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 t^^s^sss^tt&^ai^/^^^^Sissi^s^  Tv*^"T*>fC��T*C '* _. < .frejLric-.an*  gaa_^-3g__rP_CT<r_r_5S^^  '-*-^-3r*7gg  1   ' ' i^J  Mineral Production, of British Columbia in 1900  $16,407,645  &,^_S1.��--***-./^>ft.^  ���"v����araP.  ������*��_**?  Mineral Production of Kooteriay Ir) 1900  $10,562,032  OTOTH YEAR.  NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE 21, 1901  -V.-?���  '5  PRICE FIVE CENTS  MEANS MUCH TO AINSWORTH  THE HIGHLANDER TUNNEL WILL  WORK WONDBRS.  Will .Drain the Camp of Water and  Permit Economic Working of  Several  Properties.  Although nothing authentic has  been learned as yet as to the values  of the ore encountered in the long  tunnel of the Highlander property  at Ainsworth, the mere fact of  striking the Highlander ledge at  this great depth is taken as an  assurance of the future of the  camp. Too much cannot be said in  favor of the pluck of Maxwell  Stevenson of Philadelphia, who in  the face of discouragement after  discouragement continued to manifest his confidence in the camp, and  in the end succeeded in accomplishing what several others attempted  before him, but failed.  All told, Mr. Stevenson and his  associates have spent upwards of  $100,000 in the development of the  Highlander property, tlie big development tunnel alone representing an expenditure of close upon  ,$25,000 for labor alone. It is now  iu very nearly 1000 fceb and has  beeu put in so as to accommodate  a double track .tramway, the "idea  of its projectors being to work all  other   big   properties in   the  mill is operated by one of the finest  little horse-powers in the country,  140 horse-power being developed  with a small stream of water with  a head of over 1000 feet.  MINES  PAYING  DIVIDENDS  the  camp through it, ample.-provision  having been made in its construction for the carrying off of the  large volume of water which is to  be expected when Loon lake is  reached. <-  The former work upon the High-  t&uider was done on. the outcrop of  the vein near the top of the hill, at  an. elevation of about 1300 feet  above the level of the lake. From  these workings some very high  grade ore was taken, its chief value  being in silver. All the ledges in  the Ainsworth camp appear to~run  north and south, so-that by con-  ' tinusng the big tunnel for a sufficient distance they could all be cut.  The Highlander ledge has been  traced on the surface for a considerable distance to Cedar creek. In  running in the big tunnel the Tariff  ledge was" cut last summer, and it  is a simple matter of calculation  now to estimate how far it would  have to be continued to catch the  Little Donald ledge, which runs  parallel to that of the Highlander.  The "Highlander vein dips back  from the lake, and where it has  been cut in the big tunnel is well  within the lines of the Little Donald property.  Those  who are at   all   familiar  with the lay of the properties in  -the-^Ainsworth���camp-will- readily  appreciate    the    important    part  which the Stevenson  tunnel  must  play in  its development.    Heretofore   the   great difficulty  encountered in the development  of the  properties .has been with respect to  the great quantities of water to be  dealt with.   Just above  the Highlander on one side is a great swamp  and ou the other is Loon like. This  very considerablebody of water is'  held on the mountain side by what  appears to be some rim rock, aud it  lays virtually over what has always  been regarded as some very rich  properties, notably the Lady of the  Lake and the King Solomon mines.  Indeed the early eiforts ab development in the camp were in no small  measure   directed   with a view to  getting rid of this  lake.     The first  efforts were directed   to lowering  the level of the lake by  means of  ditching, and by  breaking through  the rim rock the level of the lake  was lowered somewhat, but the undertaking promised to be very expensive and was finally abandoned.  This work was undertaken by Dan  Clark and his  partners while  they  were the owners of the Lady of the  Like property, and when they had  abandoned   the   ditching    process  they tried to syphon out the lake,  but this also failed.  Maxwell Stevenson has been interested in the Highlander property  since the spring of 1893. He and  his associates own the Highlander  and the Ivanhoe properties, the  Highlander being a location under  the old law, which permitted the  following of the dip of the vein. Of  the Ivanhoe property it is generally  conceded that its chief value is as a  mill site, Mr. Stevenson having on  it a concentrating plant with a capacity of 100 tons per day.     This  Encouraging News From a Mine.  London, June 10.���A cable has  just been received from the Ymir  company's representative at Nelson,  announcing that the present rate  of extraction by the cyanide process is 00 per cent in gold.     The  estimated profit, per month,  with  final plant, is $7000.    Iu connection  with this cable the following circular has been issued by the secretary:  "As   you   are aware,  experiments  have been carried out over an extended period with a view to the  extraction of the gold remaining in  the   tailings'* by    means    of    the  cyanide process. These experiments  were in the first instance carried  out upon a small scale with satisfactory results, after which a small  and complete plant was laid down  for treating some hundreds of tons  per month.   The result of this later  bulk is given in the following table  just   received:     'Cyanide   process,  present      rate       of       extraction  is gold 90 per cent, estimated profit  per month (with)  final plant $7000  (-81450).'   This information is" very  gratifying,   as   the   above   figures  represent an additional profit from  this   source of   some,��17,000   per  annum, equal to 8h per cent on the  total capital of the company."  LAST DAY OF THE.SYNOD  NOTWITHSTANDING THE CRIES OF  THE BLUE RUIN SHOUTEBS.  British Columbia Leads Both' Montana  and Idaho' in the Number of  Dividend-Faying Mines  - Adjournment Taken at Noon.  The second synod of the diocese  of Kootenay completed its labors  yesterday at the forenoon session.  The first order of business at yesterday's session was the consideration  of the canon on superannuation.  Several amendments were made to  the proposed canon in committee,  and clauses nine and ten were  finally left to be dealt with, by a  special committee to be appointed  by the bishop. _   .  After the adoption of the report  of the committee of the whole the  bishop, appointed Rev. II. S.' Akehurst, Rev. C. A. Prociinier, E. A.  Crease, George Johnstone and J. M.  Lay a committee to consider and  report on the clauses in question.'  The bishop announced the consecration of tho church at Grand  Porks on Tuesday of next week,  and stated that members of the  "synod would be made welcome at  Grand Forks upon that occasion.  On motion of Rev. H. Steele,  seconded by Dr. Westwood, it was  decided to appoint a committee on  temperance, and the bishop appointed the following: Rev. W. A.  Robbins, Rev. H. - Steele, the archdeacon, Robert Wood, Messrs. Gray,  H. C. Hannington and Dr. West-  wood.  The motion on Sunday observance, of which Rev. Ii. Beacham  gave- notice,--was withd rawir- in"  favor of the following, moved by  Rev. H. S. Akehurst, seconded by  Rev. H. Beacham: That we, the  members of the synod of Kootenay,  would very strongly urge upon our  parishes the importance of religious  observance of the Lord's Day,  which should never be lost sight of  in the search for-recreation.' We  would also express our sincere sympathy with all who are endeavoring to secure for the wage-earning  population this one day of rest in  the seven.  The registrar, E.'A,'-Crease, presented the report of the vatious  parishes and missions, with the  naturo of the title and the amount  of taxes, etc. He. strongly urged  upon the clergy, and parish officers  the necessity of taking immediate  steps to secure proper title and  registration. A resolution in accordance with this suggestion was then  moved by Mr. Crease and seconded  by Rev. H. S. Akehurst.  On motion of Rev. H. Steele,  seconded hy Dr. Westwood, it was  resolved that when the deeds of  church property have been duly  registered and accepted they shall  be forwarded to the registrar of  the.diocese.  The remainder of the session was  then given over to the passage of  votes of thanks. The first was to  the rector and wardens of St.  Saviour's church and school room  for the use of the synod. The second  was to Rev. J. H. Lambert for his  sermon on Wednesday evening,  coupled with the request that he  send it to the Canadian Churchman  for publication. The secretary was  also requested to forward a vote of  thanks to the Nelson Club for the  courtesy extended to the members  of the synod.  When statistics are sought for  and found, they do not confirm the  statements made by the gang of  blue-ruin shouters that are now decrying British- Columbia .as a field  for mining investments. Instead,  they go to prove that British  Columbia, considering^ the age of  its quartz mining industry, stands  well-to the front. Quartz mining  as a business, carried on by incorporated companies, dates from  1895, and is therefore but six years  old in British Columbia. In Montana and Idaho and Utah and California, quartz mining has been  carried on by incorporated companies for over 20 years. In Montana, 13 companies have paid dividends ; in Idaho, but 7. In Utah,  20" companies have declared dividends, and in California 20. British  Columbia, the youngest of all quartz  ���mining countries, has 17 incorporated companies that has declared  dividends, as the list below goes to  show'. These are figures that should  be printed0for circulation, .because  they will tend to give people confidence :  in the Oberon. the music hall that  brought him a monthly, revenue of over  $1600. Here he had seen thousands of  men before him add to his growing  liches, while trying to "beat the machine." So it is that Carl August Thilo,  l>on vivant, good fellow, and- successful business man has gone mad. At the  Oberon there are many card machines  from the synod on this whole question  cigars. Many a good dollar they brought  the house. One day, strangely enough,  vhile watching them, the proprietor became interested. He wished to try his  own fortune thero in a gambling game  of solitaire against himself, and he must  have lost. But he would not give it up.  On his last big play he hired a small  boy to pull down the handle and"dropped $1850 without stopping,-in a Clover-  dale machine.  FROM  PROVINCIAL POINTS  BRANDON AND GOLDEN CROWN  RECONSTRUCTED.  ���I"H"I"H"I"I"MvI"H�� ���H~W"H~��'M~H--M-  *                                                  - *  ���f      Mining supplies and'   general ���*���  ���b. hardware, assayers' supplies and *b  ���b   chemicals, drugs and medicines, 4-  *b   dry  goods   and   clothing,   boots -j*  4*   and   shoes,   furniture   and   bed- *i*  ���*���   ding, fishing tackle and station-" 4*  ���J-   ery, books and newspapers, gro- 4-  ���fr   ceries and provisions, fresh and ���$���  ���*���   salt meats, fruits and confection- 4-  ���fr   ery, cigars and tobacco, imported *!���  *b ~and, domestic   liquors,   in   fact 4*  ���fr   everything in the way of general *&  ���J*   merchandise, can be procured in 4-  ���I*   Nelson on Thursdays during the 4-  ���*���' same  hours^ as  on other -days, ���!���  ��>   notwithstanding  all   reports   to <*  *t;   the contrary. 4*  ���H"H"M"H--M"I"M�� *4-K-^4'*M��-M"i-  THEY GOT AWAY TOGETHER  A Minority Report Probable on the  Oriental Labor Question���Fisheries   Control, -Etc.  Name of Company.  Arlington, Slocan   Booun. Slocan   Cariboo, Melt inney   CentorStar, Itossland...  'Fern. 'Nelson .*   Hall Mines, Ne'son   Idado. Slocan   Last Chance, Slocan...  Le Roi. Kos-land    North Star, Kimberley..  Payne, Slocan   Queen Bess, Slocan....  Rambler, Slocan   Kcco, Slocan..:..-;-.   St Eugene, Moyie   War Eagle, Rossland  Ymir. Ymir '...  When Last  Dividend was  Declared.  \Total  Dlvid'ds  Paid.  M.rch, ]!��!..  April, 1901...  October. 1900.  April. 1900:....  January, 1898.  May, 18*3   January, 1899  April, 1890....  Novemb'r. 1899  June, 1901   January. 1991.  July, 1899 ....  April, 1900....  January. 1898.  April. 1901....  February. 1900  May, 1901...  $    20.000  12,500  478.037  175,000  10.000  202.000  45,000  1,305,000  25.000  105,000  "287,500  210,000  545,2t0  141.000  WHAT   DID   HUBBY   BAY   WHEN  HE WOKE UP;  City Police   Frustrate What" looked  Like a Well Laid Plan  Desert a Wife.  to  _ Demands of Anarchists.  New York, June 20.���The Italian  consul, general Giovanni Branchia,  has received the following letter  from a committee of English-speaking anarchists, who held a meeting  Tuesday afternoon in the home of  an up-town physician: "To the  Italian Consul: -~ Knowing the  temper of the Paterson comrades,  we, the English:speaking anarchists  of New York and vicinity, .would  earnestly request you to desist  from employing spies any' further.  We fear that if persisted in this  may lead to bloodshed, which we  deplore." Tuesday's meeting was  attended by leading members of  the anarchist group in Philadelphia  and Boston. Four of the nine men  at the meeting were physicians.  The meeting was called because of  threats made at a meeting of Paterson anarchists held Monday night.  It was decided to send a letter to  the consul-general. . The English-  speaking anarchists have made au  arrangement with the anarchists in  Paterson by which the latter were  to commit no act of violence for  soven days. When that period has  elapsed it will -be' known whether  the Italian consul has decided to  abandon the system which it is said  has been in Paterson since Bresci  assassinated king Humbert.  Wanted Pive Aces. '  The nickei-ih-the-slot machine has  driven C.-A. Thilo of San Francisco to  _ madness. Por days, weeks and months  he dropped large sums of his fortune  into the polished, gambling boxes in a  forlorn effort to get five aces. Finally,  his strange mania was declared a new  form of absolute insanity by the courts,  and he was committed to Napa asylum  by judicial order to stop the heavy  drain on his income., Thilo himself  maintains that he is not mad and  throughout his struggle for liberty still  avers that it is possible to get five aces  for a nickel and win a big prize, pther  men who have played the slot machine,  and their name is legion, told him it  could "not be done. Thilo answered that  he would prove it and to that end he  has dropped a small fortune in nickels,  a fortune that runs up into the thou-  &ands, but he never got more than four  aces at any one time. Day after day he  has dropped $25, $50, $60' and some  times as high as $100 in nickels, into the  insatiable slot, until all his pockets have  bulged with the cigars, prizes, but  r:eyer the five aces he so coveted. Once  early in his strange auest he nearly had  it, but the fifth ace fell and a king took  its place. That proved his undoing, for  it held out the alluring hope that sometime he would succeed, and his passion  for playing the slot machine superseded  everything else, even bjs personal pride  The vigilance bf the Nelson police  yesterday.frustrated what looked  very much like an attempt at wife  desertion  on the part of  a   man  i,��i7,uuu   whose   name   the   police   did   not  i'l��'ooo I afcterPPfc to secure.   The woman in  > ..-.���   the case was a Miss-Williams a few  months ago, --and',.who. appears - to  have been singularly - unfortunate  in her matrimonial ventures.  She first became known to the  city police some three or four  months'ago, * when she arrived in  the city from Winnipeg in search  of her brother and her intended  husband. . As she was without  means she was maintained for several days at one of the' city hotels  at the corporation's expense until  some trace could be secured of  those for whom she was in search.  The police finally located the parties in Rossland, and the woman  was furnished with transportation  and started on her way. Nothing  further was heard from her until  Wednesday, when the police were  again called in to locate her hus-  bandL  It~appears tliat" upon going to  Rossland Miss Williams, either  from choice   or   necessity,  shifted  Greenwood,   June   20.���[Special  to The Tribune.]���Pursuant to call  an extraordinary general meeting  of shareholders of the Brandon and  Golden   Crown   Mining    Company'  was   held   tonight, ���when ib   "was  unanimously decided to reconstruct  the company on an assessable basis.  Of 1,500,000 shares, over  1,200,000  was   represented   at ihe meeting.'  Necessary special resolutions were,  passed for placing the company in  voluntary liquidation and iu reconstructing the new concern, to be  known as the Golden Crown Mines,  Limited.   The capitalization will be  the���same dollar shares���but only  paid up to ninety-five cents, thus  allowing an assessment of five cents  per share, equivalent to $75,000 to  be raised for working purposes.    A  general meeting required for confirmation of the resolutions passed  tonight will-be held iii Rossland  July 9fcb, when it is ^expected that  all arrangements will be completed  to resume development of the mine  about August  1st.   - W. A. Fuller  was   appointed    liquidator.      The  mine has 6000 feet of -work aud is  developed to q depth of 300. feet.  Among the  principal  shareholders  present were: Hon. T. Mayne Daly,  K. C, president, Rossland-;   Walter  L. Orde, secretary, Rossland;   G. R.  Caldwell/  K.C,    Brandon,    Man.;  John Inglis, Brandon; W. J. Porter,  Phoenix;  and George II. Collins,  J.  A: Russell and   W.   A. Puller of  " Greenwood.  her affections and became the wife  of another. Her husband started  for Nelson the other day and she  followed along on Wednesday. According to the story which the  woman told constable Ileabener,  her husband mot her in this city  and took her to a .hotel. Her suspicious were soon aroused, h&wever,  as her husband's trunk was not at  the hotel at, which she was stopping. Tho husband offered some  excuse for this, however, and the  couple retired. Soon'after the husband made some excuse and quit  the room. After waiting some time  for his return the ,-woman started  out in search of him . and enlisted  the assistance of constable Ileabener. He in turn reported the case  to sergeant Hardy. The missing  trunk was located on the city  wharf, and some further inquiry  satisfied the police that the owner  of the trunk had taken passage on  the steamer, and was at the time  asleep on board.  A plan of campaign was quickly  decided upon, and a few minutes  before the steamer was due to sail  the anxious wife was taken on  board by the police and cautioned  against awakening her spouse until  the boat sailed. Here the interest  of the police in the case ceased, but  it i9 by no means certain that it  was devoid of further complications. Just what would happen  should it develop that the man  asleep on board was neither the  owner of the trunk nor the woman's  missing husband the police appear  to have entirely overlooked, but in  this event it is not improbable that  the city will receive another visit  from the woman in the case.  Additional Mill Facilities,    '*  Caaip McKinney, June 20.���[Special "to.-the -Tribune]."���-George^ B..  McAulay,'managing "director of the  Caribou miue, accompauied by  Frank Mendenhall, manager of.the  Rossland branch of the Jenckes  Machine - Company, are hero arranging for .the .purchase of forty  additional ~ "stamps for the mill,  bringing its capacity .up to sixty  stamps. Tomorrow they visit Fair-  view to .inspect ��� the Smuggler  twenty stamp mill owned by the  Jenckes company. If the condition  of the plant is satisfactory it will  be brought here. Before leaving  the camp it is understood that Mc-  Aulay will lay out plans for siuk-  ing a new compartment shaft, together with letting a contract for a  new hoist with a sinking capacity  of 1500 feet. The mine has a mag-  nificent showing, with not less than  75,000 tons of oro in sight. The  vein to date has been proved for a  distance of 1500 feet.  Likely to Be Two Reports.  Vancouver,' June 20.���[Special  to tho Tribune|.���The members of  the Royal Commission appointed to  investigate the Chinese and Japanese question will mako two reports,  it is said. Munn of Now Westminster, who is a cannery man, -will, it  is reported, make a minority report  iu favor of the Chinese and  Japanese. 7y  Young Rider Killed.  ���Vancouver, Juno 20.���[Special  to the Tribune].���Robert Bruce.Mc-  Swane, son of a justice of the peace  and prominent citizen of Chilliwack, was killed hi a peculiar accident yesterday afternoon. A large  crowd had turned out to witness  the horse races, young McSwane  being one of the riders. He  mounted in the trial heat and the  horse bolted and ran along in front  of the crowd, colliding with a tree,  the' young rider beiug killed instantly from fracture of. the  skull.  Finance minister Turner left this  afternoon for Toronto. Discussing  the question of salmon fisheries  control this morning Mr. Turner  said he had not been strongly in  favor of provincial control, and as  a canner did not agree with it altogether. The latest telegrams received by the government at Victoria from Ottawa were that the  Dominion would this year collect  all revenue and then give the province its proportion, the matter in  later years beiug settled by a  friendly suit in the courts or arbitration. In any event, if provincial  control were arranged he considered the Dominion should exercise  Cold Weather on the Continent.  London, June 20.���June, wliich  began in western and southern  Europe with premature August-like  heat, has become in the past week  abnormally cold. Great Britain,  France, Germany, Austria and Italy  have "suffered alike. Some nights  have been absolutely frosty and the  thermometer Tuesday registered 2S  degrees. There were similar temperatures in parts of France and  Italy, while snow was common in  Austria and Hungary. The weather  has had the worst effect on crops  everywhere. It is stated that the  wheat crops in Frauce have been  ruined. The almost unbroken  drought in England during the  month has destroyed the hay crop  and seriously checked others.  Wednesday there was some rain.  the right of making regulations as  to size of mesh of nets and other  matters which did not come under  provincial control properly in auy  event.  Canners have issued an advertisement offering 12�� cent9 for the  season up to July 27th, and 10 cents  thereafter. Japs have accepted  this, and all white fishermen will  be compelled before tho canners  buy to contract ou this basis.  Important Strike.  Rosslanii, June 20.���A strike of  considerable importance has  been  made on the Blue Bird mine, which  is operated by the Montana Mining  Compwy.  Tlie property is situated  on lower Arrow Lake, about four  miles frotn Deer Park.   A,few days  since on the 100-foot level the main  ledge was encountered and crosscut  for six feet.   ^Chen there was an inrush   of   water,  which  drove "the  miners from the workings, although  the ledge had not yet been fully  crosscut.-    Assays   show that the  ore goesabout $35 to the ton, but a  picked sample weutas high as$500.  William Lambert,   the   secretary-  treasurer of the company, has purchased a  40-horse-power boiler, a  25-horse-power hoist and a No. 5  Knowles     sinking     pump.       The  workings will be uuwatered as soon  as the plant is installed and the development   will   be   pushed   on a  larger scale than ever,  to tlie end  that shipments may be commenced  at   the earliest   possible   moment.  EASTERN CANADIAN NEWS  Wired in Brief, .  OTTAWA, June 20.���Lord  Strathcona has given $10,000 to che  Presbyterian century fund.  TORONTO, June 20.���The duke  and duchess of York are to be asked  to be guests of the city while .here.  TORONTO, June" 20.-P. L. Rice  was this morning committed for  trial ou a charge of murdering constable Boyd.  QUEBEC, June 20. ��� The first  caisson of the -big Quebec bridge  was successfully launched aud  "moored this morning.  ' HALIFAX, June 20.���The carpenters' strike was settled today.  Men go back to work for 22 cents  an hour.    They wanted 25.  OTTAWA, June 20,���The Presbyterian general assembly this  morning adopted a loyal address to  king Ed ward* VII and another to  the governor geueral.  RICHMOND, Que., June 20.���The  Dnnkin Temperance Act, which has  been in force in Richmond county  since the early seventies, was fa-  pealed today by a majority of over  400. This was "the last prohibition  county in Quebec.  OTTAWA, Juue 20.���It is understood that J. M. Courtney, deputy  minister of finance, will soon be  -superanuuated-at-his-own���reque.<* till is successor, it is said, will bo W.  D. Ross, formerly manager of the  Bank of Nova Scotia, Halifax, who  has recently been appointed to the  finance department staff hero.  OTTAWA, June 20.���At yesterday's session of the Anglican synod  of Ottawa a motion was made that  no clergyman or his children shall  bo entitled to the benefits of the  widows'and orphans' fund if.-..tho  clergyman marries' after ho lias  attained his fiftieth year. The motion created quite a discussion.  MONTREAL, Juno 20.���A contract was let today to Smith &  Abbott of New York for the construction of a railway line between  Joliette, Que., aud Montreal, known  as the Chatcauguay Northern railway, and to the Dominion Bridge  Company of Montreal for a bridge  over the river Des Prairies. Tho  contracts amount to ii million  dollars.  LITTLE   HEADWAY  GAINED  STRIKE SITUATION REMAINS IN  STATU QUO.  Comment   on   the   Result    of  Night's Meeting of Strikers  at Toronto.  Lart";J��PI  ,"'���0"       .Ji"��  Toronto, June 20.���The fact tliat,. V^g  although the leading labor men4n*"'*iv*||  Toronto wero invited to the striking ; %���  trackmen's meeting last night, only "-;  two,   Armstrong "and   .Sanderson, - ,-  attended,     and    that   Armstrong^' </  attacked the strike on the ground  that it was illogical and- contrary,  to the principles of trades unionism  for the men employed by the O. P.  R. to strike, stating that the C. P.  R. has all along been paying-its  trackmen higher wages  than  the:  Grand Trunk and Intercolonial, is  much   commented   on by strikers  this morning.   Mr. Wilson, head of'  the   trackmen's  organization,  evidently expected a big turnout of^  labor leaders, and it is believed that;  his sudden departure for the ,east'  at 10 o'clock last night was due to-*  The   Globe   has  that   the   strike  by arbitration of  at Ottawa.    The  disappointment,  been   suggesting  should be settled  the labor bureau  Mail and Empire this morning .has  an   editorial   on   the - subject,   in  which it quotes the' printed admission of the grievance' committeejof,,  the strikers  that  the C.-P. R. has.  all along been paying higher wages/^,^  "j"j>' -��s  '- ������%  - ������<%-  - 7<y7  _    >>--&  ;' -��' y-J  "7>~-,m  7JM  i'"*,%,|  ���.r,'"**yF*''1  ^���Mmx  vT���'r*-* ^*S��:I  than   any'" other    Canadian."road;  that   is   to say,- than" the   Grand"  Trunk  or- Intercolonial;, and says  this being  the case, tlie Dominion^  government, which owns and oper-;  ates the Intercolonial, is scarcely iu-  a pobitiou to act as-arbitrator on a"  demand   that   still .higher, wages  should be; paid by   the Canadian..  Pacific.      ���' '     - - '  ^ CaIjGARy, JuneJ20.���The. striking ,  C. P. R.'sectionmen' here' have sent*  a message to the grievance commit-'  tee at Montreal to accept  the company's terms.     The feeling isthavV'  tho company has acted  fairly with  the men, and that the" opportunity  should now be given to let the new"  conditions   conceded   by the company become effective.  Toronto, June 20."��� The striking  trackmen here have been much put.  out all day over,what .they call the '  unbrotherly conduct of the Toronto  labor unions in not attending " Mr.  Wilson's meeting last night. . Only  two labor men, outside'the strikers  themselves, put in an appearance,  and one ot these, Mr. Armstrong,  former president of the typograph- z  ical union, bluntly told-the strikers  that the public could not compre-- .  bend their position, and that in  trad03 union circles it would be  deemed absurd for men "to abandon  the employment of the ,C* P.,  that has all along been paying the highest rate of wages, in  the hope of compelling it to  make a further increase,, while at  the same time remaining at work  for the Grand Trunk and Intercolonial,-which pays low rates. Mr.  Wilson takes the ground that the  question of wages on the Intercolonial and Grand Trunk has nothing  to do with the matter, that the lowest C. P. R. wage of $1.20 ought to  bo increased to $1.50. Inquiry today amongst the "various trades  unions leaders shows that they are  unanimous in upholding Mr. Armstrong's view aud in combating  Mr. Wilson's. The rule with unions  is to insist on.uniformity, of wages,  and-no case is known in Canada, at  any rate, in which an employer  paying a higher rate than other  employers in the same line of business has been subjected to"a strike  for a further advance, whilst the  employers paying less have been  let alone. To adopt the principle  which Mr. Wilson has foisted on  the trackmen, would, says a Toronto labor leader, soon bring organized labor into contempt.  Did'nt Pay the Printer.  Hamilton, Out., June 20.���The  Times Publishing Company has  taken action against senator Wood  and Teetzel, K.C, both candidates  at the last general elections for  Hamilton, for $785.15, the amount  of their account for printing. The  suit appears to have arisen out of a  dispute between senator Wood and  Mr. Teetzel, the latter claiming that  Wood was to have paid all expenses  of the election.  %   v..-M?"|  ���;j|'��*3l  rm  o '/-���'���SSsI  -, "-^eSP  ���'"- iZM  ��    jSr-'a-F  *~*"*!l  "- *   . C��?" I  :-*i"'*iS_l  *- -~5*s_;r  7<'~'~$$_\  &_���_���'.  -   -4'**?"t.  - ���>"-*���.  -***ir5  ��**��  ' M  m  *    '���3-1  rn  i ���*-��_  Ml  "ti  '7-1  fi  i-1  __  -a-  VI THE  IBIOTKE':- NELSOH, E.G FRIDAY, JUNE 21,1901  ���n���~Ti"rrm  w  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  _ -,.-^.*_.._��'^_* _____S6_:_-_   ���>_'<   sf>*>_T"S*������*tt_*5_'fS'! ���?_**-'�������-��?���-*  THE HUDSON'S BIT COMPANY  Incorporated 1670.  FORGET" "  "    How old you are.  Forget your wife's name.  Forget how many children you have.  BUT DON'T FORGET  Thatthe ���      .  Hudson's Bay Stores  (Telephone No. 13)  �� Offer the largest stock to select  from, the best vaiues, and the very  best quality in  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Every thing Obtainable  to eat, drink, or use.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  SDite @Dribmte  .H^~x~w^+*-K-r> ^~h-*-k-**-h--m-*  Mining supplies and general ���  hardware, assayers' supplies and -  chemicals, drugs and medicines, ���  dry goods and clothing, boots ���  and shoes, furniture and bed- ���  ding, fishing tackle and station- ���  cry, books and newspapers, gro- ���  ceries and provisions, fresh and '  salt meats, fruits and confection- ���  ery, cigars and tobacco, imported ���  and domestic lir-uors, in fact ���  everything in the way of general ���  merchandise, can be procured in ���  Nelson on Thursdays during the ���  t,amc hours as on other days, ���  notwithstanding all reports to ���  the contrary.  ���I'*-",  lit" '  '   IN tlie last campaign for members  of the provincial  legihlature,  there  wero thn e candidates  in   tho  race  for    member    for    Sicca-i    riding,  ,r namel}*, R.   F.   Green,  Jolin  Keen,  ' and Goorgo T. Jvine.    There aro six  ' newspapers published in the riding,  n\mely,  The  Drill  at  Slur-air,  the  Silvertonian at Silverton, the Lsdgo  at New Denver, the Paystreak and  the Mining Review.at Sandon, and  the    Kootcnaian  at   Kaslo.  -   The  Silver Ionian,   arid    tho    Paystreak  , backed "Bob" Green for the winner;  the L'dgc and Mining Review bet  their .pile on John  Keen;   and  the  Drill Mud Kootenaian. stood on tho  fence.   Green won, and, very naturally, any patronage in  the  wny of  government    advertising   thafc   he  contr-i-ld is given to the "newspapers  that supported him.    Thi-* is not at  all to the liking of the Ledge and  the Mining  llnview.     The  former  kick-, and the litter whines.     The  Ledge claims that its circulation is  largor than all the other papers iu  the riding combined, nnd ifc t-hoirld  Decorative  Tissue  Festooning  Can be u*iod in every con-  c ivable shape. For decorating and entwining  u'p''H tho inside mid outside of Building*, Clubs,  Floats, Boats and -Windows, it is made in all national and society and  club colors, ATTRACTIVE and BRILLIANT,  and isftt.pcr cent less in cost than anj\other  kind of DecDrating Material. Besides the Festoons, wo have Wreaths, S'.nrs, Shields, Maltese  "Cross and Parade and Horse Plumes well worth  jour while to see  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Lid.  Pivno3 ro Hbnt.  NKLSON'. B. C.  be given the government advertising because of . its. "circulation.  The Alining Reviow can givo no  valid luasun why it should bu.eon-  .siderod. Id is simply a mendicant.  From 1892 until ..1S0S Tni3 Trii;uni*  .- received no patronage to speak of  from the government' iu power, yet  it was tho only paper printed in  Kootenay thafc had a general circulation for the greater part of the  timo. It did nofc ask for patronage  from the government, and did not  expect to receivo any. Ifc did net  kick or wliino because the government.-aw fit tu give patronage to  newsp;��p''rs on whicli they could  depend for nipport. Ifc simply did  iLs bo.��fc to tin n the government in  power out and3 get iis f 1 lends in.  In tini"', it succeeded. It is now  growing fat on government pap,  and home day .its. owner.-1 will get  something be.-ides "Irish dividends."  Practical politics is merely business  reduced to an exact science.  A'V the ses-sioii of the legi.-hiture  held iu the. summer of 1900 an  appropiiation of $1500 was made  for a government office building to  be luc.ited afc some place in Goat  River* mining division. The government- agent afc Nelson was instructed to look the ground over  and r-jeoinnv-nd the most suitable  place. II1-: did so, and recommended  thafc the building be erected at  Creston. For doing so, he was  slated in one newspaper and his  motivi-s were questioned. A petition signed by .runny who wero not  residents of the division asked that  the building bo not erected at Creston, bub at Kuskonook. Tho government agent, however, was instructed to call for tenders for the  ejection of tlio building at Creston,  bufc the one tender received was  $200 higher than the sum appropriated, and the department' of  public works could nofc see its way  clear to authorize the work to bo  done. This all occurred-last "fall.  Nine days now remain for the woik  to be-authorized;* but ifc is not  likely that the chief commissioner  of lands and works can spare sufficient .time from his social duties,  such as attending banquets and  other functions, to look into the  matter. Anyway, the work is not  in the riding represented by. the  honorable the chief commissioner  of lauds and work?, and he knows  so little of the wants of auy other  riding in Kootenay..  in no way concerns either the carpenters or the miners, but does  concern the business men of Nelson,  and tends to. retard the general  prosperity of the town, where are  the carpenters and tho miners to be  found. If reports in circulation  are true, they are nob helping the  men who helped them in their hour  of need. '  An issue has been raised iu Nelson and it must be met. The  clerks' union, with, it is said, the  assistance of two or three of the  other unions, have taken it upon  themselves to say wheu the merchants of Nelson shall do busiuess.  Many of the merchants will not,  under any circumstances, submit to  any such interference, aud are  ready to meet the.issue. The merchants who are resisting this unreasonable interference with their  rights have right on their side and  they willwin.  Discussed Tariff Matters.  Washington", June 20.���The  Russian ambassador, count Cassini,  had a conference of about half an  hour with secretary Hay today,  during which the tariff questions  were discussed quite fully. The  conference did not, however, lead  to any development in the matter.  It is understood, however, that it  resulted in renewed assurance from  the ambassador that Russia's action  was entirely devoid of political importance and was in no way connected with a general movement in  Europe antagonistic to American  products. The Italian charge  d'alfairep, M. Caraginiani, also had  a talk wifch secretary Has*-.  AUCTION  OF VALUABLE REi*\L PROPERTY,  PLANT, STEAM TUG, BAR.GE, MATERIAL AND FIXTURES.  Some of the unions are going to  extremes.   Recently a clerks' union  was organized in Nelson, and  the  ^emaiid_w_s_irironce~rnTOe^t1Wt=tlre=  merchants of the town  close their  doors at 12 o'clock noon on .-Thursday, and keep .them  closed  the remainder of the day.     This demand  was   not  acceded  to  by the merchants who believe that they alone  have the right to manage their own  business    a (fairs,   and   the   clerks  have, it is said, enlisted the services  of   the carpenters'  union  and the  miners' union to coerce tho  recalcitrant   merchants.     Suppose these  methods Avere carried  to  a  finalfcy  ou Fuch line.-1.    Were the merchants  to trse their influence with contractors and miue owners, and induce  them to suspend all work on Thursday afternoons, the wages of every  carpenter   and   miner  working  iu  Nolson  district  would  be  $1.75  a  week less than what they now receive.      Suppose, further, that this  reduction of earnings was brought  about   iu  other trades  employing  union labor-, the direct loss to wage-  earners in  Nelson  would  be many  hundreds of   dollars   every   week.  All these things should  be considered before tho unions take  action  on a question with which they have  no right, in any way, to  interfere.  The undersigned have received instructions lroni the Ontario Powder  Works to offer for sale by public auction  in the stable building on Hall street,  bewteen Baker and Vernon streets*,, and  known as the Reynolds stables, iv the  City of Nelson on  TUESDAY, JULY 30th, 1901  At 1 O'clock P. M., Sharp.  the following desirable improved real  estate, steamboat and barge, plant, etc..  Site, comprising 125* acres of land,  opposite Five- mile Point, with about  500. yards of wak-r front, and good  wl arf.J2 by 2-1 feet, with 103 fe<*t of  tramway.  Six hundred feet of pipe line, with  water right to 21 miner's inches of  water!  Buildings, eight in number, connected by private telephone line with.the  City of Nelson, and described as follows: One building 1Gx40 feet, 1 building 10x40 feet, ] building 20x20 feet,  1 building 24 x 60 feet, 1 building 20 x 30  teet, 1 workshop 20 x 20 feet, dwelling  -h ouse=14-x^24=f cetr-  Two unions, namely the carpenters' and the miners', iu their time  of need, received the moral support  of a- large proportion of the business element of Nelson. Had they  not received this support they  might nofc have succeeded in getting what they were striving for.  Now, when an issue is raised that  Steamboat "Red Star" and scow.  One 12-horse power boiler and engine, on wheels.  One upright boiler with engine and  fittings.  About 100 cases of gutta percha fuse,  125,000 detonators, etc.  About 90 iron drums, used as oil  tanks, culverts and sewage purposes.  Two Pairbank scales, of one ton capacity, also tools, household utensils,  and other articles too numerous to mention, a list of which may be seen at the  works, at the Nelson ofllce of the company or at the ofllce of the auctioneers.  Office furnishings consisting of one  roll top desk, one J. & J. Taylor safe,  ton foot length standii.g desk, letter  presses with stand, office counter with  twelve drawers, stools, chairs, etc.  Unending purchasers may inspect any  of tho above articles by consulting with  IT. Maepherson, Nelson agent, at his office in the Madden Block. Ward street,  Nelson, or with the auctioneers, or at  the works at Five-mile Point.  TERMS.���Cash on purchases of $100  or under, on purchases over ?100 terms  will b.3 annoirncod at timo.of sale with  other condition1;.  For further particulars apply to.the  undersigned auctioneers, or to  M. MACPHERSON, Madden Block,  Agent Ontario. Works, Nelson, *B. C.  CHAS.-A. WATERMAN A-GO  AJJCTIOHEEivS.  ROOMS 11 .and IS.      K. W. C. BLOCK, Nolson  SALT! OF REYNOLDS' STABLE.  At the close of the sale of the realty  and efl'ects of the Ontario Powder Works  tlie undersigned will also offer for sale  the Reynolds stables. This building is  on leased ground, with a three year's  lease yet to run. at a rental of $10 per  month ground lease. Terms cash.  CHAS. A. WATERMAN & CO.,  Auctioneer's, Nelson, B. C.  ���00-^'  ��� 00 *00 ��� 00 .00 * 0& *00 * 00 *00 * 00 ��� 00  ��� CMU-   <_U   OBU 4_��� ML U^.  ���*_- JM���  ��0>> ^^-.*->  to  to  xza_a  BUTTERICK  PATTERNS  II11 'mimmniuHimni  *��  1  36 Baker Street, Nelson,  SNew  Cotton  and  .A.T  "VsTOISTIDEIEr^TJXiILir XiCTW"   PBICES  FINE WHITE LAWN WAISTS���A large range  of the prettiest styles shown this season,  trimmed in a variety of effects, with hemstitching, tucking, and embroidery or  lace.... .-..........:...$1.50 to $5.50  PERCALE SHIRT WAISTS-  styles.".'..'   -In all the popular  .......75c to $2.00  BLACK  AND   COLORED   SILK   WA.ISTS ��� We  have about twenty, made up in a variety  of styles and in values that range from  $4.50. to $8 to closo out, marked down  your choice  .".'.' $2.50  WHITE LAWN WAISTS���Dressy,���waists with,  insertings, tucks or allover embroidery,  plain or pleated tucks.... ..$1.00 to $2.59  to  9\  9\  9\  >t>  to  9\  9\  to  9.  to A FINE LINE OF MEN'S SUMMER UNDERWEAR to  9\  to  9\  BLACK TAFFETA���Surplice front with tucked  or corded shield, also hemstitch or cluster a  tucks, puff, bishop or fancy sleeves, and  button finish $7.50 to $15  LIBERTY SILK .WAISTS���Black and colored,  same style as above, comes in light blue,  old rose, cream and black $5,50  (t>  to r��  to  9\  TT*"T^HTTIgTTgTX.T-TTTl * I * - XITT^l  NEW  WASH  VEILING  Fred Irvine  JIITXIIIIIIItIIIII___IJI__m_2II__IIXX--I^l  36  Baker  Street  MAIL ORDEttS  PEOMPTLY  FILLED  tkxiZ-Xxxxxzxzzxzzxzxxzxzzxzzxxzzxzxzxrsxxzzzii  to  \to  00 . 00 .00 . 00 .00 �� 00 .00 . 00 *  _^^*- ^^^r**** ^^^0* ^MIt***' ^9*^ ^Orf ^agta**-- *4ev  ��� >������>��� **�������� ��� _?>��� *s**v -J3^'  ��� 00- 00 ' 00' 00 ' 00  -SS* "*��>  ��(���> -��<����-*��������������-����������������-"-"-j* **8* <**����� -"������j** *sn.  00. 00' 00' 00'00'00'00'00'00'00  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  Coffee Roasters  Dealers In "fea and Coffee  We are offering at lowest prices the beet  gradCB of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Beat-, Mocha and Jara Coffee, per  pound S 40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds ..'.  1 00-  llio Blend Coffeo, 6 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE 00.  .Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WESTIBAKER STREET, NELSON.  FISHING TACKLE  WE IIAVE THE  BEST   FIIES  AND   THE  BEST LEADERS MADE.  Minnows, silver and gold and Phantoms  Silk 'Lines  Landing Nets  And a splendid line of all Ashing requisites.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK GO.  K.-W.-C. Block.      Corner Ward and Baker 3ts  MANHATTAN SALOON  Domestic f w^*8  and  Imported  . ALES  STOUTS  CIGARS  Domestic  . and  Imported  B  E  E  R  S  ANHEU-SER-BUSCH  ��� Sti Louis.   *  .     PABST  Milwaukee,  CALGARY  Calgary.  REISTERER &. CO.  Nelson.  GOSNELL  Nelson.  B  E  E  R  S  rz  Carpets  a _  We have just received a Consignment of  OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT.  J, G. BUNYAN   &  CO.  West Baker Street, Nelson.  WHOLESALE TRADE  jERATED ANl) MINERAL WATERS.  THORPK & CO., LIMITED Corner Vornon  nnd Cedar streets, Nolson, manufacturers  of aud wholosale dealers in fwated waters aud  fruit t-yrupa. Solo af-cnts for Halcyon Springs  minoral -water.   Telophono fr'i.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES. -  WF. TEETZEL & CO.-Corner Bakor and  ���   Josophino streots, Nolson, wholpsale deal  ers In   assurors  supplies.   Age**t-& ior Denve  Fire Clav Co. ot Denver. Colorado. ^ -  COMMISSION   MERCHANTS.  HJ, EVANS & CO.���Bakor stroet, Nelson  ��� ���wbolo'mle dealers in liquors, cigars  coment, flro brick and Are clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY & CONS'! 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BBBWBB8 AND BOTTLKBB OV  FINE LAGER BEER," ALE  AND PORTER  TREMONT BOUSE  321 TO 331 BAKER STREET, NELSON  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLAN3  MEALS 25 CENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated by Steam 25 Cents to $1  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET. NEIjSON.  '  Prompt and regular B��,_nrv _t Nnlann  dnllvnrr im fche lir��df<        Brewery _l neuron  FREE   HOT   LUNCH  FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK  AT  THE  ATHABASCA   TODAY.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  flrsb-olaaa  dining-room. Sample rooms foe commercial men,  RATES $2 PER DAY  R/Jadden House SflK  The onlj hotel ln Nelson that has remained  under one zniuia.i-umor.t since 1890.    '  Thn hed-rooma are well furnished and lighted  by electricity.  The bar Is always stocked by the beat dam s  Ho and lmportsti liquors and cigara,  THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  MODERN  CONCENTRATOR  100 Tons Capacity.  LEDGERWOOD   HOIST  ELECTRIC SINKING PUMP  ONE PAIR 8-INCH and ONE  PAIR 16-INCH WATERWHEELS  And Otho   Plant.  Everybody   Welcome I  'unw ����w>���. nmiu 54_m__  tyrs. E. G. ClarKe, Prop.  SLOGAN ilUNOTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS. Manager  Bar stooked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. Large oomfort  able room*,  first ola��� table boa A,  FOR PARTICULARS APPLY TO  Revelstoke  Station, B.C.  P.O. BOX 172  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and ETootPnay Streets,  p n. n~ uo. tmi.wpt��ovtt vn <��  REWARD. '"  The undersigned will olTor ns a reward for Iho  rocovery of the body of I.es-lic Wilson, the 12-  yenr-old boy drowned off tbe tug Hftlys on  Sunday, Juno 2nd, tho sum of twonl y-flvo dtillnra.  Pilot Bay, Juno 13th, 1S01, BBWl^lS'tjWft^g.ij^  THE TRIBUNH:  MLSOK B. C, FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1901  -*<  i  BANK OF MONTBEAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  BEST     7,000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clovi-ton .'. General Manager  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITI. WHICH 18 AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HKAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Bakor and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches ln London (England) Njcw_ York,  CarcAOO, and all tho prinoipal cities in Canada.,  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Truusfors. . .   _       .     ,   _    ..,  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  avaiiablo in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Savings Bank Branch  OUKHKNT RATK OF INTEREST PAID.  *-M--H~M~M��-M"K-  ���I- ���   .- '                                                         v  ���!��� Mining supplies  and    general  ���!��� hardware, assayers' supplies and  .���!��� chemicals, drugs and medicines,  * dry   goods   and ' clothing,   boots  ���J- and   shoes,   furniture   and   bed-  ���1*. ding, fishing tackle and station-  ���I- ery,������books and newspapers, gro-  ���1- cerics and provisions, fresh and  *.* salt meats, fruits and corifection-  ���!��� ery, cigars and tobacco, imported  ��� *l* and   domestic   liquors,-. in   fact   *  *l* everything in the way of general   ���*��  ���!��� merchandise,' caii be procured in   ���!���  ���I- Nelson on Thursdays during the   ���>  *i* same  hours  as  on  other ;days,   ���!���  ���K notwithstanding;: all   reports   to   *b  '���!��� the contrary.                                   �� A*  ���l* ���       *��*  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  .     .     .     $8 000.000  -      -      ���   $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Geo. A. Cox, Robt. Kilgour,  President;       Vice-President.  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, EL O.  New York   Ofllce. 16   Exchange   Place,  and 63 Branches in Canada and the  1    United Staid*.  o   SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:1  Interest nllowod on deposits.   Present .rate  three per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nolson Branch.  iiirthorities will not find it easy to convict earl Russell of bigamy if he"be indicted by the grand jury and tried by  the house of lords. The prosecuting authorities have the delicate business of  tirranging the indictment of earl Rms-  t-:ell under terms which will permit them  to provide precise evidence respecting  his divorce and marriage in Nevada  ���without therisk of variance when peers  ".are judges and juries.- The Nevada records show how delicate the establishment of identity will be.  IMPERIAL BANE  o_r  o-___sr_-.iD__-  HEAD  OFFICK. TORONTO..  Capital        -      ���      $2,500,000  Rest       -      -      -    $1,850,000  H. S. HOWLAND President  I). R. WILKIK General Manager.  E. HAY Inspoctor.  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  Trnt   CURRENT   RATK   OP    IKTEREST   ALLOWED.  -^,^^^���^���^-^���^���^���^���^^^���^���1S���^���^���^���^^^^^^_g,' 00*��0-00 *00'00* 00-00* 00*0"-*00.010  Iffi-ft '<*' 00' 00'0*''*- 00'00'0*'0*1?*' 00'00��� 00'00' 00'00^^^  __f    '������������-���- '������.������      '   ^ ������-   ���   ���      ��� -  ^\o_a  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.   0  J. M. LAY, Manager.  100 MEN WANTED  TELEGRAMS IN BRIEF FORM  From Various Sources.  7 ST. -LOUIS, June 20.���A lire which  originated i*i the establishment ot the  .1. 13. Sickles Saddlery Company early  this morning consumed property and  stock valued at almost $200,000 The loss  ���is partially covered by insurance.-   ������.���  RICHMOND,'Va., June 20.���Iu a ���������ork  train on the Norfolk & Western rail-,  ���way near Taswell yesterday' Jnm'-*s  Pruitt and BeverleyKiuder were killed  ai:d five other '��� men badly injured.-Nine  cejswere piled up and burned.    ;"  NEW;YORK. Juno 2('.���According to  tlie Times, special from\Va';hki��tontKc  Boer."sympathizers in thei Unit'id��� Stnt-is  aiv making ��� preparations for, ?��� visit by,  .Mr.; Kruger to this epuiitry in the aut-  umn, which; was announced some: time  ;7.agb;.l)y:'Montagiie-'Wlv"te,''tlr'e^.Tr,.ans'yaal''  ��� l'.jpres'-ntative in Washington.   77777   ^  X ^SEAT-TEE.^uris' 20.-^-The-first^gold;  .shipmentsiof  the  seasbniare  now  oh/  ���thef way; from the Klondike. Sums ag:  gie-;ating $1 500,000 fiwere-started frc-ii  Dawson on:June 4th on the river steam-J  vers Canadian and Zealandia,; according-  tc telcj*raphic: ad vices received in Skag-  X-visyx :^X-7X.}:::-x 'X-, -.. 7 ���yy-yf^yy: -..-..^  7 KIEL,    June    20.-���A   monument 'to  Frederick William : I, "The Great Elector,'' -was unveil ed today iri the naval-  academy.parklitre with hiuch ceremony  ami in the presenc'! of tiie emperor and;  empress.  His majesty made -a speech,:  holding up the" canter .of the elector .-is  ah example to sthe" present generation. -  ���   WASHINGTON, D.C., June 20.���Civil  government will  be "established in  tiie1  Philippines: on July 4th.. Judge William.  B. Taft will be..designated as civil>>6v-  ei-nor. He will remain-at th'e. head of the  i'hilippine commission, whieh>Hs,to he  continued. The order creating himr:civil  governor will be issued  by  the president through the secretary of-war.  BERLIN, Jne 20���While crown prince  Frederick William was on His,way from  Minder to Bonne a .drunken 'ndivi'lual  approached   his ' carriage   at  'Bochum,  . Wes-tplialia. yesterday and aim .-da b'ow  with-a t-tick at the window, at which the  crown prince was sen ted. Tlie irirt'Vii-  ���iihl di'scrilxd himself as la clork. Ho  sti id he merely wanted to see tne prince  more clearly. .. ' ..  WASHINGTON. IX C, Jurid 20.��� The  -"   Singular Electric Accident.  LAKEWOOD, R. I., June 19���Edmund  Walsh, forty-five years old, was instantly killed by".' grasping an ordinary incandescent light globe at the store of  Roberts & South, here today. The smell  of burning flesh attracted the attention  of the clerks, and the dead body of  Walsh was found��� in the cellar. It is  supposed that an arc light wire became  crossed with the incandescent wire, and  ���when Walsh attempted to turn on the  light by twisting the globe, the stronger current melted the glass ii his hand  and he received the full force.  Victor Safe & LbcK Co  CINCINNATI, O3I0.  Axmen, Station-men and Laborers, for railway work.  Apply to  BRECKENRIDGE & LUND.  June 11,1901.        Morrisey, B. C.  ^'H^M"!"!"!"!"!":":";"!"!"!"!";"!"!"!"!"!'!^  CALEDONIAN LIQUEUB  IM THISTLE AM SHAPED BOTTLES "''  m  m  to  m  to  9\  9)  to  torn  Established in Nelson 1890.  ASlieCESSFUL BUSINESS M ANOF TODAY  Is Hminently, Progressive.  m  All watch repairing guaranteed, j  /f\  as we employ none but the best  workmen.  Tho largest firo proof safe works in the world.  Over three carloads sold In ICoo'cnay in eight  months.       -  Is the   Leading   Scotch Whiskey.  Ask For It.  \\. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd,, VICTORIA^. B.C.  Solo Agcats for British Columbia.  to  9\  to  to  He does not follow in a rut; he worships lio ideals of the past; he is of the times and with  the times; he seeks constantly to advance, to improve, to give broad-minded and skillful service; he not only buys early, but he studies his business minutely; he recognizes the important fact that his stock should consist of goods that are so widely different from "the other  fellows" as can be secured. He picks out lines that are progressive, up to-date and superior  as to special features, style and finish, then gets his goods in early.'is not afraid to liberally  display a complete assortment of his various lines so as to impress the confidence he possesses.  He familiarizes himself with every detail as to qualityarid manufacture of his goods, sets a  fair price on them and sticks to it; proclaims quality, .perfection and long wear. Send for  prices, or call and see us.    We are here'to serve you all.  Q  OUR WATCHMAKING AND JEWELRY DEPARTMENT HAS NO EQUAL IN B.C.  JACOB  DOVER,  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  THE JEWELER  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  *  to  to  to  to  Mail orders receive our prompt  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  to  torn  to  to  ^jg?�� _y ��� ���*>'/���_?��._*'��/_*��<_*�� g<' <_^�� gf�� __*�� 00 * f_0 -0f* 00*0 -0- .w. w.*��^ ���^���^���Sfr*Mfr*i^*Bf','^,,^*^S-*ii^*^ *^ *���&; ^5**' jS- *vV^  '^'^K'^St'Qfc'^K'^K*^^' ^K*S^��^<��5_r��S**,*��fc. ���'ff'^'V'^N ^0'^'^'00'00*00*00'00*00*^'^'^'00'00*00*00*00*00*0t'  A.  B.   GRAY,   Nelson,  P. O. Box 521.        Kootonay Representative.   ,  WRITE FOR CAT, LOCUE AND PRICES.  P.-J. RUSSELL, B. G. Agent  NSLSON, B. O.  "government's interest in the Sioux City"  & Pacific Railroad Company was sold  today at auction at the treasury department for $1,S72,000 cash and a7 credit  of ?250,000 for transprtation of mail and  troops. The salo was made to tho Clii-  cuijo & Ncu thwesteriv Railway Company  which .. has been operatinrj the Sioux  City & Pacific railroad for a time.-  WASHINGTON, June 20.���Dr. Martin Silvia, the minister from Colombia,  lias received dispatches from the oap-  Jtal of Colombia which he regards as  .. E'ettliig at rest the reports that the Oo  lotnl'hin rovoliitionlsfcs are again in  strong force around Panama. The minister's: dispxtches state that the uprising has been stamped out with the ox  (ii-ption of a few small and scattered  bi-.n.-lsVopi'i-iiting in, the neighborhood of  Panama. The bands are said to have no  strength in Panama city.  WASHINGTON, D. C, Juno 20.���The  report of major-general Chaffee on the  campaign in China is being prepared  for publication at the war department.  Among other1 matter.-* it contains special reports upon the Russian, Japanese,  French and British troops, also reports  upon equipment, supplies, etc , of foreign troop-* and reports upon diffve:it,  expeditions. These reports were made  to United States officers and from a  military point of view are of considerable interest, .but nearly all the main  ���facts hav.? heretofre been published.  NEW ORLEANS, June 20.���The  ljnching of the negroes last night  near Shreveport created a sensation today, as with the excitement dying out  it was thought their lives would be  spared, at least until the capture of  prince Edwards, who killed J. G. Fos-  tei on the Foster plantation. A special  from Shreveport, however, says that  evidence was discovered so clearly establishing the guilt of Smith and MeLeod as enemies to the whites and dangerous elements to be. left at large  among the negroes, that the people of  Boschler regarded 'their execution as  essential to the preservation of order  in the parish.  NEW YORK, June 20.���A dispatch to  the Tribune from London says: The  lawyers who have looked up tl\p Cardigan case assert that the prosecution  A FULL LINE OF  Front-Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  AINSWORTH  LICENCE   DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that William Milne  o'Ka lo has made application undor lhe provisions of the "Liquor Licence Act.l'OO," for an  hotel licence for the premises described as the  Twelve Mile'Houso between Howser and Trout  Lako.  '  A meeting: of the Board of Licence Commissioners of the Ainbworth Licenco District will  bo hold to consider such application ut the Court  Houso at the City of Ka.-lo on Thursday, the  fourth day of July, at the hour of eight o'clock m  tho afternoon.  ���    -    "        W. H. BULLOCK-WEBSTER,  Chief L'cence Inspector.  Chief Constable's Ofllce, Nelson. l'J:h June luOl.  THE  _���'    ....   (Vo. 178)  CERTIFICATE  ���Ol'' THE���  /  -*v  Inside Finish  looal and coast.  Flooring  local ard ooast).  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rouffh and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  nr what rov want ib not in stock  WE WILI, MASS IT rOR VOV  CALL AND GOT PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  IT1U ANTD LAKE BTRBET8. NrctSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Registration of an Extra Pro-  ,  yinolal Company.  "Companies Act, 1897."  I hereby certify that the "German Mining and  Milling Company'' has I his. day-been registered  as an *.xtra Provincial Company, under the  ���'Companio* Aot. 1897," to carry out or effect all  or any of the objects hereinafter set forth to  which the logi-Utive authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.  The head ofllce of the Company is' situate in  (ho City of Tacoma, State of Washington,  U.S. A. -  The amount of the capital of - the Company is  one hundred thousand dollars, divided into one  hundred thousand shares of one dollar each. .  : he head ofllce of the Company in this Province ia situate at Nelson, and Richard Pape, Labourer, whose address is Nelson aforesaid, is tho  attornoy for the Company.  'lhe lime of the existence of the Company is  fifty years. ���  Given under my hand and f^al of ofllce at.  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this; 10th  dayof June, ono thousand niuo hundred and  ���one:  [r..s.] __.    t_ S. Y. WOOTTON;^.^^   ���-Registrarof-JoihtX'ompl'.riiep.  Tin objects for which the Company has been  established are those set out iii the Certificate of  Registration granted to the Company on the 1st  February, 1899, and which appears in tho British  Columbia Gazette on the 18th February, 18:(7.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER.  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White  Pine Lumber Always in  StociV  We carry a complete stock of  Ocaat Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order -work will receive  prompt attention  To Herbert Cuthbert or- to any person or persons to whom  he may have transferred his  interest in the Blend Mineral Claim, situate  on Ihe wost fork of Rover creek,, in the Nelson mining division of West Kootenay District, aud recorded irViho recorder's ofllce for  .   tho N'Rl.-on Mining Division.  You and each of ynu are hereby notified that  wo hav* oxpendod four-hundred and.eleven dollars in lahor and   improvements upon tho >-bovo  montloned minoral,clnim in order to hold Raid  mineral claim under the' provis'ons of the Mineral Act. and  if within", ninety- dav's from tho  dato of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute your proportion  of; such expenditures together with nil costs of advertising your interests in said claims will become tho proporty of  tho subscribers, under section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act to Arnond tho Miner *1 Act. lflOO."  FRANK FLKTCHER,  - J. J. MALOME.  H. O.NERI.ANDS.    '  E T."H, SIMPKINS.  Dated at Nelson this 3rd day. of Juno, 1901.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.  NELSON,  B. C.  Builders and  Contractors  Having: taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at.lowest  "possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods ln larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It is our intention to install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next season we shall be in a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates. -  '_     '  Wo shall_also Keep on hand a stock of Fire Brlek, Fire Clay,  -Tiles and Cement._  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have, taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition In 1899 and also this.year. We also  secured prizes last year aiid this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  '    -; We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and  Builders."  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  ' for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successors to  The West Kootenay Brick & Lime Co., Ltd  CANCKMjATtON .  NOTICE.  Ol*    RlidUnVATlON,   KOOTENAI'  DlSTUlCT.  ���VTOTTCE ii hereby given that the reservation  ^ placed on that particular parcel of land,  which may be described as commencing at thu  notth��ast corner of Township (8a) J-ight A,  Koot'nay District, which is also the northeast  corner of Bl ck 12, granted to the Nelson and  Fort Sheppard Railway Company by Crown  gnntditedSth March, 1S!)5; their n duo east !'���  miles; therce due south to tlie International  Boun-'a' y : thei ce due w est*, olong said boundary  10 mi'e ; thei.ee north to the p ace or commencement, notion wlicteof imis published in the  lt'ii sh (. oUimbia Gazette, and diUd 7>h May,  1890, is hereby rescinded.  W. S. GORE.  Pepr-tv Commi-Rioner of Landb & Works.  Land* and Works I), rn-tmunt. j  V iclori.1.11. C. Z-.1.A .May, 1901.    ,  ^3SV_^g ^  Tenders will bo received  by the iinden-ipmcd  up lo VI o'clock nion on Saturday, June UJriii.  lt-01, for the suppl> ing of the following article ��� to  the IVovin i.il Gaol at Nelson from July 1st, 10jl,-  toJuncUJth. KXI2:  GKOCFRIES,  ���'ltWAD,  MEM',  CO\L,  VEG "STABLES,  XUOJMS, ETO.  A dcfailci list can bo seen and any in'ornmtion  obtained at the government atrcnt.'-i n'llce.  JOHN A. TURNER.  Government Agont.  Nelson. June 10th, ]101.  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  H"ADNE��oN,iTB.o. Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,   SanHon,   Silverton, Nev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand ForkB, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  ���way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  To John J. McAndbews or to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  interest in the Dlack Diamond Mineral Chiim.  situate  on  the north side of Bear Creek,  about three miles from the town of Ymir,  lying south of and adjoining the Evening  Star Mineral Claim, Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootonay Distiict, and recorded in  the recorder's ofiice for the Nelson Mining  Division.  You and each of y "����� aro hereby notified that I  have expended Two Hundred and Twelve dollars  and Twenty-five cents ($212.25) in labor and improvements upon lhe abovo mentioned mineral  claim in order to hold said mineral claim under  the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within  ALL KINDS OB*  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  K. W. 0 BLOCK  WARD STREET  OKir-flKH RY MATL RKORIVH OARHFUL AVD PROMPT ATl'CTmOW  ROSSI-,AIVD   ENOIINEBRIIVO   WORKS  cunlipfb & McMillan  Founders.  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORE OARS.���This is our specialty. We make the best ore car on (lie market, and sell thorn as  fast ns wu o-n make them.    Writo ns for references and full particulars.  SECOND HAND MACHINKRY FOR SALE.-One BO 11. P. return tubular boile*-, 510 shell, i heads,  S2 3tluea. Tested to 180 pounds cold water presmre; G2 ft heavy 30 smokestack nnd al: flttinKS  compute. <'ne !)xl2 horizontal slide valve engine. . One 25 JI. P. locomotive ijpo boiler, with  entriiic attached.  WAM'KO.���TwoSor 4 drill air compressors; two small hoists, about 10 JI, P.; small boilers, 15 to  25 II. P.   Must b�� in good condition,  P.  O.  Box 198. THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLANr.  ninety days from the date of this notice you fail  or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expenditures together with all costs of advertis  ing your interacts in said claims will become the  property of the subscriber under section 4 of an  Act ontitled "An Act to Amend tho Mineral  Act, 1900." JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this 27th day of April, 1901.  CITY  OF NELSON.  Porto Rico Lumber Co. Ltd.  Notice is heroby given that the flrst sittings of  tho Annual Court of -Revision of the Municipality of the City of Nelson will be held in tho  Council Chamber at the city offices. Nelson, on  Wednesday, the 10th day of July next, at 10  o'< lock a.m., for tho puipo.-o of hearing complaints against the assessment as made by tho  assessor, and for revising and correcting' the  assessment roll.  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, May 28th, 1901,  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 205.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Ofllce: Two Doors West C. P. R Offices  TENDERS   WANTED.  The Hastinp.-- (B C.) Exploration Syndifla'e.  Limited, will consider t.Ws for dinniond drilling  on the Arlington mino at Erie, H. C. For full  information call or address No. 9, K.-W..C. block.  Nelson, B. C.  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  Work.  Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Imperial Oil  Company.   Washington Rrick, Jjirno & Manufacturing Company.   General commercial agont.8  and brokers.  ii.Allcoal and wood strictly cash on dolivory.  TELEPHONE U7.J  Office 184 BaKer St.  Notice is hereby given that William Graham  Lillie and ThomaB Lester Lillie. both of the City  of Nelson, in the Province of British Columhii,  trading under tho firm name- nnd style of Lillie  Itrolhi-ii, Root and Shoe Dealers, on H.ik'cr  Strect, in tho City nf NclFon. have by deed bearing date of the .''i��d day of Juno. 1901.a signed all  their real nnd personal property, execptas therein  mentioned, to IjCwis A. Godbolt of the City of  Toronto, in the province of Ontario, commercial  traveler, in truf-tfor tho purposo of paying ai d  saii-if; ingratcably and proportionally and without, prof rence or pr onty tho creditors of tho  said William Graham 1 illie nnd Thomas Lo'ter  Lillie. and tho said firm of Lillio Brothers, their  jus' deb s.  '1 he said deed wasoxecuted by thewiiil William  Graham Lillie and Tho-nns Lester Lilliu to the  Fiiid Lewis A. Goibol> on the .'I d day of June.  901, and tho said Lewi- A. God"o!t ha�� ui dtr-  taken the trust created by the said deed. AH  parsons havi- gclaims ngainst, Iho said Arm of  Lillie Brothers or against the said W Ilium  (irnhani Lillie or ngninst lhe "aid Thomas Jjir.ter  -|jhli�� ��rc ri-qiiired lo foruard to_tho-snid_Li'wis-  A. Oodcolt partioulin* of their claims duly  veriticd onorbcfoie tho 10'h dny of .In y, 1 01.  Aid notice ib hercbj given that after ihe paid  10:h dny of July, l'JOl thu trustees will procce 1  to di-lribute thoas-eU of the cs ate among tho  parties entitled then to, having icgard only io  ihe claims of which the said (Ir us tees shall then  have had co:ice. and that the s.iid trustees will  nut b> responsible fo the assets or any part  thereof so distributed lo un; person or porsoiw,  llrm or corporation nf v. Iioho debt or claim ho  shall not then havo hnd notice.  A meeting of the creditors will lie held nt tho  ofllco o'f tho Undersigned on Monday, the 10th  dny of June, 1001. at lhe hour of 2 o'clock in tho  afternoon, to dccldo as to the be.'l manner of deposing of tho aFscts.  A further meeting of thocrodltois w ill bu held  at tho Fame place on tho 20th day of July, at, tho  hour of 10 o'clock a.m., lo consider tho trustees'  <.tntomciit nnd report.  D.ited this :tr<i da  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���JSTKLSON    SOCIALISTIC    EDUCA1IONAI  a-'    CLUB meets every Sunday at 3 o cluck p.m.  iu tho Miners'Union Ilall.   A cordial invitation -  is extended to every one to como and lake part  iu discussioi.8.  John Roberts, secretary,  LAUNDRY WORKERS'UNION OV NKLSON  Nn. 859i, A l'\of Ij.���Alerts in Miners' Union  Hall, C P. K. i look, corner of Baker and Stan  ley streots, on fourtn Friday in every month at  7:30 p in. sharp, v isiiing memb rs of American"  Federation cordially invited to attend. C. JSVed- *-  rick, president; A. \V. McFVo, secretary.  KLSON MINERS' UNION NO. -Jt). VV. P. it,  M���Meetn in minoro' union rooms, northwest corner of B-ikcr and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting mom  bers wolcome. M. R. Mow.itt. President. .lame  Wilkes, Secrotary. U.vion Scai.k ok W-*oks  fob Vflkox DisTiticT���I'cr shift, machine  men, $3.50: harnmersmen minors, $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelors and other underground laborers, $3 00.  rp'tAUJOS AM) i.aU<Ht L.uUXCrL.-Tho regu-  ���*��� lar meeting,- of the Velson Tr.ides and I.abor  Oiiinoil will be hold in the minors' union hall,  c rner Uaker anil -tanlcj sircutn,on ihe lirst arid  third Thursday of i.nrh month, at S p. ��n. C J.  Clayton, Pi cs ; A. T. Cii'lu, Sec.   J\0. box 90.  "TiHE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  ���*���    aro hold on   Wednesday  evening of  earn   -  ������eok, at  7 o'clock, in-tho Miners' Union, rooms  corner of  Iiaker  and   Stanley s'reels.   Onirics  Cl.ijton. Presidont.   Alex K. vinrrny, Secretaiy.  TDARBKRS' UNION.���Nelson Union. No. 196. of v  ���LJ tho International Journeymen Barbers Un -  Ion of America, meets every first and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Ilall, at 8.3  sh.irp. Visltini? brothers cordially invited lo  attend. R. McMahon, p-v-Mont; J. H. Mnthn  son. f-ecretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardnor, recording  secretary.  LAR0RKR3' UNION.���NeKon Laborers' J*io  tectfve Union. No. 8121, A. F of Ij.. meets in  jVUncrs' Union hall, C. P. }{. block, corner of  V iker and Stanley street'', every Monday evening  at7:30n.m. sharp. VisitiiigmenitierHOf the American Federation cordially invited to attend.  A. J. Curie, President. John Roberts, recording seoretary.  M-ELSON PAINTKRS' UNION-The regular  ���'-^i meeting of tho Paiutcr-n* Union ia held  tho first and third Fridays in each month at Min-'  ers' Union hall at, 7:30 sharp. Oeorgo JCacmt,  President; nenry Bennett. Seorotary.  OOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION ���Regnlnr  meetings every Tuesday evening at 8:30  oclock, in Miners' Union Hall, cornor of Baknr  and Stanley streets. Visting brut hi en cordially  invited. Chris Lnft, president; H. SmcUcr. lln-  ancial nnd recording fcecretary.  PLA8TERERS'   UNION-The O.  P. I. A. No,  ->-     172, meets ovory Monday evening In   tha  " ��� "���   ���      jlroetM, al  .1*,   ,,,o��^a   wruijr    iviuiitmy   orouiui  Elliot block, corner Bakor and Stanley si  -) o'olock.    J.   D   Mover,   oresldentj  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 010.  William  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES  &  NELSON LODGE. NO. ��. A. T. ft; A. M  Moete socond Wodnesday In eaoh month  Sojourning brethren Invised.  1901.  lay of June.  GAIjLIHKR& WILFOV,  Solli llors for Trubtees..  K. W.C. Block. NcNon, B.C.  DISSOLUTION   OP   PARTNERSHIP.  Notieo is hereby given (hit the co-partnership  hitherto oxiriling between tho undersigned, by  the stylo of' Fraser & Broderick," as dnirttnen.  has this day boon dissolved by the reliremcns of  Charles Broderick, who has transferred to John  M. Fr.isor all hin interest in tho biibincss, absets.  good will and book accounts.  All persons indebted to tlio said pai tneivhipnre  ho-eby refjnestcd lo make p.ijmrnt to the s.iid  Jnhn M. I'raaor. who has ahS'imed and will piy  the liabi i'iosof the partnei-lup. and who Mill  continue tho parlncrohiu hu-incss.  Witnoss: JOHN M   FRASER.  R.W. RANNlNO-ro.v.      CIIAS   BRODERICIC  Gr\Nr\D!r\N  PACIFIC  rV\ILW/\Y  CO.  and *nrK  KELSON & FORT SHEPPARD RY. CO.  To tiii: Puin.if::  It. has been decided that in future all checks  mnclcpiijahlo to tho Cumlian Pacific Rail nny  Couipiny or the Nelson & Fort Rhcpp.uJ It.ul-  wav Coniiiany iim-t bo accepted by tne bank on  which they aie drawn, and so rertitled before I  i an accept in pas ment of fi eight chargch.  H. W. DREW  Agent C. P R. and N. & F,  Nolson, H. C,.I une loth, l'JOl.  S. R.  NOTICE.  Notice is horoby given that tho under~igucd  T. B. May has I his day transferred to tho undersigned, John Blomberg, his lurber business at  Nelson i'he said J*-hn Blomberg assumes and  wil pay all tho liabilities of tho said barber busi-  no* from tho 12th day of Juno. 1901, and all tho  llnbillt.ie.8 prior to that dato will bo paid by the  said T. B. Mr-.y.  Dated this 13th day of Jnno. 1901.  T. B. MAY.  JOHN BLOMBERG.  -XTKLSON ROYAL���AKCFf CTIAPTKR'No". 13.1-  ���1-,,    G. R. C���Meo'H third Wednesday. Sojourn  ing companions invited. George Johnetone,/1.: K.  \V. Matlhews, S. E.  ���VT ELSON AERIE. No. 22, F.O. E.-Moct xecond  ���L'    and fourth  Wednesday of oach month, ot)  Fraternity  Ha'l.    Georgo Burtlott,  presidont  John V. Morrison, secrotary.  TT-OOTENAY TENT NO. 7. K. O. T. M.-  ���*�������� Hold 1 huirregular meetings on the first and  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights are cordially invitod to attend. G. A.  Brown, R. IC; A. W. Purdy, Com.; tt. J. Stcol  D. S. C.  NIGHTS OK PYTHIAS- NelBon Lodge, No  25, Knights of Pythias, meete In I. O. O. F.  HaU, corner Bakor and Koolonay streets, ever '  Tuesday evonlng at 8 o'olock. Visiting Kn,i*h*'8  oordlally Invited to attend. II. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T. Park, K. of It. & S.  architect"  AC. EWA RT-Archltcct.   Room 3 Aberdeen  *    block, Baker stroot. Nelson.  SHERIFFS SALE.  Nelson,  West  Provinco  of British  Columbia,  JCootcniy, to wit:  By virt'io of two writ* of Fici Facias issued  outof I ho tun erne roui t of British Columbia at  thchiiiiuf tho Van Harvey Norman Compiny,  Li'iiilcd, and Balfour ic Company, plaintifrs, and  lo mo directed against the goeds and chattels of  J. A. MacKinnon St Compiny. defendants, I  have seized and tnkeii in execution all the right,  I it le and inteie^t of the mid defendant, JT A.  M'cKinnon. in the mi called Hampton group of  ini-ieiul claim* consisting nf the iiiinernl claims  "llainpton,'"l-'tliel IC." "I'tunger," '"Camp Fire"  and "Sih er How."��II situato up fcpringcr cicck  about eight mlips, more or less, from Slocan City  and recorded in the office of the mining recorder  for the Slocm City mining division of lhe district of West Ivuotci.ny, to lecover tho sum of  thirteen bundled and eighty-seven dnllars and  eighty cents ("tl3s7.s0), am mnt of said writs of  Fieri I'licitus, a' d interest on two hundred and  Unity-Mx dollars and twenly-sevon cents (?2t(! 27)  at fivo por centum per annum from the 3rd day  of January, 1901. until pajmont. nnd intorest on  eleven hundred J nd fort)-four dollars and flfty-  thrco cents (Sllll.Vt) at s.i*- per centum per annum from the 231 h day of M.uoh, 11)01. until payment, besides slipriir* poundage, ofllcer^ fees  and nil other legal incidental o.penso-1. Allot  which I shall expos i for sale, or sufllcient thereof to-satisfy Mir-h jndirment, debt and costs, at  my ofllco. nc\t to the court house, in the cily of  Nelson, B C, on Fi iil.iy. the 21st day of Juno,  A. D. 1*101. at the hour of eleven o'clock in tho  forenoon.  No ik.���Inlciiriing purchases will sat isfy them-  solves as to interest and titlo of tho said defendant.  S. P. TUCK,  ShniltTrif Snu'h ICootonay.  Dated at Nelson, B. C. tho Oth of June, 1901.  WANTED. BOYS-Goed activo and reliable  boys U> aot as selling agents of tho Dally Tribuno  in ovory town.in Kootenay and Yale districts.  tj-  V  r -   ��ft|  ^-t;i  7 ��i  '/"<x  :-*��l  .    '.-Ml  f-*tX  *a -1  ' if  m  SWWvaiwww--'* * THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B C. FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1901  IV  W*x.  rH;  SPECIAL DRIVE IN PRINTS, DRESS CRASH AND COLORED MUSLINS.  Ladies' Corset Covers IS cents. Ladies' Buttoned and Laced Kid Shoes,  the $3.50 line at $2.50. Ladies' Button and Laced Kid Shoes, the $2.50  line at $1.75    No old styles.   All this spring's goods.  MUSLINS,   Etc.  A large range of Print Patterns to  choose from, all fast colors, at 7, 9  and 11 cents.  Colored Muslins 30 inches wide, for  draping   and  curtains, 25 cents  now 15 cents.  Colored   Linen   Crash,   for skirts,  regular price 30 cents, for 20 cents.  White Pique, extra quality, regular  price 30 cents, 20 cents per yard.  MEN'S WEAR.  Men's blue and black Serge Suits,  regular $15.00 line, yours at $10.  Men's Scotch and Irish Tweed suits,  . regular $15 line, at $10.  Men's Tweed pants, a large range to  choose from, the regular $5 line to  clear at $3.50; $4 line to clear at  $2.50.  Good Tweed Suits at $1.25, $1.50,  and $2.00.  BAKER STREET,  JlELSOfl, B. C.  A. FERLAND  NELSON CLOTHING HOUSE  NO    219   BAKER   STREET.   NELSON.  '.  BOOTSI       BOOTS!       BOOTS!  For a few days only we will hold a slaughtering  discount sale of boots and shoes.  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  DYOTJ KNOW  That we ws have the best assorted stock of PURE DRUGS,  CHEMICALS, ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES, PERFUMES and  DRUGGISTS' SUNDRIES in the Kootenays.^ If no_t give us  a trial order and you will be convinced. We have everything usually found in a first-class Drug Store, and.that is  what we claim onrs to be. '  -��% >%��t#��t�� ���>?���!* -1**1* %* 'I**-* ******   ��%��%��%��% ****I**I* *I* ****** *_* *** ***  * +  ���J- Mining supplies and    general 4-  ���J�� hardware, assayers' supplies and -I-  ���$��� chemicals, drugs and medicines, 4-  ���I- dry   goods   and   clothing,   boots 4-  4- and   shoes,   furniture   and   bed- ���"���  4* ding, Ashing tackle and station- 4-  4- ery, books and newspapers, gro- 4-  4* ceries and provisions, fresh and 4-  4* salt meats, fruits and confection- 4*  4* ery, cigars and tobacco, imported 4-  4* and   domestic   liquors,   in   fact 4-  4* everything in the way of general 4��  4- merchandise, can be procured in 4-  4*. Nelson on Thursdays during the 4��  4�� same  hours  as  on  other  days, 4*  4* notwithstanding   all   reports   to 4��  4* the contrary. 4-  .���. 4.  44-M-4��M~:-4-S��4~M- *M~H--M~M~K--H-*  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA   BLOCK NELSON,   B. C.  Spring Sporting Goods  Duke & Son's Cricket supplies, Ayres &  Wright and Dibson's lawn tennis, Spalding base  ball, Lally lacrosse and Whitely exercises.  TISDALL'S  GUN  STORE  VANCOUVER.  adson's  HM1CAMEBON  INSURANCE,  REAL ESTATE  and MINING BROKER  Tho results that I have obtained  since advertising my discontinuance  in business have been most satisfactory. The great variety of my  stock of clothing and gents' furnishings, with all prices marked in  plain figure?, has proven an irresistible factor in securing sales.  Those who hare not taken advantage of my reductions should  call and compare prices and quotations with those offered in any  other store in the city. Everything  is offered at eastern wholesale cost.  HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE.  Fine house and lot ou Silica  street convenient to Baker street.  Price $3000; only $1800 required in  cash.  Also, two-story house in Hume  Addition. Price $1100; only $500  required to be paid in cash.  THEO  MADSON  Nelson, B. C.  Apply���H. R. Cameron  AGENT, BAKKR STREET.  Baker Street.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  . In (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Ofllce ou Baker Street, wost ot Stanley Street)  NELSON.  R. B. REILEY  (SUCCESSOR TO H. IX ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD   WORKtto  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Spoclnl attention ar  ���d custom work: from o'.jside points.  f riven to aU kinds of repairing  rom o'.jside points.   Heavy  bolha made to order on shot* notice.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Judge Forin is holding chamber sittings at Rossland.  A license to wed was yesterday granted to -Thomas Russell and Elizabeth  Bradley.  Alfred Bunker has decided to abandon  his farming for the summer and try  his hand at prospecting. He will leave  in a few days for the Lardeau.  The cash donations to the celebration  fund were swelled yesterday by a subscription to the Mansfield Manufuctur-  de Bailliencoui-t $25, and A. Booth ?6.  ' The Lake of the Woods Milling Company, through Fred Starkey has offered to donate five barrels of their celebrated flour to be given as a prize in  connection. with the Dominion Day  sports.  The sale of the Archibald furniture  and effects will take place on Wednesday next, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  Messrs. Charles A. Waterman & Co.  have the sale in hand, and their announcement will appear tomorrow.  There will be a Swedish gospel meeting on Sunday forenoon a"_d evening in  Miner's Union hall. The forenoon service will begin at 10:30 o'clock and the  evening services at 8 o'clock. All Scandinavians are cordially invited to attend these services, whicli will be held  by Rev. N. J. Wess'ell.  % H. H.. Playford and E. G. Wilson,  under the firm name of Playford & Wilson, will open as tobacco and cigar merchants in the Madden block, in the store  now occuppietl by the Ontario Powder  .Company, as soon as that company vacates. Both gentlemen are well known  and they should be successful.  It was reported in Nelson yesterday  that the contractors for the British Columbia Southern, and the road from  Grand Forks to Republic had been let.  Guthrie & Company'of St. Paul are said  to have received the contract for the  flrst work, and Syms & Company, also  of St. Paul, the contract for the Grand  Forks **oad.  The executive of the celebration com-  mittre met yesterday afternoon and  reade good headway in arranging the official program.. The details will all be in  shape today, so that the work c-xn be  given into the hands of the printer .on.  Monday. The fund is now about ?34''0  in cash, with some thirty odd articles  of value for special prizes.  The Granite mill is still running on  Poorman, and it is thought that there  is still enough ore on hand "to keep the  mill, going for another week at least.  The accident to the compressor, which  occasioned the shut down at the Poor-  man, is fully as serious as was feared,  and it is not likely that work will be resumed on the property for several  .weeks as the management does not feel  justified in carrying on development  without the machine drills.  A number of fresh young men dipped  a Chinaman in the lake yesterday afternoon. The Chinaman has lodged a  complaint with the.police and the matter will probably be ventilated in the  police court tomorrow. The trouble was  the outcome of some horse '.'lay in  which the young men were amusing  themselves at the expense of the  "chink," and upon his resenting the  liberties taken with him he was dipped  ih the lake.  B. Mansfield of the Mansfield Manufacturing Company is exhibiting an  interesting curio in the shape of a piece  of old Roman brick taken from the bath  at Bath, England, which it is alleged  was built in the time of Claudius Caesar, A. D. 93. The curio, whicli is well  or, to 2000 years, more closely resembles  a tile than a. brick, being less than an  inch in thickness, but it bears evi-lon/'.e  that the modern brick makers have not  much. <!.dv;inlage to 1-oin.t of over their  ancient rivals.  There was no general observance of  the strike order among the local trackmen yesterday, although it was announced on Wednesday evening that all  the trackmen would quit on the following.morning. So far as know a the only  men who have, -.-one out are two on the  Slocan branch, and the crew at the junction.1 It was reported on Wednesday evening that all hands were at the time  working on the Crow's Nest division,  between Medicine Hat and the Landing,  and nothing'later has been received. On  ihe Kootenay branches past, of tl>f* Columbia everything was reported to be  going ahead as usual.  The fancy dress ball which has been  decided upon by the carnival committee  in connection with the Dominion Day  celebration may now be regarded as an  assured success,a sufficient number having expressed their intention of participating to make the ball a very attractive feature of the carnival. While the  barge is in midstream it will be used  by the judge in viewing the carnival  procession, so that the dancers -will  have the best possible viewv of the  boats as they move around. After the  judges have made their awards the  barge, will be towed baCK to the city  wharf, so that the dancers may leave  it at their pleasure. An admission fee  of $1 per couple will be charged, and  no one. will be allowed on the barge  who is not in fancy dress costume. A  full orchestra will furnish music for  the dancers.  uty grand master, and the following  were elected as "officers: John Toye.  master; J, Smith, Rossland, 'deputy  ?naster; Rev. J. B. Morgan, chaplain;  D. McVannel. Slocan, financial secretary; D. J. Robertson, treasurer; F.  Rutherford, Rossland, director of ceremonies; and Thomas Lake, Slocan, lecturer. The.local lodges of Nelson, Rossland, Sandon and Slocan were well represented. The next meeting of the district lodge will be held at Rossland at a  date to be fixed. The next meeting of  tho grand lodge of the province will be  hild in this city in February next.  HAVE BROKE AWAY FROM  The Thursday Closing Movement.  The Thursday Closing Movement was  sprung on the merchants of Nelson  without consideration, and is not at all  popular with' any class except half a  dozen clerks, who claim that their duties  are so irksome that they must have recreation during the middle of the week.  Yesterday all the hardware dealers  broke away from the movement, and  the only houses closed were some of  those dealing in dry goods, clothing,  groceries and jewelry. Even some of  those who had their front doors closed  were induced to sell goods by way of  their back entrances. When the dealers  who close express an opinion, it is gen-'  orally in the following words: "I know  tne .movement is not doing the town  any good, but I signed the agreement  without due, consideration, and I will  not be the first to break it. Anyway, I  do not wish.to incur the enmity of the  unions, as they say they are all powerful in Nelson."  TELEPHONE 87  EL    .BT2r_B3_BS" <Sc  CO.  PAINTS, OILS 4ND GLASS.  GARDEN  TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  POULTRY  NETTING  Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Stiee  RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE.  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder   Company   and   Truax   Automatic   Ore   Cars.  HARRY PARKER IN THE JUC  s  Is Charged With Forgery.  Harry McDdugall,  iilias Parker, has  beer, arrested in Spokane-upon a charge  cf forgery.  .Accord', g tc tne Spokane  police Parker  took a note ��'rav*a for  $St]j5, payable to H\*nnx:i Pctoon 'or  order, and  signed  b-* 'reorg-j E.  Rur-  uett, to a Spokane sal ������ ��*i l:<?i��i��r ah>l  got $5  on  it.    Later Parker returned  asked for another dollaro���     a,s   bmb  and asked for another dollar, when he  was   asked  to  endorse the   note,   and  thereupon wrote Herman   Peterson on  the back. The police say-the same man  passorl checks in Spokane some months  ago under the name of Parker.   '  * -The  man  under  arrest  in  Spokane  operated in. Nelson under the name of  Harry Parker.  'He arrived in the city  from    Ainsworth, - and    negotiated    a  check   with    George  Bartlett.   of. the  Clarice hotel, for f��4, which upon neinir  presented.'at "the bank was pronounced  a forgery. " This check was made payable to H. Parker .and Maxwell Steven-'  son's name appeared on it as the maker.  Some time,  however, elapsed between  the,.negotiating of ihe check  and  Its  presentation at the bank, so that when  the local'police so.ught tb gfcther Par-ker  in he had decicrpcd.   A warrant is out  for. his arrest, and if he slips through  the hands of the Spokane police he will  be brought back to Nelson..        "  The Nelson police are also confident  that Parker hrid a hand in the .iraking  of the series of forged checks which  were put in circulation some months  ago, upon which the signatures .of J.  Honeyman, of the Nelson foundry, was  so freely used, but they were in the  dark until after the forged check was  passed on Bartlett.  jsrBLso]5r  STORES   AT  _E_Z-A.SJLO  S-AJsriDoiisr  A Seasonable Proposal.  H. Byers & CoM the Lawrence Hardware Company and McLachlan Bros.,  dealers in hardware and mining supplies, have decided that they will not  close their stores on Thursday afternoons. InBtead of closing on Thursdays, they have agreed to close on Saturday afternoons from 12 to 7, and reopen at 7 and remain open until 10  o'clock."' This action of the three leading hardware firms is fair notice that  they will not be coerced.into doing some  thing that they know is injuring the  business interests of the town; but, at  the same time, it "shows that they are  willing to give their employees a half  holiday on the day that is now generally recognized as the one best suited  for that purpose.. Were the dry good  and grocery stores to follow the lead of  the hardware dealers,'.a foolish movement would be dead, and overworked  clerks would still get their half holiday.  v.  PERSONAL.  W. F. Twiss, of Kaslo, is at the Phair.  Charles  R.   Foster,  of Moosejaw,  Is  registered at the Tremont.  J. Metcalfe, of Seattle, and Gwen De  Lysle, of Butte, are at the Hume.  Alex. Moffat, R. E. Beattie and William F. Tate are registered at the  Phair . .  =  Fred  Fraser  were  arrivals    at    the  Largo stock r t high-class Imported  ipwrfaity of the square   shoulder���  BMi_OllllC:__.  gooda.  A  the late**  The institution of the first district  lodge organization of the Orange order  was completed on Wednesday evening,  the new organization being known as  District Lodge No. G. The lodge was in-  istituted by W. W. Bradley, junior dep^  Tom Downs and  among yesterday's  Phair.  J. B. Giffen, of Vancouver, and John  Rockney, of Sandon, are stopping at the  Hume.  Thomas Brown, of Sandon, a merchant and deputy, mining recorder. Is  in towu.  R. F. Green, of Kaslo, is in attendance at the session of the Masonic  grand lodge.  C. F. Thompson, of Toronto, and C.  Ed Smith, of Montreal, are among the  drummers at the Phair.  Robert Shiell, of Fire Valley, the well  known coal mining operator, is stop-  pind at the Madden.  John McMillan,- of- Rover Creek.  Charles Ward, of Slocan, and A. Coutts,  of Ymir, are at the Madden.  Abner Thompson; "of Anaconda, Montana, has arrived'"in Nelson to work  one of The Tribune's linotypes.  George Johnson, of Cranbrook, L. W.  Major, of Rossland, and W. R. Lindsey,  ot Waterloo, Quebec, are at the Queens.  Arthur S. Potter, of Pittsburg, and  Victor Thrave, of Chicago, who are interested in some mining properties in  the Big Bend, are registered at the  Phair.  John McMullan, who has been prospecting oa Rover creek for" a while  back, on his return yesterday said he  had discovered two mines, but neither  of them were any goo'd.  MINING RECORDS.  Four locations were recorded yesterday at the Nelson Record office. Moses  St. Charles recorded the Black Cloud,  on the south fork of the Salmon; Jack  Wilson recorded the Hobo, boing a relocation of the Reta, on the Salmon;  David Booth a:id Sid Cummings recorded the Rosebud, on Wild Home  creek, about seven and one-hai* :niles  from Ymir;. Thomas M. Pair r-corded  the Ido on the north fork of the Toad  mountain.  Certificates of work were granted to  D. A. Clifford, on iho Sheep's Cot; Joe  Bernard et al. on the 5-i,iiUrc-:*; and  Thopias M. Parr, on Vie Pcrla M,  Masonic Grand Lodge.  At the thirtieth annual convention of the grand lodge A. F. and  A. M. of British Columbia, whieh  opened in Fraternity hall yesterday, -the following officers were  elected:  P. McB. Young of Nanaimo, M.  W��� grand master.   >  E. E. Chipman, Kaslo, R. W. dep-  .uty grand master.  Rev. C, Esnor Sharpe, Esquimalt,  R. W. grand senior warden.  W. J. Bowser, Vancouver, R. -W.  grand junior warden.  A. B. Erskine, Vancouver, :V.-W.  grand treasurer.  W. J. Quinlan, Nelson, V. W.  grand secreeary. -  Rev. C. F. Yates, Golden, V. W.  grand .chaplain.  E. Hosker, Vancouver, grand ty-  ler.  A banquet will- be ' tendered to  the visiting delegates in Fraternity  liall this evening by the members  of\the local lodge. .  j-       -i  The delegates'will attend divine  service'this evening at 7:45 in St.  Saviour's church, when Rev: E. P:  Flewelling, grand chaplain, will deliver the annual sermon.  BUSINESS  MENTION.  For Sale or Rent.���Piano at the  Old Curiosity Shop.    ~  Por   sale���Ranch   on   Kootenay  river, improved.   Inquire -W. P. Robinson.  ' To  rent���Two: large   furnished  front rooms.  Applewhaite block, opposite Oddfellows'hall. *���  Wanted���Bookkeeper wants employment for two or three hours a day. Address  Bookkeeper, Tribune office.  * To Let���Furnished front room,  with or without board. Apply four doors above  City Hall, Victoria street.  For sale at. half price���A complete kit of carpenter tools in flrst-class order.  Apply to John Mcliol, Nuls'-n P. O.  For Lease���Palace ho1tel7Sandon7  B. C, Furnished throughout. For particulars  apply to Mrs. A. Eagan, dandon.  To rent���Office in the   Turner-  Boecke block, corner Ward and Baker. Apply  to John A. Turner *  ~  Japan Tea of all kinds to suit  your taste. Sun Cured, Spider Leg, Pan Fired  in bulk or packages.   Kootenay Coffee Co.  Wanted���Cook; girl to care for  chlldron; team stirs and laborers. Weiiem Canadian Employment Oflice',, Ward stroet, Neleon.  Furniture, pianos safes, &c,  moved carefully nt reasonable rates. A pply J. T.  Wilson. Phono 270, Pro-Ecr'H-Second Hand Store,  Ward Streot.  Gold, copper,' silver, lead mines  and prospects wnnted. Send report and samples  to the Prospector.-' Exchange, Nelson, B. (J.,  Room i, K. W-C Blook.  D. J. Robertson & Co., Furniture  dealers, undertakers and embalmers. Day tele-  phono No. 2S3. night 'phone 207. Next new post  office building, Vernon street, Nelson.  For comfort and convenience go  to the Ice Cream Parlors of J. A. McDonald,  Baker street, whore every attention and requisite is supplied..  For   rent���House ��� on   Carbonate  street, between Stanley and Kootanay street",  .seven rooms, bath, hot and cold water. Kent  $25.   Inquire W. P. Robinson.  For   sale   at   a   bargain ��� New  two story house ; two blocks from Baker street;  six rooms with bath; modern conveniences.  Apply "House," Tribune office.  Free milling gold properties. We  are anxious tb secure a few free milling gold pro-  Serties at once.    The Prospeotors   Exchango,  relson, B. C��� Room 4, K-W-C Blook.  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  are selling at thirty cents-per pound is Riving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Lost���On Friday evening, a lady's  gold brooch, in the dancing pavilion at the Tramway park. Finder will be rewarded by returning  same to John Blomberg at the Grand Hotel.  Scotch   Collies ��� Pups   for   sale.  Color, sable; ago. 2 months; thoroughbred; parents registered; price, 315 each. Two spayed  bitches, 812 each. Address: Postoffice, Erie,  B.C.  We   have   Indian,   Ceylon   and  China Teas " in great variety, choicest quality.  We make a specialty of blending teas and sell  them in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  Coffee Co  Notice to contractors and others���  General laborers, gardeners, rock men, eto, will  be furnished free of charge to all persons requiring help of this kind by applying to tho secretary,  Nelson I���borers' Protective Union, Box 237,  Nelson, B.C.  "Ol CI3C1N31.LV A"IJLdl/MOUd Sa3dUO   "1IVW  -SUO!}dU0S3Q   ||B JO  S-OIJ9 s.AuaQ UMOjg pue ajji/jwjo juaiudjqs bSje-j _ paAUJV \sr\p  ���}sbi   sureftreg   ��ifl   aiWM   A^3   orao0  }0 pasodsjp mun jso3 ,sj9jnp_jnu_uj wei\\ ssa| \v (.sjaqiojg  (8!ll!l PUB ,spu_|89N "S ''Z!A 'ssauisnq jo s_o_|d rensn vi\\  ;b) Ojiqnd aijj; o; p3J3jy.o mou a.i_ '_p_p_Q pu_ sejfcjg p3}|un  om ui sj9>teiu isauij aqi; Euisudiuoo '000*08$ ��1 Suu;uno"tuv  STOMA [iron pra SOMIM 'S  Ul  }0 >pois paiuqaioo sujl   "isa/^ bi\\  }0  pjBsq ajopq jbabu saoud ib ja>(j_iu am uo mom  SaOHS CNV SJ_OOH  iO MOOJLS JLdllHHNVa  4  j-^*juiAj_i^u^_MiBiiirTTinxnrcTiirrtnnTTrrTiiTT'rTrmn  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4s K. W. C. Block,  NELSON, B. C.  Grid, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling- Oold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  rartles having mining property for salo aro requested to send samples of tholr ore to the  E  Exchange for exhibition.   We desire to hear from all "  claimB in British Columbia.'  i bear from oil prospectors who have promising minoral  Prospectors and mining men aro requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when  in Kelson. ' ���  -,- -     ,-  All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid. .'Correspondence solicited, r  Address all communications to  Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  P. O. Box 700 - Nelson, B. C.  iiimmiiimiiTiiinrii,mTtiTTn>TH���iiTTTTT���,  TimmmiTimimmTm.iiininiiinmiiTiTT  FISHING TACKI_E  IS NOT A NEW VENTURE WITH US.  We know your wants and have what you need. Our line is  too large to enumerate, but a call will convince you that it is  the most complete in the city.  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Importer 8 and Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  tf.  tf  tf  tf  tf  ttf  m  MORRISON & CALDWELL  PROVISIONS  AND   PRODUCE.  OUR LEADERS-  The well-krown Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packages and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for. Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Baker* Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  &&mm&mmmm&&mmm&m&m&&&m  OLD SETTLERS'  NEW MAPLE SYRUP  THE]   BEJST'3VC^__ID__i  THIS   SPRING'S  SYRUP   IN   QUART,   HALF   GALLON   AND  GALLON   "CANS.  Houston Block, Baker Street.  Telephone 161.      P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  $3500  PROPERTY for $200 cash aud  $2700 on terms to suit purchaser.  Grounds 120x100 feet. House with 0 rooms,  bathroom, pantry, closets, etc.; large kitchen  range and all modern conveniences; 3 years  insurance included. Also, lot 50x120 feet on  J Mill street for $250.   Apply  STRAGHAN  BROTHERS  PX.OMBHKS. J


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