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The Nelson Tribune 1901-10-22

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'v  ,-   r' — ryrM^l
i     ,*M*~'V8
- ' -">F
j_   ->
-."* --if
The consideration of the proposed
agreement for the taking of the West
p Kootenay Power & Light Company into
partnership with the city in the lighting business was the chief business en-
i gaging the attention of the city council
at tho meeting last evening! Tbis question was introduced by the reading of
the petition calling upon the council to
submit for the vote of the ratepayers
the deal that has boon framed between
tho mombeis of the council and ttu.
pov.er company. A.; was intimated in
The Tribune some days ago, the proposition for the taking in of the power
company as a partner of the city in the
lighting business is illegal, but the city
•solicitor has found a way around tho dif-
Jiculty 'so that the power company,
while not appearing as such, will to al!
intents and purpose- be a partner of the'
city in the lighting business.
When the -petition»of the ratepayers
calling upon the council to submit _tho
oy-law   was   read   alderman    Madden
raised .the question as tp --whether the
proposition {as, submitted   at  the .last
meeting of tlie city" council was legal.
Ho said he had heaid^it stated that the
'■relationship -proposed «was  not  m _ac-
cor'dance with the,1 terms" of the Mum-'
' cipal Act, and as the city .solicitor was
present he'thought it desirable to have"
n,n  opinion from him before tbe matter,
proceeded any further, tt r. ply to this
the n ayor stated that this pbace of the
auestion could_ come up later.  It was
, then Acc.'**Pd', ,"Ppn motion. of alderman
Paterson. seconded'by alderman Hamil-
to.i.  to ii-fic^uce a by-lay/, and upon
motion cf alderman Selous,-; seconded bj
alderman GillettXthe? by-law was intro_,
duced*and lead a-first-time. ..AsMjrtrpj*
duced the by-law differed un some, respects-* with that submitted, at ,the previous meeting<of'the otty-council, anc(
for * this  reason   explanations' were  In-
order. They came from the-.city solicitor," who explained that tho proposition
of the city council as outlinedsak, the
previous, meeting of the council -v^as'illegal, in that the city could not take "in
any company as a paitner with it in the
lighting of the city. Another fatal ol.-.,
section to the scheme as first outlined
was that the city could not bind' itself,
Lo   any   outside  company  to  charge   a
given  late  for -electric  lighting.   This
was a surprise to several of the aldermen, but thoy recovered their-composure  when   the  solicitor  explained 'the
manner in which he had got around the
provision  of the Municipal Act.  With
ic-spect to the percentage* agreement'ihe
means adopted by the. solicitor was to
figure out what the amount coming to
tho   power   company   would   be   under
■such    proposed    arrangement   and    to
—fcavo-this amount set out as'-the.amou-it
payable to the power company for its
_>brvices. The second difficulty wa. got
around    by   leaving   the   rate   to    be
charged by the city open. The amount
payablo  to  the company is  fixed,  but
the power rests with the company to
either raise or lower the rate. In case
the rate is raised the city will be the
ftainer, tut in case'the rate is lowered
the city will be the loser.
After the city solicitor had made thes"
explanation aldeiman Scions diiecte.
tho attention of the council to the fact
that there was nothing in tho by-law as
submitted with respect to street light
ing. His recollection of the matter wa.
that Mr. Campbell of tne powr-r company had n;.i*eed to furnish the city with
•street lightiug up to 50 horse power at
-the mte of $3 per month per horse
Mayor Fletcher suggested that 11
•would he a good scheme to put the by-
, How through its flrst and second readings and then make such amendments
in it p" may be' dee.ncd advisable, an
observation whicli called lorth the rc-
icm irk from alderman Selous to the effect that it apueared to him that the
hv-law would have to be picked to
Alderman Madden asked how tho
ft-h.tnged terms of the hy lav/ would af
feet the city with respect to bad dob's.
hi appealed to him that in switching
&_roi_i the percentage basi.-? bf net returns tc -i fixed sum the city would be
k lied upca to pay the power company
fc*-, o*-oT--r>rtion whether the full amount
of ihe rentals were received by the city
.oi  not (    ..
Waver Fletcher said the provis-on
with Vf.si-ccf io irop iis'h-in-p, cf the city
iidi-.tr-* and rnbiio 'ibra. v and hospital had been left out. This would have
o go ir.
Aldeiman Sel cm then called attention
o the fact th .t there was nt. provision
or th . ''itv rarwiTip. l**e contrac< on for
i -oeriod of ten years if it was -t_ou_.*t
.dvisabje. As he understood the nisgbtis
ions the city was to bind itself for one
*.enr..■ Tint .t.ho p. v.*«- " ebitipahy ' houvd
tselffor ten years if the city cared to
exercise its rights In.this' respect.
Alderman Madden again raised his
loint. with --respect to bad debts and
.few.'from alderman SelouB-.the ■remark
hot:in his opinion tho city should hs
-.sponsible for all bad debts after tho
for the city should turn off the service.
It being generally "understood that the
by-l_w was not ln presentable shape
it was decided to postpone further consideration of it until Thursday evening
at 8 o'olock. ,
Tho communication of H. G. Sheppard
of the Lad. smith permanent relief committee, asking for assistance for the sufferers of the recent mining explosion,
was leceived and filed.
The petition of II. B? Mclntyre and
others for a sidewalk on Mill street between. Hondryx and Cedar streets was
referred t*> the public works committee'.
On the .'uggcstion of the tnaj or it was
decided to lav a 6-incu water main on
Vernon street, from Stanley to Ward,
and to open the alleyway in the rear of
tho Humo hotel. The alleyway in the
reor of W. P Robinson's property will
also be opened up.
It was ("ecided to spend ?50 in removing ihe log jam in Cottonwood creek •_
quarter of a mile this side of the "old
The request of Mr. Linblad for limber for tho construction of a drain was
referred to the city engineer.
Stolen From 01.ic.igo Postoffice.
CHICAGO, October. 21.—Burglars last
night stole ?76,000 worth of stamps
from the Chicago postoffice and escaped
""without leaving the slightest trace or
clue. A tunnel which had taken more
than a week to complete was run from
the rear of the building and a hole was
.then drilled through the1 bottom.of the
"wholesale stamp vault. There? were
ninety-seven**1- small holes1 around 'the
square plate cut out and some of the
drilling looked several days , old. . The
stamp vault was only six feet away from
the cashier's vault, which contained
over $300,000 in cash! The latter had
evidontly been the "objective point.    ••
Postoffice inspector Stuart said: "It
was the largest^ stamp robbery ever
committed in the^ history-.of the postal
servico ,in this country. To get to the
vault* the men dug through the brick
foundation wall, and a hundred feet or
,so further-on-they encountered another
wall and this also they dug through. On
the way they met with a number - ol.
pipes and as the floor is but two feet
and in,'some places three feet above the
ground they' tunneled* under .the'pipes?
Their whole course is plainly marked in
this way. l The wholesale stamp vault,,
like the cashier's vault1 and r the money,
order vault, is'supported by a brick wall.
. Informs.a square and,before the'rob-
t'hery was air. tight In this the robbers
broke two holes possibly to»secure more
air, for the place undoubtedly was'very
foul, or to have an extra place of egress
in case of discovery. For light they-, used
a dry battery, one of whicli they left be-
;hind. The battery and the wagon tracks
are the only clues, we have at present.
shot across the line only two feet ahead
of the juniors. The gentlemen eight was
about half a length behind. The time
was 4:20. The second event was between the academic and scientific school
freshmen crews and this raco up to the
last hundred yards was as close as its
predecessor. From ,this point on, however, the academic eight gradually pulled away and finished a good length
ahead. Time 4:33. The final was between the winners of the two preceding
races and was won by^the sophomores.
The gentlemen "eighty consisting/of sev-.
eral varsity oarsmen, >paced the-crews.'
The sophomores from about.half the distance down the course slowly but surely
crept"away from the< first-year men and
won the raco by about three-quarters
of a length.' Time 4:23.
' Canditates for Cardinal
LONDON, October 21.—Candidates for
the "purple" at the 'consistory which
the pope usually holds about Christmas
time, according to the Rome correspondent of the Pall Mall Gazette, are arising
everywhere, their numbers seeming to
increase in proportion' to the distance
from** Rome." The United States, for instance, besides the candidates of long
standing, archbishops Corregan and Ireland, two opposite factions.in the American Roman Catholic church, has on
this occasion, two additional'aspirants
for the red hat.'- There are ^only four
vacancies in the college of cardinals and
the American prelates are thought to
have few chances, of. selection,^ as, the
pope is credited with a (.determination"
not to have more than one cardinal in
the United States, fearing-that the friction and antagonism would be difficult
to harmonize and might be" fatal to.
Catholicism in America. t Z
""'; DIAfo^OPLE.
HOT THE'DOMINION.       *     .
•: >■
Astor's. Hopes of the Peerage Gene
.LONDON,'October 21.^-William Waldorf Astor's hopes for a title were rudely
disposed of by a publication-, in the Law
''Journal in its is$ue> of\today.".The periodical reproduces .an ancient law of
England which prohibits the elevation
to the peerage of. a*, naturalized-'alien.
The prediction is freely made 'that Mr.
-Astor's'liberal contributions to philanthropies -favored- by royalty will cease
at once". -,   ,
1     m T-rr-, , -
.Steamer Successfully Floated .
HALIFAX, October 21.—;The Elder-.
Dempster liner _ Manchester,/ Skipper,*;
which went ashore while, entering North
Sydney harbor on Thursday/ night, was
successfully floated,at; 11 o'.clock SaturT
'day nigtitt ShVwent'to North Sydney
under, her own-steam, but was making
considerableiwatef.>'"->v J .^Jv-sy_., >.j-*
American Competitor f. r R. n!ey.
NEW YORK, October 21.—New York
oarsmen are keenly interested in the
proposition which has attained some,
proportions to send Constance S., Titus,
a member of the Union Boat Club, to
Henley next year to compete for the
diamond sculls, says the Times. Titus,
who originally hailed from New Orleans,,
gained prominence last year when he
won the association single scull race in
the regatta of the National Association
of Amateur Oarsmen, which victory
practically declares him as the champion amateur sculler pf America. E. H.
Teneycke is really the champion, but
retire from rowing competition. When
ho won the championship race last summer tlie Union Boat Club honored Titus
with a life membership in the club. A
special meeting of the club has been called for Sunday to devise means for raising funds necessary to send Titus abroad
to compete for the diamond sculls. The
friends of Mr. Titus express confidence
that the mpney will be raised.        >
Bourassa .Ridicules Royalty.
MONTREAL, October 21.—Mr. Bour-
assa, M.P. for Labelle, whose attitude on
South African contingents  gained  him
much    notoriety",    was    the    principal
speaker at a meeting here tonight, held
to celebrate tho anniversary of a pioneer
newspaper.   There was   a  largo  attendance.     J.   A.   Chicoyne,   M.L.A.   for
Wolfe, presided.   Bouraasa's subject was
Great Britain and Canada. 0ilo took oc-'
casion to make a violent attack on Great
Britain for her action in South Africa.
He said it was unjustifiable and due to
Chamberlain and a few others,   He ridiculed Chamberlain and the royal family,
and said war had shown how weak Great
Britain reallj was./^England's army was
worthless and it was not known what
her navy was worth, as it had not been
tried.   No nation is now afraid of Great
Britain.    He  denounced  acceptance of
titles by Canadians and said the constitution should be so amended as to prevent   a .Canadian   accepting   imperial
honors. .He believed a connection should
be   maintained   J.etween   Canada   and
Great Britain.   He di*} not believe in independence .or annexation, as the latter
would be death to the French te.£$.4
' ■" '      Two Killed 'Outright.
WACO,    Texas,  'October   21. — The
fiercest street duel that has been fought
in this section since 'the famous Brann-
Davis tragedy occurred shortly after one
o'clock this afternoon on Augustine a'vef
nue, the busiest thoroughfare in the city.
The principals in  ihe  affray were  cx-
sherife T. Harris and his son, W. T. Harris, on one side, and Dr. G. Lovelace and
his stepson, Z. R. Rinolds, on\he other;
It, is 'said that bad feeling existed between the men for some time over family affairs.   Tho parties met by chance
in the Turf saloon and young Harris, it
is alleged, opened fire with a shptgun on
Lovelace   over   his   (Harris)    father's
immediately returned the fire with a revolver, killing young Harris almost in-,
stantly.    Lovelace then turned his revolver ou the older Harris who, likewise
was killed. Lovelace and Rirolds were
uninjured.       They   immediately   gave
themselves up and are-now in the county
jail awaiting the action  of  the   grand
jury, which is in session.   W. T. Harris,
senior, was for six years sheriff of this
county and made an excellent reputation. > At the time of his death he was
engaged in farming.   The younger Harris for a number of years was connected
with the Provident National bank of this
city, but more recently he has been with
the Cotton Belt railroad.   Dr. Lovelace
is a practicing physician of this county,
while-Rinolds is a farmer.   The principals were all related in some degree by
marriage.    W.t T. Harris, Jr., was unmarried, while the elder Harris leaves a
widow and two married daughters.
ya3e's^a_-r__•' Fall Regatta. -
NEW HAVEN, Connecticut, October
21.—The annual fall regatta of Yale
University was held at Lake Whitney
this afternoon. The events afforded the
closest races, ever seen over the1 course.
There were three races over a course
fly_>sixths of a mile in length, .The first
race ,wa§ between a gentlemen eight and
juniors and sophomores. All three crews
got off simiu;l.J^*nepusly, and for the.entire distance 'there was no clear water
between ;the three boats. The sophomores
and juniors were on even terms ten
yards from the finish line, but the for-
Lret month, as if ihe light was _iot paid | mer had just a trifle more Eiteam-and
T.ty.1.". jy"-~.
,  McDonald Preparing to Leave
ROSSLAND, October^ 2}.—[Special ti.
Teli Tribune,]—It was'stated this evening that both Bernard McDonald, and
■William Thompson had" already commenced making preparations to leave
Le Roi headquaiteis.
It is stated that there was an informal
conference between some Rossland men
and the Le Roi management concerninq-
a possible settlement of the strike, but
neither side would give out any statement this evening.
Ten of the non-union men asked for
their tjj.Tie this morning and came down
tlio 'ill. from the Le Roi, owing to a
dispute "of-(Some kii}i\.
Henry Bratnober, accompanied by H.
B, Meiu of San Francisco awived cm-
the Spojcane train this "afternoon, and
developments in tha strike _1.jiatt.9n
are now hourly espectc..
Buried at Ottawa,
- OTTAWA, October 21.—The funeral of
the,- late Nicholas Flood Davin took
place this afternoon and was nbt largely
iattended? Hon. J. G. Haggart, ^aBtljo
only well-known politician present. •. y • -?;
HALIFAX, October'ji.—The duke of
Cornwall a,nd York last night issued the,
following farewell address to the citi-,
zens of Canada, addressed to lord Minto:,
H. M.'S. Ophir at Halifax, N. S. Octo-'
ber 19.—Dear Lord Minto: Betore ieav-.
ing tCanada? I   am". anxious   to   makei
known-^through -you with -what regret
the duphess and'I bi'd farewell to a people* w!.io"by' tlieir. warm-heartedness and -
cordiality have made us feel at home'
amongst them  from the first moment"*
of oui arrival on their shores. I should.
like* particularly r to express our gratitude,'-for ?t_ie . generous ?. feeling > whicli
lfas' prompted all.classes to contribute
towards, that" hearty'rarid  affectionate
welcome which we have eveiywhere met
with.' This'has^beeni-o strikingly shown,
not  only _is .tne'*demeanor' of  crowds'
and 'the^general 'fnanifestations of. rejoicing   with , which    we, have \ been
greeted?,but <also'byJthe trouble^and
ingenuity displayed,in the illuminatio-is,
and street-decorations cairied'out'with-,
'such-cbnspicuouSj taste and success, .by-
private 'persons, as -well as by the gov-,
ernment and local, authorities. We are,
greatly- touched', to, find in the smallest^
and,. remote ??places -v through which f we,
passed £ that'great effort had been made'
by! the; inhabitants.ftp' manifest ^their,
kindly,'feelings'?toward us. I recognize
this >as a proof of-strong personal loy-,
,alty to .the throne,', as, well as the deep-,'
seated .devption ,on the part of the people ot Canada,„to ,that,unity of empire
which..the  crown ^.is^the  symbol.. We
wish to ^record-our. most ^sincere thanks'
to'/thevDominioin3>gqyiernmentt and the
provincial u authorities,   the   municipal
bodies and private individuals for their,
-generous -hospitality, Hheir  kind  fore-
?thOught, (and??.the, extreme_jj}a-rej;and
trouble'they haverbestowed on all"the
^arrangements foi the reception and accommodation of ourselves and our staff.
I feel that wo are specially indebted to
Mr. Pope, by whom so much of the detail was so ably dealt^with? Wherever
we have been the police,duties were admirably carried outiand.,we wish to express our special obligation^ the commissioner of ,the Dominion police, and
other police officials for. the important
responsibilities devolving upon them.
Short  as  unfortunately  our., stay  m
West Canada had to be, it'was sufficient
for us -to understand something of its
boundless   possibilities .and   the - scope
which  it   affords   to   those  who   with
k spirit,   enterprise,   determinatiqn   airfi
willingness to work desire- to seek, a
wider, less crowded and licher field than
that offered by the congested industries
and professions of the mother country.
I trust,that these po.sibiliities may be
taken advantage of in ,the future and
er country may come m larger numbers.
At Calgary we witnessed a large and
representative    gathering , of   , Indians.
Then and on other occasions addresses
were presented from different tribes. I
was glad to hear of the progress they
have made and of the contentment ln
which they live under the arrangements
made for their benefit by the l^ominioa
government. One of the most important
features of our visit was the enormous
distance traversed by rail and we feel
a difficulty in adequately thanking the
Dominion 1 government for all that Avas
organized and efficiently carried out for
railway journeys. The train built specially for that purpose was a maryel of
convenience  and  comfort and  nothing
seems   to   havo  been   forgotten   which
might tend to reduce the fatigue inseparable from such a long journey. Special facilities were afforded to enable 'is
to see the most striking points of interest in the vast reeions of magniflclent
scenery through which'we passed, while
we received every possiole courtesy and
attention from the officials and servants
of the company. To the authorities of
the Giand Trunk and Intercolonial railways, also, our special thanks are due
.for  all  the  trouble and  consideration
which  they  devoted  to  providing  for
the part of our jqurney which lay over
their lines and the efficiency and success with  which all the services were
performed. We hope that the public did
not suffer on account of arrangements
made   for   our   tra.cling,   which,   perhaps,    necessitated    some   interference
with the general traffic." I am specially
anxious to record  my appreciation of
the splendid   force   of   the   Northwest
mounted police. I had the pleasure of
inspecting a portion of the force at Calgary  and   was  much  struck  with the
smart   appearance   of   both   men   and
horses and with their geneial stoadine_.
on    parade.    They    furnished    escor"!
throughout our stay ih West Canada,
frequently   horsed    our.   carriage . and
found the transport, all of which duties
were performed with a willingness and
in a highly creditable manner.. The re-
,.view3 which were held at Quebec, Tor-
en^ and Halifax enabled me to-judge
of this in-ltyiin' paPacityyof the Dominion; and of the BpleHdid ipfl|9j-ia} ?vt its
disposa.1,   many   of   the   corps" showed
smartness   and   soldierlike. bearing;   I
.yyyas: glad to find thaf; a f^ld: hospital pr-
gftj-izat. oil, lias been p. ovided -as alsp a
company of engineers. I was much interested in our visit to the royal military college at Kingston to see what
excellent provision the Dominion government has made available for the preliminary military education of its military officers. Every country now recognizes   tho   necessity 'of   securing, the
greatest possible n.ilitary effl-iency in
return lor its outlay of defense, and the
material at hand should not be sacri-
^ficed for the sake of .inadequate train-
*ing;'and leading, which can best.be secured by a fully qualified staff. I was
delighted .with having,.the, opportunity
of presenting a large number of medals,
to officers and men for service in South
Africa and it was very gratifying to see"
with' what  enthusiasm  they .were  received by their fellow citizens., It was a
great, pleasure to us to be accompanied
throughout our journey' by the distinguished premier of the Dominion, ^aud
as It-- must have been "done at a^ great
personal inconvenience, we areJ''all, the
more" gratified  to~ sir  Wilfrid  Laurier
for' his" valuable help" and * companionship.'Finally, to lady Minto and yourself 'we wish to express our most' sincere, thanks for the unfailing-, kindness
■ and generous hospitality which'we have
, received'as your guests and also^for.the
'great pleasure and valuable assistance
-that, we   realized   in   the  presence   of^
either lady Minto or both your_excel-
.lencies during our long journey." I am
.further anxious to record my thanks to"
■ major Maude for the eflicient manner in
which he and the,rest,of our staff,dealt
with the'exceptionally hard work and
overcame'the numerous difficulties-connected with our tour, and for.all,that
they, ,-iave done to help me-and my own
staff. We wish it had been possible to
remain longer in Canada and by'availing'ourselves of many pressing invitations received from,different centers to
have;become acquainted mon_#intimate-
'lyvwith   its  various   districts/and Jts
people.  But we have 'seen  enough'to
'carry .away imperishable--memories vof
affectionate and loyal hearts^, franlf and
independent   natures, ^prosperous -and1
progressive1" communities,^ bour_dless and
■productive,, territories,, glorious'.scenery,,
stupendous' works of < naturc^a,'. people'
and a''cpuntry proud of its membership'
of jthe empire and in which1, the'v'empire'
finds tone of its brightest offsprings. Our-
J_hearts *are full' at saying farewell: We
.feel that we have made-many friends
, in [all, paits of the Dominion'and that
we? owe and gladly extend _to ,its people
bur sincere friendship and.good'wishes.
'May, tlie affectionate regard*•"*which all
races'-'and' classes have so~'*generously
shown -us 'knit' together the-peoples of
'Canada, .and strengthen the .existing tiei
^that unite the empire. Believe me, dear
Lord Minto, very sincerely "yours, "
F. (Sigaedf ■   _> GEORGE.
..— i, _*■*■*_   ',,'      y,r _- __.__. ^..,..     .
Details for the execution have been practically completed and while,the prison
authorities guard with 'great "secrecy all
facts it is believed that the execution
will take placo before 6 o'clock on tho
morning of October 28th, or If everything can't be got. ready on that day.^at
a similar hour on the 29th. -    "-
' MONTREAL, October* 21:— Mayor
Prefontaino.today refused;to authorize
an investigation ^into alderman ClerJ-
hue's claim that'an attempt had been
made to'bribe him in connection with
the award of the electric light contract.
The mayor said Clerihue had neglected
to make, specific charges., The council
referred the, matter to the city attorney.
TORONTO;, October 21.—Premier Ross
stated today that itrwas his intention
, to hold a session of the legislature early-
in* January.   The premier "expects, pro-
grogation before April 1st..     '-.."'
<t TORONTO; October 21.—Lord Alfred
Douglas, second son of'the marquis.of
Queensberry.-is'tn town.   He is going
-.out to the Pacific coast on a'trip. -
'IS.piEDIC.TED tOAxI'ffljbffiab 0S$
.TBE  MAN." '*\*-'«.v*
' Made'Mistafce,in'the Eva •
REVELSTOKE, October 21—[Special
tb The Tribune.]—The machinery for
the steamer, that is heing built at Nakusp to run on the upper river has arrived, and the-fitters started the work
of putting it in,.the hull this morning.
The company;expects to have the boat
running this fall, but the river is unu-
sually low. Tho same company contemplate building a tramway at Death Rapids, when another boat will be put on
the river above.
The opinion of mining men here is
that the London & British Columbia
Goldfields people made" the first mistake of their^career in British Columbia
in'tlirowing^uirrtH-TEva property Man^7
ager Gracey has traced the lead on the
Rossland, and found it as strong as ever
18 feet below where Fowler thought it
faulted. The lead had folded over and
Mvas picked up again without difficult ty.
.   «   v 'Lipton's Yachting Plans.   '•
•  ' «v  , _, ° •
NEW YORK, October 21.—Sir Thomas
Lipton will not be a challenger for'Ame-
rica's cup next'year.    In an. interview
Jlate tonight he absolutely denies'that'he
has any intention of building a newboat
to'compete for the cup?uoxt fall.' In an,
^alleged' interview" published In several
afternoon, papers, sir Thomas is quoted
asjhaving said  that  he would  consult
Messrs. Fife "and Watsonlas'soonias he
arrived home relative to the building' of
a new challenger to compete fonthe cup
in 1902.„ .When seen tonight he said: ;"I
' did not see a reporter today that-Lknbw'
;of.*  But* be that as it may, I» certainly
did not say what I am quoted-as having
said."   - r      , -   -a-, -.„-.i.
''. '.Is it your intention''to ~build'?a'new
'-boat"and challenge "for, the-"cUp\ next'
,year?,"-. .. \ ■ <   - ^s„   . ,.    ..,,v- ■&■,,-■_.u_. ■-,
, V ','1 am not desirous of holding^-mon-'
opoly-in'the matter of challenging?for
the America's cup. -I propose to waittor
a reasonable time after Pget back tovthe
other/side and see^if anysf'of,_the ^other
^British sportsmen desire to enier a challenger.* As a matter  offact  intakes
months,- to prepare" designs  for . a .mew
boat,and then, feven when challenging*
with a~new boat, 10 months/notiee^must
betgiven.-'  It would now,.be .well nigh
.impossible'to challenge ,in behalf "of a
new .boat, for a, race next, year," that is
71202.. ,What I intend to-dd is this: I will
;leave-the""ShamrockJ H."oiTthis 'side. Shp~
will remain, here all next year and will
race with'any and all boats that care
to meet" her.   As to the crew that will
bejon Shamrock II. „next year I think
she will have an American one, perhaps
with a British captain/  P may, possibly
send over some British sailors, hut the
great majority of them will Be American.    I can't'rsay whether captain Sycamore will be in charge  of  the  yacht5*
next summer or not.   Of one thing I-am
certain, however, I will come over myself"
While sir Thomas denies that he intended building a ,new challenger for
next yeai, he would not deny that he
would ultimately build a new boat.
Harper's Camp,'on'theWth'fork.&.   ^M
of Horsefly^ rivor<'He *saw* and'talketf  *- "Kif
with the paity of Aien who1 m_fde "the - Y^$i
discovery, all >of .whom returned .to the4 --"-VaSi
new  discovery "at Wce»-after"isecurlng Y-f&f
. supplies. The party( of■» six men*:had/but     \<- ^
one goW pan and' spent'only"two^clays "*";-  '   ^
on the ground. -They-had' no'foodf,re- K]
.maining, and had to tiavel, sVmeYdis-"1?^
tance'to a camp 1before/they.could1>get^t>^r ' s
anything to eat   Thet/party^fiad'about"^ f{      *
two 'ounces, of' gold^ab^ut^like^coaree £    «    _'
grains of powder,,,some pieces"l.el__g'ten- \" . "■•
cents or moie/jhey statelbat'thVdid' *&*< *,
not try. a pan of gravel" that'did notbil.* "
yield, at least five centsyand 4hey. 'got ? 1   J    "
as high as $3 tr the pan. They s'tate that£/Vv* "''
the ground Jn mostj places .Is,'shallow ***• Is-
and that it is, safely $20 X day "ground 2. -.T* s '.
They  named  the- creek^'Empire." 'So    &$
far, two creeks/'both'good/were,pros- ZZ <■**
jpected,   and   they^believe _ there\i_'/.a> . J ^ .
■.large  section.-of<^placer_-ground ,-to$bel y_.^A _ta
opened up. About,fifty men'^liaye^gone-' Vk"f>d
in   1 en   fon     <_ *Tv_n«i_-\*J l_-~-.;-!__*, »" 1 !____.__-# . _^I  _i-_. __^rf f
jn via Canim lake; .as^is, t_tefgroiiidrj«J.- -,
can be reached in ^five or,, six'_dfiy3 ;_rom,"^Wj^
Ashcroft.lt is,not oxpectedUhati-'mu.h.' * ^*-"-^"
can be dene, in" the; way.of .'.prospecting Jt^WrM
or stal.ing'after about two"weel:s?more        * "/$
but early next spiing^jwill seer a rush "bt
mon to these placers, yz-.  __,\i  " . ','.
The Journal has sent^upV.represen-
tative, to get, all' of-the?facts as tos the.
- --.,-,.__.
richness;ond  .xtent<*'of?th_.placers.,Sv> .YY^-^
£ _^       *      _.__     .     ."■-__.. . .-. .'   **i*i   -Trf  .    wi*"
f gg tat.on Tor Anri'Xition
HAVANA, .October 21.—A petition
saking that Cuba be annexed to tlie
United States, is being cii dilated among
Cuban burinerfi men and every effoit is
being centorc-1 upon annexation, .in
biismes. menc,e:ietol*y, ]t is alleged,
believe that the reciprocity movement
will,amount to nothing. A meeting has
been arranged for Wednesday next, at
wliich, although held under the guise
of reciprocity, it is 1sald the fli^t gun
in the campaign for annexation will be
Hied by Cuba's orators, senois Desver-
nine and Luanuza and the marquis De
Few Will Witness Electrocution
ALBANY, October 21. — Warden
Meade of Auburn prison spent several
hours today in conference \yith superintendent of state prisons Cornelius V.
Collins, arranging the details for carrying out the sentence of death imposed
on Leon F. Czolgosz, the murderer of
president McKinley. They went ovei
carefully the 1200 requests which have
boen received for invitations to the
electrocution. There will be but 2ff
witnesses admitted, the law limiting the
number. The prison physicians wil be
assisted in the conduct of the autopsy
by Charles F. Macdonald, M. D., former
president of the stat*. commission on
lunacy and one of the greatest experts
on Insanity in the country. There will
also be a number of other physicians in
attendance when the fir\£il niundate of
the .aw jfi carried out.
Superir-tendant of state prisons Collins is silent as to whom he will ipvite,
but it is learned that the sheriff of Eile.
county, within whose jurisdiction the
crime, -y^a qqmmitted, will receive an
invitation. Because of the small attendance that can be had under the statute
there will be a but a limited number of
representatives   of   thq  press present,
BfljninR Coaritions Unsatisfactory.
TORONTO,   October   Jl.—The   Even
ing Telegram's,London cable says. The
Money Market Review, containing par-
-ticulars1^^6f~th^Bfi(is_I~0ntaria   Q0]d
Mining Company, says* that it is by no
means encouraging to would-be investors, and points out that gold mining by
English companies has not been a success   Tho Rpview says that the record
of tiie directors has-been so unfortunate
fiom a joint stock cempanv standpoint
that we should hesitate before entrusting them with control of a mining company. Commenting on thi3 the Ontario
Mining Review declares that Ontaiio is
not   1u-*stifving   the   confident   anticipa
tions of tlirep years ago on the scoie of
srold productions   The last throe years
have   seen   much   reckless   promotions
and dubious ventures for which Ontario
is now suffeiing? In Ontaiio the output
of silver showed better iesults than any
othor metal.
A Grandmother at Twenty-nine. -
DES MOINES, Iowa, October 21.—A
grandmother at .29 is tho record of Mrs
James P. Carleton, of Iowa Falls, Iowa,
who claims, tho distinction of being the
youngest to boast the title in the entire
Northwest. She hopes to be a gieat-
grandmother by the time she is 45. Mrs.
Carleton's rosy face, pjump figure and
youthful appearance attests to her age.
She was married in Olxiq eighteen years
ago. Less than two yeais hater, when
only 13 years of age, sho became a
mother. A year ago Mrs Carleton's
daughter, at the age of 15, was married.
Last week this child became a mother.
Mr. Carleton is only 35.
GREENWOOD, October 21.—[Special-"-V--
to The .Tribune.]—Justice, IrvingJ and/.,, ?;
deputy attorney general McLeanfarrived* Z^y^
on Saturday's train and rode to'Midway;? ''i.;^!^'
yesterday acompanied by. William G. Mc- y YYfiSi
Mynn, registrar of the supreme court^ -'"^M
and C. Scott Gallaway; president of the ^----"Sh
Greenwood board of trade.' Today they
visited Phoenix and were shown the
Knob Hill mine.
' The leading hotels of Greenwood are
filled tonight with officials,'jurors, witnesses and others who have come to attend the assize court tomorrow.
O. J. Vale, sheriff of Yale is here from
W. H. Bullock-Webster, C. W. Young
and S. M. Bridges, stenographer, are
also attending the assize. Other Nelson
visitors are G. C. Hodge and John G.
Mrs. ^Tuzo, who lately visited Nelson!
but for tfi-Tlastrthree weeks in Greenwood left today en route to California
on her return to England. She was accompanied part way out by J. A. Tuzov
formerly of Nelson, now of Midway.      -■
Killed in a Scuffle
NEW HAVEN, Connecticut, Octotyjr
21.—Henry Donald Seadley 0$ New
York, a Sheffield Scientific School freshman, was arrested this morning charged
with tho murder Qf Edward Corrlgan of
Williamantig, Connecticut. This evening coroner Mix after a prolonged Inquest ordered tho charge changed to
breach of peace and Seadley was released
on $5000 bonds. Corrigan died at tho New
Haven hospital $,bQift one o'clock this
morning from injuries he received during a souffle with Seadley,
'ZZ Kitchener Wants More Cavalry.
LONDON, October 22.—The Daily Express learns that lord Kitchener  has
wired an urgent demand to the war of»
flee for .more tralqed mounted men,
Islander Inquiry Closed.
VICTORIA, October 21.—The Islander
inquiry clostsd this morning and the
findluga of the commissioners will be
given on Wednesday morning. Captain
Leblanc, pilot of the lost steamer, went
on the stand and gave a statement in"
which he advanced tho opinion that the
bulkhead doors must have been open and
denied all stories of drunkenness on his
and the lato captain Footc's part. Two
firemen told of closing of the storo room
bulkhead door after the steamer struck
and other evidence was given that all
tho doors wore shut.
Sealing schooneis Casco, 7(iG skins,
Ida Etta, 220, and Allio Algar, 1420,
were towed in from Behring sea today.
Maepherson for -Viayor.
VANCOUVER, Octobei 21 —la obedience to ihe \ciy general lcquest of his
friends, R G Macpheison, the presidont of the local Libeial Association
and ar c..-member of the legislative as-
seniDly, has consented to be a candidala
for the mayoralty during 1902. The
World sajs lie has the qualifications o_
experience In public affairs, broad-
minded shrewdness in public mattei 3,
a wide acquaintance with citizens un<l
civio conditions. With these and his deserved popularity among all classes and
the representatives of all shades ot
politics, he should be a formidable antagonist fci whoever should come out
against. Wm.	
Baltimore and S\ Lonis Scraps.
BALTIMORE, October 21. — Bobby;
Thomson, the Canadian cyclist boxer,
and Howard Wilson of. Washington!
fought a 10 round dra\r tonight before
the Weber's Park Athletic Club- Both,
were in splendid condition at the end.
ot the bout.
ST LOUIS, October 21—The police-
stopped the 1.5.-round fight between Martin Du#r of Qhicago and Dave Barry of.
Canada fn tho fourth round at the West
End Club tonight, when the Canadian.
M-is beaten to a standstill,
.. _
'    4J
. s_ THE  NELSON TRIBUNE,  TUESDAY MORNING,   OCTOBER  22, 1901  &&$$*&*��_�����** \i> *9&&m  to  FSBAY  Im-oui'on \ iki) 1U70  C OJyLJE>JL.2S~-Y'  I   fA  1 tVjC*  DRY GOODS���  The best that art can produce and money can  purchase, is now ready for your inspection.  NOVELTIES OF ALL KINDS���  Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear. Sequin Robes. Dreams in Embroideries. F^cts in good values. From the cradle to  the grave, we have everthing you can require.  PRICES   RIGHT  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY  BAKER STBEET, NELSON, B. 0.  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TEETZE _ & CO.���CORNER OP  Baker    and    Josephine - streets,    Nelson,  1 v. hole-Bale dealers in a3sayer's supplies.  Agents  for  Denver  Flre   Clay   Company,  r Denver. Colorado.   ~>       ,y   COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  _rj.  . H   J. EVANS & CO.-BAKER STREET,  Nelson,    wholesale    dealers,   in    liquors.  ik'. ii - cigars,. cement,  flre  brick and  flre ,elay.  .F^CV]'-water  pipe  and  steel  rails,   and generaL  A**-< \ commission merchants.,    _  ^) \ ������     ��� ������ ~  jb&i** ,-.., ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES,  .X&S ,. - KOOTENAY' ELECTRIC - SUPPLY __  ^V'^- Construction Company���Wholesale dealers  ���if-J-.'-.j'ln telephones, annunciators, bells, hatter-  P��Sl''' les,-electricjlxtures and appliances, ilous-  !_C-Li  *$&,>������> ^^______���������   ^ivp.' -BURNS~&~CO.--- Ai_ER 'STREET,  -*-'*"' -Nelson,   wholesale   dealers  in  fresh  and  cured meats. Cold-storage.    ��� .,- -   .  - - ',  PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening in the Elliot Block," at 8  o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.  ton Block, Nelson.   FRESH AND SALT MEATS.1  GROCERIES. <o  ?f^U^. KOOTENAY SUPPLY "COMPANY, I_IM-  S^JltecL���Vernon .street, ��� Nelson,* ,wholesale  m&z%     ' ���    * '     ' ~   "  grocers;  |_i>~:v���� john ���. ,:cholditOh   &..<:. co.'-front,  &��&.'��* etreet, Nelson, wholesale grocers.   * *  ���Wd>'i\V,*A. -MACDONALD & CO.-t-UK-_._-R OF  ���#Jft-V?prorit-and'Hall streets,.Nelson, wholesale  M&Kt^grocers .and jobbers in .blankets,'gloves,  isf;^'mitts, boots,'rubbers, mackinaws and mra-  fnf'%Tiers', sundries.T��� t  ' t|. .  S.%)J" ��� J/Y:*GRIFFIN' '&_ CO.-FRONT STREET,"  ?'.V-> , Nelson, "wholesale 'dealers  in  provisions,  $"<'*-.  -cured meats, butter and eggs.       -. , .  r A. *.  ���',, ? ,'_ ?I_IQUORS , AND .DRY. 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Next  new postollice building, Vernon street.  Nelson.  WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES.  ~TFREi_~!-_a!LiNG^^  We are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties' at once. The Prospectors' Exchange, Nelson, B. C, Rooms 4,  K. W. C, Block.  GOLD, COPPER, SILVER, LEAD  .nines and prospects -wanted. Sond report  and samples to the Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson, B. C, Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  NOTICES OF MEETINGS.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &  A. M. meets becond Wednesday ln  each month. Sojourning brethren  invited.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER  No. 12S, G. R. C���Meets third "Wednesday.  Sojourning companions invited. George  Johnstone,  Z.;  K.   W.   Matthews.  S.   K"  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F. <_>. E.-  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.-  . Regular  meetings  flrst  and   third  Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights  ��� are   cordially  invited  to   attend.   Dr.   W.  ; Rose,  R. K.;  A.  W.  Purdy,  Cdm.; G.  A.  Brown, P. C.   '  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  _J__._-_.__- bJN'lU-S, _nO. Do, W. F. of M.���  Meets in Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, visiting  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men $3.50, hammcrsmen $3.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3. .  BARBERS* UNION, NO. 186, OF THE  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets first and third Mondays  of each month in Miners' - Union' Hall at  8:30 sharp. Visiting'members invited. R.  -McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer: J. C. Garaiwr, recording  ��<-f.r_fa.ry  'CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union Hall. C. J. Clayton,  president; Alex. B. Murray, secretary.  PAINTERS' UNION MEET-THE-FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.  Kee, president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  LAUNDRY , WORKERS' - UNION.���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on fourth  Monday'in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.  m. B. Pape, president; A ,W. McFee, secrotary. ^   CLASSIFIED AD^  ARTICLES FOR SALE.- ,  ' "IsEWING MACHI----_-_fl3i;~S  for sale or rent at the Old Curiosity Shop.  '    FOR'RENT.-"'"''    7  SIX  ROOM  COTTAGE   AT. BALFOUR  . to let by the month"or for'.the season'. Im-_  '.mediate 'possession.   Good "fishing. 'Apply  C.  W.  Busk,  Kokanee .creek. Phone 66a. i  Or to R.*- H. .WiUiams, Baker street. Nelson. ,  FOR REMT-PAIiACE SALOON, SANDON.  .Forpartlcularn apply Mrs. A. Eagan,Sandon, B.C.  :*-.TO LET ���THREE ROOMS/,QN1 CEDAR  'street; large living room,'bedroom and kitchen-,  .with sink; also use of'bath.'"Apply to J.'Cox-i  , head, Cedar street. , _' , ���,    vj.'      ��     ?  i |FOR- SAIJB.      ' ��� ^      *  - FOR IMMEDIATE SALE-GROCERY BUS-'  irtefs; good location; low rent;'owner going out;  of business.  For. full particulars address (J. IC,  1 Grand Forks, B.C.' **  '      '"'"   '      HELP wAl-TED.   '    '    r ��� ��� ���  SHINGLE  d men for-  Phone 278.  which the city will pay the power company ?1000 a month for that which is  now costing the city $250 a month*. Had  such a deal been proposed in Spokane  it would be called a "job," in which  someone was getting "greased." But no  one would think of such a thing in connection with mayor Fletcher and- alderman Selous. These two worthies bitterly opposed the purchase by the city  of the electric lighting system, and they  are now doing their utmost to 'undo  what was done in 1898. As private .citizens,, they were unable to do anything;  but as officials, they are doing much to  discredit the City of Nelson.        . '  WANTED i- C-LVMBKRMAID,  join lor and packer, laundress, naili-oad men for  'Laulo., Nelson Employment Agency     **  EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES.  , HELP FURNISHED���WRITE,"- TELE-  phone, telegraph or, inquire Western Canadian Employment" Office, Nelson. Phone  270., Storage���I have a1 large warehouse for  'storing household or other goods. H.< A.  Prosser.     ���-..',��� ���, ,  WANTED HELP * OF ALL KINDS.���  Orders for help, receive prompt .and careful attention. R. Purdy, ''Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  44. P. O. Box 582.     < *< ��� >  i a  ��tte Mvxbnn&'  SUB3CRIPTK.N   RATES.  *   .  Dally by mail',''one month $   60  Dally by mail, three months 1 _S  Dally by mail, sii'Tnonths _! 60  Daily by mail, one year  5 00  Semi-weekly by mail, three months...     50  * Semi-weekly by mail, six months 100  _Semi-weekly_by___ailt-.one_year .2 00.  Postage to Great Britain added.  ,     ADVERTISING   RATES.  Display Advertisements run regularly       ''  per inch per month $4,00  If run less than a month, per inch per  insertion'    .....'.'..:.....'     25  Classified Ad3 and Legal Notices, per  word for first insertion '.       1  For   each   additional   insertion,' per  word           1-2.  Wholesale and Business Directory Ads  (classified), per line per month  ' 60  Notices of meetings of Fraternal' So-  . cieties and Trades Unions, per line  per month       25  Address all letters���  THE   TRIBUNE   ASSOCIATION,   Ltd.  John Houston, Manager. Nelson, B. C-  NOTICE  TO  SUBSCRIBERS  BY   CARRIER.  _.T--T__,T���?__T-��T__f_.?__T-_t_.f_.T��� .���     tTnT_it.i?iiTnT��TnTnTi_T-.Ti.T   T_  +  ���_���  +  *  *  *  On Saturday next, subscribers  whose Tribunes are .delivered by  carrier will be expected to pay  the carrier TWENTY CENTS, th'e  subscription price for the current  week.  COOKS AND WAITERS ONION NO. 141,  **->'. L. V., meets at-.liners''Union Hall on second and last Tuesdajs in ovorv month at 8:30  V ui slurp. A. B. Sloan, prebidont- J. P. For-  l-eri-ell, eccrcUry H. __. Fortlcr, -iuancirl see-  xetary.  ,i-rZ^iXi_A_%_,^ -TsSst'?-.        ��  Never did a city council make so abject a surrender to a self-seeking corporation as has mayor Fletcher and aldermen Selous, Hamilton, Paterson, and  Gillett to the West Kootenay Power &  Light Company of Rossland. These men,  elected to ^safeguard, the interests of  Nelson at all times and under all circumstances, have fallen down before and are  now worshipping at the feet of a company that is doing its utmost to-kill municipal ownership of public utilities.  They do' this, too, at a time when the  city's efforts to secure a site for a power  station on Kootenay river is being  fought by the company to whom they  are willing to transfer the business of  electric lighting in Nelson. These.men  are willing to close down the city's electric lighting plant, a plant that is earning the city ?2000 . a month, at an. expense of less than $250 a month, in order  to enter Into a contract with the West  JS_ootenay Power & Light Company; bjr.  One of the best known public men in  .Canada, Nicholas Flood Davin, is'dead  by his own hand. The deed was done at  Winnipeg on- Friday 'afternoon,- yet it  was not considered of, enough importance to wire any r_ewspaper in Kootenay. Is it any wonder that the men who  are trying to make newspapers at Nelson and Rosffland sometimes wish their  newspapers were in hades.  Th'e only - Vancouver..nowspaper that  treats' VJoe" Martin with any degree of  fairness-- is the News-Advertiser, although its editor is'not "at,all friendly  to Ithat "eminent statesman. -The trouble  with-the Province arid.the World is,  they'both sacrifice truth* in order to be  sensational.       ���<���_-'.*";-'       ~*  Six months ago,'the'man who is now  editor'.of the Vancouver ;V/orld was  writing fulsome puffs, of premier. Dunsmuir'and his ministers���and,he got.off,  at?Bu_falo. Nowadays .the World'is publishing'* fulsome-puffs of:Smith Curtis  and Mackenzie &,Mannv  ,  ,   ,  * Kaslo is distant 45 miles from Nelson  Jand 245.froin'Spokane,- yet the'Spokarie,  .Spokesman-Review, reaches   Kaslo   as  early as does The Tribune.  i ���. ���  - Municipal ownership of anything except greased-heel horses is 'repugnant  t'p the fine business sensibilities of  mayor Fletcher.' ' ���     i ���<  Coronation Eegulatiohs.  ' , The rules and regulations governing  what is to.be worn at thecoronation of  ,King Edward next year has just been-  issued >byi'the', earl marshal. Among  other things, there is a curious graduation'in the fur-trimmings of the robes,  which emphasizes the fine distinctions-  existing,'in" the ranks of the ars'tocracy.  All the peers have been notified that  itheir robes" must be of "crimson-velvet,  edged with minever, the *cape furred  -with~minever-pure.=and���powdered_with_  bars or rows *of ermine, according to  their'degree." Here follow the numerical graduations distinguishing between  the ranks. Barons are allowed two rows  of ermine, viscounts two and a half rows,  earls three rows, and dukes four rows.  All, the mantles and robes must be worn  over - full court-dress, uniform, or regimentals. The earl marshal's order  banishes counterfeit pearls and all  jewels from coronets, wliich are to be  "silver gilt, tho caps of crimson velvet,  turned up with ermine, with gold tassels on top. No jewels or precious stones  are to be set in coronets, nor counterfeits of pearls instead of silver balls."  The number of the latter permitted revives a' nice sense of distinction. A  baron's coronet bears six- silver balls, a  viscount's sixteen,' an earl's eight (with  gold strawberry leaves between), a marquis's four balls and four leaves alternately; a duke's coronet has no balls and  has only eight gold strawberry leaves.  Tho earl marshal next prescribes the  robes, mantles, and coronets to be worn  by the peeresses. These are of the same  material as the men's, with similar graduations in the number of bars of ermine  and balls.' The length of the train marks  the difference in rank. A baroness is  allowed a train of only three feet, a viscountess has one and a quarter yards,  countesses have one and a half yards,  a marchioness has one and three-quarter,  yards, and a duchess |;wo yards.  An Expensive Dinner.  Apropos of the death of Charles Crist  Delmonico at Colorado Springs, on September 20th, a writer in the New York  Sun says:    "Probably the most expensive dinner ever given at Delmonico's  restaurant, on' Fourteenth   street,   was  that given by Mr. Morton Peto'to the:  tea anu' coffee merchants of New York,*  two hundred in number.   It cost $25,000.;  The rarest wines and most elaborate decorations   were   mere*   incidents^     The  menu-cards were of gold, arid the guests ���  sat  on .silk   cushions   on   which'-their  names were embroidered. In the center  of the-table  was a  miniature  lake  in  which swam swans taken from Central  Park.    Clara  Louise  Kellogg  received  one thousand dollars ior   singing- two  songs at this feast and a present besides  of a diamond bracelet   The salon was  iimothered in flowers.   Another dinner   * ,-". .,__���' -t*  LADIES' JACKETS,  COSTUMES,  FUBS AND UNDEBWEAR  AT  ESPECIALLY  LOW PRICES  MENS' LAMBS' WOOL  [SHIRTS   AND   DRAWERS,  FLEECE LINED UNDERWEAR, WOOL AND CASHMERE SOCKS, FLANNELETTE NIGHT   SHIRTS  AND PAJAMAS AT  VERY LOW   PRICES  FRED   ___________==______ #  ...  BARGAINS  IN (jj\  GREY AND WHITE       . fj\  BLANKETS,  WOOL   COM- ff\  FORTERS AND EIDER- /J\  DOWN QUILTS. ffl  m  &  CO- 1  -I.  IRVINE  36 Bakep Street, Nelson.  "^'___'- "0*' <__!_ 'fif ��� tf '_____*' _____ ���___? ��� tf �����__��� ��� tf *00' 00 *00 * tf ��tf ��� tf ���   vl*, ������2a**- ��� JS*' ���*���*������- '-S.'^ "-2&'-2^ ���____���____ ______'J2__ ���J3.*.i___ ���_____��� .SS�� ���____> .^ST-^*  T -|ffr-.|fc--^__~'-.Mrj,*1r**~'i^>~^^>'*^^"^^^*-*tfcr*-"<fc--;^fc-i^fc t___- -^fc^jflTl-' "-Ur-     RHa   <<||> <->-<^ <<fc-<)> <<>''0 ���^->-^W-,-<^W'-*^��g/^i_>  '~w ���^'->-^-__. >,*S*>-^i-i  ^�� *-���*. ��� ^k-��� ���W*'*----. ���***������_- ��� ^-K ���*������--_, ������**���__ ���"*-__ -*^.r,-5T*>��V,^^'y',��.*',��_.'^*      W    ��� 00' 00'~00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 00' 000' 00' 0*' 00' 00' 00' 00*00  1SSSS��S1CSS   ���   dhusYt an**, fdals <wl_/ ^       500 Mil WANTED  as sailors. The host was a yachtsman,  and. he bought* the waiters' clothes. The  guests drank,' or, ^rather, tested, every  vinted liquor that ever has been brought  to America. ���- They finished with a pousse  cafe.made of;eleven liqueurs. Before  each, plate sat a-'cut-glass basin about,  twenty inchesV/in ' diameter and four,  inches deep.- Each was nearly filled with  water perfumed with ottar of roses, on  the surface of which floated. half-open  pond-lilies. '".In-the basin a perfect-model  of the yacht* owned by the host ' was  placed.' It' was cut in red cedar-wood,  with cabin, rail, wheel for steering, brass  work, such'as belaying-pins and binnacle,' man-ropes worked and trimmed  with sailor krots, scraped pine masts  and booms.'-rigging of silken cords col-  ored-as it would.be'.in the.original, and  sails of satin. There was a gold oar and  many other gewgaws."    .  Scottish Bite Masons in Session.  WASHINGTON, "D. 'c.,* October 21���  -The   supreme   council- of   the   Thirty-  third degree Ancient and Accepted Scotj  ,tish   Rite   of   Free l Masonry   for   the  southern   jurisdiction,  of   the   United  States, the mother council of the world,  .met *- today , in   biennial, session. ��� The  gathering  marks  the   centennial < celebration of the council, which was established-in Charleston, South Carolina, in  .May, 1801,' the actual recognition of the'  centeniary being deferred until now to  be co-existent with the unveiling of a'  irionument to the  late general- Albert  Pike, long sovereign grand commander.,  ' The feature of today's session was the  allocution,  delivered  by 'Rev. Richard-,  son of Tennessee, the lieutenant grand'  'commander and acting sovereign grand  commander.    The    allocution,    among  .other things,  laid down-an important  ruling that a member of a foreign'jur-  isdiction can't become a member of the  jurisdiction here without severing his  -connectiou-with-tho-for*ner.-The allocu--  tion closed with an impressive tribute  to the late president McKinley as president and a brother Mason. The election  will   occur   tomorrow    Representative  Richardson will undoubtedly be elected  sovereign grand commander.  Released <From Kilmainham Jail.  . DUBLIN, October 21.���Patrick A. Mc-'  Hugh, member of parliament for the  north division of Leitrim, who was sentenced April 23rd to six months' imprisonment as a first-class mismeanant for  publishing in his paper, the Sligo  Champion, seditious libels .calculated to  interfere with the administration of  justice, was released from Kilmainham  jail today. Mr. McHugh was accorded  an enthusiastic reception by a large  crowd. The lord mayor of Dublin, sir  Thomas D. Pile, a numerous,deputation  from Sligo and John lO'Dowd, member  for South Sligo, and John O'Donnell,  member for South Mayo, were among  those who welcomed him to liberty. Mr.  McHugh drove in tho lord mayor's carriage, followed by a long procession of  carriages to a hotel, where a luncheon  was given in his honor. Mr. McHugh  will sail for New York with John Redmond and John. O'Donnell .on the  steamer Majestic, which leaves Queenstown Thursday.  On the construction of the Arrowhead Se  Kootenay railway in the Lardo district.  ii ,  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  P. O. BOX 627.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  J-.I___CIT_5.__)_  . CHARLES, HILLYER, President. HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  ���,;P-:veJHafcleoeiv'ea3;000'000fcotoflo'i2fromKaho. and we are prepared to cut the ln.KOst bill  SEi���60^01 any dimensions or lengths. IBs.imotes given ab any time. The largest stock ot sash.  aoors, and mouldings in Kootenay. '  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OFFICE AND YARDS: CORNER HALL AND FRONT, STREETS.  ' In order to secure mere without delay  ordinary labor will be paid $2.25 per daj;  and axemen $2.50 per day.  GOOD STATION WORK  can; be secuked.  For   further   particulars   apply ^o  Nelson Employment Agent-lea or to  the  job mm  The Job Printing Plant of The Tri-  buno is tho most complete in Kootenay. Good 1-workmen aro employed,  good stock is used,-and good prices  arc .charged.  QUEEN'S   HOTEL Porto Rico Lumber Co.  BAKER ,STKEET,   NELSON.  Lighted by .Electricity and Heatr  ed with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and flrst-  "class_dinlrig roo-__TSample-roor_i_rfor com-  merclal men. ' '  RATES S2 PER DAY  B|rs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel,, Calgary  Imperial Ijotel, Nelsori  'Formerly known us tho SHvor King)  Four Business Blocks Burned.  SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, October 21.���  Four of the finest business blocks at the  corner of Pitt and Charlotte streets, together with their contents, were totally  destroyed by flre Saturday afternoon.  The loss will be about $300,000, insured  for $200,000. Some twenty-five residences  were destroyed, in addition to the bus-  yiness block, over which in many cases  people lodged. A number; of families  were consequently rendered homeless.  A Ducal Engagement.  LONDON, October 21.���The announcement of the engagement of the duke of  ^Hamilton and Brandon tp Nina Poore,  one of England's beauties, has caused  widespread interest. The duke of Hamilton and Brandon is premier peer of  Scotland and hereditary keeper of Holy-  rood palace. A tevr. years ago he was a  poor lieutenant in the navy but suc-  ceed-d to the tities and estates in 1895.  This hotol, ln tho control part of the city^h.-is  been oiitlroly renovated und Improved.  The commodious bur in supplied .with all tho  Jiobt brmidfl of liquors", winos and piguro und is  under tho powonul luunugoiiioiit of Mr. J. O.  NuiMiiIth.  Tbe dining room and restaurnnt arc conducted  on tho JCuropcun plnn, and thoso and tho hoU 1  accommodation aro under the lnanagomont of  Mrs. Gorman, whoso largo experionoo is a guarantee of tho comforts of tho hotel.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON, 8__KKETS  CARLSON & POSTER  OOWTRAOTORS.  WANTED.  500 Day and Station Men  Eight   mouths'   work*     All   rock*  Rough and   Dressed ���  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 Whit.) Pine Lumber Always in  "We carry a complete stock of  Ccast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned 'Work, Sftflh and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico Lumber CtkLtrf.  Wages $2.25 per day.  J. G. MeLEAN,  ������Blkdr B-~Cr  WEST T1AN8FER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  "Worlc.  Agonte for Hard and Soft Coal. Imperial Oil  Company. Wa_h>_i<jioii B'-iolc Limo &'. jl.aiiu-  facturing Company. Gent, aloomnioroialagonts  and broltord.  All coal and wood strict'/ on. h on delivery.  Offio, 184 Baker St,  TULKPHf^NB 14*/.  Wladden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson.  .The only hotel ln Nelson that has remained under one management since 1890,  The bed-roomf arn -well furnished and  lighted by electrlcn>.  The bar Is always atocKea Dy the best  domestic and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  HOTEL   BOSSLATO.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best ; dollar a day  bouse in town. House and furniture new  and first class in every respect. Lighted  by gas. Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. O'LAUGHI-IN. Proprietor.  *' "A little tain lays  much dust"  A little finish covers  much shoddy, in  shoes.  "As good inside the  ��� finish as it looks outside/' is 'pledged by  the Makers' price on  the sole of���  "TheSlaterShoe"  Goodyear Velted.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANUS, Maasser.     >  W. P. TIf _RNEY  Telophono  263.  AGENT FOR C.ALT COAL  Offlea:   Two Doors T. 'est C. P. H. Office  A. R, BASROW, A.M.I.C.S.  PROVING.AL  LAND'SU.-?VEYOR  Corner or Victoria and "iCootenay Streeta,  P. O. ��>x -59. TELEPHONE NO. 95.  CORPORATION OFT-JE CITYOF NELSON-  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  II anon, and cigars. Beer on dmnslit. ____-ge  eoaOortMMe Koanw. 2?��.<___M___>��_-C��ril_  ROYAL SHOc STOKE, Aberdeen Block  NOTIOE  The undersigned hns resumed proprietorship of the blacksmith busin.r-s  formerly carried on by me and lately  carried .on by R. B. Reiley, in. the premises on Hall street near corner of Baker  street. All-.accounts ������ due* R B. Reiley  are payable to jne  K. D  ASHCROFT.  -Nelson. B  C, October 15th, 191_1.  Notice to Municipal Voters.  NOTICK i. hcrel... given thai under the pro-  vi .Ions ot the "Jlunicnml Klootion . Act' Die fol-  lo.vini?��itu.entitled lo vote for major .and aider-*  mon n.t1hoCityMuiiici]ial J.lection. vi_:  Anj' mule or female, Ijuing a British subject of  the full age of. twenty-one yeans,   ..ho has paid  on or before llio. lirst day 61!" November all municipal rates, taxes, assessments, and licenco fees ���  paj-ablo by him or her, and .  "���'Who*is.tbo assessed owner ,of hinds, or of  " improvements, or thcassossod occupier ol lands  "within tho 'municipality, or  "Who is a resident of and carries on business,  "and is the holder of a, trades licenco in tho  " municipality, or  " Who i_ a householder within  the munici-  ' paliLy.  H<  Householders aro required*on-or before the  .first day of December to enter with tlio undersigned their names, as a voter, and deliver at tho-  eame time a statutory declaration in llio; form  luovidcdbj tho statute.  J. K. STJ-ACHAN. City Clerk.  Kelson, B.C, OOober 18tb, 1301. ���'wr.a-ffi-r'nw.-''****^^  S-H-T-TT���i5*T,,i-.>i,_Tfir-_*n7nn.*n.-TTPr-rr . nir-i r��lT->_<ii��riiniaii_ii-i^nTU_��-j_-_-_-aC-  M  THE  NELSON TRIBUNE,   TUESDAY  MORNING,   OCTOBER 22, 1901  [3ANK OE IBNTSEAL  CAPITA!,, aU pild up....i. 13,000,000 00  K,H3T    7,000,00000  UWOIVIl-(3D PROFITS       427,180 80  Lrd Stratkoona and Mount Hoyal ...Pro-'!cn_  f to'i. Gcoiyo A. Druuirooud \ lco-Hrnsulent)  11, S. Cloijatou t.oueral Mam .jor  NKLSON BRANCH   ���  Corner Baker and Kootouay otroota.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Managor.  /HranchoH ln London (Kngland) Nkw Youk,  uicaqo, aud ull tho iirluolpal oities lu Cunado.  j Buy and sell Storting Ksohango and Cable  Grant  Commorcial  and  Travelers'  Credlte,  J.vuilable in any part of the world.  V Drafts Issued. Collections Mado, Ebo.  [javings Bank Branch  CTTRRKN- RATK OF INTKRItST PAID.  THE CANADIAN  BAKK OF COMMERCE  wim which iu amai g amaj__.i.  THE BANK  OP BRITISH COLUMBIA.  I_J_AD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Ke_.;o_V- B'uad,  $8 000,000  $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,0(10.  Han. Geo. A. Cox,  President.  B   E. Walker,  Geneial Manager  London Offlco, 60 I cunt)ard Streett. _Q. U.  Now York   Ofllco. 10   B-Cehanga   Placo.  and 63 Bratiohes in Canada and the  United Stutos.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.    Present rate  throe per cent.  GRANGE  V. HOLT,  Hanik'oi* Nolson Bran. h.  0__T    0-A.Z_-T______D-A.  Capital (paid up)  Rest  S2.600.000  $1,850,000  HEAD OFFICII!. TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Rranohcs in Northwest Territories, Piovincosof  Hntioh Columbia, MiniSvba, Ontario and Qiiobec.  H, S. DOWLAND      i .e_iili'nt.  D. U.  .V-l_t_lJ_ Gonoral Mi-uamr.  K. MAY* Inspeotor.  **-!-__��� "Ok.* ^**. * ^"*> ��� ^**-* ���__?.��� **aK* *"*'���������-��� "^ ���**���>. ���___. ��� **��������*. ��� **���**--. ��� '"���-k" ^^> "*��>.��� **^t*\M.'W, 0B0 .40 .000 .400 .000 .40 . 000 . ___^. 000 .00 .-M-1. ____>    ____>  *05f��<&' ���***��� ���**' ^���'^���^- -��������������������'���.�����-������'���-���������������* r^--*****-^^--^  NELSON   BRANCH,  BUt.NS BLOCK.  A general banking bu.ino'-) transacted.  Saving . Uepurtmont,���Deposits received and  intou'f,. allowed.  ltra/ts hold, available in all pails of Canada,  United State-, anrt Kurop��.  Sptclal attention given to collccti. ns.  J. M. LAY^ Manager.  i.  ROSSLAND���The new public school  [.Hiding is nearing completion.  VANCOUVER���The Dominion gov-  Jriiment has deeded the city False creek  |ats.  1 TRAIL���Grand master Hogg was ban-  lueted at Trail by Trail Odd Fellows on  fuday night.  'MOYIE���S. Y. Parr, formeily of Nel-  im, was man led Lo Miss Webster of  f/innipeg. They will make their home  Ic Moyie  NANAIMO���Helen Hunt, of the denu-  nonde, who for some time has cut an  lupoi ..ant figure on the Bti cets here, at-  |->mpted suicide Friday night  GOLDEN���The Golden - "Windermere.  I'legraph line will soon he ready for  jismess V. P. Tunn, late operator for  |te C. P. R heie, has been appointed  take charge of the up-country tick-tr.  .LADYSMITH���At the Extension coal  Junes it is the intention in about a  leek's time to attempt the opening of  lie stoping of No 3 slope. By that time  he fan will be ready for commencing  I'ork.  CARIBOO���Several hydraulic claims  (ave been secured in the -vicinity of  Itanley by Mr. Meyeis, of St. Louis,  1 ho is said to represent New York cap-  jalists. It is expected that extensive  I ork will be done by this syndicate next  sason.     '       L ���>  OMINECA��� Colonel Joshua Wnght,  If the 43rd Mining and Milling Com-  lany, with several of his men, returned  lo Ashcroft last week from Manson  J reek, where they have spent a proflt-  Jible summer in opening up the mines  |_f Manson and Slate creeks. ,  NEW WESTMINSTER ��� Several  [nataos havo beer mentioned in connection with the- coming- mayoialty el&e-  Ition, among others aldermen Adams  \ind' Woods, ex-mayor 'O.ens, and  ^Messrs. T. L. Briggs ���and J. C. Arra-  fstrong. ,The' latter two,- however, positively dony.any such  aspirations.  Mr.  Ovens states that if he is really wanted  he is as'ready as ever to serve the city  and the other two are at least not yet  very decided.  PERRY CREEK���Messrs. J. Thompson and Banks Brothers will work two  shifts on their placer claims during the  coming winter.  ASHCROFT���The Bend 'Or Mining  Company, Limited, have made an assignment to Frank S. Barnard. The  total indebtedness ot the company is  said to-be $35,000.  KASLO���The 14-year-old son of conductor Durkee ot the Lardo-Arrowhead  lailway, had one leg cut off and mav  lose the ether b> falling under a train  at Lardo on Saturday.  ROSSLAND���Charles Dundee is making a very pre. toy home out* of the  dwelling he recently mo.ed from the  lots south of the Catholic church to the  present site, 100 feet to the west. The  "���iesidence will be completed in about a  month. "  VANCOUVER���The first informations  under tho new clause of the School  Act, which provides for prosecutions for  non-attendance at school up to the age  of 15, have been sworn out and the delinquents were cited to appear in' the  police court on Saturday.  ASHCROFT���On Wednesday the 150-  mile house on "the Cai.boo road, owned  by H. C. Rayson, and occupied by Mr.  Sullivan, was burned to the ground Mr.  Sullivan was just moving his family to  Seattle and had a large part of his  goods taken out, but lost ?270 in currency.  ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILE  HOUSE���A crowd is leaving ihere ifor,  the new placer diggings at.tho head-^  wateis of Horsefly. R. T. Ward, just, _i_  from Horsefly, says it is believed to be  all right and-the strike genuine as reported. The distance to the new strike  is supposed to be some 80 miles beyond Harper's camp, or in the neigh-  Establl��.hed in Nelsoin 18��0  We Sell Wholesale and. Retail  Hurry Up and Ask for Prices  borhood of 230 miles from Ashcroft. All  except the last forty or fifty miles is a  good wagon road.  VANCOUVER ��� Burglars are busy  here, a number of stores and residences  reporting losses. I  GOLDEN���Thomas King and Miss  Woodley were married here on Thursday by Rev. Mr. McLean.  t  i  ROSSLAND���A petition is circulating  asking for the remoyal ,of Chinese  houses from the Third ward.  NEW WESTMINSTER-Mr. 'justice  Martin presided at the assize which  opened here yesterday (Monday).  KAMLOOPS���C. Wentworth Sairell  gives notice that he is retiring from the  Kamloops Standard. He is now living  with his family in Vancouver.  GOLDEN���The curling club held its  annual meeting on Thursday night.  Skips-elect: "J.'G. Ulleck, J. Henderson,  H. G. Parson, C. A.1 Warren, J. LaMon-  tague, Mr. Dainard, J. S. Gibb, J. Pink-  ham.       ' *    ** '  REVELSTOKE���G. F. Goldsmith has  purchased an interest in the .townsite  of Goldfields from R. F. Peny. jGold-  fields is. on Fish river, and is in the  neighborhood ofthe famous Camborne  group of claims.       , .     X    ,  KASLO���Little Dickey Hughes, son  of Mrs B. Hughes, tad a universal favorite, 'had a narrow escape at Buchanan's mill on Saturday. He was caught  by a shaft and whirled around many  times before being thrown off. He is  badly bruised. " *-    "   >  BARKERVILLE ��� W. C. Fry has  moved his family down to Barkerville  for, the winter Mr. Fry has three gangs  of men at work drifting. He has ground  in the certer drift that is reported as  paying 7 ounces to the set, and has considerable of it in sight Fry, and his  partners have stayed by the Hardscrab-  ble a long time and deserve success.  Our Christmas goods  are arriving daily,   and  you  have a  good opportunity lo select from the latest up-to-date goods,  and you will find prices reasonable.     ' ,       ]  We want your trade���send us your orders, and  wc will do  the rest. - "  All watch and jewelry repairing guaranteed.  Mail ordeis receive our prompt and careful attention.  MB DOVER, "TheJew8ler??  O. P. R. Wateh Inspector NELSON, B. C.  m  9\  fl.  %  !<-  * ��l  1 tr l J  V I  -z\  0B0 . 00 * 000 * '00 * (00 ' 00*0t__ 0  .'��__K*��%I-v'��**_��_->--fc.��V_.��,*V^   ^,  ������*v*v^***!^_"  0'0'00'0^'  r^r^*^M^r^r<&*i&'r*f%'*(lg  ' 00 ' 00 * 00 ' 00** 00 * 000 ' 0? -  I 9..  '-_rw  - fr -.-���  ���_k *u.��|  '. -,-*\-Mva*��  ��>_��� v-v; m  . -'���' -rA  '      '        v.  . .<_;  id"-      U&  -    1  0>0'000'0^j00*^S*00*0i\  GRANBY- MINING COMPANY'  ���         .   ���  i  Mining Review's Criticisms Analyzed.  The Canadian  Mining   Keview,   pub-  " hshed at Ottawa, is slating the Granb.  Mining Company. 'It says that the Granby company is overcapitalized, that it*  i oro doss not pay to work; in tact, that  the company is a gigantic flotation to  j lob the public.   The Review article has  I been reprinted in the Coast newspapers,  which may lesult in injury to the coun-  ' try ir the misleading statements therein  Iait not refuted.   The Tribune's regulai  ' correspondent at Greenwood, E. Jacobs,  |]__ s undertaken the task.   The following  n.-i:-om his-pen:  GREENWOOD, October 19.���[Special  Correspondence of The Tribune.J���Ai  one whose particular business it is, in  ������ny capacity of special correspondent in  Iho i-oumlaiy distnct for several news-  wpeis and mining journals, to keep well  informed respecting its mining and  smelting'- industries, I may be permitted  lb make some comment" ou an article  that*recently appeared;.]]! the Canadian  Mining-Review regarding*tlie operations  ,-j'f ** the Granby Consolidated J'uning;  Smelting & Power-Company, Limited,  the more so. since on the. 3rd instant -fa.,  tl. C. Miner,':'''president of the Granby  company, in granting, my request for a  ,-_���.{_��� with him respecting the: article,  told me that the directors of the com-  ban'y were treating it with tno iaiiiffer-  enco they considered, from its naturo, jt  ���deserved. In talcing up this matter I  tun more concerned about the effect tins  criticism, which I think'I shall show is  |.'iot warranted by the facts of the case,  nay have upon the mining Industry.ot-  *ho district, ttiajiupon the Granby com-  iany; which is?well able to take its owu  iart v/henever-its- management shall  tiinlc it necessary,to do so. The Granby  ;o__ipany's mining and ysmelting indus-  'res lieingrby far.the largest in the dis-  Boundary district prior to the publication of the Review's criticism, nor had  I seen any reference made to it in any of  the provincial newspapeis that came  under my notice. Mr. Miners leply to  my enqun y as to the truth or untruth of  the statement alleging a proposed increase of capital was "We never even  thought of raising the capital of the  company above its presont amount of  ?15,000,000. Why should we when we  have one-fourth of the capital stock intact in the treasury available "for the  advancement of the company's interests  should occasion arise?"  (2) "It is an undoubted fact that the  prosent capitalization of $15,000,000 is  enormously in excess ot the value of the  property."  In this connection I remark that tne  -shareholdei s.of_the four_companies_that_  combined do not seem to have thought  so, since they ratified the schemo of consolidation. I am informed that they received, pro rata, thi ee-fourths ot the  now stock and that none was offeied lor  salp to tho public.  (3) "It is a well known fact that the  total expenditure in cash both for pui-  chase and development of all the ���properties in'the Granby smelter group, in-  duding the smelter itself, does not. exceed one million dollars and when in the  early months of this-year the representatives of-this company,. J.. P. Graves and  'A, J>. White, were in New York negotiating for the sale of the property, or at  any rate exchanging pour parlers; with  the Amalgamated gopper Company having that object in vieAy, the latter could  not be induced to give as much as two  million dollars for the property."  Tp this I reply that I have definite assurance tJiat the cash expended to date  on the company's properties is about  ?1,500,000. Tliis dpes not, though, represent their value, for a considerable proportion of the original consideration for  the mineral claims was in stock, whilst a  large and valuable tract of land (situate  near-Grand Forks) was received as a  smelter bonus or subsidy  without  any  lift it seems inadvisable*that judgment cash therefor?; further, that the tow^of  '"hall be permitted to? go against ut, and Phoenix is partly on the company s m_n-  ;Urou"*h It'' against the district, by de-1! eral claims, adc__ig.: very largely to^their  |-_ult.'-. '.'���' '���:������'- ������'���'  li Perhaps: the "simplest way* to endeavor  lo show the Granby company in what 1  Link to be afai r,er light wil-.be. to take.  IL-iatim the statements���of, rather, mis-:  Fakements, as most of them appear to  [jo to be���to which I take exception and  ���ike some comment on them succes-  Bveiv as I go.   I Will premise, though,  V stating that Mr. Miner ��� assured me  Kost   positively   that   every   statement  Meeting on the Granby company in the  1-ticle under notice is -absolutely take,  bave selected the following allegations,  W which I comment as under:      ���...  im '��� "Considerable interest is aroused  I. British  Columbia by the announcement that?:tl)S  Granby smelter people  B'ntemplates an Increase m their capital,  Sising it from fif tee:, million to twenty  iillion dollars and thos.c who aro best  Kilo to judge consider the proposal a  i|rcical one in view of Jhe past nf story  It the. company." *     -  ?. m  liAs   to   the "considerable -interest- * 1  surface value. : As to the alleged attempts to sell, Mr. Miner assured me  that the directors had not tried to sgU  the property; oh the contrary they had  . declined offers,.* .yh. ch they, had fully  satisfied themselves, were bona fide and  backed by the necessary, capital, for the  purchase of the property, at miiQii..higher  figures than the $2,000,000 mentioned.  (4) "No authoritative statement has  yet been given as tp the, average value  per ton of ore treated although the smelter has been in operation since la. t year-  Repeated applications have been made  to the company by shareholders for this  information but i+.'h89 bepn.refused for  motives of policy.".  Mr. Miner stated to mo that ?lo shareholder had been refused information  that he was reasonably entitled to.  Statements of receipts and ��� expenditures  had been submitter! to general meetings  of shareholders whenever'. required by  the provisions governing tho conduct of  the financial affairs of the several com  live only to remark I had not heard any I. panics now consolidated.  'When presld-  jentio-j'.'atall. -poadeof this matter in tbo   ing over general meetings be had on sev  eral occasions stated to shareholders  present that the ore was yielding a profit, hut just what that profit was the directors were not yet prepared to make  public. In adopting this attitude at the  present stage of their undertaking the  directois considerod they were conserving the best interests of the company  and were only doing the same as other  manufacturing concerns wheh do not  divulge details of the cost of production  (5) "If, as is curiently believed by  thoso in*the best position to judge the  averago gross value _of the ore treated  docs not exceed five dollais, it is doubtful if operations are not being carried on  at a positive loss." '    i  Perhaps the most effective reply 'to  this is contained in the following excerpt  from a en cular, dated August 12, sent to  shareholders with their stock m the new  consolidated company. "Instead of"  striving to pay dividends > before your  property was fully developed, it has been  the desire of your directors, and to this  end evei y effort has been made, to equip  and put the properties and plant m a  thorough condition to earn and pay dividends legulaily. We have been spending; nearly, ?200,000 in new, equipment,  during-the present summer, -which will:  m(-re than double our present output .'arid,  profits. All of this sum we are taking  out of the ground, not having advanced'  one dollar for the past year to do this  work. "It would 'seem that "those in'  the best position to judge" state .most  plainly that ���' operations are returning  profits, thus directly contradicting the'  suggestion'that they, "aro being carried  on at a positive loss."  (6) "It.is . . .;������'��� . culpableion the  part of the directors of the Granby company to withold important information  without'which it is impossible to est.-,  m'atoi the value of the stock they arc apparently bent on increasing and* which  in any case they are offering the public  as an attractive investment."  ���;Mr, Miner's statements to me.applicable to these strictures; may be-summed  up thus: (a) Shareholders have been  given all the information, they are entitled to. (b) The directors have not  even thought of increasing the stock,  (d) They are not offering any stock to?  the-public,?     .  I: desire to add that not only in the  Boundary district, but *when at Nelson  and Rossland lately, the simple mention  that the'Canadian Mining Review had_  attacked the.:,Granby company promptly  elicited replies, remarkable in their un1.  animity, in effect that that journal is  notorious for its. general hostility towards British' Columbia mining enterprises,; ���'...'.* .::*: ���* *  ' At the risk of making an unreasonable demand on your spaqe I. ask your  permission to here briefly summari.ct  tlie history and work of the Granby1 Con^  solidated Mining, Smelting & Power  Company? Limited, having a capital of  $15,000,000 in 1,500,000 $10 shares. The  QQHSOlidation embraced four Incorporated companies, viz., .the Old Ironsides  Mining ��� Company, Limited, capital  $1,000,000; the Knob Hill Gold Mining  Company, ; Limited, capital $1,500,000;  the Granby Consolidated Mining &  Smelting Company, __ imited, capital  ?900,-)00, and tbe Grey Eagle Gold Min  ing Company, Limited, capital $1,500,000.  The mineral claims owned by these companies are situate at Phoenix and all adjoin. They are the Old Ironsides, Knob  Hill, Victoria, Fourth of July, Phoenix,  Aetna, Grey Eagle, Banner, Tip Top, and  Triangle; these consituting, so far 'as  known, 'the "biggest copper mining proposition in the Boundary and probably  in3 the province. For'tome time prior  to the consolidation they were jointly  worked under the one general management, .The Old Ironsides and Knob Hill  companies did a large amount of development in their respective mines, and  haye been at work with,scarcely any intermission for about, five years. The  first Granby company, which was of  more-recent organization, worked the  .Victoria and ' built and operated the  smelter at Grand Forks, these reduction  works being ' thoroughly' modern and  most effective and successful in their results. Preliminaries 'having been arranged during the latter half of 1900,  tho consolidation was consummated  eraly, in the current year, since when  there has"been a gradual enlargement  of operations." ",  In the development of the Old Iron-,  sides, Knob Hill, Victoria, and Grey  Eagle mines *-2256 lineal "feet of sinking  and raising and 10,000 feet of crosscutt-  mg and; drifting���together nearly two,  and.a half miles in length of workings  haye been done. There has also been  about half as,much .work again done in  very large raises.and drifts which, although in new country, has been counted  as ^stoping, not as development. The  deepest "shaft' is down 400 feet and the  diambnd.drill has proved the occurrence  of ore down to a, depth   of   800   feet.  Large surface quarries have been opened  in 'ore which is known to extend about  3000"feet on the company's ground and  to have a width'of 300 to 400 feet. As  now opened the deepest face of ore in  the quarries is about 60 feet, but a cut  is now being run into the hill that will  eventually give an open (face Lof more  than 200 feet in maximum depth. The  railway cars will shortly be run into the  quai nes and there be filled with ore  by means of a steam shovel, thus economizing in the cost of loading.  Shipments of ore were commenced in  July, 1900, and during that year 64,535  tons were sent to the smelter.   The output foi nine months of 1901 ended September 30th, was 168,620 tons, making  an aggregate tonnage to the latter date  of 233,155 tons.   At the Canadian Mining  Review's estimate of $5 per   ton   this  would give a gross value of $1,165,775  With the tonnage increased to 1200 tons  a day, as will shortly   be   done,   these  mines will yield at a similar valuation  $600 per diem, but this is by no means  anywhere neai their limit of daily pio-  "���ductionr^Cwhich-it-ls-planned-to^next  year further inciease to about 2000 tons  a day) so   easily   accessible   are   their  onormous oie bodies     The  mines aie  well equipped with improved machinery  and plant, and have, foo, commodious  and substantially built accommodations  for about 500 n^cn, theie.being at present rather, more than 300 on the pay-roll..  ;?Tbe smelter is at present;running two  blast, furnaces,  these together treating  nearly 600 tons of ore a day.f Two. more  furnaces are overdue, to arrive at the  works, and these shou.a be in operation  before tho end of the year.' .This addition will increase treatment .facilities to  about 1300 tons, a day.   It has been decided to increaso the number,: of furnaces  to six early in the new year so as to on-  largo the capacity of the works to about  2000 tons of ore daily.   Two "copper converters wil also be installed here,shortly  arid these with other betterments also  being made will bring the equipment up  to the most complete and.impprtant cop.  per producing'plant in Canada.?  Adverse criticism. regarding ' the big  capitalization of the Granby company  may or may not be warranted, but  surely the proper time for this was when  last, year an authoritative '. public announcement was made of an intention  to inc. ease to $15,000,000 arid.(ndt when  runic, r usually most carefully'ignored by  reliable journals, concocts a story en-  ,'tirely at variance! with facts. The Canadian M-Eihg Revie.y.has now added to  -its reputation in tho interior mining  districts of the province of being '; a  "knocker," so far .as mining in British  .Columbia, is concerned,, evidence that  either ignorance, or prejudice so/influenced it tbat it did. not (take. the , most,  ordinary precautions to verify its infor-  ..mation before making sleeping? reflections upon the status and management  of an extensive and thoroughly bona  fide mining and smelting enterprise?  TELEPHONE fJO. iK.Zf* 0. BOX 888.    -  * - i   ' f ' .'   '  OFFICE: .BAKER STREET WEST, NELSO^.B. C.  ,   MARBLE, BUiLDINC STONE,  BRICK AND LliyiE      .,.;..  ' i * * *  The Mansfield -Manufacturing!. Company* v  have the aboye mentioned building materials ,;  for sale at reasonable prices.  \ Special'" quota- v_  [ tions' to  builders, |and contractors for large  ;  5orders. '   ''\        y'    ;:; -    < /a*-"  A'i.  A COMPLETE LINE OF  Front. Doors ���' ^ <' - ;"-  Inside Doors  v   r  Screen^Doors  .; _:.  Windows'  Inside Finish"  ,     local,ttp.tii coabt.7  . "'.. f-3E  ,' -nZyM  <*-._/?. m  v     '^r v-��  lonal^Mid'oosBt.^-? ���<.  Newel Posts;'  , -Stair  ^Mouldings-  Shingle^  ,Roug-h and  DresseduIIkimber  ot all kind-. "   , '"  _. ���    .. * ,^ iy*  .���-      1   c^Jt  - i- i " fl'** .  r     JH��  _v* '^ri^M  r^"'r'Y7^4  ?0&i*   ��<7_��_WM  .- **  ORDERS BY ffliHL  ATTENDJED? TO PROIBPJtY  ,  .  ooi^c^-^isr^r  OFFICE:, BAKER STREET WEST, KELSON, B. C.  TELEPHONE NO. S18.    P 0. BOX 688.  i  3BB__________a_E-��_t_____-1  B_an-B   ��� ____________' * '^vt^if f ��� y_S. L  ?: ���*'. - i ml  10 THJ_ SHAREBOIiDEnVoF THK-  "'���5' ... ...'  "   At-   "  ia_P  NOTICK JSHET<KBYGr.KX1h^_nB:x-ra- ��� f r.   .���,  oidinaiy Ge��i>rai Meeting, of ,Th�� fhur, lioldeis^,^'. 'A, -*'>  M  ��� ���! Lhm l_(-nij_-.u> h-hbai'iic.dlei-'hytl:oi]ir--rUoti3 -     ,>    _\ ���  '^,..'J-,.^i- ^ysjM. ****.:&, <?vT4  Pliijir. iu  ^<���l-o!7.  Hnli*l_   Colnuibtn,   on -"the  ���r?rd, !u>   ot   "Jv.U.ber,   1��*01,   Kt   tho^.hour. of _  11 oilock, uui, to   lako into conbfacraTjon.a-  ra-<oiiilini. niit'-ori/n k tb>. I>lico'o.-B cl tht. Com-"  Pjnr to raiso.the sum of 5I20.0O0 upon tbo**oredit"'  ot Hie Company, and for tho purpose of. ccurluir  Ull/ li   l/in*.*-*..!     _*,.._...._.   4-l._ . ..      ... ..D  '^ '��� ZfrZ��h  1 '\ *  they may doom advisable  ANDTUKTHiiJt UKK XOTICR.'thU .in  olhorExtraordumryGnnoriVl Mcctuit; Iihh i^d  cvllcd to beheidon iho'lthd.iyof .\o.imW. r. h.  .aLtliB san o uniui.no placo iifoiotiiia Joi ihuiui- ���  pos'iof roitlimniK tht. said .diDm-nri-ned --�����<-  olutiou, if kamo should bo pas ed at. ilm fi ss,  incetiiiic.  Dared at Port Arthur, Ontaiio, thin Sth day of  October. A.D . J401  (-igncd) S  XV. RAY. President.  (Signed) H. A. McKJUHIV. v, crcinry.  Ha-USE  821 TO S-lBAKKIt STREET, NKI-SON  . -,   NOTIOE. :,.;.  NOTICE is lifiioby Kivcn that wo intend, to  apply at tho next.sitl.iiii; of tho Board of! Licenco  C'oimi!l..sionors for tho City of Nel.son, to be held  after tlie expiration of thirl y days from tho date  hereof, fnr a ir.in..fer of the ictnll Ucpior lironco  now held ljy_n for tlio p.emi_c_ known uh the  "Glue t'ol, aalonn, situate on Vornon street In  the Cityof Nelwinand on the west half of lot I,  lilook 2. subdivision of lot 0o. ffrouti 1, Koolonay  DiRtriot, to William A. Council, of the wild City of  NoIhoii.  : Dalc'd at Nelaon, this' seventh day of Octobor  lfOl. WATyMSI_KY & BOWKS.*':  AViTNKssi.--. C. lUvisow. ������������; ry  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  r"TK-3 -. PLANS?  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 26 Cents to $1  Hbad Opfioe at  NELSOiNT, B. 0.  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Ni l-on mining dnlslon of Wi-st ICooteiiay  <ll--ttlet,   and   jeiorded   in   the  iccordera  oftlce  lor  lhe NoNon  mining ilhislon  You and each of '���on aie huruh>   notilicA  that   J   lia\c   (-KjifnOod   tno   hundred   ancV  twelve     doljiii-.     ,u'd      twonly-ll\e     crnt*+  (i'll 2ri)   ln   labor   jind   Improvements   upon  the  ihove nniitloiud mineial tl.iim In ordSr  to-.hold said-inliieral. claini undor the pio-  vl.sloriH of  I In-- Mineral  Act, nnd  If within  ninety days'from' tho date of-this notleo  youmil ur rel'n.so to coiurilnuo vmn- |inr-  t ion of all such expend! lures together ��it It  all cosl.s of advertlMinB-,  your Interests* lr.  the said  claims will  become  the propcrty  of the subscriber* under section  _ of an act  entitled.   "An  Act   to  Amend   the Mineral  Act, 1900.' ��������*���'������������   ,���������������JOHN  DHAN.  Dated at Nolson this llth day of September,  1901.   ...���������  *     ���-:*.,���    * .,*,��'!..,*:  OEETIPIOATE   OF  IMPE0YEMENTS'  n NOTICE-CITY MINERAL. CLAIM.  Situate lu tho Nelson Mining Division of  West Kootenay District.  Whore located: About ono mile south ot  Nelson.  Tako notice that I, AVillnm John Qo'epel,  Free Miner's Certificate No. 50,500, Intend,  sixty days from*-the date hereof, to apply  to tho MlnlnK Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements for tho purposo of������ obtaining, a Crown Grant of the abovo claim.  And further take ..otlco'that action under section 37, must .-.e commenced before  the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements. :      ,    :  Dated this ICth de.y of August, A. D.  1901.���-������:���. W.  J.   GOEPEL.  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPROVEMENTS.  -SO-IMCIS���N--J-SON    _.--_..L*HAl.    CLAIM,  situate In the Nelson Mining. Division, of  West  Kootenay  Dlstiict. '     -  ���Where located: About one mile south of  Nelson.  Take notice that I, John Paterson,  Free Miner s Ccrtillcale T.o.: wi.Ti'i*, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of ob-  lalri-iiii a L'rown Grant ui  tin- :. <f.ve claim.  And further take notice that action,under section 37, must be commenced before  the Issuance of such -'ertlflcat. of Improvements.  Dated this ICth day of August A."���: D,  1901. JOHN   PATERSON.  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPEOVEMENTS.  NOTICE. ��� MONUMENT MINliUlA-L.  claim, situate in the Nelsou mlmaw division of Wesrt Kootenay district. ,Wher.e located: At the head of Grohroan cvoeK. on  Grohman mountain. '_.'al.e notice that I,  J. M. McGregor, actln.? as agent'for Steve  Hawkins, free mlnw .��� cei;tlflcato No.  h5Q,435, aud Louis Skraii'.,- free minor's certilicate No. b37,S?3. Intt-ii.- sixty* days, from  the date hereof, to appl "* ' *  eorder for a certlflcatt  Cor the purpose of obta:  that action under sectlc-  that action, unded sect!'  mon cod bofore the Isr.M  tinr-nto of Improvemoii'-1   .v \i. McGregor,  Dated thi9.l��tto,da\     , '1's.usV.lS!^ .;: J  _ ���**.  i'L>Si.  i&  ,'*i\  I��.'ta *  ''S-P  ..JtJSI  vi4;!  "I  -m  the mining re-  Improvements,  ; a crown grant,  ".*". must* be com-  7, must be cqicn  ioe of such cea��� J***..*-. * fi ir**���-.-���  THE STELSOff TRIBUNE,   TUESDAY   MORNING,  OCTOBER 22, 1901  WATERS  <��*** -JJ-S-S-eS---t��--.&6-&t-r&J-t-r&6-S--S&-.***********************'IW  Ml  l_  ib  Mi  Mi  Mi  w  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Ml  Mi  Mi  Mi  Or  Mi  Mi  _r  _>  ifc  *���  i_  _r  Or  l_  lb  Or  l_  ti.  ��-  There are a great many kinds of waters, but those  ive ..ish to cull your jiltenlion to particulaily at  pie&ent are oar,  TOILET AND FLORIDA WATERS  A necessity for bath and toilet.  FROM 25 CENTS UP.  W. F. 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Alexander Madore, M.P for Hoclilega has  been appointed chief justice for the  Northwest Territories.  Letters of administration were issued  yesterday to Mary Jane Barry in the  matter of the estate of her late husband,  John Mathew Barry, who diod0in San  Francisco Irst Juue. Tbe. Barrys were  engaged in business -in Nelson and the  estate consists of personalty to the'extent of ?600.  if- ... t.  It is said that the members of the  Nelson Licensed Victuallers' Association are considering the advisability of  calling a meeting for the purpose of  taking joint action with respect to the  action of the Nelson- Trades and Labor  Council in calling upon all the hotels  and saloons to dispense with their Chinese help foi th with.  Every man that voted against municipal ownership of the electric lighting  plant in 1898 can be put down as willing  to turn over the city's electric lighting  business to the West .Kootenay Power-  & Light Company, of .Rossland. The  men who formed the famous jack-pot  to fight the city in the courts in 1898  are again in their element.'  _        ___^  -Wesley Calbick left for Spokane yesterday morning for the purpose of purchasing a car of dairy stock 'for his  milk business. For some time past the  demands upon the-Calbick'dairy have  been greater than., its .capacity, and necessitated the purchase of. milk from  day to day. .This *was not considered  good business and; the .purchase of  j-tock was decided upon.    -*'     y y  ". The Nelsor Trades-and Labor Council "'yesterday served notice on < all the  hotels ar.d salons in The'city that on  'and after the 28th instant the Trades  arid. Labor Council'would .place on the  unfair list all who employed Chinese* in-  or around their kitchens or bars. Those  to whom the communication was sent  were asked to goverri^themseives accordingly. The document was signed by  John Roi ���errs,, secretary of the arbitration committee of the council.  Mayor Fletcher andf "Bob" Winerals,  who is employed in the city offices, were  quite active yesterday in trying to get  signatures to a petition praying tho  council^to submit a by-law to the rate-  pavers Tfor the approval of the mayor's  scheme to take the ^Vest Kootenay Power  &" Light Company in partnership with  the city in the electric lighting business. The first signature on the petition  was that,of "Charles' Augustus Waterman.  dee affairs are in at present they prefer that the necessary permission should  come from the gold commissioner.  ���       PEBSQKALS.  Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hume are in Los  Angeles, California.  A. B. Buckworth, mining broker arid  politician of Ymir, is spending a couple  of days in Nelson.  H. C. Killeen, the provincial government's engineer in charge of the roads  and bridges/ arrived in Nelson last-  evening from Lillooet.  John A. Kirkpatrick arrived home  from the east last evening. He is accompanied by his bride and has spent the  last couple of weeks in sightseeing in  the Sound cities.  NELSON. B.C.  KASLO, B.C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.C.  &  ��� The entertalrment committee of the  .Nelson Boat.Club are busy with the arrangements for the first club ball-of the  season, -which?is_ to be held at the Phair  hotel on Tuesday evening, October 29tl*  The proceeds of the ball will be used fo^  advancing aouatic interests in the city  and it is ,the hope of the ciub executive  that the dance .will be well patronized.  Tickets* for- members, including -one  lady, ?2; for non-members, $2.50; extra  ladies, 50 cents,     i  -  The refinery. scheme which has lain  dormant for the past couple of months  Ms-being-revived-and-it-is-now-reported-  that 'the Canadian Pacific Railway Com-.  pany has been giving the matter of the'  establishment of the refinery close attention. Those who are in a position to  know svate tha.: the only thing neces-  sady to secure the immediate construction of the refinery is  a  guarantee  of  the requisite tonnage by the producing  mines of the district        ���     -  AT THE HOTELS.  7  MADDEN ��� Richar Leary, Spokane:  W. Claffey, Brie.  NELSON ��� ,Joe Athelbertson,' Port  Hill; E. E. Watson, Sandon.  IMPERIAL ��� Colin C. McKinnon,  Lucknow, Ontario;'. Joe Haskins, Vernon; J. J. Thomas, Kingston; T. Dunn,  South Africa.  TREMONT���A. J.' Rainville, Crawford Bay; Colin C. McKinnon, Lucknow  W. Chandler and wife and C. J. Irish  and wife, Greenwood.  QUEEN'S���P.- H. Ahem, Seattle; F.  C. Pollock, Montreal;-Samuel Miller and  Ed Lind, Ymir; Harry Y. Anderson,  Trout Lake; D. H. Rice, Grand Forks.  GRAND* CENTRAL���F. Ratcliffe, Slocan; W. H.'-Pinchbeck, Slocan; A. B.  Buckworth, TTmir; W. Kennedy,,Sainton  Robert Russell, Slocan; F. Lewis, Kaslo;' A. M. Rogers, Slocan; William B.  Dodd, Ymir;  John McDermid, Victoria.  PHAIR���E.. J. Boswell, Nelson; C. B.'  Murray. Toronto; R. M. Cameron, New  York; H. R. Jorand, Slocan; R. F. Tol-  lriie, Seattle; Mrs. Ralph Harron, San  Francisco;- A. P. Blandy, Ymir; L. A.  Campbell, Rossland; W. Anderson, Cascade.  .  , HUME���John P. Miller, Kaslo; C."F.  Hauchett', Spokane; H. R. Jones, Rossland; J.'T. Black, New Denver; J. H.  Reynolds, 'Troy,* New York; W. C.  Perry, Winnipeg; J. A. Kirkpatrick and  wife, Nelson;. R.:j. McPhee, Enterprise;  F. Elwell arid wife, Bonnington; Ernest  Thompson,, Troy, New York; W. C.  Perry, ..Winnipeg; ' G. M. Leischman,  Victoria; ���' H/ C.  Killeen,. Lilooet.  Nelson - Mining Division .Records'. ..  The following? new , locations have  been recorded at 'the Nelson record- office: Silver;'Star, on the south' side of  Sheep cre?ek?< one "mile northeast of the  Yellowstone, ^by "Thomas Prldhomme;  Y. Z., on Toad mountain, two and a  half miles * south* ������ of Nelson, by John  Gloym;t^lice'-L., ,on west side of Lost  Creeks by ^William, McArthur; Emma, at  the head' of .Fortfrnino creek, by C. *��� J.  Ditter; Chas, .adjoining the'���Emma, by  Allie Miswald; Lijptori, on Quartz creek,  two and "a half -miles from Ymir, by  Samuel '.Miller;? ,Jay Fractional, on  Morning mountain,,, by D.j F. Mowat;  Yukon, about flve/miles, south of "Nelson, 'by vGeorge Dejiaine.^,-    "  - f. .''  Certificates of work were issued to A.  W.'-Boyd,"on the Fritz,of,Nansen; C. A:  Rinear,' on the (jjraeikcr "Jack;- Olive"  Simmons, on the -Belle Singlehur'st;  Katharine McEvoy, on the Horse Shoe:,  Royston Gold Mines,'on the Adonis  and Jumbo Fractional. .,'- .   t'  A certificate of improvements was .issued'to Joseph Bernard. Dolph Boyer,"  and Paul Bonnett of Nelson,.on the  Goodenough  mineral  claim.      _ >  N. FLOOD DAVIN'S SUICIDE  H. BYERS & CO.  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever received  v n Kootenay.   Mauser, Winchester,11 Marlin, Savage, and Stevens Rifles.   Winchester Smokeless and  Savage Carbines.   Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequaled  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers,   Exhausters,   Hand   Shaft  Pumps,  Pipe and  Fittings Steam  Packing,   Leather and  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton Steel.  the door of the room was locked. The  maids then communicated their suspicions to the porter, why Became alarmed  aud climbed over the fanlight. Life was  quite extinct when the porter made the  discovery/ but he hastily communicated  ���with the hotel office, and Dr. Macdonell  was called by telephone, arriving at 4:15.  After an examination of the body was  made. Dr.'Macdonell said that Mr. Davin  had been dead about ten minutes.  The room when viewed presented a  gruesome sight; the clay of the brilliant  parliamentarian lay in an easy attitude  on the bed; the pillows on the bed and  the garments with which the body was  clotted were .soaked in blood, as were  the pocketbook and documents which  were taken from the body by the police  sergeant. Deceased evidently had no  baggage with him, but on a table in the  room his gloves and hat and part of a  (box of cartridges were found. The revolver was fully loaded, with the exception of one chamber, and the muzzle bore  the imprint of the lips when taken from  the hand.* All the money found on his  person was $6.80.  Up tilljhe   present   no   satisfactory  reason can*be assigned for the comnoUt-  tal of the rash act, but.lt is thought that  deceased must have become despondent  through business and political "reverses.  -He arrived in'the city from Regina on  October. 9:*and engaged a room, at  the  Clarendon. Since hisarrival he had been  ^somewhat* irregular in his actions; but  'there was nothing in his bearing" or man-  'ner to lead anyone to think that he contemplated self destruction.-   Mr. Davin  .was always, of a,cheerful-'and companionable .temperament and his. hosts .of  friends in this city were naturally much  shocked to learn of his startling and sudden demise.-      '- -       --.,.-  -.   -, ^ ���     , ���-  '  , The Imperial Cafe is .open day.'arid  night as a1 short order-restaurant. It offers, the '���best service in the city.      t    ���  'IThe.business men's'lunch at the Imperial Cafe, from 12 to 2, Is the best in  the city. Price 25' cents. " '    .     *���   , - '  j?*************************  ;.************************}  | H. H. PLAYFORD & C0.f  *������ .I.  i�� _n  $ MADDEN   BLOCK $  9 NELSON. *  ft ^  2 ���*���   '     Mi  1 TOBACCO   AND   CIGAR |  $v MERCHANTS.      -      $  9 -   m  9   ft  2 ' . ��n  $ P. O. Box 637.    ���      Telephone 117. $  % tf  ft***********************-  �������� ���      ��� ��� . 1��� . ,  BULBS  :      FOR  FALL PLANTING  WINTER,  AND  SPRING  FLOWERING.  GOING OUT OF BUSINESS  AUCTION SALE  OF  DRY GOODS  GE/.TS' FURNISHINGS  BOOTS & SHOES NATS & CAPS  Our noxt auction sale will be held at 8 o'olock, on  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26th.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  K.-W.-C. Block.'     Comer Ward Mid Baker Sh.  ASHNOLA TOWNSITE.  ROSSL,AlND   eiVQI-NEBRINCt  WORIO?  OUNI-IFFE  & MCMILLAN  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORI. OAKS, skips, cages, oro bin doors, chutes and general wro-jglil iron -work. Oar ore cars aro  tho best on the market.   Write ns for re_��rcncc8 and full psrticuiatfl.        "  SECOND HAND MACHINERY FOR SAI__.-0_ e 6-foot i-clion watcrwheol, width COO ftsofc, "8 tolfi'  spinal riveted pipe. Ono 10_.5x_3 outsido packed plunger sinking pump. Hook drilia, atopinj'  bars, &c, &c.  AGENTS NORTHBY PUMPS. STOCK  CARRIED.  P.   O.   BOX  198. THIRD   AVJENUK.   IlOSSLAND.  The best In the market, In 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.  J. A.  Oe a Pound  GROCERS AND PROVISION DBALT2KS. Houston Block, Baker Street.  THE  BIND3BY* DEPARTMENT O?*  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED,  BUB-SB SJMOK, XOBLBOW.  BOOK BINDING  SPECIAL tyRED BLANK B00(S  SPECIAL fiUUD FORMS  An order of court has been made fixing the trial of the case of Smith vs.  Stewart * Brothers - and the Noonday.  Curley Mining Company for Tuesday,  the 29th instant. This is an action  brought by the plaintff, Smith, and a  number of other miners to enforce a  mechanic's lien for wages amounting  to $1540. The case promises to be rather  complicated, as the property is said to  have passed *from the ownership of the  company for whom the wages for the  labor sued for was done.  A petition was circulated yesterday  among the business men calling upon  the city council to submit for the approval of-the ratepayers the by-law embodying the agreement between the city  and the West Kootenay, Power & Light  Company for the lighting of the city  by the power company upon a partnership basis. Such" a petition is required  by the znur-icipal act bef Are any such  by-law could be submitted--and it requires to carry the signatures of the  owners of at least one-tenth of the real  property according to the last revised  assessment.  Eugene Croteau of Rossland is applying to the gold commissioner for the  Nelson district for permission to work  the   Yankee   Girl.   Canadian   Girl   and  Yale mineral  claims through the tunnel which the Dundee Mining Company  has run in upon the Kitten Fraction in  the Dundee group. This tunnel is now  in 250 feet and Mr. Croteau is asking  permission to drive the tunnel 350 feet  further,  which  will   bring him  to  the  Yankee  Girl   ground.   Mr.   Croteau   recently secured a bond upon the proper-  tics he is developing, and if he is successful  in ltis  application to the gold  commissioner work will he started on :.  large scale at once   It is said the officers of the Dundee company are not-  averse to granting the application, but  in view ot the tangle in which the Dun-y  '. i   No Cause Assigned.  The following is from the Winnipeg  Free Press of Saturday:  Nicholas Flood Davin, one of Cana?  /la's'  brightest    parliamentarians    and  -journalists.-committed suicide-by-shooting at the Clarendon hotel,  this city,  yesterday, afternoon about 4 o'clock:  ���  ���*.    The   news   of   Mr.    Davin's    suicide  spread    with    startling. rapidity    and  caused a general sensation in the city.  The circumstances surrounding the affair-are not very clear,, but the  deed  must   have   been   committed    between  3.50  and 4.10  o'clock.    Mr.  Davin left  the Clarendon hotel about noon yesterday and coming down   town   went   to  Ashdown's   retail    hardware   store    on  Main   street,   where- he   purchased   an  expensive   i evolver, * stating   that   he  wanted  it to send to a friend in the  west.    Later in the afternoon he returned to Ashdown's   and   complained  that the revolver would not work.   Mr.  Lindsay,  the manager,   examined ' the  weapon and found it had been broken,  evidently in an attempt to   load   tho  chambers.    He saw   that   Mr.   Davin  could not properly handle a revolver,  and promptly returned the money paid  for  it,  refusing to  give  him  anothei.  Mr   Davin again left his hotel shortly  before 3 o'clock and walked  down  to  the   Queen's.    At  the  latter  place  he  engaged   a   cab   and   drove   down   to  Baskerville's hardware store, where he  purchased a' small   five-chambered,   32  calibre bulldog revolver.    He informed  the clerk from whom he purchased the  weapon  that he  wanted  it for  target  practice  and  for  shooting  cats  which  annoyed him.   He said he did not wish  nny cartridges as he had plenty. From  Baskerville's   he  drove    back   to    the  Queen's, and thence to the Clarendon,  where he arrived about 3.30.  The deceased left his cab standing  outside the hotel door and went into the  office, where he informed the clerk on  duty that he was going away on .._._  west train, and Immediately took the  elevator upstairs for the purpose of  packing up, as he said. At 3:50 o'clock  the clerk sent the bell boy up to his  room with a letter for him, and at that  time he was apparently all right. *  Sometime around 4.p.m. a couple of  chambermaids thought they heard a report, but could not locate it, and no attention was paid until the; hotel porter  went up to the room to inform Mr,  Davin that it was time for him to leave  and to carry his baggage down to the  cab. which -fas still waiting at the door.  .Tiiere was no response to a J-noclr, and  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  ��_  Mi, .  Mi  Oi '  tli  _r  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  ��-  Mi  Mi  *  *  *  Mi  Mi  _>  Mi  *  Mi  Mi i  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  *  Mi  Mi  Mi  -0���-  Mi  Mi  -.  Ml  Mi  FOR STYLE,  FINISH AND  PRICES IN  MILLINERY,  ETC., CALL  ON   MRS.  E.  Mclaughlin,  WEST  BLOCK, BAKER   ST.  %  Mi  Mi  Mi  ��_  Ml  Ml  .Mi  Mi  Mi  i*  'Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  ��_  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Ml  Mi  ��_  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Ml  ._(_  ��_  _--  W  ��_  Ml  Mi  Lots can now be bought in  Ashnola at from $50 to $225  each. For terms and full particulars apply to  ************************&  NEWLING & CO.  AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ETC.  Kootonay Street, noxt door to Oddfellows' Hall,  P. O. Box 633    ���       v-      NELSON, B.C.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBBWKBB AND BOXT-JDU) OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND-PORTER  REGINALD J. STEEL-  Phone 278. " ���" Official Broker,  ~ BBAL ESTATE -  AND  INSURANCE BBOKEBS  Agents for Trout Lake Addition-  (Bogustown),Fairview Addition.  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on'  two year's time -without Interest ���  Ward Bros.  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'   'i GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  " GANONG'S FANCY CAND1RS  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY.CANDIES  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  '      THEY ARE THE BEST  You can.get them at  MCDONALD'S  Baker'fitrp**-, "  333"West Baker Street, Nelson.  Prompt and regular delivery, to the trade.  BREWBRT  AT  NELSON  ljt<k***************.******^f.  Utf %  ifc     OF    COURSE    VOU    WANT    THB     BEST-      m  tb THEN  OO   TO /f(  J ARTHUR    QEE *  ifc    in Tremont Block. 'He will suit you.    !Ji  Jjj    Largo stock of imported season's goods.   ^  % : 3  *******************9*ttX*  Confidence  in One's Watch  Makes traveling a pleasure,  when correct time is always  a necessity. Yours may be  a capable time-keeper, but  through incompetent repairing, you have lost faith  in it.  Bring it to us.r We will  repair the most wrecked  watch ar.d do it economically.  BROWN BROS  Opticians and Jewelers.  BAKER STBIfl_.T NKLSON  KOOTENAY  COFFEE CO.  ************************  ��� Coffee Roasters  -a.ai_r.in TQa an(i Coffee  ************************  We oro offerloK at lowest prices the best  grades o . Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas. ,  Our Bos., Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound ; $  10  Mooha and Java Blend, 3 pounds    1 00  -Choice Mend-Coffcc, .-pounds ���1 00-  Special E"si_d Cofleo, 6 pounds    1 00  Rio Blond Coffee, 6 pounds    1 00  Special Blend Coylon Tea, per pound     30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  \  NOTIOE.  NOTICK Is hereby (riven that I intend toapply  ; the next sit Muff of the Board of Lioence Commissioners for the City of Nelson, to bo held  at. the next sit Muff of the Board of Lioence Commissioners for the City of Nelson, to bo held  after the expiration of thirty days from the dato  hereof, fo- a transfer of the retail liquor licenco  now held by nie for the premises situato on let  1, block 12, Bakor street, Nelson, and known os  tho 'Athabasca" saloon, to Norman T. Macleod,  of Nelson. P. J. IITJSSELL.  witness: Jas. O'Shba. :    ���'���������'���*'.*  Dated this 27-h day of September. ..901.   '.*.���,    .  ���   ��� ��� ^ ��� ���-��� ��� ��� ..- ......   mmm.  .We beg to notify tho merchants and busines  men of Nelson that we have purchased* the bus!  ness and good wiU of the Pacillo Tranrfer Company, whioh ifc is our intention of incorporating  with the b-wtooea of the Nelson freighting &  _________ Company, -we reraaln youi_  R.H- WMjUAMS,       (  MnuagB. Nelson F. & T. Co  MILLINERY.  Mrs. Enfield wishes to announce to  the ladies of Nelson that, owing to the  increase in business, she has secured an  experienced trimmer from the east. All  orders can be got ready on the shortest  notice and at the most reasonable prices.  Opera-House Blovck, Victoria street  OLD PAPERS?  TRIAL-HE BINDERY DEPAJJTKENT j  Suitable for -wrap-.  , 25 centra huu-  ���Apply at   ��� ';������  KOOTENAY GOFFEE GO,  Telaphone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE   MANHATTAN.  AT   TPIE   MANHATTAN  AT   THE   MANHATTAN-.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE   MANHATTAN?  AT   THE  MANHATTAN..  AT vTHE   MANHATTAN.'  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  ALL THE BEST. BRANDS  LIQUOR8 AND  CIGARS.  BRANDY   .  DE LAAGE FILS & CO., XXX  COGNAC, possesses a delicious bouquet.  DE LAAGE PILS & CO. X X X X  COGNAC is mellowed by its great-  age,  and t is  recommended  to  con-  noiseurs, ' and   for  medicinal  purposes.   **  SCOTCH  WHISKIES  THE   DISTILLERS'   COMPANY,   Ltd.,.  Edinburg, the.largest holders in the  world of Scotch Whiskies?   .  THE CALEDONIAN LIQUEUR SCOTCH  Whisky is one of the leaders���try it.  Agency for full stock at Victoria for  K. P. RITHET & 00., LTD.  Victoria/ B.   C. "  A. B. GRAY,  ���>..j'       Kootenay Representative       "'*  . J��!-__.:i*.' ���*:���_..'������ rP.QZZBox 621, NelsCHa. J  , .-S. ,*! 1* U '-  _->--"���  ������ilC.t:.'^'^-.IS.l...^'L,S.'-..\-J.';-,  $-jgt~&-_iK?''^


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