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 y~Ay7^tiw0M  Mineral Productiori of British Columbia in 1900  $16,407,645  H> jii>>",- -"-?y - *zw0*^jt0 Y-0  ___yy^y- fya??? -i   Mineral Production of Kootenay li) 1900  $10,562,032  NINTH YEAR.  NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 16, .1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  INSURANCE COMPANY WINS  CORDINGLY'S APPLICATION WAS  FRAUDULENT.  The Celebrated Nelson Furniture Company's Fire Engages the Attention of the Supreme Court.  The celebrated case of E. C. Cordingly vs.  the  Scottish  Union' Insurance   Company,   in   which   the  plaintiffs, sought    to   recover   the  amount of .loss   suffered   through  the   fiie  in  the  Nelson  Furniture  Company's premises, was  ended at  7.30 o'clock  last evening when the  special  jury found for the defendant company.    The attempt in this  case to force the insurance company  to  pay has  a  peculiar  interest in  tliat  E.  C.  Cordingly, one  of  the  plaintiffs  in  the  action,  was   put  upon his trial shortly after the fire  upon a charge of arson and was acquitted by��� judge Forin.  -   Tlie hearing of the evidence occupied the greater part of three days,  after which the  case was left with  a  special jury  composed  of  0. A.  Waterman, foreman; William Park,  ��� Gnorge   W.   Steele,  .lohn   Lachore,  W. N.   Ironsides, W. L. McLean, II.  Maepherson  and  1). J".  MoLacidan  to find upon live.questions of  fact.  Justice Drake presented these to  the jury, and carefully weighed the  evidence bearing upon  them.    The  first question ..was:    Did the  plaintiffs, Cordingly or Furdy, set fire to  tho goods in question,  or assist  in  so   doing?    With   respect   to   this  question   justice  Drake   explained  i tliat   in   order  to   find   a  verdict  against   the   plaintiffs   upon    this  point the jurors would  have   to be  as  fully   satisfied   that   tlie  crime  was  committed  by  the   plaintiffs,  and as fully proven,  as  would   be  necessary in  a criminal  trial, and  they should* treat .the evidence submitted   in   the  same  way. ��� Thuir  answer to   the  question,   however,  would not be equivalent to a verdict  of   guilty   upon .a -1 criminal  charge, but ib must  be  determined  by  tlie  same  weight  of7 evidence.  The only evidence offered was that  there had been insuranceiupon the  plaintiffs'* stock  for  two years for  the small sum of ��2500; that  Cordingly  had  a falling out with  his  partner, that  litigation  was  commenced  between   himself and  his  partner,*-''and "that ".insurance- was  subsequently   increased   to.  $0000.  There  was   also   the   suspicion  of  Purdy the partner that it was Cord-...  ingly's intention to set fire  to  the  place aud do him out of his share  in the business.     But the only real  evidence   against   Cordingly    was  that   he was the last person in the  J=^buildingfbefore^the=fire=broke^outr  that 20 minutes after  he  left  the  premises the fire broke oat, and the  suspicions of Purdy. This the court  declared was not sufficient evidence  to convict a man of arson.  The second question was: Did  the above plaintiffs or any of them  give notice to the defendants of  any objection to the appraisement  made by Mr. McKoweu ? The court  explained that the question came  under-certain clauses of the policy  which the jury would have to consider. Among other provisions a  statement of-loss, if auy, had to be  submitted by the insured. Upon  this point it was evident that the  insurance company received some  notice of .the* loss because Mr. McKoweu was sent to make an appraisement one month or six weeks  after the fire occurred. The court,  however, suggested that the plaintiff's statement of loss, or what  might be considered as such, was  not sufficient for the requirements  of the policy. The statement required to be in the form of an affidavit, and the oue submitted was  insufficient because it admitted of  a variety of constructions and could  nob be submitted to the test of au  affidavit, wliich was an action for  perjury. There was also provision  in the policy for cases of disagreement upon lo?s appraisements,  which provided for the making of  an appraisement by two competent  and disinterested appraisers. There  was evidently disagreement iu the  present case, bub nothing had been  done in the matter of securing tho  appraisement provided for under  the policy, and in speaking of this  provision tlie court expressed the  opinion   that   it   \va9 evidently a  speedy and safe method of arriving  at a conclusion with respect to any  loss.  The third question submitted  wae: Were the declarations made  by the plaintiffs with regard: to  their loss true in every particular  to the best of their knowledge and  belief? In dealing with this the  court passed over some of the  minor objections which'were taken  to the statement of Mr. Purdy, but  laid particular stress upon the  omission in this statement of Mr.  Purdy's belief as to the origin of  the fire: The court observed that  it might be possible to suggest a  reason why this statement was not  put in, but it was not for him to  say whether the declaration was  true to the best of the maker's  knowledge and belief.  The fourth question was: Were  the goods, sold by Mr. Day so sold  at the request or by direction of  the defendants? With regard to  this the court observed that the  evidence of Mr. Day was that he  sold the goods with the consent of  both plaintiffs. There was no evidence that the insurance companies  had any knowledge bf the sale of  the goods. This question was important in view of subsequent  steps which might be taken in the  case.  The fifth and  last question  was  probably the moat important of all:  Was   there   any  fraud,   misrepresentation or false statement in the  plaintiff's application for insurance  herein?   With regard  to this  the  court directed^attention to the  application made for the $2000 insurance.    In this amplication 'the value  of the stock, at stock taking, was  given at $S500, which Avas incorrect,  to the extent of $1300, the amount  to which the stock was overvalued.  Cordingly,   who   made  this  statement, could easily have ascertained  that the value of the stock was but  $7257.    Then the present value  of  the stock was given as $10,000. The  evidence showed the value of goods  at stock taking  $7257,  subsequent  purchases bringing it up to $11,401,  and    sales   in    turn    reducing    it  $03(54, making the value of the stock  in the store  but  $5097 at the time  of the fire.,   So far from  $10,000  wortli of goods being there, it was  . evidently one of those cases of overvaluation which  enable  persons to  take very little care whether there  is a fire or not, which removed the  slightest necessity of their protecting  their property.    The question  for the  jury was whether the  application for  insurance contained a  false statement, and  the evidence  showed the, allegation of   $10,000  was  a valuation very much in  excess of the value of stock carried  at any period.  The court concluded  with a reference  to the manner in  whicli Mr. McKowen, the insurance  company's appraiser, had conducted  his  appraisement in the course of  which a very high compliment was  paid to this officer.  The jury'retired to consider their  verdict a few minutes to G o'clock  and the" court adjourned  till 7:30.  LATEST FAD NOT POPULAR  Hotelmen Likely to Take a Hand in the Game.  ���The movement to make Nelson a  five-day-a-week town, the more it  is considered, finds less favor among  merchants who do business with  people who live outside of Nelson.  A merchant, who has decided to  make a stand against the movement, said yesterday: "The meeting at the board of trade rooms on  Tuesday night was in no sense of  the word a representative one..  Few of the leading houses were  represented, and those that were  were unanimously against the  movement. It is all very well for  small retail grocers who do business  in the residence fiarts of the town  to favor such.a movement, for they  do not sell a dollar's worth of goods  to outsiders. As far as they are  concerned, they could, without loss,'  close up every afternoon..in* the  week."  Another merchant who is opposed to the movement said :  "Pully.50 per cent of my trade is  with people who live outside of  Nelson, and in order to hold this  trade I must do business as business  is done iu towns with which Nelson  competes. It. would be folly for  me to close on Thursdays, and I intend to keep openi"  But it is not-only the leading  merchants who are opposed to'the  movement. The hotelkeepers are  awakening to the. fact that if no  business is to be done in Nelson on  Thursdays, they will-be the greatest sufferers. They say that their  trade comes largely from the outside, and that if .they are to have  two Sundays a w;eek, through the  action of the merchants of Nelson,  then they will take steps to pro-  tect.their interests in such a way  that the merchants of Nelson will  not like. They say if v their business is tobecut off;one:sixth in order that a fad - shall be tried, they  will be compelled to take a hand in  the game. A'few.orders for groceries and other y hotel supplies  placed with merchants doing business in Kaslo and Rossland may  have a sobering effect on the faddists of Nelson.  The transportation interests may  also have something, /to say in the  matter. ' It strikes them as being  useless to run trains aud steamboats six day a week to a town  whose business men only want to  do business five days a week. They  say they can make a considerable  saving in wages if they can do the  business in and out of Nelson on  Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,  Fridays and Saturdays.  Commercial travelers declare that  they will have to rearrange their  routes if Nelson is to be a five-day-  a-week town. : They claim that  they will be compelled to cancel  dates for Nelson hereafter.  Those who have no interest in  the matter other than the privilege  of paying taxes on real estate say  that if a few more fads are adopted  in Nelson the city assessor should  readjust his values on real Restate;  The residents of Nelson wno have  more time now than they can put  in comfortably say the movement  is a foolish one, because there is no  special amusement or recreation on  Thursday afternoons, and there cannot be any until such time as all  the towns in Kootenay come to an  understanding that Thursday shall  be a regular holiday. Were. that  done, athletic games and sports  could be made a special feature for  Thursdays throughout Kootenay,;  and the day could then be passed  with some degree of enjoyment.  The Tribune is of opinion that  the movement was started without  due consideration, and that it had  better be quietly dropped.  NELSON A WIDE-OPEN TOWN  ON THURSDAYS THE SAME^AS ON  OTHER WEEK DAYS.  The   Closing Movement Finds Little  Favor Among Leading Merchants  and They Will Keep Open:  EASTERN CANADIAN NEWS  -Toronto is now  When the court resumed~tlie~jurors  answered the first four questions  in the negative aud the last, with  respect to fraud, misrepresentation  or false statements, in the affirmative.        .  Railroad Surveyors at Greenwood.  . Greenwooij, Mav 15. ��� [Special  to The Tribune.]���The Great Northern surveyors reached Greenwood  this morning and aro camped near  theElkhorn brewery in the northern  end of the town. While reports  have been sent out that the line  tapping Boundary camps will start  from Carson, following Fourth of  July creek to Phoenix and then  along the divide to Summit Camp,  it is now evident that the engineers  appreciate that all camps can be  reached with less mileage from  Midway along Boundary Creek  valley. The longthof the proposed  Carson mute to Summit Camp is  approximately 25 miles, giving railway facilities to three camps  only. The route from Midway up the Boundary valley  through Greenwood to Phoenix  would be 2L miles, tapping, with  short spurs, Smith's Deadwood,  Copper, Providence, Long Lake,  Kimberley, Summit, Phoenix and  Skylark camps. The grade for both  routes is practically the same, viz,  three per cent.  Assizes at Goldpn.  Golden, May 14.���[Special to The  Tribune]���The assizes at Golden  opened today. The grand jury  found true bills against Collins for  murder and Chamberlain for cattle  stealing. Chief justice McColl presided. Hon. T. Mayne Daly appeared for the crown.  or  A number of business houses no  longer display Thursday Closing  placards in their windows; and the  managers of several of these houses  have stated that they do not intend to close their stores today  on any subsequent  Among those who have no signs in  view or who will not close today  are the Byers Hardware Company,  dealers in hardware and mining  supplies; W. F. Teetzel & Co.,  dealers in drugs and assayers' supplies; Morrison & Caldwell, dealers  in groceries and provisions ; Martin  O'Reilly, dealer in dry goods; P.  Burns & Co., dealers in meats  and provisions; A. Ferlaud, dealer  in dry goods, clothing, and  sbl5bTs^ffid"shoe1^Tlredddr  dealer in clothing and boots and  shoes; Emory & Walley, dealers in  clothing and hats;McNeill Brothers,  dealers in groceries; Gilbert Stanley, dealer in books aud stationery;  J. H. Nickerson, dealer in watches  and jewelry; It. G. Joy, dealer in  bread: W. A. Thurnian, dealer in  tobacco and cigars; G. B. Mathews,  dealer in pipes and smokers' sundries; Crow & Morris, dealers in  cigars; J. A. McDonald, dealer in  fruits and7 confectionery; G. It.  Fronk, dealer in crockery, and tinware, and the Miner Publishing  Company, dealers in illusions.  lb is safe to say that there will  be few stores closed in Nelson  today, and none Avill be hereafter  closed on Thursdays unless the^jnan  who started the Thursday .closing  movement should die and.be buried  on Thursday, then perhaps they  would all be closed out of respect  for the inscrutable doings of an all-  wise providence.  TORONTO, 15.  clear of small pox.  PARRY SOUND, Ontario, 15.���  Thomas Coursey, formerly of Peterboro, wassentenced to seven yearsin  the penitentiary for having committed rape 6u' a married woman  residing in the northern part of thi9  district. ���- j  SACKVILLE, New Brunswick,  15.���Mrs. Obed Sears swallowed  paris green .on -Monday' arid-will  probably ��� die from the effects of  the iJoison. Her husband died a  week ago and she has been despondent ever since.  OTTAWA, 15. ��� Sir Wilfrid  Laurier in reply to a question by  Hackett of Prince Edward Island,  rn, , ,,said the government had no infor-  lllul'sclay>r matiou as to what port the duke  and duchess of Cornwall and York  would land at in Canada.  MONTREAL, 15.���C. W. Desola,  representative of Swan & Hunter,  Newcastle, England, and Cockerel Is,  Belgium, is in the city. He says it  is the intention of the firms he  represents to put a fleet of grain-  carrying steamers or barges on the  St. Lawrence.  CAPITAL ALONE NECESSARY  TO MAKE  THE   SILVER   MINING  .    INDUSTRY HUM.  R.  C.  Campbell-Johnston  Says   Companies Operating in Kootenay Are  Starved; for Working Capital.  German Views.  Berlin, May lS.^-OHieials  here  discussing the answer of the Chinese  peace commissioners say the fact of  prime significance therein is that  the commissioners agree to the  indemnities as demanded, and the  withdrawal of the troop.s can now  proceed forthwith, but not all the  foreign forces will be withdrawn at  once. Tlie Chinese proposition to  raise the important export duties  will probably be adopted, since the  only other possibility of increasing  China's revenues is the reform of  the likin duties which the powers  particularly wish to avoid because  ib would .require too much mixing  in the internal affairs of China.  MONTREAL, 15. ���Summonses  were issued today against twelve  booksellers for selling obscene  =literaturermainly=Ameriean-papers=  which the Canadian government  forbids the use of mails and customs entry. One man was fined  fifty dollars and costs.  SYDNEY, Cape Breton, 15.���  About 30 Italians left Sydney on  Saturday for Lake Ainsley, where  they intend working for MaeKen-  zie ���& Man on the Iverness & Richmond railway. When they arrived  they Avere met by a force of English-  speaking laborers, who drove them  back with picks and shovels. The  Italians were forced to return here.  MONTREAL, 15.���A meeting of  the commanding officers of the  Montreal corps held today decided  to have a grand military  review when the duke and duchess of York visit the city. A dozen  regiments, including those at Obta-  wa, Toronto, Belleville, Kingston  and Sherbrooke, were asked to assist, also some United States  regiments.  MONTREAL, 15.���The second  fruit sale of the season was held today. Thirty-two thousand boxes  of lemons and sixteen thousand  packages of oranges were sold.  The oranges sold fifteen to twenty  per cent higher than at the first  sale and the lemons fifteen per cent  lower. There was a large attendance of buyers, principally from the  United States.  MONTREAL, 15.���William Mackenzie of Mackenzie & Mann arrived  here today from New York, where  he had a conference with premier  Murray of Nova Scotia concerning  building a railway from Halifax to  Yarmouth. A number of other  gentlemen attended the conference.  Mackenzie would not divulge the  result.  R.  C.   Campbell-Johnston   holds  views  of  his  own   upon  the lead  problem   of   the   Slocan and the  matter of its satisfactory solution.  He   does not agree with  the advocates of   a government bounty  upon    refinery   product that   the  "solution is to be reached  by this  method,   but  contends   that   any  such  system   is fallacious and_ of  very   questionable   benefit.      Mr.  Campbell-Johnston      realizes,     of  course that his views may not be  popular, but this does not restrain  him from ventilating thera.    In his  opinion the silver-lea,d mining industry is suffering from the domination of the United States smelter  and_lead_trust.���but-it^doesJ^not^  suffer      so      jnuch     from      this  cause    as     from     a     starvation  of     capital     necessary    "to     its  economical working.   In some cases  this   is   the result   of   insufficient  working capital, and  in others it is  due to distributing too much of the  earnings in dividends and allowing  nothing for  development account;  but in either event the result is the  same.   It means excessive milkings  of the industry iu mining, in transportation, in   smelting,   and   ultimately in refining, whicli put a tax  upon the industry very few mines  can stand.   Tliat the managers of  the trust understood  the crippled  condition of the silver-lead mining  industry of Kootenay is shown by  their action in refusing to purchase  silver-lead   ore.     They   appreciate  the fact that all they have to do to  stop production is to refuse to purchase,  and  they  therefore  have a  smaller output to take care of. This  is manifestly a much  cheaper way  of   controlling   the  situation than  would be  the outright purchase of  the mines, but, it is just as effective  and must remain so until sufficient  money is   found   for   their proper  working.  In the opinion of Mr. Campbell-  Johnston the scheme of the United  States lead and, smelter trust is  much larger than generally described. In his opinion ib does not  end with the control of the silver  production of the world, but aims  at the control of the trade of China  and India through the control of  the silver market. It is from this  international feature of the complications that he looks for assistance  for the silver-lead mining industry.  Great Britain cannot afford to  allow the United States to assume  absolute control of the world's silver   production, since   this  might  mean the moving of  the world's  silver market from London to New  York, and would injuriously affect  Great Britain's trade with China  and the East.   There is one way in  which such an undesirable consummation   could   be   prevented,  and  this "would be by the control of the  Kootenay    silver-lead    mines    by  British" syndicates, or the in vestment of sufficient money in the silver-lead properties to facilitate the  grouping of mines with a view to  smelting.   This, in the opinion ot  Mr. Campbell-Johnston, is the great  essential.   The properties necessary  for such a combination are already  more or less developed, and all that  is necessary  to  carry the. scheme  through is sufficient capital.    With  such, a grouping of properties, and  a smelting plant located at the dry  ore, virtually two  of the  milkings  which the industry is submitted to  would be   done  away   with, > and  would place the silver-lead properties in a much more favorable position than could be hoped for under  any system" of government bonus  upon refined product.     From this  the step to the establishment of a  refinery on the Pacific coast would  be easy, and to be of any real benefit to the mines of Kootenay the refinery   for   their   ores   should    bo  located there.    It is  from  the  far  east that the great demand for silver  and lead comes, and to supply it  the refinery should have the advantage of the cheap water .transportation rates to and from  the. Pacific  coast.   To accept the  present proposal of a government bonus  upon  ,;refinery product, with  a refinery  situated in the,province of Quebec,  is to assume too much.   It involves  a   change,   in his  opinion, of the  policy, of the transportation   and  smelting companies by which, their  rates for freight and treatment are  based   upon   what   the silver-lead  industry    can   stand.    It    would  simply result��in  transferring  control of the Kootenay silver-lead industry   from   the   United    States.  smelter   arid, lead    trust    to    the  transportation   and    smelting    interests ori"this side, of the boundary  line! Tin his opinion it may take  British "opinion   a year or   so to  crystalize, but it will come.   The  probable incursions of the  United  States silver trust into British commerce are too serious, and the silver  deposits of Kootenay are too  rich  to allow the present unsatisfactory  conditions to continue very long,  especially when all that is necessary  is the capital for working expenses.  Want Better Postal Facilities.  The people living in Fire Valley  claim they are hot treated fairly in  the way of postal facilities. The  postoffice is located at a point about  two miles from the steamboat landing, and the mail is forwarded once  a week from Nakusp, arriving and  leaving the same day. It is claimed  the postoffice should be removed to  the steamboat landing and the mail  delivered threeltimes,a_week The  Nelson  NO SETTLEMENT IN SIGHT  OVER  TWO  NOW  THOUSAND    TROOPS  IN ALBANY.  Company Will Not Attempt to Oper-  ate the Line Until the Militia  is Properly Distributed.  mail should be made up at  and Revelstoke, which would insure  promptness. It is claimed that  over fifty people get their mail at  Fire Valley.  After Dole's Scalp.  Honolulu, May 8, via San Francisco, May 15.���By the steamer  Mariposa today, home rule representative F. W. Beckley, Hon. Samuel  Parker and delegate R. W. Wilcox  left for San Francisco. Beckley  goes to lay before president Mc-  McKinley a home rule resolution,  passed in the house and the senate  asking for the removal of governor  Dole. Parker had a memorial  unanimously endorsed by the Republican members of both houses  and by the territorial Republican  central committee reply to the home  rule charges against governor Dole.  Representative Wilcox is on his  way back to Washington and says  he has nothing to do with the fight.  When the resolution was brought  up in the house to send Beckley to  Washington representative Em-  meuluth, home ruler, made a sensational speech against governor Dole  in which he declared that the conditions that led to the revolt in  1893 had developed again with  Dole, now the usurper of power,  instead of the ex-queen.  Mrs. McKinley's Condition.  San Francisco, May 15.���It is  generally reported in this city that  the condition of Mrs. McKinley ih  extremely critical, but nothing definite can be learned, as Mr. Cor-  teylo, the only avenue of official  information, declines to make public at present anything tangible regarding the happenings in the sick  room.  Albany, New York,  May 15.���  The traction strike was productive  of no serious disorder during the  night.    The company made no further effort to operate cars or repair  lines,   and   will   probably   remain  inactive   until   the military-force  called by the state is in a position  to afford the fullest protection.   A  strong effort was made during the  night to bring the contending interests to a conference, but it failed,  and at this time the breach is as  wide as ever.   The  establishment  of the military patrol began shortly  before last midnight, when three  companies of the Tenth Battalion  were   quietly    and    quickly'   dis-^  patched   from    the"     Washington-  avenue armory.    One company whs  ordered to the traction power hou^e,  another bo  the  upper  town  barn,,  aud the third to the northern barn.  The first detachment of the Twenty-  third infantry of Brooklyn  arrived '���  here at  7:45 this  morning.    There  are  400  men  in - tho    detachment  under     lieutenant-colonel    ,Brady,  The entire regiment, including 10001  men from Troy and elsewhere, have-  been ordered to report in  this city  this afternoon.    This will make th'e  total military strength  about 2200.  The  following statement of the1  situation was  given out this noon  by   W.   D.   Mahon,    international  president of the Amalgamated Association  of   Street   Railway Em-  .  ployees    of    America:    "Chairman  Dillworth and myself have  considered the situation  and do not .~*>e  .anything to be gained by remaining longer in the city of Albany at  this time.    We came here to  take  up  the   matter in  the  interest, of  our  people  and! if  possible   bring  about an adjustment  of  the -same.  Owing  to  the  bitterness  growing  out of the present dispute there is  no present prospect of bringing the  contending forces together.   Being  charged with the completion of the  work of our international convention, which is to codify the amended  constitution  and  publish the pro-   "  ceedings   of    the   convention,   we  therefore decided to take up that  work and leave the matters here to  the committees  of   the two local  organizations until such time as we  deem our presence will be of assistance to them.    There  have been so  many unfounded rumors set afloat  to the effect that our international  -executive-board-had-repudiatedthe^  position   taken   by the   men here  that I  again take this opportunity  of denying these rumors and to say"  that the  men  here will  have  the  support of our organization  in accordance with our constitution aud  laws."  Nkw" York, May 15.���Another  detachment, consisting of 225 men  of the Twenty-third regiment,  Brooklyn, left their armory today "  for Albany. This will.make in all  035 men ot the Twenty-third regiment already on duty.  Troy, May 15.��� Although the  prevailing sentiment in this city  appears to be adverse to the traction company, the city is quiet.  The railroad tracks on the bridge  crossing the Potsenkill at Fourth  street were torn up during last  night *nd the rails thrown in the  creek. This act was the work of  hoodlums and is severely condemned  by the strikers. Under orders from  headquarters the three Troy companies of the Second regiment are  now assembling at the state armory.  Albany', May 15.���The first step  of the military force was taken  shortly after 10 o'clock this morning, when the Third Signal Corps,  which is mounted, and a detachment of mounted police cleaned the  streets around tlie Quail-street  barn. The crowds assembled on  either sido of the barn offered no  resistance and fell back quickly  when tlie troops swept down on  them. A scene of four blocks was  cleared and a new picket line  established at its outer edges. This  move, it is understood, was preliminary to the repairing of the  lines in that vicinity and the clearing away of the wreckage and  obstructions on the tracks.  S$&'  7ymW-  it!!1  ���&��.2r'$1  t_?.?.y.yYi--.Kf-  i��V**iS*ff  :*-rStSgf*a  ���2"?S��s!3��  770W  S^3��*M2?  %m%����_  mm  7mm  M  S5$ ������**��y*-T"T>�����g v 0-fjm,  JgTThbIt? _ U^^U&��j��i  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1901  ^p^s^p^f^s^^^s^STs^.T-^ w ���0^'0tr*9*9*9r*is*isr*^*^*^*i^sf:  i_,  m  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Our fiscal year        i.on.the 31st of this month and in order to reduce our stocK as much as possible before th.cn wa offer th,e following :  SPECIAL    BARGAINS  f/i() j aril". Kiinoy Prints, fust colors. regular prico 12Jc. now 10c.  :t in i ard-. Printed Cambric, regular pricij lCc. now Tie.  iilO yn_A< K.iniij' Silks, assorted, in stripes and checks, regular pneo from 50c. lo  $1, now j oiir choir" for 50c.  A'sm.ill l-.Lof Ul.i.ck SilkandSalin Hlou=cs, neatly tucked and lined, regular  liriteSl***,'. now ��5: regular prieu $12. now S'i.  EXTRAORDINARY   OFFER  We havo about twentv pieces of new and choice Costume Cloth on hand, in  fashionable snades and colors The regular price for a costutno made tip from  ihe-e would be from $->5 to$30. U*e now oilier lo let you make your own selection from these and we will make you up a costume to order, silk lined, for $20.  We havo a few of those nice Parisian Hats left and will sell them at largely  reduced prices.  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY  Baker  Street, Nelson.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  ^:m/.m>.^.^'^'.0'0'0_f-i__*'(___r*i^-^itt ik\ ^���>-^-af'Sfr,-^,a,a>,a,a,a,ia->s'-^>  The Miner is deluging itself with  praise because of its advocacy of a  scheme that will divert outside  business from Nelson.  .... .*   K~*  If tt>-i  I;7  r  There are more new buildings  under way in Nelson that at either  Victoria or Vancouver. The merchants of no town in the province  j are doing more business in propor-  \ tion to the capital invested; and no  'x town in the province has a brighter  '. prospect of future stability. Stop  bellyaching aud begin sawing wood.  PAPER  We're pretty certain to suit you  in Wall Papers. That is, if  variety, style and cxclusiveucps  count for anything, and they do  with you. The>'re made in  most every shade and color,  from the most delicate tints to  tlie rich, gorgeous reds and greens now so fashionable. Tn some of tbo new stripes the paper  runs into the border and becomes part and parcel  of it; the efl'ect is novel and charming.  Price���well, most everyone knows our values  and why we can give so much in style and quality  for so little, money. Wo give no discounts to  your paper hanger; you get the benefit.  PIANOS  TO KENT.    . . .  The Baker-street clerks are ' reported as in favor of boycotting  The Tribune for the stand it has  taken on the Thursday closing  ' movement. As the movement is  dead, the clerks had better renew  their subscriptions to this homely  family journal and be content with  Sunday as a day of' relaxation and  prayer.       It is rumored that the medical  health officer of Nelson is to be  made walk the gang-plank. He is  not in favor with certain of the  aldermen who for church and other  reasons favor another medical  practitioner for the position. Give  the church element a little rope and  they will hang everyone in town  that differs with them. If a medical  health officer is strict, he Will have  few friends. If he is lax, there will  be few people left to be either his  friends or his enemies.  THOMSON  STATIONERY  Co.  Baker Street.  NELSON. B. C.  Limited.  suit in benefit to workingmen.  They even talk of boycotting people who are unwilling to follow  their lead. Men are either sincere  or insincere on the questions that  affect workingmen. Those who are  sincere are not afraid to take a  stand, at any time, against measures that will not result in good to  either workingmen or the communities in which workingmen live.  Those who are insincere will always be found loudly shouting for  the rights of the workingmen���  and there are workingmen who believe these shbuters to be, their  best friends. Nelson has both the  loud shouters and the workingmen  who are only happy when they are  being humbugged.  ThE people of Vancouver, and  Victoria Say : " Give us the Coast-  " to-Kootenay railway and six  "months after the road is coni-  " pleted there will not be a whole-  " sale house"in_Nels^iL''==TlnyNelsoBr  newspaper mouthpiece of the Coast-  to-Kootenay crowd is now shouting  for a five-day business week in  Nelson. If they cannot destroy the  wholesale houses of Nelson with a  railway, they hope to destroy its  retail houses through the enforcement of a fad.  Two railways mentioned in the  Railway Subsidy Act if built will  benefit Kootenay and Yale districts.  One is the road between Vernon  and Midway, which would give the  farmers of East Yale direct railway  connection with the mining camps  in Boundary district and Southern  Kootenay. The other is the road  between Fort Steele and Golden.  This road would give the mining  and ranching interests of the central portion of East Kootenay what  they lack six months in the year.  These roads would help the farmer  secure.a market for the produce of  his farm and enable the miner to  market his ore at a reasonable cost  for transportation. What helps  the farmer and the miner helps the  merchant.  The Stock -Markets.  London, May 15.��� Contrary to  the fears felt on the stock exchange  the settlement is progressing without difficulty and the best-informed  brokers believe that the crisis has  been successfully passed so far as  London is (concerned.   ,  New York, May 15!���The stock  market opened firmer today, owing  taargeneraMeelingthatthe'western^  railroad war had been settled, and  this encouragement was strengthened by higher prices from London  although quotations from that point  were largely nominal. The London  business in American securities for  the present has fallen to a considerable proportion on account of  the trotble caused there as well as  here by the trouble in Northern  Pacific. Speculation on the local  exchange continued rather nervous,  notwithstanding that during, the  first hour of trading there was a  general absence of the rush to sell  which was so pronounced yesterday. Buyers were timid aud the  large margins demanded by brokerage houses was a decided check to  speculation by the public  at large.  WAS   CLEARLY  OUTSAILED  Eut There Were Reasons.  London, May 15.���The Yachting  World tomorrow will, say that  while it would be idle to deny that  the first trial between the two  Shamrocks was a keen and absolute  disappointment, yet one or two important considerations should not  bo forgotten in analyzing their  work on the legs of tlie triangle,  and points out that on tho first h'g,  a reach of six miles, tho challenger  just succeeded in holding the older  boat. Iu going to windward in tlio  dead beat of the second six miles  the challenger was clearly outsailed. As tlie yachts ran home  the wind was falling, so that the  half mile separating them at the  finish represented five minutes aud'  five seconds.  The Yachting World adds: "From  this it is apparent that the only  leg on which the new boat failed  appreciably was on the turn to  windward and comparing the manner in which her canvas hung with  the beautiful set of the former  Shamrock's sails the wonder is that  the loss was so comparatively  trifling." The mainsail of the challenger, the Yachting World, saye,  set like a bag. Another consideration is that the Shamrock I was  freed from overburdening by  her clipped boom and gaff. The  Yachting World concludes that  while it remains to be seen whether  the new boat can beat the old boat  handsomely in fine weather and  lighter winds, despondency is premature. .*���-'''  West Virginia Mine Horror.  Fairmont, West Virginia, May 15.  ���An explosion; occurred at the  George's Greek Coal and Iron Company's shaft at Farmington, West  Virginia, today. Nine men are  reported killed. At least ten men  are still in the mine. As the shaft  was still ablaze at 3 o'clock this  afternoon, it is impossible to .make  an effort to rescue them and it may  be a day or two before the flames  can be subdued. One dead body  has been recovered aud 14 others  have been taken out, a number of  whom are not expected to live. The  men who were at work in the shaft  were engaged in driving a heading  seven miles long to connect with a  shaft at Fairview. The shaft is 250  feet deep. The accident was caused  by an explosion of natural gas.  Machinists Troubles.  Washington, May 15.���President  O'Connell of the National Association of Machinists stated today  that 800 firms throughout the  country so far have signed the  nine-hour day agreement. Telegraphic reports from Boston showed  that a large number signed there  today and in America what is  claimed to be the largest steam fire  engine plant outside of the trust  had agreed to, the terms. The  executive board of the Machinists'  Association will meet here Friday  and remain until after, the 20th  jirist., the date on which the strike  ordered is to be effected.  .ffk-f*' 00 ' 0**" 00 ' 00- 00 ' 00' 0  :zzxituxiizs:iiu!zzxxzz:z:iiisixx2xz:[xxzs  '00'00  9)-  ik  ETJTTERICK I  PATTERNS \  zxx:::x:x:zzzzz:z:zz:xxzxzxzxxzzzzxz:cxxxxt  Fred Irv  36 Bakep Street, Nelson,  00 . 00 ,00 . 00 .00!' . 00 .010 . 00 .00 . 0SCf> .00 .imf .00i,00 .00 .00 .1  ���Vise' Ow-* ����&��>'��� *Saf����3>' ��S:a>-<iS&��" iSES:" -SKDr- JSS*- <$&��' ��ffis��' .POsr <*C9"<s8s��** ��S��--S  ^��. ��� >��k ������*���**���� ��� ��*�� ���*���*** ��� ^si*. ���'as*, ���>mk ���^aifc. ��� vs*. ���>e*N ��� >������. -"<a^ ���><��a. ���*)��*. ��� >*., ���'  ^ZZXi^IZIIIMXZZZJZXZXZZZXZXZXZIXZZXXSIXXXZ:  p      JUNE DELINEATOR      \  W NOW READY g  UzzxzzzzzzzzTizzzzzzxszzzzizzzzzxxzizxzxzxr  w Goods  AND PLACED IN STOCK  Women's Summer  Underwear  Summer Underwear in Cotton,  Lisle, Wool and Silk, with  either short or long sleeves.  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Some of  the merchants who were unfriendly  are now most servile in supporting  every agitation that is said will re-  An Abductor Arrested,  Watbiitown, New York, May 15.  ���Aaron Johnson, a farmer of Sterling, is in jail here charged with  the abduction of Hattie May Mer-  rit.t, the 15-year-old daughter of  Melville Merritt, a farmer residing  in Pine Plains, near here. Johnson  lured the girl away to Canada and  married her. A ^arrant was  issued for his arrest and a deputy  sheriff captured him at the point of  his revolver.  FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET.  Two story house very conveniently situated and entirely furnished.   Terms moderate.  Will Return in June.  London, May 15.���Mr. Morgan  will not return to America until  June. This, in conjunction with  his departure from London today,  is regarded as an indication of/ his  opinion that the crisis has been  averted and as confirmation of tlie  New York cable dispatch that a  compromise between Mr. Morgan  aud Kuhn, Loeb & Co. had been arrived at iu New York.  Apply H. R. Gamerosi  ^xzxxj;zzzxzizxzxzxzxxszzzxzzxxxizxzzzaizx:txxzxzxxxxx:  I SCOTTISH CONCERT  OPERA HOUSE, MAY 20th.  Under Auspices of Nelson St.  An drew's Society by  CAVAN SPENCE AHD  FLORA MACDONALD  The   Eminent Vocalists  and  Entertainers.  ADMISSION 75 and 50e  Reserved SciIh can he hooked at. tho  Ciuuula Drug & Hook (Jo.  xmtxxxxxxxxxxzizxn:ixxxxxxxxzsxxxxrxxxxx:uxuxxx  . ARDEN SEEDS  We have opened np the largest shipment of  boft quality, frush garden seeds over brought to  the Kootenay country. We are selling large  quantities already and you will note our way is  aifFevent; from that of other dealers iu this district, in that  WE SELL BY WEICHT  As well as by packago, and though the quality  =is tliohest the price w_thc same as in Toronto.  MSke out~a^isfc"aiid~8C])d"fo-*us-and~wo'\villguar-:  anlee satisfaction.  IN FLOWER SEEDS  Wu also have a largo assortment���10 different  varieties and colors of Sweet Peaa to select,  from and an endless variety of other kinds.  CANADA DRUG & BOOK CO.  K.-W.-C. Block.       Cornor Ward and Bakor Ste  New Bakery  The Star Bakery has opened  a branch store on Josephine  street, next to F. Irvine & Co. 's  millinery establishment.��  BREAD  REDUCED IN  PRICE BUT  NOT IN  WEIGHT  Sold at .5 cents per loaf.  Come and see the display of  cakes, etc.  JfelsonSawandPla  Limited.  CHARLES  HILLYER, ~ HARRY  HOUSTON,  President and General Manager. Secretary-Treasurer,  All Communications to be addressed to either of the above  We ape prepared to Furnish  by Rail. Barge or Teams  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  0 LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL and COAST FLOORING  . '    7     DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING'  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices before  purchasing: elsewhere. ________________  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS : HALL STREET WHARF  \  \*  si.  *���  ^y%to=J*.^��  ".  J&��Wr ��� "f 'H't *Vr*#W  *V   ��fc.����i-i     *  r WfiB W# \  ,_ t .^raROTW. *lA.ii8Vw*eui  1  Z.^, _ V_S_*_.]\.t< ��< 'f.sy.iw <��..< il^Jr. <-**, v j  mKmaijiKt.     a.DAkliK ix.\_i\J____^JkX.___Mk___i_J^____.____.li__.i_\ .-Ji   _ti  WHOLESALE TRADE  DERATED. AND MINERAL WATERS.  TXfORIMO & CO., LIMITlfll).���Cornor Vornon  and Codav strcolif, Nolson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers in lariited \vatorH and  fruit syrups. Sole agentM for Halcyon Springs  mineral wator.   Teloiiliono 110. -  ~~ ASSAYEBS'. SUPPLIES.  Trr  F. 'I'lClirrzaii. & CO.���Corner Hakor and  "�� ���   Josophino sti'OoU, Nfilson, wholi>6alodeal  ers  In   .-msayors. supplies.   Agcntd lor Llonvo.  Flro Clay Co. of JJeayor. Colorado.  COMMISSION  MERCHANTS^  XT J. KVANS & CO.���Bnkor ptroco, Nolson  J~L�� wliotosalo uoalora in liquors, cigars  noinout, flro brick and flro olay, waior plpc.and  nlool rii.ii:'. and gonoral ooinmission merchants.  3Sr��E0TRI0AL   SUPPLIES.  KOOTJJ.MAY KliKCTRlC SUl'I'LY & CONS'! 11 UCTlOiV COM 1 .'AN Y���AV li ol-Malo dealors in tolisnhpnes, annunci:ilx>m, licllt), battorlos,  ���fixtures. c:U:., Houston blocic. Ncluon.  "floor and PEEIX  ���DltVOKMAN - KKIt MIIiLTNG COMPANY  iJ ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight*, or  mixiid cars shipped to all Kootonay Pointa.  Orain olovntors at all principal points on Calgnry-  Kduionton I-. Xi, Millfl at Victoria,-Now Wost  lniiiHltir. and KdniQMtoii. Aiborla.  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  IUJRNS ft   CO.-Baksr* Bfcruoti,   Nolson,  ���wbolriBftlo dealers in froehand oured meats.  Cold stiomKo,  GROCERIES. ~~'  A MACDONAIiD & CO.���Cornor Front and  -t-*'-" Ilal! ��� st.ri30ts, wholosalo grocers and  'obbors In blankote, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  mackloawf and minors' Rinulrios.    .  XTOOTICNAY SUPPLY COMPANY, L1MI-  J-3'. T18D���Vemnn Htvoeli, Nelsou, wholosale  grocors.        ���' ,        .  ���fOBK OHOliDITCH te <;U.-Front sliroet, Nol  t'    sou, wholosalo Krocurs.,  P.  T   Y. tnUFFIN & CO.  *���' ���   ���whoiorialo  .dealers  moats, br.fior and OfjrKS.  -Kronti stroet. Nolson  In   provisions,   onrod  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  ^r^��oa*^&x-o^^^  -*-1���   sv,met4!,~>Tolsou, v/hSresaio diT��i)orainihard~  wars Kin.', raiciag ��uppUes.    AKeniis tor Qiautl  Powder i.o. ���  T AWKKNCB  -S-1   Hakor.SU-  HA15^ VTA.lt )���'.    COMPAN V:  .  Nulsoii,  -wholesale   dealers  ln  hardware and mining supplies, and wator and  plumbers' supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  ��T>URN1CK, UJClfiTON & CO.-Cornor Vernon  ���*��� and Josephine streets, Nolson, wholosale  dealers in lii^iiorH, cigars and dry* jcoods. Agonba  for Pabsh UrowiMSf Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  garp HrowIuK Co. of Canary.  SASH  r��bSON  SAW-  AND  AND  DOORS.  PliANINO  MILLS.  N��LS    L1M1TKD���Corner Front and Hull Btreets,  Nelson, luanufaofturorH of and wholesale doalers  In sash and doorei all fciuds of factory work made  i_o ordor.  WINES AND CIGARS.  rjALIFORNIA- WINK COMPANY, LIMI  W TKD���Corner Fjconb and HaU "streeta, Nol  sou, wholesale dealors in wines (ease and hulk,  ttnd dnmOHtilo and tmoortfirl nlaars.  A.  321, TO 331 BAKER STREET, NKLSON  ARCHITECT.  C. KWAUT���Architect.   Room 3 Aberdeen  block. Baker street, Nolson.  MEALS 25 0ENTS  Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated by Steam 25 Cents to $1  AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN  PLAN3  R. G. JOY, Proppietop  Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER STREET, NKLSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  J&SOi/  linker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  The only hotol In Nekwc that) haa romainod  untie? one inunageinui.t uinoo 1890,  Tbe bod-roomB aro well tarnished and liahted  by oiectrlolby.  The bar tn always stocked by the best) dom e-  fcio and imported liquors and cigars.  THOMAS MADDICN. Pror-rtotor.  A. R.  BARROW, A. M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Victoria and Kootonay-Streets.  -   ���       -.-  ���t*TFC^ ~  P. T4. BiiT 6SP.  TWljW.PftftVW WO, DA  FREE   HOT   LUNCH  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Olllce on Baker Street, west of Stanloy Street  NELSON.  Large comfortable bedrooms and  first-class  dining-room. Sample rooms for oommerelal men,  RATES $2 PER DAY  N|rs. E. C. Clarke, Prop.  UTK OV THK UOYAL HOTBX, CAMABY  SLOGAN .imryt HOTEL  J. H. MclvlANUS, Manager  FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK  AT  THE  ATHABASCA  TODAY.  Bar stocked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars, Beer on draught. Large oomteb-  able rooms.  Flrsttilass table hon &.  B very body    Welcome  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT  TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Large stock of high-class imported goods. A  jpecialty ot tho square shoulder���tlio latest)  fashion in coats.  I  I  4  1 THE TEIBUNE:  NELSON", B. C., THURSDAY, MAY IC, 1901  --'������  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  BKST  t UNDIVIDED PROFITS        427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Druminond .-.���Vice-rresident  K. S. Cloustou General Manager  NKLSON BRANCH  ���Horner Bakor and Kootenay Streeta.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches ln London (England) New York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities In Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Kxchange and Cable  Transfers.  .Gram. Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any purl, of tlio world.  Drafts IsHUCd, Collections Made. Kbc.  Saving's Bank Branch  CUHKKNT RATK OK INTKKK8T PAD).  fiLEGBAMS ��� IN ���BBJEMFOBM  From Various Sources.  BERLIN, 15.���Tlieoroiehstag was  'prorogued today until November.  BVANSVILLE, Indiana, 15.���The  steamer Owensboro blew up this  morning near* Calhoun, Kentucky.  It is believed the entire crew'  perished.  ROME, 15.���Most of. the houses  of the village of Acereriza, near  Potenza, have been swept away by  the fall of an immense rock. Troops  have been despatched to the scene  of the disaster. Thus far fifteen  bodies have been recovered.  NEW YORK, 15.'���Among the  passengers who arrived this morning on the steamship Oceanic from  Liverpool and Queenstown were sir  Charles Rivers-Wilson, president of  the Grand Trunk Railway Company, and Hon. lady Rivers-Wilson.  LONDON, 15.���J. Pierpont Morgan started for Paris this morning.  At his firm's London house it; is  stated that no one there has any  definite information as to Mr. Morgan's future movements, but it is  expected he will return to Aix-las-  Rains.  NRW YORK, 15.���More than 400  custom shoemakers employed in this  city went on strike today. Tlie  men were receiving $5 for each  piece of work they completed, but  they have been dissatisfied for some  time and made a demand for $0.  Tliis figure the  employers  refused.  LONDON, 15.���Pry and Everett,  fhe two men convicted of defnitiding Rarclay ��fe Co., bankers, of  about ��3000 by forging documents  purporting to represent large shipments of gold ore which never existed, were sentenced today to live  years' imprisonment at hard labor.  ST. LOUIS, 15.���Developments  show that not more than five persons lost their lives in the wreck of  .the steamer City of Paducah in the  Mississippi river Sunday night. Of  . tho seven persons reported missing,  all but one, a white firemanyhave  appeared at the oflice of the Packet  Company.  SAN FRANCISCO, 15.���President  McKinley is scheduled to leave San  Francisco-'on--.Monday, next. It is  likely, however, that he may remain  some weeks; Until Mrs. McKinley  is fully recovered from her illness  Dr. Rixey desires sho be hot disturbed. It is said the president  will not go east until his wife is able  to accompany him.  LONDON, 15.���At the Newmarket  second spring meeting today the  ^WediJesday=welter=handi(:ftp=oM50=  sovereigns was won by Mr. Whitney's Watershed, Clem Jenkins up.  Mr. Crokers Minnie Dee, with J.  Reiff in the saddle, came second and  Layie third. St. Ililorious, ridden,  by Maher, won a maiden two-year-  old nice of 100 sovereigns added to  a sweepstake of five sovereigns each  for starters.  ... NEW YORK, 15.���An interesting race around the world has been  arranged by two French newspapers, tho Matin and the Journal.  The representative of the Matin  will go around tlie world by way  of St. Petersburg, across Siberia by  Vladivostock, Japan and New York.  The Journal man will make the  trip in the opposite direction and  Avill reach New York about May  31st. It is expeqted that the journey will bo completed within fifty  days.  TACOMA, 15.���A special from  Everett says: John Fay, employed  by the Seattle Bridge Company at  La Conner, Washington, reprimanded his lS-jear-old boy for some  trivial offence. This wouuded the  boy's feelings so deeply that he  stole out of tlie room, secured a gun  and shot himself in the head. Hearing the report the father hastened  to the scene and seeing his son  writhing in the agony of death he  picked up the weapon and blew his  own brains out.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IB AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HKAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,       -     -     -     $8,000,000  Reserve Fund,       ....  $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.'  IIPEBIAL BANK  HKAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  $2,500,000  $1,725,000  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  Robt. Kilgour,          Vice-President.  London Ofiice, 60 Lombard Street. E. O.  New  York   Ofiice, 1G   Exchange   Place.  and Gi Branches hi Canada mid Ihu.  United Stut.es.  A West Virginia Homocide.  Williamson, AVost Virginia, May  15.���Great difficulty is being experienced in getting a jury to try  the case of John II. Stokes of this  city charged with the murder of  Rev. J. .1. Woohl at his home here  on December 5th last.   The trial  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed   on  deposits.    Present rato  three per cent,. "  GRANGE V.  HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  opened yesterday and already the  regular panels have been exhausted  without securing mote than one  juror. Stokes is so well known aud  the killing caused such deep feeling  that it is hard to find any one  without a fixed opinion. Tbe  tragedy was remarkable. Woohl  was a Presbyterian preacher and in  a sermon last winter violently denounced the society people of the  town for dancing. Stokes took  offence at the sermon and the next  Sunday the remarks were repeated.  The following evening Stokes and  Woohl met on the threshold of the  latter's residence. Hot words  passed. Mrs- Lanbive, the minister's  housekeeper, to .whom. Stokes was  talking and who is the only witness,  says Woohl slapped Stokes in tbe  face and shot him in the hip. Then  Stokes drew his pistol and fired,  killing Woohl instantly. Stokes is  popular and a prominent politician,  lie has beeu out on bail all the time  and the case is attracting great  attention.  MUST PAY THE INDEMNITY  H. S. ROWLAND President.  1). It. WILKIE General Manner.  K. HAY Inspector.  ^fP'00-0000',  I ^0i$0 s_XXX0 jv'^-XXX0- *  All watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the bes  workmen.  SAVING'S   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THK   CUKKKNT   KATK   OK    INTKKK8T   ALI.OWKI).  But China Protests,  Pekin, May 13.���Tlie foreign ministers, refused to allow themselves  to be quoted for publication regarding the Chinese government's answer to the indemnity demand, but  three of them gave expression to  their personal views of the matter.  One of these said he had never expected the Chinese to agree to the  demands without arguing, even had  tlie total only been ten millions. He  considered the Chinese offer of fifteen million taels* annually for  thirty years absurd and ridiculous  and thought the request that seven  million be given them from the  foreign customs bordered upon insolence. The powers, he believed,  would make a-" mistake-'.if they  should not exact the utmost centime.  Another said it would not matter,  what China said and that whatever  the powers should .decide upon  would have'to be agreed to eventually. A third expressed himself  as satisfied that a majority of the  powers would agree, to the demands  in accordance witli China's ability  to pay. *-'    '" * '"���'.  Will Remodel the Challenger.  Southampton, May 15.���Designer  Watson has readied the conclusion  that the hull of Shamrock- II is susceptible of improvements, and  there is reason tp believe that  alterations are about to be made  am nun t i n g --practical 1 y���^_to tli e.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  Perbiiridt of count von Waldersee's  staff; prince Abraham Hassan, a  cousin of the khedive of Egypt;  captain Marry, lieutenant Beacher  and Messrs. Loring arid Harvey bf  the Guam survey' board, returning  from the* island where they have  been engaged on government survey  work; with a long" list of other  notable passengers.  Rumor has it that J. A. McDonald's ice cream parlors on Baker  street are the finest in the city.  BUSINESS   MENTIONS  remodeling of portions of the boat.  Preparations at the dock where the  challenger will be placed indicate  radical changes not connected with  the spars and canvas, which have  been blamed hitherto for the boat's  shortcomings. A large gang of  platers and riveters who assisted iu  the building of the yacht has been  summoned from Dumbarton by  telegraph. These men will arrive  today aud will work day and night.  Strike of Seattle Machinists.  Shattlk, May 12.��� The machinists' strike is in full swing in  Seattle, the men in seven factories  having gone out. They demand a  nine-hour working day, with the  same pay they now get for ten  hours. The pattern makers and  moulders and the blacksmiths will  go out by Monday. Their demands  are similar to those of the machinists. Tho manufacturers say they  will close up their factories before  granting the requests of the men.  Carrie Nation Convicted.  Topeka, Kansas, May 15.���The  jury in the case of Mrs. Carrie  Nation, charged with "joint smashing," this afternoon returned a verdict of guilty. Sentence will be  pronounced tomorrow. It is generally believed that she will be  released on the payment of a fine  and costs.  Notable Arrivals.  Victoria, May 15.���Among the  arrivals from the Orient by the  Empress of India today were sir  Walter llillier, diplomatic adviser  to the British forces in China; his  excellency Min Hui Cho, Corean  minister to Washington; baron von ]  :' For Sale or Rent.���Piano at the  Old Curiosity Shop.  To Let���0-roomed house., Apply  T. H. Roberts, Vanstone's drug store.  For Sale���Three teams of heavy'  horses. Apply.G. W. Patterson, Nelson, B. C.  Wanted���To rent at once a  five  or six-room house, furnished.   Box (I5C, Nelson.  t-1  ���Large,* well-furnished' rooms   to  let. Apply rooms 1 and 5 Macdonald block,  corner Jo&ephiuo and Vernoa.  For sale or rent���A first-class  hoarding house. Central locality. Reasonable  terms.   Apply to Box 78, City.  Furnished rooms to let, with or  without board. Prices moderate. Mrs. Reilly,  Ward street, next to Post Olllce.  To  rent���Office  in the   Turner-  Boncke block, corner Ward and Baker, Apply-  to John A. Turner.  ,-  Japan Tea of all kinds to suit  your taste. Sun Cured, Spider Leg, Pan fired  in bulk or packages.   Kootenay Coll'ee Co.  For Lease���The Palace Hotel in  Sandon, R. C. For particulars and timo of possession enquire of Mrs.' Annie Kngan, Sandon,  llritish Columbia.  , Gold,: copper, silver, lead mines  and prospccLs wanted. Send report and samples  to the i-Tosncotord' Exchange, Nelson, B. C,  Room 1, K. UT-C Block.  For sale���Tug boat Red Star and  bnrge at reasonable figures to cish purchaser, on  time with good sccuritv. Apply to Ontaiio  Powder Works, Nelson, B. C;  For comfort and convenience go  to the Ice Cream Parlors of J. A. McDonald,  Iiaker street, where every attention and requisite is supplied.  Free milling gold properties.   We  are anxious to secure a few free milling gold properties at once. * The Prospectors Exchange,  Nel-on, 13. C. Room 1, K-W-C Block.  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  are selling at thirty cents per pound is giving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootenay Coilee Co. .;**���' ������.-..  We   have   Indian,   Ceylon    and  China Teas in great variety, choicest q��ality.  Wo make a specialty of blending toas and sell  thorn in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  Coffee Co  VfJLt LIME OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  '  looal and coast.  Flooring  looal and coast.  NeweUEosts������-^  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  9)  (t>  9)  %}  Mall orders receive our prompt  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  Established in Nelson 1890.  JUNE   WEDDINGS  THE MONTH OF ({OSES AND WEDMNCS WILL SOON BE HERE.  All watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the best  workmen.  What the wedding present shall be is then the question of the hour, and in  very mtiny instances somo dainty pieces may' te selected from our ttcck,  which is immense. There will be found among other thing?. Sterling T<a  and Coffee Sets, Plated Tea and Coffee Seta, Cake Baskets, Fruit Dishe?,  Nut Bowls, Bon-Bons, Berry Sets, Trays, Oak Ware, Bit-quo V are, Brass  Ware, Cut Glass, Flat Ware, Onyx Tables, Pianos, Sewing Machines, and  a thousand other things too numerous to mention.  CALL AND INSPECT OUR LINES  BEFORE BUYINC  ELSEWHERE  m  91  m  Jacob Dover, Jeweler  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  NELSON, B. C.  Mail orders receive our prompt  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  m  91  9\  9\  9\  9\  9\  J*H  �����0.000 .00 ��� 00.00.00. 00.00 * 00 .00.00*0.0. .ViV^'JSOS,i,ii,ii '-S^** ^^ * ^^*^^��^^ ��**^ ��^^��>^. ^^ - '^^ ^��:0f  __________ ____________�� __^_WW_W________r  ________       _____________________ 0^_____t_____. ^_________________.   _____________________ ^__________________. _____________________ _____W__\___*_______. ___WWW\W_________* _____________________ _____________________ ^______t___h*^__________, m__\W^ ^^E *___________��.______________. 0*_____m_l 0*_____WW\___i 0_\\\\\\\\\___m __________WWW_____\ __________W_W_J____\ ________WWW______\ _____________________  _________WWWM____. 0*_____m__.  0^^^^_W\_* 0t_mm___* 0*_m______h 0^_____m__. __t^__9^________>   00^^^^_M.      ______\_Ww.        W  ^*\'^^*^S'*^S'^S'^*'^*',^*'^S^^S'^S'^^'^S'^S'^*.'^'^ ^ - 0-0 ' ^ ' ^'00 ' 00''00 * 00"00 ' 00'00'00 ' 00 ' 00 ' 00-^ ��� 00^^r'  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Go,  To-==  nelson, b. c.  .  Builders and  Contractors  of all kinds,  I�� WHAT TOD WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT YOU. TOU  CALL AND GET PRICKS.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKR STRKKTS. MBTflOW  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  ��&>.-  CORNKR OF ��;-���  HENDRYX AND VERNON STRHKTB  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Bin-  ish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo.ltd,  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest  possible prices.' Being in a position to manufacture goods In larger  quantities than' before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It is our intention to install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next season we shall be ln a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also Keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,  Tiles and Cement.  ' - *  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also' this year. We also  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and  Builders.  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  tor The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successors ts  The West Kootenay Brick tf Lime Co., Ltd  F. Burns & Go.  .Wholesale and Retail  "nSSftV Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,   Silverton, Nev   I)enyer._Royel8toke,_Ferg^Bon__Qrand^Eork8,JR  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  ���������!���������      ���1I.��,I.��� Ill       |,       ���. . ��� ��� " ' " ���" '       '      ' ��� ������.���������������������111.        ������   ������   West Kootenay Butcher Co.  .  ALL KINDS Of  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE) AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K. W. C BLOCK  WARD STREET  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OKORKS RY MAIL RWCKIVH GARKFUL AND PROMPT ATTUWTION  iiixiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirxiiiiiiiiiiniiiixiiiiiiiiiiiniiziiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiixtiiniimiriiitiiiiiiiiniiiiiil  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE)  No. 4, K. AV. C. Block, NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties haviiifj mining proporty for wilo areremioHled toHOtid wimplos of their ore tothe  Kxchungo for exhibition.   \Vo dotiire to hear from all prospect  f   claims in British Columbia,  prospector/j who have promising mineral  Prospectors and mining men aro requested to make tho Kxchange their headqiinrtorfl when  in Nelson.  All samples .should bo sent by express. Prepaid.   Correspondence solicited.    .-  Address all communications to  ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  /.���Nelson, B. C. [  xixxiixixxxixxixixxxKirxiixrxxxiurxx��Txxrxnxii��ixixrjriirx��iiirrTixxixxxxixxirti��xJ:t��rMxriixxTXiixxxxxr  Telephone  104  P. O. Box 700  W. P. TIERNEY  Telophone 205.  WEST TRANSFER GO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office: Two Doors West C. P. R. Offices  FURNISHED   HOUSES  We have -several fjood furnished houses to let  for the summer months.  H. &   M.  BIRD  BBOKEN HILL BLOCK.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  Work.  Agents for Hard nnd Soft Coal. Imperlnl Oil  Company. Washington Urick, Lime & Manufacturing Company, General coriimcrciul agents  and broKorN.  All coal und wood strictly cash on delivery.  TELEPHONE H7.  Office 184 BaKer St  Drink  the Best  Beer  ANHEUSER-BUSCH  ST. LOUIS LAGER  TO BE HAD WHOLESALE   AT  NELSON.  A. B. GRAY, Kootenay Agent  / ' BAKEK STREET,' NELSON.  R. P. BITHET & CO., Ltd.  B. REISTERER & CO.  BRKWKRS AND B0TTUBB8 OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Prompt and :       ..  delivery to tne trmda *  Brewery at Nelson  NOTICE.  Town Lots, New Denver.  Notice is heroby given that, in pursuance of  the notiilcatlon published by this Department,  and datod 22nd June, 1899, under section US of tho  "Land" Act," agreements for 'ttie sale of Lots in  the Town of New Denver, which were purchased  from the Government at public auction on 20th  July, 1892, and upon which the balance of purchase money and interest is not fully paid up by  tho 30th of April next, will bo cancelled and all  moneys paid therein will be forfeited.  W. C. WELLS,  Chief Commission of Lauds and Works.,  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, B. C.. 21st March, 1901.  NOTICE.  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���VTELSON SOCIALISTIC .KDUCA1IONAI  ���L,) CLUB meets every Sunday ul. 3 o clock p.m.  in the Minors' Union HaU. A cordial invitation  is extended lo every one to come and lake part)  in discussions.   John Roberts, secretary.   .  AUNDRY WORKERS'UNION OK NELSON  No. 8594, A. F.of L.���Meets in Miners' Union  . Hall, C. P. R. Mock, corner of Baker and Stan*;  ley streets, on fourth Friday iu every month ab  7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of American  Federation cordially invited lo attend. C. Fred- '  rick, president; A. W. McFce, secretary.  ELSON MINERS' UNION NO. W*, W. F. of  M.���Meets In miners' union rooms, northwest corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. ViHiLing mem  bers welcome. M. R. Mowatt, i*roeident. .Tame '  Wilkes, Secretary. Union Scai.k of AVages  kou Nelson District��� Per shift, machine  men, $3.50: hnmmersmen miners, ?3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers, $3.00.  rpRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The rogu-  ���*"��� lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor ,  Council will be held in the minors' union hall,  corner Baker and Stanley streets, on tlie first and  third Thursday of each month, ot 8 p. m. C. J.  Clayton, President; A. T. Curie, Secretary.  THE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union  . are Bold on Wednesday evening of ea��-b  week, at 7 o'clock, in tho Miners' Union rooms  corner of Baker an<r Stanley streets. Charles  Clayton, President. GeorgeBroadley, Socretary.  HOLDEN  IN THK  COUNTV   COUHT  OK *��� KOOTENAV  AT KOKT STICKLE, II. C.  NOTICE is hereby given that on the 21th day  of Apr)', uioi. It wub ordered by P. McL.  Forin, Esquire. Deputy Judge of the said court,  that James Ferguson Armstrong, Oillcial Administrator of, the County of Kootenay, be administrator of all and singular tlio estate of  William Couch of Creston, drayman, deceased,  intestate. ���        . ���   "*   livery person indebted-to the _��aid-deceased is  required lo make payment forthwith to the undersigned.  Every person having in po=s*cst-ion dlVcls be-  lo"ging to tlie deceased ic required forthwith to  notify the uddersigued.  Every creditor or oilier person having any  claim upon or interest in the distribution of tho  pergonal estate of the said deceased is required  within thirty days of this date to send by registered letter, addressed to the undersigned, his  name and address and tlio full particulars of his  claim or interest, and a statement of his account,  and the nature of tho security (if any) hold, by  him.  Atfer tfco expiration of the said   thirty days  lhe administrator will proceed witli the distribution of tlio estate, having regard lo those claims  only of which ho siiall have had notice.  -DuLcdaC. Fort. Steele this 8th day of May, 1901.  JAMES FERGUSON ARMSTRONG,  Oillcial Administrator,  Fort Steele. H. C.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  BARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union. NTo.,196. of  the International Journeymen Barbers iju  Ion of America, meets every first and third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Hall, at 8.30  sharp. Visiting brothers cordially Invited to  attend. R. McMahon, presldnnt: J. H.'Mathe  son. secretary-treusuror; J. C. Gardner, recording  secretary.  ABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  tective Union, No. 8121, A. F. of Ij., meets la  Miners' Union hall, C. P. R. block, corner of  Waker and Stanley strceU, every Monday ovoning  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of thoAmeri-  can Federation cordially invited to attend.  A. .T. Curie, President. John Roberts, recording secretary- '  ELSON PAINTERS' UNION-Tho regula-  meeting; of tho   Painters'   Union is  helft  the flrst and third Fridays in each month at Min  ers' Union hall at 7:30 sharp.   George Eacritt,  President; Henry Bennett. Secretary.  COOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION ���Regulai '  meetings every Tuc-day evening at 8:30  oclock, iu Miners' UnioirHall, corner of Baknr  and Stanley, slreets. . Visting broihren cordinllj  invUed. Chris. Luft, president; H. Smelser, iln-  ancial and recording secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION-Tho O. P. I. A. No.  172,-moots every Monday evening In lhe  Elliot block, cornor Bakor and Stanloy slreiu-, *<j  8 o'clock. J. D. Mover, croaldenti; William  Vice, secretary. P. OI Box GIG.  *  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES .">���;"  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23. A. V. & A. M  Moete second Wednesday in eaoh month  Sojourning brethren invited.  To John J. McANOKKW.sor lo nny person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  interest in the Black Diamond Mineral Claim,  situate   on   the  north side  of  Bear Creek,  about three miles from tho town of Ymir,  lying south of and ildjoining the Evening  Star Mineral Claim. Nelson Mining Divii-ion  of Wost Kootenay Distiicl, and recorded in  the recorder's oflico for the Nelson Mining  Division.  You and each of you are hereby notified that I  have expended Two Hundred and Twelve dollars  and Twenty-flvo emits ($212.25) in labor and improvements upon the abovo mentioned  mineral  claim in order to hold said  mineral claim under  the provisions of the Mineral Act. and  if within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fail  'or refUHe to contribute your proportion of such  expenditures together with all costs of advertising your interests in said claims will become the  property of the subscriber under section 1 of an  Act  entitled   "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Act, 1900." JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this 27th day of April. 1901.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 1 have this day  purchased the plant and good will of the  Kootenay Sloam Laundry anil will continue tho  business under the same style'and title.  All accounts owing by the said Kootenay Steam  Laundry will be paid by me and all accounts duo  become payable to me.  Soliciting a continuance of your valued  patronage. I remain, yours truly,  Nelson, May 2nd. 1901. A. LARSON.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Tenders are invited for the raising of the Nelson hotel building, on Baknr street, to grade. All  tenders should be marked "tender.' and addressed A. I, Marks, P. O. box 37, Nelson. The  lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. J. MA1UCS.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAITKR No. 123  G. H. C���Meo's third Wednesday. Sojourn  ing companions invited. George JohnslonojZ.; E.  W. Matthews, S. E.  ELSON=AERIKfNof22fFfO.=lv?^Mf��et;*scond-  and fourth Wednesday of each month, at  Fraternity  Hall.     Georgo Bartlott,  president  John V, Morrison, secretary.  NIGHTS OK PYTHIAS��� Nelson Lodge, No  25, Knights of Pythias, meets In I. O. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay stroots, ever ���  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, visl'lng Knights  cordially invited to attend. H. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T. Park, K. of R. & S.  OOTKNAY TENT NO. 7, K. O, T. V ���  Hold theirrcgular meetings on the lirst and  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights are cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown, H. K.; A. \V. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Steel  D. S. C.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Stkvknson, or to any person or persons lo whom ho mav havo transferred his  .interest In the Lila mineral claim, at Mom  ing Mountain. Nelson Alining Division:  You are horeby notified that I have expended  tho sum of One Hundred and Fifty-Seven Doll��rs  in   labor  and   improvements   upon   the  above  mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold said  mineral  claim  under  the   provisions   of   the  Minoral Act, and if within ninety days from the  dale of this notice you fail or refuse tocontribut,  your proportion of such expenditure, togetbo.  with all costs of advertising, your interest in said  claim will become the property of the subscriber  undor section four of an Act ontitled "An Act to  Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."  DANIEL   HKRB,  natMl thin 12th dav of F��hru��rv. 1901.  DISSOLUTION   OF  PARTNERSHIP.  Notice is heroby given that the partnership  heretofore existing between I^ewis Noll and  Wesley E. Cox, carrying on business as hotel-  keepers in the promises known as the I'orto Rico  hotel at Porto Rico Siding. B. C, under the firm  namo of Noll & Cox, has this day been dissolvi d  by mutual consent. For tho future tho Porto  Rico hotel will be conducted by l^ewis Noll, who  will assume all liabilities of the lato firm nnd to  whom all accounts owing said firm are herewith  payable. LOUIS NOLL,  WESLEY E. COX.  Witness: Robt. Rknwick.  Nelson. March 26th. 1901.  NOTICE.  Notice Is heroby given that I Intend to apply itb  the next sittings of tho Hoard of Licence Co: l-  inissionors for the City of Nelson, to be held after  the expiration of thirty days from thedate herot f,  for a transfer of the retail liquor licenco now held  by nie for the Grand Central hotel situate on lots  23 aud 24, block 66, sub-division of lot 95 in the  City of Nelson, to Gust Kricson of th�� siild Cityof  Nelson. F. SIMPSON.  Witness, W. C. McDonald.  Dated thla twenty-second day of April, 1901.  A  1 i'-A  ~ .  ^ 4  -, ,,  y  '^1  T-Mix  ,t  J vj^^'^raw-f j*p& -V  F-f*  ujMaa>iTa ^n����f-T**��ae*Basna  am��Sa*��W*tt^*.',^W.^^  M^gigs&  p  I'v   .  111 -  II."  fl -1  II..,  .  I'  '  lev -  THE  TRIBUNE: NELSOF, B (��, THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1901  ���rag g-fif *if'glg,'��'^'g'g'g-   ��l  <*'g-g'-g-g'��'-ir-'g-g��g-g-g'.  torn  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  *  to  to  to  to  Don't Pay Two Prices for  O  Gent's Furnishings  "When you can get any tiling you want in this line at Marl-  son's. Great Clearing sale, at Eastern "Wholesale ��� Cost.  Tliis sale has been running the past three weeks and the  generous patronage extended is the best evidence that  the people realize the value of the bargains offered. But a  $14,000 Stock of Clothing  Boots and Shoes and  Gent's  Furnishings  cannot be run olf in a few days. There is still an almost  unbroken range in all branches. to choose from. This  week, however, a special drive will be made in miner's  supplies. All goods are new and up-to-date. - Boots and  shoes from $1.50 up, mens suits from $0 up, and 300 pairs  of odd pants at wholesale cost.  Remember, Madson  Leads   all  Competitors.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  THEO MADSON  *&Zr  .00't*''p*.g'^.*''0*'0ri'"- cv. ��� a-,s>'a,3''S8'*S"SL'S'S''fi''  "��^^:<5f:��?t55^a?i3r:��5^^ If/ ���^'*"*"*>*0*0'0'0'0'0'  to  to  to  to  to  t\\  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  /$\  to  to  to  to  &  T  T  We have just received a few new lines of Toilet Soap that  we are going to offer at a.bargain for a few days and which-we  have displayed in our window. These goods are of French,  English, American and Canadian make, and all are to be  sacrificed at the uniform, price of  25   Cents   Per   Box   of  3   Cakes.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA   BLOCK NELSON,   B. C.  .e?'c=>.&  '.mmm  mm  y��g  ?*=?*  MORRISON & CALDWELL  PROVISIONS  AND   PRODUCE.  OUR LEADERS���  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packages and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh-Bogustown^Ranch^Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  ffl  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Born, at Kootenay Lake General  Hospital, August lufch, to the wife  of S. K. Oliver, a son.  The regular meeting of tlie  Nelson Board of Trade will be held  in the board's room this evening.  A meeting of the local board of  health has been called for this  evening. _The board is composed of  the members of the city council.  If George J. Armitage is in Nelson  he will find something that is of  advantage to him by communicating  with James A. Chislett of Whitewater, B. C.  A car of machinery for the Enterprise mine on Ten-mile passed  through Nelson yesterday. Tlie  machinery was billed from Chicago  on April JJOfch.  Harry Parkin, who was arrested  upon a warrant charging him with  assaulting his wife, was arraigned-  before magistrate Crease yesterday  aud remanded for one day.  W. E. Ellis has been served wifch  a summons to answer to tlie charge  of infringing the trades license bylaw by carrying on business as an  insurance agent without taking out  a license.  Michael Hays, who confessed the  theft of a pair of boots from Hugh  Gosnell's shoe store on Baker street,  was .sentenced to six.months'imprisonment by magistrate Crease  yesterday.  The supply of sewer pipe ordered  by the city is expected to reach  Nelson within the next few days  when the work of completing the  outlet of the "West Baker street  sewer will be resumed.  Tlio partnership of James Hearn  & Co. of Ymir has been dissolved.  Daniel Campbell has purchased the  interests of Hearn in the partnership and will hereafter carry on tlie  business in his own name.  Rev. Elliott S. Rowe will lecture  in the Miners' Union Hall at Ymir  tonight (Thursday). The lecture  will be on Labor and Social questions that are interesting the people  of all sections of the province.  Hugh R. Cameron, secretary of  the Dominion Day celebration  general committee,,has notified the  members of the Various sub-committees to meet on Friday night at  the Board of Trade rooms for the  purpose of arranging important  matters in connection with" tlie  Dominion Day celebration.  Tunnel Contract to Be Let.  Tlie owners of the Juno mine,  which is situate about three miles  southwest of Nelson, are driving a  croscnt tunnel on the property.  The tunnel is in 375 feet, and about  the same distance will Wve to be  run before the ledge is reached. It  is said that tenders will be - called  at once for the work.  CONFERENCE  WORK ENDED  Changes Made in Stations.  The Methodist conference completed its business yesterday, and  the majority of the members are  now on their way home. At yesterday's session a resolution was  moved by Rev. E. E. Scott of Vancouver, seconded by Rev. E. S.  Rowe of Victoria, requesting tlie  conference to memorialize the Do-*  minion government upon the matter of establishing the order of  precedence for the churches iu Canada in connection with the proposed visit of the duke and duchess  of Cornwall and York.  Rev. W. II. Barraclough was appointed representative of the conference'upon the general board of  missions. '        .  Some changes were made in the  original draft of the stationing  committee. Rev. J. A. Wood goes  to Kamloops instead of Rev. Charles  Lad ner. Rev. Charles Lad ner goes  to Revelstoke instead of Rev. S. J.  Thompson, and Rev. J. F. Betts goes  to Grand Forks instead of Rev. G.  K. Bradshaw.  Rev. J. II. White was made chairman of the Kootenay district in  place of Rev J. A. Wood, who is  removed to Kamloops.  Rev. E. E. Scott, of Homer street  church, Vancouver, was made chairman of tlie Vancouver district.  The next conference will be held  iu Homer street church, Vancouver.  MINTING   RECORDS.  TELEPHONE 27  Y"IEIjR,S   Sc-  OO.  PAINTS, OILS A.ND GLASS.  GARDEN  TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  POULTRY NETTING  Sloro. Corner Rakor and Josophino Stiee  RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE.  j  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder   Company    and   Truax   Automatic   Ore   Cars.  jsrzELSoiisr  STORES   AT  IK1A.S.LO  I  S^ZLsTIDOlsr  I  Bakep Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  Work Stopped on Lardo Road.  John D. Sullivan, the C. P. R.  engineer who had charge of the  Lardeau branch, received instructions from Montreal yesterday  ordering the shutting down of  work on the new branch. The contract for this work was only let a  -few days ago, aud yesterday's  order from C. P. R. headquarters  created much surprise and disappointment, as  considerable  mer-  =ehandise=had=beeu=sent-=into-=the  Lardeau from Nelson in anticipation of construction demands.  There , was but one location  record filed at the Nelson record  pflice yesterday. Thomas J. Lancaster recorded the Sandy mineral  claim, situated on the government  trail half a mile south of Sandy  creek and being a relocation of the  Blind Lead.  Certificates of work were issued  to Joseph Campbell on the Monday;  D. M. Shea, on the Winona; Robert  Elliott, on the Silver Spray; Samuel  Marshall, on the Elko; J. M. Costello, on the Clinton, Nellie Mack,  Basin, Big Six and Castle claims  near Erie; Montana Gold Mining  Compauy on the Blue Bird, Trout,  Michigan, Lorna Doone aud Ran-.  dolph mineral claims, known as the  Blue Bird group and situate on  Deer creek, near Deer Park; II. J.  Robben, ou the Mountain Grove.  The following transfers wei-e  recorded:' From Joseph Thompson-  to Elijah B. Dunlop one-third interest iu the Dunlop mineral claim;  from O. A. Lovell. to Hugh Macdonald one-third .interest in the  Surprise mineral claim; J. H. Mc-  Manus to J. L. Purdy the whole of  tlie Deer Trail and Happy Man  claims.  - W. B. Townsend, as agent for  Thomas Peacock, claims the half  interest in the Hecla mineral claim  formerly owned by E. D. Parr,  owing to lapse of the latter's free  miner's certificate.  camp and while driving logs down  to the Kootenay river he slipped  into the water and was never seen  again. The fatality occurred about  three miles from the junction of.  Goat river with the Kootenay.  Hammelmeyer was unmarried and  held some land near Rykert's. His  body has not yet been recovered.  E. FERGUSON & CO.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DOMESTIC CICARS  Amongst a large assortment we carry the following brands: El Cielo, Flor  de Melba, La Marca, La  Veda, Rosebery, Buena  Galana.  THE CRANDA HAVANA CICARS  ' A full line ranging from  $50 to $120. A declaration  accompanies each box, certifying that the finest  Havana tobacco only is  used by this factory. We  recommend them.  Our Special  Canadian Rye is the Most Palatable Whiskey in the  Market.   We have it in bulk and in cases 5's and 6's.  PERSONAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO MAIL ORDERS  the  the  for  out-  OLD SETTLERS' NEW MAPLE SYRUP  THE   IBIEST   UVC^IDIE  THIS   SPRING'S   SYRUP    IN    QUART,    HALF   GALLON   AND  GALLON    CANS.  Houston Block, Baker Street.  Telephone 161.      P. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Says an Agreement Was Made.  A. B. Buckworth, deputy census  commissioner for the Nelson riding,  was in Nelson yesterday. He says  a definite understanding was  arrived at with the Ottawa  authorities with respect to the  census enumerators before  work was undertaken upon  basis of so much per day  enumerators for tlie city and  side sections. He does not anticipate that any attempt will be  made to pay the enumerators upon  the basis of names received, and  has every reason to believe the  original understanding will be adhered to.   ���       Inspection by the D. O. 0.  Lieutenant-colonel Holmes, district officer ������..(���.commanding military  district No. 11, will inspect the  armory and equipment of No". 2  company R.-M. R. on Monday and  commands that, all, arms, clothing  and accoutrements be handed iu before that timte1-' The'" armory "will  be open from 7 to 1,0 o'clock Saturday evening, and every member  ot the company must hand in.his  uniform and equipment complete,  placing a ticket with his name on  each piece. . Any rifles that are being used on Saturday aud Sunday  must be returned between 2 aud 5  o'clock Sunday -afternoon. The  visit of the D. O. C. is for the purpose of handing over tlie command  of the company to the new officers,  and he requires a receipt from the  captain for all equipment, therefore  the necessity of having everything  handed in.  CHAMBER   APPLICATIONS.   .  In the case of Boie vs. O'Leary,  an action for an accounting and for  winding up the partnership of the  O'Leary Brothers, , contractors,  judgment was given yesterday  against Timothy O'Leary as admin-  jstmtor^of^the=estate^o��^Johru  O'Leary, for $1893 and an order  made for the sale of the partnership property to pay the partnership debts and apply-upon judgment. ''..''  In Clarke vs. First National Bank,  an order was made for the appointment of a commission to take the  evidence of a witness abroad, the  plaintiff to give security for costs.  In the case of the Kaslo & Slocan  Railway Company vs. Martin, an  action in connection with the payment of government timber dues,  an application for leave to put in a  rejoinder to the plaintiff's statement in reply was adjourned until  today.  Swerdferger's Last Trapping Trip.  John A. Turner, gold commissioner, has received the finest collection of martin skins ever seen in  Nelson. There are 41 skins in the  bunch, and they represent upwards  of $400 in money, but they probably cost William Swerdferger his  reason. For several years Swerdferger has spent the winter months  in trapping around the Little Slocan lake, the most dreary section  in the piovince of British Columbia, and the skins in question represent "Bill's" profits ou last winter's  trapping. It is likely that Swerdferger's creditors will make application under the provisions of the  Lunacy Act for tlie sale of the  skins and the application of the  proceeds in discharge of their claims.  Drowning Accident in Goat River.  Word was received in Nelson yesterday of a drowning fatality by  whicli John Hammelmeyer lost his  life in Goat river. The deceased  was engaged in Anderson's logging  Improving Small Debts Court.  An importa'nt amendment was  made to the Small Debts Court Act  during the recent session of the  legislature wliich will make this  court even more popular for the  collection of small accounts. This"  amendment admits of garnishment  before judgment and immediately  upon issuance of the small debts  court summons. The practice heretofore has been that garnish proceedings could not be had until  judgment was first obtained in th*.-  original action. The new amendment, therefore, places the small  debts court upon the same footing  as the county court with respect to  garnishments before ' and after  judgment. Nelson's experience of  the small debts court has beeu most  satisfactory arid in nine cases out of  every ten sued in the court payment  has been secured and at a nominal cost.   ,   Clerks Think They Are Overworked.  The following was handed to the  editor of The Tribune last night  by a clerk who works in. a Baker  street" clothing store. It is published merely, to give the clerks'  side of the questiou, and not because The Tribune favors the  Thursday closing movement: "Today (Thursday) is the mid-week  half holiday. All merchants in  Nelson who stand for reforms and  shorter hours, of ' labor will close  promptly at 12 o'clock noon and remain closed until Friday morning.  Drug stores will reopen at 7 p. m.  Clerks have to work 11 to 12 hours  five days in the week and 16 to 18  hours on Saturday. All those in  sympathy with the Thursday half  holiday will kindly refrain* from  shopping on Thursday afternoon."  Eastern Baseball.  Hartford 3, Toronto 4.  Rochester a, Syracuse 4.  Cincinnati 6, Brooklyn 1.  PERSONAL.  A.  S.   Goodeve   of   Rossland   is  registered at tlio Humo.  P. Welch, the contractor for the  Lardeau road, is stopping at the Phair.  C. Lindmark, one of the prominent merchants of Kcvelstoko, is in tlio city on  ==J6HrDrSullivanTof^tlie=CrPrRr  engineering stuff.-was registered at the Phair  yesterday,  A.B. Buckworth, deputy census  commissioner for the Nel.son riding, is registered  ac the Queen's.  George Ager, late of Strathcona's  Hort'e, ls-renewing former acquaintances in  Nelson.   He is registered at the Quoen's.  W. Moulse bf Rossland and Jame*  Madden of Ainsworth wero among yesterday's  arrivals at the Madden Houso.  Bruce Strachan of Kingston and  George Horton of Toronto wero among the late  arrivals at the Tremont last evening.  E. E. Phairhas returned from a  one-day trip to Kaslo and Sandon. Until towns  are reported as growing and in a hculthy  condition.  H. H. Watts was elected delegate  of the N< lson Typographical Union yesterday to  attend thi ih'orna lonal convention whicli meotn  in BiriningliimirAlubiuiia, on August I'J'li.-  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  SVietorii Street  PAINTERS  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  R. B. REILEY  (SUCCKSSOB TO H. I). ASHCROFT)  FISHING TACKLE  IS NOT A NEW VENTURE WITH US.  We know your wants and have what you need. Our line is  too large to enumerate, but a call will convince you that it is  the most complete in the city.  LAWRENCE  HARDWARE  Imoorters nnd Dealers In Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  CO.  Duke & ��� Son's Cricket supplies, Ayres &  Wright and Ditson's lawn tennis, Spalding base  ball, Lally lacrosse and Whitely exercises.  RSDALl7s"��lJN   STORE  VANCOUVER.  ROSSLAND   EINailNBERHNG   WORKS  cunliffe & McMillan  Founders and   Machinists, Specialty  of  Ore  Gars, (Jro-Bin   Doors  and Ceneral Mining Machinery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and is as good  as now: ,  2J-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and nil flttingH, roaJy to turn ou steam.  ���    Ut"x8" Double-Cylinder Kriction Draiu-Hoiiit, built by Ingersoll Co.  Sinking Pump, So. ft Cameron, Now York.  Sinking Pump, 10".\-A"xl3", outside packed plunger pattern.  Watch this advertisement, for further lists, or wrilo us bfforo you buy for complete Hat.   Wo  may have just what you want.  Agents for Northoy Pumps.   Stock carried.- f  P.   O.   Box  198. THIRD  AVENUE.   ROSSLAND.  NEW FIRM  NEW GOODS  J, G.  PRICES RIGHT  &  CO:  FURNITURE   DEALERS.  Have opened up the newest and niost  of Furniture ever displayed in Nelson.  up lo dale stock  Call and see our  Ladies' Dressing Tables.  China Closets        Parlor Suites       Roll Top Desks  Secretarys  Side Boards  Bedroom Suites  Typewriting Desks, Iron Beds, Etc.  West Biker Street  Nelson, B. C.  ^rJ. G. BUNYAN & CO.  KVI  NELSON  NO.   219   BAKER   STREET.   NELSON.  BOOTS!       BOOTS!       BOOTS!  For a few days only we will  discount sale of boots  hold a slaughtering  and shoes.  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD   WORKtr.*  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Special attention given to jll klnda of repairing  andenatom work from ovtolde polnb). Heavy  bolts made to nrdnr on shot I notion.  NOTICE.  No! ice ia hereby given that I intend to apply  at the next sittings of t��e Board of Licence Com-  iniHBionorR for the City of Nelson, to bo held aftor  tho expiration of thirty days from tho date hereof,  for a transfor of the rotnll liquor 11- once now held  by me for the lloyal hotel sil.uato on lots 3 and 4,  block 29. Biibdivision of lot 95 in the Ci y of Nel-  eon, to J. Lovell Smith of the aaid City of Nelson.  BOL JOHNS.  Witness: W. B. Wassan.  Dated this fourteenth day of March, 1901.  PLUMBHIRS.  QOOD GOODS.  REASONABL PRICES  Will call sit your residence or place  of business witli catalogues arid  prices anytime if dropped apostcard.  OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.  NELSON. R. O  SMOKE ROYAL SEAL  FIRST UNION MADS  CIGAR MANUFACTURED  IN NELSON.  Kootenay  Cigar Co.  Baker Street, Nelson.  CARR  T,ATE OF VANCOUVER  LAPDB'3' TAILOR  Parlors formerly occupied by Miss MacMWan,  V|ni.oriii mock.  Tlio tutti-nunge of NoIpoii ladies solicited.  A HEALTH TALK.  Mi5R.lJu.ll of t.hn Canadian Viavi Co. will give  .'mother of tl'im 111 ut-tra'cd Health Talks in the  opera house li'riday. May 17, at Ii p. m. Thoso  talks aro instructive, and on subjects of vital im-  I'lorUmcf) to women. No .-ulmkHion charged, but  a collection will he taken to defray expenses.


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