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 <fW/mtu*  THE TBIBUNE   IS THE  OLDEST  NEWSPAPER  rillNTED IN THE .KOOTENAYS  Thursday, September  lO,  1Q03  NELSON  IS THE TRADE CENTER OF SOUTH-  EASTERN  BRITISH COLUMBIA  TURKEY'S NAVY  AND HER OFFICIALS CORRUPT  [Associated Press.]  London', September 10.���Ouly a few  days ago the American built Turkish  cruiser the Medjidin was liuiucbed in  Philadelphia and the Progressive Turk,  who does exist, though he is not numerous, began to dream dreams of a day when  Turkey, the traditional inertia of live centuries overcome, should replace tlie rotting  fleet of thc Golden Horn with real battleships aud assume in some degree the position among the naval powers ot? tlio world  to which her unsurpassed maritime advantages obviously entitle her. This inertia is not merely a matter of tradition, it  is almost a matter of religion. For a majority of tlie faithful believe that God lias  giveii the land to the children of the prophet and the sea to the Giaours, infidel  dogs that they are.  Such is the teaching of Islam. Al Malc-  kai-i, a Mohammedan writer of authority,  says in his "History of Mohammedan  Dynasties in Spain," "When the Moslems  achieved tho conquest of Egypt the Khtilif  ���, Oniar-Ibu-ul-Khnttuh, who wa.s then the  ^eommander (of the faithful) wrote to his  lieutenant Ainru-Ibn-ul-Aas, asking him  for a description of the sea. The. answer  sent him by Ainni was as follows: 'The  sea is a great pool, which  some incousid-  Vt  orate people furrow, looking like worms  on logs of wood.' Ou receipt of this nn-  swer the Klinlif forbade the Moslems to  navigate the seas, and so it wns ns long as  the Khalif lived no Arab dared to go  aboard a boat unless he had previous leave,  and transgression of tho prohibition was  severely punished."  From the time of the flrst naval engagement between Moslem and Christian,  at the time of the siege of Constantinople, when four big galleys of Greeks  and Genoese put to rout the 145 ships of  tlie Turks, to the infinite chagrin and  fury of Mahomet II, .down to the present  day, the Turkish navy has been impotence  personified. In vain sultans following in  the wake of Mahomet II, who rode out  into the shallow water brandishing his  sword, shouting terms of Turkish ob-  liquy against his naval commanders aud  ordering the captain pasha to be impaled,  have tried to mobilize a fleet, conduct a  successful naval campaign or even carry  ordinary commerce, unless a Christian  captain was at the head of tho enterprise.  Turkey has no mercantile marine. All  'commerce beyond the waters of the Black  sea or Levant is carried on by the Greeks  or other Europeans. Even the ferry  boats running through the Bosphorns .and  Golden Horn, though under the control  of Turkish capitalists, ai-e run by European captains and engineers, and the  boats themselves are all made in Europe,  Senator Templeman of British  Columbia is Being Most  Shabbily Treated by the  Laurier Government-  The Toronto World has a noteworthy article on political  affairs. It declares that Hon. Mr. Sifton will unquestionably  get a title and succeed lord Strathcona as high commissioner.  The World says already there is considerable Wire-pulling and  log-rolling going oh among Liberal members from Manitoba,  the Territories, and British Columbia in anticipation of the  cabinet changes. Senator Templeman, of course, will remain  a ministerial nonentity. He is minister without portfolio, and  will continue to administer without portfolio. The government  accords him no more recognition than common courtesy demands. When a cabinet minister is called away any length of  time, it is a well-established practice to give the temporary  charge of the department to a minister without portfolio, whoever he may be. When hon. Mr. Sutherland was a minister  without portfolio he had charge of a department almost continuously until he was made minister of public works. He was  acting minister of the interior, acting postmaster-general, and  -actJng^mi-nister-ofHfina-nce^for^^  tor Templeman is never made acting minister of anything. He  is permitted to sit around and sulk while one of the ministers  takes charge of the departments that are temporarily without  ministers. Hon. Mr. Fielding has had charge of three departments at a time. He has charge of two today, finance and  railways. All this makes it perfectly plain that senator  Templeman i.s not marked for promotion. A new man will be  brought out of the West. When hon. Clifford Sifton formally  retires, Isaac Campbell of Winnipeg becomes minister of the  interior.  mostly on the Thames. There nre, of  course, small craft owned and manned by  Ottoman snb.iects, Moslem and non-Moslem, but they are only equipped for short  trips.  Great, black, unseaworthy hulks, idly  rocking and rotting in the port of the  Golden Horn, are what is left of the  beautiful Tm-kish cruisers bought  twenty-five years ago by tlie sultan Aziz.  Long ago their boilers were sold by order  of Hassan Pasha, and their armament is  now completely out of date. Beside these  Turkey has a few so-called seagoing ironclads. But they learned during the  Graeco-Turkish war, when they stuck fast  in the. Dardanelles, that it was better for  them not to try to go to sea. And she has  eight smaller ironclads for coast defense,  and a fair-sized fleet of gunboats and a  score of torpedo boats, including two  Nordenfeldt submarines.  This imposing fleet is manned by conscripts forced into service for a term of  eight years, including three on leave and  four years in the reserve. The marines  are indolent, uncleanly, and absolutely  without discipline. They are regularly  exercised on land, each morning finding  their blue-uniformed ranks winding in  and out of the admiralty buildings to the  shrill music of bugles and a bewildering  clatter of orders, which, being issued by  the captain, pass on to the next in authority, and eventually through a long line of  subalterns reach the jackies, along with a  ohoice assortment of epithet and complimentary, as "Jackass!" "Donkey!" "Why  don't you do this?".'*'Are you a fool and  the son of a fool that you do that?" etc.  It is small wonder that at the end of eight  years' service they are utterly untrained  in the habits and knowledge necessary to  the successful use of,' the terrific engines  of modern maritime warfare���particularly  as they have none of those terrible modern weapons to practice with. Of such  men as these Turkey ;has a peace force of  15,000 men, the number being doubled in  time of war.  ��� The demoralization of ��� what once promised to be a fairly effective Turkish navy  was the work of Hassan* Pasha, the Turkish minister of marine, who died the  other day. Hassan was'a sailor, but he  was also a coward and a thief. For over  twenty years he held his position while  ministries rose and fell, boasting that the  sultan dare not renioye; him, aud apparently with reason, sihceJwhile other.official heads tumbled one*: by one into the  porte's waste basket* liis remained firmly  on his shoulders. Heywas regarded a  grafter-in-chief, even in that laud of  graft. Year by year* the Turkish fleet  has sunk further and jfurther into a condition of inocuous desuetude, to the great  profit of Hassan and tlie;;sultan.  Year by year vast sums of money apportioned "for  the  mjaihtenance of   the  navy were divided between Hassan and  ' his "mnster. The navy has been extinguished, but Hassan has waxed fat nnd  well liking. And Hassan secured the  abrogation of the constitution, the abolition of parliament, undid the work of  Midat Pasha, nnd sent that brave reformer to his death, to prevent investigation  ��� of his grafts and political jobbery. Is it  any wonder that from that time on ho  boasted of his power and knew himself  immune no matter how actively the microbe of reform might work for his undoing? .   Asked_for an Official's Dismissal.  (Associated l'ress.]  Constantinople, September 10.���United  States minister Leishman has presented a  demand to the Turkish government for  the dismissal of Reshid pasha, vali of  Beirut, on the ground that so long as he  is retained in office the lives and property  of Americans in Beirut are insecure. The  porte has not yet replied to the demands,  nor has there been any developments in  connection with other American claims.  The despatch of Nazriui pasha to Beirut  from his post at Damascus is considered  to be a preliminary step toward a settlement. Nazrim pasha received an enthusiastic reception upon his arrival at Beirut, a crowd at the railway station cheer-  POLITICS AND! POLITICIANS  There has been one public meeting held  in Nelson during the present campaign.  It was called :by the Liberal Party, and  the candidate of tlie Liberal-Conservative  Party was invited to be present, and the  invitation was accepted. The candidate  of that party (John Houston), opened the  meeting and; occupied an hour and a  quarter in .discussing the platform of his  party, as he believed those present at the  meeting were ^interested in knowing what  the Liberal-Conservative Party would do  if placed in power. No appeals were  made to prejudices; no allusions were  made to the personal peculiarities of the  Liberal'-candidate. - Mr.' Houston-'-appealed to the intelligence of the meeting.  His opponent; a lawyer honored with a  distinction of K.C., appealed not to the  intelligence of his hearers, but to their  prejudices. He, instead of pleading for  his party as a great advocate would have  done, played the part of a police court  lawyer. In this connection, the following from the Toronto News is interesting:  PAKLIA-rENTARY OUATOUY.  Parliamentary debate, as practiced in  Canada, is an' anachronism. It is fundamentally insincere. Noniinnlly addressed  to the audiences in which the speeches  nre made, in reality it is addressed to thc  voters outside the legislative chamber.  Notoriously, it cannot convince the assembly within sound of the speaker's voice,  for the house!of commons is composed of  instructed delegates, not of men charged  with the duties of deliberation. That  which Burke dreaded has come to pass.  .Andcctiomtakes-placeafter-several-years"  during which our two hundred voters  have been sedulously commending themselves to tho electors���the private members to thoir constituents, the lenders to  the country at large. A new house assembles, composed of men pledged to support their party, "in good report or in evil  report"���which is a softer way of saying  whether their party be right or wrong.  Were a member convinced by the arguments of his opponents, and wore ho to  vote with them, he would be a triiitor. It  is more respectable to be bought than to  bo convinced. The house assembled, tho  work of earning electoral approval begins  anew. Tho country is administered to  please tho viiters at every stop. Any deliberation which occurs takes place in secret caucus. All tho public speaking is  dosignod to please, to impress, to convince,  not tho house, but the voters.  THE TOWN ANfrTHE DISTRICT,  Contractor Gillett says he always gets  fair treatment in business matters from  The Tribune, even if; it does walk over  him with irqnshod shoes during elections.  On the other hand, the Daily News supports him in politics,i,but never forgets to  rub him the wrong way when it comes to  business matters. Mr. Gillett says there  is no more need foi* a temporary wall-  around the new postoffice building than  there is for a Conservative politician in  the Laurier cabinet. ;��� Mr. Gillett is right.  But there was room ifor a stone curb as  part of the sidewalk contractor Gillett  is putting down, and in the opinion of  The Tribune the city engineer has neglected i.his.-duty iiunot*. having, had, it.  put iii.  Harry Wright, who is opposing "Alf"  Parr in Ymir riding as the candidate of  the Liberal - Conservatives, returned to  Nelson last night from a trip to Victoria;  He reports H. ID. Helmcken, Lawrence  Goodacre, ex-mayor Hayward, and attorney-general McPhillips as likely to be the  candidates of the Liberal-Conservatives in  Victoria. The Liberals have Richard Hall,  Dr. Lewis Hall, mayor McCandless, and  B. J. Perry in sight.  The man who writes the editorials for  the Nelson Daily News resides at Kamloops. Occasouaily an article is printed  that is penned by a resident reporter, and  since Sidney Stockton Taylor, K.C, became a reporter on the Daily News he has  also been given a chance to try his hand  at "leader" writing. A sample of his  work appears in this morning's News,  headed "Saturday Night's Rally."  "Jim" Wright, the well-known C.P.R.  conductor, who has run trains between  ^DonahbaiKWancouvor-on^the^mam^line  since the early days, in 188(5, was united  in marriage on Wednesday evening last  at Victoria to Miss Edith Louise Baumeis-  ter of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Wright  will make their home in Vancouver.  David McBeath, road superintendent,  moved un outfit out today to Eagle crook,  and will at once begin building a wagon  road from the Granite mine to the Star  group, which was recently bonded by  Philadelphia peoplo. The new road will  bo about a mile and a half long.  Hamilton Byers i.s back from a trip to  Kaslo. Ho says J. O. Ryan is talking of  building a suioltor and the peoplo of tho  town aro hoping tho talk will ond in the  building of a smelter.  L. A. Lindsay, tho boat builder of Kaslo,  is in Nolson. Ho is not a politician ; the  only man who lives in Kaslo who i.s not.  "I have pledges enough now to elect  me!" was one of the declarations of Sidney Stockton Taylor, K.C, at his opera  house mass meeting, "and I don't believe  the electors of Nelson are liars!" Yet,  candidate Sidney Stockton Taylor must  have doubts as to the good faith of some  of the electors from" whom} he secured  pledges of support, for he is now trying to  get these pledges in writing. For the last  two days he has been making house-to-  house visits to secure signatures to his  nomination paper. This would indicate  that he wants the bond in writing; that  the word of an elector in Nelson is not  good. Has he .been reading "The Mer-  "chanfc of "Venicei1"' and "has ".the'business  methods of Shylock, one of th'e characters  in that great narration of Shakespeare's,  struck him as being the proper business  methods to use in dealing with the electors of Nelson?  When he approaches an elector who has  said, "I am all right!" docs he say to that  elector, "I know you are all right; but I  want it named in the bond, so I can demand my pound of flesh on Saturday, October 3rd!" Such were the methods of  Shylock, the money-lender of Venice.  When candidate Taylor approaches an  elector who does not care to go on record,  he says: "O, well; just put your name  down, and vote as you please!" Thc  elector, if he is timid, will do as he is advised to by the adroit King's Counsel, not  knowing that every name on Taylor's  nomination paper will be printed iu the  Nelsou Daily News and the Nelson Economist immediately nominations have been  made on Saturday, September J 9th.  Taylor knows he cannot be elected. He  knows that there are many Liberals in  ''Nels-u'who^-rhotlike'his^  ods. These Liberals know that ho cannot  rise above the methods that have always  beeu used against his opponent, and tliey  are disgusted thereat. They are not attending his committee room and tliey aro  not talking for publication. Those Liberals know that John Houston can always  be depended on when Nelson's interests  aro at stake, and every doctor in Nolson,  whether ho be Liberal or Liberal-Conservative, hns interests in tho little city that  has the reputation of being one of thc best  managed in the whole of Canada. Sidney  Stockton Tnylor has tried nearly every  tactic of tho ward worker, and in vvwy  instance ho has failed. On tho other hand,  his opponent, appeals to tho intelligence of  the electorate ; not to a class, but. to the  electorate as a whole. That is one of the  reasons why John Houston will bo reelected to tlio legislature.  ing him repeatedly. The town wns then  perfectly tranquil. According to the latest telegrams, however, the consuls continue to transact their business with  Reshid pasha, vnli of Beirut. Beirut advices received hero late yesterday stated  that uneasiness still prevailed among the  Christians there, and that the exodus to  the mountains continued, but no fresh  disturbances had occurred. Rear-admiral  Cotton confirmed reports that he can land  five hundred marines and blue-jackets  from tlio Brooklyn and San Francisco in  case of necessity.  Declare for an Eight-Hour Day.  [Associated Press. |  Leisteji, England, September 10.���The  Trades Union Congress at its session here  today adopted by a large majority a resolution calling for an eight-hour day in the  United Kingdom, and urging the subject  to be made a test question at the next parliamentary, London county council and  all municipnl elections. The parliamentary committee is instructed to introduce  a bill into the house of commons making  the eight-hour day a law of the country.  Will Stop Brutality in German Army.  [Associated Press )  Berlin,   September   10. ���Paragraphs  similar  to the following appear almost  daily in the provincial press: "The court  martial of the Fifteenth division has sentenced sergeant Schoti to a year in prison  and degradation for. flogging privates and  horsewhipping nnd kicking them. Twelve  artillerymen were sentenced to short  terms for assisting." There have been  eighty convictions of sergeants for abuse  of privates during the last tliree months,"  and about 100 circumstances are pending.  The administration of the army is making  most determined efforts to stop this bru-  talitj', which a Socialist leader detailed in  a ferocious three-hours' speech in the  reichstag last spring. The weak reply of  general von Goster on the following day  probably cost him his place as minister  of war.  Wholesale Grocers Arrest Thieves  [Associated Press.]  Chicago, September .'0.���By the arrest  of eight men last night, wholesale grocers  of Chicago have struck an initial blow at  a widespread conspiracy by which they  have lost thousands of dollars worth of  merchandise in the last few weeks. Those  in custody are six teamsters, a receiving  clerk, and a retail grocer. Other arrests  will be made today, and the promise is  that fifty men employed in the wholesale  houses, as well, as retail grocers, will.be  involved iu the charges.  It is up to the People of Nelson  to do Their Whole Duty  With Respect to Making  the Exhibition a Success.  "There are people who question the  public utility of- exhibi--  tions," says the Toronto News.    " Inasmuch as ndbody is com--  pelled to attend them, the objections of: these critics would be of  little, weight if it were not for the   grants of  public  money, by  which exhibitions are subventioned.    Wheu it comes to votes of  public money, any  taxpayer has a right to express   his opinion  and demand enlightenment."    The Nelson Exhibition is the recipient of direct -financial  encouragement from the province of  British Columbia.    The substantial return   which the  province  receives will be in the  shape of  advertising  its   resources  and  products.    There  are   ways  in which an exhibition at Nelson  can  benefit  the  province.    One of these is exhibits of mineral  and the appliances and machinery used in mining, both lode'and  placer.    The   money   spent during  the da}*s of the exhibition  by the visitors, paid  out mainly to hotels, boarding-houses, and  retail stores, and passing immediately into the general channels  of trade, benefife_jsf^on_dirgctly.1 ...therefore_the-4_eQple__aL_____LQ_____  should do everything possible to make the exhibition a success,  for on its success will depend future  grants from tlie provincial  treasury.    The   exhibitions   at New Westminster and Victoria  are annually given large grants by the province, and there is uo  good reason why a regular exhibition in   Kootenay   should not  be dealt with iu thc same manner.    John   Houston   secured the  grant of  $2000 this year against the opposition of  many members of the legislature, and it i.s safe to say that if he is reelected  to thc   legislature, Nelson   will, in   the future, receive as large  grants   for  its   annual   exhibitions   a.s   either   Victoria or New  Westminster.  Were Once Paid for Their Services.  In former times members of the British  parliament, who serve now entirely without pay, were rewarded for their services  by the constituencies which they represented. However, the member took his  reward more often in goods than iu specie,  a not surprising matter, seeing that money  was not the common possession of those  from whom he levied tribute. The last  payment freely made of which there is  record is that which Andrew Marvel received. It was a barrel of herrings. In  1(577 parliament formally discontinued  payment of itself, but the practice had  gradually beeu lapsing for some time, for  ten years earlier Samuel Pepys had lamented the disappearance of the paid  member, "so the parliament is become a  company of men unable to give account  for thc interest of the place they serve  for." The old paid member was very  much the servant of the house. He dared  be absent only by permission of tho speaker, on penalty of a fine equal to about  $250, in addition to the stoppage of his  wages; while imprisonment was at times  substituted. Further, tho members who  appeared at the house later than 8 a.m.,  and so missed prayers, were penalized,  not oven the speaker being exempt from  the order as to attendance or payment of  penalty in case of remissness.  TROUT LAKE IS GETTING A MOVE ON  Trout Lake Topic: On Wednesday next  the Lucky Boy will send to the smelter a  carload of high-grade ore. The shipment,  it is expected will run away up, because  it has been carefully sorted. During the  process of getting the shipment together  test assays ran on au average of ��500 to  the ton. Mr. Stead, the manager, says,  however, that he does not think he will  be paid at that rate, but ho is confident it  will run considerably over $300. The last  shipment, which was unsortcd, wont $2] 4  to the ton, so Mr. Stead's prediction is  pretty nearly sure of fulfillment.  Nate Lay and Sid Graham have discovered a four-foot vein of gold-bearing  quartz about half a mile from the railway  between Canyon and Lynch creeks. The  samples of the strike they brought down  all contain free gold. Gold lias been  found now ou an almost continuous chain  of claims from the Second Crossing to the  foot of tho lake. Between Gerrard and  Trout Luke gold lias been found at one  point about three miles from Trout Lake  aud it will be very strange if this season  does not see the chain complete between  the Second Crossing and Fish crock, a distance of 50 miles.  It is reported bore that the people owning the Triune are considering a proposition to extend their tram line across the  summit to thc lako. This proposition appeals to them, owing to the natural difficulties in the way of maintaining the line  iu its present location. Tho proposition  of bringing the ore to the lake presents no  insuperable difficulties���in fact it would  be. both a wise and an economical move.  From iho Triune to tho lake by tram the  distance would be only six or seven miles,  while by the present route it is thirteen,  and owing to slides the tram line can only  be worked during the summer months.  By the other route thc property could be  worked twelve months of the year nnd is  frco from slides.  The Silver Cup hns now stacked at Trout  Lake something over 200 tons of ore. Owing to the shipments of niaehinerv and  supplies coming in every other dav tlie  two big warehouses of the Western "Mines  Company arc kept 011 tho overflow, consequently thc ore has had to be piled out  side. A shipment of fir timber squaring  about 18 inches each came in the other  day from Whatcom for the chlorinatiou  plant, now in process of installation at  Five-mile. The brick is coming in and  tho different sections of the mortars and  furnaces arrived some time ago. The corrugated iron roofing for the mill forms  part of today's shipment. The large quantities of machinery piled at the wharf  gives a pretty fair idea of the size of thc  works being built at Five-mile.  A party of men leave this week to reopen the Black Prince property, near the  head of Gainer creek. Tho Black Prince  has been lying idle since '!)7, and the reasons probably were ihe low price of silver  and tho transportation problem. Silver is  on the upward move and transportation i.s  no more a bugbenr. therefore it is probable  that the Black Prince will be developed  with a view to curly shipments. This  property has a surface showing which at  one time liad nor it.** equal in the camp in  point of grade. 'I'ho black sulphurets  could bo scoopec up in hnndfuls and the  assay returns wi'1' up in the thousands.  The average ore value, however, while not  running so high ���������'"1 yet be rich enough  to place the Black Prince in the front rank  of the high-grade properties of the camp.  Discussing Redistribution Bill.  [Assoeiiitcil l'ress.1  Ottawa, September 1(1.���The house  this morning took up the Redistribution  bill. Monk, who was leading the Conservatives, criticized thc report of the  sub-committee to whom the arrangement  of thc scats of thc various provinces wns  assigned. He said the arrangement  should have been left to 1111 impartial committee of judges. He  regarded the abandonment of seats  in Ontario as it veiled nnd concealed gerrymander. Sir Wilfred Laurier  reminded tlio house that the sub-committee bad been able to agree unanimously  on nearly half of the seals in Ontario, but  it was impossible to agree on all. The  measure was yet to be discussed in committee of the whole liouse, when amendments could bo proposed. W. A. Gnlli-  her, member of Yale-Cariboo, leaves for  Nelson tomorrow afternoon.  Both Parties Name New Candidates.  Alderman Forrester of New Westminster lias been nominated by the Liberals  to oppose premier McBride in Dewdney,  and "Bill*" Lndner has been put up by the  Liberal-Conservatives of Delta fo oppose  John Oliver, Liberal, in Lillooet, Alexander McDonald, n road superintendent,  is likely to lie nominated by the Liberul-  Oonsorvat-ives to oppose Dr. George Sanson, who is running iu the Liberal interests, in Cariboo, the Liberals have named  a brother of Denis Murphy's and Harry  Jones to oppose "Billy" Adams and  "Sam'* Rogers, Liberal-Conservatives.  The Liberals have not found candidates to  lake up the light laid down by Messrs.  Bivdshaw and McCallum in Slocan und  Grand Forks ridings. The Liberal-Conservatives will name their candidate for  Rossland Cily tomorrow niirht.  the continuation of No. 2 vein. The  strike i.s very important, ns it proves thc  Kva mine to a depth of 700 feet. While  no one doubted locally that the crosscut  tunnel being driven would tap this vein,  yet local stockholders, and in fact everyone in the cam]), wore joyful when the  good news was brought down from the  hill."   Bank Officials Heading for B. C.  [Assiicintt'il l'ress.]  Mos*ti*i*al, September 10.���E. S. Clous-  ton, general manager of the Bank of  Montreal, nndJV. E. Meredith, local manager, will leave on Friday for British  Columbia.  TODAY'S METAL QUOTATIONS.  NKW YOUK.  I.c.1.1      Silver    Ciist111),' copper   LONDON-.  Silver   I.m.1    H 10        i>l f>-8        IU 7-8   2S 9-lOd    ��11 ��s-Id  Proved to a Depth of 700 Feet.  Camborne Miner, ."itli: ".lust as the  contract for driving No. 7 tunnel onthe  Kva mine was finished the last shots  broke into a vein of very  rich quartz on  The weight of the long message regarding the weakness of thc Turkish navy and  the corruption of high Turkish officials,  sent out over the C.P.R. wires by the Associated Press, broke down the copper  wires of the company on the main line,  and the iron wires strung out along the  Crow's Nest road are not strong enough  10 carry press dispatches, so Tho Tribune  today is short on telegraphic news and  long on gray mutter. The Nelson Tribune  Bank of Montreal  Established 1817.    Incorporated by Aet of rail in ment.  CAPITAL (all paid up) $13,379,240.00  REST     9,000,000.00  UNDIDVIDED  PROFITS        724,807.75  Head   Office,   IVl ont real  RT.HON'.  LORD  STRATHCONA AND  MOIWT  ROYAL,  O.C.M.O.,   ['resident.  HON. 0.  A.   DRUMMOND, A'ice-I'resident. K-  S.  CI.OUSTO.V, General M imager.  NELSON BRANCH  Kootemiy Streets  A.   H.   BUCHANAN,  iVInnjij^ei  VOTl-ltS' LIST���ROSSLAND CITY KLECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  Christimi name ami surname of  tlie Claimant in full length.  Uesidcmi' nf Cliiimant.  (If in 11 city or town, tlie name and side of the  struct upon which I"' resides, ami the names  of the nearest ct<��- streets between which  his residence i.s situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  I: '���':-  Jit'-  |_ij  With which is amalgamated*  The  Bank of  British  Columbia  Head Office:   Toronto, Ontario  PAID  UP  CAPITAL * 8,700,000  RKSERVK FUND    3,000,000  AGGREGATE  RESOURCES OVER 78,000,000  HON. GEO.  A.  COX,  President      B. E.  WALKER, General Manager  Savings   Bank:   Department  Deposits received and interest allowed  NEL.SON   BRANCH  BRUCE-   HEATHCOTE,   Man user-  The Nelson Tribune  Founded in 1892.  THE TRIBUNE COMPANY, LIMITED,  PKOPRIETORS.  McDonald Block, Baker Street.    Telephone 120.  ADVERTISING RATES. ��� Display advertisements will be inserted in The Nelson Tribune  (six insertions a week) at the rateof Four Dollars  per inch per month. Single insertions '20 cents  an inch. Regular advertisements will be inserted  in the weekly edition without extra charge.  SUBSCRIPTION RATES.���Thc daily edition will  be sent bv mail for $5 a year, or portions of it year  at the rate of fifty cents a month; by carrier in  Nelson at the same rates. Payable in advance.  , The weekly edition will be mailed for $1 a year,  [ payable In advance, and no subscriptions will be  taken for the weekly edition for less than one  year.   Address ull communications���  THE TRIBUNE, Nelson, B. C.  liberal-conservative  candidates;  HON. ROBERT F. GREEN  FOR KASLO  JOHN HOUSTON  FOR NELSON CITY  HARRY WRIGHT  FOR YMIR  WILLIAM HUNTER  FOR SLOCAN  THOMAS TAYLOR  FOR REVELSTOKE  THOMAS CAV0EN  FOR CRANBROOK  WILLIAM R. ROSS  FOR FERNIE  GEORGE A. FRASER  FOR GRAND FORKS  DR. G. E. SPANKIE  FOR GREENWOOD  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1903  If the Camborne Miner i.s to be believed, .Tames M.  Kellie of Revelstoke is not running tis a Liberal, but as  au Independent with a big I. Kellie is au out-and-out  Liberal, aud has beeu drawing pay from tlie public  works department of the Dominion government for  rnonths past as foreman on river improvements. By  running as an Independent he hopes to get the solid  vote of the Liberals and draw votes from both the  other parties. Few voters will be decieved by Kellie's  cry of " independeuce." He was ten years in the  liouse, and he was so "independent" that no one knew  where he was at. The votes and proceedings show,  however, that he could always be depended ou to vote  with John Robson and Theodore Davie and James H.  Turner when they needed his vote, although he was  elected by men in Kootenay who always steadfastly  opposed these three men politically. Kellie will play  the role of "independence" just as long as it will suit  his purposes; but when it comes to voting, he will always be found voting Liberal when the vote will count.  Over in Similkameen riding, the Liberals have been  having a cat-and-dog time ever since they held their  nominating convention. Tlie candidate (W. J. Snod-  grass of Okanagan Falls) selected at the convention was  not liked by the Liberals in the west cud of the riding,  aud the mum airings of discontent beeameso strong that  Mr. Snodgrass has stepped down. The new nominee,  William Alexander McLean, is well known in Nelson,  where he made his home for several years. Mr. McLean now makes his home at Hedley City, and is working for the company that is developing the Nickle Plate  mine. There is no questioning Mr. McLean's politics.  He is a Liberal, and glories iu his political faith. In  the 1900 election he was one of John Houston's ablest  captains in Nelson riding, and voted his district solid.  While The Tribune is opposed to his political faith, yet  it can find no unkind words for tho Liberal candidate  in Similkameen. The Liberal-Conservative candidate,  L. W. Shatford of Fairview, had a walkover as against  Snodgrass; but now he has his work cut out, for "Black  Bill" McLean is a campaigner who can stay a week iu  the saddle without sleep.  The electors of Ymir riding have made up their minds  to allow "Alf" Parr to go to work, as he has proved that  he would be utterly useless as a legislator. His speeches  at Nelson, Ymir, and Salmo killed hiui as a politician.  50 Barry, James Watson  Columbia Avenue. Cliff House  51  52  53  54  ' 55  5(i  57  5S  59   Miner  Bauer,  Fritz  William     North side ot* Si.  Paul  Street   Broker  Baxendale, Richard Georgia Street, east side  Diamond  setter  Bean,   Lock Near Virginia .mining claim    "Miner  Beaudry, James  Montreal   House    Log  Beaulieu.  Adhemar      Beck, Samuel John   Begin,   George      Belton, James Clarence  Bcnner,  Fred      LIST OF PERSONS ENTITLED TO VOTE  IN THE  Cor. Washington Si. and 1st Avenue... Carpenter  Col. Av. West, east ol" St. Charles Motel Engineer  Washington St. N. of Gt. Northern Hotel Carpenter  Lot 22, Block IL Clerk  Columbia Avenue, near Clifton Motel ..Minor  UOjBorg, John  Col. Kootenay IM.. nr. Lion Brewery .. Miner  (il Berg,   Isaac    Elmore Street, near Lion Brewery   Miner  62 Berry,  Martin Patten   0th  Avenue    Machinist  03 Bertrand,   Joseph    AVashington Street   Miner  04 Berube,   Henri    Columbia Avenue, Montreal House  Labourer  G5 Bisson,   Oswald    Cook  Avenue    Clerk  GO Black,   John    Columbia Avenue. Windsor Hotel    Mechanical   Bug.  67 Blaney, John   Corner Washington Street and 3rd Ave. Comm. agent.  G8 Bloxham,  John    Le Roi Avenue  Miner  69 Blumberg,  Frederick Thos. 2nd Avenue, Western Hotel Engineer  70 Blyth,  Allan    2nd Avenue, near the bridge  Labourer  71 Blyth, Harry  2nd Avenue, near the bridge  Labourer  72 Boisjoli, Zenoni   Top of Washington Street   Machinist  73 Bond,  Robert   Josie Boarding Bouse, Josie Mine  Watchman  74 Bonneau,  Jerry    Columbia Avenue, Block 41  Merchant  75 Bonner, William Sherman . Washington Street, North    .-Miner  7G Bonter, Charles Henry Columbia Avenue, Bast   Miner  77 Boultbee, John  Le Roi Avenue  Police   Magistrate  7S Bourgon,  Esidore   2nd Avenue, Cardiff Hotel Teamster  79 Bourgon, Joseph   2nd Avenue, Cardiff Hotel   Lumberman  50 Bowman,  Thomas Martin.. Corner Butte and Le Roi Avenue Law clerk  51 Bowman, John   Corner Butte and Le Roi Avenue Engineer  82 Bowman, Michael   Alhambra Hotel    Miner  83 Boyd, Dell   4th Avenue, north side  Labourer  84 Boyd,  John    Cook Avenue Janitor  85 Braden, William Robert   .. Columbia Avenue, Lot S, Block 42  Merchant.  86 Bradshaw, George Ttnnent. Le  Roi  Avenue, south   side    Chief of Police  87 Brailo, Stephen John  Lot 24. Block 21  Miner  88 Bray, James K Corner Davis and 2nd Avenue   Miner  89 Breen,   Philip     War Eagle Hill, near W. E. Bdg. House Miner  90 Bredin, John Edward    Corner 1st Avenue and Butte Street .. Miner  91 Bridgman, George Albert .. 2nd Avenue, west of Davis Street  Miner  92 Briggs,   William    Washington  Street, Hoffman  House   .. Labourer  93 Britt,   Edward    Le  Roi Avenue, Salvation Army Bldg. Miner  94 Brock,  John  Thomas   ..... Spokane  Street,  north Machinist  95 Brokenshire,  John    War Eagle Boarding House, AV. E. Mine Fireman  96 Brokenshire, William H.  .. Lot 14, Block S, Durham Addition Engineer  97 Brooks, George Washington Spokane Street, near Skating Rink Carpenter  98 Brosse,   August   ..' 1st Ave., Lot 24, Block 5, Railway Add. Miner  99 Brown, William ........... Butte  Hotel Labourer  100 Brown, Alex. Ogilvy   26V_ Columbia Avenue Clerk  101 Brown,   Robert    Josie  Boarding House    '.-Miner  102 Browne,   Thomas    1st Avenue, Lot 10, Block 16  Carpenter  103 Brown, Colin Campbell Lot 16, Block 21  Comm. traveller  104 Bruce, Leslie John   Corner Columbia and Georgia Street .. Teacher  105 Bsovi,  Peter    '���' 2nd Avenue, near Earl Street Miner  '106._3uch.anan, Robert Burnett. 2nd Avenue, bet. Washington and Queen Miner  107 Bulmer, Rupert   3rd   Avenue.   East Miner  108 Burnet, Kenneth  Lumsden. Lot 27, Block 24, Railway Addition ... Civilenginear  109 Burns, William Joseph  Hoffman House Diam. d* il. work r  110 Byrne, John Joseph , Spokane Street, bet. Col. and 1st Ave.. Teamster  i  ROSSLAND CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.   AUGUST-31ST, _190-._  No.  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in lull length.  Resilience of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, thu name ami aide of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest eross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trand or  calling (if any}.  1 Aconit, Cyril   2 Aconit, John   3Adams, Edward    4 Agnew, George    5 Albert, George     6 Albi, Achille   7 Albo, Frank    8 Albo, Pasqualo   9 Albo, Tony    10 Aldridge, Walter   11 Allan, John      12 Allen, Robert Alexander   13 Allegranzi, Joseph    14 Almstrom, Ivear Emanuel ..  15 Amantee, Frank   16 Anderson, James   17 Anderson, Hamilton Herald.  18 Anderson, Robert Henry   19 Anderson, William   20 Andrew, Robert    21 Annable, Joseph Hughes  ...  22 Ansen, James     23 Antonio,   Spatafore      24 Armstrong,  Francis  E   25 Armstrong, John Thomas  ..  26 Armstrong, Richard Wallace  27 Armstrong, Thomas Hill ...  28 Ashton,  Thomas      29 Astley,  Joseph      30 Astley, William      31 Atkinson, Frank      I  32 Baillargion, John      33 Baillie, Edward      34Baillie, John R   35 Bain,  Daniel      36 Baines, Heber    37 Baker,  Richard  John   ...  38 Baker,   William   Patrick  39 Ballo,   Christino      40 Bandiera,  Frank     41 Bannett,  Bernard      42 Banville,  Archie      43 Barbora, Steve     44 Barborra,  Steve      45 Barker, Archibald Barker  46 Barrese,  Salvatore      47 Barrett, Albert    48 Barrett,  Charles E   49 Barrie,   Robert      Miner  Restaurant keeper  Corner Spokane Street and Third Ave.. Miner  Block 24    Miner  Columbia Avenue, Block 28 Store-keeper  Cor. Third Avenue and Washington St. Merchant  Washington Street   Miner  5th Ave., bet. Washington and Queen Sts Miner  No. 12 1st Avenue   Merchant  Monita   Street    Miner  4th Avenue,  near Washington  Street.. Miner  Columbia Avenue, Mellor Block Machinist  Josie Boarding House     AVashington Street, Hoffman Motel  ,  Sth  Avenue    Miner  Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 29  Motel keeper  4th  Avenue,  near Washington  Street.. Miner  Bank of B. N. A Banker  Sth Avenue, Lot 4, Block 40   Miner  Columbia Avenue, Palace Hotel   Mine supt.  7th Avenue, Block 43 Miner  Columbia  Avenue,   over   Hunter   Bros.'Clerk  Corner Spokane and Columbia-Avenue Butcher  Durham Addition  Miner  Rear of Martin Bros.' store. Wash. St. Minor  1st Avenue and Washington Street .... Accountant  Lots 11 and 12, Block 9  Carpenter  Cor. Columbia Ave. and Washington St. Barrister  2nd Ave., bet. St. Paul and Queen  Sts. Gentleman  Columbia Avenue, Butte Hotel   Carpenter  5th Avenue    Engineer  5th  Avenue    Blacksmith  Centre Star Hotel Miner  First Avenue  Labourer  Le Roi Avenue  Auditor  AVashington Street, Hoffman Mouse ...Miner  1st Ave., bet. Park and Georgia Streets Railway emp.  Cardiff Hotel   Miner  2nd Avenue East  Prospector  2nd Avenue, south side  Miner  2nd Avenue, rear Centre Stiir Hotel .... Miner  Davis Street, west of R. C Church   Miner  Lot. 11. Block 26 Merchant  Josie Mine Mineral Claim   Miner  S. E. corner Butte and Second Streets.. Miner  Butte and  Second  Avenue    Brewcryman  116 Le Roi Avenue, East Bank manager  Near C. P. 11. freight shed   Miner  Cook Avenue  Miner  Columbia Avenue Book-keeper  Spokane  Street    Book-keeper  111  112  ii;  114  115  116  117  US  119  120  121  122  123  124  125  126  127  128  129  130  131  132  133  134  135  136  137  138  139  140  141  142  143  144  145  146  ���147  14S  149  150  151  152  153  154  155  15C  157  158  159  100  1(!1  162  163  164  165  166  167  10S  169  170  171  172  173  174  175  176  177  178  179  180  181  1S2  183  1S4  185  ISO  187  18S  189  190  191  192  193  194  195  19(5  197  19S  199  200  201  202  203  204  Cameron,  Cameron,  Cameron,  Campbell,  Campbell,  of med.  maker  Carardo,  Mike   ........ Corner 5th Avenue and Queen Street .. Miner  Callahan, Patrick    Clifton Hotel, Cor. Col. Av. and Spokane Miner  Callett, Charles John Near Catholic Cemetery  Farmer  Cameron,  Alexander    Butte St., bet. 1st and 2nd Avenues ... .Tailor  Howard Dawson. Hoffman House  Clerk  Henry    Collins   House    Miner  Thomas Alex.   .. Columbia Avenue, Lalonde Block   Contractor  Archibald  Josie Mine mineral claim   Miner  Angus   Corner 4th Avenue and Washington St. Miner  Campbell, Duncan Le Roi Avenue Doctor  Campbell, Edmund  Francis Cor. 3rd Avenuft and Washington Street Boiler  Frank  Scatcherd Columbia Avenue. Hotel Allan  Miner  Campbell, George Wm 22 East Columbia Avenue    Gentleman  Campbell, J. G. Gordon  ... 3rd Ave. bet. AVashington and Queen Sts Miner  Campbell, Lome Argyle ... Corner 5th Avenue and Davis Street.. Mgr. Power Co.  Campbell, Suther  AVashington Street Miner  Canonica,   Louis    1 st Avenue,  Merchants'  Hotel    Hotel-keeper  Carey,   Mike    Near the Cemetery   Labourer  Carlyon,  William 4th Avenue, rear AArashington Street .. Miner  Carmichael, Geo. Milligan . Lot 5, Block 5 Bank clerk  Carpenter, Wm. George  ... Near Baptist Church, 1st Avenue ... Bank messenger  Carson, Joseph Herbert  ... Columbia Avenue, east of St. Paul Street Labourer  Casey, Geo. Barnard   Corner 2nd Avenue and Butte Street .. Miner  Carter, John    Queen Street, near corner of 2nd Avenue Hotel-keeper  Cavanagh, John Joseph  ... Corner 2nd Ave. and Monte Christo St Teamster  Challoner, Thomas George . Cook Avenue Jeweller  Chambers, James    1st Avenue, Block 21, Lot 9 Miner  Chapman, Richard   3rd Avenue, near Yale-Col. lumber yard Teamster  Chapman, Sydney Kelsey   . AVashington Street, Nortli    Baggageman  Chaput, Henry  The Montreal House  Hotel-keeper  Charron, Joseph Fred.   ..'.. Lot 4, Block 17  Carpenter  Chenoetlh, John  Newton   .. Corner Washington and 5th Avenue  ..Miner  Cherrington, James    AArashington Street, cor. Kootenay Ave. Clerk  Cherrdngton,   Horatio    Columbia Avenue, north side Merchant  Chisholm, Alexander   Le Roi Avenue Miner  Chisholm, Blair  2nd Avenue, Cliff Street   Miner  Ghi-holmHKenneth-i-.. -���-.=. - -.-2nd-Aveiiue;-Watson-HoteW-.-.w.r..... r-Minei--���---���������  Ohittem,   Amos    2nd Avenue, near corner Butte Street .. Blacksmith  C ristian, James   Mugwump min.' claim, near W. E. bdg. h Miner  Christian, Richard    Alhambra  Hotel    Miner  Christie, Alex.  Douglas   ... Lot 20, Block 36   Farmer  Christie,  James Halbold   .. AA'indsor Hotel   Free miner  Clemens,  Ervin    AA'ar Eagle Boarding House  Miner  Cline, John AVe_ley AA'hite Bear Addition    Miner  Clothier, George Ambrose.. Corner Le Roi Avenue and Davis Stre-t Assayer  Claudet, Henry Hayman  .. 28 Columbia Avenue   ; Engineer  Cluett,  Charles  William   .. Corner Spokane St. and Columbia Ave. Assayer  Clute,   John   Stillwell    Cor. Union Avenue and Davis Street ..Barrister-at-law  Cochrane,   Neil    Columbia Avenue, Block 29 Mining engineer  Coello,   Matt    6th  Avenue   Miner  Cole, Arthur Augustus Cor. AVashington St. and AHctoria Ave. Assayer  Coleman,   Edgar    Near AVashington St. N. of Red M. track Miner  Coleman, Joa.ph Dalaney .. City of Spokane mineral claim  Miner  Colistro,  John    AVashington Street   Miner  Collins, Horace John  Columbia Avenue, Cosmos Block  Miner  Collins, John Frederick  ... 2nd Avenue, Watson Motel  Miner  Collis,  Alfred  Thomas    118   Columbia  Avenue    Printer  Conci,   Gust    Cor. Spokane St. and 5th Avenue Miner  Cone, Max AVolf   31  East Columbia Avenue   Merchant  Conkey,   Frederick  Golden. Block 13, corner Spokane Street  Blacksmith  Connell, AVilliam Douglas.. Washington Street, Hoffman House ..,. Prcspector  Constantine,  Alexander   ... 2nd Avenue, Lot 25, Block 20  Carpenter  Commerford, Thomas    Columbia Avenue, south side  Tailor  Cooper,  Richard    Alctoria Avenue     Miner  Cooper,  Thomas    St. Paul Street  Miner  Corsan,  Thomas     Lancaster House   Accountant  Cosman,  Jacob Elbridge   .. Columbia Avenue, Goodeve Building ..Blacksmith  Cosman, John Dorset   Columbia Avenue, Goodeve Building ..Blacksmith  Cossetto, John    Near Cor. Columbia St. and 2nd Ave.. Miner  Cote,  Emille    Washington Street, Headquarters Hotel Hotel-keeper  Coulson, Robert Barclay  .. AVar Eagle  Boarding House   Representative  Coulthard,   W.   Livingston. Columbia. Avenue, Traders' Block    Physician  Coumbe,   AVilliam    War Eagle Boarding House Miner  Couture,   Joseph    5th Ave., Block 13   Miner  Covello, John    St. Paul Street ������.. ��� Miner  Coward,   Isaac    5th  Avenue Con'ractor  Cram. James Kay  St. Paul Street, Lancaster House  Miner  Crawfo: d. Robei t Edgar ... SI Thompson Avenue Book-keeper  Crawford, Sydney F S3 Thompson Avenue Electrician  Creelman, Angus  G Corner Kootenay Ave. and Monita St.. Contractor  Croteau,  Eugene    2nd Ave., Blue & Descluunps' office ...Broker  Crow, Max   Columbia Avenue   Merchant  Crowe, John Andrew     Lots 11 and 12, Block 17  Fireman  Crowe, George AA'illiam   ... pack Train mineral claim  Miner  Crowe,  Thomas     Le Roi Ave., White Bear Addition  Blacksmith  Cruil-shank, Graham   ...... St. Paul Street, north-east side Miner  Cunliffe, AVilliam Malloch  -Cor.   Kootenay   Ave.   and   Spokane   St. Engineer  Cunningham,  Jos.   Whitnay Washington  Street.   Hoffman  Mouse   ..Miner  Curpliey, AVilliam Henry  .. North  side of AVest Le Roi  Aveiv.-.e   .. Miner  Curtis,   Smith Corner Kootenay Avenue and Davis St. Mine operator  Dan 1 man,  August   St. Paul Street, Enterprise Addition  ..Miner  Dahlman,   Gus    St.   Paul   Street   Miner  Dain,  Peter    1st   Avenue, Columbia Hotel    Machinist  Daimpre, Cecil   Columbia Avenue, Windsor Hotel  .. ��� ��� Mechanical  VOTERS'' LIST-ROSSLAND CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Eng.  No.  205  200  207  20S  209  210  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full lenglh.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a eity or town, the name and side of the  street upon which lie resides, and the names  of thc nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (If any}.  Dally, Martin    1st Avenue, Lot 4, Block 21 Miner  Daly, Andrew   Corner 1st Avenue and Queen Street .. Loco, engineer  Damcur, Paul   Headquarters   Hotel    Lumber ranger  Danby. William Hartley  Dandurand, Hormidas C.  Daniels, Angus    211jDaniel,   Henry      212|Davey, John      213|Davidson, James     2M|Da\vson, AVilliam  Henry  215jDawson, AVilliam John .  21 (iiDeacon, AVilliam Sterne  75 Thompson Avenue  Accountant  2nd Avenue, Cardiff Hotel   Miner  Lot IS. Block 43  Blacksmith  Lots 18 and 19, Block 16  Merchant  Spokane Street, bet. 1st and 2nd Aves. Miner  6th  Avenue    Miner  \Ara-*hington Street and 1st Avenue Contractor  3rd  Avenue    Teamster  N. AV. corner Davis Street and Jhoenix B-irrister  217jDe.m, *lohn -,- ��� ��� ��� 3f) Columbia Avenue   Real estate agenl  21o|Dempstei\  Charles    Corner Phoenix and Union Avenue Mining operator  219|Denison, Albert Edward   .. AA'ashington Street, east side  Clerk  220|Denison,  John  George    Fred B. mineral claim   Farmer  22l|De l-'onzio, Frank Queen  St., in rear of Presbyterian Ch. Miner  2-_2|Desa.iUy,   Alncenzo    3rd Avenue, near C. P. R. freight depot Miner  22,'ij Detcha.nps, Carles  4th  Avenue    Lumberman  224|Deschamps, Joseph Stephen 2nd Avenue, north side * umber mcht  225jDesche;.e, Paul  Headquarters  Teamster  220|Desharnais,  Etienne    Columbia Avenue, Montreal House Miner  227|D-\var,   Donald     Idaho mineral  claim    Miner  22S|Dewdney,  E.   E.  L Bank of Montreal building Clerk  agent  250  251  252  253  254  255  256  257  25S  259  200  261  262  263  264  205  206  I  Dey,   Oscar  AAllliani    Columbia Avenue, Bloclc 53  C P R  Dickie, Peter  Cook Avenue. Durham Addition   Miner  Dickson, George Howe  Columbia Avenue, near Davis Street .. Engineer  Dockerill, Walter Philip   .. Lot 5, Block 5   Bai rister-at-law  Dodds,  Robert    AVashington  Street,  North    Ore sorter  Doell, Charles Philip  Columbia Avenue. Cliff House   Hotel-keeper  Doig, William Smith  Le Roi Ave., AVest, AVhite Bear Addition Carpenter  Donald,  AVilliam    Cor. Columbia Avenue and Spokane St. Butcher  Donaldson,  Andrew    Block 29    Miner  Donnelly, Hugh Peter 4th  Avenue  Carpenter  Donohue,   Edward    Corner St. Paul Street and 1st Avenue Blacksmith  Doyle, Patrick Joseph   Elmore Avenue    Blacksmith  Drewry, Andrew J Alctoria  Avenue Accountant  Drewry, George Burnham  . Josie Boarding House  Miner  Dulce, Britton   2nd   Avenue    Miner  Duke, Harry   Columbia Avenue, Block 2G Miner  Duncan, John   Black Bear Addition   Miner  Dundee,  Charles    Columbia Avenue, Lot 5, Block 9 Mine owner  Dunlop, Alexander   Columbia Avenue, Lot 5, Block 55  Carpenter  Dunlop, John    Lot S, Block 32   Contractor  Thompson Avenue, Block 4  Assayer  Lots 1 and 2. Block 52  Gentleman  AArar  Eagle  Hill    Miner  St. Paul Street, west side  Business manager  Corner Georgia and Le Roi Streets Bank clerk  Le Roi Avenue, AVest .- Clerk  AVashington Street, Hoffman House ... Miner  Traders' Block, E. Columbia Avenue .. Journalist  Dunn, Thomas Ironside .  Dunpy, Mike     Durant, Edwin   Duthie,   Edgar      Dutton�� Arthur Howard .  Duval, Alfred Macdonald  Dyer, Alfred AV. E. O.  ..  Eagles,  Henry Lot 20, Block 27  Carpenter  Edwards, Thomas AVilliam. Phoenix Street   Jeweller  Ehlers, Charles    Columba Avenue, Lot S, Block 10 Hotel-keeper  Elley,  Wilbert Cor. AVashington St. and Kootenay Av. Teacher  Ellis, Harold Middleton  ... St. Paul Street, The Lancaster Gentleman  Embleton, Thomas   AA'est Le Roi Avenue Merchant  Endersby, Alfred  ..Duluth   mineral   claim Dairyman  Eovino, Frank   1st Avenue, Merchants' Hotel   Hotel-keeper  Evans, Richard Thomas ... 116 Le Roi Avenue, East Agent  Erickson, Charles   ..... Lot 8, Block 3, Enterprise   Addition .. Miner  267 Fabiano,  Guiseppe      26S Fadden,   Patrick   269 Falding, AAllliam  Henry  ..  270 Falliano, Frank    271 Farquharson, Chas. Edward  272 Fasken, James     273 Fergiuon, Daniel W.lbert ..  274 Ferguson, Henry AVilfred ..  275 Ferraro,  Dominico      276 Ferraro,   Frank      277 Ferris,  Arthur      27S Filion, Harry      279 Fisher, George AArilliam  ...  2S0 Fisher,   James      281|Fitzgerald, John   2S2,Floss,  Thomas  2S3  284  285  286  287  2SS  289  290  291  292  293  294  295  296  297  29S  299  ���300  301  302  30':  304  305  30 (:  307  30S  309  310  311  312  313  314  315  310  317  31S  319  320  321  322  323  324  325  320  327  328  329  330  331  332  333  334  335  330  337  338  339  340  311  342  343  344  315  340  Flynn, Thomas   Forteath, Samuel    Fortin, Frank D   Fothergill, Cuthbert R. .,  Fox,   Robert      Fraser,   Andrew      Fraser, James S. C   Fraser, John Allen    Fraser, Andrew Wallace  Donald     Charles Edwin  ..  Norman      John Henry     Friel,  Arthur    .>   Fry, AVilliam. Henry     Fraser,  Fraser,  Fraser,  Freney,  4th Ave., bet. St. Paul and Queen Sts..  AVashington Street, North   Lot IS, Bloclc IS, Phoenix Avenue   Corner Butte Street and 2nd Avenue ..  Independent Meat Market   2nd  Avenue   Le Roi Mine   Le Roi Avenue, AVest    1st Avenue, near Columbia Hotel   Columbia   Avenue      4th Av, S. side, bet. St. Paul & Monte C.  Columbia Avenue. Mellor Block     Corner St. Paul and 4th. Avenue   AVashington Street, Astor Hotel     4th  Avenue      War Eagle Boarding House   Queen St., in rear of Presbyterian Ch..  AMctoria Avenue      Lots 5 and 6, Block 19     St. Paul Street, Lancaster House    4th Avenue, Lot 17, Block N   AVar Eagle Boarding House    Bank of Montreal     Lot 19.  Block 29     Lot 5, Block 21   Hoffman House      3rd Avenue, Block 2, Nickel Plate Add.  N. AV. corner 2nd Ave and Monte Christo  Lot 2, bet. AVashington and Spokane Sts  AArar Eagle Boarding House    1st Avenue, near Court House    Miner  Miner  Accountant  Miner  Butcher  Mgr. Transfer Co  AVatchnian  Druggist  Miner  Miner  Carpenter  Miner  Miner  Timberman  Teamster  Miner  Miner  Miner  Business manager  Miner  Miner  Miner  Bank manager  Fireman  Insurance agent  Carpenter  Machinist  Engineer  Stone mason  Miner  Book-keeper  Gaddo, Barney  AArashington  Street,  North    Miner  Galbraith, Joseph    AArashington Street and 6th Avenue .... Miner  GaIlaghert"Bernard".^^w.-.-Gentre-Star-Hote^  ���  Gait. Alexander Casimer  .. Corner Union Avenue and  Spokane St. Barrister-at-law  Gamey, Joseph Richard  ... 6th Avenue  Miner  Garvey,  Andrew     4th Avenue, N. of B. A. C. offices Blacksmith  Gelling, Caesar  North AVashington Street Miner  Giacosa,  Frank    Corner 3rd Avenue and Queen Street .. Miner  Gibson,  James    6th Avenue, bet. Washington and Queen Miner  Gibson,  William     Kootenay   Avenue    Miner  Gibson, AVilliam Irie  2nd Avenue, opposite Rink  Miner  Gignac, Edward   Columbia Avenue, Montreal Hotel   Labourer  Gill, Michael James   Nickel Plate Flat, near Centre Star Mtl. Miner  Gillan. Charles Edward  ... 26V_ East Columbia Avenue  Barrister-at-law  Gilmour, Thomas Scott N. E. corner Butte and Columbia Avenue Accountant  Girnce, Prank  5th Avenue, bet. Spokane and Wash. Sis Miner  Girard, Fred Queen Street, S. of Oddfellows' Hall .. Miner  Gloyn,   John    Queen Street   Miner  Goninan, Edward John 2nd Avenue, AVatson Hotel   Miner  Goodeve, Arthur Samuel  .. St. Paul Street   Druggist  Goodeve, AVilliam Henry  .. Columbia Avenue, East, N. side  Druggist  Gosse,   Roland    Cliff Street  Miner  Gow, Samuel  Perkin   Centre Star  Gulch     Bricklayer  Gowman, Thomas Henry .. Lot 6, Block 42  Photographer  Goyctte, Alexander  AVar Eagle Boarding House    Prospector  Graham, Joseph Andrew ... AVashington  Street, Hoffman  House  .. Miner  Graham, Thomas  20 Columbia Avenue    Musician  Graham, AVillard   3rd Avenue, bet. Queen and St. Paul Sts Miner  Graham, Fred. Carmichael. AVar Eagle Boarding House  Janitor  Grant, Edward John  Lot 9, Block 43  Book-keeper  Grant,   David Corner Queen Street and Phoenix Ave. Stone mason  Grant, Donald Alpen  Corner AVashington St. and 2nd Ave Miner  Grant,  Garnet. Peter  ...... Columbia Ave., E., near Sisters' Hosp. Accountant  Gray, William Henry   Josie Mine  Boarding House   Carpenter  Green, George Hrpklns St. Paul Street, bet. Col and 1st Aves. Mine promoter  Gregory, James AVilliam   .. Washington  Street,  North    Engineer  Griffin.   Frank    Spokane Street. Central Hotel   Miner  Griffith, Essex    Centre Star Gulch     Miner  Grigg,  Albert Edward   .... Columbia Avenue, Exchange Hotel  Miner  Grigor. Robert AV Lot 18, Block 32    Architect  Grout, Joseph Edwin 2nd Avenue, Cardiff Hotel    Miner  Gaultiere, Pasquale  3rd Avenue, near C. P. R. freight sheds Miner  Gin asc"o, Joe  2nd   Avenue    ,  Miner  Gubinville, Ilcleye   Head  of  AVashington  Street    Miner  Guernsey, Foibes William . Kootenay Avenue, near Davis Street .. Mining  engineer  Guidotti,   Anthony    Corner of 3rd. and Queen Streets   Carpenter  Guilbeault,  Emery    Columbia Avenue. Montreal Hotel   Teamster  Guilbeault, Uliick  4th Avenue  Engineer  Gunn, Don-ild   Park Street, bet. Columbia and 1st Aves Miner  347 Guthrie, Donald   Fire Hall, corner 1st and Queen Streets Chief Fire Dept.  34SJGurr, AA'illiam Charles   Opposite Great Northern Station   AVatchnian  349  350  351  353  354  355  350  357  Hadfield, Joseph Edward . ��� 2nd Avenue and Monte Christo Streets Miner  Haggart,'  Duncan    Earl Street   Miner  Hall,   AVilliam    Columbia Avenue, AVindsor Hotel Engineer  Hallstrom, Jacob  AVashington St.. bet. 4th and 5th Aves. Miner  Hamill,  Richard    Block 57, near Burns' slaughter house.. Teamster  Hamilton, Charles Robt.  .. Corner AVashington and Victoria Streets Barrister-at-law  Hamon,  Joseph    East corner Cook and Nevada Streets.. Clerk  Hampton. James    Lot 9, Block 5S  Carpenter  Hand, John Joseph   Columbia Avenue   Miner The NeJsoft Tribune  VOTERS' LIST���ROSSLAND CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Hesidenee of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which lie resides, and the names  of the nearesl cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  VOTERS' LIST���ROSSLAND CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  35S Harp,  AVilliam     359 Harper, James Peter   360 Harper, James     361 Harris.  Daniel      362 Haivis, Hugh Austan   363 Harris, AVm.  AVellington  ..  364 Hart. Edward  Lewis     305 Hartill, John Thomas    366 Hartill,  Enoch      367 Harvey,  Robert     365 Hastings, Charles J   369 Hastings, Hugh     370 Hansen,   Anton      371 Maydon, John ��.   372 Hayemal,  Henry   373 Hayward, James   374 Hayward, Charles     375 Heaslip, AVilliam     376 Helgason, Eyfo'.fur    377 Henderson, James Gordon.  37S Henderson, Murdock Angus  379 Henderson,  Hugh      350 Hendrick-ron, Charles   351 Heron, AVilliam S   352 Hewer, Frank Algernon ...  353 Hicks, William George     354 Hickson, Alfred Ernest   385 Higgins,' Patrick Joseph .. .  3S6 Hinton,  Rayner AA'   387 Hint_, Michael   355 Hobbs.  Sidney    ���  389 Hogarth, Alexander     390 Honey,'Joseph Harris    391 Hooper, John Edmund     392 Hooper,  Richard      393 Hooper, AA'illiam      394 Hocson, Evan     395 Hcoson, John Edward   \396 Home, Alexander   ..-.   397 Hor\veH,  John      398 Hosking, James   -  399 Houston,  Robert   .,   400 Howard,   Harry   ... ....  401 Hulme, Thomas     402 Humble, AA'illiam George ..  403 Hunden, Adam Stephen  ...  404 Hunerfaul.li,   Frederick  ....  405 Hunter, Robert   406 Hutchison,  Robert      Corner 2nd Avenue and AVashington St. Clerk  Lot 20, Block 29   Merchant  St. Paul  Street, South     Manufacturer  Between Columbia Avenue and 1st Ave. Miner  Lot 19, Block 27    Miner  Butte St., bet. Columbia and 1st Aves. Boiler maker  AA'. corner Gth Ave. and AVashington St. Gardener  3rd Ave., bet. St.  Paul and Queen Sts. Blacksmith  3rd Ave., opposite C. P. R. Station Machinist  Corner Union Avenue and Queen Street Miner  AVar Eagle Hotel   Miner  Kootenay   Avenue    Mining en_.ineer  1 st Avenue  Miner  AA'ar Eagle Mine Boarding House  Miner  Near Alberta mineral claini  Farmer  Lot 12, Block 2S  Shoemaker  Lot 11, Block 1, Railway Addition  Teamster  Lot 20. Block 9     Fireman  Near southern limits of City Gardener  Lot 12. Block 10, Cor. Spokane and 4th Tailor  Pack Train mineral claim    Expressman  Lot 17, Block 12, Le Roi Avenue  Brewer  Queen Street, North    Miner  Cor. Davis and Kootenay Streets Engineer  Columbia Ave., adjoining Court House Broker  Cor. Butte and Le Roi Streets  Clerk  Washington Street   Labourer  Lot 20, Block L Miner  3rd house from cor. Kootenay and Davis Engineer  Palace Hotel   ' Bartender  Columbia Avenue, Butte Hotel   Hotel-keeper  Le Roi Avenue, West Miner  Columbia Avenue, Vreda Block  ....... Carpet layer  Court House Reserve  Hotel-keeper  Queen   Street  ��� ��� ��� Miner  ���Near corner Davis and 3rd Avenue Miner    -  Corner 1st Avenue and St. Paul Street.. Stone cutter  Corner 1st Avenue and St. Paul" Street.. Mining recorder  1st Avenue, East  Carpenter  Idaho mineral claim   Miner  1st Avenue, next Cardiff Hotel   Miner  In rear of Columbia Avenue Editor  Phoenix Avenue. Block 36 Miner  Salvation   Army  Barracks  Grocer  Lot 25, Block 17  Merchant  Columbia Ave.. N. side, near Ct. House Plumber  Columbia Avenue. Miller Block   Barber  Le Roi Avenue  Merchant  Corner Monte Christo and 5th Avenue.. Miner  407|Ife, AVilliam Percy  .... AVashington  Street,  North Cook  40S|lnehes, Robert   Cook Avenue and Davis Street  Carpenter  409|lngram, John Sydney Monte Christo Street, Lot 24, Block 21. Gentleman  410|lnnes,   Warren    Columbia Ave., bet."St. Paul and Butte Clerk  4111Irvine, James Albert  AVashington  Street   Diamond driller  412 Irving, James    Columbia Avenue, East Conductor  413  414  415  410  417  4 IS  419  420  421  422  423  424  425  420  427  42S  429  430  431  4.32  433  434  435  430  437  43S  439  440  441  442  443  444  445  440  447  44S  449  450  451  452  _453  454  455  450  457  458  459  Jackson,   Arthur   Jackson,  August      Jackson,   Robert  Alexander  Jacobs, George   Jacobs, John   ^   Jacovelli,   Alfonzo   James,  Isaac  D.      James, Philip      Jarvis, James     Jefford, George     Jennings, Frederick    Joanette, Alphonse   Job, Edward      Johnson,  Emil   Johnson, John Edward ....  Jonhson, John Binns    Johnson,  Stanley M   Johnston, James Duncan....  Johnstone, Henry Havelock  Johnstone, Charles Samuel.  Jones, Harry Patrick   Jones,  Hugh Robert  ......  Tones, Henry John ........  Jones, Robert John ...;   Jones, William Prosser ....  Jones, AA'illiam Edward ...  Junkin, John AVesley    4th Avenue, Lot 14. Block N.   Central Hotel   5th  Avenue   2nd Avenue. Block 3   Columbia Avenue. Clarendon Hotel ....  Davis Street, near R. C. Church   6th  Avenue   Lots 4 and 5, Block 2, Enterprise Add.  Between St. Paul and Queen Streets ..  AA'ar Eagle Boarding House      Josie  Boarding House   2nd Avenue, near C. P. R. rock cut   Lot 17. Block 42   2nd Avenue and AVashington Street ..  4th Avenue and Butte Street    East side of Earl Street     Lot 13. Block 40     Lot 13, Block 24   AA'indsor   Hotel      2nd Avenue. Western Hotel      St. Paul St., bet. 1st and 2nd Avenues..  4th  Avenue      Davis  Street       Lot 3. Block 26    Corner St. Paul Street and 4th Avenue  Le Roi Ave. bet. Butte and Monte Ch.  Lot 20, Block 9    Kean, William Joseph    AVashington  Street,  North      Keating,  George Alex Corner Cook Avenue and Spokane Street  Keefe,  Garrett    St. Paul and Monte Christo Streets  ..  Kenning, Angus AVyllie Corner 1st Avenue and Butte Street ..  Kenny, Fred. James    Columbia Avenue, Cosmos Block    Kent,  David  Ninian   .. Josie Boarding House    Kerr, Alexander S 2nd Avenue. AVestern Hotel      Kerr,  Donald  Edward    Lots 1 and 2. Bloclc 29    Kerr, George AVilliam  Corner Spokane St. and Columbia Ave.  Kerr, Joseph   Enterprise mineral claim    Kerruish, John Teare   Lot IS, Block 44, Railway Addition   King, Garfield A 0th Avenue, near Monte Christo Street  King,   Edward     Corner St. Paul Street and 3rd Avenue  King,JjG.ei-bi'ancUMountain^.^Gor.-Colu.mbia^Ave.^and^AVashington^St.i  Kinney, Joseph Alfred  .... Columbia Avenue, AA'indsor Hotel     Kipp, Walter Herbert  Columbia Avenue, AA'indsor Hotel   Kirkup, James    2nd  Avenue. Block 51     Koebel, Albert Joseph   Col, Ave. N. side, bet. Butte and St. Paul  Koski,   John     7th Avenue, near Washington Street ..  Knudson, George  AVest Koot. Ave., bet. Nevada aid Monita  Blacksmith  Hotel-keeper  Carpenter  Miner  Hotel-keeper  Miner  Miner  Miner  Blacksmith's blpr.  Miner  Miner  Stone cutter  Clerk  Shoemaker  Miner  Financial agent  Clerk  Clerk  Miner  Gentleman  Hotel-keeper  Grocer  Dairyman  Miner y  Miner  Machinist  Miner  Miner  Clerk  Hotel-keeper  Doctor of Med.  Miner  Miner  Teamster  Dentist  Butcher  Prospector  Miner  Schoolteacher  Blacksmith  Hotel-lcccpor������-  Conductor  Fireman  Miner  Miner,,.  Miner  Miner  400  401  402  463  404  465  400  467  4 OS  409  470  471  472  47.>|  474  475  476  477  47S  479  4S0  4S1  4S2  4S3  484  4S5  4S6  4S7  4SS  4S9  490  491  492  493  494  495  491*  497  49S  499  500  501  502  503  5041  505  5001  5071  50S|  fiO'-i  510  La Bord, Frank    iface, Frank    Laface, Gaetano    ^afranee, Frederick    Lahti. Erik    Laird, Roland Arthur     Lalonde, Charles Octave  ..  -alonde,  Pierre      .iiiiiuii, James      Lamont, Robert     Lancaster,  Joseph   Edward.  Lang,  Joseph      angman, Josjph Henry ...  Lonther,  Adelnrd      Lnpicrre,   Gaspord      Larne, Amos     Lascelles, AVilliam James ..  Latulippe,  Ernest      Lavoie, Jo:eph     Lavorato.  Pasquale      Lawe, Frederick G. H.  Lawler, James    ���  Lawson, David Thompson..  Le Blanc, Isidore O   Leahy, AVilliam      Le Boy, Arnold Robert   Leduc, Autine    Lee, Amos     Lee, James Henry  ........  Lefebvre, Siffroie   Lennox, Robert Johnston ..  Le Vasseur, Treffley     Le A'asseur, AVilliam George  Levy,  Julius      Levy.   Louis   Lewer, Montague AA'illiam..  Lewis,   Bernard      Lc-wis, John James   Linburg, John Frederick  ..  Link,  Bernard      Linna,  Alexander      Linton, Thomas Burns ....  Lippa,   Amadas      Lippa,  Sebastian      Lippa, Totii     Loader, Frank Earl    Lockhart, Allan James    Logan,   Edward      Lombard, Emanuel    Long, Arthur John   Long, Thomas Henry    Columbia Avenue, Montreal House    Queen Street  ;   2nd Avenue, between St. Paul and Queen  2nd Avenue. Cardiff Hotel      4th Avenue, between Butte and Georgia  Earl   Street      Lot 1, Bloclc 43     2nd  Avenue, Cardiff Hotel      2nd Avenue, near Monte Christo Street.  Columbia Avenue   Earn side of Monte Christo Street    Le Roi Avenue   4th Avenue, Lot 17. Block M    1st Avenue, Cardiff Hotel     1st Avenue, near Columbia Hoi el    Centre Star Gulch      St. Paul Street    Kootenay   Street      Headquarters  Hotel    -  St. Paul Street. North, near School ....  2nd Avenue, Watson Hotel     1st Avenue, next Baptist Parsonage   Columbia Avenue. Lot 17, Block 43   1 st Avenue    Let 15, Block 17   Near Lion  Brewery, south of C. P. R.  2nd Avenue, Cardiff Hotel      Pack Train mineral claim      Lot S, Block 16   1st Avenue, Oriental Block    4th Av., N., bet.  Monte Ch.  & Georgia  Butte Street, south side   Butte  Street      S. E. corner Washington and Kootenay  AA'ashington Street    Bank of B. N. A   AVar  Eagle   Hill      AVar Eagle Hotel    Cock  Avenue,  bet.  Spokane and  Davis  2nd Avenue, AVatson's Hotel     Market garden, foot of St. Paul Street..  Lots 1.1 and 12, Block 2 ���   Georgia Street      Queen  Streel;     2nd   Avenue      Corner 2nd Avenue and Park Street ..  Corner  Butte  and  Le  Roi      2nd Avenue and Butte Street    1st Avenue.  Columbia Hotel      Corner Queen St. and Princess Avenue  Cor. Thompson Ave. and Cliff Street ,.  Millman  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Journalist  Merchant  Teamster  Miner  Bank messenger  Accountant  Tanner  Miner  Lumberman  Barber  Labourer  Gentleman  Carpenter  Lumber ranger  Miner  Miner  Mine manager  ,_.  Blacksmith  Book-keeper  Miner  Engineer  Millwright  Engineer  Merchant  Miner  Miner  Clerk  Clerk  Merchant  Merchant  Bank clerk  Miner  Miner  Liveryman  Miner  Dairyman  Merchant  Miner  Miner  Miner  Carpenter  Street supt.  Lumberman  Gardener  Tailor  Sanitary inspect!'.  511  512  513  514  515  516  517  518  519  520  521  522  523  524  525  52-u  527  528  529  530  531  532  533  534  535  536  537  538  539  540  541  542  543  544  545  546  547  54S  549  550  551  552  553  554  555  556  557  55S  559  560  561  562  563  504  565  566  567  568  569  570  571.  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Kesidence of Claimant.  (If in a eity or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, and the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  Long, Oliver   Josie Mine mineral claim  Miner  Longsdale, Thomas St. Paul St., bet. Col. and 1st Aves Miner  Lougheed, Aaron Elizieh  .. Josie Mine Boarding House  Miner  Louttit,  AVilliam John    AArashington  Street,  Hoffman  House   .. Engineer  Luff, Arthur Cyril   ... '.* 3rd  Avenue    Baggage master  Luff, Marthyr John Queen Street, next Bank of Toronto .. Janitor  Lynch, John Lever'".T   Lots 5 and 6, Block 2 Carpenter  572  573  574  575  576  577  578  579  580  581  5S2  583  5S4  5S5  5S6  5S7  5S8  589  590  591  592  593  594  595  596  597  598  599  600  601  602  603  604  605  =600  607  60S  609  OiO  611  612  013  614  615  616  617  61S  019  620  021  022  023  024  025  020  627  02S  029  030  031  632  633  634  635  036  637  63S  639  640  641  642  643  644  045  040  047  048  049  650  Mace,   Charles      Madore,   Favian   .1'   Madore, Gideon      Madore,   Hilaire      Madore,   Leon      Maitland, Thorn?.- Robert .  Makowecki,  Mike      Malcom, Fredrick Albert .  Maki, Chris     Manhire,  Luther      Manhire, Theodore    Manhire, William John  ..  Marchal, Paul    Marshall,   Harry      Marshall,  Samuel      Martin,   John   Martin, Donald AVellesley  Martin, Kenneth      Martin,  William      Massie,   Alexander      Masson, Alexander    Masson, John Strachan ...  Master, Gilbert Hoskins ..  Masters, Elijalh William   ..  Mastin, Edward     Mathieu,   Joseph      Mead, John Joseph    Mellor, George     Merson, Leander     Mickelson,  Leander  ........  Milne,   John   Mitchell, James     Mitchell, Henry Gilford   Moffatt, Andrew      Molinero, Joe      Monteath, David Gordon ..  Montgomery,  Thomas  Sam,  Moody, John George     Moran,  Louise      Morgan, John Resd   Morkill, Dalby Brooks     Morrell, Henry    Morris, Joseph   ..'   Morrison, John Angus ....  Morrison, John Roderick ..  Morrow, Thomas Russell ..  Morton, Walter   Mullen, Patrick     Munn, Alexander   Munroe, Alexander    Munroe, Milo      Murray, Patrick William..  Murray, John Goodwill .. ���  Myers,   Matthew      MacAulay, John J   MacBain, James R   Macdonald, James Alex.   ..  Macdonald, John Hugh   Macdonald, John M   Macdonald, Thomas     Maclsaac,. John L   Mackenzie, David      Mackenzie, Archibald BLnie  Mackenzie, John   ���   MacKenzie, John C. S   Mackenzie, Kenneth Eaton.  Mackenzie, Hugh Henry ...  Mackenzie, Murdock      Mackintosh, Charles St. L.  Mackintosh, Charles H. ...  Mackintosh, Henry Burton.  MacMillan,  Malcolm      MacNeill, Albert Howard ..  McArthur, Alexander C.  ...  McArthur,   John      McBride, Roland Leigh   ...  McCann, Hugh      McCordell, Thomas   McConnell, William     McConnell, Thomas     McCorvie, James     McCraney, Hiram Perry ...  McCulloch,   James      McDonald, Angus Donald ..  McDonald, Alfred   McDonald, Daniel     McDonald,  Donald      McDonald, Neil      McDonaldf-John-Dingwall-.-  William D   Ronald Hugh  ..  Alexander Rodd  Boswell Robert .  Peter Ronald  ..  Duncan   McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonald,  McDonell.  McDougall,  Martin     McEachern,   Dougall      McEachern, Neil      McElnea, Samuel    McGillivray.   John   AVilliam  McGillivray. Vincent Hugh.  Melnnis,  Gordon      Mclnnes, Norman      McGinnis, John Elberdge ..  Mcintosh, Henry     Mcintosh, John  Peter    Mci nty re, Patrick     Melvor,   Malcolm      MoKaracher.  Finlay    McKay, AVilliam      McKenty,  John      McKenzie, John     McKenzie, James Thompson  McKenzie, David Shear  .. ���  McKibbin, Robert Stuart ..  McKicban, Peter John     McKinnon, Dougald     McKinnon, Joihn      McKinnon, John Angus ...  McKinnon, John Duncan  ..  McKinnon, John Angus   McKinnon,   Malcolm      McLaren,   Edgar      McLaren, William Henry ..  McLean, John Angus    McLeod,  Angus      McLeod, Malcolm AVilliam .  McLeod,  Daniel      McLeod, Jorm .7.   .,,,,.....  McLeod,  Hugh      McLeod, Neil    McLeod, John Allan      McLeod, Malcolm  D   651|McLougblin, -John  Amos  ..  052 McMillan.  Alex.  .Joseph   ...  053|McMillan, Alfred      G54|McMi"  055  650  057  058  659  600  001  002  663  664  Daniel      McMillan, AVilliam 1   McNaughton.   Alexander  McNeill, AVilliam  Firth  McPhee,  Charles      McPherson, J oh a Angus  McPherson. Daniel J  ������<  McQueen,   AVilliam      McRae,   Chi istopher  AA'.  McRae,  Henry      McSweyn, John  Donald  AVar Eagle Mine Boarding House    Corner 4th Avenue and Spokane Street  Let 10,  Block  9.  Nickel  Plate      Corner 4 th Avenue and Spokane Street  Near eorner Spokane St. and 7th Ave.  1st Avenue, Oriental Block    2nd Avenue     Cook and Nevada Street    Columbia Avenue, south side, near Butte  Queen Street, bet. 1st and 2nd Aves   Queen  Street,  North     AVar Eagle Mine Boarding House      2nd Avenue. Cardiff Hotel     White Bear.Addition   Black Bear mineral claim     Subdivision of Virginia M. C   Lot 10, Block 57    Georgia Street      Washington Street   Corner Washington St. and Union Ave.  Washington Street, Astor Hotel     2nd Avenue, south side   Columbia Avenue, W. of Court House ..  Spokane Street, Oregon Restaurant   Corner of 1st and Spokane Streets    Le Roi  Boarding House     Georgia Street   110 Columbia Avenue    N. E. Homestake mineral claim   Black Bear mineral claim     Nr. Cor. Wash, and 4th Ave. Enter. Add.  Lot. 15, Block 60, Railway Addition   AVaishington Street, Hoffman House ..  About 400 feet south of Iron Colt M. C.  5th Avenue ��� ��� ���   Columbia Ave., Hazelwood Block   N. W. corner 4th Ave. and Wash. St..  Butte Street, Block 27     4th Avenue, opposite School     Nickel Plate Flat    East  Columbia  Avenue      2nd Avenue, east of Carpenters' Hall..  Butte St., bet. Columbia and 1st Aves.  2nd Avenue.    Watson Hotel      Lot 18, Block 17    Butte-Street, Lot 20, Block 32   1st Avenue, south side    Hoffman House      Corner Washington and 2nd Avenue ..  Park  Street, east side      Earl Street, Lot 24, Block 12 ..........  Washington' Street, Hoffman House  ..  Pack Train mineral claim     4th Avenue, opposite School   2nd Avenue, Watson Hotel    Corner 4th Avenue and Spokane Street  Union Avenue, Lot IS, Block 17     2nd Avenue   Bank o�� B. N. A. Chambers     Le Roi Avenue, West ,   Corner of Elmore and St. Paul Streets  Cor.   Columbia Ave.  and  Queen  Street  Washington Street, east side    6th Avenue, near.. Lion. Brewery     Cor. Washington St. and 4th Ave   Columbia Avenue, Kootenay Hotel    Le Roi mineral claim .'...'   Corner 5th Avenue and Washington St.  Union Avenue      Le Roi Avenue   Imperial Block   Columbia Avenue, Vreda Block   Nickel  Plate Flat      Columbia Avenue, south side    Columbia Avenue, Exchange Hotel    Near Court House     AVashington Street, Astor House    Belleview  Hotel      4th Avenue, Lot 15, Block N   4th Ave., bet. Butte and Monte Christo  Windsor Hotel,,.  ���   Thompson Avenue   Corner Spokane Street and 5th Avenue  Josie Mine mineral claim     Fool Hen mineral claim    Lots 11 and 12, Block 17    Corner 5th Avenue and St. Paul Street  2nd Avenue, Lot 27, Block 12    -Nr=Er=corner^5th-'Aver-anil-Gliff-Street.-  AVashington Street, Alhambra Hotel  ..  Josie Mine mineral claim    Josie Mine boarding house    Georgia Street     Corner 4th Avenue and St. Paul Street  Lot 6, Block 28   Lot 11, Block 7:   Le Roi Avenue, Lot 7, Block 11    Montana livery Stable    AVashington Street, Hoffman House ...  Columbia Avenue, north side   Josie Mine Boarding House    Josie Mine Boarding House    Butte  Street      Lot 23, Block 10, Railway Addition ...  Washington Street, Horfman House ...  Watson   Hotel      St. Paul Street    1st. Avenue and Queen Street   Watson   Hotel   1st Avenue    Nickel Plate Flat   Washington  Street, Alhambra Hotel  ..  Court  House Square      Lot 2,  Block  M      Columbia Avenue, near Court House ..  Lot 2. Bloclc 20    AVhite Bear Addition    Hoffman   House       Josie   Mine  mineral  claim      2nd Avenue, Nickel  Plate Flat     AVar Eagle Mine  Boarding  House      Lot 17. Block L   2nd Avenue, corner AVashington Street  Columbia Avenue,  West      2nd Avenue, near AVatson Hotel      2nd Avenue and Queen Street   2nd  Avenue.  Western  Hotel      2nd   Avenue,  Western  Motel      Josie Mine Hoarding House   Lot 10, Block 4     2nd Avenue. Western Hotel    2nd Avenue. Block 5     Le   Roi   Hoarding  House      Columbia  Avenue.   East      AVar  Eagle Mine  Boarding   Mouse      Columbia Areiiue. Guelph Bloclc      1st Avenue    Lot 19. Mlori-  1'*     Lot 11,  Block 43     Butte   Sin* t      War Eagb' Mine Boarding House ....  Bloclc M.. between 2nd and 3rd Avenues  Alhambra   Motel      Lot 14, Blink 32. Railway Addition ....  Cor. Moine Christo and Columbia Aves.  Cor. 5th Avenue and AVashington Street  Corner AVashington and 5th  Avenue  ���  Miner  Blacksmith   ��  Blacksmith  Miner  Carpenter  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Engineer  Miner  Miner  Merchant  Tailor  Miner  Book-keeper  Broker  Cook  Miner  Blacksmith  Miner  Merchant  Driver  Miner  Miner  Miner  Engineer  Labourer  Miner  Miner  Miner  Merchant  Labourer  Miner  Clerk  Miner  Merchant  Engineer  Miner  Druggist  Agent  Miner  Store keeper  Miner  Engineer  Miner  Miner .  .  Miner  Miner  Blacksmith  Barrister-at-law  Blacksmith  Bank teller  Labourer  Electrician  Caretaker  Financial agent  Pipe fitter  Miner  Bank manager  Miner  Miner  Financial agent  Mine owner  Mining investor  Prospector  Barrister-at-law  Agent  Hotel-keeper  Book-keeper  Barber  Miner   '  Miner  Teamster  Miner  Collr. Inland Rev  Miner  Miner  Miner  Fireman  Lineman  Farmer  'Elecr-engi neer '"^'-^  Blacksmith  Miner  Miner  Coll. of Customs  Carpenter  Hotel-lceeper  Miner  Miner  Teamster  Hotel clerk  Merchant  Miner  Miner  Clerk  Miner  Hotel-keeper  Miner  Ry. section boss  Prospector  Carpenter  Blacksmith  Miner  Mi net-  Physician  Stone cutter  Agent  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Expressman  Mechanic  Miner  Miner  Miner  Hotel-keeper  Butcher  Mind-  Ex pressman  Lumbermin  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Mining  Engineer  Manufacturer  Contractor  Merchant  Miner  Machinist  Miner  City clerk  Carpenter  Miner  Carpenter  VOTERS' LIST���ROSSLAND CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  665  666  667  60S  669  670  071  672  673  674  075  676  677  678  679  680  681  682  683  684  685  686  687  OSS  0S9  690  691  692  693  694  695  696  697  098  699  700  701  702  703  704  705  706  707  708  709  710  711  712  713  714  715  716  717  718  719  720  721  722  723  724  725  726  727  728  729  130  731  732  733  734  735  730  737  738  739  740  741  742  743  744  745  746  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Kesidence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides,and the nameis  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any).  McTaggait, Henry A Kootenay   Avenue    H. school teacher  Naccarato,  Michael    AV. side Wash. St., near Astor House.. Merchant  Napper, James Robinson .. St. Paul Street, bet. 1st and 2nd Aves.. Miner  Nelson, AVilliam James   ... 23 Columbia Avenue. AVest  Barrister-at-law  Nesola, John   4ih  Avenue    Miner  Newman, John  War Eagle Hotel  Miner  Newton, Frank Almon   Columbia Avenue. Allan Hotel  Broker  Nichols,  Francis     1st Avenue, near St. Paul Street  Miner  Nichols,   James    1st Avenue, near St. Paul Street  Miner  Niohcls, James   1st Avenue, cast of St. Paul Street Miner  Nicholson, Herman Leslie . Le Roi Avenue, west of Davis Street .. Accountant  Nicholson,   \��*~liam     Black  Bear    ��� ��� Miner  Nimec, John    Washington Street,  North    Miner  Ninsick, Thomas   losie  Boarding House    Miner  Nixon, Henry   4th Avenue Labourer  Nolan, Seneca Haigbt  ���. Corner Spokane Street and Col. Ave.. Book-keeper  Notti,   Charles    Davis Street, near R. C. Church  Miner  Notti, Peter   ���. Davis Street, near R. C. Church   Miner  Novak, George James ".. Lot 13, Block 40   Engineer  Oberg, Peter Alfred   White Bear mineral claim  Miner  Odams, Elliott H. R Tosie  Mine mineral  claim  Bdg. house kpr.  Oliver, Charles Mason    Columbia Ave., East, Lot 16, Block 52 .. Tel. agent  Oliver, Hubert Gait AVar Eagle Mine Boarding House    Electrician  Orne, Ernest Diinsford   Lot 7, Block 32, Railway Addition .... Broker  Owen, George  Washington Street, Alhambra Hotel ..  .-fotel-kee-Per  O'Brien, Bartholomew  Queen Street, Lincoln Terrace Farmer  O'Conner, John St.   Charles   Hotel Hotel clerk  O'Neill, Charles Allan    Columbia Avenue, East  .'. Miner  O'Neil Hugh  : ��� Court House    Janitor  Paille, Evarisie   Madores House   Pallamcunter, Simpson 1st Avenue, AVest   Paluso, MiChel    AVashington Street, North   Parker, Jacob AVhitfleld ... N. E. corner Cliff and Kootenay Streets  Patterson, Robert Orr   Lot 11, Block 16   Patterson,   Samuel    Lot 11, Block 16    Patton, Arthur Follett Bank of Montreal Building   Paul, George Byron  1st Avenue, Merchants Hotel ..........  Paulson, George Alfred Queen Street    Paxton, Joseph Pegg Columbia Avenue   Pavier, Edward   S. W. corner Columbia and Spokane Sts.  Pecoraro, Gusieppe  ��� ��� Queen Street, N. of C. P. R.   Pendray,  Arthur     Let 20, Block 8, Columbia Avenue ....  Penney, Thomas Patrick .. War EagleoMine Hotel   Peppin, John  AVhitney Avenue ��� ��� ��� ���   Percy, Edward Chas. A.  .. North AVashington Street   Petch, Isaac Asa  3rd Avenue, Block L   Phillips,   John    Monte Christo St., near Baptist Church  Phillips, William Patiick .. ,jth Avenue, East   Plhinney, John S North Queen Street'  .���*....  Phipps, William H. G Columbia Avenue, Bank of Mont. Bldg.  Pilon, Emanuel  Queen Street, Lot 16, Block 41 ........  Pinkerton, Alexander  2nd Avenue, north side     Pitt, Alexander  Richard  .. Legal  Tender mineral claim1 ���  Plewman, Richard Elgood . Queen Street, east side    Powers, John Washington Street, Alhambra Hotel  ..  Powers, Thos. Joseph  Corner Spokane St. and Columbia Ave.  Prest, AVilliam John    Columbia Avenue, Lot 16, Block 29   Preston, Walter Corbett  .. j.th   Avenue, Block N   Pretty, Frederick AVm Corner Butte and 1st Avenue   Pringle, George R. AVashington Street, west side ..........  Pringle, Kenneth Angus  .. Washington Street, N. of, 5th Avenue ..  Pringle, James   AVashington Street, N. of 4th Avenue ."..  Prudhomme, Hector ��� ��� Top of AVashington Street     Pummell,  Arthur    Hoffman   Hotel ���   Quayle, James   Quirk, Edward Michael  Raabe, Gus    Race. Charles Ernest   Racine, Joseph   Radwell,  Arthur      Ralph, Thomas ..... ^   Ranger,  _ rederick    ,  Rankin, Daniel   Raven, Percy John    Raymer, Horace James  ...  Raymer,  Frank     Rea, John Richard     Reamsbottom, Alfred Bailey  Reed, William C   Reed, Thomas Henry   Reid, Peter   Renwick, H. Paul     Lots 12 and 13, Knob Hill Addition  Kootenay Avenue .'..  Lumberman  Miner  Miner  Electrician  Mach. helper  Engineer  Book-keeper  Engineer  Merchant  Clerk  Butcher  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Car inspector  Baker  Contractor  Miner  Miner  Teller  Prospector  Miner  Miner  Book-keeper  Miner  Butcher  Barber  Engineer  Painter  Blacksmith  Machinist  Miner-  Miner  Diam. drill wrkr.  Miner  Tel. man  /-;  . Cigarmaker  Journalist  Labourer  Cook  Miner  Lumberman  Miner  Miner  Builder  Elec. assistant  Riccelli, Antonio  Richardson, Geo. AVm.  ...  Stichmond, William      Richards,  AVilliam      Rickard, Henry James  ...  Ridout, Andrew Campbell  Rigby, Jackson    Rinquist, Peter    Rinta,   John      Ritchie, J. Fred.  ._.  Ri versr'Toh h^TrTTrrrrTT*:^  Robbins, Joseph  747 Revsbeck, Andrew H.  74S  749  750  751  752  753  754  755  750  757  "758  759  760  761  762  763  764  705  760  707  70S  709  770  771  772  773  774  775  770  777  778  779  780  7S1  782  7S3  7S4  7S5  780  7S7  7SS  Machinist  Miner  Blacksmith  Surveyor  7S9  790  791  792  793  791  795  790  'i 97  79S  799!  SOO  S01  S02  803  SOI  S05  sot;  S07  SOS  SO!)  S10  Sll  S12  SI 3  S14  sir.  Roberts, AVilliam Henry ...  Roberts,  Louis  M   Roberts, Frank    Roberts, Richard    Robertson, Harry T   Robinson, Neil     Robinson, Frank AVilfred ..  Robinson, AA'illiam Thomas  Robinson, Walt;i- Greaves .  Robson,  Charles  Oswald   ..  Rodier,  Peter A   Rogers, Thomas Picton    Rolls,   Charles      Rollo.   Charles      Rolls.  William      Roll, Francis Ward law    Ronsel. Antonio    Rose, Erbin C   Itoss, Thomas Archibald   ..  Ross, Jcptha     Rowe, William     Rowe. Thomas     Rue!. C.vrtl     Ruel, Edward      Ruel. Joseph      Ruell, Cyril      Ruelle,   Treffle      Rusde'i, R chard Henry   Rush,  Frank     Hoffman Hotel   Lancaster House     2nd 'A.venue,': Cardiff, Hotel     1st Avenue, Oriental Hotel    AA*ar  Eagle Mine Boarding House  Columbia Avenue, Montreal House  Alhambra  Hotel   East Le Roi Avenue    Columbia   Avenue      McKenize Block, 1st Avenue    Columbia Avenue, AVindsor Hotel Miner  AVashington Street, Hoffman House .. ��� Farmer  Nickel Plate Flat, near Watsons    Corner 5th Avenue and Butte Street .  St. Paul Street, bet. 2nd and 3rd Aves.  Butte  Street      Corner   Columbia   Ave.   and   Butte   St. Miner  2nd Avenue, bet. Queen and St. Paul Sts. Miner  Kootenay Ave., bet. Butte and Georgia Broker  Sth Avenue, bet. Spokane and Wash... Miner  City of Spokane mineral claim  Miner  AVashington  Street,  Hoffman  House  .. Newspaperman  1st  Avenue,  Mackenzie  Block    Clerk  Corner Davis Street and Union Avenue photographer  Cook Avenue Miner  0th  Avenue   Miner  Corner Davis Street and Le Roi Avenue j,an(- surveyor  'CoTJIc^Avenue^aiTd^^  AVashington Street, North Miner  Spokane  Street    Miner  Corner Union and Davis Streets   Assayer  AVashington Street, Astor  Hotel    Miner  CoinerDavis  Street and   Union Avenue Mining engineer  Washington Street, Hoffman House  Washington  Street, Collins House  .  Lot 21, Block 41   Lot 21, Block 20     Washington  Street. Collins  Mouse  .  White Bear Addition     Columbia Avenue.  10i  Teamster  Fireman  Teamster  Miner  Barber    Miner  :t Tinsmith  Washington St.. bei. 5th and 0th Aves. Merchant  5th Avenue, north side  Miner  Washington Street   Miner  Le Roi Avenue. West    Druggist  Columbia Avenue    Broker  Queen Street. East, near 3rd Avenue .. Miner  Corner of 3rd  Avenue and SI. Paul  St. Miner  Washington Street and 4th Avenue Miner  Corner Washington Street and  Itli Ave. Miner  Corner Washington Street and 2nd Ave. ]3akcr  Uh  Avenue, near School    Miner  5th   Avenue,   north   side    Miner  5th  Avenue and  Spokane Street   Miner  51 li  Avenue,  Block  13    Miner  lib Avenue, near Washington Street .. Blacksmith  Washington  Street   Lumberman  Corner  Columbia  Ave.  and  Monita  St. Blacksmith  Davis  Street     Miner  Sabatino, Palos*/.i   2nd  Avenue, near Presbyterian Church  Sangft r, Cr.a les Columbia  Avenue, East   ���  Sargent. Thomas   Lot  13. Block   10     Sav.ilc. John   Corner Butte Street and 2nd Avenue ..  Scartough, Amos  Coiner 3rd Avenue and AVashington St.  Scarpelli,   Antonio    5ih Avenue ��� ��� ���   Scarpelli.   Frank  John    Queen Street  ���   Scarpelllo,   Samuel    Queen Street  Sccrbo. Angelo     Scholield,   Krederick   ..  Scott, Jos'-ph Mowbray  Sdao.   Frank      jsdno. Mike    iSeaman. Marry     jSesd.   William      jSeeley, James H   |Seney.  Luc     |Senior.   Ben      iSharen.  George  Allen   .  |Slifiw, John   ]Shaw, Thomas AVesb'y  iSheern.   Harry      Sherina.i, AVilliam Hem  Shilvock.   Leonard      Sibley. S'anlny     Silcox,   Charles  Queen Street. N. C. P. R. track   Scholield   Block, Columbia Avenue     Le Roi, East     Columbia   Hotel       Ht Avenue, near Columbia Hotel   Spokane Street,  Block   15      Spokane   Street      AVashington  Street. Alhambra Hotel   ..  1st Avenue, near Headquarters Hotel  ..  1 ,e Roi A venue.  West   ���"-���th Avenue, bet. Spokane and AVash...  Columbia Avenue. Hunter Bros.' store  Cook Avenue, near cor. AVashington St.  Columbia Avenue, East      Bhek   Bear  grounds      Lot   20,  Block 3      Opp. Lion Brewery, bet Ot.h and 7th Av.  Washington   Street,  South      Simons, Valance C AVashington Street, Hoffman House  Miner  Mech. engineer  Mgr.  Mess.  Serv..  Miner  Carpenter  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Registrar S. C.  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Blacksmith  Teamster  Shoemaker  Miner  Clerk  Clerk  Miner !  uierK '    ':  Miner  Clerk  Engineer  Miner  Tailor The Nelson Tribune  The J* E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.  Importers   and   Dealers   in]  Shelf  til-id   Heavy  HARDWARE  Tinware and  Granite ware  Stoves and  Ranges  BAKER ST.  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Portland Cement,  T-Rai 1 s, Ore Cars, Sheet Steel, Crescent,  Canton and Jessop's Drill Steel : : : : :  INELSOIN  Honey  PURE  CALIFORNIA  In  i -lb Glass Jars 25c  Honey  J. A. IRVING & CO.  Groceries and Provisions  Houston Block, Nelson.  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  I J. Y. Griffin & Co., Limited.J  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Preserving Peaches  We are uoav receiving regular consignments of the  Crawford Freestone Peach direct from Wenatchee. Prices  have touched rock bottom for this season, so do not delay in ordering 3'our supply.  NKLSON,   B. C.  Starkey & Co.  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits  (JR.. A. Rogers __: Co., L,d., Winnipeg  Representing  ') j*v. K. Fairbank Co.,     <���     Montreal  (Simcoe Canning Co.,     ��J   Simcoe  Office  and  Warehouse,  Josephine   Street  INelson, B. C.  J. A. Kirkpatriek & Co., Ltd.  Wholesnle and Retail  Groceries, Crockery and Glassware  Aberdeen Block, Kelson  We have just received a consignment of The Cudahy  Packing Company's famous  Diamond C Bacon  ���especially cured and smoked for famity use. This  bacon has no equal on the market. Try it. We haA'e  a few gross of Preserve Sealers left at right prices^__  6)o(h  9)0(6  J. A. KIRKPATRICK & CO., Ld.  WoQW^WSfflWfim^radoffl^fflQ^ Wora Cgo(& MO(& 5J2<g*^2ro W^mO  v) R���2^���^s9E^2^���-^^,���^s������9(^s�� *5sa9*^a9 ess  P. Burns & Co  Wholesale  and   Retail^  Meat  Merchants  Head Office and^Cold^Storage  Plant^at  Nelson.  BRANCH MARKETS nt Kaslo, Ymlr, Sandon, Silverton, Revelstoke, New Denver, Cascade, Trull,  Grand Porks, Greenwood, Midway, Phoenix, I'osslaml. H'jcan city, Moyie, ('ranhrook,  Kern le and Macleod.  NKLSON  BRANCH  MAKKET,   BURNS  BLOCK,   BAJCKIt STREET  Orders by mail lo any Hraneh will receive prompt ami careful attention.  Cash   Advanced   on   Consignments  Jacob Green & Co.  Aactioneers,  Appraisers,  Valctators  General   Commission  Agents  _ NELSON, B.C.  Comer of Baker and Josephine Street,  We earry a very large  Stock of  The Latest I'alte  Carpets, Rug;^9  Linoleums  Come and make your choice  Before House Cleaning  SEE    OUR   GO=CARTS  All prices.   Wu can suit you.  D.   McARTHUR   &   CO.  furniture   Dealers   and   Undertakers  MORLEY & CO.  Wholesale and Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers  c/lrtists' Materials  Engineering and Mining  Books  Typewriters  cMimeographs  Photographic Supplies  SMusical Instruments  Morley & Co. Nelson, BX-  IB. PANTO  |AT  J. A. Giiker-i  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  NOTICE OF MEETING.  Nki.so.v, 15. C, September 5th, 1903.  Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary  general meeting of the shareholders of the  Northwest Coal and Coke Company, Limited  'non-personal liability), will be hold on Monday,  the twenty-lirst day of September, l'M3, at the  hour of 3 p.m., at the head oflice of the company,  Kootenay street, Nelson, U. C, for the purpose of  increasing the capital stock of thecompanv from  ?:i,000,000 to .$10,0mi���000 to increase the number of  directors fronnsix to eleven,and to authorize the  directors to issue debentures of the companv to  the amount oi $1,000,000.  Bv order of the directors,  B.  B. JIIGIITON,  Secretary-Treasurer.  ��� :1c   \^J-'W\^/' '>i*'< \?  T..fvf i.^S  An Old Head on Young: Shoulders  isn't always indicative of wisdom, as it takes experience lo make a man appreciate ihe high class  work done nt the Kootenay Steam Laundry.  After your experience of lagged edges and spread  eagle bulloli holes, siivakcd shirt fronts, etc.,  you will come lo us to slay.  Kootenay Steam Laundry  QaJt Coal  And  Wood of All  Kinds  Terms Spot Cash  <��� W.  F>. TIERINEIY  J ���   Telephone -G5 linker Street  'ot>  Printing  We Use Gumption "as  well as the best papers  and inks in the execu-   4  tion of  your orders���  they will not be  mis-  a understood. Quick dis- ^  patch given out-of-town  work.  W. H. JONES  Madden Building     NKLSON, H.C.  ���  Strathcona  (formerly Ilolel l'hair)  B. TOMKIIVS  MANAGER  The Leading Hotel of the Kootenays  Good Sample (looms  Special   Kates  to  Commercial   Men  Stanley and Victoria Streets,  NKLSON  Madden House  T:    THOMAS MADDEN  '    ���TROI'ttlETOK  Centrally Located  Electric Lighte  HEADQUARTERS FOR TOURISTS AND  OLD TIMERS  Baker and Ward Streets  Nelson, B. C.  Queen's Hotel  Baker Street, Nelson. B. C.  Lighted by Electricity aud  Heated by Hot Air  Large and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-  class Dining Room. Sample Rooms for Commercial Men.  [RATES $2 PER DAY  MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress  Silver King Hotel  | BAKER STREET,  NELSON  UNDER   OLD   MANAGEMENTS  RATES $1.00 PER DAY  The Dining Boom is unsurpassed and the  Bedrooms are the best in Nelson. The Bur is  stocked with good Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Tfemont House  European and American Plan  Meals '2T> cts.   Rooms from 25 els. to $1.  Only White Help Employed.  --^-^���MALONB-&--TR__GILLUS^--="���  Baker St., Nelson Proprietors  Lakeview Hotel  Corner Vernon and Hall Streets,  NELSON^ B. C.  BEST DOLLAK-A-DAY HOUSE IN  NKLSON  NO CHINESE EMPLOYED  Aagast Thomas,   Ptoptietot  Bartlett  House  Josephine St.,  Nelson, II. 0.  White Help Only Employed  The Best  Dollai'-a-l'ay House  In Nelson  The Bar is the Finest  GEO.  W.  BARTLETT,  Proprietor  WANTED.  Bride-framers at government bridge near Klko,  Southeast Kootenav. Apply to K. 0. IIiff, foreman, Elko. J. !'"��� ARMSTRONG,  Government Agent.  Fort Steele, B. C, September 1st, l'.iu:-.  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Dealers In  Coffee, Teas, Spices, 'Baking, Powder, and  Flavoring Extracts.  OUR  GOODS are Pure and selected from the best in the various  ------���--Tt-r^r���------ lines.    In order to get the best, please buy from us  direct, and %e guarantee satisfaction.   cAddress,  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Telephone 17  Nelson, <B.C.  P. O. Box 182  VOTERS' LIST���ROSSLAND CITY ELECTORAL DISTRICT.  No.  su;  S17  SIS  S19  820  Christian name and surname of  the Claimant in full length.  Residence of Claimant.  (If in a city or town, the name and side of the  street upon which he resides, und the names  of the nearest cross streets between which  his residence is situate).  Profession, trade or  calling (if any'.  'Simpson,   Malteward      Simpson, Homer Wesley .  Simpson, Charles Edward.  Sims. William    Sinclair,  Archibold  C.   ...  S21|Sisley, Sydney  S22  S23  S24  825  S20  S27  j S2S  , 829  : S30  S31  832  S33  S34  S35  S3(i  S37  S3S  _.,���  840  841  S42  S43  844  S45  S46  S47  S4S  S49  S50  851  S52  S53  S54  855  S5C  857  S58  S59  SCO  SGI  Sb*2  S63  S64  S65  S66  SG7  86b  869  S70  871  S72  S73  S74  S75  S76  S77  S7S  879  SS0  SSI  SS*  883  884  S85  SS6  8S7  SSS  889  890  S91  S92  S93  S94  S95  S96  Sloan, John  Smith, Alexander Wright ..  Smith,  Kingsley      Smith,  Robert      Smith, John Alexander   Smith, John Carman    Smith,  Henry   Harvey      Smith, Harold Neil    Smith, Andrew John    Smith, Lambert Lewis     Smith, Henry Badeley     Smith, Hubert Chester   Smyth, John     Soulier,  William      Spertafore, Antonio     Sprague,  Frank     Squires, Joseph    Stanley, Charles Henry  ...  Stanley, Howard Leroy   Stanton,  Mark      Startari,   Frank      Stead, Walter     Stemke, August Frank   Stephens, Edward    Stepihens, Melvin    Stevens,   George      Stewart,  Alexander      Stewart, James    Stewart, Hiram A   Stewart, Robert Franklin  .  Stewart, William John    Stibbs, Charles Henry   Stillman, Robert Forbes ...  Stothers,  John.     Stride,  Thomas      Strickland, Alex. William .  Stussie, Jost      Sullivan, Walter      Sullivan,   Daniel      Summers, Charles Elmer ..  Summers, Edgar R   Sutherland, G-eorge Duncan  Supple, Michael     Swadden,  Henry      Swain, William      i>0l  89S  899  900  901  902  903  904  905  906  907  908  909  910  911  ^912  913  Thomas,  Thomas,  Thomas,  Thomas,  Thomas,  Thomas, William Evan  Thomson, Benjamin Green.  Thompson, James W   Thompson, William     Thompson, fto-a     Toison, Ernest    Tompkins, William    Toinyn, Mike      Torranjo, Fred.   .,   Townsend, Herbert Ridley.  Townsend, Neville Frederick  Townsend, William B   Tremblay, Alexis   Turner, William Anthony .  Turner, William John     Twaddle,. James    Tyckosony La-rs    Talbot, George    1'app,  Harry  Alfred      Tappen, Fred. S. G   Taylor, John Elmore   Tees, Robert Arthur     Temby, Richard    Templeton, James A   Tertian, William Gregory  Therrien, Narcisse     Thomas, George    Alfred  .........  Davis Rees     Daniel     Henry      Joseph  Spokane Street, Soutli      Lot 20, Block 52     Le Roi Avenue, south side    Cardiff  Hotel      Kootenay   Avenue      Lots 8 and 9, Block 4, Enterprise Add.  Kootenay & Columbia wagon road    Washington Street, Hoffman House ...  Spokane St., bet. Thompson and Cook..  Butte Street,  East     Butte Street, east side    Washington Street, south of Col. Ave..  Lot 12, Block 10   ..���   Lot 12, Block 51     6th  Avenue      War Eagle Hotel    116 Columbia Avenue   340 Le Roi Avenue    6th Avenue and  Queen Street    4th Ave. N., bet Monte Ch. & Georgia  Queen Street, near Fire Hall    4th Ave., N., bet. Monte Ch. & Butte..  Columbia Avenue, Windsor Hotel   Corner Butte and Le Roi Streets   5th  Avenue   .��  4th Avenue, bet. Butte and Georgia   Lot IS, Block 40   Le Roi Avenue ,Lot 16, Block 32   Corner 4th Avenue and Butte Street ..  Hoffman House   Corner Union and Spokane Street   Josie Mine Boarding House   Columbia  Avenue      Queen Streat    Le Roi Avenue and Monte Christo St..  Washington Street, Alhambra Hotel . %  Columbia Avenue, Hazlewood Block ...  2nd Avenue, Western Hotel    Washington Street, Methodist Parsonage  Columbia Avenue. Cliff House     Davis Street, east side    Corner Columbia Ave. and Wash. St   Knob Hill Addition   -*   Corner 1st Avenue and St. Paul Street..  Corner 1st Avenue and St. Paul Street..  Corner Earl Street and 4t.h Avenue ...  Washington  Street, Collins House     Columbia Avenue, West, near Davis St.  War Eagle mineral claim   4th Avenue, near G. N. round house ..  Washington St., bet. 4th and 5th Aves.  Davis Street, opposite Catholic Church  Le Roi Boarding House    Spokane Street, South     Lot S. Block 30    4th  Avenue      Washington Street, N. of G. N. Hotel ..  Josie Mine  mineral  claim      Lot 8. Block 10   Washington Street, neai* 4th Avenue ..  Nickel Plate Flat, Watson House   Lots 10 and 11, S. of Virginia M. C   St. Paul Street, Lancaster House   .  N. W. cornea* Le Roi and St. Paul   War Eagle Mine Boarding House      Thompson Avenue      Nickel Plate Flat   4th Avenue, East, Lot 16, Block O   Columbia Avenue, West, Butte Hotel..  Nickel Plate Flat   Corner Earl Street and Union Avenue..  Queen Street, Lot 15, Block 41    5th Avenue and Spokane Street   Washington Street, North  . ���   Queen Street    Col. Av., W., Lots S and 9, Blk 10, Ry Ad  Lot 6, Block 40     Columbia Avenue, Lot 10, Block 10    Cor. Queen St. and 3rd Ave., L. 12, Bk K  Columbia Avenue. Windsor Hotel      Davis and Thompson Avenue    Lot 10, Block 12     Columbia Avenue, East    Stationer  Merchant  Surveyor  Miner  Physician  Millman  Farmer  Hotel-keeper  Miner  P. L. S.  Tinsmith  Gardener  Merchant  Tailor  Miner  Miner  Miner  Civil engineer  Harness maker  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Gentleman  Engineer  Labourer  Engineer  Shoemaker  Pipe fitter  Carpenter  Hotel porter  Tel. operator  Miner  Policeman  Janitor  Miner  Miner  Engineer  Hotel clerk  Minister  Labourer  Miner  Accountant  Teamster  Liveryman  Labourer  Electrician  Labourer  Blacksmith  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Janitor  Merchant  Engineer  Miner  Miner  Clerk  Carpenter  Miner  Miner  Civil   engineer  Wh. liquor dealer  Miner  Pressman  Engineer  Miner  Restauranter  Mine manager  Mine owner  Miner  Miner  Miner  Lumberman  Registrar Cty. Ct.  P. L. S.  Comm. agent  Stone mason  Mine supt.  Blacksmith's hlpr  Miner  Miner  Ulvila, Matt 6th  Avenue    Miner  Uren, Richard Charles   5th Avenue  Miner  Urquhart, Alexander  2nd Avenue, near the bridge   Labourer  Urquhart, George Will lam . Lot 16. Block 28    Mgr. P. Burns Co.  Valpe, Frank  Queen Street, North    Miner  Van Buskirk, Wm. F Corner Davis and Le Roi Avenue Civil engineer  Vaneur, Fred Headquarters   Hotel    Stone mason  Van Sickle,  Malachi    Lot 19, Block 27  Clergyman.  Varcoe, Herbert  6th Avenue .- Miner  Vars, Almus Norton   Columbia Avenue, Hotel Allan   Book-keeper  Veechio,  Sam    Nickel Plate Flat, near Centre Star Htl. Miner  Veniilo, Rafael  Near corner 3rd Ave. and Queen St. .. Miner  Villeneuve, Michael j^jj^Colujnbia Ave., Miners', Union__HalL._^._--Min<*i*-- ���  VittrerEqu_���ib"rr.TVr.. Queen Street Miner  Vincent,  William      Spokane St., between 1st and 2nd Aves. Miner  914 Wadds,  William    Lots 12, 13, 14, Block 52  Postmaster  915 Wall, George Hubert  Corner Butte and Le Roi Avenue Fireman  916 Walsh, Patrick Joseph 1st Avenue, Fire Hall Fireman  917 Walsh, Rchard   Lot 7, Block 58  Miner  918 Walsh, Thomas    Past War Eagle Hotel  Miner  919 Walsh, William   Thompson Avenue, West  Architect  920 Ward, Frederick William .. Columbia Avenue, East Merchant  921 Ward, William Angus W. . Columbia Avenue, Velvet Block   Bank clerk  922 Warras, Prank  2nd Avenue, bet.  St. Paul and    Queen Miner  923 Wasley, Samuel John  Idaho mineral claim    Miner  924 Wasley,   Samuel    Washington Street, Florence Hotel  Miner  925 Watson, Abraham W Corner Thompson Ave. and Monita St. Contractor  926 Watson, Lum Alexander .. Block 28   Lineman  927 Watson, James Herbert 116 Le Roi Avenue  Accountant  92S Wells, John Dolor  Park Street, below Hospital    Miner  929 Wells, Joseph   Block 54   Labourer  930 Whines, William James ... Spokane Street, bet. 1st and 2nd Aves.. Miner  931 White,   Percy    Victoria Avenue, Lot 1, Block 4   Janitor  932 Whitesi'le, Be-ijimin  Lot 1, Block K  Fireman  933|Wlntiord, William    War Eagle Hotel  Miner  934 Whitmore, Dell    About 200 feet N. W. of Lion Brewery Contractor  935 Will, Lewis   2nd Avenue   Engineer  936 Williams, Edward James .. Queen Street, bet. Columbia and 1st Av. Miner  937 Williams, William Charles. Nickel Plate Flat   Miner  938WiH'ams, Andrew Lincoln. 2nd Avenue, Cardiff Hotel   Blacksmith  939 Williams,  Charles  Marshall Rossland    Miner  9*0 Williams, Herbert Joseph.. Lot 24, Block 41   Teamster  941 Williams, James Henry ... Le Roi Avenue   Miner  942 Williamson, Ben. Andrew . Nickel Plate Flat    Miner  943 Williamson, James  Lot 2, Block 3, Nickel Plate Addition.. Carpenter  944 Williamson, William   Josie Mine Boarding House   Miner  945 Willson, William David Corner Cliff Street and Le Roi Avenue Contractor  946 Wilson, Frederick Reeve .. Corner Queen Street and 1st Avenue .. Fireman  947 Wilson, John Carandine ... O'Hearn Block, cor. Queen & Col. Ave. Gentleman  948 Winn, E. S. H Columbia Avenue, Cosmos Block Student-at-law  949 Woicenko, George  Le Roi Boarding House  Lumberman  950 Wood, Charles    Cor. Washington St. and 3rd Avenue.. Miner  951 Wood, John James  Le Roi Ave., near Salvation Barracks.. Contractor  952|Wood, William Martin  953  954  955  956  957  95S  959  960  Queen Street, North    Customs officer  Woodey, Thomas  Washington Street, North    Miner  Wooley,   James    2nd A,venue, Marsh Building  Baggage man  Working, John David   Central Hotel   Carpenter  Wright,  Joseph    Corner Union Ave. and Washington St. Cigar  manufac.  Wright, Richard Lloyd  3rd Avenue Assayer  Wright, William Boyd   Cosmos   Hotel    Miner  Wyldes,  William  Victor   .. War Eagle Boarding House Miner  Wynne, Llewellyn Chas,  St. Paul Street East  Mining engineer  <j1 Yates, Wiiliam   Spokane Street, North    Watchman  962 Vorke, Gsorge Alfred Idaho  Fraction    Hoisting engineer  963[Young, Frederick John 2nd Avenue, Marsh Building  Ry. employee  964|Young, James Hector  39 Columbia Avenue  Dom. Exp. agent  i  965|Zecchin, Pellico   Queen St., east side, N. of 2nd Avenue. Miner  m____��tv._��>*a .'-i,'.���*-���    .........


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