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7 '■:.' ■■ "'■'•■■-  '"*':'■■-. ■ '*'■' "*?*- > '■•■■-■■ :^iC ■.'*&*.-•■ •■"*'    "'■-"*<
? -u-'t»; '••>.*,* -•'"■'■''""   JI T^ii»V   - .y... -«:,-'   -..'.v.; ~ ■■>» -ntiis;
V.■".:''"I*.1 ■■"■"-!'  "■■>'^".".""/.'."'.'  - v^'-i^rV—^vj^
'.   . .     .....   :■■■:.•   .:." '.        ■■' .   ■".    "' .,-', ■-.ts'.":".'.    - :.  *->*  '.   ,". ".-~.- „.: ,'.;,''"fi"'3,''iv ,*»i|W.«
Weekly edition JbyjMAil
.■' . V* v1;;-..-t-t-'--.-^Vt&
: ■':' .-.'■ '".'4*S??i7j.'*?Sy
-*T ;-V" -;>*0>^'i-S^
; :._..■■::_ .-;>*.;TH##
■ •>:■?.'T. '--,<■
:NINTHr7YEAE. ja:ck^ jj
.'?.» *»,
^ j 11 THE;TanBU^^T.NELSQ^: B. &;3gH^ j ;r ?J;I1. ^^ [^yA^y ■ Si PKLOE .-FOTlSB|t^
V,.*     a    |     :.*      ,     tt    .,-:,
Text bf Proposed Section to Crow's Nest
Southern Bill—Yale and Kootenay
.   N Must Be Protected.,,.., r :
Victoria, April 3.—[Special, to
Tribune.]c-There was little business;
transacted in tbe house today.;' The
Crow's Nest Southern bill did not
gd'injbo the committee stage;. Tlie
newVsection proposed rby the attorney general was the shag. '^It, reads
as 'foliowa: "TBis kct shall nbt^come
intbvforce or effectruhtilsuch time\
as'the company shall give security,
to-the1satisfaction|'pf "the^Ueuten?
ant%governor ;in* council.1 '>*'1!.-That
the [government ;sball ■'■ have absolute control of the rates for freight
and.^ra|8cr="2^-Tha't:r; a "supply:: bf
coal and cokefor use, in;.the,coun-
• ties "of Yale and Eootenay, satis-;
factory to the ilieutejbanti;?governor
in; council,shall at all times beifur-;
n[shed by the producers "thereof-in;
Kootenay,' before the railway shall
,   carry'.'any coal brcoke so prbducedE
That in the event of a charter being
granted * by7 the  Dominion 7 govern-? •
' mentfor a line of railway over - or
',_ parallel to the -rbufe proposed! by
this act _the ^.fpregoing* conditions
* shall be ^assumed[kbd carried'put by
~   the comply, sbvjncorpbrated- .as^a
contract and; obligation of the said
company prior io any other; charge
thereon.;:-11; shall be lawful for the
lieutenant gb*verho^' inf council,: to;
'-- ent^intb^allasuchl^^
■, may'be xleemecl ^advisable {forSther
purpose.of carrying^biit the:'objects^
and; intent ofjthis^isectibriV'' tt ;y Ay±
,   ■ It}5w;bUld::seem'^from^thb^iBibbvb^
that the''^eva^i^ioi'^^wn'-'^^iit',
a whatt-hej^as^^
outi^bf ^itSv pideiY* If ',:;hb;'"was,^h^r
patriotic^ last week:. tlie whblehpxise
must be ^unpatriotic^^ ;thiSy;week; in
not"'.onlydelaying^^ the,cpnsideratibh
of:Jjbhie -bill>ovbr;,;a: frec^s.^bfj,two
weeks,but.'in^desiringtb incorppraite;
a .new section\thatjwill;~prpfec£^tlie-'
■ mihing7;and^ snaelting;^interestsof
oThe: ^ [
'Tuesday rthe 16 tff instant.
; feR.iP^G^e^pf:Kasio.and^m
7 the Pthei^ti p^cbun tryv memberelleave.
: for'.'home tbnight and • tomorrow;:*CV■
'•.-, ^•.'^;A"'.&6vernme^ :^i
:'y V^CTORIA.-April -: 3.—The govern^:
merit has" prb^ospd^ai^esolutionutip
:place:a^clause;in;all^^^ charters-grant-;
;edby the housejgiyingi^tlie gbyern^;
.■' J&ent control of rates on ^ all; lines;
.. ^ppg.tpucted^in^tXe'Xpro^jnce.^M^
.. J||i|ri$iV- leader, of -ithe opposition,-
A companies to give a guarantee that
'" tliby. will allow the/gbyerhmeht to.
fli-rates. \-y 777:7.-,. AAA, ■ jr. 7A.7..y
■-,yancouyer.-N'ews -Notes. "Axx!1?;
. Yancquvbr, April 3^[Special tp
The Tribune.^ The Pyritic Sinelter
Cpmfwhy3)f 7 Gr^fiwoph; is jxnakirig;
.arrarigements^tid-hasbeen givetiva
free site for -a ^smelter at'.■*.* Alberni.
John Sutton has spltf.the timber interests'In ■that) district .to- eastern
capitaiistSvfor $100^00.777A, i -'7a [■
.A location;. of-1 landing for the
Pacific cable ha9 been decided upon
to be a,t Barclay Sound on the:west
coast of rVJancouyer.Island. '
..1:::7Vi .v.i;., Beilicpsgf Japan.,.7..yyy.±
LoNt)pN, ApriL;M!^---Thb' Japanese
prMsjcpntinueSjjyery7 belli(ibsev.l|''ys
Oku wi.iormeriy premier:. aud _• now
• leader of. tihe. ppposition, declared,
in-ihe eourse-of an:.'incisive)'article'
that. Japan muatfassert herself"-or
the! work; of; 3$: years; :will.7;be ^lost..,
Rbreai'The says,' is not a Russian
" chattle ,!and,Rug^
.rect <^*^llehg^tb:Jap^
[ JCOTdAGio, riAjpril" ^3;^:G^prger;R.:
Philiips^ whose daring, operationa ih'.
grain.ha^*made;him;the c^iiosure
of all speculative eyes interested in
the local 'iffarket,;passed a crisis in
his career ;,on;;;tb'e; Board.-offTrade
today.':7 He:" was driyeh:'frpm 'the'
1   wheat^t,T^e':weak^
fences, •but.-■■ he stood iflrm ^behind
the. bfeaatw^tsiibf^ corn;; and. ."bats
Whi*cb";.;jbj9^had^^hrbvvia .up.during
; the past fe w'weeksl, Monday/a call
for addition^ margins was tnada
and the young speculators put-tip
$220,000. Yesterday it was reported
that ah additional call- would be
made today and that a tremendous
onslaught calculated to force him
ftpithe wall would be fbllowed,iby
the big operators. Attvthe tapr^of
the opening gong thes-eLttackii came;'
Phillips procured $100,000 additional'
margin money in response to the
second call. Severely 'piressed, he
retre^taigl^mthepit after selling
The Occupation of Nytstroom.
yplEyS.York.; April 7£-^The news
from lord 'Kitchener that'gen'eral
Plu mmer has occupied Nytstroom is
taken to me^an^':tH'e.':L$n*40n;?cbrre;''
spondeht of the Tribune says, that
the B ritish,: ar*my. in' ^ Sou thgAfricaC
has. at last'7 resumed *, the.\ horthern..
advance" towards 'Pietersbiirg.^^^-Nyt'-ll
.the,railroad, about 90  miles north
■ of ^Pretoria...;Jibiwas. held fpr.,a;ieW
Sayai; by § general Badeh:P;bwelI ;in.
- August.'..IksiB' year, but- had '*tbi-be
evacuated because, the force then at
lord - Roberts' - dispbisal ~ iWas t insufficient at once to provide a, permanent g^Si^onaiiditb secure the.
railwa^line^nbrtliward frbin| Pret«
totia;y^rhere can^elflittle^iaoiubl.
-that lord Kitchener's latest report
indicates the execution ;of ai comprehensive plan for the ^conquest
and  pacification: of.-;the;.northern7
of :PietermVri(;sb^^
lines ■bfj.xail^y;>'Wouldlibp.;lost
the Bqers,;but:there is^a heavy task
ln^thb ;i^ptebtion;;pf7. anbther::line 7bf
communication 2^mUe4lpn^that
woul*^Tbe|a^ded*Jtp "the ;bufid-ens fbf
-'the;British"armyr. :7S:7'S:SS:~ySi
|;  ^orst^Snoyratdrm ^BveriKnx)^; ^:,r
! '|?liTSBUR&^Pa;;'-. April; 3.—JProim
early morning Pitt^uVgha^^
the toils of pnejofr the^wbrstfsnbw^
stprmsi bver   experienced f inS this1;
reg|bn;v ;At; about;'.6  :o'clo^;7tKis
morning^a:" heav^^clihginglPamJiw
;the stoi-m cau^t|th^to^
'officials^ off; their^£^
ponditibh '^bf^^ffi^M^^^bVeaate^q*}
iroads is terrib^f^nth^^^nhsyl-
jvania wires are;db^nahdltraihsare;
stalled at various points^ •The'depth':
'on the mountain,is^^dfrpm'"[;t5verye-t.b
Jfifteen inches and is"sbv::heavyr'ttiat;;
it has brought down proles and wires
•along the road; u Extra gangs .Save
;beeh -required/ on all   trains, and
i'unless the snow fall ceases a blockade, is imminent.'  The BuffalbTand?
;AUeghany<systemjiss ihzalmost tiie?
sameiCpndition.-.uOii- tbe.-Western"
jNeW- *■:.: York ,   and     I^ennsylvania
division, the snoW'>is^: from
;fifteen inches in |idepth,|Jthe vwires;
■are down "and sitheitraih  schedule
|has been abandoned.
■-''   Kaiser Doh'tKnow Hia People.- -'--
|  |'|   V;- A X*   .7   A-■■ A
If Alliance Is Not Formed the Future
Relations Will Be Most      . ^
Paris,   April    3;—The   Franco-
Italian fetes flit-'^roaloni;ihelxt weet1
' Sre how;the chief' topics of interest,
in the French .press.ahd the subject
HsImuch^disMssed .inrpblitical and
diplomatic   circles.  ^Spectacularly
the festivities'will be yery'brilliatit,
wbile ^i^is-igeinerallyQ considered
that the occasion will rank; as one
of: the    most   important 7 historic
»*ey*ents^8ince;5 the irFramcerfiussian
deinonstratipn ait "the same; ^port^
"Although-there is, no question of an
alliance between tlie two-cbuhtries,
yet the*mee,ting of^president Loubet
land ithe sdiike of ^Renoa^ will- bb slif
incident of tbe first value, "because
it will.officially  mark She opehing
;of a ne;w,'eraqf!good feeling between
Frahce^and Tltaly.   i       '";; y.Ax,.;,;;
rVFrance is hot seeking, an afiiance
with, Italyig ;s^id^jFriench^^lbm^ v
pffieiai^-^relations^ ;^of:.u-the5- two
.cbuhtraes.;;The^v Franco-Jtalian^
^demphstratibhi att? Toulon^ does; nqftf
iI'Ml^^fcife IP*!*' 'il'V^|ba^eLr|no|
;reaibh^^,torexpect:"tha^ ;itaIy?wiH'"'de-;''
l^ach/herself:*;f^rom the triple alliance.
• On^the ~/cohtrary, :-yre";. have Vey ery'
reason to expect *thati8h:e^^ willii^new^
-her4 adhesion; o^The^lgreat?   sig^
hittcance bffthe::coming^^by^ht^lies ih;
"thesfact^at' i t% indicates Jthat the;
; Fran^i^wlnch^w^^airo
^Fr^e^i^bcct^^oiioj;:0^; Tunis-.and?
I^higbyisj r*^kling)!in|7 th^^inds;bf;;
i Italian.^statesmen -,ahd?has,; done sb:
r1iiuch"to''in j ur^!bu^mutual i^elat-;
, ipnSi!s:no„w: eiitl^
' ri\ana /_^€\ioXAa^\r._z\-:9ni^':i'i,nrltii._.:
I ^BERElNi=? April; 3.9-Thej German
press is still  busy discussing  the
recent speeches of emperor William..
The j^estphaHian'Merc the
.Cblbgne Volks Zeituhg 'assert that
;the kaiser is:grea,tly mistaken if he
jthlnkffhis'trips through the country
enable him to know the'real bpihibh
pf tlie' German; pebple-j concerning,
him.^ ;*-.'.•*■*.  ' "v .v7;:' 7 A_ 7 A ,J..;17iy   A
} Another Peace Envoy Killed.
I LONDON^ ' Aprils 4.4-The Bloemfontein correspohdent of the Morn-•
ing Post asserts that the Boers have
tried fot treason and executeil Mr.
DeKerek, the peace;enyoy, who took
•the message' from-general1 Smith-
Dprien   tp    cqmmandajaji    general
Louis Botha oh FebriiarSTia '
j y^y >.:, *; ■ .. 7     lx7W77.77-,xA:7. i
J        ..:.  Bubonic Plague?Oases:^?;j;,;
I Gape* Town, April r 3.T7-Several
plague1 corpses have been found in
the streets and- houses, indicating
■efforts to conceal contact=;witb- ;the
disease. The total number of
*deaths from the' plague,; ia 107v ih-
jcludine 22 Europeans. There • have
jbeen 315 casest)f the pla^ub.   '-777x7
•French TroopBlt^ithe!Scene3
j  ^B^rli^ AprH'^^Th^^
iGazette, today^ubiisbe^^^
ifrom    Pekin "'annbuncih^
'French' force was'en^raihed'';Apr
ilst*bound for Ohieng Teng 'Fii, 75'
jmiles soiithw-est of:;Pad"^Tihg"*Fu,
ithe scene of a \recent massacre of
place tt)*a"desir6HfbiSa, -better iihde*-
[standing jbetween^ranee'andvlta
i^e shall nowo;befa,bie tb;discuss the
questions :tbat are pending: betw^
the^twb^^countrie'Sy notably" the
^pptlitical ^sitiiatiohv in the :Mediteir-
raneahiWithj#better disposition'pn
TJbpt^i^ddes ;and;a\brighter jprospect
■ f% ^^Vith a: ,ytew-,bfr widemng and
amprbvihg^her commercial Relations
with France, Italy may^; decline ;to;;
r^e^;certain clauses f oft tthev feomw
pactjbearingjupon; her inilitary and
i ptb^icbnJtHbutions^ j ":i Thus/";; con-- •
cludedVthe-diplomat, ^the-^meeting^-;
of M. Loubet and thejduke of Genoa,.
togetheR,iwith ^|bhe jFrancb-Italian
na^ySl dembhstratibn;fmust;; not be'
takbre^a^a -prelude"tak the Switli--
drawal   of. Italy   from   the triple
alliance^ yeti it may herald a nbte-
national situation., Wedp'.nbt.wish
for a. written convention with Italy.
We believe the .re-establishment of
tion".   When thb. jcity spread out,
hbwever, other banks were opened.
Established,; blink 'did   not ^open;
branch offiffi^j int. various parts " bf;
;the city Jhfit«idin| tB^dv sucb^been:
^bhe^^WbSd^heh^ve afiMrings
bank :trfist Here today similar to the
one,t£at:now. exist-sliii Glasgow anjl;
other Eufo^anJ-citiesV Wbethec:
the public here,; wpuld benefitSp\i
not by-^uch a-trust'-'I - civnnot^say;;
But  the rfact "iemaihs "that   the?
:$;800,OOb;piO|Ofofitthia wprkingmen'^
moneyMby? on^he many'
individu^:8avihgsr;;ibanks; * ;woula^
thenbeiibntrplled. .by., a-yery.rfew
iabhj^d^^bjcan .say, ji?ith suchja?
tremendous power* ^in their ■'hands^
whether it :wbhld; be^u^dgfoir tl^i
public weal^pr;iv^^-:*^
* '?!■&[ fabt^bt ygen|irally^ knowh^
iCqntinti'ect,- Mr.;•;5,S.pp#gue,y-''iis''*:th^
"^public sa"yirifea"banki8;wer^
/til the„barlK^part bf-thbr nineteen*6h:
century, br,"tq:b.e .exact,  until: the?
. year. 1819, wheir ba^ks;; for -{savings7
and Philadelphiai and two or   three}
. in „ Eurppe; ;i£With^
ment of theseib%hka:came thegreSfc
betterment in- ttie^cqnditibh^f«" th*e^
wbrkirig cWssesjbf ihe world, and-it?
seems strangeftctmys-elf^    othe^
who hayegiyen'th&jjgh
jeci that the^creatito
.ings bank;^has ^■■^en more^ge&l
eraliy" ¥6bbgnized
.bppi^; the 'nin^senj^;:'*century^has
Conferred kon ^Me'^t7iage:-.:><earmtfg
masses, ;all _the.wpnderful  discov-
"eries ahd;inyentiq^that mSy'-^
been made^in;|j(|^r^lm5pf the arts
and sciehcesJib^bei&ntraryijX
Cannot Afford to Alienate the Sympa-
:; .: thies of; the-Other^Powefa by -ASS.
Doing So.
;.-■ Pekin,7;; April j. ^^Tbe^^m^;
goyernment haSf;fqrmallyfXnotified't
Bussik that China, owing^.tortlie''kt-::
titucle of;jhe"pbwersi is ribt^able^^tb
'sign.MbMahbhuria cbhveritibn.. "It"
lis ,Ohina's.desire.!!-r says.-the.^fbrmar.
nbtiflcatiohiy'.'tb "3 keep'i on^ f riendlyo
*^er'fbs;witlr■kir-hatibhs.- Jit-p*re8ent
shells gbing'th'rbugh-a'period' which"
"Pjcbviqiis tb^^^aiw^e^^abHc^
savings banks :wey)B.inaug.uratedthe
: tb hi*^hi^^inj^§^a^fiitq^*^
btheir; Srebeptacle^ iMlJ^JwMiblBceibrV
fancied, security;, about-his;.  home.
.*• was ^.scarce };i||irt|cMef .urtprestiijMb^,
thprbughly^: W^mpaM
of greater worth''thah^ahy'existihg
treaties."....".;-,..; '; ..7..J.-.777..7. ....
Ni^w; york;s sAy|Nas banks;; •
:   LongStrike Expected.-
j !■ Glasgow, April 3.—At a confer-
jehce of the Lanarkshire coal masters
held this afternoon it was decided
]to refuse the striking; enginemen
iany concessions and a protracted
strike is anticipated.   7-.:i 7A  ■
combined" savings   of
-wage-earners in Greater New York
reach the-bnbrmous ;-aum,>ofi $800,-
000,000] 'This   great'"hoard, is ac-
cumulatied f in . the   half   hundred
sayings "bank'"-institutions in the
city.   If this money, were equally
distributed   among   .the;; 8,500,000
persons composing the city's population, ..every '^man,:*c': woman-"'*yahd;
child's share would a'mounfeto more
than 5$200;77 ;But thisi^O^poo.OOO;
persons; in  Greater;>NeWs;York,,.of
whom oyer,, 1,000,000, according to
"the. latest; banking statistics,! are
credited; to;; thei -Borpugihsl of 7Manhattan and the Bronx.7^ ^This means,
ih effect; that' fevery; ~oih.er7 person-
one may pass in the;city's streets is;
the possessor of a sayings ^bank'account..   '.- President^ Gharles: •:. 1&7
Sprague, for sb ^many-yekr^; cqn-
nected with the^.^J^iupn'.^iim^Say*,
Ings ■*-Bank, stated! ah^^ot,l^iih-7
teresting fact*.tbatMel'hadfbften
"Pondered ] how it: happened. that
/there^ was hot' a savings bank trust
in   thisf breedihg1  land   of    trust
organizations. 7A y%-     y 3 •     >.•
t,JustB';'"WhV.v,rf7"'*s'ftid.' "presidenti
Sprsiguei1 ':"this'   has: -never' been
iorganj^d inthis"country I am un-
•of its kind-^the Bank for- Sayings
!—-was chartered in-New York it
was thought,^hat it wqu)d suffice
th&city'snewiorsuch ^-ihstitu-
: lan^br;bmld|;a'hqus^^qt-tq^mbrt:;
an ^lmqst prqhib^yej;qrOTS^iH|tm3;
rate7 pf linterebt.pEf-'t'he sami§^^yeryr]
thing was in favor of the/capitalist;
bf-  the savings, banks,:^iib|their.
millions of ,dollarsV of ;ibe"viffibple's
inbney to • lend at  a.ramall'ra,te bf
.interest/-* labor.;is^^ enabled;;^?,get?
more- and 'more.^its^shakreotV the
capital   it    creates,y'and   in   such
ineasureis the;! wprldi^made better
and -happier.'V 7-^-AA77o< k7[7yx. y\
p'-'Ih conclusion. Mr.::Sprague?said
tha^bntei«ry;to thej^b^ief ^of^nahy|
perkphs; ^saviiigs'' banj|s| *we*)re^ jin|
without'stbckholdersiland J'with ho
division bf-profits amohg/those^wliq
managed them. 1 As: fbrttbe; sum of
unclaimed deposits"inSthe..various
amounts^to a little qyer^ $1,006,660.
After twenty years "interestbh8uch
twehtyTtwo- -years.J they .wererjfrer
ported: to the state -banking' department at Albany. -'"[Ay ■.**..' : , j: ;   •
German-Soldiers' Sick of China. '
i Berlin, April 3.-^All letters received nowadays from "China' tellrqf
the - homesickness of the; German
trbbps. The corr'esjpohdent/bf;-the
Berliner Tageblatt says••ithat. "the
whole ; Germa-n contingent is
thoroughly disappointed and r tired
bf China;" Published' letters frbm
officers tell-the same -tale.i A .correspondent of the • Frankfurter
Zeitung mentions a number of cases
where missionaries by- the wholesale
blackmailed the Chinese. Hei asserts that Mr. Edmonds, an American • missionary, was A arrested ih:.
Pekin by;;the French, but was /s'ub-
'sequehtly released on the, ^demand
of the%mericah authcffittiesr- 'The
ministry- of war finiteBat very
difficult to. obtain yolunteers to
replace the hbmebpund soldiers in
:China. .On Monday not one voliin-
itee'r- here responded at; the meeting
of the reservists,   ^y;  ;;o-
Newfoundland's: Delegate.
] ■ =• Liverpool, April S.-rrrThe a teamer
^Majestic, which sailed from here to-<
dayifor: New .Y orki",has. among,her.
passengers, EJ. P. Morris,'"thei Newfoundland delegate on the French
shore question. Mr. Morris is hope-
ful^tfiat a settlement..will be reached SOOn.° '   *::; ■•<    '-■*-
;     Maher and McCoy, to Fight.
'' Louisville, Kentucky, April 3.V
;It'was announced;.today by the
management of the.; Southern
I Athletic Club that Kid McCoy and
• Peter Maher had been matched for
a twenty-round bbiifc here April 29.
is 'most.perilbusih^theemp
tbjiygandvit; is;:nece88a^
■^hbuldThaye theIvfnehdship/'/'ibf/: alL.*v'
However m'nclrshe'"might'b*e1j; will-/
in^: to'grant ^ny.speciilp^
one. ppwer, ^wben bthersvobj eat', .it ial
■ iihppssibleT ythaitM-jfprr :;the^ake:f^of:;
making ;'ohe: nation? friendlyj-?she;
shbuld^alienatb^e?^ of'
: all*'*'others. '■ '7^A -'xyyyi ,y -yiy
X\. "Li^Hiihg - Chang .says-^this ^ietter;
se^tles^tlie ^ma^P-definiiitely^and^
that' Russiacwas'nptifi*erd''
^q"the same" effect:%bh 'March* 29j;
Prince;: ChinKassertsr '/thiat ^eyefy
was against signing the convention.
j London, April^ 3.-^Dr^Mprrisbn71
wniiih^tpjthe! Times-'frbmyPekin,
deacrib*^;an}' interview;^ -withwJ i_i
Hung?Chang: -in*; which;;^fche- latter
admitted that^^
thb'only ^pbwer^whiclr?^
tion qf the system. The money or-,
'dersyahhuall^sen^to-^hada now
aggreg%t«£about $2,000j000 r: and -in
thb'btherrtlirection; a little less than
that amount; ^.-The1 ..exchange1 wpf
these orders is now; restricted'' to
four different offices in tfiis'cbuntryy
but'"'-'undetP^tbe'!; new * arrangement
will be extended ;tq* 30,000 ^offices:^n i
thisiCou^tr^anyjThoneyvfoffices^ in:
either qqtftt-fcry "being>'*thW'author-'
ized-to issue, or -pay ;them.j . It is.;
^a'id 'tha'ti!"tlieT radical7i reduction :ih-;
thb^rates will treble theibusiness^v^
• ^6NTRKAti-2Miehael   Ennis ;'was
sen t'tb - S tfi - Yi nceht •- :de; Paiul' •; pbhi-^
tentiaryi: this tmornihgi^ftirl-^'fivel
years qn a^hargerof burglary.,,En-,
' his is, bhly~30 but has been '. convict-;
: ed^s'tiihes^' ■■; *?,?'*?£■ A7 ■iy[yyy:y:
; I b^vs^^Ttoukb^
:presen*t'f'rtiie! -'■ Sqiitfir I A?fricatf^'war1
\riiedalsr^vhile?onffhis'5;tbur through^
Canada. - TheVmilitiaidepartment i%,
asked to prbparbralist-bf the names
■,of'recipiehtsa;:";:o;,;o;I[.''. ■^yyky^y
I BB^EViLLB^Oht^ioirlrJames Wh
j Bamfbrd-firedtwo .shots=*!at^,Fred
. ■;•.* ■■■■~x^^.^yUi^is^
■■£-■; -<AAm
■: :X-J^Xi.fx4
x A.x-iix^m
Oold-Blooded Narration of x(MA^W7^§$
■        *     ■' *— ''■-    -• -'riv.-iijiss
.'-IV -7__-.V<}.!
One   of
Murderers. -7y\
. sixxsm
:.:■£.? .*.f--:.*.^ ■• • *   /vs-'".Tsi:::*;.:*"*
■X'-'■■'■.. K-'.y'?-:X.-.\.X.XS;.inT.'W&}£_
: j jNew YOTtk| AprU?3j|^BrlM;W^
Jones; whq^asTtlieTiBfte^^rotary;
?deiiredf ^0x^0^0i^^^S^e [
the^prbtocol ^ey.e^ythih^u-^ilt#t^.*'
practically rconbiude^^
indemnities,   thbl^ohly.*• claimsIhot!
re'ady.ibeing ithb^
and^Japaheeqil*^ The^ :Gfernians5sa^,
tBey' can b^j^^yii*^twq^S^^,hd7
the "Japs * asse^£tfet^hey^&;:: be
ready (at*'a;?;m
• Private   clai ms, S howeyery can   be
" filed-;uhtilTMay;;14th;5; s ^y£.y£,y^''
{|A-majprity/pf^.th^minjat«rs, $re*
in; favor- of making a general-claim
ka soon as 'the. goyernment fclaims
are in,-;makingi'alibwancesidr^few
fc-^p^'sand fbrj'pps'sible^uttt^
j iLi'Huhg 'Chang andi prinice Ching
have ''sentitp^tb&bq
a|list of names  presentecl'•'■ by 'tlie
ministers of; the powers fbrwputfish-
ment.     The death-list-has been re-:
.duced €0 fourJnames for degradation
and to 91"forioss'of /ofifice^ *'Nb'bb-:
jectionis  auticipatedj^as  the men
munities.'lH. /7AA7y; 'iXSJtH,yZAX
\ i^6 ARuinaWpLS^^niHrispnm^nt. :i Ay^
\ Manila, April 3:^Chief. justice
Arellano,: who :: admiriis'tered ? itq
Aguinaldo the oathiot allegiance to
the United States government, described today;tp.a representative of
the Associated Press the conditions
leading up to-and-attending the
'ceremony,-:-, which -was . private.
Aguirialdois still 'detained" in; an
apartment of the Malacabah palace,
a waiting'orders from 'Washington.
JHe'Kas expressed himself as anxious
to learn more regarding the Ameri-
can system of government and has
asked chief justice Arellano to enlighten him. j'"i..\.i:y .s:-.i.
1        • ________~—__-___________~~______-_~__..
\ Chinese Robbers. -r   ov v-ir -h
l Berlin, April S.^^e-war -office;
.has received a despatftlr from count
iVon Waldersee formally'reporting
the defeat March 31st* of M000
Chinese robbers by a. company of
Germans seven miles' north of-Tien
•Tsin. He addsithatth'e.roJSberfl are
"being pursued and also that a de-
•tachmeutof infantry at the request
of the Chinese local authorities has
[been sent froih Tien' Hwang
Sun and Liu Ting Kang to protect
Itheinhabitantsfrpm robbery;  .
.* '**"   ' ,— _.' 1 1 ...
• Reduction in Postal Rates.
' Washington, _ A.pril, 3. —An • ar.?
rangement has.:beeh ^concluded 1 between the United States and Canada, under which all postal.moneys
between this Country and 'Canada
:will go at the domestic rate of.three-
itenths of one; per cent, instead of
the international rate oft.bhe per
'cent, as at present; This concession is regarded as more important
to the money order business than
1 any, action taken since > the iucep-.;
Bleeker,; and vthen :.tppki 'a;
Twrench and attacked bim on rMbh-
,  Wf JHealso^fli^^iiifle^i^^ii;
r Nahty^ll'farmers.' *'- Warratfts^re1
pufefbr*^mfbrd^:arfest.5M^rtip ^ j
j ^TkoMAS; Qhtarib;^Thbhbuste
of. Alexander^McGinnis, {neaci-'Fjin^i
; ^a.r^nage,;^as1&rn^;tbday^
: iwin: babielj*seyenTmohths' qld,5per-:
isi^in^er/flam^' •^^eir^'motlie^
r waS*t but-rg^hering :;;wbqd j arid^sstwJ
i thbflrbr but!;cou
I* "^TAW^Hjr^ati^ ^ehemiir ;qf
the -supreme7 -cqurt^lrtiSf;isffied'-inyi-^
. tatibhsjfodinr^r^bh^prii; 177 Jtq^alR
suryiy ing;; J n?embers7f bi^proyihciall
cbnfedera'tibnT?: Si£ Henri ^JoIyStle^7
Lotbiniere,. heutenant-gpvernqr'oft
BritwbiGblumbia^is ambng^them@|:'
Arnbldis dead as'a ;%esult stpf■ IJinjul;
^ie3|£^a^amb(I;by: beihg^hr^niqigb:
%cjH7& T^ggy(ibyr:a^i^avvayibbrse>;bn-;
yMqnday;j.mqrmng^T«;^Sh^5vw''  ^"*
■■_._ U.'.?;bft:.
The rtor^o£« the^^irderr •; aircl]*-'cqnp!|^g
wealth of detail ahd^witK^afcbblhjMS
•: and'-.ner^. whi^Jjunder^
'st»hces' was "almost overwbeltoinglMplpI
was but.
"   '   .'-■■-'■f'iS'-i.
^RONTb^^jlehg^^eglfal T«trgu
ihieht is going.^
;tario;gbvernment aa^tb^tbb^ford's;
day act.. ;TKe_^uestip^"a^issu   is
to'p'r'ofiibit'a-man',f r'orhi Workingion
Sundays even if ? he' does. not;'.iliterr,
fere with;his neighbors.   '*;..*,;. ^ ./.'■;;
! ; Tor6nt6.-—The  {annua,! cohven-
tibh" bf. the Canadian 'Wheelmen's
•!£sspcia"tibhs will::be'- held' "here\"on;
■Good'Friday morning..- •-.A ohumbeiv
of amendments will be made to the
constitutionr:to harmonize; with, thet
new , order of ^things in wheeling
matters owing to the decadence of
bicycle clubs;fand"-Iarge increase in
individual■-! riders f who: want;pro-;
tection   and   amalgamation.     The
'racing question may also come be;
fore the meetih g.''   .-.".'■ '^77__tA,
'.'■■:-.     '-;'i-rT --■^■■■°   -in..-.-- ■,;..■,.
t:patiehce> the^:cbuM?fbiwjp^
,;bia ;bi^|li^q:£ie^i^^
'\i ]It;wa»bhscrbsB-e^mi^tibh^ha,^l§ "
ibathewasf emotion;^
Ei i MbbreY Patrickss-v lawyblriSwentl
about-;the ;crpss-ex*aTOinatipn?inpi^r;|
'.* have*-disfma.y ed-^mosti^en^l^-l^^fi^
'.he- spoke ;bf thel killing;of^iceMie^ll
Didn't: Do Well in St; Louis. >;
!   St. Louis, April_'■ 3.—Mrs. ..Nation
started . pn;: her., saloon  tour in St..
Louis -with pnly, one. companion.
Af tbrriyisiting the  place: of J.; W:
Kaup' sbe wentto th'e Nation saloon
at Sixteenth  and  Market';streets/
which she visiteda week ago.- The
dpprs were unlocked and she walked
in.    A crowd that packed the saloon
gathered about1 Mrs; Nation when1
she began to talk to Joseph Sauer-
burger, who grew excited and began
■toargue.angrily. Vv>. .,     ,.,    ;.,,.,„ ..
'   "I don't believe any lady, wbulcL
db as you are doing,"  he' shouted.
"Ybu'are'sellingi'ybur'sbul' -worse
than I am. '.I'll "bet oyou' that :my
wife and-I are a good deal  happier
[than,you are with yqur,rhu8^a^d,j
Answer rae; dpn*t'3rou''tmnl£'8b?"
i -^"But ybu are ruining other fam-
jilie8;"replied;Mrs;:Nationj' shaking'
Ih'er 'fists?in^ Sauerburger's ;iface.
hNp.rm nqt,",he ireplied.    "I, don't
invite anybody in here.      I did not
ask this "crowd to come."
i "Sbine women in the throng about
'Mrs. Nti,tibn'!yelied;ifi,Yes^ you do,
too. You ruin hundreds of families."
j r.The.-cr,ojyd:,cheered; and ^Sauerr
jburger.--became, Tmore.^eicited than
lever.''   He grabbed a' seltzer ' bottle
iand'sbobkit in Mrs.  Nation's  face.
Shedid'hot move.    He   drew his
revolvei?. and told her to leave or he
'would slioot her and somebody else,
too.    She.  made   her  way   to the
street and made a speech   to the
crowd there. '
"This is St; Louis," she declared.
"This is the kind of a city you've
'got.,,- I must.pome back and clean
these places out. I ban smash if I
can' anything else. The women of this city will help me, I
know."     "  "",.,,'. '...  '»..'-•'
Jelectric f chair:"fi m^h^-'Sin:d^?of|t1G^|g5
■-. i_.<- ■° ^i-.'-'-f-r— ...:■■. fit  'T*V^V'^1-'Vi-.V«^^^'fc-Jftti2^
;;hejftrml:t:It',was impqs8ible;tq;8MKM}S
T.-hLi^v.T;V;W^i***?-''i'*-";*-:-'■'■■-'■-fVi-/:'>>." ■,'.i~.'V~?i-,-SvvU%&
Patrick .eyeniappear^ed'to^shakeithelj^
. b jr|OT5g^Ei^^effip^^
• escape^»Tihe Wd '^ih^peSSiXiy^ibi^ll^S
inufdei^ ^[ySS'^A^y^^mm^
17-if-Jqhea;;wasi;uhdisturbedH^y~the -, *"-'-'
situatiqhi', •hjB;j;hayr:thei|a^antago^^^
oyer. Patrick. SThatiextraordinaFV > "."%■
man ^^nut^red^^abrnitT.Ttbe^irooji^ \ ;„. _*,.
c*hattmg'With:bis^ri'ena^ pay1-
ing more ^ttentibii[tb^
ahdi'their ;f riends;thah'.fo
pf;thi3i<Mse;.and>:the^rey^ , ,con- V
feswon^bfthe^valet ;.and>78ecretaryr,.
Patrick's defensefwill'be'-'aAgeneral
denial;'  It
in detail, until the
f wiU^nSt^be^ revealed'
_     actual -murder^"
ibiialitakes place, wKicjT"will prob •"
ably^ nbtebeS,unt^
Jones;-' :accbrbling*-Ttb>< the; defense^>
Wa.a  'tKeioJarch-con8pir'at»r;it'-«nd's
Patrick fwas qnlyr;;the innocent tool;,
bf; the valet. , The ^greatest" "stress^
defeh^b'-''that' Jones cis 'H° self-con -
fessed'pgrjurer and<ithat<>in.Kconso->
liuehce|hi8 .testimonyr; an4(jppftf<?ft:;(
sions should obtain no .credit.,
Gold!Ore'Swihdlier8.'s.   - 1 ■
*! AprirSi^Two 'men'' were''
chargea-in7i a'-Lbncl oh'7 police"3 'court-
yesterday of defrauding Barclay &>
Co., Limited, of £23,000 by  means
of forged documents purporting to"
reprepent;iarge "shipments^ bf -goldr
ore which never existed. According,
to^.jthe .*.'.Daily.,■.. Chronicle,- ^sevea^
bankers, .were, similarly^defrauded
of large amounts, the total sumin-
yolved beipg7' nbarly* $250;bp0. *'An'
unpleasant    situation -   has-    been'
created by the huge and boldly executed swindle.   .Efforts have.been
■made to huslC up the matter,  but
this   would  be  impossible.'    .It i^
;a'sserted;tbat' the'suppbsed-vbags 'of
bullion were filled with ^sand:!.
■;-' Colombian - InBurrection;> ■
■ : Kingston;   Jamaica/'tApril' 8:—
Accordihg to advices  received'here,
today ;ffodirrColon,; Colombia, the,
rebels    continue    to .hold.,strong?
positions in theneighbbrhqod of the'
city of Pab^ma. ' The^ attempts "of'
the   government' troops1 to; ■'•'"drivg
them out have signally failed*;.' The"
Li berals are confident of ultimate -
success. -...  .Business  in■. .impprtant^
f«nters of Colombia is still Jpa!ra-
lyz^d.'  7 "■■■■•■'.';■>   -: ■Jit.:-r.iij-:>sr...     ■_,-
Death Ktcord.. ,
- London, April3.^.I)puglaa Gordon
MacRae,'editor bf the' Financial
Times, died today7 in Switzerland.
He was born in 1801. ;; c^'m'v-* '
London; April 3.—D'Oyle Garte,
the theatrical manager andimprea-
aario, died this morning.   ,. -. ;
xm THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, THURSDAY, APRIL I, 1901  THE  HUDSOFS BAY  STOEBS  BAKER STREET        NELSON  l *t i  '.  . <���>:  Easter  Tide  Millinery  Our stock of th^se goods is very  9-na!I, hul, so select We hare ouly  somo fifteen huts lo thow you, but thoy  arc * y ,- v -.-���������  The Most Recherche/  The most Elegant and Stylish  The Most Fashionable  Which the ackn-.wlcdared Superior Art  and Taste of loadinR Parisian milliners  'could p oduco. as to price-), we bought  them at�� snaD and our customer-i will  get 'ho- bcneflt'of It. Pleaso call and  examine these  PARISIAN  DAINTIES  and we will quotn figures so low that  you will be agreeably surprised.1  PARASOLS TO MATCH  EACH HAT  Our general st/xk of new spring goods  U arriving daily and 1- bei^g put into  sbapo as fast as it comes. Wo will ta'*e  p'easure, and wo feel pure you will also,  ln your inspecting our stock, Moro  about this in a few dajs.  '-L'ii-hLi  HUDSON'S BIT  STOBES  BAKER STREET        NELSON  *���������!������ -' ��� ��� ������      "��� ��� '  Charles Love has been arrested  in Toronto upon the. charge of stealing a registered letter containing  $2. Love is a married man with a  family, and handled registered mail  in Toronto for the princely salary  of $30 per month. This is one effect of starving a service to ensure  a surplus.  A movement is on foot, in the  East to do away with lawyer's fees  and oblige lawyers to tender for  work for a lump sum in the same  ' way" as-the plumber or painter ten-  der for their work. This would enable people who" hire lawyers to  know where they are at, and if. a  guarantee clause were added, so  that the lawyer would be obliged to  do what he promises to do beforehand, it would be so much better.  It is reported from Victoria that  the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, in consideration of" an extension being given for the completion  - of its Lardeau branch, has agreed  to complete the line connecting  Trdut lake and' Kootenay lake  "before ' January next. This will  mean the diversion of the entire  Lardeau trade from Revelstoke to  Nelson, as everything going into  the district will enter from the  southern end.  Lawyer McPhillips of Victoria  'is making himself solid with the  Labor- party.. He gave evidence  before, tbp . Chinese and Japanese  immigration commission on Saturday J "and came-out as strong as the  most-ardentlabor man could wish.  He'saiid he believed in restricting  jbpth Chinese and . Japanese, and  that "he* considered it the duty of  the government of Canada to protect Canadians from ruinous competition whether it came from  Chinese or Japanese. He admitted  that the Japanese-were a superior  people to the Chinese, but maintained that the less . intercourse  Canada had wich the Japanese or  ,Tapan the better it would be for  Canada. In cross-examination he  .said Canada's interests should be  the first consideration in dealing  with the question of Chinese and  Japanese immigration, and he considered the longer the matter was  delayed the more difficult would a  8 uisfactory solution of the problem  become, ���  Ik that Crow's Nest Southern  railway bill is the most innocent  piece of legislation which the Hill  boosters would have the people believe, it is odd that it should now  be hung up for several days at Victoria and Ottawa. Will the boosters  now claim that they are right and  that both the provincial and  Dominion parliaments are wrong?  What an arch-traitor attorney-  general Eberts must be to suggest,  that the provincial government can  more safely be trusted to look after  the future welfare of the mining  and smelting .industry of British  Columbia, than can the officers of  the Crows Nest Pass Coal Company  and their American allies in the  railway and smelter trusts .-'  Now that the owners of the  Nelson opera house have been  served. with notice to make such  alterations to their building as will  render it less dangerous to patrons  in case of fire, the members of the  City Council should insist upon full  compliance with the terms of the by-  law*inder which theaters are licensed. If the owners of the building fail  to meet the requirements the council  should withold the necessary  license.  Independent - newspapers, in  summing up the testimony brought  out during the Cook investigation  by the senate committee, appear" to  agree that the investigation will be  barren of results. It is not now  suggested that Herman -H."Cook  was not led to believe that he could  secure a senatorship for $10,000, but  it is denied that sir Richard Cart-  wright or any responsible member  of the Liberal party made any such'  offer. Mr., Cook swears positively  that sir Richard knew'and approved  of the senate deal, but sir Richard  -    ' -A   -  gives a point blank denial; and the  man .who could clear- up .the matter  in dispute is dead.        --"--.  The policy of the provincial government with respect tothe Crow's.  Nest Southern railway charter was'  announced    yesterday,'   when  "attorney-general Eberts gave notice  of    two    important    amendments  which  he proposes  to add tothe  railway   bill   in  committee:     The  first of these provides, for government   control, of    the   company's  freight,    and    -passenger     rates,  and   the     second     prohibits    the  railway   company   from     moving  coal    or    coke - from ', the    East  Kootenay collieries untilTthe  de^  raands of the smelters  in Yale and  Kootenay   have   been met to the  satisfaction    of     the    lieutenant-  governor-in-council.    These amendments will put the professed  good  faith of the Crow's Nest Southern the test.   They have  proclaimed all along that they were  -anxious   to    guarantee    the    fuel  supply   of   the - British   Columbia  smelters and that they   only   intended   to   export   their    surplus.  The amendment of   the attorney-  general simply makes it obligatory  upon   the   promoters to do   what  they profess their willingness to do.  This will safeguard the interests of  the   province without   interfering  with the open-door railway policy  of which some have become so fond  bf   late.     The   promoters   cannot  complain.     If they   considered it  necessary to give promises as tothe  consideration they would show the  smelting industry of tbis province,  they have no reasonable ground for  complaint     when   the    provincial  legislature, with an even  greater  interest in the provincial industry,  gives   their promises  the force of  law.    Incorporated into the charter  the promises will mean something.  In a measure it will make the government   of    the     province    the  custodian of the welfare of its mining and smelting industry, instead  of the Toronto philanthropists and  their United   States allies ' in the  railway and smelter trust.    This is  as it should be.  Drumlummon Abandoned.  At the recent meeting of the Montana Mining Company, Limited, in  London, the stockholders approved  the decision of the directors to give  np development work and to make  no further attempt to discover new  ore bodies. Woik at the company's  mill at Marysville will be confined  ���as has been recently���to cyanid-  ing the tailings. This will mean thu  practical abandonment of the Drumlummon mine, which has yielded so  much in its time. This action of  the directors seems to be justified,  however, by the uncertainty of any  further developments and the failure of prospecting work during the  past two years. The company has  au accumulated reserve fund of  $300,000 and proposes to buy a new  property���where, it has not yet  decided.  A Telephone Paper.  A "telephone journal," or system  of news distribution by  telephone,  exists in Budapest, Hungary.    The  German paper Die Reform keeps its  subscribers in touch with the news  by telephone, items of interest be-,  ing spoken from  the central oflice  to each subscriber from S a.m. to 11  p.m.    Each communication  comes  on the hour, except the news of the  money   -market    and   parliame nt,  which are   sent every half hour.  The subscription price is 75 cents a  month,  and the  subscriber  is not  bound for more than four  months;  he pays nothing extra for receivers  or lines.    The  receiving  apparatus  is so arranged that two persons can  listen at once, and communications  are announced by a ��� pre-arranged  bell  signal.    The  circuit,  which is  limited to the city of, bus  507   miles   of   line?.    The   present  number   of    subscribers    is   about  7000.   Trials have been mad*1, with  good results, looking   to the extension of the system to the neighbor-'  ing towns of Szegedin and Arad.  Miners Killed.  Phoenix, Arizona, April's.���News  has been received here of a eata> *  trophe at Senator CJark-'s United  Verde mine at Jerome. While  nearly a dozen men were at wipi k  near where a shot was placed on the  lower level, there was an explosion.  James Sooner and Joseph Ziefel'  were blown to fragments ��� and  several others were injured.  *������� ^ ��� s>. -^��y. ;���*>��� ^���JS^- ^ 'JSj' *^*^2fe* x*vJ^'^v��2fe'^' ^  *&F?  00 ��� 00* 00 * 00' 00 * 00' 00 * 00  ���m*.  tot txxnixrxxxxniinxrxiixmir:  Tirnim  to  WINDOW   SHADES  WORTH 6C> CENTS  NOW  35  CEN'XS  tixxxxjnxiriiiimixinxirxwxxxxxni tixzxi:  rvine & Co.  36  Baker  Street  m  - ^  .. _���~_TW.  to  to  to  to  CURTAIN POLES AND  FIXTURES COMPLETE  SPECIAL AT 35 CENTS  innniixiniiiinxTi::iiniixiriixiu.  to  to  /fl  m  m  m  to  We  cordially invite the ladies of Nelson and vicinity to attend our annual Easter Millinery  f��\  opening'of imported PATTERN HATS on the following dates." ���' fo\  to  'torn  to  to  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,  April  2nd,   3rd  and  4th.  We will also show the very latest styles in Ladies' Tailor-made costumes.   Bach costume  /i\ possesses an individuality of its. own, a grace, an elegance that mark it clearly the work of an artist.  KOOTENAY....  COFFEE CO.  ****** a*****************.  Coffee Roasters' *  Dealers in Tea and Coffee  ************$***********.  We aro offering: at lowest prices the best  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.  Our Bes*r, Mocha and Java Coffeo, por  - ��� --    pound $  -10  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds  1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds  1 00  Rio Blend Coffeo, 6 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE COr  Telephone 177.   P. 0. Box 182.    .      '   , .  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON..  reatest  ixrrxixxxxrxxrizxxsxnnxzixxiix) txxxxr  h  LACE CURTAINS |i  .      -^FROM '    I  75c to $25 PER PAIR      H  nm::mnmggnj;imiimi;mmjnmi:  _ _______ ^^'^^igL-e*'  of Spring Goods Ever Collected by us $  to  to  ��� ^*\ * ,^�� ^ ��� ^^��>^ ��� .2S**.* ^^���>��^.>^�� ^^�� ^^ v^fi*^fe�� ^- ^^ * '***��� ^_*_l^��  ���^B* <^&"^& '^���-^^���^������^^ ^2*^5 ^^5 ^^5 -^S rTS ^S t^S ^S ���^S*  Irvine & Co.  TTTTrTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTrirTTTTT  PORTIERES  FROM  $3 to $20 PER PAIR  36   Bakep   Street  > jK0 +00 ��� 0^F + ^^F o ^__WWW  MILLINERY OPENING  OPERA HOUSE/BLOCK.  .821 to 331 Butter Street, Nelson  American &r\d European Plans.  CENTS  JJelson Saw and Planing tyills  Limited.  CHARLES' HILLYER, HARRY  HOUSTON,  President and General Manager. Secretary-Treasurer  -.    . -   All Communications to be addressed to either of the above  MEALS  25  ROOMS LIGHTED BY. BLKCTRICITT  AND HEATED BY STKAM  25 CENTS TO 8)  QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKKR STRERIT. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated with Hot Air.  Largo comfortable  bedrooms and  flrsb-olase  dining-room Sample rooms for commercial men.  RATES S2 PER DAY  Mrs Enfield specially invites -the  ladies of Nelson .,to attend her  Spring Millinery Opening on .Tuesday,' April 2nd, continuing three ���  days. .-..,.������  Milk  the  Beer  ���iiteJaK  W|rs, E. C. ClarKe, Prop.  ��� .   IiiTKOF THK ROYAL HOTKL, CALGARY  IVjadden House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelaon  We are prepared to Furnish    ���  by Rail. Barge or Teams  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  LOCAL' and COAST FLOORINGx  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP: STEPPING   ���  PINE and CEDAR CASINGS     -  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING *  BRACKETS, NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prices before  purchasing elsewhere.   OFFICE: CORNER  HALL AND  FACTORY : HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.  FRONT STREETS.  MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  P. Burns & Co.  Head Office at.  -   NELSON, B. 0.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers^in Meats  Tho only hotel ln Nolson that "has remained  under one management slnoe,'18fl0.       , "  The bod-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by olootriclty.-  Thebar la always etocfeod by the best dom a-  Mo* and Imported l!q*aora and cigars.  .*.-,.....������ THOMAS MADDEN; Proprietor.  SLOGAN JUNCTION HOTEL  -     ������   . j. H. MCMANU8. Manager... ' '  ANHEUSER-BUSCH  ST. LOUIS LAGER  TO BE HAD WHOLESALE  NELSON.  AT  A. B. GRAY, Kootenay Agent  BAKKR��STRKKT. NELSOST. r.  % P. RITHET & CO., Ltd.  FREE    LUNCH  ���    HOT ROAST TURKEY  FROM 12 to 2 O'CLOCK  'AT   THE  ATHABASCA   TODAY.  Bar stocked with bout brands ot wines, liquors,  and Cigars.   Beer on draught!   Largo obmfort-  ahli>. r-nhmnX   R'iroN-nlftiu'fyih'ln >wui i. ''X '  r. reisterer:&:co^  BREWEna A^^) boxtlekb ���"pry *:,  : FINE;LAGER BE^RiMtE7t -  ';:iA.ND,:;PbiRtEFi: *>"^ v.-  Markets at   Nelson,  Rossland,  Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton,. Nev  ,   Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson,Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  ���way, and Vancouver. ���.���'���.' v  "A. ..      ������*.';���-'���    Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  *'v-   ���**:-.;-**-   >������������������    ALL KINDS OK ">  ..     ,��� -.-���.. ������ .7... ..-. .7 , .', '   FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  - WHOLKSALH AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  E. C, TRAVES, Manager  WHOLESALE TRADE  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE & CO., LIMITED.���Corner Vernon  and Cedar streets, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers ln aerated waters and  fruit syrups. Solo agents for Halcyon Springs  mineral wator.   Telephone 60.  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES. ..-  WF. TEETZEL &��� CO.-Corner Baker and  ��� Josephine streets, Nelson, wholpsale deal  ors in assayors supplios. Agents ror Denve  Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado. . 1  COMMISSION  MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS Sc CO.-Baker street, Nelson . ���  ���   wholesale   ��� dealers   in   liquors,    cigars  cement, flro brick and flro clay, water pipe and  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  .    ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES.        :  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY'S; CON-  8T RUCTION COMPAN Y-Wholosalodealers In telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  fixtures, eto., Houston block. Nelson.  '.     FLOUR AND FEED.. .  BRACKMAN-KER MILLING COMPANY '  ���Ceroals, Flour, Grain, Hay. Straight or '  mixed cars shipped to all Kootenay Points.  Grain olevators at all principal pointeon Calgary- '  Edmonton R. R. Mills at Victoria, New West '  minster, and Edmonton. Alborta. '  FRESH AND SALT. MEATS.  BURNS Sc   CO.���Bakor' stroet,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers ln fresh and cured meats.  Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  A    MACDONALD & CO.���Cornor Frontand  ^*"��   Hall    streets,     wholesale  grocers   and  'obbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maoklnaws and miners' sundries.  OOTENAY  SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LIM1-  TED���Vernon   street. Nelson,  wholesale  grooers.  TOHN CHOLDITCH Sc CO.-Front street, Nel  u   son, wholesalo grocers.  T Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Front street, Nelson,  u* wholesalo dealers In provisions, cured  meats, batter and eggs. ,  HARDWARE-ANDlMINING-SUPPLIES.^  tT BYERS Sc CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine .  ��� ���*-*������   streets/Nelson, wholesale dealers in hard- ������  P.  .ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co,   "  Agents for Giant  K; W  C BLOCK  WARD STREET     , ;;.    '  'X ~ v-.���-"��� ov"VTATI*, RWPDn��T.w.OA��wvriT.  ��VT> lOriww ,��ifni����pf��nw  Prompt and--regular *:.���������  .IwIlyurF   ho  *lho l'iru.APt  BpawaVv :** KalRon  A. R. BARROWi; A.m.l.^M7  PROyifVlGfAL.;       -:  -  LAND SURyJEYOR [[���  . --1 - -... ��� ��� * '���''.���' ���i,r ���  Cornor Viotoria and *Koi6teinay Streets.  P   O. Km WQ.. ���. .J'JJ.'JPBflW NO,.84  DISSOLUTION 'OF   PARTNERSHIP.  Everybody    Welcome  .Notieo is hereby jjivqn I.hfit tlieTpartn*orship  heieiolorii existiii-s l)eiAveen"r Ed'wis' "Noll'iVncl  \V*esln JC. ('ox, .ciirrjing on :busipe^H, ho elr *  keepers in (he pr - iijiacs the; Portt> Kico  hotel at, lJo>*to Kico Siding. U. C, under ihe firm  nmno nf Noll �� Cux, has this day'heen' dissolved'  by mntiiiil Ci'iideiil.. Kor.thu 'ful'nro tlio'"Po-to  Hico hotel .������ill be conducted r.y i owls Noll, who  will as-mme all liabilities of < he ltiti) flrin and to  whom nil accouuts owing sad Arm a'e herewith  payable. i.OUIS NOLL,  WKSLKi' W. COX.  Witness: Ron'r Rknwick. '   "  iMelson, March 2(ith, ll)nl. -  ARCHITECTS,  EWART Sc CARRIE���Arohiteots.    Rooms  and a Aberdeen blook, Uafcer aureot, Nelwrn,  ROSSL.AND   ElSJQINJSERlF^Ci   WORKS  ���'���;��� yyS'������ >[ [:-:6uNriiFFjB! ^sci'mcimL^i^;-/  Founders and?irflaohlplsfa,,Specialty of Ore  Cars, 0re-B  List of second-hand- machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and is as good  V-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on steam.  i'.'xJl".Double-Cylinder.Friction Drain-Hoist, built*;by Ingersoll Co.-. - / ;     : .-.. ..  as new  '   12  : ,.  1 bJ':xs".JUoubie-Cyiit  * 1 SitikihB Piimp, No 5 Camorori, New .York.  ���1 Sinking Pump,Kf'xS^xlS", outside packed"plunger pattern.  * ���' '   .   '"*. * .  Wdtch this adverti-ement for'further lists, or .w.��te us ��� before you buy tor. complete'list.   We  may .halve jtist what you want, .*���������.;     .' ,   ''   .',-    .. .'  ���      Agonts for Northey Pumps'. * Stock carried.'  *, '-'x'<-: ������-' ���-,--���        ..'*������  {P. p.  Box:  1^8. v THIRD  AVENUE, ; ROSSLAND.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE COMPANY '--���  Baker St., Nelson, wholesale dealers ln ���  hardware and mining supplies,. and water and '  plumbers' supplies. *  'r        LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  BURNER,  BEETON Sc CO.-43orner Vernon ,  ���*���'   and Josephine streets, Nelson,  wholesale  dealers ln liquors, olgars and dry goods.. Agents ,  for Pabst Browing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co.; of Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.   "^  HAMILTON   POWDER  COMPANY���Saker ���  . street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite, .  sporting.' stum] '   "  iwders,'  oleotrio ���  .    LIMI  streets, Nel  mm\m  W   PLtTMBBRS.  ���'.'������All plumbing is not-alike.   See our goods.  Same price as otlier dealers and  .;.'    "..'���:"    ���'20 per cjBht Better... _  OPPOSITE POSTOJi'FIOB:  NBIiSON.B.O  RlREIIiEY  (SUCCESSOR to H.D. ASHCROFT).  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD   WORK^.^  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  Special attention given to all klndsof ropalrlng.  and'oiistom 'work from. c.-aide points. Heavy  bolts made taorder on shot t noUoo,  * *    ���  REMOVED.  The office of the "Arlington Mine of  _ Erie, B. C., and .Hastings (British  Columbia). Exploration Syndicate,  Limited,   are  now   in  room  9,  ; K.-W.-C; Block.  H. E, T. HAULTAIN, Manager.  ovuruuiH. ouamplng and black blasting j  wholesale dealers In caps and fuse, and  blasting apparatus., ,  '~ SASH AND DOORS.      _������������ ���' *  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS.  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streeta,  Nelson, mannfaotnrers of and wholesale dealers  In sash and doors] all kinds of- factor^ work made  to order.  WINES. AND CIGARS.     ���,-.,',  CALIFORNIA    WINE  COMPANY,  \J  TJlD���Corner Front ��^>Hall stre  son, wholesale dealers In wines (oase ana mui,  xr_fl r%ntv.p.crtAr   \nt1  tn,|in.tu1   Mantra  ESTATE OF" FRANK S. CAMPBELL.  In the matter of the Kstato of Frank S. Camp-'  'bell.- late of tho City of Nelson in the Province  of British Columbia, deceased. ....  Notieo is horeby given, pursuant to tho "Trns- .  tees and Executors Act" of the rovisf d f-tatutes  of the Province of British Columbia. 1897, Cap.;  187, to all creditors and others having claims  agaluRt the estate of the said Frank H. Campbell,  who died on or about the 23rd day of December  A. D. 1900, to send by post prepaid or dolivcred **  to Messrs. Galliher & Wilson of' the said city of  Nelson, solicitors foi Glenn M. Benny, the administrator of the personal estato and effects of tho  * said deceased, or lo tho said Glenn M, -Benny of  the town of Sirdar, in tho.provluc�� of British .  Lolumhia, their ��� hrlstian. and surnames, ad-  dres-CR, descriptions and full .nrticulars of their  claimn, statement ot their accounts and the 'nature of tho spourity.if any, held .by thorn, on or .  beforo the lRt day of April, A. D. 1901.  "And farther takenotioe.that after such last-  mentioned date'tho said administrator will pro-  .ceod tod.'Stributo tho assots of the deceased to *  tho parties em itied thereto, having regard, only r  to.the claims of which he shall then have notice..  The said administrator will toot bo liablo for tho  Miid'assets or any p-Ort thereof to any person or ���  gersons i��f who--e claims notice shall riot havo  ben received by him at tho timo of such disiri- ���'  bution. .*..���: .OALLIHKR& WILSON.  Soliiiturs for  Glenn M. Benny,'administrator  for Frank A: Campbell, deceased  Dated this S6th day of jfebnuuy. 1981,  vi. A.^A7c7fri)7*yv:!:.^  "XX  ���'���.:, .*;*->,; ���  X"::_   y.-XX. -XX,7;^x^pX:���XX^^ku$f^^  THE TMSUNE: NELSON, B. C. 1'HURSDAY, APML i, 1901  BAM OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  KHST    7,000.000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427.180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prosident  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouston General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Bakor and Kootenay Streeta.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Brauchos ln London (England) Nkw York,  CniCAQO, and all tho prlnoipal oltios in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfors. ,   _  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  wii-n wincn is amalgamated  THE  BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,       -     -     -     $8 000,000  Reserve Fund.       .....   $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  IMPEBIAL BANK  of  c-&jst__&_jdj��.  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  [!< Saving's Bank Branch  CURRKNT RATE OF INTEREST PAID.  TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  WEDNESDAY'S    QUOTATIONS.  rtook. Ankod.  B. C. Gold Fields  $        3  Black Tail..;  11  Brandon & Golden Crown  8  Canadian Goldfields Syndicate... 7}  Cariboo  (McKinney)  37  Cariboo Hydraulic  155  Centre Star  -1 OJ  Crow's Nest Pass Coal  8*5 OD  California  5}  Doer  Trail   Consolidated  21  Evening Star  8  Goldon Star  7 i  Fair viow Corporation  .'I  Giant  '1  Granby   Smoltor   I"  Hammond Reef  2  Iron Mask .-... 3S  Jim Blaine  !)  Knob Hill  ,V>  Montrepl & London  f>  Morning  Glory  !l  Morrison  8  Mountain Lion  40  Noble Five  1  North Star  83  Old Ironsidos  8.1  Olive  12  Payno  :i!)  Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated... 28  Republic ���  2ii  Slocan Sovereign  0}  Virtue  22  Victory-Triumph  13  ���Var Kaglo Consolidated  41)  VWerloo   2i  White Boir  3J  Winnipeg  t  ���hilhvan  11  N'elson-Slocaii  101  SALES.  2000 G Mdon Star   500 Whito Bear   500 Hummon i Heef    1000 Victory-Triumph ".   A FAKE PAINTING.  Bid.  81  1 17  71  80 UO  II  21  3  43  n  32  1  ���10  3  0  8  15  SI  78  78'  10  3.1  2G  "l\  15  1"!  35  13  31  7  -14  10  3*1  11  13  Berlin,  March 30.���A painting  tbout which a curious story is told  ihas just been sold here.   It was,  discovered   at    Lausanne    ten   or  ' twelve years ago by a gentleman  [known as   Professor   Nicole, then  .'"supposed to be a teacher at one of  |!the     German     universities.     The  painting represented   a Madonna,'  i .ind Herr Nicole announced that it  J was a genuine Raphael.'    The news  [was bruited abroad,  and from all  luarters artists and collectors flocked to Lausanne to see the painting,  i which" Nicole- now,  entitled "The  'Virgin   of the Incarnation."   The  news   tiave'ed    to   America    and  reached'the ears of the late W. H.  , Vanderbilt.   Ho was so' impressed  ���" by it that he determined to purch-  ! xae the  painting, and therefore  he  at   once instructed   his   European  agent' to   offer    Professor    Nicole  $300,000 for it.   The-bargain .was  about to be concluded when Mr.  [Vanderbilt died.    Nicole died not  I long afterward.    It  was then dis-  , covered that he had borrowed $12-  000 from a banker and had given  [ him the security.  His widow paid interest to the  I banker regularly,"but recently she  I was unable to do so, and it was  [agreed that the painting.should be  |Vold at public auction. The sale  [was announced and many connois-  :eurs hastened to Berlin. At the  hpening of the sale   the auctioneer  1 mnoimced that   the .vendor, .could,  jnot guarantee the   authenticity "of  Lhe'   painting..     He added,''  however, that.-it  was   "generally   bs-  ['ieved" tobe   a   genuine   Raphael.  IThe first bid was only 75 cents, and  [Prom that the bidding slowly went  ] ip to $50.   The banker who had  * oaned   $12,000   on    the   painting  I thought to enliven matters by bidding ,$250.  one bid   higher.  j He kept on bidding against himself  Mntil he reeached the sum of $1500  J at which figure the"_painting was  {knocked down to him. 'Although  (disconsolate at the thought that he  Iliad loaned $12,000 on such a trumpery article, he   consoled   himself  vith the knowledge that Mr. Van-  jlerbilt, if he had not died, would  jhave lost $300,000 jn the samo way.  .After the sale the true history of  j professor Nicole's life " became  [known, and evidently for the first  J time.' He was, it is said, not a  [German, but a Frenchman, being a  native of-Isigny, and his original,  [vocation was that of ^a curate.  jFrom-Ms boyhood Iib had a passion  [for painting, and his great delight  . sya.4 fcp discover old art works and  I attribute them to .well-known mas-  jters, Raphael being' his favorite.  [His zeal in following tbislquestion-  Jable pursuit finally involved him in  trouble with the ecclesiastical  I uithorities, as a result of which he  .eft the church and retired to  where he lived on a  Ho.w many persons,  [he duped by means of his-alleged  Irnastgrpieces will never be 1 known,  tout nS never came nearer to making  la fortune than when he received  [his offer from Mr. Vanderbilt.  Tragedy of Queen Natalie's Life.  Cleopatra's tear, says Byron, lost  [a world; queen Natalie's kiss lost a  Duasanne,  hmall pension.  Robt. Kilgour,         Vice-President.  London Office, 60 Lombard Street. B. O.  New York   Office, io   Exchange   Place.  and 65 Branches ln Canada nnd tho  United States.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Proscnt rate  three per cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nolson Branch.  Capital       -      -      $2,600,000  Rest       -      -      -    $1,725,000  H. S. HOWLA.ND President  I>. It. WILICIE General Manager.  E. HAY Inspector.  SAVINCS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THK   CURRENT   RATE   OF    INTEREST   ALLOWED.  throne. It was 12 years ago, iu a  cathedral at Belgrade, Natalie, the  daughter of a millionaire colonel in  Russia, had married Milan, the king  whose' wasted life is the great  tragedy of Servian politics. It was  a life that was barely worth the  living, and the Russian colonel's  daughter soon knew it. King Milan squandered her -millions, betrayed the love she lavished on him*  and heaped neglect on insult, insult on neglect. Then came the  Sunday at the cathedral. It was  Easter, and as the congregation  left the sanctuary the court passed  out in front bf the royal pair, the  men to be kissed by the- king and  the women by the queen. , There  came a woman queen Natalie would  not deign to notice. The procession  paused and a painful silence filled  the place. The ' queen, young and  beautiful, gazed on the altar.  Every eye was on her, but she  stood still in her majesty. Milan  turned towards her, "Kiss Madame   ,'���' he said,  and   the  queen,  gazing on the altar still, said." No."  Milan took hold of her,arm.   " Kiss  Madame ," he said again in a  tone louder than before, and again,  her eyes still turned away, queen  Natalie said "No." . It was a. terrible moment for those who lived  in it. A king raised his hand to  strike a queen; there are those who  say he would have strangled her.  Confusion reigned in the cathedral,  and when quiet came again queen  Natalie was gone. By an. unjust  decree the king dissolved the union  aud the queen went' to live at  Wiesbaden, her little son with her  ���the son who has now decreed that  his. mother shall not enter his  dominions.  , Milan is dead and the child Queen  Natalie bore him reigns in his stead,  the enemy of his mother as his  father was. And Natalie, still  beautiful, though with the mask of  tragedy on her face���still in the  prime of womanhood, though she  has passed through long years of  sorrow, lives on alone, a pathetic-  figure whom to see is to love, but  through whose life love has shot its  poisoned arrow.  FALLS   ELECTRICALLY LIGHTED.  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  c"       Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  shot over the fall every one who  saw it gave an exclamation of  wondering surprise and were held  spellbound. The light was also  thrown on the rushing, tumbling  rapids above the falls and over  Goat Island. Down the gorge it  went, making the big ice mounds,  the monster stalagmites and stalactites look weird and magnified in  their intense whiteness. It was a  magnificent picture suddenly like^a  flash carved out of darkness. The  car was then run down to the  ravine station of the road, where  the light was shot on to the American fall illuminating it most  wonderfully. The result of this  test is this : The Michigan Central  will give an order to the General  Electric Company for four or five  of these latest developed marine  searchlights similar to the one  operated last week. ' The power to  operate the lights will ,be taken  from the Horseshoe falls, and the  fact that the falls are generating  the power with which they light  themselves will prove a novel, attractive feature.  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  .   INSURANCE AGENTS  .Buffalo, March 80.���Illuminating Niagara Falls at night by a  gigantio^searchlight is to be one of  the attractions for visitors to the  Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo  this summer. This is made possible  by a secret test; made this week by  the General Electric. Company, of  Schenectady, N.Y. Por seven years  experiments have been made of the  problems"of_illumihatihg_tlie_falls7  but the necessary expense has been  an impediment in the way. The  General Electric Company has been  experimenting during this time  with searchlights, and they feel now  that they can succeed. This is  proved conclusively by the test  made from a box car at the Palls  View" station of the Michigan  Central on last Monday night. The  test was to have beeu a secret for  fear of failure.  The night was of the sort for a  most severe test of any searchlight.  It was dark and stormy. The  clouds hung heavy and there were  driving snowfiakes with a stiff gale  out of the west. An engine was attached to the car and it was quietly  run up to the Falls View station,  which overlooks the Horseshoe falls,  the upper Canadian rapids and the  gorge, with the American falls on  the left in the near distance. AU  trains were held on the eastbound  track of the road, and the engineer  was'given orders to have plenty of  steam on, for there was a peculiar  little engine iu the box car which  which was to do wonders. Six experts, from the General Electric  Company were in charge of the  apparatus, which, briefly, consisted  of an up-to-date powerful marine  searchlight. The little engine which  operated the generator was run by  steam from the locomotive. At a  signal the great eye of the searchlight was focussed on the brink of  the Horseshoe, and in an instant a  stream of pure white light, strong  and penetrating,'shot out of the  door of the car, completely illuminating the thundering cataract.  The effect oh the great ice and  snow formations was amazing and  electrifying.   When the first gleam  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Falrvlew Addition.  Offlco on Baker Street, west of Stanley* Streot  NELSON.  C. W. West & Co.  COAL!      WOODI  Anthracite ?10.7fl  Crow's Nest     6.15  Blairmore     0.75  , DHLI-VHIWHID  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied  by cash.    Office:  Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  BOARD   OF   HEALTH  REGULATIONS  For the Prevention of the Spread of  Smallpox in the City of Nelson.  All passengers arriving: at the City of Nelson  from all points east of the Kootonay River will  be required to furnish tho inspector or" olllcer in  charge of the carrying out or those regulations  with a certificate from the health ofllcor of the  city or town from which he or she has left, containing iho following particulars:  1. (ai That he or sho has not boen in any placo  or building infected with smallpox.  _(b) Thathoori-hehasnotlivedjn_any_placo_  or building which lies dangerously near any infected building or district.  (c) That he or she has been successfully vaccinated since January, 1901.  2. If the inspector bi-lievos that any person is  in eoted, or that his or hor clothing .or other  efl'ects contain infection tho inspector shall detain such person and his or hor clothing and effects  asaforcsaid, until the period ol incubation is over,  nnd such person and his or hor clothing and other  effects shall bo at once disinfected.  3. if he only suspects that any person on board,  or the nifects of any such person havo'.been ox-  Eosod to infection, he shall notify the medical  ealth ofllcor of the locality to which the porson  ix going to meot tho train or boat, and to' keep the  person thereafter under ob-orvation.   '  4. In the event of nny passenger bringing nny  baggage (hand or otherwise) or whether tho same  shall oo forwarded by express, the followl <g  certificate may also bo required from tho health  'ofllcor o' tho town or city aforesaid:  - (a) That the said baggago (hero give a full  description of said baggage so'that there can be  no question a�� to Idontitlcat(on) has not been' in  any placo or building infectqd with smallpox.  (b) That tho said baggago has notbfcon storod  or used In.any placo or building whictJ'lloH d**n-  gorou-ly near to any infected buildtpg or district. ...    ' "= .���  6. All railway and-/steamboat companies must  strictly adhere to the following regulations:  (a) All mail and baggage* from .poih' s abovo  meniioncd destined for the Cityof Nelson, on or  beforo leaving tho last point of call on Kootenay  River must furnish the inspector or ofilcer in  charge of tbe carrying out of those regulations,  with a certificate from the health officer of such  Eoints where fumigation takes place that same  as been done.  (b) All cars or steamboats on which' have  been discovered infected porsons, baggage or  mail, will not he permitted to again convoy passengers, baggage, etc., into tho City of Nelson  until di'infected and fumigated to the satisfaction of the medical health ofllcor of this city.  (c) No Indians shall bo allowed to land in the  City of Nelson under any renditions.  This proclamation goes into effect immediately.  FRANK FLETCHER,  Mayor of tlie City of Nelson,  D. LA BAU,  Medical Health Officer.  Nelson, B. C��� March 2nd. 1901.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Stevenson, or to nny person or por-  -   sons to whom he mav have transferred his  interest in the Lila minoral claim, at Morn'  ing Mountain. Nelson Mining Division:  You aro h��rebv notified that I have expended  the sum of One Hundred and Fifty-Soven Dollars  In labor and improvements upon the above  mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold said  minoral claim under tho p-ovisions of the  Mlnernl Act. nnd if wl'hin ninety days from the  date of this notieo you fail or rofu��o toooutribut  your proportion of such expenditure, togethe.  with all costs of advertising, your interest In paid  claim will becomo the property of the subscriber  under section four of an Act. entitled "An Aot'to  Amend the Mineral Aot,1900."  DANIEL  HERB,  Dated this 12th day of February, 1301.  ,,=S ^2^ <��i^ <��i^ <Sl^ <��<^ *S^^ 2=S<^ 2c^i^% <��  ESTABLISHED    IN    NELSON    IN   1890.  w  ��  Stearns'    Best   Bicycles  .A.T   ZE3T. A-XilF   PEICE  $65.00 BICYCLES FOR $37.00  ^   Come and take your choice before  OT they are all gone.  (JQ\\    OUR   WATCHMAKING   AND   JEWELRY  ������"-��� DEPARTMENTS   HAVE   NO   EQUAL  IN    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.   ALL  OUR WORK GUARANTEED.  C, P. R. Wateh Inspector.  $65.00 BICYCLES FOR $37.00  Come and take your choice before   yA  they are all gone. OT  .J  OUR   WATCHMAKING   AND   JEWELRY &  DEPARTMENTS   HAVE   NO   EQUAL $A  IN    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.    ALL OT  OUR WORK GUARANTEED.  O. P. R. Wateh Inspector.  fe*  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler  TENT AND  AWNING  PAOTOET.   ���  Tents, awnings, and all  kindsof canvas goods [made  to order.  THE0 MADSON,  Prop.  Baker Street. Nelson  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  -Inside > Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  looal and ooast.  Newel Posts  "    Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds. -  1�� WHAT TOU WANT IB NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL MAKE IT FOB TOU  CALL AND GET PRICKS,  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.  nelson, b. c.  To-=*  J. A. Sayward  BALI. AND LAKE STREETS. NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  * We carry a complete stock of  Ocast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  Spring  Suitings  All the fashionable creations  in Spring.and Summer wear  are included'in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Streot.  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Large stock of high-class Imported goods.   A  specialty of the square   shoulder���the  latest  i  fashion In ooats.  Builders and  Contractors  Having taken over the business of the West kootenay Brick "A  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a'ebntinuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My  aim will'' be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest  possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure.  It is our intention to install machinery to manufacture our  marble products, and next.season we shall be In a position to supply,  these products at reasonable rates.  We shall also Keep on hand, a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay;  Tiles and Cement.  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Prizes at the  Spokane Industrial "Exposition in 1809 and also this year/  We also'  secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building  Stone.  1        We are prepared to offer special rates to Contractors and  Builders.  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  o tor The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  Successors to  The West Kootenay Brick A Lime. Co., Ltd  fyORRISON & CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  OUR LEADERS��� '  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packagos and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  i  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Morrison & Caldwell, Baker Street, Nelson  ^HE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Blook,  NELSON, B. O.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Millins Oold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties having mining proporty fo^sjilo aro requested to send samples of their ore to the  -...change for ex hibit.ion.   Wo dc  -claims in British Columbia.  Exchange for exhibition.   Wo desiro to hear from all prospectors who havo promising mineral  Prospectors and mining men aro requested to make tho Kxchango thoir headquarters whon  in Nelson. '*<,,   , -  All samples should bo sent by. express, Prepaid.  Correspondence solicited.  Address all coramnnications to  Telephone  104  P. O. Box 700  ANDREW. F.  ROSENBERGER,  Nelson, B. C.  * !��."������ i iii<��TfrrfTlTTTTTTIIl'lTl��mirTtinlt,irmmiM��tl���lliTiiitTlliiliTriltiilTinlllimima'  REMOVAL  The Gait Coal office has been  removed to the Ward building, on Baker street���two  doors west C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand.  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 265     General Agent  Home Grown  Fruit and Ornamontol Trees, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Kxtra choice stock of Peach, Apr'cot, Plum,  Pherry and Prune Treos. Mow importation of  flrst-clnss Rhododendrons, Roses, Climatns, Bay  Trees, Hollies, otc.  80,000 to chooso from. No agents or commission to pay. No fumigation or inspection charges.  Greenhouse plants, agricultural implements, fer  tilizors. beo supplies, otc, Largost and muBt  complete s'ook in tho province. Send for catalogue beforo placing your orders.   Addross  14. J. HENRY, Vancouver, B. C.  CTbtt* Labor Only,  TRADES   UNIONS.  ���KTKLSON , SOCIALISTIC EDUCATIONAL,  ���L,< 'CLUB meets orery Sunday at. 3 o'clock p.m.  in the Miners' Union Hall, A cardial Jnvitaiicii  is extended to ever} one to come and tako pare  in discussions. 'John Roberts, secretary.   -  AUNHRY WORKERS' UNION OF NKWON*''  N". 8591, A F. of L.-Meots in Miners' Union'  Hall, C. P.- K. 'lock, corner of Baker and man:  loy streoK o~ fourtn Friday in evory month at  7:30 p m. t-hnrp.    Visiting momb rs of American ���  Federation cordially invited to ur.tend.   C. Fred-.  rick, president; A. \V. McFee, secretary.  NiUUdUM M1NKRS' UNION NO. Dtt, W. F. tf  M.���Meets, in miners' anion rooms, north-:  east corner Viotoria and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'olock.   visiting mem  bers welcome. M. R. Mowatt. President. Jamo  Wilkes,   Secretary.    Unton Scale of W^oes  fob  Nelson    District���Per   shift,    machine '-  men, 93.50: hammersmon miners, $3.2o; muckora,  carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers, $3 00.  TRADE8 AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu-  * lar meetings of the Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will be held in the miners' union hall,  C. P. It. building, corner Baker and Stanley  streets, on tho flrst and third Thursday of each'  month, a' 8 p. m. C. J. Clayton, Prcsidtnt.  A. I'. Curie, Secrctaiy. (  THE regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  are held on  Wednesday  evening of  each  ���  week, at 7 o'clock, in the Miners' Union hall rnrv  nor  victoria  and   Kootenay  streets.   Cha-les-  Clayton, President.   John MeLeod, Secretary.   ';  DAUBERS' UNION.���NoWori Unto'n.No. lX'.ot'  ���*��   the InternationalJourneymen Barbers Oti  ion of America, meets overy first aud third Monday of each month in Miner's Union Hall, cornor -  of Victoria and Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.m.'  -4harp.    Visitinsr   brothers cordially invited to  tttend.   R. McMahon, preRldon': J.'H. Mn'hn  -  ���ton. secretary-treasurer; J. C. Gardnor, record ing  _ secrotary.. , -��� _ -  LABORER8" UNION;���Nelson Laborers' Pro  tective Union. No. 8121, A. F of L., meets ir  Miners' Union hall, C. P. R. block, corner of*  ttaker nnd Stanley streets, every Monday evening  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of thoAmeri-  ;an Federation cordially invited to attend.  A. J. Curie, President. John Roberts, recording secretary.  KTELSON PAINTERS' UNION-Tho regular  *���' meeting of tho Painters' Union Is held  tho flrst and third Fridays in each month at M liters' Union hall at 7:30 sharp. George Knrri I,  Presllent; Henry Bennett. Secretary.  COOKS' AND WAITKRS' UNION���Regular  meetings every Tue-day evening at S::'.0  oclock, in Miners'Union Hall, corner of Bcil;"-!"  and 8t��nlcy streets. Visting brethren cordially  invited. Chris L-ft, president; H. Sraelser, financial and recording secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION-The O. P. I. A. Np.  172. meots every Monday ovoning in tlio  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley streets. <\t  ' o'olock. J. D M"��w, nrnnldnnti: William  Vlro. arrrvitarv. P. O. Box flIC  FRATERNAL   SOCIETIES  NELSON AKRIK, No. 22, F. O. E.���Moet second  nnd fourth Wednesday of each month, nt  Fiatornity Hall.    George Bartlett, prcsidfnt.  John V. Morrison, secrotary.  *  NELSON-LODGErNO.S3,-ArF.-ft:-A-M-  Meota seoond Wednesday In eoob month  Sojourning brethren invited.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIAB- Nelson Lodge. No  25, Knights of Pythias, meete ln LO.O. K.  Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, ovm ���  Tnesday evening at 8 o'olock. visiting Knit Lt s  cordially invited to attend. H. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T Park, K. of R. & S.   KOOTENAY TENT N'O. 7, K. O, T. M.~-  Hold their regular meetings on tho flrst nnd  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights aro cordially invited to attond. O. A.  Prown, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Steel.  f> S C  ���  0717 HAUITAIN, C. L  MINING  ENGINEER  OFFIPK-8. 'J. io,       . .      NELSON  K..W.-C. Block " HSLOUn  NOTICE.  Town Lots, New Denver.  Not ic.-is hereby given tha', in pur��uanco ot  thr notification pnblMud by thi-'report ment.  n nd dated 22ud .1 unc. 1809, undtr i-cction 3S of l lio  "Land  Act," ngrecimnib for the sale of Lots in  tlio Town of ^ cw Denver, whirh wero piuchnu U  from th�� Qoveri-nient at public otiction on 20ih  July, 18*92. and upon which ihe balance of i-m--  chaso money and interest i�� not. fully paid up bv  tho 30lh of April next, will be cancelled and nil  moneys paid therein will be foifoited.  ".. C. WEI.LH,  Chief Commifsion of Lands and Work*.  Lands nnd Works Department,  Victoria, B. C, 21st March, 1901.  NOTIOE.  Court sol Assize, Nisi Prius. Oyer and Terminer  and General Gnol Delivery will bo holden in Un-  Court House at 11 o'clock in tho forenoon, nt Mm  places and on the dates lollowinsr, name>y :  City of Nanaimo, on tho -23rd day of Anril, 19ul.  Cityof New Westminster,on tho 23rd day of  City of Vclson, on the 7th day of May! 1901.  City of Revelstoke, >>n the 7tli day of Mo;, 1901.  City of Vernon.'on the lo'li day. of May, 1901.  City of Kamloops, on the 23rd day of'May, 1WH.  City of Vanoouver, on the Slstday of May,  City of Victoria, on tho28'hday of May, lsoi.'  Town of Clinton, on th�� 28th day of May, in. t  By Command. - _  J. D.-PRENTICE.  Provincial Secretary,  Provincial Secretary's Offloe, .  (80th Maroh. 1801,  '?^T��s��api  -V*'~*'  ~A'>m  j..    .--"I  .      7"  ; -V  **!-     -"-Str.  -   e     '0 "�� ���**������ J  J-A>A_  . **"   *?|  ��� - ���"--.'Sit  '.- ','i_ .^\  ��� ���    .        ' *    ���&.'',. k  '   . '- "i.CiJ'Vi'm  /.���.yy^-t  * \ . w ,- ���$* I  "��   I  ^'���sS-il  ,r�� .,'��� /"'Sl  1    y,*:y.j-mm  - ���   ' ,��~iS^?  ���A&m.  A~-M8M.  f    '>'Vx��*Ki|  - ���*     '"'���I  '"' - - .    i. -.,. '^mW^vMi *,' 3901 .'  Assizers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers* and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  arid our prices are  reasonahle.          ���-���=���^==-  We are British Columbia Agents r���  ,   THE DENVER FIRE CLAY COSS GOODS  ,     WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOCK NELSON,   R C.  K  k  NELSON CLOTHING HOUSE  NO.   210   BAKBR'STREET.   NELSON.  W^-IDsTTIEIID  One thousand men to purchase  Ro��dy Made Clothing of all descriptions:. Our stoeK comprises  a good assortment of the nobb est  and up-to-f'ateelothiiig'to be found  in the Province;   Among our lines  will be found the following articles: Gents' clothing, hats,, caps,  boots,- shoes, underclothing and  shirts of all shades and sizes, collars, cuffs, neckties, handkerchiefs andnumerous other articles  J. A. Gilker, Proprietor  ���!*���&  ?  E. FERGUSON & CO.  Wholesale  Liquors and Cigars  NELSON, B. C.  Agents for_  Peter Dawson's Perfection Scotch  Reed Bros., Dog's Head Ale and Stout  "Our Special" Canadian Rye  A complete stock of Foreign and Domestic Cigars.  STjiTin  Pi  FT ���  ALL KINDS OF FLOWER, VEGETABLE AND GARDEN SEEDS  Houston Block.  Telephone 161.  P. O. Bo�� 176.  JOHN A. IRVBVG & CO.  CITY LOCJa NEWS  \ There will be special services in  the Church of M *ry Immaculate tp;  ��� ^morrow, Good Friday.  ' Hot-cross buns are being extensively advertised in the store windows for tomorrow morning's, con.-,  sumption.  The choral service at St. Saviour's  church on Ea9ter Sunday promises  to   be on   a   more  extensive and  ���attractive-scale-tban_ever_before.   Frederick Raith, charged with  haying stolen property in his possession, has elected for a speedy  trial' and will; be brought up Saturday morning; He ti alleged to have  atoien a watch.''  Cecil Ward, of the legal firm of  "' Bowes & Ward, is expected  Ijacfc from England in the course of  a fvw duys., He has been in the  Old Country .'putting through some  big financial deals.     _  Tbe cleaning of the Wardr street  ravine from Victoria street to the  alley at the rear of Baker street  was begun yesterday. The woik is  being done at the expense of the  owners, A W. Jowett and Thomas  Madden. When cleaned the now  objectionable place will not be such  an eye-sore has it has been.  Arthur A. Pitchford of the Nelson police force was married last  evening to Miss Ella Hurry of this  city, and formerly of North River,  Prince Edward Island. The ceremony was performed in the home  on Mill street .which the groom had  prepared for his bride, tbe knot being tied by Rev. J, Burt Morgan of  the Baptist church.  Expensive Litigation,  A   telegram   from Victoria was'  yesterday received by R.  M. Mac-:  donald   "announcing    that  - judge'  Irving had handed down his decision;  in the case of McLaren vs. Billings.  This was the action which occupied  the attention of the supreme court,  here for five days during the last  sitting.. Plaintiff sued on a grubstake agreement to recover a sum  of $30,000 on the sale of the Yellow-  atone mine, at Ymir, and an interest  in" other   properties said to have  been located during   the term  of  the. agreement.   The defence prac  tically was that the Yellowstone  was staked off in the name of the  defendant, but' that he derived no  beneficial interest by the location  subsequent to its purchase by the  operating company. A great deal  of interest was manifested- in the  proceedings, as an important point  was involved. ' A.-.H. McNeill, K.O.,  and R. M. Macdonald appeared for  the plaintiff, who was a couple of  days on the witness stand, and E.  P. Davis, K.C., and A. Johnson for  the defendant.���= 1���'- ���������������������  - ���  Mining Records.  The following mining' transactions were recorded yeBterday:  Certificates of work to W. Jackson,  et al., on the Ida Elmore, and to F.  B. Armstrong on the Southern Scar.  A new location was the Five Corners, on Eagle Creek, a mile from  Granite creek, by J. W. Johnson.    ;  County Judge ProTem.'  Judge Forin announced in chambers yesterday that he was about  to go east for a time to settle up the  estate of his deceased father and  that during his absence his brother,  P. McL. Forin of Rossland, would  act in his place. There is a big  volume nf business to be attended  to, so that the Rossland barrister  will have a busy time of iV.  In Chambers.  Judge Forin, in chambers, yesterday, heard a number of applications  on behalf of the creditors of the  Molly Gibson mine. The total  amount of claims against the property is considerable, but on behalf  of the company it was announced  that there were prospects of- an  amicable settlement, and tinder the  circumstances.and with?the'consent  of the interested parties, the matter  was adjourned so as to allow of  negotiations being prosecuted.  The New Fire' Team. .  . The team of horses purchased in  Spokane by Chief Lillie were put in  harness yesterday for the first time  in Nelson, and trotted out for a  little exercise over ground which  they will be called upon to cover in  their new role. Of course there was-  no lack of criticism. One of the  animals is unanimously pronounced j  an  ide&I - "orie^fpr-vt/tie.: -wo.rk^W'ell  huilivauci%olBe9��ed ^Bf, ���good^ftctibn^  The other,;is:nota,-faypcite in public  opinion,   although" many    predict  that he will turn out- well.   The  chief   reports   that   he "had. great,  difficulty     in   securing    desirable,  horses.     The    fire department of "j  Spokane is sending to Anaconda for  horses,   being   unable   to  procure  them at home. .j  Pay Up.  The city clerk is sending out  notices tp all those who are liable  under the Trades and License bylaw, apprising thera that their  licenses are due on the 15th days of  January and July in each year, and  that unless the same be paid within  seven days from date of receipt of  said notice, proceedings will be  taken to enforce the provisions of  the bylaw. These .licenses will net  the city about $13,000 this year.  The Salvation Army.  Captain Mrs. Read,.superintendent of the women's social work of  the Salvation Army for. Canada,  Newfoundland and . northwest  America, delivered an address on  social work in the Salvation ! Arniy  barracks last evening. There was  a large gathering, of soldiers and  friends. Since leaving Toronto.  March 13, the captain has visited  Rat Portage, Winnipeg, Portage la  Prairie, Brandon, Calgary, Vancouver, Rossland and other points.  She is a fluent and earnest speaker.  From Moyie,  F. J. S my the of the Moyie Leader  was in town yesterday. He reports  everything progressing favorably in  the camp made famous by the St.  Eugene mine. ' Last month was the  biggest run the St. Eugene concentrator has had, turning out as it  did over 3500 tons. The mine continues to employ 250 men and its  output is kept up to 100 tons per  day. However, there was a rumor  that less ore would be mined for  some,time owing to the prevailing  low price of silver. The company  are now shipping to Belgium,' the  ore being sacked on the ground and  forwarded via - Montreal.-; The  Aurora will soon resume operations.  The tunnel is at present in some 300  feet and shows three feet of clean  ore.' Some work'is also' being done  on the ,Society Girl. Mr. Smy the  says the'good people of Moyie are  preparing to celebrate the 24th of  May and will put, up suuh an excellent program that thousands s of  visitors wijl ,be attracted.  THE* MINERS' FEDERATION  .Officers Elected���Resolutions Adopted;  At yesterday's session of District  Association No.: 6, Western Federation of Miners, -the following  officers were elected : James Wilks,  president; Rupert Bulmer, vice-  president; and Alfred Parr, secret  tary-treasurer. The president is of  Nelson, the vice-president of Rossland, and the secretary-treasurer of  Ymir.  The matter of a government  bonus to the lead refiuing industry  was among the questions discussed  during the day, in connection  which .the following  "passed": v. '.,"..    ���;���'-'��� '7~~Ar ".'������'-r���ir  Whereas, the silver:lead mining  industry of British Columbia has  been seriously hampered by the  actions of the American smelting  trust in increasing their, charges  for treatment of bur ores and increasing their commissiofn . for the  disposition of our bullion; and,  whereas, this convention is ������'of .the  opinion that the establishment of a  refinery in Canada would greatly  stimulate . the production of silver-  lead ore, and materially contribute  to the promotion of the general,interests .of- the country ; and, whereas this convention is of the opinion  that it is absolutely essential tp the  proper protection of all. interescs  involved-that the proposed refinery  should be���established under such  conditions* as would preclude the  possibility of its absorption by the  smelter tr.ust at any future"' date;,  therefore,-be it resolved: that tliis  District^Asipibiation, No. .fa Western  Federation ''of. Miners, in annual  convention assembled,"declare that  in the judgment of this organization the true, solution of the refinery problem is the construction  and operation of a refinery by the  Dominion government of sufficient  capacity for the treatment of our  silver-lead ores, and that such refinery should be situated at some  central point in the mining districts  of this province.  CEN^S^KINBHsl^sNELSON  ENUMERATORS START ON THEIR  ***fe  t��*  t  WORK'MODAY.^  J-  :v%&t''  Ninety Miles of Ground to Be  Oyer'Within Two Weeks  ......'.* From Date.  Gone  with  resolution was  A. B. Buckworth, J. P., census  commissioner for the Nelson riding,  has started in on his. work, which  he hopes to complete, so far as the  population returns are concerned,  in about two weeks. The following  enumerators have been appointed  and start put this morning on their  rounds : ,...-.' ;   ;  Nelson���George Broadley, James  Bahnernian, C. P.'McRostie, George  Doyle, A. J. Curie and J. D. MeLeod.  Ymir7--J. A. Paul, E. W. Staple-  ford a-nd Alfred Parr.  Creston���A. O'Kell.  Nelson is divided into six district?.' .Ymir'' i�� made a separate  district and the rest of the territory  is .divided between three men.  Some idea of the work'may be  gained from the fact that there are  ten separate schedules to be filled  in and three specials. On schedule  No. 1, for instance, there are ho less  than 34 questions to be answered.  No. 2, relating to buildings,  churches," schools, etc., asks 37  questions, and soon throughout the  list. It is estimated that the enumerator will have to spend at least  half an hcSur with the head of a  family before he can get all the information which that individual  is supposed tb be in a position to  supply.  ���The census of Canada, unlike that  of other countries, aims at more  than a mere 'count of heads. It is  designed to be an unfailing record  as to the growth and prosperity of  the country;* aud gives details so  minute as to be a history in itself.  A glance,at-the tabulated forms  will show tlie population of any  particular district, whether it has  increa-ed or decreased within the  past-ten years, and if the former,  how the increase is accounted-for  ���whether by'the birth rate or by  iminigration. * If by immigration,  the nationality of the new-comers  is set down',"with their respective  ages,'occupation's, .etc." In agricultural districts the crop returns' are  given, area'* of'land'- under cultivation and such other information as  may be looked for.  "there can be little doubt that the  increase in' the - population and  wealth of British Columbia since  last cenus'-is considerable and - perhaps in no section of the province  will tliis 'increase be more conspicuous than in the "Kootenays.  What were hamlets 10 years ago are  in many cases flourishing, populous  cities today, while towns have  sprung up where there were but a  fewcabins.  Mr. Buokworth's district includes  some ninety square miles. It is  bounded on the north by the west  arm- of Kootenay lake; on the  south=by=the=ihternatiohaLboundary^  line, on the east by the divide between East? and West Kootenay,  and on the west by the Columbia  river. '    '."-.. :   '..'".' ":*. '  Theenumeratorshaye been drilled  ih their" work by the commissioner  and no trouble is anticipated. However, there will be a meeting after  the first coupleof days' work, when  they will compare notes.  Picnic at the Cemetery.  Tho Orientals differ so much from  the Occidentals'^ many particulars,  that one is seldom astonished at the  queer things the almond eyed  intruders do. Yesterday, for instance, three express wagons, laden  with Chinamen, roast pigt spring  chicken, pipes, ..san-souie, rice and  candies, might be observed driving  through Nelson. ; Some thought  they were going to a funeral, others  said a marriage feast was on the  tapis, but the majority-of. people  did not give a .second .thought to  tlie incident���they were only  Chinese. Later on hr-- the day the  merry party! returned, - minus the  roast pig, etc. Enquiring in Chinatown elicited the'"extraordinary information that the party in question had been but fpr a day's picnic.  The spot selected, was the cemetery,  or at least that portion of it in  which the remains of deceased  Chinamen are graciously allowed to  ���JTM ���  TELEPHONE 27  .ui'isoav: i- ,aoi  PAINTS, OILS^ND GLASS.  ; GARDEN  TOOLS;  REFRIGERATORS  Store,"Cofner'Baker and Josephine Sheet  RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE.  POULTRY  NETTING  Sole   Agent&<; for   .Giant   Powder   Company    and-  Truax   Automatic.  Ore   Cars*  :tv,-  JSTDSLSOlsr  r .STORES   AT  S-^nsnooiisr  lie until there are a sufficient number of skeletons to make up a  decent shipment, from the land of  the foreign devil to the flowery  kingdom. On the graves of their  departed brethren the picnic party  yesterday made merry. Here they  spread their cloth-and set their  feast, and indulged in all sorts of  frolic, interspersed with a game or  two of cards .and copious draughts  of the native beverage. Nor did  they forget the departed ones, for  to these they, left the choicest  morsels of the delicacies provided.  The Chinese believe in making  merry with the spirits of the faithful departed, so that-when they go  out for a day's enjoyment the  graveyard is their favorite rendezvous.  MURALO  MURALO  A Trust in Paving Stone.  .Rochester, April 8.���Plans have  been " perfected by which a new  business opens this spring. All the  stone quarries in western New York  producing the famous Medina block  paving stones are tobe formed into  a trust with-a capital of $1,500,000.  John Ryan," attorney of Medina,  and..Michael -Slack, owner of the  largest quarries, are . the prime  movers in tho concern, while Mr.  Chapman of the firm,of Monroe &  Schley, New York bankers, and E.  R. Johns of New York are also  interested.  After Anti-Vaccinationists.  Londo.v, April 3.���The authorities  of Leicestershire Jtoday began the  prosecution 'of' 60,000 ' defaulters  under the vaccination acts." Leicestershire's'a hotbed of anti-vacci-  hationists.   ���    PF.psiTiTA.ii;'  ivaslo registered  of  W. J. Twiss-i.l  at tho, Phair yesterday.  C. J. Smith,, late   accountant  the Redo mino. is payiug a visit toINelsoQ.1  ,   John M.   Gilmour is over from  Rossland;  Ho is rcgirtered at the Humo.  '   Captaiii J. R._Gifford is down from  UioSilvor Eirig on business in connection with  tho mino.  T. G. Roy is down from the Silver  Hill mine. Ho registered at tho Tremont hotol  yesterday.  J. A: Whittier, manager of the  Goodonough mino at SandoD, is in the city en  route tp('a Morula, - , .    .  P. O. Brien, Crawford Bay; Samuel Mburloy. Ymir. and F. Gormaliy, Rowland,  wero Hmong yesterday's arrivals at' the Madden  Houso;  At the Queen's yesterday the new  arrivals wore: 'John Mo^olgh, Lardo; A'.' Mc-  Kell, Crouton; A. B: Buokworth. "Ymir;' H. 'A.  WilHnma, Ainsworth; E. Gullle, Granite; W. F.  Meadowslev, Crawford Bay; John Paul, Ymir,  and A. M. Boyd, Camp McKinney.  As housecleaning will soon-be!ihe order of the. day we would  invite your attention to our stock of "PAINTS and VARfNlSHES:  For kalsomining there is nothing that gives better satisfaction,  than MURALO.   We have twenty-five shades to select from.  Ask for color card.  Lawrence Hardware Co;  William Hunter & Company  GROCERIES  AND   CROCKERY.  IN   GOOD  TIME  Our Sale of Toiletware came just  housecleaner.   A rare chance   for  TOILET   SETS  $4.00  Sets   for   $2.40  $6.00  Sets  for  $3.76  n good time for the  a   few   days .only.  All   the  Call and  latest   shapes  and. patterns.   , How can we do  it*?  see.  William Hunter & Company  GROCERIES   AND   CROCKERY.  FRESH VECETABLES  BUSINESS   MENTION.  For S*le or Rent.���-Piano at the  "Old'Curibsity'SHop- ���':   ;''*���;*��� =r   To loan on imp-oved property.   Straight  mortgage at 8  No monthly loan or no fines.   The only agent in the cny that  can give the borrower his money when he wants it.,;;  cent.  Cellar to Reht���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada.  Wanted���At once, one bodice and  two shirt hands.   Apply Mrs. Cat r, Victoria blk.  Situation Wanted���Japanese flrst  c'aso cook. City or oountry.' Apply P.O. Box  618.  Por Rent.^-Two fine offices centrally located. Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal. -  Two large, well-furnished rooms  to lot. 1 and 5 Macdonald block, corner Josephlno and Vernon. =.        Score to rent in the Madden block,  fronting,on Wa-d street.' For particulars'apply  to Thomas Madden. ���  A    first-class'.; expert    salesman  wantM position in olotliinK Htore. A Guenther,  1175 Huker Stroot, Nelson. ������  We   have buyers/ for' gold and  coppnr mino.s. The Profloootorn'Kxchanire. room  4, 1CW:U Block.   Tolephoho;101.   Nelson, B. C.  Japan Tea of-all: kinds  to suit  your .taste.-Sun Cured. Spider'Leg," Pan Fired'  in hulk or packages.   Kootenay Co'flen Co.  Nelson     Employment     Agency,  Baker" street. J. H. Love. Phono No 278. P.  O. box 465,    Help   of  all kinds furnished.  For sale���Smith Premier: typewriter in excellent condition. Owner leaving, ��� Apply Typewriter, Tribune office.  For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, &c���.  cigars and tobaccos of the bent brands,' call at the  Bon Ton Confectionery,* Baker 8treet,'*-'Misd A.  L. iClmkwitz.     - -      *���:���'��.���" ������:������*-:-'A ':������.X'XX  That fine blend of pey}oix Tea; we  aro selling at thirtyxenfe'-.-per pound. is vivinff  the best of ��atisfacrioh tbjburlinanjr customers.  'Rootonay Coffee,Cp,n b^Li-Al.   '       ���  If you have'a'mine.oitprospecit.for  sale, ^en-^f&m^aOTT-l^pffWsrrtoTheProsr;  poet ts' Eietfft^etro��*M��,>'*K-Wie Block.,'Tele-i  phone lul.   Nelson, B. C. ., ;  - .\Vesternj Ganadian^.Emplpyment,  : Office���Male and :female.-;helpT of .all'; kinds Tifur"  J niahedfre^ of bhargew;;"V7i',toria-8treet,,next door  ���to PubliokibrStfyv'-:Phone270/' P.O.Box.711..  j ., We. have , Indian,,^ Ceylon^  and  ��� Chl^'-fTeaivin; fd6&i:, variety,. m^a^St^Mi. ��ty- r  i them in any quantity at loweitra!��ff.VKobtenay.  \C6ttw--C6:'*yy;" -.,:r.- A77y.':A7-.:-AA,  Are still in the  market if you  know where to  look for them. We  have some of the  nicest cabbage,  carrots, and 'par*  snips thatwehave  ever handled. Also    a   complete  stock  w.  een  v.*  :Ir-  vegetable  rive    daillr^ieH-  sist'mg of lettuce,  onions, , asparagus, spinacH, rhu-j  barb, amh ripe  tomatoes. Other  vegetables as they  come in   season.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSOS  .ilfe C'��'.  The Leading Grocers/c  Telephone IO ' K-W-O Bakei8 Street!  GARDEN SEEDS  Wo have opened up the largest Hhlpment of  be-1 quality, frush garden seeds over brought to,  the Kooteniy   country.    Wo are selling large  auantltios already ami you will note our  iifmont from that of oihor dealers lu  ttlct, in that  WE SELL BY WEICHt^  way is  this dls-  ri't'O  . ������' i\:i*r '*������ f ;���'.:���!���.������ :.  Ar well as by package, and, though tKo quality'  1�� tho best lhe price is the- snme-'as Irf Toronto'i  Make out a list and sond to us and wo will* guar-,  an'.eesatisfaction.       "'   ,.'"���..'".       '    '  ^ IN FLOWER "SEEDS-r^^a^  We also, liave ��V-large,��nt7^10-different  varieties ;&hil' colors" or 'Sweet Peis ��� to;* select*  from and an endless variety of other kinds.   . j..  io ���'{���iixjlf.f  .!)'/.;  ��� K^. ^Bl6ckV{;ij:*c}tt^rrWar^n4"^^r^te^  1 -I'iz! li�� :j     f) U J     ii:.l  ���RO^MSiTQ/lBX7  : i.i -J.-T  iwr>7  icL'L  IX  rTi-.H'.r,  irVietoria Stretefci-^r  r..o-  -f--;  tiTL-:y~-!��0'.JO��   t;;:��    i:'.'-(.''iT f;Ti;'  Decorators and , ���*.���'+ ,'���.'..,-���  : Paper Haiigrers.-;, ' ,  NELSON BUSINESS .  .^.^SPMNCcTERMr:-^  1st.  BAKEE STREET.  PHOUE25L   HUGH R. CAMEROli  Two' LaTge Rooaos^^oined: byo arcii*.'1"-- Very  i suitable for offices.   :7B/t.p& |2p>.T';Houstpnria}obk.  ���!..  -Bookkeeping,    shorthand . and    typewriting  thoroughly taught iDo not roi<w this opeortun-ty  ; of acqbiiin^ a busines? education^. Note adartss.  ���  ;j.!r;.r  .;i  A'\  ���xx yvx.  ���:Xi 1:7. -'  .   i-'.-.- [ -i  -TL ly.i-7.  'xj.hti.O'-j  ::&:  ;. jiWc have just opened .up. our spring;  ennsignmont of wail"paperu':.wMIdll "1  ��� comprise'Hit the latest'pfttternB fort;1  -ltmi,,! do the -bulk:,of:the jvall.  rpapEririg.Dtlsin'os8'in*"NeiPon'. *We know -  * thevpatteriis iwhich ,oouuhend5 them:*J  eolvos rao-t,readily.; yTou*. will .be_re: ...  -papuring in a few weeks.- ChII Innow;:  iapdmafcevourso ectiou while the.asjiC  sortment is complete.      ' -'"v, '.'";  '  ZU.OY.;   ���ii.;':xi. -c-.x XJ.'H X_X-; ^Xx-7  V-:'' i'.'l'-t ;i.i  ZiUV;  UJ ft  flELSON.      JOSEPHINE STREET  JOSEPHINE  liRs;  ���''"' ''['i^te-of'yj^co^e'R' :7^-  .;-���������.������:.. -v-;...���-;..��. ^.J".7T.,>   iM    ���.;�� ���.-J..ST.'.  . parlors form��ly �� .Jtflafli Mac^iilfn,;  ! .r. .���..,...  5-...-*, ,-..;..' ...sfl a      ,.���;..'".'..-,���. u,li Victoria BlockV.v'; Ty.A "rA~7 '"yX".  C0HNER WARD AND BlAKER BTREETS j "TWpktioMteof Nfeiswilwff&'AawtM,-


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