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 "HL*' »■!■
\  '
Mineral Produotloi^ of British Columbia In 1900
PRICE FIYE cikfsf^
l a, a-^-^vj i
in the week will be given a fair
trial, and~there is no reason why it
should not prove a success.
Turnout  of
Witnessed in
Tlie Oddfellows   of Nelson   and
visiting brethren celebrated their
82ud anniversary yesterday by attending _ Emmanuel    church   and
listening to   a special   sermon  by
Bro. the Rev. Wm, Munroe.   The
v     brethren, to the number of about
lGO, assembled at the lodge room,
Fraternity hall, and headed by the
baud    of    the   Rocky    Mountain
Hangers,    marched    along   Baker.
street to Josephine, from Josephine
to Victoria "street, and thence tb the
church.   All woie regalia, and the
. i        strength of the muster proved an
agreeable surprise to many. ~ During the service in the church special
music was  rendered,   including   a
selection   by    the   band,   and   an
,       anthem."   Theie was" a large con-
'     '•;« legation.      ^      (       .    \ \
'     , " 'Tlie preacher  who wore' the insignia of the  order,_took his  text
,    Luke i"x., 29th, '"Who is my neighbor?" and "proceeded to describe the
scene of the man who'lay. robbed
%    und beaten almost to death.    The
,. ''  ,    priest was the first to pass - by? and
•*        although he^yas supp osed tb do th
work, of his Master, yet he failed to"
„   help the poor'sufferer.   „ Next,came
the Levite,';-but he 'also ^passed on
*" ;    '..without rendering ."any' assistance.
^   Then   came_* the, Sainaratin, Jwh,
pours oil into the^ wounds, -places'
- ~/"~   the |wounded"'iman^on. His" beast;
' -}  ,bririgsvliim tb the inn/and asks that
y .   «• lie bo'well treated,1 guaranteeing to
- '*' pay",forr\!;the ^services,rendered^
j. fC , Which of the, three was > that map's,
>'*■ y •'neighboi'-^tlie priest, the Levite, oiv1
\iy--:\[ f ,'th'a -Samaratiii? V'The^rev.^geritle^
', i    '» riiau^said he {beliey;ed that, even to-'
l'    /day ".the *. church"1, too , frequently"
, played the part ..otr the priest and;
V    'sthe Jjovice^pf' this parable,- while
-*-"-%•■  sucbr^-soeieties ias'^the;; Oddfellows'
'. ^ .were tiie "good » Samaratins.   They
v-   jbaught^the Universal5; fatherhood of ,
God and the universaUbroth'erhood
''<•   -,_ of niAnj.theyCsought to uplift^their
tr_ , .""/brother and make* of'him ^ the best
- is''member pf society and the -best of-,
- /      citizens, J inculcating'  every   socialt
and moral virtue, and ,showing,the
church - her   duty.   Tlie   preacher
ssiid he' believed the Oddfellows to
< be   the    bed  organization f in  the
world, and hoped it would ever con--
tinue   to  growv in usefulness and
strength." /   - ' ' •,
Preparing for the Contest.
vJimmie Burns who is to meet
Charles Goff here on the 10th inst.
in a 20-round contest is preparing
for the fray. In an upper room of
the Hume hotel he practices the
noble art_ every .day.' with' his
trainer, aiid may be seen taking , a"
'morning run now and again. Jim-"
mie first met Charlie in Spokane on
December 6th last, and having engaged in 11 rounds .the fight was
declared a draw. He has met some
good men in his day, including ^Vic
Langley, Jim Hall;- Kid McKay,
Tom McKay, tJack .Bonner, Dick
Moore and others. The bout •will'
no doubt be an interesting one as
both men will put on the gloves in
the pink of perfection.,      _,   ,
•      . ■        ' AFRICA.,    ■
The  Weekly Gossipy  Letter of
"  Brilliant Tribune Oorre-
' ■> ■ '    '        *
ij .'Reorganizing the Ball Team>*'
Steps are being taken to put the
Nelson ball team on its feet, for the
approaching season, and it is to be
hoped they will be successful.   -For
several "years   past 'Nelson's "ball
team has beeu -one of the best advertisements the city has had, and
all   that" is "necessary;, to retain
it is a little'.energy onfthe part ofv
its   citizens."^rTtie   time | is   short,,
however £and iff anything is to5 be'
done the matter should be taken in
'hand at once.   A few *"of 'Nelson's4
most popular players will be missed
^from the diamond -tfiis.^e^sori *rbiit
■ their "pracesy^ari::no"'doui)'t De  filled
and witlVtherecreationgrounds fixed.
,and iu fairly good shape the financial side bf**the .pastime. should'bef
well, nigh assured, v,* x i >
«<? <. _-
\ </»'
Typos Elect Officers.
At the monthly meeting _of v Nel-,
son Typographical Union, No. 340,
lowing officers y\ere elected: David
Maulsby, president; Gus Evans,
vice - president; P. C. . Menary,
secretary - treasurer;
sergeant-at-arms; gL.
recording secretary,
Watts and W. G.
oflicers as
'       . "To, Join the Benedicts,
i William. 'Goodchape, the .yard-"
man at^the .C.yP.' Ri'jdepbt", /will he
'married this .-afternoon - to * Miss
fJennie Ainsworth,-' who^as;.trav.-
elled all the^way from Milwaukee-
to b'ecome* Mrs. * Goodchape. 'The,'
bridegroom'is,one of the'most popu/-
lar of the local C.-P. IR. .employees,**
all off whom\joinvin^wtishing„him
a-i d his, bride long-life /and? happi-i
ii<rs.- : The ' interesting ^'cerehaony}
t':ikes place iii theTEpiscbpal churchf
L -. The* Scientific* Use of the Fists.' A,)
•_ " *    * ■5'^r'^i1l-vJy-j.^'
„- Billy Elljs, a^ManitoBaicliampion.
lightweight, .'and'Dick'* Sln'gg/;an'
Ottawa champion^wiirhave'a bout
tomorrow night in "Nelson, under
the auspices of ^ the^lo'cal/athletici
'club. FBoth men'are^well known in
-town, and An addition to/the spar.-,,
'ring match aVery va'rieti'program'
has been arranged for.   , '
-Some of the Changes'Made."
- The .bill amending' the Mineral
Act, which is now before'the legislature, makes three changes in the
mining law which' are of general
interest. "Perhaps the "first' in im-
New York,- April 28.^rThe' fol-~
lowing dispatch^ from!, I. ftN. Pord,
dated Lond^, .was published an
this (morning's iTribune:" While'no
military expert ventures' to mention \any date wlieh^tthe military
operations will cease in South
Africa) meager dispatches,' describe
ing, the> surrender' of burghersMn
small bands and the capture of cat-'
< ***   %■•■ N      °-
tie and ammunition, are accepted
as evidence that the Boers cannot1
offer .an effective,resistance! and
that they are t weary of inglorious
' skulking.. The suggestion made byv
the  military 'journals   "that  the
Boersremaining iu the'field should.
^  . *.    . ■. •< x
be treated as brigands. rather than
belligerents revives the idea current eight' months ago.   Lord Kit-
chener was expected to„ stamp out
the ^opposition ^with .* ruthless and.
wanton energy^aiid'did .nothing of
■ the "sort. ?'>*> ,r -"      >    "i     ■{ •."~; '
Frederick William Hollis, who is
in»London pn'his-way;to Berlin^St!^
Pe.ersburg,~ and5 The /Hague/ <> ex{
pressed yesternay, the - opinion that"
the South Africariwar had enforced
the moral phase of ,<,the,congress- bf-'
great impulse to the cause of inter-
.nationalarbitration.",His; argument
-was'that the,risks andcostj'of the
,warf'had ; been ^demonstrated" wirfij
convincing fofce,"since.tlie resources
of defence estimated' by experts, at
4>.l-|C^      tGOHfftTfiRR    ''** ^ ' .+.V**t^k**   .-_4-_fs.    j-kWm««    Un/1
"at: three i-to one had
H. Watts was unanj
delegate - to   the
meets in CiubinriatUi
W.   J. .Hill,
W.   Ackley,
with   H.   H.
McMorris   as
committeeo-jUthe    other
inembers^BS?ohicio.    H.
.,, whieh
Back From New WHfCminster.
Police constable Hebuer returned
fiom Now Westminster last night,
having safely lodged in the asylum
there William Pell, a very troublesome character, recently pronounced insane. Fell gave- a lot of
trouble on the way down, and not
only deprived his guardian of sleep,
but kejjt every soul on,the train
widtf awake ' aud uncomfortable.
He was so violent on several occasions that the constable > was
obliged to summon help" to keep the
insane man within bounds.
Early Closing to Start Thursday.
Tlie- agreement to close their
establishments every Thursday
afternoonN during the summer
months has been so generally signed by local merchants that it may
now be accepted as an accomplished fact. On Thursday the new
arrangement goe9 into force, and
customers will be notified of the
fact- so as to prevent any inconvenience. Unless, of course, every
branch of trade lives faithfully up
to the terms of the agreement, the
arrangement will fall through.
However, early closing for one day
portance~is~tbatT(lealing with spec-
ial free minei s' certificates,' which
under the old act could be procured
at'any .time to cure defect in, title
caused by the lapse of the ordinary
free miner's certificate. rThe act "as
it will be amended will provide tliat
in future ail such special certificates
must "be taken' out' .within six
months from,the date,of the expir-
tion of the ordinary "certificate. * ■<
Another, important/amendment
deals with the recording, of "claims'
in thernames;of' frfee 'miners- by-
agents.' 'Heretofore prospectors
carried about the numbers of free
miners' certificates held: by friends
and freely used them for; the purpose of recording locations in excess
of ,the* limitations tof the "act.1
The "^amendment , proposed-'.-sets'
put that beforo'making any 'such
records as agent a power of attorney must be li'ed in the office of
the mining-rewrder for the division
in which the claim is situated, and
no such agent shall locate^or record
more tlian one' claim each for two
principals on each separate vein or
load.l '' ■   -
Another amendment" provides
that work done upon trails, to the
satisfaction of the-gold commis-
sionersor mining recorder, may be
counted on certificates for work.
10,000 Seals.
St. Johns, Newfoundland, April
28.—The sealing steamer Kite for
whose safety some fear had "been
felt,, reached port today with 10,-
000 seals almost a- full load. The
ice belt surrounding the Virginia
lake, the only steamer now but is
20 feet thick.
risen-to ten, to« one, and <*Engladd s
.experience,. in<Tfighting   the . Boers-
- ental.nations}with,theJ necessity as"
j.well ,a's uthe, expediency^ of'' inter-,
^national-/arbitration. ^ Mr. \ Hollis,
"hadreeeived'nbtice. since his^arri val''
Jri>England ,of the' appointment from
Siam of Bolin-Jacqumyns, of Brussels, and, himself as -judges I'of the,
pefmaneritfeourt'^of  international
arbitration. "A dozen or more cases
of arbitration practice will "speedily,
"be 'in 'readiness- for '■the-'general
court, and the" judges appointed by.
the, various countries' will form a*
special panel of''international jury-,
men from which names' of arbitrators .can be drawn.*-       *- -       "   *
'.New York, April 28.—The cable
despatch* printed" in "the Tribune >
this 'morning, from   London from
Mr. I. N: Ford says English politics
are in a transition stage, where the
unexpected may happen 'any day.
Th.e chief safeguard against a crisis
in the relation of the parties organ-'
ized is the South African war.   Important changes in - the leadership
of the commons or the premiership
are  deferred, "while the slow but
steady progress of British arms is
maintained and the Liberals, 'while
deriving partisan ,f enjoymeht • from
harassing tactics and the cutting
down of government majorities, are
not prepared to,take up the responsibility of winding upa campaign which   the mation  is   bent
upon .finishing,v'even if "the cost of
.the war'be doubled and the entire
free trade system abandoned.
The government is in no danger
even if the majority fell 33 last
night with'21 Nationalists absent;
but while its supporters can.be
rallied, with* better whipping, the
party lacks unity of 'direction and
"strength1 of leadership, and there is
intense dissatisfaction among the
old Tories over the stateness of
ministers and the lack of 'efficiency
in the administration. The rumors
of cabinet intrigues are groundless,
but the diplomatic, financial' and
military -methods of government
are exciting harsh criticism and
distrust/ "        y ( '    '
1 M. Deldasse's mission to St. Peters-'
burg is not regarded' by the English press as anything more than a
ceremonial incident of the Russian-
French alliance.
London, April 28.—Lord Kitchener continued the process of wearing down the Boers, who, however,
are very active in the Kroonstadt
district, where they recently derailed two trains and also captured
after a severe fight 25 men of the
Prince of Wales Light Horse, whom
they stripped of their horses and
accoutrements and then liberated
them.. *. . i   x -
- Colonel Plummer's column cap-,
tured a small laager of 45-° men. including,, -the •. j notorious Transvaal
state "^ engineer Munnick, v who
planned.. the destruction, of the
Johannesburg mines in tbe spring'
of last year,' and his father *who
was formerly, land -* rost at, Boks-
- burg.T-:"Mr. Cummings who is - visiting, Durban on* behalf of /the Can-
adian .government, is .favorably impressed,,with'the trading - possibilities between'Canada and Natal, r/ J
*- iK'v.' '*■—:—--*. " • ^-*-
.' % '''v'ABt'oubds the World. - ^Vj
°* < "i^C'^ "A' " ""''■ ' '-— ' •'
f Chicago;'April 28.-^6^ Record-
Herald says:-'"Through *a marine
picture, Charles Hallberg, a janitor,
for the Austin State barik, has/at
'     1 X ii 'i i      ,    -   'V
Jast won the notice and"'praise''"of
some of the best qualified art critics
iand artists. '»As a painter Mr."Hall-J
'berg has' gained, a place ^upbn ^h'e
walKof'-'the ^art  institutes^'   ^His
picture, The «Open "Sea/now^hangs,
above a Turner water color, at ^it'-a*
right is a portrait study by*\Zornr
at   its;Jleft^ is i_ tv picture   byv sir^
Frederick IiBigHtori and inittie same
grooms' are Israel,' Carot, Daubignry,;
Whistler,'Ohase' and Rosetti^'. Mr:
-Hallberg has^had'rio Tteacher.\. His,
kriowledge,of pigments is the result
,bf/^edibus'"vyears of  experiments"
For   seventeen * years- of his early
-life he waa "ar'sailor.  ,He. knew Jthe'
ocean , anii^-' Joyed, it. ,  Illiterate;^
imaginative,, and    already  'grqwn-
man, he' wished to tell his stories" qf
the.sear He^eoiild no£ tell them/so
.' * i." *•      r.      I
four men killed and five officers and
eighty menVounded.7 The Chinese
losses not known. *"' *,« V- 1/      *    -
,'i  Hi
His' Eeport' Differs • From That'Origin-
■-/   ally Eeceived—Li Hung Chang.    "".I
' on the Difficulty/,;
■.   »      *"* ^ ■.-
he tried *■'t6\>paint i them, feeblyt' a£\
fidelity. ,'Speaking^of, Mrv Hall-*
berg'sjlatest work, AThe/ Openl/Sea,
director French of the art institute,
said':^ ^Alexander-;'HarrisohV^Mr:;
*YanderpooJ;-;Ch^rles Francis Brown
- and'other'capable 5 j udges jagree with
fsme that'", if'isja ^most^remarlcable*-
. work?* considering theJ-artists5op/
portunities. 7 Its "chief- merits pro/"
'bably-Tlies in^the^wonderfultvitality
^which  he "has- imparted;„to>-thei
'water. ^ The -.-' water ^he" paints'vis"
fairly aliver
-«• '.S '
*Pbktn,-April ,28,-4-TheC report S}61
Ngeneral Mett!ler",received^here' from*
Suo,Lu; differs -from- ,the ^other re;
ports concerning the German-French
expedition ^ previously ^..received;
General Mettler's repbrt-showsthat
*he'a Chinese/troops /did "no&'leave
the province,^till- they wereiforced
to do so.,. The entire brigade commanded -by general Mettler met; "tlie
enemy, on April-23rd and inflicted
immense loss, upon them. 1 The're-
.port: doee vriot - give the loss. <j;The
'Germans had-one officer' and-three"
jsoldiers^killed and,28:wdunded.iThe,
^Chinese1 were <forced- ?to\"leave!,the>
jp'rovince and,were/fully>,dembfal-f
|ized.' fThe Freneh autUorities'statedl
ithat the ('Chinese /had' ^crossedLthel
^'border of ,the "province son^Aprils
Jl9th, m which .case they must havet
^subsequently retUrned. v ? -'A tJ^ i-^'l
; ii Li Hung'Chang^aysat ,is,vimpos-i
sible to" believe^that general Lui]
;Wang" Ting^/wouldl have -so '''flag-■[
. rantly disobeyed his orders arid anx-''
aously^awaits^the'Chin'ese.report f6f
the encounter referred to jby j gen '
;'y . -.   >   ,   .     ___j______.j "-'a ' \** j e i
'", Nmy York, April 28. vShamrock<
II has started'from ithe^Clyde to
the"*Solent.;- Undue/stress)tis?. laid
'upon the great improyement;in\the
speed of, the first Shamrock.! with*
Vhich.the trial races will; be sailed.*
.Sir Thomas. Lipton does not wish
^Americans to suspect that Mr/W^at
-     ' CUDAHY QA8B.><P$<%Si
-*-       Vt
>.-yJl- S^W-^i'l*^
^cNEW,YoRK,;Aprilj'28.^A^ second
play, based*' on^thel/strary^ of^, VTfie;
•Diamond Necklace," Zmaa ",proSuced;
last ■night'at^the^a.rrick,' theatre.\
'^hile, handsomely^ staged/ it^was"'
something, more'than ,aledstum'e
,play and wasHnot .without merit as
'a-rqmantic-; drama.'c'Ja'nette- Steer,'
' like M.rs> Lang try/a'^peared?jinS too
[doublelrqle'of Marie^Antoinette and,
a country'girl,1 but^the interest H&
her ss performance' ^centered? in Tthe
second part^which was made* more"
dramatic-and^impbrtant''than fin
.Carton's ploy at theHImperi»r|''thet
, atre.ns*i^THe,' revolutiqriary^sceiies
?(were mbreamportarit andr^the^act;'i
' ing! was Wore ^vigorptts.",... Thev play/
.was §well ^received •, by ^a - crowded^
|"V^illiairi' Macintosh and ,other mem-^
hpt-a of? 't.ntt- largex' comppI*i3r\doirig^
JiA" new.sippera^ j^The?
erar'Mettler/ * 5Li "HurigjCharig paid
.*' - j. _.   11"   j.      ii        '__\'j_t_ _z^f^-   .
special'4! eqmmissiobe'r'J,lRockhiir "on
the stand taken*by '-the "^merTcans5
In'.tKe^matter^of ^indemnity. ^/It/ is ?
ministers" ^'of/.^the v4powers-f'^that
Mr> Rbck'hillV.'effort,/in', ^his^ di='
rectiqn. vwiir-^fVprove^' \ successful;^
tHqugh most" of ithem /admit Jthat \
, theymust be,guided 'in jthe/fina^ter -
".by/the ^instructions' theyjtreceiyed,1
from their<hqme governments. ■ -l'*?
j Nine Chiriairien will "be executed.
tomorrow, in! the 'American^ district,
r-^r-w - * .   ,.   -—     ^ l4.s„ , ,(Jfor high way iobbery and ^violence/.
R11!W'CAD "Tfir-*firErHnrDC? ^The^en^in'questiofi^weirCtriecl'ana'
IfAllCO rllll J.tXt  UinnUtnbl sentencedaiicordingfto Chiiiese law,,
but ^ tliey; areji *the' > first "'of ■" '-such
senterices^tbbe'app'roved by. generalJ
!Ghaffee>V, ^ '*&?$$rts$i
, 1 .General' Gaselee; the jBritish commander, the officers;of hisjstaff.and
the entire^British7contingentf gave
a- farewell' entertainment 'to the
American officers; last. night. , All
.'officers-who "were'^not"*
*--      Trials, Fixedf for r July.
,-> New' York,-R'ApriP 28.—^Three
special   trial  races will be   sailed'
/between the-cup .defender yachts 1
"Constitution and Independence! the
dates of the matches being July-2nd,
4th and 6th.   This. announcement
thas just been made:by,a "represent-
'ative of the Newport'Yacht'Racing
' Association, and is' the solution of*
the" deadlock   between   the's New
York   Yacht   Club/.'and   Thomas
Lawson. The races will take place
off Newport. '      '       J
—A-rule of-the-Nevr-York-Yacht
Club, forbidding a non-member to
sail in a race of that organization,
excluded Thomas Lawson's yacht
from competing in the matches, that
were to decide the choosing "of a
challenger to meet^ sir .Thomas
Lipton's Shamrock II.' -Mr. 'Law-
son, on the other hand, refused to
comply with (the requirements- of
the New York Yacht Club and declined to get around the rule by
sailing his boat' in the New York
Yacht Club trial races under the
name of a member "-of 'that club.
The matter was settled by the offer
of the Newport Yacht Racing
Association to,present a cup for a
contest between the .rival vessels.
The races are not under.the New
York Yacht Club, that club having
taken no action whatever respecting
the trial matches. '""Mr. Duncan, the
manager of the Constitution, and
Mr. Lawson, the owner,.of the Independence, have signified their willingness to race for ■* the Newport
association's cup.    '    - •>•
Eleven Chinese Gone/
Pekin, April 28.—While the first
train from Pekin to'Tien-Tsin was
traversing the bridge between Lo
Fa and Yang Tsung this morning,
it was derailed through the collapse
of a culvert. Eleven Chinese were
killed and forty Chinese and two
Americans injured.' Two.of the
latter cannot recover.
bers of^/tfte-
Jgqodrjvork".;' -.-,,.--«- . ,,- —--
^EmeraldTsle, V^with music^jj Arthur/3
"Sullivan "and,Ed ward, German,' /arid!
the^text' \)y ;^asir;Hood^ was; also"
produced.' atf^the", Savoy Stlieatre^
'with no lack joftlenthusiasm/^.The'J
opera was"truly Irisli'm its'atraos^
pherie,"witli'comic passages-^or/Mr.''
tarid;for'Jones'HefreWnTas lordllieu-;
'tenant, 'ari&they had ia genuine sen-,
evidently^ been' 1, expectingfanotheri
upon suchyai;verdict afterfl isteriinl
could not;have;chosemmoroawiseiyi
representatives, and theicom muni ty?
that;he 'liad^been/in^ftill ^sy mpa .Hy/
forms; of the'?_Georgian'f period^andj
William Wants Eevenge.
Berlin, April 28.—Emperor William has ordered captain Paschew,
of the German second class cruiser
Hansa to command a puntitive expedition from China to avenge the I
murder of Herr Mercker. I
were-not^actually' on
duty were tpre'sent,/and the utmost
enthusiasm-" prevailed:., .Speeches
were made'by general Gaselee and
'general Chaffee only.„     /.-^
It.is said at German headquarters
that the brigade of - general >Metzler
is returning to-PaOjTing Fu.
Manila^ April 28.—Captain Wil-
son Chase with a detachment of the
21st infantry on April 20th, surprised the'^ camp of the insurgent
general Cailles at Dugola, situated
nine miles north east of Cavinti in
the province of Laguna; Cailles
was at his camp at the time of the
attack, but managed tb escape.
Captain Chase's force captured his
adjutant general, five others of his
staff officers, fourteen men, twenty
"rifles, a large amount of ammunition
and stores and all the papers and
personal effects of the Filipino
general. The insurgent major Velo
was killed during the engagement,
as were corporal McGil Is and private
Tipps, both belonging to company
A of the 21st.
Several columns of the American
troops continue vigorously' to pursue general Cailles.
' Berlin, April 28.—The Cologne
Gazette's Pekin correspondent says
the headquarters staff ..has received
information that a German mounted
force, which proceeded beyond Kal-
gan, found the country quiet. No
garrisons were encountered. The
Germans saw only Chinese police.
London, April 28.—A Renter dispatch from Pekin says the headquarters staff lias received a telegram from a British officer accompanying the Franco-German expedition to the effect that on April
23rd the'Germans crossed into Shan
Shi, through the Kauk Nau and
Chanchen Lia passes, in pursuit of
the retiring Chinese whom they
followed 18 miles, fighting a sharp
action. The French troops remained
in occupation of the passes. The
Germans returned and the French
passed over the pass to them and
returned to their previous outposts.
The Germans are said to have lost
I LONDON, -28.—H.v..L':;,DohertW
t^teraay*1jS8&3L ZW/*_ Gtirer^ihe
holder, pf.tlie amateur covered court
tennis /championship. by*' three ,to
none. *-,}. ,u*,-"  ■•/.'     y .^"'<. ."^   '
turbances .have occurred at" Azrial-
collar; province of Seville. ' Women
,'quenched the fires in the mines and,
'compelled the miners to go out/and'
it   is    feared . the . mines'   will fjbe
flopded;/  '   ; j  ><t1
LONDON, 28.—Tlie ' Sheffield'
'United' and Tottenham Hotspur
football teams played ■'the final tie
game at London yesterday afternoon. The grounds were packed ^to
the capacity of 40,000 people. . The
Hotspurs won by a score of three to,
one. London thus won back, the
-cup-loiit twenty-years-ago—" ■ v~ *-f~
LONDON, ' 28. — Although' no
official announcement has yet been
made it seems probable-'that the
poition of the new British loan1
offered to , the public has been
covered about seven times. The
war loan issued last year was subscribed eleven times over, much
more enthusiastically and much
more popularly.
GLASGOW, 28.—The "Shamrock
II was undecked early yesterday
morning and towed to Greenock,
where her trysails were bent and
her compass was adjusted. She
started for Southampton iu tow of
the Erin, Mr. Fife accompanying
her. Designer Watson inspected
the challenger and expressed enthusiastic approval of her. Sir
Thomas Lipton in the course of a
conversation said : " I' am satisfied
'I have the best challenger ever
built, and I warn my American
friends that they have a big job
this time."
MONS,, Belgium^ 28,—Eighteen
miners were 'killed and seven injured by an explosion of fire damp
in the Grand Buison coal mine at
Hornu, six miles from here.
PARIS, 28.—Three masked burglars entered the American Express
Company's office la9t night, surprised the watchman asleep, gagged
and bound him, and escaped with
15,000 francs.
LONDON, 28.—The will of Mr.
Doyle Carte, the theatrical manager,
who died April 3rd, was sworn to
today in £240,817. He bequeathed
£10,000 to Rosina Brandram.
The cut in pine logs in Ontario
last winter will amount to 75,000,-
000 feet, board measure.
ionce.rearrested uriderttheRel	
;is,' dpubt.l ho we^e^V^he tliefWttu.
.Chief pfpqlicejDonphueaannQuriceai
othecto, convict ^hiui.%The Ire ward?
allahan s!innc«:ence!r!l;^y?MMs^m5i
placer'claims,along theftubutarieaL
They, report that/the'bddrafdaBttf bff
Rock :Creek\/ConsblidatemPlfel
_k_f     •      J^*i-* ■% ff"      -    ».>- *\    _""._ 1* *•)*»    «*s.  *-\*\u*v_S_SS
Mining companyr.is, in full operation^
and vwdrkirig: without VhiicliuffiThelSs
cally opened"everyi20'5miriuWfan"d^S
the reservoir; 900 by. 100 bya^de^th^
of 12 fjiet, ,is, ilet lobse^on,' ifefwayM
down the canyon through-the gate^fl
in'lthe', incredibly -, brief penodj^of^fl
two and one quarter minrites".ir \Its^^:
effect oh/ overlaying 'washr^is des?^^|
bribed as being marvelous and it fs1s|l;
expected that the tficst- pit.'will be|2|
cleared to bed. rock in flf teenTdays^i-^:
The' successful operation^ of/this^/5
company, has attracted great atte
tion. ' -A second company, known as „
the Amalgamated,, ,Rqck <■ Crcek/^l
Placer company,- owning claims on'-1 fM
Baker creek, and the south'fork has/^M
been organized and will shortly* # <![
cause a boom in that vicinity.f*   -■. ?
Miners Lose,Their Lives.
Latrobe, Pa., April 28.—Tonight >&'»
the entire engine house and boiler yim>
of the Dorothy'Coal and Coke plant *-^s
of the American' Steel' and" WirV*5T7
company, is a smouldering mass of^v
ruins and it is rumored that either *T
four or six miners have lost their
lives. The loss is estimated ,at,
$150,000 fully insured. Superintendent Rodgers and William Gill were
partly suffocated while assisting in
the work of rescue. Five miners
were, known to have been in the
mine at the time but, they knew,
nothing of the fire, until 12 men
descended the 'air shaft which is 250
feet deep and told them of the fact/ *-'
Thirty mine mules were at the;-V*
bottom of the shaft and these have' $K
undoubtedly perished from the y-
flames. The fire will cause o'ver'X^,
400 miners to be thrown out pf'r\%
employment. Pittsburg capitalisf/V'^
mostly interested in the concern.4/'^«t.
■      Mm
28.-^ <&]
■        .??^l
A German Murdered.
Sydney, N. S. W., April
Herr Mercke, a German millionaire/! §*
who was cruising in his yacht, and'/"
Herr Caro, his private secretary,'*^
were recently murdered by natives^"JUT
of the island of New Britain off tho'^i
northeast coast of Pappau. Herp-'^J
Caro's body was eaten. ' r-v ti
The flrst auction of pure .bred.,-;.,
cattle at Calgary, organized by the -&SIX
Territorial Pure Bred Cattle Breed,-.^jl
ers' Association was an unqualified *
success. ' '
Ix*   to
If to
I**        /M
fa; to
We beg to inform the ladies"of Nelson and vicinity
that Miss Ross, a thoroughly competent and experienced dressmaker, has taken charge of this department and is now prepared to take orders. She will
be pleased to have ladies call and to talk the latest
fashions and styles with her.
T.'flt  •
Baker Street, Nelson.
#«* to *»»£
I'f <''*_"■■■
®Jte ®rttmne*
/'Some* person, should ask Smith
^ Curtis .to explain, what advantage
h stlie;proyince would receive >f rom.the
' " operation of the Coast-to-Kootenay
railway by James J. 'Hill, as a com-
ll^petitive line, as against' the < opera-
T/tion: of'the line iri accordance with
^•vB.itish  Cqlumbl^^tliat fHill^;';
^competition, even' should :his - road
ftV:,.___.,*«' ~a _-_'/._is— +!,„*.',!,«,.'doe^
rC^^ddijjiqritq.lower rates for freight
pah^passenger service? '< Does Smith'
mCu%s^faricy/that"the ^people^of
feBritishtColuriibiaare such fools as to
■f'fmSkfn^ttfey have^more to hope^fp?
gin£the^way/of .cheaper freight and,
fpassen ger service from, any>f. compe-A
. Jtition/which fames' J: Hill cany give,,
competition, Smith'
IW-aent^owriership,1 has. devoted hnnT„
I^selfsblely to/advancing '.the mter-
|g£& JB-&* &>'^Hill^WhatVstep:
IWha8'"he'suggestedto prevent James
IWJ.f Hill from, so'watermg^the» stock
gf^»7j.»)>-unr   '»V_i*{ Ij tti   f*   ..*"- ■**■ *
l^ayj dividends'.within the next;quar-
I|ftar|\of V a >* century.. *   This' >,would
WAiX-7:A~,:i_r._i_\X\___\,*7____,»+.'_.i> o-r.T7orm«nt,'flt
f^eWpo^sible under* the goverment's >
|fraiiway/policyv which Smith Curtis'
'^denounces,' *but' it;will be  highly
Iprobable if 'Smith Curtis can have
^tke^policy-'amended ' to   suit' his
St,     ,   ' *    *       >     - '
suit' his
„  -.The Dunsmuir government
Jvljy"itsfpolicy, provided not only that
llit should control the rates upon the/
*t*hat the roads should not be called
l^upon to,earn interest upon more
Itjribriey   than' went   into the con-
"struction and equipment.    Smith
'Curtis would open the.door so that
5his/'competitive    road   could   be
K obliged to pay dividends upon pro-
pmoters« profits arid corruption^ unds,
jand when this stage was reached
It this    champion    of    government
rownership  would . be  where . the
| Dunsmuir government was when it
""introduced    its    railjvay.        Por
twenty-five years possibly longer,
, he would be travelling in a circle
and in the end come out where he
began.   Railway    reformers    like
1 Smith Curtis are dear to the hearts
of such men as James > J. Hill.
I! -v        _
, Smith Curtis has chosen a novel
| road to' government ownership.  He
denounces a policy which provides
that in  return for 'its subsidy the
government should receive four per
cent upon the gross earnings of the
railway subsidized, and   approves
of  an   amendment which will so
change this provision that under
no circumstances shall the government receive from the road's earnings more than two per cent upon
jthe subsidy granted.    It will be in-
! ter eating to see how many of Smith,
(Curtis'// government     ownership,
jdtVpes.Twill follow him over into the
fold of f that; great patron bf govern?
ierit-Pwnershipi Tppliticia,ris—^-James
mmpa:a'":x ::::x77::,-7:.
,    Vienna-Doctor's'Discovery.
'( New" York, April 28.—According
to a Vienna dispatch to the World
an epoch-marking discovery in the
training of children, born blind, to
see, has been made'by director Keller of the institute for the blind at
'Vienna.   He has _ just exhibited! be-f
fore the physiciaris'-society a 7-year-
'old^'boy who woV'Jborn blincl, but
:with perfectly formed eyes'—brain
blind, as the doctors call it—whom
'he'had/taught rin fourteen1 months,
^to discern colors, forrns and objects
and- to read Jwith ■ his  eyes.   The'
method consists in"~first,teaching a-,
J > ^      IV   1       v        '   **-s V,     I.' 1
child; in' a; perfectly'.dark room,'by
mevnspf- a;movable> disc'<■ of flight,
to distinguish light from''darknese,
, the^hild'^being i unable"->to jsee perhaps.^ Thisi,is;developing atfaculty'
'jbf' which "the pupil1 is* riot conscious/
and'takesfnionths of ".patient treat-,
ment.vf Next objects which/a blind
-person knows ,by feeling are placed
"against a light t disc and. the child Us
;tol^ what they are called.'" Colored'
glass,placed ^before a;lampr teaches,
him' colors. < Geometrical' figures on,
a^disc• /a%- shpwriVahcl * the' teacher
^passes slowly; brihto forming -letters,
and then/reading' is taught.  "Then
the discs are,removed and, objects
are shown','iri 'a dark^room' where
rays of flight fall* on'*them:'lr'From
this point the sight is,gradually-ac-*
'ciistoniedi^o 'the daylight.' ,^Director'
Keller hasrreceived congratulations-
from all .the universities', andmedi-
• cal /men who have,,heard 4of/-;his
method.u  *,    -^ »,.» »,       >   t.,',!*  ti^
lahan aL. Mrs. Kelly'?, the defen-
d nt's boarding house. McDonald
said he and Callahan were together
, between the [hours of 3:30 and 5
o'clock. McDonald remembered the
date because it was the twentieth
birthday of his son.
On cross- examination he admitted
having recfl atly told two detectives
tuat he wa=i not quite bine whether
it was December 18th or the- day
or second day following. Mamie
McDonald, the little daughter of
the preceding witness proved an
unfortunate witness for the defence. She said she remembered a
man called Johnson who often visited Callahan, end heard it whispered that he was Pat Crowe. -At
the openiDg ot the afternoon session, Callahan testified'in his own
behalf. His story was a series of
denials of all the allegations of tl e
state. He said he spent the aftei -
noon of December 18th at hotnr,
and in the evening played cards at
a saloon in South Omaha.
• ^>'^ ___&'.____ !_-____& '^'^ • "^-^ •JS_v2fe __Bv25_.*_2S_" 00' 0^ '00 • 00 '00 • 0* '^ * 0" ">'00 •p^0 *0" * 0" '00 - 0" '00 • 0* • *"0.
*^^_^0_ ^^^^^0 *^^m ^^9^0 ^^^^0, ^^^^^0 ^^^^_\\w ^^^^^0 ^^^^B_\ ^^^*^_w ^^m39 ^^S1^0 ^^^w& ^^^^^& ^^^L\\_\w ^______0 ^^__\\_\\\_t0 ^_\_\\\________0 *4_B^_^ __XX\\\\\\___0 *4B^^^ _t_XX_____0 4K_\\\_\_\__0 &_WW_______0 ^______0 *^BBi>^ *&!^___^ -tH*^*~ *ti9_____p*' ^________r <tftb^' *^BB^
Fred Irvine & Co.
-.   36 Baker Street, Nelson.
Don't for a moment imagine that we sell cheap trunks only.'   We carry all sorts of trunks—from the low price   f%\.
ik\   byit reliable sorts, up to the very hest grades made and we can save you money on them all.    Here are two special ex-   rfgi
_%\   amP'es*    Canvas covered trunks, oil painted with hafdwood slats,' protected by 7 inch steel clamps, brassed excelsior    •*■
ff\  locks,   stitched "leather  handles,   extra heavy  leather i^'inch straps around body, also deep set-up trays.    Sizes ■> 'ft
Coffee Roasters
Dealers In yea anJ Coffee
We are offering at lowest prices the best
frados of, Ceylon, India, China and Japan
Our Best-, Mocha and Java Coffee,' per     '-
., pound t 40
Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds ...X 1 00
Choice Blend Coffee,14 pounds ..'    1 00
Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds > 1 00
Rio Blend Coffee,' 0 pounds --1 00
Special Blend Ceylon Tea,-per pound     30
'<   " Telephone 177.
', '   ' '   P. 0. BOX 182. 1 ;
and prices as follows
34 inch
36 inch
38 inch
40 inch
42 inch
.Women's skirt or dress trunk, same
style as above only better quality :
.     . - o "
34 in. r" 36 In.     SSin.    40 in.    42 in.
$9.50    $10 75    $12 25    $14.65 • $15.50
Valises  and dress  suit cases  from.
$3.00 to $25
Telescope   valises   from
75e. to $4.00
A special reduction,on   all purses.
Also/ hand bags at prices below :
12 inch     14 inch     16 inch      20 inch
$4 50
_   *i
I      -• JL, 1'.      ^f ^ - '      , f
tM We have opened1 up the largest shipment of
heit quality, fresh" garden seeds over "brought to
,the Kootenay-country.) «-< We are; selling'larger
quantities already and you will .note our "way is
different from'that of other dealers in this dis
trust, in that      \jt;-   ,~ i > t -e.      r1       '
WE SELL BY WEICHT  ,^,     ,
As well as by package, and though the quality
is the best the price is the 'same as ln Toronto.
Make out a list and send to us and we will guarantee satisfaction.:' i     yS - *,   * l    ''
'' ■ IN FLOWER SEEDS   , ■ "       '
We also-*have a'large assortment—10 different
varieties and colors-of Sweet ^Peas to'select
from and an endless variety of other kinds.   ~
'  35-3-^0 75c.    '
-\ *
Fred Irvine & Co*
36  Baker Street
glJV*    itiiiiaiiirrTTTTTrxzxixrxnxrnTTTTTrmxrxii  %^ ' ***^*      _m_*wM.*.**M.       wvtwvu    - , tixxxxam:xxraxxzxxxrxxTzrTXZTixxxxxctxiix.«r    *j*»
"Jr ";   -   ,»   ''•'!>'       ' ''"",'    "'      * . ' '4-
j • iBi^^ ^_\\X\X^ ^^^^^^ ^k\__9^ 4t^&*^^^&0 ^^^^0 HX^^&0 ^9^00 ^^^^0 ^B^**^|^^ ^^_XX^^^t^f0 ^^^^r^^^^** 4fe^ *^^_XXw ^^S^*^^Vfe^ ^^^& 0^^^P ^^XaWw ^^*^___t ^Qp>^^^ •^^9&^^^& •■^^B^'^flB^ ^9b *^f__XX& *^9fr .^Ht. * W
^C*^~_K * ^^ *^fc^. * ^^^ *^^ * ^^^ -^^^ #v^^^ *^fck, * ^^^ *^fck " ^^ *^te< * ^^^ *^kk * ^^ •   * * ^0 " 0&* ^S^ * __-^*'__B^ * 0^fm J-M^ * 4& *^4^0 * 00* 00 * 00* M£0 ^d&0* 0^0 * &0 m ^0
All.the'fashionable creations
j;1,.in Spring and Summer;wear
i* are included jinf'my last, con-;
'  signment df:Sc6tch and Irish
' Serges, Tweeds and^'Worst-
{/• eds,an"d Fancy Trouserings
E. Skinnier:
Neelands', Building, Baker Street). '*
,   FEED J. SQUERE, Manager.
r  .
\ i
President ;and^ General Manager/
K.-W. Q. Blook. .    Cornet Ward and Bakor Sts
u i
.   Will Protect'Its Colonies, y "•*'
' LoNDON.^fApril .,28.—The. Satur-,
day's Review says:-The .expansion1
df'the German navy is more in preparation for a 'contest with s.the'
Britain, because the various "i excuses for*future naval conflicts will
be found in ■ the struggle for the
partition or the exploitation of, the
great South American continent.
The Review devotes'a page to a description of the resources of South
America, and Germany's hundreds
of thousands of settlers in Brazil
and Chili, and the inability, of Germany's pursuing her designs ^ in
South America without a conflict
with the United States. The article concludes with the statement
that it would not be good policy
for Great Britain to oppose Germany's legitimate aims, and that an
alliance with the United States
that had for its purpose the -.maintenance of the Munroe doctrine
'•would not only be ludicrously in
opposition to our own interests, but
it would rightly arouse every other
nation to a death struggle against
a genuine Anglo-Saxon menace.    ,
<' The ladies of Nelson can' now?
.have ;the''opportunity of seeing^
the,latest and newest designs in
Ladies genuine" Hair Switches at
,the lowest rates: v      ,„ l'       '. ,
His Story Is'Discredited.
Omaha, April, 28.—An alibi was
offered when the defence opened
yesterday in the trial of .James Callahan, accused of participating in
the kidnaping of Eddie Cudahy.
Charles McDonald, a neighbor of
Callahan, related a conversation he
claimed to have'had with, the defendant on the afternoon of the
kidnaping on December 18fch. At
the moment the ; abduction was
taking place, McDonald said he < sat
on the porch in company rwith Cal-!
Madame <Laqibert, of L'Elegante
Store, West Block,'invites the ladies
of 'Nelson and vicinity to her Spring
Opening Mqnday, April 29th, having received a consignment of handmade goods, the latest novelties of
the season, direct from Paris, com-
prising'handsome silk skirts, dainty,
underclothing of the 'finest ,lace
and linen, etc., etc.
Parlors formerly ooonpled by Miss MacMillao,
Victoria Block,
r The patronage of Nelson ladies solicited.
■'< Large stock of high-class Imported'
.    iSty    "   " "
fashion in coatc.
sppcisuty of the square   shoulder—the
s... A
F't'5 /.
'All Communications ^to, be'addreasedvto eitkerof the'above-
"Weare ppepared to Furnish'--«  ',   Y'<  , ' ,' >s*   .'"    1,v    '
by Rail Barg-e op Teams ',, ,   \"  ,       ^.,...,    ',        ,'      .     ,  '
■:    . .■DIMENSION LUMBER^ •-'   ;- ^   '      "
door,jambs; WJNDOW.STILES-- t
turned:worXuBand-^sawing -
bra ckets, newel rosts:    '
< turned' veranda posts1
STOREFRONTS l:        . ,'
Get Our F»Pioes toefope      ■'.*,—       ^ -    '' ,
purchasing .elsewhere. <      «; , -  . ,
Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES
Desirable Business and Residence Lots
'in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition. -
Office on Baker Street, -west of.Stanley,Street
'   ' NKLSON.
the Bestv
Bids will bo received by the Arrowhead *&'
Kootenay Railway Company for the building of
a'mil way from Lardo to Tiout lako, in tho
district of Wost Kootenay, B. C. This work will
include clearing of light of way, grading, biidg-
ing, tracklaying and surfacing for a total distance
of about 35 miles. >.
Plans, specifications and forms of tender will he
furnished on application, or may bo examined in
tho oflico of J. 6. Sullivan, division engineer.
Trail, B. C. - Bids for this work to bo sent to the
oflice of W. F. Tj o, chief engineer, Winnipeg,
Manitoba, and must leach thcie not later than
12 o'clock, Monday. April SMth. The lowest
or any tender not necessai ilv accepted. '■ *
April 16th. 15X11. Trail. IJ. 0.
Notice Is hereby given that I intend to apply at
'tho next sittings of-the'Board*of Licence Com-,
missioners for the City of Nelson, to be held after1-
the expiration of thirty days from the date heienf,
for a transfer of the retail liquor licence nowheld *
by mo for the Grand Central hotel situate on lotB
23 and 21, block («5, subdivision of lot !)j in the
City,of Nelson, to Giist Krlcson of the said City of
Nelson.   ■, ■ *   *.' *■'       ■'■:' x . -:.
Witness; W. C. McDonald. ;     >      / :
" 'Dated this twenty-second day of April, 1901.
A. B. GRAY, Kootenay Agent
H. P. BITHET & CO., Ltd.
rpHORPK & CO., LIMITHD.- Corner Vornon
•*■ and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers
of and wholesale dealers in tur.i *d waters and
fruil syrups, tlolo tiBents for H iJ«yon SprlagH
mineral water.   Telophono CO.
WF: TKKTZEL & CO.—Corner Baker and *
•   Josophino sticetR, Nolsoi i, wholesale deal
,ers.in   assayeia  supplies.   Agents xor Donvoi -
Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colors do. ,     ,
HI. EVANS & CO.—Bakei 'street, Nelson'
•   wholesale    dealers   in    liquors,    elgais
''cement. Are bnck aiid flro olay, wator plpejaud,
steel rails, and general commission merch'ints.
ers in telophoi>es, annunciators, bells, batteries,
fixtures,'eto.. Houston block. Nplfon.
~~'     -   'FLOUR AND FEED. -    7
.—Cereals,,Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or
mixed cars shipped to all Kootenay Points.
Grain elevators at all .principal points on Calgai y-
Kdmonton R. R. MiUs al Victoria, New Wohb
minster, and Kdmonton. Alhotti^.	
BURNS &   CO.~Bakor  streoti.   Nelson,'
wholesale dealers in fresh and cured meats.
Oold Btoraee. .
~      ~       GROCERIES.
A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and
• HaU stroote, wholesalo grocors.. and
Jobbers in blankets, jjlovoB,*imtiH, boots, rnbbors,
macbinaws and miners'sundries.. .	
KOOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIMITED—Vornon   btroet, "^Nelson,   wholosale
grocors.       >    *
TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front sti eot. Nol
•*•'   son, wholesale kcocois.
meabo,' batter and eggs,
JY. GRIFFIN & CO.'—Front street, Nelsou
•   wholosale   dealors   In   previsions,   curod
t-Cf-BYERS & CO Cornor B.vkoi and Josophind-
£~L> streets, Nelpon, ^liolesivlo dralers in hardware and mining supplies. Agonts for Gii.iiti
Powder Co ;	
Baker 8b., Nelson, wholesale dealors in
hardware and mining supplies, and water and
plumbers' supplies.
mURNER, BEETON & CO—Corner Vornon
- ■*• audv Josephlneu streets, Nolson, wholiisiln
Hna._t.ra In Hnnnrfl/iliara and dry goods.   Agours
Prompt and :
dnlI-o*«irr tio tno imulfl
Brewery at Nalsan
'•.     MEALS-25 CENTS
Rooms Lighted by Electricity and Heated1 by St*am 25 Cents to $T
FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK
,    '    AT   THE
Everybody   Welcome
\<■■;',:'{'':;' PROVINQIAll ' ^       A
Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.
Largo comfortable bedrooms and flret-olass
dining-room. Sample tooms for oommerolal men,
N|adderi House
Baker aud Ward-
Streetu, Nelson"
N|rs. E. 0. Clarke, Prop.
Corner Vlotoria and Kootenay Streeta.
P. O. Box lUB. ......     TBLHPHONB NO.B6
fjTwo Largo Rooms 'joined by arch.- Very
suitable for offlcos. Rent $30. * Houston Block.
0;;Apply '
. t '        D. J. DEWAR, Madden Block.     -
The onlj hotel ln Nelson 'that1 haa remained
under one management slnoe 18S0.
The bed-rooms are well tarnished and lighted
by eleotrlciby.'
The bar is always Blocked by the1 beat dom s-
tio and Imported liquors and olgars.
THOMAS MADDEN. Ftoprleto*.   '
J. H. MOMANUS. Manager
Bar atooked with best brands of wines,' llanora,1'.
an*^ Cigars.. Beer on draught.- Large comfort-
dealers ln liquoi
for Pabst Browli
Btary Brewing Ci
<    SA!
Nelson, mannfAohul
t Milwaukee and C'k\
Fronb and HaU utrontH,
  , Fp of and wholosale 'dealers
In sash and doorst all kinds of factory work made
to order.    " '	
v TED—Cornar Front and Eall otreetw, Nrt
sou, wholesale dealors In wIiips (ease and bulV.
Notice is hereby* giv en that E, M. Petri f of
Ymir has made application under the provisions
of the "Liquor Lmenco Act, 1000," foi 7)ermiKHion
.to transfer his hole! licenco fiom the Palace
hotel at Ynm to iho St Clinilcs hotel at Ymn.
A meeting of the Boaid of Licence Coninii"-
sIoneiR of Iho Nelson Licence Distnct will bo
held to con*-i(lci suih application at tho Como
'House at tlio Citv of JNclson on Tuesday, tlio
tlmtioth daj of A pui, l'.Wl.at the houi ot ten
o'clock in tho forenoon.
(Jluof License Inspectoi.
Chief Constable's O/llce Nelfcon, ii. C.
April 13th, l'JOl.
To T. A. Sitvknson, or to any person or pei
sons to whom i ho "mav have tiansfetred Ins
interest in tho Lila minei al claim, ut Mom
ing Mounfciin. Noli on Mining Division
You aro hiMoby notified that 1 have expended
the sum of Ono Bundled and Fifty Seven DollaiH
in 'labor and  impio\ementa  upon   the abo\o
mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold f>aid
mineral claim under  tho   provisions   of   thu
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from the
dat« of this notice you fail or rcfupe to contribut'.
your1* proportion of such expenditure, togelho.
with all coBts of advertising, your interest m paid
aUe rooms, IlwtwOass tabla ton d.
,.olaim will become the property of tho subscriber
undor section four of an Act entitled "An Act ti
Amend tho Minoral Act, 1900/'. „„„.   _____nn „
Dated this 12th day of February, UXU.
.' 7  *HE. TEIBtNte: NELSON, B. 0. MONDAY, * APRIL 29,1901  if*  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, aU paid up  *���*   rhst  $12,000,000.00  vj qqq 000 00  tTNDIVibBD PROMTS*     *427"l8o'80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouston General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Cornor Baker and Kootonay !  A, H. BUCHANAN,  Streots.  Managor.  THE CANADIAN ]���  BANK OF COMMERCE  wrrn which ia amalgamated  THE BANK  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  '���     ���     $8,000,000  -      ���      -  $2,000,000  AGGRECATE RESOURCES OVER $85,000,000.  Branched ln London* (England) Nkw Your*,  GurCAGo, arid all tlio prinoipal cltios ln Canada.  Buy aud soil Sterling Exchango and Cablo  Transfers.  Gi.mt Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  av.nlablo In any jiart of the world.  Drafts IfuuoiI, Collections Made, Eto.  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  Robt. Kllgour,   *     Vice-President.  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, B. O.  New York  Office, 16   Exchange   Place.  aud lis Biunchcs in Canada and the  United States.  Saving-s Bank Branch  OURUKM' HATK OK' INTKHKBT PAID.  EASTERN CANADIAN NEWS  BUCKINGHAM, Quebec, 28.���  Patsey Nortiiey, foreman for Miller  & Pionety, clapboard manufacturers, was kicked to death this  morning by horses. He was loading clapboards and fell at the  horeest' feet. He was 45 years old  and loaves a large family.  GLACE BAY, 28.���Andrew Anderson, a boy fifteen years old, was  crushed to death at No. 3 colliery .of  the Dominion Coal-Company this  morning by a huge piece of coal  falling on him.  ST. CATHARINES, 28.���The political lines are so evenly divided in  the eity council, that since the elections last Jaimai y there ha9 been a  deadlock over the appointment of  committees. Appropriations necessary for'the proper maintenance of  I alfaiis have consequently |not been ���'  ���voted, which caused1, citizens to issue j  a protest and resulted in several  [resignations.  BRANTPORD, 28.���C. . Whyte;.  jmoulder, died last* Sunday in.great*,  lagony after eating breakfast. ' His  [stomach was sent to the provincial  ���analyst, who, ibis said, has informed  Ithe 'coroner" that he had found  sufficient strychnine in the stomach,  ���jto cause death, 'The analyst's findr-  ing has caused a sensation here.  GQDERICH, * - 28.���The West'  iHuron Conservatives have nomin-  lated majo^ Brek to oppose Hon/ T.  j-arrowiin the bye-election cau'sed  [by the unseating of.the latter by  bty? decision of the,court of appeals  recently. - t   * , - -  ' AVOODSTOCK, '-Ontario,*   28.-f'  Smallpox has- broken   out   in the*f  /illage" of   Sweaborg,, 'about   five  liles ^.from here./" The, disease is..  (supposed" to* Have been * contracted  ?y the victim in Michigan'. ' '  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Inloiesl, allowed on deposits.   Present rate  tluue pur cent. '  GRANGE V. HOLT,  -  Manager Nelson Branch.  school at Carlisle, Pa.   The government will assume the expenses of'  the eleven students.     ,      ���*  BUFFALO, 28.���The News! says  naval guns, nor have the eight ironclads" which have been contracted  to ''be 'transformed   into ' modern  -    . ships been taken io Gesniia, owing  Cote, one of the men whom Mrs. \ to   \g^   0f  funds.   Two   torpedo  IMPERIAL BANK  0_P   a-__--N*-A.-0-A.  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,725,000  H. S. HOWL AND...  D. K. W1LK1E   E. HAY    President.  ..Uenoral Manager.   Inspeotor.  1  SAVINGS   BANK  TUB   CUKIUCNT   KATK   OK  DEPARTMENT.  INTEREST   ALLOWED.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  N J. M. LAY, Manager.  ^^^^k^^t^tat''^^_i^t_l*s9>/^9^J^SS_^t^^9t^^t -^t_t_ -^>>-^Mg_^f_***9K* -^B>^^f<y A' <^**��<0^*B^' S^ft^^f^- ^^^^^^ *a^*^f^^^^^tlr'^i"'nr- ^S^-^\��-^   "  iifi"' '.'������������i '"'''''  ��� 'Ti-' ^'^'   '^:m  m  to  to  to  to  ''.'.���S-ij *   ���- j  "<>!_._,.*_._   q  At  ��� Sr S.I��*SwC4.'  to  All watch' repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the bes  workmen.  11  i Charlotte A, Bridgewood, of Hamil-  j ton, Ontario, who recently .secured  a judgement for more than' $8,000,  wants to work out his share of the"  judgement in jail. He says, he' can'-'  not and-will not pay ' the judge-,  ment.    '      > ' *-  .   y  SAN FRANCISCO, 28.���United  States minister Conger will leave'  tomorrow night for Council Bluffs-  Regarding his leave of absence from.,  China, minister ^Conger said that'alL  the stories to the effect that'suggestion of the leave granted from'1 the'  state department were pure fiction.  SAN .FRANCISCO,   27. ���-It' is *  stated in railroad circles that president Hays of the.-Southern Pacific,  is about ,*to'inaugurate   a   radicaL  change in-'the/ management of| the  system.   He will form a cabinet,>qfr  advisors, to be   composed   of < the  heads^of practically all/theVprinci-.  pal departmeats of the road.^with.  the single exception of the^a.w,���department;/'^ ,      . ~ :"  i-  , - ,v _ <'   Turkey Is Bankrupfc:-  - Constantinople^^April :*2S.���Tlie*  Turkish government is concluding  a "contract1- for' a new cruiser, al-t  though nothing has been paid on  account of the cruiser o rdered in  the'United States.'nor has"anything  been paid (on the Krupp ac count for  INITEO STATES HAPPENINGS:  WASHINGTON, 28.���Two Gypsie;  ten-Is   Hannah < and   Lizzie Michel, *  fcvho'were arrested ''here in' connec-,  lion t with, the ".Sisappearance   of  feVillie McCormick/' the New York  |)oy supiiosed to   have ' been kidnapped, were released from custody  jesterday' the pcflice not being able  lo make a case against them.   '  BUFFALO, 28.���Captain Lawton;  If tlie Pan-American/departed this  lioi'ning for Brantford, Ontario, to  [ring over, a delegation^of Indians  |n''the Six Nations village. He will  ping representatives of the Cayug-  , Oncidas and Senecas. They wiU  headed by Chief' "William Fish-  iiriier, and 'will number upwards  '     BUSINESS   MBNTII )N.- /    ��� .  .Wanted-^-A female ,coo! fc. /Apply  -Slocan Hospital/Now Denver:-    Y j    -i".    ,".   )  ..   For Sale ���*or Rent.^-Pia no at the  Old Curiosity Shop.   n?r,'.   *<~ ������   .7.     _<.   j<  Wanted���To rent'at oi tce^ar five  orrf>ix-ioom house, furnished.   Sff 1 656, Nelson!  , .The "raffle /'which,,\wsti /'tdV^ke  place toni-Kht at tbe Nelson-'Wux 1 ComponyHs  postponed till noxt Satuiday night, at 8 p. m. '  To1 Rent���Two rooms' furnished  or unfurnished. Enquire Silica atw et, two doors  wost ot Josephlno. '��!  ' Furnished rooms to let  without boaid.   Prices moderated  AVard street, next to Post OBioe.'.'l  -'Lost���Black cocker  boats bought at Genoa have not  been delivered for the same cause.  The sum of 20,000 pounds (Turkish)  us' due to the Krupps, and their demands for a settlement are becoming, pressing.  I ,      ,        "     Ir _1         *  *��� k, m - '��� I ������ '       ���"  <'   J    fWife Slayer Acquitted. ���  Paris, April 28.���Count Cornu-  lier, jvho is well known in-the highest'Parisian society, after two days'  atrial for the murder of his 'wife on  ^o^ember . 17th, by shooting her  three times as the countess was  leaving the house of a lawyer, M.  ^Jjeroux}1 who was an admirer o!f ,the.  countess before" her marriage, was  acquitted   today   amidst   the   ap-  *plauseJ> of "the court., The count  madea speech-in1 which he thanked  the'jurors in��the name of his three  children. Nothingtwas brought out,  Kto show anything wrong between  the'countess and the" lawyer.  to  Established in Nelson 1890.  Be up with the Times  I  ,AII watch repairing guaranteed,  as we employ none but the best  workmen/,.  5T3&33!  *^Sa  to  to  to  y^^jffr. 00 * 00 *^0i 00.00. ^0.00. ^0. ^0 . 00.00 . 00.00 . 40.10.0.-.  r ' *S^ ^__\__V 4^0* <^^^ ^B^ ^L_\___** *^_\_^_*> <1^^ ^______t* ^___* ^k__*' ^^^r 4B^^ ^_^K ^^*9^ ^,  ^^��<^^��^^ .^g^. *^^�� *^^o ^^�� Sg^i SJj^. ^^�� __^ ��-^^��*<->.   .^^��<^.^*X  Mail orders receive our prompt,  and careful attention. Our prices  are always right.  It pays to have the new "things���to have wha| our  cusotmers are most liable to call'for; to have the'  quick selling articles���the kind that go quickly. Our  spring novelties are to hand and they are beautier.  BELTS     HAT PINS \   CHATELAINE BAGS  ,BLOUSE SETS,   PURSES     BUCKLES   :  And a. thousand   other   lines   too   numerous   to  mention.. Call and satisfy yourself ��� by^ an jnspec-V  tion of this line of novelties.  Jacob Dover. Jeweler  C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR.  NELSON, B. C.  *-"���.  X  ill' C*#IP  ���"���a  1  ,1Sf,  a   Li  swerd  "oflice.  sp  to name of Toby.    Rewai  , with 6rr  , Mrs. Reilly,  aniel. - an-  d at Tribune  -   To, rent-^Office i7i:tb#'3  Bor>cke. block, corner Wara and ' Baker,  to John A. Turner,    *"  WW.     "' '  Turner-  | "Sixty.  [NEW YORK, 2S.���The Herald  [ys: "Officers of the United States  leel ���Corporation have confirmed  |e information circulated recently  [at the net earnings of the big  Irporation for the months of  larch, over and above the interest  |i the underlying bonds, amount to  ,279,000, or at the rate of $111,-  10,000, a year. It was admitted  lat tlie Carnegie company was the  Irgest money earner of the whole  loup of si eel companies, while the  ���ueriuan Steel and Wire company  lis a closo second. The figures for  lese two companies are $2,025,000-.  Id $1,SOO,000.  IFHANKFORT, 28.���It is ofliciaJfy  jnounced that up to eleven o'clock  lis morning fourteen bodies have  [en 'recovered from the ruins of  e buildings destroyed by the ex-  alon   and   fire   at   the   Electro  acmical   works   near   Griescheiu  mrsday afternoon.     Several pei>-  ns are still missing.  WILES, Ohio, 28.���A bill whielii  rmits New York city to accept,  e gift of Andrew Carnegie -for a  e library system, was signed to*  y by governor Odell. The bill  Lhorizes tho city to purchase or  ic.t and maintain a library. Also  enter into a contract with Mr.  i-negie to accept his gift under  ) conditions named by him.  iAN JUAN, 28.���The United  ites transport Gesewick sailed  slerday evening for New York,  ying on board nineteen Porto  [jo youths who are going to tb e  (ited States to be educated  ken of them are bound for the  filed States government training  Apply,  \ "Western Canadian En iployment,  .Office, P. O. Box 711. 'Phono 25 0. "Male and  female help of all kinds furnished i -eo of charge.  �� Two large," wt> 11-furnisA ed rooms'  to lot. 1 hnd 5 Mao* ionald bloeft, oorner Josephine and Vernon.-  _   For sale.���A good payin g grocery'  and bakery business Only bakery i n town. For  particulars apply to Stem Bros., San don, B. C.  To   let���Fu mished rfroi it rooms  over Vanstone's dr Uc store; $2.50 pe�� ���week."' Also  six-room house to  ict.     ,    - '    y    r  A large, pi easant, furnisl led room  wilh all modern improvements, noi ;theast corner Lake and Ce jttr streots, Nolson.   . -  , l. ;,  ���^Ve-^hav< a���buyers-^for-g old-and-i  copper mines, The Prospectore'Exeh. wee, room  4, 1C-W-C Bloc !c.. Tolephono 101.   No Ison, B. C.  '   Japan 1 'ea of all kinds1 to suit  your taste. S lln Cured. Spider Leg,'. Pan Fired  in bulk or pao  icagoH.   Kootenay CoOee Co.  - Furnisl; ed house, to lei&on corner of  Mill and JUaJ | streols; ���seven'* room'. - 'ossesslon  oan bo seeuir ed on or about May* IBCb. , Apply on  thopremuwr  ,, - %\',1-i'i,!-  That-f me'blend of CeylOTlTea we  are sclltaK at thirty cents 'per .pound * in trtYlnflf  llio oeaii or satisfaction to our man.V,customers.  Kootcswor   CoffooCo., '.-,  y ,   .     i    , \ '.^  If y�� u have a mine or pr< ispejCt for  salo, serif iJwininlos of oro^and report t a The Pros-'  pectont KxohaiiBe, room i, K-W-0 B lock. Tele-,  phone If   t.  Nolson, B. C.        ��� ., \  We     have  Indian, - Ceyh' >n   and  Ohh����. Toas ln great variety, ohoico*-1 qnality.  wen* ^o n upeeialtyof blendiiiK tea �� and sell  ibenti; n ,my quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  \jOVm  (Co , '    ,  flotel For Rent  First-class hotel property, .itt  Nelson, for rent. Business gi- ?es  big returns. For particul ars  address P. O. Box, 719, Nels on.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  Decorators and !���  Paper Hangers. L8  FJELSON BU8INESS COLLF.CE  SPRINC   TERM  BECINS  APRIL 1st.  Bookkeeping, shorthand and type^ erltlinr  thoroughly taught. Do not miss this oppo rtunity  of acquiring a businesH education. Note r tddress.  i  .  -CORNER WARD AND BAKER ST REETS  New Finds in Canadian Yukon.  Tacoma,'.April 28.���The passengers just, returned1 from Dawson  give details oi. the, discovery of a  rich second bed rock oh the'famous  Eldorado creek of the Klondyke. In  the gravel now"being 'KoistedWt is  said not1 a bucket full of dirt comes-  to tne surface in which nugget's  cannot be seen.running all the way  , from;? a-, quarter "off" ah jounce ' in  weight. "'Pans'taken from, the new  paystreak yield as^high as $50, and  in one day two men'J;ook' out dirt  that contained $5000.'r,<,The* discov-(  1 ery has. created intense' excitement'  all along Eldorado.'' " m*  ,        , -  i   ,    . _-_.       ,' '���  '-> f LONDON; -fS.^Herbert' Spencer,  whose health "is most feeble^'will  spend his, eighty-first, birthday at  , Brighton today, virtually in solitude. 7\ His1 autobiography has rej  ceivecTits final 'touches, but he is  unable to do any sustained work,1  or even converse with visitors.  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  1 , Inside'Doors   ,  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  1 : local and ooast.  ,   Flooring  local, and ooast.  _^_ =-_"NeweliEosts ������  Stair Bail  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.  nelson, b. c.|  Builders and  Contractors  p>  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds,  OT WHAT TOOT WANT IB NOT IW BTOOK  WE WILL MARK IT FDR TOD  CALL AND OlffT PRIOBS,  J. A. Sayward  eaacn and laeu htbbeib, tnasott  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  , ,      (LIMITED)  | CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 Whrte Pine tun]ber Always in  StocK.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work'will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  , Having taken over the business, of the West Kootenay,Briek & ''*  ~ Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance1 -  ' of the patronage whieh you Jiave heretofore extended them. My .  '- aim will <be-at all times to supply you with our products,at lowest ',,  ^ possible prices.\;-Being in a position to manufacture >goods-in. larger- *���*  ;   quantities tlian ^ before, we shall.be .able to supply f the tradsat a  lower figure, ,'^r >    <     ,t ^       ?,A,  ' ^"\ '     " r-^'"   ;  It is 'our intention to'install machinery' to 'manufacture".our J -  V marble produets,\and next season we shall be in a position tosupply. V  tliese~products7at reasonable rates. '   ?) &    '        , V"l,v"< ''"   -'"'-j  " '    >      -   --���       " '     '   'y--"\, ". ",7    "���   A    *';���*. .,7"''  ,;_ We shall also Keep on hand a stock of Fire Brlek, Fire Clay,-  vTiles and Cement.   /      ',''*'','   '     h''"A-&   ���* ^j',1!' - ''"T- ']';���>,4/  Our Bricks and Lime Rock ��� have taken the' First 'Prizes at Jthe'*~  Spokane Industrial'Exposition1 in 1899 and,also this year:' We-also ?  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone. '���  - ,��� 't  We 'are-preparSil "to oirer"special' rates :tb Contractors" and 1 <���  Builders.       '',.,', i -'   , '  ERNEST MANSFIELD, y   '��� "-���  tor The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  ~  1 ,     I   ' !>   ���  ' -     A   .;', , Succettort to {        1 '%'  ,. The West"Kootenay Brick <�� Lime Cci., Ltd j  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  nXa ' Dealers in Meats  Markets at  Nelson,  Rossland,   Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton,*- Nov  ^_Denvor>_Ilevelstoke)_Fergasoa-Grand^Fork8,-GroenwoodrCa8cade-Ci*oyrMid-  way, and Vancouver.  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded1  III      ��� I     ���    �����    II      ������ .       ��� 111 ���       ��������!������    Ill       ������������   I ���   I     li   II III 1 ��������������    ���!.���������        ��� .1.1 ��������-������  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  1  WARD STREET E.   C.   TRAVES,   M&IlEgBP  ORDRRfl HY. MAIL BROHUVW OARMJTOL AND PROMPT ATl'BVTION  ^ZZZXZIZIXIXIXXUXZZSZXZXUIUIXZXZXUXXZZUUXIXZXXXXZIXXZXZXZUXZXZXXXXIUIXXXZUXXXISZUXZZXZZZnZXIXUZJZ^  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B. O.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tbe Exchange.  Free-Milling Oold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  /   Parties having mining properly for sale are requested to sond snmplos of tholr ore to the  Kxchange for exhibition.   We desire to hear fiom all prospectors who have promising minoral'  claims in British Columbia.  Prospectors and mining men aro requested to make the Exchange thoir headquarters when  in Nolson.  All samples bhould be sont by express, Prepaid.   Correspondence solicited.  Address all communications to  Telephone 104 ANDREW F.  ROSENBERGER,  P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C  ixzzzzxuxz-n_czxnx__zaTzzz_-Kzzzuxzzz3C--i_nj  W. P. TIERNEY  Tolephono 265.  AGENT FOR GALT COAL  Office: Two Doors West C. P. B. Offices  FURNISHED   HOUSES  We have several good furnished houses to let  for the summer months.  H. &  M.  BIRD  BROKEN BILL BLOCK.  WEST TRANSFER CO.  N. T. MACLEOD, Manager.  All Kinds of Teaming and Transfer  Work.  Agents for Hard and Sof t Coal. Imperial OH  Company. Washington Brick, Lime & Manufacturing Company. Qenciul commercial agents  and brokers.  All coal and wood strictly cash on delivery.  TELEPHONE 117.  Office 184 Balpr St.  BOARD > OF  HEALTH REGULATIONS  For^the Prevention of the'Spread ofi ���'-  Smallpox in the City of Nelson.   ��.  ,. AU passengers arriving at tho; City of-Nelson*]  from all poinw east of tho Kootenay Rivor will  bo required to furnish the inspector or officer in  chaigo of the carrying 'out or these regulations  with a cert illcato from the health ofllcer of tho  city or town from which ho or she has left, cou-;  taming the following particulars: **  1. (at That he or sho has not been in any place  or building infected with smallpox,     i     '    f   *  (b) That he or cho has not lived in any place/  or building which lies dangerously near any infected building or district. '   . .      v  /       , ,  (c) That he or she has been successfully vac- *  ciliated since January, 1901. , '     "   , i  2. If the inspector believes that any person is  infected, lor that his or'her clothing or other'  efl'ects contain Infection tho inspector shall do-  Uvin such person and his or hei clothing and effects  aaaforesaid, until tho period of lncubationisover,  and such person and his or her clothing and other  effects shall be at onco disinfected. i  3. If he only suspects that any person on board,  or the affects of any such person have been ex-*~  posed to infection, \ho shall notify tho medical  health ofllcor of the locality to which: tbo person  , is going to meet the train or boat, and to keep the  person theroafter under observation. r y '  4. In tho event of any passenger bringing any  baggage (hand or otherwise) or whether the wimo  i shall De forwarded by express, the follow lag  j certificate may also be required from tho health  officer of tho town or city aforesaid: e        f ���*-,  .(a.) That the said baggago (here give a f ulU  description of said baggage so that there can bet  no question as to identification') has not been in  '4 i^">SBAlWv1JlhbHS?  1PV  ii* !�����?    rfc*>-s,r  EDLCA1IONAI.  ���KTELSON ��� SOCIALISTIC  ���" CLUB meets overy Sun  in the Miners' Union HnlU A'coiiliahjinvita'ticn  CLUB meets overy Sunday a' .'I o'clock p.n  an} place or building infected with smallpox.  -, rC(b) That the said baggag< ~ "  or used in any place or bulla:  ;elut8notbceii stored  ling which lies dan-  tig        gerously near to* any.infected building or'dis-*  E  triot  ^j  6. All railway and.steamboat companies must   "     ' iff   u      po   mentioned destined for the City of'Nelson, on or A  'strictly adhere to the following regulations:  (a) All mail and baggago from  points above,  before leaving tho last point of call'on Kootenay  River must furnish the inspector or ofilcer in  charge of the can*} iog out of theso regulations,  with a certificate from tho health ofllcer of buch  Eoiuts whore fumigation takes place that same  as been done, .  (b) All cais or steamboats on which havo  'been discovered, infected persons, baggago or  mail, will not be permitted to again convey passengers, baggago, etc, into the City of Nelson  'until disinfected and fumigated to the satis  faction of the medical health officer of this city.  (c) No Indians shall bo allowed to land in the'  City of Nelson under any conditions.  This proclamation goes into efl'ect immediately.  , , FRANK FLETCHER, '  :., Mayor of the City of Nolson.  D. LA BAU,  Medical Health Officer.  v Nelson, B. C. March 2nd. 1901.   "  PROS-  2 is extended to every one to come mid take'parb  ln discussions.  John Roberta, seci-clmy. ���� \\i-j_  AUNORY WOItKKKS'UNION OV NKLSON  s No. 8501, A F. of L.���Meets in Minora' Union  Hall, C. 1\ R. hlock, comer of Baker and<8tan'  'ley,shoots, on fourth Fridayln etm-y-month at  7 30 p m. sharp. Visiting member/? of Araorican  Federation cordially invited to atlemi. > O.tFred  rick, prerildent; A. \V. McFoe, secret.io.-i^fjW^  KLSON MINERS' UNION'NO. %'. W^V.tt  ^.     fSE���Meets-in .miners' union rooms; north  ,west corner of Baker and Stanloj si reots1.* every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clook.   /Mling mem  bers welcome, "M. R. Mowatt, Prohident. rJame  Wilkes,   Secretary. % Union Scai k of Waom  for Nelson ^District���Per,,slilfL   machine  men, $3^0- hammersmon miners. $J.-ij,'muckern,  carmen; shovelers and othor underground laboi  ers, 13 00. ���.* _      .i      N     "'i ' -   -.j J^ ,-  TRADESAND LABOR COUNCIl^- The'L���  ' lar meetings of the Nelson Trader) and Lab.  Council will bo hold in the minerx' union ball.  corner Bakor and Stanloy streets, on the first and  third' Thursday of each- month, otHp.m.sC.J.  Claj ton. Prosident; A. T. Curie, Sociecary.MCJ^  THE rArular mootings of the CarpontersViUnlo i  ,,are held 'on"/ Wednesday ovoning of^eact  week,at'7o'clock,ln the Miners'jU'ifonrroom'  ,corner of-'Baker and <; Stanley^strcefa.vCharlei  jClayton^President. ^George Broadloy, Secretarj.  / **���  I  l*  CLASSICS   OF   INSTRUCTION   FOR  PKCTORS AND OTHJBRS,  ���DARBERS' UNION.���NelBon'Unlon Xo.'l96.M)f  ������-*,^the International Jonrneymen ''Barber s Lfu  Ion of America, meets evory first and t bird Mon  day of each month in Miner's Union ���"Hall,' at 8.30  sharp.   Visiting  brothers cordially, inv-itedrta  ,attend.'R. McMahon, president: J.'H. Mathe  son. secretary-treasurer; J. C.Gardnor, recording  secretary. --  , a y�� ^ ;��    t ?ivr?t��� yy$ %   -  TABORERS' UNION.-Nelson' I^borers'^Prc  J-1 tective Union. No. 8121. A. F of L., meets hi  Minors' Union haIl,*C. l'.�� R. block/ corner'-of  Baker and Stanloy streots, every Monday evening  at7 30p m. sharp. VisitingmemborHof thoAmeri  can Federation cordially, invited to attend  A. .T. Curie, President. John * Roberts, , re  cording secretary.        J \-   * iJ        $ ;'��*  ELSON PAINTERS' IWION���'Ihe'rognlM1  meeting of the  Painters' Union is. held  the flrst and third Fridays in each mqnth at Min  era' Union hall at 7:30 sharp.  George Kaciltt  President; Henry Bennett, Secretary      ���*��� > * %-  OOKS' AND ^VAITKRS' UNION'��� Regnlai  meetings, every Tuesday  e\on!ng at 8 3<>  o clock, in Miners' Union Hall, oorntr of Baker  meetings, every Tuesday e\on!ng at 8 3<>  }ck, in Miners' Union Hall, oorntr of Baker  and Stanley Btreets. Visting-brolhioa cordially  invited. Chris. Luft, president; H. Smelser, financial and recording socrotary.      < ��  PLA8TERERS' UNION���The O. P." I. A. No.  172, meets every Monday evening ln the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanloy streetH, ab  8 o'clock. J. D Mover, president;-William  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 616.  :u  NOTICE is hereby given that clashes of Instruction for prospectors, minors and others in-'  terestcd in mining uro being held in Ro��sland, B.  C, undor the control of the Rossland School of  Mines, assisted by a grant from tho Provincial  Government.  '  Tho Instructoi-s are J. M. McGregor. B. A. Sc,  P. L. S��� andJI,Jil._T._Haultain,_U. A. Sc,  The course extends over tho months of Junu-  arj, February, Maicli and April, and coiibists of  a series of lectures and classes on five o\ eulngs of  e.ich week.  'lhe course covers:���  CiiKMisntv.���A short course of lectures prc-  paiatory to the course in mineralogy and blow-  piping.  Mini  NKKAI OOY* AND  BLOWI'II'INO ���LcotlirOS  On  y lUusliati  spocunciiH and a couiso of blowpipuif  tho elements of mineralogy lllusliatod by haud  of hlowpiping.  Gkoi.oov.���I>cctiiiCH on elements or geology as  illusi i.itod from the geology of British Columbia,  and the mode of occurrenco of oro deposits, vein  formation, fissures, faults, etc., and Hold  mot hods.  PKObl'KCTINO AND WlNNINO OfOltKS.���TIlO ftp-  pliutlion of tho principles of minonilogy, geology,  and mechanics to tho discovery nnd winning of  valuablo iiiIiioi-hIh, and tho mofhods and appliances iu use to opon up tho deposits, and tho various mothods of oro treat ment.  Mkciianith.���Tho elciiientary principles of mechanics and their application Lo mining, dealing  with Htrongth of iron, steel and timber, and machinery.  DitAwiNd.���The elements of drawing, such as  will onablo tho student to mako serviceable  skotchon ln tho Hold, tho free-hand sketching of  machinery, and tho principles of reading maps  and plans and survojs. '  There will be a small roforenco library.  RICHARD McBUIDE,  Minister of Mines.  NOTICE.  Town Lots, New Denver.  Notice is heroby given that, in pursuance of  the notification published by this Department,  and dated 22nd Juno, 1890, undor section 3S of the  "Ijind Act," agreements for the salo of Lots in  the Town of New Denver, which wero puichnsed  from the Government at public auction on 20lh  July, 18*<12, and upon which the balanco of purchase inonoy and Interest is not fully paid up by  tlio ISOtli of April noxt, will bo cancelled and all  moneys paid therein will bo forfeited.  W. C. WKLLS,  Chief Commission of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria. B. C, 21st March, 1901.  DISSOLUTION   OF  PARTNERSHIP.  Notice is heroby given that tho partnership  heretofore existing between Lewis Noll and  Wfsloy K. Cox, carrying on business as hotel-  keepore in the premises known as tho Porto Rico  hotel at Porto Rico Siding, B. C��� undor tho firm  name of Noll Sc Cox, has this day been dissolved  by mutual consent. For tho future tho Porto  Rico hotel will be conducted by Ixiwls Noll, who  will assume all liabilities of tho late firm and to  whom all accounts owing said Arm are horewlth  payable. LOUIS NOLL.  WESLEY E. COX.  Witness: Robt. Rknwiok.  Nalwn. Maroh SMb, UOL  /r wvr'f.*'  *.  FBATERNAL   SOCIETIES. , :  NELSON LODGE, NO. SS. A. K. ft A. M  Moots seoond Wednesday in eaoh month  Sojourning brethren lnvibed.       -}  ,'jWh  NELSON ROYAL ARCH CHAITKIi No. 323  G. R. C���Meeis third Wednesday. Sojourn-'  ing companions invited. George JoluisLonc,*Z.;.E.  W. Matthovts. S. E.    _    _      ..,  .-'.-iC-'-fi  >     *       .'v-Sll  NELSON AERIB, No. 22. F. O. E.-Moetsecond  and fourth Wednesday of each month, at  Fraternity Hall..   Georgo Bartlott," prosident  John V. Morrison, secreLiry.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson Lodge, No'  25, Knights of Pythias, moo Win I.O. O. V.  a. a > J  Si'-,-*  1   ^"i i  Hall, cornor 1  ker and Kootonay streets.  Visiting Knights  ever;  Tuesday evening ab 8 o'clock.   cord tally in vltedTto attend.   H. M. Vin cent C. C.  A. T. Park. K. of R. & S. c  OOTKNAY TENT NO. 7,K. O. T. M.���  Hold thelrrcgular meetings on tho first nnd  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights aro cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown. IL IC; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Btoel,  D.S O          -     -  "SST  R. B. REILEY  . (SUCCESSOR TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  W0RK*L��  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Speolal attention given to M kinds of repairing  auaenstom work from avfeido points. Heavy  bolts made to order on Rhot< notioe.  removed!  The ofllce of tbe Arlington Mine of  Erie, B. C, and Hastings (British  Columbia) Exploration Syndicate,  Limited, are now in room 9,  K.-W.-C. Block.  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, Manager.  NOTICE.  w....o���. .,���-,.,��. Nisi Pri  and General Gnol Doll very will 1  Courtsof AbsIzotNisiPrius,Orerand Terminer  ....i X  -   - --     .yvvillbe holdeu in the  Court Houso at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at the  places and on tho dates followimr, namely:  City of jVanoimo. on the 23rd day of April, 1901.  City of Now Westminster, on the 23rd day of  April, 1901.  City of Nelson, on the 7th dny of May. 1901.  City of Rovelstoke, on the 7th day of May, 1901.  City of Voinon, on tho 15th day of May, 1901.  City of Kaifiloops, on tho 23rd day of May, 1901.  City of Vancouver, on the 2lst day of May, 1901.  City of Victoria, on the 28th day of May. 1901.  Town of Clinton, on tho 28th day of May, 1801  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE,  Provincial Beawtary.  Provincial Secretary's Offlo*.  jmfeMuvfa,UK>l,j  y~'%[  ~:m  :%  .'��ti.t  * .'*���  ". i  - '*��l  ''. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B C, MONDAY, APRIL 29, 1901  r*-'  }, ��  i.   r.  It Makes a  Difference  Where you get, what you get, and when you get it. If  you send to headquarters for china, crockery or glassware  we will pack and ship promptly anything in that line.  Our stock is by far the largest /of any house and our  prices arc the lowest.  That shipment of fancy table lamps we told you  about a short time .age is going fast. Your neighbor  will get ahead of you if you don't look sharp.  Wm. Hunter & Co.  Groceries Crockery  i���  a.  ft'*1 <��� y  >$', -��  -<. *'. i >  v _���_ <  i j"\ >'  ������  brV^Vi  '"?.&    ���*'*-  ���H-' iX-4 -��.  y>y(i"     '  it.;��'*(-,' f-  *$" ...'-  ', '  >B'a>;-B"a,-r,^,^t,-a>,,ia,a,-&'-8' <k'< ^iezieZ:___Zi&_:  to  to  to  (0  THE PRICES WE QUOTE  TELL A QUICK AND POWERFUL STORY  Men's Shoes  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  CITY LOCAL NEWS  f tox 28 pair men's box calf laced  shoes,   black  or tan, ...  ...  ,   .^,,'to   medium-width and good wearers, worth$4.50, clearing to  Jif^X ���-,' ito' 'out sale for $3. so/   Mining shoes from'Si.75 up. 9S  Men's Serge Suits to  ��� Tit!*-*' * w -v  I'fe'sr**^ *��  .������& *** > '"-  VM?.'  -Not,th'e "cheap 'kind,^ butv goodsv any firm  would, be  The ladies of the Emmanuel  church.are arranging for au afternoon tea for tomorrow. A charge  of ten cents will be made.  Smith and Miller, the Emerald  duet, and gospel temperance workers are visiting Nelson, and intno-  duced themselves to large audiences  yestei day.  Larry Gallagher and William  Murphy have a big deal on for  their properties, tho Lilly,and the  Standard, on Forty-nine creek.  They will be wealthy meu if it gues  through.  Nelson's Queen, No. 241, S. O. E.  will entertain sergeant S. A. Kelly,  Strathcona's Horse, at dinner in  Fraternity Hall on "Wednesday  evening. There will be a big  gathering to do honor to the returned soldier.  A. Ferland reports that the present month has been the busiest he  has had during his four years in  business in Nelson. There is a  /genuine clearance sale going on in  his establishment, which he duly  advertises in The Tribune.  Tlie Rugby footballers were out  on Satuiday evening practicing,  and showed iip in good form. They  have a match arranged with Cranbrook-for Saturday next--at the  recreation grounds, which' promises  to be well contested. The men who  piefer the association rules are  agitating the formation of a club.  buildings was put in force the other  day to the great improvement of  the thoroughfare. A few of the  objectionable signs are still hanging, but they will be removed today. The verandas will have to go  next, and with thera will disappear  a few of the oldest landmarks of  Nelson.  TELEPHONE 27  ZEEI.    B"_TBBS   Sc   CO.  Sioro, Comer Baker and Josephine Sti ee  v  quick, too. * From-65 cents up.;,.  Blankets  "of > Canadian., all tw'ool    :L  to  to  to  to  \$MM4\ "/v6^ ��'"    '- Those' jvho ','invest^tiere'. draw  large  interest "on   to  W^-'^to: on their savings.  ,���'��'���   ���/' . ,   '   y\~ 7  tei^TrRn'-;MA-TV^i  Baker Sti?eet, Nelson.  i&i���" 1  '&><',? i  It J.   ,"- '  i'4'" *. .  '(^  \i. 7\]7i  IV-  "���"   ',  I,.--, -i  -    I  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Assayers Supplies  Return of the Injured Barge.  Barge No. 15, from whose deck  some fifteen laden cars were thrown  into the lake "recently, was "early  this morning towed into Nelson,  having undei gone a thorough overhauling. As soon as' the car rails  are again put in position on the  barge, she will resume her trips between here and Kootenay landing.  She 'has proved to be one of tlie  most expensive-'things afloat iu  tlaese waters.      *-      -      '    ~   ''  ' ������ Tive Cents a -Ride hr Future.    ' ���  ' The Nelson Tramway-'Company  has decided to' reduce> the rate to  five ��� cents   a ride,*, which will -be  .hailed as a boon."; -The old,, figure,  ten cents, has always" been' looked  upon as exorbitant,"and as~ long as:  it   prevailed''the number of passengers _ was\, limited.,    The    new  .arrangement comes 'into force" on  May 1st, from' which date a more  liberal patronage of the service maybe looked for.   '- :7       ' ,    ,*',���'  ;' ������-  1^'; si  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and  our prices are  reasonable.     . ' S=  Wo are British Columbia Agents for,        m  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM.. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  '' \ Removing the Signboards. '  ,*:The order of-the city council calling for "the removal'of alp signboards on Baker street which projected more than two feet from the  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT'CO-OWNER  To John T. McAndbisws or to any person or persons to whom1 no may have transferred his  lnteiestin theBlackDiamondMineral Claim,  situate 011 Uio north side of,Bear ,Creek,  about three miles from the town''of Ymir,  l>mg south of and adjoining the''Kvcning  fcl-ar Mineial Claim, Nelson Mining Division  of West Kootenay Diatiict, itnd recorded in  the recorder's offloe for the Nelsou'Mimag  Division. ' - ;       *"  ' You and eaoh of you aro hereby notified that I  have expended Two-Hundred and Twelve dollars  and Twenty-five centb ($212.25) in labor and improvements upon the above mentioned mineial  claim in order to hold said mineral claim under  the provisions of the Mineral Act."aud if within  ninety days from the date of this not ice you fail  or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expenditures t ogether with all costs of advertising your interests in mid claims will becotne the  propel ty of the subscriber under section 4 of an  Act entitled  "An Act to Amend the Mineral  ,-Act, 1900.".  .   -..- =-^- =_ ,   . JOHN DEAN.  Dated at Nelson this 27th day of April. 1901.  Destructive Fire.  Syracusr, Aijril 28.���A special  to the Post Standard from Saranac  lake says: About four o'clock tliis  afternoon fire caught in tho drying  room of the branch of the Callahan  mill in the center of the village.  The mill, four storehouses and 500,-  000 feet of lumber were destroyed.  Guarding Against High Water  Fearing a more than normal  rising of the waters, the people of  Silvertou have organized to put the  water front in order so as to avoid  a flooding of the town. G. Fairburn  has been elected superintendent of  work,,and with scores of willing  workers under his diiecton Silver-  ton will be safe���no matter what  the^state of the tide,may be.  -   Rossland Plans in a Local Office.  Architect Ewart is preparing  plans for extensive alterations, and  improvements to the Hotel Allan at  Rossland. The old original frame  work structure is to be removed  and a "new brick and stone pile is to  take its place. Tlie cost is estimated at $10,000. -Mr. Kwart's plans  will show a very handsome build-  ing,sbut Bossland will'yet .have to  make wonderful strides ere she can  compare with Nelson in the matter  of good, substantial business blocks.  Certificates of Health.  Tyithin the past two weeks Dr.  Hawkey," assistant medical health  officer at".'Nelson, has issued  about  1000 certificates of health to incoming and outgoing traveleis, and has  not had a single case of disease>to  report.-    As   usual/ very   precaution '.continues vto 'be taken so as  to ! prevent    the    introduction *of  ' smallpox;' and with the most grati-  ��� f ying 'results.  All trains aud.steam-,  'ers are'closely watched.^Tlie one isolated case in the city is^ progressing  favorably.,, <'",-,  PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS.  /  GARDEN  TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  POULTRY NETTING  RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE.  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder   Company   and   Truax   Automatic   Ore   Cars.]  JSTELSOISr  STORES   AT  S^L.2sTID01sr  HUGHE. CAMERON  INSURANCE.  REAL ESTATE  and MIMING BROKER  Agent, for the best fire and life  companies doing business in the  city. Money to loan on improved  property. - All straight loans.' Borrowers can get their money from  me when they want it.  UP-STAIR OFFICE TO RENT.  '" 7-TJie*< Eocky Mountain'Rangers. ^ ^  ;- ��� The ' lodal company' of"J Rocky  Mountain Ran gersas having its force  rapidly made np.-",There were a few  more, ne'wv recruits at Saturday's  parade,-,and" others-' have signified  their, intention > of joining.' It is  suggested jthat,the* weekly practice  at   the1' ranges *be ^changed- from  ^Wednesday to Thursday, as 'the  early closing arrangement will' give  many an opportunity of attending  ������on the .later date.       * ��       1  Appiy_H. R. Cameron  New Bakery  ���The Star Bakery has opened  a branch ; store on Josephine  street, next to F. Irvine,& Co. 's  millinery establishment.  BREAD  REDUCEDJN   r  PRICE BUT  NOT IN  WEIGHT  ./.".  ,Sbld^ at 5 scents -per   loaf.  Come .and' see - the display of  cakes.letc.^ ^   -  ���   - "   "   \  R. \G; JOY;, Proprietor  ������   ������  VEGETABLES ,  are still In the market. We  have some of the nicest  cabbage, carrots, and parsnips that we have ever  handled. Also a complete  stock of green vegetables  arrive daily, consisting of  lettuce, onions, asparagus,  spinach, rhubarb, and ripe  tomatoes.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The LEADING  GROCERS  Telephone 10  K-W-C Block,, Baker Street  FISHING TACKL,  IS NOT A NEW VENTURE WITH,  US.  VIOTORIA  BLOCK  NELSON,   B. O.  I**,-'. - 't  ROSSL<AIND   BIVGIINEBRING  WORKS  CUNLIFFE  &  MCMILLAN  Founders and Machinists, Spsolalty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin  Doors and Ceneral Mining Machinery.  List of secoud-hand machinery on hand, which haa boon thoroughly overhauled aud Is aa good  as now:  1 21-H P. I^ocoinotivo-type boiler, with engine attached and all flttinge, ready to turn on steam.  1 (>l"x8"'Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built- by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron. Now York.  ] Sinking .'Pump, 10"x5"xl3", outHide packed plunger pattern.  Watch this advertisement for further Huts, or write us beforo you buy for complete list.   We  snay have just what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.   Stock carried.  P.  O.  BOX 198. THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  SEEDS  ALL KINDS OF FLOWER, VEGETABLE AND GARDEN SEEDS  Houston Block.  Telephone 161.  ���f. O. Box 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  ty  ty  ty  ty  $  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  m  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  *  ty  m  <n  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  *  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  j***********************^  OPERA HOUSE  Athletic Tournament  UNDER AUSPICES OF  NELSON ATHLETIC CLUB  TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 30iH  Consisting of boxing, club  swinging, fumbling, and  horizontal bar exercises  and a  10-ROUND SPARRING CONTEST  Between Billy Ellis, champion of Manitoba, and Dick  Slugg, ������ champion lightweight of Ontario.  ADMISSION 50 and $1  *6**.********i).***1.4**4**3*  %  ty  ty  9>  m  ty  ty  ty  9*  m  9*  m  ty  m  ty  ty  ty  m  m  ty  m  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  9*  9*  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  - Arrowhead & Kootenay Railway. ,  .Tenders will, bo opened today at(  Winnipeg for the building of a railway from Lardo to Trout lake, the  work to include clearing a right"of  way.-grading*/1 bridging,   traeklay-  ing and surfacing,jfor a total distance of about 36 miles.   A number  of .local contractors ��� have tendered  for the work and there'is considerable speculation as to who will get  it.    A party of  engineers  are now,  on the ground so that there should'  be no delay in beginning work as*  soon as the contract is awarded.  Madden Houso.' ". J  Eugene " McGratb,' 'Erie :  ���-������-"-Bttsy-at-Silverton.    ' ~"**~ ���  August Renchiell was in town  yesterday from Silverton, and reports that in that camp' they have  reason to be thankful. The mines,  he' says, are turning out well, good  wages are paid the miners and,  "the goose hangs high." At the  Hewett mine they are. installing a  tramway and^ making such preparations that there can be no  doubt' that the .property will bo  worked fgr all, that it is worth. All  the other well-known mines of the  district are being operated. ' '  An Old Timer Gone Wrong.  Provincial   Constable    Forrester  last night brought in from "Slocan  Junction   an ' old'   timer    named  ���William SworthGgure, who the previous day developed unquestionable  symptoms of insanity. - "Bill" has  been   a prominent figure,in   this-  province for the past twenty years,  and for the last few has been prospecting in the Kootenays.. He was  a very industrious--man, and when-  not engaged in mining followed the'-  business of a tfappei*. ��� He has the  hallucination���not peculiar' to himself���that he is a great politician,  and was only induced to board the  train wifch the" understanding that  he was to meet' MacKenzie-Bowell  in Nelson. Police Constable Hebner  played the role of politician, $nd as  MacKen/.ie-Bowell was introduced  to the demented man. They stepped  into the carriage in waiting and  were driven to the provincial jail,  where there was some trouble in  satisfactorily   explaining the situation.    The  poor   fellow   will   be  brought before  Dr.  LaBau* today,  and will no doubt be committed to  the insane asylum at New Westminster. '  .-,'   .     PERSONAL.'      '"     v;,'r  ' .   ���  r-^rr   .  :   V -  .. C- A. Keefer,'New /Westminster,  registered at tbo Phair yesterday*. ,    ,^       , s-'*  Captain   Gifford,'_ superintendent  of tho Hall Mines, returned from a visit to Victoria yesterday.'   - -    T ,,';*''���-.      ..    ~ . '- i'  C. *Ward,tof the May and "Jennie  mine,  *wa9 iu  town ^yesterday.' Ho is at t the,  MAC.  jMoimghan,' Forty-nino'Creek; and J. Mooney,  the Dalles, are at the Madden House, i    <.t.    �� J  P.'J. Procter and wife came in from'  Vancouver last night. They are at the ^Phair.  Mr. JPiocter cays business is pickings up wonder-,  fully at the Coast.;. , t   ,*   ,- ., t��J,   ,  H. Eummelen, Okanagan Mission ;  A.Cameron, Salmo; S. H. Barnhart, Ymir, and  N..W. Alwn, Kaulo, were among yesterday's  arrivals at the Hume. ,    -      >  -.At tlie* Tremont, yesterday were  Steve Darby, Aillngton Mine; Charles Cameron.  Summit; Henry-StetfeiN, Ooat Creek: T. H.  Kan kin, Ymir ; and P. Jackson, Winnipeg.  Registered at the Queen's yesterday were J. K. Raymond and wife, Spokane; B.  Applcton, Eight-mile Point: D. C. Maepherson.  Powder Point; Fred Adie, Wanela; Mark  Mat-ley. Slocan Cn, : M. T Mclntyre, Mr��. P.  J McCalluni, Orand Forks; Mis�� Ball, Vancouver ; A. P. Beandv, Koi-sland ;'A. hpreggs,  Winnipeg; H,^'W.'oodhou--e,'-K08Hlaud; L Car-  ^ ^ . .     ��� *   ���> I       . * T �� J  -Vj *     X ^ ,". -. 1 -_^  V^We know-your wants and > have wliat you^need.'-   OuKlineisi  -too Jlarge^to: enumerate," but a call will convince,you.that itid|  thetndst completeJn the city.-'-   ��� V '.' \ \ r \-t <-    ",-- .-: "      '-'"j  LAWRENCE'7 HAREiWARE   COj  -       Importers and Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware.     -,.    >  '-  reil; 3.' U\utam. "Lardo;  Wmghttiu, Ontario.  and  M.  by. j  Wi  alker.  -^~~=���Work-atTthe-Enterprise.���-=^���  R. J. McPhee, superintendent of  the Enterprise mine, was in town  on Saturday and speaks very highly,  of the property, work on which is  going ahead satisfactorily. They  are putting in a new concentrator  with a capacity of seventy tons per  day, and this will be kept busy, so  that the Enterprise will again enter  the list of active, shippers. Mr.  McPhee reports .tho~Iron Horse as  looking fine, and ?ay.s that he understands the, property is to. change  hiinds, and tliatlit will be worked  vigorously.     He   predicts   a   very  NELSON CLOTHING HOUSE  T-S  *J  NO.   219   BAKER  STREET,  NELSON.'  BOOTS!  -   BOOTS! tt .BOOTS!  s  For  a .few days only we. will hold > a rslaiightering \  discount sale of boots and shoes.   ,  ,.      .i >. . ���>   -  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  STRAGHAN  PLUMBERS.  GOOD GOODS.  REASONABL PRICE?!  Will call at your residence or place  of business with catalogues and  prices any time if dropped a post card.  OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.  NKJ^SON, B. I  busy time  year.  on Ten-mile' creek this  . Chinamen at Sunday School. '��H'  A movement is on foot to  evangelise the Chinamen of Nelson,  and the first -practical evidence of  this was witnessed yesterday when  two fully developed Mongolians  attended, Sunday school; at the  .Baptist church. As is usual with  John Chinaman whon he adopts the  Sunday school to improve his English or enlarge his washing bill, the  pair of samples yesterday'looked as  pious as their countenances would  permit, and were ' loud ] iii their  denunciations of the "velly bad  Boxers."  Fishing Tackle  We carry in stock Hardy Bros,  steel-center and greenheart fly  rods, reels, flies, casts, traces,  and baits. Our line is very  large and complete. Mail orders receive prompt attention.  TISDALI/S  GUN STORE  VANCOUVER.  C *SS�� ^s* CS* ftsT�� ^5T* ^2\ ��� *  r.��s-  MORRISON &  Helmets fpr the Police. - ,'.  The new helmets for the city  police arrived a couple of days ago,  aud will be worn today for vth# first  time. The helmet is the regulation  one, if not a little heavier than the  standard article. In front will be  worn in gilded figures the number  oi each man. They are nice-looking  pieces of official head-gear, but Q?m-  not be very comfortably MA warm  weather.  '  Hi  its.  PROVISIONS  AND   PRODUCE,  /   . "*    ^*mmiq**amiMamamma^im^mammM*mmqimmm^m^mmmm^mm*^m^^mam^m^^*^a^^^mm^^ma^mam  OUR LEADERS���  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In aU sized packages and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand'Tea, Coffee and Spices  Bakep Street,  Nelson. B. C.  Morrison & Caldwell


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