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The Nelson Tribune 1901-09-13

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 '    '      "*- '      ^ '/        '  J/ ���  1-* *  X  A  I    <   ��� -J  1 j  ��� ��� l1"-    ���_?'���� ���" -~*'' -"'l uuMP'tf* * V"__ -): -i*. 1  -���* A ^ >'-��� "Sfe __   '   '*'jf i<* F.'J    _ "      -.��!  ���������r^Y*    * '��*' <y��r  /   -*      'VxJ  s < r i~Zrm  * '   '    ,   >r'M  Xm  i.i  w  ESTABLISHED  1892  ^FRIDAY M;OR_Sr__NGr;:,SEPTEMBER a3, .1901-  . -. *-.  DAILY'EDITIQN   >>i  '    ���      .   _      .      * -..  WILL PROSPECT FOR GOAL  I THIS   PALL   AND   WINTER  AND  LET MINING TAKE A REST.  Death and BurialY of 'the Princess and  v ^Ruleir bt the Similkameen Tribe ;YYY  77yyr :y77ZM^^MzZ-Zj7 Yf ;:fcW��i  -^.*/^-.  :pEINCETON,:Septcui_e..; Ys:-t-[ Special:  5? to 'The":Tribune.]-|^iile;littlrj:*is '���bWng,  "done'in,a- mihing|way;'tl^reYpromises'.  vtb:'be-.sbm_;;:iici'M^  of   .hb-coal Y. measure  ��� j months. yAmong; th efirstY^Ystart^ppera-y  |;ti*->nf'Yis'YAI-xande^  ���Kossiand".who represents;the,Vancouver  .: Coaly ^Syndicate, Y; composed. Y pf y several  .lighAipYbfficialsvpfYtl^  yfi c Yjrattwa^ Ylias' : under.  ,Mea_ie|several.thousand;acres p_.>|the;:Sini-  ^ilkam^n^nd^Tula^  Mr;^?Sh_irp:willy^^PMiderable wpr^Y yy^  IvTlipffSiriiilkamee^^  t/pany'vYprganizeclY in": Nelson ;YbyYp.vyJ."  ���*Ypung,;;'is;;a-'^  ^pasterfficiiiia^nYsy^  l.'_'��_'i_ea_e__.-^  on the,'grburid: to"exaniine the ���larid.vyiysy-v:  i AAridre-^ljaidla^  'liad'iafi^  :m basureYseve ri^'fiilestso lithV.of Ytbwriv onY  ! the SimilkameenirivervTliis laridjhe'has;  j ;und<_rYoptibri: f r* onr tlig '1 esseeY Mr, yLaid-  I lawj. alsPYleasedyVl2S0 j.acresipn^Whipsaw;;  ''creS-:S-ffliich^tiasva,y;fine;^hpw  exposed'Ydn'I'tth^ eek' y*arik.\^yWh:eri yip-;  I theYeastvi-eceritly;.^  risY_ride'rstbbd'";riere,Yiri''turriirig; pyer-thisy  [.iand^��B.Cli&^  l'expect_"lYiri?;.ami'Ytp:v arrangeY-fprYppeit-;  I; _rig7 YtlieS Wli ipsaw<; cr e e k"^claims."-; -; wZ.1%$  [.ir^ordYcbmesafromfeSpola^  JsS_ni_llSnieeri;_^  I _ii_ ? thatYcityY^ylC^bjBf i.enVrRedden^will-i  [.during, __e^  l-fth'e'iri'.Kbld'i'ri'^^^^^  | feY-iTh e xVerinilli o iiZ^'or.'ks'Mining^&^TJ.'e^  I . velbpmen MX!ompaiiy"ScwningYthe';. local;  |-*cpal''miri_;*'-M^^  Y negotiating :with^  ptibusesfbrSaYebriiplete^  . 7 itst ai* r ivaiY .KeyYwill!YheAenalSledyMydo^  the mission, where a grand potlatch was  held in her honor. It is-now in order  for the tiibe to elect a new chief,'and It  is altogether probable that the honor  will fall to Charles Squakham, one of  the ablest, richest, and most respectable of the older men. Squakham for  a number of- years past has acted as  the government,, interpreter .and is alto?.  getherlan: intelligent^  *::: &THe;%_ri val iofiFr e che ville. '4��M --���  rk-X^-i-:���-;:;._: X:X.X\Z7.���'������.. '..v-H.:_X.yr-,itXX.1^^A~X  YyYROSSl^Np,!: Septembervyl2:^[Special  {to^ The^Tri tmne". ] fenryY^atnbber'^pent  ;!al cpupje'rpf lihours '-atShe '-Le-Rbivbfflce:  YtjiisYmprning^iwith :,i?ernar_ "McDdnaid^  Ybut; iioY;announcem  ^isY'^terno'<^Y^Bratnbb.ry^  sin^-RPssland'51 until ythe' aniyalYhereyofY  Frecheville YYtlipJ newYEnjglisKYairectpry  ; PfY .Ke;: Le ;Rbi-'yW;liPvSaihi;Yp^  for -NewYyprk-YFrecKeyife  left .England ;pnY;tue'4^  YnPperv:said ytonighty;that: priyate'Ybusi-'Y  ness: hadY;preven��ed^himY': 1 _ avlngS-uritilY  ;-th^;-:^4tH;Y;_y^:;';--:i::*|^  pvIt-"is; nptygeneraU^known^tha. wWIe?  '.-the|LeYRoi .ininb ;^^:/paised|:from'-thel  : contrpl^bf Y'W^takery^rig'H'^v^  ;;NickleyYPiate*-Y'an'd^: ���: Columbia^Kbbteriayi  ��mina_;rar_>Y_ti^  vhisyfrieiids.yYYit;|isvals6Y;hbtG  Ykno^tthatYBeraard'McDbn^  ^ing^;np'^flprf|ta:J**wk|'the ;;I^!^%c��thler''.  !.-tfian' shipping;pre'' jTonaYtheYsecbnatclass^  "dump;|lbutYi_:Yc_ntering^ailihi_:Ye  ���; in?; tlie*vJ6sie^; thejMi]_e:Cstilltflbntr6iled>  .byY.the:*^**ig^t-"prowd.|3:Itiis|st^  iHei)Yry^ra.npbei;^wh^is^  ped;S Mcpbnaidy'tb v^ayeYtlieYljeY^iYse^'Y  i%yerely:;alpne;-V0;SYZx7ZyrZ7ZZr7y}yZZZ77Z7Z.i  ' YATheYRpssla^vJMine.:^  tlils^YmbrniHgJciaimi^ithat'lV^  ^I>onald;v^-y1ce-p*;esi_-_.t*fbf*  '^niBnjy?-^^^^  '.'irn'onnir_tr -"^f >��*_'+-'!'' t>___ "V:of r��_It'ot'C!'^.Wr/Milr. '^-'i_V_.  ANARCHISTS ARE ARRESTED  NO EVIDENCE CAN BE OBTAINED  TO. HOLD THEM.  I^S.4i'tevt;-::YYYi  mm    '&      ?:--'..'��� - ��� Yn:\fZ W'rTp&-:,&'jM:;i_x,y :���; &���,g ^ a>���_���-.  -��� v.\rt��fc%;>&:.*&&:^{A%\Zh-i -'y "&y 5iW-yM;  Thei vNpt orions Y Johann ^ Mo^tSr New  :Zr r.\ York, YIsYthe/Lates tyT^n-'fii;-!p;^  "j--.; .-;V-\i.-:^>,.'Y;-;*.'1-^'. ���^;jYJ;i;;:/,V,;-/  kZ  Si,-.'v:-*_ ;���:...  i#;i3 ������'?���;  -.ftra-. .&'fiH'Yi>'r--r-v^K--'-.'!#vv?-:^  lI(!jV-,-,vn'i_.f,*?;^;-y'���!��^J'."^v"v!f *V>;V ^f;'>*;-T '-0-i''J ^j  -YY;NEWY:YpR__iY'Se^t<__i  that there was such a thing as'a constitution by which Anarchists were governed. '���     i * * '  CHICAGO, September 12.���Charles N.  Norris, at whose house Miss Goldman  was arrested,- has been released, there1  being no evidence against him. '-_  POSEN, Polish Russia, September 12.--  ;���Thg family, of Lepn'.Czolgosz^jth'e An^  .��'' Zyfiib^^ |atter_p^ed>ij'to1.-.ass'i88inate*  /'���������ir   '��� ,*. _ __i__._\ *__-i^_. '.1_.'-^_..ift_--'J,._ ������__-_���_ _[_i_'..!-n ..:,! "I  Y;Y_Prov|ncihl^niin-ralpgiist^W'YYF,Y;RpB  I'-YertsonYytiasScb^i^ete^Yth^Y  YY'pf 'the ^numerbusYcahipsYofytheySininka-^  ^Y'^eenYi'distric^-i-ffldsisj'iead.d  ':fi;A.speii''-GrdveYcpuntry"Y;YOtf^  Y'YufrbnpytheifRbche-YRivei^icbuhtr  Y;Yfprn_e_Yt_:eYcbrrespb^  -YYuhe' thatttyafterfleaying?:'tnafecamp^he;  f: YcontinuedY-ipYtb^Pfheadw  "��� tRpciie:'rivef -Ypassihg'Yth e:. scliist ."granite,;  I'YY and?'slatef belts:,Y^  WYpressed^ wltff'fth.Scbu-itry.rywhich^Y'i^  p.eceiiyedYlittle'attjentibnvfrbni  Y; pector/Yatfd'YwM  Ysl_tJetbeltY?;'vTOuldYYwen;.:i^a^  th-rbughJinvestigationYatytheshahdsfof;  I!':' the^-Bedouinybf Ytlieyhills.Y; 'Incidentally/  '-Mr'.^'R'bb'.rts'bri'irma'pp'e'dy  passed'Y through x a nd ��� took ^levels. Sand;  belieyes-that* th'ere*;exists-a-;coiivehieht^  pass Ythrbiigh' the v HopeY range suitable  l'or .the easy .construction of ;ayrailway.  HeYlWyforwar de^heY^etch^ags^an^  lotlfer-dafa^ yengineer, in  .charge of: the gbvernment's' survey par-  \( ty, now examining a; route via:the; railr.  -jvaj*v'pass'.YY'; Zx ���'';:. Y -���������- -.y-x-'r.'' ���-.- ���'���' ���^������-���y^y  ���   A- recent visitor, in town; has: been R.  G. Shier of Vancouver,' formerly oty_* ore  J Steele. * Two  years* agoYsbne;.one",in-  I duced '--Mr, 'Shier ���' tb invest in Princeton  1; realty,- at the - time the--townsite was  placed on the markets He took a flyer';  choosing- lot. 20 in block 8, at,the .corner  of Bridge-street!andyFenchurch avenue.  His initial visit here has convinced him  that  the 'gamble,'-'as"-' lie; expressesj,it;;  l-w-as a mighty Ygbod shot.- Today be can  3-eaIi-e 200 per cent'-on his investment.  i5o pleased.was he with, the'butl'ook that;  Uio now proposes erecting, a combined  .store' .and office block with a iiyuuage.  of 50 fp_. on Bridge "street.   The struck  l��ure will Y_ostY53000. -YY-^ ,-;-���:; ���:;  .On Athe.corner -lot 'directly > opposite  (Miv Shier's, George ��� R.,; 'Jacksonypf-.J.Vlc-  Ltoria  is  putting;.vpZ^Y.$2500 'building::  ll'he conJ-rabt has-been let and  Ibeing;hauled ^btftheYgrpiindvy Mr; Jack-:  Lori'-vwiilY'- establish;, a, Iprivate.: .bank;,; on -.  feimiiar'-"lines' -to^^,- those ; established  in  fche!] earlyY'days 'of yRossland.yTraii,-;etp-;*  Iby the Bealey. iiwestmentiCprnpany/iiHe  Tliopes;you.-^bput.theYniiddle pf,  iDctoberv'; "v;YYy.':^Yr'Y''v';Y';',',-'Y;':':'Y" 'Y7''.:<-'  I .With the-.death of yprincess Julia of  I;iie Similkameen': tribe'-.of Indians, which  fcccurred' lastYSiinday, -the -last 'heredi-;  |-.'ary 'descendant pf theTlat'e Ta'ye M'pyes  |jav: removed.;  Chief .Mbyes.was in his  f-ounger days a., riotedYwarrior ;and on;  liis death his only child was:unanimous-;.  |y chosen ; chief tess of; the tribe. Y The  lew white settlers that; .kne.w.yher from  Infancy up, for '.she was barely, thirty;  pears of age at her. death,  called her  [���rincess', Julia,'-. and the- title 'remained  lyith her- ever after. : ���.As befitting; her  lank the funeral ceremonies were elab-  Irate' and largely attended; by whites  Is well as the members of her own tnbe.  For 48 hours after her.demise the body  Vas placed in a'White satin lined casket  Inder a canvas awning at the Catholic,  Aiasion   near   Hedley   City.   Runners  |/ere dispa.ched to notify her tribesmen  If the lunera. arid the missidn was' soon  lhe scene of a big gathering of Indians.  |3ach . some   gift,  which  was  llaced  around tlio ��� coffin.    The ;burial  look place at the mimaloose illahee (In-  lian cemetery), the. body: being interred  |a the fenced-off portion where Julia's  Incestors were laid tp rest.   The burial;  litea concluded, eyerydneY returned'; to  the statementyattribu^d ito}hiriijbyj'theY  YjtanerpYp^'Yt  yanyYcharice'|pfYthe;-mi_^_'^  MngY^nKthp,f^Wk"eY|^li^|M  vdn;Y'.rThev_a_ields,iU_*^^  Ya-fjblkevhereYb^'ey^  ^asYwifed;:;but|a_'[YthieY'-spj_;^^  ytheYf^ssbciatedw^essSm  I ropor tei^pri:;<the'i^in&.��#'ffi  |-^Pblice^magisi_ra^||BOT^  YbeSrea1ay}v^ithy|;hisg.u'dg^^  iycaseslJ^aiiSi^GeiserS-y-fp^  fth^y^i_rrJ^abOT|iaSv|untt  ���<i'ri .place'-'* of'-^  i-nounxtedfe'y-t.v-'^yMsi^^  a��Si^"E*^ningv^prl^^plisfi^^  ;|tfeifi^t,f*wcburitl'pf';m.|L'^^  ^_*pm;Y:the}',EnglishvSpa^  %recheyine^'annp^^  ;; epirieYtb: iftp^slaiid' :at|pncefai_d|:iri5^ti^;:  ;^ateY'\t]^!;|Ylj^:Rbi^j-n  .montibnYwliateySi-'is^riaad  ysituatibriyYbi-iY-^lieyYpplicyK^  :;pariyi^as|claimedj;;pyr;^  Ytwb ;i.w!e_ks;__.gbV-s'MZZ7f7-&ZZrZZMxM^x-Z^i.  y vROSSliANP, vYip SeptemberVY 12^-[_i.sspT::  'biatedvvErP-S'l^Vice-fpre'sid.^  :-al d' pf ithe; J Rpssl^dy^ineirs  y iriade YanY affidavit*|tli^  }��� lip vriialcey^nyY^tement ;'tliat.;! inightebe;  vcbnstrue_y,Yintb;Ymeanirig: Y that^  jUieyed; the"umpn 'was 'inJdanger^of'Ipsirig:  vjthe;: sjxikeYuriderYway- here. .YTo* .hisythe  YM brningY Min^r ;Yr etbr ts *'with;^  idayitsYtoYtheveffect.ttiat'yM*vYM_  [tPld *-Frank *Vaugha:n,;:;chie^^^  that !'the;y game ;;;wasY'up; sbY faS ias>?Jthe';  ���uriiony;:Was::concerried,| butythatflhevdid':  -ribt;;want the boysYtbj^oybackYtb^Jwbrky  :nt''once7^7yZr7-r..7r7xX7y7:t'xZKrr77xZZ  -Freiheitpbrganybf ^a'rchists^was'arres^,;  y ted j tbriightYbyjMntral^ffice j detectiyesy  YKrai^]bY'a_#!Frenj^^  ;"made^ in;''^Ysalpoiii^He^  fyplupiy-lpftlie^arr^-'ibu^  ..and^he^was; locked';'*^  .-\- . '.'#__% y.^r-,:ypri:.!l7.-'^_7--.Z,-y~7i-f)'i-''Z,--r'-'.7- --���- ''7-: ^'-irvj*.' '-'"''jl'-'V ���'��� -1'  ytersy as? a^'suspicipysv person.";. Captain  yjfl.tus;fefus^  :;pr|,ke!a5 sl;at���^nt;-:T^^ptain';de^:  . clsired-. ;befwp^M^  Ytbppps^^sHra'fmartyr^T  '^g_in^^imi|whic^Y!^  Ylialf^pe^writteru^g^^isyb^  K_-^iYi;:-iiV'��j_'A'rib;'ijji'iu,iV:^^rii_'i..  i*i'fI.:_ead:sYiri*;pa_t^'TheY_T_atestv  YfblIiesSi_?:*.-:e:Swbrl(_^isY^  sth'er efcarir _ eYaYcr irne (bf ;ja*_y*sbrt;agains t  ':X_-, J;Ji<_i_;V:__i-j !-___*_'!:_��� *l���:_i_��.-___?___,':.'<____U'   _^.Vi  Yiaw-jYth'eylarelirilttu^  _igeiv;is|tp;t_^vbeas'3;^  /yf^fiEijf%OO0|��ep^  J'ipjal^tpSThp|^ibMie^  -!t.-��� -J��� 1'." xt_V:":bb':i^Tf_S;_**_''Tri.Vi -_��^:--"i_-_U,����i"Ai-i'-^'/'J..i'''.'  M'KINLEY  IS   VERY'-LOW  HAD   AN  ��� /- -it.'"  ALARMING  SINKING  SPELL LAST NIGHT.  '. ' i -\ ���<.,-���*. a.;.- '_  '.  fll,-" -J'. ���������_- t'-'rs -.i'J" ��� .flf.i  vvi xtyy^ -x* y: if. - ������ i. ���.." >--. !mv# ���?'- y-������?,-,���*.* y ikyi?. x .���*���'.'  ���^^Sv!viSvY rZf7r^7Z^7^Z77MiSZ7B^^!7k-i  f f or, ^av:��whoIesaleJtH  Yfp^j'wbY|'3K(tKi*pe^ rjesidentSfbfy/  ^rieenwood/iK a 'Ypast^masteivv collar* as'; at  ^m^ivi-pl^lofj^pj  ^heSjnenderedt^^it^e^p  Yiri5 "degree l^rh^^uHn^^is'Jd__el'^t_^  Ythe!lbdgevatiXTree__ybba^&Mr^E  ";.u..r.':.'^;,--'   ���: .���--������.*-', .{f^y-*-. -i}\*V&Xv'--->,<'-t-t?:'������,--. -"V -K^:~-Jxii:".  sunied his.yne\y;-business duties at Ross-.  i':1*_ ������_*_ Ve.'.. '*r_r____ Ire**.' _�� ry/_..'. ."V_*i _ ��    T_ _ m'':-P <_'tv_ -l^f *  ^tfRossland?^rittlJthisYweiek;l  ;.sM  ,,MH^-?M_?-I^ce^Ibcall^aM^ff brSthi?.  __rtanda_ dlE'yritic' Si_ielting';Compariy,-lias|  lleft^b^;tl&^plistj|v^i^  *c|ed?to^^be^wfie^r^  ^bldf!the^ con _rbniiigi^:iriter  fcb^any^Itvisl.'rpbSBli^^  ^rejmain^,n^tfie|eas^  ���y.W__-i��l*ir__,__V_/,l__'-i_*H'-V,f*_n_��_1"+W ,V_____W*r__' ..Trr-yV  f||^BIJ^|HQt^^  .tier ii_.r-^_*he'__fi^  p^h^presidenrtvcpWitio^misv^v^  '���is not quite so good,'d' not' agre'er:'.  rfng;,with-him, and-has-been;stopped.feEx-rf  '������', r_vt__t_r\Y_ 'lino   -r__-,b i..-.r__,4- -K ��/����?. ri��A��ji^l.rVAc.+o V_'__.  'proved in the last two hours. The .wound  ��._f Jni�� ��   n.nll  .. , TT_ . in- a. *�� r. _. I ���> n_    ���s.av. n _��� I w   _ -_I<_H-  ���'���  ^t^^tef-nbb^&ulletiD^  Icreased ^wheri" the' physitSansfassembled'  ffor, j?-:their'��j^^evenirig .IconsultatlonftjiyThe.  ���X!yi:\:,-.^-.j-&e.-.x&  awaiting a word that mayt carry sorrow  ���to a nation.  -, 3:16 a. m.���It is understood that aside  4_rom the digitalis no other restoratives  (have'been used: The following-bulletin  was, issued by the president's physiclansf.  ,at 3:15'a. m. "The president's condition-  is -very serious and -gives1 rise to''the  [gravest;apprehensions. His bowels-have,  Ymbved!well;3but! histbear^  spbndprbperly'tbstimulatibri?^Hefis'cbn-^^rmf'aridYihevpulse:  Y'���l��,'>'.'-_'ji.i^.-_'-.'���.r'-'--���'-Jii-- ���-���-_."- !-1;" '���l/-rr-_i--"-  -;*������*-.'���' ���?��-'���  Hitchcock^ ^M^M-Kiril-y^D-CiirBabfl;  ;andipriya'te secretary^C^tely6u*;wereYa^fi  .sembled jn the main .drawing:room.and.  Yit: isiun'derstbpd  ';;be^calledj:up0bitha.*itime$t^  irbbm-;T!heYi_i^est^^  Ipn^thpir; facesK^lie}_*ri_sldbhl|isl^b)^  stfiaii?heyapp_r_nti^do'es^^^^  Strpchnine, "digitalis and other powerful  Stieart'stim'ulahts^bfri^  SThe|wo^'-:;isif^red.His^^  fcur��a_^an^  _ _ _^> I  ���r.,��''-i_  STEYN, h0OT AWAY SAFELY^ %l  *''."�� +f.  i-i'.&.ig;-  .' ,-r ' ..'7. -Vn  0.i3:^Oj:^-gmfeTlief^  ing; at the 'residence at Ya.gallbp. YvSec-  'JretarWCOTtelybn  |ln"fcbnnectib&-*|with1?tK*^  fof'lthejj'im^^  iwhbhi^afdeaiSis^"nbw5:6ri:;?tY  .^Rufu^H^pp^-|'-M^  ���ZZxxyy 'Eevelstoke "Local 'News^YY'Yy-yyY  YvREVE^T'OKE; Sepv3rober.l2.-^[Spe-::;  .;cial:' id ' The yTribune.i-r-A^i;rivals:-frbm;  Camborne byY last night's train say the  ���.*paym.ent'-5vliM/'_een^y:'made',Ypn'-.-'the'^E.a^  :b'orid.:; 'The., news��� is,regarded as of great  importance.;��� to;.the y iminediate future; Pf  the campY,Y[Thelnews could, not be con-;;  firmed at'.'Nelson'; last night; and the iin-Y  pressibn is that' the payment' has 'not  'been made.���Editor Tribune;]       YY\yx v  ...Y.ThpJead ofvtelluride and free milling-  iquartzYbf' the YOphir."lode  was struck  last week at;150.feet. x'y  ���7:A meeting will be; held this evening;  to discuss'the formation of a -Labor:  :party.'-!::.*-::':''-:-'r'\:y-y ������;:7'������'��� -. ���~- -���'���'���"Y'.-..!  , JTohn McLepd.ypainter in the C..';P.;R.S-;.  shops and''a'member of the city; council,; was squeezed last night between 'a.  tender, being run putof- the shops/and,  a; post; iny a space of 'ten inches. The  tender rolledY him completelyY around,  ^he-i--released:' lie fell senseless.-;;No-  bpiies . were; ;brokeri, ,but -itvisYregarded.  as'.a miriacl.e; that he -came- out alive.'y '  ���Mrs. Lawrence and Miss --Woodward;;;  two, 'lady canvassers' for the hospital-;  ���'libra,-' returned from a trip to: the- Lar-;  de_U';with:;fi630 of subscriptions;7'X :' Y: Y'  '���:-x:7 :>r.x...r: '���.'' ���;��� ' ���:������.":���.' x'7: -'"r.rz  : Y ; vThe Sulliyan Group Smelter. YYY  X ���NOR/THPORTiiY Washington;-Y September ;:12Y���[Special ;Y toy, The v .Tribune.-^;  Charles Early has received' the'^contract,  for :; making the ;i;_50,OOOYbrickY:tb *bb  used in the construction of the Sullivan' mines smeltervat Marysville, East  Kpotenay; -and. will begin operations  there as soon as he can get his machinery-fbn.Ythe: ground.;; He "has purchased a; 600 hprs.-ppy/er enginey and  boiler and. a ibrickY machine with.a.  capacity ofY.40,000 per day,, which he  hopes to double as' "soon as he' can get  things iinder-way; by working a night  .shift, M-;*-Ea_ly leaves'today for i^arys^  ville,'. : . yy    -������'���'..   .   -. -.--' .-:������   -'������  '   Can't Agree on Site.o "..  - TORONTO, September. 12,���The, ?ity  and provincial government are at lpgr-  gerheads over the site for the statue pf  queen Victoria, which the,province will  erect, v The city, (refuses the site the  government desires; The government  threatens now to erect the-statue in  Gueiph or Hamilton^    Y :7i7 yy  Ythem^es;ithe^cr;i__epaire^edv'; agairist|  IthpmYis/nb^'merelySairi  Ydu'ty^ofieve^blielwKbSnasHhboppo^^  ^it^tb^ar.yyit'b'u.^aDM^  Yif^uccessful;r;Reyoiyub_Y^  jaeferiseiBIurderv ^i^iilirisj_*'umentypf{de^  IfenseJ islnb^in-ierelyrail  ii^tpwaiMslsbciety'Iwl^  .): war dsy aY:pribfejssip&  Yii^es^"|^::knb**yYth  |perfe^ally^here;:cariYbe  _cess*if^heyYJare:;ag'^n^parediY^^  :;standsxbn^tiievpthei*,fcside'^bf  |wli^:diyide1^the':camr-JpfY^  SbHIb f-po-wei^frbm^liat  5-bmeKundeMtoe^b'ip$^  i:cSry;^ut'tl)^sen^wS^  |a^|mttfSer^Sa^^iri^a^  :' and; s. eelWpbisbnyan d jdy|i^it&;^|i?$S^;|i  ifS^tjer^os t w^  ;yus$Ydispia*^Y?the^edUtbrialK  ��'. 'T&ere yis ��� a^jplacetpiivYNbrthJBrpthpr^Is--*  .land;"fPrYthjpsejSufferihgYfrbm��cp  ^iseSses^ andYpthervplac  Yare^insaneYaridYthpsesmurdm  yc^ined.^and^welbelibye^e^^  ?place:_br-meriywHb'^pu  V !Y Most prbtestedvtpYtbe Jc^  Yhaid bpmriiitteaj.jndYcrimei^  Ythat;Yhad fappearedYinJhisK'i^^  Ysimply;bpinibns; in ^ne-^'guiseYthat^d^  vb eeiti printed * and 7feprintedY^&di'vpiced;  ���I thousands^.o^'tiiriesYinYtheY last* 5pYyearsv;  5-Herr;vMost*s;Y���eside_beYisyinSBr^  *;The ftoliceyreccrdsYshp wH  y;rested;::;in;:ip6gfbr;Ymakingy.:i^  Yspeebhes^inYythisycit^Re^  -;sentericed?;liim> to: ;bneY-'y^eiaR's'.��i_iipri_6nT|'  Yirierit/arid: a^fineiof -;?5b0. vSe jserybdthis  ys'entence; at:; Blackwell's Tslari_;jlnvi_87  ti'e'Zyia.s lagain^ arresteid andYcharged'with  theycausevofvari unlawliil assernblyfand:  yincitingytb'yiolenpeYHewas^fpurid-guilty;  -by^judge^CpwingrandTsentenced^to/'one,  $'but jihere/are .-nohTCoritrlbutirigYiriterests^  .innw-.SiTi^tno^-w_.v_,rtT5nr>'-ivo flAvelnnTTipn'-'  ^.miliarize*themselxes-|^  ;jlE^?p1^sp^ts|P^li^^  .);si'tuateS-npa.^^r8  Itiy^ttefBritisbSG.lumbia?'Cb|��i^r|Cb__-;',  IpaniSypflBriftslxfeb'ii^  YCpa^Yjlbday^e^'i'bu^  year's--imprisonment; 'He? appealed'but-  was*not:successful,- and-seryedvhisYtiriie:-  ilri 1891iheYwas again'arrested;;butYnpt  convicted.: Cap tain .Titus,:.pent ���,- Severn 1  /hours: at   police  headquarters -today;  ywhich; isvcontfary-tohis.usUalycustpm.  ':.\^hen asked 'if he; expected riior_yAnar-  ychists5:tb:be brought in, he",S3id':hft.did  '-not'know.".,: Z-Zx'-.."', y-.- ..r-'' .7'7-Zx'7:.  ;���   BUFFALO; September 12>-The, district! attorney-; here annbunced this^ahe_ir  .���{n6on'-'.-that'the.:_ia"d'':ribv''eVidenee';!a_:alns��'  Emriia Gbldmari -and that unles 'spme--  vthing turned upno requisition upon the  state of Illinois would;be made fpr-her.  This does not riiar. tliat the botohi 'has  "dropped out of the conspiracy^theory,  as some are disposed to hastily assuiiia..  "It" siniply "means '.'-that' no evidencehas  yet been secured to corine'ether withYthe,"  crime.-If she'is released, she'wiini-j.kept,  under the closest survelllanc,- and it will  'be easy for them to put their hands upon.  'her; if-* she'iis --wanted. There* is- a;' hops,;  .however; that some way will be found to"  : hbld;her;uritil investigations:nbw'iin--prb-,  egress by the secret service in Illinois  v'and all.Ythe:;principal citie'swherb Anarfe  Schist organizations :are: cpriipleted.-She  'Was arrested-wholly, cn-;theresponsibi>;  ��� ity of the; Chicago police u'nderY thp gen-:  eral'order sent but; by superiritendeint of ���  police Bull to apprehend all,persons-who  : might have knowledge of the-attempted-  assassinatipn. "While   rip: evidence*vhaSj  ; .been! fourid against the Goldirian VoinahY  Ythe government' is satisfied that Czolgosz  crossed-" her path,, and'in due ".'time It .is  believed Ywhatever  connection,   if'.Yany,  there was between thenx -will; be /dis-?  :-closed.Y;: Y-;Yv ..,':���.;       ,'.     .'"��� Y.Y -,.:-��� ������'---. '-.'���''--  y. 'CHICAGO.Y   gept.embpr ' 12.���-Emma  Goldman spent a^.comfortable -night and  : was extremely cheerful '..when': she arose  .today.   She'was not allowed.'to.see the  newspapers,   but   when   told'that' the  tenor" of the .dispatches Indicated.a lack  of evidence against: her, she smiled and  said:! "The gentlemen seeni to be coming to their senses,"   She then said.*/'If  I were,not in i_oLI,' and if. tlie People,  . **,bout  thb  president voiild  let  me, I  Would nurse: him well.   I am a trained  nurse and have the sympathy, of a woman;   the  sympathy  of  an  Anarchist  for suffering rnankind.     It is not sympathy for. a ruler, but the sympathy, for  the  man.-But what I  have heard,  I  do not mean to retract the other state-  nlent Iyhave made of my opinion of the  president.   My opinion of Mr. McKinley is nothing." f. Miss Goldman denied  ^r^.CpughH_Yyvisit_d^^  ':iriv!l8965itt^hiclijyearjh^ra^  ���j ealifprnias^pHg^shingtpJQ  Yup^;tIieiYSimilkai_ieen^:-lv^  ^"whpricei'jhpSjtbbk^hisf-t^i^e^  'do wiiitbY' tlie'. ThprripsbnMnH "bri?tb5 liy-tr''.  tbriY;YBefbre--ffie];CaHbpb'^  "he7pa6ked5tfreijghWffbmlji^tb'nxfolB^^  -'keryille^ieceiyin^Y35yc^tsi''af;pb^  /all? hi^imulesY cbuliJVypr^^  y'heyVhasjhadyaK'wideY/a^  :-nence'::ini'miiiingYwith A^r^-prbfttableY  IresiiltsiYSHe 4yvas-; nilrich Yimpressed!'withY  Ythie'v; large1;? extent-Y bf f vthje^^ineraiyyre-: f  Jspurces; bfYthe :;mining;'camps;-he :;visited;  ;iri: the>vicinity:/pf:���':Gre.nwpb_,yand?'with-';'  YtKey self-fliixiiigY characterYipf i theYpresY  Yarid^.predicted ;that'.this disto  JattractymuchYcapitalYfpivYttie;  ipuateY'deyel Ppment.' of;!. tliese-i; res our ces.Y  j Protesting Against, America-iy^Conjbrbl.:  erea, to^i   ...._  .the press by secretary Cortelyou,-and the  ;-.trPublp^hic��g;existe:a^^  . factvi -na-Stti_2fbddfcta_fen|M  |Ha'd|Fripi_;4_T^ed?fwithl^h^^  llia/iliwtfb^^^sppsedl^^ii^^  |i|^liw|imlseSvffiJiattril.p  5_'t'|i5i0^s'^edY^uii_^|pMi  ifepiSultffi^ph^iciarisI'^^^  ftKat$:tl^fa'ilui*e^"tbS  2aupfr.6|(tfel'cbridii-ipn|pf^t  ?'t^|^de^fithejstbniac^  flie^d||ibjbe^practicall^  siplioflomicep^yjlJK^^  S^^iaJ-es^Ttf._ fac��fthafe'^he|;_bbjdfwbul^l  |iibit.^Sg^b^ithythe^p^  ^p^|antibipatM;5Bbiit^  i^^nYj^tt^w*-*^^  *stryphnineS!;'tTliblphy"slcians"pbb  |ai:r^ly^utj'up^��6v:th^^tirii^  _hope^ca__e":ftb__^hem��^  | irifiSwaitingv"SsN one ^ p_'^ ttie^pr ral'd e nt's^  ��t amily%r-? meri*p"ejfs��ipf"fth e IcabiruitVfiavel  ^b^n|ai^ittbdStb��t_^^dsid  |ji|^A:^|4jfP'cipck ���ifribYjyrardfbf gen .ourage^f  .*;mei]^had'.bpr_eYf^^  ;'s^e|t_'a^YPr-H'Mariri!^ay  feliassiSllied|sbme^lm&gI^  ;^Mvn fflfSl oiPt-'f h o'-^hiia'A^  ZhONDON,; September 12.^The ydlspp-  ;sitiori,to>'..spoil::American theatrical;-pro-r'  iductions1 by "brganized--nbisVr.Is'^ -beconi-  Jing:  iucreasingly ;' evidenty;* since;'- the  fclambrjin the'gallery; at ;��he;prbductipn  -pf ��� ''Tlie . Whirl of the'Town^ by ]\ the  George B. McLelland Company;; at .the  .Century theater', last night.1 :i;:Therecep-  jtibn  accorded ^WilHam.; Gillette' in-his'  Iproductipn, of'f'.'Sherlock:-Hbliries'? .on  Monday -at  the..Lyceum..%as.yat: first  cbnsidered.YtpIbe a detaiclied incident;^  but the uproar with which tlie produc-  ���-tionibf '"The Whirl of. the.Town" was.  'greeted; along with the autbriiatic outcries at Nat Goodwin's best situation in  .-'���'When' We Were ,T,werity7p'nb"Y at "'���the;  .Comedy theaterY arid tho. applause with  ffwhich the English girl, Evie 'Greene, is  Ygreeted in, Edna May's prbductiPri of a  ^musical version .'of Y'Kitty.Grey'': at; the  ,-Apollb theateiv'are considered:as indi-  'catirig; a persistent, desire to .make: things  disagreeable for ;Xmerican| riiariagers arid  players.';*���;^The newspapers**treat.^^ the sub-:  yject borispictiously,y;as 'a prptest;:agairistr  YAmerican:: control .'of ���, seyeralY; Lobd-Pri-  theaters;and. at:' the: prPductibnYin Erig-Y  lish-bwried theaters, pf; Arnericaii! playsY  ,    ;; YConsidines';"Vv^iflt.Tune;7y     \Z  'y'SEATTLE, , Septomberv;l2;.-T:-Th.; trial  ' of; John arid Tom Considine .at: Seattle"  forj the killing of ex-chief of:police'Meredith hasybeenYPpstppned 'from-Septem-  '.ber-! 16th;.until, November. 4th: upon affi-  dayits submitted by the defendaritsYto.  the' effect' that they had been 'unable to  secure-the attendance of some of their  materia.1 witnesses  at the'.time  origi-  .'���'riallyj set,' and "also  tnat; their pririci-  I pal ��� attorney,'-; James Hamilton Lewis,  had -withdrawn from the case.;  At the  ' time of the arraignment of: the defendants, shortly after the killing, an effort  was made by them to have the ,court  set the trial for a date not earlier than  the last of October, but the.prosecuting  .attorney insisted on an early trial and  the case was set for September* 16th.  The affidavit in regard to missing witnesses was signed by Will-Morris, who  stated thp.t the three most important  witnesses for the defense were C. _F;  Stevens,, who is now in Maine, and Ren  F., Foster arid Martin Wiser, who are in  British Columbia, none of; whom could-  be brought to Seattle in time for trial  at the date originally* set.  'poseYpfYtheiuridige^  jach^Br^Ma^'^iWhj^^ns^^  ''surg^n^n'tn^absenc^pi;^'^^  Yis^bHfiden'^na��th$iKdig^^  Ypas_Yc'_!Ydur_ng^t_;e';nigl^^  toe'patie^vduring;^  ned :dunngYtnereyen  the,; pre'siden't^murmured: y!'i'rii; so: tired;",:;  7y Dr. ;��h^es!stbcktp:^  i r eMtatioin?|as;g a^genieral;| pr actitipnei*:  Yherpiywasycalled^iri-atlth.-everiiri  Yference;YTM;-prpblem;'nb*iv^  Iphysicians^ratliei^'thaii^  YAftpr'the'^ull^iSi^sYissue^^  ^physicians^slipped^'awiay/througli ithe sidej  ; "eirtra'ricelv^usyb-capiri  ' menY ItY?w-a^u_*derstppd:;"that;-prv;'.Ma'rin*  * and'Drv Stbck'tpn^r^  :burri:- hoiise '?3r$i7$P_-'$ 77y7777:Z7y-.. :Y;Y��'v'-''"j  7  _nLBURN;'vHOUSE,"_^_!alb;;SeRtem-  ^ber 12^The pres'ident'-s condition;contiri-  ���ues: un__TOrableYbrid:Hhe-yalaririvis'"���in-;  1^creasing ratlier/.thanYdiminishing. A buK.  letin is expected; shortly.Y;Y'' y ���'-.'���; '��� 7' Z:7Z  ^The^fbllpwijig^b'ul^  the physiciansYat-;l2y o'clock"'.''mi'dnight:  "All unfavorable: symptoms in the president's ^-conditibn;-; haye^: iriiprovedvsince*  the last'���'_ulletln'Y'Pulse" 120, temperature  '100,2." ���;ZZZZZZZy.r7ZxZ7x...������". ...xxZZx.Z���.-'  ���-"  BUFFALO, September 13.���Drs. Myn-  ter .arid 'Maririj c',;to y;the yMilburn  House at^^Ova.-m.Y.It-was stated that  their call .had no special/significance, although- it,,- .was; kriowri:: that: they were  sent for. The'.suriimoning of .the physicians at tliat-hour was regarded as sig-.  nificant, but no stateirient as to Its purpose -was-obtainable.----.-.-:.i-:'-y- y-  *  ,. MILBURN HOUSE, Buffalo; September  13.���2:45;va_Ym.���Abner  McKinley,.  brother of the president, .was called to  tlie house at 2:40 a. 'm.'He came by carriage and pressed into the house, at once.  A messenger was dispat2hod at . ncc to  summon two absent nurses.; "-he impression is created; that the' president has  taken a serious turn for the worse. Put':  an- expression  from  those  within  the  house was. unobtainable.    ;  .MILBURN HOUSE, Buffalo, September 13.���1:5,8 a.' m.���President McKinley  experienced a'sinkirig spell shortly after  2 o'clock..: The .physicians: are administering hirri with the hope  of i'eyivIngrhimYA general .call has gone'  out to the physicians and: the"-members  of .the cabinet��� :in'^ the city: Dr. Parke  reached the .house at 2:50"arid shortly  after him 'came secretaries Hitchcock  and Wilson. The-'Asociated Press' has  been authorized to -say that' president  McKinley is critically ill,   '  MILBURN*:HOUSE,vBuffalo, September 13.���At 3 o'clock all of/the physicians were gathered at the bedside of the  president. Several messengers were hurried from the house, and it was understood that they carried dispatches to the  ��� resident riieiribers of the cabinet and. the  kin of the president. Additional lights  burn in the Milburn'home arid the household Is astir.        ���''���'��� ':  B UFFALO, September,'-: 13.���Beyond  the statement that the president is'critically ill no further announcement has'  been authorized,'but it is manifest that  the wounded president faces a graye arid  menacing crisis.  Alarm can be read in the actions of  those to whose nursing and care he is'  committed. The scene about the house is  a dramatic one. Attendants.can be seeri  hurrying about the unshaded and brightly lighted windows, - and messengers  come and go hastily through the closely guarded doors. Outside half a. hundred  Itai^pbr^elybu-arid'tyr^^  from the house and walked up' the';side-'  ,^alk|i^deYtfie^.bped5eri_!i6isu^  .jretarj^brteiybut^aid^he^  ^^t^^Kat^fpu^ph^^ians^^  0tj>-?\>�� aSm^j��^'y_briejdbcfcifa_id��brie'  l;n_r^-^refMwgat^th^fpres^  ?sidieS"^^^s^d;':tp;YheYrestiri  ^t'fi:;35 Ya;^n_y' seci*etar'^^iisbrivstepped',  ';bu't ypf': the |houseYfcY"ThP|lp-Kid^tYi_:?_y  'MtM|bettei^nbwi'fYhe Ysaid ^��hisS heart''  Sctioriyari^vhisfcIrculatipnYar^  Yter^IihayefiK^g^ri^  '��� nr__M__+'-7;:"/��<-iTi-a. tn_e9" ;'.:Xi't>ar.f*i_f 1 \r_t.'a'r\-.":  .saliribYsplu^ri^wasUused.^  |the'Y_^esj'ieni^sJ^nking^^  liiiiiiSiHttiii  y-ylZyjp.^  yi'pckYwent^butYfb. ;a;Y:trial;:spinYtbday  ; apd; 'gbt?!Int^twpYticklis_^ be-  ,fprpf;returningytQ:;herjan_  ^firsfc--wa_j_rnarrow;escapeTfrom^;^  withHheYste_m:ya:cht;; Giraidai; andvthe  ysecorid was a 10-ininutes experience with  a v40-mile'Ys quallf' -;The Y challengerY had  gone ;outYpast; Sandy 'Hook; at a: 12-knot  clip,1;. striking.":.several:   small    squalls  Which Yput;/ her lee. rail   under  water.  She had eased sheets to starboard for  .a reach j horiib: when the Giralda's captain yevidently..:inot realizing her great  speedY attempted   to Y .ross   her   bows.  Captain Sycamore of Shamrock was unable to keep ;the yncht off because of the  pFesstug Unity under her'lee.   After he.  clearedYthe latter, the Giralda was right  under his lee starboard bowv: To clear  her he almost had to gibe the yacht.  The men jumped for the preventer backstays to slacken - them, and  the -main  .boom was already swinging over, when  the -Giralda,   under   full  speed,   fairly  .crossed,*Shamrock's bow, and the danger was overY  Not moro than fifty feet  separated them, arid if Shamrock  had  hit' hervshe   would   undoubtedly  have  sunk) her.';-;.' The new jib was broken out  arid: Shamrock' headed seaward  again.  ,Ori her way back a heavy squall; struck  Shamrock; off the Hook.   -For ten min-  :*ites 'the wind: blew at a 40-mile gait  and the yacht heeled over to it in aii  alarming ���-.'manner.-.-   The stayy sail Avas  quickly- lowered and the yacht heaving  ito put-rode the blow i'ln safety, the big  mast standing the; strain wonderfully  well.; Bef ore she was really safe, how-  ; eyer, she: caime dangerously, near running; aground inside buoy No. 6.    Sir  Thomas Lipton was an anxious observer  of this affair.- The yacht was taken in  tow. immediately afterwards and hauled   back   to   her  anchorage   in   Sandy  YHbok bay. Y .  llc'ast-Jd'eai.'at^YtheYinoDa'erit^  Ipnsbgersjdrij riighfe*'clbtees|;ari:d$fp_i;tly 7f ��^^i  YcladSw,ere{thi_Ymb^m ,, , _>;?^  Sriet jJorKwartcourici l^S_rb5li eutenan tvSliaw _ $7 W^S^S  '^dfhis��menvtrieir^hirte^|^p"_H*es^^  ybutY;prdiriary;; bur _lier_;garid^thle^we_ e it -r^-4. *M  yunaware"thby;h_"d:cauglit^Steynfs;yburigT'. '���I. UYJ^\  ^ervhrbthfer'^the-Orarige^Free^ \g ^'ff-ml  ?retaryY:and ytreasurer^i'Mi*YYBrain^coin-''*   '-^'"jml  (mandant:; FraserYYgxmeral;''Crorije; Y geri-  Yerals;D_rv.l:;arid;.Wessels^pr::M^  7 "��� Moreover,; creepingJaV^-a^  ;cbrrier yofYtheSadjoiriingYhouse^ba-e-  headed,: in :'night "dress; -{arid:- with'fonly  "socks :upbnY;his::feet;;? was !aY tally's tout,  :.stal^i't.vfuli_b-arded;YDa_tl*_YbaldbY-ade_,  . Held for Manslaughter.  VICTORIA, . September 12.���The coroner's jury this morning found Eugene  Brooks, a Zionite elder, and John Rogers' a clerk in the Hudson's Bay fur  department, guilty of manslaughter because they did not provide Rogers'  child, who was suffering with diphtheria, with medical treatment/ the  chile, dying. Brooks offered prayers  for the child's recovery. A second child  also died, and an inquest on it will also  be held. This'is the o^cond time that  Brooks has been committed for manslaughter, the previous case being exactly similar, but the supreme court  judge allowed him off on a technicality.  The attorney-generars department has  elderly;yriianYY-lfYariybodyYsawrhim;::he  probably-" sini 1 ed at!; the spectacle, 'and  did \ not troublevin| particular YaboutYan  unclad' burgher; more or 1 ess.Z Bu,'ttthe  skulking personage was'.none PtherYthan  ex-president YSteyn himself,; now re-  duced-:to this woeful,p.igh't. ' :������  A Boer companion'near by fourid him  a pony and assisted Steyn to mount,  for the expresident prcfeis a wheeled  vehicle to horseback. With a cut and a  kick the Boer sent *Steyn adrift upon  a most uneasy, seat. If, in thev hurry,  there' hadY been a ��saddle' thrown- upon  the pony, it was ungirthed, aiid had  turned beneath in a stride or two.  ���-.  Then the unwonted apparition appeared in the one long main street' of  Reitz of a dark, heavy figure of a man,  bareheaded and barelimbed, with a flow-,  ing shirt, clinging to a horse's neck; and*  galloping madly to the eastward. He.had  to; pass the corner where some -.qt. lieutenant Shaw's men'were. A challenge  rang: out for him to halt, yet riot-Steyn,  but the horse, was in charge of that wild  John Gilpin ride. I am, told Steyn would  -have gladly stopped, but could not, and  looked pitifully as if 'beY would'- have  liked to. Sergeant Cobb, the crack .shot  of the Seventh Dra_oon YGuardsj -yre-  peated the challenge, andYatYten paces  lifted his rifle .;to . biing thel horse .pr  rider down;--.'ButY.the,.-weapon .missed  fire. Slippingout the'eartridgeihe put  in another, but the second also missed  fire. .'���:���'   "*; 'Z'' 7x.77xx,.x[yxx_x-x7Z:~7:  Anarchists, at :Tacpma. Y  TACOMA, Washington, September 12.  The Evening News ha_ unearthed a hotbed of Anarchists and free lovers inv  Pierce county,; arid today publishes "a  story revealing the entire plans and  make-up of the colony, creating a decided sensation. ��� There are 90 members  in-the colony, all of whom openly: and  avowedly embrace free love arid : anarchy. They are located on Anderson  island, and have been constantly attracting new converts to their numbers.  It is believed the expose may result  in the adoption of measures to drive  them  from the country.  Y  McEachern Won Easily. Z7x:7.  WASHING-TON, September 13.-iAr-  chie McEachern of Canada tonight wont  the 20-mile motor-paced "race in a walkaway from Burns Pierce, also of Canada; time 32:15 4-5.   Pierce announced  Si  ,-f*"3  **%ii,  ,   <*. 5g  '.. i-V, ���_?  M  ' * ' "-���*-���  ���c J..t?il  7 4  -     '-'rSl  -   'I  Kit iA.Mjiti-*>tZr&WaiVttxniMlMit.t,]tjf*ii��mi.ia-,,jsri.i .jLarrft.^aXtM^-t.w^^^  THE NELSOK TR_BTJ_rii, FRIDAY MOtorlM, SEPTEMBER IS, 1901  I.  . ���ft-s^^'JS-S. ������_������&������_-���__* ^__ **'���*'*-' ___ >^^__-&__;__.__;__-__.&__-__!���__  iv* : ��� '_s  I  I.  CODyCJP^__2_T"^"  INCOBFOBATED 1670.  ISOFSBAY  CALGARY LAGER BEER  A CIRUMD OF THIS  FAMOUS BEER HAS JUST BEEN RECEIVED AND WE ARE  SELLINC IT TO THE FAMILY TRADE AT  $2.50 per- do fer quarts. l   $1.50 per doz for pints.  DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF THB CITY.  TELEPHONE NO. 13.  <.  t-  to I  to l  tot  ��__>  TH HUDSOFS EAY COMPANY  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. 0. '   '  V_r*_____ii___'�����__'��� 0^*0*0���0'0'f'.0 s\* '_.-,.^��.-^..*��i>.^>.'^-.'^.^��  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  WALL  PAPER  Thia is usually the dull  season for Wall Paper.  But to keep it moving  we have mado up bundles  of all lots that have run down in quantity.  Wo placo these on eale at prices thai will cer.  teinly move them; original cost has been quite  lost sight of in making tho price. In many o'f  these romnants the quantity is sufficient for  oven a large room. The high standard of our  papers" is now woll known and not often does  an opportunity oner to buy such papers at  from ,5 to 12_ oents per roll, 'if not ready to  paper just now anticipate your fall wants.  ^S'^'^'S'^V^'^'^'-S'^'iilfr" _1L *___'.__ Yqfr'-S.'ill.*    f��\    __'_.'^M'^^'���r1-'fi-'^'^'^^^^^'^'^'^'^',^-  i&ff*0*%^'0''00''0*,00i'^'0*'00'00'm'00?m'^%0*%0* ���".  ^"���^���^���^���^^^'���4_?.*5?.^.^.'^.*^.^!^^^  a_*f ��� >��_*���  m  to  to  r  THOMSON STATIOHEBT CO. Ltd  NELSON. B **C.  _s_a_CT  S*-  if -  i*^ f  [ifj rf  \f-._.  -r'  . _. ���*���  ; WHOLESALE DIRECTORY  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  XV. -F.  TEETZEL "_,  CO.���CORNER  OF  '   Baker    and    Josephine    streets,    Nelson,  ���wholesale   dealers    in   assayer's   supplies.  * Agents  for  Denver  Fire   Clay   Company,  ' Denver, Colorado. ->  \    _���_ COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  ', H. J. EVANS .'_~CoT^SAiCER:n3TREE5v  VNelson, - wholes ile dealers, in liquors,  '"'; cigars, cement, flre .brink and flre clay,  "water pipe and. ^steel rails,' and-general  ' commission me .chants. , s;      <  l'.';%   -   '^ELECTF.lCAl., SUPPLIES.,      *-    .  * '   KOOTENAY *   ELECTRIC   SUPPLY     &-  '-Construction ,Company���Wholesale  dealers  v,���_-'--in-telephones, annunciators,   bells, ^batter-  ,.. *���. ���'<��� ies, electric fixtures and appliances. Hous-  ".*��">?> ton Block, Nelson. . '     _,    ��  +*,}  ���_ ��� r���_       . _=,;  4*f> :  lHf-Z;  L  _"���.-"_.  ���jvr,  ^_>  -FRESH'AND SALT MEATS..  "t  -PABURNS   &   CO.���BAKER*   STREET,  6< !,*_>'Nelsons wholesale   dealers   in   fresh   and"  gj^.i,cured, meats: Cold storage. '        . ^ �������� .  -Jih'  *_Jr,'  .GROCERIES.  h-r'. t-  fUCt&V.- "AV MACDONALD   6s  CO.���_���_._..>.._.__   OF  K**SS/-,JE'i*ont;and Halhstreets,.Nelson, wholesale-  li   V, ",'grocers  and  jobbers-in  blankets, -gloves,-!  J5-, V*f"'mitts,-boots,,rubbers, mackinaws and min-,  iff ,* *��^ers'-sundries. . ���  -./ ���* y~,   _(- '  >'��?<!; KOOTENAY-SUPPLY COMPANY, LIM-'  '? v,ited.���Vernon,. street,,   Nelson, i .wholesale  .' 'I'A grpcers.  ,     , ,    *  '       k'"1  77-      JOHN-' CHOLDITCH    &    CO.-FRONT  /;vstreet,,Nelson, wholesale g-rocers.     . , .   (  ;J. >Y. GRIFFIN1 & CO.-FRONT STREET.  ��� Nelson,** wholesale dealers in provisions,  cured meats,,butter and eggs. '*  y."- * LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS-  . ��  B ,���---,.-,.-  TURNER,  'BEETON. &   CO.���CORNER*  &". in;,Vernon 'and   Josephine    streets,    Nelson,  li-." ' '.wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars and dry  1-1  r"^ 'goods. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  Ij.-*'.  ~vof ^Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Com  13 *"����� -.' pany.of 'Calgary. _   > '  Is  ;; �������� t ��� '���  II"*,-V.   Y.  ." -/WINES AND CIGARS.        /  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex. B. Murray, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month "at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  , ��� PLASTERERS' 'UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening in the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president;' William  Vice, secretary. P. Q.;Box 161. '  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.*    ' *'*  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23.', A. F. &  A. M.'meets second Wednesday. In  each   month.   Sojourning , brethren  -invited. .   C\.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER  No. 123, G. R. C���Meets third Wednesday.'  Sojourning companions invited.' Georgo.  Johnstone, Z.; E. W. Matthews, S. >E. -  - NELSON AERIE, -NO. -22 F. O.'- E.'���  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each month at Fraternity Hall: George  Bartlett, -president; J.' V. Morrison, secretary. I- > ,{<%  J- I   s     ������     ..1   *     *      '    "  Rossland Miner and the lying reports  sent over the wires as Associated "Press  dispatches. A few men are working  in the Josie, a mine that is still controlled by Whitaker Wright. None are  working in the War Eagle and Center  Star, and none are likely tp until the  standard wages of the country are paid.  The Kamloops Sentinel says the political situation in the province is about  as bad as it could be, all because a good  Liberal, like John Cunningnam Brown,  has" been taken into the Dunsmuir government to run an unimportant department. There is 'nothing wtrong with  the * political situation; but there is  something wrong with the men who  have been selected to manage departments of the -government. Premier  Dunsmuir was'made aware."of the fact  that' two or three of his ministers were  useless, and that in order to give the  people a business go'vernm'ent' these  ministers-"would "have to-* be dropped.  He has not seen fit to drop, them, but  he will dorso in due time, or. gp._put,,of  the business of politics^ himself.*VTtfe  trouble with the Inland" Sentine'risiits  editor was once a politician, but doesn't  know^ he is no longer one.  to  9\  9}  to  m-iiiiirMiiii,ii���i.iini, i.....  ��     LADIES' SUNSHADES  �� AT HALF PRICE.  VMBBELLAS AT CUT  PAIGES, i  iMi��ii>iiiriiiiiiir_i��tii��Miii______r  Fred Irvine & Co  ^y^^x^Yfy^TTfyT-yTTT^'  36 Bakep Street, Nelson.  h LACE ALIO VERS,  j EIBBONS, VEILINGS,  R DRESS TRIMMINGS  g AT SEDUCED PRICES.  Q_x_  mmnmimngnnt    W  to  to  to  to  �� NEW AUTUMN GOODS OPENING EVERY DAY ?,  to to  ���^ Call and see our Fall Mantles and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Felt Hats.    First lot of jl\  to Ladies' Furs, Ladies' Flanelette and Plaid Shirt Waists. to  to 9\  to WOOL MATTRESSES AND EIDERDOWN QUILTS  to  to  : "  NEW GOODS ARRIVING DAILY to  to  to  to  lXtll_.lXllXll__lV_\T_XSl_ZlXl__Xi��Xi_iXZU_C  'BARGAINS IN  VALISES TRUNKS  -   AND  TRAVELING BAGS.  Fred Irvine & Co.  LADIES' EID GLOVES  50 CENTS PER PAIR  SEE OUR WASH  KID GLOVES.  toto  36 Bakep Street  to  f/fV I'Hll IIITlIlIiriIlimilIlI����IIT.I��_U____ ,  , U\0        -_>��--*_. V7X __>._. *_*_.<*- H,.r, iYniin|.iiiiiiiiiiliinmir,iTm_        g,��.  S%m.m*^'i0.00*0^*00'00.00.m.00'00 m* ��� *    *^.^*^.^*^.^*^*^^*^^*^*^*^*^J$  W  ��___^__y   _H^0 ^&** ^^\\\*0 4_\___t0^^^0 ^r___r_K4r^^K 4__\__t0 4_\__\t* ^__\_^ ^_______* *4____y ^_____V ^__\__0^__\__0 4___r��rV      ^m��      ^*W_\_P **1^}^_WW+ ^^V^^r___r^ *^^_W /^.W^ **^&^^9? '^9-^-^fl^' ^___^^r_^ ^l_^'4r^> ^^B^ <_rf__K ���   \  lM''iZ  KOOTENAT TENT NO. 7. IC. O. T. M.���  Regular meetings  flrrat and-third Thurs-  "days of each month. Visiting* Sir Knights  are   cordially  invited   to- attend. -Dr.-, XV,  -Rose,* R. K.; A.-iW. Purdy,' Com.; Q. 'A:  -���Brown. P. C. i  i.-��   h'/'joi  L :j!i *\. >    **  -*>i  ,LV CLASSIFIEDM-PS;*��� :  'l^'y    ARTICLES ,'FOR!SAYlE.<:      *  y  '  SEWING MACHINES OF . ALL "KINDSv  for* sale or rent at the Old Curiosity ^Shop.  ��'j_ _:_     ';for^rent.;,; _'':'_'_ _--_[_:  '    FOR   KENT���SIX   ROOM "HOUSE  "ON~  'sVictoria street,-three doors above, fire hall.-  i Bath room and sewer connections; $15 per'  , mon th.  Apply  Mi s.* -T.' H.* - Roberts,J over  tVanstone's drug store.   ..-,-���  SIX'ROOM ^COTTAGE   AT   BALFOUR  to let by the month or for the season. Immediate   possession.   Good   fishing. 'Apply,  C.  W.   Busk^  Kokanee  creek. * Phone 66a.  Or to R.- H. Williams, Baker street. Nelson.  ��� '  ���What a sorry, mess Richard "McBride  and'his political advisers''have made of  ' the ^bye-election contest at New Westminister.   Instead of taking off his coat  and'whipping John Cunningham Brown  in, th'e town in,which .they,- have both  lived; for* over a quarter/of^a-;century,  McBride weakened and-.'*-tried to ^shove  ^Chinese Munn to the front^Munn kiiew  his,,Chinese record would 'defeat him,  and .hie declined to"-make the';fight. Mc-  'Bride'and his-advisers then induced an  old man named Gifltord to enjter the lists.  ��� Gifford 'will''not, Deselected; McBridejWill  be^discredited as a leader; and his poli-  tical advisers, will be looked upon as  doiigh-heads^ Yet McBride had an opportunity ,to m'akehimself, at least, a factor  in party politics. - , ���    , -     \  FOREIGN  NEWS  BY WIRE  United States.  v.  J I'.I "l   '  pr*'  IS-*.*  I. j  lirj-~    *  I. <���*(���  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  ted���Corner of Front and Hall'streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in wines, case and  bulk, and domestic and imported cigars.  BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  ^ARCHITECTa  A. C. EWART.���ARCHITECT, ROOM 3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  FOR SALE.  BREWERY .HOTEL, SANDON,-1-, B.. C.  Furnished throughout with all requirements for same.'* Apply "'to Carl Band.  New York" Ereweryj Sandon.  -HELP WANTED.'  'WANTED���FIFTY "TIE MAKERS. TIES  7x8, G-inch face. Tops can be made into  mining ties. Price nine cents Fir, * tam-  rack, 'and 'jack- pine. Apply .to Brecken-  rldge & Lund, Morrisey, B. C.  CHOP HOUSE.  PIONEER      CHOP      HOUSE.      JOHN*  Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  Baker street, Nelson. Open day and night-  Lunches ^a^specialtj^ PlenlC-andVtraveiing.  parties supplied on shortest notice.  j DRAYAGE.  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable lates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser's second Hand store. Ward street.  FURNITURE.  I  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO., FURNITUKI:  dealers,  undertakers and embalmers. Day.  ���phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Ne_t  new   postollice   building,   Vernon   slreet.  Nelson.  TEAS.  ' WE HAVE INDIAN, CEYLON, AND  China teas in great variety," choicest quality. We mako a specialty of blending teas  and sell them ln any quantity at lowest  rates. Kootenay Coffeo Company.  s JAPAN TEA OF ALL KINDS TO SUIT  your taste. Sun cured. Spider Leg, Pan  Fired; in bulk or packages. Kootenay Coffee Company. t  THAT FINE BLEND OF CEYLON TEA  we are selling at 30 cents per pound is  giving the best of satisfaction to our many  customers.   Kootenay   Coffeo   Company.  WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES.  , ~F'REHr"MI____^^  We are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties at once. The ��� Prospectors'   Exchange,   Nelson,   B.   C, * Room  i,  K. W. C. Block.  GOLD,      COPPER,     SILVER.     LEAD'  mines and prospects -wanted.  Send report  and samples to the Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson, B. C, Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  NOTICES OF MEETIMS.  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  WANTED���BELL    BOY  poiter at Hotel Phair.    .  AND    NIGHT  WANTED-w OMANCOOK, SECOND COOK,  ._.!._. J_.       __ 1, J     ,-, - ^,jH    j0],   ,Jj0USe.  olson Employ-  deckhands,  railroad laborers, Kirls for 'house:      ���-'--���      ��� ft, -  work, 'laundress,   waitresses  ment Agency.- Phone 278.    '  "TVANTEDT"���"EXPERIENCED  and waist hands. , Mrs. Flint,  block. r  SKIRT  Victoria  SITUATIONS .WANTED.  ASSAYER, WITH , SMELTER 'AND  mine experience, requires situation, Keep  books, etc. Address W,*Box 578, Nelson.  , The people should not lose sight of-  the fact'that the men who are striving;  (to gain office'at Victoria are all'in !favor  .of building a railway with' the people's,  money Vand afterwards turning it over  'to James "J. Hill, Ia prominent citizen of  St., Paul,*'Minnesota.^6ne end of the pro-"  , posed railway would be on the Colum-  bia nyer*^atr Marcus, Washington, "and  the~^other, end * on * the - Fraser. river, ���* at  New Westminster. It vis expected that'  the building* of the" Fraser river end  would benefit Vancouver and Victoria;-  but it,is not known who would be benefitted by the building of the Columbia  river   end.    Possibly,   politicians _ like'  PATERSON, VNew Jersey, September  12,���An explosion*'occurred in the'pow-  der works at'Pompton, New Jersey, and  'seven* were'killed.  NEW YORK, September 12.���Three  explosions, occurred in the 'works'' of  the American Schrultz Powder Company  in, Oakland,* "New "Jersey, today. Five,  men-were killed, and, three fatally^in-'  jured.' "One-man: had ' his , headi.completely blown, off." ��� i       �� '   -.  CAIRO, ^Illinois/ September -12.���A  mob of .negroes"- last night* broke into  the. jail at WicklifEe, Kentucky, across  the, river from ,this city, and lynched  three negroes, Frank Howard, Sam Reed,  and Ernest Harrison. They hanged  the men to a cross-beam in a mill. The  crime* for which, the men were hanged  was,the murder of*-an old and respected  negro, whom they ^killed and robbed.  The murderers confessed their crime be-  foie the mob.        . - .  :'- NEW; YORK, September 12���A _ fire  broke out last night, in the cotton storage .warehouse of the^New York Storage. Company in Brooklyn, and: up to  9 a. m.,had caused damage to the,amount'  of ?500,000. The fire was burning'fierce-  -ly at that hour and the firemen "seemed  unable to subdue it. The buildjlng,  "which is 300 feet long, is divided into  three compartments, each separated by-  a thick _ wall. The" compartments in-  which the, fiie'thus far-had been confined contained 30,000 bales'of cotton.  D. IVJcARTHUR  J&Goy  RALPH clark;        I. G. NELSON,,  Undertaker, Night Call 238,;      ,    . Manager.*  Cj_.  Furniture Dealers  Funeral Directors  and Embalmers  "Wortn  Oak, Center .Tables *J3 60  Oak Center Tables 6 00  Oak   Center   Tables .': 5 00  Oak,. Leather,   Seat    Fancy  Rocker, 77. *. 4 50  E'm   Folding  Talle....'..* SOO   *  Elii   Folding  Table ". 6 00  Cane Veranda Chairs .'... 6 00 '-  Cane Veranda Rockers 6 50  For  $2 75  4 50  3 75  1 S <6  3 75  4 25  450  47b  TO _!Al_n> ROOM- FOR OUR FALL  STOCK OF CARPETS AND RO'OS .  WILL GO AT COST.  ~^^J5H��i2���5JHj*55HS5?^^__~  HELP FURNISHED���WRITE, TELE-  phone, telegraph or Inquire Western Canadian Employment Olllce, Nelson. Phone  270. Storage���I have a large warehouse for  storing household or other goods. 11. A.  Prosser.  WANTED HEIjP OF ALL KINDS.���  Orders for help receive prompt and careful attention. R. Purdy, Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  .1. P. O. Box 682.  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.'  Daily by mail, one month $   50  Daily by mall, three months 1 25  Dally by mall, six months 2 50  Dally by  mall,  one  year 5 00  Dally by carrier, one month 100  Dally by carrier,  three months 2 50  Daily by carrier,  six months  5 00  Dally by carrier,  one year 10 00  Semi-weekly by mail,  three months...     50  Semi-weekly by mail, six months  1 00  Seml-weekly by mall,  one year..' 2 00  Postage to Great Britain added. ,  ,     ADVERTj-SING   RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly  per inch per month $4 00  If run less than a month, ptr inch per  insertion         25  Classrlred Ad* and Legal Notices, per  word for first insertion       1  For each additional insertion, per  word          1-2  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classified), per line por month     50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per line  per month       25  Address all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Nelson, B. C.  "Smith Curtis of Rossland, one of -the  two leaders of, the Liberal-Labor party.  ___ ^ ' '" *" ^  The   News-Advertiser   of   Vancouver  made much of D. J. Munn, "the Pro'vin-,  > t .   v      * ' -  cial Party's candidate.''   Mr. Munn staid  with the nomination Just long enough  to find out that there is no Provincial  Party, except in the brain of the editor  of tbe News-Advertiser.  MINERS' UNION, NO. 00, W. F. of M.���  Meets In Miners' Union Ilall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men $3.50, hammersmen $3.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers ?3.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary.    BARBERS' UNION, NO. 198, OF THE  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets first and third Mondays  of each month Irr Miners' UnWn Hall at  8:30 sharp. Visiting members invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, aec-  retary-treasurer; I. C. Gardner, recording  ^maerrptarvz-. i��� --=    _ _ .- j���    - - ��� -;  The Debtors' Prison.  It will surprise most people to learn  that during the year 1893 there were  over 10,000 persons in England who were  virtually, imprisoned for debt, or for  contempt of court in suits for debt,  which is practically the same thing.  These figures are of interest in view of  the fact that it was generally understood that impilsonment for debt was  abolished in England in 1869. The present Prison Act, which came into eflect  in 1899, ���has done much to reduce the  number of prisoners of this kind. Under  it the debtors are not treated precisely  as criminals, but they are confined to the  prison dietary, and they are also obliged  to work. The persons who can, but do  not wish to pay, are not now so ready  to go to prison as when they passed  their days�� in idleness and had their  meals brought to them from the outside restaurants. It may therefore be  said that the last remnants of the debtor's prison, of which so much use has  been made in fiction, has vanished.  ^ ,        Africa.  "PRETORIA, September 12. ��� Lord  Kitchener announces today that C. Kruger, a son of the former'president of  'the Transvaal, and captainFerreira have  surrendered.  - MAFEKING, September 12.���The.Brit-  _. sJCcasualties in^the-gre'at-Maries-Valley fight September 6th and 8th, when  .,general Methuen was engaged with Vap-  tander and Delarey, driving the Boers  ..from a strong position there, was 25  killed and 30 wounded, including captain Croft. /���  TO.   CLEAR���BABY   CARRIAGES   AND  GO CAR1S  AT LKdS  T1_aN~CCST.  ***************************  The frequent reports of the settlement of the great steel strike are on a  par with the reports sent out by the  Rossland Miner regarding the strike  at that place. The Associated Press is  used as a medium for circulating these  worthless and unreliable -tales. The  strike situation- at ''Rossland is unchanged, notwithstanding the dpuble-  leadedYd'oublrj^  A Postoffice for Camborne.  It is getting to be about time that the  postoffice authorities got around to the  fact  that there  are about  300 people  working in and around Camborne and  that it is getting about time they were  taking some steps to provide the place  with a postoffice of its own.    There is  daily  connection  by rail  and  steamer  to within six, miles pf.Camborne, and it  shows   very   little   wish   to   accommodate on tho part of the postoffice people that the transport of the mail over  those few six miles should still have to.  be   undertaken Yby private and  casual  hands.    There  are  important- business  and mining interests.' now at\ Camborne,  which deserveY. bettor .treatment' at the  hands of .the. government-���Revelstoke j  Hei^i-UliL^v,;^....;,,,...  i ' Early. Settlement Predicted.  \ CLEVELAND, September 12.���The  Iron, Trade Review this week says: "Indications now point to an early settle-  'ment of the steel strike. According to  Pittsburg advices, president Shaffer has  been, instructed by the executive committee of the Amalgamated Association  to, negotiate for peace on the best terms  obtainable, and it is probable that the  strike will be settled on* the terms offered by the United States' Steel Corporation last week.  PITTSBURG-, September 12.���The air  is again full of rumors today'that the  strike had been settled. /The absence  of president Shaffer from the Amalgamated headquarters all day up to 4 p.  m. lent color to the report. By many  * Mr.. Shaffer was supposed to be in New  York in conference with president  , Schwab, and others conceded that he  was in conference with the American  Tin Plate officials discussing a proposition to call the strike off so far as  that company -was concerned. When  president Shaffer flnauy appeared ,he  dispelled all hopes by saying there was  no change in the situation. Immediately  after,arriving at the office,'Mr. Shaffer  called ,the Amalgamated officers to his  room for'a conference, which lasted for-,  ty minutes. It was impossible ta learn  what the talk was about. ,It was said  at Amalgamated headquarters today,  that the steel combine has refused to  entertain any further propositions of  settlement from the Amalgamated Association.  | THESE      r  HOT DAYS>  QUENCH  YOUR  THIRST WITH  A nheuser-B riRoh  Beer, Pabst (Milwaukee Boer. Calgary Beor, RelB-  torer & Co. Beer,'  G-snell Beer, and  -���Double Jersey  Buttermilk.  MANHATTAN  ^SALOON^  Double Jersny  Buttermilk.  A COMPLETE LINE OF  S  1    '   Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen, Doors ,  Windows*  r ... Inside^ Finish ,,.  V '��� local'and ooast,  : \ -"-      Flooring   ;    .   y  '   )   -, ���    local and coast. / .  1    .",  Newel Ppsts .  -   '     Stair Rail r   .  Mouldings     -  .   Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  ���_ of all kinds. "  ?  _T WHAT TOU WANT IB '-TOT It* STOCK  1     W�� WILL M__-_ IT FOB YOU  - CALL AND GfiT PRICKS,  '   1   J. A. Sayward  hall and LAKH btrkkts. imw-m  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  , (LIMITED)  COKNER OF  HENDRYX AND VXBRNON 8TKBKTS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  ***************************  R, B. REILEY  t    biJCt.I-SSOR TO H. P. ASHCROFT.  BLACKSMITH AND WOOD WORKER  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Special attention given to all kinds of  repairing and custom work from outside  points. Heavy bolts made to order on  short notice.  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always irr  Stock,.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring*; Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work wiU receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico Lumber Co.Ltd.  .oowraMi)  On the construction of the Arrowhead &  Kootenay railway ln the Lardo district.   *  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  In order to secure" men without delay  ordinary * labor will1" be paid $2.25 per day  and, axemen J2.50 per day.  GOOD STATION WORK   ,  CAN-BE SECURED. '    - j]  For   further   particulars   apply . to   the  Nelson Employment Agencies or to  CARLSON & PORTER  CONTRACTORS..   ..���.. -^- ���.-   NOTIOE TO DELINQUElfT 00-OWEEB.  To John J.  McAndrews or to anv porson  or per.ons to whom he may have trans-"  .  ferred his interest in the Black Diamond  mineral claim, situate on  the north side  of  "Bear  creek,   about  three   mile,   from  the town of Ymir, lying south of and adjoining the Evening Star  mineral  claim,  Nelson mining division of West Kootenay  district,   and  recorded  in   the  recorder's  office for the Nelson mining division.  You and each of you are hcrebv notified  that   I   have   expended   two  hundred   and.  twel-'e    dollars    and     twenty-five     cents  '(532.25)   in-labor  and  improvements   upon  the above mentioned mineral clarm in order-  to hold r-aid mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and il within  ninety days from  the date  of this notice  you tall or refuse to contrrbute your portion of all such expenditures together with  all  costs of advei tlsing,  your interests in  tho said claims will  become the property  of the subscriber under section 4 of an act  entitled,   "An  Act   to  Amend   the  Minoral  Act,_3900.i =. _=���. JOHN-DEAN.���-1  Dated at Nelson this llth day of September, 1901.  R. McMAHON.  .!_. E. GARDINER.  Arrested at Vancouver.  VANCOUVER,  September 12.���W.  J.  G.  Magner, the Nelson & Fort Sheppard   railroad   agent; a.  Waneta,   has  been placed under arrest here and; will  be  sent to   Nelson  for   trial.    He is  charged with the offense of stealing ?800,  the amount of a payment by Jesse Coulter, manager of the Second ReliefYinine,  on account of import duties on machinery brought; in from Spokane.  yMagner  decamped from Waneta. on''Sunday last  ,.-��� J randy Vr-to, arr<-}s^ed>tti8 ;'j_i__rai^^  BARBER SHOP.  ' Robert McMahon and A. E. Gardiner  have leased the barber shop ln the basement- of the Madden block, southeast corner of Baker and Ward streets, and will  be pleased to hare the patronage of their  friends. First-class baths ln connection.  4]b**********************f  % ARTHUR    OBE J  .$ MERCHANT TAJL0R *  <_��    L A DIET TAILOR 'BAKER *  Hi       MADE SUITd.        STREET EAST.    J  $1 ���%  **************************  >  NOTIOE.  NOTICE ir* hereby given that I intend to apply  at tbe next sitting of the Board of LicoDse Commissioners for the City of Nelson to be held at  the expiration of thirty days from 1 he date hereof,  for a transfer of the Retail Liquor Licence now  held by mo for tho premisses known ai tho  Bodega Saloon, situate on the east half of lot  nine (4). in block one (1). in the said City of Nelson, to William Walmsley and Edward C. Davidson, both of tho said City of Nol. on.  . Dated thi-,11th day of September. 1901; -: >  XV, G. ROBINSON.  Witnesr: E. C. Davidson.  HENRY'S NUBSEBIES  APIARY 4ND GREENHOUSES  Greenhouse and Bedding out Plants.  Lowest   Prices.  3BB SUPPLIES, 8HEJDS, FERTILIZERS  Agricultural implements, fruit baskets  and crates, fruit and ornamental trees,  Irulbs for fall planting.  Catalogues Free.  3008 Westminster Road.  Vancouver  NOTICE. y'Z  ��� We beg to notify the merchants and buplness  ' men of Nelson that wo have purchased the business and good wl lot the Pacific Transfer Com-'  puny, whioh It is onr inter.tion bMncorporating:  with the business of- the Nelson Freighting &  -Transfer-Company, we remain yours- i.  -.  ;v ��� ���'/,.;....-������.   --, V,v.-R;.H.--W__iI_(AM8,-- ,.]' .  _ WUii��- .:t..^i;,w,;c^lMa__Mr:i^l����n.__^_y!_.^3��i^l  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  ���Corner of Victoria and Kootenay Streets  P. O. Box 559. TELEPHONE NO. 9S.  EAST KOOTENAY'S FIRST  *   ANNUAL MINERAL,  AGRICULTURAL AND  INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION  DISSOLUTION OF 00-PAETNEESHIP,  Notice is heroby given that the co-partnership hitherto existing between the undersigned under the style of Starkey &  Company, wholesale commission mer-  I chants, has this day been dissolved- by the  retirement of George M. Phillips, who has  transferred to F. Starkey all his interest  in the assets, book accounts and business.  AH persons indebted to the said partnership are hereby requested to make payment  to F. Starkey, who has assumed all tho 11a-  Tjllltles of the p.ii tnerahlp and who will  continue the business.  GEO.   M.   PHILLIPS,  FRED    STARKEY.  Witness: H. BUSH.  Nelson. B. C, 14th August. 1901.  TIMBEE LEASE NOTIOE.  Notice is horoby given that In thirty  days we intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to cut and carry away timber off the  below described lands situated on Lock-  hart creek, ono mile anu one eighth east  from Kootenay lake, commencing at a post  marked northwest corner, running east  120 chains, thence north 10 chains, thence  east 120 chains, thence south 40 chains,  therce west 120 chains, thence south 10  chains, thence west 120 chains, thence north  40 chains to place of commencement  NELSON SAW & PLANTNG MILLS, Ltd.  Nelson. B. C. August 16th. 1901.  NOTIOE  Notice i. hereby given that I Intend to  apply at tho next sitting of the board of  license commissioners for tne uny  ���of Nplson. to be hold after'the expiration  of thirty days from the date hereof, for a  transfer of the retail liquor license now  held by me as the representative of the  John Johnson estate, for the premises  known as the Silver King Hotel, situate on  Baker street, in the said City of Nelson,  on lots 7 and S In block 10, sub-division of  lot 95, to M. A. Nasmith of the |a^d City  of Nelson. CAROLINA THELIN.  Witness:  G. A.  THELIN.  Dated this 4th day of September, 1901.  THREE DAYS OF   INSTRUCTION   INTEREST AND-  ENJOYMENT. ,  CRANBR.00K, B.C., SEPTEMBER 25 to 27, 1901.  The beat.program ever seen in the coun-:  try. See posters and circulars for further  particular-. Mineral exhibit, bucking con-  teats, agricultural exhibit, horse races.  Specially low return railway fates from  aU_M>to_i. \  '    NOTIOE.  mrrr.     p A SPADE    WATER.    POWER    &  THBJ_IGHT  COMPANY,  LIMITED.  Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the above named  company will be held at the registered of-  fi?"of the company on Baker street in the  City of Nelson. British Columbia, on Monday the 23rd day of September. A. D. 1901.  at thi? hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon,  for the- purpose of considering, and if  thought fit, passing a resolution authorizing the directors to raise the sum of one  ���rSmdrS thousand pounds (��100,000) by the  issuance of mortgage bonds or debentures,  or otherwise, to such person or such persons, company or corporation, and.upon  such terms and conditions as to .the directors may'seem fit.  '  'Bv -order,'-'  .������������:.x.-..-.���������.���-.-���-���JOHN. FRASER,  Secretary.  ^tfcjySefitemb'w/^^^  ;?;re-._.v-<!ny"'i~ *,. ��� ,- "-,���*���->. *^n*ii  ^HEKELSO^r * TkI__iTJtfE,  FRIDAY MOEOTNTG,  SEPTEMBER 13, 1901  - V * vt I  t^'**^_l  BAIK OF MONTBEAI  CAPITAL, all paid up-..$ia.OOO.000.00  BEST    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mound Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Cloi'.ton Goneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Cornor Bakor and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COfflfflERCE  * WITH WHICH IS _M_I_ AMATED  THE BANK OF BRITISH ^COLUMBIA.'  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  IPEBIAL HM*-*  0"F*    0^u3ST^__D_A.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  ���     ���     ���-    $8000,000  ���     ���     ���  $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Branches In London (England) New Yon*.,  Chicago, and all tho prinoipal oitios ln Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any -part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRENT BATS OB* INTEREST PAID.     "  INDEPENDENT OF ENGLAND  Hon. Qeo. A.'Cox,  President.  B  E. Walker,  General Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Street. 2_ O.  New York  Office, 16   Exchange   Place,  and 6. Branches in Canada and the   '  United States.  i  BRAD  OFFICE..TOR0NTO. ,  Capital  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,850,000  H. S. HOWLAND....  D. R. WILKIE.  ..President.  Oeneral Manager.*  E. HAY .*-.. Inspeotor,  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on doposits.' Present "rate  throe per cent, _ ,  GRANGE V. HOLT,  I '   Manager Nolson Branch.  In All Military Supplies.  SIMLA,   India,. September   7.���Lord-  Curzon has now spent half of his allotted time in India.   He has made himself  fully aware of all  the  requirements of  the country; he has probed to the bot-'  torn a number of its Ills;* he has exposed  many of the defects' of the existing procedure of the government.   With characteristic  energy he has set in .train  remedies for   all   these   various   evils.  New -railway schemes, vast projects of  irrigation, far-reaching reforms on the  frontier, radical changes in official procedure, all of these are engaging the attention of our most able viceroy.   The  final recommendations of   the   government of India regarding the new frontier  province will go home by an early mail  to the secretary of state, the whole subject having been exhaustively discussed  here   during   the   last   three   months.  Lord    Curzon'   has    issued- -stringent  orders regarding the curtailment of official reports and returns, and the re-  "�� duction of clerical work to a .minimum.  These orders apply to all departments  alike, military and civil. Already a considerable degree of success has been attained, but there is a potent force to be  met with���the passive obstruction of the  babu, the clerk of India*. This gentleman has more to do with the "govern-  . ment of the country than most people  have any idea, of.r His one aim and object in life'is to multiply, reports   and  returns,   objection statements,  queries,  and statistics of every sort and description to the utmost of his power.    The  more   clerical   work to   be   done,   the  greater the   clerical   labor   to, be   employed. "Thus in this multiplication*of  work there is the certainty of providing  .official billets for^the* babu's hungry rel-v  atives.    * -*' --,<���������    **  '     * MILITARY REFORM.  '    Perhaps the  most  important  of. the  many matters now engaging the serious  attention of the government is the quesf  tion of military reform and , re-armament.,*-The're-armament of the cavalry;  ,  and7inlantry*of*the army of India, both'  .British and native, is now proceeding  ' apace. ^The 'British troops are receiving Lee-Enfield weapons; their Lee-Met-  fords after thorough overhaul and repair, being handed over to the, native  army,    _Practically,  the t whole "of  the  . field army has been thus re-armed, and  ��� by next year it may be possible to pro-  cepd  with   the  armament  of  the  imperial service troops as well.    As regards the artillery, a good deal depends  on* the result of the  conferences  and  committees now being held in England.  India must, perforce, eventually adopt  the type of gun for horse,  held, ^and  heavy artillery which is decided on by  the war office authorities.   In,the meanwhile, steps are being taken to improve  existing equipment as much as possible.  The field guns will be fitted with the  recoil-checking break which has proved  so successful in' South- Africa.   Efforts  are being made, also, to supply the army  .���with-a-few-batteries-of-field-*bowitzersr  Hitherto India has had to depend on  the old elephant batteries, armed with  muzzle-loading weapons of obsolete design, for shell power in the field.,.These  elephant batteries are now being abolished as such.   Jn future they will be  horsed, and already breech-loading guns  |] and howitzers of a more modern type  have been provided for them.  The coast defences are not being lost  sight of, though such is the strain at  Woolwich and the various private ordnance factories in England that it is  desirable should be mounted for the-de-  fence of certain Indian ports.  ���    QUESTION   OF  SUPPLIES.  The policy of the Indian government  is to make India as-independent of England as possible in tho mattei of supply.  Great strides have been made In this  j direction of late, and even greater do-  jvelopments will shortly be visible/ Al-  Iready a plant for the, filling cf shells  ���with high explosive, has been erected,  Jand is now in a position to start work.  cordite factory in the Nilgri Hills, capable" of supplying all the needs of  Ithe Indian army, is making considerable progress. This factory will manufacture a good deal of the'ingredients  required for cordite, and so will be very  largely independent of England, even in  raw material. < yet another move in 'the  jsame direction has quite recently been  Jnade by the government of India. A  plan has been drawn up, and has been  Teflnitely approved,vwhereby in the near  future all the requirements of the army  In India, in the matter of rifles and car-  Jines, will be met by local manufacture,  Jistead of by importation from England,  Is at present. The new rifle factory will  le situated on the banks of the Hooghly,  lome fifteen miles from Calcutta. It will  le capable of turning out some twenty-  |ve thousand complete arms every year,  id the cheapness of- coal and labor will,  Jdimit of a very considerable saving, in-  ost. A large central gun factory.}s part  the hew scheme for rendering India  |ss dependent oh England. This will be  jtuated at Jubbulpore, in the central  rovinces.: It will, be equipped with the  (test plant, and will be run by "electric  pwer. Eventually India should be in a  j-sition to make her own fleld guns, as  fid ammunition.  WAR  TRANSPORTS.   -  [Nor havo less showy details been lost  feht of.    The frontier campaigns of,  1897-98 revealed a marked deficiency in  transpbrt*-for war purposes, and showed  beyond a doubt,  how great- would- be  the delay in moving off'our army should  war break out in Afghanistan or "beyond.'No matter how speedy the mobilization might be, the troops would be  quite unable to advance until adequate  ^transpoit, had - been provided. It would  be perfectly feasible to pour into Peshawar or  Quetta'tens-of thousands  of  troops of all arms within a few deys  after  the  signal  to  mobilize.   Regular  transport are being <-_r.ablished, which  will be maintained during peace and will  be capable of adequate expansion m time  of war.  Officers are busily registering  transport animals throughout the civil  districts.   The .lands - shortly     to   be  brought under cultivation by the great  Jhelum  canal scheme wilL probaly be  allotted  m  the  first place to tenants  willing to maintain a certain number of  transport animals available for government   purposes-ion   mobilization,   This  momentous problem,-on which the efficiency of the' army so largely depends,  is at last being attacked in the proper  spirit, and there > is every reason to hope  that'the delays i and losses which ihave  occurred  during recent years, through  inadequate or unsuitable transport, will  not be repeated in future.  1  8AV1NG8   BANK "DEPARTMENT.  TUB  OUBBKNT  _____   07   H_r_X__*_> AIXO WE_>.  I  ���  -_ i  MRS. PARSONS HEARD FROM  Calls Czolgosz a Lunatic.     ,  e CHICAGO, September 12.���Lucy, Parsons,,-widowj'of the Anarchist who jvas  hanged for his complicity in the Hay-  market riots, was interviewed by, a representative of the Associated Press" after  the1 arrest of Emma Goldman.   Mrs. Par-i  sons was found in'the garden in the rear*  of  her  comfortable "cottage  in  North',  Troy street.   Mrs.". Parsons ^admitted that*  she knew Emma Goldman, stating that  they first met^ in 1887, in Philadelphia,  where Mrs.-Parsons went on a lecture  tour.-'.-A        ---�����-.    -._-      ���*   ,-�����   ".\  Mrs. Parsons declared, however,, that/  -for several .years she had'held' aloof from  "the active circles of Anarchy,"and as an  ^evidence; cf her; sincerity "expressed"- the  greatest, pleasure whn told that president McKinley   undoubtedly   will survive.       ,���.'���'', s V - ���  ���       ,  "I'have known the Isaaks,".. admitted  Mrs. Parsons. "They came here from  the Pacific coast in January, and I have  called at their home in Carroll avenue  many times. I have not seen any of the  family for several days." ��� * >     <  Despite this statement Mrs. Parsons  displayed after a few moments' hunt the,  latest copy of Free Society, the editonal  columns of whioh were filled with glorification of Bresci and his crime, the killing of king Humbert of Italy. - Mrs. Parsons steadfastly refused to part vwith  her copy of the paper, maintaining that  it might be the "last issue."    -.  Questioned as to the life cf the Isaaks,  Mrs. "Parsons expressed much ignorance.  She only knew that in some wa,y_jthey_  -managed"to~issue the paper.   They were  , _lways able to 'find printers who were  willing to get out the sheet.  She maintained 'she did not know  them. Mrs. Parsons declared that Czolg-  ___ was undeniably a lunatic.  "No person of sound intellect," she  said, "would assail the head of this re-'  public. With only a-*few years to occupy-  the position cf president, what good  could come of the attempted assassination? Tho president is the chief executive through popujar choic*., and in"*vi_w  of the limited term of power conferred  upon him no���person of sound judgment  could dream of benefiting mankind by  attempting to bring about his death. It  could have been the deed only of a lunatic. I have nover met Czolgosz. He was,  I am sure, connected ln no way with' the  persons under arrest-in this-cit.. It is  true, however, on the face of these statements that he had visited Chicago and  was acquainted with the Isaaks, but he  was not supplied with funds, nor was he  urged to do the shooting by any person  connected with the circle in Chicago."  Nelson Branch���Burns, Block. 221 Baker  *    :-��    ."-' * "Street}      ^'-  --  -  < -7y, r: J.\-VMLAY; Manager.-  secretary of the treasury;  or, if there  be  none,  or *in  case  of his l removal,'  death, -resignation,   or   inability,   then  the isecretary of war;   or, if there be"  nqne, or in case of-his removal, death,  resignation,Tor'inability,  then the attorney-general;'or, if there be none, "or  m case of his removal, death, resignation/or inability, then-the postmaster-  general;   or, .if  there  be  none,  or in  case of his removal, death.Vresignation,  or inability, then the secretary of the  navy;  or, if there be, none, or in case  of his removal, death, (resignation,  or  inability, then the secretary of the in-  tenor;  or, if there be none, or in case  of his removal,  death, resignation, or  inability, then the , "secretary of agri-"  culture' shall act as president until the'  disability of the president or, vice-president is^removed or a president shall  be   elected;   provided,   That  whenever  the powers and duties of the'office 'of'  the president of the United States shall  devolve upon any of the persons named  herein, if congress be not 'then in ses-*  sion," or if it would not meet in accordance with law within twenty days thereafter, 'it shall be the' duty of''the person  upon whom said-powers and "duties1 shall  devolve  to issue -a" proclamation  convening congress' ih- extraordinary session, giving twenty days' notice of the  time of meeting.   >_ i 1  "Sec. 2.    That the preceding, section1  shall,only be held to,describe and apply to such officers r as shall have been  appointed by the advice and "consent of'  the senate to the offices therein named,  and such as are,-eligible to> the 'office  GutOlass      Cut Glass  - -*���_  * .1  A. large consignment of AMERICAN CUT GLASS.  The] kind, which we handle' represents the HIGHEST  STANDARD. Every piece is genuine and a fit specimen  of the GLASS CUTLER'S ART.  4'*^jj&._S'  l$\ Our -Jewelry and Watch Making, Departments a^e at   v -vr  jfjjlryo'hr service.'   All mail orders, will receive1 our care-'   t  joyful 'attention.,, ',,>.���.,  i&i4��i��!LiG��i���ZL'<5*'i5''0*r0.0.0.  "J:&S__^___r"'&r@^__^__^_B^_F-__,-_r  ^J-.   ^ ^_>��� ^o,��� ��������_��,.*_fc..-^.*g��-;---ay.*****N  They are Open fbr; Inspect ion  ELEGANT DRAWING ROOM  ���..'      ' ^AND     ;  ' BED'RGfOM FURNITURE ���"  i* ���-1  7t   ���_ 7      '���*'      " i      11 , -<     1  , .Acting,under, instructions from Mrs."  Horace D. Hume, the undersigned will  goffer, for sale by public auction,'in the  rArchbold,; cottage, corner of Baker and.  . Koot,enay, streets, on .   - * -, ��  ., ' -       < ���<    AT.2:30 P. M.  (The whole'"of-her very desirable draw-;  Ing room 'and -bed room furniture, 'pictures,- * silverware, ' bric-a-brac, etc.' The  articles'"to betsold'will be,on exhibition  of president'under the constitution,^and'I in' tbe cottage "on>'the' morning of-the'  not under impeachment by the'house'of'  sale'"Terms',casb.\ *''"   ' ��� '     "* '*    '  representatives of the "United States at'   ' '    ' ; '   '>���������.���-  the^time the powers*and duties"of the'  Yoffice shall devolve upon, them* respect-i  ively.",,        ^    "    u    ,    ,,,.     ,.  ', OFFICE: BAKER STREET-WEST,'NELSOfc tf&l' ���,   *TELEPHO}IE JJO. 219." P, 0. B0X'6.8.V  ���. it  'I.'  V >^X.r: i,_ >  *The provision that the'secretary of  agriculture may perform the duties of  president became a. law *by the act of  congress of February, 1889, which authorized .such an officer in the cabinet..  The members of the cabinet arranged  in the o**der(of succession for the presidency. ar,e%:   ,,   y r, ^ __x i *    -,,/ (ii^.i  ii    i  Secretary"' of state���John Hay-of3 Ohio.  ., Secretary of the treasury���Lyman J.  Gage of Illinois..        ."        ",���'���"  ".Secretary of war���Bliliu Root ofr New  York. i.  Attorney-general���Philander 'C. Knox  of j Pennsylvania. '   _ i v  Postmaster-general^,���  Smith of Pennsylvania  Secretary of the'navy���John D. Long  of Massachusetts. *;      '   -���'-���*  Secretary of the interior���Ethan Allien  Hitchcock of Missouri.  Secretary of agi-iculture-^-Jame's Wilson of Iowa.  sale.'  f ���  li  ���v  r y.  ;C! :A._;Wat��ian. &. Co.  AUCTIONEERS.  :>- Rooms 14 and, 15,-.K.���W., G. Block.. ~V    *   i i  f    r  ���     .   .       .  !.'_v!  Charles Emory  s_-_-. *,--���;  NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and->Heat!  ed with Hot Air.    ���  'Large, comfortable bedrooms and' flrst-  class dining room. Sample rooms for1 commercial men. ^.  t 9,*  RATES ��2 PER DAY  Mrs. E. C. Clarke,5 Prop.  j Y   Late of the Royal'Hotel, Calgary  Rjadden House  ��� Baker 'and' Ward  Streets,  Nelson.  KOOTENAY....  ''   'GOFF.EE cb-  i      ' - ! ._    t i   ���    ' f  I ************************  r -   ,   ��� ,   s-  Coffee Boasters  to"-*6���,n Tea and Coffee,'��� ���  ************************  Wo are offoring a. lowest price, the best  grades of Ceylon, India, Ciitoft and Jssan  Teas.    . , r , ,      i -t      > , > ,     ,  Our Beat-, Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound  $   _D  Mooha and Java Blend, 3 pounda  1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds  1 GO  Special BlendiCofl.e, 6 pounds  1 00  Kw Blerjd Coffee, 6 pounds '... 1 00  .^Special Blend Co. Ion Tea,'per pound SO  ,r Y       IVIARBLE, i BUILDING. STONE,>��^  .     .       BRICK::AHb;[l_l_.. :'. .''  i      i     _.      _������   "��   '   *��� r -1 ~>  , '   -        *    - \  *  ,    - * ** \ n *    i . ' "-" * " - *  -1   ' t"  !,! /.. ' The   Mansfleld0^ Manufacturing ������ Company?"/''  j have the aboye:mentioned/building^materials"  Ij for sale at reasonable,, prices. ���  Special;;qu6t��i-:rH  1$19*P  to r builders,'and. contractors for^largefil  2-orders.-     ,��������� >�����*>' \.,V* , /? ���*'; ,- t: \-vA . *   I  ii '______ ' : L_____':i~ *-'      ?       yf   ' , -    ^      ',:,> '      -|  ���M_f-*��  *2��l_?^.'*  ^V"r��*i''_'J1?-|S;f_l  .s POTIOR > V^i *^-^_^��l  .Courts of. Assize,.. Nisi Priu_KoVlr*4n_l?%*i^l  Terminer  and. General, Delivery v wilP-be ,^Sr?%||  n0l?r^,In the Court House.' at>Uto"loK^S||  in the forenoon, at^the .places *---'--'-"-- &A-^99s��  dates following, namely:  ^Xll an? criminal.^ ,*, *- Ji\'.v.r'-*���>,'^t}U^<r*i'*$?&��_i  oCUy^ Ro.sland.,^  cSPr__S_ 'c����e:v ^^* ^iSf^-MC  i n*  ���^  orders;by mail promptly ^ttended^o  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  THE LAW CF SUCCESSION  The only hotel ln Nelson  that has remained under one management since: 1880.*,  The  _cd-room_ fir* well furnished and5-  lighted by elcctricu_.  The bar Is always stocKeo ny the best  domestic and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN .("_CTI0H HOTEL  J. H. McMANUSJ Manager.   '  In Case of a President Dying".  The constitution of the United States,  Art. II, Sec. 1, provides:  "In case of the removal of the president from office or of his death, resignation, or inability to discharge the  powers and duties of the said office  the same shall devolve on the vice-  president, and the congress may by lav/  piovide for the case of removal by  death, resignation, or inability both of  the president and vice-president, declaim*-; -what officer shall then act as  ...president,.and such officer shall,act ac-  , cordingly until the disability be removed  or a;president shall be elected."  The act- of congress approved. January  . 19th, .1J386, providing for the performance  of the duties of the office of president  in case of the removal,, death, resigna-.  tion, or inability bothy of the president  and vice.president, is as follows:-'  "That in case of removal,, death, resignation, or.inability ot both*, the president and vice-president of the United  Stat_3, the secretary of state; or, if there  be none, or in case of his removal,  death, resignation, or inability, then the  Bar stocked with best brands jof wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms. First class table board.  "WEST BAKER STREET; NELSON.  (   ^************ **********^  SH. H. PLAYFOfSD &CO.I  V  m  f��  m  <*  J$ TOBACCO  and   cigar J  5 MERCHANTS.              *��  IR J                                                                   /-ft  1��   -f��  T�� .   /"fi  �� f��  5 P. 0. Box 637. Telephone 117. $  '"% it  ?<?���'*********************&  MADDEN   BLOCK  NELSON.  In the supreme, court of aCootenay^holdenfiS^ffv*  at Nelson,** in the'matter of the estate^i? *T-wi  and ettects qf Alexis Swanson,*-late ot ��&&'*/&*&'  ���the city of, Nelson,  deceased intestate.-:fX,s5-bWL  Jrf_tir��0      _��_       l___v__>__.       (rltm'L-1.--.       !.-_. ^      ^      .-.Vf     r" _���  __. .. ���..���, *,  . ~l,tsv-ui.\*\*.  '%dT_llino_l C-LUI'      OLiVt-oi" ��  I"*-0!**"  the personal estate and��ei*fects-of said de-^i-- T'*.ft_i  H?^??���*_?,!?*;!?,?- ?.s, hereby given that'all "js X'^-^l  T  RBMONT' HOUSE  HOTEL ,EOSSLAroiJ;ii,  .Third door from Grand- Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day'  house in town. House and furniture new  and first class in every respect. Lighted  by gas. Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here. ��� '  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBJSTWBBS AND BOTTLSBS OV  FINE LAGER BEEF?, ALE  ;���-    AND PORTER  FISHING TACKLE  WE HAVE THE BEST  FLIES AND   THE  r : "X BEST LEADERS MADE.  Minnows, silver and -fold and Phantoms  Silk Lines  Lauding Nets  Aiid a splendid line of all fishing requisites.  321 TO 331 BAKER STREET, NELSON  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 25 Cents \o $1  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  urns & Co.  Head Office at  NELSON, B. 0.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Prompt and regular delivery to, the trade.  '   BKEWRRT AT  NELSON        v  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 285.  AG^NT FOR GALT COAL  Office: Two Doors We  CANADA DRUG & BOOK GO.  K.-W.-C. Block.       Cornnr Ward and Baker fits  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  ,Y. Work. .  A gents Tor Hard and Soft) Coal. Imperial Oil  Company. Washington Brick, Lime & Manufacturing Company. General commercial agents  and brokers.  All coal and wood strictly cosh on delivery.  Markets at  Nolson,  RosalaDd,  Trail,  TTaglo, Ymir, Sandon,  Silverton, Ne-w  Denver, Eevelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  ���' ��� .   .      . ���  West Kootenay Butcher Go."  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  RSH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  KW.CBL.OC__  WARD STBEET  ;E.;& T*FIAy^S.jManag.r  full - particulars duly verifred by statutory  declaration' to   tho  said administrator at''  Nelson aforesaid.      t j-*��� t '      ,'- Ai     ,-1.<  >  And notice is also horeby given that after  such last mentioned date said administrator will proceed to distribute the a_i.ets of  the said deceased according to law with6ut  regard to any claims' of which he shall  then, not have received notice. * ��  Dated this 2_th day of-August, A ,D. 1901.  ,    _,    .   ��� ,    , KJjfjIOT & LENNIE, ** I  '    T SohcHors-*.or  the Administrator.  -  oEETinoATi: or impeove__eu"ts.'"  NOTICE-CITY" "MINERAL CLAIM.  Situate In the Nelson Mining Division of  West  Kootonay District.   .' .  Where located:,About oue mile south'o.-'.  Nelson.  Take notice that I, Wiliam John Goepel,���  Piec Miner's Certificate No   D0.500, Intend,  sl*Uv davs from tho date hereof, to apply  fo the Mining Recoider for a Certillcate of  *  Improvements for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.   ,  And further take notice that action un-  -der-sectIon-37��� i���u__-bo~commcnced~beforo  the   issuance   of   such   Certificate   of  Improvements.  Dated   this  ICth   day  of  August,-A. -D. ,'  1901.  XV.   J    GOEPJSL.     l  OEETIPIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE���NEl SON MINERAL CLAIM,  situate in the Kelson Mining Division of  West  Kootenay   District.  Where located: About one mile south ot  Nelson. "  Tako notice that I, John Paterson,  Free Miners Certrtrcsn. No .,0.727. Intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to tho Mining Recorder for a Cei tificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of ob-  Uilrrrrig a Crown Grant of tli.  above clltm.  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certlflcatp of Improvements. .  Dated this IGth day of August A. D.  1901. JOHN   I.VTERSON.  OEETIPIOATE  OF   IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE.���THE CHAMPION MINERAL  claim, situate in the Nelson mining division of West Kootenay district. Where  located: On Forty-nine creek about 200  yards from hydraulic dam. Take notice  that I, E. W. Matthews, acting as agent  for Henry Samuel Crotty, free miner's  certificate No. b49,970, Intend, sixty days  from the date* hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of the abovo claim. And ,  further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  Dated thin 18th day of July. A  D   1901.  OEETIPIOATE  OF   IMPEOVEMENTS.  Tiger, Kitchener and Last Chance mineral claims, situate in the Nelson mining  division of West Kootenay district. Where  located: On Morning mountain on the past  sido of Sandy creek about ono mile from  the Kootenay river. Take notice that I,  It. Smith, freo miner's certificate 55,762b,  acting as agent for A. Thorn, free miner's  certificate 55,670b, Henry E. Hammond,  free miner's certificate 55,Gl��b, and An-  nandale D. Grieve, free miner's certificate  55.668b, intend sixty davs from the dato'  hsreof to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a crown ��*Tant of the  above claim. And further take notice that  action, under section 37, mu't be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements. R. SMITH.  Dated this 25th dav of July, A   D. 190L  ""SSI  'jwl  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE. ��� MONUMENT MINERAL  claim, situate In the Nelson mining division of West Kootenay district. Where located: At the head of Grohman creek'on  Grohman mountain. Take notice that . I,  J. M. McGregor, acting as agent-for Steve  Hawkins, froe miner's certificate No.  b50,_j_, and Louts Strand, free miner's certificate No. b37.293, intend sixty days from *  the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate ofi improvements,  for, the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  that action under section 37. must bo com- .  that action, unded section 37, must be com-  menced before the - issuance'.. of such 'certificate ��� of; lmprovements;.''-|--'-;v-V''-v.vy;y:v;-4^.-y. ^���*_^'1^^MW-i*��w*yi^^  THE _STELSO_S"*TRIBUISrE,  FRIDAY  MORNING,  SEPTEMBER  13, 1901  11 ���_  WE HAVE PURCHASED  FROM THE ASSIGNEE OFTHE ESTATE OF H. F. M'LEAN THE  PRESCRIPTIONS HELD IN THE ABOVE ESTATE. ANY PERSON WHO HAD PRESCRIPTIONS THERE MAY HAVE THEM  REFILLED WITH ACCURACY ON SHORTEST. NOTICE BY  APPLYING AT OUR STORE.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VIOTORIA  BLOOK  NELSON,   B. C.  m >-<,*,-  oys  8/ Is  |l_��*  P.-  I*      '  .?.���*>  K-"���-���-'I  :*���?_���"' *  tii. *; '  I       '  Having added to my stock a large  range of Youth's Boy's and Children's  '.clothing, I am now prepared ,to offer  to" the public the hest variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  Everything is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices:  Intending purchasers "wiU do well tb  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.       _      ^ ...,.'   -   AT THE HOTELS.  PHAIR���J. C. Eaton and wife, San  Francisco; C R. Gilbert, Vancouver;  William Gill, Victoria; J. E. Miller, Vancouver; E. P. McNeill and wife, Macleod; Max T. Williams and A. G. Gilbert,  Montreal; E. F. Everett and wife, Silverton.  GRAND CENTRAL���Ed Clark, Athabasca mine; Thomas Park, Waterloo;  Ed Pollard, Cornwall; J. W. Sinclair,  Buffalo; Angus MacDonald, Lardeau;  Mrs . Larson, Phoenix; H. Bracker,  Kaslo.        _  QUEEN'S���E. S. Beddy, Kaslo; Ed.  Lind and wife, Ymir; Robert A. Ibbot-  son, -Hall; W. R. Stevenson, Grand  Forks; 'J. R. Allan, Macleod;, Thomas  Benton, Slocan; Gill Finkle, Slocan.  NELSON���H. McGinnis, Phoenix;  C.  C. Morris and Robert Curry, Victoria.  '    MADDEN���Michael   Melley,  Wallace,-  Idr.ho. ��  TREMONT���John P. Redding, Pilot  Bay.    CITY AND DISTRICT.  William Walmsley and E. C. Davidson took over the Bodega saloon at  noon, yesterday, having purchased from  W. G. Robinson.  \ The sale of Mrs. Horace Hume's furniture and effects will take place this  afternoon in the Archbold cottage,-corner of Kootenay and'Baker streets.  Jl-'*���'���_   i  PA* ��->  iXKr*   '��  I ���_? - > v.-;���  |_&��.Jr  /.Baker Street     J#     J\0 '   GIL_K__E_R  properties under development in a small  way. In the majority of cases they  have smaller leads than those in the  Paladoria, but the ore appears to be  richer. A nnmber of former Nelson  men are iterested in the section and  havo valuable holdings, but, like the  others, they are hampered by lack of  necessary capital.  NELSON, B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON,  B.C  J ���_*">  'JJtfiY*-   -  c   *  Kir  !__  -ii  jt;yotj want a perfect cup of, tea use'  LSI OR  THE FAMOUS1 CEYLON  if-frFor Purity'and. Flavor-it is Unsurpassed^  '^0 ���f.^'Retails''at 40,'50" and '60 cents, per*'pound  ��fe /. v. Packed��� expressly' for '' ^.,5   ��� ,,.-.  ife; .-.I-I'.    "J: r      ,     v-        * -"   -.  ��� ���v,-���    v : -     -���-' \.   . S* :  Hurifef  &  The Nelson Freight & Transfer Company yesterday purchased the business  of the Pacific Transfer Company and  will consolidate the two businesses.  ��� _Mrs. Mary Malette yesterday completed the purchase oi the east half  of lot 11 and lot 12, in block 9, Hume  Addition, from E. Levesque, and lot 3,  in block 1, (Hume Addition, from Antoine Morin.  Developing the Gordon Group.  John P. Redding, who is developing  the Gordon group of claims, was in Nelson yesterday.  The Gordon  is  located  on the headwaters of Five-mile creek,  about six and a half miles from Crawford bay, and lying to the south of the  Commonwealth group, whicli was lately  secured by J. C. Drewry. Mr. Redding  is very well pleased with the manner  in which the Gordon group is developing. The work done shows that he has  a big ledge, which at one point attains  a width of 31 feet, and in several places  where it has been opened up there is a  body of concentrating ore which in several places shows a uniform width of  about eight feet. In the No. 1 tunnel  he has eight feet of ore showing, and  in the winze sunk from this level there  are from 4 to 5 feet of good concentrating stuff. The entire face of the No. 2  tunnel is in ore, and 100 feet below this  tunnel a surface" showing has been  opened with an equally good showing.  Mr. Redding intends* to sink the winze  in the No. 1 tunnel another 25 feet, and  when the trail is cleaned out expects to  make a shipment from the ore which  has accumulated on the dumps.  H. BYERS & CO.  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  in Kootenay. Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles. Winchester Smokeless and  Savage Carbines. Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequaled  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers, Exhausters, Hand Shaft Pumps, Pipe and Fittings, Steam Packing, Leather and  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc. ,Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  have been t previously divorced during  the lifetime of" the, other party to the  flrst marriage, without reference to the  ordinary, except when such persons desire to be reunited to each other." The.  synod turned down a resolution favoring the adoption of Gothenburg licensing system^ and passed *_a resolution favoring'restriction of number of licenses.  A meeting of the members of the Nelson Rifle Association 'will be' held in  the armory this evening at 8, o'clock  for the purpose 'ofr discussing general  business of .the association and arranging future dates for .shooting. -    ,  All members of the local company of  R. M. R. are requested to meet at the  armory this evening- at 8 o'clock for  the purpose' of making \ arrangements  for-visiiting Victoria,to'take part in the  reception tp be tendered to the duke and  'duchess of York.  .    '~rl  REFRIGERATORS       HAMM0GKS  '���Now is your time to get a bargain in these lines, as-we-  must dispose of them all this month. If you want\one 'or;  both of these lines, the price won't hinder ��� you.*. *;      . ��   .   \ ���*,  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   COY  '      , Importers and Dealers ln Shelf and- Heavy Hardware.  W  ito  PAYS TO CALL ON US  WHEN /OU WANT ANYTHING IN  S.Sv__  V  to  to  to  to  Judge Forin is now'on, a trip through  the towns of East Kootenay holding sessions'of the county'court.-;He wi|l return to _Nelson; via,,-Revelstoke,and is  expected" to, be away three, weks. 'It is  said- that during .his,--" absence judge  L'eamy of Greenwood*may be in-Nelson  to'-t'ake up1 the'chamber work-incidental  to the approaching assize,court.  . The, police v have issued a'number of  summonses against several small boys,  whoY are charged' with .he ^theft of 100  'sacks from the���barns)of Wesley Cal-  bick, "'Thefts of this ,nature,-have been  very'frequent/ and'^the. police'haye, determined ' to make an example of the  offenders. The boy. made a practice of  disposing of the sacks _te merchants ;at  two and'_three[cents,each. ���    , -  'A meeting of the commissioners for  the, Nelson' license ^district was held"ih  the court house yesterday morning for  the purpose* of taking .action upon the  application of James, Anderson of,'Erie,  for a hotel license. A: M, Johnson op--  posed jthe; granting of the new license  on .behalf'of* the'present holders, of ..licenses, i The commissioneis decided tha^  there was ��� no - surety that the present'  applicant   would   conduct   any   better  house than''those being, conducted Yat  present and they expressed the opinion'  that there were enough of the kindY  The application was refused.  Mining Records. ��  Certificates of work were yesterday issued to Louis Taillifer on the Joint  Fractional and Champlain;" J. A. Taylor  on the Alhambra and .Marguerite; J. F.  McFarlane,on the Aurora Fractional; N.  F. Townsend, on the Imo; John Love et  al, on the%Rainbow;'A. McDonald et al,  on the Promise. ���  William B.r Townsend has a declaration entered upon the record books to  the effect that John'Allen has allowed  his license to lapse and requests that  Allen's, interest in the Allen be recordd'  in th i name of his co-owner, J. W.  Thompson.  The locations recorded were: Forrest,  about a half mile.frpm the mouth of  Porcupine creek, by ,D. B. Grobe; Summit and Oregon, in the same neighborhood, by Ovid Parliri; May Flower,, on  right fork of, She^ep creek, ,by Ada Sch-  winke; Ida S.,",by Weneda Dainelson;  and Lost Min'e,"by J.; A. Benson, in the  same neighborhood; Vetta Tyler Frac-,  tional, near Craigtown1/ by Paul Bonnet;  and Napolepn the same, vicinity by th_;same locator; Duncan" by  Alexander' .McDonald,', near Craigtown;  Myrtle, near Craigtown, by F. Coryell.  LATEST  CANADIAN   NEWS  Weather permitting the regatta of-the  Nelson'Boat Club will be rowed off tomorrow- afternoon, commencing at 2  _o_cio_ck.^he_,flrst__eyent_wiIlr_be_the.pre=.  liminary heat in the fours. 7_he Wheal-  ler vs. Mason crews will be started at 2  o'clock, and the Thomson vs. Beaven  crews half an hour later,' the Wetmore  crew having the bye. It is expected that  the final in the fours will be started at 5  o'clock. The following are the special  events for the day: Ladies' doubles at 3  o'clock, mixed doubles 4, four paddle  canoe 4:15, omnibus race 4:30, gent's  doubles 5:15, upset race 5:30, and tilting  race 5:45.  WE ARE SHOWING THE FINEST STOCK OF RATTAN  GOODS EVER SHOWN IN THE CITY '  &G0.  to  to  to  to  to  to  ;^a3a^aaaa3^^3393��3a3aas*_igi*'  ROSSLAND   BISQIINEBRIIVG  WORKS  cunliffe & momillan  Founders,  Boilermakers and Machinists.  ��RB OARS, Bkips, cages, ore bin doors, chutes and prenoral wrought Iron work.    Our ore cars are  the best on the market    Write n, for references and full particulars.  SECOND HANDMACHlNERYFOKSALK.-Ono 5-foot Pelion water*heel, width600feet, "8 to 16"  spinal riveted pipe.   One 10x5x13 oulaido packed plunRor sinking pump.    Kock diills, stoping  bars, &c. Sec.  STOCK  CARRIED.  P.  AGENTS NOBTHEY PUMPS.  O.  Box  198. THIRD  AVENUE.   ROSSLAND.  R-  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXOHANQE  No. 4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B.C.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send samples of their .oro tothe  Kxchange for exhibition. Wo desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising mineral  claims in British Columbia.  Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when  in Nelson/ Y  All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid.  Correspondence solioited.  Address all communications to  Telephone 104 ANDREW F.  ROSENBERGER,  P.O. Box 700 Nelson, B.C.  '���. mipwhh J.MJ!,'s' JJH_I_V 'rrimririinrrur iimiJUiill-i_l-HJT_rr_  Require Capital.  J.  B.  Olds,  one  oi- the pioneers  of  the gold quartz camp which has been  started1 at   the   headwaters   of  Kettle  river,  some 25  miles  up Fire Valley  from the Arrow lake, has been in Nelson  for  a  couple  of  days.    He  says  things are viitually at a standstill in  Fire Valley.  Most of the properties have  responded well to the development that  has   been   done  upon  them,   but  they  appear to  be out' of the beaten path  of the capitalist, and as they require  capital   for  advantageous   working,  a  deadlock is the result.   Mr, Q](\a made  his flrst location of the Paladoria grQU.R  in the summer of 1897, and he has stayed with it ever since.   Upwaids of $3000  have been spent in opening the property up, and it may now be said to be  in excellent shape for a development  syndicate or company to take hold of.  There  are  some  four  ledges  of  gold  quartz on the group, the most important of which has been opened up' py a  series  of prospecting shafts and tunnels.    This work has shown th^t the  quartz carries uniformly high gold values, the average of which it is estimated will range between $20 and ?25  to the. ton.   In, the bottom of one of  the shafts there is a body of two feet  of quartz, one foot of which samples  ?50 to the ton.   In other openings the  quartz bodies are much larger, but all  the assays are well up to the ?25 mark,  Experiments made with the ore show  that from 40 to 45 per cent of the values  could be secured in milling, but the lack  of  transportation  facilities  renders   it  impossible for any but a fairly strong  company to take the property up, and  Improved transportation facilities in a  measure  waits .upon  the section's development,  '  . Ontario.     <  ,..   --, -  HAMILTON, September 12.���Members  of v C - battery, held a- meeting ,last -night  and<* decided to 'refuse' to go to Hamilton to receive'medals-from trie dulp of  York unless the government grants  them their back pay. ?' ' \ * 'i  ���' TORONTO, September 12.���fhe Evening Telegram's London, cable' quotes sir  Charles Tupper as saying4in an interview that England treats Canada as if  the 'Dominion -were ^[Russia or. some  other,foreign country.'.' " ] y. '  ' WIARTON, September -12.���The Colonial . Construction Company of Montreal*-has been awarded the, contract for  the' erection of the buildings and plant  for ' the, flrst beet root Zsugar factory  "in Ontario; capacity "700 tons per day.  Thel contract price is $350,000.' ' ,  ' COLLINGWOOD, September ' -1_. ���  Seven thousand people witnessed 'the  launch of the Heronic, the largest boat  on Lake Huron, and the largest Canadian built boat ever launched. She ��� is  owned by the Northwest Transportation Company of Sarnia, and is 325 feet  -over_aIl,-and- has^-a- capacity-of���3100  tons.  TORONTO, September 12.���The civic  reception committee invited the citizens' committee to name seven citizens  to co-operate in the welcome of the duke  and duchess of York. - The citizens'  committee failed to raise any money  for decorations, their time being occupied in squabbling over seven members  to be added to the civic.committee. Today the civic committee refused the  invitation, and in consequence there is  much agitation in society circles. The  city will spend $15,000 on the flrst day's  welcome.  Nova Scotia.  SYDNEY, September 12.���William  Woodhill, the oldest inhabitant in Sydney, is dead; aged 93 years.  HALIFAX, September 12.���Hon. W.  S. Fielding, in an interview here, gives  the Jmpression that the Dominion government is inclined to assist in steel  ship building in Canada, and intimates  the desire of the government to have  fast Atlantic liners built in Canada,  should that project become an accomplished fact, which he thinks is within  possibilities of the near f utui e. - He  would, however, convey no secrets of  tlie government in this connection.-Yany,  more than, by saying the' Canada" public,  would have no reason tonfee_,as_amed of  the service should it,be inaugurated."-  I'. II.      s , ,'      >���   I ���'  . ���        .  "' i    . ', . -Newfoundland,  ST. JOHNS,N September 12.���The-fire  which broke out here yesterday, resulting in a-loss of about $500,000, was  'extinguished last night. The buildings  destroyed", were a cooperage, five fish  stores, eight houses, and three oil vats.1  / ._The Inquiry Commenced. ��� :', ,  iVV.A'SHiNGTON, j September., 12l^TBer.4  was no early rush on,the"part,6l-'.Wash-J  ington\public;,,to .secure seats for the  Schley.inquiry, which 'rbegan at 'the  Washington navy yard today. Four  hundred seats, reserved for - the�� public  were only two-thirds ^occupied when the  'court convened." There was no restriction and, those "who'were first to arrive  had their ' choice.. The first letter  broughti-to the attention of the court  was admiral Schley's letter' requesting  the court of enquiry.-This was read by  captain Lemley. At 1:30 admiral Schley  arose and said that with'extreme regret  he, was obliged to challenge admiral  Howison asla member of the court, and  the objection'-to the rear admiral was  sustained:  v ���   , '   ,  li i     b '"������  ; Crabbe's Important ��� Capture. '  MATJESFONTEIN, Cape Colony, September 112.���Colonel Crabbe has > surprised the camp of Van Dermerwe, the  mopt trusted lieutenant of commandant  Scheeper, killed him and another Boer,  and made prisoners of.J57 out of the 100  men under Van Dermerwe's command.  BUT A GENUINE  RETIRING SALE  AND WHAT IT, MEANS TO YOU  Men's Worsted, Serge and Tweed Suits that formerly  sold for $15 and $12, now $10 and $7. We also have them  as low as $5 a Suit.  / 50 Men's   Overcoats   in Melton's,   Beaver's and   Frieze,  from $5 up.    Excellent value at double the price.  ''     100 * Pairs   Blankets   at   $1.50   upwards.    You   are   in  .pocket on these from 25 to 50 per cent.'  Fine-Scotch Worsted Underwear, reduced from. $7 to $5.  ' Men's Heayy Woolen Sox, six pair for $1.  Our Blue Flannel;Shirts, worth $1.-75 for $-������ is,a winner.  Fine Canadian Grey Underwear, reduced from $1 to 60c.  . .t See/the'cuts in Boots and Shoes, they will surprise you.  J I^Meh's :Hats,''all shapes, colors, and sizes, below cost.  fCf.---V        l ���_ '������   . ''  '      *       l '   ,  BAKER STREET, NELSON  tag Out of  Auction  Business  Spectacles  or Eyeglasses  Quebec  QUEBEC, September 12.---The French  warship Destress has arrived here to  join in the welcome of the duke and  duchess of Cornwall.  MONTREAL,' September 12.���H. A,  Allan was today elected president of  the Monti eal Telegraph Company, succeeding his late father, Andrew Allan.  FATHER POINT, September 12.���The  steamer Lake Champlain, Stewart master, Liverpool for Montreal, has arrived. She reports tue death of the  lighthouse keeper at Bell)*. Isle, last  Sunday,  MONTREAL, September 12.���Miss  Laplante, a trained nurse, shot herself  at her boarding house on St. Catherine  stree); this afternoon. The bullet entered her left side and so far the doctors are unable to extract it. She will  probably die.   No cause'is known.  MONTREAL, September 12.���The police here are taking extraordinary precautions to protect the duke and duchess  of York on the occasion of the approaching visit. Tonight seventy-five warrants  were issued in blank on which the police will arrest every suspect they come  across. A remand of ten days will follow their appearance in court, so that  they will be kept entirely out of the  way...  MONTREAL, Se*)temi-*.3r 12.���The  ���provincial synod today passed a resolution prohibiting the marriage of divorced '���-' persons by.' clergymen. The  resolution was adopted after'a long discussion, and it was resolved that the  folowing paragraph be adde.d to Canon  16, within the prohibited degree: "No  glergyman  of- this  ecclesiastical prov-  We can show you a fine  assortment 6"- styles in  spectacle ware of different  quality and price. Every  pair fitted free ot charge  and guaranteed.  Dry Goods Gfent's Furnishings, Boots,' Shoes, Hats and  Caps. In order that I may sell off the balance', of my  stock rapidly,-1 have engaged with  CHARLES A. WATERMAN" & .CO., Auctioneers  to sell by-auction every evening at 8 o'clock the balance  _of_-my_-Stoc]_.-l_Come-ana^getf>goods-at-your--own-prioesras^  everything must be.sold.   Private sale at"greatly reduced  prices during day. .  i  A. FERLAND  BROWN BROS  Opticians and Jewelers.  BAKER STREET  NELSON  HEAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE BBOKEBS  6  4J <nJW -��>trAj0^myU,  & vwu  _u^-w��' r**%0 '       jr 01/f  Agents for Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  HOMTEA  J. A. IBYM & CO.  The best In the market, in 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.  50c a Pound  GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street.  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX 527.  FOR SALE  Mr. Olds says there are a nun*ber of j Ince ��hall knowingly solemnize a mar-  claJ��_p-fi7njB^|^^^ \_\^;^^,i^:^^i^,Z^^&!. ��t whom,  5000 Treasury Shares in the Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited.  50,000 Treasury Shares in thie Royston Gold Mines, Limited.  Choice lots in Bogustown.  Properties in all parts of the City.  Apply to  EE&DTAID J. STEEIr  Nelson Saw & Planing  X_II_CIT__3__).  CHARLES HILLYER, President.  HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Havojustieceived 3,000,000 feet of logR from Idaho, and we are prepared to cut the largest bills1  of timber of any dimensions or longths. Estimates glvon at airy time. Tho largest stock of sash,  doors, and mouldings in Kootenay.  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OFFICK AND YARDS: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  wnnrn f_N*___jr>  THB  BINDBRY.'bBPARTMHNT OF  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED,  ���y        , BUBNS BLOOK, HBLSON.  BOOK BINDING  SPECIAL RULED BLANK BOOKS  SPECIAL RULED FORMS  toWfW^H^$TX!***e*Z*  _rypj ^ J't-ir.   * t_A_.*r .* rcT?-' r-,  -.^-.^->.-\^Ao*ti��� .t ,  -^���m .a "TW- ���.%.*;:>��'/."*.���**��' "������.* *: ?. flw*! **  ^**._^r-^**-f***��**^,*t'rt-^'�� .^^i'


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