmans and tlie imperial troops were responsible for the massacres nnd setting  tire to houses in Rounielia." This dispatch was in reply to ono sent by the  minister culling the attention of his government to the reports pnblishcd here.  Berlin, September !).���The newspapers  this morning, in commenting on Sunday's  outbreak nt Beirut, throw the blame for  the occurrence on the United States. Tho  Local Auzeiger says: "Now that the  Americans have their dead they will  hardly inquire whether tli03' were responsible "for the effervescence in Beirut by  the unprecedented action of thoir minister  in Constantinople and their naval demonstration. The yearning of tho United  States to mix up in European politics has  found some justification." The National  Zeitung says: "It can be seen how serious it is, in view of the excitement, in the  far east, to spread incorrect or bad translations of reports.  George Fraser a Sure Winner,  [Special k> The Nelson Trillium.]  Grand Foijks, September il.���George  A. Fraser, tlie Liberal-Conservative candidate for Grand Forks riding, is homo  after making a trip over the riding. At  Phoenix, tlie home of John Riordan. the  Socialist candidate, Mr. Fraser met with  great encouragement. Here in Grand  Forks, he will get two votes to his opponent's one,  CITY COUNCIL  The city council met last night ami ordered the installation of a ten-box fire  alarm system and the payment of the  August payrolls. A letter was rend from  government agent Renwick, which notified the council that the provincial government had authori/cd the expenditure  of -5-1000 towards extending the Granite  Mines road from Forty-nine creek to  Ward's Crossing on Kootenay river, provided the city would contribute suflicient  to complete the road. The site of the  city's electric power station is adjacent to  tlie route this would bo built on, and  ns the city engineer in his estimates of the  cost of the proposed plant placed the cost  of the. needed wagon road at. s&lsiOO. it wns  thought the council -would have accepted  the offer of the provincial government;  without delay, as such work cannot be  done fo good advantage in bad weather,  which is sure lo come in the fall. But  the proposition looked to some members  of the council in- though there was "politics" in the offer, and if there is one thing  the members nf ihe city council have u  horror of it is "politics."  Another question thnt eiiine up shows  the necessity of exorcising greater care in  granting leases in the city's foreshore  ground.' The Munlnw Shingle Company  applied for a pieronf ground on the water  front for n sii-' !"���" a shingle, mill, but  found that the land wanted had already  been applied for i \- the owners of plcasuri  launches.    Th     ' ' *"   ''' 1"* '  permanent iiu  Thc council  Innglo  mill  would lie a  .ll'V.  uihorized the recreation  ground to be graded and appointed a committee to interview Ihe C.P.W. hind do-  partnieiit. about procuring u lease for tlie  land adjacent, to the  recreation  grounds.  Street Car Union Disrupted.  [Assncliilcd l'ress.1  Skatti.I",  September   !).���Seattle  is in  the peculiar position this morning of having ou   its  hands it  strike of one of  Ihe  unions of the street car system and nt. the  same  time a  full  complement of cars in  operation.    Atone o'clock   this  morning  tho executive of the old   union  declared e  strike because the president til* the railway  company refused to gram any of the  demands made by  the union, or to submit  the demands to   arbitration.    Those  de-  liirtnds included recognition of I ho union,  the   reinstatement   of   nil  members discharged by the  company because of their  connection with Ihe union since tho strike.  Inst  March, a  wage scale of 150 cents an  hour nnd time nnd a half for overtime and j  on legal holidays, and  other unimportant j  demands.    Wlien Hie order to strike  was i  promulgated  the grout   majority of   the j  employes  discarded   their   union   badges |  nnd went lo work  ibis morning upon the i  promise of president Fnrfli lie would i  talk with a eoiiiinitloo of the men in   the j  matter of increased   wng"s.    As  a   result   I  all but Ion cars aro  running.    The  effect   i  of the strike will bo to disrupt the Seattle |  brunch   "f   the   Amalgamated   Order   of j  Street Kailway l.niploves of Anterior.. '-,  Winning Horse Ridden by an American. !  [Aj-soeiiiteil l'ress.] !  London, September il.���llocksund won ;  the   Ledger stakes at   Doncusler  today.  '  tent of .-Sasoo. It is said that Clark's right  name is Stone and that he is the identical  "OscfiFCrStoiic^vhiT^m^  iety for drawing bogus checks last winter  at Libby and Butte. He had settled down  at Srindpoint under nn assumed name and  wus practicing law with Peter Johnson  with success. His nerve is shown by the  fact of his locating so near the scene of  his alleged crimes. Sheriff Whitney located him by menus of a photograph that  by chance found its wny into the sheriff's  oflice. So clever wns Clark that he was  able to gel mil of .Snndpoiiit in ehargeof a  deputy slieriif without even his partner  suspecting thut anything was wrong.  The winner was ridden by .labor, the  .���'���.inerienn jockey. William Hnl'us was  second and king Kdward's Mead was third.  Kocksnnd, u brown coll, owned by sir,I.  Miller, was iho winner of this year's  Derby. The horse also won the two  thousand guiin-as slakes at Newmarket  this year.  French Having Trouble in Algeria.  [Assnoiiil'-M I'res:-.]  Paris. September In-.���Despatches from  Oran, Algeria, show ihat the recent defeat of the-insurgents by n French force  near Aliuonngar, in which the French  lost ii7 killed and -IT wounded, was one of  ihe most brilliant of the recent feats of  the French army in Algeria. It appears  Ihat the insurgents interrupted a caravan,  convoyed by ISO men. who resisted the  nf l.-ick of between :����)(�� and -1000 Moors for  eight hours. Thc little French force suffered greatly from !hirst, but after indicting heavy losses ou their assailants succeeded in repulsing thum. The French  relieving force found the Moor line of retreat scat lorod fora mile with dead and  wounded. I "eiiernl O'Connor, ut the head  of a battalion of the Foreign Legion,  hi's siarlod on a punitive expedition, nnd  the entire Foreign Legion bus been ordered  In hold itself in readiness fornctive service.  Farmers Forming Gigantic Trust..  [A.-iiii'int.'il J"i-.-.��� -1  Cii.'caoo, Sepiemiier H.���A corporation  backed by ���'li.o.onii.niK) capital is the plan  propo.-vd by a joint meeting oi" fanners  and their representatives by which the  producers of the country  are  to protect  recognized by many, aud that before many  years she will be counted as one of the  great commercial cities of America aud of  the world, is hoped for and expected.   No  better example of the strides made by the  city towards this end during the present  year could be given than the growth and  expansion of the banking houses, wholesale houses and factories.   Scarcely a firm "  iu the city that hns not during the present  or past year been compelled, by growth of  trade, to enlarge its warehouse capacity,  aud in addition   to   this   many eastern  houses who hitherto have done a large  business in the west, but have conducted  it from their easteru offices, have opened  branches in this city,' which is rightiv  termed "The Hub of  the West,'.'   and;'  mnuy have already decided to build ware-*'  houses aud carry stocks for supplying the '.  growing trade of this growing country,  y;  Part of,the Canadian Pacific. System.."  [Associated Press.]  Sr. Paul, September 9.���Articles of incorporation of the Minneapolis, St. Paul &  Sault Ste. Marie Railroad Company, a  formal consolidation of the roads embraced by the Soo system, have beeu filed  with the secretary of state. The company is to have a capital stock of $21,000,-  000, divided into 210,000 shares, of which  70,000 shares are preferred and 140,000  common.  their   interests.    Au association having  this basic principle is in progress of organization here.    Farmers and representatives from the producers' associations in  nine states are in conference.   Three societies are to be amalgamated as the foundation for a monster exchange, by which  the producers of the country expect to  control the markets,  build elevators and  establish packing houses, organize banks,  maintain schools, aud improve the highways.   These associations   are   the Pro-  ^diicersLuuc__.GQUSiuu_i-sLi.LX_ion^o��=.Ten___  nessee and of  New York,   with -100,000  members; the American Society of Equity  of North America, with 00,000 members;  and the Farmers' National  Co-operative  ''".."-change Company, with a membership  of -JO,000.   It i.s proposed that the uew association    should    be    incorporated   for  -SI00,000,000 nt least.  Big  Industrial  Company  In   Trouble.  [Associuteil l'ress.|  Philadelphia, September 9.���That tbe 1  Consolidated Lake Superior Company,  which hns extensive interests on the great i|  lakes and in Canada and which is capitalized nt more thun * 100,000,000, will be involved in litigation with some of the  stockholders now seems inevitable. These  stockholders, headed by E. Clarence Miller, u bunker of this city, want to know  the nnmes, subscriptions, nnd details of  the *511,000,000 underwriting stock syndicate. They clnim thnt over .>!7,0OO,O00 of  these subscriptions are unpnid. Counsel  for the stockholders Inst week threatened  to bring proceedings aud force the company to show its books. Ou Saturday au  agreement- wns reached by which counsel  for the stockholders wore given to understand that the books of the company were J  open for their inspection. Wheu counsel  for stockholders culled at the company's  oilices today they were told that the books  had been removed to Sault Ste Marie,  Ontario. Counsel for the complaining  stockholders will now bring suit against  the company, aud if they cannot reach  the bonks through the courts of the  United States they declare they will apply to the Canadian courts.  Charles H. Ink. since he became the  daddy of u boy, has received so many congratulations that ho imagines ho is popular enough to run for one of the aldermen  for the West ward.  JOHN   HEPBURN  BUILDER AiND  COIN-TRACTOR  Jolibinn work done    Estimates given  SIIOl' RESIDENCE  Ileliinil new postolliee       <*or. Front and Willow  NELSON The Nelson Tribune  Bank of Montrea  Established 1817.    Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up) $13,379,240.00  REST     9,000,000.00  UNDIDVIDED  PROFITS        724,807.75  Head   Office,   rVIontreal  RT.  HON*.  I.OKD STRAT1IC0XA  AND -MOl'XT  ROYAL, C.C.M.H.,   President "  HON. G. A.  DRUMMOXI), Vice-President. K.  S.  Cl.OUSTOX, Oeneriil Miimiger.  NELSON BRANCH &����������;  A.   M.   BUCHANAN,  rviiintiKic-t-,  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  |\\'ith wliieli is amalgamated;  The  Bank  of  British  Columbia jT  PAID   UP CAPITAL If 8,700,000  |j  ,     RESERVK FUXI)    3,000,01X1  ���VGGREGATK   RESOURCES  OVER  78,000,000  Head Office:   Toronto, Ontario  HOX. GEO. A. COX, President      B. E. WALKER, General Milliliter  Savings   Bank;    Department  Deposits received and interest allowed  ���NELSON   BRANCH  BRUCE   HEATHCOTE,   Manaeer  The Nelson Tribune  Founded in 1802.  THE TRIBUXE COMPANY, LIMITED,  ������KOI'KIETOKS.  McDonald Block, Baker Street.    Telephone 120.  ADVERTISIXG RATES. ��� Display advertiso-  ments will be inserted. In The Xelson Tribune  (six insertions it week) at the rate of Four Dollars  per inch per month. Single insertions 20 cents  an inch. Regular advertisements will be inserted  in the weekly edition without extra charge.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.���The daily edition will  be sent by mail for $5 a year, or portions of a year  at the rate of flfty cents a. month; by carrier in  Nelson at the same rates. Payable in advance,  The weekly edition will be mailed for ?1 a year,  payable in advance, and no subscriptions will be  taken for the weekly edition for less than one  year.   Address all communications���  THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, B. C.  LIBERAL-CONSERVATIVE  CANDIDATES,  HON. ROBERT F. GREEN  FOR KASLO  JOHN HOUSTON  FOR NELSON CITY  HARRY WRIGHT  FOR YMIR  ���WILLIAM HUNTER  FOR SLOCAN  THOMAS TAYLOR  FOR REVELSTOKE  THOMAS CAVEN  FOR CRANBROOK  WILLIAM R. ROSS  FOR FERNIE  GEORGE A. FRASER  . FOR GRAND FORKS  DR. G. E. SPANKIE  FOR GREENWOOD  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1903  Candidate Sheppard of tho Liberal-Labor party in  Naniiimo 1ms this to say of labor doughfaces:   "I have  " uo use for a man who will come around and pretend  " to be no* friend mid then drop his bidlof, against nie  '' on election day.   That man is no good.    The trouble  '��� in getting men from tho ranks of labor to fill public  " positions is that they aro knocked ou tlie head by  " their own friends before they can get a chance  to  " to show what they can do."    According to candidate  Sheppard, who is a working miner, there ai-e some of  the same kind of peoplo in Nanaimo as there are in  Nelson.   But the class referred to do not amount to  much.     Men   who   pretend   friendship,   political   or  business, then sneak away aud deliberately injure the  man   whom they pretend friendship for,  are   hardly  worth considering were it not for the fact that they  sometimes occupy responsible positions in labor organizations, and members of the organizations as a whole  are blamed for the shortcomings of the few officials.  Oue would imagine, from reading the specials in the  Nelsou Daily News, whose publisher i.s a candidate for  the legislature at Kamloops, the people of the province  to be on the verge of rebellion, all, because the date for  holding the provincial election has been changed so as  to bring the elections four weeks earlier tlian the date  first announced. What a great outrage it is ou the  people! In Nelsou, it is the prospectors in the hills  who have been outraged. At the Coast, it is the sealers  who will be disfrauchised. It is safe to say that no  prospector in the whole of Kootenay will lose his vote  because of the change of date of the election. Tho  prospectors of Kootenay are all within easy reach of  polling places, and means of travel aro not what they  were ten years ago. No prospector will be required to  foot it over trackless mountains in order to vote for the  candidate of his choice, as there are trails aud. roads  into every district, and polling places have beeu established at isolated mines tis well as at the villages aud  towns. The politicians may be outraged, but the people are not going into hysterics because a few politicians are yawping.  Wanted���A Liberal candidate for Grand Forks riding. Candidate must have money. Apply at once to  Duncan Ross, organizer of the Liberal Party, care of  Sidney Stockton Taylor, K.C, Nelsou, B.C.  LIST OF PERSONS ENTITLED TO VOTE  IX THE  NELSON CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  August 31 st, 1903.  No.  Christian name and surname of  the;full length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a cily or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence i.s situate).  Profession, tranil or  Hilling (if any).  ljAdes,  Robert      2|Aitkin, James Lee  3|Allan, James  4"--  5  0  7  8  9  10  n  I2i  Allan,  John  Allan, William Thomas    Amas,   Harry      Anderson, Andrew     Anderson, Hans Jacob     Anderson, James Lindsy  ...  Andrews,  John      Annable, John  Edward      Applewhaite, Ed. Hay Hinds  lSlArohibaltl,  Cyril  Isaac     14 Armstrong, James Albert  ..  15 Armstrong, John    16 Arthur, Edward Charles   17 Ashcroft,   Harry  David      IS Atkinson, Frederick William  19 Austin,  Edward  Everette   ..  20 Avery, Henry Harrison      21 Axam, Frederick Henry   22 Ayers, Alfred Pinkerton   ...  23 Baer, Walter Wesley      24 Bainbridge,   Robert  Arthur.  25 Bailey, James Calvin    26 Ball,  William      27|Band, James Donald     28 Bartlett,  George  William   ..  29 Barbour, William     30 Barry,  Felix      31 Barwick, Morgan Brett   32 Basile,  Germano      33 Bates, Fred      34 Baxter, David     35 Baxter,   John   Bradford      36 Bayly, William Charles     37 Beamish, William Ryerson..  38 Beaumont,  Geo.  Mallinson..  39 Beatty, William     40 Becker, Otto Hewitt   41 Beckett, Walter Herbert  ...  -"��� Beeston, Edmund  King     43 Belanger, Ernest Philbert ..  44 Bell, Clements   45 Bell,   Edward   46 Bell, Frederick E   47 Bell,  John      48 Beer, William, Walter  .  49 Benedict, Charles Allan  C. P. R. Yard  Car Inspector  Sherbrooke  Hotel    Brakeman  Ward and Gore Streets Contractor  Victoria Street   Teamster  Victoria Street   Machinist  Carbonate Street  Slorekpeper  Kootenay and Gore Streets   Smelter  employee  Stanley Street  Blacksmith  Victoria   Street    Labourer  Grand   Hotel    Miner  Kootenay  and  Hoover Streets    Agent  Observatory and  Ward Streets  Electrician  Victoria Street   Accountant  Edgewood  Avenue    Vet. Surgeon  Club Hotel    Bral-eman  Lots 1 and 2. Block 14   Physician  Stanley   Street    Liv. Stable Prop.  Victoria  Hotel    Loco. Engineer  Hume  Hotel Engineer  Carbonate Street  ". Gentleman  Cottonwood   Creek    Engineer  Victoria Street    Engineer  Josphine  Street    Clergyman  Lots 17, 18, 19, Block 100  Civil Engineer  Hall and Victoria Streets Miner  Baker Street    Tinsmith  Grand Central  Hotel    Clerk  Bartlett Hotel   Hotel keepsr  Bartlett Hotel   Miner  Kootenay   Hotel    Miner  Edgewood   Avenue    Clerk, C. P. R.  Baker Street   Cook  Vernon   Street    Saloon keeper  Royal   Hotel    Labourer  Observatory Street   Plasterer  Victoria and  Hall  Streets    Accountant  Grand Central Ffotel  Miner  Victoria   Hotel    IClec. worker  Rossland   House    Carpenter  Hall   Streel Trav. Freight Agt  Vernon   Street    Labourer  Elliot   Block    Accountant.  Sherbrooke   Hotel    Labourer  Carbonate Street    Book-keeper  Madden   House    Miner  Vernon and  Hendryx Streets   Clerk  Lots 1. and 2. Block 29. Addition A Lumberman  Silica and Hendryx Streets  Financial agent  Edgewood  Avenue    Book-keeper  VOTERS' LIST���NELSON CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  Christian name and suniaiiic of  the Claimanl in full length.  Residi'iii.' nf Claimant.  (If in a city or town. ili<- name and side of the  street upon which !"��� resides, and Ihe mimes  of the nearest cn>ss streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade'or  calling (if any).'  oOjBenett,  51 (Benson  52|Biggar, Edward James  5-iBird,   Harry      54]Bird, Robert Montague  55[Bishop.  Marley Austin  5C  57  58  59  60  61  Thomas  Kootenay and Robson Streets Prospector  Albert  Delbruck   Street    Smelterman  Victoria Street     Observatory Street      Kootenay and Robson Streels ,  Silica and Cedar Streets      Josephine  Streel      ots 5 and 6, Block 36    Street   Taxidermist  Broker  Broker  Fireman  Ice dealer  Accountant  l)ep.  M.   Recorder  jBjerkncss, Charles     Black, Francis Molll-on  Blackwood, Claience Dudley Mill  Blakemore, Arthur Shirley. .Mill  Street   Broker  Blakey. James   Falls Street  C. P. R. Engineer  Blakeley, John   Victoria   Hotel    Blacksmith  62 Blakey,  Peter  Edwa: d    Sherbrook   Hotel    Cook's assstant  03 Blanchette.  Octave    Sherbrook   Hotel    Ry. employee  64 Bliss, John Blodgett   Hall   Street    Elec.   light   man  65 Bloomfield,  Alfred    Water Street   Janitor  66 Bloomfield, Frederick E.  .. Water Street  Labourer  67 Biomberg, John  Silica Street    Hotel keep-r  6S Blundell, Richard   Kootenay  and  Vernon  Streets    Miner  69 Bonachi,  Rosario    Baker Street   Labourer  70 Bosquet, Fred Vernon   Street    Butcher  71 Boucher, Onesime James .. Queen's   Hotel    Bartender  72|Boultbee, Percy Roxborougli Baker and Stanley Streets   Bank clerk  73|Bowness,  William    Victoria Hotel    Miner  74 Boyce, Edwin James ...... Victoria   Street    Driver  75 Boyd,  Seigle   Josephine  Street    Saloon-keeper  76 Bradley, Frederick John  .. Victoria Street   Painter  77 Bradley, William W Victoria Street  Book-keeper  78 Branigan, Edward    Richards Street   Miner  79 Bradshaw, Joseph C Silica and Railway Streets  Ry. conductor  80 Brescia,  Giovanni   Baker Street  Labourer  SI Brett, Charles Frederick  .. Madden House   Brakeman  82 Briggs, Walter   Klondyke   Hotel    Smelternian  S3 Brown, Alfred Stewart Bartlett   House    Miner  84 Brown, Edward John   Edgewood  Avenue    Saloon-keeper  85| Brown, Francis Alex Bodega Saloon    Cook  86|Brown,   George  Alexander. Mill and Hendryx Streets  Warehouseman  87|Brown, Wallace G Stanley and Gore Streets  Clerk  SS|Brown,   William    Baker Street  Merchant  89|Brunelle, Arthur   Sherbrooke  House    Miner  90jBrydges,   Samuel   Markham Mill Street .-. Financial  agent.  91|Buchanan, Arthur Hamilton Carbonate and  Hendryx  Streets    Banker  92 Bul lock-Webster,  Wm.  H.. Latimer Street   Chief constable  93 Bunyan, John Gregory Carbonate Street  Merchant  94 Burchell, James Henry Cedar  Street   Inspector  95 Burden, Frederick Parker.. Victoria and Kootenay Streets   Engineer  96 Burns, John, Jr Stanley   Street    Carpenter  97 Burns, John, Sr Stanley   Street    ' Carpenter  98 Burns,  Joseph    Front Street   Smelter employee  99 Burt,  Charles   Queen's Hotel   Com. traveller  100 Bush,  Howard    Hoover   Street    Clerk  101 Byers, Hamilton   Vernon   Street    Merchant  102 Byrne,  Michael James    Grand Central Hotel   Hack driver  al02 Banfield, James Woodruff.. Baker Street^ Bank  accountant  VOTERS' LIST���NELSON CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Sunnyside  Hotel    Clerk  104 Cameron, Chas. Henry M.. Water Street  Clerk  105 Cameron, Donald S Victoria and Ward Streets  Teamster  106 Cameron, John Gordon Steamer Moyie   Marine   engineer  1.07 Cameron, John Murry Hume  Hotel Conductor  108 Cannon,   Samuel    Baker Street   Labourer  109 Campbell,  Archibald    Viotora   Street    Smelter  employee  110 Campbell, John Joseph  Kootenay and  Hall Mines Road    Manager  111 Cane, Harry   Cedar  Street Architect  112 Carrie,   Alexander    Silica and Hendryx Streets  Architect  113 Carley,  David Mark    Lot 20, Block 68  Editor  114 Carru-hers,   John   Clement. Queen's   Hotel    Salesman  115 Carey,   John Sunnyside  Hotel    Clerk  116 Carey, Patrick     Baker  Street   Miner  1.17 Carre, Edward Alex. F.  ... Royal   Hotel Engineer  118 Cathers,   Thomas  Victoria Street  Pressman  119 Chadbourn, Fernando M.  .. Victoria Street  Mining agent  120 Chambers,   James   Joseph.. Fire  Hall    Capt.   Fire   Dept.  121 Christie, John Henry R.  .. Mines Road   Exp.   messenger  122 Choat,  James Zaccheus  ...Victoria Street Bfridgei   Inspector  123 Choquette,  Arthur    Josephine Street    Baker  124 Choquette, Ludger H Latimer Street  ...' Baker  125 Christopher,  Edmond    Josephine  Street Tailor  126 Church,   Arthur    Victoria Hotel    Millwright  127 Cioppa,   Michele    Vennon   Street   ..J Labourer  128 Clapp, Thomas Dudley  Lots 23 and 24, Block 44  Checker  129 Clarke,  Benjamin  Franklin Edgewood   Avenue    Accountant  130 Clark, Chesley David   Victoria  Hotel   ...; Fireman  131 Clark,   George Whitcomb   . Stanley and Inaies Street  Teacher  132 Clark, Richard Joseph   Mill and Cedar Streets Teacher  133 Clark, Percy Paxton   Success Club   Rancher  134 Clark, Philip John   Houston Street  ? Labourer  135 Clark, Ralph Samuel Silica  Street Embalmer  136 Clark,  Samuel     Hall and Vernon Streets   Labourer  137 Clayton,  Walter    Vernon   Street    Clerk  138 Clayton,  William  Barrett.. Queen's   Hotel    Dentist  139 Clements,  Frederick S.   ...Mill'and Cedar Streets  Surveyor  140 dough,  Walter    Baker and Stanley Streets    Lineman  141 Coes, Sydney A Grand Central Hotel   Millwright  142 Cochrane, James   Lakeview'   Hotel    Waiter  143|Coleanin, Robert Erwin  ...Central   Hotel    Carpenter  144 Coleman, Robert James  ... Ward  Street    Gaoler  145 Cole,   Harry    Victoria  Hotel    Blacksmith's Hlpr  146 Cole, James William  Lot 2627, Sub 95  Car repairer  ="147 Col wellrGeorge"Henry^7^^-^Josephlne^Street^rr;T:".-T.... A.. .7... nTTeainster"**^'"~*i=*i^"i  148 Conway,   Frederick   James. Sherbrook Hotel    Labourer  149 Coppen, Henry  Madden  House   Clerk  150 Cortiana,   Basile    Baker Street   Contractor  151 Corlett,  Edward    Silica  Street    Labourer  152 Confer,  Edouard    Kootenay Hotel Miner  153 Cowling, George    Hall   Street    Miner  154 Ci*adock, Colin Scott  Hume  Hotel    Exp.  messenger  155 Crandon,   Charles  Howland Victoria Street Chief clerk  156 Craven,  Richard John    Sunnyside  Hotel    Fitter  157 Crawford,  Charles    Lot 2027    Labourer  15S Crawford, David    Hall Street  Baker  159 Crawford,  Enon  Fernando. Cedar  Street Blacksmith  160|Cioasdaile, Henry Edward  161  162  163  164  165  160  167  168  169  170  171  172  173  174  175  176  177  178  179  ISO  181  182  1S3J  1S4  185  186  187  188  189  190  191  192  193  194  195  196  197,  19S  199  2 00 j  201  202  iCrosby,  Haliburton C  Crowley.   Dennis  Martin  Cryderman, James Alex,  dimming, Albert.  Lome  Cummins,  Henry Colin  Ciimmings, Norman  Ciimmings,   Sydney  Observatory Street   Broker  Stanley   Street    Lineman  Vctoria Block  Upholsterer  Kootenay and Observatory Streets  Salesman  Sherbrook  Hotel    Brakeman  Latimer Street   Engineer  Mcleod Hoover   Street Soda water maker  Joseph Tremont Hotel    Free miner  Cunningham,   Archibald   .. Observatory Street    Teamster  Curran,   Edward  John    Silica and  Stanley  Streets    Hotel-keeper  Currie,  Archibald    Stanley   Street    Machinist  Curi'ie, John    Lot 43,  Block 5   Butcher  203|  Daggett,   George      Dike,  Charles V   Dalby,  Isaac Newton      Dalphin,  William      Damao,  Antonio      Damao, Machelo      Darcy,   William       Davidson, James Duncan ..  Davidson, James      Davis, George Henry    Davys, Montague Stanley..  Dawson,  Benjamin Richard  beacon, Frank     Demaine, George Thomas..  Desell, Peter    Desereau,  John      Devlin, John Gibbs     Dewar, Alpin Alexander  ..  Dewar, Donald J   Dickson,   Wm.   Poingdestre  Dill, Alber J   Dinwoody, George Luther..  Docksteader, Archibald  B..  Docksteader,  John      Donaldson,   James      Donaldson,   William   Baker  Douglas, James  Kirby     Dover.  Dave  Leon      Dover, Jacob     Dow,   Alexander      Downey. Wm. M. McK.   ...  Duck,   James      Carbonate Street    Carpenter  Tremont Hotel    Printer  Stanley   Street    Insurance agent  Kootenay and Hoover Streets  Smelter man  Kootenay   Hotel    Labourer  Kootenay   Hotel    Labourer  Victoria Street   Butcher  Royal   Hotel    Labourer  Observatory Street    Smelter employee  Lakeview   Hotel     Miner  Observatory and Ward Streets   Mining   engineer  Carbonate Street  Freight   inspector  Stanley   Street    Labourer  Silica  Street    Baker  Bartlett   Hotel    Bartender  Lot. 1. Block 75, Water Street Teamster  Front Street    Prospector  Victoria   Hotel    Fireman  Hoover   Street    Insurance agent  Vernon   Street     Engineer  Nelson,  B.  C Book-keeper  Victoria Street   Teamster  Vernon   Street    Insurance agent  Vernon   Street    Prospector  Cherry Street    Marine engineer  Victoria Street   Loco, engineer  Fire   Hall    Painter  Silica  Street Jeweler  Silica  Street    Jeweler  Mines Road   Loco, engineer  Hoover Street   Mail clerk  Observatory Street  Smelter employee  Christian mime and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a cily or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of ihe nearest cross streels between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  culling (if iiny).  iMIjDul-Moulin. Philip      L'liOiOuinais,   Alphonse      _0(i|Duncan,   Thomas   Johnson.  _t)7| Dunlop, James Robert     _i)S]Dunn,   John   Robert      ���_'0!ljDupree,   George      -lOjDiition, Edward James     -lljDut.ton,  William      2l2(l)row.  Richard  William   ...  2l3il>i'i.S-oll. John Joseph      21t|l)ykeruan,   Frederick Wm..  2iri|iCaci-ett,  George   H   216  217  21S  219  220  221  222  223  22-1  225  226  227  22S  229  230  231  232  233  234  235  236  237  23S  239,  ISarnshaw.  Ferguson      Ebbs.  William      Edge, Samuel  Joseph      Edwards.   Frank      Egan,  Michael      Egan. Thomas Selby     Ellis, John  Henry     Ellis.  William   Edward   ...  Elliot,  John      Elliott, Moore Hill    Elliot.  Robert Johnson   ...  Elvery.  Dudley James      Elvery.   Frank      Embree, Andrew Stephen..  Emory,  Arthur Dunham   ..  Enfield,  Stephen     Eperson, Vincent    Erickson, Gust     Eskrigge, Arthur Edward..  Evans, Herbert A   Mill Street   Accountant  Kootenay Hotel Waiter  Silica and   Kootenay Streets   Mine  manager  Macdonald Block   '.. Book-keeper  Silica  Street Teamster  Victoria   Hotel    Labourer  Mill  Street   Exp. messenger.  Steamer Kokanee    Steward  Vernon   Street    Railway man  Observatory Street    Timber  Inspcvt.r  Tremont  Hotel   Carpenter  Victoria Street   Painter  Grand Central Hotel    Miner  Silica St reel    Shoemaker  Sherbrooke Hotel  Labourer  Tremont Hotel   Miner  Victoria Street    Miner  Silica Street    ';'... Gentleman  Silica Street    ,. Teamster  Stanley   Street    Ins. agent  Victoria Street   Carbonate Street    Silica and Hendryx Streets ..  Innes  Street      Mill  Street  :   Kootenay and Silica Streets  Mill Street    ��� ��� Solicitor  ��� ��� Fitter  ��� ��� Machinist  . ��� Clerk  ��� ��� Ry. employee  ��� ��� Carpenter  Merchant  Farrell, Luke M   Farwell, Arthur S   Fayle, Alfred William  Ferguson, Archibald ..  240j Ferguson, Edward   Ferguson, George  241  242  243  244  245  246  247  24S  249  250  251  252  253  254  255  256  257  25S  259  260  261  262  263  264  2G5  266  267  26S  209  270  271  272  273  274  275  276  277  27S  279  2S01  2S1  2S2  2S3  2S4  285  ���286  287  2S8  2S9  290  291  292  293  294  295  296  297  29S  299  "300  301  302  303  304  305  306  307  308  309  Fraser,   John  Fraser, Norman St. Clair..  Fiore, Fenerco      Fiore,   Ovile      Fiset,  George      Fisher,  Archibald   Duncan.  Fisher, William James    Fisk,   Charles      Fiori,  Arehille      Fleck,  Alvin  Clarence      Fletcher,   Frank      Fletcher, George Augustus.  Fletcher, John      Foote, John James    Forin, John Andrew     Fortune. Anderson     Fox, John  Henry      Frocino, Louis     ���Yancella,  Dominico      Friedman,  Nathan      ullerton,  Herbert  Mathew  Baker Street   Merchant  Railway Street Carpenter  Grand Central Hotel   Hotel-keeper  Lots 1 and 2. Block 26, Add. A Watchman  Cedar Street    Expressman  Lot L Block 41  Teamster  Stanley   Street    Surveyor  Vernon   Street  Saw mill emp.  Lake View Hotel  Stat,   engineer  Silica Street    Merchant  Victoria and Cedar Streets  Transfer man  Lots 1 and 2. Block 38  Accountant  Silica 'Street   Train dispatcher  Vernon   Street    Labourer  Vernon   Street.  Labourer  Rossland Hotel  Miner  Water Street  Carpenter  Water Street Carpenter  Victoria  Hotel    Clerk  Baker Street Laborer  Hoover   Street Teamster  Silica and Kootenay Streets   Land surveyor  Stanley  Street    Miner  C. P. R. Yards  Car inspector  Hall Mines Road   Blacksmith  Cedar Street    Judge  Royal   Hotel    Ry. employee  Cedar Street    C. F. R. cashier  Vernon   Street    Labourer  Vernon   Street    Labourer  Carbonate Street   Jeweler  Stanley Street  Com.  traveller  Gagnon, Cleophus Victor ..  Gallon,   Thomas      Gamble,  Arthur  Gordon   ..  Gardner, Fred   Garner,   Frederick      authier, Joseph   Gallagher, Lawrence     Gallagher,   William      Galliher, William Alfred   ..  Gebert, Otto Julian    Gee,   Arthur      Genelle, Joseph     Gibbs, Francis Burgess   Gibson,  John  Ayton      Gigot, Edward Francis   Gilker,  James   Arthur      Gillett,  William   George   ..  Ginsberg, Harris     Glenn,  Norman   ...;   Glover, William Mackenzie  Godfrey,   William   Edward.  Gooch,   Clarence      Goodchild. Melville D   Goodeve, Herbert George ..  Goostrey, John Wesley ...  Gordon, John Gilbert ...:.  Gordon, Thomas Henry ....  Gormely, George Thomas..  Gormely,  Joseph  Vincent..  Goucher,   Fred,   Goucher ,Robert      Goupel, John Clarence     Gowley, John      Gowley, John      Gracey, Arthur Henry     Graham, Frederick H   Graham,  George  Williaiii..  Daniel      David      rd  Silica Street      Carbonate Street  Lots 13, 14, 15  ..  Victoria Street ..  Tremont Hotel  ..  Sherbrooke Hotel  Baker Street    Sunnyside Hotel  Hiune Hotel      C. P. R. Station Yi  Baker Street   Victoria Street   Hume Hotel    '. ,   Hiume  Hotel      Lots 23 and 24. Block 30    Baker Street    Lots S and 9, Block 25   Hall Street    Sherbrooke   Hotel       Hall Mines Road   Sherbrooke Hotel   Hume  Hotel      Edgewood  Avenue      Silica  Street      Victoria Hotel      Nelson, B. C.:?   Victoria Street    Madden House     Phair   Hotel      Mill  Street   Lots 13 and 24, Block 55, Subdivision 150  Occidental Hotel     Bartlett House    Bartlett  Hotel      Victoria and Hall Streets   Silica Street      Madden House  ............. .....v^all^  Miner  Free miner  Ins. agent  Labourer  Cook  Miner  Miner  Mason  Barrister  Car inspector  Tailor  Lumberman  Merchant  Postmaster  Merchant mgr.  Merchant  Contractor  Merchant  Engineer  Miner  Blacksmith  C. P. R. inspector  Clerk   Accountant  Fireman  Mining broker  Engineer,   C.P.R.  Miner  Hotel clerk  Storekeeper  Labourer  Painter  Janitor  Caretaker  Mine manager  Clergyman  Steamboat mate  Gratify  Grant,  Grant,  Grant,  Grant,  Edward     John      William Edward ..  |Graves, Bradford Howard..  |uray, George W   JGray, John  Moore     |Green, Frank Compton    i|Gi een, Jacob     310|Gieenwood, James Tidmarsh  311 Greenwood,  Thomas      312 Greyerbiehl, Paul      313 Gricr,  Edwin  Wallace      314 Grier, James Williams    315 Grizi-elle,   Edward      316 Gunn,  George  M   317|Ciiirney,  Joseph  James      3IS|Gwilliam,   Edward      "Cedar Street      Grand Central Hotel     Madden House     Latimer Street    Falls and Baker Streets   Josephine  Street     Front and Hendryx Streets   Lot 4, Block 73, Water Street     Victoria and Kootenay Streets     Victoria Street    Kootenay and  Hall  Mines Road     Railway Street. C. P. R. Yards    Cedar Street      Nelson   House      Royal   Hotel   Lots IS, 19, 20, Subdivision 95, Block 46  Gore and  Hall  Streets     Mill Street    Victoria  Hotel      Blacksmith  Bridgeman  Miner  Hotel man  Coach cleaner  Conductor,  C.P.R.  Engineer  Janitor  Engineer  Auctioneer  Gentleman  Section foreman  Carpenter  Engraver  Printer  Florist  Shoemaker  Car repairer  Store man  Front Street  Front Street  Front Street  a31S'|Hagarty,  Hugh    Victoria  Hotel      319 Hall, George Arthur Ben.. Hall and Silica Streets    320 Hall,   George  William    Gore Street, Lots 7 and S, Block 28  321 Hall, William  Henry    Baker Street     322 Halderman, Henry  Howard Hall Mines Road, Block 14    323 Halkett,   Andrew    Carbonate Street     324 Hale, George Washington.. Lot 15 .Block 79,  325 Hale, Richard Henry Lot 15, Block 79.  326 Hale, Richard Samuel    Lot 15, Block 79,  327 Hamilton, Alexander  Silica Street      328 Hamilton,   John    Falls and Victoria Streets    329 Hamilton,  James  Gordon.. Silica and Victoria Streets   330 Hamilton, Robert James  .. Lot 12, Block 41, Mill Steret    331 ..ammomi, Arthur   Baker and Josephine Streets    332 Hampson,   John    Robson  Street      333 Hampton, Thomas James .. Victoria Hotel      334 Hannah,  Thomas James   .. C. P. R. Yard    335 Hannington,  Robert W.... Carbonate and Hendryx Streets    330 Hansford,  William  Francis Silica Street    ,   337 Hanson, Ole Marten    Innes  Street   33S Hartlcastle, Bolton Prow .. Mill Street    339 Hardie,  John    Railway Street    310 Hardie,  William    Railway Street, Block 101    341 Hardy, James Thomas  Silica  Street      342 Harbour,  Herbert William. Lots 22 and 23, Block 29, Silica Street..  343 Hargraves,   James    Royal   Hotel      344 Hargraves, John James  ... Josephine and Latimer Streets    345|Hanis,  Henry    losephine and  Robson  Streets     346|Harris,  Henry Francis   Victoria Street between Cedar and Park  347 Harris. James Victoria Street     345 Harrison, Campbell    Victoria Hotel      349 Harrcd,   Arthur   Westbrook Victoria  Hotel      350 Hart, George   Lot 7, Block 43, Stanley Street   351 Hartle,  Cha. les    Sherbrooke Hotel    352 Hu wood.  Joseph    Carbonate St., bet. Hendryx and Cedar  353 Harwood, Joseph Sydney .. Hume   Hotel      354 Hatch. William John Block 75, Lots 6 and 7    355 Haultain, Herbert E. T,... Victoria Street    . Carpenter  Physician  . Smelter employee  Labourer  Railway  clerk  Conductor  Boat builder  Boat builder  Boat builder  Switchman  Railway agent  Prospector  Merchant  Brakeman  Miner  Miner  Painter  Solicitor  Law clerk  Smelterman  Labourer  Railway emp.  Blacksmith  Policeman  Dispatcher  Mining engineer  Miner  Assayer  Machinist  Labourer  Carpenter  Miner  Loco, engineer  Teamster  Janitor  Bartender  Painter  Mining   engineer The Nelson Tribune  VOTERS' LIST���NELSON CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Xo.  Christian name and surname of  Ihe Claimant In full length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a cily or (own, the name anil side of the  slieel upon he resides, and the names  of the lien rest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  356 Hawkey, Richard John   ... Silica  Street    Physician  357 Hawkins, James Joseph  ... Vernon and Josephine Streets  Motorman  35S Hawthorn,   Charles   Robert Stanley and Mill Streets   Accountant  359 Hawthorn,  Franklin  Bond. Stanley Street    Cigar traveller  360 Hay, Arthur  Percy    Lot IS, Block 4, Silica Street  Baggage  master  361 Hay,   Robert   Black    Latimer   Street    Baker  302 Heathcoote, Geo. W.  Bruce Lot 17, Block 14, Silica Street Bank manager  363 Hebden,   Alfred   Poppleton. Lot 17.  Block  55,  Delbruck  Street   Plumber  361 Hebden, Frank Englis   Lot 9, Block 11, Baker Street Plumber  365 Hedley, John  Menxies    Stanley  Street    Bank  clerk  366 Hedley, Robert Rish   Block "B" Lot 150G Metallurgist  367|Helme, Richard   Hoover Street, Lots 3 and  1, Block 51.. Route agent.  3(*S|Hemley,  Alexander    Water Street Iron moulder  369|Hepburn, John   Willow   Street    Contractor  370|Heion, William Ball   Opposite C. P. R. Passenger Depot Car repairer].   Leslie    Ward and Victoria Streets  Mine manager  372  373  374  375  370  377  37S  379  3S0  381  3S2  3S3  384  3S5  3S6  3Si  3SS  3S9  390  391  392  393  394  395  396  397  39S  399  400  401  402  Hill, Wyman John   Baker Street   Printer  Hinde, Alfred James  Hoover Street Smelter man  Hipperson, Arthur John   ..Stanley and  Hoover Streets   Tinner  Hiperson, William John. .. Stanley and   Hoover Streets   Warehouseman  Hodge,  George  Cadenhead. Stanley  Street    Tel. Supt.  Hodgskinson, Henry   Sherbrooke   Hotel    Miner  Hogan,  James    Ward and Victoria Streets  Shoemaker  Holmes, Joseph W Mill Street  Manufacturer  Hood, Robert M Josephine  Street   Clerk  Horton, John    .< Observatory Street   Gardener  Houlahan, John Patrick  .. Tremont Hotel   Singer Co. Agent  Houlding, Mortimer  Ward  Street  Fireman  Houston,   James    Stanley and Houston Streets  Blacksmith  Houston, John   Carbonate and Hall Streets Printer  Houston,  William Henry .. Silica and Hall Streets  Book-keeper  -owe, Reginald Ashley Lot 10, Block 12, Stanley Street Secretary Mess. S  Howson,   Joseph    Grand Central Hotel   Miner  Hume, John    Victoria Hotel    Bridge   carpenter  Hume,  John  Fred Hume   Hotel  Miner  Hume  Hotel    Porter  Baker Street .Lot 7, Block 12 Railway clerk  Victoria Street _ ireman  Hall Mines Road Agent  Royal   Hotel    Conductor,  C.P.R.  Silica Street    Merchant  Hume, William Mitchell  Humphrey, Ogras William  Humphrey, Levi William.  Hunter, George Alexander  Hunter, James Ernest ...  Hunter, John Robert   Ingrain, Francis Charles  .  Ingram, John Archibald   ..  Ink,  Charles   H   Ironside, William Nelson..  Irvine, Frederick    Irvine, Herbert Thomas ..  403|lrvine,  404  405  406  407  40S  409  410  411  412  4131  414"  415  416  41.7  a417  41S  419  420  421  422  423  424  425  426  427  42S  429  430  431  432  433  434  435  436  437  43S  439  440  441  442  443  444  445  446  447  44S  -=449  450  451  452  453  454  455  456  457  45S  459  460  461  462  463  464  465  466  467  4 (IS  409  4 701  471  472  473  474  475  476  477  478  479  480  4S1  4821  483  484  485  486  487  488  4S9  490  491  492  493  494  495  496  497  49S  499  500  501  502  503  504  505  506  Irving  Irwin,  Irwin,  Irwin,  Iversen  William   John Alexander  Edgar      Fred.  L   Robert  Samuel   .  Lawrence      Stanley and  Innes Streets     Lot 24, Block 30, Innes and Stanley Sts.  Hoover   Street.   Victoria Street     Baker and Josephine Streets    Josephine  Street     Silica Street      Hoover  Street   Lot 4, Block 2, Vernon Street    Carbonate Street     Hume  Hotel      Lot 2627, Subdiv. Lot 95, G. I   Motorman  Smelter  employee  Printer  Book-keeper  Merchant  Mining broker  Merchant  Merchant >���*���  Express clerk  Clerk  Port steward  Car repairer  Johnson,  Johnson,  Johnson,  ohnson,  Johnson,  Johnson,  Johnson,  Archie M   Gustave     Harry     John  Wilhelm   ..  John Alfred     John      Oscar      Johns. Solomon       Johnstone.  Charles   Samuel  Johnstone,  George      Johnston,  Thomas      Jones, William Albert     Jones, William Henry   Jowett, William Austin ...  Joy, Robert George    Jackman,  John      Jackson,  Joseph      Jameson, Wm. Morley     James.   Richard      James, Richard Thomas ...  Jarvis, Colbourne Dennis ..  Jarvis, Frederick William.  Jarvis, William Dunimer ..  Jarvis. William Reginald..  Jesse, George Henry    Robson   Street    Labourer  Victoria Street  Weigh master  Hoover Street. Block 52    Cost, appraiser  Royal  Hotel    Miner  Latimer   Street Plumber  S. W. corner Baker and Hall Streets .. Clerk  Vernon   Street Miner  West Block, Baker Street  Gentleman  Edgewood  Avenue Chief of police  Baker and Stanley Streets   Book-keeper  Josephine and Observatory Streets  Barrister-at-law  Latimer   Street    Labourer  Victoria Street  Caretaker  Block 22. Addition  "A." -Miner  Victoria Hotel    Fireman  Mill Street  Hotel-keeper  Grand Hotel    ^ Miner  Royal   Hotel    Hotel   proprietor  Bartlett  Hotel    Express clerk  Silica and Hall Streets  Coll. of Customs  Lot 11, Block 9, Baker Street Plumber  Nelson Gas & Coke Co Fireman  Silica Street    ��� ��� Job printer  Victoria Street   Free miner  Josephine and Mill Streets  Merchant  Kelly, Aaron Hart    Kelly,  James  Gregory      Kelly, Sydney Arthur J. ..  Kelly, Washington Samuel.  Kerr, Alexander John   .;!..  Kerr,   Edward      Kilby, Ernest     Kilby, John Fryer     Kimber, John    Kinahan,   Thomas      Kinrade, George Henry   Kirkpatriek, John Andrew.  Kurtz, David George     Kydd, George     Phair   Hotel Mine owner  Madden House    Carpenter  Kootenay and Carbonate Streets ...... Manufacturer  Bartlett House   Smelter man  Victoria Street  Merchant  Occidental Hotel Labourer  Vernon   Street    Carpenter  Josephine and Mill Streets  Loco, engineer  Baker Street   Brick tender  Silica Street    Bank messenger  Ward and Lake Streets   Blacksmith  Mill Street   Silica  Street    Liv   Stable Prop.  Victoria Street   Bank manager  Labbe,  Joseph      LaBelle, Joseph   L..A.  LaBauy^DavitrTr.Trrrr.TTT  LaBras'h, Harry    LaFrance, Elzear Naazire..  Laing, Frederick William .  Lamb, William James .....  Lambert, Alexander George  Lamont, Peter     Lang,  John      angdon, Edward     Lapointe,   Horace      arsen, Emil  Christian   ...  Larsen,  Louis K   Lavigne, Charles    Lawrence,  Henry      ..awrence, James   Lawrence. John Stead      Lay, James Murry    Leahy,  Richard      Lean, Allan McLean C   Leavry,  Philip     Lee,  William   Henry     Ley,  Richard  Halse     Leidy,   Wesley      Lemon, William Frank   Lemon,  Robert  E.   ...,   Lennieux, Philip     Lennie, Robert Scott   Lewis,  Thomas      Ligault,   Rodolphe      Lillie, Thomas Lester    Lillie, Thomas William  ...  Lilly, James      Lindblad,   Andrew   Gustave  'Lindblad, John     Lindsay, Arthur Patrick ..  Linebaugh, John William..  Little, David  Henry Maude  Lomprey, Joseph M   Love,  James   Hall      Logan, Mathew S.    Loggie,  James Thompson..  Louholdt, Victor     Long, Alexander      Longhurst,  Charles      Lowery, Robert Thorton ..  Ludwig, Jacob Melville  ...  Luna, Ricardo      Luscomb, Thomas Callard.  Luston,  Richard      Ward  Street  Water Street  Gaoloi'  Labourer  "B��ker and Josephine Streets    Madden  House     Ward and  Stanley Streets      East half of Lot 9, and Lot 10, Block 43  Sunnyside Hotel      Cedar Street      Carbonate Street     Lakeview Hotel     Latimer and Hendryx Streets   Kootenay   Hotel      Gore Street   Josephine  Street      Sherbrooke Hotel    Hall and Vernon Streets     Stanley  St reet      Carbonate SI reet     Falls and Victoria Streets   Lt 2627. Subdiv. Lot 95, G. 1   ISO  Baker Street    Lakeview Hotel    Sampling Works. Front Streel.    Lots 6 and 7, Block S, Hoover Street ..  Lot 2027, Subdiv. 95G   Grand Central  Hotel      Provincial Gaol, Ward Street     Victoria  Hotel      435  Vernon  Street     Victoria Hotel      Sherbrooke Hotel   Baker Street     Fire Hall, Josephine Street     Baker Street     Robson  Street      Robson  Street      Baker and Stanley Streets     Water Street    Vernon  Street      Bartlett House     Stanley  Street      Carbonate and Kootenay Streets     Hall Street, Lot 12, Block 16    Royal Hotel. Lots 5 and 6, Block 29  ..  Sherbrooke Hotel      Victoria Street   Phair   Hotel      Hall   Street       Baker Street   ���   Water Street  Lot 14, Block  91, Falls and Baker Sts..  Phys.   &  Surgeon  Carpenter  Labourer  Clerk  Labourer  Lumber man  Merchant  Minor  Engineer  Bartender  Miner  Merchant.  Stone mason  Shoemaker mcht.  Train master  Banker  Labourer  Photographer  Minor  Brewery manager  Assayer  Engineer  Millwright  Gaol warden  Brakeman  Solicitor  Fruiterer  Miner  Machinist  Chief  Fire Dept.  Warehouseman  Carpenter  Miner  Bank clerk  Hack driver  Traveller  Miner  Agent  Mine manager  Tinsmith  Cook  Prospector  Alerchant  Tournalist  Harness maker  Labourer  Labourer  Coach cleaner  Lynch, William  ...  MacAskell,  Donald  Macdonald,  Macdonaki,  Macdonald,  Macdonell  Macdonald,  Houston Street ..  Josephine Street.  Hall Mines Road  Silica Street ....  Robson Street ..  Victoria Street ..  Mill Street    Ewen   .  Allan H   Duncan      Duncan M   Henry  Edward,  nines Allan...  Macdonald. Norman Charles Bartlrtl   Hotel      Macdonald, Reginald Murry Lots 1, 2 and 3, Block 44B  ��� ��� ��� Labourer    Labourer  ��� Railway emp.  . ��� ��� ��� Carpenter   Clerk  ,... Agent   C.P.R.   Architect   Warehouseman  ��� ���, Barrister-.T-t-law  VOTERS' LIST���NELSON CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Xo.  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon whicli lie resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his resideiice'is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any;.  Macdonald, Wm. Alexander Stanley and Carbonate    Mackay, Charles Angus ... Hall and Gore Streets     Mackay,   David    Silica Street      Mackenzie.  Hector   Water Street    MacLachlan, Angus   North-East of Ward Street  MacLean, William Ross ... Park Street     Macleod,   Edward    Hall Mines Road  Macleod,  Henry  Fry   ..  JMacnab, Win. James  ...  Mack,   William   Henry   ,  518  519  520  521  522  523  524  525  526  527  52S  529  530  531  532  533  534  535  536  537  53S  539  540  541  542  543  544  545  540  547  548  549  550  551  552  553  554  555  556  557  558  559  560  561  562  563  504  565  566  567  568  569  570  571  572  573  574  575  570  577  578  Water and Front Streets    Vernon and Falls Streets    Let IS, Block 66, Vernon Street ..  Mill and Stanley Streets     Silica  Street      Kcotenay Hotel     Lot 3, Block 49, Houston Street .  Madigan, George Owen .  Ma_lio, Charles D   Magnuson,  John  Emil   .  Malcolm,  James    Sunnyside  Hotel  Mallette, Napoleon   Kootenay Hotel  Malone,   James    Baker Street  ..  Malone, John J Water Street ..  Maltby,   Charles    Victoria Street  579  5S0  581  5S2  5S3  5S4  5S5  5S6  5S7  5SS  5S9  590  591  592  593  594  595  596  597  59S  599  600  001  002  _602  004  605  60u  607  60S  009  610  611  612  613  614  6  Manson, Andrew   Houston and Josephine Streets    Marks, Alfred John   Hall   Street   .. ���   Marks, Cecil James   Front and Hendryx Streets    Martin, John Robert  Victoria Street -.  ���  Martin, Joseph  Sherbrooke Hotel      Martin, Robert  Lakeview Hotel    Mathers, James Henry  Lot 3, Block 9, Silica Street   Matheson, John Henry  Baker Street, bet. Josephine and Ward  Mason,   Edgar    '." Lot 5, Block 75, Water Street   May, Thomas B ��� ��� ��� ��� Lot 10, Block 9, Baker Street   Magher, William Joseph  .. Lot IS, Block 14, Silica Street    Meighan, James Leigh   Nelson   House   :   Mercer, Harry Foster   Royal   Hotel      Miohelson,  Michael    Klondyke  Hotel    ���������  Middleton,  John    Josephine  Street      Mighton, Benjamin B Josephine  Street      Miller, Alfred James  Stanley  Street  i   Miller, Ben    Carbonate Street   Miller, Charles   Baker Street    Miller, Eugene P 365 Mill Street |   Mills, Alfred Lincoln  Edgewood   Avenue      Mills,  Harry Anthony    Front Street   Hills,   Sanford    Nelson. Hotel   A.   Mills, Thomas Alfred  ...... Silica Street   ..;   Moffatt, Frederick C.   ..:.. Carbonate and Josephine Streets    Moffat, James William  Phair  Hotel      Monahan,. Michael Charles. Bartlett Hotel   Monteleone,   Dominico    Baker Street    Montgomery, John Alex.  .. Baker Street  . -   Moore,   Brenton   Gordon... Grand Central Hotel    Moore, Charles Stewart ... Carbonate and Hall Streets    Moore, Homer James   Carbonate Street    Moran, Thomas P Madden House    Morley,  Thomas    Nelson, B. C ���*   Morris,   David    Edgewood  Avenue      Morrison, Frank Elihu .... Silica  Street      Morrison,  Hermon Bernard silica Street    ���������  Morrison, John Victor   Carbonate Street    Morrison, Malcolm   Baker Street   Morrison, William Hugh .. Carbonate Street '.' ....  22 Carbonate Street    Bartlett  Hotel      Railway and Victoria Streets   Bartlett Hotel      Baker Street  Mortimer,   George  Morton, Thomas Elliott ..  Moss, William  Beaumont.  Moss, William Henry     Motion, George  Fortune  Mulrooney,  Mathew Joseph slocan Street, C. P. R. Yard  Munro,  Alexander      Munro,  Alex.  William  Munro, John      Murphy, Michael    Mouat, Robert George  Myers, James     Lot 4, Block 93  Stanley and Houston Streets  Latimer   Street      Grand Central Hotel   ���  Park and Front Streets    Sunnyside Hotel     McAlman, John Abraham..  McArUhur, Duncan      McAstocker,   Thomas      McAstocker, Claude J.  McAstocker, James    McBeath,   David      McBeath, Duncan Archibald  McBeath, William H   McCandlish, Robert John .  McCandlish, Wm. Edgar ..  McCandlish, Wm. Edgar ..  McCattghey,   Thomas      McCausland, Hugh     McColoman, Neil    McCormick, Daniel Bernard  McCormick, Peter     McCreath, David     McCreath, William    McCuaig, Alexander    McCuaig,   Archibald      McCulloch, Andrew Lake..  McDermid, Edward Blake..  McDonald,  Alexander      McDonald,  A,ngus     McDonald.^Angus.  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  615 McDonald,  016  617 McDonell  618 McFarland  619 McFarland  620 McFarland  621 McGregor,  622 McGowan  623 McGregor,  624 McGregor  625 McGregor,  626 Mcllardy,  McDonald,  Charles Robert.  McDonald,   Daniel      David      George      George Brown..  Henry  O.  B.   ..  James      James Albert ��� ���  John      John   Alexander  Peter Lacke  ...  Rodei ick      McDonald,  Roderick      Archibald      , Duncan A   , George Richard  ,  William      Edward James..  Frank    James      James  Edmond.  Robert      Charles Ferbes..  627 Mcintosh, George D   52S Mclntyre, Henry Beecher..  629 Mclntyre, William  James..  030 McRay,   Frederick   Norman  031 McKay, Simon Fraser    032 McKennie. Robert John  ...  ..icKenzie,   Alexander      634JMcKenzie,  Charles      635.McKenzie, William Edward  63C|McKillop, Alexander  L.  ...  637iMcKinnon,   Luuchlin      63S|McLachlan, Charles      639 McLatchie, John      6-lOjMcLaughlin,   Daniel       041 McLachlan, Donald Stewart  642jMcLachlan, Dugald James.  (MSIMcLoughlin, George Edward  (i44|McLonnan,   Norman      .ennan. Peter Andrew,  loan. John  Alvin     Robert      William   Cameron  Finlay      John      Jobn      John   Funelasion..  Mui'dock      Rod      George  1!   Daniel  C   William  George.  John Joseph   .. .  Daniel      ames      Thomas Shanks  Max    645 Mel.  OlOJMcl  647|Mcl  64SJMct  (i49|Mc  .ean,  ipan,  .end,  G50|McLpoi1.  McLeod  McLeod.  McLeod,  McLeod.  McMillan.  McMorris,  McMorris,  McMullan,  659|McNicholl,  OOOJMcPhcc,   J  061 [McPherson,  662jMcSweyn,  651  652  653  654  655  656  057  65S  Observatory Street     Mill Street   Robson  Street      Robson   Street      Robson   Street      Falls   Street      Silica Street     Falls   Street   Victoria Hotel      Victoria Street    Carbonate Street    Madden House     Baker Street     Victoria Hotel      Victoria Hotel      Rossland Hotel  ��� ���   Front Street   '���   Grand Central Hotel   Houston Street. Block 49    Lot 3, Block 25, Subdiv. 95    Lots 1S and 19. Block 43    Hoover and Hall Streets    Madden House      Grand Central Hotel     -TrenionUHotel��� .....,.........,.....-.-.-..���-���-���-���-  Manhattan Hotel    Lot 22. Block 2S, Carbonate Street   Grand Central Hotel     Vernon   Street      Silica  Street     Vernon   Street      Silica  Street   Mill Street    Water Street, foot of Josephine Street..  Sunnyside  Hotel      Lots 11 and 12, Blk. 3S, Latimer & Cedar  Carbonate Street    Sherbrooke  Hotel      Observatory Street     Hall and Robson Streels    Robson   St root      Front Street, Block 73     Lot 16, Block D., Subdiv. 150    Lot 22, Block 31, Carbonate Street     Edgewood   A venue      Railway St reet    Carbonate Street     Hoover and Hendryx Streets    Royal   Hotel      Mill Street     Carbonate Street     Baker and Stanley Streets    Royal   Hotel   Bartlett   Hotel      Lots 9 and !0, Block 50, Houston Street.  Madden  House     Victoria   Hoi el      Stanley and Hoover Streets   Lot  17, Block 7, Victoria Street     Lot 11, Block 9. Baker Street   Stanley and Victoria Streets    Bartlett   Hotel      Mill and Josephine Streets    Mill  Street   Queen's   Hotel      Tremont Hotel     Silica Street.  Lot 78, Block  II      Club House. Silica Street    Hall   St root       Silica Street      Water front, foot, of Josephine Street..  Lot 11, Block 28, Carbonate Street   Silica Streel      "���53 East  Hiker Street    Royal   Hotel      Victoria Si root     Victoria  Street      Stanley nnd  Latimer Streets     Lots 13 and  It.  Block 24      Madden   ll'.n-'f      Queen's   Hoi'-I      Mill  St net      K. W. ('. Illock, Ward and Baker  Mill Street '   Barrister-at-law  Miner  Conductor  Carpenter  Labourer  Manager  Railway clerk  Registrar  Loco, engineer  Teamster  Hotel   proprietor  Boiler inspector  Bartender  Smelter man  Blacksmith  Hotel  keeper  Bartender  Hotel  keeper  Caretaker  Railway clerk  Gentleman  Railway emp.  Timber  inspector  Cook  Warehouseman  Machinist  Tonsorial artist  Carpenter  Barber-  Merchant  Clerk  Teamster  Smelter man  Railway emp.  Accountant  Steward  Miner  Painter  Printer  Lineman  Clerk  Clerk  Dep. Registrar  Reporter  Mining engineer  Mine-  Merchant  Merchant  Bridge   carpenter  Clerk  Book-keeper  Miner  Stationer  Civil engineer  Dentist  Dentist  Steward  Engineer  Machinist  Machinist  Miner  Coke & Gas Co.  Miner  Drayman  Car repairer  Road  master  Merchant  W works foreman  Labourer  Conductor,  C.P.R.  Labourer  Guard, P. Gaol  Furn.   merchant  Loco, engineer  Loco, fireman  Engineer  Contractor  Timberman  Labourer  Loco. Fireman  Hotel  keeper  Exp. messenger  Labourer  Merchant  Miner  Fireman,  C.P.R.  Fireman  Florist  Rancher  Farmer  Smelter employee  Engineer  Accountant  Clerk  Electrician  ���Labourer-^    ^  Sis.  Bartender  Blacksmith  Bridge carpenter  Butcher  Accountant  Fireman  Furniture  dealer  Confectioner  Contractor  Stone mason  Carpenter  Carpenter  Smelter  employee  Guard  Accountant  Bank clerk  Teamster  Teamster  Loco, engineer  Mining   inspector  Machinist  Lumberman  Merchant  Brakeman  Tel. inspector  Conductor  Clerk  Boiler maker  Smelter  employee  Tram,   conductor  Stone cutter  Engineer  Assayer  Master  Hdw.  merchant  Surveyor  Miner  Merchant  Hdw.   merchant  Merchant  Brakeman  Physician  Labourer  Blacksmith  Contractor  Labourer  Miner  Plasterer  Merchant  Free miner  Lineman.   C.P.R.  Minor  City clerk  Printer  Mine supt.  Clerk  Electrician  Merchant.  Insurance agent  VOTERS' LIST���NELSON CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Christian name and surname of  the Claimanl in full length.  Residence of Claimant.  liesiucnee oi claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  ,. : ,., ....... :.. ..t,....,..\  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  303(Xagle, Amos W   004j.\'ason. Thomas Henry    665|Neelands,  Hamilton George  666|Neelands, James      067 Neelands.   samuel      66S  669  670  671  672  67*3  674  075  676  677  67S  679  080  6S1  6S2  6S3  684  685  6S6  6S7  688  6S9  690  691  692  Olio  694  695  696  697  09S  699  700  701  702  703  704  705  700  707  70S  709  71.0  711  712  713  714  715  716  717  71S  719  720  721  722  723  724  725  726  727  72S  729  730  731  732  73a  73-1  735  736  737  738  739  740  74.1  742  743  744  745  Xelson,   Ignatius  Geraldine.  Nelson, Louis Peter    Nelson, Soren     Nelson, William James   Neve, Gerald Afred   Newington, Arthur Wilmot  Newiing, Onslow     Newman, Frederick Richard  Newman, James Wentworth  Nicholson, Neil      Nickerson. James Henry...  Nipou, Paul     Nixon, Hugh     Nolan, John H   Norris, Charles      Nunn, Georg-     O'Brien, Daniel    O'Dell, James Henry    O'Donnell, Joseph     O'Driscoll, George Robert..  O'Loughlin, John Victor ...  O'Neil, John  Doyle     O'Reilly, Francis Joseph  ..  Orr, Forest Lee   Osborn, Hiram Charles   o Shea,  James      Osier,  Edward      Osier, Francis Lewelyn   ...  Ostin, John     O'Sullivan,  Edward      Otty, George      Painton, Frederick James..  Park,  Anton      Park, Andrew Thompson ..  Park,  William      Parkin, Edwin      Parry, Melville Sims    Patenaude, Joseph Ov'ila ..  Paterson, Lawrence     Patterson,   John      Pearcy, William S   Peard, William Henry S. ..  Peebles, Robert Arthur  ...  Pierre, John Thomas   Perrier,0 Arthur Aldredge   .  Perrier, Hector Joseph    Pettit, Frederick William..  i.Jettman, Frank Ernest ...  Phair, Edwin E.   Phair, Henry Jasper     Phillips,  Charles  Henry   ..  Phililps, Edward Francis  .  Pinkham, James F. ,   Piper, James Henry     Pisacreta, Antonio     Pitchford, Arthur Alex.  ...  Pitts,  Herbert H   Player,   George   Pennington  Pogue,   Levi   Pollard, William B   Pollock,   Gordon      Pollock, Hew Wm. Ferguson  Pollock, William     Pool,   Alexander      Poole,  Arthur  Russell.....  Poole, William Jacob   Poole, William Newton  ...  Porter, David George    Povah, John Francis    Potipard, Percy Harold   Poupore, James Edmond  ..  Powell, Thomas    Praeger, Edward Emil Jas.  Pratt, Napoleon     Prittie, Thomas George  ...  Proctor, John Eber     Proudfoot, David Henry ...  Mil! Street      Madden  House     Lets 23 and 24. Block 31   Baker Street     Baker Street     Lots 23 and 24, Block 27, Silca Street.  Klondyke Hotel   Latimer   Street      A'ictoria Street, Lot 15, Block 7   Latimer   Street      Hume  Hotel      Kcotenay  Street   P.   Hume Hotel '.   Robson   Street    ...;'..  Baker Street   -.  Carbonate Street     520 Water Street    Stanley and Gore Streets    241 Carbonate Street    Victoria  Hotel   Silica Street      Stanley  Street     ;  Victoria Hotel      Josephine Street ���  K. W. C. Block, Baker Street   Rossland Hotel    Mill Street    Cedar St., bet. Vernon & Edgewood Av  Madden House, Baker Street ,  Rossland Hotel, Vernon Street    Vernon Street, Lot 19, Block 90   Robson  Street      Rossland Hotel  ;   Klondyke Hotel     Sunnyside Hotel   Sherbrooke Hotel   Manufacturer  Asst.   Rd.  roaster  Gentleman  Photog.apher  Clerk  , Merchant  Hotel keeper  . Labourer  Conductor  Car repairer  Clerk  . Auctioneer  Brakeman  Cook  Stone mason  Watchmaker  Laundrynaan  Carpenter  Clerk, Reg. Office  Fireman  Manager  Labourer  Labourer  Accountant  Miner  Hotel keeper  Tinner  Civil engineer  Steamboat man  Labourer  Barrister  Machinist  Mining broker  Miner  Miner  Boiler maker  Silica Street  Musical goods  Vernon Street    ; Bartender.  Houston Street ,bet. Kootenay & Falls Carpenter  Vernon Street, Lot 10, Block 64 Contractor  Victoria Hotel  Railroad man  Lots 12 and 13. Block 44  Insurance agent  Baker Street Merchant  Lot 9, Block 29, Gore Street  Carpenter  Park St., bet. Vernon and Victoria Sts. Stenographer  Mill and Cedar Sts., Lots 11 & 12 Blk. 38 Painter  Hume Hotel, Vernon Street  Exp. messenger  Baker Street  Loco, engineer  "iHall   Street Merchant tailor  K..W. C. Block .Ward and Baker Sts... Clerk '  K. W. C. Block .Ward and Baker Sts... Photographer  -  Ward and Gore Streets Accountant  Steamer Moyie Purser  Arthur Block, Baker Street Gentleman  Baker Street  Merchant  Sherbrooke Hotel Railway emp.  Ward and Carbonate Streets  Miner  Houston Block  Accountant  Bartlett  Hotel -.- Miner  Slocan Street. C. P. R. Yard  .Car repairer  Victoria Street Constable  Edgewood  Avenue   Clerk  Lots 7 and 8, Block 93, Victoria Street.. Accountant  Victoria Street ........ .'��� Expressman  K. W. C. Block, Baker Street Tailor   ���  Royal Hotel, Stanley Street Labourer  Stanley Street Accountant  Sininyside Hotel  Labourer  Cedar and Silica Streets  Clerk -  ���  K. AV. C. Block, Baker Street ....-....-. -Druggist  Hall and Carbonate Streets  Printer  Ward and Baker Streets  ........ .-Clerk  Hall Street Clerk  Stanley St., bet. Observatory & Latimer Accountant  Grand Central Hotel Cook  Mill Street *. ��� Contractor  Observatory Street   Bricklayer  C. B. C. Building, Baker Street ���.... Bank clerk  Water Street  Fireman  Victoria Hotel    Labourer  K. W. C. Block, Baker and Ward Streets C.P.R. ticket agt  Vernon   Street    Book-keeper  Qua,  Robert    Houston Street  Miner  746 Rae,   Robert      747 Ratfael,  Atnlcone      748 Rankin, Edward Henry  ...  749 Rankin, Thomas Henry  ...  750 Rosicot. Jean Batiste    751 Ratcliffe, Sam  Hollins      752 Reardon, John     753Reicheit,   Henry      754 Reid, Archibald Ferguson..  755 Reily. Robert     756 Renwick, Robert Alexander  -757, Richards..J_d wanl-Ernest.-  758 Richard-on, John      759 Richardson,  John  Trowel..  760 Richardson,   William       761 Reistorer, Julius Robert ...  76211-iley, John   763 Riley, John  Christopher   ..  761 Rinkor,   Edward  Albert   ...  765 Rippin,   Harry      761! Ritchie,  George      767 Ritchie,  Robert   70S Roberts.   Francis   S'linuel..  769 Robinson, Albert  John    77()iRobinson,  Amos      77!JRol)erlson,   David  James   ..  772!R(ili('its<iii,   James      773;Robiiison,   William   Calvin.  77liRurho.  John   Joseph      775|Roclio;i, Joseph  Dovile ....  77(*i|Romniio,   AlexaiHii'i)      777iRoney.   Samuel  James   ....  77SJ>tus-\   William   Oliv-i"      779 Ross,  Hush   Hunter     7S0IRoss.   William   Frazer      7.Sl'|Routliier,  Felin   Luke J.   ..  782|Rowley. John Ricbaid F. ..  7S3]Rowley.  Sanford      7811Roy. Thomas George    785|Riitherl'ortl,   David   Watson  786|Rutlierford,   William      Victoria Hotel    Labourer  Front Street   Coal handler  Sherbrooke Hotel Railway emp.  Tremont   Hotel    Engineer  Sherbrooke Hotel Bartender  West side of Cottonwood Creek, Sub. 150 Labourer  Sherbrooke Hotel Machinist  Cedar Street    Miner  Bodega Saloon, Baker Street Bartender  Occidental Hotel    Blacksmith  Cedar and Silica Streets   Govt, agent  Sfanley-and--Robson^Streets-.-T-.-.'.-.-.--.^Merchantr��������  Houston Street ��� Carpenter  Sherbrooke Hotel  Fireman  Houston Street  Carpenter  Royal   Hotel    Brewer  Houston Street  Miner  Houston   St.,   bet.  Kootenay & Stanley Miner  Phair Hotel, Stanley Street  Hotel clerk  Kootenay  Street      Ward and  Latimer Streets  ...  Robson   Street      Latimer Street      Sl.ii.nley   Stroei      Stanley   Si reef      Lot   40,   Block  22      Water   Street      SI ;i n ley   St reel       Silica and  Kails Street    Fire Hall. Josephine Street ...  Kd'iteiiay    Hotel       Victoria  Street      Lois 21 and 22, Vernon Street  Minis Road      Biker Street     B:ik<-r Street     Sampling   Works      Madden   House     Tremont   Hotel     K. W. C. Block, Baker Street  Mirer  ��� ��� Clerk  ��� ��� Smelter man  ��� ��� Labourer  ��� ��� Baker  ��� ��� Baker  ��� ��� Furniture  dealer  ��� ��� Teamster  ��� ��� Baker  ��� ��� labourer  ��� ��� Driver, fire team  ��� ��� Labourer  ��� ��� Car repairer  ��� ��� ��� Physician  ��� ��� Engineer  ��� ��� Jeweller  ��������� Fitter  ��� ��� ��� Brewery Prop.  ��� ��� ��� Labourer  ��� ��� Miner  ������ Clerk  Lots 13 and  II, Block S  Clerk  7S7]Salicr.   Joseph   Kerr   ������������  788|Saiinduson.   Alexnnd"!'   ������  789iscanlan. Thomas Jo-eph  790:S('heriiicrhorn.  Ingold C.  7!ll;Sciiley. John  Henry     7!i2JScot.t. James      793jScully.   Michael      794iScully.   Michaelo  7!l5|Seaman  79liiSeaton,   ..  797lSi-iil.lo.  Wi  7t)8^Sel()iis.  799!Scw-'ll.  SOOiSr-well  Frank  Edward   Anderson.  tarn  Redhead  ������  Inrold      Charles  Henry      Thomas  William  SOUShackleton,   William      Si)2iShanni;n.   Charley       SH3 Shaw. Anj-us Gordon      Si)4:Shf'ppard,  Edward   Henry   .  Sltr>-Sbern-l.   Archibald      NOHISherwiviil,   Arthur   Robert..  SOTjSharp.  Byron  V.   SnS'Shaw, Harry Watts    smvshaw, John      S!0|Sha\v. Samuel  Pool      SUlSboatb.   Frank      Sl2iShori.  ('buries Albert     Sl3;Siinons.  John      SI IjSinipkins,  Ed.  Thos.   H.   ...  SlnjSimpson, Charles George  ..  Cedar St reel    ���  Lot 9. Block 10, Victoria Street   Stanley   Si reel      Water Street      Ward and Gore Streets  -  Witter Street    Victoria Street    Baker Street     H.-'II and  Vernon Streets     Vernon   Si reet      Houston  Block      Stanley and  Victoria Streets     Victoria   Hotel      C.  P.  R.  Yard     Front   Si reel      She.rbrooko Hotel     Mill and  Ward Streets     i-liiau-   Hotel      L-ikcview Hotel   Hoover   Street    ���  Mill Street, bet. Cedar and Hendryx   liuile't   Hotel       Mines   Road       Rnhsoii   Sn-eet      Shei���brooke Hotel      Hiker   St.,   bet.   Stanley  and   Kootena>  Vernon   St reet      Mines Road      Lots 3 and 4, Block 59, Front Street  Railway emp.  Butcher  Merchant  Lumber mcht.  Smelter   foreman  Labourer  Teamster  Merchant  Miner  Railway clerk  Bank clerk  Brakeman- ���  Bridge foreinan  Stone cutter  Cook  Carpenter  Exp.  messenger  Blacksmith  Accountant  Miner  Miner  Customs officer  Engineer  Cook  Loco, engineer  Registrar S. C.  Marble cutter *���!   :'-   ..  *  The Nelsoft Tribune  The ]. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd*  Importers   anel   Dealers   in '  Shelf  and   Heavy  HARDWARE  Tinware and  Granite-ware  Stoves and  Ranges  BAKER ST.  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Portland Cement,  T-Rails, Ore Cars, Sheet Steel, Crescent,  Canton and Jessop's Drill Steel : : : : :  INEUSOIN  Honey  IPUREh  CALIFORNIA  In  1 -lb Glass Jars 25c  Honey  ./.  A. IRVING & CO.  Groceries and Provisions  Houston Block, Nelson.  ���  !  Presenting Peaches  z       We  are  now  receiving regular  consignments  of the ^  5 Crawford Freestone Peach direct from Wenatchee. Prices X  i have touched  rock  bottom   for this season, so do not de- X  1 lay in ordering your supply. X  ��� = ���  I J. Y_ Griffin & Co., Limited. \  X ===== NELSON,   B. C. ======== |  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Starkey & Co.  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits  R.  -X. Rogers & Co., Ld., Winnipeg  Repi-esentins   ;*\. K. Fairbank Co.,     ��      Montreal  Simcoe Canning Co.,     -_,   Simcoe  Office and Warehouse,  Josephine  Street  -Vel-son, B_ C  ���yii,py^��^0c^cvX*P90^^062^0^y0cv0'590*P vA*? vX*? 9i8_P 9iS_P v>SJP9X*P %S^*zXt?9^'?^^ff9i^^xX^��^^Rl2%^^S^S  I ]. A. Kirkpatriek & Co., Ltd. 1  Wliolesule and Retail  Groceries; Crockery and Glassware  Aberdeen Block, Nelson  We have just received a consignment of The Cudahy  Packing Company's famous  Diamond C Bacon  especially cured and smoked for family use. This  bacon has no equal on the market. Try it. We have  a few gross of Preserve Sealers left at right prices.  0)0(0  q)o(p  0)0(0  MOB  J. A, KIRKPATRICK & CO., Ld.  PvX<p9-R*P*yX*5_^X*PwvvA*P 9lSv*&9lR<P ww yj$y!��& ^^vA^^^T^^^X-^f^^xR^^^^^xR-?^  P. Burns & Co  Wliolesule  and   Retail]  Meat  Merchants  Head Office andjCold^Storage  Plt-ntE-it Nelson.  BJtANClI MAHKETS lit Kaslo, Yinlr, Sandon, Silverton. I'evclstoke, New Denver, Cascade, Trail,  Ciriiml l''ork.s, (Irecnwood, Midwiiv, 1'hoenlx, Kossland. "locaii City, Moyie, Cmnbrook,  Fernie mid Macleod.  NELSON   IIKAN-CH  MAKKKT,   HUKNS  BLOCK,   BAKER STHKET  Orders by mail to nny Branch will receive prompt and careful utleiitioii.  Gels hi   Advanced   on   Consignments  Jacob Green & Co.  Auctioneers,  Appraisers,  Valuators  General   Commission  Agents  Corner of linker and Josephine Slrcel.  NELSON, B. C.  W'o earrv a very large  Stock  of  The Latest l'alte  Carpets, Rugs,  Linoleums  Come and make your choice  Before House Cleaning  SEE   OUR   GO=CARTS  All prices.    Wo can suit von.  D.   McARTHUR   &   CO.  Furnitui*e   Dealers   and   Undertakers  MORLEY & CO.  Wholesale and Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers  cArtists' Materials  Engineering and Mining  Bookz  Typewriters  SMimeograpbs  Photographic Supplies  SMusical Instruments  Morley &Co+ Nelson, B-C  Tot)  Printing  ���  <  We Use Gumption as  well as the best papers  ^   and inks in the execu-   4  tion of  your orders���  they will not be mis-  ^ understood. Quick dis- 4  patch given out-of-town  work.  W. H. JONES  Madden Building     NELSON, H.C.  ���  o     The  Strathcona  (formerly Hotel I'hair)  B. TOMKINS  MANAGER  The Leading Hotel of the Kootenays .  Good Sample Hooms  Special   Kates  to  Commercial   Men  Stanley and Victoria Streets,  NELSON  Madden House  THOMAS MADDEN  l'HOl'KIETOR  Centrally Located  Electric Lighte  j EST PANTS  |AT  I). A. Gilker's!  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������?  NOTICE OF MEETING.  Nelson, B. C, Seplcmbor sth, 1903.  Notice is hereby given that tin extraordinary  general mooting of the shareholders of the  Northwest Coal and Coke Company, Limited  (non-personal liability), will bo held on Monday,,  the twenty-first day of September, VM3, at the  hour of 3 p.m., at the head olliee of the company,  Kootenay street, Nelson, 15. C, for the purpose of  increasing the capital stock of thecompanv from  fl.OOO.UOO to *ip,000���000 to increase the number of  directors from six to eleven,and to authorize the  directors to issue debentures of the coinpanv to  the amount of $1,500,000.  Bv order of the directors,  B. B. MICIIITON,  Secretary-Treasurer.  i:^.:;^!^l^/'!#:j|  HEADQUARTERS FOR TOURISTS AND  OLD TIMERS  Baker and Ward Streets  Nelson, B. C.  Queen's Hotel  Raker Street, Nelson. B. C.  Lighted by Electricity and  Heated by Hot Air  Large and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-  class Dining Room. Sample Rooms for Commercial Men.  URATES ?_. PER DAY  MRS. E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress  Silver King Hotel  ��� BAKER STREET; NELSON  UNDER  OLD  MANAGEMENT  BATES $1.00 PER DAY  The Dining Room is unsurpassed and the  Bedrooms are the best in Nelson. The Bar is  stocked with good Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Tremont House  European nnd American Plan  Meals 25 cts.   Rooms from 25 cts. to fl.  Only White Help Employed.  An Old Head on Young* Shoulders  isn't always Indicative of wisdom, as il takes experience lo make u man appreciate the high class  work done at the Kootenay .Steam Laundry.  After your experience of ragged edges and spread  eagle button holes, streaked shirt fronts, etc.,  you will come to us to slay.  Kootenay Steam Laundry  ____,MALONE,_&=-TREGILLUS-^-^--  Baker St., Nelson Proprietors  Lakeview Hotel  Corner Vernon and Hall Streets,  NELSON, B.C.  BEST DOLLAR-A-DAY HOUSE IN  NELSON  NO  CHINESE EMPLOYED  Atfgtfst Thomas,   Proprietor  Bartlett  House  Josephine St.,  Nelson, B. C.  White Help Only Employed  The Best  Dollar-a-Day House  in Nelson  The Bur is tlie Finest  GEO.  W. BARTLETT,  Proprietor  WANTED.  Bride-framers at government bridge near Elko,  Southeast Kootenay. Apply to h. (.'. Iliff, foreman, Elko. J. K. ARMbl'ltOMi,  Government Agent.  Fort Steele, B. C, September 1st, l'.ilW.  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Dealers in  Coffee, Teas, Spices, 'Baking, Powder, and  Flavoring Extracts.  OUR GOODS are Pure A,lci selec{ed from the best in the various  -���-"--���---:���-.-- ���:.--- lines. In order to get the best, please buy from us  direct, and %e guarantee satisfaction.   cAddress,  Kootenay Coffee Co*  Telephone 177  Nelson, <B.C.  P. O. Box is.  S16  817  818  819  820  S21  822  823  824  825  S2G  827  82S  829  Simpson, John G   Sinclair, John  Wesley   ...  Skene, John David C   Slipp, Charles William ...  Sloan, Albert Bernard   Small wood,  John      Smart, James     Bliss Beverley    Edwin Grant   Harry      John     Thomas     Smith, Winfred Hewson ..  Smith, William Lawrence.  S30]Smythe,  Harry  E   S31|Smyth, William Harold ..  S32jSnedilen, David Henry ...  S33 Sowerby, John Adams  ...  Smith,  Smyth,  Smith,  Smith.  Smith,  831  S35  S3G  S37  S3S  839  S40  S41  S42  843  844  S45  846  847  84S  849  S50  S51  S52  S53  S54  S55  856  S57  S5S  859  SCO  SGI  SG2  803  SG4  SG5  8G6  SG7  8GS  809  S70  S71  872  S73  874  875  S76  S77  S7S  879  880  SSI  SS2  SS3  SS4  SS5  SS0  SS7  SSS  8S9  S!)0  S91  892  S93  S94  S95  S90  8971  89S|  S99  900  901  902  903  904  905  90G  907  90S  909  910  911  912  913  914  915  916  917  918  _919  920  921  922  923  924  925  920  927  928  929  930  931  932  933  934  935  9o���  Spear, John   Spooner,  Frederick E   Sproat, Thomas     Spry, William  Lionel      Stanford, James Leonard ..  Stanley,  Edward  Hall      Stanley, Gilbert     Starkey, Fred    Steed,  George     Steele, Daniel Jefferson   Steele,   George  Wellington.  Steel, Reginald  James      Stephens, David    Stepihenson,   James      Stevens, Alfred Edwin     Stevens, Hugh      Stevens, William Oscar   Stevenson,   Fred      Stewart,  Henry Alexander.  Stewart, Herbert D. R   Stewart, Norman D   Strickland,   James      Stinson, John     Stocks, John Laing    Stoddart, Thomas W. F. ..  Stoneham, Stanley  William  Stovel, Herbert R   Strachan, James Keith ....  Stubbs,   William      Sturgeon, Charles    Sturgeon, Henry      Sturgeon, Joseph   Sullivan, Albert    Sutcliffe, Eli     Swannell,   Frederick      Swannell, Fred. William ..  Symes, Thomas     Tamblyn, Frank Arthur  ..  Taylor,  Alexander      Taylor, George Wesley    Taylor, Sidney Stockton   ..  Tebo, Frank Edward    Teetzel,  William  Franklin.  Templeton, John W   Tetrean, Robert Gibson ...  Thelin,   Gunnard   Waldenar  Thelin, Gustaf Leopold    Thelin, Gustave  ...-.   Thelin, John Conrade    Thomas,  August      Thomas, Samuel Carpenter  Thomas, William Penryn..  Thomson, Wm. Robertson  Thompson, Joseph Francis.  Thompson, John Theodore.  Thompson, Scott    Thurman, George G   Thurman, Wm. Augustus  .  Tierney,  George O   Tierney, John Bernard    Towler,  John      Toye,  John   Toye,  William John      Tregillus,  Alfred      Trethewey, Ernest Horace.  Traves, Edmund  Cornelius.  Tuck,  Samuel Parker    Turner, John Anbhony   Tunstall, Geo. C, Jr   Baker Street     Hall   Street      Sunnyside Hotel. Vernon Street   Silica Street, Lot 18, Block 14   Josephine and Gore Streets   Silver King Hotel      Nelson Hotel, Baker Street   Posit Office     Hall and Observatory Streets   Lot. 2627      Lot 2027      Stanley  Street      Mill Street     Baker Street     Victoria Hotel   Carbonate Street     Sherbrooke Hotel      Victoria  Hotel      Baker Street     Hume Hotel   Lakeview  Hotel      Silica Street      Kootenay  Street      Baker Street, bet. Kootenay and Falls  Baker   Street      Silica Street      Victoria Street    Grand Central Hotel    Silica Street      Stanley and Mines Road    Queen's   Hotel      Bodega Saloon     Cedar Street     Josephine Street      Josephine Street      Silica and Josephine Streets     Robson  Street      Hume Hotel      Innes St., bet. Ward and Stanley Sts..  Robson   Street    ���   Carbonate and Kootenay Streets    Josephine Streets      Silica St., bet. Hendryx and Cedar Sts.  Klondyke Hotel     Hume  Hotel      Robson  Street      Edgewood  Avenue    '.   Bartlett  Hotel      Sherbrook Hotel      Silica  Street     Hoover  Street      North side Baker Street     Carbonate Street    Mill   Street      178  Richards  Street      Merchant  Blacksmith  Smelter  employee  Accountant  Cook  Tailor  Upholsterer  Caretaker  Tel. manager  Labourer  Labourer  Labourer  Express agent  Watchmaker  Miner  Exp.   messenger  Steam fitter  Fireman, C.P.R.  Merchant  Exp. messenger  Carpenter  Clerk  Engineer  Free miner  Merchant  Merchant  Blacksmith  Miner  Expressman  Real estate agent  Engineer  Hotel porter  Train dispatcher  Stewart  C. P. R. clerk  Lineman  Barrister  Mail clerk  Logger  Labourer  Agent  Mine manager  Dentist  Smelter employee  Engineer  Accountant  Rancher  Baker  Prospector  Hotel keeper  Teacher  Tonsorial artist  Janitor  I. R. Dep. Coll.  Sanitary inspector  Vernon Street, Lot 15, Block 70  Hotel proprietor  Baker   Street    P. L. S.  Cedar and Edgewood Avenue  Mining man  Corner Ward and Carbonate Streets  .. Barrister  Lots 5 amd 6, Block 44  Train dispatcher  Baker and Josephine Streets  Druggist  Victoria Street  Laundryman  Occidental   Hotel    Teamster  Baker Street   Accountant  Silver King Hotel Printer  Victoria Street Mason  Silver King Hotel    Cigarmaker  Vernon  Street     Hotel keeper  Bartlett  Hotel    Miner  Royal  Hotel    ��� ��� ��� ��� Hotel manager  Victoria Hotel  Saloon  keeper  Houston Street  Painter  Silica  Street Loco, fireman  Ward and Innes Streets Carpenter  Baker Street Clerk  Silica  Street    Merchant  Nelson  City Contractor  Victoria Street   Clerk  Carbonate Street  ��� ��� Clerk  Baker Street Contractor  Baker Street   ;.... Clerk  Baker Street  Hotel keeper  Royal Hotel, Stanley Street Operator  442 Edgewood Avenue   Butcher  Block 15, Ward Street   Sheriff  Josephine and Silica Streets   -Merchant  Madden Block, Ward Street  Mfg's agent  Uniac, Patrick Joseph Baker Street  Teamster  Van Natter, Lionel J Silica St., bet. Ward and Stanley Sts.. Photographer  Vanstone, Joseph Henry .. Corner Baker and Josephine Streets  .. Druggist  Vaughan,   Arthur   Knowles Baker Street Gentleman  Veachey,   Richard    Bartlett Hotel    , Gardener  Ventina, M Baker Street  ." Labourer  Volume,  William  S Front Street   Janitor  Wade, Alfred   Carbonate Street  Loco, fireman  Wade, Philip  Lot 4, Block 93, Victoria Street Track foreman  Waldie, William    Carbonate Street  Mining  man  Walker, Jacob John    Carbonate Street   Jeweller  Wallace, James H Mill   Street    Merchant  Walley, Albert Thomas   ... Mines   Road    Merchant  Walmsley,  Chas.  Frederick Siilica Street   Hotel keeper  Walmsley, William  Henry. Silica Street   Hotel keeper  Hume Hotel, Vernon Street Clerk  Vernon^Street"^-. r..... ;."V"7TtTr;"r.'��7".TfrG'_i'd-n"e-=^^^'  Baker Street  Broker  Silica Street   Mgr. Tel. Co.  Walsh,  Francis Percy  Walter.-Charles-AVilliam-.-.  Ward, Harry Hume ...   Ward, John Henry   Ward,  Thomas  Martindale.  Ward, William Arthur   Watchorn, William John  Victoria and Josephine Streets  Real estate agent  Baker Street   Hotel clerk  K. W. C. Block, Baker Street Broker  Waterman, Chas.   Augustus Silica Street   Agent  Watkins, William Henry .. Mill   Street    Fitter's belper  Wasson, William Ernest  .. Mill and Hall Streets City treasurer  Watson, Alexander Lot 2027    Labourer  Watson, Joihn   Stanley  Street    Accountant  Wattie, Albert Kenneth ...South side Mill Street  Clerk  Watts, Charles Ed. P Park and Front Streets  Teamster  Well wood.  George   Addison Victoria  Hotel    Loco, fireman  Weir, John Franklin  Front Street   Merchant  Weir,  Robert    Victoria Block, Josephine Street   Clerk  Weir, Robert Archibald  ... Silica  Street    Clerk, C.P.R.  eekes, Thomas Albert ... Robson  Street    .��� Car repairer  937 Wells, John Preseott  Lot 5, Block 70, Vernon Street Conductor  93S Wels, Walter Albert   Baker Street  Miner  939 Whattier, Antonio    Lot 2G27 Car repairer  940 Whealler, Anson    Kootenay  Street    '. Barrister  941 Whitaker,  Louis James  ... Hudson's Bay  Store    Clerk  942 White,  Arthur    Water Street  Labourer  943 White, James Henry  Josephine Street   Clergyman  944 White,  John    Club Hotel   Smelter  employee  945 Whittet, Charles   Stanley and Robson  Streets   Carpenter  946 Wightman,  Alex.  David   .. Grand Central Hotel   Teamster  947 Wightman, Ja.mes D Victoria Hotel    Teamster  948 Wilkinson, Ed. Hooper Sherbrooke Hotel    Machinist  949 Wilkinson, James Henry .. Cedar  Street   Manufacturer  950 Williams, James   Carbonate Street Miner  951 Wilson,  Daniel Clarke   Victoria Street  Book-keeper  952 Wilson, Edwin  Victoria Hotel    Railway emp.  953 vVilson,  John Thomas    Victoria Street  Teamster  954 Wilson, Peter   Robson Street  Teamster  955 Wilson, Peter Edmond  Victoria Street  Barrister  95G Wilson,  William Joihn   .... Vernon Street  Manager  957 Winter, Cecil  Burton   Carbonate Street  Bank clerk  958 Winters,  William   Robert.. Victoria Hotel    Fireman  059 Woods, David  Hall Street Labourer  960 Wood, William John   Baker Street   Carpenter  901 Woodhouse, William E.  ... Lots 23 and 24, Block 93  Loco,  fireman  962 Wragge,  Edmund C Victoria Street  Barrister  903 Wrigh t.   Al ley ne  Hume  Hotel    Timekeeper  961 Wrigh!, Godfrey F Edgewood  Avenue    Civil engineer  905 Wright,  Harry   Hall and Silica Streets  Assessor  966 Wrigh I,  Perry    Silica Street   Driver  9fl7|Wright, Peter  Silica and  Kootenay Streets   Minister  90S|Young,   Charles  Morrison.. Carbonate Street  Train   dispatcher  !'i'!iiY<;iing,   Char'es  Warburtcn Ward   Street    Prov. constable  970 j Young, Frank   Occidental  Hotel, Vernon Street ....... Yard master, CPR  9711 Young,  Josiah    Victoria   Hotel     Carpenter  John   Corner Carbonate and Hall Streets  Labourer  972  973  Young,  Zelazny, Albert  Baker Street  Cigarmaker


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