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 Saturday M&i*riitt!*9  7i 19O0  THERE IS MUCIl WABBLING;  Last fall an effort was made to bring  about reforms in  two of the civic de-  .-.      partme tit's, namely:,  the scavenger de-  '���.���������-���'    7, partment   and- : the   city;   treasurer's  ^office.   TJie effort was not successful,  for two reasons, nari-fely, the wobbling  7 of certain aldermen and  the "pull" of  the men employed in the scavenger department andin the city hall.    7    "  The Progres.siye. People's Party was  organized to effect certain reforms, and  they elected a mayor and three aldermen to office. .These four men  make a  majority of the city council, and as. the  .__'_^reform8 asked for were well known  tb  them, it was expected they would carry  them oiit'without hesitation.   The reforms were all in the line of strict economy without destroying efficiency.   The  scavenger department was to be run by  two men, which would result in a sav-  '        ing of not less than $2,000 a year.   The  clerical staff at the city office was to be  reduced to two men, which would make  a saving of $960 a year.   The salaries  paid the.medical health officer, the city  solicitor, and the police magistrate were  to be reduced, so as to effect a saving of  $1,000 a year.   The "salaries and perquisites of the police force were to _be  lixed so as to make a saving^-of $250 a  year.    A.8 outlined  above,  the savings  .   ' would aggregate   $4,210.     As   against  "..    this,  the s��ilaiy of the city treasurer  -* was to be-raised  $100 a year;  that of  the city "engineer $300,   in  view of the  important work the city was underlak-  -   -    . .ing in building a power  plant; and  a  * ' city assessor was to be appointed at a  salary of.$300 a year,'in-order that the  " assessment for 1903 should be made  hy  . an assessor who would personally view  all  the property  assessed.    These in-  ' ;      * "ci eases'aggregate. $700,' which, deducted  .4rom the aggregate sayings, made a net  ^���g'f^^ ten dollars,  ^-���^���Jt^ would  macad-  |;SiSpl:^iil -Btiker street  T^-S^ilo^ stieet "from  '..-.���;   _..��������� ;-.]PgA---. ���������<���  ���  ���     77- -'    -������ ���  Strachan 4nd city treasurer Wasson  when they asked these- two officials to  do all the clerical work in the city hall.  Instead of complying with the wishes  of the mayor and council, these two  men immediately began pulling strings  to defeat the wishes^of the rxuiypr and  council. ; Tliey should* be summarily  suspended from office, merely7 to show  their successors that the city council  are the men who/the people of Nelson  hold responsible for .the;proper .conduct  of their civic: affairs.      '  '^^^0lW;SB^^^W^ysf^^^o will  declare  BlSlS!^ above  .,,-ilffllf^c^ without im-  j*ifci|*i|^l&ti th*-* emci-.  lltS^-Sfe^^ of " the  ffelS^^F'fSit^ -    _   "      -  '��l|ij3-S��^^ down .the  !'^#^:1:s^ 'office, the  '^itf^iJS^ medic1i*l health  |l||'i|^lo^^ a single1  j��SS*-fpSo^ any  member  JJSSI^-So^t^ a saving of $600  I #:'S|a>��g^e^^ way im pair the  p77^|g^^ depa rtment,  |@*^#-^^ "^e personal  [r&^-^^i*^ health-   officer  ''' A'-^^^iio was_reii'reBi;f'g^'77:'"1 '     ^~  ^M^M^^(i6i^i^^i^^}^^^ appointing air  *i!f^"7^essbr7^ hut .it was  ^S^i&i^^^ clerk- said the  ^"^aWessm^n^ ar had"already  '''#��m   been made^7^tvnpt;a scratch'of a, pen  v7 'ttf   has been madeiCother7than  what-was  ft':ilfe^ i*oll.     -  ii-���:-' -:a'3^^Thii*dv'^,';;r^oluti^   requiring   the  ^-f7%5^i|^^  7-'.': *'!:";the'clericalTwork in the city hall,  and  7w'���"'���''��� * the seryices'of the^treasurer's assistant  ���������������::''   ;:::''-;^e'rd,isp^n��ed';'Witli:.pn'''and after January  '��� ���'''"'"     31st; was*. m\)ved7 arid ��� adopted.   But a  '  w;eek afterwards, the treasurer's ^ssist-  '^aiit, whohas a "pull," used his  "pull"  arid the resolution passed as above was  " amended so as to give him thirty days  -.       more in office;: This was done against  the wishes of the.mayor.  :     '���'������-������ Fourth.   A   resolution reducing 'the  *������-���'   "force in  the scavenger department to  ���two men was introduced.    It met with  objection from Alderman  Bird,  and it  7        . was laid oyer and has not again been referred to. .'.'���-.  Fifth. The police commissioners met,  and through the opposition of alderman  1 rying; who is a mernhereof the board,  proposed economies were   not carried  sixth.   A resolution dismissing city  clerk Strachan and city treasurer Was-  . son from oflfice; on- February 28th  was  ���"'���'-': introduced and passed.  While this was  not outlined in .the policy of the party-  "that elected a majority of the  present  "^������������->^uiadlVit-i8'ih"H_ie^ith public opimou,  ..      Vforno city council can  worlj  reforms  : unless it has the faithful co-operation of  subordinate citv officials.    If these'men  -     are unwilling to do the work outlined  "7"  for them bv the council, they should at  least 'have' the manliness to step aside  and let someone'who is willing make  the attempt.   The council did not ask  anything    unusual    from   city    clerk  THE CAUSES OF FAILURE.  .;. What are the causes of unsuccessful  mining? There are many causes, sorrie*  of which might be eliminated if; the investor could be -shown them. ^Nearly  everyone has, at some time or another,  bought "mining stock" or "taken a  flyer"; yet how many of those whose  investments have proven^ disastrous  have reinvested or "tried again"?  Their speculative fej*/er subsides after  the bleeding. As a "result mining engineers are far less busy than they  might be, and the .development. 0/ the  mineral resources , of various .parts 'of  our country-is thereby much "retarded.  A discussion of these conditions, their  causes, and, their ultimate elimination  would be timely," and it might show  many unsuccessful investors the proper  way to try again. '  ' - ���   -   _'    . .  Don't invest money on the strength  of a printed prospectus or the a I vice of  an "interested friend" without preliminary investigation by a reliable engineer. Don't "take a flyer'' in mining,  but invest your money with the same  care and discretion-you Twould use in  buying bank stocks, real estate or a silk  factory. Don't trust altogether to, luck.  Use a little sound business sense. Don't  invest in a mining company that guarantees dividends. Dame Nature' has"  something.to say about that. Don't in--  ve8t>,in -Chaining company that is selling  treasury stock arid" paying dividends at  the same time, if the mine is earning  dividends thecompany owning it seldom  has a legitimate interest in selling more  stock.  "depended oji" to  existing mining  changes in- the  tbey  record, by  moving the.follo\j.irig.resoiution in. the  ���mining committee,' a resolution-that  was reported to ' t:He house: "Resolved,  that your committee consider it inadvisable to" biake^ any changes"-in-the  Miiie.al and PI ace r_ Alining Acts during  the present session;."' ,  Were. similar taction  taken " at each  session of the legislative, assembly- for  the next-ten y^lS��^|thefi rite res ts];!bf5'th&  n 1 ining industirvIwoiiilQ1.be 'febest:/servedi;  Don't spend*all of-your capital on top.  of the ground: ; Do "some digging." jDmi't  ^ujS-too-m uch . to-rri r ory-^r^M'in ij$^la'rfct-s  are ..cheap!*;; "Concentrate- yptrr" opei-a^  tions and your, canital lat'tEe_points-  whVreydur ore bodies have been--.found/  Additional /surface territory" means  nothing uuless^ it> contains-ore.^ Don't  expect your"ore to grow . richer with"  depth. It'may-'gain in~ "quantity but,  seldom in quality. Don't build a'mill  or a smelter 'or. reduction"^ works "until  you- are,certain 3'ou have-enough ore  available*to keepjthe mill in steady  operation, until' at lea.t its initial cost  is recovered. , This advice is' ancient  and-worn from constant repetition," yot  there^are innumerabli! mills and smelt-'  ers dotting our western -landscapes to-  <day which hardly turned a wheel because the supply of ore was insufficient  or_unsuitable. Don't build-your reduction.works until you have assured yourself beyond all doubt as to what kind  of a'process your ore requires to ryield  up its values", You can adapt the mill  to the requirements of the ore, butr you  cannot manufacture .an ore "to run  through any particular mill or smelter.  Spend time*and money in finding out  first- what 'process is particularly  adapted to your ore,,then you will leave  behind you no silent, enduring monument -of folly. Employ a competent,  experienced metallurgist to practically  test^youiJ-ore-before--- building -a-,mill.  Most any process works all fight on most  any ore iu a chemical laboratory, but in  actual work on a commercial scale there  are other .conditions to contend with.  It well to find out what these conditions  are before spending money on reduction  works.���Percy Wii.t.iajV.s, in Engineering and Mining Journal, January 31st.  the payn��isTnbonanza.  struck in the Payne  can, near Sandon.  mine, in the  This is the  A week ago today a bonanza   was  -   -     -     - *      ���     sio-  mine  that paid its owners its first cost aud  over a million in dividends in one year.  Three years ago a' tunnel, known as  No. 8, was started to tap the ledge at  good depth, and work was continued  with varying success. For a time work  was entirely suspended, but superintendent Garde a few months ago urged  the company to renewed effort, and on  Saturday last the tunnel tapped the  ledge. This gives 400 feet of overhead  stoping ground, and if the pay chute is  of any length and extends all the way  to the upper workings, shareholders in  the Payne will have dividends for many  a month. This is the best news that  has come from the Slocan ior the last  four vears, and should put heart into  the p'eople of that district.  Holders of bottle  hereafter will not  liquor by the glass.  licences in  be allowed  Nelson  to sell  MAKE A l|I^D  STAND.  A publicKmeetirig at "Ymir decided not ]  to send delegates-to the recently orgaii-  ized77 Pro vin cial /Miriin g - Association,  which is to have a7 general meeting at  Victoria Oh February 25th���a date fixed",  apparently^ to'.suitJaApolitical faction in  Victoria. " The rrijaeting at Ymir may  not have been a largb one, and it may  not Have beeir.a/representative one;  but the action taken fairly "well represents"'., public'^ opinion-', throughout the  mining districtst>'f Kootenay. This is  evidenced by the expressionsjof H. Gieg-  erich of Kaslo in mri interview printed  in the Nelsoni Daily News of Thursday.  He says the peppleof Kaslo, arid", as far  as he knew, the people of-the Slocan,  did not appear toifcake mrich interest in  the new organization. The people of  Kootenay have realized "for some time  that 'the fewer-changes made in the  mining laws tlie Vjetter it would be for  the mining industry, and they cannot  see now how a general ripping up of the  mining laws is, going to benefit- mining  as a business, the'one business on which'  they are all dependent."--And the people  of Kootenay can control the situation if  they, will only present'a united front.  They have six mi^ribers in' the present  hou.e and will :h%ve nine in the next.  Of .the six members of -the" present  house,~all six can^be  oppose any changes in  laws, moie especially  Mineral.-Act. 'Forr two.sessions  have placed themselves-on  lead ore as possible. The Selby rates  this year will be7 $15 for freight arid  treatment and aten per cent zinc limit,  which are the same as other smelters  are making. These fates are lower than  those charged in the Coeur.d'Alenes.  When asked about thieiduty, Mr. New-  all said/he believed-the increased duties  as asked for by! the mines would greatly  stimulate production and be a benefit to  the whole .'country.: If the government,  ^6iri^hisrh^t|l^lrtldJbn to office!^until  jtli^entf''^^  ���;^.*fehbusepa^d^ief in  ���hisfifforJ^l5y���^  ri'_>VMr.o~��iiVu7t^^  gnuiustiy  ���_ 1-1. Mortimer Lamb, of Victoria^secre-"  tary of the new association, adm'its'that,  its "executive^ are n6tvpractical mining*  .men and that he blundered in'Vording  Ihe circular ^that has���been- scattered  'broadcast over the couatry, "but, -not-  withstanding~these facts, he wants "the  people of Kootenay to fake a trip to Victoria and help repair the blunders that  h'e and his associates have made. One  of his seveial letters reads as follows r  ~; , "Victoria, February 3rd, 1903.*  Editqr'Nelson Tribune:"An-editorial  reference to the. proposed Provincial  Mining"Association', appears in your  issue of the"31st ultimo. In this notice  ybu-point'out that none of the niembeis  of the executive committee are, with  the exceptionof Mr. Hobson, practical  "miners; but you omit tostate that this  executive-committee is merely a provisional one, and it remains to be seen  whether any of its members, will be  elected to- executive offices when , the  organization is finally effected. I think  you should give credit where, credit is  'due, and the men that have worked so  hard and disinterestedly to. promote, a  movement which it is hoped will becomes useful power in promoting* the  welfare of the mining industry in the  -province^should-certainly��� not-at-least  be sneered at for their pains. In organizing this association, the idea is  that the convention of the 25th inst.  will elect- an executive committee  equally representative of all classes;  and the association . will certainly not  be run in the interests of mine-owners  or any other special class....* I believe,  some years ago, you were responsible  for the formation in Kootenay of a  somewhat similar organization. Your  idea was a highly commendable one, but  I don't think you lay claim yourself to  being a practical miner.- It seems that  your chief objection'to ��� the present  movement arises from the Insertion in  the circular of an unfortunate preamble  in reference to the pieserit conditions  in Britis'h Columbia.1 feel sure, however, thnt you are in sympathy with the  object we have in view;;".and you should  surely con&idei this of more irriportance  than" the expression .of .a somewhat  hasty phrase for which a merely;..'<p'r.o-  visional body of men were- responsible.  SMELTERMAN^ OPINIONS.  William F. Newall, of the Selby Smelting and Lead Company/-'-passed through  Nelson last /week on his way to San  Francisco, having spent a week in looking over the Slocan lead situation. The  Selby company has always purchased  British Columbia lead ores and Mr. New-  all states his company is in the market  this year and anxious to secure as much  did increase theduties, as he hoped  they wotild, his company would still be  in the market, for with a fair price for  lead in the home market the many big  lead producers will resume operations  on a large scale and; there .will necessarily be more ore for export to the  United ^States than at present. Mr.  NewalLexpressed surprise that the government had not appreciated the im-  'portance of the lead industry before and  taken measures to place the lead mines  on as equitable a basis as those in.Idaho.  Mr. Newall said a majority of the mines  were not shipping and -would'not be  likely-to-start until some relief was  afforded. The outlook wa*j not bright  at present, but with - changed conditions there would be plenty of production and great activity in the country.  The coast "smelters haye always been in  the market for B. C. lead ..ores, some of  which come over "the Great Northern  and some over the Canadian Pacific.  Most of the Selby jores" came. over the  Great Northern last year. The American* Smelting & Refining Company withdrew from the 13 C. market two years  ago.J���( Mr. Newall states that the* telegram supposed to have originated at  Sandon statinghe was/ making "a two  dollar rate was riot true. The rate for  this yearvwill- be ,$15 for freight and  treatment. ' >   **.  BUSINESS AND POLITICS:  * -     ^~__l **���  iviPoliticsasimpre or less a live business  "iriiBritishvCvoiuirihiai./  Premier Prior is  instant.   E:i��^e''|riie^  didateiof tl^e||w;hp^  govern men fe^ii cl|^ r ifjGJei) ��g^^S_m!Sjpri is^  the J^rior^cajnilia^^^  reside.*t~of t]Se|wdihg^m^  bably' be easily ^efe^tefe e~x-  premier.-   i$;-7#f&Kr^  ^ -The conteft.iin|BriEra^is it  is more than2i&tei;y|f^  the_ Lilieral^an^i^a^yfisjj'^e^       although    Ch^riag.fl'^^  Labcir, gavejhlm^race^fo^hi^l^  The third  can^idat&^e^  Innes^" mad^7^p^q^^show^  pherson oni^led-j^ley'S^y^ the  City of Varicouyer^^  from ~ the ^vofe^srarids���': w^Macpherson  1831, Foley-^^��Mp:ari^^^s7��;i  In   Gi*eeu^pd~^Ral^ de  feated George^ Naderi" for: mayor,- i the  vote standing 80 to 76.    '-","'' :a$  Ih>Nelson, captain .John" Paterson is  petitioning, in the inteiest of the/'Beer  Party, to unseat-laiderman Morrison,  and W. A." Macdonald and R. W. Hannington are trying^ to organize a new  Conservative association, in which they  -will be the head push.  In Victoria, it is said that. Neill,. the  member for .Alberni,   is to he made_  speaker on the.opening of the legislative assembly, and the Opposition  forces are trying to persuade him from  accepting the office.  Smith "Curtis, M.P.P., of Rossland, is  in Victoria telling tales out of school.  He says his old friend, the Crow'srNest  Coal Company, is unable to supply the  smelters in British Columbia with  fi^ierit coke.for their daily needs.  ','1'he.Rossland   newspapers   are  harping   on   the    iniquities   and  incidence of the 2 per cent tax,  a  that in 1902 amounted to about  cent a  in Boundary district  ���a.:  ton on the low-grade ores  snf-  still  the  tax  half a  mined  THE TOWN AND DISTRICT.  Rossland has two grievances. One is  the 2 per cent tax and the other is the  C. P. R.'s preferential treatment' of  Nelson. One has about as much in it  as has the other. The 2 per cent tax  does not affect Rossland in the slightest  degree, and the C. P. R.'s preferential  treatment of Nelson has not helped  any of Nelson's hotels increase either  their working staff or their bank  account.  On Tuesday morning people expected  to see brick buildings toppling over,  banks closing, merchants locking their  front doors, all because the city council  had; on Monday night, passed a resolution fixing a date for the retirement from  office of the city clerk and.city treasurer.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened,  however, and the business of the City'  of Nelson will' go right along as if-  nothing out of the ordinary had' taken  place.  John H. Mackenzie, who for a, year  managed theLe Roi mine at Rossland  so successfully that its debts are paid,'  is to be succeeded -by S. F. Parrish, at  present superintendent of the B. C.  mine, near Eholt.' Mr. Mackenzie will  leave British. Columbia' with ^a good  reputation and the goodwill of the  people and the men who worked under*,  him. Mr. Parrish has a'good reputation,  and his friends believe he can sequre  the goodwill of the people." and the  'workingmen of Rossland.  The city   council   met- on   Monday  night, and those present were: Alayor  Rose, aldermen Bird, Hamilton, Irvinf  Kirkpatriek, Morrison, and Selous.  business of importance was transacted.. -  City clerk Strachan' arid "city treasurer*  Wasson  were notified,   by   resolution,  that their services"would not be required  after February 28th;- b"iit_ such/resolu- *  tions are nof'taken  seriously by even  the "aldermen   who    vote  ior.  them.\  There-was some sort of indefinite -nctioij /  taken .regarding the commeacement.of -  work on the~proposed -power plant orr-  -KooteTiay~fiyer.  1      - ~ - ~~  .:.*"-"'���"-  ' The Beer Party managers, defeated &t';  the polls, threaten "to'begin proceedings^  tOg,unseat. "'  ���"-���   -~j   -'j- ---  "Morrison.  in either case, but they hope'that Mor-'  rison will-noo* fight.- Morri8ori%r haV a  party behihd_lhim/"that ^wins** elections Jj^  ,and "knows.how to. keepjwhat:is' vrtfri.^*:?'���  Ira.cpritest islcommehced* and^bYought--. ~  to trial/tfie fact may be. dipclosed'.th'at- ,  alderman 'Hamilton's assessrrient was!  raised from $3,750 to $6,750 on  DecemT   ���  ber 30th, at a time when the.Beer party :   _*  were hun ting for a candidate for mayor.,  S. S...Taylorr K.C., will attend "to the  legal end of the fight for, the Progressive - /  People's Party.   - -        --      --"�����"  _, The Boards of Trade of ICaslo and  Nelson aie doing good-work^on th"e,leadr  question; a work in which they-should  '  be assisted by every business and.working man in Kootenay.    The   working ,  men of Nelson are doing their part and ,  are doing.it. cheerfully.    Every manor  women who has a ^dollar invested in-  Nelson- real estate knows   that if the  '  silver-lead- districts   of Kootenay  are'..  prosperous that their 'real estate has a  saleable   value.   Wh��n  these districts  are idle���as they are at present���there  is no sale for real estate and all  kinds  of business is bad.   The people of -Nelson and Kaslo and e\ery.other town in  Kootenay should put their shoulder to  the wheel and help the boards of trade  win'the fight on the lead question.   It  is self-preservation.     The-police-^i-omrnissiohers of 'Nelson  met on Tuesday. Commissioner Marks  moved that the salary of the chief of  police he $100 a month, and that he be  given the assistance of two patrolmen  at a salary of .$80 a month each ; and  that the men on the force be required  to purchase their own uniforms, except  helmets, belts, stars, and batons.  Mayor Rose favored the motion, but  aldeiman Irving bucked. Finally a  compromise was made whereby one  policeman is to get $85 a month and the  other $80, and all three are to provide  their own uniforms. Commissioner  Marks then moved that the day be  made  into three shifts, the chief to go  at. mayor;-Rose and* alderm,an* >^V-Ct- *C -���*->���." "-I  K^ThVid6;n��t''-e_&^  H.  Civil service may have its good points,' on duty at 8 o'clock a. m. and  remain  but it has.its imperfections. One of its  imperfections is that some of the meanest handed men ever born succeed  through it in securing appointments to  important official positions  on until 4 p. m., when he would be relieved  by one of the  policemen,  who  would be on duty until 12 o'clock mid-  going on  at  on until 8  night, the other policeman  midnight   and remaining  James Wilks left- Nelson  for Butte,; o'clock a. in.   This was not satisfactory  Montana, this morning, where he, expects to go to work in one of Heirize'p  copper mines. .Mr. Wilks'" family will  remain in'-Nelson,.as he'intends to return in three or four months.  .: COW'S MILK  for infant feeding must first take into  account the source of supply. The  milk must come from a healthy, well  fed', well groomed herd of cows under  hygienic supervision. Borden's Eagle  Brand Condensed Milk is prepared under highest scientific methods.  to the chief, but it was adopted to be  ��� tried   for    a    month!     Commissioner  j Marks moved that   the   board recom-  i mend  the council to use the police for  making all outside collections of taxes,  etc., and the motion was adopted.  THE INFANT  takes first to humaii milk; that failing,  the mother turns at once to cow's mifk  'as the best substitute.   Borden's Eagle  ! Brand Condensed Milk is a cow's milk  1 scientifically adapted to  the human in-  ! fant.   Stood first for forty-five years. The    Nelson   Xritmne.  BANK OF MONTREAL  Established 1817.  Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up).. .._.$12,000,000.00  REST ------ --___    8,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS---.-   165,856.00  Head   Offic<  Montreal  Rt. Hon.  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, Gr.C.M.G.,  Hon. G. A. Drummond, Vice- President.  E. S. Clouston, General Manager.  President.  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and  Stanley Streets.  A. Ii. Buchanan, Manager.  IMPERIAL BANK OF CANADA  CAPITAL (Authorized) ------ ���$4,000,000  CAPITAL (Paid Up)  2,868,132  REST :  2,438,595  HEAD OFFICE:  Toronto, Ontario.  partment costs the city too much  money. It is top heavy. v It is top  heavy because its chief wants to be in  embroidered uniform and have under  him as large a force as has Rossland's  chief. The necessities of the town cut  no figure with him, as was clearly  shown last summer when the police  force was reduced from four to three  men. It could be further reduced, and  still be as large as the town needs. In  1898, chief of police McKinnon, single  handed, did more work than three men  do now, and performed it better; but  he was a policeman, who did not take  to embroidery and brass buttons. Men  who stand in the way, when practical  reforms are being worked out, muat be  brushed aside.  Branches in the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  T. R. MERRITT, President. D. R. WILKIB, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Man.  E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.  Nelson Branch���A General Banking Business Transacted.  Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.  Drafts sold, available in all parts of Canada,  United States and Europe. J.    M.    LAY.  Special attention given to collections. manager.  Canadian Bank of Commerce  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE   BANK   OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  Paid Up Capital - $ 8,000,000 Hea(J Qff jce   JorOlltO  Reserve Fund - * 2,500,000 - ���*,��� _  Aggregate Resources over-- 65,000,000 /&  HON. GEO. A. COX, President.  -B. E. WALKER, -General Manager.  ___ NELSON   BRANCH.  Savings Bank Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.   Present  rate 3 per cent. - * -  BRUCE . HEATHCOTE. Manager.  In carrying out the undertaking of  erecting a power plant on Kootenay  river,, no mistakes should be made.  The West Kootenay Power & Light  Company, in erecting its plant, made  costly mistakes, and-the Cascade Power  & Light Company did likewise, so it is  said. The mistakes made by these two  companies can at least be avoided. Any  ���plans submitted by the city engineer.,  before being adopted, should have the  approval of a recognized expert. In  selecting Byron C. Riblet as such an  expert, the city council have made no  mistake, for Mr. Riblet is admittedly  the best hydraulic engineer in the  Northwest'today. He has ability, and  he is practical. Besides, he has faith  in Nelson, and will take pride in helping give the town the best that can be  got for the money in- sight.  The Nelson Tribune  *j>  Founded in 189a.  Editorial and Business Office,  Room o, Madden Block.  I1**/.  '"    The Nelson Tribune is���serve<l by carrier to  - subscribers1 in Nelson or*sent by.nfail to any  --���_ address in Canada or tlie United States for fl.00  a year;  price to Great Britain, postage paid)  $1.50.    No'subscription'taken for less than, a  year.        '. ** <,-.-'  ,    ' JOHN HOUSTON, Editor.  "SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1903'  ' A live question: Is British Columbia  to be governed by a few, men  who live  , in > London,   England;   and   who  have  made losing investments in wildcat'and  .  over-promoted mining companies, or by  ' the-people of British Columbia?   If by  the former, the white men in the province ha<! better emigrate to some other  - "country, and leave' British Columbia to  the London investor and the' Japanese  and Chinese. .If British Columbia is to  be governed by the people who  live in  British Columbiu, is it not about time  for the provincial press'to  ta'ke a stand  against the belly-aching yawppers who  _go_over_to���the"old~couiitry"an"d"_coine"  back with their tales of woe?   It is safe  to say that not one man in a thousand  in  London  knows   where   British  Columbia is, and those who do know care  as little for British  Columbia as they  do for Patagonia.   If London capital'is  so dead-set against British Columbia,  why try to get it?   American  capital  does not seem   to  be afraid of British  Columbia.   The people of the state of  Iowa  have,  in   the last two years, invested more dollars in British Columbia  than have the  people  of  England  and  Scotland   and   Ireland combined,   and  yet never a  word  is  heard as coming  from the people or press of that state'  denouncing British Columbia as a field  for investment.    The press,  on  occasion, can give people the marble heart,  and it is about time the newspapers of  British Columbia started in to give the  marble heart to the old  country yawppers who trot back and  forth  between  this province and London.  Premier Prior and his government may  J__i-v_e -.^-policy., hut_J��_J_t_e,v_.b a.v_e__th e.  people have not had a chance to endorse  it.    An  election   next June will  give  them a chance to deride as to the policy  they want, and to elect ��� to office  men  able to carry it~out.   If premier Prior  could   gain" support" in  the house by-  changing   his   announced   policy,   the  policy would be changed instantly, and  the-people know it. "That is why. the  people have no confidence in  the Prior  governments"    Messrs.   Mclnnes    and  Wells, two of the. five members of his  government,   are  Liberals,   and   both  could do good work were they members  of a government made up of their own  party-faith.   Neither can do good work  in the Prior government,  because  the  one   is   handicapped    by    department  officials who   do  their utmost to "discredit him, and the other is hampered  by a being associated with "men  whose  ideas of government are directly antagonistic to his.   Finance minister Prentice has no politics, and he wants time  to show the country what h*** could do if  only he had  time.   Attorney-General  Ebertsis credited-with-having-ability*  but it is of the kind that is badly frostbitten.   The premier can make himself  agreeable and can carry Victoria'on his  personality,  but he is not big enough  to run a government made  up of  two  Liberals, a Mugwump, an  Eberts, and  a Conservative who forgets that he is'a  Conservative.  Last fall 13 property owners of Nelson held several meetings with the object of perfecting an organization that  would guide the 819 other property  owners of Nelson in managing their  affairs municipal. The' secretary of  these 13 p. o.'s was R. W. Hannington.  lawyer. Mr. Hannington is a Conservative as well as a -property- owner,  and he now wants to guide the Conservatives in affairs political. He. has  .sent outWinvitations calling on the  I_SQtUigl^..Qo_nsejryativgs __to meet and  organize. As Hantiinaton's youne  Conservatives voted fbr Beer for-mayor,  their number,, is probably about the.  same as the membership of the Property Owners'' Association, -of which  Mr. Hannington "was secretary, and  probably-when organizetP they will be  just as influential as was the Property  Owners' Association.    v-  The delegation that went from  Kootenay to Ottawa to interview7 the government   on  the lead   q\iestion have   returned, and speak hopefully as to the  results that will follow their missionary  efforts.    One thing should'not be lost  sight of, that is, that powerful interests  are in opposition.   -This opposition  is  voiced by the Toronto Globe, Winnipeg  Free Press, and other newspapers. The  Globe is the mouthpiece of the ultra  Free Trade Liberals in Ontario.   The  Free Press is the personal organ of Clifford  Sifton,  minister of   the interior.  Other newspapers voice the views of  their owners, the owners in  many instances   being   Liberal    members    of  parliament.   The men who are in. the  fight must use every effort to get the  members   from   British   Columbia   in  both house and senate to act as a unit.  Senators' Templeman,  McDonald,  and  Reid should be in accord with the member for Yale-Cariboo, Mr. Galliher, and  he should be backed up by Aulay  Morrison,   George Riley,   Thomas   Earle,  Ralph   Smith,   and   the  member-elect  from Burrard.   Nine men working as a  unit can  do much,   and  they can  do  much more if they could only secure  the co-operation  of the members from  the   Northwest   Territories   and   from  Manitoba.    The fight must be kept up  until the battle is won.  BLANK  In at/tempting to carry out ante-election pledges made to the people of Nelson, mayor Rose and aldermen Irving  and Kirkpatriek and'Morrison met with  secret and open opposition from subordinate city officials. The people endorsed the. pledges made by mayor Rose  and aldermen living and Kirkpatriek  and Morrison, and they will back these*'  four gentlemen up-in their efforts to  make their pledges effective.  Seeing that British'capital is so dead-  set against British-Columbia, would it  not be good policy to-give British capital a rest, and look to other'quarters  for money-? Agent - General Turner  should be moved from London to New  York. Judging from recent reports,  New York capital is not afraid of British Columbia mines and smelters and  kindred industries. , Were agent-general Turner . installed -in handsome  offices on Broadway, New York, he  would do the province of British Columbia more good in a month than he  will do iu London during the next ten  years. The Prior government will/not  make_the_-_change,���but_its_-_successor-  may.  The strike in the Payne means that  that famous property will once again be  a dividend payer. It paid a million  dollars in. one year, and its owners  thought British Columbia one of the  best countries on earth in which to  mine. The Payne mine is all right, and  the Slocan is all right, and British.Columbia is all right���when investors, are  getting big dividends.  <  i  i  for* the  New Year*.  ���     �����..";';:  ���  Not many business people but  have one or two' new Blank Books'  at the opening of the year.  It may be a full set of books; it  may be a new cash book, or only  a 5c. memorandum.  WeHaveThemAll  ���^_B_M-B-M-��_^-_���_^���_����*"^"*"^"""^!"  We buy direct from the maker.  That saves the middlemen's profit. We give you the advantage  of that saving.  We Sell  Office  and  Pocket  Diaries Too.  Canada Drpg & Book  Company, Limited  NELSON  QUEEN'S  ^*-L_    Baker Street, I  ���   ���   ���   ���  Baker Street,  NELSON.  HOTEt  Lighted by Electricity and  Heated with Hot-Air. . . .-  Premier Prior had better recall liis  "policy" and stand by the declarations  he made at^he Revelstoke convention."  His "policy'! will not carry his government through a session of the .legislative assembly, and the peopleTwill have  none of it���not even its "light railways."'  - The building of the power plant on  Kootenay ri er by the City of Nelson  "means the employment of 100 men for  seven or eight months this year, and  every dollar paid them in wages will be  spent in Nelson. tWhat other work is  there in sight that will" do Nelson as  much good?  .Large^and comfortable Bedrooms arid  fi r st-cfass Din ingRoom. Sam pie Room's  for Commercial Men." -- . -  RATES $2 PER DAY..  Mrs.-E. C;,Clarke  Proprietress.  TREMONT ���'!���'  ...HOUSE.  j  ' European and American Plan.  Meals 25 cts.   Rooms from 25 cts. to ?1.  ' Only White Help Employed.  FOR SALE.  4(W)'"AC[.ES of the choicest lands in the  t:\j\j\j Okanagan, the.garden of British Columbia. Sui'able for lruit, grain or stock raising, in lots to suit purchasers, by public auction on or about May 1st, 1903.  Full particulars on application to    CHRIS. B. L. LEFROY  The people of British Columbia  want  a government that can carry out a policy, and they want the privilege of de-.  ciding   what   that   policy   shall    be.'  Some of the members of the present  city council are most inconsistent. Before the.y were elected they preached  "vote the straight ticket, boys," and  the boys lined up like veterans and  voted the '"'straight ticket." Since election, these aldermen are not "straight  ticket" men, and they vote as "my  conscience directs me." When an attempt-, is made to carry out economy in  one civic department, like that of the  city hall, the knife is plunged in;  but when a similar attempt is made in  the' police department, every argument used by the "city hall gang" to  prevent reforms in the city hall is used  by a member of the board of police,  commissioners to prevent reforms being  made in the police department. This  is most inconsistent.   The   police de-  The city hall gang got a jolt on Monday night that startled them. The  trouble with the. city hall 'gang is  that they have forgotten that they  owe their positions to the city  council. Officials who attend strictly  to the duties for which, they are paid  are seldom interfered with by .city  councils; but too many of Nelson's city  officials are busybodies. In making a  clean sweep in the clerk's and treasurer's  office, the city council have given their  successors notice that they can retain  office just aa long as they perform their  duties satisfactorily ; that "efficiency''  and not "pull" is the one requisite for  continuity in office.  Real Estate Agent,  Vernon, B.C.  Kootenay Wire Works Go.  Manufacturers of Mattresses, Springs,  Pillows, Bed Lounges, Couches, Upholstering, Turning,'" Bandsawing, Grill  Work and other novelties. Our No. 4  Spring is the best on the market. Ask  for it and take no other.  MALONE & TREGILLUS,  Bake. St., Nelson.    ' Proprietors.  Madden House  Baker and Ward Streets  NELSON, B. C.  Centrally Located        Electric Lighted.  FRONT STREET  NELSON, B.C.  HEADQUARTERS   FOR   TOURISTS  AND OLD TIMERS.  THOMAS MADDEN,  Proprietor.  The Nelson Tribune has passed into  the hari'ls of The Tribune Company,  Limited, and will again occupy its old  premises in the McDonald building.  The shareholders in the Tlie Tribune  Company, Limited, are residents of  Nelson, and in no way dependent on or  connected with either the Canadian  Pacific Railway Company or the Crow's  Nest Coal Company.  FRANK    FLETCHER  Provincial Land Surveyor  Lands and Hineral Claims Surveyed  and Crown Granted.  P.O. Box 5G3      Office: Kootenay St., NELSON.  Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ld.  REAL   ESTATE  and  GENERAL   AGENTS  Silver King Hotel  BAKER STREET, NELSON  J  Under Old.Management.  RATES $1.00 PER DAY.  The Dining Room is unsurpassed and  the Bedrooms are the best in Nelson.  The Bar is stocked with good Wines  and Liquors and Cigars.  JOSEPHINE ST.  NELSON,  B. C.  VTELSON MINERS' UNION, No. 96, W. F. M.���  Ly 'Meets every Saturday evening at 7:30  o'clock, in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner Baker arid Stanley streets. Wage scale  for Nelson district: Machine miners, $3.50;  haminersmen, ?3;25; mine laborers, $3. Thomas  Roynan, president; Frank Phillips, secretary.  Visiting brethern cordially invited.  BARTLETT  = HOUSE  Josephine St.  NELSON  The best ?l"per day house' in Nelson.  None but white help employed.  The Bar the best.  G. W. BARTLETT  PROPRIETOR ���:-��V*��.*."'-:!..:;  -.*',:; ' ;*^rXF ���-.  The   Nelson   Trltmtie.  !**����  THE ONLY CANADIAN MINTS.  [Cy Warman in Harper's Weekly]  At Rossland, British Columbia, as in  many other parte of this earthly vineyard, the machine is beating the working man out of his job. That well-  dressed, retiring, ve 1 vet-fingured "gent"  the faro dealer, who has spent long  days and nights learning to deal from  the bottom of his deck, is unknown in a  Canadian camp. Just picture in your  mind's eye one of these daper agents  alighting"with his layout from the afternoon stage. Follow him to the leading  gin mill, and watch the four card flush  fade from his face when he meets that  bloodless usurper, the slot machine.  For the next thirty days he will  haunt the cafe, flooding his" grief with  champagne, and going against the  machine between drinks. Finally when  his dust has dwindled, we see him in  the back yard of some cheap boarding  house, halting between a sawbuck aud  the jail. It is, indeed, a pathetic  picture.  I went���intp_a little cigar store with  Hector McRae. The shop is run by one  "James Crow. On the counter there  were two small machines, about the  size of a typewriting machine. Hector  grappled with one of them, and after  feeding Yankee nickels into it for a  few moments got a cigar.  In the meantime other smokers (I  ought to say suckers) came in, and Mr.  Crow put up another machine ln less  than five minutea four machines were  humming away,.doing what they could,  uncomplainingly, to make Mr. Crow  comfortable. To be sure, they were  small machines and could not do much.  A big one in the Kootenay bar, which'  c^)st $180, is said to have paid for itself in two days. You can bet as low.  as five cents^ and win as high as . five  "dollars. I saw a man do this. The machine made a show of holding out on  the man, but-the man punched it under  the chin, shook it, kicked it, and cursed  it some, and then it coughed up a quart  of nickels. The man spilled them upon  the bar and got a five-dollar bill.  Me told me, confidentially, that he  had been up against this 'machine for  about a dollar a day for ^the~ past three  months. "I was bound to beat the  * thing," he added, triumphantly, as he  called the ciowii to the bar. "if I had  > to'stay with it all summer.''  Bur- we were in Mr. Crow's mint. -In  a.little while he put up another machine; five of them on a ten-foot counter. It is wonderful how the instinct,  or desire, to gamble-goee-with���tho���cvrry-  freedorri of a mining camp. Another  thing I have observed. The moment  "you try to suppress "all**the bad hi a  white.manV it will break out'in some  other' form. ���Stop -the spout" and 'the  -teakettle will "brow'-tiie. coyer off. In  -ten days' -residence.'in the prohibition  capital of -Kansas I saw, not a single  drunken'man���not even-, the reflection  of one in my mirror���but I saw such a  variety of gamblers of- the penny-ante  variety as I have not* seen elsewhere  " in all the wide world. '���*  " To be sure, there was do poker���none  tliat I saw���but in nearly every drug  store,.upon every show case where cigars were sold, there was a slor machine  or some sort of a chance device, with  the chances in favor of the house. Yes,  pi-ohibition does prohibit. It tends to  decrease drunkenness, but it does seem  to provoke men to other, though perhaps less disastrous, pastime. Man is  a strange varmint. As the immortal  David would say, a. cei tain amount of  bad seems to be* good for a civilized  mamr-keeps'him from brooding on be-  being civilized.  "But tell me, Mr. Hector," said 1,  "about how many machines does Mr.  Crow keep?"  \'Five," he answered, "relighting his  cigar for the third time. "You see, he  opens at 6 in the morning and closes  ' at 10 at night. Two of these machines  go on at 6 and quit at 2 p.m.; the other  two work from that hour until  closing  NOTICE  7 S hereby given that application will be made  -l   to the Legislative Assembly of the Province  of British Columbia at its next session for an  Act to incorporate the Synod of the Diocese of  Kootenay, comprised as follows:   Commencing  at a poinfcon the forty-ninth parallel, part of  the international boundary line between Canada and the United States, where the said par  allel intersects the one hundred and twentieth  meridian; thence northerly along theonehun-  dred and twentieth meridian to that point of  the same at which it becomes part of the eastern  boundary line of the Province of British Columbia; thence south-easterly and along the  boundary line between the said  Province of  British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, until such last mentioned boundary line  intersects the said forty-ninth parallel: thence  -westerly along: the said forty-ninth parallel to  the point of commencement"; and that the following powers be granted, viz:   The bishop,  clergy and laity of the said Diocese constitute  a body politic and corporate under the name of  the Synod of the Diocese of  Kootenay.   The  said Synod.to be constituted according to the  provisions contained in the constitution and  canons of the Synod of the Diocese of New  Westminster, as revised by the said last named  Synod in November, A.D. 1892.   All property  acquired by or which has come iiito the possession of or held by the Synod of the Diocese of  Kootenay, whether in trust    r otherwise, be  held by it as codstituted under the said Act in  the same mnnnerasif the corporation had been  so constituted from the first.   To take and to  hold lands, tenements and hereditaments for  the usi's and purposes of the Church of England in the said Diocese, including the uses of  any and every parish, mission, institution,-college, school or hospital connected with, or intended to be or which hereafter may be connected with the Church of England, and every  devise by will, deed, gift, conveyance of land  or any estate or interest in land to the corporation be valid and effectual, the Acts of Parliament, commonly called the Statutes of Mortmain, to the  contrary notwithstanding.    To  sell, exchange, alienate, mortgage, lea--,e or demise any lands, tenements anu hereditaments  held by the corporation'.1* To invest all or any  of its funds and monies, including the Episcopal Endowment fund, in mortgage, security of  lands, tenements and hereditaments and other  securities in any part or parts of the Dominion  of Canada, anel for the purposes of such investments take, receive an i accept mortgages or  assignments thereof and to sell and enforce the  same. To exercise all its powers by and through  its executive committee and such boards or  committees as the Synod from time to time  may app' int by by-law for the managrment of  all or any of the affairs or Property of the. corporation. To constitute and appoint the Bishop  of New Westminster, Bishop of the, said Diocese  of Kootenay, until a Bishop of Kootenay is duly  and properly elected and constituted-by the  Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay, and for all  other usual and necessary powers rights and  privileges. ���  Datedvthe 30th day of Jaimary, 11)03.  x    ' EDWARD  A. CREASE,  Solicitor for Applicants.  NOTICE  TS here'bv given that application will be made  t to Ihe l.egi.-lative Assembly nf the Province  of Briti.h Columbia at its next session for an  Act incorporating a Company with power to  bujld, construct, maintain and operate aline  of railway of standard or other guage, with any  kind of motive power, from a"point at or near  Kootenay Landing, thence-south, following the  west side of Kootenay River, to a. point on or  np-ir  saifi   river "nt  or   T*s*.r   the International  ft��_ft_%_ft_Rft^ft��A��_ftA^M:ftftftl^��  -o-o  Boundarv line, with power to construct, equip,  maintain and operate branch, lines,"and with  power to construct, acquire, own and maintain  wharves and docks in-'Oonnootion 'therewith;  an& to construct, own,   acquire,   equip   and  maintain steam and other vessels and boats  and operate the same.on any navigable waters;  and to construct, operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes of  said railway and its branches, or in connection  therewith, and'to transmit messages-for commercial* purposes and collect  tolls  therefor;  and to acquire and receive from,any ^government, corporations, or persons, grants oi-land,  rights of way, money, bonuses, privileges or  other assistance in aid of the construction of  the Company's undertaking; and to connect  with and to enter into traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies, and for all rights, powers and privileges necessary, usual or incidental to all or  any of the aforesaid purposes. - ,  Dated this 30th day of .Innuary, A.D. 1903.  GALLIHER & WILSON,, ~  Solicitors for Applicants.  .*��  ��?  43  4?  ��������  ��&���?  ������.��  4$  ;��  -��  w  �����������  4$  4?  4-?  ��  4?  49  4?  4?  49  49  49  49  49  19  ��9  *9  49  49  49  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO.  S9S9S989S9S9SSS9SSS969S9  FURNITURE  DEALERS  and ..  FUNERAL  DIRECTORS.  PARLOR SETS OUR SPECIALTY THIS WEEK.  A 5-piece Walnut Frame, No. 1 Valours, all odd colors;  no two pieces alike; trimmed in silk plushy .'with, silk cords,  good gimps and first-class springs.  PARLOR SET, $19.00 PER SUITE.  Our Undertaking Department is under the direction of Mr. Clark.  6S6S696S6Se96S6SSS6S696>��  Day 'Phone No. 292  Night 'Phone No. 142.  BAKER STREET.  D. J. 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[Cy Warman is an old railway man,  nd writes readable stories of railway -  for the magazines.     He   is  still  an  men  for the magazines,     we   is  writing stories.   Hector McRae was a  minin-r .man and story teller.   He is  now comptroller of  the Rialto  Grain  & Securities Company of St.  Louis at  salary of $10,000 a" year.���Editok.]  a  REISTERER & CO-  OF  LAGER BEERand PORTER  Put up in Packages  to Suit the Trade.  Brewery and Office:  LATIMER ST., NELSON,  B.C.  NOTICE  TS hereby given that application will be made"  L - to the'Legislative Assembly of the Province  of British Columbia at its next session for an  Act incorporating-a Company with power to  build.-construct, maintain and operate a'ljlne  of railwav of standard or other guage, with any  kind of motive power, from a point on the Flathead River near the international'boundary  line, thence north mid northwesterly by the  most feasible route to'a point at or near .Elko,  RC, on tthe Crow's Nest Pass section of the  Canadian Pacific Railway, with power to,construct, equip, maintain and operate branch  lines/and wilh power to construct, acquire,  own and maintain wharves and docks in connection therewith; and to construct; own,  acquire, equip nnd maintain steam and J other  vessels and boats and operate the same'on any  navigable waters; and to construct, operate  maintain telegra* h and telephone lines~along  the routes of said railway and its branches, or  in connection therewith, and lo transmit messages for commercial purposes and collect tolls  therefor; and to acquire nnd receive from any  government, corporations or person", grants of  land, rights of way, money, bonuses, privileges  or other assistance in aid of the construcnon of  the Company's undertaking; and to connect  with and to enter into traffic or other arrangements wilh railwav, steamboat or other companies, nnd for all rights, powers and privileges necessary, usual or incidental to. all or  any of the aforesaid -purposes'/ ���������-���'  Dated this 30th day of January, A.D. 1903.  GALLIHER & WILSON, .  Solicitors for the Applicants.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that at the next session of the Legislative Assembly'of British  Columbia, application.will be made by the  Vernon & Nelson* Teteph'one Company for an  Act to amend its Act of Incorporation authorizing the Company, among other things, to  divide its share capital into Ordinary and Preferred Shares; to increase its.borrowing powers; to purchase, lease, take over, or otherwise acquire the property, franrhises, ������ rights,  find powers of any other Company having similar objects to the said Company;. and to extend its operations to all. parts of the Province.  DOUGLAS CREIGHTON,  ������v  Secretary of the Company.  gI6. :m. : qunn  Maker of First-Class Hand-riade Boots  and Shoes. . . . Repairing* Neatly and  Promptly Done. . . . Satisfaction guaranteed in all work.  Ward St., next new Post Office Bldg., Nelson.  Cannot fail to get "satisfaction if you  smoke Kootenay Standard Cigars'.  You  CANNOT  buy a h'igher grade Domestic Cigar.   If  have  not  yet tried then), don't  vou  FAIL  to ask for .them.  They"smok,eJikeapipe.  Manufactured by  ./  TWENTY-FIVE CENTS will buy-ONE POUND of  pure, clean, fine flavored' CEYLON-INDIAN TEA.  TWENTY CENTS will buy ONE POUND Standard  BREAKFAST BLACK TEA. Purchasers of ten pounds  or more-will receive one pound extra for each ten pounds  purchased. . ���*���  ' Equal to   an. aimwance   of TEN   PER CENT.' DISCOUNT on these extremely-low prices. , .'  Prices on our regular lines of CHOICE TEA, 30c.,,  35c, 40c, 50c. and 60c per pound for Black, Green and  Blended. ��� " ,  Telephone 177  P. O. Box  182  Kootenay Coffee Co.  ,\  V  .*.  *���'*'"<  �����_  ���Kl  jrCTTHELINlTCO.  DON'T WORRY  But replace that unsatisfactory Suit -with one of  GEE'S  Stylish cut, well-made, comfortable  Suits. You will find Gee in the Tremont Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  Wholesale and RetalL  ���f^^VWW*"  MEAT  MERCHANTS  Harry H. Ward  FIRE,   LIFE,  ACCIDENT  Insuraiiee  HEAD OFFICE and COLD STORAGE PLANT AT NELSON.  Branch Markets at Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Revelstoke, New Denver,  Cascade Trail, Grand-Forks, Green wood, JMid way,Phoenix, Rossland,  .       Cascaae, irai^ ^^ ^.^ Cranbrookj Ferme and Macleod.;  NELSON BRANCH MARKET, BURNS BLOCK, BAKER ST.  Branch will 'receive prompt and careful atlention.  'Orders bv mail to any  MINES   AND  REAL ESTATE  WestKootenay  Butcher Co.  Fresh and Salted Meats.  Fish and Poultry in Season.  Orders by Mail Receive Careful  and prompt Attention.  E. C. TRAVES, Mgrv K.W.C.Blk., Nelson.  GELIGNITE .     : The Strongest and Best Explosive In the Market  mmmmmm HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY  1 1 1  Manufacturers of  Baker Street  Nelson, B.C.  GEO. C. ITUNSTALL, JR.  District Mgr., Nelson, B.C.  High Grade Explosives, Sporting, Mining & Blasting Powder 4  The   Nelson   Trilbwne.  The J. H. AsMown Hardware Co. __�� MORLEY & CO.  IMPORTERS AND  DEALERS IN  SHELF AND  HEAVY  -** HARDWARE *���  Tinware and  Graniteware.  Stoves and  Ranges.  BAKER ST.  Fire Brick, Fire Clay, Portland Cement,  T-Rails, Ore Cars, Sheet Steel, Crescent,  Canton and Jessop's Drill Steel. : : : : :  NELSON, B.C.  ASK FOR.  n\\\\\\\\1_M  OLD SETTLE R'S PU-RE  MAPLE SYRUP  Put up in Quarts, Half Gallon and One Gallon Cans.  Wholesale and Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers.^  Artists' Materials,  Engineering and Mining  Books,  , Typewriters,  Mimeographs,  Photographic Supplies,  Musical Instruments.'  Morley & Co. - Nelson, B.C,  J. A. IRVING & CO.  Houston Block, Nelson.  Groceries and Provisions  I >-v  : ���'.  ��  l^i^yji'<";?'$3?'��!'-.,'-p- !'5  lte^*-.'fer^!/-;_-  'c^AA^  J. A, Kirkpatriek & Co., Limited  NELSON, B.C.  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  Limiied  NELSON, B.C.  THE TOWN AND DISTRICT.  A change at> the postoffice: A school  teacher has taken the place of a Scotch  songster as chief clerk.  Last week the Tribune announced the  arrival of three youngsters in Nelson,  and made a mistake in each case. One  was announced as coming two days  ahead of. tiu>e; the second, a day  behind time; and the third was called a  boy, when she was a girl.  Nelson has three kinds of Socialists.  One kind divide all they have with  their neighbors in Nelson every month.  Another kind divide what theyshave  regularly with T. Eaton & Co. of - Toronto. The third kind���the pelf-con-  ecious kind���have nothing to divide.  * Reports form .the Silver King mine  on Toad mountain, five miles south ot  Nelson, are very good. -While the force  employed by the lessee is not large,  large returns are expected from the  ore that is mined.. Some of it runs as  high as 400 ounces silver to the ton.  '���%';*��" c'  Ei'-.OsisiVV1--���*'���"***'"  ���-��i'~*V;;-*-*"*."���-''"-**���������'.,  ���S^3  h&*  \-'Y^;-^a^S'-\  -; v.-**1 v-  '���.-"--'-I-V-* -- ' ������'���- -  k'S.-J-- '  v.'-,;.** "���*'������,������������":���>_;  \m��i  'f:*K:'^iil��r?  1 j V*" ���p-/i,'  yf^K'^%  '',v?:l:: .- 'iV-.'*._ '-'"  ���''. ;*-'\'';,;-''<-';-|V-C;:'  v:r-i.i;r,7  "��*?*;��-  ������'���.-' :.'* '.*",0!'V:,,''VJ>  'T.E#-*-v  '�����.'%?'���'���  y''''^.'^-''-.;^  ���'.*���;���������*��� *v  &:,';���..���/-' ���._��� _:������!_���,  ���>v^V-'  '���.V :.-';>'* **"<'���- ��� ���' ���  *���>��*���;_ Ar  \. 7-,\'** -^--r-i.,1..������;-.-  .*  i^-.-iv-^v;^-  ���r>,i~��j-\-  .-'. -V ,J.-* '*"V;''  ���'���   .**-   (7  *'.. \' ,r..'<-  i -��� r'-- - '-  ;^?<-v.*'  ^���^r-^'v.**;'.'^  '���A'.~t_���"  ' ���"���_-' ���������'' c-^'."':  ���ftyi'.;.^  -*���-���    * ��� ' * ->'t-.--. ���'���'  :##��.  ���*r*. '���Sr'.-^w  Starkey & Co.  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits::  (- R. A. Rogers & Co., Ltd., Winnipeg  Representing < N. K. Fairbank Co.,    -;    Montreal  ( Simcoe Canning Co. ~ -   =   Simcoe  Office and' Warehouse,  Josephine- Street.  NELSON, B.C.  SHERIFF'S SALE.  Province of British Columbia, *���  Nelson, West Kootenay.     >  To wit: >  BY -virf ue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued' out  of the Supreme Court of British Columbia,  at the suit of,        .r        , -  -___    JOHN MORGAN HARRIS, Plaintiff,"!..   and to me ai-.cot<_a ��.ff_.ii\ot-'the goods and chat-  , tels ot _  ___vn:C -TAJ-., J-_IRI-lNT--aif d-_mC*JC_ORL A.NJDO,���  _.   - .   , Defendants,  .1 have seized and taken into execution all the  right, title and interest of the said defendant,  Michael Kirlin'-in thfi mineral claim known as  and called "Mascot No.-2," situate one mile up  Tributary Ceeek, on the west end of the "Sunrise" and formerly - the ."Sunset," located on.  the 4th d��y of���June, A.p."lf>9J, and recorded  in the oflice of the fniiii'-ff recorder for the  Slocan mining division ofrthe.West Kootenay  district, on the 5th day of June, A.D. 1891; To  -recover the sum "of $1,227.33 and also inteiest on  th" sum of.$870 00 at the rate-of 5 per .centum  per antrum from the 14th day of April, ]902,-  and also interest on the-sum of $-353.83 at the  rate of 5 per centum per annum from the 12th  day of January, 1903, until payment, besides  sheriff's poundage, officer's fees, and all other  legal incidental expenses; all of which I shall  expose for sale, or .sufficient thereot to satisfy*  smd judgment debt and costs, at my office, next  to the Court House, in the.City of Nejson, B.C ,  on Thursday, the 2Gth day-of February, A D.  1903, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon."      - / --  NOTE. ��� In tending - purchasers will: satisfy  themselves^as to interest and title of the'said  defendant, Michael-Kirlin.        v - ���  .  Dated at Nelson, BC, 5th February, 1903.  -     ,- S. P./fUCK,  -������ Sheriff of South Kootenay.  r--W-  i  as  /is  yjs  M  4  ���<��  /iv  #  ���m-..  m  is  FQR THE BABY.  *0-^ *^mr"*9*J+ ,  mw^   j^T,^*  For Watch Repairing and all Jewelry Manufacturing we have the  best workmen.  Mail and Express will have our  prompt attention.  A Reminder  to my  Custom ers  Only for the month of February a 20% discount on every  article bought at my store.  You are well acquainted with  my goods. Your prompt attention will be received and:  all goods are guaranteed.  I have the goods and  want your money.  Baker St  JACOB DOVER  -     THE JEWELER  Nelson  OVERCOATS  SB  Less than cost. For the next  ten days I will sell all Overcoats in stock at less than  wholesale prices. : : Prices  ranging from $4.50 to, $18.  ��  ��  :  \J  M JT\m  ���    ���    ���  Tuckett Cigar Co.'s  T MttNOG RAM :  Union Label Cigars^ ( MARGUERITE  : Geo. E. Tucketfs Cigarettes j KARNACK/  7'   ; ' Only'Union-Made Cigarette in   Canada ' ( /T. "&. Bi'   '?/ ^,  WHOLESALE GROCERS  AGENTS FOR B. C.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Special Sale for  t)ne;Week Only  In all our stock of-  Upholstered Chairs,  Leather; Velour and  Tapestry.'*:    : - :    :.  "We-invite inspection of all our High-Grade Goods;  D: McArthur & Co.  FURNITURE  DEALERS]  and. UNDERTAKERS.  r  NesttVs Food  40  Nestle's Swiss Milk '----   25  Hprlick's Malted Milk, large -----  80  'Hot-lick's Malted Milk, hospital - - .$3.00  ���^     Mellin-s Food, large ... .������_..... .���.". A-  80  <^P     Ca.storia7--....;;7.77.:.....:.7_..  25  Steedmah's Powders-------------  35  Stedmati's Powders,-- --7 ------  30  AND kUi OTHER BAJ3Y REQUISITES AT COST  f^jp  :*��  Thorpe's  Lithia  Water  %-m,JU'_m,J-  AA A  GALT COAU  and WOOD OF ALL KINDS  Terms Spot Cash.  .  Every small bottle contains five  grains of lithia carbonate.  EVERY DAY SALE DAY.  OUR SPECIAL BARGAIN COUNTER  F  '���  & CO.  ���-". ���"'^^g' _+'&��?���������.  i lb. Tea   3 lbs. Butter   2 cans Corn, Peas or Beans   S cans Assorted Fruit a's   "i sack Potatoes   I sack Flour      14 lb. box Butter ~   I lb. Coffee  .-...  3 cans Milk 1   3 cans Halibut  .___    3 bottles Ketchup      3 bottles Picklea  ;  MORRISON & CALDWELL  Phone 134 Tremont BIk., Baker St.  for $2.50  for $6.50  for.$1.65  W. P. TIERNEY,  ^   Telephone 265 Baker Street  aw ������������ wmr^^rmr^mr^F  Prosser's Second-Hantl Store  And China Hall, Combined  _s the place to "rubber" before sending  back East for anything.  We buy, sell or rent or store auything  from a safety pin to a beef tm^t.  Western Canadian Employment Agency in connection. y, _  P.O. Box 588 Baker Street, W., next door  Phone 361A to C.P.R.  Ticket Office.  Fl  FOR RENT AND FOR SALE.  old GURiosiTy shop, josepifflie street, Nelson  WANTED.  A LIFE INSURANCE CANVASSER FOE THE  -���-V. Nelson District. Good inducements. i_p-  ply GEO. D. SCOTT, Vancouver, B.C.  '':<>:?. '. .--'"������ n.t


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