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The Nelson Tribune 1901-02-16

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 <-Xr    'J-^CZ-fi^Pi:  *.  -*. f*- it?  '      a-,(-.,   '��-*���<=,':>�����"<  **      _a-*.^.j..  l*/    _    '_*H-S  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL"  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  WEEKLY EDITION BY^MAH^ ^,*v  TWO D0LLAR8 A YEAR W }^ #  NINTH YEAR  ��� >^ait*i  . 4$  .���Va.  .%.  ���j NELSON:  SATURDAY MORNING FEBRUARY 16 1901  PRICE FIVE CENTS  OUR MING  Nelson Is the Natural  Y:JJf:. '^yiorn Supplies.^  ;i;THEf;BO^^  :|:g|plf|AfGRBA.T"*;F^  y^y*':;;^  Y (Jreenwood^ I^on&  >":%y St WillBboin tlie��� Comin^y)y:  '������'��� '.���_.-...'������<������'. *:V' '-"''���'���'"'' ^.' ������'��'\ ������ ���: '���'': -'X^X^XX ������ .Xy^.:y- ���'���.'"1*;  yy Y-':- Jy7x7i7 puM'nsryy yiyy *  comea;j;.equ��i.;-i,-.bu.;;,,*w races^or giria.mere >yoio,..*��:= oitutjwoo.j  stated that the quantity had been. an(i   the winnei- was" Sarah   Lee,  ahcroafl^ -.-.vfci;-*: '^v^kr^^i*-7&.'*i��__~6imi��_t  he^tl ioughtfe thatfih'eiii!:o^rat'ions'ait  t^yggAigeriiie-m  ;K|^inin0i^^  . |||*Jf3r&^  *|��ll?^en^^  :Akyanoi.: Bou*@ary|c^*p^.y ��p^aking|of;  yiYiSthelBound^  P^|!tn_u^  Phoenix arid Grand .Porks are .sure.  -��� 'itur^**^  'i ISmj^gl^  " $Kii#i'P'i^��|Khic^^  iMi^dt^reM^^^*ce|fui^he^^  ��� .   ..  ���   .:_*.-...  -...  ..-.���:    .^-.    .      ^���:^^...'.,..,','.:...'.v...i',w.l.  ���"^.vVva-   -s,=*a*ir^:-..- -^m-.i~:. ".'-^'''i-^?^'-''>.T,.'-T'-'^.v^f: 2':.i'->*a.'h'.-J'a'iT-?'-i*''''��;:  ''-���': - three ���. camps and ��� a  proportionate  ;*w;Y-:T'"'t''T<*-^:x''"it' t��-.";i'^'-^^i^*^'.'>'A^*'rv'1'.-^--^^-^''.'r��i>T~-''.^':: _^>'-i^4i;.  ig^l^gro^th^popujat^  '3-..T':^T.^'.'> '���.";'-���' '��� 1 TL'^'Xl^-^:--m '^_ _'_*l_"_iZm-___ ^nnHtnia.lM'i'iTU.  ^uiuoi^**^,v.��wjw��--ino.����-���.*:��iy.*^i?��5S'  ��i:l*^*e!at^^  Y-TrSy|it*_eii^oip|^h   ^^yinlaiidlition^ffel  y^yov^^  **'camp.^  I'ithat^inoii^  ~;��th*mr:��re^  ._..,..... jfareft-ra^  Y yy^d joining-th^f  yy^helQUilft^  ���:������'!*,-,'J.... ''m''M ''i-'t.-j ''L*-_Tu*'_r.'_'r';iAi-���.;*^f'':.-,A'4.jii'.-;'4.ui::.  3f& Jblwk^iioii't Yattd;^ h6$m&��&of7g$-7  ;b*^j^rie$^  Istatedfthatfhel^  Ying;^  .���fMtiabiished^  ;jSwyiric<^|jud^  ^^t^blesl-et^^^ i----^.-^;,-^^-^-^ ^^v.:.^-,,^^,;^^,  trusts and the'silver-lead mines .of Thompson s horse had a: walk over,  British  Cblumbia,- ��� that   it would      -The skating resulted as; follo-ws :  le^-^iWllSi^e^o^h^ho^^      P^'I^^^^P^il^^Pp  K'*"'"'%o^he^^pMl^lif thil S^^oj^ri^Gplum^^n^  ���\>*i-'K;-f'*-.'��^'{g_--'*^*i1' -.���"���'���?���^���iU'-'-'&'i. -:''-'��  ::?^Vv:CT-*:^iV.r:'-,^::'!-^!-tvi->'   ^Tn>-&"i^��*lT��i'��wi"-.*,."*��*_4-_-i'*:'1 A>S_.::TT"tt'*����*��ri*a. a_i_k_n_riirii_\;  He  ?the  ���fin<_T._ ,..,..    ,'.....',..,,. .._.   5qua|i-e|Jo^hi_*g^^  were erected'here^\>nd;^the^proper:  Zi_ir.__Kf-_nari-f7'_yivariit,ht__nr&  |?|Sg.55is^ukti(^  H^SBiej^lic^^i^ha^et  $ @:^thejo<*myictipn^ is ^someY  Yyy*bthei*;OiaMse;)mt^  'SYT,^ti*fc^.W'*quali^  :':Yh;;;*^tho-lcwerYleyel9y��� *__t?^hey6()0'*i;foot;:  ;Y;^;:*^ie^'56^Mt|p^,;OTe^  y^ v6he;placej -whU^  ; Y-ii; drifts ^frbmi-th^  ;:^iY$'-bbdie's^^lli;beipwSei^  S widtli;: jOross 'cutsAhahroYbi^i0r��h!'  y eyery^ IP9M'4*Pt7iiv^  ; :   *lsho^  "y^as^^hetSbility^*^  ' ���'. ^yYmine^-to^paj^  7'���:.Yfdr many; yearsvtb oodwy The opening >ip bf ithe: largeVhigK 7. grade/ore  V;Y chute inJth^  V^sbuth^ of thaRepi^  Ax.the Republic^;yein, ;pro^8;^theYcoh-i  '���'"- Y   .tinuity ofvthis*i^meii-e^l^ge.'s':'''Ali:'.  ^^^^^  y...entii-e)fatee Of the di-ift: fo^; 7 5 feet;  -; "iaTin^orei^ighia7 feet: Ywide, TvWithY;ri<r'  Y: 'Ysign;of;th*^;hangiug^^  y������'��� 7. :chuts.-yY'Y x:77y'7xx "-y yYy>;- ;".y'5  y   Y-:$*:*^S l^^1?-���'|:.the-:Republicj  I;[77Yjmiiiiels^to haye^y;i^rqusYriyai^in;  A} Y ^hedfii<��ahd^  . YI Ytbi b^steady Yproducera. -7 The Y: rail-  y rdad^ram Gra^F^ ,  [7\vt is practically assured for-jYthe Ycbhi-;  ing ��Bummer,; whichyyilV 'give Re^*  YYYYpub-io properties a steady- outlet to-  A the ��� GahadiahY smelters' at  ^GrahdY  '-:;::'''Fbrks' a,'nd;:Greenw<x>dY^rY-;>:v::,Y'y^^^  ���    ' Y ���  Speaking of^the .'��� Slocariv he^ said  ��� ' there ;is no question as to the f nture  -'*���'"' ,7. ofY'-ithe; ;SlbcanY cOuntryv^ySeverar  laifee Yld^9^a,*^YYpendin^;^r^theY  Y cpmiqgyji^mer^  y yeara^are tp  { 'Y.pcp8*^*pity,-*aiftoyerI  y:', piriJ��is of prMp^t^have Jalway^;  '��� ;''"', ^ deyelope*IC great actiy^yi-im'mining.  y tPhWaSloc^^wilh^re  vv ^ha*re of att/entioii^  * ^uatifyipapil'-il jh Ygiying; "her;' whatf  Y ,   : she E^eiis .n'tter'w^  .*   y atnd i*efining:pl^t^fer the oepttomi-/  cal handling of hPr broa. In all thiB  development both north and west  of her Nelson should take her place  ias the; natural-point around which  ^largecapital will center; Thiscity  Jmiist ndturally-become more metro-  politan,the commercial and mining  headquarters of great mineral dis  tricta.  her.  lying east,' north Yahd,.westvof.  .*.. '~��-r.:.Vf--   '^���:-T-***S1"'.i3'-"-'   :.��� ��� ���i��'-'V:    :"-:  XXXS& y^_7%.x- '*r.;C���* ,��x::xxV-.  : *eiA'��  *���k  Waifcer?SuM>lyYWas|Bhort.  '��^&!.:  I James CroninpfMoyie,one of^;the  ^rinciparbwiwi-sYpf'- the S^'jEugene;  m j^^^rived in" the a city last - e veh-r  Yt*^^^^^^^^^^;-mihe'thad.;YheehY  -^Ps^^^^^^^^^^fop^eeks >  iwasldupta'''^^  ftqc^^S^;p-^a^  Ypaihyiis all���-. riea&j��;^  ratibns^Tyheh Ythe^watef ^supply be^  'comes > eauatY tot the2;dema,idd: '7. ,7Ele  NELSON DEFEATS PHOENIX  YESTERDAY'S  LAND'S  ' '    i  - * ���"*  SPOBTS^' AT ���' BOSS-  CARNIVAL.   ���  ���-.:������ x.,.: P***^*' '���'*.*.. ���������'��� -�������� ������������,. .,y~ '���'���������- ^x7'::. ���'.. 7 ��� '���'.  ,x....x7 ���.-.<���:,. y<^ryi&.::xxy��x.-xyxxxd7'-x.  The Nel��6n- Junibra| : Defeateii in  ::,,.-,: -^T^-^K.^^^'-g.^v^W^V^^ft**^:;*-"?;  7y;y tti^iHockeyY Match ^i^yx-x-..  -J.i $77-h  '.IH  ;Score;.of:6-to 6.  . theTmill;i3*y^ld|ibe^re*^  Th^e^'h^^been; hb^ ^slpinsic^ <if/  ^orl^ i&Atbold^elpp*^ hlais/  ^b&eSai|cart1'^  iseaspn^g^ti-tti^pjce^^  :?b^_:!hundred*S^^  engagiediih ^bihg^w^  fwor^-^^hen-itKais^^  Y^aintu *hderY,c^erati 5fc  I mehlmlllSb^.ad  ISt^bpingandf^^deveibpmeritfwilMheh  ':_''"*'?:T^-"^'-"T'.'''r,'-:'-';-'V'.v '������ 'T?*-��i T*^--.1'-:.-.7*.V-��;T:'.-K��CiV;-'"'-''  ���Via'inavviarl: -y.-.''nn':Wsf,ifilUlll V.v-:. *_.���>!��.���.'also  <"'**^~^^'''''':*y.-.','T'':*l*-:-^',T'^l't'''*'--!->^^^;-i*^  ^yThesno^shoe^champipnsluprace-;  pwa^^wpn^by^McP^  ;_eicbnd;ahd:;Pufigbld^  i;;I^ef|CTi-^r|Yrac^  il ?ay^^bf|a^pia^^^*^^  >7 ^K'eelfi^fiye^'^sfi^i^^  Thompson's Alexander; There were  representing-".the-'.Canadian' Manufacturers'Assbciatibnjarrivejcl in the  ���^tyiy^s^^^lf^^  here  be fore ��� ��� he  returns east; Y i-His*:  ISissipniisltbi^^u^  ?ingfmen7an^  the association. -He has.been to the.  ":ccMi^i'*^d^*^t;q^  'getting a large number of .members.  fA��K^_^ral|^:cbm^i^^  appointed iu the province.and then  branch organizations will beestab-,  ������1--��� ���^'���iv-c.m-, ���3~$:^xp-^x-s&-^xx*xr^m0-ir!f(  ^I3h^^y0yyi;^y0i1y,.y:yy:yy^  vg^hp-Msbciatii^  twenty years ago, and.*9ince that.  time iias,accomplished gbpd  work.*  Si 6$siibr{!K;i*^i>[^  theinterest not only, of theraiiiiu:'  i^actunng;b^t;pf^  ;ai*id;fb^the'prpm^  trade, both foreign and domestic.  yAt:preseri^^.sa^  -introduced inY^riiam^t^  ^fully*^watehed#by^pm'^  -.��� coiiimifctee'. iindi its YprPb*a'ble;;e-ffects:  "oniY^MiufactiiringY interests^ exam-���  ined'carefuiiyi' .In tliis^ay-^ aM  ^rarnedCSand ^prepared ItbY oppose-  "anjr-unwise; legishitibpJYtb:"8uggestr  improvements Y arid?; to YassistY the  :*passage.*bfaccepitable :laws.:^^yYy:  f.�� R|Ji- Ooy le^pf Y^Vancpuyeri ;���' 'assist^  ;'ant"'geheral!i"passenger'agent of^they  Paxiinc^division of tlie^P. R^arild  "Jbseph S. Carter, wbo:has been;fap->  pointedf diistMct^pas^hger   agent!  with;iieadqiiarters at -Nelson, -arrived iii' the city Y yesterday Rafter;  making a   tour of the Boundary-;  jcbuntry.iv! Mr. Coyle; saidf that. Be-  ^found;passenger traffic exceedingly'  -"good; arid ������ the prospects  for':thei  coming season were bright. Hitherto 'the passenger agent x at; Nelson.  hi*"s been under the directs control  of thefofficials atthe coast, but^^ripw.  ^Mr. Carter will be given a greater  scope atidlwill practically have: full  'control bf~this district." This makes  ah iriterior diyisiori iri'Cbriuection  withYthe passenger department, and  this; will; undoubtedly Y work well  when the ptherYdepartments^ have  been; given similarYlicensei Y-'Rumors  :ha>;itthat?this:wiii beYdpne a,t;-an;j  :^Hy- datS.^ "Thb "reiason;;fc^increas-;  irigi'the duties"ipfiMr.;;Carter,, said  iivx- Cbyie,; I was; that Y^the business;  istnd: traffic'of this Ydistriptyras iri-  creasirig; sp rao^^  iflcult >tbY$ahdlC" frbrii7an  outride  ?bnel|mil^i|n^^5^Bj5^^  t^t^riEeriffsl^l6irI^k^  u^nder 10; Cblumbia'Trbmbley flrst;  'Fannie Graham; second. Girls under  ��� 1'4{. Eva Bogart first,. Lina Jackson  ��secona.>'?^f:T*^'^^^  iS^he^nibl^hbckeymatchYbei^eenY  pe|tt^i^^n^eli^f^c^^  |m^byY_^^la*^|b^a  '?5^Sl$ii^^uiie^l^;"^^  i^ri|j^jh^kje^:mateh^a^  ^evening between Nelson and Phoe-  inK^Nelspn^raib'^^  The. game*.was'closely contested and  ^sltahe^ea^^  :^cedyt^^^pti|^^r^^^  In" the four "cups in-; the curling,'cbn-  :������;��� ���^v^"\t-m--?ii__*X.��_��i i'X.~: XL:-: '__!_>_ .X rt_.i_"~1iXkiX ��  '7AA'^yf/^^M^.^^y''':''  '.������7R6sSBAilOi;PebruaryY15.-���During  last-Jweek': the Granby smelter at  Grank Pprksr?treated 4300 tons ��� of  ;bre, principail^^ froth the Knob  Hill, Old Ironsides, Grey Eagle and  yictoria;mines owned by the Miner-  ^rave^-yinta-^^ ;  |y^^ist^_^'_^Bii^^^  ���jtO-pffi^^^^r]p|E!^  iwas;';manifested^I^;the ^coasting;  races for girls there were 11 entries  withYanaHalizag secondhand Pips-:  ; siel'^Usohf $harfe; ;*rT^e"|^rela^  ?large|^i^ei^_;entrt  ;cbastii^.;ri^^^MjH^  ifirMYp-izei; tt^Derimttf^cc^  ���I^^M^i_^M|^f"'F;'^'w'"^'A^  *   -   -   '" ^        * -'.T'-VT -*.'t':'^>  ,...,;tl���.._...  *7w^:t_  ister, Lafleur, counsel for defence,  threw a - bombshell into plaintiff's  camp today by arguing that the  courts^ had no status iri "the'matter.-  Courts'had no ppwer to recognize  ecclesiastical annulment.  -   -       ii     .  ;  ^  y-'-YYyKH In; a,,*Police, fiML.yyy ;-.-  MoNTBBALjY|5ebrua,ry lS.���Sariiuei  ;St.YOrigei'Tw'hoS^'^�� ; ^re YTeceritlyf  ;"from'::':;B'_iti8^Gpl.u^  ;.police;celi;ioc^^t^Yaa: a vvpitrieisi;  He had been^iiving. for .some time  ���with*';;*a'im*ada^^  Td^-^i^o^h^lSftgher^ -She' ;fblloweia %  :him:;jio;Hisfnew4jWdre'M^^^  J'stormyY^  'h^ic^;*acid^fing|in;:^  !Sfc.-��^rige:1s:;we^hy.;y .*Y-y :Y; W0#?M  ���*���>�����:-_'.���/-' A", .fr.. #"*,'V |T*>.'-. >:.-t.-'^*'*-i^i-*'''*V;V '' ���'*-''-��� ���������:��� - ������:_:���. .-i--���   1; ^T>--:-_'i  iv*7X^yX^^^.^.^^i.:!,-���;.....;,,.��� S'Y ���"7>_ TtfJC^a  ]-yyyyyia. YthejOpmmqns. x-. y^76yi  I^Eo^oN^Feb^m  ^h^se^p_;^piSmt^;l^ay;'^  iwas-rMuriied^^ithe^ddressKiri"^  '.-..-'.^���jrf^vv-^'***'*-'''*'''''-'^*'**'^  plyjtp*:thei;spe^ehj^rom;;thpYthrpp^  ;iat;therbp^ing^5|paiSii^  discufisira^r^g^Jfromhb^  IjS^tlP^ine^t^fa^^  The principal .subject, however, was;  ?the.'��j^:^i^^  ���itS'M^i*|^_flEin|aB^  poke.]S iMivt#Edbmic^  |sbme|��pppsitio^?^e^  fram^l^Y^^isM^^ble1^ de-fermina||'  'ftpn^ri^thi^pM^  c1iE^lKns_:s?ra;^^t!&^  WON IN THE THIRD ROUND  ARMSTRONG  WAS   TOO   SPEEDY  FOR KINO.  .-'���*���_.���, -���;.�����������  Fight Witnessed by the Largest "Crowd  ������i.'s���.>'ii{?v.:***;.vi*'*;'*^^^^^  7y Y^e^^tteaicling; I:a'  ;in  the; Kootenays.  '���x75>ts.:_-t*.~XjiiS.,'i:~..i.  Ct;"|-V'.  Ytwb^eref^ymsbyi*^^  (otlwrlp^^fejpNeiaon^  : mains the   Grand   Challenge^ cup,  which lies.'-between  Rossland' and  iNel^jfgt^  |mbrnini.^.|5yYf ^A^AA^i^A:  t^4; y * ;iievy?an; Assesaine-^yy ::���;,';  ?TbSoNTO^Eeb^ui^y;15yThe^-^  ;;GblderivStarYMiningYC^  xlecided to fmake tyro calls pn^iheir;  stbck^?bne callYbfYl,;centra*share';  payable befbi-e;March 15th;;'ahd;the';  second call ofY l;cerit per share pay-  iabi^bbfbre ApriUlsfcf The Ydirect^  pirsdo riot-intend to: install % addir'  tipnal stamps   until   such tiine as;  development work shows .sufficient  quantity ofY paying ore in-sight to  keepfa25:st��mpyriill; incorittnupus.  operation. ^Active- -develbpmerit;  will be proceeded with^ on vein No.  '2;in;MayjY;*;>;':/i.:; '^.y-ji .'���' ".'. ���������' 7P  r;Y��y:^VJ^-invalid Soldiers.   .v;-y:;V*Y  Y*?HAtiPAxi*Noya Scotia, February  15.yTheYElder-Dempster liner take  .Superior' * ^with'*:; fourteeiS iriyalfded *  Canadians ^frpni South Africa, including private Y C. J. Powell, Van-:.  cpuye>; private G.,Eck,.Fort.Steele,;  arid ^privates;Roberts * arid Dickson  of "Victoria; reached here this morn-  ;irig.r Allsthe ��� inen*Yspeakx well bf  their, treatment: inthe hospitals of;  England and of the trip from Liverpool to HaHf ax.  YY     Y: "���*:'���-:  '      Elected Vice-iPresident.    *   [  5 Montreal, February: 15.yA. ;C.  Wells of Chiliwack, .B.C.; was today  elected vice-presiderit- of- the Can-;  adian Ayrshire; Breeders!;Asapcia-  tipri.   Resolutions were passed asking theYgovernriient.tb^' d^  with the tuberculin test, arid also  asking the government to ": appoint.  a commission for the fregulatibn jof  ^railway ahdoceahfjeigh^rates; ,r  y f0[7.Haye'NpJurisdiptio��- [[[77  . .MoNTREAia, February 15.���In pre-  liminary argument on law points in'  the��elpit?marriage easeivin which  the ciyiicpiirts,are asked to ratify  the ecclesiastical annulment of the  marriage because, * two Catholics  were married by a Protestant min-  ^-?ljbrd'StarileyhCbriservative;ine^^  '*��� ���*"*,%- ���...-���---. v'iWL^lv**,1a;-''*ai*''i'   '"���"' "->' ���* -������-*.- *: i'y~}>i*rm-��� ^h^'.tTj:  ber :foivr,Westhoughton, who...was  aidede camptolbrd Roberts in South  |*A_:ncaS^  dbu't'thiril- ariyprie can regard -the;  ��]|CMH^*^^  consider^^ the ^humanity they have  always:showriy*t.oward  the Britislr  isick|a|^53ty^ri3ed^  fliaye^^lserise^^i^di^'  -^l-a^raViiHlTriic,-1''^ *'PlliiHSvri(1aS''TihV'  >y*;Rc��SIaANp,Y  jraaj^Th^Tribune^T^^  glove contest between' Billy; Ara-  ,>���-.*_: SSw '!:i'--ip-\-XXi!iie Z��i XXttiXX'f^K^UrSiV.'.i  strong and Andy King  was won in.  the third round after it had lasted  g_^mhiirte^?^ndS2(fe^^  ���strong;proved to be too speedy and  'l^p|har^^ln*^^  ^j^g^elMi^ljrou^f&^dl"^^  .^^ngjIlHeYi^  ithe endfof the second ��� round audit  .waS^ne}. Dejl-V^ him^y*|s$  ^^nptfe'ejf^fiir^l'^T  after   King   fiercely and;? knocked  ;liii^i^^y*^d^|ho'i^b^^  "ctraritL^Y^i^befOTe^he;!^^  IKis'l^feeiii^l^tfe^  ^^ai*Mt^j-fe^-i^^  fiereeshort-ariui fighting landed a left I  |ra!th^a^^*^i^ri*i^|in-^^  :^eh^and��;fefle*dfeKi*^  where he ** remainedr until! counted;  but by Ma^Karler, the referee from!  _3po^ni^f*.Th^  sb*0t^||a**^e^ferp^^  ���tended; al flight; in the ��� Kootenays.'  Time was not_jcalled��� ��� for-'.the. fight  ^1^1^:20^  changed hands on" the result, and  ROONDINO UP;'THE .WOMEN -AND  l;%||i3j-a*;*3*^'lss*J%;.K  Plummer YEngaRed Dewet on the 13tb  y|iahdfR&iitingy Stiil|�� Cantata ueSy C;  T*3iy5*;*y:Enenw-*^^  %��X::.y%yy^ir7yx7777^  imbnthyibr^Y*;*.!^^  iscburirigy thia  country .between  ttrid|fbbdi;fromaU^l^fj^^  \ybmen and ;huridred children  itq^^jfe^nwiths^f^  ;s^t!to;Vryburg^Y; p-Mc^;bc|^sipni  ���while:he-waspAirsu'mg]��^  ;the Boersjsent p^Y*t^ii%wagbris'in;  chargeYof YvyorrienYla^Ychildren iir  vOrie)directiori andY ^nt^tli^selyes;  ���fm^ribthery^he;^  exportdrivers that^the^British ha,d  considerable difficu]^YinJqat<^irigr  ^h��convoyY;X;;Y^yYlYp1Il??|'^^  ';������ - Gerieral xSmith-Dorien;' occupied  Amsterdam and Tuangis,Y February  :9th: A '���?'< 7:-7-��� 'PAtyyy :y;.-7.  Colesburg, Cu,peICbh^yC;Febru-  ; ary 15.y piumnier'^cblumn-ehgaged  Dewet between ECpieshurgY and  Phillipstown, Feln-uary::;������ 13, and  gradually pushed iback-* the >Boers.  The' British had^* ^attery?bP field  artillery and the; Boers j" one fifteen  pounder. The shrapnel burst splen-  .(Udly^Y Ten of the^British were  wounded during' the ;mariy hours'  fightingi An occasiorial Ydead Boer  was found. YThbiierigagenient is  ���being.: condriuedY;todayy ^?jAUv the  males at Grasfohtein-'have been  arrested. There is- pleiitx ��* evi^v  dencethatYthey were; assisting the  ���Boers.-.;;' ';.;Jyyy;;''':!"-';.  Held'*ite.:,TWa^Y-'';Y:;;*'.''>Y  .;*. Y Cape Town, February 15.-���The;  Boers Occupied Murraysburg, Cape  Coloriy, on February;]XtKY y y;  Albert Cartwrightf'^itbr';of "��� the  South African.,* 'who was  arrested on February r7,th;charged  with'publishmg/is'editipus Ya,nd de-  fainatory articles in hii'.paper and  a statement .to the Yeffect.that the  British*- cbminander-in-chief had  secretly instructed % his troops to  take no prisoners; was; held yester-  d��iy for triah*    B^ii:was fixed at  ��2oob.       ^yyyyY.yY.  * Crawporlsvillb, Indiana.\y  Maurice Thompsbri, the author,  died eaifly this morning:. .  ������:- Paris.��� The intense cpW;prevail-  ing here has i*esulted in/.*nu__erpus  deaths in the city and suburbs.  The temperature is 12 centigrades'  below, zero. There has beena-heavy-,  fall t>f snow in several departments;  .'.-^������XiE/^fM'V'Kii:  YFebruary^?  _   ;X.%  i5y-i  examining  judge  that1   he    took  bribes 'from Luppa,' an agent for  Sternberg.' ,"' -' "  i    ..a- -  The Spanish Riots. '- v  Madrid, February -"IS.���It has  been further reported from Barcelona, .Valencia, and Granada that  the rioters*at:Ali'Cfmte;^tori��d:!;the  city hall arid th^proyind^epuricii.  iThey mpb|:iwais Yidispers^^b^the:;  Ypplicl^v^.^ne^^jvv^ylte  ; muSii_ittidi_|>t^ttie*|.''^  the city ordering the suppressing  ;'pf.r'censpred|_��ra*p��^  itPs court�� mar;tial^ those^ ��mr��_iliri ov  -seditiburtiPws; yy Y^ffi  yMmm^W'' "   '"��''"'  spreading  ';|^r;-;H'*.fY'*^Y  tp^death yesterday- ;,af ter noon * by: a  ,'piecebf.beef which;:had .lodged*;in  !hisfth*^atU^pite|tf0i^^  sreir^e|it^g||��|^  f|i(GHATHAMSl3n<-^ib  ;-��'*Yr-.''T5''~.J'j':��-'^  phenson, collector.of customs here  and, 'formerly:'-member-oif-;parlia-"  merit*1 for: 'Ken't'vcourity-'''ahdvDub--  .*:."- "��-'^r^r^'.tt��'^.^'��,-' ���>^vt.^'.:---l^'_j'::-,^.:')e.i.--^ '^.���.-v.^. . i .  iwere omciallyquashed this-morningjj  ���ifbllbwingstheli-^urietioiifiasu^iyes^  ;terda^i  lt*bBfbr__iitli-^riey^ron^  !NatiPnal^Bank.%i:-Noitimefnoriplace'  v-:;'''>-'*T^>^l.-^'-.*V-''''tt';^^  .was.-even suggested for?a future  !meeiang|i^^  sBbthSnlari^er^issw^ 4.  ;nouncing.;'their2^ -  ^ilit^tocbri^jpff^t^  ^ere;:&k^fHu^afte^pp  ;iipytiie'*'afSir^p^^  -:Athleticf:A^  spect of appeals from': the {decision  ot; judge ;Hpili^ertlSs|di^pptored[  I^YTyiYThejPi^^WiU;  yL*GHJc^b^*^b]ruiE^y;'^  from Cincinnati says manager Brady  ^:belialf|bf^e��fries?t^  :3he^ft^*<rf^i;K^  ;a:wrestlipg;;'m^  Chicago between Jeffries'aiid^Ruh-'  lliriyv Iriye-g^dytibi^the^bffe^  ^enyw'of^ip,^  ;tweenitl^-ii^;meri^B  ?pnly ��� conditions; priYwhit*'hYhe;wbuld:  gotb'PeriverYwbuld b  ii^urse;pfI$2^000^the'Tmbney^  -depbsitedYiri-ajbank-befbre^th^  testiand!to:-\3e)^^forfeited iri tcase tlie  contest  shbiild ;be   prevented   by  ;legal;m*eans.,;   :x7.yy7'jy:7'77-: .*;*:'  ������ * Y Inspected the Strathconas.  London,: February 15.���King  Edward, accompanied by queen  Alexand ra, this morning inspected  at Buckingham: palace 350 officers  and nien of Strathcona's ^Horse.;  His majesty, presented the regiment  with the kingls colors and gave  medals to the men., A. detachment  of guards held the lawn on the west  terrace and the Canadian^ were  drawn up in front of the terrace;  The company included lord Roberts  in full uniform; general Buller, the  duke of Connaught, Joseph Chamberlain, the secretary of state for  the colonies; lord Strathcona and  Mount i Royal, who organized  Strathcona's Horse, arid many army  arid court officers. ,The royal stan-;  dard was hoisted over the palace as-  the kingi wearing a field marshal's  uniform, and the;queen in deep  mourning, appeared on the terrace,  accompanied by the duke and  duchess of Argyle. ���.���>���;*-��� -x ���': ;Y  The. German Way. -  .... BEaiaiN; February i5.ypriminal  commissioner Thiel was today sentenced to three years! penal servitude and five years'; deprivation of  civil rights, owing to the charges  brought.against him on: account'*of  his connection with the Sternberg  case:'* ��� As announced in a dispatch  to the Associated Press from Berlin, under date of December 5th,  the stateY attorney during the trial  that day of the wealthy Bermudan  banker, Sternberg, for an alleged  offence against morality, declared  that criminal commissioner ^Thiel  had made a full confession to the.  ^-;|']topms'jFrederi^s| CqriditioifcS^  yi^jpiiG^^ebr*^  *^Mail-|,iiwB;tfie.|rfpH^  Berlin correspondent: ,1 leajrn. that  vtKetcon*4ijbion';pf^p^  ^Frederick is more, serious than at  ?)iny|timefdiiB^K#K^  :pdwaT^is|e_:peci^K^^  EASTERN   CANADA TELEGRAMS..  |l?*^6jfbN-^.^Tihe0>^  hundred and fifty Strathconas have  obtained; leave Yto remain. iii Eng-:  ;land.feaw:v'M-!*,-5'i:��:*��i*&  . {^;^<^N^Th*epri^tg  .James Mclutyre of Moiiritairi Brook,;  Restigouche cburity, was burned to:'  ���isher 'of the Chatham -Planetjdied  :Fifakle has nbn'-suited'the^actiohas  ���to the*against  ^licemagistrate Field-withv.cpsts,  for alleged retention of' certain'fees.  ^duelfiimfasTallwinMS  i'.v:>f.'��-*! -'. r -r^;i-_2">.  msmm^;  in^Sthel...  i^P^M^Si:  (Miirtp;  ^PETte^RSgftOn-^^  iNbrth^Se^  ^.���^-���it''*''.r5--'''''''"���'i-'c-',i.''-"^-��^*'^  and subsequent' arson'- to- coyer his  imisdel^^sl^fp^^  Hce riiagistrate Diinible. today and  fsen^ce^^  |penite^tiaryyyyiyi;S  yl^aE^c-iyTheYYlegislafcu*^  fadopted:a5 resolutibri^bf ] cbridbleHttce^  JjfprrT^heS.deathf ofY^rieenYVictJoria^  : Speeches;>Swfere;; made YbyKYpremier;  ;Parerit;'^^rHpn.Y;*J'i;FIy  Yppsi tjpnK|leader, Yaf ter Y;wlnchY|thej  ;leghyatui^'adjpun^d.:3'YYY^^  ^f.(^^D^MERE^.!.Oueb^  iGr^t^brthern;railrb^originb:T^^  l^kingY^terjat tlie^Y tarikYhereYtp^  ;dky;theYbbileri;exploded.Y The en|  vgiheer and hrefriaui Cliarles -Reberge  arid; Louis 'paariere,'were; so,, badljr.'  scalded that both will; die.;; jy ,;y^;Y  y QOTAWA.yThe :* toilitia Yjdepart-;  imeritithis^momingi^ceiy^AYcable^  grain Ya,nnouncingHYth*^; ^sergeant;  Craddbck, Ythe ;: Cari^iari Y 'scout,  whom tlie authorities:cannptYiden^  tify, was /wounded at some? place  unkribwn iri Spilth Africa bn^Febru-'  :avy[ithyAA'AyA A .'"y ;yy;;;  TORONTO.-^George Everton,;*:-'a:  patient Yin Ythe general; hospital,  stiffering'frbm pneumonia,>' became  delirious early, this mbrnirig and in  th(3 absceno of the mirse -opened a  window; arid leaped to the ground,'  about 30 feet below. He received  serious internal injuries and is now  in a dying condition.  Montreal.���So little hew arid important legislation was promised in  ^the speech frorei the throne at Quebec yesterday that the Gazette',  Conservative, this morning remarks  editorially that the province of  Quebec has reached a stage where  there there is ground for questioning if an annual'session of the legislature is necessary. ~  r Florence, Ontario. ��� James  Clarke, a wealthy bachelor who  lives alone.near Croton, about three  miles from here^/was iboiind hand  and foot and relieved of, two hundred dollars,, a gold watch and  several silverware pieces by burglars on Wednesday night. No clue  has, yet been obtained as. to the  identity of the men.  ' ToRQNTp.-^An' - interim:  issued' by the liquidators  Western Loan, & Trust Company  today, announces that all creditors  arid holders of debenture  stock -have been paid in full  and a cash balance of $96,000 remains,; from which shareholders  will receive a first dividend of 15  cents on the dollar. Further dividends will depend upon the success  of several suits and ��� sales of property yet remaiuing.  report  of the  AtEBBIFIC  k-\J llPLOSION  3&h  In :the Union Colliery Com-  ���:.t,.t-;,:.:*-;;- .���\-��.&:~.rAii:i:2:.__t.?-%. **���     ��.  7t?x&.y;_  pany's  Mines.  >%,<- tt ���  y-  txyyy  i,;7X_���.?��� X7iX^ ���'Y"-T'>i"-V'Ti''4..^*,^^'('i::'T:EJ  SIXHIFIVEIMINERS BURIED^^  r_  ��� urn*  ~*_i74~&.  't,   ,a  '.--'���       "-.'.    .   -- -... ���--���.��� ���..-������- ��� ^^^rt"*1^*-^- Yr-    ^3>^a  LITTLE HOPEf ENTERTAINED =F0R^  ���'':.:i'-*''���^;-l*ti.'.i,V'V^;'ri'*1r'. '1,**t*''S^*'^^-t-'r^aV".**i!;i3W^-i^ **���*���***     -C..f*W^    ^- ~*\��*  THEIR RECOVERY.  - ^-yiw1  . i  v  -c. 5   <~  2__._t- Qs-m  Rescue -Party>,Eneonnters thei. Deadly.  1 xs^xx^;.-0^__$xm^SiMif^ >'�����>>?���  ^ "  ysgAfter-Damp;-and;;Ib Forced  |��p^^heg*^^bcia^df'Press  feUriibiif b^^^^ereitlie''mirieav of Ithe  'YXJriibh'S'GollierWiCPihpany ��� areTlo-W*�� I  :cated,Ysays:s?.The^town was shaken^:  :,��'-rs^'*^^*tw-'u"?*'ii^^^'��i-*��^t>>aS:4'fjfij,--*     '���"%.  "��� j"' ~*ts  IbyiaYternfic^xplosibri at 10:40* this^.  x^im?x?^?��zp&<-/kx&Xi>.    v-  As **&l'i\i.i  ;morning.lsSrThe:-source,Ywas., located^*  Uv��-:7^-''-'^r^"?--*'v:';.'-^^;>.T;''-'^'^''-s^'^!Ti'^ �� f ^v*^  vat;Nb;V6 "shaf tiMght^^ih^tbwjiH^Crowds fe  - snnn cathflred at the r>ifc head : and 7;  *YPf*;whbm!weivelwhites;%'w^  ;*l-.r��',?liA.inrt.hfi.!Tninft'Jtt?thftfer,in����S  'cb^m^i'-^tu'eTmin'e/atl^  i 600)fSet! deep ^rid��^hi^brkirig9|are $m  lx^m&7^3��?t7&^  connectediwith;those of No.^shaftyii��  aYsearch party^w*^ %M  -forcedvto :retnrn'af tersgettinglneari��^*��  ?thedoors'betweenr5;ands6:from;enr1ff--|^t  ^countenngTafterdamp^^  JeledYspMuickly that>lirspeed h'ad*"^^f  ^Ibe^miade, to avoid, being f^ver-,-*^  jcbriiey^'Fire^is ragingT-between' the :<%\  ;^(pS:pitsi^rbbably���^frbm 'ignitbdv  i^mber^5|Ifc>is^not^considere&,that r  ithp,cbalH||6redI Meanwhile-at No. ~  {6'>t't;emp'i��:are*being made to reach  ;tlief^otti^^biut^ the cage is only"  rablellto^reach 'about' two-thirds  ^wriyatMI^, at "present volunteers  arejStraining every muscle to clear-  the obstruction; in that 'shaft and  tb^:reachythe'1Y unfortunates on-  ;*tbinb^;.Vp;y  _ ,  ^"Fan^^dvhoisting gear is intact.'^  'Na.tio*pe";-i8.:lield out for the men.*-'" A  special   train   with    officials    and  Idoctorsileffc here_this_aftemoon_for=_  ; the scerie?pf the.explosion.  ;> Premier : Dunsmuir   will    reach  Vancouver tomorrow from' Ottawa  arid will;'proceed   immediately to  'Uriibn^'-";'" '���'-  ' A^second explosion occurred iu  No; 5 shaft at the Union colliery tonight, but as it had been expected  the men had left the workings and  there were no casualties. This explosion prevents efforts being made  to: rescuelYtheS entombed": minersT;  througlrNp.; 5 shaf ti ;:       ;   y  " '"'   Notes From: Varicouver.Y:::  Vancouver,     February     15.���'.'..  [Special to The Tribune.jyPapers  are being signed for the sale of the  Britannia mine on  Howe sound to  Bewicke, Moering & Co. of London-  for $750,000 cash.   The' money is to:  be paid over in London inside of  three months. -';;    --X'yx-yx'xi:^ ;  All white men 'have   been   discharged from the Van'Anda miue Y  and  their; places  will be;filled by Y  Japs. ::: ��� y--xx ::������ :..���;..- ,(7-7xx:;x7  Y Chief of police Stewart has entered suit for''���; alleged libel against  the Province newspaper for $5,000.  D. D. Mann will arrive from Ottawa  Wednesday; to  attend   the  opening of the provincial; house: at.  Victoria. ; He will push for- a: ijevot- Y  ing of the subsidy to the Vancouver,  Victoria and Eastern railway: -���;  Raiding Joints in Kansas.  Wichita; Kansas, ^February-15.  ���A special froniY Peck,- a small  place 14 miles south of; here, ;says  100 men arid.^ women-^.today raided 7.  two " joints "and ordered the proprietors out. Being disobeyed they  completely smashed the buildings.  The stock of liquor was carried to;  the: railway station and ^ordered  shipped to Wichita. Y * Silks  Silks  We are showing  a beautiful  assortment of the  following*  carefully .selected  goods*  ies "Soie  Brocades  Satins  in all shades  ify  jy  A "grand assortment  of b6eautiful:Silks  iri, Blouse Lengths  ' Soe^ bur~ window  , which shows'  a few samples of  ^ our-stocks  ��� *w_-  Ir,  y  ._.>  ' *.S-i J*", ii  erasers  ��h��Ji��ribttWa>  i<t.~  13*-"   -.  _*���<���-.  h. ���  **-SJ  i^a.  ~-(   ,j Kaslo, -according   to the state-  ."   ment ofi the yauditor for the.ryear  7 _900*fis<in'Very-. good -shape finan-  . cially. * Mer'assets are almost-twice  :' "as much'as her'liabilities.   -     ,"  { li .    - a ,  There "are many rumors in'circu-  ,' .latiori'as to probable changes*in'the  ���J Dunsmuir _ government, one being  -v that Smith Curtis of Rossland was  to' be 'taken in so as to give the  . mine-owners representation and kill  . Joe Martin off entirely.  .��*" j * ____________^___^_______________  The laborer is worthy his hire  when employed by individuals and  corporations. The same rule should  hold good  when the .city   is the  employer.   All   employees   of  the  > city should be    paid    fair 'wages  - for a fair day's work. If the mayor  of Nelson does a fair day's work-for  the city he' should be paid a fair  day's wage/ and there is' 'no good  reason why he should be* paid- part  in cash and part in "patriotism."  It takss'cash to pay the mayor's  * grocer's bills,,,cpatriotisni" not' being considered a lawful tender.  Mayor Fletcher has been selected'  by the people to supervise and manage their civic business affairs for  the year 1901, and it is just a trifle  absurd that he should be required  to work for less than one of the  clerks whose work he is required to  direct aad supervise.  An All-Important Question.  Phoenix, February 14th, 1901.  To   the   Editor of The Tribune:  The Tribune has rendered agreat  public service by drawing attention  to the Crow's Nest coal question,  the importance, of which is not yet  sufficiently realized.    The diversion  of this coal from' British Columbia  mightnot only shut 'down all the  smelters of the interior, 'but might  clo3e down the mining industry itself in the Boundary district, where  the ores'will only stand transportation to local smelters.    The Associated Boards of Trade will meet at  Greenwood on February '28th,-and  this will undoubtedly be the most  important    question    before    the,  meeting.   I hope all--tho delegates]  will-go thoroughly posted on the  subject, as~their decision, will, have  much totdo with-thersettlement of  the question. ��� ��Speaking fov- myself,  I think the best thing to do would  pe to put an export duty on coal.  No other plan could be more effective, aiad eveiy ocher plan is  open to some serious objection. -I  think it would be a great pity  to resort to the roundabout device  of refusing a charter to au American railway into East Kootenay.  After the many lights we have had  to get competing railways in this  country it would be a very risky  precedent to go and ask the Dominion parliament to refuse a railway  charter. Ono great merit about the  plan of putting an export duty on  coal is that the provincial. legislature can handle the question, whereas the railway question would have  to be fought out at Ottawa. The  only objection I have heard to an  export duty on coal-is that it would  work ahardship on the coal mines  of Vancouver island. But .that  could be got over by making the  law applicable only to the .mainland, or to that part of-the province  east of the Cascades; a-distinction  which is perfectly constitutional in  Canada, and'has often been-drawn  in other matters. Let us-welcome  everybody who wishes to build va  railway to any place, and let us  place a duty of $2 a ton on the export from the province of -any coal  mined easfrof tho Cascades.' Yours  truly, " ' R. B. Kerr.  Miners' -Union to -'Build- a "Hospital.  Slocan City Drill.  Arrangements have  been-madel  by the miners'  union to   erect a;  handsome hospital "here this summer.    It will1 be modern inMfcs  design and equipment and  will' cost  $5000.   Dr.- Forin -of "Nelson   has  been Q engaged ' by ��� the    union ^ to;  superintend   the 'hospital   and"-to^  loot after the health of the < mem-:  bers of the organization, and he enters upon his'duties .on 'March-11st.'  A' building will be secured   as -a;  temporary hospital till the-new'bne  is' erected:, .The government,will-be  asked for a'liberal donation.forYthe  new building.  'Freight Traffic* Heavy. C  .iFreight traffic over, the ,C. P..RJ  ,at the present time .is exceedingly  large. * Yesterday -over <��� 60."I cms  stood at Kootenay ��� Landing,, ready  to ,be -shipped' jto western ,/ppintsi  Jiistmow the,.water,is .quite  the-landing, ;which rmakes, nayigaf  tion by the'tugs' extremely difficult!,  The>.steamer rNelson brings the  barges from.the landing, down, the  lake, where it is met by the., tugs*  -which return -with the.barges.'' -This  makes > a . rapid transferrence, and  the company is able to,keep/up with  the present rush of freight./ If ."the  traffic'increases .it is.quite probable  that the barges'will-be unloaded at  the slip at Proctor, andj the' cars  .brought from there by , way of 'the  Balfour extension.' *  * Samples J Received.  The samples of 'ore received and  properties listed at the Prospectors'  Exchange in" the -K.-W.-C.   block  yesterday were' as follows: - Free  milling gold- ore'from the Golden  Egg'group, Lower Arrow- lake;. Glad  Hand group, 'Nelson district; Laddie  claim, Slocan'district; Ethel claim/  Arrow* lake;  - Gooderiough   group,  Morning mountain; '.[Walkerr group,-  south ��ork- of1 Kaslo creek. r Gold*  ore-from Lemon' creek.   Silver ore  .from.^the.^R&ilroad_group,_Slocan_  City.--' Silver-lead ore from Twelve-  mile creek, Slocan City.   Silver ore,  Lead Carbonate group, Porcupine  creek, - Ymir;   Big    Patch    group,  Ymir district. ^-  THE TRIBUNE^JSngJBON B. QJUffiPRDAY. FEBRUARY 16 1901  KLSON SOCIALISTIC CLUB  ��� ������'  Its Purposes and Platform,  The Nelson Socialistic Educational Club will hold au open meeting in the new. Miners' Union hall  on Sunday, afternoon at 3 o'clock.  This-meeting is'the first of a series  inaugurated by the club, which has  heretofore met in the members'  homes. The growth of the club-  now two months old���has been  phenomenal, and it is expected a  large increase of membership will  follow the removal to larger and  moro public quarters. On Sunday  the question of "Man's SelBshness  as the Social and National Evil of  Our Time" will be discussed. All  persons interested- in civic or  national reform are invited to be  present. The following is the club's  platform:  1.-Abolition of the senate. The;  people to have the veto power by  means of the initiative and referendum.  2. Adult   suffrage-, and i propor^  tional representation, with grouped;  constituencies     and   abolition    of  municipal wards.  3. Public ownership of all fran-,  chises, such as railways, telegraphs,;  water works, - electric light and'  power plants, etc.  4. Land nationalization. Community-produced values to be used  for public purposes. Occupancy to  be the only title to land.  5. A national currency and government banking system.  6. ���Public ownership of-all monopolies, and (Ultimately, of -all means  of _ production and exchange .and  distribution.  7. Abolition< of patent laws, government remuneration for invent-  orsy-with the aim in view of having  labor-savings machinery introduce a  r shorter? work .'day. Eight hours to  ���constitute's. labor on all pub-  lie works.  *-*"*  t__7     m   _^       *'*^___' ______       *^^^ ^_m r*^    *  ^mw^    *^^^   **��� f^^    *^^^   ��� ^0^    * &^r   ��� f^^    * 00^T  -Ladies-Misses' and  Children's Under-muslins  at Unheard of Prices  nrmim-T-T--i manm-im rrr-,1.  . ..- ~>  Ge.  lltlllllimtniilmmillniii'rlliiniii,;  Embroideries,  Wash LacM~and~DomeBtics  Qreatly Reduced.   ���������"������ ��� ���> - > i  lllin���llitiiiTrTTwra-it,mpi,T���m*f  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  J TEN DAYS SALE W=LMM��^,I^IT��i��ttAfl!iS  iii FOR TEN DAYS, WE. WILL OFFER A LARGE ASSORTMENT OFWHITEWEAF AT : ! gli  I HALF PRICE 1  ���Il ���     '     -Pal" ���     *H  Hl'I'llJ   ���.-���. gtt\  to  THIS LINE INCLUDES  to  to  Ladies-rNightdresses, 75 cents to,,$5.0.0,  iOorset Covers, 20, cents to $1.75  Lace and .gip'bhoidered,;IL),rvders(��irfs, 75 cents,.to $12.00  to  to  to  to  to  REAL ESTATE AND   ,  INSURANCE AGENTS  a/-  KOOTENAY  COFFEE GO;  ************************  - Coffee Boasters  D��aier��in7ea;an(j cbffee  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  >De$irablO'Business and Residence, Lots  ., in (Bogustown)'Fairview Addition.*  t^. .   ������������ ���  OiHce on' Baker Street, west of Stanley Street  i        l j.        -    NELSON.  <X D: J. OHfilSTIE  ,General .Broker  FIRE,  LIFE AND  -ACCIDENT INSURANCE  Money to loan at &% or on tho Installment plan.  (For Sale  _ ,  The Ha} wood place.  PrJco nnd terms on application. ! I  ' 3 fifty foqt lots on Robson streat $800 00  2 twenty-flve foot lots,' Observatory St.   . '600 00"  A 25-foot lot opposite tho Phair'Hotel, a  bargain.7      ."...-..    Several other good buys are on my list.  .' i For'Rent. ^  7 Room Honso,fCarbonate Street |30 00  C Room House, fthll Street 25.00  A Ground-Floor Offloe >  25.00  i Room'Cottage >12 50  The Hay ward place.  Cabins for rent.-  *��� See my list of )Kenl-Estate. *-   ;.-..  A FULL LINE OF  >ff\ White Cambrie Muslin, Nainsooks. Victoria Lawn, India Linens, White and Colored ffjX  M\ Organdies, Dimities, Fancy Muslins, Plain and Dotted Swiss and Piques ny  to '���"���'.:' ".-" ^    "'  ���' *  /tV'TJhe  balance of our Winter Stock of Ladies' Tailor-made Costumes, 9\  M Jackets, Capes and Skirts at Reduced Prices (t\  fix    ' ^ 3 m  mzzxzzzxxz  -aOur Winter Millinery  Must' be Cleared np in  Order to,Make Room for  Spring Styles  -Fpecl l:i?^in0 & Co.  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  Furs  We are Letting go  ut Prices to Suit tbe  Buyer  ato  ��jjV     lq_r-_--ii'ixictiix*ngxixirrTTTT Tmxumirxii                                                                             ���*   - *        "���" -'"  ''*���   '                                                         Rruxgpixg33xrtixxxir_-rixixiiiviJUii_o   ^j|l  !*5&k_.                              A. ^                  '   *C -  '           -_*K-  __*^k   *-_-_^                  -��           _^_^          _^^           _^^          __^rf           _^^         _-^^          _^^#         _^^           _^^M          _^^      J   _^^f                     -J v      _^^          ___���_)'      _____P ������.         -                       %^^           ____             ^^__          ���                       '''^'^h.          ****^aB^             '-'''^���B..         ^___.             ^___.         *^___.             '''^^'^         *^*^__.            '^''''''''^^         ^____.~'        *^__k * ^*   __P_i  W^.**^t 0^F ��� ^^ ��^0 ��� ^~ *-^0 ��� 0^ *00 ��� ^^ *0^ ��� ^^ *00 ��� ^^ *00 ��� ^^ *^^ ��� ^^ ��� ��� ^^ #^___aia __Bk * ^^�� ^^^ ���.____*��� _^B^ ���____Si,_____K ���^____S>#J_____^ *^_____^*J____S *^______^*______S * ^^ ^**0m  w a__}_________��� S____W___\_______f 4_______^m______t_f 0_XX____t^^^____t_t* ^____\\_W____^4______^ ^_\\\_\\\_\___wt^t_\\W______^ ^���XX___&^___t__f _\_\\\\\\W1^0^_______\+ _XXXX_____^m0_____^ ^���_\W_____^ *4l_____* ^^__t_^^l*^_____* ^^lX^_XX��*L,^���X_P ^^^_\_^���0t_\_^ ^^^^0*^L_\\\\\__)P ^^^_XXw*^^���XX\* *^^K0*^^^0 *^^^���w^^^^0 **^^���Xv ^___w_\\��� W j  821 to 331 Baker Street, Nelson  '���.'*_'���  650 00  American arjd. European Plana.  <     -i .'      .     -       - V  MEALS   2f5    CENTS  BOOMS IalQHTED BY. ElaKCTRIOITT  , iJSaHBATED BY STEAM  ' -25 CENTS TO fl'     -  ************************  Wo aro olToriiiK at lowest prices Iho boat'  grades of Ceylon, India, China and Japan?  Teas. }  Our Best*, Mocha and Java Coffee, per !  pound       ... $  40,  Mocha and Java Blend,:. pounds      . 1 00>  Choico Blond Coffoo, 4 pounds  1 00  Special Blond Coffee, G pounds .   .   . 1 00,  Rio Blend Coffee, (i pounds  1 00{  Special Blend Ceylou Tea, per pound SO  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  I  KOOTENAY COFFEE GO.  Telephone 177. 1  P. 0. Box 182.  WEST BAKER STREET, NELSON.;  H. E. T. HAULTAIN; C. E.  MINING  ENGINEER  'OFWE-8. <J, 10,  1C-W.C. Block  NELSON  The Cabinet Gigar Store  ���Q.tb: MATTHEW, Proprietor.  JVHeadquarters for  '��CAtiftM��L"' "POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   ^'VIRGIN   GOLD"  Snoklns; Mid PlpM, .  Front .Doors  Inside Doors  Screen Doors  Windows  Inside Finish  looal and ooast.  Flooring  local and-ooaati.  Newel* Posts  ���  Stair Bail  Mouldings  'Shingles  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  V of all kinds.  a WHAT TOU WANT 18 NOT IR STOCK  V�� Witt MARK IT KOBYOO  i   ��� OALL AMP qj-Tf PB10J-8.  J. A. Sayward  HAIX AMD 1AKE STREETS, NELSON  Porto Rico Lumber Go.  (L.IMITED)      '  CORNER OF  BKNDRYX'AND VKRNON.BTRKET8  Ftough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-l White Pine^ Lumber Always��� in  StocK-  'We carry a complete^ stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, In$ide Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Dgo.b.  > Special order work ,\riU,.X9Q4ve  ���promptrattention.  Porto Rico Lumber Co. LttL  QUEEN'S HOTEL  _? ..BAKBR BTRMBT. WBIJIOy.  Lighted by Electricity and Heat-  �� <ed with, Hot Air.  .*0��r_o,oomfort��blo bedxooma and flnlMdam  dining-room. Bampla roonw (or oommaroUl moo.  RATES 82 PER DAY  Limited.  m  a/VII  ills  C.  H|ps. E.C.CiarKe^PrpRs  I^TX.OV THK BOYALJiOTKL, ^Oa-WABT  N|adden House ^Mf.^  The onlj hotel In' Nelson''that1 haa ranalnad  under one managoment since 1800.  * The hed-rooma.areweU tnrplshea^and llghtefl  by'eleotriclby. '       "- "  Tho bar, la always obocked br tbti bwt .dm a*  , tdo and lpi-porbed liquors'and olgars.  THOMAS MADDEN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  3. H. MoMANUS, Manager .  C#AQLE,S HILLYER,   '/'       y    '   HARRY HOUSTON,  ": '    r-'Presird*eht^and;jf3eneraj:Mahager.->   - " .-Secretary-Treasure^  <   7 .AU-Communications'to be, addressed to either of the above. <'\  W��jirocppeparecl-to Furnish   ' , " r "  bF/Rall^argoop Teams"'' <���  "    ^r      r   DIMENSION LUMBER  .ROUGHImXDRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL and .COAST CEILING   r  LOCAL arid COAST FLOORING,  .  ;,    "r.   AEiOUBLErDRESSED COASTvXfEDAR  ' irRUSTIC, SHIPLAPrSTEPPING: ,  PINE aiid..CEBAR\ CASINGS*  DOOR JAMBS,. WINDOW UTILES  TURNEDl WORK, BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL-POSTS  THRNEtirVERANDiA POSTS _  -STORE FRONTS  'DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our?,Prices before       . _        ^  pur.ohaaing.elBeyrhere. ���-   - \\   ���  -OFFICE: CQRNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY :,HALL, STREET* C. P. R.;CROSSING:   MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  P.;Bupiis&Go.  WHOLESALE TRADE  '   AERATED AND MINERAL WATERS. '"  TIORPK & OO?, ��lMITED.-Corhor Vernon"  ' and Codar streeta, Nelsou, manufacturers  vt and wholesale* dealers in nrated waters and  fruit syrups. .Sole agenta for'Halcyon Springs  mineral water.  Tolephone 60." '���-������"���     y -s  ��� ASSAYERS', SUPPUES.  f. TkETZBL & CO.'���Corner" Baker and  Josephine streets, Nelson.-'wholMaledeal''  ers In * assay ers supplies.  Agenta MHTtDenve  .Fire Cla^Co. of Denver, Colorado./'   \  COMMISSION: MERCHANTS.     -  HJ. EVANS ,8c CO.-Baker st^eek*-. Nelson  ��� wholesale dealers In liquors, olgars  oement, Are1 brick and fire olay, water plpe.and  tBteel rolls, and general commission; merchants.,  *.    .    EliBOTRICAL^SDPPLIB_ai,vJr  KOOTENXT"electric 'supply *tt' CON*'  . '8IRUCTION COMPANY-Wholesaledeal-  ers In telephones, annunciators, bells, batteries,  ' flxtureat eba| Houston block". Nelson. ��� << rrrl - r    j  FLOOR AND FEED.    ~  T2RACKMAN - KKR MILUNQ COMPANT  ���t�� ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay.' Straight or  mixed'cars shipped-to fall Kootenay. Points.  Grain elevators at all prinolpal points on Calgary-  ��� Edmonton R. R.' Mills at-Victoria, 'New Westi  'minster, and Edmonton, Alberta. ,  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS 8c   CO.-Baker streetT  Nelson,  wholesale dealers In fresh and oured meats, ���  OoldstoflweT"    ",.-"' ->---     .-   ���*���>.  p:  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in Meats  Hkad Offiob at  I   NELSON, B. 0.  Markets at  Nelson,  Rowland,' Trail,  Kaelo, Ymir, .Sandon,  Silverton, Ne* H.B_^5Pe^w^e^ffit>K  " Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson'Grand-.Forks, Greenwoodt"Oa8oade'qity,;BUd ������ ����*'��ftiH��* ��rf�������-" ^����nb,.fm. ai��Uk  way, .and Vancouver.         ' -1        .  ,        .  Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  Bar stocked with best brands of wines, liquors,  and Cigars., Beer on draught. 'Large comfortable room**.   I iMb-olaiia tahle.boa d.  R. REISTERER & CO.  9   BBKWKM.AND.EOrnjaW o*.  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.G.E.  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  -   Comor Victoria and Kootenay Streets.  P. O. Box M5*. .T^_BHON��,NO. Q&  Mj^\xJ_^js^  ' * '"' ALL KINDB OF  . FRESHrAND SALTED MEATS  WHOLHBALH AND RETAIL  FS8H AND:POULTRY IN SEASON  }Baker Street, Nel9on E^(J#��� yjytfffr  Manager  onninRfl ����� MAiia RwniBivin -oARwrnura Awn phompt ATtPwrt^rmw ^  RGiSSL,a^lND   lESINailNBBRIING   WORKS  cuNLiFFE & momillan  Founders and'.Maohinlsts, Spapialty of-Ore Cars, Ore-Bin Daira and. Comiral Mining Maohlnery.  Lint of seoond-hand machinery on hand, which has been,thoroughly overhauled and Is as good  GROCERIES..   :.  AL MACDONALD ft CO.-Corner. Front and  ��� Hall streots,' wboleshle���grooers and  **obbers ln blankets. gloves,mltt8,r boot-, rubbers,  mooklnaws and miners' sundries,    -  OOTBNAY SUPPLY   COMPANY,   LtMI-  TKD���Vernoa   street, Nelson,  wholesale  grooers.'       *��� *    ���      *'   >T   ��� '-"   '  JOHN CHOLDITCH ft CO.-Front street, Nel-  ��� son, wholesale grooers.    "-���"��� "������_   '  Y. GRIFFIN ft CO.-Front street, Nolson.  ���  wholosale- dealers   In. provisions, . ourod  meats, butter and eggs.  HARDWARE AMD MINING SUPPLIES,  'AgtSnto'f-or Giauft  as now  1 2^    1 fcl"\8" Doubio-CyUndei"  1 2S-ET. P. Locomotlvo-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, r< ftdy to turn on steam.  '_    '    -Cyllndei Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co. M  1 -Sinking Pump. No. 5 Cameron, New York.  i Sinking Pump, 10"xfi"xl3", .outside paoked plunger pattern.  Wateh^thla'advertisement for further lists, or writ�� us before  may have juat what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.. Stock carried.  P. O.  Box 198.  you buy for acomplete Usb. ,We  THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  ��������� uLroeuf. nelson, wuuiw  ware and'mlnlng supplies.1'  Powder Co. f J>*: ~r ����� <  LAWRHNCB' HARDWARE    COMPANY  Baker: SU, Nelson, wltolesale   dealers tn  . hardware and mining sup*plfes,' and .water and  plumbers'supplies.     j-��^-���   .      r    .^    ���  LIQUORS AND DRY GOODS.  mURNKR.^BKETON ft' CO.'-^-Corner Vernon  ' *L and Josephine streots,'- Nelson,' wholesale  .dealers In liquors, olgars and dry goods. Agenta  for Pabsti Brewing Co* of Mllw-Ukee andTCal  gait Brewing Co. of Calgary.   ^"tr:".-  POWDER, .CAPS AMD FUSE.  whoieeale'dealers Ih oaps and fuseiand'electric  blastingatibaratus.'. - ->^-^-,Xr  . SASH AND DOORS.  ���vraiiSON saw and p___ning mills,  Al UM-TBD���Corner Front and Hall streets,  N-alson, manufaoburers of and wboweale dealers  In sash and doors; all kinds of factory work made  to order,  ��� U       . ���,  .WINES AND, CIGARS.  H-^IalFORNIA WINK COMPLY, JWMI-  v> TBID-Corner Stent and Hall 'streete, Nolson, wholesale dealers In wines (oaie and .bulk,  and domnutto and Imnorteil, olgars. t   l   98B>ffiaWIIT COSTS-BUT ONE.OENT.1 ASM8B8b  Home G-rown  Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs,  Vinos, Bulbs, Hedge PluitB and Seeds.  KNtra choico-stock of Peacb, Apr'cot, Plum,  Chen y and Prune Trees. Now,. Importation of  first class Rhododondi ons, Roses, Chinatua, Bay  Trees, Hollies, otc.  80,000 to choose from. No agonts or ^commission to pay. No fumigation or Inspection charges.  Greenhouse plants, agricultural implements, for-;  'Ulnars, bee, supplios, etc. Largest and most  complete s'ock In tho province. Send for cat-  aloguu before placing your orders., Address  : ^, J, ^MRY,.Vancouver. B.C.  Wbltc Iddtor Only. i  To drop us a post card that wo may call and give  Never  have any plumbing done until yourhair<  .. estimates. It saves- many dollars.  ,ve seen our goods. ,fettd our -prices.  OPPOSITE  poffr.oir*aTioin.  STRACHAN BROTHERS. PiuKpi^aW.  REILEY&BENOY  r       ��� - .  : SUCCESSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  'BfcAQKSMtTHS   AND   W00D,.W0RK^.o  .EXPERT jiOfl^SHOEINC.  S]  an   _  btflfs  ,1 attention given to -U kinds otropalring  m work from c.-sMe. pointa. Heavy  toi_cder_a��hw( nonce.  P. J. RUSSELYjL  Buyer a��d'JOxpenrter of '  RAW   FUflS  Prtek^_S��to5iii      '  .   :fratr,jfcflaor,tjB^��iit     "   >Y  Ship by Expre^  WBI-SON, &C.[  ANTI-CHINESE  RESOLUTION.    ���  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, December  -22nd, 1900. all members of Nolson Miners' Union  No. 9G, W. F. M., are requested to use every  legitimate means  '   T6 Discourage the Employment or  Patronizing'of'Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men and others  who believe in making this a white man's country, are requested toco-operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution.. Byordei%; ���  N NKLSON MINERS'   UNION.  ' Nelson, December' 22nd.' _     ^  ..The above resolution has been endorsed bv the  iTfcdes and Labor Council of .Nelson, and all  unioumen, and,others.In sympathy, with it, ore  requested'to govern  themselves   accordingly.  /*���   By'order,'  TRAPKS ft LABOR'COUNCIL OF NELSON  < -Nelson', December 22ild. *������   mWART ft C-JiRIK-Archlteots.   Booam __ xx.7fry<.&.:  ^yv^y^miKmxi  '^wiis^Mpm^M^M^^^^m  -.'.-- ..-���",*'':-.-..' ���������>���,������-.;--~:������ --xx-.------c-'-^y^--.I'-^  ". ��� -."���."'-.-.' - .'���.���'���������   ^'������'"kii'-ji''-'',/' '���'.':'.'-' -���.���-���-.v.'yXr :'-v*y?:'i-"..��*������'>��� *^  1901  BMitOim  OAPI-AI., all paid ��P����?^2ffi.Sg2-��9  RHBT .*. ��.;;:.-.^7^000.000.00  UNDIVIDED PROFITS .    427.180.80  Lord Strathoona and Mount Royal ...President  Hon. George-A: Drummond... ....Vice-President  B. S. Clouston ..'..:. fi.��.* * ��� ���..General Manager  ^ELSON'BRANCH   ai__4  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  ^.^,a>BUOHANAN, Manager.:  Branches In London'(England) N��w York,  CuiCaoo, and all the prlnoipal cities In Canada.-  Buy a and, sell Sterling;'��� Esohiwget an*; p*^16  Transfers.?:":!?����� ���:��� ������Z^Zr-y^'lf?$_���**:������_���'', ������z^ti.  Grant Commercial; and ^Travelers' Credits,  avaUable ln any part of the^world. _  Drafts Issued. Collections Made, Etc. ;��� :-,,-.  Savings Bank Branch  ' .���;-t'';-'c*i*n*"'ra^  ���: TORONTO  STOOK  EXCHANGE.  Y-FRIDAYS   QUOTATIONS.  stock. &'�����'������   "**    Asked.    vBld,  B.O. Gold Fields..:......':..*. *>i��   .?'*.   2 ���  Black raii.....ii.\:x..Xw   : Brandon & Golden Crown.   .��� Canadian Goldfields Syndicate.  ���������;��� t ariboos (McKinney).. *.*. ;*.*;   '. Cariboo"Hydraulic ....;.*...   Centre fStar i;-*fi j'.v. r.. r.'...';'. v. ���  Crow's 'Nest' Pass Coal .*.".. ......  California ^:-:..>^.:j..^.....  Deer ' Trail  Consolidated:   Evening .Star:.-.".*.;.���??.'."..:....  ������ Fairview- Corporation*..'. r.'......  ' Golden/Star,--'ivWr.vr.':. '*.. -. *i v. ���  Qlant;.i-:'/.,'.';.'.'.^.,.''.''.'.'.'.:.*..*:.:.'... ..  ���XUriinby   Smelter.:; .*.;*.;.'..;.'....  ���:' Iron'Mask....'.-.:V...".". '::'.'��� .V   v Jim Blaine.......*.'.;...;....   ��� Knob ''HlUij-'V'...;;.::*:.:...;���'.   ' Montreal & London..'. .-;���.**..'   Morning- Glory..".......... ......  Morrison  Mountain Lion  Noblo Five  North Star -     .  Old Ironsides  Olive    Payno . p    ���  Kamblrr Cariboo Consolidated  Republic  Slocan' Sovereign  Virtue -;  War Eagle Consolidated  Waterloo  White Bear  Winnipeg  Sullivan  SALES.  2000 Deor Trail  2000 Republic  2000 Hammond Reof  0J110 White Beai  2000 Black Tail  1000 Waterloo  1000 North Star  ' 11*  J    9  8  4  74  ��i  31)  31  1 63  1 64  1-30  -U5 ,  000  (10 00  .-   o-  .  '4  3J  2}  .^8  : 5 ���  -3  '4  8  1*,  '34  45  41  42  :<5  0  4  53  42  0  ��� 34  !)  7  74-  (i  40  151  4  A  88  m  75  ��� 00  IJ  10  _ W  45 ,  -1  29  41  434  10  7-  32  2J  Gi  S  W  .    44  j  3  14  '13,  9  2S  43y  -      I*  4  101-  n  m  FANK-0F  ���.4_*��;.a.:ci_��j, *>���������*     ... *.��� ��� J'*iS->tt���Lia.  :   WITH WHICH IS AMALGAMATED   '  THE YBANK "OF 'BRITISH COLUMBIA.  yy    HEAD:OFFICE: TORONTO., *'��� ������>"*���"--������.'  Paid-up Capital,-  Reserve Fund,-'  $8,000,000;.  $2,000,0001  ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER 865,000,000. -  '������i'l'i'lpi.' i-'Vl'*'; ?*<!���"���. y"~.������+ 'IV^V*,-?. t ',<���.��� 7i  Hon. Geo. A. Cox. ffobt. Kilgour. '* ���"  President. Vice-President.  London "Offioe.,60 Lombard Street. *ffl. O.  New York Offloe, 16 Exchange Place.  4.*.'   and Bi Branches in Canadal-and tH'o;v *  > .tf*,''.''"V/   ��v''-l^njted States.Y?  ..���'�����,->���'���'**���'.���'���������'-���;  vSAVINfGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  '" Interest' allowed 'oui'depdslts., Present rate  three per cent V;;r.r f~-'-&'r):ji.-'r^-fy ^'^'"-���'rt-iri ':'i  *  (GRANGE ?V. HOLT,      '  ,���:���- ��� : Y>Y i Mana(?er Nelson Branch.:.;.  produce.--Ymir, Grand Forks, Sari-j  don, JTrailij Granite,yLardo, Kaslb.1  Port I- g^i-^e^^Cre-lfcon^S^  WhitewEiter'; Rbsslandy^r^nwoodi  PhoehixilEhplfc,^ N^iis_^n^omaa^ ���  New.I>enveiV;YB|v^-3tol^^  Pernie^/Sah'd-Mranoi^En^  -   i-^.'^feY-YY;:...'::' 77 1-,:;y^y,;::^l;  MAl^OTH^BAILBOAD'DEAL��  ... .# '"W'.'.j?:'"    ������   ' i^VVfi'St'A''';' -Xl::*-.--  Imperial Bank of Canada  %:; YX'jBEAD omCE.-TORON?g^BYY.  "ii2jibo.doo  $2;?tetfl603  ^^1i700(000  ������tKiiiCi'lVV-***^'::  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up  Rest  ;    -   -_.' D. B. Wilkie, General MaSSagiBS!  ' *v  \f-'. '��� ���'   *'E. Hay^Ihspeoter; ''-i^'\i;YSa;  Neison^Branoh���Burns Block, 221 Baker Streot  J. M. LAY.'M_nag_^^5:: :i ,.   If'       r- -  ah-* ��� *   ' ���-^^���'���.-iiigy"' "������.  be in control of am.c.*-..;Morgahj*- &mp  -Roekefoller.'/WalistJpMt'K^^-liking  for " insiders'"���tlioSmenVVwliS .** are  in a pqsitibn to !*meld*yi^t-��>ppor-  ktiSns::;" Therefor^ipytmicki^ up  the schemes of^tl^giflpp^H^>ad  /Mri*8iders,".whb^a'%^^ngKtvfroput.  'the welding togetlieiKpif|tbS��^ilr  ^roadsofcia YcOTtihi^^|^aII^^rfeet  :men;ihold^hat;ju*a]^  are"gbodrfor' tlie'''<iMmm^itfy'''sai1  -^^ttiekfflirig^  Kat-.vera An-!+.f\ n *v ��.*il rVinVl a^i '<. I:HFt^\i  ��� -��-s,-.-r.r;5.��.,��_�����...;. ��� .;��.;..'f5**5*4t��j5?S;*f',p -.,;��� -'��� Y'.'w'*<y*'Jt ' /Jl^il/j  ?Y!s?y?t^  &A:m��m  **************************  ���c;-*';-;*''- i "'���' Mi? j:;'i:;:*;ii iii>/'a^'i'":.'i;i;l'.'1  have still a larger stock; on"; hand ��� that. 1 % wish to carry,therefore I>  WiKoffielr ^discount iof 10 per cieiit;*o_i3Me,^r^  ^iivthe artMes are "new and: iwat^Y aM  makes :-it^wprtfrfy^^ ot^i^_i^^0iti^i:  PIANOSAA,  ONmWABLES  AMONG THE WHOLESALERS  Io  ^ Business of the Week. / .���-s.K  some respectsi^thej^wholesale;;  trade of Nelson jtvas^quiet during|  ��� the past week, but in a few depart^:; was, in advance of^thej  *��� > ��     *j> ����� <-,-"���_. <r      y?:ix.!__  _ pievious week. 7Not so^many places^  v were shippeS'to, but many of|tl|a;  C consignments were larger thanHthe;  previous   ones.  Notwithstanditfgf  the fact' that some' bf '%he' POiAtsJ  were dropped from   the   shipping  list merely for the week.^a number  of new ones were added.   This goiesQ  ;v to show^liat the:- shipping ^is-fric^  'with Nelsbn'asa centre is raj[)iaiy|  extending,and it is not only confinec^  to ^3terri'British��ColuinWa,|bul|  some of the ^American points % are  reached^* f The 7 Boundary 7. country^  belongs ^ tlib? Nelson Sfield,7: and;i a  i large amount of supplies;J ire'being  shipped thOTe;;yi^^  . the wee^a*re^M^il*ws*v;S^p!SS?  -   - BrackmahS& YKe^'M  (Limited^) fldurTand^eay^Gr^i^  the  Creston, ySiiib-mile^^mir^^Slqc^  Junction^BrieiY Pirey^ley,;*^^  Creek," Cbffee;;C^ek,-Y^rg^ta^  way and Phbenixy.^T||^fl5f^'yA_*  H. J. Evatts &   Co.f commissipn  merchants.���Grarid ���; 7. Eorks^ 7x Rbss-  land,   Robson;?:Yffl  "andTNakusp^ ,o      ;Y- yxyA-x-Ax'y'-������  A7 "Macdonald V&Co.V^holeaale:  grbcers.^EholtPSuinmitvTrSil, '$f*.  amo, Cedar; Creek,^ Granite, Y Slocan  'v Juncti6n"i?Cre-fion; Ymir; Erie^- Fire  Valley, CrawfbrdtB^'Slocan'iCity1^  Moyette, .Cascade,^Bobson.f .S.hieldia,  ' Ainsworth arid'BurtbnYCity;*^'''--'^.* i  W. F. Teetzel .^?Co.,^ vassayers'  supplies. ^Phoenix; Moyie;yftpss-  land, ^ Airiswofth,; A1 "Grand,-^orks,  Greenwood;^^Whitfewater'and'Kaslo.;  . Kootenajy Electric - Supply Y arid  Cbnstructidn'Cbiripariy; electric supr  ' plies.���KiriiberleyiYSaudbni Green;  wood and-Cranbrbok. y ' .���;  , F. Starkey Y&' YCojj Yepmmissiori  merchants.'yNewY Deriyetv Three  Porks, Ymir, Rossland; Revelstoke;  Lemon Creek; Pernio; Saridori, Eholt,  Greenwood, Phoenix, Slocan City  and Silyiertorii f"- Y    77'-'; ^  John Chbiditch- & Co.;"wholsesale  grocers.���Kaslo; Granite; Rossland,  Moyie, : Fernie,Y Whitewater^ ^Cranbrook, ;^^ NewX YDenyer, 7. i3reenwpdd,  Dearin Siding, Slocari 'City.YTrail,  Enterprise, Ci-estbri/Snyectdn-fYmir  and Sandon.    _ yY Y'Y  Turner; Beetoir&i Co., dry goods'  and. liquors.ySlocan, Ymir, New  Denver, Green wood i-Crawf ord Bay,  Salmo, Sandon,'Kaslo and Moyie.:    -  Kootenay Supply ��� .Coriipany,  wholesale {grocers'.���Granite Siding,  Erie, Salmd.Y Sirdar, Arrdwhead,  Moyie, Robson,7 Caiscade; YPhb'enix  and Kaslo. '' ���"'7: : 7 '7.  Nelson Saw & Planing Mills, Limited, sashandi doors.-���Moyie, Ainsworth, Forty-nine Creek; Kaslo,-  Clubb's Landing arid, other lake  points,   y ���������;',:��� "-Y;:- :.'"'"'t  California, Wine Company, wines  and   cigars.r-Phoenix,-' Greenwodid,  Grand  Forks,   Moyie,-; Cranbrook,  lUmberley, ,;Y Fort >    Steele *   tarid  YKeldwria: 7^\y\\7y0.;7:        '"���  J7T. Griffinifc' (Jo., provisions arid  >      Y' Y'NeW'York'JourniliS Y.v^''*-,'  :.x'\- ���>;:'-'-< tf;-:������}--i'X^x :���:-'T??^-'-'-**?!.*  Months vwUV;Yelapser^before  8tupend^4'eyents|involyed.fihYffi'e:  Union ^acific^outeem^c^rail-  way dealiare fully^^mii-aBi^^lthid  ' The imirienser interests^^inyol|iea',j  the4almbst^ihcdnceivable:wealtlf re^  ' quired to carry the scheme through,:.  the free;* and- coristarit dutpouririgY  of" millions yntec theYWalF; street:  market^throughTthe;irwriths during [  ���whicli jtii6^;deal||A^  ,forml. tho;:2mb9t|l^onde^ul ^^S6ji|  weightychapter7 of ���Yfiriance^'tbii.^or.i  any othe^cpiintr^^sYbyerkirtw^  Like 'ai'Ygre^Yriei^drk^yofyh^p]  s trings across the Y sounding 'jboardj  of the cdritmenththe raUr0ds>6fittwY  country '.arel&now|^';jffMm'om--^^;"|.  On the^^ant-hai'p strit^iix^enj;  will- play|;theY^inesKtd^hich^tt^  seventyvrriillidii people in;-his;epun|i  "try willjda&ce^f^kes^^^^  -J. PierpdrilfSMdrgiftnjYJa  '. Johnj. DSRockefellfer; ;&_SiHiiHarri^  |mari,i^I_.^M^U^^  jJ^Gpuidyl^m  ^wlll tell you vthat tlie acquirement  j^ttieiS^  ithei-Uriidigl^ci^^la^  ^riday;;i^mer(Si^ag^  iiereits;'Kp3^TOW^  [^��b^ioi^aajAaa:a:aa:a$':  ���^^ri^iriaririe^siiriilarjp tliatYripted|  itfjblw; So^ith^i^ Pa^  ���*^yeryirailr^d;ln|t^  Already"beencombined yiav^votec^  ^tipn^ndv\^^  coinpletionof tlie Southern Pacific  ^^l^leaJ^Konl^rtiir^  |roa^s^iri?tW^uri^y^^^canl con-;  ":|miifeY',;"^;E*''^lls;!| themselves Y gindeg  Jienderi^y ^^^roadst ^e ^'sure{tp.i.  > ebmbirie^with^heY;bthersSinY'time.Y  ^riishprt; tlus^me^s'jbhat,:^^  ���^iri&iKControl|railrpads|. sufficieritftpi;  YgiMle' thev earthy twb;^n^'a^halfj  itimbs, arid^at Ithey;control enough;  ;riidhey-tb^gh*t^he bpuntry's" wars^:  JaSwiYth^^ll^tKsse rai^oidsindYdbl^  -lars ? ara/^wdrltiri^  ^lie^fui^her|beJMfit'^^  (peopteM butCtheir ^masters.; J* Tlfei  cdriipletidnlT pifstlie Y great; Souther nY  } Paieific dejal * roundsyantj the j,fovtAfif  '���'��� calbipnYpr tiie[[yailrba-ds 'gainst any;  ^duteideYirifluence^whicliYthey; i^y;  care0 to ;oppose.7 ;y There'.[ are^|c��;  course/'manyYYsmall railroads vyetj  loutside the'breastwork, but: there  are very ..few- men;,:ihyV^llYstrebt"  jwhdjid riot believe that there wHl^  beari eritire'iinificatibriv of $ railway  interests Ythroughoiit7. tri^;qpjintry  , tiirqugliputr tliel riex t -yea.r.yA A 7) 7  ' -Y__.i_r a feiti&ci: alio ve^ l^tlior o Y air e'Y so me ^  iiriportantt' ;tirunkff;ijnesY;thi*tt;  yet  myriteiri;their'irideperidenc^  are Jthe Chicago and 6reat Western,  ;tlie^-Rbek" Island,Jthe'Atchisofa arid'  the Burlington.^^ -The great St. Paul;  systeiriis not includedAn:tlie" above'  table, although; it .isi practically  certain that at an earliy date it will  betvre _ir^tfie TailrdaHs^a S aT-fchiii^to*  Bofdesi'red/WdftHSt^Curiive^  s_lWlti6n^is:^*eY^^T,^tf:^  that can?happeri;YYTne ^h^pers^in!  MSbusirie9srdistrices'taiBdiffb^^  tyAx'" Witlf/'SaU l*H&_tiF% railrbadsiyo*.  fchb ?tibunti^|^^KingSjn f h^imbrij^  explnses%ye tb1^!^^^^  ibads Yadimini^Kdyeco^  Here7 io Tbegiri"with;: accdri^g; to  : thefix arguriierit ^off; thelirrib^harits^  Jydu hayeYa^hbles^e^  ;^laries;-: a^whdesaJel  ^reli^esi arid^  :W^piii^M^heJsHip^  ��a riTOl*rd*adlYfor'^r  'Te.t^a7:-yAA7��:77^AAAA7AA[  A:A:A^MP^tW]^^^AA:$[[  Nelson' mlners' uN__oN$o7&w7v.ii.  M.���Meets in miners'union rooms, northeast oorner Victoria and Kootenay-streets, ever j:;  . Saturday;ovenlr.g-at 8'. o'olook.-ft-iVlsItlhg. mem  bers *weloome.7M.:R.Mowatt,; President. Jame  iWllkes;*-* Sooretar3r.;ftKUNlON.,SOAl_! os;iWAOB8|  ?P0B'. NkLSON,?*'/District���Per:;"shift,*:-..inaohlne-r:  men; $3.50:'. hammeramen miners, *f3.25;;muokeral  'mrmehV'*sh'6*vfllen:ahdi'OUier..nnuerground'labor*.  eiBiWMCiiiil^^iii;^ "'" ' "  MsttlANAl&$%%^  mANO'^LAMPSAAA^A:  SEmNfcSf^HINES  Werling^siLmR*yA;  sPLATEDrSILVER^  CARVERSjJAMlINIERm  Our Jewelry and .WatehvDepai^^  wpsfli.'?   OF WHITE PINE AND TAR  WILL iCllRE; YOUR CdlO.  Hemettiber the new stand   at Corner of  ,.' Yai|kl Baker; Streets.  Wart  COMB AND SEE  US.  Xfmlted.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  v z-1175 Haro Street,Y^ancouyer. -A  febarting and Day Sohobl for. Girls. Will re-  opon January 15th. Terms moderate. For term I  and. prospectus apply to' ,v ���  MADAMOISELLE KERN, Principal.  MUSjIg.  Mrs. D.'B. Murray, -graduate In vocal and Instrumental music is. now prepared to receive  pupils for * iristruotlon *��� In volte- culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ. .  -* For terms and "further particulars apply room  6, A. - Macdonald bnlldlng. oorner Josepl-ie and  verhahstreet,    '  . "���"������ >���".--.'���>:;���-<.   ���,'-'���'.  .':./      >���'���  ' ' ���' 'fa-   *   ���'.'���-     ������'������ ������'..  '-���������"   "." "        '  rfiR ADES ;AND iiABbB COUNCIL.i-The regu-|;  .*X .tclar meetings oftho NelaonTradea and Labor;  ' Con noil t will she held: in^ the ���: miners'- union hall,-.  t CiiP.B.'Ibulldlhg.-'corner;^BakerTjand~^^StahleR;  ':<street8,",dn tho'llrsbvaiiH, third-Thursday-bf eaoh:  ':m6nthVyal'.7:M'p;imit?G^.Ti>GlayU>ni>Prei3ldent.'r  ^f.T:^Cu*rlep*^cretey*;j^��i#*^^  ifPHE regular meetings of theCarpenters'Union-  ���>**^*aie';h'eld��on?WeMesdayr evening:ot.eaob;  ���.'wbekvat :T:6'olook,^lh the Miners VUulonjhall bor-Y'  '-' nor j1 vlotoria :S and'aKootenay t atreeta.'YCharles;  - Clayt6h;��f^oMdbnB.j JbhnjMcljeodr,8e<)?et**lrFa:#f  &D_J*tBE*^'tUNION'^^i8^  ���;��{j(_io international JourrievmenJBarbor s Uii*,':  -loh'of America, meetB every;nrst and third Mon-'  "dayof oachmonthin Miner's Union,Boll,7 cornet  :of-Viotor'_k'arid Kootenaytstreetas'at 18:30'p.m.  : sharp.raVisiting  brothers : cordially invited  ���r'attend.*,i:R.^^YMcMahbn;V president:"'J. H. Mathe  son, eccrotaryrtreasuror^J.c; Gardner, recording  *V6wretar^Y1'Yi^S'?^&4Y,fe  ^T'^OIiERS' YUNIONi^6lMhi'*_iib_rersi ��� Proly  ���J-1: toctlve Unlon.'No.; 812i;AsF.'of L''i;m'eets In -  SMinew!->Uhiona-:hail'J:G.*P.\';B.'v\block;vcbrnerY6f,  ", Baker arid Stanley streets', every Monday evening ��� sharp.'Vieitlng "members ottlioAinerr-.  ;cani. Federation:;'cordlaUy.- Invited*,:attend. *  >A; .T.iYCurle,}President).*^^jJohu? 'Koberts,";��re-:  VcoWlng;8epretary.':,Kj'^^5.^^  KTEtSOJfT P-JNTEM'-SUNION-^TheYregulajf  ���*' ';:'- meeting *: of.'; the ^Painters' "Union. is;- held"  ; the first andThird Fridays in each monthat Mln-,;  .erslvUnlon hall'at: 7*3" .:(ihar|>.Y^:'J;vH.''M-lward,.':  rvesident; Will J. Hatoh* Seoretary. i^'X^yyx  G'"' OOKS'i AND'.WAiTERS'YUNION:^Rogular:   ":nieetlngs;-:,evcryj.Tue8day-evenlngiat ;8:30'.  .o'clock, in Miners'-.Uiiion'HaH; corner, of ^.Baker*  ���rand Stanley streets.* ;',':yistlng brethren cordially  -*invlfedr*\:'Chrl8.';Liift,vpresiderit;.:H;: Sinelseivfln-  ���ancial and recordliig;socretary.* ~,y_ 'Xxyv r;<y  iaSTEBERS-Y UNION-i-Tlie: O.Y_P_';i.'iJL;it6!  -S172, ���meetsi'every'Monday-'evohlng^in-thei  ; Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanloy streets, at;*  8 o''Olook.';:: J.' D.t. Movflf,?.T*oresldent);-William'  ryice, secretary^ Pa O. Box;610.7,;,  -y y :'.  ., "���--.;  |yi'fJ^TE^^g?BQO^  irai^N IaODGB. NO^ 28, -A.��. & A. M  Meetssebohd.Wodnesday In each month.  .���S(jounii^jl|(rrt^n:.ta  ��^5iS^lS^i^^SiH^eSotf_��Seil^'  ::IX : 35, Knights of Pythias, meets in.I. O. O.F.  ���Hall,- oorner Baker; and Kootenay streets, every  Tuesday evening as 8 o'olock. Visiting Knlghte  oordlally. Invited to attend.; H. -M. *Vincont C. C.  YAi T^Parkj-E^of B.'& S: y~Y- 7ix-~y ' y '-  KOOTENAY' TENT. NOa- 7,- K. 0,~T, >Jf-.  ��� Hold thoir regular meetings on tho flrst and  ^thirds,Thursdays-of=cach4:monthi=^lslUn^Slr-  ;Knlghtsrare- cordially' Invited* to attend: t*(. A..  -Brown,- R.' K.; "A. W.- Purdy, Com.;; R; J. Steel.'  ������p;'S. c. ys xy'77:'7:0.-y[xy::~A:yyj_ ���;:.  TVTELSON L. O. aU. No. 1092, meets lu I O. O. F.  ���''���1*T -HaU, oorner' Baker and Kootenay streets,.  lstand Srd'-Frlday of each month. VialUno  -bretherncordlaUy-lhvlted.^-Wi WiBradlejr;��;  M, A. Minty, Eeoordlng-SeoretMy.-'y;'.-"'���*-'- ���'"������  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  i-.'.iv;:. ..::������?:��� .:;>::r::>vi :-;--.- ���   ' ---'',   :.; ViTV-,,:: fiu :.;.:.  To  Qko. H. 'LaMMEKS; J. R.' Cranson, or to  , ,Y -any person or-porsons to whom he may have  .:.���'��� transferred:. his * Interest In the.. Harvey Joy  **   * mineral claim,-at Morning Mountain,'Nelson'  .:YYMining'piyi8lqn^;vTY;YY:.. Y'Y;.. 7\ YY-1 YY; 7y  " You are hereby notified that I have expended -  ' One Hundred Dollars in labor and Improvements  upon tho above mentioned mineral claim, In  order to hold-said.mineral claim'under tho  provisions of the -Mineral Act,. and If * within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fail  -or refuse to .contribute your .proportion of such  expenditure, together with-all costs of advertising, your interest In said claim will become tho  -property of the'subscriber,'under sootionfour of  an' Act ontltlod' "An Act to Amend the Mln eral *  Act,1900." >SILAS H. CROSS.   ;  ���''Dated this 12thday'of *6occmber,;1900.-!      .  ,.  NOTICE; TidhDELINQUENT C0-0WNERSr  To T. A. STEVENflON,';or'to' any person orporr  ..,'.- :80ns to whom-he mavliave transferred his  interost Iii tho Ella ^mineral claim, at Morn  ing Mountaid'-'Nelson Mining Division:*  You are h>reby hotided that I have expended  the sum of One Hundred and Fifty-Seven Dollars ���  in labor'arid-lmproverrionts-:upon' the'above'*  ��� montionednilneralolaim, in-order i to-hold said,  .mtncral claim.'under' tho'   provisions'. of   the'  Mineral Act, and if wiihin ninety days from the  date of this notice you fail or.refuso to contribute  ' ���.���-$������  ���*> &,  m  MANICURE-SETS-  .���������,-     ���    -    ��� :.." ' '���    *    ���������''���I   :."��� ���'���.-' rl.M-'ii     .    .  TASLEiFMMI*SmAA^0^  cim^Z70&M^''���  mumimms^Ami  AFismMT&mM  misQpE7^^Em  ;gli|iijji: ''""*  miWER7N0^LTIESmA  Wjm^mmmmAMEi^4^  0MD^mmsETs  ���**ja"'  ,. .. ....................... t .,J:^7t$iify777xyyx*7%x:^  alsoi. all the latest^ and-vthbitfuniMe^^temsiffiflpy  ' solid^ffdld jewelry withsand? without ~ ~'LA **  ���  \ >. +-w$&mfyi$&M%i. yA7xx7xyyvM^Mx.i7y77yfx  ,'.i.    >     ',!.-'.;  r.T.   .-L-:'.:  -.::_M'-'--'l'-J'Xi'--_UC'<:__<;C:_-C'��:  w*&>m*v****M***************** .  '" ���'���' ���-"'-'" _;-&'7i.?7<.;77*xz..i-rJd<S^^  MailY Orders receive' our Prompt Attention.  your proportion of *��� such 'expenditure,: togethnr  with all costs of advertising/your Interest in  i said-  claim will becomo the property of the subscriber,  ..under seotionfour of an Act entitled, "An Act to  Amend the Mineral Act, 1900." ;.  ������������*.-���*:-���"   -"   v    !:     DANIEL   HERB.  Dated this 12th day of February,; 1901.:  ' '.:���������.: y y ,notice,    y ;..;.,;���;:'������''  'Rossland, B,C, November 9tti, 1900.  ToF. B. Salisbury;  ,  Notice is horeby given that I, William Grlfllths,:  Intend to claim the interests in the following:,  named mineral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to. pay his  .share.of. the expenses of .the .annual assessment  work. ' To wit: ���-��� - -.- ������ .;..;.;������;_.....���: -,-:������  :.��� A ono-half (J) Interest. In. the -"Bunker. Hill'.'.,  mineral claim.,-,......,,*.       " ';X        :���".;������-  A ono half (1) Interest tn tho "Sullivan" mineral:  olaim./:.:.  .���?,.,'.-< "���'1 ��� .-   ���*���?-.,. V .  A ono-half (i) interestin the "Fidelity" minora.  'ClalhU'v ���''*''  " ". '."*'  '  -���'-���'��� i   ^r-r ���'���   I-. ������  , All theadjoining claims, situated on.'theweat  fork .of the nor(h fork of Salmon river, In tho  Nelson Mining Division,   . '/XiX,x���'���.".;.���:'.' ..-."  This action Is taken under Section 11 of Chap-  ter 45, of the statutes of 18991 artd -amendments oft  1900.Y  ',;,       WHaUIAM ����� TOWNSEND,  i  *    .       ���" ;- -i__entfor WlllliimGriffiths.:'.<���  Ontarip  .....  Quebec   :..;���  New   Brunswick..  Nova  Soctia; :>y..,:.  City of Nelson.vi_>:__';  Cityrof Rosslandyy:  City   of* Kaslo.;:.-.A  ;City pf Sanson *y y *  City of Revelstoke...  '..City of Grand Forks*;  City of Phoenixy..;.  City of Greenwood...  ; This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901  ���ftrm~-rr'^TT*"���TTTT**���*"^  ni-i'i '���'.('$ r;5'r: tinst a rv.rmt."Pio0t'r. 5-r*  ._~  VY-^,:'-I   ���-  ,-'5'. ,y f***r',T    ',''������??l*.?<3}_ ��� t-7!<���'r?*3  '. . "   .V '���         '    ..'���"''. Y-      ' ".'*'.���':  ...  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'���  "���'��� ' " '      . .-'.'. -.. -     I . .      .  ��� _   *  Batos of a Single >Fare for the Bound Trip on all  . .Railways. ���F_- further particulars se-a posterB  and programs or address     H. W. C. JACKSON  ,-.-. Seoretary.Carnlval Committee, Rossland, B. C.  CORPORATION OF THE C!TY OF NELSON  ^f^y-:yy.]-xx7i"C:Xr^x___(____x_x��^  *i_3-_i^_��i__-Wrj:*_5TOi  '������OS    ;87ii  fA*By-Iaaw'to;*ralse :*f 79,000.00 for the purpose; ofi  tii/-paying off advanco mode by Bank of Mpnt-  ffl��real on debentures hypothecated.;;':^::^:*:*:"-fev-;  V?YWhereas, By-Laws Nos.'68,'09.70, 71Yahd 72 of'  Cthe by-laws of the; City, of Nelsoo; being respect-?  lively a by-law.* to praise' f $13,000.00 ',to"extend the <  Iwater works system, a' by-law^ to' raise ij $15,000.00;  I'ti; extend > and improve the' electric'/*llght'sys-/  Stemr a by-law to;: raisoi$20,(h)0.00:to: extendr4t*he*;  'sewerage:, ff system, *)-.?���a i'���''^'.fpraise'.1  $'20,P00 ->������.'toa Improve 7. the ^'streeU'^ within Svthe;  bityif - 6f if N oiscin',* ?ahd-.'gtiWi by-law ��to j? raiso;  $0000.00: for) purchasing, 'a "road-making : plant,  "  - '     aswed, arid^debentures. iHsued/thero-  6 respective suma?montlonod iri said  iytere^duly.p'aBsed.ahd;  iunderfor tlir -'���- --*���-'- ali;jhe-8um of $7C,(KM.00,!but.said de-S  ;;bentures so issued *renuUniUniBold;'^*i'^'*i!^!*'ii  |.. And 'whereiis, said debentures so'issued aiid  lunsoldiwere-hypothecated to the',:Bank ofj.Mont-;  freaiaastsecurlty^forrahK.advanceTithei'eoh^of';  ������$7B;0��).00tqPthejpurposes^lh thesMd.byriaws^re-^  ^cittti*����^ii$u'K&X7z7xt��yiX.'X'��_X^  JiYAhd'wherea8,'��A''*pctition"ha8 been-presented*  ���to*the Mii'nlcipal^Counoil; of; the v Corporationr.of ���  ' the Ci tK'bf-' tNelsoh;. signed; by" the%o wnoirs of -. at -  ilcaSt'fone-tenth'o'Ifthe value of*tho;property in  i-the saWiClty^as sliowh}by,the last';revlsed assess--,  ":m_nt*fro11,fraque8tfog4^  ''ducosa" byiJa'w/- to' f__��*:'the.'sum��bf 4 se"venty-nlne>  :thousaha*:($7!)a0po.00)*idollnrs.for "tho purposes of;.  Spaying off the iridebtedhes8:to*,the:Bank of .Mont-  real and Interest'" ',����.��...,i.i-i.-.?~.ij'.'j��i._��t -  :uros nre so','hypi  -# And:whereas',,,    "row the'snm bf.seventy-hihe Jh6u8Wid.l#79.O0O.O0):��  dollars^whlch.iB.the.ttmouiftbf the debttiti tended;';  ;to be createdYbythls^byTlawt^fdr^the Jpurnoiosi;  Yafore8aid;^MfS*s?:i*3jhpj^OT^  "i^And'*whereas,;;The_:a*mountJof sthOiWhole.rate^  able real property of ^HheTsaid'City^;.  .the"last/revLsediTiis8e8smenc,roll,= iHlwOimlllion-  sixty-nve thousandfour huhdred($2,0G5,400)dol-:  'slar8.*r^tfl'M*a^vvir^i^j^^is*  /:<?And whorcas.*;It will be" raise ah-],  .'huallyby rate the'sumof slxty.^oy.en and nlnoty-Y  four/(t87!M 00) dollars for paying the* salddobtand,  : Interest^Y^-^S-.��^  ^���'Now,:thereforo,'.i'the:;Munlclpal Council of thor  JCorpbration of'tne City-of Nelsoniiluf council as-  ':semblod,'enacts as f6liow8;*,viT;'":;r;:;^.::*'?''S::'-:T:';'.;5*;;,:T';':.  'l.'It shall aiid may be lawful fortho: Mayor of.;  the Corporation of.the City of Nelson to borrow,;=  upon'; tnbrcrodltyof-stho'mid ^corpora tlonr;. ,byY  a'iway of debontures" horoinaf tor men tioned, froni;  ttiiy pe'reon'orperiabns.body or",bodiM?w*rporato,:::  wlio liiaylw  willing / to sudviirico the ;sanie as a���  loan, a sum of money hot exceeding on tho whole;  -"the��������� num.- of: seventy-nine : thousaod (?70,000.00),-  dollars, and  to cause all such . sums so raised or:  received to.boipaidinto>tho hands of tho Treasurer of the* said corportttlbis.-forthe'purpose and:  wltn the object hereinbefore recited. ������-*;r,yx:':;<-:X*.  '7, 2. It shall bo ��lawful for the Mayor of tho said;  corporation to cause :any number of dobenturds;  to be*-thadc, executed and issued for such suui or.::  suijis as-may ba?required, for: the*purpose and;  object* ja'foresaid. 5 h'oti? exceeding, 'howe,ver:,the:,  sumof saventy-nine thousand.($7!>,000:0fi)dollars::  each'of-tho said debentures being of ihedenoni-J  inatton of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and all  such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of  'fho/.corporation   and. signed   by   the Mayor  thereof."-    i--1 ��.'        ' -       '   " '       t  Y 3.,The said debentures shall bear date tho first  day of April, A. D. 1901, and shall bo made payablo  in 20years from tho ' lawful money  of Canada at the ofllco of the7 Bank of Montreal  in Nolson aforesaid; which said placo of payment  shall be designated bythe '.said dobpntures, and  Phall have attached to them coupons for tho pay,.  ment of Interest,' and;.tho signatures;-to-the in-  ^torestrcoupons-may-be^eithor^wrlttonp.stampsdj-  printed or lithographed. ��� - *,  '���,������������ 1. ,Tho said ;debentures shall bear interost .at;  the rate of 5per contuin' per annum from the  date thereof, which interest shall bo, payable  semi-annually at said ofllco of the Bank of Mont-'  real in Nelson ��� aforesaid, in lawful money of  Canada, od tho 1st day of April and tho -let dayof Ootober respectively,' In; each year durlng'tho'-  enrrehcy. thereof, and shall be expressed In said  debentures and co\ipons to be so payablo.  ;5. It shall beiuwful for.tho Mayor of said corporation to negotiate arid. sell tho said debont-'  ures or any of them for loss slian par; but in no  case shall the said dobentures or any.of them be,  negotiated or* sold for.*.less, than lUnety-flvo por  centum of their foco value, Including the cost of  negotiating ,,and sale, brokerage and qtherinci-;  dental expenses. ".,7   .  li. There shall lw raised and levied In each:  year during the currency of said debontures tho  sum of thlrty-nihehundred andflfty ($3950.00)dollars for the pay ment of. interest, and tho mini of.  twenty-eight hundred and forty-fonr($28*W.00)dol-*  lars for lire payment of thedobtduo under tiie Bald;  debont iircs by a rate sufllcleut thorefor on all the*  ruteablo land in the said municipality.: ;.>"    "���"���  7. It shall bo lawful for the said municipal  council to ro-purchiso any of tho said debentures  upon such terms us may be agreed upon with  the legal'holder or holders thereof,.or any-part  thereof, either at. tho timo of salo or any subso-  cjucnt timo or times, and all debentures 'so re-  ' purchased shall forthwith bo canceled and destroyed, and no:'re-Issue' of debentures so repurchased abatl bo mado In consequence of such  ie-purchafic. ;' ���������,'' ���  : 0.'This By-law shall take* effect on the date  of tho final passage thoreof.  * Done and passed in council at the City of Nelson, on the-^-���dayof r.AiD.'liWI.  '"���'7.    NOTICE.   ;      'X      7 ���������������    -  Toko notice that the'above Is a true copy of  the proposed By-Law upon which tho v.olo of the  doctors' of tho Municipality will be taken: For .  the East Ward*'at the City Police Court, on tho.,  cast side of Josophine *strcet,.betwcen Baker nnd  Victoria streots; for tho West, Ward at the oittce  of Ward Brothers on tho north side of Baker  street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets, In  tho Citv of Nelson, on Tuesday, tho nineteenth  dayof February, instant; betwobnlho hoursof-  8 o'clock a. m. and 1 o'clock p. ni:'  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C, February 5th, 1901.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  B-_r-raA?vy _sro- 88_  A By-law to raiso $21,000.00 to pay off .overdraft:  .   due tlie Bank of' Montreal and. accumulated  , Y'., lilterosl. .vy   iX.XX    ���* v ' ,..:���  .,"   ��� 'S.  Whereas, a petition has boon presented to tho  "said Municipal Council of the Corporation of the  .Cltyof Nelson, signed by the owners of at .least.  : one tenth of the value of the real propeity in the  stid city, as shown by the lost re vised assessment  roll, requesting the said council to Introduce a  by-law to raise the sum of twonty-ono thousand  ($21,n00)(dollar8 for the purpose of paying off the  indebtedness due by the'City ot Nelson to. the  Bank of Montreal by way of overdraft and accumulated Interest.  And Whereas. It Is deemod expedient to borrow the said sum of twenty-one thousand ($21,  V^'  ::<';;:>::^-���^v^t'' _      _.      >,- f ' ��*  000.00) dollars (whiohia the amount of tbe debt .  i Intended to;be created by. this by-law) for the   -  purposes aforesaid. r -/' ."���' ^_^~ "������" i ,  ;.; Arid Whereas, The amount of tho-wholerrate- %  able real'property of the said city,-according tor  ��� tho Ia=t revised assessmont^roU. is-two mill ionJ-  iflxty-ftvo thousand-four-hundred ($2,005,100 00| v-  :dollars-'Hh;- " ">.   ':-,".    '���   L V f '-f.  -  .;Kc-And-.Wheieas,"It will bo necessary to raise'an-      t-;  annually byrate the sum of $1800 for paying r the  'said' debt apd interest.-^-. f''_^_      "    "     >���* *''"^ 1?  VvtNow^Th'erefore thCMuniclpal Council of the ,*  Corporation of the City of Nelson in Council ais/,  TBembled.enact'J as follows: / *   - V /-,  :;*:1; It shall and may bo lawful for the Mayor of /*, y  ��������  ;the,Corporatlon of the City ot Nelson to borrow,','; .vJ'%J'��  "Cupon-the creditor the said Corporation, by,way -y, <<&.?&*  >,of dobentures hereinafter mentioned, from any     v;: ��_ '-'��������  Vperson.or persons, body or bodies corporate, who -'   yti  may be willing to advance tho same as a loan.-^t,^ '���>- -?^-  sum of money not excoedtng tlie who'e, the suni^ J  .pjiid   r.Corporation. for tlie purposo and with'the object  , hereinbefore recited.. * , ^.   ''- xr-s . -f -  ���*;;.T. 2M*b"shall be lawf tfl for tho Mayor-of-the-'wtd.  :Corporation to cause nny number'iot debentutea ,  to be made, executed and issued forBuch sura or,;,  Hums'as may be required for the purpose and,ob-*  ject aforosald. not exceeding, however, ithe]sum  . twenty-one tKonsand ($21,000) dollars; each of the f.  ���Said debentures being of the denomination of one Y  .thousand ($1000.00).dollars,4,and all suohvdebcn  of pay mont shall be designated, by ithe.' aud ,tie-  |ben6u'res*-arid shall have attacbed��to^-theqi cou- 'Tgiv'i-^SJ&fl  fpbnS fdriyio payment of '*Interest, hnd thd p'��������-      --' ��*-*�����  ;ture'�����io*c.the interest^ coupon"  coupons' may-be  written" stamped printed orjilithographed,       .  Y: 4. Tho said debentures shall*jbe_r-Jntorestfat5.  j the rate of 5 per centum per anpum'from the date <.  ; tlicroof ;��� which interest;-shall-be-,p��jBDle -��� semi- ���  annually at said ofllce at s the Ba'nk"��''Montreal -��� -  ; in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful mone*y.of'.'C^nada., ,  :on*the\llratrday' of fAprU landCUV'flnt'aayvof u>  "October-'re'jpebtlvbly; In-, each yeiujVaurln^ thi*0  ��� currency thereof. and shall be.oxpreased .in-said -'  ; dobentures and coupons to be so payabloi'.T'tg' '- *  ;Y; 5j It shall bo lawful for the Mayor of said' cor-  poration to negotiate and sell the said debentures  -or any of,them for loss than par; hut' liyho ca*e -Ji  shall tlio said debontures or any' of "them be ne-,.  gotiated or. sold for less than ninej-flvo per _  centum of thoir face,value Including tho cost of  negotiating and salo/* brokerage and other incl. .> .  ; dental oxpenso-'.i ' '������_������ ' ,       "   '  ; C.-Thoreshall bo raiscdrand levied  in each   .  year" during the currency of said dobentures tlio  sum.'of one thousand and fifty ($1050) dollars for  the payment of interoftt and  tho sum of seven,  hundred arid flfty-stx ($750) dollars for tho  pay-   <  ment of tlie dobt'duo under the said debentures  - by a rate sufllclertt thcroforo ou all, tho ratoablo '* -  land in said: municipality.  j.--7.'It shall be lawful for^ llic^said Municipal,   ,  Council to ro purchase any of (lie gaiddebentures  upo'n'such terms as may be agreed upon wi'h the  legal holder or holders thereof, or any part theio- -  of, either at tho time of tho  sale or any 'subse- '  qucnttimo or times.^and nil debentures io ic-  purchased shall foi thwlth bo cahcelled and  destroyed, and no re-issue of dobentures so re-pu -  chased shall be mado In consequence of such le-  purchase.. *��� "  ->"'      -��� V.      ' >  ���8.'..This bylaw shall take effect on the dale of  the final passage thereof.        ,  i Done and passed In Council at the City of  Nelson oh tho '"      day of   " A. D. 1901  a-       .    NOTICE.  t^-Tako notice that the abovo i-i-a-true-copy-of������  tho proposed By-law upon which the vote of the  elcceors ot tho Municipality will be taken: For  ���the East Ward at Ihe City Police Court, on the  east sido of Josephine streot, between Bakor and  ���.Victoria streets, for tho West Waid in tho olllco  of Ward Brothocs. on tho north side of Baker  street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets, in  the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the ninclf>enth  day of February, instant, between the hours of $  o'clock a. in. and 1 o'clock p. m.  ���.**.���*.*.;���-      .,        J. K. SI'RACIIAN, City Clork.  ;   NeUon, B. C��� Fobruary 4th, 1901.  -a.*'I  CORPORATION OFTHE CITY OF NELSON  ���>y  _3"_r-Xa-A.'w _sro. s��.  A By-law for stopping  up and  closing certain  streets and alleys In tho City of Nelson ai'd  empowering the Council'to-convey   such  ;-.,*    streets and alleys so stopped np and closed lo  -     the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  Whoreos, it is deemed udvlsablo to closo up  certain portions of the streets nnd alleys hereinafter described, within tho limits of tho City of  Nelson and to convey tbo same to the Canadian  Pacific Railwaj Company.  And Whereas, In the opinion of the council  such portions of streets and ullejs aio not required for'corporate purposes.  Therefore, Tho Municipal Council of tho Cor-  ���poratloh of tho City of Nelson In council assembled onacts as follows:  1. That tbo following portions of strceU and  alleys within tho limits of tho City of Nelson,  namely: Kootonaj street from Its northern intersection with Vernon street to the Columbia &  Kootenay right of way. That .triangular poi-  Uon of a street having no name,'being bounded  on tho east by tho westerly limitof SUvnloj street,  on the north by thu Columbia & Kootenay' ngliL  of way and on the south b\ tho northerly limit of  Block 04 and tho lane or alloy lu block C4 from its  intersection with the westerly limit of Stanley  street to its Intersection with tho Columbia &  Kootonay right of way, bo and the same are hereby declared stopped and closed. " ����� <��  2. Tho said City of Nelson be and I hey are  hereby empowered to sell to tho Canadian Pacific Hallway tho said portions of streots und alloys in tho noxt preceding paragraph described  and tho Mayor and City Clerk aro hereby authorized to sign and seal a proper conveyance of the  same to said Canadian Pacific Railway and the  said council jmay accept as payment therefor  either money or real property.  ���  This by-law shall tako offootan the date of the  final passago thoreof.  Done and passed in Council at the City of Nelson this      . day of 1*301,  T     '     NOTICE.  Take notieo that the abovo la a true copy of  tho proposed By-Law upon which the vote of the  electors of the Municipality will be taken: For  the East Ward at the City Police Court, on tho  east side of Josephine streets between Baker and  Victoria streets; for tho West Ward at the ofllce  of Ward-Brothers, on tho north side of Bakor  street, between Stanley and Kootonay streets in  the City,of Nelson, on Tuesday, tbe nineteenth  day of February, instant, between the hours of  8 o clock a. m. and 1 o'clock p. m.  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C��� February 1th, Wl.  ��� t">f*  ���;���.*-,'  f .;r.,Y>i-'-,if,-i "��, <t>T r*> THE  TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C, SATURDAY   FEBRUARY 16 1901  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are   reasonable.^H-s: --���-        r���  We are British Co* u Tibia Agents for        m  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA   BLOCK NELSON,   B. C.  *. '  A-  Some  Merchants  GROCERIES  AMD CROCKERY  Advertise because they have a lot  of old cheap goods to push off at  reduced rates, but  We  Advertise .  Because we  are continually getting   in   large "consignments   of  New Goods  And we want you to -known it.  B/\KER STREET,  NELSON B. G.  WM. HUNTER  & COMPANY;,  I   hy  -<-v-  TheNeW  SHOE  'St  ~ ^>  . *  -     ?'tyr    vl  __��_>��__.-  TKLEPHONE  ���NO. -204. "  EMPRESS SHOES  _. ..  .��� - ���  i  ' For women are-too well-know.!! to  ,    *������   j. *.  - need, much   comment.     They   are^  without doubt, the best of alb  -   *,        " -    ' _-*������>.'�� "*   -  $3.50, $4, and $4.50.Shoe8. *  ��� . ^ -     *      " ^   . ~ -^V ill, -r     "���  I *    "     �� * V> '  * S 1  ~ We 'refer our readers who question their . quality to 'friends who  ,have worn theip., '  ^     r~  'CALL  AND   INSPECT.  Baker: Street,  Nelson  �� ��. *    -if      *  *       ' 3  f  i"   '  -V. ��  ij it in  * i.  ��� ���a���..���r,, immillllllllllllinr  THE- PROSPECTORS : EXCHANGE  1 No.'4, K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B.-C.  Gold, Silver-Lead and'Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once' for .Eastern Investors.  Parties having mining property for aalo are requested to send samples of their ore to tho  ^Exchange for exhibition Wo desire to_hear from ftU,prospectors,who have promising mmeraL  claims in British Columbia. , . "- - -~    ,    .  Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when  in Nolson. " ,** v  All samples should be sent by express, Piepaid.   Correspondence solicited.  Address all coraniunieations to   . ,^��  Telephone 104 ANDREW  F.  ROSENBERGER,  P.O. Box 700 * Nelson, _ B. C.  TTTT--rTr��T""���"'-"�� "'"������ iii-tTiiiiiinTTnnmiiilllilimmi gniniiiiimuuiunimi  The Nelson.Clothing House  .. Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 26% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.      *  In order to make room for Spring Goods, I havo decided to sell for tho noxt thirty days nil  ���-       -       -     ��� All h�� '        -   -  - -    olfered in tho Kootenays. My stock Is all new and up-to-date and tlie salo is genuine, so now avail  yourself of tlie best opportunity to got good goods j at less than wholesale prices. Hemembor this Is  for only 30 days. ^^^^^.^^^^^  J. A.   QILJCBR,   Proprietor.  fpom 75c to $3.50.  For the balance of this month we are offering special,reductions in  Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.  Lawrence Hardware Co.  BEAUTIFUL  GRAVURES  AND  ETCHINGS  of Landscapes'and other scenes, Free with every purchase  of two packages of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty. ���"'  ' I- ouston Block.  Tt lephona 101.  P. O. Box 176.  JOAN A. IRVING & CO.  CITY LOCAL HEWS  Born at Nelson on the 15th in  stant to the wife of ex-alderman  William Irvine, a son.  On Sunday morning Rev. W.  Munroe will preach on " The Sacred  and Secular," In the evening the  subject will be "The Grumbler."  Good music will be rendered by the  choir.  Peter McVeigh, the well known  contractor of this city, leaves this  morning for the coast. He expects  to remain there about oue month  in connection with various contracts.  Application has been made to  incorporate the Canadian Refineries  Limited, under the Companies Act  of this province. The capital of the  company is $1,000,000, and the head  office is at Nelson.  The Uniform Rank of the  Knights of Pythias will meet at K.  P. hall at 2'o'clock on Sunday for  church parade to the Congregational  church. All members are requested  to be in attendance sharp on time.  Rev. J. H. White will conduct  both services at the Methodist  church tomorrow. The subject for  the morning service is "Businesslike Religion," and for the evening :  " The Great Argument   for Relig  ion.  C  The concert given at the ��� opera  house under the auspices of the  children of St. Joseph's school last  evening was well attended and was  an enjoyable affair. From a financial standpoint the event -was also  a success. '    -  A successful masquerade ball was  given by .the young people of Ainsworth at the hotel at Pilot Bay on  Thursday evening.   A large number of masqueraders were in attendance, among whom were 'a" number  of Nelson people.'"   '   * '*" ~ - -  j*yThe   following .mining ^transac-  ��� tion   Ywaa     recorded    yesterday :  , From'^W. J. Jobling-of "Newcastle,  .England, to Thomas Gallon of this  city, one-half interest in the Greenhorn claim on Copper creek, for a  nominal^ consideration.  v" The slu9h snow that, fell heavily  .during the evening and night-gave  the electric light people trouble last'  .night about 11 o'clock.    The^slush  accumulated in the dam and presented^ the",water   from;" .flowing,  freely through the grating in  the  penstock;''". - ---   y  The Mainland Board of ��� Underwriters have made a' definite proposal. The proposal ������' is that rates  will' be reduced sixteen per cent  provided the city puts in a paid  ; fire-department, a fii ealarm system,  'and' extends the fire limits on the  north side of Vernon street.  E. J. Felt of Slocan City, who has  been iu Nelson for the past' few  days, leaves this morning for New  York, where he expects to remain  about three months. Mr. Felt is  interested in a number of Slocan  mining properties and his trip east  is principally in connection with  mining business.  ' A meeting of the board of police  commissioners will be held at the  city hall at 10:30 o'clock this morning. The principal points under  discussion will be uniform dress and  tlie^increase-of^the- present force.-  The members of the board -are  mayor Fletcher, alderman Selous  and Hugh Cameron.  Mesdames Lambert & Co. have  opened a corset manufactory in the  West block on Baker street east of  the Kootenay Cigar Company's premises^ They will make a specialty  of the manufacture of French corsets; from measurements, and upon  the latest Paris models. *- The new  house will open on Monday.  City clerk Strachan sent out  notice yesterday to the transportation companies of the city to the  effect that they should not * bring  the remains of any deceased persons  to the city unless accompanied by  a proper medical certificate. The  companies are the C. P. R., Spokane.  Falls'and Northern* and- tlie Kootenay Railway and Navigation  Company.    *��          Cases in the Police Court.  - Two cases'of interest were before  magistrate Crease at the police  court yesterday morning. George  Emery* who was arrested on Thursday evening, was charged with  stealing- a ' suit of clothes from  Harry Crow two months ago. The  prisoner is said to have sold the  clojbhes to Mr. Nickerson on January  10th, and on .the following morning  left for the"coast. He returned to  the city on Thursday and a few  hours later the police had him in  the lockup. Emery says he is not  the man, and asked for two witnesses whom he wishes "to call to  establish .his innocence. The wise  was therefore remanded until this  morning. John Thompson, who  claims to be an old sailor, was  charged with using profane language'on the street. The case was  a clear- one. and lie was- fined $20  or 80 days. He did not pay his fine.  MACLAREN - BILLINGS CASE  , In the Snpreme Court.  * The case of MacLaren vs. Billings,  in which the former is suing for a  certain interest in the Yellowstone  mine, near Erie, as it is alleged  that the property was staked during the existence of a grubstaking  agreement which is .said to have  been made between the two parties  now involved, was concluded at  yesterday afternoon's session of the  supreme\court, but judgment was  reserved. The evidence in the case,  which has- been in progress since  last Tuesday, was concluded at the  morning's session. A. H. MaeNeill  of Rossland and R. M. Macdonald of  Nelson,, who are conducting the  case of the plaintiff, made a strong  argument, which was followed by  the argument' presented by-, the  defendant's'^ solicitors, E. P. Davis  of Vancouver and A. M. Johnson'of  Nelson.���; At the conclusion, of the  discussion Mr. justice Irving said:  " Mr. MaeNeill, the difficulty of your  case seeinsjto be that it lacks force  sufficient to justify a court in 'deciding that the evidence for the defence should amount to perjury,  conspiracy, or anything- of that  nature. I, however, reserve judgment."    *  __ Immediately at the close of the  *case Jthat of West vs. Buchanan  was entered... The facts of this case  are as follows: Scherrean & Company had^ a contract with the ,defendant to cut a certain amount of  logs and deliver them at the landing a,t,Crawford Bay. Fi oni there  they were delivered to Mr. Buchanan by captain N. W.' We9tT  Plaintiff had supplied Scherrean  with goods and money, and for his  account took an assignment of  money, arising froin the logs. It is  alleged that the defendant promised to pay this money to* plaintiff. The amount involved - in the'  case is about $1454, but is 'reduced  j5omewhatl"by certain expenses. The  -evidence.qf the plaintiff was.Vbeing  takenjvhen court ad jouraed ' yes-  -terday "afternoon. The ^'defence  ,'will be lieard today,1 and itisquite  possible tliat the case will' be'closed  by this afternoon.     '      - '"   r A"!  >*"*���    *,a>fcf*'sI_i Chambers.-'    i *"    '  "T .- r    fi        _   ,| . , ,  r        ***    .  ' _ Jn chambers this morning an interesting' legal question was " in-;  yolved. An order was made in the  case'of Boie vs. O'Leary et. al. for  judgmenfbn account of default jin  delivering defence. The question  of procedure arose as to the manner  of signing judgment under such  circumstances, and resulted in an  order for directions being given,  calling upon the defendants. to put  in a defence in,a limited time and  in default thereof the plaintiff to  set the case down on, a motion for  judgment. An application was  made for a special jury in the case  of Wigen vs.]Bedlington. It was  adjourned until this morning. Other  minor matters were also discussed.  ,*m  EL   IB^IEmS  <Sc  _sr_n__,soasr  XET-S-SX-O  SAlST-DOXr  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES'!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  Store, Corner Baker and Josephine SUeet  telephone: -27  through this district and has obtained a fair,estimate of the cost of  the work. It is now ready to begin  operations at any time. It has also  been stated that J. J. Hill of the  Great Northern is, contemplating  running a line through the same  district. < Just how the proposition  will turn out remains to be seen.  PERSONAL.  M. L. Griramett, a lawyer of Sandon, ia in lhe city for a few days.  John  Reegan, superintendent of  the Enterprise mine, is in the city for a few days.  ,G. O. Buchanan of Kaslo, who has  boen 111 attendance) at court for a week, leavos  for home today.  William  Gunn.of Robson, J. D.  Ryan of ?an(iou and 11. W. MaisFarlane of Ymir  are at thej'luur.  A. E. Camp of Winnipeg, Thomas  Kane of Erie and Paul Stafford of Ymir are  registered at the Queen's.���  E. W. Turner of Toronto, J. S.  Anderson* of Slocan City and W. B.'Cross of  Hamilton are at the Hume.^ -., ' ,  '' Jacob' Serson  of Robson, Daniel  Curran of Phoenix, J. Malcom and R. W. Heddle  of Rowland are registered at the Madden.  John   J.  Malone returned   from  Rossland yesterday. He says that the carnival  is a success, although the ice ii a trifle heavy, c "  J J. H. "Ashdowh of Winnipeg, who  "onducN onn of the largest hardware businesses  11 Wes era Canada, arrived in the city last evening.   He is registered at the Phair, - -  ���  , Among the -guests !6f  the   city  j��8terday from Rovelstoke were'P. M Dojle,  manager of r. Huriis & Company, C. B Hume,  general merchant, and C. M. Allum, a jeweler.  William Ironsides is back from a  three tnoi ths'visit to York county, Ontario,  whore he was born and raised. He left his little  danghter Bnlma w(th her grandmother, and she  vwll remain in the east for a. time an 1 attend  Chinese,New Year.  By the rapid succession of exploding firecrackers, the rattling of  drums, the piping of mysterious  dipper-handled-flutes and-the ringing of strange voices, the citizens of  Nelson will know that the inhabitants of Chinatown have opened  the celebration qf their New Years,  which commences between 5 and 7  o'clock tomorrow night,- and lasts  until Wednesday.night. -It i3 the  time when every Chinaman goes  calling on his' -friends, * when old  quarrels are forgotten,. old debts  paid, stolen goods ^ returned and  everybody receives presents and  everybody gives them. -  All dress themselves in their best,  all work is, stopped and all stores  are closed. They* take long walks  and spend,the day ,in chatting.  When they meet a friend on the  street they pass the usual good day,  but shake their own hands instead  of the hand of a friend. - During all  their merriment and festivities they  are mindful of, their gods. Everyone goes to the .temple and offers  up his annual prayer. He pays a  "short price for a long prayer. He  goes to the altar on which are the  burning joss sticks and while inhaling their odor he reads'^the prayer  to his god: aiid his' religion is over  for another year.,',  The V..V. jfc Eastern.  It begins.���to look as if the C. P. R.  meant business m its proposition to  build the '.Victoria,' Vancouver &  EasWn railroad, which is to run  from Vancouver to the . Boundary  country. John G. Sullivan, of Trail,  who has cliarge bf the construction  department ofthe^ compaby, passed  through the'^city'ryesterday morn-  en route east on official business.  It is rumored-that on his return he  is to be ..removed from. Trail and  stationed at the coast, where he  .will be put iu charge of the construction of the road. The company has   surveyed several  lines'  -*���    BUSINESS  MENTION.  Cellar to Rent-^Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada."' _ ;       -    ���   ,.  Go to'the Old 'Curiosity! Shop' if  jou want to buy or sell anything.-" - ,'.'  Cash paid\ for., scrap iron,  brass  'and copper.   Nelson Iron Works. * ,  To let���Pnrnished_rooms in Carney, block.  Reasonable rates.'   ���"-,���*-���<-  - Hack   eallsf left at' the   Pacific  Transfer'bant,'on Vernon'street.    Telephone  oall35.      u-'    -    ..-      ~-        'r.'    ��  Por Rent.���Two fine offices, centrally located. Apply to A. H. Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal. '     >  \  Two large, well-furnished rooms  to let.   1 and 5 Macdonald block, oorner Josephine and Vernon. ' ,  Rooms and breakfast   if desired  at 324 Josephine street, four doors above Silica  stroeo.   Mrs. Biancy.  .  Japan Tea  of all Y kinds to suit  your taste.   Sun Cured, Sp'der Leg, Pan Fired  in bulk or packages,   Kootenay Coffee Co.l  Milk business for sale���^Tlie \ only  dairy in Fernie, 20 cows. ~ Will bo*sold at-a-bar-"  gam.   Apply D. J. Whitney, Fernie, B. C. '_  Wanted���A few first-class stonemasons and stonecutters on the Robson bridge.  Union wages paid. Apply at the work. John  Gunn. - i  For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, &c.,-  cigars and tobaccos of tlio best brands, call at the,  Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A.  L. Klinkwitz.   '  iUPwf  5r   "^T^   ,__tfv'   ^  jj           "ion  OS  _y _M  TWiVJj  *   *^\^ M  (o_^T  mmi  5L.  CHEESE ..  Perhaps you did not know,  but we want you to learn  now and remember, that  we make a feature of  cheese of all kinds.  MacLaren's Imperial In all Sizes.'  MacLaren'8 Roquefort.  Imported Swiss.  Also the Finest Canadian Cream.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  ^ -  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone IO K-W-C Baker Street  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  are selling; at thirty cents per pound i. giving  the best of satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootenay Coffoo Co. '  Eight-roomed house, partly furnished, to'rent in the Hume Addition, either to  ono or f wo families.**- Apply Mrs. Hartwig,Humo  Addition.  To Let���House on corner of Victoria and"Cedar streets. Six rooms, bathroom  and modern conveniences. Rent $25. Apply to  A. ft. Coxhead, next door on Cedar street.  For rent���On March 1st, house on  corner of Front and Park streets. Fivo rooms,  bath room, etc. Rent, including water,*1 $25. Apply to 12. Kilby, noxt door to McBrlde's stables. *  We   have   Indian,- Ceylon " and  China, Teas in great variety, choicest, qnnlity.  We make a specialty of blending teas and sell  them in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  CoireeCo.  For Sale���Moving picture machine  andslcreoptlcon combined. * Films eighty Boor  war slides. Kvery thing complete. Never been  used. Great bargain. Apply "Picture", Tribune  ofllce.  $100,000.     I want a gold mine  netting $100,000 annually. Free milling gold properties wanted. Send, price, terms, f ifll report,  olc. to Andrew F. Rosonbergor, Room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nolson.   Telephone 104    .  Miss "Von :Der.;-Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and cardieading. Gives advice  on commercial business and.mininic; reunites  unhappy lovers and broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomaon Stationery Company.  W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C. I., concludes his practice at H. F. McLean's drug f tore  on Saturday. February 16th. He is in receipt of  many valuable testimonials from people who obtained relief for defective vision during  Iu3 stay.  House for rent���Newly furnished;  good plumbing; convenient location. Snaps for  cgiliners. An opportunity to apply part of  rent to purchase of furniture. Apply on premises to Mrs. Sanderson, Carbonate street near  Josophlno, or H. R. Cameron.  For-Sale���120 acres of first-class  agricultural and garden land, 12 miles from Nel-  non on TCootenay lakc> Will sell in 10, 20 or 40  acre tracts. Price and terms reasonable. Apply  or address A. F. Rosenberger, room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nelson;  *     .    -J>  ���*,-��������� t -     ** ' * ^  -.r1*   i     - _.     _. v * '     -     -'U.  1 ��� ^ . ��� . ��  SPECIAL SALE OF A NEW'CONSIGNMENT,  WHICH HAS JUST: ARRIVE!)  * *- ^  ,,    - Corset; Covers fronrh 20a to $1.00    Vr.~  Ladies Nightgowns at.7,5c, $1."00,\$1.25 and 352.00 ,  ."  ���* < "Ladles White-Skirts,from 75<*Cto $2.00 ,, , .  -*-...-*'-'  s  '<--'     Ladies Flannelette "Nightgowns >egulaK;75ctfor!5Qc.,   y  -   Ladies Flannelette Nightgowns fegular'$1.00 for 70c. %-  ; Ladies Flannelette Nightgowns,regular $1.75~for $1.25 "  :    Misses and-Childrens Drawers, to "clear at 25c'  A few Wrappers, to clear at $1.00 -  t~- "  _  -.Black Satin Shirt-Waists," to clear at $1.00.;  ,-,  . -'  Black and Colored Mercerized Shirt .Waists,,worth*$2, for $1.25,  A special drive in  Boys Wool Hose.   We have too   many of  these and as long as they last will sell at these prices:  v . v\   Heavy( Ribbed Wool Hose, 45c line,at 25c T   - _  -,    'J" Heavy Ribbed WooUHose, 50c line at 35c,    .,  <.*" *     Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose, 65c line'at 45c  We are daily opening' new Spring Goods which we will sell  at remarkably low prices to suit the times.  Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps. '  A. FERUAJND & CO.  REMOVAL  -The Gait Coal office has been  removed to the Ward build-  * in*?,   on   Baker   street���two  doors west C. P. R. offices.  A full .supply, of Gait Coal  now on hand.       i  W. P.TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 265     General "Agent.  ��.Wl West & Co.  COAL!      WOOD I  Anthracite 910.75  Crow's Nest    6.15  Blairmore          7.75  r>__iiJi"vr__i_a-Hi__��  AGENTS IMPERIAL OHi COMPANY, Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied  by cash.    Surpassing*  Display in  Fall Suitings ;  All the fashionable creations]  in Fall and Winter wear arel  included in my last consignment  of  Scotch   and   Irish j  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings!  E. Skinner]  Neelands' Building, Baker Street).  FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Offloe:  Corner of HaU  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  * -.    ��� \  Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice is hereby given that I intend to apply at  the noxt sitting of the Board of License Com-  ralgsionprs ot the City of Nelson for permission  to transfer my retail liquor license for the premises situate on the bouth end of Lot 1, Block 0, in  the City of Nelson, and known as tho Manhattan  saloon, to Oharlos H. Ink and Slegel Boyd.  CHARLES A. WATERMAN.  Dated at Nolson, B.C., thi�� 15th day of February, 1901. ���>-       i   - ���  Witness: Abthpb Vaughn.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  3PAINTBRS  ��� _  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  \  REMOVAL  Dr. Morrison, Dentist, hai_ removed to hi9  B*ew offices ia the K-W^C block.        '     ..  Large stock of hlgh-clasa Imported goods. A'.  specialty of the square shoulder���the tatestjj  fashion In floats.  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe - Lamps  Now in Stock. They  Improve Electric Light  Fifty   per   cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY!  CONSTRUCTION CO.  tfelfio-i, B. O."


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