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The Nelson Tribune 1901-02-23

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 '���^X'X^-.^^^^l^^X^y^^^  ffljwj  'r  DAILY EDITION;:B^MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  '.���&.-��������'���  ���^..y-USii V:^.;  JSTIKTHYEAR  'iTB^  WEEKL^&lTl^  mam  ^ETMBUNE: NELSONYp C.JS^WKdM; EEB^UAM#, 1901  DOLLARS A YEAR  Sfs-fSs  .....,._., ....-��� %. .^-V;^ ���..,-.-_??yyy&ifiM  'X/k^.MM7xMm^xm7^m        ��������������������� a^ii  77M&  :Steamer Rib Janeiro Strikes  y'^y S^B^^dMg^lf0]  -y.  Illgigli^^  vgm  �����#1$  OAPTAINSAND  rMANlS  QBRS TERISttl  PASBEN-  :   H ^';'J'V  y-y:  A Dense Pog Prevailed aVthe Time--:  syy YmWIio -W^^Resppn'BiWeytyiS  ��::yy|;Y^^  yy*!iTJfesteariiafiip jRidjde^aheiro sant.  pg^pupid^  fyfl^ini^  yYl^fr-^^  ''���7?. y:$uabje:;cargdy ��� Theresas adeuse fdg������  gy*ipl;inight?a^  5||^$jay|^  on the look but," he said, y when*; I  heard the pilot; yell;and 'the��� next  instant the ship struck. A Instantly  all ..was confusion.y Many of ithe  passengers had assembled on; deck  to see the harbor as the ship passed  and the women seemed to; lose control of themselves. They screamed,  arid; theYm^^crewj' andY passengers;  apparentlywere dazedTtiy the-?sud-  denness Pfythe calamityJi;My*atten^'  tibn;V-^^  ^���eyerji'aiM^^  .was^B^l^^unetur^^  struck:��he|*^-^  by.the head and- iri ai short time  ^entr-dp^^  turned in and aided the officers and  ���cr-^e^invsavm  /i*iJBi^wu-rTy^^e^^yel^||j^1,^g^8^j^^  ��.,���  j.1 whites.**   THE CABINET  DISCUSSION  NIOAB^OTASf^  A:    TJNBE& ^CONSIDERATION, i-  18  howling,  oyer:  '.ys:~  get the boats;  Sgl����;stb6'd;'be^^  ���_t:rv;tv-5��s'��.;^  -���;s-^SM4ve*s8eUwent:^aown7��T.w6>'other;- sur^  vessel .went down;  -"���������'������'���iXz^��^{#&*x-~-'"--'----z-'y~  ;?|flS����Wvbr*i;^  l;.4^*->*;v^..-i-^-;y-;'^.-^l.f,-.'.^1ii*i'*r>'^ti-^..v. .^��.kry*'-^^  ^!ft|^��aptaih^but��quartorma^  ;$j?|l%lLncl*^  X,'X^y_^S._h  ���j&-ii��*ia*^  admiral.Tryoii on H.Y-MiS.Victbriaj  Ife;*^^  Y;yy:drbwned;*ho*^ever^  ;*��3.'*.s:$j��^  lliy^a!^  yys th*^  ;|sy^ft.tpjton^  ��|��^pero^  ���**-����^J^Mm^  yfl^ste*^^  %|y|��sliip>^^  yy*��^a*^^ha*feity^  lyYi^ed^rlmt^h^^^  y||jgp;ahe^  :^*"jr!:^^^  yy fesseslhimself ^it' faiiltilfb*rY$)^hip;;  P|^neh*t^lie^>61^t fi&shi{^iffiMndiliisi  y ��>ia,t*.thoriljy;ih; 8^1Y;i*^tf;ersYpOTfei^g5  y A^hl^ wa^^  AM and tfie* li yes of the jwop^ui^ herr  ^-.���ic'-y^  AA mehtC{*^^^he;c6nduct ':ofJ jofficers*'  yy'anft^  : Y-y'ahdYsailfifs^were cooli and; crascienr  yyttipu'slj^^^^  y boats an3?saye:as -mtMiy J passengers'  77   asY'possibleywhile1 Ybthers^declare  y^lfchlrtfiS^st^Y)^  ' .���Ahpsituatioribecam  /was" aii' end to;diiciplinei ampng'thp  '..7 IstMiniieh and that'itiwasYeveryYman:  forhimself; A. CapteintWardVvoice  ���was heardabove the:shrieks of the  yy^PP*^:*11^ *^�� bowliriglof the Chi-;  ;:YYnese^prdeririig the mw^tbisayeY/the:  y'7 wpmenl;"-:Ih;Ythe;:launching-:pf :.the  ;'Y Yboats; itis saidi-cpnf usiph ^prevailed  yYand one load of passengers and sail-  Y-;Y;brs was^dumped'intpYth  ���iy flrstYbpat thatfgb^i-awayi?carried:  ���; several;of the:ship's officers and the;  ^yfooatYn^Y^P^fid  Y y *beym^[abbard^it^w^  yfiow&way f rpnrthe^ suction,Ycaused  'YYYi:&y^tiwjsinking;yess]Bli::"  %7;YI?oiir?boats were:;cleared\7 but so  Y Y;^r asT ^frsbe  ^*bemY*gpt Ys^el^awa^an^  z A r��ts 7). pas8engers|vItalian Yjfishernien  Y.;\'Y'.pe^pied",ihe;bfhOT wreck lieis  Y:;.Y^boidi/three-fburthsTpf %  V of YPort Point; and about a thousand  t tY; yards v off vt he Yrocky^  : Ytiermaa  Y was ;^reWHy used:while -theybip  y was^coming':i^ ^s6iind:;  ;Y  injgs take)n^*|moment; beforeYshp  '.;v:8triiekV;i'Bbp'wed^>:Y'deptt  ;-.���';-. lhore than sufficient; fo  Yselyjbf double^her:]d^ughty YLirid-  :;  strbni is at :''4Yi'(M'S^jBrccpti'n't~'fbr^.tbe':  ship getting so"-far; from the regular  channel.       ���i7-7-y.7yy /ixx":7-:yx ,.,x  .        Quartermaster Lindstrom had the  ���   wheel when the sttiamer struck and  Jiie narrative ia interesting: 'Twiaa.  ���andYy-si...  ;board|ib  y*'We-did'pffipy ^  b ut' pii^ tim%w*^;li  ;;ni^kn^^j^teyhpwSra  jwereilaimch*edji;;Yl*sa^^re^bb*ats|  |filled;$ii&Y^eo^  ^Ka^Sb^ramB'^pfj^  ft^ans^pftasce^aining^  " ''_Cap^hyw^  ^^ploy|of^heY^  ���'sfiiii|GpmJRan^^  fira^n^red^heieryi*^^  on|tHefs^ainsfii^T^  ^a&^%ign^t^^;epin^^^i^^  JRipgd^lfa^i^^  ^m^fCTirod;'l^t(^i^u^tto  ,China and theri.to the City- of Pekin.;  ;-HeYwasjplaced,in charge of the,Rio  fde^anpimSagMtt��  ^I^e^^rs;ahd^rfiaif;p^^  Captain Ward was,35; years old and'.  a native ^df. North Carolina;;-A'sister;  and^twobrothers are- * residents'-^ of-*  ^aleigh^gTg^^^  ��||T*em$^^  ^wbiMxjwh^rbne^hTte^^  5sev.eniGmnesei?#It=is'--thought��thats  snearl^:^O^perspns||j\wea^drov^  iThe^ihblt^^rprbiniri^en^fpassengersfon?  jtheMsteameraywereaRousvillyRWlid^  ^i^and^ill Fl^RatifyYthe:  .-'���V^'vJ ���:; '.�� .���'*T'",:*i '}'.A-7'A'7'��A~>'^A'i':~'+-' ������?-A"''*V;i-'*': ''' *f  ���xyyx, :$>y_y��mBnda&&-:_7 xxy-.l  Hay-t  ::5n-^  :!'irtr**!  ^g^i^N;;;^ebruar^r22p^  ^loth*^^  ���^|u-^ai^^e"-dSlii^^wM|pfY^  cabinet are guarded, the Associated  |K^snsTa:^;t*<^^  itheY^i^Mi^;'pnde^is^^  ;day's" meeting was a dispatch, from  lord Pauncefote, which"it-is underr'  .stood dealt with the probable atti-  !6^eipfatKpT^^  Great Britain's counter proposals in;  ith*^v]^ic^agua?Ycana :;  $p.'7'N6.Y*;Orl^  chared ^h^Ydh^MeyrJMen^  busy all vdayi t^a^i^j^rin^ the  shaf tandC tbmprtaw  will be p^tYingto^ qiieiich ;tlite('las(;'  vestige x^flrpy It will therefore be:  ���two weeks^bdfbreathe ��� other^bpdi^*  are Ytaipnv pufc }��� |Tiip Ifuiieralstbf tbe  ^victims whoselb*^ies'*'lAyeY^belinire^  '*66v8v&?tttWpl^  -:'.- \:'x7AZi:t-'<>'".-".-i1:'-'-"'-*-^*'*������'���'���'  *$''������������'.-.*_.���_ ��� ' -'������.mr. -'���" y?_"���;>. " "^.~'Y"V-1  ministers this 'mortiirig; received a  message -��� from~rthff.'-''Chinese1-peace  '|cpMmi8sipner]^8a^  fga^^g^t^^pn^t^en^0^fi^a^  taapi^&��7$0^  sponsibility-; of^the. viceroys; and  !;govefnpi^  the text has riot; ye't'aiTived:" Owing.  '���������''hA'-T+.litt-inhiWoao*^  iiiwiiHiiNii  SOME SLOGAN PROPERTIED  to|bb,^oty ^^eleotrioIpowbe  YytTYYY^AND'T'LKfflTY^  Enc��)U��^ijg%Bie^ts^;y^  ���fYS^iim*^^  y^?W^:s,^he^^^  is-i*  :^uifie^iri*bfficial!-^i^t��r itp|  iwKetiipr^HeS^wa^  ^^stioris^TwereSYevei^lffieri^  ineefc with the'inevitable non-com-,  mittal answer' that all the proceed-  riX?Xi;^X:i��y X--tt'm^XXi^M-'*s7-yiSXX  iinga; pf ithe; cabinet;! are ijcarried^n;  with the.greatestipriyacy and that  Ij^s^imprasible^tp^i^  Ipir|faisit3r^^supp^^i^^  even the*general"-nature'of".affairs  Miscussedfe^s^MifeM****-*- *A-^'; �����������  ;tb'*:tlwiCmriese^      _  j^id^i^n^^|Si^^legraph2P^^  ;-aM^qsii^fnlii|fcii  A��[��$h^^  i|J^Bi^|^fe*^^^b^;P^  y^Ilj^^fiuih-OTiJ^ivei  in^H||jtbi^g*^mwi;;^^  either^rempve ;mayor Van Wyck of  New York "from officei next Monday  :��pi^Iei^;'^n|^merge^  the legislature urging the passage  foly^tt^^  MADETHE SECOND PAYMENT  **'�����-VT'T^'r  jS;S^^heWp'ffi^l|^]K*^^  ^frpm^^da^*||mee^  ihad time toftakeYdenriitefsh^  fi^mppjwui-'le:^  pj^sfiW|erpSfehj^  lariibas*^dbrJ*:Ch46aifiBl^  man, United States;;consul;at Hbrig;  l^ppK^i^was^aSc^  jrhisS^i^aiMl^wpieh  ���ji|  ;thoughtv.aH ';were; drPwried:yThe  ^ip|-**jira^mc^^  :erickJordari'whensheYstruck. -^As"  ;Jarieii'b;*a8?fpllb^  ;JKei^29;i^cobd2|^^  l;bfeen'5:Sc*^urite^jW^ ^i<7Q;*  ' bodiisSis^^^mwgue,! 10;<tbtai^89i/"  -::-.����. fC; ,-.���_ .���.--u^ y-^  Sriis^^*14^'gp|fp|-3||pff _  |;|T^f&^  serigeEOist^liribst'seo^le��  -������"���'"'���"'������'>i ��� ���^"yix^\'���'������'y'm'?^,-'^\-i~-y'-'-''fx.'j -j ��� -*f*'- i���'���'''��� i ���"' ���"-**-"���-' "-'T*-l'  sul   general   liounsville Wildman,  >Mrs.   Wildmau, two" children" and-  ^ur^:pyfrpmgHOTgkpn^;:^^  jMis^l^^l^eidTlvp^  ^i^Car^nt^iniiaingpnS^riee^^  jland i\Qali;^Bli*M?Rpwepa^^  Ypl��du:^^ilh^m2Biui^ei^^  :*}Mr:[Matfi'esbiig^^  f itrianj^^,^aptain|Hpl t^M^i^Dpw^^  Ydell^rShangtei0|yf:yEy Sesntnbur'  (editpirdfYi^  ���^s^KiWesticSto'yE**^^  ;Leheran;i;Russel Harperi!(jpurrialist;)  Mfv^aria Y Mr%: 'Hart jtMaJtiila^YMrs.  ���Gabriel^Sberpus, Dr.YI^ddiiyattprriey"  :;H���^shawi';YButtey Mpnt;;Y Mr* -*b?l  ���'Mrsi ?WbodWOTth,, YD^;Gkawahasa^-;  ?Japanr|-Tlie fpllowing;a>rpmissibg;y  ^RburisviileY^Vildiriari/ wife' arid twb;  ��� child i^Yai)^Ynur-^';YMrs^K^W^  ^T^Seyriibur, H. C. Matheson, ]. Mr.  ^andcJtfrs^Wakefield;rIiIissY���RPwena*  Jehu^ Dr^O wahasa, DrYyDbddiO. Hv  Hensha w, Mr/and Mrsf." Wood wbrthi  1 ; Among the rescued are: ^William  Bradier, London; James K. Carpenter, Oakland; YMrs/ RipleyyMiss'  ;Lehren,:RussellY-Harper, YE.;vC^  Howell, H.H. Long, G. Hentz, captain Heigh, captain Roltz, William  Caspar, second officer Coghlan, third,  officer : .Holland; 7, chief;;' engineer  Merlihey, '-l-ship. carpenter. - Prank,  Cramp, freight clerks.,; Englehardt  arid Leary," quartermaster Fred  Ling8trbmjY^baftermastei^YR. M.  Mathiesoni and storekeeper r Boggs.  sbi^unMp^^tb|t^^  next Monday^wheh^lord Larisdbwrie  yisdikelyj tor.communicate ito'himjthei  British-views regarding .the Nicar-.  lagualJa^lChu^^  expectation; rieed���'-ibe l.entertained1  Ttha^tKisjinterview^w^  TiWayffeorTsthe^othersithej^Nicaragua';  l^aMMcufi^^ll^^^  H/||&rea^^i^i*n^n*asi^^  |ratifyi.ngtne*Hay^auneOT^  in; the Yforiri desired  by the senate  unless' her. counter   proposals are  agreed rtb within "the-, short time  ^hichgre^ain^lb^f^  lapses,-aud this .is recognized to.be;  ^l'mtMt^imp^sim  ^matibns^  !^un&^^i*^d|^  lpi-d.Lansdowne he;sen*��"the."dis-.  |pat^^lncli^^Y  |Tbe^is|fl^r*^p^  i itSfias lalfec^Btl^tbe'^  JHpusiy|ariii^ni^  *^iai^|Pi*pM^J*y|M^  Twnmeintgiia^i'jdead^f^  Yi^^Ytlift-idprna^ill^  lwitKpu,tfa;".quid^  tx^&Ti&y  ffi��&!*fe;;:  WiStYss-J:*^*  t&^Xii.'-i.;  4i3t?z^~-xy$-x&..^xx.?fi^3X&,^&^  BALANCE TOBE; PAID IN  ':A^7:^A7_A^  ABOUT  ^A^T^e^icyiw1^  ���^'���&.'.-iv'��'-TCvTi'.'.-.',^ ...'-*>'  .ppwer: is . tp.; be erected^:at. Three  iF^rWsTinYtbi^  '.^V^..^;/>^'--'.S;VT^;f^'.Ti*>^'*' ..''���-������:*^.   -' ^:-^v:;;.-'^<.--v.-J,���-.-,_yA^^.  the' enterprise will probably amount  'ne|^iclK^^  the principal'-- owners of- the- Reco.  l?:-:��r<-!.--~r.:.>-/-_.'*--'*S:i;->>v>i2*?,Tr;..-������-���"������, ���*--'*):-.���.'}-.:tf_,:..<*-r<-^:-y~-. '������  'Tmineli-^Sandpn^HeTha^  application for 500 inches; of water  jongt^Sri^h|y^k|^bf^  c^*^^2^3ncl^s^^|l^sp^  an~djS25fe;i'^  ' These three creeks converge at Three  Porks arid it is an excellent location  ySf^-siwfape w^  anefforty will be:^mi^e%tp>bpen^p.  ; the bigfcyeiny WyYD/�� WrighteiK, lof  Spokane^wljp -isi ai the head> of-Jthe  ;8yndic��1^ia-atiil^  considerable development" is being  iaid^it;Y--;":-:;Yy|y^^S  |YyH*wbe^tT^-Twig^  'mining-;:;eng^  .���arriyed^b^.the.Yci't^  route to Kaslo, where "he-has. been  engaged to do surveying for a riiin-  ilngtepmi^n^^  recent rich strike was made on the  f.B'Mun^imine^l^TJhe^  which was being - ran ��� for:; develbp-  i&nt$'pu-^bseS;Krim^  'ThieYtw'Mksfbh:;?,���  'Ti.' ������'��� '''���.  ���._X:ytfnZ'teyi^"t-<m  wi  ummmmmsm  m&  y&$&r&.  '���r>.v..^Va  ^^���rc^-.v'''.   ���-���-'������������; ---"Y" '-,'" ' ��� ��� ������'���'^A''\7'A'"'^?^-r-~:���^^AA^^\  ri^m--^-'-?,.'~~-'7r^-y[i-j:7,^^.'\lAA7.tf_^  The Usual Number?6^Wlivs��   ...^.^fiwjt.-^^..   ��� WM\:c8mmSiac^tbyer^  ���is said.that the lead is a solid bo^y  of ore which contains high values!  A7A77y7^)fig:y. -.f y>i -y7x-WiMiM$M��l��MM&  l^-.&7;X;-::.,7-^xy:7.h,^;X^  -:.X-,*\-'#z��}\>4.-?i:.,:-::,}S^-��^  ':'r.ADn%VnnBiinnB%:;n��nAw.im>^i��^)>J<iSi  Drifting on the vein  is being conr  3^||gWd^*t(C^*d<Mme^  Onondaga YOompany'a Properties -Near  yWaterloio^onaidwedTbyTM  |pi^��@i^iii^i':""" '    "  p^Ro^E^iy|@Eeb)^r^22^T^  Mining. * Coin pany  %e'sterdayiptd.,  ������������*���������--���'~'-pj>;&>40?t_?_  - ^ ��� ��� ^i*.  EASTERN CANADA   TELEGRAMS.  -x-:::'^-Vancouver:- 3pjAm^)AA':':A:  y^NCouyBB^brua^^  ialyto The; Tribune.^yT^^Yim;anage-Y  ment committee "pf the School board  has recommended the'. dismissal of  all;; city '; schoblY IxBachers-:toY^take  place'June 30th^: Mari^ a^HcationsY  liave Y beenY made  Yrecently':; -for  increasedy; salaries, Y yaridY Ypetty  jealousies arid other;troubles* have  :"cause<I: this 'actipn;'^-T' y A xA_ -7 y�� )x  7YTheY'[.British YCplumblaysrigar  refinery.;has.c6riipieted a contract  f or-theYimMediate "bupply of twenty  thousand tons of Queensland sugar.  ;: The engagement is -aririounced Of  .Mrs. vLouise Buxton^ywidow:pf J. M;  'Bbxtbn,'.;ptb''^Hpri..Y'Gecir'.Edwards,'  brother- of lord Kensington.  The friction pf. steel on ice is exactly half that : of ice on ice, and  one-tenth that of steel on steel.  ^vvToRd^TO^Majp^  iWardeniof^NewiWest*inm  tisih iYColumbia,!Y;penitentiiarjr, Yis v at^  ;th^:;Rp8sin: h^^:A;AiA-^A7^^A  A QTTAwA.yThe annual meeting of  the-YictorianYOrder of Inurses. will  =beybeld"atYGovernment.'��� house on  TMarchA. i'lth; - Lord ;yMiri^YYwiir  ':'j.y<i)Bi)(faA^:i7^  rT6RdNTO.ySecretary E. vi.Wills;  of the! board of YtradeYivasY married;  last nighttbMrs. Agnes Kimpton,  daughter'jpf the.late John Patterson:  Ypf/Moi^eaJ^iy'^':'; A77:.'- .yy*y7  iPIjARKsuvrq, Ontario.���George  Speers, one of the oldest, if not the  oldest, resident of this village, died  ���yeryvY ijsudderily';; ypsterday. Y'Tliel;  cause of death was heart failure. ,';���;;:  ? MoNTREAii:yit was today decided  by the Protestarit ^school coihmis-  sioners of this city^ to observe May  24th as empire day in all the schools  under their -jurisdiction. ��� Hitherto  May 23rd has;been observed.      :  Woodstock, Ontario.���-W; H.  Horsefield and ..'wife, newly married  at Inrierkip, were nearly Yaliphyxi-j  ated by7[ illuminating'.Yg'as at the  Buckingham hotel;here7yesterday  ,morning.: ��� They turned the gas jet  too hard and it snapped back,/causing this gas to esct^e^y'   Y ' *Y; YY  Y Y Captain Troup's Moto  'A-^ontrbal^' February * 22.���Captain J. .W.*.:Trpupj'' formerlyxsuperintendent of the Pacific division,  Kpbteriay, has it is understood been  appointed manager of the Canadian  Pacific steamers operating between  .Vancouver,yYictoria and the north  YcpasfciYY^aptain Troup, \ who Yhas.  been in the city for a few^ days on  business with the management, left  tonight for .Vancouver via Toronto.  Aftermath of Mine Disaster.  Victoria, February 22.���It was  found today that the; fire in the  Union mines had extended 50 feet  chased consist of YtlifegMaub^;SgYel*4  ���.!VK_s.';,!:-*;;*ay.^.��-:x--_-;.^  ���low. Jacket,:Standard -and/Touchr-  Me-Not- - mineraly ciainis, yisituated'  ^me|sewip^^  ^^wWcl^the^npiMa**^^  Company has been formed to -"oper-;  ate. ; The property -was purchased^  'by|^hle!^niybrpt^  ^^^kp||^Qp||}f^^  ^s^d*|d*^[i^i^9 J^  |j^ar|8^^2p,00jG^  Thomas James, the manager for the  ?c^^ny.*^The^  Ychi^e^ic^icpnsisting^^  yfe\b'eipaW|inVa]^^  'y!-Tbe;5prop*OT  ibeeriY^flriderYY; dew]^p*ri��enty^iriceY  SepteinbtJr^last and;t]^^wirig|pf;;  ore caused the mariagemerit recently  tpepturchaaeYa^teri^mmg^HLy^  imHl^Umts^fno^b^tl^^r^  Ywill bie!iri'6j^ratio^in;Jab*^^  months:: Thirty-fi-vp^ineriSare.'}:eni*?'  ployed in the ewctipii^^YtheSinill  aridi; in   the ; develojim-en^bf i^the  ���.p*roperty. yThe WiH^brbth-OTSpare  ;wealthy���: niinirig Y menSarid'Y candle;  manufacturers y an3^hayeU'm'ade%a'  g^eat .deal^bf;: mpriej-i nin;bbth;iniriing  and. manufacturing. Y Mining: irieri  speak inyhightermapf *the ppssibil-  i ties of the proper ties of the YOn'o'ri-  daga- Mining !Cpmpan^!t^!caprte^  stock of "which is all Yheld ?by tlie  Will brothers. ���..'  7',y7y..7 .  days in the .:city;. said Y last evening  that. the Reco . mine had'; reached:  '��� such'y aY stigeY.that.![ considerable  power was: required to operate.the  "inachiriery. and,^. drills.: that ywould  ^^ins^led^  ling^fSthislplarit-i^inibTO^p^ialiy^  to supply the Reco with power, .but'  fa^*^genw^8j^ni|;j^  fm-^tli^t^  ditional'Jights^ and .also;to supply  'the various mines of - that 'district  *^j^b^tolji^tlaM  |b||^^ne^?sm^i^^^^Se|^^  Yruu directly from ,the.plant to the  iRecbfe'iChil^ujp^^inel^  ? several-Stlargef^properJbies^among��  ?tWhich%areMhe*tPayne{��Nbble?Five^  -���:-r?^*l'T-S-'i^Cf''^^*"'M:��.A-f''''^  ��Last3*jChance,yAmencanMB  ^���kr-i-f^:iv*'-^^j^''^^:i'-_i.}^~_^^^^  *Washingtbn;\%^  5of'tba^diitfictitheijcOT  &.X>>*':f-��rrT7iar *N'>^H'gyfcjSw>fe*- .-^i.;w'~*swSS:^-1'-,j/.  T'ascSffipa^  fer^aJa^St^ll^^  ;;be.'afj^eatt^for^  I m*erit;;*afjjBaS ti*-propra ty^^h^pibun  S^^tiTOtldp^pj^eot^  ^p|s^^ipn|rtKe|^  |p|BpfcyS|aityKa^p|^^  meeting of the .'directors  was held  on.Thursday and-.it* was decided'to  commence - work ..at';; once. ;:A force'  y^rai(S>*hj!wili|^  pected that work will.be continued;  ;.*T1"1'^j^1>':-yr^.'.-^'^.:,..^-..''^:''-o^..-:^^f^>^_..T:^'^  all the year., The: property^ is. an  tbld"brie; arid I has *good.Y'sho win gsS^Ii^  good work is- carried on it will ;not  be ion g bef ore the property is added  to the^shippirig.'list.--:?A;:good Trail;  from Kaslo to.the property has been  constructed,' bunk.houses have been*  erected and; everythiugyis in readi-  '���^^Y^^ram^rScefivwki^  LORD   ROBERTS  i'-^--i>5 ���**!��; {.'7-'$gxy.  :(^stl^*ith^'W^i^DlteS  TeBteriay^ssI^  Proceedingsi*ih1 the HduwBiofM      " "    '" ' '2S<^*p  :.>l<-.';>^T-1.r'iiT.....  Commons.;  -J'-i;.*^?^.'!-^^  '- is^^-''-^- -: ^"'Sj?.'^' $ $ ) ;3^"*?*\SBf  ..?S?*&?Z!i' V-.rH7A3--\^^  ���y Y To Be Referrea Back. ^  * HRossland, February 22.yChief  justice McColl, at av sitting of the  supreme-court here' today, granted  an order referring.back to the land  commissiorierat NelsbiiY^fbr:1 recbri-*  sideration aforraerdecision of-./the  commissioner awarding, to the Trail  smelter ; certain Yyaliiable; water  rights on Murphy, Trail arid Stpney  creeksY'/:''.The':brder.':;'W'u^'spugKt;.'by:  the iW'ar Eagle andSCentre Star  miriirigcoriipanies,Ywtiicti held that  the Nelson', award had Ybeeri made  without their knowledge and at a  time when their own ���applications  for water rights were pending before  the gold commissioner atyRbssland.  The effect pf the 'Ti. ctiie^iiatice's  order will be to enable i the land  commissioner to cancel^ or amend  his first award, and 'to ' allow the^  interests of all the parties to be  considered. , x..7.........  : Dewet's Movements; '.'.*._  Db Aar, Cape Cbloney, February  22.���Commandant Froneman'sforce,  about 1000, has separated from general Dewet and gone-north. General Dewet is moving westward to  meet commandant Hertzog, who is  coming with a fresh supply of  horses. .. - .-���;���,��� -o.7.  ^ie^-esjwitbutlp^ywl^  ;*^ra^d^dvancem^^f?th^^^  |iKis'|jbbableitfi^  Yc*^tratc^;|^  ���the^mi^csea  jquireleonsidemW^*^^  pi|?!imily^  Y||Go^^���^i*t^'^ef&beirigf;^  ���frCto^heiE^lyi^  ated aboiitJpne"mil^n^;^ilVOTtpnE  *;:Th| min^is ^i^ri^bett^ it;  ?;tias^fpi^;''spme;^t^*^^^^  taken out in larger quantities and  ^aiIf air- sliip^rit Ywil l;be Imade Yat" an  :eariy<dat^yTheY^rpp*-^  ati^lled^byyans^ngiistiicP  "WittiY?Mi\YvHppeYpfYiVancpuyer. as  manager.':.Y About; 50y; menY are em-  plpyed^y. Work is being proseicuted'  in five tunnels, Np. 2 being in about  1250 feet, while the others run from'  1000 'feet arid less. Y TheY principal^  development is in the upper work-;  ings, where drifting on the lead is  being done.   A tunnel to tap  the  lead at a considerable depth is now  well under way:    The last contract  work on ;this was completed yesterday.    The 'lead will probably be  reached in another 100 feet, r When  the ledge is reached at this depth  an immense body of! ore will bo in  sight and in good shape for block-  ing;out. "-���-���;'���:������'''"���'���': -  Work on the Silverton Boy, also  an English company, of which T.  G: Procter is the managing director,  is progressing rapidly. The property is showing up well and j a'con-  siderable amount of good pay ore is:  being uncovered.  The district in general is looking  well and much work is being done.  The hills are covered to a considerable depth with snow and sleighing  is good. The mining companies are  taking advantage of it; and are  hauling their ore to. transportation  points. If the smelter^trouble' is  settled at an early- date it is said  that the camp wiiU^beYbne of the  rriost active in the Slocan district  during the summer months.  ^]ndn'S2wereY'b��litti  planationiregardingytheretireraentpgT;^  '-^"* ���- -���^���������--���-^������������'���mmmmm  criticized:  '3&*";  ,#Cbl vjlle,si iaid^l  General  P  |^n��rti-^^filM|$h8^^  has not kept his free miner's certiU-"'  |cate3^paidi|up,'Kthus.sforfeitingl!hi8:  right to hold aninterest in mineral  claims! x.M is Icopar triersi:iri".'tHe Fafn --.  - ���'���. ---. --ir-i '=i.'a-^;^j:i,^,'v.;=.a:^-iv^.vT^.'V��-r''ilJIi>.li'fTt*'f)'2!t  Albert Grey._.The notice was signed  ^b^iWUiiam^^^wn^diy  yNei^��t'!to:YEe^st^P*art^^        5?  '^'Tf.."-^.V.--^.<i-.>'5.-.3.,^>.-.^...-.;V.'.>l.T'l . ^..,.T.'."y.T.v.Tv.':j.-.'.^O^V??  )AY:^rt^dmrigg.busi*n^^:in2R<^^  Sl^diun^e^aifirmnahie pr^tyle;has;  b^enjsite^by:another on behalf |pf<  the king and himself for thpsum of;  ';$ip0|7bpwuse';:xliexdid riotiYwithin;  threelmpnths :pf sytlieTYtime jn-lienthe  ���first^usedf such: firm Ynamev;o??sty;le,'  pabSe|t^beY  tratvpiE^tlip cburityrCprirt a declara?  tion in\acCo��Iarice with"the prpyis-S  iorisipf Y'chapter-Yl50,.'[statutesY'of;  BritishY Gpluinbiaj,; section    74:;bf;  which; says:Y"Every, person who isY  erigaged in busiriess   for; trading,  . manufacturing/pr mining purposes,*:  andYwJib^isinotYassociatediiriipartrY  rier8hip with : any; other person or  persons,  but who uses as his business style -some name Yor designation other than; his owriuameiypr:  who;, in such... style ; uses his   own  ; name withy ^the   addition ofi'and  conipariy,'bii?sbriie; other word- prY  phrase   indicating   a   plurality: of  members in the firm, shall cause to  be delivered to thei registrar of "the  county court of the county iri which  such person carries on or intends to  carry on .business a declaration in'  writing   signed, by such   person,"  and section 76 of the.same act provides that.a person failing to make  such declaration- shall  forfeit  the  sum of one hundred dollars. Y  ?the^eldiilGaieraJYi(^  f^*jv^?*S%^?i;'��ysiTq^**;v^V!^*^V��^^  ?never,gbeen.i:tried^andwthough'#lns#l#  case had been;considered Yonhis re-ytli  "        v^*S^*>lSWJ^if^^*^S:i*^ffl  Liridley/<  l^icj^iSf^lPo^ltatiit^^  Jord^I^berts^whoihad advised that^��#  ^^^ie^yiiKMMd|^|pg^P  ���wl  Making Good Progress.  Y. Mark Manley, who has been in  the city for the past few days and  who lately bonded for an eastern  American company the Iron Horse  group.on. Ten Mile__creek, in the  Slocan district, will"leave for the  property on Monday. The work  there was started a week or so ago,  and good headway is being made on  the shaffc with a force of four or  five men. During the summer exten-  Sandon Sinks Ooming.  F. A. Tamblyn has received word  that two rinks from Sandon left  yesterday for Nelson and wish to  play here this afternoon and evening. Two rinks will be selected  from the Nelson club this morning  and arrangements will be made to  give their guests a good reception.  The visiting rinks will arrive here  at 11:30 this morning.  Two games were played at the  rink last evening and some excellent individual points were made.  The result is as follows:  H. Houston ������'..'"  J. B* Amiable  Captain McMorrls  'V. A.Tamblyn 8kip..l2  Principal Soady  A. G. Gamble     "  Dr. Arthur  W.W. Beer skip... 11  J. Laurenson  K.G. Smythe  J. H. Wallace  Judge Forin skip..'... .17  A. R. 8herwood  G, MIUb  P.E.Wllsbu  H. R. Cameron skip.. .12  Have Been Punished.  London, February 23.���Li Hung  Chang asserts, says the Pekin correspondent of the Morning Post,  that the pnnishments to be imposed  uponi prince Chuang and Yu  Hsien have been carried;, .but  in accordance with the demands of  the foreign envoys. v.  flpw-wflft-***^  ^ifirali&r^l'fM*^^  *^J-'s^*'*i'-'''-^[ii;''*;,,'''--w/'*:'.*i'-!**  praeiced^actipnsin^accprdan^  ^this^yito^^l^d-Mft^  ^rstc^fl^  Ybj^ghfc|t^^  ihouse^later!and tliereforevw^ldfdi^llS^i  :fer. a" ffuller.��8.tetemra^  Tyi^plyingStc^M^Sfp^  ^j-ibriiUistj'MrlBr^eriis^  Terte'h^pip^ousl^c^mm  ^eral^Y^plyill^y^*^  VeyenlfeM^cesaito  ;;frpmitlw;|Smyp^y||;^  fi?Yi;Replying||ti@^^  hNatipMiisC,*Mr??^  ytiadyr&reiyi^iY^Yteleg  LAifrM;?fMnnei^''.cpnfir^  '���treatriieritipflnativ^  'at.: Caly iriy Sir | Alf red^;yMHner;|sai(l|y||  ;*ti^h*^^^lu^ly'rib'doubtf:i-^  7Bwrs;r^ii3S^  Esau, :wlib Ywas 7 flogged Y andY^f ter-YYl;!^  ywards' shot.Y;Y -^ By Si:. ��� y^^tixtAtAi^  Y; YLbrd; Cranborue, ^arliainentiii'jrY  secretary .for j;:;th'e ���.������;'. foreign'; "office,7  assured Mr. Redmond that the em- Y  peror of GermanyyhadvYniot:; offered^  to arbitrate theVquestipn of teVmiri-^  ating the war in South ��� Africa^^i'^:A[  Replying '.tb a (juestionY;piiY;the;:  cost of the war, sir Michael: Hicksy  Beach, chancellor of;the exetiequer,  said that thus farf ��j3U!500,00p ;pif Y  bonds had : been ^issued . and the Y  weekly issue wiis from ��1,000,000 to."  ��1,250,000.        Y       y .AA'^AA:'  Mr; Broderick i-mparted^ttibj in- ;'  formation that   the YBoers in, the ..  . field had recently, been estimated at  from 10,000 to 20,000.'r.^InVJamiarj;':.*  there   were 16,000  Boer prispriers  and .this number  had since been  increased. .y^yYyyyy. 7 777. 'ASA'B  ; ���  Lord Salisbury in [ the t house of  lords today, referring ftp, tlie Y anti-  Cathplic  declaration contained -in;  the path which kirig;Edward' took Y  at the operiirig; of parliament, said  that    though > he    deplored y; the Y;  language in which the declaration  was couched, it must be remembered '���;_  that tho enactment represented the  passions arid feelings of the;' period  when it was adopted.  The passions Y  of parliament   now; wereY riot f;so Y  strong, but there were undoubtedly y  parts of the cpuntry where ttie coriy  troyersy which the declaration rep-!  resented still flourished..i'and^ iiyhere y  the emotions which it produced hadY  not died   out.   If legislation wasY  undertaken it ought to be started  in the  house of commons aud he  was not certain but' that . strorig  feelings might be aroused there.  Bupfaix), February 22-���After a  cleverly played game the University  of Toronto team defeated the team  representing the ' Uniyertity ;'of  Buffalo today by the score of 6 toj^.  , gjBssjgggjjgssa*^^  ���JSteaxiiax.  tt*����*��'C>l**Bl'*rtCKagl^^^  i��aaaw��w��wc��w*^^  THE TRIBUNE: NELSOK B. 0; SATURDAY, FEBOTARY 23, 1901  Health  In every family is the very first and  most important consideration. To  establish, and retain it there cannot be anything more conducive  than appetizing and easily digested  food. Try any of the following  specialties.  v\,  Christie, .Brown & Co.  Rusk Biscuit.  Peek, Freen& Co.  Nursery Biscuit.  German Rusk.  Nestle's Milk Food.  Milkmaid Brand.  Robinson's Patent Barley.  Robinson's, Patent .Groats  "4     * ^  ALL   NEW  AND   FRESH  HTOS0NS  lv  ���:  'I''*'  ft -  'Ir  WA  Xw  Pi  Is; -  J< ��         1 : ���  ���A special .meeting* of- ,.the���city  council was 'held yesterday- after-  .   ^oon forthe purpose of considering  " the request of .the mayor, of- the  city, of Cumberland for the relief of  the sufferers of the recent coal mine  explosion at that point. A question  hns been raised as,.to whether the,  call "for yesterday's meeting  was  regular or not, in  that it did not  " _ specify the purpose for which the,  ,(  meeting was ^called,   and for the  honor of Nelson it is to be hoped  tliat the point is well taken, and  ���-that at the regular^-meeting_of_the_  - council - on   Monday   evening   the  ��� request of the mayor of Cumberland will again come up for consideration. At yesterday's meeting  it was decided to respond to the  call for assistance with the niggardly vote of $100, an amount which  The Tribune ventures.the assertion  is out of all proportions  to the sympathy of the,  people of Nelson. The Cumberland  .disaster was one in which many  persons lost their lives, one in which  very many families were rendered  destitute.' .It was essentially a case  in which the sympathy of an entire  ��� province might go out to the sufferers. In such a case Nelson, can-.,  not afford to have it go upon record  that its sympathy may be measured by a paltry one hundred -dollars. Such a decision would mean  that Nelson was retrograding.    ForY  , the sufferers of the Sandon fire, in  which no lives were-lost, the city  of Nelson made a vote of something  like $1000; for the sufferers from  the Kuskonook fire, a vote of.,some.  ' $500 waa made. In neither, of  these cases was the necessity of  the case equal to that of the  Cumberland mine, .sufferers, y in  which in several instances-entire families were robbed of their  bread winners. For the sake-of  the fair name of Nelson it is to 'be  hoped: tliat the point of order vis  well taken, -and that the matter  will come before the -members of  the council at their next meeting on  Monday evening, and .that an  ap-  will be in keeping with the distress  occasioned by the calamity. Nelspji-  in this instance has been requested  to respond to the necessities of,;;the  Cumberland sufferers, and the  people of the city look to the aldermen to do the right thing, and to  remember that-it. isY;Uot- an individual t hat.is giving, but tbe. en-,  tire community. Nelson's sympathy  for the widows and orphans of the  Cumberland mine explosion is not  measured by a tax .of less'than two  cents per head. The sentiment of  the people, of Nelson ia that the  council should, either raise the present grant or knock it out altogether.    *   H.   Bromley   Davis,   who  left  .Nelson on December 26th, 1800, and  seryed honorably with the second  contingent in South- Africa, called  at The Tribune office last evening  to protest against the complimentary smoker which, the, members of  the fire  department and the city  officials .have announced for Wednesday evening for W. J.  Thompson, late chief of.the fire department, who has enlisted for  service  in  the Baden^Powell police.    It is  understood     that  _the     objection  which   Mr.    Davis   takes   to    the  Thompson, smoker, is *that-it, will  clash with, a,,raffle, which he. contemplates for. certain souvenirs  of  his-previous. South   African  campaign.   While  The , Tribune has  not torn .off any suspender buttons  in championing^the cause of -~W.' J.  Thompson,   it - explained; that- the,  ex-chief's friends were quitejwithin  their   rights -in tendering him   a  'farewell*reception if ,they felt so  disposed,-whereat Mr. Davis said he  would repair to the office of the  Nelson Miner. . ���" '  Jphn Choldi.tph & .Co, wholesale.  gEpcers.y Kaslo,    Granite,     Moyie,  New Denver, Greenwoodj Ymir aud  Saiidon.  Turner, Beeton & Co., dry goods  and liquors.���Salmo, Erie, Sloean  Junction, Ymir, New Deuver, Enterprise, Sandon, Kaslo, Ainsworth and  Pilot Bay.  Mansfield Manufacturing Co.,  brick and. lime.-rMpyie and Cranbrook.  Kootenay Roller Factory, press  rollers, composition, etc.���Greenwood, Grand Forks, Sandon, Moyie,  Cranbrook and Kaslo.  Death Penalty for Kidnaping.  The senate of the Missouri legislature lias given partial effect to  the agitation of the last year by  passing a bill which permits the  death penalty for kidnaping and  fixes the "minimum penalty at ten  years' imprisonment. Generally  speaking, it is not wise to multiply  the cases -for capital punishment.  The history of criminal law shows  that where it is meted out indis-'  criminately for great and small offenses T the remedy defeats its own  purpose. But if kidnaping is given  a bad eminence by tlie side of murder it will soon become a crime  shunned by criminals, and it is certain that-it deserves as severe a  treatment as murder itself.  r: ixxxnxx:  Spikes and Ribbon Ends  Just in  a New Lot of  Spikes and; Ribbon Ends  Spikes from  Cents to SO Gents  TTTTTTITT1 tXXXIXHIUXW OH  Irvine & Go.  inmiiinmiiTmiinnmiiinwTvtmi  1  36 Baker Street  New Laces  and Embroideries  New Allover Laces  in White, Cream, Ecrne,  and Blacks  45c to $5 per, Yard  - 'fffiyl!?''0*'.0*-i:0**'0f'^'0*'00'^^9S^SSS'00f'mW0^m*0^^0^*00)7:        %��?.<Q��.^,^.^.^���5j'.'*3?'>*^>^'.*5?.'^^*%^r'>5.^.^'���^j^  m :   * ^fts  to��  $   SPUM'  in L '50  to  to  to  to  to  to  SPRING AND SUMMER, 1901  The new Spring and Summer Goods are coming in every day.   We hardly know what to tell you about first  Wash Fabrics  A Icyely display^ olYthis-season's choicest patterns and weav.es, novelties  controlled exclusively by us. Dimities, Swisses, French Organdies, Mercerized, Foulards, and Many others.   Prices.-25c to 60c per, yard.  propriation will then.be made which j Sandon and Fewue.  Upon the question of the invasion  of James J. Hill'into the .coal fields  of-East. Kootenay> .the.-Vancouver-  World disagrees, withr' the opinion,  of. professor Odium, who has probably contributed more than' any-  other writer to the.columns .of the  World 'during, the,past year.. In  Tuesday's issue of the eWorld',professor Odium _contributes-a column-  of reasons-why the^ Hill charter.for  a railway should be refused.  AMONC THE WHOLESALERS  -   Week's Business.  i       ���*��� *  . Notwithstanding that the, month  of February is avlways the dullest  in the year with the wholesale trade  of Nelson the business of the past  weekr has been comparatively brisk.  Orders have,been large and, trade  lias, been (much better than ,was  anticipated by-the merchants. The  shipments for the week are as  follows:  ���Brackman-GE���Ker-Milling-Com-  pany, flour and feed.���Club's Land-,  ing, Coffee Creek, Phoenix, Ymir,  Kaslo, Slocan, Cascade,- Robson,.  Slocan Junction and Lardo. -   "  H. J. Evans & Co., commission  merchants. ��� Grand Forks, Kitchener, Silverton, Robson, Ymir and  Rossland.  A. Macdonald & Co., wholesale  grocers.���New Denver, Burton, Fire  Valley,.Robson, Slocan City, Fernie,  Rossland, Ainsworth, Crawford.  Bay, Silverton, Lardo, Alamo,  Greenwood, Slocan Junction and.  Rock-Creek.  W. F. Teetzel & Co., assayers'  supplies. ��� Creston, Whitewater,  Greenwood, Kimberley, u Rossland,  Phoenix and Salmo.  The Kootenay Supply Company,  wholesale grocers.���Ymir, Kimberley, Kaslo, ,Eholt, Moyie, Cranbrook,  Creston- and Sandon.  Nelson Saw and Planing Mills,  sash, and doors.���Crawford Bay,  Kaslo, Clubb's Landing and,j other  lake points.  California Wine Company, wines  and jcigars.���Whitewater, Robson,  Moyie, Slocan', Kelowna, Greenwood, Cranbrook and Phoenix.  J. Yi.Griffin & Co.,provisions,aud  produce.:���Sandon, Slocan City,  Kaslo, Phoenix, Ymir, Greenwood,  New Denver, Rossland, Grand  Forks, Kimberley, Cascade, Fernie,  Trail,,Trout Lake, , Cedar Creek,  Cranbrook, Kuskonook, Auaconda,  Vernon, Salmo, Pilot Bay, Moyie,  Whitewater and Erie.  Kootenay   Electric   Supply   and  Constructioni ������- Company,     electric |  supplies.���Sandon,       Whitp water,  ��� Cranbrook,.Kaslo, Moyie, and Grand  .Forks.  .;..:.F. ��� :Starkey & Co., commission  merchants.-��� Robson, Kaslo,. New  Denyer,; Cascade,, Phoenix, Revelstoke, Ferguson, YYmir, Slocan City,  ' The Labor-Leader's Views.  Slocan Drill.  ' Chris ������ Foley's opinion upon the  Crow's Nest'coalrquestion has been  sought and, given widespread publicity. Naturally .he .holds to the  principle of the'public utilities for  the public. Time, has brought its.  own reward to Chris, as those who  opposed his principles four months  ago now see fit to indorse them.-   <  Italian oranges seldom yield over  -2000 orangea to the tree. ' Florida  ���and _California trees 40^years'old  bear 20,000-each.  * The highest ;railway bridge -in  the- United States> is- the^-Kinzua  <viaduct on the Erie line���800 feet  high.       - -    . ��� '"-' -    y'.'    . ���  New Cotton Waists  Superb creations-in white and. colored, correct styles of 1901. Those  making, selections-now have the .advantage ;Of sizesuand .exclusive novelties.   Prices $1 to $4  New Cotton and Muslin  WASH DRESSES READY-TO-WEAR  They will be very popular.this season both for house.and street.wear  Corneing. in white, organdies, Percale, Grass Linen.   Prices $3.60 to $18*  Kid .Gloves 50c.   We have just' 150 pair of odd  sizes in  tans,  modes,  and grey, to make room,for eastern  gloves we  have  marked them just  .50c.   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MEALS  25  CENTS  The Gait Coal office has been  removed to the Ward building, on j.Baker. street���two  doors west C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand.  Wi P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 205     General Agent.  'ROOMS LIGHTED BY KLECTRICITY  > AND. HEATED BY- STEAM      -.  ' 86 CENTS TO ��1   QUEEN'S HOTEL  BAKER BTRBBT. NELBOH.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated .with Hot Air.  Iiorge oomfortable bedrooma and. flrstMSteM  dining-room. Sample rooma tot commercial men.,  RATES ,S2 PER; DAY  K|rs^ErC. ClarKerProp.  1ATK OF THK BOTAL HOTKL, OAMAR*g  Njadden House  Bakor-and Word  Streets. Nelaon  Limited.  CHARLES-HILLYERr HARRY. HOUSTON,  President, and General Manager. Secretary-Treasurer  All-Communications to be addressed to* either of.the above  We are, prepared to Furnleh  , by*. Rail, rBar^B; op. Teams - -  DIMENSION LUMBER  ROUGH- and DRESSEDI LUMBER  \.LQPALarid COAST CEILING  LOCAL and WAST FLOORING  DOUBLE DRESSED COAST CEDAR  A' RUSTIC, SHIFLAP, STEPPING    V    l  ,    PINE and CEDAR.. CASINGS,  DOOR JAMBSy WINDOW STILES  TURNED, WORK; BANDS A WING  BRACKETS; NEWEL:POSTS  TURNED VERANDA'POSTS  STOREFRONTS  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS,  Get Our Prices ^before  purehaslner^elsewhere. mmmmmmmmmm^mmmm_mmmmm_  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL:STREET, & P. R. CROSSING.   HILLS: HALL STREET WHASP  P. Burns & Co.  WHOLESALE TRADE  DERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE &,CO.,,LIMITED.-Cornor,Vernon  and Codar atreets, Nolson, manufacturers  of ,-and wholoaale dealors.ln eeratod waters and  fruit syrups. Sole agonta for Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  Telephone 60..-   .  ASSAYERS'   SUPPLIES.  WF. TEETZKL' tc CO.-iCorner. Baker and  ���   Josephine streets, Nelson, wholesale doal  ers ln ' assayers supplies.  AgenU "Vor Denve  Flro Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado. ,.'  . COMMISSION .MERCHANTS.  HJ. EVANS 8c CO.-Baker street, Nelson  ��� ��� wholesale < -��� dealers   in   liquors,   olgars ���'  cement, Are brlok at\d lire olay, water plpeiand'-  steel.rails, and general commission merohauta.'  ELBOTBICAIi. SUPPLIES.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY 8c CON-  SI RUCTION COMPANY���Wholesaledeal-  era In telephones, annunciators, holla, batteries,  fixtures, etc., Houston blook. Nelson.--  P.  Dr. Morrison,. Dentist,  has removed, to hla  new offices ln tlio K-W-C block.  Compound  Syrup...  OF WHITE PINE AND.TAR  WILL CURE YOUR COLD.  The onlj hotel In Nelaoo .th** has.remained;  under one management slnoe 18B0.  The bed-rooms aro well tarnished and lighted  by eleotrlolty. .-, - ...  The bar la always stooked by the beet dom ������  Uo and Imported liquors and olgars.'  THOMAS MADDBNt;Proprietor. _.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUa Manager  Bar stocked with beat brands ot wines, liquors,  and Cigars. Beer on draught. - Large oomfort-  abln rooms.  VtaitMdaM tablw.bo* d. ;^  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBBWKRS AMD BOTTLEB8 OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  Head Offiob at  NELSON, B.O.  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Hemeniber the new staqd   at Corner of, Ward  arid Baker Streets.  Prompt and re  deiivwr to tl  Hilar  ���a trade  Brawary.al-NaltoB  COME AND SEE  US.  Canada Drug & Book Co.  Limited.  If you want all the Mining  News of the Larcleau, you  must- become a ��� paid-up  reader of the  LARDEAU EAGLE  FERGUSON, B. C.  ���iDeiY>y.ew.( .        It flUjButh��bUl.  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Comer Vloborla and Kpotena;  P. O. Rot M0  pbdkp:  roets.  K KO, 96  $2  Home Grown  Fruit und Ornamental Trees, Itosca, Shrubs  yincn, Bulbfl, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra choico Htock of Peach, Apr'coh, Plum,  Pherry and Prune Trees. New ImporUitlon ot  flrst-cliisB Rhododendrons, Koaes, Cllmatus, Bay  Trees, Hollies, etc.  80,000 to cIioono from. No agontfl or commission to pay. No fumigation or inspection oharKoa.  Greonhouso plants, agricultural Implements, fertilizers, bee suppliou, eto, Largest and most  complete slock In tlio provinco. Sond for catalogue beforo placing your orders.  Address  ty. J. HENRY, Vancouver, B. C.  Wblte Ziibor Only.  Markets at Nelson, Rowland, Trail, Kaslo, Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, Nev  ' Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson .Grand Forks, Greenwood, Cascade City, Mid ,  . way, and Vancouver.  , Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  n ���,..*-. .        ^     "���..     ..       '        7       > - , ,   West Kootenay Butcher Cd.  ALL RINDS OF  FRESH AMD SALTED MEATS  WHOLESALO AND RETAIL   '.  FI8H AND POULTRY IN 8EA80N  iaker street; Nelson        g# C. TRAVES, Manager  ORniORfl RV WAfL RWnWlVB OAPWWTTt. AND VtUtHPT AyVWIhTUW   ROSSLrAIND   ^NQINBBRIINQ   WORKS  ounliffe & momillan :  Founders and Machinists, Speolalty of Ore- Cars, Ore-Bin Doors and Ceneral Mining Maohlnery.  List of second-hand maohlnory on hand, which baa been thoroughly overhauled and Is as good  1 2-i-H. P. Ix>oomotive-typa boiler, with engine attached aud all fittings, ready to-turn on steam.  1 bi"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Oo.  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron, New York. >>��� .     C1  1 Sinking Pump, 10"x6"xl3", outalde packed plunger pattern. .......   m  Watch this advertisement for further lists, or write ua before you buy'or complete list),   We  may have just what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.   Stock carried.  P.  O.  BOX-198. THIRD  AVENUE,   ROSSLAND.  OUR  ARK  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN - KER MILLING COMPANY  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay. - Straight or  mixed care shipped to all Kootenay*Points.  Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  Edmonton R. R. Mills at Vlotoria, New West  miuBter, and Edmonton, Alberta.  FfiESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS ft   CO.���Bakor  street,   Nelson,  wholesale dealers In fresh and oured meats.  Cold storage. -  . GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD 8c CO.-Corner Front and  ��� ��� Hall streets, wholesale grocers and  ���obbers ln blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, rubbers,  maokinaws and miners' sundries.  OOTENAY SUPPLY  COMPANY,   LIMI-  .TED���Vernon   street, Nelson,  wholosale  grocors.  TOHN CHOLDITCH 8c CO.-Front street, Nel-  u���son, wholesale grocers.^���=���-   . . .-, . s.  - T Y. GRIFFIN ft CO.���Front street, Nelson,  ����� wholesale dealers ln provisions, cured  meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AND, MINING SUPPLIES.  JJ BYERS & CO.-Corner Bakor and Josephine  rd-  etreete,- Nelson, wholesale dealers In,l  and'sr'" " "  *  ���-���--���'���-'-   -  Powder Co.       COMPANY  Baker St., Nelson, wholesale * dealers ln  hardware and mining supplies, > and water and  plumbers' supplies.  ware and' mining supplies. ' Agents for .Giant  Powder Co.  T A WRENCH. HARDWARE  ���*-���   Baker  8b..   Nnlnon.   whnlnn  UQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  rpuRNER, BEETON &'CO.���Corner Vemon  ���*��� and Joeophlne streets. Nelson, .wholesale  dealers In llquore, olgars and dry goods. Agonts  for Pabet Brewing Co. of-Milwaukee and Cal  gary Browing Co. of Calgary.  POWDER- CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON  POWDER  COMPANY-Baker  BtrflatL *N��l~*in. mannfaotnmrn nf^notiilt.  blasting apparatus.  SSm I IT COSTS BUT ONE CENTj m n'Ss  To drop us a post card that we may call a.id  Never  have.any plumbing done .until'you  ���Ive estimates.  It saves many dollars,  tave seon our goods anil our prices.  OPPOSITE  p.vm*����K"'r,.-fl.  STRACHAN BROTHERS. Plumbers.  REILEY& BENDY  SUCCESSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  WORK*!.*  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD  EXPERT U0R8E8H0EIM6,  a^onpj  ,1 attention given to oil kinds of iBj-totring  m work^rom c.-^dde points.  fttoord����fl uboU noma...  fieavy  P. J. RUSSELL  Buyer and Exporter of,  RAW   FURS  BlKhest Prloes  Prompt Returns  Valr Aflsortnaent  Ship by Kxprw.  NELSON, B. C.  - SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING MILLS.  LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall stioele,  Nelaon, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  Insaah and doowj all kinds of factory work made  to order.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINE COMPANY, LIMI-  TED���Corner Front and Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers In wines (case and bulk,  Mirf domewMo and tmnortied atrnvra.  ANTI-CHINESE RESOLUTION.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  22nd, 1900, all members of Nelson Miners' Union  No. 86, W. F. M., are requested to use every  legitimate means  To Discourage the Employment or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men and others  who bellevo in making this a white man's country, are requested toco operate in giving effect to  the aforoBaid resolution.   By order,  NKLSON MINERS'   UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd.  The above resolution has been endorsed bv tho  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, aud othors in sympathy with it, are  requested to govern   themselves   accordingly.  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  Nelson, December 22nd.  ABOHITEOTa  E^^flAtotdim   toots.   Booms  .fiaktt ifeaftli JNttaon. *'   * " *i_jS  THE ERIBlM: Etefl038>ft, 0- ^ATTlRBAY^^BEtJARY^i 19011.  u-jrvw  BANK OF MONTREAL  CAPITAL, all paid ^���������912.<W,000.00  rbbt  7,000,000.00  undivided profits    427.180.80  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George A. Drummond Vice-President  E. S. Clouston " General Managor  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootonay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branches ln London (England) Nkw York,  Chicago, and all tho principal oltleo In Canada.  Buy and sell Sterling' Exchange and Cable  Transfers. . . " __     ,     ,  ���   ...  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued. Collections Made, Eto.  afsnms  THE CANADIAN  BANK OF COMMERCE  WITH AVHICH IS AM\LQAMATKD  THE BANK  OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  '-JJL 'J'.  stats  iwrimnr.  ���������  A' 1/  S<  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  88000,000  $2,000,000  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER $65,000,000.  Hon. Qeo. A. Cox,  President.  Saving's Bank Branch  CURRENT RATE OF' INTEREST PAID.  '_     urn        i' ' '-'-i-     -!������"���  TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE.  FRIDAY'S i QUOTATIONS.  *��� Asked.  Bid  * -2}  10  4}  7  3U  1 54  1 02  63 OO  5  4  34  2i  7  5-  I  3:  3i  4*4  47  44  4!i  30  il  4  m  45  ti  4  9  7  4  '-M  40  15  3i  2*  HS  85  m  70  12  10J  ��l  45  SUt  30}  'Hi  44  6J  '   fij  :to  25  (il  55  8*.  <-"    ?.  K  ^     4g  1  14  13  srooic.  B. C. Gold Fields  9       3}  Black Tail.' .'      "12  Biandon & Golden Crown  3  Canadian Goldfields Syndicate... 71  Cariboo (McKinney)        40  Cariboo Hydraulic .<  1 59  CentreiStar '  '1 13  Crow's Nest Pass Coal    68 00  California X.    Door  Trail   Consolidated   ....  Evening Star   Falrvlew Corporation    Golden Star   Giant.   . '.     .   ."   Granby*  Smelter   Iron Mask   Jim Blaine   Knob Hill '.  Montreal & London ,  Morning   Glory   Morrison   Mountain Lion   Noble Five   North Star .".   Old IronsidOB   Olive      Payno   Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated.  Republic   Slncau Sovereign   Virtue ."....-   War Eagle Consolidated   Waterloo.' .v.   White-Bear   Winnipeg   Sullivan       ....  '   SALES.  12500 Door Trail . .        .    .'. 9 3  1100 British Columbia Goldfields    . .     .. 3  1000 Canadian Goldfields Syndicate  7  WOO Hammond Reef  1*  500 Golden Star  2  " 1000 White Bear  4J  310 Whito Bear.   ...       '  4l  fiOO Big Three                                  j*3  CHEST FULL OF DOUBLOONS  1 --'", y "���7~-" *  Relic of the Spanish Armada.  The duke of Argyll is the head of.  the ancient aud. illustrious house of  Campbell ..which , has flourished - in  '' Scotland according .to records for at  lea"9t a thousand years. 'His wife is  the princess Louise, daughter , of  queen Victoria. In, spite-of thi9  they have hardly enough, to support ^their high rank. J*-The" duke  rented his home, Inverary Castle,  to the maker of a patent brand of  biscuits and kept.onlya little house,  ��� which had been formerly a sort of  lodge, for himself. One of the  drawbacks to being * a *duke and  having the queen's daughter, for  one's wife is' that it cuts off any  possibility of going into,-business.  Tlie 'duke, seemed, therefore, destined to.eke. but .his" existence ou  . what-small income he had when he  one   day- unearthed   among some  , papers of -his father's, one -which  ~put an entirely-different face on  the matter.- It was a-inap of a part  of Argyll ^showing -the "coast and  all the little lochs and firths which  abound along its rocky: shores, aud  in one of 'them; Loch ,Guan, the  paper, said,.lay the wreck of a_huge^  Spanish. galleon overflowing with  doubloons.  The amount according, to'the  modern value of coin was between  two and three million dollars.1 ��� The  duke- rubbed his eyes.' A further  search among-his father's papers  and a questioning of-all..the'old  tenants on the estate satisfied him  that there was certainly a sunken  ship in the little harbor, for one of  the old- retainers told of hearing  his father tell tales of helping,  when a young man, the duke'of  that day, to discover its location.  The eigteenth century duke saw  rosy, visions of a fortune when his  ' divers after repeated trials brought  assurances that there was certainly  a vessel in, the * bay.' But .before  anything was "brought np the duke  suddenly dropped the project and  forbade any of his clan to reveal  -what he had found or the location  in which the search had been made.  The present duke could not understand his ancestor's sudden aversion  to, money, but another paper in his  fathers collection threw light upon  the subject.  It was ar formal notice, bearing  the'government stamp, that they  had been informed that he was  searching the wreck for sunken  treasure; that under the law of the  land the major part of anything  found would belong -to the crown,  and that they were immediately  sending officials to inspect the  result of his work. The duke was  seriously angry, for he considered  that as the wreck went ashore on  the coast of his possessions, he was  entitled to all it contained. This,  then, was the reason for stopping  work, and so loyal to their chiefs  are the people of that land that  although the government tried to  bribe some of the duke's retainers  into giving them the secret of the  Flobt. Kilgour,         Vice-President.  London Offloe, 60 Lombard Street. H. O.  New York  Offloe, 16   Bxohanse   Place.  and 03 Branches in Canada and the  United States.  SAVINGS BANK-DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rale  thiee percent.  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.  vessels locality they were unsuccessful. The duke was never able to  secure a repeal of the law. He re-'  fused to give up his' chart to *any'  one, but kept it carefully preserved  untii his death.  \The law was still in- force when  the present duke and his wife ^discovered that they had _aY Klondike  at their very castle door. The  queen's daughter used her influence,  to have the law changed, and it was  done. The present < law provides  that any treasure found.upon the  shore of a man's property shall-  become his except that the government shall be allowed to select for  its museum anything of extraordinary antiquarian value.  This was all that' the duke was  waiting for, and as soon as' parliament had passed the bill he began  his plans to search the wreck.*' The  improved diving suits of today and  ,the ability of the divers to stay-  under i water and to move about  freely, make it possible to do much  more than when the Other 'duke~ex-  amined the treasure a hundred  years ago. "The reason why a  Spanish galleon with millions of  doubloons in her comes to be.. nestling on the shores of Scotland, takes  one back to the days,of'good queen  Bess -of Philip of "Spain-and the  Spanish armada. Four hundred and  odd years ago, when Philip II. *of-  Spain announced that he would add5  England to his list of .subject co'un-,  tries, he equipped: the most splendid,  fleet of ships which had ever been:  gathered'togetheiv'and placed them  under the command,of the duke'bf.  Medina Sidonia, with= instructions  to proceed to England. - -  *y  ��� The Spanish force consisted of  battleships to sweep-from the seas  the English ships, which .under the  daring buccaneers Drake, Hawkins,  and others, had rilled the waves in  the Indies and captured many a  homeward bound Spanish ship and  her ducats, anda tremendous army  to carry out his plans when - once  the fleet had made a landing upon  the British shores. Historians vary  as to the exact numbers of the  great Armada, but the-most generally accepted version is that Philip,  gave Medina Sidonia 130 ships, with  a total tonnage of 75,868 tons, and  an armament of 2131 guns. Of sailors and soldiers he had at least 27,-  000. The great array seemed invincible to the Spaniards, accustomed to years of success, and it  left Spain with flags flying, bells  ringing and the absolute confidence  qfjpl^cinganother country under  "the yoke" of Spain. The weather  for the first few days was charming and the wind drove the huge  armada along at what was in those  times great speed.. At that .time  Spain led the world in the si^e of  her. ships and the extent of her  commerce. Her largest ships  towered many feet above the biggest of. England's infant navy.  With their triple tiers of ports,  their high bows and sterns, and  their massive build throughout*  they looked like great castles.   .  On one of the biggest of these,  the Admiral of Florence, together  with nearly 500 of his men, was the  duke of Medina Sidonia. Unknown  to them, however, was the fact that  the entire war chest of the expedition was in the hold of their ship.  Every doubloon to pay the army,  every doubloon to reward valor, to  buy food, to renew their stores, was  packed away in the Admiral of  Floience. So they sailed until they  reached the British waters. How  the English bulldogs in their handy  little ships, aided by the weather,  defeated the Spaniards and sank  and scattered their ships,' is history.  Fleeing from the English, the  duke of Medina Sidonia, in his great  treasure ship, the Admiral of Florence, sought to return to Spain by  sailing around the north of Scotland. Misfortune continued to pursue them, for the weather was as  bad as it had been pleasant on the  way to England, and the coldness  and high winds, and storms bewildered1 the.' navigators. After one'  wild night the watchers on the Admiral of Florence1 found themselves  on tlie rocky coast of Argyll,: and  there, in the storm-tossed inlet of  Loch Cuan, the sorely tried ship  burst her seams.���*.*; She sank in plain  sight of the shore. *  The inhabitants, of that part Of  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  .$2,500,000  $2,468,603  $1,700,000  D. R. Wllkio,.General Manager.  E. Hay, Inapeoter.,.     ���>  Nelson Branch���Burns Blook, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY. Monagw* x  Scotland at that time were* not  highly civilized, and _they killed  many of those who succeeded in  reaching the shore and made slaves  of all those who survived. Whether  the duke of Medina Sidoniajdied at  the hands of some hasty" Campbell  clansmen or whether he sankjin the  waves" trying to reach the* shore',  history fails to say. At any rate,  lie disappeared,, and .-the secret of  his treasure almost did so with him.  In later centuries a duke of Argyll  discovered that.the Spanish''ship'  wrecked on his estate contained the  treasure' of the Armada, and the  knowledge has remained a precious  possession of .the family to this day.  The duke and duchess are tremendously in earnest over, their project.  If it succeeds it will be a "Treasure  Island" romance realized.  ESTABLISHED  ^r�� *==> '^r* s=�� �����5v^��^�� ^-^�� ^��^^ ^��^r*�� ^^��5^ ^^  IN NELSON IN 1890  GUARANTEED FOR THREE YEARS  Jacob Dover, The Jeweler, Nelson.; B.C.  PRICE LIST OR,WATCHES AND MOVEMENTS  Vanguard Movement and Imperial 30-Year Filled Case. .$87^  Crescent St., 21 Jewels, Imperial 30-Year Filled Case...   28;  P. S. Bartlett Movement, 17- Jewel Nickle Case $ 8.75  Appleton Tracy Movement, 17-Jewel, Silver Case^ ./.<..  20.00  A Montana "Blow-Out."  New York Commercial Advertiser.  '   Senator Clark's success in Mon-.  tana was followed by ta' "week of  'carnival' and   sport,"   the like of  which the history of royalty even  fails to supply a parallel. The scene  was Helena, to which special trains  were, run from other points. Helena,  was thrown   "wide-open." ' Every  bottle' of champagne in the town  was bought by the senator's agents  and dispensed^ free by from three  to five bartenders in > every ' bar-.  room." ' Cigars and luncheon and  plain ordinary drinks-were thrown'  in as a matter of-course.   The senator's wine bill was $30,000, his full  salary as senator for his term of,  six years. Was not that handsome?  The feasting-was followed by, some;  of the "tallest gambling*ever seen  Jn Ythe west."   Swede "Sam's faro,  rooms were the chief centre, of 'interest.   All of the -most   eminent  plungers gathered ,there.' - '"  _ 'A- Butte   plunger 'won 1"$8,000  within an hour; an insurance solicit  'tor won, $7,000 from-Swede Sara,  but lost it with $800"more in a rival  , establishment.' - Poker, play ing filled  'the hotels, with $10,000 the uniform"  stakes,'sometimes rising to $40,000.  ,In one private residence of a very  eminent citizen,thejr reached $25,-  000.   Swede Sam's experience forms  a , beautiful ,��� domestic   idyl.   Four  years ago he started from Montana  with   $20,000 to see his dear-old  mother in Sweden.   He stopped in  New Orleans and,played it all on  the racesj losing every penny.'   He  borrowed money -and returned to  Montana.   He accumulated $15,000  and   was   preparing   to   start for  Sweden again when he "bucked the  tiger"    and   lost    it    all.     Now,  through the "Clark Carnival,'.' he is  $250,000,to the good, and is packing-  up to 9tart for Sweden.   He will, if  he   gets   there,   give his^ dear old  mother $25,000 and then continue  his   journey   around   the   world.  "And   yit,"  said the cynical Jack  Oakhurst, "and yit there is them as  sez kearda is a waste er time!" And  yet_there are_those_that_sayi=Hthat  the purification of politics in Montana does not increase the happiness of the human race!  MRS. CARR  ' LATE OF VANCOUVER  LADIES' TAILOR  Parlors formerly occupied by Mlsa MacMillan,  Vlotoria Block.  The patronage of Nelson ladies solicited.  ��� We handle all kinds of Watches.and Jewelry, and sell, them to compete with Eastern Prices! y  Our Watchmaking and Jewelry, department has no equal in Kootenay. ^ Mail orders-receive prompt and careful attention;  JACOB DO��ER, The J&w0ler.  ;jp:y*  '-"81  ry   ^^Ji  n  C. P. R. Watch Inspector.   Time received every morning"from'Montreal by direct,wire.  '><^*&7^^.&*(^.<^.c^ .(^.��? .c^ .f=? ,<~y .(z? ;s=?  ��yi  */p\-  3&V  @-  Ward Bros.  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business and Residence Lots,  in (Bogustown) Falrvlew Addition.  > Office on Baker Street, west of Stanley Street  '     ,      -    # NELSON. -  O. D. d. OHRISTIE  General .Broker  A -FIRE,  LIFE.AND".   -  . ACCIDENlVinsurance, ���    ..  Money to loan at 8% or on tho'inBtallment plan.  ��� -    _���____-___-_._______ *�� -       {       _ \  ,'  .       '     FoPj'Saloj ,    y  -   The Haywood place." Price and terms on ap-'  plication.        - -  _  t'x    .$�����-      '  3 fifty foot lots on Robson street *8C0 00  2 twenty-five foot lots, ObservatorySt.... 600 00  * A 25-foot lot'opposite'tbe Phair Hotel, a  >bargaln 650 00  Several other good buys are on my list.   _,      .,-���  -  ^ ' For"Rent.'j       7 .     ,  7 Room Houso, Carbonate Street .Y.*.*130.00  6 Room House. Mill Street  25.00,  A Ground-Floor Office.r. ?.....'  25.00^  i Room Cottage  12 50  The Hay ward place.   Cabins for rent.  See my list of Real Estate. . ~-  A FULL LINE OF  Front Doors -,-  .. Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish^ ���  looal and ooast.' '  Flooring   ;  local and ooasn.*  Newel Posts  Stair Bail  Mouldings  Shingles  .Bough and v  .Dressed Lumber  in  ****************** ���  The census of Canada will be taken-in April, and the pop-,  ulation of,the .several incorporated" cities'will be known a short  time afterwards/" The^ Tribune publishes Daily and  Weekly  editions at the following rates of, subscription by mail ������ Weekly,;.  ono year $2; Daily, six months, $2.50; one year; $5.   The Daily '  ' is delivered in Nelson 'by carrier. at the following rates: Three  "months, $2.50; six months,'.,$5; one year,,$10.a A large number.,  of-subscribers are in arrears, and.a large'liumbeivpf subscriptions  are about to expire, besides a large number of people in'Kootenay  - and Yale are about to renew subscriptions for newspapers for the  year.* In order-to make it an-object for all these people to patronize The -Tribune, the, following sums are offered as prizes, an.  'the following conditions:~   -  y Canada :.  ^'British.Columbia-'. Y '..>.  1 Northwest Territories  ^Manitoba ?'...A. ���r.v*.  i Ontario l ': \.  3*, Quebec x -.v '  New 'Brunswick .. .v.:...   -25  - Nova Scotia'.'..... .\ .'...    25  .$100  .. 25;  .. -25!  .'.-26  O.    25  25,  Dr. Hawkey  Has Removed to the  TURNER-BOECKH BLOCK  Corner of Ward and Baker Streets.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will reopen January 15th. Torus moderate. For term i  and prospectus apply to  MADAMOISELLE KERN, Principal.  THE CREAT  invaluable' to  LABOR  SAVINC  INVENTION  BUSINESS   AND   PROFESSIONAL  MEN .  The Can-Dox Copying Book and InK.  Letter's and other documents can be copied perfectly and quickly without tlie use of water,  press, brush or moisture pad.  JOHN BLANEY, Agent, Nolson, B. C.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B.C., November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury : ...       . ,���it  Notice Is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  intend to olaim the interests in the following  named mineral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which ho has neglected to pay hla  iihare of the expenses of the annual assessment  work.  To wit: ���.���  A one-half (J) interest in the "Bunker Hill'  mineral claim.   *  ��� A one half (J) Interest in the "Sullivan" mineral  olaim.  A one-half (i) Interestin the "Fidelity" minora,  claim. ������".'  All the adjoining olalms, ituatedon the west  fork of the north fork of Salmon - river, In the  Nelson Mining Division,  This action is taken under Section 11. of Chapter 45, of the statutes of, 1899 and amendments of  1900. WILLIAM B. TOWNSBND,  Agoat'lor William Griffiths.  of all kinds,  OT WHAT YOU WANT IB NOT UT STOCK  ,   WB WILL MAKE IT rOB, YOU  CALL ANDOaT PBIOBS.  J. A. Sayward  HALL AND LAKE STRXKTB, HEMOW  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED) <  CORNER OK  HKNDRYX AND VigRNON 8TRBBTS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 Whito Pine Lumber Always in  StocK.  We carry A complete stock of  Ooaat Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention. - ,  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd,  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, G. E.  MINING  ENGINEER  OFFIOK-8, 9, 10,  K..W.-C Block  NELSON  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor; -  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   " POMMERY"  ��* SMJLAX "   " VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking and Pipes.  Nelson1 ���. .*."��� $  ;iRossland ���....... t.:. ,. 25 <  ;Kaslo .'..-.-. ..:..*...;. 5.25;  ���Sandon^     25-  Revielstoke :_���':.'._ /. 7. .A -. ��� 25  Grand * Forks 'A:': " 25  Phoenix' .-. . 25  Greenwood .-.��.. .v. r   25*  The subscriber 'remitting $2 in" payment of "either arrears  or advance subscriptions to The Tribune'will be entitled to give  an estimate on the'population of any two places in the list named  above ;-$2.50, to three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates ; $10, to  ten estimates. Fill out' blank below, in accordance with above  terms, and remit amount of subscription to  The Tribune Association, Limited  i . NELSON, B. C.  rrrxiiriiiirxiiiiLiriiiiiiriixiiiiiixiitTTTinf-rcniiiiirpiatiixixiiiiiiiiTTTiriiTritrttrTT  V. "I  Name ..". '.   Post Office   '   Province ...A   Amount enclosed $      Subscription to Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada  .".   British Columbia      - North-VVest-Territories. ���: ���   Manitoba   Ontario   -  Quebec      New   Brunswick      Nova   Soctia   City of Nelson   City of Rossland   City   of  Kaslo   City of Sandon   City of Revelstoke   City of Grand Forks   City of Phoenix   City of Greenwood   This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.  nnnnxiffinnnmir  tunxnnTmniTixiximmrrxirrrrxiir  MORRISON & CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  OUR LEADERS-  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all sized pockagoa and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agefits for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices  '      ���HB��M��"MB**"����*��*<^B'**^^^*M������B"1**^���  Morrison & Caldwell, Baker Street, Meison  TRADES  UNIONS.  XJ-ELSON MINERS' UNION'NO. 96, W.  A"   IC���Meets In miners',union rooms, i  i.  ^Afil  , t yd��"  vyt4  ' A>770  j <���,_? /-*Bl  F.of-  . ,. - -   --^-. rooms, north-,.  east oorner Vlotoria and Kootenaysl^eets, every.  -Saturday evening at 8 o'olock. Visiting mem''  i bora weloome. M. R. Mowatt,-President. Jame -r*  Wilkes, Beoretary. - Union Scale or.WAGM"- ->, vj ,sr~  fob, Nklbon��� Dibtbiot���Perhshlft,^ machine? %VS43V  men, $3.50: hammersmen miners. $3.25; muckers, ��� , - '..��  carmen, shovelers and other underground labor- 7X7-' 7,7-^S  era, ��3 00. ^        - \-     -" ..,     -!   ^AfM  rpRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The  J-'l lar meotinga of the Nelson Trades and Lai  monw, ai v:ju p, m.   ��.  A. T. Curie, Secretary.  Connoil will beheld InttheJmlners' union hall,  C. P. K. building,  corner Baker and (Stanley  stroets,-on the flrst and; third Thursday of eaoh,��    ��� .-ai  month, al 7:30p, m.-C..J.,CUyton,' President/"-_-.. sfBffl  ot tho Carpenters'. Union '- *��- ,-vp jae.  nesday evening of eaoh'-'-y^^?^*  * vVsaKS  rpHE resnlar meel  ���*���   aro held on ,W-^ , ��� ���   ��� week, at 7 o'olock, in the Miners' Union, hall cor- ���  nor "Vlotoria. and." Kootenay streets.-. Charles v  Clayton," President-'John McLood, Secretary. --.  third Thursdays of each month,  _Knights aro_cordiftlly^invlted_to attend.  Brown, It. K.; A. W. Purdy, Coin.; R. J. Steel,  D.S.C. r  Ion of America, moets every first and third Monday of eaoh month in Miner's Union Hail.'corner,;**  of Vlotoria and-Kootenay-streets, at 8:30  Visiting  brothers, cordially invlt  R. McMahon, president: J. H.  A:  BARBERS*UNION.-Nelson Union. Soi 190.of-' S. *,$%  the International Journeymen Barbers Un-, ,rryiM,r  l'->,V'->'*^p  , sharp. Visiting "brothowY cordlall/"invltod��w7i*!A%^M  attend. R. McMahon, president; J. H.-Mathe .,V*i-BC^i  son. secretary-treasuror; J. C. Gardnor, recording ^ >(j? aJSSl  secretary.-.        ^   -y^ fl;fv-, s-^Av..^._,^, ^yf&M  LAB0RER8' UNION.-Nelson Laborers*' Pro T '^  teotive Union. No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets In " ^  ,Minors' Union hall, C.^P.iR.-blook, corner of ' ,,  i liakor and Stanley streets, every Monday evening-s"- *-���  ,at7:30p.m. sharp. .Visiting members of the AmeiKl^ ;*  can ' Federation1 cordially- invited "to attend." - (/  'A, S.t Curie, President.-- Johno- Roberts,-) re- ���*'-; ���  cording secretary..     *"���_{���? * >\v^^>  -     - */>_'���,,  ELSON PAINTERS'UNION���Tha regular"' , v  meoUnsf of.the  Painters'-'Union is-held        -  ' the flrst and uilrd Fridays in each month' at Mln.  -  ers' Union hall at 730 ���- sharp: * J. H. Mill ward,-       i  President; Will J. Hatch? Secretary. ^-- '-  and Stanley streets. ^Visting brethren cordially  'invited.   Chris Luft; president;'-H. Stnclser, flu-  ancial and recording secretary.^     .   .    7',  PLA8TERERS' UNION-The'O. P; I." A. No.;'  172. moots ovory Monday evening ln the  Elliot block, corner Baker andStanley streets, at *  8 o'clock.   J.   D.  Mnver.   urosident; William  Vice, socretary, P. O. Box 61C.   !   .    i  A  FBATERNAL   S00IETIE8.  NELSON LODOSL NO. 38.'A.'F. fc'A. M  Meets eeoond Wednesday ln eaoh month.  Sojourning brethren Invited.'���   -���-,.-    ,  ���vrl  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS��� Nelson Lodge. No  26, Knights of 'Pythias, meets in tO. O. P.  Hall* corner Baker and Kootenay* streets, every  Tuesday evening at 8 o'olock. Visiting Knight*  cordially lnvltedto attend., H. M. Vincent C. 0."  A. T.Park, K. Of R. & S:  KOOTENAY   TENT NO. 7,   K. O, T. M.���  "Hold their regular meetings on the flrst and  Visiting Sir  Jq.a._  NELSON L. O. L., No. 1092. meets in L O. O. F.  .' Hall, corner Baker and Kootenay streets,  1st and 3rd Friday of eaoh month,   vialttng  brethern cordially Invited.   W. W. Bradley, W  M , A. Miuty. Recording-Secretary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Gko. H. Lammehb. J. R. Cranston, or to  any person or persons lo whom ho may havo  transferred his interest ln the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nolson  Mining Division.  You aro horeby notlilod that I have expended  Ono Hundred Dollars In labor and improvement-*  upon tho abovo mentioned mineral < claim, in  order to hold said mineral-claim under thu  provisions of the Mineral. Act. and if within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fail  or refuse to contribute your proportion of such  expondituro, together with all coxts of advertising, your Intorest In said claim will become tho  property of tbe subscriber, under section four of  an Act entitled "Au Act to Amend the Mineral -  Act. 1900." 8ILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December. 1900.   NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Stkvknbon, or to any person or persons to whom ho may havo trunefeired hw  interest in tho Llla mineral claim, nt Morn  ing Mountain. Nelson Mining Division:  You aro hereby notified that i have expended  the sum of One Hundrod and Fifty Seven Dollars  in labor and improvements   upon   the abovo  montioned minoral claim, in order to hold said  mineral claim under tho   provisions   of   the  Minoral Act, and if within ninety days from tho  dato of this notice yon fail or rofnsc tocontrlbuto  your proportion of such expenditure, together  with all costs of advertising, j our interest in mid  claim will becomo the proporty of the subbcribor,  under section four of an Act ontitlod "An Act to  Amend the Minoral Act, 1900/' �����.������  DAN1KL  HERB.  Dated this 12th day of February, 1901.  Notice of  Application to  License.  Transfer a  Nol Ice Is hereby given that I intend to apply at  tho next sitting of tho Board of License Commissioners of tho City of Nolson for permission  to transfor my retail liquor license for the premises situate on the south end of Lot 1,,Block C, in  the City of Nelson, and known as the Manhattan  saloon, to Charlos H; Ink and Slegel Boyd.  . CHARLES A; AVATERMAN.  Dated at Nolson, B.C., this 15th day of February. 1901. ,  ,T  Witness: Arthur K. Vauqhan.  MUSIC.  Mrs. D. B.' Murray, graduate-in- vocal and Instrumental music Is now prepared to receive  pupils for instruction In voloo culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.       *  For terms and further particulars apply.room  6. A, Mamtanald building, oorner Josephine and  vanUM���teeeki -     urte-.ua.-..   ���.��� : f  j.  m  3*\ 1 *  .���S .1.1      -  > >  ���Jf",-   '  I 'ii"   '  ���tt'O^  % -  ��*-. **  '** * X,  7    .  El v.  i:  WiK  VI  THE TR1BUNET imstiir K'CrSMOOTAY ^EBRUAfeY SS/lddT  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock  a full  line of Assayers' and Chemists  The  quality  of our goods  cannot be excelled  reasonable. -==-~::r**:r~*r'**~*H.=^=��r- ==  Supplies  and  our  pricei are  We are British Columbia Agents for.  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO'.'8 GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA   BLOOK NELSON,   B. O.  THE  Mansfield Manufacturing Go.  nelson, b. c. y  * \. *  Builders and  Contractors  Having taken over the business of the West Kootenay Brick &  Lime Company, Limited, of Nelson, I beg to ask for a continuance  of the patronage which you have heretofore extended them. * My  aim will be at all times to supply you with our produets at lowest  possible prices. Being in a position to'manufacture goods In larger  quantities than before, we shall be able* to supply the trade at "a  lower figure. ���= - -  *- ^ _ ^ ���*����� ,  - It Is our Intention to Install machinery to manufacture pur  marble produets, and next season we shall be ln a position to supply'  these,products at reasonable-rates. K<  ���\ ? " i ' -. _j  We shall also Keep on hand"a stock of Ffr-e-Brick, Fire Clay,.  Tiles and Cement.       ..."  - - < - Our Bricks and Lime Rock Have taken the First Prizes at ther  /Spokane Industrial Exposition in 1899 and "also this year. We also'  -Y secured prizes last year, and this year'for Ornamental and Building  .Stone/ A* _      - <���->: '     r?_.        V      ��� "*~ -"    y"   -  are prepared, to offer special rates' to Contractors and  ��� - *t    '      ���*    ' *   f ���-.*'''" **     ""* *  : ���   ���' ERNEST MANSFIELD;    '  for The Mansfield Manufacturing Company.'  '' ���* r We  Builders.  / -  " *. - i   Successors to , ^   1 ' ;  The West'Kootenay. Brick <�� Lime Co., Ltd'  'The New  Shoe  EMPRESS SHOES  Por women are'too well-known to  need -much-- comment. They are,  without *doiibt,' the best of all  $3.50, $4, and $4.50 Shoes.  'We" refer our readers who question their * quality to .friends who  have worn them. - .  CALL  AND   INSPECT.  The Nelson Clothing House  Great Slaughter Sale  tt  tt  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.  Goo-IB, I have derided to sell for tho noxt thirty days nil  vy goods ii way down, cost not considered, una in  BootH und Shoes 1 will give from 10 to 25 per cent  the chanco to partake of tho best bargains ever  ip-Lo-date and the Halo is genuine, bo now avail  goods  Clothini  discount, ...      yoKf ot thefbSJfSppSrtunfo ^goTgoVdVoodrarie^ Uian �� holo-Mlopricc"*   nciiiomber this is  for Only 30 days. ______________.__^_m^m_______.__m______m_m  J.  A.  OILrKBR,  Proprietor.  from 75c to $3.50.  For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in  Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.  Lawrence Hardware Co.  BEAUTIFUL  GRAVURES  AND  ETCHINGS  of Landscapes and other scenes, Free with every purchase  of two packages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty.  CITY LOCAL NEWS  The Terpsiehorean Club has decided to hold a public ball in about  two weeks.  The pastor will preach at botli  services in the Methodist church  tomorrow.- Evening subject: "The  Power of Religious Decision."  Tlio body of Harry Rowand, who  was murdered at Greenwood a  week ago" by P. McGill De Rivier,  was brought to the city late Thursday evening and yesterday morning  shipped east via the Crow's Nest  Pass.  The attendance at the rink this  evening to witness the hockey  match between the .Victorias of  Rossland and the Nelson team  promises to" be exceedingly large.  The game will no doubt be the best  ever played in this city.  Tomorrow, night, will be the  regular monthly young men's,night  at Emmanuel church. Special music  will be rendered. Mr. Monro* will,  preach on'the subject of "A Concentrated Energy.",' A good program  of music has been prepared.  ���. R. J. Steel of ,this city received  yesterday the sad news of the  death of his youngest brother, the  Rev.^Cyrus Steel, M.A., vicar of Sb.  Barnabas, Gillingham, Kent, England. His death was caused through  exposure while attending to his  duties. ..   -  The members of ,the fire department and, the^city officials have;  decided to give a smoker in the  opera house on Wednesday evenings  as a farewell to W. J. Thompson,  who for some time filled the office  of chief of the Nelson fire brigade.  The smoker promises to be well  -attended and a good programme  has been provided.  -The passenger train on the Spokane Palls & Northern ,which left  Nelson on Thursday morning has,  arrived at Northport, and is due to  leave that town  at 4  o'clock this  morning for Nelson.   But one tiain  has reached Nelson  from - Spokane  'during the'past week, and as a' con-  - sequence themail - service is" some-  -what disorganized.^ v >_>-��� -, --"  '" -- -  1 A?\ peculiar 'accident  . happened  "yesterday morning' on 'the~ Colum-.  bia^ &--Kootenay railways -A. car'  'attached   to   an* eastb'ound<> train  jumped the rails'about two miles  west of'the"city, but was held 'to'  the _,ties, by the remaining. ,cars.  The car  bumped along, tearing up  the ties in its course until the .western end  of the ,-,y*ard was reached,*  when it again took the rails.   ~  At the special meeting of the city  council held at noon yesterday for  -the, purpose of - considering the  appeal from Cumberland to aid the  widows and orphans of the -miners  who were,killed in the coal mine,  .disaster it was decided ,to forward  $100. * The matter will probably be  considered again at the meeting on  Monday evening, and it may be that  another $100 or more will be contributed. jt - .  - The Balfour extension is being  used dailv in connection with the  freight traffic of the C. P. R. Yesterday 30 freight cars were taken  to Procter and a large number of  loaded cars were brought back.  -At present there;are-at-the~landing-  107 cars to be brought through to  this point. The new slip is working  to perfection and much time is  saved by this method of transportation. The line will be used until  the rush of freight has subsided.  Funeral of W. W. Chapman.  The funeral of the late W. W.  Chapman, who died Thursday afternoon took place yesterday at 3 p.  m. from Sfc. Saviour's church. After  services there, conducted by the  Rev. Mr. Akehurst, the remains  were taken to tlie cemetery, where  they were interred in the English  church plat after services at -the  grave. Mr. Chapman was a member of several Masonic orders and a  number of fellow Masons of the  city attended the services unofficially. The pallbearers were E. P.  Crawford, Dr.'Doherty, Dr. Quintan,  George'' -Kydd, Fred Irvine and  Emmett C Brown. The deceased,  who "was 59 years of age; left two  children, Mrs. B. C. Riblet, of Nelson, and Walter Chapman of Portland.  MARINO VERSUS ALEXANDER  Other Supreme Court Matters.  The case of Marino vs. Alexander,  Sproat and Mclnuis is still before  the .session of the supreme court,  aud it is progressing so slowly that  it may last until Monday evening.  J. A. Marino, the plaintiff, who was  put into the witness box Thursday  morning occupied that position until yesterday afternoon. The principal feature of the morning session  was hia cross-examination. Two  other witnesses were called and'  they gave evidence as to the books  and accounts that were opened  under thejcoinpany's name. There  ���will be no more witnesses called to  give evidence for the plaintiff, but  the evidence that .was taken for discovery,will -be read and discussed  today." .  ,, ,.  Before .court was called a session  of chambers was held. An application was again entered for the  closing up of the Florida Mining  Company of Kaslo. BY L. Lindsay,  who is the plaintiff ,in the" case,  alleges that there is fraud on the  part\qf the directors in dealing  with the company's affairs^ He  also alleges"that they issued 800,000.  shares of stock to W. A. Davis, and  Frank Bradford. He stated that  this stock belongs to the company  and, that the holders must pay over  their full value. A. Whealler and  J.'H.'Bowes appeared for - plaintiff  and'R. W/Hannington contra. The  case was .adjourned until Monday  in order "-that, further ,-evidence  might be obtained from the .parties  involved.; In the case of the" late*  K.* .Cannell,- R. W. Hannington  made application to the effect that  the widow of the deceased *lie_  allowed to supply tho infant,child  withttwo-;thirds of the estate for  its'supjjort and maintenance. "The  case;,1 was;.adjourned so" that the  opinion of 'the relatives of the child  coiild^be^ obtained. -WJ A., Mac-~  .donald^r R.C., acted* for "the;-de-  fendantXAj�� '      V * " : A "-\   -y  : "��Grandll^d<re to Meet.in���Nel8qn.  7 *,W-*W.- Bradley, the delegate of  the local Orange lodge to the grand  lodge'of British Columbia, whiclr  was held "at New, Westminster on  February'? 13th, ��� ..returned"^ home  yesterday morning^ coming by way  of - Seattle^Spokarie and _ Rossland.'  He said that thenexfc, session of'the  grand*' lodge*^ would" be !. held- in  Nelson on'the third ^Wednesday- of  February, 1902.' This' is the first  time that the lodge will 'have met  east qf Kamloops/ There was a  strong pull made to hold the session  at -Victoria.' ,-It _is quite 'apparent  that Nelson is'being recognized as a  central point, as the grand lodge of  the Masonic order will meet here  next year. Mr.^Bradley stated that  there, were ������ about' 50l*present and  that theyuwere hospitably "entertained by' the "citizens -of/New  Westminster. ���" At,the close of the  convention the delegates were given  a banquet by the ladies of the  Reformed rEpiscopal* .church, at*  which the mayor "and members of  the city coimcil were in attendance.  HI.   ZBiriEIRS   <fe   OO.  XTSlXiSOXT  KASLO  s-A.3srr>o:-0T  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE Sfl �� Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Stieot'  -    Fire Department Accident.  The fire department had a practice run to the corner of Vernon  and Cedar streets' yesterday afternoon. Owing to the quick- turn 'and  bad street at the corner of Vernon  and Josephine- the. wagon turned  over and several of the connections  of the chemical cylinder were completely destroyed. "Outside of this  little damage .was done. There  were about ten men on the reel at  the time, but all escaped without  injury. Notwithstanding the accident the run was made in three and  a half minutes. The broken parts  of the cylinder wei e repaired last  evening.    .,*���'���' -  PERSONAL.'  _  !  Houston Block.  Tol��phon�� 161.  ft, tiT.BoK 176.  JOHN A.  SCO.  - Petty Larcenists Arrested.  James Beaulieu,  a laborer, who  resides in a shack on the lake front  at the foot'of Ward street, was arrested yesterday afternoon by officer Heavener on a charge of stealing   a   dresser.   The   dresser   was  found iu the shack.    A valuable  dog belonging to conductor McKee,  which has been missing for the past  week, was also found in his possession.   Heavener had some difficulty  in catching the   accused, but arrested him after having shadowed-  him the greater portion of the day.  The   prisoner   will   come    before  magistrate Crease this morning.   A  Chinaman, who is accused of -stealing a dress, was also arrested last  evening.  M. E. McMillan of- Strathcona is  registered at the Plialr.  Dan   Curran    of. Vancouver   is  registered at the Tromont. -  Mayor Carlson  of Kaslo was in  tbo olty yesterday on business.  E. W. Stafford of Ymir and  W.  C. W. Picklns of Kaslo are registered at the  QuQen's,  T. W. Babbett of Spokane, W. C.  * Adams of Sloean and J. A. Wright of Montreal  are registered at the*I>halr.  Mr. and Mrs.'H-.-T'. Mack of Moyie  arrived In the city last evening.   They are stop-  -ping at the Madden house..  P. J. Fiuucane, manager of the  Greenwood branch of the Bank of Montreal, Is In  the city and is stopping at the Phair.  P.   Chisholm   of   Robson,   C. A.  Brunonti of Calg iry, and P. Maddoi of Hamilton  aio regislered al the Madden houso.  James   Meikle   of   Spokane,   W.  Gibbon of Winnipeg, and  D. J. Darraugh of  Greenwood aro registered at tho Hume.  D. W. Baker, who has been engaged in pilniQg In tin Plocnn district, arrived in  the olty yesterday,  He caiuo down for the pur  posa-of joining the recruits-for Baden-Powells,  constabulary for South Africa. *.-���'���:'���" ���-."  W. -E.- Zwicky, YmanagerY of the  Payne: G; W.Hgghceof Alamo, and David Heap,  manager of the Last Chanoe Mining Company;  who have been attending the meeting of the  Mine Owners' Association at Rossland. passed  ; tluoiigfaNalwD/asUrd��-roBUi��lrw*yluiiB��. .  Married an Actress.  London, February 22.���The marquis of Headfort is reported to  have married Miss Rosa Boote, a  member of the Fedora company fet  the Lyric theatre. ,  ^ BU8INES8  MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada.  To let���Furnished rooms' in Carney block.  Apply Miss Garrett. ^  Goto the Old - Curiosity Shop if  you want to buj or sell anything.  '  Cash paid for, scrap iron, brass  and coppor.   Nelson Iron Works.  Hack   calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer -barn on Vernon street. Telephone  call 35.  For Rent.���Two fine offices centrally located. Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal.  Two large, well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and 5 Macdonald block, corner Josephine and Vernon. �� ���  .v. For   Sale.��� Good   fish   business.  Large hotel trade. Apply corner of Josephine  and Silica streots.  ""'Wanted���Tie'   makers; .axemen;  nurse girl.   Nelson Employment-Agency, Bakor  street.   J. H. Lot e. _ ., ���  Japan Tea of-all kinds to suit'  j our taste. Sun Cured. Spider Leg," Pan Fired  in bulk or package*.   Kootenay Coffee Co.]     ;  Milk business for sale���The only  dairy in Fernie. 20 cows. Will be sold "at a bargain. 'Apply D.J. Whitney,Fernie,B.C.  Wanted1"���A few; first;Class stonemasons and stonecutters on"the Robenn bridge.  Union wages paid. /Apply at-the work.' John  Gunn., ���  *        - "  *", '.��-���* *  _. Messrs. McEwen-& "Simpson, cor-  ner of Josephine" and Silica streets, have-had  their storo connected by.telephone. ���* Their number is 271 ^ j.-<��   .'rJVj-s f ",     -\i     '-���  For fresh candies; fruits, nuts, &c.t  cigars and tobaccos of the best brands," call at the  Bon Ton Confectionery, "Baker street, Miss A.  L. Klinkwltz.       ��     ^   _\       y~ '  ~tFurnished 'Room" to'JLet���Large  front room to let: centrally located. Apply toM.  M. Fraser, East Victoria;street,"-near.corner of  Hendrj x. "    -     " ^   .'. '"     -,*  /Found.���A-1 pocket-book containing a small sum of monoy. Owner can havo  same by proving-property, and payiug for^this  adyeuisomoniv    y   ^- ��_^*"'      -���   . _   *  y That fine blend of Ceylon-Tea we  are selling at-thirty cents per^pound is diving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers..  Kootenay Coffee Cox   ".       * " '" *���  "Eight-roomed ^house, partly furnished, to rent in the Hume Addition, either to  one or fwo families. -Apply Mrs. Hart wig, Hume  Addition. =-���-'_-  ��� Go to tlie elegant  store if you  want style and comfort in your corsets. Nothing  but impoited goods. - West block, corner of  Baker and Hall streets. "*  ToJLet���House on corner .of Victoria and Cedar streets. Six rooms, bathroom  and modern conveniences. - Kent $25.- Apply to  A. JS, Cqxhead, next door on Cedar streot.  -   For. rent���On March 1st, house "on  corner of Front and Park streets. Flvo~rooms,  bath loom, etc. - Kent, including water, $25. Apply to E Kilby, next door to McBride's stables.  Western Canadian Employment  Office���Male nnd female help of all kinds furnished free of charge. Victoria street, nexc door  to Public Library. , Phone 270. "P. O. Box 711. ,  We   have. Indian,   Ceylon   "and  China Teas in great variety, choicest quality*.  JWemake_a specialty of blending teas and sell-  them in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  Coffee Co.  For Sale���Moving picture machine  and stercoplicon combined. Films eighty Boer  war slides. Every thing .complete. Never been  used. Great bargain. Apply "Picture" Trlbuno  ofllce. .      _" _��� t  Mies "Von Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  on commercial bnslhess and mining; reunites  unhappy lovers and broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  Farm to rent cheap���with about  300 fruit tree", one-half acre of strawberries, one-  half aero othor small fruits, and Ave acres of  clover. Kent to be paid in making Improvements. Apply M, Tribune otfico or Telophono  91, Nolson.  $100,000.     I want a gold mine  notting $100,000 annually. Free milling gold properties wanted. Sond price, terms, full report,  etc. to Andrew F. Bosonborger, Room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nelson.   Telophono 101  Wanted ��� A woman   who  can  take charge of general housework. Three  children. Good home for right person. Wages  818 a month. Will pay half fare to Ferguson.  Write at onco to R. P. Pettlploce, Ferguson, B C���  care of Eagle. s  For Sale���120 acres of first-class  agilcnltuMl and gardon land, 12 milos from Nolson on Kootenay Take..'' Will sell in 10,, 29 or 10  itf^  ^^fe^lw?  55&g?  ^S^��-l  Pflil  ���%         fic_  rn    ���> *  &t  \____V1 -\ *  ���    *^��j  In     1            .ttr       v  ffl  * ^8  Z31L-  CHEESE  Perhaps ytou did not know,  . but we want you to learn  now and remember that  we make -a feature of  cheese of all kinds.  Maclaren's Imperial In all 8izes.  MacLaren's Ijoquefort.  Imported Swiss.  Also the Finest Canadian Cream.,,.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON]  The Leading Grocersv  Telephone IO  K-W-C Baker Street  , , A poor dinner or tea plate, it will be sure \to'  break. We have a line pf CamprWarejfaat looks  neat and will-wear like iron.  Hotel  and  Restaurant  i j --.-'.* U~        !���   '    \ -._*-_. -   * "  Ware a special^-.; Watch-for our import order  direct^ from1 the English, Pottery, when, prices  will  be  cut  in  two.,      ' '    -..-  WILLIAM HUNTER & COMPANY  GROCERIES AND CROCKERY.  BAKJSRJSTltEET, NELSON,  fHHTHrit��IHrTTIgHI��ITmiHHTTTrTy.TTTTTTXTTTTTT.Trt   qjxj  OUR SPECIAL SALE OF A NEW C0NSIQNMEVT-OF-WHITEVVK1AR TH flTITJ, ON.  Ladies Flannelette Nightgowns regular $1.00 for."70c.  Ladies "Flannelette Nightgowns regular��$1.75 for $1.25 ,  ^ Misses and Childrens Drawers, to clear at 25c.  Black Satin Shirt Waists, to clear at $1.00.  Black and Colored Mercerized Shirt Waists, worth $2, for $1.26  A special drive in Boys Wool Hose.   We have too  many of  these and as long as they last, will sell at these prices:  Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose, 45c line at 25c  Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose, 50c line at 35c   ~  Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose, 65c line at 45c  We are daily opening new  spring gooda which   wo will sell at ^ remarkably low prices  to suit tho times.  A. FERLAND <& CO.  meruit  Rosenberger, room 4, K-W-C  acre tracts.   Price and terms reasonable,  or address A. 1'  Blook, Nelson.  House for rent���Newly furnished;  good plumbing;; convoniahfcl-location. Snaps for  beginners. : An opportunity' to apply pare of  lent to purchaso of< furniture. Apply on premises to Mro. Sanderson, Carbonate street near  Josephine, or H. R. Cameron..  The Prospectors' Exchange is the  only place In British Columbla'where prospectors  can exhibit samples of their ore to the mining  public. Send samples of your ore for exhibition.  No charges made for es-hiblting your ore and  listing your property. Room 4. K.-W.-C. Block,  Nelbon.   Telephone 104.   KOOTENAY LAKE GENERAL HOS-  PITAL   SOCIETY.  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING.  In accordance with tho bylaws of the Poolety,  the annual general meeting will he hold in the  Board of Trade room on Tuesday, Maroh 12th, at  S o'clock p m,  All annual subscribers of the sum of $10 are  members pf the Society and eligible to take part  in the election of.directors for the ensuing year. ���  NOTICE OF CHANGE OF TITLE.  Notice is hereby given that at the annual meeting' of tlie-Kootenay Lake General Hospital  Society a resolution will be moved asking tho  Ueutenant-governor-in-. council in grant a change  of title from 'The Kootenay Lake General Hospital Society" to "The Nelson General Hospital  Society."  F. W. SWANNELL, SecretMy.  Surpassing*  Display in  Fall Suitings  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and 'Winter wear are  included in my .last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.   O. W. West & Oo.  COAL!      WOOD I  Anthracite 810.75  Crow's Nest    "-If  Blairmore '.    *��.75  PBirjIV'Hl'B'HlP  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL' COMPANY, LTD.  No order oan be accepted unless accompanied  by cash.   Offloe:  Comer of HaU        TELEPHONE S3.  *nd Baker Strata. IBfcWIWHE O0��  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe Lamps  Nowt in .Stock. They  Improve Electric Light  Fifty   per.  cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  �� CONSTRUCTION CO.  Nelson, B. O.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  ,  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  ii i  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  tremojJt hotel block.  spec]  ;e stock of high-class imported  ty of tho square shoulder���  ilnooata.  lates*


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