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- xf
Canal Must Remain Open in Time of
War as Well as Peace to Commerce
and Navies of the World.
Washington, Marcli 2i.—The
communication from the British
government giving reasons why
that government declined to accept
the seuate amendments to the Hay-
Pauncefote treaty was made public
" today. Lord Lansdowne, secretary
of state for foreign affairs, sets
forth at "some length the circumstances under which the convention
was signed by the British ambassador, lord Pauncefote, and the secretary of state, showing that the
government accepted the convention unconditionally as signal proof
of their- friendly disposition' aud
their, desire not to impede the execution of the project declared to be
'. of national importance to the people-
of the United States'.
Two of the amendments, in
the opinion of lord Lansdowne,
present most formidable difficulties..
The first of them—the so;called
Davis amendment, which reserves
to the United States the right of
taking any measures which it .may
find necessary to secure by its own
forces the defence of the canal—
appears to his majesty's government's to involve a distinct departure from the principle which -
until now found acceptance with
both governments, namely, that in
time of war, as well as in time of
peace, the passage of the canal is to
"remain free and unimpeded and^is
to be so maintained by the 'power
or powers responsible for its control.
With this "amendment added to
- the convention the United States,
it ~'is_ presumed,- would be within
theirrights if at any moment when"'
it seemed to them their safety required it in view of warlike p're-
' parations not yet commenced, but
contemplated, or supposed to be
contemplated by another power,
they resorted to warlike acts in or
near the canal—acts clearly incon-
. sistent with the neutral character
which it has always been sought to
give it, and which would deny the
free use of it to the commerce and
navies of the world.
He goes on to show that there is
no analogy between the tenth
"article of the Suez canal convention
and the Davis, amendment, adding:
-■"The banks of the Suez canal are
- -within -tlie dominions of a terri-
- torial sovereign who was a party to
- "the convention and whose estab
lished, interests it was necessary to
protect,   whereas    the   Nicaragua
tory   belonging   not only   to   the
United States but to Central Ameri-
' can states, whose sovereign rights
other powers ca'nnot claim to dispose." -\   „
Lord Lansdowne states his objections to the amendents which
strike out article 3of theconvention
under which the high contracting
parties, engage" immediately upon
the convention, being ratified to
bring it to the notice of other
powers and to invite their adherence, as follows: "If that adherence
were given the neutrality of the
canal would be secured by the
..whole   of   the    adhering- powers,
^.without that adherence it would
depend only upon the guarantee ,of
the two contracting powers." The
amendment, he thinks, not only removes all prospects of the wider
guarantee but places Great Britain
in a position of marked disadvantage compared with other powers.
If his majesty's government were
to   agreed to   such an  agreement,.
• while the United States would have
a treaty right to interfere wjth the
canal in time of war or apprehended
war and while other powers could
with a clear conscience disregard
auy Of the restrictions imposed by
the convention, Great Britain, in
spite of,her enormous possessions
on the American continent and in
spite of her Australian colonies and
her interests in the east, would be
absolutely precluded from resorting
to any such action, or from taking
measures to secure her interests in
and near the canal.      •
Lord Lansdowne instructed the
British ambassador to explain.-. to
the secretary of state the reasons
set forth in this dispatch why his
majesty's government feel unable
to accept the convention in the
shape presented to them by the
American ambassador, and why
tiiey prefer as the matter stands at
present to retain unmodified the
provisions of the Clayton-Bulwer
"His majesty's government," he
says, "throughout their negotiations
have given evidence of their earnest
desire to meet the views of the
United States. They would, in
this connection, have been ready to
consider in a friendly spirit any.
amendments of the government of
the United States not inconsistent.
both government of the
they would sm^^^w«i-kf/a fail-
, .Jty'
_ }Mgm 7
ure to come to an amlcnt^ understanding in regard'to this important
subject."    '",..'■  *	
Legation Guards and Indemnities.
Washington, March 25.—Mr.
Rockhill, our special commissioner
at Pekin, has been heard from
further respecting the conditions
there aiid it is said that his report
is confirmatory of the latest press
advices. '.Touching the question of
a site for the legation guards, which
appears to be giving concern, it is
pointed put that the United States
was the first of the powers to re-.,
duce her military force in China to
the status of a legation guard and
that now our guard is of the proper
proportion, namely, two companies.
The European powers, in some instances, have in contemplation
several times this number for their
own guards, and it is that fact that
leads to the conviction that the
Chinese court will not return to
Pekin unless all the powers reduce
their contingents to the proportions
of our legation guard.
The advices from Pekin and other
quarters are beginning to stir up
some misapprehension of tbe indemnity claimed by the different
powers.- -A recent published report
was that., the ' German claim
amounted to $80,000,000. This
proves to be overdrawn. The actual
amount of the German indemnity,
it can be stated . positively, is
$60,000,000. The. basis for .this is
the"".large- 'military - establishment
which Germany sent to China and1
has maintained up to the present,
amounting toJL7,000 men.-
Petition From Cape Colony Officials."
London, March 25.—Sir Robert
Reed today laid on the table of the
house of commons a petition from
Messrs. Merriman and Sauer respectively, the former treasurer of Cape
Colony and the former commissioner of public works of Cape
Colony, asking for permission to
- address the house -with respect to
the peace settlement in South
Africa and specially against the
establishment of a crown colony
form of government. The petitioners have dropped the idea of'protesting against annexation.
China Anxious. .
London, March 25.— The Chinese
Luh, called at the foreign office this
afternoon and urged the British
government, to bring pressure to
bear in order to prevent Russia
from securing the necessary signatures of the Manchurian government. The government is still in
the dark tonight as to whether the
agreement will be signed or allowed
to lapse when the time expires,
March 20. The officials of the Jap-~
anese legation are inclined to believe Russia will succeed in getting
the necessary.signatures.
Newspaper to Be Sold.
Philadelphia, March 25.—Assistant United*States attorney-general
Beck, in the suit tfr set aside the
assignment of the Philadelphia
Record vs. William M. Singerly,
filed his report in the United States
court here today. Mr. Beck finds
that Mir. Singerly was sane at the
time fie transferred the newspaper
property to assignee George B.
Earle, junior, and Richard Y. Cook,
and the transaction was therefore
valid. He decrees that the Record
shall be disposed of at public sale
and settle claims in dispute amounting to over $2,000,000. -
Motor Cars in Collision/'
Washington, Marcli 25.—A head-
on collision between two passenger
trains on the Washington, Alexandria & Mount Vernon railroad
occurred today, about four miles
south of this city. Nobody was
killed, but many passengers were
injured, two possibly fatal. The
accident occurred in a fog, which
prevented each motorman from
seeingthe other train. The motor-
men saved themselves by jumping.
Both cars were demolished.
The Telephone Company and the City
Are at Loggerheads  as to
Stringing Wires.
At the weekly meeting of the
city council last night there was a
good deal of business disposed of,
and an important announcement
made by the mayor that the city
debentures would bring a price
which be considered highly satisfactory. His w orship was not in a
position to give ihe exact figures,
as he was awaiting certain letters,
but possibly " today the arrangements will be perfected.
The   finance   committee   recom-
''  ■__ ...     -
mended a number of payments,
amounting to $1363. They were
approved of.
The° public works committee
recommended that sidewalks in
different parts of the city be laid.
The list has already been published
in The Trihune. It was also
recommended that a four-inch pipe
be laid to the Kootenay Lake General Hospital to improve the water
service of the institution.
Among the suggestions was that
a six-foot sidewalk be laid from
Latimer to "Hoover street on the
east side of Josephine street.
Alderman Irving said he believed
the people of the district did not
want the sidewalk there.
• This clause was referred back to
the committee.
Alderman Selous suggested that
a sidewalk .be laid to the railway
crossing at the boathouse wharf,
foot of Josephine street. A few
planks would be a great convenience there, enabling people to get
to. the wharf without wading
through mud. .".The suggestion was
adopted. v-. ■»■■       -. --"  "-
The fire, water and.light committee recommended that uniforms be
provided for the chief of the fire
brigade and also the driver. This
was agreed to.
, It was further recommended that
the Kootenay Lake Telephone Company, not having lived up _to the
terms of the agreement drawn up
by the city solicitor, be denied the
use of the city's "electric light poles
and called upon to discontinue
stringing their .wires on same.
A report on the same subject was
read from superintendent McPhee,
advising the course. suggested by
the committee. It was explained
that the telephone company had
not signed the agreement nor paid
the rental imposed—25 cents per
annum for each;pole.
The mayor said that the fact of
wires on the electric light poles
would seriously affect the lighting.
The company did not sign the
agreement, nor did they pay the
rental imposed.
District superintendent Hodge of
the telephone company addressed
the council, explaining that the
agreement had not been signed
owing to the fact that the secretary-treasurer of ;the company was
away in theJ Old Country. He
asked that the matter be postponed
for a week iu'order that he might
communicate with his principals.
This was'agreed to.
W. H. Bullock-Webster wrote
asking that the lane at block 48 between Latimer and Hoover streets
be opened up. There was a rock in
the center which ought to be removed. ''v-iCi'*'."".
The communication was referred
to the city engineer.
A petition was read from the
Hall Mines Co. .complaining that
the tramway company-had blocked
up the road and asked that the obstructions be removed and the road
put in order.
Referred to the board of works.
- A petition was read asking for a
sidewalk on Hoover street and Hall,
whicli with others of a similar
nature, was referred to the board
of works.
It was proposed that Charles A.
Waterman be appointed road tax
collector witli remuneration at 10
per cent.
The mayor thought it advisable
that the collection should be deferred for a month or so. This was
a bad time of the year to start out.
Alderman Selous complained that
20 per cent of the mining population
paid their road tax.   The custom
was to make a round up of sure
men and leave the? difficult ones
over.   - '_".-.
The appointment was confirmed
and the direction of the collection
left with the mayor.
The mayor said he regretted he
was not in a. position just then to
report to the board as to the sale
of debentures. However, he was
happy to say that the offers made
were far above "his , expectations
and would be eminently satisfactory to the board.      j
P. Nipou, proprietor" of tho Nelson Laundry, appeared before the
board and complained that the
charges made agains^him for water
were excessive. He' yva's willing to
pay for what he used,~ but he considered it unfair that he should be
charged as much as larger establishments. > The matter was referred to the finance committee.
The mayor called attention to the
fact that some people were complaining that a pesthouse had been
established at .the east end of Baker
street. There wasf no ground for
such complaint, as the' house in
question was simply used as a place
of detention in a case of emergency.
The diphtheria cases there were improving, and in a few' days all
would be over.
Alderman Irving called attention
to the continuance of the Chinese
practice of carrying swillpails along
the public streets in broad daylight.
The mayor undertook to instruct
the proper officers to prevent the
nuisance. [ 7.
Alderman Patterson suggested
that the Baker street bridge be re-
planked and the" Ward street ravine cleaned out. -"     -   -    .. .
The mayor reported that the
chief of the fire- brigade inspected
and condemned-Lthe opera house.
There was no fire protection there
whatever. "If ever .a fire occurs
during a performance you will find
one of the worst ..'calamities - in the
history of the country."
Alderman Selous • condemned the
place as the -worst fire-trap he
knew of. "_.       .    ...
The matter will be   further investigated.              ..*•"_.    , '   _ '
._ .Some.' routine„,,bujiness 1 haying-
been   disposed,--"or th'e   board ^adjourned. 	
Twenty-Five Lives Supposed to Have
Been Lost and a Quarter-of a
Million in Property.
Birmingham, Alabama, March 25.
—Shortly before 10 o'clock this
morning a fearful tornado swept
over the southern section of this
direction. The number of killed is
estimated at 25. Only five of them
are white. The destruction of proporty is placed at a quarter of- a
million dollars. Eighteen bodies
have been recovered from the debris
up to dark and scores of injured
have been sent to the hospitals.
Among the dead are: Dr. C. C.
Chapman of the firm of Tally &
Chapman, who conducted a private
infirmary in this city, and the wife
and infant child of Hon. Robert J.
Lowe, chairman cf the Democratic
executive state committee. The
storm struck the city in the extreme southwestern- • corner and
plowed its way eastward,"leaving a
'path 150 feet wide through the entire southern section, extending
from Green Springs on the west to
Irondale on the east, and, continued
its course on until'its?* fury was
spent in the mountains beyond
Irondale, a small town six miles
east of the city. The morning
dawned cloudy and sultry and
grew more threatening as the day
Clouds began to gather, and shortly after 9 o'clock sharp lightning
flashed from the southwest. The
air became heavy and stifling. The
velocity of the wind suddenly began
to increase, and out of the overcast,
sky the dreaded funnel-shaped
cloud made its descent. Hugging
close to the earth it passed through
the city in leaps and bounds with
terrific force and was away to the
east before the people realized what
had happened. The altitude of the
cyclone was not more than 75 feet.
The negro shanties and cottages in
the lowlands in the path of the
storm were the principal sufferers.
Railway Matters—Government Ownership and Refinery Bonus to Be'
Discussed This-Week.
Victoria, March 25.—[Special to
The Tribune].—The school bill was
considered in committee today.
Several of the most important sections were laid over and _ will be
changed before the committee
makes its report.
Nothing that is important developed in the railway situation,
more than that the government is
advertising for offers for building
the Coast-Kootenay railway. Mr.
Whyte, manager of the C. P. R.
lines west of Port William, is here
sizing up the situation.
Government ownership of railways and bonusing a refinery will
be discussed in the house this week,
as Houston has introduced a resolution on the one question and
Helmcken will on the other.
Howard G. Barrie, "a nephew of
R. F. and S. H. Green of Kaslo, who
was with the first contingent in
South Africa, sailed on the Empress
of India tonight bound for Shanghai, where lie goes as a medical
Railroad Matters.
Vancouver, March 25.—[Special
to-The Tribune.]—A'special from
Victoria • tonight says that the advertisement" of the government in
the,Colonist, asking /ffaijj ^proposals
to build 'the,Coast-Kootenay railway line, is causing great discussion. Speculation, as7to .the1 object
of the advertisement, is rife. - ""• _
A prominent - government sup-'
porter, tonight ,,, ^$i<|hak JJ;he fight
for'the railway was now practically
over; that the line would not be
constructed by the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern, but by a new company, whose charter was recently
put forward through Hunter.
Chinese on Trial.
Ashcroft, British Columbia,
March 25.—At the preliminary
hearing of Wong Sing, Ah Nin, Wo
Puck Yung, Lung Wan, Sing Dick
and Wing Yung before justice,
Lehman this morning for the alleged
murder of Lee Hang, an adjournment was agreed to until Thursday
by the court upon the request of
barrister Jenns, who is representing the prosecution. Application
for bail was made and granted in
$1000 each. The body of the missing man has not been found.and the
evidence is largely circumstantial,
several hundred dollars in his possession, has disappeared and is
generally believed to have been
murdered. The crown promises to
bring out strong evidence of the
crime at the next session of the
court on Thursday.
Ottawa. —The Baden-Powell
police leave for Halifax tomorrow
at 2 o'clock.
St. John. — Right Rev. John
Sweeny, D. D., Roman Catholic
bishop of St. John, died this morning from a paralytic stroko.Sunday
night.   He was 80 years of age.
Bowmanville, , Ontario1.—W. T.
Cole, druggist, took a dose of prussic
acid in mistake for a • tonic for
stomach trouble Sjifci^rday night
and died in twenty minutes after
medical assistance arrived.
Toronto.—Herman Cook, ex-M.P.,
left for Ottawa tonight to testify
before the senate committee concerning the alleged offer made to
him of a seat in the senate for a
cash consideration.
Manila, Ontario.—A severe storm
passed over this district yesterday
morning. Lightning struck the
barns of William Matthews, just
north of here, killing three valuable
horses, two cows and five hogs.
Halifax. — George Halbert, a
young Englishman on a visit to
this city, attempted to shoot Walter
Dixon, a negro, on Sunday night.
He fired two shots at him, but
neither took effect. Halbert is now
under arrest.
St. Andrews, New Brunswick.—
Captain James Storkey, a * well-
known boatman and formerly a
prominent shipbuilder, committed
After Morrocan Claims.
G1 u ra lta it, March 25. — The
armored cruiser New York is ready
to sail tomorrow for Ma/agan, on
the coast of Morroco, where she
will remain until United States
consul general Cummers has secured
an adjustment of the claims of the
American, government at the Morrocan capital.
Boers Lost Heavily.
Cape Town, March 25.—It is said
the Boers lost very heavily in
attacking the garrison at Lychten-
burg last week. Upwards of seventy
burghers/are reported to have been
shot at one spot among the wire
suicide yesterday morning by fastening a piece of iron to his neck
and jumping off the wharf into the
Sydney, Cape Breton. — Three
men were badly scalded with boiling oil at the Dominion Iron and
Steel Works Saturday. They were
at work on a breach over the bridge
furnace when an overflow of oil
Toronto.—Publicly disgraced and
dejected over shame she had
brought to her family, Mrs! Alice
Stunners of 43 Arthur street, who
was arrested Wednesday last for
shopliftiug, yesterday afternoon
committed  suicide    by   strangling
herself in jail.
r „__ *
Will Visit British Columbia.
Montreal, March 25.—The McGill mining school will be held this
summer in British Columbia.
Twenty students, accompanied by
Dr. Porter, professor of mining, and
Dr. Adams, professor,of geology,
will take the trip, which will last
several weeks, starting about May
1st. The C. P. R. will provide cars
and service. The coal mines , of
Vancouver Island and the Slocan,
Boundary, Rossland and Crow's'
Nest districts will be visited.  *
To Build Elevators.'
Montreal, March 25.—Captain
Wolvin of Duluth today made 'an
offer to the harbor board to construct elevators and freight sheds
at the mouth of the Lachine canal,
provided the board guarantees 4
per cent bonds on buildings to- the
extent,of $750,000. In default of
payment of interest the elevators,
etc., to become the property of the
harbor board. The Connors syndicate at present has a grant of tbe
sites wanted by. Wolvin/ but Connors has not carried out his agreement. Wolvin, to relieve the board
of any claim Connors may have,
leaves the agreement subject toT'the
-approval of the government..
Wolvin is ready to start work" immediately and estimates that the
first year" after, improvements' jtor
.'the entrance of the Welland. canal -
are completed he will bring, at'least
rto;00O,po0;' bushels .'./of, "grain V jto
Montreal!      ' ".   : '-
The'Casualty List..
London, March 20.—The official
casualty list issued last evening indicates a renewal of active operations since the failure of the negotiations between lord Kitchener
and general Botha. At Hartebees-
fontein March 22nd and 23rd two
officers were killed and three
wounded and four men killed aud
twenty wounded. There also
seems to have been heavy fighting
at-a place near Gredgedacht on
March 19th, and near Ventersburg
"on March 16 th. Ventersburg, the
scene of the defeat of Delarey, is
is about 25 miles north of Harte-
beestfontein. It is possible, therefore, that the advices as to fighting
at these points really refer to the>
same engagements. .	
The-Pretoria   correspondent   of
the Standard says that   it is obvious that some months must pass
before    Boer    resistance   can   be-
The Amsterdam correspondent of
the Daily Express says he understands that Mr. Kruger has advised
acting president Sehalkburgher to
formulate peace terms.
Great Britain's Advantage.
London, March 25.—Sir Theo
Doxford, speaking today at the annual meeting of William Doxford
& Sons of Sunderland, said that as
long as the heavy import duties on
steel continued in the United States
British shipbuilders would be able
to get American steel at from 20 to
40 shillings less per ton than the
price the same steel sold for in
America. Hence the steel combination, selling its surplus production in Great Britain, would keep
up the cost of American-built ships
and keep down' the cost of ships
built in Great Britain.
Wealthy   Corporations   Fighting   for
Privileges .and Determined  to
Continue the Battle.
The second step in the most important water-right litigation-that
has "occupied public attention for a
long time was taken yesterday
when all the legal lights of the'did-
trict were in attendance representing the various interests involved.
It will be remembered that in
November last tlie assistant*com-,
mis'sioner of lands and works, "J. A.
Turner, granted to the British- Col- ,
umbia Southern Railway Company
some 400 miners' inches of water
from Murphy creek in»the Trail
creek mining division. ,_Against this
grant the War Eagle and Center"
Star mining companies' appealed on "
the ground that an application in
their behalf was pending before the
gold commissioner at Rossland and
that they were not aware that the
British Columbia Southern application would be heard at Nelson,
'although due notice ot same had
been posted. The appeal was heard
before the chief justice at Rossland
recently and by him referred back •
to the assistant "commissioner afc
Nelson. It was in this form that
the case ^was presented yesterday.
C. B. MaeNeill,'K.  C, and E P..;
Davis, K. G, appeared in support of • --'■SM^
"    *■  5t0*S®i
1 i jt r
1  ~ '--"^Vll
'T i7i\
. ,S',"?l
_z  f). *"3-tI
\" -■rr"v'5?'"L
■j * ^^ ■
" 'AtM
1   71"^--^ *Stkc|
7. Vi\#
the application, and adduced evi;
dence that they required even more
water' than that already granted"
for the operation of the smelter
works at Trail.
- "A. CrGalt, on behalf of the War
Eagle-Center Star, 'argued in favor/yf^V^
of,a postponement untiF'suchj time'* ,^^^1
astheir-apneal against.the decision:'-^'^iMI'l
of the gblof"c"ommiss^roner-at'"Ross.-t';!'" ~'fj_\
land, who subsequent tothe entering;'f>: AfQ
of the appeal against the'record to"   •--  "y§i
the British Columbia Southern~,~had
refused to accept the application of.
the War   Eagle-Center -Star, and
upon the existence of- which application   the   appeal was based,   be
Hon. T. Mayne Daly.'K. C.,-on'behalf of the LeRoi Mining Company,
supported Mr. Gait's argument for
au adjournment, stating that his
"clients also had -an application
pending for water, from' the creek
in question.
- Commissioner Turner, having
heard the arguments pro and con,
reserved his decision.
The evidence adduced "was purely
of-a technical character.
j"' ,15 j-I
_Eight:Hour_Day_ in_Russia._
Russia is about the last "country .
in the world where one  would expect to find any of the doctrines of
trades-unionism in force, and hence
the news that a Russian employer
has voluntarily reduced  the daily
hours of labor in his large factories
from twelve  to  eight is  naturally      ,
causing much comment throughout   ;
Europe.    This employer is  M. Pan-
keleff, who is one of the magnates '"
of Kakhovka, a town in the government of Khersan.   As the owner of
mills and factories, he employs hundreds   of   men, who, until a few
weeks ago, .were obliged to work
twelve hours daily.   Great, therefore,  was their  surprise when  M.
Pankaleff announced to them  that
they would iu future be required to    -
work only eight hours a- day, and
that their wages would remain tho
same as before.
M. Pank'eleff's neighbors laughed
when. they heard of this reform,
since they felt sure that the men
would not be able to do as much
work as heretofore, but they were
mistaken. The wealthy and sensible mill owner has now made a
public, statement in whicli he says
that instead of losing he has actually gained by the change, since tha
men are more alert," more contented,
and more atteutive to their work
than they were before aud that: as
a result they do more work in eight .
hours than they formerly, did. in
Tenders for Treasury Bills.
London, March 25.—Tenders for
£2,720,000 in treasury bills were
opened at the Bank of England
today. The applications total
£5,887,000. The average rate of
the allotments was S£ per cent. . KsssasweiMssffiSas^^  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, MARCH 2(��, 1901  -hi  'Hi  it.  ���.J!  -pi  44  'K.  v.  1'i  ������'���to  fl  ���j "*���*'��� ^ i *  i*vf��*Y1  I-'AR"  la t  "f:  \'Ah-  Jj "  ����_;  4i*i  I- t?p  1       ?   V   '  VSi" -  C5  'If.'  1*11'  li'  IT  !JP  IP  i-  m  Headquarters  for Novelties  FOR GOOD VALUES  FOR EXUJBiiLbNOE OF QUALITY  FOR UP-TO-rATE PATTERNS  AND STYLES  TOR IJTMP^ SE VARIETY TO  CHOOSE FROM  A VISIT TO THE  HUDSON'S   BAY STORES  WILL SURPRISE AND PLEASE YOU  We have opened up a magnificent  Assortment of New Goods, Comprising  LADIES' WHITE WEAR  LADIKS' BLOUSES ���or._  LAWKS' MUSLIN" DRKSSES  JAU KS' WRAPPBKS  LADIES' CLOTH COSTUMES  LADIKS' ERMINE GLOVES  LADIES' CORSETS ������.,���,���  LADIES'    ERMINE    SHAWLS  AND COUNTLESS  OTHER ARTICLES.  For Men we have the Latest and Best  in Shirts, Collars. Ties, Cuffs,  Caps and Hats, Etc.  AN INSPECTION IS RESPECTFULLY  INVITED.  legislature; and as $12,000 per mile  will probably represent the big end  of expenditures necessary for any  future railway construction in the  province, it follows that the contributors of the greater amount  should have a controlling interest  in the roads so constructed. And,  if the right of the province to such  liberal treatment in railway bonuses  is admitted, it follows that the  province would be entitled to the  full fruits of such generosity, which  would mean the placing of it in control of all state aided railway lines  the construction of which cost  $24,000, or'less, per mile.  Ever since federation British  Columbia has been endeavoring to  secure legislation of a restrictive  nature against Chinese and Japanese. The most that has -been accomplished is in the imposition of a  head tax of $100 upon Chinese immigrants, a very small portion of  which is returned to the province  in compensation for the injury  wrought by the presence of ihe  Chinese in the province. Each  year, however, the ranks of the  anti-Oriental party are growing. It  will soon be strong enough to force  the concessions which repeated  solicitations have failed to land.  THE  HUDSON'S  BAY  STORES  The Vancouver World is setting  a good example to the press of  Vancouver.. The World no longer  runs paid paragraphs in its local  column and its patrons can now  take up the local sheet without  fear of running across stray paragraphs on the penetrative properties of pink pills.  Victoria can hardly lay claim to  being a progressive city. Its  people insist that the provincial  government should base its assistance to railway projects upon conditions which existed some years  _ago_instead_of__conditions_which  exist today, and H. Dallas Helmcken,  the city's senior member in the  legislature, agrees with the views  of his constituents. -  The Chinese and Japanese population of British Columbia is estimated at 12,000, or close upon ten  per cent of the entire white population; and of these Chinese and  Japanese residents some 1160 were  naturalized last year, or just about  ten per cent. These Chinese and  Japanese are now entitled to the  franchise, and being entitled to vote  are entitled to sit in the legislature  and frame laws for the government  of British Columbia.  If premier Dunsmuir succeeds in  inducing   the Laurier administration to accept his railway policy, he  will have covered half the ground  to government ownership of railways.   His proposal is, that in view  of the>heavy contributions of the  province to the Dominion revenues,  the federal government should provide two-thirds of the "railway subsidies   necessary for the development of  British Columbia.     This  would mean that in every case in  which a provincial subsidy of $4000  per mile was granted,  the federal  government   would  supplement it  with a Dominion subsidy of $8000.  This would mean a straight gOVern-  zrient subsidy of $12,000 pier mile  for all railway projects which com-  jmended themselves to the provincial  The taking of British Columbia  into the Canadian federation was a  good   stroke   of  business for the  older provinces.    It enabled themj  to secure $42,474,292 in direct "taxation and tariff duties'in exchange  for which the   federal exchequer  disbursed but $28,915,386.   Por the  first ten years the balance was all  against   the   province,   but    since  then the "Dominion revenues from  the province   have   steadily risen  until now they provide a yearly  surplus of from $1,500,000 to $2,-  000,000. This being so there should  not be much difficulty in inducing  the   Laurier   government to give  back a portion of the surplus as an  encouragement to the lead smelting  and refining industry.  It is ' suggested in Victoria that  the action of   the Dunsmuir'government in delaying the' consideration of all railway subsidy measures is due entirely to a desire to  arrive at~some" definite understanding with the federal government  with respect to proportionate assistance, to   railway  development  within   "the   province^ This   it' is  said explains the policy of impassive  silence which the members of the  Dunsmuir   cabinet   have   pursued,  but which many persons attributed  to the Canadian Pacific  Railway  Company's control of the premier  and his colleagues.   Among other  questions    discussed   by   premier  Dunsmuir    and    attorney-general  Eberts, on their recent trip to Ottawa, was the ratio of assistance  _which_British Columbia_9hould,re-  ceive   from the   Dominion to aid  railway "''construction,'  in  view of  the contributions which the province makes to the federal exchequer.   At this time it was suggested  by: the ministers that for the future,  with respect to all railways subsidized in British  Columbia, the federal   government   should   put   up  two-thirds of the subsidy decided  tipon     and      the     province     the  remaining     one-third.     And    as  evidence bf the fact that the Canadian Pacific railway has no hold  upon the provincial cabinet, it is  further   said    premier    Dunsmuir  suggested   that   the proposed   arrangement should be made to apply  to the three railway projects which  were   afterwards outlined   in   the  speech: from the throne, the same to  be constructed as part Of one general system; (1) from Midway, in  Boundary Creek district, to a point  on the coast south of the Fraser  river; (2) from the terminus of the  Esquimalt & "Nanaimo railway to  the   northern   end   of   Vancouver  Island; and (3) from some point on  the British Columbia seaboard to  the northernboundary of the province, to form part of an all-Canadian road to the Yukon.    There is  nothing to indicate any willingness  onthe part of the Laurier administration to meet the overtures of  premier Dunsmuir, but,' from the  proposal submitted by him to the  Ottawa authorities, it is clear that.]  befoi'e the present session opened  the premier was prepared to launch  a new railway policy, and one  which aimed" at securing competition throughout the entire province with the Canadian Pacific  system.     ���  The Right Remedy.  ,. Westminster.  Each dissolution of the marriage  bond is effected by a private act of  parliament after an inquiry by a  committee of the senate into the  truth of the allegations on which  the petition for divorce is based.  Obviously many injured parties are  too poor to secure a remedy in this  way, and the result is an inequitable discrimination in favor of the  wealthy. This is well illustrated  by two applications recently filed at  Ottawa. A Toronto womau, whose"  husband is now serving a seven-  year term for the crime of bigamy,  has petitioned to be relieved from  paying the parliamentary fee, and  an Edmonton man has petitioned  for the same kind of relief, and also  that the evidence in his case be  taken at Calgary as he is too poor  to go to Ottawa. The appropriate  remedy for this state of affairs is  the institution of a divorce court  in such provinces as choose to maintain it,, if not for the whole  Dominion. There is no reason to  suppose, that this would make  divorces more easily obtained, and  it would certainly do away with an  inexcusable injustice.  One of. the chief lecturers chosen,  for the next year!s coitrse at the1  Yale law school is professbr Kazuo  Hatbyma, of the University of  Japan; He is a graduate, of Yale;;  having taken his degree at New:  Haven in 1878::w    J  OPERA HOUSE  COMMENCING  MONDAY,    MARCH    25th.  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This is a splendid  chance for those requiring new carpets and window shades at very low prices;  m  $ This Sale is for Gash Only as the Prices are Below Cost  m. ^;'     ��= ���.  .. ���*:���;   -���       '   ~  :..:      . ���      ". -    . ���=.  m  (tv  (fl  (fl  (fl  (fl  Five pieces Jute Brussels, good pattern, never sold under 65c to $1  Six pieces Tapestry, choice patterns, regular price 65c and $1  Eight pieces Tapestry, good patterns, regular price 75c to $ 1.25  We will also include Lace Curtains and Portieres at very low cash  SALK   Pit ICE.  25c and 35c  45c  50c to 85c  prices.  (fl  G"criECT.^.i:Esrs  GTTI?,T^^_I3SrS  PROFESSOR   PAYNE  The World's Greatest Hypnotist  Will entertain the public with a  refined, instructive, marvelous,  laughable and up-to-date performance, properly staged and presented  with unsurpassed talent. Phrenological lectures illustrated with  skulls, casts and busts.  (fl  (A  Ok.  iimrrxxxnrxxnnxxmxixx.  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ClarKe, Prop/  LATK OF THE ROYAL HOTEL, OALSABY   .  fyadden House  -Baker and Ward  - Streets, Nelson  Ward B ros  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  The only hotel in Nelson that has remained  under ono management since 1890.  The bed-rooms are well furnished and lighted  by eleotriolty.  Tho bar Is always stooked by the best dom ���-  Mo and Imported liquors and olgars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor. ���  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUS, Manager ,  Head Office at  NELSON, B. O.  Wholesale and Retail  lers-in-IVIeais  Markets at Nelson,  Rossland,   TraU,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,  Silverton, Nov  .Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver. .*-  *   Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  * ��� ' " ���  P.  _ rCSt  minster, and Edmonton. Allierta. * '���-. .'�����}  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &   CO.���Baker   street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers ln fresh and oured meats.  Cold storage. ���  GROCERIES. 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C, TRAVES, Manager  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade  Brewery at Nelson  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  Office on  Baker Street, west of Stanley Street  NELSON. '  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box B��.     ��� ^BLBPHONW NO, 96  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  No'ice is hereby given that I intend to apply at  the nuxt silting of the Hoard of License Com-  missionnrs of the City of Nelson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor liconse for tlie premises .situate on the south end of Lot 1, Block 0, in  tlie City of Nelson, and known as the Manhattan  wvloon, to Charles H. Ink and Siegol Bovd.  CHARLES A.  WATKUMAN.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 15th day of Febru-  ���/.-;"       ORnwRH rv mati> rwobivw nARmrur, Aim PRn*n>T Awrornnv  ROSSLrAIVE)   BIVQUNEERiiNa  WORKS  ' ������>"<���      .       CUNLilFFEi & MeMILIJAN  Founders and  Machinists, Specialty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin  Doore 'and Ceneral Mining Maohlnery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and Is as good  as new: ,  1 2^-H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on steam.  r 1 bl"x8" Doublo-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co. '  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron, New York. ���  1 Sinking Pump, 10"x5"xl3", outside packed plunger pattern.   .  .-jWatch this advertisement for further lists, or write us before you buy for complete list.   We:  may have just what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.   Stock carried.   .      .  THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  TAWRENCE   HARD WARE _ COMPANY  JJ   Baker St., Nelson, wholesale   doalers in]  -hardware and mining supplies, and water and I  plumbers' supplies.  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mURNER, BEETON & CO.-^Corner Vernon]  ���*���   and Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale  dealers ln liquors, olgars and dry goods. * Agents j  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary. -.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON  POWDER  COMPANY-Baker I  street. Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,]  wholesale dealers In r        ���  '  blasting apparatus.  i oapa and fuse, and oleotrio  .  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING�� MILLS, I  LIMITED���Corner Front and'Hall'strootB, ]  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers 1  In sash and doorsi all klndBjjf factory work made [  to order.        " -^ \r.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIM1-  TED���Corner Front and HaU stireete, Nelson, wholesale*dealers ln wines (oase and bulk.  ��na rtnmoaHo %ni1 Imnnrhnd oloraro.  P.  O. Box 188.  ary 1901  W!  STRAGHAN  BROTHERS  PLUMBING  All plumbing is not alike.   See our goods.  Same price as other dealers and  20 per cent Better.'  PLUMBERS.  OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.              .         NELSON. B. O  R.B. REILEY  (SUCCESSOR TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  itness: AnTitun K. Vauohan.  ARCHITECTS.  THWART & CARRIE���Architects.   Rooms  ���Ci wid 8 Abert ��en block, Baker atr����*,N��ifl<m.  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  WORK^.o  EXPERT HORSESHOEING.  P. J. RUSSELL  Buyer and Exporter of"  RAW   FURS  and-  ttoitii  Highest Prices  Prompt Returns .  Fair Assortment  3pecial attention given to jll kinds of repairing ���-,,������   t-��   *���+  id custom work from c.-iside pointa.  Heavy I ghl   h   n^nraaa    TSI ELSOiN. H. G. I  Id made taord��r��Bduu( notioe. | B1^ W iocpress.  _L.AUJ-iK>\~r*.*, *J. v*. |  Home Grro"wn  "Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs  '*      Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra choico stock of Peach, Apricot, Plum,  Cherry aDd Prune Trees. New importation of  first-class Rhododendrons, Roses, Climatus,'Bay  Trees, Hollies, etc.  80,000 to choose from. No agents or commission to pay. No fumigation or inspection charges.  Greenhouse plants, agricultural implements, fer  tilizers, bee supplies, etc. Largest and most  complete s'ock in the province. Send fer catalogue before placing your orders.   Address  ty. J. HENRY, Vancouver, B. C.  White Labor Only.  NOTIOE.  i To Contractors and Builders.���On and after  March llth, 1001, journeymen plasterers' vngo*  will be $0.00 tier day of eight hours. By order of  local Union No. 172, O.P.I A.  J. D. MOYER, President  WVicb, Secretary. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON", R G, TUESDAY, MARCH 2C, 1901  BAM OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  BHBT    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Koyal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouston General Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets. ;  A. H.. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branohes in London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal oilies in Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exohange and Cable  Grant  Commercial  and  Travelers'  Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Etc  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH IS AMAT.OAMATED  THE BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:  TORONTO. ''  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund.  -     -      $8,000,000  -      -      ���   $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Geo. A. Cox, Robt. Kilgour,  President. Vice-President.  IMPERIAL BANK  HKAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  London Office, eo Lombard Street, SI. O.  New York   Office, 16   Exchange   Place.  and GJ Branches In Canada and the      <  United States.  Savings Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OF- INTEREST PAID.  Living and Wages in Mexico.  American energy and enterprise  are spreading south into Mexico,  but not to such an extent as the  nearness of that country might  seem to justify. The insecurity of  life and property, in the republic,  the difference in the language and  the hostility of the people to the  Anglo-Saxon hamper Americans.  But for those who go there and  work hard there are good pros-  .pects. The government has issued  a report giving a good deal of raw  material in the way of facts as to  Mexico. It is intended for the use  of persons who wish to do business  with the republic .or who think of  going there, -  Living is not dear in Mexico.    In  the interior towns and villages the  common necessaries of life are cheap.  Coffee and tea are expensive, and  so are imported goods, owing to the  cost of the duties and the expense  - of transportation. " In the interior  meals may be had at the hotels for  about 50 cents each, and board and  lodging at from $2 to $2.50 per day.  In the City of Mexico living is more  expensive.   Hotels charge from $2  to $10 silver per day.     Good meals  may be procured at any first-class  restaurant for $1.    A tourist intending to   take   a short trip to  Mexico would do well to calculate  his expenses at $10 a day, including  traveling    charges.      Heady-made  clothing is not much in vogue, but  imported English and French cloth  is made up into suits at about the  -same cost as in the United States.  The big dry goods-establishments  are as well stocked as those of the  larger cities of the" United  States,  and for imported goods the prices  vary very little from those prevailing _ here. .  Rents in the City of Mexico, however, are very high. This is'due to  the cost of house building aud to  tlie many taxes, one of. whieh is a  municipal tariff of 12 per cent on  the annual rental. The expense  and taxes on a house costing $10,-  000 to build and renting for $75 per  month is $13.08 per month, or about  17 1-2 per cent of the receipts. Labor is abundant and cheap in Mexico. Farm laborers receive from 20  to 37 1-2 cents a day. There are  instances where the day laborer receives 50 cents a day, but there are  also instances where he receives  only 15 to 20 cents." The secretary  of the treasury estimates the dailyv  wage of farm laborers at 25 cents.  A large portion of the farming is  carried on under - the share' system.  In many instances rations of corn  are furnished to the hired laborer.  In some cases he is allowed a small  "allowance" a day fortius-boardjin  addition to wages; again he is fiir-  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three por cent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  Capita!  Rest  $2,500,000  $1,726,000  ^sSiS'-^  c3' c^>- cz3" a^>* ez3 ��� c=?' c^> �� a?  ESTABLISHED   <Z5  IN  ��3. �������<��!!* <^?��3 ��� C?  NELSON    IN    1890.  H. S. HOWLAND President  D. It. WILKIK Genoral Manager.  E. HAY. Inspector.  JDXj^MLOJ^TID s  WATCHES  SAVINC3   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THK   CURRENT   KATK   OK   INTEREST  ALLOWED.  nished by the landlord with a small  piece of land" to cultivate for his  .own benefit. To farm laborers the  only rations furnished are corn and  beans. In the mines the wages of  laborers vary from 40 to 60 and to  80 cents a day, with no rations. In  factories the wages are from 18 to  25 and 37 to:02 cents a day without  rations.;, A - day's labor" in Mexico  is from nine to thirteen hours.  A Horse Who Rode.  Denver has a horse car line that  is run strictly according to the requirements of the humane society.  When the horse gets tired he ride3  instead of walking.- The line is orily  two miles long, and the poor animal works only half time, for he  pulls the little broken-down vehicle  up the hill and then has a toboggan  slide experience back to the starting  point. Occasionally times get quite  lively in the little "car on'account of  the hilarious spirits within. Shooting out the lamps and "winging"  the horse are of almost nightly  occurrence.  That was made last Sunday night  when about twenty men and  women were crowded into the little  box. All were drunk, and each was  looking for trouble. The car had  just left the terminus on the return  trip and the horse was riding. The  "motorman" was at the brake  handle checking the speed of the  car when the riot broke out. In an  instant there was shots fired from  within that sounded like a pack of  firecrackers set off in a cheese box.  The driver jumped and the car began to roll with increasing velocity.  A stray bullet killed the horse, and  he rolled off his little platform into  the snow. His halter, however,  held fast, and dragged the body for  several hundred yards before it  stopped the cai\  A Cure for Leprosy.  Despite   the   great   progress   in  medical science, leprosy is still considered incurable.     Therefore the  announcement, made by a Brazilian  doctor   in    the    German    Medical  Weekly, that rattlesnake poison is  a cure for that horrible malady has  received a great deal  of attention.  From time immemorial the natives  of   Brazil   have looked  upon   the  rattlesnake   as   a specific   against  skin diseases; they eat the snake;���  that is, all except the head.   This  led the doctor to obtain  the poison  of live snakes by inducing them to  bite into wads of cotton, and to  give to lepers carefully measured  quantities   of   the  poison   diluted  with glycerine.   The first patient  so ^treated was a mulatto woman  who had been afflicted with leprosy  for ten years and was unable to  leave   her bed."   This woman, as  well as fourteen other lepers, improved rapidly���the knobs on the  skin disappeared, the ulcers healed  rapidly and the sense of touch returned.   This,  however,  does   not  imply   that   lepers    are    immune  against snake poison.  The Tramps' Friend.  Probably no man in the world  has sheltered, at a private home,  as many knights of the road as has  farmer Jacob Hiestand of Hereford,  Pennsylvania.    His ^hospitality is  known to all the  "Weary Willies"  who frequent East Pennsylvania,  and.   they.   make    regular    trips'  through Hereford, stopping -at the  Hiestand.    farm    invariably.    The  Hiestand farm is a very fine one.  The barn is largeand built in a manner assuring warmth ������ to the occupants.     Mr.   Hiestand   has   never  been known to refuse permission to  a tramp to sleep in his barn, and  during 1900 he sheltered 752 tramps.  He keeps a record of every -tramp  who sleeps in his barn and the following is a summary for the year  1900:   January,  01;   February,  42;  March, 77; April, 70; May, 77; June,  81; July,  02; August,  GO;   September, 52; October, 57; November, 53,  and' December,  00, a total of 752.  This is an increase of 101 over 1899,  when lodging was  furnished to 651  men and women.   The" number in  1898 was 482.   The largest number  finding rest during one night was  12, while many nights from 6 to 8  sleep   in   the   barn.     The tramps  have never destroyed anything for  farmer Hiestand   and seldom ask  him for food.  'Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  of the duke of Albany, who was the  favorite son of her majesty.    Lord  Rosebery has likewise been married  before, and through his first wife,  the   richest of   all   the Rothschild  heiresses, became immensely rich.  His children are now grown   up,  and his exceptional intimacy with  the royal   family, and   his virtual  withdrawal ���froni    party   politics,  point toward his becoming ere long  connected   by marriage  with   the  reigning houses of England, Holland and of Germany.   As husband  of the duchess of Albany he would  be uncle   to   queen Wilhelmina of  the Netherlands, brother-in-law of  king Edward and stepfather to the  reigning duke of Coburg.     ���>  REMOVED.  HIGH GRADE WATCHES AND CLOCKS  m  SO  Are you needing goods in our line? If  why not send a trial order, and we will  convince you of the superiorhy of our stock  and facilities for supplying your wants.  m  OUR   WATCHMAKING   AND   JEWELRY  DEPARTMENTS   HAVE   NO   EQUAL  IN    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.   ALL  OUR WORK GUARANTEED.  PROMPT ATTENTION TO MAIL ORDERS  Our Mail Order business is large and  constantly growipg, because we have the  goods at right prices, and give each order  prompt and careful attention.  m  OUR   WATCHMAKING   AND   JEWELRY  DEPARTMENTS   HAVE   NO   EQUAL  IN    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.    ALL  OUR WORK GUARANTEED.  JACOB DOVER, Jeweler  ^������^ ^ ��EL"6=^ S^ S��=^ <&^^4 ^z^i^ .c=?.'c=>.  The office of the Arlington Mine of  Erie, B. C, and Hastings (British  Columbia) Exploration Syndicate,  Limited, are now in room 9,  K.-W.-C. Block.  H. E. T. HAULTAIN,' Manager.  *=v"*w  ���^ ��� 'ftv^ i^^^ <3i^% Sc^<^ <^'  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  - Decorators and  .    Faper Hangers.  MRS. CARR  LATE OP VANCOUVER  LADIES' TAILOR  Parlors formerly occupied by Miss MacMillan,  Victoria Block.  The patronage of Nelson ladies solicited.      '-"  THE. GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  TENT AND AWNING  FACTOET  Tents, awnings, and all  kindsof canvas goods made  to order.  THE0 MADSON, Prop.  Baker Street. Nelson  Russian Concessions at Tien-Tsin.  ;��� London, March 25.���Questioned  5in regard to the Russian concessions  at Tien-Tsin, lord Cranborne said:  Li- Hung Chang signed an agreement granting Russia a considerable tract of land which the Russian military authorities had previously claimed by right of conquest. i-'f The British foreign office  was not aware by what authority  Li Hung Chang signed' the concession, but the Chinese government  had declared the validity, and  therefore it must be reserved for  future examination. Count Lams-'  dorf made a similar declaration on  March 20fch.  Mr. Balfour, the government  leader, announced that the house  would adjourn. April 3rd and meet  again on April 18th, when the budget would be introduced.  .  ,.        Rosebery to Marry.  Rumors of a marriage between  the widowed duchess of Albany  and lord Rosebery are current once  more. For now that queen Victoria  is dead all obstacles to the match  have been removed. The attachment between the earl and the  duchess has existed for many years,  and it is well known that the  duchess would have consented to  marry him long ago had it not been  for the insuperable objection raised  by'queen Victoria, upon whom the  duchess was to a great extent dependent.  The queen was opposed on principle to widows marrying a second  time, and held that this match  would be an affront to the memory  - Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January 15th. Terms moderate. For term i  and prospectus apply to  MADAMOISELLE KERN. Principal  BOARD   OF   HEALTH  REGULATIONS  .  For the Prevention of the Spread of  Smallpox in the City of Nelson.  All passengers arriving at the City of Nelson  from all points east of the Kootenay River will  be required lo furnish the inspector or officer in  charge of tho carrying out ot these regulations  with a certificate from the health officer of tho  city or town from which he or she has left, containing the following particulars:  1. (a) That he or she has not been in any place  or building infected with smallpox.  - (b) That he or the has not lived in any place  or building which lies dangerously near any infected building or district.  (c) That he or she has been successfully vac-  _ted since January, 1901.  If the inspector believes that any person is_  K FULL LINE OF  Front Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  local and coast.  Flooring  local and coast. -  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  Dressed Lumber  of all kinds.  J* WHAT TOD WANT IS NOT IN STOCK  WE WILL HAKE IT FOB YOU  CALL AND GAT PRICKS.  $500 in Prizes  1^************f:it  The census of Canada will be taken in April, and the pop-,  illation of the several incorporated cities will be known a short "'  time afterwards.   The Tribune publishes Daily and Weekly '  editions at the following rates of subscription by mail: Weekly, ���  one year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year, $5.   The Daily  is delivered in Nelson by carrier at the following rates: Three  months, $2.50; six months, $5; one year, $10.   A large number  of subscribers are in arrears, and a large nufnber of subscriptions  are about to expire, besides a large number of people in Kootenay  and Yale are about to renew subscriptions for newspapers for the  year.    In order to make it" an object for all these people to patronize The Tribune, the following sums are offered as prizes, onv  the following conditions;  Canada  $100  British Columbia     25  Northwest Territories ..    25  Manitoba     25  Ontario ���     25  Quebec        25  New Brunswick     25  Nova Scotia     25  The subscriber remitting  Nelson   $ 50  Rossland     25  Kaslo     25  Sandon        25  Revelstoke .".     25  Grand Forks     25  Phoenix     25  Greenwood.     25  $2 in payment of either arrears  cinated since January, 1901.  he inspector be]  in'ected~or that his or her clothing or other  efl'ects contain infection the inspector shall detain such person and h is or her clothing and effects  asaforesaid, until the period o( incubation is over,  and such person and his or her clothing and other  effects shall be at once disinfected.  3. If he only suspects that any person oil board,  or the effects of any such person havo been cx-  Eosed to infection, he shall notify tbe medical  ealth officer of the locality to which the person  is going to meet the train or boat, and to keep tbe  person thereafter undor observation.  4. In the event of any passenger bringing any  baggage (hand or otherwise) or whether the same  shall be forwarded by express, the ' foliowi'ig  certificate may also be required from* the health  officer of the town or city aforesaid:  (a) That the said baggage' (here give a full  description of said baggage so that there can be  no question as to identification) has not been in  any place or building infected with smallpox.  (b) That the Baidba-zgage has not been stored  br used In any ploc&er building which lies dangerously near lb any infected  trict.  5. All railway and .steamboat companies must  strictly adhere to tho following .regulations:  (a) All mail and baggage from poin's above  mentioned destined for the City of Nelson, on or  before leaving the last point of call on Kootenay  River must furnish the inspector.or officer in  charge of the carrying out. offtheso regulations,  with a certificate from the health'officer of such  building or dis-  Eoints where fumigation takes place  a  _  . . that samo  las been done.  (b) All cars or steamboats on which have  been discovered infected persons, baggage or  mail, will not be permitted to again convey passengers, baggage, etc., into the City of Nelson  until disinfected and fumigated  to  the satisfaction of the medical health officer of this city.  . (c) No Indians shall be allowed to land in the  City of Nelson under any conditions.  'This proclamation goes into effect immediately.  FRANK FLETCHER,  Mayor of the City of Nelson.  D. LABAU,  Medical Health Ofllcor.  Nelson, B. C, March 2nd, 1901.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STREETS, NKLSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Roughand  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK.  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico Lumber Co. Ltd.  C. W. Wost & Co.  COAL!      WOOD!  or advance subscriptions to The Tribune "will lie'entitled to give  an estimate on the population of any two places in the list named  above ; $2.50, to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates ; $10, to  ten estimates. Fill out blank below, in accordance with'above  terms, and remit amount of subscription to '  The Tribune Association, Limited    NELSON, B. C  ���jriIIXXXXTIllllllII��TTIIIIlTlIIIlIlTIt��IIITTrTTTTTTTTTTyyTTTyTTTT^-rTTTTTT^^-^"*^-"^r^"'-^*' rra  Name    n ���       ��� ��� ���  Post Office    Province   Amount enclosed $   Subscription to Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of ���  Canada  ..  British Columbia   North-West Territories  Manitoba   "Ontario     Quebec     New   Brunswick   Nova   Soctia ,  City of Nelson   City of Rossland   City   of  Kaslo...   City of Sandon   City of Revelstoke...  City of Grand Forks.  City of Phoenix   City of Greenwood...  NOTICE.  Town Lots, New Denver.  Notice is heroby given that,  nblisl  . .in pursuance of  the notification published by this Department,  and dated 22nd June, 1899, under section 38 of the  "Land Act," agreements for the sale of Lota in  the Town'of New Denver, which were purchased  from the Government at public auction on 20th  July, 1892, and upon which ���' ihe balance of purchase money and interest is not fully paid vip by  the 30th of April next, will be cancelled and    "  moneys paid therein will be forfeited.  W. C. WELLS,  Chief Commission of Lauds and WorkB.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, B. C, 21st March, 1901.  all  Anthracite ..  Crow's Nest.  Blairmore...  -510.75  . G.15  .    6.75  DELIVERHD  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order can bo accepted unless accompanied  by cosh. ���  Office:  Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, C. L  MINING  ENGINEER  office-8, n, 10,       ,       '      ucicny  K.-W.-C. Block -���"       HCI.OUn  THE  CREAT LABOR  SAVINC  INVENTION  INVALUABLE TO  BUSINESS  MB.V  AND   PROFESSIONAL  The Can-Dex Copying Book and InK.  Letters and other documonts can bo copied perfectly and quickly without the use of water,  press, brush or moisture pad.  JOHN BLANEY, Agent, Nelson, B. C.  This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.  hmmmrnnnminimiinnrinmimni] zxxxxxxnzxixzzxixxzxuxxzxxxzxxxxxxxxxrxxxxxxxxxi  & CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  OUR LEADERS���  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packages and i-ponnd bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian StHton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Morrison & Caldwell, Baker Street, Nelson  TRADES   UNIONS.  T AUNDRY WORKERS' UNION-The rogu-  ���**-���   lar meeting of the Laundry Workers' Uni. n *  is held the last Friday in overy month at tho  Miners' Union Hall at 8  o'clock sh'aip.   Mrs  Marshall, president; C. Larsen, secretary.  TSJELSO'N SOCIALISTIC EDUCATIONAL'  ���*����� CLUB meets every Sunday at 3 o'clock p.m.  in the Aliners' Union Hall. A oordial* invitation  is extended to every one to come and tako part)  in'discussions.   John Robcrls, secretary.       ���,  ���M-ELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96, W. F. it'  ** M.���Meets in miners' union rooms, northeast corner Victoria and Kootenay streets, every  Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting mem  bers welcome. M. R. Mowatt, President. .Tame  Wilkes, Secretary. Union Scale of Wages  fob Nelson DISTRICT���Per shift, machine  men, $3.50: hamrnersincn miners, $3.25; muckers,  carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers, $3 00.  rpRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���Tho regu-.  ���*��� lar meetings of tbe Nelson Trades and Labor  Council will be hold in tho miners' union hall,  C. P. B. building, corner Baker and Stanloy  streets, on tho flrst and third Thursday of pach  month, af 8 p. m. . C. J. Clayton, Picsidi nt.  A. T. Curie, Secretary.  fpHE regular meetings of tho Carpenters' Union -*  -*���   are held on  Wednesday evening of eacb  week, at 7 o'clock, in tho Miners' Union hall <v>r-  ner Victoria   and   Kootenay streets. jTba les  Clayton, President.   John MeLeod, Secretary.,  "Ai;  ^i  TDARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Union, No. llKi. of '  JJ   the International Journeymen Barter s Un  Ion of America, meets every first and third Mon-  day of each month in Minor's Union Hall, corner  of V?-1���"���     ��� - ���    ��� ���  ---  p.    Visiting   brothers cordially  attend.   R. McMahon, president; J. fi. Mb'ho  'ictoria and Kootenay streets,  sharp..   Visiting   brothers cordiall;  at 8 30 p.m.  invited to  son. secretary-treasurer;  secretary.  J. C. Gardner, recording  LABORERS'UNION.-Nelson Laborers' Pro'  tcctivo Union. No. 8121. A. F. of L., meets In  Minors' Union hall, C.  V. 11. block, corner of  iiaker and Stanley streets, every Monday evenino  at7:30 p.m. sharp. Visitingmembcrsof the  Foi"       "  ig  . .... igmembcrsoftheAim-ri-  can federation cordially invited to attend.  A. J. Curie, President, John Roberts, ie-  cording secretary.  ���M-ELSON PAINTERS' UNION-Tho rcgulsr  ���*���' meeting of tho Painters' Union is h> Id  the first and third Fridays in each month at Millers' Union hall at 7:30 sharp. (Jcorge Eacn t,  Presidont; Henry Dennett, Secretary.  rjOOKS' AND WAITERS' UNION���Regular  v-/ meetings every Tuesday evening at 8:.'i0  oclock, in Miners'Union Hall, cornor of Uiikor  and Stanley streets. Visting brethren cordially  invited. Chris. Luft, president; H. Smelser, financial and recording secretary.  PLASTERERS' UNION-Tho O. P, I. A. N��.  ��������� 172, meots every Monday evening in tho  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley streots. at  R o'clock. J. D. Mnvnr. president; William  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box (ilO.  FBATERNAL   SOCIETIES     ~  V-A  - '~VJ  TCELSO.VAERIR.Xo.22. F.O. K.  ���*���' and fourth Wednesday of c:  Fraternity Ha'l.     " -    .-  John V. Morrison  ���Moet second  each mcnlli, at  George  Bartlelt,  president;  secrotary.  Al    NELSON LODGE. NO. 83, A. F. & A. M__  ��� jEjf_Moet8-8eoond"Wedneaday in each month.  /���> Sojourning brethren Invited.  Hall,  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clook  cordially invited to attend,  A. T. Park, K. of It & S.  I fly   ou* voioi    w �� r-i  Visiting En-ich's  II. M. Vincent C. C.  TTOOTENA.Y   TENT  NO.   7,   K. O. T.  M.���  ���"���   Hold their regular meetings on the fit st nnd  third Thursdays of each   month,  ���o cordially inv  K.; A. W. 1'urdy, Com.; It J. Steel.  ...   VisiUnif  Sir  Knights arc cordially invited to attend,   u  A.  Rrown, R,  1). S C.  ESTATE OF FRANK S. CAMPBELL.  In the matter of the Estate of Frank S. Campbell, lato of the City of Nelfon in the Pro\ U.cc*  of British Columbia, deceased.  Notice is hereby given, pursuant to the "Trustees and Executors Act" of the revised htatiitert  of tlio Province of British Columbia. 18.97, CV-.  187, to all creditors and others having cl.itins  against the oBtalo of tho said Frank S. Campbell,  who died on or about the 23rd day of December,  A. I). 11100, to send by poxt prepaid or delneiecl  to Messrs. Galliher & Wilson of tho said city nf  Nelson,.solicitors foi Glenn M.Benny, tlio administrator of the personal estate and effects of tlio  said deceased, or to tho said Glenn M, Benny of  the town of Sirdar in the province of Uriti*-h  Columbia, their Christian and surnames, addresses, descriptions and full particulars of then*  claims, statement of their accounts and the nature of tho security, if any, hold by then), on or  before tho 1st day of April, A. D. HJOJ.  And further take notice that after such hi^t-  iuentioncd date the said administrator will pio- ���  cced to distribute the assets of the deceased to  tho parties entitled thereto, having regard only  to tho claims of which ho shall then have notice.  Tho said administrator will not be liable for iho  said assets or any part theroof to any person or  persons of whose clnims notice shall not have  boon received by him at the time of such distribution. GALLIHER Sc WILSON.  Solicitors for   Glenn M. Benny, administrator  for Frank S. Campbell, deceased  Dated this 2��th day of February, 1901.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A.' Stkvk.n'80.v, or to any person or persons to whom ho may have transferred hit  interest in the Lila mineral claim, at Morn  ing Mountain. Nelson Mining Division:  You arc heroby notified that I havo oxpended  tho sum of Ono Hundred and Fifty-Seven Dollaia  in labor and improvements upon tho abo\o  niontioned mineral claim,' in "Order to hold baid  mineral claim under tho provisions of tho  Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from tlie  date of this notice you fall or refuse to contnbute  your" proportion of such expenditure, togethn.  with all costs of advertising, your interest m *aid  claim will bocomo the property of the subscriber,  under section four of an Act ontitled '*An Act to  Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."  DANIEL  HERB,  Dated this 12th day of February, 190L THE TRIBUNE: NELSON", B C, TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 1901  m  *&  rr-*  ��������.?!���;  ���**v*tK;  ��  ..���-���aE-r-r--'-.-:-,'.  ': Mi    'i'  fc|l*C^  ������..���viifvVv*';*  '������: -Pi ;T^t  '���'.'��� .JSJ.-uf..''.-  ;:* ���*.fjji*'--:..-....  ���^������ia ;***:^ ���  r-*!lc^?  sM:ss,  ^:x.m ���:-������-';.-���������'  ���'.*:v^gi ������.'���.������.���-���.������  t'-v��1<  TJTrT  ���13'-���-���**(  ^-.S.^.'s-j:;.  ���&;!'$$*��;*T ;.���*.'..  :'-V"T MJ-VT-'i-    '  SHI''?;  >*,,';.'.-\^rt!--- J-   I    ��� !  ��f"is8r;fv'TTT  ��i~.:'f^5|'*Kv..( ������_  pilit*  S^ifii^TT  I ��j��.v; ct? ��� ;,* .v'." "�����: .-  l^^r^'��^'j-'''..V-i':"'^1''''-'' -  m v, '���'^is -.<y y.  |||p|||T  WpX-y^'XA 7  mm  '7X.W7-A-  mnAA:  l?'yfe���*'*>���'���'���'  l^MAA'  l*.-*l$ -Ti;;���*���*��� ���*  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of.Assayers' and Chemists*  Supplies. The quality of^ our goods cannot be excelled  and  our prices  are  reasonable.==r��� =���_        ::===  We are British Columbia Agents for        ^  THE DENVER-FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM: AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOOK* NELSON,   B. O.  NELSON CLOTHING HOUSE  NO.   219  BAKBR   STREET,   NELSON.  "W-A-ISTTEID  One thousand men- to purchase  Ready Made Clothing: of all de-  . seripiiODS. Our stocK comprises  "agood assortment of the nobbiest  and up-to-dateclothing to be found  In the Province.   Among1 our lines  will be found the following articles: Gents' elothing, hats, caps,  boots, shoes, underclothing and  shirts of all shades and sizes, collars, cuffs, neckties, handkerchiefs andnumerous other articles  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  nelson, b. c;   ���  Builders and  Contractors  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. Hy  aim will be at all times to supply you with our. products at lowest  ' jpossible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger  quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the trade at a  lower figure'.  It Is our Intention to install machinery, to manufacture our  marble products, and next season.we shall be in a position to supply  these products at" reasonable, rates*' " '',  We shall also keep on hand  Tiles and Cement'      ,., .    ..���*,/���  a 9tQQ& of Fire Brick. Fire Clay,  Our Bricks and Lime Rock have taken the First Frizes at the  Spokane Industrial Exposition iri 1899.and also.this year. We also  secured prizes last year and this,year for Ornamental arid Building  Stone. "''"'",  We  Builders.  are prepared to offer special,rates, to Contractors and  ERNEST MANSFIELD,  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.  ��� Successors to ���_', . ~.  The West Kootenay Brick tf Lime Co., Ltd  FRESH VEGETABLES  us  w  YMa  0---  m  ms  If t-'-V:  *f ft    ������ .  *) *   -  1 ):���  ll'.:."'.  i'l .*��� -*  \��7  Are still in the  =mar ket=^i f=i=you  know where to  look for them. We  have some of the  nicest cabbage,  carrots, and parsnips thatwe have  ever handled. Also    a    complete  stock    of  green  -vegetab !es==ar-r  rive   daily,   consisting of lettuce,  onions,     aspara-  ....        .. ���    ��  gus, spinach, rhubarb, and ripe  tomatoes. Other  vegetables as they  come in  season.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone IO K-W-C Baker Street  I' V  As housecleaning will soon be the order of the day we would  invite your attention to our stock of PAINTS and VARNISHES.  For kalsomining there is nothing thiat gives better satisfaction  than MURALO.   We have twenty-five shades to select from.  Ask for color card.  ��� .. .i  Lawrence Hardware Co.  "SEEDS ~  CITY LOCAL HEWS  Bernard Macdonald pf Rossland  has been given power of attorney  by tlie British America Corporation,  Limited.  J. A,.Annable has returned to  town, having given the moving pictures show Of the queen's funeral a  start on the road*. -..-..  Mayor Fletcher and Dr. Arthur  are the fortunate winners of the  handsome prizes rallied at Paten-  aude Brothers' jewelry store.  R. L. Drury, chief census officer  for British Columbia, will be at  Revelstoke this week to meet the  census oflicers of the interior.  N. N. Nott9tead has sold to Andrew Sosted for $300 a half interest  in the King Fraction mineral claim  situate on Whiskey creek two and  a half miles from Erie.  The choir of St. Saviour's church,  is practicing under the leadership  of Rex Macdonald for, Easter Sunday musical services. Lovers .of  sacred music are promised a rare  treat on the occasion.  Mike Ryan, on a charge of drunkenness and resisting arrest, is  spending fourteen days in the city  lockup. - This is Mike's second term  in jail, although he has not been in  Nelson more than a month.  Dog tags can be secured and  licenses paid at the city hall.  Pound-keeper Herring states that  he will make a round up one of  these days and that all dogs without the official tag will be promptly  retired.  C. A. Waterman & Co. advertise  an auction of household furniture  for Thursday. The sale will be at  the residence three doors west of  Hall street and will afford an opportunity of securing some good  things at auction prices.  Fisticuffs.  Hanson and Petrie fell out and  they fought; severe and effective  their blows; and before the J. P's. at  police court they sought to explain  those bad cuts on their nose,  The magistrates ruled that disputes . such as these must be  settled in strict legal fashion,  and . ordered them both to  contribute to fees $5 a piece���they'd  the cash op.   ..  Lardeau Railway Construction.  Thomas Taylor, M. P. P., will en-  deavqr to .force..the .Arrowhead &  Kootenay Railway Company to  complete its line . between Trout  lake and Koqiberiay lake this year,  ainii 'the completion of the entire  line by May 20th, 1908. The company is desirous of securing an extension of time, and Taylor will  endeavor 'to make the above ��� the  terms of granting the same.  Chimney- Fires.   *  Jessie North was yesterday fined  $1 and costs for allowing the chimney of her house to be so sooty as  to cause it to take fire. The fire  brigade was called out on the occasion at a cost of $25 to the city.  The magistrates, mayor Fletcher  and J. K. Strachan, stated from' the  bench that any similar cases  brought into court would be severely dealt with. It is the duty  of householders to see that the  chimneys are kept clean, otherwise  they: expose/their own property^as_  well as that of their neighbors to  danger.   ���������'.'      -  Nelson Rifles.  A meeting of the'Nelson Rifle  Cjmpany was held'in the armory  last night under the presidency of  the newly selected captain, H. E.  McDonnell. The chief business was  the election of officers. Color-sergeant Harry MeLeod, was chosen  1st lieutenant and sergeant Phillips  2nd lieutenant���subject, of course,  to the approval of the militia  authorities. It was decided to put  the rifle range in good order, and  pending this to suspend further  practice, there. All rifles are to be  returned at once to sergeant Steele,  and It&Ofa who fail to comply with  this or&M&will be denied,the use of  the firearms for the balance of the  season. ,  stand that he would have to obey,  and that promptly, the mandate of  his better half. Pointing to the  door; she ordered him to go home,  and home he went, but along the  journey she kept close in his trail  and continued to denounce him and  the liquor traffic generally, interspersing her remarks with some  particularly strong adjectives; If  the husband again enters a saloon  she vows, slie .'will do the Carrie  Nation act,,.-._. .  .  Hypnotism at the Opera House. *.  ��� A large audience attended professor Payne's entertainment last  evening and thoroughly enjoyed  the hypnotic exhibition." The professor is very clever in his' line and  will remain in-Nelson three.' nights  longer. He. will change his programme each evening. Professor  Payne will .-place a man in some  prominent store window on Wednesday morning, who. will lie all  day in the window and-will be  awakened a^-the opera chouse at 8:30.  . .   Juvenile "Offender.  A young lad was brought up ait  the police ;court yesterday on a  charge of drunkenness. Where lie  got the intoxicant is not clear. To  the be9t of his recollection he got it  from a miner wliose name he does  not know. When taken in custody  the lad was helplessly drunk. He  was let off on suspended sentence,  his father undertaking to produce  the boy if called upon to do so by  the court.   Music Hath Charms.  There is a numerous class of gentry in town. whose profession is  music; but the conditions under  which this music is rendered make  it less attractive to a peaceable  community than it otherwise would  be. The gentry in question , are  pianists' in houses of ill repute, and  a move is now on to dispense with  their services or compel them to  contribute to .the public treasury.  One of them yesterday morning at  police court acknowledged that he  was a frequenter, musically inclined, and was fined $25 and costs.  A Stolen-Watch.  Frederick Raith was brought up"  at the. police -..court yesterday  charged with being in possession of  stolen, property. -. A watcb, tire  property of-,-..Geprge Mattheson, was  stolen on thej.-13th' inst., -and a  couple' of :days afterwards was  offered ( for'-.sale by the prisoner,  who could not give >a satisfactory  accountipf how fee became possessed  of' the timepiece. , His plea yesterday was. that;*.he .was.,given the  watch by. another;man to; sell and  the whereabouts, of the other man1  now he-did, not know.- This explanation the-magistrates did not  consider satisfactory and- they  accordingly-returned the case for  trial. ,.'    .  A Serious Charge.  A few days ago William Williams,  employed at the clothing store of  Theo Madson, was" arrested on a  charge of defrauding his employer.  It was alleged tliat the young man  had appropriated certain moneys  and that certain articles .of clothing were missing and could not be  accounted for'. The case was  brought" up at police court yesterday afternoon before mayor  Fletcher and JV K. Stracha,n, J. P.  =Rex^Macdonaldf^on:behMfnof^Mrr  Madson, said he^had been instructed to say that his client was anxious  to withdraw the charge. -Investigation had proved that there was  some mistake as to.the.articles alleged to be missing and that the  money matters had- been satisfactorily straightened out. The prisoner was accordingly discharged.  ALL KINDS OF FLOWER, VEGETABLE AND GARDEN SEEDS  Houston Block.  Tel'p'iona 161.  p. O. Box 178.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  .     Carrie Nation Redivivus.  A very angry - woman yesterday  made the rounds of all the hotels  and saloons in Nelson. What her  particular mission was did not appear at the start, but every place  she visited was subjected to keen  scrutiny, and every person who  happened to be around���more particularly the white-coated gentlemen behind the bar���was treated  to a searching, aggressive stare.  The lady had no ax in her hand,  but she had evidently one to grind  with soinebody, and that somebody  was. her husband. She finally  located the object of her search in  one of.the places visited, arid, falling down upon her knees she  rattled off a string of anathemas  that made the house ring. She  evidently "meant business, and the  offending husband seemed to under-  Chamberlain Libel Suit.  London, March 25.���On the resumption today of the hearing of  the Chamberlain libel action in connection  with charges -bearing oh  war office contracts "counsel for the  defendants, 'continuing his address,  declared Arthur: Chamberlain had  only, decided^io.sue as< an^after-'  thought, ,  iai <i consultation    with  Joseph --J Chamberlain*,,   when   the  latter found he had no ground for  action.   Counsel found justification  for the articles:. in the manner in  which articles were secured'for the  Arklow works and the fact that the  Kynocks secured government orders  when   their  tenders   were   higher"  than   others..   ;Counsel considered  that it was. greatly to be regretted  in the interests of. honor,, purity  aud integrity of   public life' that  Joseph Chamberlain's statement in  parliament, to,: the effect that he  had no interest-direct or indirect in  the contracting/companies, was. not  corrected.      Joseph    Chamberlain  should have been; notified that his  interest in the Birmingham trust  involved an interest in other companies. ��� ��� .,  Sir Edward Clarke, in behalf of  the plaintiffs, contended the articles  were puiely and simply attacks on  Joseph Austin Chamberlain through  Arthur Chamberlain.  H.  IXBBS-Sc  OO.  JSTELSOIST  KASLO  s-A-isriDoisr  f-  STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  ���HBf  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE fc store> Corner Baker and Josephlno Stieot  $1000 Picked Prom His Podket.  Philadelphia, March 25.���Messenger Dougherty of the United  States sub-treasury was robbed in  the corridor of the postoffice today  of registered mail believed to contain over $1000. Douglierty received the mail from the registry  clerk in the postoffice and placed  the package of letters in his overcoat pocket. While he was removing general mail from the box in  the corridor a pickpocket abstracted  the registered mail and escaped.  The Plague at Cape Town.  Cape Town, March 25.���The  threatening attitude of the Malays  respecting the bubonic plague regulations causes the local authorities,  much uneasiness. Two Malays died  of the disease today and three fresh  cases were officially reported. In  addition to these there are six fresh  European cases. A soldier in the  queen's regiment has been isolated  under suspicion. Two Kaffirs succumbed to the plague today.  Horrible Death.  Amsterdam, N. Y., March 25.���  Dewitt Bmpie, an engineer at Robinson's Brothers' factory at Glovers-  ville, was killed this..morning by  being whirled around a shaft nearly  one hundred times, his head striking  the floor- with each revolution of  the pulley.     The man's head and  body were terribly mangled.  o       -PERSONAL,  n  ��� John Micke] john,Edinburgh, Scotland, registered ab the Queen's last night.  Frank Teal and William Bullick  -were among those registered at the Queen's last  night.  J. Henry,-Ainsworth; and William  Meadows, Rock Creek, were names appearing;  on the Hume register yesterday. .  T. D. Cl'ap'ps and <-R.' G. ��� Garden,  Toronto; W. J. Brown, Wellington, and N. R.  Tully, Victor, California^ v/ete among those who  put' thoir names down at tho Madden House  yesterday. '������   BUSINESS  MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada.  To let���Furnished "rooms' in Carney hlook.   Apply Miss Garrett.  Go to the Old Curiosity Shop if  you want to buy or sell anything.  Hack   calls left, at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn on Vernon street). Telephone  call 35. ��� .  For   Rent���Two-room  house on  Victoria street. Apply Matheson & Graham's  barber shop.  ��� For Rent.���Two fine offices centrally located. Apply to A. H..Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal. ,    _      .  Two large, well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and 5 Macdonald block, corner Josephine and Vernon.  Store to rent in the Madden block,  fronting on Ward street. For particulars apply  to Thomas Madden.   0  Wanted���Position as bookkeeper.  =Pra^icalexp^ience.=Highest_references.-Apply==  E. L., Tribune office. ���  Japan Tea of all kinds to suit  your taste. Sun Cured,' Spider Leg, Pan Fired,  in bulk or packages  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Nelson     Employment     Agency,  Baker, street..J..H.'Love. Phone No. 278. P.  O, box 465,   Help   of-all kinds furnished.  To  rent���Three  rooms   and . a  kitchen, furnished. All modern conveniences.  Rent low to a suitable 'party. Apply S, Tribune  ofllco. : ..  For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, 8cc,  cigars and tobaccos of/tho best brands, call at the  Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker Btreet. Miss A.  L.Kllnkwitz.  Furnished Room to Let���Large  front room to let; centrally located. Apply toM.  M. Fraser, East Victororlstreet, near corner of  Hendryx.  '  Wanted���A situation by an experienced bookkeeper and ofllce maii. Excellent  references. Owns a typewriter. Apply F. P. W.,  Tribune Offlco.  Six Room House to Let.���With  bath and electric light, on Victoria street three  doors in rear of tine Are hall. .820 per month.  Apply to T.H. Roberts.  Hotel for Sale.���$7000. Best road  house in Kootenay. Well stocked and furnished.  S3OC0 cash, balance in six months. Thorpe & Co.,  Limited, Nelson, B. C. '  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  are selling at thirty cents per pound is giving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootenay Coffee Co.. *  To   Rent���One . furnished  room  and 3 unfurnished; to be let cheap. Front and  bock doors, all conveniences. Apply Mrs. Knapp,  opposite Phair Hotel. ,  Household furniture for sale pri;.  vately, Can"call and inspect Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Cottage opposite  new Cottage Hospital.  For Sale���Barber shop, fruit and  news stand. Close to steamboat landing and  station. Cheap. Satisfactory reason for. leaving.*  Apply T. Pinniche, barber, Nakusp, B: C.  Western Canadian Employment.  Office���Male and female' help of. all kinds furnished free-of charge. Victoria street, next door  to Public Library.. Phone 270.   P.O.-Box 711.  Copper, Copper, Copper. Copper  mines and prospects wanted. Send samples and  report to The Prospectors' Exchange. Room 4,  K-W-C Blook, NelBon, B.C.   Phone 104.   P.O.  box No. 700. . ���..;-,.,'.-'  We... have. Indian," Ceylon    and  Cnina Teas in great variety, choicest q"ality.  We make a specialty of blending {gas and- sell*  them in any quantity at lowe&frat&s.' Kootenay  Coffee Co.  RAIN  MAKES MUD  tyUD  MAKES D RT  D\\\T  MAKES   SOAP  NECESSARY  LAUNDRY SOAPS  Our stock of. Laundry Soaps  are the best and cheapest and guaranteed not to in j ure the finest fabric  or hurt tlie softest hands.  TOILET   SOAPS  We have a large assortment at  all prices from 25c. a dozen up.  See them.  Steele, Brings & Ferry's Seeds, a Full  Assortment.   Mail us Your Order.  William Hunter & Oo.  GROCERIES AND CROCKER r.  BAKER STREET, NELSON.  1 il 11CI TI I HIXITTTTTTITTTTTTTTTriTITmTTTTTTTTTrTtTTTTrrrTTTTTTTTrTTTTTT-rrTTT-^T-  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B. C.  Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Eastern Investors.  Parties having mining property for sale aro requ  Exchange for exhibition. We desire to hear from all  claims in British Columbia.   .  ���   prospectors and mining meii are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when  All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid.   Correspondence solicited.  Address all communications to  Telephone  104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  P. O.Box 700 .; . Nelson, ,B. C.  ixraxxxizriMixrxixxnxMxxx-xrxxxxji'mxi  cjuested to send samples of their ore to the  prospectors who have promising mineral  Wc have just opened up our spring  consignment of wa'l paperd. which  compiise m11 the-latest patterns for  lyni As we do the bulk of the wail  'papering business in Nelson, we know  the patterns which commend themselves mo*t readily. You will be re-  papering in a few weeks. Call in now  and make your se'ection while the assortment is complete.  F. J. BRADLEY & CO.  PELS0N.      JOSEPHINE STREET  Coal office has been  to the Ward building, on Baker street���two  doors west C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand.  AUCTION SALE  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 2G5     General Agent.  GARDEN SEEDS  We have opened up the largest shipmont of  boit (^ualityj fresh garden seeds-over brought to  the Jvootenayv country. We are selling large m  Quantities already and you will note our way is 1  =diiFerontTrom=that1of;oiher=dealor8=iii=thiB-dis?=="I  tiict, in that '-''..'  WE SELL BY WEICHT  As well as by package and though the quality  is the best the price is the same as in Toronto.  Make out a list and send to us and we will guarantee satisfaction.   . ���.*���,.''.*  IN FLOWER SEEDS  HOUSEHOLD  FURNITURE.  We also have a large assortment���10 different  varieties and colors of Sweet Peas lo select-  from and an endless variety of other kinds.  CANADADBUG&BOOK CO.  K.-W.-C, Block.       Corner Ward and Baker Sts.  ' Acting under instructions the undersigned will  offer for sale by pub".ic auction at tho residence  three doors west of Hall street on the north side  of Mill street, on   - f  THURSDAY, MARCH 28tV  at 2 p. m. Sharp.        -   -  A complete house furnishing outfit, consisting  of Smith organ, Moffatt-Pearl cook stove, blast  .Queen' heater, ��� Climax sewing machine, sideboard, carpets, pictures, chairs, tab'ea, bedroom  sets, etc. ���  Terms cash.  Spring  ���FOR* FURTHEK PARTICULARS API'I.V TO  Ghas. A- Waterman & Co.  AUCTIONEERS.  Offices:  U and 15, K.-W.-C. Block,  All the fashionable creations  in Spring and Summer wear  are included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skmiiep  Neelands'Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE.'Manager.:  *'���'''  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK;  A  latest)  Large stock of high-class imported goods,  specialty of the square   shoulder���thi  fashion in coats.  NELSON BUSINESS  COLLEGE  Removed to Corner of Ward and Baker Streets.  Day and Night Classes in Session.


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