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 ������M**''3*|**��W;*!'*71^  ESTABLISFIED   1892  SATURDAY   MORNING,   DECEMBER  21   l'JOl  DAILY EDITION  -v  if  i  f  Mi  IW  M  til:  "If  T". *  !  ADMIRAL SCHLEY  VERDICT AGAINST HIM IS  NOT POPULAR.  CONGEESS, HOWEVER, NOT LIKELY  TO TAKE ANY POSITIVE  ACTION.  WASHINGTON, Doeembci 20 ���Tlio  fust question thnt will be dctcimined  by sccietaiy Lour in considei nit, tlio  icpoif oC the Schley couit ot inqunv is  whoi hci' tho supplemental opinion by  admnal Dewey is to be ofhciallv 10-  gaided as a pail of the comts piocecd-  ings and whcthoi it is to bo left out of  the   lccoul      This   much   was,   learned  j      at the depai tinont today    Otheiwise the  only statement made is lhat the sccic-  t*    t.ny has thc pioceedings befoie him and  will proceed to then  considei ation, and  attn he has done lhat n akc an endoisc-  ment upon them     Unless the piesident  -shculd call foi  the lecords ot the case  the papeis will go fiom the societaly's  ofhec to thc ai chives of thc depaitment  and tluic lcmain     Theie is also a dib  position on thc pail ot some ot thp offi-  cois cf the navy dcpailmcnt to ask scc-  letuy  I.,ong tr>   oPiid   oack  tn  ficimii.il  Dewey bis suuplemental lcpoit a.i 1 ask  mm   wheie  he  round   thc  evdencc  on  which he based Ins onnion tli it Schlcj  was in command at Sant'ago  The navv bin pan men aie Unions at  - Dcv- e\   foi   blocking; the  gan'O,  Lamed  ., reainst Schlev, ?nd will beg ��� ccrcUnj  Long to do this basing tho request on  (he fact that adiaual Dewey, many times  dining thc ti ial, lcfused to admit evj-  dercc bcaiing on tha question as to  wro wis in command at Santiago, and  tliat no ��vide"cc on that point was adduced Thc anti-Schlov clement at tho  dcpfitment is jubilant Tho view tnat  obtains theie is thaladmnal Dewey has  assented to all tho findings not specified touched upon in his lndnidual e\-  pie'sion Tin department's opinion is  voiced by captain Lemlv, the -judge advocate cf the com I, who mr.de the following statement li clay  "According to naval piacbcc arlmnal  Dewey bv affixing Its sigralme io the  icp it of -he court of inquiiy ir Ihe case  of leai -jdmi'al Schlev oxpicssod fin I  ccncuiiencc in all tlu findings of fact  and in all the opinions lenched Dy thc  COUlt,    CXC^pt    tllOSC    Wl'b'l     lC(3l/2Ct    (to  which he has in tei ms signified dissent  in  his minoilty opinion"  Only admnal Dewey alone can say to  what extent the finding of tho couit as  a whole and to what extent h ) subsci ib-  nl as piesident to thc specific conclusion of tno con 't lfe has declined to  talk Aiticlo 1730 of fhe Naval Regulation piovidcd tlie pioceedings of the  couit of niqiniy must be authenticated  by tne si",nntuies ol tho piesident and  nidge advocate of thc couit onlv and aio  to be submitted foi the considei ation  of fhe authoiitv convening tbe domt  Some naval authoiities say that a nun-  oiity opinion, such as admnal Dewev  lias given in connection wilh tho repoit, can only be given ny comtesy oi.  tno"scci clai v7_an(l_loi_tliat" 1 eason���tliev-  sav the question arises ns to what extent it is to be considei ed in connection  with tho findings of thc maiontv No  intimation as to the societal Vs action  in this lcfpcct is given at the depai t-  n ent  Fi lends of admnal Schlev sav that  admnal Dcwcv's signatinc to the findings In full Wiib but peiliinctonly afincd  as piesident of thc couit undei the te-  funcnienls of the lcgula'ions II mav  le soveial (lavs befoie societal v Lone:  makes his endoiscmcnt upon tn>3 "epoit  as it is understood ln desnes to give  the subiect thoiough considei at'on it  is hold bv many that in giving admnal  Dewey'0 individual vio.v, in coiincclioii  with "tlie piomulg.itiop of thc com 1 "s  action the department* has given such  weight to the supplemental report as to  j Tactically  give  it official   character.  Congress will take no action' on the.  verdict. This much can be stated with  positivenoss from a canvass of leading  members; of both., senate and house.  Resolutions for an investigation xvill  doubtless be introduced at either end  cif tho Capitol by personal friends of the  admiral, but thoy will be sent to committee, and tho chances arc against  them being placed before the. bodies for  action, even with adverse recommendation.  In the heat of the indignation aroused  by the findings of the tribunal, ihwrc  was geueral talk of a congressional investigation, but on calm reflection many  cf Schley's most sincorD friends recognize the futility of such a course. In the  first place, whatever ecrgress might do  would lesult in no good to the man censured by the court. It is true, a vote of  confidence might bo given him, but forever after there would be staring him  and the American people, in the face  that cold, relentless verdict, of admirals  Ber ham and Ramsay. It is to that verdict, rendered by men possessed of expert knowledge on the questions they  wero called upon to decide, that posterity will go for an estimate of Schley,  aiid not a sentimental resolution of congress ignorant -of the technical issues  involved in the Sarapson-Schley contro-  ���verfy.  It is to be considered fortunate that  admirnl Dewey should have dissented  in such equivocal terms from the conclusions of bis nspocint.es. His oniii'on.  placed sU\n. by side with those of Ben-  hnm and Ramsay, will serve to temper  the pens that arc to write history of  .our flayy in years to come.  Another obstacle in tho way of a legislative mquiiy into the case is. the attitude of the lcadeis on Capitol Hill to-  waid thc administiation ot the navy de-  pjitmcr.t. This att'tude is one of friendliness, and as the olficials of tho depaitment, fiom y-ecietaiy Long down, aro  opposed to a continuance of thc contio-  xcisy, their wishes will bo lespected  Of coinse, piesident Roosevelt must be  considei ed as a tacloi in Ibis connection,  but fiom what could be learned today  no will keep hands oft. He, too, his  come to the conclusion that the jealousies and bicitcnngo of lhe navv bas  been aiicd enough, and he will not mako  a move that will add fuel to the fire of  publu di^favoi into which the scviee  ��ns been biou^iit lie fears also that  any fuithcr malodoioas levelations  ���nignt lesult disastiously to tno plans  foi  a big nav \ he has now on foot  Undei these conditions and convinced  that nothing could acciuc to Schley's  advantage nv tbe dial of bis case by  congicss, he will net cncouiage any agitation in that dnection  Neither ihe senite noi the house committee on naval nffans will give its  "auction to ar investigation Senator  Hale, cl.anman of the senate committee,  enmu out llat-footcd on this point todiv  Chan man Foss, of fhe house committee,  while declining to dibcues the case in  any of its phases, is known lo be against  congiess taking -.up the cudgels for  Schlev, while al least thiee mcmbeis  ot the committee���Long of Kansas,  Wheeler of Kentucky, and Davton of  West Vnginia, aio outspoken in then  opposition  Tne gieat majontv of senatois and  lepiescntativcs seen took a simi'ar  View Theso included in the senate such  men as Hoai, Foiakei Cullom, and  Mason, lepiesenting both the consei\a-  tive and ladical sentiment and pi the  house Pavne, the Republican flooi lead-  ei.'Sheiman of Novv Yoik and South-  aid of Ohio, aud manv otheis  The Democats, cf course me inclined  to bo in favoi of an investigation but  it is clear that thev seek paitisan advantage nthc linn the vindication of  Schley I on 03 lhe Demociatic Ion lor  in the senate thousrht it p.obable a ics-  olution would bo intioduccci, and Bacon  Mai tin pmV Rawlins also expressed  themselves as in accoidance wth Inn  It is not because thev aie opposed to  Schley lhat mcinbeis aie against ic-  living his  ca--e  Of comso the congiessmen fiom Maryland of wh'Cb state Schlev is a native,  appeal anxious that something be dono  Senator McComas had no omnion to cx-  picss He is a good administi ation min,  and will piobablv consult the wishes  of mesident Roosevelt befoie he acts  Rom oscntative Mudd thinks that  Rchlev's fuends in congiess "may be  depended upon to be heard fiom," but  will make no specific suggestions Ren-  ic*=cntative Peaire has a moie definite  notion of what should be done than any  of his colleagues He savs that a special  committee of the house unon which  should be pl.iced mon particularly fitted  foi thc woik should be appointed to  tiv the case, and unless some one else  makes such a motion he stands readv lo  do so  Mr Teane will offer a ioint lesolution  in the housf next Thmsdn1*' providing  fci fn investigation of the whole Samn-  ���^on-Schlov conlioveisv and the navv  demitmont's share in it This will be  icfeiicd to tho committee on navnl af-  fens and mav or not be renoi ted A  step lookin" to an investigation of the  n-ivv depaitment will he nnlagoimed bv  fuends of the administi ation, who will  not peimit a scandal to devplon thus  enily in the service of president Roosevelt    JVancouver-Loc il-Ka^s-  ulgi t fo- the season There was a good attendance and tho procedingt, was enlivened  tw  the citv* band  It Is announced that tho Veinon Ss NeKc-n  Telephone (Jump mv lnt< nd to ineieise lhe  telephone rentnls after Jniuimy Nt. This  move has boon <intic.|p���lod since this com-  pmv soiiiuil conliol of tlie Colmnl ia Compiny s   s>olem  several   months  ano.  'ihcie was but one Nelson niuval icgls-  teied h >ro tod iv, J   VV   Creighton  Boundary Ore Shipments  PHOnNIX, December 20���[Special to lhe  Tiilvino ]���Following: aie the Boundaiv oie  shipments ior the week  Gianbv   mines  li   C   mine  sno\\snoe  Mothei   J^ode  bunset  Tans  43^7  S20  to  ins  215  To til 7190  J Vial   foi   1001  to date,  ,!',0 (.'19 tons,   total  foi i'))0 and-nOI to date, 101 211 tons Tor  tlie lf-t week the Gianbj smtltci tieated  V-'Jl tons ot oie  YOUNG   CORBETT  WANTS  TO BS AN ACTOR.  Injunction Against V V & E.  VANUQUVRR. December 20���[Special to  Tho Tiibtmc I��� The lull text ol the oidet  Is givon out in Yunoouvei loilav lespectmg  the >ii intmjj of the injunction to the Grand  Kinks .*�� Kettle Kivcr iaihva> and Y.ilf  Hotel Company, )iiohil)iling the V V it  ]3 tiom eiObhins Us Uacks in the Doundar>  until Januaiy Sth  ALL FOUR WERE DEFEATED  Only One Received a Majority.  Yosteidaj the piopeity owneis of Nelson voted on four money by-laws One  was foi $10,000 for school pui roses,  another was foi $5000 foi the erection  of an isolation hospital, the thud was  foi ��5000 lo be used i.i the installation  of a fire alarm system; and the fourth  was for 3150,000 to be Uo,ed in erecting  a power station on Kootenay 1 iver. The  first thiee weie submitted meiely to  help defeat the last named, and the vote  should not be taken as a tiue expression  of the people on the one issue lhat was  pai amount, namely, placing the city m  an independent position to cairv on one  of its puolic utilities On the one side  were langed mayoi Fletchci and aldermen Selcus, Hamilton, Pateison, and  Gillette, assisted by the Minei and the  Economist and the citv clerk and road  tax collccloi Charles Augustus Waterman On the other side the forces weie  led dv alderman Irving and Madden,  and Ihey had the moial suppoit of The  Ti ibune. Tueie was no excitement and  no hacks A fairly good vote was polled  and tne lesult is given below  ELECTRIC I.TGIIT BY-LAAV  Foi    Asrahvst  West   AVard .    . (2 73  Ea&t AVard 135 .    87  THEG0Fr-3URLEY FIGHT AT BOSS-  LAND LAST NIGHT WAS  A FIASCO.  Porn and Bolivia arc also stiengthoning  their aimamcnts  SANTAIGO, Chile, December 20 ���  Scnoi Pei tai thc Argentine nnnistei tc  Chile, and senor Yanos, the Chilean  minister of foicign affairs, aie still discussing existing mattcis between their  icspective countiies News of the excitement in Aigentine leceived heie liom  Buenos Ayies has not had the slightest  etfect upon the Chilean people, who take  things with gieat coolness and tian-  quihty Tho Chilean tiaming ship Geneial Baquedano, which was lecently in  the AVest Indies, has been called back to  Chile. Chilean steamers have suspended  their voyages to San Francisco ia older to be ready in case of necessity for  transpoit dutv.  Totil t  Mi foi ity for   11  SCHOOL,  Elst  AVnid  AVest  A\aid  177-  BY-LAVV  V\\TCOUA'UU, December 20��� [Special lo  Tho Ti ibune J���The steamei Anvil at lived  this iroi nny: fiom Skagway with twei U  Daw -.on passenqxis  Kid West h is joincu ,i new zw\z of  thieve^ md is making much double al  Pkas;i\a\  'I pu wintci st.vo toiito to D.nvson is  opon uuUwoi kins splindidiv The ilist out-  hound   st i���'e  n ichul   r.ennclt Tuesil.iv  \n extended discussion took pi ice il th ���  1jI1jci.i1 Association list ovening on tho  <|UO -.lion of tho umunr labeial eonv ontirm  at A'uunivoi on Jinn i \- Jot h Sevci il ol  the spoiU^is went so is to, claim lh.it the  piovineiil l.ebei il i\.eeutive hid I tlu n toi  much on itseli m connec lion witli the ai-  rin^tiiionts i<Aceptlon wis finallv taken  In lv\o cluises, whieh h\ the lesolution the  CMciillve is .isKkI to i(.-consider .\\\i\ ir-  srinil These weie Hie ptov Isions 111 it inetn-  hi i s c��l ihe old i\i(iiti\e should be meni-  hei , ol the conveiilion md Ih it the odllois  ot l.iheial new.siiaiiLi.s .should also attuiul.  .Alderman T. V. Neelniuls is the latest  candidate for lhe mayoralty, havlns* been  awarded the nomination bv tlie Vaiieouver  electoral union, uompiteud of lhe anti-lIc|iior  element in civic politics, ureenlleld w-lll  probably ret ire, leaving .Woodward, Town-  ley and Noelands in the Hold.  Vancouver Has a Sensation.  VANCOUVER, December 20.-[Speciai to  The TribuneJ���A sonsatlona' case or what  appears to tho police lo be ir.urdor. ar,t| njb-  l-ory has occurred at Mount Floasant, a  suburb of this city. A'e.sterdii.v morning:  Miss Jep.sie Hicharcls di.s.-.ppeared from her  home and has not been .seen since. Two  children who ware in the house all clay relate that 10 o'clock yesterday a' strang-3  man knocked at the kitchen door and offered to sell chickens. Mrs. Richards  asked him some 'ctiiestipns' about 'thera  and said she would buy a ecuple of hens.  She went in tlie house agniii, picked up a  handkerchief containing $-10, intending to  buy' the chickens, and throwing a shawl  over hei hi'ad followed lh*> man out. apparently to accompany him to the other sido  of the street, Vvhero he said the chickens  'were.' Since then the woman has not been  seen. The children had never seen the man  before. Search parties have been out since  last night, but not the slightest trace ol:  the man or woman lias been found. Tha  murder of the woman is feaicd. for no  other people in Hie neighborhood wore solicited to buy poultry that day. and the  chicken .jelliig' w-is probably a blind.  Greenwood Local News.  GRTCKN.VOOD, December 20.-[Special to  Tho Tribu ie.]���Bishop Dontenvillo, Roman  Catholic bishop of New AVeslminstc-r, has  returned Coastivanls after having paid a  visit to Greenwood, lie v as met at Robson  by father Bedard, the pi lest in charge of  the local church, who accompanied him to  Ro:'.��ln.ncl  and  thence to Greenwood.  Work has ben resumed on the Jewel mine  with seven men, after a. Icmpoiary shutdown. 11. Is thought likely that instructions  will shortly be received from lOngland lo  considerably increase the working force  :md vigorjusly prosecute further development.  The *3r-*Jjnwod skating rJtik opened to-  Total  Miioiitv Tsrunst   21  ISOT-iVTION   HOSPITAL,  Vt-t  AVrrd  West   Wai 1  For  SO  02  151  1C0  rim-?!  07  17-'  T Y-Tj A W  Vm   Against  . 3S Ul  S",  i4  S2  -'"ot il  Ar.ijoritv icniiTit   T52  FIRE   AI.APAr   BY-TjAAV  Foi  ���TCT-t   AA'aid T.  AVrcst   AVaid C7  2,��l  .Airimst  HI  Ton I  Majoi ity again-st. "li  142  ITS  Sealing Company Holds Meeting.  V'CIORTA. December 20-The annual  meeting of thc Arictoria Senling Compan*v  wis held todiv and an liMuion il dnee-  tor wns added to the list of ofllreis, the  oilier diieotors beincr ic-ckcted Ihe bond  now   consists   of     Piosident    AV    Munsie  _\iee_;piesl'l >nt     jnotnin_J G _Co\ _mini  auer  cap'-air. M   Oianl*    tief-uei   R   Uall  M P P      A     J    Bechtel     R   Zabiok     and  Joseph   Boscov\it7    tlie   Ust   r.nmcd   b ing  tho   nowiv   appointed   ofTc'al     Tt   wns   d��  cided   tliat   ibriit   th.itv   sthnonnrs   would  be sent out   seven fni  the Jmin   wt and  others   on   tha  C illfoinii   and   Ruti-h   (o-  lumhia coasts   AViJ'ei will be the sa^ic a^  Inst veai    Two or three thous md skins ie-  main   unsold   nt   tbe   Hudson's   Pi.   Com  panv's wai chouse in T.ri den  Their Venezuelan Claims  SA-RACUbK, New York, December 20-  Emmctt R Olcott of New Yo>-k rnmmand-  er of tbe Veno/iicln com Is to take evidence  in lhe eounliv In the letjil loiUiovuIsn between the AVainor-Quinlan Companv of  Sv t icuse nd New A'oik and thr -Vi mud is  Company ns to tho o\\nci<-lilp of 1 akc Fe-ll-  eldid ind its asphalt deposit In Vone/uel i  held a hem Ing In this ellv lod.iv The witnesses cilled were Ohailes Ar Wmnci and  P. R. Quinlan of the Syracuse Compan.v.  Thev testified a.s to the securing of title  to their claim on l.ake ['"'ollcldfid from the  R-ovornmont and also to the .'ictlon now In  progress . to  determine   its   validity.  Another Failure Announced.  LONDON, December 20.���T-hc failure, was  announced today on the Metal Exchange of  AVilliam Sargent, head of ono of the oldest  and best firms In the metal market. Mr.  Snrsrnnt, who was cluilrman of Ihe committee of the exchange, was lrng- MOO tons  of copper. He was also said to be on the  wronsf side of the tin market. Ills liabilities are variously estimated at from .1330,000  to .G50.000. The market was demorulbed on  account of Mr. Sarwent's failure. Ooppev  dropped ��1 and tin dropped ��7 to .C'X.  Both partially recovered, but ilillc business was done.  Fatal Boiler Explosion.  PITTSB'URO, December 20.���Three dead,  one mlssint,', and twelve injured is the result of a terrible boiler explosion at the  Black Diamond steel works of Park Brothers todav. Reuben Miller, Jr., superintendent nt the plant, states that the boilers  were examined last week and pronounced  in excellent condition.  Fire in a Connecticut Town.  NEW LONDON, Connecticut, December 20.���One of tbe worst fires that has  occurred in this city for years broke out  this morning in Raub's gun store on  Bank street, and before it was subdued  damage estimated at $100,000 w.as done.  Five buildings on State and Bank  streets were burned. The losses are well  covered by insurance.  SAN FRANCISCO, December 20.--  Under instructions from the navy department to make all speed to Panama,  the cruiser Philadelphia steamed out  of the harbor this afternoon. Commander. Mead expects to make a record run  to the Isthmus. The cruiser is in excellent condition.    .  ND\\ YORK, Decemhoi 20���On Icinff in-  (ci view el today bv th" spoiling olitor of  the W-nll A'oiinq: Coihett siul .vl i- \ poo  pie seem to think I im pln>Iiic? hi le an 1  Mflc with Ten/ Mefiovern, but.I am not  1 should like to make it as plain as possible that I will not meet McGovein until  I .jet ready Champions do not have a very  Ion? life, so far as the piize ring is concerned and I piopose to make mine last  as long- as possible I shall meet McGovern  within a vcar, and when I am leady tha  mateh will be made, and not��beforc In the  fust place, I have not saved much monej,  and as a feathei weight champion I realise that I am a drawing card i can mak3  a lot of money on the stage while tbe season lasts As soon as 1 am defeited I am  not worth much as a the Urica.1 ittraction,  und does, anyone blame me tor not fighting  now ' .  'Besides, I ha\e not had a rest for some  time I havo been fighting pretty constantly foi the last three -vears Training for  lights is not an easy thing and I need a  robt I shall fight McGovein, but in mv own  good time Sam Harris, since aii.m-jing tl e  match between McGovern and Dave Sulli  van, his said frequently that I am afraid  to meet Sullivan This sic ten,ent is so  ridiculous as to be unworthy of denial I  am not afiaid of anv feathei weight living  and I shall prove it in good time IlcGov-  ei n seem�� to bob up ev ei j w here I so Jfe  ev identlv fools his defeat verv keenly" After  saving ho would never i,t,nt ignm if he  weie defeited he seems to want to fight  moie Una evei When I do meet him,  which will be some time befoie J.in-i.irv  lnQ_\, it will be mvself that will dietilo the  teims and conditions J was not even eon-  s-deied Jvhen the match was made Eveiy  boc'y bat my friends and those who seen  me fight- in tho west o\pecteel to see be  beaten T was simply a drawing card befoie  the fight  '] defeated McGovern fanly and >-oii'ii>  lv The knoekout blow was i.ot a chance  a'talr I was not groggy at tho lime, although McG*)V3rn would have evTjone  think that the floor and not mv punch did  the b'is ness T have enjoved my stiv here  wondei fully Everyone has, treated me  w th kindness and couitcsv and I hope I  "hill be able to make a return visit soon  "After & short visit to Denver T shall  started the road nffn with an all stm  vaudeville compp. ly and s^-all I' >\ until  the season clos3S Not until then shall I  he reidv to talk fights A" e ha-e iad re-  qacsts fiom a score of then tei s foi a  week's engagement T figure that \ the-  atrie-al engagement should move vciv  piontnble foi me, and it would be foolish  if I die not make thc most ot my wctoiv  I am not thinking of going into legitimate  aeiing r am a lightc and not an actoi  end T s T>plj- take up acting lei-use 1 in  a champon T know rust as well ���*!*= anv-  bodv thai I etnnot draw people to see n>��  on tho strength of mv acting I h.udiv suppose that anv nt the llghteis vvlio hiv��  gene on the stage could make i P ing if  thev depended on then ability Thev know  it ind the nublic are not all fools Fitzsimmons Co"b��tt. Jeffries and *?iillivan  drivv big houses solely bec��u=e ��hev aio  .pugilist-,, and that is the vav 1 expect to  di iw [ pripose to confine mv niiirg to a  tnree or fon roi nd biut will mv sparring pai tnei I have heen looking foi a  pi' tnei foi some time- but have not Ml  found him AVhether f slu'll evei appear in  a melodrama is something I csn t say, but  it will not bo this ���-c'-Fon  ' r was confident of dofcatinsr Mc-Gov oi n  when tho match was fust m ide, md the  onlv thing which woiricd me wn- the possibility of his lefuoinj; ti meet nie in the  img As r h wo said ficr.iu nllv nelthei  Johnnie Corbett nor I had anv thing to do  with dictating thc terms of thc mitch 1  _v ns���willing��� and-.ans.ious���to-meet���him-n -  3JJ pr-und*! for T can easllv mike tint  weight lie insisted on 120 pourds in'l th5  onlv thing f -ould do was to agree T would  1 five iner,ired to have fought him in the  west, in fact, anywhere except in thc east  Tt is no oasv matter to light ��ueh a l.noiii*c  as MoGc^cm wis bpfnic a crowd nmV up  almost wholly of his friel ds and jai Isin'  Howcvoi 1 found the eiovvd with me aft-*>r  it was ill ov��� r "   Neil Gets the DecHon  PORTLAND, Oiegon, December 20���Al  Nell of San Fiancisco and Tom Tracev of  Australia last night met in the ring for  tlie thiid time nt the exposition Noll won  in tlie lSth round ln the (list round Neil  1 inded on Ti icev s chin and cut a g ish an  inch in lor-jffh, from which tho blood Unwed  in i stieam IJurlng tho Iii st live louuds  Nell iibbed Tiacev on the light eve with  his lelt and all but closed th it membei  Aftoi the III Hi louiid Tracev did ionic effective work, and durlti pthe next eight  rounds landed hard on Neil's stomach. The  lighting was fast and Tracey proved to bo  a good Inlighfer, but Nell kept up his jabbing on tho face. In the 37th round Nell  began to uppercut Tracey and with the end  of tho round Tracey appeared tired. In  the lSlh round Tracey landed on Neil's  head and Neil came back with an uppercut.  After a clinch Neil landed his right on  Tracey's jaw and Tracey went down.  Tracey was unable to respond to tho call  and referee Joe Asluon gave the light to  Neil. _J   Goff-Burley Fight a Fizzle.  ROSSLAND, December 20.���Tho Goff-  Burley fight hero tonight was a fiasco. The  pugilists wero guaranteed a thousand dollar house, and the gate receipts did not  reach half that sum. Thereupon Burley de--.  cllned to light, but voluntered, to box four -  rounds gratis. Goff- coincided and the men  sparred four rounds with five-ounce gloves.  The result was uncertain, although It was  clearly demonstrated that Goff was In  much better shape than Burley, and that  he was his equal in skill and generalshio.  from which it was inferred that Goff would  have won out in the twenty-round go.  GETTING READY FOR WAR  News From the Far North.  VICTORIA. December 20-A p.i&seng i  who ainved from the i.erlh on the *=leamei  APim mid*- .he tun ficm Daw on to the  coast with a dog team in 12 days a new  lccmd Renoits eon.e fiom the Bicmnoi  country Aliski of a rich >-ti ke .h^ie D  C iravvk-is, -vln built tho \ hitc Pis-, jl  Viikon lalKviv, "as cemmeneed a sinvey  icr a lliu from Pvrinud lT.nbri to the Intel ioi l.iki-s -ind this leads to a rumor that  ih<�� hai bo- has been conceded to the Canadian rover immt  SMART BOYS  AND  GIRLS  Who Passed the Exams.  The  icsults   of  the  school  examination,  foi  the winter teim have been announced,  and  The  Ti ibune  this  n lining is  ahle  to  miblish  the .iam--& ot all  the  sinait boys  ard girls who attend thc public school  DIAaSION  Vll  Mrs    Pearcj,    teaehei     Piomoted   from  ioi  part 1 to tcnioi  pait 1��� Art h in   <\nil2i-  burg,   Divid   Freedman,   AVillie   Habiting,  Claia Hejden, James Hogan, Stella Hogan,  Horns    Johnstone,    John   Iandblad,    Ruth  Manhart, Ha/el McUthui, Rhoela  vjcGi-^g-  oi,   Almsda   Pd-nquist,   Anna   P.ilmquist  1'iaiik Pogue, JCaUdcen Scott, and Chailie  oteele  DIAUSION Aa  Mis Peaicey, teacher Piorroted fiom  second pnmei to fust icade.-Allan Bell,  Alvin Davibon, Julius Fuedn an, Willie  Ounn Ohve Hodge, Lilian Hnule, Doia  Hannah, Willie Lau���lilon, Flosbic .VteVieai,  lielen Maoie, Willie McNeill Dorothy  KKliaifls, Ribs Rilev, Relh Williams, and  Joe Avil son  Piomoted liom fust pumei to secnnJ  pumoi -JLmij Ades, b���ii),iu Cuumnns  Jchn Feiguson, May Ounlon, A^iola c-.Ul,  Hoy Kellogg, Yaron Lacev, Jdella Mc-  Ijauehlaii, Aitliiu Morgan, Jiddle Murphy,  Willie Mum oo, Goidon McGicgoi, lieeiiii  McLiuchlin, ICi.iesl k,immtlmtvn, Ne--  man Ri-hiidsoi Geoigo Kidcli'le, Dd-  vvaid Scilej, Mablo Steele, Rc-s 'avloi.  John \raaee, and Hiic Wen  DIVISION V  B Thom, teaehei Piomoted ficm fust  reader to second i jaclei ��� Lottie Annablj,  Beinio Ore obin, Lam i CTShcli, Jchn D u  rough, Leone li igle, Deatnce Dbbs, I'los^is  Johnstone, Mamie Hogan, Thccdoie Morgan, KanJ Morgan, May McVicar, J .rn ot  Mathews, Arthur Miller, Christiana Me-  'vav LottI" Nagoiscn, Calvin Painter, Jen  nie Riehaidson, Gia^e Smith, Heiav S^o-  beda,   No-x Scott    md Alva Ac a/nv  Piomoted from second pumer to fust reader ��� Hei bait     \m strong     Kclana    Blown  Esther   Iieigman    llaiold   Cameion    Dddic  Choate    Aluy  Dairough,   Gkidvs   Dav i-sim,  vi mux Lli j, Bi-it'ir=-  i ei i ell  DIVISION JV  Miss   Macleod,   teaehei    Promoted   iirm  ��emoi  second to ninioi   third���CI in Clun-  is     Chrnlio   Connon,    ITanv    Cuniinu'h un  vletoi  Davidson, Pcicv   Gnz/ellc, ^.ov  Gill  Aithur   Lackev,   Katie  McPhee    Leon  Mc-  Cindlish.   AVillie   Robei ts,   Bi ssie   Scolev,  Claude AVeii, At thin  White, Geoigo White  and Douglas Nagle  Di emoted   from  juniot   sece nd   to   ��sc nic��.  second���    Ernest    Ados,    Jessie    CulliiPi  Dou-rlas Cummins   'J'affv  Cummint-,  \uslui  Dliot, Ft ink Gallihe-r, As.ibel Graj, ]l"'.icc  Little,    T-,obcl    Lillie,    Gwendoline    Mooi^  Edith   Manson    Jim   McCandli'-h,   Leo   M  -  Knmon, Frod Jfillei    and Mablc iVi,'omn  DfVISrON III  George  vAr  Claik   teaehei   Pirmotid fiom  senior thud to nmioi foui th ��� Kdilh Aml-i-  borg   Raymond   Baid    Coi way  dimming^  Dleta  Cunningham,   Lena  Daiieuuh    rihe  Fawcett   Flossie Fi isoi, Gee igo Goi e   Alii  dtoth   Johnston,   Hall   Lavvienco   Hiiriscin  Minha-t     Percv   McAi thui     Clinton    McBeath   Madge McFirlmd    Jane Arel  iiuh-  In ,   Dv.i  MeVlcai    Agirie  Paterson,   Jcssif  Patorbon,_and_\mv Swannell  DfVJSION   UI  George AV*  Cl.uk   teaehei   P-onvnod f. om  lunior   thhd    to   senior   thud-lohn   B"ll  Bessie   Davidson    Han v    Dpei'-ou     lluiv  Feurnson,   Piuline   Gcbeit    AVilfied   G'll  S idle   TTogan     Gordon    Uc'hnglon     Gi --1 .  Macdinald    Jo,a  Muriav    Noi a  i'.iteisim  Mabel  Iticbaidson and M.uv   Svclmli  DIVISION   II  Miss K   Scinlan, teacher   Pic moled fiom  lunior    foi th     to     senloi     fouilh   -VV idle  Brown    Vnlet Cilhbln    Hugh  G.iilci    \u  torl.i  Hod .on,   Chiistini McIC iv     Bob  M<-  1, lii^hlau  I'lOinnted fiom senloi fcttth tn junioi  fifth���lassie Hlppei son Tient 1 Irhiios I.nv  II n I is Flovd Jickson Belt' J< Imston *���  Muv Ivnudson Nellie Lickcv !��� 11 d I u-  ing Rov M Oicgor, James McGiegii Pc ul  Mriiioj.oi. Ruebon McCudllsh lima Mi  Kiv Lottie McVieai LMe P> >-i% I'lil  Rich uds, Willie Salti i and Ki ni cth VVMi  DIVISION I  Mhei I Sullivan, teacher Piomoted fi in  .niiiloi fifth to senior fifth.���1 Icni.v Avci.v.  Gc-ralellno Brown, Mnble Frnsor, IIiikjI  Gore, If.ilon Macdonald. Ida F.nmmi'lmeye-r,  Urnosl  rft'JSlc   'ind   Willie l-'v apm-ll.  chiectois and oflicers of the Le uislin i Purchase L\pi)sillon Oompuiv, aunv oihciri,  goviriioi-�� il stale-- aid gu��.si^ assemhl d  al the St Loais Club Caii.agcs Weie takjn  and the pit tj weie driven to Poic-,1 l'u'k,  wheio the ciicmonv ol breaking gioinvt  was eauijl out, pie-sidi-nt Davin l-ianels  belli.!: the ilist to wield tlie shc.vel As. tnis,  put of the iciemoiij was being can led out  baltCM 'A ol the Mis,-,ouiI N itlon il  Gu.uds filed sixtv guns At the Colli' j-iiu  the leniamdei ot thu pietism was c in led  cut hofoie an audieiue ol thous u.Jb Pu-ji-  dent D R Fnineis cilled lhe Coll sjum  meeting to oidei, and Kcv Di Siin-ul  Nichols, ol AVcolmliiMei 1'itsov teii.ui  ehuieh, pto lonuced the invocation lion  J unes a T.ivnciii, ol Minnesota, ehaii-  iii in ol tli > house committee on exposition^,  was lntiodueed ard macle the flist addicis  ���EASTE11N CANADIAN TELEGRAMS  UALIKAX, Decembei 20 ���Colone 1 Dvaus  auived heie last night He will commence  at oice io complete ihe oiguniz.Uion ot the  Mount oil Jtillc- which has been going on  undei  n ajen  Alemtt  RIDGI3IVJWN,   OnMiIo,   DcccmLci    2'-  John Rlddi 11 oi St   'l humiit, v bile voikui;  on the mot ot the new  town hill hue lo  dij,  n'll  li the  liosted grtund 50 feci below and was in,*- mllv Idled   *  TORON'IO, Decembei 20���Thc Canadian  Steel Wire Companj Im, been gnnted a  charter The capital Is *<20t,000 'J he pl.icca  of business will bo Hamilton and Toionto  and some American capitalists aie backing the company  MON1RJVL. Decembei 20-''he \mc>n-  can residsnts of Monti cal have subsenbed  a 'and of ^<JO���J0 Ioi thj loundation ol a tvl-  Icvvship in polifical eeoni m> it McGill  tlniveisity, to ue known as the William  McKinley Fellowship Dr RoclciKk hi-,  teen appoint 1 dean of the medical fa> dry  cf MeC-iIl, re])laetig Di Ciaik, resigned on  account of ag2.     0  .SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, December 20 ���  D Md herson, a coal minei, while standing it the bottom of the shaft was sii uek  on the head bj a lapicdv descending cage  Mid instantlv killed jestcrday afteiroon  John McDougall biakcman of the Dominion It on & Stel Company, was piobablv  fatallj scilded vesterdai by a pot of boiling  metal falling on him  HULL, Quebec, December 20 ���S Bacroix,  the Afontebello man who killed his v.lfe  and an old man named Thomas List snm-  me>, is being ti led heie LaeioK dragired  his wife and babv out of i fi lend s house  and -.hot the woman dead lie then went  into die houee and shot hei pi elector, old  man Thomas, Livvvets ioi the defense will  plead inr,anitj  as the cusp ot  the murdri  MACGRDGOR, Manitoba, Decemoer 20 ���  J E E.ving, ono of thc McCotmielc col-  lcctoi' in icluriung to town list night  about 10 o clock was s mill) lgged r.nd 10b-  bed of <.i.O ot the comnmv money besicles  <!20 oi his ovvn monev and a gold watch mil  chain J To wis appio.ichc d fiom behind ind  stiuck on the luid with some heivv wea  pon stunned and robbed No clue to the  ��� obbc l   Horroi s of the Explosion  PITTSBURG-, December 20���In thc  explosion at 4 10 this moining at Black  Diamond steel wo. ks at least ten wei e  killed At the West Pennsylvania hospital theie aie 22 injuicd The list ot  killed will 'be greatly incieased as tne  wreckage is iptnoved and their bodies  lecoveied Only two bodies have been  iecoveied up to this time One of the  laige boileis on tne noith side of the  mill ne*\t to the Allegheny valley lail-  ioad tiack blew up, bunging death and  injuiy to many employees, completely  wieckmg lhe building and ail tbe ni i-  chineiy in it Tho fuo caught and spiead  thiough tne building in the leai occupied by the McNeill Boiloi Woiks  which was soon ieduced to nuns Owing  to the bteal ing of wues it was some  time belore an alaim ol tiie could be  turned in Telephone messages bi ought  ambulances and a la'ge numbei ot men  weie soon on tbe scene and began the  woik ol lescue In a stio11 lime eleven  men had been taken out and sent to the  AVest Pennsylvania Hosp.til'7 It was  a little time beforo nnv dead wpic found  and then the bodies weie so badly mutilated as to be unrecognizable  Hanna on Conciliation.  AVVSHIMfiTON, Decembei   20���Sena-  toi  Hanna, chau man i>c the committee  METED OUT THE JACKSONS  IN OLD BAILEY.  THE MAN GETS FIFTEEN  YEARS  AND  THE WOMAN SEVEN  YEARS IMPRISONMENT.  In South America.  BUENOS AYRES, Argentine, December 20.���In order to commemorate tbe  foundation of league of Patrics, here,  tens of thousands of young men paraded  the streets yesterday evening cheering  for Argentina. Thc crowds of manifest-  ants, estimated to have numbered as  many as 90.000 persons shouted: "No  more diplomatic notes; let us have war  sooner than that." There were also  some cries of "Death to the Chileans."  In this connection it is reported that  Brazil contemplates appropriating from  ��5,000.000 to ��10,000,000 for the purpose of purchasing  new   war   vessels.  Governor Taft'Hopeful.  MANILA, Dor ember 20.���Over 1000 members of the federal party called on governor  Tuft today to bid him farewell and wish  him a safe return. Thc governor iiddre-ssed  1"i0 of (he most prominent of his visitors.  The organization, *he added, hud 'lone so  mi-e-h toward bringing about pence and  giving the country a stable party, tliat it  augurOd more for the success of American  labors than anything else during the critical tiiti'iS. The reports circulated in the  L'nited States, founded on Incidents of thu  war i-i Ratangas province and the- Island of  Samar, the governor said, tend to convoy  a wrong impression of the situation which  is really hopeful. Through his olllcers, thn  eonstalnilarv and provincial government's  oflicials, he-sides SHO teachers, the commission hurt excellent means of acquiring information in the organized provinces, and  it considers that there has never been a  time whon there has been so much real  ground for hopefulness and encouragement  In regard to the attitude of the Filipino  people toward the civil government The  mHilary district in Rnmar had created an  unfounded feeling of ur easiness concerning tho condition nf people of the rest of  the archipelago. Tho war in Batangas and  Samar,. kept up by misguided men, furnished the only obstacle- to obtaining liberal  legislation  on  the part of congress.  Lousiana Purchase Flag Day,  ST. LOUIS, December 20.���The- tirst pub  Mc celebration in coi.nectlon with the  World's Fair to be opened In St. Louis in  ISfCI in commemoration of the Louisiana  purchase, was held today, when ground  was biv-kon for thc site In Forest. Park  This clay was selected for the important  event because It is an anniversary of the  formal transfer of the Louisiana territory  lo Ihe Lulled States. The cli'v was a holiday in St. Louis and throughout Missouri,  as well as In most of (h-.< purchase states,  whose governors Issued proclamations asking for a gonoral observance of it a.s the  "Louisiana  Purchase  Flag Day."  Owing, to the severity of the weather the  parade and other ontdoo. demonstrations  were abandoned. At the appointed time the  of tnnly-sii, who has just letuincd  fiom tne laboi confeiencc held in New  Yoik, was at thc \\ into House toda>  and talked most hopefully ot tho ic=ults  ot tne confoicnce "I considei the con-  feiciiLO," s<ud bo, 'tho gicatest step  evei taken fm the speedy ���settlement of  disputes anting between laboi and capital The oig.ini/ation of capital, which  has come to stay, was an evolution  whicli was naturally picceded bv the  oigani/atlon of laboi, which a1��u ha->  como 1o stay and the conecntiation rf  mtrioots of th-�� (wo side s, which slioul I  be identified nol hostile in the hands  of coinpai.itivoly tew individuals will  make for the best inteiests of both "  Crack Shots Make a Tie.  KANSAS CITY, December 20.���Frank  Parmaiee-of Chicago and Charles Budd  of Des Moines, Iowa, tied with straight  scores of 25 birds each in the inaugural  shoct for tbe Hazard cup valued at  $-150, and emblematic of tlie world's  wing shot championship, at the Blue  River Park in this city today. The  shoot off for tbe cup will occur tomorrow. Thirty-three vviTfgshots participated in tlie inaugural shoot. Crosby,  Cunningham, and Tinderman made  scores of 24 birds.  Another Rear-end Collision.  PITTSBURG, December 20. ��� The  Cumberland express on the Baltimore  & Ohio railroad, which left Pittsburg  at 6:30 o'clock this morning, ran into  the caboose of a freight train at Scott  Haven, 14 miles above McKeesport.  Engineer If rank Hughes and his fireman  were badly injured. Tho flagman of the  freight, who was on the caboose, also  was badly hurt.  Cm*da Against Pennsylvania  PITTSBURG, December 20. ��� The  Royal Military College hockey team of  Kingston, Ontario, met defeat today at  Diu;iicsrc* Garden in its second game  of Ihe scries against {.cams of the  Western Pennsylvania Hockey League.  Last year's champions, thc Pittsburg ;Y.  C. won by the score of 5 to 0. Thc  Kingston team won vestorday.  A Mill at Baltimore  BALTIMORE, December 20.���"Young-  Peter Jackson defeated Charles  O'Roiirke of Boston in the fourth round  tonight bofore tho. Eureka Athletic club.  O'Rcurkc was knocked down twice in  succession, and was practically "out"  when the seconds threw up the sponge.  '��� ~ 7^yyz_Z___r__M   LONDON, December 20 ���The   revolting theocratic unity trial was ended to-      j  delay.    A veidict   o,t   guilty   was   lomul     ,  against Jackson and Mis. Jackson, and   v   '  they weie sentenced respectively to 15  yeais and 7 yeais, penal servitude.   The  defendants heard the sentence with astonishment,  but &in silence.    The male  pnsoner   immediately   tinned,   lett   the  . '/  dock, and made his way tovvardsthe door ^  leading fiom the courtroom, and the female pnsoner, smiling to tlie last, bowed  to the judge and followed Ins compan-    ���-   '  ion  LONDON, December 20.���The tnal of  Theodore   and    Lam a   Jackson    (Ann.,      ,}  Odelia Dis  de Bai)   at tbe  Old  Bailey -     /  was continued today    Anticipations of   ��� ,  a veidict being icached sooner than ex-       r  pected revived   inteiest   in thc   ' iheo-  eiatic  Unity" and  the couit loom was _,  well  filled  when  the proceedings  weie"  lesumed       The    temaie    pnsouer,    as    ,'  usual,  turnishcd  the diamatic  features      "'*���  ot thc examination   of   the   witnesses,  eicss-examining    them    in    modulated  tones,   and     aUeiiiatc-iy     whining     or  tliicatening     When  the   case   tor   the.   ,-  piosccution was closed, thc defendants    7,1  announced that they would not call any^r"'���  witnesses,  but   would   te&tity   in   their  own  behalf     Jackson  was  then  sworn- ���',  and commenced an addicss, m the na-  tuie ot a lectinc, dining the comse o��*'-r~  which he claimed to be man bound to     - r  Zi single life by leligious vows, aud em-"    ���,v  phatically   denied   thc" testimony   fur-   , *'\  mslied as to   his   conduct   with' Daisy    ^/^  Adams, whose stciy, he said, was a tis-    '.\��-'  sue of falsehoods    He described the fe���-  male pnsoner 'as   a   medium   thiough       '!  whom he, Jackson   had communicatioa ., . -  with nis "sp'iit wife "   During his cross  examination   the   male   defendant   was       <  veiy  insolent to  the solicitor general,  sir Edwaid Caison     The judge warned-  Jackson tbat ho was injuring his case,  thereupon the female defendant interjected     appiov ngly ,      'That's    right;  keep him m oidei "    While the solicitor geneial was examining Tackson the    u   .  lattei  casunllv   lemaked     "If Swann, tt  name bv whicli thc female defendant is  known   is guilty I'm guilty also"    But*  Mis   Jackson quickly rose to her feet,  having been accommodated with a chair  in the dock, and refused to be included  witn  Iack=on in the chaige of cnminal  assault      When    a*-ked    whether    Mrs.  Jackson   had  been  imprisoned  at  New  Oilcans, Jackson' icfused to answer until thc ouestjon was iGjmatcd to him by  tlie female defendant    nc paid *=he had  been  in jail  twice     Mis   lackson then  testified and tinning her cioss examination thc name D>s de TJiir was mention-^  -cd-fui-the-first��� time-in-courtr^thc^wit*^-^    =_  ness admitted that she was the divorced  wife of geneipl Dis do Bai, adding that  she nad  mheiited a  fortune fiom him.  been niaincd to a man named McCool  The woman also admitted that she had  and to P   H   Messaul     She said hei  income fiom thc Dis de Bai piopeity was  ��14,000 yeailv,   acknowledged   that   she  nad scivcd six months in jail  in New  Yoik  for defrauding  Luthci   C   Marsh,  an denied that "he had ever been known  as Vein P Ava    Affi Mis Jackson had i  made a  fpnei.il  dcni il   ot   tbe   ciimes ���  chaigcd ag.'inst hei,  thc solicitor geneial announced   that, as   thc   iiuouner?  weie not defended, he would not address    .   ;  the iui"  lackson in liis addicss icfeiicd to bis  estate of 72S0 acres ot land in Florida  and dwelt lengthily on thc principles of  the Thcotratic Unity.  The jury returned a verdict of guilty  against both defendants in the Jackson.  The  j nil ire  sentenced   Jackson   to  If?  years' penal servitude and Mrs. Jackson  to seven years penal servitude.  ���&r i'l  JT"  Many Volunteers Offer.  NEW YORK. December 20.���A dispatch to thc London Times and the New  York Times from Wellington, New  Zealand, sny.s over 1000 volunteers for  the eightji New Zealand contingent for  service in South Africa presented themselves in one dny, exclusive of those in  several districts from which the returns have not come in. One hundred  and thirty-three officers volunteered for  the forty-four places. Sixty-three' of  them have previously served in the Boer  war.  Ui  Danes Want a Plebiscite.  COPENHAGEN, Decembor 20.���Ifresft  agitation against the sale of the Danish  West Indies to tho United States without first submitting the matter to a plebiscite seems to lie increasing here. A  large nnd secret meeting of members  was held here today, the sentiment of  which was in favor of a plebiscite. The  ministcral organization arc advocating"  prompt action in the matter and a disregard of popular clamor to submit it  to a popular vote of the people.  Acquitted.  NEW YORK, December 20��� Frederick:  linoff, ,1S y.iitrs of age, who has been on  trial at White Plains on tho charge of  of Mount Vernon, was acquitted by the  jury this evening ftife iiEtSOtf tffrtfitJJM   SATUEDAt   AtOfcttlffG, DECEMBER. 211 1901  ���j��rl-iYi'--"l-i.  =Sfc  /Z?.(Z3*  W  *C=2'<P:>'C=7>'<��Z*^'  ���$5T�� ^. -^ -^ ��� ^'(^  ''���  HUDSON'S BAY  COMPANY.  1NCORPORKTED   1670.  #  ��  #  HEADQUARTERS OF  SANTA CLAUS  #  %  W  e 1,0  TtfJ�� IFiX^ BE THE  232nd Christmas  Which this Company, whose business operations extend over half a continent, has assisted its Friends and  Customers to celebrate and enjoy, and this is the  FOURTH CENTURY  in which we have been doing business. Our long  experience and our capital obviously give us an  immense advantage in supplying the best value  to our patrons. This year we have made special  efforts and have now ,a collection of  CHRISTMAS GOODS  which cannot be surpassed in any city in Canada.  OUR DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT  is well  worthy   of its   reputation,   and   is   replete  with articles suitable for  PRESENTS POR MEN, WOMEN  AND CHILDREN.  No pains have been spared  to decorate in honor  of "Good Old Christmas" and an  inspection  will  please you as well as enable you to select exactly  what you want at  MOST REASONABLE PRICES.  We cannot commence  to enumerate, but would  draw special attention to our .  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You must have the  finest and freshest foodstuffs obtainable, because it  is healthiest, because, in fact, in the long run it pays  _.best But-when_you_secure_iltop_notch!l_quali.tvL_at_  the minimum reasonable price, nothing more can be  wanted. This is the combination you obtain at  these Stores���quality the highest, prices the lowest.  OUR CHRISTMAS SPECIALTIES  include.a direct shipment of Peek, Frean & Co.'s  Biscuits, Pascall's Sweets, Rowntree's Confections,  Christie's and McCormick's Fancy Biscuits, English  Plum Puddings, French Crystallized Fruits. Gor-  ganzola, Roquefort and English Stilton Cheese.  CROCKERY, CHINA AND GLASSWARE  This department is very complete. Dinner Sets,  Tea Sets and Bedroom Sets in all qualities and at  all prices. We have a nice line of specially selected  "little things" very suitable for presents, and a  choice collection of more expensive goods for the  same purpose.  WINE AND LIQUOR DEPARTMENT  consists  of direct  importations  from  all  over the  world.  DEPEND UPON IT  You may, we can assure you. Our liquors  are worthy of every dependance. For years  and years we have been selling Liquors,  and during this time we have built up a fortress of  confidence in us and our lines which is absolutely  unassailable. You run no risk in purchasing from  us. The quantify and variety of Liquors which you  can obtain here are larger than you could secure  elsewhere in Western Canada; so great, indeed, is  the variety that we believe we can satisfy almost  any individual fancy in the way of Wines and  Liquors. The least you can do at any rate is to  give us a trial order and thus allow us to demonstrate the advantage of trading with us.  NEW SHOW  ROOM  Our New Show  Room for  TOY!  is now open  The public are invited to inspect our immense stock of  Toys, Musical Instruments, Souvenirs and useful articles for  Christmas and New Year Gifts.  M0RLEY& LAING  BA K15 it STH TO \T. NELSON. B. U.  Showrooms Mason & ItUeh Piano.-!.  m  #  SUBSCRIPTION   EATEa.  Dally by mall, one month "!...$   50  Dally by mail, three months  125  Daily by mail, six months  2 50  Daily by mall, one year  5 00  Semi-weekly by mail, three months...    50  Semi-weekly by mall, six months 1 00  Semi-weekly by  mail,  one  year 2 00  Postage to Great-Britain added.  ADVERTISING  RATES.   Display Advertisements run regularly  per inch  per month*. $4 00  Ir run less than a month, per Inch per  Insertion         25  Classified Ad] and Leeal Notices, per  word for flrst Insertion    ' 1  For each additional Insertion, per  word ....      1-2  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classilled), per line per month     50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per line  per month      25  Addresn all letters���  THB   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston. Manager. Nelson, B. C.  ���H-M-M-W-1-M-*   ��M��H"i..n,'H-'H*''*M'  NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS  BY   CARRIER.  On Saturday next, Bubscrlbers  = whose Tribunes are delivered by  carrier will lie expected'to-pay  the enrrier TWENTY, CENTS, the  Bubsoription. price for the current  * ��w��ek. "  *  ���H"M"M-I��M"M*"M-   ���I-H-H-M-H-M-  *  *  *  *  *  +  *  *  *  *  m  ��  m  m  :#  PEIOES BIGHT IN ALL LINES.  WATCH OUR WINDOWS  m,  ^���-^���^���Si. "<=���=*. ****=* i���^-.S-S'Si��S'^���^V^'^^ ���**3?-  M  &.  Yesterday all four of the money bylaws submitted to'the property owners  for their approval were defeated.   This  is the first time since-Nelson became an  incorporated city that the people-have  refused to vote   money   asked   by   the  council.   If such action means anything,  it means that mayor Fletcher and his  administration are thoroughly discredited;, so discredited that the people will  not even trust them to issue debentures  for tho payment of a school house already  built or for increasing the 'efficiency of the fire department,   jf there  are   two   things   that ' the   people   of  western   towns   take   pride   in,   it   is  schools  and  fire  departments;   but tlie  people of Nelson have refused to vote  mayor  Fletcher  and alderman   Selous,  Hamilton,   Paterson,   and   Gillett   the  small sum of $15,000 for these two purposes.   No one except alderman Selous  " wanted  an  isolation  hospital  built  on  money borrowed for a term of twenty  years at 5 por cent, but that was one of  the subterfuges   resorted   to   to   bring  -aboul-the-defeat-of-the-one-by-lawwhlch-  the town was interested in, that is, the  by-law to raise money to erect a power  plant on Kootenay river.   The more bylaws submitted the more disgusted the  people would be, and they would show  their disgust by voting against the good  by-laws along with the bad.    This was  clearly shown in the East ward, where  many ballots were placed   in   the   box  folded together, all  four being marked  "against."   Thc   result   of   yesterday's  poll shows that a majority of the property owners of Nelson favor the erection of a power plant on Kootenay river,  and had the electric light and power bylaw been submitted as a separate proposition   it   would    undoubtedly    have  received the necessaty .three-fifths vote.  Tlie Kietcher administration will retain  the unenviable" reputation of encompassing the def aat of a by-law that if passed  would have placed the city in an inde-  pendent^position to carry on one of its  best  paying  utilities.    However,   they  have less than a month to serve, and the  hands of their successors are not ln any  way tied by the   result  of  yesterday's  election.    Next year's council can submit money by-laws for any purpose immediately they take office and are asked  to do so by the owners of one-tenth of  the value of the real   property   in the  city.   In tho meantime, it is. the duty of  every elector who is not wedded to the  West Kootenay Power   &   Light Company to take  an   interest   in   selecting  candidates for mayor and aldermen who  can be depended on, if elected, to stand  by their pre-election pledges.   No more  shufllers and weak-knees are wanted in  the city council.  Thc in/luence of newspapers may be  gauged by thc vote on tne four money  by-laws in this city yest-inlay. The  Economist, which is edited by that  astute politician David Mark Carley,  ventured to predict that the electric  light by-law would not receive the noc-  csfrry three-fifths majority and that  Ihe other three would carry. The electric light by-law was the only one that  received a majority of the votes cast,  the other three being badly defeated.  The Miner, which is owned by the  Crow's Nest Coal'Company, advocated  the adoption of the fire alarm, school,  and hospital by-laws and the defeat of  tho electric light by-law. The three  which it favored were badly defeated,  and the one against which it made its  onslaughts editorially and through communications from anonymous writers  received a good-sized majority. The  Tribune claimed there was no immediate necessity for borrowing money for  either of tho purposes named in three  of the by-laws, and the three by-laws  were defeated by majorities ranging  from 21 to 152. It, however, advocated  the adoption of the electric light bylaw, and that by-law received a majority  of 17 votes.  The strike in the Ottawa mine on  Springer cre^k. Slocan City district, has  made a few men feel as Mark Twain, in  "Roughing It," says he felt whon he and  his partner struck il rich in a claim that  they owned for two weeks, when ii. was  jumped and held by others. Mark and'  his partner felt like millionaires and lay  awake nights planning how they would  spend their millions.  Tho result of the election yesterday  clearly shows that alderman Irving and  Madden represent tho views of the majority of the property owners of the  citv. '   If the proposition made by Mr. Drummond of the street railway company to  the members of thc city -council is a  bona fide-one, it should be accepted by  the council. The city can probably  utilize all the surplus power the street  railway company has at its disposal. 13y  doing so more people can be served with  electric light and some of those who are  now being served will get better light,  and the street railway company will be  helped out in a way that will moan a  saving of ?3000 to $4000 a year in operating expenses.  It now appears tliat thc Victoria dispatch printed in the Nolson Miner and  the Rossland Aliner on Sunday last regarding Joseph Martin's candidature in  Victoria was a "fake." Mr. Martin says  he, atrno time, had any such intention.  "SEAGRAM"  THE LEADING CANADIAN WHISKEY  TRY IT  IN BULK, 2, 4, and 7 years old.  IN CASES, '83 and Star.  Delivered from the warehouse in Nelson  R. P. RITHET & 00., LTD.  ' VICTORIA, B. C.  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MACDONALD & CO.���CORNER OF  Front and Hull Streets, Nelson, wholesalo  grocers and jobbers In blankets, gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers, mucklnaws, and miners' sundries.  J. Y. GRIFFIN & C���FRONT STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers in provisions,  cured meats, butter and eggs.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���CORNER  Vernon and Josephine Streets, Nelson,  wholesalo dealers; in liquors, cigars, and  dry goods. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing  Company of Calgary.  'BUSINESS DIRE0T0EY.  CHOP HOUSE.  "6oo4ywW<\H"  P ION IfiJSlt CHOP HOUSE, JOHN  Spear, proprietor, opposito Queen's Hotel,  B.'��cr Stre-1 Nelson. Open day and night.  Lances a specialty. Traveling parties supplied on shortest notice.   ^5SH���55��:   A. C. EWART, ARCHITECT���ROOM 3,  Aberdeen Block, Bakor Street, Nelson.  DRAY AGE.  FURNITURE, PIANOS, SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phono 270, Prosser's Second Hand Store, Ward Street.  ^V  When you purchase  TOAOe  MAR*  Royal Brand  i  REGISTERED  with this label attached to the left hand pocket  of the coat, rest assured you are getting Garments, Tailor made, ready to wear, unequalled  in the Dominion of Canada for  Style, Fit, Finish and Value.  Smalt's Royal Brand Clothing is sold  in every large centre from the  Jltlantic fo the Pacific.  NOTICES  QF MEETINGS.  ~-_J��5^55t^i^25iEEi5s'  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, IC. O. T. M.���  Regular meetings lirst and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially invited to attend. Dr. \V.  Rose, li. K.; A. ,\V. Purdy, Com.; G.' A.  Brown, P. C.   "  &  N0ILSON LODGE,'NO. 23, A. F. &  each month. Sojourning brethren  A. M., meets second Wednesday in  Invited.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 32, F. O. E.���  Meets second and fourth Wednesday of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  NELSON ROJ-AL ARCH CHAPTER NO.  123, G. H. C���Meets third Wednesday. Sojourning companions invited. Charloa G.  Mills, v..; Thomas .1. Sims, S. E.  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS. '  MINERS' UNION, NO Uii, \V. F. Of M.���  Moots in Minors' union Hall, northwest  corner of Bakor and Stanley Streets, every  Saturday evening at S o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. J. IX. McPherson, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men ��3.SU, liarnmersmen ?.'J.25, muckers, cannon, shovelers, and other underground laborers ?3.  BARBERS' UNION, NO. 1'Jli, OF THB  International Journeymen Barbers' "Union  of America, meets lirst and third Mondays  of each month in Miners' Union Hall at  S-.oO sharp. Visiting members invited. 11.  McMahon, president; J. It. Matheson, aoc-  retary-troasurer; J. C. Gardiner, recording  secretary.  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION ���  Moets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Papo, president; A. W. McFee, socretary.  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Minors' Union Hall. John Burns, sr.,  president,  William Raynard, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEETS THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Minors'  Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R. Koo,  president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  COOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION, NO.  Ml, W. L. U., meets at Miners' Union Hall  second and last Tuesdays In each month at  H:30 p. m. sharp. A. li. Sloan, president; J.  P. Forrestell. secretary; 11. M. Fortler, financial socretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERV  Monday evening in the Elliot Block, at S  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary.   P. O. Box Iiil. -*  Purity in Prescriptions.  - You'll appreciate the value of pure prescriptions.  Impure prescriptions are dangerous. We take special  care in compounding and use only the purest drugs.  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Sayward  HALT, AND LARK BTREETS, NEtflON  We handle a complete line of  FROST KING  Chamois Vests, for Men and Boys, made of  chamois lined with flannel.  FROST QUEEN  Chamois Vests for Women and Girls, made of  chamois covered with French flannel.  Perfect "protection against cold and sudden  changes���against coughs, colds, pneumonia, and all  chest and lung troubles. Just the thing for children  going to school.   Price, $3-oo.  Children's sizes, $2.00.  OF COURSK VOU WANT THK  BK8T.  THEN OO TO  ARTHUR    GEE  in Tromont Block.   Ho will suit you.'  Largo stock of imported season's goods.  m  m,  CANADA DRUG Sc BOOK GO.  K.-W.-C. Block.      Cornar Ward and Baker Ste  FOR SALE AT  ROYAL SHOE STORE  ABERDEEN BLOCK  FURNITURE.  D.  .T.  ROBERTSON & CO.,  F LI UN .LT U KB  dealers,  undertakers, and embalmers. Day  'phone No. 292, night 'phono No. 207. Noxt  riew   postofflce   building,   .Vernon   Btroet,  Nelson.. . *���?    -        -  TlCI.Kl'ItONK 115  ORDER YOUR  Tkuci'hone 35  COAL.  PROM  NELSON FREIGHTING AND TRANSFER CO.  ANTHRACITE /\ND ROSLYN  ALWAYS ON HAND  Ofllco: Bakor Street;  w  Ui  ib  Hi  ill  Hi  tH  ii  %} ��� '.f  **9-*99-***:**'**;*'9-*999*-*9i9*&'  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  Work. .'.*���"  Agenta for Hard and Soft Coal. Imperial OU  Company. Washington Brick, Lime & ManuJ  taotui Ing Company. General commercial agents  and brokers.  All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery  trlkphonk ut.   Office 184 BaKer St.  XXri rirTTTTTTtTTIinTrtTTTTTTTTTTrTTirTTT  THEO MADSON  manufacturer of  TENTS AP AWNINGS  jj   P. O. Box 76 NELSON,  B. O.  L _  NEWLING & CO.  AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ETC.  Kootenay Stroet. noxt door to Oddfellows' Ha 1  P.O. Box 033 NELSON, B.C,  % , ��� ���V'f1  THE NtiLSOH* TRIBUNE, SATURDAY MORNING,  DECEMBER al   1901  Affi OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up.. ..$12,000.0*00.00  BEST    7.000,000.00,;  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427.180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal -...Prosidont  Hon. George A. Drummond ......Vico-Prosidont  E. S, Clouston Qeneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Cornor Baker aud Kootenay Btreets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches ln London' (England) New York,  Chicago, and all tho principal clues in Canada.  Bny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  -   Grant  Commercial   and   Travelers'   Credits,  available in any part of the -world.  '���������'   Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.       ,-;  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALOAMATED  THE, BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital.       -      -      -      SS.000,000  Reserve Fund,       -     -     -     -   $2,000,000  ACGRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000,  Hon. Geo. A. Cox,  President.  B. E. Walker,  General Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Streot, XI. O.  New York   Office, 16   Exchange   Place.  and 68 Branches ill Canada and the  United States.  Savings Bank Branch  .CURRENT RATK OF INTKRK8T PAID.     ��    -  BRIEF  WIRINGS  FBOM  ABROAD.  SAN FRANC I SCO, December 20.-Tlie  Bulletin .says: Hush orders liuve heen received from- Washington, directing Unit  Ilie cruiser Philadelphia sail .from here at  once with all Im.ste for. Panama.       ���"..'.'"  PITTSBURG, Decembei' i'O.���A Baltimore  & Ohio train wreck Ik repcrted from Scott  Haven, fourteen miles above McKccsiiort,  Many are reported /.hurt.-'.ind physicians  have bon summoned 'from MulCee.sport.io  render assistance. ���'���'...  WASHINGTON,- December 20. ��� A dispatch received today-at the state department from the United States consul at  San Salvador says that the steamer San  Ijilas, heretofore reported lost, is ashore  near l,a I.iberlad and that the passengers  fire sufe.  WASHINGTON, December 20.���lt is secretary's Case's intention lo relinquish the  treasury portfolio as soon as president  Roosevelt can find some suitable successor Lind ho has so inl'oinicd tho president.  Mr. Gage would like to be relieved before  spring.  TJ-II3 IfAGUB, December 20.���Groat Britain having fully recognized thc .fact that  tiie rights of the Netherlands are in nowise affected by the participation of the  bo'indury   dispute   betwen   Uritish   Guiana  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Intorest allowed on doposits.   Present rate  throe per cent. '���������'���  GRANGE V. HOLT,  .'Manager Nelson Branch.  and Venezuela, the government-has ordered  the delimitation of the Dutch frontier.  THORP. AVest Australia, December 20.���  Captain Harrassowaltz of the North German I.loyd steamer Neckar, who was fined<  ��2r> for breaking tlie seals of the ship's  stores, in contravention of the Australian  tariff and was imprisoned,* having refused  to pay the line, has furnished bonds and  been released.  ST. LOUIS, December 20.���Chief of police  Kicley has said tliat his edict against box-  ins* mity.be modified in the near future and  that bouts may be permitted before regularly organized athletic clubs: Tommy  White and Joe Bernstein have been  matched for a 15 round bout before t he  West-Rud Club New Year's afternoon, the  winner  to meet Benny  Vanger.  DAVENPORT, Iowa, December 20.���Mou-  ridoulap, the "Terrible Turk No. 2," was  wrestled to a standstill by .li-a,.Ji.cws  tin Burns last night. The Turk attempted  lo throw four Iowa wrestlers, Including  Burns., within an hour. He disposed of the  lirst two in eighteen minutes, but. Burns  kept him busy for thc rest of the hour.  The Turk has been challenged by John J.  Rooney of Chicago, and has accepted.  KOMTO, December 20.���ln the progress of  the   excavations   in   tlu   Baisilioa   of   St.  Atrnos last week it was found that tho sii- ,  ver casket in which were  the remains  of  IMPERIAL BANK  Capital (paid up)  Rest  $2,500,000  S 1,850,000  HEAD  OFFICK. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Branches in Northwest Territories, Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec  H. S. HOWLAND .President!,  D. R. WILKIE General Manager.  E. HAY.......... Inspector.  NELSON   BRANCH,  BURNS BLOCK.  A general banking business transacted.  Savings Department,���Deposits received and  interest allowed.  ��� ���-.*������ ���      :���  iiraf te bold, available in all port of Canada,  Unitod States and Europe.  Special attention given to coll       ns.  J. M, LAY, Manager.  St. Agnes vvere placed upon their discovery  by pope Paul V, in the seventeenth century, and which was.buried in the crypt of  the Baisilica had never been removed from  the. crypt.. -.  DETROIT; Michigan, Deceir.ber 20.���t>r.  William Oster of Baltimore and Or. W. I'\  Moyer of Chicago have .been asked by telegraph to come here and join the loci! physicians in consultation c*\er general Russell  A Alger, former secretary of war, who is  suffering from a severe attack of gall  stones. ..--.. . .        ���       .      .>'.*'  WASHINGTON, December 20.--The-: objection of admiral AV.T. Samppon to that  portion of admiral Dewey's report of tho  Schley court of inquiry, in which he says  that admiral Schley was in command at the  battle of Santiago and entitled to the credit  l'or the victory, was filed_with secretary  l-ong today.   Marconi to Sail on Monday.  ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland, December  20.���Marconi announced tonight that according to his present plans he will sail  for J3nSgland next Monday on the Allan  liner Sadinian. The inventor has packed  his'entire apparatus and has taken with  him that portion which cannot be used  hero, the remainder he will leave here in  readiness for his return in a month or two.  .^'^���^���^'^'^���^'Y&'^'^'r^l^^'^^^'r^  p&'00~'00'i0''00'00'00'00'0*'0*'00'00'00'00'^'00^lZ^^~^'^  Hurry  Up  for  Christmas  Gifts  ENGRAVING   FREE   OF   CHARGE  m  ale in  m  For engraving, first come, first served.  Don't delay. ��� Onr goods are here from tho  manufacturers and you shall have our prompt  attention.. All goods are guaranteed for  quality and prices as reasonable as you can  buy in the East.  Diamonds  Watches  Brooches  Rings  Chains  Scarf Pins  Lockets  Karn Pianos  Sewing Machines  Lamps  Electric Statues  Onyx and Brass Tables  Jardiniere Stands  Finders  Mail   orders   receive  our  prompt and  careful attention.  J  A most extensive line of Out Glass just  received from Belgium, Art Clay goods from  Austria, and Carving Sets, Pearl Handled  Fish Sets, Cake Sets, Fruit Knives, etc., etc.,  from Sheffield, England.  Call and inspect our stock before buying  elsewhere.  'Links  Bracelets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  Brushes  Military Sets  Jewel Cases  Fire Irons  Jardinieres and Vases  Manicure Sets  Sterling Novelties  Silver Mounted Whisks  Toilet Bottles  Etc., Etc;,, Etc.  m  All repairing guaranteed.  ����  9\  m  m  00 * 00f *00.00. 00'00. 00}'00'��0^'��� i__0' ��� 0��. '\00"��<<S.'''0SL''0L% & ���'S-'-^'^'JS' *lSS��-^> ��2S>��!3B�� * jS**" ^5^*38* *^8* ��^St ��^9^ ��^>��^���� >^�� ''^ym.'Mk .  ST* 3?�� ^Pa ^P�� ^P> ^P> Wl *^k ��� ^k **^k. ���''^���k. ���I*^�� ^W* **V"^'^ ' 0 ' 0*'^ ' ^0 ' ^0' 00' 00' ^0' 00* ^0 * 00 ' 00 ' 00 ' __W0 ' __W0 ��� ____0 *^2 ^^S __^_9 '  ^���* ^^^        ^^^ ^^^ ^^^        ^���^ "^ "*   o ^ - ��� ��� * ^* r        * 0 ^^^       0 ^^^        1^^^       0 ^^^        *^���^       ^^^       ^^^       ^^^^       ^^^^       ^^^       ^^^0      ^Br   * ^^^  Jacob Dover, "The Jeweler.  C. P. R. Time Inspector  NELSON, B.C.  k  pi  F4i  -.��� x-  A Beautiful Home  CLOSING  OUT ANNOUNCEMENT  Martin O'Reilly & Co. in making their closing out announcement,, and beg to tender their thanks to  their many friends and .customers for past patronage during the timo they have been in business in Nelson. We propose giving the public generally, a life's opportunity in buying Dry Good9 at prices never  beforo approached in the Kootenays or elsewhere. During the past week our store has presented a. very'  lively appearauce and wo feel satisfied that our many customers went away highly pleased with their bargains. The startling reductions in every department has been the means of greatly reducing our stock, but  we still have an enormous stock of goods to sell. And if price breaking can do it, another week will see our  fixtures with" considerably less goods on them.  k^ HOSIERY AND   KNIT   UNDERWEAR.  17 dozen black wool Hose in sizes  SA, 9 and 9��, were 35 cents, now 25.  Children's plain aud ribbed hose,  just the thing for school wear, at  20 and 25 cents per pair.  Children's knit vests and drawers,  n white and grey, all sizes, from  25 cents up.  A very special line in women's  "vestsrilFwliite-orilyrZh well-fin"--  ished garment.    They were 85 cents,  now 50 cents.  Our leader  in  grey   and  white  vests that were 90 cents, now 85  cents.  A limited number of ladies' combinations are out for this sale at  75 cents.  KID GLOVES.  We still heve a fairly good assortment of shades in Perrin's Famous Gloves. Those that were  $1.25, now 90 cents. Our best make  $1.50,-now-$1.10.^ ^_=���^^_^  CORSETS,  GIRDLES   AND COR  SET WAISTS.  The 75c quality, now 4.0 cents.       j  The $1.00 quality, now 60 cents.  The" $1.25 quality, now 85 cents.  The $1.50 quality, now $1.10. v  ' A full line of D. & A. corsets in  better grades, are all reduced on a  similar basis.  Children's corset waists that are  sold everywhere at 75 and 90 cents,  are now selling for 50 cents.  We have a snap in two or three  dozen mens'boiled shirts, size 16,  16 1-2 and 17, worth from $1 to  $1.25, now 25 cents.  CLEARING OUT SALE  IM  DRESS SKIRTS IN BLACK AND  NAVY.  Just two or three of these black  and navy dressy skirts that were  $7.50, now $4.75.  Our $5.50 and $6.50 black cre-  ponn'e skirts.are now marked $3.75  and $4.50.  We have quite a few tailor made  suits still left and as we have no  intention of taking them with us  we have re-marked them as follows:  Suits that were $10 now $5.  Suits that were $15 now $S.  The better suits are marked away  doivn  GO THEY MUST.  WOMENS' RAIN COATS.  ALL SIZES.  Rain coats . that   were $7   now  $4 90.  Rain coats (Raglan) that were  $12 now $7.  Here's a snap we came near missing.  A lot of children's jackets in navy  and navy corded in cardinal and  white that were $5.50 going at $2.  Also four or five others that were  $4.50 are now $1.50.  DRESS DEPARTMENT.  There are several dress patterns  in lengths of  0 yards that were  $4.50 are now $2.25.  Every piece of dress goods is  marked to sell.  A lot of figured black and fancy  dress goods that were 75 cents now  40 cents.  DOMESTIC DEPARTMENT.  Towels, quilts prints, sheeting,  pillow, cotton and comforters are  away down to rock-bottom prices  which will appeal to every thrifty  housewife.  Ribbons, laces and embroideries  have come in for their share of price  cutting. And all kinds of small  wares and trimmings will be given  special attention.  CLEARING OUT SALE  A visit to our Big Show Rooms just now will convince you that -w;e have all the requisites to make a  home beautiful. ,'  ARTISTIC FURNITURE    LOVELY DRAPERIES  ' High-class goods, the newest designs, rich finish,  the very latest Novelties in odd pieces. Easy  Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Reception Chairs, Elegant  Parlor and  China Cabinets, Desks, Bookcases, etc.  Beautiful Carpets, Oriental Rugs, Rich Curtains  No house in Nelson can show a finer display. We  do the business. Why? Because we substantiate  what we say���we have the goods and our PRICES  ARE RIGHT.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail ^  Dealers in Meats  J. O. Bunyan cfr Cof  "GOOD CHEER" STOVES AND RANGES  We are in the market again this season with this line of  Stoves. After handling them for a number of years we are  convincEd    that   they    are    the    only    Stoves     that    give  ABSOLUTE-SATISFACTION . ..������,i;.:..J--J-��� ���  Hbad Office at  KELSON, B. 0.    Markets at  Nelson,  Rossland,  Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton, New  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Otand ForkB, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  ���way, and Vancouver.  */ I . /r. _.  .   _.   _ /   -_C_rjt _.   _, Jj___sf��  _t 0*  .0  IfUC/JK/*^/       ���00t\0]^st ^-'*- 0 0    ���.  ftitrfis    CASAS 4li^4~Y   ^;  .y 3$B'  'i-r>  Call and see our large and complete line.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Importers and Dealers ln Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER   STREET,   NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heat-  0.   ed with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and first-  class dining room. Sample rooma for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  N[rs. L C. Clarke, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  Hfyadden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson.  The only hotelln Nelson tbat has remained under one management since 1890.  The bed-roome are well furnished and  lighted by electricity.  The bar Is always stociced Dy the best  domestic and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Bartlett    House  Formerly Clarke Hotel.  The Best $1 per Day House in Nelson.  None but whito help employed.   Tho bar the  best.    G. W. BARTLETT, Proprietor  SLOGAN JUNGTIOfJ HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS, Manager.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms. First clasa tabl* board.  "HOTEL   BOmANDT"  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  house ln town. Houst^ind furniture new  and first class in every respect Lighted  by gas. Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here.  Bankrupt Stock  CIGARS AND TOBACCOS  I have purchased from the assignee, the H. H. Playford & Co.  stock of cigars and tobaccos at  a figure that will permit me selling them to dealers at less than  wholesale rates. Showcases and  fixtures for sale.  W. A. Thurman  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBXWXBS AND BOTTUCRS OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.  BREWBRT   AT   NELSON  ______________  AT   THE   MANHATTAN.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT  THB   MANHATTAN.  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  ���<&.&:  im&m^mm  m  #  $  ��  tit  $1  flu  %  SHAMROCK   II  Did   not  win  the  yacht   race,   but  LIPTON'S TEAS ARE SURE WINNERS  ��� ^^^^JWEIHAYEJ-HEH/L^^-  Red Label Ceylon, 50c pound package.  Yellow Label Ceylon, 75c pound package.  People who drink green tea ought to try our Regal  Brand uncolored Japan. It is the best on the market.   Pound package 50c.  We also carry Spider Leg and Gunpowder Tea.  Telephone 134  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  lift  YU  M  M        ���       ���    . ���...   , ,       j  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  . A  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. 0 BLOCK  WAED STREET  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ". iii  TREMONT HOUSE  321 TO 331 BAKER STREET, NKLSON  AMERICA^ AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS 25 GENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 25 Cents to $1  BEAL ESTATE  AND  INSURANCE BROKERS  Agents for Trout Lake Addition  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the pari.  And J. & J. Taylor sates.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without Interest  Ward Bros.  IMPERIAL BBEWING COMPANY  EMERSON & KEISTEHER.  BREWERS OF THE BEST  LAGER BEER  STEAM BEER  AND PORTER  When you want the Best, ask for  ^^i^%^?i^|^^i^^^^;^*3^!::'\r:^ ��� -'Wi^'-'ZZ:^.^^^^^^^  mm Si-  Hi  THE NELSON TKIBUNE   SATURDAY MORNING,  DECEMBER 21 1901  THERE ARE A FEW LIMES SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS WHICH  WE AF E OFFERING AT VERY LOW PRICES.  <te  tli  tli  tli  tli  ii  Ml  ii  ii  a  ii  a  tt  tt  w  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  tt  English, French and  American  Perfumes.  Hand Mirrors  Ladies' Traveling Oases  Ladies' Dressing Oases  Gents' Traveling Oases  Ladies' Purses and Card  Oases.  Gents' Purses and Wallets  Chatelaine Bags  Perfume Atomizers  Hair Brushes of all kinds  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  %*** *** *** * *9******9-99339 3333*S**33*3333*��33*3*33**a3^  IP BROWN SOLD IT IT'S GOOD  PEARL GOODS  The Pearl is at present the most fashionable gem in  "The Smart Set "and are always in good taste.  We are showing some beautiful creations in brooches  and scarf pins combined with Opals and other stones.  Don't forget our workshop for prompt and efficient ser  vice. Watch repairing, jewelry made to order, repaired or  remodeled, and engraving.  BROWN BROTHERS  RAILWAY TIME TABLE  CANADIAN PACIFIC SYSTEM  LKAVE  5 a. til.  Daily.  0:40 p. in.  Daily  6:10 p. m.  Daily  8 a. in.  8 a. m.  CHOWS NEST HAILWAY  ICiisikonook, Croston. Mario,  Cranbrook, Alarysvillo, Yorl  .Steele, Klko, l-'orniu, Jlichul,  lilairmon;, Frank, JMitclucul,  LuUibritlKV, Wiimijiug, ami   all Kastcrn poinl.s.   AKKIVK  I p. in.  Daily.  COLUMHIA & KOOTKNAY  KAIMVAY  Hobson, Nakusp, Arrowhead,  Itcjvelstoko, aiul nil points oast  and west on C.l'.H. lnaiii line.  Robson, Trail and Kossland.  Itobson, Cascade, Grand  Forks, Phrenix, Greenwood  and Midway."  (Daily except Sunday)  Hobson, Trail and Hossland.  (Daily except Sunday)  AKH1V1*!  10:10 p.m.  Daily  10:10 p.m.  Daily  10:10 p.m.  11:3u 11.1U.  LKAVK  10 a. iu.  SLOCAN KIV.15H HAILWY  Slocan City, Silverton, New  Denver. Three Forks, Sandon  (Daily except Sunday)  AUHIVK  :i:10 p. in.  LKAVE  1 p. 111.  I p. m.  KOOTKNAYr   LAKE  .*' STEAMBOATS  Balfonr.T'ilot.Hay.Aiiisworlh  Knslo and allAVay Landings.  (Daily except Sunday)  Lardo and all points on thc  Lardo Jfe Trout Lake Hraneh.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and  &ii|,urt|q,ys,|  11 a.in.  11 a. m  GREAT NORTHERN SYSTEM.  BAKER STREET  JEWELERS  NELSON.  B. C  Fop the Boys  Depot  0:10 ii.m  Mount'in  10:.*J0 a.m.  Dally.  LEAVE  Kaslo'  7 a.m.  Nelson  0:00 p. in,  Daily  NKLSON &  FOHT  SIIKH-  1'AKD RAILWAY  Yniir," Salmo, Erie, Waneta,  Northport, Hossland, Colville  and Spokane.  Making Uiroiiuh connootlons  at Spokano to tho south,  cast and west.  KOOTKNAY LAKE  STKAMHOATS  Balfour, Pilot I Jay, Ainsworth  Knslo and all Way Landings.  Ono to tlio Hints of the rord.s, ulile'i ron-  dor It Iitir>0 5sIblo tr. linii'koL llio ivincen-  iraU's'i of which then; arc said to be several cars ai the mine.  12. Nelson Fell, manager at the Atlwbas-  c;i imiiii. together with tho m< nl>i>r.s ul' iii :  mine start' are taking steps to ensure tin;  payment of salaries due them by I'lini* m^  elianio: liens nguinst the propin.v. All told  rimr liens have "beau Hied, the i-tlmr three  lining liled by F. Vans Ajrucu. II. W Mils'  sou. and O. li. Atkinson. 'Iheir clain's total  SJ.'.SD, of which sum scinoihing over SSdJ  is claimed by munngei' Fell.  Tomorrow at Hmmniiuel church there will  bo .s-peeiul Christmas sen Ices l-.otli morning and evening. Rev. Mr. Mur.roi- will take  for his subject at the oionlng service, "Tho'  Christmas* Message to tne Wi il.1." There  will be special music by the choir* and a  male quartette by Messrs. Blown, Grosser,  Hebden, anil Caldwell. The chinch has  been suitably decorated and a. cordial invitation is extended to evor>cnc.   .  The musical services at St. Paul's elv.ii-ch  tomorrow will be specially at tin ti,e. Tlu  anthem in the morning will be "There  were Shepherds," by Dudley Duck, and the  ciuartot "I've a Savious in Glory Bright."  .In the evenln gthe anthem will be "Hark,  What M-san Those Holy Vcices" bv Dwllev  Huck, a solo, "a Dream of Bethlehem"  (Paul Hod.iey) by Mrs. Melville Parrv. and  the quartette "Jesus Lover of My Soiil" bv  McWilliams.  The city is playing in hard luck in the  matter of lire horses, as one of Ihe ncv  team .lately, putehased in Hcsfinnd died  yesterday. Since thc horse was received in  Nelson it has boen sick most of the lime,  I-tit its third illness proved fatal. Harrv  Stutter, the driver of the team, has been  .suspended by the chief. It is raid Stutto.-  took it upon himself a few days ago to clip  the horse, and as it contracted a eold Stutter comes in for some blame.  71  ESTABLISHED 1892  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  4*.  Portland Cement  Fire Brick  Fire Clay  Sheet Iron  T Rails  Ore Cars  Blowers  Exhausters  Pumps  Granite ware  ���Tinware  Depot.  (i:>15 p.m.  Mount'in  5:63 p.m.  Daily  AlUtlVB  Knslo  fl:?0 j). ni.  Nelson  10:1)0 a. in.  Daily  CITY AND DISTRICT.  Having added .to my stock.a large  range of Youth's Boy's and Children's,  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to. the public ,the best variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  Everything is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing'elsewher.' "  217 and 219  Baker Street  J. A. GILKER  The short vacation for the1 courts will  commence -on the 21th Instant and continue  until January ard.  The two daughters of Rev. E. r. Plow-  eiling have arrived in Nelson fiom Allhal-  lows school at Yale, to spend the Christmas  holidays '.vttli their father.  A. Sliarm in, ��vh.**> ww cue Qf the largest  i,ciders of oMolf. In tli? C'>i!iioi-n|ii W'im:  C'cmpany has returned to Nelson after ��ev-  eral months' stay in East Koolenay,  The hockey teams of the wholesalers and  thc It. M. R. will meet at the rink'on Mon-  cb.v evening. It will be thoir lirst ga;ne and  considerable intorest is n ai.U'i-sLi-tl In the  munner in-whi ja the two teams will show  vs.   '     ���   .        ��� . ���  G  will  eorge   S.   McTavish,   of   Rivers   Tnlet,  1 be married torkiy to Miss Gurd oi tins  rrtl-  ^  1_         ,J11 ~.-.n��.1 Il.r,!,,        Iwill.iv.  Co  lumbia Canning Company  It is said that some trouble las cropped  up at the b'srn mine betwen the men and  the lessee of the property over .the payment  of wages. The difficulty, it is understood, is  Jn the curling competition letween tho  rMsiflsnfs and vlee-prcHidciifs, rinks thJ  president's men increased their lead by ten  points last evening. The game between the  Turner and Riehaidson '.inks pro\ed a surprise. On tlie previous evening the Hicham-  son rink had run up a so>re of 22 to 5 in a  i:ractic? game, but last evening- the Turner  link, vt-hlch is upholding tin hi nor uf the  president's sii 3, can-led oft' the game with  a score of .9 to 12. On the commencement  of the ol.r/enlh end tho sec re stood 3? to  12 In favor of the Turn ������i1 rirk. but i-v ornn-l  curling and good luck thry increased th Mr  lead to seven points. The *Lillie and Mr-  T.aughlin game also Increased the lo-id of  the president's mo-i by one point, the I.ilh-3  link socuring 12 to llvir cipciienls II.  The meetin gof the Nelson Labor Party  was well attended last evening. It was generally understood that the special committee on municipal politics wculd have a report to submit or. candidates favorable to  iho cause, of labor, lut as the -lommlttoe  desired furtlier lime ln which to ascertain  all of the candidates who would be before  the electors, no names were submitted for  approval. The consideration of the platform of the party was then ic-s.umed. Thc  platform as submitted by the execnllve In  tne first instane; was thai of thc Dominion  Labor Congress, and with a few amendments the same was finally adopted. The  debate upon the several planks In the platform was "spirited, 'and considerable fill"  fcrenoe of ooinion .developed as tn the  lengths to which It was desirable to go,  having In vlesv all the time the effect which ,  the platform asfinally adopted would ha'e  upon tho electors who might be couside'-ed"  as favorably incliner* toward labor though  not aclivjlv Idcrtificc'l with it. As the labor'  party in Nelson has over SO numbers, tho  greater number of whom are on the voters'  lists, it." Uncling on municipal matters will  doubtless receive' considerable attention,  from lv;c politicians.  AT THE HOTELS.  BARTLETT���A. Ferguson, Spokane; J.  itcr.ausrhlin. Cranbrook.  PITA 111���CI. A. Carlson, Kaslo; V. Robbins and wife, North Star mino.  MADDEN���M. O'P.rien. Fern mine: J.  Kendall,  Ymir; P,  J.  Nichols. Fern mine;  *.���-  HARDWARE AND IRON MERCHANTS  HEATING STOVES  COOKING STOVES  AND  RANGES  '^:��ii��Z��e!i-��-'��i4��.-����i'S_'gL-��''  * NELSON, B. C.  ��P ??: ��r: a? ^ -s^ a?: -^ -^ ar  STORES AT  KASLO, B.C. SANDON, B.C.  ���fefcfcfc^fc^^g'fc^j*r-*g^a^*g:fl*^ar.gj  ������^������'^���^���'^���^������^������^���^������^���^���^���S^^^apCr:^:^?'.  to  ik  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Uf  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ^-^���*g-^'fr*fc-*^{^'&*fr&,'^fc*&.,*fe&'&'*fc*fe'fr^  Sensible Xmas Presents I  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  5&f  FOR GIRLS  Fancy Slippers, Dress and Street Shoes, etc.  FOR BOYS  Slippers;   Hockey   Boots,  Moccasins, Gum  Boots, Strong School Boots, etc.  FOR LITTLE TOTS  An endless variety of Infants' Footwear.  FOR GENTLEMEN  Skating Boots, Slippers, Dress Shoes, Gloves,  Rubber Soled Boots,  Evening Pumps, etc.  FOR LADIES  Dress Shoes, Fancy Slippers, Felt Slippers,  Turkish Slippers, Skating Boots, Dancing  Shoes, "Julia Marlowe" Walking Shoes, etc.  I^oyal Shoe Store  L. A. GODBOLT, Prop.  THOS. LILLIE, Manager  F.   G-.  Hamblyn,  Deer Park.  QUEISN'S���if. 11. Gage, "West Robson;  Thomas Kane, Northport; Georgo W. Beer,  Kansas; W. A. Grassie, Ymir; St. George  Harvey, Phoenix.  GRAND CENTRAL���\V. F. Glosson. Spokane;-James Huscroft, Creston; G. H. lie-  lay and A. Sherman, Marysville; A. Sinclair, Fernie; David McLennan, Sanca.  1-IUME^R, II. Dryce, Winnipeg; H. Geig-  qiich, Kaslo; Charles W. Busk, Kokanee.  crock; Mrs. G. II. P.arnhart and children,  Ymir; Miss Major. Ymir; Charles Hussey,  Spokane; H.  IJ. Muekleston. Phoenix.'  CHRISTMAS PUDDING  Wc have the best stock of peel and Christmas  fruits in the city. Everything fresh. This season's  lemon, orange and citron peel, cleaned currants  and  raisins.  Houston Block  Ne;son, P- C  J. A. IRVING & CO.  w  Hi  ito  iii  iii  tii  Hi-  \li  ito  ito  ito  ito  ito  ito  ito  ito  ito  > '00*00*^*0* 0*-0"'^'^'^'^'0*'^'0*'^'^'^'00'^'^'&'&'&'&:/t^'^��l  lSm'<!m'^:^:^?* T ^'-^  2S�� i2fe -JS'  S0'00'00'  r��G5*r*l��'^0r  '00' 00-00'  Umbrellas  FOB LADIES AND MEN  Large assortment to choose  from, comprising Pearl, Ivory,  Onyx-Horn, Gun Metal, Gold,  Siver, Dresden and Natural  Wood.       Durable    coverings.  _S_teel rods ^AlLfitted^with^the^  new  nickle plated,   self-acting-  runner    or    glove    protector.  Ranging in price from $1.50,  $2.50, $3.50 and $5.00 to $10.  Silk Waists"  FOB LADIES  ^���gi'*^' iS^* m^* m**^******" ^���"-Sft *,!JB> " V  Kid Gloves  Holiday  FOB LADIES  As usual we continue to live up.to our reputation, and provide an enormous assortment of goods to satisfy the needs of holiday supplies. We certainly have a selection  of holiday goods for this season's trade which, would "be* hard to overrate.  a.'aw riiM j'h  In all leading shades and best    \ff  makes.    Sizes from 5^ to 7^.    |i/  Peau de Soie Silks $  SPECIAL VALUES  ito  iU  ito  ito  Beautiful dress waists. Made  in the latest styles of fine quality Taffeta Silk and Satin in  white, pink, sky, torquois, grey,  cardinal, navyandblack. Prices  from $4.50, $5.00, $6.50 to  $iS.oo. Also in French Flannels, silk trimmed, specially  selected for their daintiness and  adaptability for gift giving.  Handkerchiefs  FOB LADIES  pinp piidq If y��u want the verylatest novelties ^fine furs ^^ for yoiir owjl  rilin rlllO Use or as a holiday gift we are prepared to furnish you with them  *MWM����un������  Jaelcets and  We carry a line of Seal, Persian Lamb in Wack and grey, Electric* Seal, Black Martin, Alaska Sable,'and Fox.   Also ladies and  children's Storm Collars. Collarettes, G-loves, and 'Mittens to match' above.  For waists and skirts, $r.op to  $4.00 per yard. Black and  colored Taffeta silk, all the  newest shades from 65c to $1.50  per yard. Fancy blouse silks,  stripes, checks and brocades.  Mens Department  LATEST STYLES  ito  ito  We are showing a large  range of Neckwear in the latest styles and patterns.  iii  0/  iti  Hi  iii  Honse Coats      *'%'  fnrr"*- -*��� -���-��  Mj/ In silk, linen, hemstitched, em-  \_i'd broidered   ^ace  and  insertion,  ��� T. trimmed in a large assortment  \9J of patterns to select from.  \l> .,  Neckwear  ||^ FOB LADIES  ��l  d.  We have a large assortment  of Lace Collars and Revers  Silk Stocks, Ties and Boas in  black, white and fancy colors.  House Furnishings  Seasonable goods in the line of House Furnishings, Down Quilts and Comforters, Satin and Sateen Covering. White and all Wool  Blankets, Sofa Cushions in endless variety, Silk Mantle Draperies and Table Covering, Rugs and Spuares, Axminister, Wilton and  Smyrna Mats.*    FOB MEN  Dressing Gowns and Bath  Robes. All new English made  goods. Also Gloves, Scarfs,  Traveling Bags and a few of  the latest Hats in Hard and  Fedora shapes.  Toys, Dolls, Games  In endless variety to suit  the  young.  \ir  Hi  Hi  iii  iii  Hi  Hi  m  Millinery        Hi ;|  BAKER STREET, NELSON  See our latest styles in mil-  Hi  lin ery.  t  ^.^*;-^:-^***^.*^*:****.^:*^*^^^rS^'**'^*^'^fg'^:-��^ S':^^$i^S-:^^^^^^��-::i-^S';��--S';e":^';^^':s;  ��� _-        ��� ^k>'4St^' <IB��'<83s< ^^* *^^  ;��:  >#.


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