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The Nelson Tribune Dec 10, 1901

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 c-n-CT��wn^^��.^^��enm��gg���?ajgre��gm>'g^^  *.r���m.,���.���m.,-.  f  ESTABLISHED  1892  TUESDAY  M0RN1KG,  DECEMBER  10   1901  WEEKLY EDITION  I,*    y  WANTS DAMAGES  SMALLPOX   PATIENT   DEMANDS COMPENSATION.  HE HAS EVIDENTLY PUT EVERYTHING WITH HIS ACCOUNT  AT FULL VALUE.  The session 'of the city council  ��� last evening would have been a  very uninteresting one were it not  for the intesest evoked by the reading of James Hubbard's claim for  damagas against the city in connection with the burning of his shacks  when he and his little daughter  were taken down with the smallpox and removed to the city pest  house. All told Mr. Hubbard figured out that the. city was indebted to him to the extent of $390.  The detailed statement of claim  showed that-Hubbard valued the  shacks destroyed at $190, and the  rest of his bill of costs was made  made up of provisions, stores and  clothing destroyed with the shack.  In presenting the claim to the  council for its consideration mayor  Fletcher also read the report of  health officer LaBau upon it. This  showed that in the opinion of the  health officer the value of the Hubbard shack, as well as the value of  the contents underwent a decided  appreciation in value after the torch  had been applied to them. Dr.  LaBau reported that two shaSks  had been burned, although three  figured in Hubbord's bill, and as to  the value of the shacks destroyed  he did not hazard an estinlate. So  far as the effects in the shacks  were concerned he reported that  everything of value was removed  to the pest house. He further  stated that Hubbard at the time  informed city officer McGregor that  everything , of value had been  brought away. This statement of  Hubbard's was afterwards repeated  to himself, when in asking the  medical health officer to see what  he could do with the city in the  way of securing compensation for  the loss of his shacks Hubbard  mentioned $25 or $30 as the sum he  would be willing to accept in settlement.  The doctor's statement with  respect to the value of "the effects"  destroyed in the shacks was borne  out by officer McGregor whose  version of it was that no secondhand dealer would give anything  for them.  Mayor Fletcher in commenting  upon the ..-claim as filed said it had  evidently been prepared by a lawyer. With respect to the claim for  clothing it was admitted that the  patient's clothiug had been burned  but when he had been discharged  from the pest house he was given a  complete outfit of clothing.  City clerk Strachan explained  that the shacks for which Hubbard  was claiming were on the 0. P. R  right of way.  ��� The couucil decided to take no  action with respect to- the^ claim  and the matter was dropped.  Considerable discussion arose  over the question ofthe remuneration of E. B. McDermid as city  auditor. Mayor Fletcher explained  that owing to the virtual suspension of operations by the Duncan,  United Mines, with which the audr  itor was ' connected, the latter Was  considering the advisability ,of  accepting a position, in the United  States, but if the council would  make a reasonable allowance for  the services of the auditor he  would remain and take his chances  of securing other employment in  the city.  For the information of the couri-:  cil the city clerk explained that the  salary of the auditor for the year  previous had been $20 per month,  but in consideration of extra work  the council had made a vote of $200  or $250.  In answer to alderman Selous, as  to whether the auditor had named  a sum which he would expect, the  mayor stated that the salary had  been mentioned in conversation at  from $60 to $70 per month.  This was regarded as high by  several members of-the council and  alderman Selous, who had the  most to say upon the matter,  said that while it could not be  denied that the auditor had done a  great deal of work it "was evident  that he had confused the duties of  an accountant with- those of an  -auditor.  It was further pointed out that  any arrangement which the present  council might make would not  extend beyond the present year,  and in the end it was decided to  refer the question to the finance  committee, at whose meeting the  auditor will be present for the purpose of informing the council as to  the work he has been doing.  The. petition of A. Minty and  others, for a sidewalk on Park  street, from Silicia to Carbonate,  was referred to the public works  committee.  Three tenders for supplying fif\ y  head boards for the pauper graves  were received. The tender of  Thompson & Douglas boing the  lowest was accepted.  A communication was received  from superintendent Downie of the  C. P. R. in which he complained  that the electric light service' supplied to the company was hot equal  to that supplied in other portions  of the city. The motter was referred to the city electrician.  A communication was read from  ,the sisters of St. Joseph in-which^  they declined to pay the city'water  account.     It was  referred  to the  mayor to adjust.  EXPECT A $2 REDUCTION  In Treatment Charges.  John M. Harris of Sandon passed  through Nelson yesterday on his  way to~'Rossland, where it is said  a move will be made in the celebrated apex lode case which has developed between the owners of the  Slocan Star property and the owners of the Rabbit Paw mineral'  claim. In speaking of the mining  outlook" for Kootenay's lead pro-  ducers_Mr._Harris_expresse_d_him-  self as confident that smelting conditions would be made easier for  the lead miners with the commencement of the new year. While  it was true that the smelter men  had not committed themselves to  anything definite, it was also worthy of note that no hints had been  thrown ont of any increased treatment rate. In his opinion the  smelting interests realized that the  lead producers of Kootenay had  about reached the limit for profitable operations, and that in order  to secure tonnage for their own  operations they would be obliged  to make reductions in their treatment rate. The general opinion  was that a cut of $2 per ton would  be made in the treatment rate on  lead ores. This would be welcome  tothe owners of lead properties,  but it did not by any means represent their ideas of the concessions  they were entitled to, or would it,  in his opinion,-put the lead mines  in as good a position as they were  at the commencement of the present year, when the smelters not  only absorbed a reduction of a dollar a ton made by the railways in  their transport charges, but increased their charges as well as  their deduction from their lead contents from seven-tenths to one cent  per; pound,  Mr. Harris does not attach much  importance to the movement looking to the establishment of a smelter, and refinery for the treatment  of lead ores which should be owned  by the owners of the mines, for the  reason that the transportation  companies appeared to stand' in  with the trusts. This, he said, had  been illustrated in a number of  instances on the United States side  of tlie line, ono of which came under his  own observation. It was a case In which  thc owners ot a small lead property not  content with the treatment meted out to  Jt by the smeller trust made arrangements fer having their output treated In  a small smelter which was standing idle  and which the trust did not consider It  worth its while to take up. Everything  went ,on well with the preliminary arrangements until the railway company  was approached for the cars necessary for  tho moving of tho ore, but here the  scheme was killed bv the railway company's statement of its inability to furnish the necessary cars. He had' no reason to believe that any different experienco would result from attempts to establish an* independent smeltei in British  Columbia to be owned by the producers  of-the lead to be treated.  While .he. regarded as exorbitant the  charges made by thc local and oth^r  smelters outside of the trust for the treatment of lead "ores, the mine owners of  Kootenay had no redress as the smcltero  in the smelter trust would net take the  oro. at any lesser rate, although It was  more than double the rate paid by the  owners of leid properties in the United  States. One result,of the conditions imposed upon tho lead mining industry by  the smelting interest" was that there was  largo quantities of-If ad ores lying "on .the  dumps of properties in the Slocanr ore  which contained upwards of 40 por cent  lead with say 30 ounces silver which it  would not pay the properties to ship. This  icsultad in a restricted output and the  loral smelters thereby occasioned difficulty in securing sufficient tonnage for  thoir operations. Wore the rate so reduced so that it would be profitable to  ship this second-class ore he was of the  opinion that not only the rrino owners  but tho smellers as well would he the  gainers as they would not be subjected to  tho loss of blowing out from lime to time  even the small furnaces which they had  employed in treating lead ores but could  add to their smelting capacity wilh practically no Increase in cost upon the score  of management and maintenance.  DIRECT RAILWAY  CONNECTING MIDWAY AND  VERNON CAMPS.  F. AUGUSTUS HfclNZE OP BUTTE,  MONTANA, SAID TO BE BACKING THE' SCHEME.  Moi Store's Whereabouts Located.  SOFLA, December 9.���According to Information received from Salonika, Miss  Ellen Stone and Mme. - Tsilka, her companion, are 'concealed in the vicinity of  Kilo, about five miles south,, of Dubnitza.;  "in Bulgarian' territory. The hews was  brought by a Macedonian, who left there  December 1st and who furnished precise ���  information regarding tho hiding places  and the names of tho agonts supplying  food for the brigands and their captives.  Tt is understood the ' information is regarded as reliable enough to justify tho  foreign officials >-in Turkey dispatching  emissaries*-,, to treat with the bandits, and  that application has already been mado  by the Turkish government for the passage of tho emissaries across the Turkish frontier, which Is guarded by troops  stationed   at   every   hundred   yards. _  Want the Fet urns.  NEW YORK, December 9. ��� Liberal  newspapers aro appealing to Broderick to  publish the October figures of the mortality in the concentration camps of  South Africa, says the London correspondent of the Tribune. Thero. has never  heen such a delay in announcing the prc-  vious monthly   returns   and   It is   feared  that owing to the heavy rainfalls which  have been reported tho death rate among  the children cannot have decreased to any  appreciable extent.  Misleading Maxims.  Perhaps no maxims are so misleading to the judgment of those who implicitly believe them as those which  assert what Js .absolutely true actually  and very of tern false metaphorically.  For instance: "Where there's smoke  there's flre" and "Straws show which  way the wind blows." If by smoke wo  understand scandal and gossip, then  there is often a good deal of very nasty  smoke and no flre at all. Neither, metaphorically speaking, do straws show  which way the wind blows, for such aro  tho cross-currents of character that  you can seldom judge of its general  trend by a trivial action. A man may  save a penny and yet not be mean, or  throw.-away a pound without being  generous or even habitually extravagant.  Take, for instance, the common Yorkshire saying, "When in doubt do  nought." How very seldom the principle therein contained can be applied  with advantage. How many weak wills,  we should like to know, has this pestilential little proverb contributed to paralyze? "All things happen to those who  wait"���and so they ao wait, till the  only thing which is sure to happen to  every one does happen, and they die.  Cculd they but have realized that "he  who hesitates is lost" contains far more  truth than its opposite they might have  done something in life. Not that this  energetic assertion of an occasional  fact is by any means a. sure guide. Who  is not familiar with the man who never  hesitates before any decision and nearly  always laments his precipitation, usually aloud? Who has not got tired of  imploring such a one to make the best  of a bad job or of suppressing the obvious comment of "We tbld you so?"  All the same, believers in a motto which  spurs them into foolish action seems  to do better in the race of life than  those who rely upon one which  preaches nothing but caution. And  hasty people generally seem to arrive  at their goal, in however bad condition.  GREENWOOD,,December 9,���[Special  correspondence   to t The  Tribune. ���At  the last session of the provincial legislature among the/bills passed  toward  the close was "one granting a charter to  local men for the-Jpurpose of building  the Vernon and Midway railway. The  charter carried with it a bnus f $4000  per mile, for 125 miles, or a total of  $500,000.  The" owners since' then have  been on the point- bf negotiating more  than once with certain people    backed  with capital to build the road, bpt until recently capital'did not appear over  anxious o go into the venture. A deal  has at last been arranged, the particulars of which have? not yet been given  out to .the public.' it is stated 'and not  denied tha P. Aug";-Heinze of Butte is  at the head- of the-syndicate of American capitalists whojhave secured a control of he charter, inteiests,and have as  a boni fides of their. intention placed'  a considerablevsum j f money in a Victoria bank fr the purpose of protecting  the  charter  and   carrying  out  its  requirements as to the construction, etc.  The deal was arrahged- by Jacq Donald  of Grand Forks, wfio recently went over,  ���the  proposed   route   from  Midway   to  Vernon  accompanied  by James ��� Coyle,  CE. Mr. Coyle was one of Mr. Heinze's  head men during' te 'construction of the  Rsssl'and-Trail    narrow    guage.    road.  Within a short time a force of surveyors will be in the field in charge of Mr.  -Coyle. Partes will start out from Vernon  and  Midway .and  there  will also  be  a  force  working.throug the West  Fork valley. Work on me survey-is to  b�� pushed with- all possible speed and  Mr.  Coyle.' believes a. grade of .not to  exced   one  per  cent  will  be  obtained  without   great   difficulty.   Substantially  th'e route will be as follows:  Starting  at -Ver,non._ on' the, .rAtn.ith - end   bf  the_  Shuswap and Okanagn railway the line  wil) run directly south through a rich'  farming  country   3G  miles  to  Mission  Creole, skirting the west side of Long  lake, which is a parallel sheet of water  to Okanagan lake. At-Duck lake it starts  to take a long swing east, climbing the  north bank of Mission creek to Hydraulic  creek to its source in a flat open country.  It is then on the summit .overlooking the  valley of thc West Fork which it descends  by   an   easy   gradient   to 'the  townsite   of  Carmi,   passing Beaverdale  to Westbridge  a distance of 50 miles.    Westbridge is at  the  junction  of  the  West  Fork  with   thc  main Kettle river.    The route follows the  main  river  east   through  an  open  valley  to  Midway a distance of 20 miles.    From  ono who has been over the proposed route  the  correspondent  ot  The  Tribune  learns  that   no serious  difficulties are  to be  met  with, as for the most part it is through a  fairly  open  country.  Placing as it will the farming and mining districts in direct touch with one  another- the���building��� of��� the��� Vernon���&-  Midway railway Is much desired. Alroadv  the development < of the wonderful rich  mineral resources of the West Fork has  the Boundary mining camps���the natural  means of transportation, and the knowledge that arrangements have been completed to build'a railway through the district will doubtless add a needed impetus  to opening and working claims that at  present are neglected. Not only this, but  pending the construction of the proposed  Victoria, Vancouver & Eastern railway,  and even after that road is completed, tho  Vernon & Midway; road will always aid  several Important* farming and ranching  sections such as Cache creek, North and  South Thompson rivers, Shuswap, Grand  Prairie, Salmon river valley, Spalleme-  cheen valley, White valley, Vernon valley  and Mission volley. It will also give n  practically direct route from the towns of  the Boundary to the cities on the Coast,  and In this connection will shorten the  time of travel from 20 to 24 hours, and  avoid the present circuitous route via the  Arrow  lakes   and   Revelstoke.  At present produce from the farming  sections mentioned cannot be shipped to  the ooundary mining camps���the natural  market, with profit to the growers and  farmers, by the circuitous route outlined.  With the development of the numerous  camps up the West Fork a splendid market will be had right at home.  The Vernon & Midway railway charter  is owned by the following what interest has been conveyed to the parties who  nave agreed to build the road Is unknown,  Ttobert Wood and Thomas McDonnell of  Greenwood a third Intorest, James Dale  and James Kerr of Carmi a one third interest, and Messrs. Wilson and St. Clair  Kerr of Carmi a one third Interest and  Messrs. Wilson and St;-Clair of Victoria  of Viotoria the remaining third.  station gave the trio an enthusiastic send  off. -.   -  W. H. Thomas, consulting engineer of  the B. C. Copper Company, owning the  local smelter and the Mother Lode mine,  went out on today's train on his return  to New York. He' has been engaged for a  fortnight or three weeks exhaustively examining and sampling the Dominion Copper Company's Brooklyn, Stemwinder,  Idaho, and Rawhide mines at Phoenix,  which It is reported his New York principals may purchase.  Frederick Keefer, managor B. C. Copper  Company, left today on a business trip to  Rossland.  J. JL. Parker, superintendent Dominion  Copper Company's mines, accompanied by  Mrs. Parker, were passengers on today's  today's  outgoing train.  Mrs. Garland, wife of T. A. Garland,  owning the largest interest in the Ana-  'conda townsite, closed a short visit, here  today, and returned to mortage la Prairie?  Man1 toba.  D. C. Anderson, for some time past C.  P. R. baggageman at Greenwood, left  today for St. George, near Toronto, Ontario, where he will again fill a position  formerly occupied there as agent of ihe  Grand Trunk railway, his son taking the  position he vacated here.  Fred H. Oliver of Spokane, managing director of th* Morrispn ��� Mines, Limited." Is  now on a visit to the ^Morison mine, which  is. now making test shipments of ore to  the Granby and Trail smelters. The development at the 300 level Is- giving encouraging  results.  D B. Young a Smelter Builder  MISSION, December 9.��� via Vancouver.  ���[Special to The Tribune.]���D. R. Young  of 'Ashnola is here and announces the formation of a company - with prominent  American capitalists at Its back which  build a smelter in Similkameen. Preliminary work is to be started now and  actual building next May.  Reported here that the Nippon Yusen  Kaisha is interested In purchase of Hastings mill site, by the Great Northern railway, and that steamers of the large Japanese steamship company will ply to this  port. ,      -������12J--''  Placed Unler Civil Authority  ��� LfiNDOy, December 9.���Lord Onsldw,  parliamentary .secretary-ot the colonial  ofllce, speaking at Crewe last night, announced that the concentration camps in  .the control of the civic authorities; that no  them in'the'healthiest possible condition,  and lhat these concentiodos wlf-bing to  po to the coast would be freely-permitted  to d'.�� so.  Becruiting irr Third Contingent.  .,;ROSST_AND, December 9.���Captain John  Leckie, D. S.' O.,'- was ln this city "today  recruiting ,for the Canadian mounted  rifles, Ten vacancies were allotted to  Rossland and'there were 35 volunteers. This  choice finally, fell on the following:  Joseph Squires, George McKugo, F. R.  Maitlard, J. Brent,- E. J. Haywood, P.  Hendryx, D. Murray, J. Ross, and A K.  Cape, The men leave on Wednesday night  r.nd will be given a sondoff by local militiamen -and citizens. Captain l.e -kie  leaves in the morning for Nelson, where  he recruits another quota of 10 men.  Greenwood Local News.  GREENWOOD. December 9��� [Special to  Thc Trlbune.1���J. L. Meiklejohn, R. J.  Coulter, and Fred Gladden loft for Nelson  today with the Intention of offering their  services for the third contingent for South  Africa. Meiklejohn was formerly proprietor of a newspaper and claims In the  Yukon, but more recently interested In  mineral claims and townsite lands In the  Similkameen.    A  crowd   at  the   railway  No Chance of a Visitor From Mars  Unless you have a longer than ordinary lease of life there is little hope  that you will,live to shake hands with  a visitor from Mars.  The fascinating possibility of communication with this much-talked of  planet has been given a solar plexus  blow by the eminent astronomer, sir  -Robert���Ball,���now���lecturing���in���this  country.  The likelihood of signalling to Mars  has been so often discussed and intertwined with so much of a network of romance and speculation that sir Robert  Ball's plain statement that it is an impossibility is causing a popular sensation.      '  It is his array of figures that makes  sir Robert's statements impressive.  Mars, he points out, is one hundred and  fifty times as far away as the moon,  and it is difficult enough to get^accur-  ate information about the surface of  the moon. Any building on earth  would have to be at least one hundred  and fifty times as long and as broad as  it is before an Inhabitant of Mars, with  as powerful as telescope as we have on  earth today, might happen to see it  even if he were looking in this direction  and the ' atmosphere was " unusually  clear.  Using the modern methods of military signalling with flags, it would require a flag at least 300 miles long, 200  miles wide, attached to a pole 500 miles  long, to be waved to and fro before an  inhabitant of Mars looking through his  spyglass would be impressed with the  idea that there was anything unusual  going on. Or, if the imagination could  conceive of Lake Superior filled with  petroleum and set on fire, the great  blaze might appear as a speck of light  to an inhabitant of Mars who happened  to see it.  By the- Marconi wireless telegraphy  system, capable of sending a flash of  light seven times around this earth in  a second of time, it might be  possible to get a message to the  moon if .'the electric, force would  carry in about four seconds and to Mars  in about eight minutes; but there are  stars visible every night through the  telescope so remote that even if a Marconi message had been sent to them at  the moment of the crucifixion thc news  would not have reached there yet. There  are other stars visible, to the naked eye  that could not yet have received the  news of the battle of Waterloo if the  message had been sent by Marconi at  the time the engagement began.  The so-called "canals" on Mars, discredited as such of late years, are, according to sir Robert, canals after all.  He says that they are not the work of  nature, because nature does not work on  straight lines. These canals with the assured existence of arctic and tropical  regions, sir Robert said, are indications that human life is existent on  Mars. No permanent water and no river  can be discerned on Mars. What astronomers see are straight lines, or rather  lines falling in circles around the  globe. These are undoubtedly canals in  a great state of development. It Is not  known that these canals carried off the  Ice and snow that melted during the  summer season, but it is a fact that the  observation of the canals Is clearer at  the season of the year when it may be  assumed that the snow and Ice are melting.    Won't .Consent to Transfer.  i ;.NBW YORK; Dcember- 7.���The- high  court of justice, chancery division, has  declined to consent to the proposed  transfer of the life department of the'  Atlas Assurance Company to the Pelican Life Insurance, says a dispatch to  the Journal of Commerce, from London. The terms of the arrangement  would have relieved the Atlas capital  from all -liability under the life policies of the Atlas. It is intimated that  this complication may' be a serious  stumbling block in the way of the consummation of the Phoenix-Atlas amalgamation.  Bank Wrecker Gets Another Beroa*rJ.  LONDON, December 9.���H. St. John  Dix, who Is charged with larceny'committed in the United States and who is  alleged to have wrecked the Scandinavian-American bank at Whatcom, Washington, was again remanded at the Bow  Street police court this morning, until  December 17th, in spite of the protests of  the^United States embassy officials. Counsel for the prisoner said that he had not  had time to examine the extradition  papers. Dix, ' who luuiced exceedingly  dapper, addressed the court in support of  a further remand, declaring "there is a  lot which is not true in these papers."  SPORTING NEWS  EXCITING BILLIARD CONTEST IN NEW YORK.  BOXING    CONTEST   FOB    POINTS:  ENDS IN A FBEE-FOR-ALL /  r    MIX-UP.  Bis Grant to a University.  SAN FRANCISCO, - December 9.���Mrs.  Jane L.' Stanford today executed^and delivered to the board of trustees of the Lo-  land Stanford University two deeds of  grant -and one deed of " gift. One of. the  deeds of grant covers Jhe university campus of about 9000 acres. The other deed  of. grant covers the Stanford resid-mce  which eventually is to be used for educational purposes. Mrs. .Stanford has now  given the equivalent of over $25,000,000 io  tho university. . -  .  NEW T-ORK, December 9.���The surprise ..���"--/*i  of the international btiliard tournament .< ''  was sprung today in the afternoon when'/'''  George Sutton of Chicago defeated George ' ��"*- ,-  Slosson of New York by a score of 400 to ������'*���..  136. Slosson opened and failed -to .score.-,.''"������  Sutton gathered in 39 in his flrst inning. ��� ,"���*  At the conclusion of the seventh' inning ' ,  the score stood 230 to 25 in Sutton's favor. ,. *  From this point to the end of the game x.:X  Slosson never had a chance' of winnings ���"'-"  Sutton won out in an unfinished run of -.'������'  31 in his 2'ith inning. .   '���;:  Good Men Promoted. - %  MONTREAL,- December 9.���At the meet-  ���- ,'  Ing of  the  C.  P.  R.  directorate  today,  I.   ' ������* .,...  G.   Ogden was appointed  third vice-prest- - ��� i?jZf  dent and comptroller and George. M. Bos-:"''.���&$���  worth fourth vice-president and operating- CvV^g  manager. * .'-������-  4  "ft 'A-  ->*l  -    , Can> Fight in-Ontario.  BUFFALO. . December ' 9.���A morning  paper says: "Manager Herman" of tlie International Athletic Club received word  last night from the office of the attorney-  general of Ontario that there will be no  Interference in the Ferns-Walcott contest, to be held at Porterier on the even-  ins; of December 18th."  EASTERN CANADIAN NEWS  Wired in Brief.  HALIFAX, December 9.���Fifty applicants presented themselves here for enlistment in the new Canadian corps for  South   Africa  this  morning.  LONDON, Ontario, December 9.���Dr.  Graham and tho young girl Kilbournc  have been committed for trial at tho  winter assize In connection with the death  of the latter's infant.  _QUEBEC, D-_combe__9,___Recrult!ng__for_  the new Canadian contingent for South  Africa was commenced In this city tbis  morning. Number allotted to Quebec district is 35, but up to one o'clock only 20  applicants  had  mado an appearance.  LETHBRIDGE. December 9.���The Alberta Railway & Coal Company's bridge  spanning Milk river, near thc United  States boundary.' wan destroyed by firo  yesterday. Traffic with Great Falls will  be out off for a few diiys. A large gang  of men are rebuilding It.  HAMILTON, Decembor 9.���The Bank of  Montreal has brought suit against James  Dixon, J. Modle, J. R. Murdlo. C. W.  Modlo and J. \V. Sutherland, all of Hamilton, and J. A. Kammer, Toronto, to recover from each of tho defendants $15,-  000 on a guarantee for stock taken In Imperial Cotlon Company by John Patterson. The bunk Is also suing the company  for J97.O0O.  Sunday Observance in Montreal.    ;'  MONTREAL, December 9.���For. some *  time past there has been a noticeable in-'  crease iri the number of stores doiiig-bus- :  ienss here on Sunday. Becoming-emboldened, the proprietors'sought to'make the"  opening legal by securing an amendment -  of thc civic regulations. They should have ;  left well enough alone. Their - action*  aroused action on the part of .the"Sunday;"  observance people, and as arosult the'eity'" ,,,.-,,  council was today presented .with petitions^l-S?!  from fifty city churches, among the slgna-"^-^;  tures are archbishop Bond and\archbishdpj:%��;tJI/=  Bruchesl. The council thereupon not onlyA/'lfsS  refund to make the amendment, but or-.-^^;  dered a vigorous enforcement of the pres-'-^*4,y  cnt Sunday by law. ,;   '   .     \.~   '������*_, ZZf-^y   "    '���*   i       ~"- yzx:��2\  The Bicycle Score * - ,r^  NEW YORK,., December 9.-Five ' thous-^^iPl  and people watched the contest tonight.^'-v'^'i  Gougholtz slipped on the bank' at<-'th<*K ��3-;^  northeast en-l of the oval and fell heavily!*jS��*%j  injuring both of his knees. At 8:30 o'clock^ %;����'  .the management .announced ���the - retire';'*'*%'?^,  tment oftjthe French team. Simar and*' "'"'  Gouholtz.-'-'Th6"t'eariis total' was_ .21 -nilles  and 5 laps. The midnight score is as follows:  lows:  McEachran   and   Walthour.  Fisher   and   Chevalier   Nowkirk   and   Munro   Maya   and    Wilson   Butler   and    McLean   fvlng   and   Samuelson 434  Lawson   and   Julius 494'  Babcock   and   Turville 494-'  Hall   and   McLaren 49}  Fredericks   and   Jack 494  Lepoutre   and   Muller 493  Kin sad t   and   Franks ,  ��  i"1  T  1"S  "U^J"  it  i  VV  !���#  ��.'",-*'���  *-��'  t  - ,V**J  ' ������:%������  1  lit  Miles Laos   49i     '3'"   494 --,-3,'   V-J94 -3r.   191-   ,3-:  Ai)l~  3-'  V..'.:&  n /-���-���-���  2  2-  -"^tsi.  '" ~ >*.l  'VW_i|  . JCp'i^"  ���**���   ^"tP  via  ..491  Shipment From Molly Hughes Property  Harry Shera of New Denver was in  Nelson yesterday on his way home from  the Trail smelter, where he and his  partners in'the Molly Hughes property  have just delivered another car of high  grade ore. The returns from this shipment have not yet been received, but  from thre former cars it is expected  that the 20 tons will net the owners  something over $1000 after deducting  freight ar.d treatment. The Molly  Hughes output is a dry_ore with silver  and gold values. In all 62 tons have  been shipped to the Trail smelter,  which after deducting a freight and  treatment rate of ?14.50 per ton netted  the owners something over $3000. It  is understood that a reduction of $5.50  has heen made by Harry Sheran of New  Denver was in Nelson yesterday on way  home from the Trail smelter, where he  and his partners in the Mollie Hughes  property have just delivered ��� another  car of high grade oro. The returns from  this shipment have not yet been received, but from the returns from three  former cars it is expected that the 20  tons will net the owners something  over $1000 after deducting freight and  treatment.  The Refpree Made His Escanp.  NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE. December 9.���  Charley McKeever ot Philadelphia and  Jack Palmer met here tonight in what  was to have been a ten-roud bout for a  purse of $2000.   McKeever weighed 14S and,  -Palmer���166���]>ounds. Palmer���fouled-^ro1^  peatedly   during   the   first   round  but  McKeever  clearly   out  classed   him.    At   the  beginning of the second  round  the crowd,,  broke   into   the   ring  and   a   general   fight^  ensued.    The   referee,   after  declaring  tho  fight "no  contest,"  made his escape.  ���".it-  Co: lin t Te Tirproved,  GRAND FORKS, December S.���(Special to Thei Tribuno.)���-Mr. Stei-nfiScW ���  of the American Metal Company of Ne*r  York has left here for Phoenix. In an  Interview he said: "r came west with  the object of making another tour of.  the Boundary country, of which we  hear so much of in Now York, but primarily to ascertain by personal observa;  tion the prospects of the Granby company in the way of quantity of output  of matte or blister copper and to inspect its ore reserves at Phoenix. Tho  company with which 1 am connected  is one of thn largest buyers of ores,  matte and bullion on the continent.  Weighing my words, I must admit  that the Granby smelter proved a revelation to me Both in regard to equipment and methods of ore treatment, as  well as in respect on tne possibilities  of tonnage no improvement could be  suggested. [ believe the Granby plant  is treating its ore more cheaply than  any other copper matting plant in ex-,  istence, largely because these ores are  self-fluxing and on account of the  cheap of power. This second consideration is a vital one in itself. I am looking forward with interest to my Phoenix trip. The inauguration of the use  of steam shovels in quarrying ores on  the Knobhill certainly mark a novel  departure in gold cepper mining, and  has merited all the attention it is receiving in the mining world."  Max O'Rell (Paul Bluett) the  French writer and lecturer, is sick  in New York.  >:-iKi\-je-"X^'ii*>?-'$'' '-  ���aaes&x**-" i^ujiir-rifc fpi'n-rfriM  ��� ���,���-,������irr-.i^..,^.,.rr.~T-.  THE NELSON TRIBUNE, TUESDAY  MORNING,:' DECEMBER 10, 1901  ��'  Sj  Uf  I  m  m  Is-'.'J  Ie1*-  IW  fl!  i /-"j? >-.  Ist_>;  I'-'." A  I  ft  ��  k  II  EfJ'i'  I--  in  ii'.  ii'.  IK  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ���__Si^'i__i'^'^SL'^'^S'^S'^'-^<-<^i_\i z^i^SL&G;  to  AL ���  yto  BOOTS AND  SHOES  "We Lave lately received-a large consignment of all the newest styles and makes of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes,  including the most up-to-dat8 styles.  Special attention is drawn to a large assortment of Ladies'  Fine Evening Slippers, one, two and three-strap with French  leather heels.   Ladies'Queen Slippers, the newest and nattiest.  Ladies' pretty Felt Slippers made by the celebrated "Dolge  Felt Boot" makers.  We are sole agents for the Jenness Miller Hygenic Shoe,  Our stock of Men's heavy and light Walking Boots second to  none.   Nor is our stock of Eubbers and Overshoes.  Women's and Misses Oardegans at the low price of $1.75 and  $1.50 respectively.  A large assortment of Boys and Girls Boots, especially made  neat and strong for school wear, to choose from.  WATCH   OUR   WINDOWS  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY  BAKER STREET, NELSON, B. 0.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  JJ}  ^k'_______j-_L__Lsi;&st&&^-��;^ ik'i *^^^'-22'r&^^&2_*^&:0*.fi  NEW  BOOKS  "We have not completed the extensive alterations to  our   store   yet,   but  that does not prevent us from doing  business. New books are continually  being added, as the following list  shows:  ' The Man From Glengary Connor  Warwick of the Knobs Uri Lloyd  Young  Barbarians Ian   McLaren  Berjen   Worth Wallace   Lloyd  Farewell   Nikola Jay   Boothby  Strategems and Spoils.".. .W. A. White  1' oi'ma  GordeefC Maxim  Jorkey  That  Girl Montana Ryan'  Tlie   Sensationalist Pier  The Right of Way Gilbert Parker  All in handsome cloth bindings.  MORLEY & LAING  Successors to Thomson Stationery Co., Ltd. t  NELSON. B.C.  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid np���..$12,000,000.00  BEST    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS        427,180.80  defendant before hiin, tries him Without  a jury, adjudges hra guilty of a violation  of the commands of the writ formulated  by the judge himself in the absence of  the defendant, and sentences him to a  punishment not defined by law, but  resting in the -breasto f such judge. Is  not such a proceeding by the judge  government by injunction and a substitute for trial by jury?  If judges can create new offenses unknown to the statutes, prejudge defendants by anticipation, convict them  without trial by jury and prescribe penalties out of hand for acts not prohibited by law, the guarantees contained  in the constitution are of no avail. If  the courts are correct in construing the  right of injunction as they have done of  late, there is nothing to prevent an autocratic judiciary from making still  further encroachments upon the liberty  of the individual.���Philadelphia North  American.   *   The Tinhorns Are Worse.  Nowadays we hear a lot of the cruel  way in which the capitaliststic class  puts the screws down oi the thumbs of  the poor man yet its mightylittle we  hear of the oppression exercised by the  nimble fingered fraternity called "tinhorns" on the same hapiess creation." It  is a fact that these gentry get away  with more of the miner's hard earned  dollars than capital, squeezes out of  him. Yet, it is rarely you hear him  kicked at although there 'is not one in  ten of the men who go up against him  who do not know that he is not talqjpg  any more chances than is necessary to  preserve the fineness of his "graft.���  Trout Lake Topic.  ji^s f&\ <SLiSLz'i^j'SLzSLzSLz^'*^'���___**"^'��*%00*0*��� �������  '00  .?.   �����*. ��� �����������* '^ ��� >���* ������***. ��� ^ ������**������������^��� *^^*S^-^��� *8?-^��� *^'��  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President)  Hon; Georgo A. Drummond "Vice-President  8. S. Cloi'ston General Manager  NBLSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay !  A. H. BUCHANAN,  Streeta.  Manager.  . -.ranches In London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all tho principal cities ln Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  ivailable in any part of the world.  Drafts Issuod, Collections Made, Eto.  Saving's Bank Branch  OCBBBNT KATK OF INTKHBST PAID.  ��tte ��rtbwte  ��� Tr  :���  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.  Daily by mail,  one month .' I   60  Daily by mail, three months  1 la  DaUy by mail, six months 2 oO  Dally--by mail,  one year 5 00  Semi-weekly by mail,  three months...     50  Semi-weekly by mall, six months 1 00  Semi-weekly by  mall,   one  year 2 00  -   postage to Great Britain added.  ADVERTISING   RATES.  Display Advertisements run "regularly  per inch per month $4 00  If run less than a month, per. inch per  insertion      25  Classified Ad i and Legal Notices, per   ,'  word-.for first insertion       1  For each additional insertion, per  word       1-2  ���Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classified), per line per month      50  Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per line  per month'     _S  Address all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION.   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Nelson, B. C.  * *  * NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS +  + BY   CARRIER. *  *   *  * On Saturday next, subscribers <*���  ���!��� wh9se Tribunes are delivered by ���!���  _Hi-^,carfier_wilL^be_expected__to_pay_^*_  * the carrier TWENTY CENTS, the *  *:- subscription price for the current *5*  ���i* week. +  * *  ceived directly or indirectly one dollar  for the publication or suppression of  news relating to mines or. mining companies. It has pnnted hundreds of columns, of mining news, and no prospector, miner? mine manager, mine owner,  or company promoter was ever asked  for money, either directly or indirectly,  for,j either publishing or suppressing  news. Undoubtedly, some of the news  printed could be construed-as "boom,!',  and some of it, no doubt, was unreliable; but the 'inten was good as far as  The Tribune was concerned. No special  credit is deserved for adopting and adhering to such a policy; but no man has  ever lost a dollar in mining in British  Columbia through wilful or paid-for  misrepresentations appearing in The  Tribune.  The'^Tribune is in possession of information that goes to show that the  Fetcher-Selous combine have been a  trifle hasty in asking the people to vote  them $10,000 purposes.' No such sum  is needed according to tlieir own showing, and it is known that the government is disposed to treat Nelson at  least not unfairly as compared with  its more than fair treatment of Rossland. The $10,000 for tbe publis schools,  the $50000 for the isolation hospital (tho  one   thing   that   alderman Sekius is_._  More Chinese Murders.  SAN FRANCISCO December 7.���Another Chinese has been murdered as a  result of the Wong Chin family feud  in Chinatown. While walking along  the street Wong Get was approachad  from behind and shot four times in  the back,, the-wound proving fatal in a  short time' The murdered threw-away  his pistol and- ran up the street to a  nearby house, where he was found by  the police. He gave his name as Yee  Loon,  THECANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH'WHICH IS-AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.   "-'  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  VINE &  to  to  to  ON THUBSDAY OF  THIS WEEK WE WILL  SELL THE BALANCE  OF OUE STOCK OF  LADIES' MANTLES AND COSTUMES  to  to  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund.  '    .-     -   ��� 38.000,000  -      -      -   $2,000,000  ACCREGATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Qeo, A. Cox,  President.  B   E. Walker,  General Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Street., B. O.  Sew York   Office, 16   Exchange. Place.  and .(ft Branches in Canada and the  United States.  AND CHILDREN'S COATS AT HALF PRICE   %  to  to WE WILL ALSO SHOW EXCEPTIONAL BARGAINS IN LADIES' FLANELETTE-WEAR /{\  to to  to GOODS   AND   PRICES   TO SUIT ALL ��\  ���|* 36 Baker Street, Nelson. W  'i&0  j "--''. ���05k *  ���^*'��r*000*00~*00*000*000*00 *00*0^'l��_'00'0*0'00*00'*00'0^'��� 00*    viV  L^^���^��^r��!j��'^O^'}^*��S'^"jS'^S-"J&'^B^*^^*^fi^"�����*^"a*'0f  ^^a *^^ * ^^ *^h^ * ^**^ **^^ * ^^K "*^K^ * *^^ "''���^ * *^fe "''''^^ * **^k *^S^ *^*K ���'^^ * *^*^ *      ^��0    ' __\^0 ' 00' 00 ' 00' _t\0 ' 00' 0^ ' 00' 00 ' 00' ^0 ' 00' ^0 ' 00' ^0 ' ^0 * .^0  VINE & CO.  which do not immediately produce a return. Thus, periodically, ��� he locks up  more than is wise in bricks and mortar  and steel. Even in his prudent * moods  he does not. keep much actual cash, but  he likes to keep his capital growing. He  does not believe in gut-edge security;  except .for insurance'companies and savings banks, because capital does not increase .fast, enough in 3 per cent stuff.  His admirers have been asserting that  he is going to be a great banker, if he  is not one already." Probably he will be,  some time, but that time is distant.  ARCHITECTS.  A.  C.  EWART.���ARCHITECT,  ROOM 3,  Aberdeen Block,  Baker Street; Nelson.  DRAYAGE.  FURNITURE, PIANOS. SAFES; ETC.,  moved carefully at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson. Phone 270, Prosser's second Hand store. Ward street.  FURNITURE.  BEWARE OF IMITATIONS  Our Compound Syrup of White  Pine and Tar  CURES COUGHS AND COLDS  The Trihuni- is forced to ask its  subscribers to overlook its shortcomings this morning. Bucking  and broken Merganthalers, like  imbrokeu bronchos, are exasperating.    The alarmist statements regarding British Columbia made by Robert Ward when passing through  Toronto on his way to London,  England, are strongly at variance  with the opinions of Mr. Sternfield  of the American Metal Company of  -New York, who is on a tr ip of inspection through the Boundary  country. Mr. Sternfeld admits  that what he saw at the Granby  smelter at Grand Forks was a revelation to him. It is true Mr. Sternfeld is nofc at all interested in the  political situation. Tn this respect  lie differs from Mr. Ward.  The assertion by the Canadian Mining Review of Ottawa that the reply to  its-'strictures on the Granby company's  methods of doing business was published in "boom sheets" will not hold  water. There are no more conservative  newspapers in the country than the  Vancouver News-Advertiser and The  Tribune, and the B. C. Mining Record  of Victoria and the Mining and Engineering Journal of New Yory have never  been classed as "boom" journals. So far  as The Tribune is concerned, during the  nine years it has been published, its  owners aad managers have never re-  "sweet" on), and the $5000 for the fire  alarm system were introduced for only  one purpose, and that purpose was to  try and defeat the endorsement of tiie  ?] 50,000 for the electric power plant,  tl remains to be seen whether the property owners of Nelson will allow themselves to be "jobbed" in the interests  of the West Kootenay Power & Light  oCmpauy.  ���Tames M. Keilie of Revelstoke occupies, a column and a half in the Nelson Miner of Sunday attempting to  prove that The Tribune is in favor of  disfranchising tho people of Revelstoke  nad Golden. Jf the people of these two  towns arc all as foolish as Keilie is,  they slioud  be franchised. ���  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.' Present rate  throe per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  - . - Manager Nelson Branch.  The Panacea for Trust Evil.  WASHINGTON, ' December 8.���Pubr  licity, which is -president Roosevelt's  theory of the legislation- best adapted  to restrict the trust-evil, is provided for  upon an elaborate scale in a bill introduced by representative Littlefield of  Maine. It. requires all corporations engaged in interstate commerce "to file  returns-with the secretary of the treasury disclosing their true financial condition, and of their capital stock, and  imposing* a tax .upon surh as have outstanding capital stock .unpaid in. whole  or n part."  Before" September 1st of each year all  corporations engaged in interstate commerce must make reports, upon blanks  which the government will provide for  that purpose, giving their name and the  Property owners, if you would see  your real estate increase in value, vote  FOR By-Law No 102.  Increase of Government Injunction.  The pointed commems of judge Tuley  before the Iroquois Club of Chicago  upon the rapid development of government injunction cannot fail to arrest  the attention of the thoughtful. With  he past twelve months judges in the  United States and Canada have been  particularly busy-reading new theories  into the law which they are supposed  to interpret. In their eagerness to exercise authority at critical moments  they have arrogated to themselves not  only the right of the legislative power  to make laws but the duty of the administrative branch of the government  to enforce them. The fashion having  once been set, there has grown a sort of  rivalry betwea the courts of equity as  to which one can go the farthest. The  process of the usurpation of power by  the judiciary is thus briefly described  by judge Tuley:  The judge, without hearing the defendant, decrees what he shall or shall  not do in advance and without a hearing, enforces the performance of the  commands of the writ, then brings the  place and date of their organization, and  the same nformation respecting constituent companies. If there has been' 'a  reorganization the name of the original  corporaton must be given with the same  .information as- to all* prior companies  in the chain of organization.  These reports must show the amount  of capital stock, authorized number of  shares, par value, whether common or  preferred and distinction, between each,  tho amount issued and outstanding, the  amount paid in, and whether in cash or  property,, and if in property, describing  in detail the kind and character, with  tho cash market.;value at- the time paid  in. The total indebtedness also must  be shown, giving its nature and the purpose for which it was incured.  The reports .also must set forth the  assets at prevailing prices and the liabilities, with current, assets and liabilities, total earnings anu income, operating expenses, interest, taxes, maintenance, permanent improvements, net  earnings and dividends declared, with  rate and date during preceding year, and  the salaries of officers and wages of employees. Swearing to a false report is  made perjury, punishable as such under  the criminal statutes.  Corporations '.engaged in interstate  commerce whose capital is not fully  paid in are required to pay an annual  tax on their capital stock. The tax is  made a first lien, and corporations failing to pay it shall be restricted from  doing interstate business. '-  The secretary ofthe treasury is required to publish-for free distribution  a list of al corporations thus reporting.  America's Credit Belations.*''  NEW YORK.-DecemDer 8.-r-An' article  by thefinahcial editor of tK'e London  Times pn the credit relations of the  Lnited States and Great Britain has  appeared. In the opinion of the editor  the United States is in the position of  a young, vigorous and honest manufacturer, who has also had great success  as a farmer, and who is able to command lirst class credit at his banker's.  He makes a great deal more net income  than he needs, and employes all that he  does not spend in extending his business. He has occasional fits of exhu-  berant energy and enthusiasm, when he  borrows   largely  to   construct   works  Getting Rather Monotonous  NEW YORK, December 6.���The Paris  correspondent of the London Times  quotes a/dispatch-from The Hague correspondent of the;Temps in regard to  the-reports of...a, serious quarrel between queen Wilhelmina and her husband, prince Henry-of. the-Netherlands.  ,The Temps vouches for the" correspondent as. from a"contributor who has the  reputation "of .sending accurate information: The -correspondent says the  malicious rumors. in regard to the  queen and prince Henry are fabrications  of . cheap society" papers in Holland.  He adds: "It is a most-happy thing  that there' is no "domestic strife, the  queen loves her husband and harmony  has -always .prevailed."  LONDON', December 6.���-A dispatch  to the Evening Ne'*ws from The Hague  published' today says peace reigns at  the palace, and the happiest man in  Holland is major Van Tots . who was  wounded in defense of the 'queen by  prince Henry, or as all the Dutchmen  now- contemptuously call him, "the  German." ���     '  IMPERIAL BANK  of   o_a_:n\a_:d-a.  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day  /phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next  new postoffice building, Vernon street,  Nelson.  WHOLESALE. DIEEOTORY  ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES.  Capital (paid up)��� -=-$2,500,000  Rest       -      -      -    $1,850,000  ,  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  i Branches in Northwest Territories.. Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.  H. S. HOWLAND *.  .President.  ,D. R. WILKIE ..Qeneral Manager.  E. HAY .......Inspeotor.  NELSON   BRANCH,  BURNS BLOCK.      ���  A Kenoral banking business transacted.  Savings Department,���Deposits received and  interest allowed.  DraftR pold, available In all parts of Canada,  United States and Kurope.  Special attention given to collections;  J. M. LAY, Manager.  CLASSIFIED ADS.  ARTICLES FOR SALE.  SEWING MACHINES OF AL.li KINDS  for sale or.re it at the Old Curiosity Shop.  FOR SALB.-  W. F. TEETZEO & CO.-CORNER OF  Baker ' and Josephine streets, Nelson,  wholesale dealers ln assayer's supplies.  Agents for Denver Fire Clay Company,  Denver, Colorado.   ~^~^J^^YS^S^t^}Y^}YY^L^^^  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY &  Construction Company���Wholesale dealers  ln telephones, annunciators, bells,' batteries, electric fixtures and appliances. Houston Block, Nelson.  .     ' -FRESH AND SALT MEATS;  P. ���' BURNS & CO.-BAKER STREET.  Nelson, wholesale dealers in fresh and  cured' meats. Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY,'LIM-  Ited.���Vernon street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO;���FRONT  street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.  A. MACDONALD & CO.���CORiN ER OF  Front and HaU streets, Nelson, wholesale  grocers and jobbers in blankets, gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers, macklnaws and miners'- sundries.  J: Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-FRONT STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers ln provisions,  cured meats, butter and eggs.   LIQUORS AND DRY  GOODS.  TURNER, BEETON & CO.���CORNER  Vernon and Josephine streets. Nelson,  Lwholesale_dealers_ln_Hquors,_clgars and_dry_  goods. Agonts for Pabst Brewing Company  of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Com-  pany of Calgary.  NOTICES OF "MEETINGS.  ._.___'__ FRATERNAL SOCIETIES. _"'  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Regular meetings first and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  are ��� cordially invited to , attend. Dr. *W.  Rose, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets second Wednesday ln  ,   each   month.   Sojourning   brethren  ���V, invited.  Beware of the "Just as Good" kind.  Insist on.getting the Genuine C. D. &  B. Compound Syrup, of White Pine and  Tar. ,    "  CANADA DRUG & BOOK GO.  K.-W.-C. Blook.       Corner Ward ��nd Baker St a  " SEAGRAM "  THE LEADING CANADIAN WHISKEY  TRY IT  IN BULK, 2, 4, and 7 years old.  IN CASES, '83 and Star.  Delivered from the warehouse in Nelson  R. P. RITHET & CO., LTD.  VICTORIA, B. C.  A. B. GRAY,  Kootenay Representative.  NELSON, B. C.  P. O. BOX 521  IMPERIAL BBEWINft COMPANY  KMKRSON & ltKISTKRKR.  fo  FOR SALE OR TO RENT ��� A PIANO;  nearly now.   Apply R. W. Day, Madden block. ���  HELP WANTED.  WANTED���LAD Y COMPANION OR BO ARD-  or, for Winter months; comfortablo homo. Address Box 79, Nelson.  WANTED���THE CARE OF OFFICES OR  rooms. Will go out to do housework by tho  hour or day. Orders left at Tho Tribune ofllce,  addressed to Mrs. Curry, will havo prompt  attention.  LOST.,  ~^_l_0UT~&3O;H^^  twech William Hunter &*Co.'s store, tho post-  office and the C.P. It-. Land office on West Baker  streot, a silver open-fticed watch with photo on  face; gold chain and four charms; S3 gold piece  a gold locket, a gold heart and a moss-agato min.  nture curling stone. Finder will behandsomely  rewa'dedby returning same to William Hunter  & Co.'s store. .  BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  CHOP HOUSE.  "pioneer    cSop~^^5S8SY~joiSS  Spear, proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  Baker Btreet, Nelson. Open day and night  Lunches a.  m NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F. O. B.���  Meets second and fourth - Wednesdays of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER NO.  123, Ci. R,C���Hoots third Wednesday. Sojourn-  ing companions invited. Chus. G. Mills, Z;  Thos. J. Sims, S. K.  .    - .  YYE^S^J^zJ_i^^L^}S^^  JUJUNiiaiS    UiMUjN,  iso.  %,   W.  F.  Of Al.���  Meets In Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Ma-  line mon 13.60, hammersmen $3.25, muck-  jrs, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3. '  . BARBERS' UNION, NO. 196, OF THE  international Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets first and third Mondays  o* each month in Miners' Union HaU at  8:30 sharp. Visiting members Invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. c: Gardner, recording  secretary.  r LAUNDRY WORKERS' UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary.  CARPENTERS'"UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  In- Miners' Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex. B. Murray,  secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE-FIRST  and third Fridays ln each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:S0 sharp. Walter R.  Kee. president: Henry Bennett, secretary.  COOKS AND WAITERS UNION NO. Ul,  W. L. U., meets at Minors' Union Hall on second and last Tuesdays in every month at 8:30  p.m. sharp. A. B. Sloan, president: J. P. For-  restell, secretary H. M. Fortior, flnancirl secretary.  BREWERS OF THE'BEST""^-  LAGER BEER  STEAM BEER  AND PORTER  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  **************:****.*.*.**:*.*  Coffee Roasters  Dealers m Tea and Coffee  ************************  We are offering at lowest prices tho best  grades o   Ceylon; India, China and Japan  -L6&S*  Our Best1, Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound  8   40  Mocha and Java Hlend, 3 pounds  1 00 ���  Choice Blend Coffeo, I pounds  1 00  .Special E.\end Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00  Rio Blond Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00  Special Blond Coylon Tea, por pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  A COMPLETE LINE OF  Front Doors,  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and'coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  When you want the Best, ask for  IMPERIAL BEER.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBBWSBS AND BOITUEEUB OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.  BRBWBRY  AT  NELSON  OYSTER COCKTAILS -  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE  MANHATTAN  OYSTER COCKTAILS '  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE   MANHATTAN  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  Of all kinds  I�� WHAT TOU WANT 18 NOT IN STOCK  i      WB WILIi MAKE IT FOB TOO1  CALL AND GET PRICES,  J. A. Sayward  HAIX AND JiKKX HTRRRT8. NKI.HOW  *te  OK    COURSE    VOU    WANT c-TJIB     UKST-  , THEN   OO   TO  ARTHUR    QEE  in Tremont Block.   Ho will suit vou.  Large stock of imported season's goods.  **���* *** ���*** ���*** <&  \  m  fi.  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STJBEET  ALL THE BEST BRAND8       '  LIQUORS   AND   CIQAR8.  Telephone 145  ORDER YOUR  Telephone 35  WEST TRANSFER GO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and  Transfer  Work.  ��� AgentaforHardand Soft Coal.   Imperial'Oil"  Company.   Washington Brick, Lime & Manu',  featuring Company.   General commercial agents  and brokers. ���   -  ���  All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery  telephone ui.   Office 184 Balder St.  \ FROM ;    Z  NELSON FREIGHTING AND TRANSFER CO.  iU-Mea eupp;  specialty. Picnic and traveling:  ?lled on Bbortest notice.  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERT  1 Monday evening ln the Elliot Block, at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vict, secretary. P. O. Box IO.  ANTHRACITE /\ND ROSLYN  ALWAYS ON HAND  Office: Baker Stroet, -v  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 285.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:  Two Doors West C. P. R. Offlee  ���xzgxinnTTTTTTTtTTxrTTTrmzgnxixxazxxxpraarix  THEO MADSON  i:'-������'��� '���'���'   :'     MANUFACTURER OP  TFNTS AND AWNINGS  P. O. Box 76 NELSON,  B. O.  r ���_. i  ajxu nxxxxxxxxxixxxxszs.xxxxiixxixixzxi:mr.Exxi?.mxc  NEWLING & CO.  AUCTIONEE^VALUERS, ETC.  Kootenay Street next door to Oddfellows' Hall*!  P. O. Box 633      . NELSON, B.C.  i��  ! -M ���HMWW!l��M*i*��i����uumii��.mM ���,.���-_���___?g*_:  *y��t*y  *F  O  BI:  J*.  Pi  It  If  THE ffELSOtf TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY  MORNING, DECEMBER  10 1901  CLOSING OUT /ANNOUNCEMENT  Martin O'Reilly & Co. in making their closing out announcement, and beg to tender their thanks to  their many friends and customers for past patronage during.the time they have been in business in Nelson. We propose giving the public generally, a, life's opportunity in buying Dry Goods at prices never  bofore approached in the Kootenays or elsewhere. During the past week our store has presented a very  lively appearance and we feel satisfied that our many customers went away highly pleased with tlieir bargains. The startling reductions in every department has been the means of greatly reducing our stock, but  we still have an enormous stock of goods tosell. And if price breaking can do it, another week will see our  fixtures with considerably less goods onthem.  HOSIERY  AND   KNIT  WEAR.  UNDER-  17 dozen black wool Hose in sizes  Sh, 9 and 9i, were 35 cents, now 25.  Children's, plain and ribbed hose,  just the thing for school -wear, at  20 aud 25 cents per pair..  Children's knit vests and drawers,  n white and grey, all sizes, from  25 cents up.  A very, special line in women's*  vests, in white only. A well finished garment. They were 85 cents,  now 50 cents.  Our leader   in  grey   and white  vests that were 90 cents, now 05  cents.  A limited number of ladies' corner  binations are out for this .sale at  75 cents. ,  "kid gloves;  We still heve a fairly good assortment of shades in Perrin's 'Famous Gloves. Those that were  $1.25, now 90 cents. Our best make  $1.50, now $1.10.  CORSETS,  GIRDLES   AND COR  SET WAISTS.  The 75c quality, now 40 cents.  The $1.00 ^quality, now 00 cents.  The $1.25 quality, now 85 cents.  The $1.50 quality, now $1.10.  A full line of D. & A. corsets in  better grades are all reduced on a  similar basis.  Children's corset waists that are  sold everywhere at 75 and 90 cents,  are now selling for 50 cents.  We have a snap in two or three  dozen mens' boiled shirts, size  16,  16  1-2 and 17, worth from $1  to  I $1.25, now 25 cents.  0'Reilly 0  CLEARING OUT SALE  DRESS SKIRTS IN BLACK AND  NAVY.  Just two or three of these black  and navy dressy skirts that were  $7.50, now $4.75.  Our $5.50 and $6.50 black creponne skirts are now marked $3.75  and $4.50.  We have quite a few tailor made  suits still left and as we have no  intention of taking them with us  we have re-marked them as follows:  Suits that were $10 now $5.  .   Suits that were $15 now $8.  The better suits are marked away  down  GO THEY MUST.  WOMENS' RAIN COATS.  ALL SIZES.  Rain coats   that   were $7   now  $4 90.  Rain coats (Raglan) that were  $12 now $7.  Here's a snap we came near missing.  A lot of children's jackets in navy  ahd navy corded in cardinal and  white that were $5.50 going at $2.  Also four or five others that were  $4.50 are now $1.50.  DRESS DEPARTMENT.  There are several dress patterns  in lengths of 0 yards that were  $4.50 are now $2 25. -  Every piece of dress goods is  marked to sell.  A lot of figured black and fancy  dress goods that were 75 cents now  40 cents.  DOxMESTIC DEPARTMENT.  Towels, quilts prints, sheeting,  pillow, cotton and comforters are  away down to rock-bottom prices  which will appeal to every thrifty  housewife.  Ribbons, laces and embroideries  have come in for their share of price  cutting. And all kinds of small  wares and trimmings will; be given  special attention.  ������iAvK  i___  Martin O'Reilly & Co.  %*********_ ��^^�� '���'^ ��� ^^".^B^���.^B^" ^^ *-3^ * *^ *38k *_____. *.^9�� * ^^�� ^^ ** *^^�� *^v* '^fc-^M'i/i 000. 00'0^** 00 *4_^0.00���______* *^0.^0*4__0 *_^0\^0.^0'.00.00 .001.000  i^/^B^^S ,A4^>4yy^S./4p>4-><^^^ r*^0 *0^& r^^ ���r^BPr^0 r^p Vtffaa* 4____tt_r ^m^'^^kr' ^M^-0l^^^^'4^^^mf^0^^ ^^0**^^^^^^^^^.^^4^^ ^_l____r ^__ti*____.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS TIME TO OUT THE XMAS TEEE BEFORE YOU 0EDEE TOUR  HOLIDAY GOODS AT JACOB DOVER'S, "THE JEWELER."  Recognizing the demand for "A Better Class of Goods," we have decided to offer only such goods that we know are first quality and  latest designs.  Prices have been figured very low, to tempt the closest buyers  In Pearl and Diamond Brooches we have the largest and bept selected line in the country, and prices and styles to make them '<?ady  sellers.  Diamonds bought early and judiciously, consequently we can qutte  you very low prices and offer you exceptional values.  Our "Personal Guarantee" goes with ' every article, and should any  article bought from us not prove satisfactory we are at all times glad  to exchange same to the entire satisfaction of the customer.  Standard grades of Filled Chains and guards in all; styles.  Novelties in Leather Pianos and Sewing Machines  Latest. Fads in Pocket Books, Card Cases and Cigar Cases.  Novelties in Brass and Iron Statues, Lamps, Onyx Tables  Cut Glass, Silver Plate and Cutlery  Clocks,-Candelabras, Jardinieres Latest Creations in all Goods  DIAMONDS  Loose or Moil 11 tod  WATCHES  Killed and Gold  GOLD. BROOCHES  Latest'designs r  0     ���  GOLD S6ST RI--GS  Ladies and Gents.  GOLD LOCKETS -  With and without stones  GOLD CHAINS  AU weights  GOLD OUFF PINS .  With and without stones  GOLD GUARDS   '  .     10 and. 14 karat  ..GOLD NOVELTIES,  SILVER NOVELTIES'  Of all kinds  Jacob Dover, "The Jeweler.  C. P. R. Time Inspector NELSON, B.C.  �������  "itt  ^'0.t^.^.*i00.0^'i00-i^-00-0^*00'00ii_t_-^__ ^^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^���^:^;_>^'X>*r  Auction Sale  '*"-.���%  /Wrtu''���U4sil/7Vz; rnYe,  ���j  r^z^^y4^^^%^  .The Sea Serpent Officially Seen.  Henry N. Neligan, third officer of the;  steamship Irada and an official observer  of marine events for the hydrographic  office, makes the following official re-'  port:  October 26th, 1901.���At 11 a. m. today,'  in latitude 27 degrees 26 minutes north,  and longitude: 90 degrees 18' minutes,  west, passed a large sea serpent appearing about 100 feet long. The head was-  blunt, square nose and was ejecting  water to the height of two or theree feet  from its nostrils. The animal or fish'  had three distinct sets of fins and a tail  lying across like a porpoise. On its  back was a series of humps like a  camel. It was heauing about east  (true) and moving slowly.  This seems to settle it���if there was  any doubt about it. Since the dawn of  history, since that flrst mariner whom  Horace salcTmust .have had a heart  thrice bound round with triple brass to  dare to adventure the unknown sea,  there have been reports of sea serpents.  They have ranged in size from the  length of a giant boa-constrictor to the  one described in the fo'castle song:  Prom the tip of his nose to the tip of his  tail  It's just nine thousand mile.  Scientific men have made due allowance for the vivid imaginations of seafaring men and have, recognized that  behind these tales there was a solid  truth���a survival of those ancient monsters which peopled the sea when man  was still a tailed arborean, speaking the  language which professor Garner makes  a living and a stir by trying to recover.  It is not strange that none of these  monsters has ever been captured. The  sea is so vast both in surface and in  depth. When they die they go to the  bottom or are soon torn to pieces by  other fish and sea birds. They avoid the  haunts of man. It may be that, some of  the more formidable ones have now and  then met and attacked a small ship. If  so, perhaps they destroyed the last  witness of a combat so hideous that no  imagination of possible horrors of the  mysterious sea could conceive it.  Origin of Beneficent Institution,  One afternoon last year a Parisian  lady saw a servant girl dissolved in  tears seated on her knees. Inquiries elicited the naive confession that she had  been spending tho previous hour in  fruitless efforts to arrange the infant's  attire, and after hopelessly struggling  'with the mysteries of swaddling clothes  had' given up the attempt. How was  she to face the mother, her mistress,  with the child in this undressed state?  Despair at the thought had driven her  to tears. Between,the sobs she explained  that she had that morning accepted an  nivitation as nursery maid without ever  . having held-a; baby in her-arms before.  The kind hearted lady dressed the hapless infant and determined there and  then to start a school for servant girls.  The institution is now a flourishing concern, and. the lady who. founded it has  had the satisfaction of turning out several hundred domestic servants, fully  equipped for the efficient discharge of  their duties-in various branches.  a ,    ;��,  OFFICECBAKER STREET WEST," HELS0J1, B. C. '        TELEPHONE (JO, 219-1 P. 0. BOX 688.  GARBLE, BUILDING STONE,  BRICK AND LIIV|E !-....  The Mansfield Manufacturing Company  have the above mentioned building materials  for,sale at reasonable prices. Special quotations to builders" and contractors for large  orders.  ORDERS BY  MAIL ATTENDED TO PROMPTLY  Manulet-iin  cons��:p-AJsn5r  OFFICE: C.BAKERISTREET WEST, flEISOf, B. C. TELEPHONE NO. 219.   P. 0. BOX 688.  Wrecked a Bailway Station.  FRANKFORT, Germany, December  6.���A large part of the handsome railway station precincts here was wrecked  this morning by the Orient express, the  air brakes on which failed to work. The  train dashed into the station at full  speed, jumped the platform and came  to. a standstill in the middle of the  waiting room against the debris of a  stone wall. A few of the passengers  were badly bruised, but none was fatally  injured. The people about the station  and in the waiting room had remark-  J able escapes. . .......  P^rijiff"^-',  The undersigned will sell by auction'  at their sale room   opposite   the  post-  office a quantity of *   '      -Z].  HOUSEHOLD FUENITURE  ��� AND OTHER EFFECTS.    ?' _.  ON SATURDAY, DEC. 7th, 7:30p. mf_  On view morning of sale.  NEWLING & CO.  Office:   Kootenay street, next to Oddfellows'   Hall,   Nelson,   B.C.  Y**^A��  SEAL ESTATE    ;  AND - - .,���*-  INSURANCE BROPRS  Agents for Trout Lake Addition.-  (Bogustown) Fairview" Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park;  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on 7',  two year's time without interest.  Ward Bros::  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.    '  -OEBTIHOATE .OF IMPBOYEMENTS "  NOTICK.���Imo mineral claim, situate in tho J  Nelson Mining Division ot West Kootcna}' Dis- ''  trict.  Where located: On the east slope of Wild  Horse Mountain, about, one mile southwest of  the Kliso.  TAKK NOTICK that I. N. F. Townsend. acting as agent for Edward Baillic, free miner's ccr-   ,  titlcato No. noOUid, intend, sixty* days from tho  date hereof, to apply to the Minn g Recorder for  a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose  ..i.i  ������ -1 **���  ��  ���4 i  ���a  ���r<��  s  -*: 11  At  TREMONT HOUSE  ot obtaining a Crown Grant-of the above clainir-  And furthor take notice that action, undor section 37, must, bo commenced before tho Issuanco  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of August, A.D. 1001.  N. F. TOWNSEND.  OEBTIHOATE  OF   IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.���Vermont mineral claim, situate in  the Nelson Mining Division of West Koolojiuy  District.  Whoro located: On the west fork of Hover  Creek, three and one-half miles south of Kooto  nay I liver.  TAKK NOTICE that I, N. F. Townsend. acting ohiikumL for Albert L. Veller, nSSiSO; Herman  I,. Keller, n.M"88:nn<l Frt-ileriok H. A Ifriors, nl_��i57,  intend, sixty days Irom t lie clnlo hereof, lo apply  to the Mining Uecordor for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Ciown  Grant of the abovo claim.  And further lako nolico that action, under section H7, must bo commenced before thu issuanco  of such Certillcate of Improvements.  Dated this 13th day of October, A.D. 1801.  N. J'\ TOWNSKND.  NOTIOE TO DELINQUENT 00-OWNER.  To John J.  JHcAndrewa or  to auy poison  or persons to wliom he may tiuve transferred his Interest in the Black Diamond  mineral claim,  situate ou the north sido  of  Bear  creek,   about   three  miles  from  the town of Ymir, lying south of and adjoining the Evennig Star mineral claim,  Nelson mining division of West Kootenay  district,   and  recorded  ln  the  recorder's  office for the Nelson mining division.  You and each of you are hereby notified  that   I   have   expended   two   hundred   and  twelve    dollars    and     twenty-five     cents  ($212.25)   in   labor  and  improvements  upon  the above mentioned minoral claira in order  to hold said mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral  Act, and if within  ninety days  from  the  date of this  notice  you mil or refuse to contribute .your portion of all such expenditures together with  all  costs of advertising, your interests in  the said claims will  become the property  of the subscriber under section * of an act  entitled.   "An  Act  to  Amend  the_Mineral  Aot, 1900.' JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this llth day of September. 1M1j  l;  J  "1[  -M  '-  s-<  321 TO S3' BAKER STREET, NKLSON  AMERICA^ AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  MEALS 25 GENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated py Steam 25 Cents to $1  THB BINDHRY DEPARTMENT OF  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED,  BURNS BLOOK. NBIjSON.  BOOK BINDING  SPECIAL HULED BLANK BQ0l(S  SPECIAL RULED FORMS  NOTICE.  In thoma"er of an application for a diiplicnto  of a Corliflcaio of Title to an undivided half of  Lot'2. Block 11 in tho Town of Nelson.  Notieo i" hereby given that it is my intention  to issue at the expiration of one month from tho  first puhli'-ation hereof a duplicate of the Certilicate of Titlo to the abovo mentioned undivided  half of Lot 12. Block 11 in the Town of Nelson in  tho n*me of Joseph Hetherington Bowes, which  Certificate is datnd ttie Sth day of November,  18B7. and numbered 101k.   r  r MACIjKoa  Land Registry Office. District Registrar.  Nelson. B.C., 3rd Decembor, 1901.  OLD PAPERS B����kFu:  TRIBUNE BINDERY DEPARTMENT  I   J  ~0a���**>*~~  "SI  "rT^l THE  KELSON TRIBUNE" TUESDAT   MORNING,  DECEMBER  10-.. 19.01  ....  iff  W'',  p  in  i  U'$  ��� *X.'l  M^,r\l  |*gi r:  \m  m  I A*'.'  1 ^--ii"  5* -;  II  I'm  I*- -J  I ������AM  KP6  I  1!  Is*  *=���_>  I  I*.  Is--;  J---^  4$e*:Ci ***. **.*��� *.*.*.***��� ****** ***.***���***���***���*���*���*���*��� *** **.**���*���**���*���* ***%  IN MAKINC YOUR CHOICE OF CHRISTMAS PRESENTS DO JUT 0VEF-J100K  tii  $  Oi  i*  <_.  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  THE FACT THAT WE CARRY THE LATEST LINES OF  PERFUMERY  From all the best makers, also Hair Brushes, Clothes  Brushes, Hat Brushes, Millitary Hair Brushes and numerous other kinds, made with genuine bristle and with either  Ebony, Wood or Ivory backs.  A fine line of Ebony  backed  Hand   Mirrors  which   we  are offering at very reasonable prices.  W. F. TEETZEL & GO.  %***************************************************&  Fop the Boys  Having added to my stock a large  range of Youth's Boy's"and Children's  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to the public the best variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  Everything Is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.  217 and 219  Baker Street  J. A. GILKER  OUR NEW STOCK  Offers Many Opportunities  for Careful Buyers.  We have no rubbish, the accumulation of years, but are offering you NEW GOODS at   .  LOW   PRICES  Our Xmas offers include:  PARLOR SUITES  BED ROOM SUITES  COUCHES AND LOUNGES  RATTAN GOODS  CHIFFONIERS  ROCKERS, CHAIRS  CARPETS AND RUGS  J. G.  BUNYAN  & CO  IP BROWN SOLD IT..IT'S GOOD  DO IT RIGHT NOW  Make a list of persons to whom you intend to  give Xmas presents and start out this afternoon  to select them. We shall be glad to help^ you and  do not consider it a bother to show you all the  articles you care to look at.'  EROWN-BROTMRS  JEWELERS  BAKER STREET  NELSON,   B. C.  CHRISTMAS PUDDING  We have the best stock of peel and Christmas  fruits in the city. Everything fresh. This season's  lemon, orange and citron peel, cleaned currants  and raisins.  Houston Block  Nelson, B.C.  J. A. IRVING & CO.  TELEPHONEg.39.  P. O. BOX 527.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  CHARLES HILLYER, President. HARRY HOUSTON, Secreta-y.  Have just leoeived 3,000,0 feet of log**; from Idaho, and wo are prepared to cut the largest bill  of timber of any dimensions or lengths. JEstimates given at any timo. The largest stock of sash,  doors, and mouldings in Kootenay.  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OFFICK AND YARDSt   CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKKR   STREET. "NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air,  Large comfortable bedrooms and flrst-  class dining* room. Sample roomd for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  N|rs. E. C. GlarKe, Prop;  XjoUi ot the Royal Hotel, Calgary  HOTEL   ROSSLAND.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar a day-  house in town. House and furniture new  and flrst class in every; respect Lighted  by gas. Room and board $5 to |6 per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN. Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS, Manager.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable r#o____. First c1__m tab]* board.  RAILWAY TIME TABLE  CANADIAN PACIFIC SYSTEM  LEAVE  5 a. 111.  Daily.  CROW'S NEST RAILWAY  Kuskonook, Creston, Moyie,  Cranbrook, Marysville, Fort  Steele, Elko, Fernie, Mich.cl  Ulalrniorc, Frank, Macleod,  Lcthbridirc, Winnipeg, and  all Eastern points.  0:40 p. ni.  Daily  8:40 p. in,  Daily  S a. m.  8 n. m.  COLUMBIA & KOOTENAY  RAILWAY  Robson, Nakusp, Arrowhead,  Uevcl.stokc,aiul all points east  and west on C.P.R. main line.  Hobson, Trail and Rossland.  Robson, Cascade, Giimd  Forks, Phoenix, Greenwood  and Midway.  (Daily except Sunday)  Robson, Trail and Rossland.   (Daily except Sunday)  4 p. m.  Daily.  ARRIVE  10:10 p.m.  Daily  10:10 p.m.  Daily  10:10 p.m.  11:35 a.m.  LKAVK  10 a. iu.  I.EAVK  4 p. ill.  4 p. in.  SLOCAN RIVER RAILW'Y  Slocan City, Silverton, Now  Denver. Three Forks, Sandon  (Daily except Sunday)  KOOTENAY   LAKE  STEAMBOATS  Balfour, PilotBay, Ainsworth  Kaslo and all Way Landings.  (Daily except Sunday)  Lardo and all points on thc  Lardo ft Trout Lake Branch.  (Tuesdays, Thursdays and  Saturdays.)  ARRIVK  3:40 p. m.  ARRIVE  II a. m.  11 a. in  GREAT NORTHERN SYSTEM.  LEAVE  NELSON  &  FORT   SHEPPARD  RAILWAY  ARRIVE  Depot     Dopot.  !':40a.iii  Yniir, Salmo, Erie. Waneta,  (>:45 p.m.  Muunt'in  Northport, Rossland, Colville Mount'in  10:30 a.m.  and Spokane.  5:59 p.m.  Daily.  Daily  LEAVE  KOOTENAY" LAKK  ARRIVE  Kaslo  STEAMBOATS  Kaslo  7 a.m.   .  !>:?0 p. m.  Nelson  Nolson  Balfour, PilotBay, Ainsworth  (i'OO p. in.  Kaslo and all Way Landings.  10:30 a.m.  IE-Daily  Daily  CITY AKD DISTRICT.  One new location was recorded at  the Nelson record office yesterday,  the Miniette, situated onMcGarrity  creek, ten miles in a westerly direction from Nelson, by Charles Munroe. Certificates of work were issued to J. A. McRae on the Pingree  and to James V. Hearn on the Golden Cord.  Dr. Fagan, secretary of the pro"  vincial board of health, was in Nelson yesterday. It is, said that he  will be one of the expert witnesses  in the case of Hallvs. LaBau, which  will come up again next week, and  which largely turns upon the respective merits of formaline and  sulphur as, disinfectants. -  . A fifteen-gallon "demijohn addressed,to John A. Turner, government agent,,created considerable  speculation jm, front of the' courthouse yesterday!. The explanation  tendered by the government agent  was that the demijohn contained  formaldehyde, which had been forwarded by the provincial board of  health to be used for disinfecting  purposes throughout the district.  The case of Hall & Rose vs. LaBau will come on for trial again at  the session of the county court  which opens in this city on Monday  next.- By the decision of the full,  court on appeal this case is left very  much in the same position as it was  when the case was first started save  that the plaintiff's have been required to pay all costs in the action  up to date. These are" said to  amoun t_to._ more_than-theamount-  originally involved in the case.  The first payment was made on  Saturday by the Toronto syndicate  upon its purchase of some 3200  acres of coal lands in the Similkameen valley near Ashnola. The  Similkameen Valley Coal Company  of this city were the vendors of the  property, which was recently inspected by William Blakemore.  The purchase price was fixed at  $9000, and the first payment  amounted to $2500. In the Toronto  syndicate the principals are D. B.  Murray and J. W. St. John.  The case of the Lion Brewery of  Rossland vs. William Gosnell of the  Castle Brewery of this city will  come up before the chief justice at  the sittings of the supreme court  which open in Rossland today. This  is an action over a number of beer  kegs which the Rossland brewer  claims belong to him, but which the  Nelson man claims were purchased  by him in good faith. The kegs  are valued at $42, but the legal  costs are now an object of greater  interest than the kegs. W. A. Galliher will leave for Rossland to look  after the Nelson brewer's interest.  Those who desire to enlist for  service in South Africa with the  contingent which is now being  raised by the Dominion government  will have an opportunity of doing  so today, when lieutenant Leckie  will be in this city as recruiting officer. Those who are anxious to  enlist are directed to meet at the  armory of the local eompany of the  R. M. R. today. It was not known  last evening whether the recruiting officer would arrive in the city  on last evening's train or on the  train this morning, so that it will  be impossible to say just what time  he will be in the armory to receive  recruits, but any who.may be interested may count upon meeting him  after* the arrival of the morning  train today. There are a number  of men who have expressed their  intention of enlisting, and as the  number is restricted to ten those  who desire to go should be on hand  early. .  PERSONALS.  Wilson and Alfred Hill, pioneers  of Nelson and the pioneer sawmill  men of Slocan lake, are in town.  Mrs. Gore, wife of captain Gore,  has returned to Nelson after spending several weeks in Portland.  Captain "Bill" Hunter of Silver-  ton is in Nelson looking over one of  his firm's business ventures.  R. L. Cawston, of Keremeos, the  cattle king of British Columbia, is  registered at the Phair, arriving  last night via Greenwood.  George C. Tunstall Jr., general  agent in Kootenay of the Hamilton  Powder Company, arrived in town  last night' after spending a week  at Rossland and other points in  which his company does business  John McKane of Rossland is in  Nelson on his, way to the Lavinia  mine in the Lardo-Duncan country.  The main topic of discussion at  Rossland, he says, is the difference  of opinion between director Frecheville of the Le-Roi and ex-manager  McDonald regarding the value of  that property." ,-  AT THE HOTELS.  Madden���J.;D.unn, Kaslo ; K. Disney, Oxford." ..'.  Bartlett���H> Kelsall, Ymir ; John  Herron, Slocan.; J.  Turner, Kaslo.  Hume���C F. Caldwell, Kaslo; P.  J. Paton, Montreal; F.' C. Kingsbury, New Hampshire.  ��� Phair���S. G/Blaylock, Trail; L.  Blue. Rossland ; J. M. Harris, Sandon : L. A. Campbell, Rossland.  -Grand Central���G. H. Stanton,  George A..-Pretty, aad.L. Dobson  and family, Fernie;" James C. Kerr,  Moncton; S.jSlim, Sandon; G. Ash-  ton, Slocan;''Mrs. H. C-.Wheeler,  Silverton ;" J.'*B.V, McGhie, Creston;  D. J. Kennedy^Comaplix.  .Queensr-J. ;S.; ,Cote, Sandon; A.  York and; A.j jN." Winlaw, Slocan;  J. Stanley,-' Vancouver;i A. Hill,  New Denver ;/,Max. Nord, Sandon;  Samuel Higgfns, Ottawa ;,f. J. A.  Kelly, Seattle;-;Miss'Lillie Stephens,  Winnipeg; John Dow, Creston;  Mrs. Carter, England.  MONEYTALKS  BUT WHAT YOU CET FOR YOUR  MONEY TALKS MORE.  Extra large gondola shape couch,  -   -very large, any color, from .  $19.00 and up.  Morris chairs,  mahogany  finish  and polished oak frame, nicely upholstered, from  $9 to $16.  Parlor   tables,   highly   polished,  quartered oak, from  $2.50 to $7.  See our new line of fine pictures.  Our values in leather goods can't  ���"���' be beat; v  Carpets are going at cost.  Don't forget to call on us before  purchasing elsewhere.   Can  furnish your home  complete. ,  D.!V|c ARTHUR  "Contentment cannot  be too dearly purchased/**  Foot-comfort and  shape retent_on,are never  dear, at the expense of  mere fleeting: finish.  Contentment to those  who wear only that footwear which is priced and  pledged fay the Makers���  "The Slater Shoe"  /  ,<JwdygarWcKqr  ^\  ROYAL SHOE STORE, Aberdeen Block  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ^���^���^���00"t*'^0*'i0''&'&'00.&'i��^'79'W'0l'&'&'9'0Br'1Bi'&  H. BYERS & CO.  ESTABLISHED. 1892  -&���  Portland Cement  Fire Brick  Fire Clay  Sheet Iron  T Rails  Ore Cars  Blowers  "Exhausters  Pumps  Graniteware  Tinware  '>_iV  to  to  to  ik  to  to  HARDWARE AND IRON MERCHANTS   {��  HEATING STOVES  COOKING STOVES  AND  RANGES  -$  NELSON, B. C.  'S;'5',5.'5?.'^.*3frfr'5.*^^  g;-���iR'ig''<___[��� <�����!��_���*g-*g-_i-  STORES AT  KASLO, B.C.  ,  ���[.^���gg.g-ig-^.igg.^-jg'.^**'.  SANDON, B. C.  �����S.'5?.'8,.��.'8'.'C.SS-'S"*K.w  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  s��  &>  STOC  We have purchased the Madson Stock at a low rate on the dollar.    It consists of  CLOTHING, CENT'S FURNISHINGS, BOOTS, .SHOES, HAT, CAPS,  RUBBERS   AND   BLANKETSc  ALL THESE  GOODS TOGETHER WITH THE BALANCE OF OUR  DRY GOODS  W(LL BE SOLD TAT  OR     UNDER    THE  WHOLESALE COST  This is a rare opportunity,at the right time' of lhe year to get FALL, AND WINTER  GOODS.at prices never before heard of in Nelson. We have a specially heavy and choice  stock of Men's Suits, Boots and Shoes and Underwear, bur prices will talk. Come and  see for yourselves. " ���  A. FERLAND & CO.  if  '�����'�������?"�����'�����'�����'�����'��''�����'����������'�����'�����'��'<'  ________ ____��___  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Life and  Savers  A  full and complete assortment of all kinds of Men's,  Women's and Children's present footneeds.  Manitobas, Cardigans, Creepers, Felt Goods, Two-Buckle Aretics, Leggings, Footholds. Rubber Soled Boots, Overshoes, Overgaiters, Gum Boots,  Fine Rubbers, Blizzards, Gloves, Gum Arctics, Skating Boots.   =���- -L.ARGEST-STOOK-IN-T HECITY-ATtOvv JEDSTPRICBS. "^- ~*   ROYAL   SHOE    STORE  %  4K  L. GODBOLT, Proprietor  TH0S. LILLIE, Manager.  '<aA_S_S__t^A��4SASA4S2A2A!2AAA'  0��'*'0*'^'^^'00'&7^l'00'0l'^''00'00'00.00*\v-0��-9-9-9*00'  '~>'9>'&i.'009  yto  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Jt\  NOTICE  The undersigned has resumed proprietorship of the blacksmith business  ���formerly carried. on by me and lately  carried on by R. B. Reiley, in the premises on Hall street near corner of Baker  street. All accounts due R B. Reiley  are payable to me.  H. D. ASHCROFT.  Nelson. B. C, October 15th. 1901.  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson.   .  H|adden House  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one management since 1890.  The toed-roomc are veil furnished and  lighted by electr_c_i>.  The bar is always stoci_eq oy the best  domestic and imported liquors aiid cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  "GOOD CHEER" STOVES AND RANGES  We are in the market again this season with this line of  Stoves. After handling them for a number of years we are  convincEd that they are the only Stoves that give  ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION.  Call and see our large arid complete line.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Importers and Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  Baptlett    House  Formerly Clarke Hotel.    i;  The Best $1 per Day House In Nelson.  None but white hoJp omployed. The bar ihe  bost. .  G. W. BARTLETT, Proprietor  Imperial Hotel; Nelsot]  (Formerly known as tho Silver King)  This hotel, in tho central part of tho city, has  been entirely renovated and improved.  The commodious bar is supplied with all the  best brands of liquors, wines and cigars and is  undor the personal management of Mr. J. O.  Naismith. * ,    .   ,  The dining room and restaurant arc conducted  on tho European plan, and these and tho hotel  accommodation are undor the management or  Mrs. Gorman, whose laiwo oxporienco is a guarantee of the comforts of the hotoL  i     7 -        ���'   ���      .     -   :-  P. Buttis & Go  Hkad Office at  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nelson,   Ro&sland, TraU,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,   Silverton, Ne*  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Porkjs, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver. *:"~Yc_-  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OP  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. 0 BLOOK  WARD SXBBES  E. C. TBAVES, Manager  *i\j-j  \


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