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The Nelson Tribune 1901-10-16

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 ESTABLISHED  1892  W^~^v^$M��W&(^W^^^M^WM  . ,'"U ^.'^'-?_5 ���.V^'.'VO.^:.*-'y^',^^ -/ </**   J^*"��  r ...  r-<_ t- .... n . .1,    ,*'���*._ .-. W^i>j . .--    -. t-.i,Tv."7 . ,*- -.y.., . - J,��� r----v,--*-*-��,*-   ?-.T i7*1 '       "^ -" r ._?fl_  ?M^wt_^^s__-^^te is ^J  MOBILETIEB  PRETENDS ONE THING-AND  :?'. ?^GTS;?^bTHER.- -'IKS  Ing for the. West Kootenay Power &  Light Company said the electric lighting system of the city-has not paid. The  following figures aretaken from the report of the city auditqr:r.?? ' f ���'������,.yf "'A  ElectricyLightyRates-Cbilected-^ ?? ?r  1S9S, from :jiilyylst''.??_'???;'.:.?':5,066l<30'  l&l)9Zy7.c7x:rZ7Zr::7xZx777xnjLm"iii_7  1900 y;.....xx.7.x7.-r;x.-.;. f; y-,s20^928 00  -1901,: to June 30th:..:;;.'.;.'?'Jl0,987;;3()v  yBELIEYES ?THE iELE?TMC?M(}HT-  ,r ;^:*;? ING". S YSTEM; IS ^OzQOODxZZTy:  y%yy7^:'M:j^S^;yy^  ? *���:? Maybryl^ietc^  y^.i been ?iiuable:* 'to: :get??k  ���^y^frbm; the. member'��� for^Nelsonyriding'-oiy  fyZfrom; y ,the ' .igo yernmentw-regar ding.y^he -  fpw; sta tus- 'Zpt ytHe? ci ty.-;' in ?hef ?applicatibn -tt)  <f ^ fp urcha^  ysitg !for; a? power ���_'^ibh^Mayor?Pletclier  ?is a: peculiar|indivi^a  ??5iis purj_ose:__e^^  ���.^j^actirig another..Before hisselection? as ���  ?v:-gmayor,: hey-preterided vuat?he!?belieyed-  ^ yr'vthe city' had a7 valuab le?ass et?ih. the * el ee-?  ???|;tric:.lightinK"system.:Nine  . j *lj��is. Jelectipn;?_he;' belie,'^f thE^there|-is?  ���Ljy^nafmcmeyyi^^  fr.|;?plaii t?^H6; p'reteridsyihatyheyhab'r-^jhadj  ^s-aiiy,iinfcrm?-tibnTf-pm";thes  pp. "Nelson;, riding^regardiegSthif status;, bf ���-.  I .'<4vth .V ..ity'sf'ap:^  xZxZrpt^ZZZ.xZZyyZZZxyrz.:.-7r^  -y'Cost bf::Maintehm.ceya*ad?Operatidii^:  1898^. from?July? 1st???;'���'.ZZ ���'';.? 2,078 '42?  1899- .?��� :.-.*'.- - _W7_r Zx.??V?._:;*2;722s.8"  'mozx.yr.jrrirr\7Z77.y>ifi$o3:-8s.-  1901; to:Juhe-30th-.:.'.:?;:;:?-;'.-;;;v3,058-n9;'  fierce. ^ until   Mclntyre; had   an   arm  broken and?was compelled to retire; Mclntyre laid information against his two  assailants; and they fhave been committed for "trial at t-he Westminster assizes.  ';*"-.The': Westminster J cbuncil- last evening  -laid, bver..the\questibi- of the Vancouver?  ��� Power Company;s;application-,for .watery  ?from), Coquitlamflake to ay SReciaii'corii-?  i. mittee.:;�� iTh e ? question: '!��� has ?resplved?it-:  selfylnto -oneybf ;twhether jthe B. .���.C.?*'Ei&-_*H?*  trie Company?jviirjbuildf a: dam at? the  lake to ;gi v e ; better ?fpr^suf 6 ^fbh. the'  ;.Westminster|waterwbrfis.*;?'��'S?*.^  ���;*Vi.is.*-.-.:  ifpurchaseje  Ij 7yi or? aSpowerXstatibii,f ^t/?lie?khbvvis|tl-at*  ��%aE:?y.?Bbdwell*has?beehf^  ySCafterKtheyJclty-sM^  ^yfwhere :the;:q uestipriykt '-:is!ju._.;*, between: tlip}  1 .��Cit^;of'NelsbnyaM  ?;>;ljq wo .������?__ 'LightXCp-n pM^raust;iye;fbu6.ht;  -gandildecid ed.SHe_i-4 -^^^awareltliatSthi*!;  ?;jmbmber ifbr?:Nelson-;riding?;^eived^jthb  ?7&omnumi(^ibns|_ riiit^;belo^?4l^)^.ll|  ���'.*���'_��'Iri-nwii'li.lint-'^i-'ovorvthiTi(_   ilip .-mftTnh'Si'y.friii:  Zy^P^xZZZyrZxy^  ?:. Thesoilgures sho-wiari.aciuaKprifitlof:  ?31,323.T0 y fory. throe? years'.;; operation;:  :that:is, ;frpm^ the?^date. the; pla'ntyyvvas:  /taken-ovei* byythe: cityytoythe ,30th: of'  June*-la-tifFbr: the* first yeaiy cnly,.$40,0.00;  were :inv.sited; ytheinext .two yycars^it  -i_.aK?be-^id=$70.000?^^-b-ihvested?*yThR'i  $31,323.70iis?th ei-efoi^. the? p_-btit_bri yatfi  yinvestment?qf-:,$lSp.000?forybhe-yea.r,y()r'  ;~17A ?per =yceiitA|Iricii_deci,i:3n:tl-e?^um?d-S^;  )(bursedS for ymaintenKnce'yttndfibpb^  ?\VMy;thb?;entire.'cost?bf;?the||n  ?and?the?entirejci.st^9fy  leys, afmatures,';;comm,utatbrs;ybelts;^tc.;;  MEDICOS  I^:a_idltellJfthe':trutJifithe|whb}e:?tr..th^  I'ia^iwthing^butstli^ftuth^gTh^  iy^?;��iriic^refCT-'editp;^^  ; .t^IiBtVar^-Ffo^  '(Zxy^ZTSZZZfpZix.Z-yvaj$m^  ^.y|flffi___._-S||AND��  '^|@S]_-OT^^|CT0Sl^|5 S?pZ&m$ep��Zi����rx  ;i0yohn?:Hbustp_-i7:'M  ?M-Sii-:?S|The;!?hbnpraW^h  7y ^ahd^?m^ybci.--l_3tte_-?bfithef7thy  ���w. ft-i-^-i^"'.^.--^-"^-^*-*.^^^  K ?i&::;?-ibus8ljfbr:&electric'. Uightihg^purposes;:  l.?;?'_.-aM*stating^^  t :-:r.����iacle;ytb?;get'?this;Scl^artmenty.:tb;h?take-  U?;i&_ibh;^biit?fbr;sbi_ie;reason: the cit^cari-i;  ���_':i?.nbtp;i^:ieven .:anf ahswer?:to'; any? of .Jits';  '���: fcohmunicatibris.?'? The.^  ;?:?y__e?tb;state the facts [pfthecase.iforyypur;  i???irif oriniatibn?:wliicih?arenas vf ollo^vs ??y???y.v  7 ;:;y^^As^oii;-ire;aware;:?the?app)ication  _s .'itiie city:was?adversed.by'?tl_e;We_ft.Kpbt-^  |>1 ZZZ;: :ehay:Power) & :Light;Cbmpany;yand:there^  I'fSy^was?alsb?a'conflict;in. a^plication^ffbmy  [ p '��� Z-xlT' A?;Camp_ ell-* and: 'J??M.; Smith' f or; inilly  "- ??::��� :;sites .-ii_':the?samb. lbcalityS?Afteiv'sbme.  ?:*;;cbrresp--nderice-;bn?*theVsubjecty-^^  ?:the'facts?bfthe :case^as?tar::as-possible?'-  y:thb-wholej iriatt er';������ toi^ thei-r w-it_.-i_aa.ps yto:  '-���:������. ;ill ustr ate? the ?positioh" of" the:; iand'''ap-;;  '��? -plied fbiSvwereysubmittedfby^me^^  ,   yltbhorabley* the -chi.f V commissioner*^ of  : : Sands and y^orks, who? a^ter; taking; the  :: _mb3M-r_ntb?cbnsldefationUnall itsibear-;  7?*' ings;' directed?me to 'write_ tb?thb solici-  #^tbrs%of^th6fevariousHnterest-^=Spar-ties=  ?'?.and?ad vise y them'that art inquiry/would  t;be??held ,;atvthe   .chiet? commissioner's;  ,.?<offlcein:Victbrm^upbn-some; datey which;  :f?might .be?mutually^^ 'convenient tor_the  '-. *. *:'i different X parties v.concerned. :���;*. :For your;  -.information' I enclose,a copy of a letter,  '.^addressed to Messrs.' Elliot &, Lennie,  *^-'toTfJsters^at Nelson.:Z-A- similar-letter-  ?v\yas addressed to Messrs. Macdonald _.:  ?����� Johnson;   Nelson; Chester? Glass,,?;Esq.:  1- Spokane,, Washington; Messrs. MacNeiil  .? & Deacon,~Iiossland;.and:Messrs; *Bbd-:;  "'.: -well. & Duff, ..Victoria. . These gentlemen,  r   .respectively  acknowledged   the   receipt;  ���of: my' letter, arid advised me that they  would take steps to comply ywith the  ���.request contained therein, since which  .'.nothirigfurther on the subject has been  Jieard. -���-���'������ :* , :;i "���  You will see by the above that this,  ���department has .done: all that was in;  :its.power to.bring'the matter to -a:, hear-;  :ing;ih order that the case might be de��  !termined upon-its merits as might ap--:  ; pear, from the^evidence submitted; by the;  'different;applicants.-.       7.��� '..."*.   .*. ; ?y  '. Trusting the same will,be satisfactpi-j--?  ���!.������&> ybui: :;I./liavo the honor" to .---be; y sir,;  , t;#our?obedient servant.??; ? ?-i,'?-.?*;.'_. :: ?  ���:������;���"���?.���*���-.?? ���-���.:��� :x:.X_Z7 ?t?":?W.:S..;GGRE,y'' ;::'  Deputy..-Commissioner': ofy Lands..and  ���.v',,*?.Worl_s.-*''; xrZ7XX:x-,,~ ��� Z7'x.;-':;��� v'-:   -:, ,-'���  ^hd;stegebn_"frbnr.aHf^t^pf^  ?an_j:sbme|^^i^l^-ex^  .|parts?bf, tlie?^i_itr^gat^ed today'i  ]the?sbmi;-^nuai;:__i eeti^A3^he?]V.edi<-al?  jsbciefewpf^  ?whici|?^^|o|^(wi:?in^h^  i^-^demy^?i^'30?p:clbck?^  ;iidei.t:Pfytl^:s&iety-in:tl_e^_.air.,Am  ^the^flrstjpapertere^i;?/w&>W  ???--!?;^-?7ancqt^  :?y^yAITOO^ERM  ^t6,^jfeTrjMnie.J-^  \ '��?.'.. ^?^^^'s^P^.?S^s??tbday??w^  ^?@e|;e_^ct*-;tiat ?J^ile ?the yccldtsniap?  ?has; paused-;smalWrei^ngs?bf i(3e;itvbawr_  , sbn;:at.:was *;not-;expected?the riverywbiild?  Vfinally: fr-eeze??byer;%fbrjsome ytime : yet/  ��� A:clbM-bu_st.bccufred*bri upper Hiinker?  ::creelc::a_*d;ithree-fee&p_4;w^te^  ::flowedy|abwn?;rcarfyirigy. eVerythirig > in  :sight;; but^dbiiig'comparatively-iittle real?  ���:. amajg^-^^^^^i;^  -:y- yRailsfaita-iother; Supplies yforHfielnewf  ;.line ofJrail^ayj.fr'pm;^^South Westminister?  ::tb;:theK-nbu-M'ybf?_^r^ryrivei^have  ior dered^f rb_rivthi_?bld?cbuiitry? by?icap-airi.  McKenzie = and?.btliers? interested'. in ?th e'"  .syn^ip^e.;fbi^t__.'.fast^erfyvtbv^  :The^rails.Mll;:ari_ive?her-eln^theispring!*  aridjtheywbrk^wilU be-pushed early -in the5  I summer.-* :7xXx':yr:r7Z7Z'::7Zr'7:x^7x.x''Xxx  ?SCpntra(3tbrswar^_^ciininj^  ���*t-mdOTs5foi��tH-$Cafnegi^  ;grburids .that.t-iebiiildinglcahiiot be^er-'  ^cted:tfoK*.$40;000'?a:stspMflea?rtiui.f^l^  lP<tet%$Q,Q09:��^  t0GMEK^0ZSc^0^y[^&  '^3i-_^M-5??|^-^  ^ayyiasil^wBawarde^  the ��� tc am shobt between v teams'.'repre-'  -senting civilians and the mili^a; It :was:  tito.bayeiibeeri 'shot srt.il_ev-G(.0.^56(.; arid'  * 200>yard?rai:ges,;a. .it^'oy^thevtlme^lie:  merivreached theJ200_yard' fahge'it^was  :so;dark that>tli6.markers.cbuld not:Be.'  .yhere the bullets hitari^  ???osed-pn: the .600'Van-li5b0^yiajd^mrige.  -ScpreE-sItyTesu^  ?W. itiai _neri;<:The'.^^3cbr esavwer eS as 5'iol-.  mM^^yrW&HZZlimiarf^. -'60>''"Gil;*McS|  ;iI)pnaldr51;_N^T??Ma:cle--(_?61; TaZZS^ZEt!^!  ��breey;2[';SJ_;_J.*-Ti_.kiM^9/!^  ^I^I*bddPY43,Scat^s:?t.^Ricba^l-^^  ;.^t^?384^^i_?i.-;?i3;&.M^S  ���shakenvup yand % bruisedK-Thdyinjured  are: R_L. ReJd;h__t;int_n.al]y;yG; A?*  ;Ste.yart?Potte;pbiK<brui_.ed;*and^?I-0;  f-Melntyre/^faceicut??---.:^^^  ' Z'zzrrzZt zzzz:v. zzzx '��� z . z^'^zzrWTyx  a��MEi^aDi!M)^r - ^  *******    Apfa  "-5-*??l-^1?lS V^^^-X^-^.^L'Sllr?'?^'.^?' I^-^^^O.^-I *a_t***^��^5^a_^^teon^^  .;r'cliideViSa>!>itKoVL'-irtSirwJ'���   ;__i_-S__.__>��  as;th^^^^und?Pirate;pis^(^pt1-T  yfesterrtaysbylshMff^Zimin e_ man'a?-d-ep-i  ;Utie3^_^liisjlair:Jc.nV^ldby7lsl-ffld^  :aybpmpaKibn!_named.Tiirpiri^  i^eVyea^^^ccessfui^stobdfbffahe-  ;?_nieriff;sgfprcesg;Ldr^*:��^^  ';{tllGlV - tilor'"-"o**Mir1 :_i'TH"�� ���_������_���>* .rirl _*���-T''_4i4l����_^l'_^li*V-l-'���'iif'  ^Pbint^gfbut'rth:e^lbcal? m eiil-realizeStiiat.;  I^S?S^S^M^?|s|^hic!rfa_^^  fex|ect-g*5|i^tp|3^  i^i^i^icil- asjibp-ts ?object?tiiilfc^m2i  .toriiH't--_.��^y^_.i_^kV.tf��*:f*^^t_^_^y___fe^^~^^  -FOR^E-GAPtiVl-IF^IGS,  mmm&siim&^  _j..^..- _ f..,*^-;* ifi.-:*M,v;.-H_-..ivx^ii.*.-,j:--r-.-/-_r.7T.^_^7f..^*__"?T*r��. ***    -  '"SzM  '^WMt.kj'Cbi_i^(_gatioiBai^F��^  ' 'f"S'-~.-:i'.;\\�����, '-^.���J|'^-''^^'i'���.-|.',^-.-^V.������v^l,v-VJ-���_'^.^'-)''.;--^.*>_��-"��� -^-i.--.>��������-������������������������^(K-v'.ji;. .���!���-_.$  |Dj^|^ep^^^i^'^|hOTin^^  ^Gbtf-n'-fiM+i Ann llr.1-fSlnn'5��  5-J^|^jS^I<^^^^n^i|  f;me?Nelsbri4Rifle|iA_^bciKibffi_^  ?HS_^1?fi-^*^?^^^te^?in;;ri_ie^  -3sgarpuseaftp^  ^#fe|ei^pprtiriM|fT^itt-^  vfeature^bfl-thelmeetirig::^  0Z0WM ,|Har-iMcHarg y ofgRossland^  ���Who ,'caii-ie(l___ifp. thil-WriS-i iTiS'fi-'A^'^i-i;.!;  ^theucblbiiy::; than��has|hithert olbeerif: the?  ?:*c<#.I.Ay;'lpng?.s^^  _;says:^Sirice'. MritBbria^theSNewfbuifidS  :.l^d��preriiier,'!l(e.tyEhg;la_-d^Ms_^  ^heil_as];fibt:Teceh*;ed^Single.?^^  ftlip^imperial U gpvc_rriment^i%g^rSirig||a-f  fisettlementy; of vithe^'Ere__cl_|_3Kbr^5ques-?  p;ib__^ibr:Shas^?^5|Ch^berl^iii^  gminipn.premier/ytppgi^ftto^lratifica*^  ���iftib_Avpf:jtheyfBbnd--Biair-e;.?coi^  |TM|iii_^pbh?g^e_StH^bfen  ���cefit?a!Bbnd-Laun��r^  ��atid-i:'s.irgicalEhistb_y_;b._|tli^m  ���|stat^maiigit^as| signedfti^yi. r?CMati?  :>thby?D:?Mattri;SHer3ria:n.Myhteif|Eu  HWlisdiri^Charl-^  iRixe^.*Ross*TOll|Pa_;lc?andi;^  SB uraeySgantilwas^fead ffibySOr. iSManii?*  jlDr'^jMhnf-ydgnS^m^  ^ti-n_?|pm.ttingtth-rt|-:a-tbgR  .^ft|i'^^|t?.���^lr.^^^  mjles ?;abpye? Gre^wobdl|iT0_,pre:?wiiis  _be;^hipS. d^hence;?tb?tH(&melter:>fi  |;T_ie:'pref cnt ^intention;: l��_itb:;ship ��� aboiiti  ;;f>nnf;j-..v.-.;.-r*�����+_<*..-���--���-:'--:_ji^__.-- _ * ��-r'V-*. v*--1**���*���*..*.-;.*.  ftSR_-?H^Pa-^irisbn??vK__?s5;c  ?pasEed^through|iGreei.^bb^sytpdav?^  7 -routfctbtHaSeyV_n;?i.6tS tarings. ^He? lms i  ghad^a|lpngj siegeittf ZiUiZes^sifebutfis^ribw:!  '���.'^S^i?.1 *2r.tlj.?imprbyedstb:;try. -xycburse'.bi_  ���^^^:^^b%sjtfi_i^SrHe?^:^  igrpund that .the joint, high "commission  ���Itfaafdisp^  Hvieifife-Sw.-11 irthiF>-Jl_ri'mnHsBiriTi? .mntilrt-i'^raS-  .committee . should.- tako-' steps'-inimedi-  latblyitoabririglt-ib^ubj-^t^l-e^  |subbMiEate^.uriib*a?-_l^.i^i^  f>-^'-^'j^^.V^-t-.'-i^^;'-.^ir*-->'W^-vi., 1^7.;"-.;<���  ^^;;^^^^r-,..,Jr .-;vi._,. :..;:..J,..^^.:;..;^g^ffe^-.^t-i^>  ���^fc'_l _Pa__ a ff__'^_'<::___'M.__k'_i_i??^___> .'-___W/. .__:'___. _.'__.'_.-'_____-.  .^  |^t^pS(^e^riith^^^tiati^s||l^|  ?|w^_i|^f��iira|aa^Iiii^a^^  ftKe1s'__m_fras>.n\._&n'1S'n^  _.ued^fre^said*"tha.��pnlyv^^  ;?^asJal��b]utely^rue?'Heytbld^  ���Igressjofytheypatieht. till>t_v_":  :Jseven^day;?;pr?SM_i^  jwass'nof :babt(.ri oibgicai:?infect|i  "jtinuing;yhej said^''If?you-^sked?_^  ?baiise>lrthef;pre_|de.it's .leath?B:<-Quld-riot-' <;<5ary;ASUi'yey.;i:all:tKum.ri'pf.?;Q^H_^  '   *1gon.-:tbJMidw^fbria>f^  ytfiefe-prbeeeclf tob^ttawju'y) t:yis?expected':  .the -wbrl_Sbf'itaking";;observatibriska!loig-:  ?the '������ boundary^ line' will?be. res .iirifed ?iiek t���  ytellyyou^iP^doubtiifythatyAvilhyeyer^^  :^isco-TOrep.??A;mprigy cpnti-ibuting^b-wsesr  :*hoyjiZesyer;|:*i^ere*the:"ipresiflent^a^e; .Ms;  -���lacl.?bf>Vexercise>.arid-! His naturally weak':  yhea^t jWhichJiriadey hisVypulse.: high;"?Driy  ?Manri?was?askedjby;biieycf;ti.e^  t_nedical.?men?whyythe.'X  ^pplieayj;*- sb?- that?"the?'y_rii^irig:??bullec',  ?mightybg;lccated:*:Dr.iManii:Teplied;Lt^  .therl_!;waf5Jnothing? iriy the? condition? of?  ?ihespatiratytb?slib*^?tliat;.t.ie?bullety^as  -���-^oiEgVaDy^iiarm-iarid lie^saidvif?^^?;^'  ���ray?;had"been .'usedsit; would;.bhly^jia-i'e^  ?beeaytp'sati_^y:the?curiosity bfythe.phyS  ;;_iciaris?;::a-__-:''the?: ex-'iten-ierity attending;  .the? 'operation';would have;.been?Harm-?  ; fuiytpythBripatlerit? .so -the:-doctors-Tt;1?  *fraiE:ed^bin^usingtth(-^^ray#appara^  Dr? Marin : went '���fori?' to say th at dt^mb;  vtiriie-fvhatever *: had".; there * ybeeri ythe  -slightestv.di_agreeni,eutan.ong.ythe;iphy-:  sicians.- He said. he had never known  .such, con piete?harmbny,*famong.'physicians Zhi. attendance upon a..sirigl(? ,:par  tientfyWhen^^ Dr.? Mann- was introduced  the reporters? \yer"e: asked - to.-.withdraw;  It warf explained that there had been  an aijieernent- between " the; various  physicians who?:atterided-;:thc:Apresident  ,tliat any utteraripps on .the?;subject, of  his case should:'x t>e given, first-:to the:  medicaly papers of ythe cou ctr y. x. y^y _ ��� y  . summer;-., .yxxyx "��� **f _feAy*i?! y-�� J;*-; Z.Hxyry  '-���v-r;:'��t?-Eevel��t'-i)ke:'Iib^^  -^yRE^^S'ipKE, iGctp%r|l5^iSpec_|h  ^tb-yThe?TH0ne.]-^?Ghir&man;?-c^^  asy/'TwbyBits,";was arrested���&ref;tbday.  charged^lth?stealingvb-as's7_.tti_tg^'Vai-d'  ?cc^^r;pipe;frpm;the:C^yP.;te;s-ibps?;a^  ; ay white; man,: riamedyMacLeod, |whb:, kept'  yaysmall;^grocery s.bre;\.vas arrested dbwn?  atyCamborne today charged with "���receivr:  ;ing.jtoff;knpwinglt;.tb.,j.e.stplen^  fchances?E;e?_tl'JELappQiritmen  commissioner here will be irriade yfromT  j^yit^y?ileag!^-pb?_apetitio^  ^but ��&$gc pd|;:sti*irife J^pf ���?lccalgmeri%and'.'  l^bme^e^^c^diHbleiiScbres'Avere^rim  |T!he. event^waspaptured���',byiW?. J?^Ddctils*  ^itK ^scpre|bf432ioiit of ia? pbssibl6:'S5-*r  ,-_:*. iV"_.'*'.nn*!*.;__.!jii'2.i:*i <_.-_��������� _���i:'���'���:���_*-'._'���������.-- ��� ������;-���,*.���. &  ythe ranks of 'the civil*^^ service,:, and -"that  :an?official. fi;bm. another. riding^ill;?b'e^  ,;appbirited:'y-yzy^yxr-xyy";;:"f*:*y���- ;���,;,;  OF BRUTAL BURGtAfiS  |SiiiiE^pi.pifp��^S^Jbi_ristb^?22^G?tM  ivDpnaldii29$.-D:yPorter.19?. H?tJ?^R6bia 2^8^  _-e.$McHardyva8.;^^It^  j,Wadds;rl^,*]^^r^tbniMi^fe?g  ;?JJ%!;C;;:^%Rvv^mpetittbri?sfbr  71 ^vbf value 'Siprlzesgarid^wel ve.i? mbriey_  ;��� priaes,;f at:,.,th ete 200?^0;^and;l6()6:,?vardi  X ranges;;; seyeii: ."shbtsl/at? eac__? range:>was-  rcaptiired^by?^*". fHari? McHargywithvyNf  ^T,^Mclebd;*secpn^;f^j0r;ftHaliythirJi.;  'In?additibii?;tb^their:?mb_.e3^pri_^  Harg:takep: the cup^yMficl^bd*;d? silkfum .  fella^p) ftsented;: bypF-^flcvine *& yCo.?;  fan(l?Han-:afpair..^bf^fcibpts?p^  jthe' Royal? ��^e:;stpreSTlieis(.ores>rmade>  "^.vore;^-*--*>:*? f-"-':f:;^^?.;;-.r^..;"*f: xy:X-7t-iX:XiX. ������:������ ������'  f/v!W?!H.:?MSarg?9^|M  ^Dry: Hall; gOi.H.iBircl^T;: .W;"J.- ;Dodds'S6,  "A-;;.parrie?85? J. ��� Df-Tirikiss^84?TVfBrowri  .84, ���iD.fMcKay-, 82;i jyjRici.ardsonVSl;*;* A?  ,Grant-8i,-a,nd; H.:;A;;Lahgfbrd-80.y: ,^yy?-  ���'*.';*yIri'fthe; itramway;,. (.orapetitiori;. fof; a  .cupprc-'jerited by thc.tfamwaj-.companiy-,  two:value prizes and twplve^cash'nmeH,  Ise_\*:en?sRots?;at^the^5-0-iO^^  .-(^|i'Mbrkan|Haf^    |nafpi^';f|_^y^rt^^  ithM^riSindustriall^pniW  }?solidajte?t_.erarmbr^iate^  l^i^puntry^t^eripiint^tli^  gM^ercffiantfearid'fevai^slii^'^b-^  |^rl^^f^elaT_^^ke���iCo*rei^'t^  laridlgrbwingiexpprtRtr^i^pfjte  jStat^^Steel��Cprpbratibi.*asi.abbut^  |brg^ffl_;ed^yyJ^P;|Mbrgffia^  J-Tht^ai^cleyffietfs^  icial|^tai^fare?pbtamablei^_^  ?ject_^U5;nptyb;ril^cbris6lidat^'ma^  itail^f^^teel;-andyfuel-;busiri-^  icbuntr^ribjyi separated?? lmtSalsb^serve?  ..to bring;into closer .relationship..their':  ?intere'sts|an'd?the;gr^  fco^rolled^by'JtlibJVanaef^Uts  i-PenrisylyariiatiraiIfbad_^?y^  sare^al^tb?beyclb*sel^;allipd?witti^i^  l|JHdente^ndi,o^rs^r|^SS^iti^  ��ror:.:. m vJfrtm no _ .r.'i.K;X/r-^__f/-_ri u��_:Ki'_*'i__f��-.-.sS  i^d|^e.keys?bf^the|^-__s^ei'^  fpyeriit^rihc-^GjbJa^^^  |brniiffit|i&rei_^ies??^-il i^^|^rppps'  ZZ'Z. ;*'?*Le*.ter:Se-rtyto:^tbraeys?-^  y^fVICTOR-lXf Junef2p.���Messrsf Elliot  ^fe'-Lennie;? Barristers;-Nelson���GeiitlQ-  -,men :s :L.beg;to;adyise;7ou that ithe,hon4  ?-orable;.the .chief, commissioner'of lands  \\>": and works has decided to .hold: an inquiry at his office in Victoria into' the  ti   matters in dispute touching theapplica-  ���r-ftionsr.of -the West ��� Kootenay*' Pb\ver &'"  .Light Company and the Corporation of  * tho City: of Nelson to purchase' certain  ': lands on the Kootenay river belowyNel-1  ; son, and* also as to the application: of L.  ,A? Campbell. and J.. M. Smith for mill  ���sites in the same -locality.   T am to re-*  'iquest you to be.kind enough to arrange:.  with; the solicitors for the other, side, a';  date for1 the hearing which will be mu-  i same-to; me  for   consideration   of   the  iame to': me' for   cohsi"dera.tion   of; the  chief commissioner.   I. have the honor to  'i ;;be, gentlemen, your obedient servant,  1 '-'-'-W..S. GORE,   ,  Deputy    Comissioner   of- Lands    and  ;���      Works. .-'" '       .'," :  ? 5asJ?aid 17 ;Peri pent.??  ]fjtayor/iletcher jb bis-.special plead.-1 Jier JtusbancL   Tlie fighting- waa quite  *7 ;Pay_Day:at,Rossland.   :     ':yf  \R0SSLANDt?0ctpber .15.���[Special :to  The Tribune.]���This  is  the  first scab  pay-day   in  the? .history  of   Rossland  camp;, and. it is^a fact worth noting that  the city police coiniriissioriers (alderman  Clute, ex-mayor Goodeve, and mayor La-  lone) thought it a necessary precaution  toyswear in-four: special police officers:  on? account of the .occasion.   The com-,  niissioners ; evidejitlyi thought, the -ele-:  merit on ithe hiJI. ;was av, unknown quan .-  tity, -and:that- it -was;bette_  to:be'ipfe-.  vpared for any trouble which niight oc-,  cur. r In former days, when over 1400  men were at work in the mines, It was  not. only not. necessary yto   supply  the  police force -with' extra rneri,. but yon 'the:  days succeedingypay-day there has .never  beenyany; extra work for.the,police'magistrate. .?* ���'.'.?-:,-v.1 '���;. '������:������;:.:\ :'������,���-?*:���   f.? ?;v:',;*.  Thef ��has been no change in the strike  situation of note.   Non-union men seem  to have been greatly-impressed;by the  dismissal of the   Geiser   appeals,   they  ���: having been told that magistrate Boult-  bee's \judgement   would   be. promptly  overruled by .the higher court? and they  appear to. think'that the finding of Mr,  Justice- Walkem  affects  their  position  and makes them, liable to .deportation,  Arrested, for Fighting With Stones.  VANCOUVER, '-' 06tober 15.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���J. McGregor; and Mf  Mclntyre, two farmers living .near 'the,  boundary line at Abbot.ford,"last Saturday attempted to settle a dispute  about land by-stoning,each:other? McGregor is alleged' to. have been the: aggressor in tho fight, and?was assisted by,  hia grownup son-Claude, while Mrs. Mclntyre, rendered what, aid she could .to?  ?  Sob and Beat Two Old Ladies. IV  lyROQHESTER^ October 15.���One ptthe  boldest and {most deliberate burglaries  recorded-in the history ot the city was  carried "'out with-corisurriate   skill   and  brutality at?_fo. 136 Second-street this  afterrioon:   Two elderly wbriieri^Mrs.-li'.  ! M. French and Mrs. A. A. Gardiner, both  about sixty years old, were the victims  arid were relieved of personal property  amounting all?,told.to, over,,?f3000.:   At  about 3:30 this;afternbori,three''*young  men ranging iri -ages , trom   22 "to   25,  beardless and dressed neatly; approached  the .French's house and presented a paper which was alleged credentials that  they :were authorized agents of a local  gas- company and said 'that they wished-  to ;exairiine the gM meters.;:: After corri-  'pletingftheir ^supposed; duties-the men  ;.weht away, but later,returned, "to turn'  '��� op the: gas," which they said they had  forgotten to do,    After ten minutes/in!  th'��.cellar the men came.up stairs.with-!  'out warning, fell'upbri the.';two'helpless!'  women;- beating ;,them into iriserislbility.j  Two of .the brutes.then; stood guard oyer;  theyprbstratef victims .while.. theythirdi  ransacked the house, securirigdiamoiids,!  watches, sealskins, etc'.?;valued; at"morel;  than   $3000. fLocked..the . bruised   arid!  bleeding women in the cellar the burglars cut the   telephone   wires   running  into   the, house; and .after, occupying'  . nearly two hours at their work leisurely���"  departed,     ';*���',   "��� y~' - ���' ���" ' "       ./.���  ' y : Martial Law. Declared. ,;;:.,;;;  SEVILLE, Spain, October 15.���Martial  law has been proclaimed here as^aresult  of the strike which began here yesterday,- arid:the;governor has handed over  his functions to the captain general..The  strikers are overrunning the town,^burning the octroi offices and committing .all-  kinds'of .'violence.'       '*."'���?'���''". :,.'"'  Death bf Duke defAlha,   ?,,  -NEW YORKv'October IBi-^Thie duke  de Alba died In tliis.city today-from influenza. ".   ���: *-. s  Thorior.. .went to, J. ?Richardsori' with A  Carrie:a;, second," for. tbe ?siik..iimbrell_  ��� presented by ?James;,AyfJGilker?, and *. D.  ;McKay third 'for the .pocket, boor-pie-  .sented by., the. .Thompson (Stationery  'Company. The scores in- :this fevent  were: :".'���'��� ������������   "���',"''���^ ;:."??*x-:x: '  J. Rifhfirdson 31, A.?��Jarriei31; D. McKay 31, H., A. Lar.gford, 30, IL; J. Robie  30, A? Grant 30, J. Simpson '30 H;- Bird  30, H.''McHarg^29, J. D.yTinkiss'28, Dr.  ;,HalL28f and T. Brown "28.? *fl v; :?  In tho corporation-match;for: the bin-  ?ocular_; pi-os.cntied, .by. the, City?of. Nelson,  two . yaluiv; prizes   and';{twelve, money  priz.es,. seven -she ts, atjvthe! 600; yard  .range,,W. J. Dodos distanced -liist.com-  :'.i?otitprs..?A'...,Ca'rrie^yhs?r;secondr;for-'the  pair; of opera; glasses ^jresented by the  'Nelson Hardware pompany,���and J. D.  Tinkiss third  for the silver? flask; donated by Jacob Dover. Thb.scbres of tho  prize 'winners in this event were:  ' W. J. Dodds 31, Ai.yCarfie, 29, J. D.  Tir.kiss . 2S.   N.   T.   Maolood   28, - H.   A  .Larigford 28, D.: McKay. 28,, W. H. Mc-  Htrg 27,.*Dr. HaU,25,; C.,McDonald 22,!  J..; Richardsbn 22, H. Bird 21, and A.:  "Grant 18; ?.;.:;"��� .;,.-  ':*. ������--Zy. ���'f'fv;      ��� * ���  ;  Tho -.ladies'i'match,!-' open to imember1.  "of '���''. tho association: .nominated ,by  the:  i ladies? was -wpri by ;H.;J..Robie.?In this;  '?eyent th etc: were.: twflye-.,cash'and value'  'prizes.,',tho..-latter cpnsi*_ttirig?of; a yvase:  , frointhe Canada iB<ibk & Drug-Company,  a ,*gbl.i{pen .by, Brown yBrothers,; and 12:  'photos'by?the;.Queen'st'iidib? The scores.  ?made-by the prize winners: were:  -v  ?'- H. J. Robie 25, WZ H?,McHarg 24, N.  -T. Maelebd?22, A..Carrie'22,-."H.'-Bird 22,  *,A.' Grant. 21..J  .Richardson .21,  J.  D.  'Tinkiss 21,. A...S. EDtree;20, D. McKay  20,"*H. A.. Lsingford 16,.and C. -McDonald .16.'. .     7..y-:\x.   ..  ;.'.' The grand. aggregate v/as captured by  Hart McHarg,tho prizes,being awarded  for, the highest .aggregate in tho four  principal events in ibe-���, meet.;-;In addition to the money prizes; there was a  value; prize of a set of;carvers,for the  winner .presented by -the .Lawrenco  hardware Conipany, a case', of? pipes  presorted by W.' A.- Thurman for. the  second man, and a box of cigars for the  third nr.ar presented by J..A- Macdonald. The scores for the; aggregate were:  W.'H McHarg 173, N.T. Macleod'l67,  A. Carrie 1G7, J. D. Tinkiss, 161, D. McKay 161, H. Bird 160, J Richardson 165,  H Ai'Lai glord 154, A. Grant 150, Dr.  Hall il50; J. Dbdds 143, H?' J. Robie 134:  The last event of the closing day was  ^madeia?uriit,*jwithylargeln  /cha"racter|abrpadfari^H^  yPi&yyiSitbyji-^lle^  ;*Steelj;cbmpai^^f?^:;^:?-%f^  y?|yr?|^|DisS]^anc^fin?.Sim  ;fi:|MAD^^pf^^i^  vdinar^in ii. eBi^|<.f- J-hoy^biriUvwas .%ei'd1  ':��� -^dai^under^lie'^-r e sid eiicy? bf -thelquee. i?  :. regent?_tb|fconsid er'.?i;h e?f butbreaksji* in?  7 Seville C andflclserv. hera? ?Fresh _ \ distur 1.-?  .: ances^arejlre]} _rted?;at? Seville;y?A;?-ripb;:  ;thaty'waRj;stOTmiiigYtlib?cbriverit  ;Sayibur?|;was|:5di-^rseaf by-^theH^  but: :ribt?;iiiitil.5the.;dcbr': of itheyebriyent  ;had*..been^fcurhed#yf?,;;f-;?';;f!y'?yy-^  ?:**;?f???*?';'A|Transfer^of*;:Twop3v^^  [. ^^Ql^^^  No. ?l^!--^?^f.^?:ic^sistJEg^  =cors .and^ep^has^received^Dstructioris.  to proceed?tp?Hpng:,Kong. They >yill..I_e"  relieved.-'by.'.ycbT-ipanyf'Mo. ;-71,  now  at  Be:-mudaf Np?;i9vhas.:bebiv here,;for;just?  twoi*years;..'-(?ff?;f-;'''::''?-? : "f; :-;���:���  TI-I-iMlNitfMfOF^AfiAD/i  ?;f��.VHappening3 iri?Brief.     ^     f?  MONTREAL; October-. 15.���A_\case?of  smallpoxxwais discovered in Notre Da;mo  hospital today. The:patient, was,removed  to;tliocivic,yhospital. ��� -���-.-t-:-.-   T  .     ; .   ^,,  MONTREAL, October; 15?���The .Bank  of-Montreal today declared a dividend  of five per cent on its capital of $12,000,-,  000 forthe' current half. year. *;  BT? JOHN. NewyBrunswick,/October-  15.���George McLaughlin has. been acquitted by a Jury on a charge of the murder  of Harris: McLaughlin in May last at St.  Andrews.;? -������"... ������' ,;' f ��� '   -X-'c  TORONTO, .October 15.���The condi-j  tion of;W; E. *H. Massey continues to|  improve.'- fHisf;physicians���' report -that;  his, prospects for, ultimate recovery are'  very brightv; ,;, ,'���'....-���:']  > MONTREAL, October 15.���The sisters!  of Grey Nunnery today held an elaborate;  celebration- of the 200th anniversary of!  the birtJi of mother D'Youville, founder'  ofthe order.   -��� :    ;���   . y; ������--���;���    ���.,'-������;'���,  ST." JOHN, New Brunswick, "October.  15.���Parks cotton'mills were sold at pub-s  lie auction today under a mortgage of  $146,000.   The purchaser was J. F. Robinson,who'will^ forin a local company. :  HALIFAX, October 15.���-John Darby  of the Bryin Iron &*; Steel; Company, England who is at Port Sydney? has received  a cable from Australia; informing him  that the Australian government had  fixed a bounty of 12s 6d p.er ton on manufactured iron and a protective duty of  20 per centf '.''������ ��� < ,  ^a^statibnS;i*;_yrice|tKe|^ieh  f; f air-^ffiei*-. vffid .^  ���]rail^a^froin'^l_^;coaf.t:tb  ?ccmtr^l&il#^��t^Britisffi^iri|ia^  ���^-ramer��psirit^sts?seemft^  Xcharge^bf ftffe*: cpuri^  .i^_^f beirigj Iprga^z .^  % ^rc"ia_l?negb]y-}Bbiis?;with'-ChiriaKi; ThisJ  tfcp*Smi_sh5ri^ill:{^i_^*?t_Mt_eatie^  ^arr_mgementi#ib_^  ^r&jSThe^_rimissibi-er??is"r;bf^  ;that?the?i>TOr^jb_^the|cb_ri_ii__io_^^  ^bririg;abbut-:a. mu_Kybette_;?_t_te��bf?af-x  ^airsSThelBritishia^^ChiD^meHibe  ofthe?co���___is_ibn?haye .^  ;,ppinted ?and?the'other? nlatipris^had^beeris  yasked_;_^iana-__e?_-tli��fo?T^res^  ^Befo.re:f?Mr;^Rbckhill?|l<^?I^kiri|;'^  ;yChiri_se troops '^_iacUcdri_._nWcedVtb''?p-_iic-'t'  >yS:"The:.rl^atibri?i^bhce-sidns_Sh^^be^  -greatlyeincreasedfahdltheyBriti^i^a^-  ytibri?is?being>built1iriYthe;^  withi a? iripat Z and^guns,?n_burited?'?The'  :iBritish| ha;d|gbt the!?largest;_ extent*":'bf��  .land.'-bu.Uh-. GemansyandyRussidrishai.  l:alsb";iricreased";^'their;-.holdings .ebnsidera--  . blyS?yMr2yaockhill ��� said ?he^ expected? to  fheai_-_Ve_^shortl^bf_Ahei:returri^o.ftbe^  courti:to;*I^ekiri.f.-yy:?f:;;*yy;;vf?::y-:f?r  ;y The Russia;ris; are; having! considerable  difficulty;:oriyth'e*Chlria-Manchuria rail-  .wayjonyaccoiiht of?the: floods.? They, do  y not allow officers of other:nations into  theirtcountry;-but: have nonobjection to  ci vi Hans y travel ing?through: * ?Mr; Rock-  hilH does; riot; look - for ? a" boom   when  Chiri'als again 'settled, biit says the trade  will be enormous.': f   ? .?     ..':���'������:"  :.'.*' News was received by; the Empress of  Japan. o.;furtherrebellionsTin China. A  pitched battle   occurred 'on   Septei>iber  ;20th*between';th'd:_imperial_Chiriese force  vunder!,gereral Sen and a force: of 7000  Insurgents near Hainso in Chi Li, sixty  miles south of .PaingFu.y Thirty rebels were killed and the remainder fled:  Several^ villages   were' takeri   by   the  troops**  In Chow Chow a rebellion has;  also taken place and the missionaries'  have been driven in.    At Kiang Sharf  several, of the rebels have been seized  and beheaded.   Missionaries also: tell of  troubles in Kiang Si.  ���: Many le ttcirs have been written tothe  North China Daily News tel ling of the!  yrisings ir the vicinity hut giving few  details." The North China Daily News'  reports much military activity by "Russia in the north and states'-.'that a,number  of troops  have   been  sent south,  avhere it is ^believed they :'will be massed;  'on' the K_rbn frontier.  .,   Russia has offered China.five million  ;.taels for her^lleetof warships, according to the Shanghai Mercury. The same  paper- reports  that elaborate ombroid-!  eries and expensive silks are being sent  in quaDtitifs to. Ka Fang-to celebrate  the   empress'   birthday.   Many   papers  print reports that the return to Pekin*  of  tlie  court has  be.eri  postponed  fori  two years.  &&?��app.l**^  ���;paymentfof;;:the^mr_3brii?Wat^Sai^  Ml^m��^^^iyelit|bri|pre^ ���..,  |^l^e^wiri|m^!S_n.e|iffin^^ .     . .i  iitured^us^flrstfsliBw-^Scourt^iari^   ' 1v\  ,;-__-)__���.ti.^i';__L;_v:--:i**i.....;-��v;^si^it��i   ���   ..  - !  ?spm^is|;ddayed^urifcbriditionSistalt^   ' v tl  fgetterichangedpThefeM^ffib^?^ -'   -|  ahasten); sendirigi?tKe:0ansom3^d  ^dithat:as^herg;-^cally|as^bssible3*^  ^nMrepreserit|;tbttliK|Ti-i^ish^govem^ ^-M  JmeritsthatyitsstbpJitH&ipursuit?:of?us?by &3p  ;soldiersXand.$bashifebazwuks;;;otJ_;fer.wise '>iM  ?^e;_ihall;befkilledjby:thepebpielri  yhands ywe :are-*IJpray?:ybuv tb.f.c briimurii-    , $M,  s<ate,^ithpu.*'dela^_th---cbriteilts';bf?this, iT^i  letter? to the representative bfythe^United "-^m  .. tates?atvthe-pbrte':aridJreqi-est his^most '  rJ0  ��� serious co-bperation^Pray:for.i__?vwbare *^Ar  ^t^peacewith-LGbdl^Withvheartyysaluta-    *.i?\  -.���tibMyyovTXtri^+yiyyycryyr / ^ g&  Zy,yyyrr-.^"eixisn.mJ;stone���'r   ?'ffisr^  %^��^tOctob��lJ5^ThSpareri-^r^f^J  Madame Thslika?.the .Bulgarian teacher , Z* i_"^l  who was captured by. brigands with'Miss  Ellen*M: Stone; the-Americari missibri-  aryvvhave;';recelvetdfaribtHer letter from  7^m  "T'tffil  "'M  h$zm  r*X>  1    rXi\  . Cariboo Stage Accident.  VANCOUVER, October 15���News has  been received here of a serious accident  to one of the stages of the Cariboo  route. The stage was proceeding from  Clinton to Ashcroft, making fast time.  While rounding a ?teep precipice one of  the.horses stumbled and fell. The other  three hcrs/es also fell and the stage was  upset. The horses rolled,'over the precipice taking: with them the front wheels  I of the i tage. The! prissengers" al 1 madv.  a wild scramble for safety. All were  Great Northern Train Wreck.  ST. PAUL, October 15.���^Advices' received here are to the effect that east-  bound "Flyer" No. 4 on the Great Northern railway ran into an open switch tonight at Kilva, Montana. The engine  and threee coaches left the track arid  were badly wrecked. ��� Engineer Huffman  was instantly killed and fireman Keyes  seriously injured.  Won in the Seventh Round.  SAN FRANClSCIO, October' 15.���Kid  Carter,won, the? fight .from Joe, Wolcptt  toiiight hi the seventh rbiirid". Wolcbtt  claims a fcul.  their daughter;Urging the;,stepjalready -^ ~fh"^  taken, namely," stopping   the   military'       ""  pursuit, because the brigands'threaten  the prisoners with immediate'death in ,  event: of- danger l>to ; themselves. v;The  writer.tsaysthat she aridyMiss-Stbrie are  hidden in a subterrenaen(retreat'"and*"are  treated courteously. , She .also says 'the "  only^means of securing .their? releasees  ,tb,pay.tlie ransom demanded.��-.ew-v. .-��� ���.  r CONSTANTINpPLE;??October?f*i5|-  ThoRussiaiigbvcrnmorit:has repeated  its exproRsion of a desire, to assistytho*  United Stt.tes governm.nt by, all:.prac-  tlcakle?;rnenas in 1-esciiingfMissiStbrie.  The other powers are oqunlly solicitous,  but Russia Is the best able to bring the  nec^rsary:" pressure   (o   bear. ; Messrs.  Baird   and   Haskell,, tho   missionaries,  have not succeeded* in gettingj.in; touch  .with the brigands or openingmegotia-  tions.;;;*y "-y-y-' 7.-,x7- ���'rZ:Zx:-^Z'ZZ''-r4i:  ;   LONDON,   October -15.���Tlie? United  States government will; insist that ?Tur-  key immediately makeygood any deficit  in the subscriptions' for the;ransbrn of  Miss Stone, says the" Constantinople-correspondent of the Daily Telegraph;;arid  also refund tie full amount subscribed.*  It is supposed thaty the . brigands'?whb  . captured.,Miss ' Stone   have -withdrawn  Into the Interior of Macedonia in'the direction of Nevkropkof, says a dispatch  to the Daily Telegraph from Sofiaf Former members of- the; Macedonian coin- -*  mittee, who' we're arrested oil suspicion.'  of complicity 'denied'before a magistrate  any knowledge of thp affair. '.--. .-xyZZyZZ  LONDON, October  16.���The belief.;'_s  growing here, says   a  dispatch 'to? the  Standard from Constantinople,,; that the  Bulgarian and not the Turkish government is responsible for the; retention, bf  Miss Stone," whose capture was committed with the connivance of Macedohian  agitators, if not with that of the higher  authorities.   The attitude of the latter  towards the brigands is most suspicious  arid very different from what it was during the time of the Stambuloff affair.  Kruger Reported Seriously 111.  BERLIN, October 15.~The Muonich-  .cilier: Zeitung today, prints a dispatch  from' Hilversum "-which ;says that Mr.  Kruger, in spite of all denials, is serU  eusly ill. THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  WEDNESDAY MORNING,  OCTOBER  16, 1901  '.?, 7  .'"*���  < -*,  __.j  *!-���.*-  1*   'l  ���fe,*.  I..CO_U->UAr_D 1G70  flv   w  tf.  m  *_  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ^-^-'S'S'S'S.'iS'S.'S.'Sf'&'g'S*^   '  ?i?&^.%t*'Sr'Qr**��*isr*^>^*&r'^&;  TO  to  to  to  to  to  oo3yc^._A_.isr"y  to  to  to  >&  DRY GOODS-  The best that art can produce and money can  purchase, is now ready for your inspection.  NOVELTIES OF ALL KINDS���  Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear. Sequin Robes. Dreams in Embroideries. Facts in good values. From the cradle to  the grave, we have everthing you can require.  PRICES   RIGHT  THE HUDSON'S BAY COIPAM  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. 0. *  WALLPAPER  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  itt  This 13 u.ully tin dtii;  season for  Wall  Paper.  But  to kepp  it moving  we have mado up bu_dlu_  of all lots thu. havo run down iu quantity.  We pln.o these on tale at prices* that will cer-  tsiiniy moro Uieru; original cost has been quite  lost bight of in making the price. 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Agents   for   Denver  Flre   Clay   Company,  Denver, Colorado.  -  COMMISSION 'MERCHANTS. '  ~H J. EVAN.P&^CO^RAICER ^STREET,  Nelson,11 wholesale dealers ln liquors,  cigars, cement, flre brick1; and flro olay,  water pipe and steel, rails,, and general  i ��� commls>slun inercliants.    ,   *- ,'   ���7-     * ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES.   -  ? KOOTENAY EL_ac5F____C~SUPPI-Y���&  j Construction-''Company���"Wholesale dealers  in telephones, annunciators, ^ bells, batter-  ..ies, ele"ctric fixtures and appliances. Houston Block, Nelson. - ���  ^ FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  pfe.^ ���~���   i'S'i.V Yl'i; - 1J. "BURNS '&   CO.-BAKER''STREET,  >..-��>-j'^-Nelson,7 wholesale   dealers ,in 'fresh   and  J^&P i .Vflcured' meats. > Cold storage.    '" & J   .  aAi OV                   _____  $**�� *vgn~   GROCERIES."  ;(*.  SUPPLY COMPANY/ ______  street,*-? Nelson,/, wholesale  'il    i' _r. ,. j -  CHOLDITCH    &, ��� CO.���FRONT  wholesale grocers^ i      is  MACDONALD   &  CO ���.J-Oix.iN ER   OFt  Hall streets, Nelson,* wholesalo  'grocers  and jobbers  in  blankets,^ gloves,  &&�� *>'���:'- -,<mitts,.-boots, rubbers, macklnaws and mln-  ftefc&V* sundri^.  - .       ,      , lll  it*.!?-*-       J    ,.��._     ,- -.^-..-n-n.---        -     r.n ��1_A-T_)   _m_-_  VI.  ����,, -.*. ^.b J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-FRONT STREET,.  j*3 ��-->.,,-- ONelson, wholesale dealers ln rrovlslons,.  tmtpt    '���>'�����" cured meat., butter and eg?s.   ,      -* -;  _���/_.  _-. .  ���^.---s-��  ri  -LIQUORS'-AND DRY-GOODS.  BEETON ��� &   CO.���CORNER,  ../-���TURNER,     ,  ,, Z Vernon*' and   Josephine   streets, - Nelson,  X" V-wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars and dry  . -^ goods. Agents,for Pabst'Brewing Company  .-. .*, of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing'Company of Calgary.  .^v^  liA'i1  .  ?i<   _  .-  BUSINESS "DIEEOTORT."  PI-ASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday - evening in the Elliot Block,' at ii  o'clock. iJ. X>. Moyer, president; "William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.   ,        CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex. B. Murray, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union Hall at '7:30 'sharp.-Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' , UNION."���  Meets'at Miners* Union-Hall on'fourth  Monday in every month at,7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. -W. McFee, secretary. -  11    ,- ' _<;-,.;    , ,  CLASSIFIED > ADS.   _'   ARTICLES FOR SALE.   ~^EW_NG~^H.CHiNES^oi;^xinKI?_OS  for sale or re it'at. the Old Curiosity.Shop.1  .y_. _ '  FOR RENT-    -;. ���__'_,  SIX  ROOM  COTTAGE-AT  BALFOUR'  -���to let by the month or for the season. Immediate   possession.   Good .fishing. c Apply  C.  W.  Busk,. Kokanee. creek. Phone. 66a.��  Or to R. H. Williams,'Baker street, Nelson.  FOR R__.T���PALACE SALOON, SANDON.  Forpartlcular. apply Mrs. A. Eagan, Sandon, B.C.,  TO. LET���'THREE- ROOMS-' ON * CEDAR  streot;liiigeliving room,,bedroom and kitchen  with sink; also, use of bath. ''Apply to J. Coxhead, Cedar street.1 -j *\ .      "'{*���. "*'     '' Jr  '_' FOR SALE.   __,__'   FOR IMMEDIATE SASH-GROCERY BUS?  ineas; good location; low rent; owner going out  of business.' For full' particulars address C K.,  Grand Forks,-B.C. '/-'       "','"!/ .*-.      ^ , "/'  "���  ?.;      \rJ HELP WANTED. .     .' -*  -WANTED ��� WOMAN    COOK,    WAITER.-  'deckhands,  l-aihoad men  for Lardo, girls for.  housework.      Nelson    Employment    Agency.  P_ioiio"278.  l i   .    - . -   ��� ,       l  no candidate they could name could hope  to pull the vote of the "silk stockings."  in Rossland, the Missourlans would not  be able to vote, so, the Liberals could  not hope to win. By nominating- ex-governor Mackintosh, the Conservatives  might land him a winner. Up in Golden riaing of East Kootenay, the Labor  men would give W. C. Wells a' race for  his life, the Conservatives not being  strong in that riding. The result would  ,be three Labor men sure, one Conservative, and an even break between the Labor and Liberal parties in Golden "and  an even break between the' Conservative and Labor parties in-Nelson.  (t.  9\  . ,  LADIES' JACKETS,  COSTUMES,  FURS. AND UNDEBWEAR  AT  ESPECIALLY  . LOW- PRICES  The gas company is beginning to wonder where its friends are.- The company has expended over $100,000 in Nelson and are prepared to do^ all the business . offered.    Why. 'does   not   mayor  ���Fletcher, and his- aldermanic allies  (Selous, Paterson, Hamilton, and Gillett.) ask the gas* company to share the  "���city's lighting "burdens. .,The gas com-,  pany, is surely, entitled to as much consideration- as ' tlie West Kootenay  Power & Light'Company of Rossland, a  .V   i i-  company^ that .boycotted Nelson's mer-;  chants for months.        .>  . ���.  \t Alderman " Patersonr* ��iald' 'yesterday:.  ," I have asked'several of,]the.aldermen  ."if they had .pledged * themselves, on  ���" the ekctric, 'lighting ��� question .before  ���" their election, and they.all'denied hav-  ?"i'ug dene so."'When^ the "genial alder-'  man'for the Bast ward was,-howl, the  pledges these men' made.he was'astonished. , They would ��� all ,bo' astonished  >     ��� i ' ��� i -i ,   -' -  were   they   to',resign   tomorrow and  stand for re-election. _  MENS' LAMBS' WOOL  SHIRTS   AND   DRAWERS,  PLEEOE LINED UNDERWEAR, WOOL AND CASHMERE SOCKS, FLANNELETTE NIGHT   SHIRTS  AND RAJAMAS AT  VERT LOW   PRICES  BARGAINS  IN  GREY AND WHITE  BLANKETS,   WOOL" COM-    jfjf  FORTERS AND EIDER-       W  DOWN QUILTS.  m  m  FRED   IRVINE   &  CO.  36 Bakep Street, Nelson.  -*0St.* _  isk^ _^ ^^ ^_^   _^ _^        _. i  . .__. __*        zr ��__ ^&_'  \^-^T'^Si '4��'^Sa, *-ST'0��'4EZ .<_y ,<__r *t_\0 '0��-'t��f'*t��Z.. *__r *0&*00 *0*0*   *^Z^g *S^'JS**^B^'mS^*S^*-^^*^^*--^*-^^*_���__. *__f'v>--^*^s^'' ^^*^*^* >**>.^^v^r  ^^***---K ���*^^ ���*'���_-. ���'"-^ **<l_- *^*k *'*-*-, **,*kv *^k^***---k ���^-k* **���_�� ���^-T* *"���*- ���^-k***'-^, *      W/    '00 ' ^0' 00' 00* 00 '00* 00' 00' 00 '00' 00' 000' 000' * 00*00%* 000^0^'  C. P. R. IS UP AGAINST IT  '.  ry     SITUATIONS ^WANTED.  f  ARCHITECTS.  A? C. EWART.���ARCHITECT, ROOM 3,  EW-  11*31  Aberdeen yBlock, Baker Street, Nelson.  CHOP HOUSE.  . '   PIONEER      CHOP      HOUSE.   - JOHN  'j, Spear,'proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  ',     Baker street,' Nelson. Open day and night.  1 ^ Lunches a specialty. Picnic and traveling  v    ', parties supplied on shortest notice.  ���  ''^^   ' -   *    FURNITURE,   PIANOS,' SAFES,   ETC.,  -   moved carefully at reasonable rates. > Ap-  , '   ply J. T. "Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser's sec-  ._.,.���.nni- Hand'Store. Ward street.  FURNITURE.  , D. J. ROBERTSON __ CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  new postoffice building, Vernon street,  , Nelson.  WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES.  -  "FREE MII_t__NG GOLD PROPERTIES.  We are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties at once. The Prospectors' Exchange, Nelson, B. C, Room 4,  K. W. C. Block.   GOLD, COPPER, SILVER, LEAD  mines and prospects wanted. Send report  and samples to Jthe Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson, B. *" ' _     .    .  'SITUATION WANTED AS COOK- IN HO-  tel or at mino. 'Address'"Woman Cook," Tribune ofiice, Nelson.,  .   '    ��� LOST. ..  ���   ,  C, Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  NOTICES OF MEETINGS.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  /V^ S  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. moets second Wednesday ,ln  each mouth. Sojourning brethren  Invited.  NELSON    ROYAL    ARCH    CHAPTER  No. 1__, G. R. C.���Meots third Wednesday.  ��� Sojourning    companions    lmiteU.    George  Johnstone.  __.;  hi.   W.  Mattbews.  S.  E.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F.' O? E.-  JMeets second and fourth Wednesdays ->of  euch month at Fi-aternity Hali.: George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, * seoretary.  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T.r'M.���  Regular meetings flrst and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  fflre cordially Invited to attend. Dr. .W.  Rose, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.-.G. A.  Brown, P. C. '   "...* *".  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  A_j.iNJ_.Lib (J-SlUi'*., rsO. .u, W. F. of M.���  Meets in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner ot Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James WllKs, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men $3.50. hammersmen $3.25, muckers, carmen, snoveieis, and other underground laborers $3.  LOST - WHiTE'' BULL TERRIER 'DOG.  answering to name of ' Fitz." Any per_on~har-  boring or detaining samo aftor this notice will  bo pro.ecutod. 'D..Mackay.,      . ' .,"      .  LOST-ON .WEDNESDAY? OCTOBER 2nd,  a bunch of key.,,one of which in stamped A. IC.  207 Finder please leave at C.P. R. 'lelegraph  Otllce. . ,',- ' -      .'.  EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES.     \\  HELP FURNISHED-WRITE, TELE-  phone, telegraph or inquire Western Canadian Employment Ofllce, Nelson. Phone  270. Storage���I have a large-warehouse for  _storing_-household-_or_other_goods.-iH.i-A._  -Prosser. ' ~  WANTED HELP OF ALL KINDS.���  Orders for help receive prompt and careful attention.. R. ' Purdy, Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  44. P. O. Box 582.  ��lie '��rlbum  !?_Two of the leaders of. tlie "silk stock-  *. v. . -.      -  jing" faction of the Conservative party in  ..Nelson are attorneys' for the West Kootenay Power & Light Company, according to a communication from the deputy  commissioner - of lands and works,  printed' elsewhere in today's Tribune,  and the other leader,of that wing.is,  apparently, that' company's special-  pleader in the city council.. ---   f.  Will the city officials give the names  of ..the persons .who- have, applied for  'electric light and have not got it'; the;  * location' of the premises to .be lighted;  the number* of lights asltcd for;f*and  thejrate each will pay? This"data.surely,  can, be,vgiven without hiring-an additional clerk.  ' "   ' ''.  'Alderman-Selous-and mayor Fletcher  Doth want to be mayor next year. ' Ajs  both will run on a , 45-per-cent-to-Bori-  nington-Falls platform,   any  candidate  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  Daily by mail, one month ?  GO  Dally by mail, three months  125  'Daily by mall, six months  2 50  Dally by mail, "one year  5 00  Semi-weekly by mall, three months...    50  Semi-weekly by mail, six months 100  Semi-weekly by mail,  one year 2 00  Postage to Great Britain added.  ADVERTISING  RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly  per Inch per month $4 00  If run less than a month, per Inch per  Insertion     .'     25  Classified Ad) and Legal Notices, per  word for first Insertion       1  For each additional insertion, per  word        1-2  Wholosale and Business Directory Ads  (classified), per line per month     50  Notices of meetings of Fratornul Societies and Trades Unions, per line  per month  , 25  Address all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. NelMon, B. C.  VVW*_^I**.*%��._.-*-'*$-*-'    .J^..JwJ��J..JwJ..JmJmJi.J^J.,J.  * ,*  ���_���       NOTICE TO  SUBSCRIBERS  ���I- BY   CARRIER.  BARBERS' UNION, NO. 196, OF THE  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets lirst and third Mondays  of each month in Miners' Union Hall at  B:30 sharp. Visiting members invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  oopretary  COOKS AND WAITKRS UNION NO. 141,  W. L. U._. meets ut Miners' Union HaU on sec  ond and last Tuesdays in every month at 8:30  *   " Sloan, president: J. I'. For-  E. M. J. orticr, jQnancdri ecc-  p.m. sharp.  ___ Ii. Sloan,  restcll, secretary. " "  notary.  On Saturday next, subscribers  whose Tribunes are delivered by  carrier will be expected to pay  the carrier TWENTY CENTS, the  subscription price for the current  week.  �����|���f���*�����I**^*!**^*'!���t**I*��f**I���4*        *I**I*'  *  *  *  *  *  +  'j~s"M"M"K~!-  who will'stand squarely for the City of  Nelson ought to win with ease. '  Alderman Hamilton and alderman  Gillett must feel a trifle "uncomfortable,  engaged, as they are, in pulling mayor  Fletcher's "chestnuts out of the fire.  If a provincial election was held  within the next month, neither the Liberals nqj- the Conservatives would have  a walkover in any of the six ridings in  Kootenay. The Labor Party is in the  ascendency, and would carry Revelstoke,  Slocan, and Southeast Kootenay hands  down. They would have an even break  in Nelson,riding, for 80 per cent of the  Libera-, are working men/and while the  Carley-Starkey-McBeath wing of the  Conservatives can dominate the party, _  ���   The'Pooplo Are to Blame.  Public rights cannot  be  safeguarded  in the long pauses   between   elections  with'the help of journals which .fight  shoulder to shoulder   with   the   Street  Railway Company before the polls open.'  A capable mayor and an earnest council  would soon get justice for the .people  from the Street Railway Company and  every other franchise-holding corporation.    If the peop.e wanted a capable  mayor and earnest council, why did they,  not say so at the polls?    The   people  wanted a "gentleman for mayor." Journals which  now pretend  to stand  up  against the Street   Railway   Company  talked about everything but the public  duty of supporting the  one candidate  who had earned the hatred of the franchise-holding   corporations.    The   atti-*  tude of the civic government towards-  corporations  like  the   Toronto   Street-  Railway Company is determined by the  action of the people at the polls.   When'  the votes of.the people are in line with  the des.re of the corporations, the representatives of the people must necessarily  fail to protct-public rights.    Journals  which now talk and snarl against the  Stieet Railway Company are the same  journals which helped the 'Street Railway, the Gas company, and kindred corporations to control the result of the last  municipal elections.���Toronto Telegram.  Revolutionists Make a Haul.  NEW YORK, October 15.���Landing  unexpectedly early Sunday morning ut  Taboga is-land, a watering plac. 12  miles off Panama, a party of revolutionists surprised \he garrison captured  arms and ammunition, kidnaped the alcalde and two other officials and carried away to small schooners, one of  them beirg leaded with provisions and  the other belonging to the alcalde, the  Panama correspondent of the Herald.  They ..so obtained a laige quantity af  provisions from the Chinese stores and  raised about __D__ In silver.  .Competitors on Both Sides.  , According to the following tho Great  .Northern,-Northern Pacific, and Burlington railway systems are to be consolidated,, and that afterwards the consolidated companyWlll acquire .the Canadian Northern, a railway now under  construction,';?which?- when' completed/  will practically, parallel the Canadian  Pacific fiom Port Arthur' to the Pacific  Coast. The. dispatch is dated St. Paul,-  Minnesotij,, October/llth, and reads: ,'  ��� "It .was1 disclosed today that the legal  department * of one of the interested  road:-, had. discovered a "plan whereby  Uhe<. BurliDgton, Great Northern and  'Northern Pacific may be consolidated,  operate,  and,be brought-under one cen-  -tral,management without violating th*  laws of the'- various states which pro-,  hibit   the ' corsolidation | of "competing  . linos.  From tthe results' thus obtained  . .lie latest'rliase'of the situation is the  f form ation .oi: a..financial, company-, to  - purchase the Burlington a. .the parent  ,compar.y.*��� tliis ?coit_par.y;,following with  the purchase?of. the slock';.of the, Great  . Northern' arid'* Northerh Pacific? It' is  declaredt that' the ^state laws -. cannot  touch this organization, *as the Burlington1 is in no sense ~a competitor'of the  "other "roads,   The proposed  merger, it.  is said, provides that the-Great .Northr  orn stcik shall be,-transferred 'to- the  new company at 200 and the Northern  Paciflcat 125. There, is in the opinion  'of eminent railway, lawyers 'hera/ no  reason why an' inaepeiidont' company  shall not have the custody of these two  'stocks and if this iifdependent company  is the Burlington, reorganized as an individual company, no law can successfully attack the arrangement.  It,is a  -technical; evasion of the' law, because  J. J. Hill and others would own the ih-  depeudont company, it is further, declared that the plans contemplate' the  -merging-of-the-Canadian-Northern,-the  road which recently acquired the  Northern Pacific's ' lines in Manitoba,  and which has neatly completed a line  from Port A.thur to Winnipeg, and intends to build on west to the Pacific  Coast.  Nelson Mining Division Becords.  The following new locations were recorded at the Nelson ��� record office yesterday: Daylight, on the south side of  Kootenay river about six miles east of  Nelson on the Balfour extension, by  John J. Hargreaves and Charles Chris-  topherson; Morni.ig Glory, an extension of the Daylight, by the sr;me locators; Starlight an extension of the Daylight, by Catharine Chrlstopherson;  Moonlight, an extension of .the Starlight, by Louise Sinkan; Gladys and  Minnie claims, on,-Rover creek, th.ee  and a half miles from tho Kootenay  river, by W. W. Hegeman; Tread well  and Last Chance, on Sheep creek, adjoining the Yellowstone, by John P.  Bell; Cranston's Bank, on Toad mountain, thit-e-quarters of a mile "west of  the Silver King, by' John Stinson;  Crown Prince, on the heaa of Morning  '.mountain, by J. R. Cranston; Allio, on  the head of the east fork of Barreit  creek, by Allie Miswald; M.A., in the  same vicinity, by the same locator.  Certificates of work were issued, to  William M. Griffith, on" the Princess,  and U. S. A. mineral claims.  Two bills of sale were recorded. In  one C. McElroy transfer, ed to Charles,  A. Colzin the Vancouver mineral claim,  situate on the Nelson ��, 1. ort Sheppard  nine miles from the international boundary. In the second A. *>. -...veil, D. E.  Grobe, J. H. Graham and D. A. MeLeod  record an cption to purchase the Canadian Girl, Yankee Girl and Yale Fraction, given to Neil Cochrane of Rossland until November 21st, 1901.  Certificates of improvements were is-  _-ued ,to Charles Colzin on the Vancouver mimral claim and to Herbert Porter of Nelson on the Dora mineral  claim.  (T  T\  E.A..SMALL& CO.'S  Royal Brand Garments.  Raglanette aid Yoke Overcoats  Made in Grey,; Green and Dark effects  are the most fashionable Over-  *�� *f *.)    f , *  coats of the season.  Other popular styles are the Kitchener, the Full Box, and Half Box,  !   J  in Grey and Oxford Colorings.  ���',"'".      *        '   . *'  This label,on the left hand pocket  of Small's Royal Brand Garments.  The Raglanette.  REGISTEREO  \_  500MWANTE]  On the construction of-the Arrowhead 4.]  Kootenay railway ln the Lardo district,  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  In order to secure men without delas  ordinary labor,will be paid 42.25'_>er"da_f  and'axemen $2.50 per day.  GOOD STATION WORK  CAN BE SE CUBED,*'"  For   further   particulars   apply   to-  Nelson Employment Agencies or to  the<  CARLSON & PORTER  CONTRACTORS,  WANTED.  500 Day and Station Men  Eight  months'   work.    All   rock.  The  Northwestern Development  Syndicate, Limited.  Incorporated undor tbo laws of British Columbia.  Capital $1,000,000 in 1,000,000 shares       Par value $1.00 each  All treasury stock Wo promoters and no preferred '  _\  Wages $2.25 per day.  J. G_ McLEAN,  ���-= =_������_SI__o,���B. C���j  WEST TRANSFER  N. I. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of learning and Transfer  Work.  Agents for Hard and Soft) Coal. Imporlal OH  Company. WaehinjcLou Brick, Limo & _vt_n_-  fnoturi__ Company. General commercial agents  and brokois.  All coal and wood strictly oash on delivery.  TBLTCPHONM 147.  Office 184 Baker Si.  Brought a Bis Price.  LONDON, October 15.���R. S. Slever's  crack  bay  colt  Duke  of  Westminster  by Orme, out of Oai.tle, bas been pur-  cliased by G. Faber for 21,000 guineas, I  the record price for a two-year-old.     \P,  PROPERTIES:���Camborne Group, nine claims,  Oyster Group, six claims. Located in the Free  Gold fish River Oamp, Lardeau Mining Division.  B. 0.   Large Veins.   Free milling gold ore. , ���  FIRST ALLOTMENT:���200,000 shares now offered  at 50 cents per share.  Ia view of the splendid _howings of both high and low grade  ore, and the unrivaled facilities for the economical developing and  working of the properties, it is confidently expected that not only  will the present issue of stock,be sold quickly, but that no more  will be offered at less than par.  ���Address all inquiries or applications for stock to  p. o. box 666 S. M, BRYDGES,  nelson, b.c. Official Broker.  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:   Two Doors West G P. R. Office.  HENRY'S NURSERIES!  APIARY /\ND GREENHOUSES  Greenhouse and Bedding out Plants.  Lowest   Prices.  BBH SUPPLIES. SHEDS, FERTILIZERS I  Agricultural Implements, fruit baskets i  and crates, fruit and ornamental trees,'  bulbs for fall planting.  Catalogues Free.  3009 Westminster Boad.  Vancouver  Suitable for wrapping, 25 cents a hundred.   Apply at  ROSSL.AISD   eiSQIISEBRIIVQ  WORKS  ounliffe sc McMillan  Founders, Boilermakers and Machinists.  Our ore cars aio  ORB OARS, skips, cages, ore bin doors, ohutes and general wrought Iron work,  the best on the market.   Write us for references and full particulars. .-,.���������_   . ���n�� .���,  SECOND HAND MACHINERY FOR 8ALE,-One 6-foot Pollon watorwheol, width600 feet, "8 tol6  spinal riveted pipe.  One 10zSxl3 outside packed plunger sin-ting pump.   Rook drills, stopiuf-  bors, Sco., -__% *  -    AGENTS NORTHEY PUMPS. STOCK CARRIED.  O. BOX 19a THIRD AVKNUB, BOSSI_AND_  OLD PAPERS  TRIBUNE BINDERY DEPARTMENT  R. BEISTESERi|& CO?  BBS-VFBBB AND BOXIXKBB OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular delivery to tbe trade.  ���BREWER"-: AT NELSON ���  r      ~r . . ;r-74o-?|  '   '*.       *" "** $���!  '       .-- '        , '..Vi  THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  WEDNESDAY -MORNING,  OCTOBER ,16, 1901  BANK OF  OAPITAL. all paid up_...S12.0OO.C0O.0O  BHBT     7,000,000.00  uSBlVII)ED PROFITS       4_57.180.60  Lord Strathoonn aud Mount Royal ...Presldou  Hon. Goorao A. Drummond Vico-Pioaldenl  E. S. Clouaton Gunoial Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Bakor and Kootcutiy Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Hran. he_ ln London (England) New "York,  Chicago, and aU the principal cltleH in Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable  Tramifcrs.  Grant Commercial and Travolora' Credits,  avaiiHhlt. iu any part nf the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Era,  Saving's Bank Branch  O-TBKI-NT BATE OF INTEUKST PAID.  NEW ZEALAND IS  UNIQUE  In Political and Social Methods.  Over two hundred people .gathered at  c the Br worth League Hall of the flrsc  Methodist Episcopal church last evening to listen to the lecture, on New Zealand hy i-i-ofe-sor Henry D. Lloyd of  Chicago, which was given under the  auspices of the Spokane Economic  League. Mr. Lloyd highly entertained  his 'hearers by his eloquent and con-  .lncins manner. He*was introduced by  Dr. *E. D. Olmstead, president, of the  league. , ,   .'  "Newest England" was the subject of  his   lecture.   Professor   Lloyd   said   in  i,part: ,   <_  "New  Zealand  is   the   talk   of   ihe  world today, on account of its political  and social novelties. It is the experiment station of modern democracy.  It  was  a  fault  of a  political  revolution  brought about in 1890 by a revolt of the  people  against  an  oppressive  combiu-  >7    ation of monopolies brought into power  i      by the Tory'party. Tho land" was mon-  i   . opolized to an extent worse even than  [    "that of Ireland, money was controlled  ,     by a close ring and1 these rings had for  ' -   yeai s'been in possession ot the government. ,  "In 1890 the people rose in a political  revolution   They  .wept the Conserva-  '    ,tive  painty, from  power.  They' inaugurated 'a^series 'of'reforms 'and "social  changed .which  have  never  been 'sur-  -    'passed'by  any. political,movement;in  ' **��� modern times for the variety of sub-  -A jects  affected  or "the  ..ioro.ighness j cf  ' =   the treatment.-It was as ono of its lead-,  ers said? 'a substitute for a French revolution.!! But it was a revolution .of a  j*ar higher type���an Anglo Saxon typ<\  Instead of dc_ .royln * wealth, it',created  it;   hf-fad of taking life, it'saved it.  The   old   fashioned .property  tax   was  abolishcc.-, and ihe taxation, of land and  Incomes for federal purposes "was introduced and these ta. e.. were made pr_-  gressive. The small men were made exempt  1. eVause   they   were  small.   The  large   men   were   taxed   more  because  th-?v!.ver-? larke.': "     * V' ""*'._.  "-f" **��� =  %l      -"The keynote of'New Zealand policy  'is to abolish both -the,- millionaire and  the pauper. Trie system of construction*  of   public   works. by   contractors   and  sweaters' was abolished and the government now'.builds,its railroads and puo-  lic works by direct contract with the  ���\vorkiug man through "it.   engineers.    ,  "A cardinal feature of this policy is  to settle the laborer of   these   public  works poi manently on the land alongside. , The land system is revolutionized.  ��� ���   The Government has begun to break up  tho monopoly of the land by progressive  taxation and.by acquiring the huge estates    'These are bought if the owner  --win* sell -voluntarily, if not, tthcy  are  -taker    by   condemnation,   compulsory,  th.0-.gh at a fair price.   Those lands thus  ��� obtained are .cut up   into  small   farms  .and into   suburban   plots   for  working  *���    _t. ��n   ' The government does not allow  ^    this'land to be again consolidated into  f^larjre-"estates--nor-to--be-held-idle.r-Th(^  i   new democracy of New Zeland adopted  7   a better system   of labor   and   factor j*  **' laws tb'an that of  any  other  country.  '���  'They made one of tho boldest and most  "'  -successful  experiments in modern ptn-  " ��� it'es by the adoption of the compulsory  ' -Arbitration law, for which New Zeland is  J,   famous.   This law has _���__ an end to all  labor troubles, and for six years New  '   'Zealand has  been   'a  country  without  " istri.e.' -   , ,     C-  "Tho railroads are owned by the na-  -ticm 'and aro run for public service and  '   not Ior profit.    As   rapidly   as   profits  '   show a tendency to increase rates are  cut down.    The   government  borrowed  mil'ions of dollars in London and loaned  it in New Zealand at low rates to small  borrowers to break the money ring. So  ���successful is this system that not one  ���dollar of interest is Tiu-v. overdue.   The  anoney spent by the New Zealand democracy in buying up tho large estates  , lor subdivision and in making Joans to  small men is earning it a profit.   The  unemployed  have  entirely disappeared  from the roads and streets of New Zea-  . land, owing to the success of the government   system   of  putting   them   to  '��� work or the railroad* anrt other productive public -works andjn makJPS them  permanent settlers on the land.  "The railroads carry children to school  'free, and carry free wine and other  things for farmers and give special rates  ��� on New Zealand products sold abroad.  'To assist the farmers in meeting their  -competitors in the foreign markets the  government gives them low railroad  rates, will grade and stamp their products as 'approved for export,' and does  ���many similar things to favor them. It  also given tliem cold storage free.  "Other reforms were women suffrage  and old age pensions. ,  "New Zealand is today the most prosperous country in the' world and tho  -most healthful. These reforms are re-  ���jH)rted to the American people not that  thi-y should imitate New Zealand, but  tha-., with their large opportunity and  ���nobler inheritance, they should, when  their tturn comes, give the New Zea-  ,'lan(lcr something of theirs to imitate."  Mr. Lloyd arrived in lhe city yesterday morning from the sound, where Jie  ���delivered several lectures in the interest  /of the economic movement. lie leaves  this morning for Butte, from where he  will visit Denver, Salt Lake, and Omaha.  .Ho will deliver lectures, at each place.  .y&r. iloyd has writteii .several interest-;  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITK WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  .  .  .  $8 000,000  -  -  - $2,000,OCX-  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER 366,000,000.  THE  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox, B   E. Walker,  President. General Manager  London' Offlee, 60 Lombard Street, ��1. O.  New "York   Ofiice, 16   _5._ohc__._-e   Place.  and 6_ Branches In Canada and the  United Staten.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT,:  Interost allowed ou deposits.   Present rate  throe por cent. '  -  GRANGE V.  HOLT,  Manoj?or Nelson Branch.  ing books on the work ho is at present  'engaged in.���Spokesman-Review.  Royal Party at Kingston.-  -KINGSTON, October 15!���The' royal  party arrived at Kingston at 10:30 this  morning. *\They were'met at the station-  and enthusiastically received by a great  crowd. As the train pulled into the station a salute of twenty-one guns was  fired by B battery. ?A procession formed  at the station and escorted the' party to  the city hall, where the-duke and duchess  were presented' with an address, by  mayor Kent. The procession then  moved to Queen's College,, where the  duke was the recipient of an address and  the degree of L.L.D. by sir Sandford  Fleming, K.C.M.C., chancellor of the university. The duke and duchess then  paid a personal visit to principal Grant  to inquire as to his health, when the  duke conferred'the C.M.G. 'decoration  bestowed by the kihg.' The drive was  then resumed to the royal- military .college, where the cadets went through various exercises, following which the  party took .their departure on the  Richelieu & Ontario Navigation' 'Com-'  pany's steamer Kingston for a trip  through- Thousand Islands and Brockville. ,They,will remain over night at  Cardinal, three 1 stations east of-Brockville, resuming their journey - east at  9:45 tomorrow morning.  >*> .       '-= ���     , '      y  Balloon Experiment' a Failure. ''  PARIS, October ln.���The attempt'of  count do la Vaulx to cross the Medlt'er-'  ranean in a balloon, which l.ft Lessa-  bellettte, near Toulon, Saturday, has-  failed. The .minister of marine, M. f deJ  Lancssan, has received a dispatch from  'Toulon announcing that the cruiser Du-  ^chayla, which was escorting the balloon, is returning'"to port" with the balloon . and her *. passengers, which sin."  picked up ten miles cast of the St. Laurent lighthouse'. The' balloon was uninjured. The result of the experiment  did not cause any-surprise-after''the  mews .brought to -Marseilles by tho incoming- steamer this morning that the  southeast winds which weie blowing on.  the sea would ycarry'the balloon^off thei  coast cf Spain "or to Gibraltar. jMoiv.-  ever'the .latest news-from the pa'sson-*  gers of the balloon indicated that it was,  proceeding very slowly. These two" fat:-'  tois probably caused count de la Vaulx  to abandon his attempt.  IMPERIAL BANK  o:_r  c^.b_r^___iD____  Capital (paid up}   -   $2,600,000  Rest       -      -     -    S 1,850,000  '    HEAD OFFICK. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Branches In Northwest Territories, Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  H. S. HOWLAND Piesident.  D. I_ WILKIE ......Goneral Manager.  _"*. HAY Inspector.  NELSON   BRANCH,  BUKNS I3LOCK.  A K<moral banking business transacted.  Savings Department,���Deposits receivod and.  interest allowed.  Droits sold, available in all parts of Can. da,  Unito'l Staten and tlurope.  Special attention givon to collections.  J.' M. LAY, .Manager.  ^fpV^S���-**���**^���-**** ^���^^���^���-^^���^^���^���^^^P*^  M���-^ZZ^^^SS^^zr: 1  ���   ���         r-r-r-? ���~^-r z���i m  >  ���j.  ��.  Chicago, who has arrived here from a  tour of the Orient. Said he: "While I  was in Japan' I noticed' on every hand  thati the Japanese were' making, preparr  atipns for 'war with' Russia arid they  made no secret bf it. The cause of the  trouble is no^secret, in Japan. It wants  Corea. Japan is" not. large enough for  the Japanese.' Russia'practically holds  Manchuria and, Japan does not intend  letting this nation ��� extend its influence  to, Corea" if-this condition'* can be prevented, hence the preparation for war."  What Dumont Has Accomplished.,  NEW YORK, October 15.-���According,  to the t'tiroate of the Paris correspondent of the Times, M.* Santos Dumont,  the    Franco-Brazilian - aeronaut, ' has  solved  one feature of the" problem bf  aerial  navigation,  that is  steering.  In  the trial Monday M. Santos Dumont's  machine    mount, di,    descended,    and  turned backward and iorwai d with wonderful precision. The machire also' remained motionless in lhe air when M.  Santos   Dninont   dosired   it   to   do' so.  Whether   or   not   the   yourg   inventor  gains the piizc of 100 000 francs oifered-  _by_M._Dei*tsch- for_a .dirigible _balloon,_  says the dirpntch, he has made a for  ward step in human pi ogres..  The Episcopal Convention.  'SAN 'FRANCISCO  'OctoDer   15���The  house of bishops today agreed with the  hou.se, of deputies ? in accepting the ire-  port on marginal readings. The report  of the jo.nt committee on the orders of  the church in Sweden'were read and referred. It was resqlvea to give all possible , aid to missionaries among Scandinavian   immigrants';-It   was -recommended 'that the^new' version of thQ  prayer  took  in  German  be. approved  and   pei mission1   given   for' its   u_e.  Bishop Potter'of New York was selected  to prepare the pastoral- Iftter for 1904,  his assif-tonts to b'e the bishop of Southern Virginia and Albany. The_ house jof  bishops nominated .Rev. Cameron Matin  'of.Kansas"City to bp the missionary  bishop  for  the missionary district j��#f  North-Dal-cta, and sent his'name *to the  <hbusb;of,d.;puties'for election. The election- of. -the missionaries  and" bishops  ^for   Hsikow,*, the ^Philippines,   Porto  'Rico..and   01yn_pia"_was  concurred  in.  The resolutions of the house of deputies  rrorosing[ the  appointment  of* a  standing" commissioni on   capital   and  -labor;were, adopted?with a> few' verbal  changes and'the^ bishops of New Yoik  .and'Mas. achussetts'-and thei bishop co-  'adjutors' of-. Chicago. 'were   reappoir tod  membersr'of the commission. *|  SIZE 10X9  '       Established In Nelson 1890 .   .  V  We Sell Wholesale and Retail  Hurry Up and Ask fcfr Prices ���  Cur  Christmas goods are arriving  dailyi   and .you'have a  good opportunity to select from the latest up-to-date goods^  and you I will .find prices reasonable.,-'1  l~        ���'   '.'-   ' -'���  .    ,       We want your trade���send us your orders and  wa  will do  the rest. J.        .     ' '   /   -f ,   "--,   ,,*��� I  '   All Watch'" and jewelry repairing, guaranteed.,.'    '.    ' ��._  '-  t'/^  '    ���"     MaiKor'ders receive,our prompt and careful attention? \ ^/��",  ? JACOB/DOVER, "The ilew^'. J  ,v '.       .    .  ��� "   v '        v., '     '��/   *    'fKr k^ii^/^4  C. P. R. Watch Inspector .   NELSONaB, O.^  1_,J      v _ -        i ���) I  9k  ~ ,i*t  s    _,  v -^ .  ^ ___*-*<'��� r-r-��i  "i _____,*��� >- V >i< '  ^^00.00 * 00'*00 -00.00*0-0.  1 ���iS-k' *^r ��!>' ^^1^*r E&T S^.   *^^*9_^V0  tfa0 0S_^<St>rS^~501^&-  Probably an "idle Kumor.  LONDON, October _5.���A rumor was  started on the stock exchange, this  morning thst ceueral Botha, tho Bo.t  coinmar-der in chief, had been captured  But a dispatch from loid Kitchener  dated from Pretoria yrstor'lay evening  contains nothing moie important than  the weokly summary'ot captures, a reiteration 'dt the stale.nent that general  Kitchener's columns are moving against,  a large force of Hoeis near'the Natal  frontier, with which general Botha is  supposed to be? and the announcement  that commandant Scheeper's commando iu Citpe Colony has been broken up.  Johannesburg the Mecca.  NEW YORK, October 15..���The Cape  Town correspondent of the Times says  thero has been a renewed influx lately  of poor.people who hope to reach Johannesburg. Those stranded in Cape  Town ii Clyde many Russian Jews. Efforts are being mjide to stop the immigration, as imml.i-.uits must be supported by public charity.  Consolidation of Departments.  WASHINGTON, D. C.,'October 15.*���  A dispatch received at tho war department from gen.raf Rand .11 dated  Dutch Harbor, Ala.ka, pfltQber Sth,  says: "The department of Alaska'���was  dispontii ued on September 30th. Leave  tonight for Valdez and Skagway." The  dcpaitmenr of Alaska luis been merged  into the department of Columbia.  Slippery Maud Gonne.  LONDON, October 15.���It Is repqrted  that Mkude Oor.no sometime, cailed the  "Irish Joan of Arc." has eluded the  vigilance of the authorities and is now  on her way to South Africa. The authorise of the principal ports have been  notified to watch for her arrival.  ���Preparations for War  SAN FRANCISCO, October 15.���A war  between Russia and Japan over Corea is  predicted by Pr. Nicholas Senna, professor of surgery in the University pf  : "' The Havana Postoffice Frauds, y *  -*HAVANA,- 'October 15���The indictments In\ the Havana postoffice frauds  sent jesterday by'the fiscal to the a'u-  diencia implicates Estes G, Rathbone,  jointly with ,C, F.--W. Neely and.W. li.  Rteyes.'*-i-i_ defrauding 'the rgovef&-fnenT:,'  shis jconplicity being based on the coti-  te'ntidr that ,he permitted and therefore  consented to'and tactitly authonzed the  fraudulent liansactibn. 'The whole  amount on all counts'in the indictments  is estimated at L**$i50,000 The- fiscal  has r-s<onu_ie_-ded'tha_ each ot the accused be -fined this amount and that  Rathbone be sentenced'to imprisonment  for 25 yi ans, '"Neely for 25 vears and *.\k  monlhs and Reeves for _4 years and six  months. ��� The fiscal has further recommended that Moyia and Mascero, stan^p  clerk.. te> .entenced ,to imprisonment  for.si***** months and one year respectively. " . ��� . , I   =: . r.      ^   }  4>.    .^'Bobbers Wreck a. Building.";    j  DANVILLE,' Ohio, October" 15.���Biglit  -robbers today effected an entiance into  the bank "building hero and blew'open  the safe with dynamite.. The building  -and _vault_were_wrecked. '__Th ._explosion_  aroused many citizens, who" hurrfed to  the scene and a battle ensued. It,is  thought one robber was wounded, .bnt  all succeeded in escaping so far as  known.        '   On the Enelish Tuif.  LONDON, October 15.���Osboch (Maher) won the stakes of 50 sovereigns  each, with 1000 sovereigns added at the  Newmarket second Octobei meeting today. Pielermaritzburg was second, and  Doriclcs finishedl third. Ard Patrick  (Maher) won the Clearwell stakes and  Volpone (Clem Jenkins) won the royal  stakes.   .    ]   Amputation Found Necessary.''  NEW YORK, October* 15.���A dispatch  from Paris to the Times says it has been  found necessary to amputate one of the  fingers of De Calmette, director of the  BRANDY  DE LAAGE FILS & CO., X X 2{  COGNAC, possesses a delicious bouquet. - '  DE LAAGE FILS & CO. X X X X  COGNAC is mellowed by its great  age, and is recommended to con-  / noiseurs, and for medicinal purposes,  SCOTCH  WHISKIES       ,,, .  THE DISTILLERS' COMPANY, /Ltd.,  Edinburg, the largest, holders in the  world of Scotch Whiskies. : '  THE CALEDONIAN tilQUEUR SCOTCH  Whisky is one of the'leaders���try it  Agency for full stock at Victoria for  E. P. EITHET & 00., I/FD.  Victoria,   B.   C.    ���  A.  B. GRAY,  Kootenay Representative  P. O. Box 521, Nelson.  A. B. BARROW, A.M.LCE.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Comer of Victoria and Kootenay Streeta >  P. O. Mx 559. TELEPHONff NO. K.  Pasteur institution, on account of a bite,  from a cobra, from "which he was ex-r  tracting the venom. It is presumed that  the serum invented by*Dr. Calmette after 'his studies in 'Cocrjin China,' saved  his life,*-, but after three weeks amputation was necessary.  *-���" ..,  . I,,., ** *  Survey Has Been Completed.  VICTORIA; October 15.���Hon. Edgar"  Dew drey,  who  was  appointed  by the  provincial government to make a sur-  'vey    with "'a* view1 i-of "ascertaining  'whether it was ipracticaole to"1 build a.  railway through ,the  Hope  mountains  m  Southern British Columbia. has returned to'the city    He states that the  survey has boen corripleted tand much  earlier  than  he  expected,  but he  declines to make,knoWn the result. 'In'  view of the  fact  that "the work  was  completed, so soon, it ,i. thought that  a practicable; route has been found.  Will Sanction Canal Transfer.. '  NE^YORK, October 15.���A dispatch  to the'Times from Paris says tlie direc--*-  tors of the'-new Panama company, iri a'  circular' to the .shareholders says that*  Colombia hasnexpressed its readiness ,to,  sanction the transfer1"of ,the'canal eto?  the United States.  'An ^estimate of the  .value of the undertaking is therefore being prepared at ttie request of the Isthmian canal ,Company, - It will be ready  by^the,time congress imeets. > .,  ,- '��� n     -        '    .  Under Sealed Orders.  SEATTLE.^Octobei^lS ���The; United  States 'battleship Wisconsin has sailed?  under sealed,orders ^qr'Saijiba by,way"  of Honolulu, "  >   ','.  '    .    , _  *-. " ,     <  .   -       -f  " _ * .-*- -vxv.. ._��� ,)     v       ,      "t,   \^^    ~'i^u    ���� *r< .&js5l_  ���' i.<  ti  .   j    -y .V;      ���**",,*.      '       .7  OFFICE: BAKER STREET WEST, NELSoJi/b. Oj^i TELEPHOHE flO. SIIC.P. O.'BOX 688.^  >'' y_  BAKER  STKEBT,'  rr,  NBLSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heal  ar  ed with 'Hot Air  Large comfortable bedrooms and' flrst-  cla&S dining room. Sample rooms for commercial men. ���    '"  RATES S.2 F^ER DAY,   '  rs. fc. u,  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  Imperia! l|ot:el9'NeIsoi|  (Foinicrlj known as tho Silver King)  GARBLE, BUILDING STONE,  BR|CK AND LINIE-. : .....  ',. -   Thej Mansfield ; Manufacturing] Company-  have'the above-mentioned building materials  ,; for sale^aV reasonable prices.    Special |quota-. >1  ,; tions -tow buildersr; [and contracibors ^for# large ';  "orders.",    '''��'v'-. " ,'* v*    .','"-���' "'    r^ * J*T^> .^X j ^*  .   1                           ,                *,-,.'_.*                        '                        .   .             !                         -                   1-1        ...  .' i 1     > < V ���>)'     IV  (X    -CriWj^'gi'Ji-  . _-J^-fcBr  A COMPLETE LINE OF  , Front Doors   >\>^&%3k  - -      Inside -Doors1 \ A '^z?M  Screen, Doors': * .??<fri1^  ; .Windows^; -*$ &!&fik  - i ,Inside.Finish ;V'fv��8.  -      -    ," local and ooftst," . ���?**** *���_ V. Abt^  r \ i     Flooring- *\ :-yJ>^>^%  . local and oaaf?.",.  A * \ * *3fi' ''����M  ���    ^  Nex^el Posts f'Zffi/tfftk  il��    , Stai^R^t'4"-"-^1  " * %.'      Mouldings  V  Shingles -  *   Rough and ,. f.  ,  -   Dressed Lumber-^ K  ���-  --  J^;r~y  W WHAT TOU WAMT IS KOT HT STOCK1'  WB WirJC, _______ I_,_rOB Taff���V't.v  'Syfy  V-,' 'ij-tij  ���'.'. ���_  ]'S__.8  .<���  ORDERS BY .MAIL ATTENDED TO? PROMRTLY  oo.S-i:_p_A_iNr"x  OFFICE:    BAKER STREET WEST, flELSO)., B. C.  TELEPHONE NO. 219.   P. 0. BOX 688.  ao THE SHAREHOLDERS i  This hotel, in tlio coiidal pait of tho city, ha-  b.cn cntnclj lonovatcd nnd mimo. ul.  ThocommodiOiis bai is supplied with all the  best brands of hq.ois, juries and cig'iit, and i.  under the pcibonil ni_na��;eaient; of JliT J. O  N.usuuth  Tbe dining room and ic-taurant aie conductod  on tlio i.inopcm plan, _\\_i\ these and llio hotel  acooitiiiigdatiun aie under the managuincnt of  Mrs Gonnan, whose ln_o o_.peneni.e ih a gum  unlce of theconiCoits of tlio hotel.  I_|adtien l\ousd  Baker and Ward  Streets,' Nelson.  The only hotel lu Nelson that has remained under one management since 1S9U.  The bed-room* ii". well furnished and  lighted by electricity.    ' -  ' '  The bar Is always stoca.ea Dy the best  domestic and Imported vllq\_Ors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. "Proprietor.  HOTEL   EOSSLAIO..      j.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  house in town. House and furniture new  and flrst class in every respect Lighted  by gas. Room and board $5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN. Proprietor.  H_r,r. j. -n ura monmi:i>*Ti*nvl*.&- rfecl-MI  i .of tbk��i��&i��*$  ft]o!ly Ci.bson Mining Company. Limited.***; faM  t. ���________.. ^    u   s -j-       ^   -i.  i>-u *-*-**  _- ' ���        r ,    ^        'V- '���    i    V'*^'  y "   NON-PERSONAL MABILITY/    A^^5j'f  "  '   -?..1 7-;>     -_, y ,-z rr^S  * NOTICK IS HEREBY QrVEN'that'a_-T_ .tra- ytr/i  oidinary General Meeting; of the Hlinr. lio.'dcrs ySkiil*  cf ih'a Company has boen called by the din cUon* ".  tit the <Di.F0C.rs > to * be -hcld-"ttt-.* Ut.t^li "*  Phair,,in Nelson. Brltl.h Columbln, on tho,-_ *,  23rd d*y of October, 1M)1.' at tho hour of ��� **v��*��i  II oolpok, a. in, to take into considtranon a-.***.;'��'  ro.olntion authorizing tho Directors of thi. Gem- - T>ja_3  piny to ruse tbe sum of S'SO.OilO upon the credit * -��� &B*  of the-.olnp.���_DJ,and_orthepurpo.eo', securing * - .i?"i?  such loan and Internst thereon, to ch_rcri> tho s f,��}Vt  whole of the a_sots of tho Company, fi her by T . p&qZS  Sai' ��L MortiMBo or Tru. t Deeds a. d to _���*ue f ���"?&.  Debontjiros io be Fcctrcd by said Mortgage or , .feS**  Ini.tDecd* and authoiizlng Uie Direttois to.fr*.vs?Vi  secure such loan upon .uch term, and on -Uch" ,vt-ift.  rate of interest and re payable at such tlrnu as *"' *���**.  lliey mav deem advisable. j ,{ ������.'  . AND FURTHER TaKR XOTICfS. tha* an- -**.>_.  other Extraordinary Oonera) Reeling has ur.-i ,i^j_  called to be held on the 1th day of Nov i-mt pr, .. i i "* s. /W.  attho .amclimeanrt placfl nforewilri. for the pur."? .-,. J?4  ppsoof roifir^ntng (be said fore mentu ncd .p->-<*" ,. W  olution, if samo should bo pa_aod at ih'%_!-_. *-,,*?&���  meeting. . ���. - _"' %%  Dated ��t Port Arthur, Ontario, this oth day of     ',?-!#  October, A.D , 1901 ' "-'tSSs  Signed)  S W. KA*V, President ���*- r'A&  (Signed) H. A. McKfBBIN, Spcrr-tarv.'- .&��&<  4i  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT 00-OWNEE..( '^fs%  To John J.  McAndrews or to any person ***  l iP%&  TREMONT HOUSE  or persons to whom he may have transferred his intoiest in the lilack Diamond  ���mineiaUclaim.-situate-on-the-north-sido'  of  Be.tr  creek,   about  three  miles   from  the town of Ymir, lying s,outh of and ad-  lolning the Evennig Sim   niineij.1 claim.  Nelson mining division of West ICootonay  district,   and   lecorded   in   the  recorders'  office tor the Nelion mini .���' division  Vou and each of vou aie hereby notified  that   1   have   expended   two   hundred   and  twelve    dollars    and     twonty-five     cents  (i.'12 25)   in   labor  and   impiovempnts   upon  the above nentloncd mineral claim in 'order  to hold said minet.il claim under the provisions of tho Mineral A< t. ami  if within  ninety days from  the date ot this  notice  jou fail or retuse to contribute your por-s  tion of all such expenditures together with  all  costs of advcitising.  youi  inteiests in  the  said claims  will  become the propeity*  of the subscriber under bcctlon . of an act  entitled,   "An Act  to Amend  the  -Mineral  Act, 1900.' JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this llth day of September, 1901  ^.1  >'4_*  1.1"  u:r._  s_tJ  321 TO 331 BAKER STREET, NELSON  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 25 Cents to $1  -vMERICAf. AND EUROPEAN  *  ~B ���  I     PLANS  J. H. McMANUS, Ma.-'-iKer.  Bay stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms  First clasn tabl. board.  NOTIOE.  "Wo beg io notlfv the m. rchnnts aod busines  men nf Volson thnt w havp purchased tho b����i  ntss anrl Rond'wi 1 of tho Pacific Transfer Com  pane, whieh it ir on1" into^tion of inenrpnratino;  vith tho hu��mp.s of tho Nolson Freighting &  Transfer Comp .ny, wo remain yours  It. H WILLIAM1"--*.  Manager Nelson F. & T Co  NOTIOE.  NOTTCF is hprcbv uivon that Iln'ond toanply  at tho next. lttiriK of the Board of Liconce Com-  miBploncrH fnr tho Citv ot . ol. on, to bo held  aftor the expiration of thirty days from tho dato  hereof, fo^a tiannfo of tho retail llquni licenco  now hold bv mo for tho premlsps situato o. lot  1 block 12, IJakor street, Wplson. and known as  thp "Athabasca" saloon, to Norman T. "Mnolrod,  of Nelson. P. J, HUSSKLL.  Witnpssi Jas. O'Shba  Drtted t' la _7ih day ot September, 190}.  urns & Co.  Hkad Op mob at  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in iVieats  MarketB at   Nelson,   'fiosaland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Saudon,  Silverton, Ne*v��  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co,  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  :WHOLKS_�� LE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY M SEASON  K. W. C BLOCK  WABD STREET    '  OUDEES BY MAIL RKOKIVlfl FBOMPT ATIKNTION.  E, C, TRA.VES, Manage?  OEETIPIOATE  01"  IMPEOVEMENTS'  NOTICE-CITY       MINERAL       CLAIM.  Situate in  the Nelson  Mining Division of*  West Kootenay  District.  Where located: About one mile south or  Nelson.  Take notice that I, Wiliam John Goenei.  Free Miner's Certificate No 00,500. intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to tho Mining: Recorder for a Certificate ot  Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further tako notice that action under section 37, must be commenced beforo  tho issuance of such Certificate of' Improvements  Dated this 16th day of August. A. D.  1901. W   J.   GOEPEL.  OEETIPIOATE   OP IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOJ-iCL���MJLSON   M__.___.A1_   UL.UM  situate  ln the Nelson Mining Division of  West  Kootenay  District.  Where located: About one mile south of  Nelson.  Take notice that I, John Paterson,  Free Minui s Ceitilicate No 50 7.7, intend!  sixtv davs from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ��>i  u,_ uuove claim.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before)  the Issuance of such Certlflcatu of Improvements  Dated this 16th day of August A. El  1901. JOHN   PATERSON.  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE ��� MONUMENT MINEaaOi  claim, situate in the Nelson mining division of Weet Kootenay district. Whero located. At the head of Grohman creeK on  C-iohman mountain. Take notice that _.  J M McGregor, acting as agent for Steve  Hawkins froe miner's certificate No,  1.30,433, and Louis Strand, free miner's cer��  tificate No b37M3. intend sixty days from*  the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improveme-ats-��  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  that action under section 37, must be comr  that action, unded section 37, must bo comr  menced before the issuance of such cer���'  tificate of Improvements  j. m mcgregob.  Dated this 12th day of August, ISM.     J  .^.J m*___<-_*.--W*,.nt_-----_--_-  11 j rn -i own -> ��� i iifini f 11-r p iirnnf_i ii  w * ii "i 'i i r i-~" *'T" ������'-"* ���*���  _��33i-_***'ai-a_ffl-i��-----_r-K-^^  THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  WEDNESDAYS MORNING,  OCTOBER 16, 1901  ^*** *** *** *******************************************?  Ml  Ml  Ml  Mi  Mi  M)  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  _>  Ml  Mi  Mi  Mi  Ml  Mi  Ml  _.  Ml  Ml  DAMP WET WEATHER CAUSES GOLDS  TEETZEL'S SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY,  SPRUCE AMD TAR CURES THEM  ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CEJ.TS PER BOTTLE  S W. F. TEETZEL & CO.       NELSON, B.C.  CITY AHD DISTRICT.  City engineer McCulloch has returned  frpm his vacation trip.  Emerson   &   Reisterer,   of  tho   new.  brewery, have sent to Milwaukee for a )  brewery! delivery wagon.,  Born in Nelson, on the 15th instant,  to the wife of William A. Thurman of  Silica street, a son.  sumed business, having taken over his  old shop on Hall street.  ***_. *** *** *** * *********************** ******************$?  })  }-- *x.  mx- *  Fop  oys  Having added to my stock a large  range of Youth's Boy's and Children's,  clothing,. I am now prepared to offer  to the public the best Variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  Everything Is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.  Jasper Phair is busy getting the cigar  store he recently purchased from Crow &  Morris in fit shape to do business. Jasper is a Nelson boy, and has many  friends ..he wish him luck ir his flrst  business venture.  Work was commenced yesterday on  the McDonald building on West Baker  217 anfr 219  Baker Street  . J-  kv*.  2v**v  ���^���ar-ar^s?  s  I IT PAYS 10 GALL 0N��1  ft  WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN  to  to  te*"  nl PICTURE'AND_,,ROOM- MOULDINGS AND ARE.NOWj.READY-JO  RECEIVE ORDERS FOR PICTURE .FRAMING.  . .. i -  J,  '-.ft  vi,  S   fc**  'i-rr--  \*4/  _-.!  A  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  0B^tS'0'**-*��-0'0-���*l-*-0*-0-0-0?0-0'0'0-0-0-0-0-00-0*0*t9i?0 .  '"  - , ���** >n ���    ��� ���  f v     -     ���- ^ ,'  . ,  .^D-1GHEERH.��K.VES AND t_U.��  Stoves  We are in'the market again this season 'with "this"line of  , After handling them for a number, of -years *we are-  convincEd'   that. they   are   the 'only ' ^Stoves** "that \> give,  ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION.  , '  ".^ -~     Zy  ���: ��� ���** : ; .    , ^ ���'-  1.      i   .       ��� , . i ��� *  Call, and see our large and complete line. r  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   OQ<  "   -      . Importers and Dealers In' Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  .^g.^.'^.^��.^S*^S*'^*'^*^A*'S*^^''^**S*'S��*'SS'^*'^Z*'1��'TZS*^*'t^**  SHAMROCK   II  Did   not win  the yacht  race,   but  LIPTON'S TEAS ARE SURE WINNERS  WE HAVEyTHEM  Red Label Ceylon, 50c pound package.  Yellow Label Ceylon, 75c pound package.  People who drink green tea ought to try our Regal  Brand uncolored Japan. It is the best on the market.   Pound package 60c.  -We also carry Spider Leg and Gunpowder Tea.  Telephone 134  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & fiaf dwell  :gS@@@gg_@^@6i@@^@gS@@@g^��.!@  DPI TEA  J. A.  The best In the market, ln 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.  &  _0g a Pound  .GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street.  TELEPHONE-39.  O. BOX 627.  H  mm Mills  X_I_B_CIO:.--D3->-  CHARLES HILLYER, President.  HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Havo just lecei. ed 3,000,000 feet of log-* from Idaho, and vre aro prepared tf cut the largest 'hill  of Umbero-ftnydiniensiondorlonKths. "Est. males given at any time. The largest stock of sash,  doors, and mouldings in Koot_____.     .  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OFFICE AND YARDS; CORNER HAUi AND SBONT BHUSEIB.  construction. When completed the build  ing will be occupied   by   The   Tribune  Association, Limited.  W. F. Teetzel has leturned from an  extended visit to tlie mining centers  in the Boundary distrlctrHe was drumming ur business for the Arm of W. F.'  Teetzel & Company, the largest dealers  in assayer's supplies in Canada.  Tho ladies' auxiliary of -the Kootenay Lake General Hospital gave a tea  at the Hotel 'phair yesterday afternoon  and a dance in the evening the proceeds  of which will go to the hospital. The  dance was largely attended and proved  a very enjoyable aflair',-the .music be-'  ing supplied by, Millward's orchestra.  Tliis evening tSe Ladies' Aid Society  of Emanuel Church will give ani "At  Home" in the parlors of the church..  Small socks have been distributed as  widely as possible and whatever donations of money have been placed in them'  'will be emptied while tlfe guests are be-  _Ing.entertained with.mus. c. and. refresh-  * ments.   Everybody is invited.  Yesterday-"Billy" Thiifrman was one,  of the proudest^men in Nelson, not because of his business successes or because of his being a member o-f the'pol-,  itical party that swept Nova Scotia clean  and that expects to sweep British ,Co-7  umbia as clean at the.flrst opportunity,  but'because he'can now dandle a boy  on reach knee. _   ;  * '* An effort wilLW made before Mr. Jus-'  tiee Irving, today tcC-secure the release'  "of-Beamish andColistri. .the .two Ross-  Tl&nd men who are undeigoina: sentence  'in" the Nelson jail'as the result of prosecutions growing- out -> of , the labor  troubles in that city between the management" of tho ;Le Roi. mine and. the  "mnion miners.      7  ""       ���^ i  U'j.-,F. McNaughton of ^Spokane is in  Nelsoi. in connection with the lawsuit  'which .his. brother  has  coming on  at  :the_ approaching, assize'with the credi-  !tors of ;J.^ _>..' Mackinnon 'over the lat-**  ter's  interest  in  the  Hampton group.i  J. F. McNaught was rated'in Seattle at  one time as rworth * $500,000. He maile  his mor-ey. in> real estate advances and-  lost it.l}j.1blU-np.  " Mayor 'Carlson of Kaslo was in Nelson ye&terday. He expresses himself as  well .satisfied with tlie farm laborers  that his firm have imported from the  harvest fields *of Manitoba for employment-' on - construction on -tlie -.Lardo  _branch. He says good progress is being  -ma_e>witb. ,the work,and,with-, a. contin-_  iiedf,s'pell1of,lgoodiwoather he'.will soon  'see���t__e end1 of,, the .contract.  ,'-It is'r.ported that the. Kaslo company  ofthe" R: M. R. is to be .removed^to Nel-  son,M-.*terest?having.lagged.in the last  few months, This,'-it-is.-understood,' ..ill  be in-line with, the remarks of lieuten-  and^coloiiel Holmes ,when inspecting the  Nelson',company "when he.spoke of a  .second company for Nelson��� with a view  to establishing.a city battalion from the  -Nelson, end Rossland .companies.  ^���^Wjll, city? electrician^ McPh_ee___i_nform.  the people i tbe. size "of. the,iload- (in 16  c.p. lights), carried on the two small Edison, direct current, dynamos that have  been in.,constant '/use ^'since , January,  .4896?-.'Mayor Fletcher saysithetse two  ^machinescare( obsolete,and no,good. Of  course? ;'the., mayor. knows   everything;  he knows all~abou*t?h6rses,.for instance;  4_ut   the  people .want.'to'-hear   from  , "Jimmy" on all questions relating to the  dynamos at- the city .power, station. The  people  beljeve ."Jimmy." .knows something about dynamos, eyenjif.'the mayor  ,doesn't,���know, ..anything? ajjout.,jliorses.  "Jimmy," it is up to you. '  PEES0NALS.  m .  Mrs. Rulton of Winnipeg, a sister of  John A. Turner, government agent, is  visiting>Mr.' and Mrs. Turner, and will  prob'bly remain a cocplc of months.  A. L. McCulloch, city engineer, returned on Monday night from a vacation  trip to the coast. While not a politician,  Mr. McCulloch is of opinion that the  government is not in much fear of being  defeated when the house meets.  W. L. McDonald of Rossland was in  Nelson yesterday. Mr. McDonald took  the initiative in beginning proceedings  against Al Geiser, the man of straw  from Oregon, whom Bernard McDonald  put up to do^his dirty work of importing "scabs" to Rossland.   (  AT THE HOTELS.  TREMONT���T. Dinsdale and J. E.|  Cotton, Slocan; Peter Metcalf, Spokane,-  GRAND CENTRAL���Miss Ligar, Cal-1  gary; A. M. Berg. Spokane; J. J. Raets,  Ymir.  MADDEN���James Findlay, Robson:  D. Grant, Slocan; P. J. Nichols, Fern  mine.  PHAIR���A. L. McCulloch,'City; J. A.  McDonald, Rossland: Gerald Hopkins  and wife, Salmo; C M. Monserrat, Montreal; J. C. Holden, Trail; Henry Roy,  Rossland; J. J. Young, Calgary; T. W.,  Turley Cranbrook; Ed Woodward, Fort  Steele.  QUEEN'S���A, Forrester, Robson; J.  A. Kelly and family and' Mr. Tallamai-  no and wife, Ainsworth; Colin C.  Brown, Boesland; GfiorgeyGTeenBhlel^a,  Slocan; A. Sproat. New Denver; E. A.  Cameion Sandon; Miss _ttakeway, Ches-  ley, Oi.tario; L. R. Van de Bogart,  Ymir.  ASSIZE   COURT   BUSINESS  - Case Quickly Disposed Of  .   There was no lost time in yesterday's  session of the assize \ court. The court  H. D. Ashcroft, one of the best black-    was opened at 11 o'clock tlie three in-  smiths   in   British   Columbia,   has   re-  ^ictmentsiplaced before the g*-and jury,  ness.   hnvin*-    talran   _vor   h*Q *���    ,_._       .... .... . . !.  true bills returned in all and one of the  criminal cases disposed of and given to  the jury, before the court rose for lunch.  This it, a record that has never before  been equaled in Nelson, and it is  doubtful if it has ever before be��u  equaled' in the province. Another feature which impresped the,average spectator was the strictness of Mr. Justice  Irving throughout- the session. It ,*v.as  street,    John Harbottle has  charge otl^   PlaCf   f0r   the   man   with- B��u��lk*'  oes or the infectious smile. The/  were both bundled down the court room  steps before they had ^iine to make auy  observe tions' wh atever. .  The grand jury returned true bills in  the .case'of Rex .vs.-Barrett, the Ho?v-.  "sef forgery case:   Rex" vs. Forbes, ,the  Slocan- a. sault case, and in Rollan anrt  Bloomfield,. the Nelson robbery, case.  The case ^against Daniel E. Barrett,  who was charged with the forgery of a  small time.check in'his own favor and  against, the contractors for the Lardo  branch/was firj>t taken up. The jurors  chosen   to���,try 'this   case  were:   Peter  ,Shonf.ld (foreman), Christopher H. Allen,   J..^ E.*?- Annable,   Leonard   Scott,1  Charles J. rWilson? T. Henry^ilson," E.'  J. Crickmay," G. S. Hawthpfne, W.; R.  Seatle,   Arthur. Sharman,   George  De-^  maine and'John Hepburn. \The case was^  completed by. 1 o'clock and-.the jurors  retired tc''consider "their verdict   They  were .greed^'before the lunch'hour was  -over, and vv-heu tho court resumed'they  ,_iled in.with a-.verdict,of not guilty on  .'jt-'h-Tfifs. .count in the. indictment, ^which'.  wast that? o"f^'forging .the time check, in���  'question, \ but  (guilty   on   the   second  count; /. hich.was that .of using the .time  .check.' ,kiiO*��;ing "it   "to'.have    been*-  "a_foigery. ' ~*  'f W*hor.. .the- tverdict Twas' announced  .Mr.** Ju&Jice .Irvjng asked the deputy-'  .atfcornej--.'general, what "his views .were"  "with;- respect to ",the. .sentence' and'. thes  latter i i.'plied'"that he thought one year  would.. he "sufficient. The prisoner was.  tfien aslied'if'he had anything to say as.  to why., the-sentence of'the court should*  *not .be ^passed- upon;.him. .Barrett made"  no answ,er?and a sentence of one.yeari  was then^'imposed.   s '        .  '  The/case?df'.Rexji'S. Forbes was then*  taken'rup*.",The "jurors"fleeted"In  this  case?were; George-Ritchie, .G.-,G- Thur-^  jtman>'J.s.'J.''*;Walker, E.'Ferguson, J. Nee^  .lands'W. ,J.\Meagher? L. Pogue, J.'Cox-'-  liead,' W.'J.;jV\*atcho"in.,H ,H. vA.very,_D.  'McDonald .and' J.'J.- Malone/,-They^we're  not .long-iif arriviiig"at'a verdict'on the-  yevidence\.and,,returripd*'a   verdict   of  guilty  of' an jpttempt to .assault.  Tne  .prisoner"was:th.en sentenced to two and  -a half years in .the penitentiary. j'~  '; The', case'of RA .vs.'Bloomfield and  Rollan" the ?Nel_,on"robbery case, was  >then taken up. The jurors in this case  %ere: R J.'Hamilton,7A. "G. Shaw,-T.  H. -Wilson, KZ'P. Hay. J R.. Campbell,"  Robert( Carley,, C? J. Wi'son, G. D. Curtis,. C -H. Allep; J. R. Annable. G. S.  Hawthcrne arid John /.Hepb.urn. The  particulars of this case are quite famil-  ��� lar to The Trjbune readers, as-the result of ihe preliminary hearing in the  city police court when the prisoner was  connnittef' for trial. .The case was still  proceediig when th_";coui. rose at the  close of tbe afternoon. II will be .concluded today, when the ehil list of  cases will be taken up. The petit jurors'  other than those trying "the case now  in. progress were discharged , at the  close of yesterday's sitting.  NELSON, B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.(  H. BYERS &  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  n Kootenay.   Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles.   Winchester Smokeless.am  Savage Carbines.   Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequalei  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  -Blowers,   Exhausters,; Hand   Shaft  Pumps,  Pipe and  Fittings Steam  Packing,   Leather an4  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  Cli&H/Jf Ml***' | Sb&ds tfonJitfi try  tfffor 4hH0frL<&eA -.  cJfT^ifi:  T  *t'ir��n*  .I..-llJItIlITT-IITTTTTTT._rT-^-rT---T-riTTTTT^TTTTTliT.-i..y.ri-rT-T-r-rTT-.����tr)  awjiuxn. i ii imyii.-i..__._________��  8 THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  t  tt-  I  I  I  '��'  t  r  H .  ��  No. 4,.K. ,W. C. Elpek,  NELSON, B. C.  iGold,>SUver-Iiead and Oopper Mines wanted at tbe Exchange.  , Free-ItflUii-K Sold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties having wining property for sale are requested to send samples of their ore to tho  -Hxpnange for'GXhiMiion. .We desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising mineral  laims.in British Columbia.  Prospectors and mining: men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when  Nelson.  ; i AU samples should be sent by express. Prepaid. Correspondence solicited.  Address _U communications to  ,T?lephone 104 " . ANDREW F. ROSENBERGER,  ,      ^P. O/Box 700 ' ',   Nelson, B.C.  _^IIinill��IIITTltT.lI-IirlIlllTll.i;illIT��-MIl--lJ.-i:i-.l-.Tl��..I.'r^.It<-l.r��..-^-i-r^.-rTT-.TTT  GOING OUT OF BUSINES!  AUCTION SALE  OP  DRY GOODS     CELTS' FURNISHWC-  B00TS& SHOES   HATS & CAPS  Our next auction sale will be held at 8 o'clock bij  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16th.  Tho Job Printing Plant of The Tribune is the most complete in Kootenay.-'Good workmen arc employed,  good stock 'is used, and good prices  aro, charged. v  VTHIS',BINDERS' DEPARTMENT^OB" V.  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED,  ^y       BORNS-BLOOK. NBLSON.  Z BOOK BINDING   , ?  SPECIAL RULED BLANK BOOKS  SPECIAL RULED FORMS  , De Blaquire Doesn't Want the Job. *  TORONTO, October -15.���The Evening  Telegram's London cable says: '^Lord'De  Blaquire, who resided for many years in  Canada, states he has been approached,'  -though-unofficially,- and-asked- to-allow-  his name to be considered as a succes-.  sor to earl Minto as governor-general,  but he will not consider the proposal.'  Lord De Blaquire .says that when quite  young   influential citizens -lot   Canada,  from sir Wilfrid down, approached him  in regard to the governorship.   At that  time he declared he had no ambition  for the diplomatic service.    Nothing is.  known at the high commissioner's ofHce  about the reported friction between lord  Minto and the Canadian government, or  of lord Miito's intention to resign.  '-::? Sir Thomas Lipton Banqueted?  __ CHICAGO, October -35.���At- thev Chicago Athletic Clut this evening a banquet was given in honor of sir Thomas  Lipton. For an hour [ prior to the, commencement of the banquet,, sir,Thomas  held a reception in' the parlors of the  club house. The reception -was over at  7 o'clock and the banquet commenced  a few minutes after that hour.- The decorations of the banquet hall were strictly, nautical. A model-6f Shamrock 11  complete with all sails set was placed  in front of sir Thomas. "When the time  for making addresses (arrived, the president, J. A. ArmR.ey.,in the name of the  club presented the loving" cup to ^sir*  Thomas, who replied in a brief speech  of thanks. Sir -Thomas will remain in  the city for the rest of, the week.        ' i  BULBS  .FOR  FALL_PLANTING  ^WINTER  iAND  SPRING  FLOWERING.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  H_.-W.-C. Blook.     . Corner WagA.Md'Baker Rtn  ^************************^  *************************  I H._H. PL_ YFORD .4.G0.-I  9  MADDEN   BLOCK  NELSON.  9-  ���n  9  9  ���.  9  9  9  9  | TOBACCO  9  9  ft  *  I*  m  AND  . MERCHANTS.  ft  9  9  >.  9  Mi  .Mi  l_  CIGAR |  Mi  Mi  Mi  m  T��  9  9  *  9  ft  ,*��  9  ft  /r  9  if*  9  '9  9  1��  9  ft  1��  9  *r>  9  ft  9  9  ���*��  9  9  9  <1��  9  1��  1��  9 ,  ���n  m  9  ft  1��  *1  9  ft  ft_  9  T��  ft  FOR STYLE,  FINISH AND  PRICES'IN  MILLINERY,  ETC.,, CALL  ON  MRS. E.  Mclaughlin,  WEST  BLOCK, BAKER  ST.  \t-*********************tt&  Ml  ty  ; \_  iMi  uv  ' Ml  I Mi  .*  '��_>  Mi  ��� Mi,  '*  ,tii  fu.  ���l!  - Mi  .Mi  >Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  'Mi  Mi  ,Mi  Mi  ivk  fMi  >Vt  ;l_  Mi  ]l_  !_-  ;��_  >>_  i ur  'mi  'M!  -,��_-  ���t  Ml  'Mi  ,*%  As I intend closing my business ben]  the end of this month all goods will hi  sold at private sale regardless of cost  Black all-wool cashmere, regulaij  price 75 cents, now 45 cents.  Black all-wool cashmere, regulaij  price 50 cents, now 30 cents.  Velveteens, regular price 75 cents,!  now 40 cents. j  Ladies' linen collars, regular pricc|  20 cents, now 12i�� cents."    -  Ladies' cloth jackets, regular pric^  ?15.00_ now $10.00.  Ladies' cloth jackets, regular pric<|  ?7.50. now $4.50.  All    colors   ���Cortecelli _ crochet    sill  ssools at 20 cents.  -Come and >get bargains before  too late.  :    A-. FERL<AN]  NELSON OPERA HOUSI  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17,'190U  (Under lhe auspico. of.the   Nelson  .Operatic Society.) '  it  FMST  (Gardon Scene, Act IV.)  ILTROVATOBE  (Ao�� IV.)  SPECIAL SC-NER? AND COSTUMES  Reserved  Seats 75c and $1.00  Admission 50 cents.  s  Plan open today (Monday) at. 11a.m. at McDonald. _rui. stoie, Baker stteeti.  D  ^tc*********************^  t,, _-_____j ^  OF  COURSE   YOU   WA.MT    THB  , BEST*  TUKN  OO  TO \'r  ARTHUR    GEE  In Tromont Blook.   Ho -will.SUIT yov.  Large stock of imported season's goods.  *��***********************'  NOTIOE  The undesigned - hns resumed proprietorship of the bliftjksmith businras  formerly carried on by me ��nd lately  carried on by R. B. Reiley, in the premises-on Hall street near corner of Baker  street. All accounts due R' B. Reiley  are payable to me.  K. D. ASHCROFT.  Nelson; B. C, QctoJwr 15tb, MttL   '  �� P. 0. Box 637. Telephone 117. $  % $  *************************  **���- ��� ��������� ..-._���  TREASURY.STOCK FOR SALE  20,000 shares ROYSTON GOLD MINES,  Ltd. This is a good time to buy, as these  shares will advance in, the .near future.  -20,000 shares of IMPERIAL MINES,  Limited, at 5 cents. For a few days only.  " -10,000 shares ' LADREAU VALLEY  MINES, Ltd., "at 15 cents. These shares  advance 5 cents on the 1st of October.  t i  For particulars of above.apply to  REGINALD J. STEEL  *  .Official Broke. Nelson.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT THE  'AT THE  AT THE  EALPH CLAEE,   I. G. NELSON,  Undertaker, Night Call 238. Manager.  Furniture Dealers  Funeral Directors  and Embalmers  _,  "Worth  Oak   Center   Tables ?3 50  Oak Center Tables  6 00  Oak   Center   Tables  6 00  Oak    Leather    Seat    PaDcy  Rocker    4 SO  E'm   Folding .Tai le 5 00  Elm   Folding   Table  6 00 ���  Cane Veranda Chairs t 00  Cane Veranda Bookers.. 6 50  Vor  92 75  4 50  3 75  3 75  3 75  4 25  4 50  4 75  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ************************  ��� a  Coffee Roasters  Dealers In Tea anj Qpffee  ************************  We are offering at lowest prloes the best  gradea o Coylon, India, China and J avian  Teas.  Our Best-, Mocha and Java Coffee, por  pound $ 40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Choico Blend Coffee, 4 pounds  1 00  Special _-,*and Cof oo, f> pounds  1 00  ltio Blend Coffae, li pounds  1 00  Special Blond Coylon Toa, por pound 80  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE 00.  i Telephono 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  ���WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  TO    MAKIO    ROOM    J*oK    OUIt    FAZl,  STOCK OF CARPETS AND,ROCS  ���WILL   GO   AT   boST.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER 'COCKTAILS  AT  THE  AT   TIJE  AT  THE  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  AU. THE BE8T'BRAND8  TO   CLEAR���BABY   CARRIAGES   AND  GO-C4RT.S AT I/KdS THaN "CCST.  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES'  GANONG'S FANCY CAND1*R .  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  THEY ARE THE BEST  You can get them at  MCDONALD'S  Baker litixfft.  PAL ESTATE  AND  INSM-ADE BBOKEES  Agents for Trout Lake Addition..  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the part,.  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can foe bought from us on..  two year's time without Interest.  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street. Nelson.  NOTIOE  On and after this date, positively no*  Lethbridge Gait Coal will be delivered",  except when paid for in advance.  W. P. TIEBNEY.  '   Nelson, (pfijtpber. 8th, 1901.         }


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