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 teESZitzuiSiL;  _____________WB______  sss  S355  :Tm��CTVfi  SagSSMgSw��!VlyWB.M.����K��t^  ��� /jr. '*  Mineral Production, of British Columbia In 1900  $16,407,645  '^^mm'  Mineral Produotlon of Kootenay Iri IBM  $10,562,032  NINTH YEAE  NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 1901  FIVE CENTS  NELSON AT LAST A WINNER  VICTORY PERCHES ON HER BANNER IN A CRICKET GAME.  The   Hoodo   Lifted   and   a   Rossland  Team Easily Vanquished in an  Interesting Game.  'the cricket match on Saturday between the Rossland and Nelson elevens  resulted in an easy victory for the Nelson team, and as it is about the only  victory which has come~*to Nelson in  the sporting world this season, it is  doubly welcome. The game was wit-  nessed by a good company of-spectators,  ' and it is only fair to presume that if  the local cricketers would show themselves a little oftener a nearer approach  to general interest 'would be taken in  tlio game and the matches of the team  would in a measure be followed by the  people of the city as events in which the  [/ city and not the club merely had an  interest. .  The Nelson team won the toss and  elected to bat, Sargeaunt and Booth  being sent in to face the bowling of  Hodges and ' Sykes. Sargeaunt Avas  quickly disposed of for three and Avas  followed by Stocks. The latter had a  short life, being retired by a brilliant  catch by Seatle after he had contributed two runs. AVilson then joined  Booth, but the latter was retired 'a, few.  minutes after by a very fine-ball from  Hodges.' "Atkinson, who. came after  Booth, was quickly retired and the score  ���stood 4wickets for 45 runs, of Avhich  20. had been contributed* by Wilson by  clean, driving. Hay followed Atkinson  and was bowled on the first ball, making room for Forbes, v Forbes and Wilson then made rtuite a .-stand, and car-.  \-Tried the score to ,04, when .'-.Wilson %vas  caus*j*t and bOAvled by Hodges for a  Avell-played 33. Wilson's score included  one hit to the mattress factory and three  fours right to the fence. Elliot then  came in; but was apparently never at  home, being . retired for three runs.  Forde then joined Forbes, but the latter was retired a few minutes later on a  miss hit. AVetmore then came in only  'to be bowled on the first ball., He vwas  'followed by 'Criddle,' 'the last.'Nelson  man,' who, after a, few valiant'hits, was  boAvled by a full pitch. This closed the  Nelson innings Avith a score of-'80,. and-  _ outside of Wilson's score, Avho was the  only man to get into double figures, and  "Forbes, who played very good cricket,  the batting called for. no .comment:  Hodges' bowling was very good throughout the .innings, taking seven Avickets  for 24 runs. ..-������  .  The Rossland men went in for their  innings after lunch Avith Forbes and  Wilson doing the- bowling for Nelson.  From the start it was evident that the  Nelson trundlers had the Rossland men  at their mercy, as they Avere both Avell  'on the Wicket, and only 19 runs were  scored throughout the. innings, of, Avhich  .1.3 were from the bat. Forbes took four  ���wickets for ��� six runs and AVilson five  -wickets for seven. They.-Avere only re-  ���quired to bowl 13 overs, of Avhich six  Avere maidens.  Nelson opened .its second innings Avith  Forbes and Atkinson facing the bowl-  Hng=of==Hodges=and=Mori-ish=r=It==w"as"  soon seen that Hodges was tired from  his previous exertions and the first two  Nelson men carried the score to 15 bofore Atkinson was caught. Stocks who  followed, was soon retired by a well-  thrown ball by Seatle after he had contributed three to the score. Sargeaunt  then went in and was bowled by the  Jtii-st ball. Booth then joined Forde, but  the latter soon gave place to Wilson.  Booth retired shortly after for a well-  played nine, the score then standing  32 for 5 wickets. Forbes then came in  and he and Wilson carried the score to  ,58, when the former was bowled by  Morrish in attempting to slog. AVetmore,  who followed Forbes, was bowled on the  I-first ball, making a brace, and leaving  ihe score 5S for 7 wickets. Criddle  -then joined AVilson and slogged at every  7j-all that offered getting 10 runs before  lie- was bowled by Morrish. Elliot ro-  f placed Criddle and then Avas seen some  (magnificent 'free   hitting   on   AVilson's  part,   and   he   and   Elliott  carried   the  ,score from 78 to 185 before they Avere  jparted by Wilson being caught at. the  cover, Elliot being not out for 20.   AVil-  [son's performance at the bat in this innings' was a very good display of hit-  jting, his "on drives" being remarkably  ine.   His score included four hits over  the fence and 15 "fours." He Avas missed  rjfour times,  but this  does  not detract  jfrom   the   merit   of   his   performance,  ���which was certainly the best ever seen  In Nelson.   During this innings Morrish  IjoAvled verw well.   He took eight Avick-  |*ts for 102 runs during the two innings.  When the Rossland men Avent in for  their second innings they had to face  li score of- 246  to  19.    Mackenzie  and  |Iodge�� Avere sent in to open the hillings.    The former  was  foolishly  run  Jjmt and g-iye way to Seatle.   This cou-  fde made quite a stand and carried the  icore to 33 before the partnership Avas  Ifrissolved   by   Seatle   being   bowled   by  Forbes for a well-played nine. Rolt followed    Seatle   and   another   Rossland  picket  fell  for  one run.    Gordon  fol-  rJ-Wed Rolt and he and Hodges carried  ! he score to 45, when Gordon was bowled  by Wetmore,  bringing in Renwick.  (lodges continued to hit freely and he  ,nd'Penwick had lifted the scores to 59.  ,/hen' the latter was run out through  ver eagerness.   Morrish then came in,  nly to be retired in the next over, mak  ing room for Sykes. Rossland then lost  Hodges, Avho Avas put out on the catch  of the day, which aviis made by Elliot,  w'ho surpassed his feat of last season.  This sealed the Rossland men's fate, as  the innings closed Avith an addition of  but four runs, leaving the Nelson team  ahead 170 runs on the two innings.  NELSON���FIRST INNINGS.  Booth  b.  Hodges  C  Sargeaunt,,!. b. av. Hodges  3  Stocks, c. Seatle, b. Morrish  2  AVilson, c. and b. Hodges 33  Atkinson, b. Hodges  2  Hay,  b.  Morrish   0  Forbes, c. Gordon b.-Morrish.:-  S  Elliot, c. Mackintosh b. Hodges...... 3  Forde, not out  5  Wetmore, c. Rolt, b. Hodges....  0  Criddle, b. Hodges '.-. 7  Byes, etc 11  TNE  EMPRESS  FREDERICK  HER CONDITION IS CONSIDERED  PRECARIOUS.  t   _   Kaiser's Program Has Been Changed  as a Result���Ford's Weekly Continental Gossip.  Total "..- 80  ROSSLAND���FIRST INNING.  A. Marsh, b. F6rbes ....."....-........ 4  Hodges, C and b. AVilson  4  Morrish, b. Forbes  0  Sykes, b. AVilson ." .-. 0  Rolt, b. Forbes    0  Renwick, run out  1  Gordon, c.  Stocks, b.  Wilson  0  Mackintosh,  b. AVilson ". 0  Mackenzie, not out  3.  Hilliard, b. Forbes  0  Seatle, st. Stocks, b. Wilson.  1  Byes :...  6  Total .....19  NELSON���SECOND INNINGS.  Forde, c. Morrish, b. Hodges......... 10  Atkinson, c. Gordon, b. Hodges.....    6  Stocks, run out     3  Wilson, c. Mackenzie, b. Hodges Ill  Sargeaunt; b. Morrish     0  Booth, c. Marsh, b.-Morrish ..    9,  Forbes, b. Morrish  ............ . 11  AVetmore, b. Morrish .... ���*,'.     0  Criddle, b. Morrish . ;........... 10  Elliot, not out ..' ......:.  20  Hay, did not bat  0  Byes, etc.   ............... .....5  Total ..... .'.>.......... ...������-.. .185  '     ROSSLAND���SECOND INNINGS.  Hodges, c. Elliot, b. Wetmore. ...... 30  Mockenzie,- run out','...:..:.......... 0  Seatle, b. Forbes  .................... 9  Rolt, b. Wetmore ............ ...77-1  Morrish, c. Wilson,- b. Wetmore. ... .''."���'. 2  Gordon, b. Wetmore ................ .3  Renwick, run out ...'... ......... .12  Sykes, b. Wetmore .................. S  Keller, b. Forbes  ..70  Mackintosh, c. Atkinson, b, Forbes... 0  Hilliard, not out ..'.'.....'.  0  Byes,  etc.'.....'.' .......... ..5  - 7 Total-..".'���.;..............v........70  V The' result of the day's play shoAved  that several of- the Rossland men were  comparative strangers to the-game, but  the Rossland men are good sportsmen  and they determined to make the best  showing they could Avith the talent  available. Of the visitors Hodges displayed his aeknoAvledged ability as a  batsman as weir as a boAvler. Rolt Avas  very unfortunate in that he was retired for a single, as he is regarded as  a very dangerous man and a hard hitter, and Avhen set very difficult to get  rid of. W. Seatle, Avho played Avith the  Rossland eleven, proved himself a very  able substitute. In fact, the Rossland  men are prepared to concede that they  are uniformly fortunate in their Nelson  substitutes.  Of the Nelson team it may be said that  their fielding Avas very fair, and the  three Nelson trundlers bowled to great  advantage, AVetmore's 5 Avickets for 35  runs being particularly welcome in the  second innings. J. Laing Stocks surprised everyone as a Avicket keep, al-  ^oughJie^hims.ellL^declar.es^that^he^is^  sir EdAvard Grey was rewarded for the  courage of his convictions by flouts  and insults from the irreconcilables on  the Nationalist side. Commandant Kritz-  inger has confounded the pro-Boer partisans here just as Mr. Kruger succeeded in doing tAvo years ago, Avhen he issued his ultimatum. AVhether the British Avere right or Avrong in ordering the  punishment of notorious Cape rebels, the  slaughter of Avounded soldiers and captured blacks Avas not a policy Avhich the  most infatuated Radical could condone.  There cannot he clemency to murderers  even in time of Avar. .>���  NAVAL MANEUVERS.  Accounts of the sham warfare conducted by the fleets are confusing and  long dispatches describing complex maneuvers v are dull reading. Possibly Mr.  Kipling, who is afloat, may succeed  finally in exciting,enthusiasm for'this  costly naval practice-. At present the  main thing proved seems to be that  luck is more important than naval strategy in determining the fortunes of Avar.  The fleet standing: for home defenses  Avas prevented by fog from detaining  the hostile fleet on its Avay to the Sicily  islands, and it has been baffled by fortune at every turn. It had-the Avorst  of the cruiser action, yet was able to  raise the blockade of Alderney. It is  difficult to strike a balance between the  performances of the admirals aiid decide  Avhicti has proved the smarter tactician  arid this seems to be the chief object of  naval maneuvers. There are a good  many sceptics Avho question'the utility  of sham battles at sea and class-them  with the Aldershot revieAvs as poor  training for ��� actual Avar. Comment is  often heard that the Americans, Avhen  the war Avith Spain came on, profited  by their constant target practice, and  kneAV how to handle the big guns and  that the same kind of expert training  in shooting to hit would be more \-al-:  uable than tactical maneuvers, which  can never be on the same level as in  war. The battle of Colenso was lost to  Aldershot, and the croakers suggest that  a future Trafalgar cannot be won,by  maneuvers under imaginary conditions.  WILL INSPECT PROPERTIES  IN  THE WHITE GROUSE MINING  DISTRICT.  San  Francisco Men   Who   Have  the  Fisher and Harris Group Bonded  En Route to the Claims.'  out of date.  It is to be hoped that the next person avIio takes over tho captaincy of the  Nelson team in the place of Mr. Forbes,  who is about to leave for China', wil]  see to it that the Rossland matches are  not dropped. There is also eA-ery likelihood that matches could be arranged  with the Greemvood team, and in this  way interest In the game could be maintained, o  HASTENINC  TO  SICK BED  Of Empress Frederick.  HAMBURG, August 4.���Crown prince  Frederick William, prince Eitel-Freder-  ick and prince August AVilliam arrived  at Cronberg, where the dowager empress  Frederick is lying dangerously ill, at a  late hour tonight. Other royal personages Avho have arrived are prince Adolf  of Sithaumbeig-Lippe, prince and princess Friedrich Carl of Hesse and the  crown prince and princess of Greece.  The following bulletin concerning the  condition of the illustrious patient avis  issued during the afternoon: "The external disease from which her majesty  is suffering andj which for.years has  been slowly increasing has in the course  of the last few Aveeks extended to the  internal organs. Her majesty's strength  is diminishing rapidly owing to inability  to take sufficient nourishment. She is  conscious and at the present AVithout  pain." Emperor William has not yet  arrived at Cronberg. He is expected  there at 3 a. m. tomorrow. Professor-  Renevers, the specialist, wired his majesty to come in all  hasts.  LONDON, August 4.���King Edward,  who has been staying at Cowes, has arranged to leave Portsmouth at 3 a. m.  tomorrow by special train which is due  to arrive in London at 5 a. m. He will  proceed immediately from London by  special train and boat via Flushing to  the bedside of his sister. It is not yet  knoAvn whether queen Alexandra will  accompany him. The duke of Cambridge is already in Cronberg.  LONDON, August 5, 0:20 a. m��� King  EdAvard has postponed his departure  from Portsmouth for Cronberg until 3  p. m.  NEW YORK, Auguac 4.���In a dispatch from London, I. N. Ford, correspondent of the NeAV York Tribune,  says: Empress Frederick's condition is  eA'idently precarious and her end cannot  be deferred many days. The German emperor would not have charged the crown  prince Avith the duty of representing  him at the festivities in Hamburg on  the arrival of count von Waldersee if  there had not been an alarming change  in his motner's condition. 'The reception to von Waldersee Avould have offered to the monarch,-Avho understands  the art of stage management, a remarkable opportunity for commanding the  attention of Europe, and nothing short  of compulsion would have deprived him  of the advantage of a dramatic situation.  These inferences are confirmed by information 'from those in touch with the  court here.that the empress, like her  mother before her, has Avished to have  her condition pass as far as possible  AVithout observation and that she- has  steadily been losing strength with the  progress of her trouble. The had neAvs  has been kept back for a week, as Avas  done when queen Victoria was at Osborne after her first stroke of paralysis,  and public announcements made when-  the situation had^ become serious. Queen  Victoria's last days were darkened by  ���the, knowledge that the empress' malady had been pronounced cancerous, and  she insisted upon having detailed reports of the medical examination and  Avas unable <tos dismiss the subject from  her mind. _ The king and queen may be'  summoned any day;,to Cronberg., The  king's recent exclamation that scientific  experts ought to discover some method  of curing cancer is explained by his  grief over his sister's struggle for life  and his brother-in-law's death from the  same, disease, -There liave been rumors  that the king. himself was in dread of  an attack of the ���saint' malady; and had,  appointed a German specialist to keep  Avatch over his throat, but these may  be dismissed as morbid fancies of court  attendants. The king has a German physician, but his health is better than it  has been for a long period.  BOERS ON PORTUGUESE SOIL.  The mystery, respecting the passage  of a Boer commando into Portuguese  territory is not fully cleared up. The  section where the Boers are now making a desperate stand is a large quadrilateral of mountainous country  stretching from De Aar to Stromberg  and Beaufort Avest to Queenstown. They  are divided into small roving detachments, which are alternately iriassed  and dispersed. - The section of Cape  Colony exposed to the raids of these  bands of Cape rebels and Boers is equal  to about half the area of the Orange  River Colony. In the clearance of these  mountains general French is finding an  undertaking of exceptional difficulty,  -when=the=rebels=are=ai.ded-by-their-for-=  mer neighbors and knoAV every'foot of  . the ground. 7  CHAMBERLAIN'S NERVE.  Whatever may be said about the moralities of reprisals on ruffianism there  is a sense of relief in having a strong  man at the front with the courage required   for   speaking   plainly.     British  politics has reached a stage of flabbi-  ness where the functions of the opposition are paralyzed by faction feuds and  intrigues   and   the  ministers   lack  the  energy needed for pulling themselves together and winding up the session with  dignity and strength.    Suddenly there  is leadership by a statesman who takes  a serious view of a war employing more  than two hundred thousand British soldiers for two years and who knows his  own  mind.    Mr.  Chamberlain's  speech  last night came like a strong gale after  a stagnant  calm.    It created  a great  uproar among the Irish members and intense excitement in the house, and Avhen  the last word Avas spoken it was known  that the government had decided upon  a policy of reprisal in answer to commandant    Kritzinger's   ,challenge.      It  would not be an eye for an eye, or a  tooth for a tooth, but all Boers shooting wounded soldiers or killing natives  in the service of the British would be  court-martialed and sentenced to death.  Mr. Chamberlain did not flinch from, the  start to  the finish.    He  declared "that  houses which sheltered those concerned  in outrages Avere to be burned; that the  policy of devastating the enemy's country was a natural operation of war; that  concentration camps had been humanely  designed  and  administered' in spite of  terrible mortality; that the guerilla war  entered into a campaign of brigandage  and   outrage;   that  mistaken   leniency  was  the policy of the past,  and that  atrocities   and  crimes  against  the  law  of civilized  warfare Avould  be severely  dealt with.   Mr. Chamberlain Avas terribly in earnest and represented the common sense of the middle classes of England, nbAV as always the real stronghold  of political power, when he contended  that the time for illusions and sentiment  had passed, and that a Avar with irresponsible brigands and marauders must  be brought to an end in a business-like  way.    Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman  enacted   the  part  of  a  captain  facing j      It sometimes happens that a Avoman's  both ways for the Liberal factions and J hair is a bit of fiction founded on fact. J  TELEGRAMS IN BRIEF FORM  FROM    VARIOUS   QUARTERS   OF  THE  GLOBE.  Interesting Occurrences of Yesterday  Condensed and Printed in a  General Way.  James D. Byrnes and Phil Corcoran  of San Francisco, Avho have been stopping at the Hume for the past two days,  left last evening for the White Grouse  district. Mr. Byrnes, who is state senator for California, is one of the most  prominent' members of the company  which has the bond upon the Harris  and Fisher groups of claims in the  White Grouse district. Mr. .Cochrane,  Avho "accompanies him, is the man Avho  secured the bond upon the groups for  the company. They are going to look  over the properties and Avill then see  Avhat can be done toward reconciling  the contending factions among the owners of the property Avhich are represented in the litigation -vyhich has been  _started___under__the_"suit oLHari-is _vs-  Fisher, If this matter can be arranged  satisfactorily Avork upon the property  will be started, as the company holding the bond upon the property has ample funds available for development purposes, but it does not intend to buy into  a laAv suit. The bond upon this property has been hung up for more than a  year, to the detriment of the entire district. There has not been very much  Avork done upon the property, and the  entire section is in a measure awaiting the development of the Harris and  Fisher groups.  Senator Byrnes, who is a man of some  74  years of age,  has but recently returned from a trip to New York, wl.era  he became interested in the manufacture of a new explosive, which has been  named  electrite.    This,  it is expected,  will  altogether  supplant  the  dynamite  and giant powders now used in mining.  From   experiments   which   have   been  made  with  it,  it  is pronounced  to  be  very  superior  to   both   of  these  explosives,  in  that it not only has a  third  greater power but that it is smokeless  and gives forth no gases or fumes.   It  is said to be a vegetable preparation, and  is* the result of  elaborate experiments  extended over a period of two years.     It  is said to be entirely harmless in that  it Avill not freeze, nor will it explode  without  the aid  of  a certain   cap.    A  powerful company has been formed for  the purpose of putting the powder, or  Avhatever   it   might   more   properly   be  called,   upon   the   market.     The   chief  manufactory for the United States "will  be in the vicinity of Niagara Falls, New  York.    Senator Byrnes has an arrangement with the present company for the  manufacturing   of   the  preparation   for  the  Dominion   of  Canada  and   is   now  considering the best-method of meeting  the demand which the introduction of  the article upon the market is expected  to create. P. J, Russell will he. the local agent for the Canadian makers, and  in the course of a few days -will have  samples of the product on hand so that  those who desire can test its worth.    It  is said that the new article can be nnarm-  factured so cheaply that it has nothing  to fear from any competition which tlie  makers of the old line explosives may  be expected to put up.  GIBRALTAR, Aug! 3.��� The U. S. cruiser  Chicago has sailed for Southampton,  where   she   will   go   into   drydock.  NEAV YORK, August 4.���The American  Sugar Refining Company today reduced  all grades of refined sugar ten points.  . PORT LOUIS, Maurlurs, August 4.���The  British royal yacht Ophir bearing tho  duke and duchess or. .t'brk has been  sighted. , . (,    i  KROONSTADT, August 4���Two Boers  came Into the British lines today under a  flag of. truce with a letter from former  president Steyn. *','������  AVEST NEAVTON, Pa., August 4.���West  Newton was visited by one of the largest  conflagration in Its-history last night. The-  los will reach $100,000 wri^i little Insurance.  CHICAGO, August 4.���Ninety per cent  of the horses in Chicago are suffering from  influenza. The disease' is proving fatal in  from three to five, case**, out of every one  hundred.  SAN FRANCISCO, August 4.���The tugboat. Slocum, which started -out on a  search, for the Lenox on Thursday lias  not yet been reported and is doubtless  still   searching   for   the   transport.  ST. PETERSBURG, August '1���Dr. Leyds,  diplomatic agent of the Transvaal, who is  here on what he describes as "private  business," says there is no foundation for  the report that Mr. Kruger, is coming to  St.  Petersburg. ,  PARIS, August 4.���The due de Chartres,  father of prince Henry of Orleans, has received the following dispatch from Saigon regardng the prince, who is lying  dangerously .ill there. "Slightly -better;  hope again fled."  LONDO*^-, August 4'.��� The .North German Lloyd steamer Grosse Kurfurst from  New York 25th July for Southampton and  Bremen passed .the ��� Lizard at 3 o.-cIqi*)-  yesterday morning and .signalled, that two  of her port screw blades were 'hFQken.  CHICAGO, August 4.���l^ro brpke out  last night irr the top of tlie 'Grand. Trunk  railway's eleyatpr at 51sl street and Central avenue.- A damage e'stirnatod at $75,-  000 was caused beforo the Haines- wore  brought under control,  J'l^OEML-'ONTEIN, Orange River Colony, August 4,���Commandant Haermanui"  Steyn, a cousin of president Steyn, was  killed August 1st while lighting at Ficks-  burg. Boers and rebels are entering the  Barkley AVest district of Cape 'Colony.  IjONDON, August 4.��� Tho latest seaside  fad is the wearing of sandals by grown  persons. Many girls seem to be especially  taken with the.idea. The sandals are generally worn without stockings. The craze  has spread into London', where well dressed  women can be seen sandaled in the park.  ST. JOHNS, Nfld., August 4.���A second  shipwreck has been reported nine miles  west of Cape Race. She is an eastbound  ship, probably from the: southern states  laden with a general cargo. The messenger who brought the news forgot her  name,   but  the  captain's   name  is  Tail.  SEATTLE,. August 4.���The steamer  Humbolt   arrived    from    Skagway    today  =-wi t li=S500;000=i ii=K lorfd 1 ktfgS Rlf T luTNCwpoTT  reached Juneau July 30th and reported  that live men had been killed by the Indians about 200 miles west from Araldez  island.   No   particulars   could   be   learned.  LONDON, August 4.���The Router Tele-  groin Company received the following dispatch dated August 4th at Curacoa: "jWI-  vices from Caracas say that six thousand rebels were defeated after* fifty hours  fighting July 2!lth and July SOth with a  loss of S00 men, the govern merit loss being :'oo."  NEW YORK. August 4.��� The biggest  ship In the world, the Celtic of tho While  Slur line, reached her dock today. This  Is lire maiden voyage of the great liner.  Time from Liverpool S clays and 10 minutes. Three hundred and forty-llru cabin  and two hundred aud sixty-eight steerage  passengers came over* on tire Celtic.  ST I-TII3NN12, August I.���The National  minors' Federation lias sent a circular  to all its members proposing a general  strike irr France for November.l.st unless  the government and the mining companies shall previously give the miners satisfaction in regard to the proposals for  an eight hour work day ami a pension of  two  francs  per day after 25 years'  work.  PARIS, jVugust ���!.���Tn the course of the  interview with i\lr. Kruger p.ublished In the  Figaro today, the ex-president of the  Transvaal said: "We h;Lve already once  proposed peace directly to Great Britain  and we will not renew the proposition.  All we are willing to give for peace is  money if Great Britain aslcs it. No price  Is too dear to obtain independence and the  right to live as a free nation."  CHICAGO, jAugust 4.���The Eucharist  congress, composed of every parish priest  in the United States, has been called to  assemble in St. Louis October lath. Cardinals iMantlnelli and Gibbons, Monsigneur  SbarrcUl, papal delegate to Canada, together with many of the leading archbishops and bishops of the country have  announced their Intention to be present.  The coming congress will be the fifth of  its kind in the  United  States.  SALTST.'l'RY, Md., jAu-^rst l.-Thrce persons were drowned while bathing yesterday afternoon at Queponce, orr Slnepux-  ent buy. They were Miss Ethel L. Phillips of Baltimore; Miss Jennie White of  AA'hitesburg, Md.; and O. G. Katclffe of  Salisbury.     The   three   unfortunates    be  came separated from tho other members  of the party and suddenly found themselves n a deeir hole. The ladies became  frightened and on finding themselves going down, grabbed Ratcllffe, who was a  good swimmer, and dragged "him with  them. They were drowned before assistance reached  them.  CARACAS, A'enes-uela, AUSiist 4.���The  Venezuelan government announces that  a force of Invaders under general Rangel  Garbias, Including 22 battalions of the  Colombian army, was repulsed by the government troops and compelled to fall back  across the frontier after 2S hours' lighting July 2Sth and'29th. _.i is officially asserted that the Invaders lost SOO men, the  government troops losing 300. The government has sent reinforcements to the  frontier.  .LONDON, August 4.���The British torpedo boat Afpcr struck a rock off the  island of Alderney In the English channel  and is a total wreck. There was no loss  of life. She was the only vessel in the  British navy fitted with turbine engines.  During her speed trials in May and June  she attained 30 1-2 knots and was pronounced capable Lof doing 31 knots. At the  itmc she was handled by an inexperienced  crew and her builders believed she would  yet attain 34 knots.  NEW YORK August 4 ��� Michael Davltt,  the Irish Nationalst who resigned his seat  in the British parliament some time ago  as a protest against the Boer war, arrived  here today on the St Paul from Southampton. He was met at the pier by a delegation from the United Irish societies and  by colonel Roger T. Scannell, treasurer,  'and John O'Callaghan of the United Irish  League of,Boston, who extended an invitation to Mr. Davltt to visit that city before he returned.  ST. JOHNS, Nfld. August 4.���The Norwegian steamer Vera from London for  Quebec, having water ballast on board,  struck on the rocks, near Renews last  night, about fifty yards south of the spot  where the ill-fated steamer Delmar went  ashore and within sight of the wreck of  the Lusitania. The A'era is in an upright  position. She stands 100 feet above the  water. All her fires aro out. Her captain  and crew got ashore at midnight- and  camped on the banks. Some of the crew  boarded the A'era again this morning. The  chances for refloating her are good  MEXICO CITY/ Au'rmst 4.���American  horses which have recently-been purchased  in considerable numbers by the government for the army, though apparently in  perfect condition on arrival have,-.'many  of then*, been attacked by a disease whieh  fir.*-t makes.Us, appearance In the form' of  a worm In the nostril. The first symptoms  aro restlessness and indifference to food,  followed by convulsions and death. The  war department will appoint a; commission': to ��� ascertain, whore tho horses became Infected,  LONDON, August 4.���The- team of British cricketers captained by B. J. T. Bosan-  t'liot who are to visit the United States,  are to sail from Southampton September  4th. They will remain in the United States  about a month, during which time they  will play, three matches In (,Philadelphia  and others In New A'ork and Baltimore,  their visit concluding, Mr. Bosanquet tclls  the Associated Press, with a possible  visit to Canada. The team Is not a very  strong one, owing to the fact that a majority of the best cricketers are going lo  Australia.  LONDON, August 4.���Tho wheat harvest of the United Kingdom has been in  full swing' for a week and the Mark Lane  Express calculates that, although the  quality is good, the yield In the most important counties will bo four quarters to  the acre against the usual flvo quarters.  Barley likewise Iscof good quality, but the  quantity Is below the average, and oats  are too thin to make a good crop. The  yield of,,English and Scotch_p.<_)tai.oi*s_wHl_  WILL BE A FIGHT TO FINISH  i <'  CONFERENCES OF THE STEEL MEN  PROVE RESTJLTLESS.  President Shaffer Says He Is Ready  for the Fray���San Francisco's  Labor Trouble.  NEW.,YOEIC August 4.'���The full executive committee of the Amalgamated  Association of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers arrived here.Saturday morning. They  .were to hold,, a conference with J. P.,  Morgan, president C.;M.��� Schwab of the  United States Steel Corporation and  other- officials of the big; trust, during  tho day. ,      A  .The steel conference held yesterday-  failed to arriA'e at an agreement. The  proposals of J..P. Morgan through president Shaffer and secretary Williams of  the Amalgamated Association one week  ago are still open, but the strikers',rep-  ��� rcsentatives showed no.inclination to  accept them. The representatives of the  strikers left the conference at which  they have failed to agree with the announcement that they Avould go' into  secret session themselves later in the  afternoon. It Avas admitted that there  might be action at that meeting Avhich.  would change the situation.  NEW YORK, August 4.���After the labor men Avent into session it was given,  out by one of their number that the  proposition made by the United States-  Steel Corporation would not be accept- ���  ed and that there would be no further  conferences betAveen the corporation._and  the Amalgamated Association unless it  should he asked for by the former. It  was also said that the Amalgamated Association representatives probably would ���  leave for Pittsburg tomorrow morning-  PITTSBURG August 4.���It is now a.   .  fight to -the bitter finish betAveen. the  great billion dollar trusts and organized  '  labor.   Mr." Shaffer says that he is ready  by  every  peaceable  means  within  his  power to win a victory.    No quarter is  to be.given and none will.be requested.  The entire"management of the strike has.  been  placd   in  the  hands  of president  Shaffer.   He has absolute power, to call  out every man Avho is connected with tho  organization  and  he  intends to do  it.  He is satisfied with the progress,of the  fight to date.   He finds-jthat none of his  battle   lines   have   been   broken. 'The  promise is made by Mr. Shaffer that the .  trust will   find   that  the   Amalgamated  Association has strong roots in many o��  its mills.  be fully up to the average, while Ireland  promises the best yield since 1S93, which  was a grand year.  BECOMING  LESS FRIENDLY  Chinese A^ain Showing Their Teeth  PEKIN, August 4.���American and European residents assert that the demeanor of the Pekin populace is constantly becoming more unfriendly and  that if the allied troops depart tlio Chinese will resume their old habit of jostling and cursing foreigii'.-rs ln the  streets. The legation defenses are now  approaching completion. Generally  speaking, they consist of brick walls  from 15 to 20 feet high and from thr.ie  to four thick, loopholed Tor rifies. The  ministers of the powers ignored tho  plan "for a uniform system oi defense  submitted by the general and consequently tho governments are working independently. It is the policy of the ministers to avoid conspicuous works of de-*  fense, lest these should prove an irritant, provoking instead of preventing  hostilities. . Most of the engineers have  recommended stronger defense than th?  ministers will sanction. Major Robertson of the Ninth infantry, v.lio commands the United States legation guard,  has written to Mr. Rockhill to protest  against what he calls "the defenseless  position of our legation," representing  that it is exposed to attack dii four  sides. Mr. Rockhill has replied that it  is not intended to maintain i, fortress,  but merely a wall for protection against  unexpected mob violence, 'me wall is  made of brick out of deferenoe to Chinese pride. The French *i.ml Italians  still remain here, The non-fulfillment  of the agreement to evacuate public  places in a fortnight causes some inconvenience to the military authorities.  Only the German barracks have been  completed. The French barraclts have  hardly been begun. The t-oops are  grumbling over being compelled to give  up comfortable quarters and to find temporary camps.   ,  AVhen a boy begins to wash his face  without being told he is passing through  the ordeal of his first love affair.  From San Francisco.  SAN FRANCISCO, August 4.���Mayor.  Phelan's efforts to effect an amicable;  settlement of labor troubles in this city,  have not yet been productive of any-  definite result. At the mayor's request,,  the City Front Federation lias agreed  to let the existing conditions remain unchanged for a short time, to give him  time to secure a final settlement off  terms of compromise from the Employers' Association. The labor council has*  given its executive power to call out  whatever unions it ; may deem neces-  sa��y_Jf_th^^ril-_e__is_not_endecl_by_to-^  night. The council has manifested a.  disposition to inaugurate a Avar of retaliation against the employers who persist in an attitude of hostility toward  the unions. The 'Longshoremen's Union  has. appointed 50 extra pickets and  adopted resolutions censuring all persons who have engaged in quarrels with-  non-union men or the police during the  strike and calling upon all union men.,  to do all in their power to preserve the>  peace.  SAN FRANCISCO, August I.���Whether the local labor trouble is to be terminated or Avhether it is to be extended  to other scenes and possibly to other  coast cities Avill probnbly be determined  tomorrow afternoon. The managers oC  the Employers' Association nro to meet  then and to decide on their final position, Only two vessels left port today,  the steamer Conemaugli for Alaska and  the steamer Santa Rosa for Southern  California.  Mountain Climbers.  BANFF, N. W. T., August 4,-Motrnt  Assiniboia, the Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies, after seven attsmpts in  as many seasons, is still uncovered.  AValter D. Wilcox of AVashington, D. C.  and Henry G. Bryant, ex-president of  the Geographical Society of Philadelphia, accompanied by two Canadian Pacific Swiss guides, were defeated in an  attempt to reach its summit, although  an altitude of 11,125 feet was attained.  This is a much higher point than has  previously been reached. Frcnz the  chief Swiss guide, says that Mount Sir  Donald, the highest of the Selkirk peaks,  is a morning walk compared to Mount  Assisiboia. Professor Fay of Tufts College, Boston, and Messrs: Scattegood and  Oitram of Philadelphia, accompanied by*  Swiss guides, succeeded in making the*  first ascent of Mount Vaux and Chancellor peak, but were defeated on Mount  Goodsir. Messrs. Charles Thompson of  Dallas, Texas. C. AV. AVecd of New York  and W. Little of Brunswick, Maine,  with Swiss guides, failed to r?p.ch the  summit of Mount Huugable. which the  guides claini will prove another Assiniboia.' The ascent of Mount Sir Donald'  was most successfully made yesterday  hy Mr. and Mrs. Berne of Ksnt, England, Mrs. Berne being the first ladjr  who has reached the summit..  ���;-->:  "fiS  >*\ w  ��� wjOULO^a tZXtf-:tS2V_r:S. wm.-u-  VA  w  \._  I ll  k  I"1  ll  , ^   ���>  ti  ll-  THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C* MONDAY; AlMtM o, 1901  (*>  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  A large consignment direct  from   the  factory  has  been received and we are enabled to   offer them  st  UNPRECEDENTED L0W.PRI0ES  ���      -i ���"     ���       -       ���-  '    ���*"���- ..-rri-.       -   n-r-n.%.     rr-.i!-*-'   ������      ���. ������  LEATHER TRUNKS       LEATHER VALISES  SUIT CASES KIT BAGS  BUREAU TRUNKS HAND BAGS  CLUB TRUNKS TELESCOPE CASES  STATEROOM TRUNKS  ALL KINDS OF TRUNKS  a  EVERY  SHAPE  AND  STYLE   IS  REPRESENTED.  to  mf ������  w  to  to  to  to  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY  BAKER STBEET, NELSON, B. C.  ^<��_s��_:��_:&:��z��:S~&&&^&�� iii  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  q\  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  croAvn prince Frederick AVilliam. Emperor AVilliam has telegraphed from  Bergen, Norway, to the senate here announcing the abandonment of his proposed visit to Hamburg, on account of  the news regarding his mother's condition, adding that he has charged the  crown prince to represent him at the  reception to field marshal count A'on  Waldersee, on his return from' China,  and thanking Hamburg for the extensive preparations made by the city,  Avhich has always boon foremost in demonstrating German patriotism.  ff0 00-0'0^Sr^S-a>S"^-^i^0  v$\xz f&xxhnnz  ,t. .j. .j..��. .5. .5..;. .;��� .j- .;- H* -J* 'b. -I* 'b *b -J** ���J*  ���b Display     advertisements     run *b  ���b regularly aviII he changed as of-' -I*  ���I- ten as rcquiicd and will be in- *���!-  ���5- seited in the Daily Tribune for -I-  ���b $4  per  inch  per  month;   if  in- -b  ���I- serted for less than a month, 25 -I*'  *i* cents per inch each insertion. -I-  *b 'b -b -b 'b 'b -b -b '  ������i- 'b *l''-b "b "b *b  The Victoria Colonist gave David E.  Bogle, the only magazine Avritcr in the  province, a free hand to Avrite a reply  to the Mine OAvners' Association Memorial. It is needless to say the Reply  logically demolishes the Memorial.  With the Le Roi Gold Mining Company as owner of the Rossland Miner  and the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company  as oAvner of the Nelson Miner, Avhat  show has any of the other daily newspapers in Kootenay for an existence?  A gold mining company and a coal mining company, both Avith millions of capital, can pour a few hundreds a month  down newspaper ratholes and never skip  a dividend by so doing.    .  CAJCH  FISH  arations  that  flics,  Nothing Is so disappointing  to the angler as to return  home after a day's fishing  with an empty creel. You  ma*/ make/ elaborate prep-  take apparently everything  is necessary, rod, line, 'reel, casts,  troll, bait, not and gaff,  but unless  Angry at the Duke.  LONDON, August 4.���In great contrast with the favorable comments elicited here by the contribution of ��5000  to the queen Victoria memorial fund by  the delegates of the New York Chamber  of Commerce who recently A'isited London, is the anger wliich the duke of Orleans' contribution of ��100 has been received. The St. James Gazette terms  the duke's action "astounding impudence," and in common Avith the Daily  Chronicle urges the lord mayor to return the contribution on account of the  part whicli the duke of Orleans took in  the caricatures of queen Victoria whicli  appeared in the Paris-newspapers. The  same paper says tho New Yorkers' gift  "emphasizes in a dignified and graceful manner the feeling Avhich we feel  sure is general in the United States."  2S> -JS ���JSft '^ v2& -J2fc ��� J2S^ \^  7?'  '00'00  00'00' 00'000' 00' 00'00  00 .00.00  ^  ���hj vtzzzzzzzz_zz__T_zzzzzzzz__z__zzzzzzz-_7Lzzxa  fix  9i  LADIES* SUNSHADES  AT HALF PRICE.  UMBRELLAS AT OUT  PRICES.  zxzzxxixzzxxzzxzzxzzzxzxxxxizxzxxxxxixxxzxf.  zxxz__xzxzxzzzzzzxzzzxia.xxxxxzxxxxxxxxxxxzxn  LACE ALLOVERS,  RIBBONS, VEILINGS,  DRESS TRIMMINGS  9\  9\  AT REDUCED PRICES,  36 Bakep Street, Nelson.  X__XXXXTXXXtXXXXmTXXXXXIXXXZXZXXTZXXXXl__Xli  toto  THISWEEK  to  9\  9\  91  We will offer during the remainder of this week special bargains in Carpets, ;��  & Rugs, Lace Curtains, Portieres, Window Shades, Table Covers. Floor Oilcloth, Lin-'"-J*.  \:��� ���   nl oniric    ni-MivYilli rUntl'ic   ctr_f_ Tiierv-f-vaiir-i  .QmnQvoc   it r.nif)fiO nc_\T����v> Viafmpcx orynoloH in "W/alcrii-M  and  they are made of the right stuff it , is  money thrown away. Vexation and often  profanity lollows AVe are careful in the selection of our fishing tackle and know  something about it, too. If you buy your  fishing tackle off us you will CATCH  FISH, but, it you don't, well perhaps you  might get a sucker.  ,   R. F. Green, M. P. P., of Kaslo, is at  ' the Coast, and it is presumed that when  he returns he Avill be minister of mines  , and an election will be on. It is said  '���that he is to have opposition; that Wil-  ''jliam MacAdams of the Sandon Pay-  <; streak or, Chris Foley of Rossland Avill  I make the race against him. Foley  A-would, undoubtedly, be a strong candi-  ', date, Avere he a resident of the riding;  . but MacAdams Avould only be wasting  ,-his time and money if lie entered the  ��� race.    ;      Legal recognition of Organized Labor  and Compulsory Aihitration are all the  planks that a good candidate needs to  have to Avin an election in any constituency in Kootenay.   The one if carried  -into effect would give Labor Unions tl.e  .���same status as incoiporated companies;  'the other would put an end to strikes,  a condition that causes; more money loss  and more hardship to communities than  ���crop���failures���and���the=presence=of=.  "horses" in ore bodies. .,,  On Wednesday of this week Bernard  McDonald Avill either be sustained or  dismissed by the directors of the companies owning . the Le Roi and other  > mines at Rossland. As the money with  Avhich the Le Roi mine Is operated is  the aggregate savings of the Avorking-  men of Canada, it is to be hoped that  the Avorkingmen of Rossland -will have  the satisfaction, on Thursday next, of  hearing that Bernard McDonald is looking for a job.  The Spokane Spokesman-Review says  " the.Canadians arc evidently asquaint-  " cd with something besides cricket and  " lacrosse. The Toronto baseball club  " leads rin the Eastern League race."  The editor of the Review must be a kid.  AVhy away hack in the sixties, Avhen the  famous Red Stocking baseball team of  Cincinnati were educating the people of  the States in .the fine points of baseball  and defeating every team they played  against, the Maple Leafs qf Gueiph, Ontario, were doing the same thing in  Canada, Baseball is as much of a national game in Canada as it is in the  United States; but Canadians are athletic sports and take an interest in  more games than one.  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  PrAxos to Rkxt. NKLSON. B. C.  to discriminate between the truth and  falsity of the statements which it contains and apt, through ignoranceoto accept AVithout question the iniere-i3es  which it draws. It has unfortunately  been indorsed by an association containing men eminent in the prolession  and practice of mining who have doubtless accepted the general principle of  making a complaint about natters  wherein legislation might improve the  conditions undor -which they work, hut  avIio have not taken the trouble to investigate the statements contained -in  this Memorial, nor to consider its actual effect. It Avould be decidrJly to  the advantage of the province and to  that of their own reputations, if gentlemen in that position were to withdraw  from an association which has destroyed  its reputation and prostituted its representative position, which remains an  instrument of evil with no longer the  possibility of accomplishing any good.  Kaslo's Pride.  Kaslo has every reason to be proud  of her flower gardens. For the size of  the town there are more flowers groAvn  here than in any other town in British  Columbia. Everybody seems to -make  a great effort to have their grounds  appear as beautiful as possible. With  the application of a little Avater the soil  around Kaslo Avill grow almost anything. Apples, plums, peaches, cherries  and all small fruits appear to groAV easily. Although there are a number of  =fruit=trees=in-town^-Avhich=are=hearing=  heavily, there is not as many as might  be, considering the ease Avith which they  are  grown.���Kaslo- Kootenaian.  Mesdames Kruger and Steyn Paid.  NEW-YORK, August 4.���General Ba-  "den-Powell asserts that Mrs. Kruger after president Kruger left South Africa  for Europe until her death had been in  receipt of ��20 a month from the British government and that she also had  the free use of a government carriage  and government horses. The dispatch  from London to the Journal and j\d-  vertiser containing this statement goes  on: "The Mafeking hero also states  that Mrs. Steyn, Avife of president Steyn,  of the lato Orange Free State, was paid  ��100 a month by the government and  likewise had the use of a Carriage and  horses." This latter statement is said  to be confirmed by a lottor from Mrs.  Steyn to a niece in Scotland, in which  she Avrote: "I never lived so eood in  my life."  Thorpe & Co. bottle it. Ironbrew.  Try II. Ironbrew.  oleums, Crumb Cloths, and Ingrain Squares, at prices never before equaled in Nelson. iA  to  9*  ecial   Lot of  FROM   EVERY  DEPARTMENT:  on Wednesday Next .to  Advises Them to Disband.  David B. Bogle says the Memorial of  the Mine Owners' Association is not a  complaint against legitimate grievances  nor an appeal for necessary reforms, but  an indictment against the province. It  Is based upon a supposed condition of  affairs Avhich does not really exist and  buttressed by an ex parte and disingenuous citation of circumstances which are  distorted from their true meaning and  unfairly applied in their real bearing.  The memorial is weak, inaccurate, disingenuous and fatuously impolitic. It  is apparently, designed to lower the credit and sully the reputation of the province among outsiders who are unable  Victim of Italian Brigands.  Italian railroads seem destined to  maintain their reputation for insecurity, and those who travel on them are  just asymuch in danger of brigands as  wero the tourists Avho in times gone by  were wont when traveling by post chaise  and by stage coach to be held up on the  banditti-infested high roads of the Italian peninsula. The latest victim of these  Italian railroad brigands is the duchess  Sophia of Bavaria, married to count  Hans Torring, daughter of that dulcc  Charles Theodore of Bavaria, who is so  famous as- an oculist, and who is the  eldest brother of the late empress of  Austria. While traveling the other'day  on the line between Milan and Genoa  she and hci* maid were suddenly seized,  bound, gagged artd blindfolded by three  well-dressed fellow occupants of the  compartment and robbed of all the valuable jewelry the duchess had Avith her.  Tho crime was not discovered until the  train' was on the point of reaching Milan, and in spite of every effort, no trace  has been found of the robbers. Duchess Sophia, Avhose sister is married to  prince Albert, the heir apparent to the  crown of Belgium, and her third sister  to the heir presumptive to the throne of  Bavaria, is a very attractive young wo-  man, who until her marriage used to  assist her father in his operations find  in nursing his patients. Her husband,  count Torring, is the chief of one of  those mediatized and formerly reigning  families who at one time exercised sovereign sway over the petty states of  Germany, and who retain a number of  royal prerogatives including that of  meeting on a footing of equality Avith  the reigning houses of Europe.  We are showing a large  variety of enamel wood  clocks ranging in price  from $7.00 to $12.00. All  8-day and half hour strike.  Also bronzes and fancy  clocks.    New styles.  BROWN BROS  *    Opticians and   Jewelers.  BAKER SritEl"T  NLLSON  ���&2***********i  *'  ���ft  ���:*******$  IH. H. PUYFORD & GO.��  MADDEN   BLOCK  NELSON".  | TOBACCO   AND   CIGAR *  91 ti*  $ MERCHANTS. $  9. !?>  'I*.   *?>    91  P. O. Box 637.  Telephone 117. $  $$���*** * *�����:**���**.** **.*.**.**.*����� *��.*��'  William's Plans.  BERLIN, August 4.���In consequence  of unsatisfactory intelligence regarding  the condition of the dowager empress  Frederick, emperor AVilliam has abandoned his intention of attending the  festivities at Bmbdcn, Cuxhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. His majesty  will probably  be   represented  by   the  REAL  ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogrustown) Fairview Addition.  Ofllce   on   Baker   street,   west  of  Stanley  Slreet, Nelson.  R. REISTERER~&Ca  BRBWKB8 AMU BOlTLBnQ O*  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prnnmt aud. roun.Hr  Brmvflry at Wslann  WEST TRANSFER GO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  Work.  Agents for Hard and. Soft Coal. Inrporlal Oil  Company. WnstirrrKton Hrlck, Limo & Matjir-  facturiri(- Company. Generul cormnororalagents  and broke'H.  All coal and wood strictly cash ou delivory.  telephone i *7.   Office 134 Balder St.  ZXXXZHZXXXZXZXZXZ.ZXX3SZZZZZXXXXZZXZXZXIX1XZ1  \ .BARGAINS IN [j  VALISES  TRUNK3        I  and -- a  TRAVELING BAGS.       ��  v.-Z_-xzzzzzzzzxzxz:ux_xzizzzzxnxzxzzTz��  J00. 00 . 00 .00 . j  ' (js***- *80- ��a> jp*';  |     LADIES'KID GLOVES |  9       50 CENTS PER.PAIR J  8           SEE OUR WASH H  KID GLOVES.  9*  9\  to.  9\  36  Baker Street  -rzzxxnzinnx  00 . 00 .00. 00  ��� \-  00. ��� 00 ���  J*  If/ ^��J.^5^S5^^i3?^5^5^-00-00\',00-00-00-j&?0��-&mw  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee Roasters  Doalers in Tea and Coffee  ************************  Wo aro oirerinf: at lowest, prices tho best  crudes of Ceylon, India, China and JaDau  Teas.  Our Best-, Mocha and Java Coffee, per  pound 9 10  Mocha and Java Blond, 3 pounds  1 00  Choice Ulcnd Colloe, 4 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Coflec, G pounds  1 00  Rio Blend Cofl'ec, 6 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ccylou Tea, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. Ol Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  FISHING TACKLE  m  w  iii  ��  li^-^_a  m  mm  '(SLr&2.CZl&l(i  m  WE HAVE THE BEST  PLIES AND   THE  BEST LEADERS MADE.  Minnows, silver and Rold and Phantoms  Silk  Lines  Landing Nets  And a splendid lino-of all Ashing requisites.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  K.-W.-C. Block.  Corner Ward and Baker Sto  HOTEL  BAKER   STREET,    NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Haat-  ed with Hot Air.  Largo comfortable bedrooms and first-  class dining room. Sample rooms for commercial  men.  RATES S2 PER DAY  rs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  Late of the Royal Hotel, Calgary ;  Madden House  Baker and Ward  Streets,   Nolson.  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained under one management since 1S90.  The bed-rooms arc well furnished and  lighted by electricity.  The bar is always stocked by the best  domestic and Imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  LOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. McMANNUS, Manager.  #  & CALDWELL  PROVISIONS  AND   PRODUCE.  OUR LEADERS���  The well-krown Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packages and 1-ponnd bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  .?. * .5. .j. * .j. .*;. + .!. .j. + .j. .t. .j. .t..t  Trades Union and Fraternal  Society Notices of regular meetings will be charged 25 cents a  line per month,. No notice accepted for less than ��1 per mouth.  -b'b -b'b-b -b-b ********.*;.  *  -b  *  ���b  -b  *  w  Baker Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  m  ���e=>'(3-(_  TRADES AND LABOR UNIONS.  JMINl'-HS' UNION. NO. 9��r\vTT?ToinU^  Meets in Miners' Union Ilall, northwest  corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday,, eveniir-*: at t; o'clock. Visiiintj  members welcome. M. R. Mowat, presr-  dent; James WilKs, secretary. Union scalo  of wages l'or Nelson district per .shift: Machine men !*3.50, hammersmeu ifo.S, muckers, carmen, shovelers, and other underground laborers $i).   ���  '���' LAUNDRY AyORICliRS' UNION?���  Meets at Miners' Union Hall on four'-'-'  Monday in every month at 7:110 o'clock }>.  'm. B. -Pape,V president; A. XV. MclA-o, secretary.'  CARPENTERS' UNION MEETS WED-  nesday evening of each week at 7 o'clock,  in Miners' Union 1-lall. O. J. Claviorr,  president; Alex.  B.  Murray;  secretary.  BARBERS' UNION, NO. 1911, OP THE  .International Journeymen Barbers' Union  of America, meets lirst and third Mondays  of each month in Miners' Union HaU at  a-XiO sharp. Visiting members invited. R.  McMahon, president; J. H. Matheson, secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  socretary. ������.���������-  4>.*~  ���**' t^ _&>_..B(fi_y_-i(_''_  ���'A.M'-h  :m  v. -i^m  'Su,-.  "slral^^^i^w**  ���*���{**' ���%  .������Ar.*^."vf*f&ir\* V^M^  -tv^, .s.,^��,4_.J.\. ^'{/   " iX^.yit  ^���*.*��*>  iHt.   ^TJ^rHvSft\-Vj-  < �����'**^'*iVii.*Va1-''i>'' - .        , ���  i^.-..  ��UJmJ.^��JS'',  -  ^4"K?��^ ~ /'^-.���i'^��i!��J'?!fi:,  PAINTERS' UNION MEET THE FIRST  and third Fridays in each month at .Miners' Union Ilall at 7:30 sharp.- Walter R.  Keo, president; Henry Bennett, secretary.  .PLASTERERS' UNION MEETS EVERY  Monday evening in the Elliot Block, at S  o'clock. J. D. Moycr, president; William  Vice, secretary. P. O. Box llil.  ~       FRATERNAL SOCIETIES.  NELSON.LODGE,-"NO.-23.", A. F. &  A. M. meets second V\'ednesday In  each month. Sojourning brethren  invited.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER  No. 123, G. R. C���Meets third Wednesdav.  Sojourning companions invited. Georsro  Johnstone,  JS.;  E.  W.  Matthews,  S.   13.  NELSON AERIE, NO. 22 P.' O. E.~  Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of  each month at '��� Fraternity ��� Hull. Georgo  Bartlett, president; J. V. Morrison, secretary.  KOOTENAY TENT NO. 7,'lv. O..T. M.���  "Regular-meetings-first~and���thira_Thurs~  days of oach month. Visiting Sir Knights  are cordially invited to attend. Dr. W.  Rose, R. K.-..A. W. Purdy, Com.; G. A.  Brown, P. C.  ���USE  T  321 TO 331 BAKKR STRKKT, NELSON  MEALS 25 DENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated oy St?am 25 Cents to $1  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLANS  Bar stocked with best brands of wines,  liquors, and cigars. Beer on draught. Large  comfortable rooms. First class table board.  . P. TIERNEY  Telephone 2G5.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:  Two Doors West C. P. R. Offices  abthurHb^  MERCHANT  TAILOR.  NO    219   BAKER   STBEET,   NELSON.  BOOTS!       BOOTS!       BOOTS!  For a few days only we will hold,a slaughtering  discount sale of boots and shoes.  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  DISSOLUTION OP CO-PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT THE' Copartnership hitherto existing between the  undersigned by the style of Lee & Burnett,  as green grocers, has this day been dissolved by tho retirement of Harry Burnett, who has transferred to Herbert F. Lee  all his interest in the business, assets,  good will and book accounts.  All persons indebted to the said partnership aro horeby requested to make payment to tlv.i said Herbert F. Lee, who has  assumed and will pay the l.'ixbillti-ss of tho  pamnership, and who will continue the.  partnership  business.  ! HERBERT   F.   LEE,  l H.   BURNETT. -  Witness: R. A.  CREECH.  Nelson, B. C��� July loth, 1901.  DISSOLUTION  OP COPARTNERSHIP.  NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT THE Copartnership existing betwoco the undersigned, doing business as hotelkeepers at  the town of Erie, B. C, is dissolved. All  debts owing by the firm will be paid by-  David Church, who will also collect aU  debts due the firm.  Dated at Erie, B. C, this 17th dav of  July, 190.1. DAVID J. BROWN,  DAVID CHURCH.  Large stock of hlr-h-claBB Imported Hoods. A  ppuciuity of the square shoulder���tho latoal  fashion ln <��mt��*  TKEMONT HOTJUIi BLOCK.  IN HALF GALLONS, QUARTS AND PINTS.  WE ALSO HAVE ALL KINDS OF FRUIT.  CERTIFICATE   OF  IMPROVEMENTS.  Tiger, Kitchener and Last Chance mineral claims, situate in the Nelson mining  division of West Kootenay district. Where  located: On Morning mountain on the east  side of Sandy creek about one mile from  the Kootenay river. Take notice, that I,  R. Smith, free miner's certificate 55,7G2b,  acting as agent for A. Thorn, free miner's  certificate 55,670b, Henry E. Hammond,  free miner's certificate 55,Glil)bi and An-  nandale D. Grieve, free miner's certificate  55,(i6Sb, intend sixty davs from the dato  hereof to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a. crown grant of'the  above claim. And further take notice that  action, under section 37, i:iu?t bo commenced before the issuance of such certillcate of improvements. R.  SMITH.  Dated this 25th day of July, A. Tj. 1901.  Ho as ton Block, Baker Stroet.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Box 176  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  CERTIFICATE   OP   IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.���THE CHAMPION MINERAL  claim, situate in the Nelson mining division of West Kootenay district. Where  located: On Forty-nine creek about 200  yards from hydraulic dam. Take notice  tliat I, E. W. Matthews, acting as agent  for Henry Samuel Crotty, free miner's  certillcate No. b-19,970, intend/ sixty days  from the dato hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a .  crown grant . of the above claim. AnC*  further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the is- -  suance of such certificate of improvements..  Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. 190L' ���������������-���'������j^'-'^*--^?^  ^}trOfQIQ>0iSB*Mjt  a^**nrr*ir*niriH*��wriTtr!*nT^^ (  TEffi T^BUi-IEi J^ELSOK, k C., Mfi^DAY, AtfGTJST o, 1901  .���gf'ftfi'&i  ,BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid np....$12,000,000.00  REST ....    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PKOPITS       427,180.80  Ijord Strathoona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drunmioud Vico-Presidont  K. S. CloiMton ...Oeneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Hranohes In London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all tho prinoipal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issuod, Collodions Made, Eto.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  ���      ���      ���      S8.000.000  -      -      -   $2,000,000  ACGRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Geo. A, Cox,  President,  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OF INTKRKST PAID.  REPORT IS SATISFACTORY  ANNUAL MEETING OF LONDON &  B. C. GOLDFIELDS.  Has the Best Showing of Any British  Company Operating in the Prov- ���  ince of British Columbia.  Robt. Kllgour.         Vice-President.  London Office, 60 Lombard Street. B. O.  Mew York   Office, 1Q   Exchange   Place.  and Oi Branches in Canada and the  United States. ������     ������  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed  on  deposits.    Present rate  threo per cont.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Managor Nelson Branch.  IMPERIAL BAM  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  two strong veins of high grade J-uive  recently been opened up, wliich, it is  believed, will entirely restore the company's original position, and greatly enhance the value of the interest held by  the London and British Columbia Qold-  fields Company, which remains., the  same as when last reported.  The Kettle River Power Company  has been formed to carry out and develop the: concession of the provincial.  Cascade Company for utilizing the Cascade falls of the. Kettle river for the  purpose   of   generating and  supplying  Capital        -       -       S2.500.000  Rest       -       -       -    $1,850,000  H. S. HOWLA.ND President.  U. It. WILKIE Ueneral Manager.  K. HAY. Inspector.  SAVINCS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THE   CURRENT   RATE   OF   INTEREST  ALLOWED.  The report which the directors of the  London and British Columbia Goldfields  presented to their shareholders at their  last annual meeting .comprises much  more pleasant reading than most of the  reports which find their way to the  people who put up the cash for the  development of mining properties acquired in this province by British companies. The subject matter of the report is contained in the following:  ������'���������������.     THE YMIR MINES. - / 0  One of the company's principal assets  J; Is still represented by shares in this company, the enhanced value of wliich is  fully demonstrated by that company's  improved position and the large profits  now being made from month to month.  During 1*00 extra stamps and other machinery have been : installed, whereby  the revenue earning capacity of the mine  lias been more than doubled. The cost  of this machinery; etc., was entirely met  "but of;the profits of that year..::Orere-  iserves'have been blocked out for a depth  'of about 400 feet, and the vein sunk on  for a' further depth of 200 feet or more,  |- where it was found to carrv similar  widths and values to that above.  A tunnel is'also being driven for the  purpose of. working the mine at a depth  vof ��� 1000 feet below the surface, -and - is  ; expected to be completed by the end of  ���this year. "  ������',.. The present, operating profits amount  to about  ��5000 per month.  Practical bulk experiments have also  taken place .proving the 'suitability  of  cyanide to the treatment of the tailings,'  from which a further monthly profit of  nearly ��1500 is expected.   ': ...  The   London   and   British  ''Columbia,  i j    'Goldfields  Company's .. share-hoi:liug  in  this   company   is   a   considerable   one,,  ���forming a valuable asset which 1 ho di-  xectors are anxious to, as tar as pessi-  ."ible, retain..  '       THE  WHITEWATER  MINES.'  The London and British Columbia  Goldfields Company's share iuwrest in  this mine remains practically lire' same  as at the end of 1S99.     '. \  The miners' strike did not terminate  until February, 1900, and as some cUfli-  culty was then experienced in getting  a suitable labor force together, it n;,3  not Until somewhat later that the mine  -was able to resume shipments, v-lv-ch,  liowever, were again suspended at The  ���end of last year owing to tho action of  i=^he=vAmericaa=Smelter=Coml*inatiouHn*  refusing to renew their contracts for  dealing with the silver lead ores in  the- district.  This latter circumstance was uinr-  tunate, occurring as it did just at the  time when the mine had' commenced  to pay dividends, which, from the appearance of the developments then being carried out, gave every promise of  continuance.  From these and more recent developments our engineers report the mine as  looking far better than it has done for  a long period previously.  Under these latter circumstances, and  in view of the assistance recently granted to the local silver lead smelters by  tho Canadian government, your directors look forward to an early settlement  of the question and a resumption of  shipments which it is believed would  soon put the company again in a dividend-paying position.  THE ENTERPRISE (B. C.) MINES.  At this mine also the miners' strike  prevented work from being carried t.n  until about tile end of February, 1900,  when a sufficient labor force was procured and mining operations were commenced as soon as possible.  These operations soon revealed the  fact that it was not practicable to handle and separate the ore by means of  hand sorting without undue expense and  considerable loss and consequently steps  were taken for the erection of a suita-  Trte concentrator for the mechanical  treatment of the ore, pending which  only small shipments have been made  and work principally confined to the  further development of the mine.  These developments have been satis  factory in largely adding to the ore reserves previously opened up.  The shares held by the London and  IZ British Columbia Goldfields Company in  this company remain practically the  same as when last reported.  THE   RUTH  MINES.  It will be remembered that the prin-  \.   cipal  vein on this  property which in  the early history of the mine produced  [:   such large quantities of rich ore  ���*  cut off by a huge fault, and appeared to  I   he    lost    altogether.    A    considerable  amount of development work has since  '.'' been  carried out for the double purpose of again finding the vein, and in  [:' looMng for others,, -with the result thai I  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  000 added to the burden of England,  and it means all the possibilities of the  year in the way of foreign complications. 7 Who knows what may happen  before July, 1902? The Morocco and  Newfoundland questions may at any  moment briTig the English face to face  with France; the Nicaragua and Alaska  anestions are full of perilous possibili-.  ties; those who know India best are  most anxious as to the trend of affairs  in that part of the world. These clouds  may pass away, as many another has  w_. a     ~_j.j-.��� ���    passed away���and they'may not.    The  electricity   for   power" to   the   towns^ j. Boer leaders  see  them,  and they are  ���mirinc  omoito��� nn/i r,*-v,Q^ ,,���,1 ���,.��-���i,;��������� t cheered by them, for they rightly hold  mines, smelters and other undertakings  within a radius of 40: miles of Grand  Forks, city. Within this area are contained the Rossland and Boundary districts, already-the most important mining districts of British Columbia.  The advancement of the Boundary  district has recently been so appreciable  that it is confidently expected that that  district alone will require more power  than the Kettle river power undertaking will be able to supply when developed to its full capacity.  Owing to causes over wliich your administration could have no control, it  became quite impossiblt during the, last,  year to realize the company's share assets except at a large sacrifice, which  your directors did not feel it would be  to^the interests of the company to do,  and consequently the.cash profit on  shares sold amounted "to only ��9517  19s. 9d., wliich, after meeting general  administration and other expenditure,  gave a net balance of ��3012 19s. lOd.  -���The policy adopted by the Ymir company in putting its largo profits into the  mine instead of distributing same as  dividendsJalso had an unfavorable effect  upon the profit and loss account herewith presented; as otherwise by its large  holding the London and British Columbia Goldfields Company would have  been entitled! to some ��12,000 from that  .source alone; which, with the balance of  ;��3012 19s. 10d., would have been sufficient for a-' 10 per cent cash dividend  on the capital of the London and British Columbia Goldfields Company.  The mining claims and options which  appear at ��6766 lis. lOd. are takea at  their actual cost, notwithstanding tliat  included in these: are the Alma claims  adjoining tlie Ymir.  Having regard to these valuations,  and to the fact* that the company's very  large interest in the Kettle River Power  Company also appears at the actual  amount expended upon it, the directors  think the shareholders will agree that  they have dealt with the valuation of  assets on a very conservative basis, the  benefit of which policy will be felt at an  early date.  GOSSIP OF THE CONTINENT  'Max O'Rell in New York Journal.  The deep mourning period for the late  queen Victoria is over and half mourning will continue for six months.  The German emperor is growing a  beard again and allowing his mustache  to droop, instead of aiming at his eyes.  As the face of a monarch belongs to  history, J*usts jwill^haye^ to Jbe^made^  a la Janus, a "double face, back to back,  one with a beard and one without, so  that posterity may know how William  [I looked. Happy German people, who  have not to be concerned about more  sensational news than; that!  The tuberculosis congress over, the  members will be received by king Edward. Dr. Brouardel, the great French  specialist, declares that spitting in the  streets sets free the dangerous germs  of consumption. This made such an impression that parliament will pass a law  to prohibit spitting if police notices are  not effective. The cuspidor is a source  of great danger to the community.  Americans will hear this and take it to  heart.  a     *     e  General French, tho best cavalry leader and most useful Engnsn officer serving in South Africa, was lately sent  from the Transvaal to the Cape. What  Englishmen do not know or even realize is that the rebellion in Cape Colony  is assuming most alarming proportions,  and the hanging of rebels will only  have on their friends the effect which  the burning of farms had on the Boers  ���make them desperate, increase their  numbers and their activity. Things  look really bad. I am assured that the  king is sick of the whole thing, and  well he may be!  ���__     a     a    .  Kubelik, the marvelous young violinist that Charles Frohman has engaged  for the next season at $1000 for a performance, says English women make  ���him nervous. He wishes they were  more dignified. He has been mobbed  by enthusiastic females, like Paderew-  ski; he has been adored and hates it.  American ladies, please note. Personally, I have always maintained that the  so-much vaunted modesty of Anglo-  Saxon women is much exaggerated. So  think all the stars of the operatic stage  and concert platform, who, when they  return.home to France or Italy boast  of successes which have nothing to do  with their art, and which ought to put  English and American women on their  guard and make them very careful in  their dealings with them.  a     *     a  The Boers declare they can hold out  another year, and everybody believes  it.  Another year of war means $600,000,- i  that, with another war upon her hands,  Great Britain would have to loosen her  grip upon the two South African republics, and perhaps even leathern go.  The famous mammoth Vuniced" in Siberia is on itsvway, to St. Petersburg.  Its size is more than three times that  ���of a full grown elephant. Its hair, skin  and flesh are absolutely preserved, and  there are remains of undigested food in  its,stomach. This is a wonderful find,  as the mammoth must have lived  five or six thousand years ago. Of, course  there are still existine- today restaurants  that supply food which would take longer than that to digest. It was not so  many months ago. that a sarcophagus,  with a Rameses in, it, was discovered  in some excavation made; in the neigh-  I borhoodof Memphis, Egypt (not Tennessee). In the sarcophagus was found  some bread in an almost perfect state  ���of preservation. People who wondered,  at it evidently never had tasted the  sandwiches that are dispensed in English railroad depots.  Professor Gerhardt, a famous Berlin  physician, has delivered a very Interest-"  ing lecture on the duration of life. He  stated that' far fewer persons lose their  health through overwork than from the  enjoyment of the good things of life.  .He might have mentioned Gladstone and  Littre, undoubtedly the two men who  ���worked most hard in life. They died  at 88 and 90. Of all followers who learned professions, he says, the evangelical  clergyman has the greatest prospect of  long life. He,advocates early marriage,  and a strict time.table. Alcohol and  tobacco are poisons and calculated to  shorten life; their very moderate use,'  however, has no serious effects.-v Affluence, vwriti plenty of work, is excellent,  but affluence combined with ease curtails  life." The lecturer concluded by saying  that the greatest aids to the attainment  of'old age are moderation1 in all things  and plenty of 'occupation.; He should  have added, and an amiable philosophy  and a happy disposition.  Does not  contain any  harmful .ingredients. Ironbrew. ���'���������.' * ;.-  *  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  '���>     Windows  Inside Finish  -inrovl anil nn����h.,7.   Flooring  local and ooast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles.  Roughand  Dressed Lumber  of aU kinds.  I* WHAT YOU WANT IB NOT Ilf RTOOK  WK WILL MA KB IT FOB TOO  CALL AND 08T PKK SB,  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STBKBT8, WBL30F;,  R. B. RE I LEY  b'lXXKSSORTO H. D.  ASHCROFT.  BLACKSMITHS   AND    WOOD   WORIW*  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Special attention given to all kinds of  repairing and custom work from outside'  points. Heavy bolts made to order or.  short notioe.  ti  BRANDY  99  DE LAAGE FILS & CO. XXX COGNAC"  possesses a delicious bouquet.  DE  LAAGE  FIIjS  &  CO.   XXXX COG-  nac is mellowed by its great age and  is-  \  recommended to connoiseurs, and for medicinal purposes. '  SCOTCH WHISKIES.  .Agency with Full Stocks at Victoria for  THtr,   DISTILLERS'   COMPANY.   TjTD.,.  i  Edinburgh,   the   largest   holders   ln   the  world of Scotch whiskies.  THE CALEDONIAN LIQUER SCOTCH:  Whiskey is ono ot their leaders. Try tt.  E. P. RITHET & 00., Ltd.,  Victoria,   B.   C.  A. B. Gray, P. O. Box G21, Nelson, B. C.   |  Kootenay Representative.,  m  9\  9\  to  toto.  to  toto  to  to  Established In Nelson 1890.  TIME TELLS A STORY  ���^�����,.v��..'Bf*��;  7��rV  to  to  Kor more llian ton years the goods of Jacob Dover havo boon mn.de on honor, and Bold nn merit. Onr linn today Is larger  and bottor than bofore. Orrr stock of Diamonda and Precious Stories la tho largest In the Kootonays. Wo solicit your patron-  aao. By buj Ing from mo you will Bavo -20 per cont on oach dollar, and you will be gutting quality as well as quantity, as I guarantee all goods bought from mo.  OUR WATCHMAKING AND JEWELRY DEPARTMENT HAS NO EQUAL IN B.C.  JACOB  DOVER,  THE JEWELER  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  9)  %  m^L^^ri 0^f ��� 0^ ���^0' ��� 00 9 ^_\0 ��� 0^0 * 0K0 % ^^0 ��� 00 �� 00 ��� 00 �� 00 *^K0% ^0*0 ��� 0 *  ��   ��� |9^ ^r^r^ ^rfc** 4r,Mr^' 4^^ <_\W\\_* ^rftP   ^^^ ^_^^ ^Bp^ 49^ ^t_t& ^r^r^" ^^^ ^P^^Or^- -^  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Mai  and  re  ���^.*^!^^2fc^2i!.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  orders receive our prompt j f$X  careful attention. Our prices I j**  always right. I   "?"���  wl _,. t -.i.^.  ^��^��^>'^��^��^-^'^��^��^.^.^.^.^.>*ri*rrt ^-'0f  ^'^��00'00'00.'^^^0^00'^^S'^0'0^'^^^^^^0^0'  500 MM WANTED  On the construction of the Arrowhead &  Kootenay railway lnthe Lardo district.  HIGHEST WAGESI PAID  In 'order to secure men without delay  ordinary labor will be paid $2.25 per day'  and axemen $2.50 per day.  GOOD STATION WORK  CAN BE SECURED.  For   further   particulars   apply   to   the  Nelson  Employment - Agencies or to  CARLSON & PORTER  OO ������ TRACTORS.  G. M. FARLEIGH,  Specialist.  Also Inventor of Apparatus for.Reiief and  Cure of Deformities of the  Human Form.  SEE IY|r U\TEST  INVENTION ...  Head Office:  Vanoouver, B, C.  RUPTURE  Four yeArs in British Columbia, during  which time a great many ruptured people  have been cured by my patented appliances. Send for testimonials!  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:  My Hernia support nas cured a much  larger percmtairc of ruptured people than.  Any otner Tru,s or injection in America.  I can prove it. Every appliance I adjust I  keep in good repair, free of charge while  it is necessarily in use. Every appliance  is constructed and adjusted especially to  suit each case. I have been granted moro  patents for improvements upon trusses  than any man h. Canada. ,  No matter how hard the rupture or  how hard to hold, I will pay your fare  both ways if you can force it down in any  pnsltlon with my new Retainer on. Size  or age immaterial. Infants, children and  adults.  OFFICE: BAKER STREET WEST, NELSON, B. C. TELEPHONE NO, 219.   P. 0. BOX 688.   2*  * *    ���  IPRBLE, BUILDING STONE,  BRIGMND LIN|E .....  The   Mansfield    Manufacturing������ Company  have the above mentioned building materials  for sale at, reasonable prices.    Special quota-.  tions   to   builders   and contractors for large  orders.  ORDERS BY MAIL PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  rang  c o uyc JP-A- asrs"  OFFICE:    BAKER STREET WEST, (NELSOrS, B. C. TELEPHONE NO. 218.    P. 0. BOX 688.  P. Burns & Co.  Hrad Offick at  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Mftrketa at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,   Silverton, Ne*��  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferj-.Tison Grand  Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ATjL kinds of  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLKSAIjE AND IIKTAIIj  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. C BLOCK  WAED STREET  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OIIDKRS BY HUH, rU<:CFIVK PROMPT ATTENTION-.  FOR   LADIES   ONLY.  I have the privilege of referring- you to  some most reliable ladles who have been  cured by my appliances, resident in yie-  toria, Vancouver and Nanaimo.  Numbers of my Canadian patents: January 10, 1S.3S7, 23.7BD, 2-1,908, 20,21-1; July  5, 1S95, 49.SS7.  AT HUME HOTEL, NELSON,  August 10th to 15tl-.  OFFICE:    ROOM   4.  Ofllce Hours: 9 a. m. to 12 m., l p. -rn. to  6 p.n<., and 7 p. m. to 9 p. m, .  ROSSLAND   EIVailNEERIINQ   WORKS  CUNL.IFFB  &  MelttlLLAN  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORB OARS, skips, cngep, ore bin dooro, chute* nnd Kcncrn.1 wrought iron work.    Our oro curs nxo  the boHl, orr th��- market    Write ns for references nnd fnll pnrticu arH.  SKCOND HAND MAUI, INKHY FOR SALIC- Ono 6-foot Helioir wntcrwhecl, width GOO feet, "8 to 16"  i-pinal riveted pipe.   Ono 10x5x1*5 outside pricked plunger kinking pump.    Kock drilla, stoping  ban), &c, &c.  AGENTS NORDHEY PUMPS. STOCK  CARRIED.  P.  O.   Box   198. THIRD   AVENUE,   ROSSLAND.  TELEPHONE 39.  P. O. BOX 527.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills  CHARLES HILLYER, President. n  HARRY HOUSTON, Secretary.  Hr.ve jrrst r ccelvcd 3,0"0,000 feet of log1* fronr Idaho, and wo aro prepared to out tho largest bills  of timber of any n irncnsi'ms or lengths. Kstirua.es given at any time. The largest stock of sash,  doors, and mouldings in Kootenay.  COAST LUMBER OF ALL KINDS ON HAND  OFFICK AND YARDS:   COHNKR HAU, AND FRONT STREETS.  BOOK BINDING  SPECIAL HULED BL/\NK BOOKS  SPECIAL RULfD FORMS  AT THB BINDERY DBPARTBNT OF  THE TRIBUNE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED,  BURNS BLOOK. NELSON.  E.   K.   STRACHAN,   PLUMBER  [Sueeessor  to   Strachan Bros.]  Havinp; bought ont my brother's share of the business, I am still[at the  old stand and continuing to do first-class work and will guarantee satisfaction in all brancnes of plumbing.  A3 I  -b *b * 'b -b *b -b *b + + *jJ-"4"v>*4- + + *  ���b All Dominion government,,pro- *b  *b vincial government, and legal ad- > *  ���b vertisements. such as sheriff's *  ���b sales, etc., will be charged ONE ���  ���b CENT A WORD for the flrst in- *  -I- sertion and ONE-HALF CENT ���*���  ���b A WORD for each consecutive ���  ���b   subsequent insertion. *\*  ���b -b -b *b "b "b *2- -b *b *2- -f -b -b -j- ���!- >J- 4�� ���%���  &9  NOTICE.  CANCELLATION     OF*    RKSKRVATION  KOOTKNAY  DISTRICT.  Notice ib heieby ghen that the reservation placed on that particular parcel otr  land, which may be described as commencing at the no,-chea3t corner of Township  l-u./ i^rgnt A, Kootenay district, which is s  also the nortnoas-t corner of blcck 12,  granted to the Nelson & Fort Sheppard  Railway Company by ciown grant dated  <Sth Maich, li>95, thence due east 16 miles;  thence due south to the international boundary, thence duo wost aloi.g said boundary  10 miles, thcncemoith to tho place of commencement, notice whereof was published  in the British Columbia Gazette, and dated  7th May, 1S0(j, Is hereby rescinded.  ��� AV   S   GORE.  Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.  Lands and Works Department.  Victoria, B   C , 2Jrd May, 1901.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER.  To Heibert CuLhbcrt or to any person or  pei sons to whom he mav have nana- ���  ferred his interest in tlie Blend mineial  claim, situate on the west fork of Rover  creek, ir. the Nelson mjning division of  West Kootenay district,' and recorded in  ' the lecordet's olllce tor the Nelson mln-  U_k  dhislon  You and each of you are hereby notified  that we have expended four hundred and  eleven dollars in laboi and improvement-*  upon the above mentioned mineral claim  in order to hold said mineral claim under  thp piovisions of the Mineral Act, and rf  within ninetv davs ot uie date of this  notice you ij.il or refuse to contiibute -\our  portion of suoh expenditures together with  all costs of ad\ei tlslrijj your interest rn  said claims will become i,re property of the  subscribers, under section 4 of an act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral Act,  1900."  FRANK    FLETCHER,  J    j    MALONE.  IT.    O     NERLAND1-!.  E   T   H   SIMPKINS  Dated at Nel**on this ird day of June  1101  LIQUOR LICENCE TRANSFER  NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR  Tl'ANSb'Ul* OF RETAIL LIQUO.R LICENSE���Notice is horeby given that w  intend to apply at tlie next slttlnp of the  boaid of license commrssioners for thi  City of Nelson for the transfer of the ro-  tall liquor* hcense now hold bv us for th1*  premlses known as tho 'Olllce" saloon,  situate on lot 7 in blook 9, sub-division of  lot 93, Ward stteet, in the said Citv of  Nclsorr, to William Robertson Thomson  and Charles C   Clark ot tho -^lfd city  .TAMES   NE15LANDS,  S    E    KMERSON  Witness:  CHAS   R   McDONALD  Dated -it  Vtlson, B   C,  thi-j 2nd day of  August, 1901  NOTICE  OF  ASSIGNMENT.  Notice-is_lieTeby-gIvcn that-George m;  Fronk, ot tho cily ot Nelson, in the piovince ot Bntish Columbia, meichant,  carrjins on business oir Baker street in the  said citv of Nelson has by deed bearniK  date llth day ot July, 1901, assigned all  his real and per sorral property except as i  therein mentioned to A. P Hay of the city  of Nelson, in the piovince of British Columbia, accountant, in trust for the purpose of p tying and satlsfving rateably and  proportionately arrd without preference or  priority the creditors of the said Georgo  M. Fronk  The said deed was executed bv tbe said  George M Fronk and the said A I'. ll��iv  on the llth day of July, 1901, and the said  A. P. Hay has undertaken the trust cie-  atod hy tho siid flood  - All persons havins: claims against the  said George M Fronk aro required to foi-  ward to the said A P Hav, Nelson, B C ,  particulars of their claims, duly veiilled,  on or bofore tli" r,lh dav  of August, *901.  All persons Indebted to the said Georgo  M. Fionk are lenuited to pay the amount  due by them to the said trustee forthwith.  And notice is heieby given that after tho  15th day ot August. 1901. tho trustee wlli  proceed to d'strihute the as,cts of the estate among thu tinrties entltl��d thereto,  having leirard only to tho claims which  the said tiustco shall then have had  notice  And further take notice that a mooting of the cicditois will be held at the offices of the urrder signed on the 20th dav of  July, 1901, at 10 o'clock a. m , foi the giving of directions with reference to the disposal of tho estate  GALLTIIKR &. WILSON.  Solicitors for TruMee.  K  W   C   Block, Baxor Street, Nelson.  Dated this llth day of Jul>, 1901.  (No. 17S.)  CERTIFICATE  '  OF TUB  REGISTRATION  OF  AN  EXTRA  l'KOVIMCIAIi COMPANY. COM-  I'ANIltS AOT. IS1-?.  I hereby cortify that thn "German Mining and  Milling Company" has this day been registered  ns an Kxtra Provincial Company, under the  "Companies Act. 1897," to carry out or effect all  or any of tho objects hereinafter set forth to  which tho legislative authority of tho Legislature of British Columbia extends.   . .  Tho head olllco of the Company is situntein  the City of Tacoma, Stato of Washington,  U.S.A.  The amount of the capital of tho Company is  one hundred thousand dollars, divided into one  hundred thorn-arid shares of one dollar ettcn.  ���i he head olllco of Iho Company in this Province in situato at Nelson, arrd Richard Pane. Labourer, whoso address is Nelson aforesaid, is tho  attorney for tho Company.  The timo of the existonoe of tho Company is  fifty years.  Givon under my hand nnd s^al nf offlco nb  Victoria, Provinco of British ColnniWa, this lnih  day of June, ono thousand  niuo hundred and  0n[L. s.J S. Y. WOOTTON  Registrar of Joint Companies.  Tho objocts for which tho Company has been  established are thoso set ont irr tho Certificate of  Registration granted to the Company on the 1st  Fobruary, 1899, and which apppars in tho Britiab  Columbia Gazette ou the 18th Fobruary, 1897.  7'(  -v. ^5' j  '>>.,_&  . V4J  ���i   1  i' >J ��� |  'tf ll  it  ,'U.*. i  \ttWil  f4._  II!  il>��  m '*"--��*w:CW.W'^^  Kc.n-V&!?KV*0M*0>*!LrtB. rt  THE TEIBUKE: NELSON, B C, MONDAY, AUGUST'S, 1901  WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED  Two  Furniture  DUST IS WHAT MAKES YOUR CLOTHES APPEAR  SHABBY AOT RUSTY.  WE ARE   OFFERINC   THIS  WEEK THE  BEST   DUST  REMOVER  TO  BE  FOUND  IN  THE Sh^PE   OF A  LAUCE ASSORTMENT OF  WHISK BROOMS AT 25 CENTS EACH  TELEPHONE 27  si.   :B"3r:Ei:e,{s so oo  PAINTS, OIIS A.ND GLASS.  CONSISTING OF  IRON BEDS  RATTAN  GOODS  UPHOLSTERED  GOODS  atmzr  TABLES  CHAIRS  DES^S  MATTRESSES  BRASS BEDS  IRON BEDS       .  CHILDREN'S COTS  FOLDING BEDS  ' BABY CARRIAGES  GO CARTS     ,  HIGH  CHAIRS  CRADLES  ARM CHAIRS  RECEPTION CHAIRS  MUSIC STANDS  VERANDA CHAIRS  PARLOR SUITES     '  COUCHES ,.  DAVENPORTS  LOUNGES  MORRIS CHAIRS ���  WIRE BACK CHAIRS  LEATHER GOODS.  v  EXTENSION TABLES  KITCHEN TABLES  LIBRARY TABLES  CENTER TABLES  HALL TABLES  DINING ROOM CHAIRS  HALL CHAIRS  KITCHEN CHAIRS  OFFICE CHAIRS  BAR CHAIRS  TILTING CHAIRS  ^GH^eHAJRS-  VERANDA CHAIRS  ROOKING CHAIRS  COMMODE CHAIRS  ROLL TOP DESKS  FLAT TOP DESKS  TYPEWRITER. DESKS  COMBINATION DESKS  HAIR MATTRESSES  MOSS MATTRESSES  WOOL MATTRESSES  FIBRE MATTRESSES  EXCELSIOR MATTRESSES  These properly used will remove the dust and make your clothes  appear bright and new. If you want something better we have  clothes brushes from 75 cents to $5.00.   .  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA   BLOCK NELSON,   B. C.  REFRIGERATORS        HAMMOCKS  w_mt^m.___._Mv___i____w_i<H,_viwivr_s_^^  GARDEN   TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  POULTRY NETTING  Store, Corner Baker and Joseplrino Sis  RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE.  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder   Company    and   Truax   Automatic   Ore   Cars.  JSTZELSOILT  STORES   AT  EZASLO  S^ZtTZDOlS"  FOR THE BALANCE OF THE SEASON WE ARE  OFFERING THESE LINES AT COST.  LAWRENCE    HARDWARE   OO.  Importers and Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  NOW WHILE THE WEATHER IS HOT THE BUSY HOUSEWIFE SHOULD USE  present trackmen's strike is over 7 Mr.  Gutelius will leave for Montreal to take  up his new duties as consulting engineer  for the Canadian Pacifrc, and Mr. Freeman Hake will be. employed in his oflice.  E. Mansfield will ijleave for England on  Tuesday.  PAID  LOCALS.  Nelson    Hotol    Bar.    Don't    forget   the  "Strathcona   Horse   Punch."    On,   today.  Try it.  Is a tonic and food as well as a beverage.  Ironbrew.  Canned Fruits and Fish. They are as good as  the best home**-made preserves. Have a tin  on your next order..  Wm.   Hunter   &  Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  Neither Strong nor Sensible.  The Silverton Silvertonian says that if  the chief commissioner of lands and  works, whose name is "Wells, can be  neither strong nor sensible, he should at  least bo consistent. The Silvertonian expects too much.  FROM THE SLOCAN ALL THE  London's Determined Bishop.  LONDON, August 4.���The bishop of  London promises to fulfill the prophecies made when he was appointed. He  .has been warning- the extremists in his  diocese that they must abandon the  practice of the reservation of the sacrament and remove the tabernacles from  ritualistic churches. -No general order  has been issued and a compromise may  yet be effected, hut the bishop is now  credited with a firm determination to  forbid certain ritualistic practices which  the archbishops have declared to be illegal. The bishop was Known to'be in  sympathy with- the ritualists when appointed, but the best informed churchmen were convinced that this would be  a strong: resource in regulating the excesses of the extremists and enforcing  compliance with the archbishop's advice.  * ;;The man who boasts of being able.to  spell every word correctly may lot be  much good at anything else.      ���    .."  .J. .J. .J. 7.J. .1. .J. ,T. .!. .J. .J. A .J. .J. -J. .J. .'. .J.  ���*:���   - Paid   Locals,   TWO   CENTS  a  ���J*   word each insertion. No local ac-  -!��� ..cepted for less than 25 cents.  ���b 'b -b '*b *b -J* rb 'b *b -I- '-I* -I* -I* *J- -I* -b 'b ���  Bed Room Sets, Sideboards, Wardrobes, Ladies' Dressing  Tables, China Closets, Kitchen Cupboards, Ladies'  Secretaries, Combination Book Cases,  Hall  Racks,   Etc.  CORNER BAKER AND KOOTENAY STREETS.  - CITY AND DISTRICT.  The executive of the ��TJlson Boat Club  ���wiil.be held tomorrow evening for* the  purpose of ;arranging the crews which  are to'compete in the club regatta, which  has been .fixed for the end of this month.  �� * *  J. G. Bunyan- &' Co., furniture dealers,  do not do things by halves. .When they  Want the public to know what is new in  the furniture line they publish the names  of the articles in a newspaper that is road  by people who buy furniture and pay for  what they buy.  * *   *  The Great Northern Railway Company  has announced its intention of adding a  .buffet car to the new passenger service  Vwhlch_itJhas_inaugurated,over_the-Ne I s on=  *& Fort Sheppard between this city and  Spokane. The car is to be added to the  train this week.  * *   *  'Several members of the local company  of the R. M. -R. were out at the ranges  yesterday, whon the following scores were  made: Norman- MeLeod S7, A. Grant SO;  J. .Simpson S6, H. J. Robie SI, Thomas  Brown SO, J. Dodds 79, ,1. Mackenzie 7:i,  T.  P. Hughes (!2,  and H.  Boyce 50.  The Nolson & Fort Sheppard Railway  Company has stationed an agent and telegraph operator at Erie. This will be a  great convenience to the mining companies operating in tho vicinity, an heretofore they have been obliged to prepay  freight both ways on all materials - shipped  In or out.  ... D  Dr. Aromstrong Is a boo fancier, and on  Saturday had all the small boys in town  searching for a hive that had swarmed and  went: astray. One hive has swarmed seven  times since Miry 1st and the doctor claims  he has 200 pounds of honey in sight. Me  presented the agricultural editor of The  Tribune with some of the honey, and that  scientific gentleman pronounces it the best  that he has.ever tasted.  Tony Leyden, who made his escape from-  the Nelson jail last.week, is still at largo  and the police have about gven up all  hopes of recapturing him. There is now  just the odd chance that he may be  taken along somo of" the trails in the vicinity of Trail or Rossland, but this is  about the last chance the police have.  Should Leyden get across the boundary  he will be safe, as the offence for which  he was serving time is not an extraditable one.  *   ��   *  Alexander Swanson died at his residence  in this city yesterday. The deceased was  a miner and was employed by A. H. Kelly  as foreman at the May and Jennie property before it was taken over by the Flue-  tot syndicate.- He had been ailing for about  a year and recently took a trip to California for his health. Ke returned about  two months ago convinced that his days I  wero about numbered and quietly waited  for the end, whicli came yesterday. Ills  funeral will take place this afternoon  from the undertaking parlors of J. G.  Bunyan & Comapny.  ...  A.   E.   Rand  of  New  Westminster,  who I  not' take kindly to the attempt which is  being made by a certain portion of tlie  press to make him wealthy by reason .of  the ��� reported oil discoveries at Grand  Forks." Mr. Rand says, that the reports^  are correct in so fan as-- they state that  he is interested in the work whicli is now-  going on for the discovery of oil, but so  far the oil has not been discovered nor  dobs lie expect to come upon oil for some  time, although he has seen it in: print that  he* has a well flowing already. In conversation with a Tribune representative last  evening Mr. Rand stated that so far nothing had been attempted beyond the sinking' of a prospect hole. This was now down  something over 100 feet, but it had not  yet struck solid rock and he had no means  of knowing whether he should expect oil  at 500 feet or at 1000 feet. One thing he  was sure of and that was that there were  all the indications of oil on the ground and  he proposed to prospect the ground thoroughly in the hope of striking it.  Mining News Is Encouraging".  Tlie Sandon Paystreak of Saturday says  that operations have been resumed at the  Whitewater mine and yesterday a gang  of ten men was put on fixing the ..road and  22 started to work in the mine, besides a  small force in the mill. By tomorrow the  force will be complete with 50 men on the  payroll at the mine, mill and dumps. This  force will operate, the mine and mill for  ono shift.. There is nothing definite as to'  when another shift will be put on. Dan  McKinnon will manage the mill. It is reported that the Whitewater has contracted for. its whole output, with the Trail  smelter. Already 000 tons of concentrates  have been shipped from the ore; stacked  at the K. & S. sidetrack. Manager Wheeler  was in town yesterday and stated; that  there was no necessity for any more men  going to Whitewater as he is'giving the  old men the preference and there are already,  several  men  there  from  Rossland.  The Minnesota mill commenced to grind  yesterday, on rock from the dumps at the  Ivanhoe mine. P. J. Hickey stated yesterday that as soon as some slight repairs  to the tramway were complcVted the payroll would be increased to 30 or 35 men  and the-mill run steady on ore from the  dumps. At present there are about 25 men  working at the mine, and mill. There are  500 tons of rock in the feed bins at the  mill. The tram will be working full swing  by tomorrow.  For the month of July the following  named mines shipped 1000 tons of ore,  namely: Slocan Star 519 tons, American  Boy '143, Noble Five 25, Payne 25, Last  Chance 20, Trade Dollar 20, and Queen  Bess 257.      ,r ;.  .Dr.' Hendryx is managing the Last  Chance in the absence of Mr. Heap,'who  is very sick at Banff. There are now about  50 men at work in the mine. .'''.'���  The -proposed, tunnel on the Slocan Star  will give that mine the greatest working  depth of any mine in the Slocan. '  Is  sold  everywhere.  Ironbrew.  ���   The new cooling drink, Ironbrew.  A~R. BARROW, A.-M.LCJS".  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner of Victoria and Kootonay Streets  P. O.  Box 559. TELEPHONE NO. 95.  ��?******���*���*���*���* \b *.*.**. *.*.*.*.**.^i  THE ATHABASCA  On nccount of some of bur''customers  objecting in free lunch, wc will in fir-  lure ,charso tho moderate prico nf 25  'rents, which includes a drink or cigar.  lCvery deilicacy the'mnrkefc ail'ords will  bo served daily from 12 to 2.  roast  turkev, fresh  celery for  lunch today:  ��S:*.*.*.**.*.*.*.**.\ii**-*-****'*-**-2&'  FOR SALE, RANCH! ON KOOTENAY  river;  improved.  Inquire  XV. P.  Robinson,  Nelson. '������      .    -  _j __J^ANT:E!P' ' "  AVANTED ��� THREE���V1FLEY CON-  centrators in good condition. Apply Annable & Dewar. '.  ���   HEL^ RANTED. "  wantelT���l^VBORERS   AND   AXE-  men   for   Lardo;   dishwashers;   waiter   for       ,,���  mine;   cook's   second   helper;   waitresses.  Neismi Employment Agency. Phone 278.  AVANTED LABORERS AND TEAM-  sters for railroad construction. Help furnished free. Apply at Western Canadian  Employment- Ollice,   Ward  street,  Nelson.  AVANTED BOYS.���GOOD. ACTIVE Ai\JJ  reliable boys to act as selling agents for  The Daily Tribune In every town in Kootenay and Yale districts.   ._LOST.   ______     LOST���ON STREET ON WEDNES-  day evening a Bank of Montreal bill for  ���J10. Reward by .leaving-bill ' at Tribute  otlico. -.,,  WANTED���MINING PROPERTIES.  ~^si^M"SDlN^G O rjD^S^j^CRTIEs! -  AVe are anxious to secure a few free, milling gold properties at once. The Prospectors'   Exchango,   Nelson,   B.   C,   Koom   4,  K. "W. C. Block.  GOLD, COPPER, SILVER, LEAD  mines and prospect s wanted. Send report  and samples to the Prospectors' Exchange,  Nelson,  B.  C,  Room -1, K.  AV.  C.  Block.'  TEAS.  AVE HAVE INDIAN, CEYLON, AND  China teas in great variety, choicest quai-'  ity. AVe make a specially of blending teas  and sell them in any .quantity at'lowest  rates.  Kootenay  Coffee  Company.  JAPAN TEA OF ALL KINDS TO SUIT  your taste. rSun cured, Spider Leg, Pan  'Fired; in. bulk or packages. Kootenay Coffee Coiripany.  B.  NSDRANCE.  RE��L ESTATE  and MJNING BROKER  REPRESENTS  The  Best  Fire  and . Life  Insurance  Companies Doing Business in  the City.  TJLVT FINE BLEND OF CEYLON TEA  we are selling at 110 cents per pound is  giving the best of satisfaction'to'our many  customers.   Kootenay   Colfee   Company.  HI FURNITURE.  D. J. ROBERTSON & CO., FURNITURE  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day.  'phone No. 292, night 'phone No. 207. Noxt  street.  new   postollice    building  Nelson.  Vernon  DRAYAGE.  . FURNITURlST^L^NOSr"SAFES, ETC.,  moved carefully- at reasonable rates. Apply J. T. Wilson, Phone -J70, Prossor's second Hand store/Ward stroet.  Money to loan at S per cent upon im-  ���pVoved property. Interest payable "semi-  .annually. 'Principal, payable  annually.  AV. E. Boie of Kaslo is at the Hume.  .   *  ��  "Jakey" now has a pair to draw to.  .   ��   ��  G.   L.  Bremner  of Ymir is at  the  Tre-'  mont.         ���  '   J.  Berkman  of Phoenix Is registered at  the Queen's. ���  * �� ' ���  Born, at 7 o'clock on Sunday morning,  to the wife of Jacob Dover of Silica street,  a   son.  * *   ���  Richard Lovat of Phoenix and James  Cameron of Erie are registered at the  Madden.  ...  P. B. AVallaco of Toronto and J. XV.  Armstrong of Kelowna are stopping at  tho Hume.  * .   ��   ���  AV. B. Rickards of Midway has returned  from a trip to Ottawa. He Is registered  at the Phair.  Thomas Bradbury, who has tho contract  for the federal buildings in Rossland, is  slopping at the Phair.  ***������.  . Edgar Hughes has returned to' the  Phair after a trip through the Slocan,  where he has mining interests.  * *   .  AV. G. Falconbridge, chief justice of the  province of Ontario, is at the Phair. He  is on a holiday trip through the province.  .*���-���'  Ezra Fowler and Mrs. Fowler of Seattle  are on a visit lo their son, S. S. Fowler of  this city. They are stopping at the Phair.  * .   .  J. P. Elmer, general passenger agent of  the Chicago & Northwestern, is at tho  Phair. He is accompanied by his brother,  H.  N. Elmer.  * *   *  Thomas AV. Allice and G. A. Kirk are a  couple of A'ictoria" commercial men who  are registered at the Phair. Mr. Kirk is  a member of the firm of Turner, Beeton  & Company.  ��   ��   .  Ed, Thompson, the barber, and a small  party of friends viewed the sights at  Bonnington Falls, Slocan Junction, yesterday. Ed brought home two beauties  in his fish net. Five pounds the two  weighed  * *   *  Mrs.   F.   C.  Gutelius and  Mrs.   Freeman  EASTERN    CANADIAN   WIRINGS.  :    MONTREAL,  August 4��� E.  J.  Barbeau,  assistant  receiver -general* here,   is   dead,  iaged=70.=He=had=been=identified=all���his=  life with  local  banking interests.  HALIFAX, N. S., August 4.���Eliza  Mudge, widow, her three daughters, and  her niece were poisoned last night by eating canned meat. All-:are on the way to  recovery with the exception of the youngest child, whose condition, is considered  criticul.  MONTREAL, August 4��� Nathan Barlow, lineman, employed by tho Lachine  Rapids Hydraulic & Land Company, was  instantly killed this afternoon while engaged in repairs by coming in contact  with a live wire carrying 4000 volts. The  man was badly burned when taken down  from  tho pole.  QUEBEC, August 4.���Hon.' David Mills  and Hon. R. R.Dobell arrived from England last night on the' Allan steamship  Parisian. Mr. Mills expressed himself sat-*,  silled with the result of his mission in connection with the judicial privy council.  Among the' passengers were members of  the Bisley'team and several returned oflicers from South Africa.  HOUSES  TO  RENT  CHEAP.  H. R.  ^       ICE CREAM AND FRUIT.  FOR COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE  go lo the ice cream- parlors of J. A. McDonald, Baker street, where every attention and requisite is supplied.  J3HOPJ|OUSR_  PIONEER, CHOP HOUSE. JOHN  Spear/proprietor, opposite Queen's Hotel,  ���Baker street. Nelson. Open day and night.  Lunches a specialty. Picnic and traveling  parties, supplied on shortest notice.  AGT5NT. BAKKR STRRKT.  ���&:**;*���*���*���*���**���*���*���*���* M**.*.*.*.*.**.*:**.*.tt.  is at present stopping at the Phair, docs     Lake have  left  for Montreal.  AVUeu  the  Handled Detectives Roughly.  NEW YORK, August 4���The attack upon  Robert McLellan, one of the detectives  employed by the Society for the Prevention of Grime, who was assaulted and  injured in an alleged poolroom in the rear  of 724 Broadway, is attracting unusual  interest here because of the prominence  of.the location of the room and the circumstances connected with the assault.  War on poolrooms in this city has been  unusually bitter for some time, and McLellan and another detective were in the  room securing evidence at the time of the  attack. The place was crowded with patrons betting on the,races when the detectives were recognized. Some of the employees and a number of the patrons  formed a flying wedge and separated the  two men. McLellan says he was then assaulted with a blackjack. He drew his  revolver and fired in the air. This created  considerable excitement amoni' the inmates, who made unavailing efforts to escape, the doors of the place being locked.  A crowd, however, collected on Broadway  and reports being circulated that agents  for the Society for the Prevention of  Crime were being assaulted, Frank Moss,  the president of the organization, was  notified by telephone. He hurried to the  place with a half dozen of the society's  oflicers and succeeded in releasing McLellan and'the other detective.  I THESE  HOT DAYS  QUENCH  YOUR ,  THIRST WITHJ  AnlipuRer-Bn^ch  Rcr-r. Kilist (Mil-  wnuUce Beer. Oil- [  gary Beer-, Koif*-  titrer* & Co. Deer,  Gossuoll Boor, and  Double JorsBy  Butteriuiik.  MANHATTAN  SALOON  Double .Tcrspy  Buttennilk.   '  ���b "b 'b -b -b "b -I-* "b. 'b *b "b -b "b 'b 'b 'b 'b "b  -' Cards of Wholesale Houses, un- ir  der classified heads, will be ���!������  charged 50 cents a line per 'b  month. No advertisement accept- *b  ed for less than J^l^p^r^mogth^^^  _.J.S.J.=.J.=.J.=.JV.J.-.J.^^^^    ASSAYERS'  SUPPLIES.  AV.  F.  TEETZEL   *i  CO.���CORNER  OF  Bakor    and    .tac��i*i��o    ���...���_...     ��..-.  le   d<  for I ,~  Denver, Colorado.  i_  . Josephine    streets      Noiar,,,  wholesale   dealers1!,,    assayer's'  siw.r fios'  -5> ****** ���*** ���*���** 91 *���*.*. *.*.*.*.*.*. *.*.*.$  I-I. J. EVANS & CO.���BAKER STREET,  Nelson, wholesale doalers in liquors,  cigars, i.'ement, lire brick and fire clay,  water pipe and steel rails, and general  commission  mer-chuiiis.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  v  *b *b *b 'b *b ~-b 'b 'b 'b 'b i* -b 'b 'b 'b 'b  Classified advertisements in- *b  serted for ONE-HALF CENT A ���!���  Avord each insertion. No adver- ���!������  tisement accepted for less than -I*  25 cents. 'b  ��J��   ��J*   *J��   ��%    r>?��    r��|��   *���?*   ��J��   *?���   *-*��������   *J��   ���!���   r>J*    A   ��J*   ��J*   ��J*   ��J��  ARTICIjEjSJTOR^SAI^  SEWING MACHINES OF ALL KINDS  for rent at the Old Curiosity Shop.  ��� _J^55u5.B^Z' .   PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM ON  Silica street, two doors west of Josephine  street.  FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS AND  sitting room to let; over Vanstone's drug  store; $2.5u per week. '  SEVEN ROOM HOUSE ON CARBON-  ate street, between Stanley and Kootenay  streets; bath room, hot "and cold water.  Kent $25. Inquire AV. P. Robinson, Nelson.  FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AVITH OR  without board. Apply four doors above  City Hall, Victoria street.  ~ SEVEN ROOM AND BASEMENT  house on the corner of Victoria and  Cedar streets; modem conveniences. $25.  Apply to J. Coxhead, Cedar street.  ~ SIX. ROOM COTTAGE AT BALFOUR  to let by the month or for the season. Immediate possession. Good fishing. Apply  C. AV". Busk. Kokanee creek. Phone 66a.  Or to R. H. AVilliams, Baker street, Nelson.  ~THE LAKE SHORI** BOARDING  house at Moyie. 30 bedrooms. Apply J. C.  Drewry, Rosslajid, or Lewis Thomson,  Moyie.  KOOTENAV ELECTRIC SUPPLY &  Construction Company.���wnolesale dealers  in telephones, annunciators,, bells, batteries, electric fixtures and appliances. Houston Block, Nelson.  LIQUORS^ANDJDRY  GOOPS.  TURNER, BEETON ^"cb.-CORNER  Vornon and Josephine streets, Nolson,  wholesale dealers in liciuors, cigars and dry  goods. Agonts for Pabst Brewing Company  of Milwaukee and Calgary Brewing Company of Calgary.    ,  ___^RESH^rTOJ^TJ\^^   P. BURNS ��7 CO.-BAKER STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers in fresh and  cured meats. Cold storage.  __ AVI^SJIND^CIGARS.  California Vine company, limi-  tod���Corner of Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in wines, case and  bulk, and domestic and imported cigars.  5^5��^55^NDJIINING SUPPLIES  nnd w?iir'-,S &~CO.-CORNElTTiAK���  de^,.P=S^,h^ne,si:l'eets* ^����son, wholesale  S's ,*" hardware and mining, supplies.  Agents forpiant Powder Company.  T-*nJdWPiEN.CE, HARDWARE COMPANY-  isaitei  street, Nelson, wholesale dealers in  inYi ���-\ *-*-*-��� minlns supplies, and water  and plumbers' sunnlles.  plumbers' suppiies.~  ^ARCHITECTS;.  A.  C.  EWART.���ARCHITECT,  ROOM 3,  Aberdeen Block, Baker Street, Nelson..  GROCERIES.  A. MAt'UONALD~i?rTlo7^01uN ER " OF  Front and Hall streets, Nelson, .wholesale  grocers and jobbers in blankets, gloves,  mitts, boots, rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries.  KOOTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIM-  Itcd.���Arernon street, Nelson, wholesale  grocers.  JOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-FRONT  street, Nelson, wholesale grocers.  j. Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-FRONT STREET,  Nelson, wholesale dealers' in provisions,  ���cured meats, butter and. eggs,


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