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 ESTABLISHED  1892  WEDNESDAY  M0R_$T1_>.G,  SEPTEMBER  18,  1901  - 1  .        - . *      .       _���   ,*,-.*���   i      ,-.       _rV^Ar_M_:l  DAILY EDITION- V,ZsTm  ROBERT H, HAMILL KILLED  STRUCK  BY   FALLING  ROOK   IN  THE ARLINGTON MINE.  inch a man, and his sudden taking off  will bo sincerely regretted by a wide  circle of friends.  It is not known yet whether the coroner will deem an inquest necessary,  but the scene of the accident will doubtless be visited by James McGregor, the  inspector of mines for this district.    ��  Victim Was Frightfully Crushed About  ytiie -Legs and pied Three Hours Yy  ���"'/.. Y/:/y'After :.tbe:;Accideh1i.':';YY*'YY:yv^Y  JS,irV-,.i.--rJ-.-r.  ' Robert-HYHami^  K.seven;mohtl_S'lias beeuy_mplbye_^tjth.e*  '' Arlington' ihihe Ya!s y f bremahpmiet Ywith?  /'a frightful accident; in/one, of :;theyArl-  ihgtph���-stopes''.-yesterday.)morning which  I .resulted jri^is deathy three; hours later.  lilustVhOW; the : accidentYbcciirred is not  .���knownYat:.:present^'ais*:^heY;pnly man with  (the foreman; at the time of the accident  .s'yspYba^lyJ-injufecl-that/he cannot be  (.pWmitted'tbYtaik.vY   yY; *: Yv  |Tl*^fa;tality:^ui*red;afewininutes be-  Ifore���;tlieymenybn^theyday shift started  , toy enter-the* i^ new stope  JwhichYwas; ju^ up. The  l-supposition^"i_/.thaL.yHamilli;was examin-  TingYtheiworkYdfythe f men/who had been  j'blMting Yin/; they stopeY onY the previous  Thighi' and/that Ythe accident'ywas caused  pyythe yfallirig of sbine'rocl. from the roof  |whicli;had;becbme:*lbp^s^^ the blast-  i.ng.YThe Y^se^ rock was  fi-he/firstYir^iniati^ had  Ithatyther-iywasyh-hything^wron    in the  I stdpe^Theyystarted ;inyat yonce to inves-'  Jti_atdvand found tlie fb'remah, and BerL  IPorter, who was with him, pmned to the  l-floor. From tho position in which Ham-  lill 'was found and the Injuries he "re-  |cei.*e_, it .was evident that the heavi.bi.  l-pieces pf tlie rock struck him across the  |l_gs, the supposition being'that some of  j the 'smaller pieces knocked him* down,  I after which he was caught by the larger  pieces which had sufficient, weight and  force to^crush both logs in a'frightful  manner. *" ���-        '       , '  Bert- Porter, who'was caught with  Hamill m the tailing 'rock, also received painful injuries. He was struck  first on-the back ot the* head, the. blow  inflicting painful wounds and 'knocking  iiim down." While, in a prostrate ^position  ���other pieces of rock-fell" upon the^side  of his' face, breaking his jaw. Porter  showed* wonderful-nerve. Although badly hurt himself,' he refused to allow the  f ~vcscuei*s',t_.'"do anythingYfor^_iim,_insist-  1 '< ing' that *, they" should concentrate all  their energies in. getting, the foreman  out. Hamill was conscious when the rescuers reached him, but was so badly in-,  -jured about the legs as,well as internally that he was powerless to help  Iiimseli. He was carried at once to the  "bunk house, and Porter very pluckily  made the quarter of a mile on foot with  the assistance of a c.uple' ot mineis.  A messenger was at once dispatched  from Ythevmine YtoYErieY on-horse back,  " aridYDr^.Duhcah//:was summoned from  Ymir,;but^bef6r_:iheyarrived had  l:reathed-his iastYHelretained consciousness 'up -till ���*withinYaY'few-Y moments of  'his.:d���ath*ahdYtheYlaS-LreqUest that he  YmadeY,was:.that/ hisvbbdyvbe buried m  I' .Tancouver. beside that':of. his wife.  "'���'.��� ZB^ZFort&'sfZwoimdsZ: were   dressed  aha'. lie'Ywas*.Yrehioved Y16'Y.the  Miner's  itY_T��ipitalVat^ymirr"Hisvwbunds_are"very  I painful;but the doctor does.not regaid  them' as- serious. -Y/ vY  TheYbbdy'ofAlIarriill was brought to  Nelson* onYthe .Spokane "train last evening and taken* to -the undertaking pallors of'J. G. Bunyan" & Company, where  if will be prepared, for burial.  Y*'���;*,H.- YE. YT.Y-Haultain. ;manager of the  Arlington received' a telegram about 9  i o'clock yesterday morning notifying him  I that the foreman had met with an accident; an/i he caught/the .morning train  I out,-'-but did not- arrive.at the mine un-  I till'after-Hamill/died. He at once gave  orders to shut the mini* down and about  45 of the men accompanied the body  I to the city to attend the.funeral, which  -will vtaUre   place   this   afternoon   at   3  (o'clock from the undertaking parlors of  J. G. Bunyan _. Company to the C. P,  I Hi depot en route for Vancouver, where  jthe' interment will take place. The body  Ixill be accompanied by one of the broth-.  |__s' of the deceased, who was employed  |at* the mine with him and who was one  Jjf the first to reach him after the "acci-  Ident.'.'���,������;'��� y:/'Y:;;;YYY ./YY':-'..'; YYvYY/yYY././,  HYEvT. Haultain, manager of the Arl-  lington, was a warm yt*rsonal friend of,  ]tlie deceasedY and was .intimately asso-  fciated with him ��� iny mining for several  .ears both in West Kootenay and Cari-  i'*oo.   From/him/it; was7learned: that  R.Tamili; was a1 man" of 40 years. He. was  iioY'ri near Owen Sound, ;Ohtario,rand in  |_s J'ounger days' was, engaged in mining,  In Silver Islet- and other;pointsyin. the,  Lake Superior mining* region. Heycame  ���vest to -British.' Columbia:;about; 1889,  Ind his first" employment was on -con.  Ttiniction work on the Canadian Paei/3.  Jailway. Hewas later employed by the  late Dan McGillivray as foreman. on. his  laihvay Ywprk.-. Since this  he was yen-  laged in mining .in Cariboo, but , latter-  f has been in West Kootenay.; He was  Di-eman at-thc Yellowstone mine for a*  1'onsidreable  period,  and  for  the  last  leven months held a similar position at  ie Arlington. '���'���'  Eiy the men who ..workt*<l with him;  iBob" Hamill, as he .was. familiarly  failed, was regarded by some as -seyere,  Ilit he enjoyed to a remarkable degr_*3  lie respect and esteem of all and tl*.ere  Tas nothing the men. would no,t do for  |iin and do cheerfully, y What istru-u  frith respect to the relations existing  letweon the deceased and the'men under  Jim, is also true of tne assocatipns be-'  Isreen the deceased and friends he made  other ���watts of UJ_iY-HeY was. emwy- homa"  v Ver yv Imp or. ant; Specialy Telegram. .'���; K  ���Y" yvi^isrcpUVER,;, Septembei^l7;^[Spec^  ial "ib The Tribune.*]���News was brought  ':by';steame_*:.'this*;_a'orhih_r.:,,b'f':ya' murder.  ^mystery" in-: the * North:, y T'heYskulK arid;  bones1 of a*m_h;'were; found oh'theYsh'ore":  cf Moresby .island, .ust^south ot Skide-/  Ygatev _heYdi_c6ve.y;bei_;g madeibytbiif-;  'prpspeetbrs who left /Yancouver a'mpnth';  y. ago.';;yThey'found the���'_���_mains of what  appearecl to be a.white man in.the.bot--  f tontypf /a' pile ��� of yi*ccks,; where ��� theyboidy.:  yhad|beeri; biirnedyto a/crisp. A newspa:-,  pei^was'fouh'd'hear by, bearing dateYof���  JuheJlast -': yyearY -��� v^'h'e.^Ysk'uiliv-waSj-^ce-r-"  {iainly'Y not-that of: a.ii':;lhlaiah,* and the  whole discoveiy indicated to the pros-  pectois that a white man had been  killed and the body burned to avoid detection.  SOLEMN AND IMPRESSIVE  WERE THE STATE SERVICES AT  .....,.' WASHINGTON.  Accident on Red Mountain Railway.  NORTHPORT, Washington, September' 17.���LSpecial to Tne Tribune.]���As  As the Red Mountain train was coming  down a heavy grade about five* miles  noith of Northport at 1 o'clock this afternoon, George Nadell, a brakeman,  attempted to release a hand brake on  the top of a boxcar. He lost his balance  and rolled from the car, striking 'the  bank of a cut. through which the train  was passing., His right foot came under  the train and was severed just above the,  ankle joint. His leg was dressed by a  doctor who happened to be aboaid the*  tiain, and he.was sent to a Spokane  hospital* on the jatternoon passenger.  Fauquier May Plgad Guilty. ,  REVELSTOKE, September 17. ���  [Special to, The Tribune J���Fauquier  will surrender to his sureties at the  county court hero tomorrow, and it is  believed will plead guilty. The,Revelstoke defalcations are the only ones  with which he will bo charged.  W. A. Galliher, M. P.   was here   on  Sunday and went-east.,.,    * ZZ, '  BRITISH   WORKING.  MEN  * To Report on Canadian Industries.  I MONTREAL, September 17. ��� The  British artisans sent'out to enquire into  the conditions prevailing m the'industrial trades in America, are in this city,  after making an extended tour of obser-  vation in the leading centers of* the  United States ana Canada.  W. and D. C. Thomson ,of Dundee,  Scotland are "the instigators of the expedition and by whom all expenses are  paid. Messrs. Thomson are well known  heio as the owners ot the Thomson line  of steamers sailing from Montreal.  This fiim also has several newspapers  in Dundee and are up-to-date in every  particular. -The delegates on this occasion are twelve m number, and are, accompanied by A. Nicol Simpson, a gentleman well known in British literary  and commercial circles, who acts as con-  'ductor. They were elected by public  vote, and hail from all parts of Great  Britain. They represent such industries  as engineering, electricity, transporta-  tion, textile jvork, pottery manufacture,  "mining, metallurgy, cabinetmaking and  upholstery, shipping, building trades,,  painting and decorative work, etc, The  itinerary includes New Y.ork, Fall River,  Providence, the pottery districts, Phila-.  delphia, Washington, Pittsburg, Cleveland, the Bullalo exposition, Niagara  Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and  ether industrial distncts. Each artisan  is supposed to report his observations  across the Atlantic for publication in  the Thomson journals. A. Nicol Simpson when seen by the Star said:  "We arrived in New York by steam-  t* ad have done most of tho larger industrial works m the following cities:  New York, Providence, Philadeli)hia,  Washington, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Niagara, Toronto, and Montreal. Besides  the loregoing we have done the pottery  districts, and I have yet to do the Experimental Farm at Ottawa."  "What impression have you gathered  on your "tour;/." was asked Mr. Simpson.  "Well Iivas: rather disappointed with  New York. We expected to see more  spacious streets; .while the sky-scrapers:  were altogether out of ��� keeping with my  conception of what the great Yankee city  would be.' Philadelphia:wasYmbre in ac-'  cordance with our ideas of a, commercial  city combined; with the gay. When I,  reached- Washington; however," the scene  was'changed. This is truly; the most  lovely'city I- have" ever been in; Y At  Pittsburg I carried a letter from Andrew  Carnegie as ah introduction'to the great  steel works at Homestead, and where the  delegates enjoyed thmeselves to the _ull.  It.isya disputed fact whether the Glasr  grbw"*''.or 'Buffalo expositions .are Ythe  greatest. I visited the Glasgow exposi-  tion;before setting sail.for America, and*  as ahYimpartial.observer I have to own  that the Am.eri.an: one carries.'off the  palm.. Niagara Falls made us all pause,  wonder andt, admire ���i..::'Yl.v.admi_ed,' Toronto, for; its" Scotch homelike-. aspect.  Unfortunately jthe day is wet, and it. has  been impossible for me to see much of  Montreal..... I find-.the streets of Montreal  very - dirty .compared with .*. other - cities".'  Although -workmen have "larger wages  and opportunities in this co.untry, which  a.e denied them at home, still all things,  -onsidered, I think that* the intelligent,  working' *he*i pf Britain are as comfortable at home as*it iii pgssible for them to  be in cither the United Stafe-s'or Canada.  We will' be'in this" city'* till the,;��gjrj��� oi  the week, when we will sail direct"idr  ThnrAit'" X-- ���-.: ���:_.���:���'<.: :���'���.' X .'-. *'���'.. ,:���?'-: *���*:**. :*���'  iThe American: People vPay?Their Last  fe RespictsY^theYM  ���X./Q..yZ?:.&%::Xi-,-'W^^ Bi X.lii  ���Z7yx:7z:-Zr;DeadYOMefbia,_i.y;ZZZyy :7ZZ  '-:Y^SHINGT^ff;Sep^  ;ithat isYmortel|of;i^illiam| McKinley-tis:  yspeedihg^  :yat* its-^elbvedYhoine;ihY Canton, and the|  -���nation'/'Mas officiall'/^ and with'state cer-'  emony paid its respect and love to the  memory of its stricken chief magistrate:  This was almost the closing act of the  .tragedy whicli has drenched the world  in tears.   Beneath,the great white dome  bf the Capitol funeral services of state  were held over the'remains'of the dead  president.   The,services were conducted  in accordance with rites of the Methodist  Episcopal Church, of   which   Mr.   Mc-  K^nley was a lite-long member.    Consisting only--cf, two ��hymns!   a song, a  prayer, and address,-and-a benediction,  they were beautiful and   solemnly  impressive. '  Gathered   around   the   bier  were representatives of every phase^ otr  American nationul   life,   including  the  last and only surviving ex-president, together with representatives at the capital of .almost every nation" of   earth,  Great Britain, France, t Germany, Italy,  Spain, and   all the   republics-* to* th'e,  southward of the United States mingled  their tears with "these of' thV'American  people. ^Despite the  fact that no  attempt had been made to decorate the m-  trior of the rotunda beyond the arrangements made about the catafalque, the  assemblage presented a memorable sight.  ��� The sombie black of attire of hundreds,  of civilians present was" splashed brilliantly with the blue and gold of Tepie-  sentatiyes of the f army and. navy.    As  the sweet notes' of '^Vlr. McKinley's favorite ~ hymn,,  'VLead,   Kindly,, Light,"  floated through the rotunda the assembly rose to'tjits feet.*^ Bare heads^were  bowed and "eyes streame"d' with   tears. *  At'the close "of the'hymn, as'the-Re*��*  doctor Naylor, presiding elder ot Washington rose to otter prayer, the hush that  iell. ,upon   the   people   was0profound.  'Scarcely   had lthe'* word -' "amen;' iiheen  breathed, when the" liquid tone o��xthat  sweetly ^pleading   song,   "Some   Time  'We'll' Understand," went straight to "the  heart of every auditor.    The song was  sung by Mrs. Thomas C. Noyes of this  city,   and   the , beautiful   refrain' was  echoed   and   re-echoed   by ,the   double  quartette choir.   Upon the conclusion.of  the sermon the audience, as if by prear-  rangement, joined the choir in singing,  '.'Nearer My God to Thee."  v Mrs. McKinley, bereft of her husband,  and prostrated by her overwhelming sorrow did not attend the services at the  capitol.   It was deemed by those nearest  and dearest to her that she should not'  undergo   the   ordeal    her   attendance  would entail upon her.  grounds told the sad story. The night  had been a quiet one; a vigil over the  dead had been maintained throughout  the watches. .Details of cavalrymen,  artillerymen, and infantrymen, and sailors and marines were on guard around  the grounds. A'sentry paced back arid  forth on,the portico;, inside the .house  fathers did y^dutyi'^iln/.the: east,room;*:  sbmbrje|''with?itS;' dr_.wn < shades' and dim.  burning-bights :���nd;itsiheayyybh*;ck cas-.  :ke't ih^thV ^riter^;trietrbbm,':thenardf  of\ honor watched|over?the;- ds3AZyxZ77r  tt"^SHINGTON;3^ptembe^  p'cloclc-'aYsilehtfcb  Ythe YbbdyY bearers;; raised*/ theYcasket'-ytb'  ttheir,*' shoulders."_^Ywalked;/ivithY_l_wf  ,;cad-n"ced;iste^  ythe: door/ tofYtheJYWhite. House/ the 'ZmsZry  '���ihe; band stationed:^^ opposite';the niahsibn!  Z strhcl^ui^the/presideiit's; hymh;^Neare_.;  ���M^jGodYtpiTfiee^!Z^Z^^-^^V!i^iisci all'-,'.  Z ehef-^hf bjughbu./ ih.jbigYMhhsibhYaiiidy  Cas'the*IastY:sad!straihs bf the-music/diedv  :a-way,YtheYthrong/;iri{the; buildihgyliftea/;  Cth _ir;ybbw;ed Yhe^dsY ^  iby-es..;.;*.'^-*!-:^'*^  i/YYIt'. wasfi th-pughtY e ar;iy Y ih'. the'-hibrhihgY  that^^si^Mciq^eyv"; might vfeeXYstrohig*!  ���ehbugh AtrxYattehdY >the Y services:-.there,;  . but. itYwhsv fihallyYdecided :thatvi t :,wbuidf  Ybe1imprucl^t;��j)^  Ythan3;^S5y^bsplutel^ffi  YshevconeWdediY^^  YuhderYtl^im__edi_^;,.a_e bf'Dr-vRixej*^  ;ahb^SMre.#^r^eriJ.;Her:':sIsterYh^  Ijheice;jMissyBafbiei-. TBZi i rZZ Z'rZZZZriZ^t1  pgThe'-YfuherYalfstartedY from /the Ywhite.  -vHbusey'tpwh_*d;^  |W:"35^ttt^prte^^^ached  -iand>the0as__^;cbntaIhfngYpVesi_eh^  ;^ihley;_^remains "?';wi_s -"bbrneY'intb'StheY  ^rbtuMa-bf'itheYCapitbrat^lO^o!^^  :MWASHINGT6N^^p.em_OTtl7^%7h^  Jthe /dporsY pMh^;^uhda;;pf ythe;t!���pitbi3  -^"were ^pp7-ned--'*ir-fofd-e^tb/permitVah'/'ih-Jf  ' spectibjayafjthei^m^ preside^|__c-^  RAIN INTERFERED WITH THE  '-#':  RECEPTION OF THE ROYAL PERSONAGES, A^OJLTBBEC.,1?f ,^,  r^:<^^i;yy'r^>;--:7- .-.-^i.;Y._;.v*.f'Y.y*f:'y;.J;^r,;>A*/;^  Five .Thousand Fightiiu. Soldiers and  Y?^-K_'_tt'__imdr.dfSa^  ���:���-,���-_���:���-���'  ���x/rr  .���=-When-the remams-of-the-dead-iu*esi-  dent were finally closed trom view, the  cavalry escort was again formed and  conveyed, them to the special tra.n  v. hich is now carrying the body to Canton. The magmflcient display of floral  offerings, numbering no less than 1_5  pieces, and making the most remarkable floral tribute ever seen here, were  taken to the station from the capitol in  carriages and wagons and placed aboard,  the special car which had been provided  for them. Three sections, comprising  in all twenty passenger coaches, were  necessary to accommodate all those who  accepted invitations to make the journey,  to Canton.  JfplIp'sy^/6hit__J^Gapi.toi.step_/ar^  yentrahce��dbpr2yA_tt  ;.j\^^s^imu*^3p^  ��fjainied$Man^-w^  ^er^liftedlBip$bodily#aridKc^  /btti*eTs?les_1?_OT  ;��ei*jfc>p^^  >into;JtMb;.��apitpj_^  Tvm^-^^otxm^^nierei theY_;i*^ident's��  ^b^ylgla^caim^a^  Jr^r^lyJ&fho^i^^  /ihgJv^^enJlyi^p^oiMlupbn" st^tc_��r����  YOhe^^^b^mjih&Ya^rpkeh; arm,1 ahpth e_|  ihad^suffei^pmt**-^^  scau^^i^CT^ci^ihg  fthe^^ptair^bf^the^oiiceY.  ;t^^wpmfebda^Yt��eYO*hju_ed;:a^  ;^eS^|bthe^pla^|^bout;��the^^  ying^tl^pstimated^t^at/hp^e^r^  y50Y;wpmeEL> adYcKildrenYwereY injured I id.  ._OmeYexteht&Most��"bf'th^mi-^  gb/hbrneiahdYaYfe^Ywere/takehStoY  ^igrig^c'fe^sJELitalftE^;^  '7.������ ^^*-;_?jS#ry. ,.'7-Z'7 7*?Z7'������ -''!Yfy?!S^*;--y?*/-;  py?*/qsNo;lt^ng_Yin^  MiWAsi_iNGTO_^  :capihet;meetih^:*-vasY_^  ;Bay;:|_tf;ith;ej^residefi^^^^  p bwles ^wh'ere* plresraienty^QOS^ySlt ;/is  stayi^;Y^|ttisYih^  ;aske^Y the'/members'^^tnV  .etaih*Y;Y-ffieir:v*/Yresp*ective^Y;YpbsiU  :���* '������:.'.'������ '**���-.' ..''*, .'-��� -- ��� -.**��������� ���*    .-, *^-,'::.*-;:.**.*.'/.v!^i-*..*-*^, .* v.- ; .���. ':.. '--  throughdut(*vhis;:term; .andv'ahnpunc.d  ^that*/ his; Yadministratw^^^uidY^fbllbw  the^ypbiicyWpiitlihed^by^presM  J^ihley. ih..^^his/Buffalo 'speechYThe/pfesir  dentYdesired to learn if..there'-;werer'any  matters;; of ,;momehtyrequ^  'tibhY:before his departure/for /Canton  ���tonight; YHe was ; assured'Y^'that.Y there  w^Vghpthing   of .;pr^sJngSimi**brtancej  Dhririg;th_!Dovrap^  ZIZZZMZ''. 'ZrZZZZZZ^rZZZZZFZZ. Z\ i 5%���. f!7.Z.i��. :Xfiyi r  m-m��>&M0$m:M^  ���^:^U^BC;s;Sepi^'^^  ^mr^ias'ofthe/ljMi^day!^.^^  V^|(|tdiuchess.'tbi.|'^  S^'e|Jan<^  ya:;^iew/|b^, trbp^amobiliz��d|fojr|tfieir.  Yrib(^)^ciB;;^a;;;di*mejS  ^;Op|i^YaMYhrt.*ilIumina,ft  :;bch^i^^ty:/R^i^5f^  . ly|duritigYltheYday^ahd'. thel^rwds|timt:;  ;:;gat^re^vearly/*yni|the:|^^  fspeedil^iilsp^rsea^  ;iTlfe|r^M&^nJ^  vSpeTC^;::wppd./ the Yofflciaifr^sidehcefa.-  :^'i _!'��� ''^'-^i'-ii-'".'*''**'"1 **'*; ' -'"':. '.J-V--. ^^^.''A��"J->.*1>>.*-f;'^-"^X'rH^*.u^-V  cate all taint of anarchy,' has. been formed here. The committee intends to proceed legally if possible/ but' if the law  is^not broad enough to cover Its actions  the committee may act in* a way-'that  produces results.- Some of the most  prominent citizens of^ Tacoma are iden-'  itified with the movement.'   In a* set of  ;prhciplesi td opt ed .tbhightYit.is .specified;  ; Jlistin ctly r/thatSallJ^membe r sjdf. tfie.pr-f|  /gunil2ati_n;agr_e,?uhhe_i__tihglyjitbl  Y.hey^; commands^���Ysbf-^superibr-.-bfiicera^  whatever they may be; All rules whlch  ^ayYbeladbpteUi'laMSbecbm    bindingY  upon whomsoever signs the roll, of the  ^cbEhmlttee^/AsYa.^  j; was|decided ;hbt .to; adihltfto ;me__h ership 5  Yany^cpjur&ibiacla-fypo  tive official whose duty it was to enforce  TRUMPS ARE BEING PLAYED  *�� -*.  *  ��� ���"r"-*".". X'j^.\'S^M>M>  IN- THEY GAME   THAT  ���A  is;  ���'4.x--;��;,'sK'"g[  GOINO;ONvIN.RQSSLAN_..?  ContractorrGeiser, Heavily.'.Fined4for  %S$ZW^!0^7^��^  fcfe p.lat_ng^._te?_^dv_-idMlo_.W  can'.;president,   and   further''plans-, for'-  ff-i.r :..;Srilr4i.i_i9-!.- ���f-Vri.-'V*.*; '���,-'���-��� ���.:'.'.' '.'-���? i;i/ay.t1*'>;'*tv=-s*;I tr."-?** .!���*_���'  ^���^jM^essio^.^/regretYw'er^  ;mna^iaa^l^aba^  ,^?rn^-all|j:.'an^  Ybplpeiwhyiy/^preSeli^^  tonYlThe. former/designated commander  -!-A'--*-ji:*-*-='Vj-^Vil*'--^  ;p*BUFFAL0;s::S&_8mb_#S_.i^^  Czolgocz, the assassin of president'McK-  ^^^^z^^^^^zW^^^i  Sb^clcickithisiafterruji.^^  /fpMm^de.-H_.yt_^ifir_t?de^  ;lyj shqpting^presid-Sht^cKihleySih^  YTeh^l^flMuslc^St^^  ��expc*SMb^?bhViSeptembe_|6th;S_^  -Ysiubferjfprii^riei-lrefused^  Yewn $;tbMtte_;_;afFwp_dior^ sourtxiffeahd!  YCTe_fthatvi^*wbuldJheiimiM__bie!_OT  $X S"K"JS* ^iK-fiy ��-'������-'*' -/���/���j-;i> |-��wv%��':-^**i*.*fSir*i:>^i:s*��-.-��i>;*;.  ��� to^r.eachv ytherevbef ore !fthe jidepartureCof,  J.v=**(_V'S.s!..- ai��_vft*y-sp-'ivr.r*i���;rXm&-^x&&rwix  .fthe>funeral trainforTCanton:andithe;id.a'  ."^.���*f'��/��5;*'^-Si'i"'-*:*:-'^*'*"��^  Jof'?Abraham'/ahd:; crackedftheiwhipJ^witm  .*itn��-*i,��**r*��'>A*t;^*i,'t.se!&&'niii<yfr>i^j'<i^��&-^i^<v��i!.c'u  ^t^linfeslpfl^ainlithatfsteadilyMlllhut^  *rf^��^*..i-^*SKi.J,i.��!*;^ft��**Hi4��_*;m5:it4fe  i^gssi^Ni)||pp|7#i|p^ia^ to  ^���^ryp^^^^y$i'^.fitj�� ���>;  Ybpe^garofhisSjuai'-^^  pef^a^l��M|^_ti_|Se1?w��ic_  ��agaih_t^i|oei_ e^_t__^_^g_��l^i_ c-   imm:mM^i^mm%M ^  |mohth_Xold;gi_l'o_iMr:_ahd|___s^  WASHINGTON,   September  17.���The  day of the state funeral of the late pres-  dent McKinley opened as sombre as the  occasion,    The sky was overcast with  dark  slow   moving   clouds,   and  occasional spasms of ram tell, giving way1  for momentary intervals  to  gleams of  dull sunshine, and a soft wind barely  stirred, into, relief the signs of mourning  on the building's; front, that told as well  as the subdued air; of the public that this  was a day:of sorrow. ,*:Today was the occasion which the nation was to pay its  last tribute of respect and admiration' ial  fthe bier/bf-the dead president..?All/the  country had .sent ���here ;its.. :represent_.-  ���tives to ..'testify" that the, dead had his  placet.deep in the national hearty Other  nations had ordered their dipj^matic ami*  tailitary* representatives to be present;  as a token that they mourned with America* ih its loss.;; Ex-president Cleveland'  was here to take part in*the ceremony,;  and, likepresident Roosevelt, paid his  tribute, first in private at 'the   White  House and later :pn at  the  public services in the rotunda of the capitol.'The'  king of Great Britain was present in tlif*  person of Gerard  Lowther, :who is  in  charge   of   the   British   embassy   and  whom Edward VII. had specially commissioned to participate in the. services  as. his personal representative.' Captain  Louis Bailey of the royal navy  represented the embassy.   They will retm;*'  ito Newport tonight and not go to tlir.  family funeral; at Canton.    The other  it|mbassies and legations likewise, sent  one of *-their  representatives.   Many cf  the states had sent their chief executive*.  All branches, of the  national  goveriir  men|t, legislative, executive, judicial, and  military,, were represented.    About tb'n  ; White   House patrol, of . soldiers ..and*,  -"il��� '"---*---'������- --' ::-^^-7^-----^.-  TI-reTagaih7"-*Sp"re~ssM^t__5  pebtatioh y-rthatv -every Y/m'embe'r ?yw6uld  serye; throughout :histermVf;for,j;he^ said  he; tendered the appointments' as if he  had* jiist* been elected io the presidency  and .was Yforming"an. original cabinet.  TheYpreseht ;case,/ho\\*;ever.^hereYwas a  difference between the present''tender  and the original offer. Naturally, under  the" present circumstances, they, were.not  at-liberty^ to .decline. Upoh''being; asked  if ...resignations should' beYfprmally presented/in the; usual., manner,��� the president answered that his action at/this  meeting had precluded the" necessity of  putting in resignations. The discussion  turned upon the/policy.of ,the,ndminis-  traton, and the presidenu announced that  he regarded the speech ofi the.late president at Buffalo, the day precious to the  tragic shooting, as outlining-the policy  to be forwarded by -the administration.  'It cannot be learned at this time  whether or not all the members will  be.'willing tp serve the .full term. The  cabinet members, with the 'exception of  secretary Hay and.secretary Long, will  accompany the remains of the late" president to*' Canton, to participate in. the  funeral ceremonies Thursday.;   ���"������ ���  Minister Tarred and YFeathered  ; HUNTINGTON, Indiana,;YSeptember  17.���Joseph y A. Wildman, - a, ... United  Brethern minister, was /tarred and  feathered by a. crowd of ait least 100 last  : night. Sunday night'he rose .in a.prayer  meeting in one of the city churches and  exclaimed: "I suppose there,have been  more, lies, told form the/,piilpit. of this  sacred' desk, today than /was^ever known  ���before. While I want to give all honor  that is due to Mr. McKinley, still when  he was living he was nothing but. a political demagogue." At this juncture a  number of people became'so indignant  that they rose and left the church. Yesterday the citizens decided on the above  summary action. Wildman has no regular charge.  Unusual Order., .  LONDON, September 17.���The admiralty has ordered that the American flag  be hoisted at half-mast on all -the main  /masts bf all warships in port, and that  the union jack and the white ensign be  half-masted until after the funeral. This  is the first occasion when' such an order  has been Issued for the President of a  ;**>*.:*.^iv*-*aw.***i_*'-::- vvfevivjVi'-'WiJ-'s'^-ii. -'*{5t��*?>fe'v*Wci-*'i-**  ;.orarjy|cp|cj^l|of^  Y^spiMrtl^^  Sfsi|^|^-e_.yYphe^|BUyli^^  yhg^meri^ihcludihg^a|myal|c^h^  :f_f|atibut|58O0^prereY___i_.���^^^^  _carp;eted?|plaihsSih/iteightfbf ���Ythe';)?Wolf.-  ;fmoMme;ht/|i/rher&v;w  *-ca.let:|tuhicsiahd,jpiattb  ���:ofYgay^c^br_dS_-il_3^wit_^^^  Yahd_gri^:*ai]|tou^  ^ello^lor^'cohfcras'K^^dolp^  ;pla:yedftt_^A-t_ihesY;_:bifwhich;the;>British^  T;anny^i^rches;Jandj;^.hv  /riyed"_h'd:Ythevpi.tWeYbecam  ^bneYit-,w__|(atfi^^Best;vTheYdu  ��Cprnw-UlYwas**.the;fl__t?:._;t_^  ytp ���.appeai-.^he'-caihef from ytheiCitadel  Yihv:a^/barbuche^rawnY by Y f ourv/hbrsesy  /with' mountedv postillions YandYescorted  - by/thpvQue en'sv O^i  :.in / smart;^dfark/Yuhifbrms Yi.corded::- aiid/  slashed ;#ith|iyello^YY^s* she/shiiled. her  ykindly-acknowledgement}/ she was  es-'  -^corted % to/ arrbpfed Ystahd';' ih; th e center:  i.o'f the^fieldilahd'aTf ew" Yminutesthe duke/  ���"of .Cornwallyehteredftthe. parade ground,  ;ahd;escbrtedYbyYhis-_taff,vP_oceeded to  7inspect;theitrbbps. Y/YY/:: '/ Y Y      Y   /''  The review.;followed'* and' when it was  ^ojrei^t^i^kei^es'ehtedi-m.dalsitoilia^  /agalhst|  'Ijttqnsi; _  Steyensbafca's^lwitbl^h^a^^^^  f_.'a��'*'m__*iT^  DftllllSWRTMMJIIiii  i ,the|fihding^pahsbeehfwTr^  /tij.pa_ tme nt_at^dtta*-_-aif^ >  f_\qssessed|f6^^ o  |cas.e??ahd^Il*i_v_.iig^^M^tf^  .m-httS_vill*atlbn__f-&h^  Iser^dlaf^t-lclaimihgf ^OJQOOlagaini t  |P.'-.:miner;:_^  idefehdantsSalbD^h^llin^iEtlth^        t  ^est.erhfrhihelicase|s ta.ted|l_s^wee__|  ���^Th^^piMiticc^hplmylaio^  :-S_'_n. >;_*o*h\*__'fi^_:*f-*-S^*r"o_t*n^  |declara^|pa^he|_i^ik^  ^l!^|b^thetuhibnif|^^p����  yvincef-tr drh'Ithe �� localSsmelitihg��bf_Y(. ur  ';iyi\;A-,;^,:-^^>.t^.-;to>_. iw-^t^ .>;.,:*J*^vv>*i-*^-��^;^,��i5/.J'.<.t.j,'  *.. nrftS* .'--.Voro ,*nni�� -.': I aaVl f.*ni*aoVJ con t-i.T.+r_r_ f \, __.  Canadians /.who Y saw -service in 'South  Africa. Some .'were "ihv,the- uniforms of  . their regimehts'fi'.otho."_' in' civilian attire. At their'.'.headi-cam'e': lieutenant colonel Ernest/Turner of Quebec, who got  the coveted^ Victoria Cross for saving  the guns at jBelfast, the Distinguished  Service OrderYMedal for bravery at the  Vaai river: and 'a'swbrd^'of honor from  his fellow-townsmen. Turner:was thrice  wounded in -action and is one of tne  three, tb win the'yVictorla Cross. The  duke; personally /'complimented each of  the soldiersY'asY he. handed him his  medal.: : :'/���"- *.���;.; *���;:    ���/.  The; royal party returned to theY Citadel at 1 o'clock' and after resting, until  5 o'clock went aboard the Ophir. They  were escorted to the wharf by a detach-  men of the Queen's Own Hussars, and  tonight they give a dinner aboard to a  distinguished party.  The harbor and city were brilliantly  illuminated, andvdespite the storm tho  effect was very, pretty. The. warships  were outlined in strings of lights and  far up oh the heights of the city lines  of incandescent, lamps were' woven into  attractive designs. The/names of Wolfe,  Montcalm, Jacques Cartier, Champlain,,  and others historical figures were spelled  out in lights. The royal party, accompanied by lord Minto, premier Laurier,  and a large number/of Dominion: officers, leave at 9:45 o'clock tomorrow for  Montreal. They go by the special train  which is to carry;them throughout their  entire tour in Canada, and which for  comfort .and, elegance exceeds .anything  of the kind ever seen here. Special cars  were built for the train and every possible luxury has been provided for.. The  party stops' two days at Montreal and  then goes to Ottawa.; '..,  Bearing Up Bravely.  WASHINGTON, September 17.���Mrs.  .McKinley was still bearing up at _  o'clock this afternoon, under the terrible  strain with' the same brayery and fortitude that has character/zed her since  the terrible ��� blow fell. She is getting  along so nicely that Dr. Rixey, who has  been almost constantly by her side," felt  .safe in leaving her soon after the funeral cortege left the White House for the  Capitol, j Mrs. Roosevelt called and  spent sbtn. time with her.  Vigilance Committee Formed.  : TACOMA, September :*16.���A yigUance  .*wbuld|/he!i^^ema^^  .'bjur^dr^./;-^-:'*;^^  ^���rae^llver^  -'eastYafyJCra-i^pr^^  *'_ry.0res^  i hLigbZigraSe;: OTe^hipped"/ias^J^interYandy  fsprihgjtp-;;t^  ���;estii^ted|thajl^ht^eY!a)^  /secbhd-class^pre;:ph;i^  rhasYbeen.*/cphtr'actedv_bfvbyS  ./at/Trail,/ ahd/it^wiil-ibe-hauledYtb^thi.1  /steamboat landing bhvCrawfbrdYbay'this*  ;wihter.;YY-:S#y//Y;*Y-s;s;S  / yB.yC.:-Ribletyof ;NelsohYhaslbeeh*!awar-:  ded a;cbhtfact;fpr;puttihg;ihYi_^i_bTbp.;  tramway/betweenvthe-'haineYandYthe/ehdi  of; the;, wagbri/rbad. - ay distance /of 10,200'  fcet/a^d heYis;:npwibh;the'grbund:laying  'bntXittier-wprkZZZyZyyxyZZXZxxZx-Xx;  si^li_=cbmpahyithat��bwns-t^^^  and;;Richelieu^were'hbtYabievto finance  the undertaking,yandythe C!YP: R. is  said/tp;haye'steppedfa.hd advanced the  cost pf; constructing tne/tramway. The  railway; company; will be repaid their  ; advances" as; the ore /is treated,. at/the  rate / of ?1.50.: a;;ton. -.The',, freight and  treatment rate 'from Crowfbrd bay is  ?5.50! a ton.;TheYmine management estimates', that it will cost :|2;a ton to haul  the/ore pver;the'/wagon road..This will  ���make/the total cost of transporting and  smelting.*,?9.a ton. The ore has been  sampled and it will average.',-".18 in  values, principally silver. According to  these figures, the mining company bas  over $150,000 in sight in that second-  class dump, which, surely, after paying  a: reasonable cost for mining, will leave  them a handsome profit.  IT.'G. Rby went up'to the mine yesterday from Nelson, taking twenty-five  men with him, '  Ore and Bullion Shipments.  NORTHPORT, Wash., September  -..���^[Special to The Tribune.]���The ore  and bullion shipments through North-  port from -Nelson for the week "ending  Saturday, September. 14th, were as follows: / ��� .--���'" * ������'���������/' ������  ; September .S���Two cars ore; September. 11���Nine cars ore; September 13���  Two cars ore; September 14���Four cars  ore.;Total 17 cars, of which 16 went to  San Francisco and 1 to Everett^ Washington. During, the /same time 3 cars of  bullion were shipped to Newark, New  Jersey. -   :-' ;  The ore receiptsYat the smelter here  from the mines at Rossland were:  September 8���7 cars; September 10���  10 cars; September 11���6 cars; September 14���18 cars. Total 41 cars, or 1041  tons.  :-Bal<^Cttyf(_^^  ;;tb;*-v--brl_|th$J^  J_^^un^eiy*^bhtraci?tb/v^k1_  the mine;  fher^g;DefendaStY/was3^bhvict-^ oh.twc>  ^h"arge__i;aridYfihedt^.6b|ahd $50 respec-; ���  /tiyplyY/AhYapp&IytoY.p^u^ court/Y  /-was Vimmediate.y/$tal^:|ftThe decision *'  /^;the"c;asesYdbe_;^tfh_!ect the mining -  |cpmpahy;;^d_YdQesYit/ihte. fere with men, _  Yapplyihg;���'���foi^Jwprki'pbSth.   company's' '-  jroundsv  ;f[/YfY:'|/Greenwbbd/^cai| <    '  ^���ifGR^BNiwoci^^ 17.���tSpe-  ���ciaijtbYTheYTrj^hi^j^^he first hummer of;the'Wes. Fork':News/lpublished atv ,  : Beaverdeli,;Zim.the|West jFprk of Kettle   ���  river, Yand Ydistaht/Yhetween   fifty  and _  sixty, milesy northwest ���*bf / Greenwood,  was received here.tbdayv-The new paper "  isvery unpretentious as/ regards- size,,.  but an enlargemeht/is promised as soon '  as the newspaper} press, which has been  delayed; on/thev road, "is received. The \  News announces :that! its/policy will be  to advance/; the/intei-6ots bf the West  Fork country; and to publish only factsj  in regard to its mineral resoiu*ccs. The'  manager and .-;��� editor, James  W.  Grier,  late-manager; of the Greenwood Miner,  intimates/;that  the  publishers   of   the   ,  News ��� do not expect to; become wealthy *  lua few months, but just to jog along  with the development of the camp.  Clara Wells, committed for trial last  month at Phoenix on a charge of robbing a Swedish miner of ?1200, having  elected for speedy trial, will come before  judge Leamey at Grand Forks next Friday for trial. It is stated that another  woman, got away with tho money, and  Is now south of the international boun-  darz*- line.   .  /Charles Hamilton, has been in Greenwood for two or three days In connection  with a deal, under which it has been arranged that parties said to be represen-*  ted by Mr. Davison, formerly interested with Messrs. Dier and; Russell In  Fairview mining properties, are to find  money for working the Dayton, a well-  known Camp McKinney. mineral claim.  Particulars of the agreement have not  yet been made public, but the statement  is definitely made that* work is shortly  to be commenced on the Dayton..  _V'?_l__3l  *^,''>V4?13������  "-'^AMX  _ r>^$?k  -- r&\*n\\  - y<rif;  *    i- /_�����_  fr*k.  .     "Ml  ��� ,���*.  , - 'Ml  dVi.l  Receiving Threatening Letters.  CHICAGO, September 17.��� Emma  Goldman today received two unsigned  letters, the writers of which threaten to  ���take her life at thevflrst opportunity.  One of them postmarked Washington,  D. C, says: "If ever you are a free woman, a bullet shall strike you just where  it struck the, president. Your devlish  tongue shall incite no more to the murder,  of good and honorable men." Miss  Goldman said of the ietters: "They may  do it; you can't tell." She. affected a  laugh, but- anxjety and a. ti  Doctors Discussing the Cause,  NEW; YORK, September- 17.���Physicians in this city are still much interested in the report of the post mortem examination made by; the doctors who attended president McKinley. Several experts upon gunshot wounds are quoted  as to the cause of president McKinley's  -death.'. One of those, Dr. Robert H. M,  Dawbern, thinks that Czolgosz shot the  president with a dirty revolver, and that  the bullets fired from such.close auar-  ters carried a considerable Z, amount of  filth into the wound, poisoning the missile's track. He further thinks that ordinary, microbes were introduced into  the wound, and that practically a culture  cabinet for such microbes was supplied  by. the injured tissues. The result was  the poisoning of the president's flesh  through toxines. Y He doubts that the  assassin ���intentionally poisoned the bul- THE NELSOIST TRIBIHSTE,  WEDNESDAY  MORNING,  SEPTEMBER  18, 1901  /?? ���   ���     ���  T*  to  to  to  to  to  :<'J  .3.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  toto  to  ao:M::F__^isr5r  INCORPORATED 1670.  CALGARY LAGER BEER  A CARLOAD OF THIS  FAMOUS BEER  HA.S JUST  BEEU  RECEIVED AND WE ARE  SELLING IT TO THE FAMILY TRA.DE AT  $2.5 8 per do fer quarts.      $1.50 per doz for pints.  DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF THE CITY.  TELEPHONE NO. 13.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  FS BAT COMPANY  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. C.  to  to  to  WALL  PAPER  This Is usually the dull  season * for Wall Paper.  But to keep it moving  ���.-.vo havo mado up bundles  of nil lots that havo run down in quantity.  Wc placo thoso on (.alo at prloes that will certainty movo thorn; original cost hat* boon quite  lost sight ot in making the price In t many of  these remnant-i the quantity is sufllclent for  ovon a large room. The high standard of our  papers is now well known and not often does  an opportunity offor to buy such papers at  from 5 to 12} cents per roll. If not ready to  paper just now anticipate your fall wants.  THOMSON STATIONEBY CO. Ltd  NELSON. B. C.  WHOLESALE DIRECTORY,  ' ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES.  W.   F.   TEETZI.'-.   6s  CO ��� CORNER   OF  'Baker    and    Josephine    streets,    Nelson,  '���wholesale   dealers   in   assayer's   supplies.  .Agents   for  Denver  Fire   Clay   Company,  Denver,'Colorado. ���*.*     '  ���- ".".".**" ��� ���'��� '     '     ��� '     '  r       v COMMISSION MERCHANTS.-"  \<.'.r H. J. EVANS & CO.���BAKEK STKEET,  *. K-V, Nel_on, wholesale dealers , in liquors,  _���".,, ,cigars, .-ement, fire brick -and- flre, flay,  ���-iv' V -water .pipe and steel rails, 'and% general  ",r'. ' comrniwon merchants. , , *  Vs    y i  ___���, _- _-,._,.���. .���,' ���  ?.r*i}'''���__���__���' Z    ELECTRICAL- S}J����M��?tSLj~  5U. . !'<������ KOOTENAY ELECTRIC * SUPPLY is  ,\\. ,'"- V Construction Company���Wholesale .dealers  fe*< *' Yin telephone's, annunciators, bells, oajtter-.  Vh/"*,-v ies, electric'hxtui.es and appliances. Hous-  %Y,. -.J .ton 'Block, -Nelson. . ,, >-  $���$  ^   %,* .1.  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS "WED-  neraday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union HaU. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex.  B. Murray,  secretary.   .  _PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and thirdi Fridays m each.month at'Min-  ers' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. "Walter R.  Kee, piesldent; Henry Bennett, secretary.  'PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening in tho Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer,* president; ."William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.  I  "last things uttered by the dying" lips,  "even that is typically Amercan" too.  "Amid all the riot and deafening noise  "of a community bursting with the  "abounding vitality and defiant strength  "of its gigantic youth, America is in Its  "foundaton a country of tranquil, sober,  "God-fearing homes. Every individual  "American mourns in simple William  "McKinley 'the sweetness, wholesome-  "ness, and faithful affection and "endur-  ','ing fidelity of the true American' citi-  "zen, the true American man and hus-  "band, the true American'wife, and the  "typical American home."        -v  r^?i^i^^^'^,^-3&:^-^-3^'55''^'55'-25^'S& "J ���S-^-*8?3ET-^^-_?.���$".'-SST.���?.-^-__^$_??^ __(-:-Sg-:^8^  fi_tff ^  toto  xxxxxxxxxxxr  LADIES' SUNSHADES E  . AT HALF PRICE E  UMBBELLAS AT OUT fc  PEICES. {  iinitinimirriTmii��imn'iirniii___x  9\  to  9}  rvin  38 Bakep Street, Nelson.  -pu._i__[zi_t_tix_ti_i_niix_z_it_mixiii:  LACE ALLOVBES, h  RIBBONS, VEILINGS, _  DRESS TRIMMINGS B  AT REDUCED PRICES. ->  L  i*i*ff['TrY'tTTYrwYTitr_ciXjjiYTrrxiTT*YT,  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  j ^^vC--1- "7iFRESH AND SALT^MEATS.-?if\y.  ����&.',<"   -P."BURNS   &' CO.-BAKER 'STREET,  �����$��Xt"J, y  A**.: -, ���'  . in- fresh  and  .GROCERIES.  _���&  cured*moats.*Cold storage,  \>&rzrx.  :$H,   t* . TAV_lA..DO-'A-_l_    ic-CO.��� .v-_-.iML.li' OF-  -*���*"�����.'- t -Front and Hall streets, i Nelson, -wholesale  '"".grocers   and  jobbers-in  blankets,   gloves,  1%H Jmitts, boots, rubbeis, macklnaws and min-'  /W. 3-   ers'. sundries,  $.*  -,-,-,-��� KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIM-  ^�����*_^**,- ited.���Vernon street, Nelson, .wholesale  ' '*-'*11        grocers. __   _ *���  *-'h\  0$  .   JOHN>  CHOLDITCH    &    CO.-FRONT  : street, Nelson, wholesale grocers. "  .  f    J. Y. GRIFFIN  & CO.-FRONT STREET,  .'Nelson, .wholesale ,dealers   in   provisions,  cured meats, "butter and eggs.  ' ���*.-  rf*  \v>  I  !___=_.  _    "��� LIQUORS AND DRY  GOODS.  ' *rTt___5ERT~BEETON   & "cO.-^CORNER'  'Vernon   and   Josephine    streets," Nelson,  ' wholesale dealers ln liquors, cigars'and dry  goods 'Agents for Pabst Brewing Company1  ot Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Com-  -pany of Calgary. . ���  ",    " ''Y. WINES AND1 CIGARS. '  .  ,  CALIFORNIA "WINE COMPANY, LIMI--  'ted-rCorner of Front and HaU streets, Nel-  -    son; wholesale dealers in wines, case and  ' bulk, and domestic and imported cigars.,   .  " i-BUSINESS DIEE0T0ET.  n . -.  '   ARCHITECTS^   A.> C. EWART.���ARCHITECT, ROOM 3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  ' '        J3HOP HOUSE.   pionSS     CHOP^" HOUSE.     JOHN  Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  _���___.akecstreet,_Nclson._Open_day_and_night._  Lunchesv a specialty. Picnic and traveling  parties supplied on shortest notice.  DRAYAGE.  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T.' Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser'a second Hand store, Ward street.  FURNITURE.  I). J. ROBERTSON Ss CO.,' FURNITURE  dealers,' undertakers and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  new -po-toflleo   building,    Vernon   street,  Nelson. "   NELSON.LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets second .Wednesday in  each month. Sojourning ."brethren  invited. ���   -���      ���",,.<  * NELSON    ROYAL    ARCH -'CHAPTER  No. 123, G. R. C���Meets third'Wednesday.  Sojourning    companions    invited.     George  .Johnstone, Z.; E.  Wv Matthews, S.  E. *  ' NELSON AERIE, NO.' - 22. F._ O. ' E.-  Meets. second and fourth "Wednesdays of  yeach month at -Fraternity- HaU.. George"  ,Bartlett, president; J. V. - Morrison, secretary. ^  .'    i'-  v ���*'     '.<���<-" *����� ���   >   -��� (  > .KOOTENAY TENT NO.'7, K. o: T. M.���  Regular  meetings   flrst  and*ithird''Thurs-,  - days of each month. .Visiting Sir. Knights  are   cordially   Invited   to, attend.   Dr.   W.  [Rose, ,R. .K.; A. W." Purdy;:Com.; ,6, tA.t  tBrown. P. C.      '.     ,-v* ,;���    -.-'/ft.-.-'"7  c .    '^  '*:  -CLASSIFIED"ADS.  1 J J       ARTICLES FOR SALE.  "JSEWING MACHINES,OF A.LL KINDS  i fon sale or re tt at the Old Curiosity Shop.  Y ' v   FOIiV'RENT.    '-v ' ''  .SIX-ROOM   COTTAGE'AT   BALFOUR  to let by the month or' for the season. Immediate   possession.   Good   fishing., Apply  C.. W.-Busk,-Kokanee  creek."* Phone 66a.1  Or to R. H. Williams, Baker-.street, Nelson.'.  The game that is - being played at  Rossland between the'miners' union and  the mine managers' is becoming "interesting. Both sides have appeale'd to the  courts.' The one side for'damages in  money; the' other side for 'the'enforcement of the Alien Labor law/ The damage suit cannot be forced to early trial;  the Alien Labor law can be'enforced up  to the hilt once the^ courts~render a decision. The courts tiave rendered1 a decision in two cases/andVn'bothYjt has-  been violated." Tins is''fair'warning to  the mine managers tliat they'must' play  aj square"game; that 'tlhey canno. ring in  alien outsiders' to" Wep ''their-.chairs  warm while they are'taking- a'rest. As  long (as they are playing, the gam-si they  must play "their IpwiiY1 hands, a,nd-,p!ay  fair: British .'Columbia, must,', not -be  'made a'dumping"ground,fdr alien strike-  *���      1 x ��**^."''_v<1 j        i  breakers; and the men^whoimport them  should be'made"aware' that'laws are,not'  enacted in Canada to-be^broken at the  pleasure ,pf a -few,'alien mine'., managers  'like, Bernard Mcrjjona_d'and--__.' Blunderbuss Kirby.    .     ' ' .t_7 ', '    ���  ft.-NiE-W AUTUMN  GOOD  ^\;Call:;and see our Fall Mantles and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Felt Hats.  (-?> Ladies'' Furs, Ladies' Flanelette and Plaid Shirt Waists.  ^v WOOL MATTRESSES AND EIDERDOWN QUILTS NEW GOODS ARRIVING DAILY to  9*  9\  9S  to  9\  9\  9\  " 'BARGAINS IN  "VALISES  TRUNKS  /'AND  TRAVELING BAGS.  '���lllHHlIlllIMTTTTTTTTTTy  C2__u3  Fred Irvine & Co.  LADIES' KID GLOVES  50 CENTS PER PAIR  . SEE OUR WASH  KID GLOVES.  36. Baker Street  _T^��l* ___'*'���___' "00-* 00 *00 ��� _���**���*���������* *00 * 00.*00 . .^ '.00 * 00,.^0 ��� 00 .000 . 00 .   ."k*1   ��� ^r_. ��� ^k�� '*i_rv .^_i�� >*_. ���_!_.��� ^^������^__l��� ^^ *.!3_. ���_!_-. ���  y,��g--. ___>��-4__��>.____.___���. ____. ___-���<__-��� ____>____. ____.____. ____;_���_- _a__>S_i______>. 11/     -Mrrj   <||)   irglfc    iiQi   Mil    IHH   ��|-T-p   *__!l   m>    "WHi   'Hi  ^*^,'J,*��^''^fck ���"*_,��������-__,. "^ffc,-��������__, ���>n_< �����!����. - *��, .-iSr. -^ .-QT. ^ <^. -^ . 4|9|    ��� 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00.'  to  to  to  jn  -^__ "Sk -^-^ -^ -Si7.x  '00' 00 ' 400' 00' 00 '00  .1  ii  ' The campaign in ,New,  closes today.     One'side  ,FO_t SALE.  j -BREWKRY- HOTEL, SANDON, B. C.  Furnished throughout with' all ' requirements for same."-, Apply ,\ to Carl Band.  New Tork Brewery, Sandon. .  HELP-WANTED.  TEAS.  WE HAVE INDIAN, CEYLON, AND  China teas in great variety, choicest quality. We make a specialty of blending1 teas  and aell them in any'quantity at lowest  rates. Kootenay Coffee Company.  JAPAN TEA OP ALL KINDS TO SUIT  your taste. Sun cured. Bidder Leg, Pan  Jfired; in bulk or packages. Kootenay Coffee Company.  THAT FINE BLEND OF CEYLON TEA  we are selling at 30 cents per pound is  giving the best of satisfaction to our many  customers.   Kootenay   Cofl'ee   Company.  WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES.  FREE MILLING GOLD PROPERTIES.  "We are anxious to secure a few free mining gold properties at once. The Prospectors' Exchange, Nelson, B. C, Room 4,  K. "W". C. Block.  GOLD, COI-TER, SILVER, LEAD  mines and prospects .wanted Send report  and samples to the Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson, B. C Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  NOTICES OF MEETINGS.    /  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  'V~i__^N__-_-'^^  ���Meeta ln Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James "Wilics, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nolson district per shift: Machine meu $3.50. hammersmen $3.23, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A W. McFee, secretary.  BARBERS' UNION, NO. 1S6, OF THE  International Journeymen Barbr-rs" Union*  of America, meets first and third Mondays  of each month ln Miners' Union Hall At  6:30 sharp. Visiting members Invited. R. ,  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, rao-    C *G______r, ��BccTd_i_r  ���     ~ '-i���<"tiT\f  ' WANTED���FIFTY'TIE MAKERS TIES  7x8, G-Inch face. Tops., can be made into  mining ..ties.- Price nine cents. Fir, tam-  rack,   and  jack  pine.' Apply   to  Brecken-  ��� ridge & Lund, Morrisey,", B. C.  WANTEU-GENKRAL SERVANT. APPLY  at the residence of W. R. Jarvis, Victoria btreet,  near Joscpbi e.      -.   ,     ', , _-**i .  '. ,-f  .WANTKD-vTOMANCOOK.SEOONOCOOK.  deckhands, > railroad laborers, girls for honso-  ���work, laundress, waitresses., Sfe.son,Employment Agenc-..   Phone 278.  t       T  WANTED ��� EXPERIENCED 'SKIRT  and waist hands. Mrs Flinty Victoria  block.    *        ,    *       *        ." *        >  '        SITUATIONS WANTED.  ASSAYER, WITH SMELTER AND  mine experience, requires situation, Keep  books, etc. Address W, Box 578, Nelson.  EMPLOYMENT "AGENCIES.  'HELP FURNISHED-WRITE, TELE-  phone, telegraph or inquire Western Canadian Employment Ofllce, Nelson. Phone  270. Storage���I have a large warehouse for  storing household or jOtlier goods. H. A..  Prosser.  Westminster  ,was led* by  "Joseph Martin ''and -.John Cunningham  rBrown.'-,r ,This *side."_believes Mr, Brpwn  .did" right'in accepting.aJportfolio in the,  jDunsmulr. goyernment, 'notwithstanding  ^e.was electe'd as a'Martintte.   The other  side was "ledb> .Richard McBride  Curtis.  and  This side believes that,-  Smith  p*remier*Dunsmuir,did,wrong In calling  on Mr. Brown to^ become a "member" of  hls'*government:'The electors of * New*.'  Wes'tniinster are the, jury, and a ma'jor--  ity can bring-in a verdict..* The -verdict  will be" either life or death for>JthV gov-"  errnnent:of wheh Mr. DunsmuirY'is (the,  head. . If ;it is" against rMr. Brown," pre-'  mier'Dunsmuir cannot well continue' at'  the'head  of-* the government. "���If ~Mr.-  Brown is elected, it will K be taken as a.  Verdict.of the people that they'are-not  __Willing.to_barter_away^tho money_ofTt_.e_  piovince"lri"order that,James J..Hill of  St. Paul,,"Minnesota, shall become'thej  richer,by the amount of the gift.  WANTED HELP OF ALL KINDS.���  Orders for help receive prompt and careful attention. R. Purdy,; Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  4*1. P. O. Box 582. '  -��� i  ��Jte ��rtimtte  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  Dally by mall, one month $   SO  Dally by mail, three months 1 25  Daily by mall, six months '2 50  Dally by mull,  one year....,  5 00  Dally by carrier, one month 1 00  Daily by carrier,  three months  2 50  Dally by carrier,  six months  BOO  Dally by carrier,  one year....1 10 00  Semi-weekly by msril,  three months...    50  Semi-weekly by mail, six months 1 00  Seml-v eekly  by  mail,   one  year  2 00  Postage to Great Britain added.  ADVERTISING   RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly  per  inch per month $4 00  If i un less than a month, ptr inch per  insertion         25  Clafasrrled Adi and Legal Notices, per  word for lirst insertion       1  For each additional insertion, per  word           1-2  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classified), per line per month     50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per line  per month       25  Address all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Nelbon, B. C.  T. P. O'Conner, M. P., will publish today in a London weekly society paper  one of the most interesting recollections  of his "meeting with the late president  McKinley at Washington. Mr. O'Connor  eloquently pays tribute to the character,  abilities, and simplicity ot the dead president, concluding as follows: "The ca-  "reer of McKinley was typically American. It is indeed Americanism at its  'best-; even the -murmured words of the  As���a business man,'James Dunsmuir's  *    _ .* *  word is his bond. As a politician, premier Dunsmuir must keep his promises.  At the time he assumed office, he prom-  ised^to reconstruct hisi cabinet, once the  legislature met and disposed of the bus-  mess brought before it. The legislature  met, disposed of ttie business' brought  bofore it, and adjourned. Yet no reconstruction of the cabinet took place, as  promised. The time has come when the  promise made in 11)00 must be carried  out. J. H. Turner and Richard McBride  have gone and others must be made go.  Men like-Wells and Prentice have no  claims on cabinet positions that need  recognition! They are not men of ability; and they have not proved themselves capable heads of departments.  They have been sufficiently honored for  any services that they may have rendered the country in the past. Premier  Dunsmuir, do as you would do as James  Dunsmuir.   Keep your word.  MORRISON & CALDWELL  PROVISIONS AND-PRODUCE.      -  oetsssisassat*, ACOMPLETELINEOF  ">-'V  ;OUR .LEADERS���. _ 0y      *  \7?*X'le^e--"'cn'own ,New.dale ,fcrearnery,' Butter  . " *. s* Y%    j.   ,   J, In all sized packages and 1-pound brick-- " ' ,  r. \\j^September Selected'. Ontario Cheese' \*     '  'Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese ,  ���rZ.l^''  "FreW'Bogustdwn Ranch Eggs  Sole'Agents for Regal^Brand Tea/CofFee and Spices  *     ._   _.">       ., t-        J l1 l - - u      '_ '  Bsikep Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  Ol  ������I  1   -E, FERCTSON ���-.-& CO.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  1 ���.   >EL_ON,:BRITISH COLUMBIA.  l    '"��� .   , "  A COMPLETE LlflE OF CANADIAN ^ND IMPORTED LIQUORS.  Sainer Seattle) Beer in pints and quarts.    Dogs Head Ale and'Stout in"  pints and .quarts'. ,-__ola'*Wi_.e, the best Temperanoe drink.      1  - * Our Special Canadian Bye in 5s and 6s.  "Dawson's Perfeotion"Spot6hiWhi_k_yr     Granada_pur e-Havana Oigarsr  -Union Oigars, a full,rangeinprioes.    Oards and Foker Chips.  "*"       "  v *���  Agents Brunswick^Balke Coliender Billiard  Tables and Supplies.   "  Front Doors  Inside Doors   '  - Screen Doors  Wiiidows  Inside Finish  ,',    . - local and ooast.  vFlooring  1      local and ooaer, *       ._  7, Newel;Posts ,,  ,; Stair Rail  Mouldings T  y ���:     Shingles  ^ '     Rough*and  Dressed Lumber  N  , _     Of all klnda, ,  W WHAT TOD WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WK WIKL MAKE IT VOB ,TOU  CALL AND.GBIT PKICH8,  aywan  Nelson has always been a town In  which all its residents have been permitted to enjoy their leisure and spend  their money as they wished. They have  not been prevented from playing; a  Came of cards or "debarred from taking  a drink. But all this has, heretofore,  been done without permitting public  gambling, a business that is contrary  to law. The laws are made to be respected, and the police are paid to see  that they are duly lived up to.  term renewing licenses which, should be  .���evoked. It is up to the police force to  do" their duty; but/judging by past'experiences, were one of the patrolmen .to  40 his duty he would be suspended by  the chief and "fired" by the' commissioners.  FISHING TACKLE  WE HAVE THB BK8T  FLIES AND  BEST LEADERS MADE.  THE  1   Minnows, silver and gold and Phantoms  Silk Lines'' ,  Landing Nets  And a oplendid Une of all fishing requisites.  500 MEN WAKTED  On the construction of the Arrowhead .&  Kootenay railway in the Lardo district. "  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  HALT. AND IiAKK STREF__. HIttHOW .  I***************************-  t_ 1   1      ....,....,.���    1 . . -J*  **_.  _r  Hl  Hi  tn  Ht  Hi  Hi  *.-  lie  f-  1*  9.  9  9  9-  <.  9  9t  9t  9  ******* ******9**************  A. R. BASROW, A-M-LCE.  PROVINCIAL  LANDSyRVEYOR  Corner of Victoria'and Kootenay Streets,  P. O. Box 659. TELEPHONE NO. 95.  THESE  HOT, DAYS  QUENCH  ~  '     YOUR-   >  THIRST WITH  Anbeuf-e'r-B .sell  Beer. .Pabst (Milwaukee Beer. Calgary Bear, Rers-  r-oror 4. Co. Beer,  Gosiioll Beer, and  Double Jersey  * Buttermilk.  .IVJANHATTAN.  SALOON  Double Jersny  Buttermilk.  HENRY'S NUBSERiS  _ APIARY AND, GREENHOUSES  Greenhouse and Bedding out Plants.  Lowest   Prices.  BEB SUPPLIES. SEEDS, FERTILIZERS  Agricultural   implements,   fruit   baskets  and   crates,   fruit   and   ornamental   trees,  bulbs for fall planting.  Catalogues Free. *  3000 Westminster I* nnd.  Vancouver  In order to secure men without delay  ordinary labor will be paid $2.25 per day  and axemen $2.50 per day.  GOOD STATION WORK  CAN BE SECURED.  the  The license commissioners of the City  of Nelson depend on the police for information as to 'the way in which, places  licenced to sell licjuor at retail a_e conducted. If the police are blind, which  ���they appear to be jn Nelson/the license  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  IC-V.. O. Blook.  Corner "Ward and Baker Sts  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Ofiice:   Two Doors West CP.R Office.  R. McMAHON.  A. E. GARDINER.  BARBER SHOP.  For   further, particulars   apply   to  Nelson Employment Agencies or to  CARLSON & PORTER  OO NTR ACTORS,  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSOJ.  Tenders for Wharf Bepairs.  i &**********************:$  j ARTHUR    GEE J  * MERCHANT TAILOR %  ��k    LADIES' TAILOR BAKER 9  Hi       MADE SUIT-,        STREET EAST.    9  ' ******** ************ ***&  R. REISTERER & CO.  ___-**-__*_ AND BOZX-JE-B 0_  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND -*.)RTER  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade."  BREWERY   AT   NELSON  The city council invite tenders for repairing and enlarging the city ,wharf.  Specifications can be seen and forms of  tender obtained at the city offices. Sealed  tenders marked outside "Tender for wharf  repairs" accompanied by a cash deposit  or accepted check for $200 are required  be sent by 4 o'clock on Thursday next, the  19th September instant. The city council  does not bind itself to accept the lowest  McMahon, president; _. ��_. ___._neson, see- l    ����������>** v.%u__ uw��u.uuim ��.*___-> w_ __._     -.m��v ___>-_.t w w_ m aicio.u, tuu nc_u_e    nor or _-_Jcer ana wara streets: ana wiu I J. K. STRA-UilAN, city Cl<  ^������������������as^ag^^ J _S_S��_!__ta��_S_S��^u\mMm^\  n**00-- R c.-^_��*_r im, wl  H��mii.��H*l,>W��j*i Jl)1   ^ga.-.-Y.' *T-   --I*-    s^n.�����^.   >*r . _^*�� u_v ���^__vnTX,t_-._f_.f.f___^ -kw-..*.���w.^��A~'��^-i    . **/ ��..->������'��� .*-. .y. r^fl^l^tSr.^ - .r'- rt'.J      --j^.-'*���_\g_��_l->��j-jj Vt j^S^^.���i  '.1-, - ,   , ,->      . ^,*,a  I''_.      ~r ^l'��:~ XtX~>-~ 'f.*1 V,' . l-r^ i Q> J* ��� '.r f"i. ' _**f~ ���.-.ir' __T_~ .fj,-'���"���-StC-J-g Jg^-.'s _^t .-i  ha^fe^seKfab^shtp �� tg?*2___!    �� ^ tenfr Wh,Ch may be Sent ln"  EAST KOOTENAY'S FIRST  ANNUAL MINERAL,  AGRICULTURAL AND  INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION  ment of the Madden block, southeast cor- I  ner ot Baker and Ward streets: and -will 1  By order,  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  THREE DA.Y3 OF   INSTRUCTION   INTEREST AND  ENJOYMENT.  CRA.NBI-v-01-, B. C, SEPTEMQER 25 to 27, 1901.  The best program ever seen ln the country. See posters and circulars for further  particulars. Mineral exhibit/ bucking contests, agricultural exhibit, horse races.  Specially low return railway rates from  all soints.  __. W. UoVrCTIB, Seoretazy.  ���UELSOIT LIOEITOE DISTEI0T. '      j  ��� NOTICE is heroby givon that* WYs."Doyle lias , ]  mode application under the piovisionh of the  "Liquor Licom e Act, 1900" for an hotel liconce  for the North Star Hotol, at Hall, such premises "*  having boen previously licenced undor the name s.  of tha Algonquin Hotol. ?   r  A meeting of the Hoar., of Licence Commis-  sionurs of the Nelson Licence District will be  i>eld to consider such application at tlio Couro *  House at the City of Nelson on Saturday, tho  twenty-oighth day of September, 'i901, at tho  hour of eleven o clock in the foicnoon  W. H. BULLOCK-WICBBTER. -.  r. _.,     _ ,, ,    _,*Chief Licenco Inspector.  Chief Constable s office,  Melson, B (J., Septonrbcr 13th, 1901.   ,  NOTIOE TO DELINQUENT 00-OWNEK.  To John 'J.  McAndrews or to any porson ���>  or persons to. whom he may have transferred his interest in the Black Diamond  mineral claim, situate on the north side  of  Bear  creek,   about  three  miles  fiom  the town of Ymir, lying south of and adjoining the Evonnig Star mineral claim,  , Nelson mining division of Webt Kootenay  > district,   and  recorded  in  the' recorder's  '  office for the Nelson mining division  o You and each of you are hereby notified  that  I   have   expended   two   hundred  and  twelve    dollars    and     twenty-five     cents      '1  ($212 25) 5in  labor  and improvements  upon      r"  the above mentioned mineral claim in oider  to hold said mineral claim under the provisions of tho-Mineral Act, and If within  ninety, days from the date of this notice  you,��fail or refuse to contribute your portion of all such expenditures together --.ith  all  costs of advertising,  your interests in  the said claims will  become the property  of the subsciiber under section 4 of an act  entitled,   "An Act  to Amend  the  Mineral  Act, 1900' JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this llth day of September, 1801.  ',        TIMBEE LEASE NOTIOE.  ���Notice���Is���hereby���given���tliat���in���thirty���j  days we Intend to apply to'the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to cut and carry away timber off tho  below  described  lands  situated  on  Lock-  hart crock, one mile anu one eighth east  from Kootenay lake, commencing at a post  marked   northwest   corner,   running   east  120 chains,  thence north 10 chains,  thence,  east  120   chains,   thenco   south   40   chains,  therce  west  120   chains,   thence   south   10  chains, thence west 120 chains, thence north  40 chains to place of commencement.  NELSON RAW Ss .1. LANiNG i\IIi_LS. Ltd.  Nelson. B. C. August 16th. 190L  NOTIOE. ~.  NOTICE Is hereby given that I intend (o apply  ftt tho noxr, pltllrig or tiro Board of Llcenso Com-  niissiopor. for the City of Nelson lo bo ho'd at  rhe explintion of thirtydaTH from thodatohoreof,  for a transfor of thn lt<*tail Liquor Liconfo now  hold by mo-for tbo premip^cs known at tho  B< .terra Saloon, si tun I o on tho eiiHt half of lot  nine (��) m block om* (1). In the fa'd City of Nelson, to William Walrnsloy nird Edward C. Davidson, both of fhe paid City of Nolron.  Dated this llth day of Sootombcr. inni.  W. G. ROBINSON.  Witnesr: E. C. Davidson.  NOTIOE. '���  Welieglo notify Iho merchants nnd hn<-ines3  men of Molson fci*_t we have purchased tho business and good wiU of tho Pacific Trail, fer Company, which it is our intention of incorporating  with .the buHinoss ot .(ho Nelson Freighting Sc  Transfor Company, wo remain yours  K. H. WILLIAM",  Manager Nelson _'. & T. Co.  NOTIOE.  THE    CASCADE    WATER,    POWER    &  LIGHT  COMPANY,  LIMITED.  Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary goneial meeting of the abovo named  company will be held at the registered office of the company on Baker street in the  City of Nolson, British Columbia, on Monday the 23rd day of September, A. D. 1901,  at the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon,  for the purpose of consideiing, and if  thought fit, parsing a resolution authorizing the directors to raise the sum of one  hundred thousand pounds (��100,000) by the  Issuance of mortgage bonds or debontures,  or otherwise, to such person or such persons, company or corporation, and upon  such terms and conditions as to the directors may seem fit.  ��� By ord^jjj^  FRASEB,   Secretary.  Sth September. 1901.    .^"-gjll jstt^s -i.'-f .-jy "- yr.,-"i_.-_  NOTIOE  Notice is hereby given that I Intend to  apply at the1 next sitting of the board of  license     commissioners     for     the     City  of Nelson, to be held after the expiration  of thirty days from the date hereof, for a  transfer  of  the   retail  liquor  license  now  "held by me  as  the representative of the  lohn   Johnson   estate,   for   the   premises '  k. own as the Stiver King Hotel, situate on !  Baker street,  in  the said City of Nelson, i  on Jots 7 and 8 in block 10, sub-division of j  lot S3, to M.*A. Naismith of the said City J  if Nelson. CAROLINA THELIN.  ���Vtfitness: G. A. THELIN. v  Pitted this 4th day of September, J9QL    j i I  ' v,u.
,-« */,!-.
CAPITAL, all paid np—.$12,000,000.00
RBST    7,000,000.00
UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427.180.80
Lord Strathoono and Mount Royal ...Prosldonlr
lion. George A. Drummond Vioe-President
[j. S. Clouston General Manager
Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.
A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.
Branches ln London (England) New York,
3__oa_o, and all tho prinoipal oltles ln Canada.
Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable
1 Grant  Commercial  and  Travelers'  Credits,
-reliable in any part of the-world.
Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.
[Saving's Bank Branch
with which is _.mai___m_.t__> '%
HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO,     '*.      '
Paid-np capital,      •     -    -    $8 000,000
Reserve Fund,       ....  $2,000,000
oze1  a-AJsnA_r..___.
■***■     '    ' - ■ '      *■ _
Hon, Qeo. A. Cox,
E. Walker,
General Manager
London Of_.ee, 60 Lombard Street, H. O.
New York  Offloe, ie   Exchange   Place.
and 63 Blanches in Canada and the
United Stales.
Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate
threo per cent. _ **■
Manager Nelaon Branch.
S 1,850,000
________\P^ _0^BK 1^^^lH_! ^^iB^F 0^^^Br ^^^V0 ^^Bt^^^B__^ ^^^__B^ ^^^B_W "^^■■V^bl-* ^^V^_W ^^^m_0 ^^^m^0 -*^-*____^ ^^^-Hl^ 0^t___^ ^^V_S_^^k^f^_dr ^____t_*' ^_____0 ________* *_______-** _______■■ ________' _fl_D___r*' ________-* ________' __B____" _________ _________ _________ __5_____ __■_____• _________ S___________Z •
Outclass       Gut Olass     '-^a™™*^
H. S. HOWLAND President.
D. R. WILKIE ....General Manager.
E. HAY r Inspector.
rogramme of Functions in 'Which the Dulse and Duchess of York Will Participate in Today at Montreal;-'and at'O'ther Places Afterwards.
Sept. IS.   3.00 p. m.
3.45 p. m.
9.00 p. m.
Sept. 19.   9.30 a. m.
11.15 a. m.
3.00 p. m.
, „   Sept.
20.   8.15 a. m.
9.00 a. m.
20. 11.45! a. m.
■•        i
- -v-     v
12.15°*p. m.
.   •-  -
.%.12.45-p. m.
• -
'   3.30 p.m.
"         »                      -Y
• = 7:30 p.- m.
,'     . 1  -
' Sept. .21.- 11.30 a. m.
Arrival at the Place Viger Station;
presentation of addresses; presentation
of decorations and medals.
Royal precession via St. Denis, Sher-*
- brooke, Peel and .Doi Chester, .to lord
Btrathcona's house.
Reception at the City Hall, city ilium-'
mated, fireworks on the the mountain
and at Park La Fontaine.
His royal highness will be greatly
pleased to accept' an honorary degree
at McGill university. -,^\
Opening the medical college.
Visit to convent of Ville Marie.
Torchlight procession,, general illumination, fireworks.-
Proceed, via Dorchester and Dominion
Square, to Windsor' Station.
Leave Windsor station.
Sept. 23.
Noon. <•
,12.30 p. m.
' 1.00 p. m.
4.30 p. m.
10.30 a. m.
Sept.  21.
9.00 p. m.
■ 12.30 p. m.
Arrive at Elgin* Street' Station; . royal
procession via Elgin, MeLeod, Metcalfe,
Spaiks; Bank 'and Wellington, to the
government buildings.t _ y
Presentation ot addresses., ',
.Royal 'procession via" Dufferin bridge,
Ruleau, Sussex Redpath, Minto bridge,
Stanley avenue and Sussex to Government House. i -'   ,'.      "■
i* "•■-'■•
* Lacrosse match.' -1"
- Official dinner at Government House.
Drive through Hull, via, Interprovincial
budge,   Mam,   Union-- Bridge, - Bridge,
Queen and Wellington, to ^he  govern-
' ment buildings.
Unveiling of the statute of her late majesty," Queen Victoria. -     '      -,
, Presentation of decorations and medals. -
Luncheon at Riedeau Club.        '  . '
.Garden party at Government House.
Proceed   by -.electric   car,   lumbermen's
trip .with-vovageurs through* "the Rem-
, oux   Rapids," 'Little   Ohaudiere  Rapids,
.-*and. down .the timber slid, at Ottawa,
log rolling, wai\ canoe, races..,.. ■•*',_ /,.
Reception at the Senate Chamber. '
Proceed   via   Sussex,   Stanley  avenue,
Mmto bridge, Redpath, Sussex, Rideau,
■ Wellington, * Metcalfe,  MeLeod and El-
" gin streets to Elgin street station.
1 Departure fiom Elgin Street Station.
Sept. 26. 11.30 a. m.
*   Noon.
12.30 p. m.
1.30 p. m.
^     3.30,p. m.
5.30 p. m.
Arrival of royal tram; royal procession
to the City Hall. \
Pi esentation of addresses.
Presentations of decorations and medals.'
Luncheon at Government House.
His   royal   highnessJ will   be   greatly
pleased   to vopen 'Manitoba  university;
drill and singing of school children.
Departure of royal train ,
~- Sept—27.—Morning.-^— Arrival-o f--ro yaMi-am '-royal-procession-
to Government House.
12.30 p. vm.     Presentation of addresses;-presentations
ol decorations and medals.
1.00 p. m.     Lunchon at. Government House.
3.00 p. m.     Departure of royal train.
Sept. 28.   8.30 a. m.     Arrival of royal train.
8.45 a. m. Inspection of Northwest mounted police; presentation - of decorations and
medal*3. -  i
10.00 a. m.     Great assembly of Indian tribes.        "• '
1.30 p. m.     Luncheon  at  the  barracks.
3.00 p. m. Typical Northwest exhibition — steer
roping, broncho lough riding, cowboy
races, etc.
4.15 p. m.     Departure of royal train.
THB   C-ER__-T   BATH   OF. W*r_E___l_   AXIOWKD.
-  •    , ■_______[__/-,
r  '    r   , , } »
Nelson Branch—Burns Block, 221 Baker
- -Street.. ;J'
'    ■■ J. M. LAV1, Manager.
The Paramount One in All Strikes.
A'statement in Leslie's Weekly, in regard to th'e steel strike "by president T.
J. Shaffer of 'the Amalgamated Associ-
► *-     .       *-.*■.-
ation shows that air the issues that lead
to industrial conflicts are questions of
wages, however prominent the technical
points as to recognition and agreements
may.seem. -The scale of .wages in the,
union mills was higher than, in the non-'
union mills,- and vthe ,trust, pursued a
systematic policy of keeping sthe .union
or organized mills idle while working
the  non-union mills. •- By this   means
discontent was spread among the workmen, and some of them, 'suttermg for
want of   employment. (- -were   prevailed
upon to violate their, obligation to the
union and go to work for less than scale
rates, at the,same time agreeing to sever,
connection with the' __malgamatecf Association and refrain from -.uniting with
any labor ■'organization.**' The'intention
to destroy the association was so palpable that unusual "efforts were made to
organize.other.mills, and thus defeat the-,
plans' of those who antagonized the asso-
ciationr ' When the organizers succeeded,
•the men who had joined were discharged
as speedily'   as   discovery,"was) made.
This is regarded by president,Shaffer as
corroborative of the'purpose of the trust'.'
An offer by'the. association not'to ask'
any ^ncr.ease mr>the rate' of ^wages' pa'id
in^formerly.non-union.mills^ was rejected,
m'such^a way. as,to make*'it clear thaf
nothing short of, th'e dissolution of the
! sheet' * department .".of ^ther, association,
would *be satisfactory." "It was   manifestly their plan," says president Shatter,'
"to sign the scale each'year *for-"a' reduced number-of .umon/rmills,.. and by
keeping*some of them idle,_reduce^the
number*still'-more, 'and finally, extirpate
unionism completely.. ^'Deeming' instant
death*-preferable tff prolonged*torture,
;we   struck."   - Among'"the  -secondary
causes of*the" strike-he mentions'*the re-
fusaf^of-the'-trust "to* allow union men
tovwork^in'non-umon_'mills,'.and the de=
termination' to. ^extend; the. sphere, -of-
lower wages'5 and longer hours of labor
by. closing down'.the union mills.    The"
union mills   allow - eight.-.hoursj.-for   a
day,'s work,  while in 'non-union  establishments a day's-wbrl„.*isVfrom ten to
twelve hours. Where hours are the same
a greater tonnage or output is required
from non-union workers, while the difference in wages is 20.per cencun favor
of the union* mills.   ' i. v   .,',.< <
-   -3.--I
, A large consignment of AMERICAN CUT GLASS.
The kind which we handle represents the HIGHEST
STANDARD.l Every piece isigehuine and a fit specimen
/|\ Our Jewelry and Watch Making.Departments are" at
ft\ ryonrservice. All mail orders will .receive our care-,
jfi,, fill, attention. ", , . ,.     "'   * • .;,'/,-'
Thfey are Open; for • Inspeqtion
>__'-_ <__,• __L» _H
»i *+*.
- ' , Will Attempt "the Feat Again.   *
; Captain Nissen of Chicago, who successfully navigated the whirlpool rapidc
at'^Niagara"last'year in his "trim'■little
craft is again there and will attempt the
same'' hazardous feat. The boat is attracting a good deal of attention, and
hundreds have viewed it. The craft has
been somewhat changed since lastijjear't
trip. New and heavier ribs'have "been
placed in addition to the old ones. * She
improvement of. all is an   eight» horse
power npn-explqsive .porcupine   boiler.-
and an engine"of the same power has,
been "installed, to hperate aJ twenty^inchj
propelor.   The boiler is in. a compartment1 separated from'the engine room by)
a water-tight'-bulk head.', 'The engine, a,
common" slide-valve.marrrie attair,swithj
a**six-inch,stroke",is:ln a compartment'
by itself,^prohably the smallest engine
room m the .world, so small that Nissen
has to sit jalmost on 'top cf the/engine
to get at' it'at'"aH.'*   Here also, is the
steering wheel and* the four-inch' pipe
through which'he intends to take'sound-1
ings of the rapids and whirlpool, on*--his
trip., Nissen claims^he"has a system of,
his 'o|wntinvention'through"which he ex-;
pects to'bbta.r. correct soundings tof the,
rapids and the^!, whirlpool   when, he is
whirled'through -them. % Wheu seen by a
reporter""h'e'said as soon as he can makeY
arrangement ^ with   £he" authorities 'to
launch his craft at the. Maid of thVMist
'landing" on '/the" Canadian side, he will,
^make the trip,, about\the _lst instant,
"and as   captairi".Nissen,~better,-known
' as .'Bowser," Irriade '*a - successful' trip
through 'the "rapids last' summer,   and-
hold_,a,,first-class rAmerican marine, li-;
cense, there .wil be( no'objection by the;
authorities-here,.and, the, pertormances
-will-no" doubt''draw, a large-crowd   of'
spectators-! on^both^sides ct-the river.
-,1fi-.V       .li   Ir      .     ,1    . I   V «
"'"'-• . *"*» '       t      , 1
*. * -.^Mining Records  • '
i The following locations were recorded'
at*'the Nelson record'-office yesterday:1"
j Alberta, on Barrett creek, about half a
mile* west 'of ^Porto Rico siding, by'John
Ijindsay; -Big' Chiefs on'*-Bear-*creek?" ad-
coming Lake Cityf ,by-R. Kellog; Gold
^Dollar, two and a half miles ^north of
,Slocan Junction, by-rpeorge-O^tTierney;^
-"' Certificate's "of  worlf **wefe' issue'd' to
C.  D.  Ogilvie,  on the iPomeroy;   Fred
,Hoffmeister   et ' al, -_on,, the^ /Porcupine
Fraction;   L. 'J."Wi_.slow_roh!_the Iroquois;    John   McEvoy, (on  the   South
XFprk and South.Fork No. I..-,. „■*.    -. .
o i
■   <   '      * -     r      '-   .  '*   ''    ,,' "'> , JV ^      '"'    '*'     -.   . .-        i,    r    - _>      ' (*"
-  OFFICE: BAKER STREET WEST.^KEUOfi; B. C. ',    -> TELEPHOME NO, 219.,'» p. 0. BOX 888.ll"
''   '--'
. ",*-*,j-'- - j*
urnifM 'm ■:•...;
*.*., f- (, ■<*"
Lighted, byi Electricity and. Heat-;
■  ! *'   * ed with Hot Air- ,
' Larg-e comfortable bedrooms and flrst-
class'_dining room. Sample;rooma"for commercial men.
has been completely sheathed^ over,! and
the effect has been that, ot building a*
new boat around the old one. OveivaY
foot has been added to her height and as
much to her length. A new keel of 170')
pounds weight has been attached in the
ordinary manner.   The most important
VANCOUVER   , Sept. 30.
11.45 a. m.     Arrival of^ royal train.        "      *
''   *    Noon. .Presentation "of^adddresses,, at 'court
house. ' '
12.30 p. m.     His,royar highness   will ' be   greatly
pleased^ to open-the. new drill hall.
'12.45 p. m.     Presentation of decorations,and medals.
l.OO^p. m.     Luncheon at 'drill1 hall.
*  3.00 p. m.     Visit to the -Hastings _ sawmill. v    . *
r 3.45 p. m.*    Drive through park returning by-Brockton park, at wliich place there wil be a
1   * -large gathering of school children."
5.00 p.*.mr    Leave Vancouver.
Oct.  1. 10.00 a. m.
1.30 p. m.
4.00 p. m.
7.30 p. m.
Oct. 2.
9.00 a. m.
8.30 p. m.
10.30 p. m.
Arive   at   Victoria;    royal   procession-
through city on way to Oak Bay hotel.
Luncheon with the admiral.
Opening of the Agricultural exhibition.
Official dinner at His Honor the Lieutenant Governor's residence.
Reception at the Legislative buildings;
illumination1 of city;  fireworks.
Presentation of addresses; presentation
of decorations and medals.
Indian war dance.
Leave Victoria.,
Undertaker, Night Call 233. '   Manager.
Furniture Dealers
Funeral Directors
and Embalmers
Oak   Center   Tables >.,. ?3 50
Oak Center-Tables 6 00 :
Oak   Center   Tables 5 00'
Oak    Leather    Seat    Taney
Rocker     4 R0   -
E'm   Folding  Tal-le 5 00
Elm   rolding   Table  6 00
Cane Veranda Chairs 6 00
■Cane  Veranda Rockers 6 50
*2 75
4 CO
3 73
'3 75
4 7b
r r Late of the Royal Hotel,' Calgary
Madden House ?*£_,
.                 *
The only hotel in Nelson  that has remained under one management since 1890.
The' bed-roonir  if* well<,furnlshed  ancT~
lighted by electnc-it..   • ■   s
The bar Is alwavs si.____  »y*.the ,best
*domestlo'. and; Imported llquora^andf cigars.
•* ' x THOMAS MADDEN." Proprietor.
TORONTO, October 10  |
NIAGARA, October 14 _ j
KINGSTON, October 15    j The details of the programme for the
BROCKVILLE, October 15  | return journey have not yet been an-
SHERBROOKE, October 16  j nounced.
ST. JOHN, October 17  |
HALIFAX, October 19  |
TO    MAKI9    KOOM   TOR    OUR    FALL
WILL   GO   AT   COST. .
Special attention given to all kinds oi
repairing and custom .work from outside
-points.  Heavy  bolts  made  to, atflst _oc
Coffee Boasters ' - -
Dealers in Tea and Coffee   -
.  We are offering at lowest prices tbo best
■"    -  •   •     •   ■.'.%■?   "\."K\" - * ',   -      •"     i y*      i, -t/-v# rv
The   Mansfield " Manufacturing /C6mp_inyi^
.have .the, above-mentioned building.materials^.
^'Ibr-isale/at: reasonable - ririces.!ji/ST^ci_drvqi_ot_C^_
. ft'ibhS" to',."builders^/and .contractors1 for large,-
^orders.. -  -   .&ty«&.y_fy v\ • -  -. ., . ^ty.-^w,
i        "*J      i        - _ " i     ,   *• ■>     r ^ • .      ■- . ^ * 1 _ l*    ** * -.._■__. j-X *    *-■ V
,-"l "--'   ' -    '     , .' Y'*"^-""■-■      >'    '-  -_,^.|.," , -   -r  'yy-i-yy^
■ - ■ • ■' '      _. i
.OJjFICE:," BAKER STREET WEST," ^ELS0^f B. C.    _     TELEPHONE NO. 510.   -K 0. BOX 688^
> j
Terminer   and   General' Delivery- wilK be'#i\s
hoWen-in the'. Court-House," at 11. o'clock^
Town  of>	
Civil and criminal.
^   Town of CI
'and.criminal.     ■   '* --.,■.■!•. ^- v,-.Wj-'-i . ' Aoi'-^-fe-jaaSal
City* of   Vancouver,'":--"-1*^*«-*&^-./v-^€^-. ?____S__fl
vClvll and criminal.
,~ i-City of, Rossland,
.only. -     '
**■  City  of  Revelstoke,'
Civil and criminal. -"•*-.,
■".   City of Nelson, 15thvOctober,'
and criminal.   *■       j ,?,,   ---,   j. «,
',. City of Vernon,sa7th; October,-;
and criminal..    1*0*
City   bf "•Kamloops,"
Civil and <criminal. <-ffl
^October,^ M^^Sgp
City -of Z^nnrilmo,.tira.d&ZhiS^^"^m
Civil and criminal.-,.- ■'^y'-^^^r^^i^M^f^m
x By command. •>: *.■ J.-D.^PRENTICE-^^^fe
.  . .V '_Provincial  Secretaryr^^imWsSWt
_ .-''Kobtena^hoiden^*!*?!™!
at Nelson,-invthe matter J of-'the estato^l ™^i
ceased.,Notice is also'hereby^given that^all^F
1-eisons Jhaving r claims   aguinst. the   said L ,' ^iM,
deceased are  required '►within ^thirty' days-**   V#fi?.I
of the dato, hereof to "forward ,thenj-itvith *'-?S:SK
full particulars duly .verified by, statutory. *_T,r2SJS
declaration > to - the   said  administrator  at*.   iS-Md
Nelson aforesaid. *„.     \" ■      » ,".    .      '     ^* "X_%iM-
And notice is also hereby given that after■-'. 'wr&'%$&
such last montloned date'said. .administra-fSr*rfrY*a*4Sr
tor -will proceed to distribute the assets ofi,"-* r.-/*5^j
**** * ** - ■       -    * *p*_
theifaaid deceased according to law withoutl. ^, '&<•)
regard to any; claims, of which lie shall**,' .f s-i-
r.tnon not have received notice. . •■'■"*»■ -ja "^-IS.
Dated this 29th day of August, A. D. 1901. ' - * ''. -
,- EL IA OT &  LENNIE,       .*.■.(_■,__
-   ,      Solicitors  for- the. Administrator.
odes of Ceylon, India, China and Japan
t pr
Our Beat-, Mocha and Java Cofl'ee, per
1                           pound 9 40
Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pound-)  1 00
Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds  1 00
Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00
Rio Blend Coffeo, 6 pounds  1 00
Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound SO
Telephone 177.  '
P. 0. Box 182.
N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.
All Kinds of Teaming; and Transfer
' Work.
Agehtfl for Hard and Soft Coal. Imperial Oil
Company. Wabhlngton Briok, Lime & Manu-
faotuiin*. Company. Goneral commercial agonts
and brokers.
All coal and wood .trlotly oaah on delivery.
Officii W BaKer St.
Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 25 Cents to $1
urns & Co.
Hbad Opwob at
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Meats
Markets at  Nelson,  Eossland,   Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,' Silverton, Nev
Donver, R^volafcoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid
way, and Vancouver.
Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
waSd^SK E. C. TRAVES, Manager
Situate in  the Nelson  Mining* Division of*
West Kootenay District. -
i   Where located: About one mile soutliVof ■
' Take notice that I, Wiliam John Goepel,"
Free Mrner's Certificate No. 50,600, intend,
sl*i.ty ddys from the'date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements for the. purpose of'Obtaining a Ciown Grant of the above claim.  ,
And further take notieo that action under section 37, must be commenced before
the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.   .  _ __.
"Datccnhls 16th day or~Aug_st, AT~D.
Ism  W.   J.  GOEPEL.
• NO'__<_*_—_.'_:_.SO.n _1*Nt_KAL CLAIM,
situate in the .Nelson'Mining Division of
West   Kootenay   District
Where located: About one mile south of
Take notice that I, John Paterson,
Free Miners Ceitirroirie No f>U 727, intend,
sixty days from the dato hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Ciown Grant ot tin   <ioove claim.
And further take notice that action, undor section 37, must be commenced bofore
the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this ICth dny of Augrust A. D.
1901. JOHN   PATERSON.      ■*,
claim, situate ln the Nelson mining* division of West Kootenay district. "Where
located: On Forty-nine croek about 200
yards from hydraulic dam. Take notice
that I, E. W. Matthews, acting as agent
for Henry Samuel Crotty, free miner's
certificate No. b49,970, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the mln-
lng- recorder for a certificate of improvements for tho purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of the abovo claim. And
^further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced befpre the Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dntwl this 18th dav of Jul v. A   T). 1901.
Tiger, Kitchener and Last Chance mineral claims, situate in the Nelson mining '
division of West Kootenay district. Where
located: On Morning mountain on the east
side of Sandy creek about one mile from
tho Kootenay river. Take notice that I,
R. Smith, free miner's certificate 65,762b,
acting as agent for A. Thorn, free miner's
certificate 65,670b, Henry E. Hammond,
free miner's certificate 65,6C9b, and An-
nandale D Grieve, free miner's certificate
55,66Sb, Intend sixty davs from the dato '
hereof to apply to the mining recorder
for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a crown ..rant of the
above claim. And further take notice that
action, tinder section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements. R. SMITH.
Dated this 25th day of July. A. D. 190L
... .ii,*.
" ' $__-.
i- ■-■al
. "Jl
claim situato in the Nelson mining division of Wect Kootenay district. Where located* At the head of Grohman creek on
Grohman mountain. Take notice that I,
J M McGregor, actlnf? as agent for Steve
Haw kin"*, froe miner's certificate No.
1)50 433, nnd Louis Strand, free miner's certificate No b37.293, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant
thnt action under section 37, must be com-
that action, unded section 37, must bo commenced beforo the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
j. m, .McGregor.
Bated this 12th day ot August, ldOpL
u   If ������- ���**���**��� ***��^i._a. 1&V>*lMt*itt*t^awM.-i*ln��J��^^j(Si*'aiMa'\:  WE HAVE PURCHASED  FROM THE ASSIGNEE OFTHE ESTATE OF H. F. M'LEAN THE  PRESCRIPTIONS HELD IN THE ABOVE ESTATE. ANY PERSON WHO HAD PRESCRIPTIONS THERE MAY HAVE THEM  REFILLED WITH ACCURACY ON SHORTEST NOTICE BY  APPLYING AT OUR STORE.  THE NELSON  TRIBUTE,  WEDNESDAY MORNING,  SEPTEMBER  18, 1901  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  VIOTORIA  BLOOK ' NELSON,   B. O.  oys  < .*  i*-  Having added to my stock a large  range of Youth's Boy's and Children's  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to the public the,best variety "of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  .Everything is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.        ''     '   , *  t; *���*���  \f  217,and 219    ,  Baker Street  J. a. gilkbr;  i#"j  ���ft'1 fl.''\  kmy '���  ivy-U  m-i  _#������_* 'f    *  _���_(-'__. __.__- _________________!:__'������__���__  0.0.0.**.0.0f.l*.m*.t_w.__* __>._���> *_.  .^^^^e:*^*e:^^&_r^-r��_r__:-&__-:^  __^ *    '        . V__i  AYS TO CALL ON US  WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN  m  to  to  ���g_fjPI*7TO-W '. *  CITY AND DISTRICT.  Judgment was signed yesterday in the  suit of Hugh Jdhn Stewart and Andrew  Stewart vs. the Noonday-Curley Mining Company. The suit was for the recovery of something over ?8000, being  the amount remaining unpaid by the  defendant company upon the purchase  of an interest in tho Noonday-Curley  group.  The appeal of the plaintiff in the case  of Fawcett vs. the Canadian Pacific Railway Company has been allowed, and the  issue as to whether the plaintiff is entitled to a new trial will now come up  at the noxt session of the supreme  court of Canada. Tho application fdr  leave to appeal came before justice Irving, who upon the trial of the case 'in  this city withdrew it from the jury.  Provincial constable Young arrived In  Nelson last evening with W. J. Magner'  in charge. Magner was arrested in Vancouver on a charge of stealing ?889, the  proceeds of a check paid to him as the  agent of the Nelson & Fort Sheppard  Railway Company at Waneta. The bulk  ,of the'money was recovered on Magner  at the time of his arrest. He will be  charged before stipendiary magistrate  Crease today.  No action has yet been taken by the  directors of the Imperial Development  Syndicate with respect to the application of the London & Britslh Columbia  Goldfields for an extens'on of the time  for making the second payment upon the  Imperial and Eva' bond./ The representatives of the London & British Col-  .umbia Goldfields are now at the property  making their inspection jof it and something definite with respect to the bond  may be expected within'the next week.  It is.altogether likely that the pressed  brick to be used in the postoffice building will be manufactured* at Robson,  The class of brick turned'out by the  other local yards does not comply sufficiently with the specifications and there  will not be sufficient of the brick used  to; warrant the'.makers in putting in  the necessary machinery. The common  brick to.be used m the building will be  supplied'��� by the 'Mansfield Manufacturer Company.* The order for. this class  of brick will be in the neighborhood of  150,000.     '        .   ���     , '���, ���  Mrs. Keefe, Ymir; Richard Hamill, R,  Keddick, Rossland; A. Hamill, Arlington  mine; John T. Freeman and D. Murphy,  Arlington mine; John Laidlaw, Boundary Falls; H. McPhail, Phoenix; K  McCarthy,- wife and child, Regina; W.  Griffin, Montreal.  PHAIR���R. B. Porter and John Hun-  son, Spokane; D. C. Tuck, Westminster;  A. M. Thomas, Spokane; V. W. Mang-  han, Spokane; A. a. MaeNeill, Rossland;  R. B. Boucher, Phoenix; Frank Darling,  Vancouver; W. Anderson, Cascade.  NELSON, B.C.  HUME���F. W. Westren, Toronto; II.  Roy Stovel, Arlington mine; A. McQueen  and D. F. Dickson, Vancouver; R. 1.  Griffin, Montreal; W. E. Boie, Slocan;  D. McGreggor, Vancouver; A. Ferguson  and David G. Kurtz, Nelson.  .  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.C.  'i  il  MADDEN���Nelson Chisolm, George  Davis, John, A. Quinlan, John McNeill,  H. McGraw, P. Murray, W. Phillips and  W. Harper, Erie;" John D. Moore, Sandon; W. J.  Walker, Spokane.  TREMONT���W. J. Baverstock, Spokane; John Brisnohan, Balfour; J. Skel-  ly, Erie.  H. BYERS & CO.  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most como]**-...  ..... ������ ��. a���~    ���*���  in Kootenay. Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage andltoven. 51 wSl��!'��cT^  Savage Carbines. Ask ,o see the Winchester Carbine SSI__k^aS__5_Pis*,utn Th  for simplicity, accuracy and effect. ��u.omatic Pistol, unequaled  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  NELSON���Tom Waisey and Al Morris,  Victoria; William Thompson, Winnipeg.  ��� , :   Opposed- to Sympathetic Strike,  SPOKANE, Sptemberl7. ���The Brotherhood of locomotive Engineers of the  Pacific Northwest, -which is in convention here, assembled yesterday afternoon  at the Auditorium; and with several  hundred friends listened to an excellent  program of speeches and musical numbers. The feature was the address by  grand chief P. M. Arthur, in the course  of which he declared against the sympathetic strike.  ANTHRACITE  COAL  For Stoves and  Furnaces  IT  WE 'ARE SHOWINGlf HE- FINEST STOCK OF RATTAN  ���     ,      GOODS EVER SHOWN INTHE CITY'  m?-y ���  IH ,._"���<*���'�� *  f.��l'w:  a?--*?-*.,-- -  mmMm:: r^mmm  liAWRENCE   HARDWARE * CO.  y     v' .   '  Imr-orters and Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware. .' \  JFrr  IF. YOU WANT- A' PERFECT? OUP'tF TEA USE  t_wt/  THE" FAMOUS CEH'or .'  i  V  For Purity and Flavor it is Unsurpassed  Eetails at 40, 50 and 60 cents, per pound  Packed expressly for ���  Wm.   Hunter   &  Co.  OOrTNEOTIffG ST0EES AT  Silverton, Three Forks, Alamo and Phoenix  -.   The city council is taking' advantage  of the stone'requirements-in connection  with the building of-the Salvation Army  barracks to secure'the cleaning out of  .the 'alleyway in the block' bounded by  i Victoria, ''Josephine,." Silica   and   Ward  ; streets.  An arrangement has been arrived* at! with  the contractor  for  the  'masonry :work whereby., in" ret.urn for  ?45,.he undertakes to remove, 100 tons  of rock from the alleyway". This, It is  estimated, will make the alleyway passable, for  teams,*' a' convenience  which  will be appreciated by the people,of the  entire block, who at, present have no  jmeans of egress to  the * rear of their  property.   -"*���,-  TI',-P.'h' L', Naismith,*''general,! manager of  the Gait Coal Company, of Lethbridge,  Alberta, passed - through Nelstan'^yester-  day on  his   r.eturn ' from   Vancouver.  When here"he'informed W. P.*,Tierney,  the company's general agent in South-  bin Kootenay,^ that. there.^v/ould be, a  great scarcity of ^ca'rs owing to the big  wheat  crop - in  Manitoba,  and that  it  would-be difficult'tb secure cars to haul  coal during .October and November. He  decided, however, to ship Mr. Tierney,  fltty 'carloads of-coal within the next  two weeks. Parties, therefore, who use  Lethbridge Gait coal should send their  orders, to' Mr. Tierney's ofiice at once,  and prompt deliveries will be made���  for Qash only.* ��� ,  ���" ��� ��� "'>-'     -    ,       ' .' '' v"  .The pojl.e'court proceedings'against  the two Chinamen, accused of fighting  on the street fizzled out again yesterday 'morning. This time it was the chief  who was at fault. Th. case against" the  Chinaman Jim was ,flrst ,taken up. The  chief proved   everything  down  to  the  =ground^save-^just^-where-the-row-complained of took place, whether it was in  the city or some place else. A. M. Johnson, who appeared for the Chinaman,  held  that  this was  a fatal  objection,  but the magistrate reserved the point  until today in order to see if the defect  could be patched up in some'way. The  ease against Sing Lee, who Is represented  by  James  O'Shea,  was  not taken  up, so that he will not be able to profit  by the omission of the chief in the Jim  case should the objection to thg p. opeed-  ings stand. The Jim case -iy_)}'_e ~ori at  the court this morning,  Want More Fishermen.  OTTAWA, Sepjte-mb'er 17.���Mr. Copp,  ��M. P.; DigbyjVNova- Scotia, is here'interviewing  Mri  Pedley,  superintendent  of immigration, regarding the emigration of fishermen from Norway, Sweden  or Scotland to Nova Scotia.    He says  there is a scarcity of fishermen in Digby  where fishing firms are ready to employ  200 men at, $365 a year for five years, the  fishermen to'be housed   by   the   companies.  Bank'Bobbery. "  NEW .-RICHMOND, Wisconsin, September 17.���The bank of Hammond was  blown "open ^early today and ?5,000 in  cash and many Valuables, securities, etc..'  Itaken by^'unknown robbers.   -  . i     * ������ __:___.  > j  , f   Ontario Postmaster Suicides;   , "  ,   MILTON, 'Ontario, September   17,���'  Postmaster  Hannell  committed, sucide-  yesterday."  No   reason is 'assigned for  the act.   He was in the best of health.:  Dfelivered or on TracX  in any Quantity.  i        ���_  LEAVE ORDERS  . WITH  T     '  Chas. A. Waterman & Co.  Mand 15 K. W. C. Block  ORDER    EARLY   SO   AS'TO  GET   PROMPT  DELIVERY  BUT A GENUINE  j*- ..  Spectacles  ; or Eyeglasses  1 ��� '  , *     ��� -f ''_.    -    - ,  We can show you a fine  assortment "of styles in,  spectacle ware of different  quality and price.; Every  pair fitted free of charge  and guaranteed.  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES -Y  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  '  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  ",' GANONG'S FANCY 'CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  ������* t - GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES-,  , ' GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  '.  -�� GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  THEY ARE THE (BEST  You-can get them at,     ,        \ ���;  MeDONALb'S  Baker Street.  RETIRING SALE  AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU  Men's Worsted,  Serge   and Tweed   Suits  that  formerly f  sold for $15 and $12, now $10 and $7.   We also have them  as low as $5 a Suit.  5p Men's   Overcoats   in Melton's,   Beaver's and   Frieze,  from $5 up.    Excellent value at double the price.     "��� 'y  100   Pairs   Blankets   at   $1.50   upwards.    You   are   in  pocket on these from 25 to 50 per cent.  <      Fine Scotch Worsted Underwear, reduced from $7 to $5.  Men's Heavy Woolen Sox, six pair for $r.  Our Blue Flannel Shirts, worth $1.75 for $_, is a winner.  ��ine Canadian Grey Underwear, reduced from $1 to 60c.  See the cuts in Boots and Shoes, they will surprise you. -,  Mens Hats, all shapes,' colors, and.sizes, .below cost.      |  tt*************'*********}  *H. H. PLAYFORD & CO. 1  BAKER STREET; NELSON  MADDEN   BLOCK  ���nelson/ti5 '  AND  MERCHANTS.  9  9  9  9  9  ir   r-      *. ..   i   ffk  9  Hi  Hj  ���    ,*���*  CIGARt  Hi  Hi  - - *  9  9  9  Telephone 117. $  AtJCfiON  BROWN BROS  Opticians and Jewelers.  BAKER STREET  NELSON  ***********************tl��  WE WILL HOLD A  SPECIAL AUCTION SALE  FOR, THE LADIES '  ^  AT 3 O'CLOCK    l  PEES0MLS.  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON BTRBETTS  BEAL ESTATE  AND  mSUHNCElBOEMS  Agents for Trout Lake Addition  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the'park  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  JOTENLBARG-AINS-  MAY BE EXPECTED IJST  ALL KINDS OF DRY GOODS  DRESS  GOODS AND  SILKS.  A. FERLAND  >>,  JTHE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  h No. 4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tbe Exchange.  Free Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Haet-rn Investors.  for sale aro reauestod to send samiilor- of thalr ore to the  ���) to hear from all prospectors who h_vo pro*_isi_r_ mineral  Parties h.ivinrj mining property  Exchange for e.tlrJbitron. we desiro  claims ui British Columbia. -      -    -       ������ r���-��������uwium  -^  in jf>f,08pootor8 aad mining irron are requested to make tho Exchango their headquarters when  R  _kll samples shocld be sen. by expross, Propald.  Correspondence solicited.   ��� ��  Address all co.rmunicati.ns to c  Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER, S  P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C. jj  R. B. Porter, the Spokane railway contractor, ^is in Nelson un business connected with the Lardo branch, which he  and G. A. Carlson are building.  W. Anderson of Cascade, is in Nelson  on   business   in   connection   with   the  'Cascade Power Company. He says the  company  will  be in  shape to  deliver  power by January 1st.  Richard Hamill- of Rossland and A.  Hamill of the Arlington mine, two  brothers of the late R. H. 'Hamill, who  was killed at the Arlington yesterday,  are at the Queen's.  ii��ii��xxxxxixxxiTTxxjKTixiixzixixxxxrttxxxizTxtnxixxxxiji'rtxxrrxxnixiTt_    M  _r_tx_cexxcrxxxxj zxxxii  WORKS  f^OS-Sl^AlN-ip   EXNGIINEEIRIIVa  cunufpj. & McMillan  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ��� ore cars are  ��RH OARS, -dkipfl. cngep, ore birr doors, cbuto-r ond genoral wrorrpht iron work.   * Our  ,,~i!le ty'".I00 -t*!"-market ��� Write UH-for references a_<i full pnrticu an.       * .  SECO. I* HAM'J1_- J-JNEUV' FOIt SA_i_-One 5-foot Helton wntervheel.widfhGOO foot "8 to If!"  mtnal r-iverx*' pipe.   One VJxbxl'A outside packed plunR.r sinking pump.    Kock drills.' stoping  AGENTS ._B.OB__H'__7 POJBPS. v      STOCK CARKIfiD.  O. Box _����. THIHD AV__3.-_nB, b-(>ssl_u.d. j  J, H- Matheson leaves Nelson this  morning for a trip to Buffalo and New  York City. Iluring his trip east, he will  attend the annual sessign of the. .JcMr-  ngymen Barbers' Union,'"wnic_* begins'  at Sflgjjmw, Michigan, on Octo}*ey 1st  R. P, Green, M,P.P��� of Kasjo, passed  through Nelson yesterday qji route tQ  Victoria. "Bob" is a, politician, and his  business, this time, at the Coast is poll-,  tics, pure and simple, Unlike some ot  the members of the legislature occupying high positions, Mr. Green represents  a constituency with people in it.  AT THE HOTELS;'  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-l White Pine Lumber Always in  Stock,.  We cany a complete stock of  Ocast Flooring, CeHing, Inside Pin-.  ieh, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico Lumber Coltd.  FOR SALE  5000 Treasury Shares in the Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited.  60,000 Treasury Shares In the Royston Gold Mines, Limited.  Choice lots in Bogustown.  Properties in all partB of the City.  Apply to *    .  REGINALD J. STEEL  . BAKER BTREET  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS, Manager.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms. First class table board.  GRAND CENTRAIi���Ml'ke Mclnnes,  Leadville, Colorado; C. J. Kapps,  Kaslo; James Walters, Rossland; J. H.'  TNE NELSON LIBERAL ASSOCIATION  NOTICE OP MEETING.  The annual meeting, of the Nelson Liberal Association will be held at the Board  of Trade Rooms on Thursday, the "-.Sti*  Instant, at 8 o'clqck p. m. Eyery member  of the association is. requested to be in  attendance.  G_3QHOE C. TUNSTALL, ....Secretary.  September 16th, 1901.  HOTEL   ROSSLAND.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on  Vernon street.  Best  dollar a day   , _. ���.    house in town. House aud furniture new  Ellictt, Silverton; Chas. Allen, B. Bir-    and first class in every respect Lighted   .������ ^ ~ _-�����..6 aue��� aa,  mington, and H. L. Calhoun, Erie. I by gas. Room and board $5. to f6 per I or purchase of a club house.  9��_*--*B*^^  THE NELSON BOAT CLUB  l-TOTIOE OP MEETING-,  A general meeting of the Nelson Boat  Club will be held In Fraternity Hall at 8:30  p. m., on Thursday, 19th Instant. No printed  notices will be circulated,- but It is requested that .all- ..those in any, way Interested .  in rowing or; the welfare of the. club will  regard this as sufficient notice and attend. Special matters of importance are  on. file'for discussion, including the purchase of a rowing shell and the erection.  HONDI TEA  J. A. IBYM & CO.  The best in the market, in 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.-  Oe a Pound  GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street  Nelson  TELEPHONE 39.  ';���'���'���'��� X-I2_CIO._3X- _  CHARLES HILLYER, President. HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  [V_2*^-'r*..---'-.VST, .!��?��*l"��Wt^.-3i-_ _r;_-:  nt I_Sle J1Jat ieo?. Te<l .WOO feet of log* from IflahoYand wo ��r_ prepared" t.Vorit tho largest bills  .^^SSA^&SSSMbSS^   Kattome-given _.a_y tfcuo.   The largest * stock^o. sash,.  COAST LMBEROF AJLL KINDS QN HAN1>


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