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hwned by the
Bucking Mining Com
panies at Rossland, All of Whicli.
Causes Grumbling.    .
j. ROSSLAND, / September 10—[Special
.0 The Tribune.]—Beyond "the"arrivaljOf
some ten "scabs" from - Northport to
.dd to the Geiser force at the Josie mine
.oday, there.has been no change in the
^rike situation worthy of note. The
e Roi and War Eagle-Center Star au-
horities have forbidden the public to
[rass over any portion of their grounds.
Iven walking on the railway tracks,
hich run over their claims and which
lave been in use ever since they were
taid, is now prohibited, and men are
tationed to warn people off. No par-
lcular reason is assigned for the ac-
ion, and as the walks'around Rossland
re necessarily restricted, there is a
ood deal of grumbling over the, new
emulations. ,
Frecheville -was -expected to land, in
'*Tew York today, and it is said that
.ratnober is on;hand to meet him and
.company him*to Rossland.   It was asserted today that. Instructions had come
rom England,*to -begin no fresh work
jt the Le Ro^* smelter or at the mine
lintil the arrival of the London direc^
I ors,  but the "statement has .not been
lonfirmed.       / '   .    ,
The Whittaker Wright element still
Control  the  Le Roi  No.   2, -Rossland-
Jreat Western, and the Kootenay mines,
lind a good deal of delay may yet take
place before all the properties are placed
rjupon a proper footing.
Bratnober   and   Frecheville   are   expected to arrive here * about _ the 15th,
land until they come there jw.ll be but
[little change in *the situation.   '
ity  of  the,-members  Brown   will  bf.
The Chinese of Vancouver will erect
a special Oriental arch for the duke of
York reception.
A large poiiion of tho Japanese who
havo been fishing on Fraser river this
season are leaving for the United States
with their earnings.   Over two'hundred
have leceived permits.   -
It* is stated here on good authority
that Ralph Smith and Smith Curtis have
made strong representations, to Ottawa
"to have^the provincial goyernment offl-
'cials under take all prosecutions" under
the Alien Labor Act.
,   „      < OF-STRENGTH.*   ,
w   1
r *
">- nf
- Sifton for Premier. - "- •
REGINA, September 10.—The Prince
Albert Advocate has got hold of a story
that hon. F. W. G. Haultain is to leave
the territorial ministry, of which he has
so long been the head, and succeed the
late Mr. justice Rouleau on the supreme
court bench of the Northwest Territories Tho paper goes on to allege that
A. L Sifton, brother of the minister of
the interior and minister of public works
for the Territones, will become the new
premier and run the legislature on strict-
party lines Mr. Haultain, when spoken
to about it, said there was no founda-,.
tion for the report so far as he was con-
cei ned It should be added that at present both pai ties rin the legislature have
their quota of Liberals and Conservatives, and that consequently any such
change as suggested would mean a' dissolution of the house and the flrst fight
on Dominion party lines.       . ...
South American Republic Is Having a
* Taste of an tUphe&yal-, Against  , [ ,
the Priests and Friars.
t  .
r. f
' >
.-••    *-•   •
.    That s Making Greenwood.'/
GREENWOOD, .September   10.—[Spe-^
rjicial "to The Tribune ]—The/bid*of Cun_2
ningham  & 'Anderson",  electricians "of
,'Greenwood, has been accepted^ for'sup-
' .plying and installing at" the Montreal
■& Boston Company's SunstLmine*a 150-
light electric'plant."-They have'ordered
, the dynamo direct from the manufacturers, and will put it^ in and have* the
mine buildings and main workings lighted by electricity about the close of the
■fall,  s
' J. G.,_Haas and Walter Foster,, when
examining a mineral claim within five
miles of Greenwood today, came across
-the freshly killed body 'of a large .buck.
Prom indications they concluded' ;that
the deer had been killed by> a panther
or couger, -which had 'after -making" a'
meal off the carcass,scratched up earth
I. and leaves enough ito almost hide, it
I' from view of-passers by.
Two small lots of placer gold have
'this  week  been   received   from - Rock
rj,i Creek, these being the first returns obtained by the local company which has
'.put in a dam and is operating by what
1 .is known as the booming process.   Now
| ithat the channel is getiing down- to pay
dirt, good results are expected shortly
from sluicin**-.' ",
Oliver Wethered and H. A. Stoneham
of London, the former being chairman
of.the London & British Columbia Gold
Fields, Limited, accompanied'by J. Rodr
I «rick Robertson and S. S. Fowler- of
Nelson, reached Greenwood yesterday.
In the evening they were entertained
at dinner at the Hotol Armstrong, where
they met a number of mine and smelter
managers and other prominent men of
I'the district. They visited the Greenwood smelter this morning, and were
shown over the works by Paul Johnson.
They returned to Nelson on the after-
| noon train.
The first lot of 'King Solomon ore has
J been received at the Greenwood >smelter
land has passed through the sampling
I mill. Its value has not been made pu'o-
j lie, but it is' known to, run high in
| copper.
Revelstoke Local News.
REVELSTOKE, September 10.—[Spe-
[cial to The Tribune.]—The exact amount
jof the Fauquier defalcation is $2190, of
which $1200 was at Nakusp.    The case
will probably come up at the county
court before judge Forin on the 18th in-
| stant.
The Revelstoke arch has been given
[the choicest position on the line of the
royal  procession at Vancouver.    It  is
intended to make the occasion one for a
big display of North Kootenay mineral
I resources.
Thomas Taylor, M.P.P. for Revelstoke
[riding, has practically come out against
Ithe Brown-Dunsniuir combination.
Vancouver Local Hews
VANCOUVER,   September   10—[Spe-
! cial to The Tribune.]—Local politicians
I aro well satisfied with the selection of
|D. J. Munn at Westminster last night
to oppose the return of J. C. Brown.   It
is generally admitted, however, 'that if
Westmiister  people  can be  made  be-
I Jieve that the government has a major-
t Provincial NormarSchool.' >. „<
VANCOUVER, -September -" io.—The
next session of the Provincial Normal
School will commence here on Monday,
October 7th, and will' terminate 'about
the middle of April, 1902. Any candidate for admission, wh'o,is a holder of
the non-professional qualification required ,by the regulations can obtain a
form of application from the rprincipal,
William Burns, B. A. A candidate not
possessing this qualification-will be per-1
.mitted to take the Normal School course,
if successful inipassing the examination
prescribed for admission;'but these candidates "iwill be required to take the
regular examination for teachers m July,
1902. *-vrhis entrance examination 'will
be held at the Normal, School,'Vancouver,* commencing October 1st.
']WILLIAM* BURNS, B.'A.',, Principal.    '
■Will Repurchase Bonds.'
.WASHINGTON,, September" 10—The"
following announcement was made to-„
aay jit the^ „ti easury- department: £The"
t aecretiry *■ of ^th.*--ti saanry hereby—gives'"
'notice that he will'receive and consider'
proposals for the sale to'the government
on account of the sinking fund of United
States ,3 per, cent bonds^. loan of 1908-
_l_0_,._iper, cent bonds,-funded,loan of
.1907,, 4 per cent bonds, loan  of 1925,
and 5 per cent-bonds, loan rof 1904, to
an amount not exceeding twenty .millions  of  dollars   Proposals  should  be
submittedi to   the  secretary; by * letter
or telegiaph not* later than* Thursday.
NEW rYORK, ^ September 10.—The
statement given" out) b'y^ tne,Colombian
minister at Washington 'that* a Venezuelan fleet was bombarding the port of
tRio Hac_. is denied by Dr. A. J. Rcs-
trepo, diplomatic-representative of the
Colombian insurgents nere. He says that
the attack was made by the revolution-
ar-" fleet.   ' ■f       ,  .    '    ■
"'Local revolutionists vLad expected the
news of j the engagement for'the last
week'and' were jubilant yesterday, be-
„cause they felt^ little" doubt about the
* port being already in" their possession.
Dr. Restiepo said the capture of Roi
Uach was of the utmost ^importance to
.the rebels, because thisvwouldrplace the,
entire 'Atlantic "coast/ including Barran-
-quilla-and Santa Marea, at their mercy
„and bring about an ..early victoiy for
{their arms. He added he was sanguine
"tho'battle had been fought and that it
had resulted-in a defeat for the government, which*is withholding'the news.
.Dr. RicarddkBecerrtt,_whoJcabled the
Colombian*-legation at Washington from-
Ourocoa' that the Venezuelan's navy 'was"
bombarding the territory of her" neigh ^
bor, was -exiled about a year ago by"
Ij president ^Castro., He,„wasf the- minister.
1 of Colombia 'here- during -the insurrection of 1S85 and secured the armed in-
J. tervention of the United States '
i» , Raol Perez, secretary of the Colom-
iJbian   revolutionary * diplomatic   agency
in this city, when asked^ if a Venezuelan fleet had  bombarded Roi Hacha,
said: ,
1 "The Venezuelans are not fighting in
Colombia   The  only fighting. going on
nesscs who halve given their evidence
will be recalled to be cross-examined
by the representative of the crown. The
enquiry will be continued on the 25th
instant if Mr. Bodwell's instructions arrive by that time. The company is courting the fullest enquiry. Captain Troup,
manager, of the C. P. N.rCo.j; leaves for
the east shortly to < consult) with the
management-,at Montreal in'regard to
'jsecurjng .a-* new. steamer* to-replace the
Islander. The new boat will be the
finest on the northern run. Arrange,,
ments will also be made for a new boat
for thejVictoria route..;, [\   x        *     .,'
Physicians Are Now so Confident That
'    Several of Them Have "Already
Left for Their Homes. . _._
* .;
Peace Conference OpenecL, ■o_-,
GLASGOW, September ib.—The universal peace congress opened 'a four
'days session here today. Dr., Trueblood,
an American delegate," said the peace
.sentiment in America was the stronger
"ince 1850. The federal government was"
absolutely committed to the,. Hague
^peace-conference. -The_friends_of^peace- \
are now" endeavoring'to induce'all "the*,
"American republics to draw a'mutual
peace arbitration treaty, pledging them-
.elves ^o refer all disputes to the Hague.'
There was good prespect of securing the
signatures of the states which were not
now represented at the Hague.
iJat present*-in,South Americans between
"the Colombia liberals and the Colombian
■clericals. The liberals, or revolutionitss,
whose  land  and  sea  forces  have'  we
v think, captured *the-<.town of Roi*jHacha,
include four-fifths of the Colombian ,na-
* tion   This vast~majorii;y*'oft the coun-
" try's population'is fighting1150001 Philippine, friars whorhave,come to our shores
"* and inanyltalians of 'the Philippine islands and other Europeans allied against
us   President Castro <is struggling for
our liberty, and not for .his own^presx
tige  and  advantage.  This  fact should
always be,kept'in mind. This is no,war,,
of conquest   Venezuela has nothing to
,do wtih<it   Several hundreds "/of thou-
1 sands of oui counti ymen who have been
• compelled to flee to Venezuela have been
'•-helping us, but they are Colombians,
i„and not,,Veriezuelans.p' The Z.cable ■Jbe'-
i'-tween'Ciiracoa and Maracaibo is broken
;and so we have no ^positive' information
i^of the last battle, but we are almost
'f positive that we are now in'possession
"•of the entire northern coast" of Colom-
,r1*ia. There will be no invasion from adjoining countries." ,.
Some Interesting Figures.
.„ rMONTRE'ALi pSeijtember [ lo'.^T^e,
'twentieth 'annual report "of ,N-heuCana-
dian Pacific Railway Company for the'
eighteen months endings June 30th last,,*
shows the system" to "consist of 10,333-
miles as follows: 7563 miles owned by*
the company, ,732 miles belonging to'
other companies, but operated by the
C. *P. R., ^60 miles Junder ^construction,1
1977 miles 'other lines controlled by the'
a,p. R.f,fc/ s-rVK-/ ,.}    :  :4
Gross earnings of the twelve months*
of *thev changed -year*ending June 30th,
$30,855,203   Gross earnings during. 1899/
the last full,year^for, which, returns^re,
'available.^amounted' to' $20,230,028^ and
' working''expenses*for-year ending^June
30th, 1901T $18,745,828.-Nettearnmgs^for
period ,onding June(,30th, 1901, ?12,109,-
375—$120,790 less'tnan net earnings for
twelve months  ending December 30thv
1899/due to increase ui cost of wages,*-
material,^ etc.,-/without' a proportionate'
growth" in. earnings. The report "is. cbh-r
sidered(<satisfactory!an,the face of the-1
, fact that^in a" large-part^of the country
1 ser,ved -'•by .the road 4the, crops -werer a
Bodwell May Make the Race.
VICTORIA,' September 10.—In" certain
' Sandon Local News
SANDON, September 10.—[Special-to
The Tribune.]—The'Noble Five has let
a contract for a new terminal and ore
shed at the Noble Five mine. Work will
bo commenced this week.
The Biid 'fraction lead, from which
Alex Smith has already shipped seven
cars out of a surface cut, has been
traced into the' Maud E. ground of the
Five group. It will be developed this
Tho annual pilbrimage to the Spokane fair has set in, about a dozen excursionists going out today.
May Be Expelled Legally.
NEW YORK, September 10.—Justice
David McAdam of the supreme court of
New York gices the opinion-that Emma
Goldman and other Anarchists who were
naturalized can be expelled from the
country on the grounds that they have
sworn falsely, in that they have obtained • certificates of citizenship by
fraud in testifying that they1 were attached to the principles of the government and would support the United
States constitution always.
Memorial Services at Galveston.
GALVESTON, Texas, September 10.—
Three thousand people witnessed and
participated in the memorial services
on the beach at the foot of Twenty-first
fitreet yesterday. The simple and impressive services consisted in placing
a monument of flowers in the gulf and
strewing the waters with garlands in
honor of the memory of those who perished in the storm of a year ago.
Wants the Whole Purse.
SYRACUSE, New York, September
10.—Mr. Geers this afternoon wired the
managers of the Readville track has
acceptance of the Lawson offer of a
$20,000 purse for a race between The
Abbot and Cresceus, providing the winner -takes the whole purse.
.-circles1 tonight'it is believed'that E.'*V.*
"Bodwell- will, contest  the  vacant  seat
| in Victoria. It is known that the friends
"of Mr.-Bodwell, who are now in opposition to| the government, have been look-.
Zing-*"over."the situation, and inclined'to"
the-belief that he can, win Ithe "'seat
against all coiners.. He would vote the
.full 'strength of the Liberals, besides "a
j considerable number of Conservatives.
,In the event of Mr. Bodwell running, it
is thought the labor element would re-
-consider its determination to place a
■candidate in the fleld. '    *■-'"'
. VICTORIA, September 10. — [Associated Press.]—At a largely attended
meeting of workingmen held here Tuesday, evening an independent labor party.
*was organized, and it was decided to
place a candidate in the field to contest
the election for the vacancy in the legislature caused by the resignation of J. H.
Turner. A candidate will be named at
•si meeting to be called by a committee
appointed to submit names.
, Sealers Doing Well.
VICTORIA, September 10.—The first
■vessel" of 'the sea!ling fleet, the schooner
Saucy Lass, returned to night with 704
skins, the result of her cruise since
March last off tho Oregon coast, thence
to' Copper islands, and a few days in
Behring sea, she being obliged to leave
there August 16th owing to food running short. She reports seals plentiful
and the ,sealers doing well, several
schooners spoken having taken over 150
, r.kins to August ICth. She only took 28
of, her skins in Behring sea. A report
has reached 'Ounalaska of the finding
last summer of four bodies on the Al-
ontian islands, which are believed to be
victims from the wreck of the steamer
Pelican, which was never seen after
leaving Port Townsend for Taku, four
or Ave years ago.	
A Rehearing Ordered.
VICTORIA, September 10.—E. V. Bodwell, who appeared before the court of
enquiry into the wreck of the Islander
this afternoon, presented no definite instruction from the minister of justice,
but the fact that he was instructed to
represent th'e government shows that
they are desirous of going into the evidence mbre fully than the commissioners have done. It is said that all the wit-
]-*After meetingfTobhgations the balance
sufficed' to provide^ preference m stock
dividends of *4^p«iVJccnt anfli*5'<per cent
to common stockf-holders, also to carry
forward a fair^addition to the surplus
i During? this.-period the M. fe'-N.^W?
^with*,its sleased line; the 'Saskatchewan-
& Western, has "come under the com-"
pany's control and- arrangements for
the leasing -.or1 another section of-the
British Columbia'Southern* and of'the
Kootenay, &, ^Arrowhead railway,, have
been completed ,and5 'only require? the
sanction of the shareholders ' Other extensions have v'alsoTbeen made-'in^Mani-
tpba   and s British """Columbia,'"besides
which arrangements (have-, also br en
madef with-the Duluth and'Soo*roads
which promise,to add,materially to the
company's^levenue...'; ' j^ ~„/j _
, Additions'_Tav~e been made to, the' Pa-(
cific Steamship fleet, and another vessel
will be placed on the Yukon route, also,
one of the highest class* for trans-Pacific
service.     > > ij _■ ; i       .
t Improvements on the "maini-line and
branches have disposed of a .consider-
rble sum. '
i During this period 4,337,799 passengers
and 7,155,813 ton3 of freight were handled Average -peasenger -rate *1.93< cents
per mile, average freight*'rate, 0.79 per
ton per mile.'
■ '.Balance sheet shows-assets. $291,518,-
571,' $225.353,616-of whicITis'allotted the
railway-itself."•-'•    •      '*-_■*     *   .
'   * The-Law-Must-Be Changed.-   -
'.NEW YORK,   September ,10-—Replying* to a question .as to what .would'-b'e
done with a number of Anarchists, said
.     . .  ~ .    t      * ■>     .
from Europe, immigration commissioner
Fitchie,- who "is in. charge i at. Ellis h island, is quoted as saying: ."The law at
present states plainly that "no'one shall
be refused admittance because of "his political beliefs. -What'.we need*is a law
tliat will call for the examination of all
immigrants, and. particularly those
"•whom we have reason* to suspect of being Anarchists, and provided that every
such be sent back at the expense of the
steamship company bringing him here."
Germany Gains Her Point.
LONDON, September 10.4-The Berlin
correspondent of the Times quotes an
article on China in the Cologne Gazette,
which maintains that Germany, has carried out her program for the immediate
objects she set forth in China. These
.were the rescue of legations, the exaction of atonement, security against a
recurrence of the disorders and the repayment of expenses. ' Germany, says
the article, has/no ambitious schemes.
Ail she desired was an open door for
her merchants-and manufacturers.  •
'        Will Meet on Thursday.
WASHINGTON, September 10.—Two
members of the Schley, court of inquiry
were ■ at the navy department today,
namely, admiral Dewey, .president of
the court, and admiral Benham. Admiral Howison has not as yet come to
Washington. Unless the president's
condition should change materially for
'the worse the court will meet on Thursday next, exactly as ordered in the precept, and the inquiry will begin at
once. The determination of the court
is to settle down to work immediately.
French Soldiers Make a Kickup.
LONDON, Septembei 10.—A special
dispatch from Paris say3: "At Montceau
les Mines some hundred reservists returning in uniform today from the army
manoeuvres entered the town singing
"International" and other revolutionary
songs. A force of gendarmes attempted
to disperse the reservists, but the latter
fixed bayonets and charged on the police with cheers for anarchy and social
revolution. Tho gendarmes were scattered. The soldiers then held a mass
meeting and passed a resolution in favor
of a revolution."
tember 10.—The following bulletin was"
issued<fby the physicians at 10:30 prm.".
'[The condition of the president' is*" uri-v
*-~*- *■ .t   ,, ^^*-j ,
changed  in  all  important  particulars.,-
His temperature is 100.6/pulse 114,-jres-
piration 28.    When the operation was
donevon'Friday last it was found'the',
bullet ha'd carried "with it a short* dis-
* ' *- . V I
tance beneath the skin a 'fragment of
the'president's clothes.   The foreign'material'was, of'course, removed;'but'a
. slight, irritation of the tissues .was' prp-
duced{\ the1 evidence of -which has .appeared only tonight.   It has'been necessary on-account of this slight disturbance .to remove a few.stitches and^par--
tiallyjopen the skin wound."- 'This irici-,
•dent  cannot i give rise to'other  complications, but it is communicated to the
< public,' 'as -the surgeons in attendance
? wish" to * make   their "bulletins* ^ freely
-.frank.   -In consequence .of' this separation of the edges of the surface .wound,
healing'of the.same will'be" somewhat
1 delayed.'! The  president' is   now * well
enough Ito begin to take nourishment
by the mouth in the form'of pure beef
juice.", - - -yy,'%'. *;_ r.*
! BUFFALO/- September -10.—The-.re-
'ports of- eminent physicians,!in^attend-
anceiupon the^ wounded president 1;oday
;'C*o_amitted themselves jvithout^reserva-
tion^to the opinion' that "thei/; patient
yas' out of danger, and that .only the
possibility- of complications, threatened
•his life., iThey, did not „say,"-however,*
that ~his- recovery was certain;*^that ,4s!
cjollectivelyj over their signatures in'an
official* bulletin      That was more than
could*be asked in reason. Scientific men,
, no matterJhow strong their convictions
imight be/could not be expected'to'assume- the, grave -responsibility of .confidently, proclaiming the "certainty .'of, the
recovery^ of 'a man lying H'on a bed, of
.pain .withla^bullet-.hole' m his' stomach.
" But-'individual.y'arid • separately -during*
the day, each of--them, with^the exception of Dr.>Rixey,vwho did not leave
the   Milburn   residence,   placed   themselves squarely; on r,ecord not privately,'
to the friends of the president, but publicly through 'the "agency of the press,
that the danger point had passed and
that the president wpuld survive the attempt upon his life.*1       -   ' ■
J "Of course .we/will all feel easier when
a week has-passed,^' said^Dr. McBurney.
"We would like _to see.eyery'door locked'
and doubleMocked, but the danger from
possible complications is now very re-
*mote."-* As. an'evidence of the supreme
faith he holds, Dr.,McBurney, after the
morning, consultation,  made a trip to
Niagara Falls, and'this evening return*
cd to New York. , He could reach here
again in ten hours  if the ^unexpected
should happen, and .there should be a
change, for the Avorse.;   The little piece
of lead in the muscles of the back is
giving the physicians no concern whatever.    Unless ,it should prove troublesome to the patient later on, ho probably will carry his grim souvenir of the
Anarchist with him tp the end of his
days.    The doctors * say , that once encysted it can do no harm.   Thousands of
men  are  today walking the' earth  in
perfect health with much larger chunks
of lead in their bodies."   The X-ray machine is ready.for use, and if there is
the slightest inflammation or pain  in<
the vicinity of the bullet an operation
will be performed.
The vice-president, members of the
cabinet, Senator Hanna, and the other
distinguished friends of president McKinley who have remained here to await
the issue, accepted the verdict of tho
physicians today as practically conclusive, and there was an exodus of those
who consider their presence noylonger
necessary. Senator. Hanna returned to
Cleveland on .business today.'to- be gone
two days, and comptroller. Dawes] went,
back to Washington tonight. Abner McKinley, the president's brother, will remain a few days longer, but his family
have returned home,, and Mrs. Duncan
and several other relatives of the president have gone. Judge Day,, long associated with, the president, returned ,to
Canton this afternoon. Five members
of the cabinet, still here, will remain a
tew ,days rather as friends who have
been intimately associated with the
president for years than as public officials.
* Vice-president Roosevelt left the city
tonight at 9:30, for Oyster Bay, perfectly confident that tho president will
recover. So confident was. he, in fact,
that when a question of doubt was put
to him he answered with a parry. He
was asked: "Do you remember that
president Garfield progressed for ten
days, and that just when he was ready
to get out he collapsed and finally died?"
Quick as thought the vice-president said:
"Ah; but you forget.twenty years of
modern surgery, of progress. From what
I can learn also the Garfield wound
was much more serious than the wound
' of president McKinley. I believe that
the president will recover, and believe
it so thoroughly that I leave. here to-
Questioned as to the mode of procedure so. far as the state was concerned,
he Bald: "I see no reason for the call
of an extraordinary grand jury. The
grand jury now in session, composed of
American citizens, will undouhtedly'take
care of the would-be'assassin,' anu the"
authorities of Erie county will, for^coun-
ty, state, and national pride, make1 a
vigorous prosecution. Unless governor
Odell is asked to interfere, I see no need
, of'his callfng an extra term,or deputizing-, an assistant attorney-general to
prosecute." a v rp ^ s t *- _ '\^
Asked as to, the'enacting of legislation
against Anarchists", he"" said: "I have
no'.t thought, much on the matter. What
has, disturbed me'has been to find a'
> reason ,for even anarchy to attack a man
like >prkesident McKinley. "-Here is the
country where they are allowed perfect
freedom offspeech: Here'the ruler "is aZ
man dscended'from*the,farm the;same
as Adam. He/is a 'man who' has rip future, or means other than that'which
he may, manage to save out of his salary,
'as president. Probably many Vworking
man in the United States today-has a*
larger amount.of real,estate**than>Mr.
McKinley. <In addition he"~is kindly 'dis^
posed, and in.every. great emergency in
which he could'act has been a friend of
the common people. '.Why should'he
'then be shot by Anarchists?"
t. „ii
.4 _<-
They Want Molybdenite, v
; TORONTO, September 10.—There 3s a
future in store for a Canadian/mineral
which bas lain sofar unworked»in the
Laurentian ridges^in* Frontenac and the
eastein part of,the province. „The"min-'
eral in question is molybdenite? which*
.is" used as an < alloy in''certain,special
high-grade lines of .steel.- A.couple of
weeks ago thefbureau of, mines received,
inquiries regarding the existence of this
- metal in Canada from a firm inJMaine,«
who desired to secure supplies for man-,
ufacturing ^purposes. . Today a t second
1 demand forfit comes from England. Mr.
Harrison, curator of "the Canadian* section of the.Impenal Institute in^Loridon',
England, has--written Mr."Gibsontthat
ttlie 'firm of* Harrington Brothers^who'
have an establishment in 'Oliver's 'Yard,
City road/l-are inquiring, whether/ the*
mineral^cculd' be secured'in' Canada.
-There" is* undoubtedly a~cliance,'for_a
good' investment1 for "capital in forking
these -deposits, if the ► mineral 'can, be
found in paying quantities/ -;-,^   -
■* y *. vot-—c—~—"—~"*. ~i»r*v-1
" [ ,  Charge^ AgainstJ Dr. Krause."'    -''
\ LONDON,* September. lO^Dr.'-Krause,
former, governoi ofrJohannesburg,5, who
1 " '    .-•»     Y1  "^    *\   <m \    *. *   'i't'   '
She 'Admitted- She/Had, Met '"the" Pres-* -1
r*. v*; rA'
iff '^Tfe-f "
r      ». I
- V>l
"3,. «•_;
raigned in'the Bow stre.t-police 'couf t;
and'remanded on"a charge,,of treason,
,'was brought up again today. Dr. Krause
was informed that a„warrant charging
him*with**-incitement,to muider"was is-
.sued in the Transvaal. Sir George Lewis
.-_ii"_ehairW"tHo4*:_iisoiier Baidvit'seemed
strang-e -since Dr., Krause* had been in
England fourteen .months as^a paroled
prisoner of war'that warrants should be
issued in the Transvaal because of acts
committed in England, and he asted how
could a gentleman not an English sub-'
ject be charged with „h.gh treason The
case was adjourned to await the ai rival
of papers from the Transvaal. '»•       ' ■
i ' Court Construed a.Will/ *
TORONTO, September lO.'-rCtiief jus-,
tice Falconbridge has construed the will
of the late Thomas Fuller, private banker of Leamington, who died^last year,
leaving a large, estate.''The application
was.,made by Matthem Wilson,* K.C,
Chatham, for the executors. The. court
decided that the widow was entitled to
$17,000 in cash and an annuity of $500
awhile the-balance-ofHhe^estaterSiS.OOOr
the proceeds from the sale of the banking business, is to be divided among the
eight children.
One Week's Besults in South Africa.
LONDON, September 10.—The following dispatch has been received from lord
Kitchener, dated Pretoria today: "Since
September 2nd the columns have again
got good results, the total bag boing
681, composed of G7 killed, 67 wounded,
384 prisoners, and 1C3 surrendered; also
179 rifles, 65, 211 rounds of ammunition,
3400 Boer horses, and iS.,000 head of cattle." Lord Kitchener further says that
the situation in Cape Colony is unchanged excepting the capture of Lot-
tor's command, reported last week.
Meetings Postponed.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, September 10.—
Chairman Daugherty of the Democratic
State Executive Committee today addressed a letter to chairman Dick of the
Republican Committee asking that all
political -meetings be declared off during
the illness of president McKinley. The
same arrangement was perfected following the assassination of president Garfield.
Seeking for Information.'
BUFFALO, September 10.—A number
of witneses supposed to have knowledge
of the movements of Czolgosz after he
came to Buffalo were brought to police
headquarters this morning by local detectives to be questioned by superintendent Bull and ■ district attorney
Penny. The police declined to' give their
names or what information had been
gained from them.
ident's Assailant, but DenieU Anyl'    -    "" ?
'-   * 2/'''-' '■"**'■   --.'''v-' ,rY,,* A-T ,.   y rj
Complicity, in His Crime. ,^4>';■  • V id
"* '' .• :_____:* *'V,-*. ./pi*. -*  -   " !
CHICAGO ,Sept_mber^l0.#',E__m_. -   " " - '""
Goldman(< whose''speeches^according21 to .
the man himself, flred'the brain of Czolgosz, the~ would-be assassin oftpresident
McKinley, was arrested,here today>Miss.,
Goldman's manner^was defiant-.asjstie
was led "into-ithe "office of chief'of police
j'O'Neill.'but'she disclaimed' all/knowledge of Czo'lgosz and -hisfcrime^ admit)
ting only'tha, she met him here"on" July
up.' *•>&&*'>Xe-W^ '
-.''Do y^pu-know;^that;your wordssare *>
what ,caused>Czolgosz'^to; attack "/the .*
president?iJ sne-was^asked.'-^-/t\<J&$>*'' Y,
h^Ivdon'tj/Pnever^adyo^tkViqlence?       "     v
a scarcely .^new thei__an/^Lwasheavs4      r '     '
-Ing< for, RochesteV/yia^Buffalo^whVn ,     \"\\
Czolgosz had a few words, with ine. **JHe    -    1   .J
said he had heard* me lecture" ate some , ,
-memorial hall 4nZCleveland" las.hilay,
^and that, he/wanted tolknow >me.*V I
^scaicely lemember anythingvaboutjhim/
save that his complexion.wasihght*."- ^
"' I "Then how'do you know^that this .man*
is the one who tried to kill, the* pre_i-
;dent?"*--A   -      ', yyr^r, ^>?^Z~A'
*>.„ "Oh!",with a'shrugjof-f-her/shoulders,,
"I Iguess-that from;what--.thV^newspjfe; ''
- - "What- did you-thmk -when^you heard, /j
ithat* an,,attempt^ to kill Jthi_5president'    ■
'had beenlmade^-.the^woman»waVas_§^'j -«
_ With' a wave cu\ her^hands fandu-, an-1-'«-
.other shrug, of her yshouldefsit she%an^    --
swered 'disdainfully,, "11tfiough't;$Oh,^ -
thefool."^     ',    t r J:^n^Shfi.
. The prisoner's manner.^was- growing.
more and more excited^anid^she,madel
^an evident efforvtftojcontrol 'herself:>In*"'»'
ithis she eventually succeeded,-and&heV
launched into^a.discourse,on the.teach-.
ings „ of Anarchists. -' She declared-that-
anarchy, did not' teach men^to'.do.the^act^.
which''has madeiCzolgbsz'vdespIsed^and'1
v hated the world'over.*". We work against i
*,the^system,-and;educatioji is'our-watch--
- wora,'5r_h& said^il^waVt^rlyY^ast July^
when I came "to'Chicago "to visft/ttie*
Isaaks family."^she!Hcontinued/J lhWan-,
swer to' interrogations concerning^her
"Vhereabouts  recently.    '.'On .the night.
,of July 12th Isaaks was out of the house, _
the bell rang and I wentrto'i the "door..
The man who,' I learn through the news-^
papers, was Czolgosz, stood there. _, He,
said ihe'wanted to see, me. *I was about,
to catch the Nickel Plate train/as I and,
-Mr.;Isaak's-daughter were about to" go
to Rochester. "We went to, the"Rock * ■
Island depot, but I was so busy taking t  j
leave of my friends that I scarcely no-   "\k
ticed him.   It was not at a time when      *
one would want to make new friends/ ,
At the depot I' had a few words with > '   '
him, which I have told.   That was all ■"
there ever was between us.  I am an
Anarchist, a student of socialism, but ^
nothing moie.    Nothing__in anything^!.. _
. ' .
** r
Columbia at Bristol.
BRISTOL,   September   10.—The   cup
defender- Columbia carao up the bay in
tow. from Newport today, dropping anchor at 6 o'clock off the boat shops. The
craft-was brought here to receive light
racing gear for the cup contest off Sandy
Planned in Chicago.
V CHICAGO, September 10.—United!
States secret officers in Chicago have
come to the conclusion that the attempted assassination of president McKinley
was the result of a plot arranged in this
ever said to Leon Czolgosz knowingly
would have ,Ied him to do the act which
startled everybody Friday."
'"Not even in your lectures? He says
your words set his brain on fire," asked
the interviewer.
."Am I accountable because some
crack-brained person put a wrong construction ^n my words? Leon Czolgosz,
I *am convinced, planned the deed un- '
aided and entiiely alone. There is no
Anarchist ring which would help him.
There may be Anarchists who would
murder, but thero also aro men in every
walk of life who sometimes feel the Impulse to kill. I did not know surely, but
I thing Czolgosz was one of those downtrodden men who sco all the misery
which the rich inflict upon the poor,-
who think of it, who brood over it, and
then in despair resolve to strike a great
blow, as they think, for the good of
their fellow-men; but" that is not anarchy. Czolgosz (the woman pronounced
the name with the greatest ease) may
have been inspired---by me,--, but if he was
he took'the wrong way of showing it"
The police officials are not satisfied
with Miss Goldman's story. When captain Schuettler and detective Hertz discovered her at the home of one Norris,
at 303 Sheffield avenue, she*denied her"
"HeJIo, Miss Goldman," said the captain, as he entered the' parlor., "Are
you glad to see me?"
"I'm not Miss Gpldman; I am-a Swedish woman, and my. name is Lena Larson," answered the woman, endeavoring
to imitate the Swedish dialect
"All right, I speak Swedish myself,"
said the police officer, as he poured out
a few questions in the Norse tongue.
Miss Goldman did not answer, affecting
to misunderstand.
Detective Hertz' meanwhile had been
investigating and had discovered a pen
with the name Emma Goldman engraved
thereon;, "What does this mean?"
shouted the captain, holding the telltale article before the owner's eyes.
"It means; that the game is up/* she
said. She then admitted herY identity
and accompanied the police to the office
of chief O'Neill.
Captain Colleyan/chiefYof detectives,
has sworn out a warrant charging Emma Goldman with conspiracy to assassinate president McKinley. She is being
held at the central police station in >
this city.  '
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OF THE  International Journeymen Barbers', Union  ol America, meets first and third Mondays  of each month in Miners'/Union-Hall <at.  8:30. sharp.". Visiting members invited..VR..  McMahon..president; J.- H; Matheson,' seer  retary-treasurer;; J", C. Gardner, recording  secretary.:. ,' -.; ���?������������ ���<  ��to Wribixtt*  _> -  '  ���  ;, SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  Dally by -mall,  one month..." $   50  Dally by mail,  thiec months  1 25  Daily by mail, six months  2 50  Dally  by mail,  one year  5 00  Daily by carrier, one lrfonth  l 00  Daily by carrier, threo months  2 50  Daily by carrier,  Mx months  5 00  Daily by carrier,  one  year 10 00  Semi-weekly by mail,  three months...     50  Semi-weekly by mail, six months 100  Semi-weekly  by  mall,  one  year _ 00  Postage to Great Britain added.  ADVERTISING   RATES.  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TVhen'seen'by a*, correspondent, Mr.vMc-  Dougall said,that he visited his father's  ,"bld home in Argyleshire and the Glasgow exhibition.   Like'every onVwho has  "visited the'exhibition,-he speaks highly  ,of it and of the creditable showing made  by Canada.   He talked of Canadian'com-  missioner W.'D.-1 Scott'as a>man who'  -knows-his-businessrr-^Mr.���McDougali's-  principal mission, however, was to look  into' the British method of auditing and  dealing with accounts.   He had a' letter"  of introduction from' the governor-general to the'colonial office, and was there  shown every attention and given all the  iriformation he'desired.   He spent some  time in the exchequer and audit department, looking over the way the business  was conducted there.    It is uriderstoo"_  that he will make some recommendations in his next annual report as a result of his observation.    However, MrY  McDougall is of the opinion that while  there   are   some   things   that   Canada  might adopt in its audit office from the  British system, there are other things  which'it would be to the advantage of  Britain to'take from us.   The credit system in Canada was superior to the British.    The  competitive system,  in 'Mr.  McDougall's opinion, worked well in the  civil service. * ,-  ^ *        i  Furniture Dealers  Funeral Directors  and Embalmers  y     '      ' i .,               Worth  Vor  Oak h Center   Tables .'.$3 50  $2 75  Oak Center Tables '....6 00  4 60  .Oak   Center   Tables BOO  375  Oak    Leather..   Seat ,-* Fancy '���    '  1  . jRocker    '...'...{ 4 50  ,5*6  'jE'nT Folding .Tai-le  5 00  3 75  'A 25  Cane 1 Veranda, Chairs....- 8 00 '  450  Cane  Veranda Rockers 6 50  4 76  FISHING TACKLE  WE HAVE TJBfcE BEST FLIES AND  THE  BEST LEADERS MADE.  Minnows, silver and Rold and Phantom.  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Telegrams and letters are pouring into the  wholesale firms, asking for sugar, and  the refinery at Vancouver is unable to  ship it fast enough, although carloads  are arriving in the city daily. The wholesale men say there will be no immediate  increase in the price, but predict a raise  very shortly... They'say this is the time  to, buy.   ���':'������      ���.'    '���   Y '��� "��� '-''���' '  ��� A Challenge to Nelson.  ALTON, Ontario, September 10.���-The  Alton base ball team, the champions of  Peel and Dufferin counties, Ontario,  tonight mailed a challenge to. the base J  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE OQ.  \****************.********.  )  Coffee Roasters  Dealers in yea and Coffee  ************************'  We are offering at lowest prices tbo best.  grades of Ceylon, India! 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Notice la hereby given that William Milne  has made application under .the provisions  of the "I_iciuor License Act, 1900," for permission to transfer the license now held by  him for tho premises known as the "Twelve  Mile House" on the wagon road between  ��Howser and Trout Lake, to premises to  be erected by him at a distance of about  one mile from his said premises, such new  premises to be known aa the "Twelve Mile  House."  A, meeting of the board of license commissioner, for the Ainsworth license district will be held to consider this application at the offlco of commissioner Stephenson on Front street, Kaslo, on,Wednesday  the 25th day of September, 1901, at the hour  of 8 o'clock In the afternoon.  W. H. BULLOCK-WEBSTER,  Chief License  Inspector.  Provincial  Police Ofllce,  Nelson, B. C. September 10th, 1901. ;  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I_C_E.  ���       PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner, of Victoria and Kootenay Streets  and Wells with men who are both capa-'j.ball clui) at Nelson,; British C5_. ;      TELEPHONiSYNO. 86.  1  ELEGANT DRAWING ROOM  AND  BED f.OOM';FURNIT_URE ,  Acting under instructions from Mrs.  Horace D. Hume, the undersigned will  offer for sale by public auction, in the  'Archbold cottage,-'corner of Baker and  Stanley streetB/ on  IBIfllT; SEPT. 13  AT '2:30. P. M.  The whole of her very desirable drawing room and bed room furniture, pictures, silverware, bric-a-brac, etc. The  articles to be sold will be on exhibition  in the cottage on the morning of the  sale. Terms cash.  fl. A. Wat��� & Co.  AUCTIONEERS.  Rooms 14 and 15, K. W. C. Block.  NOTIOE TO DELINQUENT 00-0WNEE.  To John J.  McAndrews or to any person  '   or persons to whom he may have transferred his Interest in the Black Diamond  mineral claim, situate on the north side  of  Bear, creek,   about  three  miles from  the town of Ymir, lying south of and adjoining the Evennlg Star mineral claim.  Nelson mining division of West Kootenay  district,   and  recorded  in   the  recorder's  office for the Nelson mining division.  You and each of you are hereby notified  that   I   have   expended   two   hundred   and  twelve    dollars    and     twenty-five     cents  '$_iu._5)  in  labor and  Improvements  upon  the above-mentioned mineral"claim -in order  to, hold said mineral claim under the provisions, of the Mineral Act, and if within  ninety days from-the date of-this notice  you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of air such expenditures together with  all costs of advertising, your - interests in  the said claims will  become the property  of, the subscriber under section 4 of an act:  entitled,   "An Act  to  Amend the  Mineral  Act;--1900.':.- JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this llth day of September,. MM... ;       , v.-.'.-;v ; ..  THESE  HOT DAYS  W*M_*-*-______r-r*ar____��  QUENCH  YOUR'  THIRST WITH  Anheuser-BdRclr  Boer.,Pabst (Milwaukee Beer. Calgary Beer, Roisterer & Co. Boer,  Gosnell Beer, and  Double Jersey  Buttermilk.  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GOOD STATION WORK  CAN BE SECURED.  t***************  W  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \  ARTHUR    GEJIE3  ���MERCHANT TAILOR  LADIES' TAILOR  MADE SUITc-  *******#  9*  9*  I*  9*  If.  ti  &  BAKER  STREET EAST.  F( tr   further   particulars , apply   to   the  "-Tel-ion Employment Agencies or to  G/1RLS0N & POSTER  O -NTRAOTORS.  *************************  R. REISTERER & CO.  UHKWKUa AND BOVOXBB OF  FINE LAGER BEERr ALE  AND PORTER  EAST KOOTENAY'S FIRST  ANNUAL MINERAL,  AGRICULTURAL AND  INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION  Prompt and' regular delivery to the trade.  .BREWERY 'AT 'NELSON   Y   , Y'  TIJREE  DAY.   OF .INSTRUCTION,   INTEREST AND  ENJOYMENT.  CRANBR.00K; B. C, SEPTEMBER. 25 to'. 27, 1801.  The best program ever seen in the country. See posters and 'circulars' for further  yparticulars. Mineral exhibit, bucking contests, agricultural exhibit, horse races.  'Specially low; return railway ra.tes from  t_.ll points. ':-.' I '������.'.' y. -(.  Y A.XW. McVITTIE, Secretary. ���; ;  ���*_tr����-����.Tr,* '^Aili*?'_*M_i_ir��_p-'r>__W��V'J,��<-;'��'   .__ .   .'"  ,,,u^��n>>.c...t-*^V..w,n<.T5'.-_.i��^'>rt^^^<l,.%|';.r~j��p,iy.^  ".jetfiSiXis;  ri._%*i.'>i.'S.a��w.''r.,;"t'-.���.*-*:���.'.' ������J?'   -J^  ^r-'ij  .  i  THE NELSON.TRIBUNE,. WEI)NESDAY? MORNING, ^EPTEMBEE  11, 1901  _<   *i?3t'M  - \ * J��  <- <;~-i**  ' r      * l- " ���  Bill OF I0HT1BAI  CAPITAL. aU paid ��P-�����1g.OOO.OOO-00  dwst    7,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       42-.180.80  I'Lord Strathcona and Mount) Royal ...President  I Hon. Gcorrjo A. Drummond...... Vieo-Presideut  I_..3. Clo.-ton General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH   _   t  Comer Bakor and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  ,   B___ob.es ln London (England) Nkw York,  | Chicago, and all tho prinoipal oitloa In Canada.  Bay and soil Sterling Exchange and Cablo  !Ff_li_ sl_ 6 rs ���  Grant Commercial and Tiavelora* Credlta,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Ebe.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT BATK OB* INTEREST PAID.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  $8 000,000  $2,000,000  ACGREGATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  HOW A MINING TOWN IS RUN  In South Africa.  One of tho first steps taken by the  J British atter the capture of Jolian_.es-  i burg was to provide for the administration of the town, which is so im-  poitant   factor   in   South   African   in-  dustiy.   The municipal requirements of  ^Johannesburg*, cannot be said to have  \ecn  adequately   looked   after   by  the  i government of the  South African  re-  I public    In the eaily days the settlers  [formed an informal'sanitary committee,  J and as the town grew the Transvaal  v> executive council  by degrees  provided  i a form of municipal government.   As it  existed subsequent to 189C, the chairman  was a nominee of the Transvaal government, half of the members had to  Jvbe buighers, and the Taal, or dialect of  the Dutch commonly spoken m South  Africa, was the medium of speech.   The  government did not commit to the municipal body so constituted control of  the franchises of -,'the town, and president Kruger and his advisers were accustomed to grant concessions disposing  of municipal ground and public squares  ���without reference to the town council.  Once, for instance, an attempt��was made  from .Pretoria to grant a concession tfor  the erection in, the market square of a  block of houses" on pillars, as the president, though desiring the returns from  the undertaking, did not wish to^ deprive  his buighers of "the privilege of out-  spanning in the square.   The town council was not even granted control over  the streets of the town.    Secrecy was  one of the characteristics of the operations of the council,   no agenda were  published, and the minutes when written  were, not compiled.   The administration  of the city was bad, and the suburbs,*,  which rapidly grew up, resisted' annexation to the city with all their night.  When lord Robeits *captured Johannesburg^ he'placed the administration of  it in the hands of major O'Meara, ,R E ,  C.M.G., who had been second.in com-  -mand during thelsiege of Kimberley,  andY had -subsequently been-employed  on the staff of ,the military governor  ��� of Bloemfontein. For about eleven  months major O'Meara administered  Johannesburg single-handed. Among  his difficulties was the decidedly serious  one that he.hadjio defined source of  revenue, notwithstanding this he managed to get along without getting any  financial assistance from the government, and kept the machinery of administration moving at very low cost.  .When the new town council assumed  office," the budget which major'O'Meaia  submitted" to it showed a deficit cf  ��37,730 only.-  i When, in March last, lord Milner visited the, Transvaal, he decided upon giving the-town a more formal municipal  , government, and upon lending it a sum  upon_which to carry on its administra-  ^tionr^_BIection_being_for_the_momcnt-  impossible, lord Milner -selected twehe  residents of Johannesburg and nominated them town councillors, under the  presidency of major O'Meara as government commissioner. The council has  been chosen so as to represent the  mines, commerce, the professions, the  artisan class and the foreign element.  By the terms of the proclamation appointing the town council the governor  of the Transvaal undertook to advance  to,the Johannesburg municipality until  June 30, 1902, a sum not exceeding  ��100,000, at 4 per cent.  The new council went to work industriously, and within three weeks  had  divided itself into committees and arranged its procedure, whicli included a  Tigorous insistence upon publicity of administration.   The estimate presented to  the council by major O'Meara was, that  an expenditure of ��20,000 must be in-  curred at once for certain necessary "services,- and that at least -��15,000 a month-  would' bevne'eded to carry on current  i work of the municipality; the .monthly'  revenue,  he. estimated,::would, n��t exceed �� 10,000 a month for some time to  come. Z 'While the government. loan.-will  suffice for immediate current expenses,  considerable'/expenditure, will be necessary, bef ore the city, will have a, proper  equipment.'Y P.ublic..rbuildings ���: are. need-,  ,:<__,.the water suppl^,must; be increased,  th:_ town' lighting improved/: and a'������ sys-.  tem7'ct drainage introduced.'   Paving is  1 still in {ie future for this city of dusty  streets.    Th,  council has-shown much  .":cautionton* th.  sufc _e"c t "of '��� finance, the  " voting,Yof. money: being; carefullyvsafe-  gua'rdedV and the period .over; Which the  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,    ,  President.  Robt. Kllgour,  Vice-President.  IMPEBIAL Bffl  o_p  o^:N\i_v:D____  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  $2,600.Q00  -   ,$1,850,000  Q jgm&_'     ._*______ a* i."a_    ��� a . #-*���" *     '*      __-_����*������ . ^'1>/''^-  __*-���_ ____P "   ���*�����_--_ ___K__*.___N_(_)__.    >_������___   ���__ nml          ___ j ���  _���_������__. m ��� _hh. "ii' i-.it ���rfai'iiiri. i_riiir_i _ -_ w _ ^ ���    i  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, _9. O.  New York  Office, 16   Exchange   Place,  and 6_ Branches in Canada ana  United Slutct).  the  H. S. HOWLAND ..Presidont.  D. R. WILKIE General Manager.  E. HAY *. '. Inspector.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed1 ou d.piH__*.   Present rate  three per cont.    ^  GRANGE V. HOLT,  r '     Manager Nelson Branch.  burg residents benefited in consequence.  A struggle with this company seems to  be impending. __   _  . The foundation is thus being prepared,  even while ^hostilities continue active,  for a considerable accelarauon of indus--  try and commerce when once order is  restored. Careful, honest, and skilful  administration is one of the requisites  of development of the country, and the  correct municipal government of Johan-  , nesburg will be a great economic advantage to the country.  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.'  THB  CURRENT  _____   OF   INTBBXST ALLOWED,  MURDER UNDER WHITE FLAG  Justification for Farm Burning.  Rev. Paul F. Bull, late acting chaplain to the forces in South Africa*, in a  letter to the London Daily Chronicle  gives, for the purpose of helping fair-  minded Englishmen to form a right  judgment on some of the difficulties  with which the military authorities have  to deal, an account of an act of treachery,  and murder committed from the farm of  a surrendered Boer.  "One Sunday morning in April, while  at" breakfast, with the general, a report  came in which said that our patrol _���*._  been fired on from Mr. Richter's farm at  Klip Drift, which was under the white  flag, and one man killed.    It was not  known what  ha'd  become  of  another,  who had been seen to fall.    Whether  killed or only wounded was uncertain. It  was an obvious duty for me to go to  see if I could find this wounded man.  The civilian surgeon of ..the Seventh Dragoon Guards, Dr. Amard, asked if he  might accompany me.   So after parade  service at 9 a. m. we- started.   We decided to walk, as riding* might mislead  the enemy as to,our intentions.    Klip  Drift farm lay ab'out' seven miles off to  our right front. "We made our way past  two cattle pens, past a dead horse, past  an ominous tarpaulin sheet just inside  the garden fence, up to the house, where^  after some delay, the door was opened  by'a young lady, who proved to be Mr.  "Richter's eldest daughter: -  -*.     "    __  "We explained our errand, and she at  .once led us to an outhouse, where we  found   our   wounded   comrade���trooper  Cox of the Seventh Dragoon Guards. He  was lying on a bed,,and by his side sat  a young girl fanning him to keep off  the flies.   He told us his story in a few  words.    As he and Best and another  man were riding up to the farm a terrible fire had opened on them from behind  the wall of the cattle-pen.    Best was  shot dead.   Cox's horse was shot under  him.   He .struggled out from beneath it,  and ran towards the river.   But* a shot  .brought him down when he had run  twenty yards.    The other man,  being  to the rear,  escaped.    After -Qox had  fallen, about fifteen men, well dressed  and  equipped,  came  out  from  behind  the cattle-pen and said they were very,  "sorry"_but_were_obliged_to~doTit.    One*  of them was a doctor, and bound up his  wound,  and  they  carried him  to the  outhouse,  where  we  found  him.    Dr.  Amard then dressed his wound afresh,  and we held a consultation.    Then we  made our way to the garden and drew  aside the tarpaulin and examined^ poor  Best's wounds,   I unpinned his Afghan  ribbon, and on examining his pockets  found a sixpence and a florin, in the  rim of which was the clear-cut dent of  a Mauser bullet.   On turning the body  over we found on the other side a shilling   which    had   been   driven   right  through the body, and was bent double  aud torn.   The wound was only one inch  higher up than that of his comrade.  "After some milk and bread and butter at the farmhouse we made the acquaintance of Mr, Richter, the owner���  a tall, handsome man, perhaps fifty  years of age, with a full iron-gray beard  and a fine figure. He told us. through  his daughter that he could not understand English, but I judged from watching, him carefully,that this was only a  temporary infirmity. He explained with  unnecessary emphasis that he was in  hiding from.the Boers, who would come  to make him go on commando if they  knew he was there. The. hiding was,  rather a thin affair, All the blinds in  the house were drawn down, but-T noticed him walking about with considerable freedom at times when I wasn't look-'"  ing. Next day I pointed out to hiniihow  rash this was, but he said .his 'boys'  were watching in the neighboring hills,  and would warn him in. time to hide  Nelson Branch~Burn_ Block, 221 Baker  \     " *.   Street. ���   t"  J. M. .LAY, Manager.  j  that his farm was subsequently burned  for another,act,of treachery committed,  from it."  , He concludes: " "I believe this war  will stand out in the records of history  as pre-eminent for the good behavior of  our troops, andNfo_ the care with" Which  our leaders have' taken to temper jus-  ticef>w_th mercy."  TELEGRAMS IN,BRIEF. FORM  Gut Glass  Gut Glass  '   A  large consignment of AMERICAN  CUT GLASS.  The  kind   which   we  handle   represents  the  HIGHEST  STANDARD.   Every piece is genuine and a fit specimen'���  of the GLASS CUTLER'S ART.   '  They are Open for Inspection  '���mm  f _&/$_! .  ",'3'���4?%,%l  JACOB _DOyERy The Jeweled  From Various "Sources'  LIMA, Peru, September 9.���The Peruvian cabinet resigned this' afternoon.  GODERICH, Ontario; September 9.���G.  C, Shannon, one'of Goderich's oldest  physicians,** is dead.  "HAMILTON,* September 9.���Fire did  $8000 damage to Copp foundry on Saturday night. 'The loss is covered by  insurance. \  ������ CONSTANTINOPLE, s September, 6.���  A dispatch from Salonica says that one  of the ladies carried'off from that vilayet by biigandSjis Miss,Stone.  ST. JOHN, N. B��� .September 9.���Mrs. i  Jane Lambert jumped from a-moving,  train at Colbrook on Saturday morning  and died here .yesterday from the injuries received.  "( THAMESVILLE,' Ontario, September  9.���Robert Ferguson, M.P.P. for East  Kent, is dead; raged 69'years. He had  been a rmember' of the'Ontario legislature since 1885.  ATHENS, Ohio, September 6.���Fully  10,000 peach trees will be destroyed*in,  this 'country on1 order of the Ohio agri-'  cultural department, -the"'trees being  afflicted by San< Jose''scale. '.  WASHINGTON," September 9.���The  following cablegram was received at the  state department today: Pekin, September 9.���Protocol signed ��� on "September  7th. Rockhill left on'the'Stli.' -  . JAMESTOWN, North'Dakota, September 9.���A Northern Paciflc.train of nine  cars.^seven freight and two passenger  coaches,'.collided.with an,,englne in the  Jamestown yard' today, killing five persons.   ;  '     ."'' -    ;���      ( '      "  1 BROCKVILLE,'Ontario, September 9'.  ���The head nurse in ^charge of president McKinley. is Miss' Maud Monan of  Brockville, whbi' left here after a few.  weeks' holidays on Friday noon. Reach-.  ing-Buffalo that f evening, she .was at  once sent to the' Milburn residence to  look after president McKinley.  ' DENVER, Colorado, September 9.���  A special from Silver-City, New Mexico,  says Antonio Maggio, the musician and  alleged "a'narch'ist,'who'is said'to have  predicted the assassination'1 of president-McKinley before October 1st,. 1901,  was arrested at San Rita, a mining camp  near Silver City, at 5:30 o'clock this  afternoon by United States marshall  -Foraker, on instructionsrfrom>Washing-  ton. , ...  ' NEW YORK, September l 9.���The  Canadian and Irish riflemen-met today  on the long ranges at Seagirt, New Jer-  -J_f\ ��_Jr Jewelry.and Watch Making Departments are at-,  ig\ -yonr service.1   All mail orders: will receive our care-'  -'  __V ful attention.. >  ��� ^^_j^i_^^_i^^iw^fc^l*-^*-'^*^*-^*'{5. *^C^'mj'^'^'^'fi'  ��� .S'^*��*>^'^'^k'��?:*^^'^��-5����5''����-2_^'_S^^^:>  sey, in a* special contest between teams  of five men, each.- They,shot over the  800, 900, and 1000-yard ranges, the Can-'  adians using the,English military rifle  and the Ulster representatives shooting  with Mannlichers. -In consequence-the  Canadians received, an allowance of  eight points 'each, or 40 'points for the  team, and the honors went to Canada by  13., points 'on^ the gross score. The1 net  scores were: \ Canadians 593, Ulster^Ri-  fle -Association ,620. ,  QUEEN'S HOTEL  * BAKER 'STREET,   NELSON.     K .  Lighted 'hy,',Electricity ,and Heat-  .,ed���with, Hot Air,  '*-   *   .       ���   , Large 'comfortable' bedrooms anfl flrst-  class fining* room.*' Sample rooms for commercial men. ..,,,���, .  ,<  1 f  RATES S2 PER DAY  r ������ x . i> A   ,  Mrs. ;;E.:;C_;Clarke, Prop:  I -'-Late.of-the-Royal Hotel, Calgary  Sladden'House  Baker and- Ward  v Streets,  Nelson. /,  INSURANCE,  REAL ESTATE  and MINING BROKER  )The only ,hotel1 in Nelson that has-re-!  malned undergone management since 1890.!-  'The  bed-rooirn   an*. well  furnished <and'  Hghted'by electi-leuy.*-1^ ,*���   4   "  ,The-bar Is'always iHt.c_.ea  ov the best  domestio'and Importer! Hquors and/cigars.>  '" .   '���THOMAS/ MADDEN, 1 _ oprletor.  SLOCAN JUr-GTIOri 1-iOTEL  ' /' J.rH. McMANUS, Manager. J  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and, clears. Beer on_draught.' Large  comfortable rooms. First class"taDt<* board   i .       f      1       ; 1       f   HOTEL ' ROSSLAND.  - -'     j .    .  Third door'from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon ' street. Best' dollar -a day  house in town. House and'furniture new  and flrst class in'every respect. Lighted  ',by gas.- Room and board !$5' to $6 per  week. No Chinese employed here!  J. V., O'LAUGHLUSr; .Proprietor.  ���MARBLE,: BUILDING 1ST0NE,  BRICK AND LIIV|E  v*  .The. Mansfield ^.-Manufacturing  Cqmpjuty-:  have j the- above ^mentioned - building pzaterialsn I>  ���< for sale. at. reasonable -prices. , Special;- quota-%���  -��� tions  to  builders^"' and contractors' for' large h  borders.   ,< ^/r.-^ z ..y~ j. (i^ .   '\^''r,^  ;',-���  /r,  0S*  f  /h"  nFny' ��J* ^Vancouver,,  'Civil and criminal.  ���ir 'City    - -  only.  * City   ._  Civil and  City'of ....  ��and criminal.  City  and cr  MSIVvuVnd c.^ln_l\'lT^'^7T^|^P  Civil 00nflv'Van9ouver.^22nd * Octbtiet.tiim^��.tMm  tyr*,��i, ^w We,tmln��te,5__itfoptoWM_^  *Octbher,Him:&t^j  K. McMAHON.  A. E. GARDINER.  REPRESENTS  The Best Fire and Life Insurance Companies Doing Business ln the City.  Money to loan at 8 per cent upon improved property. Interest payable' semi'  annually. Principal payable annually.  again.   ���  *   On our arrival backyto the'  > redemption of expenditures on -'capital: j camp next day -sye .learned, something  .. ---.'-----__ __.L_i_1 ___ .^ _t __.^_. ____.__. __.         >_ __**       _1����a��11        _r\-^       ^��-_-^\*��^\----    -_��^v  account may' be spread being- limit.,  to* 30:;years; ' This period is: shorter- than  is usually Ythe case, but -the, council  thought it wise-to take into: considera-  \ tion any uncertainty there may be regarding the duration of the Rand mines.  In the matter of public policy the  town council has made a good start.  The Johannesburg Water Company has  heen invested with unusually extensive  powers, and has made itself distinctly  ���unpopular by its high-handed attitude  I. towards its' customers.   'The town., council recommended a. more lenient policy. ]  and, on the refusal of the company to j  *a"bate any of its demands, appealed to!  the Transvaal administration. The coun-  ,which gave a, new thrill of.interest^to  bur.:adventure land a' new point to my  text. In-our absence one of Mr. Richter's jjafflr servants .had come .into camp  and given Jnformation to 'the effect that  on Sunday, the fifteen Boers had been'  entertained ai breakfast by'Mr. Richter,  that he had joined them in Jying in wait  for the troopers, and had ho.asted that  he himself had shot the man who was  killed,; and.-had "thanked God he had  lived to shoot one damned Englishman.'  He was arrested that night in Bloemfontein, and was awaiting his trial when  we went forward on.the great northward  march. It was not till my return home  that he had been tried and found guilty,  HOUSES TO RENT CHEAP.  H. R. CAMERON  AGENT.BA.KERSTR1._T.  SEAL ESTATE,  AND  INSUBlNCEiMOKEBS  I cHYgained its point, and the Johannes-1 but let off with some slight penalty, and ,  ,'. Agents : for 'Trout \-Lake" Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview' Addition.* Y  Acreage property adjoining the park,1  And J. & J. Taylor safes. Y . i ' v. : >  v These safes can be bought from us'on  t\>/o year's time without interest  Wa^el Bros;  .333, West. Baker Street, Nelson, v ���':  5000 Treasury Shares in the Similkameen Valley Coal Company, YLimitedi  1 50,600 -Treasury Shares in the Royston GgJJJ MJne.*!, Limited.  . Choice' lots in gqgustown.   '.;       ';  y Properties', in all parts of the Gity.  Apply tb  EEGINALD J. STEEL  .        "JAKHB STBKBT  BARBER SHOP.  J       .Q 1    ��� J, -  Robert McMahon and A. E. Gardiner  have leased the barber shop In the basement of the Madden block, s southeast cor-  _ner_0_4Baker_.and_-Ward_streets._and-will  be pleased, to have the patronage of their  friends   First-class baths' in connection.  DISSOLUTION OP 00-PAETNEESHIP.  ��� Notice is hereby given that 1 the co-partnership hitherto existing between the undersigned under the style of Starkey &  Company, wholesale commission merchants, has this day been dissolved'by the  retirement of George M Phillips, who has  transferred to F Starkey all his interest  in the assets, book accounts and business.  All persons indebted to 'the said partnership are hereby requested to make payment  to-F Starkey, who has'assumed all tho liabilities of the pnitneiship .and who will  continue the busines.  -GEO.   M.   PHILLIPS,  FRED    STARKEY.  Witness: H. BUSH  Nelson, B.   ... 14th August. 3901.  TIMBEE LEASE NOTIOE.  Notice 'is hereby givenvthat' ln thirty  days we intend to apply to the chief com-  mibbioner of lands and works for permission to cut and carry av*ay timber oft 'the  below described lands situated on Lock-  hart creek, one mile anu ono eighth eas,t  from Kootenay lake, commencing at a post  marked "northwest corner,'������running' east  120 chains,* thence <north 10. chains,:'thence>  cast'120 chains, , thence,���; south .: 40 chains,  therce .west 120 chains, 'thehce. south 10  chains; thehce west 120 chains,-.thence north  40'cnalnsito place of commencement: ;  NELSON.SAW. &; PLAN TNG, MILLS. Ltd  NelsonY'B. C.i Aujtustyl6Ui,. .1901-  -.-:-.   .-- ...'I.."' "NOTIQE'YYY^ V-yl  Notice is hereby given that I intend to  apply' at the-ne'xt sltUrig; brT'.the'-.b'oard of  license commissioners 'yfor'- -the ..City  of Nelson, to bo held after the" expiration  of thirty days,from the date hereof,' for a  transfer of the retail' ltc|uor license !now  held by me as the representative of the  John " Johnson estate, . for:. tho ' premises  known as the Silver King Hotel, situate on  Baker street,: ih. the -said-City of Nelson.:  on 'lots ,7 and 8 in block 10, sub-division of  lot 95/ to M. APNatsn-ith' of the said City  ' of-Nelson. - .<������-':���   'CAROTjINA THELIN.  :    Witness:: G.. A.-THELIN.-V-     .    X.  ; Dated' this 4th,day of September, 1901.   .'.  :.: iNOTIOE."- :: ���' :.  THE   'CASCADE' WATER,  'POWER    &  -��� LIC-HT COMPANY, LIMITED. ".  '1 Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the above named  company will be held.at .the registered office of the company on Baker street in the  City of Nelson, British Columbia, on Monday the 23rd day of September, A. D. 1901,  at the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon,  for the purpose of - considering, and if  thought fit, passing a resolution authorizing the directors to raise tho sum'of one  hundred thousand pounds (��100,000) by the  Issuance of mortgage bonds or "debentures,  or otherwise, to such person or such person's,-'company *���_.- corporation, and upon  such ternrrii and conditions'r-is'to the directors may geetn fit." '-���'���'��� ���''���'���' ,<* *������������'���  By order, -.. . ,    ���  JOHN FRASER,  Secretary.  6th September, 1901.  .':������'��� .-" ' '   7.-.,:���: r.Y; ,-a/t-: ���!-' .x- ���-��� -   ��� ..  ORDERS BY MAIL PR0M^T_V ^T-TEN_ ED^TO'  V.  r  0<Z)ltiLJE>-A:JWSr  "���or?,1.!5," ��f' Nanainio," 3rd   DeTCmi>e^il.0^Ci^l|^P|  , Civil.and criminal.*    <.<_-> ,w*i ys. Aq. ��tfe$0$$&s3Bml  *\By commandT,,-*>J   D^PRENTICE^-^S^-^^ls  ."_   '  ',   ��.-*.*-��>��   Provincial _ fleorBtn.-r v ___a<->��_r___S_i  Provln  j August.  N0TI0E.1  OFFICE^ JMKE�� .STREET WEST, flELSOJir B."C. TELEFHONE M0.'219.. P. 0. BOX 088.  hv J11U ,.onill. !,���,,," i<cn- rj" *rt "n�� the �� r<?:X_tika  22nd dfay of August, A.- DTl901, Clas T.. �����:'�����'"^S  Swanson was apn"ointed* administrator of *;*������- 0.��"ftS|f  tha poisona^estatei and. effects of said _e-kW7_������  persons   having   claims   against   the   said "ft?M  deceased  are  required vwlthin  thirty  days"'    ' r *V��_ffi  .f,,"1!^, hereof to forward them with;;c-^'^  full  particulars 'duly verified by statutory "r- *��� r^S  declaration' to   the  said   administrator ,att'v **''<��'����  Nelson a.oresaid. , ^   ��� _~   ,    ^i1 ��)^"f  And notice is also hereby given that after' '*   '"   -&  such last mentioned d*tersaid admlnistra-  ���tpr will proceed to distribute the assets of  the said deceased according to law without,  ^regaid   to, any   claims  of  which  he  shall  ,tncn-no_-navo received notice.  Dated this 29th day of August. A. D. 1901.'  '    *> _  ,t .j    '  ELLIOT _- LENNIE,    ( j  Solicitors  for  the Administrator.  TREMONT HOUSE  321 TO 331 UAKER STREET, NKLSON  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy St?am 25 Cents to\$1  mm & Go.  >'-.( :  Head Office at  NELSON,.-BO.  Wholesale and Retail     j  :   Dealers in Meats.  OEBTIHOATE   OF IMPROVEMENTS *'  1   NOTICE-CITY ,   MINERAL       CLAIM.   '  S'rtl,tteTj.,n.the NS.lson, Mining Division of  West Kootenay District. 1, \  Whore located: About ono mile south loI  -  Nelson.       1 , '. <  Take notice that I, "Wiliam John Goepel, a.  Free Miner's. Certificate No. 50,500, intend'  sixty days from the date hereof, to .apply- .  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Impro-vcmcnts for  tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the abovo claim.  And furtheruake notice that action un- , ;  der section 37,'must bo commenced before  the* issuance   of   such   Certificate   of   Improvements.  ���- patod-this-l-th-day-of-AugustT-^AT-D.  190I- \ XV.   J.   GOEPBL.  0EETIH0ATE  OP IMPEOVEMENTS.  NUTlOiS-NlJl.SON' MINERAL CLAIM,  situate in the Nelson Mining Division o_  West   Kootcn.iy  District.  AVhcie located: About one mile south o_  Nelson ���  Take notice that I, John Paterson.  Free Mlnei s Cet tinea te No _J727. Intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Gr.urt of the above claim.  And furthor take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of fauch Ctrtllieatp of Improvements. .  Dated this ltfth day ot. August A. D.  19U1. JOHN VPATERSON.  OEETIFIOATE  OF   IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE.-THE CHAMPION MINERAL  claim, sltu-to'ln tho Nelson mining division of West Kootenay district. "Where  located: On Fouy-nlno creek about 20ft'  yards from hydraulic dam. Tako notice-  that I, E "W Matthews, acting as agent  for Henry Samuel Crotty, free miner's  certificate No bi9,970, intend, sixty days-  from the dato hereof, to apply to tho mining recorde/ for a certificate of Improvements for/ the purpose of obtaining a  crown grafit of the above claim. And  further tal/e notice that action; under section .7, m/st be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of tmprovementa.  DatPd ���. tn IRth day nf. .Tijlv.VA't>   IBOlr.  - C4  /'I  MTarkets atY Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,   Silverton, N/v;  ', Denver,; Bevelstoke, Fergasph Grand Forks, G-reenwood, Cascade City, Md  ���j way,, and "Vancouver. , V  Mail Orders Promptly Forwaifef  11 1   i___rp.ii.P-      ������ ���    1 ���.���i.ii���ii.     !���������������__��������� n ,n   ir     1        ���        ���    in     -ii   ���^        i-i     H..I.-H    ���������    ������  -  ���       g^T!  vVeist Kootenay Butcher Co.  '. ALL KIND8 OF.''  FRESH AND SALTED MEAT.  WHOLESALE AND RKT4*-};. \    '  F!S,H ANP POULTRY IN SEASON  E. C, TRAVES, Mant��'  K. W. C BLOCK  WAED STBEET  ��� tOUDKUS BY _UIL RECKIVK PROMPT ATXiCNTION.  . OEBTIHOATE  OF  IMPR0VEMEBTS.  Tiger./lvitchener and Uast Chance mln-  -eral cliims, situate ln. the Nelson mlninc-  dlvlsio/of West Kootenay district. Wherff  locate</ On Mornin*. mountain on the east  side rf Sandy creek abontxone:mile from  i,he JL9.��ien?y riye,r-  Take notice that %  R.   anlth,   free  miner's  certificate  65.76.b_  J&Jf* a?.?_i_<-r-^'' Th0,5.' freo nilner?*_  cer/rflcate   55,G70b,   Henty   E.   Hammond  S��hIei?*--0i*/leTei *^e' miner's'certificate-  C68b, Intend sixty days from the data*  ireof to apply to, the mlntn/j. recorder  for a cerUfteate of improvements, foi*���h6-  purpos^of obtaining* a crown irrant ofth��  above claim. And further take notice that  action, vnder section 37, mu-t be commenced before the issuance of such cer��-  tlflcate of Improvements. R. SMITH  Dated this 2_th day ot July, a, -p. fifo  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPBOVEMEHTR.  NOTICE. -MONUMENT      MINERAL,  e claim, situate In the Nelson minin-,- dU-ftw  ion of .Woet Kootenay district! Whore fc-  cated: At the hend of Grohman creefc on  Grohman   mountain.   Take   notice   that  __  _ J. M. McGrrgor, acting as agent f.r Steve!  K^y'S1"55' , fro��, miner's    certiflfente    No:.  b-.O.-Sp. and Louis Strand, free.mmer-s-cer-  tlncnte No. b87.293. intend sixty days: frona  ��� the date hereof, to apply to the mining re-  1 corder  for  a  certifier*.toy91.  Improvements*,  for the purpose of obtomlnR- a crown srantt  hat act on under section 37. must be corn-  that action. unde-> section 37. must bi-'coim-  menced  before   the  Ksuance of such  cer*  tificate of nnprovements,  ���5  ,4  I     Paled- this 12th day _f August, ia__  J..M. MCGREGOR^ _ ,™^«*^*-r»<-Mv»*f1F__*_i*»t_a„Ki(taf'i1»rtV-jti. ^tto*rt**i^«n'fvtat'\3Zt&ft<tii.
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PHAIR—W. A. Powell and wife, Spo-
kane; A. C. Ackman and sons, Montreal;
Frank P. Wilson, Detroit; Charles
Dempster, Rossland,; C. "A." Hurlburt
and Frank D. Hovey, Detroit; Lee
Coombs, Rosslanc,> VL. A'. /Campbell,
Bonnington Falls; F. H. McCarter,
Grand Forks.
HUME—J. Murray, Winnipeg; George
W. Hall and wife, Toledo; John Dean,
Rossland;, T.L. Mitchell, Rambler mine;
William ,Hastie Adams, Kaslo; George
Bell, Winnipeg; A. F. Northcote, Toronto; D. A. Stewart, Winnipeg; Charles
B. Heyd and wife, and George D. Heyd,
Branttord. v
Porto Rico Siding; J. P. Daugherty and
A. Bremner, Slocan; C. J. Winslow and
H. Petrie, Ymir; R. McDougall, Cranbrook; James' W.hite, Howser; George
H. Keefer, Stanley Falls.
QUEEN'S—Mrs. 'L. Carson,. Ymir;
G., W. Carotliers, Trout Lake.
TREMONT — Tom 'Ralph, Slocan;
James T. Laggie, Silver King.
Charles ' Dempster of Rossland" left
* for the Slocan yesterday.',I_e was accompanied by .Frank P.' Wilcox, C. A. Hurlburt and _ Frank D. Hovey of Detroit,
and has a mining deal on the cards.
Mrs. P. Grant*of Portland, and Miss
Blanche Brown of Salem, who have been
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hutton of
'this city for the past) two months, returned home yesterdajr.   r' ^,- -
John Dean of .Rossland was *in town
for a few hours yesterday. Like a great
many, other Rossland men he is coming
,around l.to, view _with favor the introduction of some measure which*will prevent or at least lessen the possibilities
of ,labor disputes tying "up, entire communities. •.      /-, ".'»    '   ,
" 'D. W. Moore, jjre buyer for the Trail
smelter, was in Nelson i yesterday. He
is of "the opinion ,that* better times are
'imme'diately ahead""of- the silver-lead
camps of fhe Slocan. Lead shows an up-
,ward .tendency and "although' silver continues" weak, he is of the poinion that
it also will soon recoverYlost ground.
";   ''.       ■——~'. ^',-"„  , '
,The statutory.meeting bff_he license
'commissioners for,.the City'"of!'Nelson
/will be held this'afternoon a..2 o'clock,
ted to return by the end of the week,
when it Is said that the directors will
take actionrwith respect to the application of the London &'British Columbia Goldfields for an extension -on the
bond which( it holds upon .the Imperial
and Eva groups. Some uneasiness is beginning to manifest itself among the
shareholders of ,the Imperial syndicate.
The failure of the London & British
Columbia Gfoldflelds vto make its second
payment upon tbe-*ond which fell due
in August, has had a depressing effect
'upon Imperials, andx from a premium of
3250, at', which some were sold for, the
shares have-fallen below the amount of
assessments paid upon them." This slump
it is said, is due to the eagerness of some
of the holders to avoid assessments
which the syndicate has seen fit to make
in order to protect its holdings in the
event of .changes being made in the present bond to the 'London & British Columbia Goldfields. •
Sergeant Hardy of the city police
force had a thrilling experience yesterday morning. On Josephine street, just
opposite the Manhattan saloon, he came
upon a trail of blood. There was lots
of it and the policeman decided that he
was on the scent, of a. serious assault
case. He followed the trail down to
Vanstone's drug 1 store where he came
upon quite a pool of,blood. From here
the trail led to' the C. P..-R. station and
the policeman's excitement grew as he
.followed it. He was rewarded by coming upon a dog with a deep gash cut
came upon ajdog with a deep gash cut
in his shoulder.^ It turned out afterwards that 'the animal had been locked
up in the ^Old* Curiosity Shop by mistake, and' to escape , it had Jumped
through one of the" windows, but curiously enough there was not a print of
its feet anywhere in the blood stains'
from the broken window to the station.
We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received
.n Kootenay. Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles.. Winchester Smokeless and
Savage Carbines. Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequaled
for simplicity, accuracy and effect. M
R,,Kh!I.0Re!?'   Exuhaust(Lr?-    HAand   Sh,aft  PumPs,  Pipe and  Fittings, Steam   Packing,   Leather and   /i
Rubber Belting, Hose; Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel. J
u Licenses to wed'were'yesterday issued
to-Ole'Julessen-Roning'-and Anna Folia,
and to James, Pogue and Elizabeth Beau
Xj r-V  j- i
- *.   ...
i,V ,
* 0se=*5r^^*s^*_£-2r^
* It PAYS Td CAtt ON iisf
„ Ferland   auction ' sal _ '_ and   the
Salvation Army-Band 'are,^h_Tdnly night
attractions, in Nelson-at 'present Both
draN-- large"crowds, the^ne'indoors and
"the other outdoors-. '\* T ' . •
"The au-ition^sale of the.provincial.gov-
;ernment tWn ;lots in, the, townsite of
,Lembn CreeV which was'advertised to
take'place on^Wedriesday,'the"llth instant, has been Whdrawn. <
Charles A. Waterihan & Company announce, an auction sale lor Friday afternoon",' when they-will sell the furniture
and effects of Mrs. "Horace r>. Humer
,The advertisement pf sale appear3 in'
another column: •        *   " ' ■*>" ,_ >
< _.       _ i   - ^      ^     v   --. *,... -.
c*' A,meeting of the fire, water and light
committee ,will be held-this afternoon
'for'the'purpose "of enquiring into the
working -of vttie^ fire, department. The
meetin,?: is the-outcome of-some comments which were' made at the meeting
of the._ci.ty council on Monday evening.;
The case/of Rex vs,* Sangala^wlll>be
tried at Revelstoke 'instead* of Nelson.'
.This is a case;In whichf..he prisoner' is
charged" with attempting to shoot", ,his
wife. The accused lives near-Nakusp and
'the shooting affray was the outcome" of
a drunken row. The woman 'was. not
injured. ^■"'H * "   '    ,   "
-        GOODS EVER SHOWN IN THE CITY*-        ;-
J.YAN & GO. i
*- The owners of the townsite of Frank
held a big picnic yesterday. Frank, is
the name of the. new  town which, is-
^springing up on the Crow's Nest Pass
railway about a mile east of Blairmore.
' It will be a coal mining town, and the
owners decided upon a picnic 'as the
best way. of attracting attention on the
outside. l ,  , '
How, Do They Stand? '
i    The Province,%of Vancouver,  violent
-anti-Martinite,, says:    "Hon. Mr. Wells
* is a man of .innocent and childlike faith,
so innocent and1 so'--childlike, in fact,"
that it is touching to see him traveling
in his present company. To the Province
yesterday lie said-that the government
would now be-stronger^ fo_ the number'
of men who -would join it with Mr. Martin unless'there,-"were more defections
from the party, a-conttngency too remote
for himself-or other ministers,to bother
about. ,. Now it .the, chief commissioner
of lands Yand'wdrks'really means'what
he says,1 he 'must be afflicted with some
sort of a mental strabismus which causes
him^ to read'names in one column when-
they really are-in'the other. "YHe'shbuld
call the roll\'of%tlie legislature" and see
hoW'.the.Ymembers  stand'..   The' house
may' fairly?,be /divided * into" Martinites
and anti-Martinites once more, for the
premier, -Mr!-1 Dunsmuir, 'takes .a secondary position .in the thing of shreds and
patches - which/\the Colonist calls "the
government 'party."    Now  among the
anti-Martinites -may safely be reckoned-
the following:    Messrs. Clifford, Dickie,
Green.'-Houston, Taylor;'Fulton, Garden,
Tatlow/' "Hayward,   Murphy,, ,,Ellison,
Booth, > Helmcken," McPnlllips;' Rogers,
Smith,, Hunter,'McBride,'-and Mounce-^
19.7 To these may be addei| Smith. Cur-
_tiS-and,E.  O.  Bmltli  of the Old, Martin
-party, and Neill and Ha#$hornth,waIte,
independents. The .VictoriiJvacancy will
"go, so hard against the __artinites that
they ,will never get over the shock,'' and
thus the figures will stand: For,the govr
ernment,  14;   against the government,
24.'.,This is even conceding for the moment that Mr. Brown will be "returned
in,New Westminster.   It will be noticed
that" the list as given includes Joseph
Hunter,and Mr.' Mourice, both of whom
are in a sense employees of*Mr, Dunar
muir, and are doubtless counted on as
sure supporters of the 'government^ Mr.
Hunter, however, "has openly expressed
himself as being opposed tothe Martln-
Dunsmuir   combination, ' and   as   preferring to resign his Cariboo seat rather
than ^accept any ■ responsibility _In the
matter.   Mr. Mounce, too^is believed to
be a man of sufficient independence of
character to act as his.Intelligence directs.   How, in the face of these things,
Mr. Wells can figure out a government
majority passes comprehension, except
on the one ground that there are none
so blind as those who won't see."  ,
Now QoeB to Ottawa.
*- ,
R. S. Lennie has served a notice of
appeal in the rather celebrated case*"of
Fawcett vs. the C. P. R. railway. This
was an action for damages brought
against the railway company by the par-
ents'of the late' bonductor Fawcett, who
died from the effects of injuries received
at the C. P. R. siding at Robson in October,' 1899.
The case came on for trial,in this
city before justice'Irving, who refused
to allow it to go to the jury after the
case for the plaintiff hau been presented,
upon the finding that the plaintiff was
the author of his own injury by reason
of-his not having examined the running gear of his train and discovered
a defect in the brake wheel, which it
was admitted was the cause of the accident. Mr. Justice Irving held that the
deceased was required to do this under
the rules of the company. An appeal
was .taken from this decision to the full
court but the decision of the trial judge
was upheld. The appeal is**now to be
carried to the Supreme Court-of Canada. The issue to.be determined by the
supreme court, is merely whether "justice Irving was right In refusing to allow the case to go to the jury, and the
allowing of the appeal would mean that
the-plaintiff would be entitled to a new
trial. -     - ,   '
' The case is of interest to trainmen
for the ^reason that the < ruling of justice .Irving virtually* amounts to a judicial, interpretation ^of the rules which
the' railway company dssubs for the
guidance of .its \conductois, which has
also been sustained by the highest courts'
ofs the province.
,      ,        Mining K .cords.     *A
Certificates of,j»*ork were issued. to,
Alfred Parr,s .on • the "Pathfinder and
Moonbeam; Nels Emerson, on the Black
'Hawk-and Louisa; and,to Alfred Bunker on the Royal'Charter. *
, Three   bills of- sale   were   recorded: *
James  Brewster transferred to' Alfred
Parr of Ymir, a half interest' in the
Pathfinder in consideration of $200; G. -
W.___aylor  transferred  tb  Robert McGregor a one-third intrest*ln the News
Girl;  and Edward Cole transferred to'
W/F Buggin a one-fourth\ Interest in
,the Nelson mineral claim.   ' -
Men's' Worsted, Serge and Tweed Suits that formerly
sold for $15 and $12, now %\o and $7. We also have them
as low as $5 a Suit.
50 Men's   Overcoats" in Melton's,   Beaver's and   Frieze,   II
from $5- up.    Excellent value at double the price. *      •
,100   Pairs, Blankets "at   $1.50   upwards.    You   are   in
pocket on these from 25'to 50 per cent.
Fine Scotch Worsted Underwear, reduced from $7 to $5. '
Men's Heavy Woolen Sox, six pair for $1.
•Our Blue Flannel Shirts, worth $1.75 for $_, is a winner.
Fine Canadian Grey Underwear, reduced from $1 to 60c.
-    See the cuts in Boots'and Shoes,, they will surprise you.-
'"   Men's Hats, all shapes, colors, and sizes,' below cost.__
How They Stand Politically. *
McBride, Garden, Tatlow, and Mc-
.Phillips were in attendance at the-open-
-ing- meeting of the _ New Westminster
'campaign. All-,four"'are Opportunists.
McBride was a Stalwart during the-last
session; McPhillips was a V. V. & E.
Insurgent; Tatlow was' an Independent
Insurgent; and Garden was a Flopper on
the Fence. Yet all these men are men
of principle, with a big P.
Out of Business
_ Dry Goods..ent's Furnishing!*, Boots, Shoes, Hats and
Caps. Ii- order that, I may sell off the halance of my
stock rapidly, I have engaged with
OHAELES A. WATERMAN •_ ;C0, Auctioneers
Future of the Yukon. .
—oTTAWAeseptember-io.-Hon. -J7-H7- -to -sell-by-auction-every -evening-alrS-o'clock "the~balancer
CUNUFFJS  &  HJbMILLAW      '   "
Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.
,~* ' * t '
OK-t OARS, skips, cages, ore bin doon, chute* and i»'*ora1 wrought iron work.    Onr ore cars are
__e befl. on tlrr market    V/rife ua for refuronecu arr<J full parti.u a.r*.
SKCOVD HaNDMa .1'INERY FOR _^JJj_.-0_ofi-r'o()t f-elron wnl.r wheel, width 600 feet, "8 to Iff'
epical riveted pipo.   One lOxfJ-*^ ouliido packed |]>ll*_-*_r waking pump,    Itoclt drill*, sloping
bar'. &c. A:.. \ I '
p," O.  Box 1GS.
.TTrwiTiritM 1 inrrrminllTll nn_g<f»mTTillmrnTtTrrtmTTTy«vrrnu
No. 4, K. W. C. Block,
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mipes -wiVted at tbo B__-__*tn/-re.
Free-Milling Oold Properties wanted^atVioe for Eastern Inveatorjs.
Partte. lravln-? mining property for eale mo roquostor^ wnd gampigg of tnolr ow to the j
Exchange for exhibition. Wo doslra to Dear from aU proctors w*,o hare promising mineral }
claims in Britiwh Columbia. | P
Prospectors and mining mon aro requested U» mako th. w__i_go their headquarters whon
in Nolsou. ._._-,*'• .
All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid.  Correap.donee _________        ,s
Address all com-nunications to '
Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  bSENBERGER,
P. O. Box 700 ; Nelson, B. C.
'tr nTtinTtTTitiiiiiy
|l   '
straws block, __b__sow.
, A meeting of the Nelson Rifle Association will be called in the course of
a day or two for the purpose of making
arrangements for the annual rifle meeting of the association which it is proposed to hold during the current 'month.
The association already has a number
of fixed prizes to shoot for and the
Nelson meeting should grow in favor
each year.
Ng assurance has jet been received
from Otidwft Ǥ* ths? desire of the officers of the lq_ .1 eo'mpanips of *R. M.
R., to be represented a| Vjcfari'i. |n the
reception of the duke of York, wijl ,be
met. The militiamen are'of {he opinion,
however, that they will be successful,
in which event it is likely that one
company ,wilj be made un of the men
from tlid -NeJspn and Rossland companies, as vBone Bxpgpfc th .s. who are proficient In^heir drill will be ta|ien,
The trouble between the architect and
tho foreman in charge pf the construe-,
tion pf tii9 miPlIC buildings }ias been
patched up, The f9r_**-ian wag OH _eok
bright and  eapjy,and  w^s  prooeei^ing
With the wgrfe in fte f*|ce of |he opder
of t.«3 urehitec. galling for a sj;opp§ge of
all work, im he and t_. arcjjiiget got
together   and   depidg-j   |y   )*••[•»   fne
hatchet. It is _6_id that the contractor*,
aro yery anxious to get their estimate
which  the .architect has  been holding
up.   A  number  of, telegrams  were re-
ceiyfyj  ]*y both the architect and  the
foremun'••».<} j£ js surmised thaf thev
conduced to the B.tyl«mej*.{; arrived at,
at any rate the work is now _*fW'__„i„g
apace and the besjt of feeling s~er--ms" to
l.rev^il between both parties. It is said
lhat tiet^i}6rS9n/ _he dominion inspector of -yofk far (th§ proyJDC.Wiirarrfve
in Nelson today gntf see *Vh**t j_ i*eges_
sary jn order to prevenf jtijfther frla-
A, fl. Gi'aeey, fnanagin? diiector of
the Imperial Envelopment gyn4icate,
Is on another trip of inspection (q t .e
Imperial and Eva groups. He ia expee-
Stratton Joined the Union. ~
Mr. Stratton is the most eccentric man
'In the west, and the way'in which he
joined the, Carpenters' Union illustrates
this.  Recently he went to hfs new palatial home on Nevada avenue, in Colorado
Springs, to see how work was progressing.   Tim Murphy was there with his
•force of workmen, for he was boss of
.the job.   Stratton walked'|n and looked around.   Then he suddenly feU intq
a yage at the apparent slowness of the.
work.,  _fe absolutely' cussed out the
whole shooting match and told them all
to  get out of   his  place, fand  "that
mighty quick;" he'did not want to see
their faces, ever again.''   "With that he
called  Murphy  aside,   arid   Tim   "W9J9
laughing within himself, .for he. fcne'w
the ways of the b}g mine owner,
■•Tira," he bawled out, "you and me
can do more work than a hundred of
these blacksmiths." Then he skinned oflf
his coat and started to go to work,
"Where  is your card, %._.?" ask-ed
Murphy _ i.1. Per-pusi**,       •    -   *,
* "eard be hanged !*' rejoined Stratton,
''I, don't need a eard.'-'
"But this is a union job^Win, and if
Yf.\ %,m got one. <?{ them* it's all off.
We .aj*.'t W/qrlf with, nen-i-nien men here
and you are not a union m?m.«
"TJiafs so, Tim," rejoined StrattflB,
"I guesg you'd better- .all \ha bays Poland finish the job, And, Tim, put my
name in at the next meeting of the
"Do you mean it, Win?" asked Murphy.
< ''Ves, let her go in, if the boys Will
stand for it. I don'f want any man
ever to ask me for a card. If he does
I want to be able to show it to him. _»hey
didn't have unions jn mv day, bu.t tb.y
are good things."
When the union held its next meeting
Murphy put Stratton's name in and the
millionaire mine pwner was duly elected, and has since been carrying I)i_
union eard.—Chiea-.. Tribune.
Ross, governor of the-Yukon, is in Ottawa for the purpose of discussing Yukon affairs with the minister of the interior. Mr. Ross says he does not intend to resign.' He states that he has
not, as reported at' the Coast, recommended the abolition of the 5 per cent
royalty on the gold output, but simply
a change in-the method of collection,
or, in other1 words, the adoption of an
export tax. He would not discuss the
matter this morning, but preferred that
any statements,to be made should come
from the government.. Referring to the
present status and future of the Yukon,
the governof said: "As a proof that the
country is not worked out, some $16,-
000,000 of gold was exported this year
before the 1st Q? August, The total output for the season* will be very large
and in ruy opintonT-'would have reached
the 185,000,000 mark if water had been
available. The reason for the lack of
water was not that the season was drier
than usual, but the faet is that the timber cut from off the'coulees causes the
water to. rush off early in'the spring,
instead of drying up gradually. As to
the future of the Klondike, the country has lots of alluvial gold, and it is
good for many years yet. Certain elatax
workers informed me that th. „y had considerable work in sjg. . tev -t-TJ- years •**.•*
least.  With  i*espeet, to Quarte'mining
the-,'-*-* ?re indications that denote great
possibilities  in  this  direction.  Mining
by the ordinary methou has changed In
the Yukpn, *-r,nd it is mqre of a, busines*.
proposition er repioving dirt eheap. Upon the qnes,ti(->n of freight rates depends
whether low gr^d. ground cam bo successfully operated ot not, if there was
a reduotton •_. freight rates, hundreds
a.nd hundreds 0C claims would at once
beeopie active, With the cheapening of
transportation,' eheap labor and other
requisites   would   follow.   As   matters
stand,  the transportation  charges  are
out^of the question/ The trouble in this
regard is that the transpgrtftti.n. *o_n-»
pani<?g bay. not .-afl M*_ t_ tft« <ywW-
Telephone 285.
of my stock. Come and get goods at your own prices, as-
everything must be sold. Private sale at greatly reduced
prices during day. .    -
ram, tea
The best in the market, in 1-2
pound and 1 pound packages.
Telephone 161.
a Pound
P. O. BOX 527.
Nelson Saw k Pianin
Office: Two Doors West C. P. B. Office,
Have just locelved 3,000,000 foot of l.e; from Idaho, ond -we are prepared tn cut Ihe largest bills •*
of timber of any dimensions or lengths.  Estimates given at auy time.   The largoat stock of sash,
doors, __d mouldings in Kootenay.


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