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 Mineral Production of British Columbia in 1900
Mineral Protluotlon of Kootenay \r\ 1900
The Accident Was Due to Approach-
the Heavy Grade at an Excessive Rate of Speed.
The case of Peters vs. the Nelson
Tramway Company, in which the
plaintiff was seeking to recover
damages from the tramway com-,
pany for tlie loss of an arm, resulting from the accident which
marked the opening of the tramway service in tliis city, was virtually disposed of yesterday when
the special jury brought in a verdict iu favor of the defendants.
Great interest was manifested in
the case, wliich occupied the past
four .days of the supreme court
Mr. justice  Drake completed  his
charge to the jury about 3:30, wheu
he submitted  a  list of  eight ques-
E tions to tlie jurors.    In his  charge
he reviewed  the main . features  of-
the case for  the  plaintiff  and  the
manner iu which it was met by the
defence.    The  plaintiff's   case  was
brought  under   the   common  law,
and  was  rested  upon Jive  points:
(1) That  the   defendants'   car   was
coo heavy; (2) that the  grade  was
too  great; (3) that  the  car  brake
was insufficient; (4) that  the operating  power  Avas 'insufficient, and
(5) that the curve on  the grade iu
question \".was    improperly     constructed.    The court explained that
while   under   the   common   law  a
master   was   obliged   to   take   all
' reasonable     precautions    for     the
safety of workmen, and responsible
to'the extent of supplying  efficient
apparatus  and also.,for failure to
use   it   in  a  proper  manner,  employers   were  not liable for  accidents   to    employees    caused     by-
ignorance or neglect On the part of
fellow servants.    . Every workman
was'more or less subjeet to certain;
... dangers and motormen were liable
to certain risks.     Workmen  were
supposed to undertake  such  risks
provided no extraordiny  risk  was
introduced.    It was for  the jurors
to apply the principles .-mentioned
in  the evidence   submitted.     The
court then reviewed  the  evidence
bearing upon the manner in wliich
the   car,   upon   which   motorman
Peters was engaged, approached the
top of the grade in  question,  aud
iutimated that it approached the
grade at a very much higher late of
speed   than  it  should  have  done.
The matter of the brakes upon the
car was then discussed and the fact
commented upon that  Peters  and
another   employee   named  Wilson
• had been instructed to adjust the
brakes  upon  the  car  in question^
=wliich="tlrey="JTad     nl^leetlU^tTf
do.    The brakes were not adjusted,
but the omission was not  reported.
With respect  to  the  allegation of
insufficient power the court pointed
out that evidence had beeu adduced
to the  effect  that in  view  of the
high rate of speed at which the car
took the grade no amount of power
could have held it.      The court dismissed the contention  with respect
tothe  faulty  construction  of  the
curve in not having  the outer  rail
raised    upon    the  weight   of   Mr.
Campbell's evidence  and  with  respect to any responsibility  on the
part of the company for faulty construction  of  the  roadbed  said no
responsibility  would  lie  unless   it
could be shown that  tho  company
departed from   the   advise  of   its
engineer  and  that  as  a  result of
such  departure  tlie  accident   was
caused.    It;  was sufficient for  tlie
company to sho w in  such  matters
that   a   competent    engineer   was
engaged*and his advice followed.
Tiie case for the defence was reviewed briefly after which'a list of
did such defects arise from any
negligence of the employees of the
defendants ? Answer—Have not
found that any defects existed.
4. Were competent men employed
to construct the car line aud install
the apparatus ?   Answer—Yes.
5. To what cause if any do you
attribute the accident? Answer—
In permitting the car to attain to
such a pace* before reaching the
heaviest grades.
0. Was'the plaintiff guilty of contributory negligence ? Answer—
7. Did the plaintiff undertake the
risks incurred with his employment
knowing the dangers attending it?
8. Damages ?   Answer—None.
Upper Yukon Open.
Seattle, Wash., May 22.—Advices from Lynn Canal ports are to
the effect that the upper Yukon is
now open to navigation. On May
lGth the upper Le Barge lake was
still covered with ice, but was expected to become open in a few
days. Smallpox among the southeastern native Alaskans is reported
as dying out. The disease is alleged by many physicians not to he
smallpox at all, but to be caused by
excessive use of fish and general
Will Take in Exposition.
Chicago, May 22.—M. Jules Cambon, ambassador from  Prance,  left
Chicago today for  Buffalo.
From Falling1 Masts and Rigging.
Revenue Cutter Grant Wrecked.
Victoria, May,22.—The United
States revenue cutter Grant, captain Tozier, ran'...ashore on an uncharted rock in Saanich inlet at 8
o'clock this morning. She struck
on her bilge well forward, and tore
a bad hole in her hhll, the inrush of
water filling her 'forward part to
the main deck, throwing up her
after part, leaving it dry. The crew
gathered together what effects they
could, and/went; ashore in the cutter's boats, arriving in Cole bay,
where they are camped at 9 a.m.
Lieutenant Sadler came to the city
to get assistance, t He ..returned
witli a wrecking outfit at 5 p. ro.
The Grant was on a special mission
in that water, presumably to investigate smuggling, when she
stranded. She is in a bad position,
but lieutenant Sadler thinks 9he
can be saved.
Southampton, May 22.—The enp
challenger with king Edward and
party on board was totally dismasted today by a squall off Cowes,
Isle of Wight. The king, who was
on deck, had a miraculous escape.
Topmast, mainmast and bowsprit
were broken short off. The yachts
were to be sent today racing over a
triangular course similar to one of
the American cup courses; The
eutrance into the race of tlie yawl
Sibarita, about 99 feet over all,
placed the captains of the two
Shamrocks under the .necessity of
driving their boats at full speed in
order to make any creditable show
and promised king Edward an opportunity of witnessing the smartest race of the series. There was
delay in establishing a starting
line. The wind freshened considerably aud blew twelve to thirteen knots, with the prospects of
magnificent racing.
King Edward, desiring to take a
more active part in the proceeding
than was possible from the deck of
the Erin, was taken on board the
challenger, accompanied by Sir
Thomas Lipton. While theyachts
were maneuvering for the start a
squall came up without the slightest Avarning and the bowsprit of
the challenger was carried away
short. The extra strain thus
thrown on the topmast proved too
much for the spar and it whipped,
broke nnd doubled off to leeward,
carrying  the  whole  weight of the
jackyard and the gear over the side
in a terrible tangle. Almost as the
topmast fell the great steel mast,
weighing over two tons and carrying spars and gear weighing an additional three or four tous, .swayed
for a moment and then .by great
good fortune plunged over the side
into the water with the sound of
breaking wire and tearing gear in
the air.
The members of the royal party
were seated on deck, close to the
companion; way. ■ The king - was
showing keen pleasure at watching
the fight which captain Sycamore
was making for 'the advantage at
the start. The yacht was racing
along at a formidable angle aud the
sloping deck with* a mere fringe of
rail seemed a rather perilous place
for the accommodation of-the visitors. As the wreckage swept the
deck it was. most astonishing that
no one was hurt. For a moment or
two the situation appeared to be
very grave. The .king maintained
his composure. ; Most of the head
men went overboard. Within
five seconds of the disaster the
Shamrock I bore around to render
assistance, when she in turn was
caught by the squall and her topsail spar collapsed,'making her helpless. The press ; tug following the
racers ranged, alongside the helpless yachts, arid a torpedo, boat
which was in the vicinity and the
Sybarita sent boats to the scene.
In answer to a hail captain Syca:
more sent the reassuring message
that all on board:had escaped without injury.
As quickly, as .possible the king
arid the royal party were transferred to the Erin, and later the
king, accompanied by Sir Thoma9
Lipton,- landed at Southampton en
route to London. The crews of the
racers set about clearing away the
wreckage. Owing to the unwieldy
nature of the spars aud gear, it was
found impossible to get them on
board, and they were cut away and
allowed to sink after the buoys had
been placed to mark the place. The
yachts were then towed back to
await a decision as to what should
be done towards repairing them.
London, May 22.—The Shamrock
disaster caused much excitement in
London, and there were many inquiries at Marlborough House.
There is much speculation as to
how the accident will affect the cup
races. The editor of the Yachting
World says there ia no reason why
the yachts cannot be speedily repaired and continue their trial and
go to America on the date arranged.
However, he is not sanguine of success. The damage to the challenger
is estimated at £2000, as nearly
every scrap oi her gear is gone.
Southampton, May 22. — Sir
Thomas Lipton fears that it will be
impossible to repair the Shamrock
II. in time for the races and it looks
as if the contest was 'off for this
year. Sir Thomas will cable to the
New- York Yacht Club a long
account of the accident with an expression of doubt if he will be able
to fulfill his engagement. Nothing
can be finally settled until the conference which is to be held between
the builders and Mr. Watson, the
designer of the Shamrock II.
$300,000, ifc was different. In small
work the surplus stock which could
not be avoided would eat up any
margin which might exist between
what the goods could be purchased
for in the east and what they could
be secured for iu Nelson; and in
addition to this there was an advantage in dealing with* merchants
at short range.
May Resort to Conscription.
New York, May 22.—An ominous statement of the question of
conscription was made by lord Raglan, the under secretary for war,
last night, says the Tribune's London correspondent. Speaking afc
the united services he said that
Englishmen must not be frightened
at the idea of conscription. There
were only two ways of getting men
for the army—they could pay the
men and make their lot comfortable, or they, could' press them, as
paying them had already been declared impracticable. In this connection it is interesting to "note
that the militia ballot has just
been put into operation in Guernsey to strengthen the local militia.
Guernsey is the only portion of
the British empire where conscription is in force.
President O'Connell. However, Is Sanguine and Thinks 90 Per Cent of
the Men Will Soon Be at Work.
submitted  to
upon.     They
eight questions were
the   jurors   to   find
were  out  about  two  hours  when
they returned with  the  following
1. Did the defendants know, or
had they reason to believe that the
machinery and apparatus employed
wtis unsufficienfc for the requirements of thocar line? Answer—No.
2. AVas the employment used
reasonably sufficient for the safe
operation of the line, and did the
defendants use all reasonable precautions on the day of the accident?
3. If you find any defects existed
in   the   electric   tramway system,
Talking Over the School-Vote.
At the meeting of the school
trustees last evening some informal
discussion took place with respect
to the provincial government's vote
of $5000 for new school buildings.
It has been estimated that the
necessary extensions to the- school
buildings, including the installation
of a steam heating plant, will cost
about $10,000 and some arrangement will be attempted whereby
the necessary enlargement can be
tion. The trustees have as yet received no notification as to whether
they or the city council will have
the spending of the government
vote, but as soon as the point is
cleared up an effort will be made
tf) secure united action on the part
of the trustees and members of the
city council.
.Will Leave on Saturday.
San Francisco, May 22.—Mrs.
McKinley's condition has improved
so rapidly that the official announcement has been made that
tlio president and party are to
start for Washington on Saturday.
Secretary Hay has abandoned his
idea of returning to Washington
immediately. He has definitely
decided that all members of the
cabinet shall remain here till the
departure of the president, meanwhile official business will be transacted in the same manner as
though the members of the presidential family were at their desks
in Washington.
Sen doff to Americans.
Pekin, May 22.—The last of ithe
American troops here, with the exception of the legation guard, leffc
Pekin afc 7 o'clock this morning. In
spite of the early hour and the long
distance they had to march all the
bands of the British troops escorted
the Ninth United States infantry
from the Temple of Agriculture to
the depot, where a Japanese band
awaited the troops. All the British
generals and their staffs and all the
officers off duty were present. The
scene was one of great enthusiasm.
As the train leffc a great crowd was
present to wish general Chaffee
OF   A   MINE.
At 100 Feet Depth the Ore is Changing
From Galena to Copper With
Increased Values.
M. A. Green of Rossland, the engineer for the Montana Gold Mining
Compauy, which has in hand the
development of the Blue Bird group
of claims near Deer Park, was in
Nelson yesterday consulting government agent John A. Turner with a
view to securing some assistance
towards the building of a wagon
road to the Montana company's
pany is to a considerable extent an
eastern Canadian concern, much of
the treasury .stock having been
taken up by residents of ..Hamilton,
Ontario, and unless tlie company's
engineer is very wide in his estimate the shareholders have a very
valuable property in the Blue Bird
group. "Up to date about 700 feet
of work has been done upon the
property, which has given a deptli
of 100 feet upon the vein. The
ledge upon wliich the work has
been done has so far maintained a
uniform size of about three
feet, but the character of tho
ore appears to be changing as
depth is attained. At the outset
the company considered that it had
a silver-lead property in the Blue
Bird, the oro in the upper portions
of the ledge being chiefly galena,
smelter tests upon which give returns of $34 to the ton after making
allowance for the customary
smelter deductions. Sufficient work:
has been done to demonstrate that
there is a considerable body of this
galena ore, and the company has
now under consideration the erection of a 50-ton concentrator, irrespective of what greater depth
upon the property may disclose.
Three propositions are being considered by the company for the
erection of the concentrator and it
is expected that it will be in operation this fall with every prospect
of sufficient ore being blocked out
by that time to keep it going to its
utmost capacity.
With respect to the change
whicli is being noticed in tho character of the ledge matter in the 100-
foot level it is all on the right side.
The  galena appears  to  be giving
place to iron, and a recent assay
from the ledge showed 43-100 ounces
gold, 25 ounces silver and within a
fraction of 3 percent copper. Should
further work show that these values are maintained it would mean
that the.copijerjralues,would cover
tlie' cost' of smelting, leaving the
gold and silver values to cover the
cost of mining aud returns upon
AU told, the Montana Gold Mining Company has expended about
$20,000 in developing the property,
but sufficient remains in the, treasury to carry on its present plan of
development for another twelve
months. As to smelting facilities',
the property is situated about an
equal distance from the Trail and
Nelson smelters, so that it altogether depends upon; the demand
for this character of ore which
smelting point will be utilized.
In a Shooting Tournament.
He Says-He Will Secure the Bulk of
His Supplies From Nelson's
Wholesale Merchants.
==SPRW(?]msTOT=IlIi^is^May 22[—
W. Ii. Crosby of Ofallon, Illinois,
today won the championship shooting trophy and a purse of $1000 on
the grounds of the Illinois Gun
Club and established a record that
is believed to be without precedent.
Crosby killed 109 birds straight.
The match, which began yesterday,
showed three men tied with 100
each. Gilbert missed his 108th bird
today, while H. J. Sconce failed to
get his 103rd. When Crosby killed
the 109th he Was therefore declared
the winner. Members of the American team participated in various
matches and showed excellent form.
They leffc tonight for New York,
whence they will sail at once for
London to meet the crack English
trap shooters Juno llth.     Former
Mayor Carlson of Kaslo, who has
the contract for the grading of the
Canadian Pacific's Lardeau branch,
and who has been in Nelson for the
past two days sizing up the railway situation, left for home yesterday.
In an interview with a Tribune
representative mayor Carlson said
he was convinced that construction
upon the Lardeau branch would be
Marshall of Keiths-
will    captain    the
A Tennessee Flood.
Knoxvillk, Tennessee, May 22.—
Millions of dollars damage has been
done and at least eight lives lost in
upper east Tennessee by the floods
caused by the recent heavy rains.
The Doe river, the Wautauga, the
Holston and others are out of
bounds, and growing crops have
been swept away all along their
course.       _^
The Cyclists.
Troy, New York, May 22.—On
account of tlie rain tonight; the
attendance at the ladies six-day
race was kept down to 2335 paid
admissions. Glaw finished a few
inches in front of Li-zette at the
close. The score was: Glaw, 150.3;
Li/.efcte, 150.3; Allen, 150.3; Peterson, 150.3; Vince, 117.4.
commenced at once, and that he
thinks he has good grounds for his
conviction, as was evidenced by the
fact that shortly before he left on
the Kaslo boat he authorized the
engagement of 50 men at once for
the work, and placed orders with
several Nelson wholesale houses for
respectable bills of supplies.
In speaking of the immediate
construction, mayor Carlson said
the work would furnish employment for about 700 men, which
would hold out for the remainder
of the summer months, as it would
take fully five months to complete
the contract. His outfit was already on the ground, and pending
the recent shut-down upon the
grading contract he had been filling in. time in fixing up some portions of the roadbed which was
built during the race between the
Great Northern and Canadian Pacific to secure control of the Lardeau business.
Touching the cpiestion of supplies, Mayor Carlson said ho would
buy where he could get goods the
cheapest, and in his opinion the
bulk of the supplies would be purchased from Nelson's wholesale
merchants. He had had rather
extensive dealings with them
in the past and his experiences had been altogether satisfactory. His contract was comparatively small in the way of
railway construction, which would
preclude the policy so generally
adopted of having all supplies purchased in the eastern markets and
shipped in direct. In the case of
large contracts such a policy had,
doubtless, much to commend it to
the railway contractor, but on a
small piece of work, involving some
Egyptian Eebel Pardoned.
Cairo, May 22.—Rabbi Pasha, the
famous Egyptian rebel who was
banished to Ceylon in 1882, has
been pardoned.
MONTREAL, 22.—William Lun-
ney, a boy 0 years of age, was
struck and killed by an Ontario
street car this morning. He was
playing on the street.
HALIFAX, 22.—The Mayboro
coal mines, situated between Port
Hood and Broad Cove, have "been
bought by a syndicate of Canadian
and American capitalists for
$200,000. ,
PETERBORO, 22-William Hope,
79 years old, who lives a mile from
Villiers, near this city, was gored
and tramped by a ferocious. bull
yesterday morning and.died in.a
few. hours. .       .   . ...,*-.
'MONTREAL, 22.—W. H. ~Rose-
vear, chief car accountant of the
Grand Trunk Railway, was knocked
down by a locomotive at Point St.
Charles today and severely injured.
On account of his age, 75, it is
feared the result will be fatal.
HAMILTON, 22.—The statement
of John Calder & Company, wholesale clothiers, who failed recently,
show direct liabilities of $185,000,
and indirect liabilities through
banks of $250,000. Assets are
placed at $178,000.
PETERBORO, 22.—The two-
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. D.
Fowler is dead as a result of injuries received through falling into a
pan of scalding water which his
mother had placed upon the floor
and left unprotected for a minute.
=MONTRE ALT==22^THe===S taFT
London cable says: The war office
reports two more deaths among the
Canadian recruits to the Baden-
Powell constabulary force. May
15, at De Aar, constable A. G. Barrel! died of enteric fever, and May
14 J. H. Cameron succumbed to dysentery at Bloemfontein.
MONTREAL, 22. — The Kettle
River Power Company advertises
to issue $100,000 of six per cent
first mortgage debentures, repayable at 110 on January, 1933, to
develop concessions from the Cascade Water and Power and Light
Company and to repay sums already
expended by the London and British Columbia Gold Fields Company,
BERLIN, Ontario, 22.—The Berlin Furniture Company, which has
only been in operation about seven
months, has assigned. Liabilities
are about $48,000 and assets $51,-
000. The firm erected one of the
finest furniture factories in the
province seven months ago. The
failure is attributed to insufficient
capital considering the heavy outlay incurred.
MONTREAL, 22. — The Star's
London cable says: Much speculation is excited by Cartwright's
statement that the government was
negotiating for a fast Atlantic
service. Peterson has been in London recently, but it is most improbable that the government will
entertain renewed proposals from
him. It is understood that the
Elder-Dempster Company recently
submitted proposnls at Ottawa.
The question is asked, why should
not some other enterprising men,
such as Whitney or Clergue, undertake to build ships in Canada, at
Sydney or Soo.
Washington,  D. C, May 22.— ,
President O'Connell of fche Inter*;.
national Association of Machinists-'
estimates   that, the    number    of1',
machinists engaged in the strike to- 4
day is 40,000.    *By next Monday ''
morning, he says, probably 90 per
cent of. those who went out will be v
back at work with their demands '•
granted.   The other 10 per cent are-
mostly on the Pacific coast and ia *
several Ohio cities.    San Francisco-''"•
is the only place where we look for--'
a protracted strike.     The situation '•;
is unchanged and the strike may :
cover several weeks.    No important,
developments are reported at Ci'n-.
cinuati, though about  fifteen firms ' "
have signed the agreement.     The
situation   is   also    unchanged    at
Hamilton,    Dayton   aud   Alliance,/'"
Ohio, ,,and   Tacoma   and   -Seattle.-,-
Reports from all other sections in- y
dicate   that negotiations are pro-   »
gressing and  that agreements are. '
in sight. .       r,/
Nkw York, May 22.—There was'• ;'
little change today  in the  machin-^-
ists' strike in the New York district. •-''
In Jersey City ifc was said  thafc the>^
strike   at   the   car   shops   of   the,/""
iCentral railroad of New Jersey had' "•
begun to look like a lockout.   -Men '"
who applied for the vacancies today;   '
were informed  that  the company   "
did not at present care to hire  nny    •
machinists to work in Jersey City.' <
The strikers are looking for places
elsewhere and several have found-
employment.   In Plaiiifield, where,
.there are. 1000 men . on strike^ all   -
was quiet and it  was said  that no
change in the situation was expect-  "
ed today.
Philadelphia,   May   22.—It   is"
estimated that 2000 machinists are
out now in this city.    Two hundred
men joined the strikers this  morning.    The action of the allied trades
committee, which  last  night  gave
assurances   of   assistance    to    the
machinists,  have  caused  considerable uneasiness at the steamship   ,
yards, as  this  will  probably draw
the     boilermakers,    riveters    a,nd
metal workers of all kinds into the1"'
San Francisco, May 22.—Absolute order has so far been maintained in the strike of machinists
here. Thirteen shops have granted
the workmen's demands.    The Ful-
_t_on and—McCorniick^i ron works—	
have been virtually closed by the
strike of moulders employed in
those places. Moulders in other
shops did not strike because they
say the movement has not yet received the sanction of their
national body in Cincinnati. Henry
T. Scott of the Union Iron Works
declared that the employers were
ready and willing to hold a conference wifch the men employed by the
Union Iron Works or other places
A Mile of Gold Chain.
Nkw York, May 22.—When the
passengers from the steamship
Kaiser Wilhelm der Gros«e landed
the customs oflicers became suspicious that a cabin passenger named
Goodman had not declared
goods he brought with him.
questioning him they took
board and searched him.
report that they found
around his waist a long thin gold
chain and in a pocket a small chain
of gold. The chains were confiscated
and sent to the appraiser's stores.
The officials describe the chain as
"very thin and almost a mile long."
i* - v^a
-: $1
-'.' *,
- i'-
all the
him on
Drunkenness Has Increased.
New York, May 22.—The Times
says: General Brooke has sent out
an order to all commandauts of
posts in the department of the east
to send to him on September 1st a
complete report of the results which
have ensued upon the abolition of
the army canteen. Officers say that
these reports will show beyond
cavil that intemperance has largely
increased under the Neal legime,
aud it is predicted that the next
congress will give serious consideration to the real situation as it has
developed. THE  TRIBUNE:  KELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1901  ;tK  to  to  to  .#>  im  to  ���&\  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  m  to  to  to  r  STOCK TAKING SALE  Our fiscal  year on   the 31st of -this month and in ord-r to re-  duco our stoc\ as much as possible before then we offer ti\a following :  SPECIAL    BARGAINS  S"fl yards Fancy Prints, fast colors, regular prico I'ijc, now 10c.  Ilil'i junl-. Pruned Cambric, regular price 10c, now 7J��.  aw y.uiN Fancy Silks, assorted, in .stripes and chocks. regular prico froni 50c. 1o  SI, now yum- choicn for 50c.  A small lot.of Mick .SilkandSnt.iii Hlou=es, neatly tucked aud lined, regular  price ��lu, now $;">; regular prico $12, now SO.  EXTRAORDINARY   OFFER  Wo liave about, twenty piece* of now and choice Continue Olot.h on hand, in  fnvhionulihi sliadcH and colors The regular price for a costume made up from  i lie-e would be from S'25 lo $30. 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In  other words, they  , will be industrial and not ''political"  railways.  The tconstruction of the  Lardo  ; railway means an  expenditure of  over a quarter, of a million dollars  for wage9 alone.     The bulk of this  < money will be spent iu Kaslo and  , Nelson, which will help to make the  ' people of these two towns contented and happy.  No time should be lost in announcing that Nelson means to  build the silver-lead refinery on  Kootenay lake. Why should tlie  silver-lead mining districts continually pay tribute to cities afc a  distance. The more men employed  in Kootenay the more demand  there will be for mineral claims,  and the more mineral claims developed the more money there will  be in circulation.  The Irrepressible Quarantine Question.  To the Editor of The Tribune:  In mayor Fletcher's reply of the  20fch instant   through   a Trihune   representative to my letter,  he in-  timated thatTThad got~off wrong  with respect to reporting suspected  cases. Well, I am not the only one  that has got off wrong according to  his worship, as every, physician in  town with one exception holds the  same opinion as myself. I may  also state that when the secretary  of the provincial board of health  was in town only a few weeks ago  he was asked regarding this, and he.  said the only thing that could be  done was to report them as suspicious, as very rarely could a case be  reported definitely when first seen.  . The mayor cites section 74 of the  Health Act of 1897, which, however,: does not deal with the question at issue, but simply makes it  impossible for any person to wilfully allow dangerous diseases to  spread without making himself liable.  As Mr. Fletcher, being chief  magistrate of the city, should  know that the city health bylaw  which was passed last year reads  as follows: "Duties of medical  health officer, sub-section E., section  7. On receiving information of the  outbreak of any contagious, infectious or epidemic disease of a  dangerous character within the  city of Nelson, he (health officer)  shall visit without delay the spot  where the outbreak has occurred  and inquire into the cause and circumstances of such outbreak, etc.  Sub-section K., section 7: He shall  examine into all nuisances, sources  of filth and causes of sickness  within the city which may be injurious to the public health/etc."  What is meant by these sections?  That when the health officer receives information that there is  danger of the public health being  affected by contagious diseases lie  Is tho name of a  very line Correspondence paper  which we have in  all the fashionable  tints and sizes. It  is a wovo paper  with slightly rough, hard surface that tako*  either a fine or broad pen. Knvelopes to match  each tint and pizo, or you can have it neatly  boxed with one quire paper and package envelopes at the same price which is for ordinary  note paper, 40c; Gladstone size 50c. This paper  will please you. Come in and see it. We have  also many other kinds from which to choose.  THOMSON STATIONERY CO. Ltd  BAKER ST., NELSON, B. C.  PIANOS TO  RENT.  shall at once inquire into the  matter by visiting the place and  obtaining all available information,  then acting according to his best  judgment.  I'*should like to know how it is  that some cases are quarantined  wheu reported suspicious when  others reported in a like manner  will have no attention paid to thera.  I could name many such instances,  but the one cited below will suffice:  I Duplicate.] *  May 13th, 1901.  Dr. D LaBau, health ofllcer���Dear sir: I was  called to see Mr. Jesse Graham's child on Jof eph-  ine street, also Mr. Koss's on Hall Mines road,  and both show some symptoms of scarlctina, 1  would recommend that you call to see the cases  and decide for yourself.   Yours rerpectfullv.  G. A. B. HALL.  1 only saw Mr. Ross's once, Mr.  Graham's twice, consequently. do  not know any more about them  now than when I reported. Why,  then, should I or any other physician be asked by the council to do  the work-for which the health officer is paid by the' city. Now one  of the cases mentioned above was,  quarantined, while the other was  not. -.;  If the public, including the,  mayor, will have patience, they  will probably be a great deal wiser  regarding this subject in the near  future. .  Geo. A. B. Hall.  Nelson, May 22nd, 1901. ���'-��� >.  foreign minister, saying ifc Avas in  the highest degree desirable that  the payment of the indemnity be  made iu oue sum and tliat a suitable guarantee ought to be immediately sought for the necessary  large loan. As in regard to Europe,  in view of the conditions in the  Balkans, it was impossible to say  how long quietwould be maintained.  Even the fortunate agreement between Austro-Iiungary and Russia  in regard to the Balkans could not  prove a panacea against all surprises. There were certain disagreeable symptoms, notably the  Bulgarian agitation in connection  with Macedonia. lie enjoino.d increased vigilance to guard against  a situation which could not bo  accepted. ^   Rumor has it that J. A. McDonald's ice cream parlor^ on Baker  street are the finest in the city.  INSURANCE.  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According tp the terms  of the will the estate is divided  into two parts,, the first part consisting of gilt-edged securities  worth $200,000. This is to remain  in trust until George Q. Cannon's  youngest child, now nine years old,  attains his majority. Each of the  thirty-three children of president  Cannon will receive an acre of land  from the Cannon farm and $2000 in  cash on attainiug majority or at  marriage, the balance of the $200,-  000 to be divided among the children when the youngest child becomes of age. While polygamy  was recognized by the Mormon  church Mr. Cannon had four wives.  To these are willed their homes,  provision also being made for their  maintenance during life. The remainder of Cannon's estate, valued  at $800,000, passes into possession  of the George Q. Cannon Association, of which president Cannon's  children and his nephew, John ,M.  Cannon, are stockholders. This  property is to be held in trust until  the youngest child is forty years  old. This will not be for thirty-  one years. ...*-.  Austrian Pessimism.  Vienna, May 22.���Count Gphich-  owski, the imperial minister of  foreign affairs, in a speech to the  foreign affairs committee of tlio  government today took a somewhat  gloomy view of the international  outlook. In regard to China he  seemed to hold opinions opposed to  those of lord Lansdowne, the British  :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxx:xxxxxxxxx  :-.xxx:ixxxxxxxxi  TWO DAYS SPORT  THE CRANHROOK TURF &  ATHI.KT1C ASSOCIATION  'WILL    HOLD    ITS    FIRST  ANNUAL SPRING MEET  May 27th and 28th.  $1000  IN PURSES  AND PRIZES  L  FIRST 11A.Y.���Fool, Ball. Rase Hall,  Gun Club Fhool,, Koot Ttaces, otc.  8KC0ND HAY.���There will bo a  jjrgjvkjH'OKi-iim of hor.se racing.      .   REDUCED RAILROAD FARES  TAICST. A DAY Off A^D  GO TO CHANBROOK FOR  A GOOD TIME AND SI'ORT.  /\. LEITCH  President;.  JAMES GILL  Scurctaijy.  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BUCHANAN, Managor.  branches ln London (England) Nkw Yokk,  Chicago, and all tho principal cities In Canada.  Buy and soil Sterling Kxchange nnd Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travolors' Crodlts,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts iHsuud, Collections Mado, Eto.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK OP  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  IMPERIAL BAM  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  ���      -      $8,000,000  -      -      -   $2,000,000  ACORECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Geo. A. Cox,  President.  Saving's Bank Branch  OUItKBNT KATK OK INTKKKHT I'AII).  f EL EC R A n/islN ^RIE F FORM  From Various Sources.  PEJtlM, 22.���Tlie Gorman steamer Ascamti, lroin Iliogti for Hamburg, is ashore on Axalea reef. Slio  lias eight feet of water iu her fore-  hold.  LONDON, 22���At the York spring  meeting today Ragged Robin, with  Maher up, won the race for the  Eglingfcon stakes of 5 sovereigns  .each, with 100 sovereigns added.  VICTOR, Col.,-22.���Former congressman John M. Glover of St.  Louis, who was reported to have  been drowned in the flood which  swept down the West river valley,  escaped and made his way home on  foot, having lost his horse in the  rush of water.  TACOMA, 22 ���Mrs. Chas. P. Gtm-  ���zert, wife of a plumber, yesterday  shoe and killed her 13 year old son  and then committed suicide by  taking carbolic acid. The .tragedy  occurred in the woods west of Lake  Park station and was evidently premeditated, as tho mother invited  the boy out for a walk.  BUFFALO, 22.���The superintendent of admissions announces  that the attendance at the exposition yesterday was 20,981. Photographs of the New York fruit exhibit have beeu taken. On the  tables were 8800, plates of fruit,  showing apples, grapes and pears..  The fruit was taken from cold storage, and the exhibit will be renewed as fast as it shows signs of  decay. 7  ROME, 22.���King Victor Emnnuel  had a narrow escape yesterday.  Returning from a walk he enfeieil  the elevator to reach his apfu-c-  ments on the second story of the  palace and an inexperienced servant  set the indicator for the third story.'-  Arriving at the second story, the  king-was on the point of stepping  out; as the elevator continued to  ascend, but .his'- -'majesty jumped  back in the nick of time and thus  escaped being crushed.  NEW HAVEN, Conn., 22.���The  steamer Hartford of the Hartford  and New York Transportation  Company ran aground on Calves  island at the mouth of the Connecticut river this morning, while  slowly'picking her way through the  dense fog. At present she is stuck  fast, and it is impossible to tell  what dam.-.ge has been done. There  is little danger, however, to the  passengers, all of Avhom have remained on board. - A tug has been  sent, and all*efforts will be made to  free the. steamer from her position.  Robt. Kllgour,          Vice-President.  London Office, GO Lombard Street. E. C.  New  York   Office, 16   Exchange   Place.  and Oi Brunches in Canada und the  United Stales.  , The Phillips Case.  Nkw York, May 22.���"Dr." Kirke  Stanley, arrested in connection with  the death of father Phillips, was  arraigned before coroner Rauscho  today and his examination set for  May 31. Tho bail was reduced to  $5000. Stanley was taken buck to  the Tombs in default of bail. "When  coroner Bausche reached his office  this morning ho found it had been  broken into and the desk in whieh  he kept his papers had been pried  open, and there was evidence that  the papers had been ransacked.  The coroner believes this was done  by persons wishing to learn tho  real name of the woman known as  Mrs. Stanley, Avho testiiied before  the coroner yesterday.  Must Be Paid iu Gold.  Berlin, May 22.���It is authoritatively announced that tlie powers will agree to require the present Chinese export duties to be  paid in gold, which is equivalent to  doubling the duties. The same payment will also probably be required  in the ease of the salt and opium  taxes. Germany is apparently  averse to interfering with the likin  dues, since they are too complicated  and require too much administrative machinery and too much mixing in tlie internal ..affairs of China.  Oilicials here admit that the powers  arc likely to divide into two groups  upon the mode of settlement, some  following Great Britain's idea of  a loan and others supporting payment through increased revenue.  It is not expected, however, that a  disagreement will disturb the present harmonious action.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on  deposits.    Present rate  three per cent..  GRANGE V.  HOLT,  Manager Nelson Brunch.  TAKE TURNS IN LYINC DOWN  Prisoners Badly Treated.  New    York,   May   22.���Geueral  Rafael Uribibe, the Colombian revolutionary leader, nojv in this city,  issued a  statement last night regarding the treatment of political  and military prisoners by the present   Colombian   government.     He  said: "The  penitentiary at  Bogota  is a small one and in it has been  crowded   more   than  200  political  prisoners,    besides    500    ordinary  criminals.    In  order to get to sleep  the prisoners have to take turns iu  lying down, as there is not enough  room  for all  to  lie down  at-once.  Their beds  are the damp, cold and  filthy pavementof the prison.   There  is neither water nor sanitary facilities.    The wretches'breath poisons  the air; and smallpox, dysentery and  typhus   fever   have   been playing  havoc among the unfortunate creatures.    These   statements   are  confirmed in the  records published by  the official, board of health.    Well-  known and prominent   men  have  been loaded with chains. ;  "Among the prisoners are a large  number of boys, from 10 to 14*  years old. The methods followed  for sending people to the duugeons  have been copied after those of the  inquisition; that is, by anonymous  denunciations. General Marceliano  Velz, the commander-in-chief, on  being appealed to by the prisoners,  and finding himself powerless to  put a stop to the horrors, resigned.  The government promised to release the prisoners if I would issue  a manifesto advising the liberals to  stop fighting. In spite of the fact  that the government has not kept  its word, the fighting will cease for  a time. When, however, the liberals have succeeded in gathering  sufficient money and ammunition  the fighting will bo resumed. When  it begins again I shall return to  Colombia and lead the liberal  army."   Switchmen Did Not Strike.  BuFii\A.i.o, May 22.���In response  to a request for information relative  to the reported Strike of switchmen  on the Lehigh Valley road in this  city, superintendent Van Allan today saitl to a representative of the  Associated Press: "Our locomotive  shopmen at Buffalo are out, a total  of 254 out of 351 being ou strike.  Their places are being filled with  new men. We have at Avork today  'MS- and everything is moving  smoothly. There is nothing in the  =report=of=tho=strike=of-ouu=switch���  men. , Some irresponsible parties  attempted to stir up discontentment with them last night, but  were unsuccessful. The rank and  file, after a meeting in which certain  matters Avere discussed, repudiated  the efforts of the parties referred  to."  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,725,000  H. S. ROWLAND President.  D. R. WILKIE General Manner.  K. HAY Inspector.  -frg'-iB -^�� ���^���^���^'^S8,^,^'^,^,^^,^,^,^^9'g^^,'^>^ '0*'0"'0"'0?'0"<~'00.~'.00.00.00.^**0  ^���0>'^'00'00'00'00'00'00'00'00-00'00'00-00-0^  m  THK  SAVIHC?  CUKKKNT  BANK   DEPARTMENT.  KATK   OV    INTEKKBT   ALLOWKI).  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  ������ i.i' ������  BUSINESS   MENTION.  An Arsenal Explosion.  Berlin, May 22.���A dispatch  from field marshal voii Waldersee  dated Pekin, May 17th, says that  200 Chinese were killed or wounded  as a result of the explosion at the  Kalgau arsenal on May 15th, when  lieutenant Kummer of the German  army and several German soldiers  were wounded. The Boxer movement south of Pao Ting Fu is  apparently being speedily quelled  by general Bailloud, the French  commander. Beyond the southern  line of demarcation the Boxers,  general IJailloud reports, are being  dealt -with successfully by. the  Chinese troops.  A French Defender.  Brussels, May 22.���The senate  today by U'.S to 22 votes rejected a  resolution introduced by M. Lafon-  taine, Socialist, declaring in favor  of the Transvaal and regretting  that Belgium was powerless to do  anything in the matter. The foreign minister, M. Do Favereau, replying to the accusations made  during the debate that British  soldiers had massacred Boerwonien'  and children and had otherwise ill-  treated the Boers, said that Great  Britain had carried civilization to  all the countries of the world ���and  had everywhere defended liberty  of the person and of conscience.  For Sale or Rent.���Piano at the  Old Curiosity Shop.  .For Sale���Three teams of heavy  horses. 'Apply G: W. Patterson, Nelson, B. C.:-  To   rent���Two   largo    furnishecT  front, rooms. Applewhaite block, opposite Odd-  follows'liu'l.  Large,   well-furnished  rooms   to  let. Apply rooms 1 and 5 Macdonald block,  corner Josephine and Vernon.  For sale or rent���A first-class  boarding house. Central locality. Reasonable  terms.   Apply to Box 78, City.  To rent���Office in the Turner-  Boecke block, cornor Ward and Baker. Apply  to John A. Turner.  Japan  Tea  of all  kinds  to suit  your taste. Sun Cured, Spider Leg, Pan Fired  iu bulk or packages.. Kootenay Coffee Co.  For Lease���The Palace Hotel iu  Sandon, B. C. For particulars and timo of possession enquire of Mrs..Annie Kagan, Sandon,  British Columbia.  Gold, copper, silver, lead mines  and prospects wanted. Send report and samples  to the Projectors' Exchange, Nelson, B. c,  Room 4,K. VV-C Block.  For sale���Tug boat Red Star and  barge at reasonable figures to cash purchaser, on  t'liio with good security. Apply lo Ontario  Powder Works, Nelson, B. C.  For comfort and convenience go  to the Ice Cream * Parlors of J. A. McDonald,  Baker street, where every attention and requisite is supplied.  Free milling gold properties.   We  aro anxious tb secure a fewfree milling gold pro-  Sorties at once.    The Prospectors   Exchange,  felson, B. C., Room 4, K-W-C Block.  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  are selling at thirty cents per pound' is (riving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootenay Coll'ee Co.  We   have   Indian,   Ceylon    and  China Teas ��� iu great variety, choicest quality.  We make a specialty of blending teas and sell  them iu tiny quautity at lowest rates. Kootenay  Coffee Co  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  looal.and ooast. .  Flooring  local and coast).  Newel Posts  Stair Rail   '  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  at all klndf*.  ir WflAT YOU WANT 18 NOT IN BT00K  WK WILL MASK IT FOB TOU  CALL AND 6JB5T PRICES.  to  to  to  to  9\  to  All watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the best  workmen.  to  9}  to  9\  Established in Nelson 1890.  JUNE   WEDDINGS  THE MONTH OF ROSES AND WEDDINCS WILL SOON BE HERE.  What tlio wedding prosei.t shall bo Ih then Uio qucntion of tlie hour, and in  very many instances some dainty pieces may te (selected from our btcck,  whieh is immense. Thero will be found among other thing?, Sterling Tea  and Coffeo Sets, Plated Tea and Coffee Seta, Cake Basket*, Fruit Dishes,  Nut Bowls, Hoii-Bons. Berry Sets, Trays, Oak "Ware, Bisque V are, Brans  Ware, Cut Class, Rut Ware, Onyx Tables, Pianos, Sewing Machines, and  a thousand other things too numerous to mention.  CALL AND INSPECT OUR LINES  BEFORE BUYING ELSEWHERE  All watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the best  workmen.  Mail orders receive our prompt  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  Jacob Dover, Jeweler  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  NELSON, B. C.  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Mail orders receive our- prompt  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  9\  9)  torn  to  ' *1^P^^tt^ ^tt^^B^^^_XXX^m_X^^^B* 4t^^^t_XX^ ^kWXXX^ GB&* ^.XXXy ^^^^^^^^^^d__^"^__^ . **^^^fi^^te^^B^*^M^^^t_XXX_\^^_X\^^k\W_\^X^_tX>'^^___\> ^i��m_\^^Bi'^^^^^&_\^^B_\^^&��'^.%_to^^^B} -^tSt ��� T  THE  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE 8TKKKT8, NKLHON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNEROF  HENDRYX AND. VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK.  We carry a complete Btock of  Ccast Flooring, Ceiling," Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberOo. Ltd.  NOTICE.  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  nelson, b. c.  Builders and  Contractors  Having: taken over the business of the West Kootenay'Brlek &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask' for a continuance  of the patronage which you.have heretofore extended them. My  aim will be at all times to supply you with bur'products at lowest  possible prices.. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It is our Intention to Install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next season we shall be ih a position to supply  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also Keep on hand  Tiles and Cement.  a stock of Fire Brlek, Fire Clay,  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year. We also  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone. '  We  Builders.  are .prepared to offer special rates to Contractors  and  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  for The Mansfield Manufacturing- Company.  The West  Successors tt  Kootenay Brick  �� Lime Co., Ltd  P.  Burns & Co.  Head Offiob at  NELSON, B.  0.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Nolico is hereby driven tli.it wo Intend to apply  at. tho next, rogular sittings of the Board of  License Commissioners for Iho City of Nelson to  bo hold after the expiration of Ihirty (lavs from  lhe date hereof for a transfer of thi" retail liquor  license now held by hi for Ihe premises known  as the Nelson Hotel, situate on lot 10 in Mock I.  subdivision of lot!lr>. Nelson, lo Rohort Roisterer  ard Arthur K. Viinglmi of the said City of  Nn'iton...  Dated' this 17lh day of May. 1001.  A.H.CLEMENTS.  .'������   ROBERT REISTERER.  Witness, GEORG'B GABRIEL.  NOTICE.  I hereby givo notice that, Mr. M. McNicol,  recent'y nf Nelson, has no authority to represent  the London and Lincolni-hiro Life Assurance  Company or to collect any 'payments dun to said  company. A. BOOTH,  General Agent for the London and Lincolnshire  Life Assurance Coin pany.  Nolson. li. C. May lHth. 1!W1.  .    NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Tenders lire invited for the raising of the Nelson hotel building, on Bak��r street, to grade. All  tondcis should be in irked "lender," and addressed A:. I. Marks, P. O. box :t7, Nelson. The  lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. J. MARKS.   '  Markets at   Nolson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,   SU-v^rtpn, Nev>  Denver,jjRovelstoke, ^Fergnson^jj|:rand_Forks, Greenwood, Cascade Cifry^ Mid  way, and Vancouver.        . Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLH3ALHJ AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  $&0��gg' E. C. TRAVES, Manager  OKDKB8 BV MAIL RKCBIVUI CAREFUL AND PROMPT ATTENTION  :XZXXXIIIXXZIZXIXXI2SIZZX2ZIZ2XIIXXZ2IZXXXZIXXZIlXXt<XXXXZtZXIZtZtIXUZZZXXXZZUZIXZUXXZXZIXtXZUZSXIIIZZZZX^  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Blook, NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange-  Free-Milling Oold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties having mining  Exchange for exhibition,  claims in British Columbia,  Prospectors and mining men aro requested to mako the Exchange tholr headquarters when  in Nelson.  AU samples should bo Ront by oxprcHs, Prepaid.   Correspondence solicited.  Address all communications to  Telephone  104 ANDREW   F.   ROSENBERGER,  P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C.  axxxi'ixixzxrxrxxixxxxixixixrxixzxxxi.TTTxxxxixxtxxrxixzxxgxrxxrixxxTxxtxxTixxrxxrirxxxzxa-TnTTTxrTTxxxzrzxxxxxf  property for sale aro requested to send HamplOH of thoir oro to the  Wo desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising minoral  W. P. TIERNEY  Telophono 285.  =SESSr  WEST TRANSFER CO.  MACLEOD, Manager.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office: Two Doors West C. P. R. Offices  FURNISHED   HOUSES  Wo have several good furnished houses tolet  for thr, summer months.  H. &   M.  BIRD  BROKEN HII C BLOCK.  N.   T.  All Kinds of  Teaming  Work.  and Transfer  Agents for Hard and Soft Coal. Imperial Oil  Company. Washington Hrlck, Lime & Manufacturing Company. General commercial agonts  and brokors. ,       '  All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery.  APPOINTMENTS.  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  TTIS HONOUR tho Administrator of theGov-  ���*-*���   eminent *in  Council has been pleased to  make the following appointments:��� *-���>:'   (ESS  ;*.:       15th May, 1901.-^  Chari.es E. Hamilton, of Golden, Require, to  be��� ,-���':'  Uoputy Registrar of the County Court of Kootenay bolder] at Golden;  Deputy District Registrar of the Golden Registry of the Supremo Court.; and  Deputy Mining Recorderof the Golden Mining  Division.  ICth May, 1901.  Klon- Ezra Ciiii'man, of the City of Kaslo, Es-  quiie, J. p., tobe���   *.  Gold Commissioner for the Ainsworth, Slocan  and Slocan City Mining Divisions;    t  Assistant Commissioner of Lands.and Works  and Government Agent for the Slocan Riding of  the Wost Kootenay Electoral District, vico .1. A.  Turner. Ksquiie, whose jurisdiction as Gold  Commissioner for the Ainsworth Division and as  Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works  and Government Agent for the slocan Riding,  ha* been cancelled accordingly:  Stipendiary Magistrate tor tho County of  Kootenay; and  Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for  tl e tuid slocan Riding.  Alexander LucAS.'of the City of Kaslo, Esquire, to be���  'Mining Recorder for the Ainsworth Mining  Division;  'Registrarof tho County Court of Kootenay.  holden at Kaslo;  District Registrar of the Kaslo Registry of the  Supreme Court, vice E. E. Chipman, Esquire,  and  Collector of Votes for the Slocan Riding of tho  West Kootenay Electoral District vico D. C.  Kurtz, Esquire, relieved of the said olllce.  All such appointments lo take efl'ect from the  13t.h day of May instant.  HAirnr Wkigiit, of the City of Nelson, Esquire, Mining Recorder, to be���  Assessor and Collector for Iho Nolson Assessment District, vice E. K. Chipman, Etquire.  Such appointment to tako efl'ect on the 1st day of  July, 1901.  Hkkkt Nicholson and Ainslev Mkgkaw, of  Camp McKinney, Esquires, Justices of lhe  Peace, to hold a Small Debts Court in aud for all  that portion of East Yale, south of the foot of  Okanagan Lake including  Twenty-Mile Creek.  ^  TRADES   UNIONS.  T-aELSON' SOCIALISTIC KDUCA1IONAI  x,t CLUB meets every. Sunday at. S o clock p.m.  in the Miners' Union Hall: A cordial invitation  is extended to every onoiito<ioDje and take port)  in discussions.   John Roberts, secretary.  AUNDRY WORKERS' UNION OV NELSON ,  No. 8391, A. F.of L.���Meuts in Minors' Union  Hall, C. P. K; nlock, corner of Baker and Stani  ley streots, on fourth Friday in every month at)  7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of American  Federation cordially invited to attend. C. Fred-  ' rick, president; A. W. McFefi, secretary.  TtfKLSON MINERS' UNION NO. !*i, W. F. cf  ��� X.V��� M.���Meets in miners' -union rooms, north--"  west corner of Baker and Stanley streets, every .t  Saturday evening at 8 o'clook.   Visiting mem  here welcome. M. R. Mowatt. President. Jame  Wilkes,   Secretary.     Union Scale ok Waoksv  kor'Nelson    District���Per  shift,    machine  men, 93,50: hammersmen miners, $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers, 33.00.*:*. _;:-...     *.;,:,:.:>,;,,  rpRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu-  x lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor  Counoil will beheld in the miners' union hall, .  corner Baker and Stanley streets, on the first and  third Thursday of pach month, at 8 p. m. C. J.  Clayton, Pres ; A. T. Curie, Sec.   P.O. box!)0.a  ���;1  THE regular meeting  are Held on  We<*  ;s of the Carpenters' Union  . Inesday - evening of each  week, at 7 o'clock, in the,Miners' Union rooms  corner of Baker and Stanley streets. Charles  Clayton, President. "Alex B. Murray, Secretary.  TDARBKRS' UNION.���Nelsoti Union, No. 190, of-  JJ   the International Journeymen Barbers Un  ion of America, meetsovery flrst and third Mon-  < -I  ' J9  :-s&  day of each month in Miner's Union Hall, at 8.30  Bharp. Visiting brothers cordially invited to  attend. R. McMahon, presidont; J. H. Mathe  son, secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardner, recording  secretary.  PROCLAMATION.  IL.S.] GEO. A. WALKEM.  CANADA.  PROVINCE OF URITISH COLUMBIA.  EDWARD VII, by tlie Grace of God, of tho  United Kingdom of Great Britain aud Ireland, King, Defender of tho Faith, etc., etc.,  etc.  LABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  tective Union, No. 8121, A. F. of JL.t meets in  Miners' Union hall, C. P. R. block, corner of  Wakor and Stanley streets, every Monday evening  at7:30p.m. sharp. Visitincmembersof thcAmeri- ���  cau Federation cordially, invited to attend.  A. .T. Curie, President. John Koborts, recording secretary.  KLSON PAINTKRS' UNION-The regular  mooting of tho   Painters'  Union is held  the flrst and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at 7:30 sharp.   George Eacritt,  President; Henry Bennett, Socretary.  rjOOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION���Regular  *-' meetings every Tuesday, evening at 8:30  o clock, in Miners'Union Hall, corner of Baker  and Stanley tstreets. Visting brethren cordially  invited. Chris. Luft, presidont; H. Smelser, financial and recording secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION���The O. P. I. A. No.  x 172. meets' ovory Monday evening ln the  Elliot block, cornor Baker and Stanley streets, at  8 o'clock. J. D. * Mover, nresidenb j William  Vico, secretary, P. O. Box 616.  ���1  To  all I/)  whom  =GnuKTtxo'i=  these presents  shall  come-  A PROCLAMATION.  I). M.  TELEPHONE 117.  Offloe 184 BaHer St.  Ebkicts. 1 TTTHEKEAS it is doomed  AUorncy-General./ " desirable that Friday  and Satin-day. the 24th and ft'ith days of May,  A. I). 1901, should be appointed aud set apart as  1'ublic Holidays throughout tho Province of  British Columbia:  NOW KNOW YE. that We, by and  with the  pdvice of Our Executive Council for British Columbia,   havo   thought  tit  to appoint, and do  hereby appoint.  Friday and  Saturday, the 24th  and 23th days of May, A. D. 1901, to be observed  throughout Our Piovince of Uritish Columbia as  Public. Holidays.  In Tkhtimonv Wiiehkok,  Wo  havo  caused  those Our Letters to lie  mado Patent, nnd  the Great Soul of  British Columbia to bo  lieroun'o nfllxed:   Witness. His Honour,  The  , Honourabli     Ukokok     Antiionv  Walkem, Iho Administrator of  the Gov-  eminent of  Our eaid   Province of  British  Columbia, in Our Cityof  Victoria, in Our  said Province, this lHLIi day of  May, in the  .vcnrofOur l/Onl   one thousand   nine hundred and one, and in tho lirst year of Our  Reign..  By Command,  "J. D. PRENTICE.  Provincial Secretary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  To John J. McAndkkwh or to any person or persons to whom  he may have transferred his  interest in the Black Diamond Mineral CUim,  situate  on   tho  north sido  of Bear Creek,  about three miles from tbe town of Ymir,  lying south of and adjoining tho  Evening  fcltar Minoral Claim, Nelson Mining Division  of West Kooteiiay Dintiict, and recorded in  the recorder's olllce for the Nelson Mining  Division.  You and each of you are hereby notified that I  have expended Two Hundred and Twelve dollars  and Twenty-tlvo cents ($212.25) In labor nnd improvements upon the above mentioned mineral  claim in order to hold said mineral claim under  lhe provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within  ninety days from Iho date of this notice you fail  or refuse to contribiilo your proportion of such  expenditures together with all costs of advertising your intcrObU in (.aid claims will become the  proporty of the subscriber under .section 4 of an  Act  entitled   "An Act to Amend the. Mineral  Act, 1900." JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nolson this 27th day of April, 1901.  NOTICE.  Nol ice is hereby given that I intend to apply  at the noxt sitlings of t' o Board of Licence Commissioners for the City of Nelson, to be held after  tho explral ion of thirty days from tbe date hereof,  for a trans'erof the ret'dl liquor li- ence now held  by mo for tho Koyal hotel situate on lots 3 and 4,  block 29. Hub-division of lot. 95 in tho Ci'y of Nelson, to J. Lovell Smith of the said City of Nelson.  SOL JOHNS.  Witness: W. E. Washan.  Dated this fourteenth day of March, 190L  &  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES  NELSON LODGE. NO. 23. A. F. & A. M  Meets seoond Wednesday* In eaoh month  Sojourning brethren invited.  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER No. 123  G. R. C���Meets third Wednesday. Sojourn  ing companions invited. George Johnstono.SS.; E.  W. MutthowH, S. E.  =-VpELSON=AKRI hVNo.=22,=FVO.=Er-Moot <-econd-  x'    and fourth   Wednesday of eacb month, at  Fraternity  Hall.     Goorgo  Bartlett,   president  John V. Morrison, secretary.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAS- Nelson I-odge, No  25, Knights of Pythias, meete in I. O. O. K.  Hall, cornor Baker and Root��  Tuesday evonlng at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Knightm  ooMlally invited to attend.   *~ *" "'        ' ~  "  II  Hall, cornor Baker and Kootenay streets,  .   .-   -   H. M. Vincent C.C.  A.T.Park, K. of R. & S.  XTOOTKNAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M���  -1*- Hold their regular meetings on the MrHt and-  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights are cordially invited to attend. G A.  Brown, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; It. J. Stool  D.S. C.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Stevenson, or to nny person or persons to whom ho may havo transferred his  Interest in tho Lila mineral claim, at Morn  lug Mountain. Nelson Mining Division:  You are horeby notified that 1 havo expended  tho sum of Ono Hundred and Flfr.y-Suteii Dollars  in  labor and  Improvements   upon   the above  montloned mineral Claim, in order, to hold said  minoral  claim  under tho   provisions   of   the  Minoral Act, and if within ninety days from  the  dato of this notice you fail or refuse to contribut ���  your proportion of such expenditure, togethe.  with all costs of advortlsing, your interest In <aid  claim will become tho property of the subscriber  under section four of au Act entitled "Au Aot to  Amend the Mineral Aot. 1900."  o     DANIEL   HERB.  Dated this 18th day nf February. 1901.  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  Notice is hereby given that the partnorship  heretofore existing between Lewis Noll and  Wesley E. Cox, carrying on business ai hoiel-  keopers in the promises known as the I'orto Rico  hotel at Porto Rico Siding, B. C, under tho firm  name of Noll & Cox, has this day been dissolved  by mutual consent. For the future the Porto  Rico hotel will be conducted by l^ewis Noll, who  will assume all liabilities of the late firm and lo  whom all accounts owing said firm are horcwith  payable. LOUIS NOLL,  WESLEY E. COX.  Witness: Robt. Renwick.  Nelson. March 28th. 1901.  NOTICE.  Notice Is hereby given that I Intend to applj at  the next sittings of the Board of Licence Commissioners for the City of Nelson, to be held after  the expiration of thirty daysfrom the dite hereof,  for a transfer of the retail liquor licenco now hold  by mo for the Grand Central hotel situate on lots  23 and 24, block 66. sub-division of lot 93 In the  City of Nelson, to Gust Erlcson of th  Nelson.  witness, W. C. McDonald.  Dated this trrentjr-meond d��y of April, 19Q1.^B  i rtt. of  V. SIMPSON. THE TRIBUNE:  NELSON, BC-.THUBSDAY, MAY 23 1901  -i  4W  ���ito  \to  to  \to  \to  \to  m  \m  to  to  ��� to  >to  \to  ; to  ,to  to  ito  .to  to  :to  to  to  : to  >to  : to  to  'to  to  to  to  :to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  .'-a-t' ��^.��r   .,'.** .ft,'. ^-.^ .r* .,* .^.    s-k\    **.**.^ ��� t*. ** ���*�����**-is? .0 �����*���(!����� 2?.  Don't Pay Two Prices for  Gent's Furnishings  "When you can get anything you want in tliis line atMad-  son'.s Great Clearing sale, at Eastern Wholesale Cost.  This sale has been running tlie past three weeks and the  generous patronage extended is tlie best evidence that  the people realize the value of the bargains offered. But a  $14,000 Stock of Clothing  Boots and Shoes and  Gent's   Furnishings  cannot be run off -in a few..day a. There is still an almost  unbroken range in all branches to choose from. This  week, however, a special drive will be made in. miner's  supplies. All goods are new and up-to-date. Boots and  shoes from $1.50 up, mens suits from $(5 up, arid 300 pairs  of odd pants at wholesale cost.  Remember, Madson  Leads   all  Competitors.  Baker Street,  Nelson, B. C.  THEO MADSON  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  GITY LOCAL NEWS  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  \Var,.<a��.<~.i*?'>e?.tr.0~.0.0.0.ig.0. jk-  ���s-s-a^-S'S'S,4Sis-s-s>'-//  ���^"���*^'.*5'.c^'.**?.flr.'8r.*��r.*flf.CBr. w -S"S"/m>.^.0*0.0.^.0.0.0v  :-v -4  Jy. **'  I1 .,   v  I - ���'���'  I' f  Hi  Hi  Hi  HH  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  Hi  M  mx  mx  MORRISON & CALDWELL  PROVISIONS   AND   PRODUCE.  OUR LEADERS���  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packages and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  -Baker Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell  Hi  $8  ���*S��.S".*S��!  ?.(2>. 03.C  mi  hm  E. FERGUSON & CO.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  NELSON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  We Have En Route  1 Car G. & W. Whiskies, ex Toronto.  1 Car Imported Liquors, ex Liverpool.  1 Hogshead Ale and  Stout, ex  London, Eng.  1 Car Rainier Beer, ex Seattle.  Tno Rainier Boor has become the favorite Beer in the Coast cities.   It  hart met in successful competition tlio famous Milwaukee lleera.  Our  Special  Canadian Eye is the Most Palatable Whiskey in the  Market.   We have it in bulk and in cases 5's and 6's.  We are Agents for the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard, Fool  Tables and supplies of all kinds. Write for prices and terms.  All free miners certificates will  lapse on Friday May :31st.  Born in Nelson, on Wednesday,  May 22nd, to tire wife of D. J. Denial*, a son. '  Rev. Father Lucombe and Rev.  Father Lacass are in Nelson, going  through to the Coast.  Cyrus William Harrington and  Margaret Sophia Frank of Slocan  City were married on Tuesday by  Rev. father Ferland.  James Wilks will leave today for  Denver, Colorado, to attend the  annual convention of the Western  Federation of Miners.  John A. Kirkpatrick has applied  to the supreme court for a committee to be appointed under the  Lunacy Act to administer the  affairs of W. H. Swerdfiger.  * Tlie telephone company has commenced the erection of a line of  poles on Josephine street, in order  to comply with tlie mandate of the  city council to remove all telephone  wires from the city's electrie light  poles. -''.-*'  Captain Malone and chief officer  McPhee of the gasoline launch Col-  onsay are completing arrangements  for the trial trip of a boat, which  for two years was owned by R. II.  Alexander of Kaslo, and never  turned a wheel.  The Rossland Engineering Works,  of which Cunliffe & McMillan are  owners, is reported as doing a good  business in their line, which is the  building of nearly everything in  the way of steam plant required in  mines and mills.  The executive committee of the  Dominion Day celebration will meet  tonight in the oflice of H. It.  Cameron. The committee is made  up of the chairmen of'tlio several  sub-committees and Messrs. Fletcher,  Heathcote and Cameron.  The reception committee of the  Dominion Day celebration bad a  meeting last evening .and decided  to ask the executive for an appropriation of ��250 to defray their  expenses. It is understood that  the boat committee will ask for a  vote of $500. v  Why should the little town of  Ymir be overlooked on Victoria  Day. The people of that town are  hospitable and athletic. The distance is only 18 miles. The train  leaves at a reasonable hour in the  forenoon and gets back at a reasonable hour in the evening. Go to  Ymir and enjoy yourselves.  The Hastings (B.C.) Exploration  Syndicate is calling for bids for  diamond drilling on the Arlington  mine, near Erie. It is the intention  of the syndicate to do considerable  prospecting by the means of  diamond drills, full particulars of  which can be had at the office of the  syndicate, room 9, K.W.C block.  The funeral of the late Frank  MeLeod, who was killed on the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway track,  took place ��� yesterday and was  largely attended. The members'of  Nelson Encampment and subordinate lodges of Oddfellows and the  local Loyal Orange lodge, of which  organization deceased was a member, turned out in considerable  strength. The services at the  grave were conducted by Rev. W.  Munro.  enjoy a very pleasant holiday at  Kokanee creek. The large dancing  platform is finished, large baseball  grounds, aud lots of swings for the  children have been put up, aud  splendid grounds laid out and prepared to have all .kinds of games  and athletic sports. Refreshments  of all kinds, coffee, sandwiches, ice  cream, etc. will bo served on the  grounds to all who do not care to  take lunch with them. A special  invitation is extended to any persons desiring to make up a party of  friends to have a private picnic.  Tlie steamer Moyie will make four  round trips, leaving the city wharf  on her first trip tomorrow at 9 a.m.  Promises to be a Lively Mill.  Tlie 20-round glove.*) contest between George Lawler and John  Madden, which will take place at  Kaslo tomorrow evening, is attracting a great deal of interest in Nelson  and the prospects are that a large  party from here will go up to witness it. It promises to be a lively  bout as the men are about, equal  and have never met, and are in  prime condition. Those going to  Kaslo by the Kokanee will be  allowed to stay over Friday night  in Kaslo and leave there oh the  Kokanee at 7:30 on Saturday morning, arriving here at 11 a.m.  Reduced Rates East.  On May 31st and June 8th agents  of the Canadian Pacific railway at  Kootenay common points will issue  round-trip tickets7 to St. Paul at  $50, good for sixty days, with corresponding reductions to all Eastern points from all stations. For  Pan-American Exhibition, tickets  will be sold June 4th, 18th, July  2nd, 16th and August Oth, and 20th  to Buffalo at $70. Full particulars  from local agents.  Nelson Grocers to Organize.  A representative meeting of the  retail grocers of the city, was held  in Miners' Union Hall last evening  for the purpose of considering the  advisability of organizing a retail  grocers' association upon similar  lines to that of the Vancouver  association, with a view to regulating credits and prices. Among the  grocery firms represented were  Wm. Hunter & Company, Irving &  Company, Morrison & Caldwell,  Bell & Company, Lester & Company, McNeill Brothers, T. J. Scanlan, McPherson & McCammon, J. D.  O'Neil], and McEvvan & Simpson.  The proposed association was generally endorsed and a meeting will be  held on Wednesday evening to  perfect organization and select  officers. ���   ���'���  TELEPHONE 27  Ol    BTBES   cfe   CO  PAINTS, OILS \HU CLASS.  GARDEN   TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  POULTRY NETTING  Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Stiee  RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE.  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder   Company    and   Truax   Automatic   Ore   Cars.  j^iELsoinsr  STORES   AT  JKI-A-SI1.0  S^nSTDOZLsT  unanimous in their opinion that an  additional license was necessary,  and the commissioners decided to  meet their request provided cora^  pliance is made by the applicant  with the requirements of the  License'.Act. An attempt was  made at tho meeting of the commissioners to prove that, pending the  granting of the license, Church had  been selling liquor without a.  license, but this failed.  MINING   RECORDS.  At the Nelson, record office certificates of work were issued lo  Charles Sclioenberger on the Dewey;  and MY E. Adie on the Bisjow.  The following bill of sale was  recorded: Michael Hays to Charles  Sclioenberger a half interest iu the  Dewey mineral claim on Beaver  creek. '   A Strike Settled.  Paterson, New Jersey, May 22.���  The strike of the Bobbin mill employees of A. and M. Levy was settled today by a compromise. One  thousand workmen who have been  out on strike wiil return to work  immediately. The strike lasted  fourteen weeks. , '  Church Will Get the License.  The. Nelsou license commissioners  held a meeting at.Erie yesterday  to consider for the third time the  Church application for a hotel  license.   Tlie people of Erie were  ��� ������  Spring Sporting Goods  Duke & Son's Cricket supplies, Ayres &  Wright and Ditson's lawn tennis, Spalding base  ball, Lally lacrosse and Whitely exercises.  TISDALTS  GUN   STORE  VANCOUVER.  FISHING TACKLE  IS NOT A NEW VENTURE WITH US.  We know your wants and have what you need. Our line is  too large to enumerate, but a call will convince you that it is  the most complete in the city,  LAWRENCE   HARDWARE   CO.  Importer a nnd Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware.  Percy Chapman, chairman of "tlie  trades procession committee of the  Dominion Day celebration, has already received promises from fifteen business firms to have floats in  the procession, and the prospects  are good of securing at least twenty-  five, whicli would make the procession the most imposing ever seen in  Nelson. Any persons willing to  prepare novelties in tlie way of  floats for this procession are requested to communicate with the  chairman.  The case of Osier vs. Moore, an  action over a commission on the  sale of the California group, was  taken up yesterday before Mr. justice Drake. The chief witness in  the case was Hugh Sutherland, who  made the deal over which the commission was claimed. He expressed  the opinion that George Kydd of  the Boyal Bank of Canada had a  greater claim for a commission on  the deal in question than the plaintiff Osier, as Kydd did more work.  The case will be continued today.  The Nelson Rifle Association will  meet in .captain Maedonnell's office  this evening atf'SToj!clock sharp. The  officers for the current year will be  elected, teams picked for the league  matches and other business of great  importance transacted. All civilians  desiring to join the association are  requested to be present, bringing  their subscriptions, as positively no  one will be allowed the use of the  range from this time on unless fully  paid up. The ranges will be open  for shooting on the 24 th, 25 th  and 20th.   The Kokanee Creek Excursion.  Only one more day and everybody will have an opportunity to j  Opposition  To tl]FRefpectiv^Ex^  cursions to be Given  by the L 0. 0. F. to  Kaslo and the U. R.  K. of P. to Kokanee  Greek, May 24.  rpiIKI'KOI'l.K OK NKLSON. hnvo boon very  cordially invileil to piirticipu'to in celebrating Victoria Day on Kridiiy. May 'JI, in concorl  with tlio Odd Fellows and Knight* of I'ythius,  respectively.  Tlio two excursions have boon quito extensively' advertised, and tho two organizations  have gone to considerable expense to mako tho  day a pleasant'and memorable one to everybody.        '  At this lato hour the C. I\ K. Co. appears on  the scone, and advertises an independent excursion. A great many peoplo are under the impression that by taking any ono of tho * three  steamers that will loavo tho City Wharf on the  inoriiiiiK of tho 21th, thoy will be patronizing  ono of the organisations that havo ou their own  account chartered the several boats.  Tho Committees of both the Odd Kellows and  Knights of Pythias therefore earnestly appeal to  tho public to contribute their patronage to'  ci thor one of tho.socret orders.' Not to make a  mistake, thoso desiring to go to Kaslo and Argenta should tako tho Kaslo boat, which leaves  Nel.son at 8 a. m., and thoso who contemplate  going to Kokanee creek tako the S3. Moyie,  which will leave on her first trip at 9 a. ni.  We invite everybody to take advantage  of a pleasant outing.  ODD FELLOWS COMMITTEE  K. OF P. COMMITTEE.  Nkixos, Mav 23, rnoi.  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *  m  ���*  w  m  m  m  *  m  m  m  w  ��  ��  m  m  m  m  m  m  *��  m  m  m  m  w  m  �����?���>  m  *  rn1"-  ��*,'  ���*��  iv  i>  <n  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *  m'  m  m  m  9i  ���*  m  m  (IS  m  :*?*4*44*4*33ib&r��tttt��t��C<tr  K. R & N. Co.  I. O. O. F.  EXCURSION  TO  KASLO LABDO ABGENTA  ls/L_J^1T   24  THE NEW STEAMER  "KASLO"  LEAVfS NELSON AT 8. a m.  $1.80  FARE FOR    djl On  ENTIRE TRIP $I.OU  CHILDKKN HALF KAItJC.  RIDE ON THE BIG BOAT  AND RIDE FAST.  %  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *  m  m  m  m  m  *  m  m  m  m  ���*  m.  m  ti  m  *  m  m  *  m  m  m  m  m  i)  m  m  m=  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  *_  m  <p  it.  NELSON  NO.   210   BAKER   STREET,   NELSON.  BOOTS!       BOOTS I      BOOTS!  For a few days only we will' hold a slaughtering  discount sale of boots and shoes.  J. A. Gilker,  rietor  NEW FIRM  NEW GOODS  PRICES RIGHT  J. G. BUNYAN   &   CO.  FURNITURE   DEALERS.  Have opened up the newest and  most up to date stock  of Furniture ever displayed in Nelson.    Call and' see our  Ladies' Dressing Tables.  China Closets        Parlor Suites        Roll Top Desks  Secretarys  Side Boards  Bedroom Suites  Typewriting Desks, Iron Beds, Etc.  West Baker Street  Nelson, B. C.  J. G. BUNYAN & CO.  SOAPS!      soaps:  We have just received a few new lines of Toilet Soap that  we arc going to offer at a bargain for a few days and which we  have displayed in our window. These goods are of French,  English, American and Canadian make, and'all are to be  sacrificed at the uniform price of  25   Cents; Per   Box   of 3   Cakes.  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOCK NELSON,   B.C.  OLD SETTLERS' NEW MAPLE SYRUP  THE   BEST   nVC^uIDIE      ,  THIS   SPRING'S   SYRUP    IN    QUART,    HALF   GALLON   AND  GALLON    CANS.  ROCKY    MOUNTAIN    RANGER  BAND  ABOARD.  ���*-��>  m  t.  9)  v.  m  m  3>  Houston Block, Baker Stveet.  Telephone 101.      P. O. Box 170.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  ROSSLAND   EINOIINBERBIVQ   WORKS  Founders.   Boilermakers  and  **fetfff*tte&>m��*a^a344^  NOTICE.  Notioe is hereby given thafc I havo 'hisdav  Surchasod  tho  plant   and   good   will   of    thu  [ootenay Steam Laundry and will continue thu  business under tlio same stylu and title.  All accounts owing by tlio said Kootenay Steam  Laundry will be paid by mo and all accounts duo  become payable lo me.  Soliciting    a   continuance   of  your    valued  patronage. I remain, yours truly,  Nelson. May 2nd, 1901. A. LARSON.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS,  Tenders will be received by the undersigned up  to and including June 1st, 191)1, for tho erection  of a three-story hotel building at St. I/eon  Springs, Upper Arrow lake. Plans and specifications mav be seen at tho offlco of The Tribune,  Burns Block, Nelson. B. C. The lowest or any  tender not necessarily accepted.   M. GRADY.  Halcyon Hot Springs, B. C.  TENDERSWANTED.  The Haatlne-s (B. C.) Kxploration Syndicate,  Limited, will considor bids for diamond drilling  on the Arlington mine at Krie, It. C. Kor full  information call or address No. 9, IC.-VV.-C. block.  Nelson, O. C.  Machinists.  ORB OARS.��� This is on'1 T-nccinlty. VVd mako llio h_.nl oro car nn tin*) market, :iml sell tliem ns  fiwl, us w.i i: ii iiuiku tliPin.    W'rilo us for rofdi-eno.es ami I'nll liai-liciilius.  s$KC"0*vj'> II AN I) MAi :|IINKIt.Y KOI! SAI.K.-Oim 1X111.1'. rcliini mhiilar boiler, r.-Ki shell. 1 heads,  82 M lino--. Tested lo ISO pounds '-old water pressure; _f_l ft heavy .'Ml smokestack and ul! flU-lnvs  i-.oinpl'le. i in: !lxl2 horizontal slide valve engine. Ono 'Mi Ii. I*.-locomotive typo boiler, wilh  engine attache'*!.  WANTKK.���Two Hor 1 drill nir compressors; two small hoists, about. II! H. P.; small boilers, 15 to  25 H. 1'.   Must bu in good condition,  P.   O.   Box   198. THIRD   AVENUE.   ROSSLAND.  STRAGHA  BROTH  PLUMBERS.  GOOD GOODS.  RESASONABL PRICES  Will call .it your residence or placo  of business with catalogues and  prices any tune if dropped aposteard.  OPPOSITE! POSTOP'JJ'ICE.  DIELSON. B. O  SMOKE ROYAL SEAL  FIRST UNION MADE  CICAR MANUFACTURED  IN NELSON.  Kootenay  Cigar Go.  Baker Street, Nolson.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Ofllco on Baker Street, west of Stanley Street  NiCLSON.


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