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 ���y_$ s!j*7��?i  -AS ��� r~  f&^J -  <��� l _?.  _/���  'a   -, >i  -.' .I*  DAILY EDITION   BY^MAfL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  ' f*JL  WEEKLY  TWOj  EDITION BY MAIL  1DOLLAR8 A YEAR  NINTH YEAR  t-  INVESTIGATING KERR'S CASE  THE ^TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C. SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1901  POLICE    COMMISSIONERS    HEAR  FURTHER   EVIDENCE  ���M  And  Conclude   to  Stand   By  Their  Ml  .vs  After * an investigation ;oxten<ding:  ^pyer;twb  ^sibhers  * #-  .\2  TTthe-epblice vcoinmis-i  hay^resplyed .tojcbnfirm;  ���^beir^*^  *;��-|;|{|tW  A A^9^Sf^:-C^y:. [fdree A ���, From jthe  :fc';;f*^'reaplu^  A-A�� S?'n?^sibner Seioiis^and^nc^^c  iKV^:fe.hy;^ho ��� ������ other;/ cPmmissipn^^ifr  #"?^tnally^;itwo; tri��Us ��� iipon |the{jsahie ;*,  {i{{;{1;��j^^  {{?^;��ntapp;e��  /;;g'i{imlj|^^  ^^f^a?;^^  ||{{;g%r3;in{&^  1/{{||^^d;{iv^^  T^^hatl^eycctiB^  i��/*|S$of$^  ���ipiHjglnm^^  .^{^/sib^i^  AAv^&Sj Hsti fi^^bjptbe^^  gS|S|b^^^^  ^"gSniufcbJt^  ;|^3����e��si^  '-^"v;actibh{Sbfaftlfe^  fprce:^is3^oiy��basedi  xmiSA  ^^JKerrgpff?'  efficiency of the local, police force  through the legitimate medium of  the board of police' commissioners.  Thomas Egan, the first witness  called for the second shift of the investigation, testified that he had  received a letter from .Kerr .regarding the McAllister case in" which he.  requested him to send fifty or one  hundred dollars to defeixthe. "cost  of.. McAllister's ^defence. A In s-re-,  sponse to.this lib/sent^air��ot*der'iifco7  ^err^fbii^th^MoilyGib^n1 mineat  which;! he \3yas -working^ for fif tyfdbl-  lars."-.',_ He identified/the"vprder::- and  the :checkifbr$50^^icTi:^h^^^ns  cashed, but -said; that^hel had/left  rtlie .firstj;;lett��^^^  ifrbm^Kerrat the^miih&�� AboiititKe  onlyg thing {hei^^  Swas that it had been^rittoh/oh/aT  printed letterhead/ d^he^BSiiega:  saloon.^  a^s^bni^^^^jFrbmjKeriv -written  ���%9n%^_i^^^^^^^ie^tyt^K^S  ratibn,Uri;^^^^^^^ftt^^;the*  operand checte^^^^j^j^. r  ;He^said'-.che^sufi^  tliat^Mlh^t|^h^^  &rid/pai<��his'bw^ in an  int^yii^l]^  him tbatr he^had^iiibt *���/ received ;\any  /pax^pf tlw^^dbll^;h^se^|:to  {Ke&inbjv*^  /said {he; t^ii; askl&fKer^^        ei-7  -.ti^-ani*^^^  *(Eg*an)'^^  Iwhich^h^Th^^deductedi ^ndjthathel  ��� had* turned tfie res^fbver to Samiietf  iC^ikiE/g^{f^  M?Beinfr^^  I^itted^^  ;:rM*eiyea^  :?i^ney>s;&r-{^^  {lie; deni^owing*^  Hefalsp added .that the $50 check  ^tt0Tj,niv* o��i��ii^ fbrlitfclillister-sfde-?  FAVORS OPEN DOOR POLICY  ASSOCIATED. BOAEDS iOF TRADE  MEET AT  GREENWOOD.  Endorse the'Granting of a Charter for  a: Line From Crow's;Nest .-OmlixjA:  /^////Fid-ds^  y  ���im_  '7^X7^:  *.&$&&.  ;(!*���-*.  t&W��$A%?y>*Km,-.~.- - -,-. -, ,  yjiK^^wpop^Mai^^l^[Speciali  ^^T^^rUi'to  .'convention of the Associated Boards:  bia opened ^.this. morning,. C. Scott  Galloway, 'presiding.'7.7.Thirty-nine  ;de'le��a��es��t^^  ^Flumme^  S*iw^��lm||Bpp|^^  ^uyer^ba^  ^resentingl the ^^yrai^uy^rl^iMiceiw-:  floor." At the outbreak of the fire  word was carried to the bridge'  works machine shop across 'the  way, and ten or twelve of the employees secured heavy pieces . of  canvas and ran to.the scene of' the"  fire- They wero-in time to catch'  two men, Fred Case and Conrad,-  who jumped from the fourth story,-1  but a- third, a man named Odell,  vmissedjthe^cariyas: and is;fatalljr^in^  -���j i^d��!|h^ ihjiwhichjjth'ei  ^fireT st-^^^S^R^ere ;bet jn^enSwc^  fa^ith^ee:;;*(ase^p^  ;denl^:*dajthe|^anw^^ ^h^t^pmr  escape by way'of the doors.   There  :^*as;��\^ild|ruslrffo^  and twenty-four are said to have  made  their 'escape  iii that/way.  LThe''total*;i&s^s'$53#fe  ?RICE FIVE CENTS  DEWET REPORTED DEMENTED  HE  FLOGS   THE   BURGHERS  ��. .     WHOLESALE.   '  "  BY  '���Asspciation,^wer^ipro^  ^ih��eting^b^ned-4^  {addr^^f presic^nt^  Robertson, outlining at length the  ^many hmpprtoi^n^  i^^l'byrfthe ,j^\^tipn^|��gip|l'p^|T:^  ^SrJ^7*f^bwi*^*;^twnB|lp*&'^^  ;.ithe jecond annual convention were  Irieaffirm'ed^yizi^JP  'irient maps, plattibg city additions,  was sent  ^ence^xymp0^yy^_   ^fKe^^sj^h^njask  Kf *Sny0l��(if;:andlhi^!l^  i^gcpyieria^mbim  i ^^e'nderi^f;|^;|^I^lc fpwed Shinil;!  ^feud?inlhi^behalfiiuialfe^i^^  >ites.'^;'He^hoyireyer,\Volunteered  ^ive^sjs^tem^fc||^  ihis0]^letter^as1^  terior," muiiug.. ;roftdsi~city. limit's;  lead' industry,-redistribution of pro- ���  vincial representation immediately  .after;the completion?of 'the,census,"  ,->yagon roads and .trails for, development of mining sections,', the "open  -freight rates oji farm, products, .and  * n_ ma a*W'W k^-> ah ^.n-.X n. '-^���Lk  - .~r ^< ��� - . - ^--���iJ-�����'i>i- r'��3��l.'J.  g^Np-^^|pirehjl��|Duri  Itibirxime inJthe hou^e7 of Jcbiiambns'T  today,   Charles   P. jScott, Liberal,;  asked Mr. Balfbiir,' the government-'  7lead||rv; atC wHat^tiinpCJri Al. 899 |thef  government was; informed that if;  jw^^vmsl^eclare^  ;iT*^^aaI?ytfidKG^^  *trestil^pfjbhe|d^  made apparent at the Bloemfontein'  ���;cpnf^^*^^he|"j^^e^  |;^pnld^no^ubi��dl^Jth^  j* lot ''Sm. thgWlel* sisite^ r epiib jicjiliMr \  iBalfbur's/i^l^as|^akehrfdo^K  Kthecstenographer^was?as; follows :s  s.:'AlI^the^inforjDwtj^ff  this subjectis riecesaarily a matter7  ~L l__'__B'r__S2._i_Z^'_�� ^,ti^")";r",i-'*j''��'-^'i*'tV',''i|- r-'^*.;"-)!- ���i':.,'��'t^.".��''.i:i"'-_N  jectural  contained  sex-^eii^nt^  Plummer's Pursuit Seriously Hampered  y^fX-H ��� -'ii^U -$i i:Ji5A Mt-vft.fc.w,*.=.-, y. ��-;.;* iu?;,.f,.-^.,-..  ��3|^;Hea^Ri^:|'^  ^7A^A^^'^^:0av^^^AA��^  AgAS^lA_ r Axt ":���" ^'"7 ���������[SSA:A::XA  piplj?*^^  |coi^poijttd^y^^  ^tclfef���g|^^th^*27^^  age   freight    earnings   per    mile  run have only slightly increased,  the heavier" loading a little more  than offsetting the" lower - receipts  per mile,- the rates per ton a" mile  I have dropped from 0.941 cents' in  |'1890 to 0.724*cents in 1899,* while in  4900 the drop has"' been continuous:  Passenger rates" have;;falien :off- as.  .$eU,,though not so4 rapidly,,reaehr.  ingJin)1900Jaii��av^ge^^Sidaile  ft^^m^^^f^^^_^.mmmma;-'  ';.yiyx<i:;i:t  LOST ON THE RIO DE JANEIRO-  - ',$  '-���vita  r       4  - "^S  .- c  C tf o  OHIBP STEWARD SCOTT; WAS A  CANADIAN.    "*   "*    -  27th,;which ."de-  "" '" "W'S-^fSKv*  . _, .pursuit  ���scnbes^coloneri; ���Plummets  ..of.-- general, Dewet, which has been  -."*���-*V-' ������ - -"\'^"*���*^i^���;'j.���'",*���^"i'-,*i*���?'i'"5���*^ '������"'���-  continually. _ hampered... by; heavy-  rains, says:.'Since colonel Plummor's ���  a$a��k^a&^  fat  *V**'^'>^v  15th| the   invaders' have beliaved'  -^-.���'<:r^''VTTTJ..J.-.V, ci^^  ilA^?harrwdJh^s^f|The repprtithatt  Dewet crossed the river arose from  ���7h��ihiwhidtioasey unfbrtjunaitelj^^  |i*Ws^eh^*^c^-^|cy;^  UlTh isannouncemerit Drouglitforth'  ^crib^O^Ohl^fi^^heiTlnsfci^^  |p^eri^*OT^rsM^)Mite!|a^  l^lf^l^ri^^djt^^u^ei^  !*^]*^^f^l^y^r^^ed  |^e^y5ip)pu^^ma^itp^|^:  t��lniM'oVl-{nt.K4o'��KaliXl*4'+lio*>il^4-^^:���?  some 'small; < parties - crossin g; in a  boat": at'; Marksd riftV where ^colonel'  t Plummer preyen teds tha crossingiof c  thq main /commando. \ and -took .100"  prilpwi^s^p^f^^h^  Dewet's -guns   February :23rd the  enemy . were - in   fiill* retreat   and  puglit��� to have; fallen intbtlie; hiinds;  .of the column 'frbrf'KimberleyY'biit'  ^th^H^iim^||^sj^af^n^  7*7:...  ^vlNpii^iPous^ _  cruel^ni^m^ts  ^,tlife]^���pmen, '  ;'trialf'Schppl  Sfi^i^^Wiyial'^^  basis of a legislative investigation  into the management of theinstitU'';  jtibnis|^w^|i��aj^e^  : of women, and developments in the:  -testimony bf -witnesses; coricernin!g ���  : the'treatment to which1'the girls  . weresubjected have come as a shock  f;tp^erybcS3^  iQessM^dTOlMfe^lia^^  C^i^fre^entljgfb^dlbeU^  ^^_^m&mrM^M^mm__^^^m^^m  ^TOi-atip^radb^^  peiir^Wmr^a||^|[^  $75 to get him but of "the trouble | agan railway ifromVerhon to Rock  -_aiid that':he  ..^,. 0egpaid|the|ibalance!ibf**j  stjfe^f c^k^SdjD^oy^  }|^|^Gitkin|^n'dT^k^  yy.eyidBnce7c0j^^  J^g||witlif��e��p(^^  ;i|i^*:ing^e^bneyi^d^  ---^owing^byiE^nt^^  ���4yet^,CE^nJ;e^ifi^|tli^rtli^  v^'M^hing-'j^l^reiBembe  -  -r= askea;fpr,aniampunt of linpney- and-  ^     Tr^a^lg**w*^|^ri^n^^  :S:^:T^V^^$^^4?S^^ippn  ^���^g*%idenMbfe';K*^^ri^  k:    ghe;si^b<^in:;t^  |Ciilkln|y^|toJengag^  ;for^he'.defense;S|H  j^sibl^^^rpduce SthisBlet^r^the'  Tppmt;might;haye'^eenfclearedii^^  ^rrb'iit.'.'Cso^^^  '^pEgan'iwas;inoi cliearfais;'^p^hother  r^itr:;stated 7*tha^:*Calkih^^bui<i;ac^  55while^KerrTwas^,positive ^itha^it^b  ���7^*st��tey';^'If��it^  .:.; Calkin rshould'.vha��dle^tl^!=inoney7  jwrpteEsaying;tliat ^Samuel ��Ca.lkin  would engage W. Al'.Gallihei- to"1 de-  >fen7i^MeAlte1��r^The}'^^  jbackjinsidepf  Kerr ^was justifled in^ayihgit'pver  urn;* ;.1i^.^�����������.-^���Tx'^.v>/>���^^.'.=Trt:5..^..^.:~���.--:Tv.;;  said he met*:Mr;/White'in''.-:the'post-'  ^ffi^a^Iseciu^^heB^e^*^^  'Vnatiwe^j^e^hen^g*^^^  Pashwlsiii7T^the|Bp^^Tgaloou a^J  h&ded:the|mc^ysp^  :p^^}70J^^^^y^^^SSM^^S07i  |Rb*biuspn^theJ:prbpne^^  jTthi^ime^pwed ^himf(Ki^);$;5:bbr*^  fTOwei^n^e^which?i^  |hbjwan^;;*^^&ke  Peedsfof - thejcheck^��TheSm^fca,me'  dp^firbm7; th|jjMtaiy Gibson; mine;  ||hii^y^aftapg^^!ft biit 7$& i<l?ribt'  ���geti?iheiif c^pa^;|for ��f[S6in^4iUme:i  [^s^a:^s^^^^as^^^^-  ���Kerr sa.id7 *thai^froin7 time     "~  ^r^lfeor^^id^vayil vi^thel^West  *^*?^rte90��ntp#���pPi  **#i-Tne^v^ml(b��pg ^resolutionTfefor;  ���^goj-OTi^ei^^i-dil^;^*^^  ^^uitori*ui^f^|��M*^p^^  puc^srfi.^]C^c^t*;G  Greenwood' Board of Trade aud'H.  respectively,"; for the ensuing year.  ���^���'���JTomg iits,t h^^elegat^s ^2weref en-^  {t^tmn^^^llJ^^c^b^  ?^abprate[fia^u^aW^^^  ifibtefe^^**^^^  ;&T,Tlie)_con ve^ion-clpses ^ toii^*rpw  and Sunday will be devoted to trips  ��� to the surrounding camps and the  ;i^pectioh;bf tlie'twp local smelters.  butiaUuded^erwraH  2:^m^n^^MMS!iW$0AM^^!mm  iOnE^FLIE^EttdWiFWC  77x777.'^^^7:A.y,..:,:.:^.,^.ry^y'^x7'Ux:.7x'h7.'  I^^SBldPWikALI^X^iSBDEl  ^MsM^hel^'^lrbad ���sand'-^ai^no^  'trying with Ilerabg to recr.oss the  ^���^ang-^n^i^a^Za^dri^  FsH^s^u^an^  I^J^fglpii'^l^in^l^b^  ;6rJ&a^ng?sifrren^^^  0, Jpewet 5 ln^shis |;raimticism ,^i^ ire^i  iported as demented.'1 It is said 'that  :he flogs- everybody and" tliat. Has-  |bK^k/lwii^:still:^His^^B^  'Of\rninr_n.r.nri'_-^^a��i-iaaa-^T_\r^r._\'^r.v\avn-4-^-'  she was compelled.to/ stand in this  lpp*sitipii�� ,".',...,..  the offender.in a large wooden* box  iui-a basement whichwas absolutelv  ren.  ��'t  ^^lfe;d*w*^ip^anli-l]:a^h^  |^^kept^p^a^^tialti*m^  ^it;-3|^i8iipjy^  'was found to bo-alive with vermin.'  lFbr|very^iyi^|offenc^  . .wliippedfj*^  'haustedi-theiustrumerit of tbrture  ^^"^'itr^curpi^  .'Ht^^i:&.  .-.*_.:' Tt?i.*--��J-';. .yr:.-  :yEL0PEDi5  lliI^i^N^ar^2^The!^^  has   received = -the following;.from  lord   Kitchener, ,rdated^; Pretoria,.  lil^chlx-J^  north over the Qrangb' river;and- is:  .*�� #^Ww*.l*T'^��l r*n_ *%'";'   ^-vJ* >r"  M[*_n'm_t%.'__ #7"^vl>����fc ^.��.' Jfifllj. -'j. .-'  ���~^fiii-;U  _:&i7EijLgt^^  Aj^:??to8[[Axe.' EniBi^ned*;;^^  ''V:-^^SvsrMf;.Bpidemic^  ���VJ.tpVliud ^ ._ ^   7.  paymwit Pf^tfio $40 ;to'^Calkin"' w-as;  y vin nipi^yay;di8prpy^.^a^e/j^tithat  .^��tl^ ro^ipt^iioitlier7^  ^^datespf^the ^actnal"; pay ment, "tnbrT  Ayvart;^given ph?^he/dayK!aiponi wliicUT:  ; ;it.;was;;dated;;,mat^  !.; Keri^ihad a7; witness ,'*-' to . the ; actiial  ..payment^arid By'[the;''lurbhe^-'fact;  ;'^'*;:tliatV';.Calkin4^  :7-crediblels^itriess that the payment���  y.$i)&7)g^xS:-m^e^  y4As to the;matter ofilthei amount  -���^���Ipwing^^  5 Mmpji^nbjaian'S"word}.i^iuhstVthe  t|ift|ier's.f$Kerr said Egau owed him  y $IIt.50;7while*Eg^-said:liebw^i;liut  !\r.'$2V',;bnjbr|cpmmissibn^iSelpus ;w^  7<.quite^juftifiedv iuTKabcepting feitlier  .;^inan|ststatemenfcjtY:T^T;'' AAS.[ AAx  [ [.A ���-..It; 1S7Jirei^r ;^ss|^]l^|^^yer,. that;  . ;the;cpmmissipnei's&h^  ^ehcmv^^didTnot^  ing; .the;5investigatipn \ W^  ^sup^rt:^m^i^io*ner Selous'\yiew;  ;-Jthat^;np !bona ;'fide: -payment^iWas���  ^^ma^e-by^errto;! Calkin, iiandl that  the receipt produced; ;wasjbpgus,-^,s  suggested; ^jOr^it r;may ;bb true, asi  " mtima^d^thatj Calkin ��� had^; other  monies of.. the;prisoner���}McAlli-ster;  putfpf whjuSh7;the;;paymentvof $25f  was made to Galliher'&��� Wilson -for  defensieijbefore.'*;the -check1 |fbr;$50  -was even ,d  matters of which;tl^re^^s npt-the  slightest eyidenceTlpffered, ~and-pf  whichj therefore;-the jpebplei; know  still less;thah^hey; <Jo!>��: P. J. Riisf  sell's professed intentions 7 to make  ^yer^^jendeaiKorS&o1: promote * tha,  .to. time  he loaned ^Egan small;^ms^malcing^  {all tpld^pthier $0.50^4He then-got  :iihotliere %5 wfi^^Calkm^o xebver;:  {these advahces^m^  ;th^;^receiyed putbif the prpcee'ds  -jpf^he^olieck'.'^i For ;;the|reihaining;  ;$4b hie; produced a;r��E>ceipt*signed l>y?  ;*Calkin;and b^ringdatethe;20th;i)f  'February^;; Tne^receipt^iwas * ciiot;  ^wri^ten on thedayjof its date^JIt  was writl��n:afteiv the  vi-uary; wheii-?bpth:��Bi*ai^Calkiii;  had received apletter froiu Galliher  &"Wilsph,acting, for ;'Egi*nj;;andy;.;db-:  ;mandibg;i restitution'fof'j;thel:$5b^  Kerr-.; said ^he^had!; ;hbt  ^seeh'  Galliher 7 x&��� v;T;;Wilsori;?^b*ut7vabhat  ^Calkin [y .Imd-;'.-.,'and^: * J^tliat; ;',[ he  ^re^pi^d.vjiii;',ex^^ttbri.?of -the  ; matterias satisfacto^  ye^,and;that-Calkiir wals further  ^ad^wediito'gi^e Kerri aij receipt fori  ^theJ^^O^ so^that;he7 would "have  something to show Jfer^tlip 7mbhey;  '77,:ttopmmissibnbrSelbu8:^^t; the time  that^ybii received E^in'soheck,:had  ���the McAllister case��beeh tried ?; j *  7 ;Mr.;;K(err���Yes,^McAllister^ waa  lthe;n:ih;;jaU.^*.;:t..;;;^;.L:,T;:- ���t:'*;^^?;;^ :-y -77  ; ^c^niftsipiier Selous ��� Aithpugh  tl^) -prisPner; hatd; been ^sentenced!  yblr Jtiirried'* the' ;mbh&jrs oy^r :to;  ���Qamn?7ASS[A;AAA:AA^SAs  ;; Mr. Kerr-^Yesi; because-he * had  engaged Mr. Galliher^ to;appear ipr  liim.';*.;. [.-:7,x7,,7.^:\ [S,'."'.;.'*���.,;.t;-v:' ;77:-;;":'*  ���'���*;;; To7 commissibuer - Fletciher ^tlie  witness said in answer.to a question  :'^-In the^ first jetter..1 wrote toEgan  I referred to;; the fact that Calkin  -would engage therlawyeiv?..     xA-  : P.   E.   Wilson,   of: the   firm   of  Galliher & Wilsbn'was then called.  He said'that ;bn January ^13th the  sum of $25 was paid to the firm for.  the;    defence     of ,   the ;���;prisoner  McAllister. - -The money was paid  to Mi*. Galliher; and .'he- wa^s under  ^:AyA^^^^^^^^��:^SAS'^  '^pinKhmyo6^0^^c.h^ ^l:;-^The7  xAss^i^^^BimrdsSof^^  ; eastern JBritishf Columbia 7 met;; herei-  2tbday^;pyer forty ;;delegates; beingT  iu^attehdance, .representing fifteen;  local   boards. 7C.:-;���%-;��� Galloway of  Greenwood was:; elected president;-  ;und H.'^Vxp. Jackson of Rossland  .secretary: ;v and;.feeasiiirer^ J Resolutions- were liaised reaflirming;. those;  of   last :year   :respecting ^various  ;inattersrallpcting.;thb'mineralj-agri-  t ciiltural andV.business - development  jof fthe pipvi*^;:|bThe^ chief rdiscus^  ' -aimi-tpbk��� place'^ph a^4trbng resblu-  tibu.;in.;r;faypr  of  ithe; open .door  - policy as 7 to rail ways, insisting on -  the^Mighty of5ysouthern- British  Columbia to improved railway communication, and advocating granting charters to. lines proposing to  build \yith" this"project"from the  ^UnitedStates.   The resolution was  moved bytDuncah Ross of - Green-  wood, seconded byv J; B. Henderson  of Grand Forks, and'waa supported  ,by Smitli!Cu^i^;M.P.P.^andbth^ra;  ��� Itiwas very Warmly;; debated;; bu t  finally;   carried^'rveith*; bnljr^four  dissenting voices.;~sy'77   .7-  t'VV;v)ttv  .f^MpTiBi?MarchW  ���jTri^ui^^Oennis^  j^mie^lieSpe aSweek;agofromSppkanei  isM6^^:^sik^i[7 siclSafcf Itlie^S-fc  ^Eug^e^ininei ^Helc^a^bwhSto  *see*D^T*Greeni who pr^punc^hiniiv  ; suffering froin- smalipox^^He7 was  ;_.placedrfipde^  itpr's office handrail ^e^SiviEugehe  minors^ were,*;put undc^restraih^  ;It.iisithe;first;time the';yellbw^flag'  ;has waved here; ��� If strict attention  islnpt paid it may pr^ejseripu^ a��  Shea and the men whb;;werev working with^iiim wereSjakround^the  streetsf oh several occasibneirs; 'ft��y  Ay A x7Legislative '_Dpmf&7AA7:77  a^ViCTORiii, Marcli i.S^In*the; prolyl ncialjlegislaturetpday^laBmbtibii  iwiw passed' asking tHat-^the;.'duke  of CornwaU be asked to!; visit British Columbia on his tour; ot Canada,  i t beiug suggested ' that' the.;party  would7come here from'; Australia  and pass through'Canadalfrom the  Pacific tpw the Atlantic.x.Z\Resolu-  tibns werb alslb pa^etf^king-thb;  Dominion government ��o;:establisli;  a mint in Canada and congratulating the Common wealth7? of a.;Austra:  liabn'^he'cpnfederationpf southern  colonies." :'7:7 x''A:  CoaUniJed on Second ��>��g��.  ���/rFatal Fire in Rochester, yx  {Rochester, New 'Yprk, March 1.  -In a fire this noon., which   destroyed the Leary{Dye Works, a  five-story   brick ; structure at7 the  corner; of Piatt   and rMill' streets,  two lives were lost; one fatally ih-  -jiired and two others fihore^br; less  seriously hint.   The; dead|t\^o;un-  ; identified bodies, a man and a boy,  are atthb; city'morgue.   Both, are  -burned   beyond {recognition   and  ^theiRidentity will be difficult to  establish/   The upper Hoor of the  building was occupied by the Sen-;  eca   Camera   Company,   who   employed a force of about twenty-five  men and women.   The fire, started  on the third; floor and .is supposed  to have been caused by an explosion of chemicals stored on that  ,^apao} Wants Canadian {Trade;  Vancouver, March l;-^[Special  to The Tribune.]���Japanese consul  ' Shimizu, wlio returned;; today' frbm  Ottawa, had several.;' -conferences  with the governmbht {and it is  understood = was assured that  provincial anti-oriental legislation  on the Natal act basis; willv be dis-  allowed. The consulv gave -a,  guarantee that few, if any^. Japs  w;buld come to CanfLdafthis", year,  and declares Japan cares'mpre" for  Canadian trade than for 'restriction  of emigration. '���������"���:%  F. Dupuis, a Frenchman, ,was  arrested today for forging five  checks, aggregating a large amount.  .    Knocked Out in the Fourth.  Hot Springs, Arkansas, March 1.  ������In the fight between; Dan Cree-  don and Jim Scanlan the latter waa  knocked out in the fourth round.  ptlieirsT;^vhp!Hvbre; *^tragglers| being;  {jraj^uj^-ff^  f^niarS^gKtingj'siM^j^  {by;;^^ripr;?^m|^s|{a  {prpipn'ge&||!:figfit;^  Stweht^^sualtie^isurVender  i:-y.;-^yv-...*..;,^:.- '���   -::.\.:-.r:.' - '���*������ *,..*_.���...,; ,....],^^;-. r...,.j y7^.-... J  |s;��{|^{Thefii^rt  S{{^iN;ira^^  ?H*ini80i^tuVo'ed^  {Pprtage|ia^Prain  {been?r^rurti^|fb^B^e^^  -;;Opns&Hular^^^fpM^^  iwillrlea^POT^ge'^  :wni;pick{up^e{Winnip^  '^m^SOme^^specialJitraitfbein  :sent;{east:*with{{the {{cohtingent.  {MajbrjWilliams ^states '.{.that'-'about;  ;;138^eh are7still {wanted 5fbr:Wiii-  ^hipeg^Se^has-had^some^tra  ;-recriiiting;in'!tbei^ westrowing/to'the  fmen'not bringing in tlio...proper cro-  "dentials.   Forms   for, "application  may be obtained at' the barracks,  which? are to be filled in stating  that the applicants are good riders;  good shots arid sober,7 and the an-  ;8wers are to be sworn to ' before a  justice of the {peace. 7h '- '.'7  ; A;special train will arrive from  the{{west on'Saturday, witlr/tbe  ihen'frbm British Columbia -aiid  Territorial points. It; is expected  that the men recruited in Winnipeg  will .joiii the party heVe,en route to  the; east. A small squad of fourteen  men passed; through the city from  Vancouver,yesterday eri route to  Ottawa as recruits for Baden  Powell's South "African Constabulary. ���';'. They were in charge of  sergeant Haynes and' included  {corporals Pratt. and Frasor, and  privates Owen, Brewoll; Conrad,  Neal, Gray,' Stewart, Roberts, J.  McCnlloch, W. McCullbch, Hilton  and Lewellyn. { ; v    ;^    ^  ihto-a cat-o'.-nine-tails. Miss Keeley,;  the superintendent,; was declared to:  vb^f^spl-ipBi^lpru^l;^^^^  {h{u^^a^{8^ere||um  fi^fec^p&pbj^he^i^  i'resiilfciriiy^.ih'&iifSr'^^^  ||^K|upa|cil|^b^  .add Aucklarid,ia��id;had{ beeni^iveu  ihtihisfebuht^^a^  (ii��rliament|i^ylip'i;   -{���^este-mi|Grazier;^^  {lislw*d{;;at;gW{elcanni^  f^aleS^pni^s;tWs{lette  mpmbiBrpf-; p^liainentf roin the Big7  Riyej^{<^utryfT;r|Meiyed?  :agp^5;It:was;written; bya^mah'wlib;  had applied for a "jptfairid '{failedttb:  l0p:U.:-:AAASSSS:SyA7y7yy7  |^?Dear j^K|p?ou're,a{damn fraud;?  ;a^vypu{k:^  Tap I fbr|{thei billett Tibr the; muriey:  bitheivibut yo*u{;*cbuld hayey;rgot:.at;  f fpr{ine{yif iyoii iwasn 't as �� mean "as  miidSTwo^pbuuds/;a^ week:���; ain't  ;a^ny;moarto"me than;forty7shillihs  is to you, but-I object tobeinmade  ran infernal:fool pf. ; Sopnafter you *  waselected by my; hard woi'kin a  feller wanteoVto bet me that you  !>\^ildn't?l^in:tl!e^lrouse9mooren a  week before you made a hass of  United States Railroads.  "Washington, March lr���The total railway, mileage of the United  States railway system is, according:  tb the Bureau of. Interstate Cprii-  merce Commission,' in the'neighborhood of 190,000 miles. There are  about .37,000 locomotives"'in use,  arid a total of 1,295,000 freight cars,  of which 730,000 are fitted with'air  brakes and a little more than 1,000,-  000 with automatic couplers. The  movement toward heavier train  loads has advanced steadily, the  average for 1899 being 24,352 tons,  which is a jump of 17 tons above  1898; of nearly 40 tons above 1897,  and an increase of 08 tons over  1890. This means an increase  in the average paying load of  nearly 40 ; per cent in the  last" decade.     Although the aver-  yourself.   I bethim a cow oii; that,  as I thought you was worth it than.  After I got your'note saying you declined to a'ekt in the matter: I driiv  ithe cowbver to the feller's place and  told him he had won her. That's all I  got for howliu myself horse for you  on pole day,;and? months befoar.  You not, only, hurt a man's pride,  but yburihjure'him; iii .biznessljif  believe you think you'll get in agen.  Idon't.   An what I don't think is  of  more \ kousequence   than v you  imagin. I believe you take a pleshir  in cutting your best friends, but  wate till, the   clouds  roll  by  an  they'll cut you���just behind the ear  whare the  butcher cuts the pig;  Yureno man., Yure only atule for  a few squatters/  An I don't think  ypure much of a grafter either.   Go  to Hades.. I lower meself riten to a  skunk even tho I hied him a member of parlerment." .  cpmpany|^reEabpal^^there%ral5,*  ^tiny-^igtl^atf  ^tew^^l��V^Paclfic1^1^��|fe  . G^ii'Ma^liy^vpi^Iost^Scc^  {heli^d{fo:;s^s^  {company rir^gn^d{Ws^ero  ;;apijwintin{^iiih3b^:stei^  .;Rib;;de;^*^ro|p^{hls;firs  ;Bri';'th'eJKijpbliet^ ���  ���;abled,{and|si^;lm^  ;{Kbpg.||S^:ratt;in1^j^  {the secondstrippindS^s^blownsaSffilSft|  ;ttiMSrid;'miies{offih^  vth^rd;tn^{witlfehiim;asehief^  en{dedpnt]^  :T^vsd^^e^iAS7ASSSASSAS.  King Edward's Large Experience.  -Mm  7/Thei  to "merit lias;  him : for   his  very     popu-  Ravages of Absinthe.  Geneva, March l.-rDr. Chatelain,  a military doctor in the service of  the Swiss army, has just published  some.startling facts concerning absinthe' drinking in the army; He  states that a total of 200,000 men have  passed under his care in four years,  Of whom 24,000 were suffering from  the effects of absinthe to a greater  or less degree.  An Electrical Experiment.  At an experiment in St. Joseph,  Missouri, a cat was apparently  killed by a shock of electricity carefully administered. Two hours  after the heart had ceased to beat  the current was reversed, and the  second shock restored the heart  beats, faintly at first, but growing  stronger until the cat was finally  released, as playful and' frisky as  ever. *."* 77-x  .  ;....;new;;'kihg:;is-the^hiosti'ex-;;  perienced mari;'*pf ;the{vwbrld��that{  has ever ascended a thrbne;;-H;elhas?  seen life; in: every; capital,; he{has'  m^;ever celebrity of his {time^* he  has-,for long {been; in; tpuch;-^with  almost every class1 {of the pommuh-  ity, arid he knows the;intimate liis-j  -tory of his own period as -ho other {  man   does/    He * has; visited   thef  ^thieyes'    ikitchens,'l��t*bP&i "doss{  houses^" aud the opium ;dens of the  East End; he'haS been conducted7  through the chief manufactoriesrbf  the couritry/hp; has - occupied the  chair at*" hundreds of meetings, his{;���'  ���is ithe.{mpst 'familiar- face;. at: the  theater, at the opera; and on % the  race-course; f he has been to every .  exhibition. qt7 importance,; and:'. al-  riipst every yeork of 8^{,with;:any  seribus   pretensioh-  been  submitted "to  {approval.,;; He    is  lar,';;'::. h*e;v ..7 is   r _ an'      excellent  ; speaker, he has tact and humor, his  memory is;phenomenal, and he has  been' trained' by the late queen to  spare neither himself : nor any  trouble in the exercise of his public  ���duties/;7[' '."���*- 7-7 7,; -.���;.->;> "���.-���.;������;..x77A  How to Meet American Bluff.  ^   London, March, 1.���-The Saturday  Review, discussiug American affairs,,  says:- "They  who fancy i we';are  going to get anything in Alaskijin 7  return for further concessions {to{:.;:  Nicara.gua, must be willing, *;dupes.v;*':  Our government has   the game in  their own hands.    If they {choose  to takethe European powera, who  have every claim to be consulted,  into their;   confidence,: American  statesmen  are ; aware,   with, the  difiSculties thickening around them,  that they dare not defy this country, much less Europe.     Russia is  .giving an object lesson of the proper  way    of   meeting   an   American  I'Muff^'V \AS 7;*'-';:.{-'7 THE TRIBUNE: NELSOK B. C  wi\h .its-restrictions  'was - established  primarily from  SANITARY  CONSIDERATIONS  i  In the spring of the year  after the winter's festivities the human body re-  qvAres rest, and-.its most  vavportant health regulator, the stomach, should  be carefully catered to.  \We offer the  following delicacies  ince as an investment. But there  is objection to the movement which  has for its object the cornering-of  the coal output of the interior *by  gobbling up the only developed  coal property adaptable to smelting  purposes. It is the knowledge that  this very undesirable condition will  be rendered possible by the granting of the Hill railway charter  which accounts for nine-tenths- of  the opposition of the people to it.  .1  11 A-  IT-  lis-    i  .    �����  lH<-  7  iSf' -  ISf"'  f.  ���������X . ^i  I'^'V"'  ik  -;  (*AA  y��-:L "  k*r, >  w;.  1ST','  Sardines       '  * Herring a la Sardines  Blue'Point Oysters  S.'& W. Oysters '   -  Lobsters  Clams       'a  " Clam Nectar  Clam' B'oullion'"   -.'  Clam Chowder      ' '  Herring iri Tomato Sauce  (SHerrifyg Kippered  l' Digby'Chick  'Bloaters Preserved  \<Carabus  V  . Hadiesr Kippered  .Codfish     ~. x.,   ,  i F/inmeun-Haddie    A  : Salmon j Bellies   ��*���   ���  ^Mackerel;- etc. /etc.   *  The Nelson board of trade sent  its delegates to the Greenwood convention with 'instructions to voice  tbe sentiments of a few members  who happened to be present at a  packed meeting.- If the other boards  of traded throughout the interior  follow the -��ame 'practice there  should -not be~af dissenting voice  against the conspiracy to rob British Columbia of, all benefits of, its  coal'resources.   *  if K  "   -.  JV  Nc:  rS  HUDSON'S  j-*..*1.  1  ���!  '*J'*  ���-OkfJ  .mi-  w  ms  ty'  *  fcr"  V S- "*  ���* f ,  'fit ifl  ��AA  f  ^ -  ,f,<  y*  >���-:.'  :&.  it-fi -  *W.   *-  ���i/7*r  'v - r - -  ��� A'i9iW''fKvibmtt.  -'; "lF.it iSfWrohg for-a pbliceman/tb  , "secure', funds for the defence-of  .., prisoners, it must be equally- wrong  ^-for' his-chief -to* pay * the.-fines-'of  ., prisoners^ out' of' his own' pocket.  . Both , systems are said, to vhave  . operated ragainst the* men .^who  r,'practiced'them..- - , ��� ���-    ���,   -  T^^It is, not, often that the people  'find it inecessary 'to /hedge a good  * thing round with'all 'kinds of ^pre-  . cautions.    Yet this is what the ad-  , vocates of the Hill charter i ask the  / people of-British Columbia to- do.  "^/Evidently-the   Hill scheme is~<Vso  ' good'that even its- advocates'think  they taay'get too "much of it1.  Previous to 'the meeting of the  police commissioners' investigating  tribunal .there  was popularly but  one opinion as to the causes which  led to the removal of policeman  '- Kerr.  ��� Originally P. J. Russell 'was  "'accorded the honors'which pertain  to the lord high executioner, but  .now  he'is obliged-to divide   the  ' honors with chief of police 'Jarvis.  ** J i * '  The'Hamilton Herald > does-not  -���'favor any increase in the indemnity  "of the members of  the house 'of  commons. It holds that no necessity  exists for spinning any  session out  for. more than three months,. and  ' upon this basis the commonersare  paid at the rate bf $4000 per annum,  exclusive < of .mileage   allowance.  - This, it is'suggested, is a fair return  for the average ability of the mem  bers of the house.  The Driakin? Habit in New York.  Harper's Weekly.  -It seems safe to say that nine out  of ten of the* most 'Successful^ aud  most respected men. in New  York,  drink, and smost-of them seem to  smoke also. - Yet there is no lot' of  men anywhere whose -faculties are  uuder greater, strain, or .'who have  more need to .make the best possible'  use of their strength, .or * who -take  more pains' to preserve their health.  The majority of ,-thern don't care t  very much about drinking "one way  or the other, and-, would ^stop-it' if  (they thought it hurt them.    They  are interested nvother things. -The  successful men in '< New^- York t are  picked men.. ~So long.as .the picked  men    of   &,. big- community- aie  observed ������ to   ���drink~ temperately  without    perceptible --harm,   it", is  going to" be'/hard to convince' the��  general public, that moderate drinking is'- a-�� device of��� the 'adversary,  aridytshould-'be put 'down-with a  strong hand. *"       ���>  - s_ _    .  ,        ��� '__  ,   United States Troops in .China.. ���'  ���    -   - ,' i  . '^asijington, 'Marchul.--Carry-  ing' the policy inaugurated��by' the  state department'wheri..it changed  its military force -in China "into a  legation' guard,* the war-department  has; sent orders?to '-general Chaffee  , to . still-tfurther-- reduce his ' force.  The ,*��� general^ -now"- has1- under',t his  command   about; 1800 .men,   com-  .posed^.ofctroops-; I, t;K, ^ L, > and ��M,  Sixth '   United i > States ~ ,Cavalry';  Battery F;.- Fifth ' and.    Ninth  Infantry.",   Although/nominally; a  legation .guard,   general;Chaffee's  force;, -is   of', a jrather ^formidable'  offensive'quality, and not. desirous  ' oftretaining'anunnecessary menace  toithe^Chinese^courti and* in order  'to" Hold   out inducements :for its  early-return to.Pekin the United  ^States government some 'time ago_  .determinedmpo n a < further  reduc-  (tionofthe American -force and'the  orders'went forward..- Considerable  'discretion   j-was > left ���, to " general  Chaffee in. the selection of troops to  remain,and, it _ x&- assumed' at" the  department -~ that > the > dispatches  announcing; that these consist of  two1  companies rt of    the ' ^Ninth'  Infantixunder major -Robertson is  INVESTIGATING K���RR'S GASE  Continued fiom First Page.  SATURDAY, MARCH % 1901  '"���*��'  '   The people of   southern British  Columbia   Avho   are   opposing  the  efforts of James J. < Hill  to-secure  ' an entrance into the ��� coal1 fields of  ��� East Kootenay,'are just as'anxious  . to   see   the coal measures of the  f province . developed' as ���  are   the  ,stoutest champions of the-present  combination   of   the   Crow's  Nest  f Pass Coal Company, the Hill rail-  'way,trii8t, the United States lead  . trustand the Standard-Oil-trust.  ''There is no- objectionr^wharteverfto  *the 'entrance of'United States eapi-*  tai into tha coal mines of the prov-  "Correct  If the other ^powers represented  at'Pekin can <be induced to follow  this policy-it is hoped'that a < long  step/has been effected toward a  restoration, of the normal condition  at Pekin. .'It is said at the:war department' that fthe-arrangements  have* not yet-been made for removing the troops from Pekin, and it is  believed that tbis cannot < be done  beforethe dee clears-out of.the Pei  river, which > is' some time in the  latter part of*> March. - The-troops  are to.go to' Manila,.thereby .making.good the -losses .which general  MacArthur's 'command ' sustains  through'the withdrawal^ the volunteers who are coming home to be  mustered out. It is the understanding 'at the -war * department  that' general' Chaffee, .who > will  leave'Pekin with these troops, is to  relieve general'MacArthur of- the  supreme command in*the Philippines.   The Shore Question.  London, March 1.���Referring to  the Newfoundland shore question,  lord Cranborne said in the house of  commons today that no negotiations  were at present proceeding on the  subject .with France, but the  government had > intimated its  willingness to take any opportunity  to adjust the long-standing difficulty. In regard to Walfish Bay,'  South Africa, Lord Cranborne said  its alleged cession to Germany was  a baseless report.  The Spokane' Falls & Northern  passenger train, which left Nelson  Wednesday morning, is now at  Northport and is unable to return  owing to a land and snow slide. A  force of men'have been put to work  to clear-'away the obstruction, but  owing to the'thaw very little headway can be made.  ther-impression" that - he had- seen  both Kerr and Calkin.  Commissioner Selous���Did Galli-  hor & Wilson get any proportion  of this check?  Mr.-Wilson���The payment to the  firm was made-on January 18th.  Commissioner Fletcher ��� This  check is dated January 18th.  Mr. Wilson���We received no  money since January 13th.  Mr. Wilson, in answer to commissioner Fletcher,.said he had interviewed Calkin, who told him that  he had got $40 from Kerr, and in  view of Egau's suit to recover the  money Mr. Wilson said he had advised-Calkin to fix matters up with  Kerr. This probably accounted for  Calkin's statement that he (Wilson)  had advised him to give Kerr a receipt for the $40.  To -' commissioner ��� - Cameron the  witness said that'although the $25  was paid to-Mr. Galliher'he was under the impression, that the money  was paid by Calkin.  Thomas Egan was-then-recalled  for the purpose of ' examination as  - to the amount he owed Kerr. He  repeated that when he received.the  first letter from Kerr he owed him  $2: He denied that he had borrowed,  'any money from *him since and  altogether,'repudiated the alleged  obligation of $6.50 since he returned  , from the Molly Gibson mine.  Mr. Kerr was given a chance ,to  cross-examine'Egan upon this point,  'and although' he endeavored to refresh the memory.'of the witness  upon the recent loans alleged, Egan  denied them with emphasis.  '    Chief Jarvis was  called for the  purpose of fixing the date of the'  McAllister conviction which he said  was 'January 12th.  rTbis concluded the evidence, and  commissioner Selous -proceeded to  sum up .against Kerr.   He held in  his hand   the��� copy- of "the six or  seven "charges which chief Jarvis  had   preferred 'against   Kerr, but  which'had) "not beenrread at any  'stage of.the proceedings.   He said  that six or seven charges, or rather  /counts, had.been made against Kerr  - by'th'e> chief, but of theni. all-the"  first one was-the-dnly one'"deserv-  ing' of an- inquiry. * The fj six others *  might-be--regarded ���'merely^as  re-  ^ports.fromthe chief to the commissioners/ The~ charge which had been  inquired ^into was 'the-one -which  had   engaged .the    time^ ,of . the  afternoon,   -that    of - a '".constable, -."of "_* the - corporation ...taking   it a upon-, himself %.to (-write  to.-the  friend   or-?a?��� prisoner- for  'money for his defense,' which- in the  first place the commissioners' con-;  sidered irregular. .-.Subsequently-it  came to the commissioners, knowledge that the $50 received had not  been used-> for  defense; .purposes.  The money arrived -too. late, to be  so used, as the lawyer had been paid  his fee.   The explanation of Kerr  . was that there had been some transactions between himself and. Egan,  the man who sent. the $50, which  left jEgan. $10 in his debt.    This  was denied by Egan, but even if  Egan did owe 'Kei r the money commissioner Selous held it ������ furnished  no reason why Kerr should f reeze onto $10 and hand the other $40 over  to^=_Calkin._i_He__then_raised_Jthe_  question   whether   the   $40   was  handed over to Calkin as alleged  by Kerr.    The receipt-was dated  February 20th, but Kerr admitted  that it was not signed .then.   The  evidence went to show that it was  'signed-on the 20th or 27th just before Calkin's departure -. for South  Africa.   ��� Personally   commissioner  Selous considered the receipt not  worth the paper it was written on.  It was a fraud on the face of it. He  further thought it was a most incorrect' thing for constables to> take  a leading- part in the negotiations  between prisoners and their friends  with a view to getting funds for  their   defense,   but   when   such- a  thing was done the constable should  be" careful to turn such money over  to properly qualified-people.    He  then moved the following resolution:  "That, having reheard the evidence and weighed, additional evidence, the-commissioners decide to  adhere to their decision- contained  in  their, resolution.passed  on the  10th of February."  Commissioner Cameron - seconded  this without comment.  Commissioner Fletcher said he  agreed with the remarks of commissioner Selous. Police* officers  should know better than to mix  up with prisonei s in securing money  for them and handling their defense. There were lawyers to undertake that business. The other  charges did not amount to much,  but the commissioners had taken  everything into consideration' and  dealt with the matter as they  thought best to secure the efficiency  of the police department.  9)  m  ���m  tixrtiTTyririTTmxiTiimTTTiiixmT^i  Spikes and Ribbon Ends  Just in  a New Lot of  Spikes and Eibbon Ends  L        Spikes fTom  5 Cents to 50 Cents  nminunmi unimuimi.  Jbdimne&.-Ga.  36 Baker Street  New Laces  -and -Embroideries  New* Allover Laces  in White,' Cream, Ecrno,  and Blacks  !v45c-td $57'per Yard' '  imrnmuiiumniinmninnnnnl  -SB-RING AND SUMMER, 1901  The new Spring and Summer Goods are coming in every day. "We hardly know, what to tell you about first  rWash i Fabrics  A lovely display oHhis-season's choicest-patterns and; weaves j novelties  controlled exclusively toy us. Dimities, Swisses, French.Organdies;-Mercerized, Foulards, and Many others.   Prices-26c to 60c-per.yard.  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M., are reauested to use every  ��� legitimate means  To Discourage the Employment or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men nnd others  who believe iu making this a white man's coun-  tryrare requested toco-operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution.   By order,  NELSON MINERS'   UNION.  . Nelson, December 22nd.  The above resolution has been endorsed bv the  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, and others 'in sympathy with It, are  requested to govern  themselves * accordingly.  By order.  TRADES ft LABOR COUNCIL OF NEI.SON  Nelson, December 32nd.  ARCHITECTS.  ���CfWABT ft CARRIK-Archltecta.   _  ���Ei ������� UmUm Mock. Bakor tost; ������^���^ir*?** ^fWSS*  *%-3��*i  r  "xr  >Tsmmmvm-jm[mK3B..-c.i8Am&bAT-Mj&m. 2, woi  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid up....$12,000,000.00  RE1BT.....    7,000,000.00  XJVJiWTOWX PROFITS      427,180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...Prosident  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouston Oeneral Manager  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay !  A. H. BUCHANAN,  Streets.  Manager.  Branches ln London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all the principal cities lu Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable  Transfers.  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto,  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH WHICH 13 AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE:'TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,       -     ���     -     88000,000  Reserve Fund.       ....   $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  flMNU BM  OF    C^\liTJ__TZ>J__  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital  Rest  Hon.  Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  Saving's Bank Branch   CURRENT BATK OF INTERKBT PAID.  TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  FRIDAY'S. QUOTATIONS.  stock. ..- .     ��       .     Asked.  Robt. Kllgour,         Vice-President  London Office, 60 Lombard Street. O. O.  New York  Office, 16 ���' Bzchanse   Place,  and 03 Branches in Canada.and.tho    ' i  United States.  i. B.-C. Gold Fields....'....'.   Blaok Tall :   Brandon &.Golden Ci-own   .   Canadian Goldfields Syndicate  Cariboo. (McKinney),....v.   r  Cariboo.Hydi-anlio.A .......  t Centre Star    ,  - Crow'sNent Pass Coal..%   California   Deer Trail  Consolidated      Kvoning Star   1  Oolden Star   - Fairview Corporation   (limit   Granby  Smelter   Ii on Mask. T.   - Jim Blaine   j. Knob Hill   - Montreal & London   Morning  Glory :  j Morrison ; ,  Mountain Lion   Noble Five   North Star   Old Ironsides   Olivo   Payne    Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated..  - Republic         '   Slocan Sovereign   Virtue    -"���   War Eagle Consolidated   ����� Watorloo   -   White Bear   Winnipeg   Sullivan     '.....  .     , SALES.  1500 Golden Star... 7. 1   H00 Morrison ' .   -. .  '_ 10000 Black Tail ... :....- ..' .  fiJO Morniog Glory -*  3  7. '10i  8  -7*  35$  1 6S.  1 OS  70 00  H  *?  -4}  ' 47  42  .     9>  GO  ,5*  '   8  74  10  4  8S  80  ]2 o  47 J  31*  421  ��bi  30  ,40  3J  H  11  Bid.  ��� li  . 4  CI  35  1 52  70  62 00  .8  5  2  3  32  '  43  354  1 4,  45  34  0  7  -18 ,  854  00  10  40  . 29  42  Ji  25  " 35  !'���  Ai  '.74  10J  CHOST OF THE SILVER HILL  -��� /* And the"1 Men* Who'Saw It.  ,. ^Lasfc.   Wednesday,^ niglit . as "a  miner employed at the- Silver Hill  i   mine a^Crowford^Bay^was return-  1 ing-to-work after his midnight meal  he Rencountered - a   strange^  man  sitting Inear one 'of the crosscuts  leading from No. 1- tunnel -to No. 2.  ���i   He   noticed _ the   figure <a,t~. some  ' distance ahead of him,-but as.he  approached,'the'figure arose from1  1   its half stooping posture, andshad-  .~ing a candle he -held,in -.hia 'hand;  started up--the crosscut���= and,dis-  appeared. I.The 'figure, was taller  than any of the "men*-working on  the shift, ami thevobserve'r asked  shift-boss A. J. Rainville who the  newsman was. '_ Rainville -said no  new ��meu had been put on, and the  miner' then related the .incident.  Rainville walked up the crosscut  some 100 feet, and the strange man  .,��� appeared - as before,'half   sitting,  with his back against the -side'vof  the drift.- Rainville advanced but  as* before the "figure, disappeared.  It wore a "wide-brim hat and was  dressed in a complete suit of' overalls.   Rainville  called, but got no  answer. * , '  ,       By this time J." H. Park entered  _ithe drift to put-up^a-timber,-and-  together he and Rainville followed  the direction taken by the appari-  tion,~as they now concluded it was.  They soon came upon it,, and Park  advanced,a  step   nearer when it  suddenly   turned   and again   disappeared.     At this 'the- boys decided to return to 'the bunk -house  for reinforcements, although Park  says, he -was - no coward," *but had  .stood bravely by-Coxey's iside .in  his   triumphal" march from   California to Washington" 1  Tho men who made iup? the reinforcements were-Frank Phillips,  *W. J. Bavefstbck,* Stanley McLellan  and   the   head chef, Mike   Clark.  They proceeded single file into the  tunnel, with Clark in the rear, and  opposite the .crosscut, as before, the  spook was seen in his usual position.  The party stopped at some, little  distance   back   and   held   a1 consultation.     They decided  to send  . part i  of     the      crowd     around  to the  other end of the crosscut  eo as to intercept all' travel that  way.   Phillips and Baverstock were  detailed to that duty.' When all  were ready the first party advanced  steadily and'when "near the ghost  it arose and glided into the crosscut. " The men  followed   on  until  they met the men stationed at the  other end.   No one had passed, so  they stated, but nothing was to be  seen   in   the    crosscut,    and    the  searchers were no wiser .than beforo,   However, Phillips,requested  a fellow miner to keep him company    for  - the      rest    of     the  shift, as also did John  Sink, the  blacksmith.   AU agree  as   to the  appearance; of   the   spook   except  r Phillips .and; Ba-verstdck, who. claim  the .stranger   carried  no   candle.  Intensev excitement .nbw   prevails  nmong the men on the night shift,  and some more are expected down I  :tmbW?77yy,.7y,xyy-x-,:x.-' ���'  SAVINGS .BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on .deposits.   Present rate  three per cent. '  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  must' make 'returns.  Owing.to the failure of the remittance of certain >returns, to' the  department of mines on'the pa'rt'of  mine owners or their^representa-  tives, W: 'P.' 'Robertsonf provincial  mineralogist, has issued a strict order in the form of a circular which  is   now   being  sent to the delinquents.   These returns should have  been made by-January 1st,'and the  .department would  like to-collect  them at'as early a date as possible.,  .The , provincial . law  officers have  been notified to strictly enforce tlie  law ^and   administer sthe 'penalty  .attached against-thpse who fail to  forward' 'the' desired" information  this time.    The circular  reads as  follows:  r .Department of -Mines, Victoria.  Sir: Under section 16 of "Inspection c of Metalliferous Mines Act,  1897," the owner, agent, manager or  lessee^f every,mine-tq. which ^this  ActTapplies is required/on or^ before  the 15th day of January, to- make  certain returns .to this department  with reference to such mine or  mines. - Under date of 42th December j 4900,-as owner, agent, manager  or-lessee, or as acting., for, such; you  .were reminded of, this-by circular,  letter and'Blank forms were'mailed  to you at .-your registered address.  -Such returns' have not as yet  been,received from you regarding  - mine, situated ih the ~  mining division! \ I, have, therefore,  to inform you that unless you.-at  once-'make the   required returns,  filling in the blanks duly provided  for same, it will be'my. duty to re-  "port to the attorney-general syoitr  neglect or refusal, to provide and  make such  required  returns,' with  the request that-he- take'-steps f to  enforce the penalty as providedjby  the act.    I beg you  will not-- force  mo to this unpleasant necessity, and  that you will at once send, me the  required information/ Should your  property   have .* made  no ; output  during the past year please so" state  and fill in returns to that effect.  (Signed) W. P; Robertson, provincial, mineralogist.  $2,600,000  S 1,726,000  g  ESTABLISHED IN NELSON IN 1890  '    t*Si.  II. S. HOWLAND.  D. 11. WILKIE ....  E. HAY    President.  .Oeneral Manager.   Inspector.  - SAVINGS ^BANK> DEPARTMENT.  THK   CURRENT   BATK   OK    INTEREST   ALLOWED.  >,  Nelson Branch���Burns Block, 221 Baker  v     -   Street.;  J. M. LAY, Manager.  ��  bers do not count, and Prance, M  "elle 'sait penser,', may again take  the first place. Certainly the first  step'toward regaining her lost position-will be to recognize, the truth'  of this maxim, which involves the  abandonment of military,"glory'as'  an'ideal."  i         .���       *   (  Castellanes Again on Their Feet.-  ' PARi^Pebruary 2S.-^The - count  'and   countess- Boni de Castellane  have'^returned to" Paris, and'are  seen in /their   old  homes   looking  happy. ;The Goulds are reported to  have come handsomely-to their aid  financially,    George,'- Edwin : and  Howard having contributed to give  them their new <*tart,"but the chief  assistance having come^from Helen.  As soon as the family was satisfied'  that there could be no further recklessness, that Boni could-be kept in  check,by guardians and' the .creditors legally prevented from devouring the money advanced/, the 'family did not hesitate.    Helen -is-said'  to have been particularly .desirous  'of helping her sister(as soon as'Boni  was tied.   l Creditors with whom  the lawyers agree are'likely, to'be  paid sooner than they* expected.  GUARANTEED, FOR THREE-YEARS     ;/ ,  Jacob Dovep, The Jeweler, Nelson,;B.C.  PRICE LIST OF WATCHES AND-MOVEMENTS '->   ^    / ,  ~--a4  B  ���"���-ii  "J  -.-���*��� M  - Am  -> A$4.  - Ar7y&  ; Vanguard Movement and-Imperial 30-Year Filled! Case. .887  Crescent St.,'2t Jewels, Imperial 30-Year Filled Case . .*28  P. S. Bartlett MovementJ7'deweXfNickle Case ..  Appleton Tracy Movement, 17-JeweLSilv.er,Case  is^m^m  $ 8.76  20.00  s* ���**���*��&  ��  , The  C. P.tR. Watch Inspector./Time received every morning from Montreal.by\di^ect I  . ^ .fe? ^-^ ^.@: ^.Q^ ^^:^ ^.��:;  wire^  mm  KOOTENAY..; *  GOFFEEGO.  ,w., _.,,, Coffee Boasters/  Deaie��� m yea aiid Coffee-'./ >  ,.���. ...Atr. rn :���    .    -  Wo are offering at lowest prices the best  frades of' Cejloa, India, China and Japan  0O8.  ^ ���._,*���!���.,.., '  " Our Bes^, Mocha and Java Coffeo, per  _, - * pound' Ii40  Mocha and Java Blend, 3 pounds ....   1 00  Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds    1 00  Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds    IjOO  Rio Blend Coffee, 6 pounds : .   l 00  Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound '   30  OF WHITE PINE AND TAR  WILL CURE YOUR COLD.  Remember the. new staqd  at Corner of Ward  arid Baker'Streeta.      '   '  - COMB AND- SEE  US.  ookCo.  Limited.  ft  V1-  rPrbnt���)obrs  OF  The Decadence of France. ''  One hundred   years [ago - today  France, with a population of 33,-  000,000. and-her "natural frontiers,"  represented one-fifth of the whole  of Europe and was in almost eVery  respect its -leading nation.    Great  Britain then had  16,000,000, Russia  only- 36,000,000,  what is now the  German-Empire 25,000,000,-;Austria  25,000,000, and the balance was divided ^ between' Sardinia,   Naples,  the Papal States, Tuscany, "Spain  and the" other second-rate powers  of the time.   Today - France, witli  contracted limits, has but 38,000,000  people, and instead of numbering  the fifth of a Europe of 175,000,000  she is the tenth of a Europe of 392,-  000,000.   England has 41,000,000 inhabitants, Germany 56,000,000, Austria ' 45,000,000," Russia  130,000,000^  Italy  35,000,000.    Meanwhile -the  United States of 'America has increased from   5,000,000 . to fifteen  times   that   number.   A   hundred  years ago "active humanity" numbered less than 200,000,000, of whom  the French were one-sixth, and in  every way powerful and pre-eminent.   Now   the   progressive   peoples number 800,000,000, and it is  not only in numbers that the French  are- surpassed.  These comparisons are not the  work' of an enemy. They are  quoted by the >Tew York Nation  from an article by M. Jules Roche  in the Paris Figaro. But the saving clause remains to be added:  "Nevertheless," says the Nation,  again transcribing from M. Roche,  "in the 'real superiorities'the French  people are not backward. As M.  Roche concludes, the subjugation  of the forces of nature, to which  the increase in human population  is due, owes nothing to arms, to  emperors, to legislatures, to governments. The true potentates have  been the men of inventive genius,  of devotion to science, whose discoveries and whose energies have ren-  ovated. the7 earth and/ knit; its remote parts together. They' have  made greater changes than 'all' the;  princes; all the conquests,:? all the  foundations and all the falls-- of  kingdoms and empires.' -Tin7..;thisn  J lioble domain of  ideas-mere-nqm-  .   A TRIAL'ORDER SOLICITED. '  KOOTENAY GOFFEE CO.  -**, - >  Telephone 177.  P.' 0. Box 182. '  ,  WEST BAKER. STREET, NELSON.  REAL ESTATE AND  JNSURANCEAGENTS-  Agente for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  ln (Bogustown) Fairview Addition. -  Office on Baker Street, west of Stanley Streot  NKLSON.  NELSON LICENCE DISTRICT.  Notieo Is hereby Riven Hint David Church of  Erie lias mado application under tho provision*  of tho "Liquor Lioonco'Act,'1900," for an hotel  licence for the B.C.Hotel at Erie,and that a  meetine of tho Bonid of Liconce Commissioners  will be hold to consider such application at the  court hom-o, at the city of Nelson, on Thursday,  the fourteenth day of March, 1001 at tho hour of  eleven o'olock in the forenoon.  W. H. BULLOCK-WEBSTER  ��._, .^.     ....   ���.���. CWef Licence Inspector.  Chief Constable'M Office, Nolson, B. C.  27th February, 1901.  KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOS-  '' PITAL   SOCIETY.  ���    NOTICE OP ANNUAL MEETING. '  In accordance with tho bylaws of tho Society,  the annual general meeting -will bo'hold in the  Board of Trade tooui on Tuesday, March 12th, at  3 o'clock p m.  All annual subscribers of the sum of % 10 are  members of tho Socioty and eligible to take part  in tho election of directors for the ensuing year.  NOTICE OF CHANGE OF TITLE.  Notice Is hereby given that at the annual meeting of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital  Socioty a resolution will be moved asking tbe  lieutenant governor in- council to grant a change  of title from ' The Kootenay Lake General Hospital Sooioty" to "The Nelson General Hospital  Society." ���>   F. W. SWANNELL, Seoretary.  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP.  Notice Is hereby given that tho partnership  heretofore existing between R. B. Kiloy andT. C.  Benoy; who carried on business under the firm  name of ReUey & Benoy, has this day-been dissolved by mutual confont. The business will bo  continued by R. B. Itelley, to whom all accounts  due the arm of Itoiley & Benoy are payable, and  who will pay all outstanding Indebtedness of said  .���Arm." *  ; (Signed)   ������������* v ' ROBT. B. REILEY  .',-.,-. T;'C;BENOY  Witnesses, A. Larsen, Jno. Templeton  .'.-,���    Nelson, B,C, Februarr28thrlfl01.'  *������A". "Inside,-Boors  ���Screen .Doors'- -i'-1  *  -Windows  ; - Inside Piriisli    .  local and'ooasU'  -/Flooring,.  looal and coast.  Newel'Posts  Stair Rail  .  Mouldings  Shingles;1        . !  Rough and  ,   Dressed Lumber      ;  '       > -' ot all kinds. .,  OT WHAT TOD WANT IB ROT, fa BTOCX  -Wl WIIX MAKE IT rOE TOU  , CALL AND GET PRIOB8.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKH 8TBBKTS. ZTKLBOIT  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF   HBNDRVX AND_VEBNON STRHBTS^���  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-t White Pine Lumber Always In  : Stoc\.  T*7e carry a complete stock of  Ocast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will'-receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberOo. Ltd,  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, C. E,  . MINING  ENGINEER    ,  OFFICK-8, 9, 10, . uri cnU  K.-W.-C. Blook        " -     NfcLSON  -_   ���5 The,census of jDanada wiirbe taken'iri^April,'and*the pop- XX  ulation of the several incorporated cities will'be'known a short'"  time afterwards.   The, Tribune publishes Daily and Weekly  editions at the following rates of; subscription by-mail: "Weekly,^  one year $2; Daily, six- months,' $2.50; one year, $5. ^ The Daily  - is ^delivered iri'Nelson by^carrier at the-following', rates:.Three"'  , months, $2.50; six months^ $5; 6ne\year, $10. v A' large number .'u  - of subscribers are in arrears, and'a large ^.number of subscriptions #.*  . are about to expire, besides a large number of people <in Kootenay  and Tale are about1 to'renew subscriptions for newspapeis for^the >,-J  year.^ Jn order'to make it an object for all these people to patronize Tiie Tribune, the following sums are offered as prisses/on y-l  the following conditions:   ���/"   %,'j'     % " " ~  *  Nelson f  1^.-^7-.- - JUl$P-��bJ. o'clock.-VlaltUig' mem -^���_  bers wefcwne., J�� R MowattrPtesldent?: Jamo    **-*'  WUkes.   Seoretary.' ,Union Scale or Waoks  fob Nkibon    DisTRicr^Per^shlft." machl-ne o v^,^^    if^y  rpRADBS AND LABOR COUNCIU-The rag**~&��k<  TfiF.I?���',}2r meetUiM of the Carpenters' Union &^��1  'i"!^^^^1* evening*}of oaoh'SS'-ilt&S  r week, at  .Canada .'.......-.-... $100;  ;, British Columbia ..'..... ; 26';  ��� NorthwestTTerritories . ."K 26 *  y Manitoba'../:.. .V: 26t  Ontario. ..-. .l S -..26*  ���. .Quebec  .> '_ 26j  New Brunswick     25  Nova Scotia :'.     26<  ^Rossland ���  Kaslo _:.:..?:.  fSandon.^...'..  Revelstoke..'S  Grand Forks  Phoenix   Greenwood ..  . "VThe subscriber - remitting-- $2 iri payment of either arrears? Tf  or advance subscriptions to The Tribune will be entitled to give"  an estimate on tho population of any two places in the list named '_  above;.$2.50, to three estimates;,$5.00, to five estimates ; $10, to  ten estimates.. Fill out "blank" below, in accordance' with above  terras', and-remit amount of subscription to " ��  The Tribune Association, Limited  : , o    -' NELSON, B. C.  mmaaUUU��IIIIimiulUUmmmiiiimiriiriiHTmi>��iiimnnmiiinii|  W* 7J?'olookj taitlie Miners' UiiWhaU <m.~*A -IM  Z^��^,,_fai^K^*4i1Vrr BtMets.f'Charles 4Jf5pi  ton. t_\Pr_tmA_nnh_   .Inkn XT*��r^��j  Dam.^ .,- ^..r^^X^^i  CUytonTvPreeldent.^ John MeLeod, Secretary.  ��urer; J. C. Gardner, rocordiDg?^^-4��  ���J<fc$i  Minors' Union hall, C. iP.-R:' block-corner 'of ;^#S  J2aker and Stanley streots, every Monday evenlnr-* "tl * ^  at7J0  can  ���A.   J.  cording  &>������  ^KMON'PAnJTKR^-UNION-The^wg^ar^^^flS  J*-' flSf8^^0', ^ FWptw' Union le held^v, -��S5��i  >*�� flwt_and third Fridays In eaoh month at Mln. -   .- ^5'M  President; WIU J. Hatch, Secretary.,?- rf     - t -'  COOKS'AND'WAITERS' UNION-Regular '���/-*  meetings   every Tuesday evening at 8 30 *  ery  ,Un  ESTATE OP FRANK S. CAMPBELL.  In tho matter of the Kstate of Frank S. Camp  boll, late of the City of Nelson In tho Province  of British Columbia, deceased.  Notice Is hereby given, pursuant to the "Trus  toes and Executors Act" of tho revised statutes  of the Provinco of British Columbia, 185)7, Cap.  187, to all creditors and  olhnrs having claims  against the estate of tho said Frank 8. Campbell  who died on or about the 23rd day pf December,  A. D. 1900, to send by post prepaid or delivered  to Messrs. Galliher & Wilson of the said city of  Nelson, solicitors foi Glenn M. Bonny, the administrator of the personal estate and effects of tho  said deceased, or to tho said Glenn M, Benny ot  tho town of Sirdar in the proviuoe of British  Columbiu, their Christian and surnames, addresses, descriptions and full particulars of tholr  claims, statement of their accounts and tho nature of the security. If any, held by them, on or  hofore the 1st day of April, A. D. 1001.  And further take notice that after such last-  nientioned date the said administrator will pro-  coed to distribute tho assots of. the-deceased to  the parties entitled thereto, having- regard, only  to the claims of which ho shall .then have notice.  The said administrator will not be - liable for the  f aid assets or any part thoreof to any person or  persons of whose claims notloo'shall not havo  been received by him at the time,of such distribution. GAE.LIHER-& WILSON,  Solicitors for Glenn M. Benny, ^administrator  t for-Frank 8. Campbell, deceased  Dated this 26th day of FebruwfyiiMOl,'   '  f.TTr.Tilr  Name  f ."*   Post.Office .-   ���       *  Province .* V   - - i.   ' >      -    -  Amount enclosed 3^   Subscription to Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada    ���   ^British^Columbia...,.   _  North-West Territories   Manitoba ,   Ontario     Quebec'   New   Brunswick   Nova   Soctia   City of Nelson   City of Rossland   City   of  Kaslo        City of Sandon   City of Revelstoke   City of Grand Forks   City of Phoenix...'.   City of Greenwood - ^  eetlngs  o'clock. In Miners',Unlon Hall" corner of< Baker"  and Stanley streets. Vistlng brethren cordially  Invi/ed. Chris Lnft. president; H. .Smelser, financial and record ing secretary. - -���   '- ���  _rn��-.  ���'  t w  VA    1  ^o'clock. .J J." D.  Mnve>.   prealdenb; William.  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 610. .���,.  iyel  A;  A  FRATEENAL  SOCIETIES.  NELSONIiODG  Meets second Wc_.  Sqjonmlng.bcethren  NO.J8. A_,W.lcA.U  nosday la aaeb month.  Invited.  This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.  TTTTTTTTTTTTITTTITTTTTlIxnTTT.-nTTTTTTTTTr .T.Iittttttttttt.mil rr.^TrTTTTT...TIlI..ll��HlIirTTrti  its, every  Knlabts  MORRISON & CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  OUR LEADERS���  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sired packages and. 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh' Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  Morrison & Oa!dwell, flaker Street, Nelson  __- ..-- tenajr l  Tuesday evening at 8 o'olock.   Visiting :   ooidlalfir lnyUefto attend. > H. M. Vincent C. C.  A.T.-Park,K.otB.gS.   ���'TrOOTKNAY TKNT NO. 7, K. O. T. M.-  ,~, Hold their regular meetings on the flrst and  -thiru-Thur8days-of-ench''inonlh7~Vl8lting_air"  Knights aro cordially invited to attend.   O. A.  Brown, R. It; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Hleol.  ���M-BISON L. O. lu. No. 1692. moots ln I. O. O. F.  ���*���' HalL corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 8rd Friday of eaoh month. vlsltlug  brethern oordlally Invited. W. W.-Bradley, W  M, A. Mlnty. Reoordlng-Bocretary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Gko. H. Lammkks, J. R. CRANBroN. or to  any person or persons to whom he may have  transferred his interest in the Harvey Joy  mineral olaim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division. ,  You are horoby notified that" I htveexponded  Ono Hundred Dollars In labor and improvements  upon tho above mentioned.lUilneral.iclalm, in  ��� order to hold said mineral claim,.under ..the  provisions of tho Mineral Act, and If within  nlnoty days from the date of this notice you fall  or refuse to contribute your proportion ot suoh  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest ln said claim will become the  property of tho subscriber, under section four of  an Act entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Aot, 1900." SIIiAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of DeoeinberrlOOO.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Ste\rnson, or to any porson or persons to whom ho may have transferred hid  interest ln tho LUa minoral claim, at Morn  ing Mountain. Nelson Mining Division-  You are hereby notified that I havo expended  the sum of Ono Hundred and Kiftj-Seven Dollars  In  labor and  improvements   upon   tho above  mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold said  mineral claim  under the   provisions   of   the  Mineral Act, and if within ninety dajs from the  dato of this notice you fail or rehire to contribute  your proportion of such expenditure, together  with all costs of advertising, jour Interest fit paid  claim will becomo the proporty of tho subscriber,  under section four of an Act entitled "An Aot to  Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."  DANIKL  HKRB.  Dated this 12th day of February, WOK   Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice Is horeby given that I intend to apply at  the next sitting of tho Board of License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for the premises situate on the Bouth eud of Lot 1, Block fi, ln  tho City of Nolson, and known as the Manhattan  saloon, to Charles H. Ink and Slegel Boyd.  CHARLES A. WATERMAN.  Dated at Nolson, B.C., this 15th day of February. 1001.  Witness: Arthur It VAtraiiAN.  MUSIC.  Mrs. D. B. Murray, graduate ln vocal and Instrumental music. Is now prepared to receive  pupils for Instruction in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ. *  For terms and further particulars, apply roam  5, A. Macdonald building, ocmer Josephine an4  Vernon street. !���������  THE TBIBIINE: OT^SQl^ B G; SATFI^^cMABGlr���;.-&im  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full lire of Assayers'and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  r-ncl our prices are  reasonable.s;^SH^s^E^������r-^~-^==.."'  i  our prices'*., are  Wo are British Columbia Agents fori!  - ; the Denver: fire  a s    wm. ainsworth  CLAY-COSSSGOODS  & SON'&mMNCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS A  W. F,  VICTORIA S BLOCK  NELSON,   B.O.  te,i.*T  yx  7y  A.  y7  1  7'7y  y7.  il7*  ill  THE  NELSON, BiiC.  ���7. >7,  '.TSO'^'y  Ume^C^p^ylpmjt^  ofctheJpatroha^^  "'���"���       -���--- ���- ������������������-*- -������--->- ���--- -���- '"������i'|(j^0^.;  larger  ...quaMtiesIth-an^  '* ^Ittlhrfo^  fx:hX-!:-:yy:,\ ;.x orpine -patronage;iwniea*^uinave^nerewioto,?��Ai,wui��u.^i^w  'P^ASSM;\ T^'aimlwill ll&^t^tftim^  ^?|S^*l,s,..>-,i.,^��.j����..~-,.. .: . . T ��� ��^-:.-.-t,���r.-i���-. ��� ".- r-,-.:.-._-- .-..-...v-.-f.-j  1 ^^xJ-i^'A-'}^7 >^.-&->^-;s>-/;����j^  ���kX&^A_ii  -c^|||��;i^  CITY LOCAL NEWS  Born, to Mrs. J. A. Macdonald of  Mill 7 street,. yesterday';"���' morning, a  daughter.  Born/in Nelson, yesterday morning, to Mrs. p. L."Irwin,'; Carbonate  street, a daughter.        ?-,        :���'-   ...  The members -of the- Congregational church, choir have decided to  give a concert on the; night of: St.  Patrick's day, March 17th.  A number of men will be engaged  today in cleaning the streets and  sidewalks at places where the miid  has washed from the banks, 7: y-x.y  * E. 'Ferguson 7& Co.���;'.the ^recently  established commission rand; wine  merchants of- YernOn street, have  now completed their stock of goods  ;iand L-.are Cready; ;fori:all^kind9':iof  :-*hiisihesslr;i��:J^^  _ r A--hoayily^oaded; freight -car-; was  derailed oufithe slip at !procter:yes^  '^���daj^morning^^  :-cqns0ei-^JjKddayed.;S  7due .hereSlat ?, a^t^^d ihotiarriw  ; until; af temobn^sfe^fe  ifw^he^-^stbr^f^tWi .  'church; expects to^^fehbme^witlv  iliis^Bpebplej ^^  topics;^  fpneTNeed( "7; > evening; ^TheE^senitiali  ",'Gonditi^  'iHTtirn^  ;3lmrch;TR^^^illia^  ���; gi veytlie:fif tlgof;���. a^s^ies ^f ^serin^s^  'on^*,1^6p'le^cM(3'et^' _ Tlie :subject7  will tie ^Tw^^  Jm^iewUl^^nder^  ;'^|Harry|Mc^pdS-an|i|^  .^erj&b^  is totibnery^etc.^'lin!? sliape Jibs* bpbife  jtlMsiiaro^  4s^e^oda;j^^  jj&Ota^l^ii^  t^op wl^Jarraiiged MAi[SAAAm7W7  ^isTHeronl^mibinlg^tr  ...v.'-v**--x-��^^^^-^v^-.r-j;.j|.^  AMONG THE WHOLESALERS  -Business of a Week.     . V  As the7 past week was the  end of the month the wholesale  tnide of Nelson was a: little brighter, which is always the case. Trade  increases as time advances from- the  midwinteiv^mpiiths, and ;the merchants ���J'-are*''., looking forward to a  good, lively spring trade. /It promises .to" be much better; than the  previous year. The shipments for  the week are as follows: :, S.7;7.'.  7; Brackman & :Ker. Milling Coni-  panyi;flour?and feed.���Fire Valley,  Ymir,'-;Arrbwhead> Park :/Siding,;  :,LemohJOreek,\Kaslo,1Kokanee. Nal'  '* Ai'-'.^XXX'xx.* ���'���'��.'-'���n''''1 ��� ������_ '���"' T��'-(-i.-' �� t-��'. ���" ������ -' ��� '������ ���'���  7Am��m  Methodist  ^TIEIIRS  <Sc   OO.  ISTHLSOlSr  IEC.A.SLO  B^.XTX}OXsr  VT^estfiRaricl), Porto Rico and  Iiardo^��;;;te;";:";:.W-.��� ;���; ��� -A-yy*y^  yi^7.Ji^Ef&na7& .Co.i;/cpmm'issibh.  ^merchant-s^Nevv ��enyer^. Sa,ridoii; c  HSily^tpnjl^bJKm ^Glrebnwood7 Plioei- *  ?nix^GiroindyFbi;ks^''-:^oliimbiai: and:  '^f^:fM^^nk\dx7^;7G6:i v-wjibiesaid^  IgrocOTs^^mmit r-'-CityAWaneta^7  ;COT^llj|i^res^ni^JErie^ Kitchener,;  ^SIpcane-lo^^pnj^Rf^k^Cr^k^  ;Bay, ::^^irr��Slb*eani 7:.Cedar"':' Creeled  ^Itob8p^3|jEute^nsei;|(^  l^rtra^^dll^cade^'r^^  ^ffi0$%rTe^  su^lLi-M^'^^  Slo3%pi^ni(5|Saliuoi HPhpenix^G^fen^ ^  wood;   ymir^ Silverton^ Ainsworth  "andjRbasiaffd^:*"''''*''' ^,H  SfOfES!   STOVES!   STOVES I  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  ���uw*  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  :yA-A- HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION,  TfifLEPHpNE J; . store. Corner Bakor and Josophlno Sti cot  'isMy-'  v||Kbbte'nay|'Su^ly^  fgrooera^Moyie;''^  ^l^bsp^Cft'SS^e1;*$lb^njC^  '^Gnihit^-?a;nds  7 �����? ?> ������, '.y.jx.r^^t:.'  pttfcHased'  .   ^I^s^lil^u*^^  !?:*rXr!<*$- ,���.������-?.-:> .;*v. ^  ^M$&.  yrtij..J.''i_  rMte'3B.'-'3:'%i-"-  \S*.".;---~<*!X.'.-  Vi'&i'r&'XAQi^'-'C''   l'  Wl^^^^yA,,:   VM'^^'*'*-V^.,,--��A^-TiSi3.;,f.';i-.-iiv-i,v--:v��-''.  "X^7^>-y.yylT^iX~'^,f^  W^��^i^iMxi^MS^  ^b^ideratib^wasT$IO|SOM^-;^;-*sS^  ?.":,������.">J;**.^:.,'^..'I,?>:-r.;i':������'*..- Vf._> ���>i.i��^y'_L^\7A^r<y:iy7^i\i,Z  ;;..'*' Mrsi"u;S.'>.Ottis; ^president,of the'  |Maj^;Ijea;^  signed her position.' aud '.thei.m'an-I  agement of the club lifts been jjljiced  in charge of a* committ'eejcbnsisting'r  f^|^G^Ste^||E^  $l^e?aiffd|Jf^.^M*qi;ri^  ���will meet on Tuesday������-evenings'1' as  TiGmhbrbbkMSiMlar  70NSl^^0% :pi^nmg^lif|pra^  jited^sa&l^a^l^cfers^Gb^  fGraft'^  i^G^if^nia^WineJCGb7i^  ;^g^s^ILiOssla^i'^  lAiuswOt-jt^^  SjiJ^ijSS^r^^  |^*t^|u^||i^ib;^x0|^,Gp^  ilbssland, Revelstokoi Slocan,' Trail,  fAnai^r'*^^  fe;:7;^Sesel^MB-lHnQsr ���" ":m*:.  ���TS>$[  **Msww^^lmpefia|s|^  SllMlia^'^l^uiBtt^  |lmf^^Swiss^s|||^  wm^i^7fxyy,yxy7-y77:.7i:7xm^_md^xxi7X:  Bfa^hffi-y^��:.^:>.^..^.--:o:-HL..->:T.-*.^r.rr'.-..T.-.a:,l^l^:^,^  ^i'-'l-*���:���'������-  ���^07x.  W&7A  rMlXXXX  ���iyti.'A;...-.":..  ��m:..-:-y  Max A  m-Ay  ^mA-7  yrfSp'i-X-'-X-  &*?*'- ���:���'��� ���,-.*  'XV/.-vT.':' .  m*i_ '������ ���-..���:,  l^'TrV-v.-*-.*  WFX77X:  ��mA-77  MtfMxxx* -  "i^feT:  ^mixz r*eif��c�� po  ^lepKq���|ld;  o : FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR^THE    ;  ^SS^tAA'ASSAZANEm?���  In'ordor-^to mako room for Spring Goods, I have decided to soil tor tho noxt thirty days oil  Roods in stock at irroaUy rcducml prices.   All heivvy Koods* away down, cost not considered, and in ���  OlothinK, Gouts' Furnishings, Hats and Caps, and Boots and Shoos I will give from 10 to 25 per cent  'discount, and all Rubber Goods at cost.   Now is llio chance lo partake or the best bargains ever .  "offered in the Kootenays.   Mir stock is all:new and up-to-date and tho salo Is genuine, so now avail  ' yourself of Uio best opportunity to set kooJ Koods at less than wholesale prices.   Itemomber this is  for only 30 days.*  ..".���':''  m��Axs::7^  at��t:"v:^"..'r ."jv-"'-.-  inly tpgetgooJ goodirat Ichk than wholosalo prices. :-;ltcmomb��  fez *;-���_���-.  <^-'.i;i;.*  '~SAs hbusecleahing will Soon' be the order of the daiy-we would  invite iyoiir attention to our stock of'-;PAINTS;-an'd:yARNISHESL^  .   For kalsbm  than MURALO.; We have twenty-five shades to,.se!ect from.  [y77Ask^fbrcblor^card.',.-; y;.7,-.'/ ^ '/ : AA-'x-A'AJii:"'S-'i..A7.x-"7:i:  iMtimm Hardware Go^  r;rived^ihi^eisbnSyesterda^  * remain here a few days:     Captain  :fSegers";sff^f^  life and lias lived in the west 'many.  .^������eara^SeveJai-Jye^^  -'emg^g^^S^p^iE^^  Bay steamers ou the Mackenzie and  *^thabasck;ri^  |pn'ytLi'es^nkpitt|st^mb^  piS^^i*i^ng.^f--7t^j^^^  ibe^^ldKiiiT|iN^spn^^  ?Fm:i^^|ip|:0^1pc^]^^  ?/in^|'r^*:list'!^bf-|^w^  fh^s^^ehii^'^^^^lf^  ridl^pTOb^bilit^t^ig^S^  t ofcthiBm^ill: W  jSeiifr; sitting; ^hh^h^wilfe )b^|held Jpn|  IJune^ t7thii;|mt ;the|pre|e^^sittingi  ���!there;will7be npt^p^ml^jur^^sesg  i;i;>The street and'pthj^li  ��ha^-beehji ii^arki^^fpr !|thex paSt;-  water^wilLbetunie^jn^  irigi,} ^The-receritftliaws ia^l-hbavjr  rains mythefhillsChave*^i^*^^the7  creekf? to-riseftgam^ndlnp^  is; ia jf till -supply ���at;t^e^electric:Ugfit  .daini-^rifc-'.i^  lightfi^wiU:;upt';b^a  again^;-:\;;T;-Tv;.^T'i^;A^  - H/7^ 1^ Mopr^  years past' was^" em ploy ed Tonx th e';  staff> of  ThkV^Tribune iandefclie  rMiner,    lef t'.[?_ [ this SSjiiorhing 7:f or ���  IKip^te^l^t^iipl^plp i  5sti^tionlGb^ffieiec^ic;SsuTO  Greenwood,;Grand. rForks, Kimber.- -  ley, Sahdonv-WUitewater and KaslbV  ji^rcim^sffisG^Sen^odifiS  jEMil|pS^ii?|||,re^i^^  iCreekjllI*-!^  3i^s*sY&iti1^R3iTiffnn%5::tt��Slr>:^^^  lunatics. .jOf ^e. ra-ealled liberal  ip'rofessirasV'^ flrst to  ��uc��^mb<* tp7;;the ;''braiii    strain,  he^thei lawyers, followed at some  (distance^by [dbctprs^T^clergy, liter-  raryjnen^aii^i��vU;sery'^       Sfcrik-  |ingai^-^ye^i^^tS^Hi|.;^ 117  ;go?iiiad to ::eabh^i(W,00O;S:i:Dqme8tic  Jservahts;aiid ^laborers;?iare not far  behind;;lthe^prbfessibriy.'lmen sup-  jply,155i put of eachipOiOOp as can-  didates I'fprj^e^'lunatic: asylum.  i/Nex^^ljUt'^witii^a^ interval,  cbme;^thc^^mechanics^bf whom only  ;^i^eMix$1^^0glb^|^^ wits.  rvfen]dterMl/i;tq x- relali^;;bommercial  Jmenr^tain^eir^^i^ best of  ^fie^hble^rpi^^a^h^send only  ^���E^tlpllWO^IJ^o^  JX-'X  ���  rBESONAIt;  SfICplbn^^^N^Br^cm'fbf Kaslo  dB;lH'ifoe&t^  ���^^SnS-^tfi^ff^EUi^t of Kaslo  {arriyedih Ne_lMn;yosJ:.erddy.-^:^^^^^^        !   , ���  |KS*^Singerifar^piib^^ ofx Slo-  i'cEfn.Cltyrisin Nelsonr*for;a feWidaysi�� ^ .  5f|3p^e^jBpyer J. Rae  Millor of Greenwo<^'a'roBtoppiiig at the Queen's.  l^^^t^difcsifSiSM-cE^ of  VMoyie.andIi-'J.-Southcotlof Victbipia are at the  JHum^^S'j^-i&.T^Tj^^ TiT��*^u=ri-:^;^jg; (.  - L  '^$^i.^^r^i^^^banrt ] Ohio,  '���andT.'rMblrityroofWlnnlpegi"?,are^registered at  ���^w^^;^0^yij$g0s.... -* , -  ��SU^'��;Harri8ofl^qfuS^ R.  TL"ewi8'Tof3*GoaCJ'Creek;yaro'^^^ tho  ^:en^t^B^^^p|^^fep^:. y ���  S��J^^;;rii:I?Mler";^wh  ,wi than Omaha Packing, firm.ran-ived in tho city.  ���;last^vehlu^y^i?!;*j\^;{:;i!^^ -���     /  ^pl^ril^K^in^f^r^rl^bob  'r keeper for.v the ^Ch^ ar-  srivedjn'.-Nelson-tpdaxi^^^^jfef-j^ -      >������ t -  c^P-^Mc*^  ;iriah'of Slocan'CityiisIn thoTcltyifbr'a'fewIdajs.x  ;HeJte^t the^*I**ddi^H(^e^^  'MTAtt hu *i^^rfE^iy^j&fs|Vw  !]aw6Tl��'rfdrarEngliind^  V in' Nelsohjjj HeJ s i at; the; PMaaivji SSSg jSi?��v HsS y  |S0"^^^7fMa^b^ld*^f*^^  Hawyer^and Ri Plo^TnaW^  fthe' cltjynst ievenlng.'flThoy are interested in the  SUyerjBill: mlrie/Mtua^  K�� ��rhTWt��K��Tfiv1iv'-?.TT..T'.ii>>.'.!.^..i:'.<f.-7.  -Commencing March 1st, and continuing for four days, we'-  will give with every,order, if requested^a fancy.bottle of "Royalv  Salad Dressing."   This is .an entirely "new dressing, and in quality it surpasses any preparation that has,ever been introduced:  Equally as good tor meats as for salads.  LEAVE YOUR ORDER AND GET A BOTTLE.  william; hunter & company  GROCERIES AND CROCKKRY." * -"  BAKKR STREKT," NELSON.  3XIlX��XIITIiniinTIgTlITTTTinniIIITXriTIgriTniTTrTTriTTTTT.niyTTTTTCTTTTTTTTTTTTT.  THE ;PROSPECTOR3   EXCHANGE  -      ;��� -,No. 4, K.^W.I C^Blockr   ' '    .NELSON/ B>CU   < ''   5  ,     ,~-       Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the Hxehange. 7 T   ', -  Free-Hllllns Gold Properties wanted)at<once for'Qastern Investors, -'x  h i ___*--  - , Parties having mining property for  Kxchange for exhibition.   Wo desire to 1  for sale are requested to send samplos of their ore1 to the"  claims in Biitish Columbia.'  roqi    heart from all prospectors who havo promising mineral"  mm^^^m^mommsMmm^B^^s   /r'''' -Neisoh-Brc.  jan(^li*qu*br*k;S|^b|^  ^Denver, Sirl^rp��'pranbrook^-Sil'ver���.  ||ra^Sa|idra?8^|Mpi^^  :|||Koi6fena^^  irbliers^^iHposition^  r^ymst^eiia^i^e&^po^y^  0^^^'*^giisoM(&^^  jan^^ig^Si-^Sfec^  IS^ppSandph^nd^*^  A��A$wwy[[r^  JbccJiTriS^ ^?tfie^ma^  jitrafficSlias^bjB^||i^  ^probably -ieJspMe|[ti^  obstruction has,been, removed, and  Iuntil^h^h^lil^L^eng^^^ggag^  Pi^'fi^ni  ?ygefl5&to73&^  fBMk'pf^a*n*Ma^|^^t^*i^^^3^  K^ToEle^F*^^  !;ney;McklS^p*^Mia^  ;;youTwant to'buy ���oi'aaiiMjt'i^i^^^U^-Xif^i^i:-  :T'rT~rTvV"Tfl';iv..,>*T.'T^�� Ta 'X*'�� '.Vr^^f^^N-rTV^-rTi' T*TT';;:''^f'..'J*..T:*��S:TT.;.  TS;ff^^��I^id^pi^'scrapj*ii^i��bra88;  ^nd,copper.'tNels6n,*ir6n'::Worlt&'is5^  S|^l��^l^l|^i^|ti^^ific;  ���iTra'niferfebam.;-o*a;.y^^^  ;^5^.^^sKfeSS��5^^a5*s4iS3S^  ���>K|EpiyReh^  itrally,located. rApply to A. H.'Buchanan,. Bank^  ^^^^WMM7A^WAA^S"&^^  xxiJiJLrxiiiiixrxixixixri ii: n i n xn\t itm i in 1 f 111 n i x 11 mm mm xrirenrxitmrrm rTMMTtMMT��Tr m,,)  BEAUTIFUL  GRMORES AND  ETGHINGS  of Landscapes and other scenes. Free with every purchase  of���.������.two": packages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty.  Houston Bhck.  Telephone 161.  P. CX Box 176.  JOHN 4. IKVINIj ^ CO.  Spokane, en rbute7;tpJSitka', wbe*re  he will enter the * seryicb? of r;an  English;mining:cqmpanyvOn:Bara.h-:  off'island.''*. During fas resWence in  Nelson Mr: Mobre ; formed^ many  warm ���*, friendships;- and^al host :pf  good wishes will fpllPw him: to his  new fieldijbf pperatiohs^V V AA -.A.  ^vMajor ^ijgra^eipfi^  provihcialToffic^inv^liar^-ifflf^the  Pacific-* coast division'";^bf itheSal^:  vatibn ��� Army, -Will arrive^iii; the jOityj'  thi8i;mprning;,;;frpm;.'^  will:i*/condnctvspecia|; im^ptings fat)  'the'-liamitek^  row and ^Monday.; The local members wiU -tendei' hiin a reception  social at 8 o'clock this evening.    It  is possible that there will be a com-  missipning^ of the local members at  '���f^'mee^g7i .7: A^.x: -:: .y...:... .---xx'..-.{  The -Electric Messenger ��� Service  Company^ is bii8V stringing wires  throughont the business: por tion of  the city, and already they have put  .'np about '.three' miles of wire. The  principal streets on which the wires  are placed are Victoria, Baker, Ver-;  non, Pront, Josephine, Ward and  Stanley. This .Work will be com-,  pleted in about two weeks, when  the call boxes will be placed in tlie  various business blocks. When the  service is put into oi>eration the  company intend to employ about  ;.six messenger boys; > A'.,7x        A.��������� J  ; mail, .^freight :^and|f|OTJpr^ss ^raffis  5 cpttin g" from vthe^  ;tlie cbast-and^^^^tpo  ^hereiwill ?go~ vial itlie?;Gjraw'sSTNest7  ^ss;:.'7;,ato^i^ti|^^w  ^Kootenay :;;i��ii^ng)^Ws^mprni  The additiohaNraffic through Jf elspn)  ^ill'^-giVeV-ftti^  immense 'lpt':pf|wprk>to"Idb^^^^^  v p*^eiit\tra.ffi^i^xS!(^ingly^  iQwirig7 to tlieip^enibShaw^  no doubt there wni''.be^pthei^^  valOTg:;the7line7s^|f..:^*^?^^^  ���[ 7xA '��� Steamer-<pfflcer8��piiange.tT'T^^  :'*:-''��� sArnumber of.Jehinges are:?tb':be  made today in.cpnnectiph)-with-the  meii employedpnthoG.'P. R. boats.  Mi Bennison, whoi Islnb^^ting^as'  ^prirser"on; the*s*^mOT-SIoran/ "will  assume   duties;Vas ^purser bri the  Nelson7^?;F.SB^^Wrigh'fe';jwill; takt*  :the;**:')ppsitiOn^';pfMJp^r^  steamer *SIocaj3^&^^��L^C^pb^  who -is now 'freigHt! clerk;-on* thef  ^steamier Mintdy^iUSae^asf^raight;  clerk on the steamerrSip-can a.nd'X3v*  H; Miller^purs^bf'thi^I^lspn, will  succeed thef burner as .freight"  S:: S.-....,r-'To 7Res.\x^7Woi&  ; -, It wtis reported^here;vyesterday  tliat the North Star mine at.;Kimber-?  ley," upon. wliichf:operations7have  been suspended fpr'ispme; time "past  owing itpthe^Iead'difficui^  made arrangements;with ,fthe'Nel-  sbn, Trail and :fEverett ��� smelters tp  accept its en tire-output, "t This: will  allow work to be ^ resumed;**.* at 7bnce  infiill- force, ij arid1^the-life of the:  district will be;greatly ;benefi ted.f'!.';j  ���,���';. Lunacy andftke ProfeaJBions.y ;.���*,'  .-���:*���;-A' French investigator ,has come  to the conclusion that the brains, of  military' andfa^im** give, out  most quickl^ii|;:j^ states that: out  of eVery lQQ$^ men ' of,- the, army  or naval pjfc^essibri 199 are hopeless  ^bst|��A f^pjMketb^  Hngmoney:*^10 sewanlfor.Its rbturn*to adjutant  7Mc]Hm,?SiUjatton;Arm^^  fil^apanf^aWt^^  ^ymr..U8fe^'!;Buh'rCn*red^;Sp'ider]l:I^^  ;^in hulk or j^a.ckageH;^-j. Kootenay.:^^ Coned Cor'.';;;.  '���^WaiitOT  masons and stonecutters on "tho Itbbson brldpie.  Union wages paid. Apply at the work, John  Gunn.  K"Found.���A pocket-book containing a: small v sum. of money. rO.wner can ��� have  .samobyprovlngipropertyand* paylug-for this  ���advortlsement.y &��.?*.-. ���--, X'-^-yx^'X. y-j.^r-i  :��� viNelsbnj i -Einplpymerit iMAgencyi  ^ker^street,-J^H.=rLbVe.v':Wa''n*^^-���Flrst-claS  hotol cook, waiters, girl for housework,  tie-  .mtiketB^yyxxixxx xxy.:r_.��yxy yxx '��� y;__,  ��� yOforfresh'icandiesi fruits,-nuts;&ci,  cigars and tobaccos 6l tho best brands,' call at the  Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker: street, Miss A.  L^Klinkwlt&^'yTU":::^. xyyA-x* A7xAy,  ���Furnished"ilbbmvto 7iet-^:Liarge  front room to lot: centrally located. - Apply to M.  M. FraBer, East Victoria streot, -near .corner of  - Hendry x.v ;"-.-*;: .X-Xix-y.-^.-... V xxxyx  x--\,^.: ;  S:vThat fine ljierid of 'Ceyibh Tea we  ore soiling at thirty cents per pound In '-giving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers:  Kootenay CoireejCo.  7^Lost���Ai^fox terrier, bitch, long  hair and black spots on body. A reward of $10  will bo paid for its return toofflcoofT.~G.Proo-  :ter,'Bakerstreets' ;    -  ��� For.rent-^On March 1st, house on  corner of. Front nnd Park streets. Five rooms,  bath room, eto.'*:: Ront, including water, $25. Apply to E Kilby, noxt door to BJcBride's stabless  '.">������ WesteriiiilCanadian ^Employment  Ofllce���Male'nn-J-fcmale help:jof-all kinds.fur-  nished'f ree of charge. Victoria street, next door  to PuWl^Ubrary.-;i Phone'270. "P. O. Box 711.     .  ;- :Gppper,;Cbpper,' Copper.- Copper  miiio-i and prospects wanted.' Send samples and  reportto The Prospectors' Exchange. Room 4,  K-W-C:Block,-Nelson. B.C.   Phono 104.   P.O.  box'.No.T7oo.:.:^T:.K<,T  We"; have ^Indian,   Ceylon    and  China Teas'; in great variety, choicest q>iality.  a specialty of blending teas and Bell  ,-'  WEfH^VE  A)I? the'"fasHionabJe creations  _ jaref i nchidedli in Im^jaistvlcon-  IsipirtienipfJSc^h^  "''"*"'  "jo^pty^d-sjfantil^  :iandfFain^^rou^rlngs  rImproved- Incandescent,  Mirror -^ Globe ">' Lamps  , Now " in    Stock. "  They <  Impjove- Electric-Light  Fifty ��� per, 'cent.       -   > -  Neelands' Building,1 Baker Street^  FRED J. SQUIRK, Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TRKMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  & CONSTRUCTION CO.  I     "'. Nelaon, B. C.  R E M 0II Ai  Largo stock of high-class imported  .   ilalty  fashion in ooata.  specialty of the square  oods.  A  shouldor���the  latest  CrW. West & Co.  COAL!     WOOD!  Anthracite ..  Crow's Nost.  Blairmore  .$10.75  . 0.15  .    0.75  3D��1XjX V JaiOREID  The Gait, Coal office has been  removed to the Ward building,' on Baker street���two  doors west C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand. i  AGENTS IMPERIAL.OIL COMPANY, LTD.  No order con be accepted unless aooompanled  by cash. ,    t ���__     L   .     j'v  Office:  Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets. .    .  TELEPHONE 33.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.     *,  PAIRTERS  Decorators atad  Paper Hangers.  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 265 .   General Agent.  REMOVAL  Dr. Morrison, Dontlst,  has romovod to his  new ofllcos in tho K W C block.-f  .We mako__,   them in any guantlty.at lowest rates,  Coffee Co. :   .   *::,- v  Kootonay  VGbld,; Gold,? Gold. Free   milliug  gold mines and prospec h -wanted. Send samples  and report lo Andrew F. ltosenberger. Room 4,  K-W-C Block, Nelson.  Telephone 101   P.O. box  iNp.^w.yyyy-7,       j-  ,   <  Farm to. rent cheap���with about  300 fruit trobs, one-halt acre of strawberries, one-  . half acre other small fiuits, and five acres of  .clover.-'; Rent*, to bo" paid in making improvements. Apply M, Tribuno ofllce or Telephone  91,Nolson.... ,,*..: ���..  John Loye, representing the Consolidated Stationery Company.'Ltd , Winnipeg.  is in the city. He will be in Uio Kootenay, Slocan and Boundary districts for several jveeks,  during which time his headquarters will be at  the Hotel Hume; , *  >   If you want all the Mining i  ' News of the'Lardeau, you  _y  must  become" a   paid-up  reader of the  LARDEAU EAGLE  -  FRRGUSON, B. C. -  $2' per year. It fills the bill.  MRS. CARR  LATE OP VANCOUVER  LADIES' TAILOR  Parlors formerly occupied by Miss MncMlllan,  Vlotoria Block.  Tbe patronage of Nelson ladies solicited.  THE CRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street/ Vancouver.   ,  Boarding and Dai-School for Girls.- Will ro  open January 15th. *TernlB moderate For term i  and prospectus apply to , ~  MADAMOISELLE KERN. Principal.  Dp. Hawkey  Has Removed; to. the  TURNER-BOECKH BLOCK  Corner of Ward and Baker Streets."    '  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  -   Headquarters for.      j  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Bmoklnfr and Pipes. ,   ;  Tt(E CREAT  INVALUABLE TO  LABOR  BUSINESS  MEN-  SAVING  Aim  INVEMTIOfi  PROFESSIONAL  The Can-Dox Copying Book and InK.  Letters and other documents co n be copied perfectly and quickly without the use of wator,  press, brush or moisture pad.  JOHN BLANBY, Agent. Nelflfln. B.C.  ^���t^frfr^frtai^HlifriMit^atM^'^ytvu  ;* ~:>s.y. n^��,~&...-.;


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