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 ; -"  ' '-*��� k'Zs^tH  .  ~ "<x'^'7JMl  *���?____!  !       "     '  -" ' ,-"&��� I  ESTABLISHED   1892  BUTTE TEAM WON AGAIN  'JP4\  < .-^ ���*���  L  . -l^l  ���* _v-;.  ~   I*5-P  _��. r  r_\  7 '>-. I  THURSDAY  MORNING, .SEPTEMBER  26,   1901  DEFEATED   ROSS' AND   M'OLEOD  IN SPOKANE.   .  Special Drilling Contests Drew "a Large  Audience and Resulted in Some  Very Spirited Work.  SPOKANE,    September   25.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���Before' a   crowd   of  2000 people in tho big-tent used by the  Elks' carnival shows, the Butte drilling  team, Bradshaw and   Freethy,   tonight  defeated Ross and MeLeod, representing  Sandon.   It was only by a close margin  that Butte carried  off the  money,  for  an inch' or more by the Sandon team  would  have   turned   the   tables.'    Tho  .Butte team "drove the   drills   down 52  inches, while the Sandon team had 51  1-4 inches to its credit when time was  called.    Both   teams  wero  unfortunate  in'selecting the spot to start the drills  The granite must have  been  obstinate  when tho drills began to penetrate to  a depth, for drills stuck for both teams  and there was considerable time and distance lost 'because of that fact.    Ross  swung the hammer  like a demon  and  MeLeod came down on the steel with  tremendous   force,   but-  the   luck   was  against the1 men from _>ritish Columbia  It seemed to be an even thing to  the  /betting   fraternity,   and.-Butte   monev  iound ready takers at evens. '.Ross and  MeLeod  were  Lhe last  to  drill.of  four  ���teams in last night's .tournament^ and  the excitement was at l'evei* height'du-  - _*ing /��� the   last   moments.' *   "When,  the  judges announced that 'Butte 'ha'd. car-  Tied off the $1000   purse   there 'was a  groan of disappointment from a large  .-contingent who fanciedHhe Scctchmen  from' the Slocan.   Davy and-"Stevens' of  Marysville,    Montana,    urille'd    53    7-S  inches * against 49 3-8 inches by Patterson and Stephens, a picked team. These  teams had better luck with their rock  than the other two.  Tuesday's Contest.  .Yesterday The Tribune 'gave   a fu.i  report of how W. M. Ross and Georiie  ,   S. MeLeod put a hole.51 vinches deep in  -- ^aJrtockJp^graniteUn X-drilling contest  ^ at Spokane''on' Monday^ and 'today], is  - printed an account of. how their work  was surpassed, by a team from Butte,"  Montana. _ The   following   is   from the  .Spokesman-Review of Wednesday:* ,  The;prizes given for the rock drilling  ���   -contest have been won as follows:  First prize, $500���Walter Bradshaw  and Joseph Freethy of Butte, Montana,  ���distance drilled 55 inches.    '  Second prize, $300���W. M. Ross and G.  S. MeLeod of British Columbia, distance  drilled 51 inches. '  Third; prize, ��100���M. M. Cummings  and C. M. Patterson of Osburn, Idaho,  distance drilled 47 3-4 inches.  Fourth prize, $50���James Davey and  Henry Stevens of Marysville, Montana,  distance drilled 46 27-32 inches.  Walter Bradshaw and Joseph Freethy,  the Butte team, yesterday smashed all  known records and distanced state records by many inches in the second day  ������0f-theTccl--drilling-meet7-,_A_-52 inches  they broke through, the bottom cf the  block, and taking a dulled starter they  run a new hole down three inches be-  lore the fifteen minutes elapsed. Their  record of 55 inches raised the record  made the night bofore by Ross and MeLeod of British Columbia four inches.  The exhibition, yesterday is without  doubt one of the most remarkable ever  made in the whole world. It is hqrd to  compare it with records made in other  parts of the world, as granite varies in  hardness, and the Spokane is rather soft  on account of its low percentage of  quartz.  The commonly accepted drilling record for the world was made'by Huppi  nnd Lindquist at   Leadville   on Labor  Day, when they drilled 41 1-2 inches in  Gunnison granite in 15 minutes.   On the  other hand, Bradshaw and Freethy, who  won here yesterday, drilled 42 1-2 inches  in Montana granite at Helena on Labor  3. ay.    Stewart and   Make  at Colorado  ,  Springs in August drilled over 51 inches  in soft granite, and went clear through.'  tbe rock.    No   record   that   is known,  however,   comes ; near   the'remarkable;  ���performance made . here   yesterday by  Bradshaw andYFreethy.'.in' drilling 55:  inches, and the title of champion drillers  of the whole world may be safely be-,  .stowed Aiponrthein. . Y       '������77;.'  7 yu. appears, tob.that. the champion rec  ord- of the. world 'was.; made... here in*  ���" Spokane .YY Y-    Y'YYY *Y Y:Y "  .'.Y'.Y  ���'.- Ross and McLeddYwerey not satisfied  with the Butte men's victory, and to,  isbow their faith' in their ability again  to raise this remarkable;record they at'  .once challenged the.' Butte, team. An  ���ihour'after the end of the match yester-:  <_a.v articles were drawn up, for a match  '��� between* the twoteamsr with a;side i-e-  of ?1000, to take place tonight at the  Elks' carnival, tent. Considering the  truly remarkable drilling of these two  ���teams'- and their confidence in their  ���ability-to drill over '55 inches, the contest   promises   to prove   ay-battle   of  -giants. ��� ��� *.'  ,"' In addition to their'match another of  ���scarcely less importance was ma.de to  -take place tonight. Davey and Stevens,  the team'that had trouble with the bad  hole on the fn*3t night's drilling, believe  they can raise the record of Ross and  MeLeod. Patterson cf the Osburn team  ������and Stevens of the Murray team, think  that together they can make Davey and  Stephens work to  their* limit, and  a  match between them has been drawn up  with a side bet of ?500. The last match  has aroused almost the interest of the.  battle between the champions, and the  greatest rock drilling ever held in the  northwest is expected, to result from  these matches. The first team will come  on at 8 30 tonight. The judges are  David O'Neil, Thomas Ryan and Peter  Joyce.  At the carnival tent the flrst team to  'contest in the drilling match yesterday  was C. M. Patterson and M. M. Cum-"  mings of Osburn, Idaho, who came on at  2:30. They worked steadily with Hardly,  the expert drill changing of some of the  other teams, but they made a driving  finish. Patterson in paiticular struck  hard and fast in the last two ~rainutes.  Their hole measured 47 3-4 inches.  The lasttteam to contest in the meet,  Walter Bradshaw and Joseph Freethy"of  Butte,     Montana,     followed    "closely.  Throughout their drilling, the crowd realizing that the men were out for the'  record, kept up encouraging comments  and applause, and during the-last two'  minutes, when thev broke through the  block, the entire crowd stood- upj and  yelled.   The team started in hard from  the   beginning.     They   hammered   the  starter like it was a long drill, and they-  changedsin pretty fashion. They showed,  a perfection in team work that delighted  the   critical   audience.     Bradshaw   and  Freethy each represented a distinct style  in hammter   work,   Bradshaw  hit -very  rapidly and used a short handled hammer, while Freethy swung longer and  harder.   Freethy is pei haps the smallest  of the men drilling, and as he was the  drill changer of his team he introduced  a trick in the changing of long drills  that was new to most of the contestants.  When'"change" was called he rose to  his' feet,   and 'drawing   the dull'-steel  with him   he dropped   the   sharp drill  into the hole and allowed his partner ���  to  duve it down on the next stroke.  Both men were fine ptiysical, specimens  and were in no way ^exhausted after the  killing   work.     Bradshaw   struck   588-  times in the 15 minutes and Freethy 440  ���a  total  of   1028   blows-, to   drive 55  inches.  Freethy, in speaking,'of the contest,  said "Bradshaw's. style_ of rapid striking is perhaps better than mine in this  soft granite, as he cleans his hole better by not cutting so much rock to a  stioke. If it were hard rock the hard,  blow is almost necessary to do-anything, but speed is the thing in this  match.  Look    at    Bradshaw's - record.      He  struck-148 times moie than I did, and  that means  inches  in that rock.    We,  used Crescent special hand drill steel;  the starters were 1 1-2 inches at the bit*  PRINCETON GOAL MEASURES  A NELSON COMPANY TO DO DEV-  '     BLOPMENT WORE.  *'Jud_;e" Murphy, of Granite Creek, an  Aspirant for '<_ flice���New Poli-  - ���   > > *j .,   .__ i i  tical Party Formed.  with 7-8 inch shank.-,,rhe last drill we,  used was the same size at the bit as at.  the shank, and was 59 inches long.   Our>'  hole was fe-^wjth,_.arm.water.-- >I^do*  not" know ".exactly "*"the''>_e_soni-fer->-it.  Bradshaw stood a-little too high over  the drill or he would have come down  hai der.   We allow 25 seconds of hammer  work m a minute to the drill changer  and  the   rest * to   the   hammer' man.  When twelve minutes was called I was  on our last drill, or about to put it in,  and so we had to drill 2 1-2 minutes on  that steel.    We used 15 drills running  from 10 inches to 59  inches.    Both of  us have drilled for years, but only as  a team in   threo   matches.    Brad'shaw  has won thirteen times and I don't remember my own record."  CLAIMS BONDED FOR $35,000  Wagon Road Nearing Completion.  KASLO,   September   25.���[Special   to  The Tribune ]���The Fletcher, group on  .Lyle creek at Whitewater' was bonded  on Monday to George Alexander of  Kaslo for $35,000, and 10 per cent of the  purchase pi ice was paid m cash to the  owners, Messrs. Fletcher Brothers and  Moulse. Mr. Alexander intends to commence work on the property immediately. A surveying paity left this morning for the proporty and will bo followed  in a few days by a force of miners. The  Fletcher group is a gold proposition,  fiom whicli some very high-grade ore  has been taken. It was under bond a  year ago to Charles Plowman, who  dropped the bond without doing any  work.  Foi eman Thomas Melrose and, his  gang of thi'-ly-five men who have been  at work on the South Fork of Kaslo  liver wagon road, returned today. "Over  five miles of road have been completed  during the two months which they have  been at work. The road is now within  two miles of the Mansfield mill-site. '  Strike Situation Unchanged:  Y ROSSLAND,YSeptember; 25��� [Special  to The Tribune. ]���Th��_ _ lias ' been " no  change in 'theY"strike'.-/.situation'" today;  Director Frecheville ,is" reported- 6nY his  .way west and likeiyto reach here by tlie  end cf the week, but heYwill probably'  arrive very quietly   and   unannounced.  ^Williams the deportation; agent; has'"not  ��� arrived;; but. hisj coming*is "looked' for  at any moment. Y It is reported tonight  that another train load of Missourians is  expected to come Yin   before'.morning,  but the statement lacks positive confirmation.     The   green" hands   employed  about the Le Roi mines continue to get  into" trouble.  ���; Early this morning two  of them mangedto turn a carload cf  mine timbers   loose   while   unloading,  and both men were more or less injured  by the falling logs. .'One'man* was taken  to the hospital and the other had his  injur ie..  attended  to  on  the  spot,  and  ���was afterwards carried to the company's  bunk-hcuse. ,":���'  ,'.    .'���".  D. J. Fitzgerald, F. Aug. Heinze's representative, left again ior the south today, after a short visit. Ho declined  to speak for publication, concerning the  final transfer of the Rossland Miner,  but it is understood that his'visit here  was for that purpose S-������'  ���f PRINCETON/ September- 21.���[Special to The'Tribune.]���H.YH. Pitts.sa director of the Similkameen Valley Coal  Company, Limited, arrived in town tonight, from Nelson. His errand here is  to start development .on the company's  coal lands, on which, as .the readers jof,  The (Ti ibune wiU remember, a phenomenal seam or seams of coal have been  discovered.. Besides opening up the coal  measures Mr". Pitts*informs The Tribine  correspondent   that   the   company  will  plat a portion of *-its 4500J.acres for a  townsite,^to bewailed Asnola. He said:  "We have completed all arrangements  to  start   work  and   will  soon  have  a  forco   opening   up   the   new  discovery.  Work will be continuous, as we "fully  realize that a vast "amount of.develop-  is necessary to place our propeities on  a shipping basis. Bythat time the pro-'  posed-. Coast-Kootenay Railway should bo-  constructed. This will give us a splendid  market,  not_ only to  local campsj and  in the Boundary, but in'the cities'of the"  Coast. Our work will be confined to the  4500 acies lying between, the Similkameen and Tulameen rivers���in the heai t  of the coal basim The SSOO^cres we have  under license to piospect'on,.the south  side of the SimilRameen river is under-'  option to a. Toronto^syndicate."   ,  Mr. Pitts'will're*ma__l here to superintend, the   development.   The following-  named are the oflicers of the Similkamen  Valley Coal Company: President,- T.*W.  Holland of Grand Forks; vice-president,  P. B. Wilson of Nelson; aud directors,*  lW C. McLean, IL H. Pitts, H. J. Robie,  and D R. Young of Nelson,' and Robert  Hamilton   of   the   William   Hamilton-  Manufacturing.Company of Vancouver.  The undertaking is capitalized''for '$1,-  000,000, in Jl shares. Jfalf of this amount  has been placed in the treasury account.  Carnegie   is   the   appropriate   name  chosen  by  John ^Meikljohn-i of'.Greenwood for his new townsite"'at the' head-*  waters of 20-and-.16>_____ creeks'-m the  *heart -o_.~one^ofrlth&f4best_.___neralized I  sections of'the Osoyoos mining*, division. I  Sin rounding the proposed townsite and  within a radius of a few miles are Red  and   Rioi dan , mountains,   both  having  large showings pf copper sulphide ore.  Camp  Hedley'with  its  famous' Nickel'  Plate  mine/ the  most'extensively'developed property in the.whole district,  Yuneman's Camp, noted'for its deposits  of magnetite, carrying coarse free.gold,  and Apex  Summit Camp, wheie much  work has been done the past year. The  .site   selected   is   a   slightly   undulated  park-like tract, some 300 acies in extent,  and Chain lakes will supply 'an abundance of pure water. The Nickel Plate-  Penticton  wagon road  passes  through  the north end of the townsite.  Princeton has unanimously, agreed on  a  candidate  for  the  position  of  gold  commissioner for the similkameen district. The choice has fallen on Thomas  _Il._Murphy,_J._P., of-Granite Creek-and  a largely signed requisition, which has  been signed by eveiy business man in  the town, will be foi warded to theprem-  ler.  The  "Judge," as  he is  familiarly  called, is one of the pioneer placer miners of the district, having resided continuously  at  Granite  Creek  since  the  early days of the diggings. He is a man  of sterling worth, and is well known and  is   exceeedingly   popular,   not   only   in  his own camp, but in the whole of the  West Yale district. His long residence  in the mining camps has given him a  thorough knowledge of the requirements  of tho district, and  the people of the  Similkameen will, feel that tlieir interests will bo thoroughly attended to with  tho  "Judge"   occupying   the   handsome  government   building   which   has   just  been completed. [The "Judge" was ono  of the aggregation of spellbinders that  travelled   throughout  the  country  last  spring moulding -public opinion in the  -interests of the V.( V.:__'__. subsidy hunters; He was the only one of. the aggregation who had a particle, of humor in  his make-up, and his speeches were so  droll' that' his' listeners were: often  in  doubt -as,to which side of the railway  question -,he < was .'advocating.���Editor.].  R. B. Wood of Nelson, a well-known  prospector, and who in .the early history  ofthe Yinir mine had charge .of the preliminary; development/is  here  to  examine the numerous camps of the district. He came in oyer.'the:Hope trail and  is* now at Boulder creeks looking ovor  the claims,  A movement is en foot to-.establish a  new political organization inr the district, to be called the Similkameen Progressive Association. The object of the  association will be'to unite all electors  in an effort to more properly bring before the government ' the ������;reguire'ments  of the district, especially in regard to  railway. communication. .   ��� . - ���  most pleasingly as flower girls to the  bride.  - The bride was gowned in a handsome  taffeta silk, trimmed with pearl irre-  descents, real lace, and orange blossoms,  and carried a bouquet of pink and white  carnations.. The-little flower girls were  daintly attired in pink - China silk ac-  cordeon plaited dresses, and, picture  hats, and carried baskets of pink 'and  .white sweet peas.  ,,     ,,     "v  Thomas McCammon and Fred Irvine  acted r as ushers,", the |/church being  thronged with' the many friends of the  ^contracting parties. The organist for the  "occasion was Miss Tyres'of Nelson, who  rendered Mendelsohn's,, wedding march  beautifully on the new compensating  pipe organ of the chuich. Thev choir, of  the church also rendered appropriate  music. ,    '��_,-*-- * , -   -u _,     ���'   v  After- the^ceremony the happy couple  drove to the home' of 'the bride's parents, "and with the many immediate  friends partook of a sumptuous repast.  Mr. and Mrs. McFarland will reside on  Josephine street, where Mrs. McFarland  will be at home to her friends after October ^7th.' The bride was th'e recipient'  of>-|many -valuable presents.    '       ���'. '  DAILY EDITION  COLUMBIA IS THE FAVORITE  BETTINO MEN OFFER ODDS ON  THE DEFENDER.  Good Racing Weather  Predicted for  %  the First of the Contests for the  America 6up Today.  D  UPS AND.DOWNS OF A MAN  McFarlandTHatch. .  Last evening St. Saviour's church' was  the scene of a pretty wedding, when  Frank L. McFarland, of the grocery firm  of McFarland & Brockman, led to the altar Miss Emily Louise Hatch, daughter  of W. J. Hatch of this city. Rev. H. S.  Akehurst, rector of St. Saviour's church!  tied the nuptial knot, William Irving  giving the bride away. The groom was  unattended, while,little ^'Misses. Mildred  t At One Tune in Business Here.'. ,  Back in the early 90s; the dining-room  of the Nelson Hotel was managed *by  F> A^Boehlofskej. All* the old-timers  kriew"himT many' of-them' having known  "him before hercame~to .'Nelson, and to  them the folowing from, the-Vancouver  Province will be of inteiest:' ' " < V  ^In^the^days^ immediately, succeeding  the fire that wiped Vancouver oft the  mapiF* As Boehlofskey'-was the fashion-  ,abl-d/restuarateur 'of .**Vancouver,, and  -few 'of ttiose-who" stayed,, out after the  theatre    missed    having    oysters   ��at  tBoeMof6kej?'_/ .-Fritz, for that was his  front1 nixrne, ran >a smalf restaurant)'on-  *Cordova��sreetj where-the Central hotel  stands, the,resj;aurant,beingvpart of the  hotel. This is-,where he first made his  jStart.,As the town grew so "did Fritz's  ���.ideas.'and*his.small place was~not.big  ^enough for him... He reseolved to move  'and -'did.*, so.' Boehlofskey shortly after,  gave up>his oldt place'-and opened'the  ^Hoffman House cafe in the then Hoffman; House,* the present Savoy' hotel.  ���Here his''restaurant* became a resort of  the town. It was about the only^one'-'in  town,'for that matter, certainly the only  one open all night. From the business  ^do,neJn the Place it'looked to.the'casual  obseiver that Boehlofskey was making  money hand over fist.-';And'so he was  'but ^he "was  speridih-gVit just "as fast.  Among the"guests*at-hl_ restaurant-weie*  aa? the  bloods ' and speculators in-- the  town, and it was the old man's one'idea  to be considefed one of, them. To'travel  witlrthe rounders in those days was expensive and could hardly be done by a  man who had a family to support However, Fiitz went'as 'far and at as fast  a gait.as he could. He had made his first  success in,the fame ot his cooking, for  he was an unrivalled chef then, but as  he got in with the boys the kitchen was  not stylish enough;   he was always in  the dining-room and the cooking being  left to hired men became like all other  woik in the city.  Then merchants noticed that Boehlofskey was gcting slow in his payments  the next thing that his property,  including a handsome residence on Hastings street, was put in his wife's name  Shortly after the'Hoffman House cafe  _was_closed_and a new_movo made-to the  Boulder, at the corner of Carroll ahd  Cordova streets. All this time Fritz was  taking in less and spending as much as  before The Cordova lesaurant went the  same as the others and the last stand  was made in a place on Cordova and  Granville, just opposite the C P.R. station About this time Boehlofskey's son  while  coming  from   New  Westminster  exhibition was thrown off a tramcar and  injured so badly that he lost his arm  Through his father, acting as his guardian, the young man sued and got judgment against the company for $1000  It  is alleged that the father got the money  andJtfilppetl wIth lt At ���y rate his  ciedltoVs woke up one morning and  found Boehlofskey gone. Shortly after  wards quite an excitement was raised  on Evans, Coleman & Evans', wharf bv  tho efforts of bailiffs to arrest tho absconding debtor. The Rosalie was in  from Seattle on her way north, and the  old man was aboard. 'But as the vp_..i  flow the United States 'flag'aS bS  ofskey could not ���' be induced to come  ashore nothing could:be done Y  Boehlofskey: is, in .town , todav, ort  ���w ��� _?�� -S afloat'oa tbe. waters, of the  Inlet  He is second cook' onythe Pacific  rftlStnf^eT1Sh,p*1C,oai'paiiys' steamer,  o, /�����/'^ue.bl0'Zarld:l0��ks at Vancouver  out of the port hole,-on ,a bi*. vessel  --.n��� n. ��f^' th^t1ls'^.'is.ytaking the  ���_.��tE ^ thte���reSular man who is bUt  with the strikers, and'every-time his  face appears at a port hole he - is- met  with jeers from the union longshore-  men on the wharf. -"-Jiigsnore  Fritz has had many and varied experiences since he left Vancouver. He due  .for^and failed to get the gold in the far  ���north; he.cooked on a. lumber scow,  and then on a Castle line steamer to  Cape Town..From there he got to the  Transvaal, and when the Boer war  started) enlisted and became a colonel  m Paul Kruger's army. He was with  Dewet and wounded and taken prisoner at Folger's klpp, released and left  the country.,-.  Boehlofskey.had much.to sav but it  was hard.work saying it; through a port  hole with about a. hundred, men passing rude remarks about how he looked  and the appearance of his face generally  ''No," said Boehlofskey, between epithets from the crowd, "I, will >,not go  NEW*YORK, September 25.���Weather  sharps and yachting experts united in  predicting that a breeze' will blow tomorrow that will give the Shamrock and  Columbia a race which will be memor-  "able in the long series of cup- events.  When the'sailors of the cup" yachts and  their attendant 'vessels Lturned out for  the last week of preparation .today, a  30-mile wind'was kicking up the white'  caps m Sandy Hook Bay, and outside a  heavy sea was running and vessels were  pounding along, under close ree_ed sails.  While the wind died with the sunset  th,e weather wise say it'will come again  with the morning. Neither sir Thomas  nor Mr. Duncan cared to-" risk a trial  under the' conditions ~of the wind and,  water,that prevailed in" the flrst half of  ,the,day, but at 2 o'clccn: ywhen'the wind  had fallen, the Columbia's mainsail was  hoisted and a few* minutes she1 sailed  away under mainsail, club'topsail, stay-'  sail and jib. She (returned-in less than  .two hours and made fast to her buoy  for the night. _ y[ t  _  'After  a  consultation ' 'with'' manager  Jamieson   and   designer" Watson", * * sir  .Thomas decided that it was-not necessary to take the Shamrock out for a trial  spin, so she lay moored" at-her buoy all  day. When sir, Thomas was-told today,  that'as'a result of the'.officiarmeasurement of yachts Shamrock would have"  to allow the Columbia '43v seconds in a  30-mile course,  he'was-much-pleased)  /'Don't you think we ^ have, a splendid  chance to wm the cup?'; he remarked.  "We fully expected to have allowed time  but of course we are .very well satisfied  with the result. And again 'I say may  the ".best  boat,win.   If  the-,Shamrock  should lose/1 can certainly say that I  have "done eveiything'that'a' man can  do to put the yacht m perfect-condition  tor; the race, and I think everyone ad-"  mits that she is as. nearly perfect as  can be.i; ,     !  " Theitwoiyachts lie within hailing-dis-  tance of each-'bther. None of the principals will make' a prophecy as to' the  outcome.. Only the  betting shows  the  trend of .opinion, and the prevailing odds  are 10 to 8 on, the American boat. In  some   instances   these   have   been   increased to 10 to 7, but so far as can be  learned no no large wagers have been  laid.   The   final   arrangements   for   the  races are, complete and the regatta having the matter in chaige feel assured  that everything possible has been done  to give each yacht a i.ur show. As was  the case two yeais ago, the course "will  be patrolled by a "fleet of revenue cutters in command of captain Walker of  the revenue service, and the yachts will  have an obstructed course 'of at least a  mile wide. As is usual in-all Amencan  cup contests, clubs will be represented  on the opposing yachts. Butler Duncan,  -who-dunng-the-past-year-managed-the"  Constitution,   will   represent   the   New  York Yacht Club on board the Shamrock II. On the Columbia will be H. M.  McGildowney, of the challenger of the  Royal Ulster Yacht Club, a gentleman  of wide yachting experience.  WASHINGTON, September 25��� The  official forecastei, Frank Enfield of the  weather bureau tonight mado the following prediction of the weather for  tomorrow's yacht lace. "We will have  tomorrow off Sandy Hook light to fresh  north to northeast winds and fair-  weather."  day returned a verdict that the accused  was "Not fit," meaning that owing to his  mental condition he was not fit to be  tried. He will be left to governor Daly  to confine in some place until such time  as he is able to stand trial.  QUEBEC, September ' 25.���D. McMillan, a resident of Matane, has been missing since September ,9th. His family  fear he has met'with foul play and have  placed the matter in tne hands of the  provincial detectives. *.  . KINGSTON, Ontario; September 25.���  Two hundred machinists 'employed by  the Canadian Locomotive Works struck  today because the' management refused  to reinstate-'a man'who was* discharged  last*ni*_ht for refusing ,to-work overtime to make,iip for lost*time    ���     ���*  VICTORIA, September 25.���A Chinese  boy* employed by Mrs Baynes, 134  Chatam street,,'was accidently shot by  Guy Baynes, a 17year old boy, this evening, and died tonight. The boy was  (trying to extract two cartridges from  his shotgun when they were discharged.  .This is"the boy's statement.  LONDON, September 25 ��� News  reached here today of the death in  South Africa of 'lieutenant Skirving of  the - Imperial Yeomanry.' Skirving went  to k South Africa' with the Strathcona  Horse and, when', he, returned to Canada received "a' commission in the Yeomanry. <He was wounded in action on  September 5th, and died September 9lh  LONDON, ���-, September, 25 ���The entire  morning session ofthe Sifton trial was  occupied in, the cross examination of  Herbert.1 The story of the crown witness  was not shaken in 'the' least.' The additional evidence w'as brought~out that he  confessed because he1 was afraid Gerald  Sifton, his alleged partner in the murder, would attempt to throw the entire  guilt upon him.  MONTREAL, September 25.���The Gazette, commenting editorially' upon the  suits against the various' labor unions  of Rossland. for damages caused by the  recent strike, says that, recent decisions  by the British'house of 'lords, are'not  .calculated to give the���vunions much  courage'in the promised alegar fight7 The  English courts have decided that if the  unions assume responsibility, they must  also accept it. * ,     ' ,   '   _ '  V.MONTREAL, September' 25���During  the royal visit'the local hackmen~made  a rich* haul, refusing, drive fares in instances^ for, less,than ?5 per hour One  man was hauled before court (today and  the recorder promptly fined him $10 and  costs, and announced" that any citizen  who had been overcharged, or who has  been-'-unable to secure a" hack .for the  legal 'charge, by coming XL before him  with av complaint /would, receive attention. iIt is expected'trie recorder will  he'kept busy. .,,.'>,  CHALLENGE   FOR  SHAFFER  '.    '���-'K-l  .    -.*'_��  *- rl  *-���*������.  3l  '*   ~   .1  '���'-i'.    -I  MUST' PROVE' HIS   CHARGES/OR JvJ  MAKE RETRACTION, f.     ?*  r  r       �� I ' ���"���   ,        \i,.  ���*���   "*" ">        T     >l  -' - - .. ", - r&r$H  Rupture Between the, Labor Leaders" Is^f  Now Complote and Sli'affer or. ttfe^  . .    Men He Accuses Must Go. ^y'&$&?���  ��_ NEW Y6RK,,September',25.-In?SM  open letter Issued today* at the^Ashll^mftl  house, Samuel Gompers;>presid__. bf the wl  American Federation oi i-abor.'knd vice"- -3Jjp��|  president of the Cigar JVIakers Interna-��|  tional Union, and "John1, Mitchell, presV^JPI  ident of United Mine Workers ,'of'AmV ^Kgl  nca, and second vice-presidW o_,'__me^3��l|  rican Federation   o__ Labor , challenged'JSIfl  Theodore J. Shaffer^ president of <______? *Sh$I  gamated Association of Iron/ Tin.>and?Sfls��.|  Steel Workers,' to prove*his'stotementB^sl  recently, made against'.them regardii^Spl  their action in endeavoring'.o secure.&��..-_��__  settlement of the strike'of steel'work'ers.V^I  The*-letter which is addressed*t6"Shaffer^MI  says in part '"There-has be_n-sent/out*/fiJ8|  by the-^Associated Press, and_ published..-.?  Evading tbe Restriction Act.  aro now ^seeking to evade the Restriction Act by taking advantage of the  transit privileges. They' come /to San  Francisco," it is asserted, and at once  depart for Mexico or other foreign ports,  only to cross the border back into this  country at the first opportunity. Since  July 1st 758 Chinese have arrived in  .this city en route to foieign countries.  Of this number 259 were ostensibly  bound for Guaymas, Mexico. -,  i   are made by you against,the undersfgn-3^^  ed Theie is no doubt in.our minds that ^js  the statements .referred'to<were^made.^i  by you -We believe that1, you' should-'be^'. ,45.'  afforded the fullest latitude^ in, justify-. f^J  mg your course and' your^ charges/ and*pJSS  at the same time pillory us if we deserve4*^P  it On the other hand, youiwill" reallze����  the impossibility''of our -.allowing yourSf^,  charges and insinuations ..to'go.abroad*1^^  and stand unanswered- and. JWchal-I@J|  lenged " ,, ��r ^ "-J /y / 7^-^$%$'  "We submit the, following^proposi-A,^!  tion���First,- that a^committee*of-t__;ee!^P*s  shall meet either in-Pittsburg, WasbTing-'%r���^,  ton, oi the City of/New york,\for'the'ijf'S|fe  pui pose of hearmg'-and determining the-/f</?2  charges and insinuations you have made\ */��*.'  against us Second, that if the,commit--"-..^J  tee finds us guilty on "your charges and!'--fV-'"*.  insinuations, we will resign from thV^'jSji  piesidency of-the American Federation*i_J_&  of Labor and'the vice-presidency of the a*"W^i  Cigar Makers Union, from the .presi-<-"����;  ;dency,of the United Mine Workers, and ���>!  fiom the second-vice-presidency^of Am-1 (,-**/i  erican-Federation of Labor*- Thirdly,-'"���'V  that the committee .shall.*consist ."of \Ji>  ���Ji-ree ,me__be_s,,of: organized Jabo_.tc^eL�����ra;,  selected by- you -from��lists"'sufimitted.^r;Tral  We cannot imagine that you would make VA.Jg.1  grave accusations' against us' withouty\<y$)  premeditation as to the consequences;->��}$(  we therefoic insist that" in common ^--fiE  justice to us, and with deep regaid to XSttl  interests which both you and we repre-' rZ'W  sent, you will advise us ,at the headquarters of the American Federation of  Labor within three days of your accept-'  anco of our pioposition."  EVIDENCE IS SENSATIONAL  THE DOMINION OF CANADA  Happenings in Erief.  *,-------..-: .---���  "----.���T-r."----^^ .������"��,=��    ashore. I like it here, and while I ntav  IrFine and  Corinne Pointer attended I here there is"-- *���"- ������ ��� ���   ���   ���   stay  "no trouble,"  KINGSTON, Ontario, September 25.���  At noon principal Grant's. condition  was much improved. .:',.,  - HALIFAX, September 25��� A case of  smallpox was taken from the steamer  City of Ghent this-morning.  - ST. JOHN, N. B., September -25.���FY  C. Colwell��� & Company, Limited, confectioners, have assigned. -Liabilities  about $20,000. ',."'���'     ���"���"������-���:���:��������� '.  ST. JOHN, N. B., September '25���H.  Lawrence Sturdeey high sheriff, - died  here, this morning,* aged 59. He * was at  one time mayor of Portland, Maine. *  HAMILTON, September 25.���A flre at  an early hour-this morning did damage  to the extent of ��15,000 to.?20,000 to the  establishment of Chadwick Brothers,  brass manufacturers, King street.  BELLEVILLE, September 25. ��� The  Belleville Electric Street Railway was  sold at auction today, and purchased by  mayor Graham for ?6750, for parties in  Toronto who hold- the bonds of the  road.   .  HALIFAX, September 25.���Nominations for the Nova Scotia legislature  took place today. Six Liberals wero elected by acclamation, and no Conserva-I  fives. The elections take place on October 2nd.  OTTAWA, September 25.���The Balmoral hotel at Britannia, with two adjoining dwellings, was'destroyed by flre  this morning. A number of the boarders  of the hotel had a narrow escape by  climbing trees.  . HALIFAX, September .25.���The jury  in the case, of Sydney Sargent, for having , murdered   his   three   children   at  In tbe Islander Inquiry.  VICTORIA, September 25.���Evidence  of rather sensational character was  -broughrout=at_the~enquiry"in--"tl--"loss'  of the steamer Islander, which was continued this afternoon. Dr. A. W.  Phillips, who lost his wife and daughter  in the disaster, said he could find no  life preserveis in his stateroom, and  wheu he did find them in the cabin  there was nobody to assist or instruct  them how to put them on. He was not  aroused and only went out because his  wife heai d a noise and was uneasy.  When they reached the deck all the  boats and rafts had left, and thoy were  drawn down with tho steamer. He  came to the sui face again but his wife  and daughter did not.  W. G. Preston of Seattle, testified that  the boat In wliich he left the ship only  contained fourteen people, one of whom  was a fireman.  They did not pick up  otheis  as  theit   boat was  leaking aud  they were not oarsmen. No one seemed  to have charge of the boats, but when  he left the steamer there seemed to be  no more passengers to take off.   It took  the men about two minutes to lower a  boat. They did not seem to.understand  it. In one boat there were only seven  men, and they all looked like members  of, the crew, one of them having a uniform on. He judged they were members  of the crew   because   they   had   rough  clothes on. They may have been laborers or miners. No one aroused the passengers, and no one ordered the boats  to.stand by. He heard a man at the inquest, at Juneau give evidence to the effect that the pilot was drunk, and his  wife remarked as he came aboard the  ship at Skagway that he looked as if  he had been drinking.  Mate Greon of Tacoma, swore positively that the captain and pilot were  drunk. The captain was at the bar for  two hours,, and he had seen him take  two drinks. If all the boats had not left  tne ship many more lives- would haye  been saved. Two of the life preservers  picked up after the wreck had been  weighed at Juneau, and weighed 45 and  46 pounds respectively. The inquiry goes  on tomorrow.  -'*__!_  '��� 'Bm  ^_|  z.Wl  ' *"'--.-.._  i,"S-/__  I  *-i  VKl  .-vfl  '..J  Greenwood Local News. '  GREENWOOD, September 25.���[Special to Tho Tribune.]���^ne Misses Jakes, fyf$  stepdaughters of Dr. R. W. Jakes, mayor  of Gieenwood, were married at Midway*  this morning by Rev. II. Iiwin (Father' >c���$  Pat), an old friend of the family. Miss *wf I  -Jakes-was-marned-to-A���P-Engllshf-or"^,1  the staff of the Greenwood branch of the , *r$  Canadian Bank of Commerce, aud Miss " - "-  Iva Jakes to Fred W. McLaine of Midway. Mr. and Mrs. English this afternoon came to Greenwood, where they  will reside, and Mr. and Mrs. McLaine  went on this morning's train for a wedding trip in the Kootenays, prior to  making their home in Midway.  J. W.Mellor of Victoria, who having  commenced to erect a substantial stone  business building Iii Greenwood, as mentioned in The Tribune two or threo  weeks ago, has purchased tho 25-foot-,  ot adjoining the one on which ho is  building, so he will now alter his plans  and make his store the full width of  the two lots. The price paid for the lot  has not been made public, but It Is  known that the late owners has been  -���?___ns out for something.better than  ���*.R0_Jen �� - Hedley, superintendent of  the Hall Mines smelter, and J. R Gifford, superintendent of-, the Silver King  mine, Nelson, are in Greenwood. Today  they visited the'B. C. Copper Company's  smelter and,the Mother Lode mine.  They will remain for several days,'and  whilst in the'Boundary will visit other  leading mines in the district.  Dr. C. D. Temple, who with other  Scottish capitalists; is interested in the  Mogul mine onyCanyon creek, a tributary .of the main Kettle river, which it  joins about 40 miles north of Rock  creek, came in on last night's train, and  tins morning accompanied by R Roberts a .mining engineer of Rossland, left  ri_Q.,. .��o CreekV Heis making a quick  trip, his arrangements being to take  steamer on October 5th at Monetreal on  his return to Scotland.  ��� Lo��fo_5>rt'' *fo-* vsc._f.��,___ July.yester-  Little Girl Killed.  AUBURN, New York, September 25.���  Eddie West, 10 years old, found a shotgun in his father's barn in the town'of  Conquest yesterday, and picked it up  to show it to his cousin, ^Agnes Cowan,  a few months his senior, when one bar-  Wan*; to Get a Shot at a Whaler.  SAN: FRANCISCO, September 25 ���  According to information brought from  the Caroline Islands,, the German officers in authority on the island of Rule  are much incensed at the action of the  crew of an unknown American whaline-  bark,'hailing from San Francisco. It is  said that the whaler sold a quantity of  knives, revolvers, and'other warlike material to the natives on the island. A  big gun has been planted on an eminence overlooking the anchorage, and  fifteen men are in charge of the weapon  While the gun is intended" for generai  use  againsty smugglers,  the  American  _a__s__-_a_-_*----_^ ��^-*��Mrs.i I    *fc. un   jj-\._c-y.����� ^ip*Jt'__i_ -  -*"- *���*���*>��_-��!����� *i^j^^aicMKa*i...^*,(*.,e^�����1���J.IV *,SS__!___  -1  THE  NELSON TRIBUNE,  THURSDAY MORNING,  SEPTEMBER 26, 1901  to  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  if.  coi^jP-A-iisr^r  INTCOBFOB \XED 1670.  .  WJ3  OFFER  MANY  LINES  OF  LADIES' WEAR     BOOTS & SHOES  ������   .---��� 7|-i   ������������ ���ii(.��^T<nf��rn��igtt��_fn��_n _H_______k________a___-*tf_-__9i_B_____P__l____��________a_____H_^___l  GENTS' FURNISHINGS  AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES  "We wish to clear out our present stock as* much as  possible bef ore our new goods arrive. Watch jour window display and note the prices on the Furs,  ��� ���i__���_������ in��� in_*irii_M i���wnn ~T [_^__^________���__^^_^���__^____���_^^^���^���  FSBAYCdlPMY  BAKES STBEET, NELSON, B. C. *  to  to  to  to  to  to  ^t6fe-6e-e-����-e-e^^ \& .*���������-��.  to  to  to  M  WALL  PAPER  Thi* is usually the dull  season for Wall Paper.  But to keep it moving  we have niado up bandies  of all lota that li_vo run _o-.ii in quantity.  Wo placo these on falo at prices that will certainly movo them; original cost has been quite  lost bight of in making tho prico. In many ot  theso remnants the quautity is sutiicient for  even a large room. The high standard of our  papers is now well known and not often does  an opportunity offer to buy such papers at  from 5 to 121 cents por roll. It not ready to  paper just now anticipate your fall wants.  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  r7^V��  ���00.'00'00'00'00'00y00r00'00'00*,&-00'00'00 \\" 55?'^--_^'^^��^,'5_^^_^S5r:^5^'5^  00.00  to  NELSON, B. C.  J*1*  % iZ  .> -as ->  ,n--N*.  yx **  p,'  WHOLESALE DIRECTOBY  ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES.  ^^TbT^EETZB- As CO.���CORNER OF  ��� Baker    and    Josephine    streets,    Nelson,  ���wholesale   dealeis   in   assayer's   supplies.  Agents for Denver Fire Clay Company,  ''Denver, Colorado. , i   ���-  '"-'-'-.COMMISSION MERCHANTS.   ' '  .11.-J. EVANS & CO.���BAKER. STREET,  Nelson,     wholesale    dealers    ln    liquors,  _h'= .   cigars,   cement,   flre  bn. k.  and  flre  olay,  Xf4-"water  pipe  and  steel  rails,   and  general  i;/P. co    coinuiis&io.   mei cr-ants.  **__.  ELEUTJUCAL  SUPPLIES.  &\ -1"- KOOTENAiT ELECTRIC SUPi'Lif 4_  ���&",-". Construction Company���Wholesale dealers  jw-A,�� <in telephones, annunciators, bells,' oatter-  SrtNi.-iIes,= e-pctricJixtures and appliances. Hous-  "ton Block, Nelson.  $f��   ?-i ���,   FRESH AND SALT^IEATS.:    Y  1&$!\t i- P."-BURNS <_: CO.���J-AKEli -STREET,  '"!?�����_." Nelson,- wholesale dealers in fresh ^and  J_V. T^cured meats. Cold storage. *   .%^.~  GROCERIES.  ,-.,  B*K_A(i^*( ' <_. --Z.&lAU_UU_SA___tU._cz UU.���_oiv.ji._ji*. __���_  ?i.<^ ���-.Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale  f$$?Z grocers, and jobbers - in blankets, gloves,  I^tfej r mitts, boots, rubbers, mackinaws and min-  I m'r yera'r sundries.       , ���   *      "   ..>-      *     '<  Plfy  "KOOTENAY SUPPLY CO-IP ANY, LIM-  ited.���Vernon    street,    Nelson,    wholesale  _r~  l-__. ''  t.j r j. grocers.  *_.��t.  [AS;?*..--.JOHN     CHOLDITCH *'&    CO.-FRONT  llv1.���_���.������ street, Nel3on,,wholesale grocers.-        <  i)_ J.V3T. GRIFFIN & CO.-FRONT STREET,  .Nelson, wholesale dealers in nrovlsions,  - cured1 meat., butter and e . .3. -  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS "WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Mineis' Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex. B. Murray,,secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month rat Miners' Union HaU at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry "Bennett, seoretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday'evening ln the Elliot.Block, at 8  o'clock. J. ,D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161..   ,  .��� *.   '     FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.r     ' '  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets, second Wednesday ln  each month. Sojourning, brethren  invited. .,   ,  NELSON    ROYAL    ARCH - CHAPTER  No. 123, G. R.'C���Meets third Wednesday.  Sojourning    companions    invited.    George  "Johnstone,  Z.; E.< W.. Matthews,' S._ E.  NELSON AERIE, - NO. * 22 F. ' O. E.-  Mects second and fourth \Wednesdays of  ��� each month at ���.Fraternity-. HaU. George  Bartlett, president; > J. V. Morrison, secretary. -* - : v      ,  - KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7. K.-O. T. M.���  Regular meetings flrst and, third Thursdays of each month. VisitlngvSlr Knights  'are cordially invited to attend/ Dr. W.  Rose,  R. K.; A. W. Purdy,*. Com.; G. A.  'Brown, P. C. ���">   . ���.- '... -  >'    CLASSIFIED-ADS.  -> ���       -,    - -        '-'.*,  .:.-:,.... .���f_R.T_I9L?S_L FOR''SAI_Ei.   '   SEAVING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS  for sale or rent at the Old Curiosity Shop.  "' -, FOR  RENT.," '  r^-fSr , LIQUORS' AND DRY  GOODS.. ,  ' ^-f~;~-_*_i_______^  1, Vernon - and    Josephine    streets, > Nelson,  ���>  wholesale,dealers in liquors, cigars and dry  goods. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  of'-Mllwaukee and Calgary Brewing Company of Calgary.       -        '    '.  .' '__  '   \-'     -  WINES AND CIGARS.  , - rcnZHxFSp^i^v^^cSi^^zz~iZi^aZ-  ted���Corner of Front and'Hall streets, Nelson, ' wholesale dealers in wines, case and  bulk, and domestic and imported cigars.   :  BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  /.__*".. *, *  :S   _"-   ' 'ARCHITECTS.  i A.'C: EWART.���ARCHITECT,  ROOM*-3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  " '     '       "   CHOP HOUSE.  - PIONEER* CHOP HOUSE. JOHN  Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  Baker street, Nelson. Open day and night.  -___nehes-a--spec__lty.-Pienic-and-travellng-  p_rtles supplied on shortest notice.  DRAYAGE.  Z"furniture, pianos, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully, at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone _70, Prosser's second Hand store, Ward street.  FURNITURE.  _.. J. ROBERTSON & CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day  ���phone No. 2_2, night 'phone No. 20T. Next  new postofilco building, Vernon streot,  Nelson.  -  TEAS.  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"TlELPnFlJR-riSHE  phone, telegraphJ or inquire Western Cana-,  dian Employment^ Ofllce, Nelson.' 'Phone  270 Storage���I have a large warehouse *for  storing household or other goods. H. A.  Prosber. . .   ���    ~  WANTED HELP OF ALL '-KINDS ���  Orders for help receive prompt and careful attention R. ������ Purdy, Employment  Agent, - Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  44.-P. O. Box 582.  ��te Mvibxxn^  ���   SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  Dally by mall, one month %  50  Dally by mall, three months 125  Daily by mail, faix months 2 50  Dally by mail,  one year 5 00  Dally by carrier, one month  100  Dally by carrier,  three months 2 50  Dally by carrier,  six months  5 00  Dally by carrier,  ono year 10 00  Semi-weekly by mall, three months...    50  Semi-weekly by mail, six months 100  Semi-weekly by mail,  one year 2 00  Postage to Great Britain added.  ADVERTISING. RATES.  Display. 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" yiiNE__-^Niu7*fn^^  Meets in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, visiting  members welcome. M. R Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per .hift: Machine'men $3.60, hammersmen $3 25, muckers, carm��,n, bhovelers, and other underground laborers $3.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary^ j,i  ""BARBERS' UNION, NO. 19C, OF TI?__  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of Am-nc_, meets first and third Mondays  of each month in Mineis' Union HaU at,  8:30 sharp. Visiting members invited. R-  McMabon, president; 3. U. __^__a__n, eeo-  If the next provincial election -is  fought on party lines, which is not at all  unlikely, who will lead the different  pai ties, for there will be three parties  in the fleld, namely, Liberal, Conservative, and Labor? The Liberals have but  one logical leader, that Is, Joseph Martin  of Vancouver. He is head and shoulders  above any of the other aspirants, not  only in knowledge of the game of politics, but in knowledge of parliamentary  procedure. Mr. Martin, however, is not  in favor at Ottawa, and the powers  there will do everything that is possible  to thwart any effort he may make to  obtain the leadership. George M. Maxwell, M. P. cf Vancouver, is aspiring for  the position, and he will undoubtedly  have the support of sir Wilfrid Laurier.  Maxwell has been long enough in ofllce  to learn some of the rules of the game,  and the rules he has committed to  memory are those that mean: If you  want the spoils, you must he in a posi  is a good stumper, a Scotchman, and a  Presbyterian, all of which are factors  in politics.    E. V. Bod-weH'of Victoria  may have had aspirations at one time,  but he stands to win too much in the  game that he js playing J;o( leave it for  a game in which the cards are^ not always dealt fairly.   There are no prominent Liberals   in the   interior, .except  "Big BiU"  Galliher.   M., P.. of Nelson,  and he has his hands full in attending^  theSvants of'60,001. people in liis constituency. ' The 'Conservatives   have.'any  numtjer of leaders, but'the people have  ho "confidence" in   them."-YThose -that  have been8 tried   are   discredited,   and  'those that are not" discredited, afe^ untried. " Taking' everyth'ing (i'nto * consideration, sir Hibbert' Tupper of Vancouver is ,th'e best ofthe lot'that'have been  tried.   He has ability; his'rep-jtation for  honesty is good; ,and ' he7has 'enough  blood in   his   veins  ,to^ shake   hands  'warmly.   But the family name'is against  him.and. he has not'been, long- enough  'in the province to'know'either itSjPeb-  glo/its resources^ or'its political-needs.  ."Jack" Taylor of Victoria is 'one of the  untried ones.   He would make a winning  pleader, if he was not so ^lazy^nd'so indifferent,, to everything except  trotting  horses._ He is "young, has..abillty, has  'good looks,'has,origlnarideas/has been  -dngTin   the   province, and'has? many  friends'who'wbiiid help him if'he] would  only heip "himself. \The interior has T.  'Mayne .Daly of Rossland, ,/an*lex-minis-  > ter 'of the 'interior, but he'has'had'his  day.'-vilt is true,1 Nelson'lias David Mark  "Carley and'"Billy".Macdonald;' but" the  first-named is so,engrossed in the study,  of. political economy ^that he has no inclination'for the'game" of. practical politics^ and the latter 'has 'undertaken tb  teach his law partner the delights pt  being'in a minority that".he will not be  able to'-'get through his contract until,  long after the''next,provincial 'contest  has been"'_9Ug_._ and won.   The Laborers "have but one logical leader, Chris  Foley of Rossland. -He is what he is,  'a laboring man/ ' He ,'has ability, is Honest, and ish one of the best stumpers in  -the province. , He, is not an extremist,  and he is the one "man of the Labor  party that" can poll nine out of ten "of  ���t_e Labor vote.   Martin will have tOjbe  accepted.by theL'Liberals,,or he will defeat them.* 'Taylor should be placed at  the head'of the Conservatives. - Chris  Foley ,will be the leader of the Laborers  ���and he will carry revery   riding in  Kootenay " against   the" Liberals   with  Maxwell as leader or the Conservatives  with Eberts or1 McBride as' managing  directors. . v  The New Denver Ledge 'says:   "The  " Nelson Tribune-says editorially that  " the   Associated   Pre_s in   Canada ,is  '* owned by the C. P. R. and that'in  " the   trackmen's   strike   it  was. used  " to disseminate'the C.^P. R. side o�� the  " strike. This, it says, is what any cor-  " poration   or   individual   would   haye  " done   under   the   circumstances. 'An  " honest confession. Probably intended  " to excuse" the biased position taken  " by The Tribune in the controversy.  " Wonder if the heads that covered the  " A; P. articles on'the strike also came  " over the wire, or was The Tribune  " editor responsible for them?" No, The  Tribune editor* was not responsible-for  them. The heads were written by H. H.  Watts, who was foreman and telegraph  editor of The Tribune at the time, and  who   is   one  of  the ���mbst pronounced  union men on the Pacific Coast. He had  no instructions, and the heads no doubt  epitomized' the 'contents   of the   dis-^  patches. The trackmen's strike is over,,  and was not settled by the Associated  Press dispatches or the clamor of newspapers like the Ledge, but by the men  who work for the C. P. R.  We have just received a large  m stock of Childrens', Misses' and Ladies'  m y$9\ S^ts, vests and drawers in all  li sizes and qualities. 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It is to be  presumed the unions are willing to accept this as a just interpretation of the  law, provided always that the same interpretation is given when employers  assume the responsibility of smashing  unions. A labor union that has acquired  property in itself, and whose members  aro taxpayers in the community in which  thoy work is as fairly entitled to have its  propo;ty rights protected as is the min-  bers to sacrifice their property Interests  in order to .obtain work elsewhere. The  Le Roi Mining Company, through its  manager Bernard McDonald, has-threatened to smash the Rossland Miners'  Union, an organization' that has large  property interests in Rossland, and  many of whose members are taxpayers  in that city. The Rossland Miners'  Union, in self-defence, Is protecting its  own vested interests and that of its  members, and for. doing ��� so, suit has  been entered by the I_=. Roi Mining Company against it and its members, claiming thousands ,of .dollars in damages,  The mining company'relies on a decision of the British house" of lords; the  miners" union relies simply on' British  fair play. "Which will, win?.  ered by doing so.. Mr. Brown's defeat  was looked on in two ways. Conservatives generally were "tickled." Liberals  looked upon it as a party defeat, though  many of them do not* like Joseph Martin. The political shuffles at the Coast  have not produced any excitement in  Kootenay, and the,only intense feelings  raised were probably raised In the  breasts of .Kootenay .M.P.P.s, who are  either in premier Dunsmuir's cabinet br  who want to get into it.'  *************Hi*************7  *     - -   tfi  Hi  tii  H,  tir  tii  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  *  9  9  9  9  9  9  9-  9  9  9.  4, 2***********9************<���? *  APIARY AND GREENHOUSES  A. R. BARROW, _\.M.I.C.E.  PROYINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner of Victoria and Kootenay Streets,  K O. Box 559. TELEPHONE NO. 95.  Greenhouse and Bedding: out Plants.  , Lowest   Prices.  BBSS SUPPIilElS. SEEDS, FERT___tZ__a,_'  Agricultural   implements,' lruit, bas���ets  and   crates,   fruit   and   ornamental   trees,  bulbs for fall planting*.  Catalogues Free.  3000 Westminster -��*a_.  Vancouver  SHEKIFFS SALE.  Provinco of Brlti.li  Columbia,  Nelson   'West  Kootenay.   To wit:   -  Under and by virtuo of a Warrant of Kxocu-  tion laaued our of Iho Small Debts Cmirfcof Grand  l-o.lf.. B. C. at the suit of rhe Heiber BrowitiK  Company, plaintiff's, and to mo dircoted ntfainsc  Uio goois and chattels of i__wrm Dufour, ncl'tm-  uanc, I havo seized and token in execution all tho  riBhr, title and interost of the and defendant,  Jiilward Diifqur. in tho mineral claim known as  and cnllea "N. Bonaparte." _itu__- oloso to Ci niir-  town, and a le-looution of tho Su.priso mlnorul  claim, located on tho ninth day of November,  A. D., l'JOO, and recorded in tho ofllco ot the Mining Rccordor for tho Nolson Mining Division of  thy West Kootonay District, on tho fourth day of  Novombor, a. D., 1001. to recover the sum of *  p-���ty Foven dollir-*. .uirt into; est on the raid, mi tu  from Uie twi iiiy-flrbt day of August, A.D.. 1!Ot,  at the rato of livo per centum pei annum, bosidcs  shcnl.s pound-go, officer's fee, and all other legal  incidental exponsos, all of -which I .hall expose  for sale, pr sulllcioiir thereof to hatisfy said judgment, debts and co-tn nt my oftleo, next to tho  Coni t House in tho City of NolRon, on Tuesday,  the 24th day of September, 1W01, at u10 hour of  eleven o clock in the forenoon.        ,   '  NOTE-Intending purchasers will satisfy thorn-  salves as to interest and title of tlio said dofon-  ���dant. _".-/*  Dated at Nolson, B.C., tho 12th day of September, 1901. , s. e 1'Vok,   -1      Sheriff of South Kootenay.  NOTIOE TO DELINQUENT 00-OWNEE.  To John J. 'McAndrews or to any person  or poisons to whom he may have transferred his interest in the BJiick Diamond  mineral claim,  situate on the north bide  of  Ecar'cieelc,* about three  niilo*-  from  the town of Ymir, lying south of and adjoining the Evennig Star mineral claim.  Nelson mining division of AVe_t Kootonay  district,   and  recorded  in  Lhe  iccordor's  oflice for the Nelson mining division  You and each of you are hereby notified  that  I   have   expended   two   hundred  and  twelve    dollars    and    'twenty-five     cent-3  (*_12._5)   in   labor  and  improvoments  upon  the above mentioned mineral claim m order  to hold ,said mmcial claim under the pio-  visionb of the Mineral Act, and if within  nlnctv da.s from tho date oC this notice  you'tail or rofiibe to contribute your_por-  -Ttion-of-all-,3uch_cx**enditurcs--together with-4  all costs of advertising, your interests 111  the  said claims will  become the pioperty  of the subscriber under section 4 of an act  entitled,   "An Act to Amend  the Mineial  Act, 1900.' j JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this llth day of September, 1D01. ������ .      1 .  ,    TIMBEE LEASE NOTIOE.  According to the Coast papers, R. P.  Green, M.P.P., of Kaslo, and Thomas L.  Taylor, M.P.P., of Trout Lake, have expressed themselves as'being very much  dissatisfied with the Dunsmiur government, and that they .in doing so are  but giving expression to the' opinions  of their constituents. The Tribune may  not be in as good a position to size up  public opinion in Kootenay as are the  members from Slocan and Revelstoke  ridings, but it has the same right tp  express an opinion as either of these  worthy gentlemen. There was no intense  feeling shown by the people of Kootenay over the action of premier Dunsmuir in taking J. C. Brown into his cab-  Porto Rico Lumber Co,  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VjSRNON STREETS  tion to be able to deliver what is prom- j ing company that threatens to smash the J inet, but there was a general expression   -   -'"       --.j��� ._.._____.____.  _. _?____f__ga>a'wy; J' ft Gaxaa"r' -w-coaflh--    isei in xeturn tor the spalls.  _____wc_I I labor c_r*_ai___at_an��__ _*___*^'its Jiiem-j ot __d__6n t_u_^  SS__S_g__^-y^',Tr_-r:^^-.-^^ J,-" -^r-^r^'-wV?i-^"-'^v-~-T^^-^;r --^r^- "v. ^^^��^F^>J?.?*>-J^*---^ug^/.*.l-*-.^'u rs-r--*���*���������?- -*,-r--^a_r___,,.v.l.t^_,f,j. ,r. ___,A.f,., , ^,A. . r . w_  Rough and  Dressed   ��  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lurrjber Always in  StocK.  We carry a complete Btocfc of  Ocaat Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work wiU receive  prompt attention  ^9***6************* ******  !���. H. PLAYFORD & CO. 1  9    - 9  9 9  m MADDEN   BLOCK $  9 9  9 NELSON. 9  9 Hi  9 Hi  9   Ui  9 Hi  J TOBACCO   AND   CIGAR J  __ *  9 MERCHANTS,     v        t  9 9  9 ~                                     9  9   9  9 9  $ P. 0. Box 637. Telephone 117. %  %'       ^ ' Jt  i **********************���*&  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:  Two Doors West C. P. R. Offlee.  &_**************��-******$$  JI Arthur   gee I  _, MERCHANT TAJ_-_ 9  Hi    humiVT*TljOR E USER "*���  *       MAl'E SUI'l-d.        STKEK's. JSA8T.    9  _��*__i__. .��?a^e?-^ i % ���^  Noyce la hereby given that ln thirty  days we intend, to apply to the chief tcommissioner of lands and work- for peimis-  -lon* to cut and curry away Umber oi�� tha  below described lands situated on Lock-  hart creek, ono mile anu one eighth east  from Kootenay lake, commencing at a post  marked northwest corner, lunnlng east  120 chains, thenco north 10 chain.., thence  east 120 chains, thenco south 40 chains,  therce west 120 chains, thence south 10  chains, thence wost 120 chains, thence north  l 40 chains to place of commencement.  ' NELSON SAW _ _*_,AN1NG MILLS, Ltd.  Nelson. B. C. AuKUBt 16th. 1901.  NOTIOE.  Owing tn dinner, in iniim. ement oil accounts  i dun tho Hotel Humo Qouiptny, Ltd.. mn. t bo  I paid to mo on or bofore tli�� liOth day of Soptem-  _or, 1001.   If not, bame will hn -ifacert  in  tho  .bands of a collect or. ,T. FRRD HUME.  NeUon, B C, Soptembor20th. 1WI.  NOTIOE.  NOTICE i. li. reby given that I intend lo op. Iy  nt the nexc sitting of the Board of I_cc_.o Com-  raisslooors for the City of Nelson to bo hold ot/  tho expiration of thirtydav. fiomihedatohoieof,  for a tiansfer of tlio Ketail Liquor Liceni**. now ���'  held hy me for tho premises known  ai tho  .Bodega Saloon, situato on tho eHRt half of lot  _i_e ('1) in block one (1). ip the ea-d Cily of Nel-   ,,  son, to Wilham Walmsley and Kdward C. Dav   \ii  idfon, bolh of the said City rf Ncleon. "  Dated this llth day of September. 3801.  _____ W. G. HOB1NSON,  Witness: E. C. Davidson.  NOTICE.  "We heg to notify the merchants smtl hu-*ines  men of Neloon tt>.it we have purchased tho busi-  ntss and Rood will of tho Pacific Transfpr Company, whioh it is our mtei lion of mcoiporating  ���with the buiine-i of tho Nelson _reighting S5  Transfer Company, wo remain ynuis'  K. n. WILLIAM*-,  Manager Nelson F. & T Co,  t**&S*��***-***&-*_*>ii* D ___N99**  A  NOTIOE  Notice is hereby given that I intend to  apply at the next sitting of the board of  license commissioners for the City  of Nelson, to be hold a_ter the expiration  of thirty days from the date hereol, for a'  transfer of the retail liquor license now.  held by me as the representative of the  John Johnson estate, for the premised  known as the Silver King Hotel, situate on  Baker btreet, In the said City of Nelson,  on Into 7 and S in block 10, bu .-.division of  lot 95, to M. A. Nalsmlth of the said City  of Nelson- CAROLINA. THELIN. I  Witness: G. A. THELIN. I  .___-___ tbis ___ day of September, ISM,  .�� jy^��^ �� nny -to>.J.> f ��� ^  ���-*f ��� .^.fc-rt s '������"_  ���' <7^y^J0^^^^m  THE - F_L&0_T'.TBIBOTE;' THUBSDAT.'MORNING; ^SEPJEMBER- 26,. 1901  BANK 0 E lOMWAL  OAPITAIi. all paid UP"--^^.^-^  RTOSI'    7,000,0-0.-0  U_IDIVX_>B1_) PKOFITS       427.lli0.80  Lord Strathcona and Meant Royal ...Prosjdonb  Hon. Goorgo A. Dt diamond... . v:oo-President  __ S. Clov_ton .ae:-oial Managor  _, KLSON BRANCH  --   Corner EA_cr and I-_.o_.iwj-- Stroot".  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  THE CANADIAN  T.  Branohea in London (England) Nkw York,  CniOAQO, and all the principal cities iu Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transtors. ,  Grant Commorcial and Travelers' Crodlte,  available in any part of tho -world.  Drafts Issued, Collootioas Mado. Sta,  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRENT BATK OB1 INTKRK8T PAID.  THE  DOCTRINE  OF FORCE  Y. U'H WHIOH 13 AMALGAMATED  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  88 000,000  -      -      -   $2,000,000  ACCiiECATE RESOURCES OVER 366,000,000.  Paid.-up Capital,  Reserve Fund.  Hon. Geo. A. Cox,  Presidont.  B   E. Walker,  Gcnoral Manager  London Olllce, 60 Lombard Streot. _J. C.  Haw Yurie  OUien, 10   _.__cba_Ke   Place,  aud C_ BLU'chOa in Canada and the        <  United Stolen.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three per oont.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelsou Branch.  As Set Forth in Anarchist Manuals.  Tho Buffalo correspondent of the New  York Herald reports that Czolgosz carried with him the creed of the Anarchist  society to which he belongs, and a  pamphlet detailing adyice for successful assassination-issued by an organization whose avowed purpose is murder.  Those have been found by the police*  and are m full below. They comprise  two- of the most cruel documents ever  issued by human beings. In full detail  and with marvelous cunning such recruits as Czolgosz were initiated into the  mystcues of the order. A manual purports to gne instruction for assassins.  It is constiucted in so cunning a manner that a man like Czolgosz must have  surely been impelled with, a desire to  follow out its directions. This manual  13 the work of the Free Society, of which  .the Anarchists now under arrest in Cln-  <cago, are said to comprise many of the  members of the executive committee. It  is the most sensational proof of an existence ot"a plot yet-discovered. A copy  of it is as follows:  ANARCHISTS' MANUAL.  -."We hereby bind oursol.es together  to advocate and work for the destruction of the existing social jpidev, with  Ats laws and institutions,! and the com-'  'mon division of property. xWe hold it to  be self-evident that the government, the  law, tho schools, the churches and the  press are in the pay and under the control of the capitalists, and will; never  consent to.the laborers' demands unless  -.compelled'by foice. We maintain that  all property owned by coiporations and  individuals should be destroyed, and all  capital which' has been produced^ by  labor should bo transferred into common property, for it is only when capital is made common ~aud indivisible  that all can be made to partake fully  and freely of the fiuits of, common, activity. Only byvthe impossibility of ac-4  qumng-v capital can everyone be"~ compelled1-to work who* claims a right to  live As in-former times' no privileged  class ever relinquished its tyranny. No  moro can we take it for granted that the  capitalists of the present day will forego their privileges and their authority  without compulsion.' -*���  "It is, thereto e, self-evident that the  light of the prolotariat against the upper  and middle classes must'he of a violent  c_.ai_.cter, and that mere wage conflicts  can never lead to the goal We show by  numerous illustrations that all attempts  that have been made in 'the past to do  .i'.av with existing monstrous social  systems through peaceful means���for  c> ample, the ballot box���have been utterly useless, and will be so m the* future We know, therefore, that the ruling  olass will not voluntarily relinquish  their prerogatives, and" will make no  cone, ssions to us. *  "Under-all these circumstances theie  is cnlj-_pne_remedy_left__force,  "Our platform is simple, and divided  as follows*  "(1) ' Destruction of cxistms diss  domination through inexorable revolution and international aetivitv.  "(2) The building of a fi ec society on  communistic organizations or productions.  "(3) Free exchange of equivalent pro  ducts through the productive organisation, without jobbing and profit-niakln*.  "(4)  Organization of the education .1  system upon non-religious lines and on  an ooual basis for both sexe*\  ,   "(5) equal rights for all without distinction of race or sex.  "((j) The regulation of public aff.irr.  through agreements between the independent commune and confederacies."  THB CENTRAL SOCIETY.  Leon Czolgosz. asserts that he belong-  to the   International   Arbeiter Ze.t_nr,.*|_iea��� to detection of'any'kmd" This rule  which is divided into eighty .groups of  Anaichists. It _. rule, by a central  committee, located in Chicago, of which  the members are said to be ,Abra . __..  Isaak, Michael Ro.o, Alfred Schnider,  Henry Trevagilo, and Morris Pox.  Indirectly the Free Society is connected with the Arbeiter Zeitung. The Fiee  Society has issued large quantities of  printed material, 'a key to which is now  in the possession of the police of Buffalo  and Chicago. Physical force is the doctrine that is"taught at all times Opposition to society as it now exists is  the watchword. Special stress is laid  .ipon success.  Among the belongings of Czolgo.z was  found a manual of instructions for the  successful execution of An irchical assassinations by knife or buHet, together  with complete details or plans and a  method of supplying the assassin with  funds Rules for his conduct under all  circumstances are supplied The word**  "murder" and "assassination" are not  used, but for them is substituted "cv.nt"  and "action."  HOW TO BE AN ASSASSIN  Tho manual contains the following  "There will be three periods in a**y  event:   (1)   The period  of preparation  for the action;  (2) The moment of the  action Itself; .-(3)  The .portion of time  ������which'- follows the deed.  .   "It is easily comprehennible to every.  body that the danger of,discovery is the  Y-atcater' the more* numerous .the number  '���of'''people or the group which contcni-  usual way, who does not live at the placo  of 'actiori.'  "Whoever is'selecteu and willing to  execute the'deed must put the question  to himself and answer it to the satisfaction of his comrades, as well as his  own, whether he is able or not to carry  out the action himself. If he gives perfect assurance of sufficient mental control and resolution to perform the deed  singly, let him absolutely initiate no  one in the matter, and let him act alone.  But if that is not the case, let him look  with greatest care' for just as many fel-'  lows as he must absolutely have���nai  more, no less' Let there be no discussio/  of the deed in groups, for uselesss debates develop and the danger of discovery is .enhanced. Let the. con_rad6 or  comrades observe pei feet silence. If  there is any talk then the thing is at  once hung upon a. great bell, and it  would soon reach the ears of the 'men  who hear the grass grow and the fleas'  cough.' 'Does the selected man1 possess,  head as well as hea-;?'*'Ha_ the formation of the plan been perfected?' 'Is  the manner of execution clearly understood? These answered in the aftTrmative  then let 'action' follow with the'greatest  possible, swiftness! Let there be no delay, tor now you move within the scope  of tho greatest danger, for you may be  detected; you may have committed treason or conspiracy, and may, be apprehended before you have an opportunity  of leaping the* piecious'. fruit of your  design. So, let us repeat, when these  points are settled,,strike without delay.  POISON AND SUCCESS. j  "As to 'action' and me scene.of 'action,' select personally that point' of  vantage which seems to absolutely insure success, even, though some.com-'  lade must absolutely sacrifice himself.  ".Success' Success! Success!, must be  the watchword, for there is nothing .like  the success of an action to "inspire an  impulse for a new deed. Too great care,  therefoie, cannot be exercised in select-'  ing the scene 'of action. If a sacrifice is  necessary; let the comrade leinember  that his death is a martyrdom to.the  cause, and his memory will be cherished  as a patriot Life at its -best is fleeting  and. full'of mystery. What comrade  would hesitate to'give away his breath  tor 'such-a-glorious moment' But'valiant comrades must not _acnfi.ee themselves needlessly, lecklessly, or foolishly, "so it. is imperative that all deeds  should be done singly when practicable,  or, if not, by as few a number as possible.  "Owing" to a failure of a number of J  'actions' the idea is hereby suggested of  poisoned weapons intended to be used  ior assault; the best suggested is cur-  ari, for it is absolutely fatal, whether  admmistcied through the*agency of a  knife ,01*^ a bullet It is, however, very  high-priced. Verdigns is quite effective  and inexpensive All poisons must be  prepaied immediately befoie using, or'  they lose their effectiveness and become'  innocuous..  TO  AVOID  DETECTION."  "Should a comiade desire j.o addiess  an as-*oc_ato in writing, use a fictitious  .address,_vhich_shouUWbo���frequently-  changed. Never mention the true name  of a confederate, let alone write it  Never make a communication of a fact  which is not necessary for your associate to Know. Ciphci letters or messages  are not desnable Cipher is a suspicious  method of communication and it. veiy  liable to detection. Theie are several  kinds of invisible inks (loceipes aro  here given) which can bo lead when held  before a bnght light But these are so  common that the police know them,  and generally apply all known tests to  any suspicious-looking , blank -paper,  when communications are written in Invisible ink, use tho margin of a complete  newspaper, which may not arouse suspicion. If a communication of any kind  is'received, destroy it at once, completely, by flre.  "Never retain any thing which may  n /_     _���_-_     /**_��_--_-__-'___��_     ___!    _____    l .1 '    mi    * _. _  PEBIAL M  OIE1    CSJ&JSr-AJIDJ��.   -I  _��____)  OFFICE. TORONTO. ,  , ->.      _____% -- ;  Capital (paid up) . -   $2,500. OOP  Rest       -      -      -    S 1,850,000          '      i  H. S. HOWLAND President.  D. R. WILKIK Geueral Manager.  E. HAY Inspector.  J 'savings bank DEPARTMENT. '  THB i CIT______   KATK   OF   IKTERKST   ALLOWED.'  T -     .     .       _   i ��� ip  Nelson Branch*���Bums Block, 221 Baker  1 Street.  *. *-     _ V ' d.' "_M. LAY,' Manager.  , -. . :|  manent groups are .the sources from  which' the necessary pecuniary means  are drawn, for the. continuance of our,  pledged, inexorable activity. Comrades  engaged in action'will be liberally supplied with funds for all occasions. From  these( permanent groups- active, tested  men wlir.be recruited,for, the,cause,.as  excellent- opportunity is afforded to  study the devotion and stability of  members herein."   ,  *$ff?i *"00'"00' 0* '0* '0* '00' f0t '0* '0* '0*' 0*.\\0*' 00'0^^^'0^0^0^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^-^'^^^S^m  *1.v*v -*_      .1  it * uA-^l  *:-:ih  m  We are Waiting for You, and will  Give You "White Treatment."   i  'fife " Y"ou,never *-8at of our customers kicking.   Not inuch!   They all get'"Whito Treatment"���  ���Mr *big and'little alike���-that's* why.  'The man we have never-seen, who 'send,_ his orders by,mail, is  f&\ served with  ther same 'satisfaction as the man who buys over the counter.   The "Besfin the  ..___' House" goes oub on "raemo-'-if' the customer orders "The Best in the House."   We're not afraid--  "f5 ot losing outright sales between'the going out and .coming b'ack-of the goods.   You don't have  f&\ *�� send-a dozen times^before the right thing is delivered.   Our stock of Watches and Diamonds'  good people "to deal wifch/don'teyou think?  ____   isso la,rge tlia* Soods out on "memo" don't handicap us once in a dog's age. ' Ought bo bo pretty*  F JR B ������ A.o J      ���^ ---__������*.- __      4-.---V      #3 A�� 1        _-���_._ _���_-_ W _-_-_-_ * _��� .     -TT-*-- _        _._>-ivtl.     __  1 _'a./1|  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee. Roasters  i __i-_-_i__���  i     ���    ��� ��� ���-. ���  Dealers in* Tea and Coffee  ************************  ), Wo aro offorinfr at lowest prloes tbo best  grade - of Ceylon, India, _____ and Japan  Toas.    ' ' *-  ���  Onr Best*, Mooha and Java Coffee, per  - pound .'. $  40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 ponnds    1 00  Choico Blend Coffeo, 4 pounda    L. 00  Spocial Blond Coffoo, 6 pounds .'.    1 00  Rio Blend Coffee, 6 pouud_  '1 00  Special Blend(Ceylon Tea, per pound    -SO  A .TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED., '  $\ Elgin and .Waltham' Watches, all manner of Cases, and Diamonds.  m    .-...-       : ���   '*' ��   Our 'Watch and Jewelry  Department have no  /��! 'equal-in B. 0.  -All work guaranteed.   Mail orders    ���  *���--���   receive our prompt and careful attention.  - v - a'f **'.  -J*   -.*����  A big and wisely chosen, assortment.;#iFr4'SS  . * V ' ..   * ��� y -,- -  .-, yy y$yzrrii\?m  TV_WPT��   ',TfieVel.^2;p^  A-fl. V#iy,.',>Nel_oiiJ.B.c;^1  J * rt P* -. _ _      **���. _���___���   -< A  &*t0*0**00'f&  fitS^��� "^  , ^0, 00, 00 , 00, 00, 00,00 . 000 .00.0.0 , 0.  '__^^^'_^J__^_^_a^_-^_l��'S^__._r'  EALPH CLARK,  .      I. Q. NELSON,  ' Undertaker, Night Call 238.      > '   .Managor.  KOOTENAI GOFFEE CO.  ~ry*- \r   4  r   -     k -r-Teleplione 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  ���WEST BAKER, S-fREET, NELSON. |  M   1  >  ��� Furniture .Dealers, ;  n Funeral .Directors, i  and Embalmers  ��� ^>'>,__'__,j_i,__'__'a,_fr ��__&��____ .^i. ���s_;r____. ^.* W. >4- w>_>*  ^^^_^*^a_S^-_b>^*.._--^^^___g^^^__r*^^.___g^^i>^^^_P> ^^--i._P^*^__^^^___v<^**-l_____- _-i______. ____���_��__���_���_���__ ______S*^___^^_r  ���70'0'00'00'00'00'00'00'00' *0' __-,-__->r__gr_gr__5r___!-*__--^--^>-*".  ���"        'l     "*'    i * _*'��   ���*���;   . i     ��� * .     -y .~.~H^,.^.^y0. ��� r  *.;u ~ y^- <M iyiM:  - .,-->-^l  J"i'-h$����l  fM'^Ali-l  yytv-Jgm  -' 'Z^mi  ^-.���^v*j*"_r  ���*���"��� ' '/�� . rtSti   . ���_   -  k *.-.l,_i <--.  ��� _.  Worth  Vor.  Oak   Center;Tables $3 50 ,  ?2 75*  . -B0,  Oak   Center " Tables.'.4.::/ ." 6 0.  '3 75;  Oak    Leather--Seat���raney    ]  1  Rocker,. 4 50  S'rb,  E'm Toldlng^Talle...^ .r5 00,  3 75,  Elm^l-'oldlng-  Table 6 00-  . 4 25,  Caner Veranda i Chairs 8 00  4 50,  Cane Veranda Rpckers 6 50  .4 7b'  H-                  -.    r             ,1w    ,             -I                                                    "  -001EIW  'On the'conbtructlon ol the Arrowhead &  Kootenay. railway ln the'Lardo district.  HIGHEST WAGES PAID "  In order to secure ^men without delay ���  ordinary labor jWlll be .paid. $2.25 per day1  and axemen ?2 50 per day.        .-      ,  GOOD STATION WORK  ' CAN BE SECQRED.  For   further   particulars   apply   to  Nelson Employment Agencies or to  o *> - tu a utowh,.  0f|  the  T  SFS  ____, N_T._MAOLEOD._Ma_ agei*._  All Kinds of Teaming and -Transfer  '   ���   v. Work. *���(  Agentnfoi Haid nnd Sort Oortl. Itnperliil Oil  C'ouipuu,, VVi-Hlii-igK.. Bu-.'-., Limo <&. Alttnn  toe' ui'Iiig Comp_ii>. Guquj ul uurjuiuorol.ll cujttmb-  aadbroliuis. * *  All coal and wood alrictly cftrih on dollvory.  *TTi;i.JIJI��WO��*ff 117  QffioH 184. SaKar St.  ��� j t ��� ������{  TO . MAKP>,.ROO__ FuR OUR FALL,,  -'STOCK OF'CARPETS AND RUQS '  f*-   Jif, -     WlL,l_''*ao   AT   COST. '   -'  i     >-_ i -    '    n   . '       II  C03yE_F_A__15r"3_:  ll *  ' '*���-./).  ;;. OFFICE: BAKER STREET WEST/'HELSOJ), ,B. C.  TELEPHONE flO, 219;   P. 0. BOX 688."  ���a fc __��?( _*�� ^ ^^?*^Nt_5T-ii*i-^S'_-  " i notioe,.;  Courts of Assize,.Nisi Vprlus.'-'Oyer arid���*-���������*' . a?_SS1  Terminer   and'General, ifeli.iry A.Ulfbi S^W&i  __ * w  ; iqARBtE,:BUILDING STONE,  BRICK AND tl_1E ���"��� *.".'"'���   Y  7   * v ' ** *      t . .. - .  fs '; T The' Mansfield; Manufacturing; Company,:*;.  . ..have 4he above5mentibried^building: n_aterials7J^  ^fqr'sale at reasonable' prices!;^ Special quotas/ -  v 1 tions . to  builders -, andfV contractors.' for3large':.  ��� orders.   ��� '7*y> ��� ���,    y* ^^r^ -,1    . ..-v^1' j tfy  'TO  CLEAR���B__BT." CARRIAGES   AND  GO C_R1S  AT-LK_��S  TilAN  COST.  r- 1    \       r- -  -- ���     . < '  i_>  For. Stoves: and,  , ,  Furnaces'    "���   �������� <    -  ,     I       ! ' ,  'j. 1-,  Ddiveretfor-bn Track  inany. Quantity.  LE^VE ORDERS *  WITH ..      .  Chas, A. Waterman & Co.  _ll4 and-i5,K.2W._C-_BlockJ_  ORDER'  EARLY' ��0 * AS   TO  - GET,,PROMPT   DELIVERY  applies especially to any enterprise directed against roprosentativs of obnoxious institutions or legislative officials.  A deed should never be talked, about,  but silently pursued Avoid the society  of all suspected persons, remembering  'that those "who are not with you are  against you. After a deed-is''designed  make no new friends. f  ADVICE AFTER ARREST.'  "In the event of arrest, self-composure  in arrest is absolutely essential. Only  when arrest can be successlully resisted  should theie be any attempt at it made  If the authorities who arrest you are of  small mental calibre and are in the  dark, acting merely upon suspicion, submit quietly In an examination by a  judge admit nothing except what you  know the authorities can positively  prove against you, always having m  mmd your alibi or whatever defence is  proposed. When all means of defence  are exhausted, then let the prisoner defend his deed from the viewpoint of  true Anarchy, and convert the defendant's seat into a speaker's stand. Keep  up a hope as long as possible, but when  you arc irredeemably lost use your respite, for /the. propagation of. your,, principles,- and meet your".-' punishment,  whether death or imprisonment, with  the unfaltering calmness of. a patriot.  FUNDS PROMISED.    .;  y  "Funds will be" furnished. Permanent:  public^ groups of comrades will be formed from time to time.1   There are many  plates the d_-d- When* a'deed: is decided,  now. in existence to serve as a center for  jjpon let*,__ _��a__aae bB;_^ect_4 an the J actire workers in the cause.  TheseYper-'  "FOR SALE    -  5000 Treasury Shares in the Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited. ,  50,000 Treasury Shares in the Royston'Gold Mines, Limited. '  Choice lots In Bogustown.  Properties in all parts of the City.  Apply to .  REaiN"ALD J. STEEL  lt\KKR H.RRKr  B. REISTERER & CO.  BllKWBBa AND _*______! OV  FINE LAGER, BEERJ ALE  AND PORTER,  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.  BREWKRT   AT  NELSON  Ifadden -|ou  Baker and Ward  Streets,  Nelson.  The only hotol ln Nelson that has remained under one management since ISao.  The bed-roonu irn well furnished and  lighted by eleotncu>.  The bar Is always si.cue- nv the best  domestic and Imported; liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MAD_ BIN, Proprietor.  R. McMAHON.  A.  E. GARDINER.  BARBER SHOP.  Robert  McMahon   and   A. YB.   Gardiner  "have leased-the barberyshop in the basement of. ttieVMadden..block, ^southeast, cor- ���  ner of Baker and Ward streets.*.and-will J  be pleased to have the patronago of their'  trienda. ____-t-*___s ______ In connection.  BBAL ESTATE  AND  IISUBAKCE BROKERS  FilT  ������a?1  ORDERS BY. MAIL PROMPTLY ATTEKDED TO  ^_. ���* V*  ��nynr,?if ��� Ya. 0oi-ver' - 8th   October, / 190lf���,Li^#l  urii and criminal.   -.   . , .    ,/>,    '��� Vfe'-^Kl  .City of Rossland, Sth-October,-1^01. Civil5. ^v?U?f.|  Civil and criminal  *t ,<'  OFFICE:* B_KE_ STREET WEST, . ELS0J1, B. C  __t'JlliJM__j.jiiHL.����<i��i-i_ii-i^v��a__.._uii_.-_i_ii_iri..>_i_  <G.01sK.F^L.3<T-^:  Agents for Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage propeity adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be 'bought from us on  two year's time without interest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  BAKER   STREET,   NELSON.  Lighted by Elect, icity^and Heated with,Hot Air,   r.���  Large comfortable bedrooms and first-  class dining room. Sapiple rooms for commercial men.  RATES S2 PER DAY  tV|rs_ E. G. Clarke, Prop  Late of tho Royal Hotel, Calgary  HOTEL   KOSSLAND.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on yernon street. Best dollar a day  house in town. House and furniture new  and first class in every respect. Lighted  by gas. Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  ,week.-No Chinese employed-here. ,  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor.  J. H. McMANUS, Manager.  " Bar stocked with best< brands -of wines,  ilauo-rs, and cJgars. Be��ron di*i_ught. Large  ���eomfortable rooms. First olaos table boaxd. IJ  ioSlt3r.i?*ii NevV Westmhister.,21st'Octoberrf^T,,Mi  b1901.  Civil and criminal.,'--   ',.7 , -i .-*  --.���' ytV li%a  City   of   Vancouver.'_____    nnfnH��i    i__rf ���*.��.&.'���___.  City   of   Vancouver,'-_ 22nd   October,   wn?Jft��f\~.  Civil only. "j    ������r-l*j��     v   t-^ vw>TV*'A'a  nfiuYZni   Greenwood,  22nd \Oct6_er,~ WlM&!*$  Civil'and criminal. -ir. ��-. .A-     ^ Jr'tw 'tAxScA w,.,  t3ty^f Victoria, ,22^ October,* lML-Crlm-M^V^  inal only.    ������ . .  * '    '.'      ���?,        .>-..-. ^^ ,>, '�����H_-'*^">S'pi|  rHC,ify���'.'��.    Kamloops, .,23rd.. pht6Ur&WL'W&i*% '*  Civil and criminal.-  . ,'���*>. ���-^_. * _>,*Ss-S_  City   of   Nanaimo,   3rd "December.', 1901,* -Vfy*-  Ci\il and criminal.' *.    ,-*,, _.*.   >^VV>. J%S?  By- command,--* -J.-. D.., PRENTICE,--_^fe^_t  t. .', , ^ * Provincial-Secretaryri,^-JS-Sr-S  ^?,_.nc1l��  Secretary's  Department, .Jlatty^M  August, 1901  ..    -^H. .1  NOTIOE.1  ���r>v 7-'Zf{%m  y$��m  In the county court-of Kootenay.holdenT^f^^l  '     at Nelson, in'tho matter of,the'estate ..���V'.?^  _l n_l      __��*���_��___ -���      -_ <f       Al__.f_.      _^ . _     _ _���_j _**!.i- *->fli  Notice  bv   hi.-   l.on.,1    c iei  m,     j.   vi   n.t,j;rhi'  22nd day of August,  A.  D   1901, ,Clas*'T.  Swanson  was  appointed .administrator' of  the personal estate and effects of said'de-  .r'stfi  *'^1  ccased-Notico Is also hereby given that all^-*-'';>3l  persons   having   claims   against   the, said j . ��  "IS?  deceased are required  -within-thirty, days    ���-.-   Ut'  of tho date hereof to forward them, with ' r". 7M  full  particulars duly verified by. statutory       sr-..<t.  declaration  to   the  said  administrator  at. "-���������&-'"*_Si  Nelson aforesaid.- ,-"���*     i ��� . -      ���..������*"���.'-*���' y.  And notice is also hereby given that after "v  -JO  such last mentioned date said administra- . -    ,}%,m  tor will proceed to distribute the assets of *   ^ .5S|  tlie said deceased according to law without    '  -'"1����l  regard  to any claims  of which  he shall  then not havo received notice. >   ���>  Dated this 29th day of August, A. D. 1901.  _l.r,lOT'_ LENNIE,"  Solicitors  for  the Administrator.  TREMONT HOUSE  321 TO 331 BAKKR STRKET, NKLSON  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS 25 GENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated py Steam 25 Cents to $1  urns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B. C.  Wiiolesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   TrnU,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silver-on, Ne**��  Denver, Bovolsfcoke, Fer-j-n. on Gn-jtid Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL kinds of  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. 0 BLOCK  WA_B_D. STEEET    .  Y' Y      ;   "OKDBES BY MAIL BKOKTVJS! PROMPT ATrENTION.  E^ C. ^^^^rfl^O^f  OEETIFIOATE   OP* IMPROTEMEHTS  NOTICJJ-CITY MINIORAL CLAIM.  Situato In tho Nelson .Mining Diviblon ^of  West Kootenay District *  Where located: 'About one mile south of  Nelson <  Tako notice that I,'Wiliam John Goepel,  Free Minor'_ Certificate No 50,500, intend,  sixty d.iys. from tlie date hereof, to applv  to the Mining Ttocoider for a Certificate of  ImproNemenl. for tlie purpose-of obtaining a Crown Grant of tlie above cUIm  ,. And fuithei take notice that action under section _7, must bo commenced before  the Issuance of such Certillcate of Im-  piovoments.  .-J-ated���this- lCth^day- ofc^A ugiist.'-A D.-.  1001               AV.   J    COHPEL.  OEETIPIOATE   OP  iSo7____ENTb!  NOT-Old���'_���____ C__A_U'J<_N _H_.i_i_A.J_  claim, situate in tho Nelson mining (11-  \lslon of West Kootenay district. Whero  located: On _*orty-nino cieek abouL _u0  >aida fiom hydraulic dam. Take notieo  that I, 1_ W Matthews, acting as agent  for Henry Samuel Ciotty, free miners  certificate No. bi9,S70, intend, sixty days  fiom the date hereof, to apply to tho mining; lecorcler for a certificate of Improvo-  mi-nt- for the purpose of obtaining a*  crown grant of tho nbovo claim. And  fui ther tako nolico that action, undor section 37, must be commoncod beforo tho Issuance of such certillcate of Improvement-).  Onted this _Rth dav of Jul.. A   Tt   1901.  OEETIPIOATE  OF  IMPEOVEMENTS.  Tiger, Kitchener and Lost Chance mineral claims, situato In tho Nelson mining  division of West Kootenay district. Where  located; On Morning mountain on the east  sido of Sandy creek about ono mile from  the Kootenay river. Take notice that I,  K. Smith, free miners certillcate 65,7G2bc  acting as agent for A. Thorn, free miner's  certillcate 55,070b, Henry 13. Hammond,  freo miner's certificate 55,_J9b, and An-  nandale D Grieve, free miner's certificate  -5,C_*b, intend sixty days from the dato  harcof to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificate of Improvements, for tho  purpose of obtaining a crown **rant of the  above claim. And further take notice that  action, under section 37, L.u��t be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of improvements. R. SMITH.  Dated this 23th day of July, A. I.   1901.  "^1  . - ��_|  St.  <:_M  ''i'l  <'  . I  * rl  -_���_:  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICK���NI_-__ON MINERAL CLAIM,  situate in the Nelson Mining Division of  Wost  Kootenay  District .  Whore located: About one mile south of  Nelbon.  Take notieo that I, John Paterson,  Free Miners Certlticnte No 50.727, intend,  si .ty davs from the dato hereof, to apply  to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant or the above claim.  And furthor take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this ICth day of August A. D.  1901. JOHN   PATERSON.  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE ��� MONUMENT MINERAL  claim, situate in the Nolson mining division of *iV��"t Kootenay district. Whero located: At the head of Grohman creek on  Grohman mountain Tako notice that I,  J.'M. McGregor, acting as agent;for Stevo  Hawkins, froe miner's certificate No.  b50,435, and Louis Strand.Vfree miner's certificate No. b37,293, intend sixty days from  the dato hereof, to apply to the,mining,-e-  corder for a certificate . of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining aycrown grant  that action undor sectlon37, must;be com-  that action, unded section 37, must be commenced beforo,.tho Issuance of such cer- ,,���  ��� tlfloate of Improvements,    .y-.y-v;.'..-.*       M-  '���������������'��� ������':--���:;...'._-���___. McGRKOOR. -V.*  Dated this lSCta day tot*A-_jtn^:_8(_L>K:^ , *. J  '������'*' ���-.'��� xZZxrZxZ: ������:. ZZZ' ���7Z?Z:7Z7MS^SlWM^ \tL-��&r * THE JSTELSON TRIBUNE,  THURSDAY MORNING.,  SEPTEMBER 26   1901  PURSES  T  Ml. dolluv - you --make" is no bigger or better  t lum the dollar yon "save " . Ve do not MAKE  dol nr.*, but. we can SAVE them for you by dealing  wit'i us. Br gin the light way and invest in one of  our fine PURSES. Our goods are all new and our  pric ��s the lowest.   _\To trouble to show them.  W. R Teetzel & Co.  VXTOBIA BLOCK NELSON, B. C.  \y  -,  ll'.'V*  )  *lV-     .  it. y "  .i  ,#���- -'*  _'-. -*���  ��-4.'-* -  "���Sf.'i- =  !_ '  Having added to my stock a large  .range of Youth's Boy's and Children's  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to the public the best variety of these  goods ever shown, in Nelson.  Everything is new and 'up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest' prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine-my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.  ���     '. BalirVeet   ��� J#      J^9     GILKER  \kd^ *���_���___  CITY AND DISTRICT.  Born, at the Kootenay Lake General  Hospital, on Wednesday afternoon, to  the wife of Joseph Harwood, a son.  Readers of this morning's Tribune  should note the changes in three advertisements, namely, W. F. Teetzel & Co.,  Fred Irvine & C, and the Canada Drug  & Book Company.  The two-year old son of J. Donaldson was brought to the Kootenay lake  hospital yesterday with a broken arm.  The little fellow received his injury  while playing with some other children  on the street.  There is not a vacant bed in the  Kootenay lake hospital. Most of the  patients come from outside points,  which may be taken to mean that the  excellent reputation of' Nelson's hospital is more than local.  Both the Madden and Silver King  hotels are undergoing interior alterations, which, when completed, will be  decided impi ovements. In both, comfortable offices and reading-rooms are  being fitted up separate and apart from  the bar-rooms.  James Adams, an employee of the  steamer Rossland, was brought to the'  Nelson hospital last evening with a  number of knife wounds in > his back.  It is said that Adam got into a row near  Arrowhead, in which he was rather*  badly used up. It required several  stitches to close his wounds, but they  are not regarded as serious!  J. A. Macdonald, the architect in  charge of the federal building, will take  a trip to Robson within.the next few  Relays to inspect the pressed,brick.which  are being made at the Robson yard. If  the product of the Robson .yard is up  to the sample the brick 'will be' used,  but otherwise pressed granite brick will  be imported from Spokane.  The broken weather, is having its effect upon the completion of tbe road  to* connect Nelson with .the properties  to the south of the city. W. A. McLean,  road superintendent in' charge $>f the  work, says that with two weeks more  of good weather he'will, have connections made with the roads to the mines  so that the, road can be used for moving supplies. It has not ye. been decided  whether the road will be continued any  further than the necessary* connections  this season.' ���   o  WE ARE SHOWING THE FINEST STOCK OF RATTAN  GOODS EVER SHOWN IN.THE CITY  " -,. ���....>  HAiiOOK  ���/_'..'Now "is your ��� time''to get "a-bargain in ��� these .lines , as, Ave  ".must dispose of them all this month.    If you "want  one ' or  both of these fines the price won't, hinder you.  ���0.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  , I__Dor_er_ and Dealers ln Shelf; and Heavy Hardware. .  '  IF YOU WANT A PERFECT. CUP OF TEA USE  THE'FAMOUS CEYLON      4"  For Purity and Flavor it is Unsurpassed"  Retails at 40, 50 and 60 cents, per pound  Packed expressly for  Wm.   Hunter  &  Co  CKOTEOTHSTG STOEES AT  Silverton, Three Forks, Alamo and Phoenix  William Burns,, principal of the Nor-  'mal school at Vancouver, has issued a  .'circular letter bearing,date of Septem-  .,___" 18tli. It says:'-,"The winter session  of the Provincial, Normal- School  will  commence on Monday, October 7th, 1901.*  Any teacher who is a holder, of a certificate can, if so desirous, attend at this  winter session, instead of the summer'  session of the year in which the certifl-  -cate. expires. Form,of application, and.  any  further  information, 'can  be  obtained from the principal,"  -  - The case of Malone* vs. Ferguson will  come to trial ,at the approaching session  of the county court. This is an action'  dealing with the responsibility of draymen as common','carriers, and for this'  reason"has a' peculiar interest for those  who,employ draymen jn the moving of  goods about the city., Jphn j, Malone,  the plaintiff, is, suing' for $75 as damages. He .employed the defendant,, who  was doing-business as the Pacific Transfer Company, to haul an engine for him.  In transit the engine sustained damages and the plaintiff is suing to recover  the amount of the alleged damage, P,  E. -Wilson, will defena the action for  Ferguson.  was done by the doctor as city health  officer his defense has been undertaken  by the city. The case will come hefore  judge Forin at the approaching session  of the county court, which opens here  bn the 30th instant, and will be followed  with interest, as it is said that there are  a number of other persons who have  claims for alleged damages resulting  from the fumigation of their premises.  Captain Hayward-, who for several  years was connected with the steamboat  services on Kootenay lake, is spending'  a few days in Nelson. The captain is  now giving his attention to mining and  has just returned from a trip through  the Windermere district, in which his  people, a. New York syndicate, have  several claims. Captain Hayward says  there are a number of fine showings in  the district, but it is very backward in  respect to work done when the age of  the district is considered. From the small  amount of work performed he says It is  evident that the system of restaking property must have been followed to a very  considerable extent. The captain says  there are one or two outfits in the district that are making their work count,  but in the greater number of cases the  work has been misdirected.  Nothing new has transpired with respect to the London & British Columbia  Goldfields bond upon the Imperial and,  Eva groups on Lexington mountain in  the Lardo. The second and third pay-  ments-on the bond are now said to have  been passed, but matters have not been  brought to'a head between the holders  of the bond and the Imperial .Development Syndicate.' While the failure of the  London ���& British Columbia Goldfields  to take; up..their bond would be a great  disappointment to! the directors of the  development syndicate it will not deter  them from proceeding with the devel-  opmnt of the property themselves should  such a course be found necessary. The  syndicate has.a heavy payment to meet  upon its'bond upon the property next  month, and while it was expected that  this paymentt would be met. out of the  proceeds from the London & British Columbia  Goldfields   bond,  the -syndicate  have the funds necessary and will meet  the payment. This payment is said to  be in the neighborhood of $27,000.'  -   ��� Ml. l  IMPROVED AIR-COMPRESSOR  NELSON, B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.C.  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  in Kootenayi   Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles.   Winchester Smokeless and  f::Zpy^ii-cu^ ind3^ Winchester Carb[ne and Bouchardt Automatic pist��'' une��uaied  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  RumS^!?   Exuhaustecrf'  -HAand   Shaft  Pumps,  Pipe and  Fittings Steam   Packing,   Leather and  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for .Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  JTTTTTT-TTT_.rTTTTTTT_TT___rr_r*TTTTTTTTT��rTTTTTIT**-^^  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE"  No. 4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Sliver-Lead and Copper Hines wanted at the Exchange.  Free Milling Qold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties having milling property for sale are requested to send samples of their ore to the  .Exchange tor exhibition.   We desiro to hear from all  claims iu British Columbia.  prospectors who havo promising mineral  Prospectors and mining mon aro requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when  In Nolson.  All samples should bo sent by e_presa, Prepaid.  Corroapondonco solicited.  Address all communications to  Telephone 104 ANDREW F.  ROSENBERGER,  P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C.  T TlllI-��--_--l_--l-I-l---r--g*i^TrTTTTTTTTrTrrT^Ti.-rrrT_^^  ROSSL.AIMD   ElVaHVEERIJVa   WORKS  cunlipfjs & McMillan  Founders, Boilermakers and Machinists.  Our orop*_sore  ORB O AXIS, skips, cjfire., ore bin doors, chutes and g-_or_l wrought Iron work  the be.t on tin rw irknt    Write iih for references and full par tlcu-arfi,  SECOND HAND MACHINERY FOR SAI .K.-Ono 5-foot Helion water.--, heel, width (KM feet, "8 to 1_"  spinal __.-___ pipe.   0__ 10_5__3 outside packed plunder bin king pump.    _____ di ifljj, stoping  i__a._t__._-_,  AGENTS NORTMILY JPUJMPS. STOCK CARRIED.  ft, O. Box 2B&  There promises to be trouble at the  next meeting of the city council" with  respect to the sewer main on Victoria  street. It was generally understood that  this sewer was down to a sufficient depth  to permit of the draining of ordinary  basements fronting on m. street, but the  architect~'in"charg. ofthe work on the  Salvation Army barracks is credited  with the statement that the sewer main  has not' a sufficient depth to drain a  7-foot, basement in the army building  and permit of the fall called for under  the city by-law, It is said that the sewer  main tis .? inghes too high and $i& it  ^vill have to be relaid in order to' take  care 'of the drainagu irom the army  building, ,  Recent arrivals from Manitoba report  that the harvesting in that province,  which has furnished employment for  some 18,000 men is about over and that  a considerable number of the men who  have been engagod in the work may. be  expected to move west in search of further employment on the railroad work  now going on in this province. Most of  the men employed in the harvest fleld3  of Manitoba wero drawn from different  paits of Ontario. This season harvester's  wages have ranged from $1.75 to $2 per  day with board. It is said that there will  be employment offering on the different  .railway lines now in course of construction in this province for at least 1500  Of ,the harvesters if they care to take it.  Herbert Preen, the Grand Forks man  arrested at Robson on Tuesday evening  upon a charge of obtaining: goods upon  false pretenses, has decided to comn*gnqe  an action against the men in "Graijxf  Forks who are responsible for his arrest, Qrcon adimits that he oTVed- a  small amount for board, but that just  having recovered from an attack of illness and being unable to work he p .id  what he could on account and retained  only sufficient money to take lum to his  home at/ High River. If tho. payment of  the amount of the account is necessary  to the securing of hig liberty Green saya  he will pay, but this will not affect his  suit for damages against those who are  responsible for his arrest and detention,  in the city lockup.  Patented by a Nelson Man.''  ���-Aldefman ��� Patterson is an inventor';  an inventor' who *" has  obtained ' letters  patent from the United States for a creation of his brain.'    The invention is  a useful^improvement in hydraulic air-  compressors, and the letters patent are  dated September 17th, 1901.   The s'peci-  flcations/which are a part of the letters  patent, ^describe   the   invention ��� as   a  simple andi.efficient apparatus for com-;  pressing, air.,aV mines and other places  -in districts'where there are streams' of  -water having a high head "and whose energy is available for'the purpose of compressing air, the' latter adapted to.be  utijized for operating drills, hoists, and  other mechanical appliances. , A further  object of the" invention is to brovide an j  apparatus'/of a portable ' nature  which I  necessitates the construction of certain  of the parts of comparatively light ma-  , terial, which is a feature of considerable  importance "in a mountainous country,  because ofthe fact'that the apparatus  must. ofttimes be transported by pack-  animals, and, furthermore,, to provide  means for (reinforcing ��� these   comparatively light parts of the apparatus in  order- to secure the requisite strength  and stiffness to withstand' the service.  '  The invention   cannot   well   he   described with a drawing.   The water received at the upper part of the machine  is allowed to come in contact with the  free air as it traverses a long pipe or  conduit,    and    during < its    progress  through the upper, section of the machine the water becomes   impregnated  or   commingled   with the   air   which  passes through the conduit with it, said  -conduit���being-provided���to-convey���the  air and water from the upper part of  the machine1 to the lower part thereof.'  This water and air conduit may be laid  down in the most convenient manner  to suit the inclination of a mountain or  other    elevation.      The     commingled  water and air on arriving at t;l_. lp-wer  part, of thg machine, iu.Jliere separated,  the water being allowed' to escape, while  th'e air, being under compression, is con*  veyed away from the apparatus to tho  machine whioh is to be operated by its  energy.  The patent was secured through the  agency of Marion & Marion of Montreal.  PERSONALS.  John Peck of'New Westminster, who  as chief inspector of boilers and machinery for the province has been installing  George Madigan in Nelson as local inspector for district C, leaves this morning for the Coast. He will go out via  ,Sandon.  ported infractions of the law in connection with the recent importations of  strike breakers from the United States.  Mr. Williams has given great satisfaction in all eases under the Alien Labor  ���Act that have been referred to hiinand  if there have been infractions of the law  at Rossland he may be counted upon  finding if out and seeing that the men  are deported and the offenders punished.  Mr. Williams is'a pronounced labor man  -with liberal tendencies and some years  ago unsuccessfully contested one of the  Hamilton seats in the Liberal interest.  AT THE HOTELS.-  PHAIR���L. Brooke, Pincher Creek;  A. K. Roden, England; Frederick McLaine and- bride, Midway; John Meikle-  john, Greenwood; H. L. A. Keller; Ferguson.  QUEENS���Mrs. J. . Sullivan, Lardo';  S S.'Arnold, Toronto; John Bell, Slocan;  Robert Wilson, Greenwood; James Mc-  Ardle, Grand Forks.   .  GRAND CENTRAL���H.' Eldrige,- Colorado; Frank Unfried, Kaslo; W. Montgomery, Ymir; John B. Winlaw, Slocan  River mills.  HUME���A. French, Vancouver; Geo.  .W. Hale and wife, Toledo, Ohio; .Sam  Newswander, Kaslo; Dr. Walkem," Nanaimo. ���  NELSON���F. W. Sherman, Spokane;  S. A. Podfleld, Victoria.  TREMONT ��� Sam Burton, Proctor;  William Cloffyf Salmo.   ' ~. ���  Mining; Records  The following locations were, recorded  at, the Nelson recprd office ��� yesterday.1  Comstock. ~ on the south fork, of Sheep  and Wolf ^ creeks,'three miles above the  -Yellowstone, by John "P. Bell;   Yellow  Quartz, three and-a half, miles east of  ,Yellowstone,  by John, P.-Bell;   White  Quartz, between south and middle forks  of* Sheep   creek, ��� by' John  Waldbeser;  Virginia, on the south fork .of Sheep  and Wolf creeks, three and half miles  above' the - Yellowstone,. by' Mrs.  C. L.  Horton;   Observatory," at  the ' head  of  Sixteen-mile  creek,  on  the  divide between  the headwaters  of. Sixteen  and  Clearwater creeks, and about eight miles  east of the N. &. F. S. railway, by William, M. Fee. ��� ���        ���'--,-'.       '  Canadians Are' Prize, Winners. -T"'  .TORONTO, September 25���Details of  Canadian prize winning in live stock at  the . Pan-American exposition are now  available and show that the", Dominion,  badly outclassed the States on their own  ground, Canada with a fourteenth of  the population of the United States took  .3000 in cattle prizes,"/compared, with  .3800 for United States exhibitors.    ,  IF THIS DOESN'T BRING YOXj|  YOU'RE   OUT  OF  TOWN.  OUR GENU!  SALE  for   time   to   come,  goods.    Therefore  Wek  we   are  Shall   stand   as a   record-breaker  would rather- count   dollars   than  going to trade everything for dollars  that   we  possibly  can.  That is why our stock of Clothing and   Gents' Furnishings  are going ��to be sold at such low prices.  These prices show the extent of the reductions :  Mens' Tweed Pants, worth $3.00 for $2.50.  Mens' Worsted Pants, worth $4.00 for $2.75.  ' Mens' Blue Beaver Overcoats,'worth $12 for $8.  Mens' Grey Tweed Overcoats, worth $12.50 for $8.50.  Mens' Serge and   Tweed   Suits,   former  price   $14  and  $16, now $9.50 and $10.       a * >1  'See our Mackinaw Coats at $3.50 usually   sold   for   $5.,}  7 lb. Canadian Grey Blankets now $2, worth $3.50.  ,   All Rubber goods at cost.  ���    A personal inspection will convince,you.  Dr. Walkem of Nanaimo, who for  several years, represented South Nanaimo in the provincial legislature, is  in Nelson. The doctor is considering  the matter of pulling out of Nanaimo,  and his present trip is with a view to,  hitting upon a new location.  Wedding Presents  WeThave a large selectiorT  of articles suitable for wedding presents���bought for  that purpose���in sterling  .ilver, stiver plate and cut  glass.  It will pay you to call and  compare prices. We are  giving the best values in  the city..  BROWN BROS  Opticians and Jewelers.  BAKER STREET' NELSON  fisiiiess  AUCTION SALE  DRY GOODS  GENTS  FURNISHINGS  BOOTS AND  SHOES  HATS AND  CAPS'.  OUR NEXT'  AUCTION' SALE  \yTLL BE HELD ON  WEDNESDAY EVENING  A-T-8-0'GLOCI_>  MEANTIME ALL GOODS  ARE BEING SOLD BY  PRIVATE SALE AT  LESS THAN  WHOLESALE COST  -'JDd" Williams, the special officer of  the Qgrnlnjon' ggvgr_.__.pt wno looks  after reported infractions of the Alien  Labor Act, came down on the steamer  from Arrowhead last evening on his  way to Rossland to inquire into the re-  FISHING TACKLE  15 RODS LEFT  THIRD AVENUJE, BOSSZ-AND. J  x^f^^y.^^r^^^f^^^^^T"^'.  .���JS*-*"**.'**.~*7. N**-"  In the case of Drs. Hall & Rose vs.  Dr. LaBau, a demand was filed yesterday for a jury. This case is an action  brought by the plaintiffs against Dr.  liollnw, who as medical health officer  fumigat-d the offices of Drs. Hall and  Rose, and the plalntifljs claim damaged  surgical instruments -��__! furniture to j  tho texteat of' ��350. As*. flig fnmigation 1 __. w.-C. ato-k.  .7:ZX'77 ���.",,    ������        ��� . ...y'4    '"*;.*-      XZ:''    "  ^���*tf-r<V;^>'._^'r^^^  25 PER CENT REDUCTION  COME AND SEE THEM  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  THEY ARE THE BEST  You can get them at  MeDONALD'S  Baker Street.  R. B. REILEY  fti. Ci.'BSSOB TO YH. D. ASHCBOFT.  4/+K0   &l*s jfU<4sf~ 4<rf  &*Mr  I0M TEA  J. A. IBYIM I CO.  The best In the market, in 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.  GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street.  TELEPHONE 39.  P, O. BOX 527.  DRUG & BOOK CO.  Ctomnr .?_-__. Mad ______ fite  BLACK8MITH AND WOODWORKER  EXPERT HORSESH.EIHC.  Special attention; given to all kinds of  repairing and custom work from . outside  points.  Heavy bolt* ______  to -_r__r <_p  ______ ___U__i ������  Nelson Saw  JiiijyE _-���____-;__>_  CHARLES HILLYER, President.  HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Have just leceived 3,0f0,_*. foet of log* from Ida ho, and we _ro pyopnxed to ont the laigeafc bill  imber of any dimensions or lengths.   J_sl" '" -*������     ���  doors, and mouldings in Kootenay.  of timber of any dimensions or lengths.   J_stiinaie8 given at any time.   The .largest stock of Bash.  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KIMBS OU HA1M>  o___icB____DX__a___i cornier______< and_r_co__r_a*i_B__ra  **,TW "**!* ���?���'.�� .���yw��_-___.���--if,<���*>"���(* TTjt^f sir.. '.*\ *_���* /������,. ,v .-s t,-i_s *���*= y bt;-i,.* _--�� \;> .*,��v**"-.='


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