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 f l ��� t  L-___b->* >��..___- ..'���K'a-apys-'  _S*CTrfc_:  i.Tb Kr7\.<-.-Mtnn-ftL��<���\   li-tf-tiaa  -i,.-wa*-*arf5-cae5E_t_a-ffl_*rs^  Mineral Production of British Columbia In 1900  '   $16,407,645     ,  Mineral Produotlon of Kooteinay iri K0&  $10,562,032.  NINTH YEAK  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 1901  EO. BOYCE ON THE STRIKE  WESTERN FEDERATION WILL AID  THE' TRACKMEN.  Men Are Cautioned Against Resorting  to Violence or Committing Any  Overt Act Whatever.  The opera house was well tilled last  night with the'striking* C. P. R. trackmen and their sympathizers to listen  to the address of Edward Boyce, presi-  - dent of the Western Federation of Miners. Mr. Boyce was at Slocan, taking in  the labor demonstration, and as the  train was late it was 9 o'clock before  the opera house meeting was brought  to order. C. J. Clayton, president of tlie  trades aiid labor council, presided, and  in a few remarks introduced Mr. Boycef  who was received with applause. Mr.  ** Boyce said:    -  I am very glad Indeed to have the ple-ir.-  iiro of meeting with >ou this e\ehing, although I am sony that 1 am not better  prepared to spo.il. lo jou upon this question It is, howevei, _mnecet,sarv that J  should at this time attempt to go into a  history   ol   the   di.Iicultv   whir h   now  nm.  .no all the same Hut theie is one lacl  coniifclo'l with this sli,l.e 01 lockout *.\hicli  is -sialifiiiif-; to mo above all tilings, something which gives me pleasuie and delight  to know \\ n.it 1 mean is this 1 am delighted to know that although the old  biolheihood, composed ot the men -em-  plojcd/in the other department., ot the  laiiwav, although -not"'actively engaged  with the trackmen, are certainly in sympathy with them.  1 must say, in connection with this, that  up to the present time tho railway men in  this respect vhave been noglectlul of tholi  own interests [ must say that heretofore  it'was irnfoi UmatcU tiue, that the engineers and the conductors, who weie lecelv-  iijg wages abo\e~tho trackmen, did not  appear to leallze that'the trackmen were  identical with then own Interest*.. Ileio-  ,totoie Ule>  apparently did not realize that  '' the reduction ol the wage standard ot'tae  U..clcmen bore as lieaUlv upon ihejiisnives-  ,is upon the trackmen, and lor this teason  .V'ecauso   thev  weic  sl.illcd.'-bocause   thc>  ��    weie-men  ot  a required  highei   grade  of  intelligence,   they  did  not  realize  that bj  * reason ot anv ieduction in the-wage'scale-  *ol   the tiackrnen ���theti  own positions were'  '"in jeopardy, .aiul-that' they had a common   -interest- with -the mca-fn-ho tamped'tho ^ties  oi the men who built'-the bridges 1* am  glad to know that, in this strike this- has  been changed, and that-these nu.ir_ri.re all  in sjmpathv.witli the trabl-raen*-1 aft glad  to know this, J-ecau.e, I-Know-that somb  limc .Tgo'the trackmen, were despised, not.  onlv. bv their employer*., but also Dy .trierr,  associates who happened tp-iceolve a.dollar "a day more than thei' did "When _1 say  this, VI am speaking fiom experience; because I remember when. I woiked,on a  railway and held that ,vory exalted position of shoveling coal At tliat * pai tlculai  time I happen la know "full well that-the  engineers an ^conductors did nol ^consider  ' that they had any interests,- in cdmmon  With me whatever ' 'f"  1 rim glad to,Know that at last the work-  imrrmen have'been brought to understand  that a union -Hf all* foices is "necessary,  that, in shoit, it is the'only way-in which  v/e can "hope to successful y combat our  enemies Theiofore..although not Piepanpel  fullv to speak upon this question, I-feel  Lo pleased with the change Which, has  taken place that I am almost tempted to  continue speaking -fapplauscj.  To all the men who are m the sound ot  my voice, and who have entered upon th;  present struggle, 1 say stand mm foryour  rights at the piesent time, foi (.o- Ai-  miirhlv knows you have nothing to lose  ^mTeVythingto gain (cheers)   Your jobs  count for .'ery lull'-. (Chens ) "uos. or \-��ir  ���havS-bGen-huiitinglaiid.struggling all your_  lives tor job., hiiuh as they are, but now,  ifYn all time \e.ir., how much l*'t"-r oiT  fe you th\\n when'you lirst began your  search and struggle? How much.bettor off  no \ou than when vou Inst .tarted out to  seek employment from this great corpora-  "rh.iw'hS.e the schedule ot wanes i��i0  and the advances asked The scnle of  vi'Lo nald Is really amusing Were It not  for _..<} seriousness of it, it would be  fnough tt, make ir. hermit smile (l.iurrhte.)  swilchmcn sl*ty dollars per month and  rhpv  want seventy,  bridge  lorcmen  three  tlll"?riI   l?evS thev will cite out of gout  schedule  of  wages  Which  ii���   ����"   ��laJcs  Canadian  Paclrle. railway, .������,�������������onfesl  lemiuuled by its employees 1 mubt cor loss  that I cannot see'any Injustice in tnolie  rnana-*' which  have been   made   I ^f^n-  losinb  y��"    -* ..  k      u ar0 ),,ead. A man  ^^S^^d:^m-  find forty ^cents. per .qay^i*   tf    h-ours;  attempt^ toi.d.o...so   tm   ^��$l taxless 'ele-v  But instead of you ����*���",;���. to-picture:  ment Avhlclr thfty^re;soul^nx^ Wd '���that,  that  you  are,,- jpu-wo"1"nf   the   greatest  Jour   country7w^f^r^*-uhe   S        ^ ,  Scoundrels ^^:-CtX Attempting to. corrupt  iipd in  addition to-Ottemi-     b q  the ieglsatur.es y��u-;���Q}}'*Vvc.ry omcer in  would-endeayor^to buy ^* ��ory ..  together, to W*0'* y?uLniB \ie successful.  {\nd   trust   that   you   will . oe   su led  This is an occasion w* en > ou ai . whQ  to the support nc.U-.on ly or  in, a      rt  ar'o.erni*IoyeJ wl-* J >" l�� .\\ of tne support  ments of the ���'*vi''' ,"�� Nelson and of  of all-the laborli^men of weism m_  "his   entire   community    M ore the  rectly interested m ���s.su��^ -business  trackmen   themselves..!��   >o" m   flght  n-en of t^%tt&dWB the fact-  is   your   ^Sht,   notwitn ir.. oul:  that you lire ^,-.*?qetpvoUr hand is in the ,  js your own, because ym this- great  110,13 7iT,\ 'Npvertlicless I say Uptime  corporation.    NevLrtnpre.s wlth..tho  has come wlren you mu^omo when,  !^inif no middle s ound .to take- The  ,?���r_s* o*%fearly. cfrawn beUvcen org-m-  ,n,*n wlv. have nlwayv an 1-:H a'l times  supported you? Prom-whom'do the business men make their livingY. Ilpw. much  i3o   the   business' -nen   realize   trom   tni,s (  corporation? This is the phase of the  question which the business men ot this  city should consider. They are more ln-  teiestid in this question than the mick-  -inen themselves, because in the case of  the trackmen they have* been reduced b*r  tlds gi-;<intic eorporali-in a!'no-.i to the  last notch in the barometer ot existence  It is, therefore, the business men who  now stand in dai gii, the tiackrnen ocmg  almost as low as they can got him. There-  lore, J say lo the business, men, it is to  you.* niliiests to htand by the laboring  men at the piesent lime in their st ug-  gle f*r exl*-tenco, for "-heir liberty and  their Individuality as citis-ens ot this country.. cL'hclrs) These stockholdeis and  bond holder b are no, lespecters of per-  sops, and unless ihe business men dish j ti see these trackmen placed in a  position whcieln thev can support themselves and tluir families, and do all they  can to assist them, they will"be making  a  verv serious mrstake  What cont onts so.jrety today? Here v/e  have "a niimber ot trusts, and what docs  it mean*' i'i'st, there ar2 (he trusts which  concern more directly the people of the  west. Wi' will take the Standard Oil company. This <on pany o* a very !**"��� ine.a  ��� ontrols absolutely an iudastiv of not omy  thr I'lilted -states hut of .nis country as  well These men have vii lually succeeded  in abolishing the intel national boundary-  line. Then theie is th- smelter trust, the  lead liust and the ebpp<.i trust. We also  lirul t'-at of late t .eie has been a gi unpin-*;  of the tari way lntei ests, ai.d o ily two  weeks agj it was stated that theie no"w  ���.em.uned but three groups ol rail-v.ys.,  including those ot this countiy and ol the  United istatcs And in this connectlja the  Standard Oil trust may be said to control  the smeltei trust, the lead tiust, the cop-  pei.tmsl and the railway tiust. We (ind  upon looking into this matter that with'ii  a "ew y��...rs this gicit eot.ibin.tion has  been orgaui_;cd and Is now controlled Dy  a few men who cm dictate to entire communities the terns upon which they shill  be pei milted to lab-jr. .In the city ot Butte  the Standard Oil tiust contrcls the copper  trust, and in this way it contiols the  pirncip.ll lndust-v of th. t state Jn Idaho  the lead tiust contiols the situation, and  iu Colorado wc find that the smeltei trust  contiols thero, and It also controls ln Tacoma. And wc also lind that the C P R;  stock* ate also con led bv the same people it is, therefore, very easy to-see  ihe close affiliation"between these mdus-  tues, and these masters of ���<industry are  all the U'UJ ci m Liitratirig their wealth  into fewei hands. Theiefoie, Is it nol  time   ioi    - ..eo'ilc   to   consider  and w>igh the situation well' Is it not  time* toi the laboilng mon, and the business men, and the professional men, and,  in fact, roi all the penple in this country,  to ask 'themselves this question* How  'much longer will tins thing continue? Aro  wc all goiiis to become tht- sliu es ot these  combination*;'' It is a serious question and  One whicli each mid e\ ery one ot us should  weigh well, as li Is a q lestion which concerns each and o\liy ono of us We  should consider it in all sincerity and  earnestness If wo wish to pieseive -ue  m.-��� ii i.. 'jui governments it is urn,,  to question tno sincerity of any one who  has the coinage and makes an Issue li  \%e fall in Lhis duty. I am alraid that this  industnal question will not be settled  peaccabh, because il is lhe hlstoiy of the  woiid uom the tail of the ltoman empire  lo the piesent day -that wheu the money  power gains possession of anv government, and that government becomes the  creatine of a few scheming mon, that envoi nirrcnt cannot continue to exist. (Ap-  'Plausc')       ' % " *    *  In oui own experience we have found  that the money interests are not *satlshed  even now, to use 'a"\co.nmon phiase, to  taite an" ov.en .chance with' the people in  tho legislatures of the ccuntiy .The  moncv interests employ.Ihcsru.eijvdrjst.leg-lJ-,  talent they' can gee "to represent them in  the -courts They also go further and  maintain a lobby, not .only at the vlegrsla-  'tuies but alsd at the 'seat 'of national government The\ employ'the shrewdest and  ������best - writers they can- got to represent"  theh inteiests in the press, and to shape  .publrc opinion and blindfold the peonle  to their tiue' Inteiests They even invade  the sanctity of mc'church-ram] by therr  influent--, and manipulations, endeavor to  control the ministers of tho gospel But  they go even futthei,,and'here thev strike  at the toundation ot tlie state, and endow  colleges (ind libranos in oider to. make  their irnpiess upon the minds of the young  'Had not'> Cainegie and' Rockefeller been  llneves and lobbcrs without an equal n��  the history of the woiid they could no.  donate mrllions to libraries and other simitar Institutions That money contributed  bv Cainetjlo and Kockefellor never was  produced by. them - It was produced by  their laboiers, 'but by manipulation and  eunnlngness they slmplj robbed the pro-  dueeis"of all that th -y piorlnced (Cheers)  i We hold that the man oi woman who  produces a dollar Is entitled to what he  or she produces, and until laborers obtain  due lecognilion there will always be strikes  and there will nlway s be lockouts Such  are tho fruits of the system of conccn-  liatlon and monopoly. I repeat that tho  lime has aimed when the laboring people  should lake up tlie matter of organization  -and���bv���thin���mean**���and���education���placo-  themsehes in a po'iltiyn in which they  can not only demand their rights but obtain  them  I sincerely hope that the citizens of Nelson and of the entire province will ren-  dci all the assistance they can to the employes ol what is one of the gieatost monopolies on the Ameilcan continent in their  present struggle for what at the best is  .i mere pittance in wages. It Is your  boundcrr duty to do sb All I can say Is  this, thai so far as 1 am concerned, individually and in my oillcial capacity, I consider .it a very groat pleasure lo do all  I can And I have no hesitation In saying  to these men who arc making such a noble  and magnlllcent stand that the Ivuderatlorr  of Miners stand ready' toVhcln them llnnn-  ��� daily at his moment (cheers).- if they call  'upon'them. . I)eci*.uso-.we aro-.iis much Interested In this light ns you are,-", l.et you  lose this tight- and we' are, simply lowered  another notch, but let you win this fight  and wc can say Unit we have maintained  our position-. ��� You men cannot lose very  :much,-but If you~do lose the entire community will suffer. To. you. workmen, .who  are struggling for this .pittance; I say. again  stand firm for! your rights as long as you  have anything left to eat. -Vou. cannot  realize, perhaps, how far'reaching and Important tliis' struggle Is. You are making  -history much faster than you think.- The  time is .not. far. distant, when you. and-1.  Will pass away, but those who come after  . you will bless- you for th_. statrd -you are  making. You are struggling not for yourselves alone but for the benefit of humanity,' and .those, laboring mon who strive  honestly *lo better the condition of their  fellow "man-are doing a noble and splendid work ..indeed. Remember-, the" eyes of  the working people of this' whole continent are on-you:, livery, move'you make  Is watched. carefully and earnestly In the  hope" o'f*yo'ur  ultimate  success.     .'..���'���'-.  - Mr. Boyce .then_read: a number of telegrams 'froml-Montrealy-Revelstoke :and  Vancouver, ��� detailing the satisfactory  'nroJR-ressi of the strike.,and.the fact that  trbni-one end ���of "the-jline.Jto the other  tlie.. rcieti' were ' all standing firm, and:  tneh continued; .,;';       7 '    ���   -  In view:-of - these assurances you'should  redouble .your efforts, to preserve your organization and your rights and-1 sincerely  trust arid'hope you will succeed In doing  so. This: corporation,-, however, has- millions to-spend in righting you. It has millions to spend in making an example of  those who take'.-a- prominent part in'this  great question. It has millions to spend  in" order to send your leaders to the penitentiary if necessary. Therefore, you  should be very careful-In .everything you  do. J3e >rot deceived b.v.the private detectives ���* who come to you to incite you to  some overt act. .Nothing would please the  .corporations' more than that, because then  ���their papers would holdyou ..up- before the  ���dountry. as., a'...lawless set .of men. 'i'his  .would change public opinion and then-you  ���would'be: defeated. Be careful,-be'guided  but at he same time lie firm and then vou  will have nothing to fear.   And in- conclu-  .    ' (Continued on Fourth Page:)  DUEL IN  A DRUG -STORE  EX-CHIEF OF POLICE MEREDITH  KILLED..  FIVE CENTS  ���*��� -��������  John Considine, a Sport, and Formerly  _ ���  x 'a Partner of the Dead Man,  the  Slayer.  SEATTLE, June 25.���At 5:25 o'clock  this afternoon John W. Considine, one  of the proprietors of the Standard gambling house and the People's theater  in this city, shot and killed ex-chief of  police W. L. Meredith. The sl-.o"oting  occurred in Guy's drug store on the  corner of Second avenue and Yesler  way, in the heart of the city. Considine was also wounded slightly in the  head by a ball from a double-barreled  shotgun in Sleredith's hands. The stories of the shooting are conflicting, and  it cannot yet be said who was the  aggressor.  ^ The men had threatened to shoot one"  another on sight and were both pre-'  pared for trouble. The drug store at  the time of the shooting was crowded  with people and,one bystander was shot  through the arm by a stray, bullet. Meredith was killed while struggling with  -John* Considine and Tom Considine, who  had come to hi3 brother's aid. Three  ^bullets from Considine's revolver, fired  at short range, pierced Meredith's body,  one in the head, ^another in the" chest  and another* in the abdomen. Considine was at once arrested by sheriff  Cudihee and two police ~officers,'Iwho  weie in the drug store when the fatal  shots were fired. He was taken to police headquarters and from there* transferred to the county jail id a closed carriage to avoid, a lynching, of which  there was some talk in the great crowd  whrch gathered about the scene of the  -"hootm***.*  Considine and Meredith had been mortal enemies for about -three, years, although they Jwcre prior to that time  warm personal friends and associated  together in the theatrical business in  Spokane. ", , ,"  Meredith, who resigned his .oflice' last  Saturday 6n\ account of pressure brought  to bear-upon ,him by maycfrllume^was  a? qity.T, detective before ~being made-  chief. '"While in the-subordinate position he and Considine never, spoke, but  avoided open battle. After Meredith  was made chief, however, he served notice on Considine that the latter could  not remain in the city and do business  and followed up the .threat by making  several police orders which affected -  Considine's business.  In retaliation Considine'publicly made  charges of corruption against Meredith  and reiterated them until-the "law and  order" league" took the, matter up and  called for a council investigation of  the police department. A council committee investigated and last Friday  "night made a report ,to mayor Hume  advising the removal of Meredith and  one of his detectives, C. W. Wappen-  stein. Mavor Hume thereupon requested Meredith to resign. -It was'thought  by the friends of both men that shooting would follow Meredith's removal  from office and the tragedy of today  was not unexpected.    ' ��� >  vice, arrived tonight. She brings news  of the massacre oy over 300 French converts at Quelpart,'* Corea. It seems, according to the" governor's report, that  when a meeting 'of natives was being  held two French faissionaries appeared  with 300 converts bribed with*rifles and  they opened fire^ "uppn the natives,  wounding one and 'carrying -off six.  Then the}*' inyadei^Saishihr and carried  on* flags andx amri-Unition*. The natives  when their force iwas larger returned  and the converts^ being "outnumbered  fled, the two priests teking refuge in  the governor's ho&se.*" - Fifty converts  .���Were killed. A da&" or .two afterwards  SfeO converts,*- wh^were found hiding  in" different villages, were " massacred.  'One of the survivoys managed to escape^  and reaching' a telegraph station he'  notified the,French, minister at Seoul  and the French anjrl Japanese warships  together' with Corean troops, were sent,  who put down_the -rising.  HID IN A BILLIARD  BALL  BANQ0B MEN.FIND WEALTH IN  STRANGE PLAGES.  Six- Thousand .Discovered   Wrapped  ~ Is'   *  Around Fishing Flies and Gold  Dust in a Billiard BalL  - A Eossland Function./*  ROSSLAND,' JunjfJ 25��� The most extensive social function, fn the "history  of this city took place, tonight^_when  500 citizens attended"a farewell ban-  quet tendered J;o Rey. W. T. Stackhouse,  ,who ^is' leaving -Rossland after-- a two  years' pastorate of-the Baptist'church  to assume the post' of superintendent  of the missions in the west. The dinner  was arranged by. ttie::I. O.-O. F.,"I. 0^"  G. T., A. O. F. -and-C. O. F. Ladies  were in attendance'.-. -Mr. .Stackhouse  Was presented with' a handsome gold  watch, chain and locket .and a.substantial sum in gold coin.  ���*.- u  * .  ��%��?����T��i%.T���%��T_ffT��rTiiTi_f"*"*������-������   .T. .?*���*���_?. nT.��%.T..T��.T..T_..T..t._.T��  *      -    ,        �� *  *>"    Mining" supplies and , general ���_���  ���J** .hardware, assayers' supplies and * ���!���  4* ^ chemicals, drugs and medicines, -r*  ���J* _ dry  goods, and\,'elotliing, t boots ���5*'  *���!*   and 'shoes',   furniture   and   bed- H-fr  ���J-   ding, fishing tackle and station- *t*  ���i*   ery,-books and newspapers, -gro-*_ ���_���  ���J-   ceries and provisions, fresh and ���!���  ���J- "saltjmeats, fruit_fand confection- -.*  *l* *ery,*cigars and tobacco, imported �����!��  *l*   and   domestic * liquors,,. in - fact- ���_���  *l*. everything in th|"way of general "  ���>- merchandise, can be procured in  ���"��� Nelson on Thursdays- during vthe  ���_��� sanie -hours *as 'on other days,  ���J-" notwithstanding |all reports to  ���J�� the contrary. '- %~~  .*-                      .   / \           . '-'  t>T*w1���T�� ��% A��|�� Ay ��J���|n,% *%��'T*��     ��!'**t_r_>%��^��i��J_-��^**-i2*>'I,-4**I*^0*j'* "t*  *  NELSON MINES, AND MINING  --J*  The Paris Treason Trial.  PARIS, June 25.���Th��* senate sitting  as a court today heard the'witnesses for  the prosecution in the trial of the marquis de Lursaluces, charged with treason. Their evidence did* not develop  any thing new. General*.Zurlinden,,the  former military governor of Paris, testified /that he believed M. de Roulede's  attempt to induce some of the corps to  march on the Blysse palace on the day  vof president Faure's 'funera_$?had not  been prearranged. Majorv^QiB&'net,. a  witness for the defense; iwh'en questioned : iri support of the defendant's  contention that the army for several  years past had been deliberately disorganized, pleaded that-'-'professional, secrecy prevented him from replying and  the president of the court,' M. Fallieres,  upheld the plea, whereupon counsel for  the marquis, de Lursaluces announced  that he would not'call other witnesses,  as he intended to question them: on the;  same subject. - This decision shortened  the proceedings considerably and ��� the  public prosecutor, M. -Bernard,* began  his closing : speech. Eventually the  court was adjourned until- tomorrow.'  Sequel of Murder Case.  ;*,.  PHILADELPHIA, Pa., June 25!���The"  grand jury today ignored the bill of indictment against John Haggenbotham;  charged~with the murder of his mother  and found a true bill against Mary  Wright, the Haggenbotham'��� "colored servant upon-whose testimony the son was  held for the grand jury. Mrs. Sarah  Haggenbotham died June 8th from the  result of. a terrible beating. The case  remained a mystery until a few days  later, when Mary Wright testified before the-coroner's jury that John Hag-,  genbotham had murdered his aged  parent. When accused of the crime  Haggenbotham became a raving maniac. When his senses returned he  proved an alibi and the��� brutal crime  Was fastened upon the servant. .  LONDON ANDEICHELIEU   PEOP-^  ERTY WILL SHIP/''    "   "  When:* Its Tramway Is -Completed It  ���Wills Be in a Position to Send  Out ��0 Tons Per Day.  ���������! ' Missionaries First to Attack.  VICTORIA, June ' 25.���The 6000-ton  steamer. Kamajura Maru which has been  added to the Japanese line with two  other  vessels,  thus  doubling the ser-  T. G. Roy of .the Silver Hill mine  arrived in from the London & Rrchelieu  Company's property yesterday: He*re-'  ports that a small crew of men has been  kept at work pushing developments upon  the property, and when the tramway  is installed the property will be in shape"  to keep up regular shipments at the rate  of from 50 to 60 tons per day. The  proposed tramway will be 8300 feet in  length-���**nd���will���connect���the���London-  Consolidated property with the end of  the present wagon road. The present  calculations are that a start will be  _made on the tramway by the middle of  next month. Work at present is being  confined to the No. 4 tunnel, which is-  now>in about 500 feet. The other three  tunnels on the property have an aggregate length of 1600 feet, the gFflater  portion being in ore. Desprte the-drop  in the market the London and1-Richelieu  will be in-a1 much better position with  respect.to shipments this summer than  it was last year. The operation of-the'  tramway. \yil cut 52.50-off the former'  cost of moving the ore from the mine  to the Bay, and in addition to-this very  niuch better freight-.andjtreatment rates  have been offered he*-company* than  could he. obtained .last Vyear. VDespite;  'the' heavy ,char**:es to which'the com-'  pany was subjected last year,'however,  the shipinents made netted the dompany  $34 per. ton after freight and treatment'  were deducted. Under the rates which  now offer, however," the company will  be. able to increase its ��� profits on the  same ..grade of ore ��� all - the -way from  $10 to ?1,5 per ton,-which-'will'make an  appreciable difference on the season's  shipments. The building of tlie tramway will also enable the company to  ship both winter and summer.  ."Phil" White, .one of the principal  owners in the Wilcox property, contemplates the erection of a-small mill  ph the property this summer. To secure funds for this purpose it is said  that a block of Wilcox stock will be  put upon the market shortly. It has  been estimated that the company has  $150,000 worth of ore in sight on the  property.      .- ,  : Discussing Army Reorganization.  LONDON, June 25.���Messrs. Choate  and Henderson listened to the army debate in the gallery in the house of lords  tonight. The-duke bf.Bedford and lord  Dunraven criticised the army reorganization bill. They urged that more pay  and better rations were necessary to  attract recruits. Lord Raglan, the under secretary for war, defended the bill.  He said recruiting was proceeding sat- ���  isfactorily.  t. Two most remarkable discoveries of  hidden wealth have been made within  the past few  days,  strangely  enough,  within a few miles "of each other, says  a Bangor, Maine, dispatch, although the  circumstances of the hiding is apparently separated by many years.    Two  comparatively poor men have profited  by the discoveries, and one is made the  possessor of a comfortable fortune. For  yeais Obed Baxter lived-alone in a little  house at Eddington Bend, on the Penob-^  scot river, about two miles above the  famous salmon pool.   It was whispered  about that when he came home from  California 20 years ago he brought lots  of gold, but in all the years he.lived  in the little house there was no apparent evidence that he  had any  means  -of support except the sale of the salmon  flies which^he made and which earned  him a  reputation  far  and  wide. - He  spent the most of his time making the  artifidial lures, taking great care with  his work and demanding a good price.  But any amount he asked was, cheerfully paid by those who had faith- in  the   Baxter   flies,   which,   indeed,   have  always proven tp be killers ahead of all  others.    A few weeks ago Baxter' was  found 'deaji at his work bench, and the  physician "anilounced *_.ie   cause   heart  disease.,"  His   only   known   relative",' a  nephew in the .shoe business in Boston,,  'was summoned.    An exhaustive .search  was made of the premises and the old  man's    effects   for   some   clue   to-  his  wealth, if he had any, but nothing was'  jfound. 'The scanty furnishings of the*  "little cottage were sold, and a riot of  - Rniolied   and   unfinished, salmon   flies  were closed out to William Jenkins, a  ^riverman,' who lets boats to the fisher-*  -Bien 'at the salmon., pool.  ?*' 'Having ^completed the, disposition _of  the -property, the ,nephew filed a .first  and final' accounting as administrator  ���'and_^iui'r_ed-:-*back''to Boston.-'.*A^ short'  timfe ago Jenkins, who is' something 'of ���  la* flymaker,< was looking over his pur"  chase, when he discovered that the case  in .which  the-old man  kept" his flies  had a false'bottom.   In the space were  about two dozen large flies, which had  apparently been made for.some years,  so long that they appeared spoiled for  use or sale.    Jenkins pulled the wrapping from'one of these, and was astonished* beyond" measure" to find that the  body was composed of a strip of a $500  note���about one-third.   Further investigation disclosed the fact that every fly  in  the -fal<*e bottom had for the body  a section" of a bank note of large denomination,* representing  in  all   about  $6000. i., The. pieces fitted perfectly and  have-already been sent to Washington  for redemption.    Now every fisherman  on  the river  who  has   Baxter  flies  is  pulling them to pieces, but' nothing has  been   found--in   any   except   the   usual  winding of silk and other material.   It  is supposed that Baxter, who was often  heard to express his distrust of banks,  had    taken    this    means   to   hide    his  wealth���and���having- good���patronage,-  had   never,   as   far   as   anyone   knows,  had occasion to draw on his "bank."  The other lucky finder of hidden treasure is Peter Preo. a Stench-Canadian,  who runs a dingy billiard and pool  place in Old Town. Peter's patronage  is mostly among his own people, for  his tables are not the best, his cues  rather crooked, and the general surroundings not verv attractive to the  up-to-date sport. A few nights ago a  paity of river drivers, just down from  the streams with a'month's wages in  their pockets, - came into Peter's place  for. a '.game .-.of pool, to while away i the  time between drinks. The "burst" fell  to the lot of a strapping fellow, who  drove the cue ball with all his,strength  at the pyramid. " There was a crash,  'the balls went spinning all over' the  tables-all but one, which.split in halves;  -scattering..a. yellow dust all over the  table. .There was a grand chorus of  French. and. Irish oaths, and the prb-  prretor was in dismay, for there was  not a spare ball;in the place, and balls  cost good money. Ha-.picked up the  fragments', and' upon examination was  surprised,.to find that the ball, which  he had always supposed to be made of  composition, like..the.,others,;iwas. not a  composition ball at alii but of some material which ho one could name. Moreover,the: :two: parts had : been-screwed  together by a finely cut thread, leaving  a hollow in the center of this ball, which  had. been filled ;with a yellow, metallic  dust.. Among..the' crowd in the place  was an old Fortj--hiner, who. after a  glance at the dust; pronounced it nothing more' or less than gold���real yellow  gold. An expert was sent for. and verified the opinion. The cloth was cut  frbm the table,without ado and in due  course of. time.Mr. Preo was informed  that he was $277 richer. How the gold  dust came in the center of the ball is a  mystery. The set of balls were a battered lot and' had evidently seen much  service. Peter bought them from a New  York concern.' The only theory is that  they originally came from the West,  where some ingenious .party had for  pleasure of;'a purpose constructed tire  ball and filled it with gold-dust. Peter  Preo promptly smashed all the other  balls, but. like the woman who killed  the goose which laid the golden egg,  found, nothing in them.  Dawson News Notes.  SEATTLE, June 25.���Late advices received from Dawson under date of June  14 state that Hon. William Ogilyie, "who  recently resigned as governor of the  Yukon territory, has been offered the  position of commissioner in the Alaskan  boundary dispute. " However,* he "says  that he will not formally accept the  position until -he reaches Ottawa and  confers with minister Sifton. ' Mr. Ogilvie is now on his way to the coast and  will spend a vacation of several months  in the states and Canada.-  Travel to nearly all of the creeks  has been extremely difficult on account  of the mud.  The' Canadian government has appropriated $70,000 towards the improvement of the roads and work will be-  commenced at once. An appropriation,  of $100,000 has also been made for new,  buildings, to include a courthouse^ and  administration building and _ school  house. Fifteen thousand' dollars has  also been allowed k for river improvement*.. ' t,  Commissioner Ross announces that he  will adhere strictly to the rule of only  issuing permits' for the importation of  liquor "to wholesalers.  WOULD TUNNEL TWO MILES  TO   TAP   ORE   BODIES   IN   THE  BOUNDAEY   COUNTRY.   *  ~fMt  An Optimistic Miner's Plan  to  Un-  cover Riches He Is Con-     -   -"  fident Exists.  f r��2&&  xMM  THE STRIKING TRACKMEN  Situation Yesterday.  MONTREAL, June 25.���So little is  now thought of the trackmen's strike  on the C. P. Rv that the papers here  scarcely refer to it. The general feeling is that the company is in the right  this time 'and that the strikers are following old Kruger's plan of keeping up  a useless fight, injuring themselves far  more than the company. The lack of  sympathy .with the strikers shown by  the Toi-onto labor unions is also apparent here and it" now seems to be a mere  matter of personal prestige for John T.  Wilson. It is admitted on all sides  that a blunder has'been made in attack-,  ing a company that is known to treat  its 'employees better than any .of Us  .neighbors, or even better-.than the government itself does.  v ST. JOHN, 'N.B., June >25���The request  made by the trackmen's{ committee for  the bridgemen on*>.the Atlantic division  of-the P.-'P. R. to go* out was met by  tBe_ only man who had gone out return-;  ing" at onqe. The"-bridgemen recognize  .that, the * trackmen" have * been   fairly.  treated, by the; company,   apd, ��� being,  skilled, workmen^do-notrirropoae^o-rai-k^  vthemselves '"witli urfTiki-led labor.-  I TORONTO,' June" 25.���There Ms   no  truth" in the report that the bridgemen  on,the Ontario division of the C. P. R.  have  gone out  in  sympathy  with  the  striking trackmen.  ' MONTREAL, June 25.���Inquiry at C.  P. R. headquarters confirms the report-  that  many  foremen  have  returned   to  work today. The men have all got tired  of  the strike 'and one  man's  turning  biings more with him.  It has been a  case of not wanting to be the first to  return. "The best day yet," Mr. McNicoll remarked.  GREENWOOD, June "25.���[Special to  the Tribune.]���Yesterday^ afternoon a,":.  few mining men and-'brokers-were gath-^lfil^L.,.  ered in a down town insurance office, t^j^-S'l  where on-occasions the crowdf~is wont", "^-v^  ^to congregate and swap'yarns.'' Jt "vftis^yy/M  a dull day, and the'drizzling rain had" ':%%  caused* the streets .to become: deserted, v">Y%sl  so, that even the>; irrepressible^ curbV-^rpJfl  broker could, do\no business. .It -was'',%'^  comfortable inside, and there waV'time^^M"!  to talk among the -little group men-^'^-S^  tioned, so by the time the Tribune's%*^>|  correspondent sauntered .in the conver-./^Vftg  satlon was going along .ai a;merry gaity'/felf*  Current topics were d"iscussed���"dnd ex-Z^i^p,.  hausted, when" one of'ttie story' tellers '^jMM  became reminiscent. This, is his yarn^ci^M  half prophetic, half historical:'- ''TlmesXt^^  EASTERN CANADIAN NEWS  '     Wired m Brief.  TORONTO, Ont., June 25.���Two new  sun spots were discovered at the observatory this morning. The spots are  over the west limb and it is expected  that they will remain for a few days  They are similar to former spots, but  do not occupy as 'large a field of faculae.  ���OTTAWA���June-257���The government-  is getting ready another call for tenders for fast Atlantic service. An American gentleman who a few days ago offered to supply a twenty-six knot service now offers to make it thirty knots.  This would revolutionize the passenger  traffic of the world.  RAT PORTAGE, Ont, June 25.���Jake  Gaudaur, champion oarsman of the  world, refuses to chanire articles of  agreement to suit' George Towns, the  English oarsman, who has k challenged  him. He declares that they are fair  and if Towns does, not sign them by  July 10th the race will be oft.  OTTAWA, June 25.���The Journal tonight will say that one of the most  prominent marshals in the St. Jean  Baptiste procession yesterday has been  summoned to the police court for having struck one of the governor-general's  horses with the scabbard of- his sword  and at the same time ordered the driver  off the street while the parade was  passing..' ���';.'-..-.. :  OTTAWA, June 25.���Charles Heue-  ter of New York, has been appointed  assay.er in the Dominion gold assay office which is to be established at Vancouver. J. B. Farquhar of Vancouver is  named as .assistant. G. W. Riley of the  interior department has gone west to  niake arrangements . for the ' establishment of this new. branch of the government service. ���     '���'";.'  MONTREAL. June 25.���Dr. W. W.  Ford has today been'appointed to the  new Rockefeller fellowship in the medical faculty of McGill university. The"  value is about $1500, besides all expenses. Dr. Ford took his arts degree  at Adelbert university sit Cleveland,  Ohio, and graduated from Johns Hop-  ,kins Medical School, Baltimore, after  which he was appointed flrst holder of  fellowship ih pathology at McGill.  Tennis Tournament.  LONDON, June 25.���The all-English  tennis championships which began at  Wimbledon yesterday are proving fine  exhibitions. The greatest interest is  manifested in the doubles, in which D.  Davis and H. Ward, Americans, are  competitors. In the second round of  the singles today S. H. Smith defeated  W. V. Eaves.  astonish the world with its great lodes^^i&j*.  of copper-gold ore.    But what -Is,, the \-^)M  use of telling you this, vou all'Itnowv.l"^*^  about' it.    These big low grade bbdles-.%,^f/;  cost money to mine.   Sinking, tour"_and,V^��f  six compartment * shafts is no^picB_c;'."����_L,  it's slow and expensive.   You*don't hear,"/-, ���������.  so much about this method how.   Takes-, C%%$_\  Phoenix .camp',- for  Instance;.' 'nothing*'' i?3^J  particular1 in���this line ia on the"books.   ^."till  There's a nigger in the woodpile'and it "^-'"f^-]  strikes" me that 'something"new is son _-" J*y��$\  the tapis.   It's no use"quarrying,into thQ>.^WM  bowels of old Mother-Earth and. then*'?' .^^jM  hoisting the ore,up again*"to-the-sur- v?-^*?!  face, "but what" is going-to be doneris!''L.i'|i��g|  to drive a tunnel "clear';%*der_Phoenix-���  camp   from 'some^piSTntTon  Boundary*S';1  creek.(   It may not be,done this ���year;*5*' ''jjpi  or evetf next;,but I'd like.to bet.what'cl'f-^u^.  have the enterpiise .will be/startedi.iin-'%V'jj.igij  three. years. _,'I'- know, that/surveys'.-for '"-^.jpl  this stupendous . p'roject^have . alre'ady��_?l^s4l  ^)tieen-inad^^Bd-���nglheers. claim'-t1ffitvTt"#!::%$s!  "is cuite-a* feasible plan.   A tunneli two^^w-  miles in.length would tap any;of theT^'\.Vs?*|||  ore bodies in that camp, and. what Ms -\'^X^l  more,  it would be>at a depth of )2225^-K^'S|  feet.     The   whole   enterprise   couldv ^i.^^^i  run by electricity, the supply for which-f^J__#|  will come from Cascade Falls/*' Electric,' -\CSp.l  ore cars,  electric  drills,  electric light- l-C y&  ing.   electric   blasting  and   so. 'on, *aU*-'*'v_J8_lS  down   the   line   will   be   brought- intoVr i-^fi-.  Play, pnd then, and not. till then. will\jv*^|.|  they be able to talk about their eco- *;r-CS_^|  nomlc   system   of  mining.   ,Yes,   boysf-V"^^fl  that's going to be the scheme, the im---., \y-*-t?l  mense ore deposits of Phoenix and Wei-   J *-*v#|  lington camps will in time be workedj % :"&$k  from down here in the valley, ^nd., it ^'If^jf  will  require  not one  or two smelting'r'V ,T^y_f  plants,  but half, a dozen big enetj. to' *.* -'S&SlI  take care of the  ore.    Whatvdo>ybu^   5-S^1  think  Breen'is iwaiting  for?' /*&. 'sp'ot"'<���*..>?��!&  to locate "his smelter? . Not a nit of*it;'    **.-^_?|  he's framing up plans to get capital to ^'T4,t��'l|  run this mammoth tunnel.    It will re-     A-&��|  quire   lots   of  dough   and   brain   work      J'-T^\  combined, but when you come to,thinks '- t**,^t|  of how they mine in the Coeur d'Alenes,. .f^fsl  on a similar plan, this will be child's "?���" C^l  .play In���that-country���a -tunnel^.two^-> fr.-^jf j  and a half miles was laughed at when'*' "  its nervy projector first announced his',  intention, but it's an actuality now, and   ,  a paying proposition.    This, system  is  being    followed    over   in   the    Palmer -  Mountain district, where Johnny Boyd  is running a mile tunnel.    History is  going to repeat itself in this district,  and it will not be long before the flrst  tunnel is under way.   This is no pipe-   ���  dream;   it's  a prophecy  that you can'  back on."  The meeting thereupon broke up;  it  wanted time to consider so gigantic 'an-  undertaking, and the scribe takes this,  his earliest opportunity, of announcing  to the readers of The Tribune what is in  '.  store   for,  Greenwood   in   the   not  too _  distant future.  A Commercial War.  NEW.YORK; June 25���Frank A. Van-   :  lip,  former assistant secretary  of the'  treasury, who has just returned from a  long trip abroad, is quoted by the Tribune's    correspondent   as   saying:    "I  think  it not only possible  but highly   ~  probable that Eur ope can and will agree  to" a binding term of trade combination"  against the Uited States within the next  few years and that the result will be -  the most gigantic and stuborn comer-  cial war in the history of the world. As  most of our commercial treaties expire  in 1903, I look for the real beginning  of the war then in a refusal of most, of  the continental nations to'��� renew  conventions."  Russeli Bigamy Case:   -  LONDON, June 25���In the; old Bail-  ley court this morning the graad Jury ���  returned a true bill against carl Russell for bigamy and the recorder announced that tire trial would take place  in th�� home of lords. The action of the  court yesterday in making absolute the  decree nisi obtained in December, 1900,  by George John Somerville in his divorce proceedings against his wife, in  which earl.Russell was.made co-respondent, was a purely legal formality.  In charging the jury the recorder said  that even if the earl's divorce was valid  in the United States it would not be  in the United States i twould not Ih.  binding Iu Great Britain.. ,  ���* f-*-i  ..or-  -.-"���  Imtim  r ..'i^atsijxf^^'- U-uppart - JnlnAM.
n tn-n. ntfniDmuntkiwm
"Incorporated 1670.
We beg to announce, that we have made arrangements with Mr. H. Moses, who comes highly recommended by his late employers, the Spokane Dry Goods
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The 'trackmen's side of the dispute
between themselves and the Canadian
Pacific is presented in this issue of .The
l-^f* J "j4"* Tribune' by^a letter-from the district
l)J.5-. _<  ,~      . .    ,0
,-^>>vorganizer 'of the trackmen's; union and
i *■ *• _^j3y__a"s£eech d§live*-.ed in the opera house
by the president oFiiT"tS"*W-estern Federa-
-tlon ot Miner*.     - '
Can be irsed in overy conceivable shape. Kordec
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Cross and Parade and Horse Plumes well worth
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resorted to si sueponsion of work ai the.
last means to get a slight raise of pay
and an agreement, this patriotic Canadian paper says we must endure hardship, must work for small..pay, must
take what we get and.be thankful, because American trackmen ruled by soulless corporations and combines are
forced to -do so. , I ask the Question:
Is this fair to,the trackmen of Canada?
Organizer  B.   of  R.  T.  of  A.
Special Bargains
Boots and Shoes
• Notwithstanding that there are
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.**«-_-. -^ •*•_--, •"*■_-. •^..•'-^.-^k. •■-•--_. •*>*__v •>*«*.*'««fck
36 Bakep Street, Nelson.
. I
8 New  Cotton  and   Silk   Blouses 2
.A-T  "V\TO!srX)Elii3ErTJIJXJ"y  jL.O"W"   PRICES
Pianos to Bent.
li t
"  The Greenwood Times and the' Rossland Miner,  both  strong advocates  of
;?the Hill side of the railway  question,
care" clamoring for the appointment of
a mining 'commipsion to examine and*
■ report; on the^ laws of the province reflating    to' mining.    Evidently,    these
i great   journals* are   unwilling   to   give
' the muchMibused mining industry of -the
province a'rest.     . ^
I"   '
>The Tribune now .AM a larger circulation on the Crow's Nest Pass railway
than any' daily paper printed in Canada. As soon as a suitable press can be„
"procured, the size will be increased from
four'to eight pages.. It has long been
the aim of the owner*, of The Tribune
to make it to' Southeastern British Columbia what the Spokesman-Review' is
to Eastern Washington and Northern
Idaho.  •	
Abuse  of  the. editor  of  this   paper
does not disprove the fact that James J.
newed. The .Boers, lay beneath theh*
wagons and unflinchingly fired between
the wheels,'while" their comrades were
■engaged -in spanning and driving"off
1 that portion of the convoy furthest from
the B:*tishi " The flatter pushed "in*
among.the wagons, using tho .bayonet
freely." General Delary was,present and
personally-'used a rifle. .His right hand
neighbor was killed and the comrade-on
liis left was wounded. ' The affair ended
in a series of hand-to-hand encounters-
and* fierce melees,.'the Boers eventually
being driven off. One of general Dewet's^ staff officers was wounded and
taken prisoner.4'      ...'_.
Baker Street. Nelson, B. C.
■ pf the prettiest styles shown this season,
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Fred Irvine & Co.      ^sr  I
36  Bakep  Street Lmmmxx«rxnc«xxllrzx«rx-«xn[J  Ai
VVS_. ^ £;£■£; ZLSL im^& &&^&^_\^zL>ZL(2L;        ^ ^SBt v2 ^*^& ^-^ ^^ :-55t^ ^^ ^^ ^ *S_?f
^V**k •''■K *'5k"*'^^ *^k '^■k •^fc.-'*^ •^k* ■*>■*. '^f" ■*>■*, "^_r* ■*''**-», •5T*'*». * * 00 '00' 00 ' 00' 00 ' 00' /*rrr^ ' ^' 00 ' 00' 00 ' 00' 00 ' 00' 0* ' ^ '0
G. P. R. VS. B. OF R. T. OF A
Hill bas a charter to^build^the^Coast"--
to-Kpotenay   railway,   and    that    the
' Dunsmuir   government  cannot  prevent
•Mr.  Hill from building the road.    But
Mr.   Hill  does ,not  want  to   build-the
road'without a bonus from the prov-
'irice of British Columbia, and the bonus
offered by the Dunsmuir government is
not satisfactory  to him.    This  is the
whole question in a nutshell.
liv4 •■
The rsystem t that  permits   heads   of
-vdepartments   to   purchase  supplies   for
. the city is not a good one.   All supplies
"should be purchased and all orders for
repairs   be made   by requisition   only,
signed by the mayor.    If theie is such
a thing as city patronage, it- should not
be dispensed by men who are not directly responsible to the people.   Much
of the corruption* thpt has occurred in
municipalities  is  drrectly  traceable  to
allowing civic-servants too much free-
"dom in dispensing patronage.
' The proposition made by the West
Kootenay Power & Light Company to
the City of Nelson for the purchase
of the electiic light plant and franchise
should not have received ?s much consideration as it did from the city council. The company should be made to
understand, in unmistakable terms, that
no utility owned and operated >by the
city is for sale. The people of Nelson
have undertaken all the responsibilities
of local self-government,, and they are
not in need of either a guardian or a
The 1 attle Near Beitz
CAPETOWN, June 25.—Details of the
'§*. engagements between general Elliott's
*'-'' column and Dewet's force near Reitz,
,■: June 6. show that the British surprised
-ft the Boers'.convoy. The burghers fled,
'tifbut seeing that their captors were not
*'in strons force  returned  and   charged
* VVith great determination, and after des-
* Vnerate fighting recaptured the convoy.
Meanwtiile ColonelDelisle arrived with
j enforcements and the fighting was re-
Hamilton Herald Answered.
NELSON, J"une'25.—To i.he'v Editor of
the Tiibune: -Having,read in your paper this date an extract from the Hamilton Herald,  entitled  "He* Queers His
-Case",";and'knowing■,'iome..of the. stale-
ments are untrue, I want.an opportunity to set the reading public right on
tiie matter.   The, article states that the
B.  of It.  T., of, A. "is an international
organization, which  is , right.    Next ■ it
states that'almost-all'the'officers are
Ameiicans.    Now,  although  the  Canadian membership is not one-fifth of the
whole, yet out of fJLvejnembers of the
executive committee is-aTCanadianT^Ar
.The vice-president and chairman of the
erecutive committee is a'Canadian,  A.
B. Lowe of Kingston, Ontario.   It also
states that the American executive has
ordered  a   strike of men  employed' on
th C'. P. R.   This is untriie.   The strike
has been ordered by the General-Grievance Committee, who represent th_ em-,
ployes  in the" maintenance-of-way 'department, all of whom are-employes of
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.
Of course, the-strike   has received  the
sanction of J. T. Wilson, president of
tho Brotherhood, but not until all other
means of arriving at an agreement had
been exhausted did Mr-. Wilson give his
sanction  io  a  cirsrrcnsion  of. .work  on
the railway  in question.    Yet.  we are
told bv the ill-informed Hamilton Herald that the strike was ordered by the
American   executive;   but  not   until  J.
Lcnnon, chairman of the General Grievance commrttee, had been told by a C.
P. R. representative at the conference
that the section men whom he represented   did- not  have  sand   enough   to
strike and that the watchmen whom he
i epresented were a set of "old cripples.."
This should be enough to clear J. T.
Wilson's  chnracter  and   standing  from
the insinuation that he is a tool in*the
hands of American railway syndicates
to cripple the Canadian Pacific railway.
Regarding  the  wages  paid   on  other
roads, such arguments as those given
in the Hamilton Herald nre, to say the
least, senpeless.    The fact that a negro
gets 47 cents per day in Florida, or a
Cubon   10   cents   per   day   in   Cuba,   is
surely not a good reason why we should
not better our condition in Canada.    I
never wor\ked on an American railway,
but I do know that right here in Koote-
npy   the   Americp.n   owned   road   from
Kaslo   to   Sandon   pays   the   trackmen
$1.C0 per day, while the C. P. R. pays
$1.40 from Sandon to Nakusp, showing
thpt   tbe   American   controlled   railway
pays 20 cents per day more than the
C. P   R.
If we have to level the pay of all
American trackmen before we attempt
to better, our condition, because an
American happens to be at the head of
our association, I think we will have to
call for assistance from the shining light
v/ho runs the Hamilton Herald. The
committee have published their schedule and have done all in their power
to avert a strijee, but when they have ,
■•_ The undersigned have received instructions from the Ontario Powflpr
Works io offer for sale by public auction
in the stable building on Hall street,
bewteen Baker and-Vernon- streeta, and
known as-the Reynolds stabler., ir the
City ofNelson on'        , _
TUESDAY, JULY 30th, 1901
At 1 O'Olock P. M., Sharp.
the following desirable improved real
estate, steamboat-and barge," plant, etr.".
Site, comprising 125 acres of land,
opposite Five- mile Point, with about
500 yards-of water front, and good
wlarf,12.by 24-feet, with 203 fe<*t of
tramway.      ', -
"Six hundred feet of pipe line, with
water right to 21 miner's inches of
water.  ,
(Buildings, eight in number, connected by private telephone line with.the
City .of Nelson, and described as follows: One building 16x40 feet, 1 Building 16x40 feet, .1 building 20x20 feet,
1 building 24 x 60 feet, 1 building 20 x 30
feet, 1..workshop 20x20 feet, dwelling
house 14"xT24~feetr
Steamboat."Red Star" and scow.
One 12-horse power boiler and engine, on wheels. , >'
One upright boiler with engine .and
About 100 cases of gutta percha fuse,
125,000  detonators, etc.
About 90 iron drums, used as oil
tanks, -culverts and sewage purposes.
• Two Fairbank scales, of one ton capacity, .also tools,,, household utensils,
and other articles too numerous to mention, a'list of-which -may be seen at the
works, at the kelson'office of the com-
pany'or at,the office of the auctioneers.
Office furnishings consisting of one
roll top desk, one J. & J. Taylor safe,
ten foot length standii.g desk, letter
presses with slnwl, office counter with
twelve drawers, stools, chairs, etc.
• Intending purchasers may inspect any
of the above articles by consulting with
H. Maepherson, Nelson agent, at his office in the Madden Block. Ward streot,
Nelson, or with the auctioneers, or at
the works at Five-mile Point.
TERMS.—Cash on purchases of $100
or under, on purchases over ?100 terms
will ba announced at time of sale with
other rondUions.
For further particulars apply to the
undersigned auctioneers,' or to
M. MACPIIERSO.>J, Madden Block, -
Agent Ontario Works, Nelson, li. C.
■  *
444 94-9 444 444fr£ t «* tf t ttt
Coffee Roasters
neaiers in Tea and Coffee
We are ofl'oring at lowest prices the best
grados of Ceylon, India, China and Japan
Teap.        -       - -
Our Bos'-, Mocha and Java Coffee, per
"•  pound**. .""..I   10
Mocha and Java Blind, 3 pounds  1 00
Choice Blend Coffee, 4 rounds  ] 00
Special Blend Coffee, 6 poui.ds  1 00
Rio Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00
Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30
Telephone 177.
P. 0. Box 182.
We have just received a Consignment of
J, G.
West Baker Street, Nelson.
Minnows, silver and gold and Phantoms
Silk  Lines '    -
Landing Nets
And a splendid line of all Ashing requisites.
rT.-W.-e.-BIook.      Corner Ward and Bakor 8ts
ROOMS 11 and 1 j.      K. W. C. BLOCK, Nelson
SU Louis.
THORPK & CO., LIMITED.—Cornor Vornon
and Cedar Etroets, Nelson,. manufacturers
of and wholosalo dealers iu reratod -waters and
fruit syrups. Solo agonts for Halcyon Springs
minoral wator.   Tolophono 60.
WF. TKETZEL & CO.—Cornor-Baker and
•   Josephine streets. Nelson, wholpsale dual
ers ln   assayers  supjiHe*'.   Agenta xor Donve
Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.
HJ. EVANS & CO.-Baker atroofc, Nelson
. • wholesalo dealers in liquors, cigars
cement, flro brick and flro clay, wator pipo and
stocl rails, and goneral commission merchants.
ELECTKICjAL  supplies.      r
KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY Sc CONST RUCTION COM PA N V-Wholesalo dealers in telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,
fixtures, etc., Houston block. Nelson.
—Cereals, Fiour, Grain, Hay. Straight or
mixed cars shipped to all Kootenay Points.
Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-
Edmonton R. R. Mills at Victoria, New Wost
minster, and Edmonton. Alberta.	
BURNS &   CO.-Baker   street),   Nelson,
wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.
Cold storage.
A MACDONALD & CO.—Corner Front and
• HaU streets, "• wholesale grooers and
'obbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,
macklnaws and miners' snndrlos. ;	
KOOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED—Vernon   strootr, Nelson,   wholesale
TOHN CHOLDITCH & .CO.—Front atrroet. Nel
**    son, wholosale Krocers.
T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.—Front street, Nelson
'■* •_ wholosale dealers ln provisions, oured
meats, batter and eggs. ;	
H BYERS & CO.—Corner Baker and Josephlno
•   stroets. Nelson, wholosale dealers iu hard-
Agonts for Giant
ware and mining supplies,
Powder Co.
PLANS    ,
At the close of the sale of the realty
and effects of the Ontario Powder Works
the undersigned will also offer for sale
the Reynolds stables. This building" is
on leased ground, with a three year's
lease yet to run, at a rental of ?10 per
month ground lease. Terms cash.
Auctioneers, Nelson, B. C.
Prompt and tegular
dnUvary to th« trsds
Brewery »t Nolson
Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated by Stpam 25 Cents to Si
FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK
Everybody   Welcome
Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.
Large oomfortrable  bedrooms and  first-class
dining-room. Sample rooms (or commercial men.
N|rs. E. 0. ClarKe, Prop.
IS|adden House WartS?
The onl. hotel ln Nelson- that has remained
under ono managemeut since 1890.
Tbe bed-rooma are well furnished and lighted;
by electricity.
. .
The bar la always stocked by the beat rlom a-
tlo and Imported liquors and olgars.
^ THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor,
Tho undersigned will offer as a roward for (he
recovery of tho-body of Leslie Wilson, the 13-
year-old boy drowned- off lire tirg Halys on
Sunday, June 2nd, the sum of twcnty-flvo dollars.
.        DAVE OLAIUXE.
Pilot Say, June 13th, 1901,
J. H. MoMANUS. Manager
Bar stooked with besb brands of wines, liquor-?,
and Cigars. Beer on dran&ht. Large comfortable room*.  JUrstolain.table to* A.
Baker St.,  Nelson, -wholesale   dealers In'
hardware and mining supplies,- and water and
plumbers' supplies. '.
•TiURNKR, BEKTON &_ CO.-Cornor Vernon
-S- and Josophino streets. Nelson, wholesale
dealers In liquors, olgars aud dry goods. Agenta
(or Pabsb Brewing Co. ot Milwaukee and Cal
gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.
TED—Cornor Front and Ball-streets, Nol
Hon,- wholQRale dealers in wines (oase and bulk,
*nd "lnmnnMn  «nrt "ro*(*n»*ti*»l r_lBn.TR.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Streeta.
(\"o. 17S)
—OK 'I'lIE—
Registration of an Extra Provincial Company.
" Companies .Act, 1897."
I hereby certify that tho "Germap Mining and
Milling Company" bas this day been registered
as an .Extra Provincial Conrpany, under the
"Companio-| jVct. I8!)7,"to carry out or effect all
or any of the obicc's hereinafcer sat forth t-J
which the leci'lative authoriry of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head oflice of tho Company is situato io
the Cily of Tacoma, Stato of Washington,
U. S. A.
The amount of the capital of the Company is
one hundred thousand dollars, divided into one
, hundred thousand Fharcs of one dollar each.
> he head oflico of lhe Company in this Province in situate at. Nelson, and Richard Pape, Labourer, whoso address is Nelson aforetaid, is tho
attorney for the Company.
The time of the existence of the Company is
fifty years.
Given under my hand nnd sral of ofllco at
Victoria, Provinco of Bri'ish Columbia, this loth
dayof June, ono thousand niuo hundred und
[h.S] ■ S. Y.■WOOTTON. ■
Registrar.of Joint Companicp.
Th*« ohjects for whioh tho Conrpany has been
cstabliphod are thoso sot out in tbe Certificate of
KegistrAtion grant od to tho Company on the 1st
February, ISffy, and which'appears iir the British
Columbia Gar-otto on tire 18th Fobruary, 1S.7.
i*r rnjrw��*o& ja^fuL. ^-.--���wa-y-jt,  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. Q,'WEDNESDAY, JUNE l2G, 1901  -TilTlflVTITl  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  REST     7,000.000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427.180.80  Lord Rtrathcona and Mount Royal ...Prosidont  Hon. aoorgo A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clordton Qeneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootonay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  THE CANADIAN  BAKK OF COMMERCE  ���with wmcn is amalgamated  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  Branches In London (England) New York,  CnroAao, aud all the prinoipal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers. _       ..���,..  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available In any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto,  Saving-s Bank Branch  CURRENT RATK OF INTEREST PAID.  ���      -      $8 000,000  -      -      - $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Ceo. A. Cox, Robt. Kilgour,  President.       Vice-President.  London Office, 60 Lombard Streot. B. O..  New York  Oflice, 18   Exchange   Plaoe.  aud fti Branches in Canada and tho  United States.  >M~W-.h--H-**~:.**H- .H~M--H"M��*H~  Mining supplies and general  hardware, assayers' supplies and  chemicals, drugs and medicines,  dry goods and clothing, boots  and shoes, furniture and bed4  ding, fishing tackle and stationery, books and newspapers, groceries and provisions, fresh and  salt meats, fruits and confectionery, cigars and tobacco, imported  and domestic liquors, in fact  everything in tho way of general  merchandise, can be procured in  Nelson on Thursdays during the  same hours as on other days,  notwithstanding all reports to  the contrary.  I-*  *  *  *  *  *  ���   r  *  v  *  ���M-*W��-I~M--H"H--H*' .:-H-**H-**H-*'H--M-  TELEGRAMS IN BRIEF FORM  From Various Sources.  BAR.KLY, East Colony, June  Oeneral TTouche** with two Boer  mandoetb have advanced beyond  Almond. Boer and British scouts  exchanged   shots  six  niiles  hence  25.���  com-"  Glen  have  .   All  the local defence forces have been mobilized.  LONDON, June 25.���In conseiuence  of his success at Covent Garden Saturday night, when he made his debut, the  Italian tenor,- De Marchi, has been engaged by Maurice Grau for the forthcoming opera season in the United-  States.  (���Al-M-l TOWN, June .15.���Jacobus  Botha, Iho ������rentl,��*_ of'tl.c Cape assemn-  ly for Ali'wnl Noith has been captured  by the Boers and publicly sjamboked.  In addilion/his.houst' was burr-ed. The  reason assigned for his treatment is  t��nt.Botha voted in favor of the treason  bill.        Q .-.''-  LONDON." June 25.���Richard Crok-  c-r's black .filly Sweet -Dixie (J. Rieff;  won tlie Gatwick s*-l!ing* handicap of  500 sovereigns today at the Gatwick  sumnjjr meeting. Morning- Dew won the  Manor welter plate of 300 sovereigns.  Archduke II (L. Reiff) won the Pufiy  plate of 100 "soVcr'Mgnf-  . - BCrfTON, June 2'i.--Some 2000 Christian Scientists'Mt the Nirth street st-i-  tioii  this  moriiing for the aarrual   pil-  ��� giiri ap.e to the home (if Rev Mary Baker  Eddy, founder of the faith at Bow, three  miles, from Concord, M. II. In the expedition, w.re m*_ny distinguished-*ibitors  fiom Corr-j-rri hinds. a\s well ;i: Vjjsitorf-  fi'oni all over this country.   -  BUFFALO, June 25.���It was said this  morning that 103 singing societies had  - arrived here lo participate in the Saen1-  gerfest, the first concert of which will  be given tliis afternoon in the armory  of the Seventy-fourth regiment, where,  in addition to the chorus of 155 voices  on tlie stage, seats for 10,000 visitors  have been provided.  - LEIPSIG. June 25.���The flrst criminal session of the imperial court,- sitting  in "camera, ' decided   not  tp   prosecute  * Dieterich' Weelanri.' the man who in  Marcli last threw a piece' of iron at  emperor William and wounded him in  the cheek. Weeland was pronounced by  physicans tp be an epileptic, who committed; 7the_^.ssault  upon  his  majesty  _whire~in���aff^irrespdnsible^condition" ���  LONDON", June 25.���A7 dispatch to the  Times from Pekin,:;dated, June 24th, says  - that ithe indemnity7demanded by the  powers from China does not represent  the real amount of the money penalty  inflict**-,*! on.China,.as no allowance has  been made for .-the rich'hauls of treasure in Manchurian cities and* the contents of the. Tien Tsin arsenals secured  by Russia;'arid the large sums which  Germany lias ������-secured-' by systematic  l aiding-of Chi Li arid other provinces.  LONDuN; June.25.^1:116 South African war was the subject-of-innumerable  r*ue<"trons- in the house of- commons today. Little information was elicited, except that it continued to cost ��1,250,-  000 weekly; that the authorities estimated that the invaders of Cape Colony  numbered"from i0,000 to 20,000 men arrd  that there'had been 1484 cases of typhoid fever among ihe troops during the  month of April, of which 1S7 had proved  fatal. -..���.���'���  WASHINGTON, D.C., June 25.���Acting adjutant general Andrews today re-  ceiveda dispatch from general Shatter  at: San Francisco which; says:   "Major  Blair   D.Taylor,   medical   department.  -/Honolulu,; reports four deaths from bubonic plague at Honolulu from May 9th  to June 9th. His report, states that the'  Honolulu   board   of   health   has   taken  ' every .-precaution and the president of  ������the-board of health believes he has the  situation well in hand.  NEW YORK, J,ine 25��� The sale of  royal wines at Christie's attracted a  large throng of .dealers, says tho Tribute's London correspondtnt. The au:-  gregatc - sales fur .,11(19-dozen brought  about; ��3784, aggregating about ��20,-  000 for the entire surplus -stock. It was  un.iiri'stood that a considerable quantity  of the wine was purchased for the Ara-.  erican market. The wines were pale and  '. golden..."��� sherries from . the St.. James  palace cellars, bottled in 1880, 1882,1S89,  .1891 and 1894.        ..  ... WILLEMSSTADT. Island of Curacoa,  Friday, Jnue 14.���The president, of the  supreme court of Venezuela. Dr. Lopse  Fontaines, and his?secretary have been  arrested and taken to prison for having attempted to put into operation the  code of "Venezuela which., imnoses upon  judges the obligation of visiting the  prisons and satisfying themselves that  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Intorest allowed on  deposits.    Prcsont rate  three por cent.  GRANGE V." HOLT,  Manager Nolsou Branch.  the prisoners are not subjected to arbitrary treatment, by political personages.  President Fontaines visited the prisons  in the performance.' of his duty and  found more than, 40 persons who had  been arrested without cause and were  suffering detention from five days to  10 months. He ordered an inquiry to be  made - and that -several prisoners he  set at liberty. This order has been canceled by the provisional president of the  republic,.general Castro, and the judge  has been arrested and "thrown - into  prison.  NEW YORK, June 25.���The state of  aifairs in the British Mediterranean is  causing much concern, says'the London  correspondent of the Tribune. It is well  'known that several naval officers have  addressed strong remonstrances to the  admiralty in regard to the strength and  war organization of the squadion, but  lord Beresford's action in making his  communication public is not approved  of. The reply of the adniralty secretary  in tlie hou*e of common's last night  with regard to lord Charles' letter coneys an impression of censure on the  popular rear admiral and some of hi_  friends tl at "may 'lead to his resignation.  Victor Safe &Locl\ Co  CINCINNATI, OHIO.   * ,  IMPERIAL BANK  o:Er  o-A-iisr^JD-A.  HEAD  OFFICK. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  $2,500,000  $1,850,000  m  to  0? ,0.      ^.     .r.     -^eerr*ee :r*w*e��w!e*^  Established in Nelson 1890.  HOWL AND.  WILKIE.   President  .General Manager.  HAY Inspeotor.  TIIE  SAVINGS   BANK  CURRENT   RATE  OF  DEPARTMENT.  INTEREST   ALLOWED.  The largest firo proof safe works in the world.  Over three cailoids sold in Kootenay in eight  > months.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  ENTRIES  -     FOR   ChaiT|pionshipQuoitlVjatch  AT CLUB HOTEL  Will Close "at 8 o'clock p. m. -  SATURDAY,  JUNE   29th,   1901  to  OUfi ATTENTION IS TO BENEFIT  to  to  to  9\  to  to  to  to  to  Our stock of the latest goods* received from the manufacturers are here for.  your,-inspection when you visit Nelson for the Dominion Day celebration. Don't  fail to see our stock,   >-. ,  ���Our watch and jewelry departments are at your service.     All mail orders receive prompt and careful attention. - . '  All watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the best  workmen.  OUR WATCHMAKING AND.JEWELRY DEPARTMENT HAS NO EQUALIN B.C.  JACOB  DOVER,  THE JEWELER  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  K-.��  '1 '������!  ���:%J  M  Mall orders receiv^our prompt  and careful attention. 'Our prices  are always right. . .       '  to  to  >���>  9\  to  "���-ai--.  m  m  m  ���     . i-yjt  ���??.', "���_*���-  '.' -"-*i*A  - "'A'^f  i*j*if  -*rfl  'i<-\  ^  Game will start at 10 o'clock a.  m. July 1, 1901.   ���  ���   .   SHERIFFS   SALE.  Province of*British'.Coiurnbia,   Nelson,  West  Kootenay, to wit:"  By virtue of a writ ot Fieri Faciaa issued out  of tho Suprci.e Court of British Columbia, at  tho suit cf J, C. Drewry, plaintiff, and to me  directed against the <**oodh and chattels of J. Fred  Iiixhre. defendant. I have seized and taken in  execution all the right, titlo and intero-t of -the  aid defendant, J. Fred Kitcbie, in about one  hundred and forty-four . thousand and four  (141.001) sha-es of tin stock or the Hillside Silver  Mines, Limited, non-personal liability, a company incorporated under the laws of British  Columbia, with regi-tered head office at Kaslo,  . Brir.i h Columbia to recover tlio sum of Five  Hundred and Thirty-nine dollars and ninety  cents ($539.90) amount of said writ of Fieri Facias,  anda'so interest on five hirn^r d and thirty-fix  dollars and forty cent* ' .530 40) at the rate or Ave  ner centum per annum f i om the 21th dav o* May,  A.D 1*-01, until payment, besides sheriffs pound-  age, officer's fee-*, and all other legal incidental  expinscs; all of v. hi h I t-hall expn=c for sale, or  suffloiuntrth<,r-n- tomtisfv fold judgment, .debt  and C03t8 at tho Court Houso, in tho Ci'y of  Kaslo. Uritish ' nlunrbin. on "Tridnr. the 5th day  of July, A D. 1001, at tha hour of 12 o'clock, noon.  Note ���Intending purchase's will satisfy themselves a*- to into* os t nnd title of t he said defendant  Baled at Nelson, B. C, 21st day of June, 1901.  S. P. TUCK.  Sher'lf of South Kootonay.  ' --SHERIFFS   SALE!      "      r-  WRiTE FOR CATALOGUE AND PRICES  P. -I. R.USSELL, B. G. Agent  -    NELSON, B. O.  \ FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  ���   -  Inside Doors  '  Screen Doors  Windows   ���Inside-Finigh   looal and coast.  .. ,    Flooring  looal and coast.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings ���,_  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  IT WHAT TOU WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WIC "WIIX MAKE IT FOB 'TOU-  OAXiIj AND GET PRICES.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LASE STREETS,  -ttr.o- N  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED) '  CORNER OF  HENDRY'S AND VERNON BTREETS  Province'of .British Columbia," N.elson,  West.  Kootenay, to wit:  By virtue of a^viik of Fieri Facias is-ued out  of the British Court of Br itish Columbia at the  suit of Bank of Montreal, plaintiff, and to me  directed ngaiast tho goods and chattels of  Herbert Cuthbo*-t,"dcfenriant. I have seized and  taken in execution all the right, t.Hle nnd ini crest  of tho said -lefendant. Herbert Cuth"berb, in tho  mineral claim known as and called ���"Blend," situate on the west fork of Rover creek, and cover-"  ing the proundof ibo'-Payrnaster"mincral'claim,-'  and recorded in the office of.the mining rocorder'  for the Nelson Mining Division of the WestKoot-  enay District on the 1st, day of Jur.e, A.D. 18 S;  to recover tho sum of Four Hundred and Ninetv-  seven dollars and Twentv-��even cents (?497?7)  and also interest on Four Hundred-and Ninety-  two dollars and twenty-seven- cent") ($492.27) at  live per centum per annum from the 20th day t f  April, 1901, unUl payment, besides shpriff spound-  age, officer's fees nnd all other legal incrdentil  expenses i all of which I t-hall expose for salo or  sulttciont thereof ro fatis'y sail judgmenr. debt  and costs at my office, next to the Court Houso,  in the City of Nelson, P. C , on Wednesday, the  3rd day of July, 1901, at the hour of 11 o'c'ock in  the forenoon. ���  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy themselves as to interesc nnd lit'e of rhesaiddefendant.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, 22nd dav of June, 1901.  .  . , S. P.tU��'K.  . SherifTof South Kootenay.  NOTICE  TO  OEEDITOES.  ^'���^^'^'^,^'Xm'^'^'^'^'t^'^''___''^a.''^'^^:   ��� 'Vrfr'lfr*'5&*^"'^*>S*'i8i *���<&*S *S'i_ *���__**���__'*j_&* ___���' 1S^��� S**y^  r\f. ?-'<*'  "*- ^."-"-,  ;< -*e-\ ���  - "-   ����� '^Si     '77*  ���*i  -k-r-T  S'*5-l  ���:m  Rough and  Dressed   >  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings .  A-l White Pine Lumber Always in  c     StooK.  We carry a complete stopk of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  'WANTED, BOYS���Gord active and relrabl.;  boys to act as soiling agonts of Iho Daily Tribune  in every town.in Kootonay and Yalo districts.  In   the matter  of the Estate of   Marmaduke  Bennison, late of Nelson, B. C, deceased:     .  Notice is heroby raven pursuant to statute that  all creditors and nthnrs having claims against tho  estato of the said Marmaduke Bchni4on, who  died on or aboirt the 27th day of March,. 1931," aro  required on.or boforo the 1st day of August. 199 ,  iito send by povt prepaid_or d-Jrverito Geo: S/ Mc-  Carter oMRevelstoke, sbHoitorforAlbeft-Edward"  Bennison, tbe administrator of tho estate of-said  deceased, the-r christian and surnames, addressex  ��� nd descriptioup,- ,ths full-.-particulars of- th**rr  claims, tho ststement of their accounts arid tho  nature of the securiliea/if-.ajry, held:by them, all  duly verified, j. ���"'"' '"���-,' 7-T ���=  And notice;is-further Ripen, thataf ter snch last  mentioned date the said administrator will pro-  coed to distribute the said estate of the deceased  among the parties entitled thBreto.havinKregard  only to;tho claims of.whii-h he-f-h-H then have  no'ico and tbaJt the .said .'ndnrinistrator will rot  bo liable for (He said assets or any part thereof to  any person or persons of whose clairntfhoticc shall  not havo beon received by him aV;:tlie time of  such distrihution.. '.   .    .*��>...;  Dated tho 20th day of June. AD.. 19WJ>-     .  -��� GF.O. S. McOARTKR,  Solicitor f-r Albert E-lward Benni-on, administrator of tho estate of Marmaduke Bennison,  deceased.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  To John J. BrcANDRK-rvs or tb any.person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  interest'in tho Black Diamond Mineral Cliim,  situate'on the north side of Bear Creek,  about three miles from the town: of Ymir,  lying r-'-u.tn of and adjoining. the.Kvening  Star Minoral Claim. Nelson Mining Division  of West 4K.ootenay Dis ti ict, and recorded in  the recorder's office for the Nelson Mining  .    Division. -.-.'��� z. ' :  '-.'-������  You and each of ymr are hereby notified that. I -  have expended Two Hundred and Twelve dollars  and Twenty-five cents ($212.25) in labor and improvements upon tho above mentioned mineral  claim in ordor. to ���. hold sai-1 mineral claim under  rhe provisions of the Mineral Act. and- if within  ninety day.-r from the dato of this notice you fail  or refuse to cbhtribnte your proportion of suoh  expenditures together with all costs of. advertising your interest** in said claims will becomo the  property of the subscriber under section 4 of an  Act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Act, 1900." JOHN DKAV.  Dated at Nelson this 27th day of April. 1901.  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  "~~J" , [NELSON, B. C.  Builders and    ,  Contractors  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brlek &  Lime-Company, Limited, of Nelson", I beg to ask for a continuance  of the. patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible prices. *' Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger .  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the .trade at a  lower figure.  It is our intention to install machinery, to manufacture our  marble products, and noxt season we shall be in a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also Keep on hand a stock, of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  Tiles and Cement. '  . ,_' Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year. We also  secured prizes last year, and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone. J  NOTICE.  Cancellation  of  Reservation, Kootenay  District. .  We are prepared  Builders. .  to offer speelal rates to Contractors  and  ERNEST MANSFIELD, '  tor The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successors to  Tbe West Kootenay Brick <f Lime Co., Ltd  VTOTICE 1-r hereby given thafc the reservation  ** placed on that particular-parcel of land,  which may bo described as commencing at tho  northeast corner of Township (8a) "tight A,  Kootenay District, which is also the northeast  corner of Block 12, granted to the Nelson and  Fort Sheppard Railway Company by Crown  g'atrt dated 8th March, 1895; thoaoe due east IB  miles; ther.ce due south to tbe International  Boundary ; tlrei.ee due west alonri said boundary  16 mile-; thence norlh to tbe place of commence-  ment, notice whereof was published in the  Btifsh Columbia*Gazette.-and dated 7ih May,  1896, is hereby rescinded.  "W. S. GORE,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands & "Works.  Lands and Works D<*putment,  Victoria, B. C. 23rd May, 1901. ���'  NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  HmnbS^b.o. Dealers ih Meats  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER.  To Herbert Cuthborfc or to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  irrtcrest in the Blend Mineral Claim; situate  on the west fork f-f Rover creek, in the Nelson mining division of West Kootenny District, and recorded in iho recorder's ofli -e for  tho N��lson Mining Division.  You and each of you are hereby notified that  we hav* expended four hundred and eleven dollars in labor and  improvements upon the "hove  mentioned mineral: claim in order to hold said  mineral claim under tho provis'ons of the Mineral Act. and  if within  ninety davs from the  dato of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute your iproportion  of such expenditures together with all costs of advertising your interests in said claim** will becomo the property of  tho subscribers, under section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act to Amend i ho Mineral Act. 1000."  FRANK- FrjTCTCHER,  .T. J. MAT.OVE.  H. O. NERf/ANDS.  E T. H. SIMPKINS.  Dated at Nelson this 3rd day of June, 1901.  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,-   Trail,'  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silver ton, Ner  Denver, Rovolatoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Oaaoade Oiby, Mid  way, and Vancouver. ...  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  ___W,>,_|__^____��>_B_M^MrM.i---��*M-ll*-**^--M***-M*ll-^--i-l>M*-i--^--M--l^^  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  * ~      ALL KINDS Ot " .    "^^  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  ��� 7f7 W50LE3ALH1 AND RETAIL     '"���"��� - '!���"���'' ''!���"���'-���"  ���" FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON        ^  w^ifREM E. C. TRAVES, Manager  ORDKKa BY MAIL RROHJTVB OARKFUL AND FBOVPT ATTJONTIUH  ROSSUAND   BNQIIVBERIMa   WORKS  cunlifpk & McMillan  Founders,  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORB OARS, skips, cagep, ore bin doors, chute* and general wrought iron work.    Our oro cars are  the best on th�� market    Writeus for references and full particu arB.  SECOND HAND MACHINERY FOR SALE.-One o-foot Fell on water**-heel, widthGOOfeet, "8 to 16"  spinal riveted pipe.   Ono 10x5x13 outside packed plrrriRor sinking pump.    Kock drills, stoping  bars, &c, &c.  AGENTS NORDHEY PUMPS.  STOCK  CARRIED.  P.  O.  Box 198.  THIRD  AVENUE,   ROSSLAND.  W. P. TIERNEY  Telephone 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office: Two Doors West C. P. R. Offices  TENDERS   WANTED.  The'HosMnrra <15. C.) Exploration Syndicate,  Limited, will consider bids for diamond drilling  on tho Arlington mino at Erio. B.C. For full  Information call or address No. 9, K.-W.-C. block,  Nelson, B. C.  WEST TRANSFER GO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All  Kinds  of Teaming  Work.  and Transfer  Agents for Hard and Soft, Coal. Imperial Oil  Company. Washington Brick, Lime & Manufacturing Company. General commercial agents  and hroko-s.  All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery.  telephone U7. _0fflc8 184 Ba^er St.  Notice is hereby erven that -William .Graham  Lillio and Thomas Lester Lillie, both of the City  of Nelson, in the Province of British Columbia,  trading under the Arm namo and style of Lillie  Brothers, 'Boot and Shoo Dealers, on Baker  Street, in the City of Nelson, have by deed bearing dare of the 3rd day of Juno. 1901. a-slgned all  their real and personal property, exceptas therein  mentioned, to Lewis A. Godbolt of the City of  Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, commercial  traveler, in trust for the purposo *of paying and  satisfying rateably and proportionally and with-  our>pref--renoe or priority the creditors of Iho  said William Graham Lillio and Thomas Lector  Lillie, and tho said firm of Lillie Brothers, their  just, deb s. * - -  The said deed was executed by the said William  Graham Lillio and Thomas Lester Lillie to the  said Lewis A. Godbolt on the 3 d day of Juno,  ��� 901, and the said Lewi-" A. Godnolt has undertaken tho trust created by tho said deed. All  fiersonshavi-gclaims'against tho said fiim of  jlllio Brothers or against the said William  Graham Lillie or against che said Thomas Lester  Lilli<* are required to forward to the said Lewis  A. Godholt particulars of their claims duly  verified on or before tho 10rh day of Ju^y, 1 01. *  And notice is hereby given that after rhe raid  10th d*y of July, 1001. tho trustees will proceed  to distribute the assets of the es. ate among tho  parties entitled thero to, having regard only ro  the claims of which the said (trustees shall then  havo had noiico. and that tho said trustees will  not ba responsible for the assets or any part  thereof so distributed to any person or person**,  firm or corporation of whose debt or claim he  shall not then-have had notice.  A meeting of (he creditors will bo held at tho  offlco'of the undersigned on Aftmday, the 10th  day of Juno, 1901.* at the hour of 2 o'clock in tho  afternoon, to decido as to the best manner of disposing of the assets. ���   '  - A further meeting of the croditors will bo held  at tho same place on the 20th day of July, at tho  hourof 10 o'clock a.m.,' to consider tho trusteos''  6tatemont and report.  Dated this3rrr dayof June. 1901.    '  GALLI HER & WILSO N'.  Solicitors for Trustees.  K. W.C. Block. Nelson, B.C.  ' '       AND THE  /(ELSON & FOHT SHEPPW) RY. CO.  TRADES   UNIONS. .   -.       >',V"  ���M-TCLSON    SOCIALISTIC    EDOCA1IONAI, "  -*���'   CLUB meets evory Sunday at 3 o clock p.m.  In the Miners' Union Hall.   A cordial Invitation '  Is extended to every one to come and tako part  in discussions.   John Robert**, secretaiy.  T.AUNDRY WORKERS' UNION OV NELSON.  JJ   No. 8594, A F. of L.-Meets in Miners' Union - *  Hall, C. P. K. r lock, corner of Baker and. Stan   -  ley streets, on fourth Friday in every month at  7a0 p.m. sharp.    Visiting rnenrbf-rs of American   -  Federation cordially invited to attend.   C. Fred- -  "  rick, president; A. W. McF.e, secretary.  -M-J5LSON-MINERS' UNION NO. Wf, W. **. x.t    '  x'    M.���Meets in miners' union roomB, northwest corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every    .  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.   Visiting mem' ���  bers welcome. M. R. Mowatt. President. .Tamo  Wilkes,   Secretary.     UwroN Scale ok Waoks  por Nelson    District���Per  shift,    machine'  men, $3.50: hammersmen'miners. $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and othor underground labor- -  ers. $3 00. ,  rr-RADEB AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu-  x lar meetings of tho Nelson Trades and Labor  Connoil wil] be held in tho minors' union ball,  corner Baker and (-"tanloy streets, on tho first and "  third Thursday, of each month, at 8 p,m. C. J.  Clayton, Pres.; A. T.* Curie, Sec   P.O._box 90. * /, ������  rPHE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union-J ,  ��������� .are held on- Wednesday evonlng of each  week, at 7 o'olock, in the Miners' Union" rooms  r '7;7y.  -<..-."�����-*#  - 7.---M  "'���?*'*���. \S��  ���" ' j"*^ -fe  * ,,'->���'���"-*$  -- __-: * ''TM  ^ i v; ;'**<_  ��r^W --*  *- v-i=it*i  '.-����.���  %__  ���Ai  'M  ' -TV?  ��� -:"H*>!  "^-1  1   * -, -.- v?  .,-..> *v".&n  corner of Baker  and  Stanlcyj8treet&_r.hnr*i*��...��,  Clayton, President. - Alex B7pivaseGrf8eec8f&t$.  "DARBERS" UNION.���Nolson Union, No. 196, of *  ���LJ   tho International Journeymen Barber s'Urr-    '���  Ion of America,'meots overy first and third Mon-  .  day of each month in Minor's Union Hall, at 8.3 ,"  sharp.    Visiting .brothers cordially Invited to" *  attend.   R. McMahon, president: J. H. Mat ho ���  son. secretary-treasurer; -J. C. Gardner, recording   '.'  secretary. _ _J'-  T .ABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborerri' Pro   '  ���*-"   teotivo Union. No. 8121. A. F. of L., meote in'  Minors' Union hall, C P. R. block, oornor of ���."*-  Baker and Stanley streets, every Monday ovening',"  at7:30p.m: sharp. Visiting members of the AmeiT- -  can   Federation   cordially .invited   to attend.  A.   .T. Curie, President.    John    Roberts,   re-'  cording seoretary. * * "        .'.      $    ���-.,  VTELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The rogular * -  **   meeting of the   Painters'  Union is held"  the first and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp.   Walter R. Kco; ..  President; Henry Bennett, Secretary.  OOKS' AND WAITERS'. UNION���Regular  meetings overy Tuesday evening at 8:30  oclock, in Miners' Union HaU. corner of. Bakor,-  and Stanley streets. Visting brethren cordially  invited. Chris. Lnft, president; H. Smelsor, financial and recording socretary.  PLASTERERS'  UNION���Th�� O. P. I. A. No.  ���*-'   172, meets evory Monday evening ln  tha  Elliot block, corner Bakor and Stanley streots, at"  8 o'olock.   J.   D   Mover.   cro��idenb- William  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 616.  .- ���,r, *>��-_??%  :& :?��-$!:  .. ^., jji>��.  f.7^  FEATERNAL   SOCIETIES  A  NELSON LODGE, NO. M. A. F. _c A. M  Moets second Wednesday In eaoh month  Sojourning brethren invited.  "nJELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER No. 123  i**^G?"R.-G.-iMee!sthird-Wednesdav.-SoJourn  _       ���,    a*?*Jif:--\X  " i"-f"C'*^!L  r-*1    /l'<'*^  *    ."^V"'  :r$  r -Ss  3-  -"nr-S ^  -y__5.  To tiik Purrr.rc:  It has been decided that in future.all checks  made payable to tho Canadian Pacific Railway  Company or tho Nelson &. Fort Sheppard Railway Company rrru-t be accepted by the bank on  , which they are drawn, and so certified before I  ran accept in payment of freight charges.  R. W. DREW  Agent C. P. R. and N. & F. S. R.  Nelson, B. C, Juno 15th, 1901.  NOTICE   TO   CREDITORS.  In tho matter of the estate of Charles Davis Mc-  Kon/.io,  lato of  tlio.Cily of  Nelson,  British  ColuuiDia. deceased.  Notice is horeby given pursuant to tho  "Truslcesand Kxonutors Act' that aU creditors  and others having claims against the estato of  the r-aid Charles Davis McKenzie, who died on  tho llth day of February, 1901. or required on or  beforo tho 10th day of August, 1901. to send by post  prepaid or deliver to the undersigned, administrator of tho estato of tho said deceased, at  Kaslo, B. C. their Christian and surnames, address and descriptions, the full particular* of  their claims, then"atempntof their accounts, and  the nature of their securities, if any, he'd by  them.  And further tako notice that after such last  mentioned dato the undersigned wllj proceed to  distribute the mwets of the said deceased among  'ho parties entitled thereto, having regard only  to the clainrs of which ho phall then have notice,  and tr-at he will not be liable for the traid assets,  or any part thereof, to any person or persons of  whose claims notieo Phall have not beon received  by him at the time of such distribution.  Dated the 19th day of Juno. 1901.  NEIL F. MacKAY,  Administrator of the estate of the said deceased.  ~~       CITY  OP KELSON.  Notice is berfby given that tho first sittings of  tho Annual Court of Revision of tho Municipality of the City of Nolson will be hold in the  Councrl Chamber at tho city offices. Nelson, on  Wednesday, the 10th day of July noxt, at 10  oVlock a.m.. for tho purpose of hearing complaints against the assessment as made by tho  assessor, and for revising and correcting the  assessment roll.  J. R. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson. B. C, May 28th. 1901.  NOTICE.  The attention of the members of the local union  No. 524, of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and  Joiners, is directed to the fact that tho election of  oflicers of the union will be hold on Wednesday  evening, Juno 2fith, at 7:30 o'clock. A full attendance of the members Ir requested.  CHARLFjS CLAYTON. President,  ALEX MURRAY. Socretary.  ing companions invited. George Johnstone.Z.; E.  W. Matthews, S. E.     "7  "M"ELSON AERIE, No. 22. F. .0." E.���Moot second  ���*���'   and fourth Wednesday of each month, ab  "Fraternity Hall.    Georgo Bartlett, president  John V. Morrison, secretary.        K' ���-���  XTOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K.* Ol T. M.���  ���*-*��� Hold their regular meetings on the first and  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting' Sir  Knights are cordially -invited to attend. G. A.  Brown. R.K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Steel  D, S, C.  NIGHTS OF PYTHIA8��� Nelson Lodae. No  SS, Knights of Pythias, moets ln I. O. O. V.  HaU, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, ever -  Tnosday evening ab 8 o'olock. Visiting Knltrhts  oordlally invited bo attend. H. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T. Park, K. of R. & 8.  "," .A j  ���*�����.���*:  i - cs \  ' 451  31  ABOHITEOT.  AC. EWART���Architect   Room 3 Aberdeen  *   block, Bakor street, Nelson.  SHEEIFFS SALE.  =*|  Provinco of British Columbia,   Nelson,  West*  . Kootenay, to wit:  By virtuo of two writs of Fieri Facias ismred  out of the suorerne court of British Colombia at  tho suit of tho Harvey Van Norman Comporry,  Limited, and Balfour & Conrpany, plaintiffs, and  to me directed ngainst the goods and chattels of  J. A. MacKinnon & Company, defendants, I  have seized and taken iir execution all rhe right  title and interest of the said defendant, JT A  MacKinnon, in the so-called Hampton group of  mineral claim** consisting of the mineral claims  "Hampton,' "Ethel K." "Plunger," "Camp Fire"  and "Silver.Bow," all situate up Epringer creek  about eight milrs, moro or less, from Slocan City  and recorded in the office of tho mining recorder  for the Slocan City mining division of the dis*-  trict of West Kootonay, to recover the sum of  thirteen hundred and eighty-seven dollars and  eighty cents ($1337.80), amount of said writs of  Kiori Facias, ard interest on two hundred and  thirty-tix dollars and twenty-seven cents($23627)  at five por centum per annum from the 3rd day  of January. 1901, until payment, nnd interest on  oloven hundred and forty-four dollars and fifty-  three cents ($1144.53) at six por centum per annum from the 25th day qf March, 1901. until payment, besides shorirTn poundage, officers! fees  and all other legal incidental expense*. All of  which I shall expos l for sale, or'sufficient thereof to satisfy f uch judgment, debt nnd costs, at  my ofllce. noxt to the court houso. In the city of  Friday, tho 21st day of Juno,  clo.'  ; purchasers will satisfy them-  ; and titlo of tho said defend-  Nelson. B. C, on . . _       .  A. D. 1901. at the  hour of olovon o'clock in tho  forenoon.  Note.���Intending  selves as to Interest  ant.  S. P. TUCK.  ShorifTof South Kootenay.  Dated at Nelson, B. C, the 6th of June, 1901.'  The abovo sale is.postponed until WedWday,  the 3rd day of July, at the same place and hour."  S. P. TUCK.  Sheriff of South Kootenay,  .*���?'.*  ���i^aOafttM^.^ - THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B C. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 1901  -1  SPECIAL    THIS     WEEK  RED, WHITE AND BLUE BUNTING.  Ladies' Corset Covers 18 cents. Ladies' Buttoned and Laced Kid Shoe.-*,  the $3 50 line at $2.50. Ladies' Button and Laced Kid Shoes, the $2.50  line at $1.75   No old styles.   AU this spring's goods.       <  MUSLINS,   Eto.  A large range of Priut Patterns to  choose from, all fast colors, at 7, 9  and 11 cents.  Colored Muslins 36 inches wide, for  draping and curtains, 25 cents  now 15 cents. ���������-.  Colored Linen Crash, for skirts,  regular price 30 cents,"for 20 cents.  White Pique, extra quality, regular.  * prico 30 cents, 20 cents per yard.  o MEN'S WEAR.  Men's blue and black Serge Suits,  regular $15.00 line, yours at $10.  Men's Scotch and Irish Tweed suits,  regular $15 line, at $10.  Men's Tweed pants, a large range to  " choose from, the regular $5 line to  clear at $3.50; $4 line to clear at  $2.50.   ;  Good Tweed Pants at $1.25, $1.50,  and $2.00.  BAKER STREET,  ftELSO;., B. G.  A. FERLAND  ��  i.  NELSON CLOTHING HOUSE  NO    219   BAKER   STREET,   NELBON.  BOOTS I       BOOTSI       BOOTSI  For a few days only we )will hold a slaughtering  discount sale of boots and shoes.  J. A. "Gilker, Proprietor  DID YOU KNOW  W* v  ,h-�� *-  -  \U  *-'      T    j  fe' %  It:  *  i< - ���__  ff*"-'*   '  < i'-.K    ������  :����**���..'  Th it we we hava thejbest assorted stock of PURE DRUGS,  CHEMICALS, ASSAYERS' SUPPLIES, PERFUMES.and  DRUGGISTS' SUNDRIES in the Kootenays. '-!f hot give us  .a trial-order and you wiM beconyrVscdT We'have everything usually found   _����� "a fir^jr.class Drug Store, andjhat is  J what we claim onrs to-*oe. ' -    ,  Mrf.TEETZm&CO*  -VICTORIA   BLOCK     c      .,   ' -.' ���, NELSON,. B. Ci  iTHE  'PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  I       *   r  ,  77 No. VK/W.tC.* Block,  NELSON, B. C.  *    * '"'Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mineswanted at the Exchange. " ���  - '-.*  Free Milling'Gold Properties wanted at once ior bJaatern Investors.  .,    .,- *���.-'���' - ���  Parties having mining property for aalo aro ronrrctited loBnnd fiamplos of tlieir ore tothe  j  Exchange for exhrhrtion    wo desiro to hear from all proapocuus who _..ivo proii.ihlng minoral  olaim** in BrUiuh Columbia.       '  Prospdctors and mining urcn are requested, to mako Lhe Kxchange their heudquartors when  H"  in Kelson.    t  h All samplcR should ho sent by express, Prepaid, r Correspondence solicited  J        Address all comrrrurricjitiorrs to       _ >  j Telephone  101 ANDREW.  F.  ROSENBERGER,  P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B.C.  \jxm-uiiixTznzxxxxxxj_xxxxxzxzxxxxxxzx_xxxxii_a____xx____xiz_mxxxxxixxxxxx__xxx\zxz  dJOCflfl PROPERTY for $200 cash and.  vOulIU $2700 on rerras to suit purchaser.  Grounds 120x100 feet. House with 0 rooms,  bathroom, pantry-; closets, etc.; large kitchen  range and all modern conveniences; 3 years  insurance_ included. Also, lot 50x120 feet on  Mill street for $250.   Apply     "~   ~ ~"  STRAGHAN  BROTHERS  -PL-OMBHRB.-  21-.'  t-'  'srrri  AUCTION SALE  OF V'LUABLE  Household   Furniture^  and Effects  i&-  ��� Ac'Ing nndor in Inrc rons front Mrs. Archl>--ld;  aiH fiomlUo hi-h Aic)il)ol<l& Karsorr. tlie urrdcr-  Hiznud wiU oiler for pale by pirtilic auction, on  the promi-'M on ��lAor Htroet, between ICo.otenivy  and Fall street--, on .     ';,  Wednesday, June 26,  AT 1 OCLOriv P.M.  Un whole of Mrs. Archbold'n tcry desi-able  household frrrnrturo arrd eifect'. and Slcju-s.  Archbold & P.arsoj's sot of miiiiiiK engineer s  instruments arrd o.llco furnlshin-jivcor^L-cirrj. of  KAKV PIANO  MEXICAN GUITAR  VIOIjIV (Strndivnriu ) .  PICTURE-' Arrl) JJO-'K-J '���-  SOHI��SH.Vrr.ltWAtiK  CKuCKERY  imiCK-A-BIiA*-'ANT) MUSIC  BRA-S HhlHTEiDS  EASY dlAIUS  CAKPJCiS AND IIUG3 j  RTOVhS. rVTC. - <���:.  GUNS AND FISHING TACKLT!  MINING E*-GIVEEr*.'-* INSTRUMENTS'  OFFICE FURNITURE  AH of which can to irr peeted on the premises  on the morning of the sale.    ���,'-., .,   .'..  Ward Bros,  REAL ESTATE AND   fl  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for j; & J. fAYtOH SAFES  Desirable ��� Business and Residence Lots  ln (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  CHAS.A.WATERMAMCO.  AUCTIONEERS  Rooms li an*! 15 K. W/C. Block, Nelson.  TERM3:. CASH..        .  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  O.ilco on  Baker.Street, west of Stanley Streot  NKJ,->*iN..  LIQUOR DEPARTMENT  FOREIGN LIQUORS  A very full lino nf the", 'inclu'dirif several reserved brands o- hand. Shi ments for JCooten.iy  are made from Y c.oi ia. Additions to pur stock  are being cominuorrsly roceived by sailing vebseld  via Cape Horn.'.    . .      ��� .   '".  CANADIAN LIQUORS  ��� A stok of theso embracing tho leiulinR brands  it- carried at Nelson ; thereby enabling quick delivery to Kootenay buyers.  ANHEUSBR-BUSCII Beer and BUDWEISER  Beer carried in stosk at NcUon.  .���..j_j.^.^_j.^i.^..*..:.4.4. .H^H"!"?"!"!"!-*!"!--!--?*  4. .   .                                                     *  * Mining supplies.and    general   *  ���J- hardware, assayers' supplies and   'h  4- chemicals, drugs and medicines, : 4-  ���{- dry   goods   and   clothing,   boots   -2-  ���i* and   shoes,   furniture  and  bed-   -5��  ���i* ding, fishing tackle and station-   ���*���  ���I* ery,. books and newspapers, gro-   ��������  ���j* ceries and provisions, fresh and \*V  *l* salt meats, fruits and confection- 7*b  ���!��� ery, cigars and tobacco, imported   ���_���  -%��� and   domestic   liquors,   in   fact   *h  *l* everything in.the way of general   *h  4* merchandise, can be procured in   +  ���!��� Nelson on Thursdays during the   'l*  *l* same  hours  as  on  other   days,   -J-  *������ notwithstanding   all   reports   to   ���!���  ���!��� the contrary. .               - *            *��� *I**  ���{* .'h  *1"H"H-H-M~!-I"K- ���!~H��-:"W--:��-i"H"!~r*-f  CITY LOCW NEWS  G. Horstead has been appointed baggage master at the Nelson depot. 'He  succeeds Frod Conway.  .There is likely to be an exodus of  Nelson printers to Dawson. Two from  the Miner and one from The Tribune  have been offered "sits" at high salaries.  E. Criddle and Clarence Goepel shot  a 25-bird match yesterday afternoon for  the price of the birds, and the former  won bv two breaks. The score was  ���19 to 27.  An ice cream and strawberry social  will be given in Emmanuel church tonight under the auspices of the Ladies'  Aid society. A good musical program  h?s been arranged.  S. M. Brydges yesterday completed  a sale of Wesley Calbick's property on  Cedar street to E, Wilkinson. lt~was  a spot c*sh transaction, the consideration being in the neighborhood of $1850.  "Charles A. Waterman has laid information rsainst a number of Chinese  who have refused to pay the city poll  tax of $2, and the offenders will be given  an opportunity of paying a fine as well  as the tax.  :A burnt-out armature in one of the  direct-cui rent dynamos caused the city  "to be in partial darkness last night.  Such accidents will happen, but a little  more foresight at the city electric power  station might prevent some of them. _,���.  The sale of the Archbold furniture  and effect** '"il1 take rlace this afternoon at 2 o'clock. The goods may be  insrectecC ���**"*.' "the premises on, Baker  street,"between Kootenay, and Falls  -sTreetf*, before the sr.te commences.      .  E. McGresor, city pound keeper, has  the names of some 50 owneis of dogs  whom he has rearrested to take out  licen��es without effect, and he now intends to lay informations against all of  them who are without the necessary'  license **.t the end'of the week. , . '  -George, Pearse of Howser,, who was  awaiting'tr iri upon a .charge, of'theft;  and had been admitte'd to bail in the i  sum of ?200, was surrendered * to'~the  warden cf the provincial jail by his  bondsman,. W. "A. Thurman,, yesterday.  The trial of "Pearse was set for July 8th.  Thom,as Po*,rcll and W. Brown-have  been summoned to appear,in the police  court this morning/upon" a oharge 'of  fighting on the street. They had a one-  round' setto on the corner of Ward and  Front streets on Monday night in which  Brown is said to have come off second  bcrr.     "'* " *      ���.    Is'   '  W. F. Teetzel & Co. have surrendered  their, large show window 6n Baker'  street to' the various celebration committees, scOthat the prizes and trophies offered for the different events  can bo properly exhibited. Today the  prizes for tbe fat "men's race will be on  exhibition.  1 H. E. T. Haultain yesterday swelled  the' celebration f"ncl by S10, and a  "friend" subscribed $5, making. $15 increase for the dav. John Houston, chairman of fhe finance committee, has" addressed notices to subscribers to -the  fund to send him the amount of their  subscr iptions. before Saturday. If the  amount is remitted by check,, it should  be made payable to the order of G. W.  B. Heathcote, treasurer. 3  pole lines to Nelson,; local distributing'  station at Nelson, and-local distribution within the city limits. . '��� ������> ��� -7'-������  WEST KOOTENAY POWER & LIGHT  COMPANY, LIMITED. .. 'r-v.-...7.. v."  L. Ai  Campbell, General Manager.  ED. BOYCE JN THE STRIKE  (Continued from First Page.)  slon I will repeat that if'it Vjrossible for  me in any. way to render any assistance  1 will be dclif-'iUed to do so. I wish you all  success and Godspeed from the bottom of  my heart.    (Cheers.) -        ..  R. W. Kerr then moved the following  resolution, which was seconded by Robert Robertson in a short speech, and  upon being put to the meeting was carried by a standing vote: t  Whereas, Tho Canadian P.icflc Railway  Company having refused to grant the just  demands of their track employes; and,  whereas, in the opinion of the labor organizations of this .city ihe increase in wages  retiuesu-cl by the track employes is not  an exhorbilant request, and furiher that  the scale of wages paid railroad laborers  by the '..'inadian Paeillc Hallway Company  is much below the scale of wages paid  common labor for n ten-hour-day by.other  corporations olrerating in British Columbia; arrd whereas, we believe in a fair day's  wage for a fair da*.'s> work; '.therffori*..  -be it .    ,  ,  Resolved,. That1 the   trades   and   labor  union.* in the city of Nelbon pledjje -their'  sympathy, and if need be their undivided  support  to  ihi  Canadian, Pacific  railroad  traekmerV-fn'*th*eir 'struggle   for ,a   living''  wasre. ���  " Mining Records.-  Three new locations were recorded at  the Nelson record office yesterday,  namely: Independence, on Burnt;creek,  about ei_:ht "miles north of Erie, -by  Arthur Clement: Independence Exten- -  sion, by Charles A. Hanna, and the Norway Fractional, at the head of Whisky  creek,  by L. _ J.  Hanes.  Certificates' of work were issued , to  A. Burgess on the June and the^-Ayr,  A. Julien on the Victoria Fractional.  Neil McLennan et al. on the Independence, D. J. Steele on the King of 49,  John Paterson et si. on the Nelsbn.JW.  J. Goepel oh .the Gity, and H. W.' B.  Kilpatrick et al. on the,Harry Wardt  Four bills of'sale were recorded. William H. Jackson- transferred to F. W.  .Lewis' of Indianapolis all his interest  in. the King Alfred and'King Solomon,  mineral claims, situated on th'e north  slope of Iron mountain, between y Lost  and Sheep creeks; Andrew Sostad trans-  -ferred to"C. C: L"dd of'Erie a one-half  interest in the Deciman Fraction,, at the  head, of Whisky creek; 7R1'D. jSheill  transferred to C. J. Steele the Canadian  Boy. on Forty-nine' creek, and Sam  Newswander transferred~to J.;J. Fleutot*  of Kaslo the M." S. mineral, claim sit-,  .uated six miles'up the -north"fork,of'  -Wild Horse creek.       '���"-     '     * ' ".',    .  TBaiKPHONB-27  Hi,    S'lTEDRS  <fc  Store, Cornor Baker and Josephine Stxeo  PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS;  GARDEN  TOOLS. v  REFRIGERATORS    rubber and cotton hose.  POULTRY NETTING  POWER COMPANY ANXIOUS  \\. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd,, VICTORIA. B C.  .A.  B,   GRAY,   Nelson,  P.O. Box 521.        Kootenay Represonrative.  R. B. REILEY  (SUCCESSOR TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD   W0RK<*..<>  EXPERT HORSESHOEINC.  r_e stock ot high-class imported poods. A  jpoolaltr ot tho mjnaro" ahooldor���tno latest  Mabjoa In ot*r*to.  Special attention G-iven to all kinds of repairirg  and custom work from 0'.*eido points.   Hea*.  bolts mrtdp to order on shut notioe.  "1  To Obtain a Monopoly.  NELSON, June 25.���To the Editor of  the Tribune: From the editorial in today's Tribune,..the,reader .would infer  that the ,City7of Nelsoa's lighting plant  is a paying investment. This no one  would, doubt if there was a surplus of  water in' Cottonwood creek. .It is a  well-known fact that there is.not a  sufficient am,ojrnt of water in Cottonwood creek during a number of months  each year to supply power for the operating of the present plant, which has  an output insufficient to fill the demand  for lights alone, leaving power for manufacturing purposes out of the question;  and a point has now been reached which  calls for enlargement of the local lighting plant. If another plant of sufficient  capacity to supply the w;mts of the city  at the present trme were installed it  would cost approximately $250,000. This  investment, with the $70,000 which is  rnvested in tho old plant, would make  a total of $320,000. Allowing 10 per cent  for interest and sinking fund, and $1000  per month depreciation and operating  expenses, it means thit the city would  be called upon to derive a revenue of  $44,000 per annum before deriving any  I'rofit from the venture.  In our proposrtion we are willing to  take over the lighting busrness at a fair  price, save the city a large further expenditure, ?nd put up a first-class 24-  hour **crvice. Our offer is equivalent to  at least $80,000. The Tribune seems to'  be under the misapprehension that we  aro offering $50,000 in cpsh and free  arc lights, to the city, from which investment we expect to get a' return of  $24,000 per annum. This is quite incorrect, as the $50,000 and the $30,000  offered by us for arc lighting will be  given solely for the right to erect poles  and string wires on the streets without  objection on the part of.the city, as no  part of the present plant would be used  by us. Whatever* revenue we would derive from the city would be a separate  matter altogether, and would be produced from our own capital invested in  the power station at Bonnington Falls,  .Flood Aftermath. , ^ ^ _', '.  ''RICHMONp" Va., "June-25.���A '-Dis-;  patch ^correspondent, who - returned-"to!  Bluefield from'the scene of tlie disaster  at 2 o'clock this-mpVning, .describes the  havoc as most' a'ppaliing. He -says that  6ufidreds,of people are missing-or' fe-  poited-,m\ssi*ig, .but discredits" ttfti idea  thatj the loss of'life is anything like that  at first .rumored,! ''- '^-^>k - * "���*- '��� y_  ��� KEYSTONE. Va.. June1 25.���Th"e following stor;y is, told 'by an eye-witness  of the. great,flood. "Keystone, ia-the metropolis of tihV Elkhorn mining country.}  It- has'but one narrow-'street"and, ^be-  , cause of limited space many 'houses  were built upon piles or walls over the'  Elkhorn or close up against the mountain's.' Tlie town' follows the windings  .of the stream for miles. "At 11 o'clock  the storm struck the mountains and  for six" hours rain fell in torrents..  bouses,- barns, --bridges,' livestqcl. and  human beings Were sweptaway by .the  mighty-current and dashed on the rocks  or - trees below. -I' "was stopping , at a  hotel. At the first warning marrj* of.the  inhabitants took refuge on the[moun-.'  tain side overlooking^ the" town and  rjiver.'. More than, a hundred people,  however, remained in the town to look  after the women and children who did  not escape early. The bridge leading to  the depot was swept away."  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder   Company   and   Truax   Automatic   Ore   Cars.  JSTELSOIsr  STORES   AT  S^_2sTID03Sr  BUSINESS. MENTION.  For Sale or Rent.���Piano at the  Old Curiosity Shop.  ForN sale���Ranch   on   Kootenay  river, improved.   Inquire W. -P. Eobineon. -  To "Let���Furnished front"room,  with or without board. Apply four doors above  City Hall, Victoria street*.  Lost ��� White" bull terrier   pup.  A reward will bo paid for its return.to Mackar.  Silica street, Nelson.v,  k   For Lease���Palace hotel, Sandon,  B. C, Furnished throughout. For particulars  apply to Mrs. A.'Eagan, Sandon,  To rent���Office in the   Turner-  Boecke block, corner AVard and Baker. Apply  to John A. Turner  -  Japan Tea' of all kinds to suit  Sour taste.  Sun Cured, Spider Leg. Pah Eired  1 bulk or packages.  KootonayJCoiTeo Co.    .  Furniture,     piano's 7 safes,    &c,  moved carefully at reasonable "rate's. Apply J. T.  Wilson. Phqne 270, Pro-iEer'. Second Band Store,  Ward Street. . ,  .  Gold, copper, silver, lead mines  and prospects wanted. - Send report and samples  to tho Prospectorti' Exchange, Nelson, B. C.  Room 4, K. W-C Block.  "'D. J. Robertson & Co., Furniture  dealers, undertakers and'embalmers.    Day tele-  -_>hohe No. 293, night 'phone 207.    Next new post  office building, Vernon street, Nelson.  / For comfort and convenience go  to the Ice Cream Parlors of J. A. McDonald,  Baker street, where eve. y attention and requisite is supplied. ��� ' x  Wanted-7-By competent. gir,l ���  "rGeneral'house or chamber work.r Call utRojal  |Hot��i.,.* _ _    "   -*���,*.   *;?-���*.-:. :  %" To- rent���Two   large Ifurmshed  front rooms. Apple*-, haite block, opposite Odd-  fellewsrhffil. ��� L  ��� '!!For- "sale i at   a   bargain^���rNew  . two f-tofy house ;.two blocks from Baker street;,  six-'rooms���with   bath;   modern conveniences.  Apply.-'House," Tribune office.  ., .  -For ' rent'-^House on   Carbonate,  street,-between Stanley and Kootenay streets,-  f-even rooms, bath, hot and cold * water. * Rent  .25. JltfqUire.W. P. Robinson.,'-   ' ���---:._  Free milling gold"properties/'We'  are anxious to secure a few free milling gold pro-  S' e'rtles at. once. . The Prospectors   Exchange,  'elepn'. B;y1.; Room4, K.WrCB!ocl��.. ���":�����_- y\ ,  '5/jThat fine -blend of Ceylon *Tea,'W*��3  are selling at -thirty cents per' pound is giving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers.*  KpotenayCoffee Co.    . -      ���'.-'',-' r "-'  ?",''"  !''jScotch' Collies ��� Pups 'fdr^'saTe.  Color, sable; age. 2 nioiithf; thoroughbred; parents registered;-price.-815 each.- Two spayed  bitches, (12 each". - Aqdrcas: Postoffice, Erre,  B-C. ���' "���"��� ���* ' '^    ;-,    -...���Vr-"     '���' -������_���*���**���  vrwWe-have' Indian, "Ceylon" rand,  China--Teas in-great variety, choicest "quality.  . We make a specialty ot blending teas and sell  them in any .quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  , Coffee Co ,'   *',        ^ .^' _. ;-" -   . '���-  I'" Wapteid���Woman for housework'  rout of town; girl to care for children; teamsters  ��� and laborer-*. Position wanted by. woman-as  s housekeeper. .Westt-rn ( anaiian Employment  iofflOf, Ward street, Nelson.   Phone 270.   . ____ .  1 Notice to contractors and others���  'General laborers, gardeners, rock men, otc, will  be furnished free of charge to all persons requiring help of this krnd'by applying to the secretary,  Nelson* .Laborers' Protective union, Box 237,  Nelson, B.C. --  Distinguished Passengers. ,  SAN FRANCISCO, June 25.���The  transport Hancock sailed for Manila  today with a distinguished party, on  bop.rd. The party was composed ,"o��  general Henry C. Corbin, adjutant" general of the United States army; general  George M. Sternberg, surgeon general of  the army; general Chambers F. Mc-  Krbbon. who will join general Chaffee's staff in the _Philippines; general  John F.% 'Wlreaton and congressman  Kahn of California. Owing to the report of four cases of plague at Honolulu, the Hancock' will not call- there,  as was originally planned, but will, go  direct to Manila, The Hancock also  carried a number of school teachers  and 14 officers and 400 men composing  the Second Battalion engineer.corps.  Extensive Forgery.  AKRON, Ohio, June 25.���It is stater}  that notes amounting to $20,000, alleged  to have been forged, have been discovered or't*"t0-**;cling by officials of ' the  Akron Vprnrsh company. J. H. Mc-  C-urr*. .treasurer,, of the company, is  said to have been missing for a week.  Creditors of the company have begun  action to have the company's property  sold  in settlement of debts.  Mm B/CAIERO!  . INSDRAN E.  REAL ESTATE       and MIMING BROKER '  FURNISHED HOTEL TO LET  First clar��$ temperance house,  furnished throughout; to '* rent.  Property situated in a good locality.  Terms moderate.        ;      - ,        .'*  Also, two-story dwelling house,  corner Josephine and Silica streets.  City * water, etc. Terms $20 per  month. __.   For further information  APpiy_n. R. Cameron  AGENT. BAKER STRRET.  American Wins.  NEWCASTLE, June 25.���In a 20-  round contest tonight for ��800 and the  heavyweight championship of England,  between John O'Brien of Philadelphia  and Harry Newmeii'' of London, the  American defeated the Englishman  after a stubborn and hard fought battle.  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  ���Notice is hereby ci von that tho co-partnership  hitherto existing between the undersigned, by  the stylo of''Frasfr & Broderick," as dainrnen.  has thin day been dissolved by tho retirement1 of  Charles Broderick, who ha's transferred to Johh  M. FraBor all his interest in the business, assets,  good will and book accounts.  All persons indebted to the said partnership are  hereby rearrested to make payment to the said  John M". Kraser. who has assumed and will pay  the liabilities of the partnership, and who will  continue the partnership business.  ���     Witness: JOHN M  FRASER  V  ft, W. Hanninoxon.     CHAS. BRODERICK 7  DOMINION DAY  DECORATIONS  Colored Lamps   25 c.  Kootenay Electric Supply  & Construction Co.  ���������'!: NOTICE. -  Any persons acting as trackwalkers or special  constables for the Canadian; Pacific Kariway  Company during, the Trackmen's strike are  respectfully notified that they are actiog against  tho best interests of organized labor.  T. G. McMANAMO.V,  . . Organizer Ifc; of It. T. of A. -'.  Nelson, June 25th. 1901.  FISHING TACKLE*  IS NOT A NEW,-VENTURE WITH- US..  , We know your wants and have what you need. Our line is  too large to enumerate, but a call will convince you that it is  the most complete in the city. f  %  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  1 -Importers and Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  OLD SETTLERS' NEW MAPLE SYRUP  .TIKIE   BEST   __M1_A.TD_E}  THIS   SPRING'S   SYRUP   IN" QUART,    HALF   GALLON   AND  GALLON    CAN 3.  Hoar-ton Block, Baker Street.  Telephone 161      P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  PRIESTLY'S CRAVENETTE  SOLD   THE   WORLD   OVER.  tCRAVENETTE  COATS ��� ..  7' SERVE   A   DOUBLE^  '    PURPOSE ��\S RftlN-  "��� COAT    OR    OVER-.'  C3AT.  MADE IN All  STYLES;. .'.  TO ENSURE CETTINC  TRICSTLYS SEE THAT  THIS   LABEL-IS ON  ,    EVEIiY CA.RMENT.  SOLELYx. CONTROLLED FOR THE DOMINION OF CANADA BY       ,-��3$*,  ��� E. A. SMALL & COMPANY^ Wholesale Tailors, Montre'4ir.:  S  1  Sole Agent for Nelson J   ^ _ GILKER  Extra I Extra!  THE WORLD S GREATEST     THE BIG MORAL SHOWS  NORRIS  BIG  TRA  ROWE'S  WILL EXHIBIT  INT NELSON  ONE BAY  Monday,   July   1st  PERFORMANCES AT  2:30 AND  S P.M.  300  :performing-  Animals    3Q0  TRAINED ELEPHANTS     TRAINED  ZEBRAS ���   TRAINED SEALS  'TRAINED MONKEYS     TRAINED PONIES     TRAINED GOATS  TRAINED  DOGS     TRAINED   ELKS     TRAINED  PIGS  20    Funny   Clowns    20  SEE TBE BIG NEW SPECTACULAR STREET PARADE MONDAY MORNING  -       THE   ONLY   BIG   SHOW   COMING -"'.-- -    -  NEW: -FEATURES NEW  ACTS .


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