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The Nelson Tribune 1901-02-27

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 x77syxxyy .y*yy  f.  DAILY EDITION   BY^MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  mmmmvtmm  &&&&&��_  im��&m  ftft^y'ftyft '=i.'1-}S'*-L2*^��*i^^  Mnthyear.  .Tip^Ste^  :*'i.  TFmwas@$  >���-'��� .-.     7 -.7 ,     .... m ���s".W/'SsSrcJ'K.  �����i��8S��fSl  NELSON MINES AND MININC  RECENT 7STRIKEI4IN7 THE BOSUN  Sunset Mine Will Commence Shipping  '.'a.i'jKMi&i'&A&M'  Tpdoy-^otk  ftft-y^Trae'^Blue*:  i^_:s.7x.  started until tho smelter difficulty,  had been settled and -the price of  lead had once again reached a  reasonable price.. This company  . controls} the -Madison*;group, Situated : aboutV two miles' from the  Sovereign. A considerable amount  pt'ytdrk. hasftbeeniydbniei:: on } it arid  a.promising stringer has^bieen yen-  countered.ft Work^ill '���, be done on  it'in"ttt;Bpriri&}^  FRENCHMENiCETlEXCITEft  ��pROARJK^��S^  CHAMBER::6f- DEPUTIBS^Pl:  ���S^ra  AAf. ;;!^H*#^  |!g:ag*ejcy^|rt^ ;  ' '*}};r||pso^^  :^};}||t��ie*3^  ���M <|3p* w^^i^^ .  :0��hA[��ii^  };^Inj^n<^**^^  tftftpbii^^^^  !i;;����*ofct&^  ;gfi��pre*;bperie^^  .:ftfS3ms}|b^^  f^twHw^  }'||tftrie��^  |$gsii^  |^3��jbe;��nc(m  |��|f|wiw��&i^^  ��Kf|pph|inu^  ||&^'D��^  ll^lan^^  ���TM:y-'yT.'T^r.��~ ��".TV*;��t^;,^ --,. i;-.^-r,x  -tf>!.(<7&P*k\togB*P-��&  |g��}^^elbre^  *fg|*;|;br^  mine was  famine, it  Id have  terdayfta  ���edftftThei  company.  The mbiith of this tunnel .is but  a.  *' ':���  short distancefrbmV transportation*  on Slocan lake. -After the sampling  ts&g^btiu^  .2-<?-IV!*5j  ..JTlieJINbiftl'^^  ap;g!cat^  JppSf*^^  Q|^sp^s3ari^  iyyh^gri^   ;velopmOT^  &|p-g��Wli^  ^i;|}bej^j&e&^^  ;Sg��||&8!of^  Ifl&^iRO*^^  SgftbMD^^Ig7^^  ���Jg^claAff^  ^};}bei^  rlg^bx^t^  ;^*l|:;|5tJ;}^  i|||j5Sai^  ���'|;t&f^j��&^^  #����l|jtip;^^  5fty'5aWM i&wateivf tTAELe ^^id^thatii^iiey  A!AA |ft$Cpal Received}  ���^^���'"���'"  ithrei  .was  ;tp��ber _  furfcher^supply^  management of the -coa  telegraphed -captain Gifford^^^t^  ^rt^rjsiipply^  ���vone&��~*^^^  e^d^^nri^;^  y w-quld^keep i^^omise^buitotfie^  fwisc^J^rk}^^  l^iTli^^  ':**Cfiance^^  .be;;iforeed);^  Hi^}pwirigito^  'itsS'prei'IgMrpHoft^  ^i^iteji.1^^^  ;:<^injp^m*^ki^  j;nra��*}iri^^  ^I^jjwjfoll^^  }coi^3}r$r&  ^K-^^&E*^^  l^rbn^en^  j^nm^BeUeff)^^  J:Sali^n*ftrjtfer^  sideration; F. Philip Clark of Ymir  ;tb-R. W.yMacfarlarie of-Ymir one-.  IbMfl^iisiSi^  Horse creek.for a nominal consider-  ?atmn^^  notice tp}the effect that he intends;  |to}clai^^  ��Hijl|;|pi^^  ftmdfp^li*^  Law} of h Acwbc^iwiwlBillf UnAerglHtirS  twsdc^i6iwybill^i"^iMch^  ation and with'an avoidance  fti|#miiw^^  afStt^a^  If-y^tp^hre^  ;ftftft:^}Hal��  }}::%ij}ye^  }��&*:]i*^^^^  ;%}ft**}np.$}irij^^^  :yy.->��es-p^  y-.;;l:^ir;Ittrsi^king^  ���-' A} -per t^at-Kaslo,- whichy-isT-o^^ted'  vC?>:by|tlie^me^  A 7:[ ;8aid^t^��7:woi*&CyWO  :^:yTy^day^;A';TOri|^  .7y 6pmerit';fcuririel^hM7T-^ien':;iet  ,.; ^;Steyenson of Kla^  t7^-force jyT-o^  ;:^;H'Drwr^l*^(i/::'i-^i  ;;N-:^^.'?.6.ejprge^R-^  :: A .-tho.Slpca^JSpwreigri^jwas^mi;  ^i^vcityvy*^  A7'. perid*^;p^ratipiM:viaitSweek.^  y ^ i^nsomysaid:^  IA was; e^si^iby;flpt7h  :yi;*^7for:Ttheir"ydiS.;3:H  ;7=;i;;**vpuld noi(besurpriSeditpsee^anum^  A 7 ber;pf:6tberrmines;Shufcd  ;.;.':-7**':^  ' OU  A-. 3��at attained :yygoo|t:h^dw^^ but  ^;   Mr.llafl^*m;  7. that^tbey- wouldR- riot i get7 upon; a  A satis^tpr^;basis y^riuntilyTyBritish  j. tjDph^mbia-^wasi��� in^:thp::pbsitipri  to  A7 treaib yall^ores^ mined.:yy:He -yrasOin  ^������iVyffaypr^of^t^  y:   hold of the-^u^^  ;;-^-';;.bgnus;:,to,th^;sme^  ' y[7ind^tryAy'' ���:'. ,A7y7.:.7 y-y y) %:y':''7;';il  'yA Mr. Ransom saii that the - Spver-  eigri -ywas ."in; * a7 fine y coriditiori arid  *    thatytliere was; more.dre.iri; sight  .. now thari ever; before.-Two rieh  veins   have  been  discovered, one  being an extension of-the RecoV In  7    speaking "of the resumption pf work  7.7Mt. Risinsom' said it would;" riot be  lil^jn^w^el^^  fof;XCp'*ririaiigbt'^h'a��pbe.en;>%aze  '^rarid^ifeasterSf-lt^^Grd^  '8ui^iBOT^to|v qt^erifl^ic^ri^s-w^  ^gazetted^e^  Wm^0^mMAA0:^^A^  |f'5M^ario^Mra��Jp^  ^g^efS^ntte^iifth**^^^  J^Sl^re^u^a-^^p^  lAdell^r^fS^^  ?^^ph^^a^feS|f^^i|y^^  ��|Durin^h*^cc^  |pnS]^bj^;]^sine^ffi  ^���^���^Mpii^a^ifT^^Al^liB*^^  ;-^��;*-gpvi^  |tfie^fjictft|^^^$e1fs^  ;Jjratimateslfprgtiiia^^  ���ve^liSav^ii^iudiri^pvei^  SlOOl)fdr:t^^ayyiaridl*4e3,60*^  ���\i.i7^H^^^i?^'-'':>xx'-x^f^i-'X^'^:^'7.7y'7: ������.���-;tT';;;a  ^:^Ris,;^e^i^a^||2  session of the clmmbergpf^depirfie|;  ^ndedy;;:witt;|^|;upi^^^^  such, as has ridfc^bee&l^tea^-s^lfra^  ;r^ri^;';riipnths^T^;|;Beir*e^  chamber had discussed the.;.- law of  mbder.-?  ...,.,.rf..'l'j��feS"  flammat��r^*hmg^  luttOTed^jUiis -iafterrip(^tj|^'l^pff  ^lXavierrReille^T^B^fcy^  ;'pr-c^k^dfa*.^^artri|^hic^  -s'thVchambei^fb^^^^  ^Article^iO ;iaaa?;iI^i|ii^^j;|S^i  been adopted and thie deputies were.  -jfliscassm  ^ides|^^t^n^*as|^i^ibr^  ^M^^.mainly"B-of:'^  fhe^qriarters.-is^atf^  Isblved-slb^idecree^  amendments had been submittedyto  this clause, and baron Reille moved,  an amend ment "of which should be  =Cheng Yu, son of :the notorious Hsu  Tung, were.publicly beheaded tb?-.  -^ay.j^Tli^sfci^t^  *^ri*dbrii|6qplc?pi|M6fwaa^guarded'*; byj^  yI^n^^|Germin^  itrpp^Jej^Hep^piMemrie^  ywerpEt^eS?(��|blwi^^  :?and;es^*^d|)^||^birip  ane3e irifantry^fChih Siu "met :,his  fate in a dignified- manner, walking  from the cart'j*Bftfcily and fearlessly!  |Hs^^(Mi'g|��|^M;Mtnpe^  ^pii^^SThej^^rejbothydressed in :  MINERSKlttEDlB��BlJtSl  'IF  FATAL   ACpmENTjEAT 'jTHE |LE  ?,'.;> jp*.*,.-*  Peter Erickson, a Swede,  r ��� fortrmate M^--jQ:eneral  Is the Un-  r*^Provui-^7-r'  ;^s?:-;a-;i^ __���  "y.7.AATTeaiGti$fi^^  ;: Momb as AilEasr  0^7  ^EM*iebaSt|of;?i^frfe  ^bbruai^^^^^|ficB-expd^  f^^0.fmM|7am  day march^; of7 i$.i miles into the.  ^Som^is'l^  ���ifOTz-kfllin^^nfi^i^ma^  55w|^fat^ckea||^)^  fSanE^s^lZ-femil^jff^  ?dn*^iib^3l^^B^ilied|yi]^^  .JieuiBenmi^cpIpiSelplM  Somalia'..were beated off. with the  loss "of; 150 men'killed.   The cattle  iteaptu^^b^  "tV^o/lofl-aW/l!,.,l*r\of:"'.ti>*^'T'lia. ���aV��a^i4:iiy^**��i'!;**iir��'l;'-  ii-l^cii'j.Mdfi'Dwndhfe  ^yz_::0AA?^0^770iA77AM  UiM77%7yy.AA''A7:7yMiMt  ,..,.,.._.v_.    iNati-OTiga;,. (  __���_   ^FEoS^^nii^s^e*^  Mrs^.Gajrie^iSaii^  pf^th^^c^n^gn^  quoted from Savary, -the ��� member-  ^^t^eSriati^al^filcbm  I stigmatized the ���''.- condemnation \ of  ;Louia;Xyi a? assassiriatiori.j Iinmed-  iately the Radicals 'and. Socialists}  biirst into-loud protest, * M.; Julien  thank: that ;assassination;'.for. the  William  arid  ���!V7:.,-_;-,.. v-;��*fr;r.  Edward.  ;;j-Cr6nbbr^^  vperor^^niiamv-was'today^dr^  7ay^el^^rb^S-Ham^  ^erich^boff-vw^His^m^^  package of: fifty!marks .'to: the old.  gardener as he entered the grounds.  ;Tnp;*��empe^  'Edy^^JaSd^tlw^rpve    S^biirg|  ���thrbu^h^:C'Tth^i^v^  ;m^rited^|pbli(Mriieril ^trolled,Tthe.  ; rpad^ ;;Empr*erofe;WilUalff7^^  well to the . king at Saalburg and  'went to Hanaburg, .wliere:lie^tbol��K*aT-  attain fbfc^erlia-jaind^ kingj;E^iwairdi  returned [tq_ PriefdOTichshpffy,y."}' :0- A'  \_:4i77-;01^dim^B^  .:--V.:*NBW;^ORK^PebrUM  children t of JDai^]^Jrel^  burnedfi-l^ydea^  . parents^ Kbmesin-TGpldl; Spring cHar--  bbi^ ll^ng' Jslarid". ^ ^Mrs? yi Ireland  '^ent{tpJ'a.s*iiore''arid^  children, a^bpyvbf: J&ye years^ agirif  'of;tlifreehand'7a-ysiriall baby7in}the  housed 7^puririg;;hOTSabse  Tbbuse^lcaught^ fire,}aid Tthb;jbhree  children ^ybeing;;uhablp; to 7get putcbf  ithe 7 buildingi ^jweregburried^ba a,  ibrisp.yThe rhouse}^s.^^lyVder  '^&e&AAAAAAAA:[AAfAAt  !r,^v;v..^i:'Airi*OTi^^  V'"]*:'PqBT.^-*SpA;^  arjry x26.^SystematiC ;}anS��} violent  abuseof -Americans-instigated by  Venezueian officials implicated in  the asphalt ^conspiracy has'; begun  iu the iCaracas- press.: :yEverything  hostile; ;tb:; the - /United y Stattes'_. is  seized;7:. upony; arid4C��xakgeriated;  jCJnited. Sbates ; minister. Lobrriis' is  shamefully attacked���;;-for^; daringr to  "inform Washington .of eyentsibccur-  ring in Venezuela.;;  .A AAA-': Bubonic vPlagnei A':  ^Bombay, February} 26.��� There  have been eight hundred deaths in  Bombay pity during".���'���the past two  days. Of this, number, 400 were  due to bubonic plague.  ifl^Qth*^  Jdrs^lpfi^^b^f^B^^  Baron-Reille* remained in  the -_tri:  ^uri*eB|^tli!^l��J^^^  ^imj^rid|}|^9:.   >._    .���_..._    .���'iS^^lMbmb^^  [^c^ed^pipB^a^  ifii^J^^K^C^mb^  4<^M��Bernard'S|i*G^*en  >de^ties}bf|*Marseill(^  i^plutipri*^  |furipusIm^|JBtt|a*s*^  Jean;Plichori,}inoderate republican,  :a^^^hed|^|ltrike|fhi^  ���ri"sh}^s|thr^|S^^el'yes^  Sth^gt^^iri^  iG^-^pl^h^ges^ulat*^  'fand*>ii^k|Ki^fisj^a|;[^  veritable .'pandeiribnium; drowned;  the sound" of}the president's bell,  although M. Deschanel kept i t ririg-  |irigj^i^rpu*^ypi|@  lr^ica,tsvSjmd^s*^  that hetshpulii^  ROTi^J^p^^fS^^n^h  ^^Ks^-^h^lm^eim^  ReilJL^^hoJl:^3^ri^jC^se  y.Rossland,* February..26.^-Peter  iJSrickson;, a S wedish; miner and an  old timer inthe camp, while ,blast-"  ing this morning at 5 a.m. on ��� the  900-fbpt level of, the Le Roi "riiine,;  waslkilled by "a iriissied charged The  misseii^na^^^sjSin^  '''' T"~ ^h^^&^iclSEricksbn1:  T*was;  }frewv ^ritari^}^fieSS^weeks' old  ; bride^of iR&v:7 C'V E^^rdcwa^Smith,  iMbritrealj who is 8upplying-the pul-  ipifc}of^St.';;;Atidre^  /dhui&hVdnd^ ' the  ^astbri^diedl y^twr^ay^ofSrinieu-  'Motleyy^yyxy^^^y^^'   ,  |7^aj2[5pax^  fof^liib^^yiiia^la^u^^  ilrom'^arriiio^h^bri}-^'^ the'  Dominion;^ -was  'dairiag**^}b^fire5i^ of  $6000 this mbrriirig; insurance: about  ^^^fn^^^^tii^eu^l lini^  :;inen*B^JF^^r^an^%*^^  Iwe^burt^?*^^^^  @;M*bNmEAX^^  }HbIderi||fCpriip^  }werii|ba^i^a^gT^ re-  ,yfuieat^pa^hp}^n^ new  TJMtirilgfriiii^  'says^th^pbsitlipMlc^^  men are already filled.V-.The'strike  JOHN v DILLON'S HARAMRUE  lV* -  f-t  HE SATS TREATMENT OF BOER  WOMEN ���WAS rCOWARDLY. %. .  - -_     . v.   ' "~-  -T ,  Accusea Broderick,of}Pdrmnlating tho"^  "/"   Plan���War'Secretanr DefOTds" A'A  Hia'Positiori.   -  - . 1 f _...'-  ���$  = **,  M  '���*&.  Al  ���7 V  '"   _t_  -V. **��-�����  ,3s ">��  mppe^npie^jwi  verideiWOTirigitotcleari^iout^with^      J  .usual scraperemployed.-<-vFinding ay  P.'X^^^"-^'''~'F- i"V ^r'-i^''.'-"-T.'-%--OZ:-- ��� .'.'-.'Tt-TT;*.'-^''^,'i' -*^"."T..^  small stone had jammed in tlie hole  just   below   the''powder  Erickson.  ''|^|^;bar!^^  tb;lbp|eji*��:ffi^^rij^  (;withTa"thud-thejimpact;ex-;  plod&agytne^powder.^'.Thesicharge'  ;an aCcountybf^her."crusade against'  |"jpints^^BJr����.^*awbrir'"'"  saysrarigber  le^ing^di^  -hurt ��� a- hair; in the heads of .my bad  |brotb^0i^ho^ai^ril^  hopeforpity's sake hone. of;, theiri  |lwp!��^^i|ifc|ge^  |lesflwKeri\iilMieSifara  .to}handle}the^ady^rtising}coluinnsi   ��W.  ���several-pages;'  *i>iK��TOr;.s>i^SSie.^e.��  ^J*^y��i-J.y..;T  '^.^-?f ;.��&*..  ���y&f^W!ss0,  ANOTHER COAL MINE HORROR  '" *fp3SiSi^'   TmRTYrFIVEfiilENfBELIEyElMTCX  i.s5^&-Tyci%.^-,^;y5i'-''^SSS  coming but of' a hole; sloping .iip-  ;Ward struck theiurifbrtunate. man;  |in}t!wjws^t^^^  |bfiaMb^e1|di*^!lwith^nf^  mmutes: .?sA��mucker standing be-rt  -hind Erickson was struck by a. fly-  ?ing^rpck?pn^hef��^fearm^butT;?*^^  ^riot seriously.irijur(Bdr'the^body; of:  the ;nriforturiate- Erickson* acting' as  a shield.. Ericksori's partner, Dahliri,  ^was kneeling in -front, of: the former,;  wero received here of the_drowhing  near Louisbnrg of Daniel Tbwnsend,  George Dixon and Philip Towns'end,  three pilots who were going from;  Battery island; to. Louisbnrg in^an}  open boat on Sunday during a heavy  London,  T<3-  February  ^.-^at'\  since the days of the Rbmana/'/said^���  JoKn'-Dillonr Iriflh} Nationalist,illin"  the house of "commons today,* on the  _ **x.  tSSf  iA'i -  ��^iqTWi^FebruarM26S$Debatfel  >Vf-'fV'''J*^V('",,ii1**! --'^'v" A'^,i"'L--v^V'j*v.''-'.T^j^*l^i^-**^iif^:'i-'i^',-j-j- &������'���"�����*  on the speech fromjthe-*sthrone .was  .^-c'pntinuealrq^  ^he1^hvief^lp^klB*^l>��^||^  McBride: for .the government,and:  l^-I^T^rMcjuan^f^^  ^eid^atej^s^ntei^^  agairi^qu^edffromTSftyaryr,"fclie in  teres��^u;shaye } in } vengeance; is  iribthirig^ii^rcbriimbrijmth 7 the: inP  terestsripf ^Hberty-,"?} apjplyirig} the  ;qiiptatibri}tb}t^  jbf}M^^Wa^ck^^usseau.}^  ^}|Thisfcr^fed}reriewed^^  }Eliglitistst ^bieririg}  barbri^Reille^  !wWle;thVt^ftist^:prptes  irig}the:Hdslpf vthbir^jdeskslin unison  and producing an ear-splitting din,  ?Finally?M.fDeschanel > succeeded in  ^puttirigrtheameridment}^ a' vote,  tlw chanaber;7* rejecting  it by 365  '���agsA^i-XTA/AAA::A~7.'.' . 77  1-;Mv^ulyGoiizeyy. radical socialist  deputy; for Daillac, then ascended  'th^;}jbribune}}^d} said: ."I.'*.was  absent from the chamber when the  name assassin was 'applied to those  who saved the fatherland and con-  demed;a traitor to death, but I take  upC the insult because myv grandfather ^ voted : for the" death of  ;Lpms;^i;,'}^:;}T;''}7*7};}T';;j:'- 777  ;jM^}Augu Dermal,  Coriseryative deputy for Alsace, interjected: ^'The regicides refused to  a,ppealTtp^;*vthe}^people.} Theyrcom-  mitted assassination,"}^"'. '���*;' } 7  y7. sThe;itiiiriuit wa,s; revived; 'for 'a  moment,} but; it: subsided and M.  Gfouzy. wasallpwedltpjcbritiriue.; '*;}};;  y:"r regret,'^! he said iy^hat the president -of }tbe }cha*^ber};'perriiittcd  such a word; to be u^red;: without  "a ^reprimand.;'; ;*;';;���'i;.;';}-r';y;-' *A<7y.A\ A '���  ��� To rthisi Mi Deschapel}.raplied:J  "The lesson to be .learned'from the  incident is tbbihebriveriience of iri-  trodueing historical digressions into  the y discussions \ of: the : chamber."  Ther uproar continued during the  president's} remarks, and at their  conclusion\the chamber adjourned*  until -Thursday.- .. r.  Chopped Off Their Heads.  Pekin, February .26.���Chih Siu,  former  grand secretary and Hsu  !jShaft|*a^  ^AAiW^^M^S^yAy^i.  ]}}}eHEVENNB^Wyb^  ;;_26^TM^prat'vdisa^  ;;tprySpf icoal} miniri^^nSpi^y^ri^gl  yai^ejth^yAlm^hprr^^  yagp| rbcCurred ^}piam^^iU|e}|lMiK  night. Thirty-five meaare:believed  '_ to yf have} perished iin^iifire^hudi"  started in miney^.51^|^^t^;j?Dj|a-';;  &7 0pke?^briipari3^  was; first^gdiMovered7  mond ville - ���Coal  The-blaze  ; shortly after; the :riig^Ssh^|had  commenced work.,'7: it^is}t^ught:tp  have- originated T^^^^B^el*^''  miner's lamp in tho}pil*;TObm^y|The  flames; made  such-}j^bgress|!:that  prily- one riiari escapedfroiri"ithe two  entries in which .it [wa^m&0d��yi  The scenes at tlie^ri|^th}:��oMthe  miue during tlie night};^d^bday-  were heartrending-;" .Relatives5iamd  friends of; the   entombed   miners  rushed to the mine, frantically waving their hands and^c^ija^.i*t��;:.'.'tlie';  mine officials and miners to save  their}:dear  ones. : }Mariy} of ythe  women and children} were slightly  injured iu the crowd and by falling  over obstacles in the}dark.;;}}y;  Bank Failure}; y-H  Ashley, Illinois, February 26.���  The Centennial bank, a private institution of which Edmund Palmer  of Chicago is president, failed to  open for business today. The  deposits are said to aggregate $36,-  000.  .   (i ���'...::<-:v.:  Chicago, Illinois, February 26.���  The private bank of Palmer ��Sc  Delaney at Desplaines, a village 12  miles from Chicago, has closed its  doors. The institution is said to  have had deposits,? aggregating  $26,000, of which $6000 were village  funds. Experiments with liquid air  is said to have caused; the trouble.  Proposal Rejected.  Canea, Crete, February 26.���  Prince George of Greece, commissioner-general . of the European  powers in the administration of  Crete,; today received^! from the  foreign consuls the decision of the  powers .rejecting hie proposal for  the annexation of Crete to Greece.  Egypt exported last year 65,000  tons of sugar, 55,300 tons of which  came to'America.  CbliiMbialjaffcergcbri^^  thrown from ; his carriage and ;re-;  l^iiKpr^el^a^i-fJI?^  |i^M(^RlAxi|Fe^^       26;^MeiiSr;s.j  |R-^;j!*��ri'gi^  fM^^^^ca^^Ust^in^^t^  the Dominion Irgn^'arid  Steel Coria-  ;pany,.give;the~;Sydney report that  the coinpanyhfi8. been absorbed: by  }the||Morga^C^ri*^i^  }emp^aticf}^(lienial^^  Rogere arid Hon.' G.A. Cox, Toronto  yC^i^Hi&S??^!^^  ���report*rog^ding|the:absorption of  Tthe};iDbmiriira:i^ri; a  7psnyJb^,ii^Mprgari?:G  i%^A^M::AAy777AA7AAAA[ '���'.  �� } St^Johns7} Ng vvfbj^diand,vFebru-  }ary; 2*6;^Th;e house^ Of asserribly, the.:  lpv^r}jbrarich}bf;:the}^wforindlarid  }l(^slature^uriariiriipu8ly;p^  :Frerich;}shore^ modus ;viveridi, }bill  jlast^eyeriirigJTbbth} political-parties;  ruriitirigiri':-'snpportirigthe measure.  The biir will come: before the upper  house^twriibrrbw^wheri} similarac-'  tipri is expected77; The;gbyernbrj; sir.  Seriry Edward. McGallum, will sign  it Thursday-'and prorogue thesper;,  ^iarsj^si^^i^ay.;}'.:;.:;::'.} y,}}} }}^},.;t}:.'  EASTERN;} CANADA TELEGRAMS/  ( ^obonto^7^^  ^n^f^hej^S^l*^  ^a^it|^^;|arinouh)^;|^  icbiripariyS owedf $585#66;�� iricurfedi  last July for: plant improvements  jands d^^^rat^hUegpreiiShip-^  }-m|r-ritspyiw*^s^j^^^  ���dn^^r^^'t^re^lr^lec^  $|eOTge}GpMern"*a^  !#DMiiT!iWili<yrita^  -Mrs.  Arthur Hixon, aged  respect-  i^lj^|^oS^7|^|a|^f^nd|Si  |witWn|S}f(^dfe^s^fM^  The   former '������ had ?been ailing x- foi*  some time and was waited ,uppn,*.by  ��� his .wife.:, Mr. Hixori^died}latiripbri;  ?fbilbwe"d';shbrtly?aftefw^  iyrite;-wrho yvaa; in ;hei^jusual'|health^  IbutS^b^ld^l^i^b^^  ^b^keli-Sh^llr^  -y^pirijBKJi^^lialf^ratiori^  ���reconcentradorcamps^andiwas 'Woi^lmmi  ^i!^^*7W^Z2__^_;^___!����S^  ifMrJ#D'illon^'tlu)ri%'n  fentwbver^the|4,  irecc^^c^t^^wr^rej^j^  ���house burnings}etc:  ���regairted arid'lbstjier}:sight:r!witliiri  :'a few.'hours: last-Friday. :. Miss Mc-  iP^rieills^prised^anumber ;pfgher}  friends by .telling. ���.. them;.that her  sight was.restored and proved - tlie  *sam^b*-p;poiiSi  pieces lof \ fumihirefarid Sby^'tellirig;  }them; their m^ei^rite^y'Ina^shbrt;  itimibrhowever, >lier sight \ beganttta  ;;fadeaway;jrintny8he^; beca,rne"tbto.llj^  . \tihti7v7gamAAAA~v yAAA77xA7  l^v^^om^^Kdg^^^.^^^^  yBntishleonSia-clt^^l^u^  fsecretary.|Sduring#hi8*sremarksf&e:%.'fgf'  affirmed; that :thejgovernmentlhadyS|#  S6ithSiigHt^t!irit^iM^^ivini|^  '���wayi-]---'-"--^ *~���"���������'���-���-" ���-��*-  ence.1  ��� Si^}:HYACiNTHE.^--;;Mrs. Albert  Cadieux of this city,-thirty-seven  years of' age, gave birth to her  eighteenth child. " 7 A7y A A  Toronto.^-A writ was issued today ordering the winding up of the  Abbott Mitchell Rolling Mills Company of Belleville.; -}���'.*}  7 Ailsa Craig, Qritario.^North  Middlesex Conservatives havbnbm-  inated P. Stewart as a candidate  for the local house at the next pro-.  vincial elections.       ?}};   :'   'Ax'. ft  MoNlREAii.rr;It; /was- announced  today that a meeting-pf. the -directors of the Dominion Steel Company  will be held next Ffidayto take  into consideration an offer for the  company's business, etc., made by  the Morgan syndicate. . 7'7x  Ottawa. ��� R. C. Clute, K.^J.j  Toronto, and Munn,J members*of  the Chinese commission, are in town  preparatory to starting for : the  coast to begiri the investigation  which has been entrusted to them.  They will join Foley, the third  commissioner, in British Columbia.  Levis} Quebec. ��� Mrs. (Sordon-  Smith, nee Jennie Curtis, of Ren-  ��^^}rP)^i}Raiirbad:^ccidenti'^^  |;Sti^si^Ni?Iridianai:February^  ];I^^riger?fttiiairi;:;,No'/fti4;fto  Wabasliraiiroad,^^ which leftBuffalo  last night and whichwasscheduled  fto arrivb at;^^ Chicago this morning,  }was; wrecked j tori .miles} west   of  Millersburg at 9:35 a.m., tibday.;Tho  accident was} caused by a  broken  raJLTbeenghie passed: over tliey  brealTinTsafetyTJblT^t^the^ix. cars  following left the rails and  one of.  them, the rear Pullman, rolled}oVery  on. its side and ;slid down an em-  barikmenttwerity-five feet. }'Of tlie  forty , or more   passengers  in the  train riot one escaped injury, twelve  being severely liurt, some of whom  will 'probably  dieu ;y The  railway;  officials  were, prompt  in   securing  medical laid arid in a short time  surgeons;^werefthurryirig"  to Uthe.  scenepf tbe wreck on special trains  fronay'^everyft available    point   in  ; Northern Indiana.   The Lake Shore  officials made up a special train and  carried doctors to the relief  of the  iri j tired." The little hotels at Millersburg and Benton, several miles from  the scene of the wreck were turned  into hospitals.   No deaths thus far  are   reported,   but .some   Of    the  injured are in: a critical. condition.  The crew of the train escaped in-  ;j.ury.}ft*.;-r'  ���'.,���-"���������-.���     ���        ���     \r  Armistice Rumored.,  ; London, February 20.���The Daily  Chronicle publishes under reserve a  rumor that lord Kitchener has met  general Louis Botha to arrange the  terms for the surrender of the Boers,  and that an armistice of twenty-  four hours was granted the Boer  commander-general to enable him  to confer with the other commanders. ���. According to the Daily  Chronicle the cabinet council yesterday considered this new turn of  affairs.    '��� 'ft. ,,}    '   ������  ft: Burned to Death.  * Chicago, February 26.���William  Sampson, a workman, threw a  lighted match in a barrel of celluloid scraps in the Waukegan Organ  Stop Factory at Alden, and as a result two young women employed  were burned to death and three  other persons were injured. The  property loss was small.  knowiuk' Thef murderer��escaped?tOfpv .,���,������.  ytlievwood^-SThefshlariff  % Spossie Saridgfbllwed:  'himWsj:  ;E��  riight:sh^ff|Mathi^w^efti^^  , hw *-;matf.'*Jf^^  ;wM:i^i(B^|^mtl^lw*^^  :Ma^hi*s||f^l}S*lmprtii^  Afto^.7f^lirig^dpwriTt^Tsh^  a* b**M^'-o^lblie|ne^r^  sh*oi^}di(^lfj>u^hpurs^  negro; is}aliye^bufcs:caritu^  y;::}':}ft= HeayyfTij^t*^^  ;ft}LoNpoN^^braary^  :^rt^ftthat|;heayy}}yfig  ���take'tf^iBfee^'betweeri^thle^FT^  'andftCbiriei^;7rieate:'Chen7qTiri^  say8 'ythe Pekin correspondent of ���.tlie;;^g?  Morriing^ Pbst^ftwiring^syestorda^  Count vori:Waldersee, it; isxririderrft}}}  stood, is issuing oi^ers^fpr}a:ces'saft }};  tion of expeditions,' but these orders ftift  do riot refer to the prepa^srtiimis'fbri; }:}  the expeditiprisfttovSian;;Fu^}};The}y}}y  Chinese}; oriiitli'e^9ugg^tiori}pf;}M.ft  Pichori^* have proposed to} thej}B|rit-};A[i  ish. arid ^American mims^raj^^rid}"}};  representatives to discuss^Tthe':;mis^ftft  sionary question .arid claims '7of 'Jia-; } ;;  tive converts^}' SirErriesfc Satow: is}::;ft  nbt;incliried'tb;actft',y:*y'T;;t 'x-x'7y" :y:A  7ft       Wreckage Comes Ashore.  St. Johns, Newfoundland, Febru-:  ary 26;���The fore part of a steamer's lifeboat, together with a blue  flag showing a white cross and* dia-;  mond center and the letters "J. T.  L. Co." attached, came ashore at  Placentia yesterday. ALpparently  the wreckage has not been long'in  the water, and the assumption is  that it came from one of the recent  wrecks. The flag described in the  foregoing dispatcli is apparently  that of J. T. Lunn & Co. of New-  castle-on-Tyne, ownei's of the British steamer Ivydene,  Peace Delegates Reported Shot.  London, February 26.���It" is re<  ported that general:'Louis Botha  is moving   on Emilolarid, Middle- _  burg, says a dispatch to the Daily'  Mail   from   Pietermaritzburg, and  that two peace delegates from Belfast, Messrs. Dekock   and   Meyer,  have been shot.  Notorious Filipino Killed.  Manila, February 26.���Captain  Lowe with }k detachment of the  25th regiment ��� has captured a  Ladrone the*mountains of  Nueva Ecija and killed the leader,  the notorious Angel Miraado, I-as-  i ijjs.;- *. s  m-A.  I'-fi ',��������� .T  is  I&l-.vr*  hr*ft  I ja ":������������:.  l-ft:  THE TRIBUNE:.NELSON"' B. Cx WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27> 1901    ,  ���Hygy^jatft- -  lift7:  IL  "i $8!  $ft"  'iC;T;T".;::.  US  siSiy  In every family is the very first and  most important consideration.   To  ::���.. ������������;���.,-B...vf;S:v;.*i. ���...������..'���i-'iv4i>:;;;rt.'-.-v;;. t-'.w-'-.UA'-v.-:.  establish and retain yit;; there can-;;  not be any thin g^.^more conducive  than appetizing;and easily digested  fobd;;ftTry y ainy}of   tlie following  :speciaities.;ft;;U:;j;;ft;:xy:>}yy:T'ft.v;ft  . 77kx  m  ipiSi^ftGlm-si^  !*teiifte��7p��ftft|^^  .smxx.  spil   yift  7���tA&,#i:A--.Z'7  ipis  Sfv  �����v ;��-'���>-riR*.  3SS  ���JKs.f.-r  P  te**ft  fey.ife  |^ermarii|Ru^ip;g}ftft  iMilim^difirauKlfti  'Tv'b#':;:��-��:w<J;,S^  Robinson's Patent Barley.  &t��n*&"?A'~��-.:'-A^ lliyl"*--;'-! \^r'xv.i^*!.V^5..>^^.*'ff-r::^*.:'fi  f^*Sft*K����u'^  SFf-S**^-^-^!^ ^^^i'ri^^>'.^^^^,^B^��� ^.^i^.'.-,^*.i-T.'r.-;J,T.:,*;,  S*$li&#  advance irilfire}irisur��  tlltSSIS!^**^^ Toronto;*  ���*%||||g|||I^  ^^|s!��ffviai^'7 K*^~"ft*-ri"���� <���'':-��� ������ ��������%��y_*T^xiij_A_  grates;  �����s  |*equi^  ; In the present controversy over,  the application on behalf of James  J. Hill for permission to biiildfta  -.;>-.- ������> sly-  railway from the Fernie coal fields  to the international; boundary, the  first duty of the people of southern  Bnjij^  whether their interests lie with the  CanadianJPacitic JRaihyay. Company  ; in its efforts to establish a ���;���;. provin-  cial base for the mirito  ing} industry of   the .proyirice, or  whether they can} safely, place tlie  well-being of theirchief,industry" at  j.thc^  arid- itsftailies, otihe ftUnited ;: States\  lead ft trust'}'arid- the} StaridardftOil  trrist.yr-It is not"a questibri^whetiier  irithe pasty; the ; Canadian .Pacific  ������.�����-���::*^.,���.^/���i.fis^i��fcJMl''*^1'������!ii��'>A���^.������-���������������^'^:'^:��i���..������'  ^���Rail*TOy,Cpmpanyyhas;^iuch^  7 tain: sections }offtthe pro virice,?ybut;  iwh^tlieprttheftw  tnqt; standi  ywaj^c-mj^j-^^^  iGan^ii^Jsmiei ter}j|pi n^^;aiWyin}thk  istimulatipn };J^hmhft suehft;a' ipplicy^}  iSTOuldyhayeiip^lbheiriiriiri  jtryitiftcreati^  ;gradb}pre;s}whic]^  "at'present bjving;: to: theirdistance;  f rbrri}smelteivppm^  fmaintains ^^ ihterestsftj of ���  ;Briti8h}Cpluiribia demarid}the refuft  ^'salyofyt^  ytvay Juntil ^nere* remains nd'elerrierit;  jjof.'doi^^^^  yFgrnio^ro^^  jiirai^mjt^^  r*Gaij^ian||:smeit*OT  ?<ii^dition^^  lwnijbpiwme;eripug^  fgi^ting?^:;$  ���^riri^ct��^:witKt  ^nited^St^^Sa^^  which may then. be. necessary for  !?S-;-*&'<-K:-'r.-'i"-V:^  |safegju^i^^  ^'{���es*fs.3|^Mn^Gtfn^  arevkept 'in .'constant fear of fuel  ��� ' *-     ���ij-'-r2-~rsiis^fft?^^ww^isiWM.^"r��'"'  -k*��� --~-~- ' -��� -forcedT A  ��� of j^}A; ,7: S. Goodeve ftypf }Ross-'  | laud, JV} J. yGampbell5}}of the]  HaU Mines smelter,1 arid iri fact'  every man prominently identified  with mining and smelting operations whose opinion has been publicly solicited. By common consent  they apjSear to have discarded a.11  preconceived7 notions of' trade and  commerce, and have united in their  efforts to resist what they regard ^as an invasion;:of the.rights'  of the province by Mr. Hill's allied  alien trusts!:    ft ft  Harry Bent'LiEY is not tlie first  ;mari,wjiq> hascome from/the. office  of the.Crpw,*s.:N;e9t J?ass Coaly Com-7'  pany;/artried;}witk7}fi  that^tlieycoai ^comijany has: met: all,  deniands made upon it by the Brit  iali Columbia smelters for fuel. This;  statement has been repeatedly made  , by.��the agents of^the^bal^om^any,';  'aridrepeatediy deniedbythe"7mian^  ::T(VTji7;.-f...:..fcT;.K i-Sf.-."&'.?;��>4^-i"'A*ijfil5if'>.-, "Kmi-ii?.  agers of the; smelters. ( The. opera-  T'--ii;l.-;*?.'--;.<i,:'.i-^.^T.^*i=iTi-. ������������'i_'.iyi*w>Jvyc'-'-.--'&8Z~\j-.i\*; *���',;.-  . tions of the Trail smelter have beeu;  ipffi$0&7 <^& ��� 3^* 0% - TS" 35 ^^��� 0*' 00 -^;"5 ���'^S>^ ^       ^ ^:^- ���?.^. ^-S?. -�������$*��� ^.ST- ^^. <25"-^. ^^>      L  ~ T.*     ���rmn rTTTTTTTrTTrTTTrrTTTTTTTTITTTTTVviTTTT]  ��. . .X ~    IV^ ��J  ���iBixxxtxxxzxxxxxxixxxncxxxzxxixuzxxxbaxzxa  /A\ J    Spikes and Ribbon Ends    jj  ���y    a New Lot of  Spikes'and" Ribboif Ends  }    Spikes from  ;5: Cents to 50'Cents  iimnpiimnuimu nr  & Co.  36'Baker Street  New Laces  and Embroidenes  New Allovor Laces  in White, Cre^m, Ecmo,  and Blacks  " - 45c to $5 per Yard ;-  rnTTTTTTTTIHt.T.tYTTTT'-rTTTTT  m  ."*���:�� t  .others'are.obliged}at.'an 'increased  cost to "secure, fuel at  points more  -remote; and-when%even-i the j. mines?  of the Nelsou district are unable to  rcarryiOn development, The.Tmbunb  -;j-;ST^.*fesv'-*'.'W^^v:>*K'Ja*'i-^^^<^^  T;<^tends|i^ ;ii^npt^i^^  ^Hel^mrterm^^'l  will'place "United States  sih'elters  yiaija^mpre^favOT^W|yi��p^ipny;:for;  secunrigJthOffli'uellwhichftlCariadiari"  f*,!i.*'5-.!W���.s;?rrr.v" :*^-i^-i- ���'-J-.jr*.t''A,^-~^*>.<**aH:J'?;''"''^:hr"-  smelters require.]'That this view  of:fv:ftTHBv;ft?:TRiBUNE'STS.:aisft-Sgerieivs;  ;ally^5I��? sb*are^|:;wyftSft the .-^ir*" ���'  :tot Vi rk v>V oVci'Ti'"^:';i iri mV+.i fi or! '^T-TV^y i th* '������^;'',���  : hairipered fora considerable" period7  owing to the inability; of tlie coal  jCompiuiyvtipyysupply vity;. withftfueL  ^ThpiGreeiiwopd }smrft^}^hicli} is;  TmaiiagedbyPaul Jbh^  ;fpriced xpjdraw i ts}f uel supply}fipm'  ;Jj*yMmdge��ancl}in}flw^caiS^oi^.t*&a;  iyN^^}smeiter; iriabili ty '0$. secure *  sriffici *mt}fiielvtos :}l^nftaftcpnstant  sp.urce3f}nnle^  7noyr7 beft added'-ltne Kwstiiribriyjbf  ^C^t^riVCiffbrd pfcvth^Sil^wftKnigi  yminei?that;fbr;^,s^  }un*^Mpt^tsecureyth^nec^  j^rijdythafche j^}ribwii^alte^a^iy^  .but to close the property dbwri^}. Iri'  T;thS'face;^f^tli^e|fabtsft^  Ijjmttftdifficuitr^tjff'^  action of the members of. the board  |pf^^e|ur^ymgje^^  ^��iin^tfan^||��p^t;fie^e^  vraade'by}JamesiJ.'flill to divert, the  AF*e1iSie?cbiriFfr^S>!^iia  swhile *;������'the ��T-people gofc^Nelson*^ are;  icallediKupont ^ tos icontemplatesithe;  shutting down of .the Silver Kiiig  ^ii^^b^iri g;}^^!^ iftthat/:  *'~. 4*\m'^v'��'��� I-* ^v���� ^��rfJ *^i*-^'.'J-J >\1/i/i*a ��"'^fcn ������..'. w-^v^ y *�� I* _f-_.'-At. ^��^x*m' -  SPRING AND SUMMER, 1901  The new Spring and Summer Goods are coming in every day.   We hardly know wKat to tell you about first  Wash Fabrics  A lovely display} of'this" season's choicest patterns* and weaves, novelties  controlled'exclusively by us. Dimities, Swisses, French Organdies, Mercerized, Foulards, and Many others.   Prices 25c to 60c per yard.  New Cotton Waists T  Superb creations*'in white and colored, correct styles of 1901. Those  making selections now have the advantage of sizes,arid exclusive hovel-  ties.    Prices $1 to $4 <   .    ' <��� >  New Cotton and Muslin  WASH DRESSES READY-TO-WEAR  They will be very popular-this season both for house and street wear  Comeing in v* hite, organdies, Percale, Grass Linen.   Prices $3.50 to $18  Kid'Gloves 60c. Wc have just 150 pair of odd sizes' in tans, modes,  and grey, to" make room for eastern gloves we have marked them just  50c   Regular price $1 to-$1.76  Hew Foulards, Sill^s ai^d Sateens, 50c to $1;25   New prints and Cinghams 10c to 30c  W  JfiXiatTTITTITTTITITTglXIII 1111 mini jms  liSllNew Tailbr-Made  ��AAA,   -Suits    '  n^sflf'f^f   in Pawn,!  ll?||i^ownland''(Jres's    <  IIf��gS;Prices $12 to $30  Irvine & Go*  TTT-tTrTTTTTTTTTTrTTTrTTTTTTTirTTIfTTTTT  ii 11��mxraixnrniTTirmmxrtnxraT  36 Bakei��,Stre'et  X��:ym.s.i>y1:.  Trunks and Valises  Just -Received a Carload of  Trunks and Valises  1 Which we' are Offering at  ��� Very Low Prices  Snn immnnmminniimngii mx��  .m.  '���MB^r-sxi'-tf--L��ff&~^.   x_  _______ ^-J___t ^2___m^l___.   ' ���_��� "___  _______  7___*  _:___.  _____$ _~J_. ^iL.   IL.' ~ --,        ^.w.-w.^Cw        %_^*3&  .:��� 1^^:f0f0_0ri.00 ..00*.'00 *00 . 00- *t^0 * 0     *00 * 0^.1000 *0^0*00 * 000**00-.-. 00-*. '-- *^2^ ��� ^jfc* .^W^ . ^^. ^^�� ^S^,j^^.* jfcr ^fc.- jS^* ^^ ��� ^S>. J^ -^J^V^^K ^^Sfe *^Sl-^��  T:.T-T.y'^^4%*'^kk-..^^^^ '^. * ^^. *^Mk * ^B^ *^^ * ^^ V #^fch * ^^ ****^kk ** ^B^ *^^^ * ^^ *^^^* ^^^ * ��� .^0 * 00* m\W0 ' _00* __W0 * ��0* ^0 * 00' kW0t - 00' _00 * 00' ^^0 * ^^0' ^00 ^00 *^00  XX$.i7px--'*'*i��^X3Xt��$.  '^?-7 iiHi.-^.T-  SSS21 to 331>Bakor Streel, Nelson  :whb.iJ':are";  development  ;ideritifled  t)f  men  yS$,  th*feyriatural}}re|S  |^^'5|S*i^*efbSS;thbsej;;of.**^heT^  m^y7iy^^.mfi^x7i-:,^ifX7:X-X^'X:Xrx'Xy%   '������-.ii^~:iX:7X:X-KSi,  M^S|.^eritirC"sectibri'should  ��Mmsm^'m^       either.retrace!  2* ii.  ���^ftgS-WavbCatirig bounties for home smelting?  ;��fe&K?l;;ftand,refining^and at the ������ same, time  mm  lift  fill  m,  prom-British Columbia smelters the  ;}}}; fuel .which * they;, require/.. ';;'.* :.:ft'';ft'*  :ftft'ftHaving failed to secureftany en-  ���-   ������.*'.'. ���:.������.,^ ���-. ������ ..-.'. ���'.,   ���.. ..... ��� ?��� ��� '; v. .    '  ���-���...T.,'?.-.;. r- . ������     ���',.,...  ft; I couragement f rpm pr^ier-Rbss; of  ft. Tprpjritb; ^e-,teriiperarice^organ  ;'-;:fttiori8 of,Ontario; have;.decided,,,to'..  Ax. Petition the government yto assume  v' ownership 7 pf;.'��� the breweries,' arid  t; distilleries as well as the wholesale  ftyharidliiig of tjieir output.        ^    ft  ���^ur^es^f^tlwS^b^  strated by interviews  which ha,ve  fSpEeared':^  ?I^stbri^of#Nelsbri?3Ms^i^  ?dp^fas|jamcm*asjanyjpt^M  y^al ? in^S^tlMrn^^'itishg^  ^tbiSseciire"^ cbmpetitibri^ IwitliS^fthe-  X'-'-'y.:XlX ���.^���.'���\-i������ �����*��� ��=i -���if:,.?;j.-'-'^*ivi��*->'i-i*>.*.v* "��� n*;* ���' f-��� '~t  ,Oa^dJari(Pacific rmlws^ft;Thatyhe;;  bft^TJ^aiiGr^  instructed to pursue a policy which.  fs|ilit|furt1^^  S su imly ^i ariol; whiel^irili^  closing down.of. the Nelson smelter  JasVwpill^fttlieftS  opposing  y The Toronto ..Telegram^ is opposed to any increase in the salary  ; of the preriiier or in the indemnity,  of; the, ineriibers pf tlie house of  .commons.. ,.;, The;: Teiegram; argues  that any increase...would:.but.,encourage extravagance and display,'  ���of which it says there is  too much  already. ;  r  X7xxx... ..v..yX\. ..............-,...;..-;.,. T,.yvr _..,,., ,   ���  ftftIt is riot su ggested > that James J;  Hill .is; going to be under contract  -,.���.������  ,,. tp;; deliver^ coal  to; the Cariadiari  I'SsS'^i^^smeltpM^  W7A  '_-&)r.-;--: :���-.  mAA  mWxAh  iiy^yxxx-'x  WSi  m?Ai  mm  tea  !*y8S;ft  31  mtyrXs}*:-  ?:v'W*.'-'-.  gA"'case,':the Canadian7 smelters^.jwpuld  ���;ftbe iri a sorry- plight if they did .not  v ::! receive abetter-^f uel .service than  {ft tbe mail service, which James J. Hill  ftft;suppliesthb; Canadian; government  ftftiiriderycbntractv-.^ ��A-  mam  fe^-f:*'-:  %h_y-x  m&y  mkm  fctiX-XXX: X  WA]  T*l  {;:;:Ipi*;iwifch his; present^rpun^abput  connection with'the ftFernie collieries, via Lethbridge, James J. Hill  y-ft can succeed,m_j?reating a coal fam-;  ine for the Canadian smelters, is it the  ; ft proper time ;to countenance a more  '   direct railway connection between  -.'���"-.",-.-���.*������"���������������������*,'���   ������->���������-. ���!-'���:>������-,i\fr- ,v <-!>���:���    T  .; the coal fields and the international  ':���'. boundary ?,*  Yet this is the effect of  the'[,action of the Nelson board of  :', Jrade, "������.*���  no^ft^o^lreriu  ffiill's^hiirance-infeEaftTrKc^teHaty?  ' :. y-^T'X ..   -J--*'   -tJv:    -:v.-  -^ .r-Vr'-^r-'f^^i'-'V--.;-; >,.'";A;;.*.'.:i.,'-;'  is^due^to theyfaicWJiathe^sees in* the  Hill riailway, riot a^cpmpetmg^line/  buVafeederrfbr tl^;yXJriit^'7:Si;a^sL  railway systeriis, which in. "spite of  the promises; of fair ? treatment'  could be used tdkill off the^Caria-  adiari;. smelting industry, ari&iithus  place the lead .'miners of  British  - (���'..?������..  "';c v';-T'T^.T..*y^Tir     ;;r-;vi.;-*'i,y^-5.  ^Columbia ^afc^theft, iriercy; Jof ftjthe:  United ;States   lead trust./y-Theri  there   is   Cfiris rFoley, /the : labor  leader, of Rossland.   He has stated  his agreement  with ithe; views of  �����   :;'?y-��-vt':>7WJ--'-r 'v^;x:��i*r;i<jfxxi. ���  Mr. .Houston: not. ibecause,.he. is  friendly  to. the   Canadian   Pacific  railway, but because. he;; sees in the  building of the Hill feeder a menace  to thesmelting aridLriinirigiri^uitry  of   British   Cbluriibia.    He knows  that the local, smelters have suffer-  ed frohva fuelfariurie^  ally., thinks^ that;^hc easier. :it is  made tb.;ship Fernie _ebal to;the  United ; States^   tlie   less liklihbpd  there is of it findirig its way to the  British   Goliimbiay^sriielters^ Then  there is G. O. Buchanan,_ of Kaslo,  who     for     many      years      has  been r; an   advanced*  advocate   ot  freedom of trade, and of freedom of  railway cbmpetitibri.   In the course  of his interview Mr. Bjichanan says ;  he is.convincedr that an insistence  upon suchi a.policy with respect to  .Hill'f. application    for   a ^railway  pl*arter in East Kootenay, will rob  British     Columbia   of    whatever  cliarice it. iriay   have   of  building  upon a permanent basis its,mining,  smelfcing.and. refining industry..^To^  these may be added  the   views  iiThisJis?a^^^  yfbrftf^^ncing^T.  ^^h^icalEfrieridsi^ft:;:��^  ^THE^ancpuwr^^  know why the people"of' Kootenay;  ,;whoprotest-fagainst JamesTJ.;Hul  ���..���.^-���.���.'^���..,l��.-:y,.ri.^y??y  carryihg^theiricoa^  IS tates^rdpft npt}!p^^  t^ir Ea^m^an^ari  J&reat 'No^fiern;^ailway^stem;? ���: Itr  Tisydifhculfrytp^seegust-w^  tion;ther*ejis;betwee^  ters, but frdiu' the proceedings bf  \~.#i--_i-s.   ���'A^-*f'V-:-(.:^'s��-*V^T^'':VVT'[^ .vr./.'-V--;^r/r-;;r*r,;:--.::.L^*S.-*".--.;.:;'-.^i*;v .  :*������ the local board;of7trade Jnibeting it.  ���:\v...-v.:r.^-_^-mi.Vi---n;>^:^i-y-^&Jv-^-_l.,^X  is; yeyidentyT'ythat;;/; Jam^^^J^^ Hillv  liasj redu^dtwthp:|ftp^^  'kickirigjippntthiir score's b^;deli yer-:;  ing Canadianftiriailfthi^ei^  once;iriJfburildays.;-t ��� ft; 7yyyyy.-jift  ; ���'- -���"*v.��u:t -X:t's-.i^zzk* ���X!v:-.2~'-?.^'**'^?A:-:X^7iXy\y  ;; Those people who mtagine^.that  bhe-half bf^the7 humari|y ills 5; cari; bp^  cured through legislatipri^^^  -'irig'''the:iiquorJtVaffic;im  pointed,to   learn tha.t Manitpba's^  cbiVrts have   de(3  tipnal the rrecerit"."p_rpW  enacted by the: MacdCriald^jadminis-  tratibnir ^In.^shprt? tlie y^iirfe Beld  that allisuchylegislatiprijshbuld prb-  : ceed from the federaland ; not tlie  provincial'parliamerit.vy��� ,/;7A   \ r  y T'hejgrariting^pf jt^ Hill railw^  charter .will ;:eriable;t^  smelter at Nprthppr"t;iri  States to secure the fuel whicliythe  Canadian sinelters- at Nelson and  Trail .requires, ahdT^ddly enough  the Atrierican;;*'smelte'rs;receiye;more  consideratibril; irpin_; the Nelson  board ftpfft trade than does ' the  smelter at Nelsbri, ythe. smelber; at  Trail or the smelters ft in the  Boundary.ftft;ftft.-...<v., ;y'-.l V    ft;  American Jarid European Plans.  CENtS  flelson Saw and Planing Wjills  ���;,   /_���_ ~~~'~' ": '   -������ Limited. > " . i - ,/���; . - ' *  :criAl?tES\filiLt^ER^^-.;.;*,     ... HARRY/HO>UStofjl,/lUiL  :Vf-   President arid .General Manager..^ -        Secretary-Treasurer  v -  ' ".;" 'All Communications to be Addressed" to either of the1 above .  . j i _....  MEALS  ROOMS LIGHTED BY ELECTRICITX  ���"vkND HEATED BY STEAM  yy::;**>T,&,;:;.::,*T:25:OBNTS TO 91  WW  ,W^^^*-v**" niWinn.arimi]*  BASERtSTREET. NELSON.  .fei'JK,""  liKteafb^Electricity arid Heat-  ^Tg:ft;^;gea.jwith:Hot Air.  -Large oomforUble-bedrooms arcd flrsb-olaas  dlnlug-room. Sample rooms toe oommetoul men.  I^ftftRATESi $2 PER DAY  f.iiiVy>T-.T^  firs.  ���tATK'OFTHKBOYAL HOTBti, OAMtABT?     '  We.%re ppepaped to, Furnish  by Ball, Barge or Teams,, ��� .  DIMENSION LUMBER   . _  ROUGH an&cDRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and, COAST CEILING  \     LGCAEjcm-COAS.T FLOORING\[ A . "'  ^ ,DOUBLE,DRESSED COAST,PEEAR    .  RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING  PINE and' CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW STILES  TURNED: WORK,. BAftD-SA WING  BRACKETS, .NEWEL POSTS  TURNED VERANDA POSTS     ,  STORE FRONTS  ... . ,   DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prloes .before  purchasing elsewhere. -   <���  . ,  >   OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING., MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  P. Bums & Go.  ri  Baker and Wakd  ' Stareeta, Nelson  j_=-iij��\i.'.y>.-U'..t'.;i-.f,��� .ii::v<tri^��?:'^   - i^.- ' r \} ._.*-�����*' %  X The onlj ;hobel In VNelBon that haa remained  under ono management slnoe 1890. . ;     ir  i The bed-rooms are well tarnished and lighted  byJelMtrlolty. *. u&m'- 7'&i v -  -. ^ -. .r~.'     -  Theb*arl8 always stocked by the beat dom �����  . Uo and Imported llanors and plgaxs, ���-,,���,.  ,  ; <  v       ; : THOMAS MADDEN. Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  ������.-*������'   '���-?.' .-���..������������.���jiSlii.S'i-'aSil    ��   J���> ���'*- .  ;/      J. H. MoMANUS, Manager  'Vi.Wf    ^^����w*r*   ���/��� -j   .. ���  i: Bar stocked with .beat grands of .Trinw, U^uora,  and CIgMf.; Beer.OT irang^fc-. Large oomfort-  aWn roqm'p.. Flra^'aM'tfthln hmC A.  R. REISTE1ER & CO.  BRffiWTlM' AND BOTTLMEH OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  ft    AND SORTER  Head Ofviok at  -    NELSON; B.'O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meate  WHOLESALE TRADE  ' JERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  f r[lHORPE*'& CO.'," LIMITED.���Corner Vernoa  -���i-.^and.,Cedar stroets. Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale doalers in' eerated waters and  fruit syrups.-- Sole, agenta for Halcyon Springs  mineral water." .Telephone C0.>t,jf_   _   .     *  ^ASSAYERS'^ SUPPLIES.  W'P. TKKTZEL.&CO.-Cornor"Baker and  ,  >i Josephine streets, Nelson, whnlPbaledoal  ers ln   absayera supplies. "Agents ��r Denre  Fire Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  ,  .      COMMISSION MERCHANTS. ,  H-J. KVANa^fc' CO.-Baker Btreeti'-Uelson  *. wholesale    dealers   in   liquors,    olgara ,  cement; fire .brick'and tire cl^y, water, plpe.aud  steel rolls,--tod,general oomnusslon merqhanta.  *��� ,iELE0TEI0AL   SUPPLtES.."'  KOOTENAY, ELECTRIC SUPPLY ~Sc CON-'  . ST RUCTION COMPANY-Wholesaledoal.,  ers In telephones, annunciators, bells, batterlos,  fixtures, etc., Houston block. Nelson.  j  FLOfrl AND FEED.  .  ���DRACKMAN-KERr MILLINO COMPANY  ^*t ���Coreals, Flour, Grain, Hay.- Straight or  mixed car3 shipped to' all Kootenay Points.  Grain elovators at all prinoipal points on Calgary-  Edmonton R. R. Mills at vlotoria. New West  minster, and Edmonton, Alberta. '--���   ,-\ ���  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS &' CO.���Baker \ street,"   Nelson,  wholesale "dealers in freehand oured meats.  Cold storage.   ,      , -. j  P.,  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD & CO.-Corner Front and  ���*-*������ Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  'obbora. in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maokinaws and miners' sundries. ,    *  OOTENAY SUPPLY   COMPANY.   L1MI-  TED���Vernon   street, Nolson,   wholosale  grooers. _,   .  TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front street, Nel-  J^-sonr-v*  -wholesale grocers.  Markets!at Nelson, Rowland, .Trajll, Kaslo, Ymir, SandonJ'Silvertdni' Ne-r  Denver, Revelstoke; Pergaion Granid Forks, * Greenwood, Cascade'Oity, Mid -  way,J'and Vancouver, - -';-..  s.   . 'Mail Orders Promptly .Forw^ded  -' ' "    '  ,.'       ' ''"   . ' , *  West Kootenay Butehei* Go.  .     . ALL'KINDS OF ..     -  FRESH AND SALTED: MEATS  WJTOLJ&AL&] AND RETAIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  J< Y. GRIFFIN 8c CO.���Front, street, Nelson.  .   wholesalo, dealers .in  provisions,   oured  meats, butter and eggs. *>  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYERS,& CO.���Corner Bakwsind Josephine  ���  streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers in?nard-  w��re ,and' mining supplies.  Powder Co.'  ^Agents for Giant  Baker Street, Nelson  ����� C. TRAVES, Manager  Prompt and re  * deliver* to'tJ  {ular  ib trads .  Unwary ��t Kalaon  A. Bt. BARROW, AJLLCTE.  XAND SURVEYOR  IpREMiisR Ross does'not-propose  to. take any chances upon prohibitory legislation. He; has promised  it not when the prbhibitibnisfcB are  ��� in' the majority, but^ ;when. they  reconcile tne minority to .the'en-  . forcement' qf such, a law. y^ The prohibitionists, therefore, have tljeir  work cut out.  -^V7^ '!"���:. ry.'p  Corner;T  P. O. Box (HS9.  Ccmiw Vlotoria: and Kootonay Btreote.   t  TBLKPHONK HO. 96  w' .   ohhtfrr ,��v Maw, itinowf^nn oat -awii amo.^rowpt1 tnrrFTfow   *?SfeSL,-ANP l^lVqilVBBRlNO  WORKS  cijNLiIFFJBi ��s MoMILJLAN  Founders and Maohlnlsts; Specialty of Ore bars, Ore-Bin Doors and General Mining Maohlnery*  List* of second-hand machinorj; on hand, which has been thoroughly oyerhauled and is as good  as new: ' i  1 2'-H. P. Locomotive-typo holler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on steam.  1 bl"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Camoron, New York.  1 Slnkinic Pump, 10"xS'icl3". outside packed plunger pattern. -  Watch this advertisement for further lists, or write us before you buy for complote list. We  may have jiiBt what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.  Stock carried.  P.  O.  Box 108.    i THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLAND,  LAWRKNCH . HARDWARE t COHrJPAIfY  Bjiker St.,. Nelson, wholesale   dealers In  hardware and; mln Ing supplies, and water and  plumbers'supplios, _  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  TURNER,-BEBTON &'CO.-Corner Vornon  a and-Josephine streets. Nelson,. wholesale  dealers (n liquors; olgars and dry goods. Agents  for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  J^Aim/TON. POWDER  COMPANY���Baker  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  log. stumping r--" *-*   " "*   ���  esale dealers li  blasting apparatus.  sporting, stumping and black blasting powdersi  wholosale dealers In caps and fuse, and elootrlo  HdmelGrow  .... .    -.-". ��  Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Rosos, Shrubs  . .Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Soods. t  ���Extra choico stock of Peach, Apr'cot, Plum,  Cherry- and Prune Trees. New importation of  fli'st-class Rhododendrons, Roses, Cllmatus, Bay  Trees,Hollies,etc.   yy:':  ; 80, choose from. .No agents or conunls- pay. No fumigation or inspection charges.  Greenhouse plants,-agricultural implotnum/3, fer-  , tilizors, beo supplies, .etc.-Largest and most  i complete stock in.tbe province. Send,for catalogue before placing your ordttrs.  Address  WJUt* Labor Only.  STRACHAN  '"plumbers.  PLUMBING       ���  All plumbing is not alike.    See our goods.  Same price as other dealers and  20 per cent Better. >  oppoeIith postoffiob. ' WBiis6y.]pi.'o,  SASH AND DOORS.  >JBIi80N SAW AND P1AN1NG MILLS,  ���*���' LIMITED-Corner Front and HaU streets,  Nelson, manufaoturers of aud wholesale dealors  In sash, and doors] all kinds of factory work mado  to order.  WINES AND CIGARS.  O' ALIFORNIA . WINE COMPANY, LIMITED���Cornor Frono and Hall streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers In wines (ease and bulk,  ���rid dmnantfn and bnnartaA ofoarR.  REItEY & BENDY  SUCCESSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  tfOitiW.*  "EXPERT HDRSfSHOEINC.  , Speolal attention given to -ill kinds of ropalrlng  and^iHBtbm-.wockta-om c.'-alde points.   "  bolts made to order on shuil notice.      '  Heavy  P. J. RUSSELL  Bayer and Biporter of  RAW   FURS  Highest Prices  -Prompt (Returns  Fair Assortment  Ship br Express,  NEIiSON, B. 0.  ANTI-CmNESE RESOLUTION. t  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  22nd. xatK). all members of Nelson Miners'Union  No. 96, W. F. M., are requested to use every  legitimate means    v  To Discourage the Employment or ,  Patronizing of Chinese  * directly or Indirectly. All union men and others  who believe in making this a white man's country, ate requested toco-oporate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution.   By order.  NELSON MINERS'   UNION.  Nolson, December 22nd.  The above resolution has been endorsed bv tho  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, and others in sympathy with it, are  requested to govern   themselves   accordingly.  By order.  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  Nelson, Decembor 22nd.  ARCHITECTS.  THWART Be CARRIE-Archltootrs.   Booms  ����� MflBAberdepn Modt. Bator rtw��.M1gon,  I  ..J'^wV-J.    ,  i-'-Uji^; TMrrrVk-r t  ^ ���*������!*���. ���>.���*. j��   ���;���'  ���i*rvrttii>-*.*.w    j��V. *-r       -^�� j- **-i*��i   ��� t-rzZAr-srxrz. -h *>\iT'  ^ d* "���->  -v.  ^ffi,TiaB��OT^}iPllfiSfi^-^. a.WEDHE^&iarr^EBBtJAfcY: AWl  ���>ragacaar ~ i~ ~-,����~^-  ^iUM^  BAMM MKMEAL  CAPITAL, all'pald np....$12,000,000.00  RHST    7,000.00000  UMDIVXDBD^FBOFITS       427.180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal.. President  Hon. George A. Drummoud .. Vico President  E.S. ClouHlon General Managor  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Bakor and JSootenay Stroets.  A. H. BIK5HANAN, Manager.  Branches lnvLoKDON (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all tho principal oltlos in Canada.  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  wrrii wnicii is amalgamated  THE BANK OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE! TORONTO.'  IMBAL BANE  OIF    O-A-ZCT-A-ID-A.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  S8 000,000  $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVEji $65,000,000.  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  - President.  Buy and sell Sterling  Transfers. ^ _.       .     ,  Grant  Commercial^ and  Travelers'  available in any part of tho world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  Exohange and Cable  Credits,  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OF INTEREST PAID.  TORONTO r STOCK EXCHANGE.  IUESDAY'3  QUOTATIONS.  " Asked."  8TO0K.  B  U. Gold Fields    V. ."  Black Tall     .    Bmndon & Golden Crown      Canadian Goldfields Syndicate   .  Cariboo (McKinney)          ���Cf(Mboo Hydraulic   '   Centre Btar    Crows Nest Pass Coal...:   California     -.     . '  Deer Trail  Consolidated  Evening Star. . .     .   .  Golden Star ....  '   Fairview Corporation   ..  Gitint    Granby   Smelter   <~  It on Mask      ...  Jim Blaine.   .   .    Knob Hill   , Montreal & London    .   .        ....  Morning  Glory  Morrison .   .  Mountain Lion  Noble Five    North Star        . ....  Old Ironsides     . ....  Ollvo      Payno ...  Rambler Cariboo Consolidated . .  Republic . .   .  Slocan Sovereign    Virtue .   .  War Eagle Consolidated   ...   .  Wnteiloo.  White Boar      .   . ....  Winnipeg    Sullivan  SALES.  inoo White Beat  500 Cariboo McKinney  5�� Deer Trail  -liflO Morrison  5000 Fail view  NHXTGolden Star  oOO Golden Star  2M0 Waterloo  . 600/WhIte Bear  -    600 Canadian Goldfields Syndicate  71  37  165  1 15  C8 00  oh  3  7  3iT  34  47  42  9  GO  0  40  4  SS  81  12  47  3IJ  47  01  30  53  32  'I  ,'Bld.  3~f>   21  9  4  ��i  30  152  98  02 00  II  6  3*  3  31  43  35  4  45  .11  (>  7  15  851  70  10  42  2J  43  4i  -s  ���a  .-   4  l-'i  3C|  2S  8  3  J  Robt. Kilgour,         Vice-President.  London Office, 60 Lombard Streot, H. O.  New York  Office, 16 - Exchange   Place.  '   and 03 Branches in Canada!and tho -'  United States. "*  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT: -;  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  three pei cent. % * ���>  GRANGE V. HOLT, j  Manager Nelson Branch.  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital Authorized  Rest  $2,600,000  $1,700,000  (Z3.g2.C=}.��?.c3.  ESTABLISHED IN NELSON IN 1890  , .X:-M  .' - *< -m  ' :^f  "<�������  .!  V.  H.  -D. R.  S. Howland, President.  Wilkik, General Manages.  E. Hay,*- Inspector.  Interest allowed on deposits in Savings Bank  Department. .  POKER JOHNSON'S TROUBLE.,  .. ���   .   _.  Pokor Johnson got a droopin' in a most peouliar  ���way, u    - i  Sot around tho jag omporiums half  a sleepln'  evoiy day;  Didn't have a durncd ambition nor a impulse  -���      'cept to snooze  An   occasionally   brighten   his   vitality with  boo/0  When wed ask about the trouble he would say  ha didn't know .   -  What the diokons was tho ailment a collapsln' of  him so.  An' hit! woman got onea��*y that he'd fly tho moi <  tai track��� . ,_  Got a askin' other women if she'd look all right  -   in black.  Dr Slaughtoi  diagnosed him, but ho couldn't  -quite decide..    * -    .        ��   s �����      *���_>  What disease hodort to oalljt, so ho sent to  Telluride - '-,<��.  Fur a medico  tOjhold   a consultation on the  case '  An' endeator to diskivor what**had knocked  Poke off his base., % '  In their skilled deliberations they agreed with  out a doubt  That his uniform appendix was a knockln' of  him out,  An' to place him in position fur to hold attach  on life. - r  They w ould have to go prospectin' for the trouble  with the knife.  Not'havin'anaesthetics, they just flllod him full  ii o' boo/o  Till hlii sensith eness vanished in a paralytic  snoo/e,  An' they both was somewhat startled whon they  laid his innards bare      '  Fui to find that the appendix they was huntin'  *�� an t there'  Then they thought it was his liver, an' thoy took  a peep at that,  But 'twas healthy, and his heart was not degen  eiaung fat;  An' they inonkej ed with his stomach an' Uio or  gans 'round about, ���  But they wouldn't And no ailmont that demanded  cuttin' out. e  When tho coroner came over fur to sit on what  _was left.  Of the mangled late lamented an' to sort o' feel  the heft ���,  Of the evidence submitted, he had deemed it  ���wise to bring ���, {  A medicinary expert to Investigate tho thing i  Aftor heariu   all   tho  symptoms an   alookin'  'round inside ,  Of tho physical construction of tho corpse, he  testified  That the trouble was spring fever, an' he'd lost  '    what life he bad  Through a brace of ancient butchers ohasin' up a  modern fad.  OVERRUN WITH  PRAIRIE DOGS.  Kansas, which is always discovering some new pest, has now officially;  resolved-to exterminate \Aie-. prairie  dogs.' Thei prairie dbg; i^mnst be  known, is a'pest not "equaled even  by the grasshopper, which for *a  number of-years'made" Kansas the  butt end of < the universe anfd the  land-plastered^witK mortgages. So,  when prosperity dawned upon the  state, the farmers decided that the  new pest of prairie dogs must go.  The agitation against the prairie-  dog was started about three, years  ago, and is, just now receiving  attention from the state legislature,  where a bill has been introduced to  spend $10,000 in poisoning every  littlQ dog on the plains.  Representative Olson* of Trego  county has introduced a bill in the  lower house of the Kansas legislature, and the same has been approved by the committee on appropriations, to appropriate the sum  of $10,000 to scatter the poison to  kill these pests. In every township  where' the prairie dog lives���and  that includes about fifty' counties  in western Kansas���special elections are to be held for the purpose  of choosing a commissioner for the  extermination of the pests. The  poison, which is bi-sulphide of carbon, is to be paid" for by the state,  and will be purchased by the state  secretary of agriculture, who will  send it to the commissioner. He  .virill saturate the bi-sulphido in. cotton and push it down the* holes  where these little animals make  their*" homes. "' The~;dirt is then  tramped down around them', and  this is said to be the last of them.  1 This experiment has been tried  by a number of farmeWin western  Kansas, and has proven-a great success!, It invariably kills-.the'dogs,  arid*'no other dogs ever burrow another hole where the" poison is once  placed. In Scott and11 Kearney,  counties there ai*e' dog towns at  present twenty' miles square. The  dog holes are not further ' than  twenty feet apart any place in "the  town. " Once' this tract of Jand-Tvas  a valuableifami,<but the dogs came  into it and killed off the crops every  year until the land was abandoned.  One sure" way to kill a prairie dog  is to pour water down his hole until  he conies to the; surface and' then  shoot the .little 7ariimal. - But this"  was an endless job and as- fast as  one dog*was killed two -were born  to take its place.  Then efforts were made to fill .up  the holes with dirt and- rocks^but  this was as, endless a job as the  other. Then the ^farmers hired the  little boys and girls to stay at home  and "watch .traps set above the holes1  tp catch the dogs when' they came  to Ithe"' surface: After a while the  little fellows got so smart that they  would only come to tlie surface in'  the night time, and then'they would  cut down the' corn and wheat crops  in a single -night. It is-estimated  that no less than $250,000 annually  is sacrificed to these pests, and that  2,000,000 "acres bf land' has-been  made worthless by the "prairie dogs;  By-their destruction, of crops they  have forced'more than one 'family  to'enter^the^pborhduse and made  the western part of the state barren and depoulated.  At night their  Nelson Branoh���Burns Block, 221 Baker Street  _N   .      ��� J. M. LAY. Manage  cigar is considerable; and to offset  this difficulty the end which' is in-'  serted in the mouth is filled with a  soft fiberf'of tobacco,'so that when  the'eigar is grasped firmly between  1 the teeth'so "great'* an' indention is  made'thatrf or tlie'remainder of the  six-days' smoke the' huge cigar fits  naturally to the mouth and can be'  held without any conscious effort.  Supposing that a woman begins  her   smoke Monday 'evening,   she  smokes for an hour Or two without  hardly    making   any  appreciable  decrease in sthe big cigar.   When  she has fini-shed her, smoke she carefully puts out the fire at the end  and in this way keeps it for the  next day.   The size of the cigar is a  grown   woman's   size,  while    the  younger girls,and' children smoke  smaller   sizes.   " Even   seven-year-  olds smoke a roll of < tobacco the  size of the' average cigar used in  this country. " If a . woman smokes  a cigar sixteen inches long what  would a grown man smoke ?   That  is a problem that would, naturally  have for an answer "a cigar twice  sixteen inches, or thirty-two inches."'  But such is not the case'in- Aparil,'  Luzon, from which surgeon Edmond-  "son writes:- 4Both in Luzon and in;  all the Philippines the men are'<7in-  veterate cigarette'smokers, and it  'is "only   the women   who   smoke  cigars. ,        ' ���."   '   "  GUARANTEED FOR THREE YEARS  AAmAi  " ;w:;'''*3r  ir* v-i  �����$-  73$  ��  Jacob Dover, The Jeweler, Nelson, B. Co  PRICE LIST OF ^WATCHES AND: MOVEMENTS  m  Vanguard Movement and Imperial 30-Year Filled Case.. $87 -  Crescent St., 21 Jewels, Imperial 30-Year Filled Case...   28  'P.'.S.- Bartlett'Movement,J7�� Jewel Nickle Case ..-.  Appleton Tracy Movement, 17-Jewel 8ilver Case  .m.  -mAm  ���mAM  $8.75  20.00  #1  y&_.m  a j. iTmi  '&tX  t,       We, handle all kinds of Watches and Jewelry,\and selhthem to ^compete with Eastern Prices.   -��A  Our Watchmaking and. Jewelry department'has np equal in-Kootenay.   Mailorders receive prbm|3t>nd;>carefur^attehtio)i';^ ,-.V. A^^i  AM%  ���*:  C. P. R. Watch Inspector.   Time received, every morning from Montreal .by" direct wire, v  .C3.C=3.C3'  ^���^  m  ,7Jii  ���^���^���^\^*<z2-ta=?rc=?t^>i(=??i^'<S>!<S>'  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENT8  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  in (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.  iOffice; on Baker Street, west, of Stanley Stroet  NKLSON.   .  _ The castle of KiDgsgoberg;j which  stands at'the southern" extremity  *of Jutland, took-* 204 years' from  the -laying - of the foundation  stone to theMgging of.1 his master's  banner on-its'highest flagstaff. Its  'foundation stone was -the skull of  its builder's bitterest "enemy. Three  months after * its laying "count'  Jhorsing, jthe builder of the castle,  shrill bark may be heard across the   was killed.   His son ,was then in  plains in a great chorus.-  A Long'Smoke.  Surgeon J. J. Edmondson of the  United States army has sent to. a  friend in Philadelphia an astonishing specimen of the kind of cigars  the, women of 'the Philippines  smoke. With the cigar comes a  description of the way the women-  in our new possession use tobacco,  which is-certainly peculiar. These*  cigars, which measure some sixteen  inches, are not intended for an  evening's pleasure or an after dinner smoke. Evidently in "the Philippines they prefer.smoking .on the  installment plan, for these huge  rolls of tobacco, which measure five  inches in_circumference,_constitute  one week's pleasure for the ladies  of Luzon. '-   s '" ���.  Of course, the weight of such a  swaddling clothes.    He did not con  tinue his father's work until aged  twenty-four.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will re  open January 15th. Terms moderate. For term I  and prospectus apply to   ,  HADAMOISELLE KERN. Principal.  TEACHER   WANTED.  KOOTENAY..;.  COFFEE CO.  ************************  Coffee Boasters  Dealers in Tea and Coffee  ************************  Wo are offering at lowost pi ices the beat  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan  TeaH.  Our Bos% Mocha and Java Coffeo, per  pound $ 40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds   ... 1 00  Choico Blend Coffoe, 4 pounds  1 00  Special Blend Coffeo, 6 pounds  1 00  llio Blend Coffeo, G pounds  1 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound 30  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  KOOTENAY COFFEE CO.  Telephone 177.  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.  Compound  Syrup...  OF WHITE PINE AND TAR  WILL CURE YOUR COLD.  ({omeniber tho new stand  at Corner of Ward  and Baker Streets.  COMBS AND SEE  US.  Canada Drug & Book Co.  Iilmlt6d:  ��� Teacher wanted for Velvet Mine school, near  Rossland. Salary $50. Address applications >b^>  H. H. Biowne, Velvet Mine, Rossland, Secretary  of Board.  MRS. CARR  -L,ATE_OP VANCOUVER '  LADIES' TAILOR  Parlors formerly occupied by Miss MacMlllan,  Victoria Block.  The patronage of Nelson ladies solicited.  Dp. Hawkey  Has Removed to the  TURNER-BOECKH BLOCK  Corner of Ward and Baker Streeta.  THE GREAT  INVALUABLE TO  LABOR  BUSINESS  MEN  SAVING  AND  INVENTION  PKOVESBIONAL  The Can-Dex Copying Book and Inlf,  Letters and othor documents can bo copied perfectly and. quickly without the use of water,  press, brush or moisture pad.  '  JOHN BLANKY, Agent, Nelson, B. C.  EOOTENAY LAKE,OENERAL HOS-  PITAL   SOCIETY.  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING.  In accordance with the bylaws of the Society,  tho annual general meeting will be hold in tho  Board of Tjradc room on Tuesday, March 12th, at  J o'clock p m.  All annual subscribers of the sum of $10 are  members of the Society and oligiblo to take part  in tbe election of directors for the ensuing year.  NOTICE OF CHANGE OF TITLE.  Notice is hereby given that at the annual meet  ing of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital  Society a resolution will be moved asking the  htjutenant governor-in- council to grant a^change  of title from ' The Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society" to "The Nelson General Hospital  Socio ty."  F. W. SWANNELL. Secretary.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B, C, November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :  Notice is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  Intend to olaim the interests in the following  named mineral claims formerly hold by F.B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of the expenses of the annual assessment  work.  To wit:  A one halt (1) Interest in tho "Bunker Hill'  mlneralclaim.    A one half (1) interestin tho "Sullivan"mineral  claim.  A ono half (1) Intorest in tho "Fidelity" minora,  claim.  All tho adjoining claims, itnated on the west  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, In tho  Nolson Mining Division,  This action Is taken under Section 11 of Chapter 4��. of the statutes of 1899 and amendments of  1900. WILLIAM B. TOWNSEND/  A��ent for William Griffiths.  a D.J.Christie  ,\     ���:. General Broker .Ay  '   '"'   FIRE,  LIFEtAND  ACCIDENT^INSURANCE    *  Money to loan at 8% or on tho installment plan."  "<���  ����� A ������ ��� ^J?kv'-Bale    '' -'     *   C  Tho Haywood place/-Puce'and terms on application. *"**��� ���\*/*r      " "j  3 fifty foot lots on Robsoh street    ..'.  $800 00  2twenty-flvefootlots.'vObaervatorySt....-000 00  A 25-foot lot opposite the tPhair Hotel, a  bargain .'  050 00  Several other good buys are on my list. -  *y     *y 'Forwent.     :' >"      '     "  "7 Room House,-Carbonate Street.:.- $30.00  6 Room House, Mdl Street  25.00  A Ground-Floor Office  Ti  25.00  1 Room Cottage J.'. ':'.'.        ... 12 50  The Hay ward place.   Cabins for rent.  '    8ee my list of Real Estate.  K FULL LINE OF  ' Front Doors  Inside Dpors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish.  local and ooast.'.  . Flooring  *  '      , local and ooast).  Newel, Posts  -  Stair Rail  Mouldings  Shingles  Bough and  ��� -Dressed-Luniber���-  of all kinds.  �� WHAT TOU WANT IB NOT UT STOCK  Wl WILL HAKX IT WOB TOU  CALL AND GST PRICKS.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE BTBMTB, NBIflOH  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  HKNDRYX AND VERNON STREETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StocK-  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Saah and Doors.  Special order work'will receive  prompt attention.      -   -  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, G. E.  MINING  ENGINEER  OFFICK-8. 9, 10,  K.-W.C. Blook  NELSON  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking and PipM.  ****************��* - * -      t *.   r     -.  The census of Canada will-, be .taken in April, and the pop-/  illation of the severaU'incorporated- cities will be.known a short ft,  time afterwards.   The Tribune .publishes Daily and Weekly^  editions at the following rates of subscription by-mail: Weekly,  , one year $2; Daily, six-months} $2.50; one year, $5/, The Daily'**  ,-is delivered in Nelson Jjy carrier- at the following rrates:.-Three  �� months, $2.50; six: inonths,���$5j one; year, $10. -A'large'-nuinber l^  .of subscribers are in arrears, and'a large number of subscriptions  are about to expire, besides a large number of people in Kootenay '  and Yale are about to renew^subscriptions for newspapers'for tlie ^ I  year. ' In order to makeitan, object' for all^these'people'tb pat-  *.|  v-ronizeTHE TRiBUNE,,the following sums are.offered as, prizes,' on _ I  . the following conditions: ���  .Canada -. .*. $100   Nelson .' ?:.*.      ..?,.. S 60,  -British.Columbia .......   -25  1 Northwest Territories <'._- 25 ^  -Manitoba .". /..._.-. j :... \. :>25,  Ontario ���v���',.... ft:1. .....* * 25  'QuebecT '".'..'.' v..   25,  New Brunswick  '25  Nova Scotia': <...'��.' >..  '-25  -The subscriber remitting  / ,  26 ft  -26^  26^  , 26#  -26 :  Rossland  Sandon.-i '...' ;  .Revelstoke..'. \v.. \.. .j...  -Grand Forks- '. r.A.K  Phoenix":  .,26 ft  Greenwood .."..., ..:.* 26.__  $2 inpayment of either arrears J  or advance subscriptions to THE'TRiBUNE'will be entitled to give  an estimate on the population of any two places in the list named  above; $2.50, "to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates; $10, to  -  ten estimates.   Fill out blank below, in accordance with above  terms, and remit amount of subscription to  .  The Tribune Association, Limited  ,      ' NELSON, B. C.  MORRISON & CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  OUR  LEADERS-  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all Hi/edi packages and 1-ponnd bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Morrison & Caldwell Baker Street, Nelson  ^2^^^-Aw  ��� -.- *?_ "*i*a��,-  ���ry   *.--.'---#K��l  *'*}'-  TRADES  UNIONS.;  UNIONjNO. 98, W. F.'.tf i ,>t'^M  ���M-ELSON MINERS     _.  'I*   M.���Meete ln'miners'  Saturdar evenlni  bers welcome.   .Wilkes. '7 Seoretary.  for-Nelson ^Dibi   men, $3.50: hammersmen  nnlon,rooms, north<  kystreetB, everj  tViaitlne mem .,-,*���  '   "   -   Jama"ts.?s$  "eMt'oqrner Vlotoria and kootenv gtreeS, everj ^--���'^^k  PMBl/iT^j. *^^X  log at 8 o'clock. ,  M. R. Mowatt, President.  indi  oarmen, shovolera and other underground labor-lA��-"ft  ers, ^3.00. -. ���" , r-   .. ^ XC       +%._, ^ r~>-,/*��-.*j?;' t*t-^  "c^*^  C. P. B.' building,  corner Baker and  streets, on the flrst .and .third Thursday of each; "^^sm  month, at 8 p, 'm.- C.^J; Clayton.   Presidents   �����&*���  XUUUbU,    OI    O   II,     Ul.     KJ  A.JV. Curie, Secretary.  ,v,V*��?"�� **<  :   *^**   *<}.  'AIAm  THE regnlar meeting  are held o   A      L,:^#l  of theCarpej^tor8'^UnlonfjftJ^��sl  Wt  ock^in     and"] ,   iOlayton.v Presidont.'; John McLood, Seoretary,  lesday evening oft.each"fS��V-"4gj  _- ?i;J&  at 7 o'clock, In the Mln era! Union hall'oor-ft^^MI  nor "Vlotoria  and "Kootenay streets.? Charles  -teste  BARBERS' UNION.-Nelson Unlon^No. 198,' of ^-^^f I  the International Journeymen-Earbor s Uii-..4=VW^fSl  Ion of America, meets every f  i aridtiid Mon-**^;^^  taUi  irdin  son. secrotary-trcasurer: J. C. Gardner, recoi  secretary.' ,J-g^^~. r~ ^    s   i^" jr<,j  ABORERS', UNION.-Nelson Laborers'-Pro ^ *-  - teotlve Union, No. 8121.-A.- F. of L.r, meete ln >^?r~^~,  :Miners'-.Union-hail, C. P. Itiblock,'corner1 of/;>ft'*��^2  sharp.'  , President; JW111 J. Hatch. Secret^.  OOOKS''AND WAITERS' UNION -  ineetingf)   every Tuesday'��� evening at  o'clock, in Miuern' union Hall,  '-> tAAM  ���Regular   ������* _.   'f\  _ at  8-30      /.^-l  iueru' Union Hall, corner of Baker *' "Y-Srcl  and Stanley streets., Vistlng brethren cordially,' "--^Ifl  invUod.   Chris. Lnft, president; H.** Smolser, flu-      - r.t.u  ancial and recording secretary..  /    - _^~  -Am  PLA8TERERS' UNION-TheO."1 P. I. A. No.>  ,- 172. meets every.Monday evening ln the,  Elliot block, oorner Baker andStanley streeta, at  8 o'clock.   J.   P. Mover;  ortsldent; William  Vico, secretary, P. O. Box 01C.        s;  fa  FRATERNAL  SOCIETIES.   ���., Lr.tcA.VL  Meeta aooond Wedneeday In eMk month.'  Sojourning brethren, toA\irt?*Z*-',y  m  . comer Bakerand Kootenay stweta,' every  sday evening at 8 o'clock. VlsiUng Knight*  tally invited to attend. * H. IL Vincent C. C~  Tuesda;  oorfl     .        A. T. Park, K. of R. & 8.  K;OOTKNAY   TENT NO. 7,  K. O, T. M.���  -   Hold tholr regular meetings on tho Aral and      VisiUng Sir  Knights are-coidially-invited-toattend.^Q. A.  third Thursdays of each month,  iidially-invited  A.W. l'unlj-, Com.; R. J. Steel.  Brown, R. IC  D. S. C. *<  Friday . ,  brethern oordlally Invited.   W> W. Bradley, W  meets ln J. O. O. F.  Kootenay streeta,  each month. ��� .Visiting  NELSON L. O. lu. No. 1693  t  HaU, oorner Baker am  1st) and'Srd Friday of  brethern oordl   M, A. Minty. Recording-Secretary, ^^  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Gko. H. Lammbrs, J. R. Cbanbton. or to  any person or persons to whom ho may hare '  transferred his interest In the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division.  You are hereby notified that I have expended  Ono Hundred Dollars iu labor and improvements  upon the above mentioned mineral claim, in  order to hold said mineral 'claim under the  provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within  ninety days from the date of this hoUce you full  or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expenditure together with all costs of advertising, your interest In sold olaim will become the  property of the subscriber, under section four of  an Act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Act, 1900." SILAS H. CROSS.  Datod this 12th day of December, 1900.   NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Stevenson, or to any porson or persons lowborn he may havo transferred his  Interest in tho Lila mineral claim, at Morn  ing Mountain. Nelson Mining Division:  You are heroby notified that I have expended  the sum of Ono Hundred and Fift> Seven Dollars  in  labor and improvements   upon   tlio ibove  mentioned mineral olaim, in order to hold said  minoral claim under tho   provisions   of   tho  Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from the  date of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute  jour proportion of such expenditure, together,  with all costs of advertising, your interest in paid  claim will become tho property of tho subscriber,  under section four of an Act entitled "An Act to  Amend tho Minoral Act, 1900/' ������OD  DANIEL  HERB.  Dated this 12th dny of February, 1U01.  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice is horoby given that I Intend to apply at  the next sitting of the Board of License Commissioners of tho City of Nolson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for the promises situato on thejouth end of Lot 1,'Block 0, in  tlio City of Nelson.and kn*6wn ns theMnnhattan  saloon, to Charles H. Inkand SligelBoyd.  CHARLES "A: WATERMAN.  Datod at Nolson, B.C., this 15th day of February 1901. *~  Witness: Arthur K. Vaughn.   MUSIC.  Mrs. D. B. Murray, graduate .In vocal and Instrumental musio. is now prepared to receive  pupils for instruction ln voice oulturo, Italian  method, also piano and organ.   "  For terms and further particulars, apply room  5. A. Macdonald building, oorner Jodfejphlhe awl  Veratafitraat), I 2tfi£SSSt*flft««rj5*c«*«
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Mansfield Manufacturing Co.
Builders and
i& **>'  "
My  a
'si \   "
ir --.   -
4k      '_
Ma   ~
si **
Having1 taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &
Lime Company,' Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask-for a continuance
of the patronage which you have heretofore extended, them. My
aim will be at all times to supply you with our products at lowest
possible prices. Being in a position to manufacture goods in larger
quantities than before.^we shall be able to supply the_ trade at a
lower figure. _
' It Is our Intention to Install machinery to manufacture our
marble products, and next season .we shall be ln a position to supply
these products at reasonable rates. -     -    - V ; *
,ft.        ■ *    ^ .
We shall also Keep on hand a stock of Fire Brick, Fire Clay,
Tiles and Cement. -   •       - ~    -
i-,"   - »       * - >. <*
- Our. Bricks and Lime Bock have taken the First Prizes at the'
Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and^aJso this yearft We also
seeiired prizes last year and this year for Ornamental and* Building
Stone, v. _   A A \— "~~ „       ft—
"* We are prepared to offer, special rates - tp Contractors and *
Builders.    „■-   a\    j_ -    _^-,    .      ^-A,_-A-A ■- A_.'--
Si-   AA-^    • *  V        ERNEST MANSFIELDy
:  _,._ .7 y -j. -_ 'for The Mansfield'.Manufacturing Company. ,
* '"ft'     "-        A- "'-       A~ " Successors to,        •      i  <■
i     - 7~j-'"     The-West Kootenay Brick * Lime Co., Ltd
The New
" For women are too well-known to
need* much--comment. "They are,
without doubt, the best of all
$3.50, S4, and^ $4*50 Shoes.
" We refer, our
tion their   quality
have worn them;
who ques-
friends who
Baker  Street,  Nelson
The Nelson Clothing House
Great Slaughter Sale
In order to make room for Spring Gocds, I have decided to sell for the noxt lhirty days all
goods in stock at greatly reduced pi ices. All hi at y goodn away down, cost not considered, and in
Clothing. Gents' FurnwhingH, Hats and Caps, an 1 Hoots and Shoes I will give from 10 to 25 nor cent
discount and all Rubber Goods at cost. Now Is the chance to partako of the best bargains ever
'offered in the Kootenays. My stock Is all now aid up-to-date and tho Hale is genuine, so now avail
voursolfnf tho best opportunity to got good gooGB at loss than wholesale prices, Remember this Is
for only 30 days. mmm^^«„«■■«_.   *
J. A.  GILKER,  Proprietor.
from 75c to $3.50.
For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in
Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
of Landscapes and other scenes, Free with every purchase
of two packages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty.
The meeting of the Nelson charity-
organization to have been held at
the city hall last evening did not
materialize owing to the lack of a
quorum. There will not be another
meeting until next month.
Chief of police Bullock-Webster,
who has been at Peterboro for the
past week where he was engaged in
obtaining evidence in connection
with the murder that took place
there some time ago returned to
the city la9t evening.
Frank Boileau, who .was charged
with stealing a dresser, came before
magistrate Crease yesterday morning, but was again remanded until
today as he wished to procure
witnesses. The case will be dealt
with this morning in any event.
A business meeting of the Nelson
rifle company will be. held at the
armory at '8 o'clock this evening.
Although there is important business to consider, the meeting will
last only a few minutes, and a full
attendance * of the members is re-,
- Tonight the Young- Men's Social
Club, assisted by the Ladies' Aid of
Emmanuel church, will give a free
social. The early portion of the
evening will be devoted to game?,
and from 0 o'clock a short but
choice program will be rendered,
after which refreshments" will be
served in the club rooms. No admission fee is being charged, and
the young men extend a cordial
invitation to all, whether members'
of the' club or- not. " '
Yesterday's Legal Transactions. ^
~ The case of Marino vs. .Alexander
et al., which has been under way at
the'supreme court for the past four
days, is' now drawing" to a dose,
and* will' probably be ' concluded
today>- During the greater part of
!-yesterday' defendant Sproat'was in
theiwitness]box'undergoing cross-"
examination/but-nothing new was
ascertained.^ A good portion of the
time'was occupied'by the'solicitors''
arguments. x,TIie other 'defendants'
who_were* examined were Messrs.
Mclnnes/Austin, and ' Wilson.' Mr.
Mclnnes' VJ evidence " corroborated
what had been told by Mr/Sproat.
inasmuch as that the plaintiff wa?
to'receive his wages by the sale of
ore that was taken, from themine.
George Wilson,-who„twas'J"employed
at the''mine, stated that he had
been engaged by > plaintiff Marino,
and not-by the defendants.   The
point the defendants wish-- to show
is   that1 Marino did mrtfloan the
company any money, and therefore
he should not be paid any. * Two
additional witnesses will be examined this morning. ", -*
iSSi   **»
Moutton Block.
Telephone 161.
P. O. Box 178.
In Chambers/   j   _
The session of chambers^ yesterday morning was a busy one.   Tho,
case   of   winding   up the" Florida
Mining Company of Kaslo was discussed at considerable length and
was finally declared in favor of the
plaintiff.     H.  S.  Lindsay, who if.
the plaintiff, says thatsome of the
members 'issued to themselves stock
"tcTthe amounfof-80,000 shares~~and*
this money he declares is  due the
company.  -The counsel for the defendants, argued that a non-per,
sonal liability company such as this
one is could not be wound up under
the  provincial '.act   and that the
evidence which was given by Lindsay was   only   from hearsay and
could not be used in the* case.   The
case has already been appealed.
Fire Department Reorganized.
The Nelson fire-brigade was reorganized yesterday, when Thomas
W., Lillie, of Vancouver, waf«
installed as chief. Lillie's election
did not please a number of the old
members, and consequently they
vacated the premises. At the present time the brigade is composed of:
Thomas W. Lillie, chief;" James J.
Chambers, captain; J. B. Campbell,
lieutenant; and Joseph Thompson,
Kerby Douglass, Thomas L. Lillie,
Harry Houston, Harry Stutter, J.
MeLeod, "C. Londin, James Foote,
and William Boyd, driver. ,
Crow's Nest Pass Tunnel.
Olop'Olson, of Cascade City, who
has the contract to run the tunnel
on the Crow's Nest Pass in order to
do away with the Loop, was in the
city yesterday- hiring men. He
secured twenty aud all will leave
for the pass this morning. He
brought about 50 men from the
Boundary country, who left Nelson
yesterday morning. He expects to
increase the force to 100 or more.
Work is to begin at once. At what
point the tunnel will be started is
not known, but when completed it
is thought that it will be from 1000-
to 1200 feet in length. When the
new track is in use the time saved
on the route will be about onejhour..
It is expected that it will be completed during the coming fall.
Twenty-five Accepted Yesterday. -
Dr. Kennedy and lieutenant
George S. Beer were busy all day
yesterday at the armory in recruiting the Nelson men for Baden-
Powell's ., constabulary in South
Africa. The medical examination,
this being the preliminary step, was
as far as the recruiting, was advanced. Out of 31 men who were
examined 25 passed successfully.
Those who have been accepted thus
far have taken nearly the highest
marks possible. Mr. Beer said that
the men were the best physically
that had ever been examined in the
Kootenays. Out of the fifteen
applicants who were examined in
the morning eight took the highest
possible marks and none' were rejected. There are about ^twelve
more to take the examination this
vmorning.-i  ~*«    ->
~ A number of married men made
application'; but they had to be rejected, as the" department had or-t
dered that only single men should
be taken., ~ The examination in
shooting and riding will be held at
the recreation grounds, commencing
at 9 o'clock-this morning. Two
good horses have been secured" by
Mr. Beer, and it is thought that all
will be able to pass that part of the'
examination. -     ■>_"--
' Tomorrow evening all will assemble at the;armory, and from there
will be escorted to the boat by the
R/MVR. band.* The Rossland boys
jwill also.; arrive in Nelson at .10
o'clock', this ^evening) and will at
once go on^board the steamer. _v '%_.
-t-   Volunteers'"Send ^Off.
^x — - *■ •- j
The fare well'smoker tendered the
volunteers', for.' service in /South
Africa by^ the trades unions at the-
operar- house; last evening' was a
success. - It was* so well attended
that alLth*e= standing "room in "* the
parquetrwasjtaken. The proceeds,
which amounted-to over $150; will,
afteV/the7„expenses are- paid,* be
divided ;ambng' the boys "J;hat go*
from Nelson: 7-rA long5prpgram^of
nearlyC twenty-five/- pieces C was
rendere&^JBefofe the meeting ;,wab
called to border by C.;J. Clayton,
presidentpf-the Trades 'and11 Labor
"Council," who/presided, _the R. M. JR..
band played'two excellent selections-
in front of' therffouilding.^ The two
sparring exhibitions were probably
the principal feature of the evening.'
They "were"" contributed by -Dick'
Slugg and G.*McNeiII, and- G. Partridge and J: Ji'< Chambers.*-. At the
close of the'program -three ringing
cheers were given for the boys. > -
'White Death^pf the Rockies.
BL   IB^IEIRS   <fc   OO.
Sole Ageqts for t\\e Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters
TELEPHONE g; store. Corner Baker and Josephine Sheet
enacing such a practice shall be
-summarily expelled from the
academy and shall not thereafter
be reappointed to the corps of
cadets or be eligible • for appoint-,
ment as a commanding officer in'
the army, navy or marine corps
until two years after the graduation
of the * class of which he was a'
member." .     '- >
"Various""beautiful colors are of
animal origin—for example Indian
yellow, which is ' derived from the
camel. Sepia is the inky secretion
of the cuttle-fish, carmine is derived
from the cochineal insect, Prussian"
blue is obtained from horse's hoofs,
and ivory black is made by burning
ivory chips.
'West Virginia, in allusion to its
mountainous territory, has been
denominated "The Switzerland of
America." --*- "
One of the"most'curious of tho
natural phenomena peculiar to tho
Rocky mountains is the'mysterious,
storm known to the Indians as "the
white death." J'"'Notinany years ago
a party of three -women _and' two
men were 'crossing; ~a part\ of
Colorado in 'a^wagon, during -tho
month of February.. It was a delightful morning, very frosty, but
with brilliant .sunshine, and the
atmosphere as \ "clear as crystal
Suddenly one of-the.women put
-her_hand to her,face and^said^thatl
she had been stung; then other
members of the party did the same
thing, but no insect could probably
live in that temperature. lA moment;
later they noticed^that the distant
mountains - were 'disappearing behind a cloud, of mist, a most unusual thing for that time - of the
year. They drove on and in a few
minutes a gentle a wind began to
blow and the air became filled with'
fine particles of something that
scintillated like 'diamond dust in'
the sunshine.  .   , .<
Still they^drove on until they
came to a cabin, where a man signaled them to stop., With his head
all muffled up he, rushed out and
handed the driver a piece of paper
on which was written: "Come intc
the house quickly or the storm will
kill aii of-you. t Don't talk outside
here." No time was lost in getting
inside and putting the horses under
cover, but in less than an hour the
whole party was seized with violent coughs and fever, and before
next morning one of the women
had died with all the symptoms of
pneumonia. The others managed
to pull through after long illnesses,
Scientists call this phenomenon
frozen fog, but whence it comes has
not at present been traced.
Punishment,for Hazing.
Washington* February 20.—The
,coDfeieesof the'senate and house
have reached an agreement on  the
hazing amendment to the military
academy appropriation  bill.     The
provision   as   agreed   upon   is   as"
follows:     "The superintendent of
the military academy shall make
such rules, to be approved by the
secretary of war, as will effectually
-prevent the practice of hazing and
any cadet found guilty of particir
piting in or encouraging or count-
W. P." Beadles,1 a prominent merchant of Erie, ia in the olty today.* -
G.B.-Dean of. Sandon and yf7 A:
Davies of Kaslo are registered at the Queen's.
T. C. Thompson of Fernie and A.
Seiffert of Detroit are registered at the Phair. H
' H._Giegerick"of Kaslo and H. W.
Robsnn of Spokane are registered at the Hume.
• ,W. H. ^Do'wsing^of. Spokane'arrived in Nelson last evening.  He is stopping at*
the Hume.   «... '    '     -   0-">v'     <<*"■-.■'
*, D. -O'Conneinof/Moyie - and A.
Clerk of Dawson City are registered at tho Madden house.    - ^ ,^-   r-, y^f _P":i- »      *^
J. B. McArthur "of; Rossland.;was
In the city* yesterday op business. - He is'regis"
' tered at the Phair. ^n_   -.,*   ■    Vr ' _.* "*
*<r Mrs. B. C.Riblet has left for-New
-York, where she trill "join Mr.-Riblet They
.leave for South America on March 15th.* -~
,73. M. Harris ,*of Sandon,.manager
'of the Reco Mining Company, arrived in Nelson
yesterday, He is down on supreme court natters. J *' -* ,      * '„-■'-   '-■     _
•\" V. r Hyde   Baker   of,, Cranbrook,
whole interested in the'Blairmnre coal'fields
with Messrs. Procter and Fishburn, Is in tbo city,
for a few days. ^ ; -7Al'*i   ~ ' ~* - ?/    '_.
/Cellar to Rent-^Apply_The Royal
Bank'of Canada.r   „:..(   '" --   _     '* . •  *.v_
J To let—^irnisti^rboms in Car-*
ney block.  Apply Miss Garrett.*    ..
Go to the Old Curiosity Shop if
you want to buy or sell anything.   —.-        ,    ..
*   Cash paid for 0scrap -iron, brass
and copper.  Nelson Iron Works.  * ■  -
- -.'Hack calls left ^at\the 'Pacific
Transfer barn on Vernon streek" Telephone
8all35. - ,._?-,
Wanted.'—A good > smart,' sober
man to act as porter and y«rd mm at the Hotel
Phair. _ , >•
** _     . _.
For Rent.—Two fine offices" centrally located. Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank
of Montreal.      .   r -.-*"'
~*jTwo large, well-furnished rooms
to let.-- 1 and 5 Macdonald block, corner Josephine and Vernon. , '
—Lost-^A-red poeketbook- containing money; 910 reward for its return to adjutant
.JHcQill, Salvation Army.
Nelson    Employment     Agency,
Baker street, J. H. Love. '"Wanted—Cook, dUh-
washer, woman-cook, tie makers, axe men.  -    '
Japan'Tea ^of .all kinds' to suit
your taste. Bun Cured, Spider Leg, Pan Fired
In bulk or packages.   Kootenay Coffee Co.
Wanted—A few; first-class stonemasons and stonecutters on the Robson bridge.
Union wages paid. Apply at the work. John
Gunn.* - i " ,    "
Found.—A pocket-book containing a auiall suui of money. Owner can havo
same by proving property and paylug for tblb
advertisement.    '_.
For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, &c,
cigars and tobaccos of the best brands, call at the
Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A.
L. Kllnkwitz.
"Furnished Room to Let—Large
front room to let; centrally located. Apply to M.
M. Fraser, East Victoria stroet, near corner of
Hendryx. '
■„ That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we
ore selling at thirty cents per pound Is giving
the best of satisfaction to out many customers.
J&ooLenay Coffee "Co.  .
For rent—On March 1st, house on
corner of Front and Park streets. Five rooms,
bath room. eto. .Bent, including water, $25. Apply to E Kilby, next doorr to McBrlde's stables.
Western Canadian Employment
Office—Male and'feinale help of all kinds furnished free of charge. Vlotoria btreet, nekt door
to Public Library.   Phono 270.   P.O. Box711. y
We   have   Indian,   Ceylon    arid
China Teas in great variety, choicest quality.
Wo make a specialty of blending teas and sell
thera in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay
Coffee Co. •
Farm to rent cheap—with about
300 fruit, tree", one-half acre of strawberries, one
half acre other small fruits, and five acres of
cloier. Rent to be paid in making Improvements. Apply M, Tribune office or Telephone
91, Nelson.
$100,000.     I want a gold mine
w     -1      K^AUn
3        — tarn
, 1 feC-
, Perhaps you did not know,
. but we want you to learn
now and remember that
we   make  a   feature   of
. cheese of alljdrids.
"7 - >■
MacLaren's Imperial In all Sizes.*
WacLarenVRoquefort. -..   ^
Imported Swiss. - -   ,"
Also the Finest Canadian Croam.
'     fr       "      ^ < .-■.,. *       _^y
The Leading. Grocers;
Telephone.IO \ K-W-C Baker/Street
f1""'75mmg^xlgxiniIim:ca™"11'''"T^  MM"" „",.,*J  l
„   No. j*,. K. W. C.'Block, NELSON,-B. 6.     v
Oold, Silver-Lead arid Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange ,V
Free-Mllllng Oold Propertlea wanted at once for Bastera Investors!
Parties having.mining property for'aale are requested to send ramphfa oMheir ore tothi
iTbitlon., .We desire to hear from all prospectors who havo promising mineral
^Exchange for ezh
claims iu British Columbia..
■ -in'i^taS1^*0™ an.£nllninK men are requistedto make tho~l&cchahge their haidquSrtoifs wWn
^ - ^ All samples should be sent by oipre3s, Prepaid.   Cofrespondenco^soliclted.'^ A ' ~ ~-l
Address all communications to
|; Telephone  104  " - *"   ^
P. a Box.700     "
A-    -~'%Ay ^',-'-, >A    , Nelson, B.*C.
iiliiii»iiniviiiiiL«iniiiirriiiniiiiMiiMi»TTT»TTTTTm **?,i,J,u,_„,TrTTir*TI
Ladies Flannelette Nightgowns regular $1.00 for 706A-
Ladies Flannelette Nightgowns "regular $1.76for $1.25ir
i  ,*
-, -   Misses and^Childrens Drawers,.to.*clear at 25cr
--..   ' Black-Satin Shirt.Waists,"to:clear~at $1.00 '"   -vt  ."
Black and Colored Mercerized Shirt Waists, worth $2, for $i'26-
A special drive in' Boys Wool  Hose.   We Kave too   many of
the'seand as long as tKey last will ,sell at these prices:      -
~: Heavy RibbedxWool Hose, 45c line at 26c- ^--'     "
Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose, 60c lineat 35c   'A
Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose, 66c.line at 45c- ' " -
j -1   l~
Wo are, daily oponing new
springtgoods whichj^e will sell at* remarkably low'prices"
All the fashionable creations
iri Spring and Summer wear
are included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish
Serges, Tweeds; and Worst-
eds, and.Fancy Trouserings
7 E. Skinner
1 S t.        r
Neelands' Building, Baker Street.
-tfRED J. SQUIRE, Manager..
Improved Incandescent
Mirror, Globe* , Lamps
Now in Stock. They
Improve Electruf Light
Fifty   per" cent.
Large stock of hlgh-clasa imported
.   Jialty    " "" ...
fashion in coats.
specialty of the square   shoulder—the
Block, Nolson.  Telephone 101
Wanted — 'A woman   who   can
take charge of general housework. Three
children. Good home for right person. Wages
£18 a month. Will pay half fare to Ferguson.
Write at onoe to R. P. Pettiplece, Ferguson, B C,
care bf Eagle.
The Trospectora' .Exchange is the
only place in Bi itlsh Columbia'where prospectors
can exhibit samples o£ their ore to-tbe mining
Rublic. Send sampleb of your ore for exhibition.
Io-obargo3 made fbr euilblltbg ymr ore and
listing your property. Room i. K.-W.-C. Blook,
Kelson. Telephone 104.
O. W. West & Oo.
Anthracite ».. 910.15
Crow's Nest    6.15
Blairmore          l> 75
 -Nelaon, B. O.  *
The Gait Coal office has been
removed'to the Ward build-,
in}?, on Baker street—two
doors west C. P. R. offices.
A full supply of Gait Coal
now on hand.
No order can be accepted unless aooompanled
by cash.  *
Offloe:  Comer of Hall
and Baker Streeta.
Telephone No. 205     General Agent.
Dr. Morrison, Dentist, has removed^ to his
new offices in tho K-W-C block.       -   ,
Victoria Street.
Decorators and
Paper Hangers.
If you want all the Mining
News of the Lardeau, you
must become ' a paid-up
reader of the ..
$2 per year. It fills the bill.
' -r~~    -v
iit.*^*- ■j»j*rc'iti».*fl«
x*\r£v ~a *i * _\ *? ^7*i*
^JwAm H *a»i>-Jlfcfc   ,


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