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Mineral Production of British Columbia in 1900
Mineral Production of Kooteqay it\ 1800
OF £30,928.
Ore Bodies Increase in Extent as Development Progresses—Slocan Lake
Properties Make Good Showing,
The report which went before the
shareholders of the Ymir Gold
Mines at their meeting on the 25th
ultimo was pleasant reading. It
covered the company's operations
for the year 1900, during which
period the company, doubled its
stamp capacity by the addition> of
a 40-stamp battery, and defrayed
the entire expense of the same out
of the year's profits. Owing to unavoidable delays, however, the end
of August was reached before the
eighty stamps were dropping. With
respect to the financial results of
the year the directors report that
after writing off £5(505 for development, depreciation, interest on loan
raised for new plant, and charging
the whole of the administration
and other charges consequent upon
.the additional machinery, including
extensive repairs to the old battery,
a net profit of £30.928 remains,
which, added to the £10,031 brought
forward, makes £40,959.
Concerning the development of
.the Ymir property the report says:
At the end of the year the Ymii
shaft had reached a depth of 258
feet below No. 3 level, or about 050
feet, below the  surface.    Crosscuts
...were made on the fourth andnfifrib
levels, where the width and value
of the vein has proved to be well
maintained. At this date also the
10,00.-foot adit level had penetrated
the hill 506 feet and is advancing
at the  rate of   125 feet,per month,
".and should "reacn. "the vein by the
,end..of-.the current ,year, some four
^months beforeit is pos«ibfe*ro*W'6»,k'
out the reserves above No. 3.Jevel.
ThB;vein above No. 3 level is reported tobe wider than originally
calculated, thus increasing the estimate of pre reserves.
The' question of applying the
cyanide process for the treatment
of the mill tailings has been considered,' and tests have been made
with satisfactory results, and a
small plant for treating ten tons
daily should now be in operation.
The option held upon the adjoining Alma group of claims has not
been exercised, and that property
has, therefore, reverted to the London and British Columbia Gold-
fields, Limited.
Paul Johnson's New Record.
Last week's record at the Green-
On Monday last 402 . tons of ore
were treated in 24 hours or 21 tons
more than that of the record-breaking day last week. For the week
ending Monday, the world's record
for a 300-ton furnace was also
broken, the total tons of ore treated
being 2700 tons in seven days. The
best record made at Grand Forks
for one week was 2100 tons,,
although the furnace* there is 10
inches longer and two inches wider
than at .the Greenwood smelter.
During the past week the Emily
Edith mine, near Silverton, sent
forward a car of ore to the Nelson
smelter. Reports from the property say that a large amount of
ore has been blocked out, and the
ore body encountered in the No. 4
tunnel. This strike is said to justify
tlie erection of a concentrator.
The bad state of the road has
shut oif shipments from the Hewett
property. The Silvertonian says
the company's ore house and all
available space is piled high with
ore ready sacked for shipment. The
miners are all employed on development and no further stoping will be
doue until better shipping facilities
are afforded.
For the first three months of the
current year the mines of Phoenix
camp shipped to the Granby smelter 54,618 cons of ore, or something
over 600 tons per day. The tonnage for the three months, was:
January, 18,050 tons; February, 17,-
36J tons; March. 19.208 tons.
It is reported from the Slocan
that the Slocan Star will resume
operations on a large scale today,
when tlio total force will -reach 110
men. Extensive and regular shipments are expected from tne Star
during the remainder of the year.
Terrible Effects of Famine.
London,* April 7.—The depopulation of India through famine and
cholera is assuming alarming proportions. The latest advices from
Simla say the census returns of the
central provinces show a decrease
of over a million since 1891, when an
increase of a million and a half
might have been expected. It is
estimated that five millions have
died in India since 1896 from causes
directly due to the. famine. In
western India things are even
worse. The Oodipoor state returns
show a decrease of 840,000, or forty-
five per cent of population, and the
state of Bsopaul shows a 'decrease
of 12,000, and so on. In Bombay
city the population has diminished
by 50,000. The localities which
escaped the plague show a satisfactory though uncompensating increase. For instance,. Madras has
gained eight per cent over 1891.
Eesorted to Cannibalism.
London, April 8.—The Singapore
correspondent of the Daily Express
wires a ghastly story of cannibalism
at sea brought to Singapore by two
survivors of the Nova Scotian bark
Angola, wrecked six days' sail from
Manila, October 23rd last. The correspondent says: "The survivors—
Johnson, a Swede, and -Marticornu,
a Spaniard—assert that the Angola
struck' a reef. Two rafts were
built. The smaller, bearing five
men, disappeared, while the latter
with 12 men drifted for 40 days. The
men ate barnacles and seaweeds and
finally their boots. On the twenty-
fifth day two became insane and
killed themselves. On the twenty-
sixth a Frenchman killed the mate
and drank his blood and tried to
eat his brains, but was 'prevented by the others. Next;',dj*y
the Frenchman was killed whilc^at-
tempting to murder the captain.
The survivqEsll3yj^..w'ho*n were in,-
Cannibalism .-continued -until only
Johnnsen and Marticornu remained.
On the forty-second day the raft
stranded on Subi or Flat island,In.
the Mautuna group, northwest of
Borneo. Johnnsen ahd..Marticor.iu
were awfully emaciated. "Friendly
Malays sent them by junk to Singapore.
Railroad Rumors.
Vancouver, April 7.—[Special to
The Tribune.]—A special from Victoria states that it is reported that
before Robert Jaffray left for the
east he consented to having provisions incorporated in the Crow's
Nest Rail way charter to the effect
that the British Columbia smelters
would have first claim on the output of the Crow's Nest Coal Company^ jcoke_ovensfor^all-tlme^atk
the reigning market price for coke.
As a consequence of this concession
all opposition tb the .bill has been
withdrawn.   :      ■
Harry Myers, a logger of Howe
Sound, is missing and friends have
a suspicion that he has been murdered by Japanese., woodcutters in
his employ.
E. C. Pearson, general superintendent of the Pacific division of
the Northern Pacific railroad, was
here today having a long conference
•with Canadian Pacific railroad
officials. It was stated semiofficially that if a bonus is granted
to the,V., V. & E. and a line is commenced by the Great Northern the
Northern Pacific will push a line; at
once into Vancouver on a working^:
agreement with the Canadian;
Pacific to checkmate the Gre3.t'
Northern. -, J    • ■''
 . ———     -..   £
China and the Powers.;7
London, April 8.—The Pekin correspondent. of the Morning Post,
wiring Saturday says : The French
are still opposed by the" Chinese
near Hai Lui, but are careful to
avoid a conflict by which an advance would be anticipated by the
Germans, whose patrols are thirty
miles within the province of Shan
Si and can reach Tai Yuen Fu at
any moment. At Ching Ting Fu
the French intercepted a letter from
Li Hung Chang to the governor of
Shan Si, complaining that tbe
Manchurian convention must
be signed because the European
powers are willing to sit down as
usual to watch Russia devour
China. It is asserted on good
authority that Russia is willing to
give Japan a free hand in Korea
with a view to preventing her from
assuming a hoa-tile attitude.
Kitchener's Operations in South Africa
While Not Particularly Brilliant
Are Thorough—Notes.
New York, April 7.—The London
correspondent   of   the New   York
Tribune, IsaacN. Ford, sends the following dispatch dated 12 a.m.: The
trend of events in the far east is
distinctly pacific. With the punishment reduced a number of Chinese
officials will meet the demands of
the powers and the indemnity question   will be   worked   out'.■ by sir
Robert   Hart  more speedily than
has recently seemed possible.     The
Yang Tse viceroys who are how in
control of the Chinese government
are anxious to hasten the settlement of all outstanding questions
with the powers and remove every
pretext for the continuance of foreign occupation.   Earl Li, with his
secret understanding with Russia,
was the marplot so far as the concert was concerned. . Now that he
has been discredited and set aside
better progress may be expected in
the adjustment of the various questions in which the powers are interested.
The powers are bent upon getting rid of the foreign troops as
soon as possible' and they are eager
to recall their* legions and collect
their claims igvSdamages. Weeks
and perhaps month's of delay may
intervene, but there, is a hopeful
feeling among those watching Chinese affairs closely that the process
of diplomacy will be quickened and
a speedy settlement reached..
The Russian government, > while
making   plausible explanations,-of\
the   agreement   which .was. ;flot'-
^signed and-complaining in onecapi<-
'tai after another thatfits action,
-has been misunderstood, is not taking -any   measures   for the withdrawal of the Cossacks from Manchuria.    What well informed men
expect here is a secret understand;-
ing between Russia and Japan respecting .Corea, by which  the Cos;
sacks will be heavily reinforced in
Manchuria and never recalled.        i.
Potter enacted j the serpent part
with subtle power and was well-
supported by a strong c-ist. It was
a night of boisterous merriment
-which suited -a.' holiday audience
and included realistic snake business. *      -."'*•
Social patronage of the races has
fallen off, already since the king
cannot attend them and the house
parties made up,for them"are dismal failures.' What will be done
with the Ascot ittclosure this season
nobody seems to"j'know. A transition period has followed the opening of tbe new feign, and the large
social coterie known as the prince
of Wales set h6 longer' has any
raison de trude. •••'The conditions of
town arid country life will be transformed in 'another - year, but the
present season :"toill pass heavily,
with little occupation for the smart
sets. <;,      I',
There will be!;a long series of
West End weddings after Easter.
Thursday will Witness a dozen or
more. Among thefie April marriages
is that of' ladyi Cuffe to Bayard
Cutting of' the American' embassy
and- another of lady Helen Craven
Although Precautions Were Taken to
Prevent It, Extracts From His Addresses Were Made Public.
to Ian Forbes:
Easter Oltkereance.  .
New York, Aprils.— At all the
churches in 'the city elaborate Easter services .werp held and the
weather seemed, to have no appreciable   effect   ori'rfthe   attendance.
Narrow Escape of the Remaining Members of the Team, Who Cleared
Out, Just,in Time.
Affairs in South; Africa.
South African operations are followed with difficulty owing to the
meagerness of the dispatches.
There are four districts in.which
hostilities are in progress. General
French has virtually cleared the
eastern Transvaal and broken up
the Boer commandoes. Plummer is
advancing, northward along the
railway from Pretoria and meeting
which have been pursuing Dewet
turned at the Vaal river, having
been thrown off the scent, for there
is no authentic information respecting his movements since Kritzenger
arid other Boer leaders have hot succeeded in crossing the Orange. General Kitchener has no opportunity
for brilliant strategy, but he is doing his work, with scientific thoroughness and. slowly wearing out
the resources of Boer endurance.
. Mr. Kruger'9'comments on British
exaggeration of the details of the
conflict are read here with grim
amusement. A campaign which
hag employed:275,000 troops and re-,
quired reinforcements of over 40,-;
000 men siri'oeltEe opening of the
year, takes up barely a quarter of a
column in the daily papers.. Petty
skirmishes pass without observation. The British press instead of
frankly admitting that this great
army is employed in running. ;to
earth a few foxes who are doubling
on their trails and disappearing in
the vast stretch of veldt, "has persistently'exaggerated - the fighting
resources of the Boers.
Miscellaneous Matters,
Lord Salisbury, accompanied by
his daughter, started yesterday for
Beaulieu. The cabinet makers have
suspended activities until budget
Russell Vanun's "Nicandra" at
the Avenue theatre last night
proved to be a singular compound
of Egyptian mysticism and roaring
farce. A snake in a box was transformed into a beautiful woman,
with magical power of making men
and women love the wrong people
and creating topsy turvy in a sentimental    household.     Mrs.- Brown
\    i, i*'.'.   .      •■   '
A strong team of^.. footballers,left
Nelson on Thursday, lastt to -try,
■'i^su^s^ilbn^ri a'glregatipn.'of-j'.East
KopfeWjr*'lovers ,of " the "Rugby
game.'jr'Th'©- 'jmatch'":: came"fbff <<*«*
Cranbrook,-and-resulted in, "«JdMW;
after f some : very exeititfgwj)lay:r
When time was. called eafcfcrside
had scored-a try. But^thei'-excite-
ment of the game was as * nothing
to the. , commotion /-> which ensued ,. when, it was; announced
that a case of smallpox
was discovered in the Cosmopolitan
hotel, the hostelry at which a number of the Nelson team was registered. This discovery was made
on Saturday afternoon, when every
person in the house—from 35 to 40
An all^-was quarantined. When
the health officer made his appearance on the scene there were 'five
of the Nelson,,;men in the house—
"Hr^Vr^Thompson, Hf^TlouFtonT
•Forbes, Eden and T. Sargent. The
rest:of the team, had gone over to
Fort 'Steele for the day, and not
until their return did they know
that their companions in the fray-
were detained in the hotel. They
promptly proceeded: to serenade
the unfortunate ones,.who from the
balcony of the disease-stricken hotel
enjoyed a series of athletic sports
gotten up for their especial edification.
Mason, Seatle, Nase and Stilwell
returned to Nelson Saturday night,'
leaving Holmes, Winters and Hodge,
with the five ..suspects, behind.
.Hodge came back yesterday after-
j noon by the Moyie, but was not
-allowed to land with.the rest of the
passengers. He had a ctean bill of
health, and although5direct from
Cranbrook, he proved :that he had
not been in the Cosmopolitan. However, he was marched up town by
chief Jarvis, and -with .the rest of
the team who returned on'Saturday, was treated;to a disinfecting
bath and a change of clothing 'before being allowed at large:   v
Holmes and.Winters remained at
Cranbrook, but .fortunately they
had not been registered; at the Cosmopolitan. They are. expected
home today, and if they cannot
show a clean bill of health will be
subjected to similar precautionary
treatment as that accorded the
members of the team now in Nelson. In the case of those detained,
it is probable that the quarantine
will last for sixteen days. .The man
down with smallpox is said to be
one who was vaccinated a couple of
weeks ago. But on Friday he developed suspicious symptoms, which
next day were diagnosed as smallpox.
Berlin, April 7.—Careful investigation at Potsdam today regarding
the circumstances in which emperor
William delivered his latest address
developed the information that
during a review last" Tuesday" (not
Friday as originally cabled) of a
number of military bodies belonging to the Potsdam garrison, including the First regiment of Foot-
guards, extraordinary precautions'
were taken to prevent any reporter
of the press or civilian obtaining
'knowledge of his majesty's remarks,
which were spoken' in the Lust-
garten adjoining the royal' castle.
From persons who were present it'
was learned that the kaiser spoke
substantially as follows :
"A hand from out the people was
recently raised against me to my
intense sorrow. Evidently serious
times are coming which, "will try
our mettle. I know that the army
is true to its traditions and to the
solemn oath it has taken. I know
it will remain steadfast and faithful to me. My-conviction is especially, stronglregarding the guardsand
regarding this regiment now pres:
ent, which is allied to the Hohen-
zollerns by indissoluble bonds, as the
past has sliown during the trouble-''
some times abroad and even during
the revolutionary times at home;
The authority'of the crown must be
maintaihedat'all hazards. Woe to'
the soldier,_who listens to the voice
of the-tempter*."/".   " ,     ; .' ti\"
' J Orders'^seem'.to'liave been given
L by._the Prussian mini_stry,of 1-JheJin-
tion'-'-of quotations "from, the'em-
perdr'k ''recent" speech "'at'' Styrnm;
near Essen. During.a^ recent meeting called to protest against, anin^
crease of' the* corn tolls, the police
dissolved ' the assembly, when a
speaker cited a,sentence from his
majesty's speech to the Alexander
grenadier regiment at his first appearance on horseback after, the
attack upon him at Bremen!. The
papers mention similar, instances'
, New York, April 7.—A London
dispatch printed hero this forenoon
says there is, some uneasiness in
European capitals over the mental
condition of emperor William of
Germany. The dispatch adds: The
Spectator today, discussing the subject, says: "There are actually
whispers of a regencyjn orderthat
special commissioner of the Unirpr
States engaged in conducting the
peace negotiations, made no reference to tho alleged refusal .of the
Russians to receive official 'run
municutions from the Chinese commissioners. As Mr. Rockhill is in a
position to know promptly what
develops between the ministers and
the peace commissioners, it is believed ho would be prompt to report a step of such far-reaching importance as the dispatch of Mr.
Squire would indicate.
At the Russian embassy no information on the subject was .obtainable tonight. It was said there that
no com muni cation had come' to the
foreign office at St.Petersburg since
the Russian note oi" several days
Plague Still Rages.
Cape Town, April 7.—During
the last 48 hours, ten fresh cases of
bubonic plague have been officially
reported. Of these four are
Europeans and the others colored
persons. The corpse of a colored
person who had'died|of the disease
was found today.
Text of Mr. Justice Trving'g Decision in
Favor of the Plaintiff—Scores
Defendant Severely. *
"the emperor might enjoy a long
term of tranquility in which to recuperate. We do not see grounds
for believing- any rumor of the
kind. - There is little doubt, however, that public confidence in him
is shaken, and there is some reason
to apprehend that he may try to
re-establish it by some act which
would Hardly be one of legislation.
The kaiser's mood is altogether
strange. Its natural outcome
would be some great action taken
in full reliance on providence. The
Revue Medical of Paris says the
kaiser is suffering from nervous disease caused by overwork, but due
in reality to constitutional causes.
The pains in the ears from( which
he has suffered frequently are much
worse and have been accompanied
by seusous. discharge. His physicians are uneasy."
Ambiguous Reports.
Washington, April 7.-^6 administration is perplexed' over a
cable despatch received yesterday
from Mr. Squires, now in charge of
the American legation in Pekin.
This despatch, according to the publication today, said that the "Russian minister refuses to receive official communications from Chinese
commissioners" which carried the
information that diplomatic relations between the two countries interested would be broken off. The
officials are very reluctant about
the matter and decline to affirm or
deny whether it is correctly stated.
They will go only so far as to admit
the receipt of a despatch whose
purport was not clearly understood,
for which reason it is not given to
the press for publication.
Anent Rice Murder.
New York, April 7—Lawyer Albert T. Patrick, who is charged with
the murder of millionaire' William
Marsh Rice, made a xiMtrmetit tonight concerning the case, the first
time since his arrest. He said:
"Jones never killt-d Mr. Rice tl d
he done so, he never would have'
testified to it, H-.pi-n»ll y'»i- ih- ais-
trict attorney has promised him no
immunity, nor would his counsel,
even though privileged by captain
Baker, permit him to do so.j His
confidence is due to the fact that it
is an established' fact" that W. M.
Rice at'the'age of 4o died of heart
failure, as __did his , brother,,- F. A.
Rice, yesterday at,the.age of 7,0 and
there will, never, be any proof.other-
w*Uej;;'The. only .'..crime -'_of..,which„
'lories is guilty is coirspiring against
the 1900 will and that of perjury in'
the present proceedings.' '
"His fairy story is the result of a
collaboration., with captain James
A. Baker, JonesMawy^r: Mr.-Battle,'
•who is hired by Baker to assiot district attorney Osborne, and professor Witthaus, the professional expert whose report Osbprnehas been
expecting in a few days, and who
swore that Rice died of mercurial
poisoning, if he did not die oi'something else. The object of Jones'
story is^ito have me held in prison
pending the will litigation. I have
already been iu prison six mouths
on tbe forgery charge, without eveu
being indicted, and I don't believo
that there is any serious intention
to try me on a criminal'-charge, before a jury. My arrest ou a murder
to hold me is due .entirely' to my
ability and attempt; to give bail
upon any less serious charge. The
stock;in .trade of the opposition  to
The full text of judge Irving's/ ^J
judgment in the case of McLaren.'Vjjjj
vs Billings, recently heard at Nel-'/^P
son, is now to hand. The action^' '**
was for a declaration that;the-"rl-jjj
Black Prince, Galena, Yellowstone"*
and B'ack  Diamond mineral claims;;' ,-,■
were included in and governed by., Vp
a grub-stake, contract entered into Vj$
between the parties in March, 1890. '^||
For the defendant it was denied .''-;vMi
that there was any grub stake bef
tweenhim and the plaintiff, and
that if there ever was an. agreement it was abandoned by thb
pla.intiff neglecting to fulfill his
part of the contract, or "that it only
applied to such claims as the de- _
fendant should locate as an original'?£^e
discoverer. The case occupied th*a>" '
attention of the court for over flveji^,p$;
days and was one in which great-^fl
interest was manifested. -     ' ^%m&
■  ''*V-*s:
The    Yellowstone,    one  'of- the/;
claims in question, was subsequent-yf$
ly sold for $50,000; and in the pro-'^|||<
ceeds McLaren did not participate.*;^^
Having reviewed .the evidence;at^^g
great length, his lordship says, inv||^
reference to this' particular claim!z'M0
'These facts are ^ established-?thacV;^
the claim-was located  by- Bennet"c^«fej
in July, and "the .record  of it was.'i-Sfe
made by Billings, who atvthe.time^tJ
was in'plaintiff's employ.-   The in-^|^l
tentionto record, and-the; fact that f^H
he did go to Nelson and' did" reeofl4:4M9
the -claim, when -there,  were ndtA^i
.mentioned by^himrin-hiC-JetterltoSSl
his employer.     My attention /has ',*■".§#
the 1900 will is their already demonstrated ability to control the district attorney's office; that is to
say, that portion presided over by
Osborne, over which there seems to
be no administrative supervision.
"So far the tactics employed
against mo have been the giving
out by Mr. Osborne continually of
statements known by him to be
false in order to cause the public to
prejudge me guilty so ns to justify
false imprisonment and to prevent
a fair trial, the wrongful imprisonment of myself and tho hounding
by detectives of those' who appear
to favor me, the abuse of the process of the courts by wrongfully
sub'penaing in the name of the
court persons to personally appear
before him and submit to examination in his office.
"The use, under the guise of witnesses, of professional baud writing
experts to swear that the signatures of the 1900 will and checks
and assignments are forgeries, and
the procuring of fulse testimony are
all in the same line. Jones sw.oro
on the witness stand and. Osborne
has admitted ih open court that
Jones had informed O.sborne about
January that Jones had killed Mr.-
Rice with chloroform, and that subsequently, in collaboration with
Witthaus on February 27th, the
present complaint charging me
with killing Rice with mercurial
poison was made at the instance of.
Osborne in an attempt to doprive
me of all knowledge of the nature
of the accusation ag'tinst rim until
he had   used   as   witnesses ■ those
Another cablegram which reached
I here today from Mr. Rockhill, the ( whom he supposed to bo for me."
been  called  to  the  nature  of/'thV-j- ,?•$
evidence   required  to' establish  -;a
case of thiskind." I have  not lost w
sight of that, and it is that which'-',
makes the case a difficult one  to',/
deal with. ..
"In considering the facts of tLJsV--
case, I started with the assumption /'
-that the defendant was an honest 7..-
ma'n,   and   that   it   was   for   the • 1
plaintiff to prove his case of fraud^
on the part of the  plaintiff up to .
the hilt.    I find that the defendant, s
in his attempt to displace the caie
made by  the  plaintiff has  shown   .
that he was guilty of a dishonorable
act   in   the   matter of the Black
Prince,  that he was guilty   of   a
second act of the same character in    .
accepting a grub-stake from Perks,
while his retainer by tbe  plaintiff
known to the plaintiff he postponed
a prospecting tiip and came to Nelson   and   recorded   this  claim for
Bennett, that when he comes into
court he swears  that, the plaintiff
wrote him a letter which was never
written ;    that   following    up  the
same line he and Bennett swear to
a     conversation    that     did    not
take     place,       and      his      chief
defence    in     the   production    of
certain "   I agreements       prepared
by a solicitor   under   instructions
from   himself    and   Bennett—prepared with such a scrupulous exactness that they in themselves excited suspicion—I find that the accounts which  would  establish the
truth of the case one way or the
other have  heen destroyed by Billings, for I do not believe his statement on   oath   that he never kept
them.- I believe that when he wrote
he was keeping them  he was writing the truth.
"I can only draw the inference
that every 'business man would
draw, viz: that the defendant used
the plaintiff's money for recording
this claim, and the one-quarter interest was received by him on the
terms indicated in the letter of July
9th, and that the plaintiff is entitled to a share in that interest.
"As to the fourth claim the defendant was present and assisted
Bennett at the location, and I do
not believe his statement that he
refu-ed to have an interest. 1
therefore give judgement for the
plaintiff as to the^e four claims
with costs."
All Lost But the Mate.
Portland, Maine, April 7.-—The
St. Johns .schooner Weudall Burpee
went ashore on the cape about noon
today and the mate only was saved, TBE TRIBUNE-: NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, APRIL 8, 1901
!>  _
a- 1   *
f * '
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14 4 •
, 1:
„ s-
-3     **»
i >
Our stcck of these noods is very
small, hut, so select. We have nuly
eoriio fifteen hais to chow jou, but thoy
The Most Recherche
The most Etpgant and Stylish
The Most Fashionable
Which the acknowledged Superior Art
anil 'Paste of leading Parisian milliners
ro'juId p oduce. As to pricej, we bought
rhem at* snao and our customer'* will
get. hn benefit ot it. Please call and
examine these
anil we will quotp figures'So low that
i     you will be agreeably (surprised.
Our general sWk of new spring goods
ia arrivlne daily and 1 bei-e put 'nto
shape as fast as it comes. We will ta*e
pleasure, and we feel sure jou will also,
in your inspecting our stock. More
about this in a few da> s.   "
stores '■
fSJxe ffirttnme*
Robert Green, M. P. P., ha«
given his views on the Chine«e"and
Japanese question to the members
of the immigration,commission. He
believes the presence of both racbs
to be a detriment; and considers absolute exclusion the proper remedy.
The salmon canners of the Fraser
river are anxious to solve the labor
'•question, attached to the. taking of
salmon during the few weeks of
the salmon run, by the building of
traps in which the salmon would
catch themselves without the aid of
fishermen?" -
Ninety more Japs have applied
for naturalization at Vancouver.
When legal formalities are gone
through with they will be able to
supplant ninety.white fishermen oh
the Fraser river salmon stretch* s
and nullify their votes at-the next
provincial election.
THE members of the Greenwood
city council are endeavoring to
legislate the Chinese out of their
city. They have made it an infraction of the Health Bylaw for anyone to sprinkle clothes by spraying
water from the mouth, as is the
fashion of Chinese, and have put a
clause in their Sunday- Observance
Bylaw prohibiting'laundries from
gathering up or, delivering clothes
on. Sunday.
OuTof the fight which was made
against the ,scheming;.of the officers
of the Crow's NestPass Coal Company and James J. Hill, there
promises to come more real benefit'
to British Columbia;than has resulted from all the agitation of the
" past ten years for reform in railway legislation. This in itself will
repay those who in the first instance
forced the issue between the welfare of the province and the inordinate greed of non-resident speculators, ./the' promoters of the
Crow's" Nest' Southern railway
scheme made a determined and
well-organized assault upon the
government and legislature of the
province to secure without restrictions of any kind a railway charter
whieh would enable them to dictate the   terms   upon   which   the
development   of  the   mining   and
smelting industry of this province
should proceed.    So carefully were
their plans laid,  that when  terms
were first mooted, the   promoters
considered      themselves       strong
enough to attempt a bluff upon the
government   and   the    legislature.
They   must   have    their    railway
charter   without   terms,   or    they
would have none of it.    But their
bluff   was   called.     They   will   be
given a charter, but not the charter
they wished.    It will be a purely
railway charter.     One  which will
enable   the    government    of    the
province to fix freight and passenger rates, and  at   the same time
protect   the   fuel   supply   of   the
Kootenay and Yale smelters to the
utmost   extent./'And   the   report
comes from Vancouver that Robert
J-tffray  of the coal company has
decided to accept the   conditions.
The difference between what the
promoters   of   the    Crow's    Nest
Southern   railway demanded, and
what the legislature has signified
its intention of granting them, represents   what the   province gains
through the greatest railway" fight
in its history. ,
In the course of a recent speech
at Vancouver, where he was boosting for James J. Hill's V., V. & E.
railway scheme, Smith Curtis expressed regret that the legislature
was not permitted to discuss Mr.
Houston's resolution in favor of
government construction and ownership of the Crow's Nest Southern
railway. Had the resolution been
admitted Mr. Curtis says the opposition would have placed every
member of the legislature on record
on the question, a proceeding whicli
so far as the members of the opposition are concerned does, not appear to be necessary.
In his testimony before the Chinese and Japanese commission the
other day Joseph-Hunter, M. P. P.,
gave the reason why in the early
days in Cariboo Canadians were so
much objected to by other miners,
and why they were generally
dubbed North American.Chinamen.
According to Mr. Hunter all' this
ill feeling was entirely due to. the
fact that the Canadians showed
themselves to be superior workmen,
as in the handling of an axe and
the timbering of mines they easily
outclassed all others in the district.
The Trail Creek News expresses
the opinion that the presence of J.
Roderick Robertson at Ottawa will
not assist the movement which has
for its object the bonusing of a refinery for the'lead ores of the Slo-
can.   The News  suggestsjjthat J.
Roderick is endeaving to get a
string on any subsidy, so that'it
will go to ihe silver-lead 'miners instead of; to the . smelters and refineries,''which would leave • British
Columbia smelters still under, the
thumb of the United States lead
and smelter trust.
F. J; Finucane of the Greenwood
and Ptaoenix Tramway Company is
endeavoring to secure a subsidy of
$50,000 instead of guaranteed interest upon $100,000 for a number of
years. If Greenwood meets the
company's offer it will commence
work on the tramway within thirty
days from the passage of the bylaw
and complete the same within one
year. -.'•':.-
The Kootenay Mail says superintendent Duchesnay of the Mountain
division of the Canadian Pacific has
been promoted to the new office of
assistant general superintendent at
Vancouver. This office has been
made necessary owing to the
growth of the company's business.
T. Kilpatrick of Revelstoke will
succeed Duchesnay as superintendent of the Mountain division.
claim?, on Porcupine mountain,
near Ymir, to Fred Pollock of Nelson. There was but one new claim
recorded—the Horseshoe at the
head of Ward creek by Steve
Safeguard Against  Tuberculosis.
Washington, April 7.—As a result of negotiations between secretary of agriculture Wilson and the
Canadian minister of agriculture,
an agi eement has been reached between the two administrations by
whieh Canada is to have a first
class veterinary surgeon stationed
in England to test for tuberculosis
in British cattle shipped to this
country via Canada. Tlie Canadian
administration wanted cattle to be
admitted from Canada without
tests by American experts. The
department at Washington would
not agre to this. Secretary
Wilson said, however, that if
Canada would send to England au
agent who would have sufficient
expert knowledge of the subject,
the;United States would admit cattle upon his certificate that the cat-,,
tie had been tested and found free
of tuberculosis. This was agreed
to by the Canadian minister. It is
officially explained that 10 per cent
of the livestock in the Uuited States
and about 40 per cent in Great
Britain are afflicted with tuberculosis. The cattle on the continent
of Europe are so diseased that this
government will not permit the admission of any animals from there.
Sues for an Accounting.
Montreal, April 7.—Suit was entered in the superior court here on
Saturday by Mrs. Augustus J. Andrews of Boonton, New Jersey for
an accounting of the estate of her
uncle, the late Nicholas K. Connelly,
of which she is sole heir. The
amount" claimed is $832,950. It is
alleged that Michael Connelly, another uncle, and partner of the deceased in the contracting business,
refuses to recognize the rights of.
plaintiff and lays claim to the most
valuable portions of the estate.
Stove Manufacturers Fail.
Hamilton, Ontario, April 7.—
Copp Brothers Company, manufacturers of stoves, etc, have suspended payment. and applications have
been made to the courts for a receiver. It is hoped a settlement
will be effected.    .
Coffee Roasters
"ea'era in Tea and Coffee '
- We are offering at lowest prices tho best
grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan.
Our Bo8\ Mocha and Java Coffee, per
pound 9   40
Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds...:. 1 00-
Choice Blend Coffee, i rounds  1 00
Special Blend Coffee, 6 poutids  1 00
=Rio Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00
Special Blend Coylon Tea, per pound SO
1  Telephone 177.
P 0. Box 182.
Mining Records.
The following mining transactions were recorded Saturday:
Certificates of work.—To John Wa-
tabeser on the Homestake, Sheep
creek; to Roy Watson et al on the
Partridge. Herman Flender transferred one-third interest in the
Center Star on Jubilee mountain,
near Ymir, to Oliver Blain; C. S.
McPherson and Fred Adie transferred one-sixth interest . in the
Blue Quartz   and   Rover   mineral <
We have opened up the largest shipment of
he-t quality, fresh garden seeds ever brought to
the. Xootenny  country.    We are selling largp
auantltieR already and you will note our way  is
iffbrent from that of oi hor dealers in this district, in that
As well an by paokago. and though the quality
iff the best the price is tho same as in Toronto.
Make out a.list, and sond td us and we will guarantee satisfaction.   -
Wo also have a largo assortm- nt—10 different
variation and colors of Sweet Peas to select
from and an end ess vari ty of other kinds.
K.-W. C. Block.       Corner \yard and Baker Sts.
Tents, awnings, and all
kindsof canvas goods made
to order.
Baker Strept. Nelson
Victoria Street.
Decorators and.
- Paper Hangers.
00*ff0*t^'0^*ta0*0t0-^>*^i ^J
Just  opened men's   extra
fine   colored Shirts,     the
, very     latest designs    in
stripes    and checks.    W.
& P. made.
Prices $1.00 to $1.75
We have also received
new collars, and hosiery in
stripes and checks, new
underwear and neckwear.
All the latest styles for
1901   in derbys   and
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Prices from $2.50 to $5.00
These hats come in all the Fashionable
Shapes and Shades—black, brown, tan and
otter. Call and inspect this line. We are always willing  and  anxious to show goods.
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Fred Irvine & Co.
36   Baker   Street
$3. to $20 PER PAIR
All the fashionable creations
in Spring and Summer wear
are included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish
Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and  Fancy .Trouserings
E. Skinner
Neelands' Building, Baker Street. .
FRED J.'SQUTRK. Manager.
flelson Saw and Planing W|ills
President and-General Manager. Secretary-Treasurer
< All Communications to be addressed to either of the above
Large stock of high-class Imported poods. A
specialty **■ of the'sauare .shoulder—the latest
fashion In onatn. /•
the Best
We are prepared to Furnish
by Rail Barge or Teams
Get Our Prices before
purchasing elsewhere.       "
A. B. GRAY, Kootenay Agent
\\. P. RITHET & CO., Ltd.
Pr^*^rgg?1^,      -8*.w«.y at M»,l»nn
FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK-
AT   THE7-   ...7'SS.
Everybody    Welcome
k[[fif BARROW, A.M.l.C.£.'
Corner Vlotoria and Kootenay Streets.
p  n  Mo, «o .   7W.ir.pw»»nr vn, *■
a7v* .- PLAN3
Rooms' Lighted by Electricity and Heated by St°am 25 Cents to SI
THOEPE & CO., LIMITED.—Corner Vernon
and Cedar streets, Nelson,' manufacturers
of and wholesale dealers in Berated waters and
fruit syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon Springs
mineral water.   Telephone 60. .
WF. TEETZEL & CO.—Cornor Baker and
• Josephine streets, Nelson, whoVsale deal
ers ln assayers supplies. Agents ror Denve-
Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.
H J. EVANS Sc CO,—Baker street, Nelson
• wholesale/ dealers in liquors, olgars
cement, fire brick and fire clay, water pipe and
steel rails, and general commission merchants.
81 RUCTION COMPAN Y—Wholesale deal-
ers ln telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,
fixtures, etc., Houston blook. Nelson:
—Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight* or
mixed oars-shipped to all Kootenay Points.
Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-
Edmonton R. R. Mills at Victoria, New. West
minster, and Edmonton. Alberta.	
P    BURNS ft   CO.-Baker   Btreet).   Nelson,
•   wholesale dealers in fresh and oured meats.
Cold storage.
A   MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and
•   Hall    streets,     wholesale   grooers   and
•obbere in blankets, gloves,mitts, boots, rubbers,,
mackinaws and miners' sundries.,
TED—Vernon   street. Nelson,   wholesale
TOHN CHOLDITCH Sc CO.-Front street), Nel
*»   son, wholesale grocers. 0
J   Y. GRIFFIN & CO.—Front street), Nelson.
•   wholesale   dealers   ln  provisions,   oured
meats, butter and eggs.
H BYERS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine
• streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware, and mining supplies. Agents for Giant
Powder Co. .  .   .-
Baker St.,  Nelson;  wholesale   dealers' ln
hardware and mining supplies, and water and
•pURNER, BEETON Sc CO.-Corner Vernon
4 and Josephine streets, Nolson, wholesale
dealers in liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agents
for'Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cai
gary Brewing'Co. of Calgary.
LIMITED—Corner Front and Hall streets,
Nelaon, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers
ln sash and doorsi all kinds of factory work made
to order. * ..\
\J TED—Corner Front and Hall streets, Nel
wn. wholesale dealers In wines (oasn and hnlk.
To T. A. Stf.vkn-ron, or ro any person or persons to whom ho ma'   huve transferred his
iiiUM'UHtin the Lila mineral claim, at Morn
ing .Mountain. Nelson.Mining Division:
You wo hTobv notifiO'i that. I havo expended
the sum of One Hnndrcrt and Fif'y-tieven Dollars
in  Inbor and  improvements   upon   tho above
mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold Biiid
mineral  claim  under  the   p ovisions   of   the
yiin«'*»l Act. nnd if withi • ninety days from the
data of thi» notice yon rail or refuse tocont-ribut
your proportion of such expenditure, toguth«.
wilh all coBta of od^crti-ing. your interest, in-"aid
claim will become the property of tho subscriber
undor Ruction four of an Act', entitled "An Act to
Amend tho Mineral Act, 1H00."
Dated tbis 12th day of February, 1801.
Lighted by Electricity and Heated with  Hot Air-
Large comfortable  oearooms and  flrst-olaae
dlnlnsr-mom  Snmplp roomp for commercial men.
folrs. E. G. Clarke, Prop.
Two   Large  Rooms  joined by  arch.    Very
suit ble for offices.     Rent $20.   Houston Block,.
D. J, DEWAR, Madden Block.
fVJadden tyouse ^SSffN-Sfe
- The only hotel In Nelson that has remained
under one management since 1890..
The bed-rooms'are well furnished and lighted
by oleotrioity.
The bar. is always stocked by the best dom a*
bio and imported liquors and olgars.
THOMAS MADDEN  Proprietor.
'   -- * '    i      '    .
J. H. McMANUS. Manager
Bar stooked with best brands ot wines, liquors,
arid Cigars. Beer on draught. Large comfortable rooms. Ylrit-oltitf table boa d.
In the matter of the Estate of Frank S. Campbell, late of the City of Nelson in the Province
of British Columbia, deceased.
Notice is horeby given, pursuant to the "Trustees and Executors Act" of the revisfd statutos
of the Province.of Briiish Columbia 1897, Can.
187, to all creditors and others having claims
agaiu«t the estate of the said Frank H. Campbell, -
who died on or about the 23rd day of December
A. D. lflOO, to send by post prepaid or delivered
to Messrs. Galliher & Wilson of the said city of
NelBon. solicitors foi Glenn M. Benny, the administrator of the personal estate and effects of the
said deceased, or to the said Glenn M, Benny of
the town of Sirdar in the proviuce of British
Columbia, their ■ hristian- and surnames, addresses, desciiptlons and full particulars of their
claims, statement of their accounts and the nature of the security, if any, held by them, on or
before the 1st day of April, a. D. 1901.
And further tako notice that after such last-
mentioned date the said administrator will proceed tooistribute the assets of tho deceased to
the partiHS en1 itlerf thereto, having regard only
to the claims of which he shall then have notice
Tt«e said administrator will not bo liable for tho
-aid assets or any p<rt thereof to any person or
persons of whoi-e claims notice shall not havo
benn received by him at tho timo of such distribution. GALL1HKR& WILSON,
Solicitors for Glenn M. Benny, administrator
. for Frank «. Campbell, deceased
Dii.t*d this 2fith day of Fobruary. 1901.
w^ART  &   CARRTK-Architects.   Roorits   7
and 8, Aberdeen blook, Baiter street, Iselson.
-'-.  "fc.w^ta;-... --■,- THE TRIBOTE: NELSOF, B, C. MOKDAY, APRIL 8, 1901  -^vi  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, aU paid up....$12,000,000.00  RHST            '...   7,000.000.00    ���  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. 8. Clouslon General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches in London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal oities in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exohange and Cable  fTpft n r ffl i*h  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued. Collections Made. Eto.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITII WHICH 19 AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  Robt. Kilgour,  Vice-President.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID.  y^rrr^^��� u ��� ��� ' ��� '        ������" ������    ���" ������ '     " ^  NEW SCHOOL LEGISLATION  FULL TEXT OF, THE BILL AS  FINALLY PASSED.  Nelson'sxNew School Board,Will Work  Under it When the Next Fiscal   .  Year    Commences.  Few of the measures that have  come before the provincial legislature this session have greater ��� interest for the people, of the incorporated cities of. the interior than  the bill amending the Public,School  Act, which frames the regulations  under which the incorporated cities  of the province will manage their  own school affairs with the coru-  mencement.of the next fiscal year.  The measure as it passed its final  reading is as follows:  HIS MAJESTY: by and with the advice and  consenr. of. the Legislative Assembly of the  Province of Bri i h Columbia, enacts as follows:  1. This Act may be cite ; as tho "Puolic Schojls  Act Amendment Ac **, 19 'l."\ ���  2. Seccion 1 of chapter 170 of* the Revised  Statutes of ld97, being the "Pub.ic School Act..."  ' is hereby repefile'i,-find the follow ing section is:  substituted therefor:   :>,  "2. In the construction ot this Act, the folio *--  ing expressions shall have tho following meanings respectively:- - -'.'..:   -..  " 'Hcsident' as applied to a householder or freo,-  holder, shall include any perso ��� who ei'her  actually dwolls or has his ..lace or business  within asch ol district:  " 'Househo'dor'.in City (or Town) fcchool Dls-  tric s shall extend'tn and include every  person who holds and occupies a messuage,  dwelling, or. tenement yieldi-g and pa ing  therefor a rental'o'r rent value of not * lesd  tnan 8ixty:riullars por annum: .v.*.-  " 'Housjhold��r' In Kural School. Distriots shall;  mean and include any (jor -on who has his-'  placo of resideno ,;or placo. of ousmo-s,  within such Rural School District:      .   X'X,  " 'Freeholder' shall include any ��� peison. who,  holds u freehold estate,'that is, lands or  ���: tenements - in  foo-siunile,  f ee-tail,; or - f or  term of life: ..  " 'Indian' siiall include a person who .is?'either;:  a full-blooded Indian, or a person with, lii-  diin blood in him w.io is living the .Indian  life on an Indian Resorvo."  3. Sub-section (5) ofsectim 6 of said Act is  hereby repealed and the following sub-seciion is  .substituted therefor-:     -.; .... ...  "(5) To appoint two or more Examiners, -at  such romunor ition; as shall he thought  proper, who, together with Lhe Superintendent or Education, shall o nxtituto a Hoard  of Kxaminors, and .shall exam ne teachers  . and grant certificates f qnaliflcation. ouch  certiilcates.,af ter July laul, shall be of four  classes, .viK.i third class certifljatos.secon  . olass c *r .ilicates, rirst class certificates, and  academic certificate!-."  4. Sec ion '21 of said Act is horoby repealed,  and the following section is substitu jkA therefor:  "Citv. School* Districts.  "21. City School Districts shall be divided"Into  the following clashes:  "(I.) City school districts of the first class,- including a 1 incorporated cities and towns  wherein tho average actual'daily attendance equals or bXcceds'lUOO. tor the School  year,and comprising atHhe present time  tha Cities of victoria and Vancouver:  "(2.) City School Districts of the second class,  including.all ii)coiporated;Cit:es and towns  wherein'tne -���verago acuia.1-'daily a t nd-.  anco equals 250 but does -.ot exceed 99H, /or  the school year, and comprising at tho pres-'   ont-time=the=Citie3-of-i\'aniiinio,-iNeison,=  NewAVestuiinsto and Rossland:  "(3.) City School Districts of the third class, in-'  - ��������� ���' eluding all.-incor.porated> cities, and tiwns  *   wherein tho average' actuaV'd-iil)  attendance'fa Is fielow'250 for'the school'year,.and  coiiiprisi g a', the present time tho citiss of  *-.-     , Columbia; * Cumberland,    Grand    Forks,  ���' *    Greenwood,.Kamloops,:��� Kaslo,-. Phoenix,.  Rev-lst'ike.   'audoii.    Vernon,' and   the  Town of Wellington:   ;      ' ���       '���*"::..;���  "All cities and towns that mvy hereafter be incorporated from time ,to jtima'.shall also be in-  eluded .in    nejo'r "i ther. ~or these three clasnes:  Prov dbd, howrver, that no city ortoor"stiall bo*  transferred from ono class to anot-or except miring the month ot.Iuly, and then only with the,  .consent of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council:"  Election-; ok- Trustees vand'School Meetings���Board ok- rBUSTKKB.KOU  Citv  districts.  6. Section 26 of said Act is horeby rep��alod,  and tho following so -tion is substituted theref-ir:'  ���06. For each of the schjdl'dis'ricts of the first  class tnere shall be seven   irus'.eos; for each of  .the school-districts of the second class there s -all  be five Trustees; and for each of the school districts of the thiid class tho e shall bo throe frui-  tees. Those sna.l constitute a ��� .Board of l'ru->tcos  for each ��� city **. respectively, and each of such.  Boards shall be a body c jroorate in rel aion ro  all tie powers and duties conformed upon it b.  virtue ot 'his Act, and -hall be styled "lhe Board  of School Tru-teos of Victoria' (or as the c*se.  maybe); the-.rgan nation, right , pbw;crs duties  and UabilltiHs'of each' of which Boardssiiall be as  ���herein.:d��flncd.,   Trustees,,shall  serve for two  years, except as otherwise provided in section 27  lie COf "    ;���".:     -��� ���;;��� .���;���:���  6. Section 27 of said Act'is hercb.. repealed '  and the following section is Substituted thiiro'or:  ��� 27. Thc-e shall ba electea annually, in each .  * city dis rl��'t as many Trust cos as are required by  tho pr (visions bf --cation 21 hereof ro corn ulete the  Board of Trustees fo that city: Provided that  ! Trustees elected prior, to De emljery 191)1, undor  the p'ovis-ons of s -.ction 2 hereby repealed; re-  Uting to tho election of Tru-tees in City School  Districts, snail ho d olllco until the. expiration of  the terms f r which they were rcspnoiively  elected: P ov ded further, tha ��� Trustees elected  prior t'i Decembe'\ 19'U, under the.prov.sions of  this \ct relating to tho eluction of T-ustees in  rural districts, which bv this Act become city  districts, shall hold.ofllce until.and only until  January, 1902. at whicu time their successors  shall be elected undor the provisions bf section  20 hereof, as foil >wr: In cities of the secon<l  classr-th i two candidates receiving thehighosr-  numier of votes shall be declared olecied to  serve, for two years, and the three candidates receiving the three next highest number of votes  shall be declared elected to .serve for one year,  and at subsequent annual elect ons, three trm-  tees and two trustees, alternately, shall be  el- cted to serve for two years. In  cities of the th'rd cla s, the two candidates re-  celv'ng tha highest number of .votes shall bo declared elected to serve two years, aud the candidate receiving the imxt highest numbor of vo e-  sh 11 be declared elected tos rvoono >ear,a- dat  subsequent annual elections one trusieo and t -o  trustees, alternately, shall be elected to serve for  two ye��rs.  "Provided further, that any ele :tion under the  London Office, 60 Lombard Street, B. O.  New  York;   Office, 16   Exchange   Place.  and (Si Branches in Canada and tho  United Suites, .  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on doposits.   Present rate  throo per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  JManager Nelson Branch.  authority of section 30 of this' Act. may, if convenient, be hein concurrently with the annual  oU ction: provided further that all Trustees may  remain in office and exorcise all the powers nf  Trustees until thei succ- ssors have b eu elected:  and provided further that in the event of a i ity  School District being transferred from one cla-w  tn another, the 11 st e ection of Trusto s un-ier  the new conditions shall be held as directed by a  special' >rder in Conncil " < .,,-"  7. - ��� ection 31 of said "Act is hereby repealed'and  tlie following section is subs'iuucd therefor:  '"..I. tlio Board of Trustees shall meet at.loast  once in each month, and a mnjority of tho members shall constitute a quorum."'*'. ���_  8. Section 31 .,i said Act is heroby repealed, and  the following sectio   is substituted therefor:  "31. 'he salaries-if the teachers employed in  the Public Schools nf all incorporated cities and  towns shall be fixed and paid at the discretion  of the School Tmstebs of the said cities and  towns'espectively; and such salaries, and all  other exp nsei for the purchase and lease of  school >ites. erectinn. cnla gem��nt or rent of  school Mi ldings. for furniture and repairs, and.  all other incidental expenses whatsoever incurred  by the Board of Trustee in the respective '-ities  and towns. >-hail be borne and paid by tho Municipal Corporations of the said cit-es and towns  respectively."        .  9. Section 35 of said Act is heroby repealed and  the following section is substitired therefor:  "35. A per capita grant of thirteen dollars for  .cities or the first class, ilf teen dollars for ci ios  of the second class.' and twenty dollars f >r cities  and to <'ns of the third class, per annum, based  on the "average daily attendance of the public  school pnoils. shall be paid quarterly by the Min-  isier of Finance, out-f the Cons 'lidated Kevenue  Fund of. tne P ovince. to each of "the Municipal  Corporations of tho City School Districts of the  the first, second and hird class re;pec- ivoly, provided that the schools have been coniucted in  accordance with the Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Council of Public Instruction.  The average actual daily * attendance shall be  calculated upon the attendance for the half-yoar  preceding the payment,"  10. The said Act is hereby amended by inserting, after section 35 thereof, the following section-   .*������*���-.-  "35a. In cities in which a High School is in operation, tho-c shall b" paitd to the municipal cor-  por tioi s of such oi les. at the end of June in  each ye%r, the additional lum of three hundreH  Gollars for each High School teacher employed  during tho entire sen >ol year (or proportionately  for the . number o'.months such touchers  h-vo neen o pectivoly employed): Provided  such High Sea ol building and Its equipment be  s��ti8f ctory to the Council of Public Instruction." l '  ���11. S sction 36 of said Act is herebv amonded  by inserting the words "and grounds" after the  'words "hniMim/s." in the Sth line thereof, and by  -add ng the following sub-section:  ' ���' (a.) The  Board of Trustees sh��U-also have  ���'power to .mako by-laws3 (hot inconsistent with  tho provisions of this \ct or the regulations of  the Counoi ot Public Instruction) relative to the  . organisation and mee' ings of the Board, and to  |' any bf the mayors enumerated in sections 31, 3(5,  41. 7U, 80 and 81 hereof Such by-laws shall bo  submitted to the Council of Public Instruction  for approval, and having received such approval  shi.ll tlierea* ter h ��ve the force and validity of  regulation- of the Council of Public Instruction  wiihin tie school district for whicli.suoh by-law  was framed "        , V* ������-*������.-"*  12. The said Act'iRho-oby amended by inserting, after section 53 th > fol'owi g section:  '''.'53.*. Allrural schools established undor sub-  ssction (4) of Bection (> of this Act shall be known  as 'assisted schools ' Such schools shall bo undor  the control of a loc.il board of three trustees, the  . peTfcO'jjii.ol. powors, duties, mde of election,  terms of office ore, of whom shall bn similar to  thoso of boards of trustees in regularly organised  rural school dis'ricts: Provided that no 'assisted  schnoT shall after the passing of this amendment, bo estab ished in any looalicy comprised in  a r. gula-ly organised school district."  13. Section.'7 of said Act is hereby repealed,  and the following.--ec ion i' substituted therefor:  -.-'���'57 No p'r-on shall bo ppointcdorvtained ns  a teacher in any public schob! unless he shall hold  a third, second, firs class, oracademiccertiflcate,  or temporary cerliflcar�� of qualiflc ������ ion."  14. Section 5* of ,aid net is horoby repealed,  and the' following section i substituted therefor:  "58. Temporary cert ideates shall be granted according to the following regulations:  "(1.) Tho expression 'persons properly "qualified,' in -ection 54 ot this Act   s-all mean  persons hold-ng h third, second, first class.  "���"   or academic cortiflcateof nullification: Pro-  ��� ,*.'���- vidcl,' however, that the Trustees may, upon their S4ti8f>ing th" Superint,end��nt nf  -   Kducation of thei>- inabi i>y to secure a porson properly qua'itied. suitable as a tetfehor  for their school, appoint as a teacher.- temporarily, tho holder of a temporary certificate: ���'���.--  "(2.) A temporary certificate shall be valid un-:  til the next -public examination ������( teachers  =^==has=boen-held,=and-no=longer;=and=-no-per-=  son to whom  a  temporary ce tiflcate has.  been issued, ��ho has neglected or failed to  ..Tobtain at such nex* publio oxamina ion a  r .certiflb'te of qualification, shall be entitled  ���:.   tor-coivoa'second temporary certificate,  except in the ca-e of the holder of an expired third olass certiflca' e, who may obtain a second tompora-y certificate upon  satisfying the Superintendo t of Education  -' that hewa'sproV"n'ed by.illnesi or other  sat sfactory cause from attending at such  public examination." "  15. Sect on H2 ot.said ^ct is hereby amended by  striking bur. nil the words after the word "move,"  in the second lino, down ts and Including tho  word "Halifax," in the 6th lino, and inserting in  lieu thereof tho following "of the recognised universities of Great Britain or Ireland or of tho I io-  minion "f Ca ada. subject to the sanction of the  Couhci' of Puhlic Instruction."  16. Section 04 of said Act is horeby amended  .by nddwg.the'-eto tho following sub-section:  "(2) It siiall bo lawful for the lieutenant -Governor i ;.ouncllf om time to timo 'o grant to  ��� he corporations of citios or towns all or! any portion of the lands set apart as school rtiscrvep, or  acquirotlby tho Crown for school purposes, in  -Mid cities or town3, and situato .therein or in tho  neighborhood thero-'f, .in trust for school pur-  po es and as school sites "  17. The >-aid Act is herehy amended- by insert- -  ing, after section G7 thereof, tho following section: j  '���07a. Certificate*, as described hi tho last'.pre-  ceoing section, .shall not bo issued after July,  1901.   Thereafter  tho designation and validity  of certificates.shall-be as follows: ...  ... "(l.)Third.olaHH ya'id for three years; but no  porson shall be allowed to renew a third  .     . cla s ce tifloato;  r "(2,) Second class, valid for llfo:  "(3.) First olass, val'd for life:  "(4.):Academi",'v-*lid*for life:*.'  "All applicv ts forHjoonri class, flrst class, and  academic cerliflca'es'must be graduate of the  Provincial Vorm'aV School, or or other Normal  School ^'approved'by the i ouncil of Public In-  structi<-n; except thit a perl d often years of  active service in ihe'public schools of the Province shall be deemed equivalent to graduation  fr m the v ormal School."  18. The said Act Is hereby amended by inserting, after section 70 thereof, the following  section;  ""a. Bona fide students of a High School, or  o' any Col ege in the-Province, who have passed  tho exum'natioi for matriculation in Arts of  any University specified in section 02 of this Aot,  shall bo exempt, from examinai ion in other than  pr*. fessional subjects of second class, certificates;  nona fide students of a High School' ih tho Province, who havo passed tho exami-ation for  Senior Matric ilat ion in Arts of any university  specified in noci ion 02 of. this Act; shall be exempt, from examination in other than professional  subj eta of first class certificates; oona Hdo  students of a High School or Col ogo in tho Provinco that is in sftlliauon with any University  snocifled ih spction 02, win havo further passetl  the examinati wupon the firat year course in  Art ofsu-h University, shall bo exempt from  oxam nation in othor thai professional subjects  of flrst class ce'-tiflcate ; and bona tide studen's  of a High School o Co l"ge in the Provinco hat  is in affiliation with any Univcrsi y specified in  section62,.who have further passed the inter-  IMPERIAL BANK  OB1    0-A-IT^.3D-A.  ���      -      $8 000.000  -      -      -   $2,000,000  ACCHECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  S2.600.000  $1,726,000  H. S. HOWLAND President  D. R. WILKIE (Jenoral Managor.  E. HAY ���*. Inspector.  SAVINCS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THB* CURRENT   RATE   OP    INTEREST' ALLOWED.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  mediate examination in Arts of such University,  shall bf exempt from examination in other than  P' ofes lonal subjects of academic oertideates  19 Sec ion 79 of said Act it hereby amended  by adding the following words:  "Bu in City School Districts every child within the aee limits hereinbefore mentioned shall  attend school during 'ho regular school hours  overy school day.'suhject to the exemptions provided 'or in s'-ciion 81 of tho Act."  20. The said Act Is hereby amended by adding  thereto the following section:  "85. The Board of Trustees of any city designated in section 21 ne-eof as a city of tho flrst  class <i: ay appoint a City Superintendent as the  administrate lwd of the schools "nf such city,  whose duties and functions shall be such as commonly appertain to the office of City Superintendent of Schools: provided that the appointment  of such City Superintendent, hi* salary and ihe  revoca'ion of his appointment shall be subject to  the approval of the Council of Public Instruc-.  tion."  21 This Act shall come into effect when assented to. except sections 8,9, and 10, which shall  not como into effect un il January 1st, 1902.  ESTABLISHED    IN    NELSON    IN    T890. v]j^\  Stearns'    Best   Bicycles  '���?.-  A'M  ^JJO    ZHZ-A-ZLiIF1    JPRIOIE  $65.00 BICYCLES FOR $37.00  Come and take your choice before  they are all gone.  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TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Office on Baker Street, west of Stanley Street  NELSON.  KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOSPITAL  TENDERS  FOB  SUPPLIES.  Sealed, senarate tenders for supplying the  Kootenay Lake General Hospital with the undermentioned supplies for a porio-i of six months  will be received by the secretary* np to the I5uh  April: ���,.���'*���       >  DRUGS  GROCKRIES  MEAT  MILK  BRhJAD  FormB for the grocery and drug tenders will  bu furnished on application.  F. W. SWANNELL, Secrotary.  AINSWORTH   LICENCE  DISTRICT.  Notice Is horoby given that D. Maglio ha  made apnlication under the provisions of tho  "Liquor Liconce Act, 1900," for tho renewal of an  an hotel licence for the Duncan City Ht.tcl at  Howser. and that a mooting of the.Board.of  Liconce Commissioners .-f. the Ainsworth Licence  District will be held to consider such appl cation  at the court hou-e, at tho city of Kaslo, on Monday the t.wenty-second day of April, 15)01, at the  hour of eight o'c'ock in ihe forenoon.  \V. H. BULLOCK-WEBS.I'KR  (Jhief Licence Inspector.  Chief Constable's Office, Nelson, B. C.  1th April, 1901.  BOARD   OF   HEALTH  REGULATIONS  Por the Prevention of the Spread of  Smallpox in the City of Nelson.  All passongors arriving at tho City of Nelson  from all points eist of the Kootonay River will  be required to furnish the inspector or officer in*  chance of the carrying out ot these regulations  with a cen iflcate from the health officer of the  city or town from which ho or she has left, con-  .tainingztheJyllowiiigparticularR:  1. (aT That he or she has not benn in any place  or building infect d with small cow  (b) That he or i-he has not lived in any place  or building whioh lies dangerously near any infected building or district. t)0  (c) That he or she has been successfully vac  cinated since January, 1901.  2. If tho inspector b' lieves that any, person is  in eited, or that his or her clothing or other  effects contain infection tho inspector shall detain such person and his or hor clothing and effects  as aforesaid, until the period ot incubation is over,  and such person and his or her clothing and other  effects shall bo at once disinfected.  3. if he only suspects that any porson on board,  or the effects of any such person havo boen ex-  Sosed to infeotion. he shall notify; tho medical  calth officer of tho locality to which tho porson  in going to meet the train or boat, and to keep the  person thereafter undor ob-orvatlon. .  4. In the event of nny passenger bringing any  baggage (hand or otherwise) or whether tho same  shall be forwa'de-1 by oxoress. tho.'fo'ilowj a  certificate may also bo required from tho health  officer o' the town or city aforesaid:    ,-'  (a> That the said bagengo (hero'givo a full  description of said baggago so that thore can be  no question a�� to Identification) ha3 not been in  any placo or building infected with smallpox.  (b) Tliat tho said baggage has not boon stored  or used in any placo or building whichaios d t-n-  gorou-'ly near to any infected building or district, .   _       . ''-������?���'  5. All railway and steamboat companies must  strictly adhere to the following regulations:-  (a) All mail and haggago from .poln s abovo  meniionod destined for the City of Nelson, on or  before leaving the last point of call on Kootenay  River must furnish the inspector or offloer in  charge of the carrying out of these regulation*,  with a certificate from the health officer of- such  Soints where fumigation takes place that same  as been done.  (b) All cars or steamboats on which have  been discovered infee'ed porsbns, baggage or  mail, will not ho pormitted to again convoy passengers, baggage, etc., into the City of Mefson  until di-infected and fumigated to the saris  faction of the medical health officer of this city.  (c) No Indians shall be allowed'to land in tho  City of Nelson under any conditions.  This proclamation goes into effect immediately.  FRANK FLKTCHER,  Mayor of tho City of Nelson.  D. LA BAU,  Medical Health Officer.  Nolson, B. C. March 2nd. 1901.  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  Notieo is horeby givon that tho partnership  heretofore existing between Lowis Noll and  Weslm E. Cox, carrying on businoss as hool-  koepors in the pr-mlsos known as tho Porto Rico  hotel at Porto Rico Siding, B. C, undor the firm  name of Noll Sc Cox, has this day heen dissolved  by mutual consent. For the future tho Po'to  TMco hotol will be conducted hy I owis Noll, who  will assume aU liabilities of the late Arm and to  whom all accounts owing said firm a^o herewith  payablo. LOUIS NOLL,  WESLEY K. COX.  Witness: Rout. Renwick.  Nelson, March 26th, 1901,  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  .������.'.-.        NELSON,  B. C.  Builders and  Contractors  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime' Company, Limited, of Nelson, I be? to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them;- My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible prices. 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ERNEST MANSFIELD,  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  ���Successors to  The West Kootenay Brick tf 'Lime Co., Ltd  W|URRISJN & CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  EBnVJBiONS  OUR LEADERS���       "~ '  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packages and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  i*  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Morrison & Caldwell, Baker Street, Kelson  3__TIZXZ__XZZZ_aZ_BZZ_t Trr"TTTTTTTTT TrTrrrrTrrrTTtTTTITTfrrTTmniTrtmmnr IT11111111TTTTTTTTTI in" I iiaXXX*^  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W.'O. Block,  NELSON, B. C.  Oold, Silver-Lead and Cooper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling Oold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  ParMes having mining propwrty for sale are requoBtcd to send samplos of thoir ore to tho  Exchange for oxhtbiMon. Wo desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising mineral  claims in British Columbia.  I'rogpectors and mining men are requested to mako tho Kxchange their headquarters when  3   in Nelson.  All samples should bo sont bjr.expross, Prepaid.   Correspondence solioited.  Address all communications to  jj Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  P. O. Box 700 Nelson, B. C.  rV_-.i,<r.tTt_i___ll_Tr_rrrry XTxHnXCm llirTiTirinilm.r��ir.Tlrrtirtiir��llnil!ililllirfTnTi;illllIIIlim  REMOVAL  The Gait Coal office has been  removed to the Ward building, on Tinker street���two  doors wtist C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now ou hand.  W. R TCERNEY,  Telephone JVo. 265      General Agent  C. W. West & Co.  COAL!      WOOD I  Ant hraoite 310-' ��  Crow's Nest     ����������'  Blairmore     O-i*  DHLIVBBHD  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY. Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied  by* cash.  Offloe:   Corner of Hall  ���nd Bakor Street*.  TELEPHONE 33.  TRADES   UNIONS.  VTELSON SOCIALISTIC EDUCATIONAL,  ���L* , CLUB meets every Sunday at 3 o'olock p.m.  in-the Miners' Union Hall. A cordial lnviluiiuit  is extended to every one to como and take.pare  in discussions.   John Koberts, secretary.  T "AUN"RY WORKERS' UNION OF NKLSON  LJ N>i. 8��M, A F. of L.���Mepts in Minors' Uniou  Hall, C. P. K; lock, corner of. Baker and Htan  ley streetn. o- fourto Friday in everv month at  7:JO p m. i-harp. visiting memb rs of American  Federation cordially invited to attend. C. Fredrick, president; A. \V. McFee, secretary.  MJBiUJUM M1NKRS' UNION NO. t��, W. 1!. cf-  *-* M.���Meets In miners' union rooms, north  east corner Victoria and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting mem  bers welcome. M. R. Mo watt. President. Jame  Wilkes; Secretary. Union Scale of W^ges  for Nelson.-District���Per shift,; machine  men, $3.50: hammersmen miners. $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers, $3 00.  TRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���Tho regu-  lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will be held in the miners' union ball,  C. P. R. building, c��rner Baker and Stanley  streets, on the arsl ano third Thursday of ��>arh  month, a1 8 p. in. C. J. Clayton, President.  A. r. Curie, Secretary.  tJlHE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  -*��� aro held on Wednesday evening of each  week, a> 7 o'clock; in tho Miners' Union hall cor  nor Victoria and "Ko'jtenay streets. Charles  Clayton, President.   Ji.hn MeLeod, Secretary.  BARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union. No. lfl6.of  the [nternationaljourneymen Barbers On  Ion of America, meets every first and third Mon- > ���'  day of each month in Miner's Union Hall, corner  of victoria and Kootenay streets, al 8:30 p.m.  sharp.    Visiting   brothers cordially Invited to ���- t  attend.   R. McMahon, p-i-eRlrtnni: J, H. Ma��b��  ��on. pecrotary-treasuror: J. C. Gardnor, recording    '"  secrotary.  LABORERS' UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro  tective Union. No. 8121, A. F of L., meets in  Miners' Union hall, C. P. R. block, cornor of  [taker and Stanley streets, every Monday evening  at 7:30p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the Amon-  jan Federation cordially invited to attend.  A. T. Curio, President. John Roberts,i recording seoretary.  NELSON PAINTERS' UNION-The regular  meeting of tho Painters' Union Is held  the first and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at. 7:30 sharp. George Encri t,  PresHent; Henry Bennett. Secretary.      o  COOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION ���RegiOnr  meetings every Tue-day ovoning at 8:.%  oclock, in Miners' Union Hall, corner of Biiknc  and 3t��nicy streets. Visting bn-thion cordially  inviW. Chris L-'ft. president; H; Smelser, financial and recording socretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION���The O. P. I. A. No.  172, meote every Monday evening in the  Klllot block, corner Baker and Stanley street* nt  V o'clock. J. n Wiw, -oroaldnnti: William  Vim. aBprotarv. P. O. Roy filQ.  FRATERNAL   8O0IBTIB8  NKLSON AKRIR.No.22, F.O. E.���Moetsecond  and fourth Wednesday of each month, at  Fiatcrnity   Ha'l.-   G��urge   Bartlett,  presidont  John V Morrison, secretary.  NKLSON LODGE. NO. 88. A. F. Sc A. M.  Meets second Wodnoeday In each month  ���SoJonrn-ing^brethren^lnylted.^   KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS���Nelson Lodge. No  ���ib. Knights of Pythias, meets In I. O. O. P.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, ever ���  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clook. vtnlMng Knu htJi  rorrHBtfr Invited to attend. H. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T Park, K. of R. & S.  UOTK'NAY TENT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.���  Hold their regular meetings on tho first and  third Thursdays of each' month. Visiting Sir  Knights are cordially invited to attend. G. A.  Brown, R. K.: A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Stcol.  D S C   H. E. T. HAULTAIN, CE.  MINING  ENGINEER  0KF^fe��-     -        ���    NELSON  NOTICE.  Town Lots, New Denver.  Notice is hereby given tha?, in pursuance of  th* notification publHwd by thl- I'cparttueiit,  nnd dated 22nd Juno. 1889, under eectlcn 3S of ilie  "Land Act," ngreemt-nis for the sale of Lotmn  the Town of vow Denver, which were purobn^fd  from thu Government at public auction on 20th  July. 1892. and upon wi-ich iho balance of pur-  cliaFO money and interest, in not. fully paid up bv  tho 30th of April noxt, will be cancelled and nil  moneys paid therein will bo forfeited.  w. c. WELL".  Chief CommiFsion of Lands and Works,  Lands nnd Works Department,  Victoria, B. C, 21st March, 1901.  NOTICE.  Courts of Assizo, N'islPrius, Oyer and Torminor  and Gonoial Gaol Delivery will bo holden in llm  Court House at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at the  placos and on tho dates lollnwimr, nameij :  City of Nanaimo, on tho ��3rd day of Aoril, 1901.  City ot New SS'cstminster, on the 23rd day of  April, 1901.  City of Nolson. on tho 7th dar of May. 1901.  City of Revelstoke, on the 7th day of Ma /. 1901.  City of Vornon, nn the 15th dav ot May, 1901.  City of Kamloops, on the 23rd day of May, 1<W1.  City of Vancouver, on the 21st day of May, l'JOl.  City of Victoria, on tb^28'h day of May, 1901.  Town of Clinto". on th�� 28th day of May, 1^01  By Command.  J. D. PRENTICE,  Provincial Secretary.  Provincial ���aeoro'tnrv'n Office,  *0th Starch, 1S0L  7m  " u <_-  m  j*  'Vy-k'l  : %  "im  .sm  '��Sfe��  4a*  s^l  All k ,'  Si   t..',  i.:  in -.  I  I el'  iVX '  la''  II1 >- ���  &?������:  i "'��??  f  |"fi  }  (   *^'*  i  iO  I***** i**  (  ',-���<  i'5.-���-  t'"V  *...  i  ���*.  1  /. ���5" *  %  ,   J  f  ,��<*���    -  i  |.<k-  /  V V^��  .  X *''"  i  *:;-;  i  4'  ,  (v..*  r  i .-*...  ,  ��5i"  t  f^:  *  fr.'  J,  I-:*'-.  *  ��- '< *  ���*-���, -  *"'���  *, -  tv7-  j'j��  * ";   ��  ���*&'-  *  ���fv ?  ^���*.  Y*  Sv..  /  i��.  I  ��.' ���-  *>'-V '  i  I.'   '  I''"*.  -;���r~  vS '.  [ :���  THE TBlBtWE: NELSON, B C, MONDAY", APRIL '8, 1901  Retiring from Business  Having decided to go East, 1 have inaugurated a Mammoth Clearing Sale, and  will offer my entire stock at Eastern Wholesale Cost. Tlie stock consists of  Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents Furnishings, Hats, and Boots and Shoes.. About  $5000 worth of new Spring and Summer Goods will also be sacriiiced. Here are  a few illustrations of the cuts I am making to close out my stock without delay:  Dress Goods  Black Creponno. regular $2.50 line, offered  at $1 oii per jurd.  Black Crcponnn. regular ��2.00 line, at ��1.25  per yard.  Costumn Cloth, all colors, the regular S'.:V)  KOoos ul iijc per yard.  Colored Ores* Good- oil'ered at half price.  from 2ce to 75c pei- yard.  Corsets  Your cho;ce in Compton's D & A and E  T Coisets.  Regular jfc Corset oil'ered at 3.1c.     ,<,,  Regular "jc corset oil'ered at SOo.  Regular SI 00 Corset oil'ered at @5e.  Regular SI "o Corset ofi'ered at &'��:.  Summer Corsets for 10c.  Prints at 5o, 7c 9c aud lie.  Flannelettes at Gc. 8c, 10c and 12c.  Men's Clothing  Men's Blue and Bl��ck Sorgo Suits, regu-  lar $15 00 suits offered at ��10.50.  Men's Scotch and Canadian Tweeds, regular $15.00 Suits i ffered at $10.50  Cnnadlnn Tweed Suits offered at S1.001  ��5.C0. $0.00 and $8.00.  .  Men's Twcd Pants, a very- lnr?o ramze to  ' ohoi��H from, my 85 00 lino ofi'ered  at S3.50 ; and $1 00 line at S2 50.  Good Tweed Pants oil'ered at $1.25, S1.50  and S'2.00.   Take a look at them.  Regatta Shirt3 at 50c.  Whito Shirts at Mc.  Boys' Suits  , Ro>-3 Tweed and Serge Suits at ��1.70, S2 00,  $2.50 and up to $5.00.  Boys Linen and Galetea Suits at S1.00.  Boy-" Galetoa Blouses at 75c.  Hoys Whito Pique Blouses at 7*J3.  Boots and Shoes  Men's BuirU.lbriggaiis at $1.25.  Men's Calf Balbriggans. $5.00 line at $3.75.  Men's Tan Balbriggans, $5.00 line at $3.75.  Miners' Shoes, tho $1.00 line at $2.75.  Ladies' Button and Laced Kid Boots, tho  $3 50 line. to..n]e��r at, $2.50.  Ladies' Button and Laced Kid Boots, the  $2 50 line, to clear at ��1.75.  Misses and Children's Boot* reduced in.  proportion to the abovo prices.  Men's Hats  Men's Felt  H-ts,  fedora  style, the $3.00  line selling Ht $2 00.  Men's ��� Felt'* Hnts.  fed Ta style, the $2.50  lino, soiling at ��1.50.  Mcn'-i Hard Hats, the ��3.0<) line at $' 50.  Somo odd lines in Hard Hats will be sold  nt ��1.00 to clear.  Special inducements to dealers at outside points who may want to purchase small lots.  REMEMBER THIS IS A GENUINE  CLOSING OUT SALE.  A. FERLAND  AssayeBs Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be exceljed  and   our   prir.f��g   are   rpasnnahle.������ ��� 7.7  We are British Columbia Agent3 for_  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH <Ss THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA   BLOOK NELSON;   B. O.  NELSON CLOTHING HOUSE  1 .  i    ��� ��� < '  NO.   219   BAKER   STREET,   NELSON.  W-A-ISTTIEID  One thousand m^n to purchase  Resdy Made Ciothirg of all descriptions. Our srocK pomprJses  a good assortment of the nobbiest  and up-to-r'ateclothing'to befound  in the Province.   Among our lines  will be found the following articles: Gents' clothing, hats, caps,  boots, shoes, underelothing and  shirts of all shades and sizes, collars, cuffs, neckties, handkerchiefs andnumerous other articles  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  MURALO  MURALO  As housecleanmg will soon be the order of the day, we would  invite your attention.to our stock of PAINTS and VARMSHES.  For kalsomining there is nothing that gives better satisfaction  than jMURALO.   We have twenty-five shades to select from.  Ask for color card.  -iawrenee-H^rdware-  E.. FERGUSON & CO.  .... Wholesale .... ',  Liquors and Cigars  NELSON, B. C.  Agents for_  Peter Dawson's Perfection Scotch  Read Bros., Dog's Head Ale and Stout  "Our Special" Canadian Rye  A comp'ete stock of Foreign and Domestic Liquors  S-EZEZDS  ALL KINDS OF FLOWER, VEGETABLE AND GARDEN SEEDS  Houston Bbcle.  Telepirne '81.  P. O, &ox 176.  JOHN A. IRVING & GO.  CITY LOCAL NEWS  The only two cases of diphtheria  in Nelson have now quite recovered.  The water in the lake is gradually rising earlier" this season than  usual.  The public schools will open again  on Wednesday, after the Easter vacation.  There was a large number of row  boats out yesterday for the first  time this season.  There was no meeting of the board  of works on Saturday morning for  want of a quorum.,  The street car service will be suspended tomorrow to allow of necessary repairs to, the company's  sub-station.  The local branch of the Lord's  Day Alliance are trying to arrange  for a week of prayer, commencing  the llth inst.  Fishermen import good takes yesterday. The day being warm and  bright the speckled beauties roso  freely to the fly.  J7 C. Sutherland of Trail, "resident  engineer of the C. P. R., has gone to  Lardo to superintend the work now  in operation there.  Owing to the absence through illness of Mr. George Kydd,' the; music  at the Presbyterian church hist  night was somewhat curtailed.  The opening of the quoiting season, which was set down for Friday,  was postponed owing to the hide men cy of the weather. Another'  date will be fixed.  A couple of shacks near the gas  works were burned down on Saturday night and although the fire brigade was "called out its services  were not required.  t At the O. P. R. shipyard at One-  mile point, work is well under way  on.a 15-car barge, which will be put  on the service between Kootenay  Landing and Nelson.  It is probible that the Green-  =wood=murder-=case,=whieh=was=set=  down for trial at the forthcoming  assizes in Nelson, will be transferred  to the County Yale. The crown is  moving for a change of venue.  The first ball under the auspices  of the Cooks' and Waiters' Union  take9 place tonight at Fraternioy  HaU, and promises to be a great  success. There will be a good  orchestra of six pieces to discourse  music.  Theo, Madson has decided to go  out of the retail clothing business  and for the future will confine his  attention to his tent and awning  factory. Commencing on Monday  next he will offer the whole of his  stock of clothing, gent's furnishings  and boots and shoes at cost.  There was not much interest  manifested ih the weekly shoot of  the Gun Club on Saturday, the  weather being unfavorable for the  sport. C. Goepel was accorded the  highest score���15 kills out of 25  birds. S. Nelson scored 12, and H.  W. T. Pollock and Pete Nelson 11  each.  Mr. Emmett C Brown has received a formal notification from  hon. S. Edwin Dudley, United States  consul at Vancouver, of his appointment by the president as the  United   States consular agent for  ^ I the district of "Nelson. Mr. Bi">wn  will take charge of the offii-e in a  few days, .succeeding Mr. H. F. McLean, who has acted as consular  agent for the past year;  The Arlington.  J. Mufi'ett, lato foreman at tlie  Arlington, came over from TCrie  1 yesterday, and reports that the  mine has practically closed down.  There is some surface and development work going on, but on a small  scale.  Heavy Snowfall.  All dny Fridwy and up to a late  hour on Saturday a heavy snowfall  prevailed up at the Silver King  mine. It was observable from the  city, but that it was so heavy no  one suspected until a telephone  from the mine announced that the  white flakes were piled up to a  height of six feet.  Weights and Measures.  The provincial inspector of  weights and measures is in town  looking after the interests of his  department and incidentally those  of the public generally. On Saturday he inspected the city weigh  bridge aud marked it with the office! mark, which certifies its accuracy. ��� c  Teachers to Meet.  The annual meeting of the Kootenay -TeachersMnptitute will open  this morning at Fraternity hall. A  large gatheiing is exoected, as the  teachers are now enjoying a holiday and the weather is just what  it ought,to be at this season of the  year. A very instructive and interesting program has been provided. The teachers will beinsession  today and again tomorrow.  An Energetic Old Man.  Michael Traves of Nelson, a man  of over 80 years of age, has taken  up a pre-emption record of 820  acres of land, situate at Fire valley,  Eagle creek. Despite hisadvanced  years Mr. Traves is most enthusiastic over his pre-emption and has  arrangements well advanced to  commence the work of clearing the  land. He is taking out a couple of  teams of horses and expresses a determination to make of the place an  ideal ranch.  TELEPHONE 27  E3I.    B-5TB"BS   Sc   CO.  PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS.  GARDEN   TOOLS.  REFRIGERATORS  POULTRY  NETTING  Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Stieet  RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE.  Sole   Agents   for   Giant   Powder    Company    and   Truax   Automatic   Ore   Cars.  JSnEJLSOIsr  STORES   AT  S^ISTDOISr  Not. Guilty.  The man; Raif, held in custody  for the past con pie of weeks on a  ���-���lincge of having stolen property in  his, ��� possession, was* on S.-iturday  brought; before judge Forin, having  elected foi��a speedy..-crial. " A man  named 3Iatthews had a gold*, w.itch  stolen from him, and the identi- al  time-piece was subsequently offered  for sale by Raif, "who alleged that  it had been given him for sale by a  friend who left for Spokane. The  prisoner was discharged.  been distributing cards soliciting,  in bad verse, monetary assistance.  The pair wound up on Saturday  night at the Club bar, where they  became so offensive "and noisy that  the police had to bo called in. Both  men resisted arrest very vigorously  and gave all the trouble they could.  However, they were got,, to the  lockup and this morning will be  brought up on a charge of drunkenness and disorderly conduct.  Japanese Excited.  London', April 8.��� The Yokohama  correspondent of the Daily Mail  wiring yesterday and dealing with  the attitude of Japan towards Russia's Chinese policy says: Shipping j  companies have been ordered to  hold their vessels in readiness for  transport service. Cruisers on the  reserve list have been commissioned  for active service. All leave has  been recalled and officers of the- reserve had been warned for service.  There is much popular  excitement.  Blaze in a Box Factory.  New York, April 7.���Duringjast  night a fire which brokeout at.two  different times did damage to the  extent of $175,000 to the stock of  the Sud ha us Paper Box Company  and machinery belonging to the  company, as well as to the stock of  S'weetster, Pembroke & Co., both  firms occupying the building 83 and  85 Waite street.,.  FRESH VEGETABLES  R.  Back" From the Battlefield.  A Winerals, who left Nelson  with the Strathcona Horse for service in South Africa, returned to  the city on Saturday, looking none  the worse for the- stormy campaign  through which he passed. It is  probable that he will again join a  branch of the service and renew his  acquaintance with Africa. Mr.  Winerals remained in England after  most*of his companions in arms had:  returned tOcBritish Columbia.  A=ProspectiDg-Trip = ���  Fred A. Pollock, one of Nelson's  successful prospectors, is outfitting  for a trip iuto the l^eace river  country in search of fume and  fortune. He is said to have got  some "straight tips," and is  sanguine that he will be able to  make a record., if not..break one.  The country which he has outlined  to prospect is one which up to date  has received but little attention,  but is said to be; exceptionally rich.  His numerous friends are wishing  Fred every success in  his  venture.  Easter Sunday in Nelson  The weather on Easter Sunday  proved an agreeable surprise to all  who had a new spring bonnet or a  new suit of ciothes to appear in.  The clouds looked threatening the  night before, ;but ere it was  time for old Sol to be up in the  morning, all obstructions had  passed away and he was enabled to  shine forth in his proverbial Easter  day grandeur. . It was a typical  spring day. Special sermons were  held in all the local churches, the  music being made a special feature.  A Pair of Imposters.  For several days past a couple of  men���one   minus an  arm and the  other with a deformed hand���have  Killed bv a Train.  Brockvili.e, Ontario, April 7.���  Ed Muchmore of Gananoque was  killed while attempting to board a  train here Saturday afternoon: The  wheels passpd over his neck, sever;  ing His head from his body.  PERSONAL.  Donald Keith," Spokane, is at the  Phair  D. ,7. Robertson left yesterday on  a business trip to Sandon! ������'"  IT. F. Collett, Windermere, regisi  lerort at the Hume yesterday.  ' '  J. S. Brandon, Trail; is among the  teachers arrived in town to attend tho convention today.  D. A. MeLeod, Cripple Creek, and  St��ve Parly, Eric, lejjistercd at tlie Tremont  yostcrday.i  Judge Forin  left yesterday   for  tlie Onact to a"ooinnany the remains of his de-  censed father to Belleville.  J. W. Dow, Creston ; A. B. Buck-  wovUi. .IP, Ymir; John Mliffott, Krie; J. D.  andesona de. B. Green, Trail, are among the  recent arrivals at tho Queen's.  C. W. Riley, who has been confined to his ooms in the Quoeu's hof-1, was out  ycstcrda�� for the Unit time in thrpe months He  had la grippo in its various stages, and is only  now convalescent.  George Dinnar,  Rossland ; James  Madden. Ainsworth ; George Surgenor, Rohson ;  Robert -McCallum, Sandon; Hiram Williams,  oreenn'City; G.. Dennis, Rostand; and T Fitzgerald. Sandon.jire among_the latescarrivals at  -th'e~Ma-t}(ieh~Hbuse:        :~-  Are still in the  market if you  know where to  look for them. We  have some of the  nicest cabbage,  carrots, and parsnips thatwe have  ever handled. Also    a    complete  stock of green  vegetables arrive daily, consisting of lettuce,  onions, asparagus, spinach, rhubarb, and ripe  tomatoes. Other  vegetables asthey  come in   season.  I  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone IO K-W-C  Bakep  William Hunter & Company  GROCERIES   AND   CROCKERY.  IN   GOOD  TIME  Our Sale of Toiletware came just in good time for the  housccleaner.   A rare chance   for, a   few   days   only.  TOILET  SETS  $4.00   Sets   for   $2.40  $6.00   Sets   fo>-   $3.75       ���..���>���������     \y.  All   th  Call and  latest   shapes   and  patterns.-   How. can we do  it"?  see.  the  STRAGHAN  FI.UM?J9R5.  PLUMBING  All plumbing is  not alike.    See our goods.  Same price as other dealers and  20 per cent Better.   ���  OPPOSITE rOSTOF*\lGE. WHLSON, B.O  To lean on improved properiy.   Straight  mortgage at 8 per cent.  No monthly loan or no fines.   The only agen' in the chy that  can give the borrower his money when he wants jt.  BAKER STREET.  PHONE 251.  HUGH H. CAMERON  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Por Sale or Rent.���Piano at  Old Curiosity Shop.  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada.  Wanted���At once) one bodice and  two shirt hands.   Apply'Mrs. Carr, Viotoria hlk.  Situation Wanted���Japanese first  olasa cook.   City or country.   Apply P. 0. Box  GIG. ������<    ���'  Two large, well-furnished rooms  to ler,.   i and 5 Macdonald blook, corner Josephine and Vernon. ...  Store to rent in the Madden block,  fronting on Wa- d stroet.   For particulars apply  to Thomas Madden.  A    first-class'  expert    salesman  wants position ln clothing store.- A Guonther,  1175 Biker Street, Nelson. .  A larpe,' pleasant, furnished room  with all modorn improvements, northeast corner Lake and Uedar streets, Nelson.  i   We   have  buyers' for  gold and  copper mines. The ProsDectofn'Exohanee. room  4, K W-t; Block.   Tolephono 101. ..Nelson, B. C.  Japan  Tea of all  kinds  to" suit  your taste. Sun Cured. Spider Leg, Pan Fired  in Milk or packages.   Kootenay Coffee Co.  Nelson Employment Agency,  Baker "treet. J. H. Love. Phone No. 278. P.  0, box 4C5,    Help   of  all  kinds furnished.  F.or sale���Smith' Premier typewriter in excellent condition. Owner leaving  tne country.   Apply Typewriter, Tribune office.  For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, &c,  cigars and tobaccos of the best brands, call at the  Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A.  L. Khnkwltz.  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  aro selling; at thirty cents per pound is giving  tho best or satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootonay Coffee Co.  If you have a mine or prospect for  sale, jen ' ��ampl"8 of "ro and report to The Pros-  peet'ira' Kxchange, rnom 4, K-W -C Block. Telephone 104.   Nelson, B. C.  Western Canadian  Employment  Otllco���Male and female help of all kinds fur-  niHhed fron of charge. Victoria street, nest door  to Public Librao.   1'hone 270.   P. O. Box 711.  We   have   Indian,   Ceylon    and  rhina Toas in in'cut variety, choicest quality.  wt mate a spi-ciolts of blending teas and sell  them in any quantity at lowest rAtos.  Kootenay  COtlOi! Co  William Hunter & Company  GROCERIES   AND   CROCKERY.  P. Burns & Co.  Wholesale and Retail  ^S'oVr o. Dealers in Meats  Markets at   Nelson,   Rossland,   Trail,   Kaslo, Ymir,   Sandon,  Silverton, Nov  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vanconver.   "' .-' ..     ....  "Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  H  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF ':A \ "7  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  FISH  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  AND POULTRY IN SEASON  K  W  0 BLOCK  WARD STREET  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  . v.,- ov VATT   pwpbi����t1' n4DiPWTTT,   tvn lorwjrcjr   . wnnmni  WORKS  ROSSLrAIND   EIVOIJNEERIIVa  cunliffe & McMillan  Founders and MaohlnlsU, Specialty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin Doors and General Mining Maohlnery.  List'of 'second-hand machinery on hand, which has been, thoroughly overhauled and to ao good  new: ��� ���  1 2*-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to torn on steam.  1 t>i"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No 5 Cameron, New York.  as new  1 Sinking Pump, 10"x5"xI3", outside paokod plunger pattern.  Watch this advert! emont for further lists, or write us before yon buy for complete list  Wo  may have just what you want.  Agents for Northoy Pumps.   Stock carried.  P.  O.  Box  198. THIRD  AVENUE,   ROSSLAND.  NELSON BUSINESS COLLEGE  SPRING  TERM  BEGINS APRIL 1st.  Bookkeeping, ' shorthand and ' typewriting  thoroughly taught Do not mi<H tbis opnortun<ty  of acqiiiilnrf a business education. Noto address..  CORNER WARP AND BAKER STREETS  MILLINERY OPENING  OPERA HOUSE BLOCK.  Mrs Enfield specially invites ihe  ladies   of    Nelnon   to   attend   her  Spiing Millinery Opening on Tues  dny, April 2nd, continuing   three  days.  Mrs. CARR  LATE OP VANCOUVER  LADIES' TAILOR  Parlors formerly occupied by Miss MacMillan,  Victoria Block.  The patronage of Nelson ladies solicited.  REMOVED.  The office of the Arlington Mine of  Erie, B. C, and Hastings (British  Columbia) Exploration Syndicate,  Limited, are now in room 9,  K.-W.-C. Block.  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, Manager.


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