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 *~ *     .*���"' it"'  ^7^-^^^xp^^^^^W^  .IvV3"--  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  ���if^M  WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR  ^      **>v "���* v  NINTH YEAR.  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C. WEDNESDAY, MARCH G, 1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  SOME MINING STATISTICS  OUTPUT OFMETALIFEROUS MINES  OF THE PROVINCE.  A Grand Total.pf Almost Seventeen  Million .Dollars���School Appropriations���Other Matters.  Victoria, March 5.���[Special to  The Tribune.]���Statistics obtained,  from the mines show that'the mefc-  x"al ifei;ouS'mines of the;.province.dui>  /ingTifljOfa/:^  /////du^  X ^lod^min^  ,//siIy<^  /;^ea^  ^y^ni^iy'goid^^  /*/nag^/pf./<^  -//total ;hum^  ///number pf;m^  /s^tpu^OO;'^  A-�� Mdergrburid^^  ;/;|/tfr"mind/l^  //increase:bf'putp^^  '77[. of;the products /of/the/coal;; mines  /yg/^/$5,8*^  ���Sli^ta^^^  //.miries^b��  gJS^The^^^  /;Mmbi��p*^  . |f$[ithe^^  Tg^^itjg^h^  ::||pt$r^^  " :S-Vi*pfcovi*^��n3'^  M.'JVd MAI IMA'^-ArAlaAn'^XrAiWTlAririniniiHniAu''1  ner is the man for the position.at  present���a splendid organizer, stern,  but not inhuman; not a brilliant  general in the field, not as good, as  men of whom little has been heard,  for it was not lord Kitchener who  woir the Soudan campaign so much  as Hunter and MacDonald, and but  for. the action of these generals  Great Britain would have, been in  "Queer" street." "But then lord  Kitchener organized the compaign.  He had three months' supplies  ready to hand.' There was no detail missing. He finances; he knows  just how far every shilling will _go.  It ia genius. But' there * are better  fighters than lord'Kitchener." ' * >  MINES OF THE KOOTENAYS  PRINCIPAL PRODUCERS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.   .  An Immense Metaliferous Belt Whose  Possibilities Can Scarcely Bo    >���  -  ' Conjectured.-,  ;gen:  ���^Tteriaimp;-^^  yf!a^|Ro9^  IlliCorpc^^  .*JS|f!ki|.*-hj^  ^���'t^i%f||five^  I';f-ik%Tli0^  77y;7BEkm:^arch7 ^^The^exf  eral meetirig/bf/theminiate:  ���powersiwiUi-o^ls^^g^^^  oftlie^Chinesef-pJ^i^  \gardirig/tiielegation;quarters >fo*W;  established inChiiii^|public^buHd  ;ings.;/Tb^  ;liaveS:takerii they board/Vpf/works��  iboard/pf revenue amd^o^d/^pere/  jiripniate;/^lie/;I^  . trip/ eliriperbr.'s^templeiof*; wpr:" "  -Fire lias de^roj^'tHe^^tei^^^  ?of^tlw7timpiextf "WDQ^y^ra^in^iTbhe;  J&ummper'pala^  ^pffigyjofjBu^  ^apo^s*^?^^  >/traris j^rts/ ^aku|  |Thfe/;i^  ;;th/ere:is^  i'^S  i/I^NiMtfj'-Marc  liaye/beem  Tpus^iaunching^^^^  frieftv; warinips^ti^  fela|*|rj^  "Albeririarle, first-class battleship of  |T4';0pp&^M^^  .cruiser of:l4,000 tons, aiid'-the Kent,  $riripr^icrui^ii��!pf|/98^  fcruiseri--, .  at!  '"3  to''; first-class-: cities,; $15/iu/secorid  ^g/^h^s^  '���'i^��7$bwatM|t^^  |H//empk^^  l^^:;s^��w��aa;ipfJ|th[M^granJ^  tonsf  ^h/B��foui^]wi^iiml;��:^  United 'Kingdom,' but ��� owing tb the  unfavorable weather^at'Portsmbuth:'  |tKbf'la^  . Ki"pbstpbtii6!d/'7l:!\fPha':SfnnSi-_Xi^li.-^a__.-_ci.  ;be@  The   four   vessels'  aggregate a displacement fof 42,000  tons, which makes a total of :92,000;  vipn'j^  the accession-bf king;,Edward.'-;>The  Montague...was lauuched -at. Daveri;  *~*^rt;W:t*^  arid/tl^Dralfey^^  The Kootenays, : considering the  short, time the'great mining industry Has been under headway, have  tprobaJbly, prpduced^more: shipping  /mines/than|^i^pti^pmining:^isi;  ���ttrictibn: the f fiaee of ^h&'giobe^fAfe  "idiougliSBiitto-is/su^  Uis-i-^*"''-^'"-���v*-'--**';::%V'.t*i-"-:.> ���^^'-^jT-.^'-aviSs-  ^astlarea; which^ contains I ���M^enpr-V  mous:/riumb/e^  /whiettfis ni^  ���ai^cei^it/bf/il&e^  .^/the$;ag^^  such avl^gbSnum^iSibfspriMucers;  /br.: an/eq^ial: '��� output; 'yA^S^^xpvea^  ���ent ti^^  ipirig/to/tti^^  ^riti-^/Ccdu  "smelteirel?:^  theirf output tp|Em^e^^d^lieiS  Cppjjiits^^  lttiatji��/i*^^  ^tryiingbpri^anie's |tp|fln*d us^mid y��  ^jj-mrketj/.T^  'tliiMpr*^^  spEgi-eatill7^^  ^pn*^|thieMKp^^^|wiU^  to the first place among the mining  icentersspf^he^p^diypflwjisii^  jwhpn|||takin^intip  ^seen-  "v.con^  gexcess^.  _  vincial reyehiie    __ ^      .. .^iltSl^plWiraisM';  p��^$5;afeyiM;fa^^ii^  b;gpjjbyjthe province;^ <*^��s. I'-m* -^x^x^.-:-.-'  l'*7^XV-^X^l^_-i:K}rtnar_'Xinr.r  ^^jTj^S^a^in^  ���'��iif'aof.*innllxr.r��Wcaoo^';+.Kvni'i��  I is. ri<^^be|^ligh:tes^r*e ;  ;-^goyei^^*OT^s|itnalung^n^^  l^^he!Siitogimein^  :^lMt'ter|Ueyptei^lly^|iw  i^^W|^ee^ingT*'^febn*to  Sc^a^ibn^fa;refineixini^  May Visit the Coast.  -:y.  Agictio^  7 |dbn cables sayfthe duke and duchess  A.o�� S^P'rk } vWili nbi^^nt^u^theii^  A^anadiaii ^xSir^tp^thp ^cMc'Jc^oasti?  - premfer J^n^nuir^h^  ':;frbmT^ttawa ls^mgftlw^^Ui.r^v;?  }��� *;/In-:!the7;legi^turegtpday/ a'���; new^  mining biUiwas^inti^uc^,y^hich'l  '*; aims atprOTpnting abuses; ^uchais  :-,* i arp3e I during (ythe ^rusjli^^to i-tlib7  P nortHern' 'gptd'"fleldi.^:<7^l:;.'!.;?ASAS''-  'xxS:Ai'-^biiriSwas. intrbducedT by:'the������  ���y attorneys general^^endwing*giutt^  *' necessary? Jhe; rental-i^  t of ;; public ;?fiui^  7[ demisebfth^ci^'wn^Prpywibnsbf:  ������ tlie :.Hill ^are'^ma,de^^  - cover contingencies ^arising :.,piit;:;;pf i  r tlie death-^ttlie late^  -i.:^::^:^*^P?^^  AA^'-^^^M^&^^^W^'^^W':  T tp; The'Tribune;]^^talcbnyeirtibh  "; of ;city ;G^ngemen ;last Iriightjr^p-  ; hitions werepassed  action "of^vm^bersKpf sparliaii^tj  s especially^rs^ei^  :; ui^^^aiiist^  -cbniwt^iw; with^hp^  , to:Cattiplic^  Thp rebplutipu.. particularly 'regret-:.'"  ���:*.'nted'::th^  "7: weli^jM.^.^;pngtl^;m^te^   fvi^'-^-S:  :As:ssA^^^a^^SF^^AxA[Sss:  ^^iCTpBTA,3; March ;:5.^Accbrding  .: tor Miss: Gpw^and; Bey;:^arid" Mrsr  .;,-'. Jarvis^ who:haye just Ja,*rriyedLfrbm;  :���'.' India,7 the, rains there -have;,failed  this   year .-and a<: famine: in some  jj]aee8,;pv<m;^r^ia\than'that b?last  ' year,, is. feared. .,*;     y:       'y: A'Si}  7- -^  MoNTBBAt,, March 5.���Speaking  of lord Kitchener today, Frederick  yiliiers,^ -tlib - veteran war correspondent; who,isin the city to. lect-;  urothi?" evening- oh the war iri:  South Africa, said: "Lord Kitche-"  ;t-X.  'Londdri-SNewsSNotM^I^;^ ;g  igcEONDbN^M*^^  ibasi|i*^cdgprS^aj^^^  fre��ruitingf|^  ?grbund^tl^'thegb^r^^  ::liasTaf;man^mi^  ^-.Gpmmumtotio^  j;m'te^i^e*d|JS^a?g^Jj^^  ^gKinlg:^d^aM:g^^  /pat*entj^e\^p^Hn^  Cornwall and York to confer knighthood while-he is Jin^;Aiistralia.S^^i^  Tadded to the-class .of^.shippers,- and  .'wttich-will   more than-'double -the  <pres^fonu^e^f^s^p��^^^  gs^he^reat^nem^  Slc^u;. alone," which; has7(probabIy  been explbred.tp' a; g'reateiv extent  Ittenfan^-b^fcrerfe  |Bnpis@fOpiumtifi^f4^  '", "'"^itSnmnht^^  ^-tidp^fiiveiy)^  l^ti^ll^pp^  ithi^*^^^}|gr(Sii^^  1'themii;'6emg^^i^^  mi^"'^e^the|;^yne%Slc^  out the district which have of late  been added to the.list, but as -yet  no definite information has been  obtained from them.  'To treat this -large output- there  are only five smelters���the .Canadian Smelting Works at Trail, Hall  Mines Smelting ^Company at Nelson, British Columbia Copper Company at Greenwood, Granby Consolidated Mining & Smelting-'Company at Grand Forks and the Standard Pyritic-Smelting' Company'^at  Boundary v Falls./^ The smelter' at  Trail treats 'copper/ores of Rossland,-  Boundary.- <3reeK,p3ast Kooetnay,  Kootenay Lake and the silver-lead  ore of .the. Slocan. The one at  Nelson treats the'ores of this1 dis-  triet,;.. Slocan,, East...Kootenay and  }l$SiOti^  ^fJ��Gre^wc>^  ^rtfailifrpm^  3$eated:;by2ti^nsti^  ^OTdi:;@;TJtte.^Sn��^t^'0^  it^-^sith^p^  ?*I*Mnsia*OT.^n*^;Ltiaet^  ^roperti^5*^tfe|=Bounda^  ^Cal^lpOT^Oc^pf |tlie!' copper-ores;  ���ib^thi^buii^i^^ili {be treated; by|  i$he;Boundar^'|^a^  :-:''|f��;Mi^ng^^  __ ^Ke^min^ll^i^  jtib^^N^i^ng^lY*^  ^���������re^'a^l^  fjujiJgmpnliilflilal^^^  Patrick, &-Wilspn*against George H.  'p^^er|?^&i^n^|^he|;bw^  ^e^*rpu]^Tl|SaiimfMnt^^  ^$70|pi-TJtepa|e^iilit^  ^tlia^^ri'^a^Bfii^l^n  ?atfH?p'cl**be^  |l^K^j-Tii^]p'oj|^uti^  :ahdTshbuld;cbmmaiid a  '/SB  RELATIONS ARE UNCHANGED  VON  BUELOW  MANY'S  EXPLAINS  POSITION.  OEB-  Defends the Emperor's Course on His  Visit tb England���Friendship  and Unity 'Desired.-.  -Jtwr,-;'   price;?.  THE LECACY OF JOHN NEILD  ^Included insthe-vaat. fortune left  jbyithe 4late*qiieen|WictbriaHwasi; as  |legaby>ain:oi��itih*ptb|*^  lOQOiwhichiwai^illed '-to herjibyJbhn!  iCamden?Neild,anreccentric;,oId;gen-;T  |tlemari;bf^BuekinlBrF-"-Vii^*-,~-~t'  BuckihghamsKire; almost  IliElf eFceiiSaS^  mprath^  Berlin, , March   5.4r Chancellor  Von Buelow in a speech.today laid  emphasis  on .the Tnbble1. impulse'  actuating the emperor in the matter  of relations between Great" Britain  "and Germany: -"I'"observed two  months ago," said, the chancellor,  '"and I repeat today,., that nothing  Js' changed in - our-s relations' with  Great Britain since I "declared iu the'  reichstag that we' were* ready and  willing to live in peace^ friendship  and unity with Great Britain,-on  the-basisr of mutual--consideration  ;ahd;*absolute;equalit^^';^  ^^f^berefbre,f^hb^m  |h&;presence|E^^  ^la^^bpeBr^edfthe^wa^fb^TJ^  ^anc^^up*hJSbrnm^gg^  ^^is^^S^un^g^iSlt^^  ;i&ie^^N&!dbubt^  ���*.���-,X---.X'<y. :>--pX;,^-r^+���?,!:rX?"jrX;$3^������ ^*;-X -^������-.^-^^������:--\Z;.'���  asprel^intssb^we^lt^J^^b^  ''tries',", but all - the 'same, there 'are  ; immCTpuR^M^necjMsary^  Icprd^^bpti^ei^  lijprl^relatibnsja^  reason; why we shbuldrnbt cultivate  relations; with'Great-vBritainiri'*as  ::PerhapS;thb^  ���^pJ3M;th^thelb^^  realized^hich^ia^bttdvahtagTOu^  ���:..���...-��� -.V----' ��� ^"t'..'Ti..T;'.'.Tv^*T'>T.^.T:^.^w-.^..,>--J',v:c;.'.T:-.... .-^-."'-T-t^V-t  ��� RutbVAmericari'Bby, Ajax, Argenta,  Last ChanceVIvauhoe, Reco, Good:  ^^Th^mempri^it^^ee^  i'suggestedfe'l^^  : miriistws'aiid-f^mi^m^  ;approyM;by;kingripSd^i^  ;a^onui|^n^1%l^nibs^  Ifeatiiro'tpf^wUic^  thie^queerijTtjo:. bo erected ;near:TvIes t��  minster'^^bbey^'br Buckingham  'palace.-**-:*":-.^:. ':r;i .-.xAr. c-y t--^u-^*^^-;  r-r^J:-^v:;^?^Tr^3r': Expires--:7''/;' 7 ^saas  :���;- r^^SHiNOTpN, March ftApbeHay.  ^JE'auricefb'te treaty;^ int^det^ to re-  ���rplace -the-Clay ton-Bulweri treaty {re-;  latingstb /the -bbristruction.;; bfVthe:  Isthmian waterways^ diedjiati-nbori  yesterday^ ^the^last^ci&user of itlip  treaty7allbyrod'Jpnly': *uf^^tp^March *  4th for its ratification.  Neither thei  government-^^ of-rtheftUnited^ States.v  npi^;Groat^Britain appears .to'have'  made any formal effort7t6[['extend-  that periodi    Though/tiie treaty^ fa  dead from the point of international  law; it^riiayvjstill ';>' serye^a:f purpose/  There * is^rpasbni tpv believe..that  '-negotiations'v*wiil ;bec resumed for;  the;cpnelu8ion;;.bf r^ne^trOaty^itlvi  a[view tp';meeting if;. possible^ the  pbjectibns^raised by:the^'senate; to  .the-brigm^/fcre  /:/:'^*^M^s^ge^From^e'*;:ffin&^^^  ���;. :^cwobN,;Marcir 5./--Iri^tlie/hbuse;  of^commOnsv tbdayi^theaphancellbr'  of "iiihe^^exchectiier.sir Micha:el Hicks/  Beach;':; readi a message T-froui/^  king   asking-parliament 'to--make  suitable^ provisio'n:-fprthe honorable  support7/and.; mainteriance -of; the  duke -and-duchess,of Cornwall arid?  York, the duchess ofc Fife, the princess Victoria. and;'^'Pharles/of'..'Deri^  iriark7arid7the.queen in the.event of  her- surviving liim; and ihe '/duchess-  ; of /Pprk-in ,rthe.; eyent of'her surviving her busbarid..// *:://'r*/:.  "/ En Route to the Coast. /  MoNTRBAE, /March"7^57���Twenty-  : seven sailors from the depot ship  : Duke of Wellington, at Portsmouth,  arrived   in   the'city today.   They  leave tomorrow morning for Vancouver to join the Pacific squadron.  Tsilyer*:le^^e^iBMejp^|t^  {Stai^^ln^shii^^  ^tfiier^pro  rN^|^en^g|ar6^*!Bj)'^^  T?H^im^;Tp;a^/Ala^i^^^^  ?Ei^erpris^5Eh^r|^ise^*^  |tbni|^akefieidjj^^c^^  Hewett^ .Willemar group, ^eepawa,  fEiiuIy|Edith^^  ;JSlp&n:Gi ijyjf ^Uln^ttMij,Slocan Kilpi^  Black)Priricei arid T^"Fi'ierida;ffatt  CSout^Fprlra7/^S||^ f |at [  Caribbb/jWhltewater7 and; SuriJ3et/  ^t^Cpdyj,/N6We;TM  ; Creek,^ theTCht^eaa^ I^^whicll  ?ar���T::shippirig r cpricentra;tes/are: the  "Wakefield,''Whitewater -and Noble  ^&^A:^AS'%-A'.yZA::A^_'.;  i, rxFrbm^Ea^t7K_opikn&y7there are  - four properties,7 afi/of;which/ have:  :been;..shipping:ftov a. considerable;  ���'time/past./' They^ are-Jthe/North  ^Starv/SulliyanVi 7Sfc SEugerie'v^rid  tSpwety/Girli [thelJSt.. Ej^ene^iBhipr;  ;ping ;cbnceritrates//;^'/  /Boundary /Creeks has/pirbduced'  ,twerityrtwo shippers and they are  Jthe/B.rG. 7mine, ^Braridpn^ Golden  *Crpwri^: /Beetbrii/ Gold ' Cbmpariy;  Cariboo, City of Paris, Athelstan,  Gold Drbp/Gblderi Eagle, Buckhorn,  Lala, Brooklyn,/Mother,/Lode, Ore  Denero,     Rat^inrilleri/   Republicj  Snowshoe^" Sunset; Winnipeg, Knob  Hill;, /Old j Ironsides/; Yankee 'Girl  /and ?Victprial '���%. 0rily;;.twb^.ot, ^these  vship.eoucentrat68, being the.Cariboo  /andJRepub]i*c/:-//,;l-:v;-'^  A OhKootenay; lakethere/are nine  which have shipped arid they are  'the JHectbrJ Iiittle Phil, Molly Gibr  sptii N6i lyT.Suriset, Tariff;<Fourth of  July,   Highland rVMines arid Silve?/  her death.. This is perhaps the most  .remarkable instance on - record of. a  great fortune, being' conferred 'on/a7:  l^u^p/^^f *^���an] !vpliq^^/^h e Sjiiacl/  Tpf bb^ablyrfrieyei'r/s^rilf^i^spplceri^tp^  /aiw^i^in^lwh^-iga'^i  />^hife|8^7rjaKarl^ble^  ;/S]^^^aa;?a;/m;iii^^  ^io^^lMh/ad.im^  ^t>is^ai&fo.tHat:/ hef^pi^i^aAwa.yB:  ?superih^5ad^|anx^.w^  ibeing]ciraeZfbr;;hh^  | muetei ncpriv^ience  /tanmlre!;sure/t*^^  uBHea^liim"^^  ^i^used tb/haye/hiis cli^es^brushed;;  Tbecause/Zlie;! said,;' it/^^igly^rthe;  iriap;,^TWhen Neild camp/iptoSpOSr/  LlEfesibn/jbfi^iiisIfathe^s/'fbiAu^  7Sai.  Six shippers are in the vicinity of:  ���Nelson. They are Granite;/ Athabasca,/ Hall/Miigjes, /Vpriiis/ Silver  King and Ferri7^/ ������ -:. ,x.S7x 7.SSA.7  :- /At Ymir there /are: three,; being  the Ymir, Arlington/and 'Yellowstone.-' ���;.��� 77..f A7 77: ���//'*/' ;V / :��� / /// ^  . ; Beatrice, Nellie L, Sunshine, Silver  Cup,- Triuney Byrori White and  Grpmwellare;the.seven \\rell-kriowri  mines that have a large output in  the Lardeau district.       ���; -���-[.-.  There are also seven , shippers at  Rossland, which probably gives the  largest output of any other district.  They are thelron Mask, Le Roi, Indian: Chief, Iron -Colt, Centre Star,'  War Eagle and Monte Cristo. :<,  There are a few others: through-;  /dbybl(^ied syiriptbms^bf;miserliriess//  i thbiiojgK from:; tirrie. tbj^ime/te/pbr-  "ifbrmied acts ;pf -, charity/;//%^i//&/;/  //In 1852; at Neild's/?deatl^^it;fwas  found'by his iwill that;;/mth/the ex/  jceptiou of a few legacies,^ his/whole  fbrtune/--a yast onein thPse/days/-^-'/  had been left to the^q^BeEufifpriier;  T8ole^use; -it j^/possibl-e/thattierei  ;was some rbrnance in^/Neild's/early  life .because of which^he had - never'  married; in his .later ^earsjKe iriiist  Have been deeply impfessed-by/the  beauty t of the young/andv/;loyely���  queen; whose pictures: He had seen  everywhere,: and : who//wa,s/ billy*  about thirty years of age when he  died/'/;,/'///' ^'^AffA-ASfA  / WKenfthe queen was notified that  this fortune had -\been /left" .to/ her  she was reluctant;"about accepting-  the money. -She made77i��reiful.'in/  quiry.'to ascertain' if Neild. had left  any relatives,:, - arid, 7 upon /finding;  that.-.hci had n6t,/accepted;-the/be-,  quest.'/Shei increased/tlie\ legacies  of/th|9>/executbrs byi/^IOOp. ..'��� She  also/conferred an annuit?sr,ori a'Mrs.  Neale,a^nantjof-Neild^/whpihad  saved his life when lie .attempted to  cbmiriit suicide in;182S.i/.v 7y -.7- ���/.  Another, thing she did in his memory was to rebuild the chancel of  North Marston church/ He ^was the  patron of ^the parish; and'having  once been asked to repair the roof  of the .chancel, ho fdid/it/by filling  up the fissures with strips of painted calico, saying that> they would  last his time. This job queen Victoria had done properly, and she  otherwise beautified the structure.  The reredos of the church, bears  this inscription : "This reredos and  the stained-glass window above it  were erected by her majesty Victoria in the eighteenth:year of her  reign in memory of John Camden  Neild, esq., of this parish, who died  Aug. 30,1852, aged aeventyrtwo."  ��yisit/nplajte^  :^e/Sp^h;!^ri^^ |lijtiao^  'lalsp/g/'seeriZlflM^  /empe5ra^|y^it^p  rriori-receptibri* of &Kruger/iriaBerliri."  vTne/paralIels^iwe-jrib*^c;OTr  ;|iybvi^^^iMl^p*^ide^  |pr^cife^purn^t^  -/c^pel/u^an^  iinfcffij^^iriitjiejSbut  ipl^tibnsj^^lwreas/liisi;/iDnaj esty^  ^i|i^^;|j^land^  ^witKl^neil/Sb^  ^ei^i?,t^^^st^i^h^  *iHatttffe/'em^rp^*^t'^  ^ritrar^/^jth^int^^  ^uritryjitfad^tirig;&^  /^?att^tibns[//:t///;/;/////^T^  /"^^e^^dirig^the 'decprating/of lord  ^Rbberts.l#vithi^^  ! Black/Es^lp/that wias ��� solely 'a mat-  ter fbrja kirig^/of >PTussia;to decide;  ������-It us ai question/ of the   cbnstitu-r';  /tipnal;'persbrial prerpgfStive/'bfthe  crbwri/ ��� Lord  Roberts * is 7riot/a  ���political- persdiiage, '.., therefore/ the  distinction is bf no political iinpovi-  \ance.77ryxx':777x'-7xC7'7':A:^.:!^'77[:/  y_''Regarding;":���'Russia^ I /am/fully  corivincedthat one of the foremost  ��� endeavors of7 oiir policy is to ciilti^-  vate the most /friendly and' most  neighborly relations/ I airi ��� firmly,  convinced that German and Rus-"  sian ;.'��� interests  are side by side in  most matters, and there isino point  i%vhere with5 iriutual,goodwill prevailing pur   interests, need'<- clash;  There is no .antagonism separating  the two empires which cannot be  bridged. * But here also we require  complete equality.   Germany is no  more   dependent   on   Russia ��� than  they are dependent upon us."   :  / Referriug to the criticism of hira-^  self published in the Russian Commercial and Industrial Gazette be^  "cause he had not regarded German  ���agriculture as a negotiable quantity,  the chancellor said it is the^right  and duty of every goverririierit to  give all the concessions it can .with-'  but prejudicing the interests of its  own country, but appreciation of  those interests did not imply hostility against "our heretofore,.and  I   hope   our    future, - commercial  ��� friends.    I hope we shall come to  understanding in this respect,  sideration nor ties of "relationship,  but solely by calm, deliberate consideration of the interests of state.  He little knows ' the" emperor who.  thinks  that  other  motives sway  him ' than . those   promoted; by  conscientious-solicitude for the*welfare of the empire and would., misjudge^  me _ sorely   who - believed'  that    I    could.  be    won    over  to'  any   policy/ but ^ a * German  national policy, which I sum up "in  the words'"gpod'and friendly-retentions with those powers who wish  to live in peace and friendship with  us,.but the absolute inainteriance of  that  political-and economic inde-.  pendence to which the German, nation has gained an inalienable right  by its  struggles "for ^ labor and a  high level'of civilization."/ .  The^chancellor insisted that the  government must endeavor, with  the co-operation of, the Treichstag,  to reconcile"the.existing conflict' of  interests in regard "to commercial  treaties upon' which 'depend' the  whole economic future. At the conclusion of his speech chancellor von  Buelow was loudly cheered.' - ���  The Insurance Bates.  ^Anpthe^tetter-h^jbeen^  by the city officials frbui C. R; Gil^  '-v5^M-:#an";."-AJ*'^^  Jber t;; secretary of- the ^Insurance As-/  rf��'��*T^>T7'~^v^j.:ta^'i;/*vi?jutjsts^^  sociatiou; concerning the reduction;  Iiminsiiran'&/rat^  ���?;rii^tZis!redrgam^  St-^he/cpfficU  sTHe';letteHreMs?'Srf6llO  ^ect^yp^fc^A.^g:^^  jthat^eiredu^ipu^pfKlC^p  f^i^iOT^^n|m^eij|^^  - instant, woiild apply ,.tb; the'existing  Ij^rii^JraSl^pr^^uu^  ^{wmr^^p-Wlilm^  ductibrifroni. the premiums written  f andpaidyfoiv by the.-:property^pwn;f  i,';;.''^-.'V~'*'����1-,K�� mrnmtk^i m~^'^^~'^'ii-_.-i/m* m^r.'ri-,.._v^^;---.--'.i^i--.~b.~'i m~r,j>Lr*~-$'fa&;  ers. .  This would mean -that there  j avould be the "rebatetof ��� 10 per cent -  WON'T STAND COMPARISON  METHODS OF  v- {">'  -   CIHO  OUNABD ANI> PA-  MAIL.        ~ S-S  Latter Company Has. Lost, Nineteen  / , Ships, the Former bat Two '^'.  - or Three. '"V-f-v '' S "  4  \-s7A ^/^M'  ^i  -5 '_ ^ "-.   - Salt Lake Trtbune. /. ,%-'.*  ~Thel.roeord 'of t%?Pacific" __:riT,  Steamship Coriipany names nineteen4/^|^  ships that the "ctmipany-hM^iosf.S'fSM^-  That is altogether a shairieful show:'*C'^^  ing.   Some 'were*vpld^"hulks --that; 'fel^-m  "ought'not tbvhave been'iwrmittedC^^^f  ��� "-t.  to,go to sea. ."The old Southerner  was.one-.of these; 'the- Sacramento;  was another.  The Golden .Gate was  burned and probably'no^one"was/toi  blame,* but the' truth* is that some,  of, these ships we're -Built/so:'light -i'T&M  that x they would" ney^r  |undeMtand?tni8:pnern  ^i^it^/rOTprtl^the7^^  -"-"tl *r    1,t'4>''*^;j**?':',*,vhl'*'".-',-'*''''^;i'?".w^  ships, and nevers one life "through  ys^^fwirak;^  :plbsibri;ftTh^;mi^n8^^  pli8hed;shipmasters^have:'tbl5serve,  4general:!i^nager]^^  -;Vermpnt Railfoad.lias teriUere^hfa/'  '|rJBsignatiPn*^to^  Jqi^^ai^jf^^bpar*^^  ^i^z)iiagK��ieayS^tp^  |*:i^^tMtipbs^ibri'^it^t^Sbu^  iPacificS^e/:^^  ^presiii^it' arid;g^eral��rii^agM|:bfT:  ^thje/IJVMe^pnt^peritr^  /being/fiTOugh't  ^aysi/pr*^iden^bf;/:tne^  r^abiflc/whplwas^^^fprmerlyl'chairriian]  /|tf/^eil^r^of directors oi theVer/  /^nt^entral/ Robert; S;/ Lbgan,/as/  ^sistarit:tb/the^ce-president; is meri/  . tipned/a.8 ^itztugh^^ccesspr/T, '[A  I'mandi'mTKeiPnoiCuMfdeffc  ._. 18l|msperfeC|;g:  ., ._ _ Ttrainedio*rew.��<ThenK  r.the3rule,i.eternaliyigilan(^lis^  pnceiof safety^is '.never^relajEed^s  =th*eroifarlB^Moutii^Cw��^  .trusted man who:stands .whAr��rahn.-.'x.  Wk  trusted hian:who/'starids/wnere  Tinspections  /and^thefcre^a^sbf*^  ���Ian:^^emergpncj^-every^ man knows'<m^4msm  f."-'-/'-'*:''i,i:i:--"T;'.'1-.riv.'rt. -rJV-?Zrif\?>.:*. .-.--��-f-*='''V,^-/^/>>4\''V^^'-:V'','>'-t]^S^-'"/<'  'Stantly^his^swe^andf^to^  //i/:/;//:Made/ari:^Assi*g^erit/^/r  //TNEW3iYpRk/:March^r5^Jolm^  iSeai'les,-: tlie; well-knpwri/financier  arid at present: in/the^general cor-  /pprationj/and0financiaI^businM  niade an assignment today for the:  benefit of r his creditbrs tb: Edward;  F. Dwight./': Mr; Searles Tvasf treas-'  urer;,of;/the^American; Sugar:Rp-:  fining Company uritil a few years,  ago arid was president -./pf;the Western National Bank of that city;,:  succeeding Braytbri TvesV / -I:/-/  : The Journal of Gornmerce today  .will say: "Estimates of Mr. Searles'.  liabilities are-anywhere from ".$1;/.  000,000 tp ^2^000,000:   He was gen-,  erally    regarded   heretofore    and;  some of his friends considered him  worth several millions.  tImtrompari;��H^  ^theifogsfttitfi^Sw  j&Uisipn^f^  paliU'tl^/'fciB^p^hi^  "hblds/-fbK/clbse/ftU^  '������*��_  ^'.'^^-l  an  But here again the basis can only  be complete reciprocity and the independence of our own country."  The chancellor proceeded to remark that if he directed his course  in accordance with foreign customs,  he would not imply friendship but  vassalage. He continued: "Our  foreign policy, now as fprinerly, is  determined neither by love nor a.-.o��> xunvoaaui  bate, and neither by dynastic con- { Mount Vernon.  Mad Dog Buns Amuck.  Pittston', Pennsylvania, March 5.  ���Tlie appearance of a triad dog in  Christopher street today caused  : much excitement among the farmers who reside in that section; i'ln  its rampage about the town the animal bit many horses and attacked  two men. Another; man0 shielded  himself with a dinner-pail," but the  animal; bit right; through - the tin;  The dog was finally, shot.  Death by'Surgeon's Error.    '  ; Toledo, Ohio/March 5.���Miss Via  Lewis, a pretty /young society  woman of Findlay, died last night  its tlie result of /an; operation. for  tonsilitis. The surgeon's instrument slipped, severing an artery,  aud before he knew the result or  his error she was dying.  Death's Doings.  Philadelphia, March 5.��������� Dr.  James Dunglison, an eminent editor  and author bf many valuable medical works, is dead at his home here  of dropsy and heart failure, superinduced by pneumonia.  New York, March 5.���Ernest D.  Hadley, a former speaker of the  New York "assembly, died' today in  ,..t  .,��� ..,._..,,,,...--. ,,,,,.^^rs/:/f*:,.,..,J.;i,  /atid'ri-b/life^h^jb-e^'lbstislltc^rib^  V7:7:.The/cpj^  .._ ^iddie''*^wheel.^8te^e^  im  ^bulkhe^s;tp*diyide;tli^  ?8]e^bnsand.with^  |ieyergeriginesi#Itf/:b^  /s'j^m/riayigatipn/:fpn/;;;]^  :v^,;b^t^-ari:/;.expwi*^^  de8perateTex^nnierit:/;TKp:pict^  /of; bhe/bfthe; first': ships ^compared//-  with the Laconia shbyra/thbmarw^// fi  rous changes that have .J^ri',wrbugKt;^/,:  ; in fifty; years /'in/;_s*^^iupi;/ Imild^"//  ;ing/ but there -lias /bberi^riplch^ge^///  in the rigid fbrmula/^ri/which/itU  ships; are/sailed."/; 'SA-A'A AASAyA  y TlieAs^yrreck seems /to//b^tlio///  very wm-stt  ever .suffered ,/���/ -unless /, it / be //the S'7  Coliina.   .The^i^  kept her! undpr/way. with/a' lieayy/;  deck load after/the/ship/had. -listed//.;/.  so that all saw that in a little more /  time she would- capsize-and sink.   /  But the Rio was,inside the bar :in    .  smooth water, the Cliff .house and/  the north-end'light) in/ sight: and./  still   she was /driven straight to /  destruction. Some one was terribly  /toTblame."/'../-:.///:V'//.-:'^;*/;_77y <..���/���/;  / ; War Office Discussion. ;  London, Marelr S^The duke: p^  Devonshire' in the house of lords /  today, as president of the cbuncil/" //  defended the war office system. ;"//  Lord   Rosebery ��� described    lord-     ;  Woisley's speech, as a public-spirited  effort to call attention to isome of /  the: defects he had found in the ///  practical    working , of  the   army/  administration.     He   suggested   a/f  secret parliamentary enquiry; into/   *.;  the: deficiencies of the: war;/office. ///  Lord Salisbury saicf the disciplinists /  had not realized that the army was/   /  under parliament and thatthe min-/  ister who condemned the, army did    //  it as one responsible to parliament, / /  and represented' all tiie ^authority    ;  with which parliament had invested'  him. : The commander-in-chief must    /  be subordinateV^to the secretary of;   ;  state/    The  system   had  worked; /-  well in the past and must be made  to work w��U in the future.   '   /��� y.  ,.*r*��*~..��i' ���^������.. . 4  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. 0  WEDNESDAY, MARCH G, 1901"  X'-:-i -���*  77h  \lr      .  15"  :. *  li-^i *���  V'. -'  Is?  ft  ���V .  ?! ���  A  3'   ^ ���  T.'n      . -  v* : .  \mA  1' '"'1-  .    ���i*I t  ii//  I#^-;  4&r -*  t/:  7>_d'- -  |**fiM��"-*'  |"*3?*4.j��''*  ^'- -  s^s**"  is*^  "5:tp;���"  *T'4<f  t"J  t  ���>'- ' >  The  of The New  THE VERY LATEST  NOVELTIES  SPRING 1901  ARRIVED TODAY  Chiffon Ties, gold  otherwise.  trimmed and  Collars, in a I shapes, styles and  shades.  Fronts and Ornaments, with Se-  - quin, Ball and Lace trimmings  Crinkled- Chiffon Ties, trimmed  in newest styles.  way program from the conflict they  will join the good councillors of  Phoenix, and* countenance an export duty on coal and coke, although  it would puzzle the best of them to  explain what good a railway would  be to the coal fields with a prohibitive export duty upon the only  tonnage that tbe coal fields offers  it. ^With senator Cox so willing to  countenance an export duty which,  would kill the business of his pet  railway scheme, sincere advocates  of such a tax as a protective  measure might do well to canvass  the situation and see what chance  there is for securing such legislation.  Applique   Laces,  designs.  in   the   latest  Applique Lace Collars, twenty  different kinds.  New Styles of Ladies' Beits, fancy  belt buckles and many other  beautiful and useful articles.  :-1>~  THE f  HMJS0FS  ��Jte ��rlbmm  ;-'/_ -The   'miningT industry' ,of ��� 'the  province,.aside" from "coal' ruining,"  .  furnishes /direct ;employment '.for,  ��.2731 men, and of this number,-2426  work underground/"       ���   "'' ��� y"  .  " * ��� ^'(_.<. i'~^:~. =       .   - ���  '.   -The assurance of the Crowds Nest;  Pass'Coal Company, that the grant-'  'ink bf'the'Hill railway.charter*will  \not be allowed to .interfere with'  the fueh{supply of . tho British Co-  - lumbia ^smelters, will' probably be;  no �� more * binding*' - upon4 the coal -  'company /than its' present obligation to sell coal.to consumers f. o.b.  at Fernie for $2 per ton.  t    *     "        * x  ' , The debate, in .the commons upon;  the Clare bill, to,restrict the importation  of   all." aliens   into Canada i  under contract, has brought'out the;  ^fact that-premier^Laurier does-not  propose,to give the^workingmen of  When the eight-hour'law was  enacted the political mine-managers  said it would paralyze the mining  industry. When'the two per cent,  tax was enacted upon the output of  the mines they gaid it would suck  the life-blood out of - mining enterprises. These predictions may- now  be set against* what really did  happen. The mines of the province  during the year 1900 iucreased their i  output just 40 per cent.- over that  of the previous year.  When   the    government's   proposal   to   increase   the   provincial  revenue   tax   from    three   to five  dollars reaches the legislature, an  amendment should be incorporated  to relieve old men  from the operation; of the tax. .If the tax was  made,to apply to all males between  the ages of eighteen and. fifty years  no exception* could be taken to it;  or'if fifty years be deemed too early  ,an age to,relieve a man" from  the  attentions of the tax gatherer, the  limit-might be set at. sixty years.  Taxation should be' arranged upon  some'basis which does not'render it  necessary .to/follow a   man-from  maturity . to' ,the* , grave.     There  should be. some deadline over'which'  the tax gatherer could not"go.'  Senator Cox of the Crow's Nest  Pass -Coal  Company, can" discount  Harry Bentley iri-telling-fairy tales.  He is now assuring the-people of  Eastern Canada that the building  of the Hill ��� railway frbrii his1 company's coal -'fields' to   the" United  S -bates '* would ' assist,1 rather   than  hamper-the smelting, and refining  industry of -British Columbia. -,He  addsthat the cars which'carry Fernie coal' to'1 United States smelters'  will -��� bring .back dry, ores for the;  treatment of tlie galena of the Slo-'  can,  so that; the diversion of the  fuel supply of the British Colum-  ,bian smelters" will  really act as a,  -benefit   to I home   smelting.     This  goes'to ."'show that ^senator Cox has  not taken his Kootenay agents into'  his confidence.    Even Bentley did  -not promise so much as this.  An important bill, to amend the  thingjike $2000 per annum to be  made up by the city council. It is.  notfikely that the people Of Nelson  will make any kick. The general  opinion is that the cities should  bear the greater proportion of the  cost; of school maintenance. One  result of the change in Nelson will  be the stimulating of interest in  school matters, since it presents an  opportunity of making Nelson the  educational center of the interior.  EASTERN   CANADA TELEGRAMS.  '*f&Py5^y& v^^ i^55v 29^9 ^S- ** ^^S ^       ^ ^^ ^^ ^.^^fr'5?.^*.^;^?^^ ^^5*.  I��f "'.*-  'V'  \V'.  ' the Dominion any measure ��� of -protection which - they * seek without the consent pf the government.  This may be .accepted as an. intimation that all efforts to make the  present alien labor act efficient and  \vorkable will be quietly throttled.  / ��� - ~ I���. '���    ������!�����������  - THB-secret of'the successful operation of the alien labor laws of the  ~ tJnited States lies in the fact that  across the border the government  solicits the co-operation of the labor  organizations' in its enforcement,  which in Canada the policy of the  government appears to be to place  every obstacle in the way of the  enforcement of the act. Last year  the United States spent $99,000 in  keeping contracted aliens out, or-in  deporting them after they got into  the country, while in Canada less  than $3000 was spent aud this almost wholly upon salaries.  Senator Cox, of the Crow's Nest  Pass Coal Company, agrees with  the members of the Phoenix'city  council that the best way to protect the fuel supply of East Koote-  jiay is by the imposition of export  duties upon coal and coke. This  goes to show that senator Cox and  his associates would very much prefer to fight the;people of British  Columbia upon a tariff issue than  upon a railway issue. They desire  to secure for James J. Hill his  railway entrance into the coal fields  fit all costs.   To remove ��� their r��U-  -School-Actris expeeted-in-the legislature today.    Briefly, the object of  the bill is to relieve the governirient  from much of its financial obligation with respect to school" maintenance, and to' transfer the same  from   the   government  to the incorporated cities of the province.  As outlined in the press dispatches  the bill proposes the division of the  cities   into   three    classes;     first,  second   and .third.    Victoria and  Vancouver   monopolize    the    first  class, while   Nelson and Rossland  figure in the second.   By the terms  of   the bill the   government proposes    to    take   over    again   the  collection       of     the      provincial  revenue      tax     which     formerly  went to Victoria aud Vancouver to  defray school expenses, and to increase the .per capita grant upon  average school attendance from $10  to $13.    In-the case of Nelson the  change,will give the city charge of  its own schools, with a per capita  grant of $15 upon average school  attendance,   while the   provincial  revenue tax will   continue   to be  collected by the government.    The  increase in the per capita will about  make up what the Nelson  school  trustees expected to receive through  the   collection   of   the    provincial  revenue tax.   Based upon the present school attendance the per capita  grant in  the case of Nelson  will  range   somewhere   between   $3750  and $4000, which when applied to  the present cost of school maintenance will leave a deficit of some* J  Halifax.���Dr. J. R. Dewolfe, a  well-known physician of this city,  is dead, aged 81 years.  Brockville, Ontario. ��� Thomas  Hackett, probably the oldest resident of Brockville, is dead. He had  just about reached the century  mark.  Halifax.���ThesteamerNumidian  is hourly expected here. The  weather has been thick all day and  continues foggy so that-the steamship will probably be delayed.  Montreal. ��� The failure of  Lafieur & Decary,' large boot and  shoe manufacturers of St. Henri, a  suburb of this city, is announced.  Liabilities $100,000, assets about  $57,000.    "   ���  Montreal.���Lieutenant Holland  of No. 2 police station, who has received an offer of the chiefship  of the Rossland police, says he is  not able to announce his acceptance for a week.  Montreal. ��� Today, tomorrow  and Thursday millinery displays  will be held.in connection with the  wholesale millinery trade.' Buyers  are here from British Columbia  and the rest of the Dominion.  Montreal. ��� Arthur Cunning,  one time a prominent builder at  Toronto, fell from a scaffold _ while  at work here this afternoon sustaining injuries which physicians at the  general hospital r,say will result in  death before-many hours.  Halifax.��� The ��� revenue of. Nova  Scotia/ last year ^ was ,$l,014,000i  leaving a surplus of $76,000. Since  1893 the Dominion ,-Coal ..Companyv  has >.paid' "$1,089,000, iri royalties;  which accounts for,the satisfactory  .financial position-of the province.  i~ Wingham,/ Ontario.���'Andrew  Cruickshank is under arrest charged  .with-shooting at a Mr. -Sanborn,  who was escorting Miss Currie home  on Sunday night. The bullet, however, passed harmlessly through the  victim's coat. ' Jealously' is said * to  have been the'/causp.      ' ���  __  Guysboro, Nova Scotia. ��� The  residence of captain S. Campbell  Peart,' with all its contents, was  totally destroyed by fire at 4 o'clock  Sunday morning and, Mrs. Hendry.  Lilldale, who was ill, perished in'  the flames and the occupants barely  escaped - with their lives. _ Loss  $5000.^ ���     "'      'J     ' '      '       ,    i  Perth, Ontario.���A cattle drover  named Wa'riatnaker of Eldorado,  Ontario, in charge���of a car'of cattle,  on an east-bound freiglit which'hadv  been sidetracked to permit another  east-bound train to pass; was struck  by the latter and instantly killed'  this inorning. He was ' about 50  years of-age." ~  Ottawa.���All the British Colum-  -bia-'members-"of-7parliamentrexcept-  Galliher of Yale-Cariboo, together,  with a large number of members  for eastern Canada and a number  of, prominent men' from Toronto,  Montreal and Ottawa waited on  the government this morning and  urged that the government aid in  technical education. The-premier  in reply assured the delegation.that  the matter would haye good consideration.  OF SUMMER PRINTS, GINGHAMS, MUSLINS AND FLANNELETTES  COMMENCING THIS MORNING AT EIGHT O'CLOCK  Having had two bales of spring goods damaged in transit by the leakage of a car of  claim at once adjusted by-lhe C. P. R, we are prepared to give our customers the full  we will sell at just half the regular price.  lubricating oil, and having had our  benefit of the same.   These goods  20 pieces of print, regular prices 12ic to 20c, now , ' 6Jc to 8c  4 pieces of ginghams, regular prices 20c to 30c, now ."... .10c  12 pieces of striped flannelette, regular price 10c to 20c, now 5c to 8c  We intend also to include'some of our regular stock with this sale.  10 flannelette blouses, regular prices $1 to $1.76,.now 60c  24 fine French flannel blouses, regular,prices $2.60 to $4, now .<- $1  8Qipair of ladies* corsets,R. &, G., P. D. and D. & A., regular price $1 to $3, now 60c to $1.60  Also remnants of sdds and ends in all departments.       Do not miss this chance to secure some good bargains  pimmnnniiir  nrtnii:  i7TXZz]axxzzzxxxxnxxxz:zzxizzxzzzzzxxx2ZXZi  Fred Irvine & Co.  ��.  i    GREAT  DAM AGED.GOODS  SALE  GREAT  DAMAGED GOODS  SALE  36 Bakep Street  m  m  t^^.*^^ . ^^ **G^ * ^^ *^ft^ * ^Bk "^^ ��� ^^. ��*^Mfc * '^^^ *^ftk * '^^ *^K * ^^ ****^^ * '^^ * ' ^0 ' 0t&' 4K0 ' 00' 00 * 00' ^0 * 4^^�� 00 * 00* 00 * 0^' 00 * 00' 00 ' 00 m ^^  S21 to 331 Bi}ker Street, Nelson  "ft*  American* aqci ."European Plans.  MEALS  CENTS  " ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITY  AND HKATBD BY STEAM  ��� 88 CBNTS-TO $1  QUEEN'S HOTEL  -**"      BAKER STREET. NELSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heat-  . ed with .Hot Air. -  Large -comfortable .'*b��drooms antl flrsb-dass  dining-room. Sample rooms for-poromerolal men.  RATES $2,PER DAY  flelson Saw and Planing N|ills  Lifted..  CHARLES HILLYER^. A HARRY  HOUSTON,.  President^and General Manager.. ^    - --Secretary-Treasurer  - A."'   ���>- All .Communicationsltd, be addressed to either of the above  '?   , , ,  We are prepared to Furnish /  by Rail,. Barge or Teams   < - '���'  DIMENSION LUMBER . ,       ' \      ''  ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and COAST CEILING  -u  :;     . LOjCAL and COAST FLOORING  . ":      A   DOUBLE "DRESSED COAST CEDAR       ;  - RUSTIC, SHIPLAP,. STEPPING    .  ,    , PINE and CEDAR CASINGS <  DOOR >JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETSyNEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS  STORE FRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prloes before ,  purchasing elsewhere. -  WHOLESALE TRADE  CRATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  rpHORPE & CO., LIMITKD.-Corner Vernon  of  lit BVTUDB. . Sole    _���   'elephone 00.  and Cedar utreeta, Nelson,' manufacturers  and wholesale dealors in earated waters and  fruit syrups.., Sole agents for Halcyon Sprlnga  mineral water."-'Te"���" " "  .   ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZEL" tc CO.-Corner Baker and  ���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholosale deal -  ers ln  assayers supplies.   Agent* tor Denve  Fire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.  S      COMMISSION MERCHANTS. . -  HJ. EVANS "tc CO.-Baker street, Nelson  ��� wholesalo dealers in liquors, olgars  oement, flro brlok and flro olay, water plpetand  steel rails, and general commission merchants.  ..    . ELECTRICAL   SUPPLIES..  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY. & ' CON-  ��� ST RUCTION COMPAN Y-Wholeaale dealers ln telephones, annunciators, 'bells,' batteries,  fixtures, etc, Houston blook. Nelson.  ] ,   FLOUR AND FEED. ;  gRACKMAN^KHR  MILLING .COMPANY  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.  FRONT STREETS.-  MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  KJrs. E. G. GlarKe, Prop.  LATE Off-THE KOYAL HOTKIv OAISABS*^.  N|adclen House  Baker and Ward  Streets, Nelson  ���   ��� '���  KOOTENAY.  coffee: CO.  **************'**********  Coffee Boasters .  Dealers In fea an(j Coffee  ************************  Wo are offering at lowest prices the best  grndeB of Coylon, India, China and Japan  Teas.    ���  Our Boa*1, Mocha and Java Coffee, per  ,  pound 9  40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds ....   1 00  Choice Blond Coffeo, i pounds    1 00  Special Blend Coffee, ti pounds i' 1 00  Rio Blend Coffee, G pounds    1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound     30  Tho onlj hotel In Nelson that haa remained  under one management slnoa 1890,  The bod-rooms aro well furnished and lighted  by oleotrlolty.  The bar ia always stooked by the best dom ������  bio and Imported liquors and olgara.   THOMAfl MADDEN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  3. B. MoMANUS, Manager  P. Bums & Co.  Wholesale and Retail-r���  Dealers in Meats,      Straight or  tp all  Kootenay Point*.  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay.  mixed oars 'shlppod to all  Koot  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary���  Edmonton K. B.   Mills at Viotoria, New West  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta. -<  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS tc   CO.���Baker  street, ' Nelson,  Head Office at  .   NELSON^ B.O.  Markets at. Nelson,  Rossland,  Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon,  Silverton, Nev  Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson; Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid ���  ' way, and -Vancouver. ���   t '  MairOrders Promptly Forwarded     ���  wholesale dealers ln fresh and oured moate  Cold storage.  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  ��� HaU streets, wholesale grocers aud  'obbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maokinawa and miners' sundries.  OOTKNAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,  LIMI-  TE"   ��� -������ -          ���-   -  grocers.  TOHN CHOLDITCH Sc CO.-Front street. J^el-  **   son, wholesale grooers.  Y. GRIFFIN tc CO.-Front street, Nelsou.  ���  wholesale   doalers   ln  provisions,   cured  -meats.-bntter and egga.-5^���= =-   HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS tc CO.���Corner Bakerand Josephlno  ���   streots; Nelson, wholesale dealers ln-hard-  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co.  Agents for Giant  Bar stooked with best brands of wlnea, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. .Large comfortable rooms,   f trotKilans table boa d.  R. REISTERER & CO.  i'     * '  BRBWKBa:AND BOXZUQU OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  i Prompt and rogular  delivery to the trad*  Brewery at Melton  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST.BAKER STREET, NELSON.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E���  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  West Kootenay Butcher Go.  ALL KINDS OF  FRESH AND-8ALTED MEATS  WHOUO0ALB /J4D RETAIL  ,         FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson             ��   (J#   TRAVES,   Manag6P  ORnRRR nv uxitt nwamirt. axfmrvr. amd ronwyf AtrwHTinw   ROSSUAIND   BIVailNEBRirVQ  WORKS  'CUNLIPFIB ��s MoMILLAN  Fdundors and Maohinlsts, Specialty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin Dobre and General,Mining Maohlnery.  List of second-hand machinery on hand, whicli has been thoroughly overhauled and Is as good  T AWRKNCH  -LJ   Baker St.,  hardware and n  plumbers' supplios.      HAKPWABK    COMPANY  Baker St., Nelson, wholenalo   dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and wator and  nlnmhara1 nnnnllnA. ^  1 t!"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hols^, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 2--H. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on stoam.  ~    " -Cylinder Friction Praln-Hois., *--���"* *-- T " *"-  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron. New York.  1 Sinking Pump, 10"x5"xl3". outside packed plunger pattern,  this udvortisemout for further lists, or write us before  Corner Victoria and Kootenay Bt"��te.  P. O. Box KB. TFJJ8PHONW KO,  BS  nra  MRS. CARR  LATE OF VANCOUVER  LADIES' TAILOR  Parlors formerly occupied by Miss MucMillan,  Viotoria Block.  The patronage of Nelson ladies solicited*  Home Grown  I'Yuil und Ornamental Trees Rose*, Shrubs  Vines, BulbH, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra choico stock of Pcnch, Apricot, Plum.  Cherry and Prune Trees. Now importation of  llibt-class Rhododendrons, Rosee, Climatus, Bay  Troos, Hollies, etc.  80,000 to cIioomo from. No ngents or commission to pay. No fuinlg.ilion or inspection charges.  Gii-onhouse plants, agricultiiral IinpIeuientR, fer-  tillzci-H. bee supplies, etc, Largost nnd most  complote s'ook in tho province. Sond for catalogue before placing your orders.  Addrew  ^. J. HENRY, Vancouver, B.C..  Whito labor OnlF. i  , Watchi   may havo just what you want.  Agents for Northoy Pumps,  P.  O.  Box 198.  you buy for complete list.  We  SWck carried.  'HIRD AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  LIQDOBS AND DRY GOODS.  rpURNER, BKETON & CO.-Corner Vernon  ���*��� and Josephine stroets. Nolson, wholenale  doalers In liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agente  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Col  gaiy Brewing Co. of Calgary.  POWDEB, CAPS AND FUSEL  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  ���street. Nelson, manufacturers of dynamtto,  sporting, stumping and block blasting powder*,  wholesale dealers In oaps and fuse, and oleotrio  Wasting apparatus.  DOOBS.           PLANING   MILLS,  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets.  Nelaon, manufacturers of and wholesale dealors  In sam and doowi all kinds of factory work mado  to order. (  .    .       -  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINH COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front and HaU streeta, Nel-  odd, wholesale dealers In wines (oase and bulk,  nnddameottn and Imnortail Maaro.  .  SASH AND  JTBLSON. SAW   AND  MUSIC.  STRACHAN  BROTHERS  PLUMBERS.  PLUMBING  All plumbing is not alike.    See >our goods.  Same price as other dealers aud  20 per cent Better.  OPPOSITE! POSTOFFIOB. NELSON. B. O  REILEY & BENOY  SUCCESSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  WORIW.0  EXPERT H0R8E8H0EIHG.  Special attention given to JI kinds of re;  aud custom work from c/talde poini-C  bolt* made to order on ��hsi< nolloo. **  ring  P. J. RUSSELL  Buyer ana Exporter of  RAW   FURS  Mrs. D. B. Murray, graduate in vocal and instrumental muslo. is now prepared to recclie  pupils for Instruction in voice culture, Italian  tuethodt also piano and organ.'  For terms and-further particulars apply room  S, A. Macdonald building, corner Josephine and  veraonjfltreeti.  KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOS-  PITAL   SOOIBTY.  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING.  In accordance wilh the bylaws of the Socioty,  the annual eeneral meeting will bo held in tho  1 room on Tuesday, March 12tb, at  Highest Prices  Prompt Returns  Pair Assortment  J Ship by Bfcproo. NELSON, B. C.  3 o'olock p m.  All annual subscribers of tho sum of $10 are  members of the Society and eliglblo to take part  in the election of directors for tlie ensuing year.     ) ]  NOTICE OF CHANGE OF TITLE.  'Notice is horeby given that at tho annual meeting of tho Kootenay Jake General Hospital  Socioty a resolution will be moved asking tl e  lieutenant governoMn- council to grant a chnnge  of title from ' The Kootenay Lake General Hos-  gital Socioty" to "The Nelson General Hospital  octoty."  F. W. SWANNELL, Secretary. 3S��?��sP5^��^  -C-V-J\-v  =*!.**_  ^ml_n---________m  BANK OF M0NTBBA1  CAPITAL. aU paid up....$12,000,000.00  RHST .'    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Yicc-Prosidont  . E. 8. Clooston General Manager  NELSON BRANCH        .......  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streots.  y-X A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  ; y    7A:   ���������'.    "' " ���        9" .'.*'���,'  Branones In .London (Kuglond) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all tho principal oltles la Canada.  SHe  "*HE ��b&^a-%M��S&.- B. 0. WEDiOESBAf *MAfiCH.6*-��l96i  THE CANADIAN  BANE OF COMMERCE  WITn WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE BANK  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  IMPERIAL BANK  oif  o\a.:n-.a_:d.a.  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  ReserveFund.  t8.000.000  2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Bny and sell Sterling Exohango and Cable  .Transfers.  Grant. Commercial and Travolors' Credits,  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Mado, Eto.  Hon. Qeo.  A. Cox,  President.  Robt. Kilgour,   __      Vice-President.  London Offloe, CO Lombard Street. H. O.  New York  Offloe, 10   Bxohange   Place.  . .and Cj Branches in Canada and tho    ���  United States.  Saving's Bank Branch  CDIIIUCNT RATE OK INTEREST PAID.  **J"'"      "'-.,'..   !'Yi' --' ���H"Ll��r          .n'L.     ��� ������*���"���'    "������  TOEONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  TUESDAY'S  QUOTATIONS.  btock. Asked.  B. C. Gold Fields 9       3  Black Tail        ill  Brandon & Golden Crown  8  Canadian Golddelds Syndicate...      - 7}  Cariboo (McKinney)         38  Cariboo Hydraulic      1 65  Centre Star      1 20  . Crow's Nest Pass Coal    70 00  -California   Deor  Trail   Consolidated   ',   Evening Star ,  Golden Star .*.   Falrvlew Corporation   Giant   Granby  Smelter   Iron Mask   Jim Blaino   Knob Hill   Montreal & London   Morning  Glory   Morrison.'.   Mountain Lion   Noble Five   North Star   Old Ironnidos .-  Olive -..  Payne    Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated.,  Republic   Slocan Sovereign   Virtue f   War Eaglo Consolidated   Waterloo   Whito Bear   Winnipeg   Sullivan ".   SALES.  '   2000 Hammond Reef   2000 Payno   10000 Goldon Star '.....  lOWO Golden Star   flOO Fairview   20o0 Rambler-Cariboo    ".     .....  WW White Bear ?r   500 White Bear   ��  3  7  2*  3  a  47  12  <)  GO  51  8  71  id  4  83  80  12  401  27  421  ��i  30  40  3  51  Wo  Bid.  * 3  4  61  35  1 52  70  62 00  n  5  2  3  >3*  43  35}  4  45  I1  7  15  85}  - 60  10  40  29  42  J*  25  35  P  121  U  40*-  ~i  2J  3  27  31  38.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  ���'Intorest allowed  on deposits.   PrcHont rate  .three percent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  Capital  Rest  $2,500,000  $1,725,000  H. S. HOWL AND...*:..:..'.:"...;....... President.  D. R. WILKIE..... .General Mnimger.  It,. HAY Inspector.  ���"[ iM  "*-""-m  zamsm  ���31  ^���^�����=j;  :&&&&&&&  %��-&.  %*  ��  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT.  THK   CURKKNT   KATK   OK    INTKRKB'f   ALLOWED.  <  A-Personal Transformation.  The   'personal     transformation  which king EdwarcLhas ��� undergone  . is astounding to everybody. Society  is asking-itself, Can it possibly last ?  Since Henry V: ascended the throne  and incontinently,.cast oft. his light  companions there has been nothing  like it.,  Edward's friends are' still  - waiting, hoping against hope, "to be  ,, summoned to, the royal presence,  .but there is no .sign 39 far,'that  J king Edward is awareT even- of the  -   existence of the booh companions  and baccarat cronies of the prince  of Wales.    Lord Marcus Beresford  is tlie only one of his old pals whom  he; has summoned; ' As   prince 'of  Wales Edward was very familiar  with Marcus, who comes of a family  that stands no nonsense even from  royalty. 'It   used" to^ be,   '.'Well,  J Marky, my boy.V   This time Marcus  was ushered in with the   utmost  state, while the king-assumed the  loftiest    possible-    manner   ;and  addressed him "formally by his<full,  title and communicated his royal  wishes,like a stage king. !  In the same fashion he freezes off  every one and extorts to the"last  drop the homage due to this position   by   court.   etiquette. -   Not  7   only court officials find liim an inexorable   taskmaster,   the household cavalry officers are bored to  death by having constantly to pro-  ���vido-escorts^fo^Hiis-goings about.-  Even the ministers are getting|"sore"  over his  interference   in   matters  which the queen never touched. He  has been having long reports direct  from general Kitchener, whom he  plied with questions about the state  of the array and the conduct of the  war.    It is suspected, that this has  been -inspired by his nephew, the  kaiser.  As tb tlie king's health, a correspondent traced the origin of the recent   alarming   report   before the-  queen's death to his throat giving ���  him   trouble.   A   consultation    of  surgeons was held,' and they pronounced him to be suffering from  "smoker's throat" in an aggravated  form, aud, in view of the family  tendency to cancer, they ordered  him to give up smoking/   The king  positively refused at first, but finally as a compromise undertook to  smoke only three cigars daily and  drop cigarettes altogether. Formerly his   quota was eight or   ten  cigars and twenty or thirty cigarettes.   It  is understood that the  doctors formally warned him that  they did not regard this as compliance with their advice and that  the present throat affliction may  possibly be converted into a malignant disease if he persists in smoking.  of the catcher's' lines, was altered  so that the catcher will have to  stand within ten feet" of the plate.  This places the catcher "up behind  the' bat" throughout a game.  A rule making the pitcher deliver  the ball to the batsman as soon as  the latter takes his position at the  plate, was adopted. Should the  pitcher deliver the ball to any other  place than the plate a ball will be  called for each delivery.  A rule was' passed which* penalized one ball against the pitcher if  he fail to deliver the ball to the  batsman within twenty seconds  after the latter has taken his position. Also 'one empowering the  umpire to remove from the ��� game,  and if need be from the grounds,  any player guilty of using improper language to another player,  captain, manager, or <��� spectator.  Written proof of'the offence must  be submitted to the president of  the league within twenty-four  hours, when he may, if the,proof  be',, satisfactory; suspend tlie" of->  fender from play.- -    *  A'batsman may not. henceforth  take his base if hit by a- pitched  ���ball, but the'-'ball will count as a  ���ball "against" the. pitcher.. Several  rules conflicting with" the changes  ���named were stricken out or changed  to conform^tqthe'alterations.   '    '-  Nelson Branch���Bums Block, 221 Baker  Street.  J. M. LAY, Manager.  1901  Tlie First Year of % Twentieth Century  w S We *le* e,even. year,S 0,d-n��ht ,n th* Prime of business manhood-full of energy-ready and-anxious to work  for the building up and increasing of our trade in tine jeuelery,   Come with us for this spring and see what we ca?do to   vou  In the meantime we extend our hearty invitation to you all to inspect our beautiful lines of up-to-date goods ^ *  Changes in Baseball Rules.  The National League baseball  magnates have announced the following changes in the playing rjjles  for next season. A rule was adopted  which does away with the intentional " fouling off" of pitched balls  by a batsman. .The first and second  foul balls hit by the batsmen, unless  two strikes have already been  called against him, shall henceforth  be counted as strikes. ";���_,*���  Rule No. 3, defining the position  "A Globe;.Tfptter'a Experience. -.  "I was "the first white "man to sit,  ^ipon the dragon throne of'the, dowager empress in the imperial palace  in Pekin,", said J.;MartinMillerof  No. 138 West Eleventh .street toa  New* York World reporter recently.  Mr. Miller has,just returned from a  -trip around -the world,'and was in  Pekin when the allies arrived.  "What I saw in Pekin was butch-,  ery," he said."   ."The.French and  Russian soldiers are ,the most cruel  in the world. "They.spared neither  man, woman'nor child."  The stories  of  tlie   rivers -being clogged with  dead   bodies   were   literally   true/  After, Pekin wasTcut up "into secr  tions the natives   began - to drift  back to the English, American and  Japanese quarters,   but - they did  not enter the Rus'sian'and- French  quarters.   Even up to the time I  came   away no_ Chinese - dared to  walk on the street,without carrying  an American or a-Japanese flag.1"  "It is no secret over there that Li  Hung Chang is to be made governor  of Manchuria by. Russia.  , Russia  can then safely withdraw, knowing  that in the settlement she has a  friend among the native peace commissioners.  It was when the Amer-  icari^troops mareKe&~tfirougli_the_  impei ial palace in the Forbidden  Inner City that I, with several generals and newspaper men, found my  way into the throne room, and I  waa the first to take my. seat upon  the famous, dragon throne of China.  It is   an   ordinary   affair,   richly,  carved,   and would   make a good  hall seat for a Fifth avenue house.  "While in Ceylon I visited Kandy,  100 miles up the country, where,  many of the Boer officers are staying.   The English at Colombo think  that   the   government  treats   the  prisoners too kindly.   The officers  seem to have plenty of money and  live at the best hotels, paying in  gold.   Some of them pay $4 a day  for board, ride about on wheels and  automobiles, and dress like princes.  It is a mystery where the money  comes from.   They have to report  once a week, being out on parole.  But the privates are kept in a large  wire fence stockade and guarded by  English troops.   They are fed well  and given all the liberty that can  be   granted  them.    While I was  there a prisoner tried to escape, by  crawling under the fence.   He was  challenged three times, warned and  then   shot,   but   not   killed.    The  sentry was tried and on the testimony of the prisoners  themselves  he was judged to havo done only-  his duty."  Mr. Miller was at The Hague  when the.queen was married. And  this is his conclusion : "There is no  city jn the world as orderly-apd  decent on a great day as our own  city of New York. The Hague,  even on this great.national holiday,  was like a country village oompared  to New York on Dewey day."  Pen Sketch of Carrie,  A stepdaughter of Mrs. Nation  supports    herself   by   sewing   in  Columbus, Ohio.   She had to quit  home because her stepmother was  too tough.     She   says   her   stepmother came from a good family,  .her maiden name being Moore, and  one of her brothers-is on the bench  in Kansas City.    She eloped with  her first  husband,   Dr.   Gloyd, a  brilliant man, who   died  later of  delirium   tremens.      This   woman  says she left home because -of Mrs.  Nation's unpleasant ways and her  cruel treatment, of the other children, one of whom she beat with a  poker.because he would not' go to  church.    When asked if her father  ever whipped Mrs. Nation, she v replied:    -"My father would never  raise his hand against a .woman,  and   my stepmother" is   the   last  woman in the world to permit it.  Why, she would   have   had   her  hatchet out in energetic' work long  before it   was if-my   father had  raised his hand against her."     She  says her father was a good lawyer,  who had togive up his profession  on account of-throat trouble; that  he has been a successful editor bf-  several papers.    Of her stepmother,,  she says she is crazy rthat she was  crazy' once before on the subject of  religion,','- just went* wild "over it,  and she 'thinks" she will end' her  Bays'in a lunatic asylum.--"' ".   -'  ALL WATCH REPAIRING GUARANTEED  MAIL ORDERS RECEIVE OUR.PROMPT AND CAREFUL-ATTENTION  The Jeweler, Nelson, B.C.  *-./fAT\    - *< j'JpEy*  ��� ^_1 ^__^J C^ 'C^> - C?  ��e&rggiggga   ,    . "���   -s  Compound  Syrup..--.-.  OF WHITE PINE AND TAR  WILL CURE YOUR COLD.  Remotnber tho'new stand  at Corner of Ward  arid Baker Streets.  .COMB AND SEE  US.  Canada Drug & Book Co.  .Limited.  in  REAL; ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. A J. TAYLOR SAFES  *  ���<5f  "5*1  LINE OF  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  ln (Bogustown) Fairview Addition:  Offlco on Baker Street, wost of Stanloy Street  7 .   -���-'    /    ,  <''NELSON.  Dp. Hawkey  Has Removed to the  TURNER-BOECKH BLOCK  Corner of Ward and Baker Streets.  BOARD OF HEALTH REGULATIONS  For the Prevention of the Spread of  Smallpox in the City of Nelson.  All passengers arriving at tho_City_of Nelson  from all points oast of the Kootenay River will  , be required to furnish the inspector or ofilcer In  charge of the carrying out of these regulations  with a certificate from the health officer of the  city or town from which he or she has left, containing the following particulars:  - 1. (a) That he or sho has not been In any placo  or building lnfcoted with smallpox.      >  (bKThat he or she has not lived In any placo  or building whloh lies dangorously near any in-  fected building or district.  (c) That ho or she has been successfully vaccinated since January, 1901.  , 2. If tho inspector believes that any person is  infeoted, or that his or her clothing or other  effects contain infection tho inspector shall detain such ncrsonand his or her clothing and offects  iisaforosald, until the porlod of inoubatlonls over,  and suoh person and his or her clothing and other  effects shall be at onco disinfected.  3. If bo only Buspects that any person on board,  or the affects of any such porson havo boon exposed to infection, ho shall notify the medical  health oilioor of tho locality to whloh tho person  is going to moot tlio train or boat, nnd to keep the  porsonlhornaftor undor observation.  i. In tho event of any passenger bringing any  baggago (hnnd or otherwlso) or whothor tho samo  than bo forwarded hy express, tho following  cortiflcato may also be required from tho health  ofllcor of tho town or city aforesaid:  (a) That the said baggage (hero give a full  description of said baggago so that thero can bo  no question as to identification) has not been in  any placo or building Infected with smallpox.  (b) That tho said baggago has not been stored  or usod in any place or Building whioh lies dan-  gcroii'ly uoar to any Infected building or district.  5. All railway and steamboat compi  strictly adhere to the following regulations:  (a) All mall and baggage from points al���...  mentionod destined for tho City of Nelson, on or  ; Front;>Doors       ',  Inside: Doors  Screen) Doors  'Windows a "'  Inside^Finish ;  ' local aiid ooaoh    '  Flooring  -    local and coast.  Newel, Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  Rough and    '  I . Dressed Lumber  .. ot ail kinds. (_   ��  W WHAT TOU WANT IB NOT IS STOCK  Wl WIU MAKE IT VOB TOC  CALL AND OBT PRICBS,  J. A. Sayward  BALL AND LAKE BTBKXTB. NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  * (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HENDRYX AND VERNON 8TRBHT3  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocH-  We carry a complete stock of  Ooast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  r ****************** .*       ,    -  *    -      The census of Canada will.be^ taken-in April,-and the population of.the several 'incorporated cities will he known a, sliort *' |  time afterwards.   The, Tribune publishes' Daily and Weekly  editions at the following rates of subscription by,mail: Weekly,,'  -one year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year, $5^   The Daily'  is delivered in Nelson by carrier ,at, the following -rates: Three .  ..months, $2.50; six'- months, $5; one year," $10.','A'large number ~  of subscribers are in arrears, and a large number of subscriptions\  are about to expire, besides a large number of people in Kootenay  _ and Yale are about to renew subscriptions for, newspapers for the,, J  . year.   In order to make it an object for all these'people to pat-  - rouize The Tribune, the following sums are offered as prizes"; cm  - the following conditions:     , _, ,j-__        - --,  Nelson  Canada  /. t $100  British Columbia .-.    25  Northwest Territories,.."   25  : Manitoba ~ :, 25  Ontario .7..'.:  '25*  Quebec^...' = ....'. .\��'- 25'  New Brunswick .7     25��  Nova Scotia ���..'.:..    25;  Rossland '.:  ! Kaslo1......  .Sandon ...  Revelstoke'  Grand Forks  $50  .    25,  ,\ "26^  .:   25  ..    25^  .25  Phoenix :  .    25;  Greenwood .Y.:..:.'-.....   25'*  lhe subscriber;remitting- $2 in payment of either arrears' '|  or advance subscriptions to The Tribune will be entitled to give"  an estimate on the populatiori-of any two places in the list named  above; $2.50, to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates : $10, to  ten- estimates.   Fill out^ blank < below, in accordance with abovo  terms, and remit amount bf subscription to  The Tribune Association, Limited  Name ..:     NELSON, B.  IIIIIIMTIIIllliiiii tmimium^,  5. All railway and steamboat companies must  ctly adhere to tlio following regulations:  (a) All mall and baggage from points above  itionod destined for tho City of Nelson, on or  before leaving tho last point of call on Kootenay  River must furnish the inspector or officer in  charge of the carrying out of these regulations,  with a certificate from the health ofilcer of such  points whero fumigation takes plaoe that same  has been done.  (b);AJ1 oars or steamboats on whloh "have  been discovered infeoted persons, baggage or  mail, will not bo permitted to .again convey passengers, baggage, etc.. into tho City of Nelson  until disinfected and fumigated to the satisfaction of the medical health officer of this city,  (c) No Indians shall bo allowed to land in the  City of Nelson under any conditions,   s  This proclamation goes Into effeot immediately.  FRANK FLETCHER,  Mayor of tho City of Nelson.  BAU,  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd,  H. L T. HAULTAIN, C. E.  MINING  ENGINEER  -    NELSON  OFFIOE-8, 9, 10,  K.-W.-C. Block  Post Office \mm\  Province -  Amount enclosed $ -  Subscription to  Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada      British Columbia  _North-West_Territories  Manitoba  Ontario  Quebec  New   Brunswick  Nova   Soctia  City of Nelson  City of Rossland  City   of Kaslo  City of Sandon  City of Revelstoke  City of Grand Forks  City of Phoenix....  City of Greenwood..  This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.  a* .ii m i ''���������ii^x^zxiiuit��iiiirixniiixiiaan?arn��iBtniixriuixiiiiju  D. LA  Queensland, Australia, is 12 times  larger than England, with a population about ecgualto   Birmingham.  Medical Health Ofllcor.  Nolson, B. C��� March 2nd. 1901,  "* '   ' ..... ^ ���       ���    LIIJ     ... - ���.      ������     _ ,  Notioe of 'Application to Transfer a  License.  Notieo is horoby glvon that I intend to apply ab  the next sitting of tho Board of License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission  to transfor my rotall Hqiior licenso for the prem-  jsos situate on the south end of Lot 1, Block 6, In  tho City of Nelson, and known as the Manhattan  aaloon, to Charles H. Ink and Sicgel Boyd.  ...      charles a. Waterman.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 15th day of Febrn-  ary.1801  m  ���Itnesa: Abthub: K-Vauopan.^  ESTATE OP FRANK S. CAMPBELL.  In the matter of tho Estate of Frank S. CaniD-  % ^_.H���Rlfr ?�� Nel80n*"��t����ePiovinw  of British Columbia, doceased.  Notice Is horeby given, pursuant to tho "Trustees and Executors Act' of tho revised statutes  of the Provinco of British Columbia. 189^ Cap!  187, to all creditors and others having claims  against tho estate of tho said Frank 8. Campbell  ���yh&d,,S&��P or alJ0?t the 23rd d<��y of December  A. D. 1900, to send by post prepaid or dolivered  to Messrs. Gallihor & Wilson of tho said olty of  Nolson, solicitors foi Olcnn M. Bpqny, the administrator of tho personal estate ana effects of the  said deceased, or ta the said Glenn Ml Benny of  the tqwR of Sirdar In the provluee of British  Columbia, their Christian and surnames, ad--  dressos, descriptions and full particulars of thoir  claims, statement of their accounts and the nature of the security. If any, hold by them, on or  hofoyo tho 1st day of April, A. D. 1901.  And further tako notioe that after such last-  montioned date tho said administrator will proceed to distribute the aesote of the deceased to'  the parties ontitled thereto, having regard oulv  to the olalms of which he shall then have notice  The said administrator will not be liable for the  said assets or any part thoreof to any person or  persons of whose claims notice shallfnot have  been received by him at tho timo of such distribution. GALLIHER & WILSON  Bollcitpra for  Glenn M. Benny, administrator  for Frank H. Campbell, deceased ttui^u*^^��ar  Dat��d tM�� 28tfc day of Febr^ryilfiOli   . ~y_  MORRISON & CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  PUR LEADERS-  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized packages and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fre.sh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices?  Morrison & Caldwell, Baker Street, Nelson  * TRADES "UNIQN8P-    A  jifBLBONrJONERS- UNIONNO. 88.'W.'IVcf 17$M\  ��� <- M-���Mejts in miners', union rooms, north. : >-��jfl  gastoornerVictoria andKewtoMystoBets. every .' -fr<?f  teJTe,T R Mowatt,' PrwddentT Janjo k.^%l  SH? SSSfS?1    DwrcucT-Per shift:   machine ^-^fm X  men, $3.60: hammersmen miners. f3.&; muckere.. .\7P^  carmen shovelers and'other WeVground labS^. -'f  ers, *fitw. \     ( ���  , ������ ^. _     -./ (l  4  mRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-The reitn.'-*  Council will be held In the miners', union hall, -'  zhJ;.' b"ildL"��r. cornor Bakor and Stanley'  streets, on the first and third Thursday of eaot *  r*Me,UYZry?; J' ""^ ^^'T  Clayton. President!.  John MeLeod. Seeretwy. y '_Z  B  t*y***E; I  m  sharp,  attend.  VWtjnijr brothers.oordi2ly lnvlteS~to ���#-J-M  ,^K*?*?���]treasurer: J. C. Gardnor, recordlng'.fe^   =i^  A ������-' "'.-'%��� - -��   -.- ',��� -v-yyys.FA  T A ur_r_VT>a. ihttaxt    ��T_. ,*_,_-_   . ^    .i-*53#vsf  L-^BOREM'.UNION.-Nelson^Labdrers^ Pro^ ay. ��,  ^f   teotlve Union, No. 8121. A. F. of L., meetefrA. ^M-'L  Miners' Union bail, C. P. R. block^corner of ^    ti^l  A.--'J.J Curie,'President,  cording secretary,  John- ltoberts,Ar ro-  President; Will J. Hatch. Seoretwy. "-,���; .^   v  Q0OKS- AND WAITERS' -UNION -RegnW  77. ���e?un?? overy Tuesday evening at)8:30  oclock, in Miners' Union Hall..oorner of Baker  ���K1J?iS&,ll?t greets.-,VIsting brethren corfially  Invited. Chris. Lnft, president; H/Smolser. lln-  ancial and recording secretary.,; 7^ ,      -     / '  s^w^S0^ ^^^^andltaSSrXeeta^*  R o'olook.  'J.   D. Mover,   presldenl  Vice, secrotary, P. Q. Box 61C.    ��  iys  A;,  William  ^%\  " '4-1  ".A*>\  '^**i I  J \*\  A  FRATERNAL  SOCIETIES.  NBL80NLODGI  Meeta second We  NO.S8, A.F.fcA.M  ___^_____z -;���ir -:^~nesdas- In each month.  Sojourning brethren Invited. ,      -    -   LBv  buiwiiOi  i  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock.  Visiting Knights  oordtolfy lnvgedto attend.  H. M. Vtocentc! C.  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock,  .  ��� ^ titea to attend  A. T. Park, K. of R. & 8.  trOOTENAY TENT NO. 7, K.-0.-T..M.-  TSLa 'if their regular meotings on tho flrst and  third Thursdays of each month. Visiting Sir  Knights ai'C=cordlally-lnVited-to atlond���O-Ar-  ��wwn. R. Iv.; A. \V. ~    -     ~        ~   ~  Purdy, Com.; R. J. Steel.    _  M, A. Minty. Recording-Secretary,  NELSON LICENCE DISTRICT.  Notice is hereby given that David Church of  Erie has made application undor the provisions  of tho "Liquor Llocnce Act, 1900." for an hotel  licenco for the B. C. Hotol at Erie, and that a  "ipotlng of Uio Board of Licenco Commissioners  will bo hold to consider such application at tho  court house, at tho city of Nelson, on Thursday,  the fourteenth day of-March, 1001 at the hour of  eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  W. H. BULLOCK-WEBSTER  ,._ i . _.     ....   ___* Chjuf Licence Inspector.  Chief Constable's Office, Nolson, B. C.  27th February, 1901.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Gko. H. Lammrus, J. R. Cranston, op to  any person or persons lo whom ho may havo  transferred his Interest ln the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, >/elson  Mining Division.  You aro hereby notified that I haveorpendod  Ono Hundred Dollars in labor and improvements  upon the above mentioned mineral claim. In  order to hold said mineral claim under tho  provisions of the Minoral Act. and if within  ninoty days from tho date of this notice you full  or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim will becomo the  property of tho subscriber, under section four of  an Act ontitled "An Aot to Amend the Mineral  Act, 1900." SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December, 1900.  NOTICE TO-DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Stkvknson, or to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  interest in the Llla mineral claim, at Morn  ing Mountain. Nelson Mining Division:  You aro horeby notified that I^have expe;  tho sum of One Hundred and Fifty-Soven Dollars  in labor and improvements upon the above  mentioned mineral olaim, in order to hold said  mineral claim-, under the provisions- of the  Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from tho  date of this notice you fall or refuse to contribute  under section four of an Act entltled"An Act to  Amend the Mineral Act,' 1900. "���  -��� DANIEL  HERB.  Dated this 12th day of February. 1901.  ARCHITECTS.  THWART tc OARRIE-AmhUsota.   Rmhm  -C ana H Aberdeen tdook,B��k�� ������������, NiSw. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B C. WEDNESDAY MAUCH "6. 1901
Assayers Supplies
We carry in stock a full - lire of Assayers' and Chemists'
Supplies. The quality of cir goods cannot be excelled
and  our prices are  reasonaale. i^=_r—    ~~^~- =^=-~~~
Wa are Brltlnh Columbia Agents for      ..■»
. t
Mansfield Manufacturing Go.
nelson, b. c.
Builders and., *
Having taken over the business ot the West Kootenay Brick &
Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg- to ask for a continuance
of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. My
aim will- be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest
possible prices.~ Being in a position to manufacture goods ln larger
quantities than before, we shall be able to supply the 'trade at a
lower figure.
It Is our.intention to'Install machinery to manufacture our
'marble, products, and next season we'shall be In a position to supply
these products at reasonable rates.
We shall also Keep on hand
Tiles and Cement.
a stock'of Fire Brick,'Flro Clay,'
In*1   J        *
_\ fi.-*.*.*.      ■">
.  Our Bricks and Lime Bock have taken the First Frizes at the
Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and also this year/ We also
, ^ secured prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and Building -
Stone. "-■'■ \" -    - • _.
-' nT    _. _-   ~   .     *•   i . ■>' -   '
IviS   Wer are (prepared to offer special rates to; Contractors and
TBullders..    . T     "
tor Tbe Mansfield"Manufacturing Company..
'" ^     ~ *».
Successors to ,., ...
Tbe West Kootenay Brick tf Lime,Co., Ltd.
The members of the Terpsicho-
rean Club will give a social dance
at Fraternity hall tomorrow evening.
The* board of public works will
held a meeting at the city hall at
10 o'clock Friday morning. The
extension of sidewalks and other
improvements will be discussed.
The monthly meeting of • the
finance committee of the city council will be held at S o'clock Friday
evening, when the monthly accounts aud other matters will be
Since Sunday a crew of mon havo
been engaged in repairing trestle
No. 74, on whicli the freight traiu
was wrecked Sunday morning. The
greater portion of the trestle is
being replaced by new timber. The
work will be completed in a day or
A number of Chinamen are clearing off about 40 acres of land at the
mouth of Grohman creek, and are
getting ready for the spring planting. Last summer there were only
two or three working there, but
some of the ones driven off the
land now occupied by. tlie C. P. E.
yards have moved over the river,
forming a small colony.
The city fathers have abandoned
the idea of planking the west end
of Baker street which becomes so
muddy as to inconvenience traffic
during the fall and spriug. The
new scheme, is, tb excavate the
street from the bridge over Cottonwood creek to within a short distance of Fails street to a depth of
one foot and then grade with
crushed rock and gravel. -
H.E. Macdonnell, the local freight
agent of the C. P. R., left yesterday
morning for the Crow's Nest Pass,
where he will meet W. R. Mclnnes,
general freight agent; J. Osborne,
general superintendent," and C. E.
MacPherson, general passenger
agent of the Winnipeg division.
The^officials^are making a!-tour of
inspection over.the western-portion-
of their .division, which-extends,to
Kootenay landing. Mr. Macdonnell
may return tomorrow.^.
Tattersall vs. McMillian.
The spring session of the county
court of Kootenay, which opened
at   tho   court   house   on Monday,
closed ' yesterday    morning.     Although there was a largo list of
cases, the greater poi tion of them
were set a&ide until the next session,   which   will   be   held    here
June 17th.    There was only   one
case considered yesterday, ifc being
tliat of P. A. Tattersall vs.  S. O.
McMillian and  the former against
Mr. Hauck, all of Slocan City.   The
plaintiff was suing for $2.30 which
was due him from defendant McMillian.   This portion of the case
lasted only a few minutes, and at
its conclusion judgment was given
in favor of the plaintiff in the full
amount *of his claims.   The other
part of theease, which was Tattersall vs. jHaiick, was quite complicated   and ^"occupied   considerable
time., Ifc appears that Hauck owed
McMillian a sufficient sum of money
to cover plaintiff's claim, and therefore    Tattersall    garnisheed    any
money of McMillian's which was in
Hauck's possession.   Hauck states
that   he  had"accepted orders for
this amount before he was served
with   the rgarnishee notice.     The
suit was brought to set aside "'these
orders and-make Hauck liable for
the   money.     The    evidence ."was
somewhat contradictory.   The case
wasadjourned until Thursday/when
it will be reconsidered in chambers,"
the 'points jof law then being argued."
3BL    B1TBBS   <fe  OO.
Sple Agents for tip Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters
TKLKPHONK ft 8toTOt Corl,er Bftkor and joseph,no st,co(|
■    - The* Curlers. /   i"5*      :
. For the past'two evenings, 'owing
to^ _ the heavy '.frosts, \the curling
sheets at the rink have "been iu a
splendid ' condition, ~and seyeral
interesting games'have been played.
The line up and results were~'as follows : ,   " '
Perhaps, you did not know,
-but we'want you - to * learn
'r" now ,?and .remember that
we. rmake"- a~- feature of
cheese of all kinds.
MacLaren's' Imperial In all Sizes.
MacLaren's Roquefort.
Imported t Swiss.
Also the-Finest Canadian Cream.
■- <
hR ■
\fU' >    -
Li j ,
     The Leading Grocers.,
D. S. Stanloy  . '
O. Miller ,   *,
J. F. Weir
J. H. Wallaco, skip 7.
C. Wilson
P. E. Wilson   -
J. H. Wulhvce        1     -
Judge Forin, skip 9.
J. Dover
Dr. Ai nistrong
J. A. Turner
Judgo Forin, skip 7." "
A. E. Amiable
Principal Soady
J. H'Fox
F. A. Tamblyn, skip 12.
J. Iinurenson"
,H. Wright,      -      -.-£-.
.1. A. Turner .
F. A. Tamblyn; skip 12.
C. D. J. Christie
W. Irving ' *
A. T. Walloy    '
F. A. Tamblyn, skip 12.
H. Wright
D.J.'lieivni   \
C. Morrison
J. H. Wallace, skip 12.
K. Smyth   i '.",
W.Irving '     ' *
C. Smith.
F. Heteher, skip 9.     -
I ft-"ft
\i   1
lei- ,
Telephone 10
K-W-C Baker Street
The Nelson Clothing House
Great Slaughter Sale
In order to niako room for Spring Good ^ I havo decided to sell for tho noxt thirty days nil
Itoods In stock at cro.itlyi educed prlcos. All henvy goodx away down, cost not considered, and in
Clothing, Gents' FiirnisnlngH, Huts nnd Caps, and JlooU and Shoos I will givo from 10 to '25 por cent,
(IUconnt, and nil Hubbcr Goods at coHt. Now iH the clinnce to partake of tho best bargains ever
ijlfered in tho KooUmays. My stook is all now and up to dato and tho sale is genuino, so now avail
voursolf of tho best opportunity to get good goods at less than wholesale prices. Remember this is
lor only-30 days. «—«»«.—•—■«■■««  '     ' -     *i
J.  A.   GIUKBR,   Proprietor.
I* '-
I" .■»
■ -i»
As housecleaning will soon be the order of the day we would
Invite your attention to our stock of PAINTS and VARNISHES. \
For kalsomining there is nothing that gives better satisfaction
than MURALO.   We -have twenty-five shades to select from.
Ask for color card.    	
Lawrence Hardware Co.
of Landscapes and other scenes, Free with every purchase
of two packages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty.
Buying a Team. >.    - .
The   council   having^ decided., to
purchase a new, team for, the" fire
department, chief Lillie was Susy
.yesterday; inspecting' a number- of
horses which had been offered" at *a
fair price.   After examination he
concluded that none' of them were
what, the city required. - Several
letters from Spokane parties con-
"cerning^ the~sale~of "gobd teafios^have"
been received and it is likely that
is where the animals will be pro-1
cured.    Chief,Lillie and"probably
ono of the members  of tho committee will go to Spokane during'
the first part of next week to consider, the   oifers   that' have been
made.   It.is said that horses can
be purchased there at a lower price
than here.   The present team will
be used by the health department
in cleaning up the alleys, streets
and yards throughout the city, as
there is more work to be done than
can be handled by the two teams
at present engaged.
Two Interesting! Cases.
" It is" seldom that the small debts
court heldairNelsou is of particular
interest, but the tfvo eases that
came up before magistrate Crease
at the court' house yesterday wei e
^of^ special interest. The first.was
Thomas Egan vs. ex-constable Kerr;
in which -tlie ^plaintiff- issuing for
$ JO which^he'gave the defendant to
settle ^accounts in connection with
:McAllester'sVarrest and<trial.^ It'
appears that S. Calkin had a' claim
against Egan; and in order to settle
the mattorV'Kerr " paid/ the" debtv
without anyinstructionsffrom Egan,"
using thelatter's" money. It is the
same trouble'whicli "came to light
during KerVa ^investigation before
the police commissioners a few days
ago. The 'plaintiff.- did not-put in
an appearance fa/nd' the case' was
adjourned until next. Tuesday.
— Convict 'Emqry^wbo is. now serving six months'- at ~>the"""provincial
jail, having "been found guiltylof
stealing _fa __ suit,1, of" clothes,"- was
brought -before'-'his ' worship and
charged with obtaining a time check
to the amount oft $56 from'the Hall
Mines smelter uhder false pretence.
The prisoner waste found -guilty by
^magistrate Creaie,\~who 'reserved
judgment untiljtgday.- Those who
-testified ~ in \thei Tease were Albert
Benson, T. W. Snowden, G. A. Ger-
sell and Hugh-McDonald,'all employed at„ the smelter? .They told
hqjw the>prisoner_liad obtained the
money. " * ~* '~"_\ '""" "^*       .
The penalty attached to such a
crime is three years. It isc,a rare
ease in the history bf Nelson where'
a prisoner -who is' serving,, time is
-tried for another offence and-given-
a longer sentence, y   ~
mines, and of the kind which are a
credit to a mining center."
Mr. Ritchie also said that all of
the mines of that district were
looking well, and that the prospects
for the coming season were exceed-'
ingly bright. He leaves for his
home this morning.
Mining Records.^
The following mining transactions * were recorded yesterday:
Certificates of work' — To John
Waldbeser on Mountain Chief and
Standard. Locations—Dolphin on
Tamarac mountain,"near Ymir, by
Walter Blanchfield. Transfers-
Prom Mat Nelson to Robert Mc-
Coimick, both of Nolson, two-thirds
interest in the Dewey for a nominal
PERSONAL. ,   "-
Joseph Doiran of Slocan is at the
W. R. Hogan of. Sirdar is at the
Arthur Phillips of Erie arrived in
the cily last evening.
7W. N. Brayton of Kaslo was in
the city for a few hours yosterday."
J H; T. Kingsbury of Sloean and
John Love of iWlnnipejr ai-o at the Humo.   - ~
Mr. and Mrs. J.  C.' McBride   of
Salmo aro spending a low days In tho city.'-..
, J. G. Parr of .Pilot Bay arrived in
the city yesterday.  He Is at the Madden House.
* J. H. Paff and G. Hr,Miiler bf.Vic-
toila.P. L. Venalles of New Westminster, and
Alien Archer of Ymir are at the Phair,'v _ *  ,
' ".Cellar, td"Rent—Apply The Royal
Bank of .Canada. ^   _~  .    ^^.  y^.Ty-,7'1
"'Tolet^-Purnishe'd* rooms' in Carney block.  Apply Miss Garrett.   ~-\_—"
Goto.theOld Curiosity^Shop if
you -want to buy or sell anything. ^ ."'    v      - ' -
' Cash-paid for "scrag - iron, * brass'
'and copper. .Nelson IronJWorks.^   -   -        '--
, _ Hack V calls left at^" the - Pacific
Transfer barn.on Vernon street.    Telephone
call 35. -   _,
.  . Commencing March 1st, and continuing for four days, we
will give with every order, if requested, a fancy bottle of'Royal"
Salad Dressing."   This is an entirely new dressing, and in quality it surpasses any preparation that has ever been introduced.
Equally as good tor meats as for salads.
K. W. C. Block, ^
Ward Street.
Telephone 251
This Is the place where the ladies mcot^
To havo i heir afternoon tea,    .-,      .
This Is the place -where the people meet
*;   _ To buy their fi ait and candy.      -   *
This is the placo where you want to buy
-An> thing in our line,      - -    ' , -
We guaranteo fiesh goods and full weight
And your mon«y'-i worth evei y time.
.."^   1'
Houston Block.
Telephone 181.
P. O. Box no.
Getting Ready, for Business.
The    Mansfield    Manufacturing
Company  is preparing .to do   au
immense business during the coming   summer.    The   pressed   brick
sheds hi Fairview Addition have
been rebuilt'and enlarged, the'work
being completed yesterday..   Other
improvements will be made at once,
and as soon as the weather permits
the manufacturing of bricks will be
started.   Active work is being carried on"-Hst the quarry at Kaslo, and
a. large quantity of lime is being
produced.    The  first consignment
has-already been received in Nelsou
and is meeting with a ready demand.
The lime is of a superior quality
and can be used to better advantage than that which has hitherto
been imported from Spokane and
other   places.     It   was   this   lime
which   was   used in finishing the
walls and constructing the cornices
at the new depot, and the interior
now'has an excellent appearance.
The brick and lime industry will be
carried on with activity this summer, and it is probable that the
importation -of these articles will be
greatly reduced.
In Chambers.'   <
The will of the late Rebecca Jane
Stutter was proven by A*. M. John-i
ston on behalf of . the "husband,
Harry Stutter ot' Nelson, for the
purpose of obtaining letters' of
probate for the administering ofi
the estate. '
' M. H. Peters, the 'plaintiff in
the case of ^Peters vs.^the Nelson
Electric- Tramway^ Company^ will
be examined for discovery before
registrar Simpkins this-morning.   '
Rossland Mines.
J. Fred Ritchie, a prominent mining engineer from Rossland, was in
the city* yesterday/ - In speaking of
the   rich  strike which was   made
about a week ago''oh the 300-foot
level of the Homestake group, situated to the south of the city, adjoining the Sunset group operated
by the Canadian Goldfields Syndicate, he said the" ledge was continuing in place aud that it had improved considerably since first encountered.   The, lead   is   the full
width of the drift and is well defined by walls of slate and granite.
It has now been followed for a distance of 70 feet, and the indications
aro that it will continue.   It is the
same lead which has been developed
at the 200-foot level. j
"At present," said he, ,"it is  the I
best strike without exception that
has ever   before been made in the '
Rossland   district.   It will be the '
] means of several other properties
opening up and carrying on active
development.   It will also havo its '
effect in attracting capital, of which
I expect to see, larger investments
j this year.   At an early date we ex-
1 jsect to pee our city surrounded by j.
Employment ..Agency,
Baker.street, J. Hr Love. 'Help "of all kind,
furnished.;    <   .   „     r s-F.   -.    ,,— j     _       \
- Por Rent.—Two^ fine offices- centrally located. Apply to'A. H. Buchanan, Bank
of Montreal. ,.„. j-■*-..->    1     . .
' Two large,- well-furriished rooms
to lct.< l^and S Macdonald block, corner Josephine and,Vpruon.i, ., * * t ~ _ - -      ,.   . N
Lost—-A red pocketbook contain-:
ing mono}; $10 reward for its return to adjutant
MoGill, Salvation Ainiy. -
Japan-Tea_of all-kinds to,suit
your taste. "Sun Cured, Spider Lefr, Pan Fired
In bulk or packagoR.   Kootenay Coffee Co. *■
Wanted—A few first-class stone
masons and stonecutters on the. Robson bridged
Union^wngos' paid. ■*• Apply at the work. Jolin
Gunn:     - ,   -      '
I For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, &c,
eigaia and tobaccos of the best brands, call at the
Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker streot, Miss A.'
L. KUnkwitz.
Furnished Room to Let—Large
front room to lot: centrally located. Apply to M.'
M. Fiasor, Kast viotoria_8treot._iiear_comeR.of-
Hendryx. .     , _
Found—A gold chain,and locket.
Owner can havo same by proving property and
paj Ing for this advertisement. Apply "Locket,"
Tribune ollicc. " _.
That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we
are selling at thirty cent i per pound is giving
the best of satisfaction to our many customers.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
For Sale—Barber shop, fruit and
news stand. Close to steamboat landing and
station. Choap. " Satisfactory reason/or leaving.
Apply T. Plnuloho, barbor, Nakusp, B. C.    "
Western Canadian Employment
Olllco—Male and female help of all kinds furnished free of ohargo. Vlctoi la Btreet, noxt door
to Publlo Library.  Phone 270.  P. O. Box 711.
For rent—On March 1st, house on <
corner of Front and Park streets. Flvo rooms,
bath room, etc. Rent, including water, 825. Apply to K. Kllby, next door to McBride's stables.
Copper, Copper, Copper. Copper
mines and prospoots wanted. Send samples and
report to Tho Prospectors' Exohongo. Room 4,
K-W-C Block, Nolson, B. C. Phono 101. V. O.
box No. 700.
We   have   Indian,   Ceylon   and
China Teas in great varioty, choicest quality.
Wo make a specialty of blending toas and sell
thorn in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay
Coffee Co.
Gold,   Gold,   Gold.  Free   milling
gold mino8 and prospect s wanted. Sond samples
and report to Andrew F. Rosenberger, Room 4,
K-W-O Block, Nelsou. Telephone lOi P. 0. box
No. 700.
John Love, representing the Con-
rolidatcd Stationery Company, Ltd , Winnipeg,
is in the olty. lie will be in the Kootenay, Slocan and Boundary districts for several weeks,
dining which time his headquarters will be at
the Hotol Hume.
Wanted — A woman   who   can
take charge of gonoral housework. Three
children. Good homo for right person. Wages
318 a month. Will pay half faro lo Ferguson.
Write at once to R. P. Pcttiplece, Ferguson, B. C,
care of Engl?.
■^ ,
We*are still paying the newspapers to tell'the people that we" are selling Stew-
y ^   "       art's,*'Lowhey's and" Ganong's Chocolate Bon Bona. -,
Our Phone Number is 25J.   You may use-it all.
you like.- Wo aro pleased to havo jou ling us
up whon an  order  is in sight.-
All tlie fashionable creations
in Spring and Summerwear
are included in my Mast consignment of Scotch^ and Irish'
Serges, Tweeds and Worst-
Improved *• Incandescent-
Mirror .; Globe- -Lamps v
Now~ in    Stock.     They.'
Improve^ Electric" Light'-
Fifty- per "cent.     ; '■*
E. Skinner
Neelands' Building, Baker Street).
FRED J. SQUIRE, Manager.
Large stock of hlgh-olass Imported goods.  A
speoialty of tbe square   shoulder—the  latest
-7 (
fashion in coats
C.W. West & Co.
The Gait
ing,   on
doors west C.-P.
A full supply of
Coal office has been
to the Ward build-
Baker   street—two
It. offices.
Gait Coal
now on hand.
Telephone No^2G5     General Agent.
Anthracite..:     810.75
Crow's Nest    . ; J .   fi.15
Blairmore              0.75
No order can be accepted unless accompanied
by cash. 	
Office:  Cornor nf Hall
and Baker Stroets.
To Contractors and Builder**! —On antl_ftfter
March 11th, l'Wl. journeymen plasterers' wages
will be SI) "0 per dq.y of eight hours. By order of
local Union No. 1T2, O.P.I A.
J. V. MOYER, Prosident,
W. Vick, Seorotary.
The C-an-Dex Copying Book and Inl^
Lot tors and other documents can ho copied per-
fecily and quickly without the use of water,
press, brush or moisture pad'      ~     ■*   *
JOHN BLANEY, Agent, Nelaon, B. C,
.Victoria Street.
Decorators and
Paper Bangers.
Are now oh the market. Give
them a trial.-Manufactured by
the Nelson Cigar Factory.
J. Lovell Smith; Prop.
-   Victoria Street*       '   *
1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.
If you want all the Mining
News of the Lardeau, you
must become a paid-up
reader of 'the
per year. It fills the bill.
Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January lath. Terms moderate. For term i
and prospectus apply to
The Cabinet Cigar Store
G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.
Headquarters for
Smoking and Plpse.


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