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 ESABLISHED  1892  THUKSDAY  MORNIISTG,  JANUARY  1G,   1902  DAILY EDITION  IT WAS A FBOST  BOLTERS MUSTERED LESS  THAN A DOZEN.  NO RESOLUTIONS PASSED BY THE  WESTMINSTER  CAUCUS  YESTERDAY.  VANCOUVER January 15.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���The caucus of the opposition members at New Westminster,  of which great things were predicted,  resulted in a frost. There were hut  eleven members of the legislature present which did not speak very well for  the boasted strength of the bolters. No  resolutions were passed. McBride, the  former minister of mines, is credited  with having made the statement that the  government will not be able to muster  more than a dozen supporters when the  Louse meets.  valuation has been made data of the rate  of taxation imposed by each municipality is to be furnished the assessors who  will arrange a rate to be determined for  the whole province. A tax based on  this average rate will then be levied on  incorporations, and the products will  then be divided, fifteen per cent to go  into the provincial exchequer and eighty-  five per cent to the various municipalities, pro rata, according to population  by the last census. The commissioners  to be appointed every six years, one retiring every two years, salary $2500 per  year and expenses, the secretary to receive not more than $2000.  Engineer Not to Blame.  HEW YORK, January 15.���A test trip  through the Park avenue tunnel, in  which the terrible accident happened  on Wednesday, made by state railroad  commissioner Frank M. Baker, assistant district attorney Garvan and others  has developed facts which strongly tend  .to clear engineer John' M. Wisker from  .blame for the catastrophe, shifting most  of the responsibility upon the railroad  officials for permitting dangerous conditions to exist.  It was demonstrated again and again  during the test that whenever a Train  passed a dense cloud of smoke and  steam was discharged, which completely  obscured the signals and made it impossible to see objects more than eight  or ten feet away. The obscurity lasted  at times thirty seconds, and at others  as much as sixty seconds.     .  Another important development was  the fact that the automatic topedo system, which supplements the light signals, is defective. At the signal station  ���at Fifty-ninth street, where the railroad  'officials declared a torpedo exploded to  warn engineer Wisker,..six separate attempts were made today to explode the  torpedo by running engines over it, and  the torpedo failed to explode every time.  Expert mechanics and signal men  were called by the embarrassed railroad  officials, and they tried to put the mechanism into working order. Fresh torpedoes were used, and two kinds of locomotives employed, a heavy one and a  light one, but the torpedo did not explode. The striking apparatus���it is  called an anvil���was wedged up, but  even then the torpedo did not explode.  Dempsey to Coach College Crews.  PHILADELPHIA, January 15.���H. A.  Dempsey, the noted rowing coach of this  city, has signed a contract with the officials of Georgetown college to coach the  crews of that institution. Mr. Dempsey  will have absolute control.over aquatic  affairs at Georgetown.  TO TROT FOR A BIG PURSE  Schwab at the Wheel.  NICE, January 15.���Charles M.  Schwab, the American steel magnate,  made lord Rosslyn, the noble gambler,  who is endeavoring to break the bank  at Monte Carlo, look like a mote today  while he played at the Casino.  His play was so daring and successful  ^the'first^day^that^it^set^the^onlookers  wild with frenzy for gain, and he was  followed in his attacks on the bank by  many people, who declared his luck was  .unprecedented.  Mr. Sshwab started the interest in his  ventures at chance yesterday when he  began playing the maximum permitted  on any one number, $36. He went from  table .to table, always playing the limit,  and was pursued in his journey by  nearly every one in the room. He won  $7500 and closed his work for the day:  There was a big crowd on hand today  waiting for his reappearance, and the  excitement when he entered the Casino  was so great that the people appeared  to be out of their senses. Matters went  hard with him for a while, and the anxious crowd thought his luck had deserted him. He started in again, as on yesterday, by playing the maximum and  lost $10,000 at the first table at which he  sat.  Walking to the next table he placed  $36 on the eight, which turned up. The  eight pays thirty-five times the amount  of the stake, and this gave him $1260.  Mr. Schwab now pushed the $1260 on  the figure nine for even money. Nine  won, and with the $2520 he went away,  even on the two days.  Railroad Brotherhood Meeting  SAN FRANCISCO, January 15.���The  Brotherhood of Railway Employees has  decided that Chicago shall be its future  headquarters, and today decided to hold  its next congress there in May, 1904. The  question of ritual was taken up and the  conference decided that nomenclature of  the officers shall follow that of railroading. It was also decided to place an organization in each of the following  cities: Portland, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Omaha, Helena, Kansas City.  Denver, Fort Worth, St. Paul, Chicago,  St. Louis, Little Rock, New Orleans,  Indianapolis, Columbus, Nashville, Atlanta, Pittsburg, New York, Boston,  Montreal and Winnipeg.  To Tax Big Corporations.  TORONTO, January 15��� H. J. Petty-  piece introduced in legislature today a  bill providing for the appointment of a  provincial board of assessors for assessing the value of the property of railways, telegraph and telephone companies operating in the province.   After the  Boralma Will Carry Thousands.  NEW YORK, January 15.���The checks  for $5000 each were received here late  this evening from Thomas W. Lawson,  of Boston, to close the negotiations over  the talked of race between his trotter  Boralma, and E. E. Smithers horse  Lord Derby, and the Abbott, owned by  J. J. Scannell, former fire commissioner.  This is the outcome of Mr. Lawson's  offer to trot Boralma, 2:07, against any  horse in the world. When this challenge  was made known Messrs. Smithers and  Scannell posted forfeits, and Mr. Lawson  was advised of the fact. The arrangements* for the two matches now are as  follows: The Boralma-Lord Derby,race,  and the Boralma-Abbott will be trotted  some time between July 15th and September 1st, 1902, and will be for $20,000  a side. The club offering the largest  stake will get the events, and the two  special matches will be decided in favor  of the winner of the best out of five  heats in each case. Mr. Lawson says in  his letter today: "In regard to this race,  I do not want to split any hairs." The  remainder of the side stakes is to be  posted as follows: $5000 on signing the  articles, $5000 on the first of July, and  the final $5000 on the night before the  race. __   '.'.   Prince Henry Will. Reciprocate.  BERLIN, January 15���The latest arrangements in connection with the visit  of admiral prince Henry of Prussia to  the United States is that the prince will  meet the Hohenzollern at Hampton  Roads and sail thence to New York.  Elaborate preparations are being made  for social entertainment on board the  Hohenzollern by the emperor's special  orders. A splendid silver service was  sent today to Kiel from the royal silver  treasurers in the old Schloss. His majesty personally inspected the treasurers  and selected the service which is to be  used on board the Hohenzollern on special occasions. Emperor William's program is that prince Henry shall reciprocate the New York and Washington festivities with a grand, banquet on board  the Hohenzollern, inviting the present  members of the cabinet and others. The  cusator of the silver treasurers goes to  the United States on the Hohenzollern  to take care of the valuable wares.  BERLIN, January 15���Admiral Von  Baudissin, who is to command the impe-  riaj yacht Hohenzollern on her forth-  ^oming'visit^to^New^York-to^take-part  in the ceremony incident to the launching of emperor William's new yacht, arrived here yesterday. He will go to  Potsdam to see his majesty prior to sailing for the United States.  BERLIN, January 15���Later in the  day it was announced that the government decided this morning that prince  Henry is to sail for the United States  on the Kron Prinz Wilhelm, of the  North German Lloyd line, on February  15th, as cabins have been engaged for  a suite of 15 persons. The vessel, though  taking other passengers, will flrst touch  at Newport News, where prince Henry  and his party will be transferred to the  Hohenzollern, which is going there and  not to Hoboken, New Jersey. The movements of the yachts thereafter are not  absolutely determined upon. The present program is to ascend the Potomac  river to Washington, where prince Henry  will exchange calls with president  Roosevelt. Prince Henry and the president may then go to the launching together. This portion of the program  will depend of course on its acceptance  at Washington.  WASHINGTON, January 15.���Dr. Von  Holleken, the German ambassador at  Washington, today received a cablegram  from Berlin giving the dates of arrival  and departure of prince Henry, and a  list of the party who will accompany  him. to the United States. Emperor  William will send his adjutant-general  Von Plessen, captain of the navy Von  Mueller, and Von Grumme, aide de camp  to the emperor. Prince ttenry will have  his own retinue of servants. Herr Hietz,  the chief clerk to the secretary of state  for the navy will be of the party.  BERLIN, January 15.���German naval officers are eager for assignments to accompany   prince  with which Germany must reckon with,  whether in Europe, America or Asia. Tho  paper regards the immense development of  trade relations as facilitating harmonious  co-operation between the two countries.  Rioting Bull Baiters.  SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain, January 15.���  The decision of the municipal authorities  to suppress the annual holiday, consisting  of tormenting bulls safely tethered, occasioned serious rioting today, during which  many persons were injured and much property sacrificed. A mob stoned _the town  hall, the residences of the municipal officers and the barracks of the gendarmes  and swept through the strets undaunted  by the shots of the gendarmes. The latter  were powerless until a force of troops, arrived'and charged the mob. Many arrests  were made. ���          Refuse to be Vaccinated.  TORONTO, January 15.���"The Saints" is  the name of the local sect in Clinton township, near Beamsville, among whom smallpox has broken out. They refuse to be vaccinated and say they will go to jail flrst.  The health authorities have notified them  that force. Will be justified and interesting  developments are looked for.   .  LIBERAL VICTORY  THEY  GET   SIX   OUT  NINE  SEATS.  OF  FLETCHER AND THE REPORT  ;er for  Henry to mo United States  and" nianv young noblemen are bringing  influence "to bear lo obtain appointments  for this duty. The list oC possible appointments is already several times larger than  the suite which can be sent with prince  Henry. This pressure to obtain appointments may cause the prince's suite to be  enlarged. The lack of accommodation for  a number ot persons on the Hohenzollern  is the reason why prince Jlcnry does not  sail on the imperial yacht.  The Frakfurter Zeitiing publishes a remarkable editorial reviewing American and  German relations. The paper says these  were uninterruptedly friendly until German official circles displayed sympathies  with Spain at the outbreak of the Spanish-  American war. Since that time the Frankfurter Zeilung goes on to say the German  government has reached tho conviction,  somewhat slowly perhaps, that the great  republic in the west has become a factor  Council Adopts it.  The members of the city council met  yesterday afternoon in the police court  rooms to wind up the. year's business  and to felicitate one another, ere saying  farewell to the place which they have occupied for a year, and which some of  them may never occupy again.  All the aldermen were present except  alderman Hamilton. Practically all the  time of the meeting was consumed in an  effort on the part of the mayor to prove  that the report of the superintendent of  the electric light works was incorrect,  and during his efforts to produce that result, he used up all the spare paper in  the house in striving to manipulate the  superintendent's figures, whereby they  would tell.a different story. After this  informal and desultory discussion had  been in progress for at least, half an  hour, alderman Selous conceived the  brilliant idea of reading the whole of the  report, and as the last few clauses of  that report: explained* clearly the difficulty the mayor and a majority of the  aldermen were in, on the motion of alderman Irving, seconded by alderman  Selous, the report was accepted and  adopted unanimously.  The report of the city scavenger was  also presented, which contained the information that during the year 1901-a  total of 1700. loads of' refuse had been removed from the residential portion of  the. city, besides 450 loads of night soil  from the city departments. The revenues derived from, this source, which  the city scavenger had personally collected, amounted to the sum of $2873.45  in addition to a sum of $244.15 from the  city departments. After stating the  amount of help employed in the performance of the work, -he suggested that by  having the dumping ground in closer  proximity to the city, the work could  be done at much smaller expenditure.  On motion, the report was accepted and  unanimously adopted.  The Hubbard claim for the destruction of his shack, which has heen frequently before the 'council, was again  introduced in, an amended form.    The  original claim was $396, but has been reduced to $189.    Some discussion arose  as to whether the city was liable in the  event of the claim being a just one, of  which  there  appeared  to   be   a   feeling to the contrary.   Mayor Fletcher remarked that the opinion of the city solicitor had been procured, who. was of  -the-opinion_that-the_city__vas-notJiab]&  for the amount   claimed,   but  he   (the  mayor) was of the opinion that a clause  was contained ��� in the act that the city  was  responsible   in   a case  where  the  claimants property had been destroyed  by fire.   Alderman Irving suggested that  the council offer the claimant the sum  of $50 to setttle the claim, and in no  other manner to recognize the demand.  Finally, however, after some discussion;  it was moved by alderman Selous, seconded by   alderman   Madden, that  the  matter stand over for the new council.  This wound   up the  business   of the  council, and after a pleasant bandying  of prophesying in regard to the result  of the election, which will be held today,  it was moved by alderman Gillett, seconded   by   alderman   Paterson.   that a  vote of thanks be tendered to the retiring mayor for the ability and cordial relations which had been extended to the  council during his term of office.    The  city clerk put the motion, which was  adopted.   Alderman Irving and Madden  voting in the negative.    In responding  to the expression of good-will of those  who voted yea, the mayor reciprocated  the sentiments, and admitted, that while  they frequently had "tiffs" around the  council board,  they had got along together about as well as any other seven  men could be expected to do.    He was  aware that they had not always agreed,  but they would   not  be   of any  use if  they had.  On motion   of  alderman   Selous  Madden the council adjourned.  THE SURPRISE OF THE DAY WAS  CAMPBELL'S VICTORY IN  WEST YORK.  OTTAWA, January. 15. [Special to  The Tribune.]���The result of today's  voting in the federal elections is that  seven constituencies have gone Liberal  and two Conservative, Addington and  West Hastings. The surprise of today  is that Campbell should have carried  West York. Much interest was taken  here in the voting.  KINGSTON, January-. 15. ��� Harty,  Liberal, elected by 725 majority.  NAPANEE, January 15.���Avery, Conservative, has a majority of 74, with several places to hear from..  WEST PRINCE, January 15.���The  latest return with three places to hear  from gives. FarquhSrson, Liberal; a majority of 350. '  MONTREAL, January 15.���Fifty-five  polling places give Burnet, Liberal, 512  majority.  BOWMANVILLE, January 15.���This  place gives Beith, Liberal, a majority  of 82.  DARLINGTON, January 15. ��� This  place gives Beith, Liberal, a majority of  297.  BOWMANVILLE, January 15.���Beith,  Liberal, is returned by about 20 majority  upon the full returns.  L'ISLET, Quebec, January 15.���Car-  bonneau, Liberal, is declared elected  with 13 majority.  LAVAL, Quebec, January 15.���Leonard, Conservative, has a majority of 27  with four polls to hear from.  SYDENHAM, January 15.���The latest  from Addington gives Avery, Conservative, 457 majority, .with a number of  back divisions to hear from.  WEST HASTINGS, January 15���Porter, Conservative, bas been, elected with  over 500 majority.  WEST YORK, January 15.���Campbell,  Liberal, has 151 majority with-two diyir  sions to hear from. .   -  ADDINGTON, January 15.���Avery,  Conservative, will probably have 400 or  500 majority.  WEST DURHAM, January 15.���Beith,  Liberal, will have 20 majority.  MONTREAL, January 15.���The voting  to fill vacancies in nine constituencies  for the house of commons in eastern  Canada took place today, and resulted  as follows: West Queens, Prince Edwards Island, Farquharson, Liberal, defeated Donald McLean, Conservative, by  400.  L'ISLET, Quebec, January 15.���Car-  one, Independent-Liberal, defeated Car-  bonneau, government Liberal, by one  majority.  LAVAL, Quebec, January ��� 15.f-Leonard, Conservative, defeated Wilson, Liberal, by 22. Goyer, Independent-Liberal,  also ran.  Addington���Aving, Conservative, defeated Wortinan, Liberal, by over 400  majority.  Kingston���Harty,    Liberal,    defeated  Metcalfe, Co^seWativerby^^OO^rnajorityr  West Hastings���Porter, Conservative,  defeated McLeod, Liberal, by 500,  West York���Campbell, Liberal, defeated Wallace, Conservative, by 159 majority.   Two places to hear from,  Durham ��� Beith, Liberal, defeated  Thornton, Conservative, by 22 majority.  at the coronation of king Edward, has  been received with much satisfaction in  official and unofficial circles here. The  Globe says: "The selection is a very  happy one as Mr. Reid has always been  persona grata in this country and has  done all he could, and that has been a  great deal, to promote good relations between his country and our own. The  name of Mr. Cleveland was originally  suggested but we ai:e. glad president  Roosevelt did not adopt the suggestion.  We cannot quite forget the Venezuelan  message to congress.  Emperor to Visit America.  LONDON, January 15.���The Sands  Friend, a weekly paper, claims to be in  a position to make the announcement  that should prince Henry's visit to the  United States be successful as expected,  emperor William will visit America  himself in the autumn with the Hohenzollern and a large escort of warships.  WIPED  OUT  THE  FAMILY  mooting tonight in front of the city hall.  The council chamber was locked, but thev  .secured the attendance of city clerk Anderson, who called the roll. As they were  short of a quorum the meeting was adjourned until Friday evening. The opposition to the Socialists have three holdovers,  and one newly elected member of the seven,  who compose the city council, but as Justin Balrd, the new anti-Socialist councilman refuses to serve there Is every ���iros-  pect ot" a deadlock.  Murder by a Farm Hand.  OTTAWA, January 15.���The murder of a  boy named Gauthier at Kippewa, has been  reported from Bryson, Quebec. The victim  was left alone on January 2nd with the  hired mau. Four days later the boy's father  returned and found the bod and the furniture spattered with blood and the boy's  body buried under-the snow. The hired-man  had disappeared. Tho police are looking  for him..      . ,  Street Railway Earnings.  TORONTO; January 15. ��� The Toronto"  street railway earned $172,276. over its fixed  charges and dividends last year, ���:  ���  PONTIFfNEARINC HIS END  LARGE HANDICAP  ARRANGED FOR MANITOBA  PROHIBITIONISTS.  and  Suit for Damages  VANCOUVER, January 15.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���J. J. Palmer and W.  A. Ward of Victoria have instituted suits  against the owners of the steamer Rosalie for $20,000 for damages for detention at the Williams Head quarantine  station. The statement of claim alleges  that the child sick with smallpox was  sick when taken aboard and plainly  showed the disease, so that it was neglect by the company which caused the  detention.  Prince of the fisheries department will  arrive here this week to investigate the  fishery questions.  John Oliver, and Thomas Kidd, members of the legislature, refused to attend the opposition convention at New  Westminster this evening. Only eleven  members in all, attended.  The latest returns received indicate  that five government Liberals have been  returned, West. Prince, Montreal, Kingston, West York and West Durham, an  Independent-Liberal in L'Islet, and three  Conservatives, in Addington, West Hastings and Laval.  The King Predicts Peace.  LONDON, January 15.���King Edward  has given the royal endorsement to tlie  belief current among the public that an  early declaration of peace in South Africa may be anticipated. "The war  might now be regarded as approaching  its conclusion," were tne words used by  his majesty this morning in addressing  the officers of the Guards, after reviewing a draft of 1200 of the Grenadiers,  Coldstreams, and Scots Guards, who  start for South Africa tomorrow. The  king's speech otherwise was not important. He was accompanied by the prince  of Wales. The duke of Connaught, the  duke of Cambridge and lord Roberts  were surrounded by brilliant staffs. A  large gathering of privileged guests  viewed the function.  Ambassador Choate Returns  NEW YORK, January 15.���Joseph  H. Choate, ambassador of the United  States to Great Britain, who has been  home on a vacation, sailed today for the  British capital to resume his official  duties.   He has been here since October.  Postmaster-General Payne.  WASHINGTON, January 15. ���Hon.  Henry Payne was sworn in as postmaster general this morning in the presence of the president and his cabinet  and the entire Wisconsin  delegation.  A Popular Appointment.  LONDON, January 15.���Tho appointment of Whitelaw Reid as special ambassador to represent the United States  Ghastly Result of a Spree  PITTSBURG, January 15.���A ghastly, discovery was made this morning when some  of the neighbors hearing cries coming from  the residence of Vincent Vencelsick, a Pole,  broke open the doors and found the bedroom saturated with blood. Mrs. Vencelsick lay beside her bed, her head crushed  almost beyond recognition. Three little  children, their heads and bodies covered  with cuts and gashes, and the husband,  Vencelsick, almost dead, were lying on the  floor.. From what could be learnd it aii-  pars that Vencelsick came home intoxicated last night'and assaulted his wife  with a. rail cutter. The first blow inflicted  an ugly gash on her shoulder and knocked,  her down, but she was on her feet asain  in an instant and with such weapons as  she could find in the room'she defended  herself. The threo children were asl-op in  one of the beds and the father rushed to  the bed and rained blow a.fter blow upon  them. The sharp edge of the cutter hacked  the children in a frightful manner and the  hospital physicians say there, is: very, little  hope of their recovery. The attack on the  children infuriated th-' wife and with a  knife in her hand she sprang at her husband and stabbed a number of times. He  managed to get in a number of blows during, tho close battle and finally brought  tho cutter down on her skull with all his-  force, crushing it. By the time, he had  killed his wife Vencelsick was exhausted.  He sank on the floor and lay there throughout the night unable to move." A stranger  found In the house by the police was locked  up. He refused to talk. .  Forty Miles of Dead Mules..  NEW ORLEANS, January 15,���It is bor  lieved. in shipping circles here that a British transport, laden with/American mules,  bound for' South Africa,, has,been intercepted/and-blown-up by a Boer spy in the Gulf  of Mexico or has foundered. A schooner ar-  livlng on the lower coast reports hundreds  of dead mules floating for a distance of 30  miles. This news has greatly stirred-shippers here, who fear that further desperate  attempts will be made to stop the export  of mules to Cape Town. Tho more conservative element attribute the floating car-  :eassesto a disaster to one of the British  vessels during the storms, that* have beQiv  raging near the coast this week. Dispatches  from Quinana, Texas, which is only a short  distance soutli of Port Eds, say that the.  schooner Olga has put into Mattagora bay  to shelter from tho fierce gale blowing on  the gulf and that captain George Paterson  reports having seen long rows of dead cattle and mules floating in the water. He describes the range of dead stock as covering at least 40 miles. Matthew Warriner of  tho Elder Dempster steamship line, which  furnish many of the British transports,  states that all their transports have been  accounted for except one sailing from  here three days ago. They have heard nothing from her. Tho recent attempt to blow  up the British transport Mechanician in  this port is recalled by those persons who  incline to the opinion that a British transport has been blown up. The attempt to  destroy the Mechanician was charged to  Boer agents.  Dozes the Hours Away.  LONDON, January 15.���The Vanity Fair'  correspondent at Rome writes: -Tlie death  .of the pope may bo expected at any day,  as his holiness can only be said to be just  alive. He takes little nourishment and is  generally unconscious. He suffers no, pain  and simply dozes away without comprehension of what Is going on around him."  Here's to Shamrock III.  LONDON, January 15.���After a lengthy  interview held today with sir Thomas Lip-'  tcn tho Associated Press has no reason to  doubt the correctness of the arrangement  announced yesterday that William Fife of  tho FaiiTie-on-the- Clyde is to build sir  Thomas Lipton's next challenger for the  America's cup. It need only be added that  no contracts to this end,have yet been  signed and that this fact constitutes the.  basis for the technical denials of the previous announcement. It may also be addad  that the association of AVilliam Fife and  G. L. Watson is' likely to bo even more intimate than was forecast in yesterday's  dispatch. These two yacht designers being  now apparently willing to form what amounts to a partnership over Shamrock III.  That Mr. Fife is to have the major part of  the work of constructing the new yacht is  greatly due to Mr. Watson's declinations  to leave home again for any length of time  so long as his mo.ther, who is in delicate  health, remains alive. The-denials of the  snnoimesment: of.:January.14th,. appearing  iiv.the- Englislv ne\vs-apers, can be totallv  _Isre<jarded. .    '".���'.''      .'.'" .   *"  Strained 'Diplomatic Relations. :'-.'  ',''WILLBMSTADT,' Island of Curacoa, January. 15.���-The Venezuelan government after  some loss of time allowed all.,passengers  but one, M. Secrestat, Jr.,'lo idlrict at Laguayara from the French' line steamer St.  Laurent. from" Bordeaux.  M.   Secrestat- is  ��� the  son of the -"renclr.merchant who ob-  ��� tained..a .lease of, the estates, in. Venezuela  belonging to general'Matos, 'leader of'the  'revolution.*'against presidelit 'Ca_tro. The  traveller--was on his .way-to Caracas inbr-  . der to protest officially against'the seizure  of the estates in question.by the Venezuelan government'.' This; refusal to allow M.  Secrestat to-go ashore though;, the French  ���consul at Caracas received iii writing from  ' the .Venezuelan minister of foreign -affairs  a pledgp that M.' Secrestat would-be allowed  .to land' without any difficulty, has resulted  in.an energetic protest on the part of the  '.'consul, who has referred the mattar to his  government". The pretext on " whicli the  lundina of M. Secrestat was: forbidden is  that, he may have conferred with general  Matos. " '  i^--J-^--^_Te w^York's^ReceptioHr^���=---^-  NEW YORK, January 15.���Mayor Low  has taken up the plans for the recaption of  prince Henry of Prussia. He announced  today that he would name a largo and representative committee of   leading > citizens  to arrange for the welcome ot the distinguished visitor.  WASHINGTON, January 15.-Sccretary  Ixmg today called rear admiral Robley D.  Evans Into consultation respecting the  coming visit to the United States of prince  Henry ot Germany. The rear admiral has  not yet been given written orders detailing  him to act as the representative of the  navy at the reception, but that mailers has  been agreed upon, and secretary Lung today attached admiral Evans to the preparations of a naval program for tht; reception,  in view of the number of distinguished oilicers who aro now reported to bo about to  accompany tho prince on ills visit, It Is  evident that admiral Evans will require  the assistance of a number of junior oilicers. They will bo detailed as occasion requires. So far the state department is not  officially advised of the approaching'visit  of the prince, hence it is clone nothing toward arranging a program for his reception and entertainment. It Is assumed at  the war department, though orders have  not been Issued, that major general-Brooke,  as tho commander in chief of the-department of the east, will represent the United  States army in the reception.  This History Satisfies Schley.  . SAVANNAH, Georgia, January 15.���AVhen  rear admiral Schley was questioned in reference to the statement of his Indorsement  of the forthcoming book on "Schley and  Santiago,"- by-George-]--win Graham, said:  "I have seen the proofs of. Graham's book.  It was the author's book and was written  in his own pleasure. My connection with it  had to do only with reading it over, at  Graham's .request, whatever in the book  had reference to statement of fact. As re-  ^gards_tho^ Santiago^ fight no ono is better  ���prepareel to write~*th0^hi_iory~than~Gra-=  ham. Ho was there in the, thick of Tt. So  far as reading- tho book was concerned, I  passed only. on the statements of fact.  These statements are true. They make up  the story of the light its it occurred."  Struck Native Silver.  GLOUCESTER, New Jersey, January lo ���  Abram Pierce, John Butts and .Thomas  Kigali, throe workmen who were engaged  in making excavations ror posts to bear  up a fence around tho old Gloucester race  track at Ninth and Charles streets, this  morning dug up a decayed box containing  ���11 bars ot silver. The bullion weighs 90  pounds and Is valued at abouL $G50. It was  tested at Woodbury this afternoon and  proved to be ot excellent quality. From the  appearance of the box in which the silver  was buried it has been there several years.  In tho neighborhood where the metal was  unearthed there aro many unoccupied saloons and tlio general impression is that  counterfeiters had been at. work in one ol"  those  places,  and  being  frightened   off  by  some  means  or : "-������-,  buried  the  silver  just inside the y..- .   ....  :-. fence.  Another Sound Steamer Lost.  SEATTLE, Washington, January 15.���  The Sound steamer Fairhaven, operating  betwen this city, Laeonner and way points,  struck a. rock or a reef a short distance  from Utsledy early today during a fog and  soon sank. The passengers and crew all  succeeded in reaching the life bouts ill  safety and rowed to Utsledy.  Deadlock at Northport  NORTH POUT, Washington, January 15.���  [Special to The Tribune.]���The three coun-  md   oilier   members   of   the   newly  Socialist  city   government   hold  a  oilmen  elected  Elder Brooks' Sentence.; ,  ��� VICTORIA. January 15.���Elder ' Eugene  Brooks, faith healer and minister of the  Dowie flock here and his bondsmen,'were  brought before Mr. Justice" Walkem this  morning in order that the sentence Imposed  by Mr. Justice Drake at the trial of rex  vs. Brooks before him, might be put into  effect. As the trial-judge had boon upheld In  Ills lindlngsin tho questions rcsorveil, the  .prisoner was handed over to the nolle*- to  undergo his penalty ofthreo months', imprisonment.  Death of Two Prominent Americans.  CHICAGO, January: 15.-The death of  .William Marshall Scrlbner, widely known  ���as tho author of penmanship copy books,  was announced- today.  APPLKTON, Wisconsin, January 15.���A.  W. Patton, a multi-millionaire and promi-  nunt paper manufacturer who has Jicen ill  at his home hero for scvcral^months, died  today.  Fashionable Event.  STOCKHOLM,- January 15. - Tho ball  given here tonight by.William Thomas, Jr.,  'United States minister to Sweden and Norway, at the American legation wa.s attended by prince Charles of Sweden and his  wife. Princess lir.geberg. two hundred and  fifty guests, representing the court, th"  diplomatic and notable personages ol  Sweden, were also present.  Storekeeper Reed Missing.  VICTORIA, January 15.���J. Reed, storekeeper at Tongas, near- Port Simpson, is  missing ami is believed to have been  drowned while bound from Tongas to  Kclchaknn in a sloop.  Yale Defeats Princeton at Hockey.  NEW YORK, January 15.���Yale and  Priii..et-.)n iret here to night in the first of  n series of games of the intercollegiate  hockey championship. Yale won easily by  a score of seven to nothing.  Big St. Louis Fire  ST. LOUIS, January 15.���The four story  building occupied l*>y the Premium Shirt  Manufacturing Company burned today,  causing an estimated loss of $250,000, partially insured.  MUST GET A SIXSY-THREB  PER  CENT VOTE TO ENFORCE  THE  MEASURE.  IS  .WINNIPEG, January 15.���An evening  paper says: The Conservatives of the  provinciar house held a five hour caucus  Monday evening for "the discussion of.  the liquor act. Members who were present say they had a hot time. The dis-  >cussion, in fact, was so warm that another meeting "will be necessary before  the government supporters can be.  brought into line. It was agreed that a  referendum vote' should be taken at the  earliest possible date and that the municipal lists should be used.. The question  of the majority, necessary to carry the  act into effect was the chief bone of contention.    Some members suggested that  ���a majority of the total possible vote  should be demanded, while others favored a straight majority of the vote recorded. A. compromise which seemed  to catch the, majority: and which will  probably be decided upon,- was that the -  majority to be demanded should be 62  1-2 per cent of the vote polled to bring  prohibition into effect. The Conservative members of the house really favorable to the prohibition believe that this  majority can be secured Vhile those opposed to it believe they can defeat the  measure. * -  WINNIPEG, January 15���The,debate  .on"the address in reply to the speech  from the throne is dragging in the leg-  . islature,;.- Messrs. Greenwood, McKenzie,  and Lawrence; were the speakers today  and Mr: Burrows has the. floor for tomorrow. "; ' ���   ���'..'���.,...."'���  y Shook Houses Fifty Miles Away.   ��� \.  ;'"'��� MARION,   Indiana, .January  15.���Fifteen  '..hundred quarts of hitro glycerine stored*.in.',  ���  ���'two' magazines, owned- by the St. Mary's ���>  Torpedo  Company  in a\ravine  two  miles  and   a   half   south   of   this   city,   exploded-  earlv    this    motmlng   shaking   the    entire *  northeastern   part  Of'the  state.   Business  blocks    and    dwelling   houses    shook and  swayed "as if rocked by. an earthquake and .  "the* entire  city Was  aroused.  A  yawning  hole in . the .bottom of. the ravine was all  that was left to' tell the story, lt Is thought  that the explosion was caused by a gas let  in one of the magazines setting fire to the  buildings.   So   far  as' known   nobody  was  injured in the explosion.. The nearest house  was half a mile away and the occupants  escaped serious injury..Telephone inquiries  received   Indicated   that   tho   houses   wero  shaken fifty miles away. '  Anglo-American Amity.  LONDON, January 15.���The Dally Telegraph in' an editorial dealing with the relations of Great : Britain abroad, on the  ipening of parliament, dwells on the fact  that the Anglo - American friendship has  been cemented by the sympathy evoked by  the deaths of queen.Victoria and president  McKinley. In the course of Its remarks the  Telegraph says: "Genuine sympathy was  entertained in this country for the United  States In connection- with the Cuban  troubles and that substantial marks ��� oC  friendliness, which arc yet official secrets,  have helped to smooth the way for an honorable and satisfactory arrangement as to  the management of the Isthmian canal.  ���.__..-Called._t.o_Fifth_.Aye,njie_Oh.ar^.^_  . NEW YORK, January 15.���A call to th_  pastorate of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian  ���church to Rev. Dr. J. Ross Stevenson, professor of ecclesiastical history in the Mc-  Cormick theological school of Chicago, was  unanimously adopted at a meeting of the  congregation of the church tonight. He Is  offered a "regular salary of $10,000 and the  use of the parsonage, and an assistant  _>a.stor.  Want More Protection.  BRANTFORD, Ontario. January 15.���At  a meeting of the Brantford Board of Trade  yesterday a resolution was unanimously  passed advocating a-revision of the tariff:  for the protection ot homo. Industries. An  unanimous opinion was expressed that  steps should be tnken to offset the entrance into the, Dominion of so many  United'States goods quite capable of being  produced In Canada.       ���   .  Procurer  Gets  Twenty-three Months.  GRAND FORKS, January 15.-[Speclal to  The Tribune.]���In the county court today  judge Leamey found.Sim Galloway of Spokano guilty of procuring and sentenced him  to" 23 months' Imprisonment In the common  jail at hard labor. Galloway came h-;ro  from Spokane and permitted his wife to  enter a disorderly house.- The girl's evidence exonerated the prisoner.  Another Costly Conflagration.  1_RIK.- Pennsylvania, January .15.���A special from Edinboro says: "The town is fire  swept tonight. A 'conflagration ' is raging  that threatens the entire business section..  Tlie town Is without tire protection. :��id  Erie and Cambridge havo been appealed  to for aid. The blaze started in an oil room  of a grocery store of Incendiary origin. Tho  loss will reach $1U,000.  Re-elected to the Reichsrath.  VIENNA. January 15.���Herr Wolff, tho  Pan-German leader, whose colleagues in  the reichsrath recently Insisted on his resignation on account of a social scandal,  which has been referred to as being similar  to that of the late Charles Stewart Parnell,  was re-elected to the reichsrath today at a  bve-olection held at the Ratenau, Behemia,  Trying to Force the Election.  VICTORIA, January 15.���Action was begun*  today by IT. Dallas Helmcken for a writ  of mandamus to cause tho issuance of the  writ for the Victoria election.  Gold in Manitoba  A Famous Sculptor Dead.  MIDDLF.TOWN. January 15. ��� Captain  Frederick Ostendorf. :��� sculptor, is oead  here at the age of 71. He was a native of  Germany.  W1NN1PKG. January .id.���A discovery of  gold is reported from. Holland, where a  farmer named Campbell found two niyj-  gets In Cypress river .sand.  Death of a Manitoban Politician.  WINNIPEG. January 15.���J. D. Mcintosh, ex-Liberal member of the;legislature,  died yesterday at Manitou. 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This man  has teen vilified and abused simply because he has the courage of his convictions, and not because of any act done  when in an official position. The people of Nelson should place their seal of  disapproval  on such  politicals methods.  Candidates for office should be judged  on their.merits as men, and one elector  should have the same privilege as any  other elector in supporting the candidates of his choice without being viciously attacked in the press and on the  streets. People like fair play, and the  people of Nelson are getting a trifle  tired of the tactics that have been pursued by the element in Nelson that proclaim themselves the "best people."  Place your marks opposite the names  of John A. Kirkpatriek for mayor, and  John A. Irving and Chris Morrison and  R. W. Drew for aldermen in the East  ward, and D. C. McMorris and T. J. Scanlan for aldermen in the West ward. By  doing so you will make no mistake.  The efforts   of   the   Nelson   Boating  Club to raise money to make the regatta next summer a success  is commendable.   Nelson has the finest course  on     the     Pacific     coast,     and     that  it    was     chosen     as     the    place    to  hold     the    annual     regatta     of     the  North     Pacific     Rowing     Association  is     no     mean     honor.      Our    people  should make every effort to  assist  the  local beating club to raise funds, for it  will take money to pull off the event  successfully.   Nelson has been spending  thousands  of dollars  annually  in  celebrating Dominion Day, and some of the  celebrations have been a success.    Last  year's however, showed that Nelson cannot have any large gathering of people  until she has a race track and athletic  ground.   The people who come here now  to attend   our  Dominion  Day  celebrations are no longer strangers;   but the  people who, by proper effort, could be  induced to   come here   to   witness   an  event like a regatta would be strangers  who would talk of the place and its ad- j  vantages on their return home.   Let the  money that could be gathered for the  Dominion Day celebration be gathered  and handed over to help the boat club  make the regatta a success.  Issues Handled Without Gloves.  The largest public meeting ever held  in Nelson during a civic contest was  held in the opera house last night. The  house was packed. The occasion was  the Kirkpatriek rally. Dr. McLennan  occupied the chair. The speakers were  alderman Irving, and candidates Scanlan, Drew, McMorris, and Kirkpatriek,  candidate Morrison being absent on ac-  caunt of illness in his family. The  chairman said that mayor Fletcher  could have time, but Mr. Fletcher after  making a statement as to his offer to  allow Mr. Kirkpatriek time at his meeting on Monday and his request that he  and W. A. Macdonald be allowed time  at the meeting last night, declined to  make a speech and be followed by men  who would deal him sledge-hammer  blows. He retired, and alderman Irving  opened with a well-delivered speecn. He  referred to his actions and votes as alderman, and said he believed he had  acted at all times in the best interests  of the city. Mr. Scanlan followed, and  surprised his friends. He is an easy and  graceful speaker and has a good presence. He declared that he was supporting Mr. Kirkpatriek for mayor, but that  he,' if elected, would at all times do what  he thought was to the best interests of  the city. Mr. Drew came next, and while  his speech was not so lengthy as the  others, what he did say was to the point  and was well received. Captain McMorris was the last of the candidates for  alderman to speak. He referred to the  C. P. R. improvements made in Nelson,  and said that mayor Fletcher, had nothing whatever to do with bringing them  about, and clearly showed what the  mayor claimed he. had done would have  been done no matter who, for the time,  , happened to be mayor. He referred to  the mayor's change of front on the electric light question and to his neglect to  furnish the ratepayers with a statement  of the business transacted during the  year. He claimed that he was entirely  independent of any party or faction,  and if elected he would be his own master. s  John A. Kirkpatriek made his maiden  speech. He said his address to the electors clearly defined his position on questions that affected the pity's interests.  -He-was-ln-favor^of^placingjthe^cltyjn^  an independent position for supplying  itself with power, and if elected he would  urge the council to at once begin acquiring information as to the best .methods  to pursue. He also claimed it was the  duty of the mayor to see that subordinate officials gave the city good.service  for their salaries. He favored keeping  things moving, and there was plenty to  do in the way of street improvements  to give many men employment who  were, through various causes, unable to  leave the city to seek employment. He  claimed he was not in leading strings to  any man or set of men; that he was  just as independent as his opponent, and  if it came to a show down more so. He  took his seat amid loud applause and  cheers.  There   were   cries   for Fletcher and  Houston, and the latter took the platform.    The audience was in sympathy  with the one man   that   in   this campaign  has  been  vilified and abused  in  print and  lied about, and blackguarded  on the streets and in .conferences.   Last  night these men got a taste of high life  that they will not forget for many a day:  The speaker was in good form and as  his memory goes back to the early history of Nelson, he told a few of his detractors a few plain truths.   In opening  he referred to the assertions of mayor  Fletcher that Mr. Kirkpatriek had refused to attend his   meeting   on   Monday  night and he had also refused to accord  him and one of his supporters (W.  A.  Macdonald) a chance to speak then. Mr.  Houston said   the   Fletcher   party   was  Playing their own hand in the game of  politics, and that Mr. Kirkpatriek and  his supporters were doing the same. Mr.  Kirkpatriek and his supporters did not  ask  for time at the Monday meeting;  that   meeting   was   conducted   by   Mr.  Fletcher and his friends without any interruptions   whatever   from   the   Kirkpatriek side. They maae their addresses  to the jury (the electors who attended  the meeting) and had their say. Tonight  the Kirkpatriek candidates were making  their plea   to the   jury.    "But,"   added  Mr. Houston, "I have been doing Frank  Fletcher favors off and on  for a good  many   years.    A   year   ago,   when   his  trusted friends had deserted him, I and  my friends made him mayor, and presented him the office on a silver salver  ���without a dollar of expense to him. I  will do him another favor.   He can take  the platform  now, and   have   half  my  time to reply to the men who are op-  DELICATE  TINTS  The newest "thing"  In correspondence  papers is  dimitt;  This paper is unlike any other. Linen  like in appearance, yet not rough;  neither is its surface smooth. It has a  delightful writing surface, on which any  pen may be used. It is made in all the  popular shapes and sizes with envelopes to match. Dimity paper can be obtained in the most delicate tints as well  as white.  MORLEY & LAING  BAKER STRKET. NELSON. B. O.  Showrooms Mason & Rlreh Piano?.  posing him as candidates." This generous and fair offer was not accepted  by Mr. Fletcher, although it was repeated. The audience took for granted  that Mr. Fletcher was not particularly  anxious to make a speech when he was  to be followed by the man who had been  his opponent in several contests.  The speaker then took up one of Mr.  _*Jeicher's addresses, and referred to the  sentence advocating peace and good-  wi'l. He said the sentence had already  borne fruit. That Dr. LaBau and Dr.  An niir, two men whose differences had  caused more discord and more ill-feeling in Nelson than had been caused by  any dr>zen men in the city, had become  a lion and a lamb and were supporting  Mr. Fletcher not because they loved  each other more or Mr. Fletcher less,  but because they hated John Houston  above all men.  The. speaker then threw several ho-  qnets at alderman Selous, whom he described as a genial old gentleman who  was satisfied with things as they existed  and v.l;o was not ambitious to do anything, leir.g willing to stand on his record of !,ije past.  He re. -t red to the broken pledges of  maj'or "Tl-Lcher and his supporters in  the c(vrcil, and said that two of the al-  d'Tnim who had supported the West  Koch nay Power & Light Company bylaw iiad repented of their folly, but that  tai one Lad heard that mayor Fletch*r  had so r*pented, or that the mayor's  political advocate (W. A. Macdonald)  had made any such confession. This  brought Mr. Macdonald to his feet, and  he wanted an opportunity to place himself on record. Quick as a flash came  the reply: "Do it right now on this  platform," and Mr. Houston took a seat  on a chair.  ;: Mr. Macdonald took the platform, and  he was in a white heat. He began by  saying it was an outrage that Mr. Houston should refer to such men as Dr. La  Bau and Dr. Arthur and himself in the  way he did. That they were not candidates for any offlce and therefore should  be.free from attack. Mr. Macdonald  then went on to state that the success  of the tramway was dear to his heart;  that he had done everything he possibly could to make it a success; but that  every effort of his and his co-directors  to sell the company's surplus power to  the. city was thwarted by John Houston,  who sneered at and decried the tramway comapny. That in 1900 all six members of the council had reached an agreement that, was satisfactory to the tramway comapny but that John Houston as  mayor had knocked it. Mr. Macdonald  said he only wished he had an opportunity to piesent his views on the question* at issue in the campaign, but that  he v.culd probably not be allowed the  o-Uortunity The audience did not appeal- to be at all anxious to hear his  views, and he retired, and he probably  wishes this morning that he had not  taken the platform.  On resuming,   Mr.  Houston   said, "I  knew I would get a rise from him." He  then clearly showed, and challenged Mr.  Jtfacdqnald^ to^^njradjet^the statement,  that he had been called on in-JartuafyT  1900, shortly after he was elected mayor,  by Mr. Macdonald and captain Duncan  and Mr,"Peters; that they wanted him to  help them out of the hole in which they  had got the tramway company into by  making a bad  bargain with  the West  Kootenay   Power   &   Light   Company.  After-much evasion, they had told him  they were compelled to take 150 electric  horse-power from   the  power  company,  and that they had at least   SO   horsepower of a surplus that they could turn  over to the city.   That he said he would  use his influence with  the   council   to  take the surplus power off their hands  and pay them the same price for it that  they paid the power company. By doing  this their power bill would be more than  cut in two, and that they would save at  least $5000 a year.    He was  informed  by these gentlemen that they could not  make any such arrangement;  that the  power company would not allow them to  sell  their  surplus  power  direct to  the  city; that what they wanted to do was  to get the privilege of using their power  to supply people with light direct that  the city could not supply.   That he said,  so long as he was mayor, no such arrangement would be made if he could  prevent it;  that the city did not need  to take any one into partnership with it  to carry on any of its public utilities.  The interview then came to an end. Yet  the very arrangement he offered to make  in January, 1900, was made in December,  1901, when it was found that the people would not stand any other arrangement,  and  the tramway company lost  ���".lose on to $10,000 by refusing to accept  his good offices.    Notwithstanding this,  Mr. Macdonald, the paid solicitor of the  tramway  company,  had  the  hardihood  to appear on a public platform and accuse him of doing everything possible  to injure the interests of the company.  Mr. Houston then referred to the strictures made by Mr. Macdonald regarding  his references   to Dr.   LaBau   and   Dr.  Arthur and himself.    He said  that during this  campaign   that he  had   been  singled out   for the   meanest   kind   of  abuse, yet he was no more a candidate  for office than was Mr. Macdonald. Mayor  Fletcher   had   addressed   a circular   to  every  elector   in   Nelson,   in   which   no  reference was made to any of the can-  dilaroB opposing him, sole reference being made to him as editor of The Tribune.   He characterized this as the most  disgraceful kind of ward politics;  yet  w  to  to  9\ '        | WE WILL  ft  ftj\ Special Low Prices on all  jL Dress Goods, Silks, Under-  (f J wear, Beady-to-Wear Suits,  7|\ Skirts, etc.  fi\ A few Silk Blouses at cut  jl; prices.  'to "���  '          =  9*  to  ft  to  to-  9\  CLEARANCE SALE f  DURING   THIS   WEEK to  9\  9\  CONTINUE  Some Special Bargains in  Remnants from every Department.  Carpets, Curtains, Portieres, Table Covers at cost.  Your choice of our lead"  ing Jackets, regular $12,  $15 and $20, at $5.  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"If Nelson ever becomes a city," said  the speaker,; "it will be from the efforts  of men who will try to do something,  and not by men who are willing to sit  still and do nothing. The empty houses  in Nelson will remain empty unless people can be" induced to come here, and  they "Will notrCpme here unless they can  secure."'employment. Employment can  only be.seiured through the, establishment of manufacturing industries, and  one of the best ways to secure such in-,  dustries. is for the city to be in a position to furnish cheap.power,'light, and  water. Make these three factors in manufacturing 'so cheap, that any advantages the east may have in cheap labor  will be offset.  The promise of fair wages made by  Mr. Fletcher .meant nothing when taken  in connection with his policy of do nothing. Promises of fair wages would not  buy bread or pay board bills. What the  working people wanted was plenty of  work and fair wages, and if John A.  Kirkpatriek was elected mayor, being  young and progressive, he would keep  things moving.  The speaker then referred to Mr. Kirkpatriek as a man who had been successful in business, and that his business  training would be of great advantage to  the city at this time, when things had  .gO-t_ja. trifle too lax _ by tpo many of the  officials spending too much of their time"  in making journeys between the city hall  and Baker street resorts. That the subordinate city officials were all capable  men, the city clerk especially so, if only  held down to their work with a strong  hand.  Mr. Houston jokingly referred to the  first work Mr. Kirkpatriek did in Nelson in the spring of 1892. He was employed by T. A. Mills to paint the front  of the building now known as the Victoria block, and he painted it red.  "Kirkpatrick's friends," he predicted,  "would all be in the painting business  tomorrow night, and Nelson would be  painted a bright red."  After referring to each of the aldermanic candidates. Mr. Houston thanked  the audience for the attention given  him, and he retired amid as hearty  cheers as were ever given in the opera  house. *____   Illinois Wants the Licence  CHICAGO, January 14.���Notice has been  served on the Illinois steel branch of the  United States Steel Corporation that It  must pay into the treasury of the state of  Illinois from $(*S,000 to $70,000. Secretary of  state Rose sent a representative to the  local ollice;- of the steel trust In the Rook-  cry building yesterday and demanded, the  fee, reaching tho above figures, required  under the foreign corporation laws; and  failure to obey will be the signal, it Is  threatened, for proceedings before the  United States supreme court. The local officials of the trust declined to pay the  amount, pleading that in reality the Illinois corporation wa.s still an integral .quantity. They declined to admit that they were  P?,rt and parcel ot the United States Steel  Corporation.  Thirty-four Years a Fugitive  LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, January 14.���  After being a fugitive from justice for  about thirty-four years, a conviction of  murder hanging over his head, John P.  Monsch, alias John P. Smith, is seeking a  pardon from Kentucky's governor, so he  may return to his home in Louisville to  die, surrounded by his children. Monsch  stabbed and killed George Off in !Sli7, in  this city. He was tried in 1870 and found  guilty and the jury's verdict was death.  On August 12th, before sentence had been  passed, Smith broke jail with live others.  All were recaptured except Smith, a wife  and an unborn child, now a grown man,  were left in Louisville by Smith.  clothing removed and on Sunday another  body was found there with the head severed. As no residents of the. island are  missing, the mystery increases and the authorities are of the opinion that the murders have been committed at some point  up the sound, that the heads have been  severed to prevent idontiucation, the bodies  cast into the water and that the tides have  lpnded them on Whitby island. Another  thing which increases the mystery is the  fact that the same party found both headless bodies and says that he found another  some ten days ago, but before he could notify the authorities the body had disappeared.  Aimed at America.  , BERLIN, January 14.���Baron Heyl Zu-  herrnshiem, National Liberal, proposed an  amendment to the tariff bill in commit too  today which was aimed at the United  States. The government is authorized to  apply to imports from any foreign state,  such regulations respecting the consular  authentication of invoices of such imports  the declaration of their market value and  the cost of their production as may be enforced against German exports. The -language of the amendment proposed by baron  Heyl Zuherrnsheim is fashioned after the  American law and is regarded by Ihe committee as undoubtedly designed to offset  the customs requirements of the United  States and to satisfy the. long standing  complaints of the German manufacturers.  The amendment has not ben discussed, but  inquiry of some members has elicited the  statements which indicate that It is more  than likely that it will be.adopted.  Reciprocity of Compliments  ST. PETERSBURG, January 14.���At the  Russian New Year's reception tlie czar and  czarina took the occasion to express to the  United States ambassador, Charlemange  Tower, the gratification which they felt  at tho reports of good feling in the United  States toward Russia which they cons:ant-  ly received. Their majesties wished the Americans to understand that the feeling was  reciprocated by both themselves and the  Russian people. The czar- and czarina inquired particularly about president Roosevelt, whose career they showed themselves  to b'e particularly familiar with. Their majesties expressed the highest opinion of Mr.  Roosevelt's character and achievements.  COMPANY  OFFICEBEARER STREET WEST, NELSON, B. C.  TELEPHONE fiO. 219,   P. 0. BOX 688.  An Aristocratic Affair.  LONDON, January 34.���There was a groat  gathering of the members of the aristocracy this afternoon at the wedding here of  iithe=enrl=--o-^\V-ieklow---to^hidy^Glndys^Ham���  ilton, daughter of the duke and duchess of  Abercorn. Life Guardsmen belonging to the  bridegroom's regiment lined the aisles and  the band of the regiment furnished music.  The archbishop of A'-mjgh officiated. The  presents were magnificent, diamonds predominating. King Edward and queen Alexandra gave a diamond bracelet, as did the  prince and princess of Wales and the duke  and duchess of Connaitght. Cecil Rhodes'  present was a diamond necklace with pearl  droiis.  Schwab at Monte Carlo.  NEW YORK, January 14.���The following  cablegram from Charles Schwab, president  of the United States Steel Corporation, is  explanatory: "Nice, January II.���To the  Associated Press, New York.���"I have today learned of tlie sensational statements  regarding gambling at Monte Carlo. I have  been on an automobiling trip through  the south of France with a party of  friends. 1 did visit the casino at Monte  Carlo, but the statements of sensational  gambling are false.  (Signed)  Schwab."  MARBLE, BUILDING STONE,  BRIG* AND LIIYjE . ....  The Mansfield Manufacturing Company  have the. above mentioned building materials  for sale at reasonable prices. Special quotations to builders and contractors for large  orders.  ORDERS BV  MAIL ATTENDED TO PROMPTLY  Bring  co_MZ_E>.i?_-_isr"ir  OFFICE:    BAKER STREET WEST, fmSOfJ, B.C. TELEPHONE NO. 219.   P. 0 BOX 688.  To Chase the Bacilli  MONTREAL. January l-I.���.K. S. Bronson.  a wealthy Ottawa lumberman, has ma/lo  a large donation to the McGill university,  to be expended ln search for bacilli of tuberculosis under Dr. Adami.  WHOLESALE DIRECTORY  ASSA^r^S^SUPPLIES.  AV. P."TEETZEL & CO.���CORNER OF  .Baker and Josephine Streets, Nelson,  wholesale dealers ln assayers' supplies.  Agents for Denver' Fire Clay Company.   ^ELBCTR^AJL^SUPPLIES.  KOOtI-NAY ELECTRIC SUl'Fl.Y &  Construction Company��� Wholesale dealers  In telephone.1*, annunciators, bells, batteries, electric llxturcs and appliances. Houston Block, Nelson.  FRSH AND SALT MEATS.  P. BURNS & CO., BAKER STREET.  Nelson, wholesale dealers ln l'resh and  cured meats. Cold storage.   GROCRIES.   KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIM-  ited, Vernon Street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers.  JOHN CHOLD1TCH & CO. ��� FRONT  Street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.  NOTICES OF MEETINGS.  ~-~_-F5ATJi*I^  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7. K. O. T. M.-  Regular meetings first and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially Invited to attend- Dr. W.  Rose, R. K.i A. VV. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C.  7&  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. F. *  A. M., meets second "Wednesday in  each   month.   Sojourning  brethren  -Invited.  Finds Another Headless Body.  PORT TOWNSEND, Washington, January 14.���The people of Whitby island are in  a high state of excitement over the finding  of another headless body on the bach near  Fort Casey. Last week a body was found  with tho head and hands cut off and the  TAX NOTICE.  Notice   is   hereby given,   in   accordance  with' the statutes, that provincial revenue  tax,   and   all   assessed   taxes   and   incom'c  tax, assessed and levied under the Assessment  Act and  amendments,  are  now  due  and  payable  for   the  year  1902.   All   taxes  duo and collectable for the Nelson Assessment District are now duo and payable at  my oltjce, situate at the court house, Ward  street,   Nelson.     This   notice,   in   terms  of  law, is equivalent to a personal demand by  me upon all persons liable for taxes.  HARRY WRIGHT,  Assessor and Collector,  Nelson Postoffice.  Dated at Nelson, 13th January. 190_.  NOTIOE.  A. MACDONALD _-. CO.���CORNER OP  Front and Hall Streets, Nelson, wholesale  grocers and jobbers in blankets, gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers, mackinaws, and miners' sundries.  J. Y. GRIFFIN & C���FRONT STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers ln prpvislqiis,  cured meats, butter and eggs.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���CORNER  Vernon and Josephine Streets, Nelson,  wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars, and  dry goods. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing  Company of Calgary.  Notico Is hereby given that I intend to  apply at tho next sitting of the board of  license commissioners for the City of Nelson, to bo held after tho expiration of  thirty days from the date hereof, for a  transfer of the retail liquor license now  held by me for tha "Grand Hotel," situate  on Vernon street in tho City of Nelson, on  tho east half of lot 4, block 2, sub-division  of lot 95, group 1, West Kootenay district,  to John Biomberg of tho City of Nelson.  GUS  NELSON.  Witness: A. BENSON.  Dated this second day of January, 1902.  BUSINESS DIRECTORY.   ^��5SS--?J-:   A.   C.   EWART,   ARCHITECT���ROOM  3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  ��� -__-_____  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser's Second Hand Store, Ward Street.  ^FTJROTrUREr  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO., F URN ITU HE  dealers, undertakers, and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292. night 'phone No. 207. Next  rtew postofllce building, Vernon Street,  Nelnon.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22, F. O. E.���  Meets second and fourth Wednesday of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER NO.  12a, G. It. C���Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning companions invited. George Johnstone, 'A.; Thomas J. Sims, S. E.  MINERS' UNION, NO 96, W. F. of M.���  Meets in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley Streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. J. R. McPherson, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men $3.50, hammersmen 53.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3.  BARBERS' UNION, NO. WU, OF THE  lnterhattqhal Journeymen '^ariiers' Union  of America," meets firs't'and third .Mondays  of each month in Miners' Union"Hall at  8:30 sharp. Visiting members Invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardiner, recording  secretary.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION ���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary. .  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union Hall. John Burns, sr.,  president, William  Raynard, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEETS THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Miners'  Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R. Kee, '  president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  COOKS' AND "WAITERS' UNION, NO.  Ill, W. L. U., meets at Miners' Union Hall  second and last Tuesdays in each month at  8:30 p. m. sharp. A. B. Sloan, president; J.  P. Forrestell, secretary; H. M. Fortier, financial secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening in the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, aecretary.   P. O. Box lbX THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  THURSDAY  MOftNING   JANUARY  itf, 1902  I  bank of mom--  CAPITAL, all paid up���$12,000,000.00  RH8T    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       876 531.6.  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ���������^fklen}  Hon. George A. Drummond ���������vVl00,--%P8'^���i  H. S Clot'-ton Goneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Oornet Baker and Kootenay Sbroeta.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branohea ln London (England) New York,  Chicago, and aU the prlnoipal oitles in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exohange and Cable  TGran-raCominercial  and  Travelers'  Credits,  available In any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, i-bo.  Savings Bank Branch  OORR-NT BATE O-   IHTBRKBT PAID.  ArTTnTITLED  TO  VOTE  More Names Added.  His honor judge Forin added eight mora  names to the municipal voters* list yesterday morning, making thir'.v-four in all that  have been added since the list was certified to by mayor Fletcher as being correct.  The names of thoso added yesterday, together with those added on Monday and  Saturday are published below, and with the  list as published by the city council constitute tho voters* list for the election today.  NAMES ADDED YESTERDAY.  alex gibson.  e. a. miller.  e. c. traves.  maggie newitt.  edavin wilson.  john r-thven campbell.  mrs. ruth Mcdonald.  hamilton powder company.  NAMES ADDED MONDAY.  NORMAN T. MACLEOD.  A. W. NAGLE.  james a. Mcdonald.  i R. J. McCANDLlSH.  W. E. McCANDLlSH.  M. A.  ROBERTS.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,       -     -     -     ��>g������-����2  Reserve Fund,      ....  $2,000,000  ACCREGATE RESOURCES OVER 365,000,000.  Hon. Geo. A. Cox,  President.  B. E. Walker,  General Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Streut, B. O.  New York  Office. 16   Exchange   Place.  aud 6S Branches In Canada aud tho  United Statos.  NAMES ADDED ON SATURDAY.  CHARLES J.  AVILSON.  E. H. APPLEWHAITE.  AV. J. MEAGHER.  JOHN G. SIMPSON.  JOHN  SPEAR.  DAN C. AVILSON.  A. K. VAUGHAN.  A. MACDONALD & CO.  W. J. MURPHY.  THOMAS C. LUSCOMBE.  AVILLIAM IRVINE.  JOHN HENDERSON.  THOMAS HOLLAND.  L. C. BROWN.  ���'���     E.'C. CLARKE.  ���'"������*  MARY E. PETERS.  MARY BOOTH.  ROBERT A. RENWICK.  JOHN A. KIRKPATRICK.  H. E. GARDINER.  VOTERS  LIST AS PRINTED.  EAST WARD.  J. L. Anderson, George Adamson, II. H.  Avery, Dr. E. C. Arthur, llama Ana, Raf-  l'ael Amicone, J. E. Annable, II. Amos,  Irene Arnold, J. A. Armstrong, George \V.  Allen, Levi Acton, Cyril J. Archibald,  George R. Atkinson.  AV. AV. Beer, G. Frank Beer, H. A. Barton, E. C. Boeckh, John Biomberg, J.  Barry, George AV. Bartlett, Charles H.  Brown, F. J. Bradley, W. W. Bradley,  E G. Beer, AVilliam Burpee, Mrs. Nettie  Xi. H. Beer, Nels Bergquist, Mrs. AV. R.  Bloom, Hamilton Byers, James Banner-  man, Mrs. Annie M. Beer. R. Baxendale,  R. M. Bird, S. M. Brydges, Harry Bird,  John Bannister, AV. II. Bullock-Webster,  Henry Bruce, A. R. Barrow, Mrs. Da sy  Barrow, Mrs. Susan E. Burton, Mrs. Lliza  Brewster, Mrs. Isabel Bard, V. Hyde Baker, Ronald S.. Brown, O. J. Boucher, James  J Boucher, W. J. Brodie, Charles Blanch-  aid, Geor��e Bell, Fred Bloomfield, George  Broadley, William Bowness, Joseph Black-  -burnrJ.-G.-=Bunyan,-Thonms=Brown,_RoberJ..  R. Brennan, J. P. Beauvais, John Blaney,  A. Bloomiield.  H. S. Charrington, Mrs. Margaret Clifton,  A. E. Coxhead, J. Coxhead, E. P. Crawford,  C. D. J. Christie, Alexander Carrie, R. Cor-  lett, George B. Church, AVilfred Cookson,  Arch Coats, Mrs. Flora Crossett, David M.  Carley, James Collings, Henry Calbeck,  Mrs. Abbie F. Caldwell, Hugh R. Cameron,  J. J. Campbell, John Choldltch, Mrs. Mary  B. Croskill, Percy Crlddle, Stuart G. Campbell, Fred Carey, P. M. Croskill, B. I.  Clark, Robert J. Coleman, Evered Crlddle, John C. Ciirruthers, Balph S. Clark,  j; C. T. Crofts, Charles H. Creighton, R.  L. Cochran, James J. Chambers, F. M.  Chadburn, Robert R." Caldwell, John Galloon", Charles' HI Crnndon, A. E. G. Corn-  well, R. C. Campbell-Johnston, A. 13. Crossett, G. D. Curtis, AV. A. Council, August  Collin, T. Holland.  Jacob Dover, T. J. Duncan, Mrs. Ray  Dover. Mrs. Frances E. Day, Mrs. J. Ct  Davidson, Jerry Demars, Earl of Dysart,  R. W. Drew, J. Donaldson, Eva Delour,  Mrs. C. H. Duncan, T. C. Duncan, \V. A.  Duncan, Charles Dunn, E C. Davison,  Charles W. Dodd, Dr. Charles Ed. Do-  herty, Peter Dessell, K. Douglas, J. N.  Davidson, Joseph Duhamel,  R.  W.  Day.  John Elliot, Mrs. Hilda Evans, II. J.  Evans, A. D. Emory, Gus Ericson, A. C.  Ewart, Mrs. Ellen M. Eskrlgge, A, E. Es-  krlgge, Louis Ernst, Robert A. Elliot,  Georgo H. Eacritt, Mrs. Enfield.  Edward Ferguson, A. Ferland, L. W.  Ferland, Frank Fletcher, Mrs. John Fraser, A. Fleury, Edward Farrell, George  Freeman, Alex J. Fisher, John Fraser, Ed-  Sa_ J. Piatt", George Ferguson.  ���R G. Green, F. G. Graham, Mrs. Mary  E. Graham, Jesse Graham, II. G. Goodeve,  Robert Gordon, Mrs. C. V. Gagnon, W.  G. Glllett, A. G. Gamble, captain J. C.  Gore, J. Gillett, Carmen Gisl, Mrs. AV. G.  Glllett, C. E. Grizzelle, A. H. Gracey,  Gray, Fred Gardner, William Gosnell, H.  Gray, Fred Gordner, AVilliam Gosnell, H.  GInsburg, Dan Grant, J. C. Gardiner.  Dr. G. A. B. Hall, R. W. Hannington,  John Houston, Mrs. Thomas Hyland, Mrs.  Ruth Hodge, George A. Hunter, Mrs. J.  W. Holmes, Mrs. George Holbrook, Arthur  Hiekling, William Hardy, R. Helme, John  A. "Honeyman, J. 13. Honeyman, George AV.  Hale, Mrs. A. F. Hepburn, J. Fred Hume,  R. J. Hamilton, Mrs. Bertha Houghton,  Elsie Hobart, John Hepburn, James Henderson, John Hamblin, James T. Hardy.  John F. Harbottle. David S. Hardie, AV. J.  Hill, AVilliam H. Houston, Harvey A. Hea-  vener, Arthur AV. Harrod, G. AV. Howe,  Dr. R. J. Hawkey, J. W. Holmes, Francis  Holland, J.  R.  Hunter.  J. A. Irving, Fred Irwin, Mrs. Catherine  Irvine, J. G. Irving, Herbert T. Irvine.  AVilliam Mills Irving, Edgar Irwin, Fred  Irvine.  John Jameson, Thomas Jeffers, J. M.  Jamieson, Charles Jisczkowicz, Mrs. C. L.  Jamieson, Stanley M. Johnson, George  Johnston, Alfred Jeffs, Charles Jeffs, J.  Johnson, A. Mainwaring Johnson.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits. Present rate  three per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  Mrs. Alice Kcinpling, J. A. Knauf. G. S.  Kellawav, Ernest Kilby, 11. O. Keefer,  Lilian Keating, Edward Kerr, George  Kydd, G. 11. Kinrade, Sydney A. Kelly, A.  J. Kerr.  A. Larsen, Mrs. M. M. Langridgo, R. S.  Leiinio, F. Ii. Lys, Peter Lamont, G. Lindsay, John Llnebaugh, Louis Levesciue, A.  Lapointe, Charles Loughurst, Arthur Long-  hurst, J. Murray Lay, Daniel Laskey, John  Laldlaw, J. M. Ludwig, H. F. Lee, L. IC.  Larsen.  Mrs, Mary Malletto, Charles E. Miller,  Eric Mastberg, C. S. Moore, Thomas A.  Mills, Miss Jennie Manners, Albion Minty,  Dr. F. E. Morrison, H. J. Moore, Christopher Morrison, Alfred Manson, John Munro, E. I-I. Miller, Alfred J' Marks, G. E. C.  Martin, AVilliam Martin, T. L. Marquis,  Alfred Manuel, Mrs. Margaret J. Moffatt,  J'. P. Manhart, Mrs. E. Magllo, Alex  Matheson, A. \V. Munro, John J. Malone,  J. H. Matheson, Mrs. Lydia Malone, James  Malone, Robert Martin, Charles Maltby,  Thomas Morley, Charles ��� AV. Misener,  James Charles Murdoch, A. V. Mason;  Sandford Mills, Ben B. Mighton, AVilliam  Murphy, Fred Melochi, H. Moe, AV. P.  Morrison, E. AV. Matthews, David Morris,  D. A. Munroe, G. B. Matthews, AV. Y.  Moore, Xi. AV. Moore, AV II Morrison,, T. B.  May.  AV. C. McLean, Sam McDonald, May Me-  Court, Mrs. Florence McKinnon, Mrs. E.  M. McCandlish, David McBeath, Mrs. Jane  McLeod John D. McLeod, A. McQuaig,  Robert McGregor, P. L. McDonald, H. B.  Mclntyre, Mrs. Mary McPhee, A. L. McCulloch, Dan McKay, Mrs. Mary E. Macdonald, AV. A. Macdonald, D. McCreath,  Norman T. McLeod, G. G. McLaren, H. F.  McLeod, J. A. McDonald, James McDonald,  Duncan McArthur, Mrs. J. M. E. McFarland, Charles McLaughlin, Dan AV. McArthur, Duncan M. Macdonald, James A.  McCarney, Roderick R. McLellan, Fred  McConnell, Charles McKenzie, John C. McLennan, Flora McDonald, Donald K. McDonald, Thomas H. McGuire, Duncan A.  McFarland, Neil McColeinan, Duncan J.  McGHUvray, Donald S. McLachlan;  Charles Robert McDonald, James McPhee,  D. E. McNicholl, Lester McKenzie, William George McMorris, Hugh McCausland,  Allan H. McDonald, Henry F. McLeod,  AVilliam Ross McLean, Robert McLean,  Robert McMahon, Dr. P. A. McLennan, AV.  E. McCandlish, G. C. McLaren.  L. P. Nelson, J. H. Nolan, Soren Nelson,  Mrs Bertha Norcross; Paul Nipou, Nelson  Electric Tramway Company, Alfred Nox-  on, James A. Newport, S. H. Nolan, Gus  Nelson, J. II. Nickerson.  ' Martin O'Reilly, J. V. O'Loughlin, P. J.  O'Reilly,  Mrs.  Mary O'Loughlin.  John Paterson, Thomas F. Patterson, H.  AV. F. Pollok, Levi Pogue, 3.'Ii. Poupore,  A. C. -Pollen, John Patterson, AVilliam  Paris, T. G. Proctor, Joseph Alfred Pa-  quette, Arthur W. Purdy, Ernest R. Purdy,  Ralph Purdy, Sam Pierre, H. II. Playford.  Dr. AV.��J. Quinlan.  "Robert Reisterer, AV. Rutherford, T. H.  Roberts, Robert Robertson, Mrs. Maud L.  Renwick, Fred Rucks, Albert Randall, J.  J. Rosengren, J. R. Rowley, Julius Reisterer, Robert Robinson, Mrs. H. J. Riblet,  Dr. AV. O. Rose, Mrs. Annie Ranger, G. L.  Robinson, F. S. Roberts, Alec IC. Renwick,  Joseph Rochon, Thomas H. Rankin,.B. C.  Riblet.  AVilliam R. Seatle, Harold Selous, J.  Laing Stocks, H. J. Scott, Mrs. Florence  Scroggs, F. Steiner, Michael Scully, captain Robert Sanderson, Leonard Scott, F.  II. Smith, Angus G. Shaw, F. W. Swannell,  J. C. Shemerhorn, Mrs. Nina Smith, T. J.  Snowden, Airs. Emily O. Stewart, Harry  Sherran, Mollie Smith, George AV. Steele,  George Steed, Bliss B. Smith, J. R. Simpson, Thomas Smith, Arch Sherratt, Edwin  Grant Smyth, Harry Stutter, James Smart,  D. S. Stanley, John D. Scott, Fred Starkey,  H. A. Stewart, Thomas AV. F. Stoddart.  John A. Turner, AV. F. Teetzel, August  Thomas, Mrs. Ida Thurman, AV. P. Tierney, J. A. Tuzo, Scott Thompson, Joseph  Thompson, E. C. Traves, P. N.  ^Thompsonr���Ar���Treglllusr^-S:-���Sr���Taylor, AV A. Thurman, Mrs. Annie Turner,  Mrs. Mary A. Traves, Mrs. A. M. Tamblyn,  AV. L. Tebo, Robert Edward Thompson, E.  Vernon Thomson, John Taylor, J. D. Tin-  kiss, IT. B. Thomson, G. K. Tackabury,  John Toye, E. Titsworth. J. C. Thclln, J.  B Tuttle, Frank A. Tamblyn.  H. M. Vincent, AV. S. Volume, J. II. Van-  stone  Agnes AA'est, Harry AVright, Mrs. Jennie  AVright, Miss Anna AVeldert, Mrs. Elizabeth Wilkinson. W. J. AVilson, Clifford  Wade, J. G. AVilson, C. A. AVaterman, Mrs.  E. A. AVallace, Mrs J. D AValley, Cecil  Ward, J F. AVeir, Bruce AVhite J. H. AVallace, C. AV. West, AV. Ii. AVasson, II. 11.  Watts, David Woods. Frank S. AVilson,  David B. AVilson, AVilliam J. AVoods, C. B.  Winter, J. A. Wetmore, Robert AVeir,  James D. AVhite, James Wilks, James D.  AVIghtman, William Waldie. William AVest,  C. E. AVragge, A. T. AValley. J. II. Wilkinson, AVilliam AValmsley, John AVilson.  Joslah Young, John Young.  IMPERIAL BANK  03?    0-A.3_T-___:D-__-  WEST WARD.  E. I-I. H. Applewhalte, Dr. Isabel Arthur,  Thoburn Allen, J. E. Annable, AV. J. Ast-  ley, Mrs. E. AV. Applewhaite, Mrs. Mabel  Allen, Dr. E. C. Arthur.  G Frank Beer, AV. AV. Beer, A. H. Buchanan, T II. Boyd, A. R. Barrow, Arthur  Booth, John Burns, Alfred Bunker, H. A.  Barton, S. M. Brydges, Harry Bird, S. M.  Brown, Joseph Bradshaw, R. M. Bird, Vi-  torlo Boletti, C. AV. Busk, Thomas Bennett, AV. *G. Brown, Mrs. J. J. Budd. Mrs.  Mabel Bird, A. Benson, S. Y Brockman,  I-I. R. Bellamy, Thomas II. Brown, James  Bannerman, R. AV. Brigstock, W. J. B.  Beaven, Fred AV Burn, C. B. Bowman, A.  E. C. Buchanan, C. D. Blackwood, ,T. G.  Bunyan, Georgo Bell, Arthur Booth, E J.  Brown.    .  A. H. Clements, Miss Florence Crickmay,  Mrs. George D. Curtis, H. C. Cummins,  Henry Calbeck, H. E. Croasdaile, C. D. J.  Christie. Arch Coats, Mrs. Ella Croasdaile,  Mrs. W. Coles, R. Chambers, William  Crawford, R. N. Corlett, J. J. Campbell,  John R. Campbell, H. E. Connon, AVilliam  Ellas Coles, John M. Cameron, J. S. Carter, E. J. Crickmay, George D. Curtis, R.  C. Campbell-Johnston, Archie Cunningham,  J. C. T. Crofts, S. G. Campbell, C, C.  Clark.  Robert Day, Alexander Dow, Miss N. Del-  mage, Mrs. L. A. Davys, Mrs. Francos E.  Day, T. J. Duncan, Mrs. George Domaine,  F Deacon, M. DesBrisay, R. W. Day, Mrs.  Mary R. Driscoll, C. S. Drummond, Mrs.  C. H. Duncan, AV. A. Duncan, Godfrey  Dangerlield, James Robert Dunlop, M. S.  Davys.  John Elliot, H. A. Evans, AV. E. Ellis, R.  A.  Elliott.  F. J. Finucane, Frank Fletcher, J. B.  Fox, Mrs. Frank Fletcher, S. S. Fowler,  Mrs Ellen Fawcett, Michel Fortier, J. W.  Ford, AVilliam G. Fraser, A. S. Farwell,  A. Ferland.  Capital (paid up)   -   $2,500,000  Rest       -      -      -    S 1,850,000  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Branches in Northwest Territories, Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  H. S. HOWLAND President.  D. R. AVILKIE General Manager.  E. HAY Inspector.  NELSON   BRANCH,  BURNS BLOCK.  A general banking business transacted.  Savings Department,���Deposits received and  interest allowed.  Drafts sold, available in all part of Canada,  United Stated and Europe.  Special attention given to coll       ns.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  Mrs. A. M. Gamble, John Ayton Gibson,  William Godsall, J AV. Gallagher, Frank  Gravelle, John Gallagher, Lawrence GaL  higher, C. V. Gagnon, J. R. Gifford. Edwin W. Grier, James T. Greenwood, Frank  B. Glbbs, A. B. Gray, A. G. Gamble, J. C.  Gwlllim, AV. A. Galliher.  Arthur Hiekling, A. E. Hodgins, Mrs.  Laura Hawkey, Ernest Harrop, G. C.  Hodge, Mrs. Rose Hodgins, John Hamilton,  Grange V. Holt, George A. Hunter, Thomas  Henderson, Mrs Caroline L. Horton, G.  AVilliam Hall, A. Hebden, A. J. Hlpperson,  O. l-I. Hanson, John Houston, AV. H. Houston, J. Fred Hume, G. AV. B. Heathcote,  George Stuart Hawthorne, H. E. T. Haultain, William J. Herring, .Dr. R. J. Hawkey, J. M. Hedley, Charles Robert-Haw-.:  thorne, Joe Harwood, C. Halifax Hall, W.  II. Hampson, R. R. Hedley, Dr. G. A. B.  Hall.  William Irvine, Charles Ink, F. C. Ingram, Fred Irvine, Herbert T. Irvine.  Andrew Johnson, Miss C. McN. Jones.  John Jackman, W. Johnson, Sol Johns, A.  Mainwaring Johnson, C. D. Jarvis, William  D. Jarvis,-William R. Jarvis, Joseph Jackson.  Mrs. Constance F. S. Kelly, D. G. Kurtz,  Mrs. Betty Klnahan, Sydney A. J. Kelly,  Thomas Klnnahan, Aaron H. Kelly,"Walter  R. Kee, Alec J. Kerr. ' "  James Lawrence Emil Larsen, Andy  Linblad, Mrs. J. M. Lay, Herbert F. Lee,  Horace A. Langford, Alec. Long, John Lo-  chore, Richard H. Ley, Arthur Henry  Lewis, R. S. Lennie, J. H-. Love.  A. AV. Monroe, AV. J. Murphy, Charles  Magnuson, Emil Magnuson, Thomas Morley, James L. Melghan, George Motion, Joe  H. Millward, Alfred J. Marks, Alfred J.  Miller, John A. Montgomery, G. E. C. Martin, Thomas Matthews, George F. Motion,  John V. Morrison, William J. Meagher, F.  E. Morrison, T. B. May, J. P. Manhart.  A. L. McCulloch, Alec McDonald, A. L.  McKillop, David McKay, AV. C. McLean,  Duncan McDonald, AV. A. Macdonald, R.  M. Macdonald, D. C. McMorris, David McBeath, Frank McFarland, George McFarland, H. E. Macdonnell, Mrs. G. McDonald,  Mrs. Eliza McAlman, J. McKinnon, James  McDonald, F. A. McQuaig, F. A. McCrae,  Max McSweyn, George E. McLoughlin. Dr.  P. A. McLennan, Ed McGregor, Ed Macleod, T. S. McPherson, AVilliam McKenzie,  II. McCausland, D. J. McLachlan, D. S.  McLachlan, T. J. McCammon, John Mc-  Latchie, C. R. Mclntyre.  II. G. Neelands, Mrs. H. G. Neelands, G..  A. Neve, George Nunn, Nelson Electric  Tramway Company, Hugh Nixon, James  Neelands, Sam Neelands, Onslow Newllng.  Mrs. Addle M. Oakes, Edward Osier,  Frank M. O'Brien.  E. E. Phair, Lawrence Peters, R. A.  Peebles, G. Patterson, Mrs. Margaret IC.  Pollok, Mrs. Jessie Patterson, Melville S.  Parry, Fred W. Pettit, George W. Player,  AA'illiam B. Pollard, D. H. Proudfoot, Lawrence Paterson, Arthur Pltchford, Thomas  Powell, J. F. Povah, H. J. Phair, J. O.  Patenaude, AVilliam Park, Ralph Purdy,  II. A. Prosser, T. G. Proctor.  Robert Robertson, Mrs. Martha Robinson, VV. P. Robinson, Mrs. Rason, J. Roderick Robertson, Mrs. Barbara Robertson,  T. II. Roberts, William Richardson, S. O.  Richards, Albert Robinson, AVilliam Robinson, John Ringrose, Alec IC. Renwick,  John Richardson, George Ritchie, John  Rae, Edward Roper, AV. G. Robinson, P.  J. Russell, Dr. AVilliam Rheinhard, A. F.  Rosenberger, Dr. AV. O. Rose, E. J. Robie.  Harold Selous, J. Lovell Smith. T. J.  Scanlan, J. A. Sherling, Gilbert Stanley,  Mrs. E. Jane Stanley, F. R. Stewart, Joe  Sturgeon; Mrs. Mary A. Sturgeon, G. H. H.  Symonds, A. R. Sherwood, J. P. Swedberg,  J. Laing Stocks, Thomas Symes, Peter  Schonfeld, Mrs. Rebecca Stead, Sam P.  Shaw, Chris Sutcliffe, AV. L. Smith, Thomas Sargeant, T. AV. F. Stoddart, Fred Star-  key, St. Barbe, Ell Sutcliffe, R. J. Steel,  Hugh Stevens.  ^R^GrTatlowfcaptaln-Jr^Wt^Troupr-WT'Pr  Tierney, John A. Turner, P. N. Thompson,  Joslas Thompson, Sam P. Tuck, W. R.  Thompson.  H. M. Vincent.  AV. J. AVilson, Mrs. Edith M. AVhalley,  AV. H. AVatkins, E. P. Whalley, A. T. Wal-  ley, C. L. Werner, Peter Wilson, Charles  Whlttett, E. R. AVoakes, Perry AVright,  Robert A. AVeir, AVilliam A. AVard, R. A.  AVinerals. T. A. AVeeks, Henry AVallach,  A. II. AVhealler, E. C. AVragge, C. A. AVaterman, P. E. AVilson, H. H. AVard, H. F.  AVambold, AVatchorn, J. J. AValker.  Jewel Thieves Arrested.  NEW ORLEANS, January 15.-Gcorgo I.  Klino of St. Louis and R. L. West of Cincinnati were arrested across the river this  morning accused of robbing a trunk belonging to Mrs. T. B. Manners of Chicago of  about $2500 worth of Jewelry. They are alleged tp have represented themselves last  night a.s Manners. Another guest ta the Jt.  Charles paid tlio bills and left with the baggage. They crossed the river in a skiff and  were caught before the train came, on  which they expected to leave. Later in the  day Manners went over to Identify the property and Klino accused him of being a  thief, under an alias. As the whole affair  had a suspicious appearance Manners was  also arrested. The police believe he may be  K'enrz, the New York jewelry thief, and  chief of detectives Titus of New York sent  a telegram here which strengthens the  case. Manners claims that he is with his  father in the pawn brokerage business in  Chicago and that the jewelry taken was  unredeemed.  Insect Powder Killed Him.  GALT, January 15.���J. B. Keachle, a well  known farmer living near Gait, is dead of  blood poisoning as the result of particles  of insect ixnvder getting into a small cut  in his Un.  A STEAIGHTPOEWAED PLATPOBM.  AVo believe In giving every person one  dollar's worth for every one hundred cents.  AVo believe the price should be marked on  each article in plain figures.  AVe believe in charging for each article  tho iirice marked.  We believe in selling goods to children  at the same price we sell their parents.  We believe in exchanging unsuitable or  unsatisfactory purchases for other goods.  We believe in representing goods to be  just what they aro.  We believe wo can give you just as good  satisfaction and just as good value as any  other jeweler.  If you will favor us with a share of your  patronage wo will use our best endeavors  lo deserve your confidence.  In our repairing department we guarantee all our work and agree to repair free ot  charge any work which proves unsatisfactory.  II Brown said so It's right.  January 11th, 1902. j  to  9\  9\  9)  00-10  0'^10^<fa'^.���^������  =_  to  to  to  to  9\  &****************************************************tt  ~ 189Q���ESTABLISHED IN" NTOLSON-1902 *  fK  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ���ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  <_.  Before stock taking this month a  REDUCTION   OF  10   PER   GENT  will be given on every dollar.  But come early and you shall have our prompt attention. Engraving free of  charge this month. As I employ the best watchmakers and-jewelers, all our work  is guaranteed.   Both mail and express orders shall have our prompt attention.  Jacob Dover,   " The Jeweler."  %******************************^^  ' ^ ��� ^ ,--��> ������3?-,5' ��� -^ *5?�� *^. ^. ^. ST. i-^'-viS^'  to  9\  to  to  to  to  to  to  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hj  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi.-  Hi  _i  Hi  'Hi-  Hi  Hi  Hi  ^^^0m-0^'^.^'i0f.^*001'^.t0'.0^'/^'0g''^.0*'0.^_.  "V**^kv*^.^-^^t^^?So,S'',5'S*,^_-*^*'8-r:'-K*!*-r:>  to  to  to  CLASSI-IKD ADS.  ARTICLES FOR SALE.  SEWING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS  for sale or rent at the Old Curiosity Shop.  TO LET.���FOUR ROOM COTTAGE ON  Park street, opposite hospital. Rent, including water, $12 per month. Apply E. Kilby,  next door to Rossland Hotel, Vernon street.  FOR RO-_i AND TABLE BOARD. AP-  ply third house west of Ward on Victoria  street.  . 'COMFORTABLY FURNISHED ROOMS  to rent on Silica street, between Ward and  Kootenay streets. Apply L. Peters.  EMPLOYMENT AGENCY.  CANADIAN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY-  WANTED help of all kinds; men for railroad construction. Large warehouse for  storage. Prosser's Second - Hand Store,  Ward street, Nelson.  "J^ING^rai^sjFdR^SALa^"  SEAVING" MACHINES FOR SALE OR  rent. Sold oh installments.. Old machines  taken in exchange. Repairs kept for all  makes of machines. Singer Manufacturing  Company, Baker Street, Nelson.  PUPILS WANTED.  WANTED PUPILS ON PIANO OR OR-  gan" by Mrs. Starmer Smith. Apply residence,, or P. O. Box 137. ;  GIRL WANTED.  AVANTED���A' WOMAN OR GIRL TO  help������ with " housework and -baby. Good  wages. Apply, to John .Hutcheson, Cranbrook, B. C. ;    ,",*. _������������������'.  HENRY G. JOLY DE LOTBINIERE.  CANADA.  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Edward VII., by the grace of God, of the  United Kingdom of Great Britain and  Ireland  and  of   the  British  Dominions  ' beyond the seas. King, defender of the  faith, etc., etc.,. etc.  To  Our  Faithful the Members  elected  to  serve in the Legislative Assemly of our  Province  of  British  Columbia,  at  Our  City of Victoria,��� Greeting.  A PROCLAMATION.  D. M. Eberts, Attorney General.  AVhereas we are desirous and resolved as  soon as may be, to meet Our people of Our  Province of British Columbia, and to have  their advice in Our Legislature:  Now, Know Ye, that for divers causes  and considerations, and taking into consideration the ease and convenience of our  loving subjects, We have thought lit, by  and with the advice of Our Executive  Council, to hereby convoke, and by these  presents ^njoin you, and each of you, that  on Thursday tho twentieth day of February, one thousand nine hundred and two,  you meet Us in Our said Legislature or  Parliament of Our said Province, at Our  City-ofVictoriar-FOR'THE-DISPATCffOF  BUSINESS, to treat, do, act and conclude  upon those things- which in Our Legislature of the Province of British Columbia,  by the Common Council of Our said Province may, by the favor of God, be ordained.  In testimony whereof, we have caused  thoso Our Letters to be made Patent and  the Great Seal of Our said Province to be  hereunto affixed:  Witness, the Honourable Sir Henri Gustavo Joly do Lotblniere, K.C.M.G., Lieutenant Governor of Our said Province of  British Columbia, at Our Government  House, in Our City of Victoria, in Our  said Province, this 9th day of January, in  the year of Our Lord one thousand nine  hundred and two, and In the first year of  Our Reign.  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE,  Acting Provincial Secretary.  PROVINCIAL    SECRETARY'S    OFFICE.  Ills Honour the Lieutenant-governor in  Council has been pleased to make tho following appointments:  8th January, 1902.  AVilliam Edwin Newcombe, of Trout  Lake, Esiiulre, M.D., CM., to be resident  physician at the said place.  John M.  Holland,  of  the City of Grand  Forks,  Esquire,   to  be  a  notary public  in  and for the provinco of British Columbia.  9th January, 1902.  Frederick Fraser, of tho City of Revelstoke, Esquire, to be���  Stipendiary magistrate,  Government Agent,  Assistant Commissioner of Lands and  AVorks,  Collector of Revenue Tax,  District Registrar of Births, Deaths and  Marriages, and Registrar under the "Marriage Act," for the Revelstoke Division of  AVest Kootenay,  Gold Commissioner for the Revelstoke  Illecillewaet, Lardeau and Trout Lake  Mining Divisions,  Clerk of the Peace for the County of  Kootenay,  District Registrar of the Revelstoke registry of the Supreme Court, and  Collector of Votes for the Revelstoke riding of the AVest Kootenay District, vice  Mr. AV. J. Goepel.  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor ln  Council has been pleased to make tho following appointment:  Frank AV. Hardy of Ymir, Esquire, to  perform the duties of a deputy mining recorder, at Ymlr. for the Nelson mining division, during the absence upon leave of  Mr. A. B. Buckworth, J.P.  /Utfnof^  'JrtX/  &4d& /ifi&M^& i  CHEAP FUEL.  Reduction in price of coke: Per Ton.  Coko at gas works"....; $C.50  Coke delivered  7.50  Cash must accompany all orders, or $1  extra will be charged.  NELSON COKE* '& GAS COMPANY, Ltd.  ���    NOTIOE.  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  In tho matter of the Winding Up Act,  Chapter 129 of tho revised statutes of  Canada and amending acts, and in the  matter ot tho Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited.  Notice ia hereby given, that the honorable  the chief justice has fixed Friday the 17th  day of January, 1902, at the hour of 11  o'clock In the forenoon at the Law Courts,  New Westminster, British Columbia, as  the time and place for "the appointment of  an official liquidator of tho above named  company. J.   J.   CAMBRIDGE,  District Registrar.  CERTIFICATE  OP  IMPBOYEMENTS\  Notice: * Ray of Hope" mineral claim,'-situate in' tho Nelson mining division of  West Kootenay district, located on Duhamel (Six-mile) creek. Take notice that I;.  Charles AV. Busk, free miners' certificate  No.- 50,825, as. agont for W. J. Goepel, free  miners' certificate No.- 50,500 John Paterson, free miners' certificate No. 50,727, and  self, intend sixty days from the date hereof to apply to the mining recorder for a  certificate of Improvements for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the  abovo claim. And further tako notico that  action under Section 37 must be commenced  before the Issuance of such certiflcato of  Improvements.  CHARLES W. BUSK.  Dated this second day of January, A. D.  190!.  NOTICE  If you want to keep cool during  the heat of the coming  __-_-_-_--^--^LEGXION__-____-______  VOTE  FOR THE  BIG  Schooner  BEER OR HALF-AND-HALF  lOe  THE ONLY GOOD BEER  IN  NELSON  Club Hotel  Corner Silica  and   Stanley  Sts.  E. J. CURRAN, Proprietor.  P/Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Head Opfiob at  -NELSON, B. 0.    Markets at  Nelson,  Rossland,   Trail,  Kaalo, Ymir,  Sandon,  SiiverDon, Nei��  Denver, Revelstoke, FerguBon Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver..  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  . ALL KINDS OF-i"r    rH   FRESH AND SALTED .MEATS  .      WHOLE8-.LE AND RETAIL  "':  FISH;AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. C BLOCK  WAED STREET.  321 TO 331 BAKER STREET, NELSON'  /\MER:iCA^ AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated py Steam 26 Cents to SI  IMPERIAL BBEWINff COMPMY  EMERSON & REISTERER  BREWERS OF THE BEST  LAGER BEER  STEAM BEER  ^^ANIXEQRTER  When you want the Best, ask for  IMPERIAL BEER.  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. HcMAJNUS, Ma-Uicer.  Bar stocked with best bruula ol wines,  llquora, u* clsara. Beer on draufht. _*.rffe  comfortable reoms. First cIam tabla bobrd.  NOTIOE.  Notice Is hereby given that a court of revision and appeal for tho Nelson assessment district will be held In tho court  house, Nelson, on Saturday, January tho  11th, 1902, at'10 o'clock a. m.  JOHN A.  TURNER,  Judge of the Court of Revision and Appeal.  Nelson, B. C, 23rd December, 1901.  DRUG STORE EARLY CLOSING  ON AND AFTEE JANUAKT 1st,  The public Is notified that on and after  January 1st our places of business will  close at 9 o'clock every night except Saturday and the day preceding a public holiday.  Sunday hours 10 to 12 a. m., 2:30 to 4:30  p. m., G:30 to S:30 p. m.  CANADA BOOK & DRUG CO., Ltd.,  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.,  J. II. VANSTONE.  &***.***.******-*********.*$L  CO-USE    YOU    WANT    THK  TJtKS   OO   TO  UEST-  ARTHUR    GBB  in Treinont Block.   Ho will suit vou.  Large Ktock of imported season's goods.  +Z*********************1**  NEWLING & Ca  AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ETC.  Kootonny Street, next door to Oddfellows' Hall  P. O. Box 033 NELSON. 1J.C.  S HOTEL  BAKER   8TRHBT,   NELSON..  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  -Arse comfortable bedrooms aad Orst->  class dining room. Sample rooms for commercial mw.  RATES $2 PER DAY  ���Irs. E. C. ClarKe, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  l-ladden House s^*Z?  The only hotel ln Nelson that has re-i  mained under one management since 1S80.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and  lighted by electricu>.  The bar is always _t-c_.ea by the best  domestic and imported liquors aad cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  HOTEL   ROSSLAND.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  house in town. House and furniture new  and first class in every respect Lighted  by gas. Room and board |5 to |6 per.  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. 0'L.AUOEIl.IN. Proprietor.  Bartlett    House  Formerly Clarko Hotel.  The Best $1 per Day House in Nelson.  None but white help employed.   The bar the  best.    G. W. BARTLETT, Proprietor  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBBWEB8 AND BOTTLBBS OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular delivery to the tra**,  BREWER?   AT   NHLBON  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT  THH  MANHATTAN.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT  THB   MANHATTAN.  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  ALL THE BE8T BRANDS  LIQUOR8  AND CIQAR8. t^.- j. r.?.r 7Zim-~r~^T~*  Ii  I*"-!  11   -  &t*&y_S��5��2��S  TOE ffRLSOff TftlBOTE: THURSDAY MORNING, JAMTJARY 10, 1902  ^-"���h-t^t-^^'fj,^--^^  t*** ***. ***.******���  THERE ARE A FEW LIMES SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS WHICH   %  WE ARE OFFERING AT VERY LOW PRICES.  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  ft  ft  ft  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  M  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  %  English, Pi-eiicli and  American  Perfumes.  Hand Mirror-  Ladies' Traveling Cases  Ladies' Dressing Oases  Gents' Traveling Oases  Ladies' Purses atid Card  Cases.  Gents' Purses and Wallets  Chatelaine Bags  Perfume Atomizers  Hair Brushes of all kinds  W. F. TEETZEL & CO;  sasss  RAILWAY TIME TABLE  CANADIAN PACIFIC SYSTEM  LEAVE  5 a. 111.  Daily.  CROW'S NEST RAILWAY  Ku.skonook, Creston, Movie,  Cranbrook, Marysville, f^ort  Steele, Klko, Pernio, Michel,  Bliiirnioro, Frank, Macleod,  Loth bridge, Winnipeg, and  all Eastern puinU).  ARRIVE  i p. m.  Daily,  #  b***************************************************  "GOOD CHEER" STOVES AND RANGES  We are in the market again this season with this line of  Sioves. After handling them for a number jof years we are  convinCEd that they are the only Stoves that give  ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION.  Call and see our large and complete line.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   OO.  Imoortars and D-alere ln'Sh��If aDd Heavy^Hardwaro.  LEAVE  6:40 p. tn.  Daily  6:10 p. m.  Daily  8 a. ni.  8 a. m.  COLUMBIA & KOOTENAY  HAILWAY  Itobson, Nakusp, Arrowhead,  Ito velstoko, and all points east  and west on C.l'.lt. main line,  Robson, Trail and Rossland.  Robson, Cascade Grand  Forks, Phoenix, Greenwood  and Midway.  (Daily except Sunday)  Robson, Trail and Rossland.  (Daily except Sunday)  ARRIVE  10:10 p.m.  Daily  10:10 p.m.  DaUy  10:10 p.m.  11:35 a.m.  LEAVE  10 a. m.  SLOCAN RIVER RAILW'Y  Slocan City, Silverton, New  Denver. Three Forks, Sandon  (Daily except Sunday)  3:10 p.m.  Double Standard on tho west and tlw Oriel  on tho north; Black Wolf, located by J. H.  McManus, between Rover creek and West  Forks on Forty-nine creek, adjacent to the  Gold & Copper Mining Company's claims,  a relocation of tho New Century mining  claim. Bills of sale were issued on the  Catherine mining claim to R. R. Hedley  from Peter Scott, and on the Red Jacket to  T. J. Scanlan from Ed Brannigan.  Lee Wo was tried before magistrate  Crease on the charge of having in his po-  session one window, of less than $10 in  value and alleged to have been stolen from  the city pest house. W. Bullock-Webster  prosecuted and the prisoner was defended  by K. S. Lennie. Magistrate Crease, in  summing" up the evidence round the Chinaman guilty, and sentenced him to three  months with hard labor.  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX'627.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  CHARLES HILLYER, President HARRY HOUSTON, Secretory.  LEAVE  i p. in.  i p. m.  KOOTENAY  LAKK  STEAMBOATS  Balfour, Pilot Bay, Ainsworth  ICaslo and all Way Landings.  (Daily except Sunday)  do and all points on the  Lardo & Trout Lake Branch,  (Tuesdays, Thursdays and  I Saturdays.)  11 a. in.  11 a.m  GBEAT NORTHEEN SYSTEM.  Have just lec-lved 3,000,0   feet of lo  of Umber of any dimensions or lengths,  doora, and mouldings ln Kootenay.  n from Idaho, and we are prepared to ont the largest" bill  Estimates given at any time.  The largest stock of sash  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OFFTOK AND YARDSi   CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  LEAVE  Depot  9:10 a.m  Mount'in  10:30 a.m.  DaUy.  NELSON &  FORT  SHKP-  PARD RAILWAY  Ymir, Salmo, Erie, Waneta,  Northport, Rossland, Colvillo  and Spokano.  Making through connections  at Spokane to tho south,  east and west..  ARRIVE  Depot.  6:45 p.m.  Mount'in  5:59 p.m.  Dally  LEAVE   ������  Kaslo  7 a.m.  Nelson  6:00 p. m.  Daily _  KOOTENAY LAKE  STEAMBOATS  Balfour, PilotBay, Ainsworth  ICaslo and all Way Landings.  ARRIVE  Kaalo  9:?0 p. in.  Nelson  10:30 a.iu.  Daily,  The curling Club Is in receipt of a tele-  grom from J. P. Robertson, secretary of the  Western Caledonian Curling Association,  stating that they are arranging with Montreal about rates from Nelson to Winnipeg,  and that as soon as arrangements are completed they will wire the result. Meanwhile  they have forwarded by mall the official  program of events and the invitation. Immediately upon the arrival of the information referred to in the wire the Nelson rinks  will be made ud.  A meeting of the Independent Labor  Party was arranged for last evening, to be  held in the Miners' Union hall, but as  Kirkpatrick's meeting was being hold In tho  opera house at the same time, and practically all the boys being supporters of the  NOTIOE.    ���  Your patronage and influence respectfully solicited for Brown Brothers as the leading jewelers of Nelson.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  TO THE ELECTORS OF NELSON:  At tha request of a number of my friends,  I have consented to become a candidate for  mayor at tha next municipal election.  JOHN A. KIRKPATRICK.  Nelson, B. C, January 2nd, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  H. BYE  & CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  *-  -��������  Portland Cement  Fire Brick  Fire Clay  Sheet Iron  T Rails  Ore Cars  Blowers  Exhausters  Pumps  Granite ware  *Tinware  HARDWARE AND IRON MERCHANTS  HEATING STOVES  COOKING STOVES  AND  RANGES  -*--  ���* NELSON, B. C.  STORES AT  KASLO, B.C.  SANDON, B. C.  as  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  On our  large   stock   and   to  do  we   intend   making   this   month  BARGAIN MONlTH  From January 6th to January 31st we will allow  20 PER CENT DISeOfNT  on all cash purchases  Leather Couches, $60.00, cash price.. .$48.00  Leather Chairs, $50.00,  cash "price.... 40.00  Sideboard, $60.00,  cash price.. 48.00  $55.00,  cash   price   44.00  $40.00, cash  price.........  32.00  Rattan Goods.    Bed Room Suites.  Parlor Suites arid all kinds of House  Furniture  at  reduced  prices.  Carpets will be sold at very low prices.  First come, first served.  ^_J.J3. ElIN^J^^GO.  A COMPLETE LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside/Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  looal and coast).  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of aU kinds  IV WHAT TOC WART IB NOT lit STOCK  WB W1IX M-KK IT -OB TOU  CALL AND OKT PBI0B8. .  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee Roasters  Deaien m xea and Coffee  means of meeting- the growing requirements of the city for power.  The second is to see that close and  careful collections of rates, taxes, and  licenses payable to the city are made,  so that the obligations of Uie city may  be met promptly without making overdrafts on the bank;. ,  ; Third. Efficient service from all the  ��� employees of the city, high and low, and  the getting of��� full value for every dollar spent in purchasing supplies.  Fourth. The expensive road-making  \ plant purchased by ��� the_ city in 1900  . should not be allowed to stand  idle and rust, ' and I believe that  if the revenues of the city are closely  collected there would be money available to keep the plant running constantly in macadamizing and improving  such streets as Ward, Vernon, Hall,  and Front. It is useless to pFomise men  fair i wages and keep them in idleness.  If elected. mayor I will do my best to  give them both fair wages and work.  Fifth. Nelson's future growth depends on the location nere of manufacturing industries, and, in my; opinion,  it is,; the'duty of the council to take the  initiative in making known Nelson's advantages in that respect.  Work will bring prosperity, and prosperity tends to make people both  cheerful and happy, even if they do  differ sometimes on political questions.  Respectfully,  JOHN A. KIRKPATRICK.  Nelson, January 11th, 1902.  TO THE ELECTORS OF NELSON:  At the request of a large number of property owners and ratepayers I again offer  myself as candidate for mayor of the City  of Nelson.at the coming municipal election, and respectfully ask all those who  think I have served the city's interests to  vote for me.    Yours respectfully,  FRANK FLETCHER.  January 4th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  ELECTORS OF THE EAST "WARD:  Elected to the council, as I was last year,  pledged to the principle of municipal ownership of public utilities, I seek re-election  this year on the same platform, and if successful I will do everything possible 'to extend the electric lighting, water and sewer,  systems, and keep thenr efficient and up-  to-date. JOHN A. IRVING.  Nelson, January 8th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  ^������ff-^f-^-'ff'CS^.fr^^:  7.1.  to  \\f Are you one of the fortunate ones that have attended our Great m  to Bargain Sale of Shoes ?    If not, why not?     The greatest snaps in ft\  xi Boots and Shoes, Felt Goods, Gum, Boots, Arctics, etc., that has ever m  iiii been known in Nelson.  Why not?  ELECTORS OF.THE EAST "WARD:  I have consented to stand as a candidate  for.alderman in the East Ward, and I am  thoroughly in accord with the party that  favors municipal ownership of public utilities. CHRIS MORRISON.  Nelson, January Sth, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  TO ELECTORS OF THE EAST "WARD:  I hereby announce myself as a candidate  for alderman for the East "Ward at the  coming civic election. R.W.DREW.  Nelson, January 7th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  vW  A CALL WILL CONVINCE YOU.  NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS.  MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  L. A. GODBOLT, Prop.  THOS. LILLIE, Manager  ^���S ������*9-^*����^*3--5'^^^^^  toJ  to-  to  toj  to  to-  to?  to  .Kirkpatriek ticket,  oi*era house.  they adjourned to the  G. H. Barnhart, manager of the Ymir  mine, is a guest at the Hume hotel.  V. Hyde Itaker of Cranbrook arrived in  the city last evening" and is a guest at the  Hume hotel.  Said  CITY AND DISTRICT.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AHD _4B"_ 8TB--T-. WBL80W  OFFICE AND POCKET  DIARIES  FOR  1902  Canada Drug & Book Co.  Wo are offering at lowest prices the best  BTadea o   Ceylon, India, China and Japan  ���Our Best*. Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound        s  itj  . Mpoha and Java Blend, 3 pounds..*."; 1 00  Choice. Blend Coffee, _ pounds  1 00  Special E._nd Coffee, 8 pounds  1 00  H_o Blend Coffee, 6-pounds  l 00  Spocial Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound , SO  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  MOfEIMYiCOFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  \ / P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Born to the wife of F. C. Winkler, at the  Kootenay Lake General Hospital, a daughter.  J. G. Whilcacre leaves this morning for  the Coast on a business trip. He expects  to be away a couple of months.  The members of the Nelson Boat Club  wish to express (heir thanks to the ladies  who assisted in supplying supper for the  dance held Tuesday evening.  TO ELECTORS IN THE WEST WARD:  Ladies and Gentlemen: We beg lo juliclt  your vote and influence in our behalf as  aldermen in the West Ward at the fip-  proaching election.' We claim aliegiarre  with no party or faction in tlio contest, but  if elected will serve you faithfully and justly in all matters affecting the interests of  the city. We are in favor of civic ownership' of public utilities and will advocate  the control of all franchises which by right  belong to the city.  (Captain) D. C.. McMORRIS.  T. J. SCANLAN,  . Nelson, January 8th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  TO THE ELECTORS OF.NELSON:  I beg to offer myself as-an alderman for  the West Ward and respectfully ask your  vote and Interest.        HAROLD SELOUS.  __Dateii January-4th, 1902.       ANNOUNCEMENT.  ADDRESS.  XjiiviiarEir)  k, w. a BLOCK  KELSON  TO THE ELECTORS OF NELSON:  There are issues in the present civic  campaign that, in my opinion, should  be carefully considered by the electorate.  The flrst and most important is the  public utilities in whicn the city has invested very near $200,000. How they  can best be made and kept efficient, so  that their earnings will lessen the burdens of taxation, should be the chief  concern of the incoming council. If  elected mayor I will urge the council to secure the services of a recognized  expert on electricity and hydraulics to  report on the condition of the present  electric   lighting   plant   and   the   best  The new high school building is completed  and Is ready for occupation, with the  exception of the blackboards, which have  not yet arrived but are expected in a few  days.  The excavations for the addition to the  Houston block will be completed today, and  work on the foundations will bo commenced  on Friday morning. Architect Carrie will  ��� superintend the work.  Yesterday was a busy day at the city  hall, being the last day allowed for the  rebate on the payment of taxes and water  rates. In consequence of the rush of business In this respect the valedictory of the  council had  to be held.in the police court.  TO THE ELECTORS OF NELSON:  I beg-to offer myself as an alderman for  the West Ward and respectfully ask your  vote and interest.      JOHN HAMILTON.  Dated January 4th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  Application was made In chambers yesterday in probate on the estate of Mrs.  Catherine Aitkin Slddons of Dumfries,  Scotland, recently deceased. The estate  was sworn in at $3600 and an ancllliary  probate was granted.  The Odd Fellows ball, which has been  scheduled for Friday evening in Fraternity  Hall, promises to be: one of the most enjoyable affairs of the kind this season. It  is being given under the auspices of the  ��� Nelson - Camp, I. O. O. F. Mill ward's orchestra of five peices will furnish the  music.  TO THE ELECTORS OF. NELSON: ���  At the request of several I have consented to offer myself for election as alddrman  for the West Ward and respectfully ask all  those who think the Interests of the city  will be served by my election to vote for  mo. JOHN ELLIOT.  Nelson, January 4th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  TO THE. ELECTORS OF NELSON:  In response to the request of a large  number of property owners and ratepayers  I again offer myself as a candidate for  alderman in tho East Ward of the City of  Nelson, at the coming municipal election.  Thanking you for your support in the past,  your vote and inlluenco respectfully solicited, W. G. GILLETT.  Nelson, XI. C, January 4th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  The total amount received yesterday by  the city treasurer in payment of taxes and  water rates was $2700.  The pupils in the department of principal  Sullivan of the public school were dismissed  yesterday morning owing to the fact that  the heating apparatus of the school was  out of working order.  The chief of police notined all hotelkeep-  ers yesterday .that their places-of business  would have to shut down during the hours  that the polling booths are open today during the municipal elections.  The story is going the rounds that in a  truly rural district of British Columbia a  certain school mar'm of rather attractive  appearance adopted a, novel and not unattractive method of correcting the tardiness of her pupils. One morning she proposed to her boys and girls that the first  one to arrive at school the following morning would receive a kiss. The following  morning, on arriving at the school house,  she was surprised that not only herientire  school were awaiting her, but the trustees,  four merchants and eleven bachelor farmers.'    ^^Db=N6t" Want" Lynch:"Iiawi^^^  DUBLIN, January 15.���The Evening Herald says warrants for the arrest of colonel  Arthur Lynch, formerly of the Second  Irish Brigade on the Boor side in South  Africa, are in the hands of the London police, and should colonel Lynch appear In  (hat city tomorrow with the object of Inking his seat in parliament he will be immediate!*.' arrested. ;  For the next thirty days I will gi>*e  a great slaughtering sale on all lines in  stock consisting of boy's and men's  clothing, furnishings, hats and caps, and  boots and shoes. In order to make room  for spring stock I must slaughter some  of my present stock and also to give my  many customers the benefit thereof.  Now is the chance to partake of soins  of the best bargains ever offered in the  Kootenays.  The sale is genuine, the stock new and  the prices away down.  Call, get prices, examine goods and  be convinced that I am offering th-  greatest bargains ever offered in Nelson.  217 and 219  Baker Street  J. A. GILKER  CHRISTIE'S CREAM SODAS. CHRISTIE'S WATER ICE WAFERS.  Also all kinds of Sweet Biscuits fresh from the factory.  BLUE   RIBBON   TEA.,  The polling places for the municipal elections today will be: In the east ward, at  the police court, city clerk Strachan returning officer, with W. A. Farmer as poll  clerk. In the west ward. In the oflice of  Ward Brothers, police mngistrate Crease  will be deputy returning oflicer, with R. J.  Strachan us _oll clerk.  Citv Clerk Strachan has posted notices at  the polling booths for the election today,  announcing that voters in the different  wards can only vote in the one ward for  mayor or school trustees, though they may  have votes in each ward; and those attempting to do so render themselves liable  to a fine of $100. This, law does not .apply  to voting for aldermen.  A certificate of work was granted yesterday to John Olson on the mining claim  Kaslo. Following aro the latest locations  recorded at the mining record oflice: Silver Bell, situate about five miles from Ymlr  and joining tho Oriel M. C. on the southwest side on tho divide between Porcupine  and Hidden creeks; Tugalla. located by  William Davis on the divide between Porcupine and Hidden creeks, about five miles  distant  from  Ymir,  and  adjacent  to   the  TO ELECTORS OF THE EAST WARD:  Ladies and gentlemen, I beg' to announce  myself a candidate in tho forthcoming  election of aldermen for the East Ward  and respectfully solicit tho favor of your  vote and Influence.  JOHN PATERSON.  Nelson, B. C, January 4th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  At the request of some of the ratepayers who, like myself, are very much interested ln school matters, I have decided to  bo a candidate for trustee at the coming  election. Your support respectfully solicited. J. F. WEIR.  Nelson, January 9th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  The Inquiry Started.  NEW YORK, January 15.���Coroner Scho-  ler selected a jury today to Investigate  the tunnel wreck which resulted in the  death of seventeen persons. As soon a.s  the jury was secured Its members and  the coroner made a trip of inspection  through the tunnel.    ; *&  To be Run by Electric Power. "  NEW YORK, January l,*i���President!Newman of the New York Central railway, today announced that it was planned to dig  a loop under the present terminal reached  via the Park avenue tunnel and to handle  tho suburban traffic In the new tunnel by  electric nower.  Increasing Capital Stock. :'  NEW YORK, January lb.���The board of  directors of the N. Y. C. and H. R. R. R.  Co. decided to day, subject to the approval  of the stockholders, to increase the capital stock of the company from $115,000,000  to 1150,000,000.  Fell Down Cellar Door.  HALIFAX, January 15.���Ivan, the seven-  year old son of James McEwen, fell:down  an open cellar hatch yesterday morning  and struck his head, receiving Injuries  which caused death in the afternoon.  Houston Block;  Nelson, B C.  J. A. IRVING & CO.  HEAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE BBQKERS  Agents for Trout Lake Addition  (Bogustown) Fairriew Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us oi  two year's time without inteiest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  NOTICE  CALT  GOAL  FOR  DOMESTIC  OR  STEAM  USE  Qeneral Agency, Telephone 265.  TO THE ELECTORS OF NELSON:  I beg to offer myself as an alderman for  the East Ward, and respectfully ask your  vote and interest. W. J. WILSON.  Nelson, January 8th, 1902.  ANNOUNCEMENT.  TO THE ELECTORS OF NELSON:  At the request of a number of electors  who   are   interested   In   school   matters,   I  havo decided to be a candidate for school  trustee at the coming election.  J. E. ANNABLE.  Nelson, January 8th, 1902.  Hockey Flayer Dead.  HALIFAX, January 15.���Fred Hay, a  Dalhousie college student, aged 22, was  found dead in bed this morning. He played  in the Dalhousie and Intermediate Y. M.C.  A. hockey teams last night.  John M. Snetsinger Dead.  CORNWALL, January 15.���John M. Snet-  singer, one of Cornwall's leading Irish citizens, dropped dead on the street today.  TO OUR CUSTOMERS:  Owing to our large losses on collections  during the past year and determining to  treat all alike hereafter, we have Instructed  our drivers to allow no credit on and after  January 1st, 1902. Hoping-you will recognize the justness of the change, we remain,  your obedient servants,  KOOTENAY STEAM LAUNDRY.  Nelson, December 17th, 1901.  W. P. TIERNEY  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Telephone 145  ORDER YOUR  Telephone 35*  COAL  FROM  NELSON FREIGHTING AND TSWSFER CtC  NOTICE  When at Erie, B. C, stop at the Mersey  hotel.  Mrs.  M.  Collins,  proprietress.  The big schooner of beer or half-and'-  half, 10 cents. Always fresh and cool. Club  Hotel. E. J. Curran.  NOTIOE OF MEETIMJ  A meeting of the Nelson Trades and  Labor Council will be held Thursday evening, January Kith, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of electing ofllcers for the ensuing  year. All delegates are requested to attend.  HOWARD BUSH, Secretary pro tern.  J. A. KNAUF, President.  To the Public and Union Men:  Tho Trades and Labor Council of the City of  Nelson have declared all Hotels, Restaurants  and Saloons employing Chinese in or around tho  premises unfair to organized labor.  The following do not employ Chincso in such  capacity:  ���     VICTORIA HOTEL  CLARKE HOTEL  TREMONT HOTKL  MADDEN HOTKL  SHERHROOI-E HOTEL  GRAM) CENTRAL HOTEL  LAKE VIEW HOTEL  ROSSLAND HOTEL  GRAND HOTEL  KLONDYKE HOTEL  JOHN SPEAR  MANHATTAN SALOON  JiODKGA SALOON  GLUE POT SALOON  CLUB HOTEL  IMPERIAL RESTAURANT  KOOTKNAY HOTEL  IMPERIAL SALOON  ANTHRACITE f\NB R0SLYN  ALWAYS ON HAND  Office: Bakor Street,  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  Teaming and Transfer Work of  all kinds.  Agents for Hard and Soft Coal. Imperial!  OH  Company.  Washington Brick, Llrao &-.  Manufacturing   Company.     General   commercial agents and brokers.  All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery.    OFFICE 184 BAKER STREET'  TELEPHONE   147.  Private Tuition  Students prepared for departmental anfli  other examinations.  Commercial work a specialty.  I. C. SLATER,  Fourth door above City Hall, '


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