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 z.rz  ESTABLISHED   1892  WEDNESDAY  MORNING, -SEPTEMBER  4,   1901  DAILY EDITION  MINING MEN AGREE THAT  GEISER   CANNOT   OPERATE   TEE  MINES SUCCESSFULLY.  Shooting Affray at Northport Creates  a Demand for "Bondsmen From  British   Columbia,  ROSSLAND, September 3.���[Special to  0The Tribune.]���-The news of the shooting at Northport yesteraay between deputy sheriff Anderson and deputy United  ift States marshal Guyton occasioned a  good deal of excitement here until the  real facts were known. The* arrest of  Guyton and the heavy bail he has been  placed under has set at rest many stories afloat early this morning. Bernard  McDonald, William Thompson, assistant manager, of the Le Roi, and a Rossland bank manager drove down to  'Northport early this morning, presum-  Lfably oyer the Guyton matter, and re-  ., turned this afternoon. H. F. Guyton,  who is a deputy United States marshal  'lit Northport, was in Leadville, Colorado, in' 1S96, and served there1 as policeman for three years. He shot and  killed Frank Dougherty for no reason  except that he was a union man. He  was deposed from the police force, but  was appointed ' a .deputy sheriff. He  came from Leadville to Northport as  a guard over 32 men who in July were  recruited in Leadville to come to North-  port, and on arriving was made a deputy United States marshal to enforce(  judge Hanford's famous injunction or-'  dor.  A party of 62. men from Joplin, Missouri, arrived at Northport yesterday.  Seven of the men came on here, but  v6f tbe original party some 40-odd refused to work at the smelter on ascertaining the facts of the case. The riien,  unite in saying that they were all told  there was no labor trouble at-North-  port or at Rossland when they were engaged to come north by Oliver B. Lamb,  agent of the smelter company.;  Mining men agrefc that 'contractor  Geiser cannot succeed in working tho  mines to any extent. None of the old  miners,' union or' hom-union men, have-  offered for work. �����Sorhe' ore is being '  shipped from the big.second-class-dump  at, the Le Roi .and soriieyore that was  ready for shipment, has beenj.'sent down  from the Josie; but no mining has yet  been seriously attempted. ; Matters will  stand until the arrival here, of the English directors and Henry Bratnober.  law, and was remanded for a week without bail. No evidence except as to Dr.  Krause's arrest being,offered, sir George  Lewis, on behalf of the prisoner, asked  if any deposition against his client supporting tho charge existed. Prosecutor  Muir replied that there was, of course,  information against the accused in Cape  Colony. The police hero, he said, had  acted upon telegraphic instructions. The  police testified that Dr. Krause when  arrested looked at the warrant and remarked, "The charge is absurd."  GREENWOOD MINES ACTIVE  BULL RIVER IRON DEPOSITS  BONDED FOB ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.  ONLY SEVENTEEN  REMAIN  .  Forty-fiva Jumped the Job.  NORTHPORT, Washington, Septembers;���[Special to The Tribune.]���Forty-five out of the sixty-two men brought  in yesterday from Joplin, Missouri, have  quit work.at the smelter. The Smelter-  men's Union headed a subscription list  with $100 and the citizens and business  men chipped in, and the total contributed was sufficient to take the men tc  Marcus and other towns where they cai>  =get=work.=One-of=the-new=men=said=tha^=  matters were . misrepresented to then,  by the company's agent, who hired then.  in Joplin, and that they were told that  there was no strike in progress al  Northport. He said that" he would not  work at the smelter under present conditions for any amount of wages.  Revelbtoke Local News  REVELSTOKE, September 3.���[Special to The Tribune.]���Labor Day wa.y  celebrated here yesterday by a football  match between Revelstoke and Golden  teams. The home team won by 2 to 0.  F. C. Gamble is expected to be here tomorrow to inquire into the wagon road  contract through the canyon to th _  eight-mile post. There is nothing new  in the Fauquier embezzlement case.  Chief inspector Goepel is still here investigating.  Railway and Light Combine.  PHILADELPHIA, September 3.���The  North American-tomoi r'ow will print a  story to. the effect that union of all the  electric railway and electric light companies owned by Philadelphia capitalists is now under way. This combination, will involve over ?I00;00O,000, and  includes the old as well as the new  rapid transit companies recently chartered in this state.  Sittings of the Supreme Court.  :  GREENWOOD, September 3.���-[Special  to The Tribune.]���From Anthony J.  McMillan, managing director of the  Snowshoe Mines, Limited, who has returned to Rossland after visiting the  Snowshoe mine, at Greenwood, it was  'ascertained that although the mine will"  not yet ship ore to any considerable extent, it has been arranged to send a  carload daily to the smelter at Greenwood. There is a large quantity of ore  available in the mine for shipment, but  freight and treatment rates, are not yet  favorable enough to inuiice the management to ship on anytnrng like the scale  that the mine is now In shape to.maintain. An open cut or quarry has been  started in the big ore body that goes  from the surface down/and this will  be so opened out as to admit of a comparatively large output from it when  later conditions shall better accord with  the views of the management with respect to the matter of rates. New buildings, including -offices, bunk and boarding houses and cottages ai'o..to be erect-:  ed shortly, arrangements for this: work  being now in hand. It is intended to  extend   operations   at   the   mine   grad-  - ually as it shall be found advantageous  :to do so, and from time to time additions will bo made to the working  force, which now numbers about forty  men.  The Montreal & Boston Copper Company has decided to work its Sunset and  Crown Silver'mines, near Greenwood,  upon an enlarged scale. The 10-drill  air compressor is being overhauled and  a. double cylinder double drum, 100  horse-power hoist is to replace the,engine now in use, and it has been ordered  from  the Jencks Macruno Company of  ���Snerbro'o.kc,-'.Quebec*������������������__..��� spur from the.  railway'* to tlie Mother Lode mine is  being, put in and on this there > will be  ��� accommodation  for  ten  cars.    A  com-  Imodious boarding "house, is to be built  for the men." The working force employed is now about 45 men and more are  ��� to be put on. A commencement was  made to ship ore last week, when about  300 tons wore sent to the Hall Mines  smelter at Nelson".  For about eighteen months the'Greenwood-bar has been endeavoring to induce the provincial government to arrange for holding supreme court sittings in Greenwood, urging that commercial importance and amount of high  court business the Boundary district  has had to do at Vernon, Nelson, or  Rossland called for holding or court  in this, the most central, town in the  district. These persistent efforts are  at length to be rewarded for, according  to the Gazette of August 31st, October-  22nd proximo is fixed as the date for  holding the sittings, civil and,criminal,  at Greenwood;. The appointment of  William G. McMyiin as local registrar  was made months ago.  ^^JThe^Gr o.w.t _.^-of= Canad ian=Gities.=-  I  Objected to Color Line.  ..; INDIANAPOLIS, September 3.���Two  hundred negroes and whites engaged in  a riot at 'a merry-go-round in this city  tonight. Henry Mills, white, was fatally shot' by. Henry Miller, colored, and  Wallace Picket was shot in the head.  He may recover: .The trouble started  by .John Noel, manager of the merry-  go-round, attempting to put negro children off.       Says the Charge Is Absurd  LONDON, September 3.���Dr. Krause,  formerly governor of Johannesburg and  a prominent official of the late Transvaal government, who was taken into  custody in London last night, was  charged at the Bow Street police court  this morning with high treason in the i  Transvaal under the Fugitive Offenders' 1  Census figures show that Sydney,  Cape Breton, is the banner city, having increased 30S.2 per cent in the decade, on account of her coal mines and  iron and steel works; Valleyfield .comes  next, with 100.4 per cent, whicli she  owes almost' solely to the Montreal  cotton mills and the large extensions  that have taken place in these works.  Vancouver takes third place, with  91.1 per cent, while Victoria has to be  content with taking eighth place with  20.6 per cent. Winnipeg, the capital  of the prairie province, is fourth, with  01.9 per cont; Ottawa is fifth, with  35.G per cent, and Montreal and suburbs   is   seventh,   with   about   29   per  cent, Brandon taking sixth place,  with 30.4 per cent, mis is very good  for Brandon, which Will nbw doubtless  be able to provide interest for her  municipal debt without repudiation.  Loudon takes ninth place, with 19 per  cent, Sherbrooke tenth, with 10.5 per  cent, Hull the eleventh, will 15.3 per  cent,   and   Toronto   the   twelfth, - with  14.7 per cent., No figures are given for  Sault Ste. Marie for the census of 1891,  but the population is now 5528, which  must mean a very large percentage, of  increase. Quebec shows, moderate  growth, with a gain ^_. 9.1 per cent,  which places her in the thirteenth position, to be, followed respectively b|y  Hamilton, with 7.3 per cent; Charlottetown, G.l per cent; Halifax, 5.9 per cent,  and St. John, with 3.9 per cent. These  figures will doubtless be revised, but  the revisions will probably not much affect the general results.  Will Have the Road Race  NEW YORK, September 3.���The Automobile , Club ��� of America announcad  today that consents had been obtained  from the local municipalities by the  Pan-American auhorities for the holding of a 100-mile road race between  Buffalo and Erie, and five clubs will  hold their annual sweepstakes over that  course on September 19th, as originally  planned. The governors also decided to  hold the week of sports is the Stadium,  at the exposition, during he week of  September 10th to 21st inclusive, including the race for the mile record.  The Deposits Arc Located Near Wardner, a Station on the Crow's  Nest Road.  CRANBROOK, September 3.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���J. T. Laidlaw, representing seven other parties, today bonded to S. A. Gebo, representing a wealthy  Helena,- Montana, - syndicate, 21 iron  claims cri Bull river',' six miles from  Wardner, foi- $100,000. Development  work will commence at once. A large  body of ore has been discovered, assay-'  ing 65 per cent iron, 8 per cent silica,  and low in phosphorus and sulphur.  two republics. Adverting to the possibilities of the influence of the United  States being exerted to compose the  pending questions, the ministers were directed to-say that while the relations of  this government with both nations are  equally intimate and friendly, and every  opportunity is taken to show the good  will we bear them, an offer of the president's kindly offices to arrange any  difficulties whicli may exist between Colombia and Venezuela would be ineffective without the consent of both.  SUING   STRIKING   UNIONS  DEATH FOR ALL PRISONERS  BOER   GENERALS   ISSUE   THEIR  PROCLAMATION.  Two British Scouts Taken on August  9th Reported to Have Been Murdered in Cold Blood.  Does the Constitution Follow the Flag?  HONOLULU, August 25, via San Francisco, ^September 3.���The territorial  courts do not agree regarding the question of the constitution following the  flag to Hawaii! -The supreme court has  just handed down a decision, with,Gal-  braith dissenting, to the effect that  during the period between the annexation of these islands to the United  States and the establishment of a territorial government, persons accused of  crime could lawfully be prosecuted without the intervention of a grand jury  r.nd convicted by nine out of twelve  jurymen. The decision remanded back  to jail seven defendants-who bad been  released on habeas corpus by circuit  judge Greer of the first circuit court.  Judge Greer held that the provision iu  ,the Lowland resolution; that the laws  of Hawaii .not contrary to the cpnsti-  'tution of the United Sates, remained  In force, mean that the-laws that were  contrary to the constiution were.annulled.' The' supreme-court has given  a decision sustaining the income tax  law passed by the legislature..a few  months ago.  A Chinese Comedy.  BERLIN, September o.���It is said in  official ^circles that the interview between emperor William arid prince" Chun  must occur tomorrow or Thursday, "as  his majesty goes to the manouvers oh  Friday. The correctness of the report  that emperor William has removed all  hindrances from prince Chun'sy coming  to Berlin, by telegraphing his willingness to receive him alone, is admitted  in official circles. The correspondent of  the Associated Press learns that baron  von Richthoff, the foreign secretary,  will assist emperor William at the re-  'ception of the Chinese envoy. Count  von Buelow will not be present. Koen  Chang, the new Chinese minister here,  will act as interpreter in the interview.  No other Chinaman will be present.  Prince Chun will lodge as emperor William's guest for two days at the orangery of the palace at Potsdam. He will  then come to Berlin, where the Chinese  legation has rented an adjoining place  for him. " -  Mining Records.  ==CeTtificates_of^c_*k_were^isl^fFd=y~es~  terday to Hugh Brown, on the Sunrise,  Gold Standard, Gold Bfjy and Mugwump; Joseph Caron, on the First  Chance; Thomas Flynn, et al., on the  Center Star, Twilight, Redman, Blind  Canyon, and Crowfoot; D. Boyer, on the  Surprise; Thomas Flynn et al., on the  Johnny; M. R. Driscoll, on the Rob  Roy Fractional, Gold Medal Fractional;  Hall Mines, Limited, on the Grand  Fractional, National Emblem, Shamrock, Horseshoe, Thistle, and Thorn  Fractional; Bella Devlin, on the Hazel;  Anton Zotler,  on the Anton Z.  Four now locations were recorded yesterday: Boston, on Evening mountain,  four miles east of Nelson, by John  Johnson; El Dorado, at the mouth of the  south fork of Porcupine creek, by A. T.  Pollett; Anaconda and Ruby, about two  miles east of Hall, by Thomas Livingstone and Richard James.  Will Not Discuss Intervention.  NEW YORK, September 3.���Considerable interest is being taken here in  the forthcoming meeting of the German  and Russian emperors, says the London  correspondent of the Tribune. As the  czar wishes count von Buelow. to be  present, it is taken for granted that  many important questions will be dis-  ussed by the two monarchs. It is almost  certain that a part of the discussion between the czar and the kaiser will have  reference to the subject of trade relations between Russia and Germany, but  there is no special reason to believe the  reports which emanate from pro-Boer  sources on the continent that the question of intervention in South Africa will  be considered at the same time.  Ready to Intervene.  WASHINGTON, September 3.���It is  asserted that on August 24th, during  secretary Hay's recent visit to Washington, a telegraphic message was sent  to the ministers of Caracas and Bogota,  desiring them to inform the foreign secretaries of Venezuela and Colombia of  the distress with which president McKinley had heard of the likelihood of a ���  disturbance of relations between. those j  Such Litigation Will Be Ruinous..  SWANSEA, Wales, September 3.���A  commotion was caused at today's session  of - the Trades Union Congress here by  the action of some employers in endeavoring- to recover, damages, under the  House of Lords decision of July 22nd,  from labor organization for picketing  by their members. A delegate from  Blackburn was served with a writ yesterday restraining him and the members  of the Blackburn branch of the Weavers,  Winders and Warpers' Association from  picketing Banister & Moores' works,  where a strike is now in .progress  Besides this suit the Taff-Bale railroad  is suing the Amalgated Society of Railway Servants for ��20,000 damages, in-,  curred as a -result of the strike of 1900.  The .suits will be strenuously defended,  but.their seriousness puts in the shade  almost every other topic of discussion.  President Bowerman .today devoted the  principal part of his address to this topic  declaring that uriion funds were threat-  cued with demolishment and that parliamentary committee favored an alteration to; the constitutions of the unions  with the object of .minimizing tlieir liability to action. The London Chronicle  today . supports this view, maintaining  that no association of working men can  stand long against such, litigation, and  that j f the decision regarding picketing  is" final, then any unscrupulous capital  ist will have his employees at his mercy,  and.'' the working,classes will sink back  again into an unorganized and impotent  crowd.!''  Thinks Sydney tlie Place..  SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, September 3.  ���H. M. Whitney, interviewed today respecting this town bonusing a shipbuilding ..enterprise, said: "lam sure  that the people who are discussing the  establishment y of ship-building plants  ;in Canada expect that the.iron;and steel  required for use in these plants will be  of Canadian manufacture. The Dominion Iron and Steel Company will be  ready to supply plates; within at least  two years "from this Jiuie, and I do not  know any other' concern which would  be prepared to deliver ship-building material any sooner. I do not think that  there is any need for haste in this matter. Whenever the time is ripe for the  establishment of a ship-building plant  of any magnitude it will in my judgment  be located at the place which possesses  the most natural advantages in the  way of obtaining cheap new material  and mechanical skill for the works, and  such locations will not be governed by a  subsidy of one hundred thousand, two  hundred thousand, or three hundred and  fifty thousand dollars. Sydney's chances  of securing the establishment ��� of this  plant when' the time _omes to build it  seems to me at least as good as those  of any other locality, and I should re-  gi-et=at=this=time=whei*.=so=much=nionej-j  is needed for sewers, water, shools, and  expenses incidental to the rapid development of a large industrial community to see the town assume so large a  burden, which, it seems to me, can be  of no present advantage."  The output of the steel company today is as follows: June, 24 clays, 5200  tons; July, 24 days, 7S01 tons; August,  24 days,  10,472 tons.  LONDON, September 3.���The colonial, office published tonight a dispatch  from the governor of Cape Colony; sir  Walter Hely Hutchinson, received: September 1st, announcing that the Boers  on August 9th captured two unai*uied  British scouts, near Haarloof, arid shot  them in cold blood.  LONDON, ��� September 3��� Commandant Dewet has issued a proclamation,  says a dispatch to the Daily Mail, from  Cape Town,-saying that he will shoot  all'British troops found in the Orange  River Colony after September 15th.  CAPE TOWN, September 3���It is-reported that commandant Myburg has  issued an order directing that all armed-  colonials captured after Septeihber 15th  are to be shot. Captain Wallis, with a  patrol of 25 men from Quetshoshern,  ���was taken in ambush near Mieririgs-  poort. He and two men escaped,-three  others were killed and four wounded,  and the rest who took the oath of neutrality were released.'  tax on every 1000 kilos of coffee. It has  been discovered that Brazilian coffee has  been used in Porto Rico since last  March by the army. The government  declined to buy at such rates and gave  tho trade to other places. At Comerio  it has been ascertained that gold is being taken out of the various streams by  some of the poorer people. The natives  make daily excursions to these streams  and search for pebbles, which are covered with gold. None of them will  show an outsider the place where these  pebbles can be found, and guides employed for this purpose invariably lead  the prospectors astray.  WEALTHY AMERICAN FORGER  DAY FOR STRIKES IS OVER  Ball Games Yesterday.  Eastern���Hartford 1, Brooklyn 5;  second game, Hartford 2, Brooklyn 1  (exhibition games); Providence 10,  Worcester   3.  National���St. Louis 3, Brooklyn S;  second game, St. Louis 0, Brooklyn 7;  Chicago 7, New York 4; Pittsburg 5,  Boston   2.  American���Boston 0, Cleveland 1;  second gaine, Boston 0, Cleveland 4;  Baltimore 1.0, Milwaukee 0; Washington 4, Detroit 3.  End of Six Day Race.  BOSTON, September 3.���Mayo and  Bowles were the leaders at the finish of  tho six-day bicycle, race at the River  cycle track at 1:30 o'clock tonight, having covered 970 miles, 7 laps in 45 1-2  hours' riding. The other three teams  came in in the following order: Moran and McLean, Bleecker and Downey,  Pierce and McDuffee.  Sawmill Burned Out.  HANCOCK,' Michigan, September 3.���  Fire today completely destroyed the  sawmills of the Armstrong Thilman  Company here. Loss ?100,000, partly  insured. In addition to the buildings  burned the entire summer's cut of hardwood, pine, and fine shed lumber was  destroyed. ���  Last of the Independence.  BOSTON, September 3.���The Independence practically went out of commission this, afternoon, after she had  raced over a course in Massachusetts  bay and was beaten by a fleet of fishermen ten miles on a twenty-five mile  course. It is believed she will be dry-  docked for dismantling ne*_t week.  Sovereign's Revised Views.  SPOKANE, September 3.���"If is' my  candid opinion: that the day has come  when the working people, will have to  abandon the strike as "_, remedial measure for the redress of grievances. I  would suggest a system of arbitration  similar,to the one of New_ Zealand, and  I would suggest a code of statutes  which will permit a working man to  sue for equities in his position."  These are the statements which Jas.  R. Sovereign, formerly^ grand master  workman ,.o{ the Knights of Labor recently  made.  "The union men will have to cultivate  that spirt .of. fraternity that will entirely eliminate the prejudices for the  discussion of political and economical  problems," said Mr. Sovereign. : "The  influence the trades organizations exorcise in politics is the result almost  exclusively of their education outside  of.the unions themselves, and I would  bring this education in" the unions in  a fraternal way, and segregate it from  partisan   politics.  "I would organize in every city such  as Spokane an industrial congress, composed of the best and most learned representatives of the labor organizations,  and open it to the public for the education of the. masses on these very subjects or questions of economic reforms.  '���This would naturally bring the laboring   men   to   discussing   the   same  question upon the same platform with  the employer.    What   ..e want is harmony of intersts."  Mr. Sovereign went on to state that  tjLeJ.aboi*ing=man.^and==the=-enii)loy.er=  must be ;brought closer together, and  that a discussion of these questions  by both sides at the same time would  have the tendency to make each understand better the needs of the other  side. He recommended strongly the  union of the laboring man and the employer in this way, where each could  bring his side of any question before the  public.  Montreal Railway Deal.  MONTREAL, September 3.���Another  big consolidation scheme is on the tapis  wliich will involve some ?5,000,000, the  funds for whicli are to be furnished  by a syndicate of Montreal merchants  under the direction of Hanson Brothers,  financial agents. The undertaking contemplates the absorption by the Ottawa  Northern and Western railway, a charter company, of the Pontiac and Pacific  Junction railway, the Hull Electric Company, and of the Inter-provincial bridge  between Hull and Ottawa.  Last week Messrs. H. J. Beemer,  Joseph Riclle, and M. S. Lonerman, advocate, went to Ottawa, when papers  were signed in connection with the  deal. II. J. Beemer was until recently  president of the Pontiac and Pacific  company, but upon securing the ��� contract for the new Inter-provincial  bridge, he resigned, .and his brother,  II. G. Beemer, now hords the office. A  special meeting of the shareholders of  the Ottawa, Northern and Western  railway will shortly be held in this  city to ratify the transaction. When  this is accomplished the line will be  extended northwards and many important developments are contemplated.  The Pontiac and Pacific Junction railway since the Inter-provincial bridge  has been completed, runs from Ottawa  through Hull to Fort Coulogno and  an extension has long been projected  to Pembroke. The principal obstacle is  a bridge across the Ottawa at Calumet  Island, which is a very costly undertaking.           Coffee Question Agitating Porto Rico  SAN JUAN, Porto Rico, August 28.���  The coffeo question is still agitating  the entire island, and town councils,  one by one, are following the example  of the large cities, and declaring a $125  Arrested in London.  LONDON, September S.-^-Mary Josephine Eastwick of Philadelphia was arraigned in the Guild Hall police court  today, charged with having forged a  railway certificate of the value of ��100,-  000. Sensationalevidence was presented.  The case lasted throughout the day,  and at the close the prisoner was remanded until Monday. It is said that  the defense will be-mental aberration.  The defendant was accommodated  with a chair and sat the whole time,  listlessly in the dock. The public prose-  utor said the defendant had been residing in England for eighteen months  and was believed to be an American dt  wealth. She had been' living with persons said to be /her father and sister,  at the Metropole, and had been coaching through England and living generally in the most expensive manner.  Latterly she had removed to Hampstead  for the benefit of her health.  She obtained an introduction, to Mr.  Beeton, a member of the Stock Exchange, to whom the defendant represented herself to be the owner yof securities worth, roughly, $500,0.00. She  said she wanted tot-uy a thousand  shares of United States Steel Corporation as a speculation. This operation  required ��1000/ which, the defendant  said, she did not have, but as she wanted to invest immediately she told Mr.  Beeton she had cabled to a trust com-'  pany in Philadelphia to break open her  j-trong box and forward the money  to her by mail. She added that the  trustee telegraphed to her, refusing to  do so until they had possession/of her  key.  The defendant, August 12th, went to  the Charing Cross branch of the Credit  Lyonaise and' asked the manager to  buy two shares'of Canadian Pacific-railroad. The manager took -the order but  alterward found it difficult to get so  small a number of scares and wrote  to, the defendant at the Red Lyon hotel, Henley, asking if he would be allowed to get five or ten shares. As a  result' five shares were bought August  15th, and the defendant duly sent her  check.  She wrote to Mr. Beeton August 15th  from, Stratfordron-Avon, saying she expected a thousand Canadian shares from  New York and wanted a loan on them,  as she was. desirous of buying more  United States Steel. Mr. Beeton replied that lie'did not tnink there would  be any difficulty in raising a loan on  such securities. Rhe received a certifi-  ate for five Canadian shares on August  lGth. The prosecutor said that on- August 20th the certificate had been altered. The name of the original holder  had been erased and the name of Marie  Josephine Eastwick had been substituted. The word "five" in the number  of=shares=arid=the=enumerals==had==alI  been altered so that it appeared to be  a certificate for a thousand instead of  for live shares. This was skillfully done,  three kinds (of type and ink being used,  showing considerable preparation. The  only mistake- was that the document  bore a shilling revenue stamp instead of  one for ��10;'which a certificate for'1000  shades would carry.  The defendant sent the altered docu-  riient, with ayletter, to Mr. Beeton, August 20th, asking him to buy a thousand United States Steel shares in the  firm name, also requesting a loan of  $4000, adding that she was going in for  motor cars rather heavily and was  about to purchase a stud farm.  Way of the Sunny South.  TROY, Alabama, September 3.���Bill  Fourncy, alias Bill Hilliard, a negro  charged with assaulting Miss Wilson  at Chestnut Grove, was shot and bis  body burned by a mob near the scene  of his crime today. Miss Wilson, who  is 10 or 17 years of age, and a daughter  of Dr. Carrol, aged about 12 years, were  on their way to school at Chestnut  Grove, just across the line in Coffee  county, when they were overtaken by  the negro. He seized Miss Wilson and  the little girl ran off. As she did so the  negro fired his pistol at her, but missed.  The little girl raised the alarm and  soon a posse was in pursuit of the negro. When they reached the scene of  crime they found Miss Wilson unconscious and terribly bruised. The posse  tracked the negro to his home, where he  was found in bed, saying he was sick.  The little girl identified him, and he  was taken out and shot and his body  burned. Miss Wilson is in a precarious  condition.  The Big Bet Placed.  PITTSBURG, September 3. ��� The  yachting wager of $400,000, between  Walter Kingsley, representing an English syndicate, and a number of Pitts-  burgers, was closed at 4 o'clock this  afternoon. The money was placed in  tho hands of a prominent financier of  this city who desires his name not to  be made public. The Pittsburgers allow the odds of five to three against  Shamrock.  A MACDONALD METHOD OF  RAISING   THE   STRIKE   AT   THE  ROSSLAND MINES,  A Reporter and a Telegraph Company  Used to Spread Broadcast Untruthful Statements.  The following is a sample of the stuff  that is being wired all over Canada  through the medium of the Associated  Press. It is sent out by a young mau  named Laird, who is a reporter on the:  Rossland Miner, a" paper that is owned.,  by the Le Roi company. No: single  statement made therein is true, and if  James AVilson, superintendent of 'the  Canadian Pacific telegraph line at Vancouver, can find no better employment  for his night operators than transmitting such barefaced lies, he had better  jump off the C. P. R. wharf^into Burrard Inlet. The C. P. R. should tako  care of its, own ifights Avith '."-.organized  labor, but keep its bands off when' it is "  not materially interested The following is' the dispatch, referred to:  ROSSLAND, September-3.���J. Wilson,  Vancouver:    Work has been: rushed: at  tbe Le Roi group of mines find they are  being strengthened by arrivals of-every  train coming into* the city.    The shipment of ore is to bo rushed at once, all j  thcic cars having already been loaded. \  Business  men  are  feeling  much  more  hopeful and are looking forward: with"  pleasure to the anticipation of the resumption of the big monthly pay roll  which   is  necessary  to  the  success  of  tradesmen.    There  is  every   indication  that tho mines will have comparatively  little trcublc iu securing all the men required to mail the mines, desirableymin-'  ors being attracted by the liberal wages  paid and the prospect of rapid advancement.   LAIRD. '  JOHN G. BROWN SWORN IN  And Richard McBride Goes Out  VICTORIA, September 3. ��� J. C.  ���'Brown, member for New Westminster  City, was sworn in this morning as provincial secretary- Hon. J. D. Prentice  takes the portfolio of finance minister,  Vice hon. .1. II. Turner, who goes to  London as agent-general. Hon. Richard  McBride resigned as minister of mines,  disagreeing with  Brown's appointment.  Canada's First Steel Steamer.  COLLINGWOOD, Ontario, September-  3.���Thursday next will be a great day  in Collingwood. On that day it is proposed to launch the' first steel vessel  built in this part of Canada, and also  to lay the keel of another and'much  larger" vessel.  It has been arranged that the  launch shall take placo at 1 o'clock p.  m. The formallaying of the new steel  vessel for the Clergue syndicate will  take place on the other side of the.yard,  shortly after the launch has been completed.  In oi*(Ier__that-_all_-may���have-the^on^_  portunity of seeing the launch, the  ship-building company, are arranging to  remove the fence on the south side of  the yard, so as to give free access to  every person. A gentleman has undertaken as a private enterprise to  erect seating accommodation' for those  who wish to get a more favorable view  of the launching than can be obtained  from the ground.  Object to Sale of Islands.  BROCKVILLE, Ontario, September 3.  The decision of'the'government'to sell  500 Islands between Kingston and  Brockville is causing much uneasiness  among the residents of Brockville. The  town council holds a lease of several of  the islands in the vicinity of the town  for the exclusive use of the citizens for  recreation purposes and there will be a  strong kick if the government disposes  of them. These islands are the only  breathing places afforded Brockville  people  during the hot weather.  Dawson Telegraph Line.  OTTAWA, September 3.���J. B. Charlc-  son, who has had charge of the work  of construction of the Dawson teiegraph  line, reports from Vanouver that he expects to have the line completed from  Ashcroft, on the C. P. R., to Dawson  City by September 15th, making due  allowance for the unavoidable delay.  It is the opinion of the public works  department that telegraphic communication with the metropolis of the Yukon will be established by the end of  September.  Entered for the Derby.  NEW YORK, September 3.���Yankee,  the winner of the Futurity stakes and  owned jointly by J. E. Madden and William C. Whitney, is entered for the  next year's Derby, and it is now thought  to be highly probable that he will bo  sent over to take part in the great  classic of tlie English  turf.  ^    I  King Edward Investigating It.  LONDON, September 3.���King Edward was appointed a commissioner to  investigate professor Kich's tuberculosis  theory. ���ju-agg^  THE NELgOJsr imiBtTNE, WEDNESDAY MORKtNG, SEPTiMMB 4, 1901  4?     ��� ���  rt>  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  HUDSON'S BAY  '-'      CALGARY LAGER BEER  A CARLOAD OF  THIS  FAMOUS BEER  HAS JUST  BEEN  RECEIVED AND WE ARE  n   ^ SELLINC IT TO THE FAMILY TRA.DE AT  $ 2.E0 per do fer quarts.     $1.50 per doz for pints.  DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF THK CITV.  TELEPHONE NO. 13.  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPAM  BAKER STBEET, NELSON, B. C.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ji\  feg'-g-g:_--_r-_��:__���__��� __���'_'���'_*<��� ���___ J-^'^^^^&vS^^g^rB'^^'S^  '������^������_r*_r*_?*��'^*S,:!S-:*S?*5r-*?:C'-r W 7^-0'7i9^Si9^s^W'^"0  WHOLESALE DIRECTORY  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.���CORNER OP  Baker and Josephine streets, Nelson,  ���wholesale dealers in assayer's supplies.  Agents for Denver Fire Clay Company,  Denver, Colorado.       .   .;,,   . __^  H. J. EVANS & CO.-BAKER STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers in ��� liquors,  cigars, cement, fire brick and "fire' clay,  ���water pipe and steel rails, and general  oommlssion merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY    ELECTRIC   SUPPLY     &  Construction   Company���Wholesale  dealers  - in telephones, annunciators,    bells, tratter-  ' ies, electric fixtures and appliances. Houston Block, Nelson.    FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  P BURNS & CO.-BAKER STREET,  Nelson, -wholesale dealers in fresh and  cured meats. Cold storage.   GROCERIES.  A.   MA<J1->(JI\AJ__>   cs   UU.�����-UJvJ.-iJiiK   OF  Front and Hall streets. Nelson, wholesale  ���  grocers   and  jobbers   in   blankets,   gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers,'mackinaws and miners'-sundries.  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president;  Alex.  B.  Murray,  secretary.  ~~PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. "Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNrON MEETS EVERY  Monday evening In the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; -William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  We sre daily In  receipt ot fresh  photo supplies  ���films, printing  papers, plates,  chemicals, ���- and  all developing  accessories. We  have all the  standard kodaks and cameras, and have  somo dainty albums for mounting prints,  in the standard sizes, at '20e., 25c, and 35c.  each; they are wonderful value, being made  of dark matte mounting paper with neat  cover and tied with silk cord.  ^���vS?'-t_8>���-��&���-_��&'^S,.<_Si,*S_- '-Sfr'-S8%��_&'-<���- ���-___��� '--Si'S5t '-SS���^*SS f��\  m  to  LADIES' SUNSHADES  AT HALF PRICE.  UMBRELLAS AT CUT  PBICES.  *tXTITTTTTSIII_riJ_ITIij_XIZ_I_P  lli!ir;iirnmmiiir:ainuri]nuri]3iiif  36 Bakep Street, Nelson.  LACE ALLOVERS, ���  RIBBONS, VEILINGS, K  DRESS TRIMMINGS 9  AT REDUCED PRICES. ��  I  zxizxzzzzxzzzxzxixzxixxizzzzzxxzt.izzzzzB  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  Pianos to Rent.  NKLSON, B. C.  :&  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets second Wednesday in  each month. Sojourning brethren  invited.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIM-  Ited.���Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale  groeers. "    JOHN    CHOLDITCH    &    CO.-FRONT  street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.   . J. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-FRONT STREET,  ' Nelson, wholesale dealers ln provisions,  'cured meats, butter and egg3.   LIQUORS AND DRY  GOODS.        ;  ~7rtJ__N_*j0i_~^  Vernon and Josephine streets, Nelson,;  wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars and dry  , goods Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Company of Calgary.,  ���  ' WINESAND CIGARS.   ',''V   ���^AiIFORMA^VH5S~COMPANY, LIMI-  ted���Corner of Front and Hail streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers In wines, case and  bulk, and domestic and Imported cigars.  BUSINESS DIRECTORY."'  '..-.    ARCHITECTS.  A. C. EWART.���ARCHITECT, ROOM 3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  CHOP HOUSE.  PIONEER CHOP HOUSE. JOHN  Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  Baker street. Nelson. Open day and night.  Lunches a specialty. Picnic and traveling  parties supplied on shortest notice.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER  No. 123, G. R: C���Meets third Wednesday.  Sojourning companions invited. George  Johnstone,  Z.; E.  W.  Matthews,  S.  E.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F. - O. E.-  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  KOOTENAY. TENT NO. 7, K.- O. T. M-  Regular meetings first and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W.  Rose, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C. - ���  .CLASSIFIED ADS.  ARTICLES FOR SALE.  SEWING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS  for sale or rent at the Old Curiosity Shop.  FURNISHED FRONT ROOM WITH OR  without   board.   Apply   four   doors   above  , City Hall, Victoria street. ���  ���i FOR RENT���SIX ROOM HOUSE ON  "Victoria street, three doors above lire hall.  Bath room and sewer connections; ?15 per  ; month: Apply Mrs. T. H. Roberts, over  ^Vanstone's drug store.  SIX ROOM COTTAGE AT BALFOUR  to let by the month or for the season. Immediate possession. Good fishing. Apply  C. W. "Busk, Kokanee creek. Phone ��f)a.  Or to R. H. Williams, Baker street, Nelson.  FOR SALE.  vDRAYAGEr  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone _70, Prosser's second Hand store, Ward street.  FURNITURE.  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers andL embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  new postofilco building, Vernon streot,  Nelson.  .  TEAS.  ^WT^^Va^^DlA^T~(^^ON, AND  China teas ln great variety, choicest quality. We mako a specialty of blending teas  and sell them in any quantity at lowest  rates.  Kootenay Coffee Company.  JAPAN TEA OF ALL KINDS TO SUIT  your taste. Sun cured, Spider Leg, Pan  Fired; in bulk or packages. Kootenay Coffee Company.  BREWERY HOTEL, SANDON, B. C.  Furnished.throughout with ��� all requirements 'for ��� same'. Apply to Carl Band.  New York Brewery, Sandon.  '-'"'���"��� -HELP WANTED.  ~want_jD-~wd1u_\_^^  housework and help look after child. Those  socially ambitious and afraid of work need  not apply. Hotel waitresses and chambermaids not wanted. Apply at Tribune office.  WANTED.' ��� AVAITRESS, RAILROAD  men for Lardo, woman cooks. Nelson Em-  ploymentyAgency. Phone 278.  WANTED ��� SITUATION AS HOUSE-  keeper. For references apply to Miss J.  Burness, postoffice, Nelson.  EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES.  HELP FURNISHED-WRITE, TELE-  phone, telegraph or inquire Western Canadian Employment Ofiice, Nelson. Phone  270. Storage���I have a large warehouse for  storing household or other goods. H. A.  Prosser.  ��fre Wxxbxxm  honorable Ja:mes Dunsmuir at such  a dinner could make a speech outlining  the future policy of his government  and giving his reasons for swapping  Conservatives like McBride for Liberals like Brown. He would only have  one difficulty, that is, explaining the  politics of his minister of finance; but,  then, "Joe" could do that for him afterwards.  As  The   Tribune   advised  yesterday,  honorable Richard McBride, minister of  mines, lias handed in his resignation to  premier Dunsmuir.    McBride did right  in entering his protest against the appointment of John Cunningham Brown  to  a seat in the  cabinet.    Brown ran  and was elected as a follower of Joseph  Martin, and if any verdict was given at  the polls  iu June, 1900,  it was to the.  effect that Joseph Martin was not wanted in office.   In going beyond the members of his own side of the house for a  cabinet  officer,   premier  Dunsmuir  has  blundered.   No army would long follow  a general who would overlook his own  men and select his corps commanders  from the ranks of the enemy, and it is  not likely that the members of the legislature who were "elected as  a protest  against the methods of Joseph Martin  will meekly follow the lead of Joseph  Martin's right bower.    While The Tribune  recognizes  that  Mr.   Brown  is  an  able and an honest man;  just as able  and just as honest men can'be found  among the members who supported premier Dunsmuir through two sessions of  the  legislature.    Richard   McBride  has  shown that he is not willing to ratify  the premier's deals with the leader of  the  opposition  without  a protest,  and  the protest he made was the most ef-.  fective that he could make.   It is now  up to McBride to carry his protest to  its logical  conclusion.    He  must enter  the   race   against   the   honorable  John  Cunningham    Brown    for   New   Westminster City when the latter offers for  re-election.   Every man in the province  who is a believer in fair play in politics  will   aid   him   with   good   wishes,   and  many will aid him with the sinews of  war.   Richard, be a man of courage.  to  9\ ���  �� NEW AUTUMN GOODS OP  ifX Call and see our Fall Mantles and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Felt Hats.  /fi Ladies' Furs, Ladies' Flanelette and Plaid Shirt Waists.  �� WOOL MATTRESSES AMD EIDERDOWN QUILTS  m =-������- .       --���������==  9\  mnmmiITITITTTTTITTnTTttltllTT��rrI.1  BARGAINS IN  S       VALISES  TRUNKS  AND  TRAVELING BAGS.  ���im-rmiiitTiTTTT  _X__-  9  rvine  to  V__f�� ���g_ " _S_ * __*��� G? '^ ' ^ '00 * 00 '00 .00 .00 . 00 ,a0. 00 .g0 . __*��������. ���X** .*������__. >**���������*.-"�����_.. *�����-���������,. X_k. ���"���������������.. *���__.. **<^. *�����_,.-*--_x.*-_.  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Union scale  of wages for Nel.son district per shift: Machine men $3.50, hammersmen ���"3.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary.  BARBERS' UNION, NO. 13G, OP THE  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets flrst and third Mondays  of each month iu Miners' Union Hall at  8:30 sliarp. Visiting members invited. It,  .McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, sec- j  reUry-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  ���-secretary.  ���_ '  .,      SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  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C.  If premier Dunsmuir is desirous of  having as members of his government  men who are in political accord with  the party in power at Ottawa, all well  and good. The announcement should be  made as such announcements are made  in the land from whence comes the heir  apparent���at some function in the shape  of a dinner. The small holders of Bur-  naby might arrange a dinner and invite  the premier to attend. The county  town of Burnaby is within easy distance of both New Westminster, the  home of ministers, and Vancouver, the  abiding place of ex-ministers, and is  not too far away from Victoria, the  country-seat  of  the  Dunsmuirs.    The J  The advancement of James Douglas  Prentice from provincial secretary to  finance minister is worse than a blunder  on the part of premier Dunsmuir. It is  a crime. It has long been adjudged a  crime to torture the innocent; and it  will be a torture for the innocent members of the house to be compelled to  listen to even-one budget speech from  James Douglas Prentice. In arranging  the deal, "Joe" Martin was undoubted-  Jy__t_Jn_l'ing_ofithe_fiin__the_people_had-  when the honorable Cory Ryder of Cumberland was finance minister.  Catalogues Free.  3009 Westminster Road.  Vancouver  s  ib  ib  _i  iii  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  _r  uV  .���%���*���***���*** **���*���* Hi*.**.*. _���*:_�����-:_���*:�����*  ACOMPLETELINEOF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  looal and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles ���  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  If WHAT YOU WANT 18 NOT IK STOCK  Wt -WILL M 1KB IT POH YOU  CALL AND a&T PRICKS  J. A. Sayward  HALL A.VI> tAKR *TT���KB1*I3. NKLSON  THE ATHABASCA  Beef  Roast Terderloin of  for   Lunch.  TODAY  **.*.*.9t **���*���*  %  91  91  m  9t  31  The Mine Owners' Association is now  agitating for a royal commission, to  examine into the condition of the mining industry in this province. What is  wanted is not a royal commission,  but a commission on lunacy, to examine the sanity of the several members of  the Mine Owners' Association.  HMB. CAMEBOri  INSURANCE.  REAL ESTATE  and MINING BROKER  ��� _* ****** ****** Hi ****** *******.  i_          _i  THESE  KOTDAYS  QUENCH  YOUR  THIRST WITH  Anheuscr-Bnsch  Beer, I'ulrst (Milwaukee Doer. Cnl-  gnry Beer, Roisterer & Co. Boer,  Gosnell Beer, and  Doublo Jersey  Buttermilk.  MANHATTAN  SALOON  Double Jcrn<��y  Buttermilk.  <��S***********9t *************:  %  REPRESENTS  The Best Fire and Life Insurance Companies Doing Business in  the City.  Money to loan at 8 per cent upon Improved property. Interest payable semiannually.   Principal  payable  annually.  HOUSES  TO  RENT CHEAP.  H. R. CAMERON  AOH-.NT.B VKKR STRKKT.  FOR SALE  i H. H. PLAYFORD & GO. |  m m  W 91  $ MADDEN   BLOCK $  9] NELSON. W  9. i_  'fl '   ��� Hi  fl   Hi  1 TOBACCO   AND   CIGAR |  �� MERCHANTS. ��  w m'  9)  *  !T��   W  % P. O. Bos 637. Telephone 117. J  m ii;  ft,.-  _ _  .     - 7 JrV  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  *** '**���* ���*** *** *&.*. *.*&.*.*.*. *.**.  Coffee Roasters  Doalers in Tea and Coffee  ���*���*���***���*���***���*****���*.*.**.**���**.*.*.  We aro oiTerinj-: at lowest prices tbo bost  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Junan  Tear?.  Our Best\ Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound ��� 9   10  Mocha and Java Blond, 3 pounds    1 00  Choice Blerrd Cofl'ee, 4 pounds    1 00  -Special Blond-Coffee, Gpounds- ���1-00-  Rio Blend Coffeo, 6 pounds    1 00  Special Blond Ceylon Tea, per pound      30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSOU.  500MENWANTE]  On tho construction of the Arrowhead &  Kootenay railway in the Lardo district.  AUCTION SALE  OF T0W|- LOTS IN KITCHENER.  The government agent at Nelson, per Instructions from the department of lands  and works at Victoria, has authorized the  undersigned to offer the following lots in  tho government portion of tho townsite  of Kitchener for salo at public auction at  "Walker's Hotel, Kitchener, at 2 o'clock in  the U-ternoon, on  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, 1901  Lots 1 to 20 in block 4.  T.ots 1 to 20 in block G.  Lots 1 to 24 in block 22. '  o  Lots 1- to 10 in block 25.  AUCTION SALE  OF TOWN LOTS IN LEMON CREEK.  Kitchener is a town on the Crow's Nest  Pass branch of- the Canadian Pacific railway, and the nearest point to the iron  mines recently sold for a large sum.  Pla'ns and particulars may be" obtained  at the ofllco of John A. Turner, government agent, Nelson.  Upset price to be made known on the  ground at the time of sale.  Tho government agent at Kaslo, per Instructions from the department of lands  and works at Victoria, has authorized ;tho  undersigned to offer the following lots in  lhe government- portion of tho townsite  of Lemon Crock for sale at public auction  at the Arlinglon Hotel, .Slocan City, at 12  ���o'clock noon on  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 1901  Lots 1  to 12, block 1.  Lots 1' to 22,   block 5. ��� ;  Lots 1 to S, 10, 11 to 21, block 7.          'J  Lots -1,- 5, 37; IS, block 11.' J  Lots 1 .to 11 and 32 to 40, block 14.          ':  Lots 1 to 23,  block 15. ,��� j  Lots 1 to 21,  block 17. .'.   :;c   _   ���  Block 24. 'T-jj;  HICHEST WACES PAID  In order to secure men without delay  ordinary labor will be paid $2.25 per day  and axemen $2.50 per day.  C. A. WATERMAN & 00.   AUCTIONEERS   R. REISTERER & CO.  BRBWKRB AND DOXT-KBS OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular delivery to tho trade.  BKEWI-I-Y  AT   NELSON  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  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To Herbert Cuthbert or id, any person or  persons to whom he may have transferred his interest in the Blend mineral  claim, situate on the west fork of Rover  creek, in the Nelson mining division of  AVest Kootenay district, and recorded in  the recorder's office for the Nelson mining  division.  You and each of you are hereby notified  that we have expended four hundred and  eleven dollars in labor and improvements  upon the above mentioned mineral claim  in order to hild said mineral claim under  thf provisions of the Mineral Act, and if  within ninety days ot me date of this  notice vou fall or refuse to contribute your  portion of such expenditures together with  all costs of advertising your interest in  said claims will become ure property of the  subscribers, under section 4 of an act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral Act,  1900." PRANK   FLETCHER.  J.   J.   MALONE.  H.   G.    NEELANDS,  E. T. H.  SIMPKINS.  Dated at Nelson this 3rd day of June, 1901.  G. A. WATERMAN & GO.  AUCTIONEERS  notioe.       ���. ��� rr  In thoj-upremo court of Kootenay holden  at Nel.son, Irr the matter of the estate  and effects of Alexis Swanson, lato of  the city of Nelson,  deceased intestate.  Notice Is horeby glvn that by an order  Dy his honor* -udg�� j-'crm -dniod on t.ho  2jind dny ot August, A. D. 1001, Clas T  Swanson was appointed administrator of  tha personal estate and eftccts of said deceased. Notice Is also hereby given that all  persons having claims against the said  deceased are required within thirty clays  of the date hereof to forward them with  full particulars duly vcrilied by "statutory  declaration to the said administrator at  Nelson aforesaid.  And notice-is also hereby given that after  such'lust mentioned date said administrator will proceed .to distribute the assets of  the said deceased according to law without  regard to any claims of which- he shall  then not have received notice.  Dated this 2Dth day of August. A. D. 1901.  ELLIOT & LENNIE,  Solicitors  for  the Administrator.  TIMBEE LEASE NOTIOE. - -  Notice is hereby 'given that in thirty  days we intend to apply to the chief commissioner of-lands and works for permission to cut and carry avvay timber off the  below described lands.situated on Lock-  hart creek, one mile anu one eighth east  from Kootenay lake, commencing at a post  marked northwest corner, running east  120 chains,  thence north 10 chains,  thence  1 east 120 chains, thence south 40 chains,  therce   west   120   chains,   thence- south   10  ���chains, thence west 120 chains, thence north  ���40 chains to place of commencement.  .NELSON SAW--& PLANING- MILLS, Ltd.  Nelson, B. C. August 16th. 1901.  NOTIOE  Notice is hereby given that I have assumed solo control and management of the  "Hume H'otsl, and that I will-pay all liabtl-  Ities of the said hotel and collect all accounts J-  FRED HUME.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, August 27th, 1901.  NOTIOE.  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The crime for which O'Brton was  fhanged at Dawson on August 23d was  lone of tlie most dastardly and at the  Vsame time remarkable that has ever  |occui*red in Canada. , Tlie particulars are  [about as follows: >  The murders was the outcome of an  [organized conspiracy to way-lay, murder, and rob miners and others on theii*  [way down from Dawson to the outside  .'world.    The  plan  of  campaign  of. the  [ murderers, O'Brien' and Graves, may .he  ''briefly stated  as-follows:    A traveler  .coming  out   from   Dawson-;would   first  [appear on the trail where it branched  ,-and   he  could  either  continue  on  the  [river, or. niaih trail, or could take the  overland or "pork" trail. . The murderers had cut down 27; cottpnwood trees,  '.arid 'with the aid of large field glasses*  .could  see  which  of  these  two  routes  1 their victim took and: act accordingly.;  If he* took the ."pork" trail/which ran  t over a.flat tableland covered with scrub  spruce   and   windfalls,'; the   murderers  -held   him' lip   there.     If,   however,   he  took the; main river, trail, as did the  three unfortunate victims of the trage-  [.-"dy of Christmas day, 1899, the '.-'murder-'  -ers   hurried   along  the  trail  they-had  constructed,   thence   down   their   other  trail, the trees along which were blazed  so that it could be located in a hurry,  and at this point one' ut the murderers,;  f,y ���yvith   a.   Winchester   rifle,   would   step  out on the trail in front of their vic-  : tim and hold himup.   Another of -the  murderers, armed in a similar fashion,  |Q    .would then "step in his rear.    The ice  b'ny the 'river   being  hummocky   there  remained  only one way  in which the  ��� victim could fly, that-is, into, the bush  on  the  river  bank  which  appeared  to  7 be open enough to permit of passage  ^through it.   This, however, was a cleverly  arranged labyrinth,  and  once  in  here there was no chance of escape and  , the victim was shot down.    Then the  body was conveyed back along the murder trail to a cut bank 40 feet high,  and at this point the body was thrown  into the river through a hole in the ice.  This in brief was the plan which the  murderers   had   mapped  out  for   their  season's campaign* and which was successfully carried out' on Christmas day,  1899, in the case of Relfe, Clayson, and  [ Olsen /rhe_-SUDPOsition__on___vhic_t__the_  murderers acted was that as their victims were on their way out from Dawson it would be a long jtime, if ever,  before news was reached there that they  were missing, and but for the fact that  they killed Olsen, the government telegraph lineman, who was not on his way  out, but simply on a repairing trip up  the line, they might have carried on  their work of organized robbery and  murder for some six months in as successful a manner as characterized their  ���lirst attempt. Olsen, however, being immediately missed, and a hunt for him  commenced, they had to abandon their  .well-laid schemes and make for safety.  '���' On Christmas morning, 1S99, three  men left a road-houge on the Skagway  , trail, known as Minto road-house. The  next road-house was at Hutchiku, and  there they should have arrived that  ' night, but they never turned up. Two  of them, Clayson and Relfe, had come  thus far, 200 miles from Dawson, intending to spend the winter with their  families in the States. The third, a  man named Oleson, belonged to Hutchiku, where he was employed in connection with the telegraph lines as a line  repairer,: He had been sent out to repair the line, and, having done so, was  .returning to his post. He had made an  engagement to .be present at a Christmas dinner at Hutchiku, for which cor-*  poral Ryan of the Mounted Police had  provided a rare treat in the Yukon,  namely, a turkey. There was considerable surprise:;when he failed to be  on hand, and^iyhen he was still absent  on December'31<*t'his friend, the corporal, fearing tti&i he had received some  hurt in the performance. of his duty,  started down tlie line in hopes of com*-  ing.to his aid; if he needed any.  Corporal Ryan had got down the  trail a good many miles when his sharp  eye observed the traces of a. trail running away from the main traveled road,  apparently. into the bush. Snow had  fallen upon it, and the inexperienced  eye would have detected nothing to distinguish it from the general expanse of  the snow-covered wilderness. But the  constable espied two faint parallel depressions on the white surface, and he  wondered what couiu have induced anyone to make such a departure from the  main traveled road. He determined to  follow it, and it is due to this determination  on  his  part  that  a  _lack-  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  latere, t  allowed  on  deposits.    JPreisuul rate  threo por corrt.  GRANGE  V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  hearted scoundrel was awarded his deserts- in Dav. son. Six hundred  yards from the main road he found hidden iii dense scrub a tent. No one was"  about it, but it looked as if the owners  might be back at any moment. It had  evidently been occupied by two persons,  for there was a double bunk and a duplicate supply of the table utensils of  the ' Yukon traveler. The constable'  waited over night, in the hope that the  owners would turn up, but,soon concluded that the place had been abandoned. He reported to his comrades,  and constable Pennycuick and detective  Maguire,: also of-the Mounted Police,  were detailed to look into the matter.  Tne manner in whicli these men wrung  tlieir secrets from the bosom of the  desert forms a really marvelous chapter in the records of crime. They spent  weeks in the neighborhood of the tent  and along the private trail which had  served as the key to the whole black  mystery. They literally sifted the snow  inch by inch,.and rrom many mute  things they read the ghastly story. They  found the three patches of blood where  the victims had given up their lives,  not without a struggle on the part of  Oleson at- least; They found the discarded shells of the cartridges by which  the deed had been done. , They found  a bonfire near the tent, in which their  clothing had been burned to prevent  identification. But from the ashes were  picked out buttons, buckles, etc., wliich  were identified. After the fires had  cooled, the murderers had' evidently  gathered .the larger articles that would  not burn and thrown them into the  swT.ouiiding.scrub.. But the patient officers found many of .them���Clayson's  Yale keys, which were found to fit the  drawers to which they belonged, an  electric belt which Oleson was known to  ���wear,-also liis Jfiles andplyersv "���-  It was yevident:that the men who had  occupied that tent were the. murderers,  and it was equally evident that it had  been erected there as the headquarters  of murder, for,its occupants had actually cut down 27 cotton trees so as to'be  -enabled to see at ay great distance any  one:. moving, along the Dawson trail.  I'-rom this eery/they had seen the three  men approaching on that Christmas  morning and had sallied forth arid murdered them., The bodies were stripped  and throw nyinto the river, where it was'  open, disappearing under the ice, to b��  discovered ghastly arid grim many  months afterwards when the spring  floods began tlieir revelations.  But the officers had not waited foi  this evidence to take action. In the  abandoned tent was an ordinary Yukon  stove, but an alteration had been madron it that singled it out from all others.  That stove had been seen in the possession of two men named O'Brien and  Graves. O'Brien had been in Dawsor.  prison and had been a great deal up and  down the river about that time." Hewa.  arrested at Tagish as a suspect, and the  police gradually wove a net of circumstantial evidence about him that lacked  nothing to make it���absolutely complete.  Articles belonging to the murdered' mer:  were found on him, and almost every  step of his journeyings before reachin��  -_j__.al_.er leaving_tne_scene_of_the crime_  was "traced. Before December 25th, 1899  he was penniless, begging his way. After  that date he was in possession of a roll  of bills and a pouch of nuggets, one ol  them being so remarkable as to be well-  known in Dawson, and also known to  have been in possession of Clayson.  Graves, the other man, seems to have  utterly vanished, but it is suspected that  O'Brien subsequently murdered the partner of his crime.  On the 27th day of December Mrs.  Prather, traveling with her husband and  some other men from Dawson to Skas-  way, took the cut off instead of the main  trail in the vicinity of the murder. Aftei  traveling for a few miles along the cut  off she persuaded her husband that they  had mado a mistake and returned back  through the woods to the main trail.  Mrs, Prather came in first, her husband  following with the dogs. On coming  suddenly on the trail she came face to  face with O'Brien, whose sled was on  neither trail, but appeared to have come  from the river bank by a trail newly  broken. He appeared greatly surprised  to see her and explaind that he had got  lost on the cut off trail and had been  there for two days, and *rlibingly admitted that he had been at that r-oint  on Christmas day. Mrs. Prather and her  husband followed up the river and  O'Brien traveled with them, accompanied by his yellow dog. Graves with his  black dog was with O'Brien on the 19th  of December, but has never been seen  since. Previous to the murder O'Brien  and Graves had been quite destitute, going from road-house to road-house begging their way and stealing from caches  at various points. At every road-house  they had told different stories as to their  business on the trail and their plans for  the future. After the murder in traveling with Prathers, O'Brien bought his  meals at the road-houses, was seen by  Mrs. Prathers one morning in his bunk  counting a wad of bills about au inch  and a half in thicknes.**, and at the  Island road-house on Lake Lebarge paid  $200 for a black team of horses. At the  same time he was making every effort  to dispose of his clog Bruce, knowing  that the police were in search of himself  and his partner Graves and a yellow and  black dog.   He had got rid of Graves  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THE   CUKRENT   KATK   OF    INTEREST   ALLOWED.  Nelson Branch*���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  and the black dog and could he only dispose of the yellow dog the description  sent out by.the police would not tally  with that of one man and a team of  hlack horses. Eventually O'Brien parted with the Prathers and their party on  the trail, and went_ on to lake Marsh,  he tried to sell *a bag of; gold nuggets to  one Hilderbrand, in charge of a steamer there laid up for the winter. On  emptying out the bag of nuggets one  nugget weighing about thirteen dollars  was found to be very extraordinary as  inside of it another nugget fitted like a  knot in a board of wood and fell out  partly ;as if was tossed on the table.  On the  Cth of January  O'Brien -was  arrested  at  Tagish.    He  had  tried  to  avoid the post by crossing, the river,  but his horses had fallen through the  ice.    When   he  was   arrested  he  was  found to be carrying on his sled a formidable arsenal.    Besides a 30.30 caliber Winchester and two 41-caliber Colts  revolvers he carried a large amount of  ammunition for all three weapons. The  nuggets had entirely disappeared.    He  had been very much startled at finding  the twin nugget in Hildebrand's pres-.  "ence and. after falling through the ice,  and being compelled to go by way of  Tagish, he had evidently taken the precaution-of  concealing  them  and they  have never since been found.   Sewed in  a patch at the bottom of one' of his  Arctic socks,were found two $100 bills.  On- his  hands  under  coarse fur  mitts  there were found two silk mittens that  were not mates, worn in the palms as  if by a bicycle bar.   'On his sled was*  discovered  a  large  grease  spot  which  afterwards    turned   out   to   be-  human  blood.   The;, gloves belonged to Clayson.:  The nugget'was the one which had been;  given! to JEtelfe by Noble on the night of ���  his leaving Dawson^-The 41-caliber Colts  revolvers were of the same caliber as  the revolver shells found-on. the murder   trail.    The   30.30   Winchester  rifle-  was of the same caliber as the shells;  found at the tent, back from the river.;  An  analysis  of  the blood  showed  the;  corpuscles  to  resemble those found in:  the pools of blood found at the scene;  of  the  murder.   -The   Yukon  stove   of-  curious make in the tent was showiv.by-  constable; Pennycuick  to  bey'the same;  stove which .he found/in ttie'campV.of;  O'Brien and Graves at "Hell's Gate, be-;  low Selkirk, ..when he went to examine  their camp for stolen goods in the middle of December.   The double bitted axe  discovered   in   the   snow     fitted   the  chopped portions of all the tent logs,  on which the tent had been; built; and  the  blazes in the trees on the trails,  and the indentations in the blades exactly   corresponded   with   the .marks  found on the stumps and trunks of 27  cottonwbod  trees which had been cut  out.so as to form a line*of vision from  which  the murderers  could easily see  their   victims   coming  along: the   trail  from the direction of; Dawson, especially  with the assistance of powerful French  field glasses which were also found on  O'Brien at the time of his arrest.   This  axe had formerly been the property of  O'Brien and  had  fallen  from, his sled  unto the ice in the presence of constables Macbeth and Lynn, when he was  arrested in the winter previous to the  lnurder'=d1n=attempting=-to7rescapeiacrossT  the   international   boundary   from   the-  Yukon. w  These were some of the main - facts  which led to the conviction of O'Brien.  Other important evidence was given by  his dog Bruce. This fine big St. Bernard on beiug taken to the junction of  the "pork" and other trails with the  trail leading back towards the moun-'  tains was ordered by constable Penny-  to  Are the only kind to be found in our stock. Everything from a neat little, inexpensive birthday remembrance to a fine and elaboiato storting silver wedding  gift. Our goods are made on honor and we guarantee them in every way, and  a guarantee from a reputable house is always good.  Mail orders receive our prompt and careful attention, and as wc only employ the best of workmen all wirk is guaranteed at  to  to  to  NELSON", B. 0.  RS  THE JEWELER  :&&*&&&&&&&&&1&Q��Li&.&.C __���:__ ���*& ____ __& __a_ ____ ____ __a_^ __& ���__& ____. -__a ��_____-.^- ^ -_s_ S^-  cuick to go home. He started'along the  "pork" trail and then switched suddenly to the trail leading back to the  tent and stopped to see whether the order was really intended. On the order  being repeated he ranvthe full mile back  to the tent and took;up "his position on  the dog mat in the rear and. could not  be coaxed away for some time afterwards. The dog mats were afterwards  examined and this one was found to be  covered with yellow and white hairs  resembling those of the dog Bruce.  The:. trial of O'Brieii- lasted some 13  days, the addresses to the jiuy and  judge's charge occupying the last two  days. "Witnesses who .could show the  whereabouts of O'Brien and Graves on  the trail for nearly every day in December were" brought from many parts  of the world and at very great expense.  The trial was remarkable, not only on  account of the crime, 'but because in it  , .he energies of the Canadian government were bentytowards convicting an  ���Englishman, fori the-murder \ of three  Americans. Although no effort was  spared, and the public funds were heavily drawn upon, no one has ever been  'heard-'to do otherwise than approve of  :the action of the Northwest Mounted  Police or-the department, of justice. The  only weakness '6f the 'prosecution was  -that tlie case was. entirely one of cir-  eumstantial-evidence -which could have  been overthrown 'by"proving ��� an alibi  'The weakness of the defense lay in the  fact that they- dare; not place the prisoner in'the box. -In appearance he was  what "'.many-people would call innocent  looking, .but the innocent appcaiance  was of, the type which is sometimes  "found hi tlie .most hardened ci lminals.  He formerly,seryed.seven years in Stafford penitentiary, England, for.attempt-  ���ed_ murder;-* I-Ie WaV ably "defended by  his counsel, Mr. Bleecker arid Mr. Do-  noghy. -'Z  D. tycARTH  & Co'y  RALPH OLABK, I. G. NELSON,  -Undertaker, Night Call 238. Manager.  Furniture Dealers  Furjeral Directors  and Embalmers  ; Glascow's Telephone Service.  GLASGOW, September 2.���The municipal telephone system; has been inaugurated with all the latest improvements; exceedingly cheap rates, wires  underground, and 16,500 miles of wire  Provision is made for 20,000 subsenbers  The service is designed to be as peifect  as possible, affording the public eveiy  facility for cheap and convenient communication.  'su��"-  BAKER   STREET,'   NKLSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heat-  ar  ed with Hot Air.  ==Bar_-e=eom_ortable=bearooms:=and-flrst-  class dining room. Sample room** for commercial  men.  RATES S2 PER DAY  rs. E. 0, GlarHe, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  IHfadcien fjouse  Baker and AVard  Streets,   Nelson.  The only hotel In Nelson that has remained under ono management since 1830  The bed-roorrrf :-ir" well furnished and  lighted by elcctrleicy.  The bar Is always Btoent-n ny tho best  domestic and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDBN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN -JOi-GTiGfi HOTEL  J. H. _____ ANUS, Manager.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms. First class table board.  Worth  Oak   Center   Tables S3 50  Oak  Center Tables .GOO  Oak   Center   Tables  5 00  Oak    Leather    Seat    Fancy  Rocker     4 SO  E'.m   Folding   Talle....  5 00  Elm   Folding   Table  6 00  Cane Veranda Chairs  6 00  Cane  Veranda Rockers  6 50  For  $275  4'50  3 75  S -,5  3 75  4 25  4 50  4 7b  TO   yMAKPJ    ROOM    Ff,K    OUR    FALL  STOCK OF CARPETS AND RUGS  WILL   GO   AT   COST.  TO    CLEAR���BABY   CARRIAGES   AND  GO CAR'IS  AT  LKdS THaN  COST.  HOTEL   ROWLAND.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  house in town. House and furniture new  and first class in every respect. Lighted  by gas. Room and board $5 to $G per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. Y. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor.  EAST KOOTENAY'S FIRST  ANNUAL MINERAL,  AGRICULTURAL AND  INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION  THREE  DPvYS  OF   INSTRUCTIOf.,   INTEREST AND  ENJOYMff1..  CRANBR.OOK, B.  C, SEPTEMBER 25 to 27, 1901.  The best program ever seen In the coun-  tiy. See posters and oirculars for further  particulars. Mineral exhibit, bucking contests, agricultural exhibit, horse races.  Specially low return railway rates from  all colnts.  A. W. McVITTIE, Secretary.  c oim: jb^_ N^sr  OFFICE: BAKER STREET WEST, NELS0J1, B. C. TELEPHONE NO. 219.   P. 0. BOX 688.  IPRBLE, BUILDING STONE,  BRICK AND L!IV|E   - The Mansfield Manufacturing Company  have the above mentioned building materials  for sale at reasonable prices. Special quotations to builders and contractors for large  orders.  ORDERS BY PMiL PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  cjCDJsKF^^Nrizr  OFFICE:    BAKER STREET WEST, ffELSCJI, B. C. TELEPHONE NO. 219.    P. 0. BOX 688.  *gA i-nW,____^.M..^.I^-Jira-�����.,��i___vj.  - - ^ -��-. J&ftiBSEEm, ._     ... .���   ��� ���' -J-    !���     ���     - ** ~ -.. > - i      "- *  - .- X tf -_3V>i ��a. <^<a,-a-_4SC_tl_i!_.'.i��%_��  NT HOUSE  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLAN8  321 TO 331 BAKKR STREET, NKLSON  MEALS 25 GENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 25 Cents to $1  urns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  HKAD Office at  NELSON, B. O.  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,  Silverton, Nef  Denver, Revelstoke, Fer&uaon (.rand Forks, Greenwood," Cascade Ciby, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mai! Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ���W'IIOLKSAIj.j ANI> llt-TAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. C BLOCK  WARD STREET  OHDKHS BY MAIL KKCEIVE l-I.OMPT ATTENTION.  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  NOTICE OP ASSJGIOIENT.  Pursuant to  the   "CiedlLor'j  TrusL Deeds "  Act"  and .imonclinff nets  isu-n-e r. rr<-i_D> t,r\urr inat Henry Fer-  SUM-ir AUjUmii, nerL-ioloie Lanirng on b.bi-  ricss. .il the city r*t Nelson, in tho provinco  ol l_rrli_h Columbia, a_ a druggist, lias by  deed of assignment, mado irr pursuance, of  tire rjr.ditui s Tiust Deeds Act.' and  amending acts, arrd bearing date the .tli  uay ol August, lilOl, assrgned all his real  and personal pi openly to David Won is, of  the said city of Nelson, gentleman,-* in  trr*st lor tho purpose of paying and satis-  f>rrrg latably or proportionately and without preleronce or p.iority, the cieditors of  the said Hemy Feiguson McLean their just  debts  The said deed was executed by the saU  Henry Ferguson McLean on the Oth day of  August. 19U1 and afterwards by the said  David Jlorris on the Cth day of August,  1901, and the said David Moiiis has undertaken the said Uusts created by the said  deed.  All persons having claims against the  said Henry Feiguson McLean are required  to forward paiticulars of the same, duly  verified, together with particulais of all  securities, if anv, held by them therefor, to  the said ti ustee David Morris, on or before  rhe 10th daj ot September, 1901. Ali persons  indebted lo the said Henry Ferguson McLean are lequirfd to pay the amounts due  oy them to the said trustee forthwith. After  the said 10th day of Septembei, 1901, the  trustee wrll proceed to distribute the assets  of the said estate among the parties entitled thoreto, havrirg regard only to the  claims of which ho shall then have notice.  Isotice is also given that a meeting of the  creditors of the said Hemy Ferguson McLean will bo held at the office of It. M.  Macdonald, Bakci stieet, Nelson, on Tuesday tlie _._rr day of August, 1901, at the  hour of 1 o'clock rn the afternoon.  - t,    ,.     ���     , "AVID MOIU.IS, Trusteo  R M. MACDONALD, Solicitor for the  Trustee  Dated at Nelson this 7th day of August,  DISSOLUTION OF CO-PARTI-JEESEIP,  Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership hrthcrto existing between tho under srgned undor the st> le of Starkey &  Company, wholesale eommrssron merchants, has this day been dissolved by the  retnement of Geoige M. Phillips, who has  transferred to F Starkey all his Interest  in the assets, book accounts and business.  All persons indebted to the said paitner-  shlp are heicb> lequestod to make payment  to F Stai kev, who has assumed all the liabilities of the partnership and who will  continue  tho business  GEO    M    PHILLIPS,  FRED    STARKEY.  Witness   H   BUSH. '  Nelson, E   C , llth August, 1901.  CERTIFICATE   OF  IMPEOVEMENTS  NOTICj:���CITV MINI-1.-L CLAIM  Srtuate in the Nolson Plirimi* Dmsion of  Wost  Kootenay  District  \\ here located About one mile south of  Nclsorr  Take notice that T, "Wilnm John Goepel,  Fieo Miner's Certilrcate No no,.00, mtend,  srxtv dijs from tiro date hereof, to apnlv  to the Mining Rccordei foi a Certificate of  Improvements foi tho purpose of obtaining 'i Ciown Grant of the above claim  .And further take notice that action under section J7, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Ceitilicite of Improvements  Dated tins 10th day of j.ugust, A D.  19J1 XV    J    GOEPl-L  -CERTIFICATE-OF���IMPrjOVEMENTS.-  NOI'lU-���NCI SON MIMj-IAL claim,  situate in tha Nelson Mining Division of  West   Kootena\   District  \\ hoie located About one mile south of  Nolson  Take notice that I, John Patoison,  l"'i i'c iMrnci s (.'fi nln. in No .J 7_7 Intend,  sixtv days from the date heieof. lo apply  to (ho Mining Rocoidor for a Coitifrcalo  ol Improvements, for the prrrpose of ob-  tanuirg a ( rown Grant ot tin.  anu.P el I'm.  Arrd further take notice that action, under sectiorr (7, must bo commenced hefco  the issuance of such Ceitillc.iU* of Improvements  Dated this loth dav of jVugust A. D.  1901. JOHN    l'ATEUSON.  cer��ificate~of improvements.  NOTICU���THE CHAMPION .MINERAL,  claim, situate ln the Nelson mining division of Wost Kootenay district W'heio  located On Kor l>-nlne creek about 200  yards from hydiaulic dnrrr Take nolico  that 1, E. W. Matthews, acting as agent  for Henry Samuel Crolty, free minor's  certillcate No. b.9,970. Intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply lo the min-  Inif recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant of tho abovo claim. And  furthor take notice that action, undor section 37, must bo commenced before tho Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  DntPd this lSth day of July. A. T>.  1901.  OEETIFIOATE   OF   IMPROVEMENTS.  Tiger, Kitchener and Last Chance mineral claims, situato in tho Nelson mining  division of,West Kootenay district. AVhere  located: On Morning mountain on the east  side of Sandy crook aborrt ono mile from  the Kootenay river. Take notice that I,  R. Smith, free miner's certificate 55,7C2b,  acting as agent for A. Thorn, free miner's  certificate 55,C70b, Henry 13. Hammond,  free miner's certificate 55,GiJ9b, and An-  nandale D. Grieve, free mirror's certificate  55,C-Sb, intend sixty davs from the dato  hsreof to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for tho  purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the  above claim. And further-take notice that  action, under section 37, mu. t be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements. R. SMITH.  Dated this 25th day of July. A. D. 1901.  OEETIFIOATE   OfTmPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE. ��� MONUMENT MINERAL  claini. silirate in the Nolson niiniiwv division of Wert Kootenay district. Whore located: j\t the head of Grohman crook on  Grohman mountain. Take notice that I.  J. M. McGregor, acting :r.s agent for Steve  Hawkins, five minor's certificate No.  bsn.-loii. nnd Loni.s Strand, free miner's certificate No. l>''7.::.n. intend sixty days from  llio dato licronf. to apply tn tho mining re-  cordor for n certificate of Improvements,  for tho purposo of obtaining a crown grant  that action under sect Ion 37. must bo. coni-  thal action, muled section ?,7. must bo commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  J.  M.  MCGREGOR.  Dated this U'th day of August, IDOL  - s- r  A*l !  II  ^g^^^Sp^;,^a  DRESSING  .    We carry a complete line of Surgical Dressings, fiahdages  and Gauzes, and if requiring anything in  this line, remember  You will also find our stock of Trusses well assorted.  us  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VIOTORIA  BLOOK  NELSON,   B. O.  Having added to my stock a large  range of Youth's Boy's and Children's  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to the "public the best variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.-  Everything is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.  ^^S^HSJ^11^ WmmmkY MOBOTO, SEPTEMBER  at im iomii  217 "rti9Street     J.     A.      OIIiiX^SR  REFRIGERATORS       HAMMOCKS  Now is your time to get  must dispose of them all.this month  a bargain  in  these   lines  If you   want  as  one  we  or  both of these lines the price won't hinder  you.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   OO.  Importers and Dealers.in Shelf and Heavy Hard-ware.  ^�����.��.<_*.v.��.,<-.o.y.-��.^.y,f�� <r*<f**f ���-Tr*_r*<sT,_r,_-,|__,-_f __!���__ ���*.  '0^ '"_l__.  w  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  ti  !T PAYS TO CALL ON US  WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN  WE ARE SHOWING THE FINEST STOCK OF RATTAN  GOODS EVER SHOWN IN THE CITY  J. G_  & GO.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  PdiUR���J. D. McPonftlrti ttossl'ind;  B: O: L-oswcll, Bonnington Falls; Howard Chapman, Victoria; John S. Clnte,  New Westminster; ���_<*. W. Taylor and  Edward Pitt, Montreal; James D. Sword,  Greenwood; Alfred Garde, Sandon; .1.  S. Dischanips, Rossland; Rev. E. D.  McLaren, Mrs. E. D McLaren, and Miss  Edith McLaren, Vancouver; Miss E. J.  Clarke, Smith's Falls; Will McLaren,  Winnipeg; Thomas A. Noble, Pittsburg;  W. D. Wrighter, Spokane; C. T. Cross,  Miss Cro ss.ainj Miss Rives, Silverton;  Sidney Norman, Spokane; George A.  Wilson, Vancouver.  HUME���Maxwell Stevenson, jr., and  John E. Stevenson, Ainsworth; H. B.  Jackson, Spokane; J. M. Whitehead,  Vancouver; L H. Hudston, London;  major Mathison, England; W. Fether-  stonbaugh, Revelstoke; John H. Heal,  Queen Bess Mine; W. E. Worden, Slocan.  GRAND CENTRAL���A. Bremner, Slocan; R. J. Daniels, Proctor; M. C. McKenzie, Lethbridge; P. F. Johnston,  Spokane; Ben Wick, Kaslo; John B.  Winlaw, Slocan River Mills; J. Jardine,1 Ymir.  MADDEN���Ed Grant, - Victor, Colorado; Harry Macdonald, Nelson; William Fraser; Charles Mistier, Greenwood; A. White, Revelstoke; P. Mc-  Ciie, Kaslo; John A. Coryell, Grand  Forks.  TREMONT���John Buchanan,- James  Lowdon, ancVC. Anderson, Windermere;  Malcolm McDonald, Slocan.  ing hi** ey*. f.ti.-5'i'iDji Wa..l_��if HiiH). ha  could g'.t sufficient evidence to lay" an  information, The chief got hi_ evidence  but in the meantime. Tripp got next;  He gave the chief the slip -At tha Nelson hotel, going in the front entrance  and on through the back to the Htrrte  where he was stopping. Here all trace  of Tripp was lost, and although the out*  going' boats and trains were watched,  he did not make his appearance. It is  now thought that he walked to Granite  Siding and boarded the train there for  Rossland, from which point he remitted  the amount of his bill at the Hume.  PEESONALS.  E. J. Fewings, manager of the Medicine Hat branch of the Merchants' Bank  of Canada, arrived in Nelson last evening on his honeymoon.  Rev. E. D. McLaren, pastor of St.  Andrew's church, Vancouver, arrived in  Nelson last evening for the purpose of  taking part jn the Christian Endeavor  convention, which opens here this week.  W, E. Wasson, city treasurer, left last  ovening on a holiday; trip to his home  in Norwood, Ontario. A number of the  civic staff were at the wharf to see  him off, and as a testimonial "of the  good feeling which they bear toward  him, James McPhee presented Mr. Wasson with a brick;house. .This testimonial is to be presented in.installments,  a brick at a time, the first of them being presented last evening just before  the departure of the steamer.  L>*i5.w.^.*^.__>.'_**>-*m.__��-__>.__._9>-__.'_a>.__s _**>-'-_*-__.-*^''^-__._a_��va _s�� ���_���>���__> .^^i1  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX 527.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  X_I3\_:i-l___3_D.  city Aro District,  In the case of Tattersall vs. McMillan,  a Slocan suit to recover the sum of $370,  judge Forin yesterday delivered, judgment for the plaintiff with7 costs;  William Gosn'elLwill leave this.morn-  ing for Forty-nine Greek with four men  to do some work on tlie Forest King  property, which adjoins the Homestake,  owned by Porter Brothers. Alfred Olson will have charge 01 the work.      7  A meeting of the parishioners of St.  Saviour's church will be held in the  school room this evening for the purpose of considering the resignation of  tbe rector, Rev. H. S. Akehurst,, and  other matters of interest to the church.  J. P. Manhart left yesterday with a  gang of bridge .carpenters for the big  trestle on the Nakusp & Slocan branch  which was burned out some time ago.  Work upon the trestle has not been proceeding^ as rapidly as could be wished  and an effort will now. be made to  hurry matters. '���-..  A. H. Gracey, managing director of  the Imperial Development Syndicate has  returned from a trip of inspection to  tho Imperial and Eva groups on Lexington mountain, in the Lardeau, which  the syndicate has under bond to the  London & British Columbia Gold Fields.  The object of Mr." Gracey's trip was to  size up the properties with a view to  advising the directors of the development syndicate upon the application  of tho London & British Columbia Gold  Fields for an extension of time for the  second payment, which fell due some  weeks ago. It is understood that action upon the application will be taken  in tho course of a few days.  Nf-LSGN, &��,  H.  <*,  **-**vt,>*.-^"-->*����**t-*,'iy*..,;*'rv--'*H|i-'i,_1:_vi^Jjc��-iiin^vaf ��.r.^_ ����.^.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 18&2   *- ���*" W**n5Wfz(A>\-*���_vv-n*% ��j*r* *"����� .Sis; m.T-  8ANDON, B.C.  There were a number of cases up in  the small debts court which was held  before police magistrate Crease yesterday. All,of the defendants were persons  who were in arrears to the city for water rates, electric light rates, and scavenger rates.- In the greater number of  cases the defendants paid a portion of  the claims against them into court and  secured an adjournment of their cases  so as to enable them to dig up the bal-,  ance. In one case in which the amount  of the claim was ?7 for scavenger service, judgment was given for the full  amount with an addition of $_ for costs,  so that instead of paying $7 the delinquent will: be required to put up ?11.  CHARLES HILLYER, President.  HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Havo ju��t leceived 3,0.0,000 feet of log�� from Idaho, and we are prepared to cut the largest bills  of Umber of any flinrensi-m.. or lengths. Estimates given at any time. The largest, stock of sash,  doors, and mouldings in Kootenay.  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND   =________=OFFIGE-ANTD=YAROS:=GGRNK_t=HArjTj-AND=FRONT=STRKETS.-  ti  ti  ti  m  m  MORRISON & CALDWELL  PROVISIONS   AND   PRODUCE.  OUR LEADERS���  The well-krown Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized pack ft kor nnd 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Baker Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  %  t$  W  s  Word .was received in Nelson last  evening to the effect that the Commercial hotel at Eholt had been held up-by  masked men. The particulars of the  affair were not obtainable/but it is said  that the robbers obtained the sum of  $2300. It is not reported that any: of  those concerned in tne robbery have  been apprehended.  Owing to the . inability of' several  -membcrs=to=attend^the=niceting"rof"-the'  Nelson Boat Club com:_uttee, which was  called.for last evening, the meeting was  postponed until this evening at S  o'clock. As matters of importance in  connection with the regatta on Saturday will come up, a full attendance of  members is requested.  Arrangements are being perfected  whereby J. D. Nasmith of Winnipeg will  secure a lengthy lease upon the Silver  King hotel property. It is said that  the transfer of the property will take  placo on tho 15th of the present month.  Mr. Nasmith is one of the best known  hotel'men in the west, having for a  number of years run the Criterion in  Winnipeg.  At 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon Miss  Sarah R. Dover was married to Mr.  Louis P, Pearl of Seattle, the ceremony  being performed by rabbi Kornfeld of  Seattle, assisted by Rev. J. H. White,  pastor of the Methodist church, at the  residence of the bride's brother, Jacob  Dover, on Silica street. None but relatives of the-contracting parties were  present. After the _ ceremony the newly  wedded couple were deluged with congratulatory messages from a host of  friends scattered throughout the province and the state of Washington. Mr.  and Mrs..Pearl leave this morning on a  honeymoon trip to the Coast, after which  they will take up their residence in Seattle, where. Mr.v Pearl is at present engaged in business.;    -  S. J. McLean, the Dominion commissioner appointed; to inquire into railway-rate grievances, has telegraphed to  P. W.y Swannell, secretary of the board  of trade, again postponing his visit to  this city till Friday. The special committee of.the board will be in readiness  for the commissioner. It is understood  that the chief complaint on the part of  the committee will be not so much on  the rates charged by the railways as the  circumstance that they do not give Nelson a sufficient advantage over other  trade competing centers for the trade  of what they consider should be Nelson's  trade area. This has been the chief objection yon the part of the cities on the  coast, but as that whicli will please Nelson will doubtless. Be displeasing to.  Vancouver and Victoria, it is difficult  to see just how matters can be adjusted  to suit all parties.  ;������  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  in Kootenay. Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles. Winchester Smokeless and  Savage Carbines. Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequaled  for simplicity, accuracy and effect. *  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAV? HARDWARE  Blowers, Exhausters, Hand Sheaft Pumps, Pipes and Fittings, Steam Packing, Leather anc.  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  Here is your chance to get all kinds of Winter Clothing and Gent's Furnishings at  your own prices During the past two months I have made a special drive in Summer!  (joods and have succeeded in clearing out the bulk of my stock.   For the next thirty  days I will endeavor to run off my large stock of Winter Goods.   This sale will .mean-,  High Grade Clothing  AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE COST.   This may not sound like business but it is a  drive to clear out my stock, as I am retiring.from business  are Some Prices  Men's  Scotch  duced to $10..  Men's   Scotch  duced to ?8.  Tweed   Suits,  ?15,   rc-  Tweed   Suits,  $13,  re-  Men's Blue Sorgo Suits, reduced to $7,  ?8, $9, and $10.  Double and single breasted, sold formerly at $15 and ?20.  Men's  to SS.  Men's  for 51.  Worsted   Suits , $15,   reduced  heavy  woolen   socks,   G   pairs  100 pair of blankets, from ?1.50 per  pair and up.  Men's  Blue   Woolen  from 51.75.to ��1.  Shirts,   reduced  Men's heavy Kersey and tweed Shirts,  reduced from ?2 and $1.75 to ?1.25 and $1.  Fine grey underwear, reduced from ?1  to GO cents each.  Boots and shes belown cost.  Men's hats, all shapes, below cost.  -  Fine   natural   wool    underwear,  duced from.$7 to ?5 a suit.  re-.  THIS IS A GENUINE (.LEAKING OUT SALE  HOM TEA  J. A. IPMHO.  The best in the market, in, 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.  A meeting of the creditors of the  estate of H. F. McLean was held yesterday afternoon in the oifice of R. M.  Macdonald for the purpose of considering the best method of realizing upon  the assets. After some discussion it  was decided to appoint a . committee  with power to dispose of the estate~as  they should deem best. The committee  is made up of T. M. Henderson, assignee, J. A. Henderson, inspector, and  George Kydd.-  Oc a Pound  GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street.  ROSSUAIN.D   EINQIIVBBRIINQ   WORKS  CUNLrlFFB  &  MeMII_I_AN  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORB OARS  skips, cage**, ore bin doors, chute* and frcnoral wrought iron work.    Our ore cars aro  the bet. on flu market     Write us for rcfurences and full pnrtrcrr are.  SKCON'l) nANDHIACfUNKJ-Y FOR SALE.-One ..-foot J'eliori wntorv heel; widthGOOfeet, "8f,ol0"  ' spinal riveted pipe.   One 10x5x13 outside pa. ked plunger sinking pump.    Kock drill., stoping  bars, &c. &c.  AGENTS NOHDHEY PUMPS. STOCK CARRIED.  >. O. Box 108. THIRD AVENUE, ROSSLAND.  Judge Forin handed down a written  judgment in the case of Lawr vs. Byers  yesterday. This was a mechanics' lien  case growing out of the purchase by  the defendant Byers of a house upon  which the plaintiff Lawr had been employed as a plasterer. The claim of  Lawr's jn the first place was against  Webster Traves, for whom the house  was erected, but to secure payment of  the amount Lawr filed a mechanics'  lien, and it. stood against the title.  Lawr sued for $336,45, (ind judge Forin  allowed him $293.95, together with costs  of  the   action.  The differences which have arisen between Rev. William. Munro and certain  of those who make up the congregation  of the Congregational church show no  sign of having been bridged over. A  well informed member of> the congregation in speaking of the matter said that  the trouble had its origin in the selection made, by the pastor in the topics  for his sermons. From time to time  social questions dealing with the relation of capital to labor and kindred  questions have been treated from the  pulpit with the result that a split has  arisen.    Th^sj'a|fcfollo^e^Jl2LJ.he^p_ass_  "tor-tendering his resignation to take  effect at the end of the year.    Action  ' upon this has not yet been taken by the  members of the congregation, as an attempt is being made by the friends of  the pastor to bring the kickers into line.  Judge Forin yesterday settled the order for the issue in the interpleader motion of the sheriff in the .case of Van  Norman et al vs. MacKinnon, setting  out the form of the action to be tried.  This is the case in which the interesting  point came up as to whether an execution debtor, after his interest in a  mining property; had been seized, could  by allowing his license to lapse cause  his interest in the property to revert to  his former co-owner. The Questions  set out for trial are: Whether at the  time of the seizure by the sheriff of the  Hampton group MacKinnon, the defendant, had any interest in the property; whether in such an event MacKinnon by reason of allowing his free  miner's certificate to run.out permitted  his interest in the property to revert to  his co-owner McNaught, who now  claims it; and also whether the special  certificate taken out to protect the MacKinnon interest in the property by the  plaintiff Van Norman is of any effect,  as it was not secured with MacKinnon's  consent.  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. 0.  cause is not to be found in the propcrty  itself. The general opinion is that the  state of the lead market is in a very  great measure responsible for the company's decision. ���  The Usual Statistical Report  LONDON", September 3.���A dispatch  from lord Kitchener, dated Pretoria today, says: Since August 16th, the columns report 19 Boers killed, 3 wounded, 212 made prisoners, and 127 surrendered; and that 194 rifles, 27,5G0  ��� rounds of ammunition, 1700 horses and.  7500 head of cattle have been captured.  Shamrock Is Speedy. '7 t .  NEW YORK, September 3.���The  Shamrock II returned to her moorings  at 5:30 o'clock, after a successful trial  spin lasting three and a half hours. At  no time did the srength of he wind  exceed five knots, and yet the yacht  vwith^the-Wiiid-abeam^travel-ed^aUfully^  nine  knots  at times.  ��� H. W. Tripp, whose whereabouts was  concerning the city police for two days  past has turned up in Rossland. Tripp  is a salesman for a Vancouver tailoring establishment and the police on  Saturday sought to impress on Mr. Tripp  that in taking orders without a license  he was guilty of an infraction of oue of  the city by-laws. Chief Jarvis was keep-  Several of the men who have been  employed at the Highlander mine at  Ainsworth returned to Nelson last evening. -They report that work on the  Highlander has been shut down indefinitely. The men all agree that the  property itself never looked better, and  that it is one of the biggest things in  the country. During the past icw  weeks the big ledge has been rather  thoroughly explored" by the means of  drifts and has steadily improved with  the work done upon it, In the drift  run on the footwall there is a remarkable body of ore, which in some places  has been shown to be seven feet wide.  From this drift a' crosscut has been  driven to the hanging wall, where a  smaller body of ore has been encountered. The ore on the hanging wall  though smaller in extent is of a much  higher grade. Very little is known as  to the causes of the shut-down, but the  Spectacles  or Eyeglasses  We can show you a fine  assortment of slyles in  spectacle ware of different  quality and price. Every  pair fitted free ot charge  and guaranteed.  BROWN BROS  Opticians and Jewelers.  -   AUCTION SALE  Dry Goods Gent's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, Hats and  ^Caps,' In order that I may sell off the balance of my  stock rapidly, I have engaged with' '���'������--.. ::    ;  CHARLES A. WATERMAN & CO., Auctioneers  to sell by auction every evening at 8 o'clock the balance  of my stock.   Come and get goods at your. own prices, as  'evei^thing^mi^  prices during day.  FE  THE BINDBRY DEPARTMENT OU"  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, UMiTED,  T-tlRNS BLOCK. NELSON.  BOOK ENDING0  SPECIAL li;ijLED BLANK E00KS  SPECIAL RUU0 FORMS  BEAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE BROKERS  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  -    CORN Kit OK  HENDRYX __N1.�� ViClWON STRKKTS  VICTOR SAFE & LOCK CO.  CINCINNATI. OHIO.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1  Agents for Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.   \  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  Whito Pine  Lurqber Always in  StociV  Wo carry a complete stock of  Ocast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors,  Specisl order work will receive  prompt attention.  Tlm largest flr-o proof pafo work . in (he vorld  Over three cnrloids sold in' Kootenay in eight  months.  Porto Rico Lumber Go. Ltd.  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 205.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:  Two Doors West C P. E Office.  WRITE FOB C-rJALOCUE AND PRICES  P. J. RUSSELL, B. C. Agent  N a LEON, B. a


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