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 ,v i.'ivA-'K r$3%&
Mayor Fletcher lias finally got his
type-written interview wilh himself in
print. It appeared in full in Sunday
morning's Minei." The statements in the
interview do not belie the mayor in the
least. The interview does rot contain
one single statement of fact, hut as duplicity is the mayor's strongest characteristic, much allowance should be'
given him when he rushes headlong into
iM-irit. '        ,
The mayor stated in a meeting of the
'council, that the electric lighting plant
' *was not paying and ne. er had paid a
cent He reiterates that statement in
his interview,'and says: ""With regird
■to the present'"plant, since its purchabo
really all its earnings have gone oack
into the j.lant, but the capital has been
■   steadily increased in order to release the
- money so earned."
The city's books, which%i are under
the supervision ot auditor McDermiad.
who is admitted to be one^of the best
accountants Hin Nelson, show that the
electne light1 plant has earned .,.56,544.-
44, at a cost of ?21 57S.08 for, mainten-
. ance and operating expenses, or a profit
of  $34,976.80 vm% three- years' and four
, months. /The capital invested .is ?70,-
-i24.25,   $70,000 j--ot   which  was  leceived
, from the sale of debentures'Leai ing interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum. The intciest' on-the capital invested amounts to $9416, which deducted
' Horn the netrearnings leaves a profit of
$25,560.36. It these flguies.are wrong
Tho Tribune'prefers to have auditor Me-
Derm7 ad say so, rather than mayor
Fj^-cher.  * -,    , •
, A-iothe.' statement in tho mayor's iu-.
terviow is al follows: "Tt must seem"
ahaiird tc any unbiased ratepayer that
-- the seven businesse-jxiea ,in the council
. deliberately waiit'to^give any' privileges
or franchises. They simply wish to provide-light for the time being." Mayo/
1'lotcher would'nave it appear that tlio
ctv-* council is solidly in favor of the
proposed deal with the West Kootenay
Power & Light Company. This is
merelv in keeping with the mayor's
iabitof trying to make white appear
black One alderman (hying) ls'm tho
"East, and has had no chance to ex-
jness his opinion on the question at
ifcbue; another ,(alderman' Madden) is
opposing the deal and has voted against
it in-the council, another (aldoiman
■Gillf-tt) says he will 'vote against the
Surther consideration .of the deal, still
Piio-her (alderman Hamilton) says ho
is opposed to the deal as outlined in the
by-law*  now  heing  considei ed   by  the
' council; that he will .not vote ior any
-such by-law, but, instead, favors "the
purchase    of    auxiliary    power    from
~montiTto mon. lnto^meet-the-city'sTe-
■quirements—a stand, that very few sensible people oppose, Thifr goes to show
that lour out of the soven memoers of
the city council are against mayor
Fletcher's deal
The mayor refers to the action oi the
<city council in 1899. H. G. Neelands was
mayor that year and our present mayor
-was a member of 1he city council and
chairman of the public works commit-
+ea They were voted large sums for
u'Jblic woiks. Part of this money was
cxpend.d in laying a steel pipe from
Cottonwood cieek to a connection with
the ctv's waterworks system, all ol
which' was charged to waterworks construction account. Anothei portion ot
that monov was expended in diverting
water from the Salmon river slope into
Cottoiwood creek. Althoufeh the water
so diverted was used jointly by tno
-water and clectiie 11 ..rt ,^ste^s' <*?
total cost of the diversion ($12,000)
was charged by the Neelands administration to electric light construct™
■s__coui?t. That is merely, a sample of pe
-fallness wilh which mayoi 1. letch.r
lias deal with the, electric light system.
The mavor tues to make it appear
tl-at ex-mayor Houston, as member for
Nelsor. riding, has not looked after the
-city's interests, and that even the one
(telegram he sent legardmg the Koote-
.ffi«v river site for a powei station was
raid for by the city. During the flrst
rression ot the legislature which he afc-
ijr-Tded as a member, John Houston introduced md secured the passage of a
MM -entitled "An Act to Amend the
Water -Clauses Consolidation A«t, 1897.
and under its piovisions ihe citj,of Nelson and all "other city municipalities
in the province are placed on an equality With power companies in securing
water rights and sites for power stations Mr Houston ceitninly had no assistance from our p. esent vorthv mayor
m -wurlig that important legislation
That the city has not secured the piece
of land for a site that it has applied tor
it not clue to any negligee of tlio
momDer for Nelson rifling, or to his not
Twine influence with the government.
Had mayor Fletcher gone to Victoria
in June last, when repeatedly urged to
do so hy Mr. Houston and remiiued
there until the heai ing of the case was
held hefoie the chief commissioner or
lauds and works, the city, while it
might not have .been any the gainer,
certainly  could   _utve  been  none  the
-3oser, as tbo business affaire of the city
seem to run as smoothly when mayor
Fletcher is outside the city limits as
when he is inside them.
The insinuation that the member for
N< Json riding is unwilling to do anything for the city unless he is paid for
it, is one that no man in Nelson—bar-,
ring mayor Fletcher—will make. No
single oDe ot the itaauy telegrarys sent
bv John Houston to the city officials,
whilo he was * in Victoria during the
sessions of the .legislature, was sent
"coll* ct," and no bill for their cost has
since been sent to the city council—
and ,no one knows ^ this better than
mavor" Fletcher.
, Regarding mayor Fletcher's1 statement
that the member,for Nelson'riding has
neglected to secure title for the city to
the water front east of Ward street and
for the park upon which the general
hospital is erected. Such title can only
be seemed b> an act of the legislature,*,
and o bill for that'purpose cannot be
in .induced by a privato member. The
Tribune ii assured, that as soon as John
Houston is elevated to a cabinet position, NeKon will get title tc both the
water front and the pprk; but it Is
needless to say Mr. Houston will not
hold o portfolio in any government if
mayor Fletcher and'-his political and^
personal friends can prevent it.},
Views of a large Property-Holder
The following communication was
written by a inan,w:eli posted on mtin-
lcipal affairs, who has large property interests in the town, and who always has
stood for what ho believes to be the best
interests'''of Nelson. It is well worth
reading: ,       .    .  ,.,
To the Editor of The Tribune: In the
discussion on the electric'light question
there are a'few phases which have not
yet been commented upon. , Those who
threaten to take the retrogade. steps
which vntually will deprive us of a
franchise, which has a present value but
a much greater prospective value, should
pause ' If the by-law' goes' to the people
the aldermen .will find they are blindly
'opposing an almost unanimous public.
I will venture to assert that if the issue
next election is a live one, that nofan
alderman supporting the draft by-law
will be returned at the polls. -
, As a property holder 1 wish'to.enter,
my'protest against> the 'proposed by-law.
My reasons are many, but space forbids
rae to enter*-on an economic discussion
I will only say that'if is a retrogade step
which is .almost indefensible." Other
towns and cities are buying-up plants at
greatly increased prices on flrst cost. ,.'
s The attitude of the West „ Kootenay
Power. & I-ight Company is very different
.irom'what it was some time i ago.s.when
they in high tempci boycotted Nelson,
"and'their manager'on-all* occasions
stated the enormous loss suffered by
•cur merchants; swaggering through the
streets and stores of Rossland he graphically described" how 'he was humbling
Nelson's pride; and Nucon survived the
shock.       '
Combined with the boycott was ridicule cast on our old fashioned equipment; as'to this I am not'able to judge,
probably a flrst-class electrician's opinion should have been obtained; . for
equipping a city with a modern plant is
a very inportant matter and advances in
electric science are rapid.
But why should a few citizens who for
some brief weeks have the civic affairs
in hand sacrifice this franchise?, „ ,
Is it because the W. K. P. & L. Co.
know that the construction of our own
nlant on the river means that we can
provide the latest power to foster our
industries, and, m the hundrod and one
-ways in which electric power_ls applied
be able to use it for mill work, elevators,
heating and lighting'
The Buffalo exposition gave one an
object lesson in the many ways electricity is entering into the homes of the
people; power for washing clothes, ironing, cooking, running tbe sewing machine, carpet sweeping, and ways innumerable, is now used and'so simply
Is the movement to deprive the city
of the position it ha" attained in ownership of remunerative franchises a part
of tho unloading which brother-in-law
Peters dinged into the ear of our mayor;
lor the tramway has a white elephant in
its contract for power, whicli it will
shaie with the city. If so, let us deal
with the tramway company direct and
buy part of its power.
Wo have reached the time when the
people must sav to those holding brief
power, "hands off" and "let our public
utilities alone."
Electricity must be a factor in the
building up of Nelson, so let us not hesitate to aim high.
Again, tbe first serious attempt we
make to establish rights on the river
the W. K. P. & Ij Co, who were to
smash us, come down and offer debatable
terms. Is it not a red herring across
the trail? bet us at all cost acquire our
rights first and then'we will talk terms;
bat abandon our efforts and when we
wish to throw off tho power company's
grip we will find it is too late. If they
wish to deal justly let them retire from
their arbitrary and factious opposition
to the city acquiring a site to utilize
water rights already acquired; but
with a club in one hand and a contract
and legal suavity in the other they approach the-city's guardians.
The merits of the contract itself is
open to criticism; it is based upon 16
candle power lamps. What about hundreds of houses wberp 8 c.p. lamps are
all that are necessary? In halls, bathrooms, bedrooms, verandahs and small
rooms many use 4 c.p. lamps, but the
company #ay 16 c.p. or none, those who
can on)y afford 8 and 4 cp. lamps will
be deprived of phis right which the city
has heretofore wisely and jusjly allowed.
As you say, "woolen sIoeltfDgs" aj>« upt
in it on this deal.
Let us burn candles for a few years if
necessary, but let us hand down to those
who follow this valuable asset unimpaired. Let us hold f^st to what will
contribute in time to make our city
Queen of tho West   Let vb lace tlie
building up of a large plant which we
can do at half the cost of the company
which has spent many dollars in learning how. In the meantime we can
supplement our present plant with steam
I am not'a partisan In the slightest
degree, but only claim to be a loyal citizen and substantial taxpayer.
Heavy Loss Fortunately 'Averted.''
ROSSLAND,' October 27.—[Special 'to
The Tribune.]—The flre in the Le RoiJ
assay oflice, which adjoins^the' Big shaft-!
house, "at an early hour on Saturday
' morning, 'has demonstrated the' usefulness of the water service put in by the1
company.' If the* flre .had not ,been
speedily extinguished all * the '-head
, works would have gone, including tho
lately installed expensive hoists and all
the other machinery. The War Eagle
biigade.turned out with their hose cart,
but the fire was put out without their
help, and a very serious1 loss was fortunately averted. .
The strike situation remains unchanged and nothing has appeared today to
indicate what the next move will be
-   . Greenwood Local News v\*>
-GREENWOOD,' October  27.—[Special'
to The Tribune.]—Work was stopped on'
'the King "Solomon copper mine, which
is' owned by D. C-Corbin of Spokane.
About 85.) ,tons of <good grade ore has
been sent   to   the   Greeinvood   smelter
since the mine started up in the summer. It is likely work will be resumed
shortly..,%   •   '   . ,;<    \"   ,\    , ,"       >  V
-George   R.1 <Naden, manager" of  the
Bealey. Ii.vestment &-Tiust Company, is
leaving for England on Thursday next
on a business trip. He expects *to be absent, about three months.    .
J. Michaely", who has1 been nearly five
years in Rossland, but who lctely came*
to the Boundary.', has arranged to'take
tne Columbia hotel m Deadwood Camp."
W. Johns has purchased C. Nelson's
L interest 'in , the  Nor den   hotel,   Gre-_n-
-wood. Sater &"• Johns-are. now proprietors, instead of Sater fc^Nelson.
- S. F.t Parrish, manager: of 'the B. C*
,mme, near-Eholt,-is expected_to.return
next Tuesday from Montreal where he
went a fortnight ago^ to consult* with"
?the B. C. Chartei;edH Company/ the^own-
'ors of theJmine. \ ",,"r\j, ( ' -/
' C> SOHEM^^bli;^yC*REpfB^|||
ya s /. aiffita^ET^p||Si!ii
,*; A r W t '•■^;B:Vir7'y7Z^Zx^Zy^f7V.
'       •,_.■. .     *■-■.,
*'i jln^the Vicinity of Midway *<■   ■   f,
^MIDWAY, > October 27.—[Special' to
The Tribune.]—A- case of; intended robbery has heen' reporte'd by *__.**Horridge
and£Ji{ C.'ijDufresne.i *}&■. the_Jormeu'g,
farm, known as th'e'lngrim ranch, between Midway and Rock Creek,"1 Du-,
fresne went to supper' leaving a 'team
harnessed at the stable. -. On his return,
hei found the collars removed from'^both
horses. Looking around the barn he discovered two other collars''and two,setsi
of double harness missing. He followed
the trail to 'the main 5>road, where . he
found one set of harness left on a fence.
'Horridge saddled a horse-and followed
the tracksi .towards Ilock Creek.,5 iHe
overtook three horsemen4 about a\ mVe
up the road with harness, etc. He determined to ride with them,Tbut not to"
claim the harness until he reached Rock
Creek, where assistance 'was obtainable.
Two men rode ahead under pretense to
tighten their cinches.. uney dismounted
and unfastened a rifle from (one of the
saddles and ordeied Horridge'to throw
up his hands.- The latter attempted to
get his own revolver_from hi._hip_poeket,
when ono of the men struck him on the
side of the head with the muzzle of the
rifle, inflicting a skin wound-a, The'rifle
wps discharged,' the ' bullet ' passing
through the brim of his hat, which was
scorched by powder. Horridge dropped
the revolver and was ordered * back
down the road afoot. He soon afterwards met a rig with four men coming
from Midway. He accompanied them
and found the revolver where1 he dropped it; farther on he found the harness,
and still farther the saddle/ His* horse
was running on a neighbor's ranch next
morning. It is thought the robbers
crossed the boundary lihe, going to
Chesaw. The police have the matter in
hand.  '
News From the Far North.
VANCOUVER, October 27.—[Special
to The Tribune.]—The steamerr Danube
arrived this evening from Skagway with
120 passengers. She had the roughest
trip captain MeLeod ever experienced
Yukon river navigation is not yet impossible, but is practically closed down
The Dawson, the last of the White Paso
Company's steamers arrived at White
Horse on the 18th. The steamer Ora
left Dawson on Monday foF up river and
would probably be the last boat. Tho
only accident reported was the falling
off the steamer Dawson of a fireman,
named George Martin, who was intoxicated and walked off the deck. A iyig-,
get worth $1600 has been found in the~
Treadwell mine at Juneau. This is the
largest nugget ever found in that section. •,       ,  >
Given "Three Months at Hard Labor
KASLO, October 27.—[Special to The
Tribune.]—Ben R. Briggs was sentenced here yesterday to three months at
hard labor in the Nelson jail for the larceny of a roll of carpet and a crosscut
saw from the house of Alfred Johnson.
The case was brought up before stipendiary magistrate Chipman, acting in
the absen«p Qf police mag'strate Carney.
The magistrate was inclined to show
lenieucj- on account of tne prisoner having" a family in Kaslo. Chief of poiice
Cody ]eaves tomorrow morning for Nelson witty the prisoner.
'XJ3T        L" '    ""* ~"" "	
HAMILTON, Ontario, October 27.—
Henry Giliiard, senior member of Gil-
liard & Co., wholesalo grocers, died
suddenly Saturday.
• The deal wh'ich*v.ma3*B$
anxious to mai_eJ^^|the^W^^'Kpote^
nay Power ^|Uj^fC(^pany|.ffOTf^:
taking of thejfpo'iyer^
nership  with||t_^S$it^^ith€^^t_$-|
lighting busi^s;|l^^p)foien(I^mcmg^
the members|:pfi:.t^^
_-,,   ■_.    -•_*,■__,' 't .*'*i.'-"«i.'>w*5iis<*'.-.***,'■■ ■■• ;n-••:.;.■&•' .**.".*.iv*-"t
Club.j^his ,ma^iiossiblyj:be v e^lamed*;
* away ^by: ^s^OTajj^w^^
that the memhCT^*<$_the'clu^
long to "wha^f-fie?.^
"best" people|of|^S^S::feiMt^|iSc^f
remains that _ui{Sr^ttngipfvfif£j^wl_iich\
was held inJ.Jt_fe|;y^^-opm||yes^^^
there was'but|mei^er.pr._srat-f^^
corded hi_Typ^j£fay^$'.t^^
deal,, and.. heji;'a||m^^
neither a British|subject -i-or-a''citizei_:?ofc
Nelson.      '  ^B0^S:MM:Y§i^S
_ The^discuss)ion'^as_intrb^^
'chairman of |t^'m^ihg-;after|'r6utii^J
business 'had£b$e^^^
^doing so hevtook^occasiohlto'. explaim
tthat it was thWdi_®ire1i'bt?th"e!;!ciub-:thai-*'!
any who^felt^ikejitflwl^^
of the organizatipnworghdty^ould'^ive.'
their views jipi^itSSecreta-^Brb^leiP
had staled recently that the plant was
'not paying. Sometimes tbe council said
the plant was paying and at other times
they said it was not paying, but the
members of the club had no' definite
knowledge because they had no chance
of knowing. Personally he saw no reason why the. plant should not pay. It
'was generally said\ that the .difficulty
was a shortage of water duiing a portion of the year. It wa3 stated that the
ciay   lacked   about  a  quarter, of , the
pfowery necessary to drive the plant. This
being so, he thought th'e difficulty could
be overcome by putting in a steam engine' and generate such extra power as
=*wa*s-required:sThere'-was plenty of water
^during^^gmonthsSbl (the year and a
jpartialts&rta^^-iring the rest of! the
;'time?.tNiiie-tenth^       the electric light
plants-;iii^the>world'were ruu by steam
■^d^h<-yf.fiirnished,; a.*;cheaper light than
■ftl^t^furiiishe-l^in'*;Nelton. To, his niin.1
.;!tjHfere^wasJmIsmanagement m the city
^stemildiej^thbugiltsthat with the;ex
£p.mdWure2bfv?^Q.M*Fleam engine and
i^tra^dy:MmdIcpuljd;i be installed,  and
iijby^tiis^^ans^tii^ power required
|fie^B_ci-^eW:^"nf)tl-iBr}?Lhought which'oc-
^ciirrectfto Jhim:was%h!it'it was very late
.^n^the7day!:-ipr! the: mayor and council to
ibring5MbiJbuestibn^pf power shortage
Vup^pPJEe'.fEb^ef^shortage question 'must
ili'ave'itreen''f^6wnvn*ffi.',]y two years ago*
*~'~x*i'v:""i"'"",^L-'"--'''; """"'"isenoent been made to
hprlage'before' Why
raited until they vir-
Stjjail^hadithe^users'bf light in a corner.
|iintil^her-^appe;(redyio other .way open
.ftfiarflftHoj; Bicuring|fof light from' the
:;^w^^*Mnipan^?j;Ti.ev;propoc*ed deal had'
|l.eer..sprung'at/ablate; hour.' If
_tiera8bfith6-couii-!il...ad been g
"" V,i •lc,-'r-ly*1-ll&v.--4-=?uuJiaiuer-ii,io_iii:oi;'Xlie*
tity council, ^-iich|jTOS;'seb6_id^^by|'^l
Lackey:"     '!l^p^^^.#i_-p|^^
'_, "Whereas,! NeioW^ons^efiiPw. pencil
inr rbet^veen §a^|.Nelso_iK:cityivcblif-cil?
and. the, Bonningtoii^alls SPpwe_iiGooi;'s
pany, for, the^purchase_Jbf^a^ditibna0
power forfthe^tiette^iigh'tingrof^e^elty^
. thoroughfar es. |^^|^5meml)^^pf £tiie?
f Nelson \ SociaHstic^i&aucatipn^
elects ic.li£-hlihggwi:Jftb:^i
and .iwhile' admitting;:^: the:-,sheces_3_ty|ipf.;
improved ,andMd.4itiPna.l5lio.:tmg^
ities, we rai^,bf.$pi7flpi^tha^
is nre* for ebnseryiiigi'tP^
.the full benefit?pf?suc]_Sprp^^
,accrue from tiieVsaidi.liglitingijandfelsJiiii;
•fthal it is, the^dutyHpf^ffiel'city-^ouncil*
to kse nc further^tim^in|securihgi toj
the ratepayers^the*;i(m^al^d;:^pt;^ater;;
rights, \. heiebyJiitf/tlie^arest?:tiintv:pbs^
sible ■ the priheipl-SSpf§JcWic$pwnershii):-;
will be contimi-eUiJjto;;$|£^^
further pledge;lpurselyes^
and work for^dM?.caidiSJi?esiiterJ-'muni*:';
'cipal honors aSviare/^preRSfe^^c^ladhere;
toiW hat isjthe;chie .jpl^ki*in!*tfe^Sbi!lal-:
istic plaform,- viz :4:ciyi,@fpi!vners_iip:fbfJ
a 11"lighting, wateHipHvileges?a-id.trai_.S:.'*
riortation." ' ■y^rZvZ0^^^^Zix.'.
' D.' J.1 McNa'lly,^'whp?J<travelS;-:.thrbugfc
, tne country cbnsiderablyi'irtSthei:r"wori-,:
of erecting concentfatpif.s.i'iwasithe.ifir^
speaker.  He made^al^amber^fUshpi^
"speeches dui ing - the prpgr e ss/pf the debate,  in the cburseybi.which1'tie1 pro-;
tessed to- lis.vie sbinewkhpwlsilge 'of 'the'
machinery ,in ;the:<city'sfipower, house;
Tn his fust remarks he*said:.;^elspn: was.
a town of great ^po^i.biIities,:';i)Ut--'its'
present electric light service1-in his opinion had been, an- absolute failure.Inview
of this he thought :theccitizens .should
extend the glad-hand to;the West Kootenay  Power .&   Light'-Company   until
they could get; a perfect. light, system,
owned by the city'. In-ljis opinion the
deal meant taking theLnext-best'thinj;.'
\V. Hancock was the"second "speaker.
He agreed with Mr.':McNally"that the
piesent city light system;was;a,failure.
He said he ha-d beenin the city churches
when the light rwe'nt out*and tlie. reason
given was that the city'bad'hot sufficient power to operate 'the entire system As to the, best; method of securing
additional power he .thought it .should
be purchased, as a city. of 5Q0O people
rould not stand the:expense'of putting
in a large plantl' If the'West Kootenay.
Power ,& Light. Company,: could supply
,tho power he thought5it-,woukl be, the
,'best thing for the .city.tp! secure -it .it
the present time. He, added;that he had'
a building in-the butlyihg""portion'pf
the city and desired ito-ihave; it 'lighted,
but lie*understppd„the;city-had-not it-he;
power for any.; extra flights.'.; The city
had not the ''powei* 'and had hot the
mon(y necessary'to''install' the addh
tionai plant and for 'thesei reasons hfj
favored tbe purchase,,ofipp,wep-,frpm the
Bonmrgton Falls company,,...
Js cob Faller asked V Mr.'." Hancock,
when ho .had' sat- down;-how* much
money theie was in. theCcity treasury
when the waterworks,-;plant.-was purchase.!. Mr. Hancock "replied, that he did
not know, when Mr. Faller took occ:i;
sion to inform *blm that there was not a
cent. ';:**' ■'•-'** .* '•■■'■' ■:'
Jonas Cc-Xhead was the next speaker.
He said he had; opposed,: the purchase
of the citys elec'tric.Might; plant in the
first instance' for the reason that the
mayor at the time the plant was offered
to the city was interested in it. The city,
however, owned the,plant, had gone to
hQayy exrense in extending the system,
and in r-O-^ltaijiihg' it. and from. what
he could learn had re-petyeS $ 11,000 in
cleat profits. Wbother the''profits were
correctly stated or not he was not in a
position to say .definitely. He had
noticee" in the papers that the plant was
paying largely,l but the: 'present mayor
''    '■"   ■.'>>■'-'■*,; •.'':_.';'jt.'.'C* ;'.:'''■"   ';
the mem
good busl-
:?:_S. .;im.rij theyjiwbuld have 'attended to
stheSip.'W-S^uestionSin the .spring.j<To
f,-*-.*.* *•<•*---*-. -.'J*'- ■*,•*',',■■*.■",.'■'. .J.-A-5,-. *- * .    X>     -
^nis^_mnd«.the,;proppEed  dealt was not
#&<^aiy_ftHc^thpyght the 'city ' coul.l
-ffmnislv^iectricKlight 'as well 'as any
priTO-^,;icpmranyvfTlie business men1 iv
<^'e»c-j-i'__cii-liad.iS.tipwiii weakness. *   .
^P^yJ;S^NaU^:fblk>wed with'an ex
Ipjaimtion'f pfSthetetrpublp ^.at *. the  citv
ipp\^|s&ipnyHeiisaid.he had examined
|the^i£^%nfcthe|trpuble_was the'water
^wh&elst^were^ the power
^i_e^weresgmir__tpea,"to  develop. iHe
?:la^|h^\rasicpnyin-.ed that, with proper
v*^-.__-j-'-i______i.-.jOL-i-'i.__.'.|-,0Uj(.^ jjave a per_
,.,,,.,    ,  Cottonwood  cre^k
|plan^i?P_icperiy-5gJu61]7ed' ^there 'was
i^i^ug_il5PP^erJih^(-!pttojiwo6d creek, to
SlightfMe::Tvhcle.bf;th(E city of Nelson   '
■fr'^:-i-.-T!-X^SX>i-'.-X'^ '-■' ,V>'';--&--■:; .* - If
^^^re^ry^Brpadlbysaeked the.spealei^
^|!^^ni)d«:stpb;d£himl to say that there
^^|OTpugh|^w^r?irt;Cottonwc«Jcl creek
J^^tteg-dtyiliglitAplant, or whether * he
E^effedgtb;^heW;ppwi. r at' Bonnington
|^lls^n(^tp;;|thisp^ciuir> Mr. MoNally
j.^|d^tig^i"eferKi^t^'^J_i|e, creek power and1
jii6't%i_6M-io|Bbir-_lh^gt6n, Falls company
^'■'nll#'-!-'rS#'TTS;i?ft'-t?.*^,*fi   -f l-
: ttL*43,IJ.T::-i-*-.^-,*f^;.*n..v   ,-,.--?''*VV^^** __
yP^A.M:Latcl?ey vwas^the' next speaker. Ho
;said^it.pi.curi'edstb,:;him th. t aftei eleven
fo^t^l^egtoonths; {.idistussion   of--tho
-Questicn^offiEuiUcipal or nancral own-
;ershi^;t±^_aembers;vOf the club should
jhave;?a;^j#gbb_"idea of what it meart.
=-Mr^f^Nallj^l.adfsaid that if this'out-
side;;'Cpmpiiny^desires:t<»'do our lighting
busmessj^lfehpuldvleit them do it Tins
■ wasjiiojjJL}.'*line^witlt;hic mow. of muni-
•cip!alAXw^iK*iB^{l'^.;Ccst ot nstallirg
a^large;:p|a_trt5;tbrMirfuturp lequiremenfs
might(>be'-lSfgo||)iut Iia held to the view
;that^inveieetric£-i3ghting"'as 111 clhei Te-
iformi*Jt-ib;*';cilJyysvbuld .have to crepu be
.foreHtiJcfe^ld^walW1 II' ia« frerh m his
; ?nind; that'Jther'city, was ouposed bv t> p
.^W-^tei/Koptenay^owei   &  Light  Com
jpanyyn^^.cfforts to. <=-tcuie 1 foothold
for\a':;po\^e_*_siib^ii*Koctf'iiay river  To
' his Tmindjitlife^ql. jectr-pf thi^ onpositior
wasitb'imakbyitsfpwn.pc'.it.011 i'ie moi0
isecur^-jspiithatrit^oulcl sell tho powti
_re;aui^a7at^ri^pfft^Th"(ri7o"-wei corffpaoy
was' hptUnjhusiness:for "tithing, and 111
•'his bp'inibn-the)city oj Nelsor. might 11 o
well 'gbijfcaclcft.^ithe^t.illow dip a% go
.'bafikiinow.sto^tliiE'Aqld ciittom ol allow ir?
.a'.'prijfate^cbr^cratipiv to run iLs business. Tlie; popple had learned fiom bir
ter experience v.-liat it meant to hue
to pay taxation to 1 private cornoi ationb
for water; and .light s<r\ica3   If, a1-** Mi
: McNally,fed-stated,-the citv had the
power ..'in/.Cottonwood; cieek the matter
was ye'i'y' much:' simplified    It   shoul I
then he'very easy to sec uio men who
could iippiy-thel)b_ei' anu secure a e;ood
electric light service. It the deal as suggested was'carried out it would, simply
mean that'the'money at present paid
by  the  city for' electric  light  servico
would' be, drained out of the city instead of remaining in the city, and: in
the^ end the city would, have no electric
light system, of its own. He held if one
private 'companyrcQirld supply light the
whole city of Nelson could and he opposed any. dicker-with the power company, for, the  displacing  of  municipal
ownership.. ,~ "i'Z7,.if..-"-- •.. ■: ,      :
■[ James'Banhermari'was called upon to
- address "the* meeting, He' agreed ' with
the; previous speakers that the light; service of the city,was not up to the standard'of..tlie light.supplied by tlie pow^er-
cbmpany: a I'' Rossland, but he- did not
know: where the blame: for" tho poor ser-v
vice should be preperly placed. With
respect t,o the-recent breakdown of-the
.'plant,'however;' hei.aid that such things
'might'bo expected under private'as. well
as public ownership. He said he had'but
recently -returned fr'oma to.wn tlie same
size as; Nelson .'whero: the lighting business "*vas carried on by a private. company and It had had a breakdown as
the result of the" dam' being carried
away. The 'result, was- that the service
in the residential portion of the.city
was, cut off and. the service in the business portion, was .very late in coming
011. He tlioug^t it'was -worthy of noto
that while this plant was ownel l>y
a private company .steps had already
been taken .by the company to see that
the consumers of-light paid for thu
break, as thej rates for service had been
advanced 25 per cent. This was the way
private corporations, worked their busK
ness.: IP, as has boen said, there was
power available in Cottonwood creek
that  could : be  utilized  by  putting in
[Continued on, F^t-h ?*.ge.J.    t ;
Milner Is Not Optimistic'
'   PIETBRMARITZBURG, Natal,  October 27.—Lord Alfred Milner, governor,
of the Transvaal and British high commissioner in South Africa, is not among'
those prophesying a settlement in South
Africa   Replying to an address from the
corporation on October 25th he said he
hoped his visit -.to Natal * would 'lead to
a few tentative steps in the direction of
his desire for'a peaceful and prosperous
South Africa, one great community under the British flag.   "But," added lord
Milner, "let us not count upon it coming
in a hurry." ' -      '
-Morgan Secures^ Terminal Site. 1 '
' SAN [FRANCISCO. "October 27.—The
Cairsays." J. Pierpont' Morgan has^pur-
_hasedVlarg;e tfact^of bay" shore land*
adjoining the Standard Oil Company's
property above 'point Richmond * on
San Francisco bay.^totbe^sed^so it is
said upon reliable' authority,' as" a^ terminus for the Morgan-Hill syndicated
railroads -The purchase, price is given
out at something over $100,000."'      ,"    '
y More Sealers Arrive! v
VICTORIA, October '27,—The^ sealing
schooners Fawn, Annie B. Paint and* E.
B. Marvin returned'today from* Behring
sea, the former'with 340 skins, the sec-
'ond with 642. and the latter^witn (48)
skins, three of-*which were branded. All
experienced heavy weather from1uOni-
^mak/No accidents'or* seizures were.re-
ported.1- •' •      \ 1       -'' •*   .
:\ Accidentally Electrocuted. . .*
* VICTORIA, October, 27.—W.1 Dock'
.ings, a lineman of the British' Columbia Electric lailway, while /working, on'
a,wire, from Goldstream*.which brings
power to tho city last, night, was accidentally electiocuted and,.'was found
this,, morning dangling from a-'pole, to
which his dead body^ was'attached, by
-his .belt? He was a resident of Victoria
i': V t-0   „ ; ( -^     ^
<. ^ Famous English Runner Dead.    ~
.1 LONDON,   October'27-^A. E/^Yysoe,'
the British champion half mile'runner,
j is deadv   He defeated J.-c.F/t Cregan* of
Princeton at that distance at'the>Anglo-'"
'American athletic meeting in' 1900.f -\ ** -
Criticisms of Government'Officials
LONDON,  October 27—There ^is ,no
end, bf criticsiia curient regarding the
^government's conduct^of the war in
South "Africa,  but it emanates" chiefly
^.frorn those.who Mr.'Chamberlain in his
speech last night chaiacterized as his
*;candid friends", The outcry does not
appear to strengthen in the slightest
the chances of the Liberal party.   iB
C. Lehman, who has just resigned the
editorship,of the Daily „ News, in'an
article this week in the Speaker, admits
that he sees no hope for Liberalism until it has'acquired and put forward a
strong, definite policy in regard to
South Africa To do this, he confesses,
would mean the loss to the puty of
some of lte* most prominent supporters,
but ho maintained, that even this is better than the present impotency One of
the most striking signs" of discontent
within their ciicles, traditionally govern-:
mental,, is found in the fact that the
Cambridge Union has passed a resolution to the effect that the government
alone is responsible for the prolongation
of-.the-war.^-This-ansiocratic debating
society Is composed mainly of those who
aie related or acquainted with tho ruling class and who have hitherto alwajs
warmly supported the government's
South African policy. A reversal of feeling in such a great university as Cam-
budge, means, perhapa, more than any
demonstrations or political meetings
Rumois were rife icgarding cabinet
changes during the early part of tho
week. It was persistently said that sir
Michael Hicks-Beach, the chancelloi of
the exchequer, whose relations with Mr.
Chambeilain havo ne\ei been coidial,
was doteimined to step out, and Mr.
•Hanbury, the president of tbe board of1
agriculture, it was said was to succeed
him. Inquiries made by a representative
of the Associated Press, however, pointed to the fact that sir Michael will remain in office though not very willingly
an(l that no esrious cabinet shakeup is
*■       ,   A -J_ '1 ;
1 ■*. ..-
rj.if..'    '
- \chambeblainV'becent rYiSMA
'    o. _"    \i. i   V- ■*'as.
1 -.r< vF*"-v-»i
NEW YORK, October 27.—The Londonif>^|
correspondent of the"New York Tribune, -^ZM
I. N. Ford?says:' ,','The curtain has"faI-?. %^
len upon everything in'South' ^Africa" exk?4.f^^
cepting official receptions Me 'that- a1»\^ ^^;
tu "-'     -     -   -   > >   <~3m$:
the capital of Natal,- where lord Miln^_^f%;
has appeared upon ""the pcene to counsel/^%i|
patience and faith5*in 'the'Jcreation of el'YhpM
peaceful-and protiierous country^unde4V'li,f^4s,
jthe British"flag.   The* lack'of.news^-a-t't^--^.
only   be -.interpreted» negativel^ •' ,Th4- y<$*s£Mftl
' British ,columns, have^ been ^teetM ig|l^^Sj 1
over the  veldt ^another' week'jwiLhoufl "y-'^f^l
_any quarter or_. gaining^/-_t-#'^i
any, material advantage.^ It is aAlong*-Si^M
vand terrible struggle of'Britishtgrit+and^d1-C%#
tenacity andrBoer^ obstinacy rand* inflex-^-A^Stf
lble determination to* wear out .the re-Zy'%%*
main .thoroughfares,-%Trafaglar *squa 1 e> *">-F'*.,
and the Sti and,'while, White-Hall and&/&Si
Picadilly were blocked'.with;omnibuses,**
unable to mako pro^ess.<iCab__enwoV<_l_;r!-t^€
unable to see their horses, and there' was, / '*J#M
great excitement m,the^treets"at mil-, M<T5*
«1~_4.    ...1 __.-    _i.-_._- ''^>-t-fj-S
mobs during the night.
The polfticaL'situation h'as Vot ^heenx
changed either, bv the Aolumlnous^oi.ir- ,K ,,,
tory'recoided in this^morning's papcU' £' *tM'
or,by the.Buller episode^the importance^' Mm
of,, which has been exaggerated "Sir""'"1|4)
Henry, Campbell  Bartnerman' made  ,\z , -'.^W'-
(_!4-4l«11««     *.    e j.   1 1.      1 > . . . _    *r    ^. 1    4L*Jt'-.
Stirling a faint-hearted attack upon the.
gevcrnment in what tho'Scotch wouhI'\     -..,.
describe  as  a  pawliy speech,  but" h.^."^ "- ,!k*
likely to occur ln the near future.
TORONTO, October 27—Tho corporation-of-Trinity .university have decided
to raise an endowment fund of half a
million to put the university into good
financial condition.
, MONTREAL,' October 27. — W. , G.
Simpson, an ex-member of the Quebec
legislature, was killal while hunting
Saturday, afternoonXoyxlhe accidental,
discharge of hia own gun.
LONDON, Ontario, .October 27.—The
London Tobacco.Curing Company's extensive building on King street, .together
with its1 contents,' was. destroyed by flro.
at an early hour yesterday morning.
Loss not yet known.
. VALLEYFIELD, Quebec, October 27.
The Montreal Cotton Mills closed Friday night for an indefinite period or until such time as the employees,-some
thirty in- number, submit to discipline
of the mills. The closiijf. down of the
mills has thrown out of employment
somo 280 employes.
. MONTREAL, October 27.—The Star's
special cable from London says: Commercial circles in Glasgow are coai-,
menting in a flattering manner upon
the, delivery at the Clyde of GOO more
tons bf pig iron from the furnaces of
the Dominion Iron & Steel Company at
Sydney. C. B. This makes the amount
received from Sydney so far this season reach the total of 18,400 tons.    '   '•';
own authontv ovei his unruly followeis^ 1 ^.$
was lendeied more uncertain by tho-'V -%'sfe
bated bieath with which he assorted itJ7''\^M
Mr Chamberlain was virtually on the -, ..'.Si
defensive ' at Edinlmrg,. although he iW
covered    his    tactics    bv   furious    on- JZfM
slaughts upon the Irish*Liberal Imper- Vf-4.
mlists and rro-Boer radicals" When he f)^m
had finished little had been added to > *££&.
the current stock bf information The - -.-jH^*
war must go on to .the bitter end, as 4 n^
every political fatist will admit, even U$S
"if South Africa were destiuctive of ono HT^K
military reputation after another. Thei a *"4
was a metallic hardnes. in tho grim reminder that Pitt was forced to use im-
several generals hefoie he discovered"
Wolfe, but thero was an inflexible de-
terminal ion In the announcement that
sterner measures would be emploved,
and thf\t the time for corccs. ion to an
obstinate foe had passed Litt]<*> light
was thrown upon the domestic policy.
Tho rules of the ho.isp of commons
would be revised at a safeguard against
Irish redistribution, and icdlstilbutJon
of seats would bo effected when tho
government -with an overwhelming majority and a fresh lease of power waa
ready to dissolve parliament.
"• Av*
5* <^_.
"y_ 1
- vv ■?
Will Be Templeman or Smith.
The. following appeared in the Winnipeg. Free Press, a newspaper said to
bo under the control of Clifford Sifton,
minister of the interior in the Laurier
VICTORIA; October 23.—Accord Ing to
current report, when sir; .Wilfrid. Laurier
was in Victoria on hi .■ recent visit with
the duke and duchess, he told some
prominent Liberals who conversed with
him on the matter that the cabinet position now vacant• would-.be".-offered*to
senatoriTempIeman-.or.- Ralph Smith. Hes
favored the former, but the party docs,
not wish to give the. portfolio of marine:
and fisheries to a senator. Senator
Templeman is looking for a scat ami
his friends look, tp the successful outcome against the protest of Messrs.
Prior and Earle in Victoria to give him
the desired seat in the commons. In tho
event of the success of the protest, senator Templeman will-resign his seat in
; tho .'senate and contest Victoria as minister of marine and fisheries, whilo
Georgo Riley, will get the seat in tlie
senate. It is senator Templeman, if the
contingencies: turn out well; or Ralpu.
Smith, if they do not. ?
Colorado Bock Drilling Contesfe
LEADVILLE, Colorado/October 27.—
Malley and Chamberlain, a Leadvitte
rock team, won first money, $750, 'ind
the world's indoor championship as a.
result of the three days'1 contest, which
ended last night. They drilled 40>4
inches'In 15 minutes. The second monoy
goes to Ross and;McNichbls-of Britisli.
Columbia, v     ■■■■'.-.»''     ■   '.'■ ___.
Tit iteJ&a^rFj&z.&Ji'K^ii&i^ *-_t^__
. --TXCJU-i;*S«_Bttl,*:i.. rt-fiM-M! t_W . ttfi^W^rv_^-'T-5--^J.'>«TV>-r-^ -0-. ».
.     .'X
In view of coming events, we are paying special
attention to the requirements of
We cannot go into details,' but we would ask
you to have a look at . r
We have the choicest, newest and daintiest goods
procurable in the best markets of the, world, and at
prices which will agreeably surprise you.
- b.-0-.S I, r
Vo ?
IS&GGGGteemG^ \\t *&^99&*»&3.?rt
We are offeriLg our entire stock-of
plate earner ar. below maker's prices for
ono week crly.        ' -i
£**$ • AeW. NelBon,
-    '    ' ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES;	
Baker and Josephine' streets, Nelson,
wholesale dealers In assayer's supplies.
Agents for Denver Flre Clay Company,
Denver, Colorado.    ■■ <
*■*? -X'GV Nelson,     wholesale    dealers    ln    liquors,
??!.*»'• .'•*»■' cigars,   cement,   fire   brick   and  flre   clay,
■"*    '   ^VAwater' pipe   and   steel   rails,   and  general
.    N commission merchants.      i •        -     »
i -^i* "Xy
!■>' -,"'-*ru'
* '~K_oblcSNAfy~~rEUECT^S~sxj^isz   &
Construction Company—Wholesale dealers
In telephones, annunciators, i bells, batteries, electric fixtures and appliances., Houston Block, Nelson. ' --■"- ■'     *  ~
1 P. BURNS"'&:^a^SA]---_--rTsT5SETi
Nelson,' wholesale -dealers ln fresh and
'cured-meats., Cold storage.*,   .       ""_______
Monday evening ln the Elliot Block, at '8
o'clock. J. D. Moyer, president; William
"Vice, secretary. P. O. Box 161.'
nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,
In   Miners'   Union   " "     — - -
president; Alex. B.
Hall.   C." J.   Clayton.
Murray, secretary.
and third Fridays ,ln each month at Miners' Union Hall at 7:30 sharp. Walter R.
Kee, president; Henry Bennett, 'secretary.
Meets at Miners' Union > Hall on fourth
Monday in every month at 7:30 o'clock p.
tn. B. Pape, president; A. W. McFee, secretary. J \   \"    "  1 <       «     'r-
Z, Ited.—Vernon street,-' Nelson, ^wholesale
' -' grocers.      • .   .   , j_
street, Nelson, wholesale grocers. -
1 ,   A.  MACDONALD, &' CO.—.OKNBB   OF
/? Front and HaU streets, Nelson, wholesale
-4 - grocers  and jobbers  in  blankets,   gloves,
"-  'mitts, boots, rubbers, macklnaws and mm-
'-,ers' sundries.        , ■■   \ ;	
' Nelson,   wholesale   dealers   in   provisions,
1    'cured t.meats. /butter and egga. f   \
.'.Vernon   and   Josephine   streets,   Nelson,
'wholesale dealers ln liquors; cigars and dry
-' goods.VAgents for Pabst Brewing Company
•of Milwaukee and Calgary'Brewing Com-
1   , pany. of Calgary.   .        • >< ,-	
for sale or re it. at'the Old Curiosity Shop.
 - for 'rent/ _.___.:__.::,
improvements;   close   in.'  Address   Box * 671,
Nclhon. ,*-'.'    .        •**.  ,
Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson.
Spear,''proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,
. Baker street, Nelson. Open day and night.
Lunches a specialty. Picnic aud, traveling
partles;Buppfled on shortest notice.  ;
, ''     DRAYAGB. ' '
~TnjR-^U-__E.   p£_-NOSr^AFEsTETc7,
moved carefully" at reasonable rates. Ap-
^ply-J— T.—Wllsonr-Fhone-270,-Prosser'a sec--
' ond Hand store, Ward street. •	
'^Z^VboSSbXSON &^Oif^VmilTimE
dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day
'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Next
new postofilce building, Vernon street.
Wo are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties at once. Tho Prospectors' Exchange, Nelson, B. C, Room 4,
K. W. C. Block.
for light hou6ckcoplng; hot and cold water; stcanr
heat; baths.  Address box 571sNelson.        . •
to let by the month'or'for'-.the" season. Immediate  possessions. Good; fishing.   Apply
C. .W.-Busk,  Kokanee "creek.  Phone 60a.i
Or to R.. H. Williams, Baker street, Nelson.
Forparticular. apply Mrs. A. Kagan, Sandon, B.C.i
street; large living room, "bedroom and'kitchen
with 8ink; also use,of bath. 'Apply to J. Cox--
hcad, Cedar stroet. p*.,       ' ■"■ i
i..^.—.i....^.°fi SALE. yyy7_.-Z..,7
iness; goodvlocation; low rent; owner going out
of business. For full particulars address C. K„
Grand Forks, B. C. .   .    •   ,      -r,    ii '-,'    t ->
r.   HELP WANTED. '   .
as bell-boy at Hotel Phair. , .
vjomterand packer, laundress, railtoad men for
Lardo.   Nelson Employment Agency.' Phone 278.
■    SITUATIONS WANTED.    ''    *
man as general servant in small family., Address
.box 050, Nelson.   - , !
from mines that were opened up largely
at the expense of the people of Canada.
It is singular if the member .for Nelson
riding was wrong in standing out for
that measure of protection to local industries, that so eminent a Liberal .as
Andrew, G. Blair, minister of railways
and canals in the Laurier government,
should be exonerated   from   all   blame
for contending for tho same thing.   Hon.
Andrew G. Blair not only contended that
Ihese protecting clauses  should  be, inserted in the Crow's Nest'Southern railway charter, but saw that they were inserted.   More: he saw,that these clauses
were backed up by legislation-that would
make them < effective., So effective was
the legislation   passed-by  the  Liberal,
government, at .Ottawa, '.that   the  pro-'
moters of the"Crojv's't»«st(Southern railway refused to  build, ithe  road   under
their Dominion charter," and   are  now
building it under the provisions of the
charter they obtained ^from the provincial legislature.- If the member for, Nelson riding is a non-progressive moss-
back what must the minister of railways
of Canada be? The Times also jumps on
the member' for vNelson riding! for opposing the V , V. & E. subsidy grabbers.
Jl the member/for Nelson<bas'no worse
offending tha__._that,,to answer for, he
"will probably not pine away and die
from remorse. ^ The member for Nelson.*
while he .is--in the,,. legislative assembly, will not vote a - dollar " of
money or- 'an*** acre" of land ' for.
the construction'-of "any railway, unless the province gets'an adequate return for the , money voted or lands
granted. .But, on the other hand, should
the government in power undertake to
open up, the' promising undeveloped sec;
'■tions of the-" province'"by-, undertaking
railway construction as a public Vorlc,
the member for'Nelson will v6te?'yea*'-,
on all such' propositions.   The me-mber
-for Nelson dees not have tp hold office
,inJorder,to live;'but as long as he does'"
36 Baker Street, Nelson.
* j
/«"   ..   _______.__.___.      . .   ___.     __U      ___.     1 ^  ,   1__ .                          ,             .   r        •' '• ^_                                                                                *00t\,
\^*-gp<__r *00 *t__\r *0*0 '0^W 'i0r *000 '01*0 *00.0* .000.00* . J*V* « >*■_» <**n *^-^« ***y- ^^« >^» ^y» **!!»» ^^» ^a-,'^^* 3Bi' >"i>k» !'&'» ^a».« ^_P>."mt'^M
■ft i^P-V'^^^^00 ^^^^_P^^^l^^^/0^Q^_WP^^^^_\\\\\\_\_9^^B^B^^^^__W\^^ ^^S__W\_^0^____W_W\____9?^^__WW\_____0 _\\\____\\\_____0 ^^_W____0^___W____0 *-fl_^___-^ -______-___p,p _\\\\____\\\\\_\0 ^_i_S__r 0^^*-\W__^ 0^^^_-^}**^__\\\\\\\__p *^^^*_W_w*t^9___\_^ *^^^L_\W^0^^^_W^^ ^^^*^_Wwm^^^__WW^ ^^^V-__F ^^^*_\\\\_r '^^^BGy^^^^^^r ^^^^K_0*^^-_p___!^ *^^^^_\\_\w m____.__P_i0 Vfl
^fc■"<---. «^-_. *^-_. «^-. «-_-_.  -.^--k » -___   «^__. • -_—   -*^__ .-i-p   .   -—^ .-i^-   --__,  .-e-^.  -___.  « \9!r '00 ' ^0' 00 '000' ^0 ' 000' ^0 '000' 000 ' 00' ^0 ' 000' 00 '00' 00 '000*00         1
Ofr  y^^Vj^g^   TOU
phone, telegraph or Inquire Western Canadian Employment Office,' Nelson. Phone
270. Storage—I have a large warehouse for
storing household or other goods. H. A.
Prosser. ____. . . -    -    -
mines and prospects wanted. Send report
and samples to J.he Prospectors' Exchange,
Nelson, B.
Orders for help receive prompt and careful attention. R. Purdy, Employment
Agent, Stanley street, Nelson. Telephone
44.,P. O. Box 582.   ;
fo% ©rlbmttf
C, Room 4, K. W. C. Block.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 23., A. F. &
A M. meets second Wednesday ln
each month. Sojourning brethren
123, G. It, C—jMcoLh third Wednebduy. Sojourning companions invited. Clio... G. Mills, Z;
Thos. J. Suns, S. li.
Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of
each month at Fraternity Ilall. G6orge
Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.
Regular meetings first and third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir Knights
are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W.
Rose, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.
Brown, P. C. ■	
Meets in Miners' union HaU, northwest
corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every
Saturday evening at 8 o clock. Visiting
me rubers welcome. M. R. Mowat, president; James Wilks, secretary. Union scale
of wages for Nelson district per shift: Machine men $3.50, hammersmen $3.25, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $3.
International Journeymen Barbers' Union
of America, meets first and third Mondays
of each month in Miners' Union Hall at
8:.0 sharp. Visiting members invited. R.
McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, sec-
4 retary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording:
W. Ii. v., meets at Miners' Uniou Hall on.sec-
ondand last Tuesdays in every month at 830
p.m. sharp. A. B. Sloan, prosident: J. P. J*or-
restell, afKXCiaey XL M. Forticsr, -Jnamdrl soo- (
Dally by mail, one month *s  50
Dnily by mail, three months 125
Dally by mail, six months 2 60
Dally-by mail,  ono year 5 00
Semi-weekly by mall, threo months...    50
Semi-weekly by mall, six months 1 00
Semi-weekly by mall,  one year 2 00
Postage to Great Britain added.
Display Advertisements run regularly
per inch per month moo
If run less than a month, per inch per
Insertion        25
Classilled Adi and Legal Notices, per
•word for flrst insertion       l
For   each   additional   insertion,   per
word       1-2
Wholesale and Business Directory Ads
(classified), per line per month     60
Notices of meetings of Fraternal Societies and Trades Unions, per line      <
per month      25
Address all letters— <
John Houston, Manager. Nelson, B. C.
On Saturday next, subscribers
whose Tribunes are delivered by
carrier will be.expected to pay
the carrier TWENTY CENTS, the
subscription price for the current
*************   .M-***********
Tho Victoria Times reiterates its absurd charge that the member for Nelson
riding in the legislative assembly is opposed to all schemes for the opening up
of the province, and cites his opposition
to the Crow's Nest Southern railway as
evideence. The member for Nelson did
not oppose the.building of that road.
He merely opposed a charter being
granted it until clauses were inserted
in the charter that would protect the
smelter interests of Kootenay and Yale'
--roiivbefog degriyetl olu tool supply.
fhold'.office, he will vote as  he pleases,
even if by doing so he gains the ill will
' of the Crowds Nest Coal Barons and the
British Columbia Meat Trust and. the
displeasure .of that preeminent moulder
of   Grit   public   opinion,   Tho Victoria
Times. (    *         -     {""-,
i ,.• . •   ,,
^The Portland Oregonian is admittedto
be an able riewspaper.   It is probably
the   ablest  newspaper  on   th©  Pacific
Coast—barring always the Victoria'tiol-
onist.   It has never been charged .with-
being even -friendly to labor organiza-
of the monied element of the city; in"
which it'is printed.   But, notwithstanding its veiled hostility-to labor unions
and its support from the monied class
of Portland, the Oregonian holds that
government by injunction  is  a  direct
blow at the freedom of the people.   The
Tribune reprints the view taken by the
Oregonian, even when it knows, that by
doing so it will gain the displeasure of
the Victoria Colonist, and perhaps of the
•Victoria Times as well.   Not long since
a    Connecticut    judge   named    Gager
granted an injunction on similar grounds
as the one recently granted by Mr. justice   Irving   at   Greenwood.   In   commenting on the question at issue, the
Oregonian said:
"Under this rule a striker could  not
"talk with another  workman  at  any
" place or time with a purpose to con-
" vert him to the strikers' cause, undor
"penalty of  being puniBhed  for cori-
" tfempt of court.   If this injunction will
" hold water as the law of the land, why,
" then, the judge can forbid the holding
" of public meetings by the strikers and
"the delivering of addresses designed
"to influence non-union workmen, -and
" prohibit the printing of   reports   of
" such meetings in the' newspapers. This
" Connecticut injunction is a direct blow
" at free speech, the right of public' as-
" semblage and the freedom of the press,
" since all these things are in danger
" of logical extension of the doctrine of
" court set forth in judge Gager's injunc-
" tion.   What labor asks at the hands
"of capital is not the beneficence that
" is dictated by self-interest, but simple
"justice." -	
British Columbia is to be given recognition at Ottawa. The province ie. to
get a seat at Laitrier's official table. If
"Tom" Earle and "colonel" Prior can be
unseated for practicing unfair practices
the last time they were elected, the cabinet position "Will go to senator Templeman, who will resign, the -"enatorshiji
a&4 pw-test .Victoria as a miliar for
-. -• ■ ii," .. " i
one,of the two seats which-that city of
less than 22,000 people has in the house
pf commons.J If "Tom" arid the' "colonel" can not be ousted by due process
in the courts, the portfolio will go, to
Ralph Smi,th; M. P.; of Nana'mio.   'Maxwell'and the'Mint", isn't In it., Neither
is.Aulay, Morrjson, who hails from the
city where' fish   makes   the   man. * Of
course, Big'Bill Galliher of'the biggest
district in ,Canada couldn't get it, for
he is only serving his apprenticeship in"
the house, .as between Templeman and
Smith there'is, little to choose.' Smith
is .the abler speaker, of  the .two; .but
Templeman, who is a-Canadian by'bi'rtli
arid who belieyes in .Canada, can be-'de-
•pended on to do iretty near ,the}right
thing all the time.' Both "are laboring
men, ana it is just possible that thZe senator, who  is a   practical   printer,   has
worked harder than.the man from Nanaimo, who is a coal miner".    Neither
are too well acquainted with the'prov-
.irice, outside the Island, but, in the opinion of The Tribune, neither would |be
sectional  as  a  cabinet  minister.   The
editor of The Tribune and senator Templeman .worked  in .the ^ same' printing
office  in Memphis,  Tennessee,  in the
summer of I860;'the one as a'"devil"
-and-the other as-a-journeyman-printer,-
and while the'"senator" now lambastes
the one-time ."devil" for  not  agreeing
with him in all things political, the onetime "devil" believes that the province
would not be disgraced by the elevation
of William Templeman, printer, to a seat
as a cabinet minister in the Laurier government.
Trial jurois are much like women—
they will do what they are not wanted
to do.   But how long  would  civilized
communities, like Vancouver and New
Westminster, last were tho women to be
deported?   So with the freedom of the
subject.    How long would the uubject
be free, wero trial by jury abolished?
One judge at Vancouver was much annoyed, according to newspaper .reports,
because a trial jury would not obey his
instructions and convict a number of
white fishermen charged with marooning Japanese fishermen, who were illegally given the privilege to fish,in the
, waters of Fraser river.    A change of
venue was asked for and granted.. The
second trial was had at New Westminster before another judge.   This judge
took two hours in which to tell the jury
what he thought they should do.   The
jury, woman-like, did just the opposite
,of what they were told to do.   God bless
tho women, for without them men would
be brutes.   The Lord bless our jury system, for without  it men  and   women
would be slaves.
Incorporated'under tbe laws of British Columbia.
Capital $1,000,000 in 1,000,000 shares       Par value $1.00 each
Al! treasury stock        * No promoters and no preferred
PROPERTIES:r7Camboime    G.roup,   nine   claims,!
' Oyster>Group,-six-;claims.■■ Located in the Free;
i sfGrold Fisli River, Oainp, Lardeau Mining Division. [
\(„B.C.   Large Yeihs.   Free,milling*gold ore. -
FIRST,'.:ALLOTMENT:r--200,000 shares now offered -
at 50 cents "per share. ,'
.       .[_. ,        <** i ■   ; ■
.  In ^view/of 'the'splendid'showings of both high and low.grade ,
ore, and the-unrivaled facilities for, the economical developing and ;
working of the .properties, it is confidently expected that not only "
will the present issue of stock be sold quickly, but that no more
will be offered at less than par. _
Address'all inquiries or" applications for stock to \
On tho' construction of the Arrowhead ]
Kootenay railway in the Lardo dis trie til
In order tb'^ecure-men without dew
ordinary labor Twill be paid $2.25 per -dw
and axemen $2.50 per day. '.    ,
P. O. BOX 566
. Official Broker.
CAN BE SECUBED,' '7    •
' For   further  particulars   apply   to
Nelson Employment Agencies or. to •
500 Day and Station Men
-* ■- - j
Eight" months'   work.    All""'rock.]
Wages $2.25 per day.
P. O. BOX 527.
Nelson Saw k Planing
A Hf-ve Juit leoolved 3,000,000 feet of log; from Idaho, and wo are prepared to ont tho largest bill
of timber of any dimensions or lengths.  J-sUmatos given at any time.  The largest stook of sash,
doors, and mouldings in Kootenay. -'
 i . Elko,  B. C.
N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.
All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer^
Agonts for Hard and Soft Coal. Imperial Oil]
Company. Washington Brick, Lime & Muiro-I
focturlng Company. General oommorolal agentwl
and brokers. I
All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery,]
Office 184 Bakor St.
According to the Revelstoke Mail, the
.blessings -with which the pfeople of Revelstoke riding have been showered this
year are not due to an allwise Providence, but, instead, are due to Wilmer
C. Wells of Palliser, in East Kootenay,
who is chief commissioner of lands and
works in the Dunsmuir government. The
Mail says: "Hon. ,W. C, Wells, chief
" commissioner of lands and works, will
" visit Revelstoke at an early date,
"when it is intended to tender Mm a
complimentary banquet as a token of
"apprectottoia qji the  '-—--- <■->-■«■■ x
■'■■ TH-ii.iiiri»»lt«-»lll-»t««iii.i.t»iit.....rii»iiry-iTi'r«>.--WrTTTTrTTTr..iliiijt«illl-irirnr
.No. 4, K. W. C. Blook,    .        NELSON, B. C.
Gold,' Silver-Lead and'Copper MineB wanted at the Exchange.
Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once tor Eastern Investors.    ,
.' ( .     >i .  .       •
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to Rend samples of their ore to tho
Exchange for exhibition,   we desire to hear from all protipootora who havo promising mineral
laims in' British Columbia. _ {
'   Prospeotors and mining men are requested to make the Elxohange their headquarters when
Nelson. '
All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid.  Correspondence solicited.
1   AddresB all communications to
Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,
P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C.
Telephone 265.
Offlee:  Two Doors West C. P. R. Office
A. R. BAKKOW, 'A.ffi.I.C.E.|
Corner of Victoria and Kootenay Streets,
P. O. Box 553. TELEPHONE NO. 05.
■ lllliliimiiimii.iiiinninmriiitniin.i - Tr..iiiniiiiTTmijii;iimu;niiini...
" which he has rendered the city and
" district, and particularly in regard to
"the assistance -which he has been tha
" means of providing towards the open-
"ing of the Big Bend by navigation,
" Revelstoke owes much to.the Dunsmuir
"government and particularly to Hon,
"Mr. Wells, whose*,administration has-
" been a blessing to the district."
The manager of the most successful,
mining* company operating in Kootenay
agrees with The Tribune in its conten-
tion that our people are mcrre interested.
toria and Ottawa than in electing to office men who profess to be Grits or Tones or Ijaborites. That is the right
kind of talk. Let our people present a
united front in the fight for their political right.3, and all their other little
differences will adjust themselves.
Mayor Fletcher talks glibly of "unjust
criticisf" and "distorted statement ■ of
facts." Well, as;he is a postmaster.at
the one and aio novice at the other,.
what jie^has to,aay regarding anything
that is unjust or distorted may be taken
Kootonay Street, next door to Oddfellows' Hull
P. O. Box 633 NELSON, B.C.
-The undersigned has resjimed proprietorship of the blacksmith business '
formerly carried on by me and lately
carried on by R. B./Reiley, in the premises on Hall street .near corner of Baker
street. All account); due R B. Reiley
are payable to me
" t.   * . .  U. D, ASHCROFT. \  1. 1 ��/���     ��(  -.-? >&g?^2.&*rv;  I��   ill  . ��� I  . I  THE KELSON TRIBUNE,  MONDAY MORNING,  OCTOBER 28, 1901  t . . -��� _v     .   ,   i S  *'' *_>_*JiS3  .- .^"        "V     ~      * e _*��  ��� ���    "z-'-r^f  1 >,  --**���  __-__-.  BANK OF lOMEAl  CAPITAL, all paid W���$12,000,000.00  I-JflST    7.000.O0O.0O  TJNDXVIDEID PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Stratheona and Mount Royal ...Prosident  H_u. George A. Drummond...... Vice-President  B.S. Clovston Gonoral Manager  NELSON BRANCH   ^    '     -  Corner Baker and Kootenay Btxeoos.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Managor.  -.ranches ln London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all tho prinoipal oitiea in Canada.  Bny and aell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Tr & n sf o r_.  Grant Commercial and Travelers* Crodlta,  available in any part o�� the world.  Drafts Issued, CollectionB Made, Etw.   �����  Saving's Bank Branch  OURUKNT BATE OF INTEREST PJ. ID.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMAU-AHATED' ^  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,       ���     ���     ���     8.8 000,000  Reserve Fund,       ....  $2,000,000  ACGREGATE RESOURCES OVER 865,000,000. ���  Hon. Geo. A. C0x7  President.  E Walker,    '  General Manager  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, E. O.  New   -Torii  Offlee, 16   Exchange   Place.  and 68 Branches in Canada ana the  United States.  ,     SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:     ,  Interest allowed on deposits. "Present rate  three per cont. t , ,  GRANGE V. HOLT, '  , Manager Nelson Branch.  IMPERIAL BANK  .  0_F>  C-2S��N\A.:D.A.  Capital (paid up).*.  Rest,     ���"���<   -   '  $2,600,000  $1,850,000  =S   -    ������  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO, ONTARIO.  Branches in Northwest Territories, Provinces of  British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec  H. S. HOWLAND .....A..'.;...President.  D. R. WILKIE General ManaKer.  E. HAY Inspeotor.  NELSON   BRANCH,  I _  *, 'BURNS BLOCK.  " A genoral banking business transacted.  Savings Department,���Deposits received and  interest allowed. ���- ' '  Drafts sold, available in all parts of Canada,  United States and Jturope. '    *  *.  . Special attention given to collections,    j  . J. -M. .LAY., Manager.  THE PBOYINCE IN A BOZBN LINES.  KAMLOOPS���John P. Babcocl., the  new provincial inspector of fisheries, is  ylsiting the Tappen Siding hatchery.   -  TRAIL���Alderman Byers and R. M.  Perdue have been appointed members  of the police and license board of the  city of Trail. .  TOBACCO PLAINS ��� The steamer  North Star is in winter quarters at Tobacco Plains It is said that the steamer  will be used as a hotel during the winter  months. j?  BEAR LAKE���The Silver* Glance  group at Bear Lake is shipping a carload  of ore. This property has ore that runs  $700 to the ton. D. McPhail has charge  of the work. ���  .  BEAVERDELL���W. A. Keith received notice this weelc frora\inspector  Dorman of the pestofflce, department  that he had been recommended for the  position of postmaster at Beaverdell.  The postoffice will be, opened here as  soon as Mr. Keith is sworn in. It i&.not  yet known whether the natne will be  changed to Beaverdell or the Beaverton  postoffice removed ^here. A ' pos t o filed  will also be estabished at Carmi  ELKO���The railway right-of-way dispute through the townsite has been settled, and the grading outfits have resumed work. . '   *    >  CRANBROOK���A couple of tramps  in search 'of a night's lodging, broke  into the pest house on Thursday night.  It is repoited that they were anested.  SANDON���J. M. Hams has surveyors  and a ^ gang of men at'work all week  clearing the right-of-way for the flume  for the-electric plant which he proposes  to build next spring.    j'   ���  KAMLOOPS���The trial of Sagala of  Nakusp, in whose case the jury at Revel-*  stoke could not agree, was on at Kamloops Friday, and the jury brought in the  following-verdict- "Guilty on-second  count, of using fire arms with intent to  do grevous bodily ' harm, -with'' strong  recommendation to m-arcy." "*  *f  r ������       -{  VERNON���At the.Vernon"assizes, Jeremiah Eagles,was found guilty of having  started the fire that destroyed th,e business portion of.the town-of Armstrong.  The jury found.that tbe prisoner was  insane at the time.1* He was committed  to the New Wesminster jail during the  ���pleasure of the lieutenant-governor."-*'  'M'GUIGAN���Mrs. Haller has sold the  K. & S. hotel'at McGuigan to Isaacs &  Dewar, and they take possession the first  of the month .    j  SANDON'��� The ~ Paystreak 'says:  "Charles C. Cliffe of the Mining Review  is wirepulling to have himself appointed  police'magistrate in place of W. H. Lilly.  Better retain Lilly." - \  , NEW < WESTMINSTER ��� ��� Arthur  Welch, son of G. F. Welch, arrived from'  the East on Wednesday. Mr. Welch is  here to secure Vslte for a shingle milT  which he proposes erecting in this city.'  SIMILKAMEEN���Gprman West, who  opened the"first hotel at Bear Lake, in  the Slocan, is now^ hotelkeeping at Carmi  in the Similkameen ^district. Last week  he,disposed, of an eighth interest in Ithe'  Rambler prbperty-,there for ?3000 cash.  , MOYIE���The situation at. the St. Eu-,  gene mine is unchanged.   ,Within thet  last'' few /days a. number of men have'  been' laid, off/but others have been employed to take their jplaces.   Sinking in.,  the* deep shaft is, progressing favorably,  and prospecting throughout the mine is  fbeing carried on.*     , > ,  rff -, j���  ,    ' ���: ���i : ��� r*-^%  DO IT RIGHT NOW/  _^^_^____________  '        i * *  If you need a Silver Tea Set call at. Jacob'.Dover's store.  ���*��� '   < 't     "-        -     ���. -  For a Sberling Manicure Set write to Dover's jewelry store. *  For finest Cut Glass go to Jacob Dover's. tl     - -.-    ,  - . ^ iix   _ - iv/. ���  For Kara Pianos try Jacob Dover. >,      _   ��� <    \  Piano >Lamps and Onyx ^Tables can be bought at my store.-.  For a "Wheeler and "Wilson Sewing-Machine,, at Dover's \  Do you need a nice Mantle 'Clock? -Call at Dover's store. -J >  For Diamonds and Precious Stones we arethe headquarters)'.  Ladies' Watches set with'Diamonds, ask for.them "at Dover's..  I invite vou-one and. all > to do business with me.1'as-  all my goods are guaranteed. ���    ��� -^  .   ������.-  m  m  m  m  m  m  AH repair work promptly <,ex- j  ecuted. '** '��� '  . -    " , i n' r s-"2,'  1.     JV   i-V *^> .  DOVER, The JeweSer  p. P. R. Timejlhspectdr  NELSON,. B.C.  1 '    v V      ^K.**^^ -    >s *   *     ..   V    j . t *������  t   f *   Jr     .  r _.     yT.       .RH-,,_7i-__L..��   *iSl_ ^   - "     ��-*������--���m***"***  **. 'SiSsw^jj'f"'  BBAI ESTATE  iK  AND  INSTiaiN.CE BROKEBS  )  ' \ i Z\   z������  '        ,v*���� v  ' Agents* for'- Trout   Lake ' Addition.  (Bogustown)' Fairview Addition.     i '/  Acreage'property adjoining the park,'  And J. & J. Taylor safes.    J >' <���" . -'.  , These safes can be bought from us on  two-year's time without interest."** ;    -t  Ward Bros::  ' 1 -- 1,   ii     . '*      -      I   ���    .1  r$  <   t_ 333 West -Baker Street, Nelsoiuir  HISTORIC HOSTELRY-CLOSED  C hamberlm's, Tamous. Clubhouse.  Chamberlm's, the 'famous''lestauiant,  hotel and club-house, ln Washington, D  C, is no moie Its doorsi are closed and  it has gone out of" business. Chamberlm's has been the meeting tflace of Am-  '  ��rican statesmen and the Mecca of bon  ���vivants for a generation.   '   ,  The home of former piesidents, ambassadors, cabinet ministers, senators,  lepresentatives and other pleading politicians, it is no exaggeration to say that  perhaps more truly ".big men have bee'n  entertained in this little four-story brick  establishment1 at the corner of Fifteenth  and I streets than have ueen entertained  at any other resort 6f its kind in 'the  world n Grant. Arthur ,Cleveland���each  in his tuin���have been entertained by  John Chamberhn, the-genial host and  epicurean, than whom theie never was  a caterer more adept. * _ ���' ' .  , More than a quarter of a ceptury ago,  when Chamberhn was m his prime, he  cf.me *to Washington and opened a little  eating-house in New York avenue in the  old building now occupied by the Y M.  C. A By Ins jovial personality, his won-  dprtul personal magnetism and, his marvelous art of cookery he soon succeeded  ~dn gathering aiound luni some of the  brightest men of the day.  Poker at one time was a favorite  amusement of the guests. Of late years,  however, and mere especially after the  death of the genial Chamberlin, there  ���was less of this sort-bf thing than formerly.  Senator George Vest, of Missouri; senator Nelson W Aldnch, of Rhode Island;  senator John P. Jones, of Nevada, senator Watson C. Squire, of Washington*  , "Matt" Ransom, of -Noith Carolina;  "Billy" Crane, of Texas; "Private John"  Allen, of Mississipi; "Tim" Campbell,  of New -York, Gen. William Mahone, of  Virginia; Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, ot the  same state; senators Hearst and Sharon,  of California; senator Zeb Vance, of  North Carolina, Thomas P. Smith, of  Kentuckv; representative Benjamin F.  Encloe, of Tennessee; Col. John S Wise,  of Virginia; Gen. Phil, ogeridan, Roscoe  Conkling, "Sunset" Cox, Gen,' William  T. Sheiman, "Sam" Randall, Johu W.  Mackay, senator John Mitchell, of Oie-  gon; senator Beck, of "Kentucky; Col.  John R. Follows, of New York; John S  Bunells, AVilliam B. Petit, James G.  Blaine,1 Walter Q. Gresharii, Adlai Stevenson���these are a few of the most noted  ones who used - to gather around thb  green cloth now and then for an evening's amusement, with the stakes just  high enough to make it interesting.'  A certain senator of tho United Rtates,  ���\vho is still in the harness and quite ac-  uveiin administration affairs, played the  last ".poker game in his career a few  yeais ago in Chamberlin's Not that this  gentleman is incapacitated because of  the lack of funds,' for he is a millionave  many^ times over, but because of a more  Important reason���a reason which meaht  life or death to him in the social and  business world. The stakes on this occasion were unusually high; and as the  evening passed the senator's companions  noticed with envy that his pile of chips  ���was rapidly increasing. He won nearly  every "jackpot" and called every hand.  Finally one of the party, who was a  heavy loser and not in a happy frame  ot mmd, turned to the senator, who had  just won the pot, and said  "Senator, let us see your., hand please?"  and before the senator had an opportunity to replv the questioner took the  pafatebt.ards"tiom*his hand abruptly, and,  unfolding them on the green cloth beforo the eyes of all, counted six cards.  A serious quarrel was narrowly averted.  The senator ai tempted to explain, but  explanations were not then in order, and  aftor making him leturn his ill-gotten  gams the others fenced a promise fiom  him that he would never again play  poker, in America or elsewhere, under  pain of exposure. Perhaps the best story  teller that ever, freq dented Chamberlin's  Allen had* a fundi of stories which he  gathered from all parts of the country,  and ho used to delight in sitting with a  party of friends and spinning yarns.  Senator Vest,-of Missouri,..was'another  good stoiy teller; so was the venerable  John P. Johns", of'Nevada.''  And Chamberlin himself knewa thing  or two about the art of story telling.- ,Hei  and Gen.���'William' Mahone used��-to<sit  for houis at a.time-"swapping yarns,"  each trying to outdo tho other. Conk-  \ling in 'the evening pf his life used ���to  drop into Chamberlin's to hear a new  story, i --       -1     rri w> 'V    "���   *  Not long befoie his death'Chamberlin  -.as sitting with a party .of friends, including senator Vest, of Missoilri;r John  S." 'Wise, of Virginia; senator Stewart,  senator Mitchell/of Oregon, and'oDe or  two others, when Wise asked* .  /'John, who are tho best cooks?",' .  "Negroes," was the (.response. "The  so-called Fi ench cooks- -l say *so 'called'  because more than' half'"of them are  Germans ��� cannot cook" our American  dishes ''One-half of them.never saw a"  'range until they came to this country  They spend 'two bits' for a French cook  book and in less than a year, they-.have  their .employers in fear and trembling.  They "cover e\erythmg with sauces^fo  you cannot tell what you are eatmg%   -  This is not true cooking���it"is*- thei  concealment of the true food flavor.,' But  the daikey-whb has the right sort of  ti aining takes to cooking as a duck  takes to water.- Only a darkey can cook  poppobotte. Only a darkey can prepare  terrapin. Only a daikoy can give you  devilled crabs���you never saw a devilled  ciab in New York, although they have  what is so tei med on_their menu cards*.  Only a darkey can cook fish. In fact  only a darkey can do justice to that  great list of American birds most prom-,  inent in the dreams of the government."  Chamberlin used to say that "Roscoe  Conkling was the greatest gourmet of  his time and that Chc.oi.er Arthur came  next in line. Both v/anted delicacies  properly cooked and served every time  they sat down to the table. Some one  asked "John" once how he managed to  keep so healthy. He replied, with a,  twinkle, "Take dandelion pills after a  hearty dinner; that's all I do."  Chamberlin could cook oysters as no  other man could. This was his way of  doing it: Into a chafing dish this modern Savarin would placo three large pat3  of butter. _. These he would cover with  a red Hungarian pepuer, very pungent,  but not at all biting. As the butter  melted he added the juice of the oyster.  As this began to simmer, a small saucer-  ful of raw celery, chopped very fine, was  added. The oysters were poured in, and  then, after they had beenastirred for'  about three or four minutes while they  cooked, a small pitcher of cream and  one wineglass of sherry were added.  When served this palatable stew presented a-delicate pink color, the oysters  wore remarkably tender, and there,were  suggestions of terrapin, lobster a la  Ncwburg���a dozen delicacies in the  flavor. ,/ ,  Although once possessed of a fortun-f,  Chamberlin was a poor man when he  died.    He spent most of -his monej^ in  trymg to be a good fellow.   His currency  was as free as the airland his friends  could have it all.    Some^ of the most,  noted men in the country are on Chamberlin's debt books for amounts ranging'  fiom $2 to $30,000    H'e made monoy out  of his hotel, but money tb Chamberhrt'  had no real intrinsic value.    A states-.  man out of a job, a broken-down sport���  In fact, any old "has been"���if he knew '  "John," could have any part of anything  he had.   And because of his open heart-  edness he died a poor man.  HE CLAIMED ROM LINEAGE  r, And Set All London Guessing, j   i  - LONDON.^October 27.���Prince 'Ranjit  of Baluchestan,, who to^ an unusual {extent has succeeded^in .exciting and baf-  fiingi-Londou curiosity and who is Va-'  riously described as an,Indian potentate,  'and"prince of Siain,',sailed,6ctober"2'4th  jfrom !^yerpool2Tf-^jMontres_l pn^b'oard  the steamer Lake" Simcoe, whence he is  going to New York, accompanied by a  dusky suite, numbering^ twenty-eight  persons. ���He'lived'a fortnight in all tlie,  splendor of Oriental opulence at a fashionable London hotel," where he had  dropped in unannounced and unconcernedly _ engaged twenty-three rooms. In  spite of the publicity which such an arrival' was"bound to create, he/ha's*-, left  England**as much in.the^dark as-to his  identity as when he arrived. The* India  office has issued an official /.nnounce-  m_nt that there is no such Indian chief,  as prince Ranjit of-"Baluchistan, but that  neither condemns the mysterious  stranger nor cleais up, his identity, *as  Ranjit is palpably an assumed name.  When interviewed in London, where *]i3  by no means coarted -publicity, prince*  ��tanjit declined to give any particulars'  regarding , himself -. beyond remarking  once *"I am a king "' �����. nether he isjor  is not a king he certainly lived lived like  one, spending enormous'sums of money.  The retinue which sailed with him included musicians, who produced from  weird instruments still more weird  sounds.   A dancing girl formed a prom-  BULBS  ^  -���i. FOR       ,  '  H^l        it*        r'   >    ''r* i.  "'VlFAllL PLANTING*'  .WINTER;  '-���-  /AND  i '      X . li.1,    , "!      '  1        . vr  . jl    r  SPRING  <ru*'<.}y*'"      '   "  FLOWERING.  *���������-*.  s*  A   1"    .  t   ���'���. .  <*> ��� .$. .  ��� �������  * >f  *.  ���* An-^r i *<iu.-vrw. -t..    .  ���>VfaI__  A-cmptEmMmmw  Mi*"       ��*   W__*___  .. Y > V:^}tfv&$n?z  Frontdoors;;? ^4f^J  ooi^^p^cisr-s:  OFFICE: BAKER STREET WEST,' KELSOJt, B. C.  ..<     1 '   rix ' 'V-. _ y   V,  ��� -* "t-h?^*. S*  ' iS'-t13'1 *. t ���  *  . **__, '   ?-*    _���-   -    _   '   ���**  *,        n.  [TELEPHONE; J<0, 2jg.~P. 0. BOX 138S  Canada: drug & book co.  > '   r   ,       .-1 ���    ...   i  K.-W.-C. Block.       Corner W��rd__nrl Bakor His  ment part of the daily entertainments  which the suite provided foi their master,, who spent most ofshis* Jime inched.  He is a man of fine physique, dark skinned and handsome. All his food was  prepared in accordauce'with tho'strictest  Oriental usages by his own servants,'  who wore gorgeous robes and were marshaled by a.major domo for .exercise in  an adjoining park. This mysteiious  man, it is said, will make a tour of Canada and jthe United States, returning to  England'.In time for king Edward's coronation.   A Most Potent Liberal. ��� '  Dr. Sinclair of Rossland, who (it-will  be remembered) was the first to suggest  a Liberal convention and practical steps  toward bringing order out of the present chaos political, writes the World ln  protest against the plan of action decided on by the recent meeting of the  provincial executive of the party in this  city He urges that delay is not advisable; that senator Templeman as president of the provincial body, should call  the convention at once; and in view of  the great distance rthat many delegates  will" have to travel, that'proxies'be arranged for as a measure of'justice to  the outlying districts. Nor does he admit the representation as fair���Rossland riding, which has 18,000 population,"*  sending but three, Representatives,  whereas \V1ctor1a with only '4000,more,  contributes Ltwelve to the voting  strength. The points raised by the Rossland champion should receiv.e the serious  -and .careful consideration of the association.���Vancouver World. ,    "; ,  4k**********************f  w        ��� : ~ -^  tfc      OV    COURSE   YOU ..WANT��THIT   BEST-      If  & ' TnEN   GO  TO   ( - I    lift  &  ARTHUR- GEE! 9  Mi '       '   ' '     . ]   *.  ��V     in Tromont Block.  Ho 'Will suit \ ou. i  9  tb    .Laige stock of imported season's goods. >  9  ���& ' ��� J "     '    r "' \     &  ���%. . -^  ^*********************^  BAKER   STREET,'   NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heat-  ,  ed with Hot Air.   i  T_^Large_comforta_l___be_roo_QS_an__flr_'t_  elass dining room. Sample" rooms for commercial men.  RATES $2 PER DAY  ��� _- '  <  V  W|AFjBLE^BJJILDINC STONE,  brick, ANti luvje;.  "��� .1  1*1  -_w  'Ui  hi  '���* "in if*?  -r  .'y    .--ti'  -The '. Mansfield nfManufecturing|vPpmp,any,l  ,, have * the 'al^pyeTmentione'^^^^^  i'l* for sale ,at;reasonable"*f prices.    Special!quota->:*  �� tions *to ' builders [ahd/contractors;''foiir. large ^  ^'orders.,    YtVYYv ?, / * ^ '- Yy, ���*-<_*. \ Ya J45?V% It';  ��>./   ^,"Ur_,i��t     ' '   - t*> 2. .... u_   \. i    <-y-j^-I.y-d-.i> \ V4  ORDERS BY  MAIL ATTENDED TO PROMPTLY  -1  rf,l    ,V   'I'l  i 't* y^'-jv.-f i  .-���^i-  s /;,  ���.* h .  a<D2&FY&L3$P^Sr  J  OFFICE:    BAKER STREET WEST, f��EI SOff, B. C.  i .*���'->- ' y <   .  TELEPHONE NO. S18." P. 0. BOX 688>": I  IVJrs. L 0. OjarKe, Prop.  Late o_ the Royal Hotel. Calgary  Imperial HoteS, Nelsoq  r J  (Koimcily known ma the Silver King)  The Pauncefotes Sail for Home.  LONDON, October 27���Lord Pauncefote, tho British ambassador to the  United States, and lady Pauncefote, Mr.  Cainegie, Mrs Carnegie and Ada Rehan  traveled by the Ameiican line special  tiam yesterday morning from London  to join the steamer St. Louis at Southampton bound for New York. A coterie of their,respective.frlefids Wad<} them  Needs of the British Navy. ,  LONDON, October 27.���The British  admiralty is taking the most lively interest in the working of the personnel  bill in tho American navy with a view  of the possible amalgamation of line and  engineer oflicers of the British service.  Arnold Foster, secretary to the admiralty, recently requested special reports  on this matter and vice-admiral Fitzgerald today writes to the London Times  on,the same topic. The admiral's letter is a spirited defense of the navy  against many criticisms, but he admits  that the line officers must wake up and  becomo expert mechanics as well as  good seamen in order to master the  complicated1 machinery of fighting ships,  or else^the^ engineers  will  oust  them  This hotol, In tho central pari of the ell,., bus  boen ontlioly lonowUod and impiovcrt.  Tho commodious bur is supplied wilh all tho  boht brands of hqnciti, .vinos and cigars and i_  under tho pcisonal management of Mr. J. O.  Nalsmith. <   , i <  'lhe dining room and restaurant iu o conducted  ou tho J-Uiopoan plan, and theso and the hole)  accommodation ate undei the inunagetnciiL of  Mis Gorman, who.o largo oxpononce Is a tfiiai  anlco of tho comforts of tbo hotel.  ���sungiem%^mgm  Rough:^a^S?|iSr#^  -DresseMumb^SMl^li  ��� , ���w.^*#-?#^Te^>^'i^ra  v   HAIX AKTJ LAX* __-B-t_-tB?-l��tBOir/"-s^'i^^  -   '-*.�����_,.,..   $tr_>^       r-'.   *j��  ��*M  CORPORATION OF-THE CITYOFNELSOM#fI  TREMONT HOUSE  GV|adden House  Baker and Ward  Streets,  Nelaon.  The only hotel ln Nelson that has remained under one management since 1890.  The bed-roomc "Jf** well furnished and  lighted by electricity.  The bar Is always stocnea ivy the best  domestic and imported liquors and, cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprletgr.  HOTEL   ROSSLAND.  Third door from Grand Central Hotel  on Vernon street. Best dollar, a day  house in town. House and furniture new  and flrst class in every respect Lighted  by gas.' Room and board ?5 to ?6 per  week. No Chinese employed here.  J. V. O'LAUGHLIN, Proprietor.  -1  SLOGAN -fUNGTIOJ. HOTEL  _\. H. McMANUS, Manager.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draufcht Large  comfortable rooms. First clawi tabl�� board.  OLD PAPERS  Puitablo for wrap  , Pinpr, 25 cent, a hua  'dnod.  Apply ht' '  321 TO 331 BAKKR STREET, NELSON  .. MEALS 25 OENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy Steam 25 Cents to $1  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  t    PLANS  urns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  h%eSVb.o.        _. Dealers in Meats  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Nev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vanconver. ���  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KIND3 OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  1 "WHOLES.. LE AND 1U.TAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  W. O BLOCK  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  'lowing arc entitled to vole for wavbr and ulder--' yx"-&  men iittlicCity Muiiicip.il I'.loctioii, vi/.\���w <,, ; !J5 S  ��,A,,,y,!,,al0 ��rfein.ilcrboingn- British-.subjeet o�� ii-VMfi.'  tho full ago of tuclity-oneHjears, who liiis pnid?;^??.  on oi before the^first'daj^of Novomher nil muni-* . fe-W  cipal rate ., t(ixas ttfACSbments, and licence foes".V-^ST  payablo by lum or her, and <��� ��. ��� ,     ,���',   't *"&*&&.  ,. "Who it, lbe-ft___-8cd o-nncr of lands, 'or, of "K'tSS:  unprovomcnts.'oi (,hoas..es_edoccupici allanSs'C^lm-  wituin the municipality, or 3tMB*  Houieholders aro required on or beforo tho <L�����  flistdaj-of December to enter,with the under-?  signed then names, as a voter, and deln cr at tho a' 1/��-_  same timo .��, staUitiw-j declaration in the foim y'-vS  provided by tho statute. **   -r   "-  j- ' - v^sr  ��r f,'   r r. J- K- &'l*'nACHANT, Citj Clerk.*'-.- - MM  Nelson, B.C , October 18th, l'JOl. /   >,&M   Z7T- '���   />&  STOTIOE TO DELINQUENT 00-0WITEE. &0��  To John , J. McAndrews or to any pei soo " 5^11  or persons to "whom he may have trans- j_ -{SnS  ferred ins interest in the Bl.ick Diamond*? {s_|  minoral claim,, situate on the north side �� *%$  ot Bear cieok, about three miles from FrS*!  tho town ot Ymir, lying south of and ad-    C'vSS   jolnlnff^the-_Ev_-nr-itc-Std__-mlner_i_cl-Liin< .7^. -^  Nelson mining dKIMon of Webt Kootenay  district,   and   lecorded  in  the  recorder's  oflice for the'Nolson mining division  You and each of you aro hereby notltied  that   I   b_\c   o\pcnded   two  hundred  and'  twelve    dollars    and     twenty-five     cents  ($212 25)   ln   labor  jnd  impiovements .upon  the above iru-ntioued mineral claim in older  to hold said mhioinl cl lim under the pro-    v  visions of the Mineral Act, and if within  ninety  days from  the date of this notice  tx  , jou Still Of refuse to contilbute your por- , '  tion of all such expenditures together -with.     ,  .ill.vfiosts of advertising,  your interests in    ,  the said dnlnis will  become tho property  of the subscribei  under section 4 of an act  entitled,   "An  Act  to Amend  the  Mineral  Act, 1900.'                                     JOHN DEAN. ,  Dat^d at Nelson this llth day of Septem-  bcr, 1901   NOTIOE.  NOT.C1. is heieby gl\Vn that ho intend io  aiiplj at tho next -.Ittiiig of the Hoaul of Li-onco  CommlHhloncis foi the City of NoImhi, to bu held  aflor Iho oxpiinlion of thirty dajn from tho dato  horcof, fora inmsfurof tho retail lic-uor licenco  nnwlieldbj Uh fbr the pinmlseri known un tho  "Glue Pol miIooii, Hituuto on Vernon htrcot in  llio City of Nel-on and on the west half of In�� I.  block 2, hubdiM'-ion of lot '_>, group 1, Koo'cnay  DiKtrlcl, to William A. Council of tho t��Id Citjof  Nolson. -    .  -Dated nt Nel. on thin seventh dny of October  i'Xll WAT-iUSLEY & HOWES.  Witness   V. C  Damson.  '���".i.'i  Si]  NOTIOE.  NOTirE is hcioby&ivcn thntlm'cnd toatiplr  af tho noxt-iltingof the Hoard of Ll&'nco Com-  in'ssionorn for the City of Nel-Oji. to bo held  aftor thp expiration of thirty daj s from tho data  heroof, for a transfer tf the ictuil liquor licenco  now held by mo for the pre initios .ltuaie on lot  1. block 12, Uakor street, Nolson. and knoTin as  iho "Athabasca"saloon, to Normau T. Mnojcod,  of Neleon   < J��. J. IIUSSELL.  Witness- Jas O'Shea.  Ditcd t> is 27' h day of Septombor. 1901.  NOTIOE.   -  We beg to notify tho merchants and bn.ines  ipen .of Nelson t-fafc we have purchased the bus!  ness and good vi 1 of tho Pacific Transfer Com*  puny, which it is our intention of incorporating  with tho busines, of the Nelson Freighting &  Transfor Compdn%, mo remain touts  li. 11. WILLIAMS,  ManagerWe-lson F. & T. Ci>  OEETIFIOATE   OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE. ��� MONUMENT MUMKltAU  claim, situate in the Nolsou mima* division of West Kootenay district. Where located: At tho head of Grohman creeK oa  Grohman mountain. '_.'ake notice that 1.  J M McGregor, acting as agent for Steve  Hawkins," froo mine* o certificate No.  b50,435, and Louis Stran., free mlner's.cer-  tlflcate No. b37 _33. intttu1 sisty days from  tho date hereof, lo app < ���> the raining recorder for a certificate Improvements,'  for the purpose ot obtai �� a crown grind  that action under sectti. ~ must be com-  that action, unded sectJo- ,-7, must be commenced before the Isci^tiae *of 'such' cep>- .  tlAcate of Improvement _u. ,i y^  ��� -_._���_*��� _��^-_n_i*-__F��-_Pfc       j     ��  %i ���wut^u^miL^iVKnXKrKWfrtani.'VrrcKtAitfai: 0  ��^H��w��>^->ur#���'��U&WAA��^-i31rs��U��JL_ar--'^.l��--J-�� (W_-_-Jri��J����L u��_i__r__  h��  THE  NELSON TRIBUNE,  MONDAY   MORNING,  OCTOBER 28, 1901  I'll  WATERS  <<-_  o  gk*** *** *****************************&***************���%��.  Mi . . ��  \b   ' , ' 9  tb     TTT   __   PT^ TH T^ Ol 1*  Mr  Mr  Mr  Mr  Jfc There are a great many kinds of waters, but those  JJ) we- wish   to   call   your   attention   to   particularly   at  * present are our  Mr  Mr  Mi  Mr  Mr    Mr  ��������� ���   Jj;. A necessity for bath .and toilet,  TOILET AND FLORIDA WATERS  Mr  Mr  Mr  ��� Mr  Mr  Mr  Mr  Mr  Mr  Mr  .Mr  nt  nt  nt  nt  m  *>  nt  m  nt  m  9  9  nt  nt  9  9  9  9  m  9  nt  nt  nt  9  9  *f��  ���***���  OPPOSE THE DEAL.  [Cortinupd From First Page.]  4-  _*./  FROM 25 CENTS UP.  W. F. Teetzel & Co.  %H) *** *** ************ *** ******9********************ift  For the Boys  Having added to my stbclr a large  range of Youth's Boy's and Children's  clothing, I am now prepared to offer  to the public ���the hest variety of these  goods ever shown in Nelson.  l    >  ��� Everything is new and ug-to-date  and are selling at the very lowest prices.  Intending purchasers will do well to  examine my stock and get prices before,  purchasing elsewher. ' **  hft\    -  1. "��.?,���.  '��%���;**.��  iw-.v-  ,"?,rt  t>$'y  217 and 219 ,  ' Baker Street  J. A. GILKER  i ���<��������_��: St*  Mm  li^'MV^X'Z'i '.  \ipAh V* f^W_______  zfflM'-AfflBxtmm-immxw  SCp.'&00D;C1__E  #s:��f4 rr, .,    \ <., *;/*������.  AJI-riVi   y-1 -   . ,**     r        '    rx-  rrL,K-X\',   l-     ���     - ,if 1 .     ���*  ' n*.y  Is'  H v  It *  I. ,  I- -1  ^We*'-are1 in.'-the market;again this season .with/this  line of  ,  ,���  ���.  . .Jtoyes.    After handling them for a'number'of years we'are1  V��Kr s_r'.cbnvincEdsr,t1iat   .they'   are"   the. only     Stoves     that,  give  **'! ^-ABSOLUTE .SATISFACTION. ,'. -.-//. ' ' k        r     -  "   " ' ��� ; ; ; ;       ' ' *  J Call', and see our larg*e and complete-line. 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Rock drills, stoplnv  bars, Sco., &c.  AGENTS NORTHEY PUMPS.  P. O. Sox. 19a THIRD  STOCK CARRIED.  AVENUE.  ROSSLlAND.  HONDI TEA  I L IBVIN& & CO.  The best In the market, ln 1-2  pound and 1 pound packages. '  Telephone 161.  50c a Found  ��SS_fiBB& 'ANP_ XBEJOmm JJE^EjBS, mmUm Block, Bafcgr Stnot,  extra water wheols or by replacing the  present wh.els with hclter wheels he  thought it would be to the irteresls of  the city tc. ma/_e the repairs necessary  to its own plant. At any rate in view  of tho difference of opinion that seemed  to exist the best toiuse would be to  liave a public meeting and to discuss  the whole question so that it could oe  thoroughly threshed out.  Jonas   Coxhead  asked   permission  to  speak a second time on the point made  by some cf those who were opposed to  public  ownership  on  the  ground   that  tho city could not afford to make tho  expenditure necessary. He would like to  know why the city of Nelson could not  afford to make any expenditure which  promised to yield good returns. He i.e-  marked that he had come from the city  of Toronto, where he had a seven-room  house upon which he paid taxes amounting  to   ?103.   He  had   two  seven-room  houses   on   Victoria   street   in   Nelson,  for  the   two "of  which' he  paid   taxes  amounting to ?8 and a few odd cents  Here was the remedy. He would not object to paying another dollar or two if  necessary to preserve municipal ownership and efficiency. He did not, think it  wise  to   cry 'poverty  and  beggary  nil  the time; there was no necessity, for it.  William Ebbs said he considered'the  discussion of the question-hy members  as rather idle, since they were all agreed  as to the advantage of municipal or government  ownership  of  public utilities  The thought which impressed ^iim most  was the contemplation of Nelson's possibilities  if  the  power- of  Bonnington  Falls was owned b.v the city. <  Miss  Merrill- was ,the  next  speaker.'  She said she desire'd to* pretest against  the opinion wliich appeared to exist in  some quarters that it was wise to accept  what was called the > "next best thing."  It was this mistake that ruined everything.  The  world *��� had'been1 contented  with the next' best thing long enough.  The troulie was��ln such a policy that  when the best _, thing came along those  who had' accepted the next best thing  were so flelled' up-. *with next best that  were so filled up with .next best that  ing the next'best meant taking the hest  thing that came1 along.   It was a foolish  policy for the( reason, that those who accepted the next'best thing we��*e never  satisfied, and by:accepting,the next best  .put it out of their^i-each. to accept the  .best. "With respect to the city's lighting  service   of  which" J-so   much', had * tieen  heard of late, the speak .rf said she had  'lived in' a larger, citylthan, Nelson in  which the electrlc.Oighting was supplied  .by two private electric light companies  and the service "Wasvyery.^much worse  Jthan  that,,of-Nelson."'In  blaming, the  municipality Nfor..the 'poor: light   she  .thought it was.jumping at--conclusion.  Since Nelson .had the facilities foi securing .a good light at hand--'why 'not obtain it a X"rom thei discussion that/had  taken place Ion the   subject, she   said  the conclusion she had arrived at was  .that the city needed a socialistic council. Municipal'ownership was little better  than.private 'C-wn'ership .unless   it  was administered by men who believed  in   the" principle.    If ithe; ratepayeis  wouldrput men into the council who ��e-  klleved in municipal ownership as'they  believed in their religion there'would  he 'success ,in .the  application  of  the  principle.   <    *V 1 , ���   -\  Secretary Broadley, who had * moved  the resolution, then spoke in supaort of  it. He said -when- the' meeting had been  called it was not the pui pose to settfe  tthe question for the city. It was merely  for the purpose .of bringing about, a discussion on the subject. He then asked  .his hearers if they remembered a short  time   ago > when   the. West   Kootenay;  Power & Light rCompany made an offer  for, the purchase of the city planti it  would be remembered that it was turned  down by every member of the.present  council and by the mayor as.,well. The  purchase offer was turned down because  the  mayor   and  members   of  the  city  -council- said-they-were-making-moncy-  out of the operation of the electric light  plant and that tho  profits  accruing from  the plant would pay the running expenses  of the city.  At this timo it was  stated that under no condition would  the plant be sold. A few weeks later  and the people of the city are told hy  the same council that the electric light  plant is losing money. This was a very  great change of opinion for a few weeks,  The city according to the latost^ver-  sion, has a plant that; Is losing money,  whereas a few'weeks ago it was making  money so fast that the fame members  of the city council would not entertain  any proposition to sell, So far as the  lighting system went the speaker said  that whilo it was not all that could be  desired   It  was  a  better  service  than  Winnipeg had. It was a better service  than many cities had. He agreed that  there was cause for con* plaint in that  the streets were not Kufficleutly lighted,  but  in  the  question  under discussion  there was  a great principle at stake.  At the present time Nelson was in-a  formative state.  One' great step which  it had made in the advance movement  was   that   it  owned   the  electric  light  plant, and  he  did, not believe in any  form of surrender.' At i o matter what  c'ost the city should retain its electric  lighting plant under municipal management. It was true that the city might  get better light by an arrangement with  the   West   Kootenay   Power   company,  but.the city could also get better iignt  by making the necessary expenditures  He was In favor of payirg the city for  better light rather than raying oyer to  a private corporation,  Some    discussion    followed    as    to  whether   those  who  were  present  but  not   members  of  the  club   could   vote  for the resolution in view of the manner in which it had   been   drawn.     It  was finally decided to lay the motion  on the taDle in preference to amending  it in any way, and then for the purpose  of taking the sense ot the meeting A.  Lackey moved that the meeting record  its disapproval of arsy connection witli  the Bonnington Falls company by the  city in its lighting bu_iness, and that  the city retain its lighting plant intact.  v D. J. McNalley offered an amendment  I to this to the effect that 'the meeting  ' should   ii.dorse  the  proposed   arrangement with the Bonnington Falls company.    There was i_o seconder and in  could see the sense of the meeting J).  J. Moyer consented to second it. When  the amendment was put McNalley was  the only one who voted for it. The  Lackey motion was then put and carried on the division. The original motion as submitted for the vote of the  members of the club was then put and  carried unanimously.  CITY AND DISTRICT.  Mr. Juutice Irving will hold a sitting  of the supreme court tomorrow morning.  Mrs. J. A. Kirkpatrick will be at home'  to her friends on Monday, Tuesday, and  Wednesday, October 28th, 29th and 30th,  at the Hume hotel.  NELSON, B.C.  KASLO, B. C.  ESTABLISHED 1892  SANDON, B.C1  R. Marpole, superintendent of the Pacific division of the Canadian Pacific,  arrived in N-lson on Saturday from an  inspection of the Lardo branch.  At the annual meeting the executive  bf the Nelson Curling Club, which was>  held on Saturday evening, it was decided tb holdt the annual meeting of the  club on Tuesday, November." 5th.  f ____-_____���.  The case of Smith vs.* tho Stewart  Brothers and the Noonday-Curley Mines  will oe tried tomorrow morning before  judge Forin! This is an action to enforce  a mechanic's lien for $1540 for wages.  The fi^st shipment of suppHes over  the new( wagon road went out on Saturday to the May and Jennie mine. The  goods were shipped from __ Nelson by  team�� at a v considerable saving to the  mine.  t  The Ladies' Aid Society of St. Paul's  Presbyterian church will hold a sale of  work and' a Hallowe'en supper in ^the  stores next to the Lawrence Hardware  Co., on - Thursday, October 31st. The  sale of-work will begin at 2 o'clock and  supper from, 5:30 to 8 o'clock. Afternoon tea'wil be served.  H. BYERS & CO.  TO SPORTSMEN:  We have the finest assortment of Guns and most complete stock of Ammunition ever receive*  n Kqotenay.   Mauser, Winchester, Marlin, Savage,, and Stevens Rifles.   Winchester Smokeless anJ  Savage Carbines.   Ask to .see the Winchester Carbine and Bouchardt Automatic Pistol, unequal  for simplicity, accuracy and effect. v *  MINE SUPPLIES AND HEAVY HARDWARE  Blowers,   Exhausters,   Hand   Shaft Pumps,  Pipe and  Fittings Steam  Packing, 'Leather an.  Rubber Belting, Hose, Etc.   Agentsr for Giant Powder Co., Truax Ore Cars,,, Canton Steel.  ,H. L., Sawyer was in town yesterday  from the .Great Dane mine. He is interested in .the, recent sale of the Great  Dane group to J. C Drewry of Rossland, and has had charge of tho development work which has" been under-'  taken, by the" holder of the bond. He is  in Nelson,for the purpose of purchasing  supplies. ,  Pre vincial constable Barnes of Fernie  yesterday ibrought in a couple of prisoners who^havo' time to serve in the  Nelson ' jail. ��� Jacob Saunders has six  months*vto*-serve upon a charge of as-  saultl'-and- Jo.eph* Dnpris -has four  months to seive upon a charge of theft.  The pi-scn-ere-were convicted by W- It.  Rose, of j'Fernie. y _    /   -  1 f V ^        ( ���    I __   ���      ������ )        T       0-  .One, of 'the 'speakers at the'Socialistic  Club meeting-yesterday said he had boycotted The Miner six months ago because  of*,its,actiqnJaganist Labor, and that he  was now, boycotting The Tribune for the  same "reason.   Th enhances are that man  never 'paidia laboring man a fair day's  wage in' r his life, and never refused to  purchase any article because of its being  made by'cheap labor.' The world is full  of'just^iich men.     ,.     -"   l ,~ ' '* ,  ,i   '"j1       '    -'    "       - *    .,i ;  John Reilly-., a prisoner from Gree i-  wood. 'wilo was  sentenced to  eighteen  months' imprisonment upon a eharg^of  'theft, made his escape from the Nelson  jail  Saturday 'night.  To make his  escape the'prisoner required'a key to two  locljs and the officials of the jail are stt  ac'loss-to knowvhow the'required',keys  were supplied. Word has beer received  tha't a man answering the description  of the prisoner has been apprehends  at Creston, but it is * not thought' that  the   mau   apprehended - is   the   man  wanted, as the-steamer was searched'  before leaving Nelson and It was'next  to impossible for him to have' walked  to Procter in time to have caught the  steamer at that point. ,   '  ������ . ��� -. >  ' .The return match between the lawyers and the provincial government officials on Saturday resulted in a victory for the government jnen by a score  of~12-to~10;���Iir"_.aturday,sv"game"~botbr  teams were considerably strengthened.  Harry Wright was in the' box! for the  government men and John 'Elliot held'  a like position for the lawyers. Tho  teams were made up>as follows:, Government���Henderson, c;, Wright,,' p;  Murphy, lb; Martin,' 2b: Tuck, ss.;  Lair.g, 3b; McLennan, If; Jarvis, rf,  Lawyers���-Skon-ian,'* c; Elliot, p; Fortn,  lb; Macdonald, 2b; Shea, ss; Wilson,  3b; Poole. If; Galhhor, cf; and Johnson rf. The government^ team played  one man short, on the ground that he  was a professional ball player more  than he was a government official.  During the provincial election campaign in 1898, the government then in  power���and, by the way, it was a government with which mayor Fletcher had'  great influence���caused a number of  piles to be driven alongside the city  wharf. None of these piles have ever  been utilized, and it is a pity to allow  them to stand as silent monuments of  "how elections are not carried." They  should be utilized. Those- at the outer  end of the wharf should be sawed off  and planked over. By doing so, the landing at the outer end of the wharf would  be considerably enlarged, which would  be a great convenience to 'teamsters.  Contractor Toye has made a good job  of replanking the wharf, and no doubt  would be willing to undertake the job  of enlarging the outer landing as out-  Hne4. in this truthful paragraph.  /  given several users of electric light If  the   proposed   deal   goes   through,   the  company will see to it that fvery user  of electric light pays the full rate specified In the by-law, ��� In that case, ithe  city would either have to raise tho rates  charged those who have been given special rates < or pay over to the company  more than it actually receives'from these  people.     The'  following-named,  ,it   is  said, are a few of the users of-electric  light who now pay the city less than  the city proposes to pay the company  'for furnishing them with light:    B. C.  (Goldfields. offices, the Nelson CJub, the  '"English'Mess" Club, P. Burns & Co.,  .'Nelson opera house, Bank of Montreal,  Bank t of Commerce, Hume hotel, Phair  hotel,    Presbyterian    .nurch,    Catholic  "church,   Provincial   government   build-  Sings, Masonic hall, Odd Fellows hall, K.  of P. hall, C. 'P.' R. offices and depots.  Strange.ad it may seem, most of these  people and companies are dead anxious  ' to see the deal go through.  ^' ' Address to British Loyalists.  - TORONTO, October 27.���Sir Frederick  Young,*-cne of the leaders of the 'Imperial Federation in Great 'Britain, addressed a well attended meeting-of the  British Empire Loyalists last night and  urged that steps be taken to reach w  common imperial position in rolation to  questions "of defense and; immigration.  Plon. G.(E. Foster dealt with the commercial side of the question rnd argued  that If Great Britain had consistently  taken'her-food supplies from her, own  colonies and built them up -the question  of defense would haye solved, Itself. -'  D. 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SCOTCH  WHISKIES  THE .DISTILLERS* COMPANY, Ltd.,  Edinburg, the largest holders In the  world of Scotch Whiskies.  THE CALEDONIAN LIQUEUR SCOTCH  Whisky is one of the leaders^:try-.it._  \***********************&  ASHNOLA TOWNSITE.  Agency for full stock at Victoria for  E. P.-RITHET & 00., LTD.  Victoria.   B., C.  A. B. GRAY.  Kootenay Representative  v P. O. Box 521, Nelson.     '  NELSON OPERA HOUSE  IIPDAY-IVENINC, OCTOBER 28th.  order that the mover of tbo amendment  The City Will Be Out of Pocket  According   to    the    terms    of    the  Fletcher-Selous   deal   with   tho   West  Kootenay Power & Light Company, the  city will pay the company 45 per cent  of the gross receipts for electric lighting in Nelson, the basis to be tha rates  established by the old Nelson Electric  Light Company, which have not been  charged by the city since it took over  the plant.   The monthly rates charged  are:    In stores and offices���for the flrst  6 16 c.p. lamps,  $1 each; for all over 6 up  to 15, 75 cents each; for all over 15, 50  cents   each.     Residences   are  charged  half these   rates.    Hotels   are   charged  the store and office rate for all rooms  on the flrst floor, and the residence rate  for all other rooms on other floors. These  rates are the lowest charged in any town I  on the Pacific Coast; but notwithstand- I  Ins OW ate low, special rates lum. been \ ADMISSION  Lots can  now   be  bought  in  Ashnola at from $50 to $225  t *  each. 1 For terms and full particulars apply to  RE&INALD J. STEEL  Phone 278.  Official Broker.  IMPEBIAL BBEWIM DOMPANY  EMEUS��>N & REISTERER.    '  Under the auspices of tho Methodist Church. ���  BY  REV. ELLIOTT S. ROWE  OF  VICTORIA-  BREWERS OF THE BEST  LAGER BEER  STEAM BEER  ANB PORTER  SUBJECT:  "WHERE ARE WE AT?"  25 CENTS  When you want the Best, ask for  IMPERIAL BEER.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BREW-BBS AND BOTTIHB8 OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  KOOTENAY   COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee Roasters  DBalBre ln Tea and Coffee  ************************  . Wo aro O-Torlag atriowest prices tho bosb  grades o Ceylon, India, Chfua and Japan  Tuas. ,  Our Besf1, Motlia and Java Coffee, per  pound  *  40  Mooha and Java Blend, 8 pounds  1 00  Choico Blend Coffoo, 1 pounds  l 00  Speolal E' and Coffee, 8 pouuds  1 CO  Rio Blond Qoffeo, 6 pounds  l 00  Spooial Blond Ceylon Tea, per pound SO  A TRIAL OBDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. O. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE  vAT   THE  .AT   THE  OYSTER COCKTAILS  OYSTER C<- CKTAILS  OYSTER COCKTAILS  AT   THE  AT  THE  AT   THE  MANHATTAN,  MANHATTAN-  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN.  MANHATTAN^  MANHATTAN.  The   Manhattan  JOSEPHINE STREET  Prompt ana regular delivery to tbe trade. I AUl the BEST brands  VHBWMBX AT NBUBOK I LIQUORS MUD CIQARB. ,   *


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