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 <*"  ESTABLISHED  1892  TUESDAY,- MORNING,- - SEPTEMBER , 10,   1901  D. J. MUNN THE CANDIDATE  IS NAMED BY THE LIBERALS TO  OPPOSE J. C. BBOWN.  Munn Is Strongly Pro-Chinese and Has  an Exalted Opinion of Himself '  and the Capitalistic Class.  NEW WESTMINSTER, September 9.  ���[Special to The Tribune.]���At a meeting ^called to nominate a candidate to  , oppose J C. Blown, D. J. Munn, the can-  neryman, received cthe nomination. Mr.  Munn is a Laurier Liberal and represented   ^the    employers * ol    Cnmese  and Japanese on the royal" commission  that recently investigated the" Chinese-  Japanese question in this province    He  (' as, also, a' Jim Hill partisan, as against  the'Canadian Pacific.   He will have the  support of Aulay Morrison, M.P.,t arid  the Liberal and Conservative push, but  r will get' few  votes ��� from ^workingmen.  i   He has money, and his uncle, AlexandeV  ,, Bwen, 'the  wealthy   canneryman,   will  J   help him out.   It is said that he is to  |/ have financial assistance^from the Mine  Owners' Association of Kootenay,  because they know-, that he has, in the  past, done his best to* assist thein__u  their fights with the miners',-^unions in  I, the Slocan.   Munn, for a time, was pres-  ident of��� the Kaslo- &Y Slocan railway,  a company whose ofiicials at Kaslo,were  most bitter in their'expressions against  every man in the country"who.contended that British'Columbia-could"be pros-  L perous under the eight-hour law. ,\-..-p\  iOGAL^ANDYJIINiNC.NEWS  account. They say, further, that the  conditions of the mine are not safe for  t-mon to woik in, in their opinion, and  they are glad to quit. They were not  solicited, but came out on learning what  the situation really is amongjthe miners  and at the Le Roi mines  Tho Big Four will le-start tomorrow  with union mon. ,. ' "  No now men came in yesterday or today and the condition remains unchanged The union men are waiting .for  tho magistrate's decision in the two  pending Geiser cases before entering  fresh informations, but evidence has  been obtaircti <*>n which-to commence  farther pioceedings after next Friday,  and other steps aro being taken under  the Act io prevent the importation of'  aliens'     ' '  *   "  MORE OR  LESS  RELIABLE  LONG   WINDED .ALDERMEN  TALE  >���*���>  Boundary District. *vr * -   *"  GREENWOOD, September 9.���[Special  ��� ��� to The Ti ibune ]��� Judge Leamy held a  |*i sitting of-the" county"court of Yale here  today.'-Theie'were several cases on the'  docket,'but nearly all unimpoitant and*  were-quickl. "disposd ofJ Two cases werfc  ' adjourned until Wednesday'next for jury-  trial. 'In one, C. ffl. H. Sansorivis4p/ain^  ,tiff and^ lVdii_:*;Balloy,^'_Tmo_t* entliu^  siastic" believerJin the eventual importance of the, Similkameen country, de^  fendant    The other, Foi tin,vs.1 Bedard,  is an action to 1ecoyer ��� $80 (alleged' to*  ^*Viiin��A^---Ar.-��V'o-+^laW-;ft.^'4i';*fila 'n'-i'ff-.'.-wKilcr'-.j.'ny  . Y��T<^ettar^rt^^  ly^'.m^  |_''$l_:He%:v^  |^YvSon^of;t__)|__bst7prpm  I r '���. ���^ity^nYThis;:-clainf; is;;.thetRambl^;^sittat&  Vr-Yv/6nv)Waliace;m^  J> Y�� eastY of'^ i_-_iyer dellYS  |#fl_Sli__-_yrlqo]n^  j' Y^ifayco^  rfcY^____ftYg_irig=^  I:; :-YisYiiowYeightft eetliriYwidth;Yat^50-Yfoot7  ' Yv-Yd^th;Yaridctias-a!pa^  vY-t6ifour feefeof sblidym  YYJvvaluesYYin-Ysilver.'^ ^Native ysilyerYshowsy  :7 -": ireelyfinYtoisYpa^treakjYand'th^'bw^rsf  ,. ^ YY; areYconfiden.^ thatfal hundred YdpllarsYav  lYtv^ibnYis'fqiiite. avmbd erate? avferage'-value.  h"f#jpa_ ingYYtbY-sendY dpwri':;tO:Ythe"^snielte**;?  :.YYy abbut.v30a;Ytbris,Y;_^  I ���'ZZ ierririg':^tiippihgv they ere* untiljysnow -is  1 y7^nAthe^bun^-ywheriybigger lbads^and:  Y YeasieKtiaulirigytoYtl^  ;_vill keep"down the cost-bf tr'ansporta-;  Y^tlbnYYSomettime since parties-offered;  Yy $20,006. for -the-Rambler- subject toy a:  ���working bondiandya'coupleyof mbnthsi  ���,, V.ag'o another offer of $40,000 bri similar  li'Y^conditions was'���received, but :both'wero.  T|'Y'-'<ieclirie_rforYthe;* reasonthat; theY claim:  1; :?y3s;openingup'go lsa;tisfactorily thatythoy  ., Y'owriersYprefery-o develop itYthemselves;*  J ;Yy Other well-known^ pfbperties.in.'the same..  tYvvyiieighborhbbd are theCarmi, which last  ��� v^-winter;Bent: about��� 900;tons of pre'tb;the,  v yjGre ehwobd: sihelter;���; -, the; Sally v-owned by-  YY-Rpbert--jWqbd; arid Yassociatesyanother;;'  . y ^ttieYWa^ngtbn; arid :=IdahoY grpup^'ac--;:  I 'Y v ::quiredYlast "yeary arid' "partiallyvdevelqped -  'Y:'':i^Dyl;"Barb'arian'f^  ^:-_erestedYwiih^hiri��;Y:.s^^  vYY Y-YAy-f al*^vyarn;;-was ?seri .yput^ytoYn e wspai  Yyy^ers'f rpm? Grand i*F  Yvf;eflect5tiiat apaymeni��p_^$i^  ,Zi; -made^oiiYtlie *Ruby.Y;This-,claiiri'Ma. ire-;7-'  IS1 recently Ybondedv/by^liietr oitYpartieisi Ywhp[  -Yt :iave"Y;paidl,:?2006^on Ythe Ydeal;iorv B'-:per';j.  |;- ^erit&ThV'd.al:^  Y'V' -wooiiv A-Che yclaim ^is JsituateY.neai*:.Bounty  ���Y ��� dary -creefcY^about three: miiesyspiithYofy  77 Greenwood,*��������� arid, Jias a,gpb^showirigyof.;  .-YYhighY-^ade cbpper-g^  :v.'Yiltbri"is iri' chargeZofxtheYdeyelppment;  xyyrork lately commenced urider the;;b^  rzz'] 7rZ. ;:;The,:'Situation -a t-���Bossiand..^: ZxZ-x,  Y ^ :^^SLAND,vySepte^  Yy -tpY The ;Tribur_3;]-^Tri_ ee; irien; quit ;the  -Y Jbsiemirie this:mornirig and came'clovm-  YY-_he hill to Miriers' Union hall arid joined  YY^he union' forces. They;had been hired  Yy.,in KansasrCity by.'Lainb,.the Northport-  Y Yyirig'Q, to - work in the Ros8laridY.mines.  ' Y::The-iieri;unite in saying.that the,situa-  :; -tion *hejre,;;was greatly misrepresented  ^���-���-'to"?th_m;---tn'eyY^  Yers had.iaeavly all goneYoff. to;j&.laska,  ;^rid that.men her��;were scarce orvthat  Political Rumors and'Other News.  , VANCOUVER, Septembei 9��� [Special  to The Tnburie ]���A private meeting of  prominent Conservatives was held in  the city this mcining when it was decided that if h' B Jjilmour, M P P, accepted a cabinet position, the Conservatives v, ould suppoi t, J H Senkler, a  prominent Liberal, to oppose him ," This  illustiates how tho populars feeling on  both sides of party politics stands. 'Tatlow, has received letters from most of  the inteiior meriibers^declaring in more  or less emphatic terms that they would  riot-suppcrt^the new regime under Martin and "'Dunsmuir*' * Among the members who will stand against, the govern-  lricnt ^accoiding to these^ letteis are  Gi een, Houston,' Ellison, Fulton, Taylor,  and probably Murphy and'Kidd .No per-'  son hoie knows the stand Rogers_will  prob'ably take Hon J. C Brown went  to .Victoria this afternoon "Tonight a  convention will be held at Westminster  tp select' his opponent., * *   '*���-  ~l Captain Tioup��� anncunced_this_morn-  ilng that owing fto difficulty of coaling,  i,the Hating would -not hereafter go to  Victoria** but"-that the Amur, will take  .the place,of the Islandei as the'Victoria  v-tfome boat C - y c7'  7 -  'I The case of the steamer Saga," the,, vessel which^ was recently libelled by captain Goss/for'wages" due, was transfeired  , to the police ^coui t today    Summonses  wero   today issued "against^ Farquahar,  Frank*1 Burnett, J  H   Diamond,, and H  ti' Gieon' charging,.them withY>falsely?  registering the company,'the names of  directors, etc J with'the officials,--in the-  'companies'-l egistry�� at Victoria\    ^  L Arrivalsjrcm-the east.saY- that a*new(  * epidemic* hafrAbroken" out* among horses,  cattle,-~and swme in the^Northwest   "In  the distuct1-between Brandon and; Edmonton "1500  cattle are affected-''The  disease is somewhat similar to influenza^  j-but more.,, severe     A majority* affected"1  lo^ellanxlsmany jWhich i ecover have to be  ?shb_ibecause of paialysis of the back  laf&K;^fijri'fiquarters * (- -r V  |S|E��i*}J__iggins, formerly at William Head  irquararitirie^station, ,is one of the offi-  ^ialsj^hptcame from Ottawa to mvestl-  YgateyaSdYarrange^the qtiarantine" , * v  IllBHE TRACKMEN COf  A GBEAT DEAL BUT DO  LITTLE BUSINESS.  Will Make Some Repairs to City Wharf  < .        i  hat Have Not Decided How Strong  1    *i*      rThey*Will!Go/   .' ,^'"��� ���  ������y-v )->l-X'_-*���*-[ .-;���_  *yi-y,.-s-;-r._-'y~ <?-���'���  . '��� r-V.r"-/..Y-..   . "*Z'*'Z.~> '  Kievelstoke Local News  fes^EVEL^TOKE, September 9��� [Spec-  MH^|i^flib:: Tribune ]���The trackmen's  Jcommitteeyreceivcd this morning a let-  Y&rySroffiS'&r B Lowe of JCingston^ On-^  3Srib; Jvice-president^B R. T. of AT, giv-  Ying^details��� of the teims conceded They  .iriclude-.the reinstatement of all the  .ihaSids*. .porting foi duty m their former  Y-pbsit'i_ri_;Cand dwellings, lules giving  Ywliatvw��is:Ya_ked in the way of mvesti-  ygatioriin'^case of unjust treatment, pay  )_6r.; theXtime lost if pi oven unjustly  !treated;Ypromotion by cenionty, other  'things being equal, tianspoi tation twice  Z&YrilorithYtoYmarket, half late on freight  yfoi*:_upplies; tiansportation to any point  on tlie Jiriej same as other organized em-;  Ypblyeesi^ari increase of about ?100,000 a  -yoarYinYwages, and full recognition of  the-uriion;.>v _  :w.EdYyGrockett, an old-tima Lardeau  prospector,, who with W, 5 Poole discovered, the; Nettie L claim, was buried  JiereYtpday;- He died on his farm af  ���Craigelachie on Friday,  i:Ai-W.'Rosenberger of Nelson has or-  ��� ganized ythe Northwestei n Development  Syndicateytp take over the Oyster;and  Cambbrrie; gi oups of fiec milling properties Y*near Camborne A million $1  shares ;Y no promotei s stock  ^yY^Or^ Receipts nnd Shipments  SvNO^HPORT, September 9,���[Special  iMYTlie Tribune 1���Ore receipts fpr thp  iweekYeridirig September 7th from Ross-  'larixiytojthe smeltei heie are as follows  (September  2  ;Sep'tembor  3  September- 5 ,  *Septembei   6  /  .10  322  . 2  J    ��  . 7  192  . G  148  25  708  rr. -Total ..  'Y/Dui'iiig'the week eight cais of ore  ;_rbihYNelson passed through here en  ���rbute-y'tb ythe Selby Reduction Works,  ���SariyFraiicisco, and two cais of lead bul-  liorii'froinYthe same place en loute to  a-rsfiriery at Newark, New Jersey.  Yv Government May Pull Through.  ;YYVICTORIA, Septembei 9���[Special Lo  The Tribune ]���Tliei. is little new in  the political situation Supporters of the  government believe that if Biown wins  ;o.ut> in New Westminster, which they  say- ho will now surely do, seeing that  his oppbrient is D J Munn, thp pro-Chinese .: canneryman, the government ��an,  by throw*ihg Prentice and Wells overboard, who are as strongly pro-rChlnesp  as -Munn, keep in: power.Labor., menare  niuch disgusted.vat. the ;actibn of the  Westminster' convention and Conservatives are riot particularly, enthusiastic  -The session of the city council last  evening proved to be a long winded af-  fan. The* aldermen as well^as the mayor'  seemed to" be' in an argumentative mood  and the result was that little matters  which*' under ordinary circumstances  would be passed over without comment  were   made   the   subject   of   long  and  aimless discussions.    -    "  \  *-  The first matter-up was tho report of  the finance coriimittee. In1 addition to  recommending the payment of tho current accounts it suggested that th'e tax  of $150 per, quarter foi the use of garden hose bc'i'collected. The report covered''the firemen's payroll for the past  month,.* in which "appeared an item' fc��  -$50 50 'for "the "services of 'Jame3 Cham-'  _bers, who in addition to, his services as..  call man performed the duties of cutef  'during the absence from the city_of chief  Lillie.       - '    ���> J      i " ���>��� * - *  ,   This-item  was* seized  upon by the  mayor to start a discussion as to the  cost and efficiency of the' department1  as at,, present constituted   H_ _aid the  cost of the departmentJiad jumped fiom  ^220-per month to 9420 and he questioned 'whether the city^was any better^  'off than before Alderman Irving resen-Y  '. ted this and said that if the~mayoi was  ^of the opinion that the department was  ^costing too-much he should cut the-ex-  ���.penses/down"'        , .,1       '        t  Alderman Gillet expressed the'opinion  that, the city would'be as well off if *it{  dispensed   with'Ythe   services   of* fire-*1  man Stutter, who,was a regular at $75  per1month"and put on^a'man at(?15 as'  call man  J , ,  " "^j r T J",     "        *    '/*,  J "Alderman-Selous did not agree with!'  41"is v'w'of theimattei*, "as'he said the  idea in appointing three*;paid men-was,  *-that"by- this- means it was thought that*  the city was securing at least the, bones  of "what might be ultimately] a, paid de->  "partment.-% v \[^i J , "J ^   ,   -,   ; , t r  ^7,Mayor Fletcher replied that he didnoti  \think' that**"there'was work*-*enou__i' af'  the fire hall iorj th.ee men); and* as a  result they spent their time in pitching  quoits.     "��� ���   r ���*. -%   *  The report of the nnance ������ committee  was -eventually adopted, *buC whether  the item for Chambers' * services <��� was  passed or referred is a detail > which  was not made very clear.  The report of the public 'works committee came next It recommended (1)  that the, ,city wharf be widened* to 18  feet, at an estimated cost of $1200, (2)  that thejane in block 38, betweeen Mill  'and Latimer, be,' madje passable for  teams. ^      L      r  The first clause in tne report stirred  up quite a "discussion which was launched by alderman Selous' remark that  there were no funds for any such work,  and alderman Paterson's rejoinder that  if -the repairs ;were not made^it might  cost the city "more for^ damages^ than_  repairs' Mayor ii'letcHer~xexpresse"d--tlie~  opinion __ that It was time the city  stopped"tinkering with the wharf ���''It  should either be put in proper shape  or  left  alone. _  Aldeimau Selous said he felt gather  warm on the subject ot wharf repairs  His view of the matter was that the  wharf was used by a very snjall proportion of the people It was chiefly used  by a couple of steamboat companies and  two or three lumber, brick and cordwood  gentlemen Of the damage done to the  wharf he thought that at least 75 pei  i cent of it was done by the latter and'  the remaining 25 per cent by the normal tiafflc. He thought it was absurd  that the city should be asked to keep  ra wharf in repair In order that two or  ��� three men might be able to uae it tor  their private convenience, and for men  who every day violated every known  regulation for the preservation of a  wharf. His opinion of it was that the  people who used the wharf should pay  a proportion of the cost of keeping it  in repair '  Mayor Fletcher injected the remark  that in order to carry out his idea alderman Selous would have to secure the  passage pf a by-law for regulation of  traffic on the whai'f To this a^erman  Selous retorted that he would prefer to  do this before fixing the whaif up again  for tho persons he complained of to  smash.  Alderman Paterson said it was clearly  jthe duty of the city to keep the wharf  in proper repair, but until proper whaif-  age facilities weie piovuled the city  could not hope to collect wharfage rates  or dues  Mayor Fletcher resented this suggestion He said theie weie too many restrictions at present in the way of the  Nelson wholesaler and it would be foolish to think of imposing wharfage dues.  If the council decided to spend any  money on the wnarf it should come out  of the general fund and not out of the  business people of the city  It was finally decided to adopt the  clause of the report as it stood on tho  understanding that tenders would be  called for the work and the decision  afterwards arrived at as to what the repairs should be The second clause of  the report was adopted without debate  .--"���: The /report of the fire,,water and light  committee came next. It recommended  (1) that the offer of M. Crow to'pay ?10  per month for a light to burn for two  hours per night in front of his premises  be accepted;. (2)^that t enlarged, water,  connections be mado with the Bartlett  hotol property on Josephine street; (3)  that new springs be got for the truck  of the fire department, (4) that the  residence* of the supei mtendent of the  city^ light system be connected by telephone with the electric light power sta-  tion; j(5) that the council fix the/emun-.  eratidn iof JThomas Rankin.v'who' Is act-^  j,ing as assistant electrician,-(6)'that'the  ' council itake upj-hejquestior^ og thejne-1  cessary repairs "to 'the Anderson* creek  .flume;   (7)   and  that  no reduction  be  granted'to the Roman Catholic church  ' for -(electric, light service.  *_ _T*t __ >^     __ _ . a      _i^\^_ j^ . _. *v_ ^_vn *_ r_ _��� _ ^_  The five recommendations'-in the first1  part'of the repoit were agreed to. That,  respecting the salary of Rankin was disposed oi_tby absolution fixing the salary at $90 per month. That dealing with  the repairs was finally dropped out of  ,the report v'upbn the-score jthat the re-f  pairs,would tbe lout-of proportionftpj-the*  amount -���of-'' watei* * that" the **;city' would  receive  during the  low stages  of the  creek. The discussion Drought i out the  information^ that duung th�� low-stage,  of water there were leas than 25 inches'  of water received'from Anderson-cieek  and that/ the rrepsirs r_sked for would  cost about" ?1500   Against this expenditure engineer McCulloch stated that at  an expenditure of*J?>60 he had "turned  two small-stream's into the (Cottonwood*  i creek supply, which^gave',an aggregate  increase of 140'inches, and that the supply of-- these streams did not ,vary as"  much.,, a��j -"did* "the -supply in Anderson*  ,ci eek !       T   ,  _> JThe^clause, respectingj.hght,rebate, ��jo-  the*; Roman; Catholic church- was  alsV  struck"out' and'" the^mattei" 1'eft^m the*  hands- of the -mayo. ��� -   ~L "*��� * ��� -~* -���-i, �������*���J  >.*  D. ,McArthuiv,&JyCompany's, account  ,'forythe (burial Ybf rNelson'"Purdy ywas'  thrown' out bf 'the -council. .>",���������*    -' -  -* The council decided to take some,ac-  t tion <with respect to the water supply*  'to the houses'of G'tW Hall and'W-E*  Coles in 'Additioii A   The ^occupants, of  these Houses, Have bc_.ii oohged* to use  surface, .water yrid1 two crises of (typhoid  fever which'have broken out in the Hall  family*Jaf e,itracedn,toi thei*water iuse"d,  -by tho phj-sician m attendance ^ .    <  } ", The H request   of " Dr'  'Ai th,ur   of "tHe  "chool -*Hoard1' th'af' the city' turn over'  to-the schoolttrustees the sunn,of'$1426i  vlbeing7'the>amountrIof fthe first .estimate-  o_.sthc,.high''school,_as welLas the, first  .payment  on  the -jaichitect's- fees,   was  preferred to Ijthe, mao-or with power to,  act, to '"the", extent1- of  paying one-half'  'ofvthe,amount*^_*iji- *   -   ' i < ' ��* ,   ��,<  s   As'a, final ltem^of, business the mem-,  *bers of-the fire^te'am weie given a. rak-  -mg over'for failing'to turn"out 'to'fire'  alarms! which"bccur' in the small hours  'of"the -morning HThis-'matter^was han"-  . died, by.1;alderman"' Selous* and; mayor  rFletcher/bothv'of < whom said-they -were  tqn*hand when"the> brigade1";was; returning v from'^flres^ 'and ^were^Btiuck^with-  the.small,turnout'  In commenting upon  this   alderman'.Selous   intimated   that  the   only "place   the .brigade ��� appeared  _ri strength was on the ipayroll. ���,.     is.  ��� .- *i- ��� _��� + .- *&*}��� _-,-��� ���*��� *h *b * 'l* *  ���_ ( ' - .j.  * M'BRIDE HAS FALL'EN DOWN. 4-  ���i* > -t     1 '       -?������ j,!   . ^.  ���{* \A   government -dominated   by^ .��  *_* Joseph Martin may. he bad; but _���  'la, one dominated'by men'like pro- _���  r ���* f*-" vck t"fkt  "~i   r1   -*"_, 1~       v     ^>   -,  H ���_.������������  ,.fj ?*r?..  M'KINLEY   WILL. RECOVER  i*r>*'  '.'I ^'^   ^   i   -  r 'i  CONDITION OF THE PRESIDENT IS  -?',s,  IMPROVING.  PhysiciandT Will Not" Say 'That1 'He "is  5 Jt <���     j,    ,.-  h  put of Danger, but All Afiree He :^ .  ���_    Chinese, Munn of NewjWestmln- .  ���*-  <ster  would  be  infinitely^ worse. <)_-  -!-   Richaid  McBude   has'/jiiot   only -J-  , _���   showriithe white feather, but in -j-  ���f   pledging,his support to,a friend ���*���  .    of a set of men who have' work- ���_*  -J-   ed for months to discredit him as -f*  _���   minister bf mines, he has pi oven ���'$  ���J*   himself unwortliy the support of ���_���  '^���^-right^thinking men.���-;It was up to-���  -���   McBride, but he^hasj-been found _���  ���J��' wanting.        /"      "~   %    * <$���  *                                    i   i'1 ���_  �����. * -i- ���:- ���:- -i- 'i- * -j- ���*������'���*��� '_��� ��� + * -t* _��� -i-  VICTORIA OFFERS PRAYERS  Oui side News."  VICTORIA, September 9 ���Abraham  E. Smith, United States consul here, has  dispatched the following telegiam to the  department 'of stated Washington.  "Greatest honor at crime, and deepest  sorrow and regret at the attempted assassination of president McKinley was  felt among all classes here "  Sir Henry Joli, lieutenan.-governor of  British Columbia, said: -"I"am'horrified  at the attempted murder of so noble1 and  good,a man as president McKinley His  death .would be a loss^tp tbe world as  weiras to the'great1 republic of which  ho is the honored4head. vL pray tb God  Jhe may recover, and am greatly rejoiced  at the favorable bulletins received this  morning, I am sure that I express the  sentiment of ;all the people of British  Columbia." ��� <    f < , < \ *���    ���       ,  Prayers were offered in' all the  churches in Victoria yesterday for the  president's recovery.  Mail advices say that O'Brien, executed in Dawson recently for the tiiple  trafl murder, attempted to kill his spn-  ltual adviser, Rev. Father, Gennrau,  while the latter was in his cell trying^  to induce him to take the last sacrament O'Biien refused to take the last  sacrament, bat would give no reasons.  A French syndicate has purchased a  40 per cent interest in Atlm hydraulic  mines owned by the Lamare syndicate  This is one of the biggest hydraulic  properties in British Columbia.  Railway Collision.  SAULT STE MARIE, Ontario, September  9 ���An  engine  on  the  Algoma  Contial lailway yesterday collided with  a handcar containing si\ sectionmen at  Wilder station, killing-two-.of them, A.  Mazzs arid MY Lawrence. ' Others-, es-  ("*,pcd by jumping. It was foggy aiid  the men did. not see the engine until it  was almost upon them. *  V tv Is'MakinR Good,Pxogres_.', ��� 7Z �����������  \      I.      t * I ' ir *     '  t'r > " '    *"���        " , .l\     I,}    n  jr.  .     r    .        . ~_���__~__________~. \    _.        r    .  ,-6 ' / '.  ',<^i.' 'o-i*  -".MILBURN HOUSE,' BUFFALO," Sep':  tember 9 ���Dr.u MacBurriey, the\fambus  New.York surgepn, said to an Associated  Press: correspondentT after the issue (of  the'3'o'clock bulletinT'that all' the 'indications were favorable'**'" "No bad symp-  toms have appeared," said he    "Np one  *> ��� ',,    l>_i~. "   If      _.!��      .  can say now that the president ,is out  I of 'danger^ and, for a,wpek still theapos-;  tsibilityj*.of complications may"exist.'(At'  th.lend of that time,"a__ all goes^wfell,-  s.we may be able to sayYthafhe is con-'  valescent." l ''^ -*���>., iM"   .C v  '', '"Butil have kncwn'cases,'VputJm(Dr.  'Marine who was^^with ^the, noted'-sur-  rgedn(t"to go well for ten "days and^theri  cHarige_:or the worse."' ' ***���*'���, V~Tr   '*'  (?^'That is true," 'said Dr. MacBurney,  ���.somewhat' depreciatingly, "butKlt'is/en-  "tirely^unusual. <If the president coritin--/  ues to improvelfor a week,"''he( contin-,,  ued.'-'wje may safely'say tthat he''is con-  'valescent ���   It  will "probably,' be' three*  weeks before it willB be'safe^to 'move'  jhim '. We  must,wait, until'-the, outer"  >wound *is' healed and,strong. ",,,The inner  wounds' through the stomach proper* will  fbevstrong before the exterior wound is"  ���Howflong it will >be bef ore fhe, will be  v able'���to .sit up will-vdepend \upbn \the-  '-rapidity of hisamprovement, and^I may;,  'say 'totypu further^ that �� his ;(im*prove^  .ment,  ifAt continues, 'promises*, to be'  rapid "-"j.  . "���������"���    Z. * ,������� r f<?\ ^7,^  i Dr.'MacBurney was'asked to compare^  th .^'Garfield ,wound, and kits,' treatment}  ' with^,* that' of president^ McKinley. * -He*J  smiled as he replied that to'do so would"  be-tb, give, the' whole *histofy_ of 'the^pro-  'gress'of surgery during the'pasf twenty  . years ^ "Besides," said ���he,1 r"the^ cases  *ar_ entirely different , Garfield'^w^ound  -wa_7an extremely unfortunate  one^nt  , every���wa!y.   It was very difficult tb han-'  dle,/fwhile the wound of president McV  AKmley ls^m many"1 respects a^lucky^one  No comparison is possible "   . ti/"-  t J"iTurning1/to''the Associated Press correspondent^ Br. MacBurney ^said*  "You,  -can ^assure^your' clientele thafallvgoes >  weir jThe president's-condition continues satisfactory.") 'ij "    '  f ... \'. ,-r^���  out an official, statement^ to, the'Associated Press regarding tHeiallegedy^n-  archistic plot fto take'the fife of the"  president?' It states that the Cleveland"  police force^ crfn find no proof whatever  ^that such a plot existed.*- --It is quite evi-^  dent thaf'Leon Czolgosz was ah element*  of discord in his own family and'that he  never was. popular even with his~own  people.'His   taciturn   disposition-arid  queer���waysk isolated1 him"* from* relatives  ,. and* friends, and his socialistic tendeii-'  cies "appear to*" be regarded as vagaries  pf ajweak^mlnd." jThe vtstatementt that  .Czolgosz received $45'from Newbufg A_l-  'archists, to'take him* to Chicago'is1 evidently purely surmise,5 and>findssnbfcre-  denco ^ with ' the\ authprties.   u There^is,.  still 'a-'strong- impression*vamong*-resi-''  dents^of /Newjburg 'that a ring��of ,"An-  archists exists in,that locahty,farid,;thax  if rt,    T-*j_S. -."     t   &J ��M       _irf*    S*  _      *v,r  "��-?       0   *-   -V.    5^t����*l-..r*J'f     ��^a  ��-?)f''*a  CAKADIAMfYNEWSVSIFTED  ,*K.  ^���vji*-^*.^*.    tf^"   **.  i   j  !  ��� . s, Down to BuiKlet-Paragraphs."4'. \<  t   .      ' ' \    " i'\ '   ****    *���   ������  ^ ' MONTREAL; September^.���The Star's  London, cable says'sergeant^lack'ofjtho  .Canadian scouts/died(atyKroOn'stadt, on,  September 5th* of wounds.''vJv,>-   �����**#>   ,J  } *     I '��� l    ��� -111.*''-.   ���*.*���* *vi^  : vBELLEVILLE,- Ontario,-September;9.  ���Lazier &' SonSf^flouiJarid^paper mills'  here"Jwere. destroyed^byvfl^e on^Satur-^  dny -night. ���<, Loss.'fSS.OOO.V^msuranc/a  1?25,ooo.| ,,r ~sw^:i'^:^r?i  , QUEBEC,(i' September/*^.���Paquet -'La'  LiDerte} a 5-year-cld daughVer.of _Iarcil  La'Liberte, St.^Leber, -jvas''drowned���lastj  (Fridayinight inf.a'large'*i__ilk?can)whilej  'endeavoring to'secure a drink frdm'it'C^  ;>'-QUEBEC,' Septemberl 9.'^Karie?of^Ot-.  tawa'and a man^unknbwric-^botht em1'  ployed on the^new Quebec, bridge,1 .were  , drowned   on<> Sunday-- affernobn-,.neari  Levis by the'capsizing" of-~a* boat.1' John/  Hamilton was saved, by ^.clinging to* the  upturned boat ��� -i^ 'K-'. ��-y*��V, ~A<- .  > v TORONTO,  September ^TheJ civic  'royal, reception '^committee^met'^this;  morning "and decided* to^aoX'eyerything'  in?its "power to' prevent" the ,i_aposition  of an 'entranceifee,* t^'the/Exhibition1  >Jont._ni*y_rlt���?J_r_ H.*_*/!.-n.in>lA22*^?Jm  ;man^ust>rio>\to^the^Grantte:Mi_1_lol|  Jrigrintp liqu'idatiori. t*fhl*te&Msv0f^hfj  contract require,theVcompressor/to>_l  ��� installed. itfJ40 ',days,*but^it^i_^Jt__Jug_P  <L\_.    !___ w * �����*-./    "^  '     '      ^<-^',-      **���* A"^__^lf\w\'_*4___  -that -the^ company wilKthavcftheJsamel  in,working order%insidc of 30 dayij^ThlsS  ^compressor .will-be^of sufficiehtfeapacity^  to furnishYallxthe^ower^required^a^theM  ;Poorman-Granite".properties,'?and^whea%  it'is -installed ^woik^upbn^'the^propertyl  twill\be/resumed.on'a-ilafger.scale-j*.ha  fsor.iS-bemg'jnstalle'dlprelimiriarylworbS  fwill )be% unaeitaken^ ^OJn.^ofKthefmaint  features tin* the programlof 'development-!  > ill he? the * sinking^ bf^a ^shaf t$�� rom!  ty^hich seveial]nev. leveis^wihi.6. o*pe&e&^  ' up-^The tompany;r_has"thadvapc_ ewlbiS  ;men-* at work/toi, EomeUime'^ri1. getting^  thl>   nrolimlnnVv   xxm-nlr *{r_>_-c_-hrir,__^ ��#._.'._>_'  .MONTREAL, September^.*���At today's  ^meeting of the - city; couricilfifalderman  "Clerihue moved for an'lny.-stigatibn into*  .the attempt to bribe,hirri <into"s supporting the Royal ElectricZCompany's ,con^  'tract'for supplying street lights >, He" declares he was offered 53000��__ ^vote,for  'the^company, which finally ^obtained ihe  contract  after ,reducing��its "price   per  'light' $35^per year.',-. Clerihue's7motion  was taken as notice orVmotionr^Thnty  daysimust elapse beforejit can bo voted  iinnll        1 *        " ,      *        *     r **} 3  & j. r  . r    V-*   <.* rt^x-rf��^i*��i4_i__j4_  ti,1?-r.   '��� -1? j^-si4^���^ -_*_a?J_5__^_s��_5l  4-*.  Nelson Man Descnbcs^I^  HE''HAD;  <   President s, Assailnnt Talks  BUFFALO, September 9 ���Czolgosz  has made' no, additional admissions to  the police officials, and nothing that they  have learned fiom him has aided to-_  ward a solution of the criminal bide of  the case ..Ke still insists that he alone  conceived, planned, and earned oat the  cnnie, and that ne aione must answei  for 'it He admits tnat _ e attenuea  meetings at which l_mma Goldman  spoKe, and where ho and his r_llow  _An__cln_t3_discussed?-.heir���propaganda  cf murdei, but steadfastly demos that  any or tnem* had a part in his pla.ns  No specific oi dei for the ai rest 'or detention of Emma Goldman has been  sent out by' superintendent Bull, but it  is possible that she will be ariested on  the general ieque_t that the police  thioughout the countiy locate and examine any persons who may be suspected of complicity in the cnmc It is  practically admitted that, so lar, they  aie without any evidence tliat duectlj  connects her with Czolgos/.' ciime Alfonso Stutz, the German soldier, ai rested horc as a suspect, i_ still held in custody, but theie is not much piospect of  connecting him with C/olgos��� Stut_  is to be piosecuted for canying colr-  ccaied weapons  Night Repcrt��� Gzolgos., the as.ailant  of piesidont McKinley, went through a  long examination toclay at the hands of  the police officials, but emerged liom it  without having gi'.cn anything mptorinl  to thoir knowledge of' the case Tho  effort of detectives was to draw from  the prisoner some admission a. to his  accomplices, but he persistently stuck  to his denial. Every possible device was1  lesoited to in tho effort to obtain this  information, but the pnsonei maintained his position and could not bo shaken  In answei to questions, he again went  o\er the occurrence of Fiiday, and told  the same stbiy.as in the onginal confession made to superintendent Bull and  district attorney Penny Czol*_osz carefully weighed his aiiLweis _.nd when  co'ichiBions that he did not approve weie  talfe'i from his statements, insisted on  irainng explanation, of hi-, e<act meaning The poiice have concluded thai,  mcio effective woik on the p<i:t of thco-  ly can be done on the outsulc, although  C.od_osz will probablj ha\e anotnei expel leuce with the thud degiec of pol.ee  craft torn on ow The^geneial imq_tiga-  tion of the case piogres.es -Jowly because the men on it muct covei a large  amount of preliminary work before? they  do effective woik Accoiding to the local authonties tho police of the countiy  ki*ow veiy little about the Anarchists  C/olgosz is stronger and healthy and  catt. with a will Knowledge of the condition of the president is kept from him  He knew on Friday night that the president .was still alive, but has been given  no information since then.  CLEVELAND,    September   8. ��� The  Cleveland police department today gave  .uppn.  ���J'  ''(  '/-v-v-v *--  the  adjourned  , Peace Not in> Sight ,'  ���i I  ' t- ' V  PITTSBURG, September 9���The last  effort to settle the strike 'has failed  The goneral executive board of  Amalgamated * Association  without date this afternoon, and' won't  leport any progress'with peace ^negotiations, and without making^ any ..counter  piopositions The semi-official report is  that the proposition 3 proposed fon.*the  Amalgamated Association, through^the  int*ei\elition"of iepresentatives of.the  National Civic FederatiolT was" unsatis-  factoiy, and that the* entire',matter of  an anging for a settlement was left with  president Schafrer. The board in its session of three days has been clamoring  Joi^a^settlement^but-satisfactoiy^teons.  and means were not at hand and the sessions resolved themselves into the foi-  mal discussion 'of the situation At the  close of the meeting of the National  Executive Board this afternoon, president Schaffer declared that he had no  statement to make, but subsequently  said ihe board has adjoinned and the  out-of-town members probably leave foi  their homes tomorrow No peace pio-  posals have been received and none  made" L        '  '  Want the Use of Government Money.  BUFFALO, Septemeur 9 ���Secretary  Gago has been appealed to by some of  tho New York financial institutions to  lolievorthe money market by increasing  the deposits in National banks Repic-  Fontatipns arc being mado to the eilccl,  that while tho interior is demanding  monoy' to move the crops, pubtis funds  aro piling up in the treasury to the detriment of the commercial interests of tho  country Secie^iry Gage declined to  state what, if anything, would be done  , He will be in Washington soon, anil  can theie consider the mattei at close  range.f  in town** alter spending ** a 'considerable!  -     '              ri   Sk>Jrf   ��� ���-������"  novel  robbci-  m  the "holdup ���on-4Juesdayj^evoning-*Hlas_:F^j^?  McRae siy_ r"r"'t "p *1"- ~��"-��'*'-- i.--j.-i^tt_?_!:e!  at-the-time,1,  joko which'  ���McRao/iwa_-__.'iho car,d_rj3om"Tat thVtime? Vlfi^l  and he .and tLc^man^i th*rrtaBTe7^rt_r|S!?t#l  Preyented From Going to Work.  , PITTSBURG, September 9. ��� The  strike situation in McKeesport reached  an acute stage this morning, and serious trouble was feared as a result of  the efforts of tho sti iking tube workers to prevent men from returning to  work, as they had done Saturday. The  effort was successful, and where last  week from 800 to 1000 men had returned  to work, not more than a dozen were  able to this morning elude the 2000  pickets and get back into the mill There  was moie excitement in McKeesport this  morning than at any time yet  Tdking Action Against Anarchists  CHICAGO. September 9���Chief O No-'  announced today that Bmma Goldman  is under suiveillance not fai from Chicago, although not in this city He insisted that bhe had been located and intimated that she would bo arrested  soon.  ... NEW. YORK, September 9.���Mayor.  Hincliffe. of. Patterson, New Jersey, has  given out that any'saloon who rents liis  hall for anarchistis meetings will have,  his license revoked.  much ^-attention- to the, summofas? "but  w hen it was repeated and he noticed that ^_ >(j!  his "companion's hands had*-gone ,up/JieV^,^S  began lo ieah���e that it was no"joke ahd^j,!-*  -that he waj up against���" the ieal' thing."15rt^ffaffi  Hc&ays his hands went" up;about~ther^>*W  same time. They wei e then 'ma**ched but^-'^S-P  into the bai 100m where they saw sevea t'j-vgs,  oi eight cl the patrons of the house'all'-^VpA#j  lined up with theii hands above th'eir__,��'*3$f  heads One menibei of .the party had* ^ r$i  been in the act of taking a drink when" ���'�� l)M  the summons came to him and his hand V/ >*'M\  wont up with tho gla.Sb in it and re-v*,f.^Ji  maincd theie during the iest of the^-^'-^j  piece It did not take very long, but it' - Uj.%  is safe, to say ..that the man with the... i____ji-l  glass agieed wi��lT"_he' observation ��� of��  the governor of South Carolina respect-"*'  my the interval between drinks       r  Two railway men were tound in the  dining loom Like the otners they  looked upon the proceeding, in the light  of a joke, so that it became necessaiy  for the lobber doing business with them  to sti ike ono ot them ovei the head in  oider*to cou.inco him that it was no <  joking mattei ho was up against The  robbers &eemed to know just what thoy  wei o after. The hotel safe l eceived their  attention first They took the money and  valuables out of this and then emptied',  the cash leglstei of ito contents. All tho  men in 1 lie line wc:e not loboed. The  men \s ho had the job in hand seemed to  Iio content to picl. out those whom they  thought wcio woithy of attention and  alloivcd the othcu ct go McRae was  one of the lucky ones  The robbr-io wcio giicn plenty of.  time, as noi'i* of those held up seemed at  ail anxious to go in seaich of them The  icbiilt was that thoy got a good start.  The desciiptioiis of the lobbeis differ.  The si/c ot the men and their guns be- ,  ing in a gicat measuic deteimined by  the amount of icspect then victims had"  toi tncin Noth'ng has smce been heard  of the lobbeis. and it is not thought likely that they will now be captured.  Boers Raising Crops and Fighting-.  WINBURG, Oiange River Colony, September 9,���Barker's column has returned here from a 160-mile march through  the Scnckal district The soldiers were  astonished to find green wheat-fields  everywhere No troops had visited that  region since December, and the Boers  had time to plough and sow. They retreated to the mountains on the approach of the British, who captured 100  men, women, and children, enormous  quantities of grain, and 1500 cattle.  Rosf. Wants Moro Britishers  TORONTO, Septembei 9���The Evening Telegram's London cable says the  Times publishes a letter fiom premier  Ross of Ontario, in which he displays  a keen desire to swell Canada's population with people of Butish origin. He-  suggests concerted .action on. tlie, part  of the British authorities in^thei,endeavor to turn the Y emigration of .-the'; surplus population of, the United iKngdonu  to���'Canada.: v\v;.-.:.;��� Yv.Y.,y ������-_ 7-x7x77'xrxx.    ,  Y-��gy>ffe^if* THE NELSON TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY MORNING,  SEPTEMBER  10,  1901  m ^   ���***  \m  to  m  to  m  m  to:  to  to  to  B  ��  UDSOFS BAY  INCOBFOB ATED 1670.  CALGARY LAGER BEER  A CARLOAD OF THIS FAMOUS BEER  HAS JUST  BEEN RECEIVED AND WE ARE  SELLING IT TO THE FAMILY TRADE AT  $2.50 per.do fer quarts.     $1.50 per doz for pints.  DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF THE CITY.  TELEPHONE NO. 13.  UDSOFS BAY COMPM  BAKER STBEET, NELSON, B. C.        .  ^��.H?����-��e^-&* to &&9&9&&W&&*  Tfl.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Wi$<.  WHOLESALE DIEEOTORY  \*'r^>,  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  ,W. F. TEETZEL _, CO��� CORNER OF  I Baker and Josephine streets. Nelson,  J wholesale dealer, s in assayer's supplies  (Agents for Denver Fire Clay Company,  I Denver,', Colorado '     *   k^rCOMMISSION MERCHANTS.*  15___v JTlSVA^B^^O^UixSprSTKEET,  I Nelson, v -wholesale dealers in liquors,  I cigars,* cement, fire brick and' fire clay,  I ���water1-pipe and steel lails, and'general  I commlssaon'merchant.        \m$i  ELECTRICAL  S UPPLIDS.  llMCOOTENAY J ELECTRIC SUPPLY is  I Consti uction Company���Wholesale dealeis  lin-telephones, annuuciatois, bells, batter-  lies," electric il-vtuies,and appliances Hous-  |ton?*Block,'* Nelson <     ���  f^FRESH AND SALT MEATS.   ._���.���.  |*_P.(L"BURNS &. ' CO-BAKER STREET,  I Nelson,\ wholesale dealers in fresh and  I c_red>,meats ��Cold storage.!-   ' i '  iS^SL^^^^ZzZnns:  T^!i��__w*MA_i>UNAij_* r (_. UU ��� oOjrwiMjjjtt Ul<  I Front" and Hall" streets, Nelson;-wholesale  I grocersVandfr jobbers -in1 blankets,, gloves,  I ���mitt'*,-boots,' rubbers, macklnaws and min-  fers^i,sundries'_���"   f       ���-    r ' ^ ���  ' *  |9r_COOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIM-  1 ited ���Vernou-'iStreet,    Nelson,    wholesale  grpceis   ",>, ,  V *��� j ' f  i'l JOHNw CHOLDITCH & CO���FRONT  [street^ Nelson, wholes lie grocers   f    *  * CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,'  in Miners' Union Hall. ' C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex. B. Murray, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION'MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee,-president; Henry,Bennett, secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Mondayr evening in1 the Elliot Block, at 8  o clock. J. O. Moyer, president; .William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.  ,     ' ��� FRATERNAL SOCIETIES. ��� ."> *'-  rNEIjSblTLODGErNOrS.; A. F- &-  ', A. M. ineeta ��� second 'Wednesday- in ,  ��� each   mouth.   Sojourning i, brethren '  . invited. 4., j ( k    , *       ^    J   ���,,'   . _  NELSON - 'ROYAL    ARCH ��.*CHAPTER *  No.'123, G.; R. C���Meets third-rWednesday. -  iSoiouroing    companions   .invited. .' George "  Johnstone, Z.; E. 'W. -Matthews,- S.' E. ,  We fire daily in  receipt- ot fresh  photo supplies  ���films, printing  papers, plates,  chemicals,' and  all developing  accessories. We  have all the  standard kodaks and cameras, and have  somo dainty albums for mounting prints,  ln the standard sizes, at 20c, 25c, and 36c.  each; they are wonderful value, being made  of dark matte mounting paper with neat  cover and tied with, silk cord.  ���^��0 ' *0 * <a0' 00 f^ * f___07^B). ^0. ^0, jSt. f____t. gpi. ySiTjf ySv^S. 00  to  9\  9}  pr_ra________xzxrxzx____x_____i_z__t__  _____  LADIES' SUNSHADES  AT HALF PEiCE.  UMBRELLAS AT CUT    g  PRTP.P.S B  PRICES.  atimr  THOMSON STATMEBY CO. Ltd  Pianos to Bent.  NELSON, B. C.  NELSON j AERIE, NO. 22" F._' O. r E.-*  Meets second and-- fourth* Wednesdays .of *  each month at >. Fraternity i Hall.' _ George,  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, \sec-,  retary. ,  yi.    y>_ >   v\.y^y[\   ��� ->  [ KOOTENAY-TENT'NO. 7,-'K.' O/T.'M.-.  Regular meetings 'first and  third JTh _._-���,"  days',of each month. Vlsitlng'-,Slr���Knights  are 'cordially  invited ^to -attend. i-Dr.i'A'. .  Rose, rR. K.; A. 'W._Purdy,- Com.;.Q. A.  Brown, P. C.   ,  ���    -    *    *���"����� -*&%?" '^1'.-"it*v> >���  ' \fOLASSII^D^M)S^?;  'ARTICLES FOR SALE:  ?  |^J"Y. GRIFFIN) "& CO ���FRONT STREET,  1 Nelson, *- -wholesale   dealers   in   provisions,  cured meats   butter^and ee-.s  i)f-   LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.'  I-'^TURNER,' BEETON   &.   CO���CORNER  I Vernon J and~* Josephine   streets,    Nelson,  ���wholesale, dealers in liquors, cigars and dry  goods i Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  of .Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Com-  I panv of Calgary *���         '  i.",^'^'-WINES kvAND CIGARS. T  ~~CAnFOBmA<^^  ted���Corner of Front and Hall streets, Nelson,, wholesale dealers in wines, case and  hulk,"'and domestic and imported cigars  * SEWING MACHINES OF'ALL?KINDS  for sale or rent at.the Old Curiosity^Shop.  **   FOR.RENT.  1 v  k BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  ^ARCinTECTS^  AC 'EWART���ARCHITECT, ROOM 3,  I Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson  ���6s  'CHOP HOUSE.  PIONEER CHOP HOUSE, JOHN  I Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen'*- Hotel,  J Baker stroet, Nelson Open day and night  launches---specialty.-Ficnic-and-travellng  |Y>artle_ supplied on shortest notice.  ~, ]      DRAYAGE.        ''  FURNITURE,   PIANOS,   SAFES,   ETC ,  I moved carefully at reasonable rates   Apply J   T   Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser's sec-  I ond Hand store, AVard street.   FURNITURE!.  ,   D J liOHuit/Ho^sTco', i oknitukE  dealers,  undortaktrs and em.almers   Day  1 'phone No   _32, niffht 'phone No   207   Next  new   postollico   building,   Vernon .street,  Nelbon  TEAS.  ~WJ5~HAVE" INDIAN,i   CEYLoT^AND  I China teas ln gieat varletj, choicest quality   We make a specialty of blending teaB  and sell  them in arry quantity at lowest  | rates   Kootonay Coffeo Company  JAPAN TEA OF ALL, KINDS TO SUIT  I your  tiu*te    Sun  cured.   Spider  Leg,   Pan  Filed. In bulk or packages   Kootenay Cof-  1 fee Company.  THAT FINE BLEND OF CEYLON TEA  I we  aro  selling  at  iO cents  per  pourrd  Is  giving the best of satisfaction to our many  I customers    Kootenay   Coffee   Company  ��� FOR', RENT-SIX ,\ROOM ' H<_ USE * ON  Victoria street, three'doors above fire hall.  Bath room and sewer'connections; $15 ipei-  month. Apply Mis.*, T.*,H. Roberts, over.  Vanstone's drug store. '        ,       ,-.',_  SIX 'ROOM COTTAGE AT 'BALFOUR  to let" by the month or for the season. Immediate possession. Good fishing." Apply  C W.- Busk, Kokanee creek., Phone W5a."  Or to Ri H. Williams, Baker street, Nelson.v  FOR RENT���SIX'ROOM COTTAGE,,ON  Silica streot, second door west of Kootenay street. Electric light; bath; up-to-date.  $20, including, water.. Apply- to A. S Em-  bree, Latimer Btreet, second door "east of  Stanley, street. , ." ..      '  FOR S-A--E:   ;     ' -  "BREWERY HOTELT^AI^DONTriiT^cT  'Furnished'throughout .with all-* requirements for same. ^ Apply to Carl Band.  New -York Brewery, Sandon. ,       '  '        yEE-lF J_r^_TKD-y_.:~~  "^WANTED^^mJATION AS ilOUSE^  keeper. For references apply to Miss J.  Burness, postoffice, Nelson.  WANTED���FIFTY TIE MAKERS. TIES  7x8, 6-inch face. Tops , can be made into  mininj*r, ties. Price nine , cents. Fir, tarn-,  t ackr* ** nd���Jack���piner^Apply^-to^Brecken*^-  ridge & Lund, Morrisey, B. C.  WANTED���COOK, LABORERS, WAIT-  resses, railroad men, men for station work,  girls for housework,'- carpenters. Nelson  Employment Agency. ,Phone ,278.  WANTED. ��� EXPERIENCED SKIRT  and waist hands. Mrs. Flint, Victoria  block. j/.      ���  SITUATIONS -WANTED.  ASSAYER, WITH SMELTER AND  mine experlenc, requires situation. Keep  books, etc. Address. W, Box 578, Nelson.  " recognize the unions means that every  " employer of labor will be limited and  " under  the   supervision, and   absolute  " control of union delegates." In another  letter to the same person, Mr. McDonald  rsays: "it is well known that by impru-  " dent legislation and the dictation of  ," labor,i. capital   has   practically, been  " driven from British Columbia. Hence  " the  absolute  importance  of  fighting  '.' the  present  fight  against  the   labor  " unions to a finisti." These statements  should be considered  on, their merits.  ���The ^Tribune is of the opinion that'the  'labor unions of Rossland are in no,way  different from the labor unions in .other  towns and districts scattered1 throughout the mountains of the Pacific Coast.  The' oldest quartz mining camp,' on the  Pacific, Coast is Virginia, Nevada. The  ^ mines   of "no   other   camp "have   paid  larger dividends." Yet the mines there  have   always   been( Worked   by   union  la"bor.'The'greatest mining camp, iri ���'America today is Butte, Montana.'.It"is the  greatest from every point of '.view: ton-  >riage' handled,' dividends declared.Vand  number of men employed. 'There-'min-  ,ing is all done by union labor.' These "in;-  .stances can be added to * by, the-: score,  and allVill have the same'result/that Is,  ,,union labor ;not only predominates, but  proves -satisfactory.'.The late^Janaes.G.  .Fair ^was .reckoned 'one "of -*the ".-ablest:  practical1 mining superintendents on'the  Pacific Coast,and every mine"1 witli which  -he was/connected, employed ^nioiij miriV  e_s''__nly.'.^Marcus -'Daly had..equally">a  great jreputation as a mining 'man, >and  none -bu. oinion 'men -w ere "employed -in  his , mines.*   If   the ,* dictation   of   labor "'unions ' and*   bad,  laws,,.xhave  ��� driven,. capital   outVof's British-* Co-'  ^��Jl 0k   , *" >��� t.  ���_  n      *��� *  ��� lumbia, how is it that'the Standard,Oil  -Company offered the Miner-Graves Syn-  dicate fifteen' million ^dollars forytheir  mine's,and smelters in British Columbia?  THE. OFFER,' WAS REFUSED. If our  laws' arebad/why is it' that theowners  "of;the Sullivan group of mines, in East  ��� Kootenay, are planning 'to spend hun-  36 Baker Street, Nelson.  ri1iiin_iT-xtiiT!_n_n_i_rtxi______:  LACE ALLOVEItS.  RIBBONS, VEILINGS.  DRESS TRIMMINGS  AT REDUCED PRICES.  ___________ [XXXXt  to  9>  :;! NEW AUTUMN GOODS OPENING EVERYDAY!  to  m Call and see our Fall Mantles and Ladies' Ready-to-wear Felt Hats.    First lot of  to Ladies'Furs, Ladies'Flanelette and Plaid Shirt Waists.  to  to  to WOOL MATTRESSES AND EIDERDOWN QUILTS  (t>, ������'���������         ;; 'y *  to . ���'    -    =====  to  9\  9\  to  to  IS.  rttiTzxart  BARGAINS IN  VALISES TRUNKS  AND  TRAVELING BAGS.  nmliiiliiilipiniinMitiiiiniimi.  NEW GOODS ARRIVING DAILY <?v  - .   ' ���  . to-  ���= 9.  to  -w^ ^ ^m- A 1���. j^ S'__cxx_r_____z___2_z_i_t_u_____-xx_;zn      ,\.  rred Irvine & Co.   Kames ���im  LADIES' KID GLOVES  50 CENTS PER PAIR  SEE OUR WASH  KID GLOVES.  36  Bakep  Street  iyg!. 00 * 00 ��� 0^* 'gf'gf,! ^ '<��? ' iS: 'IS* ' ggf ' _-^ ��� 00 *00 * __*__00 * *��L_   vi*.   . >����> ��g��- >�����������. - ^_t�� ^!% - ^�� >�����' '!*��-���' ^��**- ��� "S^* ^ jS'J_S_ ���-3}['~ ^"^ ��� mf !m:^  "V,*^*>^,^^*>^,,,^*,^.,^^*^^'��^>^'5^.^^*^^^@r-'5_^   \9J   \00 ' 00^00 ���v2_" Tb ^^rSvS? ^0>?05 ' 00' 00 * 00' 00 ' 00^0% ��� 00^00''  Such a declaration is rank heresy, and  will at oiice be considered by the Mine  Owners' Association:  *     . ,  WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES  ADVERTjrSIjN"G   RATES.  sements run 'reguli   nch per month....   $4 00  Display Advertisements run 'regularly  per Inch per month !  If run less than a month, ptr Inch per  FlffilB MIXjIjING gold properties  I "We are anxIou& to secure a few free milling- gold propel tie. at once   The Pro���pec-  ' tors' JLxch mge, Nelson, B C , Room 4,  _C  W. C. Block  , GOLD, COPPDR, SILVER, LEAD  [mine,  and> prosper-tp wanted   Pond  report  aud sample1? to the Prospectors  Exchange,  Nelson, li   C, Room 4, K   XV   C   Block  Notices oFlo;ETi��as,  TRADES -AND LABOR UNIONS.  ^ii-i_i_b~u-rioir~No^  I Meets  in  Miners'   Union  Halt,   northwest  coiner ot Baker _.nd Stanley streets, every  Saturday... evenrn,_ at 8 o clock, visiting  J;irierabors 'welcome. - M. ��� R." Mowat, presi-  |'dent;vJames Wilks, secretary. 'Union scale.  lotwages for .Nelson district per. shift: Ma-  I -chine men $3.50,, hammersmon $3.23, muck-  \'<era;'' carmen, shovelers, and other under-  I'lground laborers S3..    -, "  JVIjAUNDRY ' ��� 'WORKERS' UNION.���  livte.ts 'at, /Miners'-- Union .Hall on fourth  I Monday ,;,iri .every .month at 7:30 o'clock p.  Jlmi.-B. :Pape,; president; A. W. McFee, sec-  |_*etary.y:..yY;V'-' '' Y'.'1' ;��� '-''-'��� :  '���������'-���: '������''������' ���'���*������-���..-'. -  I^-BARBERS" ' UNION,   NO.   196,   OB"  THE  | international Journeymen Barbers'  Union  tot 'America,. meets first and third; Mondays  rof- each ;month, ia Miners' Union HaU at  J 8:30'>'sharp.-   Visititig' members  invited.   R. ' ,        ... ... .  rlicMaSon. president; J. H. Matheson, sec-    managing director of the companies op-  EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES. _  HELP PURNISHED-WRITE,- TELE-  phone, telegraph or inquire Western Canadian Employment Ofllce, Nelson. Phone  270 Storage���I have a large warehouse for  storing household or other goods. H. A.  Pi osscr.  WANTED HELP OF ALL KINDS.-  Orders for help receive prompt and careful attention. R. Purdy, Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  41   P. O. Box 682.  ��he (tribune'  so  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  Diily by mail, one month $  Daily by mail, three months  125  Daily by mall, six months  2 50  Dally by mail,  one year  6 00  Daily by carrier, one month 100  Dally by carrier, three -nonths  2 50  Dally by carrier, six months  6 00  Daily by carrier,  one year 10 00  Semi-weekly'by mall,  three months...     50  Semi-wcckly by mail, six months 1 00  Semi-weekly bv mail,  one  year  2 00  Tostage to Great Britain added.  ^dreds of 'thousands of dollars in the  erection, of a -smelter, .and refinery at  their, mines.i,The owners-of .the Sullivan group of mines are residents of the  United "States, James J. Hill, of St. Paul,  Minnesota, ,is reckoned one of the ablest  and shrewdest railway, managers in America. If our laws are bad and our labor  uncertain would he be' very anxious to  extend the mileage of his railways in  British Columbia? Bernard McDonald's  statements in every instance are contrary to facts. Bernard McDonald was  _a_ working _miner_himself_not_so_many_  years ago. When he.was a working miner, he was not only a member of the"  miners' union, but one of the union's  most responsible officers. Twenty-two  years ago Bernard McDonald was  financial secretary of the Bodie (California) Miners' Union. Was he honest then  in standing with his fellow workers? If  he was, his position now is untenable.  The Tribune has it'on the best of  authority that the owners of the1 Sullivan group of mines, at Kimberley, in  East Kootenay, will1, Immediately begin  the erection of a smelter and refinery  near the mines,' at a site where adequate  water -power can be I developed for all  purposes. -Slowly^ but ^surely, a change  for-.the'better is-taking'place. '    *  . BlunderingsBritiBhers.  Drinking places on the Strand, in London, 'were filled'one'day recently with-  members* of the Imperial.Yeomanry, who  astonished.5their Yfriends by t throwing  their * war medals upon the floor and  ' stamping upon them. These medals-were  given by'king Edward,tb the yeomanry  theMay before.   In'explanation of their  anger the yeomen ^alleged that the government ywas in arrears with their pay,  . and referred to 'the blunders of officials.,  ��� The'yeomen said their names were mis-^  spelledi and' their rank and" command  wrong in six, cases out of ten. \   y  Czar May Visit'Paris >' ^  *   . i  London/ September 8.���The Associated  Press learns from Copenhagen tonight  that' a change is'contemplated* in'.the  czar's plan]- and - that emperor, Nicholas  will surely go,'to'France,*arid Itjriay'be  also -to' Paris: ''But this is not yet set-  tledY, The chiefs1 of the Russian secret  police in* Paris'and London', and* a staff  of Russian' detectives' will attend him  everywhere.',He will start for Dantsic  at noon Tuesday.  "- ,,.,���,-,-  FISHING TACKLE  WU! HAVE THE BEST  FLIES AND  BEST LEADERS "MADE.  THE  Minnows, silver and gold aud Phantoms  ) i,Silk  Lines- '      ;  ' ' ' Landing Nets       '   -  And a f-plondid line "of all Ashing requisites.  CANADA,DRUG & BOOK GO.  K.-W.-C. Block.  , Corner Ward and Baker Sts  HENMT NURSEBIES  r    APIARY AND GREENHOUSES      .  ��  ,<* Greenhouse and Bedding out Plants.  Lowest   Prices.      ' (  BEE SUPPLIES, SEEDS, FERTILIZERS  Agricultural   implements,   fruit   baskets  and!'crates,   f-ruit   and -ornamental   trees,  bulbs for'fall planting.  Catalogues Free.  300_ .Westminster Road.  Vancouver  .'**.**********************& i  # _^_    _ ^_._ :-i ; _ i %.-  insertion     .-     25  Classrtred Ad*i and Legal Notices, per  word for first insertion       1  For each additional insertion, per  word     ,       1-2  Wholesale and Busines. Directory Ad.  (classilled), per line per month      50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per lino  per month       25  Address alf )e(.iLers���  : THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Nelson, B. C:  ' ���      ��� ii ii  II'    I    )l   IU  .III       I  Bernard McDonald, manager of the  Le Roi mines at Rossland, in a letter to  Whittaker Wright, who was at the time  I .McMahon, president; j. __. juatneson, sec-     _i__u.u_,i-j6 _ii_-<.-i ui u��j wuii<��m!  I___��r_.��easUMr; J' c' Gardner�� reco*"11* I erating the Le Roi mines, says:  **>j*��.ta.���i.^ -*-*---bWbJ_S uuxniai. _��x___��w��. -     - - ��  *__Mr*S,��'"S i^V^i nrjr^^/TS^*";-^...-.   ... .    .   .  According to The Tribune's specials  from the Coast, the politicians are all  worked up over the Dunsmuir-Martin  combine. The party-war-horses are combining against the combine,  and are  threatening to smash "Joo's," supporters  once one of them shows his head as a  candidate.    One such candidate  (John  Cunningham   Brown)   must  show   his  head   in   New   Westminster.   Another  (Hugh Bowie Gilmour) may do likewise  in Vancouver. If anyone except Richard  McBride opposes Brown in New Westminster, it is an evidence of weakness  on th,e part of the party war-horses.  McBride made the issue, and he should  be the standard-bearer in the first fight  with i his doughty opponent, John Cunningham Brown.   Should Gilmour he required to make the race in Vancouver,  which is not at all likely, Charles Wilson's law partner .could not beat him.  The people of Vancouver are after the  loaves and fishes, and a minister can  dispense more loaves and fishes than a  layman.   But as long as premier Dunsmuir keeps such lightweights as Prentice and Wells locked up in his cabinet,  he  cannot expect to receive the  support of a majority of the members  of the legislature.  . A prominent merchant of Nelson remarked yesterday: ''It is a good thing  " for tho merchants of the mining dis-  " trlcts of this province that the Kellie  " Truck Act i3 in the statutes. Were it  " not many of those now doing business I  "To J " in this country would be elsewhere." ]  .1  INSURANCE,  REAL ESTATE' "  and MINING BROKER  REPRESENTS .  The Best-Fire and Life Insurance Companies Doing Business In the City.  THE ATHABASCA  Beef  Roast Tenderloin of  ,   ,   for   Lunch.  ************* **********??>  <n  1-  m  <n  m.  m  -   We can show you a "fine  I < - r       1 i  assortment ^ of  -styles .in  *��   .. ^    '   -*   ' -  . spectacle,v/are of different  . ^ "���    ' *,       ' s  -quality?.and price.   -Every  '"_'',. -     '     ���     - *��  pair fitted1 .free ot  charge  and guaranteed., \ \  .  BROWN BROS  i  Opticians and Jewelers.  BAKER STREET  ���A   .  NELSON  AUCTION SAL  OF TOWN LOTS IN LEMON CREEK.  Free Lecture  FOR WOMEN  '   FRATERNITY  HALL.  TUESDAY AFTERNOON.  - The,(.overnmcnt c-.gent at ICaslo, per In-  '���*    v- - *   *       *    ���   �� f, .  structions  from   the  department  of landa  and .-yolks at,Victoria, has authoilzed the'  undersigned to offer the following * lota"'in1'  i ,.. i     - .....  the government portion' of the townsite  o. Lemon Crook for salo at public auction  at the Arlington Hotel, Slocan City, at 12  o'clock noon on ^    ' ' *  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th, 1901 _  Lots 1 to 12, ��� block, 1.  Lots, 1  to .22, "ulock  5.  Lots 1 to' S, 10, 14 to 21, block 7.  Lots 4,' 5, 37, IS, block 11.     '    -  Lots 1 to 11 and 32 to 40, block 14.  Lots 1 to 23, block 15.  Lots l.to 24, block 17.  Block 24.  ���t  O  if I  *************Hi************ *���  Hi ' ; '    ur  _r  Money to loan at 8 per cent upon 'improved * property. Interest payable Semiannually.  Principal payable annually. -  HOUSES TO RENT CHEAP.  i ' t 1 i.."1  H. R. GAMERON  AGKNT.R .TCrcfii 8TRI.1.T.    .     ,  SEAL ESTATE'  ��� ���?.  AND  INSPBINCE BBOKEBS  Agents, for -'Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest  Ward Bros.  333 West. Baker .Street, Nelson.    '  FOR SALE-  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  *  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  tii  **'  _r  ��_  HESS���"  HOT DAYS  ,QUENCH  !    YOUR  THIRST WITH  Anhcuaer-BnpcTi I  Boer. Pabst (Mil-  waukce Beer. Calgary Bear, Roisterer & Co. Beer,  Gosnoll Beer, and  I  Double Jersey  Buttermilk.  IVIANHATTAN  ;   SALOON  -  Double Jersny  Buttermilk.  U��  -ii/-  Hi  ���J*  \_  ���Hi  Hi  X.  U*  K--  1��  �����*  T��  9t  9t  ����'  A free lecture on "The Higher Physical Life of Women" will be given to the  ladies  of Nelson^ tomorrow   (Tuesday)  "afternoon- at 3 o'clock, at. Fraternity  Hall, by. Dr.' Agnes Havelind of San  Francisco. Dr. Havelind has lectured in  all the principal towns and cities of Canada and the United States on this and  similar subjects, and* her lecture here  will be a treat which the ladies of Nelson should avail themselves.  <t>************9t************#  IH. H. PLAYFORD & CO.  MADDEN   BLOCK  NELSON.  ���a***********************}  $ _     _ ^  _��   _    __���   _ \u  m  <n  m  I  .  Hi  .   Hi  \_  CIGAR |  Or  Hi  Xil  ������  t��  9t  * TOBACCO   AND  I  2'P.O. Box 637.  MERCHANTS.  Telephone 117. JJJ  *  5000 Treasury Shares In the Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited.  50,000 Treasury Shares in the Royston Gold Mines, Limited.  Choice lots in Bogustown.  Properties in all parts of the City.  Apply to  KEQINALD J. STEEL  ____t"K. SlBKBl'  *?*********************&  tfc*********************^  11 ARTHUR    GEE J  * MERCHANT TAJ LOR m  Hi ft  Hi LADIE-VTAILOI.              BA.KER t-  Hi MAI>E SUITd.         STR1CET JfiAST. T��  %l : t I.*  *************************  R. B. REILEY  bKCr.KSSOR TO H.  D.  ASHCROFT.  BLACKSMITH AND W000 WORKER  EXPERT HORSESHOEINC.  Special attention given to all kinds of  repairing and custom work from outside  points. Heavy bolts made to order oc  short notlc*.  NOTIOE.  In the supreme court ot Kootenay holden  at Nelson, In the, matter of tho estate  and effects of Alexis Swanson, late of  tho city of Nelaon, deceased intestate.  Notice 1_ hereby givn that by an older  by his l.orr u iu.ii" j c,i, ,1 n ,-, in.  22nd day of August, A. D. 1001, Clas T.  Swanson was appointed administrator of  the personal estate and effects of said deceased. Notice is also hereby given that all  persons having clilins against tho said  deceased are required within thirty duys  of the dato hereof to forward thorn with  full particulars, duly verified by statutory  declaration to the said administrator at  Nolson aforesaid.  And notice ts also hereby given that after  such last mentioned date said administrator will pioceed to distribute thu assets of  the said deceased according to law without  regard  to   any   claims   of  which  he  shall  then not have received notice.  Dated this 29th day of August, A. D. 1901.  EL,MOT  &  LENNIE,  Solicitors  for the Administrator.  NOTIOE.  THE    CASCADE    WATER,    POWER    &  .LIGHT  COMPANY,   LIMITED.  Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the above named  company will be held at the registered*office of the company on Baker street in the  City of Nelson, British Columbia, on Monday the 23rd day of September, A D 1901,  at -the hour of 11 o'clock in tho forenoon*,  for the purpose of considering, and if  thought fit, passing a resolution ,i*.nthorlz-  ing the directors tol raise the shm of one1  hundred thousand pounds (��100,000) by the  issuance of mortgage bonds or debontures,  or otherwise, to such person or such persons, company or corporation, and upon  such terms and conditions as to the directors may seem fit.  By order,  JOHN  FRASER,   Secretary.  Oth September, 1901.  NOTIOE  Notice is hereby given that I Intend to  apply at the next sitting of the board ot  license commissioners for the City  of Nelson, to be held after the expiration  of thirty days from the date hereof, for a  transfer of the retail liquor license now  held by me as the representative of the  John Johnson estate, for the premises  known as the Silver King Hotel, situate on  Baker street, in the said City of Nelson  on lots 7 and S in block 10, .sub-division of  lot 95. to M A. Nalsmith of the said City  of Nelson. CAROLINA TIIELIN.  Witness: G. A. THELIN.  Dated this 4th day of September, 1901.  ' Lemon Creek is a townsite n_ir the Junction of Lemon Creek and the Slocan  river branch of the Canadian Pacific railway, and the' nearest point to the mines  on Lemon  creek.    v * ���  Plans  and particulars  may  be  obtained  at-the ofiice-of ErErChi2)man7"g6vernmen_T  agent, Kaslo.  Upset' price to be  made  known  on 'tho  ground at the time of sale.  & GO.  Oyer  will  and  bo  NOTIOE.  Courts  of  Assize,  Nisi  Prins  Terminer   and   General   Delivery  holden In  the Court House,  at 11 o clock  ���� tho forenoon, at tho places and on tho  dates following,  namely:  City Victoria, 1st October, 1901. Civil only  to be adjourned to the Sth October  Town   of   Baikorvllle,   1st, Octob-  Civil and ciimlnal.  Town of Clinton, Sth October, 1901. Civil  and criminal. .        "-"n*-  Town of Golden,  Sth October, 1901.  Civil  and criminal. ��� v-mi  City   of   Vancouver,  Civil and criminal.  October,   1901.  City of Rossland, Sth October, 1S01.  City   of   Revelstoke,  Civil and criminal.  12th  8th   October,   1901.  Civil  October,   1901.  1901.  Civil!  1901.  Civil!  loSVv^ S!?airer' "21St Oct0ber'  City  of Nolson, 13th  October,  and criminal. '  City of Vornon, 17th October,  and criminal. '  City   of   Vancouver  Civil only.  22nd    October,    1901.  Civn^ic^S0011' 22nd Octo^.^mL,  ina.'wi.y Vict0lla- 22nd October, 1901. Crim-  nu,\\y- ��?   Kaintoous,   23rd   October,  Civil and criminal.  City   of   Nanaimo,   3rd   December,  Civil and criminal.  By .command J   D   PRENTICE,  _      ,    . ,   _ Pio vincial  Secretary.  provincial   Secretary's   Department,   31st  1901.  1901.  TIMBEE LEASE NOTIOE.'  Notice   is   hereby   given   that   ln   thirty  days we intend to apply to the chief commissioner of lands and works for permission to cut and carry a-vay timbei ol�� the  below  described  lands  situated  on  Lock-  hart creek, one mile anu ono eighth cast  from Kootenay lake, commencing at a post  marked   northwest   corner,   running   east  120 chains, thence north 10 chains, thence  east   120   chains,   thenco   south   10   chains,  therce   west  120   chains,   thence   south   io -  chains, thence west 120 chains, thenco north ^  40 chains to place of commencement.  NELSON SAW & PLANING MILLS, Ltd.  Nelson, B. C, August 16th, 190J_ ������    -    - - v-:j* ,��- *^>A  V  THE MLSON TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY  MORISTIKG,  SEPTEMBER 10, 1901  BANK OP MONTBEAL  CAPITAL, all paid UP---. 12,000,000.00  '   REST    7,0O0,COO.0O  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       4ZJ,lS0.8fi  Lord Stratboona, and Mount Royal ...Presjdontj  Hon. Georgo A. Drummond Vioo-Prpsident  E. S. Clo.-wm Goneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and KootenayStreets.  A. H. BUCHANAN,-Manager.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALOAMATKD  THE  BANK  OP  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ��� HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,      '-     -     -     88 000,000  Reserve Fund,       ....  $2,000,000  ACGRECATE RESOURCES OVER $85,000,000.  Branches in London (England) Nkw York,  Ohioauo, and all tho prlnolpaJ. oities in Canada.  Buy and soli Sterling Exohange and Cablo  Transfers. - ,  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available iu any part of,the world. ',  Drafts Issued, Collection*- Made, J_to, ���  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  Robt. Kllgour,  Vice-President  OF    0^.3_T-_^_D____  IfflrMlAli   MM ^'^^^  HE_U)  OFI_CE. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  $2,500,000  $1,860,000  London Office, 00 Lombard Street, B. O.  New York  Office, ib   Exchange   Plaoe.  aud 0. Branches in Cannda and tbo  <        l.ilted Status.  H. 8. HOWLANI) .\ Prosidont  D. It. WILKIE General Manager.  E. HAY Inspeotor.  Saving's Bank Branch  OURKBNT RATK OB* INTEREST PAID. ,  EVERYTHING FAIR IN LOVE  And  War, , -<   '  Mr. Sheldon was the principal merchant in the important manufacturing  town of Tor mont. ��� He was proud of  his wealth, but < he was still more proud  of the fact that he ha"d made it all himself, and his pride was greatest because  he had made it.by never allowing anybody; to get'ahead of him.   -  -"That's the secret cf success in life,  Harry," he said one,day to his favorite  clerk.    "Sharp's the^ motto if you wish  to rise.   I don't mean you should cheat.  That, of course, is _ both wrong and un-  gentlemanly."   Mr. Sheldon prided himself also on being what he called a gentleman, and* above all little'meannesses.  , "But always be wide awake and never  let anybody cheat you.   I've noticed, by  the    bye,   that   you've   seemed   rather  downhearted   lately.     If   it's   because  you've your fortune to make, don't despair, but follow,my advice.   An open-  [; ing will come at some-time for something  better *than   a    clerkship,   and,  I' though, I  shall  be  sorry  to  lose  you,  yet I'll'give you up if it's for your, in-'  teres.."    '    v   -     r     ���      '   ���      _x  I*     "Thank you," said Harry, apparently  not a bit cheered up by this cool way  of being told he,-had<-nothiug.to expect  from Mr.'-'Sheldon,'"but it's not exactly  that.   I suppose. I shall get along somehow." '   *     . *  ' '/What is it, my dear boy, -then?'  .1  realty take an interest in you, as you  know."    And  he* did so far  as, words  were concerned.    "Perhaps I can give  ycu some advice.  "Well," said, Harry,., with some hesitation,-"I'm in love, and���"    *      >   \  N   "In  love!"  exclaimed  the richj mer-  "chant.   "In love'and with only, a clerk's  ��� salary to'marry.ori.   It will never'do���  never-do,' Harry.   Marriage for-one like  you is fastening a-millstone round your  neck, unless, indeed"���and-he (Stopped,  as if a bright'thought'had struck"him���  , "unless, indeed, the girl 'is rich."    '  '"She is rich, or-will be, I suppose,';  answered Harry,  "for her father 'is a  wealthy man." But .that's just'the difficulty.    Her father would never - let*" her  marry a poor man, and she won't marry  without his consent." ,      l  "What a'miserable tyrant!" said ,Mr  Sheldon.   If I was the lover, Harry,' I'd  run off with her.   I'd checkmate the old  - curmudgeon   in   that   way."   'And   he  chuckled at the imaginary triumph, lie  would achieve.   " 'Pon my soul, I would!  'I never, as I told you, let anybody take  a rise out of me."  "But would that be honorable?"  "Honorable?   Isn't everything fair in  love and war?   I thought you had some  pluck, Harry. ''How I should like to see  the  stingy  old   hulk  rave  and   slump  about on his gouty toes���for he must be  gouty���when  he heard  of your  elopement''J   And_-heJaugbed_till-his-portly-sidcs-  shook at the'picture he had'conj'ured  ri>.  "He'd probably never forgive me,"  said Harry dejectedly. ."And then what  could I do, with a wife brought up to  every luxury and only a poor clerk's  salary to support her on?"  "Never forgive you? Trash and nonsense! They always do forgive. They  ' can't help it. Besides," with a confidential wink, "I think I* know your man.  It's that skinflint, Mealows. I've heard  of your being sweet on his daughter.  She's a pretty minx.'.though sho i3 his  child. Oh, you needn't deny it. I saw  how you hung about her at our party  the other night, and when I joked about  It with my daughter the next morning  she as good as admitted that it was true,  saying it would bo a very good match  you. Now, I owe old Meadows- c  grudge. He tried to do me in those railway shares last winter, and I mean C>  pay him for it somehow. I tell you what  I'll do. I must not ask, mind you, who  the girl is. Mum must be the word. I  must not, of course," be known in the  affair, but I'll give you leave of absenco  for a month and a check for $50 to pay  foi* your wedding trip if you'll make a  runaway match., Is it agreed? Well,  there's my hand on it. Here's the check.  Egad! Won't the old man howl when he  hears how we've done him!" .  Harry seemed to hesitate, however,  and it was not until Mr. Sheldon, eager  to see his old commercial rival put at a  disadvantage, had urged him again and  again and promised to stand by him that  he finally consented and* took the check  which his employer persisted in forcing  |jpon him. '"''  The next morning Mr. Sheldon came  [down to breakfast in high glee, for a  note had reached him just as he was  [shaving which ran as follows:  Dear Sir: I have, with much diffl-  |julty, persuaded her to elope. It was  ot, however, till I showed her your  .heck that she would consent to do so.  he said that she was sure you would  ot recommend anything that was  j-ong; that you would advise her as if.  ou,were her own father, and she hopes  ou will stand by us. .We shall be marled tomorrow-- before Mr. Meadows is  p.   Very thankfully, ���;  y-y-. -'���*:YHARRY^CONRAD.  The old gentleman, brought theY note  |vith; him to the table, opened it out  If'for  SAVINGS BANK * DEPARTMENT:  Intercut allowed on depot-Its. i'rouont rate  thr oo per cont. ���      ,'       ���{       i  '     GRANGE V. HOLT,,  Manager Nelson Branoh.  _���. -       . .���_  before him, adjusted his spectacles and  read it over and over again.  "I'd give w $100," he said, chuckling,  "to see the" old fellow's face-when he  hears how Harry-has done him."  It was the custom cf Mr. Sheldon to  read his newspaper at breakfast while  waiting for his only child arid daughter,  who, a little spoiled by over-indulgence,  was generally late.  But' this morning May was later than  ever.  The banker had read, all the foreign  as well as the home news and even perused Harry's note, and still she had  not made 4her appearance.  "The lazy puss!" he said at last. Then  ho looked up at the clock. "Half an hour-  ' late! Now, this is really too bad. John,"  he cried, addressing the man-servant at  the'sideboard, "send and see why Miss  Sheldon doesn't come down. Tell her,"  with a severe air, "I'm tired of waiting."  John came back in about five minutes  looking very much flustered.  "If you, please,' sir," he. stammered,  "Miss Sheldon's not'in her room, and  the maid says'that the bed looks, as if  it hadn't b,een slept in all night."  The-rich merchant's jaw'fell.  He started,up'with a cry of* agony,  'to go and see, but he was prevented by  thevfootman>(appearing at the door with  a telegram/  "A telegram!" cried the merchant, unfolding jt with trembling hands. "What  can it riiean? Has she been found dead  anywhere?"  This was- the .telegram: , ��� *'  i. Dear Father:, -Harry,and I-were married-at 8 o'clock this morning. 'Twould  not consent to an" elopement till Harry  'assured me you had advised it'and had  shownYine your ctieck as proof. He says  you promised to stand by us, and I;know  you pride yourself on never breaking a  promise.   We wait for your blessing.     ���  MATTY.  "Well, I never!" ejaculated "Mr. Shel-  -"don when he had recovered his breath, i  "The impudent.^disobe"���  "   7    \ .   ���  -   ButJ here   he' stopped���stopped/ and  mopped his bald head, which, in his excitement,., had ^broken   out-into' great  drops bf 'perspiration. - He remembered  "that Jhe had himself advised -Harry to  elope and^that if'the story got wind he  would be the laughing stock of the town,  including���the hardest cut "bf'all���Mr.  Meadows. 'He remembered, too./that-he  'had'but: one child and that she was all,  in all'to him.    " -. "*    -  So he accepted the inevitable and tele  graphed back:       s' *���  You may 'come, home, and .the sooner  the better, so as to keep ttie $250 for pin  money. Tell Harry he's too -sharp to  remain 'a clerk and that I take him  today into partnership; only he must  'remember that partners never tell tales  out of school.   God bless you!  H.  SHELDON.  The runaways returned by the next  train. The marriage proved, too, <an  eminently happy one. The story never  got qu't. We only tell it now in confidence.  ASS-CIATED7PRESS*NEWS  3AVINCS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THK   CURRENT  _____   OF   INTEREST  ALLOWED.  Nelson Branch���Barns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  ' J. M, LAY, Manager.  ley, 'and at the conclusion his congregation knelt in silent "prayer for his recovery.   ��� / t  NEW YORK, September 8.���C. S. Tit-  - us, formerly ,of New Orleans, now the  senior sculler of the Union Boat Club  of New York tCity, today rowed a mile  on the Harlem liver, breaking the American tidewater record. The former record was held by John Ruhmor of New-  York.  '  KINGSTON, Jamaica, September 8.���  The royal mail steamer, Para fiom Colon reports rebel activity in the neighborhood of Panama and Colon. She also  reports that fighting has taken place at  Bocas Del Toro. The government at the  latter' place failing to repulse the liberals, ' the rebels have given notice of  their intention to attack Colon within a  fortnight. The government is continually moving,troops to met the rebel advances. Trade continues -almost para-"  lyzed.    j t       7 .  A COMPLETE LINE OF  i i      <    _  Front'Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  ��� Inside Finish      ";  local and ooast.  Flooring '  1 i local and coast.  Newel' Posts.  '   ,   Stair' Rail  - Mouldings  v Shingles-' -q, -  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  t    ' of all kinds. *  UP WHAT FOJJ WAMT IS NOT IN STOOK  j WB WIIX MAKE IT VOB TOV  CALL AND G__C PRJCBS  Gut Glass  Gut Glass  ��� r7yi��yl  1*        r "5      .��     I  * Y'-'ll  --#  S*f'-*_*��_���  ��%  A  large consignment of AMERICAN   CUT GLASS.  The  kind   which   we   handle   represents  the   HIGHEST,  STANDARD.   Every piece is genuine and a fit specimen  of.the GLASS CUTLER'8 ART.  They are Open for Inspection  to  ful attention  JACOB DOVER,-- The-. _Ie'wefei&  rt 7     ' ' ' ' l*rX3t      S9_*__��_!  V*'/_&iw*fi$Wi  V- i. ���.'���A.-- 4r4-f->f���?-���*���_  Our Jewelry and Watch Making Departments are at       ��' r /Tr./.!)  yonr service.   All mail orders^will receive bur care-> ?*���   Oj\\j\jlj  &*  m��mm  *-,#w|��j-  ^-_5^00 * 00 '00.00.00. 00. 00. 00. 000.00.00 * 00 .00'.100*0. 0  ^���-__,��^^��'��_,��^_,��*_fc��>__>��**_��^iX,^a***^��>��.��-����r��.-* >__, '>_v * ^"N  *>  Lighted by "Electricity and Heat*  ,: ed with Hot Air.   .   __ .  Large Ycomfortable bedrooms and flrst-  class dining- room. Sample rooms for com-  merclaP men. ,        '  .'   - vRATES $2 PER DAY     ,,  IVJadden House  fVJrs- E. G. Clari*;��, Prop.  '"    Late ol the'Koyal Hotel, Calgary  Baker and "Ward  Streets, i Nelson;  "< ' '"'   v vir-xj-     m * ��, . .,>  . The only hotel in Nelson that has re-,  mained iunder one management since 1890'  r ,The bed-room J. ���*-* veil furnished and  lighted by .lectricity. ' - *.      -     <���*   'J  The bar,Is,-always _i.__.a ovlthe best  .domestic-and -mpoTtpVi1 liquors and cigars.  '      j    !-. THOMAS 'MAjODKN, 1 _ oprietor. i  mM smmm hotel,  "J. H. McMANUS, Manager.  ���*���*.'-  ^���*t  Wired in Brief  COLON, September 8.���-Thp United  States battleship Iowa arrived at Panama yesterday.  MONTREAL,' SepLember S���At St.  Thomas church of England last night  archbishop Bond made a feeling rofer-  enco to tho'atack on president McKin-  HA__ AWTD tiAKK q-"K��-i*'rS   r-WtBO"? ,  Porto Rico Lumber,Go_  (JLilMITEb)  COKNWK OF  . HttNDKYX AM) VffiKNON H'JRBfl'T8_J  Rough and,  Dressed / .  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1  On tho construction of tho Arrowhead &  Kootenay railway ln the Lardo district.  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  In order to secure men without delay  ordinary labor will bo paid $2.25 per day  and axemen $2.50 per day.  GOOD STATION WORK  CAN BE SECURED.  For   further   particulars   apply   to   "the  Nelson Employment Agencies or to  CARLSON & POSTER  , CONTRACTOR0*.  EAST KOOTENAY'S FIRST  ANNUAL MINERAL,  AGRICULTURAL AND  INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION  THREE D/\YS OF   INSTRUCTIQ-V,   INTEREST AND  ENJOYHE|ir.  CB^NB^OOK, B. -.._., SEPTEMBER 25 to 27, 1901.  o The best program ever seen in the country. See posters and circulars for. further  particulars. Mineral, exhibit, bucking- contests, agricultural 'exhibit, horse races.  Specially low return railway rates from  'all'Doints/y" '''.."���''''  ; Ai. ���;,w, McVITTiEV Secretaryv  Whito  Pine . Lumber Always -Jit  StocK."  We carry a completel stock of  Ooast Flonrin**;, Ceiling, Inside*Fin-i  ish, Turned Work, Sash and'Doori*.  Special ordor work will receive  prompt attention J  Porto Rico Lumber Oo. Ltd.  VICTOR SAFE & LOCK CO.  CINCINNATI, OHIO.  *��� Bar stocked witlj best brands ot'wipes, ^  liquors, and cigars!1 Beer on draught Large1  , comfortable rooms. First class tabl���� board.  '' rHOTEL';";'EOSSLAND.,  . -Third door from Grand Cential Hotel  on Vernon'' street., 'Best dollar a day  house in tow,n,' Ho_se,andw-��ur_iture,,new  and first class in every respect Lighted  by gas Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN,** Proprietor.,  oom:p_a.^"y  OFFICE: BAKER STJjEET WE5T, HELSOft B. C.  JELEPHOflE ^0, 219.  ^i u**  P. 0. BOX 688.  I  P-  The  COFFEE 'CO.,  ***********2**G.G********  ���Eoffse.BmastfirSj  Dealers in Tea and Coffee  ^-2-3-3-3-S ********% **********  Wo are offering- at lowp'-t prices tiro best U  grades of CojIon, India, China, and Jnnan j  Teas.  Our Best, Mocha ami .Tava Coirec. per _^   .���.������       pound-'   ~T    7^7.... $   40  Mooha nnd .Triva Blend, 3 prmnds  1 00  Chmco Rlend Coileo, 4 pouncTr* 1... 1 00  Special Bl<-nil C olTee, fi pounds  1 00  Ilr.o Bland Col_r>o, 0 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Toa, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  ____>_=  ________on_____a  Tlio lnrjjORt flro proof pnfo works in tho vorld  Ovortlrroo carlox-ls sold In Kootenay in eight  months.        ,  WRITE FOR CATALOCUE AND PRICES  P. J. RUSSELL, B. 0. Agent  NELSON, B. O.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  Provincial'     /  land surveyor  Corner of Victoria and Kootenay Streets :  P. 6. Box 659. TKLEPHQNK NO. 95.  R. REISTERER 'ft CO.  BRaWKUH AND HOTTIj/rBB OF  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER.  GARBLE, BUILDING STONE,       ;  BRICK AND LlflrlE'-'.-.. i .,.   ;   ,  _ ���* * ! F      Z ���   ��"* ^     "*  > "*>        -^ T *J ** '_  Mansfield - >" Manufacturing  Company'*' *  ^have'the above vm%ntionedi*buildiDg-materialsfr^  " for sale at reasonable- prices. ���* Special^quqta-^-  - tions''to, builders^ a'hd- contractors^'fordargef,^  orders. ' ���   J '��>  x \     r        ./'   *m    ,: \SfcU\b*, wr-  "orders by mail promptly attehded;p;  jIn.uou io iiLiv.y biveii-tn^t'*Henry^Fer-*IJ_Jp  ru.orr Alcijoan, nereLo.oie carrying oii'_u_l-wS.-is  ����   ^Wpy ff Nelsrfn- in/the province^!  of British Columbia., as a diuggist, h__..byiSC*  deed of asslgninoiic, lnade-in'ijursuance ofA  the , creditor's, Trust  Deeds' 'Act,*' j>an_4'  iamending acts,* and bearing- date'the, iith*is"if:  aay of August, liWl,^assigned all'tostreaWf  and personal property to David. Morris.'ioi;^  tiie   said   city> of  Nelsori;   senOeman.^iti SjL,���  stii>!,t foivthe purpose of!paylng'and satls-'aS^S  f j ing ratably or proportionately -andi-with-ASS  *out preference or priority, the creditors*o_!- iMSs  ^the-6aid Henry Ferguson^McIiean their justi_4y  debts    , ���        k^   f,    ; *���- ��� ���.<(-������ ^rS-'fi?i'tmm_t^  The said deed was'executed'by the��sali?-.wi|  Henry Ferguson* McLean on the 6th day*-0_!i ��fep  August,  _9ul.ard. afterward, 'by-tho "said-e?HK-s?  Davld-Alorils on, the 6th 'aay of -August.&tS  1901, ana the said David Morris'has unde_-C*-#!_l  taken tne'Said trusts created by��*UieYs_ldC^,-l.iSS  created byfUie;r_al_Cft-$K  AXtfersons/LvihV^l^  said Henry Ferguson McLean are ���reqnired^.-'Jc^  to < forward' particular. bof . thoj same, i.dul7.��    '"  verifled    together Wvith, particulars tof^an *_,  securities if any. held by them therefor,'tori-  the said trustee^Davld Morris, on or/beforofefc  ,Ui�� 10th day o�� September, '1001VA11 persons-^t-L���  >indebted, to]tho said ^Henry .I'-ergusOniMc-tfgPiai  'Lean aiejicquiied to pay thetamOunts'auo^sHgS']  by them to the said trustee forthwith.kAfter&r, "  > Tt-tr-.      colli       __. ( V��.    #1n<p      _n.4*      C_. ���_*���-. _. _ ._   _    u nr\~ i *     .__)_'  deed. //  COn^JP^__2sT^r  OFFICE;.' BAKER STREET WEST, JiELSC.., B. C.  TELEPHONE NO. 219.   P. 0. BOX 688.  ____u__,_l_i__'_^ i__y ijn.ffi  DISSOLUTION OP jbb-PAET_rEES____?.^^S  Notice is hereby* given that* ihe' co-parf-^^-P  nership hitheito existing between the un-'V   ��.  deisigned  under  the, style   of   starkey, &V, *?_  Company,     wholesale   ' commission * mer. '"i t!,'*  in* the assets, book accounts and* business -^  * Ail persons indebted to the saidtpartner-  ship are horeby request<*d'to make payment  to F  Starkey, who has assumed all the lia-      ,w;i  bilities^of  the  partnership  and  who  will y  continue the business t '  -    .      ��� ,   GEO    M "PHILLIPS,    '   ; Ai  ���*   ' FRED    STARKEY. >/,<-���  7'MM  .Witness: H  BUSH  ��� Nelson. B   C , 14th August. 190L  0EETIPI0ATE   OP IMPEOVEMEKTS, ft?.  NOTJCE-CJTY MINERAL CLAIM? ��*"&���  SitUrite in tho Nelson Mining Dhlsion of. ,s*  West Kootenay District i- ,   ',   ,r  Where located   About one mile south of -  Nelson , . '  Take notice that I, "Wiliam John Goepel,  Tree Miner's Certificate No 50,500, intend,  srxtv davs from the date hereof, to applvi  to tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the abo\o claim        '  And furthei  take notice that action un- *-  der section 37, must be commenced before  tho   i-_uanco_oi__sucl_-Certific_.tc.-of��� Im������  BMONT HOUSE  321 TO 331 BAICKR STREET, NBLSON  Prompt and regular delivery, to the trade.  BREW;-'1.*_   AT  NELSON  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  Work.  Ai"_ntn for Hard an_ Sof*- Coal. Imperial Oil  Conrpany. Wafihuj.ion Hriclt, l.imo S: Manir-  tRCtunnp" Company. Conor al cor-iiueitji/U aseritfl  and brokors. ,     T'l',i  All coul and wood -.triotly canh on dollvory.  TTT.VPffni-W w  Offine 184 Baker St.  W. P. TIERNEY  Telophono 205.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Offlefl:   Two Doors West C P. R Offlee.  R. McMAHON.  A. B.  GARDINER.  BARBERSHOP.  Robert McMahon and A. E.' Gardiner  have ��� leased the barber shop in the- baser  ment' of .the Madden block, southeast corner of Baker and Ward streets.-and will  be pleased to have the patronage of tholr  friends. First-class baths in connection.  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS 25 GENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy St-am 25 Cents to $1  urns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  h%_5oVb.o. Dealers in Meats  i nX, ' ' ���  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland, - Trail, - Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,   Silverton, Ne*  Denver, RevelstoJre, Ferguson  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City,-Mid  ���way, and Vanconvat-.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RKtAIT-  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W- 0 BLOCK  WABD STREET  lqrders by mail RKomyji frompt ATraN_*io>  E.C. TRAVES^ Manager  provements.  Dated .this  16th   day   of  August.   A.   D.  1001. W.  J   GO-EPEL.    '  OEKTiriOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE���NKI/SON   J.IJlN"i;Rj\rj   C1_AIM,  situate  in  the Nelson Mining Division  of '  "West  Kooteiray  District  Where located: About one mile south of _  Nelson. ��  Take    notice    that  I,    John    Tatorson, v  I'-Vu Aflner b Cerntli-ntc No   oU.727, intend,  '-  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to  tho  Mining Recorder  for a Certillcate1  of Improvements,  for  the  pui pose  of ob-  tidnlng a Crown flnrrrt nt tho i.toovp cla'm.    '  And further take notice that'action, undor section 37, must be ooinrirt-riced beforo *>  the   Issuance   of   such   Ccrtlflcati-   of   Im-'  provements. '  Dated this ICth day of August A. D.  1901. JOHN   _\A.ri_ltSON.-   _  OEETIFIOATE  OF  IMPEOYEMENTS.,  NOT1CJ-.��� THB  CHAMPION  MINKRALi  claim,   situate   ln   the   Nelson   mining  division-of West Kootenay district.  Where  located:   On   Foriy-nino   crook   about   200  yards   from   hydraulic  dam.   Take   notice   -  that  I, IS. .W.  Matthews, acting as, agent    '  fon   Henry   Samuel   Crotty,   free   minor's  certificate  No.   b)3,970,   intend,   sixty  days  from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of Improvements   for   the   purpose   of   obtaining   a  crown   grant   of   the   above   claim.   And"  further take notice that action, under section 37, rnust be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this l**��h day of..T-,!lir.  A. T)   1901   ���  OEETIFIOATE  OF. IMPEOVEMENTS.  Tiger, -Kitchener and Last Chance mineral claims, situate in the Nelson mining  division of West Kootenay district. Where  located: On Morning mountain on the east  side of i Sandy creek about one mile fiom  the Kootenay.'river. ���:. Take notice that I,  R. Smith, free miner's certilicate 65,7(>2b,  acting as ag_nt for A. Thorn, free miner's  certificate 65,G70b, Henry 13. Hammond,  free -miner's certificate :55.GC9b. and An-  nandale D.VGrieve,, free minei ** certificate  5j,CUSb, intend ���:��� sixty days from tjio dato  h.rc-of to; apply to the. mining recorder  for a certificate: of Improvements, for tho  jiurpose of obtaining a crown t-rant of the  above claim. And further take notice that  action, under section - 37, *-iu=t be commenced bofore the Issuance of such certificate of improvements. It. SltlTH.  Dated this _*ith day of ,Julv. A   D   1901.  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE. ��� MONUMENT " MINERAL  claim, situate in the Nnl.on minim*- division of Wert Kootenay'��� district Where located: At the head of Grohman cicck ors  Crohmnn mountain. Take notice that I.  J. M. McGregor,, act! nsr ft** nq:ent for Stevo  Hawkltii*. froe miner's cortiflcnto No.  b50,435, nnd Louis.Strand, free miner's certificate No. b37.293. intend sixty davs from  the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a, certificate of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant  that action under section 37. nrust be corn-  that action, unded section 37, must bo commenced bofore tho issuance of such certificate of improvements.  j. m. McGregor.  . IT''"..*  THE .NELSON TRIBUNE, TUESDAY MORNING!-, SEPTEMBER 10, 1901  _>__i^_-W__r*_i��_-**^rJ��^VwtiJ mmiMtmm&Mm  .^_  \to  k  to  se_*s______________s__  b _>_______-_!  _r_fl____  MBK*  FRUIT  fa  ht  ��  Sr-l,'  it''  ;V  ��A  TF YOU are wanting choice Fruit for preserving- or for  "������ table use leave us your order. We guarantee to send out  nothing but first-class stock at lowest prices. Plums, Peaches,  Pears, Crabs, Gages, Grapes and Apples. Fruit Jars all  sizes. Mail orders , will have* our careful and prompt  attention. .  i  McPherson & McCammon;  STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERS        ' -. NELSON,   B. C.  i *-> '_. **  NEL80N, B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.C  H  YERS & CO.  HIT  / i  TO SPORTSMEN: f  We have the finest assortment of Guns anel most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  in Kootenay. Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles. Winchester Smokeless and  Savage Carbines. Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequaled  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers, Exhausters, Hand Shaft Pumps, Pipe and Fittings, Steam Packing, Leather and  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  v'j-jV* About ,the yacht race, ;as^ the-.best'"  .',J ':   boat wil. win', but-protecVyourself  ' from -a rcold   d  ' *     I    >3  V',f7  urine/ this change  bv investing.** in :>_  Table:.,weather   by.investing  h tb'ottie of our syrup of Wild-Cherry"  Tar. ' It vcures, every  ' -K\Sj_r,uce^and  _ * _���>, r < *   .      . ���     ,  ,v", v time and, costs only.  V i- \    '.  , -*',*-���-*-* .,'  ?5W��ij '   :  i'CZ^s  * ��j-V* iy-*r  -  mYlF.'lTEETZE��f;;&'' CO.  '    ' "     ' *   .   \-       ���' V _-   ^  uNELSON*,' B. O.  myiGTOIlT^ 'BLOCK  i\,r  AT -THE HOTELS.  ^"j* Having added jto my. stock a large  "range of Youth's Boy's and Children's-  clothing, I 'am now ,prepared to offer  >to the public the best variety of these  'goods ever shown in Nelson.  , *.. Everything is new, and" up-to-date  and are selling at ��he very lowest prices.  Intending -purchasers -will do? well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher. ' .       * '  -._ QUEEN'S���P  W   George,.Slocan;���. M.  McGregor, ^Toionto, J  M .Millar, Phoe-  Aix'- H  K  Livingston, Robson, H ^Col-  bick and J   Bowes, Silverton, -Mrs.,A.  ���York, * Slocan,  John S ' Ingram and'J.  'Squires, Rossland' 'A   E -"Camp, Trail;  *A.- McPhail, 'Robson;   Jf3|R;f{Robertson  and John Fereday, Grajadf^orks. ,   '7    ,  ���   GRAND    CENTRALS^ifredv> i^Pair,  Ymir; J,H.-P. Forrest, Vancouver; U. "J.  WinsIow.T Ymir, R.'^J. McKenzie," Porto  Rico; Miss Bonnett, Grand?Forks;"C. J.  ,Kapps,YKaslo;,HYE. WaM^Sandon;* P.  'J.  Sheran,~,New Denverr|jF^K.' Wade,  Sandlon; ''A.   Bremner,;?Slocan;. J:S"P.  Dougherty, Slocan/,      '-077x7;$;       t*  ' HUME-f-E. ~E.-'Chipman^jKaslo;, M.?  Smith,'Vancouver;  M. ���GJ^JGandee, Jennings,* Monixina;' D.  WSsMoore, Trail;,  W. R. Fodick, 'Toronto'lKMrrsand Mrs.  \j-Sheldon, Toronto;-J.-P^fceridan, New  "> I York> v. ' -- \> X    '''ffffp  v,   PHAIR���Frank P.  npgaiijyand B. C.  Riblet,  Spokane; ,L.  D.SiGodshall,  Encampment,   Wyoming; vyaMft-f Diewry,  Rossland; :W.-J.  TwissifKaslo;   D. 'a  "Johnson, Everett,'Washington^ -*.  J<-' TREMONT���W. \T. Baverstock,, Silver1  , King'-'R. -J.' Marks, Slocan;^i;red Mission, < Sandon. 7 ZyxSTyZ.: %  , NELSON���Charles ���-- Guriiey^and W.  ^Thompson, Spokane; F.^|A_Yj Watson,  Sandon.       ' - "__\>    >   $7f%ij��i% -  217 and 219'-  Baker Street  A. GILKER  REFRIGERATORS       HAMMOCKS  - -Now is your time to get a bargain in these lines as we  must dispose of them all this month/ If you want one' or  both of these lines the price won't hinder you.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   OO.  InioorterQ and Doalers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  -tfec-ece-eeeee^feC-fc-fe1  S TO CALL ONUSf  MADDEN���D.; YA.   Crawford;/ Wood-  >rrv. . 7?X'Xyi*'y  ,    -  -  other. In the event of nothing further  being heard however the architect announces his intention of seeing to .it  that the work is stoppsd. He says that  if the foreman continues to disregard  his orders he will take charge of the  work himself and give the foreman his  walking papersAThis may not be necessary however, as the latest report of the  J architect' should have reached Ottawa  last evening. This is ��� accompanied by  a number ,of photographs of the workmanship   which   the  architect  objects  'to, so that the architect's office at the  capital.will be in a position to understand just what'the matter m dispute  really is. '  Mining -Records  The following new locations were recorded at the Nelson i.eord office yesterday: Princess, on Stag Leap moun-"  ,tain, Lost creek, by William J. Hipper-  son; Snow Flake, on Mineral mountain,  adjoining this*, Delaware;, - by William  Barbour; Nelson, three and one-quarter  miles northeast'of Porto Rico, adjoining  the ,Spotted Horse, by Edward Cole., -  Certificates of work were issued to'  Godfrey Birtsch et al, on the Still Water  Fractional; Hector Poirier, on the Rose  Bud and Argo; R.* A. Hutchison, on**,the  Keystone "and Sundayson , and Eric  Harkness, on the Gold Bar.     A  One bill of sale was recorded in*which  Joseph Duhamel ^transferred to John  Paterson a one-third interest in th'e Nelson mineral' claim, situated one 4 mile  south of the, city _of Nelson.   '-*  Certificates'of*improvements were issued to A..L. 'Davenport, on the General  White' Fi actidnal,J'.Tin \ Brok, * Keystone  Fractional, Cable and Omego Fraction-'  al, near Erie. .     ! 7   "* ,  ��'   ,  -<   _j :     ,v ^  'i"/: Anarchists'tto'...'Dealt With' ' \*  "Y BUFFALO, 1 September. 9.���Many sensational reports are , being circulated  about cabinet action \ looking to the  wholesale" apprehnsion' and .prosecution  of Emma Goldman and other* leaders of  anarchist organizations. -The t great' majority" of these reports, in the words of,  a cabinet officer, are "made out of wholff  cloth." The crime of Colgoczis by law  'a Jocal offense* against a citizen of this  state, and his trial willtake place" in the  'local courts.      ,       '-'   \ . '" y  ......       -..'.-        *���         . J    'rR'B* Hungerford Dead. '���*-���     ..  means, of preventing, an open rupture '   '   >   _.   ���   ^ "         ���    ������->,.-���  between "architect Macdonald  and  the LONDON,. September 9.���R. -B.-( Hun-^  foreman.-tFurther   instructions   should gerford, grand master of the grand lodge  be'received from Ottawa'today'which1! of' Canada, A.< F. &/A. M./diediat,6  will settle, the dispute -one., way or the | o'clock,.-this morning of paralysis. '*  --"  ���'"'���' ' -*���  =  -majority of them'.deci'ded to leave-town  rather than pay a fine, i f        *���   "  Y      . *' '"'', /    ? " '  'ty''. \  City auditor^McDerm'id' hasucalled the  attention of the cityfeouncil to the n'e-,  cesslty of * making' a_^ inspection of'the"  water services^of thV city so that- the  hose .service* rate,'may -. be" charged-* up'  against all ^who have been using it during the summer.;* ,<���/ _r ',  >Work^onfthe postofiice building was  stopped yesterday -morning, but the,  architect-and clerk^does not take any  credit ��� to 'himself ^ by, reason ��� of ..the occurrence. He is of ��h'e' .opinion had the"  weather continued J favorable the. contractor's .forejman wo-ild^ave continued  to treat, him as a white check. It'is just  possible/ that- the rain,, has   been 'the   >_ J>'_ 1 _.r_'._       _i_        _____  .     ,-   BUT A GENUINE "    ' "  ^  RETIRING SALE  t    -     AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU  Men's Worsted,  Serge* and Tweed   SuitsNthat   formerly  sold; for $15 and $12, now $10 and, $7.   We also have them  as low as ,$5 a Suit. .* s' *     v.  .  .    50 Men's   Overcoats   in Melton's,- Beaver's arid���Frieze,     j '  from $5 up.    Excellent value at double the price..''1'     -"   ''  *0ioo   Pairs' Blankets   at   $1.50   upwards.    You , are   in  pocket on these from 25* to 50 per cent."   * * "��� '; \ '" ')'\ [  /  Fine Scotch Worsted Underwear, reduced from $7 to '$���?. '. - I  ����� , Men's Heavy Woolen -Sox, six0pair for,$i. Y ,' . V | ~"\~^ A  - -   Our Blue Flannel-Shirts;.,worth $1.75 for$i; is a-winner.  berry.  PERSONAM!  WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN  to  to  WE ARE SHOWING THE FINEST STOCK OF RATTAN  GOODS EVER SHOWN IN THE CITY  BUJ.YAN & GO.  to  to  to  to  to  to  ���_#  THB  BINDERY DEPARTMENT OB*  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED,  'S*e_reitu-y.J** "'^."-^'-.t*'***"-".��� --���r �����?�����?���.... ,  *.^s^ - - '-^wsjaxiti _txluv__.>_>ix_i_-ujii.  BOOK BINDING  SPECIAL fJUlEP BLANK EOO^S  SPECIAL RULED FORMS  John.McMillan, an old-itimej.prosepc-  tor, left Nelson last night for; Edmonton, Alberta.*-'^      '     yZSyxy  Montgomery Smith, representing G.  P. & J. Gault," wholesale grocers, Vancouver, is in town.        YY   '  y  Dr. Agnes'Haviland of SaiiJPrancisco  will deliver a free lecture'^to;;ladies at  3 o'clock this afternoon- in'Fraternity  haii.            zrryx  GITYzMD Dl|||lOT. ���  Rev. Father Ferland has left on a  two months vacation. He will take in the  Pan-American. During his absence Rev.  Father Lapointe of Medicine Hat will  officiate at the church services.  A meeting of the license commissioners for the Nelson license district will  be held in the court-House on Thursday  morning for the purpose: of considering  an application for a .new license for .the.  town of Erie. - Yv;YY  Arrangements aro beingmade for a  (Rugby football match between the Nelson and Cranbrook teams. Y It is proposed to play the first match in Cranbrook on the 27th or 29th, and a ieturn  match on some date to be agreed upon.  There'is much complaint-in Nelson  with the manner in which the inspection of fruit coming across the border  is made. It is said that much of the  fruj-t-that is> offered for sale in the city  phpuld. ha*/e been condemned by the  inspector, ,yy "  Dennis Mahoney was .senteneed t<** s}****  months imprisonment _y,police magistrate Ciease yesterday upon a charge of  stealing a roll of blankets, from the office of the Grand Central hotel. The  blankets, which were the property of  William McNeill, were recovered at Silver King Mike's, where Mahoney had  disposed of them.  IF TOU WANT-A'-PERFECT "^OUP OF-TEA' USE-  EXCELS  THE FAMOUS CEYL01-.  -5 /.-  BAKER STREET,  NELSON  Mgiiitof  r   "- X <���   ' V     %J ' ,'!j   'jm'-^"        ���        '*    '  AUCTION  F. Harris, a piano thumper, ..was assessed the usual fine of $25 and costs  in the police court yesterday morning.  He was a member of a colony of professional musicians which the police  decided to break up on Saturday. There  ,***__ quite a happy family of them in one  of the East Baker street houses when  (he ppjlpe c**.ljed pn Saturday,-but the  -"   For Purity arid Flavor it is Unsurpassed1  ,  Ee'tails a. 40, 50 "and 60 cents, per pound  Packed expressly-for / -'    '  Wm.   Hunter   &  Co.  .   CONNECTING ST0BES AT -/     "-    .     ^'  i h  ���    Silverton, Three Forks, Alamo and Phoenix  frj'f 0jjfy 'fojk/jUrAAAs    '$yCU��/  ROSSUAIND   ENGIINE^RIIVa   WORKS  CUNLIFFE  As  McMILLAN  Founders,  Boilermakeps and Machinists.  ORES OARS, skips, cagep, ore bin doors, chutoa and gororal wrought iron work.    Our ore cars aro  the be-'t on th- markot ��� Write us for references and full partlcu ars.  SECOVD HAND MACHINERY FOR SALE.-One Moot Pelion wnterwhpel, wldth600fp et, "8 to 10"  spinal riveted pipe.   One 10x8x13 outside packed plunger sinking pump.    Rock diills, stoping  bars, &o  tec  AGENTS NORDHEY PUMPS. STOCK  CARRIED.  P.   O.   Box   198. THIRD   AVENUE,   ROSSLAND.  _ f '   ���_, _��� _( ' ' * "  - Dry Goods (rent's. Furnishings, Boots,' Shoes, Hats and;; -  Caps. In order that I may sell'off the balance of/my --;���  stock rapidly, I"have engaged vwith "  - ,   :��'       ,/  1      CHARLES- -A.'" WATERMAN & 00./, Auctioneers'?'  :   :  to_sellTby~Mctiori^eYerF e vening^r 8^'clo^k1fc_ie7MlaHC_r^  of my stock.   Come and get goods at* your own prices, as  everything must be sold.   Private sale at greatly reduced  prices during day.^ - .   ,   ���.      .. \' * v  A* FERLAND  E. FERGUSON & CO.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  A COMPLETE LI/JE OF _A.NADI/\N 4ND IMPORTED LIQUORS.  Earner Seattle) Beer in pints and quarts.  ' Dogs Head Ale and Stout in  . pints and quarts.   Kola Wine, the .best Temperance drink.  Our Special Canadian By0 in 5s and 6s.  .Dawson's Perfection Scotch Whiskey.       Granada pure Havana Oigars.  Union Oigars, a full-iangeinprioes. A Oards and Poker Ohips.  Agents Brunswick-Balke Collender Billiard  Tables and Supplies.  r r  <**-K  HONDI TEA  J. A. IRVING ft CO.  The best in the market, In 1-2  pound and 1 pound package..  Telephone 161.  .Oe a Found  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX 627.  Nelson Saw le Planing Mills  CHARLES HILLYER, President.        .        HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  GROCERS AND PROVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baker Street^  Have just 1 eceived S.Of-.OOO foefc of losr* from Idaho, and we are prepared to enfc the largest bill.'  of timber of any dimensions or lengths. Kstiarales given at any timo. The largest stock of sash,  doors, and mouldings in JK-Otenay* ,  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OITFJCE AND YARDS:   CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  m


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