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 ^^^smT^jm^^mm^^^^^^^^^^^^S  Minoral Production of British Columbia in 1900  $16,407,645    ;  nnz  Mineral Production of Kootoqay it* 1900  $10,562,032  ^i  ��i  NINTH YEAR  NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 12, 1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SWERDFEGER'S TOUCH TRIP  WAS TEN  DAYS WITH  NOTHING  TO  EAT.  After Being Storm Bound Fought His  Way   for  Eighty Miles   on a  Small Quantity of Tea.  of liis  his re-  W. II. Swerdfeger, who spent a  low weeks in.the insane asylum in  Novv Westminster, is in Nelson receiving the congratulations of his  many friends upon his complete recovery. Ho is loud in his praises  of the oilicials of the insane asylum  and 'his only regret was that he was  not able to make the local physicians understand the cause  trouble which necessitated  uioval to New "Westminster.  Exposure and starvation wero  the causes which led to his being  adjudged insane. Following his  usual custom he '.had spent the  winter in trapping niarfceu in the  basin of one of the glacier fed  forks of the Little Slocan. He  had two camps established  and worked from one to the other  in attending and setting his traps.  His supplies iu the tipper camp got  low. but he contented himself for  several days on.short rations iu the  knowledge that lie had left plenty  of stores in the lower camp. Finally  lie saw the signs of a storm coining  and decided to move down to the  lower camp, which was fifteen miles  distant. The short rations of the  previous few days had made him  weak, however, and iC was after  nightfall when-he made the lower  camp. Here he made the startling  discovery tliat rats had eaten up  the whole of his stores. He  had his stores suspended from  tho roof on wires but  the rats had cut holes in. the sacks  and thus allowed, ������everything', to'  fall out on the door. The only portion of the stores which were not  consumed was the tea. The storm  hail now sot in and Bill was in the  position of having nothing to eat  and of being unable to make his  way out. From the remnants of  the Hour sacks hanging on the wire  he scraped about a pound of: flour,  which had caked to tho emvas  through moisture, and kept himself  alive on this and che tea during the  six  days  which  tho storm  listed.  Then famished with hunger he  decided to try and make tho eighty  mile tramp from the camp to Park  Suling. lie was too weak to pack  blankets and carried nobbing but  his skins, an axe, and tho remainder,  of the tea. Bill says ho made Park  Siding in four days-and was on the  move near!y all tlie' ti 1 ne owing to  "the (���old.^^IlV~fealiiWrt!il;trlre"haxl=  to hold himself together until he  reached the railway track or it  would bo all up with him, and his  strength of will pulled him tli rough.  When ho reached the railway he  mado a cabin and had some tea, but  after this he collapsed. Every nerve  in his body seemed to be twitching  in an opposite direction, and tho  strength of will whicli had enabled  him to endure the great privations  of tho past ten days completely  deserted him.  After being brought to Nelson  Bill says he knew tho doctors considered him insane, bub ho was content to go to New Westminster because he felt certain he could gob  better treatment there than anywhere else.  Athletes Bound for Buffalo.  Nkw York, June 11.���Forty four  athletes from this city are expected  to leave tomorrow night for Buffalo, where they will compete in  the amateur athletic union chain-  pionship3 on Thursday, Friday and  Saturday. The entry list is the  largest the union has ever iiad for  a national championship meet. For  the junior championships there aro  125 entries, and for the senior championships 1 1.9, a total of 214. This  is 71 more than last yoai;. There  aro twenty entries for the handicap  events on the opening day. These  handicaps are a now departure. It  will bo tho first time any western  cracks havo competed since the  championship meets in Detroit in  1888. ,   ,           Britain's Greatest Competitor.  Shanghai, June 11.���Admiral sir  Fid ward Seymour, Baitish commander-in-chief of tho China  station, was the principal guest of  tlie China Association at its annual  banquet last evening. During tho  course of a speech protesting  against the policy of trade exclusion, the admiral said Great Britain  had three powerful rivals ��� tlie  United States, Russia and Germany.  Of the three the United States was  the greatest of her trade rivals, but  the rivalry Avas not in conflict with  Great Britain's policy of the open  door. Germany was a keen competitor both as regards trade and  sea power. Great Britain someday  would have to reckon . with the  latter. Russia was not only extending Iter territory, but was repressing trade. Admiral Seymour  insisted on the importance of holding and defending Shanghai, in  order to preserve the prestige bf  foreign nations.  EXTENSIVE GOAL MEASURES  IMPROVEMENTS BEING MADE IN  THE  CROW'S NEST  PASS.  Contracts   Awarded for   Seven   Hundred Additional Coke Ovens and  Several Miles  of Railway.  Although little is said about it,  there is considerable railway work  under way over in East Kootenay.  Breckenridge & Lund, the well-  known railway contractors, have  four camps at points on the Crow's  Nest railway, and are advertising  for men. Peter Lund of the firm is  now in Nelsou. He says his firm  have completed a contract for th-a  delivery of 500,000 ties to the  Crow's Nest road, and that during  the time they were at work they  had twenty camps strung along":  .between. Goat-fell and Macleod.  They have contracts for grading at the Loop and1' are  doing work at Michel and Fernie.  They have just closed a contract  for grading seven miles of roadbed  between the coal mines at Morrisey  and the Crow's ��� Nest track.. , This,  piece of work is for the Crow's  Nest Southern.  Elias Rogers 'of Toronto, managing director of the Crow's Nest  Coal Company, is now at Fernie,  and contracts have been awarded  for the construction of 700 coke  ovens, 300 of which will.be built at  Michel. Mr. Lund is enthusiastic  over tho future of that country.  He claims that the coal measures  extend for miles on both sides of  the railway, and that before loug  Alberta and British Columbia will  be furnishing the greater part of  the coal and coke used in the West.  Mr. Lund is of opinion that the  Crow's Nest Southern railway will  not be built this year.   Courtmartialed and Shot.  - Pretoria, Juno 11.���Two Boers  have been courtmartialed and shot  for trying to escape from Pretoria  and to rejoin their commando after  having taken the oath of neutrality.  WILL PAY OFF THE MORTGAGE  On Stemwinder Mine.  Fairvirw, B. C, June 11.���[Special to the Tribune].���Richard Russell, manager of the Fairview Corporation, Limited, at the request of  eastern shareholders lias left for  Montreal. His visit is for the purpose of raising funds to pay off the  Gooderham ifc Blackstock mortgage  of $40,000 and for continued  development of the Stemwinder  mine and tlie erection of a suitable  milling plant. At a depth of 300  feet the west drift is in a splendid  body of ore, the average of the last  ten samples being $794, a great improvement over values in the upper  levels.           Refused to Vacate.  Paris, June 11.���At a meeting of  tho shareholders of Figaro today  the action of the committee of surveillance was unanimously sustained. The shareholders voted in  favor of the removal of M. Perivier,  the manager, and of the acceptance  of tho resignation of M. Derodays,  editor in chief. M. Prestat, president of the company, was appointed  provisional manager of the paper.  M. Perivier refused to vacate tho  premises. M. Prestat tried to get  the police to eject him, but they declined to interfere.  NTOMBED IN  NING MINE  Thirty  Pennsylvania  Coal  Miners  Perish,  West Nuwton, Pa., June 11.���  Time only adds horror to the disastrous mino explosion which  occurred last evening at No. 2 mine  of the Pittsburg Coal Company at  Port Royal. Three men .were rescued and 27 others are imprisoned  in the burning mine. Last night  the mine was reported at the offices  of the company here to he on lire.  Division snperiutendants Wm. Mo-  Cnne and W. F. Allison of this  place started for the scene. They  entered the mine with the fire boss,  John Keck, who carried an open  lamp. Three explosions followed at  intervals of a few minutes, the  large fan being inadequate to control the rush of the fire damp.  Many of the miners escaped, bub  the latest reports state that McCune and Allison, with fifteen miners, are beyond reach of rescue,  being located over a mile from the  bottom of the pit. Since the efforts  of tho third rescuing party, which,  like previous attempts, was disastrous, no further attempt to reach  the men will be made until mine inspector Callaghan arrives from  Connelsville. The wives and children of the missiug - are gathered  about the mine shaft waiting for  some news of their loved ones, and  every few minutes appeal to some  men to try to rescue them.  The list of those supposed to  have lost their lives is not obtainable at this hour, and this is a partial list of those'; supposed dead:  William McCune, general superintendent of the district; Dennis  Wortley,  pit boss;   Michael   Roy,  foreman; Michael Daley, who entered the mine for the first time  yesterday morning; Frank Davenport, married; Anthony Stickles,  married; John Peoples, who has a  wife and two small children here,  and about thirty other miners. In  the attempt to rescue the men  known to be in the,mine other  lives were placed in jeopardy and  may be lost. About.0.o'clock there  was a low, rumbling sound, followed  by a roar which sounded like a  cyclone, then three sharp and short  reports. Immediately measures for  the rescue of those in the mine  were taken and a rescue party  composed of the men who had  knocked off early in the day was  formed. The men entered the  shaft and started towards the spot  where it was thought some of the  entombed men might be found.  Lying at the bottom of the shaft  were Lawrence Sottler and John  Staker, unconscious and covered  with dirt. They were quickly  taken to the top of the mine.  When they recovered they told the  rescue party where four other men  were entombed. About 7 o'clock  William McCune, Dennis. Wortley,  Michael Roy and several other  bosses, with about twenty men,  went down shaft No. 1, which is  just opposite on the Baltimore &  Ohio side of the river, and they are  probably lost.  About three hours after the  rescue party had been in the mine  two more explosions were heard.  Meanwhile the crowd around the  opening of the shaft had increased,  including mothers, wives and sisters  of many of the entombed.  At 3 o'clock A. W. Sweeny and  Frauk Stratton came to the surface,  bringing Harry Beveridge in an unconscious condition with both arms  and legs broken and badly burned.  He cannot live. Sweeny and Strait  ton succumbed shortly after reaching the surface. Sweeny, who was  mainly instrumental in saving  Beveridge, was able to tell that he  climbed over the bodies of at least  three men on his way out. The  explosion occurred at the time  when the shifts were changing  from the day to the night turn, and  it is impossible to tell how many  were in the mine at the time, but  certainly no' less than thirty are  entombed.  At 4 o'clock this morning superintendent William McCune's hat  and a couple of his letters were  found, the hat being blown to fragments. There is no trace of him or  any of the rescuing party. The  Port Royal mines' are situated on  the Youghioghny river, 37 milesf rom  Pittsburg. They are owned by the  Pittsburg Coal Company. District  superintendant McCune, who is  reported killed at the head of a  band of volunteers, was one of the  most experienced and best known  miners iu Western Pennsylvania.  The Port Royal mines are located  on the thick vein coal belt and are  for that reason extremely gaseous  and dangerous. The state mining  officials have made their management the object of repeated caution.  All the rescuing parties have  come out of the burning mine. They  say that the black damp makes  work impossible- and they give up  hope of finding any of the men  alive.  him a seat on the judicial committee of the privy council was erroneous. His only ambition was to remain at the. head of the federal  government, or at least as the  leader of the Liberal party. He desired to live and die among his fellow countrymen.  Germany Will Keep a Garrison.  .London, June II;���Lord Cranborne, the under foreign secretary  replying to a question in the house  of commons today" as to whether  Germany meant to maintain a large  military force at Shanghai, said  the government understood Germany intended to continue keeping  a garrison there. No explanation  had been given by Germany as to  why she had concluded to follow  this policy.       -  TRANSVAAL   CONCESSIONS  CHINESE MUST BE AMUSED  AT  THE  INTERMINABLE   WRANGLE OVER INDEMNITIES.  Ministers    Themselves   Are    Getting  Weary,   but   the   End of the  Controversy Is Ind*anite.  REPORT     OF    THE     COMMITTEE  ISSUED   TODAY.  Netherlands Railroad Company's Course  During the War Has Placed  It Under a Ban.  APPORTIONED THEIR $850  Tothe Best Possible Advantage.  : The sports committee met last  night in the Tremont hotel, and apportioned the $S50 allotted them as  follows:  Horsera'ci s. .......;'."..:.? P5 00  Koot races. .'. ........' 95 00  Caledonian sports .... ��� :.    (10 00  DrllliiiK contest:'  100 00  Quoit, piiohing..'     2fl 00  Firemen'.' races-   110.00  Lacrosse   100 00  Football........'.-....     75 (10  Baso ball  200 00  The horse races will be a quarter-  mile pony race, 2 in 3, $25 and $10.  Cowboy race, $15 and $5. Pack-  horse race. $15 and $5. Drawing  contest for teams, special prize.  Races to take place on Vernon  street.  The foot races arranged for are:  Quarter mile, medals valued at $15  =and-$5.=220-yards,=medals=valuedii  at $10 and $5. 150 yards hurdle,  over three .hurdles ,3t feet high,  gold medals valued at $10 and $5.  100 yards, gold medals valued at  $10 and $5. 100 yards for boys  under 14 years, only one boy to be  entered from a town, first, gold  medal valued at $20; second, suit  of clothes_ valued at $10.  The Caledonian sports will be  made up of putting 10-lb shot,  throwing. 50-lb weight, height and  distauce, throwing 10-lb hammer,  tossing the caber, vaulting with  polei standing broad jump, running  broad jump, running high jump,  hop-step-aiid-jump, dicking football  distance, throwing baseball distance, running the bases; all for  gold medals valued at $5 each.  Climbing greased pole prize,  silver watch -valued at $10.  Tug-of-war, to .take place at skating  rink; prize two barrels of bottled  beer.  Drilling contest: Open to all  miners who have never won a  prize in previous contests; first $75  cash, second $25 cash.  Quoit pitching: Under direction  of Nelson Quoit Club; prizes of the  value of $25.  Firemen' races: Hub-aud-hub aud  wet test. Prizes gold medals' to  individuals in winning teams;  value $110.  Lacrosse games: Expenses paid  of visiting teams.  Football games: Expenses paid bf  visiting teams.  Baseball games: Expenses paid of  visiting teams.  Bicycle races: Special prizes, to  be announced on official program.  Gun Club shooting: Special prizes  to be designated by the Nelson  Gun Club.  There will be a number of other  events, but they' cannot be announced until after a meeting of  the executive committee is held.  Complete Their .Organization,  The retail grocers met at Miners'  Union hall last night and completed their organization. Bylaws were  adopted and standing committees  appointed. The following were  represented. McPherson & McCammon, John A. Irving & Co.,  George Bell & Co., S. L. Lester, J.  D. O'Neill, McEwen & Simpson,  William Hunter & Co., and Morrison & Simpson. ������  WORKING A BIG PROPERTY  In Seymour Narrows.  J. Fred Howe arrived in Nelson  last evening from Victoria. Mr.  Howe is now interested with a Vancouver syndicate in the develop-  ment^flVlrat^JrlJiiiises^tcrbe'a^big  gold property on the Seymour  narrows, above Comox, on Vancouver Island. This syndicate had  Dan Taylor, formerly of Nelson,  out prospecting for some four years,  and among other claims he located  the three upon which development  is now being carried on.  The ledge through tho three  claims is some 200 feet wide and  carries an iron capping. Assays  from the surface of the capping  gave au indicated valuo of $5 in  gold and copper, and three assessments were performed in sinking a  shaft,upon the ledge. At a depth  of 30 feet it was apparent that the  shaft was getting well through che  capping and the copper and gold  values rose steadily until they  reached something like $13 to the  tou. It was then decided to run in  a crosscut on the ledge aud ascertain its width. This has now been  run in for 75 feet, and the values  indicated in the bottom of the  shaft are well maintained. The  work of completing the crosscut is  now in hand, and the indications  are that the syndicate has a big  thing in the property.  A dispute, however, has arisen  between tho syndicate and the  Esquimalt. & Nanaimo Railway  Company, the railway company  claiming the property on the ground  that it is an iron ledge, and that  under the terms of its grant ib is  entitled to all its base metals. This  claim of the railway company is  being resisted by the syndicate and  it has .secured the best legal opinions in support of the contention  that tho gold and copper values remove the property from the base  metal classification.  EASTERN CANADIAN NEWS  Wired in Brief.  QUEBEC, 11.���.Sheriff Gagnon  died at an early hour this morning.  He was one of the best known Liberals in this district. ,  CHARLOTTETOWN, 11.��� The  city council has passed a resolution  instructing the police to have nothing to do with tho enforcement of  the prohibition act. This throws  the responsibility, on the government.  TORONTO, 11.���At 11:30 this  morning thegeneral hospital authorities reported the ex-premier as  having passed a comfortable night  and was improved this morning.  The doctors now hope for his recovery.  LONDON, Out., 11.���The body of  Robert Fulford, who shot and  killed his mother-in-law*, Mrs. Rob-  -ert=McGord,=in=Arvn,^township=oiu  Saturday night, is lying at an  undertaking establishment here unclaimed.  MONTREAL, 11.���Tlio expected  action for damages was entered  today against archbishop Bond by  professor Steeii. He asks for $5000  damages and restoration of his  rights nnd privileges ns a clergyman of the diocese of Montreal.  STREETSVILLE, Ont., 11.���  Frank Rntledgo, 12 years of age, a  simple village boy, a week ngo a  bank robber and today a suicide,  was yesterday buried in the churchyard, tho body having been sent  on from Toronto to his parents, who  reside here.  MONTREAL, I J.���A Winnipeg  dispatch says that farmers evidently have great faith iu the crop outlook this season if a criterion cau  be taken by the quantity of machinery sold. One city traveler has  already sold 32 threshing machines,  aggregating $S4,000, for fall delivery.  MONTREAL, 11.���It is learned  here on good authority that 11. M.  Whitney has the contract for  building three of the largest and  finest steamers that can be built to  run between Sydney, C. B., and  Southampton, passage to be made  in four days. The ships are to be  built at the new yard to be established at Sydney.  MONTREAL, 11. ���Sir Wilfrid  Laurier paid a visit to L'Assomp-  tion college, L'Assomption, Quebec,  today and was given a reception by  his alma mater. Stops were made  at Maissoneuve aud Bout de Lisle,  where the premier delivered  speeches. At Maissoneuve he said  that the rumor  which ascribed to  London, June 11.���A blue book  was issued today containing the report of the Transvaal concessions  committee. It is clear, the commission avers, a state ''.which- has  annexed another is not legally  bound by s any ^contracts made by  the state which has ceased to exist  and that no court of law has jurisdiction to enforce such contracts if  the annexing state refuses to recognize them. The commission recommends that the government decline  to recognize the dynamite and  other concessions, and adds that it  is said Dr. Leyds and others have  received from' certain directors  shares and financial considerations.  Regarding the Netherlands ��� South  African railroad, the report, while  admitting that the concession was  legally granted, considers it injurious that the trunk railroad lines  should be,, the monopoly of a  single company. The concession  should be terminated even if  the company's conduct is not open  to complaint, brit its extraordinary  action in the Avar precludes the possibility of Its 'continuing under  British administration. Discussing  the position of the shareholders, the  report says the belligerent acts for  whieh all the shareholders were  legally responsible caused immense  damage to Great Britain, Capo  Colony and Natal. The British  government as an act of grace may  show some consideration to the  shareholders, but the commission  considers this should be postponed  till the shareholders have exhausted  =the-remedies^open^to^them_against_  the directors and until the damage  done by the company is made good.  RUN DOWN BY FIRE ENGINE  Harvard Student Instantly Killed.  CAMiminGic, Mass., June 11.���TI.  S. Bigelow, a freshman at Harvard,  was instantly killed by a chemical  engine of the Cambridge firo department tonight. Bigelow belonged to Buffalo, and had come to  Harvard from Exeter, where he had  been a prominent student aud class  poet. His parents are dead, but his  aunt and grandmother live in  Buffalo. A fire was found amoug a  pile of boards near the Harvard  architectural building by one of  the Harvard professors. An alarm  was rung'in, but before the firemen  responded professor Hollis and the  students had put the fire out. The  alarm, as usual, caused the  undergraduates to assemble,  and as .the firemen drove up  there was much jeering, as the  chemical engine was very late and  the crowd hooted the men. The  accident is described differently,  the firemen claiming that the horses  of the engine became excited at the  howling crowd and dashed forward  scattering it. The students claim  that tho driver, John Dowdis, deliberately drove his engine into the  crowd, Bigelow being caught under  the wheels. Other students were  knocked down, but only one had  auy injuries to speak of. As soon  as the students had realized what  had happened they made a demonstration, but cool-headed policemen  maintained control and the firemen  were allowed to return to their  stations.  Peki.v,   June 11.���A meeting of  the foreign ministers today showed  better prospects of their coining to  some definite   understanding,   the  majority favoring  the acceptance  of China's offer of 4(55,000,000 taels  as the amount of the indemnity to,  be paid to the powers.    There was  considerable discussion as  to how  the four per cent interest could be  collected.    Mr. Rockhill will present  at the next meeting an expression  of the American desire to finish the  business at   The Hague.A majority -  of the ministers confess themselves  against   the proposition,   thinking  that   within   the   next   ten   days  everything can be ad j usted.    In the  meantime the present military preparations for the  departure ot the1  troops and  the Chiness  intentions "'  regarding the  return  of the court .  to   Pekin   seem   premature.   ^The"  ministers  may force a decision iu'  the   matters , remaining to be ad-V  justed. ~ "  Mr. Rockhill has the translation -  of an edict by the wording of which  it would seem that the  library  of ,*  the forbidden  city was  intention-,  ally set  on  fire  by orders  of the  court and was not struck by lightning as was reported by the foreign.  guards.    The edict orders  the  destruction of all the archives.     The-,  fire must have happened  the  day  .  after the receipt of the telegraphic'  edict, although at the time a rumor *  of   the receipt of   the edict was  denied   by   prince   Ching   and  Li ~  Hung Chang.  St. Pi*tersuurg, June 11.���The -  impression prevails in official circles  here that the mode of paying the \  Chiuese indemnity will" not "be settled for a loug period, possibly, not  until the present ministers at Pekin  aro replaced. It is thought they  all would welcome a change of  post, and that new men would be  readier to settle the differences.  While Russia is not pressing tbe  guaranteed loan xiroposal, because _  the constitutional powers could nob  guarantee the loan without legislative consent, which would necessitate delay, tlie plan is not withdrawn. Tlie British provision 5*}  not acceptable, and minister Roc*- -  hill's arbitration proposition cause��  some wonder, since the mode r ?  payment is hardly considered ��.  suitable issue for a legal determination.    Sharkey Goes to the Floor.  CiiKVKijANn,���June���1 It��� Central-  i- 1,tl  *-��� .->,  ' *4  'A  armory, the largest  auditorium  in' ~ '  the city, was packed tonight with a  crowd tliat numbered between 8000   ,  and 10,000 people to see the wrestling match between  Tom  Sharkey  and   Tom   Jenkins,    chnmpion   of    ,  America.    Tlie terms of the contest  were  that Jenkins was  to  throw  Sharkey  twice  in an  hour.      The  first round started at 9:10, the men  struggling severely for  19 minutes,  when Jenkins threw Sharkey with  an   upright   double    Nelson   hold.  Once or twice in this round Sharkey  was ou the aggressive and Jenkins  had   to  take  care else  the  tables  would have been turned.    No holds  were barred.    After an interval of  15 minutes the second round began  the men struggling for  21 minutes,  when   Sharkey's    shoulders    were  forced  to  the  floor a second time  with a similar hold to  that  which -  put him  to  the  floor  in  the first  round.  Is Saperintendent of Mines,  Syracuse, N. Y., June 11.���Prof.  Eugene Haanel, head of the department of physics in Syracuse university for the past thirteen years, today received official notice of tho -  ratification by the cabinet of the  Dominion of Canada of his appointment as superintendent of mines.  Mr. Haanel is a former professor of  Victoria university and is a charter f  jiNember of the Royal Society of [  Canada. He was born in Breslau, '  GeVmar.y, May 24th, 1841, coming ���'  to \\Vis country in 1859. He taught  in Adrian, Hillsdale and Albion colleges iu Michigau. In 1873 he went;  to Victoria college, Cbbourg, Ont.  Mr. Haanel came to Syracuse uni-  vnr.��it,y in 1SSS, taking the physical  science chair. THE  TRIBUNE:  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY-, JUNE 12, 1901  ^.-^..^..im.'_a.'-_9.'_^*_9.'^___.'_____.t0.^^- \i-t ^���>->_i-g-g-_^g-s-g-^-'S��-gi'-,_  <?*  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  %  Our fiscal year on the 31st of this month and in ord'r to re  duce our stock, as mien as possible before th.en we offer the following:  SPECIAL.   BARGAINS  .Wl yin-iU Vnnc.y Prims, fnst colors, regular prico 12'c, now 10c.  Wh-i yii'-fl-I'riiii'''1 (���mill ric, regular price I0c. now ijc.  7,u l.,,nu |.-'in.-y Sill>. aborted, in stripes and checks, regularprloc from -Mo. lo  AFin'Lin.^of'MUek'siiliandSatin BIou<*es, neatly tucked .and lined, regular  prico Sic, iiijw f.j: regular price $12. now $6.  EXTRAORDINARY   OFFER  Wi- have iilioui. twenty pieces of new and choice Costume Cloth on hand, in  fa-liionublu shano* and colors.   The rogular'pricefor a cost u mo made up from  lie c would be from $���>�� to$30.   We now offer to let you mako yo r own selection from Uie-p ��nd wo will make you up a costume to ordor, silk lined, for S20.  Wo have a fo w of thoso nice Parisian Hats left and will sell them at largely  reduced prices.  THE KUBSflira BIT COMPANY  Baker  Street, Nelson.  t\_* ���f"��_ii��_il��_iZL  ���*'-0'<��'<&''i''*---�� \_\ JB-^5'  0*'f~^   *��*��� 0OS'0*-0i*t 00**00-0**' 000'00  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ff(\  q\  'to  to  fix  to  to  to  to  ��te ��vihmt��  Tina Tribune has published and  will continue to publish more  original mining news . than any  other daily newspaper printed in  the province. It is not the mouthpiece of any association or the  organ of any clique, and the news  it publishes can be relied ou as  being as near correct as news can  be.   At Nelson this year the contests  for sports and games on Dominion  Day will be for glory and medals,  and not for cash prizes as iu former  years. The committee in charge of  land sports have arranged quite a  lengthy programme, and excepting  the prizes for horse races and drill-  .. ing contests, all prizes . will be  medals and trophies. No cash  prizes will, be given for baseball,  lacrosse, or football games; ,but  instead the expenses of visiting  teams will be paid.  Tub rumor that the Mine Owners'  Association has purchased the  Rossland Miner for $20,000, if true,  shows that the association has not  profited by its experience in trying  to keep the Nelson Miner from  going to the bone-yard. Neither  the Rossland Miner nor the Nelson  Miner are worth a dollar to the  Mine Owners' Association, for once  it becomes known that the association owns newspapers, the newspapers it owns will be entirely without influence. What the Mine  Owners' Association wants is not  newspapers, but sense enough to  .keep out of politics.  The Rossland Miner says this  province "is cursed by injurious  mining    laws,"   and   quotes    such  The best Kodads  are made hy the  Eastman    Kodak  Co.   Tho most reliable       Cameras  are thoso made by  the Rochester Op-  -    tieal Co.   We con  fine our stock to these -makers' gords because  they are the best aiid moat satisfactory.   Our  KODAKS,  CAMERAS AND  PHOTO SUPPLIES  PN0T0 SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS  are also of the best. Wc keep Seeds and Stanley  l*lates, Mounts, Solar, Velox andDccko papers  ���in fact everything that is required by tho"Pro-  fes-ional or Amateur Photographer, audi only  the best. The prices, too, arc the best possible  for the customer.  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  Pianos to Kent.  NELSON, B. C.  eminent authorities on the question  as the Nelson Miner and Sandon  Mining Review. As a matter of  fact, there is no country on earth  that has more liberal laws than  British Columbia. The trouble in  British Columbia is that there are  too many soreheads in control of  newspapers and too many jack-leg  lawyers and tin-horn mine managers running loose. The opinions  of the soreheads in control of newspapers are of as little value as are  the opinions of the jack-leg lawyers  or the reports of the tin-horn mine  managers. .  To Mark Their Course.  Chicago, June 11.���A special to  the Chronicle from Quiney, III.,  says: Packed in hermetically sealed  cans forty balloons have been  shipped to Tromsoe, Norway, where  the outfit will bo added to the  equipment of the Baldwin-Zeigler  north pole expedition. These balloons are not to be used for carry-  iug passengers, but to mark the  path of the expedition. To each  will be attached ten buoys, ten feet  apart, hanging one below the other,  weighing ten pounds each, arranged  with a liberator for detaching the  buoys one at a time as they strike  the earth. The buoy will contain  a message showing the latitude  whence the balloon was sent up  and such other word as the explorers care to leave behind. Tlie  buoys are made of copper and cord  and are shaped like a top. In the  center is a hollow space which will  contaiu the messages. When a  certain   amount   of   the   gas   has  escaped the balloon will descend.  As sooii as it gets near enough to  the earth for one of the buoys to  strike the lower oue is immediately  detached, and, liberated from the  weight, the balloon at once begins  another ascent. This operation is  repeated automatically .until all of  the buoys have been dropped, when  the balloon, now emptied of its gas,  collapses and sinks to the ground.  As there are forty of these this  operation will be continued until  the 400 buoys are scattered over  the Arctic region. -  POPE IS IH COOP HEALTH  Cabled Reports Erroneous.  Rome, June 11.���The report  cabled to the United States that  the pope is again ill is without  foundation. His holiness is well  and yesterday granted an audience  to the Belgian Dominican ministers.  The statement circulated in America shows that the annual reports  of the pontiff's illness, critical condition and fainting fits have already  commenced, and as the summer  wanes he, no doubt, as usual, will  be reported at death's. door. The  truth is  his  holiness at  present is  "in exceptionally good health and "is  enjoying his daily drive and walk,  the heavy cares of state seeming to bear lightly on his old  age. The other day the pope  stood gazing at the yellow  strip of sunlit Mediterranean and  turning with a sigh to his nephew,  the pontiff used for the first time  since his "imprisonment" ''&' phrase  which might have been construed  as impatience at his captivity. Said  he, "How I wish I could go to sea.  I would readily renew my youth.  The last time I really stayed at sea  was about 55 years ago when I was  nuncio at Brussels. I then went  near Antwerp on the advice of a  physician and can vividly remember even now how cool the water  was, how invigorating and what  pleasure. I took in swimming. I  found the cure most benefiting."  As a matter of fact the pope has  such pleasant recollections of the  benefits of the sea that he decided  some time ago to try the Kneippe  cure for iheumatism, but this was  such a dismal failure that for a  long time after the word "water"  was offensive to the pope.  No Third Term.  Washington, D. C, June 11.���  The following statement has been  given out at the White House:  "I regret that the suggestion of a  third term has been made. I doubt  whether I am called upon to give  notice, but there are now questions  of the gravest importance before  the administration and the country  ���and their just consideration  should not be prejudiced in the  public mind by even the suspicion  of the thought of a third term. In  view, therefore, of the reiteration of  the suggestion of it, I will say now,  once for all, expressing a long settled conviction, that I not only am  not and will nob be a caudidaco  for a third term, but would not  accept a nomination for it were it  oil'ered. My only ambition is to  serve through my second term to  the acceptance of my countrymen,  whose generous confidence 1 so  deeply appreciate, and then with  them to do my duty in the ranks of  private citizenship.  '���W.u. McKinlry,  "Executive   Manson,   Washington,  June 10."  Trap Shooting Contest.  London, June 11.���The Anglo-  American trap shoot opened today  at the Middlesex gun club rangy.  The weather was bright and there  was a fair attendance. A high  wind prevented good records. In a  preliminary sweepstakes, 25 birds,  R. O. Hikes of Dayton killed 25  straight; W. JI. Crosbv of Alton,  III., and Fred Gilbert of Spirit Lake,  Iowa, were next highest, with 22  each. Theo. A. Marshall of Keiths-  burg, 111., won the next sweepstake  with 22 out of 25. ln the international shoot W. R. Crosby took  19 out of the first 20 and 17out of the  second 20. The total scores for the  day were: Americans, SOU; British,  301. '      ������;  Whitney Wants to Buy.  - New York, June 11.���The London correspondent of the \Yorld  says that William C. Whitney of  New York, who leased Volodyvski,  the English Derby winner, from  lady Meux, is extremely anxious to  buy the colt and has offered her  $75,000 in cash, besides $20,000, one-  half of the Derby winnings, or lady  Meux's share in case the horse won.  Mr. Whitney's lease of the horse  does not expire until .the-fall of  1902. Every offer made by Mr.  Whitney up to date for the purchase of the colt lady Meux has  refused.  ENGAGEMENT  RINGS . . .  There is always a large  demand for this style,, of  ring in June.  WE   HAVE THEM  And you may select a good  ring without paying an exorbitant price.  BROWN BROS.  HM10AI  INSURANCE,  REAL ESTATE  =an(HyHNING=BROKER^  HOUSE AND LOT  FOR SALE.  Fine house and lot on Silica  street convenient to Baker street.  Price $3000; only $1800 required in  cash.  Also, two-story house in Hume  Addition. Price $1100; only $500  required to be paid in cash.  Appiy__H. R. Cameron  AGKNT. BAKKR STREET.  KZZZX:ZZZXZZZXZXZ__1ZZXZZ_7ZZZZZZZZZZZZXZTZZZ  ipzzzxxzzxzzzxzzzzxizzizzzzxzzxzzzzizivazzzi    /.y.  ti ���        .���__._---__---.      .__��--,___<_���_,*_        __ __       _       ^ S ��  ���m   [j BUTTERICK ri �� ^ -<*������ /-_ _-*��       m ���_o _r ��� _! __���� _--* _\ _*__��_ ���., \  *��� *   ��� M  f, ��� \  *���  PATTERNS  tizzzxxzzzzzzzxxxzzzzzxzxzxzzzxzxzxzzzzizzzzli  JUSTE DELINEATOR  NOW READY  36 Baker Street, Nelson.  i ���  tizlXZXZZZZlZZZZZXXZZZXZZZZZZZZZXZZZXXXZ-aXt  A.T  ���^TOZNTIDEESr'TrX.IL^-  XiCTW   PBICES  m  FINE WHITE LAWN WAISTS���A large range  of the prettiest styles shown this season,  trimmed in a variety of effects, with hemstitching, tucking, and embroidery or  lace    ...... $1.50 to $0.50  PERCALE S^IRT WAISTS-  styles......'   -In all the  popular   ..75c to $2.00  BLACK   AND   GOLOrJED   SILK   WAJSTS ���We  have about twenty, made up in a varh-iy  of styles and in values that range from  $1.50 to $S to close out, marked down  your choice  .$2.50  WHITE LAWN WAISTS���Dressy waists with  inserting**, tucks or allover embroidery,  plain or pleated tucks $1 00 to $2.50  BLACK TAFFETA���Surplice front with tucked  or corded shield, also hemstitch or cluster  tucks-*,' puff, bishop or fancy sleeves, and-  Imt'ton finish. $7.50 to $15  UBERTY'SELK WAISTS���Black nnd colored,  same style as above, comes in light blue,  old rose, cream and black  .$5.50  ?.*  to A FINE LINE OF MEN'S SUMMER UNDERWEAR*  91  to  fzzxn:zzz_rzzzxzzzzxzzxzxzzz__zzzzxxzxzxzxzzz.  NEW  WASH  VEILING  ���fZZZZXlXZZZZZXlXZXZXXrjXZZZZZZXZXZZZZXZZZZ:  MAIL ORDERS  PROMPTLY  FILLED  M  izxzzxxxzzzzzzzzzxzxzxxzzzzzizzxxxxzixzzzz.  36  Baker  Street  tlzixxxxzxxxxzxv-xtzrxxxizzzrxxirxzxizxzzxix ii  +~*?>00 ' 100 -00��� 00 '00.00 .00 .00 .00. 0* .00.00 .00 .00 .00. 00 .  ^�����T- *�����*���, ������*��_;- >����** �����r�� >>*> �����**��� ->������*. �����:��� *��-��> -ST- *5T-��T- *^-��T- ~  . Sk�� '"������i' *"���� ��� ���*��*��� '*������,��� ���"*>��� <w*k> *����* .���**��*, ��� *3k. xsv^. >n*K' >w^> "ns- *"����>���<.���.  .-������iJv^S-* xtji*-' -*��SS-'.��5J3-> -"���SB.-- -��2B�� "US* -����5> -"���at*-"SKIS* <��SSS?-��H>- -^M* "Wto> "����2�� .wl��*  '��� 00 ' 00' 00 ��� 00'.00-' ft**?' 02? ' 00' 00 ' 00' 0* "00" 00 ' 1)0' 00 ' 0��'*0  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  '���S'5'��'*'33:-3:-3'ja:3:-2����&iJf.6��fe'?6f:feS  Coffee Roasters  Healers in Xea arit| Coffee  :-3:-j:25'-2:^.^*5:-23;3:-2:-*!  rs-'tsssees  .,.  Ws aro ofTorinf-; at, IowokI prices the best  grades ol Ceylon, India, China aud Jauan  Teas-.  Our Bon!, Mocha, and Java Coll'ee, per  pound �� 10  Mocha atul Java Blend, 3 pounds -��� 1 W)  Choice Hlend Cofl'oe, 4 pounds  1 (10  Special Hlend Coflbc, (i pounds  1 00  liio Jlloncl Coil'eo, (i pounds  1 00  Special lilctid Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY GOFFEE GO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182. _  WESTIBAKER STREET, NELSON.  lelsonBaw  Limited.  CHARLES  HILLYER, HARRY  HOUSTON,  President and General Manager. Secretary-Treasurer  All Communications to be addressed to cither of the above  FISHING TACKLE  W'10  IIAVK THU*  HEST  FLIES AND   THE  UEST:"LKADJOnS  MAOK.  Minnows, silver and fjold and Phantoms  Siljc  Lines  Landing Nets  And a splendid lino of all fishing requisites.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  IC.-W.-C. Ulock.       Corner Ward and Uaker Sts  R.B. REILEY  (SUCCESSOR TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  We are prepared to Furnish  by Rail, Barge or Teams  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  . RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STOREFRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices before  purchasing elsewhere.  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  BLACKSMITHS   AND    WOOD   WORK"-!..-.  EXPERT HORSESHOEINC.  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local nnd coast'.  Flooring-  local and coast1.  Newel Posts  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  Of aU kinds,  ir WHAT TTOtr WANT IS NOT IN BTOOK  WK WILL MAKK IT XOU YOU  CALL AND SHT PRICKS.  Special attention Klvnn to Al kinds of repairing  and onstoiu work from c.^ido points. Hoavy  bnlt-) madn f.n ordf>r on shm< noltan.  ARTHUR   .GEE  MERCHANT  TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  ^>'��,o <���  ' 'X 1"  �� ������������} * '_ .?j - ��� .  fcjfiE**K3  >/.���  ,   VpV  ��� ���tfjVi'    Ti'/* I  KrrsF'r*&**& 'hrf-sks"- -j  WHOLESALE THADE  CRATED ANI> 1K1NEKAL WATEHS. '  rpROUPK & CO.. LIIvlITHn.���Corner Vornon  -'- and ijod-ir utreolci, Neh.on, maniifaolursrs  oi and wholesalo dealers" in turat^ul waters and  tvvdl syi-Hv*. Solo agents for Halcyon Spi-ings  minoral wator.   Tolopliouo fill.  ASSAyiLRS*   Syi-FLIEST  TX7" 'F. T.KETZRL & CO.���Corner Uaker ojifl  "v ���   Josophlno sireols, NdIkoii, wholp��alodeai  ors In   a'-yayorK   supplies.   Aecpta  >or l)o:*.vn  Fire Clay Oo. o' Dcinver, Colornilo.  COMMISSION "MERCHANTS.  TT 3. .KVANS  &  CO.-Bakor streoli, Nolson  JCJ-��   wholesalo    <lnnli<i-H    la   liquors,    cigars  eomenti. flro oriole and Uro clay, water pipe and  utoe! rails, and souoral commission merchants.  ELKGTEICAL   SUPPLIES.  V'-OOTKNAY KLKCT1MC SUPPLY & CON-  ���"^ S'l RUCTION COM PAN Y���WholoHalodiMil-  ers in t,olepho-.ii>.H, niimiuci>itor��. bulla, baLlJjries,  iJ:-(--*-o��. ol/j., Houston lilosk. Kelson.  ___________     .  RACTCMAM - KJ-.R MILLING COMPANY  ���Cm-dais, Mciiii", Grain, Hay. St,raii.!:ti or  mixed' cars' Hhippeil (o all Kootonay l'oinls.  Grainolovui'.ori-at all priiicipal points on Cnlf-ary-  Kdniouto:! U. It. Mills nt, Victoria, Now YY'ustJ  minBtor, anil Kn;.-io*i;on. Allnrta.   FfiSSH AJiD SALT MEATS.  p   . OUKNS ifc   CO.���Wnltsr   stroot),   Nolson,  ���*��� ���   waolfisalo tlaalora In fresh and oured wonts.  Crild sturatte.  _~~~: GKOCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Cornor Front) anrl  ���*-*����� Hal! streots, wholesalo grocors and  'obburainblankeh*, _rloves,initt,st boots, rubbors,  ni'ioklnaw.'' ami vnlnfiT-s' �����undi'i'��s.  ���|K"uot;.nay supply .company, limi-  ���*-*��� TKD���V anion atrooh, Nolson, wholesale  grocers. _  rOBN CHOLDITCH & t.:0.���lftoat stroei), Nol  **    son, wholesalo t*racei-s.  T   Y. GKC^FIM & CO.  " *   wIioIhskIo   dealovs  v_of/.tis. biiuf-;r and euro..  B  ���Front st-reeli, Nolson  In   -provlHio-M,   cared  |r' ''. ^\.iA 4/��/-  !,^Pi'-SL"^rssw^^-����-^'i^^��'';  Largo stock of high-olass imported poods.   A  jpocfalty  of the  square   shoulder���the   latest  bh.mIiIo/1 Inroatis.  LARGE HOUSE BOAT  FOR   SALE   OR    FOR    RENT  AMERICAN AKD EUROPEAN  PLAN3  321 TO 331 BAKEE STKEET, NKfjSON  MEALS 25 CENTS  laywari  HA IX t,ND I,AKX STBl_*Ti*, NKLBON  House Hoat eoniplctcly furnished for rent by  the weok or month on most reasonable tonus, or  For Sale:at a Bargain.  This is a good investment for a man who could  look after same and personally lako out tourists  ami I'lsliin*; parties.   Apply  T. G. PROCTER., Baker street.  CARPET CLEANING-  NEW PROCESS.  Leave orders at Uootblaek Stand at Mc Arthur'!) corner.   Work guaranteed,  X). T. SMITH.  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated by Steam 25 Cents to SI  HABDWAfl- AND MIKING  SUPPLIES.  HB-XWiNS fe CO.���Corner Baker��ntl Josephine  ' sT..roote, Wshiori, v/holowilo dealers In \tard-  v/ate aiid nilviioft -ntvplim*. AktiuiIh for Giant  Powjier Co.   J AVl'lUfiNCB    ELVKDWAiiM     COMPANY  ���"-*. Uaksr  St., K'oison.  wholcsnlo   dealers la  hardwavs and minluK supylifs, and wattir and  r/l".;i*l*:('s'supplios.  I.IQU��_  AKD D8Y~ GOODS.   '  T'URKiCK, BKKTON & CO.-Corner Vornon  ���*��� ami Josophlno strnotfl. Nelson, wholosale  .U-n.lyr.'- !n Itctnors, clears and dry jjO'xlt). AkouIw  ?or Pahft Krowing' Co. of iVitlwankoo and Cal  ijcnrv Hr-iwinir Co. of Calsrary.  ,SAS���  AND~BOOas! '  ",-vrKLSON SAWV AND INLAWING *Vr��LL3,  ���** LlMrrKD-Oonier IfTontiand Hall stroo&s,  *\r-*lson. ic/iannfaofctirorw of and wholes-*.!-* dealers  in sash and doure; all feludn ot factory work icada  Ini order.,  WJNES AHX> ClOAitS.  GALlH-ORNltA inNM COMPANY. LXMI  T1BD���Oorjisr Front' and Hall stroots, i'ic.l  eon, wholesalo donlero In vines (oaso and JrofSc.  Rvid AiimnRlrle %?jd 'muor'-fli'l rricraM.  BAKKR STKBKT. NKLSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air,  adden Ifousb >^X^  LarRo oomfortablo bedroomd anil   _rsb-clas3  dlnluK-room. Sample rooms for commorcial man,  RATES $2 PER DAY  The only hotol 1n ftolwn that has remsluecE  endor ono nianai-eroenb siuoo 1880.  The bod-rocms aro ���well furnished and iifjhttxl  by electrlolfjy.  The bar Ih always stw,_od by tho best dom e-  (do and Imported, liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  mun mmfm PTel  J. H. McMANUS, Man&sor  MODERN  CONCENTRATOR  100 Tons Capacity.  LEDGERWOOD   HOIST  ELECTRIC SINKING PUMP  ONE PAIR S-INCH and ONE  PAIR 16-INCH WATERWHEELS  ' And OU n Plant.  FOR PARTICULARS APPLY TO  Revelstoke  Station, B.C.  _ , _ ,     B?r stocked with beal)lirant*.3 of Tvinas, liquors,  JVJrSo    E,   0>   OlSiri^G)    PPOPs | W5!S V**���-  Beor on draughli.   Ijanje oomforl)-  _4tk of thk EOTAL kotbl, o_i_aey        j abU* i'ouiup.  Blrat-olaag table boa d,  A. K. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCSAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootoaay Sfccr.oti*.  P. O. Box m. T��_-PUOjS�� no. �� mm  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1901  ..��  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  REST    7,000.000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona nnd Mount Roynl ...President  Hon. Goorgo A. Prumraond Vice-President  K. S. Cloi'.'tou General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH  Corner I'afcnr and Kootenay Streeta.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  ���"ranches ln London (England! nkw Yoi-k,  CxitCAOO, and all tho principal cities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchango and Cable  Transfers. ���        . ���    ..  Grant. Commercial and Travolora Credits,  available' in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Etc.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WIIICIT IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  -     ���      $8000.000  -     -     -   $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Geo. A. Cox,  President.  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRKNT KATK OK INTKKKST PAID.  TELECRAIV1S IN'BRIEF FORM  Froin Various Sources.  ROME, 11.���The pope had a long conference with cardinal Gibbons today.  DEXTER,"Kiin., 11.���Cashier Watkins  of the local bank committed suicide  today. The bank is closed pending action by the commissioner.  PARIS, 11.���The Liberte says that  in consequence of the revenue shorty  ago the goveiumnt is considering a proposal-.to reduce the sugar bounties.  LONDON. 11. ��� The abnormally  warm .'weather in Scotland suddenly  ended with a snowstorm this morning.  Tlie Grampian mountains are covered  with snow.  SOUTHAMPTON, 11.���The Shamrock  11, after having been strengthened while  in dry dock here, returned today to her  moorings, off Hythe. She starts in tow  for tlie Clyde tonight.  ROTHESAY, Firth of Clyde, 11.���The  Sybarita beat the Kariad by 11 minutes  today over a 74 mile course, which the  winner covered in a spanking breeze  in ti hours, G minutes, 12 seconds.  NEW    YORK,    11. ��� The   adjourned  special   meeting   of  the   Amalgamated  Copper  Company,  whicli   was  to  have,  been   hold   in   Jersey  City   today,   was  further adjourned until Saturday next.  LONDON. 11��� Lord Kitchener reports  to the war oflice. under date of Pretoria,'  .lime 11, as follows: "Commandant  Vanrensburg and his commando have  surrendered at Piclt-rsburg. One hundred" men have come in and others are  following."  THE HAGUE, 11.���Mr. , Kruger has  issued a statement to the effect that he  knows nothing of tlie peace negotiations alleged to be proceeding wilh tho  Boer leaders. He says that if there are  any negotations on foot it is not  through any action of his.  BOSTON, IL���Tho great intcrnation-  ..nl jubilee convention of tlie Young Mens  Christian Association was opened today. Although tlie first formal meeting was not held until 3 o'clook, the  business meeting, which began at 11  o'clock, saw nearly every delegate in  li is place.  BOSTON, IL���The action brought by  Clarence M. Venn or of tliis city to restrain tlie absorption of the Boston &  Montana and the Butto & Boston Mining Companies by thoAmalgamatcd Cop  per Company was held in the Supreme  Court before judge Knowlton today, but  ' the decision was reversed.  LONDON. 11���Richard Croker's  Frozen Out (.L Reiff) won the Burton'  selling plate at the Lincoln summer  meeting today. Topo (Maher) won the  Weir-Courtney plate at the Lingflcld  park spring meeting today, Comma,  iMartin) second, Divination (L. Reiff)  third. Frank Gardener's Red Hand  (Jenkins) came in first in the race for  the Park  Selling plate.    :  NEW YORK, tt.���The body of Patrick Coylo. an engraver of this city, was  found this morning lying in the middle  of the street opposite tho saloon of  Francis A. Stevenson, at- the corner of  Ninth avenue and Sixteenth streets. The  man's throat had been cut. .John Simp-  =fc_n,_.tli._ji.ig]i._J*.autento  and hold as a suspicious person ponding  an investigation of the man's death.  ROCHESTER, N. Y.. 11.���The first  rorions trouble since tlio inauguration  of tlio general strike of the street and  .building laborers on June 1st took place  on St. Paul street today, when a mob  of fiOO strikers and sympathizers attacked ten.non-union men who had returned to worlc. A patrol wagon load  of policemen was rushed to the scene  and held tho mob at bay for half an  hour, when the latter suddenly retreated with threats of returning Inter in  Ki.ronscr  force.  ST. PAUL, 11��� The twelfth biannual  on nip of tlie national convention of the  Modern Woodmen of America met hero  today in the auditorium. An immense  audience witnessed tne opening ci'vc-  m'onies. Reports of the head officers  show a net gain of 211,370 in members  since the meeting of two years r.go carrying a total insurance of. $34,S50 during the two years. Three thousand six  hundred aud eight now local lodges  were organized.  AUCKLAND, 11��� The duke and duch  ess of Cornwall and York, who arrived  hero yesterday from Sydney, or, board  the steamer Ophir, landed tin's morning.  They were greeted with salutes from t le  warships in the harbor and a popular  demonstration on landing. The town  was crowded. Among those gathered to  greet the duke and duchess were many  Maoris in native costume, in honor of  Hie royal visitors the day was observed  ai. a general holiday.  LONDON, IL���A meeting of the creditors of sir Ellis Ash mead Bartlett  in tho bankruptcy court today discloses  Id's liabilities to be ;��57,53G and his assets .228,000. The chairman of tho meeting stated that the assets were of a very  doubtful character. Among the creditors is sir Ellis' brother, William Lehman Ash mead Burdett-Coutts, who ilg-  ures for ��-10.000. Sir Ellis attributes  Id's insolvency to losses on various investments.  ADRIAN, Minn..���A tornado swent  over Adrian today while the inhabitants were still asleep. Thousands of  dollars worth of property was destroyed  No lives wore lost. Five largo sized  stores were demolished.   One residence  Robt. Kilgour,  Vice-President.  London Office, GO Lombard Streot. ��1. C.  New York   Office, 16   Exchange   Place.  und IU Brunches in Canada and Iho '  United SUUes.  IMPERIAL BANK  OF    0^_3ST_^_._D___  HEAD   OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,726,000  '*-)].*  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed  on  deposits.    Present rate  three per cent.  GRANGE  V.  HOLT,  'Manager Nelson Branch.  was wrecked. Another was turned completely about, ���while half a dozen im-  viensc barns and innumerable outbuildings were wrecked. Trees, telephone  and telegraph poles, etc., were destroyed  over a large area.       '  NEW YORK, 11.���Unset rubies to the  value of 19.000 francs were seized by  the custom inspectors today in a'.room-  in tlie Grand Union Hotel occupied by  two Belgians. The rufiies were brought  to this -:<-untry by the young men who  were passengers on hoard thef steam-.  s-;hip,, Zealand; which arrived here May  27tii last from Antwerp.  CAMBRIDGE,- 11.���The remarkable  feature of the mathematical honors list  issued this morning was that the -twin-  brothers named Gama, sons of a native  of Bombay, were sixth and seventh  wranglers. The senior wrangler is D.  S. Brown Of Cains college. There was  one woman wrangler, Miss L. M. Reynolds of Newnham.  NEWPORT NEWS, Va.. 11.���A. L.  Hopkin, assistant superintendent of the  Newport News Ship Building .t Dry-  Dock Company, iy authority for the  statement that if the striking machinr  ���ists do not return to work at once, tiie  immense plant will be closed. Nearly  7000 men will, in that event, be;thrown  out of employment. .   y.  NEW YORK,". 11.���Henry Schaub,; a-  German barber of Newark, N. J., this  afternoon murdered his v/ife and six  weeks' old child at that place He placed  a towel about his neck and then went  to a neighboring saloon and bought a  bottle of whiskey. He returned to the  place where the bodies lay and then  proceeded to take the whisky. He was  in a stupor when the police arrived.  HYDE PARK, Mass., 11.���About 235  employees of the American T.iol Company including the machinists, patternmakers, apprentices and blacksmiths,  walked out of the s'hoy at 9 o'clock this  morning on account of a notice posted  hy the company stating that the shop  would be shut down at 9:30. The motion  was the company's answer to a demand  for an increase of 121-2 per cent in  wages. '  Lost His Job.  St Petersburg, June 11.���Piinre  Vnlkonsky, who lectured ia America several years ago on Russian  literature, has been dismissed from  his position as intendant of the imperial theaters as a result of fining  a famous Polish dancer for sin infraction of discipline. He was compelled to remove the fine, but posted a bulletin in the opera house  declaring upon whose command this  was done. The position of intendant is considered a peculiarly  thankless one here, and it is believ-  H. S. HOWLAND ." President.  D. K. WILKIE General Manager.:  K. HAY Inspector.  SAVINCS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  TUB   CURllKNT   KATE   OK    IJiTKRKST   Af.LOWKD.  City   of   Nelson  POUND   NOTICE  The saul horse, unlo-ts i lie i-aiuo is in the meantime redeemed by paving all damages, if any,  costs and oxpensos as lixed by the Pound, and  J>ng^a.^3yliuw=No.=8Q.=w.ilUba^sol<.Ubj_liiil)lic=:  Auction at the City Pound, ar, the north west  corner of I lie recreation ground, on Tlmrsduv,  tho ll'.lli day of June. lrt)l. at, 2 o'clock in the  iifLornoon. K. McGRTCGOlt, Poundkoopcr.  Nelson, P. C, J uno 7,1!)01.  CITY OF NELSON.  Notice is hornby given that tho first sitting* of  the Annual Court of Revision of the Municipality of tho Cityof Nelson will be held in the  .Council''���huinhuntt the city olllces. Nelson, on  Wednesday, the JMh day of July next,, at 10  o'�� lock a.m., lor the purpose of hearing com-  plaint-- against tho assessment as made by the  ussc-sor; and   for revising  and  corroding the  a.-HCSsmont roll.    .1. K. STUACHA.vrCity Clork.  Nelson, B. C May 23t,h. W01.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given Mint wc Intend to,apply  at. the next regular sittings of the Roard of  Licence Commissioners for i lie City of Nelson lo  be held after the expiration of thirty duvs from  the date hereof for a transfer of the retail liquor  license now he'd by us for the premises known  as the Nelson Hotel, situate on lot 10 in Block 1.  subdivision of lot '.1.5. Nelson, to Rohcrt Ueistcrcr  and Arthur K. Vaughan of the said City of  Ne'son,  Dated this 17th day of May. 1001.  A. H. CLEMENTS,  ��� ROBERT REISTERER.  Witness, O li'OUGIS GABRIEL.  NOTICE.  Notice'������* hereby given to all persons having  claims Hgn'iisl, thn estate of 'William H: Sword-  l'eger of I'thon, M.C, that, tho undersigned will  proceed to distribute the assets of tno estate  among tho parlies ontitled thereto on tho 201 li  day of June, lilOl, having then regard only to tho  claims of which he rhall havo ��ad notice, and  that, ho will not be rcsaonsihlc for the assets nr  any pan-, thereof so distributed to tviy person o��  who.-iC claim ho shall not then have had notice  Claims may bo sent to John A. Kirkpatrick,  Nelson, B.C., or his solicitor. P. E. Wilson. Nelson, B. C. JOHN A. 'KIRKP A.TRK'K.  Conimitcoo of William II. Swerdfeger Estate.  Dated this'th day of Juno. 11)01.  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  Notieo is hereby ai veil that tho co-partnership  hitherto existing between the undersigned, by  tho style of VKriuwr & Broderick," as dairi men.  has this day been dissolved by tho rcti"ciiicnt of  Charles Broderick. who has transferred to John  M. Fraser all his interest in tho business, assets,  good will and hook accounts.  All persons indebted to the said partnershiparo  hcvol*S'requested to make payment; to the said  John M. lM-a��er. who has assumed anrt will pontile liabilities of tho partnership, and who will  continuo the partnership business.  Wilting: JOHN M   FRASRR.  It. W. Hannington.     CHAS. BRODERICK.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  n J. M. LAY, Manager.  ed tliat prince Volkonsky invited  his removal designedly.  It is said that lieutenant-general  Kleigel, perfect of the Sb. Petersburg police, is likely to be succeeded by count Von Sehouvaulolf, prefect of Odessa.  The attack of typhoid fever iu a  mild form which the young grand  duchess Olga, the eldest child of  emperor Nicolas, is suffering from  is following the usual course and is  not causing any alarm.  Established in Nelson 1890.  A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMANOFTODAY  Is Eminently Progressive.  *�� -^--v��:  $*"*"''"*'"'"'     ���'���-"���     '-��  ��~^-^-^-' _��� _.^.��a^_-��-.*.  to  to  to  9\  9\  All watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the best  workmen.  9\  NOTICE.  CA.VCKM.ATIO.V    Ol''     Rl-SUKVATION,    KOOTKNAV  DlSTIMCTY  Nl  "OTrCE U hereby given that tbe rescration  placed on that particular parcel of land,  'which may bo described as commencing at the  northeast, noruer of Town-hip (Sa) >,ight A,  Kootrnay District, which ia also tlie northeast  corner of Mil-ok 12, grained to the Nelson and  Fort Sheppard Railway' Company by Crown  g<-ant. dated Slh March, 1895; the'i'-o due east Iii  miles; thence duo south to the International  Boundary ;.therce due wesf. along said boundary  1(1 mile ���; t.lience north to tho place o( commencement, notice whereof was published in the  British Columbia Gnzetto, and dated "ih May,  1890, is heroby rescinded.  W. S. GORE,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.  Lands and Works Dp.piu-tment.  .Viotorlii, B. C. 23rd May, 1001.  GAOL.  SUPPLIES.  Tenders will bo received by the undersigned  up to l'i o'clock noon on Saturday, June 22nd,  lt.il, for ttie supplying of fhe following articles to  tho l-Voviii'-ial Gaol at Nelson from July.lst, l'JOl,  toJune-ijtli. V.m:  ,   GKOCRUUKS,  BHKA1"),  MJO.AT,  COAL,  VKGKTABLKS,  KltUOMS, ETC.  A del ailed list can be seen and any information  obtained at the government agent's olllce.  JOHN A. TUKNER,  Government Agent.  Nelson, .Tunc 10th, 1901.  -'"������ NOTICE   OF   ASSIGNMENT.  Notieo U hereby uivon that William Graham  Lillie and Tliomas Lester Lillie. both of the City  of Nelson, in the Province of British Columbia,  trading under the llrm name and style of Lillie  Brothers, Boot and Shoe Dealers, on Baker  Street, in the City of Nelson, have by deed bearing date of the 3rd day of June. 1901. assigned all  their real and personalpropertj-.oxceptas therein  mentioned, to Lewis A. Godbolt of tho City of  Toronto, in the Provinco of Ontario, commercial  traveler, in trust for the purpose of paying and  satisfjingrateably and proportionally and without preference or priority tho creditors of the  said William Graham Lillie and Thomas Le=ter  Lillie, and the said firm of Lillie Brothers, their  just deb"-.  The said deed wasexecutedby the said William  Graham Lillie and Thomas Lester Lillie to tho  said Lewis A. Godbolt on the 3'd day of June,  !!01, and tlio said Lewis A, Godholt has undertaken the trust; created by the said deed. All  persons having claims against the said flrm of  Lillie Brothers or against tho said W'lliam  Graham Lillie or against the said Thomas Lester  Lillii are required to forward to the said Lewis  A. Godholt p.i.1 ticulars of their claims duly  veritied on or before the 10'h day of Juiy, 1' 01.  And notice is hereby given that after the Faid  10th d��y of J uly, 1901. tne trustees will proceed  =rj'di--tributo-the,as-otsl(if^llie=es��ate=amonK-tho=:  parties entitled thereto, havint; regard only to  iho claims of whieh the said trustees shall then  have had nolico. and that the said trustees will  not be icspoiisible fo- the assets or any part  thereof ko distributed to any person or persons,  firm or corporation of whose, debt or claim ho  shall not then have had notice.  A mooting of the creditors will bo held at tho  oflicj of tho iindcrsign<'d on Monday, tho 10th  dny of June, 1"*1, at iho hour of 2 o'clock in tho  afternoon, to decide as to the best manner of disposing of tho assets.  A further meeting of the creditors wiU be held  at the same pines on the 2Uth dav of July, at tho  hourof 10 o'clock a.m., to consider tho trustees'  statement, aud report.  Dated this :"r<l day nf Juno. 1001.  UALLIHKII& WILSON,  Solii-itors for Trustees,  K. VV. C. Block. Nelson, B. C.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER.  To Herbert Cuthbert or to any porson or persons to whom  he may havo transferred his  interest iu the Blend Mineral Claim, Mtunto  on the west fork nf Hover creek, in tiie Nelson mining division of  West, ivooleimy District, aud recorded in iho recorder's olllce for  tho Nelson Mining Division.  You and each of  you aro hereby notified that  we havn expended four hundred and eleven dollars in labor and  improvement'' upon tho -hove  mentioned minoral clnim in order to hold said  mineral cLaim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and  if  within   ninety davs from the  dato of this notice you fail or refuse fo contribute your proportion  of such |expenditures together with all costs of  advertising your  interests in said claims will become the property of  the subscribers, under section'!"of an Act,entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral Act. I!KI0."  . FRANK >KIjHITCHKlt,  .1. J. MALO.NE,i  H.'G. NKKLANDS.  15 T.'H. SIMPKINS.  Dated at Nelson this ard day of J une, litol.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  To John J. McAndhkws or to any porson or persons to whom ho may havo transferred his  interest in the Black Diamond Minoral Claini,  situate on  tho  north sido  o( Bear ("reek,  .  about, three miles from tho town of Ymir,  lying south of and adjoining tho  Kvening  ��t-ir Mineral Claim, Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay Distiict, and recorded in  tho recorder's oflico for tho Nelson Mining  Division.  You and each of you are hereby notified that I  have expended Two Hundred and Twolvodollars  and Twonty-flvn cents t&"l2.2"0 in labor and improvements upon the aoovo mentioned mineral  claim in order fo hold sai-1 mineral claim undor  tlie provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within  ninoiy dayi from the dato of this notice yon fail  or rofnso to contribulo yoi'i- proportion of such  expenditures together with all costs nf advertising your intorohts in -.-aid claims will become the  property of the sub'cribor under section I of an  Act entitled  "An Act lo Amend the Mineral  Act, 19(10." JOHN DKAN.  Dated at Nelson this 27th day of April, 100L  He does not Follow in .a nil; lio worships no ideals of the past; he is of tlie times and with  the times; Im seeks constantly to advance, to improve, to give broad-minded and skillful service; lie not only buys early, but he studies his business minutely; he recognizes the important fact that his stock should consist of goods that aro so widely different from "the other  fellows" as can Jbe seiut ed. lie picks out lines that are.progressive, up-to-date and superior  as to special feature.*, .-t.yl��Miiwl Unish, then g--ts his goods in early, is not afraid to liberally  'display-si complete, assortment; of his various lines so as to impress the confidence he possesses.  He familiarizes himself with every detail as to quality and manufacture of his goods, sets a  fair price on them and stiiks to it; proclaims quality, perfection and long wear. Send for  prices, or call and s-ce us.     Wo aro here to serve you all.  OUR WATCHMAKING AND JEWELRY DEPARTMENT HAS NO EQUAL IN B. C  JACOB  DOVER,  THE JEWELER  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  9}  to'  _*V.*^^�� 00 . 00 .00 .00 . 00 . 00. 00 . 00 * (L0 . 00 .00 ��� 00 '00 .  w ���' l_v ^_^- 4_**^- ^_to^ ^r- ^*_^ 4_^ 4_^ 0B0 ^0* -^_-*^ 4t0 ^^^** ^0r  '^>H*^_i ��� ^*_, *^s ��� *>���_* * ^_. ��� ^_x' *"�����. ��� *_* * **_, * ^_> * ^��� ��� ****���. '^k *  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  r.j?^_f  to  to  to  9\  m.  to  to  9\  Mail orders receive our prompt  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  0'0-0  ___*������-___>- _���*���  v :_*'__*___&:  to  to  to  to  M  ���^���^���^���^���^���^'^���^���^,S-'S&'mN _^-,M_k^5L<^  THE.:  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  :" NELSON,  B. C.  Builders and  Contractors  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended th'em. ��� My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest  possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure-  It is our intention to install machinery to manufacture oiir  marble products, and next season we shall be in a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also Keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  Tiles and Cement.  "Our Bricks and Lime Bock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year.   We also  - secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors  and  Builders.  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  tor The Mansfield Manufacturing- Company.  Successors to  The West Kootenay Brick <_ Lime Co., Ltd  P.  &Co.  Hicad Office at  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  "M^loltTlit^NelioTir^Ro^  Denver, Rovolatoko, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  *���  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLKSALK AND RKTAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. C BLOCK  WARD STREET  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OKDWRfl RV MAIL RTDCHJIVE CARWFUL AND PROMPT ATJ.'_MT10N  axixzzzzzixxzzzzzzzzz_zixxzxzzzzzxxxxxxiiixxxxxxxxzxzzzxxxixzixxzzxxzxxxxzxxixxzzxzixxxxzxxxxxiixxxxixxxzamu  ^THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. O. Block,  NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Pfirtlcfl having mining properly for sale aro rcqucHtcd to send saraplos of their ore tothe   ;li;mge for exhibition.   Wo desire to hear from all  f   claim.s in British Columbia.  Kxchange for exhibition.   Wo desire to hear from all prospootors who have promising mineral  Prospectors and mining men are requeued lo mako Iho Exchange their hoadquarlors when   |  in NelHon.  AM samplcR should bo sent by express, Prepaid.   Correspondence soltol.ted,  Address all communications lo '  Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  T. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C.  tbjXXrZZZXZXZZZXZXXZZXXXZZZZXZXZXZZZXZrZXZZXZZZZZZXZZXiXZiriTTTTTrziXXXXTITZZXZlZIZXZZZXTXZXZZZXXZZXZZZZXtX-lixxi  W. P. TIERNEY  Telophono aw.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office:  Two Doors West C P. R. Offices  TENDERS   WANTED.  Thn Hasiintrs (1?. C.) KxploraMon .Syn-li-si'e,  Limited, will consider hirts for diRinnnd drilling  on lhe Arlington mine al. ICrio. 11. fi. For full  information call or address No. "J, K.-W.-C. block,  Nelson, 11. C.  WEST TRANSFER CO,  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds  of Teaming and  Transfer  Work.  ARonts for Hard and Soft Coal.   Imperial OH  Company.   Washington  Itrick, Lime & Manufacturing Company.   General commercial agents  and lirnke'M.   -  ijjAU coal and  wood strictly cash on delivery.  NOTICE     TO     PRE-EMPTORS     OF  CROW-J   LANDS.  rpUR attention of pre-emplori- of crown lands is  ���h heroby called to an amcndmonl, to ttie "Lund  Acl," passed at the last session of the Legislature,  which provides as follows, viz:  "9. Pre-emptors ot crown lands, whether in  arrears in pa-menc of ���instalment'" of purchase  "money or not, who at Ihe lime of coming into  force of this Act, have obtained cert ificatcs of improvement, or who shall have obtained cerlitica les  of improvement within twelve months thereafter, shall on conforming with the provi-uon-i of  tho "Land Act," except as hereby altered, bo entitled to obtain crown grants of their pre-emption'  claims upon completing payments of purchase  money at the rale of seventy-fire cent-* per acre,  and crown grant fees, which payment* may bo  made as follows:  "Twenty-live cents per acre on or before tho  31 I day of December, 1.901;  'Twenty-live cents per acre on or beforo the  30th day of June, 1S02;  "and the remaining���  "Twenty-five cents per aero on or before the  31st day ot   December, 11102. and  without any  further payment ofintcreslorarreii.-s of interest."  W. S. GORE,  Deputy Commissioner ot Lands & Works.  Lards and Works Department.  Victoria. B. C, 1st June, 1901.  "CANADIAN* CONTINOKNT KXK.MI'TION* ACTS."  A LL returned South African Volunteers, who  **��� havo not already done so, are requested to  commutiicato with tlie undersigned without de-'  lay, as also tho next of kin of Ihote dowised  or of those wlio havo not yet relumed to llritish  Columbia, or any other persons interested in  mining prnperl-ies held by such Volunteers. The  latest date possible for. receiving applications for  exemption under Iho above Acts will be the lsl  July, proximo.  RICIIAKD McRRTDK.  .Minister of Alines.  Department of Mines.  Victoria, B. C, 3rd June, liKll.  TELEPHONE 117.  Office 184 fiaHer St.  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���VTELSON SOCIALISTIC, EDUCA1IONAI  '���*���' CLUB meets every Sunday at. 3 o clock p.m.  in the Miners' Union Hall. A cordial invitation  is extended to every one lo'come and tako part)  in discussions.   John Kobons. secretary.  T AUNT'KY "WORKKRS' t>tfON OV NELHON  -*-1 No. 8594. A F.of L.���Me��ts in Miners' Union  Hall, C. P. K. nlock, corner i if Baker and Stan  ley streets, on fourth Friday in every month at  7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of American  Federation cordiallv invited i o attend. O. Fredrick, president; A. W. McFee. secrolary.  ���WTELSON MINERS' UNION NO. Wi, *W. F. of  ���*���' M.���Meets in minors' u-tion rooms, northwest corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clfot. Visiting mem  bors welcome. M. R, Mowat*, President. Jame  Wilkes. Secretary. Union Scale ok Wagbs  foh Nki-son District���Per shift, machine  men, $3.50: hammersmen miners, $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovolors and other underground laborers, $3.00.  rpilADKS AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu-  ���*��� lar meetings of tho Noluon Trades and Labor  Council will bo held in tho miners' union hull,  corner Baker and Stanley streets, on tho flrst and  third Thursday of each month, at 8 p. m, C. J.  Clayton, Pros.; A. T. Curie, Sec.   P.O. box 90.[_  rpHE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  -*���   aro held on  Wednesday  evening of  eacb  wt>ek, at 7 o'clock, in tho Miners' Union rooms  corner of Bakerv and  Stanley streets.   Charles    -  Clayton, President.   Alex B. Murray,* Secretary.  ���QARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union. No. 196, of  XJ the International Journeymen Barbers Un  Ion of America, meots overy flrst and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Hall, at 8.3 0  sharp. Visiting brothers cordially invited tc-  attend. R. McMahon, prosident; J. EL Mathe  sou. secret-iry-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  secretary.  T ABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  *-* tective Union, No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets iD  Miners' Union hall, C. P. R. block, corner of  tinker and Stanley streets, every Monday ovoning  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visitinc members of tho American "federation cordially invited to attend.  A. J. Curie, President. John Roberts, recording secretary.  ���VTKLSON PAINTERS' UNION-Tho rogular    ,  J-"    meoting of tho   Painters'  Union is held  tho flrst and third Fridays in each month at-Miners' Union hall at, 7:30 sharp.   Georgo Kacritt,  I"reaidont; Henry Bennett. Secretary.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  KOSSI.AND-Vlil.VKT MINI*'WAGON ROAD.  SEALED TENDICRS, superscribed. "Tender  for Itos'-laiid-VeivcG "Mine Wagon Koad "  will bo received by the undersigned up to und including Thursday, the twentieth instant, for tho  consl ruction of a wagon road from Rossland to  tlie Velvet mine.  Plan, profile, specification and form of contract  may be seen on or after the 71 h instant, at the ofllce of John Kirkup, Esq., Government, Agent,  Kos-land.  Each tender must be accompanied by an ac-  _ce|)_tedjKin.k_cli_oulc_or certilicatejjfdopjiMt, ninde.  payable to the undersigned, for the sum of thirteen hundred (SK 0) uollurs, ns security for lhe  due fullilliiieut of the contract, which shall he  forfeit id if the party tendering decline to ��-nler  into contract when cul'cd upon to do so, or if he  rail t'.i complete the work contract el fer. The  checks of unsuccessful tenderers will be icMirned  l.o them upon the execution of llio r.oiilraet.  Tenders will noMie.com-idercd unle-s madcoul  on the forms supplied and i igned with the actual  signature of the tenderers.  The lowest or any tender not, necessarily accepted.    ��� W. S  (JOKK,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, B. C, 3rd June, l!Wl.  INSPECTION OF METALLIFEROUS  MINES.  INSI'KCTOitS' DIS'I KICT8.  THE Inspectors of Mel-illiferous Mines are  hereby assigned the following as their respective Iiispf-rtlon Uislricbi wilh hcadquariers as  noted. Such assignment, to tako place from  June 1.0th. 1911, until furl her notice.  AKcmuAM* Dick. Inspector.  Headquarters, (.'ranbrook. ofllce of Deputy  Mining Recorder.  Inspection District i-lin.ll comprise all of East  Kootenay and also Ooat River Mining Division  of West Kootenay.  In udnition lo lhe duties of Inspector of Metalliferous Mines, Mr. Dick wi'l also act as Inspector  nt Coal Mine - witli'ii the same District.  Ja.mk:- McGkkook, Inspector.  Headquarters, ofllce of Mining Recorder.  Nelson.  Inspection District shall comprise all of West  Koolonay except, Goil. River Mining Division,  und al-o the Grand Forks and Keltic River Mining Divisions of Yale District.  Thomas Mokcjan, inspector.  Hcadquarleis, Government Buildings, Nanaimo.  Inspc-tion   District,   Vancouver   Island   and  Coast District.  Mr. Morgan is also Inspector of Coal Mines for  this District,  Notice is hereby given of such Inspection District-) and that in accordance with the "Inspection of Metalliferous Mines Act, 18H7." and  Amending Acts, notice of accidents to employees  happening within wiiy of such Districts must be  promptly reported both lo the Inspector of such  i "strict and also to the Minister of Mines,  Viotoria.  In mines not included in the nliove Districts  managers will report, in duplicate, to the Minister of Mines direct, who. if he considers it  necessary, will assign an Inspector to specially  report.  Blank forms upon which to make reports of  such accidents may be obtained from the Inspector of the District, from the Mining Recorder, or  upon application to this ofllco  RICHARD Mf-BRIDE  Minister of Mines.  Department of Mines,  5th June, lflOl.  flOOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION���Rogular  ^ meetings every Tuesday evening at 8*30  o clock, in Miners' Lnion Hall, corner of Baker  and Slanley streets. Visting brethren cordially  invited. Chris. Luft, president; H. Smelser, financial and recording secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION-Tho O. P. I. A. No.  x. 172, moets every Monday evonlng in the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley streets, at  8 o'clock. J. D. Mover, prosident; William  Vico, secrotary, P. O. Box 016;  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES  ���N  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23. A. F. & A. 7.1  Moots sooond Wednesday lu eaoh moDLli  Sojourning brethren Invited.  KLSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER No. 123  _3.JLJi=Mooi_.t'hlr(l_y.cdncH<l<i\. Sojouj-d_  ing companions invited. George Johnstone.Z.: E,  W. Matthews. S. E.  AT KLSON AKUIW, No. 22, F.O. E.���Moet second  J-*    and'fourth Wednesday of each month, at)  Fraternity  Hall.    George  Bartlclt,  president  John V. Morrison, socretary.  xroOTKNAY TENT NO. 7. K. O. T. M.���  -L*- Hold theirrcgular meetings on the first md  third Thursdays of each mouth. Visiting Sir  Knights aro cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown, R. IC; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Stool  D.S. C.  K?  NIGHTS OF PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodoe No  26, Knights of Pythias, moots In I. O. O. F.  Hall, oornor Bakor and Kootonay streets, ever ���  Tuesday nvonlng at 8 o'olock. viglflng Kit-wr-*-*  oordlally invited to attend. H. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T. I'ark, K. of R. & S.  ARCHITECT.  A     C. EWART���Architect.   Room 3 Aberdeen  �����a-'   block, Bakor stroet. Nelson.  SHERIFFS SALE.  1'rovlnco of  British  Columbia,   Nolson,  West  Kootenay, lo wit:  Hy virtue of two writs of Fie*i Facias issued  out of the supreme court of British Columbia at  the suit, of tho Van Harvey Norman Company.  Limited, and Balfour & Company, plaintiffs, and  to mo directed against the goods and chattel.1* of  J. A. MacKinnon & Company, defendants. I  have seized and takr-n in execution all lhe right,  title and interest of the said defendant, J. A.  MacKinnon, in the so-called Hampton group of  mineral claims consisting of lhe x-ineml claiuiw  "Hampton,'"Ethel K." "Plunger," "Camp Fire"  and "Silver Bow." all situate up Springer creek  about eight miles, more or less, from Slucnn City  and recorded in tho office of the mining recorder  for the Slocan City mining division of the district of Wesl Kootenay, to recover tho sum nf  thirteen hundred and eighty-seven dollars and.  eighty cents (?13*7.S0), amount of said writs of  Fieri Facias, ii'il intorest on two hundred and  thirty-Mx dollars and Mvcnty-ftovnn cents |S2.'tO 27>  at five per centum per annum from the 3rd day  of January. 1801, until payment, and interest on  cloven hundred and forty-four dollars and llfty-  thriic! cents (SI 111.53) al six per centum per annum from the 2,'ilh dav of March. l'JOl. until payment, besides sherilf'H poundage, oflicers! fees  and all other legal incidental expense.-. Alt of  which I shall expos > for sale, or sufllcicnt tliei-"-  of to satisfy fucIi judgment, debt and costs, at  my olllce. noxt to the court house, in the city ot  Nelson, B. C, on Friday, the 21st day of June.  A. D. 1901. ut the hour of eleven o'clook in tho  forenoon.  Note.���Intending purchasers will satisfy them-  solves as to interest and title of the sraid defendant.  S. P. TUCK,  SherifTof South Koolenay.  Dated at Nelson, B. C tho 6th of June, 1901.  WANTED, BOYS-f'n <1 active and reliable  boys to act as selling agent* of the Daily Tribune  in every town in Kootonay and Yale districts.  >i-l  V-M  7~* ���  "'ol  -'--'J  1 THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B C, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1901  .* -v  .������?.  1%  -r/  ���$-  "J.  lit' ���'.  ?-_ * ���'  ���%f,-  I^'-'J'- ���*���  X a? i*  - .-  I  ;V.' v,  p.- ���'.  fi?-  if ��� v  |a',' '  IV i. .  I AM MAKING A SPECIAL DRIVE THIS WEEK IN KID GLOVES AKD GRENADINES.  Ladies'Kid GIovps for 50 cone--. T/ulies' White Skirts for (55 cents. Ladies' Night Gowns -10 cents.  L-ulies' Corset Covers IS cents-. L:idius' Buttoned and Laced Kid Shoes, thu $3 50 line at $2.50. Ladies'  Button and Laeed Kid Shoes, the $2 50 line at $1.75  SPECIAL DRIVE IN LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SHOES  Shirt Waists and Silks  Black  Grenadine,  with   figured   lining,   regular  price $1.25 1'or 50 cents per yard.  Colored  Linen   Crash,   for  skirts,   regular  price  30 cents, for 20 cents.  White  Pique,   extra   quality,   regular   price 30  cents, for 20cents per yard.  China Silks at 25c per yard.  Men's   Wear.  Men's blue and black Serge Suits,  regular  $15.00  line, yours nt $10.00.  Men's Scotch and Irish Tweed suits, regular  $15  line, at $10.  Men's Tweed pants, a large range to choose from,  the regular $5 line to clear at  $3.50; $4  Hue  to clear at $2.50. .  We have also a large line of gents' furnishings which have to be cleared out. These  goods are the best in the market. Also a large stock of boys' suits, which we will clear  at a very low price.    Call and inspect these lines and be convinced of the low prices.  REMEMBER THIS IS A GENUINE  CLOSING OUT SALE.  A. FERLAND  IT WILL PAY YOU TO  ihat our fountain supplies the choicest, . coolest, and  richest drinks in the city. Our flavors are the best that skill  and experience can produce. Our syrups are made from the  true fruit, and our ice cream from pure cream.  COME AND TRY FOR YOURSELF.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VIOTORIA  BLOOK NELSON,   B. C.  Spring Sporting Goods  Duke & Son's Cricket supplies, Ayres &  Wright and Ditson's lawn tennis, Spalding base  ball, Lally lacrosse and Whitely exercises.  TISDALL'S  GUN  STORE  VANCOUVER.  OLD SETTLERS' NEW MAPLE SYRUP  ___=_::__   BEST   ___I__i._D__l  THIS   SPRING'S   SYRUP   IN    QUART,    HALF   GALLON   AND  GALLON    CANS.  8��&_^^!��$a    JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  R.-REISTERER-&-G0,  BBEW_R8 and bottlbbs OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  ^^"W-U     Brewery at Helson  MANHATTAN SALOON  Domestic  and  Imported  WHISKIES  WINES  ALES  STOUTS  CIGARS  Domestic  and  Imported  B  ��  E  R  S  ANHEUESER-BUSCH  St. Lou in.  PABST  Milwaukee.  CALGARY  Cnlgary.  REISTERER & CO.  Nelson.  GOSNELL  Nolson.  Madson's  Clearing  Sale . .  B  E  E  R  s  JOSEPHINE   STREET.   NEAR   BAKEP.  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  The results that I have obtained  since advertising my discontinuance  in business have been most satisfactory. The great variety of my  stock of clothing and gents' furnishings, with all prices marked in  plain figures, has proven an irresistible factor in securing sales.  Those who have not taken advantage of my reductions should  call and compare prices and quotations with those offered in any  other store in the city. Everything  is offered at eastern wholesale cost.  Agonts for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  ln (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Office on Bakor Street), west of Htanloy Streeb  NK__ON.  THE0  MADSON  Baker Street.  Nelson, B. C.  FREE   HOT   LUNCH  FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK  AT  THE  ATHABASCA   TODAY.  Everybody   Welcome  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Born, in Nelson, on Monday, to  the wife of C. Dell Smith, a  daughter.  The members of the Young People's Union of the First Baptist  church will hold a social in the  parsonage, corner of Mill and Hall  streets tonightoat 8 o'clock.   . '  George Pearse, the Lardo man  awaiting trial upon a charge of shop  breaking, has so far failed to secure  satisfactory bondsmen for his bail  bond of $200, and is still in jail.  At the Silver King mine a force  of 80 men is now employed in development, and the general verdict  of the men is that tlie mine never  before looked so well as ifc does  now.  There will be a grand labor demonstration and picnic at Slocan on  Tuesday and Wednesday, June25th  and 2(5fch. Several hundred dollars  iu prizes and trophies will be hung  up for sports and games.  The sale of Lillie Brothers' stock  of boots and shoes, which was advertised for yesterday, was postponed at the request of some outside creditors of tho estate who  were anxious to bid on the stock.  Tlie Grand Forks lacrosse' team  would like to arrange matters with  the Nelson team so that they could  play one match in Nelson, and have  the Nelson boys play a return  match in Grand Forks on the following day.  The trial of Tony Leyden, of  Fernie," charged with theft, has  been further postponed by the  crown owing to the difficulty of  securing witnesses. A new date  for the trial will be set by  county court judge Forin.  Theo. Madson has received, a big  order from Messrs. Breckenridge  & Lund, the railway contractors,  for���tents=aud=tarpaulins.=-Orders=  for this class of goods can be supplied quicker in Nelson than in any  other city in the province.  The sale of the grading outfit of  O'Leary & Boie, which was conducted yesterday afternoon by  Chas. A. Waterman & Company,  brought out-some lively bidding,  the outfit being finally bought in  by W. P. Tierney of this city  for $525.  Tliis week the Canadian Pacific  will renew its refrigerator car service between Nelson and Rossland  and Nelson and the Boundary  points. This service has been of  great assistance to the jobbers of  Nelson in the shipment of. perishable freight during tlie warm  weather.  Some small boys kindled a fire  under the band stand in the recreation grounds yesterday morning, and. when it commenced to  blaze up they became frightened  and started a cry of fire. The  brigade received a call, but before  they arrjygd^J^aiTy,Houston had  extin guished the fi re.  The regular monthly meeting of  the directors of the Kootenay Lake  General Hospital was held yesterday afternoon when the current  accounts were passed. The report  of the resident physician showed  that during the month of May 54  patients were treated. Of. tliis  number 20 were private ward  patients, 21 were ordinary pay  patients, and 0 were hospital contract patients. There were two  deaths in the hospital during the  month. Dr. Rose has completed  his course of lectures to the training nurses, and Dr. LaBau will take  up his course during the current  month. I  THREE  THOUSAND  RAISED  And Not a Murmur Heard.  The following additional subscriptions to the Dominion Day  Celebration fund have been received. The amount subscribed  has passed the three thousand  dollar mark, and no one is grumbling :  Gosnell brewery S ai flO  JM-icdonald & Johnson   Iii (W  West Knn'enay Butcher Co  10 00  Hudson Bay Co  20 00  Canada DriJK& Book Co  10 (10  Dr. Hawkey  fl 00  Toronto Gnt.ta Pcrchii Rubber Co  20 00  Clirislin. Brown & Co., Toronto  10 00  Nelson Hardware Co.  ii 00  F..1. Bradley & Co  fl 00  Old Curiosity Shop  5 00  T.H.Roberts  5 00  Brown & Co  3 iiO  Morrison & Caldwell  10 no  W. R. IWcCandlish  fl 00  McNeill Hrc*  fl 00  Klondyke Store.  1 00  M. Scully  2 00  II. B. Reilley  2 00  .T. M. Luriwig  fl 00  Elliot .t Morrison   fl On  T.J. Scanlan.......  100  No Koo  2 00  Mrs. Morton  5 00  Mt y Mil ton '.  10 00  Agnes West  5 00  Rosa Mikado  4 00  Jes-le North  10 00  Irene Arnold. .-.  10 00  Flnrenc * Brandon  .>. 10 00  EUa Mil'er  '0 00  Lillian Keating.  25 00  Sadie Whitmoro  10 00  A. K. Croas��tt.'...'..:.  5 00  ICwong Wing ChonK  _5 00  Wing Lee  fl 00  ICwong Hung Kee.  1 00  J. L. Porter  fl 00  Martin O'Reilly  10 00  .1. H. Vanstone....-..". .-.  5 00  Robert Hurry.  10 00  Nelson Soda Water Co.......'-.  10 00  A.B.Gray....  5 00  Total .......Z... ;   S30I 00  Previously reported ,.  2,828 00  Total so far............. .....;'...$3,189 00  NELSON'S 10W TAX RATE  <    Appreciated in,the East.  Nelson's low tax rate is attracting attention in the Eastern Canadian "cities. The local agent of  the Colonial Investment aud Loan  Company, which does a large business in building loans in Nelson,  recently sent to tho head office of  the company a clipping from T1112  TiMBUNM dealing with the assessment and taxation rates in Nelson,  and received the following reply  from J..II. Mitchell, the company's  secretary:  "We duly received your favor of  the 29fch May, enclosing clipping  from one of your papers on the  assessment of the city. We are  pleased to note the very favorable  position borrowers aro in in regard  to their taxes at the present time,  and trust they will long continue  to enjoy this happy state of affairs.  We Riippose, however, that Nelsou  will in time encounter the same  troubles and difficulties as other  cities in this matter, but your property owners are certainly lucky at  the present time in getting off with  such a low rate."  TKLKPHONK 27  BTBES   Sc   OO.  PAINTS, OILS ^D GLASS.  GARDEN   TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  "^���__�����______���___��__!-___��������..��...Tr-��.rl.  POULTRY  NETTING  Sloro, Corner Baker and Joi-opliino Sti 00  RSJBBER km GOTTQN HOSE.  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder    Company    and   Truax    Automatic   Ore   Cars.  ITNTZEIILSOILNr  STORES   AT  KASLO  SA3STD01T  on, on the Queen, Union Jack, Climax, Horse Shoe and Empress  claims.  John M. Barry, who for a time  did business in Nelson and who  went to California in the hope of  regaining his health, died in San  Francisco on the 5th instant. He  left a widow and little daughter,  who will return to Nelson in a short  time and make their home with  Mrs. G. M. Fronk, who is Mrs.  Barry's sister.  PEESONAL.  BOAT   CLUB   MEETING.  A meeting of the committee of  the- Nelson Boat Club was heid last  evening for the purpose of arranging for the four-oared crews to compete in the senior and junior four-  oared races in connection with the  Dominion Day regatta. It was decided that the seniors should be  =composed=o��=the==merabers=of���the=  club who had rowed last season,  and the juniors who had commenced  rowing during the present season.  Notices will be sent out to all members of the club requesting them to  enter in either one class or the  other, and the invitation will remain open until the 14th instant.  It is expected that at least three  crews will be entered in the senior  class and about ten crews in the  junior.  Seven new members of the boat  club were proposed and accepted.  Interest in rowing is still as keen  as ever, there being six crews out  last evening practicing for the  club's July regatta.  The new lapstreaks are expected  to be on hand for the Dominion  Day regatta.  MINING   RECORDS.  G. H. Miller, C. P. R. auditor, is at  the Phair.  Louis   Blue,   Rossland's sawmill  man, is at the Phair.  L. H. Johnstone of   Kalispell is  registered at the Madden.  C. P. Caldwell and J. C. Ryan of  Kalso are registered at the Hume.  Jesse Coulter of the Second Relief mine is registered at the Humo.  C. A. Bell of Montreal and J. G.  Wlilteacre of Toronto are stopping at the Hume.  George  W.  Hughes  and  George  Petty, well-known Slocan mining men, are at the  Phair.  ' H. S. Collins and G. H. Williams  are a couple of Spokane railway men at the  Phair.  George  Donnelly  of Bonnington  Falls and John Carman of Slocan are registered  at Uio Tremont.  L. C. B. de Veber, manager of the  New Denver brannh of tho Rank of Montreal, is  registered at tho Phair.  William dimming of   Ymir, W.  Walmsloy and E. P. Rums of Sandon, and Archie  McDonald of Sloesn City aro among thoso registered at the Queen's.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  For Salo or Rent.���Piano at the  Old Curiosity Shop.  For   sale���Ranch   on   Kootenay  liver, improved.   Inquire W. P. Robinson.  Wanted���Small saw mill. Communicate at one- with Box 70, p. o. Nelson, 11. (.'.  Lost���Spaniel dog; black j; named  "Bob." Return to Queen's Hotel, Nelson. Reward.  To   rent���Two > large    furnished  front rooms. Applewhaite block.,opposite Odd-  follows' hall.  To  Let���Furnished  front room,  with or without hoard. Apply four doors abovo  City Hall, Victoria street.  Western Canadian Employment  Ofllce.���Wanted���Woma n cook, two waitresses  and girl for general housework.  To rent���Office in the   Turner-  BoRcko blook, cornor Ward and Baker. Apply  to John A. Turner.        -.���-._���  Japan Tea of all kinds to suit  your taste. Sun Cured, Spider Lour, Pan Fired  in bulk or packages.   Kootenay Coffee Co.  To    Let���A    7-room   house    on  corner of Victoria and Hendryx streets. All  modern conveniences. Apply .T. Coxhead, Cedar  street.  Furniture,     pianos    safep,     &<���.,'  .moved carefully at. reasonal>]-> rates. A pply J. T.  Wilson. Phone 270, Hro-Mir'n Second Hand S.ore,  Ward Street.  Goiar  lead  A bill of sale was recorded yesterday by which Daniel Hart and T.  A. Stevenson transfer a quarter interest in the Lila and Daniel mineral claims on Morning mountain to  Robert McGregor of Nelson.  Four locations were recorded:  Paul Bennett recorded the Monte  Carlo, adjoining the Copper King  and Goodenough on the west fork  of the Salmon ; A. B. Campbell and  W. A. Martin -recorded the Grenville on the N. &. F. S. railway about  a mile and a quarter from Nelson;  James Hubbard and W. A. Connel  recorded the Sailor on the Balfour  extension between Five and Six-  mile points, and the bridge in the  same vicinity.  Certificates of work were granted  to Gus Schwinke, on the Blue Stone  aud Hidden Treasure; Joseph Bernard et al, on the Homestake, Copper  King and Goodenough, A. B. Buck-  worth, on the Don; Dougald Camer- j  copper, silver,   lead  mines  and prospecl.s wanted, fend report and samples  to the ProsnectnrV Exchange, Nelson, B. V���  Hoom 4, K. W-C Block.  For sale^-Tug boat Red Star and  barge at reasonable figures to c^isli purchaser."on,  time  with good  securitv.    Apply  co  Ontario1'  Powder Works, Nelson, B. C.  For comfort, and convenience go  to tho Ice Cream Parlors of J. A. McDonald.  Baker street, where every attention and requisite is supplied.    .'..'.  For   rent���House on   Carbonate  street, between Stanley and Koot*inay street.",  seven rooms, bath, hot and cold water. Bent  $25.   Inquire W. 1*. Robinson.  Lost���On Friday evening, a lady's  gold brooch, in the dancing pavilion attho Tramway park. Finder wM be rewarded bv returning  samo lo John Bloomborg at tlie Grand Hotel.  For sale at a bargain ��� New  two story house ; two blocks from Bakor street;  six rooms with bath; modern conveniences.  Apply "Houso," Tribune oflice..  Free milling gold properties.   We  are anxious to secure a fowfree milling gold pro-  Serties at oiice.    The Prospectors   Kxchange,  Telson. B. C, Koom 4, K-W-C Block.  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  arc selling at thirty cents per pound is giving  tho best of satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootenay Coffee Co.  We   have   Indian,   Ceylon    and  China Teas in great variety, choicest quality.  Wo make a specialty of blending teas and sell  the to in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  Coffoo Co-  Notice to contractors and others���  Goncral laborers, gardeners, rock men, etc, will  be furnished free of charge to all persons requiring hclp'nf this kind by applyingto thescorotarv,  Nulsnn Laborers' Protective Union, Box 237,  Nelson, U. C. ���   1000 MEN WANTED  NEL  NO.   219   BAKER   STREET,   NELSON."  BOOTS!       BOOTS I       BOOTS!  For a few days only we will hold a slaughtering  discount sale of boots and shoes.     "'�����  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  PRIESTtrS  ENETTE  SOLD   THE   WORLD   OVER.  CRAVENETTE  GOUTS . . .  SERVE A DOUBLE  PURPOSE A.S (JAIN-  COAT OR OVERCOAT.  MADE IN ALL  STYLES  TO ENSURE GETTING  PRIESTLYS SEE THAT  THIS U\BEL IS 0fJ  EVEIJY CEMENT.  SOLELY CONTROLLED FOR THE DOMINION OF CANADA BY  Sole A,gont for ffclslin: . J. A. Ciller.  WHOLESALE TAILORS, MONTREAL.  ���FISHING TACKLE  IS NOT A NEW VENTURE WITH US.  We know your wants and have what you need. Our line is  too large to enumerate, but a call will convince you that it is  the most complete in the city. ��� ,  LAWRENCE . HARDWARE   CO.  Imoortets and Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  NEW FIRM  NEW GOODS  J, G.  PRJCES RIGHT  &  CO.  FURNITURE   DEALERS.  Have opened up the newest and most up to date stock  of Furniture ever displayed in Nelson.    Call and see our  Ladies' Dressing Tables.  China Closets        Parlor Suites       Roll Top Desks  Secretarys  Side Boards  Bedroom Suites  Typewriting^esks, Iron Beds, Etc.  West Baker Street  Nelson, B. C.  J. G. BUNYAN & OO.  Axmen, Station-men and Laborers, for railway work.   Apply to  BRECKENRIDGE & LUND.  June 11,1001.        Morrisey, B, C  ROSSLAND   BINGSrVEERSIVa   WORKS  CUNL.IFFB3  &  MeMII-LAN ;  Founders.  Boilermakers  and Machinists.  ORB GARS.���This is our specially.     Wn  nial-o I lie Iibs!. oro car on Uio  v urUct;,  :un I sell tlicm ns  ��     fasl, an wn <;-.n mako Ihcin.    WrMc us for rnf��iroin*.u�� and full inirliciilti-v.  SKCONJ* HAND lUAUHlN KRY KOK SAI.K���Ono (ID IT. P. rul.urn l.nlnilar boiler, 5-JC fi hell. J- heads,  82 3-llmii*.   Toslcil lo 180 iiimmls i*old wal or mv.sMiro;   (12 fl. heavy .'Hi sinpl-.isl-i.ck nil 1 nil llttines  complete   Ono !)xl2 liomonUil ulidc volvo engine.     Olio 25 II. P. locomotive type   boiler, with  ciiKino. al.l-*.( lied.  WANl'KD.���Two.'! oi-'l drill air cimipvefHors;  two small hoists, about l(i IT. IV,  small 7ioilers, 15 !o  25 H. P.   Musi, be in Kooil condition,  P.   O.   Box  198. THIRD  AVENUE. -ROSS1LAND,  PLUMBERS.  GOOD GOODS.  mSASOSu U3L PRICES  Will call at your ref*icle_ce or place  of bnsKic-ss with eafca.)cKun"i and  i>ri��.:es any time il: dropped, --.postcard,  OPPOSITE POSTOFFICK  i-T.B_.60N, B. 0


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