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 __Mi^:_ife^_____ss_^__^s^_^  ���- '���-.vyK-'I'irfn  Wi  Mineral Production, of British Columbia in 1900  $16,407,645  Mineral Production of Kootaqay In, 1800  $10,562,032  ^  OTNTH YEAR  NELSON, B. p.," SATURDAY MORNING,' JUNE 15, 1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  THE LAWS ENTANGLEMENTS  DECISION     OF     THE     SUPREME  COURT   OF   CANADA  In   a. Somewhat  Notorious   Case,' in  Which Sawlogs and Lumber Arc  Inextricably Mixed.  In the spring of 1SS8, T.W. Gray was  carrying on tlio Nolson planing mills.  Ho needed money (some ?'1000) .to purchase logs for his sawmill, and ho secured it at tho Bank of Montreal by  -ro.ttinp; John Houston's' endorsement,  Houston takinp; a chattel mortgage on  tlio mill property as security. Later on,  Gray, through his bookkeeper, a man  named Law ford, borrowed money from  the Merchants Bank of Halifp/x, giving  tlie bank security on logs that were  purchased to carry out a contract for a  man named Armstrong, who was building the long trestle at Kootenay Landing for the Crow's Nest railway. In  September, 1SS8, Gray made an assignment, making T. M. Ward assignee,  and on the same da:' Houston took pos-  ��� session undf-r tho provisions of his  mortgage. The Merchants Hank at-  tempted to tako possession of the logs  in the mill pond and the lumber on tho  mill wharf, but were prevented from  doing so by the assignee. Houston,kept  tiie mill running, as a large number of  men wi-ro dependent upon it for work,  and besides, Gray owed them wages.  The Merchants Bank brought- suit  against Houston and Ward to recover  the' amount Gray owed it, and lost the  siiit, Mr. Justice .Martin holding that  Lawford was merely an agent of Gray,  and that anything ho purchased was  purchased with Gray's money. Pending  the hearing on appeal to the full court,  the assignee, with tho consent of tho  creditors, sold the property to Charles  - Hillyer for $11,COO, and. Hillyer and  others formed the Nelson Saw & Plan-  " ing -Mills, Limited, this company taking over, the property, Hillyer and his  associates ��� paying' off "Houston's mortgage and agreeing-to protect him from  all loss in tho litigation that was being  carried on in his name. Tho full court  reversed Mr. Justice Martin's decision,  holding that Houston's mortgage was  defective and that Ward was jointly  liable with him to the Merchants Bank  for. the full amount of its claim. An appeal was taken to the supreme court of  Canada, and the decision of that court  is appended:  In the supreme court of Canada.���Houston and Ward vs. Merchants Bank  of Up li fax.,  This  case,  for tho  facts of which   1  refer to the judgments in the court below, involves two separate appeals, one  hy Houston, who claims a lien on the  logs   in   question  having priority  over  that of tho respondent, and the other by  Ward, the assignee,  for the benefit of  tlie creditors of Gray, who insists that  he  is  not.  liable  to  tho  bank  for the  money which the judgment has directed  him to pay  As ro-jards Houston's appeal, there  can, in my mind, be no doubt hut that  the proof established conclusively that  the money advanced by Mr. Kydd, the  agent of the bank, was so advanced to  Lawford as tlio agent of Gray to enable  the latter to purchase the logs required  to carry out tlie Armstrong contract,  and that the logs seized by Houston on  tlie Kith September included the logs  purchased for that purpose. The legal  consequence is that under the 74th and  other sections of the Banking Act the  hank had a first lien upon the logs so  purchased with their monoy, wliich they  in good faith lent for the purposo to  whicli it was thus applied, and that  Houston is bound to account for tho  logs he so possessed himself of.  -. As to Ward, it does not appear to us  that ho wtis guilty of any conversion or  other wrongful act as regards the logs.  The appeal by him should, therefore,  ho allowed, and the action dismissed  against him except in so far as it is  considered to bo in the nature of a  mortgage action for the purpose of enforcing a security.       .  The first clause of tho judgment which  directs Ward to pay. the respondents  $530. ���being "the amount secured by a  chattel,.mortgage of the 15th August,  189S, Shaw to Lawford, assigned to the  bank on the 10th September, is manifestly wrong. The bank is not entitled  to any security on those chattels giving  thin priority under' the Bank Act. It  was not given to secure money' advanced to buy the goods. It is conceded  that Houston has priority over those  tools and plant, Lawford having paid  off merely the vendor's lien of A. C.  Shaw & Co., did so presumably with the  money of Gray's,'and the hank, as assignee of Lawford, can stand in ho better position as against the creditors of  Gray represented by Ward, liis assignee.  It is, therefore, just as if Gray, when  he was notoriously' insolvent to the  knowledge of the bank, and on the same  day on which he executed an assignment for the boriefii; of his creditors,  had made a direct mortgage to the  bank. Manifestly such a mortgage cannot be enforced.  Houston's  appeal  is  dismissed "with.  costs. Ward is entitled to the costs of  his appeal hero and also to all costs in  the court below except (as regards the  costs below) in so far as he is to be regarded as the representative of the  mortgagor in an action to realize a  mortgage security, and as to these latter costs, they are to be reserved until  the final decree. , "        ���  Now Houston does not know where  he is at. The property on which he had  tho motgagc has passed into the possession of the Nelson Saw & Planing  Mills, Limited, and tlie logs claimed by  the Merchants Bank have disappeared.  The lr.w costs alone amount to several  thousand dollars and the sheriff has executions against Houston for a portion  of them.  The Port Royal Disaster.  PORT ROYAL, Pa., June 14.���Rumors,,  arc abroad today that more men than  the IS flrst accounted for are buried in  the Port Royal mine. Two men from  Smithton have \been missing since the  night of tho explosion and a story is  being circulated tliat the number of  unknown victims will reach 30.  WHO GETS THE INTEREST  WHEN   A   CO-OWNER'S   LICENSE  LAPSES?  An Interesting Legal Point Brings. Out  a  Seeming  Contradiction  in  the Mineral Act.  OPEN THURSDAY AFTERNOON  ��� All Lines of Business Represented.  Tho newspaper ���> organ of the disgruntled element in Nelson1 stated yesterday that but four business ^.houses  were open on Thursday afternoon. The  reporter, that wrote the article probably meant that that was the number of  business houses open on Baker street  at 3 o'clock on Thursday morning, not  3 o'clock Thursday afternoon, as he is  much better acquainted with resorts  that are open all night than business  houses that are open all day. As a matter of fact, there were over twenty retail business houses open on Thursday, houses at which every line of general merchandise can be procured. The  following is a partial list:  H. BYERS & CO., Hardware and Mining Supplies.  W. P. TEETZEL & CO. .Assayers' Supplies and Drugs.  J. IT. VANSTONE, Drugs and Medicine*.  G. M. FRANK, General Merchandise.  P. BURNS & CO., Meats and Provision::.  ���I. A. MACDONALD, Fruits.  W. G. BROWNE. Fruits.  WEST KOOTENAY BUTCHER CO.,  Meats. .  ��� D. J. ROBERTSON & CO., Furniture  and Bedding.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO., Drugs,  Medicines and Stationery.  THOMSON STATIONERY CO., Stationery and Books.  I-IA25ELWOOD DAIRY CO., Milk and  Dairv Products.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO., Teas,  Coffees and Groceries.  J. M. GALLAGHER. Groceries and  Frnirr-.  HEBDEN & HEBDEN, Stoves and  Tinware.  H. F. M'LEAN, Drugs and Medicines.  A. FERLAND, Dry Goods, Clothing,  Boots and Shoes.  IDEAL CASH GROCERY. Groceries  and Provisions.  J. L. PORTER. Meats.  I-I.  S.  HOWELL, Groceries and Pro-  Vi-*!0!*S, , ......  Thursday Afternoon Closing.  To the Editor of The-Tribune: Your  stand on the Thursday afternoon closing induces me to say that the arrangement is not as satisfactory as might be  oxpectedrrf-a=mnn-in=one--particulai-liho=  of business closes his outside door and  himself keeps without the portals "spotting" customers whose wants he is eager  to supply, while his opponent in trade  locks up and retires to suburban quarters, is the spirit of the agreement carried out ? I have known this to occur.  In the undertaking business, of course,  Thursday afternoon closing is out of  tho cuestion, as undertakers' supplies  are a necessity and as my rooms are  close to the roar of the furniture store,  1 consider all identified with that part  of tho business should be available at  all times. In other linos of trade, Thursday closing may not work satisfactorily, but I consider a breach of tho rule  ia the furniture business is inexcusable,  and shall be at all times willing to  live up to, the arrangement, providing  my competitors comply with the terms  as originally laid down.  D. J.  ROBERTSON.  Nelson; June 14th.  ' An apparent contradiction in the Mineral Act, and one which may give rise  to considerable litigation, cropped up  the other day in the execution of the  sheriff against the interest of Nels Martin in the Silver Bell, Hub and Little  Bell mineral claims on the south fork  of Kaslo creek. After the interest in  question had been seized the sheriff  found that Martin had not renewed his  free miners certificate in the Kaslo record office, and fearing that the same  might have been allowed to lapse, he  decided, in order to safeguard the interests of tho judgment creditors, to take  out.a special free miner's certificate in  Martin's, name. This he did, and the  property was sold under such title as  this special certificate gave Martin to  his former interest in the properly, but  after the sale had been made it was ascertained that Martin had renewed his  certificate in the Rossland record office.  This of course established the Martin  interest beyond question, but the study  of the Mineral Act, which the point in  the case raised, throws a great deal of  doubt upon the question whether a co-  owner of a mineral claim can revive his  co-interest in a mineral claim by means  of the. special certificate, provided for  in the amendment made to the Mineral  Act of 1899.  The provision of the Mineral Act of  1897 dealing with lapsed certificates sets  out that any free miner who allows his  certificate to lapse shall forfeit his interest. To this, .however, there are a  number of provisos attached, the first  of which provides that in case a co-  owner allows his certificate to lapse his  interest shall become vested in his co-  owners. This proviso reads: "Provided,  nevertheless, should any' co-owner fail  to keep-up his free miner's certificate,  such failure shall not cause a forfeiture or act as an abandonment bf the  claim, but the interest,of the co-owner  who shall,fail to'keep up his free miner's certificate shall, ipso-.facto,, be and,  become vested in his co-owners pro  rata, according to their former interests."    ���        .  This provision of the act has not been  repealed, but in 1899 an amendment was  made to the act which provided for the  issuance of special certificates In cases  of lapsed licenses or certificates. This  amendment reads as follows:  "In case-any person should allow his  free miner's certificate to expire he may  obtain from the proper officer; upon  payment of a fee of $15, a special free  miner's certificate: Such certificate  shall have the effect of reviving the  title of the person to whom it was issued to all mineral claims which such  person owned either wholly or.in part,  at the time of the lapse of his free miner's certificate, except such as under the  provisions of the Mineral Act had become the property of some other person at the time of the issue of such certificate." ������<������������  The difficulty presented is that the  act of 18971-provides that in case of co-  owners=the=interest^defaulted-by=reason=  of the lapsed license becomes ipso facto  vested in the remaining co-owners.  Such being the case it might be construed that title could not be revived  in a co-owned mineral claim by a special certificate by reason of the fact that  at the time of the issuance of such certificate the interest of the miner who  allowed his license to lapse, had, under  the provisions of the Mineral Act become the property of some other persons, namely his co-owners. Therje is a  direct contradiction in terms between  the section of the act of 1897 and the  amendment of 1899, and the manner in  which the'eourt will construe it will be  awaited with interest.  ing anxious to promote the welfare  of tho city they held a special  meeting on Thursday afternoon to  consider the communication of the  council. Their finding upon the  matter in question is/doubtless outlined in a communication which W.  E. Wasson, as acting clerk to the  board of commissioners will direct  to the mayor and members . of tho  city council, which v will read as  follows:  To the mayor and members of  the city council���Gentlemen: Respecting your communication enclosing a copy of the resolution  passed by the city council, in connection with" the city recreation  grounds and the'playing of games  thereon, I am instructed by the police commissioners ���- to' inform you  that they have looked into this  matter, and find that they have no  power to put the resolution into effect. I nave tlie honor to be your  obedient servant,  W. E. Wasson,  Acting, Clerk to tlie Board of Police Commissioners.  SLID FROM THE DRY DOCK  CAPSIZED AND SANK   IN  FIFTY  ,        FEET OF WATER.  Peculiar Accident to the United States  Transport Ingalls���Many Workmen Injured.  * *- - .  ���I* Mining- supplies1 and general  ���I- hardware, assayers' supplies and  ���I* chemicals, drugs and. medicines,  *_��� dry goods and clothing, boots  ���I- and shoes, furniture and bed-  *_��� ding, fishing tackle and station-  ���1* cry, hooks and newspapers, gro-  ���j- ceries and ��� provisions, fresh and  ���!��� salt meats, fruits and confection-  -h ery, cigars and tobacco,- imported  ���I- and domestic liquors; in fact  *l* everything in the-way .of general  ���!��� merchandise, can be procured in ��������  ���!��� Nelson on Thursdays during the *_���'  ���{* same hours as- on , other -days, -J-  rl* notwithstanding all reports to ���*���  '!��� the contrary.        >���                           ��������  * ". ���*        *  BIC   BUNCH   OF   JUNIORS  >  of  News Notes From Vancouver.  VANCOUVER, June 14���[Special to  The Tribune.]���A telegram from captain McKenzie, now in Now York, announces that, financial arrangements  have been completed for the Point Roberts-Vancouver island ferry. E. V. Bod-  well and captain McKenzie will immediately return to New York.  The steamer City of Seattle will call  here next Wednesday with the consent  of.the C. P. R. for the purpose of carrying a special- cargo of cattle.  Fishermen last night favorably considered the latest proposal of the canners, which will finally be decided by  tlio grand lodge at Westminster Saturday.  A telegram to general superintendent  Marpole at noon says that the committee is still sitting at Montreal with  president Shaughnessy to adjust trackmen's troubles. Marpole denies the  truth in this morning's sensational dispatch in the Colonist from Montreal  and says that no strike has yet been  declared. He has hones of a settlement.  Vancouver barristers are speaking  strongly against the neglect of court  matters here by the fact of there not  being a judge to hear many of the cases  on the tapis.  RESOLUTION OUT OF JOINT  Eleven Crews Chosen.  A meeting of the committee  the Nelson Boat Club was held last  evening for .the purpose of drawing  the junior crews for the' four-oared  race in the Dominion' Day regatta:  Great, interest was manifested' in  ,the drawing, and in the'end; "eleven  crews were drawn.  As there are now fourteen crews  to practice in ��� two boats, it becomes important in order to avoid  confusion and disappointment for  the strokes in the several crews to  get their men together and decide  upon themost convenient hours in  which they can practice. WJien  this has been done a schedule can  be posted in the clubhouse and observed. ���������' The junior crews as drawn,  last evening are:      ���   .  C. Goepel bow  F. Loring  W. L.Sprey  D. J. Dewar, stroke  P. Horton.bow  J. Krten  A. V. Mason  N. V. Fraser, stroke  J. Paterson, bow  K. Strachan  K. Hicklint?  O. Nace, stroko  _S. JohiiHon, bow  "JTHolnies  _. W. Greer.  K. I'-iUen, sli-okc  B. P. James, bow  D. Kuthci-rorfl  A. (J. S liticbanaii  F. Forbes, stroko  W. Poole, bow  O. Mills".'  D. McNichol ,  W. A. Fraser, stroke  S. G. Qampbell, bow  J. Newporo  I-. Farwell  O.K. McLaughlin,.slrokc  .1. Dukiui, bow  K.-S. Tuck  (3. II. Whito  'A. Ault, stroko ���  .1. G. Bunyan, bow  ���"XrKa'o���" '"   P. A. McLennan  0. S. Somorvillo, stroko  1. Campbell, bow  New Yobk, June ;14.���While the  United States transport Ingalls was  iri'the dry dock oyvned by the John  R. Robins Company at the Erie  basin, South Brooklyn, at 3:30 this  afternoon, where she was about to  undergo extensive repairs, she suddenly slipped from the blocks and  capsized. One man is known to  have been killed and many others  injured. There were about 240  cai-penters, machinists and other  laborers at work oir the vessel and  dock at the time. Ifc is supposed  that tho vessel was thrown from  an even keel by ballast improperly  placed or by the shifting of the  blocks on wliich she rested, causing  her to list to starboard, driving tlie  shoring beams through tho walls of  the old floating drydock in which  she Avas cradled.  There is supposed to have been 25  Italian laborers in the hold of tlie  ship, employed in shifting the pig  iron ballast forward and astern.  While the terrorized aud screaming  workmen were trying to escape the  dock itself, overbalanced by. the  weight of tlio ship, turned on its  sido and sank in fifty feet of water.  A number of the men were borne  down into the -water and jammed  under and between the wreckage  which rose to the surface. How  many wero caught could not. be  learned tonight. Martin Anderson,  a , painter, was" caught under the  descending side of the ship and  killed. Others were dragged out of  the water badly injured or half  drowned. Added to the horror  Was the. uncertainty of. the fate of  the'men-iri the vessel's hold." Some'  managed to get to the deck and  leaped into tlie water as tho vessel  was sinking, but it is feared the  majority were less fortunate.  Green estate, upon which O. P. Law,  the well-known mining operator,  has some sort of a working lease or  bond, and ��� ou the other coal  measmes the old settlers in the district have secured the most desirable working portions.��� Some of  the recent investors in Boundary  coal measures are going to get bit is  the way Mr. Davys sizes up the  situation. -. ���:, ..'���   ���'-..���. .  Will Take the Mine.  'PORTVOF. SPAIN, Trinidad,1 June 14.  ���Ah agent' of' Warner & Quinlan~of  Syracuse, New York,' has gone to Caru-  pano, Venezuela, to-take pessession of  the Pelicidad asphalt mine, > although  -the case has not yet finally been decided  by the courts. The agent claims the  government will assist his paity with  200 soldiers^- ,  Block of Buildings Burned.  WINCHESTER, Tenn., June 14.���Fire  today destroyed the entire east side of  the public square, except three buildings. Loss estimated at $170,000, Insurance S120.000.  EASTERN CANADIAN NEWS  Wired in Brief.  .  FERRYBOATS IN COLLISION  MANY PASSENGERS BELIEVED TO  TO BE DEOWNED.  Men Acted Like Cowards and Shored  Women Aside in an En-   -  ���deavor to Escape.  j'i  CommissionersCannotEhforcolt.  j  There appears ltd' be fun for  everybody, except the narrow-  gauge aldermen, over the question  whether those who desire to see a  game of baseball-on' Sunday shall  have the same liberty of action accorded them as they are willing to  accord those who desire to attend  church on Sunday mornings and go  fishing in the afternoons.  The question, involving as it  does the liberty of the subject, is  now a matter of correspondence  between the city. council and the  board of police commissioners.  Having failed to make the people  of the city see eye to eye with  them upou the question of Sunday  baseball by setting out their disapproval in a resolution the narrow-  gaugers have directed the attention of the police commissioners to  tlie resolution in question, and requested them to give it due effect.  This board is composed of mayor  Fletcher, aldt-rman Selous and commissioner  H. R. Cameron, and be-  D.'i'over  IC. Cochrane  C. Dunn, stroke  |.'. Clarke, bow  . \V. It. Seatlo  j. ir. Vsinstono  II. Mauliaatb, stroko N  The preliminary heats in tlio  junior fours will bo rowed on Saturday, the 29th instant, so that  the trials can be rowed on Dominion Day, and also to enable the  members of the club to participate  in some of the other events.  At tlie committee meeting last  evening nine new members wore  admitted to the club.  The tjwo new lapstreaks ordered  by the club will be shipped from  Vancouver on Monday, so tliat the  seniors will have a chance to familiarize themselves with them before  tho regatta..'.  CHURCH   SERVICES.  Distinguished Catholics.  AnilANY, .Tune 14.���Count Col-  acehi of the Noble Guard of Pope  Leo XIII aud .monsiguor Marchetti  of Washington were in Albany as  the guests of Mrs. John A. McCarthy today. They left this evening  for Montreal. Count Colacchi will  sail for Naples on the 29th instant  on the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm der  Grosse. He came to this country to  officially notify monsignor Martinelli of his elevation to the car-  dhialate.  A Murderous Italian.  ==Nmw='YoRivr^Tune=l--l7=^lloineo  Casino, aged. 1(5, and Samuel Rose,  aged IS, were stabbed tonight and  possibly fatally wounded by an  Italian named Amiallo. The two  youths were escorting two young  ladies on First avenue and the  Italian said something to tlio girls.-  Casino and Rose objected, and the  stabbing was the result.  Mrs. Botha at The Hague.  'THE HAGUE, June M.���Mrs. Botha  has arrived here and is domiciled at a  hotel near Schoveningcn. whence she  will visit Mr. Kruger this afternoon.  PRINCETON GOAL PROSPECTS  The subjects for study at the  Methodist church tomorrow will be  "A Fourfold Justification", aud  ."The Hands of Jesus." Communion  'at the close of the evening service.  The pastor will preach.  Tomorrow evening at. Emmanuel  church there will be a one-hour  service, beginning at 8 o'clock.  Rev. William Munro will preach  on "Must the Chinese Go?" Mr.  Steele will render the baritone  solo, "The Heavenly Gates." The  service will begin at 0 o'clock  sharp.  Lived Long Enough.  Rome, N. Y., June 14. ���John  Smith of Dix, aged 70 year;*, committed suicide last evening by cutting his throat from ear to car and  then drowning himself in a creek.  Some Will Get Bit.  M. -S. Davys lias returned to  Nelson after an extended trip  through the boundary district.  While in tho vicinity of Princeton  he took a look at the coal droppings  which have occasioned' so much  speculation in Nelson and other  points in tho province. Mr. Davys  characterizes the Princeton coal as  a lignite, which.has no value save  for domestic purposes. The valuable coal measures of tho district in  his opinion are all in the Nicola  Valley district. Tests from this  coal indicate that it is a good coking  article and in Mr. Davys opinion it  will receive the preference in  facilities for development such as  railways, without wliich any of the  coal measures in the Boundary are  of a very doubtful value. Another  thing which impressed'Mr. Davys  during his visit through the district  was that there was virtually no  ground door for present investors.  The most valuable of the Nicola  coal   measures are situate in the  HAMILTON, June 14.���James  Harron, while riding a bicycle at  the cornei1 of York and James  streets, was struck by a trolley car  and died in two hours.  BELLEVILLE, Out., June 14.���  The steamer Hero was burned at  the dock here last night. ���Loss  $10,000. The crew and passengers  on board had a narrow escape,  some jumping into the water.  MONTREAL, June 14. ���Joseph  E. Constantiu, the mail clerk who  was found guilty of stealing registered letters from mail bags, wns  sentenced to six years in the penitentiary in the ,Court of King's  Bench today.  WINDSOR, Ont., .Time 14. ��� A  Jewish huckster named Kavonsky  was found dead underneath mi  overturned wagon a few miles below Cotton, near here, -yesterday.  It is supposed he had gone to sleep  when the front wheels of the wagon  struck an obstruction and overturned.- ,  ��� MONTREAL, June 14���Rachel  ..-luldoon of Smith's "Falls, Out., and  Hannah Brash of Perth) Ont.', 'night  nurses in the Protestant hospital  for the insane, were drowned while  out boating on the St. Lawrence  this afternoon with two of tho  keepers, A. P. Hamilton and Robin  Grey. The boat was overturned in  the current. The men escaped by  swimming.  TORONTO, Juno 14.���The liquidation case of the Trill Nickel Mining  Company came up before Mr. Hodgins, master in ordinary, today. The  mine is situated at Worthington,  Ont. The company was floated by  E. T. Trayers, an American, five  years ago. Liquidators today reported the mine was worth nothing.  The master said the transaction  smelt of fraud. Ono of the creditors  put in $30,000.  =-GHA/r-HAMr=Ont7,=Junc=ll;^-A-  desperate attempt was made to  murder judge Bell and county  crown attorney Douglas in the  county court yesterday afternoon  by Andrew Epperson, waiting sentence for stabbing his paramour,  Ida Allison, last April. Epperson  got possession of a razor, which  was oue of the exhibits used in the  stabbing case and which was in  front of the judge, and rushed towards him, but was overpowered  before doing any damage.  MONTREAL, Juno 1-1.-Investigation of tho coroner's jury today  put a now light on the Redpath  tragedy of yesterday. "Evidence  showed that Mrs. Redpath had  been shot twice, once in tho back of  the head and the second timo in the  right shoulder, while the bullet had  entered young Redpath's head to  the right of the left temple. The  jury brought in a verdict that tlie  young man had killed his mother  while in a fit of temporary insanity, brought on by an epileptic fit,  and then taken his own life. The  first story given out by the family  that the shooting had probably  been done by the mother was due  to the fact that the young man was  still alive. '  Mining Records.  Two locations were recorded: The  Thistle mineral claim, five aud a  half miles east of Waterloo, by  Arthur Taylor and A. N. Vars; the  Kano mineral claim, about four  miles southeast of Nelson, by Ago-  pit Morin.  Certificates of work were granted  to J. P. Swedbei-g on the Gold Leaf;  C. H. Still well on the Myrtle;  Thomas Brown on the Emerald No.  2, and to Fred Olson on the Legal  Tender.  *r'B  -V?  m  .^* r  ,-r  * '>Sr.  * ** ? i  '<,,v;*|  r. t .  ' * M~l  i 0"?l  New York, June 14.���The ferryboats Mauch Chunk of the Central  railway of New Jersey and the  Northfleld of the Staten Island  Rapid Transit Company were in a-'  collision about 6 o'clock this afternoon   while   entering   their   slips, V-1  which   adjoin   each   other at the'lv  - ^^ .ij*-.  Battery.   Several persons who were f^-/S  injured in the collision were brought/^-?"- ?  to the ferry house, where they are ���.-��,  being  cared for.     The Northfleld;.';;-,  has sunk in the East river near pierv-���*  tyo. 5. The passengers of the Mauch ���;  Chunk were landed at the Battery,;"  after which the vessels proceededr J  to Communipaw. -  Over lOO'-'of   the passengers ' on *"  the sunken Northfleld were dragged V  out of'the water by people along-v--  tlie shore and the, crew of the fleet/;:  of river, tugs which  promptly  re-  ;  sponded to the ferry boats' call for*'  help.     A  few  of the  Northfield'sT  passengers were hurt iu the accident .  nnd the  police believo  that  HoineJ"-  lives were lost.  ���Captain Daniel Gully of the tugboat Mutunl, who suf the ferry- y.-*^  boats c.-i-.i together, says that '^4  immediately after the collision be-^-i^  t ween 25 and 30 of the passengers'/f-'t  leaped into the water, and many of''\>^;fs  these perished. Captain Gully de--;-^  flares that ho is sure that over 100*" ^.H  of the Northfield's passengers were v'���V-_,vj  drowned. The captains of the",*;-^  other tugboats which were early on j '^~  the scene, however, are inclined to" '-.  thiuk .that the disaster was, not as ' -*':  serious in regard to loss of life as ' \  captain Gully says. Thus far no ^  dead bodies have been discovered, ; '��V  and at the slack of^ tide, which will * 'J  he 'about midnight, diver Albert  Bloomberg will make an effort to'  explore the cabins of the ferryboat,  the pilot houses of which are now  awash.  Captain Slater of the tugboat.  Unity, who was one of the first to  reach the side of the Northfleld,  said, tonight: "The men* passengers on the ��� Northfleld acted like  cowards. There were a lot of  women alongside the ferryboat's  rail waiting to be taken off when  wo came up. Then to my astonishment the men crowded the  women to one side and clambered  over the bulwarks of our tug. I  shouted, 'Give the women a chance,'  but I should say 100 men came  aboard before one woman was given  the opportunity.    1 did not see any  >H  one drown."  All of tho crew of the NorthGeld  were saved. Captain Abraham  Johnson of the Northfleld was arrested about midnight on a charge  of criminal negligence.  Died in His Diving Suit.  Nkw Youk, June 14. ������ Martin  Anderson, a professional diver, lost  his life while at work in the east  river today. Anderson went down  this morning tb clean out somo  blast holes which had been cut in  tho rock it was desired to remove  and to placo dynamito cartridges in  the drill holes. While he was afc  the bottom of tho river the air  machine pumps were clogged. When  the pumpers found they could get  no response to their signals .they  drew Anderson to the surface.  Upon opening the diving suit it was  found that he was dead. The contractor, George Rogers, was arrested  and was remanded to the custody  of the coroner.  It Was Flag Day;  Buffalo, June 14.��� This was flag  day at the Pan-American exposition. The day was pleasant and  a large attendance resulted. The  Mexican building was formally  opened this morning with elaborate  ceremonies, in which senor Manuel.  De Asperose, official representative of the Mexican government,  who arrived here yesterday, participated. Later senor De Asperose'  reviewed the Mexican troops on the  esplanada. The flag ceremonies'  were held this afternoon in the  Temple of Music, the building being  filled to overflowing. Daughters of  the Revolution acted as ushers.  The program included a number of  patriotic airs and addresses. I I.  .1  THE TRIBUNE:  NELSOlSr, B, C. SATURDAY, JU_NTE 15, 1901  ~- >.*��._->'S'>.-.a._/<^-^ �������; s-va-f-g'g-.-g-g'fcii-g-fcg..  to  to  .to  to  to  to  l\\  to  to  to  to  to  m  to  to  to  to  SPECIAL  SALE  SPECIAL  SALE  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  CROCKEBYAND &LASSWABE  Until End of June.  From 20 to 85 Per Cent Off  Regular Prices-  Watch Our Win ovvs.  THE HPSl'S BAY COMPANY  Kfikar   Street, ���'Hello*-  HM B. CAMOE  a  INSURANCE.  REAL ESTATE  and MINING BROKER  HOUSE AND LOT  FOR SALE.  Fine house and lot on Silica  street convenient to Baker street.  Price $.-$000; only $1S00 required iu  cash.  Also, two-story house in Hume  Addition. Price $1100; only $500  required to be paid in cash.  ��he Mvibmxc  ,.-^t..%.j..t^��.j..?..%  *  *  Mining supplies and gcrie'-al  hardware, assayers' supplies and  chemicals, drugs and "medicines,*  dry goods and clothing; boots  and shoes,; furniture and bed-  din-*;, fishing tackle and stationery, books and newspapers, groceries and provisions, fresh and  call mcatsi fruits and confectionery, cigars and tobacco, imported  and clon-.o-~i.ic. liquors, in fact  "civerythini*; in Llic way oE Kcnoral  m<srt-h:i:idiSB. can be procured in  Nelson on Thursdays diirins the  : ame . hours as on other days,  notwithstanding all reports to  the contrary.  2 i IS claimed that the taking, of  the census' has been bungled, which  lea's the Toronto Telegram to wittily .remark: "Lib the C. P. R. or  " iJackenzi-' & Mann take' the ceti-  " Ei s. They h we been allowed to  " 1  ke everything else." i  Thursday. Closing Mnvemeiitf-  and Closing llecieation Grounds ou  Sunday uio on a nar. P..ith are  fads,of tht- iiitnleraiit chives that  exist in every wiiiimunity. Nelson  ha-1 a niiinbei' of these iul.'.lerants,  and when allied with b.nkbiting  larpies they do mi-* chief..  It is estimatfd that then- aro 450  mtu and women employed as clerks  in Nelson. Of this nun-bur some  for'y . have banded themselves  together to drive trade away from  tho town. About thirty of the  foriy aro employed in '-tho stores,  that close their 'doors/ pii"Thnr.-*day  afternoon. This look.-- liko an  ntti'inpt of (lie tail '-to wag the dog.  1 HE Rosf-luwl Aliner is lucid ab  long intervals. This wm-k it has  been   sane  for  a few-minute*, and'  KODAKS,  CAMERAS AND  The best Kodads  aro mado hy the  Kaslman Kodak  Co. Tho moat reliable       Cameras  PHOTO SUPPLIES�������-��0HT Td��by  the Rochester Op-  1 icnl Co.   We con  flue our stoe'e to lli-s-e makers' goeds because  they are the best and uioat satisfactory.   Our    ���  PHOTO SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS  are also of the best. 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NKLSOX, B. C.  dm ing that short time wondered  "why it was tho mail service between  Nelson and Ro?sIand was so insufferably bad. There is no fpies-  tion but that there is room for improvement in the mail scrvico in  Kootenay, but theie is not. likely to  be any- improvement as long as the  .superintendents and .inspectors of  the postoffice- .. department are  allowed to reside at sich sleepy,  non-pi-ogri'-sM-M . towns a�� lino- tho  shores of Iturrarrl Inlet..  - Tr:io clc.-k-i cf Ncl-iiHi, in their  efforts to drivu trade >��W��.V frinn  th�� town thrcMigli their foolish  Thursday. Clo��i.ng. Movent.-nt, arc  resorting to I*. ing and making gross  Jnisrepre cntati<)iis, and find a  ���Willing mouthpiece to di->eminate  their lic^ and inisru'prCcont-i.tion.-) in  the newspnper that two years ago  denounced unions tis anarchist  ��� organizations. No union can be a  success who?e,' members resort to  ���unfair methods, and no mau who  believes in the principles of unionism would continue to be a member  of an organization that seeks to  ���win a fight through lying and mis-  repi esentation.  Desperadoes Break Jail.  Fort Morgan, Col., June 14.���  Three men, named Harry Siming-  ton, Stacey and Given?, held in the  county jail on a charge of burglary,  ���vvith the aid of confederates on the  outside, sawed their way out at  midnight. Simington had secured  a. le.volver :and ammunition. As  they were   leaviiig   the jail they  were discovered by sheriff Calvert,  who tried to stop them and was  shot through the body by Simington. Mm will probably die. Deputy  sheriff Nel.-on raised a posse and  soon recovered Stacey and Givens,  but Simington eluded his pursuers.  The authorities have sent to Pueblo  for bloodhounds. Lynching is  threatened if the man is caught.  Philippine Notes.  Manila, June lb���The trial of H.  W. . Hnpple, port steward of the  commissary department, charged  with retaining monthly installment  money from a stevedoring company,  began today. The. defence is that  the money received was really for  extra services. The alleged transactions appear on the company's  books and it is claimed that Happle  figures under an assumed name.  I). McGarman, the former California!* who was arrested in Feb-  linii'y last mi the chargo of furnishing, supplies to aid the insurgents,  hut; whoso prosecution was . abandoned last mon I h, .is going to the  United States shortly and has asked  for the return of ihe $10,000 paid  as security for his appearance whon  .summoned foi" trial. General Mac-  A.iith.ui^ha__d_ul.i.u.a(.L=t.o_.oi:dei__the.  return of the money, but possibly  it will be returned after tho   insur-  FOR   SALE  GOOD TEAM   AND   HARNESS  Apply A. J. HINDE, F. 0. Box 84,  Or Hover shienl. liptwpen Cedar unci Park.  ENTRIES   FOR   ChanipionshipQuoitlVlatch  AT CLUB HOTEL.  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With   the  indemnity settled each government  will  pay its own expenses in China  after July 1st.    Thero is a  natural  desire, therefore, to reduce the cost  of   military  expenses   ���within  the  period covered  ny  the  indemnity,  and this has led to  the  evacuation  now   going   on.     In  case   tlie   indemnity remains unsettled on July  1st several of the governments will  submit additional  claims  covering  their monthly expenses  after that  time. This amounts to two millions  a month, according to the estimates  of one of tbe governments,  and in  the    aggregate    will*   reach     ton  millions   dollars   for   each   month  after July 1st.     It is expected that  this will have a strong influence in  China in bringing about a complete  agreement before the close  of this  month.  JOSEPHINE   STREET.   NEAR   BAKER.  KOOTENAY....  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REILEY  (SUCCKSSOIt TO H. D. AHHCRO-T)  FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK  AT  THE  ATHABASCA   TODAY.  BLACKSMITHS   AND    WOOD   WORK-**  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Everybody    Welcome  ;\ FULL LINE OF  _ Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and oonati.  Flooring  looal and ooast).  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kindH,  Si  Special attention Klvon to all kludn of ropalrlnx  dcUKtoni work from o'jtHldo po'wM.   Hwivy  and cUKtom work     __.   .  boltiu madn In ordnr un ��hpt( nnHrn,  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT  TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTKL BLOCK.  groceries:  .V.ACOONAM) & CO.���Corner Knwil- unil  Hk.11 striMiw. wholosalo _r(x:oi-H and  '���.ililicrK In MntiUotn. kIovoh, iiiiiu. >mio!*', rubbofh.  r:i.v^ki.nawH ��,no niin"*-^' ��Ti?Kl..-'nM.  Xr"OTlW:.\\.  HUl'I'LY   CUMI'.VNY,    LIMI-  ������X    'S'KjV��� Vornon    slrtioli.   Nulwin.    whnlamln ���  )-"WN 1   ''titjl.xi'.  !-l �� C.(t.~H'rt��in -*liriw>k  N��l  i  ������.or..   .��'hul"^-t.l.' >ri''H>jri-*.  ��1IIKIh. "llii:lt"r tind HVM*.'-  MARDWARE  AND MINING  SOPPLISSS,  O" .It'lf'KllW & CO.���Corner H.-iKHrund Jonophliie  '-*��� Ht.riioiif. N��.i>~oii. wlinlusmn .ttiiilr.r." In h.M.l-  ���vi.ro   '-.iid  miiiinii ���"iiipliiw.      AiWcl*- for HUki!.  S   AWttK-.CH;  TREMONT HOU  Large fltock of high-class liDjiortod poodb,  jpooialty  of  t.ho;: square   Rhoalder���fchi  uadhimi In oofttii.. r ��  A  Intent  3-1 TO 331 HAKKK STRICBT, MCLSONr  E.v1CIHVjM-k     (.'OMPANl!  N'nlnon, wltoloMnii" rimtlnrii In  'iu.rd��-are ni:0 uil/'ihiif iii'vi'll^.i -<nrt wiitor nnd  plumb-irp' =ii**T.'l('r-.  LIQUORS  Al^DHy^GOOOsT-  yUKN'ICK, ��� HJOKTON  & CO.-Cornor Vornon  '     niul   rfOcnyHno   .sl-root-*,   JMiOm'iii,   wlinl��w?,lc  imvluri- lo Uouo.'-y, olifikrj-aud drymxi'lu.   Axon lie-  'or  fuli'rt l��n;��'ltikr l.'o. of A(Hwimir.i���� tn'  ''.n\  .��!..i-v f-iri'^vli'i*' <Vi. nf fliiliritry  ~       "      WIN MS 'A-TlTcfO.AKS  'VM-'5".'K>'l.V    W.KK   CIIM'I'A.MY,   , l.��M?  -"     TWIt   ���"ririiir VtoWp n-tirt  Hnll   'Irroylin,  N:-l  ..in    o.'IiaIhmk'h .liudoiv; it)  wlip". '-nirfr-. itiiH l>iilV.  LARGE HOUSE BOAT  FOR   SALE   OR   FOR    RENT  ir WHAT YOU WANT IH NOT IN- BTOOK  wt wr_L makj; IT FOR YOU  CALL Alfl) GJCT J?KICEJ?.  J.  HAL- AND LAB B &TBSBT-, N__SClf  Houso Boat completely furnished for rent by  the weok or month on most reasonable terms, or  For Sale at a Bargain.  This is a good investment, for a man who could  look aftor samo and personally tako out touri-tB  and fishing parties.   Apply  T. a. PROCTER, Baker street.  CARPET CLEANING  NEW PROCESS.  Leave orders at Bootblack Stand at McAr-  thur's corner.   Wor.c guarati'-ocd,  B. T. SMITH.  AMERICA}! At��D EUROPEAN  .    . ., IM.ANS  MEALS-2ft CENTS"  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated hy ^l^arn 25 Cents to ��1  QUEEN'S HOTEL  B__B__R BTRHKT. NKLHON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air���  Largo comfortable  bodrooma. and   nrfltHJlas*  dining-room. Sample rooms for ooiunioroiivl mon.  RATES S2 PER DAY  SVladden House "��~  Uaker aiid Ward  NhIhob .  1'he oni> hoiiol In Noteon tibat has romalnod  unaor ono munagenioiit whico 1890.  The bed-roomR aro won furnished and lighted  by olootrlcity.  Tho bar I-t always stnokod by tho best dom b-  Uo imd Imporiod liquors and olgara.  THOMAS MAIWKN; Proortslior.  MODERN  CONCENTRATOR  100 Tons  Cajmcil.y.  LEDGERWOOD   HOIST  ELECTRIC SINKING PUMP  ONE PAIR 8-INCH and ONE  PAIR 16-INCH WATERWHEELS  And Otl e   Plant.  FOIt 1>ARTICULARS APPLY TO  Revelstoke  Station, B.C.  P. 0. BOX 172  H}rs. E. 0. ClarKe, Prop.  LATK OV TH_ BOV AL UUTKL, 0_LOABV     -  SLOGAN JUNCTIOM HOTEL  J. H. jMoMANUS. Manager  . Bar stobkud wli.u Ixrnti brands of wloes, liquors,  and Cigars. Boor qn draught. Large com for b-  ibiM rniuuy.   V lrais-clana table boa d.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Vlotoria and Kootx-uay Stronn-  P. O. Bnr ��W. TRiT.WPWiiNir w  ��m   ua  RE^VARD.  The undersigned will offer as a reward for Ihe  rocovery of the body of Leslie Wilton, the 12-  year-old boy drownod oil' the tug Ilalys on  Sunday, Juno 2nd, thesum of twonly-flvo di-llnrs.  DAVE CLARKli'.  Pilot Bay, June 13th, 1901, ___S___S____a3___i  THE TRIBUNE: NELSCW B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE, lo, 1901  m  ��'  '���-. ��������� -"  AM OP MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  RBIST  UNDIVIDED PROFITS        427,180 80  LiOr(l':..tralhc<ma and Mount Royal ..-President;  Hon. Gooi-go A. Drummond ., Vico-Prosidonl;  K. a. <'lo'v-lon Qeneral jMauagor  NKLSON HRANCH  'Oorner Uakor and Kootonay Streets.  A. H. UUCHANAjM, Mmiagor.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ���'���"*'    HKAD OFFICE:  'I'UIIONTO.  Paid-up Capital  Reserve Fund,  branches ln London (England) New Yokk,  ChiOaoo, and all tlio principal oiltos in Canada.  sell Storllng Kxchange and  Cable  Credit*.  Buy and  Transfers.  Grain   Commercial   and   TravelorH*  available in any purl, of'l.he world.  Draff- Issued. Collodions Mado. Ktic,  Saving's Bank Branch  01'KH.KNT RATK OV INTKHK8T I'AII).  $8 000.000  -   $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  IMPERIAL BANK  OF    0_____N-_A.X)_A.  HffiAD  OFFICK. TORONTO.  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox, Robt. Kilgour,  President;       Vice-President.  London  Ofiice, 60 Lombard Street. ID. C.  N��jw   Yorlc   OHloe,  10   Kxchange   Place!  and (it liranclios in Canada and llio  United Slaie*.  v'2--!"I"!~I"H,'!"5"!"!"*J' .j��!��H"!"X���;-���j"!-^��!��;��  Mining supplies  and    general ���"-  hardware, assayers' supplies and ���;���  chemicals, drugs and medicines, *?���  dry   goods   and   clothing,   boots ���>  and   shoes,   furniture   and   bed- ���!���  ding, flailing tackle and station- ���'.*  ery, books ^and newspaper:*, gro- *\*  ceries and 'provisions, fresh and *{���  salt meacs, fruits and confection- ���!���  cry, cigars and tobacco, imported *'.*  and   domestic   Honors,   in   fact ���������  everything in-llio way of general ���>  incrcliandiac, can be procured in ���!���  Nelson on Thursdays during tho <���!���  same   hours   as   on   other   days, ���!���  not.wiLhstanding   all   reports   to ���!���  the contrary. -;���  ���h  -l*  .T.  ..J..  ..J..  TELEGRAiVIS IN BRIEF FORM  From Various Sources.  LONPON", J.iii.5 H.~Wnn-on'rt  Rwcfi, IJixif* (Ij. R-iill) won tlio  WaHli.-ini j��I:it.ti af, tlm Snndown  Park first sumnirrinpoting today.  TSF.RLIX, Juno H.���TIxj lial.ili-  tio-* of L mi-- J"fct��i-ii, tho former  Unib'-d Stati:.s commercial ajjonl-, at,  ]!aii>bi!'-jr, Havana, wlm --om milted  Hiiiriili! an lltat, pl-u'o Juno l(i, l>y  sli-.iot.ing liimsoif. amount to about,  $5000. ,   l  PARIS, June 14.���An explosion  in a o.-utiklgo fat'tory situated in  the suburb of J_us Monlinr'aiix lias  I'esultfil in th�� loss of; 15 live.- and  the injuring of about twenty person--. The victims were horribly  mutilated.  MANILA, June 14.���Cailles, the  insurgent leader in Lacuna province, has beeomo more humble and  now indicates his willingness to  surrender a hundred guns to General Sumner tomorrow at Santa  Cruse and to give the balance in  three days.  HAMILTON, Mass., June 14.-���  The annual championship open  tournament of the United States  .Golf Association began this morning on the links of the Myopia Hunt  Club. Moro than fifty of the leading professionals and half-a-do/.eu  prominent amateurs participated.  Tlie links wore in excellent condition, and the weather was line.  NEW" YORK, Juno 14. ��� The  World says: "Wooden dummies  wearing metal chest protectors and  )(-presenting the crowned despors  of Europe are to be set up in Liberty park, Hidgewond, next Sunday !'"i' anarchists to shoot. This  occasion will bo the gr.'iml annual  love feast of tho anarchists of  Greater New York. Eight hundred anarchists have' promised to  =attend=a:n<l=bla'/.eiat=tho=diiniinii'Sr==  WEST BADEN, Ind., June 14.���  The Mineral Springs Hotel was  destroyed by fire early today. The  fire broke out at the baker shop at  the south end of the building. It  burned rapidly and by .'3 o'clock the  hotel had been consumed. The loss  is $500,000, insurance $100,000. Two  hundred and twenty-five guests  registered at the hotel last night.  None were injured, although most  of them lost their effects.  PITTSBURG, June 14. ��� Four  thieves who saw Mrs. Sadie Fowler  draw some money from tho Keystone bank yesterday followed her  for five hours to her homo and a'.; 2  o'clock this morning beat her infco  insensibility, robbed her and burned  down her house. When she tried  to escape from the burning building  the men held the doors, bub the  arrival of neighbors saved her from  being suffocated. The robbers  escaped.  PARIS, June 14.���There was an  exciting scene in the chamber of  deputies this* afternoon. M. Dni-  mont (anti-Semite from Algeria)  attacked the government in connection with the administration of  Algeria. When a vote of .censure  and exclusion from tho chamber  was proposed as a.result of his remarks, M. Drumont refused to leave  until a file of soldiers entered the  house, when he retired shouting.  "Vive Ia Army," "A bas Lasguif's."  HONOLULU,' June 7, via San  Francisco, June 14.���Judge A. S.  Humphries of the Circuit Court has  ordered the grand jury to investigate the acts of the home rule party  for the purpose of ascertaining  where their campaign funds came  from and for what purpose they  were spent.   This action was taken [  SAVINGS RANK DEPARTMENT:  Inlm-nM. allowed  ou  deposit*.    Present rate  tlllltll pel* Colli.  GRANGE  V.  HOLT,  Manager Nolson Hninoh.  as the result of tho claim that 1he  home rule members of lhe legislature partook of luncheon at a well-  known restaurant and permitted  tlio owner of a street ear lino which  was after a railway franchise to  pay for the meals.  ST. 1-I.TEI.SjRUI-G, June 14.���  Tlie firo at the Galh-ris lslaud|>hip-  yards yesterday coisumed the slips,  t��lio.crui-er AViijns and other vessels, the government and other  buildings and a large stock of timber. Tho flames al-,o leaped tin-  Neva Fontnuka canal, destroying  seveial military warehouses filled  with supplies. Accoiding to^the  Novoe Vremya, twelve persons lost  their lives in the flames." The damage done amounts to teu million  roubles.  ST. JOHN'S, N. F., June 14.���Tho  Leyland Hue steamer Assyrian,  ashore off Cape Race, went to  pieces during the night and this  morning is a total wreck. Owing  to the fury of the gale and the tremendous sea little of the cargo has  thus fai been saved. The.tug  Petrel, while engaged in attempting  to assist the Assyrian, was forced  upon the rocks yesterday afternoon  and has also become a total wreck.  The crews of both vessels escaped  safely to the shore and are housed  in the Cape Race lighthouse.  Capital  Rest  $2,500,000  $1,726,000  H. S. n'nVLANl) Pieatdent,  I). K. WlLiK.lt" General Manager.  K. HAV Inspector.  SAVINC.   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  Till-   CUKKKNT   KATK   OK    IXTKRKUT   ALLOWED.  ���^fP '00' 00 -*0' 00'**"00 '00 '00''0* '0* '00-1* '00 '00'0*' 00 *4^^,^m^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^'^>^*^'^.^.^.^^  m  to  9\  to  Established in Nelson 1890.  A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MAN OF TODAY  Is Eminently Progressive.  All watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the best  workmen.  Expiated Their Crime.  Sylvania, Ga., June 11.���Arnold  Augustus, Rew Davis, Richard  Saunders, William Hudson and Sat-  tle Baldwin, all negroes, were executed in the yard of the county  jail of Screven county this afternoon. At' 12:20 the drop fell. The  necks of four were broken, by the  fall, the fifth died from strangling.  The negroes bore up well. They  sang at the jail and then marched  between a squad.of soldiers to the  scaffold. None of the negroes denied being guilty.    .  The crime for which they were  CITY  OF NELSON.  Notice ia heroby given that tho first sittings of  tho Annual Court of Revision of tho Municipality of the City of Nelson will bo held in Iho  Council Chamber at, the city otllces. Nelson, on  Wednesday. Iho Ihth day of July noxt, ut 10  a', lock a.m., for tho purpose of hearing com-  plaints against, the assessment an mado by tho  assessor, and for revising and correcting tho  assessment roll.  J  K. STRACHAN'. City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C. May 2St.h, 1'Kll.  NOTICE  Notion is hereby given that, wo Intend lo apply  ut llio next. )������ pillar -.Mings nf llio Itiuu-il of  ljici-nse Commissioners for In-1 'il.y of Nolson in  bu hold after tho uxpiralion of Ibirty da'��H from  llio dale hereof for a transfer of l.he rotuil liquor  lic-ii.su now-ho'd by u-i for Ihu nn'tnises kinnvn  astbe-Nelson llolol.sil.uatoon Int. 10 in Mock 1.  subdivision of lot'.l... Nelson, lo I Cohort. Ueisturor  -!ir'l=AKhur=���v-=iVinigh*��iii��f=lh>.*=wii(i=GIly-of=  No son.  Dated tbis 17th day "f May. rim.  A. II. Cl-KJIICVTS,  l'OUKR I'  l-KIHTKI-KR.'  WitiiPss, <*K*OI'Oli" OAURIK1,.  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  Nolico is hereby given that the co-partnership  hitherto cxisLiiif-' between the undersigned, by  the stylo <if "Kiasor & Itroderic.k." as dain mon,  has l his day been dissolved by tho retirement; of  C;hnrlcsl!rodorick, who bas transferred to John  M. Krasor all his intorest in tho business, assets,  good will and bonk account--.  All persons indebted to tho said partnership aro  horoby requested to mako pas incut, to. tlm said  .limn M. HYiisor. who lias assumed unit will pay  tho liabilities of the partnership, and who will  continue tho partnership biHness.  Wil ness: 'JOHN M   PHASICR,  R.AV. HANNlN'fiTON.       OlIAS. HllODKUICiv.  NOTICE   OP   ASSIGNMENT.  Notieo is hcreliy f?ivon that William Gr.-ihain  Ijillio and Thomas Lester Ii-llh1, both of tlm (Jily  of Volson, in Hie l-rovinco of Uritish C'olmnni",  lni<liii(j- uiider lhe linn nam.- i.ml sLylo of l.illie  liiot.ltiirs, Hoot and Shuo Dealoi-s. on I'nkor  Streot, in the City nf Nelson, havo by flood b.-ar-  iucdiuoof tlie Hid day of Jiinii. I'.KII.a signed all  their real and piM-sniialpioporl.y.i.xreptiistliiiroin  nieiitioiied, to Lewis j\. Uodbolt. uf llm ''it* of  Toronlo, in l.ho i'rov'noeof O,il,...iio. cnmiiiorcihl  iraveier. in trust for tlio purposo i-f paying a1 d  salislM'-graloably and priiporl.iimiilly and wil.h-  oiif. "prof-'Tennu or pr only iho o-i-riitors of Uio  said William Oi-abam lillio mhI 'I homas l.o lor  Lillie, and the said tirin o�� Lillio l'iotl,e'-s, thoir  jus' dob s  The said clecil \visoxccutrd b>- Ibcsaid William  Grabnin ijillie nnd Thomas LesiiM-'Lilli-i lo lhe  said Lewis A. (jO'l boll.-,on lhe 3d day of .lime.  1J0I, and the Mild ijowti A. ("odnolt ha- niider-  talcon the r.rust, croiilcii,:by the said deed. All  persons iiavi-gclaims iitfainsr. 'he said llrm of  Lillie Urothors or .against t,h" said Wdliani  Orahani Lillie or against iho "aid 'rtiomas L��Mter  Lilli" *rc required to forward to tbo said liowis  A. God''Oil, particulars of their claims duly  verified on or heforo Iho 10ih dny of .In y, 1 01.  And notice is horoby ^ivon Unit, after iho >aid  lOih davnf July. 1!H)1. tho trustees will procec.-l  lodi-tribute the as-ets of tho es ato amoiiK Iho  pariiosoni.itled thon^to, havinor 'Oiiard only io  the cla'rns of which tho said {trustees shall thou  have bad noiino. and that, tho siiid trustees will  not. b.i ro*ponsiblo fo- tho as~ots or any jiart,  thoreof so dif-tribnto-l to an v. person or persons,  firm or corporation of whosi debt or claim ho  shall not then have had notion.  A meel ine; of tho creditors will be held at, thn  ofliiM of Ihe undersigned ou Monday, tho 10th  day of Juno, l'JOl. at lhe hour nf 2 o'e'rek in Uio  iLflcrnonn, to decide as to the be -it, manner of dl*-  yosinij of thp a.*sois.  A further mceling of theorcMtors will bo h-*M  at. tho fame nltic:j on the 20i.li dnv of Julv, nr. tho  hourof !fi o'clock n.m., to con-'dor tho trustee*)'  rtatemniili and lvport.  Dated thislh-.. day "f .Tun". 11101.  OALLiriKItSr. WIL-OV.  Stili.-itors for Trustcos.  K. W.C. Blook, Nelson, B.C.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  ��� ' ' . .���    .  hanged occurred  last Auguat.     It  originated in a  quarrel  betwi en n.  young negro named Alexander and  two   young   white   men���Fillmore  Ilerrington aud Milton Meads���respecting the right of way. on a country   highway.       Alexander, made  threats   against . tiie   lives  of  tlie  white men during the quarrel over  who should give way in.the road. A  dny or two after the quarrel in the  road Ht-rriiigtou and  Meads  swore  out   warrants   against    Alexander  for threatening their lives.    Meads,  being a constable, headed ��� a  party  consisting of himself,  Herrington,  captain   J.   T.  Wade   and  George  Daniel to effect.the arrest of Alexander.      As   the' white   men    approached Alexander's house   they  were fired upon from  ambush, by  apparently a dozen  guns and rifles.  Constable  Meads  fell  dead in   his  tracks.        Herrington,       mortally  wounded, crawled a hundred yards  and died.     Daniel  was wouuded,  but made  hia  escape  with Wade.  Upon the  trial -the -five admitted  they were in tho ambushing party,  but claimed they were forced  into  it by others under threats of death  if they refused.      A conviction  resulted, and the men were sentenced  to death.  to  9S  9\  9*  9}  9\  9)  He does not follow iu a int.; 'he worships no ideals of the past; he is of the lime- >md with  the times; lie seeks constantly to advance, to improve, to giv--' broad-minded and skillful ser-  vi<-e; lie not, only buys early, but he studies his business minutely; he recognizes the important fiM-ttliHt. his stock should cqnsist of goods that are so widely different from "the other  fellows" as can be secured. He picks out, lines that are progressive, up-to-date and superior  sis to special features, style and finish; then gets his goods in early, is not afraid to liberally  display a complete assortment of his various fines so. as to impress the confidence he possesses.  He familiarizes himself with every- detail ns to quality and manufactum of his goods, sets" a  fair price on them and sticks to*it; proclaims quality, perfection aud long wear. Send for  prices, or call and see us.    We are here to servo you all. ,  c. - - ���    '  OUR WATCHMAKING AND JEWELRY DEPARTMENT HAS NO EQUAL IN B.C.  JACOB  DOVER,  G. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  THE JEWELER  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  9\  to  >M  Tl"4  Mail orders receive our prompt  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  to  9\  to  to  to  'aw__^* ___t  ^'^'^y^-0��'^'����^'^'��&^'^''^_:^'^'^'^-'��- ��� ^ ���^-���^- ��� 3fr' i^ ^��S' t^ * mfc' l&,^'^'nT_',tfr,_fr,^*^>>,^^,^�� X^  * V^-2^ ^ ���-9^ *^ ^^ ��K''Sr--^^-**.������*-.���--��- ���**��-_'-*_.-^*V-> ^^'^'00'0^'0^-00'00^^^00' ^'00'0^^00-0^^^^^ ^0~^0f'  AINSWORTH  LICENCE   DISTBICT.  Notieo Is horeby (jivoh that, William Wight  has mado application under 1 ho prorision.i of tho  ���'ijiquor Licence Act 1MX)," for an hotel licence  for tlie premises known as tho Victoria House at  Howser. ,  A mooting of tho Board of Tjicenco Commissioners of t,he Ainsworth Licence District .will  lie hold to consider such application at tho Court  House at. the City of Knslo on Thursday, tho  twonty-soveni h day of 1 uuo, at tho hour of eight  o'olock in tho uflernoon.  W. H. BULLOCK-WEBSTKB,  Chief Licence Inspector.  "Chief Constable's Office,' Nelson, 12th June. 1901.  THE-  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  To___=  NELSON,  B. C.  Builders and  Contractors  NOTICE     TO     PRE-EMPTORS  CROWN   LANDS.  OF  Having1 taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I bef? to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest  possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It is our Intention to install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next season we shall be in a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  Cancellation  NOTICE.  ok   Reservation,  District.  Kootenay  XTOTfCE in hereby given that the reservation  ���*���' placed on that particular parcel of land,  which may be described as commencing at the  northr-ast ��>ornor of Township (8a) Mght A*  Kootenay District, which is also the northeast  corner of Bl-ck 12, granted to the Nelson and  Fort Shepnard Railway Company-, by. Crown  g'-Hnld-.ted8thMarch, 1895; thence due eastlu  miles; thence due south to the International  Boundary ; tlierco due west along said boundary  l(i miles; theuco north to the place of commencement., notieo whereof was published < in the  Hiit.tsh Columbia Gazette, and dated 7th May,  18!.., ts hereby rescinded.  W. S. GORE.  Doputv Commissioner of Lands & Works.  Lands and Works Dopu-tmont,- ���  victoriii, U. C. 23rcUMay, 1901.  GAOL   SUPPLIES.  We shall also Keep on hand  Tiles and Cement.  a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also, this year.. .We also  seoured prizes.last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  We  Builders.  are prepared to offer special  rates  to Contractors   and  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successors to    ���������  The West Kootenay Brick ��f  Lime Co., Ltd  rpiirc attention of pre-emptor * of crown lands is  J- horeby called to an iiiiicnilmcm. to tlio "li'ind  Aol," passed at the last session of Lhe Legislature,  whieh provides as follows, viz :-.  *'!��. l->i'e:enipt,ors of crown lands,- whether in  arrn-u-s in pn-menl of iii&t.alments of purchase  nmiicy or not, who at Iho tijno'of coming into  force of I his Acl. have o'otained corlilluates of irn-  pn.veiiicnt.or whot-lialllmvQ.obtuinedcerliflcules  of improvement within twelve monllis thereafter, shall on conforming with the provi -ion< of  lhe "Lund Aol," except as hereby altered, be ei,-  titled-lo ohlnin oiown grunts of their prc-omption  claims upon completing pajincm-* of purolmso  nion.y :.i, the r.ito of f-ovriitv-Hve cents per acre,  and orpwi grant fees, whieh payment? may bo  m dcas follows:  "twenty five cent* per acre on or beforo (he  ?1 I. day of Deci-mbcr, l'Wl;  '  "'won'y-llvo coins per acre on or beforo the  30lh il-.yiif .In- e. l!'02;  ' anil Iheivm lininn���  "Twenty-five cents |ji>r aero on" or lie'ore tho  31m|, day  of 'December,  ISO.', and without any  further pay mont of inteiosl orarrni'Hof inlere-t."  W. s. GORK.  Deputy Conimi-sioniT nf Lands & Works.  La��-ds ar-d Works Department'  Victoria. U.C.. 1st Juno, jsjiti.  ''CANADIAN CONTINGENT EXEMPTION ACTS."  A LIj returned South African Volunteers, who  *-����� iiuvii not already done ko, aro req��esto_ to  "communicate with the undersigned without delay, us also Ihe next, of kin of tho.-e ��� deooased  i.r of those who havo not yet returned to British  Columbia, or any other persons interested >n  mining properties hold by suoh Volunteers. Tho  latest dale possible for receiving applications for  exemption under the above Acts will bo Lhe 1st  July, proximo.  RICHARD McBIUOR.  Minister of Mines.  Department of Mince.  Victoria, IB. C. Hid June. 1901.  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���fTKLSON SOCIALISTIC KDUCA1IONAI  , ' . CLUB meets every Sunday at 3 o clock p.m.  in tho At mors'Union Hall. A coidial invitation  js oxUmded to every ono to come and lake pari  in discussions.   John Roberts, secretary.  T AUNOUY WORK-MRS' UNION OV NKL80N  7T��� N/?' ?_'���-}��� A, F*,o�� Ifc-Mects in Miners' Union "  Hall, C. P. K. olock, corner of Baker and Stan  ley streets, on fourth Friday in evorv month at  ���::t0 p.m. i-harp. VjHit'ng membcis of American  bodor.ition cordially inviLort to attend. U. Fred-  nek, president; A. \V. McFee, seciel-try.  AJJULt-UN MlNKlt-i' UNION NO. IHi, W. If. of  *���*   M.���Meots in itiiners' union rooms, north  wesu corner of Raker and Staiilej streets every  Saturday uvoninK al, �� o'clook.   VisiLuik mom  bora wolco.-nc.  M. R. Mowatt, I'rosidenU Jame  Wilkos,   Socretary. .  Union Scai.k ok W^ctKa 9s  kor  Nklson    DiBTitiCT���Per   shifl,    machine  mon. &'..t(): hamniorsmcn minors, ?1.25; niuckors,  ciirini-n, i-hovnlm-H .and othor iiiidorKiuiind lftbor-  * '"nj  j_ v * 1  t K  ��� '.f ^  The roj-ii-  ���n 'IVi'li'sand.liituo;  ���pi-ADKH ANT) IjABOR rOUWIL..  ������-    la;- irn'Cinj;-' n' I hi* Voln  ro-'n-;*   ������������!���    .        ;,      |���     .,,,���,��� j    ,M110[|   hu|}  c Tiiur Kakoi-.l.iiI    Iii uio,, ���.iroiil.H Ihellrisl '��i<1  thint Thi/vsilny of 'nrl' month; at R p| t|.     C J.  Claytoir,Wrcs ; A.-T. Curio. Sco.   l'.O bo\ 110 >i'  T  HH' rug  ' Union  ugular inuiilJiigH of tliotj'arpoiilois' t  are-hold on 'Vcdnostlav ovoning of eu*'!]  wi'nfc.at 7 o'clock, in llio MineiV Union rooms  corner of- Uaker and Stanley slioo!* Charles  Clayton, President-,'   Alex If. Murray. Seorotary.  *f>ARBl_RS' UNION.-Nelson Union. No. 19b. of  ���*-'   tho International Jniinioymen  Harbors Un  Ion of A-nerioa, nieota every IIisl and Ihnd Monday of oach month iu Minor's Union Hall, at 8.3  Kt."-rp.    Visiting   brothers cordially invited lo  attend.   R.. McMahon. p'ouMn-t -. 1   U. Mat ho  son. score!juy-treas:iroi; J. C, Gardnoi, rocordinu  secretary.  'fa  J r'<<7i\\\  P. Burns & Co.  Hkai> OpkiYu-. at  NKIiSON.'K,  O  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  HOSSI.AND-VKI.VET .MINK  WAGON KOAD.  SKALKI)   TKNDKRS,  r    _!__  MW  Tonders will ho roooived by the undersigned  up to li! o'clook noon on Saturday, June 22nd,  1IHI1, for the supplying of the following article^ to  tho I'rovin -iiil Gaol at Nolson from July 1st, 1901,  to J une .'It-th. 1902:  (3ROOKRIES,  KRKAD,  MEAT,  COAL.  VKGKTABLES,  HROOMS, KTC.  A detailed list can be scou and any information  obtained at tho government agont's olllce.  JOHN A. TURNER,  ���  '������ Government jAgont.  Nelson, Juno Kith, 1��01.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER.  To Horbort Cuthbort, or _Lo ��ny person or persons l<i whom  ho-may havai transferred lus  iiilorest in t.tio'Blchil'Miiioral Claim, situate  on l lie west f��rk of,. Rovor orook, in the Nolson milling division 'of '��� West lCoolenny Dis-  t.-iot, aud recorded in iho recorder's olllco for  the Nr-lxou Mining Division.  You and each of you aro horeby notified tliat  wo bav- expended fourhundrcd and oleven dollars in lafor and- improvement!'upon tho ������bovo  mentioned mineral cl��im in order to hold said  minoral claim under the provis'ons of the Mineral Act, and  if witliin  ninety dais from the  date of this notice you fail or refuse to contril>-  uto your proportion  of  such ^expenditures together with all costs of  advet Using your  interests in said claims will become* the properly of  tlm >--ubscrlbors, under section 4. of an Act entitled "An Act to.Aiiiond the Mineral Act. 1900."  "-     '    IfRANIC FLISTCHKR,  .r. j.-MALOMK.  H. G.'NEHlliANDS,  E.T?-a;8IMPiaNS.  Dated at Nelson this 3rd"a_y of June, 1901.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  =iVI'ark*stH=��t==NftlHOHf=^ll(is��|jiii<l-1=^=r��ilr=KiLsl-\-=^-^  Deuvi-r,   RnvHlHtiOkH,  I'Viryuson   Wranri   Forks,   (Jr<-��in��.iM.rtl, (V.��:>tflf  Oitiy,  way,  and   Vancouver  Mf-ii   Offiors   Pror>ip*fv   Fo-*w-irrj|��>rl  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  AIJj KINDS OF  FRESH AND. SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE) AND KKTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  wARbcs?HS E. C. TRAVES, Manager  MKDKIRH BY MAllj KKCKIV1C OAItHFUI, AMD PROMPT ATa'BMTION  r:xzrz:ziizxi:xxixz_!zzz22ciiizziiizixiixixiii:xzix:xiizixitiisx:i:ziii::sii2i-xizii::zx-ixtx-xizz:i:xiizzux-  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON,  B. C. ��  . superscribed "Tender  for i<o*'sland-Veivi.t. Mino Wa^on Rond."  will lie r< coivrd by I ho undcrs'-ined up in and in-  oludfnK Thiuwiay. I tic twentieth instant, for l.ho  cons' riiRlion nf a wa^on rond from Rossland lo  ill" Velvet iiimio.  I'ldii proillu, specification and form of contract  may !<e seen on or after the 7Mi inslant, at the oflico of John Kirkup,- Ksf|., Government Agent,  Uos land. ���-.  H'iioli ti-nder must ho iicconiraiiied by an accepted bank olieoK or corlillcale of dopoi-il, innde.  _r>iiyubli-_ioj..h<!_ii!_eixiiJ-,i^  Icon liiiiiilird (Sill (I) iiolliirs. ns sccuiity for the  duo fiillilltnent of the omitriiot. which .shall ho  loi I'citril if Uio p.-nly l.-ndoi-inij: doeliiiu lo .liter  iniiiciiiitriicl. when fiillt-d upon to du sol or if lie  t��il to c -mplo'o tlio. work isoiit.rncte-t Icr. Tin;  chucks of iinsiiccessfiil tenduiers will ho i e'lirneil  to them itik.ii) llio oxoiMiti'in of Ihu contniot.  Tomlors will not ho considered unle-s niadooilt  or, l.ho forms supplied ami .j^uoil wilh tlio actual  Minimi uro of tlio loiuloiuis.,  'I ho lowest or any trnder not neces-arilv ac-  c-jpted. \V. S   CORK,  Depuly C'oinmissioiior.of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Viotoria. II. C.ttrd.lunu,' l!WI..  *5H��  T ABORRR8' UNION.-NoImiii Ijaborers' l>ro  f-1 tectivo Union, No. 8121. A. F of L , meets in  Minors Union hall, C. P. R. block, corner of-  X-'akor and Stjinloy streets, every Mundai ovoning  at7:;"0p.m. sharp. Visit inir iiiimmI.^ih of tlio American .edoration cordially invited to .ittond.  A. .T. Curie, Presidont). John Kobous, recording secrotary.  TVJELSON PAINTKltS' UNION-The roirulttj  -'-, meeting of tho Painters' Union is held  tho tlrat and third Fridays in each monl h at Mln  ors' Union hall at. 7:��i sharp. Gentle lOicntt,  Prosidont; Honry HoiineLt. Secretary.  (ROOKS' AND WAITKltS1 UNION ���It.jrnlar  ,-y meetings overy 'I'ue-diiy o\(iuiiKat 8 30  oolock, in Miners' Union Hall, ooinoi of Rakor  andainnley streets. Visting brethren cordially  nivitf-d. Chris. Luft, president; II. Stnclser. tln-  aneial and recording secretary.  pijjVSTKRKits' UNION��� Tlio O. P. T. A. No.  -*- 172. moel/i every Momht) imcmIiik In tho  .Elliot block, corner I��.akor and SlJinlo> h( root-*, at  �� o'clook. J. I> M.,....r, nroitdtiiiti. William  Vice. Horrol-nry. P. O. Itox till,.  FBATERNAL   SOCIETIES  "**   * ���* 1  _jj  ��4  INSPECTION  OF METALLIFEROUS  MINES.  Oold, Silver-Load and Copper Minos wnnted at tho Exchange.  Free-Milling Gold Properties, wan ted nt once for-EoHt<-rH Investors.  Parties having mining proporty for sale are ronnested to send samples of thoir oro Co the'  \Vo desiro to hear from all prospectors who havo promkiing'minoral  .-/���I'  To John J. McAndkews or to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  interest in the Black Diamond Mineral Claim.  situate on  tho north side of Boar Creek,  about throe miles from the town of Ymir.  lying Houth of and adjoining the Evening  _ tar Minoral Claim. Nelson Mining Division  of Wost Kootenay Disti ict, and recorded in  tho recorder's ofllco for the Nelson Mining  Division.  You and each of you are hereby notified that I  have expended Two Hundred andTwelvodollars  and Twenty-flvo cents ($212.25) in labor and improvements upon tho above-mentioned mineral  claim ln ordor to hold said mineral claim under  the provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fail  or rcfiiso to contribute your proportion of such  expenditures together with all conn* of adverliw-  ing your interc.-ts in ��� said claims wlll.booome the  property of tho subscriber under section 4 of an  Act ontitled  "Au Act to Amend the Mim-ral  Act, 1SHJ0." JOHN DRJAN.  Dated at Nelson this 27th day ot April, 1901.  i Exchango for exhibition  ' claims in Uritish Columbia.  < Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange thoir headquarters whon  1 in Nelson.                                                                                                            .         '   '' ' m  ]         j\ 11 samples should bo sent by oxpross, Prepaid.   Corrospondonco solicited, H  ]         Address all communications to K  5 Telephone  104                       ANDREW   F.   ROSENBERGER, g  ]              P. O. Box 700                                                              Nelson, B. C. |  ^xxxx) rxTiizixix��-Tt.:TrzxTxiiitTT��txrxixixtxixrixiTrjxxitTrxtxxTxxixtiiTiiTTTixxxiiixxx_rsrTXTirTixrxxxTxrixxn  W. P. TIERNEY  Telophono 205.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:  Two Doors West C P. R. Offices  TENDERS   WANTED.  Tho Hast intra (R C.) Exploration Syndicate.  Limited, will consider hids for diamond drilling  on tlio Arlinf-lori mine at Hrio, It. C. For full  information call or address No. 0, K.-W.-C. block,  Nelson, B. C.  WEST TRANSFER GO.  MACLEOD, Manager.  N. T.  All  Kinds  of  Teaming  Work.  and  Transfer  Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Imperial OU  Company.   Washington  Uriok, Limo & Manufacturing Company.   General commorcial agents  and brokers.  fj'All coal and  wood strlotly cash on delivery.  TELEPHONE 117.  Office 184 BaRer St.  INSl'I'LTOUH   niSTHIl.TS.  rpni- Inspectors of Metalliferous Mines aro  -1- horeby assigned tho followlngas thoir respective Inspection Districts wilh headiinanors us  noted. .Such aHsi^ninent lo taku place from  Juno Iiil h, I'.IH, until furl her notice.  Aitriint.M.i) Dick. Inspector.  lloadiiii'irl-srs. Cnuihrook. olllce of  Deputy  Mining Recorder.  -Inspection District t-hall .comprise all nf  East  KijntePiiy and also Ooat River Mining Division  of West ICootonay.  In iidnitiou to I ho duties of Inspcolor of Metalliferous Mines, Mr. Dick wi'l also actus Inspector  of Coal Mine - wil bin the samo District.  Jami*- McGuwioit, Inspector.  lloniliiuarlors. olllce of Mining Recorder,  Nelson.  Inspection District, shall comprise all of West  Koolonay except Oust River Mining l>iv(slou,  and al-o the Grand Koiksand Ivottlo Hiver Mining Divisiniis'of Yalo District.  Thomas Mokoan, Inspector.  Hi'iidquartcis,'Government Buildings, jVan-  aimo.  Inspe-Mion  Di -trict,   Vancouver   Island   and  Coast District.  Mr. Morgan is also Inspector of Coal Mines for  this District.  Notice is hereby given of such Inspection Districts and thai in accordance with tho "Inspection of Metalliferous Minos Act, 1897," and  Amending. Act-*, notice of accidents to employees  happening wiihin ��ny of such Districts must he  promptly reported both to the Inspector of such  District and also to the Minister of Minos,  Viotoria.  In mines not included in lhe above Dislrints  managers will report, iu duplicate, lo tho Min-  i��lcr of Minos dlrecL, wl>o. If he considers it  necessary, will assign an Inspector to specially  report.  blank forms upon which to make reports of  such accidents may be obtained from tho.Inspector of the I'i-lrict, from the Mining Recorder, or  upon application to this olllce  RICHARD McBRIDl*  Minister of Mines.  Department of Mines,  5th June, 1S01.  XV.1WH LODOK. NO. -tt - A. K. * A. M  M'J.'!��. Htscmiil Wtwluiisrifty-In -f.ri  montih  ���Sojourning brethren lnvtod.  "JVTKLSON ROYAL ARCH ('MA Pl'|. It No. 123  J->    G.K.C.���Moo'* third v-'udiieMl.tY   biijnuin  _ingicompaiiioiis.invited.^Guori<e JohnslonoZ.. K._  W. Matthews. S. K.  TyTKI.SON A KRI KSn.-��. K.u. K. ���Mih-i -ocond  -l���,,    and  fourth   \Vi.-dnuMlay of cmli iinmlh. at  I'l-iitornity   Hall.     Goorgo   Itirlloll,   picnideiit  .liilin V. Morrison, "eorelary.  "A.  \  k    O. 'I.   M.-  T7"tK)TKNAY TKN'T.'NO.  -"��� Hold their regular meetings _u llioili-il .md  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting bir  Knight'-* are cordially invited I oat lend. G. A.  "   K.; A.W. Purdy, Com., R.J.Steol  Urown. II,  D. S. C.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS- Nolson l,od��o. No  2.1, Knights of Pythian. mot-tH In I. O. O.H".  Hall, corner Bakor and Root-mny stroots, over ���  Tnosday ovonln-/nti R oVlor> Vlnl��lp|t Knlc(h,'P  oordlally Invltod to attend. II. M. VlncuilC. C.  A. T. Park. K. at R. & t--.  ARCHITECT.  C. KWART���Architect.   Room 3 Abordcon  block. Maker streot. Nelson.  . SHERIFFS SALE.  Province of  P.riHih   Columbia,   Nelson,   West  Kooloiriy, lo wil:  Hy virtuo of two writs of Kie-i Pai in* l-isucd  nutof the siioronin foutl.of K.-ilish I olnmbuiat  l.ho sui'of l.ho Van llaivov Noriuaii Comptny.  Li'iiiioil. ami ltiillniir& Coiiipauy, plain tiff-, and  to mc direclod against the goods and chattels of  .1. "A. MacKinnon & Company, defendant--, r  have seized and taken in execution all tlie right,  liileand Intorest. of tho said defendant. JTa.  M-cKiuiinn, in the so-called Hampton gionpof  mi'iiM'ul claim" cnnsNl.ing <.f tho >..meiiil claims  "lliiiipton." "Kthol K." "Plungor," ��� Camp Firo"  and "Silver How.-"nil siliialo.up Springer creek,  about eight mil��s, more orl-wi. from SIocj-.ii City  and recorded in Iho o'Heeof. Iho'iuiuiiig recorder  for tho Slocan City mining division of Iho district of Wost Kootenay, to recover the sum of  thirteen hundred and eighty-seven dollars ami1  eighty omits (?I3-S7.-?0). amount of said writs of  Fieri Facias, a-d inlerest on two hundred audi  thirty-i-lx dollars and twonty-sovon cent.s (S23(j 27)>  at fivo per centum per annum from the 3rd day  of January. 11)01. until payment, und interest oo  cloven hundred and fort)-four dollars and flfty-  throo cents (��11-14.5.'") at six por centum per annum from tho 25lh day of March, 1901, until payment, besides sheriff's poundage, ofllceri; fees  and all other legal incidental expenses. All of  which I shall exposa for sale, or sufficient thereof to satisfy such judgment, debt and costs, at  my otllco, next to the court house, in tho city of  Nelson. B. C��� on Friday, the 21st day of June,  A. D. 1H01. at tho hour of eleven o'clock in t be  forenoon.  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as to Interest and title of the said defendant,  ��� S. P. TUCK  '    , Sheriff of South Kootenay.  Dated at Nelson, B. C tho 6th of Juno. 1901.  WANTHD, BOTS-Good active and reliable  boys to act as soiling agenta of the Daily Tribune-  in every towmln Kootenay aud Yale dibl.iota., THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B C. SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1901  %  hr-.v-*-  hfii.  m*c_.7x:  Jf 111 "'  mmm.'  |9%?iv*^7-!!,.J  X^mk.. ���  mm:  l^wSte_ .  $-x:--;-.tixX ..  IVS^-WX '  fe?H^��37. - i  Si.?}**-:'*''-;'-*' ,  E-Vif'S.*.'^  fig!-;  ��'^5jv:':'   ."  fc&'ws: ���-  pi??.:,-:;- ���'���  fiA^'-Vir^ ������. J  "���^'iiS'ii:/\,y>* *  ?&$&&?������-'* *  ESS5B"-'.  |!��.:jjl;,*-,.. .-���������>   -.  -  fe^...-  ���a:r.:.s;.'V'...-:.  {**��.'?;���������"& '  it-v'  l*i'ft.  II?'..'- ���'���'���rjft  ,'---,'   ��� ', W  (57 ���'������������    ..',*.  ��%'* -,;���-  if'-sr.  7"  ;   *_���', ��� ">t  I Iff 7 ������#..  ��������-���;:���  15.-' ':  BID YOU KNOW  That we we hav the beet assorted stock of PURE DRUGS,  CHEMICALS, ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES, PERFUMES and  DRUGGISTS' SUNDRIES in the Kootenays. -If not give us  a trial order and you will be convinced. We have everything usually f-i nd in a first class Drug -tor?, and that is  what we claim r.nrs to te.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VIOTOBIA   BLOCK NELSON,   B.C.  Goods  Duke & Son's Cricket supplies, Ayres <&  Wright and Ditson's lawn tennis, Spalding base  ball, La.ly lacrosse and Whitely exercises.  TISDALL'S  GUN   STORE  VANCOUVER.  SPECIAL SALE  China, Glass and Earthenware.  A Chance   io  Buy at Low  Prices.    An  Immense  / Stock   to   Choose   From.  FORTY   PER   GENT  DISCOUNT   FOR   GASH.  Wm.   Hunter  Groceries  &   Co.  ; rockery  NELSON CLOTHING HOUSE  NO,   219   BAKER   STREET.   NELSON.  BOOTS!       BOOTSI       BOOTS!  For a few days only we will h.lda slaughtering  discount sale of boots and shoes.  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  |"l|jriy jijpasand  BANKRUPT STOCK OF  BOOTS AND SHOES  Now on the market at prices never before heard  of in  the West.   The combined stock of  F. NEELANDS and LILLIE BROTHERS  1  Amounting to $30,000, comprising the finest makers in the  United States and Cadada, are now offered to the public (at  ihe usual places of business, viz., S. Neelands' and Lillie)  Brothers') at less than manufacturers' cost until disposed of  * *  ���J*       Mining  supplies  and    general ���:���  ���I-   hardware, assayers' supplies-and ���!���  *!���   chemicals, drugs and medicines, ���!���  ���J-   dry   goods   and   clothing,   boots ���!���  *l*   and   shoes,   furniture   and   bed- *l*  ding, Ashing tackle and station- _���  cry, books and newspapers, gro- -!���  ceries and provisions, fresh and -5*  salt meats, fruits and confection- _���  ery, cigars and tobacco, imported *S��  and   domestic   liquors,   in   fact -I-  everything in the way of general -J*  merchandise, can be procured in _���  Nelson on Thursdays during the -f  same  hours  as  on  other  days, _���  notwithstanding   all   reports   to ���!-  the contrary. *  v  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  ��^��j����|��ifr��^��t����^���%��*|*��u��t��,T����j+ ��^����|����j����t����?����|����t<��t����^��i|�� ���]���_ ���*��������*���������  Come   Early   While   the   Bargains   Last.  DTPslrrTERi new maple, syrup  THE   BEST   _MC_A.ID_e_  T -IS  SPRING'S   SYRUP   IN    QUART.    HALF   GALLON   AND  GALLON   CANS.  H nston Blo.'.c,  Tilepbemo Ul.  Baker Street.  p. O. Box 170.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  CITY LOCAL HEWS  Provincial constable McLennan of  Columbia brought in a man named  Johnston last evening who is  charged with insanity. .  The Nelson Gun Chib will hold  its regular weekly shoot this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the traps at  the foot of Stanley street.  ^The Masonic Grand Lodge of  British Co'umbia will meet in.  Nelson on the 20th and 21st instant.  About 150 delegates are expected to  be present.  The North Star mine in East  Kootenay is now making regular  shipments to the Everett smelter.  Six carloads of ore passed through  Nelson yesterday.  J. M. Loy of tho Imperial Bank  of Canada will receive subscriptions for the Bernier Polar expedition, and transmit all such to Ottawa free of charge.  The sitting of the full court at  Vancouver,, which was scheduled  for Tuesday, lias been adjourned  until the 25th instant owing to the  press of business at Victoria. .  Thomas Williams, a Moyie man  sentenced to three months'' imprisonment fur tliefr, was brought  to the Nelson jail yesterday by  provincial constable Drummond.  s- Both Lillie Brothers aud the  Neelands Shoe Company have retired from business. Their stocks  of boots and shoes are now being  disposed of at slaughter prices.  The Winter crew are looked upon  as the favorites in the senior fours  for the Dominion Day regatta. All  the boys are putting in .good practice and some good contests may be  looked for.  ���The C. P. R. trackmen's .threatened strike does not occasion any  uneasiness in Nelson: It affects  section hands chiefly, and through  Kootenay these'are not very well  organized.  A meeting of the commissioners  for the Nelson license district will  be held in the court house this,  morning at 10 o'clock to consider a  number of applications for renewals,  for hotel licenses.  The Canadian Pacific has now  two work trains on the road between Nelson and Robson, and in  order to facilitate the moving of  trains an operator has been installed at the ballast pit.  J. K. Strachan, city clerk,  attempted to get about on crutches  yesterday, with the result that he  gave his sprained ankle another  turn and will be unable to resume  his duties for several days.  The- lacrosse~teams���of-Medicine-  Hat, Grand Forks and Phoenix have  all expressed a willingness to play  in Nelson on the 1st and 2nd of  July,' so that some good games bf  lacrosse may be looked for.  v The Nelson Freighting and Transfer Company has purchased the 50  feet at the corner of Vernon and  Stanley streets, and will erect ah  up-to-date stable and warehouse  thereon at a cost of $2000. W. G.  Gillett has the contract for the  work, i  Lillie Brothers' stock of boots and  shoes, which was invoiced at something like $12,000, was bought in  yesterday by Lewis A. Godbolt, at  61 cents on the dollar. The price  realized for the stock will just  about cover the claims of the'  secured creditors.  Provincial constable Young is on  a 'trip of inspection of the licensed  premises at Ainsworth, Whitewater'  and- Bear Creek. He will attend  the meeting of the commissioners  for the Ainsworth license district  at Kaslo this evening and report  upon the applications for licenses.  Nelson is' reapihg its share of the  Phoenix building boom. The plans  -for the McMillan building were  drawn by a Nelson architect, : the  contract was secured by a Nelson  contractor, who took over Nelson  workmen, and R. H. Williams  secured an order for $2000 worth  of glass for it.  H. W. R. Moore, who was formerly a member of The Tribune  staff, is uoav at Rodman Bay,  Alaska, where he is in the employ  of the Rodman Bay Mines. This  company has two gigantic ledges of  gold quartz which sample $5 to the  ton. The company has put in a  wharf, is building a narrow-gauge   mm.  railway into the property, and 1ms  placed an order for a75-.stamp mill.  After leaving Nelson Mooru tried  his hand at newspaper work in  Seattle, but finally drifted north.  Ho wishes he was back in Ni-lson,  as the mine is sixty miles out u�� the  way of communication.  James Troxell, the Moyie man  charged with au aggravated assault upon f-omo Japanese in Moyie  ih March last, was remanded to  Moyie by magistrate- Cr��>asn yesterday. Troxell was taken to Moyie  by provincial constable Drummond  last evening.  The accident to the Poorman  compressor may result in a six  weeks' shut-down at that property.  Attempts are being made to have  the compressor patched up for the  time being, biit it is very much of  a speculation. The mill will continue running, having something  like a two weeks' supply of ore  ahead.  The case, of Ilall vs. vLaBau/ a  eoiihty courti action arising out of  the fumigation of the offices of doctors Hall and.���Rose by the city  health officer, has been postponed  until the next sitting of the county  court, an arrangement having been  arrived at by A. M. Johnson, solicitor for Dr. LaBau, P. E. Wilson,  city solicitor and the solicitor for  the plaintiff.  H. R. Cameron yestprday received  an inquiry from the Greenwood fire  department asking whether there  would be. any firemen's sports in  connection with the Dominion Day  celebration, and expressing a willingness on the part of the Greenwood brigade to take part. The  communication was turned over to  captain Chambers, -who will give  the desired information.  W. H.,/Bullock-Webster of the  provincial! police department received threo applications yesterday  to be placed upon the list of eon-  stables for special service. As it is  his de3ire to secure a number of  such specials, .those wishing such  service should call at the provincial  police oflice between the hours of 9  and 1 and 2 and 4 any day except  .Saturday)or Sunday, or on Saturday between the hours of 9 ' and 1  o'clock.  ',];.,. ���-'������ " ' '  Mayor Fletcher interested'himself  yesterday ��� in the!'search for the  missing' .'"Miko"- Svoboda,^ whose  wife and child has' occasioned the  eity authorities considerable annoyance during'the past cbupleof days.  By securing a scrutiny of the  C. P. R. priyrolls the mayor found  that a man of the' name desired was  working;fbr the company at Castle-  gar, and, Mrs. Svoboda and child  were sent- there, city treasurer  Wasson seeing them safely off on  the train. Mrs. Svoboda's difficulties  were brought about by her own  action in delaying her visit to Robson somefour-months.'  Woman Was Not Insane.  . William Greenwood .of Lemon  Creek arrived in-Nelson orr Thursday evening,- accompanied by his  wife . Matilda, whom the husband  said had shown sighs of insanity,  having threatened among other  things to drown herself. According to Greenwood's . story his wife  was injured about a- year ago by a  falling tree, .and had- never been  -right-in-her-head-sineo.-The woman-  was brought before magistrate  Crease yesterday, who remanded  her to the custody of her husband,  pending a V medical examination.  Dr. Hawkey subsequently made  the examination, and reported that  medical treatment was all the  woman required. She was accordingly removed to the Kootenay  Lake General;Hospital.  ���  .Quoiting.  ; From the number p,f spectators  and players on the ;NeIson quoit  grounds last evening it, is evident  that quoiting is becoming a game  of great interest.; The following  table shows the standing, of the  first team in^he.general competition  of the club's tournament:  ���I'KI.KPHOXK  ib:.   BTrEE,s <fc oo  PAINTS, OILS A.ND GLASS.  GARDEN   TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  POULTRY   NETTING  Sioru. Oornor Bakar ami .JoHuphlno Stiee  RUBBER AND  COTTON HOSE.  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder   Company    and   Truax    Automatic   Ore   Cars.  JSTELSOISr  STORES   AT  s.^_i_TaD02sr  BUSINESS   MENTION.  -Piano nt the  after  Por Sale or Rent.  Old Curiosity Shop.  Wantrd���Girl     to    look  child.   Apply to Nri. 177 Sllicn street.  Por sale���Ranch on Kootenay  riror, improved.  Inquire AV. P. liohlnson.  Lost���Spaniel dog; hlnr-k; named.  "Bob." Return to Queon'ri Hotel, Nelson. Reward.        7  To   rent���Two   large ;'furnished.  front rooms. Applewhaite block, opposite Odd-  follows' ha'l. ���','���'''  To   Let���Furnished  front  room,  with or 'vii-.houfc bminl. Apply four doors above  CiLy Hnll, Victoria street.  Wantfd��� Two sawmill men. a  man lo.'rnn a'plnrior; nnd a co'>k. Apply AV. 0.  Employment Ofllce, Ward street.  For Leaso���Palace hotel, Sandon,  B.C. Furnished Ihronghbut. For panicular's  ajiply to Mrs. A. Eiitfan, frindon. ,  To rent���Office in  the   Turher-  Bo-*cke block, corner AVard and Bakor. Appb-  to John A. Turner.  Japan Tea of all  kinds  to suit  your taste. Sun .Cured.- .Spider l>ir. I'nn Kired  in bulk or packages.   Kootenay Coffee Co.  Furniture,, pianos safV.--, &-���,  moved carefully at reasoiiHblp rates. A pply J. T.  Wilson. Phone 270, Prober's S��cu_d Hand S oro,  AVard Streot.  Gold,  copper, silver,  lend  mines  and prospects wantcl. Send lepovt,and samples  to ilie Prospector-; Exchange, NolhOii, tl. I'.,  Room 4, K. W-C. Block.  For sale���Tug boat Red Star and  barge at reasonable figures to dish purchaser, on  t'inu with Ri.ort security. Apply to Outailo  Powder AVorks, Kelson, U; C.  For comfort and convenience- go  to iho Ice Cream Parlors of J. A. lUcI'unuM.  Baker street, where every attention uud requisite is supplied.  For   reiit���House  on   Carbonate  streot; between Stanley and ICnnLtnny street",  pfivon rooms, hath, hot and cold water. Rent  $25.   Inquiro AV. P. Robinson; ���  Lost���On Friday evening, a lady's  gold brooch in the rtane.inp-pavilion al; tho Tramway park. Tinder will bu rewarded by icl-iming  same to John Blomhcn; at the Gram! Hold.  For sale at a bargain ��� New  two story honse ; two Mock-< from Baker street;  six rooms wilh bath; mode'-ii, cotiveii<enues.  Apuly "House," Tribune olllce.'  Free milling gold properties.   We  are anxious to secure a fowfroe millintr p-nld pro-  Serties at once.     Tho "Prospectors   KxchaiiKC,  fclnon. B. C. Jtooin.4: IC-VV-C Block.  /That One blend e>f Ceylon Tea we  arc selliiiK at thirty cents . per pound is v-iving  tho best of sal isfao'iou U> our many customers.  Kooteiiiiy CoWoo Co.  . Notice to"contractors and others���  General laborers, gardeners, rock men, eler will  bo furnished free of charge to all poisons requiring help of this kind by applying io Ihu secretary.  Nelson   Laborers'. Protective   Union,  -Box 237,  Nelson, B...C.   7  r  ^t���g���Bga����,TO���raiBim*-���j'^^  _- :  ._  E. FERGUSON & CO.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS AMD CIQARS  x NELSON, BJRiTKH COLUiH.-HA.  inriTnrn_>17 law ������^_>ui_wi��  We Jjave En Route  1 Car G. & VV. Whiskies, ex Toronto.  1 Car Imported Liquors, ex Liverpool.  ,    1 Car Dogshead Ale and Stout, ex London, E.  1 Car Rainier Beer, ex Seattle.  ' Tno I'ainiiirjicer bus hrcntiio the f*vi>rifn Hop-in !li(! Coastciiios.   Ih  . has met in nicecsstui crmuetUiou :ho I'-nnous JMhwuiikeu  lieor.-i.  Our  Special  Canadian Bye is the Most, Palatable "Whiskey'"in the  Market.   We have it in bulk and ia cases 5's and 6's.  We are Agents for the Brunswiek-Balke-ColJonder Co Billiard, Fool  Tables'and.supplies of all kinds*. Write ior prices and terms.  ���*_3a��a3__��a3is__ffit__s_igan_aM^^  0  W  ^-fRg^gggi  fcc  #  MO  ISON & CALDWELL  PROVISIONS   AND   PRODUCE.  OUR LEADERS���  The well-kr.own -Ncwdalo Crenmery Butler  III all tslzod piickn--u>< ami  l-puiiiKt In-icks  September'Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Baker Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  ^4.s��&^  J_>^^p-:S^fS;^t*^"^��S-i��5.'^^��s,-c?'A;*-  ^���'*<-'r?^.^��-r.'<"^K^^S^^^-':l-^:<^  W  tv��>  ���uyi'  107  l-_ll_ ill' r __.__ift__itwl.T_-��-r��T__��fi1--w-111l|i|||||||i1g|ii^��L,^.._J  Won.  Lost  .t.H. Wallnco   :..'.. 'i.  0  W. Telford....' ,    111-.  1  George Nunn ...'.'.';���.;... .- .-.  ...... li  .     2  G. Walchom t:  *   ......in  1  KG. Smyth....:.    7  .   4-  ~F. Ij. Irwin ......:.............    12  8  Chiot Lillie    ..... (i  1  John A.Turner.......    i) .  7  TC. Purdy .....'....7   S-  7  J. K. Weir -.;    "4-  ���I  - ('PERSONAL.  R. T. Lowery, of tho New Denver  Ledge,.is at tho Hume.  Charles Cameron  of   Summit is  registered at the Tremont'.-  J. B. Eager and Chai'les Low of  Toronto are registered at the Hume.  O. V. White pf Sandoui-and Louis  Bluo of Ilo island are registered at tho I'hair.  Ernest Mansfield is  expected  to  arrive in Nolson this'evening over the;Crow's  Nest. i  II.   B.   Thomson is  expected  to  arrive in Nelson this evonlng over tho Crow's  Nest.  E. E. Williams of Spokane and  Thomas Ardell of Silverton are stopping at the  Queen's.  James Bannerman is.in from Erie  ���whoro he is looking after the Boal'os stock. He  says a force of men is at work on tlio Second. Hc-  liof making --reparations' for the erection of a  ���Tlio=i-e.sults-;th:ifc=r=-ll.'iVH='iil)taiiie��l=  since;uh'i-iti.sinJLf inydiscoiilimiaiu'e  in bii.siiie.ss have.been most satisfactory. Tho great variety of my  stock of elolhiiiff and .gents' furnishing.", with all prices marked in  plain figures, has proven an irresistible factor in .securing sales.  Those who have not taken advantage of my i eductions should  call and compare prices and cpiota-  tions with those offered in any  other store in the city. Everything  is olferod at eastern wholesale cost.  PRIESI  NETTE  SOLD   THE   WORLD   OVER.  CRAVFNETTE  "'C0-\TS'...'  CERVE  =PirRP0!  COAT  C")AT.  AD UDLE  '���E^-SrRAIN  OR 0VER-  tmi IN ALL  STYLES . . .  TO ENSUnE CETTINC  ^"PRiESTtYSSEETHAT"  THIS   L^BEL  IS 0/<  EYEB.Y CA.KMENT.  SOLELY CONTROLLED FOR THE DOMINION GF GAKADA BY  LAS  Sole A1��on_ for Nolshn:   J. A. Ciii^or.  WHOLESALE TAILORS, MONTREAL.  WI1��W_����_T___��____I  3SXBB k______B*C  ;.   THE0  MADSON  Baker Street. Nelson, B. C.  FISHING  100 MEN WANTED  Axmen, Stsi'fioh-'men and Laborers, for. railway work,. Apply to  BRECKENRIDGE & LUND.  Juno \i, 19.01. Morrisey, B.C.  NOTICE.  ' ' Noliue I. hereby aiven that tho under-igned  T. ]}. Mii/ has IhUday transferred to tlio uiulor-  Rigned f oun Floiii'ierg. his Ivirber b-'slneds at  Nolso i J ho said J-lin Bi'iniherir a-nnuius und  wil ,t: y all the litibllli-ie- '-f Hi" said barber bn=i-  ).e. I: im tlio l2i;h day ���>< Jii'i��.-i"01. and ������!! l.ho  'Jiabi'-tins prior to that dit'ewi 1 bo paid by the  saidT. li. May.  imted this 13th day of Jun->, 1W1.  .'I'.B. MAY.  .-,-���'.    ; .- J.OHN BLOMBKRG.  IS NOT ANEW VENTURE WITH US.  We know your wants and have what you need. Our line is  too large to enumerate, but-a call will convince yoii that it is  the most complete in the city."  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE, CO.  "���   . ! t.   imtiorters and Dealflrs in Shell" and Heavy Hard-ware.  WORKS  RO'SjSL-AIND    ElNaSINEBRKIVO  CUWIilFFB   &5   McMI)LI_AlSr  Founders.   Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORIS OARS.���This is onr snpoiiillr. -Wo mako llio IipkI; oro car on tlm mai-kot, and sell-thorn as  fast ms w�� <; n inalio llieni.  ��� Wri'e 'is lor reforonoos and full v.u-l,i>-.iilnis.  SKCOM) HAND j\l ,M iHINKItY KOll .S/VhK.-Oiio CO 11. P. ri.-l.nrn i.nl.ulu������ lioilc-, .>lfi shell. J heads,  8ii S-lliii!''. Tesli'd to ISO pounds --old w.-i.lor in-rsnire; (12 ft heavy 31) sniol-owliiok and all flttinvs  foiniih 10. ''iiuDxl- liori/.onwvl eYuU', valve engine. One 25 1-1. 1'. loooinnlivo tjpe boiler, with  eiii;inii iitumhi").  H'AN'I Ki>.���'I'wull-ir I drill :iir coirniressors; two uninll hoists, nhont 1(1 II. P.: suiall boilers, lo l.o  25 II. J*.    Must b.i in kooJ eomJilio.'i.  P.   O.   Box   198. THIRD   AVENUE,   ROSSLAND,  $3500 ��������-  PROPERTY   for  terms tn  Grounds 120x100 tV('fc. IIo'i-  li-iiihrniim, pmilry. closets. <.;!.  l'ange nnd all moilern enii^'iiiiiciicis--: 3 years  insurancu includerJ. Also, Jot 50x1-0 feet on  Mill street for $250.    Apply  $200  e.-isli   and  Miit  jmreliiiser.  i-    vvit.li (j fi-Oll)'-,  .-.; i.-i:').-f' kir<;jien  O S 81 Hi  Pi-UMBBas.


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