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• At
II.  Kent aro  tlio Citizens'
ticket for park
American Gold a Curse.
PARIS, December 10.— M. dc Norvlns, a
loviewer, has written an article on the penalties paid by tlio American millionaire for
linviny: acquired an ciwunous fortune. It
is a sad picture Indeed that is drawn by
the Frenchman, wao docs not, however,
tinote instances or tell where he secured all
his wonderful information about America.
Like Croesus, the gold of the American
millionaire has became a curse to him or
his children  from its very abundance,  as-
NEW YORK, December 10.—A special lo
the Herald from Orange, New Jersey, says:
"Thomas Edison doubts the reliability and
accuracy of the published statements that
Marconi has roceived a wireless message
from across the ocean. The celebrated inventor was seen at his residence in Llel-
1-nvyn park this evening. "I doubt this
story," said Mr. Edison. "I don't believe
•'Iio you tliinlc Marconi was deceUod because the letter which he was alleged to
have received was one which he instructed
should be sunt him?" was asked.
"Ob, no" replied Mr. Edison. "I don't
believe he was deceived, but 1 doubt the
"lory. That letter 'S' with the three dots is
a very simple one, but 1 have been fooled
myself. Until the published repcits are
confirmed t doubt the accuracy of the account."
ST. JOHNS, Newfoundland, December 15.
—Regarding the disinclination of Edison,
Greely, Bradford and other electrical authorities to credit the report that be had
reu'Iy accomplished the feat of sending a
wireless mos-sage over the ocean. Marconi
said that he knew that the electricians
would not give credence to the accomplishment, but despite their opinions ho
insisted that he had not been deceived and
asserted again that the signal had really
been received from his station in Cornwall.
Mnrroni has just returned here from
Cape Spear, where ho experienced poor
luck. The weather was rendered extremely
unpleasant bv Coir, wind and a rain storm
and I lie Inventor was unable to decide upon
fi site for his proposed station. On return-
' ing here from Capo Spear Marconi was
served wilh legal documents from the solicitors of the Ani?Io American Telegraph
Compnny notifying him that the siid company possesses an exclusive monopoly of
the telegraph business within Newfoundland a'nd its dopondcncu'i and demanding
that ho eoase his experiments and remove
his apparatus. Marconi has not yet decided
ns to what course of action ho will take
in this matter, hut this action on the part
of the American Telegraph Company is
the bet proof of thc importance of hi"!
new discovery.
LONDOV, December 10.—A cable dis-
pitrh Ins boao received here from St.
Johns, Ke vfo'indland, announcing that sig-
m.r Marconi will sail for England Docom-
lmr 10*Ij. At tho headquarters here of the
inventor of wirjless telegraphy it was said
today by tlio officials In charge that the
experiments at St. Johns so far as tli.-v
knew were all over. Thoy don't expect to
hoar any further details until signor Mar
coni arrives in London. It was pointed oui
»hi;t storm.? i-n both sides of the Atlantic
h\d sericti-sly interfered with tho work
Owing lo fog and rain Marconi was unable
to swing his kites in midair today. Tie is
going lo Cape Spear to determine on the
fitness of lint promontory for th_ wlrcles-j
—telegr:ipir~SLrrti*)n. "Tlie_invcntor will use n.
mast 290.Cva high.
Signer Marconi, who Is now at Cape
Spear,-on being telephoned the newsnnncr
report that Thomas Edtson discredited the
announcement of the signals having been
received last week from Cornwall,* replied
•lhat the signals were received by himself
and * that they were absolutely genuine,
li'nrther, governor Boyle, it Marconi's request, has cabled the fact to king Edward
A more respectable assemblage of working people was never before seen in
this part of the world. Santiago Iges-
lias, president of the Federation of
Workmen of Porto Rico, explained the
object of the visit here and it was resolved to petition governor Hunt, when
that official returned to San Juan, to
use his influence to bring about the removal of the two native judges of the
district court and appoint Americans in
their places. With the petition will be
filed a charge of political bias and prejudice. It was aso decided to ignore
the ruling of the court, dissolving the
federation libre, or local organization.
Those   present   at   the   meeting   were
meeting confirmed the resolution adopted some time ago to affiliate the local
organization with the American Federation of Labor. .
serts the writer. In proportion as the num       ^„„„„     ..*._.*,__._.    --    	
bor of millionaires increase in the United mostly delegates from~FocaY\mYons. The
States, he says, tho grievous history of
cerebral derangements and maladies of all
sorts is multiplied. The children of the unlucky acquirer of millions are for the most
part degenerates, lacking in moral sense
and deprived of all healthy ambition because of their gilded environment. As for
the daughters, they are afflicted with a
weakness of a deplorable nature— that is.
flirting. They jilt ono poor unfortunate
man after another until they And one rich
enough to suit their unmeasured ambition.
M. de Norvlns says it is astonishing with
what interest the American girl 'follows the
fluctuations of Wall street and how conversant she is with its technical slang. As
for many of the millionaires themselves, he
savs, they live on a gilded ragged edge,
making a speculation today that may render them paupers tomorrow, and it is common to see In Now York wrecks of men
soliciting charity who perhaps the year before wore rolling in wealth. Tn addition to
this uncertainty the fever of speculation
marks its victims and fells them in a moment as bv a stroke of apoplexv. Their
nerves aro drawn to such a fearful tension
by the atmosphere of excitement and risk
in which they live that their forces give
way in a moment. Somo Americans havo
suggested to the friends of M. de Norvlns
that they had best keep an eye on him, for
bo is really in a bad way.
And End Not Yet in Sight. .
SOPTA, December IG—On December 3rd
three months had elapsed since M!ss Ellen
M. Stone, the American missionary, and
Mme. Tsilka, her companion, were kidnaped bywbrigands in the neighborhood of
.Banoko, in Macedonia. Thoy havo, therefore, heen over ninety days in confinement-
and it cannot be said that there is much
prospect of their immediate release. Though
precedents can be elted whore brigands
have held men for an even longer period,
...there is no case on record where women
havo so Ir-ng been hold captive. The average length of confinement-is six -weeks or
two montho, but of course everything depends on circumstances and "surroundings.
Many competent persons, diplomatists and
politicians aro inclined to criticize the American olT'ciiils for the manner in whicli
they have treated the incident from tha
beginning. Instead of taking the well worn
course taken by all European governments
in such eventualities a policy was Inaugurated in Turkev which so far has boen a
failure. When a European subject is ki.l-
mp«d in Turkey his embassy at once informs the porte that it will bo held responsible for hi-; life and ransom. Orders are
issued that all military movements be
stopped and in most cases advances of
money for the payment of thc ransom is
made, thc Turkish treasury raiely being
in a position to meet such a call. The brigands always treat with a "straw man" as
soon 'is an agreement is arranged. The
money Is taken to a spot agreed on, where
the prisoners are brought and the amount
Suit Against Electric Liijht Co.
WINNIPEG, December IC—A case of
considerable interest occupied the attention of judge Richards and a special
jury today. It was an action brought
by Rev. Mr. Davidson, his wife and
daughters, of Frelighsburg, near Montreal, for $25,000 damages because of the
death of his son, W. Davidson, who was
killed on September lyth, 1900, in the
power house of the Selkirk Electric
Light Company, through coming in contact with a live wire. The defendants
in the suit are James Stewart of Winnipeg, W. W. Coleman and W.-J. Bruce,
of Stonewall, and T. L. Webster of Selkirk, who carry on business at Selkirk
under the firm name of W. J. Bruce &
Co. Davidson entered tue employ of the
defendants on July Sth, 1900, and remained there till his death on the llth
of September, 1900. Plaintiffs allege
that the works, machinery and premises
were defective, the particulars cf the defects given were: (1) Transformer in
power house was defective; (2) the absence of a primary ground detector; (3)
insufficient lightning arresters; (4) defective pump in pump house; (5) wet
floor in pump house (C) main • switch
board not provided with necessary safeguards and instruments to run same,
which defects were not remedied owing
to negligence of defendants. Each • of
the plaintiffs, the father, mother and
three sisters, claim $5000.- The defendants deny there were any defects in the
works or machinery or that there was
any negligence on their part, and allege
that if there was any defect Davidson
knew of the same and failed to give notice thereof to defendants. They allege
that Davidson represented to them that
he was a skilled electrician,and competent to manage the electric plant and
it was his duty before working the
same to see if any part was out of order,
and if so to have repaired the same. A
great deal of the session today was
taken up in reading the evidence of the
father of the deceased, which was given
before a commission in Quebec.
Wouldn't Take It Back.
HOME,.December 10.—When the chamber
of deputies reassembled here today signor
Ferri, .-oelaU it, was called upon to withdraw the remarks he made in the house on
Satur.lay during: the course of tho debate
upon the stnt'2 of Naples, to the effect that
there was "ca*?cs of criminality In northern Ttn'v and ^ises of honesty ir. southern
Italy," but ho refused to do so and delle-.l
any ono to try and make him swallow his
words. Amid the greatest excitement, the
chamber voted to censure the deputy. Th-*!
president of the* house requested Ferri to
withdraw. Backed by the socialists .Ferri
refused to do so and the session was suspended; but when, thc deputies reassembled Ferri was still In his seat. The president then adjourned the session and instructed a committeo to see that the. orders
of the house -vere carried out. Amid great
disorder and wild shouting tho house adjourned.
Denounced Proposed Divorce Laws.
ROME, December .16.—At the consistory
held this morning the pope formally announced, among others nominated to bishoprics, the name of father John O'Connor to
bishop of Newark, New Jersey, and father
William O'Connell as bishop of Portland,
Maine. Tho consistory was especially interesting, as tho pope In an impassioned
address denounced the suggested divorce
laws for Tlaly :\iul appealed to the Italians
not to allow such an evil to bo introduced
into this country.
Dawson Trail in Bad Condition.
VANCOUVER, December Id.—[Special to
The Tribune.!—The steamer Cottage City
arrived on Sunday from Skngway, having a
rough and foggy trip on the way down.
Several Dawson passengers report tho.
trail In very bad condition. The mail sleigh
broke through tbe lee on lake T.ebargc last
Monday and several sacks of letters wore
It. G. Tatlonw, Charles Doering and W.
of the ransom handed over. Mr. Dickinson,
the diplomatic agent of the United States,
at Sofia, has returned to Constantinople
to give the brigands time to reflect tipon
the possibility of the United States officials
refusing to pay any ransom if the band
does not within a certain date accept tho
amount available. Dickinson will consult
wilh Mr. Eddy, the United States charge
d'affaires, on the advisability of presenting
lhe. brigands with an ultimatum to this
effect. There Is little prospect of nn early
solution of the problem.
I_ate advices received at the stale department from its'agents in Turkey show that
they have not yet remitted their efforts
to secure the release of Miss Stone and
are again seeking to open up communication with the brigands with a probability
of success. Tt is believed thnt the kidnapers
have al: last begun to realize that the sum
of $fifi,noo now. in the hands of Mr. Dickinson represents all the monoy that can ho
secured as a ransom.
Consumption in a Zo<\
OMAHA, December IG.—After a year of
unsuspected growth tuberculosis has gained
a hold not to be checked in the Rlverviow
Park menagerie. The discovery came, on the
death of Tawee, a buffalo cow lent to the
Zoo by Buffalo Bill and considered the
finest specimen of her kind in existence. An
autopsy showed that Tawee' was able to
use only part, of one lung at the time of her
death. Shag, the afilicted mate of the cow.
is also plainly indisposed and barely able to
drag himself about his Quarters. The city
veterinarian pronounces the animal to be
suffering from consumption and gives him
but a small space to live. The two buffaloes
were valued at $1200 each. The big grizzly
boar is also sulky and refuses to eat, but
his humor is such that the veterinarian has
not seen fit to press a stethoscope
against his chest. He i» suspected of having pulmonary trouble, and tho disease has
likewise spread to the monkeys. In all
twenty animals are though-', to be suffering
from  consumption.
Porto Rican .Laborers Legislate.
SAN JUAN, Porto Rico, December 16.
—Less than a hundred laborers answered the call from a local committee of the
American Federation of Labor to attend
a mass meeting here yesterday afternoon. The slimness of the attendance
was evidently due to the order of the
court declaring the organization illegal.
Fatal Gasoline Explosion.
HARGRAVE, Manitoba, December 16.
—Fire broke out in the elevator engine
house owned by B. A. Holmes about
three o'clock this afternoon. The fire
was caused through the gasoline engine
oxploding. Five men were in the engine room when the explosion took
place. They were unable to get to the
door and P. A. Knight, being near tho
window, burst it open. Three escaped
through the broken window, and two
perished . in .the flames. The dead are
Stewart_ Wright of Kola district and
R. D. Sykes, a farmer, living eight, miles
north of here. The three who escaped
were badly burned, the most serious being E. A. Holmes. Doctors were immediately sent for and have, strong
hopes for the recovery of all three. The
engine house is burned to the ground
and the engine ruined. There was no
damage to any of the other buildings.
, Tried to "Touch" for "Ten."
"■:, WASHINGTON, December 16.—"Dear
Cousin: Please send me.$10 for. my fare
back home." This was'the contents of
a note sent to the White House. Adrian
G. Pickhardt, of Plainfield, New Jersey,
a relative of president Roosevelt, was
arrested today for examination as to
his sanity. He has been writing begging messages to the White House for
two days. Pickhardt had 30 cents in his
pocket when he was taken into custody
near the Pennsylvania station. For several days the young man has been loitering about the depot and nearby hotels, and it is said has indulged in cab
rides for which he still owes the
drivers. So far as the detective could
learn this afternoon, Pickhardt wrote
no letters of a threatening nature.
Friends of the prisoner in New Jersey
will be informed of his arrest.
Found Hung Up in the Park.
VICTORIA, December 16'. — J.'. W.
Fleming, the local contractor who is
cutting stone for the new Victoria high
school was found dead this morning,
hanging from a tree in Beacon Hill
park. He was reported missing by his
wife last night and as his yard is on
the harbor front it was feared he had
fallen into the water and been drowned.
The discovery of his body, however,
showed that he had committed suicide.
No reason has been ascribed for the
L'any Thrown Out of Employment.
SHAMOKIN, Pennsylvania, December
16.—Fourteen thousand men and boys
have been rendered idle by yesterday's
flood in this district. There are 14 collieries owned by the Philadelphia &
Reading railway and the Pennsylvania
railway in this region and all of them
were flooded by the heavy downpour. It
will be several days before all the collieries will be able to resume.
WASHINGTON, December 16.—The
senate today ratified the Hay-Pauncefote
isthmian canal treaty by the decisive
vote of 72 to 6. The vote was reached
a few minutes before 5 o'clock after almost five hours' discussion behind closed doors. There were no sensational
incidents during the entire time. The
debate was confined exclusively to a discussion of the merits of the agreement
and the policy of its provisions. The
principal speech of the day was made
by senator Teller in opposition to the
treaty and he was followed in rapid succession by twelve or fifteen other senators, who spoke briefly either for or
against the motion to ratify. Senator
Clay was one of the southern senators
who spoke in advocacy of the treaty.
He contended that the treaty should be
ratified, because it secured the abrogation of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty.
Senator Mason made a strong plea for
the treaty, expressing his gratification
that American diplomacy had succeeded
in securing such a triumph as was this
treaty-over the~original Hay-Pauncefote
agreement." Senator Bacon's speech was
made in connection with a motion to
amend the treaty. In presenting this
amendment he said he was in favor of
a canal and would vote for the treaty
with the Davis amendment' He said he
opposed the treaty because' he' did not
believe it would give the United States
'full control of the canal. He said that
Great Britain rejected the amended Hay-
Pauncefote treaty, but sent us another
treaty about identical with the former
treaty as amended except as regards the
Davis amendment. He considered the
fact as a most important feature of the
whole controversy. ,    . ,t
. There was~an exeeptionally*ful!-<-slate
when the time arrived for a vote,-but
the certainty of ratification had become
so apparent that there was comparatively little interest in the proceedings.
The votes on the amendments succeeded each other quickly.
Senator Culberson offered an amendment to insert the Davis fortification
amendment of t.he last session. This was
defeated,-15 to 62.
Senator Bacon then offered an amendment striking out of the preamble in
the reference to the Clayton-Bulwer
treaty the words "without impairing
the general principle of neutralization
established in article VIII of that convention." Also the following words in
article II relating to the purchase of
Stock, "subject to the provisions of the
present treaty," also all of article III
relating to the neutralization of the
canal, also all of article IV declaring
against change of territorial sovereignty. All of this was embodied in
one amendment and defeated, 18 to 60.
Tbe treaty was then ratified by_a vote
of 72 to 6.	
Proceedings in.the Senate.
WASHINGTON, December 16—The
senate today adopted the resolution of
senator Vest directing the committee
on judiciary to investigate and report
upon a method for restricting anarchy
and restraining those who attempt to
assassinate presidents. ;.
Mr. Jones of Arkansas introduced a
resolution as follows: "That the thanks
of congress and the American people
are hereby tendered to admiral Winfield
Schley and to officers under him for
their highly distinguished conduct in
the conflict with the enemy, as displayed
by them in the destruction of the Spanish fleet off the harbor of Santiago,
Cuba, July 3rd, 1898. That the president
of the United States be requested to
cause this resolution to be communicated to rear admiral Schley and through
him to the officers and men of his command." Without comment the resolution was referred to the committee on
naval affairs. The senate at 12:12 p. m.
went into executive session to consider
the Hay-Pauncefote treaty.
An echo of the verdict of the court of
inquiry in the case of rear admiral
Schley was heard in the senate today
when Mr. Jones (Arkansas) introduced
a resolution extending the thanks of
congress and of the American people
to admiral Schley and the officers and
men under his command during the battle of July 3rd, 1898, off the harbor of
Santiago de Cuba. In submitting the
resolution,'Mr. Jones made no statement
and it was referred without comment
to the committee on naval affairs.
A resolution heretofore offered by
Mr. Vest of Missouri, instructed the
committee on judiciary to inquire into
the subject'of anarchy and to. report to
the senate, by bill or otherwise, a constitutional method by which congress
may legislate for the suppression of
anarchy and for the control of anarchists was adopted.
Little business except that of a routine character was transacted in open
session, the senate devoting the greater
part of the day to considering of the
Hay-Pauncefote treaty.
A resolution offered by Mr. Clay directing the postmaster general to send
to the senate a complete statement of
amounts paid by tho United States government to the various steamship lines
for, mail service, together with copies
of the contracts ln each case, was
agreed to. A resolution offered by Mr.
Nelson requesting the president to send
to the senate a copy of the report of ambassador Choate relative to certain
charges imposed by London dock companies upon American flour, and other
American products shipped to--that port
was adopted.
Two Killed by a Train.
DETROIT, December 16.—Two men
were killed and another was severely injured at Delray, a suburb of Detroit,
early today by a Lake Shore passenger
train. The dead are Charles Debosier,
Ecorse; Fred Weisner, Delray. • Injured,
Ernest Heselman, leg broken and head
cut. The men, who were on their way
to work, were walking on the track. It
was very foggy and they neither saw nor
heard the approaching train.
Wired in Brief.-
OWEN SOUND, Ontario, December IC—
Neil McFee of Normandy, is dead, aged
101. He lived in three centuries.
H4.I,lFA:c. December IC—William Morgan, 25 years old, was killed this morning at Sydney by a blast of gas from a
blast furnace. \"
MONTREAL, December IC—The troop
train carrying British Columbia members
of the third contingent will arrive hen;
at 3 a.m. and leave at 10 o'clock for Hall-
HATjI"FAX, December IC—Ontario and
Quebec ' troopers arrived here Saturday
night and took quarters at the exhibition
grounds. Horses arrived yesterday, many
of which are sick.
HALIFAX, December IC—Charles W.
Tjiindy, superintendent here o fthe direct
United States Cable Company, died tonight.
Tie assisted in laying the first Atlantic
cable and received the, nrst message over
WIARTON, Ontario, December IC—While
.■fathering be.ch nuts Saturday a man
named 13all of Adamsvllle was struck on
the head bv a falling limb of a tree and
had his skull fractured, resulting In instant
death. -
' SAULT STS MARH3, Ontario, December
IC—Fred Schultz, awaiting execution for
the murder of his paramour, Mrs. Craig,
last Aiigusr. attempted aulclde in jail here
Friday night by cutting his throat with a
piece ol" corset steel.
WINNIPKG, , December IC—A Brandon
dispatch announces the death there in the
hospital of C. A. Holmes, tho elevator owner, who was so seriously inlured by an explosion-of gasoline at Hargrove on Saturday. Mr. Holmes was one of the best known
grain dealers of the west.
OTTAWA, December IC—It was 35 below
zero at Bussetts, near hero, at 7 o'clock
this morning. Othor points report readings
of from IC to 23 below. The citizens of Ottawa will present gold lockets to ihe champion footballers, of Canada, the Oltawa college team. An illuminated address, wliich
will bear portraits of thc team, will also
be presented.
AVINMPBO, December IC—Rev Cano.i
Davidson of Frelighsburg, Quebec, near
Montreal, ts suing the Selkirk Eldotrie
Light Company for $25,000 damages. A little
over a year ago his son, a bright and promising young electrician, while in the employ
cf the company was found by the watchman lying dead en the floor, liis body being
terribly burned. The case was stalled here
todny before a special jury.
RICHMOND, Quebec, Decembor IC —
Woods on tbe St. Francis river broke
booms of the Royal Pulp and Paper Mills
a million feet of logs. They are now passing Richmond. Thoy will probably be saved
by the booms of the Prineeville Lumber
Company, at the mouth of the St. Francis
river. Other mills have also lost large
quantities of logs. The loss will bo heavy.
AV1NNIPKG, December IC—At. Bea'udette.
Minnesota, near the boundary line, tonight
a shooting affray occurred in front of Bert
Clark's saloon, when John Clark pulled a
revolver on John Curry and shot the latter
in the fleshy part of tne right log. Bad l
blood had existed between the two men
and the shooting followed a .fisticuff encounter earlier in the "day. Curry's wounds
are not considered serious. Clark gave himself up to the sheriff.   - *  '
SORED. Quebec, December IC—The damage done to Vincenne.'i-M'cNauglilon and
the Richelieu fleets by the ice move on Saturday night Is moro expensive than at first
reported. The former company's loss will
be at least #'0.000, while the Richelieu &
Ontario will perhaps come to'$10,000. Tn consequence of cold weather the task of removing the boats back to former quarters
will be very heavy. Ice has jammed in and
cutting and removing it will be a very
heavy  and expensive operation.
vania via Sunbury and Harrisburg, carrying some of tlie delegates who had
attended the American Federation of
Labor convention. The Delcware, Lackawanna & Western got its road clear
from Binghampton to New York at
daybreak with the exception of tho
stretch at the Delaware water gap,
where the Delaware river had flooded
the tracks to the depth of five feet. The
waters had receded from the track at 3
p. m. and a train was 'started for New
York at 5:30 p. m.. There is still two
feet of water on the Lackawanna tracks
at Avondale, Luzerne county. The Lackawanna river is now confined within its
Irish Nationalists Are Active.^
DUBLIN, December 16.—Large numbers of constabulary have been drafted
to important points in Mayo and Roscommon and a proclamation placing
both counties under the crimes act is
expected to be issued immediately.
.Nationalists members of parliament and
United Irish League speakers have been
most active in Mayo and Roscommon
recently, preaching forcible resistance
to the authorities.. Dublin's reception
of Messrs. Redmond, McHugh and
O'Donnell on their return from the
United States will take the form of a
torchlight procession and addresses at
the Mansion House. 0
Burned, in thc Wreck.
, WHEELING, West Virgina, December
16th.—A passenger train on the Baltimore & Ohio railway chashed into the
rear end of a freight train today at Key-
sen, killing both the conductor and
brakesman, who were asleep in the caboose. Their names were J. P. Maxwell
and Charles Sharp, both of Grafton,
West Virginia. The wreck too flre and
the bodies of both men wero consumed.
The passenger train was running on
wrong time as a result of the storm.
A Modest Congressman
WASHINGTON, December 16.—The
medal for being the most modest man
in the house of representatives has been
awarded by the unanimous cloak room
vote to Henry Burd Cassell, of the Tenth
Pennsylvania district. In his self-prepared biography in the new congressional directory Mr. Cassell says his
father was one of the most prominent
and successful business men in Lancaster county, and was also a member of
the Pennsylvania legislature. As for
himself, Mr. Cassell states he served his
constituents with marked ability when
he was in the state legislature, where
his father had been before him. He says,
also, that he has always been an important factor in the civil life of his
community, and as a business man is
recognized as a leader.
Gradually Opening Up Communication
SCRANTON, Pennsylvania, December
16.—Communication with the outside
world is being gradually opened up. At
1:40 p. m. a train started for Philadel
phia over the D. & H. and the Pennsyl- [ ing was valued at about 15000.
Detectives Still Search for Marks.
NEW YORK, -December 16.—Two
Pinkerton detectives, captain E. O.
Smith of the harbor, patrol and detective sergeant Lecson from police headquarters, searched the St. Paul on her
arrival from Southampton recently for
Laurie Marks, the New York and. London bookmaker, accused of being a confederate of Thomas P. Goudie, a bookkeeper*, of the Bank of Liverpool, who
forged'checks for ?850,000 in the name
of William R. Hudson.
--■Despite the-fact that -Marks disappeared after, tho 'discovery of the forgeries, and that a satcnel with about
?400 and a note in which he wrote that
he would jump overboard were found
on a channel steamer at Folkstone, it
has been thc suspicion of both Scotland
Yard and captain Titus that the bookmaker attempted to throw the police off
the trail and was on his way to New
While no trace of Marks was found
yesterday George W. Marks, his brother,
also a bookmaker, was a passenger on
the St. Paul. He asserts his belief that
his brother committed suicide because
of tho stigma of suspicion, and that he
died f>n innocent man. The detectives
did not disturb Mr. Marks nor his baggage. It was news to him, he said, that
his brother was suspected of having
tried to throw the police oil the track
by pretending suicide.
"I left New York November 13th on
the Philadelphia," lie said, "to pass the
Christmas   holidays   with   my   brother
-Laurio-in -London I-arrived-in-London-
on November 20th, and there was no
inkling of this affair until November
22nd. In the interval .Laurie was cheerful and happy. He did not appear like
a man with any trouble or crime on his
mind. It was a great shock to Laurie
to hear of the forgeries. My brother-
had up to that time been placing bets
for Goudie and had no means of knowing the bookkeeper was not perfectly
honest -.
"I saw Laurie,, on Friday, Saturday
and Sunday, on which inst day, November 2'ith, he left me to go to the Brighton racetrack, and I never saw him
When told that tho St. Paul was being
searched tlio bookmaker said:
"They won't find Laurie on the ship.
I wish I knew he was here, (>or better
still, in England. I am firmly convinced
ho is dead, because I know his nature
and disposition. I knew thc disgrace of
this suspicion would kill him. I had no
idea, however, that he would kill himself. I have not the slightest doubt tbat
Laurie was innocent. Nobody in England believes him guilty. He was as
well known on this side as in England,
and there is no man who can say'he did
not. deal  'on tbo square.' "
Part of Boudie's stealings havo been
recovered, but $350,000 is still missing.
Goudie, "Dick" Burce. an English prize
fighter, and F: T.- Kelly, a bookkeeper,
are under arrest. Tho New York police
yesterday searched also for another aliened accomplice of Goudie called
"Mencez," about whose identity there is
mystery, and also for a man called
"Styles." Pinkerton men also searched
the Lucania upon her arrival yesterday.
A Threatening Foreign Element.
ROME, December 16.—There are serious apprehensions here that in the
event of hostilities between Argentina
and Chili something in the nature of a
civil war between Italians of the two (
countries mentioned may ensue. The
Italians of Argentina have already offered to form an Italian legation and
their compatriots in Chili will doubtless follow suit.
VICTORIA, December 16.—Kennings
hotel, a large frame building at Shawnigan lake, Avas destroyed by fire this afternoon, being burned to tho ground.
Some of thc furniture was saved. There
was very little insurance and the build-
CHESTERFIELD,' December" " 16. — -
Lord Rosebery's long expected and much f
heralded speech delivered here tonight.,. ~
was received with marked enthusiasm'-?
by an immense crowd. It" can hardly;' -
be said to have thrown much light along • '"*■
the pathway of the Liberal party.
Resolved into its elements, the.speech'   ,
merely   said:      "Get   together."     The -
speaker, himself,, confessed that he did   ■
not pretend to say how this - cohesion   '
should be accomplished.    The "tenor of
the former premier's speech was that"
the ministry was wrong, but the Liber-'. -
als should be   very i careful   how   thejr '"
tried to set it right    , "    • *- " '
Concerning the government's conduct, **
of the war, lord Rosebery was severe* "
and scornful. He was particularly sar-* -".
castic at the expense of the explanation.^.."
of the earl of Halsbury, the lord.chan-"-i/
cellor, that only a "sort" of warfare' was 7 -
now going 'on, and he strongly con- ,* J
demned the scandalous misrepresenta- "2
tions by which the government had pre-,..,'
cipitated the last general election.- Z. • ;',iV
Lord Rosebery strongly   blamed .'the „;?,---
government for its'tactlessness^ which - "y
had produced   unparalleled   ill-will -' tor^":;'
ward Great Britain in European^ cbutt-x '  "'
tries^and which' he attributed largely/to!.
tho provocative .^oratory of->Mr.. Cham-..,
berlain, the colonial secretary."   Whilst-'
he was emphatic   on   the, necessity„of
vigorously prosecuting the war and expressing the fullest confidence .in lord
Kitchener,    lord     Rosebery     said   ~he"
thought the government" should -be, pre-,
pared to listen -to peace overtures and .
contended thero was nothing degrading,
or abasing   in   recognizing   the   exiled.
Boer government   for   the   purpose  of'
making peace. _    ,- „.^ ■_
Ocean Liners Use the Signals. ." x
NEW YORK, December 16.—The Cun-
arder Etruria,  which  has just arrived'*
here,  was  in communication for, more1
than fivo hours  in  midocean with her
sister   ship,   the   Umbria,   long   before*'
either ship sighted the other. Their com- -'
manders were conversing by the Marconi .
wirelesss systemT* The position of each' '
ship was known to the other hours before their main trucks showed above the
horizon.     The   Etruria   left   Liverpool.
December 7th, the same day the Umbria
steamed out of New York.   They were
1630   miles   east   northeast   of   Sandy.
Hook when they passed each other last
Wednesday,   or in latitude   45:17   and
longitude 15:07.   Five hours before that,
or when they were fully 100 miles apart,
tlie  receiver  on  the Etruria  began   to
click warningly.    Tho operator replied,
giving her location,  which showed her
-to-be-fully-100 miles away-from-the other-
vessel.   The Umbria sent her number of
passengers, the fact that all was-well
and all the latest news from New York.
Tlio Etruria sent word of the burning*"   '
of the great Liverpool exchange on the
quadrangle, which occurred on December
6th, while the Etruria was lying in the
Mersey. ^j
Blizzard Still Continues.
CHEYENNE, Wyoming, December Iff.
—Another storm which began last night
lato is sweeping oyer southern Wyoming and a railway blockade is imminent.
Trains going over Sherman hill are preceded by a rotary snow plow and a.
wedge plow and are in readiness for ac
GREEN RIVER, Wyoming, December
16.—Andrews Christensen, who owns
3000 sheep nortli of Green River, haa
reached here and reports that all tho
flocks in that section are lost, together
with a number of herders. The stormr,
ho says, was the worst he ever saw fti
that state.
Will Start in December.
PARIS, Decembor 16.—Harry Dewint,
the explorer who is to attempt an overland trip from Paris to New York, has
completed the preparations for his exT-
pedition and will start for Siberia ia
December. The Russian government is
actively assisting him and has telegraphed to the remote settlements in
Nortli Siberia to have reindeer and dogs
in readiness for the use of the. explorer.
Dewint's companions on the journey
will be vicomte de Clinchamp and
George Harding.
- ol *.,*-.li
.'' --,*i.H'
■ .'"-ft.;"
.' < -7i*
.".  .-i-B".
_-- '£        .r
■ ^xry
• Jjiw
.y *■**
"" ".vs**,-"
■     -^ nv-i&» t-frfl
- . _. t syT- f*M
'  . " i3**1, -,*■', ■
\\-  -/<-&%,<
- i.C   r &S£,
. ■"_ *„—jmr
r-yZZi m
J  Lr. ,ty y
.1 i, , - "JS**-
- ir-^-.-'A
- izo-m
True Bills Agiinst the Jacksons
LONDON, December 16— At the Old
Bailey today the grand jury returned
truo bills against Theodore Jackson and
Laura Jackson (Ann Odelia Diss de
Barr). The recorder in charging the
grand jury commented upon the "horrible and blasphemous character of the
Will Not Send a Crew.
PHILADELPHIA, December 16. —
Thomas Heat, chairman of the University of Pennsylvania rowing committee,
today mado the statement that the university would not send a crew to Eng--
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' On Saturday next, subscribers  whose Tribunes are delivered by  carrier will be expected to pay  ,the_carrierjr_WEN___YLCKNTS,_tbe  subscription price for the current  week.  *  *  *  *  *  '* A  **-H-H"H"H"M"M-   ���H-K-H-M-M-'H-fr  Every fair-minded  man in Kootenay  will subscribe  to tlie following resolution passed by tbe Kaslo Board of Trade  on Friday Jast:    "Whereas the province  " of British Columbia is represented in  " the   parliament    of   Canada   by   six  " members of thc houso   of   commons  "and three senators;  and whereas the  " population   of    Kootenay    and   Yale,  " shown by tho recent census, is about  "one-third   of   the   population   of   the  "whole nrovince, and of the nine mem-  " bers   of both   commons   and   senate  "only one is resident in the southern  "interior   of British   Columbia,   where  "the    business    interests    are    diverse  "from  thoso   of   every   other   part   of  " Canada.   Bo it resolved, that this board  " respectfully submits, that in the event  "of a vacancy occurring in the senate  " representation   of   British   Columbia,  "such vacancy should, as a matter of  "fair representation by population and  "interest, be filled   by   calling   to   the  "senate a resident of this mining dis-  ." trict, familiar with its requirements."  The constituency represented by W. A.  Galliher of Nelson in the house of commons is the largest in area in Canada,  and it also contains over one-third of  tho white population of British Columbia.   While it is true  that one  of the  three senators from this province lives  in the Cariboo portion of the constituency, it will hardly be claimed that he  is in touch with either the people or the  interests of Kootenay and Yale, the two  districts in which reside nine-tenths of  tho people in the constituency.   If senator Templeman  of  Victoria  is  to  be  made a cabinet minister, he, no doubt,  iWiill-'.resign* his seat in the senate;  but  the promotion of Mr. Templeman to a  cabinet position surely does not mean  that the seat he vacates in the senate  must be filled   by  another resident of  Victoria, all the more so, seeing that  Victoria would still have a senator in the  person of that old Hudson Bay magnate,  William John Macdonald. It is high  time that thc people of the interior  should assert themselves and demand  fair treatment at the hands of the powers that be at Ottawa. Fair treatment  will not b6 accorded the people of the  interior if they allow themselves to be  mere hewers of wood and drawers of  water for politicians at the Coast. Kaslo  may have a man ambitious to become  a senator, hence the action'of its board  of trade; but the man from Kaslo is as  fairly entitled to consideration as the  man from Victoria, and if the two men  were judged on their lcnowledege of the  needs of the province and tlieir intellectual attainments, the man from  Kaslo would not take second place. The  people of.the interior are-not asking for  a favor when asking for the appointment of a resident of Kootenay or Yale  to a senatorship should a vacancy occur;  they are demanding a right.  Nelson is today the third city of the  province in commerciaj importance.   Its  customs  collections,  postofflce receipts,  inland   revenue   receipts,   bank   clearances,    railway    traffic    receipts,    telegraphic tolls,   and   volume   of   general  business transactions is second only to  -Victoria   and   Vancouver.    This   is   a  statement   that   can   he   substantiated  from printed official records and reports.  The   question   might   be   asked,  What,  were the factors that have brought about  such a result? Pnd   tho   answer   could  only be, The people of Nelson always  had confidence   in   themselves   and in  their town.    This  has  been shown  on  many     occasions.     On     no     occasion  when      Nelson      has      been      striving  to     gain      something      that     would  give her people an advantage and the  town a lead, have tho men at the front  been "quitters."    It is only within the  last   two   months    that   the   "yellow  streak"    has    been    shown.      A    few  men    with    the   "yellow   streak"   are  decrying      the      town's      ability     to  -carry-out���a-public-work- that-a~~yoaf~  ago they were loudly clamoring for.   In  do.:ying ihe town's .'.h'lity to carry out  i.he t ork, they aie prri-iaiming that the  town's credit is not such as an up-to-  date and progressive town should have.  The question might be asked, What has  caused this  change of front? and  the  only answer to the question is, A private corporation  is   seeking   to secure  a business which is now owned and operated  by the city as a public utility.  The men who are decrying thc city and  belittling its financial standing arc doing so in the interest of the West Kootenay Power & Light Company, Limited,'  of Rossland. Whon before did the people    of   Nelson    knuckle   to   corporations or influences that were trying to  down   Nelson?    Every  property  owner  in Nolson who would keep Nelson advancing will on Friday next vote FOR  By-law No. 102.  burning question, and the sage and philosophical Horace claimed the way to resume specie payments was to resume. In  other words, if the government would  only announce that it would redeem  greenbacks in specie on a certain date,  on that date greenbacks would be at par,  as the people did not really want to  exchange their greenbacks for specie,  they only wanted to know that the government was ready to do it. And Horace  Greeley was right. The day specie payments were resumed, tho amount of  greenbacks presented for redemption  was so small that people began to wonder why specie payments had not been  resumed months before. So with confidence in mines and other business enterprises in British Columbia. Let the  people announce the fact that they have  confidence, and confidence will be restored so quickly that people will wonder why it was ever lost. Shouting blue  ruin and pirtting on a poor mouth is  not the way to restore confidence. Proclaim the facts as to what our mines  and smelters are doing and, what our  people intend to do, and it will be surprising the influence such proclamations  will have in giving outsiders confidence  in British Columbia.  .^ r^ i^ !-��& *^g�� ^2& ���*^*.2^ *Ja*.2^ ���J2S-^^  0>'00'00'00'00'000'00*��0  ���00  &S0.00.0SS0.030   00  000  toto  to  to  to  J. B. McArthur writes The Tribune  from Toronto on the 12th instant. He  says: "I want to keep in touch with the  "political situation in British Columbia  " during the winter months. I am glad  "to see things are improving in the  "province, and another year will "make  ���' a great difference. Confidence is slowly  " being re-established here ��� in British  "Columbia, mines." The above is the  views of a clear-headed and progressive  man. No words of lamentation; . instead, the bright side is looked at. The  way to re-establish confidence in our  mines is to have confidence in them ourselves. If our own people have confidence in the resources of British Columbia and mako the fact known, outsiders  will not continue to give us the "marble  heart." Tho way to restore confidence  in our mines is to adopt Horace Greeley's idea of resuming specie payments.  In 1SG5, the paper money of the great  republic was at a discount because of the  immense issue of greenbacks made to  pay the expenses of the civil war. The  resumption  of specie .payments  was a  The .men who are opposing the endorsement of By-law No. 102 by the  people, when cornered, are forced to admit they are governed solely by selfish  motives. They say they and their  friends have money invested in power  plants in Kootenay and Yale, and they  are afraid that if Nelson puts in a power  plant on Kootenay river its operation  will tend to lower the prices of power  and light in cities like Rossland,. Grand  Forks, Phoenix, and Greenwood, where  they are now either semng or expecting  to sell power and 'light. The people of  Nelson have tlieir - money invested in  real estate and personal property in  Nelson. Nine out of ten of them have  every dollar they have so invested, and  in this respect they at least are in a different position from, those who have  tlieir money invested in corporations  that own power plants, for few of such  men "have all their money so invested.  The people, of Nelson want their property interests'to appreciate, and in ordor to bring about such appreciation  they should be just as selfish as are the  men who are interested in corporation-  owned power plants." They should look  after their own interest first, letting the  other, fellows look, after themselves. The  people'of Nelson may be classed as supremely selfish but they will be looking  after their own interests by voting on  Friday next FOR By-law"No. 102.  What Befell the Fairy Frince&s  A year ago there was   in   Holland a  pretty,' happy, healthy young girl who  made ��� every   one   think   of   the   fairy  priricsses  we  read  about in  childhood.  She seemed to have everything, and it  was impossible not to envy her.   It was  time that this   fairy   princess   married  and settled  down to  live happily ever  afterward.    So they brought her  three  or 'four"'eligible  young men���all   there  were who were deemed fit to be husband to such  a grand   little   creature.  "Fit" meant by "birth" and "rank," not  by. manners and  education  and  brains  and looks and disposition.    From these  few she selected, as she in her inexperience thought the least dull, the least  .depraved, the least repulsive.   Possibly  she thought him fine���she had not been  permitted to get in the least acquainted  with any young men.    But he was a  vulgar, ignorant, drunken brute, a true  "real-1 i fe^prmcel i ngrth e~natur al"pr oduct-  of conditions which could not except by  a miracle produce'a man.    And now���  think of  the  fairy princess,  hiding in  her rooms, weeping, .ashamed, brokenhearted, grieving for her dead baby, her  dead dream  of love,  her blighted  life.  The fairy, princess will never again hold  her head high, never again be without,  an ache in her  heart.    The high and  world-blazoned  stcry   is   not   alone   a  warning to princesses or   even   to   the  gieat and rich of earth.    It is a lesson  for all mothers and an girls of all degrees everywhere.���New York World.  Bread Riot in Austria.  VIENNA, December ]<;.���About- SOO.,persons* out of employment ,imd demanding  broad 1iok_.ii rioting horo today. 'I'liny were  dispersed by the police. Sixteen of llio  rioters wor*! Injured.  CLASSIFIED ADS.  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Vies supplied on shortest notice.  ^ROCERlEB^  ICOUTENAJf SUPPLY COMPAN X, L.1M-  ited.���Vernon street, Nelson, ' wholesale  grocers.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-FRONT  street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.  A. XtUVCDUNALD & CO.���^U ItlNEU OF  Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale  grocers and jobbers ln blankets, gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries.  -J. Y. GRIITIN & CO.-FRONT STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers ln provisions.  cur��d meats, butter and ogsra.   liquoks And dry Goora_  -_T U lS.NEK,^_BEETON_&--_CO.���COKNE U-  Verrion and Josephine streets. Nelson,  wholesale dealers ln liquors, cigars and dry  gooas. Agents for Pabst Brewing Company  of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Coin-  pany of Calgary.  NOTICES ~0F  MEETINGS.  _ ^^IfS^B?^A1i^P9}SI}^_.   KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.-  Regular meetings lirst and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W.  Rose, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets second Wednesday in  each month. SojournlnK brethren  invited.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F. 0~~��fff  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  NICLSON 'ROYAL'AltCII CHAPTER NO.  123, G;R, C���Moots third Wednesday. Sojourning companions invited. Oluis. G. Mills, '/.-,  Thos. .1. Sims, S. K  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  JVUlMEKS    biNlON.  jNU. Uti,   VV. F. of M.���  Meets in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  af wages for Nelson district per shift: Ma-  . ilne men $3.50, hammersmen $3.25, muck-  jrs, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers S3.    .    .  7: BARBERS' UNION, NO. 196, OF THB  international Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets first and third Mondays  of each month In Miners' Union Hall at  8:30 sharp. Visiting members Invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer: J. C. Gardner, recording  Mcretary*.    *  LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday ln every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary. , ,  C'ARPRNTKUS' UNION MEETS WEDNTES-  <liiy evening of each week at 7 o'clock, in Miners  Union Hull. John Burns, sr , president; William  Riiyiiiinl, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays. in. each month at Miners' Union" Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee. president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  cooks And waiters union no. mi,  AV. L. IJ., inoolfl at Miners' Union Hall on soo  onrl and last Tuesdays in every month at 8:30  p.m. sharp. A. R, Sloan, president: J. P. Kor-  rnstoll. HRcrelnry H. M. Kortior, flnnneirl secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening In the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.  rs. L 0. Clarke, Prop,  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary  l^adden House  Baker and Ward  Streets,  Nelson.  Purity in Prescriptions.  You'll appreciate the value of pure prescriptions.  Impure prescriptions are dangerous. We take special  care in compounding and use only the purest drugs.  . The only hotel' ln Nelson' thnt has remained under one^managemont since 1S30.  The bed-roomr -irp well furnished and  lighted by electncn>.  The bar is always etuottea Dy the best  domestic and Imported liquors and cigars.  . THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  Bartlett    House  Formerly Clorkc Hotel.  The Best $1 per Day House in Nelson.  Vnne but white hulp omployrd.   Tho bar the  best.* '   ______  G; W. BARTLETT, Proprietor  SLOGAN mmi\m HOTEL  J. H.'McMANUS, Ma^a*er.  We handle a complete line of  FROST KING  ,     '  Chainci.  Vests for Men and Goys, made of  chamois lined with flannel.  FROST QUEEN  Chamois Vests for Women and Girls, mado of  chamois^covered with French flannel.  Perfect "protection against cold and sudden  changes-against coughs, colds, pneumonia, and all  chest and lung troubles. Just the thing fer children  going to school.   Price, Ss-oo.  Children's sizes. $2.00.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK GO.  K.-W..O. Block.  Corner Ward and' Bakfir Sts  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. JLarge  comfortable rooms. First clafla tublik board.'  .HOTEL   ROSSLAND.           ci  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day  -house-ln-town.^-IIouse-and-ftirniture-new-  and first class in every respect. Lighted  by gas. Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN. Proprietor.  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 2G5.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Ofllce:   Two Doors Wftst C. P. R Offlee  NOTICE  fc* CP  9)  THE LEADING CANADIAN WHISKEY  TRY IT  IN BULK, 2, 4, and 7 years old.  IN CASES, .'83 and Star.  Delivered from thc warehouse in Nelson  E. P. EITHET & 00., LTD,  VICTORIA, B. C.  To the Public ��r.d Union Men:  Tho Triulos nnd Iiihor Council of the Cily of  Nelson Imvo dcoliircd nil HYiIoIh, Uonliiiiraiil..  iiud Hideous employing Chinese in or aroiir.d tho  premises unfair to organized l.-ibnr.  The rciUms-iDg do not. employ Chinese in such  citnaoily: <  VICTORIA .IIOTKIi  CLA UK K TTOTICIj  THIOMONT HOTKL.  MAPDK.V IIOTKIi .  SMICIlUROOICI. IIO'VKIj  ailAvji CKNTRAL HOTKL  liAKK.-VIKW nOTJfiL.  .ItOSSLAN't HOTKL ,  GRAND HOTKL   .  KLONDYKK IIOTKL  JOHN SPEAR  DKLMONIOO UKSTAURANT. * **.'���"  MANHATTAN. SALOON      r,  'HOIIRGA .SALOON ���*-.'."���  GLUKI'OT SALOON  CLUR HOTKL   :���*���*.'.':  NOTIOE OF MEETING.  A. B. GRAY,  Kootenay Representative.  ���O. BOX 521.   - NELSON, B. C.  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ���***���*���**���*���*���**���****.**.*.****.**.*.  Coffee Roasters  Dealers in Tea and Coffee  ���**���*���***���****���*���***.*.*���*.**.****.*  Wo are oirorinR ot, lowest prices tho best  grades o Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Bear,'Mot ha and Java Coffee, per  pound.' f   46  ATocha and Java Blond, 3 pounds    1 00  Choice Hlend Cofl'ee, l pounds    1 00  Special E'end Cofl'ee, (5 pounds    1 CO  Uio Blond Coffee, 6 pounds    1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, por pound '   80  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED,  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  A COMPLETE LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  loeed and coast.  Flooring  ,*   . local and coa_t.  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NOTICE . ~  The undersigned has resumed proprietorship of the blacksmith business  formerly carried on by me and lately  carried on by It. B. Reiley, in the premises on Hall street near corner of Baiter  street. All accounts due R- B. Reiley  are payable to me.  H. D. ASHCROFT.  Nelson, B. C, October 15th, 1901.  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming ��� Vand Transfer  ^WorkiifYY'fi-'Z  Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Imporlol OU  Company,   Washington Brick; Lime & MannJ  - factoring Company... General commercial agents  andbrokors. ;'��� i:  AH coal and ���wood strictly..-! cash on' delivery  'telephone 1*7.   Office 184 Baker St.  nQ3ajaxnirixxri��xixixxiiiixiiJiijzricrTTTTincccccccc  THEO MADSON  MANUFACTURER'OP'  TENTS km AWNINGS  P. O. Box 76 NBLSON,  B.C.  czrzxr [xxxxxxxxxxxxzxx.trrrxxxrxxxixxxixx:[Zxxxxxx:GCXXJ  NEWLING & CO.  AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ETC.  Kootenay Streot. noxt door to Oddfellows' Hall  P. O. Box C33 NELSON. B.C.  V'%1 rettreaettgajffiggff^a^  'MtMraari tiihi r r-.rW-taJ!..^^  6*  ^  THB NELSON TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 17 1901  BANK OP M0NTBBA1  CAPITAL, all paid np_��� $12,000,000.00  REST !  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal... President  Hon. Georgo A. Drummond Vice-President  JS. S. Cloraton General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH  Cornor Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  IMPERIAL BANK  op  o.a.:n\a.:d-a.  WITH WHICH IS AMAMtAMATKD  BANK  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  ���      -      9S8.000.000  ���      ���     -   $2,000,000  AGCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000;  THE  Paid-up Oapltal.  Reserve Fund,  Bronchos In London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the prinoipal clues in Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Kxchange and Cable  Transfers. ��__.��,.  Grant Comruorelal and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of tbe world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT RATK OB" INTEREST PAID.  WHEN THE OREGON GAME UP  Hon. Geo. A. Cox,  Prccldent,  B. E. Walker,  General Manager  London Office, eo Lombard Btreet, B. O.  Mew York  Office, 16   Bscchange   Place,  and 6a Branchos in Canada and the  United States.  Capital (paid up)   ���  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,860,000  .2*-*^  Tide of Battle Changed.  During the sittings ot the recent court-  martial roar admiral Schley, in conversation with M. A. Teeue, u close confldant.1 il  t'nond and adviser, gave his views of tho  moment of the -nost intense excitement ot  the far-nous battle of Santiago. The gallant old admiral's story, as told* by Mr.  Tegue, is as follows:  When tt'tj enemy started to como out of  the harbor of Santiago, tho Brooklyn started ahsad, Intending to engage him at tha  oi'tr.ince. Our purpose was to use our superior speed, rush in and attempt to check  his advance until the battleships, lying to  the southward and eastward, and being of  slower speed, i ould get up and demolish  him  with their heavier guns.  ln pursuance of this idea we closed ln  until wo wor-3 at comparatively cmjso quarters wi'h the :nemy. He had got cut of the  pn trance and was shaping a westerly  coursn. while we were headed about nortli-  ojsl. TCvery gun that could be brought to  liea'- was go! ig, the din of thc battle being  indescrlb.iMa.  As 'he enemy headed to tho westward ho  scorned cortai i to escape. Two courses were  open lo us. One was lo go in and .stop his  advam-e by losing our own ship; the olher  lo turn around and save tho ship, with hy  Miporioi 8|vji>.l. for tho work of chasm? ar.d  - over tho enemy. Ky the  first we would win everlasting glory; by  the seconc1 -ve felt sure wo would win the  d-iy for our country.  It was th2'i llixl captain Cook, with that  rare goo-1 judgment that he always displays, put the helm hard over and we  fwung around to starboard, the ship turn-  ��� ing scpi-iiv on her heel and gcttinfc arounl  in something less than three minutes.  Ah we headed to the westward with tho  enomy's four ships off on- our starboard  side the smoke from onr ?uns and funnel-'  settled down astern of us. We could see'  linthing of tho other vessels of our (loot  All wore hlodJti from view by tho smoke  Off lo tho southward there was the broad  expanse of the ocean, unbroken save by  the little Vlxan. which was scurrying -along*  to tha westward tunning parallel with u=s  Ahead of us to the westward tho view wac'  '.moR-itruct-'d. Oh our starboard hand was  tho hiph coast of Cuba, less than two  ���mllos .away, while between us and tli ���  coast, .about 15,10 vards distant, were tho  ono'my's ships.  'llio Maria Teresa, admiral Cervera's  flagshin, was in thc lead. Then carho. th^  Viscaya ard th-3 Oqucndo. A little inshorr  <if thoso, and between thorn, was the Colon  ^Ivory grn on the port side of thrso ship"  was blazii"? away wilh us as its taiget  Tho storm of projectiles flying o\er th"  s.hip was terrific and incessant.  The Brooklyn's sido was a continuous  sheet of flam", so rapidly were cur gun��  boing fired, thc men straining e\cry ncrvo  tr give- the Dons more than they wore giving us. AVe wore forging ahead at a speed  nf twelve knots an hour.  Behind us was that inky pall of smoke,  obscuring everything in  sight,  while over  to  the  northwestward  wo  could  only  seo  -tlio_Jlaslios_of-tho-guns-of-tlio-ctieiny-ln-thoi  butteries on the Morro and the Socapa.  At lhat ���time none of tho enemy's ships  semed to have sustained any injury. They  wore racing along firing rapidly and vigorously, but, fortunately, nearly all tliciv  shots went over us or fell short. The roar  nf projectiles was one of tho things that  can onli ba heird once In a lifetime, and  once hoard never forgotten.  The thought passed through my mind,  that after nil the'watching and weeks of  patient waiting, thoso fellows off there on  the right wore going to got away. It did  not seem possible that we could slop them  '.all, nor did 1 think it possible that wc  should escape. Four against one seemed  like very heavy odds, 'nnd, knowing tlio  speed of the battleships, it did not appear  to me that nny one of them could come up  with the fight or stay with the chase.  Turning to captain Cook, I remarked:  "It's beginning to look pretty loncaonw  out here."  Ho agreed with mo, nnd, I think, remarked that If the.Spaniards could shoot  .as well as wc know our boys could the  chances for our getting out wore very slim.  "But," I snld, "we arc in for it and must  stay with, this crowd."  While' wo were talking- the battle continued without a moment's cessation. We  plunged onward,' the ship ringing with the  shouts of- the men and resounding with  the thunder of the guns. Above us the  great shells and smaller projectiles whizzed  and whistled with demoniacal fury. Back  of us hung that envelop-- of smoke-through  which no eve could see.  :'���**  Suddenly .I heard :a shout on the deck.,  and. glancing- hack," saw a: great whlta  wave rolling out of the smoke. Have you  over seen the "bone In the teeth" of a  monster, battleship which is rushing forward from fourteen to sixteen knots an  hour? No? Well, then you cannot appreciate cwhat I saw at that moment.  As soon as we saw this bow wave wo  know that one'of our own ships was rushing up to the fight. Our own guns bellowed  moro furiously as; wo kept our eyo on tha'  wave, all.'anxiety to know the name of our  consort.  Slowly but surely tho now arrival forced  hor way forward. Wo next saw her prow  pushed out of tho smoke and heard, abovo  .all tho din and roar of the battle, thr  thunder of hor groat guns  With eyos glancing from our target off"  on the starboard hand to the on rushin?  consort., four or five hundred yards off on  our   starboard   quarter,   wo   watched   the  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three percent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  drama ns it played itself out. Alter the  bow wave and the prow came into vie,v  the smoke lifted a little and gave us a  glimpse of two monster thirteon-it ch gun.5,  pointing like gigantic nngers tovard the  enemy and bearing at their tips long columns of fl.imc.  From every lip on the deck of thc Brooklyn went up the cry:  "God bless the Oregon!"  ��� For that one fleeting glance told us that  brave and gallant Charley Clark, with his  magnificent ship, had achieved another  wonderful triumph and came to cur assistance.  In that one moment the whole complexion of the battle changed. A few mlnutss  before thc odds wore terrifically against  up and our destruction seemed irevitable.  But when we seen the Oregon off there on  our starboard quarter it was very different.  We knew tho ship and we knew her commander. Nothing - mattered then. Tho  Brooklyn and the Oregon, we felt, could  whip thc whole Spanish navy, and a cheer  of greeting was sent across the water to  lhe glorious ship and "her undaunted commander.  Faster and faster the men served the  guns. The Oregon's thirteen-inch guns  belched forth death and destruction to tho  enemy, and tho flre from both ships was  both steady nnd deadly.  In a short timo we saw the Maria Teresa  drop astern of thc other Spanish ships.  She was evidently done to 'death, as she  lost way rapidly and turned in toward  shore. Ono was out and tho odds against  us wore reduced to a minimum.  " A few minutes later tho Oquondo turned  in to perish on the beach, and the Oregon  nnd Brnoklvn .rushed on ln pursuit of the  Colon and Visoaya. Tho battle was won  then,  and we knew it-  Tn that moment when thn "bono in the  tooth" of the Oregon had pushed out of  'he smoke the tables were turned. We saw  then, for tho first timo since wo had turned  around, one nf our own ships, and knew  we had assistance in the deadly work there  was tn be done that d.iv.  Onr feeling of ioy and thanksgiving when  'vo realized at that moment lhat the dav  was about to be won for our country is  indescribable. Tt was to us all on the  r.roolclvn tho supreme moment of th^ i,ni_  Ho. for what spomed like certain defeat  vir, turned into certain victory, nnd we  '.vent at our work with renewed spirits and  a will that wa�� simply Invincible.  HKAD OFFICK. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Branchos in Northwest Territories, Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec  H. 8. HOWLAND President.  D. R. WILKIE General Manager.  E. HAY Inspector.  NBLSON  BRANCH,  BURNS BLOCK.  A general banking business transacted.  Savings Doparttaont,���Deposits received and  intorest allowed.  Drafts _old, available in all part o_ Canada,  United States and Europe.  Special attention given to eollec   ns.  #"   to  '00'00>00>'*0  J. M, LAY, Manager.  rail. Tn thc United Kingdom alone can a  man talk treason without rislf. So that  there is not In it even the wold joys of dan-  fer. Tt is simply cheap blather, and the  man who utters it is a blatherskite.  If this were all no notice might be taken  of it. But it is not all. It alienates from  Ireland's cause hundreds of thousands of  good friends. Irishmen may say that they  do not want the assistance of such friends.  Well, if they do not it is because they  think more of their animosities than they  do of their cause, for it never can be successful without the aid of suoh friends.  The latter espoused tho cause in the name  of justice, sentimental justice at least,  but there are other considerations, namely,  national self-preservation and the highest  patriotism, and if according home rule to  Ireland would endanger the interests of  either we mav bo sure it will never be  granted. Tf the Irish leaders have not yot  learned that they have more hope in an ap  peal to the better instincts of the rest of  ,lhe inhabitants of tho British Isles than  they have in working on their fears, thoy  have yet a good deal to learn. They cannot even plead that their course is suggested by despair. They would be much further on the way to achieve their ends,  if their ends are merely home rule, if they  had shown some sense of thc fact that  a considerable majority of tho people of  tho United Kingdom were prepared to give  Ireland home rule; further than they are  now, when they appear to be doing their  best to outrage tho feelings of the thousands who lately acted' with them.���Toronto Globe.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Hurry  Up  for  Christmas  ENGRAVING   FREE   OF   CHARGE  Gifts  For engraving, first come, first served.  Don't delay. Our goods are here from tho  manufacturers and you shall have our prompt  attention. All goods are guaranteed for  quality and prices as reasonable as you can  buy in the East.  Diamonds  Watches  Brooches  Rings v  Chains"  Scarf Pins  Lockets  Karn Pianos  Sewing Machines  Lamps  Electric Statues  Onyx and Brass Tables  Jardiniere Stands  Finders  to  to  THEIR TOUE ENDED.  The tour, of Messrs. John 33. Redmond,  Thomas O'Donnell and Patrick A. McHugh  li.is ended, it appears, and the trio havo  sailed for "home on the Oceanic. They have  doubtless succeeded in their mission, which  was to collect funds frcm sympathizers in  America in order to maintain the Nationalist members in the Imperial parliament.  There are a great many people who are  neither Irishmen nor members of the  church to which thc majority of Irishmen  belong who are strong believers in tho  policy and justice of home rule.. Thc favor  home rule because they think that the  spectacle of a discontented member ot the  "Hriti.ir"family^Is an incongruous oher~tiraf~  ought not bo allowed to continue. They do  not believe, however, in separation. In fact  thoy regard such a proposition as preposterous, so preposterous, indeed, that  they can scarcely credit that any person  iu the full possession of his senses would  entertain It for a moment.  In the. first placo, the wealthiest and  mast prosperous portion of tho island  would resist such n separation, and to desert that portion of thc population'would  be an net of gross pusilanlmlty on thc  part of Groat Britain, oven if there were  no olher considerations, Of course, there  are other considerations, the most.essential being tlie obligations of self-preservation, the probability being that If Great  Britain abandoned Ireland It would either  bo seized by some other power, or its good  graces cultivated by the enemies of the  em pirn In order to have a favorable vantage paint from which to attack her. And  oven If the independence of the island  wore maintained it would be largely at tho  mercy of its bigger neighbor. England  could again conrjuer her sister island, but  this time peacefully, and use no other  weapon than tho fiscal imposts. To talk  of separation or independence in any aspect of the case is, therefore, pure dema-  >,'oguery, as tho Irish leaders must know  If they choose to use their common sense.  The election of colonel Lynch for Galway, and similar incidents, may appeal  to the groundlings, but it is all poor policy  and does not advance legitimate Irish  asplrntions an inch. It Is not .even-courageous. W. T-T. K. Redmond has been indulging  tn this .species at a meeting in the county  af Wexford. One wonders if he persuades  himself that he thereby shows pluck. Tt  >-eaulres no pluck where you know that not  tho least notice will bo taken of mere blather. Tf one should utter treason against the  Institutions of Russia or Turkey or Germany, or even of the United States, within the boundaries of thoso respective countries, it would show that the utterer was  a man of courage or a lunatic, because,  much as the Trlsh Nationalists admire  those foreign lands, they may be sure that  In none of thorn would the treasonable utterances that aro Ignored under the British flag be endured for a moment. In Turkey Mr. Redmond's career would bo brief:  In Russia or Germany he would find not  only his tongue but his other activities elr-  'uimsoribed for a long period of years, and  in the United States his fellow citizens  would accord him, in all probability, a  coat of tar and a ride out of town on a  An English View of Trust?.  fiAre there not many flourishing monopolies -in Great Britain?    Our reply is  that there   are   not.   *   *   *   A   good  deal  of nonsense is talked,  especially  in America about the great captain who  makes a world industry.   If you have a  high-traiff wall behind which you can  work no doubt by the aid of capital you  may ruin  your competitors and fleece  the consumers.    But you cannot fleece  the consumers of other countries.    On  the contrary, you assist them, and also  foreign producers, by sending them your  surplus stock at a loss.   What could be  better for England than that the English farmer should'be able to buy, say,  an American plow at half the cost which  is   charged   to   an   American "farmer?  What could be better for the' English  manufacturer of jam and confectionery,  to say nothing of the whole nation of  consumers, than that he should be able  to get his sugar (his raw material) at,  say, two-thirds of the price paid by his  German,  his Austrian   or his   French  competitor?     Under   'the    new    sugar  duties, especially if they are "increased,  our manufacturers will  gradually lose  their export trade and their profit. That  is the inevitable result of the set-back  of free trade which almost inevitably  follows upon any great increase of expenditure.   If the chancellor of the exchequer goes on "broadening the basis"  of taxation   and   multiplying   dutiable  articles English manufacturers are indeed doomed to decline, and doubtless  such a decline will be accompanied by  a-^growth^-of���industrial���combination-  among capitalists, nominally for protection against the foreigner,  but really  for the purpose of enslaving" the workmen and fleecing the consiu .er.  to  to  Mail   orders   receive  careful attention.  our  prompt and  A most extensive line of Cut Glass just  received from Uelgium, Art Olay goods from  Austria, and Carving Sets, Pearl Handled  Fish Sots, Cake Sets, Fruit Knives, etc., etc.,  from Sheffield, England.. '  Call and inspect our stock before buying  elsewhere. , ^  Links  Bracelets  Toilet Sets  Baby Sets  Brushes  Military Sets  Jewel Cases  Vases  Fire Irons  Jardinieres and  Manicure Sets  Sterling Novelties  Silver Mounted Whisks  Toilet Bottles'  Etc., Etc" Etc  All repairing guaranteed.  Jacob DoveF,  C. P. R.Time Inspector  "The Jeweler."  NELSON, B.C.  .'V ii*'; SLig  r igl'M  "'��� - -Z^'i&'tyl  ;. .K'iicr-^tL  ''ftHi-m  :- r.&s&��isi_  fc i .-vX. ir'ticX   -  ������ ^���..������~.?MS'^rl  JwVt>feS&**B  zfii&m  'gig*' . - , . . J��i*  \^��.00-00 *0_0>00'000'00' 00'000*^?*flT**��'00'0^'0fL'0'0. ��� V��� ^"^r^B��^S> j,^* O^��^^*ij^!^&* mS!��& 1��& 1��&!^&!^&����>g^��J^2*0Jm\  * *W* ^^* **-*^ �� Sk�� *^?* '���t��� ^P )^S��^K�� ���^^���'^k. ���'���^fc. ���'^^���^^���'^���'N''^ ^'^*^'0^i^0'00'^0'00'00* 00 ' 00 ' 00 ' 00 * ^0 ' 00 ' 007jf^00~^Bt' -XX  ��� f ��� L -".' .Xf..x����  *_k\ ���, :Ci.-rr^A  to  to  to  ~i-i-*r  ,sys  TREMONT HOUSE  321 TO 331 BAKKR STREET, NELSON  P. Burns & Co.  '7:.Trr^3  ���'���   r'.-.r   h'^  --y-zi-yjfX'-  Head Office at  NELSON, B. C.  Wholesale and Retail ;";;%  -' -     Dealers in Meats^'liSl  Sm*S3  "   *���  ',      "���_'<��� "-It'*"- VioC^  Markets at  Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo/^Ymir,  Sandon,   Bavertoi^'rNo^lVi^S^  .Denver, Revelstoke, Fergnaon  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Caacade CS*0y,"Mid-O^%^|^  way, and Vancouver  -"V-ft/  AMERICAfi AND EUROPEAN.  PLANS  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 26 Cents to $1  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  Rough and  Alcoholism Among English Women.  There is a growing tendency among  women for the indulgence in alcoholic  beverages. Among the wealthier and  higher classes, the habit has become almost universal, and this pernicious example has rapidly extended through the  various social substrata, for it is human  nature to imitate the actions of those  who are better favored. The exhausting  effect of the demands of society upon its  devotees creates a desire for a stimulant, and hence the -over-present and  generous punch-bowl is often the most  popular feature of the social event It  adds a sparkle to the eye; color to the  cheek and a zest to the spirit of the  maid and matron, a delightful feeling of  bien aise, and its alluring seductiveness  bids its pertakers to return again and  again. Among the less-favored classes  the causes that obtain among the  wealthy operate necessarily to a smaller  extent, but here other conditions act  no less powerfully as caustive agencies  in the formation of the habit. In England the habit of alcoholic indulgence  among women of the lower class is much  greater^ than in America. Dr: Hey wood  Smith gives his reasons for alcoholism  among, women the increasing independence of woman���a liberty which some  of them interpret as a license for self-  indulgence in1 accordance with their inclinations. In the struggle for life  which this independence engenders  there Is often the element of failure or  overstrain, and women, too weak in  many instances to bear the strain, resort  to stimulants. ,  Disastrous Effect of the Storm.  UTICA, December 16.���The damage  from the flood in the valley of West  Canada creek will- be half a million dollars. From 50,000 to 100,000 logs were  washed away from Noblesboro, Hinckler  and Trenton Falls. Four expensive  railroad bridges and seven large highway bridges were destroyed. One mill  was taken down stream like a paper box  and two others are badly wrecked. The  railroad in that valley cannot be operated for four or five days and the mail  from some of the towns will have to be  carried around the hills,      .  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  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The steamship Ionian has arrived at St.  John, New Brunswick, and part of her  cargo is a cousigrnmont of woolens for A.  Oec. the Tremont Block merchant tailor.  ATr. Gee expects to have thc goods displayed Ity Christmas.  Thc cards aro out for tho marriage of  John William Temnleman to Miss Tda  Larson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Larson. The ceremony will tako place at the  residence of the bride's parents on Baker  street on Wednesday afternoon at ���! o'clock.  r-^^asa^a^^^a^a^a^a  ARRIVIC  II a. m.  11 a. m  217 and 219  Baker Street  cJ�� jrko CJJLiCExC  eautiful Home  A visit to our Big Show Rooms just now will convince you that we have all the requisites to make a  home beautiful.  ARTISTIC FURNITURE    LOVELY DRAPERIES  High-class goods,  the "newest   designs,   rich--finish.  the    very    latest   Novelties   in   odd   pieces.   ,. Easy  . . Chairs,  Rocking Chairs,  Reception Chairs,   Elegant  Parlor and   China. Cabinets,  Desks,  Bookcases,, etc.  Beautiful Carpets, Oriental Rugs, Rich Curtains  No house in Nelson can show a finer display.'    We  '    do  the  business.    Why?,   Because   we  substantiate  what we say���wc have the goods and our PRICES  ARE  RIGHT.  GREAT NORTHERN SYSTEM.  LEAVE  Depot  0:10 ii.ni  Miunt'in  10:30 ii.ni.  Daily. "  NELSON &  FOUT   SIIEP-  akimve  PAKD HAILWAY  Vmir, Salmo, Eric, Waneta,    Depot.  Northport., Itossland, Colvillo (i:lup.m.  and Spokane.              Mount'in  Making through connect ions 5:5!) p.m.  at Spokane to tho south,    1   Daily  east and west.            1  LKAVK  liaslo  7 a.m.  No1m.ii  0:X) p.m.  Daily  KOOTLWAY LAKK  STEAMBOATS  Half our, PilotBay, Ainsworth  Kaslo and all Way Landings.  ARltlVB  Kaslo  0:?0 p. in.  Nelson  10:30 a.m.  Daily  CITJ AND DISTRICT.  It was Miss V.. Merrill and not Jonas  Coxhead. who delivered the address on  "Chronic Objections to Socialism" beforo  thc Socialistic Club on Sunday afternoon.  The copy of the address was handed Tho  Tribune by Mr. Coxhead, hence tho mi-stake.  "Louie" Johnstone, who appeared in thc  Chimes of Normandy in tho role of th'e  midget sailor, is the makings of a pood actor. He is but a wee little chap yet, but  when ha grows he will not only be able to  acquit himself well boiore the footlights,  but also see to it that the reporters give  him a fair shake and not ignore him as  they have up to the present.  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  &  -<&���  Portland Cement  Fire Brick  Fire Clay  Sheet Iron  T Rails  Ore Cars  Blowers  Exhausters  Pumps  Granite ware  Tinware  ���#-  ^1  to  to  to  to  to  HARDWARE AND IRON MERCHANTS   $  ESTABLISHED 1S92  HEATING STOVES  COOKING STOVES  AND  RANGES"  "* NELSON, B. C.  STORES AT  KASLO, B.C.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  \^'^-0^.'___^.l___'   0".*.00.0* .  iii ______: ��__: ______: _?��___ _ZZi "* ��� ��* �����?  SANDON, B. C.    \h  "Bob" Winernls has alroady had a number of applications to join his pack-train  contingent. Volunteers aro also being  called for at other towns, nil to report at  Nelson for final acceptance. Nelson seems  to be a point of rendezvous for nearly everybody who wants to do something. If only  the idea of wanting to do something was  catching, it might catch mayor Fletcher  and alderman Selous and mako an improvement in Nelson.  "GOOD CHEER" STOVES AND RANGES  There will be a practice of the St. Saviour's church choir on WedncsdayJevening  at 8 o'clock. '  Tt is rumored the telephone company will  raise Its ratos in Nelson on thc 1st of  January. Business houses will be required  to pay $1 a month and residences ?3.  Readers, read the advertIsemonts of J. G.  Runvan & Co., tho Royal Shoe Storo, and  Brown Brothers, and "you will probably Had  something th.it will bo of advantage to you  Judge Forin" is back from the Const,  wiier he has been for a few days. He says  redistribution is a. question that leading  politicians admit must be- disposed of as  soon as  the legislature meets.  The, firo department is in receipt of new  equipment. A set of Hale's patent harness  hangern havo boen purchased. This will  ���shorten thc time In hitching up. A pair of  -Fastman's deluge nozzles have also been  procured. It is claimed for this nozzle that  thero is a large gain in the volume of  water ' lhat can ' be thrown and also  that thc distance thrown can be Increased  100 per cent.'A public'test or both will be  mado today nt 2 o'clocic, tho nozzle test  being made at the corner of Hall and  Baker streets. "'   ,  to  to  to  to  to  to  The steel on thc Lardo branch has not  yot been advanced beyond tho second  crossing ofl5lbe Lardo, but,by Thursday it  is expected that it- will *��� bo laid as, far as  Poplar-creek. This will leave twelve miles  of steel to complete the branch.  The work of completing the repairs on  the city wharf has been resumed. Contractor McDonald is now ready lo go on  with tho driving of the necessary piles,  and when this Is done tho additional deck  will he laid, and the wharf put in shape  for  traffic.  We'are in lhe market again this season with this line of  Sloves. After handling- them for a number of years we are  convincEd that they are the only Stoves that give  ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION.  Call antl see our large and complete line.  LAWRENCE    HARDWARE   CO.  ���   Imaorters find  Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hard-ware.  Tho relatives of thc late Mrs. P. F. Fm-  ersnn arrived from Salem. Or^s^in, la^t  ovening and made nrrnmrements for the  removal of the bodies oi Mr and Mrs. 13m-  crson to their former home on Wednesday  morning.,, Tho children or the deceased will  also accompany them.  Th�� dinintr room of the Imperial hotel  lias been In Ken over by .T. Morrisey, who  for jjever.nl years nasi han been steward  on the steamer International. From this  limo on none-but, while hein will be em-  nlovcd and the dining room will bo conducted  in  first class shape.  IF SHOWN SOL.D IT IT'S GOOD  Tha Finest Christmas Present  A Cold Watch  We are showing somo exceptionally fine designs in cases  (or the holid .ys, especially in Gold-Filled Goods.  Every case is guaranteed by the manufacturers and  almo*->t every movement besMes carrying our own  guarantee.  We cxn show yon ihe principle American makes and the  leaders in Swiss.  BROWN BROTHERS  JEWELERS  BAKER STREET  ESS  NELSON,   B. C  The slv-ntbir.- rink wan ononed for the scvi-  ���--nn last owiing. the l^e being in excellent  "'oidlllnn. Two carnivals have already heen  derldfil nnnn. the first dale having been  secured bv (lie hospital commit tec nnd the  peeond by tho committee of thc Nelson  Boat Club.  .T. ri, Macdonald of Sandon. of the mercantile llrm of Macdonald Bros., passed  through Nelson yesterday on his way to  his former home in Prince Fdward Island.  He say.n business in Sandon is Improving  and the prospects for the winter are much  brighter than thoy wero a. few months ago.  Ti. A. Winerals, who ..7v.t been' in communication with. William Hamilton Merritt  over the recruiting'of a company of packers for service in South Africa, does not  expect to receive any further word until  tho end of the we.ek, as thc sample,pack  saddle and,.,other information will not  reach tho authorities at Halifax until that  date. Tho proposal for the substitution of  i pack animals for, wheel ' transport was  made in the 'first instance to the British  war ollice officials in February last, while  Mr. Merritt was in London on his return  from South Africa,' where he had served as  major with colonel Brabant's TTorsc, and  aJso as A. P. O on the colonial division.  The proposition was.at this timo favorably  received by (he British war office, officials,  and submitted to lhe Canadian government  for approval. In the first instance it "was  suggested that each man in tho troop  should be f>irnlshod with three horses for  the packing: of supplies. The greater number ofv the men for* tho third contingent  have been raised, and It Is now proposed  to raise a purelv packing outfit to . nc-  companv them. Final instructions are expected by tho end of the week.  Men's Ideal Skating and Hockey Boots.     Women's Skating Boots     c  in   Black  or  Tan.     eoys' and   Girls'   Skating  and   Hockey   Boots.  Skates put on Free.   Skating Straps.    Mail orders promptly filled.  H EADQUARTERS FOR SPORTING GOODS.      LARGEST STOCK IN THE C!TY AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES  to  ����   L. A. GODBOLT, Prop.  THOS. LILLIE, Manager.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  '*-M*-*-*-**-**-*******-**-*-**-*-**-*****-**-**-^^^^^-^9^f-  LABOR PARTY'S PLATFORM  .T. A. Armstrong of this city, was in Itossland vestcrdav. where he was proseeutinf"*:  nn action In the small debts court to recover n commission from John W. Tl'art-  llne upnii the sale of Ihe horses to tho city  of Nelson fnr lire department purpose?.  Citv, cleric Strachan was in attendance as  a witness.  PERSONALS.  C. R  Smitheringale, editor of the Slocan  Drill,   will   not  he a candidate  for  mayor  -of_Slocan-Clty = . =. ^~^   Mr. nnd Mrs. J. 13. McArthur of Columbia  will spend the winter ln Atlantic City.  New Jersey, on account of Mrs. McAr-  thur's  health.  Mrs. James T.awronce. and her daughter  Josie left Nelson yesterday morning for  Los AnR-eles, California, where they will  snend   the  winter.  J. (1. McDonald or Sandon passed  through Nelson yesterday on the way to  spend part of the winter at Mount Stewart,  Prince Edward Tsland.  Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Tackabury left here  yesterday lo spend part of the winter on  Ihe south side of the Intorna'tlnnal boundary line. Mr. Tackabury Intends to spend  his vacation In Southern California, nn.i  Mrs. Taclcnbury will pass the winter at hor  old home In Lincoln, Nebraska.  O. P. Drummond, of Ihe British Klectrlc  Traction Company of London, and chairman of the London committee of the Nelson Tramwav Company, has arrived hi the  city and will meet the directors of the  Incil eompany on Wednesday, when thc  fuiiire of Ihe ln"al venture will be discussed and some line of action decided on.  CHRISTMAS PUDDING  We have the best stock of peel and Christmas  fruits in th�� city. Everything fresh. This season's  lemon, orange and citron peel, cleaned currants  an i  raisins.  Houston Block  Nelson, B C.  J. A. IRVING & CO.  The case of Thill vs. T.aBnn. an action  arising out of Ihe fumigation of the plaintiffs pi-omises by thc hr>allh officer, war  not called -it the session of the county  court vcslerdav. Judge Forin announced  that he would prefer tbat the case he tried  liv his honor judge l.eamcy. of -Rossland.  who hns consented to be on hand today  when tlie capo will be proceeded with.  BUSINESS MENTION.  Sleam skate sharpener at Thorpe's  factory.  AVhen at Flic, B. C, stop at the Mersey  TTotel. Mrs. M. Collins, proprietress.  Steam (skate sharpener at Thorpe's  factory.  James Lawrence yesterday received n  r-nblo from "Rev. Bobcrt Frew, who is in  Ctlnsgow. Scotland, saving ho regretted he  was compelled to resign the pastorate of  i ho Frc��bvterlan church at Nelson. Tie v.  Mf. Wright nf Columbia, who has heen  filling the pulpit for several months.  ���v.^npilnrj liis farewell sermon nn Sunday  'il"i't. in nnlictoilion of Dov. Mr. Frew's  onrlv return. What hearlmr the tahle received hy Mr. Lnwrcncc will have on Ttev.  Mr. AVrlerhi's-retirement Is not. known. No  pastor in  Nelson  is more highly thought  Boundary District Local News.  GIIEKKU'COD, December !(>.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���J. M. Cameron, provincial  organizer of the Socialist party,, addressed  a meeting ut Union hall on Sunday afternoon on thc subject of socialism.  Rudolph Lidcn, assistant superintendent  or the Greenwood smelter, was removed to  the Sisters' hospital yesterday suffering  from noil to rheumatism, which entirely disables him for thc time being. The illness  was brought on exposure to damp when  recently assisting W. IT. Thomas to examine lhe Dominion Copper Company's mines  at   Fhoctilx.  P. TSurns & Co. yesterday received three  bands of beef cattle from the Okanagan  and Similkameen districts for Christmas  trade. Ret ween SOO and 400 arrived at thoir  yards nt Fholt meadow, near Greenwood,  last weok. All aro intended for the linn's  Boundary business.  Among the outgoing passengers on today's train' were judge Lenmey. J. II. Me-  thiil. of the customs department, and F.  \V. Parrlnh, manager of tho B. C. mine,  for Nelson; "Rev father Bedard for Robson,  and Dave Morgan, manager of tho Clarendon Hotel Company, for Rossland.  Adopted Last Evening.  The meeting of Ihe Nolson Labor Parly  whieh was held in the Minors' Union hall  last evening was'well attended. Thc chief  business before .the mooting was the consideration of the platform as submitted by  the'members of tho executive for the consideration of the members. Thc platform as  submitted waS.thnl adopted by the Trades  and Labor Congress of Canada, hut It met  with considerable opposition and tho matter "of its further consideration was laid  over, until  the next meeting.  The approaching municipal election received some consideration and on thc motion of W. It. Kee it was decided to appoint  a committee cf five with instructions to ro-  4  port to (he organization the names of tha  mayoralty and aldermanic Candida fes  whom they "considered most worthy ol  support, and have tho same ready for the  next meeting. On this committee Messrs.  Coxhead, Lackle, Kee, w'liks, and rCnauf  were apnointed.  Tho platform as submitted by the executive of tho organization reads as follows,  although it Is open for amendment:  I.   Free and Compulsory education.  ___-��� __Lcg.nl_w_o_rkiiig_day_of_eight_hours,_n.niL  fix  days  to  a week.  X Government inspection of all Industrie.?.  4. The abolition of Ihe. contract system  on  all  public  works.  5. A minimum living wage, based on  local  conditions.  fi. Public ownership of all franchise1*,  such as railways, telegraphs, waterways,  lifhtlng. etc.  7. Tax reform, bv lessening taxation on  Industry ind  lnc��w��sIi��T it on land values.  8. AbePilon  of  lhe Dominion senate,  fl.    T'voiuisinn    of   Chinese.  10. The union label lo be placed on all  map"fielurcd goods where practicable, and  on  all  <rn"ernmen|   and  mnnlehial   tum-'llo".  11. ,\'in]it!pii of child labor bv children  under foprfppn "f.'irs of nire. and nf fenrile  labor In nil "irnnehes of Industrial life, such  .... mbi^s   workshops,  factories. Ho,  1*1. ^liniiiion of property qualification for  all    lViMIc    rdlpps.  n. Compulsory arbitration of labor dls-  Miten.  It.   P'-oiiorllon        representation wilh  irrourpd constituencies and abolition of  mnnleinnl   vnnli.  IS. Dirppt les'ialiHon through thc inltia-  Mv��  end  referendum.  1ft. Prohibition of prison labor In competition   wilh   free  labor.  Tenderfoot Creek "Properties.  James Rutherford, of the Lardo Valley  Mines, Limited, who has charge of the  development of the company's properties  on Tenderfoot creek, arrived in Nelson yesterday from the Lardo. TEe says work Is'  going ahead slowly on the Maggie May  proporty, but on the John L. work has  been suspended for thc present in viow of  thc difliculty in getting In supplies. On the  Maggie. May a tunnel Is being driven in  en the ledge to get in under the pay chute,  which has been exposed on the surface.  This tunnel is now in nuincthlng over 50  feet, and it Is expected that .another 100  feet will tap tht. ore chute. On tlie surface at this point, tho lodge is 12 feet wide,  and on the hanging wall there occurs a  two foot body of galena. Careful samples  of this two foot body of galena give an indicated value of $52 to tho ton in gold,  silver and lead., the gold values being from  $1 to S5 por ton. At the present rate of pro-  gross it is expected tbat thc ore for which  the tunnel Is being driven will be reached  by the end of March. "From such work as  lias been done on thc John L. property It  is evidently-, a concentrating proposition,  and Mr. Rutherford brought 'own 500  pounds of samples whicli he will send Lo  London for experiment, with the new Fl-  mni'c system of oil concentration, and he  is convinced that it will bu found lo be tbo  proper treat'iiont for tho John L ore. In  his reeeni trip to tho property on Tenderfoot creel,- Mr. Rutherford was accompanied hy John G. Lynch, ono of the loca-  lor.�� cf tlie properly.  Grace n.nd the Smelter  In Kaslo's church 'twas solemn, still  And  pious sighs each pause did  till  Whilo the parson good laid rule on rule  And  faithful  taught his little school.  Tho parson mused how best to teach  The worth of grace within man's reach.  And  said.   "I'll  ask one .......stion  more,  And   children,   our   lessons   o'er.  "What is God's choicest gift to man?"  Full  serious eyes his  face did  scan.  .  One hand was raised,-then half'a scoi-e,  Ono eager lad jumped lo the floor.  "Well,  Fred,  what  is that choicest gift?  Our shortening time needs answer swift.'  Out spoke  the boy wilh  slight demur,  "Please sir,  it's  the s-m-e-1-t-o-r,  sir."  ANDR13W D15MART1N.  Kaslo.   December llth.  that J. G. Bunyan & Company would donate the cup for tho competition and J.  Dover lhe individual prizes. D. J. Robertson will furnish the blackboards, and J.  G. Wilson, of tho Lake ���c the Woods Milling Company, has agreed to donate a barrel of Hour. Tho colors of tho club for" the  season  wore fixed at green and white.  Curlers Select Their Kinks.  A meeting of the Nelson Curling Club  was held in the board of trade room last  ovening for the purpose of drawing rinks  for the annual competition between the  rinks to represent respectively the president and vice president. y\s there arc some  eighty members on the roll the drawing  occupied the greater portion of the evening. The first game In the series will be  played ut the rink this evening. The full  list of rinks as selected and drawn against  each other is as follows, the president's  rink being given first and the vice-president's   rink  second:  13. C. Davidson, James Neelands, Fred  Lradley, aud F. A. Tamblyn, skip, vs. S.  AT. nrydges, II. Houston, S. G. Campbell,  and J. Rue, skip.  F. C. "Green. Dr. Hawkey, ,1. G. T3unyan,  and N. T. Macleod, skip, vs. C. 13. Rlack-  wood, J. Rprcy, Dr. Ilall, and John Fox,  skin.  Mr. Black, E. W. Matthews, P. ID. Wilson, and judge Forin, skip, vs. R.1 Weir,  A. P.. Sherwood, D. J. Robertson, and J.  Pinkham,   skip.  J. O'Shea, D. S. Stanley, J. G. Wilson,  and J. H. Wallace, skip, vs. L. Gobey, J  A. Dewar, J. Thompson, and A. Carrie,  ski;i.  W. Clayton, T. W. Lillie, C. Morrison,  and T. l,illie, skip, vs. Dr. Doherty,' AV. M.  Irving, R. Hedley, and G. F. McLaughlin,  skip.  H. F. MeLeod, J. Dover, S. S. Taylor,  and J. A. Turner, ski]), vs. C. D. Jarvis,  Tl. Wright, J. A. Kirkpatrick, and_ W.  Richardson,   skip.  A. W. Watehorn, H. Bird, J. F. Weir,  and W. W. Beer, skip, vs. Dr. Armstrong,  K. G. Smythe, A. V. Mason, and Bert Walley,   skip.  F. W. Swannell, W. it. Jarvis, captain  McMorris, and IT. R. Cameron, skip, vs.  S. S. Fowler, C. E. Miller, C. J Wilson, and  Frank Fletcher, skip.  F. Deacon, T. McPherson, P. Chapman,  and Fred Starkey, skip, vs. F. C. Brown,  M. Bird, R. H. Williams, and G. C. Hodge,  skin.  W. J. Beaven, A TT. Gtaccy, R. Robertson,  and J. D. Stocks, skip, vs' M. S. Davys, H.  F. Croasdaile, A. S. Gamble, and A. TT.  Buchanan,   skip.  It was arranged that tho progress of the  series of games In the competition should  be posted in Frank Tamblyn's storo. In  the matter of trophies It was announced  Court Notes-  There were a number of cases disposed  or at Iho session or the county court yesterday, which was held by his honor judge  Forin.  In the case of the^S"alo-CoIumbia Dum-  -bor Company vs. Leister & Kerr, an action  to recover thc a mount for a bill of lumber,  ���judgment was given for the plaintiffs and  the garnishee issue as against R, Hamilton  will come up at thc next sitting of tho  court.  In Turner, Beeton & Company vs. Flynn  & Coulter, the claim of the plaintiff waa  proven and judgment Kiven for the full  amount. "W. Clal'Cey was tho garnishor in  this  case.  In Arnot vs. Oscar McMillan, an action  to recover tho amount for the supply of  feed, judge Forin gave judgment for $15,  hair the amount claimed, together with  $20  for costs.  In Johnson vs. Referendum Company, an  action to recover wages alleged tq_b_o_d11e,_  thc plaintiff applied for an adjournment,  which was granted on the payment of  costs.  Tn Taylor & Hannington vs ITill, an ac- .  lion  to recover legal costs, judgment was  given  for  tho  plaintiffs,   the garnishee  issue to be  tried at the next sitting of the  court.  Tn Lawrence Hardware vs. Allan an action upon n promissory note for $200, jitdg-  ment was given for the plaintiff, and the  garnishee issue to come up at tho next  sitting  of   the  court.  In Booth vs. Bennett, an action to recover the amount of a promissory note for  $51. representing the amount of an insurance premium, judgment was given for tho  Plaintiff.  In Turner, Beeton & Company vs. "Doyle  of Hall Siding, judgment was given for the  plaintiff for $107. the full amount claimed.  Bussian Towns in a State of Siege.  ST. PETERSBURG, December 16.���  Tho Gazette today announces that a  modified state of seiffe has been proclaimed in a score of towns situated  throughout Russia. Strikes and shidents  riots aro responsible- for the action  taken by the authorities.  Wind Storm Still Raging.  CHEYENNE, Wyoming, December IG.  ���The severe snow and yrina storm accompanied by the coldest .weather  known in this state for many' years is  still raging in some sections. The loss  of life in Wyoming due to the blizzard  probably will be more than ten persons.  BBAL ESTATE  AND  INSUBANCE BROKERS  Agents for Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safe's.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without Interest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.      -  / Vi


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