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 ���z "S<-*il  t<'  ,1  '*  ��  *i i'  ���S3 ' ^  ESTABLISHED  1892  WEDNESDAY MOKSTISTG,  DECEMBER 25   1901  DAILY EDITION  -4  "4  LOSS WIS HEAVY  DAMANT'S   COLUMN  SUFFERED AT TOFEL KOP.  WAR   OFFICE   HAS   DECIDED   TO  WITHDRAW ARTILLERY FROM  SOUTH   AFRICA.  ; >  LONDON,"December 21.���The list ot casualties In the engagement of colonel Damant's column at Tatelkop, Orange River  Colony, on December 20th when the Boers  who wore dressed as British yeomen defended si kopje ngainst colonel-. Damant's  advance guard, is heavier than was al  first reported by lord Kitchener, lt now appears that tho British lost three oflicers  and twenty-nine killed, and had five officers  and thirty-live men wounded.  LONDON, Decembor 24.���An army order  Issuod tonight announces that no volunteers will be accepted in the future who  are only able to devote to training purposes  the time required for elementary barrack  square drill. The commander in chief points  out in this connection tbat modern warfare has so Changed conditions that m order that they shall be effective it is now  Imperative that the volunteers attend tno  annual instruction camp and held maneuvers. It is believed that this ordor will  wipe out a large portion of the present  volunteers. The war oflico has decided to  withdraw twenty batteries ot artillery  of artillev from South Africa at once. J Ins  action is* taken on the ground lhat under  .Uie present conditions ot guerilla warfare  tbo" guns are of little use, and are rather  a  hindrance to decisive action.   .  LONDON, Dec-ember 21.^"Christmas, lor  the third vcar in succession linds the coiui-  trv engaged iii war," is the burden of tbe  ���vlilorliiN in the London papers this morning, and regrets are expressed that the  casuallv list issued today tola s -.9 men  killed and 71 wounded. Satisfaction, however, is found in the fact that the process  of attrition brings the end of the struggle  perceptibly nearer. Compensation Is likewise found in the undiminished loyalty by  the colonies. ��� ,,   ���  Christmas brought a change of weather  conditions iu Europe, where severe snow  and frost have given way to cold rain ana  sleet. Jn London the wretched weather  threw a gloom over the festivities. Shopkeepers sutfered heavily, as the downpour  kept thousands of people in doors. Among  the croat cities of the world New ^ ork  is regarded as having the greatest cause  to rejoice for material prosperity. Rome  nnd St. rotershurg arc fairly prosperous,  but Paris, Berlin and Vienna are all suffering from bad trade conditions.  The prince and princess ol Wales yesterday presided at tho distribution of gifts,  joints of beet, etc.. to tho tenants a! Sandringham, on behalf of the absent king.  Piatt Wants Damages.  NEW YORK, December 21.���Senator T.  C. Plait is back from AVashlngton to.spend  the holidays. The first thing he did was to  direct attorney Boardman to bring suit  for damages against thc publishers of Mc-  Clure's Magazine and William Allen White,  thc voung man who composed the biographical article for that magazine entitled  "*P!rt tt "  Still' showing deep resentment, senator  Piatt, in his office, today told of his unabated determination to prosecute author  White. . , .   ���,  "f will bring about tbe punishment of  this man," he said, "it I have to use all  mv monev, all my power. T have been hold  mi to ridicule and contempt beforo the entire countrv. 1 have boen portrayed by  means of a mass of falsehoods by a man  who docs not know mc. lt is not a question  of senator Piatt being a big enough man  to disregard such an assault as this. My  character bus been assaulted and I cannot  "Mr Whito had no right to do what he  did. I have no idea whero he got his al-  _lcged information about me, but what he  wrote was maliciously-untruthful���No-tlme-  shall be lost in my prosecution of him, because I feel that t havo been wronged as  never before in my life."  May Fight the -Trusts.  OLYMPIA, Washington, December 21.���  Attorney general Stratton today handed  down an opinion on request nf governor  Rogers as to whether the proposed railroad consolidation is a violation of the  state constitution and if so what remedies  are left to the pooplo and what the governor's duties are in thc premises. Mr. btrat-  fon holds that without further legislative  enactment the state through its attorney  general may maintain proceedings in the  court to protect the people against trusts  and monopolies and unlawful combinations  either under the constitutional provisions  prohibiting them or under tho common law.  While the law is thus clear thc facts are  so few and the real transaction so little  known that it is not possible lo say at this  time whether the facts exist upon which  a suit could be successfully maintained by  tho state.   Will Establish Lead Plants  N13W YORK, December 21.���The Union  Lead & Oil Company contemplates establishing a lino of plants in the cnief lead  centers from New York to the Pacific  Coast. The new plant in Brooklyn will be  in operation January 1st. The intention ol  the company is .to start up another in tho  west about February 1st and to continue  this method gradually. The company has  already options on property in I'uK'ogn, St.  Louis and other points west. It I.; ,t>x;-eeled  to become an important facio'- in tlif lui'l  industry. While load will hi mud" DV the  old Dutch process with an improvement  which has been perfected and which can  corrode pig lead to white lead in about  three days. Some authorities are of thc  opinion that a rate war in' the lead trade  will result.  Shaw Given a Chance.  WASHINGTON, DOQomi er 21---V toin'rr  of the portfolio of seeretnry nf the treasury to succeed secretary Gage, his been  made governor Leslie M. Shaw, but it is  understood that up to a late hour no response has boen received from governor  Shaw to the inquiries sent him. At the  White Houso no information is available  pending a definite .uithorization of the  fact that a successor to secretary Gage has  been obtained. Governor Shaw was born  in Vermont but has lived the greater part  of his life in Towa. He has been a practc-  ing lawyer for 25 years and is the president of' the Ba,nk of Dennison and the  Bank of Manila, Iowa. He has twice been  elected governor of his.state.  Christmas Eve in Paris.  PARTS. Decembor 24.���Thc Christmas toy  fair held along the boulevards of Paris  presented its customary aspect this year.  The booths wore attractively decorated,  but Ihe unceasing rains completely marred  the usual street enthusiasm. The midnight  masses in the churches were well attended,  whilo revelers filled the many cafes and  restaurants until an early hour in the morning. Madame Loubet, wife of the president,  presented Christmas presents to the servants employed ln the Tlysee palace and  their children. She afterwards attended the  Tete of Alsace-Lorraine, held in the winter  circus, where toys and clothing were distributed from the great Christmas tree to  'HMO children of indigent ��� exiles from the  lost provinces.  Clarence King Dead.  P1I013N1X, Arizona, December 21.���Clarence 11. King, well known as a mining expert "and engineer, died here today, aged  5S years. King was intimately associated  with tlie organizing ot the United States  Geological survey, and contributed more  literature on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado than anv other scientific writer. Ho  was unmarried, and made his home at the  Century Club, New York. Pulmonary  trouble was the cause of death.  COLOMBIA'S  LITTLE   WAR  Liberals Loot Stores.  COLON, December 23.���During the absence of the government soldiers, the lib-  orals returned to Nombre de Dios and  looted the commissariat of the Ganze Mining Company, an American concern. They  also threatened the life of tho custodian of  tlie store, who was forced to surrender his  keys. Thc company is presenting a claim  to the government for the lose sustained.  On tho arrival at Nombre de Dios of the  United States gunboat MarieJ-ta, and siibse-  ouenllv when the Colombia gunboat, General Pinzon, with 50 soldiers on board  reached the same place, the liberals again  disappeared. The Pinzon after landing the  troops at Nnmbre ue Dios proeeded to  Savanila. Captain Fohaco, who was commander ot the Pinion, and several of Ins  oflicers returned to Colon yesterday on  board the'Marietta and have since sailed  for San Juan dc Porto Rico.  General Alban has received a cable dispatch announcing the evacuation ot lu-  maeo. Some or the revolutionists left Tumaco on the Salvadorian steamer ibis and  others left by land, to attack Buena Centura. A strong government force has leu  Buena Ventura to meet the revolutionists.  General Alban says if the Monroe doctrine  could be made to provide compulsory arbitration in ordor to settle all disputes between South American republics and European nations it would be accepted with  enthusiasm by all thoso republics. He also  savs president Belgado of San Salvador  has not answered his cable message regarding the steamer Tbis having assisted  Uio enemies of the Colombian government.  VALPARAISO, December 23.���It, is re-  iiorted'hero that the governments of Arc-on Unci and Chili have signed a urotoeol  by whicli they agree to submit ..;e questions pending between them to the arbitration of Great Britain. -  American Store for London.  LONDON, December 24.���If the American invaders carry out their proposed  plans, London will soon have a big department store, such as may be found  in Now York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.  Several promoters, it is asserted, secured an option on a large site .upon the  new diagonal thoroughfare that is'being  cut from the Strand to Holborn. A great  aero building. Cno refit long and live  stopos high, has been planned, the  County-Council having alr.vidy considered the architect's drawings. It is  said that men now identified"with great  mercantile establishments in the United  States are behind the enterprise. London has large stores, but none that is  managed as the big American stores  are, and the innovation is causing much  comment here.  He Faked theRohbery Story.  PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, December  24.���Detective Cox has arrived from McGregor, having in charge the man Ewen  the collector for the McCormick Harvesting Mat'l-ine Company, -Alio was  supposed to have been tan-ibagg-id and  robbed at that place a couple of days  ago. On the night of the supposed robbery Ewen wired detective Cox to come  !Ip~aTrd"loolcinto-the-matter,-but-after-an-  investigation tho detective decided that  the whole thing was a hoax on Ewen's  part, and arrested him yesterday morning. He was brought before magistrate  James yesterday afternoon, but was remanded for a week at the prisoner's request. Ewen has been safely ledged under the care of governor McLean and  so far has not succeeded in getting bail.  Rhodes Buys an Estate.  LONDON. December 24. ��� Cecil  Rhodes, managing director of the South  African Company has just purchased the  Dal ham HaU estate, near Newmarket,  which comprises an imposing Georgian  icsidence, built in 1704, by bishop Ely,  and 3475 acres of fine shooting, fnr  alcut ��300,000. The Dalham estate has  been in the possession of the Afflrck  family for two centuries, and is now the  residence of sir Robert Affleck.  Chartered Stock in Demand.  LONDON, December 24.���There were  heavy purchases of the shares of the  Biitish Chartered South African Com-  pai'y on the stock exchange yesterday  and today. It was rumored that these  purchaf-f-s wera made in the belief that  Rhodesia would be incorporated in the  Transvaal, and that the price the government would agree 'to pay therefor  would be -included in tin projected  Transvaal. l"an.   Sealers Want Damages.  VICTORIA, December 24.--San Francisco shipping men, formerly interested  in the sealing industry, have been securing data from collector Milne in regard to thc sealing industry with a view  of making claims against the United  States government for the ruination of  their business through the legislation  which drove them out of pleagic sealing. _^   Had an Exciting Time.  NEW YORK, December 24.���J. B.  Fairbanks of Prove City. Utah, arrived  here today on the Atlas liner Andes,  from South American ports. He was a  member of a party of nine who set out  from J'rcvo City to obtain specimens of  the fauna and (lira of Central and St uth  America. Others of the party fell sick  and some of them were targets for rebel  bullets in the southern portion of Colombia, when they attempted to reach  the coast in order to seek their way  home. The party left 20 months ago, all  on horseback, to collect animals, birds,  pelts ai d plants for the Brigham Young  academy.       On the B. C Flan.  WINNIPEG, December 24 ���Premier  Roblin has announced that next Saturday's Gazette will call the legislature  together for January 9th for the dispatch of business. Some time ago the  premier gave it as his opinion- that the  session would be a short one, as it was  unlikely that contentious business  would be introduced.       t  Curious Case of Blood Poisoning.  NEW YORK, December 24.���James  Hicks, a prominent iron manufacturer  of Cincinnati, died at the Waldorf-Astoria .today of blood poisoning. He came  to this city a week ago. A few "clays  later he was licking an envelope when  the sharp edge of the paper cut his lip  and blood poisoning set in.  Maclay Has Been Fired.  "WASHINGTON, December 24.���Secretary1  Longr has discharged Edgar S. Maclay  from his position as skilled laborer in the  Brooklyn^ navy yard, Mr. Maclay having  refused to resign when requested to do so.  Mr. Maclay criticised admiral Schley in  his naval history at a "caitiff, poltroon and  coward."      _j   DIVIDING DUNSMUIR  GASH  Hoppers Come to Terms.  CHICAGO, December* ?!.���Thomas Wallace, the only brother of iSdna "-Vallace  Hopper, the actres, and a joint heir with  her to a fortune of over .5200,01)0, today te-  linquished claim to the estate for StOO cash,  and a promise of $100 a month dining his  life. The negotiations were carried on secretly at the Auditorium annex, and as  soon as the agreement w.is signed, "Miss  Hopper, with her attorney, i"turned to  New York, just twenty-four hours after  they arrived in Chicago. Thomtis Wallace  has lived in Chicago for years, and is engaged in the saloon business, il:.������:. AVa?'oce,  the mother, after being a widow icr nisijiy  years, married Alexander Dunsmuir, brc ther, of premier Dunsmuir of Victoria, E. C,  the marriage taking place after Edna Wallace was divorced from De Wolf Hopper.  A few weeks a'fter the marriage Mr. Dunsmuir died, leaving his widow tho estate.  Soon after Edna Wallace Hopper-announced that she would never marry again as  long as her mother was living, and while  she was preparing for a visit with her, she  received word of her mother's death. When  the will was probated it was found that  Mrs. Dunsmuir left the bulk'of her fortune to her daughter, and 550,000 to her son  to be paid to him when he reached the  age of -15 years. Since the death of his  mother Thomas Wallace has frequently appealed to bis sister for assistance. Feeling  that some kind of agreement should be  made.with her brother,.she came to Chicago accompanied by her attorney and her  maid. The party arrived at the Auditorium  annex last night. Thomas Wallace met  them at the hotel, and at the end of a long  conference, a stenographer was called in  and an agrement dictated by which he relinquished his interest to his sister for tho  consideration named.  ��        Shaw Is Non-CommitaJ.  DES MOINES, Iowa, December 24.���Governor Leslie M. Shaw was seen by the Associated Press reporter as he stepped from  the train on his arrival from Dubuque at  11 o'clock tonight-. He said: "The appointment of secretary of the treasury has not  been formally tendered me. by the president. I have been asked if I would accept  if such tender were made. I should consider the matter somewhat further and  decide it without unnecessary delay." The  governor said that was as deep as he cared  to go in the matter at present, and he  would not intimate what his decision was  likely to be. Those close'to the governor  here believe he will accept the position if  it is formally tendered.  _ Miners_Convention__CalJed;   INDIANAPOLIS, December 24. ��� John  Mitchell, president of the United Mine  Workers of America, today issued the call  for the national convention of miners in  this city for January 20th and the joint  conference of the mine workers and bituminous operators In Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The conference begins  January 301 h and will continue ten days.  The minors' convention proper will be in  session ten days and over 100 delegates will  attend.    He Will Not Oet Out.  NEW YORK, December 24.���Edgar S.  Maclay, author of a history, in which he  commented on the actions of admiral  Schley, declined today to comply with  president Roosevelt's request for his resignation. He formally notified rear admiral  Barker at the navy yard of this decision.  Maclay, who is employed as a special laborer, said he was protected by the civil  service law and knew of no reason why  ho should resign.   Another Big Consolidation.  CHICAGO, December 21.���The consolidation of twenty-five companies controlling  tho gypsum fields of the United States was  effected today under the name of the Gypsum Company. The company has a paid  up capital of $10,000,000. It will have no bond  issue and its stock will not be ofTered for  sale, as it has been unwritten by the persons entering into the combination. The  Company's avowed purpose is to develop  the uso of gypsum in the manufacture of  plaster instead of limo.  Diving Record Broken.  CHICAGO, December' 24.���Captain Louis  Sarco tonight broke the world's record for  remaining under water in a diving suit.  At a big tank at the Coliseum, ho lay  imersed under 10 feet of wator for 9 hours.  The best previous achievement of the same  kind was 8 hours and 30 minutes. Sarco is  the diver whose exploits in exploring the  wrecked battleshiy Maino attracted attention in the harbor at Havana.  Macedonian Outrages.  CONSTANTINOPLE, December 24.���Assassination and pillaging of Villages and  outraging of the inhabitants have so increased recently in Macedonia that the  consuls have appealed to the embassies to  put a stop to such crimes; and the foreign  ministers have made urgent representations to the porte of the danger of permitting their continuance.  De Beers Mine Profits.  CAPE TOWN, December 24.���At the annual meeting of the DoBeers Mining Company at Kimberley, the chairman announced that the gross profits for the year wore  ��2,750,000, the production being ��4,500,000.  The estimated life of the mines Is 144 years.  WAB TALK OVEB  ARGENTINE    AND    CHILI  COME TO TERMS.  NEGOTIATIONS    BETWEEN    THE  \ COUNTRIES  RENEWED  AND  CONFLICT AVERTED.  ��� BUENOS AYRES, December 24. ���  Senor Alcorta, Argentine minister of  foreign affairs has sent a telegraphic  communication to Florencio Domin-  guez, the minister of Argentina to Great  Britain, in which he informs the latter  of.the renewal of conciliatory negotiations between Argentine and Chili. This  step was taken in order that senor Doin-  inguez may officially inform the arbitration commission and other persons  interested in" the matter of the developments in the situation. Documents putting an end to the present state of affairs will probably be signud by repres-  er.tatives of both Argentne and Chili at  Santiago de Chili tonight.' On the request of the Chilian administration the  Argentine government has telegraphed  to seror Portela, minister of Argentine  to Chili, tc enter npen negotiations  again with senor Yanez. the Chilian  "minister of foreign affairs, and they  have authorized th^ir representative to  sign the documents terminating tho  l.c&ent situation^  WANT THEIR MONEY BACK  Suits Against' the World.  VANCOUVER, December 24.���An action  for the recovery of the amount of a note  of $10,000 and Interest'of $300 has been entered by Mr. D.'G. Macdonell against the  World Printing & Publishing Company.  This amount is alleged'to.bo owed by the  defendants on a note made some time previous to the death of the late Mi\ J. C. McLagan, and which was endorsed by McLean Bros., as well as Mr.  Macdonell.  ���Besides this, the evening paper is being  sued in a separate action by McLean Bros.,  for the amount of the note, which, with  Mr. Macdonell, they paid on its coming due  In the bank,- together with the amount of  money paid over by them 'for a majority  of the sto"ck in the concern, which bas  never been delivered.  Tho third suit Is entered against the samo  defendants with others, by the eastern purchasers of the stock, who advanced the  money for the fulfillment of the bond for  $30,000, made as a guarantee that the deal  would be carried out, as originally designed, satisfactory to the prospective purchasers.  It was stated today in connection with  the recent report of the pending sale of  the World to Conservatives, that no decision in regard to the matter had been  reached, and that it was still under consideration. Details of the sale have been  submitted to the eastern leaders of the  party, and a reply from the headquarters  in the east is now being looked for. Locally, there is nothing new as regards the  sale, although every effort is being made  by various parties to have It completed.  Smelts From Smelter Town.  KASLO, December 24.���[Special from a  Tried Correspondent.]���Today the smelter  bonus by-law passed by a unanimous vote,  and the smelter exemption by-law had  only one vote against It. The company has  a six months' option. Mr. Stewart, who  -reyiesents-the-company,-ii3-at_present_*ln_  the camp and cabled yesterday lor the necessary $500 for the lirst payment on the  option. Mr. Stewart appears tickled with  the site and proposition, and ere the quack-  let of the ducklet we may see the liyerlet  of tho dustlet on the smelter site.  Last Sunday Miss A. Kitcheson, who  has been acting librarian and secretary ol  the M. E. church, was presented with a  teacher's bible by the school as a reward  for services rendered. The annual Christmas tree *of the church will be held Friday night.  The sixth annual ball of the hremen  takes place on New Year's night. There  are some 21 numbers on the program.  At McGuigan camp, six miles from Sandon, everything looks splendid. There are  nearly 125 miners employed on the Rambler-Cariboo.  When more snow appears on the kopjes  rawhiding will be the chief industry of tho  camp. At present the only industry appears  to bu the school house.-  The merchants of Kaslo have their windows decorated in grand style, and every  citizen, with the smelter swelling, seems to  think that it will be a merry Christmas,  and a happy and prosperous New Vcar for  the people of Kaslo. Pilgrims, let us pray  it is.  At Ainsworth there are a. number of  properties in operation. The No. 1 is being  worked by Davidson and Jones. Other good  properties aro the Albion, Oleson group,  Grant, Bella, Little Man and No. 5. Ainsworth is pushing ahead, and in a few  moons just watch her smoke.  The shipments of ore over the K. As S.  railway last week were 5151-2 tons.  Short on Babies.  PARIS," December 24.���Tho population of  France is again up for consideration. A  complete report of the 1900 census has just  been published and the figures are discouraging. The frequently made assertion in  England that France is dying out in tho  same manner as Spain declined seems to  have an echo in this census bulletin. The  total population of France was last year  38,517,975. Thero was 827,297 births during  the year, and 853,285 deaths. This excess of  deaths over births causes the greatest  alarm. There were 299,081 marriages and  7157 divorces during 1900. The French government has for years put a premium on  babies by offering pensions to fathers of  large families. This stimulated tho growth  of population in rural districts, but the abnormally low birth rate in Paris and other  large cities offsets the result. The native  population of France, tne official report  says, does not grow, but remains stationary This has stirred up government oflicials again, and it may be that some new  and drastic legislation may result, which  will primarily affect marital conditions in  the large towns.   Civil Government Decided Upon.  WASHINGTON, December 24��� Secrotary  Root and representative Cooper of Wisconsin, chairman of the house committeo  on insular affairs, have been ln conference  and as a result of this and further consultations to be held during tho holidays  an Important legislative measure is to bo  drafted for complete civil government for  tho Philippines. Already the measure is  framed in the rough, and the finished bill  will be ready for introduction In the house  soon after the recess, by which time judge  Taft will have arrived from tho Philippines to jjlvc sucli advice as congress may  desire on the various features involved.  It is said that tho general purposo of the  measure is to bring about self-government  among the natives at the earliest practicable date, and this is to be accomplished  largely by giving stability and systematl-  zatlon to the many civilizing agencies of  commerce, education, telegraph, etc.. Those  taking part in the framing of the measure  have found it a task of unusual proportions, far more formidable than that of  drafting the Porto Rico civil government  bill, owing to the conditions in the Philippines, the continued presence of the military branch of the transitional stage of  the natives toward self-government.  Big Fire in Connelsville.  CONNELSVILLE, December 24.���Almost  an entire square was wiped out by fire  here today, entailing a loss of $75,000. The  fire lasted from 1 until 5 o'clock, and for  several hours It looked as if the entire  down-town district would be wiped out.  By hard work the firemen kept the (lames  confined to the square bounded by West,  Main, Arch and Orchard streets. The heaviest loss is on the furniture store of B. P.  Wallace, $38,000.   tNo Change in Sewell's Condition.  - CAMDEN, New Jersey, December 24.���  Senator Sewell was reported by the physicians fo be holding his own. He is in the  same condition as he has been for the past  three-or four days. One of his physicians  said that no change for the worse was an-  tclipated at present.  WILL INCREASE THE WACES  To Improve the Service. -  -- CHICAGO, December 24.���At a special  meeting of the general managers association held here today a movement was  started which may result in a great in-c  crease of wages of trainmen, engineers,  firemen and switchmen on all the big  railroad systems east of- Chicago. The  meeting was called' at the request of the  Peur-sylvania company, tho cause teing  tlie coal shortage in Chicago and other  cities, shortage of cars and the congested condition of traffic in. general.  The coal situation, however, was the  moving cause of the meeting, and a discussion of it led to a "canvas of the entire situation. In 1he opinion of many  of the general manajcrs the general  congestion is duo in a measure to the  inefficiency in the service rendered by  employees- and this view loci to a discussion of the labor and wsge situation.  Although no formal resolution was  passed upon the subject, it was generally admitted a raise in wages of em-  plcvees would do most toward stimulating" them to do better work, which in  turn would help relieve congested conditions as well as to prevent them.  PITTSBURG, December 24.���The car  shortage in the Pittsburg district is  worse than ever before, and as a result  many mills are shut down or only iu  partial operation. All of the mills  elong the Alleghany valley road, including the Carnegie city mills, have suspended, and it is probable that the big  Carnegie company plants at Homestead and Duquesne will he unable to resume for a week or more after the  Christmas holidays shut down. President Schwab, during his recent visit  here, said $3,000,000 worth of iron products was piled up in the yards of these  two concerns with no present prospect  of removal.   Fatal Street Car Accident.  SAN FRANCISCO, December 24.���  One pei son was killed and nine others  injured in a peculiar accident on the  Pbillniore-street-electrie_HneJast_uigiit^  Mis. Mary Phelan, domestic, died from a  fractured skull. The injured are: Mis. K.  K. Mangie, wife of William Mansio, foot  fractured and scalp wounds, will recover; Mrs. Mary Kelly, domestic, contusions and suffering from shock; Fobert  Keller, cut over the eye and contusions;  .Miss Josephine Bigley, contusion and  cut over forehead, and bruised on back  of head; Mr. Berner, contusions and  shock; Mrs. O'Connor, injuries slight.  For four blocks south of Union street  lhe grade is so steep that the cars have  to be pulh'd up by specia) machinery.  As a car containing fifteen people had  nearly reached the top of the hill it  broke loese in some manner, and rushed  down the grade with frightful speed. It  kept the track until Union street was  reached. Here stood an empty car waiting to be hauled to the summit. This obstruction was crashed irto and wrecked  by the runaway car, which then jumped  the rails and was brought to a standstill  bv a telegraph pole which it struck with  terrific force, completely demolishing  the car and scattering its occupants in  all directions.   Wants to Control Trusts.  WASHINGTON, December 24.���Representative Jenkins, of Wisconsin, who  proposed a constitutional amendment to  control trusts .in the last congress has  introduced a measure of similar character. It provides that: Congress shall  have power to regulate commerce in the  United States; all private corporations,  copartnerships and joint stock companies shall be under the control of congress; congress shall have power to regulate, control, prohihit and dissolve all  contracts and combinations in restraint  of trade or commerce. In absence ot  leg:sIation by congress pursuant to this  article, all powers conferred upon congress by this article may be exercised  by the several states.  Mr. Jenkins' amendment is substantially the same as the one he proposed  last year, which received a majority  vote in the house, although not the necessary two-thirds required.  Brought the Body Home.  MARION, Indiana, December 24.���  Congressman Steele arrived today from  San Francisco accompanied by his  daughter, Mrs. Belknap, -widow of major  H. R. Belknap, who died over a month  ago in the Philippines, and cadet, G. W.  Steele, Jr., of the Asiatic squadron.  They hi ought the body or" major "Bel-  kirp home. They were met at the station by Mrs. Steele and friends and a  squad from the national soldiers' home.  The funeral will tako place in Washing-  ten and burial will fellow iu the Arlington cemetery.   An Unexpected Baise.  SEATTLE, December 24.���An explosion of dynamite believed to have been  placed either for the purpose of robbery,  cr else by some crank, wrecked the Totem Club, the largest gambling bouse in  tins city, ar S o'clock this evening. Dealers and players were lifted from tlieir  ���feet by the force of the explosion.  CAMPAIGN WILL BE WARM  TEMPLEMAN OUT  One Side of the Story.  VICTORIA, Dacember 24.���The government has yet given no indication of  their intention to bring on the Victoria election. In abstaining from a public declaration on this point they are  playing a deeper game than would appear to the casual observer. The premier may not be a heaven-born politician,  but he is rapidly learning that if he is  to successfully cope_ with thc oflice-  liungry amalgamation who are opposing  him. he will have to use the same kind  of weapons which they so artistically  forge. Therefore, when the federal government have announced the date upon  which an election will be held to fill the  Dominion vacancy existing in Victoria,  a writ returnable, on the day previous  to tlie Dominion nomination day will be  issued by the provincial authorities,  and Mr. R. Ii. Drewry will probably contest Victoria City as prvincial secretary,  Seveial, causes exist which will force  Mr. Dunsmuir to take this line of action.  On more than ono occasion in the past  that fragment of the Liberal party who  regard senator Templeman as their  mouthpiece have, metaphorically speaking, handed out gold bricks with pro-  niscuous extravagance to secure support to tide them and the party over a  crisis. Their aim accomplished they pro-  ceeded"to propel the Juggernaut cai of  their personal aims and ambitions, rc-  gaidless of who were crushed beneath  its wheels. Mr. George Riley will m  any event be the Liberal candidate for  Victoria in the coming Dominion contest, ard if Mr. vBodwell is defeated,  Mr. Riley will have virtually a walkover. Both Messrs. Riley and Drewry  have strengthened themselves immensely -with, thc rank and file of the Liberal  ratty by absolutely refusing to countenance in any way Mr. Bodwell's candidature, and it is well known that both  have expressed themselves very strongly  ou the fact that Mr. Bodwell should allow his personal ambitions to jeopardize  the chances of '.he party to which lu^  (Mr. Bodwell) is supposed to belong,  gaining its first success in thc Capita!  City." The majority of the Conserva lives  also feel that the interests of the province Aould come before party feeling,  and recognizing that with a Liberal administration at Ottawa a .member in  sympathy with the government would  receive greater recognition than one in  oprcsition thereto, they fully,, express  themselves in favor of Mr. Riley being  returned. But these same0 Conservatives, together with seventy per cent of  the Liberals, ara pronounced in their  antagnoism to Mr. Bodwell, his aspirations and his associates. They, may  sink their party affiliation so far as to  countenance one whom they consider to  ae-a-i'safellJjiberal.Jiut.theyijvviliJicveri  assent to strengthening the hands of the  fiee-booters who are backing Mr. Bodwell in his campaign.  The Times has again trimmed its sails  to catch the prevailing breeze, and instead of openly advocating Mr. Bodwell's  candidature, it devotes ito editorial  columns to veiled threats of interference from Ottawa. Senator Templeman  has gone east, and it is rumored that  his going was accelerated by intimation from the pow-ors that be that an  explanation would be in order of tho  unaccountable course taken by his piper  in coming out so strongly in support  of Mr. Bodwell.  When sir Wilfrid Laurier was in Victoria with the thou duke cf Cornwall,  lie took the opportunity by personal interviews of gaining a very clear insight  into tlio actual conditions of the Liberal  liurtv in British Columbia, and it was  an open secret that ho expressed himself as by no means satisfied with the  way things had been managed by thc  old regime who had installed themselves  a= keepers of the Liberal conscience in  tliis province. He suggested to them as  mildly as possible that it would probably benefit thc province ns well as the  party if a little less attention was paid  to their personal aspirations, and his  advice has heen wisely followed by the  majority.  It can be seen that Mr. Bodwell tias  a difficult task before" him. The light  will he the bitterest ever fought in tliis  city, and mon and things will be handled  without gloves. No mercy will be asked  and none will he shown. Mr. Bodwell's  chief supporters have commenced tho  campaign by traducing everyone who  supperts the. government.  More Fr^rch Politics.  PARIS, Doeh-.ber 21.���During the debate in the chamber today, tieputios  Allemaine and Bernard exchanged  acrimonious words, which were followed  after tbe adjournment of the chamber  by a personal encounter in thc lobby.  An usher who attempted to intervene  between the. deputies was knocked down  bv M. Bernard. Thc combatants clinched and rolled over each other on the  ground until friends succeeded in separating them. M. Allemaine was taken  to a doctor to have his bruises dressed,  while M. Bernard departed threatening  dlie vengeance.  WILL NOT GET A CABINET  POSITION.  JEALOUSIES OF VANCOUVER POLITICIANS HAVE KILLED IHE .  SENATOR'S CHANCES.  -\ - ^iM  OTTAWA, December 24���[Special to;   ,  the   Tribunes]���Cabinet   representation -  for British Columbia has been about as "_-  good as defeated.   A  few  unheard  ofV  politicians in Vancouver may 'leheld re- ;"  sporsiblefor this.   They have been rep- '.,  resenting tliat if the portfolio does not\ :  go to Vancouver if should ne>t bo given"  at all.   The old story of-the Mainland'   -  and Island squabble, and the evil. that",  would follow if Templeman got it, are:,  all made to do duty to'thwart the will '  of the great majority of ihe whole proy:-,^"  ince who are anxious for cabinet rec- "7  cgnition.    As it is impossible to pasa  over tbe superior, claims, of Templeman "-  the province will   have to   wait   until' ���  scute   Mainland   politician , o-f   cabinet''- .  lank springs  to the  front.    Deane,'. oV -  Kamloops,, who is here, says that the :  province generally is in favor of Tem-"'7.'  pieman, and laughs at opposition whicbA"  is being quietly urged against him.  "5*1  *.i'4 r.  ���\ ���>���-���  y.^Xpi ���  t 'i  "A Practical Joker. ^  RUTLAND,   Vermont,   DecemLer';'24i"  ���To find out   how   the   news - of   his  deUh   wculd    affect   his   wife, ":li.;\B/  Spauldirg of .TaftviHe,'-departed '"from"  his home-on Sunday last leaving a? note��;j.^Si!;*'P  stating that he would never' again" be^^tf^S  se?n alive.   He-was found last night en--;^-^  gaged in oi game   of checkers   at   tho  house of a friend ten miles distant frrirn j^iy-spni  his own home.   Mr. and Mrs. Spaiiidih5--;^.--"v^iJ  have'resided at" Taftville- for   several,-?-; ?.?Jj��;  yestrs, ar.d   Mr   Spauldiug   has  always^fA'-'-sK  been a i espectable, hard-working maniiir ,w r 'Mi  When his-wife found the note- which,';'  implied that he was'about to'tako hia,.  own  life she never suspected that he1."  was shumming.   Naturally of a nervous -;.'  temperament; the shock complelely^ 'in-',-'.'^-.;^  balanced her.   She has not been in her."' * '" '"**"  right   senses   since.     The- physicians  state that it is doubtfulJf she. will.everj'  completely recover her'reason.'f~.i   ,''  A daughter immediately, informed the '-  neighbors of'her mother's condition,; and' "  while some of them   stayed   with ; the -  stricken wife, the rest formed a search-  ���  ing party to find the corpse.   Every foot  of ground within a radius of two milea  was gone over,"   and   several   ponds iti':'  that vicinity were dragged during Mon-,,  day ard  Tuesday     Spaulding .was lo-*^  cated last night, and now his joke does"  not seem quite so funny to him.  Keene s Bating Stahle.  NEW YORK, December 24.���According to the World James R.. Keene will'  have one of the largest stables ot race  horses in England this season. It is an-- ,  nounced that he has just secured tha  rioted English trainer P3lix Lsich to  take charge of his string. Sam Darling,  u ho trained for him last year, is in bad  health and was compelled to take a trip  -tQ_Soi:ih_Africa. At the bwid of the .  string will be Conroy, the only three-  year old that ever won the Brooklyn,  handicap. He has fully recovered from1  his stone bruise, which caused a quarter  crack and is in fine condition. Among  ihe other noted horses are Cap and^  Bolls, winner of the English Oaks this  year; Difguise TI. who finished third for,  tho Derby; Chacarnac, the winner of the(  Futurity in 1899; Olympia, who was be-z-  end at Ballinbo Bryn iu the Futurity ol  1900; and Nonday, a fast stake filly.  Tho horses have been shipped from  Forkhampton. Mr, Keene's regular  training ttaining grounds, to Newmarket.          The South American Problem.  VIENNA, December 24.���The Neue  Frelp Presse today commenting on the  Chili-Argentine situation expresses the  opinion that war between the two countries would seriously affect the interests  of Europe, not only because the enormous trans-oceanic trade whicli would  be injured but because it might alter tha  relations between Europe and the  United States. "Upon the latter,"' says  the Neue Frie Presse, "armed with thq  Monroe doctrino will devol\iflj.a role  which will well suit Pan-AmeriCan ideaa  aud the lively interest of European  countries at large upon the affects  the war may have on the relations between Europe and the United States as  the development of these relations constitutes the most important problem oC  tne future."   Lipton's Christmas Presents.  LONDON, December 24.���Sir Thomas  Lipton today received a magnificent silver punch bowl and stand, as a Christmas gift from John D. Crinimins, J. K.  Flagler, Charles Dana Gibson, judge  Morgan O'Brien and nineteen other Americans who were guests on board the  Erin during the races this year for the  Americas cup. Sir Thomas said: "I-cannot say how delighted I am. It merely  shews that if a man does the right thing  in America they appreciate it as no  ether people do. I have never received  anything I value more than this gift  from my American friends." King Edward has presented sir Thomas with a  cigarette case tearing the rcyal. monogram. It is replica of one of the king's  ites himself. , '_-'   i  -THE MSLSQ-N* TRIBUNE   WEDNESDAY   MORNING,  DECEMBER 25, 1901  i#  ��>  **=5��  C=3'<S?'<^_  S^S^S?**  ,(y3 .(^. ��?.��=?,  %  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  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No pains have been5 spared to decorate in honor  of "Good Old Christmas" and an inspection will  please you as well as enable you to select exactly  what you want at  MOST REASONABLE PRICES.  We cannot commence  to enumerate, but would  draw special attention to our  TOYS AND DOLLS.  and to our- Ladies' and  Gentlemen's  Ties,   which  we have  in  all0 shades,   shapes   and   patterns,   as  well as to our magnificient line  of Handkerchiefs  in linen and silk, and of Gloves of every description,  including the   Paris   Price    Kid   Gloves,   and   of  Ladies'   Blouses,   etc.    Every   conceivable   article  necessary  or ornamental  for  Ladies' and   Gentler  men's attire   is   here   to   choose   from.    There   is .  nothing a women can wish for in the way of Dress  Goods that this Department cannot supply, and at a . (Jfl\\  saving.    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CROCKERY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE  This department is very complete. Dinner Sets;  Tea Sets and Bedroom Sets in all qualities and at  all prices. We have a nice line of specially selected  "little things" very suitable for presents, and a  choice collection of more expensive goods for the  same purpose.  WINE AND LIQUOR DEPARTMENT  consists  of direct importations  from  all  over the  world.  DEPEND UPON IT  You    may,    we    can    assure   you.    Our   liquors  are   worthy    of   every    dependance.      For   years  and    years     we     have     been     selling     Liquors,  and during this time we have built up a fortress of  .confidence in us and our lines which is absolutely  unassailable.    You run no risk in purchasing from  us;    The quantity and variety of Liquors which you  can  obtain  here are larger than you could secure  elsewhere in Western Canada; so great, indeed, is  the variety that we believe we can satisfy almost  any individual   fancy   in  the  way  of Wines and  Liquors.    The least you can do at any rate is to  give us a trial order and thus allow us to demonstrate the advantage of trading with us.  The public are invited to inspect our immense stock of  Toys, Musical Instruments, Souvenirs and useful articles for  Christmas and New-Year Gifts.  MORLEY & LAING  BAKER STREET. NELSON. B. V.  Sho vi rooms Mas-'ou & Itireh Piano*!.  ��tie ��rttmne  any of the provinces, and the losses  paid by fire insurai.ee companies the  lowest of any province in.Canada or  state of the United States. If everything was going to tlie dogs, business  men would be failing and fire insurance  companies would be adjusting losses.  It will be admitted that the Dunsmuir  government has not been a howling success; but it has not given a dollar of  public money or an.acre of public domain to further the interests of the  charter-mongering and subsidy-hunting  gang that is praying for its overthrow.  The political editor of th? Economist  can always be depended on to be a most  {-civile fclic-w er of at least one. great  man. Ho has thrown m^yor Fletcher  overboard for "Kcctty'" Hepburn.  SUBSCRIPTION   BATES.  Dally by mall, one month **;   50  Dally by mail, three months 125  Dally by mail, six months 2 50  Dally by  mall,  one year  5 00  Semi-weekly by mail,  three months...    50  Semi-weekly by mail, six months 100  Semi-weekly  by  mail,   one year 2 00  Postage to Great Britain added.  ���   ADVERTISING   RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly  per inch per month $4 00  If run less than a month, per Inch per  insertion  .    25  Classilled Ad 3 and Leeal Notices, per  word for flrst Insertion       1  For each additional Insertion, per  word  i_2  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classified), per line per month o 50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per line  per month  .'     #5'  Address? all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION.   Ltd.  John Houston. Manager. Nelson, B. C.  For his size, the political editor of the  Economist can crawl into a mighty  small hole at times. He advocated and  voted for alderman Selous' isolation hospital by-l,iw and the people of the East  ward turned it down hy 5 to 1, a?id now  he says tho people were -iot at all interested in such fads. Poor David s��es the  handwriting on the wall, and he is seeking cover.  David Mark Carley calls" John Houston  a "Jumping Jack" in politics. Y"es;  John has "jumped" jather hard en every  candidate David ^has supported- since  coming to Kootenay.  ros  MONDAY  AND    TUESDAY  WE WILL SELL ANYTHING IN OUR STOCK  OF JEWELLERY, WATCHES, CLOCKS AND  SILVERWARE at PRICES that WERE NEVER  BEFORE   OFFERED  IN NELSON.  ���H-H-M-H-H-H"!*   ���M-M-M-H-M-M-fr  ���fc 4.  NOTICE TO  SUBSCRIBERS  BY   CARRIER.  On Saturday next, subscribers  whose Tribunes are delivered by  carrier will be expected to pay  the carrier, TWENTY CENTS, the  subscription price for.the current  week.  The Victoria Post, -edited by a man  who supported J. Fred Hume in 1S94,  and A. S. Farwell in 1S98, and C. H. Mc-  IntcL-h in 1900, and who is new a devoted follower of Smith Curtis, puts  "Ikn." before the name of Richard McBride aud prints the naire of the mein-  be.r from Rossland plain Smith Curtis.  Boih. McBride and Curtis were ministers of the sams- department and if one  is entitled to be calldd "honorable" so  is thc other. But, then, the Post is as  unfair as its editor is wabbly.  14k Filled Open Face Waltham Watch, Price $20 Now $12. 14k Solid Gold  Lady's Watch, Price $30 Now $21. Baby Rings, Price $1.00 Now 76c.  Diamonds and Opal Rings, Price $80 Nqn $20.   Everything in proportion.,  Now is Your Chance to Secure the Best Goods for a Little Money  COME  EARLY  rown cfos.  NOTICE  ���H~W"I"I"I"I"I"I"I"I<'l-  ��I-H">*,M"M��H~Hi  Tqday will be happiest day in the  lives of millions of children, throughout  the world.  The submission at this late dale of a'  money by-law for $15,000 to meet the  city's overdraft at the Bank of Montreal  will not avail the Fletcher administration anything. ��� Their financial year  ends on December 31st, six days from today. They have no right to spend a dollar after January 1st aud no right to  issue a debenture.  m  ���m  m  The dismissal of the chief of the fire  department   is   only   in   keeping   with  other acts of the Fletcher administration, ruled as it is by little cliques who  use mayor Fletcher as an instrument to  work th-eir revenge on individuals.    No  two of the city's   officials   trust   each  other; all arj distrustful.    The chief of  the fire department was disliked by the  chief of police aad tlie city clerk, and  they, for the moment, have the ear of  the mayor.    Their  turn will  probably  come next, for they arc as cordially dis-  pised by   oth*r   city   oflicials   as   they  'w*eli(^h"itt^_ihr_tlTei"i^liatred  of the de^  posed    chief   of   the   fire    department.  These   bickerings   and   jealousies   and  backbitings  can  only  have one  result,  that is, the total demoralization of the  city's business.   The electors of Nelson  have a duty   to perform   in   January.  That duty is the election of a mayor and  six aldermen who will, not allow their  personal prejudices to govern them7 in  their relations with the subordinate officials of the city. -.7When these oflicials  are found lo be competent and attentive   to   the   duties   which   they   are  paid to perform, they slnuld be retained  in office.    Thoso who arc .neither competent nor attentive should be summarily dismissed.   Thomas Lillie was not  dismissed from thc fire department because he. was cither incompetent .or in-  cttenUve.    He was neither.    He was a  good fireman and he had the confidence  of the men under him.    His dismissal  by mayor Fletcher and aldermen Selous  and  Paterson and  Gillett wiJl  not  be  looked on by fair-minded people as a  reflection  on  either his  ability or  his  honesty, for these four men have ceased  to be fair-minded.   ��� .      ��� ���  The   Liberal   party   in   this   province  is as badly in need of a brainy leader  as is the Dunsmuir government, which  is said to be holding on to UUce by the  skin of its teeth.   The executive of the  party   mot   in   Vancouvi-r   lately,  aud  their   actions   clearly  prove   they  are  afraid of the rank   and   file.    When a  party is tco   cowcrdly   to   plac.i  confidence in the men who ao the voting, it  cannot be successful if given the power  it seeks. ��� There are thousands of Libel ��'Is   scattered - throughout   Kootenay  and Ya.le who are true to the party on  election days, but who, apparently, are  to be denied a v^ice in selecting delegates to,attend a party .convention.   The  icastn for this is plain.   The leaders of  the party at Victoria and Vancouver are  afraid of thc rank and file.   They know  that if the rank and file, if given a fair  chance, would send them all to the rear,  for there is no or.o of them either popular cr sufficiently aide to lead a party  to victory.    Above all, they are afraid  of the man who luided the Liberal party  in office at Ottawa.   They are .afraid of  him because he   has   mat  which   they  have not got, ability to lead.   They are  afraid of him  because  they know that  if the choice of leadership was left to  the men who vote he would be chosen  with so great a majority that they would  be discredited at Ottawa.   The Bodwells  and the: Peterses and the. Daviscs are  able lawyers, but they are not able politicians, and no one of them is a great  enough lawyer to hf>. a. statesman.      - -  TO OUR CUSTOMERS:  Owing to our large losses on collections  during tho past year and determining to  treat all.alilce hereafter, wc have instructed  our drivers to allow no credit on and after  January 1st, 1!)02. Hoping you "will recognize the justness of the .change, we remain,  iour obedient servants,  KOOTENAY STEAM LAUNDRY.  Nelson, December 17th', 1901.  CLASSIFIED ADS.  ARTICLES FOR SALE,  se:ving~TFachinks of'al/lTJInds  for sale or rent at the Old Curiosity Shop.   FOR   SALE^  FOR    SALE ��� BLACKSMITHS'    TOO] ,S  Apply to Benjamin F. Nesbitt, Erie, 13. C.  NOTICES  OF MEETITOS.  __       FRATERNAL  SOCIETIES.  KOOTENAY TENT j\0. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Regular meetings llnst and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially Invited to attend. Dr. W.  Rose, K. K.; A. .W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C.  ^  NULSON LODGE, NO. 23, A. P. &  "each month. SojQurnlng brethren  A. M., meets second Wednesday In  invited.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22, F. O. E.���  Meets second and fourth' Wednesday of  each month at Fraternity Hall. Georgo  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secrotary.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER NO.  m, G. R. C���Meets third Wodncsdav. Sojourning companions invited. Charles G.  Mills; Z.; Thomas J. Sims, S. E.  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  FOR   RENT.  . BBAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE BROKERS  Agents for Trout Late Addition  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the pari  And J. & J..Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from ub or  two year's time without Interest.  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 285.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  FO': R33NT ��� Eight-room house, with  bath, on Mill street, between. Hall and  Hendryx Apply at premises. Mrs. A. Man-  son.  FOR RENT���On Mill Street, three large  rooms, with use of bath. U0. Apply or au:  dress Tribune oflice.  TO LET.���FOUR ROOM COTTAGE ON  Park street, opposite hospital. Rent, Including water, $12 per month. Apply E. Kilby,  next door to Rossland Hotel, Vernon street.   ii^T.   Lost, stolen or strayed.���A fox terrier  with brown head and ears and brown  spots. Suitable reward will be paid by the  undersigned for satisfactory Information  concerning It's whereabouts. A. II. Gracey,  Mara Block, Baker street.  WHOLESALE DIRECTORY  ASSAYl^S^SUPPLJES.   ���W���F.-TEETZEL-&-CO.���CORNER-OF  Baker and Josephine Streets, Nelson,  wholesale dealers in assayers' supplies.  Agents for Denver Fire Clay Company.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY &  Construction Company���Wholesale dealers  in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries, electi-lc fixtures and appliances. Houston Block, Nelson.  ___ FRSH_AND^ SALT MEATS.  P. BURNS & CO., BAKER STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers in fresh and  cured meats. Cold storage. - ~  GROCRIES.  Offlee:   Two Doors West C. P. R. Offlee  #  PRICES RIGHT IN ALL LINES.  WATCH OUR WINDOWS  s^^iS^  The Grand Forks News occasionally  goes into hysterics. In its last issue it  says the credit .of the province is gone,  its industries languishing, -ts railways  the laughing stock of the world, and its  name a bye-word on. the streets of London. Still, with less than 150,000 white  people���about one-half the population of  the city of Montreal���the province supports forty branches of chartered banks,  all paying expens.es. If the province is  in the condition the News says it is,  the banlts would be scurrying to get beyond its boundaries like rats from a  doomed ship. But they are not doing  this. Instead, they are establishing  more branches. That thi business men  of British Columbia are doing us well  as those of any other province in Canada is borne out by the fact that thc  percentage of failures is the lowest of  IMPERIAL BBEWM COMPANY  EMERSON & REISTERER.  BREWERS OF. THE'BEST  LAGER BEER  STEAM BEER  AND PORTER  When you want the Best, ask for  IMPERIAL BEER.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, L1M-  ited, Vernon Street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO. ��� FRONT  Street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.  .A." MACDONALD & CO.���CORNER OK  Front and Hall Streets, Nelson, wholesale  grocers and jobbers In blankets, gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers, macklnaws, and miners' sundries.       .-,,.  J. Y. GRIFFIN & C���FRONT STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers In provisions,  cured meats, butter,and eggs.  LIQUpfiS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���CORNER  Vernon and Josephine Streets, Nelson,  wholesale dealers In liquors, cigars, and  dry goods. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing  Company of Calgary.  BUSINESS DIRECTORY,  CHOP HOUSE.  PIONEER <JHOP HOUSE, JOHN  Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  B.i��er Stre-i Nelson. Open day and night.  Luncnes a specialty. Traveling parties supplied on shortest notice.  ARCHITECTS. _.  MINERS' UNION, NO UU, W. F. of M.���  Meets in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley Streots, every  Saturday evening at S o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. J. IX. McPherson, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Macnine mon *3.6U, hammersmen ?3.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and Olher underground laborers ?3.  BARBERS' UNION, NO. lUli, OF THB  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets first and third Mondays  of each month in Miners' Union Hall at  S:30 sharp. Visiting members invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardiner, recording  secretary.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION ���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. AV. McFee, secretary.  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union Hall. John Burns, sr.,  president, William Raynard, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEETS THE FIRST  and third' Fridays in each month at Miners'  Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R. Kee,  president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  COOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION, NO.  141, W. L. U., meets at Miners' Union Hall  -second-and-last-Tuesdays-in-each~month~at"  8:30 p. m. sharp. A. B. Sloan, president; J.  P. Forrestcll, secretary; H. M. Fortler, financial secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening in the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary.   P. O. Box lbl.  Purity in Prescriptions.  ^You'll appreciate the value of pure prescriptions.  Impure prescriptions are dangerous. We take special  care in compounding and use only the purest drugs.  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO-  Coffee Boasters  Dealers In Tea an,J Coffee  '99*'*9*9*9*99*.*.*.***:*.*.*.*:**.  We are offering at lowest prices the best)  Ceylon, India, China and Japan  rados o  'oae,  E  Ti  Our Beef-, Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound (  48  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Choico Blond Cofl'ee, 4 pounds  1 00  Spocial E:.ond Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00  Itio Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00  Spocial Blend Ceylon Toa, per pound - 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  r^v  ACOMPLETELINEOF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and ooasb,  Flooring  looal and ooasb.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail   ���Mouldings���   Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  Of all kinds.  JT WHAT TOU WANT IB NOT IN 8TO0S  WB Wlli MAKE IT FOB TOU  CALL AND GOT PRICES,  ���iii  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKB BTBEE1B, NBL80N  We handle a complete line of  FROST KING  Chamois Vests for Men and Boys, made of  chamois lined wilh flannel.  FROST QUEEN  Chamois Vests for Women and Girls, made of  chamois covered with French flannel.  jr..   ���-  Perfect "protection against cold and sudden  changes���against coughs, colds, pneumonia, and all  chest and lung troubles. Just the thing for children  going to school.  Price, $3-oo-  Children's sizes. $2.00.  OB"    COUKSE    yOU    WANT    TUB     BEST*  THEN  GO  TO  ARTHUR    GEE  In Tremont Block.   Ho will suit, you.  Large stock of imported season's goods.  m  tint  m  m  m  ��.  *'H  A.   C.   EWART.   ARCHITECT���KOOM  3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BRBWEBB AND BOT3XEB8 OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular delivery to tbe trade,  BREWBRT  AT.  NBfcBON  DRAYAGB.  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone 270, Prosser's Second Hand Store, Ward Street.  FURNITURE.  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers, and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 2U2, nlgtit 'phone No. 207. Next  riew postofflce building, "Vernon Street,  Nelson.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK 00.  K.-W.-C. Block.  Corner Ward and Baker Sts  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  AU Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  Work.     .  '.Agents for Hard and Sofb Coal. Imperial Oil  Company. Washington Brick, Lime & Manu]  factoring Company. Qeneral commercial agenta  and brokers.  All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery  TRLKPHONB147.  Office 184 Baker St.  Telephone 145  ORDER YOUR  Telephone 3d  COAL  FROM  NELSON FREIGHTING AND TRANSFER CO.  ANTHRACITE ^ND ROSLYN  ALWAYS ON HAND  Ofllco; Baker Streot,  THEO MADSON  MANUFACTURER OP  TENTS AND AWNINGS  P.O. Box 76 NBLSON,  B.C.  inn  mtiTiimnrnmillimiiijiiiir'nTT-iiniiiiT  NEWLING & GO.  AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ETO.    K  Kootenay Street, next door to Oddfellows' Hal  P. O. Box 633 NKLSON, B.C. j  P  f  r  >'  I. t;  .-JS  ���I *  If  "v  THE NELSON ^TRIBUNE   WEDNESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 25 1901  BASK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up-..$12,000,000.00  REST     7,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       876 531.61  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. Georgo A. Drummond Vice-President  E. 8. Cloi'ston Qeneral Manager  NKLSON BttANCH  Oorner Baker and Kootonay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches In London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the prinoipal cities In Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT RATK OF INTEREST PAID.  ST.  LOUIS WORLD'S  FAIR  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,      ...     $8,000,000  Reserve Fund,       ....  $2,000,000  AGGREGATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  B. E. Walker,  Qeneral Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Street. B. O.  New York  Offlee, 16   Exchange   Place.  and 68 Branches in Canada ana the  Vnitcd States.  Will Cover 1200 Acres.  Great preparations are being made  for the world's fair at St.'Louis-..which;  is to he opened in 1903. The; exposition will be held in celebration of the  : centennial of what is known in history  as the Louisana purchase. By this transaction the United States government,  in 1803, i-ecured frcm France ell xhe land  lying between the Mississippi riA'er and  the Rocky mountains, an area of more  than a million square miles, aud exceeding tiie territory of the United States  at that time. Fourteen states and territories have been created out of the  Louisana. territory having a- total population of about 151000,000, and an estimated' wealth of $30,000,000,000.  The citizens and corporations of St.  Lcuis raised by private subscription  $5,000,000, the municipality of St. Louis  added $5,000,000, the state of Missouri  appropriated $1,000,000, and the United  States has given its endorsement and  help to the extent of $5,000,000 besides  appropriating $250,000 for thc government buildings. Appropriations have  been made by the several states ranging  from $15,000 to $250,000.  The site is in the western part of the  city, thc authorities having set aside  more than 600 acres of forest park, and  an adjacent area having heen secured  makes a total of nearly 1200 acres. Included in the fair grounds are t.he  buildings and grounds of the Washing-  Ion University, valued at $3,000,000. The  principal buildings, for the exposition  are to be arranged according to a symmetrical plan somewhat in the form of  a. fan, in the northeastern part of flrst  park, section. The principal vista will  be that of Hip-main entrance looking  southwest some three-qpuavters of a mile  to thc art palace, which will crown an  eniinancc fifty feet above the general  level of thc main building This avenue  will he GOO feet wide and there will be  a traverse avenue COO. feet in width.  Fronting upon these beautiful avenues  will be t.he manufacturers "and liberal  arts building, the educational and social  economy building, the mines, machinery, electricity and transportation buildings. The structures will vary in size  from seven to fifteen acres in area. A  broad lagoon will encircle two of the  most central buildings. The palace of  art upon the hill at the southwest will  he permanent, and with its by-buildings  will cost about $1,000,000. .The general  style of the buildings is to be that of the  renaissance, ���with a; liberal use of col-  onade effects upon all exteriors.  The Missouri building., which is to he  permanent, will cost about $300,000. The  largest building of the exposition will I  he devoted to agriculture and its allied  industries.    It will   cover   an   area of  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three per cent. "  GRANGE-V. HOLT,  r Manager Nelson Branch.  more than 32 acres. The World's Fair  will embrace in its'scope every dcpai-t-  ment ok human^kctivity. It is the purpose of the management to have it portray civilization in its most advanced  stale. The exhibits are to be divided  into rhe;.following main departments:  Fduratiorial and social economy; art,  the liberal arts; manufactures, machinery, electricity; transportation, agriculture and horticulture products;, viticulture, and arlmracultiire; fish and game;  mining and metallurgy; forestry, an-  traphodity, and athletics. Throughout  all departments, "so far as it may be  df-ne, the exhibits will show the prccess  of manufacture and the development of  the articles displayed. An effort will  bo mrule to have every country, as well  as every department of human activity,  adequately represents*!.  IMPERIAL BANK  Capital (paid up)  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,860,000  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO, ONTARIO. -  Branches in Northwest Territories, Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  H. S. HOWLAND President).  D. R. WILKIE General Manager.  E. HAY Inspeotor.  The Macedonian Bandit,'  The bandit, is the Macedonian hero.  Tiie admiration of him is inbred. Greek  independence was won by bandits inured to fighting and marches, not by  townsmen. The Greek national costume today���the resplendent uniform  worn by the king's crack regiments of  "Buzones"���is that of the Albanian brigand. Macedonia spasmodically hopes  to be redeemed from Islam* as was  Greece. In a country where poverty is  the sole safeguard against plunder the  brigand is the only hero, and he is the  only dandy. He comes into the semi-  weelcly market, where the women chatter over their wares, or strides through  a railroad car, known by everybody,  with his snow-white fustanella standing out about him like a ballet dancer's  skirt, his heavily tasseled cap, his. embroidered tunic, stiff with gleaming  metal, twirling his fierce mustachios.  The romantic young envey'-' hinv," their  elders at least recognize in him a fa-  NELSON   BRANCH,  BURNS BLOCK.  A general hanking business transacted.  Savings Department,���Deposits received and  interest allowed.  Drafts fold, available in all part of Canada,  United States and Europe.    **���     ���  Special attention given to coll       ns.  J. M, LAY, Manager.  miliar burden.. He is popular.  The world hears nothing of the brigands unless they disturb Europeans.  With natives their methods are drastic.  The famous Nicko once took from: Lar.-.  issa two children, of different families,  whom he held for ransom at 300 and  400 liras, respectively. The. wealthier  parents redeemed their child. The other  pair were very" poor. They sent 50 liars  with humble apologies; Nicko returned  the money. .By* heroic efforts the distracted people scraped together. 100  liars; again Nicko returned them, giving in a peremptory message three days  to furnish the entire sum. When three  days had passed he/sent hack the child,  cut into four pieces. ���  NOTICE  They Favor Reciprocity.  TOPEKA, Kansas, December 21.���About  50 representatives of the agricultural, live  stock and commercial interests of the west  are in session here today, at the call of  governor Stanley, to organize an association to promote reciprocity with Mexico  and other Latin American countries, with  special reference to the products of the  west. A permanent organization will be  formed and a convention held later, in  which all the business interests of the  west and governors of states will be invited to participate. The congress will be  asked to include in the snip subsidy bill  a proviso for aiding shipping in the Gulf  of Mexico and between the United States  and South American ports.   '    ��� NOTIOE. ''     ~  Notice is horeby given that a court of revision and appeal" for the Nelson assessment district will be held in the court  houso, Nelson, on Saturday, January the  llth, 1902, at 10 o'clock a. m.  ���    ^ JOHN A.  TURNER,  Judge of the Court" of Revision and Appeal.  Nelson, B. C, 23rd December, 1901.  SHERIFFS SALE.  To the Public and Union Men.:  Tbe Trades and Labor Council of tho City of  Nelson have declared all Hotels, Restaurants  and Saloons employing Chinese in or around the  premises unfair to organized labor.  Tho following do not employ Chinese in such  capacity:  VICTORIA HOTEL  CLARKE HOTEL   _  TREMONT HOTEL  MADDEN HOTEL  SHERBROOKE HOTEL  GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL  LAKE VIEW HOTEL  ROSSLAND HOTEL  GRAND HOTEL  KLONDYKE HOTEL  JOHN SPEAR  DKLMONICO RESTAURANT  MANHATTAN SALOON  BODEGA SALOON  GLUE POT SALOON  CLUB HOTEL  IMPERIAL RESTAURANT  KOOTENAY HOTEL  IMPERIAL SALOON  LAPOINTE'S HOTEL  *f-t*s  A Beautiful Home  A visit to our Big Show Rooms just now will convince you that we have all the requisites to make a  home beautiful."-  H    ARTISTIC FURNITURE    LOVELY DRAPERIES  High-class goods, the newest designs, rich finish,  the very latest Novelties in odd pieces. Easy  Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Reception Chairs, Elegant  Parlor and  China Cabinets,  Desks, Bookcases, etc.  Province of British Columbia, Nelson West  Kootenay, to-wit:  By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued  out of the supreme court of British Columbia, at the suit of Frank Conruyt, plaintiff,  and to me directed against, the goods and  chattels of J. J. Fleutot, defendant, I have  seized and taken in execution all the right,  titlo and interest of thc said defendant, J.  J. Fleutot, in the mineral claims known as  and called "Manhattan," "Rose," "South  Fork," "Boston," "Pretoria," and "Jou-  bcrt -Fractional," all being situate on the  South Fork of Kaslo creek, about Ave miles  from its mouth, in' the vicinity of the  "Black Fox" group of mineral claims and  recorded in the oflico of thc mining recorder  for the Ainsworth mining division of West  Kootenay district,- to recover the sum of  nine hundred and ninety-four dollars and  seventy-live cents ($991.75), and also intorest on the sum of nine hundred and ninety-  one dollars and twenty-five cents ($991.25)  from the 5th day of December, 1901, until  payment, at the.rate of 5 per centum per  annum; besides sheriff's poundage, officer's  fees and all other legal incidental expenses;  all of which I shall expose ior sale, or sufficient thereof to satisfy said judgment,  debt and costs'at my office next to the  court house in the city of Nelson, B.C., on  Tuesday the 7th day of January, A. D. 1902,  at the hour of 11 o'clock in the. forenoon.  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy  themselves as to interest and title of the  said defendant.  S. P. TUCK, Sheriff of South Kootenay.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., 21st day of December, 1901.  s  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and first-  class dining room. Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES S2 PER DAY  Njrs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  N|adden House jS^ySm?  The only hotel lo Nelson that has remained under one management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and  lighted by electrtc!r>.  The bar Is always Btoctced Dy the best  domestic and Imported liquors amd cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Beautiful Carpets, Oriental Rugs, Rich Curtains  No house in Nelson can show a finer display. We  do the business. Why? Because we substantiate  what we say���we have the goods and our PRTCES  ARE RIGHT.  unyan&Co.  OUSE  321 TO 331 BAKKR STREET, NKLSON  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 26 Cents to $1  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  to  to  to  to  Hurry  Up  for  Christmas  Gifts  ENGRAVING   FREE   OF   CHARGE  to  to  to  to  to  For engraving, flrst come, first served.  Don't delay. Onr goods are here from the  manufacturers and you shall have our prompt  attention. All goods (-are guaranteed for  quality and prices as reasonable as you can  buy in the East.  to  to  to  Diamonds  Karn Pianos  Watches  Sewing Machines  Brooches  Lamps  Rings  Electric Statues ~  Chains  Onyx and Brass Tables  " Scarf Pins  Jardiniere Stands  Lockets  Finders  Mail   orders [receive  careful attention.  our   prompt  and  to  to  A most extensive line of Cut Glass just  received from Belgium, Art Clay goods from  Austria, and Carving Sets, Pearl Handled  Fish Sets, Cake Sets, Fruit Knives, etc., etc.,  from Sheffield, England.  Call and inspect our stock before ��� buying  elsewhere.  Links  Bracelets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  Brushes  Military Sets  Jewel Cases  Fire Irons  Jardinieres and Vases  Manicure Sets  Sterling Novelties  Silver Mounted Whisks  Toilet Bottles  Etc., Etc, Etc.  '-fi f  All repairing guaranteed.  Jacob Dover, "The Jeweler.  99  C. P. R. Time Inspector  NELSON, B.O.  ^K^ ^^^ ^^__^ ^t^r ^^_W^ ^t^tw ^^LWw ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^" ^^^ ^^^ 9P����^*t v>  McPherson <fr McCammon  WISH   YOU  ALL   A  Very Merry Christmas  T. S. McPherson T. J. McCammon  INBLrSQIV,   B.   6.  :4i*l  -,'������ '"Si  *' * *** ���****���  ��� Zy. -H*?l  / _.-z*&\  -*r.0W  .-'���vrt  ��J3l  i   : ���'ti  '*i>T!'l  >.-~iii  '   '^J  1  r,'t  '���'���   '<  Bartlett    House  Formerly Clarke Hotel.  Tbe Best $1 per Day House In Nelaon.  None bub white help employed.  The bar tbe  beat. *  G. W. BARTLET*I*,. Proprietor  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  .   J. H. McMANUS, Manager.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Barge  comfortable rooiss. First class tabla board.  HOTEL   ROSSLAND.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  house In town. House and furniture new  and flrst class ln every respect Lighted  by gas. Room and board $5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THB   MANHATTAN.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT  THE  MANHATTAN.  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  ALL THE BE8T BRAND8  LIQU0R8 AND CIQAR8.  "GOOD CHEER" STOVES AND RAN&ES  We are in the market again tbis season with this line of  Stoves. After handling them for a number of years we are  convincEd that they are the only Stoves that give  ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION.  Call and see our large and complete line.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Importers and Dealers ln Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  \ * CS* *Cs *^5*^k ��� vv*^5**  P. Burns & Co.  Head Offiob at  NELSON, B. 0.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Nev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  ��' i ~ * ��� - - -  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND KETA1L  FISH AND POULTRY IN 8EASON  K. W. 0 BLOCK  WABD STREET  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  SHAMROCK   II  * Did   not win the yacht  race,  but  LIPTON'S TEAS ARE SUREWINNERS  WE HAVE THEM  Red Label Ceylon, 50c pound package.  Yellow Label Ceylon, 75c pound package.  People who drink green tea ought to try our Regal  Brand uncolored Japan.   It is the best on the market.   Pound package 6p.c.  {> We also carry Spider Leg and Gunpowder Tea.  Telephone 134  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  m  #  %  ito  ito  xto  ito  xto  �����*  I  ���g^'g^lq^*q^*g^��ip^*g^'gy��pc��gc��-gr��'P^��^s*'g*r^  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX 627.  -8.  Ji  I  .*-:  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  .LIMITED.  CHARLES HILLYER, President. HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Havo just received 3,000,0 foot ot low from Idaho, and *we are prepared to ont the largest bill  of timber of anv dimensions or lengths. Estimates given at any time. The largest stock ot sash  doors, and mouldings in Kootenay.  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OFFICE AND YARDSt  CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  ^w^^-^-R^iV^Jac \.J-  M  MM  I.i'  i?*  ?ii"i  *���****���  'I:.  III'  ui  \n\'  IIP1  IK-  1*3 --  'l v-   *  ',[  *_t  y,  I ril  IK;.:  J-**     :  T  'il  .fc;*"  ym:  mi.  $:  ���$.'  *  TIIE KELSON TRIBU^Ej WEDNESDAY���"MORNING,  DECEMBER 26, 1901  �����a��;?>��  -^i i ���T iTiTi^w ���ftfVMi  THERE ARE A FtW LINES SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS WHICH  WE AFE OFFERING AT VERY LOW PRICES.  a  ib  m  Hi  Hi  m  n.  m  W  ill  Hi  m  Hi  W  *  English, French and  American  Perfumes.  Hand Mirrors  Ladies' Traveling Oases  Ladies' Dressing Oases  Gents' Traveling Oases  Ladies' Purses and Card  Oases.0  Gents' Purses and Wallets  Chatelaine Bags  ��� Perfume Atomizers  Hair Brushes of all^kinds  W. F. TEETZEL & CO,  %y "-.'���-. &  %**9 *�� 9*9 * ***** 353349 333 333333333333333333333333333^'  op the Boys  RAILWAY TIME TABLE  CANADIAN PACIFIC SYSTEM  LEAVE  o a. in.  Daily.  CROW'S NHST RAILWAY  Kuskonook, CYoston, Movie,  Crnnbrook, JIui'ysvillo, 1-ort  Steele, Klko. Kornlo. Michel,  liliiii'iiiurc, l'riink, JMaclood.  l.fcthbridtfc, Winnipeg, nml  all Eastern points.  ���1 i>. ��"���  Daily.  Having added to my stock, a large  range .of Youth's Boy's and Children's  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to the public the best variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelsou.  Everything Is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.  LKAVE  6:10 p. m,  Daily  6:10 p. in,  Daily  S a. ni.  8 a. va.  COliUMHlA & KOOTKXAV  HAILWAY  10:10 p.m.  Hobson, Nakusp, Arrowhead. ..._. ....  Hcvclstoke.niHl nil points oust Daily  nml went on O.P.lt, main line.  Itobson, Trail and llosslaiul.  Itobson, Cnscftdo, Grand  Forks, Phcenix, Greenwood  and Midway.  (Daily except Sunday)  Itobson, Trail and Itossland.  (Daily except Sunday)   10:10 p.m.  Daily  10:10 p.m.  11:35 a.m.  but to work it to advantage requires the  building: of a stamp mill. The ledge is within a few inches of four feet in widih and  in the driving* of the 30 foot tunnel the 20  ions brought to tlie Nelson smelter were  taken out, and as the ore is free milling  it would yield a very handsome prolit if  treated  on  the ground.  LKAVE  10 a. m.  LEAVE  I p.m.  I p. m.  SLOCAN ltlVKlt ItAILWY  Slocnii City,. Silverton, Now  Denver. Three Korks, Sandon  (Daily except Sunday)  KOOTENAY  LAKE  STEAMBOATS  Balfour, Pilot Bay, Ainsworth  Kaslo and all Way Landings,  (Daily except Sunday)  Lardo and all points on thc  Lardo & Trout Lake Branch  Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Saturdays.) r.  AIUUVE  3:10 p. ni.  AIUIIVIS*.  11 a. in.  11 a.m.  Thirteen men were enlisted at Rossland  for the Canadian Mounted infantry. Ten  were taken on as troopers, these being J.  A. Coryell, 11. J. Hicks, John Menary, A.  Durnside, G. A. Robertson, Jt. J. Cameron,  A. Houth, S. Lowes,* E. Loekhart and ���William M. Bell. J. 11. Hale, Clement Guest  ami Cyrus McEwen were enlisted as pack-  At the rink yesterday a scratch game of  curling was played between rinks skipped  by V. E. AVilson and John A. Turner,  Whieh resulted in an easy win for the latter by a score of G tu 15. The rinks were  made up as follows: O'Shea, Brydges, Beer  and P. E. "Wilson, and C. D. Jarvis, II. 1<\  MeLeod, C.J. Wilson and John A. Turner.  Eight men were recruited at Nelson yesterday l'or service with the Canadian contingent   in   South   Africa.   Several   others  GREAT NORTHERN SYSTEM.  217 and 219  Baker Street  J. A. GILKER  CHRISTMAS PUDDING  We have the best stock of peel. and Christmas  fruits in the city. Everything fresh. This season's  lemon, orange and citron peel, cleaned currants  and raisins.  Houston Block  Nelson, B C  J. A. IRVING & OO.  THE CLUB H0^L|CHRIi���f!8���BR  E. J. OUERABV Proprietor.  LEAVE  Depot  9:40 a.m  Mount'in  10:30 a.m.  Daily.  LKAVE.-  Kaslo  7n..m.  Nelson  G:00 p. iu,  Daily  NELSON &  FORT  SIIKP  PAltD RAILWAY  Ymir, Salmo, Erie, Waneta,  Northport, Itossland, Colville  and Spokane.  Making through connections  at Spokano to'tho south,  ��� east and west.  KOOTENAY LAKE  STEAMBOATS  Balfour, PilotBay, Ainsworth  Kaslo aud all Way Landings.  Depot.  0:15 p.m.  Mount'in  l:b'J p.m.  Doily .  lUturVE  Kaslo  i):?0 p. m.  Nelson  10:30 a.m.  Daily  CITY AND DISTRICT.  A license lo wed was yesterday issuod to  Stephen George  Ward and Jennie Batche-  VOTE POR   :  BIG SCHOONER OF BEER  OR HALF-AND-HALF.  :     ioc  The only good Beer in Nelson.  TOM AND JERRY  ,To the Zing's taste.  OORNER SILICA AND STANLEY STS.  NELSON CAFE  NOTIOE.  In the matter of an application for a duplicate  of a Certificate of'1 itle to an undivided half o  Lot i2, Block 11 in the Town of Nelson.  Notice in hereby given that it is my intention  to Issue at the expiration of one month from the  first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to tho above mentioned undivided  half of Lot 12. Block 11 in tho Town of Nelion iu  tho n��me of Joseph Hetherington Bowes, which  Certificate is dated the 8th day of November,  1897, and numbered lGlic.  0. F. MACLEOD.  Land Registry Office, District Registrar.  NelKon. B.C.. 3rd Deeember. 1901.  Fred-Elliot, the leading legal light of  Grand Forks," is in Nelson for the purpose  of spending his Christmas holidays.  Drown, George Emmett, George H. Wilson,  and Lome A. Campbell of this city, and J.  M. M. Constance and H. Holmes of Greenwood. ..--..'.  Christmas at the Yniit- urine will be cele-  .���bratedcin the old fashioned style, the employees of the mine coming to the front as  usual. On Christmas eve special services  were conducted by Rev Mr. Hardy ot  ���Vmir, the building and dining room being  decorated-with evergreen and bunting. A  great many handsome presents were dis-'  tributed -to the children resident "at the  mine.  . .The Cooks' and Waiters' Union at a special meeting on tho 21st instant decided to  reduce the dues to members earning below  512 per week lo 50 cents per month. Owing  to the good financial condition of the union  it will be able to disburse benefits to'members who arc sick and in need. Preparations were also made for the forthcoming  annual meeting at which officers will be  electedfor the coming term.  Tho question as to who will be the noxt  mayor of Slocan is said to turn very largely upon whether or not the 31 property  owners whoso names were stricken off the  voters' list by mayor York are put on by  his honor judge Forin. If these names go  on a prominent politician of the lake town  says mayor York will be given a lively race  for re-election. The friends of alderman  Dradshaw are urging him to make the race.  They say he could win hands down in any  event, but, so far he has not given his admirers any encouragement.  m  m  m  m  m  (IV  fly  ��*  i ~ --j -^ -j '.j, 'j ��� js ��� JS, -m Jg ^5* "Mr My ^B1 -^tr ^B^^g  ..-*.tmi.^"^'^'^i.^'iS'^S>'Sl'ia"^Si-i��'i^-_S'^",  'J7i'i!t':9S'm!iS;iX-^SfiSi-i!i'Stf^-^i'nf'iti i  H. BYERS & CO.  ESTABLISHED 1892  &_  Portland Cement  Fire Brick  Fire Clay-  Sheet Iron  T Rails  Ore Cars  Blowers  Exhausters  Pumps  Graniteware  ���Tinware  '��-  So far nothing has been heard - of tho  whereabouts of. the old man named Love,  whose disappearance was reported to the  police some da,ys ago. inquiries w.ere  started in several of the towns of the district but no trace of the missing man was  secured. .  The second payment'on the Camborne  group, situated at the outskirts of the  new town of Goldfields on Fish creek, was  made by the Northwestern Development  Syndicate, of which A. F. Rosenberger is  the secrctarj' and manager.  The returns on the 20 ton shipment of  ore from tho Spotted Horse proporty did  not como up to the expectations of the  owners, being something under ?22 to the  ton. Against this there/is a treatment rate  of ?9 and a! transport rate of $4. Although  the ore did not run as high as expected  it is evident thatin.the Spotted Horse the  owners have a very valuable gold property,  Tt. A. Winerals yesterday received a telegram from colonel Evans notifying him  that major Leckie had been authorized to  secure a few packers In Nelson. This  means that tho project of a pack transport hns been discarded, as not more than  half a dozen na.ckors were enlisted at Rossland and Nelson combined. Just what thc  idea ot the commanding officer is in taking  half a dozen packers east it is difficult to  understand, but the score of men who volunteered'their services for this work mav  take it that they are not wanted.  Oil Struck Near" Suez  LONDON, December 24.���The Daily Telegraph publishes a dispatch from its Cairo  correspondent to the effect' that after  working .for two years at Geb-El-Geit,  near Suez, operators employed by the petroleum have encountered petroleum in the  sand at a depth of 2115 feet. A terrific flow  followed the discovery of and caused an  explosion which-wrecked the.boring plant  and blocked-up -the well. This discovery  Is considered important, the correspondent  continues, as pointing to tho existence of  oil fields in Egypt.  All Fines Remitted.  PORT   TOWNSEND,   December  24.��� The  last of the heavy linos, Imposed upon Nome  J^        ;*:"--:  HARDWARE AND IRON MERCHANTS  HEATING STOVES  COOKINCT STOVES  AND  RANGES  STORES AT  KASLO, B. Ci  :��ft^:  ��� NELSON, B. C; KASLO, B.C; SANDON, B.1C.  '^.^���^*^**^*^*.-S**\^*V*'^_*^'yS*^*^*^*^*'S*^*^**^*^'.9.^*^*^i^.9i.9._''.^Si;  iti  iti  \ti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  iti  m  steamer for havinb carried an exdessive  number of passengers, was remitted today  according to advices received from Washington by collector Heustls, informing him  that the fine imposed on the steamer Portland, of $6G50 for bringing from Nome 433  more passengers than permitted by Jier  license.           The Depew Nuptials.  NEW YORK, December 24.���United States  senator Chauncey M. Depew has arrived  at Nice, France, cables the correspondent  of the World at that place. Miss May Palmer, .his bride' elect, will arrive today.  The wedding day has not yet been definitely announced, lt will be either Thursday, Friday or Saturday of this week. Rector Adams will conduct the marriage ceremony. No publication of thc bans'has been  made at the American consulate.'  TAKE YOUR  CHRISTMAS  DINNER  Gas Explosion in Columbus.  COLUMBUS, Ohio, December 24.���A special to the Dispatch from Kenton says:  A terrible gas explosion occurred here this  morning. One man was fatally hurt, and  six" storo fronts wore blown out. The damage will amount to several thousand dol-  The Death Boll.  LONDON, December 24.���Lord Kitchener,  in a dispatch from Johannesburg, dated  Monday, December 23rd, reports the week's  results as being 45 Boers killed, 25 wounded, "10 made prisoners nnd 35 surrendered.  PRETORIA, December 24.���Heutenant-  Drander's force surprised a Boer laager in*  Uie "Pietersburg district on December 22nd*  and captured sixty prisoners.  Queen Alexandra Eecovering.  LONDON, December 21.���Queen Alexandra, who, as announced yesterday, is  suffering from a chill, is progressing satisfactorily toward recovery.  AT   THE  > r  DELM0MC0  Bankrupt Stock  CIGARS AND TOBACCOS  I have purchased from the assignee, the H. H. Playford & Co.  stock of cigars and tobaccos at  a figure that will'permit me selling them to dealers at less than  wholesale rates. Showcases and  fixtures for sale.  FROM 4 TO 8 P.M.  J    P.   FORESTELL,   Proprietor.  W. A. Thurman  LODGERS.  FOR ROuiu AND TAB LIS BOARD. AP-  ply third house west of AVard on Victoria  street.  Kit  \1>  A '1___^-^___r^^*r^___r*^&r'^__ir4G^-^^^^&r^^^^^*'^^^^^^*^__^ ^___w-^___r ^^'^'^fc' ^t^-*^_t*'^&F'f__^*.__^^_ttr^^^ 4^^,4^r*^^-i<B*' 4tfcp''<flS^'     3.      ^flg^O ^8B>^S&  ^b-i'2^< ^. ^ .^. *^ '��^> ^'''^���'^'^k''^'^'1 ^* ^ ��� ^i ^> <k 'ST' ^ "QT' ^ 'v?* ^ ' *V *^ ' ^ '^k * ^ '%k ��� ^ "^ '     I.    '00-^0   ^0    &*.  m ���^Sf^*  * mi * iim *-2i w��* *-S *-iS *-**^*-��ft *-^^ *J3R'i.^S'^3fe*J^S*-^ft 'J^'^ 'JS>�� *^****v ��_2S>��^^��^^ ��� W  ' 00' ^' 00'dm0' 00'00'^>,00'p0'00'00' 00' ^' ^ ��� ^' i^*,^K^^S*^5*dS*^5 r^iP.iy  *���-   ���   *-   ~-   m-   ^.^gt  'XI  Umbrellas  FOB LADIES AND MEN  Large assortment to choose  from, comprising Pearl, Ivory,  Onyx Horn, Gun Metal, Gold,  Siver,   E)resden   and   Natural  Wood.       Durable    coverings.  Steel rods.    All fitted with the  :i|v���new-nickle-plated^���self-acting-  ��������    runner    or    glove    protector.  *��*    Ranging in price from $1.56,  \f/   $2.50, $3.50 and $5.00 to $10.  iii  iii  Hi  $f      Silk Waists  FOB LADIES  Hi  \fc  Hi  ib  ib  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Beautiful'dress waists. Made  in the latest styles of fine quality Taffeta Silk and Satin in  white, pink, sky, torquois,grey,  cardinal, navyandblack. Prices  from $4.50, $5.00, $6.50 to  $18,00. Also in French Flannels, silk trimmed, specially  selected for their daintiness and  adaptability for gift giving.  Handkerchiefs  FOB LADIES  In silk, linen, hemstitched, embroidered lace and insertion,  trimmed in a large assortment  of patterns to select from.  Neckwear  FOB LADIES]  &.  We have a large assortment  of Lace Collars and Revers  Silk Stocks, Ties and Boas in  black, white arid fancy colors.  Holiday Goods of Utility  u  ^1������i^���^������,���^ -        . . 1    1 ��� 1.   1        .        t,    ���������r��� , 1 -- ��� r���n 11 ti        1       i******************************-***-*********-*****-***-!       r*********************-**-************"���^���������^^������^m^^���^^���^^**M^^M^*****^M  As usual we continue to live up to our reputation, and provide an enormous assortment of goods to satisfy the needs of holiday supplies. We certainly have a selection  of holiday goods for this season's trade which would be hard to overrate.  PINF pf TOQ  If you want the very latest novelties it fine furs either for your  rillC rUI\J use or as a holiday gift we are prepared to furnish you with them  Ladies* Jackets and Muffs  We carry a line of Seal, Persian Lamb in black and grey, Electric Seal, Black Martin, Alaska Sable, and Fox. Also ladies, and  children's Storm Collars. Collarettes, G-loves, and 'Mittens to match above. ���\.v--;-  House Furnishings  Seasonable goods the line of House Furnishings, Down Quilts and Comforters, Satin and Sateen Covering. White and all Wool  Blankets, Sofa Cushions in endless ..variety, Silk Mantle Draperies and Table Covering, Bugs and Spuares, Axminister, Wilton and  Smyrna Mats.  'Kid Gloves  FOR LADIES  Hi  In all leading shades and best   \��/  makes.    Sizes from 5}4 to j}4.    \k'g  Peau de Soie Silks  SPECIAL VALUES  "For waistsand"skirts7_$i.oo to"  $4.00 per yard. Black and  colored Taffeta silk, all the  newest shades from 65c to $1.50  per yard. Fancy blouse silks,  stripes, checks and brocades.  Men's Department  LATEST STYLES  BAKER STREET, NELSON  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  \b  iky  Toys, Dolls, Games \l>  In endless variety to suit  the   ji'  young. "'  We are showing a large  range of Neckwear in the latest styles and patterns.  House Coats  FOE MEN  't  Dressing Gowns and Bath  Robes. All new English made  goods. Also Gloves, Scarfs,  Traveling Bags and a few of  the latest Hats in Hard and  Fedora shapes.  Millinery        ii>  See our latest styles in mil  hnery. J?*  Hi '  JDiaCK,  wuiic anu   idiicy   tuiuis. < fcSAK.bK  SIKfcfcl,  NtLSUIN ,U1CV' AJ.  * 'W   '.*-.** . '''''"''-.'.''"'' jj!^  ���^j^W ��� >^.^. ;%�����.^g>. >�����>> ��� >g>�� g^��^�� S^ ��� ^' Sb^ ��� S>" )s^ ��� ^�� Sfr ��� 13* ��� S* ��� S^ ��� S* '^S '-^ * ilS* *^S* * fi-* Si 'iffi '-iS '^' ^^ '-iS  ���^������^-'���^������^-'���^^���'^''^''���^''���^���^,*<*l***^*''g^',,**^'''*m


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