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 Saturday Afternoon, MarcH 14, 1903  So  ARE  PLACED ON RECORD  As Trying to Collect a Larger Bill Than They  Are Not Entitled To.  The following is the bill of costs in  the case brought by ex-alderman John  Paterson, as petitioner, to unseat alderman Chris. Morrison on a technicality.  The petitioner was successful, and his  lawyer, R. W. Hannington, presented  a bill of costs that was cut down from  $416.95 to $317.40 by the court. registrar. The bill will be an eye-opener to  people who have not had dealings with  lawyers:  PETITIONER'S COSTS.  Instructions to sue  ��   a ^  Attg. city hall to make search and  copy assessment roll  and   other '  documents ...L        t ���  Attg-. land registry office to search  . mortgage and paid      , ���   -  Attg. and conference with petitioner,  going fully into'facts and advising  (long and special)   Attg. counsel with facts and copies  . of documents for appointment to  1  . consider same   Attg. counsel pursuant to appointment,   and   conference with him  ��� (Jong and special)    Paid counsel fee thereon   Instructions for petition ,  Drg. petition,  it folios   Attg. counsel with for settlement and  revision and conference with him  Counsel- fee settling and   revising  petition     Copy petition to serve '...'.'.'.     i lo  Copy petition to fyle       , ,���  Attg._ city hall with petitioner to examine assessment roll       , ^q  Instr. for affdt. of petitioner       i oo  Drg. same, 3 folios ��� r -     ?,  Attg. land registrar to bespeak abstract'      , ������  Attg. for abstract when ready and  P-ud       , oo  Drg. affdt. of R. \V. Hannington, c  '   folios     Attg. counsel with affidavits "for re-  vision    Counsel   fee   scttling*a'nd revising  affidavits    Attg. petitioner to sign petition   Attg.   commr.   with    petitioner   to  swear affdt   Prep: exhibit to petitioner's affidavit  raid commr. taking and marking ..  a copies of affidavit. 3 folios each...  Mr. Hannington attg. to be sworn.  Prep, .cxhibi^to his affidavit   500  Soo  10 00  5 SO  SSo  5 00  5 00  a 00  * 75  5 00  �� So  50  >���( 00  .�� **S  IS  *s  on  evidence  and preparatory to  Counsel fee advising on evidence" !  Attg. and conference with client be-  fore trial ..._-_   Instructions for brief iorVriai""'  Brief for senior couns��l.|4o folios...  Brief for second counsel   Counsel fee to Mr.  Macdonald on  trial   Counsel fee to Ml-. Hannington on  trial   Drg. minutes of judgment' 4' "folios     1  Attg.   Mr.   Taylor  with   minutes.  when he approved of same      1  _r"JV.dgre when he squired further directions inserted, and city  solicitor notified to attend settlement of minutes tomorrow       1  Attg. Mr. Wilson, city solicitor, and  conference as to matters to be  dealt with by order, and examining statutes with him   Drg. fresh minutes, 6 folios   3 copies of same   Drg. notice to settle same and copy  Copy of notice for Mr. Wilson   Attg. to serve Mr. Taylor with min-  utes and notice, to settle same   Attg. to serve Mr. Wilson with same  Attg. judge on settlement of minutes, fee   Prep, order, 6 folios   Engrossing..   Copy for Mr. Ta\Ior   Copy for Mr. Wilson   Copy for returning officer   Attg. regr. to have signed by judge  Attg. registrar to enter and paid...  Attg. to serve Mr. Tavlor   Attg. to serve Mr. Wilson   Attg. to serve returning officer       1 00  Drg. consent of petitioner to have  $200 security paid out of court,  a  folios.... .._.(  0���  Attg. petitioner for signature       1 00  Attg. to fyle and get money and paid     100  Drg. costs and copy, 18 folios      2 70  Copy to serve      1 80  Appointment to tax, copy and attg.  for      ! 00  Notice of taxation and copy..         50  Attg. to serve, costs, notice and appointment '.-_._        1 00  Attg. on taxation and paid      300  Allocatur and attg. for and paid       1 50  $176 is  15 00  CANADIAN   PACIFIC   STRIKE  75 00  40 00  /  00  00  1 20  90  60  60  60  1 00  1 00  t 00  00  Soo  80  So  30  2 00  1 00  $240 80  176 ��s j the  The Men Who Are on Strike Are Entitled to  Public Sympathy.  The strike on the Pacific and Western divisions of the C.P.R.  is still on.  The  centi-es  on  the  Pacific  division  moat affected are Vancouver and  Nelson, the two points at which there are  any large number of clerks and freight  handlers employed.   As far as The Tribune can  ascertain,    the   strike was  caused by the company endeavoring to  intimidate employees who had become  members of the Brotherhood of Railway  Employees, an organization  t.he company does not wish to recognize.   The  organization   has  for, its   object   the  caring of tlie interests of railway employees who are not members of other  railway organizations:   On the Pacific  division the organization has a membership of about 400, and in the membership are men'who have long held  responsible positions.   The accountant  of the Pacific division is a member,. as  is -the   baggagemaRter,  at   Vancouver.  While  the  organization   is ' comparatively young, no reasonable person. will  admit that the-object of tjje organization is an iinprop'einone.,  If the men in  other departments .of railway .ervice  [ have found it necpssary to organize in  A order**to better their  condition,   and  such   organizations ��� are' recognized by  Commissioner taking^ and_ marking  ch  60  75'  as  .*> 00  60  00  60  60  so  40  SO  75  60  2 copies of his affidavit, t, folios eacl  3 copies of asscsMiicnt roll    3 copies registrar's, abstract .".*  Org.' notice that petition is fyled and  will be presented   a copies of same     Ins. for motion to-fix date'of trial.  etc i _  Drg. notice of motion '.'.'".'.  -���'a copies,-;"i folios each "7..." '.AA.  -.   Attg. to fyle petition, etc., and take  o.c. and paid      , 00  Attg. to set down motion and paid  on praecipe'        , ������  Attg. shcriff'with  petition, etc., for  -      service.....       , oo  Attg.sheriff for his return and paid  him..;...7   '  , oo  Attg. counsel with papers       , 00  Attg.  and conference  with counsel,  preparing for argument of motion  (all e\-ening)  i .*.   Counsel fee thereon *  Attg. on application to fix security,  counseliec to Mr. Macdonald   Counsel fee to Mr. Hannington   Drg. order fixing security, 1 folios..  Engrossing... _.  Attg. Mr. .Taylor to settle order...I  Attg.  registrar to have signed by  judge...:...   Attg. registrar for order as signed..  2 copies of order   .0  Attg. to serve Mr. Taylor      1 00  Attending to enter and paid..."       1 00  Instructions for petitioners bond ...     1  Prep, same        ,  Attg. counsel with to settle ;.".  Counsel   fee settling and   revising  bond .1    Apptmt. and copy to settle security  and attg. registrar therefor   Copy bond and apptmt. to serve   Attg.  to serve  apptmt.   and copy  bond........   Attg. petitioner to execute bond   Attg.   registrar  to settle   security,  pursuant to appointment       1 00  Paid on praecipe to pay $200 into  court . ..     Attg. to rjay security into court       1 00  Prep, notice that .security given and  copy  5 00  40  30  1 00  1 00  1 00  00  SO  1 00  3 20  40  3 *S  5 00  5" 00    company;" purely   the -company  Presented at -..-..   $416 95 ' could have   recognized  Taxed off..  the clerk and  99 ��5. freight-handlers' organization without  subjecting tjie members of the organi-  ��� zation to threats and the public to* in-  Taxed and allowed at   $316 40  The first item in the above bill is  dated on February 4th, and on  March ��� convenience and i loss.   The fact   that  3rd the people of the East ward settled  the president of the organization lives  making a showing at moving its business promptly, it is not doing so at any  point on the Pacific division at which  business originates or is handled to a  large extent.  At Nelson, the employees of the company who are not supposed to become  members of labor organizations are attempting to care for the company's  business; but if they are performing  duties to which they are not accustomed, then they are neglecting duties  to which they are supposed to devote  all their time.  So far as the Tribune is informed,  there has not been a single case of disorderly conduct on the part of any of  the employt*es who have quit work," but  at Vancouver men hired by the company as special policemen have been  guilty of brutality, and travelers who  pass through the- company's epacious  depot at that place feel much as people  who have never been in Russia imagine  thev would bp sure to feel.if they were  in the dominions of the czar.  The members of the organization- in  Nelson are sangunie of success, but  they say that if they are not 'successful  they will probably be ahle to get employment elsewhere without surrendering any of their rights of citizenship.  TWO  BANKS? AMALGAMATE.  NELSON NEWS NOTES.  0  the  The Week's Happenings at the Hub of  Kootenays Briefly Told.  '��� Newlin -Hoover expects"to leave for  San Francisco on Tuesday, to undergo,  medical treatment. ,  Richard Welsted Day of Nelson and  John Graham Dewar of ��� Ymir have  been made justices of the peace for the  province. '   *' '  '  In the absence of'-E. N. Murphy,  W. N. Rolfe is at Creston acting as  mining recorder of the Goat River mining division. ' - *"   *'   -  While lifting a large sheet of glass  THE STRIKE SITUATION AT FERNIE.  00  00  SO-  SO  60  1 00  1 00  60  1 00  1 00  So-  i.oo  1 SO  00  00  Attg, to serve notice and for admission   On receipt of notice of appearance,  attg. to examine and admit service  Attg. court on motion to fix trial,  counsel fee to Mr. Macdonald   Counsel fee to Mr. Hannington   Drg. order, 3 folios    Attg. Mr. Taylor for approval      1 00  Engrossing order         45  Attg. registrar to have signed by  judge...  ;   Attg.^ registrar for order as signed..  2 copies of order ..... ...... ..  Attg. to enter and pnid   Attfr. to serve nnd for admission ...  Notice of trial and copy   Attg. to serve nnd for admission ...  Subpoena to C. Morrison, attg. and  paid   Copy ot same      1  Attg. sheriff with for service   Paid conduct money     Attg. sheriff on return and paid his  fees...  --'    Subpoena  duces  tecum  to" J.   K.  Strachan  . ....*    1 jo  Copy of same        i 00  Attg.   to serve, and paid. conduct  money.;   -.     1 00  Subpoena duces tecum to H. F. McLeod and paid  .      1 50  Copy thereof.. . .....     1 00  Attg. to serve and paid his conduct  money . ...       too  Attg. court on judge's suggestion  that this is a proper case tor admission of facts         1 00  Drg. proposed admissions, 7 folios.      1 75  Attg.  counsel  with and conference  thereon ..        5 00  Counsel   fee   settling and  revising  special case -    2 copies thereof, 7 folios each      1 40  Attg. to serve Mr. Taylor      1 00  Drg. notice to produce ...      1 00  Copy to serve, 2 folios           20  Attg. to serve       i 00  Copy pleadings for use of judge      1 20  Attg. to enter for trial and paid      1 00  Exg. and minute of evidence of J. ..  K. Strachan .   Exg. and minute of evidence of H.  F. McLeod   ins. tp counsel to advise on evidence  Attg. and conference with counsel  I  ao  5  00  a  00  10  00  S  00  "The Tribune is in receipt of advices' from "a business man, at Ferine" wired at '3  rv-3-o-elbek'tthis-1'��� af te^^  ��� .PassCoal' Company and ���the miners may ibe. settled on- Monday 'and. Tuesday;    Man-^r -  ager. Tonkin of the coal company   met a committee this afternoon for the final  discussion.  The settlement, if one is made, will probably be on lines that will insure peace  at the coal, mines at Michel, Coal "Creek, and Morrissey for a long time to come..  This is most desirable, for the economical working of the metal mines of southeastern Kootenay is dependent on a cheap and reliable fuel supply.    Both the coal and  coke of the Crow's Nest Pass are of good quality, and the prices charged are not  i deemed unreasonable.  *  t  the bill by" electing James A. Gilker  alderman over the Beer Party candidate by an overwhelming majority.  The following would be a fair statement of the financial status of the two  parties in the contest:  BEER PARTY.  DR. CR.  To general election expenses $235 so  " grant to David Mark Carley... 250 00  " bets lost.. ".... 46000  By bill of costs collected by lawyer   Hannington .   By balance out of pocket   -$������17-40  628 40  $94S SO     $94S SO  PROGRESSIVE PEOPLE'S PARTY.  To bill of costs paid lawyer Hannington .-  _<..$3i7 40  To general election expenses......   42 60  By bets won     $460 00  30  30  1 00      ci IS  30  30  . $460 00     $460 00  a The Beer Party are not only out of  pocket $628.40 in hard cash, but they  were ingloriously defeated at the polls.  The only men who* appear to have  made anything out of the job were  lawyers Hannington and Macdonald.  4 00  5 00  More Prospective Candidates.  There are more prospective candidates for legislative honors in southeast  Kootenay than in all the other ridings  on the mainland. The latest names  mentioned are Fred Stork of Fernie and  Dr. Wilson of the same town. Both are  Liberals and both are party-line men.  In fact, there is only one Mugwump in  southeast Kootenay, and he lives at  Fort Steele.  so  �� so  �� so  Sawmill Men Quit Work.  A week ago today 36 men employed  at the mills of the Robinson-McKenzie  Lumber, Company near Cranbrook  quit work because of the. words and  acts of a Chinese cook. The men say  the manager of the company told them  that he preferred to keep a good Chinaman to them, and they took him at his  word. The manager says he did not  know the men ever had a grievance.  in San Francisco should have no more  bearing    than    the  fact   that   Peter  Arthur, the head of the Brotherhood of  Locomotive Engineers, is a resident of  Cleveland, Ohio, and the head of the  Order of Railway Conductors lives at  Cedar Rapids, Iowa.   Both, these organizations are recognized by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company,  notwithstanding the fact that their official  heads are citizens"of"th"e"CJnited_States7  The railway company brings no charges  of incompetence against the members  of the Brotherhood of Railway   Employees;    no    charges    of     unfaithfulness;   no    charges    of    unwillingness   to   work.   The  company's only  charge is that they are members of an  organization that Aaa not been  recognized by the company, and that they  must either sever their connection with  their organization or with the company.  Men of spirit could only return one-  answer to such a demand, and the men  at Vancouver on seeing the officers and  prominent members of their organization discharged or changed to remote  points   on    the    road,   accepted   the  challenge of the company and are now  endeavoring for mastery. That they will  succeedisa question, but that they have  the sympathy of the public acquainted  with all the facts is without question.  The company says they have a sufficient force to handle their business  without delay, butjsuch statements are  manifestly untrue. Two hundred and  fifty men trained to special duties at a  place like Vancouver cannot be replaced in two weeks. As an instance,  three days after the arrival of any of  the Empresses at Vancouver the entire  cargo is handled and on the way to its  destination. One of the Empresses arrived at Vancouver on Wednesday, the  4th instant. The steamer's cargo was  still undischarged on Wednesday last,  and a boss stevedore was advertising  fose 50 men to do the work. The company's system of bookkeeping is a most  complex one, and new men cannot  learn it in a day. So it may be taken  for granted that while the company is  this afternoon, Harry Houston of the  Kootenay River. Lumber Company  received a cut over his right eye that  required three stitches.  Paul Johnson, who was manager of  the Greenwood smelter until recently,  has contracted to build a smelter on  one of the Alaskan islands, and leaves  for the scene of operations in a few  days.  George McL. Brown is making a repu-  tation-as-superin tenden t-of-the-hotel  and dining-car service of the C. P. R.  If his salary is in proportion to his  menu charges, he will soon be building  railways for himself in Cuba or some  other foreign land.  The reported strike of rich ore in the  drift on the 1000-foot level in the Ymir  mine, near Ymir, if true, will do more  to restore confidence in British Columbia mines than anything that the  legislature may do in a hundred years.  The factory of the Kootenay River  Lumber Company starts up on Monday  with Thomas Sproat as foreman. The  sawmill will be torn down and entirely  rebuilt, and then have new machinery  installed throughout. The mills and  factory of the company will give employment to a large number of men.  Nelson has one of the evidences of  being a real city at least part of the  time. The time is on Saturday afternoon when the small boys who sell The  Tribune are assembled in "front of the  stairway. leading to the publication  office. Victoria andv Vancouver are not  in it, either in the number of the boys  or in good looks���or in ability to make  noises.  G. C. Tunstall, Jr., who is the agent  in southeastern Kootenay of the Hamilton Powder Company, is back from a  month's trip to the Coast. He was as  far .south as 'Frisco and as far north as  Nanaimo. He saw a number of old  time residents of Nelson in 'Frisco,  among others captain Gifford and Dr.  Quinlan. Captain Gifford is doing well  and will probably soon assume the  management of a mine in Old Mexico.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  Absorbs  a  Nova Scotia Bank.  GrBat interest has been shown in the  announcement from Halifax that a provisional   agreement   has  been   made  under   which   The  Halifax   Banking  Company is to be amalgamated with  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  The  latter bank has at present a paid-up  capital  of  $8,000,000,   with a rest of  $2,500,000, but a week  or two ago a  special general meeting of the shareholders was called for 14th April next  to "pass a by-law'increasing the capital  stock to $10,000,000.   Its head office _is  in Toronto, and it has now 84 branches  thrnm'hont Canada   and *the   United  States, stretching from Sydney,  Cape  Breton, in the extreme East, to Victoria in the West, and from Dawson 'in  the   North   to ��� San   Francisco in   the  South.   It   is  represented   at all   the  principal .business centres in . Canada  west of 'Montreal,    and- has  its  own  offices in New York, Portland (Oregon),  Seattle, and London, England. .*,,,  - Until the recent' establishment of * a  branch at Sydney, The Canadian Bank  of Commerce had no office in the Maritime Provinces. Its stock,l however,  has always been a favorite investment  with Nova Scotians, no less than $800,- ,  000 of its capital being held in their  province. The purchase' of The Halifax  Banking Cornpany will give it offices at <  fifteen additional points in Nova Scotia,  including Halifax, Truro and Windsor  ���in ,fact, all. the more important  places. Two branches will also be obtained in New Brunswick���at St. John  and Sackville.  '  - The present directors of,The Halifax  Banking  Company   will  continue   to  give their services in the capacity of a  local advisory board at - Halifax, the   '  eashier  will become"  local   manager  ".-*  there, and the-eritire staff_will,be taken ' *f  HiUo^the, 8��r,vice'-,of ;THeA Canadian ��-Ba.nk^-��>^  of' Commerce.*  There is" consequently    -      -*  no doubt but that the good-will of the  institution is being taken over, along  with its tangible assets.  Originally established in 1825 as a  private partnership, under the same  nameKa8 at present, The Halifax Banking Company became incorporated in  1872.' It has retained the friendship  and support of many of the old Halifax  firms whose predecessors did business  with it in its earliest years, and in  spite of the disadvantages under which  in these days a comparatively small  local bank niust always labor, it has  built up a sound and remunerative  business. It has a paid-up .capital of  $600,000, with a rest of $525,000. Its  deposits are about $4,000,000, its total  assets about $6,000,000, and with the  added strength and prestige which its  incorporation into The Canadian Bank  of Commerce will necessarily give, a  large increase in the present business  may confidently be expected.  _ _The_terms _under_which_the_amalga-- .   mation will take place are said to be as  follows:  After the necessary approval of the  shareholders of The Halifax Banking  Company has been obtained and all  the requisite legal formalities have  been completed, The Canadian Bank of  Commerce will assume the liabilities of  The Halifax Banking Company, and  will give in exchange for the surplus of  its assets over its liabilities stock of  The Canadian Bank of Commerce of  the par value of $700,000.  Doubtless some of the new stock  which The Canadian Bank of Commerce  is taking authority to issue will be used  to carry out the" terms of the agreement.  Both banks are to be congratulated  upon the arrangement which has been  made, which must materially strengthen the position of The Canadian Bank  of Commerce and add to the exceptional  facilities which it already possesses for  conducting a successful banking business. When the amalgamation has  taken place, it will have a paid-up capital and rest combined of nearly $12,-  000,000, and total assets of some $80,-  000,000,' with 101 branches distributed  throughout the length and breadth of  Canada, one of which is at Nelson.  *.,--,���$��.*-���*��� ���  Lirl  Court Rrglstrar Appointed.  Through representations made by  judge Forin, the provincial government  has appointed Lestock Forbes to be a  county court registrar at Fernie, which  will allow regular sessions of the  county court to be held in that thriving  town.  A, }.: THe   Nelson   Tritmtie.  BANK OF MONTREAL  Established 1817.  Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up)  - $12,000,000.00  REST.. -.- -     8,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS -----       165,856.00  Head   Office,   Montreal  Rt.  Hon. Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, G.C.M.G.  Hon. G. A. Drummond, Vice-President.  E. S. Clouston, General Manager.  President.  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and  Stanley Streets..  A. H. Buchanan, Manager.  IMPERIAL BANK OF CANADA  work on the Kootenay riv  house? AVithin seven days  date of the city council's election, the  city had a crown grant for the site of  the proposed power station. It is true,  one of the aldermen was unseated by  the crowd who are opposed to the  erection of the power house, but the  people promptly filled the vacancy by  electing as an alderman a man who is  in favor of the undertaking. What is  the matter now? , Ib the water in the  river likely to be much lower this  spring? Is there not plenty of labor  available? Are contractors scarce?  Or is it again, a case of four men deferring to the wishes or the scheming of  three? -    :  7 '���"'>."   '      >  CAPITAL (Authorized) $4,000,000  CAPITAL (Paid Up)  2,868,532  REST -*- 2,438,595  HEAD OFFICE:  Toronto, Ontario.  Branches in the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  D. R. WILKIE, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Man.  W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.  T. R. MERRITT, President.  E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager,  Nelson Branch���A General Banking Business Transacted.  Savings Department���Deposits received and interest allowed.  Drafts sold, available in all parts of Canada,  United States and Europe. . ,  Special attention given to collection*.  J.    M.  LAY.  MANAGER.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED   . ... x  THE  BANK   OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  S^pFC3tel::::::::::::::::*lS.ffi   '. ..   Heajjffice: TORONTO  Aggregate Resources over 72,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX, President.  to  B. E. WALKER, General Manager.  NELSON  SAVINGS   BANK. DEPARTMENT.  Deposits received and interest allowed.  BRANCH. BRUCE   HEATHCOTE; Manager.  The Nelson Tributie  Founded in 1892.  The Tribune Company, Limited,  Proprietors.  Editorial and Business Office,  Room 9, Madden Block.  The Nelson Tuibune is serve'! by carrier,"to  subscribers in Nel-on or sent by mail to any  address in Canada or the United States for $1.00  a year; price to Great Britain, postage paid,  |1.50. No subscription taken for less than a  vear.      *  JOHN HOUSTON, Editor.,,  SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 1903  There is a good deal of speculation as  to what the government will do when it  meets the house on April 2nd. Will it  announce a general policy and attempt  to"carry it out? Or will it announce  that it will pass the estimates, private  bills, and needed non-contentious legislation, then ask for a dissolution, to'be  followed by a general election? ' The  Tribune has advocated tlie latter  course; but as The Tribune is no more  interested in the government's un-.  known railway policy than it is  in' the  intriguing that has  been  going on   for  months   with  tbe object of  throwing  premier Piior. out and   placing  in  his  place that   great   placeman 'attorney-  general  Eberts, its views are  not  considered-"practicable''by  the  practical  politicians    who   live  in    and  around  Victoria. The government will probably  meet the house, and it will probably be  defeated if.an attempt is made to curry  out" a railway  policy.   The following-  named'are  expected   to  vote   for  any,  .railway    policy   the  government   may  bring  clown,    namely,   'Prior,    Kbeits,  . Wells,  Prentice,   Mclnnes,   Duiismuir,  Mou'nce,      Dickie,      Hall,     Hayward,  Helmcken,   Pooley,    Clifford,    Hunter,  Rogers, and A. W. Smith, a total nf 16.  Messrs.  Neil!, Stables, and  Ellison are  in doubt.    Were  these three    to vote  7with .the "above-named   Hi," tl ie'J government would be in a minority of  one  with speaker Pooley in the chair.   Can  the government win over the necessary  number to give it a  working majority?  No!    Can the government  secure sufficient support to carry .out  the  policy  advocated by The Tribune?   Yen!  and  no!   Yes, if the Eberts intriguers' don't,  jump the  traces.    If  they  do.   no.    If  they jump   the   u-ace.s. premier   Prior  will be up against,  it.    The Ebons  intriguers do not want to t.o to tbe country, and they want to be in oirice  when  the    next   general   election    is   held.  They undoubtedly, can -secure a  majority in the present house.    Will premier  Prior step down and let them?  , The.meeting at Victoria of the Provincial' Mining   Association  did   little  more than raise objections to the  taxation of mines and allow Kossland  malcontents, like E.JB.   Kirby  and  A, C.  Gait,' to air their grievances.   Of course,  the men  who   work   in   mines  had a  chance to give their views,  and  if any  good results from the meeting it may  be in the direction of bringing about a  better understanding between tlie men  who work in mines  for wages  and the  men who pay the  wages���and   there is  room  for a  better  understanding,  for  British Columbia is having more  than  its   share   of   misunderstandings   that  tend to cause great  loss  to  people not  directly  interested   in   the   misunderstandings.   Men who work for wages  claim they have the  right to organize  for mutual   protection.     This ��� is  now  generally bon ceded them by fair-minded  employers.   But there are employers,  like   James   Dunsmuir,   the  Canadian  Pacific   Railway   Company,   and    the  Crow'. Nest Pass Coal  Company,   who  want to have the privilege of deciding  as   to   what   organizations   their   employees shall  belong.    The employees  will not stand for any such interference  ���and this is a free country.    To show  that it is, the employees of the Crow's  Nest Pass Coal Company and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company strike,  and James   Dunsmuir notifies his  hundreds of workmen to look for jobs somewhere else than near the town at which  he, has encouraged them to build homes.  Surely there must be  something  radically wrong in such a system, if  this is  indeed a free country !  ��� Nelson, although it has a large revenue, is in debt. Have the members of  the council, individually or collectively,  made an estimate of the city's revenue  for 1903 and how the revenue is to "be  expended? If they have, what savings  have they reckoned on making in order  to make both ends meet, and at the  same time carry out the promised  street improvements?  Before creating an office to be filled  by a high-priced official, the city council of Nelson should first consider the  difficulty they have had in getting rid  of one small-fry official. If it takes two  elections to get rid of a subordinate  clerk, how many elections will be required to get rid of] an official who is  designated "collector, assessor, and  sanitary inspector",? ���.  ,'er   power 1 8'ona 8iniple  resolution  affirming the  fl.n_,  H      principle of"compulsory   conciliation  .. ;      ����>d arbitration" might perhaps have  sufficed, but it was noticeable that the  discussion following the introduction  was rather upon the methods suggested  than upon the principle involved. Mr.  Hodge confined himself to the reading  and elaboration of the many clauses of  his bill and the necessity for some drastic measures for minimizing the number of strikes and lockouts, and the  consequent public injury.  Rev. Mr. Graham, who supported the  bill in a capital speech, pointed out that,  besides the immediate employer and  employed, there was the general public  who deserved consideration, and must  not suffer because of the selfishly wicked or the wickedly selfish, ln a dispute  between employer and employed, he  said with some heat, the 6ide who was  unwilling, to take the public into its  confidence was not entitled to much  consideration.  Mr. Hansford opposed the bill in a  temperate speech, and criticized many  of its sections as impractical and likely  to work injustice. Mr. Ebbs, the new-  minister of labor while disposed to support the bill regarded it-as merely a  poultice calculated only to ease the  pain of a wound to which lancet or  knife would have ultimately to be  applied. The debate, which taken for  all in all, was one of the most interesting and instructive had in the mock  parliament, was adjourned on the  motion of Rev. Dr. Wright. It will be resumed next Monday evening, when the  doctor will support the bill, and John  Fraser will express the determined  opposition to every form of compulsory  arbitration. There will be other participants in the discussion, and - the  sitting will undoubtedly be very , interesting.  \ It is easy to preach economy before  an election, but apparently a,,most difficult matter to practice economy after  an election. The,trouble is the men  who preach will not practice what they  preach.   ,  SUCCESS CLUB MOCK PARLIAMENT.  Mr.  Hodge Introduces  His  Arbitration   Bill-  New Premier Takes His Seat.  The sitting of the  parliamentary ad-  junct-of the Success Club last* Monday  evening.was 'more tlian usually interesting.   F. M. Black', the new leader of  the house, was in ibis place  for'the first  time since he became first minister, and  made    official    announcement   of  the  formation of a cabinet and of the  measures which woulcl in duetime  be  submitted   for   the   consideration    of the  house.   The piogramme is sufficiently  ambitious and  comprehensive.    Theie  will be a revision of the system  of  taxation of mines.    He  will ask the house  to authorize the cohstiucl.ion  of a  line  of railway, as a  government undertaking, which will open up a'rich and  fertile hection of the province, but the approximate location of his proposed railway was- not defined.    Tlie new government'will also undertake the  revision  and amendment of tbe provincial  educational  system  and  will   introduce a  bill to amend the entire system of taxation in the province, dealing incidentally with lands, water rights'} foreshore  rights, stumpage, old age  pensions and  government insurance.    These are all  live questions, and it will be interesting  to note how the amateur legislators of  the   Success  Club, deal  with   matters  which   have  puzzled  those   of. a more  ambitious sort.    Whatever may be  the  outcome, no slight) degree of courage is  manifested in attacking them.  '  Following the pronouncement-of  the  premier   came   the..discussion   of   the  com pulsoryconciiiatioir.-irrd'arbitral ion"  act,  introduced   by  G. C. Hodge.   The  .bill'is.a comprehensive one and  is designed to remove the cause  of strikes  and lockouts by the appointment of a  secretary  of labor   and  the establishment of boards of conciliation and  a  court of arbitration for  the ..settlement  of all disputes and differences which  may arise between employers of  labor  and" their employees. The duty of currying out the provisions of the "act is.assigned to a secretary of labor, who is to  be appointed  by: the  lieutenant-govei-  nor-in-council, who will.register nllup-  SHERIFF'S SALE.  Province of British Columbia,  Nelson, West Kootenay.  To Wit:  BY virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias issued out  of the Supreme Court of British Columbia  at the suit of  ELMER J. FELT, Plaintiff,  and  PERCY DICKINSON, WARNER MILLER,  W.  , E.   SPIER,   THE  SLOCAN-KILO   MINING  COMPANY,  LIMITED,' a:.d   R.   WILSON  SMITH, in his own right.and as trustee for  F. L. BIRQ.UE,  ANDREW G. BLAIR,- and  WILLIAM STRACHAN, Defendants,-  And to.me directed against the .goods and chattels of the said defendant, Percy Dickinson, I  have seized and. taken in execution all "the  rignt, title and interes of the said defendant,  Perov Dickinson, in the mineral claims known  as and called "Skylark" and'" Winger," situate  on the first North  Fork of Lemon  Creek, lo-  cared on the 29th day of July, 1895, and the 26th  day of-July, 1895, respectively, and recorded in  the ollice of the MiningItecorderfor the Slocan  City. Mining Division of. the West Kootenay  Distriet;,to recover the sum of $fi2_.30, and'alsb  interest on IG2-1.80 at 5 per centum* per annum  from the 17th day of May, 1902, until payment,  besides sheriff's poundage   otlicer's fees, and  all other   legal   incidental  expenses;   all of  wi-ieh I shall  expose for sale,  or sufficient  thereof to satisfy said judgment debt and costs,  at my oflice next to the Court House, in  the  Cily of Nelson, H.C., on Saturday, ihe 28th dav  of February, 1903, at the hour of eleven o'clock  in the forenoon. ,      ��� , r  < NOTE. ��� Intending purchasers  will satisfy  themselves as to interest and title of the said  defendant, Percy Dickinson.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., 19th February, 1903.  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  X  Onion  mm  ��verallSt  Etc.  WE   MANUFACTURE  Shirts,  Overalls,  Denim Pants,  Tweed Pants,  Cottonade Pantf,  Jumpers,  Blouses,  Cooks' Aprons and  Caps,  Carpenters' Aprons,  Waiters' Aprons,  Painters' and Plasterers' Overalls,  Mackinaw Coats,  Engineers'Jackets, Mackinaw Pants,  Waiters' Jackets,     Tarpaulins,  Barbers' Jackets,     Dunnage Bags, *  Gingliam Jackets,    Horse Blankets,  Mission  Flannel       Tents,  Underwear, Etc., Etc., Etc.  TURNER, BEETON & GO.  LIMITED.  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS  Warehouses, Wharf Street  Factory, 1 Bastion Street  -VICTORIA,   B.C.  OUEEN'S....  HOTEL  Baker Street,  NELSON.  ��� The above sale is postponed until Saturday,  21st day of March, 1903, at the same place and  hour.  ,S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  Lighted by Electricity and  Heated with Hot Air. . . .  Large and comfortahle Bedrooms and  first-class Dining Room. Sample Rooms  for Commercial Men.  RATES f2 PER DAY.  :   Proprietress.  Mrs. E. C. Clarke  TREMONT  ... HOUSE.  Kootenay Wire Works Co.  ��� ��� Manufacturers of Mattresses, Springs,  '"Pillows, Bed Lounges, Couches, Upholstering, Turning, Bandsawing, Grill  Work and other novelties. Our No. 4  Spring is the best on-the market. Ask  for it and ta*ke no other.  FRONT STREET  NELSON, B.C.  SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of British Columbia,v*7-  Nelson, West Kootenay.,   >:  "To. wit: ���)���''���".  BV virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued out  of the Supreme Court of British Columbia,  at the'suit of  JOHN MORGAN HARRIS, Plaintiff,  and to mc directed against the goods and chattel* of  MICHAEL KIRLIN and DICK ORLANDO,  Defendants,  I have seized and taken into execution nil the  right, title and interest of the Said defendant,  Michael Kirlin, in the mineral claim known as  .European and American Plan.  Meals 25 cts. , Rooms from 25 cts. to ?1.  Only White Help Employed.  MALONE & TREGILLUS,  Baker St., Nelson. Proprietors.  Madden House  Baker and Ward Streets  NELSON, B. C.  Centrally Located        Electric Lighted.  HEADQUARTERS   FOR   TOURISTS  AND OLD TIMERS.  THOMAS MADDEN,  Proprietor.  Elsewhere in The Trihune is printed  the hill of costs of tin- lawyers who stood  in.with.the job that unseated alderman  Chris. Morrison. The bill as presented  amounted to $411!.95, and as allowed by  the court registrar $317.40, the 'difference," $89.55, heintj taxed ol.. Were a  merchant, to-present a customer a bill  of $416.!'5. and the customer before  paying; it could, .show* wherein ���'it was  wrong to .the.-extent of $09.55, is it  likely that the customer would'.-have a  very high opinion ol the honesty ol* the j  merchant? Yet, lawyers would like to  be considered honorable business men.  The bill as taxed was paid, and the  people who paid it smile over the result of the. contest-.that seated James A.  Gilker in the seat vacated by Chris.  Morrison.'  arid called "Mascot No. 2,"'situate one mile up  Tributary Creek, on the west end of the "Sun-  ri.-e" nnd  formerly  tho "Sunset," located on  the-ltli'day  of'.lime, A.D. 1H91, and  recorded  nces   or disputes  between   employers i i" the ollice of the mining recorder for tlie  nd emnlfivoep   and   when found  nei-o��- ".Slocan mining division of the West Kootenay  no empiojees, aim, wnen iounu ut.ixs ;-(1i!ilrIet 0II ti,C5tli day of June, A.I). 1S9I; to  ary,  convene  the  boards of concilia-. recover the sum of ?i,227.38 and also interest on  ....        ,      ;,        ,.    _    -~ .     c   i-rr "'��� ! ri.-e" nnd  formerly  tho "Sunset," located on  plications for. the, adjustment of differ- j the -Itli day of .lime, A.D. ih.i, and recorded  ences  a.  sar  tion, and later the board of arbitration,< th ��� sum of $8"oooat the rate of 5 per centum  where   Hit*   former  li-virds   f-iil in I lieir I Per '"iiium from  the ,14tl> day of April, 1!K)2,  wnere  me  iounei   noarus  ran iu tu*-ir j andftls0|IItcre!,t0II the Hlnn of j*.-^ at the  ' rate of 5 per centum per annum from the 12th  object.   The bill provides for si board of j  two v by  the employees,  and   that   alii saul judgment'debt and costs, at my office, nex't  all-ill   Vie   Hi-iHsli  ai'ihiprm'     K-iilino-   tn   t0 the.Court House, iu the City of Nelson, U.C.,  siia.li .tie   uiitiMi. subjects,    tailing. .">.! on T,luredB>.   the :mh dtt   0-f Februarv a;d*  arrange a settlement, the board   of con- ��� 1903, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the fore-  ciliation is required to refer the matter   noon. . . 7.,  'miner rliqmitp tn  rli��   ennVt   of   -o-hiti-n   '     NOTE. ��� Intending  purchasers   will  satisfy  unnu mbpute to  trie .touit  or   .unuia-   themselves as to interest and title.of the said  tion. winch is provincial, and shall con-   defendant, Michael Kirlin.  sist of three uieiribors to   be  appointed       Dated at Nelson, BC, 5th February, 1903.  Silver King Hotel  BAKER STREET, NELSON  Under Old Management.  RATES .$1.00 PER DAY.  , One-sixth of the allotted time of the  present city council has 'expired,1 and  what has been done toward  beginnin  hy the lieutenaiu-governor-in-council,  01 e n ember on the recommendation of  a liiiijority. of tlie. councils of the industrial associations:-of'workers, , a second on the nomination of. the association of employers',, and the 'third to be a  judge of tbe supreme court. The decision of the boniyl of M'bitration is lo  be final,and without appeal. If is provided by the bill,that the members of  this hoard shall jil-so be.British subjects.  Lack of space prevents a fuller synopsis  of the provisions of the measurer, which  has beee worked out with a .good deal  of detail and at the cost of much   labor  ,S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  The above sale is postponed until Friday,  the (itli day of March, 1903, at same place aiid  hour. .-..--.'...  S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  The above sale is' further postponed until  Tuesday, the 7th day of April, 1903, at the same  place aiid hour. ���-.--.  S. P  TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  WANTED.  FRANCE CANVASS!  _.      i. .   ., ,   , ,      ,. --   .......-../.. Jistrict.   Good indiiUu.,,  I< or the purposes or   the  club's discus-   ply GEO. 1). SCOTT, Vancouver, U.c  A LIVE ixsi:ra.\'ci. canvasser for the  -"���   Nelson*District.   Good inducements.   Ap-  The Dining Room is unsurpassed,and  the Bedrooms are the best in Nelson.  The Bar is stocked with good Wines  and Liquors and Cigars. ;  BARTLETT  = HOUSE  Josephine St.  NELSON  The be-1 ?i per day house in Nelson.  None bi.i white help employed.  ���  The Bar the best.  G. W. BARTLETT  PROPRIETOR  *\JEI,SON MINK-iS' UNION, No. 96,  l>(    Meets  eveiy   Saturday   evenir  W. F. M.���  ing at 7:30  o'clock, in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner Baker and Stanley streets. Wage scale  for Nelson district: Machine miners, $3.50;  hammer.smen, ?3.25; mine laborers, ?3. Thomas  Koynan, president; Frank Phillips, secretary.  Visiting brethern cordially invited. The   Nelson   Tritmne.  TIMOTHY HAY'S REMARKS  The  Crow's  Neefc -Coal  Company's  miners would seem to be suffering-from  too much corporation "squeeze," judging from the statement by the press  committee of the miners' union- as published in The Tribune last week.   The  poor and unfortunate "directors���unfortunate because they are shareholders  in a rich corporationthat was literally  presented by a grateful parliament with  coal lands that   were   of  inestimable  value���would  rather  close  down   the  mines for months than accede to the  demands  of  the  miners  for  a more  equitable wage scale.    Why?   Because  their greed for money coined by the  sweat and blood of human beings must  be satiated.   The good, fat dividends  must   regularly appear   that   the big  shareholders may take in the winter  watering places, and, perchance, endow  colleges for those who are well able to  pay for their education.   But the men  who mine the coal,  who create the fat  dividends, who furnish  the means for  other   people's   pleasure���whv   should  their wages be .increased?   Let there  be none of it! , Close down the mines  and let them stay closed, ' and starve  the   miners   down   to  the last crust!  Then they will   be  submissive, their  haughty spirits   will   be broken,   and  they   will  be glad   to  work' for their  masters, the coal barons in Toronto.  At a recent meeting of the War Eagle  and Centre Star mining companies* in  Toronto, president Blackstock made a  somewhat' startling(?) announcement,  says an eastern dispatch. It was to the  effect that if the miners' union would  not go 'way back and get tired, if the  city of Rossland would not supply the  mines with free water (and perhaps the  manager with free Gooderham), if the  legislature would not change the mining laws to suittheir ores, and if the  shareholders in general didn't stop  wanting to know "how about it," that  the companies would cease operations  and would withdraw from Rossland district.. Poor Rossland, thou knowest the  worst at last! I.shed a tear for thy  inglorious finish. Foi4 the information  of Mr. Blackstock, it might be well to  mention that the manager's time is so  much taken up with" the game of politics, so "anxious that Mr. Gait, the.legal  end.of the, company, should keep the  law continually in motion about something, and equally anxious about the  newspaper end of the companv (locally  known as "Barney's Legacy,)' that he  surely has no time for mining. Perhaps, forall Mr. Kirby knows, the miners may simply be blasting outa short  route to China.      ,  > "   -.  A mine manager with a swelled-head  and a few nigger-driving shift-bosses  are sure to be the cause of constant discontent among the men. And, with die-  content, the product will surely be curtailed. It would be more profitable to  the company if the directors would pension-off such manager and shift-bosses  and instal those who feel that they too  are but common clay. It takes brains  to mine coal or metalliferous' ores.  That may account; in a way, for the  promotion of some men to be shift-  bosses and overseers.  The legislature,, some five years ago,  euacted what is known as the "Truck  Act," in order that gross abuses might  be corrected. But what has been the  result? The corporation have been  "wised-up" by their legal advisers, and  find no trouble to evade the law. The  "Truck Act" is being violated in Rossland today���and it always was so. I  have in mind a town in the -Boundary  where the corporations use their graft.  If a man spends his money in a certain  saloon, buys his groceries and dry goods  at another particular place, or boards  at the "right" hotel, he can always get  _worklinthe_mineH.^-If such is the case  ���and it certainly is���then, either the  mining company has an interest in  these places of business, or else those  in. authority get a rake-off. If the  former, then the corporations, mindful  of their own greed and the helplessness  of those whom they employ, would be  only too anxious to overcharge those  who must buy frem them.  The Crow'�� Nest Coal management  seem to have fallen into, the.ways of  Bernard Macdonald and sought  "safety"jn the spy system. Life was  made so '"warm and weary" for two  known union traitors in the Crow's  Nest country that they thought it  prudent to leave hurriedly. A system  of espionage of this kind could only be  einployed by those lacking all the vital  principles of manliness and is nothing  less than contemptible. If an employer  hates the union, let him fight fairly.  Timothy Hay.  FORSALE CHEAP  The Best Hay and Stock Ranch  in the Kootenay Country. . .  TTIPONP'S Hay and Stock Ranch, on the Lar-  v do & Arrowhead branch of the C.P.R:', six  miles from Lardo, consisting of 160 acres of  meadow, of which 60 acres are in timothy.  Several head of young cattle. All necessarv  farming machinery. Shipped five carloads of  hay last year and :one carload of cattle. For  particulars write owner,  E.  R. VIPOND,  TROUT LAKE,  B.C.  Trout Lake; B.C.,  February 22nd, 1903.  NOTICE  TS hereby given that application will.be made  -*-  to the Legislative Assembly of the Province  of British. Columbia at its next session for an  Act to incorporate the Synod of the Diocese of  Kootenay, comprised as follows:   Commencing  at a point on the forty-ninth parallel, part of  the international boundary line between Canada and the United States, where the said par  allel intersects the one hundred and twentieth  ���meridian; thence northerly along the one hundred and twentieth meridian to that point of  the same at which it becomes part of the eastern  boundary line of the Province of British Columbia; thence south-easterly and along the  boundary line between the said Province of  British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, until such last mentioned boundary line  intersects the said fortv-ninth parallel: thence  westerly along the said forty-ninth parallel to  the point of commencement; nnd that the following powers be granted, viz:   The bishop,  clergy and laity of the said Diocese constitute  a body politic and corporate under the name of  the Synod of the Diocese of Kootcnav.  The  said Synod to be constituted according to the  provisions contained in the constitution and  canons of the Synod of the Diocese of New  Westminster, as revised by the said last named  Synod in November, A. D. 1892.   All property  acquired by or which has come into the possession of or held by the Synod of the Diocese of  Kootenay, whether in trust vr otherwise, be  held by it as codstituted under the said Act in  the same manner as if the corporation had been  so constituted from the first.   To take and to  hold lands, tenements'and hereditaments for  the uses and purposes of the Church of England in the said Diocese, including the uses of  any and every parish, mission, institution, college, school or hospital connected with, or intended to be or. which hereafter may be connected with the Church, of England, and every  devise by > will, deed, gift, conveyance of land  or any estate or interest in land to the corporation be valid and "effectual, the Acts of Parliament, commonly called the Statutes of Mortmain, touhe- contrary notwithstanding.   To  sell, exchange, alienate, mortgago, lease or demise any lands; tenements ana hereditaments  held by; the.corporation.   To invest all or anv  of its funds and monies, including the Episco-  Iial Endowment fund, in mortgage, security of  ands. tenements and hereditaments and other  securities Inany.partor parts of the Dominion  of Canada, and for the purposes of such in vestments take, receive and accept mortgages or  assignments thereof and to sell and enforce the  same. To exercise allits powers by and. through  its executive committee and such boards or  committees as the Synod from time to time  may appoint by by-law for the managrment of  all or any of the affairs or property of the corporation; To constitute and appoint the Bishop  of New Westminster, Bishop of the said Diocese  of Kootenay, until a Bishop of Kootenay is duly  and properly elected .and constituted by the  Synod of the Diocese of .Kootenay, and for all  other usual and 'necessary powers, rights and  privileges.  Dated the 30th day of January, 1903.  EDWARD A. CREASE,  Solicitor for Applicants.  ��^������*�� ����**����:*���� &ftA^  NOTICE  TS hereby given that application will be made  �� to the Legislative Assembly of the Province  of British Columbia at its next session for an  Act incorporating a Company with power to  build, construct, maintain and operate a line  of railway of standard or other guage, with any  kind "of motive'pow.er,-from a point at or near  Kootenay Landing, thence south, following the  west side of Kootenay River, to a point on or  near said, river at'-'or near the International  Boundary; line, withpower. to construct, equip,  maintain and:operate branch lines, and with  powerto construct; acquire, own and maintain  wharves and docks'in connection therewith;  and to construct,' own, acquire; equip and  maintain steam-yand other vessels and boats  and operate the,game on any navigable waters;  and to construct,-, operate and maintain tele-  graph and telephone lines along the routes of  said railway and its branches, or in connection  therewith, and to transmit messages for commercial'purposes* and collect tofls therefor;  and to acquire and receive from any government; corporations, or persons, grants ot land,  rights of way, money, bonuses, privileges or  other assistance in aid of the construction of  the Company's undertaking; and to connect  with and to enter into traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies, and,for ail rights, powers and privileges necessary, usual or incidental to all ot  any of the aforesaid purposes.  Dated this 30th day of Januarv, A.D. 1903.  GALLIHER & WILSON,  ; Solicitors for Applicants.  ���       NOTICE  TS hereby given that application will be made  -1 to the-Legislative Assembly of-the Province",  of British Columbia at its next session for an"  Act ineorporating7a.Company with'-..powjer to  build: construct, maintain and operate a line  of railway of standard or other guage.'with." any  kind of motive power, frorii a point on the Flathead River near, the international boundary  line, thence "north- and northwesterly by the  most feasible route to a point at or near Elko,  B.C.,- on. the: Crow's Nest Pass section of the  Canadian Pacific Railway,.with power: to' construct' ,equip, maintain and "operate branch  lines, and with power, to construct, acquire,  own and maintain'wharves and docks in connection therewith; and to construct, own,  acquire, equip and maintain steam and other  vessels and boats and operate the same on any  navigable waters; and to construct, operate  maintain telegraph and telephone lines along  the routes of said railwav and its branches, or  _n'connection therewithTand 16 "transmit messages for commercial purposes aud collect tolls  therefor; and to acquire and receive from any  government, corporations or persons, grants of  land, rights of way, money, bonuses, privileges  or other assistance in aid of the construciion of  the.Company's undertaking; and to connect  with and to enter into traflic or other arrangements with railway,, steamboat or other companies, and for all rights, powers and privileges necessary, usual or incidental to all or  any of the aforesaid purposes..  Dated this 30th day of January, A.D. 1903.  GALL1HEK & WILSON.  Solicitors for the Applicants.  DON'T WORRY  But replace that unsatisfactory Suit with one of  GEE'S  Stylish cut, well - made, comfortable  Suits. You will find Gee in the Tremont Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  Prosser's Second-Hand Store  And China Hall, Combined  Is the place to "rubber" before sending  back East for anything.  We buy, sell or rent or store auything  from a safety pin to a beef trust.  Western "Canadian Employment  Agency in connection.  P.O. Box 588  Phone 361A  Baker Street, W., next door  to C.P.R. Ticket Office.  ��?  �����-?  �����?  *n  ���?  4?  *���?  ��-?  ��  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  ���49  49  49  49  49.  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO.  696Se969��9S9eSe9��9eS6969  FURNITURE  DEALERS  and ..  FUNERAL  DIRECTORS.  WE HAVE A NICE LINE OP  Linoleums...  All Carpet Patterns imported direct from England.  Prices 60c., 70c. and 75c. per yd.  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Xlisener,  intend within tlie. time prescribed by law to apply to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works ot the  Province of British Columbia for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum upon the lands hereinafter described and commencing: at a post at the  southwest corner marked "C. vV. Misener's s. w.  corner post." thence eighty chains north, thence  eighty chains: east, thence eighty chains south,  thence eighty chains west, to the post of commencement. These lands are situated on the east  side .of and adjoining B. E. Sharp's claim, about 35  miles in a southeasterly direction from Elko, B. C.,  on or near tlie Flathead River.  ��� Dated, 23rd Feb., 1903.  ������:..:������:'��� ������_���������::'��������� C. W. MISENER.  NOTICE is hereby given that I, C. Clark,  intend within the time prescribed by law to apply to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works of the  Province of British Columbia for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum upon the lands hereinafter described and commencing at a post at the  southwest corner marked "C. Clark's s. w.  corner post," thence eighty chains north, thence  eighty chains east, thence eighty chains south,  thence eigrhty chains west to the post of commencement. These lands are situated on the east side of  and adjoining- J. H. Kilby's claim, about 31 miles in  a southeasterly direction from Elko, B.C., on or  near the Flathead River. ' _��� ;       : ,   Dated a/itrTFeb., iooi.  C. CLARK.  NOTICE is hereby given that I, W. L. Smith,  intend within the time prescribed by law to apply to  the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works of the  Province of British Columbia for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum upon the'lands hereinafter described and commencing at a post at the  northwest corner marked "VV. ' L. Smith's 11. w.  corner post," thence eighty'"chains south, thence  eighty chains east, thence eighty chains north,  thence eighty chains west to tho post of commencement. These lands are situated on the cast side of  and adjoining C. Erickson's claim, about 5,- miles  in a southeasterly direction from Elko, B.C., on or  near the Flathead River. I  Dated 23rd Feb., 1903., 1  VV. L. SMITH.  NOTICE is hereby given that 60 days after date  I intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to purchase the  following described lands'i in South East Kooten.-iv:  Commencing at a post marked "\V. F. Teetzef's  southeast corner," planted at D. LaBnu'n northwest  corner post, thence nortlr'80 chains, thence cast 80  chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains  to the place of bcginning,'containing 640 acres more  or less. i  Dated the -rth dav of March, 1903.  1       VV. F. TEETZEL.  r  A Few Tips on Tea.  TWENTY-FIVE  CENTS) will buy ONE POUND of  pure, clean, fine flavored CEYLON-INDIAN TEA.   '       '.,-"'  TWENTY CENTS will iky ONE POUND Standard      ^  BREAKFAST BLACK TEA.    Purchasers of ten pounds  or more will receive one pound extra for each ten pounds  purchased.  Etiual'to  'an Allowance "of TEN  PER CENT. DISCOUNT on these extremely low-prices..   -... . x '  Prices on our regular lines of, CHOICE TEA, 30c.,.  35c, 40c, 50c. and 60c. per pound for Black; '��� Green and  Blended.   ' - - ���  Telephone 177 '  < P. O. Box 18a  Kooteiiay Coffee Co.  :.~ iv....;  SMOKE  Tuckett Cigar Co.'s   ( MONOGRAM  Union Label Cigars  I MARGUERITE  Geo: E. Tuckett's Cigarettes ( KARNACK  Only Union-Made Cigarette in. Canada    (   T. & B.  w. j. McMillan & co  WHOLESALE GROCERS  i\  AGENTS FOR B. C.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Starkey & Co.  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits::  ( R. A. Rogers & Co., Ltd., Winnipeg  Representing^ N. KUFairbank Co.,    -Montreal  (Simcoe Canning Co.  ���   -Simcoe  Office and Warehouse,  Josephine Street.  NELSON, B.C.  \  West Kootenay  Butcher Co.  Fresh and Salted Meats.  Fish and Poultry in Season.  Orders by Mall Receive Careful  and Prompt Attention.'  E. C. TRAVES, Mgr., K.W.C. Bile., Nelson.  GELIGNITE . . . The Strongest and Best Explosive In the Market  msS__��im HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY ,..  Manufacturers of  GEO. C.  TUNSTALL, JR  District   NOTICE is hereby giien that 60 days after date  ' |e Chief Commissioner of  crmission to  purchase the  I   intend  to apply  to tte Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works lor pbrmissii  following: described landsiin South East Kootenay:  Conimencine" at a post mirked "J. A. Skene's northeast corner, planted on flic east bank of the Flathead River, about twentj miles north of the International Boundary line,! thence south 80 chains,  thence west 80 chains, thaice north So chains, thence  east 80 chains to the p!ac<! of - beginning, containing:  640 acres more or less.     |  Dated the 7th day of March, 1903.  J. A. SKENE.  FRANK    If LETCHER  Provincial Land Surveyor  Lands and fllneral Claims Surveyed  ' and Crown Oranted.  P.O. Box 563      Office:(Kootenay St., NELSON.  Mgr.fNluo,,; b.c: .  High Grade Explosives. Sporting, Mining & Blasting Powder  EVERY DAY SALE DAY.  OUR SPECIAL BARGAIN COUNTER  1 lb. Tea )  3 lbs. 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Present: the  mayor; aldermen Irving, Selous, Kirkpatriek, Gilker, and* Hamilton, alderman Bird being absent owing to a  sprained knee. D. C. McMorris acted as  city clerk, and read the minutes of last  meeting, -which were adopted. The  mayor appointed alderman Gilker chairman of the finance committee, in place  of ex-alderman Morrisson, and alderman Bird, H. H. Avery and the chief  of the fire department, fire wardens  for the ensuing year.| ���  The finance committee has not been  able to ' meet, so there was no report.  The necessary accouiits for wages, etc.,  were passed by the council.  Applications for the positions of city  clerk and treasurer were then read.  For city clejk, from'Frank McGow-m,  Vernon; John Watson, Nelson; J. K.  Strachan, Nelson; and D. C. McMorris,  Nelson. For city treasurer, E. J.  Crickmay, Vancouver; A. P. Hay,  Nelson; J. O'Donnell, Nelson; and  W. E. Wasson, Nelson.  The mayor suggested that before  voting the council should discuss the  advisability of combining the offices of  city clerk and treasurer.  Alderman Selous asked if it was the  intention that two men should do the  work in the"city hall instead of three.  The mayor said that was the, intention. After discussion as to the advis-  bilityof combining the||ofnce8 of the  city clerk and city treasurer in which  all the aldermen took part, it was decided that they should be separate as  before, the mayor to arrange, the duties  so that the city clerk, shall do part of  the work formerly done by the accountant, and the collection of accounts to  be undertahen- by the sanitary inspector. The ballot was then passed  for the office of city clerk, and captain  D. C. McMorris was unanimously appointed.  W. E. Watson was re-appointed city  treasurer, receiving - 4 votes to 1 for  J. O'Donnell, the mayor not voting.  On motion of alderman Hamilton,  seconded by alderman Irving, the curfew by-law, No. 124, was read first time  and notice given of second reading at  the next council meeting.  The cab and express wagon by-law  was read by the city clerk, as also a  by-law to regulate i the traffic on the  city wharf. These , by-laws were laid  over until next meeting. In tbe meantime, it was suggested"that the views of  those interested, such as the" drivers of  Nestle's Food  Nestle's Swiss Milk -------   Horlick's Malted Milk, large -- --  Horlick's Malted Milk, hospital - -  Mellin's Food, large   C as tori a n ----- r -.;_.-_.-'-...- ---------  Steed man's Powders -- - -. ��� ��� - - ��� - -  Stedmati's Powders> -. ^ - - _.��� - - -  40  25;.  80,  $3.00  80  -    .25.]  : 35!  30  j/>*>"V  nnfwfe  mUtf  vKv<_fflt&3>^  5c_i3*'!_______^V  fSp  K&B  ip3\ c^  For Watch Repairing and all Jewelry  Manufacturing  we  have  the  best workmen.  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The mayor .was asked to explain that the defective lighting was  due to the shortage of water, and it is  expected that this would shortly be  remedied.  ��� The*Nelson Tramway Company wrote  that the rain and thaw** caused large  quantities of earth and silt to be deposited on the "company's tracks-on  Stanley street, and asked that* catch  basin be placed so as to draw the water.  Aldeiman Selous said the company  had been notified to grade their track  to the proper level some time ago, bu.  this had not beeu done. Referred to  the mayor and city engineer.       -   '  Aletter was read from E. K. S.trachan,  plumber, objecting to' paying- the  plumber's tax, whilst the tinsmiths  and others were allowed to do plumbing work, and asking the city to protect the master plumbers. The city  engineer was asked to explain the  matter, and said that ther.e was a  grievance. The letter was held over  and referred to the fire, water and  light committee.  A. B. Hay and others, petitioned that  Latimer street, between Kootenay and  Falls, should be' opened for vehicles  and foot passenger traffic. After' discussion, referred . to public works  committee.  The statement of the city auditor for  January and February was read. The  _may_or_said_the_amount_to_ balance���had  been paid over by the city treasurer.  On motion of alderman " Irving,  seconded by alderman Selous, all  cheques were authorized* to be signed  by the mayor and city treasurer.  The city engineer suggested that  the couneil should visit the site for the  power house on the Kootenay river,  and it was,decided to go dp,wn as. soon  the weather permitted:   -  a -^ ^- ^ ^ *��� -��- ^ ^. \ a A' Jk t*  GALT C0AL_  and WOOD OF ALL KINDS  Terras Spot Cash.  4      W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone 265 Baker Street  afr f ft  T **.��� V  DRINK  Thorpe's  Lithia  Water  Every small bottle contains five  grains of lithia carbonate.  FOR   SALE.  AND ALL OTHER BABY REQUISITES AT COST  '^'^&4m^l  NELSON NEWS NOTES.    .  With lead at 2\�� cents and copper at  14 cents, why should there not be good  times in southeastern British Columbia?  Sidney Ross of Salmo, is an applicant  for the position of postmaster at Salmo,  a position made vacant by the resignation of postmaster Willis. ....  The bridge across.the Salmon river  at Ymir is to be.strengthened so., as to  prevent, its being .damaged; by high  water. John G-. Dewar will have.charge  of the work.  The report that the government, will  appropriate $30,000 for a new courthouse at Nelson is not true. The government may appropriate $50,000 for  the purpose,"as $30,000 w:ould.not be  sufficient to build a court-house suitable for the uses of the government at  Nelson.  4,000 acres of the choicest lands  in the Okanagan, the^garden of  British Columbia. Suitable for  _fruit,_grain,or-8tock-raisingrin  lots to suit purchasers, by public auction on or about May 1st,  1903. Full particulars on application to  Chris, jb. jl.  lefroy  Re-j��l-:je��tote- Agent,     '���  VERNON, '."���';"��,' '������:���  .. �� . .'      jb. c.  Harry H.Ward  FIRE,  LIFE, ACCIDENT  Insurance  SEWING MACHINES and PIANOS  FOR RENT AND FOR SALE.  =���������������^    old curiosity SHOP, Josephine sireel, Kelson  MINES  AND  REAL ESTATE  Baker Street  Nelson, B.C.  Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Id.  REAL  ESTATE AND,  GENERAL  AGENTS  JOSEPHINE ST.  NELSON, B. C.  GEO. M.HUNN  Maker of. FirstrClass riand-riade Boots  and Shoes. . . .Repairing Neatly and  Promptly Done.' . . . Satisfaction guaranteed in all work.  Ward St., next new Pott Office Bid;., Nelson.  N


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