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 ESTABLISHED  1892  SATURDAY  MORNING,   SEPTEMBER  7,   1901  DAILY EDITION  ONLY FORTY MEN AT WORK  IN  ALL  THE LE ��01 MINES AT  ROSSLAND.  Bernard   McDonald  Reported   to   Be  Disgusted, and Willing to Throw-  Up His Job as Manager.  ROSSLAND, September 6.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���The Stevenson case  against Al Geiser was concluded today  f_; before the police magistrate and judgment was reserved. A second case, in  which Geiser is charged with hiring one  J. Harvey Andrew at Baker City, Oregon, to work'as a mucker in the Le Roi'  ..mines, was commenced this afternoon  and will probably be concluded tomorrow. During the proceedings Geiser  swore that he had forty men at work  here on his two contracts with the Le  Rci and Le Roi No. 2 companies. Today Cliff Bowen, Geiser's foreman,  stated under oath that of the men employed only three were miners, and one  of these was. engaged yesterday. This  evidence from the contractor and his  foreman is .a complete answer to the  stories in the Rossland Miner about the  number of .miners returning to work.  Officers of.the Miners' Union stated this  evening that hone of the old miners  had returned to work, nor would they  work for Geiser unless the strike was  settled.  The bridge crew at Northport were  asked this morning to come here and  unload the timber cars at .the Le Roi  mines. Tho men refused and gave up  their jobs.  The World this evening publishes  long, extracts from leading English papers showing up Whitaker Wright's.last  circular to Le Roi shareholders. The circular includes letters and cables from  Bernard McDonald and others '��� in Rossland to Wright on the labor question,  amply justifying the stand taken by the  Miners' - Union,' namely, that McDonald  deliberately planned to destroy the  "Smeltermen's Union at Northport and  Miners' Union here.  , ��� It< was stated on good authority this  afternoon that McDonald has expressed  his "disgust at the way matters' have  turned out here and in London.-. He is.  said to desire to drop the. management  of both the-mines and the. smelter.  ROSSLAND, September 6.���[Associated Press.]���The trial of the charges  against ' Albert Geiser, for importing  miners, contrary to the alien labor law  was continued today. The case in which  Neil'Stevenson is informant was finished,   and: decision, reserved   for   one  ���week.' 'In-' the   case   now: -proceeding,-  James   Andrew   is   the  informant.. The  ��� grist of tlie evidence submitted is that"  Iboth  men  declare on oath . they  were"  Jiired to come to Rossland to work.  Opposed to this is the sworn statements  of Mr. Geiser and his superintendent,  Clifford Bbwen, that the men were hired  for NSrthjPOj't contracts which Mr.- Geiser is performing and that Rossland was  never mentioned in any shape orforni  to any of the men engaged. It was shown  In evidence that both men left Mr. Geiser's employ the day they reached North-'  port; and spent the balance of their  stay with the striking smeltermen.  defections, but I hope they will be few,  and I look forward at the time of tho  opening of-the noxt session.to see a  larger majority than ever for the premier."  McBrido and Wells passed through  here today, tho former to Westminster  and Wells to inspect the Chilliwack  dykes. Local politicians, supporters of  McBride, say they will not risk McBride  running against Brown at Westminster  on the 20th. Tom Briggs, an old timer,  and a Liberal, is mentioned as the man  who will oppose Brown.  Private meetings of tho Conservatives  and Liberals were hold this morning. At  both it was decided to work against the C  Dunsmuir-Martin combination. There is  no intention to draw party lines.  Attempted Assassination of President McKinley  THE ASSASSIN AN AVOWED ANARCHIST  BOUNDARY ORE SHIPMENTS  The Latest Bulletin Issued by the Physicians in Attendance Give  Hopes that the Wounds May Not Prove Fatal  .       For the Month of August.  GREENWOOD,    September   5.���[Special to The Tribune.]���The tonnage of  ore shipped by Boundary district mines  during the month of August, as far as  /has been ascertained from tlie mines, is  ,as under:  Granby Company's mines ...  Mother Lode '.'.   B. C '..  Sunset ."..   Number   Seven   ........ .  Winnipeg ..  ' ...  R.  Bell    '  Snowshoe    .20.21S  . 7,245  . 2,180  .' 00  . 240  . 200  . 120  60  Total  . .<> 30,563  The chief producing., mines closed  down for Labor Day; so the shipments  for September, to the 4th inclusive, were  comparatively small, totalling only 26.7  tons. The aggregate for the year, to  the 4th instant, is exactly 243,000 tons.  The Snowshoe Gold & Copper Mines,  Limited, is inviting tenders for the erection of bunk and boarding houses, each  to accommodate about seventy men, offices for resident mine officials, < warehouse, mining engineer's residence,; cottages, etc., at its Snowshoe mine' Greenwood cami*. -^  WELLS INDULGES IN TALK  Vancouver Local News.  VANCOUVER, September 6��� [Special  to The Tribune.]��� Dr' I. M. Maclean,  medical health officer of the city, died  last night from the effects of a stomach  operation.. Ho was '42 . years old, and a  very clever physician, having been a  civic cmpolyeo for five years.  The funeral of tho late E. J. Duchesnay, former assistant general superintendent of.the Canadian Pacific, which  took place today was one of the largest"  ever seen in-the city. Friends of the deceased were, present��from all over the  province.  R. Catnoch, a logger, was killed yesterday at Shoal1 Bay,by a log rolling over  him.    :.'...  Work has been commenced/according  to advices by steamer Nell, arriving this  rnbrning from Fort Simpson, on the Pacific and Omineea railway from Kitimat  to Hazelton. The contract has been let  for the grading. It is said to be a part  of. the McKenzie-Mahm scheme, for a  transcontinental line. '���.,  An offer of $350,000 has been made by  an! English syndicate for a part of the  Goldsmith property on Howe Sound,  next the Britannia. The sale of the property will depend on J. D..Kendall, who  has just completed an examination of it.  Discusses Joe Martin.  VANCOUVER, September C.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���The burden of the  statement obtained from Mr. Wells this  morning is that he is in no fear at all  of Mr. Martin materially affecting the  stability of the Dunsmuir cabinet. "1  think that too much attention is paid  to Mr. Martin in connection with this  'business," said Mr. Wells. "Mr. Mc-  .Brj/je considered that he ought to resign and has done so, while others of  ,us iu the cabinet do not think the cir-  I( (Cumstanees warranted anything of this  ( -sort.   I am not criticising Mr. McBride's  conduct in any way, for he was probably  in a different position from others of  us,  having been   mixed  up   with   Mr.  Browa over in Westminster for a long  .time.   It was probably hjs relations with  Mr. Browii aver there that caused him  to resign, but I-do not see any cause  for any one else getting very sore oyer  that. .1 think that the government will  now be stronger with the  number of  men who will join the party with Mr.  Martin, unless there are. more defections  from the party, and it is hoped that  I there is no reason for being put about  I in this connection.   Mr, Martin did not  have a pleasant position at the head of  the opposition.   Such being the case he  considered it wiser to join the party of  the premier, then it is nouoavs o'usiness  but his own.   The only result that I can  , see that the government will gain the  |.support  and strength of  Martin men,  ���wio will go with him.   There is not any  -a'sa*. i?n to' kick.   All that has happened  vCQijiM have occurred without Mr. Mar-  .tin hsu-Off any sinister motive in view.  What _ fliean is that because Mr. Margin haj^Pte***5 to have gone into the ranks  of the gpye/nment,  it does not mean  ���.-that he LQV/ts .any great amount of ice,  \sor that ju.e Is running the government.  ���That js entirely erroneous.   Mr. Duns-  xnuir's action is entirely endorsed, and  _he is -working in harmony with his cab-  Iinet, as far as-1 know.    Some people  ���take Mr.. Martin too seriously, you know.  :JNow, as I said ^before, there may be some  James Breen to Own a Hotel.  ANACONDA, Montana, September 6.'���'���  James Breen, acting through Con .Hayes  =of=this^cityr=wlio=-will=b^his=pWt_ilr7  has purchased the famous Gregson  Springs property, ten miles from Anaconda. Last July the hotel and baths  there were burned. It is the intention  of the new owners to construct a splendid new hotel with accommodations for  150 guests. A huge plunge and a sanitarium, to be in charge of a noted specialist in rheumatics and kindred diseases,  will be established. In a statement today Mr, Hayes says $100,000 will be expended, including, the purchase of 640  acres owned by Gregson Brothers, which  will be consolidated with 320 acres owned by Mr. Hayes, The purchase price is  private. Mr. Breen is one of the best  known smelter men in the Northwest.  He was formerly manager of the Trail  (B. C.) smelter, and afterwards manager  and part owner of the Le Roi smelter at  Northport, Washington.  A Commando Captured  MIDDLEBURG, Cape Colony, September 6.���Letter's entire command has  been taken by major Scobel, south of  Foterburg. One hundred and three prisoners were captured. 12 Boers killed and  46 wounded. Two hundred horses wero  aiso captured.  LONDON, September 6.���-Lord Kitchener's report from Pretoria to the war  office covering tho capture of Lotter's  commando, gives the figures as 19  killed, 52 wounded, and 62 captured un-  wounded. The prisoners include commandant Lotter and Breedt, field cornets Kruger and W. Kruger and lieutenant Shoeinan. Among the killed are  the two yasters, notable rebels, The  British casualties were 10 killed and 8  wounded.  The Race off f; r Anotl e   Diy.  RAT PORTAGE, Ontario, Septomber  6.���The race for the championship of  tho world between Gaudaur and Towns  was again postponed on account of the  water being too rough.  D. L. Reid Seriously Injured.  GLACE  BAY,  N.   S.,   September  0.���  Lawrence  Shannahan   end  D.   L.   Reid  were seriously injured by an' explosion  of dynamite yesterday.  BUFFALO, September 6.���-President  McKinley was shot and seriously wounded by a well-dressed assassin while holding a reception in the Temple of Music  at the Pan-American grounds, a few  minutes after 4 o'clock this afternoon.  One shot took effect in the left breast,  the other in the abdomen. The first is  not of a serious nature, and the bullet  ���has been extracted. The latter pierced  the abdominal wall, and has not been  located. As the man approached the  president, it is said, he had the revolver  covered with a handkerchief, and as  he reached out his hand to shake the  president's hand he fired.  The multitude, only. partially aware  that something serious had happened,  paused in surprise while necks were  craned and all eyes turned as one to trie  rostrum where a' great tragedy was being enacted. Then came a commotion.  Three men threw themselves forward as  with one impulse and sprang toward  the would-be assassin. Two of them  were United;. States secret service men,  who were on the lookout and whose duty  it was to guard against just such a  calamity as had befallen the president.  The third was a bystander, a negro, who  had only the moment previously grasped  the hand of the president. In a twinkling the assassin : was borne to ; the  ground, his weapon was wrested from  his grasp, and strong arms pinioned  him down. Then the multitude which  thronged the edifice began to'come to  a. realizing sense of the awfulnessyof  the scene of which they had been unwilling witnesses. A murmui" arose,  spread and swelled to a hum of contusion; then grew to a babel of sounds,  and later to a pandemonium of noises.  The crowd, which only a moment before  had stood mute and motionless1 as in bewildered ignorance of the enormity pi  the'thing, now- with a single impulse  surged forward, while hundreds outside  struggled blindly toward the stage of the  horrid drama, while a hoarse cry went  up from a thousand throats, and a thousand men charged forward to lay hands  upon thevperpetrator of the crime: in  a- moment the confusion. was terrible.  The crowd, surged forward regardless of  consequences. Men shouted and fought,  women fainted, and children screamed.  Many.fled from the edifice in fear of a  stampede, while hundreds outside struggled blindly forward in an effort to  penetrate the crowded building and solve  the mystery of the excitement and  panic, which every moment grew and  swelled within the congested interior  bf the edifice. .  Inside' on the slightly raised dias was-  enacted within a few moments a tragedy  so dramatic in character, so thrilling in  its intensity, that few who looked on  will-ever he able to give a clear account  of y what really did transpire. Even  those who attended the president came  out with . blanched faces, trembling-  limbs, and beating hearts, while their  brains throbbed with a tumult of conflicting emotions, which could not be  ^larifi��d"inW'a=lucid"narratiye-'of=events=  as they really transpired.  Of the multitude which witnessed or  took part in,the scene of turmoil and  turbulence, there was but one mind  which seemed to retain its equilibrium,  one hand remained steady, one .j--  which gazed with unflinching calmness,  and one voice which retained its even  tenor and faltered not at the most critical juncture. They were the mind and  hand and eye and voice of president  McKinley.^/After'the first shock of the  assassin's shot, he retreated a step. Then  as the detectives leaped upon his assassin he walked slowly to a chair and  seated himself, at the same time removing his hat and bowing his head in  his hands. In an instant secretary Cor-  telyou and president Milburn wero at  his side. His waistcoat was hurriedly  opened, the president meanwhile admonishing those about him to be calm  and telling them not to be alarmed. "But  you are wounded," cried his secretary,  "let me examine." "No, I think not,"  answered the president. "I am not  badly hurt, I assure you." Nevertheless  his garments Were hastily loosened and  when a trickling stream of crimson  was seen to wind its way down his  breast, spreading its tell-tale stain over  his white linen, their worst fears were  confirmed, /  A force rff exposition guards were soon  on thg scene and an effort was made to  clear the building, By this time the  crush was terrific. Spectators crowded  down the stairways from the galleries,  the crowd on the floor surged forward  towards fhe rostrum, *,vhile, despite the  strenuous efforts pf police and guards,  the t.hrpng without struggled madly to  pbtaih admission,  Immediately the president was cared  for at the exposition grounds, director  general W, I. Buchanan started for the  Milburn residence to forestall any information that might reach there by  telephone or otherwise. Luckily he was  first to arrive with the information. The  Niagara Falls trip had tired Mrs. McKinley, and on returning to the Mil-  burn residence she took leave of her  nieces, the Misses Barber, and the president's niece, Miss Duncan, as well as  their hostess, .Mrs. Milburn, and went  to her room to rest. Mr. Buchanan broke  the news as gently as possible to the  nieces and consulted with them and Mrs.  Milburn as to the best course to pursue in breaking the news to Mrs. McKinley. It was finally decided that on  her awakening, or shortly thereafter,  Mr. Buchanan should break the news  to her, if in the meantime her physician,  Dr. Rixey, had not arrived.  Mrs. McKinley awoke from her sleep,  at about 5:30 o'clock. She was feeling  splendidly, she said,'and at'once took  up her crocheting, which is one cf her  favorite diversions. Immediately on Mr.  Buchanan's arrival at the Milburn house,  he had telephonic communication cut  off, and he decided on. this as the wisest  course to pursue, lest Mrs. McKinley,  hearing the continual ringing of the bell,  might inquire what it. meant.  While the light of day continued Mrs.  McKinley. continued her crocheting,  keeping to. her room. When at became  dark she began to feel anxious concerning the president. "I wonder why he  does not come?" she asked of her nieces.  There: was no clock in Mrs. McKinley's  room, and when it was 7 o'clock she had  no idea it was so late, and then it was  she began to feel anxious concerning her  husband, for it was-time for him to return to' the Milburn home.    ~  At 7 o'clock Dr. Rixey arrived at the  Milburn residence. He had been driven  hurriedly down Delaware avenue in an  open carriage. As he came up, Mr.  Buchanan was out on the lawn conversing with a reporter*/' "Do you know,"  said Mr. Buchanan, "I had a sort of premonition ofythis. Since early morning  I had been extremely nervous and feared  that something would go wrong. Our  trip -to the Falls was uneventful, ���but  ���what an awful sad ending to our day."y  At 7:20 o'clock Dr. Rixey came out  of the house acQomi>anied ��� by Webb  Hayes, a son of former president Hayes,  who is a friend of president McKinley's.  They entered a carriage and returned^ to  the Exposition hospital. After Dr. Rixey  had gone,. Mr. Buchanan said* that the  doctor, had broken the news in a most  gentle manner to Mrs. .'McKinley. He  said'she stood it bravely. though much'  affected. If it was'-'possible to bring  him to her she wanted it done.' .Df.  Rixey assured her that the president  could be brought with safety from .the  Exposition grounds, and when' he left  Mr. Milburn's it was to complete all  arrangments for the removal cf the  president. ��� A big force of- patrolmen  was assigned to the Milburn residence.  At 7:30 secretary Wilson and Mrs. Wilson called and were admitted to the Mil-  burn'residence.  BUFFALO, September 7���The president's physicians, issued the following  bulletin at 1 o'clock this morning: "The  president is free from pain and resting  well.   Temperature 100.4; pulse 80."  One other bulletin was issued during  the earlier part of the night. At 10:35  the president's temperature was 100.4,  pulse 124, respiration 24. The bulletins  were signed by Drs. P. M. Rixey, M.  Mann, R. Parke, H. Mynter, and Eugene  Watson, and countersigned by George  B. Cortelyou, the president's private sec-  TPtnvv.       '  .  dition, and remarked defiantly to the  crowd about him, "That's good. He  ought to have been shot long ago." An  old man, wearing a Grand Army but-  otn, leaped out of the crowd and struck  the young man. He fell to the ground  like a log and the aged veteran pounced ���'  upon him. He beat the young Anarchist  unmercifully, while several hundred  men and women shouted approval. When  he arose, the young man started away.  Immediately the crowd took up the cry  of "Lynch him!" and started in pursuit. The man ran across the Eleventh  street bridge and into the country with  a rapidly diminishing crowd in pursuit.  He finally escaped. In the meantime the  old;veteran had slipped away.     y  SALT LAKE, September 6.���When  informed of the attempted assassination  of president McKinley, Lorenzo Snow,  president of the Mormon church, said:  "I think it is the most serious and lamentable thing that has occurred since  the- massacre of president Abraham Lincoln. It is, awful, and especially so considering the present state of affairs in  this and other countries."  LONDON, September 6.���The news of  the attempt on the life bf president McKinley spread slowly in London. With  the confirmation and general dissemination of the news arose a far-reaching  feeling of sorrow and indignation; which  wherever a crowd were gathered gained  almost the proportions of a panic, accompanied by feverish anxiety for further details. Thousands of Americans  now in London were mostly at the theatres when the news arrived, and returning-to their hotels; found anxious groups  of Englishmen and Americans discussing what, without, distinction of -.-race,  is regarded as a national calamity. London's telephones, usually silenced at  night, tingled with impatient inquiries  addressed to newspapers and-American  correspondents in hopes of securing a  denial'of thei report. The announcement  of the attempted assassination was received to late for extra editions of the  evening papers to announce the news  tb the mass of tlie English-people, and  they. will, not learn' until they- take up~  their "morning papers of the attempt to  l-ill" the "president.. A representative of  the Associated Press wired the intelligence to J. W. McKay, Thomas P. Ochiltree, C. L. Plummen, W. G. Gates, and  many.others, all of whom desired to express their unexpressible indignation at  the cowardly act, and express sympathy'  with president McKinley and hopes for  his recovery.  ble disorder and the discussion terminated without any conclusion beiug  reached. Robert W. Parks, a member of  parliament and a prominent contractor  and vicerpresident of the Liberal Imperial council, deprecated the usefulness  of clerical manifestos. He believed that  somo were necessary, but the growing  tendency towards unnecessary strife  was due greatly to the influence of corrupt, unlicensed journalism. Rev. E. E.  Hoss of Nashville, Tennessee, said it  would be impertinence for the conference to tell Great Britain what to do  in South Africa.  TRUE BLUE IS A BONANZA  HAS A PAYSTREAK THAT GOES  23 PER CENT COPPER.  CANADIAN   NEWS   SIFTED  The Assassin's Name.  BUFFALO, September 6.���The man  who attempted to assassinate president  McKinley gave his name as Fred Nie-  man, and said he belonged in Detroit,  Michigan. When arrested he was asked why ho shot the president and replied: "I am an Anarchist and have  done my duty." Later he denied to a police ofllcer that he was an Anarchist.  BUFFALO, September 6.���The police  have just learned that the real name of  tho would-be assassin is Leon Czolgosz.  He was born in Detroit, and came here  from Cleveland.  DETROIT, Michigan, September C���  Late tonight a newspaper reporter discovered that a man named Alfred Nie-  man had boarded at 17S Russell street  up to two weeks ago, when he left for  Buffalo. The description of Fred Nie-  man was read to his former landlady  and she said it fitted him, except that  Alfred's hair was not dark but medium  brown, wavy, and thick. He wore it  brushed back off his forehead. He also  has very white, even teeth. Alfred Nie-  mau was a wagonmakcr.  TACOMA, Washington, September 6.  R. C. Hunt, employed by the Northern  Pacific as a special agent, with headquarters in Tacoma, knows the would-  be assassin of president McKinley quite  well. As soon as he heard, the news  and the name of the man under arrest,  Mr. Hunt said: "I know Fred Nieman,  and if I am not mistaken he carries  some scars inflicted by me. Nieman  formerly lived in Detroit, but his home  is now in Toledo. Five or six years  ago, when in Detroit, Nieman, who was  a pronounced Anarchist, gathered a  crowd in the union depot by flourishing  a revolver and uttering pronounced anarchistic sentiments. I told him he must  stop that kind of business, and started  to lead him away. He resisted me, and  I pounded him good over the head. I  think he has some of the scars yet."  Outside Comment.  TACOMA,  Washington,  September  6.  ���A stranger in front of the Ledger bulletin boards read tho latest Associated  Press  bulletin  of  the president's con-  Anarchists Conspiracy.  WICHITA, Kansas, September 6.���Mr.  Whitman, formerly a singer with the  Andrews Opera Company and the son  of the late colonel' Whitman, internal  revenue collector of this city under president Cleveland, in a statement tonight  said that a cornet player in the company-  told him of an Anarchist plot to kill  McKinley before October 1st and to kill  emperor William. He said: "While  traveling in February and March between Abiline, Texas, and El Paso, An-  =tonio^MaggiOiJ=cornet=-player-=for=th*r  conipany, told me .that he belonged to  Maleste's Anarchistic Circle, with headquarters in Rome, Italy. He told me  that president McKinley and emperor  William were doomed to assassination,  and that men had already been selected  to kill them. 'The time is not set for  tho assassination of emperor William,'  he said; 'but president McKinley will be  killed before Oetober 1st.' 'Why?' I  asked. 'Because,' he said, 'he sent soldiers to the Philippines and king Humbert sent soldiers to kill tho natives of  Africa. All who seek to oppress must  die.' He also told mo that Maleste's Circle had assassins all over the world. He  made threats against manager Andrews  of the opera company and was discharged at Silver City, New Mexico,  where he was immediately engaged to  play in a saloon. Magglo also told me  that he expected some day to be called  upon to kill a tyrant, and that when he  was it would be tho proudest moment  of his life."  CHICAGO, September 6.���Five' Anarchists were arrested here tonight on  information from Buffalo. One of the  five is Abram Isaak.  PITTSBURG. Kansas, September 6 ���  When the Italian Anarchists at Chico-  pee, near here, heard of the attempted  assassination of president McKinley  they held a big jubilation tonight. A  mob went out from Pittsburg and drove  the Anarchists out of town. A number  of shots were fired.  Down to Single Paragraphs.  CORNWALL, Ontario, September 6.���  Patrick Reynolds, a stone mason, was  drowned at Milleroches yesterday while  at work on the Cornwall canal.  TORONTO, September 6.r-A charter  has been granted by the Ontario government to a million dollar beet sugar syndicate, composed of Toronto capitalists.  The location of the factory is not yet  determined. ' . .  WINDSOR, Ontario, September 6.���  Edward Peltier, a farmer,y and his -wife  were run over and instantly killed,by a  westbound Michigan Central train while  crossing the highway at Grand Maria.*  this morning;  ST. JOHN, N. Bi, September 6.���John  A. Flett of Hamilton, organizer,of the  American Federation of Labor, in addressing the Ship Laborers'. Union,, last  night 'denounced the acceptance of Carnegie library gifts.  NORWOOD, Ontario, . September 6.���;  Thomas Chattane.was probably fatally  wounded in the abdomen by the contents of a gun in.the hands of a companion named John Kelly,* who did not  know the weapon was loaded.  BRIDGEN, Ontario, September C.���  George Branton of Wallaceburg, while  driving about half a mile, west of here,  was thrown from - a rig 'by his horse  turning suddenly and received- injuries  which caused*: death last night.  WINNIPEG, September 6.���Attorney-  general Campbell is of-the opinion that  the, census- of Manitoba entitles that  province to another seat in the senate.  Hon. Thomas Greenway's name was  mentioned in- that connection.  OTTAWA^ September 6.���Lord Strathcona arrived in the capital this afternoon and had an interview with, sir  Wilfrid Laurier. J. H. Ross^ commissioner, had an interview with "the premier; this morning regarding Yukon affairs.  .-.            ..   --     ���. -r  "OTTAWA, September 6.���The militia  department has decided not to change  the regulations regarding the rations  for miliatiamen taking part in royalty  reviews.' Every corpu y will; have its  choice..'..of government supply victuals,  or twenty-five cents a day in lieu  thereof.  STRATFORD, Ontario, September 6.���  While JohnpLattimor, 60 years old, a  farmer,' living in this city was loading  oats in his wagon Wednesday evening  the horses ran away throwing him over  the front of the wagon. Both wheels  passed over his chest cutting him in  two. He died at the. hospital shortly  afterwards.  THE LOCAL SMELTERS ARE  Owners   Will Ship  Enough  Ore Tbis  Winter to Return Them Every    ,  Dollar They Invested.  Giving- Good Satisfaction.  W. R. Will of New Denver is in Nelson for a few days. As Mr. Will has been  _a_resident-of=N_cfeoruan(LSlocan=mining:  Stormy Methodist Meeting.  LONDON, September C���A stormy  meeting of the Methodist conference resulted this morning from the reading by  Smith of Pittsburg, of a paper on "The  Influence of Methodism in the Promotion  of International Peace." The five-minute rule was adopted and the pastors  made fiery speeches for and against the  war in South Africa. The campaign  came in for a lot of criticism, and eventually the chairman ruled rer'erence to  it out of order. Many Americans took  part in the discussion, but none of the  more prominent bishops spoke. The  speeches were punctuated by frequent  noisy interruptions, cheers and counter  cheers.   There was a scene of considera-  divisions, with the exception of about  a year, since 1890, he is fairly conversant  with former and present conditions. He  says that there are several producing  mines at the Slocan that are seldom  heard of, as they aro either owned by  individuals or close corporations. These  mines in the Slocan that are seldom  handsomely. Many,prospects are being  slowly developed, and some of them will  ultimately become good properties. Mr.  Will says that tho building of smelters  in the country is already beginning to  bear good results, and cites rutcs quoted  hy three smelters (Nelson, Trail, and  Grand Forks) competing for Slocan ores,  in which thoro is considerable difference, a difference that would be a fairly  good profit on low-grade ore. This competition stimulates the owners of dry-  ore mines and has a good effect on the  companies that own the big galena  mines. There is another point that Mr.  Will refers to whicli should be given  publicity, that is, that the smelter returns are very satisfactory, especially  those received from the smelter at Nelson,  J. C. Drewry arrived in Nelson yester-   <  day from the- Commonwealth .group, on  Hooker creek in the Crawford Bay-district, which he is developing.: In icorn-  mon with the other properties which he  has  in   hand  the 'Commonwealth   has   ;  the earmarks of a ...mine. The. development tunnel is now in for a "distance, of  135 feet. This tunnel is being driven for  the purpose of getting in under the'shaft  which has been sunk on- a.big showing  for a depth of 80 feet. At two different  points between this shaftand the.mouth  of the tunnel the ledge has been open-   ;  ed with surface work v'hich,resulted In   _  very nice showings. One of these' showings is but 65 feet ahead of the breast  of the -present  tunnel   so  that  it will  not be long before it will be reached,  thus    giving    consideraole    aepth.    To  reach the bottom of the 80  foot shaft  it is estimated that it will be necessary  to drive the tunnel a total distance-of  450. feet. This however is not proving  to be dead woik by any means, as. in  the distance that has been covered so  far- a new chute of ore has'.been encountered which did  not show on the surface. This.chute^continued in the' tunnel,    ,  for a distance of 42 feet, for which distance it averaged from 2 to 4 feet in  width. Assays from this ore gave uniformly   high   values   and   considerable, 7  quantities of it were taken out in development. It will take the men who have  the 'present   contract   for   driving   the  tunnel at least thirty days to complete   '  their work, but when this is completed  . t  it  is   Mr.   Drewry's   intention  to   keep    _'.  right ahead. To this end he has arranged for the erection of suitable-buildings  for'the winter's operations. He says that  the work done upon the property up to  *  date has given highly satisfactory re-   '  suits. Since passing through the ne*.v ore  ,chute tho tunnel, has been in.a comparai,.,-.  tively barren portion of the ledge, but  this was expected as it was not antici-    ,  pated that any thing would be,encoun->(,,M  tered until the tunnel'got in under; the'  fust open cut between the shaft and the  mouth of the tunnel.  Mr. Drewry reports that work is going  ahead  steadily  on  the  True vBlue  property near Kaslo. In the workingsrof  the True Blue a depth of 110 feet has      ���  now  been  attained,  and  the ledge appears to be about nine feet wide."Of this* \ '  there is a paystreak winch varies from-V .  16 to IS inches. This is made up of clean '���'/  ore;     Several     very y carefully-   taken������'������;/f  samples from this paystreak have given,  uniform  assays  of'23  per  cent .cop'pery'v '  with  small  values  in  gold.  Of the ,re-   ,.  maining portion of the ledge it is said ���,;���"  that assays have been' taken from time  to   time  giving  returns  of  7   per  cent  copper. Ore from this paystreak is now  being   sacked   and   shipments   will   bet  made from the property as soon as the  snow renders it posible to rawhide the  ore out.  Mr. Drewry says he will ship  sufficient ore from the True Blue this  wmtci-to repay-the owni-ib-alHhoy-have^-���;  paid for tho purchase of the property as  well as what they have expended; upon  its development, he being confident that  tho shipments  from   the property, this  winter will average 20 por cent of copper. Next summer it is proposed, if the  property does as well as it is now doing, to put in an aerial tramway to.the  lake, and until this is done no attempt  will be made to handle the lower grade  stuff in the ledge. To more thoroughly  cxplore the property a new tunnel will  be started in a few days  Work on the Great Dane group, whicli  wa3 recently secured by Mr. Drewry,  is also progressing favorably.  sy$  ;s��-  Have Good Looking Property.  Th.") owners of the Lone Dutchman  group of claims on the divide between  the north fork of Lemon creek and  Kokanee creek are congratulating  themselves that they have something  good. The work done upon the group  amounts practically to four assessments,  but it has been sufficient to make a very  lino showing. On the North Star claim  a shaft has been put down for fifteen  feet and in the bottom there is from  four to five feet of copper ore showing.  A_-..yc from this have given returns of  $30 in gold, 40 ounces silver, and four  per cent copper. On the Lone Dutchman a tunnel has been driven in for  fifteen feet upon a solid ledge of quartz.  There is a three-foot body of this quartz  which carries good values, assays from  it having returned $14 in gold. The  owners of the group, T. Henderson.  Jackson Radcliffe, Henry Reichert, and  J. C. Butler, have put in a raw-hide  trail from the Molly Gibson wagon road,  a distance of about three niiles, and will  continue work until the heavy mow  drives them  out.  FOREIGN  NEWS  BY  WIRE  C.���Countess  Somerville,   is  Europe.  LONDON'.     September  Russell,   formerly   Mrs.  seriously 111 at Chester.  BERLIN, September 6.���A special dispatch to the Lokal An_ieger from Dant-  zicsays emperor William has invited  prince Chun to witness- the autumn  manouvros.  LONDON, September 6.���Though king  Edward is submitting conscientiously  to the light, water, and massage treatment at Hoinhurg, his heart trouble,  from which he has suffered since and  before his accession, shows no improvement.  CONSTANTINOPLE, September 6 ���  The porte, it is said, is endeavoring to  come to a direct understanding with the  French claimants against the Ottoman  government, hoping to thus deprive the  French government of its grounds for  action.  LONDON, September C���A consular-  report of the trade with Japan says that  in 1883 more than one-half the Japanese  imports were from Great Britain; in  1890 one-third were British; in 1S9S less.  than one-fourth; while the trade of the-  United Kingdom since 1SS3 has increased  less than one and one-half fold, that  of the United States and of Germany  has grown ten-fold, and strenuous efforts are being made by the last-named,  two countries for trade extensions inr.  tho future. ESs______r___*_______  THti NELSON TRIBUNE, SATOEDAIf MoftSti-ft, S_^P*M__M % 1901  t  i -  .hi  *-  ..  ���i-.y-!;  ^   to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ��__  CALGARY LAGER  BEER  A CARLOAD OF  THIS  FAMOUS BEER  HA.S  JUST  BEEN   RECEIVED AND WE ARE  ' SELLING IT TO THE FAMILY TRA.DE AT  $?..0 per do fer quarts.      $1.50 per doz for pints.  DELIVJ5KKD TO ANY PART OF THE CITY. TELEPHONE NO. 13.  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANT  BAKER STBEET, NELSON, B. C.   .  Vi.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  XVe are dally in  recei*. _ ot fresh  photo supplios  ���film., printing  papers, plates,  chemicals, and  all developing  accessories. We  have all tho  standard kodaks and cameras, and have  some dainty rill-urns for- rnoiriniiij,- pi-hrus.  In the standard sizes, at 20c, 25c, and 35c.  ouch; they aro wonderful value, being- made  ot dark matte mounting paper with neat  cover and tied with silk cord.  ^^^^^^^^���^^S^^ti^^^^^^   (8\   00-00-00-00 00*00-  ��� {fr'0*'0m''0''0*'00'00'00'00'00'00'00'00-00-00'00'00 \\} ���^^���^���5_r-*^-*2?--*3_^^:*5*:^:  '���SBSrr-j  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  Pianos to Runt.  wklson. b. c.  ^��**-|r���      - ��� ^V/ft  ^a?.0.0-0*'   ���*.���   -ii ^W;__��� __,a,_a,a,*at'J5i,S-,^>:��n t  ���ie*  i  WHOLESALE DIRECTORY  ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES. <-  W. P. TEETZEL, & CO.���CORNER OF  Baker and Josephine streets, Nelson,  ���wholesale dealers in a3sayer's supplies.  Agents for Denver ' Fire Clay Company,  Denver, Colorado.    ��� ,  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.^'__  H. J. EVANS & CO.���BAKER STREET,  Nelson, /wholesale dealers In liquors,  cigars, cement, Are brick and Are olay,  water V pipe and steel rails, and general  commission merchants.  ;     ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC .SUPPLY. Ss  Construction Company���Wholesale dealers  tn telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries, electric fixtures and appliances. Houston Block, Nelson.   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  " P. ]BURNi~& CO^^AKElT ~STBU__-_\  Kelson, wholesale dealers in fresh and  cured meats. Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  A. M A_J_U jN A J-I" �� Uu.���v^_ j.���'.jiK UF  Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale-  ���grocers and jobbers in blankets, gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries.  CARPENTERS'. UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 q clock,  in Miners' Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex.  B. Murray,  secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening- in the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.     ���.���-������>  fa  KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIM-  ited.���Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers.'      -   JOHN CHOLDITCH Ss CO.-FRONT  street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.    J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-FRONT STREET,  "Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions,  cured' meats, butter and eggs.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  "tUj^-jrT^b^eton ~&~coZZZZco^eb.  "Vernon ��� and Josephine streets, Nelson,  ���wholesale dealers ln liquors, cigars and dry  goods. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Company of Calgary.    V; V  y   ;  YY; WINES AND CIGARS.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  ^ELSG^LODGSySa^T^^^  A. M. meets second Wednesday ln  each month. Sojourning brethren  invited.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER  No. 123, G. R. C���Meets third Wednesday.  Sojourning companions invited. George  Johnstone,-Z.;  E.  W.  Matthews,  S.  E.  NELSON AERIE. NO. 22 F. O. E.-  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Regular meetings first .and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W.  Rose, K. K.; A. VV. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C.    CLASSIFIED ADS/  ARTICLES FOR SALE.  SEWING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS  for sale or rent at the .Old Curiosity Shop.  FOR   RENT.  FOR RENT���SIX ROOM HOUSE ON  Victoria street, three doors above lire hail.  Bath room and sewer connections; $15 per  month. Apply Mrs. T. H. Boberts, over  Vanstone's drug store.  SIX   ROOM   COTTAGE   AT. BALFOUR  to let by the month or for the season. Immediate   possession.   Good   fishing.   Apply:  C.   W.   Busk,   Kokanee  creek.  Phone  66a.  Or to R. H. Williams, Baker street, Nelson. .  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  fted���Corner of Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in wines, case and  ibulk. and domestic and imported cigars.  BUSINESS DIRECTORY;  ARCHITECTS.  FOR RE NT-SIX ROOM.'COTTAGK, OS  Silica street, atcoird d ior we-t of Kootenay  street. Elecr.ric light; bath; up-lo date. ��20. including water. Apply to A. S. Embreo. Latimer  sweet, second d**or east of Stanley Btreet.  - FOUND.  FOUND-A. 1.KOOCH. OWNER CANvSK-  cur. same by calling at Tribune ollice and paying for this advertisement.  A. C.  EWART���ARCHITECT,  ROOM 3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  CHOP HOUSE.  PIONEER '    CHOP      HOUSE,       JOHN  Spear, proprietor,  opposite Queen's Hotel,  Baker street, Nelson. Open day and night.  -Lunches a specialty.  Picnic and traveling  '*parties-supplled=on=shortest=notice.===  DRAYAGE.  FOR SALE..  BREWERY HOTEL, SANDON, B. C.  Furnished throughout with : all requirements for same. Apply to Carl Band.  New York Brewery, Sandon.  HELP WANTED.  WANTED���SITUATION AS HOUSE-  keeper. For references apply to Miss J.  Burness,-po_tDl_co,-NeIson.  ���  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  imoved carefully at reasonable rates. Ap-  IPly J. T. Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser's second Hand store, Ward street.  FURNITURE.  ~~lTjrRoini_R5ic^^  dealers,  undertakers and embalmers. Day  "phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  >new   postollice    building,   Vernon   street,  ~N<jl_on.  TEAS.  WE HAVE INDIAN, CEYLON, AND  ���China teas ln great variety, choiceBt quality. We mak*. a specialty of blending teas  and sell them In any quantity at lowest  ���rates. Kootenay Coitco Company.  JAPAN TEA OF ALL KINDS TO SUIT  your taste. Sun cured, Spider Leg, Pan  .Fired; in bulk or packages. Kootonay Coffee Company.  THAT FINE BLEND OF CEYLON TEA  we are selling at 30 cents per pound la  ���giving fhe beet of satisfaction to our many  ���customers.   Kootenay   Coffee   Company.  .WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES.  AVANTED���FIFTY TIE MAKERS. TIES  7x8, 6-inch face. Tops can be made into  mining ties. Price nine cents. Fir, tarn-  rack, and jack pine. Apply to Brecken-  ridge & Lund, Morrisey, B. C.  WANTED ��� SITUATION AS PRESS-  man. News or Job work. Addrcs: Press-  , man, Tribune ofnee,  Nolspn.' '  is difficult to get authentic -returns.  When a shipping mine is owned by an  individual or individuals, as a rule, shipments and values are withheld for the  reason that it is none of the public's  concern what private individuals may  be doing. When shipping mines are  owned by companies, the information  is withheld until it is given out hy the  directors of the company, notwithstanding the shares of these companies are  held by the public, and are bought and  sold daily on the stock exchanges much  the same as clear ribs and July corn and  May wheat. Money is required, to devel-  opo the mines of Kootenay. and Yale,  and- the money must be procured from  the outside, as British Columbia has no  spare- money. In order to secure outside money, it must be shown that our  mines are shipping something of value.  This can best be done by publishing  authentic returns of ore shipments and  their value.  v The evidence given at the trials now  going on at Rossland show very clearly how untruthful are the statements  sent but by the Associated. Press from  that place. ^Contractor Geiser -**,vQr_ yesterday that he had only forty men at  work on his two contracts, and his foreman swore that only^hree of tho forty  were miners. Is it not a trifle absurd to  claim that work has been resumed in the  mines at Rossland with forty men,  when from six hundred. to seven hundred wore required before tho strike?  The most unblushingly false statements  are daily made in the interest of Bernard McDonald's management of the  Le Roi mines, but all without avail.  Self-respecting mine workers will have  nothing to do with the mines under  McDonald's management until certain  conditions prevail, and these.men,seem  to have the active sympathy of the  business' element of Rossland. Bernard  McDonald's di},y is gyer in British Columbia, '  The attempted assassination of president McKinley yesterday will bring  down the condemnation of all right-  thinking people on the heads of the  bands of Anarchists scattered throughout the United States. These hands of  jfanatics believe that their gupposjtJous  wrongs can only be redressed by the assassination ' of the, rulers of' Nations.  They assassinated president Carnot of  Frange, _:_���*? Humbert of Italy, and empress- _31izaJ*eth pf Austria, none of  whom could be classed as oppressors or  tyrannical rulers, In f^ct, it would appear that rulers that are despotic in  .their_=__ethods=are=not=singled=out=for=  the' vengeance of these murderers. The  sympathy of all civilized people will be  extended to the stricken president, with  the hope: that his recovery will he  speedy. ��  LADIES' SUNSHADES  AT HALF PRICE.  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When I was  at  Kiel  my  band  was  playing  music  composed by him, and on my cabin ta'ble  was a book of poems written by him.  He was the head and front of the finest  army in t.he -"world., .and at the same  time" giving his  personal  attention to  what must some day be reckoned one of  the,leading navies.   The Kiel canal was  of his creation, and his engineers told  me that he was familiar with all its  details, as well as with those of bridge-  building c in a large sense.   The farmers  informed me that he'cduld instruct them  in their business, and I personally saw  him maneuver a fleet at; sea in the most  creditable way.   After luncheon at the  palace one day, during a very, interesting  coriver.satipn,  he described +r>  me  our first battleship, the Indiana, which  I afterward commanded, and his knowledge of her construction and details of  armor and guns was perfect.   He seemed  to have the same knowledge of all foreign ships.   When I gave him a Smith-  field ham for dinner-he even knew where  Smithfleld was.   *   *   * I had many opportunities to see him among his people, and if he was not their idol, then  they were certainly well up in the art  of deception, for they seemed to \yorshi.p ���  himj' "Tq u'��, 3s representatives of our  (bgiintry, he was piQS. oordial and eon-  Biderate, and took no pains to conceal  from ethers his strong friendship for the  United States,"  flU&fl fl. CAIEBON  INSURANCE;  REAL ESTATE  and MINING BROKER  FISHING TACKLE  WE HAVE THE BHST  FLIES AND   THK  BEST LEADERS  MADE.  Minnows, silvor.and Hold and Phantoms  Silk  Lines  Landing: Nets  And a cplendid line of all Ashing requisites.  CANADA DRUG _ BOOK 00.  K.-W.-C. Block.       Corner Ward and Baker Sfs  HENRY'S MESEBli  APIARY AND GREENHOUSES  Greenhouse and Bedding out Plants.  Lowest   Vrices.  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Money to loan at 8 per cent upon Improved property. Interest payable semiannually.  Principal payable annually.  FREE MILLING GOLD PROPERTIES.  We are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties at once. The Prospectors' Eicchange, Nelson, B. C, Room 4,  K. W."C. Block.  WANTED. ��� FrRST AND SECOND  cooks. Apply at Tremont hotel, Jvplwo".  WANTBD-CARPENTERS, $4.00; COOK,  bridge enpenters, waitresses, rnllroad men  for Lardo, waiter, laborers. Nelson Employment Agency,  phono 278.  EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES.  HELP FURNISHEP-WRITE, TELE-  phone, telegraph or irrrjujro Vvostern Canadian Employment Ofllce, Nelson, piiorre  270. Storago���I have it large warehouse for  storing household or other goods. II. A.  Prosser.  WANTED HELP OF ALL KINDS.-  Ordors for help receive prompt and careful attention. R. Purdy, Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  41. P. O. Box 582.   m  m:  ���f|Y  |;# '  si;;-  GOLD, COPPER, SILVER, LEAD  mines and prospects wanted. Send report  and samples to the Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson, B.  C,  Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  , W0TI0ES OF MEETINGS.  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  "n*_INEKs':~UN7o!^  ACeets in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  oorner of Baker and Stanley -Jtreets, every  Saturday evening a. .8 .o'clock. Visiting  imerohers welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James WIIks, secretary. .Union _cale  ��� of wagee for Nel.son district per shlXt: Machine men |3.50, hammersmen $3.25, muck-  ��rs, carmea, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3.  IjAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Uodon Hall on fourth  Monday in every montii at 7:30 o'clock p.  _n. B. Pap., president; A. W. McFee, secretary.  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  Daily by mall,  one month./.   Daily by mall,  three months   Daily by rirajl, six months   Daily by o?a;l,  one year.  Daily by carreer, .one jnonth  Semi-weekly by mail, six months.  Semi-weekly  by  mail,  one  year.,,.,  Postage to Great Britain added.  ..$ SO  .. 1 25  .. 2 50  .. _ 00  1 00  2 50  5 00  " .00  rw  2 oo  19C,   OF  THE  '  Un  m  BARBERS'   UNION,   NO. rt ..  UnternaUonal Journ-eymen Barbers Union,  ���of America, meets flrst and third Mondays  <-f each month in Miners' Union Hall at  8:30 sharp. Visiting members invited. R.  ' McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, sec-  t.tary-treasur.r; J. C. Gardner, recording  secretary.         _.  .^_,__j_��__ij  ADVERTISING   RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly  per  inch  per  month $4 00  if run less than u month, ptr Inch per  insertion         25  Classilie-J Ad* and Legal Notices, per  word for flrst insertron       1  For    each    additional    insertion,    per  word           1-2  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classi(ied), per line per month     50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal  So-  cietlex and Trades Unions,  per lino  per month       25  Address aJI Ifiptor*���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASgOCLATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Ne'BOn, B. C.  It is the duty of the press of Kootenay and Yale to give as far as it is practicable authentic returns of the output  of the mines in the two districts. But it,  There is considerable dissatisfaction  at the census ������eturjis for Nelson, and  numerous instances are cited where f*vm-  ilies were overlooked. In order to satisfy the people, The Tribune hits undertaken to talco the census of Nelson and  its four, suburbs. Tho names of oach  family and the number in the family  will be printed each day by blocks, so  that there, will he every chance given  to mnHe corrections, if amy omissions or  mistakes (should bo mado by the enumerators. The Tribune asks that tho enumerators be given the information required without unnecessary friction,  as it is to the interest of our people  that Nelson should have its proper rating among the cities of Canada.  HOUSES TO RENT CHEAP.  ���a ���*���*���*���*���*���*���**-*���*���** _i _������$���:���& *.**.**.*.**. * �����  Hi   ���~ "  v_  H. R. CAMERON  AGKNT.BVICKR STRHlRr.  HEAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE BBOKERS  THESE  HOT DAYS  QUENCH  YOUR  THIRST WITH  AnheriKor-Bnf-ch  Boer. Pnbst (Mil-  wnukcoBeer. Cnl-  gary Bojr, Reis-  trrrer Ac Co. Bnor,  Goanoll Boor, and  Q ==Doubl8 =Jers'-y^^  Buttermilk.  MANHATTAN  SALOON  Double Jerspy  Buttermilk.  W  m  Hi  Hi  Hi  *.  Hi  Hi  _i  Ui  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  iii*** *** ���**���_. ���*���*���* nt *.*.*.*.*.*. *.*.*. *.*.*.��:  Hi  Hi  ___Hi_  Hi  Hi  Hi  m  \ti  Hi  *���  9)  I "P  9)  m  9.  <P  9.  m  *  9.  ���   irsa  HALT, ANl*l T..\KK STRKICTH. l-K!r,POW  Porto Rico Lumber Oo.  (LIMITED)  CORNWR OF  HENDRYX AJND VliRNON STRKKTS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  The government agent at Kaslo, per Instructions from the department of lands  and works at Victoria, has authorized the.  undersigned to offer tho following lots im  (he government portion of the townsite-  of Lemon Crock for sale at public auction!  at Iho Arlington JTotel, Slocan City, at 12  o'clock noon on  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 1901  Lots 1 to 32, block 1.     ,  Lots  1   to  22,   block  5.  Lots 1 to S, 10, 14 to 24, block 7.  Lots -1, 5, 37, 3S, block 11.  Lots 1 to 11 and 32 to 40, block 14.    '  Lots 1. to 23,  block 15. .  Lots 1  to  21,  block 17. ; ���;_  Block 24. ���  ���  A-1 White Pine Lunjber Always in  Stock,.  We carry a complete stock of  Ccast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sasli and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Lemon Creek is a townsite n>.*jr the junction   of   Lemon   Creek   and   the   Slocan  river branch of tlio Canadiarr Pacific railway,  and  the nearest point to the mines  on Lemon  crock.  Plans  and  particulars  may  be  obtained.  at tha oflico of E. E. Chipman. government.  agent, Kaslo.  Upset price  to be  made known on tha>  ground at the  tlme*jof sale.  H. H. PLAYFORD & GO. I  ;  Did the members of the Mine Owners'  Association who met at Rossland recently send telegrams that would tend to  uphold and bolster Whittaker Wright  and his rn.^nqger at Rossland, Bernard  McDonald? If t'hey'diiir fhe ��h^|*e,hojd-  ers jb the several companies that they  mimagc had better do a little investigating on their own hook. No mine promoter in Great Britain is so thoroughly discredited as is Whittaker Wright,  and mine managers who indorse his  methods cannot expect the investing  public to have much confidence in  them.''Men are judged by tlie company  they keep.  Most Companionable of Men.  Admiral Evans of the United States  navy has written a book. As he has  btfpn forty-five years in the navy, many  of his r*#niinij-*p,ences aro interesting. He  was'at the opening of the Kiel canal in  Germany, and this is the way he sizes  up the emperor of Germany:   "He knows  ��� Agents for Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  NOTIOE.  In the supreme court of Kootenay holden  at Nelson, in the matter of the estate  and effects of Alexis Swanson, late of  the city of Nelson, deceased Intestate.  . Wtjfitrjs hereby Blyn that by an order  by his honor judg-7 '.'or',-" ' d- -:.n- on 'th.'.  2/nil clay of August, A. D. 1801, Clas T,  Swanson was appointed administrator of  tha personal estate and effects bf said deceased. Notice Is also hereby given that all  persons having claims against the said  deceased are required within thirty davs  of the date hereof to forward them with  full particulars duly verified bv statutory  declaration to Iho said administrator at  Nelson aforesaid.  And notice is also hereby given that after  such  last mentioned date said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of  the said deceased according to law without  regard   to  arry   claims   of  which  he  shall  then not havo received notice.  Dated this 29th day of August, A. D. 1901.  ELLIOT  Ss   LENNIE,  Solicitors  for  the  Administrator.  NOTIOE  Notice is hereby given that I have assumed sole control and management of the  Hume Hot si, arid that I will pay nil liabilities of the said hotel and collect all accounts: J.  l*.tl3D HUME.  Dated at Nelson, B. C:, August 27th, IDOL  ****-***.**.*.***.***.**.**.*.*.*x*^  .*. \_  m ..    ..         __.__.__.    yi  91  91  *  91  m  91  ��  m  m  I TOBACCO  Porto Rico Lumber Co.Ltd.  0. A. WATERMAN & 00.  AUCTIONEERS  MADDEN   BLOCK  NELSON.,  AND  MERCHANTS,  9\  9)  91  'P  9.  ��  9)  Hi  Hi  CIGAR I  Ui  v.  Ui  _-  _>  9)  500 MEN WANTED  On tho construction of the Arrowhead &  Kootenay railway ln the Lardo district.  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  Telephone 117. $  S P. 0. Box 637.  % &  '**:*.**.***:*���***:*.*.*:*.*.**.*.*.**:����  ^j        ���&  In order to secure men without delay  ordinary labor will be paid J2.25 per day  and axemen $2.50 per day.  GOOD STATION WORK  CAN BE SECUKED.  the  ARTHUR    GEE  NlERCliANT TAILOR  LADIE-V TAILOK  MADE SQlT-j. ���  BAKER  STREET EAST.  '���*._i *H* *���** *&��������&*���* -*���*���*���*�����* 393 3.#'  ft  9.  9.  9.  91  91  9.  1*  m  Si  For   further   particulars   apply   to  Nelson Employment Agencies or to  CARLSON & PORTER  CONTRACTORS.  R. B. REILEY  Sl'Ci.'ESSOR TO H.  D. ASHCROFT.  BLACKSMITH AKD W003 WORKER  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Special attention given to all kinds ol  repairing and custom work from outside  points. Heavy bolts made to order, oc  short notice.  A. R. BARROW, A. M.LC.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner of Victoria and Kootenay Streets  P. O.  Box 559. TELEPHONE' NO. 95.  NOTIOE.  ���,Courts of Assize. Nisi Priirs, Oyer- and!  terminer arrd General Delivery will be  lolrlen  In  the  Court  House,  at 11 o'clock  r'.V110/?,1'01',00"* at -1-*- l,la*=es and on the  dates lollowlrrg,  namely:  .~C ly v,fptorla, 1st October. 1901. Civil only  to be adjourned to thu Sth October  Pi���MWn, i01' ���J'iL''l��e��'viUu,   1st   October,. 1901.  Civil and criminal.  and��cri ��.f .9lilUou> SUl October, 1901.  Civil  arid* crlmh���aQWc"' &th Octobor- 1901-  Civil!  r-rvir-^   ��if' Vu,lco"ver,   Sth   October,   1901L  Civ(l, and criminal.  onlyy 0i Kossland' sth October, 1901. Cfvil  cSM crK^0ke' 12th ��Ctober' 1901*  anCdt.rlSflnSl80n'  15Ul  ��Ct��be2V 1901'  CIW1  arultcrimina'lIn0n,  17Ul  October' 1901-  Civil.  miultyr--��-ii ^^ Westminster,  21st October,.  1901.  Civil  and  criminal.  City   of   Vancouver,  Civil only.  nu,\\y   ��i   G,re?nwood,   22nd   October,   1901..  Civil and criminal.  City of Victoria, 22nd October, 1901. Criminal only.  Cif"*'' of Kamloops, 23rd October, 1901. .  Civil and criminal.  City of Nanaimo, 3rd December, 1901. .  Civil and criminal.  By command J.   D.  PRENTICE,  _.      , Provincial  Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Department, 31st .:  August, 1901.  22nd    October,    1901.  R. McMAHON. A.  E. GARDINER.  BARBER SHOP.  Ro.bort McMahon and A. E. Gardiner  have leased the barber shop in the basement of the Madden block, southeast corner of Baker and Ward streets, and will-  be pleased to have the patronage of their  friends. First-class baths in connection.  TIMBEE LEASE UOTIOE.  Notice   is   hereby   given   that   ln   thirty ���  days we intend to apply to the chief com- -  missloner of lands and works for permission to cut and carry away timber off the- -  below   described   lands   situated   on  Lock��� ���  hart creek,  one mile ana  one eighth east,  from ICootonay lake, commencing at a post.i  marked   northwest   corner,   running   east  120 chains,  thence north 10 chains,  thence  oast  120   chains,   thence   south   40   chains,  therce   west   120   chains,   thence   south   10''*  chains, thence west 120 chains, thence northr ���  ���10 chains to place of commencement.  NKLSON HAW <Sfc PLANING MILLS, Ltd,  Nelson, B. C, August 16th, 190J. THE
tttlBtJKJl   SAtfURbAY toMIM,  S^TMJJtlJE. f,_ i901
,__'_''-. i itfn-
CAPITAL, all paid UP«..$12,000,000.00
REST     7,000,000.00
UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.00
Lord Strathoona and Mount Royal ...ProBldent
Hon. Goorgo A. Drummond Vico-President
E. 8. Clor-.t/on Qeneral Manager
Corner Uakor aud Kootonay Streotw.
A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.
Urau-hea In London (England) Nsw York,
Cuioaqo, and all tho principal oitioa ln Canada.
■      ■      $8 000.000
-   $2,000,000
OIF    O^-nST^ZD-A.
Paid-up Capital,
Reserve Fund.
Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,
Robt. Kllgoui*.
Bay and soil Sterling Exchango and Cablo
. Grunt  Commorcial   and   Travelers'   CredtU,
available in any part of tho world.
Draft_ Iaauod, Collections Made, Eto,
Saving's Bank Branch
London Office. 00 Lombard Street, B. 0.
New Y_rl_  Olllce, 10   Iiixctrnnf-e   Place.
ana ti. HU-iurcrius irr Cumuli*, und tha
I'rriUrd StHtos.
Middle West Doesn't Like Them.
On the steamer from. New York; to
Naples was an Italian s.nose father had
sent him to the United States to learn
the   American  way  of  doing  business.
Here  is  an  instance  of  how  his  wits
had   been   sharpened   by-, contact   with
New York.   I had overheard a man ask
\ the smoking room  steward how much
he ought to give the head steward. The
steward  replied:     "Ten  dollars."    The
question was a foolish one anduthe answer absurd.   On the deck shortly afterward  I met the young Italian,  and to
;get some amusement out of him I told
■!him without any comment, what I had
"What-a!     Ten    dollars!      Cris_o!
."Madonna!     I  show  you."    He  rapidly
took   a   piece   of   pap,ar    out    of    his
pocket   and   a   pencil.     "Dis-a   steamer
have two hundred and. twenty passenger.      Make   one-a   round-a   treep New
York-a Napoli ever-a mont'.    Suppos-a
ft take   back - eighty   passengers.      Dat-a
mak-a  three hundred  passenger  every
l' mont'.     Three   thousand   dollars : every
mont'.     Corp.   di   Baccho!     Thirty-six
thousand' dollars   every    year.      Nonsense.   I do not geeve heem one _am-a
>;'cent!" ■" ;' •,
Tourists  in Venice believe  that the
ysing(*rs in the boats who sing and tinky
tank at night opposite the main hotelsY
;:such as the Britannia, and Danieli, and
.'Bauer Greenwald, on the Grand Canal,
li'.ftre  employed by the hotel  association
y: as part of the game to attract tourists..
/This; may well be so, as one rarely sees
YVenetians  in  gondolas.    /While  I  was
there  I   saw  but "one  private  gondola,
■with  most  of  the  curtains  drawn;   LI
/caught a glimpse of an old Italian lady
-.seated   therein.    The  Venetians   walk
Mind cross the little, bridges, or take the
YJittle steamboats that ply up and do-wii
the main canals.
Florence, I was told, is rapidly losY
Ing her -former! popularity as a winter
''■ xesort for the English and Americans.
Those now spend their winter month**
at Algiers or "Cario., There were not
many English .wandering over Italy this
year. That "tuppence" extra income
'■tax fe.e_.ps them at home.
I-met Mr. Middle West one day in'tho
Louvre,  where  I was  wandering on  ;\
7 vrainy   day.     He   was   seated,   loolrint
.across  the room  at  the   beautiful  pic-
; .-ture, "La Gioconda."
"Sit down, I've got something to say,"
•said he. I sat next to him. "I've had.
:'a_relapse;,.. I'm not feeling well today.
.; I've; just come   up   from   the   museum
• rlowrs   stairs   and   I've   seen   the   same
. : nr.hedness there that T saw in Italy.    I
.' don't know whether, if is on account of
: my nervous prostration that I ennnot
:see straight, or have not mental verac-
• ity,  as  you say a   great   Englishmen
>   named Carlyle called the great duality
■of  seeing  things  correctly;   but,   how-
• ever that may be, I am sick and tired
• .sure of the naked old Greeks and Ro-
: mans everywhere—in the shops, mu-
;seums, picture galleries. They are unfit
..for anything but the bath-tub. Do you
'.suppose that I will let my two young
(daughters see these things? Not for
aill the riches of the great state of Ohio
■would I do it. I gave a groan whenever
II saw young American girls goin**-
through those museums and galleries.
I never saw Italian, French, German,
or English girls—only American girls—
looking at Jupiter as the swan and Leda,
star instance
""Now . J am sitting here looking p.t
tliat lor.ejy Jocinde, dressed nearly up
to the neck, with her charming smile
and interesting face. That's all I want
to Bee of a woman, or a man—the face.
, Halph Stanzio painted one picture of a
'. woman, not a Madonna, dressed up to
the neck; La Fornarina, she was a
_a_.ere_nee, the guide told me. He loved
her; think of loving a woman who stood
all day in front of a roaring furnace,
baking bread, in hot summery Italy. He
painted another one of her showing her
—well, not dressed up to the neck. But
my wife says I must not talk of such
things. I have seen five thousand such
naked ladies in Italy—of course I mean
in pictures and statutes—and I'm tired
of them. I prefer looking at cow or
horse pictures.    It rests me.
"But   isn't" that  Joconde   picture   a
beauty.    That's the way to paint men
|-and women,  dressed  up  to  the  neck.
i "When I see naked pictures in a man's
| house,  I think there's a coarse streak
running through him.   When I see them
in  a  woman's   house—it  disgusts   mo.
; "When I get back to Chicago, I am going
[to  send  five  thousand   night-shirts   to
the Italian government as a present, to
I cover the naked statutes, and I am go-
j.ng to give them my pyjamas, too—that
I new-fangled scheme my wife makes me
|*wear.    She says they are fashionable.
] What's   the -use   of   being   fashionable
(when ycu are in bed?—nobody sees you.
j My father  slept  in  his jeans,  and   he
lived till he was eighty, too.    That's a
[copy of a German joke.
"I like the Germans, but I don't like
[the English. The English say they don't
1 like the American voice. I am sick and
(tired of hearing so much talk about the
I American voice. In Chicago we meet
(•people from every part of tho United
Irrl-jr'ut-t nil owed  on  dopusiUi.    i-.u_.nt rate
tlir'oo per c.nr. '
JMnnriKor Nelson Branch.
States, Wc can understand them all.
They speak clearly, distinctly, each word
pronounced so one knows what they are
talking about. With the English you
can't. They have a 'brogue.' What is
the matter with them? Have they ton-
silitis of the throat? No, it's the Yorkshire pudding they are so fond of. They
talk as if they had their mouths filled
with it. And ain't their, jokes stupid?
England would be a pleasant place, to
visit if there were not so many Englishmen there. The English are afraid
to let the French build a tunnel from
Calais to Dover, for fear that the French
will come over some night and kick
them oft' the island."
Mr. Middle West's talk about the English reminded me of a story told by an
old sailor man before the mast speaking
of Tommy Atkins. His cruiser, went into
a South African port where there was
an English garrison. At the landing he
noticed a crowd of Atkinses looking
out at the ship and brushing the flies
off their faces and necks with a whisk
made out of a wooden handle and a
horse's tail. One of the sailor men
asked: •'-What's that Tommy Atkins
has in his 'ands?" The answer came
back from one cf the jackies: "That's
hall the bloody fools 'as left of their
bloomin' 'orses."
Mr. Middle West has a very high opinion of colonel Slccum, the American
army officer who watched the fight from
the British side. " ..   ■ .
"I'm dead gone," he said, "on colonel
Slocum. Hasn't he a pleasant way of
saying disagreeable things? I saw something like this in one cf the English
papers: 'If ever,' Slocum says, 'a people
or a nation exemplified/ the phrase,
"brave to a fault," it is the British. If
they had been less brave, there would
have been: many less faults and more
victories in the war.'.McKinley ought
to promote that man. 'Hasn't he a pleasant way of telling the truth?. Read between the lines. He means that the
British officers were so stupid that they
got a great many of their/soldiers killed
and lost many battles. I'll bet old Mac
and his cabinet had quite a chuckle when
they gave that to the papers. The English, are so hungry for American praise
that they swallow this taffy. We always
send taffy-givers to the English court,
and they swallow it all—every,bit.' Then
that daisy, Slocum, says that the little
fellow,' general Roberts, 'was generally
deceived., by the general professions of
submission by the Boers.' Isn't that a
diplomatic way of saying that lord Bobs
had his leg pulled? -
"S.-.y, ain't those cradles that a man
who has been married for twenty-eight
year's has to sleep in, in the French and
Italian hotels, with his wife in the ether,
a crazy idea? I kick around when I'm
asleep, and fall out three times a week.
I'm accustomed to the big Ohio beds.
"Say, I'm taking the usual Creosote
whisky made of wood spirits, „ Scotch
lake water, and flavored with dentist
medicine.. They call it Scotch whisky.
I .call'it creosote. Well, oh riveer."—
Covington Johnson in San Francisco
Argonaut. '
H. 8. HOWLAND President.
_>. R. WILKIE Uouorel Mami(<or.
K. HAY Inspector.
^ ^ ^ ^'^ ^ ^ ^^ __i ___J __L'____-S!__:S_j _^;____!
"0"' 00 - 00- 00- 00- 00 • 000^0,sST'^.^.^.^:^'.^r.^:
Nelson Branch*-Burns Block, 221 Baker
J. M. LAY, Manager.
Alimonia, to commemorate,the triumphs
of her beauty and magnetism." He describes her as "a beautiful devil, possessed of an ungovernable and satanic
temper, and losing control of it at the
least chance, and without any provocation whatsoever," and expresses contempt for a "wife, the supreme custodian of a husband's honor," who "wantonly runs to lawyers and the court and
the public,'with that husband's confidential love-letters, relating to nothing
else than his ardent love for her." Concluding, he-states, "as a fact terribly,
pertinent hereto,, that alimony is simply a standing premium the law offers
for wifely , weakness, treachery, and
worthlessless. But for its seductions,
my wife would not have deserted me."
Are the only kind to be found in our stock. Everything' from a neat little, in-,
expensive birthday remembrance to a fine and elaborate sterling silver wedding
gift. Our goods are made on honor and wo guarantee them in every way, and
a guarantee from a reputable house is always good.
Mail orders receive our prompt and careful attention, and as we only employ tho best of workmen all work is guaranteed at
Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, the Arctic explorer, is a litigant in a Chicago court.
Dr. Nansen was in a fair way to receive the fortune left by Mathias Blessing, a wealthy Scandinavian, who died
in Chicago two years ago, as the other
heirs, it is said, had waived their claims
in his favor. The petition, however, is
filed by Mrs. Cunningham of Chattanooga, Tenessee, who says she is the daughter of the decedent's brother, David.
Mary Anderson-Navarro emerged from
her rural retirement last week and attended a bazaar given by lady Elcho at
Wiskhamford Manor to raise funds to
restore Wicl-hamford church, one of the
oldest and most interesting churches in
England. Arthur Balfour was the guest
of honor, but Mrs. Navarro, though
shunning publicity, attracted more attention that the leader of the house cf
commons. One means of raising money
was the selling of autographs written
by notables present. Mrs. Navarro's
autographs brought the highest prices.
General Frederick D. Grant, upon his
arrival in New York last week after a
trip through Russia and Eastern Germany, said that in all the time he had
been away, the custom house in the metropolis was the only place where his
Ln,'.L.iigo had been subjected to an examination. "After making me declare
everything which I brought and swear
to the truth of my statement," he says,
"they immediately searched my trunks
and turned them upside down to see
whether I was a liar and smusrsler
which the government presuposes all its
citizens to be. I am a high-tariff man
myself, but I do not think the Republican party has done itself any good by
these new regulations. I had only sixty-
three dollars' worth of articles, and they
made me pay thirty-three dollars duty.
That seems a trifle excessive."
Paymaster Robert Burton Rodney,
United States America, retired, of Washington, D. C, has filed a cross petition
to his wife's petition for divorce. He
says that his wife does not wish a divorce unless it carries alimony. "She
has alimony on tho brain," he contends,
"and she says were she oyer to bear a
girl infant sho will have it christened
Liane de Pougy, the noted Parisian
beauty, has just made an interesting
appearance in the French courts, owing
to difficulties she has been having with
one of her former dressmakers. It appears that a magnificent dress, described
as the role of a mediaeval queen, all
white,. with. silver embroidery, and garnished with moon-stone" work, was ^supplied some time ago to Mme. de Pougy.
The bil amounted to three hundred and
twenty dollars, the lace embroidery and
garnishing being estimated at one.hundred and twenty dollars. Mme. de Pougy
took the dress and used it, but neglected
to pay the bill. Weeks and months rolled by, and the fashionable tradesman
who supplied the queenly robe finally
took the.case to court. Liane declared
that she was not responsible for ordering the dress. She had not even gone to
the dressmaker's about it. The article
was ordered for her by'one of her admirers, at a house where her measure
was known, and then sent to her as a
gift. The president of the sixth chamber
of the civic tribunal evidently had faith
in Liane's testimony, for he gave judgment in favor of the dressmaker, but
ordered twenty dollars deducted from
the bill, as it contained an arithmetical
Servaut Girl Question Solved.
William E. Curtis, who is traveling in
Norway, says that the servant-girl problem has been solved there, although he
doubts whether a similar solution would
be accepted by domestic servants in
America. "In large cities like Bergen
and Christiania,'' he writes, "there is a
central employment bureau under the
direction of the municipal government,
and twice a year—one week before New
Year's Day, the 4th of June—there is a
general change of servants by those who
are dissatisfied with existing conditions,
and engagements are made for the ensuing six months of the year. Families
who want servants fill out blanks setting
forth what is required, and the wages
they are willing to pay. These are filed
at the employment office, and are noted
in a conspicuous manner upon a blackboard. Women or men in search of
employment go to this bureau during
the weeks named, examine the blackboard, and apply to the clerk in charge
for further information. If they desire
submit their recommendations to the
clerk, and if he is satisfied he gives them,
a card to the lady of the house. That
card is good for the day only, and must
be returned by the lady of the house
before the close of office hours. If the
girl is engaged, the blanks upon the
card are filled out with a general statement as to her duties, the term of service and the wages agreed upon, and the
card is filed away for reference, if necessary. If the lady of the house is not
satisfied with the applicant she sends
her away, and returns the card marked
'not satisfactory' to headquarters, with
a request that other applicants be sent
to her. If the applicant is satisfactory
tho lady of the house pays her a bonus
of one krone or two kroner, called 'hand
money'—that is, she crosses her hand
with silver as an evidence of good faith
—and the girl agrees to report for duty
within one week after New Year's or
Midsummer's Day, as the case may be.
This is to allow her present employer
an opportunity to fill her place. In
some of the smaller towns the dates for
changing servants are April 14th and
October 14th^	
English Domestic Life.
A writer in the London Daily Mail
thus pictures the domestic life of the
average Englishman: "He rises in the
morning from his New England folding
bed, shaves with American soap and a
Yankee safety razor, pulls on his Boston
boots over his socks from North Carolina, fastens his Connecticut braces, slips
his Waltham or Waterbury watch in
his pocket, and sits down to breakfast.
There he congratulates his wife on the
way her Illinois straight-front corset
sets off her Massachusetts blouse, and he
tackles his breakfast, where he eats
bread made from prairie flour, tinned
oysters from the Pacific coast, and a
slice of Kansas City, bacon, while his
wife plays with a slice of Chicago ox
tongue. The children are given American oats. At the same time he reads
his morning paper printed by American
machines, and possibly on American paper. He rushes out, catches the electric
tram (New York) to Shepherd's Bush,
where he gets in a Yankee elevator to
take him on to the American-fitted electric railway to the city. At luncheon he
hastily swallows some cold roast beef
. i?».
_S_!j SLi ___!_ _SE__ ____. _5_j ____!>____• „2_ • _____* •*£? - 0" - 00
ymiy ^■r__v^ S)__P^ ^B_P^ ^9_b** ^fl___^ *^_flBh^ ^__-V ^H__fc*' ^_B_8^ <Q_____k 4_0___t~>* _______
|^3rW«Pftfr-- <
'■-.'' "" ■     .-.^^^    ^^^    ^^^   ^^
that comes from a cow in Iowa, and
flavors it with,the latest New England
pickles, and then soothes his mind with
a couple of Virginia cigarettes. To follow his course all. day would be wearisome. But when evening comes he seeks
relaxation at the latest American musical comedy, and finishes up with a couple of 'little liver pills' 'made in America.' "
•s A Good Man.
President Hart of the Chicago National League club allowed almost 7000
boys "under 15 years of age and less
than 5 feet 3 inches in height" to see a
game free of charge.
Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air,     .
Large comfortable bedrooms and flrst-
class dining room. Sample rooms for commercial  men. ,
TELEPHONE NO..219.   P. 0. BOX 688.
n. L 0. GlarHe, Prop.
Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary
Baker and Ward
Streets,   Nelson.
an Mouse
The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one management since 1S90.
The bed-roorrji "*o -well furnished and
Hunted hy electricity.
The bar is always* Btu_h._cr ov tbe best
domestic and lmportpil liquors and cigars.
THOMAS _IAD1_.;N, Proprietor.
mm JUNCTION hotel
J. H. McMANUS, Manager.
The Mansfield Manufacturing Company
nave- the above mentioned building materials
lor sale at reasonable prices. Special quotations^ to' builders and contractors for large
orders. * 6
Bar stocked with best brands of wines,
liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large
comfortable rooms. First class table board
Third door from Grand Central Hotel
on Vernon street. Best dollar a day
house in town. House and furniture new
and first class in every respect. Lighted
by gas. Room and hoard $5 to ?6 per
week. No Chinese employed here.
J; V. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor.
*** *** ■*■** *** *.*■*.***:**.*.*.**.
Coffee Roasters
Dealers in Tea and Coffee
We aro orTcrr'riK at lowest prices Iho best
tirades of Coylon. India, China and Jncarr
Our Bo8f\ Mocha and Java Cofec, por
pnurrd -J 10
Mocha and Java Hlend, 3 porrnris  1 00
Obolco Blorxl Oofl'co, 1 pounds  1 00
Snficial Blond CinrTee, li poimdf*  1 OO
Rio Rlrsrvl flpfr-'ij. (i norrrnis  1 00
Special Blend Ceylon Toa, por pound 30
•   Telephone 177.
P. 0. Box IS?.
321 TO 331 HAKKK STltEKT, NEL30N
Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.
NT. T. MACLEOD, Manager.
Kinds  of Teaming and  Transfer
A (fonts for Hard anil Soft, Goal. Imperial <">|]
fompany, WiurhingLon Brink, Limn & Manir-
fucl rrrirrif Company. General commercial aqforit**
and broker*.
All coal anil wood strictly ca*h on delivery.
Gffie. 184 Balder St.
Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy St°am 25 Cents to SI
P. Burns & Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Meats
Hkad Opficb at
Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,  Silverton, Nev
Denver, Revelstoke, T'er^ii-on Grand Porks, Greenwood, Cascade Oiby, Mid
•way, and Vancouver.
Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
*_iL.i___f E. C. TRAVES, Manager
Pursuant to the "Credrtor's Trust Deeds
Act" and amen_rn_- acts.
isvuce is nci'.uy _i<._u urat Henry Per-
fi-usoii Mer_ea.rr, h.reiutoie curryri,-*: on b.rsl-
'"?*_ at'the-city-'i-f:Nelson, ln the province
cor Uritish Columbia, ab a drug-grist, hub by-
deed ot assignment, made in pursuance or?
tire ''Crcditor's.■■._'.u_t Deeds Act," and '
amending- a.ts, arrd boarlrrj. date the oth
"-ay of August, 1UD1, assr-i-ned all hi_ real
and personal property to David Morris, of
tire said city, of Nelson, gentleman, in
trust tor the purpose ot paying and satis-
Uing ratably or proportronately and without preference or priority, the creditors of
the said Henry i^orguson McLean their Just
debts.   .■...'■....-"...
The said deed was executed by the salt?
Henry Ferguson-McLean on the Cth day of
August,  19U1  and afterwards  by  the  said
&MV-d ^1?f'rls <?n the cth '^y °f August,
1901, and the said David Morris has undertaken the said trusts created by the said
All persons having claims against the
said Henry Ferguson McLean are required
to forward particulars of the same, duly
verified, together with particulars of afl
securities, If any, held bv them therefor, to
_!e ??,'£ V'ustec David Morns, on or before
n^J_Uidfay.0uC September, 1901. All persona
indebted to the said Henry Ferguson McLean are required to pay the amounts due '
by them to the said trustee forthwith. After
the said lfith day of- September, 1301, the
trustee wrll proceed to distrrbute the assets
?r.ii"\ua,d. estate _ among the parties en- .
titled thereto,.having regard only to the'
claims of- which he;shall then have notice"
jNotrce is also given' that a meeting of the .
?"£?, tC£?.,°tth£-:?fw 'Henry Ferguson Mc-",
Lean will be heldyat the office of R.  M
Macdonald, Baker street, Nelson, on Tuesday  theyjyn  day of    .ugust,  100],  at the.
hour ot"4 o'clock Ir. the afternoon.       -
-o    i.'/  7*_7££-vl~D MORRIS, Trustee.
T?u'steeY ^ °^VLD'   Sol,cltor  *>r   the/
19Mated at Ne!S°n thIS 7th day ot August,
Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership., hitherto existing between the undersigned under the stylo of Starkey &
Company, wholesale commrsslnn mi3r-
ch.xnts, has this day been dissolved by the
retrremtnt of George M. Phillips, who has
transferred to' F. Starkey all his Interest
In theassets, book accounts, and business.
All persons indebted to the .sard partner-
shrp are hereby requested to make payment
to F. Starkey, who has assumed all the 11a-
brlities of the, piutnershlp and who w<Il
continue the business.
GEO.   M.   n-TlLLIPS,
... . tt   nr„   FRED    STARKE VT.       '
\\ rtness: H. BUSH.
Nelson. B. C. 14th August. 3901.
Situate in the Nelson Mining Division of
West  Kootenay  District.
Whore located: About one mile south of
Nelson. --.
Take notice that I. Wiliam John Goepel,
Free Miner's Certificate No 50,000, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apnlv
to the Mining Recorder for .r. Certificate" of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.
j\nd further take notice th.it action undor section 37, must bo commenced before
the issuance of such Certillcate of Improvements. '_
<joi: —   —",    " av. j   goi_pi_l.
NOT1CH—\"_;|..SO.\' A llVl.llAL CLAIM,
situate in the Nelson Mining Division of
West  Kootenay  District.
AVhore located: About one mile south of
Trike notice that I, .lohn P.-uer.son,
Free .Miner » Corr iite**fi- N" -.) 7'*r. Intornl,
sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply
to tho Mining Recorder for- a Certillcnto
of improvements, for the purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grunt or  t'n- .iimvo iMn'm.
And further take notice lh.it action, under section '"7, must bu commenced beforo
the Issuance of such Certillcati* of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of jVirgust A. D.
1901. JOHN    1'ATKRSON.
claim, situate ln the Nelson milling division of West Kootonay district. Where
Ideated: On Forty-nlno creek about ^W
yards from hydraulic darn. Tako notice
that I, 13. W. jMutthews, actirrg as agent
for Henry Sarnm.'l Crotty. free miner's
certificate No. bl0,9"0, intend, .sixty days
from the dato hereof, to apply to the minim, recorder for a certificate of improvements for tho purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of tho above claim. j\iii_
further take notice that action, urrder section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
r>afi*fl  this IRth  day nf .Tirlr.  A.  D.  IWh*.
Tiger, Kitchener and Last Chance mineral claims, situate in the Nelson mining
division of West Kootenay district. Where
located: On Alorning mountain on the east
side of Sandy creek about one mile from
the Kootenay river. Take notice that I,
R. Smith, free miner's certificate 55,7G2b,
acting as agent l'or A. Thorn, free minor's
certilicate 55,G70b, Henry B. Hammond,
free miner's certificate 55.CG9b, and An-
nandale D. Grieve, free miner's certificate
55,GGSb, intend sixty davs from the dato
lureof to apply to the mining recorder
for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a crown tyrant of the
above claim. And further take notice that
action, under section 37, i.iu?t be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. R. SMITH.
Dated this 25th day of July. A. D. 19(11.
claim, situate in the Nolson rolnrnj- division of Wo.'?f Kootonay district. Whore located: j\t the head of Grohman creek on
Grohman mountain. Take notice that I.'
.T. AT. AIcGrprror. acting as agent for Steve
Hawkins, five miner's certificate No.
l.iSO.43!). and Louis Strand, free miner's certificate No. l).'!7.-9o. intend sixty days from
the dato hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant
that action undor section 37. must be com-
that action, undod section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 12th day of August, 19_L.   -Xj.
T  7\
• '* •*•
• Jp
-*r{ y~V*
-    ( iW3
'  _*l
,f fr-j^g^'r^av*..-*  ���T>.-tjiulrti"��F**  II  .Jil  M  8  Iff  till  k  ��  ^���^fffWwgg**^^ iiU��JJ'J.��X^ WQw  "il-Tirei|T f, f^uairu-M!  THE NELSON TRIBOTI, SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 7, 1901  Abou. the yacht race, as ihe be.t  boat will win, I90t protect yourg.lf  froM a cold during thi. changeable weather by investing in a  bottle of our syrup of Wild Cherry  Spruce and Tar. It cures every  time and costs only.  25 Cents per Bottle  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  AT THE HOTELS,  zrsrsssaszA .  VICTORIA  BLOOK  NELSON,   B. C.  Boys  Having, added to my. stock a large  range of Youth's Boy's and Children's  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to the public the best variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  Everything is new ' and up-to-date  and are selling at the'very lowest prices.  Intending ��� purchasers wiU do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher. . /  217 and 219  Baker Street  J. A; GILKER  HAMMOCKS  tWCTMW l_WIJ!JAf����'<|iWIWWIMllJ_��^']_WlBim_MniLJI.UM_l__ |  _____T___B________________  Now is your time to get a bargain  in   these   lines, as  must dispose of them all this month.    If you   want  both of these lines the price won't hinder  you.'  one  we  or  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE, .CO.  Imoorters and Dealers In 3belf and Heavy Hardware.  'ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  0$i*.^.*.\v&&.^&*'ir**&&&&&.***rA  TO GALL ON US  WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN  tt  WE ARE SHOWING THE FINEST STOCK OF RATTAN  GOODS EVER SHOWN IN THE CITY  ti  ti  (WAN &C0  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  PH'AlR��� W. Blak.mGi'., Moiltl'ealj  Oliver Wetherld, Hamilton A. Stone-  ham and J. Bance, London; AV. A. Wilson, India; G. A. Carlson, Kaslo; J. F.  Maloncy, Howser; J. C. Drewry, Rossland; James A. Anderson, Jubilee Point;  Frank Hogan, Spokane; L. D. Godshall,  Encampment, Wyoming; George XV.  Hull and wife, Toledo; R. B. Porter,  Marcus; P. Welch, Spokane; George J.  Naas and wife, Neganne, Michigan;  Miss Stress, Toronto; James Cronin,  Spokane; W. S. Herron, Rossland;  Ciiarles Dempster anti boys, Rossland;  Thomas F. Wren, Spokane.  GRAND CENTRAL���J. L. Beique,  Grand Forks; J. M. Southward, Camborne; Charles Hardie, San Francisco;  J. F. Jaynes, Ymir; G. W. B. Gibson,  Rossland; W. McNeill, London; William Connolly, Erie.  , HUME���J. A. Herron, Spokane; Fred  Thayer, Toronto; H. L. Johnstone,  .Greenwood; G-. W. Fletcher, Armstrong;  J. W. Whitehead, Vancouver; F. H.  Hendston, London; R. T. Lowery, New  Denver. ...  ��� QUEEN'S���A. F. McCully and wife,  Midway; A. D. Menzies, Kaslo; Mrs. B.  Larson, Kitchener; A. C. Campbell,  'Walkerton; A.:L. McLean,- Slocan; R.  R.-Moore", Trail. -      ���  NELSON���Angus Nicholson', Greenwood; Charles Boynton arid Dolp Mc-  'Gregor,'Fernie. ���  MADDEN���P. C. Crowley, Kaslo; P.  McMullen,' Grand Forks; Miss. Peterson,  New Denver. -   \ _   .,- .   .���   -.  TREMONT���T. G. Roy, Rossland; H,  McKay, Slocan.  nlpog by Mi*, Lawr_n<m'8 iiu.I_> "for cH��=  H'HiutlOft ataOtog the inPrnb-ffl at. tu.  family resident ill Canada, In addition  to these Mrs, Lttwronoi? e.our_d a photo  of four members of th. family, Whet \*'_re  serving oh the Kimberley town guard,  in tlieir fighting rig.  i      -  Cora A. Hogan of Spokane has brouglit  an action in the Spokane courts for a  divorce from her husband William E,  Hogan, who is now in the provincial  jail in this city awaiting trial in connection with an attempted holdup  which took place in the Boundary district. In her pleading Mrs. Hogan alleges that Hogan deserted her and that  he has ceased to provide for her and her  child. She asks for'a dissolution of the  marriage and for the custody of their  child.      .'���;.'.  The members of the Rossland Miners*  Union do not believe'.iri swapping horses  when crossing a.stream, and 'have reelected their old officers for another  term, as follows: ^President. Rupert Bul-  mer; vice-presiderit.'William McDonald;  financial secretary,-' F. F. Wcodside;  treasurer, Walter -C.' Preston;, recording  secretary,, P. R. -McDonald; conductor, |  John Kincaid; warden, Piet Simonette. |  Walter C. '-.Preston arid Edward King  were elected' to act with the president,  vice-president, and financial secretary.as  the executive-board*; of. the union.  NEI_80N, B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.C.  H.  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  In hay.    Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and  Stevens  Rifles.   Winchester Smokeless and  Savage Carbines.   Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequaled  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers, Exhausters,  Hand Sheaft  Pumps,   Pipes  and  Fittings, Steam   Packing,   Leather and  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  PERSONALS.  is  *S._m0.0*'**-00-00.^.^-^''*.0'0-0'0'^'0"0r0'0'00-2l'S'.3l.^.S^I  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX 527  elson Saw & Planing Mills  XjI-rVriTEr?.  CHARLES HILLYER, President.  HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Hf.rc jii-<fciRceive_3,0r0,(KI0 feet of log" from Idaho, and we ore prepared toout the largest bills j  o_ timber of nny rtimensioiiH or lengths. ICsilmaies given at any time. The' largest stock of sash, :  doors, and mouldings irr Kooto__y. '���'���',.'���  CO^St=rXTMBER=OF=AEirKINDSnON"HAND  OFFICK AND YARDS:   CORNER HALL AND FRONT STRBBT8.  ��� i^i ���_.��^.Mu.Mu-i��j<i.jr��*i__i^M.w���c3.____  r  E.   FERGUSON & CO.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  ���NELSON, BEITISH COLUMBIA.  A COMPLETE L.'^E OF CANADIAN A,ND IMPORTED LIQUORS.  Eain.r Seattle) Beer in pints and quarts,     Dogs Head Ale and Stout in  pints and quart..   Kola Wine^tho best Temperance drink.  Our Special Canadian Eye in 5s and 6s.  Dawson's Perfection Scotch Whiskey.       Granada pure Havana Oigars.  Uuion Oigars, a full range in prices,   Cards and Poker Chips.  Agents Brunswick-Balke  Collender Billiard  Tables and Supplies.  I  George ,T. Naas is In Nelson. He  said to be interested in the smelter project which senator Turner and. his Spokane mining associates have on the card  for Marysville in Bast Kootenay.' ���:'.-.  :>;W. Blakemore was'in-Nelson yesterday. He says that work has been started  sinking the shaft on the big iron ledge  at"'Kitchener and���'-orders have been  placed for the necessary -machinery' for  Hoisting purposes.   ' ':' ' '���"' '   ' "  Oliver. Wetherld, one of. the,, directors  of the London & British Columbia Gold-  fields, together with J. Bahce, secretary  ! of the company, and,.. .Hamilton A,  Stq'netiam of London, are in'Nelson-on  a.visit qf inspection to;.the .company's  properties in this district.     "'',,"'  John Hamilton, chief .train dispatcher  for.the C. P. R., has left on'a holiday  trip to Manitoba, where he will visit  his-brother. During his:, absnece A- H.,  Lewis will take, his place as chief dispatcher, and alderman Selous will do  the best he can in.shouldering the, city's  overdraft,' ��� " :  R. T. Lowery, of the New Denver  Ledge arrived in Nelson yesterday. He  says that things are beginning to wear  their .old���..���time air of prosperity in the  Slocan." The people are not any richer  than they were a month ago, but they  feel1 ���richer, which is all the same. Within the next week it is expected that the  ledge on' the Last Chance will ..be cut  by'the long crosscut tunnel at a depth'  of 1700 feet.';   ' rYy/;;' yy': -���;;'     v  .''::  . CITY AND DISTBJOT./  Anniversary services are to be held  in, the* Method.ist church at Greenwood  tomorrow, Rev, J? H, White will be. th.  preacher.  Marian J. Whitehead of Portland,  Maine, has started'an action for divorce  from her husband, John W. Whitehead  of this city. -.'���;. ':������ _ ."  ; ���  If'the weather continues today as cold  as that of yesterday the regatta of the  Nelson Boat Club, which was'scheduled  .for this afternoon, will be postponed for  one'.week. ,-. '   ,..  "! The committee appointed ;to dispose  of-the assets of the estate of H. P. McLean are-'winding the estate up with dispatch. It is said it will pay from 60 to  50=cehts-on4the^doIIar. ~     -  The Miners' Union of Slocan City  \ opened tenders on Friday for the erec-  ition of a hall, and tl*.ey, intend to outdo  ithe' Union at" Sandon) who, have.'one of  !the best-arranged hails .in'the; province.  The Slocan City Union.elected officers  on Wednesday, as follows: President,  J. Nixon;, vice-president, George Nichol;.  financial secretary, B.e'rt O'Neil; recording secretary,'s.. Bt. Clement; conductor,  H.-S. Baker; warden, John Skinner;  finance committee;���F.. Carlisle, H. L.  Fife, F. Purviance; trustees���J. V. Pur-  yiance, D. Kennedy, S. B.,Clement- executive board���J.. V. .Purviance, C. CY  O'Brien, J. A. Foley, H. L. Fife.  y St. Paul's Presbyterian churclr Sabbath service: 11 a.m.���Rev. I. M. Robinson of St. Andrews' church, Rossland;  ;7:30 p. m.���Rev. R. G. Macbeth of First  .church, Vancouver. The public are cordially invited.  ROSSLAND   EIVGIIVEERHNa   WORKS  cuNLiFFE & McMillan  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORB CARS, skips, cage?, oro bin doors, cl'ul.-i and general wroirglrt iron work.    Our ore curs are  the bc*t. on In." market    Wr-it.i; us for r cfcrcnccH nnd full partiou are.  SECOND HANI) M/UJHlNKltY V< Mi SA1 ,K.- One 5 -foot Helion wnterwheel, width BOO feet, "8 to IB"  spinal riveted pipe.   One 10x5_13 onlaide packed pluiiRer binking pump.    Rock drills, atoping  AGENTS NORDHEY PUMPS. STOCK  CARRIED.  P.   O.   Box  198. THIRD  AVENUE,   ROSSLAND.  A. metting of the Nelson board of  trade has ben called this afternoon for  the purpose of meeting S. J. McLean,  the Dominion commissioner appointed  by- the department of railways and canals to inquire into the grievances with  respect to. railway rates, The. meeting  will be held in tho board room at 2  o'clock.  Charles J. Clayton of the Carpenters'  Union left fast night for Brantford,  where .he will represent the Nelson  Trades and Labor Council at the annual session of the Trades and Labor  Congress of Canada, which opens there  on September 17th. The 'Nelson Laborers' Union will be represented by James  Matthews, who will take in the congress  on his way to the old country.  G. H. Manhart, the tramway company's motorman and lineman, who was  so severely burned on the power line  between the tramway company's substation and the power station at Bonnington Falls on Sunday morning .last,  is making good progress at the Kootenay lake hospital, and the physician  states that he will be about in the course  of a few days none the worse for his  thrilling experience.  '. The trouble between the Lion brewery of Rossland and ithe Castle brewery'  of this city was up. in the' courts at Vancouver again on Tuesday.. At Rossland  a few. days ago the Rpssiand brewery  got.an injunction from judge Forinvex  parte, against Wiljjaih Goauell of ,theY  Castle brewery restraining.him from  using certain he'er kegs.in Gosnell's possession, and others in the' possession, bf  his customers at his.order. At Vancouver an effort .was made to have the ex  parte injunction continued until the trial  of the action. This motion came before  justice Irving, who. not only refused it,  but dissolved the" existing ' injunction  against Gosnell with costs. It is said  that it has riot ytstl been fully established who qwi*.s the' kegs in dispute.  Mayor Carlson- of Kaslo ,is .in Nelson  on a visit. He"says"thati ,th'e decision of  the Kaslo ci ty j council to offer for sale  all the property by reason.of arrears..of  .taxes not having, beeriy' paid is having a  very wjiolesqnie'._ effejet _ on ^delinquents  in.' that during.,the.'i��ast month the receipt's, from tax;',"arrears 'has" amounted  to ?3000. S6m'e\con^_sion^asruee'n o'ec'a-  sioned.Jn .Kaslo by,,reason,of..the. fact  that.^ arrears'' w^reYall'o wed': Jo, beJ.coy.eipd  UP by.-ther.'issuan^  intervening, yearsi:-wKire.J.th'e''.'.t^xes. for  former .'."years, r'emamn'unpaidY It. is tield  by some" that.ttheY municipality, cannot  go behind itsYo.wn. tapeyxficeipt, but!the  city solicitor says.tK^vfo.uiii.i^alit'yY'can  and..in any event it $'.proposed to giye  the h.lders of suQhY.prbp'erty an 'opportunity of testing thr? law:.. Work onthe  Lardo branch Mr,*. Carlson says ia.pro-  gressi.ng'ias, rapidly-as possible but there  is still,some difficulty in securing,.rnen.  .'Mr.-,.Carlson, says,h��j'' still has hopes .of |  getting the work' finished by the time  theYsuQW flies,': Y ,'i.     .   yy  Jo'.iin   M.    FinnertyY .'of   Portage   la.  prairie has commenced' an' action against;  his.wife, Catherine Finue'rty of this city,  over the title, to some, property which,  he held in the vicinity: of Portage la|  Prairie. . The   action  which   has. tjeen;  started is one to set aside a deed of con-!  veyance  to  some property  which  has!  =willedJto^the=plaintiff_=by_��pne=5Villiam=  H:. Finnerty. The allegation of the plaintiff is that while he, was ill and as'he  thought on his death* bed he made what  he.thought was a will, in which he made  his property 'over to his  wife for the  benefit of herself and heir children. He  did not die,as wasYexpected, and he. is  now of the opinion that what he signed  while ill was not,a will but a deed of  conveyance, and. he has. started an action in the .court ;8f King's Bench in  Manitoba for' the purpose, of having the  deed of conveyance which he elgned set  aside, and to have his wife declared a  trustee of the f.unds already' paid, her on  account of the deed and to  have the  same set aside. The papers in the case  were served on Mrs. Finnerty yesterday.  ; Here, is your chance to get all kinds of Winter Clothing and Gent's Furnishings at  your'owri price. During the past two months I have made a special drive in Summer  Goods and have succeeded in clearing out the hulk of my stock. For the next thirty  days I will endeavor to run off my large stock of Winter G-oods.   This sale will mean  High Grade Clothing;  AT LESSf THAK WHOLESALE COST. This may not sound like business but it is a'  drive: to clear out my stock, as I am retiring from business  Here'-are .S'ome..Prices  Tweed  Suits,  ?15,  re-  Tweed   Suits,; ?13,. re-  Men's. Scotch  duced .to ?10.  ��� Men's  Scotch  duced .to. ?8.  '��� Men's Blue Serge Suits, reduced to ?7,  ?8, ?9, and ?10.  Double and single breasted, sold formerly at ?15 and,$20.  Men's  , to SS.  Men's  for 51.'  ^yol���sted   Suits , ?15,   reduced  heavy  woolen   socks,   C   pairs  100 pair of blankets, from ��1.50 per  pair and up.  Men's   Blue   Woolen  from $1.75 to $1.  Shirts,   reduced  THIS IS A GENUINE 0LEAEING OUT SALE  THEO  ON  *'i-i  BAKER STEEET, NELSON, B, 0.  ARCHITECT BEING IGNORED  The best in the market, in 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.  50b a Pound  GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street.  Mrs. James Lawrence has returned  from a trip to Winnipeg. She was ac-  eompitnied by Miss E. McKillop of Lethbridge. Miss McKillop Ib a niece of A.  L. McKillop of this city and will spend  the winter in Nelson as the guest of  Mrs. Lawrence. Mrs. Lawrence brought  back from Winnipeg a number of souvenirs of the South African campaign,  ln the siege of Kimberley Mr. Lawrence had no fewer than 47 relatives.  At the time of the siege the head of the  family occupied a double house. One end  of this house was struck by a Boer shell,  killing one man and wrecking.the building. Pieces of this shell were worked  uy into souvenirs and brought to Win-  Company May Wind Up  R. S. Lennie and P. E. Wilson leave  tins  morning to  attend a meeting of  the   Noonday-Curley   Mining   Company  at Silverton.   At,this- meeting it is'expected that some decision .will  be arrived at with respect to. the indebtedness of the company, whether the com-  ���p'any'will go into liquidation or make  somo  other   disposition   of  its  assets.  There are a number of claims against  the  company,  and in addition to the  ordinary. claims'there are those - of H.  J.   Stewart and-Andrew  Stewart,  who  virtually claim all of the assets of the  company.   The company was organized  to   develop'   the; ' Noonday   arid   Curley  properties.   At   the  time   it 'was   supposed that the company'owned a quarter interest in tlie group" and held a  bond upon the remaining interest.   The  bond was allowed to lapse and the Stewarts, it is said, now cjaiiri tne remaining quarter upon tho grounds that the  transfer \o the company was conditional  and that .the conditions were not complied with.   It now looks as if it-will'be  a fight between the ordinary creditors  and  the  Stewarts  for  the  quarter  interest.   If the Stewarts make good tlieir  claim there will be nothing-left for the  other creditors, as the company will have  nothing-back of its stock- certificates.  R:. S. Lennie- will' represent the Stewarts, at the meeting and; P;��� E. Wilson  will look after the intMestsyofitUeicred'-;  itoi*3..       _ .  i' '-       ������'/.'���������       ���-.;-���  r-r ���..���; ;! y*-  ���;���; Foreman Resumes Work,   v  Work upon the postoffice building was  commenced'again yesterday by the foreman in charge for the contractors. The  work is now going ahead in the face of  the written orders of the architect to  stop. Just what authority the foreman  has for this very unusual proceeding it  is difficult to say, but the architect has  ���so far received no word from Ottawa  to account for ifc- The only instructions  that the architect has received are with  respect to the water tables/concerning  only some minor objections to which he  had .referred incidentally. The chief objections   taken   by   the   architect   were  with  respect to  the manner, in which  the dimension stone waj^bj^ded^nclYtlie^  "bush~h!im__ering~of~th"e~m  of chiselling.  These matters were not  even referred to by the authorities and  the architect is therefore at a loss to  understand the action  of the foreman  in; ignoring Jiim   and  proceeding  with  the  work  in  the  face  of  his, written  orders to quit. The present state of affairs means that Nelson's public building is now going up without any supervision at all/and it is not unlikely that  several  of  the stones ��� going  into  the  building today will  have to come out  next week,  In order that tho authorities at Ottawa may clearly understand the class of  work tliat they are getting on the building architect Macdonald has taken the  trouble to have most of the stones which  he has taken exception photographed.  These photographs speak for themselves. They should .each Ottawa by  Monday evening^ and until they do the  architect does not expect to hear anything further from the capital.  . If in the face of the evidence submitted by the architect, to the effect that  the contractors are. not complying with  the specifications, the Dominion archi-  ' tect should; support th;e contractors,  the cause of the local architect will be  ���taken up by the local -Liberal association. It is evident to most citizens who  have taken the'trouble to familiarize  themselves with the matter that the  architect is doing his best to secure the  stability and preserve the appearance  of the building, and the local Grits are  determined that the architect shall not  be sacrificed to the BoJitieal pull which  the contractors are supposed to possess.  Slocan Lake Ore Shipments.  The mines that ship over the Slocan  River branch of the C. P. R. shipped  147-tons of ore last week. The shipments were 120 tons from the Arlington,  20 tons from the Enterprise, and 7; t .ns  from the Fourth of July.   .  oing nut or Business  AUCTION SALE  Dry Goods Gent's^ Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, Hats and  Caps. In order that "I may sell off the balance of my  stock rapidly, I have engaged with  CHARLES A. WATERMAN & (CO., Auctioneers  to sell by auction every evening at 8 o'clock the balance  of my stock.   Come and get,goods-_at^your-Own-prices,_as_,  everything must be sold.   Private sale" at greatly reduced  prices during day.  A. FERLAND  , NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the above  named company will be held at the registered' office of the company on Baker  street In the City of Nelson, British  Columbia, on Monday the 23rd day of  September, A. D. 1901, at the hour of 11  o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose  of considering, and if thought fit, passing a resolution authorizing the directors to raise the sum of one hundred  thousand pounds (��100,000) by the issue of mortgage bonds or debentures,  or. otherwise, to such person or such  persons, company or corporation, and  upon such terms and coditions as to  tho directors may seem fit.  By order,  JOHN FRASER, Secretary.  Gth September, 1901.  ~ N0TI0E~0P MEETING."  A special meeting of the Nelson  Board of Trade will be held in the board  rooms on Saturday, September 7th, at  2 o'clock in the aCternoon, for the purpose of meting S. J. McLean, the Dominion commissioner appointed by the  department of railways and canals for  the purpose of enquiring into railway  rate gr-ievanees.  ��� F. W. SWANNELL, Secretary.  APPOINTMENTS.  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE3.  His Honour the lieutenant governor  has been pleased to make the following  appointments:  3rd September, 1901.-  John Cunningham Brown of the City  of New Westminster, Esquire, to be a  member of the executive council of the  Province of British Columbia.  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  His Honour the lieutenant governor  has been pleased to make the following  appointments for the Province of British Columbia:  3rd September, 1901.    "  The Honorable James Douglas Prentice to be minister of finance and agriculture, vice Mr. J. H. Turner, resigned.  1 The Honorable John Cunningham  Brown to be provincial 'secretary and.  minister of education, vice the Honorable J. D. Prentice.  Men's h^avy Kersey and tweed Shirts, _  reduced from $2 and $1.75 to $1.25 and ?1.  Fine grey underwear, reduced from ?1  to CO cents each.  Boots and shes belown cost. ��� '  Men's hats, all shapes, below cost.  Fine   natural   wool underwear,    re-'  duced from $7 to ?5 a suit.  Mining Records  Certificates of vfork have been' issued  to John MeAJman, on the Keystone;  Robert Ava, on the Brandon and Winnipeg; William Connolly, on the  Dorothy:D.-,- Annie R., Bonanza King,  Pueblo, Gracie R., and Rossland claims.  FOR SALE  5000 Treasury. Shares in the Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited.  50,000 Treasury Shares in the Royston Gold Mines, Limited.  Choice lots in Bogustown.  Properties  in  all  parts  of the  Citj*.  Apply- to  RUGB. ALB. J. STEEL  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  His Honour the lieutenant governor-  in council lias been pleased to make the-  following appointments:  3rd September, 1901.  John Herbert Turner, of the City of'  Victoria, Esquire, to be agent-general in-'  London for the Province of British Columbia, vice Mr. Walter, resigned.  W. P. TIERNEY''  Telc-phona '.'6.5.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:   Two Doors West C. P. B.: Office. -


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