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The Nelson Tribune 1903-02-28

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 ��  ���7*1  .���-'  T.  7   ,.*?      .f-i. ~:'/A"/Xr!:> -?   J/.'/: --^L  tD^-V: ��� v ; '���::;,^|W^^^S1  ���./7. - * ��� >~- ������      .' .���;���"������' ���''��� 77S^��*<_-7fSZ&F3\  ��.,-,.. /^.w** to    .*-**:   **'--;-^^^7:S4gJ-g|  S^jurday Mortiittg^ 1^CJK3  SEMLIN WON IN WEST YALE  He Had One Hundred and Eleven Votes More  than His Opponent.   7  ^The Result of the election in West  Yale was not unexpected.   Ex-premier  Semlin Avon easily, as he would have  ..-.'.against any one. that could be put up  ragainst him.   The personality   of the  man.did the trick.  The issues involved  7 had���httleto do with it.   Much will be  "   sai.u   now  about   the   country    being  .-aS^in.afc-:he government.   It. undbubt-  ...... edly is.   The country has been against  every  government   that  has   been in  x     �����ce during  the Jast   twelve years.  Ihe countryis against the preaent government  because  the government   is  without a defined policy. 7 It is Without  ;    a policy because thecorporations who  77  have strings on its individual members  W   not in accord. : Attorney-general  , Eberts is the C.P.R. man in the gov-  ernmerit^and Mackenzie&Mann have  their: men.    These two interests are  '       nptan accord.   The one wants the coal  and oil lands in southeastern".Kootenay  ���:'-'7^^-V^'fi6t^ihei^\iimhia7&; Western  ���~7-C r ^ilway landgrantfa?^il*wiay that does  7 ;' 7*^t:ruhjwithiny  77s: 3uestu)tv:  The other wanted  :���_�� ;bf^5.000 acres ^  't'^f^Mte.^  :..; i^i^ies;^^  ;%7^7;that;;willg^  ?-:7;;?^he7pth^  ;^ 7 .sou^  ������-;::;:.;;?��j^^  he could easily carry it agiain. Patterson was elected in-North Victoria by 29,  and Semlin JwillSl-ayie. 100 majority in  West Yalei;7 Ikthese ^ figures are ap-  prbximately "cbrrect,;;and we believe  they are, the Government polled more  votes in the five^ohtests than did the  Opposition; ' ''���'..fj;."7;;'-7 ~-}:i ;.;7_: .,:  lot: the  that  is  But there is only one thing  Prior government to do, and  meet the house, passlthe estimates and  any non-cOntentious legislation that is  necessary, then ask for a dissolution so  that a general election can be had in  time to allow the people a fair chance  to discuss the merits of the policies of  the two parties who wiU strive, for political cbntroL Such action would be fair  to the people arid not unfair to the Prior  government, arid would have the support of a majority of the members of the  legislative assembly.  AMONG THt POLITICIANS  y7 cah>b_^ny^ouse;         ^ ^is^Ub:eJ*ystb he^ele^  k��7;7;*-Svf��ifc^  '4;-*x'4;PMvent^  *��p|^i��$^  ?*77^dja^HasSbeen  ;:ft<f;puledStbe^  7:iSv7-T^^  ;|g-;Hth^^  ^S0fari;;dj;cpxp^  f?|i��:'Anp;*fl  ffSe^lS^es^  a^<::~ ���. ->- -i^-w-: ���-. .a -^ric&I^J^^  ;    A1 Prospector's Lament. ;7;7  The: Editor  Nelson: -Tribune^Sir:  Prospectors  and   mine- owners i take  notice and read these ;fe w; lines care-;  fully^andif you have  hiihesJtake, care; of7them;"C^o^ribtSlbt7  ahyjamhknbw; wher^they; ^  has mpre mpne^ha  Mill get^hemQin;5the;Ipn^fjm^tt+xipest  not make any^diffef<mce;as ��� tp;th^ iquan-;;  ?tity7 p^ *^*c--7 don^  ^ere^stak^^T^  li^ye'thadsair^fex  -h^e'ffle^  ~;sj^|&rid^  pstfc^  ypuj|thb^^  different^l-aim  cord^^sj^fo^  fi��ak��d-.6y;-J'b^  wrtiiclifevliutit:^^  ^ronl-QhiefiSn^  "w'afelocsi^^^  -ber^r^the^Ophlr^^^  ::m*y_  IK  r&'*Mt#^^^  ^^ga^  ||p��||��;-|^  1*$&*��^  ....... ,.^^npughfand^'hpnes  ....... fl^i'lif^  \0Ay����%&-ffi^  ]ll7S??'^il^^*ii��n^^h^  j|^|;||��|crji^itu��^y|m  ^*-;'^i^tipn-ia    Sii|a^  f_||5|iw^|hibm  r^PSIi^iU?!i^y^w^k^f6  !s"'' ��� *��y$i^^<^^  7tEi nfe.^^sj^^-tl^|pBpp^  l^intere^  ;p|^ill?WOT_*^  Wa'S:%':27lTbrat ib'n^^^y|^ir^!^^fi;B ri|isl_?7<3b^  Vx:ff&^A;\}ffi % 'pi^^ro us^pr^inceil  g;-:77::|,;7{^pe-^*[i^  :;3S-^J--*^iv^^^  ;;i:,y2^^e:hden^  ^r:J:7^;^^;^ining^icbia^^  m '7773^ i areVf re^p}8^* as;_i ndiyidual a) :7anb7'|this:  Efi5;#:V';*-'^7is,t^}bhe  :^:'i;?-;ti(_'ns^;a^ '"'''  _^___^ejj��_bes^  Gand idate Gillett and his friends say  that the city will be unable tosell the  power house ������-��� debentures unless . he  (Gillett) is elected to thecity^ council.  When did W> r^fS; ��� Gillett become a  power among eastern- capitalists - an^  -nnanciers?^'^../'.777.|^r.; ���.���7.J.:''*:".'''.     ."���'"."**<������'.  The-Nelsbn JDai-_F News, , the Crow's  Nest Goal Company's special orgaii^  is  supporting candidate"Gillett.   It  ported candidate iJBeer a little over^a!  month ago. -'^a- '-','��� '}-.'������ '-'* ���'''���'...       "^  David Mark: Carley, who is conduct-  lhg:\.the..-;4'perihyia7lin  date Gillett.'s campaign, insinuates that  the^supportersof-baihdidate Gilker are  iineducateii; men tfnij^ worneiij arid that  few pttliem:cah7^ite their nam eslegi-  bly.7c^t therentra*n^e"pf candidate'Gil  iett's^cpmmittebTj^^  an zfvid^ce tha0^  i!ic^alVbn;pue^  ���^i^t7::7!|:;t7'S-;S*^^  rSSbme (^||jie|G^  a iig^ becanse|tlTnft: crfm paigntf u d**^i_^a j J;  tunipd :b ve iKto^Qa^ttf^  .br-dfe^tp^etSa^ jjpie? ishee tipf^^hpgwaslj  l>rii 1 t^edud a ily^Ds^vui IM ^l^eldc^gets  [pttJt^eXfe'nce^Sjpu  ^ct��;<��;J:b��!^i  IjMlf^nyidafe'&l  :^i^-:|s;hfe^**y*^h^lp^ySS ^^ne^rutvi  ibh^he^letMferCt  *;��h^B(^r|^klgirif^  -^^s|jir^tli^cpu;nci_|j^.:d^  John Paterson, and neither one of the  rUke Gillettv showed- their, in dependence  0pgbrnp||a^i^ip;gM^  jrecpraed^it i-|^^e>ai.&^ sugyejijedT  Ib^^pr^v^cis^lainj^^  ���:Sppl.ied^qrl|i.^i^^  It^ul^ieJbT^a��^  'cro^_fgran@bli^:t^  go t: a* s u rvey.'ssNo w.vs what*-do; y ou-*th ink?  of that?-. Jones had his license contmu-  -is?  all  ;ingf||plla,^|^^i^u*ra^         *iglp!^^tiithe^  :^gbin|^ut*iip|hj^  ���A^|^^-!:'^(^l|m��^dj;"^h^n^  ^a^|Her7cl^n^^^  who'vvahts it and;.has got tlie;mb'ney"to.  |^uy^ii^lS*^iU:|^^  ���ft^medff^^sp^  *lSeisbnjbi^^u*^r|pi^^  ico-urtTaf^ancj^^  V-i?  now being supportedyby Hamilton and  Selous and their iriends, ;and if he is  elected alderman7pn?Tuesday he will  be found voting bnall; questions just as  alderman Hamilton7= and alderman  Selou8-vbte:; :;V''>:";^;*'f";': ������  /'���'     ..: :c7."-**':-7   '���\ijD'V".7_:-;,'"^-j. '>*��� ���.--������'':���'.  James A. Gilker is - being supported  for alderman in^-ttie East ward by men  who have known him rfp? fifteen years  as a careful and reliable business man.  He is not ^appealing to people's prejudices in order to get support. He is  not maligning his neighbbrsjtn order to  get votes. He is hot ^promising to put  anyone in or but of btfice to secure his  election. He and his friends do nbt  find it necessary to purchase printing  presses -in order to scatter scurrilous  handbills br(��adca8fc daily. Mr. Gilker  is asking the peppleawho live, in the  East ward;to support^him^  ii order,that the fruitar of the: victory-  wph^bn January;15th shall notj be^losfo  He has b^ been a  for ^alderman,   and ^therefore  is 7 not  begjging 7_or: votesi;in7order I. rj b%^re-'  :veng^d;bh^8p_ttbohe fb^  \ hirri ^in75for mer^fcbnfests^ :;^pte/ :Ppi-:.  ^am^^>^i*!k?r^fb^wa^  .;East7*!(j^dj"'r^  jwiil* beTvbting^tagi^m^oi-^psea/fair  ���:cH^nce3;;^tp^;caw  Jwishes^pf a^ar^eiin^  ] p^Nelsbri i7i;;:77 ^iS^^^^^^t^iS^^  ^r^cj*iinglt^;run^in^  :ci t*^ ^ rvvb t kin^f br ;^G^  ^NewsJ^ys^G  ll'Cahaidat^l^il^^vdfte^  Iprp^iise^e^^mpj^  ^ofde^$*p^1g^tctft'e_^^ i m^l|phb;  ;sec^taB*y��bf^  vfindr-ifen^cWssa^  ^^���^Itpwn; pnVele^bnila^i^ :KfI^R^h'l��  3romfyp^  Im iite^i|*avbm<vl$aid^  fo]^Bi|tH^wimn^'^f^^  vbVd^|tb^8pGure3|vo^  ^ysgsize||t  situ^i^i^uj^this  . ..___.._      (.__ _ _^ .      |^t^^fbr3II)i*v;  Rose'for niayor and*-'fbr- "men  for- alder-  fW,ay��;-^^y7if^  -vl< AOOtfn*i��*-nv   ^njd|i_^l^|@t^^  and, work against iTiaybiV Rose and with  jth e7th ree?Beer?ald e rm eumo ui .slthesWest*;  ?an^^i^||*T-ie^ay^  ff^j^jS^^cpie^Gi^NS  rm^itKa^^votelifd^  jSep;tre|S^fth)^_^  ieiseb^BM_-��;tl_!^^  ':Vri��7::7;-:_*:-3-_7-.'r_i_^��-^i'i3^S^:'^^  B^^ldp^ri^irivbrdeR^p;^  jli^ell^tciil^lii^  :ilKi]t|i**^|pla^tp^e  j^SpverwKejm  ;telj|hi:rn|timt';i|^  ^a|hbs fileici tj^ ^u  ^m.e^J||f^GilK(er^  ^"n""'^ iess>tyblicv^:b^  ^,: ;jThere;h^  the^prb vin ce sijbce^ the ^general" electiph  71 n JOOO^rOhe w^^i m  ^ one^ in ^Victoria, "one in. SduthjNanairnp,  one ih^brtli Victpria| andxbne in AVest;  Yale.���::,; The issue in eacKwas. the isame.;  In New Westminster^ John^ C. Brovvnr  who was" the Government ;candidatej  was defeated by the^lGppbsitibn. .The  vote was close, and the result wa8ob--  tained thrbugh a squabble in the Presbyterian Church and the -intriguing pf  attorney - general Eberts with the  C.P.R., the railroad's influence being  used against Brown. In Victoria, colonel Prior defeated E. ."WBodwell, who  was the candidate of all the "forces arrayed against the then premier, James  Dunsmuir. In-North Nanaitno, W; W.  B. Mclnnes had a walkover against the  Opposition. In North Victoria, T. W.  Patterson defeated the Government  candidate. In West Yale, ex-premier  Semlin easily-defeated the Government  candidate. The Opposition have therefore gained one seat through ^the five  contests, but the total vote ��� polled by  the parties was about the same, so that  -the result of the-five elections cannot be  taken as an evidence that-a.majority of  the people are opposed to the Government., Brown was defeated in New  Westminster by 65, yet he'is the strong-  est^man in that town today.   Prior was  ��� elected in Victoria by 65, and he could  be re-elected in that city. Mclnnes was  elected in North Nanaimo by 149,  and  Wf^Mii- S*f^7-l Heip^ff;-the;Po6iv  ^S$f&r��^^  yinciaT-iviin^  i.a��;resu]��edl>i^  ^^lutipnsi^Olp^^  ith1_tf.th��^  taxed fpfi4^^  ftha$;the:b^  percen tage^bn ;7th# net -prbfits;^|aip^theri;  _that ItheTsUv^r-^le^lmin  ibeiSpmtected^  SeptemberU-ist 't-Kej Provincial, Con sery--  ative Palrty placed ^itself- on ^recordi'; .by.:  adopting as clause^3tpf its platform- the  following: 7: ^VThatj; to ? eh courage;? ;the  inining iudustrycthe taxatipri; of; nietal-  liferpus mines should be on the basis of  a percen tage of the net profits." So- the  Provincial -Mining Association "haB^ut  j:ollowej[Iiin;the footsteps of the Provincial ���; Qpnservative; A^sbciatibn 5)117 "the  question of mine'taxation. That; the  silver lead mihe owners - of Kootenay.  shbuldbe protected by a higher tariff  m'eets with little opposition in the province, except from men - like Smith  Curtis, M.P.P., and E. B. Kirby and  A. C. Gaft, all of Rossland, "and all of  whom are delegates -to: the Provincial  Mining Association. But, although the  association rs merely endorsing what  has already been done, yet it will do  good. The delegates will distribute  $10,000 or more among the poor men  who run hotels and -restaurants and  saloons at Victoria, and will contribute  a thousand or two to swell the earnings  of the Canadian Pacific and Great  Northern railways, two corporations  that are said to be in - straitened circumstances.  The Daily News urges the electors of  the East ward tp vote for W. G. Gillett  for alderman because \ of his expert  knowledge- of matters that will come  before the council. No one will credit  Mr. Gillett with being an expert at anything except try in g to be an "alderm an;  ^bfrnjiyprylRpse^  %ri&*^i^p^tr&^  JT^If-^ridida^  _the-cpnstrucd  ^p(ftenay;riyer as l^:^ys^he|is^wh^Us:  ;sb|much %6i ^his 7su y>pbr t^con^^g^rbm'  Ji^n^y^ ar&  ^ti^?pjptli^pp]^r  !|^'peVd~^'mse^  seating- a^JMderm ani^lwhose %; recbM t;o h;  that^barticular^^^^b^  suspicion, a;sc-!e^e"tfe  ���by-iawy6r8fwhbse every yo ter in Nelson;  has-been "iyij^^t  Power & Light C()nipahy as agaihstthe  iGitypf. Nelsp;^.-^:*-.' ���J^^^^^^-^^-^  i All 7the.7s6reiiead^ Grits "and all the  disgruntled'Tbries in: Nelson are1 working;;'to;-put ..7W.-G'r Gillett--in tp.';'tiie-r.-city.  coiinci 1/sp that its business affairs shall  be managed by the Beer Party, a party  that "was so signally: defeated at the  polls on January 15th last. All the  well-known ''grafters'.';are also supporting Gillett. :-    -  The drill hall on Victoria street, will  be a hive of mechanicarindustry next  week if the promises made this week  result in the election of the; candidate  of the Beer Party for-alderman in the  Eastward ������-';���;'-*>������".,:���.���'���:  There are ' 'independent" men in legislative and municipal bodies in British  Columbia, but they have brains.  - The power house on Kootenay river  will never be built unless you elect Gillett alderman," is the. way one of his  supporters put the "case to a working  man. When Gillett was alderman he  voted- against;every effort that was  made in that direction. He voted just  as alderman Hamilton and alderman  Selous voted, and' they voted every time  for the West Kootenay Power & Light  Company as against the city.   Gillett is  TOWN AND DISTRICT NEWS  The Week's Happenlnffs at the Hul> of the  Kootenays Briefly Told.  7 Return ing officer Crease receivedthe:  nominations for alderman in the East  ward   todays    Twb0candidates   were*  nominated,  namely, James A. Gilker  and W. G. Gillett.   Mr. Gilker's nbrni--  nation papers Were handed in at half-!  past twelve and had 103 signatures attached, all of whom are registered yot-:  ers   in  the ; East! ward   except three, 7  namely, Thomas Madden, W^C. Mc-i  Lean, and William Macnab-   Duncan  McArthur proposed Mr. Gilker's riomi-  nation, and Mri3..E.;C. Clarke was the  seconder.  * ,��� ���; ".' :..:';        ;;;:7.-.^:7' -:-:--:;r.  Barnes Neelands, secretary of W. G^  Gillett's cbmrnittee, handed in -Mr. Gil-;j  lett'B^nbmiiia.ion-papers at 1:45 o'clock.7  P;7Lamont proposed thbinomination*  and, it was seconded by  W. J. WilsohV^  ;Np;btheir nanaestappearedas^^^a  ;?; In|;pur8uance pfa Tesplution^assedl  U>2p^h(B;7cityycbuncil-: fmaybr^psel^ha^;!  decl^i^;that^^K.:^trich^  ���er;.city;^lOT^W.!E^^W^  ;clty^tr^s^rery iandjEd ward^Macleod' no^  lpnge_v^lerk;i ri ;th'er;treasurer'5;-bfficeS  Tl^se;pojiti^s^il^b(^  -ily;io^iMp^ay|by^  (D'-S-:Gv':^cMb*_ns-*i'-will^  ^t^i^er^^dCE;;^^^  ;t^asJu|^;-!;un^  ^e>mi^e*][>^  S|Tre��sfur^Wpspn  icij^bas]'**^  "iri^i^t'^lii-^f^^  ff^ppnsijl^fb^th^-llw^.^  ���^iend 8^hd ��� th^:he ;h^  ito} dp;hi8;:Mll^ uty^ ������  jhe^iU^lnbt^e^nd-lin  " "r^;ho.;w^tiii?th'er":"'L';'''"''""'' "'"���-"'���;--*ft��';'"--^,'*^,-"to-'''j"-':'&-'  he7|w;ili_ _  ^rig-i^i-ii_Qe;j  itsfrnieritsv  A<V.A  **:��'��� I  Ml  *M��?:m  va:  ;!^��;*i||S5|  ':the1h1a1_Q'elbf;the;-Kbbter^^  5fi_0,T?^_��"_IK'o'i_��'H'Al_l'oVo*-��W.*TlVo-_l^  ;clainieH!tfi^-a-r^^  ^.  ltl^^Ivj_tSberla^^3^^  ?s^-tp}and;nai��^n;a]^^  7i^l;enpii^  ana^tne;l)ig^aw?miiiSi^^  .tipn^^epMisfchay^  bfSbn'treal'itblo*^  ;kan^7Sthe^ilm-^  *;&TOU^hpu"t^  /iBptlnee^!-b^ra^p  :BanT^Mcis^fc^;m^  !wlieat-':dr^>^;4the^*^  -;Couid: alpne;easily!f'a^  inesi^or;:thenv;'.s[L^E  ;^bih^v^,^i^eh ^^rd?co^^  state ���senate^pf���^ash  'th^bM^-jngrMV^by^  'i_bmnfa^- cbnsip^r  caf SVancpuvefi; sbp^  -Bank^ofTMontreaTs branches in: Bi-itish  Colum bia>|is % nriw7 bni^_is;way: to Sgp-^  karietbbperi' the-bank-'s 7branch. Itvis  not unlikely:; that, F. J. Finucane, who  i8 manager bf7;the; _Bank^of~ M britreat's  braxicl- at Greenwood, will he madb'  tnariag���r*r of the Spokane b^  They Meant Business Twb Years Ago;      :  P.  0. Johnson,   bre; buyer for the  Americari..Smeltih^; &   Refining   Company (the Lead;Trust), -says his cbni-  pany is prepared to resume purchasing  silver-lead ores froni Kootenay" mine  owners. Some of the mine owners say  Mr. Johnson is only talking through  his Mi at,* while others say he means  business. One thing is certain, the  American Smelting & Refining Company meant business two years ago  when they stopped purchasing Kootenay silver-lead oresj and the miners of  these ores were compelled to look for a  market elsewhere. . Kootenay mine  owners are trying to secure the Canadian market for a portion of the output of their mines, arid it is to be hoped  they will succeed, for if they do it will  then not be within the power of the  American Lead Trust to shut them out  of a,market at will. :, Canada, in order  to have continuous .prosperity, must  make itself as independent as possible  of foreign manufacturers, and the  American Lead Trust is a foreign manufacturer. ".One smelter in operation in  British Columbia is worth more to Canada than a half dozen smelters in operation in the United States or. in Wales  or in Mexico or in Spain.  iThe;8hafehb1dere 1  ;pai*|*fi���L��  gmatepialv^^^  IwillSi'prcKi^  v u p^b-rd a^el^rMwspaper^  :_.^XAJ_.1::*_;�� "-.^-WA-ir^^Mli.K^ "i��'*.;:Viih-#\+i��__����V_ wo-rl'J  speciaKfeature^^ll^  ;ing>p.lan;t';i;TheS^rib  Jthe|biinding;*;;ejec^  -;:;*,",'- ~ '^^cDonaldtfe'^d^'^'^5 "^;";" ���"-'" ~"'^  w  ��� is now  ;bjeinj^iu|^;by| t^Dail3>^Pfc^  ^Ojscar^W^ite'f-Xs-u^  Sl^iaipSt^r;riiiriepand.^  a-fieS^ns^pr^  iiUrin^tnip-w^  -���mpy ing^in; the.Slpc^  ���t:Tbe'*':su'ppp:_^  claim-they will felect^  majority ,and-; are 7olE_eHng^w^  2 ibll that :W.^^jiUe^  many-votes as he; polled ;pri January?  15th.v  There ���is ;no Gillett imbniBjr^in:  "sight���VP^ye'^Carley^  Belvilie Tompkins assumes- the man-;  agerheiit of the Phair'"'.hbtei "tomorrpw.  Mr; Tompkins was steward on the Columbia river boats".'.when7 good meals  were the rule,;arid for the last few;  years he has been in the hotel business  in Rossland. Few ; men are better  known to the traveling public, and few  men look the hotelkeeper better than  Mr. Toinpkin8, and looks goes a long  way in this world.  '  �� .u-   ..  -��� . ���   V '     ������  Refused to Be Banqueted.  On leaving Rossland, John H. Mackenzie, who managed the LeRoi mine  for a little over a year, refused to be  banqueted. This is a, line of action  that should be more generally followed.  Rbsslarid,has made itself notorious by.  giving banquets to all kinds.of men.  Mr. Mackenzie while in Rossland ma.11-  aged-a big 7 mine successfully for its  owners, and on leaving it had the respect of the business umen of Rossland  and the esteem of thermen who worked  under him. No roan should expect  more from his fellow citizens. John H.  Mackenzie demonstrated that nrning  could be conducted profitably in British  Columbia without decrying the laws of  the country or bulldozing workingmen,  and for that reason he leaves the province with the good wishes of the people of Kootenay.  43Kt&  \ i-Jts.M&'rtA'-*'*-*-^^  m  n  ,    j:  i   J  t   *  f,    i  ***��-  The   Nelson   Xrifotttie*  BANK OF MONTREAL  Established 1817. Incorporated by Act of Parliament.  CAPITAL (all paid up).--_-_.:-_$ 12,000,000.00  REST -- ----    8,000,000.00  UND1ViDED PROFITS- -----       165,856.00  Head   Office,   Montreal  Rt. Hon. Lord Strathcona;and Mount Royal, G.C.M.G.  Hon. G. A. Drummond, .'Vice-'.President.  E. S. Clouston, General Manager.  President.  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and  Stanley Streets.  A. H. Buchanan, Manager.  IMPERIAL BANK OP CANADA  CAPITAL (Authorized)   CAPITAL (Paid Up) '.  ���BEST���-----  -- ���  HEAD OFFICE:  Toronto, Ontario.  .���iM,ooo,ooo  .... 2,'8(38,!32  ..--2,438,595  Branches in the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  T. R. MERRITT, President. D. R. \VILK_E, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Man.  E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager. W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.  Nelson Branch���A General Banking Business Transacted.  Savings Department���Deposits received and ihterest allowed.  Drafts sold, available in all parts of Canada,  United States and Europe.  Special mttentlon given to collections.  J.   M.  LAY,  MANAGER.  The Capdian Bank of Commerce.  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK   OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  Head Office: TORONTO  Paid Up Capital  % 8,000,000  Reserve Fund -     2,500,000 *  Aggregate Resources over 72,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX, President. ~: B. E  ���ft  WALKER, General Manager.  SAVINGS  BANK  DEPARTMENT.  ,  -- Deposits received andinterest allowed.  NELSON   BRANCH. BRUCE   HEATHCOTE, Manager-  The Nelson Tribute  ���r r roiiuuKU-m uva. ~~,     "*  The -Tribune Company, Limited, ~r Proprietors.  'Editorial and Business "Office-"  Room 9,"Madden.Block. ���  ���Y-*.,  "., ��� Thb Nelson Tribune is served by"'carriei>t"'o  ���subscribers in .Nelson or sent by mail to any  ��� address in Canada or tbe United States for $1.00  a^yearf-'prieeto Great JBritain, postage paid,  $1.50.   No.subscription taken' formless than a  i year.  7-. JOHN HOUSTON; Editor.  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1903  .On January 15th, ,415 electors voted  for Dr. Rose" for mayor, as agajnst 236  for W.\ W:���Beer;. so it _ must be admitted that nearly   two-thirds of~ the j porters  by thedection of James" A. Gilker."as.,  alderman on Tuesday.   If the people of  ssm  r, .*��-  *.i}_  , people of Nelson  prefer to have their  . - crvic affairs in charge of mayor Rose  ' during the year 1903. t Had they wanted them to be in charge of W. W. Beer  " tliey would have said  so at the polls.  The vote for aldermen was almost as  pronounced.(   The average vote of the  six men who ran 'for aldermen -mmi the  same ticket as Dr.  Rose was 345, as  against 274 for the six men who ran for  aldermen on the'Beer.Partv ticket.   In  the East ward the vote was very pronounced, the three candidates on  the  Beer Party ticket polling an  average  vote of 140, as against 247 polled for  their opponents.   Seeing that so large a  majority favored Dr. Rose and the candidates on his aldermanic ticket a month  ago, have  these gentlemen done anything to forfeit the confidence of the  people   since    they   obtained   office?  ^ They attempted to curtail the expenses  of carrying.on the business of the city,  and at every turn met with opposition  from; the men who are now supporting  W. G. Gillett's candidacy.   The effort  to reduce the city clerk's staff to two  men was opposed by the three Beer,  aldermen.   The effort to   inquire into  . the management of the scavenger department was sidetracked by the same  aldermen.   The effort to push work on  the power house on Kootenay river was  forestalled by delegating to an outsider  duties   that  properly  belong  to   the  mayor.   If mayor Rose is to carry out  the policy he promised ihe electors he  would carry out if  elected, he must  have the support of a majority of the  council.   That majority will be given1  the East ward want the policy of ihe  Beer Party to be carried out in the  council,.then they will elect "W7G.**Gil-  lett alderman on Tuesday. It is not a  question-of men. -Instead, it is a_.qi.es-;  tion of policy. , Mayor Rose and .those  who support him know that he, stands  for-the-* erection of a powerhouse on  Kootenay-river and for economy" in the;  conduct aof the city's business affairs,  lie and they have always stood for the  erection of the power house on _Koot-  enay fiver, _and>hey are not later-day  converts'to;* that -business proposition.  Not so with W. G.rGillett and his sup-  - ''When'he was in Tthe counqil  he always voted against, the power  house, proposition'; not only,that, but  he worked and voted to carry through  the deal whereby the West Kootenay  Power & LighrCo.npany was to' get- a  contract-for furnishing, the city-with  power, through which the cit^ would,  have been cinched to the tune of $10,-  000. "If he is supporting the power  house proposition novi\it is a sort of  death-bed repentance. It_is_a _case-of  "when the devil is sick,  the devil a  saint would be; when the devil is well,  the devil a saint is he."   When  Gillett  is a candidate for office, he is a believer  in municipal ownership of public utilities.    When   Gillett   is  in   office,   he  works in harmony with the men who do  not'believein  municipal ownership of  anything.   James A. Gilker is not on  the fence on any question.   He was an  alderman in  1897 and 1898, and   his  record   is   straight  on   all    questions.  Since leaving the council he has not  wabbled around in order to cuny favor  with the class  who know   men   only  'when they want to use them.   He is a  property  owner  who   has   made  his  money in Nelson, and, like ��very other  pioneer, he takes pride in trying to advance the interests of the town  which ,  he has helped to upbuild for  fifteen '  years.   A vote FOR JAMES A. GIL-'  KER will be a vote  FOR  NELSON,  and not for the West Kootenay Power  & Light Company, Limited, of Rossland.  City clerk .Strachan is an old man,  who has worked for the city since Feb-  a young man, who has worked for the  city since February, 1899. In January  of this year they were told that they  would be required to perform the clerical work of the city offices without a  regular assistant; Both bucked, although the salary of the one was to be  increased from $1200 to $1300 a year  and the other was to be relieved of the  duties pertaining to the assessment of  real estate. Both put themselves on  record as being opposed to the announced policy of a majority of the city  council, a policy that was approved by  a large majority.of the people; in other  words, they told the council that they  (the council) were4 attempting to do  something that should not be done. If  the city-8 business affairs can be managed without the direction of the city  council, why have a city council? If  the city.; council are by law made responsible for the management of the  city's business affairs, then it is the  duty of subordinate city officials to obey  the orders of the city council; and if  they will not do it, it is the plain duty  of the city council to install "in office  men who will. The young man who is  unwilling to do his duty is as blame-able  as the old man who neglects to do his.  The postponement of the date of the  meeting  of  the  legislative   assembly  from Thursday, March 12th, to Thursday, April 2nd, can only   mean that  premier Prior is not ready to meet the  house;   that he is not ready because he  has yet to get the support of a working  majority of the members.  Were grants  to railways and other questions of importance sidetracked altogether, it is  doubtful if premier Prior could secure a  working majority  in the^house.   Ti*e  people do not seem to have confidence  in his government, and a majority of  the members do not care to run counter  to the wishes of their constituents.   In  West'Yale, only one* member "of the  government  helped   the   government  candidate on * the stump.'  This would  indicate that either the people of West  Yale are antagonistic to'the members  of the government individually or that  "tire���go vera'm emr-u6l -ecrtveiyr~n'aa'i~jnq"  Tntertsf" iri~ securing "the return of_ a  .man   who   was   expected " to   support,  them  in  the "house1. "-Tt is,-true? provincial secretary ^Mclnnes" was on .the  stump;   but -the   provincial   secretary  could,stump'any "constitliency- in the  province and rbe,-accorded a,.good hearing whether,those who turned'out,--to  hear him agreed with .his views or not.  W. W. B'.-Mdnnes is a good speaker;,  ^probably   the best stump speaker  in  the province.   He is'a good fellow by  nature, and good fellows, are good mix-  ers, and it'takes a., good mixer to" be a  good politician.   The premier is a good*  fellow among his own class, but he is  not a good mixer oiitside^ of Victoria.  Finance minister Prentice is a good fellow, but he can't mix outside the doors  of the Union Club."   The chief commissioner of lands and works is not a poli-  tician.   The attorney-general is 'a politician and a mixer, but he leaves every-*-  one with the impression  that'1'he   is  simply a "jollier" and is insijicere and  doesn't mean anything he says or does.  Such a combination is without elements  involved more than the writing of a  name. When it comes to putting up a  membership fee, the membership roll  of the Nelson branch of the Provincial  Mining Association will not require  more than one side of one sheet of foolscap paper for the signatures. Not because the people of Nelson dp not believe in organization to accomplish results, but because the people of Nelson  are of opinion that.British Columbia  has suffered^ and i�� suffering from a  gang of pessimistic agitators, of which  E. B. Kirby and A. ���.Gait of Rossland  are fair specimens. The people of Kootenay are fighting for the,..exclusion of  Chinese and Japanese, and are not in  sympathy with thej agitators who are  clamoring for changes in our placer  mining laws which will allow men, like  R. D. Featherstonhaugh, to employ  Chinese and Japanese to the exclusion  of white labor. /  The strike at the mines of the Crowds  Nest Pass Coal Company is doing much  indirect damage, for it is driving good  workmen out of British Columbia.  Good workmen will not stay in a country unless they can obtain permanent  employment. Smelters and mines that  are compelled to close down from time  to time"for lack of necessary supplies,  like fuel, do not furnish permanent  employment. Hence, when they are  operated'-theif workmen are not of the  first class, and not being of the first  class, the cost of operation is larger  than it should be. This is how the province is losing indirectly through .the  strike at the Crow's Nest coal mines,  and.it is how the province has lost  through every strike that has taken  place in Kootenay. Good workmen will  not allow themselves to be imposed on,  and good managers will, not impose  unfair methods on., their workmen.  Good mine managers dp not find it  necessary to bribe the officers of miners' unions, as has been done at Fernie  and Michel,, and as was attempted'a  year ago at Rossland. And.as long as  such methods are kept up the province  of JBritish Columbia 'will, suffer directly  and .indirectly; from strikes, ,and .the,  indirect loss' will always' be greater  than the direct loss. . ' - '���'  : SHERIFFS SALE.  , "      r    ' '*" ���*��� -*        "  *' -   - ^ >  Province of British Columbia,  ' Nelson,- West Kootenay.  -To Wit:    V  X)Y virtue of a Writ of Fieri -Facias issued out  ���*-**, of theSupreme Court of .British Columbia  at the suit of * ��   -- - -   -   *  \ -��� ELMER J. FELT, Plaintiff,  J .-',"*     *     '.   and       *���*'���*       \ '.  PERCY'DICKINSON, WARNER MILLER, W.  E. SPIER, THE SLOCAN-KILO MINING  , .COMPANY, LIMITED,'-.a*,d R. WILSON  i ; -SMITH, in his.own right and as trustee for  I F. L. BIRQUE, ANDREW G. BLAIR, and  , ".WILLIAM STRACHAN, Defendants,  A.n3 to me directed against the goods and chattels of the said defendant. Percy Dickinson, I  have seized and taken m execution all the  rignt,-titleand'interes of the said'defendant,  Percy Dickinson, in the mineral claims-known  as and called "Skylark" and "Ranger;" situate  on the-first North Fork of Lemon Creek, lo-  catedj on the 29th day.of July, 1895,-and the 26th  day.of July, 1895; respectively, and recorded in  ihe office of the Mining Recorder for the Slocan  City. Mining,Division of .the West Kootenay  District; to recover the sum of $628.30; andalso'  interest on |(>2..80 at 5 per centum per annum  from the 17th day of May, 1902, until payment,  besides sheriff's poundage* officer's fees, .and  all,other, legal incidental expenses; all of  wbich I shall "expose for sale, or sufficient  thereof to satisfy said judgment debt and costs,  at^my office-next to the Court-House, in the  City of Nelson, B.C., on Saturday, the 28th day  of February, 1903, at the hour of eleven o'clock  m the forenoon  of greatness, and it lacks the element of  cohesion which sometimes keeps men  who are not great in power, t  According to the returns, 3413 names  have been signed  to the membership  rolls of the-Provincial Mining Association, whose first regular meeting, took  place in Victoria this week.   If these  names had been obtained as members  are for other organizations, like boards  of trade, the numbers would be significant.   It would mean that a good percentage of the people were of the opinion that something could be done in  the way of legislating values into, low-  grade ores and correcting the abuses of  mine mismanagement and over-capitalization.   But the number of names on  the membership roll of the Provincial  Mining   Association has little significance, as the names were obtained just  as names are on any ordinary  petition.  In Nelson some 270 names were on the  membership roll, and it is safe to say  that a like number could be obtained  to a petition denouncing the Provincial  Mining Association.   The names were  obtained without cost;, there was ho  I-.OTE ��� Intending'purchasers  will satisfy  themselves as to interest and title of the said  defendant, Percy Dickinson.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., 19th February, 1903.  S. P. TUCK,-  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  JIAAAAiiAi A., A A A> A fig  BLANK  for the.  New Year*.  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The adherents of the two dominating parties who  deem themselves "regular" are therefore committed to party-line politics.  The question then arises, what percentage of the adherents of the two parties  can be estimated as "regular'?   On the  Mainland, it is safe to estimate the percentage at from 75 to 100, varying in  places.   On the Island, the percentage  may not be as large, but the party-line  men in the City of-Viccor^a outnumber  the Mugwumps.   The Mugwumps are  men who know that they can have no  place of honor or trust in either the  Conservative   or  the   Liberal   parties.  They have been tried and  have been  found "wanting." The people now insist  that they shall pass on the men who  are to govern -them-... and. ���* as a rule  <he people generally ���������get*-what they  want.   If a  majority of the people of  ' British Columbia want Conservatives  to govern them for four years, they will  say so at the polls at the next election,  and the minority will accept the situation.    If a majority "vote the  Liberals  into power, the Conservatives will have  to be satisfied.   The Mugwumps will j  cut no figure in the next general election  in the province of British Columbia.  NOTICE  ��� The Rossland Miner, the newspaper  end of the Centre Star and" War Eagle  mining companies, is cottoning up to  the Rossland Miners', Union and preach-  ��� ing harmony and good-fellowship. But,  somehow, the manager of the mining  end of the Centre Star and War Eagle  ** mining companies is not following the  advice of his companies' newspaper.  He is nott posting up notices in the War  Eagle and Centre Star shaft-houses advising the men working underground to  hasten and join the Rossland Miners'  Union, although he has uo trouble in  getting them to sign the membership  roll of the Provincial  Mining -Associa-  - ing of our mining laws^o thaChydraulic  mining companies wilbbe'in a position'  to employ Chinese and Japanese, vand  in doing so be backed, up-by the force  ��P0W,e^r ofv *^e. government.; i Harmony  and good-fellowship cuts a wide swath  -���at Rossland at present, if one takes the  utterances of its newspapers for, gospel  ��� truths. "*.  TS hereby given that application will be made  -*-  ta the Legislative Assemblv of the Province  of British Columbia at its next session for au  Act to incorporate the Synod of the Diocese of  Kootenay, comprised as follows:   Commencing  at a point on the forty-ninth parallel, part of  the international boundary line between Canada and the United States, where the said par  alle!.intersects the one hundred and twentieth  meridian; thence northerly along theonehun-  dred-and twentieth meridian to that point of  the same at which it becomes par t of the eastern  boundary line of the Province of British Columbia; thence south-easterly and along the  boundary line between .tfve paid Province of  British Columbia and' the Northwest Territories, until such last -tnentionted boundary line  intersects the said fortv.nin.tih, parallel: thence  westerly along the said foftv-hinth parallel to  the point of commetoceineftt**.j*.nd that the following powers be granted, viz:   The bishop,  clergy and laity of thgisaid Diocese constitute  a body politic and corporate under the name of  the Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay.   The  -aid Synod to be constitqted according to the  provisions contained in the constitution and  canons of the Synod of the Diocese of New  ��estminster, as revised by-thesaid last named  Synod in November, A.* D. 1892.   All property  acquired by or which has come into the possession of or held by the Synod of the Diocese of  Kootenay, whether in trust ��� r otherwise, be  held by it as codstituted under the said Act in  the same manner as if the corporation had been  so constituted from the first.   To take and to  hold lands, tenements and hereditaments for  the uses and purposes of the Church of England in the said Diocese, including the uses of  any and every parish, mission, in. titution, college, school or hospital tcohifected with, or intended to be or which hereafter may be connected with the Church of England, and every  devise by will, deed, gift, .conveyance of land  or any estate or interest in land to the corporation be valid and effectual*, the Acts of Parliament, commonly called the Statutes of Mortmain, to the contrary nbtwithstanding.    To  sen, exchange, alienate, mortgago, lease or demise any lands, tenements ana hereditaments  held by the corporation. 'To invest all of anv  ��f*Jts funds and monies, including the Episco'-  pal Endowment fund, in mortgage, security of  lands, tenements and hereditaments and other  securities in any part or parts of the Dominion  of Canada, and for the purposes of such investments take, receive an.l accept mortgages or  assignments thereof and to sell and enforce the  ���same. To exercise all its powers by and through  its executive committee and such boards or  committees as the Synbd'from time to time  may appoint by by-law for the managrment of  all or any of the affairs or property of the corporation. To constitute and appoint the'Bishop  of New Westminster, Bishop of the said.Diocese  of Kootenay;until a Bishopbf Kootenav is duly  and properly elected ,and. constituted by the  Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay, and for all  !���    11_I1a1     am_I an.-n_^_._n_^  -��� -       _ ���>  %^*^*&^*^*^*^*&A*m%&m^  ���n  <-?  '49  ;��  149  49  49  49  49  '49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49  49'  49  49.  49��  49  49  49  49  49  49  D. JL ROBERTSON & CO.  FURNITURE  DEALERS  and ..  FUNERAL  DIRECTORS.  WE HAVE A NICE LINE OF  ��!  I*'**.  5*  AH Carpet Patterns imported direct from England.  Prices 60c, 70c. and 75c. per yd.  Our Undertaking Department is under the direc-  .   tion of Mr. Clark.  egggggsgsggggssggsgggssgl  Day 'Phone No. 292  Night 'Phone No. 142.  BAKER STREET.  ���it>  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO.  .A   -  ytfyyyyyyyyyyyy.^^y^ ����9999 999999999999999999*t9\%9999%  &>*  *��  necessary powers, rights and  other usual and  privileges. ,  Dated the 30th day of January, 1903.     '  _    EDWARD A. CREATE,  Solicitor for Applicqj-its.  i w.  Am.m%.4- mm,  A   Jk   m\  NOTICE  EVERY DAY SALE DAY.  OUR SPECIAL BARGAIN COUNTER1    '���"  i lb. Tea... -:_____: \  3 Ibs._ Butter  / f    ���   ��<-* _a  a cans Corn, Peas or Beans       f 'Or Q&.olf  S cans Assorted Fruit a's %  i sack Potatoes'... ��� 7\ _ .  14 lb. boxUButter"I_." ~~~C for $6.50  i lb. Coffee  '."'.'.)  3 cans Milk _. \  3 cans Halibut  __" f *__ ��f ^c  3 bottles Ketchup     f lOr $1.0d  3 bottles Pickles* )     l -  MORRISON & CALDWELL  Phone 134 Tremont BIk., Baker St.  Thorpe's  Lithia  Water  TS hereby given that application will be made  ���*- to the. Legislative "Assembly of the Province  of British Columbia at its next session for an  -Act incorporating.accompany -with power to  build, construct, maintain and operate "a line  of railway of Standard orottieVguage, with any  kind of motive power, from a poinUat or-near  Kootenay Landing.-thence'south, following the  westsideof Kootenay River, tova point on- or  near said river at or near the International  .B_tqqft&-��llnei-Wi-t^^^ construct, equip."  maintain ana operate branch "Tines, <��� andwTfti  power to construct, acq.uire,*own and maintain"  wharves and docks*in-connection therewith;:  and to construct, own, acquire, 'equip and  maintain steam and oth^f.* vessels-arid, boats  and operate the same ou any navigable waters;  and to construct, operate and. main tain* telegraph and telephone lmes'along the -routes of  said railway'and its branches, orin connection  therewith, and to transmit messages for.commercial, purposes and collect, tolls therefor;  and to acquire and receive from, any government, corporations, or persons, grants ot land,  rights of way, money, bonuses, privileges or  other assistance in aid of the construction of  the Company's undertaking;,and to connect  with and to enter,into traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies, and for all rights, powers and privileges necessary,. usualH or, incidental to all or  any of the aforesaid purposes.,  Dated this 30th day'of January, A.D.*-1903. '  V       ,       -    ',.GALLIHER & WILSON,  Solicitors for Applicants.  1 Nelson Saw and  ^i * * i*-  Planing Mills,  \ l_-___r ��-.-���        "*  ^ A A *��� *- ^ ^ '���*>  I   I  |���-OffjreVnrffai.fc at foot-ol-Ha��-St; ^  NELSON, B. C. '  W V ^T ��� ���- ��� ��� ���*W  LUMBER, LATH, SAgH,  DOORS, MOULDING^  AND ALL KINDS' OF  FACTORY WORK. : : f<:  k"-*  >* i  ^j.  KJLN-DRIED LUMBER FOR' THE NORTHWEST: TERRI  **   ', '        -     , TORY TRAJDE A SPECIALTY.'     ,.->n-'*''  i      K  "���*'��-'  V  COAST FLOORINti arid CEIUNGKEPTJi^OCK:  W ^-���^5.  + -v*wwy *-VjW- yX&FJ^^y  \ -A  ^> - 'i\  A f -  ���5-   *|  ,'' '*���-[  - "i ."<  "��� -t M  *���  .f.x r  -^   <���'* I  r- a .->  Every small bottle contains five  . grains ot lithia carbonate.  Prosser's Second-Hand Store  And China Hall, Combined  ���v    Is the place to "rubber" before sending  back East for anything.  We buy, sell or rent or store anything  from a safety pin to a beef trust. *  Western Canadian Employment Agency in connection.   .  *     NOTICE  TS hereby given that application will be made  ���*-, to the Legislative Assembly of the Province  of British Columbia at'itsJnext session for an  Act incorporating a Company with power to  build, construct, maintain and operate a line  of railway of standard or other guage, with-anv  kind of motive power, from a point on the Flathead, River .near the international boundary  line, thence north and northwesterly by the  most feasible route to a point a't-or near Elko,  B C, on the Crow's Nest Pass section of the  Canadian Pacific Railway, with power to construct, equip, maintain and operate-branch  lines, and with power to construct, acquire,  own and maintain Avharves and docks;*in connection therewith- and to construct, own,  acquire, equip and maintain steam and other  vessels and boats and operate the same on anv  _navigable__watere;_and__to_.construct,_dfrerate  maintain telegraph and telephone lines along  the routes of said railway and its branches, or  in connection therewith, and lo transmit messages for commercial purposes and collect tolls  therefor; and to acquire and receive from any  government, corporations or persons, grants of  land, rights of way, money, bonuses, privileges  or other assistance in aid of the construciion of  the Company's undertaking; and to connect  with and to enter into traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies, and for all rights, powers and privileges necessary, usual or incidental to all or  any of the aforesaid purposes.  Dated this 30th day of Januarv, A,D. 1903.  GALLIHER & WlJiSON,  Solicitors for the.Applicants.  " ' " " ' * IT  CanrKSt fail to get. satisfaction if-you  smoke Kootenay Standard Cigars.  You  -/CANNOT '���  > / -- ���*���  ���    > '    *��� _  buy "sk higher grade Domestic Cigar. -If  you  have-not, yet tried them, don't  F AI L  -1 ���  to ask for them. They smoke like a pipe.  Manufactured by  J. C. THELIN & CO.  P.O. Box 588  Phone 361A  .Baker Street, W., next door  to C.P.R. Ticket Office.  FOR RENT AND FOR SALE.  old GDSipir shop, josepie street, Nelson  XTELSON MINERS' UNION, No. 96, W. F. M  1,1. Meets evety. Saturday evening at 7:30  o'clock^ in .Miners', Union Hall, northwest  corner Baker and Stanley streets. : Wage scale  for Nelson district: Machine miners,7 $3.50;  hammersmen, |3.25; mine laborers, ?3. Thomas  Roynan, president; Frank Phillips, secretary.  Visiting brethern cordially invited.  Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ld.  REAL   ESTATE  AND  GENERAL   AGENTS  JOSEPHINE ST.  NELSON, B.C.  FRANK    FLETCHER  Provincial Land Surveyor  Lands and Tlineral Claims Surveyed  and Crown Granted.  P.O. Box 563      Office: Kootenay St., NELSON.  DON'T WORRY  But replace that unsatisfactory Suit with one of  GEE'S  ���     -c      ���*���: : ' ','.������:; iV- ���������'.-    .'   .'���... ������  ������  Stylish cut, well -made,7 comfortable  Suits. You will find Oee in the Tremont Block, Baker Street, Nelson,:;  * -^ -*i >. .-       1  ,     -irrf .* ��   *'     -  - - j  ^  . ,-*-=*      I  \WlW-9sf^s-^ "'^- ,-<*"^'_?l  ���>��� v'- v  ^ ''< ;_>��' .y -*t��.' "-'.ij-'Vil��L  *- s  j* (1 in,   t  .     TW-ENTYrFIVE^ CENTS, Will "buy ONE POUND of '*  pure, clean, fine flavored CEYLON-INDIAN TEA.     -  '"TWENTY CENTS will .buy ONE POUND Standard'"  BREAKFAST BLACKTEA. v Purchasers of ten pounds "  ' or more will receive'one pound extra for' each ten pounds   v-  purchased. , ,    * *   .^  Equal to   an   allowance' of TEN  PER CENT. DISCOUNT on these extremely low prices. '      - -      ���      <  Prices on our regular lines of CHQICE TEA', 30c'.V*  35c, 40c, 50c. and 60c. per pojind for Black, Green .and/'  Blended.- ' '  L  Telephone 177  P. O. Box 182  Kootenay Coffee Co.  L  rv"?  *\  Jl-  P. BURNS & CO.  MEAT  MERCHANTS  HEAD OFFICE and COLD STORAGE .PLANT AT NELSON.    v  Wholesale and Retail  Branch Markets at Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Revelstoke, New Denver,  Cascade, Trail, Gr.ind Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Phoenix, Rossland,  Slocan City. Moyie, Cranbrook, Fernie and Macleod.  NELSON BRANCH MARKET, BURNS BLOCK, BAKER ST.*  /JJ^TOrders by mail to any Branch will receive ��� prompt and careful atlention.  Harry HiWard  .     FIRE,  LIFE, ACCIDENT  Insurance  MINES   AND  REAL ESTATE  Baker Street  Nelson, B.C.  Butcher Co.  Fresh and Salted Meats.  Fisfi and Poultry in Season.  Orders by Mail Receive Careful   ���  and Prompt Attention.  ; ��� E. C. TRAVES, Mgr., K.W.C. Blk., Nelson. s  GFLIGNlTfe . - . The Strongest and Best Explosive in the Market  i&*** HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY...  ManuiEactureTS of  geo.. ai.TONOTAM, jr.    ^ m^ jfy\w\fijt f Sporting, ftnlBg't Blasting Powder  District Mgr., Nelson,' B.C.  1  -..   r ���i'T'.casKKBKK-'r'  ____^sa*aaaej_*jw__��__a__  ��� -^^MttPgBaB-^tebaas^  i^gg~*��a?>��*aam.ffmyyrejft^l^;������^^  I  4  The   Nelson   Tribune.  The X H. Ashdown Hardware Co. ^  IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN  SHELF AND  HEAVY  !  HARDWARE *  Tinware and  Graniteware.  Stotes and  Ranges.  BAKER ST.  Fire Brick,. Fire Clay, Portland Cement,  T-Rails^ Qrjs Cars, Sheet Steel, Crescent,  Canton and Jessop's Drill Steel. : : : : :  NELSON, B. 0.  ASK FOR  -\X\VlVO_Oiffc.  OLD SETTLE R'S PURE  MAPLE SYRUP  Put up in Quarts, Half Gallon and One Gallon Cans.  J. A. IRVING & CO.  Houston Block, Nelson.  Groceries and Provisions  OVERCOATS  1       y*<, ��  SI  S3  V.  Less than post. For the next  ten days I will* sell all Overcoats in stock at less than  wholesale prices^;: :-Prices  ranging from $4.50 to $18.  IB  J^A: 01EKER  MORLEY & CO.  Wholesale and Retail  Booksellers and  Stationers.  Artists7 Materials,  Engineering and Mining  Books,  Typewriters,  Mimeographs,  Photographic Supplies,  Musical Instruments.  Morley & Co. - Nelson, B.C.  Nelson News Notes. -  H. M. Billings of Salmo *wras in Nelson during the week. He reports his  town as fairly lively, owing to the  establishment there of the Sayward  shingle mill. The mill has six machines in operation. The Queen mine  is shipping ore.  People are wondering" how long the  Dominion government intend to keep  the new Postoffice building empty. If  used, the government would be saving  $7.50 a day, which is the amount now  paid to architect McDonald for doing  nothing.  ANNOUNCEMENT.           c.       ^ '        ��      - i. -   *���        i ^ s  Stiafk#&Gb.  Wholesale Provisions  Produce and Fruits::  _ -  ( R. A. Rogers & Co., Ltd., Winnipeg  Representing < N. K. Fairbank Co.,   '-    Montreal  "^���^-'  (SimcoelCanning.Co.  �� '-   Simcoe  Office- and "Warehouse,  Josephine Street.  NELSON, B.C.  TO THE ELECTORS OF THE EAST WARD.  Ladies and Gentlemen:  AT the solicitation of a large number of electors, I have consented to be a candidate  for Alderman to fill-the vacancy in the East  Ward consequent upon the unseating of Alderman Chris. Morrison, and I respectfully request your vote and influence.  -      -   - JAS. A. GILKER.  Nelson, February 18th, 1903.  FORSAKE CHEAP  -    The Best Hay and Stock Ranch ~  �� in the Kootenay Country. .- .;  ���"*���       . - , -   ���" f  YIPOND'S_Hay and Stock Ranch, on the Lardo & .Arrowhead -branch ,of the C.P.R., six  miles from Lardo, consisting of 160, acres of  meadow," of "which-60 ^acres-are' in  timothy.  Serera_-4_��ia<i- of- young * cattle- -All��� neoesoftrv  farming machinery.   Shipped five carloads of  .hay last year" and-one carload of .cattle--' For  particulars write owner,, ' -    -"  Trout Lake, B C,  *" <-;_  Februarj** 22nd, 1903.  R. VIPOND,  < trout"lake/  B.C.  REISTERER &CQ,  ,OF  LAGER BEERand PORTER  Put,up in Packages"."to:Suit the ,Trade.'  -*v    -Brewery and Officej  ' - latimee^st;; nelson, b. a. ^  "fr^M  _______!&____bi___-^__-^__^__->��___*tI___k i  fffr*iM  mm|WkSJLb * *  m^Xi^^l  EBS_��W  gip^  W*L^'  For Watch Bepairing and all Jewelry  Manufacturing  we  have the  best workmen.  Mail and Express  prompt attention.  will have our  A Reminder  to my  Customers  Only for the month of Febru-*  ary a 20% discount on every  article bought at my store.  You are well acquainted with  my goods. Your prompt attention will be received and  all goods are guaranteed.  I have the goods and  want your money.  L  JACOB DOVER  Baker st. THEJEWELER  Nelson  SMOKE  Tuckett Cigar Co.'s } MONOGRAM   Union Label Cigars  j MARGUERITE  Geo. E. Tuckett's Cigarettes ( KARNACK  Only Union-Made Cigarette In Canada    (   T. & B.  w. j. McMillan & co.  - . -   - WHOLESALE GROCERS .  AGENTS FOR B. C.  VANCOUVER, B. C  Special Sale for  One Week Only  In all our stock of  Upholstered -Chairs,  Leather, Velour and  Tapestry.. :    ':-:_":  We invite inspection "of, all-bur High-Grade Goods.  D. rvicArthur & Co,  . FURNITURE DEALERS  and UNDERTAKERS.  ���___.  BOR   SAl,Bi  -4,000^cres of the choicest lands    "'  -%    in"the Okanagan, thfe garden of'  'I  ' \ British Columbia. "Suitable* for &'"  _   fruit, grain or stock raising, in I'_  ;    " lots"to suit purchasers, by pub-  ^t^^lic-auction on or'about.May 1st, "-  1 z  ,.1903.   Full particulars oii appli- J -  ^."-^cation to-~    " "-    *    -  *    r    r  --  ���CHRIS.  _E=C L..LEFROY  Real  Estate  Agent.  VERNON,  -t.C  SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of British"Columbia,)  s ' Nelson, West Kootenay.    >   --  ^To wit:      1 >  BY virl ue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued out  of the Supreme Court of British Columbia,  at ttwysuit of  ���Si  ���JS-  ;and WOODOFA L L KINDS  , =    Terms Spot Cash..      -    - "'  w.  P. TIERNEY,  "Telephone 265      -    ���>   ^. Baker Street  itwrw^wrww^ww w ww-wrv*  Notice of Application to Transfer  ��� S'" Liquor License.  VTOTICE is hereby given that I, William Con-  -L,| nell, intend to* apply at.the next sittings  of the Board-of Licensing .Commissioners for  the Cityof Nelson.for a transfer of the -Liquor  License now held in my name for the premises  situate on. the west -half of- Lot Two, Block-  Four of the City of Nelson to Thomas Martin-  dale .Ward     " -~-   .       -   * ^.    r  Dated this 16th day of February, .A. D. 1903.  Witness ������*'**" - "~ *  R. CONDELL. ���  ' "  W. A. CONNELL.  Nestled Food--.   40  Nestle's Swiss Milk /.--..- -- 25  Horlick's Malted Milk, large -   80  Horlick's Malted Milk, hospital $3.00  Mellin's Food, large     80  Castoria -  -  25  Steednian's Powders   35  Stedman's Powders   30  eg>  ���ggfc  AND ALL OTHER BABY REQUISITES AT COST  .a_-_B^i___nM_lgB��-WW___--_____-iB-___------_W_-_--_B_^  ' W. F. TEETZEL & CO. #  \_^^--^*-^P*-%&��� mmm^*mml^*mm*^*04^F**^��i��4����4 mmmW* A-^%-____^�� ^0^9_&?��� __f-^�� ___^�� -^^\0^'  ^^_k* ^^__.��^^_l*^-*__.*^n��V*'<**-^^*^*^nK*^^nfc*^^^*,^^^^^n*kJ,^^BK*^___.*'^^.,^^__->^^__.*'^fc*^ ���>^_____��^^___.��'^___^*��'^____.��^_^>^5^%^n^P--^fc^^^^^^BP ^-__T^-__-_a^____!*^^__'*^M___>  __7J0.HN MORGAN HAREIsrPlaintiffr-~_  and to me~directed against the goods and ��hat-  i        '       _   -   , tels of, -  MICHAEL KIRLIN and DICK ORLANDO,  ^Defendants,  I have seized and taken into execution 'all the  right, title and interest of the said defendant,  Michael Kirlin, in the mineral claim known as  and called "Mascot No. 2," situate one mile up  Tributary Creek, on the west end of the "Sunrise" and formerly the "Sunset," located on  the 4th day of June, A.D. 1894, and recorded  in the offlce of the mining recorder for the  Slocan mining division of the West Kootenay  district, on the 5th day of June) A.D. 1894; to  recover the sum of 91,227.33 and also interest on  th**- sum of |870 00 at the rate of 5 per centum  _ffer annum from the 14th day of April, 1902,  and also interest on the sum of ?353.83 at the  rate of 5 per centum per annum from the 12th  .day of January, 1903, until payment, besides  sheriff's poundage, officer's fees, and all other  legal incidental expenses; all of which I shall  expose for sale, -or sufficient thereof to satisfy  said judgment debt and costs, at my office, next  to the Court House, in the City of Nelson, B.C.,  on Thursday, the 26th day of Februarv, A.D.  1903^��at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  NOTE. ��� Intending purchasers will satisfy  themselves as to interest and title of the said  defendant, Michael Kirlin.  Dated at Nelson, BC, 5th February, 1903.  -.     -    S. P. TUCK,  -   Sheriff of South Kootenay.  NOTICE.  The above sale is postponed until Friday,  the 6th day of March, 1903, at same place and  hour. "   -  -      S. P. TUCK,  Sheriff of South Kootenay.  WANTED.  LIFE INSURANCE CANVASSER FOR THE  Nelson District.   Good inducements.   Apply GEO. D. SCOTT, Vancouver, B.C.  A  PUBLIC NOTICE (IS HEREBY GIVEN TO  A the Electors of the -East Ward of the Municipality of the City of Nelson, British Columbia, ..that I require the presence of the said  Electors at the Police Court Room in the City  Hall, Josephine Street, in the said City of Nelson, on Saturday, the twenty-eighth (28thLdav  of February, 1903, at twelve o'clock, -noon^for  the purpose of electing a person to represent  them in the Municipal Council as an Alderman  for the said East Ward, and-to fill the vacancv  in the said Council occasioned by the avoidance of the election of Christopher Morrison as  such Alderman.  The mode of nomination of candidates (shall  be as follows:  The candidates shall be nominated in writing;, the writing shall ,be subscribed by two  voters of the municipality as proposer and  seconder, and shall be delivered to the Ret lm-  ing Officer at any time between the date of the  notice and 2 p.m. of the day of the nomination,  and, in the event of .a poll being necessarv,  such poll will be opened on tne third (3rd) dav  of March, 1903, at the said Police Court Room  at the hour of 9 o'clock, a.m., and will be kept  open to half past seven o'clock, p.m., of which  every person is hereby required to take notice  and govern himself accordingly.  The qualification by law required to be possessed by -the candidates for the office abovo  mentioned are that they be male British subjects of the full age of twenty-one years, and  are not disqualified under any law, and have  been for the six months next preceding the  day of nomination the registered owner, in the  Land Registry Office, of land or real property  m-the City of the assessed value on the last  Municipal Assessment -Roll of five hundred  dollars or more over and above aiiy registered  incumbrance or charge, and who are otherwise  qualified as municipal voters.  Given under my hand at Nelson, British Columbia, the twentieth day of February, A. D.  EDWARD A. CREASE,  Returning Officer.  *  <  f


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