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The Nelson Tribune 1901-10-25

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 .,, i,? ^y^^^-r^y.^<fz^$m  J * i - *-, v,'- ���*-; >? ^v?|l  - ' ' .   r-       'T��-��� _K\  !  _  T  ESTABLISHED, 1892  FRIDAY1 (MORNING,  OCTOBER  25,   1901  DAILY -EDITfONr  ^T_*  NEAMN&THEE1  SUCCESSORS TO M'DONALD  Yz AND KADISH .NAMED.:/;  |i;-A^QNdE';;T^��NEp^ANA^RS  7::Yzri^:im^��Y^^B-sMEYY:  WILIiSEEIGN^  ^^(.K^E^Octo^  I fZZyot ?;Salt- /LaJ-'^'aridj'S&y^  '//./widely-limpv^  ;���/ ibbeii/o^e^  Z; Z /Northpbr t'^*Su^  ���;' Kad isl.//ttie^pi;es^femnnager. iS^ /.;;/y',,*  //Mr/*Sw_i^agl^  I,l;y jiynster^ay ���ii/for ning^<^;;|^^  YJ/'POTti/ywl^  I 'yp%; thejyitivice; ofjM^ yBratobber ,^hfco^  ' "ft'|fer..wa:s ;madb;*tba"M*_- ?Sz6ntag__:5_y .nianr;.  .���:.-. ���.^_L**A.:U*^_ _l i..'i.�� 4-����'..*__.;;.>. t��*._;m I,:. J_��i*.4.__--.?.T ��*! TV.....  6d*;lat^Iy|iriVminin.s  -_��^��-5eratib'ns;| pis j_expertf'eriSj  Im^s _ f or meriyS.wi tlif tliii|5-Aria*!*;  - Vnijlfal^ii'isVM^^a^plant.  rfes.._3crii:  mmm  yjrAinon'  ibnWis/wb 6|^^ildJ^itocee.l|  :pnHJd^oi|:^n^er|^f|ttli^  -2aselhe.tfshbuid;M^  5S5p^_de_wnoKhay��beri^  ^tofyfortthe/jrija^^  5ii&_3ari:/Franfa  .MMeriry'-SBmtribb^  ;/-Sw-.s.|i_i-j_^ss^^  ��S.;tiie._itu^  ''sfejKleritirciyi.isatis^^  ,����/as:m..ri-.g.^  W-tl-e^siippl^-Yrt^  i'-vl;%i---bijlem.yi-i^hb^  '/./in-riS^^  l_-.��S/t-fm_tf��!d/i^  L/^'^btfcatib^  ''^���i-vb-id^tliS?. u'^esti6n^b*f%  '���"/.iari-es^illie.p^^  ^^arctsMcDb^  ���giy -A^ufc'as'^tdi'A.-Jat, is ���/. dally. ti.in.pi rtf  ; 71 trig/* at;*t_ietfbe IZ Rb i.; bflicQsi&ythpuglr^oiM  tify a further payment under .the terms  of tho bond.  Deputy attorney-general Maclean left  today foi the Coast. Mr. Justice living  lemained to hear applications' in chambers brought by local ,barristers.  Loss Will -Be $1,000,000-  CHICAGO,   October  24.���-J.   Standish,  secretary/and treasurer.^ of the Hammond  ;Packing   Company;! /whose;/plant1/ was/  _practically ^destroyed// by/fire / at J Ham-;/  n_bnd/;ind iana';' last night; toaayput'the;-  .lbssj/a fez $600,000 ;ra_i:<_. 'declared "ittiaty ina^y  ybility��� * to .*' fill/brders j/f br^'a:^feiy;*;S^eeksJ  ; would bringvthe^btaiyosI/up;;tqi'$l',000;-j  '000.x. /*'J*'P.*/jI_yr_^  i cbmpariy;l/i_.;��- hut"r y iiig^Jhcr e^��f rbi^ytliey  ��� east/*' = sai d?Mr.' Sta.hdish.y" It has! been. deZ\  vci'ded;tp.rebuUd/ati^  y months .the;plan_ywil \Zj hei} r<i��estal)lished<y  /p^^-WlGbs^  YZxZi. I(9TOE "^^M^^r^^e^^tYi^  ^steamer/Hattn^  Jncar. ;l.aFia.neti_ i^Md^jvhile /qn/jlieE yjwayf  ;frqm;-S^gway;_wi$^  ^ing/iriade/^is*/^  .��:!.������-������:���_.���'.N*i-.''.':_.'r,-'.!,_��_��:.^^.ij'jj,^j^|;  differeiit*  '.-_i.V.---''-'������-���'*  /firms/yyvrth^a/--^^  ,cb-itracl/_b_v.t._^  * *':*.   -f-*Yf.."i*/*<'i * - ._���-* 5'. v*3p.  cwf.~'<.?i- V-. ������-��-������_.�����,--<���'.-�� ,..,'���-:  /st.a_ri<.^was/ba-^  .-mia],.;^^^ yes skit  ^t^ds. higi^'iiiidydr^fro^  i-tvistedy'ana^brpkenistemiandsbulgedy-i.  \r.*! .y'v. tK-.v.���^:��.V*?i^'*.SV'i_.!'-ljitei*vxV':'-;,'_*'**'%W'M't.���>���������.'  tpla teiiy impresses Jqi*-^^itlr��ll_e.;-;nMrow^  ;<^peyfrc^Itbtal^|-_i]&ucti^^  __.i'lTH'p.iOHfl'*m!a:_rp. Ms'^ 1 ^  Sbf*.*'ttie..ste_mer$a^  ylibrnei^^t-ie'f st-frbc^i-d^  S_-Up:yderi-^includ^|^0;;plat^  SsblSpui-cture-iSiirispiaces^  I bulged:;..! ^hia^^^wards. qffaidbMnvwilii  pi__^Jcb0e:.-^i_i:b.e. ^fi^i_l*.^.st_i;aig|it^  yesterday ai-d were ontertained by local  members. Arrangements are being made  to hold an anuual convention, which  will likely be held at St. John; New  Brunswick. '  BARRINGTON, Nov..*- Scotia, October  24.--The pi eliminary examination of  Julius Rill, 'charged with the murder of  Nathan Kaplan* at Clark's Harbor, on  October .Ttb, .concluded last, night'.when.  .tlie;. pfbsc-iutib^  ' waived'-:its^righty*tb'y;ex^m  . a.Dd ' magiKtr-Ste^Vat^bhy cbmmitted^Riir  for-trial .'a^flhe: spr'ing_'sessibn;sbfs!,th<.r  ;supr^^c^rt?:*fv:;^v.^^  '-^TORONT^ySc^  \sTel eg^m'-^^bi-^n^ciable JsayB .vadmfral*  '^bpkins/fa^'S^inrier-giVOT  j;lbn{chairibe_^bf|wmme-ce^  ybne.w6.ild."^keVali.npy^;b^  . th eii. y :hi��E <l_^_i^&^  v thbus_h_l5i1brS.f ort5;0__i- usan d y, paiiadiaii";  .__S--ermen|^b_liSvjbin;She::jT  ��� .Tlibs&'^ho^yhad:. ,ibin6dKini^e-past-yhad:  ;;_>rpve^.''lo^.b_f.ttfe^  ZxY '*Are_Bbyco^ingt Britisht'Y^8s^8i';_;^  ''1y*P^RIS^|^tQi^*Ty24^T  .���: :���-. .��/.*.; - *'-'-������* - -��� -. ��� p^j^i^j^V;-repprt3i  ing's;ifiat>Ei^lish^iii^  ii tbcljiin :^Hbl]_i^iid;* sini^it-ieiriBoerl'  *;wb icli?Sh'as;^�� been  'ishowin  iiboycbt tbd., ���  !*vyar; -���._._.  'it'racts  ,  f-_-ntisli:fclaiiseSlt5;is;fiii^^  m.  pbe^n^giyirigjfaii^similcsi^f^  ts?, fo'r^fr'eignt;-#.bntii'^  isltfc-ause.g-It5as;^^  ���yf _,pm;(Prpr^i|��%pFi^ sHowiris?  ���; tli at^t Ml^afxiftHr estrictip-.^hasy:beoii; ;i)ay;  yybgii-i^fpi;^^  7 cbm irig .M crbC_ 'fid.*', mp^l^ii^lfcMany:  3arr^_contria%sif-rbrj^M  !ca_^i_reig-i^iia-^y6nl^ee1^  "-'*������"- ���*���������������" xx- ������-������������-^s,-L_._2..:-.,���__--!___ ������:���_. _j-^?  yl)bK_^'_us^-ib^*\li'^_la_|v^x^5e  ^'which���_io^'pr&ei_3jsii^hWyy;;liigh^  .tb^a^Ewtfcli^  ���fi.&i-t^i-'^-heAl.bycbtt:-"'**"  :Anbtheiy��insta_ice'  1CBEAS1 BATES  TO CONSUMERS RESULT OF  rfNEWytf-EAL.;  ���'���Wv.  '��� ������ .._x..x.:^':H ���  z. ir.0izri.l-!  \-:^y.,;^'"V*''j^i;ViTv'^;x''';'Av'"'.- :.-i,*V':i.**iV''V'.,'?:>,"',i>'���������-v*/'"*"'?.,r;7*'yiy-:-x-.  'tit's. fmm:il-iyy,xyu���. -x-j- ���.y '-x/yyyyy  COUNCIL WEE8TLB3 WITH LIGHT-  y^M^y^^^^^x:\xxxxxx,.xx^^Px  %i  |^N(Ef^B^NESS^Np:}riN^3;g||  ^^.i'^xiz&ti'&Z^  ^^si-ecml*irieeti^f^  |^a|i^^d|I^tmisfitfi(^  SfurtfierleqMiderin^^^  vhasljfbrl'ifeSpbje^  ^|Bt^|Jpi0^nay^i6^1-r  ling.of|thevbouncil^was contrary.tothe-  r-tiZ^-- vV'-''1*"' \Y-t ������'Z-iiyiZz'''3''*''-- '���-rj-.'-V-l- .i*/{"---':-.- --. :.r.:x ������ :.yj.-:.Al^.\,y_\-..^y_:;.'--  ,I)rciyisib_-Sypf^^^fM^cipa  ^|^e|;^y^l^|Ja^_ml^itted^;^  ^plicjSbi^J1^;^^^i^is5'a^  ;(com ing i j ri tri fa irec t ���: <-CTflict'iwitK__^S_V(-i;l:  that the outlay for ti iinpformers would  be necessary, in older not to.place the  <coun.il too much at the, mercy bf tho  partner which it'was proposed to take  into ihe city lighting business. This  was e\idently regarded as sufficient justification for the expenditure and ^he  clause was pa^ed.' {*''"/ \ r  . Then came the fouith clause whjoh  sots  out  the  city,schedule  lor. lights  jwh'ichytbb^pqwerycqirij-aa^ipre  vwilliiignes^ t^ accept^T  Ntfie'%reaSs.u^Hng.biocl-.!andt-i]t_^  ^aldermahfe.Selbusy:a.dmitte:d^  (. * jp->  tei-$si;s?*-*tb3uy;ystbck3 itf ^  |^im^lf.��iriime^a^3*M^  ia__Sifstan_lalmMt';aip^i^  ^Hin/i;sb_fi^X^->S^8i;fi*a^^  'bKtwblJm^.ne^p^^*!^^^  .bth-!rj.-b-_atlie5)-3-t'Pa*-N^lin-FS  . toiibb ._-.�� tiieir'fic^  ariti7^a^ScvidenUySbfcen     v       .      ._ .  ��� "-u- ^*^^oi^ma,tters^stractl^alpnfti|.  ylsaye.,  ykei?.  v- con^ecu<.^��m^erybne;vliere;y-.i_yy  v fiyin*:'the? hisidr ��� fHV^es.-. ^^-^y^x:: x.- ^y  ���V-*Vv*-Tho^r.."-^^  r riighti;tbertiwasV m���^0*^^?^:  y dent'ana^tl--.; XnZm.r<f >^.^Sr  xZZmtit ycbntini'-iug.--'til ^���*.��^��f-^|^S5 ''  -: >i: dr<not7reSBri7hey.^m^^0^  Gre^mZioA^m.^^.'^  rnCfio.: nbydh'-  *; yat.  '*.'"��� their cause; i_iiy^:;-njUI���y.*  ' ��� injunction ,'at;>T.ortl)p(��rt"; -,-^^-^ i;.;ih-.-.;  -Jereh-^yther^andyi-VylhkV^^"^^  7. * stance" i<^ niayy db'v gocd/^ in; *}'^r���11?:  /some *pf Hhe':more *imiJia.^t-,;^y^-'x:->>  y r '.(; *y   ,y Ir junction' Granted \ :-yyy. ��� *y r  Y 'GREEN  % ;,tq The yTribiiiie.;|-rIn ��� ^iiambers- .tcxlay/  -' -L^- Maybb -Daly ai'plicci toy Mr. fJ��s. i>;o:  "���V lining b'nbeiialf of'th-yLe: RoivMining.  -.' Company .for an injunction resiTaininq  V the officers' and: all. oE*the mei-nb'eisi;ai'-  -the'^Rbssland ".niners^ ��� lyndi carpenters?.*  * - ':uftkiris fvoni .watcliing and .1. *;_et.tinL?''all;  '}���'. itb!'b.*stations"ancV-tracks.'bf'.tl-b Canadiau  .''���'. "Pacific.;aiid; \-Rod ���vMbuntaiu,'railways^.i:_.  ���������'".'.ithq.f province; y;alsc<vbn; .'theuplaiiiti^l'-i  * .y premiees:',. o nd * approach es,;^thereto. . The.  ,;C)>>injuncUorv^wt)SV.Tric'difi__'ta'th^  '. !>f: similar 'in junctions", grartecl ybj^; 'English.  Z judges.'a;ndVfestra,i)JS;^]ivexce]Tt;*;,  '. y thb defend an ts y ami Js y granted1 x tillythiv  ���'.trial of the*:"cafie,'.which;,"will.yppSsjKjy  :��� taIce .place.;aty:Ro_sland .rearly'C:iii:';Dsr.1  _''(iernber.- Tliey*four^xcepted^'ftre.-.Angu^  ' .. MfcDorald, ;E^ C. iRosb;: *T_;y^a. d. e,!::aT!iI  ' .\V. O'Brien/; Defemlant's^'cb.unsely *vasySy  :-'S-'Taylbi' of;.,N<0sbn.yrtMs"claimed, the*  effect ,.bf-V':ti_c..Tiri^  members, of ��� tte ��� u.nion : from"-'pick -jtjr.S!.  . y or' intimidating non-union .men: y Z'ZZZ-7  Z -'/��� '''v'Grefenwopd'.L^c.i^^  ���xi. GRBBN-vXOPD.>October.���24.���[Speciiil  to, The Tribune: l-^Schpbl insp.e.-tbr.Wilson ..met' with i-ati ricftident while driving  ,, from Keremos*to Fairview.yIn .passing  ���.another vehicle his driver:was not .-.tir, .  ful enough   ���������nd   a   collision.'*resiiltw,.,  Wilson was ttir6v,'iv out, fracturinrr hU  'loft arm between the shoulder and,���:...;  . bov.*. ���**.*' ;::: '.* ���*':*���-���-''' '. ��� ��� y'"-)-'���'���'. ���*.  -:'Amonf? the arrivnis-aLre-H.yE. Crons-.-  daile, F. A. Mahuel.y'ahd 'A. ,R. -.Barrow  of Nelson.. Wayne Choate, a mining ep-  gineer of Detroit, ishere to'adviso. tii--  Tionders of the Ruby-^mine whether the  y��__!Ult of the prospect-rig work "will jus-,��  ^EiDOMNlOMOIfCANADl  ZZZ .^EfM-Happenings* i$BriefZM��0rZZ_.  f!;i'i>*i>v_'_/-i'i^*v;*iii~ri... v..������:.������ ���;.'!��.���'ii!'..ii"f.*5*r,"s���-y'>h.>yiy.hv<  flWHI-. TBEY.;;Qntanp^Oct<)ber^24;-j^A;;  _yaliiable|ibil.^ell;:w��sifsfr-icfc^  * terday.' it-ils* estimated vthati.its|*capacityt  ^hl^-ilfl^b^i-els^ia'-Q^  'KftoRONTGji.Gctb^r^  ;hi stb. yS.. iiiiiliJirig. fc /!a fe-:.'i tlie;.7.��? xhibitibni  _*pb\l^is;^as|;t5t .Hiw^  ^-loftl^-lie^  't. EJi-IGll---. |S>Q_.t__r5b*:7^Sctoberv^y?4;-^I  J^es)fW-iliamson;*;p^s<^i-I^^th-^  ?-_all*5Jar-^0i.:-ilj��_cblbred/p^  ^a.icrrimects^sa_di.t��^  i.for' tbK-stu-l^'bf-ihefli. R-_-*3.^i;|ai;t^^rhe*;  ?Wp*eQitib^i^has^]s^;?__i^yCT  ?riumber<.b_^]ir)scribe-ii*bric^  ^en-transla-edy^a^^  ^tracts].���*pfa-mK..\and^  Xwili> be"of .he,*-^tmb^impbrtance"for;tho'  .^udyyof'the. (-lQ^stt.)^  'German/Expeditions J^will'f follbwiVipnejitq;;  is-it-iletthe'^bg^aphi^^ositi^  ' r.  "��� "���   *<x.'-_ -,''_ _s': j.i__ 'l y.i_,������'�����'.; A-C ''.Qh aKq S1 rTi'A -"rt+TiOT*  ���:iiMON.Tll'i_l_V.L;yOctbber:24:^^ross:earu  Jngs.,'bf *the: Montreal .street;rail way ifbiy  -theKyearrare;;;? 1:35,000 ^greater^than^last;  yyeai%y butyythe,; net-earning';;are:\piili^  ���^OOOyi^eater^^/^'t;^./^  STOTTAWA;*TOctobeir ,24.���ItrisIstatSd;  'here';that-'premier '' Haultainy,;pf A-the;  ������������'Nbr'tbWest' .territbries-.bas heenilofferedv  ?;the *pbsition.^of*.:legal 'adviser tbithe^gov-^*  'reriirneni'Hri 'Yukphvyyy.y ;*y:yVv:!*yvy::,:**y.;'vt;:.'*'  riTpRbNTO;t*0ctober'��� 24>r-Tohn'  Stra-'  %_an;'.f6r;;m_.t_y'5'years- agent-in Toronto  'of the7Erie' railway and' one bf the best.'  rknbwn'ybf>t--eJ^  ������2eadW'aged:67y,years.,.:.,-y;v^  "< TORONTO; ^October , 24.-^V. ./B: ^H?  Massny.' *.hi3'mbi*ning 'had-'rallied' slight-.;;  ���ly Prayers���'for hiii, recovery were; oty  >,>_!���>/���.' at the.Ontario Suwda,y, schoolVMn-^  Ve^ibnjri'sessioh'-hcrb (his morning;^  ' "T'x.'WDON;^0ntarib;; October; 24.T-.Mr8.'.  'wilUar-i    Wiltshire7.committed   suicide-  &w��_l^  ahum' and r;carbolic,,;acid. She suftoe^:  yf rpm-{;/ir eJftticholia y- and. ��� religious;. -,de-  .,r_iehUni-.rZirZxxy.:ZZ7x7r..xZx ������' ���";'':���'5*\V ���  7 '-"iIALIFi-X:. !^N/>va :;_.cotia,'y,October ,24,y  ���yfc letter- i-.coivea^atV tlie ;*,dock.. ;yard:  ;l^re!says^ord;^iUia;-a Cari* is.tp?resl^v  ;as-Iirst li-rdiofjthe.admiralty^aiid^will I;.  'beysucce_ded;:byysir,Johiiyf^herv^npw; -  ';;bn._this*'_ita:tibny-:; ZZ-ZZxXi:yv7Zr-Z:r77ZzZ;  -���^'BI-ANTFOIID^ 6ntario:;;.^Oc-()bery-24:^--^  The���'������'evideii'cs :lorythb'Voefeiise; in-the.  ���White' inurder 'case ':.thi_.'���morning jwenf:;  toshowthat^Uieactionsb-vthe-decea^  ybefore'.^liis dbath*in.icated that>.White  ���woiildydo ;awa;y;._vith .himself. ;y ;������ \,y'y:-  7 ���. MONTREAL, ;��� .October .���',;24.'rrNpminaV.'  .tions ;iri ^provincialybye-elections took  -place tortav: in four counties. Jn Vau-  ydreuil and Leyis Liberals were* elected *  - by: acclamattoh and; in Drummopd, a,nd^  ���"'.Quebec, whore* there will be .:a ��� contest,"*  ���bnly Liberais -.irb in the field. ���    -'  :. MONTREAL*' October 24.-^The semi ���  ahnuai; meeting of the executive, com-/  mitt .re of the western .'section 'of, the:  "alliance of reformed churches throug'a-  * out the'w.*. rid holding the- Presbyterian  system held'a meeting hci-e today,-, delegates .hoing,;pr .sent..from.' all Fcetions ,���)��  the tj'nitRd States and. Canada; .It was.  decided- to hold; ?ho next me.eting in,  Pittsburg Iri Xpril. in '.'.���-������?.02,* No business  of, public interest ,was transacted....->,. ,-.���.���;  HAMiLTON.-. Ontario, yOctob._   24-r "  iMpterimisySibknfess-Fb  Yz^^^^��^^0Mii0^i:^^  Sci^ss^f^s'^ce|^r���^  ;^^_i^spf!_|i^p*^^e^  ;-ners;. Cam$t��ell ?Cr Sek^B^k^Settl��ment}  .iiii'��': S^li-^Qward,. all7bt^hiclrj'P^icesy  - are 'hainlets: within a short distahpeibf;  -:"Rath;-_-Thelaid-bf_-th-^d^br_^  ed 'tbatterid about 90 - persons ^who y;were ;  sufferinig from^;symptbms/;thexnatufe--;of  . whichv has not yet been determined.tOhes  ���hundred '.'guests;; were at> the:;-wedding^  ": pkrt^1last"';'niglit ;'bf {' Cl__5enc1e>:ft^_rr /and;  Miss*- Nellie^"Thomas,*:!; atyythe/jhbme'Sbf:  Jaimes* Thomas; of .Cass Corners/.', After ���  the par ty: over 90 of theinwereta-ken; ill,;  ���including the officiating clergyman;;the'.  "Revi; George ;S.: Che'rer; who is vpfbstrat-;  ed/.; Doctors ;Wihkbbp*,\Grant/and: Stew^/;  art'bf this place,7who answereii;ihocall^  today report that some,cases are serious,  though ^npt /necessarily, fatel.,'^^.^ ^.;*; ;/"  * ������ ; "-.������ A Preina.ture Notiflcatio**.;;     y  :';I LONDON/.pctbbe^ 24^A_a^errbr/,boni-  . niitted by some of the provincial police  \has led to premautre notice of the. fact'  that  the  war  offlee  contemplates' t;hic  possibility of .having to call out every  voluntee'r in the country. The/war pfllcio  has'distributed i to  the  police, "'officers:  through the kingdom. bills/ordering all  reserves; militia^ yeomen apd-volunteers  tb'fepbrt' thenisclv. s yvyith'butv delay,Sto  " headquarters '* wi th   the" view r Qt7 a.ctl've*  service?- Th ese bills are /accoiiipanie^ by  'letters; ���:'ordering': that j -;tbe ;���*'- f orrn err*-))(}  .'kept'/ in (.ysafe: place; until/telegraphic  order, -topostlare receiye_iuThe;pblic;-  bf' Lancaster overlooked* the? latter arid  .; pbsted^/tbeybills^ / ^t^ing /;*wi ftespreacl.  ��� p;or��urbaii<je:; ���'-.   '  j f or es thb|bes^pcjsted^ rri an ;/;at:; t ho 3,c6.tiinZZ.  ��cUil^ffl&J^he:_^;thb.:IJy-law  |cTOsitt^atibn;*l-^te^ning/;^u  l^s-^OT^^^^nf^s^thaJ 7 jiajjiid^agty  Wfibrbu^lfflySI-indefst'anH^  y;;.*u':^i-'&^:-^-_A;T_^_i^^j��j^..^^.^^��_!B-__i  ^brisidOTatiqhf;f.;whateyer^|gA11^  Tfi^|beei^lie;;;fipast?j5f/i^  :jthe^eal'��that?iunyie^^  |panyiw^tpff-ir^S-i?-__^c^  ^rvic6|;^hefsclje(lul^|i_(^  ���i^crefeedgi^^p^San^alllnight^  ^sbl^hatf/ifjM^/asladppi^  ?bpajE.ted(ytwenty^p-^  !irie��a";npthin'g-;m'p^  *sb^i^t^|shouid3haveV;tl.e^  ^y-n'gS;'fp-?El}.g_it^fi_s^'^  |i^|i^enl^^i^_.bura^In^te^  piburs;s_tS.vasfflnali$.su  / cliances ;bfian_endiiigi_tii  .iche(_ulei. sbS\thatH;i-h^schedniel^ryjailt  fnigtftSliglitsgw&sfd^  :Mi^iderman|P_tersb^ii_3th isfccmiiectibnl  ,?^iiggested^ that _thb|cnIy^usl_ieSs|n^lwa,  Ipfgchi-rging;;.^  f.ijji*tjSliis ;was;^i7wd';yp^n^^it^;|ma3^  ''whc&saiij^fpr^th^  Standard Boxcar Adopted- -���-���%*  , ST.^ LOUIS, October .24.���A standdv<.  Lo\car for tlie railroads in the United  States, .Canada and Mexico has been  adopled at the semiannual, meeting of  the AmericanTlailway'Assbciatibh.' Tlie  dimensions call'forva car'thiity-six foot  long, eight feet ond sixjnclies wide and  .eight feet -high... inside..measurement^  'making *at iross^s^tionSp-^^  Vsqui_re;lfeet,-Jth-^*ca;i..h-^in^a''c  Vj.*!-0_*40,���:_..',\__rM*_t.rilrX--QI.l*_.'.-;'^_.i.��i'__.;. *t.5;i.'w  ��I��birooN^  ,,o;_j.*';.t-..&;-w-!s'4^*--'i-tet-  returned to London Jast'night in improv-  |^|health^^^^^cal^n^^wfficilj^^  ���hbii]yed-fO-v;tbday_n_s^-.ee-ii:p^^  x&mxmm '  SGHLEY ON HIS  ijriiasterf-mi'ncla.of Ij.'the fi'cbuhcil'-confesses;  '4_3��i��KV:fr^,r_Po��n'_C_,^.!.*l.��^  _ tZ-eveningl/b. ,���_ ...  joiH^laynbHierjIliift^e^  yi^^;^|!_l8_Jj^-ig��;"It.\wa^  i.7p!_v__li'--_iS_n'y.^^  .;.thb,fpow;er.^'��bm^  |i^S^s.|ft^accept^|as:jyfl^^  i.��Vii"^rtt^ .'.''i-_^-:^��-ll'\o'rtrtV_.-i\+V'rio\ Iiil-Vii-���'-  YY-x:;. nadtatia'te^.T^nspp^*ttifm".yyZZ ';'  i?5AI^TOQNA^; Pennsylvania^: October: 24.  ^-The '-'Altopna: iron), Company, ./'employ-'*;  .ing /several,hundred; m^H,;;i?a-s-.closed  dbwiiviiid .finitely; because/of//jjjabijlity  to seciir(? coal. This is;due?to; the car  famine' exi&'tins on the Pennsylvania,  iines occasioned liy the enormous freight:  traffic. Thp local car shops are -working  double time io s.upply the demand; ���  ��� ���; American-Born Frjnea Dea d V,  PA.RIS, October 24.���Prjnce Joacftii>r  Murat died today at a chateau at Chaui-.  bly General prince Joachim was born  Yt Boi-d'entown', Now Jersey, July 21st,;  1843. He was .the,..eldest.spn; of Prince,  'Napoleon' Lucien"C.h-Jt-lcs; who .died in;  187S, and was the grandson of the king  of Naples. -Th> mother of the; deceased  ^      ���   __        prince was Caroline,Georgian, daughter  The executive r_3m_i-rtVe"ebtihe National j,^  Council Of Wonien held ^jrieetingfierel Jeisey  Shpy died lxi_ W%   ��� /;  '. xy-xZ ,  ight;  Icity'-isy calledytb/imyyf br^/;pbweiv5.iiii)Ti>  ^ttiiSvschedule; ybne^pf / t^'.^ingssmiist.  ..iappen:j!'^itfe;f-thei-city|^  -Jterit ;'tb?surr er&erZ i pfth.e? jic^f ei| cbiiipaiiy;  ;'t-i-V-^hblei��b.^it_yf^ecw|--^^  ;/from; .its//la_. ge^ t!;ti_^  i tlipe'patrbns /musSibe tdoj^ley^hiEKWiiF  ^inaide so /ipaiirjto :memhirs|bf|theicbiiniy  tcil^la-ty^^ingjth'at;t  *i)prt;;thisZsectibn^^i^b^law. andj^rb^:  ' ^ess;1,uppii.-ih^  or (_er/tp;j gain / tim e; ^tlii^iew to/seeing:  Kbw;* li tliisycli fficalty 7^n^t)e|byercon_ey;  ,y-;*/;The3by.lavr./^*?*; .^^Jd^^/i^^^brri/  ymittee//bf;._.the;/; whpiej^ith:|/aiderniari  ��� Hamiltoii'/ih'- tlib;'ychairi/_ The//; firs-.'/two  :jglau,ses;0ici ZxiioiZx amount'/;;tp^!__^h/;i;___  .they-'were/accept^  ithe/th ird_s_rctibn^^  other* things, tliat* the^city/i.--derVthe tir^  ; raugem-ijtyshall furriish  /er's/Attfentibn-.was.'to  .by.''-.the.chairman;; Mayor ifFletcher/said,  he ; knew/the- /city ��� /would; "-have;, to/provide/; the; t transforraeifiii;and .alderrtiaii;  , Gillett at'Z'once asked ^hat/tlieyywould  cost.  The question"';;:was.-Vpassed',np.-y.to'.,  superiritendeht McPhee.;; who .replied off,  fcand'.'thath^; thought; sbmething in;; tha,  neighborhbodbf ,?2060/wpuld-/be^needed  for* thi3*iten-.,.-.*. .'��� -/yy ././/;./���'_, ,_./.,=  ,'-.. Thi3 .;. \'asj no. small^sum./ and  tlie  *; mayor'.,at once, sought,to, take theroug!!'  ���eclge/;'off'"' the���'' supdi/inte:!dent's:;; reply  with "tlie remark that the transformer!,  would always be a/goodiasset in case  of extensions to the city's alternating:  system,  -ffhieh  under  the  by-law  prq-  ! posed  it was provided ishould ��� bs 'Hfl-  .carded..'./'       '.*'"'.'-";'���"'"iilZ'r ��� '.���;���_/������������  /Transformors; which;.cost, so   much  naturally, intf;rest6a:;, the   chairman   of  the  finance  committee/who  had  been  ; led'to believe that tiio/deal which had  been suggested, .by the/West Kootonay  Power /&' Light .Company'was one ��� in  .which the. city would (notrbe called' upon  to do m ore th ar*. collect' th e: rates fro in  -the electric Jightingybufjiness' and turn  aZ small*proportion -oi, the'"' r.ami ��� over to  thb power company. .It' occurred to him  that- machines; which-/;bost;'-So   much  might-in turn;require/a/man to look  -after them and he--iskedifcr light upoii  this 'point. -This ;;q iiestiori .'^ was   also  handed up "to ; McPh?ex HisZ- reply * was  that-' the, 'transformers 'would require a  little'y ''attention.'. 'Alderrhan;; Hamilton  ���fancied * he /saw 'ih'���������'this -'anothery name  nppn  the  payroll, .wliich;- in the  first  presentation was' a' blank,.with the cx-  ��� o'ep'tion' ��� of" th e : name of/'superin tendent  McPhee[ and.'hp prcssod for 'furthftr in-'  'formation.' He��� ws.nied���''���- tp 'know   how  much of, a man the new'transformers  would 'reduire, but'/the reply this time  was  somewhat vague, as the superintendent replied; that he did  not -think  the now .rane-ormerB; would require any  .nfjyf} attention than those at present in  nee     * '   * ������*:;, "/  Alderman Selous''took���.' occasion here  to go.on record fairly. He aaid ho did  not know very much about' electrical  matters and he had; n'ot counted upon  the extrai, ?200O expenditure for transformers, which,the council had just been  inforimed would be necessary.!  A'.'Some further d'scii. sion followed, in  J]be coiirsg pf wl-icb,. it /yras pointed out  ;jiWj_bj.figi%3dyi;^  |flie|c.tyj^uidy)^tfie|i-^  ^pb^||xt^0It^as^^l-M^p|^  uTT*-i"ntiX:Roir __*��. :i 1 ���\v.''Xnc .-f_i'riii.in\om_ap-i'flia>.  ;^^HIlTO^|^J)^|^2i^  'jScfilej^;^  ^ r*r.' ���'*& i' nZ&'irr-y+ii ^X'^.':-*wi:r ^  iibehalf atytheycourt Jof?inquiry^hich��is;  j injestagating; hisj cpnductvasfcommande^/  |in^cliief|c_ESt__^0ying^qu  ^h^Santiago|cam^^:;pH^w^^  HEAVY SHIPFEBS  >>   * . VfVB  .,. *   .Wf  *,"^j_,y_'  -^���_ ^ f  Z,'^l  *-<���*���;!.'���  _ , i-y.  '   - W ���  :  *$.q  -. :>*j "  ������a*?. I  vt1 r^-%  .r:ii?m  i'_��  ��4>'  -   ^       Z>rM-  :fi ���? ,��'_..--_B  ORE TONNAGE FROM-.tflErf  W-^*j.  .yT-fl  j'_l -y^ . j^'.-'L -��� ���������y*^.-'_-.���-'Ft-, .v-.y ���.3*^-a-?"--jr.^''-*-7.jfr-^^r^x_^^_y?/..?g-_r*':^''*TT T^*  -.  |(^COTjO^CLMMS;BONI>E-5^A(.CI^  ^..f.J';V:JTieB_r.P^rkT_T>T_r.*-ClT'_r_i".rai'.T�� ~J  1.  ?Raynpr?y  ... ,._   . .t        ._.       . ....._Iltshb-ild|  pikbAb;haverear;>ad--iira[liSchley/called.p  ^proce.e'dini^XSS'f^  ;.i-bith._r5tbe;.mbm_ere-_b_^^  *S__;'_.''_*;_'-__5'_f,  >Jattemp0;,was^defipM  Selous;^ who intimated that, if-'tbo . many  2libOTti^*wi^^uken*ywitH���tli^BC^  Ifjp-ldemanXGillett'JliS^^  '^ffijiislppini^i^  ^trie4pq^��i/if9r^  |^mpffi^f^^|ii^-^Hnfed?tb|accep  _work1; bf/tnel council'thetcbuhciiScbul'd/dbJ  :;tKe:I;nejl*||l).esfethiii;^y^^  v/^l&er_naffi.Mad^e)./^marked;(th^  ;disbufSo^|M^pS*;farrtjas  company��fpr��yl hejJiuirju.  imbi^|thaii;vti^sui;pl iii*. yppwer/itamiglitJ  -/reflui^yDjis*!-^  {^'aldei^ar^H&.iltjrai/'im  . toZtiie|c^mlftee.kept^^ggihg.;i�� .y^/pii;;  ^'the:Js"ch<^dule;^<^-;S^^^^  //./Thb!;- 'raie^i'iBZZ^eZch tirged y.hbtel sythjeri '���.  ?^a_rie'Sup3^]_lt!i7iVan^Macld(vn_e  ;'llie;ybpi__ion��'th--^ihe/^  ': whi C-h/tlie:- ci t^^was; 1^;;pay;!for;thb/hptel;:  ^lightiiigy^s^mcrethaii'ilio/i'iotels'-wbiild/  / stRndiSlts^as/shci wn/ tliat /the"'ra.te3/,(at/  /pi:-^enfctjii^d^vliy'Sthe^Kptels i/wei-e/less  -thauV5(>|_pei^ee_t./bf ytlieyschedule/llncter  the sbl-Oduie/the . Hume/rate, would _be  =fW5-iper^b_-th;ihut^-_e  ; eiit-pSidWthe/city'. $ .l;/;the yphair rate'  would'bbt$i!5^;'b-itttie;Phafr paid/a/flat;  rateXoiIbut^S75; vlt;':wasVclearly/:_ycfise of  the." cityt'/beingv; obliged -/to y'dbublc/ the.  rates-tp/iheihptels/iii?order, to get; ii��;  propbiti^/bry^of yallbw.ing /the- /, power.  , company' t<vjt_li- the "entire proceeds icif *  the .ligttiug./Th^re: wor^. Imt the/ two,  cases/hiteui/lrut,it was';evidentthcy.were  not; the/only*; cases yaffrcited, afld,M'f-;*was'-'  finally'dpciderl'to- refer., the. clause;, to _tW-.  'mayor?lind;;city' electrician to .see what  they.bpuld/.!ii'.wlth;.it'against thc,next:  ������meeting; nt the ���.council.-' -.-;���.*���,..���,..... ���   -.- ������._ _*.  / An'amojnlnient was-made to. the sixch  "clause of the byrlaw. It exemplified: the,  generosity; of'; the power company': and  read very well' until it���' was' examined  closelv.'Upon'Its face it meant that the  city should; receive froc Ughting for the  citv buildings, the hospital and the. library, hut at the end- of the paragraph  there was a limitation to'the generosity  of the power company in tha.t the number of free lights all told was restricced  to   fifty' lfi-.andle   power   lamps.   Th<>  lighting of these buildings alrcaidytakes  126 lamps. It was suggested as a startfir;  tliat theynumber: ot free -lights should  he 'increased; to..5, .but. when theaid ex-  men beRome/aware' of. the discrepancy,  still" existing it is likely that the number will be still further increased.  ��� The committeo rose arid reported progress  on. the by-lav-, shortly after  10  o'clock, and it will be taken up again at  the next /meeting of the council' on Monday evening.'/      ���������' ���'.'��� 'Z ' '���     ���'.'.  : Whfn the committee was moved back  into    the/ council;   alclormar.   Madrton  handed in a few questions which he requested the rVi-typr. "to answer;'asr bearing'upon/the electric light question. Tha  rnayor read.tho questions over but.declined to;answer;them, saying he would  take them ur at the next meeting of the.  coutcil, vhen the champions of the bylaw expect to ��� have it put through its  third  reading and out of the way for  further   'amendment'.     The    questions  which   the  mayor  declined  to  answer  wero:  1. If the proposed agreement with the  Wost Koctenay Power & ��� Light Company Is carried into effect, will the city's  power station on .Cottonwood creek be  clteed down?      /  2.' How: many hoi sc-ppwer does the  citv require in addition to its present  . jpj^bsef npff to^ke^e)pwa*iiir.tllf th^  %ntire|lis'tjh^  ?^wr%esipbn<ied] imrnediateijf^theS?cail|  |^M^ef<^.^5^dien^|^^|^ll!^^  ^r^i_-.t^:hel-m|Bfti#^^^^  ���-'-X. 9..TrTOri-S^i^-iiir*_��_iTj!!Y___i,_'.-i'"____r.r?'ri_ __..   .��*  #^Ai-Jadcid eSi;tfbccur--edl;oiiit-tei_-^lbW& } i  ISlbbaii?milwap;hi^  _*_  I  t'oi  |\lwti^ibnq^��Ce_T^!s|fle^^  |^^|i^^swer^b5a|gu-��ti^^  Ji/c^nseK^^eed^t-^^v@_^^S_u^  Sde;&il^tn-_cratjfyb'^  i-_-yi'&:.na'���'nnV't^y:.iin.-+''ri<'i7^n^  ihisstestlr-mriy^her-v'h  patU^^hen;tth^^urty^pK  ^day^||^^_^i^_.lnb_ai-^ara^^  Jj'.l��i.:fr^':r'  . I6nce%wasfj&^Impst^uhbrpken^bM  ] this vsbundl'pfCwitnessi'/pwn/^pi^ey^'^hiinj}  itlref'cbui^KjbuffledSf^yt-^  ^b-iSttie/^ectetpraA-pre^  ^shbp��ttie;admira^^rid7|gj^  DARINGDEEOOF;A-W(JiViAN  ��yyy ;i*igi��3a.;#jf*/ifci;;  -yxnix.  (Contiri^ed on Ppurth Page)  Z/;/ZyZ;^P.^_^Ni|js^  ;g?N^QAB^^I^S*-/p  Annie-;E^^;p^yipr;^()^years^^  ;;oi*^NiagarfcFails;.raytte^  ;'/thi-:afterapbn?and-^^ suryi.y^'a4.eaVn^yer}'.  be^rejSaocp^Hsbecl. an djpii&ec^neYer.-*.*  attempt^^x<jep^|tn. the ydeHl^a^gcbrn-;^  mtesiea^ suieide^Nbtbnlyi^  yvi-^ybut^shei;; escaped ���/wt_^ut;*;a|brpken::  / bbne;|ier^n^ap_-_rent;;in^  ; s^p'/;WOunS/ij;i-2j hoches;lbng; a,/slight  i.-_b-icussiffi/o-p:hb-b^^  her!; n^ies/aiid/bruisesV. abput/;tlie, bbdy.:  She 'was/ conscious , when taken; but of  ".t_aey bai^.//Tliey doctors ��� in /attendance*  : upbn^lier/lasti;night said that she was  somewhat./hysterical.   Her.cbriditibn is  'nbt/at;allseribus*and she will probably  beybut/^jfybedy within a few days. ��� /  y/'Mr_i;;Taylpr's trip covered a mile ride  /through; tho Canadian rapids before she  reached the brink of the precipice.   Her  barrelr staunch   as  a   barrel   could   be  made/was toppled and bip-eted through  those delirious watersi but escaped serious, contact with rocks.   As it passed  over thb brink it rode  at  an   angle of  about 45 degrees, on the outer surface, of  the deluge and descended as grace, ully  .as a'barrel can  descend  to  the  white  foaming waters 158 feet below.   True to  ���her. calculations the &uv ii   fastened   to  the bottom of the  barrel   kept  it  foot  'downward.and   so  it  landed.    Had   it  turned over and landed on its head, Mrs.,  ��� Taylor's: head must have  been 'crushed  and her neck broken.   The ride through  tha rapids occupied 1�� minutes;.   It was  4:23 o'clock  when 'the  barrel  took its  leap, ; It c'buld not be seen as it struck'  the. water below because of the spray,  but in less tha.n half a minute after it  passed over the brink it was seen on the  surface of sciim covered water below the  falls. 'It was carried swiftly down,to the  greeii waiiers beyond the scum, then half  way to the Maid of Mist landing it was  caught in what is known as the Maid.of  Mist eddy and held, there until it floated  so close to the shore that it was reached  by means of a/pole- and hook and drawn  upon the rocks at 4:40 o'clock,   Ten minutes later the woman was lifted from the  "barrel and half an hour later she lay on  a cot  at her  boarding-house  at  First  street, in Niagara Falls, on the American side. She thanked God she was alive'  and thanked all who had helped her in  any way.   She said she would never * do  it again, but that she was not sorry she  had done it, "if it would help her financially."   She said she had prayed all during the trip except during a few moments of unconsciousness just after her  descent   The barrel in which Mrs. Taylor made the journey is 4 1-2 feet high  arid about 3 feet, in diameter.   A lea ther  harness and cushions   inside   protected  her body.,   Air was secured through a  rubber ; tube   connected  with   a"  small  opening near the top of the barrel.  -*<:���* 3ij;-._'���������������,**��.���.. ^  ^^^pppi^p^l^^Sp^lMtD  gQL  j.The: ;Tribune*J ^Aff seriousf accideritSoc -rWyp  ���;,-��-..,-r:.*;,'��<y^^^^^ ���^i5"/'-J��M/-<t  s:curretepn��theiKaslp,f&6<Sloc__i:a-ailway y r*f .^  jbrbke:./Thev  {men^iibticed?;_ ___._.-_.__-_.������--___ ^..t-���AX.  fqhUd^f-iCbdj./jthe./bnly^  y board ���j/-uhable;;tbt'gety_bfftgfbu-i^  Jselyes-^usEing/tbialmb^t/certa;infdc--iJif^^.  iThe,icbach::s_ibfe^bwnst__e;-steep_g^  :*��t/shirr;/curvbSneai^tSe^  ::hill;^here;;:.it'.left;/the.ttracki-and*Hwa^  ;*d.i_3hedrag^iristtthetrpcks:/'Alt_^^^^  Car .WOR " nnn. hlotiol _'.l-i*rrir>lio-i<i-l: tlio%"*n_Q_;i^'l5_sKS_��!  ^lii^uke^a^ew^undJa-i-iv  'yST:;'. J^NS/*:Ne^pu^  ;24.-^The_iirbgram;_-f/thb;duke aridl-lubj--11*'  : ess ofv; .fork/was carried out. to'day/ami-. s  frequent rain showers. ���The/rbyai/partyr,  landed at 11-,o'clock without any;bf* thehi  wear i ng tin} forms and; il rove to the'j gov- ^  eriimenty' house   under/'-;th'e'/.;escoftv.'.bi'  mounted   polico   tlirbugh .streets vlirieii  Avithsanbj-s arid marines from the'fleet.  ���At.ythtjvgovernment house sir; William  Whitewa\%; chairman   of. the ;citizeii',sT  committee, presente(l an address.of.vwel-'  come; to which tlie tiuko replied^in/suit-  abio terms. The governor of Newfound--���  land,   sir  Cavendish   Boyle,; theiiryprc-V    j,���  soiited the people's gifts, twei; 3plendi'i'       'Z&l  ���cariboo heads mounted, for the duke,"  and two albums' containing photographs  of native scenery for .tho duchess.; Thc.  women of the colony, through lady  Whiteway, presented the duchess/with,  a mink carriage rug. The duke, later,  laid the . commemorative stone ,bf- tb.cr  new1 court' house and then the children,.'  numbering 5000, in the. rink presented!  the duke and duchess witli a Newfoundland dog, harness and cart for the royal  children. The duke thanked them. Th��  only function this afternoon war. a /reception by the duko and;duchess" in; thij  government house, which was attended.  by about 500 persons.: When; the affaii-  was partly over it was /suspended:^ for; rt  time, as the duchess.''.becamie'i somewhat  faint In consequence,; it ^is understood."  of her condition. The reception clpso.l  at ten minutes past four.. Tlie��� .rbyal  party then drove tp^ the; dock aridyweut  on board tho Ophir, where the duke and  duchess rested.for a few hours, returning at 8 o'clock to attend the state,ban-  cpiet at the government house arid/to  drive/through the city at 10 for a//view  of the illuminations. At 11 o'clock tlia  duke and duchess returned.to the.Ophir,  which will sail for England at daylight  tomorrow. ' .' /��� . '"*/ '*;/-'";/"  -\i  ^vj_v*S  +{/}$���  . 'po,  z"'r4-3  __.  rk /  "A  ��� %^. *-"  ** r  ���r JY$  ���*���*���  r-.  %*-  Crf sceua Makes Another Record. /  KANSAS CITY Missouri. October 24.-^-  Cixscevs, at the Kansas City'Driving  Park this afternoon, bf.oke the world's  ti citing record for a mile ovei. a hal��  mile- course, making the distance in  2:09%. The previous *?cord''of;*2:,0?^  j'-was rrade at Toledo, The time by qriar-  tr.rs: First quarter. .".2%:������ hall'. l:04U;i  thrcc-quOTtcrs^ltSC^; mile 2:09^;///^  .��������������� :������/������: 7'zr.:r-,./^.yyYrYyS��&_  8_  __36,r THE _NELSON TRIBUNE,  FRIDAY  MORNING,   OCTOBER 25, 1901  $   to  *��  0   -  ��  w  "  **  to  to  to  to  ���> _  to  to  ���J  to  to  $&'.  to  V  to  > V  to  ��v  to  ' .  to  to  ���*              ���-  to  IsCOR 'OKA 1 Kl) 1070  DDSON'S BAY  co3vc^-A.iNr"5r  ��L  DRY GOODS-  The best lhat art can. produce and money can  purchase, is now ready for your inspection.  NOVELTIES OF ALL KINDS���  Stylish Goods in every shade and make for evening wear. Sequin Robes. Dreams in Embroideries. Facts in good values. From the cradle to  the grave, we have everthing you can require.  PRICES   RIGHT  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY  BAKEP* STBEET, NELSON, B. 0.    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WANTED HELP OF ALL KINDS.���  Orders for help receive prompt and icare-  ful attention. R. Purdy, Employment  Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone  44. P. O. Box 582.  GOLD, COPPER, SILVER. LEAD  mines and prospects wanted Send report  and samples to the Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson, B. C, Room 4, K. W. C. Block.  'NOTICES OF-MEETINGS.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  ^xSi^a^ljaocSy^^TYA^rsc.  A. M. meets second Wednesday In  each mouth. Sojourning brethren  Invited.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER NO.  123, G. li. C���MccU) third VVcdnc__a> (sojourning companions invited. Chas. G. Mills, _. ,  Thob. J. Sims, El. II.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 F. O. E.���  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each .month at Fraternity Hall. George  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K O. T M.���  Regular meetings flrst and third Thursdays of each, month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W.  Rose, R K.; A. W. Purdy, Com ; G. A.  Brown, P. C.  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'M-M-M-I'-H-M-H-  'I��I"M��I-M"M"M"H|  ���_���  Le Roi mine'that the "Associated Press  was   becoming   discredited   as a news-  gatherer. This incident is related merely  to show the people how easy it is for corporations,' like the Le Roi'Mining Company,'to mislead" the general^ public on  questions that afreet communities. Since  the day of the inauguration of the strike  at Rossland, a iwell-devised campaign of  misrepresentation has been carried on.  The Le iRoi cotnpany controlled a newspaper,    whose    editors    and    reporters  obeyed instructions to the letter.   These  editors and reporters 'were-also correspondents ot other   newspapers   and of  the Associated Press.    This ���'practically  'gave the   La  Roi   company  the ear of  every editor of   a   daily ^newspaper  in-  Canada.   But notwithstanding this great  advantage, the managers of the Le Roi  company whos devised this campaign for  the   dissimination   of 'falsehoods   have  come to grief.    The, one .at Northport  sees his   successor   looking ������ over   the.  ground, and the one at Rossland Lknows  his  days are numbered.   'Bela Kadish  has^already got his walking papers, and,  Bernard  McDonald 'knows 'bis  are all  rea.dy to be handeii*'hiin.v With1 the de-r  parture of these two men,'if is not unlikely   the  strike ..will  continue   long.  ;Henry "Bratnober,"> who seems to be the1  power behind the'throne'.in.the Le Roi  management,"��� knows^'thatHhere are'few^  "idle skilled h'ard-rock miners "on the Pa-~  ciflc coast,,and"lie.knows* that in order  ,to .mine'the -Le 'Roi  successfully   only  good men canjbe used. . Good men are'  ,'not ^"scabs" in any country, and no one  knows it''better   than -Mr.'  Bratnober.  t ������ .   -r t>  With good men will conie a < long period  of peace and prosperlty}at Rossland. The'  "remainder of the country "is all right.  Governmenti'by 'injunction   it   seems,  has gainedJa foothold in British Columbia.   Mandates of-mere judges are to be  enforced,'while the written laws of the*  'people's sdirecfrepresentatives are dead  .letters.   There is no need of government'  by; injunction in'this province. , Tliis i's*  clearly shown, in the Beamish and Colistro eases.   But-written laws and their  enforcement to the letter by the courts  apparently are not sufficient protection  to mining companies-managed by, men  like Bernard McDonald. ' They can', only  have the (protection they want through  the mandates of a judge.   If the .mandates of this judge are disobeyed, prison  doors swing wide open for the individu.il  who is so daring as to disregard them.  What a travesty this is on justicer -^  , Mayor Fletcher and alderman Selou3  rof Nelson and the West'Kootenay Power  & Light Company of Rossland shoiild  ask for an injunction  to  restrain   The  Tribune and the common people of Nel-,  son from in any,way interfering with,"  ^them in the efforts they are making to  close a���deal, by the terms orwliich the  Rossland company will get the cream of'  the electric lighting business in Nelson.  The Tribune is a "picket" that gains entrance into nearly every-liouse in Nelson,  and an Injunction would prevent this.  The common people will discuss such  matters as the ��� electric   light   deal ' on  street corners and in halls and on railway platforms, all of which is contrary,  to the wise provisions of government by  injunction.    .  (I.  m  ...  LADIES' J A C-S-KfS,  COSTUMlES,  FUBS AND UNDERWSiAR  AT. ESPECIALLY '  LOW PRICES  MENS' LAMBS' WOOL  SHIRTS   AND  DRAWERS,  FLEECE 'LINED UNDERWEAR, WOOLAND OASH-  MERE SO0KS, -FLAN-,  NELETTE. Ni-JHT 'SHIRTS  AND PAJAMAS AT  VERY LfrW   PRICES  (��  .   BARGAINS  IN  GREY AND WHITE  BLANKETS,  WOOL   COM-.  FORTERS AND EIDERDOWN QUILTS.  IRVINE   &  36 Baker Street, Nelson.  Jt^w. *���      s        ��� % ���!  F ���_!_-_____(-^_______-> __-_______-'___-_____-'' 4^__\\\\\______0^_l_______0 ^______V__________^ -_t_____tT^______\_- -_________���-'_________' _________���_______���_. _______���#��� 2l______r _______���*���        mk_wa___f     0*\t_W_l____* 0**__\\\\\\\____*0*^__\_______> 0**__W___h0*^_____W 0^*_WW_WW_k0^__W__\__f *^CB__^���-^.H__fr "^^H^"'*^B___*' *^t_\&*0^G____�� ^*^_____^���*'_____��� 0^Q__W _____K      _r  ; ^^^^������^������^������^���������^���^���^������^-'^���'^���^������^.���^���^���^  All ^'^>^'&*'&'00^'00'00y0*'000'00'00'00r&y0*fi0Y  SUfTllf*  1%  m  ^M-J  quainted? Do we complain of him because fh'e wcrke_d? If so, it may be said-  in extenua'tion that it was - tidy 'work,  and tliat piobablj he "did not work very  hard. It was, not as it he did anything  that' nfade - him perspire. - Assuming,  however, that in1 this busy young coun-'  try. he^wished to busy himself, what  more' fasKioriable occupation was -open  to him? Scckty in this country" will  stand aghast at the suggestion 't_.at a  lord lost caste because -when a lordling,  he dallied with notes and checks in a  tank. 'Could he lose caste by the same  process by'wlfich new-iich families find  it?. Is. then, our fashionable society!  erected'o'n a,"fallacy, or whatJ on .earth"  are ^ur newspapers , driving at when'  thcy^say'thaflord de Blaquiere-will not'  do for 'governor-general because 'he  elerkee in a Montreal' bank? '   ���  What  ihe  army  and  church  are  to  England the bank isvto Canada, a-safe  place/or the sons of our first .families.  To get a son into'a "bank���tliat-.is' to  say, ofefurse, in daylignt,-permanently  as a clerk���is th'e dream of fond mothers,��and when achjeved,is  considered  as    something    accomplished   .socially,-  Thereafter there 'is someone in the family   who   krows   whether   dad   sliould  wear a "black or "white tie when he is  going  anywhere   int evening   dress   "A  sense of secuiity ensiiesnot known before,   and  from   this  .vantage  point  a  famPy goes cm from conqeusfto, conquest Our social compass Is knocked'out  of k-Her v htr- we are told that a^lord,  otherwise eligible.-' is to be barred'from  Rideaq   Hall   because  he   was   once  a  banker.���Toronto-Star.��� ������������-J1-Jr*J=���  -^  Incorporated underf tho laws of British Colurabia.  * ������ '  Capital $1,000,000 in 1,000,000 share's     -Par value $1.00 each  ' All treasury'stock No promoters and no preferred  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  _Y___._._.b UJN1C.-N, NO 91), W. F of M ���  Meets ln Miners' Union Hall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o clock. Visiting  members welcome. M. R Mowat, president; James WllKs, secretary. Union scale  of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men $3 50, hammersmen $3 26, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3.  BARBERS* UNION, NO. 196, OF^ THB  International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets lirst and third Mondays  of each month ln Miners' Union Hall at  8.30 sharp. Visiting members invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  ��eer��tary  COOKS AND WAITERS UNION NO. 141,  "W. Jj. U., meets nt Miners' Union Hall on second and last Tuesdays in overy month at __30  p.m. sharp. A. B. Sloan, president: J. P. For-  restoll, socrotary H. US. Forlicir, flnancirl soo-  ^ctary.  * NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS -b  * BY   CARRIER. *  ���S-   *  ir On Saturday next, subscribers fr  ���ir whose Tribunes are delivered by *  -f- carrier will be expected to pay *  * the carrier TWENTY CENTS, the +  * subscription price for the current ���$���  ���%��� week. 4"'  * *  "When the strike commenced at Rossland, the management of The Tribune  engaged the services   of  a  well-known  journalist at Rossland as special correspondent    The only  instructions given  him were     "Send the news "   How well  he has per/ormed his duties, the readers  of   The   Tribune   know.   Every   report  sent has been as r^ear a statement of  fact as could be made at the time.   The  contrast between the reports sent The  Tribune and those sent out by the Associated Press was so�� striking that the  C.P.R. telegiaph officials warned the Associated Press correspondent at Rossland that he must file unbiased -reports;  that his reports 'were bo manifestly 'in  the interest of the management of the,  William MacAdams hag returned to  Sandon from a trip east, and the Sandon Paystreak will again be a welcome  visitor as an exchange.  Blaquiere Whs Once a Bank Clerk.  No immediate importance attaches to  the rumoi that lord de Blaquiere may  suceed lord Mii-to as governor-general  ot Canada, because there is no reason  to suppose "that lit will ever be neces  sary to lecall a governor-general before  the completion of his term, unless he  fplls under mental or bodily ill health.  There may be friction at times, DUt a  gcod deal of It will be endured for the  sake of peace.  It is irieresting to* obPerve a tendency  in many Canadian papers to sweep  lord do'Biaquiere aside ns, being an im-  possiDlc candidate for the post at Rideau  Hall becc-use he " wa. formerly a clerk  in a Montreal b?nk."  Perhaps: w��> have have had governor-  generals whe did worse. What objection could this democratic country have  to lord Blaquiere? The objection cannot be that he used to live in Canada,  for that should be counted in his favoi.  If we assume that hir having lived in  the countrj is not a fact that should  tell agaii.sl him, we re\t come to the  inquiry as to what he did while living  here. Would it have been all right it  he had done nothing but visit about  amoD�� people with whom ho became ac-  How to Speak English. ���  From representative citizens'the'following interesting and useful opinions  on the subject   of 'the   king's   lEngltsh  have been gathered.   It is worth noting  that on this subject  there   is a   great  unanimity of opinion,, to the effect that  the king-'s English should be correctly,  'spoken, so that in this country we may'  avoid the dialects which, ��� in  traveling  'about Great Britain, present new oddities at almost every railway station one  comes to.   Here are a few opinions'on  the subject:  "Keep up the good work," said a well-  known golf player to the Star. "It is  positively disgraceful, ye know, to heah  the common people talk. No softness  of tone whatevah. And slangy, too,  don't ye'know. It's hawd to understand  what the country is coming to in this  regawd."  "The wy to talk H'English is to talk'  it the way they talk it'in H'England,"  said a prosperous butcher. "There's no  sense in anything else. Keep^hup the  good work."  "If there is anything "that makes me  rip-flarin' mad," said a policeman, "It's  the-way some of'thim English talk.  Ye'd think they had pay&'in their mout.  They call it the English language! but,  be gorry, the English-is the Very wans  that can't spake it. Kape up the foight  for good, plain, ould-fashioned English."  "Say," said a young fellow on the corner, "this is what we needed from the  flrst���somebody to soak these sissy-men  who talk English as if they was living  in a doll's house. -Give it to them in  the neck���With their chawnce and their  dawnce and their hawf-pawst-ite o'clock.  We don't want any of this Oscar Wilde  English in this countiy. It gives me a  Ipain in the gizzard to hear them. That's  ���what I'm right with you in any holler  you want to make for good English."  And so it goes. We could quote still  other expressions similar in tenor, showing that there is a very general feeling  that unwarranted accents, affectations,  and impurities should be eradicated  from our speech. Real "results should follow upon an agitation in which public  opinion is so unanimous.���Toronto Star.  PROPEKTiES:���Oambprne    Group,   nine   claims,  Oyster -.Group, six claims.   Located in thb Free  -Golti Fish-'River-'Camp,'Lardeau "Mining Division.  "B. Gi' Large Veins.. Free milling gold ore.  -FIEST AJ_LOTMENT:^-200,000 shares now offered .  ".atf50\cents per shlare.     ���        .   . -  * >  -__     , .  " * , ������ r  In view of the splendid, showings of both high and lowgrade r  ore, ftndjthe unrivaled facilities for the economical developing-and  ���working pf the,properties, it is confidently expected that not only  "will the present issue of stock be sold quickly, but that no1 more   ,  will be off-SJ-ed at less than pkr. - ?   ,  Address all inquiries or amplications for stock to'  ���'�����-.  j . i  On tho construction (ot  - Kootenay railway fln jH)'1  HIGHEST W  whead  ittlct  'In order to secure  ordinary labor will be pi  .'and axemen $2.50 per day.  out del-i  per da  GOOD STATION WORK  CAN* BE SECT-BED,* <  For   further   particulars   apply   to  Nelson Employment > Agencies or" to  the  CARLSON & P0f{TEI  CONTRACTORS.  ProrBOX566  NELSON, B.C-.  S.-M.r-BRYDGES  Official Broker.  WANTED.  500 Day ana Station Men,  \ I  Eight   months"   work.  All  rock.  Wages $2.25 per day.  'TE__EI��HON��>39.  'P. O.'BOX 527.  Planing Mills  X-i-Mcirr-a-i-).  CHARLES HJLLYER, President. HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Have jiutiooelved 3,000,000 feet of log; from Idaho, and wo are prepared'to cub tho largest bill  of timber of any dimenBl-ns or lengths. Estimates given at a)iy*tlmo. The largest stock of sAsh,  doors, and momdinga in Kootenay. {hy  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  ' OFFICK AND'YARDS:   COTtNKR HALT. .AND FRONT STRBET&  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Blojck, NELSON, B. O.   <  ' Gold, Silver-Lead and Oopi-er ______ -n. anted at the Bxoh- i__?e.  Free-MlUlnar Oold Properties wanted at onee for Eastern Investors.  > hear from all prospeotors who have promi-dng mineral.  Parties having mining property .for safe are requested to send samples of their ore to the>  Exchange for exhibition.   We desire to hear from all  laims in British Columbia. i  Prospectors and mining men are requested to moke the Exchange their headquarters when.  Nelson. *���   . ' .,  AU samples should be Bent by express, -prepaid.   Correspondence solioited.  Address all communications to ,  Telephone 104 '   ', ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C.  tliliiilm.,i.iimHrimiiTTimLimilllumilllmilrm-_inluiMmilimiTl_i    .  ^"-ZirGrTlicIiEANr  Elko,  B.C.  WEST TRANSFER GO.  N.-.T. MACLEOD,'Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer)  Work.  Agents for Hard and Soft Coal. Imperial Oil J  Company.* Wadhiugton Brick, Limo & Ivlauu-1  factaring Company. General commercial agonts I  and brokers. f  All coal and wood strictly cash on delTvory.y  tkt.kphontw:m7.   Wce 184 BaKer St. |  w. p. tierney!  Telephone 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  GolgOBZ-! Electrocution.  ALBANY, October 24.���Leon F. Czol-  goBs, mtr_rt.erer 'of-p_esia_nt M4-Ka__k>y,  will be electrocuted at 7 o'clock on Tuesday morning, October 29th, at Aubufrn  prison. The witnesses will assemble #.t  the prison at 6:30 o'clock on Tuseday  morning. There have been 26 invitations issued and they are non-transferable. Each witness must present his invitation to the head of the prison ajid  if he is not identified to the satfsfactidn  of the warden as being the man to whom  it was issued he will not be admitted.  supply explosives at thirty shillings per  case under the figure ruling before the  war, says the Tubune's London correspondent. On the basis of consumption,  of explosives of the Rand mines prior  to tho outbreak of hostilities this would  mean a saving of about $2,500,000 a year.  Price of Explosives Seduced. ��� -  NEW YORK, October 24.���The first  move in tiie direction of a settlement pf  the Transvaal dynamite question is an  ofeer ot the .Transvaal Dynamite Company, which .is a German concern, to  Just an Ordinary Scrap.  SAN FRANCISCO, October 24. ���  "Young Hewitt" of Chicago was awarded  the decision'over Tobey Irwin of thi..  city at the end of the 15th round of a  glove contest before the Reliance Club  of Oakland last night. There were no  knock-downs and neither of the men i  showed signs of hard punlahznenL t       j  Offlee:  Two Doors West C. P. B. Office  A. R. BARROW, A. M. I. C. EJ  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner of Victoria and Kootenay Streets)!  P. O. ftw 650. TELEPHONE NO. 95."  NEWLING & CO.  AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, ETO.  *>  Kootenay Street, noxt door to.Oddfcllows' IIall|  P. 0. Box C33 NELSON, B C.  NOTICE  The undesigned hns resumed proprietorship of the blacksmith businf>..sl  toimeily earned on by me and latelyj  carried on by R. B. Reiley, in tho premises on Hall street near corner of Bakorl  street. All accounts due R B. Reiieyj  are payable to me.  '���      H. D   A.SHCROFT.  Nelson. S. ���., October 15t-t, 190L  H ���w.-'-a-affwi^^  vaupt  ^v;--'.>V:^ :Y\.?zi'?Yr7_Y#^^^  ::YYYi:z-z^Yrr}: Y'^zYrUYY-YY': ���'YYY.YYrY Vv'v;.V.^-''''^^  ^-S^fMgj^  Blffi OF  CAPITAL, nil paid np.;..512.000.000.00  Iti-ST.......... .' ��� ���   7,000,000.00..  UNDIVIDED PROFITS.      _27,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prosidont  Hon. George A. Drummond...;:. Vioe-Prosldout  E. S. ClofBton .:.........-...;..Goneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH    ... -''_...-  Oorner. Baker.and Kootenav Streeta.  .     A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Hrfinches In London (England) Nkw^-STO-U-,���  Chicago, and all the prinoipal cities in Canada.  Buy and soil Storting - Exohange and- Coble  Transfers. *��� *;'.*���.���       .:��������� ,       ���'��� ��� ���'���- _,-��� *..*  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in anypart of the j-vwld; ���     ���  Drafts Issuod, Collections Mado. Eto.   .'.    -  ,ZZ y y'bti-iRKNT bate of. interest paid-  Z y_TH__;Cil&i)IAN  .*-.;;       -tra-H -raioHMy^  THE BANK OF''BRITISH: COLUMBIA.?  ZxXZZxZ HEAD^ OFFICEi  Paid-up Capital,"  Reserve Fund.  ���TORONTO,  8.006,000  :2,ooo,ooo  AGGHECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Qeo.'  A. Cox, Xv  President.  '_.  E. Walker, '���..'.   ,y,  Qeneral Manager:  London Ofllce, 60 Lombard Street., B;C.  New 'York' 0flice, 10   Exchange y Place,  and C_ Branches in Canada and theyv .'.j  xr      ..   .*,.,,.... United Stutos. : ���. ������XX' XX. -'.'-  .-���-.^������v  l^SAVISGS BANlt PI_PARTMENT:y^'  Interest aUowed oa;doiio_li��;';. Piesent ^rate  '-hide perceut.: *i; ,;;-':>* ^:xy-fxxyxX ::lx'x:n\  zrY7:Y:GHAKGB:yY^prrZcz:  ixzzzr^zz^^^^i^^^^'i^^^p-'Z  >i00B0_*X000'0B0 '000*\-001.' -000..  O-F"    G___i_,jN*i___X._A_X  jCa^ltaK(paid^up)'��  ':^{&^7xZZ7-r7y-yrx:%  $2,500,000  JB 1,860,000  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO, ONTARIO. *  Briinohea in NorihWe8t*TerTitortes;'PrbViuc-S of'  British Cola mbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec; *;  "tt'Hi rioWLAND..-V.!.._'-.-_..^.'-.^.Pie-ideut.  D..R. WILKIE...;."i......_*...General Manager;!  E.''"HAY-..;...'.-..;*.'... -..-........;...'.; Inspoctor.  : yy: N__LSQN":i>BB.ANCH,^  Z'ZZZx- 7Z7_ t';'burns * block, yy y *  "��- A.Keneral: banking business transacted. ,  *. Savings Department;���Deposits received?and;  Interest allowed.:- "* ������-���'���Xyry x - :':,-:*:''_-���':':: -:xy :-'������"'  - _ Drafts -.sold,.available in'all parts of Canada','  "United Stat��.i;a_d_-urop*br"--.*i^< ;" ���-.���"������* yxy-x,  '...'.���. Special attention; given. to-collectlons.p.'. 4 -xy  ������-.,���->'������:���;*.' ..���-���v**-*.:���_. % }�����'���: c^i"v-V ��� .^jt V>' '.'.W��- ���4'-*'*���*.*''.������.'������'<,�����  :;?.>j;ij*^;v.^S*^.fc^  -������ vKASLO^-Alex.-:Menzies;' express':.*o_es.-j;  ��� ..Js_-_iger:.bn the,.^  |iy_|?has:, r esigned ��� and -g6 n eibii 'ya'tnRyto'^Ont-:  fit��� Z. y arip.:'y':W :yy i 7 7. 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" He drinks bealth and strength'at  ,"jb.ev.fountain. ...���;'.  ,.:���;; , :���;...*.:��� ������������yy yx  v      "In these days of higher education for  -��-ir-.3,*' says a modern writer,"gome very.  " "simp'e and useful accomplishments'are ���  'apt to be forgotten.    They, are .accjem-  plisbments that one need not attend '.college to learn, and yet they* *arempr.o  valuable and more essential than any-  ' -'.tliihs   taught   in   the   most   advance-i  k "'irobbi'l. ���'. Without them no girl's educa.  V.'-iion is complete."*'      ' ���'������>��� -, i: . -  . i'he fact* is that, if I were the minister  :..:,!'of* education' of; my; country, with full  ���   power to imposo on schools any cur-  ricuium;I'lik'ed,'I would have every girl  ^a^h-. Jaifd���j^pw'the following thingSj  dsaiooked^uppngasAafppssible^supp'orterS  ;bf^he;gbveriiment|ii_^ieM^  ^ an^etpto^avoid y^en^  :fbi^goihg;'^cbii_-il^'*aOT^  ;b-^hej38;i��;^^y^_^c^in|Vi  ;ebiin f s^ pr;bneypf Jthe^mainingv -Soy and*  fspea^fBobtnl'Inp^^ing^  jni]|rcpm^a^th^;^ii^*s^^pB^  * is"'^claiinedf' as.-'a ��� 'firoVm^h'isri^HiVrin'nWer?*  ;ihe^fgoyerhmen1^^pulii^ih^^^^  .a^idepu'tyrsp-iakerifeyAliowin^  ���alsblfOKitt.^:lpssi6f(t_i^  ifbrSMurgh^idiiig^.ti^he^  ;thea-rbyerhrrient^cbu-It^pb__ta5*#-^  ���\their|faybr|-i,f.22::ta^  ;-yBut^slieiiShQ^il. ;|knp^.i Kbw:|f tol| dres a}  Zyrit__rnj?hfei,1S_ ncpmei- ?��� dntfifwear*|e. Sjy el.-; -  .mado'fdress^bf^jbhea^s-mafc^  5q-ieeffi"y;ItiisJtBe:iwayHnv^  ���yputs. ^n^herv dress;.thatvmakes Eher ylbpli.'  |wellCb��;badly:': dressed.: ZYZtiiZ. ,.  fes. Sheyslipiild khbwjhbw*tp -nakeJthe'b'esti  | of-:-ierself^nbfctb'3lbase|m  ���^1^.^;-der_^lfj;*^s'|g;|^?^ y x ZyZi:  yi^iie-jCbiibjy^g^f^m^^  ;;Iahyi*;*Se-it-_^lyis!;printed  yWOTth^-y*If;;is:;npt;^  yasjtheymemfes._TOte'Kpb^  ���; :^]*nedi yithey i pn^yw;yQ^  ^^rihg^.istffie*member.;fbj*yR  '-i-igipiHe^'is^iEi^^iririg.'.^H^  Sleader .of;a Giut.-gbyernrneriti; and^ba^fedif?  , asyherisi; by the cbal^^biisfp^-^^ngriny  .theSCrp^y_s .Nest;'.ahwelectw^,.^uld ,;tiev  ;J:.'nuls"^6r;Hi^':y'rhe*;Tri^  ^bpTn'ioni;t_ratT:*Rr"eMe^  ;'"supported*by^aJl.those iwhpShave~s,vipr,*  "pbrted 'him'in' the :past,..except.Tatlbw|of  'Van'cbgvei'VHayward'bf Esquimalt'.yMur-  :phy-: pfrfiiWest*_;Yale;y'McEhillips^^nd;  ���-Helmcken y of,; Victoria: iand yMcBr id e fpfj:'  "l^wd_i'e^*:'aytotal,::.bf'*sIx.'-'.vThe.',taI_ing;.bf-;  .:Helmcke_.'yiritb''the cabiriet.w'buld.be apt,  ito;:ibse?l_im<ithe suppbrt-bf'tJie.lastsix.  ".mohibers   from; i the  interior,'."fpr,:yt_iey;  ^kribw^ttiat^Helmckeiv as _;minister y;pf  Tiriines, 'would*be merely ah agent'bf-the-  ,:Mine'Ownej'sVAssociation.! The-Sentinel  forecast is as below:   :   *- .-yi-XX :y���-:%���'_}  y/. VICTORIA;^ * October;: :_-22.--^Premiery  Dunsmuir's repeatedyassertions^ that he  willihave^ a; majority'*at his back-jw-ien,  .the legislature  meets y have  been \ ridi-'  ' culed all: over the-prbvince, and 'lie*has.  been urged to. give the names of the'  members who'will'support him onj a,  want of confldence'.yote.   What grounds'  * Mr. Dunsmuir,Jhas Ztor claimipg that;b'e  ���will be supported by the undermentioned  members,'���..'your.- (correspondent, cannot  say, but from ��� reliabl e. .sources ��� it ! is*  learned. that sthe 'following "are ��� counted  'upbir as'safer,;,'":;,'' -xZ ':: ���-iZ:xx' ,Z "���;;���.;-;, -X  :���������: Hall-and Helmcken���Victoria,   y;   y^y  Dickie���-Cowichan.vy '' y-JV)':.&���  '. T'ooley-r^sqnimaiXZxZ.Z yy yZZyZzZ  '; '������', Mcln'nes���Nor th 'Na-naimo: ':���; y ���'; ���';"��� '��� ���; 7;l  ��� VMduhce^G6mox^'w;^.;.:y;:y���/;;*-'-.: 'y.yy:>f:^  ������   Clifford and Sl^bles^Cassiar.: ^y'-yiy-'i  Martin andyGilinour-^ancpuyer. ;;;:;.y ^  ' Kidd���RiC-_moHd.:,':*;^  ���v,OUyer^Delta...:..A*-- Z��� xZZ-'ZZxx-��� xr.Z: :Z  - Miinrb���Chilliwack.-   ��;'���:    ; ���: v ;  '  ������; .A. W. Smith--^West Lillooet;*,y : ;;., ?>.*.  .^'Hunter and:Rogers���Cariboo.; ,; ������':., ;y:  E.vC.::Smith���S. E. Kootenay, '��� y .. .'- '  '., 'Houston���Nelson.- 77 Z-y. Z'J'y) 7:.  ���:.'--Pric'Q;.Ellisbn���East-.Yale; ;������'.-��� ���  ,:':A total of 19, which,'with foury.mlu-  isters/ Dunsmuir,: Eherts, Prentice, and  ���*Wells;> gives the government.a vote of  ;23'iri'a house of 38. ?      ���'������:"���'" ^-''y'"'. '.  Tho government claim to be in even|a  stronger ''position 'than   these   figures,,  would indicate. .Their, estimate, of the  .personnel of the opposition is as foilowi.:  McPhillips���-Victoria." :'  Haywaj-d���Esquimalt. ��� ���:.,    .  .   JTawthornthwaite���Nanaimo. ��� ' ���'  *>"<_ 11���-Alberni.   .  Tatlovr and Garden���^Vancouver.  Gifford���New-Westminster. ��� j  HcBride���Dewdnek, ':���'���' '..*���,.' )  Pulton���North Yale;   ._.-. ,\\ 7y x-x,  \  ..  Green���-Slocari. y, ";.  y.��� .'-. Z... ,.\y ^ .  Taylor-^-Revelstoke. .-',.'. ::  1 CurtiE^-^Rbssland. y   ,.;:���; ���  A total of 12.  Murphy of West Yale,*  .���'fclsti_rD';<  imajority^are.yaried^^t5ttfe^h  ythem ��is^t-iesalieged|:funw  ^tspHII^pELPHlA��;Octbl.CT;iS24^Tl{e''  v;~,._--.-yyy-._z_^:':.jr;y!SZ:i.X,>vi>.^_;/*.���:��*!.;,.*,.*.���-r,  ������ prpductipngpf.;anthracitejcoaljiih! Penu-i'  ;^ylvan__^tlHSy-��r^  ,_$iisfe^p^ffie:t_^^.^^bx  oputput^will>b'e'al.out'10,00p.b  ;\ttianii_i-i_190CI��;iiw_ien*'t-Sb5-prod-^  ^5vlp7;48feftpiis^Epi-ii m_ie^pnfi.s^:bfi  iS_iis.;iv.yea_-,^1-t_ie;:^hip-_-ent��ofB^  Smbuhted-to':'^ii309>7--6"^^  :;34;292;7i0s.tb-is;;fb--tH^same;lp.&ibd^]ast^  ?year.;viThei;demarid''fp^  iy^yhas. been^eaterltitiiijJ  :-The3rpauctipn'.h^s*been*-Wily^  ia'i-d. the%iinihg:;"bb-riSanies..:h_.ve?%ittle|  -stockybnyhjandrf; 'm^vLehigtifPaJlepSrid;  ;jeMefcCentral_Railroa:d_.Cbm  .practically placed -an:-5 embargo;1Oii "ot_i-r  UinesJand.will'nbt-permittheii-:;^  >tp gblpff.'theinline.'of;tra:cl��s.yyyyyyx-;f  li-iieiilii  #b^tui_it#tofe#ed*''theyjoc_^  ris.a^^iy-fl*^,ider.and;hf^(hls*:eybsM  t^Subh^��^onditibns^_ib.|<^n^  ���>:Z a-r fi oer's^)^^ti0p0mi^ii^i^TS^  ���fbpen;gbut|  ; dubiy(__jtb  -EiigliS--5J_W-_ey^plub;^a^d:rO*^  Jmbstjsribt able^ glides 3'bn;ytlie^Englisli^  :yturf|i_ia_:._^tii^d,i^brs^  jsiblbifbrfe-iis^sigi-ation^The: o_fieeyiiag)i  &bee_i||_-eiafbip-Ii^^thei^  ^iid^ai_bt__ersmeOTl-e_:y^^  C. .;-i..'i-  .:.,QTJEENSTOWN^Octol  Z.X.''ii^.rXfli\' ���v.9*^X?VyV4^:*_r*i-,.*<r,*'-*'  Tnh n't R .���dm ond SPa trick-*  October%24S:-Messr3V   "'   ' iXi-J-idi-^i'i ~'  ?jb_i_E-^dii-0_M��P_.t;fiM^t^  y^(^ap^Dpn^^lgffthdv|N^^  ���f__i^-)e_��?-_f?p-_rila1^_it_wh  Met-J-U-^d^Stat-BMi-Wl-ehilfibf-the  ^b-Me^a_ledt'fpr��KN^  yihgybn|t!_^^ea^e-^IajestiKj.^l-^  ygiy-__-M^ea_i^-_to^_';*:'y:^  ***  ���-0?::'&r00,.t0*t00r0&y00r!00*^  '-"   ��� ''������������'������^������--���-'^������������-^'^������"���^'���''���'���'^������������'^^^^^  :.V.f:*.. *  1H. H. PLftYFORD & GO  ������yKi  rn  tfa^rvxyyyx'-ii; ry* ..*. y .-i..i.rf*  "|?|S ^fMADDE-STft.BiI_!DjC  ��� w;;.;_���>(.xyy^r-'t-y^xisxx''' "'  yxM7-'  YYy Y',F^9 W^? - ���SnBiis^.T-irf,^  .;;;yL()NpON|^f^obfeiy^f|^  drcwal'Vof '��� W. :(C- ^Whitiiey's^hor^iyufacl1  ..tlie salfi pfya large-: pbi-tioiiY pf-ythejstabiet  XpfjRicli'anl Croker,_iaye;i-ecn!,*fpll^  \a_r'dnnbimc&  ;Kas; ,car.cell.ed:.his xturf;, engagements |in^  ilSrgiandiL^Wshard'si,.aecisionO'is^t-ie 'hi-  ,rectyj rw.ult:.0,1". :Lester;;Reiff's!:ejcpulsibn  from the: English turf.  It iwill Jbey fol-  ;lc.ved..''by'. a -wholesale "(withdrawal (of  ���American-' jockeys-:. and-; trainers;xilThe*  English racing: men will.- liavei the ���fleJd,'  Vto ^thcimselyesjin 1902.fe^; Zi7>x% f'> ��: i\ ���'���,���.'  "^"-Ricliara Crpk-ir's-'aiid Jolin^A.iDrake'Sf  horses;,hayjei.,gpne,.out of^training, and  tHc^e';meii'';rleclai,e^''tliat;*'tney^^^^  enter Vanqtheiv English  has'beeii" Ve instatedf^'^  ���er;?*." Huggins,'"���'' w;iir in'"all; yIiKeli_rb6'd^2(il-;  \lowHtheirf* example:*' Th'e^'Vear.'yh'as' 'been";  ��� n   :r.^nPtfrV.lr.t;n��i(a: .. n^f Via: 'AV.d'i'Im- ll.vA'^X/.V  WOBAGCO  ^n."''U^O-'^!Si_i.l:.*,;j.;x^-5'v<i^.;-;(_^^^  w  ;��-  - �����.  ��� i ��,-���:  f*y  : �����������'  7:9<  m  i:;.9\  im  tlIGAll|  '���*���.���'-:-.!:,*  Yxft  ^$^f^****-m  ;baker >: sTiJ^^r^tsoN;;.  aliigHt-^^-t-VfeElec-^icftpa^  '/ X: i)���::'.-,-.-X'7 '.'X'- ���-..; .. ��*'*<i*:--^.->T*y..-I*' -:r'.t -.',i. - .-."i ���' j.  *'.'  ���/���.Large: comforteble^pe^oomsjiand.)flrst-;  eias_"'di_d__;"-do__.'';S__mpie^  :/ ji:;:*i'>.,'_-'u,   ������-���. ���-���*.:*.;*;r''..'_--���"������:���������-'  .*.���*"-.������.  mercial^men.;     ... xXXrxy-y^Xx^xx:.; f"*"''  rsi  ib*  ?&  t  'PP-  Late of the Royal. Hotel, yCalgaxy':  -S__f^^;SS_sis��-_^S^*^^  i-iflDIRSIW��flili^ENl_EDS��01imOMPitt  %j*3$x��i'iii-?.:  ^Si&^S^ZZ^^^1  AQOWPtEPilNEsOE  ?v .fi^__fc..lA'_-___. Nf;J  ��t_i>^^-_M;-_.1'*&'.-i'?^-?  :Y:&$&il$��Y^Mym  ln'-z?yyy. yMx> '-:&^yy$y<_>t7&!X9y.yx;y^.;,<y. i;.  ISji-lOFFICE: .EEAKERi;STI{E.T WE��T/^^EISOf^B^C-Bkyy*.TELEP|(0NEfN0-;__l9^l^0-;-U-X:-^--%lS'^  .. i*5;;.v^.^.y-r^ryy-r*���'��� ii-^-7yyyy..xyyy-���-���'��� w%te$'..%x~&_-i.&w>^  yi'.ymyyw.'i'iiWi-i  ���;ir*Si&i%ifi?_l>i?ii'i  |gady lias;. had !'a*; suie'eissful:* year'.'1 Croker;  ���and 'other ^"Americans 'liav'e ^fbiihd; .-ihatj  'tbe;-Erglish,-system":ofrhandicap^  not' fiarfdicap*the;[fe'-jrses 'a^  "did '.the . .rainers'.r"The small':odds: oi-  , tainable Z have ;;:not)-Cori&uced ���':"<-b^^muff!.^  financial success.  : yy y >.;:;; *;,;���'."��� ���.]..;  . Turf.' followers,.in, general, tliroughput-  the United Slates' who were'wonderirlg:  whore   the; axe of  the  British  Jockeyi  Club wouldvfalli next ar.e< no longer in'the dark; -Two' of tlie leading.:���America-'.**  jctl-eys have been ruieel off the tracks.  ant'.,the impvession'that prevails on thin-  side of .the Atlantic, that this,action hqs  been, tat* en to .prevent American 'pilots'  of the horse from ���"������continuing; to ...carrfy*  off the honors* of the British tracks; J?'  borne out by Mi*.' Wishard's retirement.^  nnprejudice'd    witnobses    of    Lester  Reiff s r!de at Manchesier���declared b'.v,  the   stewards -"'of  the' English .Jockp'y'  Club tc  have been  "suspicious"���state  that it  was  honest and  true to: forrA.  .The.rovol.ihg .pf the American^, licep_!e:  is saidt -to; be Vduejtf1. pro-feeeiorial^jealousy; and as ahbtlier step ina'" war of  extenDlnataott." -Tod ^Slpahi'.'wlioae-' style  (Korinorly known as .thqSilyJrJ-ing)  ���Thishotel, in tho contralpart of tlio^citj', has!  been cntirplyj renovated aiidimprpycd;". ;  -.:.. The commodipus bar;is'(supplied with.all' tho  bcstlbrands of llquorfi,, ���w1incs,ai)d cigars, and !is '  binder'tiie' 'poi'sbnal inauagcriieht yof Mr... J.  0.;  ���Niiisinith.,���,'......   ... ;..:  *j ; Zx^rZiiZij...:_:   ;;' j ���'  ,'',, The dining room and rcstaurantarc, conducted*'  on the JSviropoan plan, andj theso and tho hofcl  accommodation ���are, under tho -management of  ilrs. Gorman, .whoso largo exporienco is^iguarr'  '-unto'o.'.oftho.oo^prts.of.thd.'hoitoL''/::*.*;'' -\-:.       ���  s~l !<___. ;^k^ra*n? Ward  -J UOC. ^Streets,' <��� Nelson.'!  ferred'his lhtei-eBtlnltHe^l.lack��iJiambiid%t^'1  :inir^ral^clai_rt^sRuate;^n:;thc_nbrth;-sideM^  : irii jirovemenfs.' upon S'?*1.t^^S  iinerai;claim,iri;or(leri;'v;*J(^^^  .The only,'hotel 'in '..'Nelson'.'that ha.s !re-  mained. under .one' inana;gemeritf:since 1890.  i The bed-rooniE- sirpiiyellslfurnished anil  lighted by electncit>.,;.������:.,���,'    . y..X-~.X'}'  ��� xvhe'bar'',is: always:_rto'cK��xi':_>y';.t.h'e' best:  domestic and 'imported I.lijuorsjand cigars.;  vTHOMAS MABDBNt'.'Proprietor.,  (HOTEIi  Third door from Grand,Central Hotel  on Vernon street,,,Best-';dollar a- day  house in-town. House, and furniture neivi  l^and firstxlass,in every respect.: Lighted:  by gas.- Room and b.oard, ?5. to, $6 per  week. No Chinese employed; here.  "������'.:..   J. V. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor. ���  SLOCAH JUKOTjOJiHOTEL  J. H. McMANUB,'Manger.  . Bar stocked .with ttest brands'pf Wines,  'lt(f-tbr_.'1iui^ -dgari ^er On draiiaThti l_argB  comfort-tble rb6t-_8.'.!_'l-_- __a_ui table lio-itt  AMER.CAN AND EUROPEAN  *r-.-g-f  PlANB  ���321 TO 4-1 BA__BR STREET, NELSON  :"''':::..V;Hi��i_\_-:_B;--ini  Rooms Lighted ^^  Hbad Officr at  V- 7 -NELSON,'* :B;  0.  Markets-:*��t   Nelson,'-.'*Bo^]andi''.y;!_^Biil,'�� Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,   Silverton, Nev  !��� Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson .t'G/aJkid Forks, Greenwood, OaBoade Oitj, Mid  way,  and Vancouver.1  Mail Orders Promptly -Forwarded  '   ',       ALL^KINDS OF; ���-'-.  FRESH /.ND SALTED MEATS  IWHOLES^LK AND UBTAIL ,  FISH AND P*bbLT.# IN SEASON  R. W. OiBCOCK  E. C, Tj_UVES, Manager  ORDEBS BrJ_-t_-_-_:;]h_-xWvrK *^R!6_ii_PT^rEN^b!_f.  ,.,_-_,, __._..,....���,, ....^ ymilosyfrom^i�����..  i .the;townidi'jYmir, ,lying.;south;of:a'tidVadrs&-. $  ������:.:.:.1olnlngi.th&!-Evt;hiiig*\'S_aiv*'.mineKil-:.cli_im';'ra   \  '���^N.cIs6ni'i_iIhirigv.dlvisi6n'::of..AYest 'Kootenay.�� ijM  >ydlstrlct;��ja ntb-reeorded/ii n -.vthe'���'-.* recbrder.s a:fe. y_3  y^^ffl^eTfor^lTilfT^SimXfnnnng^W  You andtcach of you are herebv.Lnotifieas.tf' rf*_  I that--IVihaj'o';-. expended  j twelve*-;.dollar., .--.and  '.'(S212.'25)..'. in;*;irtl>W" a nd  the above iiii!ritioii��ii mlum ^ wmu, ���, u i uci !-7;s��  to; holdVsaiduiuiiieriil, claim* under;sthe'.;pro->'#'s.3-3  ���-.visidh-i'f^f'iili'e'^Tincralv.Act.lVah'd^lf-jWithih'^'nS!^  ninety; -days 'from -the .date of thi3.;riotice'��y;f6'5?-;  you fail- or--:;. Case -toyconl.rlbute��your^por^ft.-JiS  :tion;of all such*_x. eriditures together.withJiSf'tsS  all .costs :;Of;aU vertialiig.tyourin teres ts-!��$;? -ij|a  * the *said.:claims Aviil, become-th'e:ypropertyis.��'':������  of theys   *       **  _ ' * -'**"'  'entitled  f__ct, :1S  * .-���"���'Datci.  ���;ber,..1901.' ���������. .���/ ��';  .'' [\-:.:.xX': X-y,7- XX_ xyMXyyimi  mm*  .....xm  'v^*^^':V;-;P?I^'-';;*^^^  ��� VNOXICEr is hereby given ;tl-_t;Svc intonil 'tdZxyxiM.  Apply at t.ho next Kitting of tlio Board of Licenco yv.jisg^  ��� C'oiuinissionur- for (ho City o�� Nelson, to beheld  after thooxpiration 6r'Uiirtyldaj8';froih**'tho''diiio.:^--''^'ss^i  hereof, for 'a transfer of the retail-liquor :liccllCOy^^���iJ���^jA|^,  ���now.held Ijy.ns for the promises known as .tho^y;'jy>s&.B  "Glnc I'ot'r'saloon, .situate oti,.Yernon* streot in'yy:.%*iM  tho City of Nelson and on tho west-half of lot,4., v*��$s&!  hiock 2. subdivision of lot 85," gi'otip.���],' ICootonay rV'.. ,��_5-ji*.l  District, to .Villiiini A. Council of the said Cityof ._���'.���rfe'&iM  Nelson. . yi ; ��� .* ��� :.',V'v*,V!'*��*?.?si_i  ������"Dated at Nolson this sovontb;day .of "OctoHcr " .^. i;S_&  :,1901.jy.;: .. -VAUWSLEY:'&'BOWKS.y* ,S*fgfe#  ���' Witttess: K. C. Davison.5*,. .-. ;���, :���-"' -.-y;-: .��:���-������ xyXXxiffiti  .'..,   .. ,,,:' .v���., ...,-.'," .......:. x_xx. x x.ZZxy-_ri0B.  'YYY-7'Z r ^oTi(m::YzYY::Y$YYy^M  ii NOTTCJ5 is hereby sriven th��t I infend'to nnpiyi^'l#SlS  af. the next ritting of tho Hotrd of Licence 'Coni-Xyyifi  niiSHionera for thoCltyof Nelson; to'bo held: ;" v^^|#  after.tho expiration of thlrtj- diij-8 from*the date "'"''"  hereof, fo-a transfer of the retail liqu'Tilicence  now hold by m�� for, the premises si. iiatoorv lot  .1. block 12, Baknr street. Nelson.vitud known as  tho "Athabusca"8aloon, toNormnn .n'.;'Mi>cleod,''.;v;v*'*.'tvv*5��   '���"'"���"      *      * rr7,m  - - xxtyy.  of Nolson.  P."J. ltOSSELL.r  Witness: Jas. O'Shka.          D*tod t. is 27th day ot Septb_hber,190i;;y;;-: t:  S*:-  :::',��� 'YY:Y>Y_x NOTIOE.;;;YYYYyZyZ:  We beg to notify- the morchants and-businesT.  men' of Nel.on that we have pn.ohased' tho bnsi- ;  ntss and good wi'l of the Pacific Transfer Coni-.i'  pany, whioh it is our intoi tion of, incorporating *  with the bu.irie.8 of the Nelson i_-eighUiig-Ss':  Transfer CompAny; wo remain yours :--���.���.'  -,���:������;:.: K. H; WILLIAMS, V-  ���' y   Hanager Nelson F.&T.,Co ;:  OEETIPIOATE   OP;:I_^E()yEMEl.TS;':  NOTICE. ��� MONUMENT >    MINKl-UJj  s  claim, situate In the Nelson; mining-ills'lij-  lon of  Wetrt Kootenay district. Where lo-1  cated: At the head of Grohman creeK on'  Grohman   mountain.   '.i'Pko, notice   that  1.- '���  J. M. McGregor, actln.v as agent for Steve* ,  Hawkins,    free    miner .     certillcate    No.'  b50,435, and Louis Strar.>.. free miner's:cer  tificate No. bS7,_33. lnttn   ���   ���   ���   ��� -  the date hereof, to app*.  corder for a- certiflcatt  for the purpose of. obtai  that action under sectio  that action, unded sectlr,  menced beforei-tlie lat't.  tifleate of lInproveme^���"  Dated thiB i-th dav ... fvgust, UOk __1  m  'ZiM-  ���-..'Vi.-.Vi  ���yiiii:  ill  .__>--  sixty days fron��;  ���I the mining re-  improvements,  C a crown grant:  **.��� must be conv-  7, must be com-i  Me of such cer-  Z>.$:\  ���:C'*^#S.i_i te  Iff n  W  I  THE  NELSON TRIBUNE, ERIDAT   MORNING,   OCTOBER  25, 1901  Ml  Ml  tb  tu  Ml  Ml  Ml  l.  Ml  Ml  Ml  tb  _i  Mi  Ml  -V  *  tH  Mi  Ml  (-  tf<  Ifc  ���_.  *  ����/  Ml  \k  vW.  ��*** *** *** *** *** ****** ******************************  WATERS  There are a great many kinds of waters, but tliose  we wish to call your attention tq particularly at  present are our  TOILET AND FLORIDA WATERS  A necessity for bath1 arid toilet.  FROM 25 CENTS UP.  17. F. Teetzel & Co.  <_  nt  nt  nt  nt  nt  9  nt  nt  9-  nt  nt  nt  nt  nt  9  nt  m  9  nt  nt  nt  .nt  9  nt  nt  9  ���nt  m  9  %H*****'*******************3************************-r$?-  oys  OITT AND DISTRICT.  Mr. Justice Irving will hold court in  Nelson or. Tues-day morning at 9 o'clock,  wtien lie will take up any supreme court  business that may present itself..  Judge Forin"will hold court on Tuesday at 11 o'clock. The case of Smith vs  Stewart Biotheis and the Jioonday-  Curley Mining Company will come up  for tual.  Aichie Cunningham, the expressman,  was* charged in the police court.yesterday with furious di iving.- He secured a  remand until this morning, when the  case will1 be disposed of.  INCREASED RATES.  Having added to my stock a large  range of Youth's Boy's and .Children's  clothing, I am now prepared' to offer  to the public the best variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  ..w  Everything Is new and up-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well' to  examine my stock and get prices before  purchasing elsewher.   ,  u  V .<���  217 and 219  Baker Street  J. A. GILKER  ��� J-y  [���,"���71  tlf f'r J    -,  $'-V   u '     ,  I t^,'*F ���-_  *   *  a &$��. -'  &*����������*:. *  ifiil*.. .^ ***:  r. -*j   ���*!    1.  jtfc.vv    ,'"  ifia&C"- ���- <-  iV_T - .' ���. ^ r -     v.-a  ���"**.  <p<-  w  ib  to  ito  \b  \&.  m  IT PAYS TO CALL ON US I  '   ,      '   '-    r-     r $  WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING IN     "  J<7  ib  \mm:&Yito  Thomas Tait, manager of transportation for the entire Canadian Pacific  system, will arrive in Nelson on Saturday evening on the Ciow's'Nest boat  on a trip of inspection.  James Sproat has notified the city  council that he does not intend to reenter the city's employ as electrician.  He will complete his studies in medicine  at Trinity universty, Toronto.  The American Shoe Store will open  its doors ..bout the" end of next week.  It will differ from all other houses in  that it will make a specialty of all  kinds of hosiery and footwear. The proprietors say they will endeavor to meet  the demands of the silk stocking as weil  as 'the wool sock trade.      ,   ..  At the meeting of the Socialistic Club  which wiil be held on Sunday afternoon  at 3:30 o'clock in the Miners' Uniou  hall, the subject for discussion will be  the proposed deal by' which the West  Kootenay Power &. Light Company is  to be -taken into partnership with the  city of Nelson in the lighting business.  The Chinese case under the health  by-law, the first action under the recent  amendment which prohibits ;the carrying of swill about the" city ih tin cans  as is done by (Chinamen, resulted 'in a  conviction yesterday, the defendant being fined $10. The -by-law was looked  after by P. E. Wilson,, city solicitor,  while the Chinaman was defended by A.  'M.* Johnson.  (Continued from First Page.)  plant, to make all lights now in use  effective?  3. How many lights, based upon 15-  candle power lamps havo been applied  for, which the city is unable to furnish?  4. The names of the patties so applying and tho number of it.-candle power  lamps,  each  has applied for?  51 Has any, effort been made to secure  the additional power required by tho  city? If so, from whom? If refused, the  reasons for the refusal?  NELSON, B.C.  KASLO, B. C. .  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.q  WE HAVE JUST-RECEIVED A LARGE STOCK-OF  PICTURE AND'ROOM  MOULDINGS. AND* ARE NOW- READY TO'1  ;���   -     "   / RECEIVE1 ORDERS FOR PICTURE FRAMING." *  Kf?^**''*���* ��� -ilk'-'1  y  0-  mfyssl  \��,  lfe'!-"v,,y'.  V.  ^a^s��3iad399HI9993i^'  ?-,*   T -It-    j  ..*.  I'l  m  t.'it, -.  SSS-WS"*-  V'-V  *     Y*     ...  -Y":'. .*.  "1 &?t  V.'  >.rj  ?G.0OD CHEER" STOVES AND RANGES  :.>"  *  _'*  v.  r^ . **���.  Yy iWe are in the ^market again this season  with   this  line of  ���^Stoves.    After handling them for a number of years we are  cdnvincEd    that    they    are    the. only   ^Stoves'    that'   give  V ABSOLUTE ^SATISFACTION.       .�����:������    .   "  .;''Call-and see our large and complete line.   Y  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   OO.  Z-r' , Importers and Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  ���"L  rrr  IF TOtT WANT A PERFECT CUP OF TEA USE  EXCELSIOR  THE FAMOUS CEYLON  ii S. DesBrisay has sold a�� least 5500  worth of supplies to. the prospectors  -whe have started,'out'; within the past  few days to prospect in,the vicinity of  the^ discovery of Godfrey - Birtsch oh  "Cooper creek. This' section" of country  is now coming in for renewed attention  and .it is confidently predicted that it  , will-justify ihe interest -tha't has been  .aroused with respect2to it.  K-J ���" , '  ������ l    - x '  VtSoirie difficulty, was experienced yesterday in shipping goods over the city  wharf., As the*., contractor'' was .engaged  inv repairing the wharf' the traffic', was  diverted , tl* rough the Nelson Saw &  Planing Mills' property. ..Objection was  taken to this, by the mill company and  as. a result considerable** difficulty'was  experienced by ���some/.of .the local merchants ir getting their" .ihipm .nts,away<  , on the steamers. - ��� .i r "  * -'i'-i    - ���**     ��� . (    ,       j  J. Royal was assessed $10 arid' cast's-  in the police court yesterday for disorderly conduct on' 'the city wharf.  Royal 'was' probably the most obliging  man ever^taken intotcustodyby the police/ When! sergeant Hardy *, said, he  would arrests him Royal invited the officer to get into his hack and drove the"  pfficer.'to the police station. His offense  consisted of carrying on a Doisterou.!  argument, after he had, been cautioned  ^by >ihe police. -, ���    ,      '' ,'  '     -f'   . s .  '  .Jailer'Sinclair left"Afor Kamloops last  evening'" having in charge l .convict  Forbes' and the prisoner Barnes, who  was mixed up in the Hogan and Glencross.'v conspiracy case. Barnes ' gave  king's evidence -against Hogan and  Glencross and although they were'acquit.ed'-he, has yet to receive "his seii-,  tence, having entered a plea of guilty  ���upon anaignment before judge. Bole.  Forbes- will, be taken to- Westminster  from Kamloops.  The first section of the government  wagon road which was built to tap the  mines to the south of Nelson is now  completed save for the fihishins  touches. The road has been completed  within-the estimate of the engineer and  it is altogether likely that another two  'miles will be built in order to reach the  properties to the west of Forty-nine  cieek. If this is' done something like  three-quarters of a mile of the Royal  Canadian wagon road will be used, from  tho end of whieh the additional two  miles will be''built.  - ...  BY-LAW NO. 101.  A by-law in regard to purchasing certain power from the West Kootenay  Power & Light Company.  The Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Nelson in council assembled, enacts'as follows:  1. Subject to the terms, conditions and  provisions hereinafter contained, it is  agreed that the corporation shall take  and the company agrees to deliver electric current to the corporation in such  quantity as the said corporation may re-  , quire, approximately at 2000 volts alternating current for the purpose of operating the electric lights of the Corporation of the City of Nelson and of citizens of the City of Nelson, using electric lights.  2. The company shall deliver such  power as may be required at its substation in the said City of Nelson and'  it shall supply all wiring, regulators and  transformers withiil the sub-station necessary for���.the supplying of such power  to the'corporation.  3. The city shall supply all pole lines,  transformers and other fittings necessary  for the reduction of the pressure from  2000 volts to a suitable voltage.for the  furnishing of incandescent lights. These  transformers to have at least an efficiency of 96 pert cent at-full load and the  drop on the secondaries .between the  transformers and any outlet or main  fuse block not",to exceed 2 per cent.  4. jThe corporation shall from month  to month pay to the company the following sums for power for each light  supplied by the corporation.      - 'i  Lights In stores and' offices, 1 to 6  lights, 45 cents per month per' 16 c.p.  lights .   " ���  "  'Lights, in', stores and offices, 7 to 15  lights, 33 3-4' cents per month > per 16,  c.p. light.',   ..��,'<  Lights in stores and offices above 15  lights 22 1-2-cents per month per 16 c.p'.  light.      .   .x   , '\ '     ,;  . Lights in residences one-half the above  sums,! following the same scale according  to the "number, of, lights, used. - v.   ,  ��� Lights' in**'! hotels, downstairs, ,2 1-4  cents1 per'c.p."per month. , ���    ,  t u Lights in1 hotels, upstairs, 1,7-20 .cents  per c.p. per ;month.        , -    ' -  All night lamps 4 1-20. cents per c.p.  per month., . . .   -  ;Five ampere'afc lamps ?3.37 1-2 - per  month?* "   ,*,*'.    ,,' .'.       \ Z'    . i  " '_ Which sums shall be paid ,o__\the 15th.  day of each^ month ^for < the previous  month.  v   ' ;t-"���;   .,    '     . y   ���  5. The company shall supply power, for  street lighting up ,to. 50 horse power' at  $3 per horse power per month.   .   . -    >,  6. It,is understood and agreed that the  city'does not make nor will it make any  charges for power'for .lighting the public'hospital of Nelson to the,extent,'of  ,c.p., the public library of Nelson to .the extent oi. ,1 .> _, < c.p., and.  that" the company shall also supply sufficient power for lighting.,the city buildings, including th'e city offices, the flre  hall or halls, police, offices and^police  court or any other public, municipal;  building that may from time to'time require lighting. ' .   o  7. The corporation shall 'submit its  hooks and any documents; papers >or  vouchers pertaining to its electrical bus-'  iness to any personjor persons that the  company may appoint for the purpose'of  auditing or examining the same1' when  called upon so to do. The purpose and  object of this being that the company  may, be fully informed"'as to the number  .of-Jights-in-use-in-the city.-^*- =   8. The   duration of   this agreement  H. BYERS & CO.  TO SPORTSMEN: ,   ���  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition eVrer receive^  n Kootenay. Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage, arid Stevens Rifles. Winchester Smokeless anc  Savage Carbines. Ask to see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequalec  for simplicity, accuracy and effect.-  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers,   Exhausters,   Hand   Shaft  Pumps,   Pipe and  Fittings SteairT Packing,   Leather anc  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agents for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars, Canton.Steel.  PERSONALS.  Colin McKinnon is back from a vis'it  to Lucknow, Ontario, and resumed his  old job at the Silver King mine.  'Among the early-day merchants of  Nels&n was'J. E. Walsh. He was in  Seattle recently en route from Dawson  to Miles City, Montana.  ���Dan Genelle is in Nelson visiting his  sister, .Mrs. J. B. Poupoure on Mill  street. Mr..' Genelle lives at Dawson,  where he has been for two years.  Arthur Perrier, who has been with A.  Ferland for four years in Nelson, left  this week for a trip to the Bast. As a  member'of the, lacrosse team and fire  brigade, he has taken,rank, as an alJ-  round athletic young man, and when in  the East he will try and see every game  that is played outdoors. ���  ;   AT THE HOTELS.  TREMONT���A. J. Ringwald, Crawford  Bay/   .      ,. :. .  NELSON ��� H. McGuinn and ' Jeff  Davis, Phoenix.  "MADDEN���R. B. - Dixon, Winnipeg;  George Shaw, Hamilton;' W.^ Coffey,  .Erie; George T. Gormley, Slocan.  ��� GRAND-, CENTRAL���/-Henry' Haff,  Madison, Wisconsin; Mrs. Compeau,  Sandon; John.Campbell, Kaslo.  , PHA.IR���H. H.; Welch, Victoria; J.  Waugh, Lardo; D. C. Johnson, Everett;  Henry Roy, Rossland; J. A. ' Herron,  Spokane.- ' - ^ -      , .    -  - QUEENSf-A. L. McLean, .Slocan;1 D.'  A: Rankin, Lardo; 'Mrs. 'W.' DeWitt,  Salmo; A.' J. McDonald, Sandon; John  McDonald, Ymir.  ,.'IMPERIAL���J.,k.iCovert, Fernie;���W_.  .C-Cross, Butte;,.A. R.'Turner, Cranbrook; W. A. White, Regina; H.,M. Mc-  Ewlng, Hamilton; John Hogan, Ottawa;  James Stewart, Pembroke; J.1 W. Gregory,, Rossland.  ,. ���:- ���'  .-  HUME���W. McDougald, Sandon; J.  E.;Church, Victoria; W. ��� M. "Jackman,  Toronto; H. W. Keith, Cranbrook; L.'  S. McKay; Toronto; D. W. Moore, Trail;  Mrs.'W. J. Cavanaugh,xToronto;' George'  W. Hale and wife, Toledo; O..R. Smith,  Toronto; J.. Gordon,.Vancouver; O. J.  Vale5 Vernon; R. G." Whittock, Louisville, Kentucky.-    .   r      '  g9************************4  Mi  Mi  tk  Mr  Mr  Mi  Mi  Mr  -_)  _>  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mr  Mi  Mr  Mi  Mi  Ml  M)  Mi  Ml  Mr  Ml  Mr  Ml  Mi  Mi  *  Mi  Mi.  Mi  Mr  Mi  Mi  Mi  ��_r~  Mi  ���Ml  Ml  tU  Mi  vb  %  FOR STYLE,  FINISH AND  PRICES IN  MILLINERY,  ETC., CALL  ON MRS. E.  MeLAUGH-V  LIN, WEST  BLOCKS BAKER   ST.~  ***********************  Ml  Ml  Ml  Ml  Ml  ���'Mi  tb  Mi  Mi  tb  Mi  Ml  M>  U>  Mi  Ml  Mi  l_  ���tb  Mi  Mi  tb  Mi  tb  tb  tb  tb  x_  Mi  Mi  tb  Mi  i-  t_  ._,  Mi  Mi  Ob  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  Mi  <?  GOING OUT OF BUSINES!  AUCTION SALE  OF  DRY GOODS  GENTS' FURNISHING)  BOOTS & SHOES HATS & CAPS  Our next auction sale will be held at 8 o'olo.K' o{  SATURDAY,  OCTOBER 26th.  For Purity and Flavor it is Unsurpassed  f Retails at 40, 50 and 60 cents, per pound  Packed expressly for  Wm.   Hunter   &  Co,  CONNECTING STOEES AT  Silverton, Three Forks, Alamo and Phoenix  ROSSLrAlND   ErvaWVEERIIVa  WORKS  CUNLIFFB  & MgMILLAN  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  The attention of Ihe provincial police  has been directed to the fact lhat pen-  sons on the steamers engage in a dangerous practice of taking shots' with  rifles at anything which preserved itselt  as the steamers travel down the arm.  Recently a number of shots came in  dargerous proximity to spme men employed on Busk's, ranch and it is sui?-*  gested that throe horses which Mr.  Dusk lost within the last few days may  have been killed in this way. Sportsmen traveling about in launches offend  in the same way ami the police will  take steps to check the practice."  ORB OARS, skips, cage", oro bin doors, obutos ond general wrought Iron work.    Our ore cars are  the best on t-i market.   Write in for rcferi-snots and (ull purticu'ars.  SECOND HAND MACHINERY FOR SALK.-Ono Moot Pelton watcrwheel, width600foot, "8 to16'  spinal riveted pipe.   Ono 10x5x13 outside packed plunger sinking pump.    Kock drills, stouini'  bar.,&o,&o.  P.  AGENTS NORTHBY PUMPS.  O.   Box  198. THIRD  STOCK  CARRIED.  AVENUE.   ROSSLAND.  MM TEA  J. A. MM & CO.  The best in the market, in 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages.  Telephone 161.  -Oc a Pound  Ainsworth Mining News.  The Side Line, a claim owned by Mrs.  G. B. Wright, adjoining the Mile Point,  has developed a fine shoot of clean ore.  The vein is over eight feet in width. A  the   surface   there   showed   hut a few  specks of galena  in  the  quartz,   at  a  depth of ten feet there i'fi two and a half  feet of clean ore, and about twelve tons  have   been   taken  out* in  sinking   the  twelve feet.    The  Highlander   drift   is  still in ore and 36 feet1 has been driven  the paBt week.    The average width of  clean ore Is three and a half feet, and  assays go 54 ounces silver  and  82  per  cent lead.   The lower tunnel, 1200 feet  depth, in the Highlander is still drifting  in ore, ^hich continues the full width  of the tunnel.   In the tunnel above this  same shoot was over 400 feet long.   D.  P. Strobeck has taken the contract to  run the tunnel on the Albion, and has  just completed a trail to the mouth of  the tunnel.   This will, be worth a great  deal to the mine, and it has been hard  shall be for the period of one (1) year  from the date the company shall commence the delivery "of power to the corporation, which date snail not *be later  than December 1st, 1901. <���  9. The company agrees to give continuous service for twenty-four (24) hours,  per diem and to use'every diligence in  the maintenance of its lines and apparatus.   , ,  10. The corporation snail have the option of renewing, the arrangement  herein set forth from year to year ��� for  <a period not exceeding ten (10) years,  upon giving the company written notice  three months prior- to the end of the.  then current year hereunder of its intention to renew the agreement for the ensuing year.  11. In the event of any dispute or differences arising between the company  and the- corporation in regard -to/ the  construction to be placed on this by-law  or the contract to be executed embodying the provisions her-cui or the administration thereof, or any details of business between the corporation and the  company In respect thereof, the ' same  shall be referred to the arbitration of  three arbitrators, one to be chosen by  the company and one by the corporation,  and these two arbitrators* so' selected*  shall select a third, and any decision  upon the point or points arrived at by  such arbitrators shall be final and binding upon both the corporation and the  company,  12.' A contract embodying the provisions hereof and covenants on the part  of the company to conform to and fulfill all matters and provisions hereby required of it, shall be drawn and executed  by _he corporation and the company  within one month after the date on  which this by-law shall take effect.  13. In this by-law the expression "The  Corporation," wherever used," shall refer  to and mean the Corporation of the City  of Nelson, and the expression "The Company," wherever used, shall refer to and  mean the West Kootenay Power &  Light Company, Limited, its successors  or assigns.  14. This by-law shall take effect and  be in force on and after the 20th day of  November, 1901. . *  15. This by-law may be cited as "The  -   Should Be AsBisted vox Every Way.  The'jobbers of Nelson are using-their  best effortr- to obtain.freight rates that  will place that city-uron an equal basis  with the east and Coast: pertain large  n tail dealers in grocei-les and provisions  are attempting to. thwart this, claiming  that jobbers in their, lines do-not stick  to a strictly wholesale trade. To" satisfy  a selfish desire ���these *, dealers' would  crucify the ertire wholesale "trade of  Nelson and Injure the city as a distributing point.."If is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between what  is retail or wholesale, but if the jobbers  of Nelson will cell only to retail dealers  or mines with stores they should be assisted in everjr way to get lower freight  rates.���New Denver Ledge  ���^The_Imperial_Cafe_is_open^day-and  night as a short order restaurant. It offers the best service in the city.     .  D. ItycARTHUR  j. CdV  ''. y   '.-.'..���   , *., ,  .   ..J*   r_    ,' y  BALPH CLARK,   s.   I. O. NELSON,  Undertaker, Night Call 238. Manager.  'Pi'H  Furniture Dealers  Fui\erai Directors  and Embalmers  Worth  Oak   Center   Tables $3 60  Oak Center Tables -. 6 00  Oak   Center   Tables '.*. 5 00  Oak    Leather    Seat    Fancy  Rocker    .' 4 eo  E'm   Folding  Tal.le.. 5 00  Elm   Folding1 Table l 6 00  Cane Veranda Chairs "... �� 00 .  Cane  Veranda Rockers,, 6 50   ���  Vor  $2 75  4 50  8 75  I .6  3 75  4.5  4 50  4 7b  As I intend closing my business het|  the end of this month all goods will  sold at private sale regardless, of" cosij  Black    all-wool    cashmere,    regula  price 75 cents, now 45 cents.  Black    all-wool    ca.hmere,1   regul.  price 50 cents," now 30 cents.  Velveteens,   regular .price '75   cent|  now 40 cents. _    /  Ladies'   linen   collars, "regular  20 cents, now 12*^ cents.  /   Ladies'   cloth .jackets,   regular  prl^  ?15.00. now ?10.00.  Ladies'   cloth  jackets^  regular  prl<!  $7.50, now ?4.50.  All    colors    Cortecelli   crochet   sill  spools,at 20 cents. '     '     .  ���^ ^ _ r  Como and get,bargains��before it',  too late,    j        -."'       .   -   ~     ', '  a. ferlan:   ;_> -     t       - 1  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES ."  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES  .  GANONG'S ��� CHOCOLATES  ���  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES ,,  GANONG'S CHOCOLATES '   -. ��� \  GANONG'S ^FANCY CANDIE^  GANONG'S FANCY CA"NDIR-|  ' '  GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  .GANONG'S FANCY'CANDIES  . , GANONG'S FANCY CANDIES  THEY ARE THE BEST  You can get them at.-- \.���'        'V '  MCDONALD'S,  Baker B\xt**_. ,   ,  The business men's lunch at the Imperial Cafe, from 12 to 2, Is the best In  the city. Price 25 cents.  BEAL ESTATE  ' AND  INSURANCE BROKERS  TO    1IAKB    KpOM    FOR    OUR    FAtli  STOCK OF CARPETS AND RCTQS  WILL   GO   AT   COST.  KOOTENAY....  .COFFEE OO.  '     I r . .  ************************  Coffee.Roasters   .<  'Dealer* m T6a an(| Coffee  We are offering at lowest prices the best  Ceylon, India, China and Janan  Agents for -Trout Lake Addition.  (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.   ���  Acreage property adjoining the park,  And J. & J. Taylor safes.  These safes can be bought from us on  two year's time without interest  Ward Bros.  333 West Baker Street, Nelson.  ��* **************.*.*****t *r  Jfc __^  Mf      OF    COURSE    VOU   WANT    IHE     BEST-      a,  lb THEN  GO  TO ,j|  l   ARTHUR    GEE S  tfc     in Tremont Block.   He will suit you.    tj\  tb     Largo stock of imported season's goods,    "f*  %��� '   '  J^  ^Z***********************  TO   CLEAR���BABY   CARRIAGES   AND  GO C. _R1S  AT. LKdS THAN  COST. -  ash;;OLA TOWNSITE.  ************************  1  Toas.  Our Boa., Mot ha and Java Cofioe, per  _,   . pound S  40  -Moohaand-Java-BlendrS poundS-Trrr"TOO"  Choice Blond Coffee, _ pounds    1 00  Spooial E .end Coffee, 6 pounds    1 00  Rio Blend Coffee, 6 pounds     1 00  Special Blond Coylon Tea, per pound     30  Lots can now be bought in  Ashnola at from $50 to.$225  each. For terms and full particulars apply to  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  KEGINALD J. STEEL  Phone 278. Official Broker.  IMPERIAL BBEWIM COMPANY  KMKRSON & IU-ISTERKR.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE  ���     . AT   THE  AT   THE  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT THE.  AT  AT  THE  THE  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.]  MANHATTAN.  BULBS  FOR  FALL PLANTING  WINTER  AMD  SPRING  FLOWERING.  BREWERS OF THE BEST  LAGER BEER  STEAM BEER  AND PORTER  The   Manhattan!  JOSEPHINE STREET  ALL THE BE8T BRANDS-  LIQUORS  AND  CIQAR8.  When you want the Best, ask for  IMPERIAL BEER.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBBWBBS AND BOXTLUBB CUT  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular delivery to the trade.  BREWERY   AT  NELSON  J3BOCER3 AND FAOVISION DEALERS, Houston Block, Baltec BJgtKS,  to approach before.   He has cleaned out I ... ���  the old tunnel, and is now ready to start j Power By-Law No   live  work.    The  Albion  adjoins  the j    Done arid passed in council assembled  Highlander. *.- | thla     .    day of October, 190L  CANADA DRUG & BOOK GO.  K.-W-C.Hoci-.      Owner Wart an- -takerSto  OLD PAPERS  ffilBUNE BINDERY DEPARTMENT  PiiitaWo for wrap  ping, 25 cert. n. hua"  dred.  Apply at'  BRANDY  DB LAAGE FILS & CO., X X.X]  COGNAC, possesses a delicious bouquet.    -  DB LAAGE FILS & CO. X XX xl  COGNAC is mellowed by its great]  age,  and is  recommended to con-  noiseurs,   and   for   medicinal  pur- j  poses.  SCOTCH  WHISKIES  THE   DISTILLERS'   COMPANY,   Ltd.,]  Edinburg, the largest holders in the  world of Scotch Whiskies.  THE CALEDONIAN LIQUEUR SCOTCH |  Whisky is one of the leaders���try it  Agency for full stock at Victoria fori  B. P. EITHET & 00., LTD,  Victoria.   B.   C.  ^r-.,    -��.___-__.  A. B. GRAY.  Kootenay Representative        ]  P. O. Box 621, Nelson*; j


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