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 '3  ���������  \  j    ^.���<���������"���'~'-'i^^^fh^'^'^\  Saturday Afternoon, M-ay   Q, 1903  THE GRANBY MINING & SMELTING COMPANY WILL SOON  THE FAMOUS SILVER KING MME SHIPPING ORE THAT RUNS 25 PER GENT COPPER AND 200 OUNCES SILVER  A0. .0. Fmmerfelt, assistant to president  Miner of the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power Company, operating mines at Phoenix and smelting -works  at Grand Forks, in the Boundary section  of Yale district, returned this week from  the East, whero he went after he had  helped settle the Fernio strike.   He says  if the Granby company could have operated its smelting works to their full capacity continuously last year dividends  would'.have been paid.   Even now the  company, owing to a shortage of coke, is  not in a position to work its smelting  .plant to the full capacity; but this shortage is not likely to continue long, for the  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company people  are doing 'everything possible  to  place  themselves in a position to supply every  demand. Mr. Flumerfelt says the Granby  company is out of debt, and with copper  at 15 cents is making money and will be  able to pay dividends this year. The company has as shareholders some of the best-  known Boston and New York copper men,  and these people will visit the mines and  smelters of the company within a month.  The Granby company has had a long and  uphill pull, but its president had faith in  the undertaking and never hesitated when-  money was needed."  With thc Granby  paying dividends, British Columbia will  got a 'boost that will result in sending  capital tliis way.  A FISH ItrVER CAMP BOOMING.  According to tho Camborne Miuer, that  camp is going right ahead and is very  prosperous. Every man in the camp is at  work and more are needed. About 15  men are employed at thc now bridge on  one of Camborue's streets; tho Ophir-  Lade syndicate are employing 30 men constructing dam, excavating for stamp mill  and clearing; the Calumet & B. C. have  30 men clearing tramline and mill-site  and constructing dam; the sawmill company is employing several men at the mill  and several others with teams getting out.,  ���i-imber.;., carpenters, are all,busy,:, sbmey  Street grading is belngdone,  ao that7 be-7  sides the miners the money to be distributed next pay day among the workmen of  the Camborne camp will be a very considerable amount. John Knox, late chief  engineer of the Trimountain mine of  Houghton, Michigan, has arrived to take  charge of the Eva mine. Since his arrival he has been devoting his time to the  preliminaries necessary to the clearing of  the tramline, building dam, and installation of stampmill. The Eva company  have a water record of 700 inches on Pool  creek. A flume 4000 feet long will convoy  water along tho bank of the creek to a  point having an elevation of 400 feet abovo  the millsite; from thence it will bo  brought in steel pipe to the Pelton water  wheels which will furnish 300 horso  ' power. Tho tramline will be 4200 feet in  length and its carrying capacity will be  100 tons a day. The contract calls for thc  completion of tbe tramline by July 31st,  by which time tho stampmill is expected  to be ready.  SHIPPING HIGH-GRADE ORE.  Tho famous Silver King mine on Toad  mountain, five miles south of Nelson, is  making a good showing under the management of M. S. Davys. This is the  mine that started prospectors to Kootenay  in 1887 and following years and it has produced millions of dollars in copper and  silver. The ore was so high grade in the  early 90s that it could be handled at a  profit after deducting $100 a ton for transportation and smelting charges. Mr.  Davys secured a lease on the property  last August and is now working 25 men.  Of the last shipment of 200 tons to the  Hall Mines smelter at Nelson, part of it  ran 25 per cent copper and 200 ounces silver. Mr. Davys is well satisfied with the  returns so far, and is sanguine of the  future.  Columbia mines and also his first visit to  the province. He is satisfied with his  mining venture, and fairly astonished at  what he has seen of British Columbia's  mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.  While he is a native of Canada and prominent at one time in Manitoba politics, being attorney-general in the Norquay government, Mr. Hamilton is now a citizen  of the United States.  AN EAST KOOTENAY MINE.  The Ptarmigan is one of the chief  operating mines in the Windermere district, in East Kootenay. It is situated on  Red Line creek, and has been worked all  winter by a force of about thirty men.  The mine has two veins, one varies from  three to thirty inches in width, carrying  high silver values besides a good showing  in gold and copper. The second averages 25 feet in width, carrying 2 per  cent copper, 80 to 50 ounces in silver, and  about & in gold. Last year the company  installed a four drill compressor and a  double cable tramway is now on thc ground  and will be put up' a little later in the  season.   When completed the tramway  will convey the ore from the mine to the  compressor and mill site, a distance of  about 8000 feet. The plans of the- company for the coming summer include the  erection ,of an electric power plant' on  Horse Thief creek, and a 50 ton concentrator. About 100 tons of ore have been  brought down to the landing ready for  shipment to the smelter, and more will  follow when the roads are in. shape.  Later, when the new tramway is running,  the shipments will be greatly increased,  as a large amount of ore lias been blocked  out during the past winter.  FATAL ACCIDEFT IN A MILL.  On Tuesday William J. Salmon, foreman, working in- the Wilcox mill at  Ymir, was found by tho men when they  returned from breakfast, entangled in tho  machinery, dead. Dr. E. C. Arthur of  Nelson held an inquest on the body on  Wednesday. The deceased was alone in  tho mill when the accident occurred. It  is supposed that he was wearing a loose  jumper whicli was- split up one side, tho  split portion being found tightly wound  around tho smooth surface of the shaft.  Owing to the noise of the stamps no shout  could be heard outside. Thero was a  deep gash iu the back of his head and the  legs, which'struck thc ground every time  the ^ shaft revolved, were worn away in  shreds above the knees, and quite a deep  hole w^s made just under tlie shaft. A  verdict of accidental death was returned  by the jury. Salmon had been in Ymir  about tln*ee years. He was unmarried,  about 25 years of age, and hits relative.-* in  Ottawa. The body was embalmed and  shipped to Ottawa. Thomas Wilson, a  friend of the family going in charge.  MINING NOTES.  Tho mines shipping through Slocan  City havo shipped 40(5 tons since January  lst, the shippers being as follows: Enterprise 185, Arlington 40, Ottawa 126, Black  Prince 17, Bondholder 2, Dayton 4, Republic 20, Meteor 12.  The shipments of all tho mines in  the Slocan total 5553 tons 'since January  lst, the Payne topping the list with 1150  tons, and the Slocan Star coining second  with 8G9 tons.  A new pumping plant for tho Province  ARRANGING FOR A STAMP MILL.  " Jim " Wardner of Spokane, accompanied by O. E. Hamilton of St. Paul, is  at the Hume. .They have been over on  the north fork of Kettle river taking a  look at the gold properties of tho Cherry  Creek Mining Company, in which they  are shareholders. The properties of the  company are looking well, one tunnel being in about 200 feet, all in ore. The ore  is gold, and arrangements are being made  to erect a mill "on the property.. This is  Mr___Lamilton's first verituxw-in-British.  Among the first arrivals in  thc stampede resulting from  the discovery of ore on Toad  mountain,- a short distance  south of Nelson, was Thomas  Cottrell Collins, a native of  North Carolina. " Tom " had  drifted north from the South  in the early 80s, and for a time  was employed at one of "Dick"  Fry's trading posts, near Sand  Point, Idaho. While an Indian trader he had many thrilling adventures, and often-  crossed the boundary line to  Indian camps along Kootenay  river. In 1887, along with Dr.  David LaBau, Charles Ewiug,  and Nicholas Noon, he discovered what is locally known as  the Lizzie O. group of claims,  on the east fork of Cottonwood  Smith creek, three miles south;,  east of Nelson. Since then  ."iTom " has prospected, mined;"  and taken life easy. He made  quite a stake during thc Rossland excitement and spent it in  travelling. Besides being an  expert prospector and miner,  > " Tom is the recognized histor-  \     '   ian of Nelson  district.    The  \       picture on this page is taken  *   ;.     from  a photograph taken by  ���     John W. Tolson in 1900.   Mr.  A ' Collins was at that timo supers'    1   intending   development  work  1   on   thc Fairview,  one of tho  -J>-;   I   promising claims of thc Lizzie  �����}/$%> - C..group, and Tolson, who was  & **��/     a capitalist, had the only kodak  '^"A/if  in the camp and he snap-shot  everything he came across.  Thc day he took a snap-shot of  "Tom," the subject of this  sketch was seated on a stump  whittling aud telling the writer  what he expected to do with  the money he intend to nVake  ,out of the Fairview.  mine on the south fork of Kaslo river has  arrived and is being installed Reports  from this property aro voiy encouraging  and the. showing of ore, which tho company are now engaged m blcfckmg out,  promises a rich return on thc lirsestmcnt.  Work has commenced o_i tho placci and  hydraulic mine--; in East Koot.ua;. but  thc season is from a month to six weeks  late.  Two and a half feet of mgh-gradc oie  has been struck on tlio : 700-foot le*. el of  the Rambler-Cariboo iiuuj, -i-vhich "-hit*--,  through Kaslo.  J. Frank Coliom returned to Nelson  litis week from the Arlington Ho iound  the miuc in good order and everything  proceeding satisfactorily.  Alex McDonald has men woikmg on his  gold mine on Forty-Nine cieek, twehe  miles from Nelson, and expect? to mako a  trial shipment before Dominion Day  William Waldio rohuncd fiom the  Queen i-aino,Salmo,ycsleLclny,wheic ho has  been with' the expert of Finch & Campbell, who have an option ou the property  Government agent Retrwick has enough  funds on hand, if carefully handled, to  keep all the mining roads in Nolson ruling in repair until July J st, when neve  year's appropriations will bo available.  Thc Centre Star Mining Company have  commenced an action against the Ross-  land-Kootenay Company, who own the  Niclclo Plate mine, claiming damages for  ore extracted from tho Centre Star  through tho Nickle Plate v>oikiugs A  mandamus is asked, compelling the uii-  watering of thc Nieklc Plate v.oilougs  and for an accounting of oie alleged to be  wrongfully extracted.  Among the minor properties on the Columbia river, near Windermcio, in Ea->t  Kootenay, that promise -well this yeai tuc  tlie Dolphine, ou (he north fork of Toby  crook; tho Silver Belt, adjoining the Paradise ; the Lead Queen, on No 2 cieek;  and the Bunyan, on Gold Cieek The  Dclphinc hrs sacked about 40 tons of ore  and brought it clown to Wilmei foi shipment. .  '  WORKING FIFTEEN MEN  E. Rammelmeyer has fittoen. men at  work at tho Fern mine on Hall cieek.  Since taking over the property he has paid  expenses, although he was handicapped  by having _lq, practically rebuild tho mill.  'Even uow-tbJfi work of overhauling is not  complete, the mill running only half time,  and he is shipping some of the oro direct  to the Hall Mines smelter at Nelson. The  Fern is a gold nunc, aud Mr. Rammelmeyer bays he cau make it pay.  THREE HUNDRED MEN AT WORK-,  II E Macdonell, district freight agentr  of the Canadian Pacific, came in on  Thru--day from Frank, Alberta, thc scene  of the recent disastrous mountain slide.  He says thc C P R has 300 men at work  grading a new roadbed, and that while  the work is slow, the track should be completed within four weeks. A wagon road  has been constructed around thc slide,  .md passengers and the mails are now  transferred without any long delays. The  slide 13 haidly describable and its immensity can only be appreciated by walking over it, ti most difficult feat.  Mr. Macdonell reports coke'and coal  shipments frara the Crow's Nest Pass  Coal Company's o-, ens and mines as being almost up to the present requnemonts -  oi thc smelters    The company will build  2.*50 new ovens at Michel and tho same  number at Momssoy, and tho stone used  in then* construction is being delivered.  Merely to indicate the amount of material  needed m the construction of 500 ovens, the  following is given* Each oven requires -  5,000 fue bucks, and thoy weigh eight  pounds apiece, oi an average of 40,000  pounds loi each oven.    Tho bricks aro  made in Pennsylvania and if shipped ia  oidmnrybox cars or fiat'cars,  500 cars,,  would be required to  haul  thom-.from"^  Pennsyhauia '       v    -*'*'���'��?Mi  Mi Macdonell says lumber shipments''" *��%fa  fiom all the mills m Kootenay are now ' '"' "  handled via Re\ elstoke without any great*  delay. The mill of the East Kootenay-  Lumboi Company at Jailiay is bemg_  mo\ ed to a site a mile west of tho present,,  site. ..�� v�� "/  The  Lai do-Trout Lake route  ' .v*��_  Ml  HI  !V*1  j., ,-^> JO? L  , is 'iowg$4/$il  open for traffic, and shipments- for *,Trout^��|Wpffl  Lako and Ferguson are deliveied at Tro<ut"r-y^l|  Lake" the tamo day they leave Nelson. ' "^ P  Royal  Now that the commission appointed by  tho federal government to examine into  the cause of strikes and lockouts in British Columbia has got down to work, it  may be reasonable to supposo that the  commission has something to work on.  The only labor difficulties on Vancouver  Island of any importance are the lockouts  and strikes at the coal mines operated by  James Dunsmuir. One is a lockout at  his mines at Extension and the other is a  strike at his mines at Cumberland. The  men at both these places have organized  J**ranches^of_tho Western Federation of  Investigating Strike Situation  Miners, and this has incensed Mr~~Duns-  muir, who while not an unkind or unfair  employer is stubborn and will not recognize a union, and more especially a union  that affiliates with the Western Federation of Miners. Dunsmuir can probably  live without operating his coal mines, but  tho men, many of whom have worked for  him and his father beforo him for years,  cannot. They must work, and while they  prefer to work for Dunsmuir, they say  they will pull up stakes and seek employment elsewhere beforo they will surrender  their rights as individuals.  .The only other strike of importance in  the province.is that of tho Brotherhood  of Railway Employees, which had its  start in Vancouver last February. This  striko is for tho right to organize the  clerks and freight handlers employed by  the.Canadian Pacific railway, a right denied them by the high ofiiicials of the  road. The men have been out about  three months, and the officials of the  company claim that the places of the  strikers have all been filled, and that  everything is running smoothly, not only  at Vancouver, but at Revelstoke, Nelson,  Calgary, and Winnipeg, all important  points at which the men quit. On the  other hand, the men say the company  have filled their places with a lot of incompetents, and that the. business of the  road is being so badly handled that shippers are complaining. This contention is  borne out by tho fact that the Board of  Trade of Winnipeg has sent a delegation  to Montreal to try and bring about a settlement. As an instance of the difficul-  ties shippers are undergoing at Winnipeg,  tho following is cited:  Things remain unchanged here. To  show how freight is handled by the men  who have taken the place of the brotherhood men, the following is given: A car  of dried fruit, consigned to E. Nicholson  here from Roseburg, Oregon, via Vancouver (600 boxes), when opened, the  -contents were found to be in a bad condition. The car also contained freight  for Calgary and Regina and for Whitby,  Ontario; also some goods for Portland,  Oregon, that were shipped two months  ago to that point by J. H. Ashdown of  this city. These goods were within 40  feet of the original shipping point, never  having reached their destination. Of -the  ���dried fruit in the car, only 196 cases of  .the 600 were of any use."  At Nelson the men are still out, and  jione of them show a willingness to re-  txLvn until they can go back as union men.  Most of them are getting odd jobs to help  them out, and none are in want. The  company officials say the business offering is being handled without difficuHy or  unnecessary delay, but freight agent  Hamilton looks as if he would much  rather the strike had not occurred.  WESTERN MAN PROMOTED;  William Downie of Nelson has been  promoted from superintendent of the  C. P. R., branch lines in Kootenay to be  superintendent of the Atlantic division of  the O. P. R. with headquarters at St.  ,St.^Joto,Jffey Brunswick._Mr.Downie,  came to Nelson in 1901 from Vancouver,  where he had been assistant superintendent on the main line from Vancouver to  Kamloops. Since coming to Kootenay he  has handled about 500 miles of rail and  steamboat lines, Kootenay Landing being  the eastern limit of his jurisdiction, Midway the western,- and Arrowhead the  northern. Nelson, the headquarters of  this division of the O. P. R., is tho most  important point, in every respect, between Winnipeg and Vancouver, and  that the business has been handled with  the minimum of friction is the best evidence of Mr. Downio's ability as a railway man. He leaves Nelson for the more  important position this evening, intending to first go to Vancouver for a few  days. He goes with the good wishes of  tho men employed on the road and the  good will of the men who do businoss  with the C. P. R., and when a man has  both these he is pretty near all right. Before leaving Mr. Downie- was banqueted  at the Phair by his friends, at which all  kinds of nice things were said. Mr.  Downie goes aniong strangers, both socially and in the way of business, his only  acquaintance in New Brunswick being an  editor, and editors are without social influence, however much influence they  may have in other directions. It is not  yet giveii out who will be Mr. Downie's  successor here, but until an appointment  is made the work will be done by J. S.  Lawrence in Mr. Downie's name.        *  LIMITED THE NUMBER,  The license commissioners of the Fort  Steele license district have limited the  number of hotel licenses to tliree for the  new town of Morrissey. They claimed  that the immediate requirements of the  town could be cared for by tliree hotels,  and that the number of licenses could be  increased when the requirements of the  town increased. Evidently the Fort  Steele commissioners do not expect to be  candidates for office at the next election.  The action of the board is to be commended, for three hotels at Morrissey  should be ample to care for all tho thirsty  people of the town for many a day to  come. According to the Cranbrook Herald of Thursday the auction sale of lots in  the new town of Morrissey on Friday of  last week was a remarkable one in many  respects, as the price of he choicest cor  ner ran up to f 1300 aud the average price  was from $500 to $600. The total amount  of property sold was nearly $40,000, and  there have been a number of lots sold  since. Among those who purchased lots  were H. L. Stephens, T. Morton, E. Walters, N. Hansen, J. Lawson, P. Burns &  Co., R. Rogers, FrankMcCabe, H. Bently,  A. W. Bleasdale, J. Hurel and Tom Ra-  der.'-. A number of lots were bought on  speculation. Thomas Crahan, the town-  site agent, was kept busy during, the day  and since making out papers and taking  in coin.  DO NOT LIKE CHINESE.  ��� ��� ��  ^^Thepeople- of-LardOf a=little4owm atthe.  head of Koatenay lake, do not like Chinese, and they do not like the way the  Chinese have been foisted on them. It  seems a company having a lease of placer  ground on a creek near Lardo havo rented  the ground to Chinese, not to work it as a  mining proposition, but' as a market garden ; and to mako tho matter worse from  the point of view of the people of Lardo,  the mining company through the Kootenaian of Kaslo, announced that they havo  resumed work on their placor ground  with a good sized force of men. Chinese  aro not liked in the Kootenays, and tho  people resent tho efforts that are made  from timo to tune to install them in  places that have been freo from their  presence.  NELSON CITY COUNCIL,  The mayor and all the aldermen were.,  present at the council meeting on Monday  night. The minutes of the last meeting  were read and confirmed. After reading  reports of committees, the city clerk  read tho following communication, which  after some discussion was referred to the  finance conunitteo:  To tho mayor and aldermen of the City  of Nelson. Gentlemen: Allow me to  submit for your consideration a proposed  change in the collection of electric light  and water rates from the system now in  vogue: I would suggest the doing away  with the mailing of individual notices  monthly to the users of electric light, aud  also the quarterly notices to the users of  the water service, substituting therefor a  notice in the city papers at the time the  rates become due. The present system involves two days' work for two men in the  city office each month, and when to this  is added the cost of the stationery required and the postage necessary, the city  is paying a heavy commission for the collection of the rates. The newspaper  notices will accomplish the object of notifying the users as effectively as tho mailed  notices, and will effect a saving of nearly  75^ of tho cost of the present system, and  will allow the office staff the 'use of two  days in the month for other necessary and  more important work. Yours respectfully,       D. C. McMokuis, City Clerk.  Nelson, May 4th, 1903.  Applications for the opening up of Kootenay street between Robson and Houston,  for a bridge on Kootenay street near Mill  street, and from C. E. Miller for a lease of  fifty feiet of water front west of the city  wharf were"referred to the board of works.  A petition signed by nearly all the business men represented in the trades mentioned was presented, asking that a bylaw be passed requiring all dealers in  groceries, hardware, drj_ goods, gents'  furnishings, and boots and shoes to close  their stores at 6 p.m. eveiy evening except  Saturdays and days proceeding holidays.  Alderman Kirkpatriek gave notice that ho  would at the next meeting of the council  introduce a bylaw containing the substance of the petition.  J. G. Billings of the Kootenay River  Lumber company addressed'the council.  =*He"aske(Vthatithe'couneil--would=grantthe=  concessions, namely, exemption from taxation, free electric light and water for a  term of years, for which a petition had  been sent in some time ago. Thoy wero  putting in a new plant which would cost  about $12,000, aud would employ 35 to 40  men. Logging was expensive on Kootenay lake, although they were now getting  good prices for lumber, thc concessions  asked for would assist them materially  until thoy got their business established.  Thc mayor said it had boon suggested,  that this compauy wns the Imperial Ban],  under a now name, he understood however that was not so.  Mr. Billings said the bank did not own  the business, it was an absolute sale to  himself and Mr. Genelle.  Alderman Kirkpatriek did not think it  mattered who owned tho business. Had  tho company any definite proposition to  make which would bo of benefit to tho  city; would they guarantee to employ 35  men, say for nine months in tho year?  Alderman Selous was opposed to the application in every shape and form. The  company came to do business in Nelson  on a business basis, aud the exemption  asked for, whicli amounted to ��500 or ��600  a year, would not cut any figure. They  were not here from any benevolent motive;  tho company sold lumber and the council  sold electric light and water, and lie  thought they should treat the matter in a  businesslike way. Thoy did not exempt  St. Joseph's school from taxation, aud it  was a charitable institution. He moved  the request bo not granted.  Alderman Irving was also against the  proposition and seconded the motion. Thc  application was unanimously refused.  Mayor Rose reported that a deputation  of shackers residing on the water front  had waited on him, asking that they  should not be driven from their homes.  There were one or two cases in whicli the  carrying out of the resolution would work  hardship.  Aldermen Irving, Selous and Kirkpatriek all spoke in favor of the resolution  being enforced. In tho course of tho discussion it was mentioned that somo of thc  shackers were bet ter able to pay rout than  many other people in the city. One had  ��25 ii month rent coming iu from a house  and others had money in the bank and  steady work. Tlie aldermen came to the  conclusion that the regulations should be  enforced at once. In one or two cases  permission would bo given to wait until  high water floated tho buildings off, and  if there wore any specia cases of hardship  the city would look after them.  Mayor Rose said a very serious disaster  had taken place since the last council  meeting, and he had received a telegram  from Frank which had been sent to tho  president of the board of. trade at Nelson,  asking for assistance. After discussion it  was'" decided that no action should be taken  at present. The council wero willing to  assist as liberally as possible, but wanted  further" information "as to the amount of  actual destitution.:  A NEW NEWSPAPER VENTURE,  Lowery & Mc Adams's now newspaper  venture at Vancouver, The Ozonogram, is  =comiug4n-for-morfrorJess=ciiticism.=Jt.=  is true, it is not a gem typographically;  but how could a gem in typographic appearance be turned out in tho offiqes of  the News-Advertiser and tho Leader.  The front page of the. first number of Thc  O/.onogram was written by Lowery and  McAdams; tlie other pages were not.  Lowery and McAdams tell on the front;  page of tho first number why they started  the Qzouogram, and what they intend to  do with it. Lowery shows gleams of humor in what ho .says. McAdams is wild  and woolly and rabid in what he says.  May Lowery's gleams of humor increase,  so that tho eight; pages of The Ozonognun  will be to provincial journalism what a  bright sunshiny day is to the people of  Vancouver. May McAdams tone down  his utterances, for few peoplo gives consideration to ravings that aro both frothy  and mad. There is room in British Columbia for a newspaper that is humorous  and satirical; but the humor must bo of  the kind that can be read iu the homes  of the people who have homos, and the  satire should expose the follies and tho  weaknesses of the men who hold high office or aspiro to .hold high office. Trre  Tribune hopes Lowery and McAdams  will fill tho bill with The Ozouogram, and  if they do they will at tho same time fill  their pockets with that which at times is  very necessary to provide comfort to tho  aged and contentment to the wicked who  hanker after poker .chips.  GATHERED BY THE ROADSIDE,  Mrs. J. Fred Hume returned to Nelson  this week.  Mi's. W. G. McMorris left Nelson on  Tuesday to visit relatives in Victoria.  On Monday a son was born to thc wifo  R. McNtilly of Josephine street.  Watkiu Mills, the famous English basso,  will give a recitsd at tlie opera house on  Thursday evening next.  Mrs. William Macnab of Vernon street-  left yesterday on a visit to her sister, Mrs.  E. N. Murphy, at Creston.  Over ��100 was turned in to tho Nelson  Public Library Association as the result  of the ball held in the armory lust week.  Mrs. Goepel and Mrs. Heathcote left by  the Canadian Pacific railway on Tuesday  for Victoria.   Mrs.  Goepel" goes  to join  Mr. Goepel, inspector of go\emment offices, who is taking his vacation, and Mis  Heathcote to visit her fathei at Nanaimo  They will be away about a month  Ewe'rfc Brothers, who Iliac piuchased  Jacob-"Dover's jewelry stoie, announce  what they have to sell on the fouith page  of Tins Tribune.  Thanks ore due to the Nolson Brewing  Co. for a very seasonable piesent of bock  beer. The beer expert of Tub Tribuvi*  pronounces it first-class.  Fred Elliot, barrister, of Giand Folks,  was in the city this week. He is returning from a visit, to his home in Ontano,  where he spent an enjoyable timo  =^Jaiue__W{?AiKh._the-Kaslo cuilei,  lately_  in chadre of the G. P. R. quarty at Fife  was in Nelson during  the week on liis  way to'Winnipeg on a business trip.  R. J. Steel has removed his oflice to thc  rooms occupied hy the Similku/tneeu Coal  Company in the K.W.C. block. He litis  been appointed secretary to the company.  R. J. Russell, expert optician and engraver, of London, Ontario, has accepted  a position with J. .1. Walker, the jeweler.  Mr. Walker guarantees satisfaction in  optical work. j  John A. Turner returned to Nelson this  week after being away about six months.  Ho visited Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal and found business good in the. east  and booming in Winnipeg.  Mrs. W. C. McLean aud the children  leave for Ontario this evening to spend  the summer with relatives. Mr. McLean  expects to put in part of the summer iu  the Similkameen.  Thc Nelson house hits changed owners,  Arthur Vaughan selling his interest to  Charles A. Barclay of Moose Jaw. The  bar will be in charge of Frank Tamblyn  and " Billy " Ward.  Thero will bo a benefit smoker at the  opera house tonight, at 8:30, in aid of tho  striking railway employees. An entertaining programme has been prepared. A  lively time is expected nnd a full house.  H. E. Conuon, promoted from Nelson to  Vancouver to bo general wharfinger of  of tho C. P. R., was in Nelson this" week  for the purpose of taking Mrs! Counoii  and tho family to Vancouver, whore they  will reside- in the future. Vancouver air  seems to agree with hiiu. His many  Nelson friends wish him eveiy prosperity.  D. M. Crowley gives a lecture at the  Congregational church on Wednesday  next at 8 p. m. on the. "Calamity at  Frank," illustrated by lime-light views.  The proceeds aro for the beu-.llt of Thomas  Lewis. Mr. Crowley has had many years  experience in volcanic countries and is au  entertaining speaker.  On Wednesday afternoon nt :5:55 an  alarm of lire was turned in from the  Grand Central hotel. Tlie firemen were  first told that a stable wa.s on fire on Vernon street, and connected the hose at tho  corner of Stanley and Baker thinking the  lire was at the Nelson Transfer Company's stables. They soon found out  their mistake and in four minutes from  tlie bell ringing had the water playing on  the burning building. Tho building was  a thiee story fiamc one, two stories above  the level of the sidewalk and one below.  The building is the property of Ernest  Kilby and thc upper rooms m which the  fiie staifed wcie occupied by Aichie Reid  and Mickey Bimis It was insuied for  41000 with Brydges, Blakemoio & Cam-  eiou The damage will be between $300  and ?400  Ai thur Goodenough of Kaslo expects to  be a Liberal M P P  G O Buchanan of Kaslo is back fiom  Ottawa, wheieho vent as a delegate on  the le.id-tarill question He speaks  highlr of the -.peer-h deh\ eied on the question by W  A  G.Uhh.1, M P  John D.dy of Kaslo, -who has nmde  more figures than any man in West Koot-  enay in the bust ten years, was iu Nelson  during tho. week. Mr. Daly is business  manager of the Rambler-Cariboo mine.  A blast was set off on last Sunday morning, about _ o'clock, at the rock cut opposite ("-rohman creek which shook the whoh-  eity. Fifty kegs of black powder and fifteen boxes of dynamite wero used iu the  charge, which brought down about -4000  yards uf rock. A still larger charge is in  readiness .for explosion tomorrow, if the  line can be kept clear-of trains long  enough to allow it to be done without accident.  A convention of Liberals of tho interior  was held in Nelson ou Wednesday and  Thursday. Representatives wero present  from Rossland, Trail, Sandon, Midway,  Greenwood, Grand Forks, Fernie, Ymir,  etc. The result of the ctaiventionis the  formation of an association to be named  Tho Interior District Liberal Council. A  banquet was tendered the visitors by tho  Nelson Liberal Association at the Phair  Hotel on Wednesday, an enjoyable evening was spout, and host Tompkin's spread  was much appreciated.  One of Nelson's old-timers dropped into  tho office of Tho Tribune this week, and  as he settled down iu the editor's cane-  bottdmed chair, remarked, "I au blanked  if I don't feel at home now when I come  into this building, something I could not  say for over a year past. When you drop  in tho office of The Tribune, yon don't  feel as if yon were either talcing up the  time of anyone or depriving the paper of  business." That old-timer has it sized up  right. The Trilmue never paid ti dividend  and the front door of its office was uever  locked.  On Tuesday a meeting wns held in the  Board of Trade rooms to organize a branch  of tho Provincial Mining Association. S.  S. Taylor was elected chairman and J. K.  Strachan, secretary. Tho chairman explained that the meeting was a preliminary onc'jmd the election of officers would  not take place until it was known how  many members there would be. It was  decided that J. K. Strachan should be  secretary of the association, that he  should canvass the city for members and  collect, the fees and that another' meeting  should bo held on Tuesday noxt, May  12th, to receive the report of the secretary  and complete organization. The Nelsoa Tribune  1  .  I iVy.  BANK OF MONTREAL  Established 1S17.  Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up) $12,000,000.00  REST      8,400,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS... -  H5,Mm>H  Head   Office,   Montreal  Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, G.O.M.G., President.  Hon. G. A. Drummond, Vice-President.  E. S. Clouston, General Manager.  NELSON BRANCH c"rn^}ce; !"Lts.  A. H. Buchanan, Manager.  IMPERIAL BANK OF CAIADA  CAPITAL (Authorized) $4,000,000  CAPITAL (Paid Up) 2,96-1,79-1  REST ---  2,520,070  HEAD OFFICE:  Toronto, Ontario.  Branches in the Northwest Territories,  Provinces of British Columbia, .Manitoba, Ontario aud Quebec.  T. R. MERHITT, President. D. R. WILKIIC, Vice-Pies, and Gen. Man.  E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT,, Chief Inspector.  Nelson Branch���A General Banking Business Transacted.  Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.  Drafts sold, available in all parts of Canada,  United States and Europe. J,    ftf.  Special attention given to collections.  LAY,  MANAGER.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK   OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  S^ai1:":::::::::::::::4 Sffl Head Office: TORONTO  Aggregate Re-sources over ...  ..$8,000,000  .. 2,500,000  .- 72,000,000  (Si  HON. GEO. A. COX, President.  B. E. WALKER, General Manager.  SAVINGS  BANK   DEPARTMENT.  Deposits-received and interest allowed.  NELSON   BRANCH. BRUCE   HEATHCOTE, Manager.  The Nelson Tribune  Founded in 1302.  THE TRIBUNE COMPANY, LIMITED.  PROI'ltlETOIU*.  Oflice: McDonald Block, Baker Street.  Tiik Nelson Tkiruxe is served by currier to  subscribers in Nelson or sent by mull to any  address in Canada or the United States for $1.00  a yenr; price to Great Britain, postage paid,  ?l.f>0. No subscription taken for less tlian a  yenr.  JOHN HOUSTON, Editor.  SATURDAY, MAY 0,- 3 00y  The investigation of the, Columbia &  Western land grant deal has disclosed two  facts.   One is that in August, 1901, three  members of the Dunsmuir government,  namely,   Turner, Eberts, and  McBride,  arranged   with    George   McL.   Brown,  the executive agent of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, to turn over to  the company  000,000  acres of  laud in  southeast Kootenay  in  lieu  of  900,000  acres earned by the company for building  sections one and three of the Columbia &  Western railway.   Brown claims that the  proposal for the exchange came from the  government.   Eberts is inclined-to favor  Brown's contention.   Turner is in England, and has not been heard from.   McBride does not seem to know much about  the deal.   Wells, who was not in Victoria   when    the    deal   was   arranged,  _says_^the=proposal=for=,the=-exchange  came   from   Brown.     Duusmuh*    was  in   California.    Prentice   was   on   the  sick list.   About a month later Turner  resigned to accept the job of agent-general  in London, and Dunsmuir invited John  C. Brown of New Westminster to join  the government.   This action so incensed  McBride that he' resigned  his position  with the understanding that Eberts would  do likewise.   Eberts held on, however,  and two days after McBride's resignation,  an order-in-council wa.s passed authorizing crown grants to be prepared for the  000,000 acres of land in question.   Tho  crown grants were issued in October and  were placed  iu  Wells's keeping.   Fact  number two is that a mouth or so afterwards, at Wells's request, a conference  was held between himself and Dunsmuir  and Preutico, Eberts not being invited.  At this conference it was agreed that thc  crown grants for thc 000,000 acres of laud  in southeast Kootenay should only be delivered on thc railway company agreeing  to build the road from Midway to Spence's  Bridge.    Wells was entrusted with the  negotiations, and went to Montreal for  that purpose.   What occurred in Montreal  is   not   known   to   anyone   other   than  foiu1 men, whose names are W. C. Wells,  chief commissioner of lands and works;  sir'Thomas G. Slianghnessy, president of  the Canadian Pacific Railway Company;  George McL. Brown, then executive agent  of the Canadian Pacific, and W. J. Taylor,  law partner of attorney-general Eberts.  Wells says Shaughuessy would not agree  to the terms he was directed to demand,  aud at no time were the crown grants out  of   his   possession.     Shauglmessy   says  Wells did not deliver the crown grants.  Brown intimates that Wells delivered the  crown grants, but afterwards got them  back on a pretext.   Taylor says the reason  Wells did not deliver the crown grants  was because he (Wells) wanted a slice of  the land.   Wells also states that Taylor  offered him J.0,000 acres of tho land   to  deliver the crown grants without insisting on building the Midway to Spence's  Bridge extension. Which of the four is  tolling the truth?  Wells brought back the crown grants  to Victoria, and in March, J 902, an order-  in-council was passed cancelling them.  About that time Colonel E., CI. Prior  was taken into the Dunsmuir government  asniinister of mines. In May following  a bill -was introduced in the legislative  assembly, which, had it passed, would  have allowed the Canadian Pacific to  make selections, anywhere iu Yale and  Kootenay districts, of land due the Columbia & Western under its subsidy.  This was clearly contrary to the provis-  sions of the original subsidy [act, and no  explanation has been giveii why the  change was made. The bill was not  read a second time, ahd was on the order  paper when the legislature adjourned in  June. In the fall Dunsmuir resigned the  premiership and Prior was made premier,  much to thc disappointment of Eberts,  who had made a deal with the McBride  following. Prior blundered in keeping  Eberts in his government, for he must  have been aware of some of the details, of  the Columbia & Western deal, and he  knew that Eberts and Eberts's Mends  were quietly "knifing" him. The legislature met in April last, aud enough had  leaked out about the cancellation of the  jnow notorious crown grants to mnbe_it_  "absolutely necessary for Prior to take a  stand, and the stand he took i.s to his  credit. A bill was introduced ratifying  the order-in-council cancelling thc crown  grants, and it was passed unanimously,  three members, of whom Eberts was one,  leaving the house before the vote was  taken. After considerable delay Die bill  was assented to and it is now l:tw.  Eberts cannot remain in tlie -.'ovcrn-  ment, for ho clearly showed he was opposed to the passage of tho bill. Ho  should havo resigned tho divy the bill was  introduced and stood by his gnus. Wells,  however much he may bo censured for  trying to keep the deal quiet after lie had  blocked it, must be given credit for returning the crown grants to the province,  for had he been what his enemies sav he  is, THE CROWN GRANTS WOULD  NOW BE IN POSSESSION OF THE  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  COMPANY.  Every subsidy given by British Columbia to aid iu the construction of railways  has been tainted with jobbery. The British Columbia Southern land subsidy was  a job. Tho Columbia & Western land  subsidy was a job. The Nakusp & Slcc.tn  guarantee was a job. The Nelson & Fort  Sheppard land subsidy was a job. The  Columbia & Kootenay land subsidy was a  job. So were all the other cash and land  subsidies. None of tho subsidies were  granted in accordance with a defined  policy of tbe government which granted  them; but, instead, wero granted to satisfy men who hnd a "pull" with the  government. These men with a "pull"  had only one object, and that object was  not the good of the province, but the good  of themselves individually. Then, is it  any wonder that there arc scandals such  as the one that i.s now being investigated  at Victoria? And these scandals will continue to crop out just as long as gov-n'n-  nients tire weak enough to grant niihvuy  promoters and charter nurager-: suksi-lies  in cither cash or Land.  Dr. G. A. B. Hall, S. H. Taylor, K. C,  iind J. A. Turner are all three mentioned  in connection with tlie Liberal nomination for the City of Nelson ��� at the next  provincial general election, which is almost  s-vre to take place iu Sopi-cmlier. The  Mugwumps and Soreheads have (heir  candidate in the field ahv-niy, and he lias  been assured tho support of the 'thirteen  men who organized, in Doc'imber last,  ;*.n assooi-'.tion to protect tlio property  iiiteret'.ts of the people of Kelson. The  Conservative nominee will lie a man  who can carry the city without question.  ' The Liberals of the cloven riding:; in  Kootenay and the Boundary have perfected an organization which has for its  object the enforcement of the unit rule.  If the Liberals succeed in electing any  number of their candidates at the next  provincial election, those elected are to  vote a.s a. unit in the legislature. It  appears by this that the Liberals of Kootenay and the Boundary are not worrying  over tho name of the party's leader; but  instead, are looking after the anticipated  loaves and fishes.  Smith Curtis,'member for Rossland riding, and the Victoria Times, u newspaper  that never tires of sounding the praises  of the member from Rossland,  both condemn the mining committee of the legislative assembly for refusing to change existing mining laws in accordance with  the recommendations of the executive of  of   the  Provincial  Miniug  Association.  The truth is, the executive of the Provincial Mining Association did not submit,  or did not even suggest, a single amendment to the Mineral Act, notwithstand-,  ing. oft-repeated assertions that the Mineral Act of Britisli Columbia is a most  imperfect law.   Tho executive of the Provincial Mining Association, however, did  submit ;t number of amendments  to  the  Placer Mining Act; but the amendments  were all, or nearly all, based on a radical  change iu tho act, that is, changing the  title of placer ground from leases to crown  grants.   There are honest differences of  opinion tts to the advisability of making  such a change, as was clearly shown in  the discussion that took place last Monday in the mining committee.    The committee,   however,   unanimously  .recommended  that  thc  amendments   fo   the  Placer Mining Act proposed by the Provincial Mining Association bo printed and  circulated iu the placer mining districts  of the province, so a.s to give tho people a  fail- chance to consider them on their merits.   This action is not to thc liking of  Smith Curtis and the Victoria Times, but  were the province to bo run by Smith  Curtis and the Victoria Times for even  so short a time as si week, the chances nre  no ono, not even Smith Curtis and thc  editor of tho Times, would be satisfied  with the running.  When " Big Bill " Galliher of Koolenay  was delivering his speech on the lead-  tariff question iu tho house of commons,  where were the other Britisli Columbia  Liberal members of the house ? : Where  was Anlay Morrison of New Westminster?  Harry H. Ward  FIRE,   LIFE, ACCIDENT  Insurance  MINES   AND  REAL ESTATE  Baker street  Nolson, B.C.  ARTHUR GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR  Tremont mock  tinker Street  CHOICE  SPRING and  SUMMER GOODS. ...  Latest Cut. Latest Styles.  JUST  ARRIVED  New-  Spring Goods  OF THE LATEST FASHIONS  Scotch Tweeds, Landslide, Strath'  cona nnd Belwarp Serges. A fine  line of Pantings of the latest styles.  Prices to suit the times.  Call and see them.  John Smallwood  Ward Street MERCHANT TAILOR  GEO. M. GUNN  Maker of First-Class II-ind-Hade Boots  and Shoes. . . . Repairing Nently and  Promptly Done. . . . Satisfaction guaranteed in all work.  Ward St., next new Pout Office Bldg., Nelson.  Where was " Bob " McPherson of Vancouver? Where .was (ieorgo Riley of  Victoria? Where was Ralph Smith of  Nanaimo? Wore they iu their seats applauding " Big Bill?" ]N'o! Were'they  in hearing? No! The only member  from British Columbia who was in his  scr.t encouraging " Bi;,' Bill a' with ap-  plansv was "Tom" Km-].', and "Tom"  is :i Conservative. The people of  British Columbia need not expect recognition at Ottawa for any of their  just demands so long an the members  from British Cohimbi-i nre both moral  cowards and locally selrish. British Columbia, owing to her small representation  in the house of commons, wants men not  only broad minded but unselfish; men  who, while looking out for their constituents, will not overlook the fact that what  is best for British Columbia is best for all  the people of British Columbia.  That members of thc legislative assembly are bribed is undoubtedly true; but  the bribery is in the way of something for  their constituents, and not for themselves  personally. Few members have tho moral  courage to resist the temptation of accepting appropriations for roads, bridges,  and public buildings out of all proportion  to the amount of revenue contributed by  the people of the ridings they represent,  and were they to refuse such appropriations what a howl would go np against  them from the very people who think  nothing of hurling accusations of personal  bribery against them. For every letter  tliat a.member receives recommending retrenchments iu expenditures, or showing  how savings could be affected, a hundred  aro received demanding increased appropriations. When the people learn to be  honest, they will havo good and economical government, but not until then..  Q*A�� _ft> (���fr>.��-'_s ��<l_i A,  Kootenay Wire Works Go.  Manufacturers of Mattresses, Springs,  Pillows, lied Lounges, Couches, Uphol-  -; storing, Turning, Bandsawing, Grill  Work anil oilier novelties. Our Ko. 4  Spring is tho best on the market. Ask  for it and take no other.  FRONT STREET  NELSON, B.C.  Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ld.  REAL   ESTATE   AND  GENERAL   AGENTS  OOSEPHINE ST.  NELSON,  B. C.  mon  ��veraUs,  Shirts,**  ---*,-  WE   MANUFACTURE  Shirts,  Overalls,  Denim Pants,  Tweed Pants,  Cottonade Pants,  Jumpers,  Blouses,  Engineers' Jackets,  Waiters' Jackets,-  Barbers' Jackets!  Gingham Jackets,  Mission Flannel  Underwear,  Cooks' Aprons and  Caps,  Carpenters'Aprons,  Walters' Aprons,  Painters' and Plasterers' Overalls,  Mackinaw Coats,  Mackinaw Pants,  Tarpaulins,  Dunnage Bags,  Horse Blankets,  Tents, ���  Etc., Etc., Etc.  TURNER, BEETON & GO.  . LIMITED,  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS  V__r___-scs, AV hnrf Street   Tndtory, 1 Bastion Street  /���-������ VICTORIA,   B.C.  FRANK    FLETCHER  Provincial Land Surveyor  Lands and nineral Claims Surveyed  and Crown drantcd.  P.O. l)ox5f.3      Office: Kootenay St., NELSON.  ~iUEEN'S....  linker Street,  NELSON.  HOTEL  Lighted by Electricity and  Heated with Hot Air. . . .  Xarge and comfortable Bedrooms and  ���first-class Dining Room. Sample Rooms  ll'o'i* Commercial Men.  RATES $2 PER DAY.  Mrs. E. G. Clarke   -  Proprietress,  TREMONT  . . . HOUSE.  European and American Plan.  Meals 25 cts.   Rooms from 25 cts. to fl.  Only White Kelp Employed.  MALONE & TREGILLUS,  Ttal-cr St., Nelson. Proprietors.  Madden House  Baker and Ward Streets  NELSON, B. C.  Centrally Located       Electric Lighted.  HEADQUARTERS   FOR   TOURISTS  AND OLD TIMERS.  THOMAS MADDEN,     -     Proprietor.  Silver King Hotel  BAKER STREET, NELSON  Under Old Management.  RATES $1.00 PER DAY.  The Dining Room is unsurpassed and  the Bedrooms are the best in Nelson.  The Bar.is stocked with good Wines  and Liquors and Cigars.  BARTLETT  = HOUSE  Josephine St.  NELSON  Tho best ?1 per day house ln Nelson.  None but white help employed.  The Bar the best.  =GrWf BART LETT"  PROPRIETOR  DRINK  Thorpe's  Lithia  Water  NOTICE.  Respecting Timber Licences.  Every small bottle contains five  grains of lithia carbonate.  REISTERER & CO.-  Brewers  OF-  LAGER BEERnnd PORTER  ~T-~**~"*,"ri-"T_~,n  Put up in Packages to Suit the Trade.  Brewery and Office:  LATIMER ST., NELSON, 13. C.  UNDER NEW  MANAGEMENT.  HAIR  15. TOMKINS, Manager  NELSON,   -   -    B. C.  The Leading Hotel of the Kootenays.  Good Sample Rooms.  Special Rates to Commercial Men.  >jOTICE i�� hereby given, pursuant to the nrovi-  i~ sion of Section jo of the1 'Land Act," that in  future no special licences to cut timber on Crown  lands will be (-ranted or renewed until after the  applicants have had tlie limits surveyed by n duly  qualified Provincial Land Surveyor to the satisfaction of the Lands and Works Department.  XV. C. WELLS.  Chief Commissioner of. Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, B.C., aGtli March. 190.1.  NOTICE 'b hereby given that 60 days after date  I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to purchase the  following described lands in South East Kootenay:  Commencing at a post marked "W. F. Teetzel's  southeast corner," planted at D. LaBau's northwest  corner post, thence north 80 chains?* thence east 80  chains, thence soutli 80 chain.s, thence west 80 chains  to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres more  or less.  Dated the 7th day of March, 1903.  XV V. TEETZEL.  NOTICE is hereby given that 60 days after date  I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works lor permission to purchase the  following described lands in South East Kootenay:  Commencing at a post marked "J. A. Skene's north-  cast corner, planted on the east bank of the_ Flathead River, about twenty miles north of the International Boundary line, thence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains to tho place of beginning, containing  640 acres more or less.  Dated the 7th day of March, 1903.  J. A. SKENE.  NOTICE is hereby given that 60 days after date  I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to purchase the  following described lands in South East Kootenay:  Commencing at a post marked "D. La Bau's  northeast corner," planted on the east bank of  Flatliead Kiver, almost 13 miles north of the  International boundary line, thence south 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence  TIMBER  NOTICE.  Notice i.s hereby given thnt thirty days after  date 1 intend to applv to the honorable the chief  commissioner of lands 'nnd works for 11 special  license to cut nnd earrv away timber from the  following described trnet'of land: Commencing  ut a post marked "A.R.F. S.E. Cor." ami planted  near Pass creek, about four miles from Itobson,  tlience north 100 chains, tlience west 10 ehains,  thonce south 100 chains, tlience east -111 chuins to  point of commencement.        A. It. FINQLANI).  Dated nt Kobson, May 2nd, 1903.  TIMBICR  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby giveii that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the honorable the  chief commissioner of lands and works for  n special license to cut and carry away timber  form tlie following described lands situate  in West Kootenay district, British Columbia.  Commencing al a post planted on the East  bank of Fyfe creek about one mile north of the  north end of Cariboo hike being J. II. Christie's  northwest corner; thence south 80 chuins,  thence cast 80 chuins; thence north 80 chains;  thence west 80 chains to the place of beginning  and containing 010 acres.  .1. II. CHRISTIE, Locator.  Dated 2nd May, ISO'".  TIMBER  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date 1 intend to epply to the honorable tlie chief  commissioner of lnmls and works for a special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia: Commencing at  a post planted on the east bunk of Fyfe creek  about one mile north of the north end of Cariboo  lake, adjacent to the northwest corner of J. II.  Christie's claim; being William Kirby's northeast corner; thence south 80 chains; thence west  80 chains; thence north 80chains; thence east 80  chains, to the place of beginning, and containing  WO acres. WILLIAM  KIRBY, Locator.  .1. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Dated 2nd May, 1003.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date I intend lo apply to the honorable chief  commissioner of lauds and works for a special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia. Commencing  at a post planted on the east bank of Fyfe creek  about two miles north of the north end of Cariboo  lake adjacent to the northwest corner of John  Fyfe's claim being Ubss Thompson's southeast  corner; thence north 80 chains; tlience east 80  chains; tlience south SO chains; thence west 80  chains to the place of beginning and containing  640 acres.  ROSS THOMPSON, Locator.  J. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Dated 2nd May, 1!H)3.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the honorable the chief  commissioner of lands and works for a special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land situate in West Kootenay district, Britisli* Columbia: Commencing nt  a post planted on the east bank of F'yfe creek  about one mile north of the north ond of Cariboo  lake, adjacent to the northwest corner of 3. XI.  Christie's claim, being John Fyfe's southwest  corner; thence north 80 chains; thence east 80  chains; thence south 80 chains; thence west SO  chains, to the place of beginning, and containing  JOIIN FYFE, Locator.  010 acres.  Dated 2nd May, 1903.  J. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  '-..-A-"--   TIMBER NOTICE.   ~  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date 1 intend to apply to the honorable the chief  commissioner of lands and works for a special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia: Commencing at  a post planted on the east bank of Fyfe creek  about one mile north of the north end of Cariboo  lake, adjacent to the northwest corner of J.-H.  Christie's claim, being J. Fred Ritchie's southeast  corner; thence north 80 chains; thence west 80  chains; thonce south 80 chains; thence east 80  chains, to tho place of beginning, and containing  010 acres. J. FRED RITCHIE, Locator.  J. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Dated 2nd May,1<J03.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notiee.Is_hpj:c_)y given that thirty days after  ~date ntltenu   tO  R*p]>l}���to-tho-'ionorrtble-c-hlcf-  eommissioner of lands and works fora special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia. Commencing  at a post planted on tlie north end of Cariboo  lake being J. S. 0. Frascr's northeast corner;  thence east80 chains; thence.south80 chains;  thence west 80 chains; to the east bank of Cariboo lake; thence north 80 chains; following the  east bank of Cariboo lake to the place of begin-  ning.and containing 010 acres more or less.  J. S. C. ERASER, Locator.  J. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  'Dated 2nd May, 1903.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the honorable the chief  commissioner of lands and works for a special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia: Commencing at  a post planted-on the shore of lower Cariboo lake  being J. .S. C. Eraser's southeast corner post;  thence 80 chains west; thence80chains north;  thence 80 chains cast, to shore of lake; thence  south along shore of lake to place of beginning,  and containing W0 acres more or less.  J. S. C. FRASER, Locator.  J. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Dated 2nd May, 1903.  Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date  I intend to apply to tho chief commissioner of  lands and works for permission to purchaso the  following lands in Southeast Kootenay, described  as follows: Commencing atapost marked "F.  O. Elliott's southeast corner," planted on the  north bnnk of the Flathead river, about 30 miles  from the international boundary line, tlience  north 80 chains; thence west 80 chains; thence  south 80 chains; thonce east 8il chains to the  place of beginning, containing GiO acres more or  less.  Dated the 7th dav of March, 190.1.  F. C. KLLIOTT.  Notice is hereby giveii that OO days after date  1 intend to apply to the chief commissioner of  lands and works for permission tn purchase the  following described lands iu Southeast Kootenay: Commencing m a post marked "II. Sturgeon's northwest corner," planted on the cast  bank of the Kliithertd river, almost 21 miles from  the international boundary line, theuce south  80 chains, tlience east 80 chains, theuce north SU  chains, thence west 80 chains to the place of  beginning, containing 010 acres more or less.  Dated the 7lh dav of March, 11103.  II. STURGEON.-  JOHN  HEPBURN  BUILDER AIND  CONTRACTOR  ���lobbing work done    Estimates given  SHOP RESIDENCE  Behind new posloilice        Cor. Front and Willow  NELSON  Prosser's Second-Hand Store  And China Hall, Combined  Is the place to "rubber" before sending  back East for anything.  We buy, sell or rent or store anything  from a safety pin to a beef trust.  Western Canadian Employment  Agency in connection.  P.O. Box 588 Baker Street, \V., next door  Phone 261A to C.P.R. Ticket Office.  SEWING MACHINES in PIANOS  FOR RENT AND FOR SALE.  old curiosity shop, Joseine sireei, Nelson  Corporation of the City of Nelson,  NOTICE.  NOTICE is horeby given that under the provisions of By-law No. SO, "Pound and Dog  Tax lly-law," it is unlawful for any person to  suffer any horse, mule, bull or cow, shoe:*,  goat, pig or other cattle, or poultry to run at  large within the limits of the City of Nelson.  Every owner of a dog in tho CItv of Nelson is  required to pay annually a lax of two dollars  for each dog owned by him.  No person shall suffer or permit his dog to  run at largo in tho Citv of Nelson for which  such person has not paid the tax required of  him and unless such dog shall have around  his neck a collar or strap to whicn shall bo attached a metallic plate to be supplied by tho  city on payment of tho said tax.  Warning is hereby given that anv person  guilty of an infraction or violation of any or  the provisions of the above named bv-law is,  in addition to tho fees and charges set forth  therein, liable upon summary conviction to a  penalty of One Hundred Dollars and the costs  of prosecution, and in default of payment to  imprisonment for n term not exceeding two  months.   By order.  D. C. McMORRIS,  . ���     City Clerk.  Nelson, B.C., April 8th, 1903.  SHERIFFS SALE.  B^  tlience cast cso cnains, uil-iiw; nuuii oounains, men'  west 80 chains to the place of beginning, containing  640 acres more or less.  Dated the 7th day of March, 1903.  D. LaBAU,  NOTICE is hereby given that Go days after date  I intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to purchase the  following described lands in South East Kootenay:  Commencing atapost marked "J.O. Patenaude's  southwest corner," planted at F. C. Elliott's southeast corner post, thence north 80 chains, thence  cast 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, tlience west  80 chains to the place of beginning, containing 640  acres more or less.  Dated the 7H1 dav of March, 100^.  f. O. PATENAUDE.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to tho honorable chief  commissioner of lands and works for a- special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia. Commencing  at a post planted on Rocky Bluff east side of  lower Cariboo lake being^E. &��� L. Dewdney's  southwest corner post; thence 80 chains cast;  thence 80 chains south;, thence 80 chains west;  thence 80 ehains north to place of beginning.  E. E. I* DEWDNEY, Locator.  1. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Also commencing at a post planted on thc cast  bunk of Watehand river about half a mile from  lake being E. E. L. Dewdney's northwest comer  post; thence -10 chains cast; thence ICO chains  south; thenec-10 chuins west; thence 100 chains  north to place of beginning.  15. IS. I,. DEWDNEY, Locator.  J. If. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Dated 2nd May, 1903,  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notico Is hereby giveii that thirty days after  date I Intend to apply to the honorablo the chief  commissioner of lands and -works for a special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia: Commencing at  a post planted on tho east side of Fyfe creek  being J. II. Christie's southeast corner post:  tlience 80 chains west; thence 80 chains north;  thence 80 chains east; thence 80 chains south to  place of beginning.  J. H, CHRISTIE, Locator.  ' Dated 2nd May, 1903.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the honorablo chief  commissioner of lands and works for a special  license to cut and carry away timber from the  following described land, situate nnd being in  AVest Kootenay district, British Columbia. Commencing at a post planted on the east side of  upper Cariboo lake being J. Fvfe's northwest  corner post; thence 80 chains east; thence 80  ehains south; thence 80 chains west to shore of  lake thence north along shore of lake to place of  beginning.  J. FYFE, Locator.    .  J. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Dated and May, 1903.  TIMBER NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days after  date I intend to apply to the honorable chief  commissioner of lands nnd works for a spocial  license to cut nnd carry away timber from the  following described land, situate in West Kootenay district, British Columbia. Commencing  at a post planted on thc cast side of Barnes creek  being W. II. O. Phipps southwest corner; thence  80 chains north; thence east 80 chains; thence 80  chainssouth; thence80chains west to place of  beginning.  W. II. G. PHIPPS, Locator.  J. II. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Also commencing at a post planted on tho  bench cast side of Barnes creek being W. II. G.  Phipps southwest corner; thence80chains north;  thence80 chains east; thence 80 chains soutli;  thence 80 chains west to place of beginning.  W. H. G. PHIPPS, Locator.  J. H. CHRISTIE, Agent.  Dated 2nd May, 1903.  Province of Britisli Columbia,)  Nelson, West Kootenay.     J  To Wit: Y  Y virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias issued out  of the Supreme Court of British Columbia  at the suit of  ELMER .7. FELT, Plaintiff,  and  PERCY DICKINSON, WARNER MILLER,   XV.  E. SPIER, THE SLOCAN-KILO MINING  COMPANY, LIMITED, and R. WILSON  SMITH, In his own right and as trustee for  F. I, BIRQUE, ANDREW G. BLAIR, and  WILLIAM STRACHAN, Defendants,  And to mo directed against the goods and chattels of the said defendant, Percy Dickinson, I  have soized and taken in execution all tho  right, title and lnteres*-of the said defendant,  Percy Dickinson, in the mineral claims known  as and called "Skylark" and "Ranger." situate  on tho first North Fork of Lemon Creek, located on the 29th day of July, 1895. and the 20th  aay of July, 1895. resjicctively, and recorded in  tho office of the Mining Recorderfor the Slocan  City Mining Division of the West Kooienay  District; to recover the sum of ?028.S0, and also  interest on JG2J.80 at 5 per centum per annum  from the 17th day of May, 1902, until payment,  besides sheriff's poundage, oflicer's fees, and  ^ftll_-Other=]ega__,incidental=exponsBS;-=all=of-=  which I shall expose for sale, or suflicient  thereof to satisfy said judgment debt and costs,  in tho forenoon.  NOTE, -r- Intending purchasers  will satisfy  themselves as to Interest and title of the said  defendant, Percy Dickinson.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., 19th Februarv, 1903.  S. P. TllCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  Thc above sale is postponed until Saturday,  21st day of March, 1903, at tlie samo place anil  hour.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  Tho above sale la further postponed until  Saturday, the llth day of April, 1903, at the  same place and hour.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay,  The above sale Is still further postponed 11:1 til  Saturday, the 25th day of April, 1903, at tho  same place and hour.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  The above sale is further postponed until  Saturday, 2nd day of May, 1903, at the same  place and hour.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Koolcnav.  The above sale i.s further postponed until  Saturday, 10th May, 1903, nt thc same place and  hour.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  FOR SALE.  Aa  l T ft genuine bargain, a 27-ft. gasoline launch,  *-   with simplest and most reliable engine on  the market, excellent speed; also n number of  row boats and canoes.   For particulars write  or come and see boats at  H. L.- LINDSAY'S BOAT LIVERY,   Kaslo, B.C.  WANTED.  fXARDENER, to work on shares two acres  "^ first-class land; has been worked for live  years; two blocks from the tramway line, Fair-  viow.   Address P.O. Box 119, Nelson, B.C.  WANTED.  A LIFE. INSURANCE CANVASSER FOR THE  ��*- Nelson District. Good inducements. Apply GEO. D. SCOIT, Vancouver, B.C.  JSJELSON MINERS' UNION, No. 90, XV. F. M.���  1,1 Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30  o'clock, in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner Baker and Stanley streets. Wage scale  for Nelson district: Machine, miners, $3.50;  hammersinen, $3.25; mine laborers, $3. .). \V.  Sinclair, president; Frank Phillips, secretary.  Visiting brothern cordially invited. The Nelson Tribune  PUBLIC MEETING OF THE CITIZENS OF NELSON  SPEAKERS STRONGLY IN FAVOR OF LEAD TARIFF  Mayor Rose called si pnliHc meeting of  tlio cvti/A-us of Nelson on Monday last in  response to the following request:  Sir.���Yon :ire aware tliat nt a recent  meeting of Hie executive of the Provincial  Mining Association at Victoria, resolutions were passed in support of certain  bonuses in aid of the lead mining industry  of British Columbia. In our opinion tho  figures nre inadequate to the needs of the  mines, and at the same time they tend to  stultify the efforts now being made hy  the delegates of (lie producers at Ottawa  to secure, a bonus of ��15 per ton on lead  produced, with less than which amount,  wc are convinced, the lead mining industry cannot prosper.  In view of the pressing needs of the district and of tho harm which may bo done  by any apparent difference of opinion as  to the amount of any bonus -which may be  granted, wo, the undersigned, beg that  yon will cause a meeting to be called at  the board of trade rooms for Monday,  ilny 4th, atf 4 o'clock in the afternoon, for  the purposo of taking such action as may  be deemed best in support of the eontcn-  tention for a bonus amounting to ��15 per  ton of load produced from the mines.  "We are, sir, your obedient servants,  Fred Irvine, II. Bj-xsrs, J. A. Gilkor, ,T. 1*1.  Wallace, Geo. K. Tackabury, T. G. Procter, E. Gigot, P. Burns <& Co., W. A. Macdonald, Edward H. Applewhaite.  A, large and representative gathering attended in the Board of Trade rooms. The  mayor was in tho chair and T. G. Procter  acted a.s secretary. Among those present  were Messrs. J. Johnstone, R. R. Hedley,  Captain Duncan, W. P. Tierney, H.  Harris, J. Laing Stocks, Stamford, Croasdaile, J. L. Parker, S. S. Fowler, A. H.  Kelly, S. S. Taylor, O'Reilly, Annable,  Deanc, Starkey, J. M. Lay', Frank Phillips,  G. C. McLaren, II. B. Irving, Devlin,  Tuck and others.  The mayor explained that the meeting  wasjcallcd to protest against tho action of  the executive of the Provincial Mining Association, who,hnd forwarded to the. Dominion government a request for a bounty  of $10 per ton, which miningmen who  understood the position pronounced wholly  inadequate. S. S. Fowler explained that  ho and other mining men thought that a  serious mistake had been made in the  figures submitted by the Provincial Muting Association. If tho-government Only  gave, tho, relief suggested, it would not result in opening any properties now closed  down. The minimum bonus of any use  would be '% of a cent per pound of load  or ��15'.per���tori.'- The expenses of silver  mining were greater than wore supposed,  and although it might bo possible to"take'-'  out a ton of ore for i^l to ��6 in rare instances, such as the St. Eugene mine, the  cost to produce a ton of. concentrates at  the Whitewater mine was never less than  $22 per'ton.. Tho actual figures for producing ono.ton of concentrates at the Enterprise mine was'.��34,. and it was probable  that no mino could putja ton of concentrates at the shipping point for less than  $20, and he ventured. to assort that tho  average cost throughout this section would  run from $80 to ftiSS per ton. It wns only  normal conditions which could be dealt  with, and although tho price of metals  might rise, there was no certainty this  Svoiud occur. The executive of the Provincial Mining Association had acted Avithout duo consideration, and Messrs. Retallack and Pratt felt that their efforts were  being stultifyed. There was in reality no  proper representative of the lead mining  industry on tho executive committee, not  one man representing a lead producing  mine, and whilst giving them cveiy credit  for the spirit of the rosohrtion sent to  Ottawa, he thought tlie sooner the mistake was found out the better. Ho therefore moved, seconded by Mi-. Croasdaile,  a resolution which after an amendment  offered by Mr. Taylor had been interpolated read as follows:  Whereas, the executive of the Provincial Mining Association of British Columbia, in its effort to assist tne lead-mining  industry, has recommended the granting  _ofj3ertain bounties in aid thereof, without,  in~6ur^oiniiioiTi^haviug'had^ the** advice =���- of-  those who are competent to judge of tho  costs of production; and  Whereas, this meeting is of opinion that  the amount of the bonuses suggested by  such executive is inadequate to the needs  of the lead mining industry, even under  normal conditions, and  Whereas, tho resolutions of such executive have been forwarded to the Dominion  government, and may tend to create a  false impression as to the real requirements of the load mining industry, and  the extent of any bonus that is necessary  to revive such industry; therefore, bo it  Resolved, that this mass mooting of the  citizens of Nelson hereby expresses its disapproval of tho action and resolution of  tho executive of the Provincial Mining Association in this matter.  Resolved, that while we consider that  no bonus which wo could expect thc government to grant would bo adequate, in  view of the unwillingness of the Dominion government to properly protect the  lead industry by an adjustment of the  tariff, wc endorse the contention of the  load.miners of Kootenay for a bonus of at  least fifteen dollars per ton of lead in ore,  payable directly and entirely to the ore  producer, under the direction of the minister of trado and commerce subject to  such regulations as may bo made by the  goveruor-gcneral-in-cotmcil; and bo it  further  Resolved, that this meeting reiterates  its opinion as to the necessity for the readjustment of the tariff as to lead and  lead products imported into Canada; and  if such general readjustment be not made  during this session of parliament, that, in  any event tho anomaly as to duty on corroded lead should bo removed, by increasing tho duty thereon to at least thirty per  cent ad valorem.  .T. J. Campbell said, when this subject  was discussed at Victoria I was present.  Telegrams were sent to Mr. Retallack,  but he could not be reached by wire, and  the executive passed the resolution thinking immediate action was necessary. Although representing tho smelter interest,  and there was a feeling in Victoria that  home smelters should have some measure  of protection, I suggested then that if the  lead miners would agree on what they  wanted we would loyally support thoir application. Wo explained oiu- position  when the tariff question was discussed,  what our rates would bo, and I took it for  granted that everyone understood that wc  would tako no different position if a bonus  were granted in place of an increased  tariff. AVo aro willing to loyally support  whatever position the lead miners take.  J. L. Parker, manager of thc North  Star mine, said meetings were being held  in Fort. Steelo, Moyie, Cranbrook, Fernie,  etc.   Ho believed very strongly in tariff  adjustment, but if wo get a bonus of $15  per ton, which ho was prepared to accept  as a temporary measure, we shall see considerable activity iu prospecting as well  as actual mining.   The Liberal government is awakening to the fact that British  Columbia is a part of Canada.   We must  insist upon such changes being made in  tho tariff that lead can be both smelted  and refined in Canada.   To thc south ores  running 7 per cent lead and 10 ouuees in  silver are profitably handled.   If such a  thing wore made possible in tho Slocan  district, where wo now have 500 men at  work there would be 7000.   There hod  been considerable discussion in the press  on the charges made by the home smelters.    Speaking for the North Star mine,  he could say that the charges made, by the  home smelters" wero less than those made  by the United States plants.   Whilst the  charges at Nelson and Trail were ��24 a  ton,   those in  the States  amounted  to  ��27.75 or $;i.75 per ton in favor of the home  smelters.   He believed in Canada for the  Canadians, and.homo smelters should have  the preference even if the charges were  the same as foreign ones, but they were  less.   A New Denver paper recently at:  tacked the Canadian smelters iu a most  ^ scurrilous   article,  thc statements made  being incorrect, unwarranted and entirely  uncalled for.   Articles of this kind did  harm iu the East where the standing of  the paper was not known.   At the .time  tho tariff legislation question was started  the Helena smelter  people wrote him  offering to tako ore.   He informed them  that 1000 tons was instantly available and  pressed for rates, but was put 'off from  time to time with plausible excuses until  he became satisfied that the move was  merely to prevent a tariff increase being  granted.   When the smelter trust had refused to take the North Star output, alleging too high C.P.R.'freight rates, his  company had written- offering to got the  freight rates reduced, bxtt the trust had  refused to take the ore and had only reopened negotiations when the tariff q*aes-  tion  was. raised.    The   trust was  trying to make it appear that they  were  able to take all .the lead ores  of  British Columbia, that the goverhm6nt would  think there was-ho necessity for an alteration of the tariff; which would have the.  effect of keeping the ores in Canada.  Fred Starkey.���I am very pleased to  hear that .Canadian smelters7 have been  doing so Hvell for the miners.: It is the  first tinib.I have over heard such a thing,  and should be more widely known. The  general'., impression given has been that  they did not do as well as the American  smelters*; Our smelters should certainly  bo encouraged if this is the case.' Do you  say that the American lead trust wore interested enough to try and prevent the  tariff increase-, Mr. Parker?  Mr. Parlcer.���Yes, I do. I think their  actions showed what they were after.  T. G. Procter said the government would  look after the division of the bonus.  Mr.: Fowler said the division of the  bonus might safely bo loft to the  discretion of the ministers or the gov?  ernor7 general in council. The main  thing is unanimity-of feeling; the prime  thing is the bonus."' If -undue-'prices  were asked b*f the smelters, or if they had  not the capacity to take care of tho ore offering, the government, could then arrange for the ore to be. sent to the States  or elsewhere under proper conditions.  S. S. Taylor said the present was a vitally important time to lead miners. The  resolution implied that $15 per ton was  enough. This was not so. What was  wanted was i.J_ cents oi* $80.per ton. We  do not want tlie bonus, which is only a  temporary arrangement and which cau be  altered at any time. What wTo want is a  fixed tariff, so that capitalists will, know  that for so long, at any rate, a certain  amount of aid can bo depended upon.  'What4s=-wanted=is^something,stable._not_  a bonus which may be altered in a short  time. If an adequate tariff was given it  would mean 'assistance for years. It  was said the amount of lead consumed in  Canada was only 1500 tons, perhaps so,  but Canada was prosperous now as never  before aud in the next five years who  could tell what the consumption of load  would bo. Got a proper tariff arrangement and capital would flow into the  country. A borms is merely temporary  relief. The tariff is the natural, right and  permanent relief for our troubles for years  to come. It could not bo too strongly impressed upon tho government that the  bonus was looked upon merely as a makeshift. We must not bo woak in tho face  of men -who know nothing about the lead  question. Wo know exactly what wc  want and we know tho relative merits of  bonus aud tariff. Put the lead business  on a sound footing, it is tho burning question of this province today. Do not let the  governmont think tho bonus is an adequate remedy, tho only sufficient remedy  is a tariff which will aid in the steady production of lead for years to come, influence capital to build the necessary smelters and refineries, aud ensure the prosperity of this the richest district of the  province of British Columbia.  The mover and seconder agreeing, the  resolution was altered iu accordance with  Mr. Taylor's stiggestion.  H. E. Croasdaile thought the bonus  proposition would do the most good and  opposed Mi*. Taylor's tariff speech.  A. H. Kcllyjsnpportcd tho original resolution ; he thought the bonus was till wo  could get at present.  J. Laing Stocks said he heartily approved of all that Mr. Taylor laid said;  the meeting should promptly pass the  resolutions with the suggested alterations.  Ho was glad to bear testimony in stipport  of Mr. Parker's reference to tho home  smelters. After discussing terms with  tlie representative of the lead trust for  sotno hours, ho had uo hesitation in deciding that the homo smelters gave hotter  returns for the product of the Highland mine, of which he was the manager,  than he could get from the lead trust.  ���T. J. Campbell was much gratified at  the remarks of Mr. Parker and Mr. Stocks.  As fur as the Hall Mines smelter was con-  corned, there was no worry about tlie  statements made in some papers. He did  not know who paid for the attacks. Tlie  home smelters had frequently been misrepresented, and it was very satisfactory  to hear unsolicited testimonials from their  clients.  F. J. Deane said that as a rule the papers  of the province were ready aud willing to  honestly aid tho mining industry in every  possible way. Many newspaper men had  withheld then* own views in defereuco to  thoso of mining mon, mid tried to influence and educate the papers and people of  eastern Canada. The mining men should  do some active propaganda work before  next session of parliament and educate  public opinion in the East.  The resolution was put aud carried  unanimously.  BRIDGE  WHIST.  Rudiments of the Game for Beginners by  A. Winner.  Bridge Whist is now* widely known,  and of all card games has become most  popular. Under various names a game  of cards somewhat similar to bridge has  been played in Russia, Holland, Tin-key  and-'France, for twenty or thirty years,  but it is only in the last five years or so  that it has obtained any hold upon the  affections of card players iu ngland, the E  United States, and Canada. Thc following description of the game is only meant  for those' who wish to gain sufficient  knowledge to play intelligently in the  family circle, those who want to become  experts will do well to consult, "John  Doe," "Foster," "Leigh," Hellespont"-or  some other of the many books on the  subject. For the benefit of those who  have never played the game it may be  mentioned that bridge is played with the  firll pack of fifty-two' cards, it is always  better to have two packs, one of which is  shuffled by the dealer's partner whilst the  other isjoeing dealt. The game is played  by four persons who cut for partners, the  two lowest playing against the two highest, the lowest cut of the four getting the  first de.nl. The dealer aud his partner  the dummy sit opposite each other, the  leader ou thc dealer's left and the leader's  partner is on tlie dealer's right. The  cards tire cut and dealt as in ordinary  whist, but no trump is turned up, and  there aro no misdeals in bridge.  Thc position at tho table Ts as follows,  and for the future tho players will bo referred to as far tis possible by tho letters  A. B. Y. Z.  Dummy  Ij.-adei-  Dealer  There arc two separate scores to be  played for, tricks points and honors, it is  only thc trick points that win tho game,  the first six tricks taken are called a book,  every trick taken beyond six", "count so  many points according to tho suit which  is trumps for that deal. As soon as either  side7' reaches or passes thirty, that wins  the game, when above thirty is made, all  above is credited to the winners. ,. Three  games of thirty or more points each is a  rubber, if tho first two games 'are'won by  tho same partners' the third is. not played,-,  the side whining the rubber add 100  points as a bonus.  The chief difference between bridge and  ordinary'whist is the method of making  the trump. When the cards are dealt,  the dealer examines his hand, and announces the suit he makes trumps for  that deal, or he may elect to make it no  trumps. Each trick above the first six  count 'towards game according to the  following table of trick values:  When spades are trumps 2 points each  trick.  . When clubs are trumps 4 points each  hick.  When diamonds are trumps (i points  each trick.  When hearts are trumps 8 points each  trick? =^=^=^=- ���-  named, the opponents cannot alter it in  any way, but have the privilege of doubling, supposing Z passes to Y and Y makes  spades trumps, A then can double, or if  he tliinks his hand is not good enough he  can say to his partner B "may I play?"  B has then his chance, and he can either  say "I double" or "if you please" if B  says "I double" then Y can either double  him again or say "I am satisfied," if  tho latter Z can also double, the  doubling process may bo continued indefinitely. A having lead, dummy Y exposes his cards, and his partner Z plays  the cards, dummy's* further interest iu  tho hand being limited to calling his  partner's attention should he loud from  tho wrong hand, or if he renounce any  suit, say clubs, then it is dummy's place  to say "having no clubs partner," after  the play of the hand is finished 'dummy  may call attention to any error in tho  count of tricks or the score for honors.  There are several ways of scoring, perhaps the most simple is as below .see  No. -1.  A    B Y    _  HONORS  POINTS  llOXOI'S  A   B- Y   7.  10  ���10  30  ���10  100  lllti  ���10  15ti  POINTS  No. 1  No. 2  When it is mado no trumps 12 points  each trick.  Thc game being thirty points it takes  tliree tricks in no trumps, four tricks in  hearts or five in diamonds, to win the  game. There are livo honors iu bridge,  tho A. K. Q. J. and 10 of the suit mado  trumps, in u no trump declaration the  four aces tiro the only honors. In making  trumps a.s between two suits of equal  number, tho ono containing tho greater  number of honors will usually be selected.  Tho majority of honors, three out of five  is called simple honors, and is equal to  two tricks in that suit, four honors between partners counts tho same as four  tricks and livo honors between partners  equals five tricks, if four or five honors  are held iu one hand thoy aro more valuable tis will be seen liy tho following  tabic:  It the trump suit is Fpadeseliilwdiuiiionds hearts  Three honors count  ���1  S  1-2  10  Four honors count  S  Hi  21  Five honors count  111  'JO  il  ���id  Four honors in one  hand  hi  '.VI  ls  til  Four in one hand,  li ftli in partner's  IS  ������li  M  72  Five in  one  hand  ���>o  ���10  (in  SO  When there is no trump suit, three aces  between partners are worth iiO. Four  aces between partners aro worth 40. Four  aces in one hand aro worth 100.  If each side hold two aces there is no  honor score. The honor score has no  effect in winning or losing the game and  is scored separately from the trick points.  If one side wins 12 out of 1*1 tricks in any  deal it is called a Little .Slam and 20  points are added iu tho honor column, if  nil 1J1 tricks ore v.'ou it is a Grand Slam  and 40 points are added. When a trump  suit is declared and n player has no trump  in his hand it is called chicane, and adds  to his partner's honor column, by the  value of simple honors, 4 in spades, 8 in  clubs, 12 in diamonds or JO in hearts.  The dealer, has the first opportunity to  make trumps, if ho is not strong enough  to mako no trumps, of a red suit, ho  should pass to his partner saying "I leave  it" or y'l pass it" he is not allowed to  consult'with dummy. When the dealer  leaves it, dummy must make, he knows  his partner is probably weak in the red  suits, therefore il" nut strong enough himself to make rod or no trumps, he will  make it clubs or spades, spades ii* very  weal: as iu that suit he will lose, the  smallest count, if the adversaries hold tho  better cards.    The trump suit having been  When the play of the hand is finished  the trick score'is put down in the column  under the centreline and the honor  score if any, is put clown above the. centre  line, for example, see No. 2, in the first  hand A B score 8 tricks- in hearts. 'J  times' 8-equals 24 below, and having 3  honors score 10 above. The second hand  Y Z score' three in no ti-uuips, 3 times  12 equals 86'with 8. aces equals.'_0 above,  ���winning the first game, you then draw  a line -under', the figures in points. Tho  third hand Y Z make five tricks in  diamonds .5 times C equals-' 80 .below  with 4 honors divided, 4 times 6 equals  24 above then adding 100 for the rubber makes thc total of Y Z's points 100  deducting A B's points 40 leaves Y Z  winners of 150 points.  MAUD TO ETHEL.  Dearest Ethel.���Siieh weather we are  having���it certainly excuses people for  in along it the topic of conversation, a  charge that has more than once been  brought against we mountain dwellers by  travellers from afar. Since Easter, from  a feminine point of view, it has been a  positive mental strain. Only the other  day the rain ruined my test hat, which  might possibly have been avoided if 'we  had a cab service worthy of the name.  Wc haven't even tho tramway running,  aud tis to those two growlers the}- call  hacks, I would rather travel in tho Chipmunk donkey chaise.  The latest society event is Mrs. Bon-  .nington's euchre party in full daylight.  ���The~iclca"-*svtts~origiiial and. therefore acceptable. Such .". crush. Of courso everybody and more were there and dressed to  the point of agony. Rather a pity I think  iu a small place like this, but what will  you? The tendency is kept alive by the  day goods people, * and the display at  Washington's is certainly tempting and  quite fatal if the dear old thing of a hubby  has been generous of late.  The Bonnington crush brought up the  question .of. ultra furnishing we discussed  some time back.. It is perfectly bewildering the maze of furniture, bric-a-brac,  stools, tables, vases, lamps, one has to  navigate through nowadays in a drawing  room. I nearly broke a valuable bibelot  .the other day at Mrs. Darcey'sand you  know what that would have meant. The  subject leads mc to reflect on the photo  decoration craze. No one objects to a few  fauiily photos artistically grouped, but  when it comes to the whole room being  plastered with.them, it is not '-'surprising  that some unkind person should give out  that many had seen a Bond street shop  window.  ^^tgot-fearfrtlly-hauled^oveiuthQ-Coal-Lfor,  having told you that the boat club and  tho celebration committee had had a split.  Harold now tells me that relations are  delightfully harmonious and that although  the club is not going to get a cent of the  celebration fund, everybody at thc boat  house is delighted. He said something  about going to change the approach into  a sort of pier (Margate or Brighton style)  and charge for admittance, also anyone  who tied up to it. There is a bit of a  brco/.e in town over thc suggestion, but I  don't think the people realize the full advantages tou town of a pier. Thoy have  been the making of the. abovo two and  many other towns, why not this?  I was at Mrs. Lane BttylilT's the other  day aud who do you think I met? That  Mrs. Robertson Gnrney. Tho cup of tou  1 was holding came to my rescue in hiding  si grin. Well, she deserves to achieve  socially, aiid it has nil been done on brass,  and you know she has nothing els o to go  on for they arc dreadfully poor and livo  on past social glories thc details of which  make us all yawn.  Of courso we all wont to the library  ball at the now Armory aud had a delightful time. The floor was splendid, aud  there being plenty of room, there was  more inspiration to dance, and male partners were more plentiful than usual. Do  you know* that this male partner business  has become quite an epidemic in London.  Edith in her last letter told me that at  high functions it has become it positive,  strain for the hostess to get ti suflicient  number of dancing men and it is whispered that rank outsiders have received  invitations iu order to keep things moving.  Fancy, after a delightful waltz with presumably Hon. Charles Fitwoy it transpired that after all he wa.s only a "dancing  dummy" from Hackney or Kentish town.  How ridiculous!  You remember tho discussion we hail  over lunch and luncheon. Well, it appears to have been settled nnd it is no  longer permissablc to ask anyone to either  lunch or luncheon. You aro required to  use the hitter word as a verb and invito as  follows:  Dear Mis. Davecy.���Will you luncheon  with us on .Friday. Mrs. DeVore Tom p-  kins is coming and I know you will lie do-  lighted io meet her.  'When you get settled be sure and get  mamma to try the following recipe. Anna  Lewis has jn'st scut it to me from Jersey,  where it is all I he rage:  Originators of Condensed Milk���Established J 85  PROPRIETORS 07 TflJ.  CELEBRATED  6 |i^fBrRoEN*s Co^g?'1"*  *bol wii7_*lkdn��i protection si*"3 '  5^sonSli^eU__w^&  . *��� .<_[  --���I  '.--* i  ��I  r-. *  ".fai-  Evaporated  Having established a BRANCH FcACTORY in Canada, arejiow prepared tp  supply customers throaghout}the trade with their brands.  -Hi  >    j-f   *V"^(l  '-i^'feal  SOLD. BY  ALL GROCERS AND BY  ���     A.- "iv**  ���All  ' -turn  The "BORDEN BRANDS" represent the highest possible standard.  Leaders for olyer 40 years.  Retail by T. S. McPiicrsoh, Morrison,& Caldwell, J. A. Irving, T. 'J. Scanlan.  Tapioca and Banana Sponge.���Sprinkle  half a cup of tapioca and two-thirds of a  cup of sugar into oue pint of boiling  ���water; add half a 'teaspoonful. of salt and.  cook over hot Avater, stirring occasionally.  When the tapioca is transparent, add the  juice of two lemons und .fold iu the whites  of two eggs, beaten until dry. Servo  jiprcacL oyer sLiced bananas, with cream  and sugar, or^witinv'cold'boiled'ctistarclr  previously made. This dish may be prepared with canned peaches, apricots or  quinces, using the juice of the fruit instead of water.  I hope that you arc not still thinking of  marrying Dick Banning. You know what  it means���love in a cottage, roses, cherubs  and a grimey hubby from tho smelter  thirty days a month. You arc more to  the manner born in riding in au auto on  Baker street or a society leader on O.'ir-  bonato, believe me. Forgive my interference, but send him homo to his parents���  tliey want him and wc want you.  Always your loving   ��� Maud.  TWENTY-FIVE  CENTS will  hnv  <)>-]_ POUND of  *-puiereleanrfine^lavoi-etUCEYJvLV:N-iyDUN__l_I_A.   TWENTY CENTS will buv ONE POUND Standard  BULUKFAST BLACK THA: ' I'mchasci*** of ton pounds  or more will receive one pound exti.i foi c.u'h ten pounds  purchased.  Uqual to an allowance- of TICX l'Eit CKXT. DISCOUNT on these extremely low prices.  Prices on oiu- regular lines of ('HOICK Ti-'A, ".iOc,  Hoc, -10c, 50c. and 00c. per pound for Ulack, (ireen ainl  mended.  Okanagan Lands  4000 ACRES  OF  choice; i_aind  lion 01 me unnve jinn'cny win in- put uj�� mm  pale at public auction on Friday, May Sth. Full  -mrlliMilnr.s, maps, etc., may In- liiul on aiipllni-  P"  tion to  C.   B.   E-.   UEPROY  Itoiil Kstnlo Asi'iit  Vernon,  I'.. <*,  If yew want good  Call in and U'-t a drink of  I'l-islrivr's I".-.-! ill  tin-  BARTLETT HOUSE  Telephone 177  I'. O. liox 182  Kootenay Coffee Go,  "%^d  Whiilcsule and Retail  MEAT   MERCHANTS  HHAD OFFICE and COLD STOUAUI. PLANT AT Nl.LSON. K  Ih'ancli Markets at Kaslo,  Ymir, Sandon,  Silverton,  iievelslolccNcw Derive^-,  Cascade, Trail, Grand Forks, (ireenwood, Midway, Phoenix. Tiussland,    '  Slocan Cily   Moyie, Cranlnc-ok, Fernie and Macleod:        * ,"v\;  NIC LSON BRANCH  M Ale KM', .HUIiXS HLOOK, BAKIOK ST.;-        fy  jjgJgSF'Ord-M'S by mail to any Branch will receive prompt, and careful -.mention.  I West Kootena  3  P  . ?  V*  tt  Ficsh aad Salted Meats;  Fish and Poultry in Ssasosi., ���  nriU-rs hy Mail itet'eive I'lUt-ful ',  and Prompt At ('.-.lit ion.  I-:.''.. TKAVKS, Mki'./k.W.C. nil;., Kelson!  GELIGNITE . .  Maniifacture��l)ttl]8 |{^|  _Jhe_Strongest and BssIExjiIosIvq in tho'Market.  S powoer'company  S   I   5  Maiiufai'turei." of  1;}��V. kt\MK!-:;vsoi)��l.t��.'-.:    High Grade Explosives, Sporting, Mining & Blasting Powder The Nelson Tribune  The J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co. = ^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^^^  IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN  SHELF AND  HEAVY  HARDWARE  ._. Childreii/s_  White and Colored Dresses.  D IRVINE & CO.  Ladies' French  Wash  Kid Gloves.  Tinware and  Graniteware.  Stoves and  Ranges.  BAKER ST.  Fire Bi-ick, Fire Clay, Portland Cement,  T-llails, Ore Cars, Sheet Steel, Crescent,  Canton and Jessop's Drill Steel. : : : : :  NELSON, B,C.  CASH; ADVANCED ON CONSIQNnENTS.  Jacob Green. & Co.  AUCTIONEERS,   APPRAISERS,  VALUATORS and-   QENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS.  Next Door to Vanstone's Drug; Store  Corner of Baker and Josephine Streets.  NELSON, B.C.  Starkey & Co.  r     *-_. _ w*. -. _  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits::  !  MSf  Is now complete in every Department, consisting of a Magnificent Assortment.  W   W  Dry Goods, Men's Furnishings, Milli  nery, Carpets and House Furnishings.  iiaitfTiiT-M-gT "���^���'���'VTimTlI  and Summer Stock  JR. A. Rogers & Co., Ltd., Winnipeg  N. K. Fairbank Co., - Montreal  Simcoe Canning Co.  ��   =   Simcoe  Office and Warehouse,7  Josephine Street.  NELSON, B.C.  Why  Use an inferior grade of flour  when you can get the best at  the same price? Just unloaded  a car of Five Roses -   -   $1.50 Per Sack  Ladies'White and Colored Blouses  -and Shirt Waists, each from ..... 75c. up  Ladies' Silk Waists  $3.50'''  Ladies' Linen and Lawn Skirts .... 1.50  Ladies' Rainy-Day and Dress Skirts 2.00  Ladies'Tailor-Made Suits. .  Ladies' Silk Monte Carlo Coats....  ��� Ladies' Silk Dress Skirts  18.00  Ladies' Silk Underskirts ....  5.00  Ladies' and Children's White Wear.  J. A. IRVING & CO.  Ladies' White Underskirts  75c. up  Ladies' White Corset" Covers .... 25c. up  Ladies' White Muslin Nightgowns 75c. up  Ladies' White Muslin Drawers  25c. up  Children's White and Colored Dresses.  Men's White and Colored Shirts.  Men's Balbriggan Shirts and Drawers  Men's Natural Wool Summer Shirts  and Drawers !    Men's White Night Shirts.    50c.  75c-  Latest Styles in Collars and Cuffs,  Scarfs, Ties and Neckwear.  MILLINERY.  Ladies' Straw Sailor Hats, each     25c.  Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Pattern Hats  in the latest styles, and Novelties from  some of the leading designers.  Houston Block, Nelson.  Groceries and Provisions  Dress Goods in all the Latest Materials and Shades.  We carry a very large  stock of the:latest   .  patterns.  Carpets, Rugs  Come Mid make your V      ��� -_[  house cleanfng. 1���rfl't'lO 1 ��VltHS   ���   ���   ���  see our go carts.  A1.1. prlces**.        " - - We can stilt yoii.  D.   McARTHUR  6t  CO.  F-Mrtiitwre Dealers and Undertakers  Summer Lawns, Muslins, Dimities, Organdies, Batistes, Linens, Ginghams at "all prices and qualities.  Carpets, Linoleums, Oil Cloths, Rugs, Blinds, Curtains, Portieres, Etc.  AT PRICES AWAY DOWN.  CA1I Carpets and  Oil Cloths Made  and Laid FREE  OF CHARGE  FRED IRVINE & CO.  Sole'Agentsf  for   Butterlck  Patterns.  w  �����  49  49  �����?  4?  49  4?  4?  4?  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49 ���  49  49  49  49  49  49  49      ---r----iw^*��-^*^^-Ji^Wfci'-M<_i��*-->-_y&_--->>^_----_^--___^  la.  Special Cash Prices I  FOR ONE WEEK  3 lbs. Ram Lai's 60c. Tea��� $1.00  3 lbs. Monsoon 60c. Tea  1.00  3 lbs. Blue Ribbon 60c. Tea-- 1.00  4 cans Gallon Rhubarb ..--_ 1.00  12 cans 3-lb. tins Rhubarb .. 1.00  IS cans Smoked Salmon---. 1.00  6 cans Strawberries.-��� --- 1.00  6 cans Raspberries .. 1.00  6 cans Peaches - - - - -..... - - 1.00  6 cans Pears--------- ��� ---- 1.00  10 lbs. Jam or Jelly. -------- 1.00  13 cans Assorted Spices.----- 1.00  J. A. Kirkpatriek & Co,  LIMITED  Aberdeen Block  P. 0. Box 577  ��  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  -��  j*  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  NELSON, B.C. i, v. uva a//   _p  a? W99WWV9W 999999999999 %%%������%<*��% h��  a_____-__B__aBnBHaHHaHn_BE__n__i-H^  * NOTICE * I  SMOKP Tuckett Cigar Co.'s   (MONOGRAM  ^ Union Label Cigars   )  MAPfilTPDiT  ur. A\  i 0FCHARGE-     I   JL JAJL/JL/   LJL\ T 111JL/  W   \j\j9   1 ' ^tterns. "' |   JK  W@'��)'��)W��)'��)'��) I  Union Label Cigars  I MARGUERITE  Geo. E. Tuckett's Cigarettes ( KARNACK  Only  Union-Made Cigarette in  Canada    (  T. & B.  w. j. McMillan &  WHOLESALE GROCERS  AGENTS FOR* B. C. VANCOUVER, B.C.  MORLEY-&-GOr  Wholesale and Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers^*  Artists' Materials,  Engineering and Mining  Books,  Typewriters,  Mimeographs,  PhotograjDhic Supplies,  Musical Instruments.  Morley & Co. - Nelson, B.C.  SHERIFFS SALE.  85? ijo ift ^O A ^JMo & ^S ��o��o ife  ._n   ^ Jo Jo Jo Jo jq jo jo Jo jpjfe JS.jfe Jo Jl Jo JS^ft Jl? Jo Jo J_i JS ^J&ft J^JI Jo J^J& 0% J-J_- Jo JS Jo JS _fe)3*  Ewert Bros  Jffjk_i_^p____^as^  at a greatly reduced price from the mortgagees and will offer for the balance of this  month at and below wholesale cost   Here is a chance for the people of Nelson to get  Province of British Columbia,  Nelson, West Kootenay.  To wit: /  BY virlueof a writ of Fieri Facias issued out  of tlie Supreme Court of British Columbia,  lit tlif* mi'*-, nf  1  at the suit of  LEROY  Stylish Spring  Overcoats  The  Finest  Ever  Brought to  Nelson.  Prices to Suit the Buyer.'  At J. A.  fiUKER'S  NELSON  A. THURSTON, Plaintiff,  -   against  GABRIEL LUCIEN ROBERT WEYL,  Defendant,  and to me directed against the goods and chattels of Leroy A. Thurston, the above named  plaintiff, I have seized and taken into execution all theright, title and Interest of thc said  plaintiff, Leroy A. Thurston, in eleven hundred  acd twenty-five (1125) shares, more or less, of  the capital stock of the Rossland Proprietory  and Mining Company,   Limited, of the  par  value of one pound   sterling per   share;   to  recover the sum of 1793.20 and also interest on  1789.00 at 5 per centum per annum from thelKth  day of February, 1903. until payment, besides  sheriff's poundage, oflicer's fees, and all other  legal incidental expenses; all of which I shall  expose for sale, or sufficient thereof to satisfy  said judgment debt nnd costs, at mvofflce, next  to the Court House, in the Cily of Nelson, II.C,  on Saturday, the25th day of April, A.D. 1903, at  the hour of eleven o'clock In the forenoon.  NOTE. ���Intending purchasers  will satisfy  themselves as to Interest and title of the said  plaintiff, Leroy A. Thurston.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., 8th April, 190.1.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  Thc above sale is postponed until Saturday,  9th day of May, 1903, at the same place and  time.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  The abovo sale is still further postponed until  Saturday, the HHIi day of May, 1903, at the siiiik-  place and hour. ' H. I'. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay  Diamonds  Watches  Art Goods  Sterling  Silverware  Carvers  Fancy China  Jewelry  Clocks  Fancy Bronze  Lamps  Plated  Silverware  Cut Glass .  Umbrellas  Etc., Etc.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  -��-  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  s.  to  to  to  to  to  We have secured the  services of  R. W. RUSSELL  EXPERT  OPTICIAN  And  we have the latest    "appliances���for-  testing Eyes, and we  solicit   your   patronage.  ??-: Special Sale  Will continue until the  31st of this month...  We are  offering  better bargains than  ever in  Watches      Clocks  Jewelry  Silver Novelties  Silver Plated Ware  "We are giving special values i�� the  LATEST  LADIES' CHATELAINE  BAGS.  J* J, WALKER L'eImn'g  JEWELER  NELSON, B. C.  ��?i  All at prices never before offered in the Kootenay.  Special prices on all SEWING MACHINES and Supplies  in order to close out this line of our goods at once.  Out-of-town orders will receive our very best attention.  Nelson, Rossland, Trail      E Weft    Bf OSo      Jewelers and Engravers  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  lto  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ��  to  to  to  to  to  NELSON NEWS NOTES.  J. Boucher was in town from Camborne. He reports the prospect of business very good in the Lardeau district.  W. E. Wasson, city- treasurer, returned  on^Wednesday fr��m"artri_rtb~lclntral Ontario. He was accompanied by Mrs. W.  E. Wasson, and they are receiving the  congratulations of their friends.  John Houston, M.P.P., returned from  Victoria on Wednesday night, and the  only resident of Nelson who appeared real  glad to see him was the Ohurch of England pastor.  iHA A _k _k _k A A _V A A A A/g  ���jQALT COAL  and WOOD OF ALL KINDS  Terms Spot Cash.  ^     W. P. TIERNEY,  J  Telephone 2C5 Baker Street  Springs Summer  ��� TVTTTyTTTIt  EVERY DAY SALE DAY.  OUR SPECIAL BARGAIN COUNTER  i lb. Tea ;....  3 lbs. Butter   a cans Corn, Peas or Beans  5 cans Assorted Fruit _'s ..  i sack Potatoes.'    i sack Flour   14 lb. box Butter....   1 lb. Coffee  -   il  for $2.50  for $6.50  We are showing thc most beautiful assortment  of Newest Millinery Stylos evey exhibited ln tho  vicinity.  The Latest Styles in Trimmed and  Ready-to-Wear Hats  For Women, Misses and Children. Wc exhibit  Millinery that is correct in Style and appropriate  for Spring and Summer wear, at  The Lowest Prices ever Quoted  in this vicinity  Acti*ally*50 per cent lower than you can buy elsewhere. Call and see us���yon will bo cordially  welcome. You will undoubtedly sec something  to please you at A VJEKY LOW PRICE.  THE ENFIELD CO.  COSTUMERS AND MILLINERS  Baker Street, next door to the Hudson Bay Stores  3 cans Milk )  3 cans Halibut  ( fnv <tj /CC  3 bottles Ketchup    f lur ���pl.Ud  3 bottles Pickles  7  MORRISON S CALDWELL  Spring Medicine  Phone 134  Tremont Blk., Baker St.  CITY OF? I\I3I_SO]N.  Notice is hereby given that the first sittings of  tho Court of Revision, for the purpose of hearing  all complaints against thc assessment for the  year 1S03, as made by the assessor of the City of  Nelson, will be held at the city offices, Nelson, B.  C, on Thursday, the llth day of Juno, 1903, at  two o'clock p.m. D. C. McMORRIS,  Nelson  fik p.r  B.C.,  Otir Compound Extract  of  Sarsaparilla  Cleans out the System, tones up the- Digestive-  Organs, makes a Good Appetite, regulates the  Bowels, and is wonderfully beneficial in all rundown conditions.  May 8,1903.  City Clerk.  ^*^^^^^^?^s?*^-��^^^^^��^��^^^^^  Notice of Application to Transfer Liquor License.  Notice is hereby given that I, A. K. Vaughan  intend to apply at the next sittings of the Board  of LicenscICommissioners for the Citv of Nolson  for a transfer of the liquor license now held in  my name for the premises situate on lot 10 in  block 1 of the City of Nelson, known as the Nelson Hotel, to Charles A. Burclav.  Dated this Oth day of May, 1903.  Witness: A. K. VAUGHAN  '  A.M.JOHNSON. '   "���  LARGE BOMTLES (regular $1 size) each   76c  SIX BOTTLES for $4.00  Canada Drug and Book Co's Stores  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  His honor the lieutenant governor in council  has been pleased to make the following appointment:    William Nicholas Rolfe of Creston, esquire, to be mining recorder for the Goat River-  mining division, vice Mr. E. N. Murphy.  27th April, 1903.


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