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 - - -- ;'.?_^v-*^,���^Vw^" ">Ty:Pi*g  s- ' '  v.-  rr-V^^-'';---^��!  . . ���**. -J.-*. !��-il  J***'  * -. i : ._>.  ESTABLISHED  MOND AY > MORNING,  OCTOBER J 4,   1901  - DAILX EDITION'  WINTER   PROGRAM   OUTLINED BST DIRECTORS.  ST.  MARY'S   DISTRICT   FORGING  AHEAB--RAII.ROADS   IN  CONTEMPLATION.  J. C. Drewry arrived in Nelson yesterday from Kaslo, where lie was attending a meeting Qt* the directors of the  Truo Blue mine. The object of the meeting was the outlining of tho company's  programme for tho approaching winter.  Just what will bo dono, however, very  largely .depends upon the cost of operating. To' move their ore to Kaslo the  owners of tho True Blue have to rawhide  and team their ore a distance of five  miles and the cost of transport may be  so heavy that it will not be advisable to  ship very extensively. What the' directors did decide upon, however, was the  building'of a new rawhide trail and the  improvement of the accommodations at  the mine so that work can bp carried on  comfortably all winter. .Tenders will  then be invited for the" hauling of the  oro to Kaslo, and if they are considered  favorable extensive shipments will then  be made. It is/thought that there will be  a scarcity of packing outfits this winter  to move tho ore that will be offering.  If this proves to be the. case the True  Blue .will only ship sufficient to .cover  the cost  of  the  winter's  development  :ers of a mile, but expen-  rould be it would be more  than offset in the saving resulting from  tlio operation of a line offering tonnage  tlnoughout almost its entire length as  against operating a line over which  there are long barren stretches. If this  road is built it will probably do away  with the proposed connecting link of the  Crow's Nest line from Kootenay Landing  to Procter, a line which all agree will  be very expensive of construction and  from which practically no local tonnage  is to be expected.  Concessions tor Liberia.  ' LONDON, October 13.���The'Associated  Pi ess learns that the Liberian officials  who arrived in England early in August  with* the' object of 'obtaining 'from "Great  Britain the right to navigate, the Manila  river have been successful, 'despite the  fact that Great Britain was unwilling  at first to grant the request of the Republic. In addition to this the envoys  discussed with the colonial officers further and more important propositions.  These were put in the form of a memorandum, which is now"being submitted to  tlie Liberian government. -If, as it is  thought most probable, >- this memoran-  -. dum is ratified, the Liberiari** interna-  , tional status, it is believed, will be con-  ' siderably strengthened. '  IMPERIAL AND EVA GROUP  contractor, was fined ?550 and costs for,  violating the Alien Labor law in importing alleged miners and laborers from the  United States under contract, will probably be heard on its merits. Yesterday  when the matter came before Mr. justice Walkem, A. H. MaeNeill, KC��� for  the prosecution, objected that Daly &  Hamilton on Geiser's behalf had filed  their marked check for the amount due,  in place of having their client enter into  a recognizance as required by the code  and the rules,of court, after some argument the judge reserved his decision  and he will hand his'judgment, a written one, out tomorrow. It will hold in  favor of Mr. MacNeill's contention, and  this will end the "matter, there being no  appeal from the judge's finding Mr.  justice Walkem has dismissed the application to free Beamish, on the ground  that he has no jurisdiction to hear the  case. Gillan will renew the'apphcation  before Mr. justice Irving at the Nelson  assizes during the week.  WRECKED   SIXTY   MILES  HNORTH OF VANCOUVER/  ALL THE PASSENGERS AND THEIR*  - -PERSONAL EFFECTS WERE   '   ,  SAVED.  tire Spokane Falls & Nortnern system.  i�� to be done here. They estimate the  number of men to be employed in. the  new industry" at not less than 100 and  at times probably 130. It is exppcted  that at .least' 50 -families will make  Northpoit their home as a result.  The company has all the arrangements >���  ���made' for tlio building of a tramway next  *  spring; which is 'bound -to effect a considerable saving in the'" handling of its  output, so that it becomes an object to  the company;'to delay*  shipping-unless  . ��� favorable,.terms are* offered. - ,  ���.  , - Mr. Drewry has great hopes of the advancement of the St. Mary's district. All  that this district requires in the opinion  of all who arc familiar with it is a, rail-  . .way, and Mr.,Drewry says he has excellent reasons for bejieving that the' rail-  .    way will soon be built, and that when"it  ,   -is.built it will become.the main line for  "    the .Crow's   Nest ? branch. -   It   was t a*  * knowledge-of the possibilities of ttiis  -'section in the-way "of-tonnage which  "' prompted the promoters of the Crawford  Bay /-"Port Steele road to apply to the.  provincial legislature some time ago for  a charter.     Tho incorporators of this  ������ "-road had a hope at the time of interest-'  ing James J. Hill in their scheme, 'but'  Hill afterwards refuted to become inter-  *��� ested and the scheme fell'through. Since  then the C. P. R. people'have been givr  ing the scheme a gfreat deal of attention  and "a start has now beeu made on the  St. Mary's end of the road, which will  ultimately be extended through to Kootenay lake with Crawford bay as its rail  terminus. , There aro several factors at  work now which will stimulate the managers of Canada's great railway in their  efforts to prevent the  tonnage  of  this  .   district from slipping away from them.  * ' One of these is the smeiter which the  owners of the Sullivan group of mines  ' are preparing to erect at Marysville. Ac-  ������cording-to-Mrr^Drewry-the-full-scheme-  of the promoters of this smelter' have  not been laid before the public.   In talking   their   program   over   with   James  Cronin of "the St. Eugene, senator Tur-_  ner, who is the leading   spirit   in   the  smelter.project, is .reported vas   saying  "that tho intention of himself and his associates was to refine as well as smelt.  But in any event, if nothing more than,  smelting is attempted as a starter, there"  will bo a considerable tonnage available  for the railroads from Marysville.   As a  smelting point Marysville will have advantages over evory other point in the  province in that it is convenient to the  ores as well as the fuel.   The oro from  the Sullivan group, for the treatment of  which  the  smelter  was  projected,  are  said to carry an excess of iron.   It will  bo desirable therefore to   secure   other  ores from tho properties along the St.  Mary's river and   its   tributaries.    The  necessary oro is there and in a quiet way  the owners of the properties are steadily  showing up the tonnage.   With the ore  in sight, and demand for .it, the chance  of .securing tho railway necessary for its  transport  becomes   almost a  certainty  in itself; but this is only ono fact<jr. The  C. P. R. has an ertensive timber limit  at the upper end of St Mary's lako, and  timber is fast becoming a very valuable  article in*East Kotenay.    The lake itself forms a natural   storage   reservoir  for sawlogs and whero the river drains  the lake at the lower end there is excellent water   power   for   milling   purposes.    All that   remains   therefore   to  market tho timber in the limit is a line  of railway from Marysville to the, end  of-the lake, and that this is not likely  to be wanting very long may be gathered  from the fact that Hugh Lumsden, the  chief field man on the C. P. R. engineering staff is now at work on its survey.  This   piece   of  road, Mr. Drewry  says,  will be but a section in a through line  to Kootenay lake.   Oro tonnage offering  lor the Marysville smelter will warrant  the construction of the second section,  and an increased-tonnage from the upper portion of the St. Mary's district as  well as that of the* Crawford Bay district, and the advantage of a saving of  three or four hours in the time across  the continent will call for its completion  through  to Crawford Bay.    There are  three passes over the summit from the  St. Mary's   slope  to   that  of  Crawford  Bay.   The scheme  would  probably' in-  yolve the cutting of a tunnel a distance  Why the Bond Was Dropped.    -  A H. Gracey of the Imperial Development   Syndicate  has- leturned   from  a  trip of .inspection to the. Imperial and  Eva groups on Lexington mountain in  the Lardeau district,* which, were undpr  bond to the London <__ British Columbia  Gold Fields. Mr. Gracey was accompan-  paniedon his trip" by George Gillies of  Toronto* the president of the Syndicate.  Mr.   Gracey's  trip, was  for'the  two-  fbd" pui pose of enabling Mr. Gillies to  sec the property and also the better tb,  enable him to lay out a program* for'  the resumption of work upon the groups  by the Imperial Development Syndicate,  ln speaking of the dropping of the bond'  by   the 'London .&   t>ntish   Columbia  Goldfields  Mr.  Gracey said  that .while  the failure of the propeity, to-come'up  to the 'requirements of the holders of  the bond with the amount, of work .performed upon itvwa. naturally a great  disappointment to him, he had not lost,  the least, of his < confidence in it, nor  had the work done upon it injured thev  property-in^any way. So far from this*  being the "case he was of the opinion  /That the. shareholders of the development-"syndicate were the gainers to the  amount of the cash payment of $5000, is  well as the-whole of thc-$_0,000 spent in  the property's development. He .did. not  like    to. criticize    in   any   way   the  action of'the holders of the bond, but  it 'was  his  opinion  that  with" further  -worki his syndicate "would have in the  Imperial and' Eva a property'sufficiently  inviting either to sell or work. As_ an  evidence-of his own faith in the property, in which he and Mr. Gillies are the  largest   'shareholders,   he   has   recommended that work be continued on it  ,all winter.  The syndicate has had ro  difficulty   in 'meeting   the   heavy   payments that have recently''fell due and  has ample funds for carrying on 'work  for the winter with a force of a dozen  men. So' far as the shareholders ih 'the  syndicate are "concerned, the appearance  of the property.need give them no concern  as. they  can  readily  get  oiit ail  that they have put into it or are likelv  to-put-in.���The-property-may-not-make  the great mine which it was one .ime  hoped, 'but this is not necessary to return-every dollar that has gone into hy  and with a goo'd return. If with, further  work this should be deemed advisable,  all that would be required would be'the  installation of a small stamp mill and  the quarrying out of the ore that has  been  exposed  on  the  surface already  The -proceeds ** of this ore'would more  than  repay thoso who   are   interested  their money, but Mr. Gracey does not  anticipate anj- movement of this kind.  His own opinion is that when the No.  3 tunnel is put in another 400 foet it"  will strike at a depth of 500 feet the  point of contact of the two ledges upon  which "work  has  been  going on. "This  tunnel was run in on the largest ledge  and for about 100  feet it had a ^very  good chute of ore. On' the'surface'this  ledge had an inriiqated width of 50 feft  at. one point   whero   it   was   crosscut.  Whether it holds this  width at depth  has not been fully determined, but at  the one point in the tunnel at which the  ledge was crosscut the size of the ledge  appeared to have narrowed down to 15  feet.   Careful  samples  taken  from   the  roof of this tunnel for a distance of 60  feet along this chute have given assay  returns of $30 to the ton, so that this  in itself is not a bad showing. In driving along the tunnel passed out of, this  chute and entered a portion of the ledge  which,  while  it carried values,  might  be  regarded   as  comparatively  barren  and when work in it was stopped the appearance of it had not undergone any  perceptible change.  Mr. Gracey does not contemplate going ahead with this amnel for some  time yet. His first work will be the driving of the No. 6 tunnel into the contact of the two ledges and in the sinking of a winze upon the oro chute cut  by this tunnel. He does not profess to  see any further into the ground than  anyone else, but he is of the opinion  that in the course of a few weeks he  will have a much greater knowledge of  tho Imperial and Eva ledges, "and a  knowledge that will justify more extensive work.  Shup ng Over 1000 Tons a Day.  PHOENIX,'   October   13.���[Special   to  The Tribune.]���Ore shipments for  the  past week from   the   Boundary   mines  were as follows.  Tons.  Granby 5,319  Mother-Lode 1,746  King Solomon ...._..-    210  Snowshoe  "     55  No. 7      35  Winnipeg      30  -   Total , 7,395  .Total for the. year-1901 tb date, 297,--  578, valued, at $1,677,468.  Ore and Bullion Shipments. * -  NORTHPORT, October 13.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���During the week end-,  ing yesterday the ore shipments from  Rosslancl to the Northport smelter were  as follows: \  Cars. .Ton's.  October 7     15     '386  October 8  ^  10 i    2��4,  October 9 .............:  19 '    562  October 10  15 ,    377  October 11  25 >   '65l  October 12 _��� '. 21  610  -    .       ..    i  " ,  T-.tal  .'. ...:....10b  2848*  * Last week the "totals we're 94 cars and  .2553 tons, which .shows an increase of  300. tons.- .The, shipments' from Nelson:  to Newark, New Jersey, were 1 car of  silver-lead bullion; and the shipments to  San Francisco'were 4'cars.of ore.       _  .  PHEOMX;AND. GREENWOOD  ���  Mining Affairs in the Two Camps. ,���  GREENWOOD, October 13.���| Special  to The'Tribune.]���Men'left Greenwood  yesterday for the Carmi mine,' up the  West Fork of Kettle river, where^work  is to.be resumed. "It is understood that  as soon as the sleighing shall* be ��� good  enough for heavy haulihg,-ore will again  be shipped to Midway, and taken thence  by rail to the* smelter at Greenwood.  Last winter the,. Carmi sept down -885  tons of ore of good grade, "and preparations are being made to considerably  increase the output this winter.  The Granby company is prospecting a  big ridge on Knob Hill and Grey Eagle  properties with a view to, letting the  work of removing the surface debris On  contract, preliminary to considerably extending its surface ore-quarrying operations. The area to be stripped is about  500 feet long by about* 300-feet wide. The  same company has commenced /work'on  the Grey-Eagleron the south slope of the  hill, about 1000 feet south of the southern boundary line of the Knob'Hill. An  enormous showing of ore outcropping  here is being stripped, the intention being to open another big 'quarry and  work northward towards the Knob Hill  quarries on the north slope of the hill  and which are being extended southwards. These together will give a  length of about 2500 feet along .which  ���quarrying can be done in ore.  At'the British Columbia Copper Company's Mother Lode mine, near Greenwood, a single blast recently��bi ought  down more than 2000 tonsyof ore. 'This  was in *No. 1 quarry, and--'was?the result  of firing four deep holes; ��� Two more  stopes were lately opened at the 200-foot  level of the mine, and. at .-.the-.300-foot  level Lhe new plan of working���pillar  and stope���has been fairly .started,?so  that several stopes will 'shortly'be open  here too. The north drift at the 1300-  foot level is being extended;; exploring  the ore bodies at that depth, and a* distance of 460 feet from the :m'ai.n shaft  has now been reached.   ���"���   ��� ���'*'���'?'??' ���*.���*.��'-  VANCOUVER,   October   13 ��� [Specif?  to The Tribune.]���The steamer ^Hating,  one of the finest vessels of 'the Canadian Pacific service to Skagway since  the-loss of the Islander, lies 3. wreck  on the end of. Jarvis island, south pf  Tucker   Bay,   about   60   miles   up   the  coast from Vancouver  She was on har  way down from Skagway with 172 passengers," of'j. horn all but 40 were saloon,   being'mostly  monieci   men'fiom  the Klondyke    The steamer woula finder ordinary cacumstances have reached Vancouvei  at 5 o'clock on. Saturday'  afternoon, but she had been .delayed'all,  yesterday by'fog, and it'was that which" *  caused, her   disaster. .  Captain   Gos_e  was on the" bridge at the time alo'i__.  with- the chief 'officer,' Neurqtros.,^ who  ���was/ one1 of "-the rescued Islander crew.  It. was,'so foggv that it wasMmp'ossible,  to" see half a'dozen yaids, and^the ves-'  'sel was?'going along under a.hali-spee'd"  bell when she bunted on the locks and in  a inomeht her prow wp-s among the trees  _ft-( was' at  extree  low   tide,   else tthe  steamer   might" have   got   past   safely  an'd.ga:ine'd^her couise  _The stern "began _to slbwly sag and.  went down in ,seven  or. eight, feet of'  water.   It .was  thought ovhen-the ,tideV  -came, in" the vessel,-would be all un.d.r  water.^In theTmeautime the passengers  had been imarch"ed''out m the most, or-"  derly., manner,, and landed on shore - in  boats. ,They 'took" all tlieir personal be-'  longingsj-and. gold,.of which' theie -wasj  nearly lialf a million m dust, and are,  now safely camped on _norc V"  . r The Hating is,about 220  feet .loAgr."*  She. -was? bought last fall ,by* the Can-  adih Pacific Railway Company>at Hongkong/ and^' they paid  ��27,000 for her.^  .With the repairs made 1 eie, the steam-"  ere was considered ,woi th neavlj $200,000  ?VICTORIA. : October 13���[Associated  Press.!���-The steamer-Willapa left this  evening to. go to the--rescue of,the  steamer .Hating, which went ashoie on  Texada asland. The Hating belongs to  the C. P .R., who recently, lost the Is-  .lander- and whose steamer, Amur had a  narrow escape a shorts time ago. C P  R. officials here have advices to the eifect  that the Hating _**. ill ,be_a total loss Cap-  "tain-, Gosse, who was ln command, wlig"*  considered one of the most careful and  skillful of northern navigators. > This is  his flrst accident.  Big Shipment of Gold Dust.  ���VICTORIA, October 13.���The provincial government assay office  was   busy  Saturday handling a third of a ton of  , gold dust brought down from ,the north  on the steamer  Danube.    Of. this   125  pounds was brought by Tagish* Jim, the  Indian who got in on the first"_ ush to  the-'Klondyke   - He   is   investing   his  jnoney m *-Victoria /realty. .-/The- N.,A  T. & I. Co. brought ISO.* pounds and the  balance was held by'individual .miners  from the Klondike and Atlin'/'The miners were all"- allowed the^ rebate"1 of one  -per. cent of-the royalty "'they., paid 'the  government in the  Yukonv ^The  question'as to whether the big'-company is  -to*be allowed the rebate is the subject  of'Conespondence between the provin-,  cial and Dominion' governments. **  - 7" ' -.   i  Movements of.the Duke  TORONTO,  October, 13 4rThe  degree-  Eof L L D. was conferred- upon, his 'royal  ,. highness the, duke of Cornwall (and, York  by Toronto University Friday<afternooi_.j  "At. 7 30 on Saturday a dinner'was,ten-4  dered-their royal highnesses fiy citizens'  of TorOntorand at-9 o'clockva reception*  ]was >held at the _ parliament   buildings.  At,9 o'clock Saturday the royal party  left for Niagara Falls, .w_iere tKey will  \-view Canada's great  natural, waterfall.  < Stops were .made at Brampton, 'Berlin,  iGjielph, and.Stratford for,,five minutes,  ,and at London for one hour. f. Stops were  "also ma'de at" Wopdstbck."Nia_.arafFalls  ���was reached at' about-5r30. T The party  spent. Sunday at���*Niagara>on ithe 'lake,  retui ning to Toronto' for^ the j east"' on  Monday.   A stop will be made at Hamil-?  -,ton and Biantford^whilei returning'froin  Toronto : *���  A" Disabled ^Warship  ��������  4 ST   JOHNS,* Newfoundland,' October  13.���It is-now-reported'that   the 'two  steanieis, one apparently;* disabled "and  being' towed by- the -.other," 'whose  approach the Cape Race-lookout announc-  ���ied^yesterday evening, i-a,revthe  British  .warships Alert   and- Columbine   ,Thoy  -leffheie yesterday morning**for Halifax,  the former having been "01 dered to pro-,  ceed ,.0, Panama,-owing to,theJdisturbances there, and,the latter ito Halifax,  for the winter        C     '       '-}  PAJIMC.$20Q:J0;$a0pA BAY  cellor of- the >high court of-jufltlce; of  Ontario; and Louis, Jette, lieutenant-governor of Quelipc,'are "made' knights "commander of the order; Joseph Pope, under  secretary of state for Canada; Dr. Grant,  principal of Queen's College, Kingston;  William-Peterson,; principal of McGill  c&llege, Montreal; ,thej_��ev_ Oliver-Ma-.  thieu, principal' of . Laval university,*  Quebec; Oliver.Howjand,. mayor of To-,  ronto.'and major Maude, "military secretary to the governor-general, are'made  companions of ttie'drder." "'' Z  ". '   ' '  y J-*"  i Ireland or Elder for Cardinal.  NEW .YORK, October ^..-Concerning*  the    much    discused--question   as.., to  whether archbishop' Ireland' Is; soon- to  be a cardinal, the correspondent of'the  Tribune cables:. /Recently_refforts were  made to have archbishop .Ireland of.St?  Paul created . a' -.cardinal. 'Other" Influences started a movement in jTav^or'of,.  archbishop Elder of Cincinnati. 'Reports"  from the United States.indicate that de-.,  cisive action.hy pope Loe is expected at  the consistory to be held in Rome/October 15th.   At th,e���Yatician,_.the. Tribune,  correspondent has  Just been, informed"  that the' n.ext-consistofy-jwilf -be" held'  about Ohriatma^; "and >,-that   It. M_j   not-  probable any. new. cardinals will be appointed , J.        *".-.'  AN INCREASE OF SMELTEKS  4 1       t   ��     -Mr ..- ���%Ti*w.f(_   .I If*1* *+     ��*  "    I    r    -*���*.-���*  '_______-���   ^ v   <       *  A-FOOMSHfflM  3 _*.��!_& ���3*. 'TT  BULLER'S   'UTTEjRiNCES  7-UNDO HIM.'  .������>>���*.  *_  -Tj    r  ���BX.  1 f ,  y\  .mg^ OFPIOB 'OFPICIAiCfHINKSffa  THE WAB WILL LAST' TWOW (&  years L6mtt7?ii*ZimPl  *   -    -���%&&*$&  r^>r>M��^70p_  :LONb6N^oWl3.^^Sl��>Sf  y~��~&��&it.m  ed..on general ^BuUer's^extraordinaryrQ^fSt  hibltlon^whilesociet^isg^SipinllaDout^  _      __         x^  therremarkable;action 'of another: ge.:-? Us  ,eraI.-: This .one fsnas. knight 'commandV^tk-  of the bath holding a'high1 com__iand's'in^^p  -    -- - - - ���--_��, .v-^A_t  PAY MUCKERS $3 A  . -And Have Had No Trouble  - ROSSLAND. October 13���[Special to  The 'Tribune.]���Eighty men aie at  work m the *-Velvet mine, on Sophia  mountain, which is now under the man-  Mining Strike Litigation  ROSSLAND, October 13��� [Special to  The Tribune.]���The appeal from police  magistrate Boultbee's findings, whereby  Albert Geiser, the now departed Oregon  Shamrock I Suggested.* " ?_:  NEW YORK, October i&'^-As?the -New  York Yacht Club has declined to change  the deed of gift so as to allow Sham'rpck  II. to contest again- for the cup-before  two years have elapsed from the datelof  her defeat, a suggestion has been made  to sir Thomas Lipton to challenge?with  Shamrock I. fort next year, says the-.Tribune. The two years which- must-elapse  after the defeat of one boat before she  can sail again for the cup will expire-in  favor of the first Shamrock qn.Octoljer  20, and the suggestion is that yas the first ���  Shamrock has, as reported;'received tlie  improvements she needed when she:entered her races with the* .Columbia-in  '1899 she should be in good 'condition;to  give the Columbia'a goody run: for ithe  trophy in 1902.  agement of_Soren Sorenson  The Velvet  people have had no labor, tioubles as  yet,  which  is  a rcniarkab'e lecord  in  this yeai  of   sti ikes   and   disaffection  The very liberal policj -which they havo  pursued is to a large extent lesponsible  for this condition   No man, either under or above giound   receives less than  ?3 per day, and the company has spaml  no expense in making their wot Us the  safest  and   their   accommodations   tiie  best in the country   As a result fly*.  have linen free fiom tiouble and tn��-lr  woik has gone steadily foiwaid while  other mines have been ur.ablo to secuie  men.-It is unlikely thnt the VcUet will  resume shipments  tin-?  winter,  as  ilie  owneis picfei   to await  the arrival ol  railroad facilities instead, of paying the  heavy: charges for teaming the ore to  Sheep creek station. It. now almost cer-.  tain -that,, a branch of- the' Red.?Mountain will be- built   to   the   mine   next  spring. Meantime the management are  devoting?1 every  effort'-to 'development,;  and are now in a position .to ship 500.  tons: of; ore?.pei- day.y.With: the present  large force they expect'to bring tho capacity of the-mine...up'vto' 1(100 tons per '  day by the������ time the* railroad,;reaches  the property next summer.... ;���",  Ambassador Choate Sails for'. Home.  LONDON, October 13.���United States,  ambassador Choate and his family Sailed  for New York Saturday.-from Southampton on board the - .American line  steamer Philadelphia. The members ot  the United States embassy and. many  personal friends * bade .Mr. 'arid' Mrs.  Choate farewell at the Waterloo railroad  station here.  v_ Nelson Man Keady?for Business. ?' ���  NORTHPORT,? October   13.���[Special  to' The Tribune.]��� A. Manson of Nelson  has, leased .ythe ��� I.Uhdee'h * building   on,  Fourth street and  has  opened  a barroom  on  the first; floor -and  has  fur-y  nished the? second floor for. lodgings. A  "large; front? room on?the second floor is  .jo.be used;as a parlor;and has a| dumb*  waiter   arid   speaking', tube   connected  with the barroom below. The- building  has-.; electric    lights ��� and    up-to-date  plumbing with closets on each floor. Mr.  .Manson is. assisted, by Peter-Swansoiii-  a Northport. -pioneer,   who   has   spent;  considerable time in Nelson during.the'  past two years. ,. .-.':.'  j."-* -* ��� ���'������  -   -      '��� T~. ~ . ���    *;'*'  .--.: - - Repair Shops for Northport.  NORTHPORT, October 13.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���Plans have arrived  here for a new round-house, car, boiler,  .machine and repair shops . and -oflice'  -building'for the Spokane Falls & Northern railway. Local people say that the  ���.  f Rich 'Finds in Nome Vicinity.  VICTORIA, October 13 ���The. Manuenz  arrived today   fiom   Cape   Nome    She  had 56 passengers from Cape Nome?, St  Michael.'and points along  the   Yukon,  Kotzebue and Kuskowm distnets News  was   brought' of  rich  finds  on  Candle  creek^-wheie -'Bi_uers " are5-taking���oW-  from 10 ce_itsto^2fi0 to the pan  Tvv^o  men rocked out 21 ounces in*-live hours  C   D' Lane,' who-investigated the new  find, 'said on his return that many wero  earning" from   ?200   to   ?300   per   day.-.  Tnere are about 100 men m the Kee-  wahek district: The Candle creek flows  into the Kcewaiick  The death by drowning of Dave Patterson, the giscoverei of the Candle  creek diggings is annuunccd He went  out {with two Jndian& to board the  -schooner���Barbara���Nornster-in^Kotze--  hue sound, wheie the canoe capsi7od  and he was drowned The Indians were  saved  Many miners-came in on the Manu-  enze-fiom Kpyokuk Fi.e bi ought out  $45 000 Jo Nome The arrivals tell of a  new find made in August on Union,  gulch, where ten cents to the pan is  found A 35 ounce nugget was taken off  discoveiy. The distnet wWl yield about  ?200,000 this yeai Three bundled will  winter theie Tho ainvals lcpoit a fatal  accident to one of the ci".. of tho  steamer City of Pai is, n.iin-pd H Smith  Ho was struck by a post hauled away  by a hawsei and died altei being unconscious four days  Fiom' Glenn cieek near Humniit  news.is given of tlie disco.ciy of gravel  paying from ?300 to $400 to the man per  day. /..''���'���; ,-"���'.'���?*.'  Arrivals..from  the  Kaugorok  report  that-a buried forest of redwood similar  to  that'? of   the -.''Calif ornian   trees-has  ..bfjen.f found at ? the   mouth   of .Turner,  creek.*"??*,?' '?'��� ?-.-''.      ?' " '.���'���;���������:  L. L.v.Balles,.-mail carrier,: and W.--;E.  Hogg?Jwho returned?from a .trip from  St; Michael .tlirpiigh?the,,Kusko\yin .dis-,'  ; trict? report:-that the Indians are'dyipg.  off ,very;.fast.,They/secured many,) valuable, curios-?f rpm* the natives.        ���'���  ���;.*''���  ���A storm-occurred; at Nome on ��� Septem- -  her. 20tli/ and? the schooners prosper i and ���  Abbro-Mr?Deering were.driven!,ashore.  The!crews!were saved. ;���  :Ay'.repbrt?whi^. could? not be verified  was:brought -'from*. Dutch; Harbor that  threo British, spalers have been.seized.  : Will Establish-a New Mission  ��� LONDON, .October -13.���Bishop Hart-  sell, missionary bishop of the Methodlst  ?Epi.scopal,-.chUrch.in��� Africa,���������: left *Erig-,  land this-week for. East Africa. Ho will  organize a new American Methodist  ���conference at Umtalli.rRhodesia, November 8th,. and .will thence .make-an* ex-'  tended tour through his diocese. ,���  > Honors* Conferred by the Duke.??  NEW-YORK, October 13.���A dispatch  tp   The   Tribune   from   London   says:  Eight appointments of the order of?St.  Michael and St. George have been ga-.  zettcd'on the occasion of the visit "of  ��� .- ���  _--._- ���.     ���    the duke and-duchess of Cornwall and  repair and construction work of the .en- I York toyCanada.   Sir. John Boyd, chan-  ���Five-New.-Onea_Contemp_a.ted. 1   .  .��� There can b&no^mQ^essitlsfaistory .indication of the broadband solid foundation'upon, which ,the'mining-industry [Is  .being established, in,-BrWish, Columbia,  tfian,is"af_orded b'y".the?amount of capital which it is. contemplated'to-slnk ln  the   establishment! and., equipment, of  smelters withii the v boundaries"* ot the*  Province.. An 'Individ .i^"mine here and  there may at one time haye a large sup-  ���plyr of .ore at handj^and at another,} have  ,its, reserves' deplete^'"and its" shipments  interrupted. But. ai smelter depends" for.  'its existence upon a"steadKland,.contlh-"  .uous'supply'of ore.?7Unless?that is guar^*  anteed:by the condition j of  the. mines'  "and district it is* intended?to^serve, the  .capital is, not. usually,.forthcoming? to?  insure its���construction. V_Witfiouti cbnf>  sidering the. increase?in. capacity; both_  at the Granby smelter and at the^Green-,,  wood'smelter.-ywe-fihd that," at"ft__ejpres-  ent time, no fewer, than tflve?new smelters, are mooted   in ^-British- Columbia.  We would, be. far froni committing ourselves to'the^opinion that-all these smel-  'ters will be' immediately;-placed under  construction, but thisCweTWil^say, that  there'is not one of the projects which  has^not a certain amount, of - legitimate  justification.derived from th.e condition  and prospects of the mining industry  It is now a foregone conclusion that a  copper smelter,will be erected at some1  convenient point on Vancouver Ipland.  which,will have the ore of the���Lenora  mine,at Mount Sicker, as its base of supply In addition to the Lenora with its  steady output of from 60" to'.80 tons, a  day of, first-class ore, and Its ^possible  average "mine run,- were^ a smelter, con-  T-enlenfTor-uver 100 toirax,<_i__>y-tbe-Tyee  and Hayes mines have.npw reached the  shipping stage,'While "the? Marble' bay  propenes are shipping an average of  1000 tons a month. ' There te^hofany  doubt vthat the JDpast'mines can'how  supply a steady supply ot ore1 for a copper furnace of modern capacity apart altogether from the .contemplated developments at Howe Sound; which wjUl provide a problem in local treatment peculiar to themselves. r       ��� **  For the Boundary country.two new  smelters are ccmtemplated, one in^con-  s.nection with.the Snowshoe mine and one  in connection with the   Brooklyn, and  Stemwinder-mines.   The  necessity! and  justification for these plants arise Irom  the-fact that all the great mines in the  Boundary country can make an important saving in smelting profits by having  their own plants, while the self-fluxing  character of the  ore does away with  many of the difficulties encountered in  opoiatmg a smelter in connection with  an individual mine.   Therefore the duplication of copper furnaces in the Boundary district is only a queetlon of tho  de\elopment of  tonnage.    It  has also  been decided to put a lead smelter ln  operation in East Kootonay.  East Kootenay possesses all the requisites for a  successful smeltfng industry in a more  marked degree than any othor portion  of ��� the. Province-    It iS'.iqulte -.evident  ���that, a lead- stack is not only justified  in East Kootenay," but?by:affording a  ready market for the output of less-developed  mines ������ will  have an  important  effect in forwarding the development of  .the district.;?: :'-'���"' -:-: ^;-������'���"';'"'  '.'?-'���;  Some discussion has arisen respecting  the opportunity for aysmelter on 'Slocan  lake. We? have--frequently referred to  the very satisfactory progress of- the  mines, tributary to 'Slocan lake and particularly of .theyremarkable development  of the dry. pre belt Vwhlch is becoming  an/important contributor 'to the mineral  output-of the Province, v: But-it is doubtful whether there is a sufficiently large  and steady tonnage to keep a smelter, in  ?bperation..and with regard ,toidry ores  it is doubtful -whether the premium  /offered byl outside .smelters; Is not more  than .sufficient to offset, any advantages  to be gained by -treating , therii' wijthin  the limits of the district ih which' thoy  are produced. ������"'������' ������*������',--;  However,, not-to include, a-smelter on  Slocan lake, where -there is certainly  great activity'and. progress jh mining,  how can it be reasonably maintained  that the mining industry-of British Columbia is in any true .sense In a. decadent  or- backward condition, in view of the  cpnternplated ?Industrial developments  which we have here outlined?���^British  Columbia Mining Recqwi. "���-'.  Buller he^seerns^to^haveTBhattered^for-^f^  QVifr;everyvvestige of���his reputation. '*AfMi  representative" of,the' ?A_socikted(.P��^s^  learns that prevIous.to generarBuller's^-rl  speech of-Thursday"he;had received ie,\-jZ^$.  .eraU hints .from the ^war. office-- express- \^ff  .ing the hope'that'heiwouldrnoe.accept^. ���?��  any,.invitations taifmakVspe&ihes..^His^-SP  Appointment to*th'e' command 'of an ariay^M?1  corps was made in a" spirit of generosity.%^fe|  It. .was, thought^thatfigeneral..'Bulleri&|M  could not do much harm inFthe*"two'yearsfe^  remain!ng^befpre; his* 1 eufemept* Vail-'��j��t  ure to appoint him would 'have signified -  a^public-disgrace 'which^the ��war "office     ��,,  was not willing toiinfiict oh'him?believ^i,M  _n.  ti 7      **wiA** * ��*-* j ��� k.u_-..__    t.vr   <__<   icy-    * _t fcZm  resentative.. of-"the^Associated.vPressiTls^H  -'The utilitarian spirit"*''of the*age^haV-^a  taken, away - thosersihecures.jrsuch*'asl^S  .governors iTilbury^and commander in'SJ.ff  chief of-Keswick.-with which a .hundred* _S-5i  years ago general: Buller might he shelv-j. ^j  ed and at the same time*awarded.?,We-On  had no alternative" but to award .genera L1* _ .-*<���_!  Buller's long-, and;conscientio1(-��rperiod''(ji.'JiT?iV|  service by kicking ���klm out *��� or.. giving -^H  him'a' comman'd'wlucli his rank demand-,* J. iti  ed-.- Of tho two-- evils,��.wevlchose  what   Z'i{m  we thought1 was 'the least   'Our justih-'v %rm  .cation is,, pei haps', somewhat/sentimen-^Kfcl  tai."   But^no army can be run^without k; J^-I  certain amount of sentiment..-? As for tbf��,U$��-*l  .-public dissatisfaction'with "our progresst"3.-*3-��'  in South'" Africa, I fear'that4lord Roberl</V.l  and'optimistic^"prophets' are "uninten-*?. ,.*_  tionally more to be blamed than any on"'?" *.M  relse.���No oae_sot_'up<jvnd saidJh.-JBur- f<n*  mail war'was over or that~lf would ���*oe-^T^-j  over ln a foolishly, short space of tinr-.     fwL  'It lasted nearly four years and the Brit- Z'WL  ish public took It as a matter of course, 'h<d_l  The South African war has probably got    ���.t: lJ ���_.  another two years  to  run,   developing '^M  like the Bormah affair to a subalterns V'vr*  campaign Continual local disturbances-'-?;^'  are being put down by small garrisons. j%$  To supervise such work we know of none <--)y?i  better than lord Kitchener. His chiefs ~��jf:  difficulty, which seems to have missed 1"^%*  the attention of the critics, is that hav-~ ^I1  ing_non-combatant_natives��� populating;--^^!  the war area he is prohibited from des- *\'$  troying supplies to any degree of mill-' %jx&  tary thoroughness If we could concen- a'Ki*.  trate or deport tho natives I think anr^ *^  effective devastation would quickly end Z -^h  tho campaign. "'    *  Suffering From Heart Disease.  LONDON, October 13���Cecil Rhodes,'  whose part in politics and empire making is vividly recalled by the Schnadhurst letters, Is living almost absolutely,  alone at a quiet hotel on a diet and with "  tho attention of a man who Is seriously, '  ill.   Thero is uo doubt that he is suffer-V  ing from heart disease and is no longer  tho robust man of former times, yet ho  never missed a day this   week   at   the  office of tho British Chartered South African Company, buryiug himself in do- '  tails and conducting long, tedious meetings without complaint or mention of  his health.   But after these, in the quiet,  of his hotel, ho seems to become almost  a wreck, "like a man liable to go off at  any moment," as one of his visitors said '  on coming out of his room.   Usually Mr.  Rhodes is supremely indifferent to'public sentiment, preferring rather to ride  rough shod over criticisms, but in thf;  matter of tho Schnadhurst letter he has  exhibited tho.keenest desire to hold oil"  adverse commont.  .V|l  *��� *'t. .I  X  ;*.  ... Disastrous CaJ^^i^Bl^e. \  SAN. JOSE. .Caltfprn^.fp^ber.-ia.---  - Neari y the.,. entire -business.. portion of  Los Gatps was destroyed?)b'y fire [today.  The loss is estimated at -a'quarterr <Jt a  million dollars? '  Four Thousand Will Winter at TxoGiq  SEATTLE, Oclber -3.���Statistics carefully compiled disclose that 9000 people.  wont to Nome this season and that 10,-  200 havo returned, or arc returning,  leaving about 4000 in the district for the  winter. Thero were 80 vessels, steam  and sail engaged in tho iraiDc, carrvinc  from this city 55.000 toub of gciieraL  freight Tbe estimated receipts for tho  transportation of freight and passengers ,  are 51,874,000 and the valuo of freight  shipped from Seattle ?5,500,000. About  $4,500,000 gold has been shipped from  Nome this season.  . Peculiar Disease Among Horses.  VICTORIA, - October 13.���A peculiar  disease has been discovered among the  horses of the Cariboo district T"lieir  feet swell and then burst. So far no  remedy has beon discovered. Veterinary surgeons havo boen sent to the  district by the provincial government. THE  NELSON TRIBUNE,  MONDAY  MORNING,  OCTOBER  14, 1901  <-*���  ���^���^'^'^�����'S't_\_-'___-'__-< %__', s->-^g'g-fci^-g:-ag),er.-g'-'g.'gr.  fl.  to  to  oo^jp^isnsr  DRY GOODS-  The best that art can  produce and   mpney  can.  purchase, is now ready for your inspection.  NOVELTIES OF ALL KINDS-  Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear. Sequin Robes. Dreams in Embroideries. Facts in"good values. From the cradle to  the grave, we have everthing you can require.  PRICES   RIGHT  TBE HUDSOFS BAY COMPANY  BAKER STBEET, NELSON, B. 0.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  &&&G&& .1/ *^9&��&��*&*?  _���*;/-."���  K'-  a\  i_  _ *?/s-  ��^��  ��*'--., ?  &?rzzz"  ife-'*' :.  %$* ���>{'���:  #*q. i' ,*-  ,#tv-;V,,*  ^fr.'_j.v-  jij-as-.'.r. ��  .&*_.-__.._.    '   '  WHOLESALE PIBEOTQRT  -  ASSAYERS* SUPPLIES.  .,     W.  F.  TEETZEL & CO.���CORNER OF  i Baker    and    Josephine - streets;    Nelson,',  ' ����� holesale. dealers   ln   aasayer's % supplies.  'Agent-  for  Denver . Flre  Clay  Company,,  Denver, Colorado.-   - *-   , .        COMMISSION ��� IffiRCHANTS.  '.' H. J. EV^3?_rX^a^B^i__rSTREET!-  -�� Nelson, wholesale dealers ln liquors,  cigars, cement, fire brick -and flre clay,  water pipo and steel rails, and general  commission merchants., -   *,'-*< "   . ���  . V    '     ELECTRICAL SUPPC_ES.       ' -  "KOOTENAY I_I_EcS_JC^SUPP_-'sfT&  -.onstruction Company���Wholesale dealer:  in telephones, 'annunciators, bells, batteries,-electric fixture " " " ���"  ton Block, Nelson,  Construction  Company���Wholesale  dealers  '?. s*^!."-   '     -���"in telephones,'annunciators,   bells, batter-  2TC! &���>.,.->,les,-electric fixtures and appliances. Hous  KWtJt   t..,,        tnn "Rlonk. Nelson.       * .    **"  .__>_;  Afresh anidsaiLt meats. y._  ^���vMl^ P.'BURNS & CO.-BAKER.^STREET,  aS,iJr4���j. i Nelson', wholesale dealers In;'fresh 'and  _k_4._L..i.V�� cured meats. Cold-storage.     * .    , �����     '���    *  ���.    _ _  -"* GROCERIES, j1'.' p. ., VV.'  ^^�� . .vi���'KOOTENAY SUPPLY'COMPANY, ,LIM-"  tg^l^'-tv*-Ited.���Vernon,������street,    Nelson, '������_  ��fe��%.'���"��'fi..grocers.,   a,--a   . >,*'>,,   '     rs'    . ���- '  wholesale.  &&_     ..    ..  ��$!_��.-_'>_���**_����� '  SP^>r   /V?' JOHN-v CHOLDITCH    ft,  CO.-FRONT  2_��5J,vflS* ; ���*' street,- Nelson, wholesale grocers.     , '   - <* ���  A. -MACDONALD '&  CO.���CORNER 'OF  ���P^"'; -        *_. ���    --  ?&/r%'Pjr.Front.and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale  Mi   f^W* '     - ._..._       ______ ��__        1_1 _____._-.*��       *,*.'_-__-____-..  fc*''^-i'  ���^ .��f . *���. < *  i'J'rr *. '"'  ?<������*-.. ' .., -.  -grocers'and'Jobbers in  blankets,  gloves;  mitts,*- boots, rubbers, macklnaws and mln;  _e'rs' sundries. . - , ,-.������,     ,. , ���;,'��� V-   '  t ' J. Y. GRIFFIN ft CO.-FRONT STREET,  -Nelson,   wholesale   dealers - In ..provisions,-,  'cured meats, butter aqd eggs.*        - ;  - LIQUORS. AND' DRY - GOODS.. ''/,'".  i-.V/f.'-i'. t,   '.' TURNER; ^BEETON   &   CO-V-COR^NER  *__ >_.-,._.... . iVernon   and   Josephine " streets,, Nelson,  *_���?. "Y'  \i'>Z .  -,' \i��  a��    11-3 _-  ��**- w,v,  NELSON   AERIE,   NO.   22 .F.   O.   E.���  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  ���each   month  at   Fraternity  Hall.   George  Bartlett,  president;  J.  V.  Morrison,  secretary. ' '  IfOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Regular meetings first and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  ���are cordially invited to- attend. Dr. "W.,  Rose.^R. K.^ A W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C. ,    <^. CLASSIFIED ADS!  ���-._. ������     ,      '!'"   ARTICLES POR SALE.  '   SEWING MACHINES OF ALT- KINDS  for sale or re it-at the Old Curiosity Shop.  -     -r FOR RENT.~  SIX; ROOM   COTTAGE   AT   BALFOUR  to let by the month or for the season. Im-"'  'mediate   possession. fGood   fishing.   Apply  *C.-W. iBusk, Kokanee, creek.  Phone 66a.  .Or to R.- H. Williams,.Baker street, Nelson.  - FOR' RENT-PALACE SALOON, SANDON.  I. or particulars apply Mrs. A. Mogan, Sandon, B.C.  - ��� TO LfeT ��� THREE ROOMS ON CEDAR  street; large living room, bedroom and kitchen  with sink;.also use of bath.   Apply to J..,Cox-  rhead, C'cdajr streoK^,^-.*"/ ,������ /  ,  .      ..ii" 'r'FpR'SALE. ? . . '-r   ., ','  '��� FOR IMMEDIATE SALE-GROCIGRY BUS-1  /iness; good-,Iocation; low-,rent; ownergoiDg out  of business.,.. For full particulars address C.  Grand Forks, B. C.  K.,  HELP. WANTED.  ' WAN.TED��� WOMAN COOK. WAITRESS/  laundress.* railroad men for Lardo, Rirls for  housework. Nelson Employment Agency. Phone'  278."  ' _ - Vt' > . - v'  i WANTED���THREE RELIABLE BOYS I TO  .sell The .Daily Tribune on the streets. Wagos  ���$1-50 a week. '-.-.-        *        >  v '.wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars and dry  ' 'goods; Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  of Milwaukee-and Calgary Brewing Com-.  > pany .of Calgary.  .business; directory.  ARCHITECTS.  - �� A.  C. EWART.���ARCHITECT,  BOOM 3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.    ,,  CHOP HOUSE.  ���<.  ftJv  . ,   PIONEER ��� r ,CHOP      HOUSE. .    JOHN'  ,' Spear, "proprietor, .opposite ,Queen's Hotel,  'Baker street. Nelson. Open,day and night..  Lunches a specialty.- Picnic and traveling  parties supplied*'on, shortest notice.-   .  -'-   .  DRAYAGE.  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone 270,. Prosser's second Hand store,-'Ward street.   ,    .  FURNITURE.  D. J.' ROBERTSON & CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  new postoffice building, Vernon. street,  Nelson.        ��� '  .WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES?  "^RiiJiEriiSLLiN^^OLi) proif^rties.  We are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties at once. The Prospectors' Exchange, Nelson, B. C��� Room 4,  K. W. C. Block.  , GOLD, COPPER, SILVER, LEAD  mines and prospects wanted. Send report  and samples to the Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson, B. C, Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  NOTICES OF MEETINGS.  (TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  ~J_1N__RS' UNION,^SoTseTwTFr^tfM.���  MeetB in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men $3.50, hammersmen J3.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3. ,  ���i'1  ^���,LOST:  ., LOST-^HITE BULL TERRIER DOG.  answering,to name,o��J;Fitz." Any person har-'  boring or 'detaining same after this notice will  'be prosecuted.   D. .Maokay.  '"��.)aT^bS WEDNESDAY,  OCTOBER 2nd,  .abugcli.oj.keys, od. of which is stamped A. K.  207. , Findor pleu.o luive at C. P. R. a el .graph  Office. _-_,  ~      -,        _ .-��.     -    - - _-  ^��^~ ' ��� _ 1_I1_II MM I ������ ��� MFHIHI' 111     __��! ������!������   I ���__._��� I     ||       PI.,  V V -EMIJLOYMEIST AGENCIES.    .  i -HELP.- -FURMSHZBD-WRITE. "TELE-  ���phonc, telegraph or inciuii & Western Canadian'1 "Employment Oflice, Nelson.o'Phone'  -270.^ Storage^-I, have*.a-la.se Warehouse for  storing^ household or other goods. H. A.  Pros&or.'i j _ -i   ���'.'I'  ���WAN^TDD *. HELP OF ALL .KINDS.���  Orders,-*or help, receive -prompt and careful ' attention. R: ;'"Purdy, Employment  Agdnt, 'Stanley * street,' Nelson. .Telephone  44. P. O. Box 582..'-:,   .'. -.  -     .       .    .���  'Mh^sMxibJitx^  ��� SUBSCRIPTION,*.RATES.'. ,  Dally by mail, one month .- ?   60  Dairy by mail, three months 125  Daily by mail. siJ_ months : 2 50  Dally  by mail,  one year .\ 5 00  Semi-weekly' by mail, three months...     50  Seml-weekly^by mail, six months 100  Semi-weekly' by  mail,  one year 2 00  Postage .to Great -Britain added.  ADVERTISING  RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly  per.inch per month .' H 00  ,If run less than a month, ptr Inch per  Insertion         25  Classilled Ad", and Legal Notices, per  word for lirst insertion      1  For    each   additional    insertion,-   per  word          1-2  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classilled), per line per month     50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per lino  per month     25  / ____���,  Address all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Nelson, B. C.  *+M~H��W'*.~M--'   W^'H-H******  ��� , :     - *  ��� NOTICE  TO  SUBSCRIBERS  ��� BY   CARRIER.  BARBERS* UNION, NO. 186, OF THB  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets flrst and third Mondays  of each month in Miners' Union HaU at  8:30 sharp. Visiting members invited. ,R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. C Gardner, recording  secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERT  Monday evening ln the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.   CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  In Miners' "Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex. B. Murray, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday ln every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A.-.W- McFee, secretary.:.      :' ������������ ':    ���.��������������' ������'���'���  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  &  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets seoond Wednesday ln  each month. Sojourning brethren  invited.    NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER  No. 123, G. R. C���Meets third Wednesday.  Sojourning companions invited. George  JOhnstone, Z.; E. W. Matthews, S. B.  - - On Saturday next, subscribers  whose Tribunes are delivered by  carrier will be expected to pay  the carrier TWENTY CENTS, the  subscription price for the current  ���week.  V  *  *  ....^.,T..T.- ,t.. , iTi.T.iT.     -��� ......... .............���...........  �����-.-TTn ni n ��v   vi at. i i i ri ivr  The deportation of the Missourlans  from the Le Roi mine at Rossland, under section 6 of the Alien Labor Act, depends entirely on the minister of justice,  who is probably not in sympathy with  the spirit of the act. -It is well known  that influences are at work to prevent  the deportation of these men. This influence is controlled by,the monicd element, and the monied element, is a potent power at Ottawa when an election  is not in $ight. The argument used by  this element, is, in effect, that it would be  unfair to eastern investors in Le Roi  shares to 'deport the Missourlans;' that  the interests of the eastern investors  are worthy of as much consideration as  the   interests   of   the   workingman   of,  WALL  PAPER  Ihi- i.  .c.ibOn  wut   to  we ha\ .  jully tlio dull  or   Wall   Papor.  kosp   it   moving  made up bundles  of ;ill lots that have run dovn in quantity.  We pl.ico thoso on sale at prices that will certainly move rnoin; original cost has beon quite  lobl sight, of in making tlie price. In many of  these icmnant- the quantity is suflloiont for  ovon a lingo room. The high standard of our  papers is now well known and not often doos  an opportunity ofl'or to buy such papers at  from 5 to 12. .vats por roll. If no. ready to  papor just nuw ontiolpftte your fall wants.  THOMSON STATIPEBY CO. Ltd  NELSON. B. C.  Kootenay. Edward Williams,' who. is  practically the agent of the" minister of  justice, has been at both Rossland and  Northport for two weeks. He, no doubt,  has made a report on the .situation.  What the'report Is, is mere conjecture.  But judging from the bitter attack made  on Mr. Williams in a meeting of the  Rossland Liberal Association- hy Dr.  Sinclair, it is only fair to assume that  the report, favored the deportation of  the aliens. The labor troubles in this  province during the last two years have  shown on�� thing very, clearly, that is,  that the laws are notf strictly and impartially lenforced. The department of  the attoirney-general is very clearly  controlled by a man who,is unwilling to  enforce any law that is -repugnant to  corporations, and it is doubtful if there  can be that respect for -the law that  there should be as long as the department of justice is controlled by men  who do not stand for the impartial enforcement of all the laws. When the corporation that violates the law is treated  as is the individual who does likewise,  then; and not until then, will the laws of  the country be respected.  The coast" papers are" dumb on the  question of, ^redistribution.. They know  if Yale and Kootenay are given seats in  the legislative assembly and in the house  of commons, according.?to population,  the politics of the province will no longer "be dominated by" politicians residing  in Victoria,anil Vancouver. Yale and'  Kootenay should have 13 pf the 38 members of the,3iouse, and Yale and Kootenay, together with Cariboo and the Lil-  looets, shc-ujld have .three of the Jelgiit  members in the-house of commons. The  members "from Vyale and Kootenay  should stand' together on all questions,  ,because it. is only iy doing so that they  can obtain fair* treatment. But the  trouble is/itoo .many, of the members  'from both- .Yale and -Kootenay worship  Jpolitcal tin gods made at the coast, and  by "so" d6ing'invariably get the worst of  it individually, besides iosing prestige  for their districts.'  Fair and impartial  ���-     _   v.   -     i  enforcement,of the laws, fair and equal  distribution of .seats in both local and  federal parliaments, and the guidance  of up-country . leadership only, should  be three of the planks in the platform, of  the party .of,<-the people in .Yale and  Kootenay in "the next provincial campaign. ? \- * ,*  :, James.Douglas Prentice, since he has  become minister of finance, is shaking  up the"o__ceslof the different mining recorders throughout the province. He is.  insisting, that_the work of these .offices  must'be done with_the minimum?of-cler_,  ical assistance. Suppose that 'James  Douglas Prentice begins his work of. reform in his own office in Victoria,  whero there are so many clerks that  they are in each other's way.  A Silverton Sufferer.  SILVERTON, October 12.���To the Editor of The Tribune:" Notirig the discussion which has arisen over the issuance of a circular by the Retail Grocers'  Association, which antagonizes the request of the so-called wholesalers of  Nelson, for discriminating rates to the  various points to wheh they ship, I, as  a sufferer from tho inroads of these retail-wholesalers, wish to say a word.  W. W. Beer said at the board of trade  meeting the whole trouble lies in the  definition of- a wholesaler. Now since  my first entrance into trade, I have always understood that a wholesaler was  one who sold to those who sold again,  and not a seller direct to the consumer,  as Nelson's wholesale-retail merchants  have proven themselves to be. In proof  of this I can quote the names of three  wholesale-retail grooers in Nelson who  entered into direct competition with  Slocan merchants for the trade of mines,  and ultimately succeeded in getting it;  ;and yet these same retail-wholesalers  hope to secure trade from the very merchants they compete against. These people are the- Kootenay Supply Company,  J. Cholditch & Co., and A. Macdonald &  Co.  The grocery dealers in Nelson and vicinity have therefore a real grievance,  and they would be doing themselves an  exceeding injustice if they did not oppose' the request which would give these  retail-wholesalers so great an advantage  in shipping. If these -aspiring wholesalers wish for the advantages which the  occupancy of a wholesalers piano would  give them, let them define their position  to the full satisfaction of the retailers.  J. A. McKINNON.  Making Himself Comfortable,  James Cronin, manager of the St. Eugene, returned to Moyie from Spokane  on Thursday of laBt week, says the  Moyie Leader. When asked regarding  the probability of an* early resumption  ���__&___!& ^_^___a_-^^_^���_^���__-!^���^���JS^���^���^���J^t_^!_J��  ____  0*'<Z*  *0r.-(0 ' 00 ' 00 ' 00 ' 00 ' 00 ' 00 ��� m* ��� 0* ' 0* " 0<0? ��� tB0 ' 00* ' 00* ��� 00* ' 00  w =  ��  LADIES' JACKETS,  COSTUMES,  PURS AND UNDERWEAR  AT  ESPECIALLY  LOW PRICES  MENS' LAMBS' WOOL  SHIRTS   AND   DRAWERS,  FLEECE LINED UNDERWEAR, WOOL AND CASHMERE SOCKS, FLANNELETTE NIGHT   SHIRTS  AND PAJAMAS AT  _  VERY LOW   PRICES  BARGAINS  IN  GREY- AND WHITE  BLANKETS,  WOOL   COMFORTERS AND EIDERDOWN QUILTS.  ...  9. =  m  f\\ 36 Bakep Street, Nelson.  J.\_  .X.^���*-**-���' '00*^ ,00*00* .00.00.00'.00.00'.00.00��� .00'.000 .00'.00���. '\*   .*^.-��k.*<_-.. ��������-��.----k.������-<;-��.-��-k.?�����.>Bk��� !S��'SB*.��23��' !S|*-x-  i O ni ^  w  j*  tit  t>  ijm  t_. tib   m mt  tt* <Gh   ���  tin   ni. \mi -^-g ������*���-_? -^u?-^->-*^g-^s��-*-^_--"^>, *ni'*!&'^& **&**��'  ^������_ST-**������-��*������icr*^k.���*^��^���^T**���������_,�����_;-��� ���*���������-*��������*-.��� ���ST'-JeT-**������__���xSST'**�����*��� *w  ���JS-'��� ^���ZSS'��� 00'0^��� 00'00'0*'00'^'00'0**'^'  -   -      00* 0B0-0       IJ  of work at the mine he said that the  price of lead would have to reach ��15  before anything could be done. [As lead  has riot sold at ��15 for over ten years,  it is not likely the St. Euiene will start  up for some time. Lead is quoted in  London at ��11 5s., a quotation that is  about 15s. below the average pr^ce for,  the last ten years.���Editor Tribune.] He  said that the company would make contracts with German firms at the present  price, but that they would be simply rob-  bing^the mine and not reaping any ben- -  efit by working with such prices. Mr.  Cronin's new residence at the St. Eugene  is finished and-will be occupied by,his  'fa'mily'in a very short time.' A carload  of furniture, .carpets,' etc., arrived this*  week from Spokane, and are being put  in place.*' The house is one of the most  palatial and comfortable residences to  be fourid in East Kootenay. The. rooms  are'-large and well lighted, and are finished'with^paper of ttie very latest patterns. Ineach room a different shade  of paper is? used and on the whole it has  a very pleasing effect. There are two  parlors dining room, kitchen, a private  ' office, two bath rooms and six bedrooms.  In each parlor'are two fire-places fitted  with' bronze grating and handsome oak  mantels, and with hearth of glazed tiling. The grating and mantels were purchased in Chicago. Water is carried in  pipes to both floors, and the house will  be lighted throughout with electric  lights.; In such a residence Mr.-and Mrs.  Cronin wil be enfilpd to enjoy all the  comforts of a. home in a city, land-it is  ; indeed pleasing to note that they intend  .making Moyie their home for some, time  to come. -        .      t t  fO   frusiA  , /?/$2?__^/ IkA^rVpju duns yVOrtsAJs  500MWANTE]  As  Tho Job Printing Plant of Thn ,Tri-  buno Ih tho most comploto in Kootenay. ^Good workmen arc omploycd,  good slock is used, and good pricos  arc charged.  THE  BINDERY DEPARTMENT OF  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED,  BURNS BI_0OK/NELSON. ',  BOOK BINDING  SPECIAL HIKED BLANK BOOKS  SPECIAL RULED FORMS  ' Ore Beady for Shipment.' < '  There are now 80 tons of ore in the  bins of the Delphine mine. The'extension this summer of the Toby Creek  wagon road to the north fork makes it*  .possible to get th'e ore out,'and as soon  as snow comes it'.will be hauled* to the  landing, on the Columbia river for shipment to the Trail or Nelson smelter.  g?************************  FOR STYLE,  FINISH AND  PRICES IN  MILLINERY,  ETC., CALL  ON  MRS.  E.  Mclaughlin, west  block, baker ST.  *t  9  *.  m  9  9  ?  m  9  9  9  9  <.  m  ���n  9  <.  I*  *.  ���n  m  9  g  9  ���n  9  <.  i��  i��  ���.  m  9 ���  m  9  <��>  m  ^************************  -,&***********************.  Ih. h. playford & co. |  .*.  qt  ft  9  Mi  Mi  Mi  1 TOBACCO   AND   CIOARJ  �� '���      ���������'������ �����  m MERCHANTS, ffi  _> ���  m  9                       - 9  9                       ���-������ 9  9 .-":�����.  Jl P. O. Bos 637. Telephone 117. ��  ft ?������'*'>  * (&__.���-._���_ .;���;���_���_*_ . _ _____ . .Jif  'KOOTENAY...,  ��� . COFFEE CO.  I***************.*********  Coffee Roasters   ,  D8a,ers ln Tea and Goffee  &***********************  ' We aro offering at lowest prices tbo best  ftrades, of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Best1, Mocha and Java Colfee, por  .pound $   40  Mooha and Java Blond, 3 pounds    1 00  -Choice Rlend Coffeo, 4 pounds .-;���1-00  Special Blend Coffee,- 8 pounds    1 00  Rio Blond Coffee, 0 pounds    1 OO  _5pec'al Blend Coylon Toa, per pound     30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  #  9  I  9  9  9  ���!��  9  9  9  MADDEN   BLOCK  NELSON.  AND  MERCHANTS.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  TREASURY STOCK FOR SALE  20,000 shares ROYSTON GOLD MINES,  Ltd- This is a good timo to buy, as these  shares will advance in the near future.  20,000 shares of IMPERIAL MINES,  Limited, at 5 cents. For a few days only.  10,000 shares LADREAU VALLEY  MINES, Ltd., at 15 cents. These shares  advance 5 cents on the 1st of October.  For particulars of above apply to  ^REGINALD J. STEEL  Official Broker, Nelson.'  BEAL ESTATE  AND  INSDBANCE BBOKEBS  On tha construction of the Arrowhead |  Kootenay railway ln the Lardo district.}  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  In order to Becure men without dels)  ordinary labor* will be paid 92.25 per da  and axemen $2.50 per day. > -, -,  GOOD, STATION WORK  CAN BE SECUKi__>.  *���  For   furthor * particulars   apply   to   thj  Nelson Employment- Agencies or to ,  CARLSON & PORTEI  CONTRACTORS.  WANTED.  BALPH CLARK,   .      I. O. NELSON,  Undertaker, Night Cail 238.      '        Manager.  Furniture Dealers  Fui]Gra] Directors  and E.iiba!mers  Oak  Oak  Oak  Oak  ' Worth  Center   Tables $3 60  Center Tables  6 00  Center   Tables BOO  Leather    Seat    Fancy  Rocker    4 B0  E*n_   Folding   TaWe  5 00  Elm   Folding   Table �� 6 00  Cane Veranda Chairs  6 00  Cane Veranda Rockers., 6 60  Vor  $2 75  4 SO  3 75  3 .6  3 75  4 .5  4 50  4 75  500 Day and Station Men  Bight   months'   work.     AU   rock..  Wages $2.25 per day.  J. G. McLEAN,  Elko,  B. Ci  WEST TRANSFER CO.  1.. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of  Teaming  Work.  and Transfer.  TO    MAKB��  -ROOM    FOR    OUR    FALL  STOCK OF CARPETS AND RCJQS  WILL   GO   AT   COST.  TO' CLEAR���BABY   CARRIAGES   ANX>  GOCARIS  AT LKdS KUN COST.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT  THE  AT   THE  AT   THE  **:***.******************&&  Agents for Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest.  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  OYSTER  OYSTER  OYSTER  The  COCKTAILS  COCKTAILS  COCKTAILS  AT   THE  AT   THE  AT  THE  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  ALL THE BEST:BRANDS  LIQUOR8  AND  CIGARS.  Agonts for Hard nnd Soft Coal.   Imperial OIL  Company.   Washington __riok, Limo & WanuJ  faoluring Company.   Gcnorul commorcial a^enti  and brokors.  'All coal and wood abrlotly cash on delivery!  TEliEPHONE 147.  Office 184 BaHer StJ  R. JB. KEIjLE  SUCCESSOR TO H. D. ASHCROFT.  BLACKSMITH AND WOOD WORKER  EXPERT KORSESHOEINC.  Special attention given to all kinds ofl  repairing and custom work from outsidJ  points. Heavy bolts made to order orf  short notice.  W. P. TIERNB  Telephone 285.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  ���fTOTIOE  On and after this date,* positively no  Lethbridge Gait Coal will be delivered  except when paid for in advance.  .   W. P. TIERNEY.  Nelsou. October 8th, 1901.  4^**********************^  J ARTHUR    GEE J  * MERCHANT TAILOR ��  Mi ft  Ml LADIES'TAILOR             BAKKR m  Mi MADE SUITS.        STREET EAST. *.  ^1 L?  ***********************x*  R. REISTERERj|& CO.  BBUWi-BS AJND BOTTLKBS OV, V  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Office:  Two Doors West C. P. B. 0fflcj  HENRY'S lURSEBIEg  APIARY /\ND GREENHOUSES  Greeiihouae and Bedding out Plants.  Lowest   Prices.  BBB SUPPLIES. SHEDS, FERTILIZERS!  Agricultural implements, fruit basket!!  and crates,, fruit and ornamental trees!  bulbs for fall planting.  Catalogues Free.  3009 Westminster Road.  Vancouvei  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.  BREWERY  AT  NELSON  Suitable for wra_L  ping, 25 cents a huDj  drea.  Apply at  TRIBUNE BINDERY DEPARTMENT  *^4yr^tt1^_fyr^y^  trrnri-*'*r*i-r*��.i>- <*-..  Vr -"V-.Sff...  : I  . *  . -^I  ^ r  THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  MONDAY MORNING,  OCTOBER.l., 1901  BANK OF IWMkl  CAPITAL, all paid _p_ ..$12,000,000.00  REST  .    . ..   7,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       487.180,80  Lord Stratljcoua and _��louut Royil.. ProntdouD  Hon. Georgo A. Drummond Vico-Pro^idtiufc  E. S. Clouston ._  Goneral Manager-  NBLSON BRANCH  Corner Bakor and Kootonay Stroolw.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  nmnnhn.   in London (Knjjland) NEW York,  Chicago, and aU Uio prinolpul oities ln Canada.  Buy and sell Scorllng Kxchcn _e and Cablo  TronR-f-S  Grant Commorcial and Truvolers' Credits,  ��T��ni..iio .n any pai t of tho world.  Draft- Issuod, OollooUone Made. Kts.  Saving'g Bank Branch  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  ���  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HKAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up capital,      -    ���    -    $8000,000  Reserve Fund,       ....  $2,000,0-0  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $66,000,000.  Hon, Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  B   E. Walker,  Genera! Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, B. O.  New York  Offlco, 16   Exchange   Plaoe.  and 68 Brunch on in Canada ana tho  Unl-dd States.  OZEP    0-___.:N".A._D____  Capital (paid up)  Rest  S2.600.000  S 1,850,000  * _��____*__cb_h___ ____S_Vt_. _____*___. _____��-***-_. ___*_S_.   _��-���____   ___._*____ __N-__r__ ____���_*__ L____>5?  *3  m  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Br.uioh08 in NorthwcbtTorritoi les. Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  H.CS. HOWLAND Prosidont.  D. R. WILKIE General Manager.  ... HAY Inspector.  CURRKNT HATK OF INTiSKEBI* PAID.  TRICKS  IN EYERY TRADE  The Pako Athletes of the Circus.  "There are tricks in all trades," said  the old circus strong man, "blit the trade  of the circus Hercules is mostly all  tricks. Anybody with ordinary strength  can do the lcats that seem so wonderful when done by those tanbark Sampsons In fact few ot them require any  peculiar muscular exertion, but arc ,ac-  _ cording to the New Yoik Sun, accomplished simply by tnckciy.  "Tho dumbbells used by the performers are always hollow and weigh much  less than the figures marked upon them  would indicate     When  you see a man  pretending to put above his head a bell  marked 400 or 500 pounds you may safely conclude that he is trying to fool you  The veiy greatest weight ever lifted m  this way was 246 pounds, 'Cyclops' accomplishing the  feat  in   Cleveland   in  1S93. ' Genuine dumbbells,   closely   resembling the hollow ones, arc thi own out  into the audience   for   inspection,   but  these are nevei   the ones  used  by  the  strong man or woman.  "Another common  teat that arouses  * wonder is the breaking of stones with  tjie fist.    Spectators think that a man  who can bring his clinched hand down  upon a rock and flake a piece off with  one blow must have tremendous muscles,  but an ordinary manvcan do this if<he  knows how, while, on the other hand,  old Samson himself couldn't have done  it unless he had^been put on to the trick.  -    "You will notice that the strong man  always provides'a solid piece of iron or  stone upon which to crack his  rocks.  Now, if he held the stone to be smashed  firmly against  this   support   he   might  pound away at it until ^doomsday, without hurting anything but his fist.    But  notice closely and you will see that he  holds the small stone a sixteenth of an  inch above the support, and when he hits  it it's the concussion   that   breaks   it.  -       Any one can do it neatly after a little  I'     practice. .  "A little more real strength is needed  in the feat' of lifting a barrel of water  " and two, men with'the teeth, but not  much. A man ol ordinary strength can  accomplish it 'To begin with, the water  barel, which if "genuine, .would weigh  with its contents about 900 pounds, has  a false top and bottom and holds only  enough water,so that a little cau be let  out of the bunghole to deceive the onlookers. Fastened to the bairel and to  the waist of the performer, and concealed by a sash which he wears, is a rope.  This is deftly hitched to the barrel when  it is lifted up' for him to take the  mouthpiece in-his teeth.  "The . mouthpiece    exactly   fits    the  mouth so that whatever weight, comes'  hero is usually'��� sustained by .the jaw.  Here comes the thrilling moment! Two  men lift themselves upon   the   barrel,  and, with two other sturdy fellows to  support his back and keep his balance,  the strong man slowly lifts the barrel.  Bending ,back," he supports the weight  at an angle of about forty-five degrees,  apparently with his teeth,?but actually  upon lii"sr^T_Mt"r_^t'_rTr^e__fitionan_i_.t7  but, as a matter of fact, more strength  is required in the men who support him  than in the star, performer himself. Not  more'than 200 pounds was ever actually  supported by any athlete in this fashion.  "The mouthpiece used in this trick is  employed in all acts where the performers appear to hang by their teeth.   It  is so constructed that when one gets it  . in his mouth he cannot lot go of it until  tho weight is taken off.   So circus folks-  do not really support their weight or the  weight  of  any  other  object  by   their  teeth.    It is' actually on the neck that  most of tho strain comes and performers  doing this stunt very much get an abnormal   neck   development.    Nowadays  ray neck measures sixteen, inches, but  when I was in the. business it was nineteen inches around.   ;- '   "*  "About the only act that requires real  strength is that of supporting a horse  on a teeter board, but"even in this trick  .the most important needs are nerve and  a well trained horse.    Bodily, strength  comes third, I'll never forget to my dyeing day the first time I tried this.   I had-  ringed up two chairs as strongly as pos1  sible in a barn and fastened them to the  floor, after  which I had-]put .ayboard,  across between them to support a teeter,  upon which I had-trained my pony to  walk.   When the animal had learned.his  lesson thoroughly1 and wouldascend the  teeter and -balance at the.'worcl of command, I prepared for the final test.-  "In place of the board connecting the  chairs, 1 had. put my own 'body?. Then  locking my* feet!firmly in one chair and.  my arms around the- back of the other,  I called .'Romeo!' ': . - '��� 7-. x.Z :  "Be came from the'stall, straight for  the teeter? Then my nerve failed ine, I  cried "Whoa!' wildly, but Romeo didn't,  seem to know the meaning of the word.  On he came, directly- up, the incline.  There' was ho backing out; All that I  could do was to hang on flesparately  and this I did. .When Romeo got above  my chest, he balanced himself gracefully for a while���it seemed an hour to  me, though it was only a few secorids���  then he went off the other side. Ihad  succeeded and the trick, was not so hard  as I had feared.,    .-..,..'���'���  "It appears ?to the audience as if the  man in the act was supporting the  weight largely'with his neck. Such is  not .he case, for the most of it comes on  his arms and legs, and the latter are  fastened so that they -cannot   become  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Intorest allowed on deposits.   Prosent rate  throe per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  loosened.   It takes strength, but not extraordinary strength. '  "Not unlike this trick, but requiring  even less muscular power, is the feat of  supporting a lot of people on a board  placed across your body while you are  bent over backward. This is certainly  the easiest way for a man to support  his family I know of. Before the athlete  bends his body his feet are braced so  strongly that they can't slide. Then  he bends back and a board is placed  across his knees and shoulders, upon  which another board is put crosswise for  the men to get upon. In this position  the bones of the arms and legs support  the weight, and as the bone of a healthy  human^ being is pretty strong a number  of men may get upon the boaid without  causing the slightest inconvenience.  The bones will have to be crushed before  anything will give way.  "One of the strong man's greatest accomplishments, one that has a particular charm and terror for the small boy  ���is the biting m two of nails. This  long-cherished delusion, too, is a fake.  The men who do this never use the common steel nails. They use cast-iron ones,  whose gram makes them break more  easily. Nor are the nails bitten in two  by the teeth, as is commonly supposed,  but they are simply broken by the  strength of the fingers. To bite a nail  in two put the thumb of your right hand  under the nail near the middle, with the  index finger on top of the nail at the  right end. Then put the other end of  the nail between your teeth on the left  side of the mouth. Push down sharply  and strongly with your index finger and  crack goes the'nail! If you do it quickly  the crowd will think you have bitten it  off, but you haven't. Try this with a lead  pencil if you have not a cast-iron nail  handy.  "A great deal of unnecessary sympathy is wasted upon the' circus man  who stands up proudly in spangled  tights and lets another circus man bring  down a sledge hammer upon a "* rock  placed upon his head, with force enough  to break it. This is spectacular, but is  entirely painless and calls for no great  strength or endurance. Upon the cranium of the strong man is put an iron  "contrivance weighing, about 150 pounds  and provided "with cushions both above  and where it rests upon1 the head. A  pretty good sized rock is used and the  hammer is also a heavy one, so you can  sec that the blow that cracks.the rock  'is really a serious one. But most of the  force is, taken, up. by the.rock-and the  rest by the iron and the cushions, while  the only sensation felt by the subject  is a gentle tap.  ','No more difficult \than this is the act  whereby the hero of the canvas tent permits a rock to be broken upon his; chest,  with a blow, from a-sledge, hammer.  So long as the subject's back is free and  does not rest against any solid object,  the trick is perfectly simple. A ."little  illustration. Take a board up and let  it lie freely > in your hand and hit it  smartly with a hammer. It is difficult  to hurt your hand, and the thicker the  board the less the sensation. But now  put your hand on the table and hit the  board. Hurts, doesn't it? Well, it's  the same with the rock on the chest.  -Let.nie-try-it'.on-you."  The reporter demurred, but the former  strong man hunted up a stone and a  sledge hammer, which he said weighed  nine pounds. He put the rock on the  lower part of his own chest, bent backward, and told the reporter to break it.  This the,latter did successfully and then  consented to have it tried on. himself.  With a mighty blow from the sledge the  rock was-shattcrcd, but the only sensation felt by the subject was a slight  pressure on tho chest.  NELSON   BRANCH,  BURNS BLOCK.  A general .nulling business transacted.  Sai ings Department,���-Deposits rocolvod and  intorest allowed.  Drafts sold, available in all parts of Canada,  United Statos and ii.uropo.  Special atumtion given to collections.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  found out in an' whaled f'r, I told forty  that niver was r-run down.    I've   lied  steadily through life an' here I am in  me green ol' age���though   not   as   old  as manny wud make out���lyin' without  th' aid iv glasses.    Thry me.   Ask me  how much wather is in that bar'l���if  ye dare!   Yo're a liar, too, Hinnisy."  "What's that'" shouted Mr. Hennessy.  "Keep cool," said Mr, Dooley.   I'm not  referrm' to what I heerd ye tell ye're  wife about th' pay check or that story iv  yo'res about th' big man ye bate in th'  Halsted-sthre'et car.   But th' clothes on  ye're back is a he or at laste an' equivocation or a hand-me-down, an' th' smile  ye greet me with is no more thin half  on th' square, an' th' well-it's-glad-I-am  to-see-ye rally manes   ye're   sorry   ye  came    All th' wurruld is busy deceivin'  its neighbor an' itsilf      Th' poor are  poor because they aie poor liars an' th'  rich are men that've accumylated a large  stock iv non-assissable, inthrest-beann'  lies or inherited th' same fr'm their indulgent an' mendacyous fathers.   That's  what they tell me.  "An' what is a he, tell me'    I <_ud answer mesilf if I always knew what th'  thruth was, me boy.   A good manny iv  th' whoppeis I tell ye is th' raysult iv  thryin' to take a short cut to th' thruth  an' bnngin' up -just this side iv perjury.  Some things that look like l'ies to me  today will seem all r-right in th' pris-  ldential year. * I lie a good manny times  fr'm kindness, more often fr'm laziness  an' most often fr'm fear.   Some iv' th'  boldest liars I   iver   met   wud've   been  thruthful men if they'd dared to be. Th'  most uncommon form is th' mahcyous  liar an'   th'   manest   is   th'   just  liar.  Manny men he becaus they like conversation an' they feel they can't impress  th' men they'r talkin' with without pil-  in' it on.   I'v, lied at times.to beguile th'  hours away.   I niver deceived anny wan  half so much as I   nave   mesilf.    If. I  did'nt do it wanst in a while, I'd feel so  poor an' depraved, I cudden't go on in  business.   Now I wondher if E. Bmjamin  wud call thim good purposes. Sure, if a  lie's a goodv thing anny purpose ye may  have in lyin' will look good to ye an' if  'tis a bad thing, th* purpose'll seem good  annyhow.   I think a lie with a purpose  is wan iv th' worst--kind, an' th' most  profitable    I'm more iv a spoortin'- liar  thin he is if I lie f'r pastime.   I wud lie  to get a frind out iv throuble or an'ini-  my in, to save me counthry, if 'twas not  surrounded ah eady be a devoted band iv  heroic liars, to protict me. life'or me  property, but if annybody ast me how I  done it, I'd he out iv it.  , "Father Kelly says th' pro-fissor(is all  r-right.    He says his theory is a good  wan but he don't think it fits a.Baptist  Cblledge.   -.'Twas held be some lamed  men iv our own kind an' 'was all r-right  f'r him.   'Twas th' docthrine iv a saint  .but he was'nt lookin' f'r anny Standard  . ile money.. An' Father Kelly says he's  niver seen a man good enough to get a  di-ploma fr'm him to lie f'r anny purpose, good or bad, to tell white lies or^  green.    If. he lies, he's got to take his  chances.   Tsaid: ,      '   "  *  " 'What wud ye do if ye see a frind  Tlffr "'"* *** ^ 0*'^'0*'^ 0*m0*'00-^-^-0*'^-<^j4\fZ^  W :���,_____^i__^___iM__*_______m  r��� ���  lya^  tf.  (I.  m  '*  Established In Nelson 1890  We Sell Wholesale and Retail  Hurry Up and Ask- for Prices  Our Christmas goods are arriving daily, and you have a  good opportunity to select from the latest up-to-date goods,  and you will find prices reasonable.  We want your trade���send!us your orders and we will do  the rest. * ' s r -,  All watch and jewelry repairing guaranteed.  Mail orders receive our prompt and careful, attention.'   *  '������ ' -i '-__.- \  B DOVER, "The^ Jeweler":  . R. Wateh Inspector NELSON/ B. O.  <     V-  "* r V-  ^m_  lMv.  1*.  ' ��� t__-*- _8f6>-* S-to*-*- __s��  m  *.. .V ���**  ,'?  i>r, ���-.���?��  iv ye'res pursued be a mUrdhcr an' th'  murdher-that-to-be ast ye which way  he'd turned'"  I cudden't hear him,' he says I'd  be too far up th' alley.' he says 'Lyin'  in th' circumstpnees,' he says, 'wud indicate a lack iv prisince iv mind,' he  says.   'It often does,' he says " '  "Sure, a lie's a lie," said Mr. Heuessey.  "I always know whin I'm lym'."  "So do I," said Mr Dooley ,e  A COMPLETE LINE OF  Lesson From Tort Itala.  Botha's   army   must   have retreated  from Fort Itala with a fine appreciation  of the disadvantages under  which   the  British fought throughout the Transvaal  war.    There can be no doubt that the  effectiveness of the Boers has been overestimated- from the habit  of   judging  their achievements in actions in which  they met the enemy on then own terms  It is also probable that crifcism of the  British army has been harsher by reason  of judgment passed upon engagements  fought- how, when and where the enemy  chose. 'It'is common comment that the'  Boers have a. general   resourcefulness  which on numerous fields was not displayed by the British troops   The Boers <  won these testimonials fighting almost  entirely on the defensi.e.   Fiom the engagement at Fort   Itala it is  apparent  that' the effective and   sometimes' brilliant qualties*which the Boers, exhibited-*  on the defensive are not features of then-  work as assailants.   Fighting on the defensive a mere handful of British troops  routed and inflicted heavy lobs upon an  attacking  rmy  of  Boeis     The   battle  suggests the probability that the Bi itish  are-better and'the Boers less brilliant'  soldiers' and strategists than has been  the generally accepted   inference   from  results m.the South African .,war.���Toronto Telegram.   '"'  coiMiip^isrs:  OFFICE: BAKER STIJEET WE3T, KELSO,., B. C.  TELEPHOJ.E NO. 219.��P. 0. BOX I  lOSlBIM STONE,  The   Mansfield   Manufacturing! Company'.  have the above mentioned building materials K'  for sale at reasonable prices.' - Special quota-' -  , tions  to  builders ^and* contractors for large  ���  "orders. ',   _    ?J ��� .' ���   ��� . ��� -l    '    .  NOTIOE.  _. .     ��� 'iZ-8.   Nisi   ii.uo,.,  Terminer   and   General   Delivery  nnmoTi   in    +���___.   _"**��..-��� 4.    _*_���__       _ _, ���*.  '.    ��."*-*S,*3f  ,.   "���  -**1     5  tf  .-   _-  .-',  i_.*^s.'*-J-A  2_^"��^*"&^9&.w::?&fi-  Civil _i.fl��ir_^h..rvUle'?:LBt October.  1901. fZ %  yrtvu aija^crlnilnal.      ^'r   {,*�����.     ,-},    , _, ,Jv, jj?*?'-.  an^rnim0InaU,nt0n^8th *****��������.�������.' Clvi^^  '  BAKER   STREET, 'NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Airj  Large comfortable bedrooms and , flrst-  class dining room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  , '       L  RATES $22-PER DAY  ____������_������ j  tyre. E. 0. OfarHe*; Prop.  ���Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  NniiQs> Baker -n<? Ward  _|W��t��?; Streets,   Nelson.  ME. DOOLEY ON LYING.  "Th' question bofurc th' house is whin  is a lie not a lie?"   said Mr. Dooley.  ��� "How's that i" asked Mr. Hennessy.  "Well," said Mr. Dooley, "herb's pro-  fissor E. Benjamino Something-or-6ther  insthruc'ti' th' youth at th' Chicago Uni-  varsity that a lie, if it's f'r a good purpose, is not a lie at all. There's th' gr-  reat school, .down there on th- Midway.  Ye can larn-annything ye .have a mind  to in that there siininary an' now they'll  have a coorse in lyin'. Th' earnest youth  in sar'ch iv a career, in llfe'll be taught  lyin' indiyidjally an' in classes,. lyin' be  ear an' be note, lyin''in th* home an'  lyin' to. th' public, lyin' autymatically,  th' lie di-rect, th' lie injanyous, th' lie  with th' hand, th'. lie with th' eye, th'  r-ready fake, th' bouncer, th' stiff, th'  con, th' bunk, th' poetic lie, th'- business  lie, th' lie imaginative, th' brassy lie,  th' timid: lie, th' white lie, th' pathrotic  or red-white-an'-blue lie, th' loving lie,  th.'' over-th'-left, th' cross-me-heart, th'  hope-to-die, histhry, political economy  jan' y mathematics. They'll be a post  gradyate coorse in perjury f'r th' more  studyous an' whin th' hon'rary degrees  is given out, we'll know what L.L.D.  manes..', Th' Pittsburg bettin' syndicate  will wear medals fr'm now on."  "Sure, they don't need to larn people  lyin'," said,Mr. Hennessy.  "Well ho, faith, that's thrue," said Mr.  Dooley.y "Here I am with no more iddy-  cation thin you cud write on .'the back  iv a postage stamp, am as fluent an'  r-ready a liar as e'er a pro-fissor or gradyate. iver tur-rried out be an Instichoot  iv Mendacity. That's what I.am. I|m  a born: liar. As th' pote that Hogan  spouts has said: 'I lisped in falsehood,  f'r th' falshood came.' I cud lie befure  I cud speak or walk.   F'r ivry lie I got  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  )ooi.l aw. con...  Flooring  I(K_\1 ft,nd -ponsii.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds  IT WHAT YOU WAHT IB HOT IK STOCK  WK WILL MAKE IT roil YOU  OAIiL AND GET PKI01H,  RAIX AND LAKE BTREBT8. NKtSON  The  only hotel In  Nelson   that  has  id-  -malned-under-one-manageinetit-since-lis&O.-  The  bed-_uom��.  'ire  well   furnished  and  lighted byielecrnciti.  . The bar is alwav.   stoc_cea  nv the be--!.  domestic and imported llnuors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. IVoprletor.  HOTEL   EOS'SLANdT"         -j .  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best' dolla.?- a day  house hrtown. House and furniture hew  and first class in every- respect." Lighted  by gas. Room and board .55 to.?6 per  week. No Chinese employed hejee.  J. V. O'LATJGHLJN,; Proprietor.  SLOGAN iJIMGtipllpE  J. a McMANUS, M_.->-a_Q_.  ii$-.D_---i&  ATTE..DED TO PROMPTLY  niS..y ot Eossland, 8th October. MCL Cl'\i.'?^.5^4  An0! ctta^6' '^ ^^Fv.^MM  an^riMf.180"' -^'October. MO^ClvH ^|  _,.&"_ iofi vfr"on. Hth "October, Wl. ClvirH' M$J  and criminal. v I '/"  -.ii.teU-J  loni 5r-i?HiNo^ Westminster,-2l!st October.-^*-x^  J901. Civil and criminal.^; 4  -1*.   .J '"H'C^  -    - --    ��� ���    -siA  OFFICE  ooiM:xD^_::jsr"5r  BAKER STREET WEST, flELSC., B. C, TELEPHONE NO; 819.  Clyifand criminal"" T" '������" "Ofyd��!sL  in�� MLtt Victoria, 22nd October,-HOI. Crlm~V^i'?��t  tnal only.     ;--. - - *f*a^e.r, . 'v, ..^ ^ ^.^i^^hi  nBF* ��J   Kamloops;   23rd   October, ��MM.-J-1 t?S- -f!  Civil and. criminal.,   .    /*,   >.; ,*. -t^ t-a-'.-s^.'.^V  -  T-m-_��.__'_." nt * >-~rl>r?vl5?lal Seeret-UT^'-^-MLWl  A?M Se��?-^^s  Departmonv.^mi  ���  ���>   *     fJ'       '   /    -m , *\S7JSI  NOTIOE TO DELINQUENT 00-OWNEB./��V*$f|  To John J..McAndrew8-or~to' any. personal ^SiI  ,or persons to whom he may have-trans--_'L .v&Zl  (���$-l_25)  In  labor  and'-improvements  upon-  tho above montloned minerarclaim ln'orderv' v^.'-'-wl  to hold said mineral claim under the pro- 'Z   A41  ��&L��,ns.?f th2 Mineral Act, and If .wltMn^S*?^1  ^'?,e%��day8 tr.om _he date-of this noOco''-? . yj  you fail or,refuse to contribute your por-,. ���-,     W  tion of all such expenditures together.with--   -��&?.  all costs of. advertising, your Interests ln    '_���.�����&  the said claims will become the property     P"*-*,  of ..?i0J8u\?.s_:r,ber under section 4 of an act   " ".    M  ��*'��&.��� _Vn'Act to-TAmendi the  Mineral     -       *  ArJi.^S�� . �� . ^ JOHN DEAN."  . Dat|d at Nelson this llth day of Septem- -  DCFi  J. 901.  OEETIFIOATE   OP, IMPROVEMENTS1-<  NOTICE-CITY      MINEItAI.       CLAIM. :  Situate in the Nelson Mining Division of  West. Kootenay. District.    .  where,located: About one mile south of'  Nelson. - .   ,.  Take notice that I,* Wiliam John Goepol, .  Free Miner's Certificate No. 60,600, intend,  ?��Jy days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  improvements for the purpose of obtaln-  "���? *i Cr-��WI_ Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of; such Certificate of Im-  provementB.' -  PjH  BRANDY  DE  LAAGE FILS & CO., XX X  COGNAC, possesses a delicious bou-  ���   "auet.  DE LAAGE FILS & CO. X X XX  : ��� ��� ��� COG-NAC is mellowed by its great  ,,   age,  and is  recommended  to  eoh-  noiseurs, and for medicinal pur-  '���':���  P��ses.  ?"   - '.JJi\U_i_&��  SCOTCH  WHISKIES  THE   DISTILLERS'   COMPANY,   Ltd.?  Edinburg, the largest holders in the  world of Scotch Whiskies.  THE CALEDONIAN LIQUEUR SCOTCH  '.';. Whisky is one of the leaders���try it-  Agency for full stock"at Victoria for  E. P. RITHET &C0., LTD.  Victoria,   B.   C.  A, B.  GRAY,  Kootenay Representative  P. O. Box 521, Nelson.  Bar stocked'with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Boer on draught.- Large  comfortable rooms. First class table board.  A. R.. BARMW,;fA.M.IG,E.  r'ROVlNdlAL.  LAND ^URyEYQR  Corner of Victoria and Kootenay Streets  P.O.  **�� ,S59. -TELEPHONE NO. 95.  TO THE SHABKUOLDKU- OF THE  MOLLY GIBSON MIMING C0_]PA|.Y, LTD.  321 TO ail.BAKKP. 3THKET, NELSON  AMERICAN AND EUHOricAN  _______a    PLANS  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated Dy Stfeam 25 Cents to $1  NON-PEUSONAL LIABILITY.  Head Office at  NELSON. B. 0.  NOTICKJS HT.T8ERY GIVEN that, an 'Extraordinary .General Mnetinx of Hie Sharcholdfira  - of this Cotripuiiy has boon called hy tho direction  ofthe Director 8 to ho hold at Nelson, British Columbia, on tho 21st day of October, 1P01. at tlio hour  of IL o'clock, a.m. to tako into'consideration a  resolution authorizing thn Directors of Ihi_ Company to raise tho sum of ��120,000 upon the credit  of the Company, and for tho purposo of securing  tnich loan and Internst, thereon, to charge tho  whole of tho assots of the - Company, cither byway of Mortjzogo or Trust Deeds and to issuo  Debentures to bu secured hy eald .Mortgage or  Trufit-Doeds, and authorizing i,he Directors to  secure suoh loan upon snch terms and on such  rate of interest and re-uayahlo at such timo us  thoy may doom advisable* *  AND FURTHWR TAKI"* NOTICE, that another Extraordinary Gftiioral Meeting has hoon  called to be held on MicOth dayof yovemher, l'lill,  at the same timo and. placo Mforowiid. for I ha purposo of confirming tho snid foro-montionod resolution, If same should ho pasdod at tho first  meeting. .  nated at Port Arthur, Ontario,' this 5th day of  Octobw, A.D, 1901  (Signed)  S. \V. "HAY, President.  H, A. M'lUBBN. Secretary  sale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nolson,   Eossland,   Trail,  Saalo, Ymir,   Sandon,  Silverton, New  Denver, E,ovelsboko. Fergneon 'Grand * Fork's, Greenwood, Cascade Oiby, Mid  way, and Vaucoavor,  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLKSALE AND RETAIL  -     FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  ��j2b��.��g��  . E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDKRS BY MAIL KKCEIVE PROMIT ATrKNTION,  Dated this 16th day of August, A. D.  1901-      *     W.   J.   GOEPEI-.  OEETIFIOATE   OP IMPBOYEMENTS.  NUTiCH���NELSON MIN.JRAL. CUAIM.  aituate^ln the Nelson Mining Division ot  West Kootenay District.  Whore located:. About one mile Bouth or  Nelson."   _y ..:  Take * notice that I, John Paterson,  Free Miner's Cortiiicato No. 60.727, Intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining. Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements,- for the purpose of obtaining a. Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under- section:37, must be commenced before  the Issuance of such Cortiacata of Improvements. .      -^  Dated this 16th day of August A. O.  1901. ;-.-:r,-.    J&HN   PATERSON.  OEBTIHOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE. - MONUMENT MINERAL,  claim, situate in tho Nelson mining division of Wect Kootonay district. Where located: At the head of Grohman creek on  Grohman mountain. Take notice that L  J. M. McGregor, acting aa agent for Steva  Hawkins, free miner's certificate No.  bS0,-38, andiLoula Strand, free miner's certificate No...b37,293, intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a. certificate of Improvements,  for the.purpose of obtaining a crown grant  that action under section 37, must be corn-  that action, unded section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  .       J.-M. McGREGOR.  Dated this Uth day of August. UOL  ? UOTIOE.  We bee to notify the merchants and buBlnos  men of Nelson that we have purchased the bus!  ness and good will of the Paolflo Transfer Company, whloh it is onr Intention of Incorporating  with tho business ot tho Nelson Freighting __  Transfor Company, we remain yours  y_tH.WIU.IAMH,  y;;..y.Manager Nelson F. & T. Co  ylTOTIOE.  NOTICK Is horeby given that I Intend to apply  at tho next sitting of the Board of Licenco Commissioners for tho City of Nolson, to bo held  after the expiration of thirty days from tho dato  horeof, for a transfer of the retail liquor licenco  now held by me for the premises situato on lot  1. block 12, Baker street, Nelson, and known as  the "Athabasca" saloon, to Norman T. Macleod.  of Nelson. P. J. RUSSELL.  Witness: J_��s. O'Shea.  Dated this 27-1. day of Septombor, 1901.  ,-.. r  -~"*.!.  , v. Wil  ��� "M  Vt-TL  ' '"Z.<?_1  .. ______I  -i'4  ���'ft.  Jt"  NOTIOE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I Intend to apply  at tbe next sitting of Iho Board of License Commissioners for tho City of Nelson to bo held at  the expiration of thirty days from tho dato hereof,  for a transfer of the Retail Liquor License now  hold by mo for the' premisses known as tbo  Bodoga Saloon, situate on the oast half of lot .  nine (fl). in blook one (1), In the said City of Nelson, to William Walmslay and Edward C. Dav  idson, both of the said City of Nelson.  Dated this llth day of Septombor. 1001.  ������_,���._ 'w. G. ROBINSON.  Wjtnkss: K. C. Davidson  '... I _nia_ Mf ><_xa-tftm  THE KELSON TRIBUTE,  MONDAY MORMNG,  OCTOBER  14, 1901  THE   FIRST  IPMENT  Of Cape Cod Cranberries have arrived and are in good condition.    We  also have some   very   fine - Ontario" Concord,  Red Roger, and Niagara grapes.   .They are arriving daily and are in splendid condition.  CRAB   APPLES  i ��� The proper variety for jelly and preserving have been very scarce. We have, however, secured a small; shipment'  which will arive early this week. If you want any, place your order at once, as we will "have only a limitedi  quantity. *  And don't forget that we-still lead in the Tea and Coffee line.    Others try to follow, .but our pace   is   too  fast;'  they fall behind.  f<v-r -,  St-*      ���  -Ni'  _j"j 7  _���/_*"      ,       .     i"  _i'K." -    ,  iy, ,-  k'l'iy, r V-  4-Aj y   .   '.  ��11. .*���*���'< ��''l    <xv\  #*; v_i%  *.  &��    7 \   i* *  wttth #,-   ...'2  fi . 7       ���>'-"   Mi <  4 ir." **?' -.* "'-  *ln  * V  -4  'J  I^ASK FOR "IMPERIAL" TEA.     IT IS THE BEST.  .<ti  STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES  ;" * BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C.  _ i -'  i      _       e ���>  t*** *** *** ********************************************  _.*-- _______  DAMP WET WEATHEfi CAUSES COLDS  |^,   ".'.---.I'  {-_��-'*�����?"���-''- *:  *���/*�����,.    *   - **'i|i- *,  *�� v>:_'. ^ *'  *"-.,'*���      ''W"*  ^ ^ '    ' xtl 2  'j-.^'* ** --.    ���  ���b!-T J .. __ *^  &'?"*   ,    *   *'  if'.V' ^ **C ****���  >* -  ,-       ���-   i>i, ,-'_-   j   V  '( -t> ���;    \  -y ��  -.J _���  ,.    J^  jmzEmwm? of wild cherry,  SPRUCE A-D TAR CURES THEIV!  , VXi  , Si',  ..n.      .  .*��� *  j.   '   '     .-    t_r  ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CEfJTS PER BOTTLE  ��� 'yj:  ri .     .   V *"i.  .��  ���T  9  9  ift,  ft -  9  ft  <��>  9  ft  *  9  -.ft  ft  9,  ft  ,9  .'9  .ft  ft  ft  9  ft  -"Mi  S'W: F. -CEETZEl. "#LC 0.       NELSON, B.C. $  *v3%H  I _. -,f "��� '   ..' I -   ���'    ��� ' i  1 -i     *   .  i   * .-*5_m*�� _i4��-_44 ****************************$*************  ;,''-.    Having added, to my stoclc a .large     , ; Everything Is new and up-to-date  -range-of-Youth's Boy's,and Children's  "clothing, ..I. am now prepared to offer  .    to thel-jpublic the best variety of.these  "*    goods'-ever? shown in Nelson. _        -    -  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well, to  examine my stock and get prices before  pm-chaaing elsewher. .     _ t ._[_._...,  fU_  2l7tand^219   4  'Baker Street  J. A, GELJ^BB  ���e m,  !-1T.PlY81130:��H.^WWI  iii  iHi'\.  0.  WHE-N YOU WANT ANYTHING IN  to  ib WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE STOCK OF to  ill      PICTURE AND  ROOM -MOULDINGS AND  ARECNOW  READY TO     W  HI  - RECEIVE ORDERS FOR PICTURE FRAMING. /ft  #  I VP'  �� u. u.  :- CITY AND - DISTRICT.;  ________________ t        ^ i  Born, at Nelson, on the 12th instant,  to the wife of captain *Allan Lean," a  daughter;  weight 11 pounds. '  ..Warden Lemon has--' harvested hi<3  crop of potatoes.*From the small patch  of ground he .had under cultivation he  took out five tons of flrst-class potatoes.  John Eckles' of. Fernie. was brought'  into  the  Nelson  jail  on  Saturday. by,  constable - Barnes. y _ Eckles   has   three  months to serve on'the charge of disorderly^ conduct. " *  Word was received in Nelson on Sat-J  urday from H. R. Bellamy to the effect  that the" dredging'  company ���in  which-  he is interested in Yalo'district is meeting with great success in its��� operation.  Frank'B. Ward, teller of the Canadian  Bank of. Commerce here, leaves tomorrow night for Nelson, where he joins the  staff of the"local branch. He"will.l. e replaced by Mr. Holmes, of Nelson.���^Kamloops Sentinel. - '  Fred Eaile/ a Sandon waiter. - was  brought .to the Nelson jail on Saturday  to stand his trial upon,a charge of the  theft of some' silverware. The accused  was committed to .stand his atrial by  magistrate Lilly. * ���'  ,   *  The bcdy of the lato Harold' J. Strachan did not arrive on last-evening's'  train from the south,, .-and,"in cpnse-  quence the services .that were;arranged  for this afternoon ih the'Baptist church  will be-postponed. It is expected. tbatf  the body will arrive this evening.  "GOOD CHEER" STOVES AND RANGES  ��� 'i        ���  "  * ��� ��� _  - We are'ifl. the market again this season with this line of  Stoves." After handling them for a number of years we are  convincEd tliat -they.\ are' the only Stoves that give  ABSOLUTE. SATISFACTION.  Call and see our <_argei and complete line.  LAWtENGE   HARDWARE   OO.  Importers and Dealers lu Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  <�� Pete- Righter, the C. P. R., engineer  . who was Injured  in an  accident j near?  , North,Bend, has" been able to .leave the  hospital-and return to down town quar-  ' ters in Vancouver. -_'His injured leg has  healed-1 up-and in a-short time he will  be getting around as-gay as ever, and  , many'there  will  be who  will  rejoice  ' thereat. J.  i rThe sisters of St. Josephte; Convent  have.received,from-the duchess of York  an acknowledgment of the photographs  of the several classes in the convent  school, which were forwarded by, the'  sisters while the ducal party were- visiting this province. The acknowledgment . came from Winnipeg and .intimated that the photos were received  with great pleasure.  The funeral of the late George Young,  who was drowned from the steamer Kokanee on Wednesday evening, took  place from D. McArthur &, Company's-  undertaking parlors yesterday afternoon. The members of the Nelson Protective Association, of which the deceased was one of the first, turnecCout  m a body. The pall bearers were W.  Mul.Hn, E. Mastberg, William Lynch, J.  Davidson, John McBride, and Frame  Deacon.  At the Revelstoke assize court the  grand jury returned no bill in the. Le-  gassy case, in which the prisoner was  charged with opening a railway switch  during the progress of the recent trackmen's strike. The only other criminal case was that of Rex vs. Svoboda.  in which the prisoner was charged with  attempting to shoot his wife at Nakusp.  The jury disagreed in this case and it  will come on for trial at Kamloops on  the 22nd.  James McGregor, inspector of mines,  has returned from the itambler-Cariboo  mine, where he was inquiring into the  circumstances connected with the recent accident in whih one of the miners  was killed and another seriously injured. The inspector found that no one  was to blame for the accident but the  men themselves. It was another case of  waiting too long after the fuse was  lighted. It is said that in this case the  men remained in the station to get out  an old ladder which would have been  injured.  .;  ; -PEBS0JM.8.    , ;:  -Snitli Curtis? M.P.P., for Rossland,  "riding_-farrived in the city last even-'  'in<_.' t .  /,A.';H. Kelly is in froin.the May. and  Jpnnie. property, .He reports everything  going,along as nicely as could be desired. -,   - -   u'  ' _Mr.;'Justice Irving,arrned in Nelson  last ^evening from Revelstoke. .He will  take] the. Nelson-assize court which will  open here pn Tuesday.  -��� W."H." Bullock-Webster,' of?the, pro-  ���vincial -police office, re .timed home last,  evening after attending the assize 'court  ���sittings at*Golden and Rev.lstoke.  Deputy attorney-general? H.~ A. '.Maclean will conduct the criminal cases for  thu crown at-the approaching assize. --He  arrived in the city, last 'evening {from  Revelstoke.  -, "   '     :  !'AT'THE HOTELS.1-':  QUEEN'S ���F.    L."-Swingler,    Erie;'  James Jones, Vancouver.     .  .    "  ���  .. HUME ��� H. . H..   Maclean,   Victoria;  Smith Curtis, Rossland. -        '  -NELSON���Charles - Jones;   Spokane;  A. J. Cummings, Victoria: ,     1  ���MADDEN���T. Mulvey, Slocan; W. P.  Ginnis, Erie;'J. 'Campbell, Sandon.  GRAND CENTRAL ~ jGeorge.. Foster,  Winnipeg; Ernest?Schack,. Slocan; W.  E. Davis and D._ Anderson, -Fern mine.  PHAIR���W. Williams', St. Louis; J.  C. Drewry, True. Blue >nune; W. B. Avis,  Meyers Falls;  J. M. Bunker and J. W.  Hays, Spokane;���^W.=*-=Hart=~-=McHarg���  Rossland; Stanley Henderson,, Vancouver; P. A. E. Irving, Victoria; Mr. and  Mrs. Charles Mackintosh, Quebec; Miss  Jackson, Quebec; J. K. Dunlop, wife  and child, Columbia; A. G. McGregor,  .Toronto; C. P. Hill, Fernie.  One. Week's. Outjrat.  .fhe gold-copper and silver-lead mines  ��� at Phoenix, Greenwood, Rossland, Erie,  ,Salmo. Ymir,.Nelspn, Slocan City, Silver-  ton, New Denver', Sandon, and Kaslo  .shipped 14,000. tons of ore .last week to  NELSON, B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, BJ  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever receh  n Kootenay.   Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles.   Winchester Smokeless -  Savage Carbines.   Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequa  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers,   Exhausters, , Hand   Shaft  Pumps,  Pipe  and  Fittings Steam   Packing,   Leather  Rubber. Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  local smelters and mills. The value of  this ore can safely be estimated at, $150,-  000. Mining and smelting and milling  it gave employment to 4000 men, all of  whom should be citizens of thelcountry,  in order that the country should, have  the full benefit of the industry, an industry, that is based on one of the natural  resources of tho province. The smelting  and milling supplies used by these men  and the wages paid them totals a large  sum monthly, probably not far from-half  a million dollars. All of. this money Is  produced from the mines, not a dollar  of it coming from the outside. If this  is a statement of fact, the mines of the  camps in the Boundary and the Slocan  and in the neighborhood of Nelson and  Rossland are not only paying their way,  but paying handsome profits besides.  If the mines that are.now shipping, produce ore that sells for $675,000 a month  at a cost of ?500,000 for labor and sup-"  plies, 'the capital invested gets a return1  of $175,000 a month, or ?1,680,000 3 year.  If this is the earning power of the capital invested when the'mines at Rossland are being worked with unskilled  labor and. some of the largest mines in  the Slocan are shipping only the ore taken out in . doing^ development work,  r what will the earnings be when all'these  properties are. being worked with full  forces of skilled miners?  Mining in British1 Columbia can only  result-in large and regular dividends being paid to the-investors1 of capital; arid-  it- only a little patience is used and. a little, give-and-take exercised, in" no bther  portion of the Pacific Coast will labor  be so well remunerated.  . "Photos of th'e Odd' Fellows'' Banquet*  for sale at the Queen studio.   .     *    '"*'���-  LABOR"PARTY.  . 'All who are Interested in ttie welfare  .        .    .       -��� " . " '���  of the Independent Labor-Party are in-  -.- - ' .   . -      r  vited to attend the Annual Meeting at.  , i  the Miners' Union Hall on Tuesday evening, October 15th, at 8 o'clock sharp,  for the election of officers and the transaction of, other business. , - ,  * WALTER R. KEE, Secretary.?1  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17,i190l  (Undor tho auspices of tho ' Nelson      ,]  .Operatic Society.) -J  GOING OUT OF BUSINESS  AUCTION SALE  OP  DRY GOODS CELTS' FURNISHINGS  BOOTS & SHOES HATS & CAPS  SPECIAL SC-S-ERY AND COSTUMES  ,-i  Reserved  Seats 75c and  $1.00  Admission 50 cents.  Plan opon today (Monday) at 11 a.m. nt McDonald's fruit storo, Bakor sl-roo .  Our next auction sale will be held at 8 o'olooK <">  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16th.  As I intend closing my business here  the end of this month all goods will be  sold at private sale regardless of cost.  Black all-wool - cashmere, regular  price 75 cents, now 45 cents.  Black all-wool cashmere, regular  price 50 cents, now 30 cents.  Velveteens, regular price 75 cents,  now 40 cents.  Ladies' linen collars, regular price  20 cents, now 12% cents.  Ladies' cloth jackets, regular price  $15.00. now $10.00.  Ladies' cloth jackets, regular price  $7.50, now 54.50.  All colors Cortecelli crochet silk  snools at 20 cents.  Come and get bargains before it is  too late.  A. FERLAND  BULBS  FOR  FALL PLANTING  WINTER  AND  SPRING  FLOWERING.  K.-W.-C. Blook.        Ocn-ner Ward and Bakor Htfi  GANONG'S  GANONG'S  GANONG'S  GANONG'S  GANONG'S  CHOCOLATES  CHOCOLATES  CHOCOLATES  CHOCOLATES  CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  THEY ARE THE BEST    ���  You can get them at  MeDONALD'S  Baker .Street. _    _  IF YOU WANT A FEBEE0T CUP'OF TEA USE  THE FAMOUS OEYLON  For Purity and'Flavor it is Unsurpassed    ^ <>  R-.tails,at.40,?50 and 60'cents, per pound  Packed expressly for  Wm.   Hunter  &  Go,  CONNECTING ST0EIS AT '  -  'Silverton, Three Forks, Alamo and Phoenix ���  ���ROSStwAIVD   ^JNOIINB-BRIlNa   WORJ  v ? ..qpNlXPFB fie :MoMI_-LAN  NPounders, /Boilermakers  and Machinists!  QBE)'(MRS, skips! cages. o_o bin 'doors, chutes __d'gei_eral ivrouRht Iron work'.    Onr'ord carl  uio boRt on tho ciarkot    Write us foi references and. full parUcalara.    ,        - ,        ���* ,  SECOND HAND MACHINERY "IT Oil SALE--Ono 5-ioot Pel ton watocwhoel, width GOO fee., "8 i  ->_, spinal rivetsd pipe.   One 10x5x18 outside packed plunRor-Binking pump. ** Kook drills, std  bars, -fee. &o.    ���- ^ .   .        >. , -   .   - ;  ...,.��GENTS,NCRTHE-Y PUMPS.      -STOCK'CARRIED.  P.- O.. Box ,198. . THIRD iAVJESWrBTB,   ROSSLJ  TELEPHONE 39.  ' P. 0.; BOXB27. ,  ���   x.i3i*a:ia?HiDD_  CHARLES HILLYER, President. HARRY-HOUSfON.'Sec'retary.  "- -Havo just leeeivod 3,000,000 feet of log�� from Idaho, and wo aro proparod to out the largost tJ  ���of fcimbor of any dimension., or lengths. Estimates givon afc any lime. The largest stock*, of ml  doors,'and mouldings in Kootenay. ������  - '  COAST;liTJM&EB. OF ALU KINDS.ON HAN]  '. OFFICE AND YARDS: CORNER" HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  _���________  '-9 ���   -Li'lfiflflilI. VUS-  Incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.  Capital 81,000,000 in 1,000,000 shares   J  Par value $1.00 each  Ail treasury stock        - Ho promoter_s_an.d__no:p^ef6rred^   -- PROPERTIES ---Camborne ���' Group, : nine   claims,  _ .Oyster Group', six- claims.   Located-in';the Free  ' 'Gold,Fish River Oamp, Lardeau Mining Division.  "B.C.'Large Veins.   Free milling gold ore.  ' FIRST ALLOTMENT:���200,000' shares now offered  ~at 50 cents per share.  Ia, view, of the apleudi d .showing.* of both-high and low grade j  ore,, and .the unrivaled facilities'for the economical developing and *  '..working of the properties, it is confidently* expected tliat not only  . will the present issue of stock' be sold quickly,' but tliat no' more  will be offered at less than par.  Address all inquiries or 'applications for-stock to  S.-Mi BRYDGES,  Official Broker.  T-rTTTTTTTV_��..I-.___T-rr-T_T-T-T-----T-r_---..--^  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGO  No. 4, K. IV. C. Block,  NELSON, B. C.  , " Gold, Silver-J_ead and Copper Mines wanted at tho ____chang-.  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at bnce for Blastem Investors.  Parties ha-sdna mining proporty for salo aro ronuostod to send samples oil their ore to thi  Exchange for exlub ..{on.  Wo doaire to hoar from all prospectors who have promising mineraj  laim. in British Columbia. J  Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Kxchange their headquarters whejj  Nelson.  All samples should be sent By express, Piopaid.  Cori'fwpondonce solicited! >  a       Address all communications to '"  I Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  a P. O. Box 700 * Nelson, B. CI  lx__u_uxaiattij-iii&xxilxaz_cn__zzTZX_zzrzxj3:izixiiiT_J^^ .--:._--__tl  HINDI-IK  J. A. MM & CO.  Telephone n.  Tbe best in the market, In 1-2 il  pound and 1 pound packages.  ��fle' a Poiii  GROCERS AND PROVISION'DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street  ________  "X ������.'"*" ���>',-.' -i /-y v i' Ti-<>'-ift-j;fU"-i- ���)_*���-��*(-���  t.ij-rjitr-siiiiainnntv _w'*nm-'-n-����-��   ir..-��--.-.���~j-^;


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