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 7    - -**i?5fiJ  DAILY EDITION   BY MAIL  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  , *���  j ~*.  _.   *V e*1  .WEEKLY EDITION BY MAIL  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR--*  \A  -**.  w  ***<_  NINTH YEAR.  ..  (    j y  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B.C. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY. 19, 1901  MAJOBITY    x,  IS BMCEI)  From a Hundred and Thirty  ���:^^:f-,YY.,tOYForty-flve/Y;:TY^.yY;H  CHAMBERLAIN'S DISCLAIMER  ���UY~"  ;MVBL*?SOENES|IN  . #^yy  T't.fey   PARLIAMENT  Government's   South   African  Policy  Attacked and Defended With  A^7A:,^vm^7:^^^.yA7:7':-  :-7'ixx  y-SL*SN_"*6NV?'FeOT^  Ydivisibnl infibne Y^rliamei^rfliingi  |Ecl^ifa3^  Yyesfei^aj^Vel^^  ;|toM5|bte;go^^^  f3bri|y;^JI3G^^  ^byjlthisjl uriex^cted^ivehtM.was'f  ;;h&gh;feni^  iioti'Mchm^^^^  ���7^\-\.----,r^-- ^^^^y ;<(^-y'-^r.^^.F^yL^'y ^ .���w��,^."^'_.^y"-.'**5^pii->'?-.'.'V'a-^  .^jnmsteii^  ;lwated*def^  The viextrabrdinafy^slirii ness .of -'the  .^'^���'���iif'S^^^  majority of the .strongest British  goy-ern^  ?tli*_^e^itl$felb*ra  fusal to-answer, questions relating  >''.'r.;.'.'*^v.V>'.'>^;-->'-^^^  to_the goveirumient'svforeign policy  lain stuck to his guns. "I maintain," he said, "that there is no  othei'i name 'for >the men whbibe-  lieve every scandal or libel on.'Brit:  ish officers and soldiers."  ��� "Don'tv insult us,"- shouted sir  Robert Reid.  Continuing, Mr.-.Chamberlain said -  he believed that with the. development of 'South Africa .persons"of  British noriginYwould ���be. largely in  excess of ;the:;.rest of.the population:.  y. 'SfflMtiY\ we;sgrant,f r ee %govern^  nientto^lie cBoersi" exclaimed;;the;  wlomj^l|08e!Ci^tiaryv* |^hO;i^tm_ryY  i^st-;j--&'i-ei^ra  its nc-rn^^  Boers tnow well-ihe terms offered  jtfiemiiif^  ppportui&;^^  tbY nia&eYtb^e| terms >vjknown%'bn t'?I-|  am   iii Y eommuniic&tfohy withy sii\-  ^lfre^Mil^  advantiage. of any oppc^rtunity t  '^_^_____^^_^^^^^^--^^^^  iKa^^^^^^^^^^^SS^ted'YinTthe^  :ci^^^^^|^^��feiny SoiithY  '*"���.��� A- *�� * ������*���*����� '���^'���>^i'iri^'^fT*l6S^'^&**^___^M- ;'��� :-&"<���'''��� ���   '��� > -"'y.-A'-  ; ���Africa^.- 'Eb-aney^f-fla^  the;sacrifices made,|this| count^jis?  ���pi^fae^sa^^  ;t^dguppn .*Ythei(struggle^ and twill;  ;spai^  ;clbsb;��and::;^  which 9eeks to;: stultify the object  'my^^MmiA^^sTMBmi  yAmidyf ringing  Jbetiain^the^*^^  ���ttie^var^^^^^  DISCUSS CHINESE AFFAIRS  a*,  LORD     0RANB0RNE:;   EXPLAINS  ' ' . - BRITAIN'S   INTEREST.  Almost 200.000 Horses Have Been Pur-  ���.���:���..   chased _y'the!flover^ent for ".,;  Ah vAjJafr. til Y Soutli^ Africay y A A  m  _a. ,-.';(������:  y^I^poNiy-^^  CraribOrne, when' the/debateTohJ the  address inY reply "to the king's speech  ^rom^he:throrie ���at^tfie|ppening%>f ���  Jparliament-^  mercial interest, was ..the principal?  iint-^est^  ;<Tliei&jil_^^  ;*s<-fttlement;bf;ai^  M  \e:  i^^J^ii  f-Yithbut*pi^ibu!^n^  :'^.'-*.--i.-i.".K>i'iVi__^*iii*i. .a*?_.*^*." '.**"_"*v_;*;r,r:T#..^^.^ .'  squ-fctioners'y^JMi^^^  ^^Ohp-s^iHQfife^  tuuity,:ahd, in spite of an unusually  large attendftuce, almost placed "the  Conservative partyih Queer, street;,  Mrl ChurchiU'8 speech came in reply  pbfi^mi|fi^iG^i^'i?^i|^  pftthb'cb^uci^ifttiie Sbath|Airican;  ^ar^m��the;ccwse^^^^  denounced; *the^;binning * of���;* faivms'  and the keeping of Boer wouien and  jcliiildre^ingBntais^l*.^^  ^duced|?pi^iS^^  :Win^eertMM*hi^seat8^^  adjourned. .-.PreyibustoMr^DHlon's  qnestionfof privilege and the taking  jtip^SfV^^  iaddr^ljyay^pl^^jT^^  the throne the debate in- the Ycom-    ��� ���*���-        ���..-......_- ���i;;,lp-i;-)fc;ii.~'iTl;,-y!iJ    "'*  IsuclrSdela^Tfmiw't-^^ .���..-,..  - dealingi^JvitbS thef Ghine&^ftg^s  ���the   question   bf   indemnity,   lord  .V--��*-*-)��'7^''---s*.,*'s--,-'^^  Cranbprne said theBritishminister  ?j^|^Km^^ir.|ErnM  beeu instructed to:. gather together  the claims that were to be made.  ^^_emn-^^|th(E^^lro^j^^  ;&dfYCra��[]Sct$iD^^  assured/theigovernment" that  tlie  ^��u]^-dbi^bf&t^|P^i^  Saengerbund of America called in a  body at the White, House today-  ,and pr&ented to the" president an  album'-qpund in red. leather and  containing the songs sung - by the'  soeietyWits last meeting in 1900.;  The directors also presented to emperor William through the German'  ambassador "an album of . rare  beauty, said to - have cost $1200.-  This is an acknowledgement of the,  .emperpr^Ycouttesj^ih; offering|;a^  jprize i^; tfelM|^Ste^^  ^mbaflsadbrjf^^r*^^  ^blegram'Yjfrcm^rat^  authorizing. hun'to::rbceiye in*his.  name the souvenir of theY Saenger^  rbuh^f^*fte|^l&^  famtiifiaj^^^^an'il^tli^^  ^dr^k^'theYfhealtii^^f-  ������?.*-.����� ���aV-*kl^-y''Z^^Zz^F&4_&_r?__��r^^ '_-. -^-i-'*>.���*' ��-T-'  i n .P.Anw,^FehvnatyMS^0Ihe Yjwea;i  sther ^is^v^mws^Grej apid ���-;���m^ ��� this;  ���lyicinit-y^y^od  "dea-fchS^-wei^ile*]^^^  ^gl-^^T^;rigo��^?^diTh^  _ c^tui^^infitli^^  |r^��^fc|bfie||a0r^bf5O^  -|f^zeny^hil^a^*^l||^  J:hM;|Eal!e^^  :^osge^n^inilbll^f^  Ysbu^heiast*^fg_?i^6e^  PBIQE FIVE CENJS'  J  THE COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS  ACTION     OF     POLICE    COMMISSIONERS CRITICIZED. it     "  May Be an Investigation���Reports of  ���: yaripus Committees-^Applications  jr&5-"S't��'.'  lififSiy^tlmp^s?^  ���7^:^-0gt^MfMltoi_-i7^  E:';*f;;��:f*^;TTi;.^^^^---'';rT;;^f,;/;.fT^:,-^  ^cRWhilelsBr^Sanson was at the; gen-v  eral hospital' last YPriday, afberriopn..  ^e|My^ed*{tM|^i^api^  iiy^ng^m^f|mni(B^I|lStt  li^afimenil^^^  thought to be suffering;from a-de-":  |lu^ibh*l|^^ysomii|kihdj#?fbli  TDciisiSanson**"1-"���*"������"- **"*^..-.��~--��_.  created"a geueral uproar and >>pro-;  vokedan angry demand from .Mr.v  ��� -^^���:;-��-���-_'.*>.-^J#r -^i-JV^^���)-���>-���**'*r?��������-;^.;l---.;.-.;,*'**-,.'''-e'_Jf,'>',-'...,'.'*;*s*--!-"-��'��� ,' j- '*;  iBroaencl^gs'ecfietaryMbf^state*  war, that.Mr. Lloyd-George -should  offer evidence ; to, substantiate. his  {itiSTV-  li.'.-^Ji/sirt,  jMrKChur^Ul^ug^  the speaker and caustically rebuted  Mr^L|b^^ebr*_!**^  epigr^s]su^;a^yn^^  iit^tMjwbi^byer^^*^  iyp^al^/sympatfiy.^  jwr^^l^upp^tYas^^TBo*^^  �� Th^lie iproeeed^;-^  busijri and half ^^ioiHl^tbnybeiittie'Y  the efforts of the pro-Boer'members  '" "i^^oijs^iV^e)^^  f^iejtt&|;^^*^;.;maintaiM  war Fiii.South ^Africa had * been i;car '���;  nedil^y^th^iinusual Yhuma^  andihC^Mi^TwithSt*^  of his belief *that at no distant date  there -Ewould  be Y an Y^'Anglicized^  loyal, ^Ypeaceful Y and *���-"priosperbus-  Tve^h^aAp77-7A7x'<A'7x777'-77:77Xr.-7x:  Sir Robert; ReidvRadi^  for Dumfriesburgh, argued that all  tWs^^d.bi9 iaj^^pliahed without;:  unJn^Masa^seybrity^iBkndv' without-  witbhbldingoterms.V^;y^  Mr. Chamberlain, springing 'to |  his feet.-stigmiatized)-. the:::'sfieech'*of-^  sir Robert'Reid ^as ��� devotedi 'to  abuseYbf British officials and;,tjie  policy Yof the ministers.; 7 and -Yto  praise of the enemies of Great Britain." - He-denied���that; peace- with  honor was at any��� time possible before or after the fall bf Pretoriiav  YY  ''The :pblicy of her majesty's  goverhment|"^Ke^declared,]'\ has not  varied. ;Before- r the - ��� invasion of  NateV we wbutd- have. accepted ^thie  most .moderate; * concessions*^but  from the'moment the! invasionY pbr*  curred and.the Boers had tired Y:thie  first:shb^YYthe; government deter^  rained that ttplfone shred^of the in-Y  lependence which the Boers: had1  ibused should;veyer,Y^ga4n';"'be*:*'ebri-:'  eded to|themi"' yA7']' AA:\_-��� ''7~'A  :. Tho Conservatives, cheeHnigf uri-  )usly, roso to'theirYfbet.frbm the  foyernment benches at tbis asser-  ibn arid: made the chamber ring  igainYand.again.Y:Yj*'_Y-Y^:'.  "The government;'^ eon tinued  tfr. Chamberlain, ^challenged ;*the  pposition at^the general"electionv  m the issue of a,hhexatidn. We  ���hallenge you again. ' (Renewed  sheering.) Tonight six pro-Bberis  tave spoken and not a single liberal  mperialist. Y  7:77-' 7':-:7 .;   .*_  ��� Sir Robert Reid objected .to:the  ;erm "pro-Boer," but Mr. Chamber-  __  ih^j|��;t^j|s^qom^  and,; unobserved .' by'^Ythe -latter; ^  ��� opened ^���a^caseMofMinstruments,  and   selecting i-a ::long; amputation knife, stabbed the doctor twice..  The first .wound was-a.-deep.. thrust.  Jdct^hlt^lef^  l^ratingi^tfio;lu*nj?^)|^t^r^n0^ef  Kuan railroad-was .only temporary  |and?tlmt^e.^Mlr^d:|an  lircoui^fre^s*-^^  JoSi^ati^^^^e^^  fbf?sij��<;e^^;|OTiMi^  ;'to a;question, said that so. far .as  r>-*i-"V.^-^T.^.^^^,>l;^^.:;'^:^:u-^.'-C'v..-i^s^. -2--^'^ "*5iT'n^,X1'^*i'?JJ3  ���the $Y government awasf saware pno;  -; power, .was contemplating -. an. ;ex;^  |gTOitic^-in^l!tiie'x^  if-sbfthe British:commander-.woiild-  *reqiurejfresh|in8tru^  ^^^^Sfipllyltl^fina^  tary to' the war office,, imparted the *  - information that7. the - government  had .'purchased 'for = the -.troops inr^  .'*Ai4'��f^*4i'i'9^0'7kY**h'sa'o*2.n.-"'" '"*r"ra'"'"  ?x?K:y77$770y7yxgif\  "' ��r  kftfajrin      ^       _  ^;]_>rS*Sans^m^a^g^|^^  .dqbi^^df|icall^dY*a^  ^h*eY'nurse;;tb;'send^  !was.|bleedingKt^de*^  ;-^s'>f:yiny*tho|:&B^  biiUdin^iadjoining Ytodf|pi^eededj  ���-fcoYstai^^  aiid./npne^tbo^'M  was^Siwu'ri^  wonld|s^n;haye^^byed{fai^;?|Thet  ?f ull extent 'of tKo injunesislnbtfyet;  )^nbwn^y_t;fir^^  ^r^;fatal;|but^hb  '���hbpes^bfjtl^ji^wn^  ^ Yr^uchis^pathyfisfeexpresse^  'Dr.^Sansbn^whbsJB^dem^  all times ;guiet Yand. gentlemanly,  ;an4|Kb:;isVpn^'bf"~i^  ^would;)expect jto ;Y1^*^  " ject 2;iof 7 "so- :;m^eiw;;MYattae^  ^O^^th-e^tdeniented YTy^ng Y-;inan,:  Ywasp>at -r._ bnbe" ^aten^tb^ the "police;  ; guard irwrnand^c^  [English and Irish horses proved the  -ibestga^-*&|ihemmbnc^  ^tlie^ia��^ry2i0OXfe^w^  iwlnlfiiG^ttadapuE'^^  %E$ohn��^^  United-Irish'^parliamentary;- party,  belb^p!^rx)^|ha^b^  ���^���|*^NeMl?|)i^  ���^mmt^Mserai"^^  sufferiug from the- severe weather.  ^aiid^nc*^  5&f^I.j^ljpp^L ^ dispivtcli from Rome  |re^rt^arti|iunprecedented':' snowfall  f^MeYt^ayy s    ,       ,;     ii.T^fi^K  '?&��*���$$i.''*&���$$#%, i*:^**.y *-*yh M^y jf y ${-*  |^t^meetin^ifc'^xi^|c^  ?c|l;:ias^OTOni^>theS^  police commissioners in;reorganizing  vthOi^iTO^r^|;^meSi  |expi*mnbd/th  commissioners was in; a.measure an.  ;^^jpa^e^|l��^|^d|^^  i J55^^.^tion||m^^tiSe'jS?m re^;  sfewedttpl^^  ftle^d^|b|^flj^m^^  ^cb^miasicmeregsfbS  sThis^^s|eyi4ei^^s^'|^b^  -the members'of the council .whohad:  \ . ^'7^'*-:y^:V^X!>.^iX'^i'^ii.XX' ��:-'T,=-i"^=.^^.V;��^.l^.:'TTr^A'Ei-T^'-  lnteresteathemselves'm^the action  over $500.'" It was referred to the  finance 'committee.    '      ' ' v  Alderman Paterson was by resolution appointed a member of the  Nelson charity organization. v  Those, present were mayor Fletcher,, aldermen Irving, Gillett, Paterson, Hamilton,'Selous and Madden.   . 'J.art   ,     -  EASTERN YOANADA TELEGRAMS.  GREENWOOD  **  *  ai'  a>Vl  -***^l  '.>**|  r   "I  ��t  M-  DEWET HAS BEEN SHUT OUT  ���'_-  FLOGGING  >v   ^���.w_     ''BURPHERS.  '^ms0m%��?- ���"-���- -y v,  ���0��i'0&0Xl*>M '  TO  SUIT,  '����    7 _    '" - �� 'V -  Rank..' From   India  took exception.to. the bath .taken  fb^^ng^dway^inS^t^Sh^  lords/ ; He declared (* that inasmuch  la^f^b^ijGBfth^h't^i^  |*^nb^||^|i^l^ro^^  stitio.us; he wouldpppose the grant-  sing^fith^king^*al*��^K3  leader; admitted- he was no admirer  *lb^h(S^bf^bf^OTd^bu^  practical question of their, repetition  !^r-��9^*dis^8e^  iicoi^||^e|^  ;bornerthe.under secretary of state  fbr:fOTeigE^feir^  tions cbbcerning^hi^f^ti^  ^bt#ptj^ipusly:5!|l^h^  ^hn*-DiHbnyW^gnati  bfei^;*t^mby^an^(adjo^  rtlieilY^  subject;;^Mr^:Dillon Ydeclared^ that  P��^-TS:*��;*wSijJ��ffi 'r^SflSfe v&liVrl&.i.fg  tor,the;commissioners;anditiSTlikelv:  fi_T*^ij'T'5'K';"*^-':-!:ffi'''''"''-','''-'?**  tliat arrangements for: the, holding;  Ypfjaitahves^^ti^  ; The finance; committee s report.7  containingsjthe^city^payroll* and  other accounts, was.received and-  all were ordered paid, v* In'connection with this v the committee recommended that the Nelson charity I church,'^Vancbuver^iBritish  organization be granted $150/They   nmbia.M*Heieaves in April.-  also suggested that four of the bylaws be printed  Kingston.���Ex-warden Lavell of  Kingston penitentiary is danger-"  ouslyill.   - - 5-;.    .    ^_.;.*'-,'^   v-<  Mbapobd.���Sparling's ' sash'rand  door factory was destroyed'by. fire  here ��t yesterday_ morning.' j *Lbss  $6000; insumnce $2700..^  ^Toronto.^- Estimates  presented  to the house'today by'premierfRbss'  call' for'- $8,782,800;   as' 'compared  with $3,723,292 in 1900a-     '>  Toronto.���Donald-'*��� McLaren is  dead, aged 100 years, 2 months, 17  days. y i He was born in'Scotland  and came-to Canada in 1834.       7., t  Toronto;���Rev! S. Jacobs, of Lon-1  don, England, has accepted a call to'  the 'Holy Clossomf synagogue 'of this  city and will be here in 'March. - * *'  Montreal.���The city council today ���was asked' by<ithe\mayor- to~  appropriate $10,000 for���the enter-,  tainment of the. duke of,lCornwall'  and York'. ' -r* - -    _  j Toronto!���Rev.4> J.' P. McEweii,  superintendent of the Baptist home1  .missions, Ontario- and Quebec, died*  suddenly , of r cerebral7 ^.congestion  early Saturday morning.."-* t   t -u . ~ ��  CowansvilLe," Quebec���Rey., J.  Elliott,' rector' of,'CowahsvilIe, has  "accepted 5ai:cair frbin^St. Michael's'  coi-  New Smelter ^" Blew5 fin w_  . ^Yesterday Morning.,;  ;  f  7i  yi  y��r.  **.  EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTH  .-J  ���m  ���^sn-'..  ENTHUSIASTICc OITISENS CROWD ���1  *_     THE WORKS.  "* 4.  ~,\   fy>. r*nV\,i .*^',yy  Verdict, of- Coroner's.- Jury , ia < Murder   -  J^' *"!*... �����  '    Case���Britannia Mine on-Howe .. ��� -^'  Sound to Be Sold.  L f_f>r   *^  *^i_M_X  ::0I  J*^Sl|  ^OfficersgbMHiKb.  'y^fT^m&xy **���    ^5-^5- ?*>    ?*r  SyOwfi^ta^itlie Fronts-Forces to "-,  ypS*fe?Ber|Inc.eased byfl50,000. *   -  i!Si9*(i _______: "^'    ^  'P~'t0i"cS'^iS^'"^t'"'     "**- 'rt*       *-��-*'^-a-   l**Wo^��  ���M^NSIS^ebraary^Q.���A corres-1  Ypbndehtf!of:|the' Daily Mail who is  withvthe-Britishi column pursuing'  igeneralYDewet, says :   General De-  |^^hia^fiiil&d to reach his objective  ^point)||h^ihg > been headed off-in  Yturn2frbmrStrydenburg and Hope  ^aStnightv'a  T,.*-i -T,.:-.;*-*'>v��-.vt*ii*   '  "was held, in  meeting of burghers  general Dewet's^camp  AAx^^ityosii:^:?  Ai Pekin, iFehr|ia^  envoys have held a conference��Ke^  g'ardihg the.Chinese. rejply concerh-  ingthe piinishhientjOfithe.^  pSeraons; named by.ithe poWersM The  "reply was considered unsatisfactory,  and the envoys decided^ .to insist on  a compliance with their original demands. YThis(decisipn;and fthe '.fob-i".  jections^urgedlby.^the envoys tb^the*  latestimperial edict were unanimous  andY^he^doyeny>f; the idijjlbmatic  cbrpa ^Vili-^infbrm'y tlie "'Chinese  ;plenipbtentiaries; that;;thewformer;  requirements must' bb:strictly-;cbnV:  plied (wjtb. Y Meafiwhi le great? prbv  parations are 'being  madeY by the  varibiis corntriandersi.-preparatbry^tb.  a [big expedition, especially in tlie  mannerr of transportation.7y[.[:7  A The Proposed is^eitaoii.    y; ��� .  London, February 18ycbunt^oii  Waldersee r has prepared _ his plans  for the ; new expedition,': says the  Pekin correspondent of the Morn-;  ing Post yesterday, and it will start  next Saturday.. All the powers ;bx-  cept;; Russia and .the XJnited S^tates  have agreed to allow; their forces to  join.;:;':: 7 77^7;yyy.::::,ii:. .''y  ������;-.  V Empress Frederick's Condition.:  Berlin," February 18.���The Berlin Post continues to issue favorable  bulletins regarding the condition of  dowager, empress . Frederick, but in  well-informed private circles it.is  feared that a crisis in the disease  may come at any moment.  the *under secretary f^^thejfbreign  office; had beenYmuz!dedY.aSd:th  his ref usal was a;breach'of priyilege^^  ; Sir A: William Y YVernbiiY   HOTCpurt,  liberal, 'sir: Henry^^ Campbell Banner-];  jmah, liberal leader," John Redmond  Tand;pthersYsupported Mr. pillbn.Yy  A Mr;?-; Balfbur^ ^in^^defendinig-^he:  .practice, said, it had ;.been; initiated  b-ySthe r^^rrimeht'^af teri^Tcaref ul-  "consideration. The pructice of cross-  examining the under foreign secretary wasf dangerous and would pre-  clude the carrying but^ of a delicate  :negotiation   and   might   endanger  rthe interests of nations and possi-  ; bly the policy of Europe.'   No other  nation would have allowed the latitudeih; foreignY-.affairsYperhiitted.  in this country. ;.4A foreign ambassador :had congratulated, the late  ���under;secretary, WilliamvSt. John  Broderick; on':^  questions:not.placed'uipbripaperJ ]"  ; The house, then Ydiyidedr as jol-  Ibws:: For .theY adjournment/ 204;  -jagMnst;,;249.'''yyyiY^  YRvunors Denied.  4 Berlin, February 19.ypispatches  received here -from- Lisbon - assert  that during the recent" meeting ;in  London.of king Edward; emperor.  WUliani' and king; Charles^ and; ar-  rangemerit was effected between  .GreatBritain.YGermah^  gfal regarding the future of South  Africa. Yin official circles in Berlin  all such statements;are .said^ to. be  entirely;' .without foundation and  the Berliner Neuste Nachrichten in  an inspired .article this afternoon  also denied them.  T/to |��rotest ^a^tthe indiscriminate^  'floggin^^fineh and half -the' force.  -;threat��^dYt��^i3urrender^   Eventu-  ^all^''!tli^-malcbntents   decided'* to  ;fight independently^  y^bND^,YFebi^ary.l8.���TheDaily  YChrbnicle^^ays it^uni^rsta^^  ^everai^ificers;:of~fiiglf^n]p1from  India 'are going to South. Ateca; and  *i%hat\iordpundbnald^^  Kenny and/general teachware -also  going'out again.^"According:to the  sauie authority it has. been practically decided: in; cbnnectibtfrTwith r*the  scheme;of.��� ariny reform to increase  Ythe forces by 150,000 men; to secure  :Wbom-it'isprbposed;to increase the  ;;paysof,..*lahe.joldiers..! ^^AA^^A  iBRisfbwN, Fe^rhai'y18^-itfis reported that the Boers have occupied Verburg, ' communication -with  that place having been interrupted;  It is asserted that there are 1000 at  Strydenburg and ' other-s^ at7Hon-:  .water, 21 miles from Brist^wn.Y ���;  *in pamphlet form  and tenders called for the work."1   ���%  The report of the board of public'  works, committee,'which was' as follows, was adopted: That a sidewalk'  be laidr on'-thenorth/sideof-tMill  9treet,/<f rom ^ Ward - toJ'^Stenley  street;"that a sidewalk^be^Jaid' on  ''the east side of Stanley street, from  -BakerrTstreet  to" .Victoria 'street;  ���-that Victoria street easterly; from  Josephine street be; made passable  forjteams:and ia" sidewalk- bellaid;  and-* that'-* the'plumbing^bylaw be  amended with reference to the inspection of plumbing "and for -the  'payment of'a'fee for each" inspection.  _ "���   - _  The police commissioners' report  was submitted' ajid discussed. " If  recommended that"regulation uniforms and a number of supplies be  purchased for the policemen.   >The  council decided to ascertain what it  would cost to obtain1 uniforms, and  a   resolution" was   passed to   this  effect, j A -resolution1" to- purchase  batons, handcuffs, badges and flashlights was also passed.   ' ���  _The report further'stated  that  constable Hardy had been appointed  sergeant, and that Arthur Pitchford   had   been   appointed as   an  "additional constable. - ..   -.    -       -  In connection with  this report  alderman- Irving   asked why   the  < *  Ottawa1.���Despite,, the* announcement from pawsonliCity/'vhv Vic-'  toria", the government;has/,notpyet  received a.ny_official^ intimation ���>. ot  Mr. Ogilvie s resignation as Jcomr  missioner of the'Yukbn. * A 'Is A"'  ' t Ottawa. -^ The^department1^of:  agriculture has   issued.a   bulletin^  prepared.by 'Dr^McEachran^ which  4says-horses reported from;the west  aSjSuffering from influenza are, suf-  ,fering,frbm typhoid fever/  '   " a%  trpBSERqNTbfOntario?--ThV-Baker^  block, occupied by J.'J. Kerr,-dry-  goods ; Hall &' Stuart," tailors.^ and:  ,H. Kellar, saddleiy, and the. upper  portion r by . Nailors as an opera  house, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning. * Loss unknown.  Ottawa.���Acting upon the ad:  vice of'Ralph Smith of Vancouver  Island the government through the'  department of labor has announced  its jwillingness to bear all expenses  for'the^ immediate relief of the  sufferers i from the recent mine  disaster.'  5 M ���-.  >/ jO  I .-.     '   ^'    -   >>'   \   ~,/>U    ll</i-��   Vc.*r-Y"  -   Greenwood, February l8.L-[Spe- {'  cial to The Tribune.l^Afc -7:30 ,this ;  morning   the local   smelter "wasfV f-'A"^  "blo^mynY and^.inj fifty*-.minutes\'}%'t?^  ma^te--commenced" to ' run.'"'Since y~ -'V^  thenjeyerythingVhas" moyed?.with-y  out friction* and the Boundary dis-;  (trict's second smelter is an actuality.-'  .Alls day * the   works _ have T-been ���  , thronged <| by.^bitizens^fand   Paul^  pJohnson}manager'of tlfe^smelting;^.". ���^?^l  department of the British ^Colum-A l\A^  ,bia ^Copper,  Company; 'has  been"   ,Ly^^s^  .heartily congratulated on ^tbe^suc-.-a^ I&ksssi  cessful initial^n.f^^y^m^hli^rf^M  ^powder-has been* let offiin celebr^tf <    V>^^  aing the"affair/whiclf means'so muclK^y i4l^  -not onljj to^the,. city.jm the employ-^    -?S#  ^ment of a"large^payroll,%biit^to>th"e;y^y^^5  -whole district inThiving|additibn*l^W*'  smelter facilities; ^There'is"bahand'���-' -  8^000 tonsjof Mother .Eodeybre"aiid  consignments'from -?the^!Gold Bug  No;7andJ-ittleABertha.   "- ,y. "-  ���"t%^s\  , _-isfs\  -_*&_  1   Weyler InBtructs the. Editors.    Y  : [Madrid, February 18;--:;General  Weyler assembled the newspaper  editors; today and informed' them  tliat as quiet was maintained he  :had decided to remove the; censorship. .. He told them, howeyer, that  they must refrain from writingre^  garding the��. recent troubles, the  marriage Yof princess Fastunas; or  ttie visit of the count ^ndv countess  6l Cask;to Madrid.'*'" ;��� '[^^.Ite-k:'  services of one member of the force  had been dispensed with. The  mayor stated that a couucil meeting was. not the place to discuss  such questions, and that if any one  wished an investigation he would  call a meeting of the commissioners.  Other members of the council were  in favor of this, and it is likely that  an investigation will be held. ;^::  i 'A letter from R.L. Fraser, M. D.,  bf Vancouver, secretary of the provincial board of .health, concerning  compulsory vaccination, was read,  in which the writer stated that the  (^rmaiL'Presentations. ;  Washington,;*   February    18,���  Major YCarl Lentz;   president, arid  the directors' of the Northeastern  ; j Philadelphia,  -After-'living; for  Death, of a Centenamuui.;Y':~  February:; Y18.*���  _ 103 years Nancy  Wood, colored, was burned to death  lastjnight^Ylt is 8upposedY;tlnit'she  set Y fire to her clothing t while  attempting to light her pipe.; *;:  i:-[-'---y'YY?hree. Men Killed,; Y  Yi Pittsburgh, February 18.���By a  dynamite explosion near .Cumberland, Maryland,   three   men were  killed and several seriously injured.  Returned to London.  Lp^FDON, February 18.���King Ed  ward and queen  returned to town.  Alexandra  board would take no action vat the  present time.  "J. J. Foot's application for driver  of the fire department was  read  and then referred to the fire, water  and light committee.,  Y As the Nelson Brewery Company  is about to build an addition po its'  present, building, it had a - request  before   the   (council  that the city  divert   the  creek   upon :��� tlie company's property.  -The; matter was  referred to the city engineer.  'Dr. LaBau, medical health officer;'  sent a communication stating that  there   tvere   a5 largeYrnuiaiber   Pf;  buildings in thecity which did ;not  have sewer connections, and recommended that these be made at an  early date on the ground of public  health.   The matter was referred  to the board of public works.  A motion was made to have the  bylaw increasing the mayor's salary to $2000 per annum read a  third time.   The motion was lost.  By a communication the directors  of the general hospital asked for a  remittance from ,'the city to aid  them in extending and financing  the institution for the coming year,  have j The letter stated that there was an  I overdraft against the institution^ of I  Quebec.���Joseph Hudon, late  Intercolonial railway station agent  at; Trois Pi9toles, died yesterday  morning as a result of burns received .while endeavoring to rescue  his mother-in-law.-who-perished in-  a fire which destroyed the station'  about a week ago.  Toronto.���A big company has  been formed here to carry on a  dead meats industry under the  name of the Union Stock Yards  Company. The government guarantees interest on the bonds. Half  a million is to be invested and 300  cattle per day will be killed.  r Toronto.���J. B. Eager, western  representative for Boeckh & Company, woodenware merchants, with  headquarters at Winnipeg, was removed to the smallpox hospital  Yesterday suffering from that disease. He is supposed to have contracted the disease while en route  east.  Toronto.���The Spanish River  Pulp Company, with a capital of  $1,500,000, has received a charter  from the Ontario legislature. Two  br three members of parliament are  on the directorate and it is expected  the company will conduct operations on the same scale as the  Clbrgeau organization,  Toronto,���The court of appeals  tpday sustained the judgment of  the lower courts compelling the  trustees of the Scotten estate, Detroit, to pay $45,000 succession dues  on $900,000 which Scotten, who  was a millionaire tobacco manufacturer in Detroit, had in Ontario  banks at the time of his death.  r  Toronto.���Sergeant-major Patterson, who was recently reported  killed in action in Marlsburg, Cape  Colony, on February 4, according  to later information is ..John Alexander Patterson, a Canadian scout,  who went to South Africa with the  second contingent, enlisting at  Maple Greek, Assiniboia. He was  a son of the late John Patterson of  Toronto.  .-]��� Greenwobby -February/ *-18^t��� -*  i[8pec)al tOjThe-Tribune.]���Tlie\cbK 7,  "oner'tf'jury. brought*in the'following' "-,  'verdict" "oh;���the j'deathyof.v Harry" *  - Rowand atrDenero YSaturdayi even-^"?  ing:,a *iWe,.the^3iiry^find that"the^-Y  deceased,came to his*,death -from a -:  -knife stab in the heartat the hands  ���of J.  McGill des'TRivieresC'bn the  evening of the 18th instant." 'The, -  mother of-deceased has been  communicated withand the body / will   ,  probably be shipped tb/Toronto for  interment/   Des' Rivieres' preliminary   hearing   before   a'magistrate  will take place,on Wednesday, when  he will be committed for trial.   Tlie, >  prisoner   is   confined   in   the pro-   ,  Vincial jail here (and while admitting the slaying 'says it was done in  self-defence.--������������-^������- * ��� ��� ���- ������ - *  y~:S  7_*sem  ���'ff.'-'a.'S  'J  -,���%!  For Three-quarters of a Million.  Vancouver, February 18.���[Special to The Tribune].���At a meeting of shareholders tonight the  directors were empowered to complete the sale of the Britannia mine  on Howe Sound to Bewick, Moieing  & Co. of London, England, for  $750,000 cash within three months.  Still in,Doubts  ; St. John's, Newfoundland, -February 18.���The government and the  owners of the Lucerne will send the  government steamer Ingraham back  again to Bacalieu, conveying a  magistrate and police, who will  make a complete search of the coast  line while the Ingraham is cruising  in the bay. It is hoped that some  conclusive evidence as to the identity of the wreckage would be discovered in this way. As soon as  tlie storm and seas abate every  gulch will be examined and the  area of search will be extended to  other parts of the coast where  wreckage is likely to have drifred.  The Ingraham may report tomorrow.  Expedition Dispatched.  Berlin, February 18.���The war  office has received the following  from von Waldersee: "Pekin, February 16.���Major-general von Ket-  teler has dispatched an expedition  under the command of colonel Hoff-  meister from Pao Ting Fu to Ino  Ma Kwan, 85 kilometers northwest  of Pao Ting Fu."  Gift From Carnegie,  Galesburo, Illinois, February 18.  ���-Andrew Carnegie has written the  Galesburg public library board that  he-will give $50,000 for a new  library building in this city provided the city appropriates $5000 a  year to sustain it. THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B.C. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19,1901  -  M-  h-,-w>  I* - "  17  u  I  $  If?.  !<'"  ��  \.i''  ]p  W"  Id*'-  ft.  IS  �����:  i-  ���JJ-1  a  A  The*  Children's  Health  In "every family is the very first and  most important consideration. To  establish and retain it there cannot be anything more conducive  than appetizing and easily digested  food. Try any of the following  specialties. -  Christie, Brown & Co..  Rusk Biscuit.  Peek, Freen & Co.  Nursery Biscuit.  German Rusk.  Nestle's Milk Food.  Milkmaid Brand.  Robinson's Patent Barley.  Robinson's Patent Groats  ALL, NEW   AND   FRESH  HUDSON'S  STORES  S.  ��Jte ��rihtme. ,.  - ' - A - ��      f 1* <  The .Victoria   Times, -which   is  supposed to, voice the sentiments of  the     Laurier.    govern ment" upon.  British Columbia matters,-'has an-  ' nounced itself in favor of the' con.-  **���    - v ' fc r  struction of ^he Hill feeder "to tap  the   collieries  of the  Crow's s Nest  Pass -Coal   Company.    The   Times  deals with the whole' matter as an  abstract' railway   question, ' and  argues that, as competition is the  chief factor in securing- fair, treatment' from 'railway companies, no  mistake could be made in granting  the   Hill   charter;   and   that such  "other complications as the"building"  1 of the road might create could be  met and ��� disposed of later.   From  - this it is evident that the Times does  comprehend the situation.   It can  scarcely be suggested that a newspaper, published many miles distant from  the mining  centers, is  more keenly alive to the interests  of the mining aud smelting industry than are the people who are  actively engaged  in it, and those  whose all depends upon its successful   establishment  and   operation.  Against the  counsel of the Times  there is the unanimous  verdict of  the people throughout the mining,  districts of the province, that the  granting of the Hill charter, if not  refused outright, should be at least  delayed until  there   is something  like reasonable assurance that the  granting of it will not cripple, if indeed it does not kill the smelting  industry of the province.    There, is  no use in attempting to disguise  the fact that the Hill railway .from  : the coal fields to the international  boundary is projected for the, purr  pose of carrying the output of vthe.  coal mines to smelting points in the  United   States,   without   the,   remotest idea of giving the people of  British Columbia any form of t railway competition whatever. .The.  people of Southern British Columbia understand this.   They realize  that the granting of the Hill charter,  assails the welfare of every man in  the Kootenays and Southern Yale  who is engaged   or   interested in  pursuits, because it would render it  possible for an alien railway trust;  to undermine the chief industry of  the province, upon the successful  establishment of which the prosperity of the whole province depends.    This is not an extravagant  statement.    It has been repeatedly  demonstrated    that    the. Crow's  Nest     Pass     Coal  , Company , is  at   present unable :tp supply tho  fuel   demands   made   upon- it   by  the smelters of the province.   Upon  the   granting of   the Hill charter  hangs the   control of  the Fernie  coal mines, the only source of supply of the British Columbia smelters; and allied with the  Hill railway  trust   is   the   United   States  smelter trust.    It is therefore reasonably plain  that in the event of  the   Hill   railway   charter    being  granted   the   smelters   of   British  Columbia will get only so much of  the   Fernie  coal   and ,coke   as   it-  suits the. purpose of the .-Hill railway trust and the United- States,  smelter trust to let them havo, and  in determining how much this will  probably   be   it   must   be    borne  in   mind   that' the    great   object  of  the   Hill, railway, system is to  build up business for itself at United  States smelting points, and,that the  great  aim   of  the   United States  smelter trust is to kill off the independent   smelters ,of  British Col-'  umbia.   What has this province to  hope for from such a combination P  How will its prosperity be,, affected  if itssmelters are crippled, and its  mining industry placed  absolutely  at the mercy of the'United States  trust whiclrfor several weeks past  has refused to purchase a pound of  Slocan   ore.?-.'These, are questions  which present themselves   to < the  people pf the great mining districts,  'and, uritil'they can-be- answered in  -a manner which will \give-due as1  su ranee,5 they ask that no action be  taken by the federal government;  upon the application .for the Hill  , ,*\ ���       -��i.    ..'    :-    , _\ '     < .   >  charter. ��� ��� - ,< . ,  v  <- ���  ~'~    J .A Close Call,  1 / ' - Fernio Free Press, " ' '  Amos .Buck, a miner employed in  No. 1 mine,. had; an ' experience on  Monday .that few men have come  through alive." He lit ( a - saltpetre  fusee attached to a'' 10-inch^ charge  of giant powder in' an ..upper, hole.  After retiring and'waiting what he  ^considered Jong" enough ��� for .the  blast to , go, off, he came to > the  conclusion that the fusee had  gone''out,-and walked up .to  it, '"lit another 'match and was  reaching up to .light it again when  it went off.' '.The explosion loosened  several,tons of coal and,threw Buck  Up'against' the-mine cars several  ,feet away. Strange to say, he,was  but little hurt considering what he  had;gone through: One ear-and  the side of his head is bruised' and  his right'shoulder injured, but in a  week or so' he will - be  all right.  some support of their contentions  rthat retaliatory dutiesY should be  imposed on countries taxing British  products. The Sti James Gazette  Ways:. '.Some'' Americans, including  Secretary Gage, appear to think the  United States have the monopoly  of the protection , policy, but they  have been* sharply reminded by  Russia that two can play at the  game of hostile tariffs, as the import' of Russian sugar is a trifle  compared with the exports to Russia. The present game of retaliation is one in which Rr.ssia holds  the best cards. Therefore she will  win most of the tricks.  SUPREME COURT BUSINESS  Briggs vs. Newswander.  Tlie case of Briggs vs. Newswander was concluded in the supreme  court yesterday, but judgment was  reserved. R. P..Briggs of Kaslo was  the principal witness for the plaintiff, and his evidence elicited the  facts concerning   agreements that  are alleged to have been made.   J.  Miller testified as to the value of  the property,  which he placed at  $70,000.   Those who gave evidence  for the defence were Sam Newswander, J. Reilly and F. Conrught.  The case relates to the Cork and  Dublin claims on the south fork of  Kaslo creek, and which were relocations of the Two Kidds and Monarch  claims.    Plaintiff  Briggs   sold the  Two Kidds and Monarch" to defendant Newswander who, it is" said,  allowed them to run- out and then  had them crown granted under the  names of Cork and Dublin.    Briggs,  sold them for $500 and a certain  number   of   shares in   a  company  which was to be incorporated to  carry on their,development.   Plaintiff is now suing for an interest. in  vthe. property or in the alternative,  <damages. ,    ��� _. ,���"'-      ,',--.  There'Were-two agreements in  connection* with the deal.   The first-  was a'typewritten one,, but as > it  .was found to be incorrect inYseveral"  particulars "the ^second-  one_ was  * drawn lip..   These two were signed  by.all parties concerned.*^   The two  were then sent in and registered as,  one/ Another question is now 1 involved as to,the proper meaning.of.  the .two agreements.", At-the conclusion^ the,evidence long .arguments were conducted by the solicitors, of.the respective litigants..  ���> Court was adjourned at 5:15 aridu  will resume at 11 a.m. today.   Only  three cases-remain and the. first; to |  be heard is that of Wigen vs. the  Nelson & Bedlington *railway.-  3^��_*B�� �� ^j*���� ^^�� 3_*��  k^__^ <S__wtf^_^ 4__^4fl__' ^B_^^___, 4H^_~2__^4^__*2___, �����^ *  "^ ' ^^ ,,|*S * ^^ ���''''������a,.'a;'"^ ��^ ��� >^ ���^���^���">t_* *ySt ^m*'yS,��&.  Ladies' Misses' and  Children's Under-muslins  at Unheard of Prices  nmimimmmt [  fvine & Go.  iTTn-Tirgiii'iTiTTnix-sxTi.TriTTTTTTti'a-rn  Embroideries,  Wash Laces and Domestics  Greatly Reduced.  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"~  To speak of photography in a fog  sounds like a cutting from a comic  paper; rather than a serious scientific fact; but it is a scientific fact,  none the less, and the man who is  conducting investigations in this  peculiar line of photographyis the  shrewd and energetic ruler of the  German empire. Quite recently the  kaiser lias been steaming about in  the Baltic on his yacht, ostensibly  on pleasure bent, but in reality  with a far different object. He  was accompanied by two men  whose skill with the camera and  whose knowledge of its construction are unequaled. and the result of that little trip will be the  beginning of important developments in connection with the navy  and merchant service of Germany,  if not other countries.  By means of a specially constructed camera the kaiser's friends  succeeded in obtaining clear and  distinct photographs of vessels and  of the coast line, when those objects were a mile off and both the  photographer and the. photograph  Were enveloped in a thick fog. This  wonderful result was obtained with  an exposure of two seconds only.  The necessary complement to the  camera is an apparatus that will  enable the operator to develop his  picture in a few seconds so that it  can be thrown on a screen. The  perfection of this apparatus is now  engaging the attention of the two  scientific men, the expenses being  paid by the German government.  American Protective Policy.  London, February 18.���There is  considerable interest in the outcome  of the tariff difficulties between the  United States and Russia. The advocates of a change in the British  joining, in smelting, or in mercantile j fiscal system hope to find in them J  Canadian Postal f Improvements.  ToRONTO,Februaryl8.���Assistant  postmaster. Boss of Toronto, one of  the most .progressive men in the  Canadian post office service, has  been selected by postmaster-general  Mulock to go to.the. United States  to examine the system of free rural  i mail delivery in force | in ,many of  ' the states there.    - t  He visited Washington and Carrol county, Maryland. He. was  given every facility by the Washington authorities and allowed access to <.all the files of correspond-  _ence_and���reports~bearing upon*the~  success of the system there. He is  very well satisfied with the working of the system, and doubtless  his visit means the early introduction of the system into some of the  older provinces of Canada. Mr.  Ross .was selected to improve the  facilities for gathering and distributing mail in Toronto', and it was  under him that tbe use of automobiles in the service was successfully  introduced.  MEALS.  25  kelson Saw and Planing WJills  ' "' Limited.' ,      " ^,.  ; CHARLES.'HILLYER,-'  -'    - v       HARRY HOUSTON,  -*"  President, and.Generab Manager.     . *   ; Secretary^Treasurer  Y .All Communications to be addressed to either of the.alx>ve  CENTS  ROOMB LIGHTED BY ELKCTRICITY;, ',  AND HEATKD BY 8TBSAM  L       85 CENTO TO ��1 -.       .   QUEEN'S^ HOTEt  V      , BAKER BTBBBT. NELSON. v-  Lighted ,by Electricity and.Hpat-  ed with Hot Air.  Large oomforteble .bedrooms an* flnb-otaH  dining-room. Sample noma for oommwolal mon.  RATES S2PER DAY  BJrSi-E^CirOlarKsj-PPop  __TK OV THB BOTAL H0T1X, OAIAARl*  .We arosppepapedCto-TupnlBh ���   - - ���    .   -.  -by, Rail, Bat>_;etop-Teamo> -  DIMENSION,LUMBER-'  ROUGH*and.DRESSED LUMBER  LOCAL: and, COAST: CEILING  ��� LOCAL aiid,: COAST FLOORING < ���  -  > :-. y.    ^DOUBLE DRESSED ICO AST CEDARS  �����\-�� RUSTICySHIPLAP? STEPPING :  >    A PINE arid CEDAR/CASINGS  ADOOR:JAMBS,. WINDOW. STILES  .    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Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday evening, Decomber  22nd, 1900, all members of Nelson Miners' Union  No. -96, w. F. M., are requested to use every  legitimate means  To Discourage the Employment or  Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union mon and others  who believe in making this a whito man's country, are requested toco operate in giving effect to  the aforesaid resolution.   By order,  NKLSON BONERS'   UNION.  Nolson, December 22nd.  The above resolution has been endorsed bv the  TradeB and Labor Council of  Nelson, and all  union men, and others in sympathy witli it, are '  requested  to govern  themsolves   accordingly.  By order.  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  Nelson, December 22nd.  ���  ABOHITEOTS.  THWART ft CARRIE���Architect..   Rooms  <& and-Abatdoenhlaolt. 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TO 01  55 00  California '      fi  4i  Deer *���Trail  Consolidated   .**.   ...        31  Evening Star   It  29  n  Fairview Corporation          21  Golden Star           2i  i��  Giant            41-  3}  Granby   Smolter        47  43  35  M  Jim Blaine          9~  Knob Hill         CO  45  Montreal & London   -     6  3i  Morning   Glory    *    81  (I  i  Mountain Lion        40  15  Noble Five         4  21  North Star        88i  8.r_  Old Ironsides        75  U)  Olive '.         12  10  Payne ..".         48}  45  Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated...        31.  30  43k  ;-,}  Virtuo..'...,- .'...-        2��1  271  55  Waterloo          23  -3H  White Boar  41  Winnipeg .'.  '*    51  -> *.  SulUvau .*..        14|  131'  K SALES. <,  r        �����  2000Deer'Trall ...< .  '.. *%:    5  .   23  1*300 North Star               87  1000 Hammond Iteof                 1?  25U0 Hammond Heef      H  350 North Star   87*  2500 California. *   ii  Hon. Qeo, A. Cox,      : Robt. Kilgour,  Presidont^  .   Vlco-Prejldent.  London. Office, do Lombard. Street. B. O.  New York Offlca, 16   Bxohango  Place.  and (ij Branches in Canada and the  United States.  Imperial Bank of Canada  HEAD  OFFICE. TORONTO^  Capital Authorized    $2,600,000  Capital Paid up    y$2,468;603  JRest77:xA,'7 ���'-- :- ylp'i^pOr.OOO  7_"_xx__ii__;'^. ���  & ' <=*>��^ 'C^7^ ���^���^ ��^,  5 .g3.g3.tt.  $=  D. R.'WUkle, GeneralfManager..'  '���_ ,.E. Hay, In^peoter....:;it.  Nelson Branch���Burns Blook, -321* Baker Street  ;- ;V-r*      .*.:**: J. M. LAY;_Mana��tj.';";iST^. * ,  THE.JOINT SMASHER TALKS.  JVichita, Kansas, February>18.���  Mrs. Carrie -Nation in'an interview  yesterdajr explained her.reasons for  entering .ou ,'tbevrYerusade against  saloons as follows:  ,Th^s /work, .is, the.work*, of ,God  carried^on^'through;a lot of- lis  women. * I take no credit upon my-,  self for having started the crusade:  God told me' to do' it when my husband died of "drink'-twenty-five  years ago. ���; He appeared'to me in. a  dream the night my husband lay,a  corpse in my room, aiid- said that  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT:  Interesta allowed* on doposlts. , Present- -rato  three per cent,  GRANGE V. HOLT,  Manager Nelson Branch.-  .Kansas.   But he has' done nothing  and allowantHe* laws "to1'lie .violated"  'openlyT-'I haye*heard that.he went  into the"saloons and jdrank himself.  I am going to appeal to. theYlegislaf-i  ture tdYjiave-him Jinpeached if he)  does not*take our part iii-this'fight."  .   Tlris^is  jthe - wickedest tovfn in  JKansas,    witH    its    sixteen, .open j  saloons and a* den of/ shame forsthe/  young men and boys tb.grow-ui> in.7  The Bible teaches, us that' eaehYper-fs  son must do their sdutyand'I^amj.  doingrmine.    I have four hundred;  womeV in . this [ state   located^at  various towns, who have signed a  pledge-to'help  me   smash1" these  joints.   This is the pledge:  ." I, a member of ^-Society of  the W. C. T. U., agree to help and  subject myself to the call'of Carrie���  Nation," in 'wreckin'g the--murder-  "shops (joints'of Kansas). I sign this  pledge and hope that I may never  see the Kingdom of God if I fail to  fulfill my promises."  Thousands of these-pledges, have  been printed and I am taking them  around-with me as I get the opportunity and can keep out of jail. It.  seems like every time I strike this  town I get.into jail. I tell you this  is'a1wicked hole; and Iiwiirget^even  with the" county, officers * here ?wlib  liftVfi i-ivnsAr>iii��,Ar1 mtf~7     *     "c*1'^.  ���c>t,  i a/  I'O-I  ���Ie,(  unless IYwen_t_into the^work of - s'avj  ing souls^from a (JfiinEard's grave  I should be "damned everlastingly.'  I - am a ^believer' in- fate, <* I think  that if I had not obeyed that mandate of God I would-have" been dead  long ere this, and here' I am, ypu  see, having''passed "through many-  battles, endured, a life of hardship  on the plains, and'yet I am a pretty,  well preserved-woman of fifty-four.  There are not many women who  ' have the strength in their 'right  arm that I have in this. Well, when  ray first husband >died of drink, I  started at once to follow the dictates, of God. I came, to Kansas,  then a wilderness of murder shops  and saloons, which are all the same  thing to me. I started theYW. C.  T.;U. in many towns on the plains  and helped >the society to get start-  ~ed~righ~t.' ~      "    T -    ' -  Finally I got .married to David  Nation, a rich 'old lawyer and farmer^ an older man; than I, but an  ardent '.believer in temperance. If  did not marry him for love of him-  self, but merely because 'he -was a j  great temperance man and pr  mised to help me in all my-trouble,  and you see how he has" stuck to  me in this trouble, while other men  threaten to sue their wives for  divorce even if they mention going  on a toiir with me. I tell you, it  takes a woman to scare a man. A  man may be brave enough,to face  a cannon, but" he will not face a  woman with an apronful of rocks.  I have found that out. I have  made as brave men as I have ever  heard of, that is bad men-killers,  take water and run when they saw  me coming;   '  Once in Medicine Lodge I had  been going about praying among  the saloons for several days when  Bill Dalton, the famous outlaw,  came to town. He told the boys  that if I came around to him and  knocked a glass of liquor out of his  hands, as I had done the other boys,  he would shoot me dead. This  news was brought to me and I  made it a point to find him out and  knock a glass of liquor right from  his lips. He drew his' pistol to  shoot, but I looked him square in  the eyes and he turned and left the  room. I have raided two saloons  in Medicine Lodge, two at Kiowa  and three at Wichita, and the lawyers have not sent me to prison or  had me adjudged insane yet, although they have tried hard enough  to. I am not afraid, of ,tlie whole  outfit. rYTake governor Stanley. YHe  was 'elected by.: the;: - prohibition  vote, and y�� helped to get men to  vote for him because I thought he  would  knock  but' the saloons of  have prosecuted nie  The plan of our organization is-to  have, a large corps of, courageous  women whom"J can rely upon and  who will go,to smashing saloons at  "a*moment's notice.'   They 'will "not  be paid for their ,work other than-  expenses.  'Whenever   I   send   the  word   to strike I "will have these  ^ women ,, so > well, drilled that they  will  know  j ust -I what" ,to do "and  what,saloons in'each*town to."raid.  .There'iare  so many in the larger  towns I expect it. will take us a  great many months toget, entirely  rid   of  them.    Here , 1/have-been  three weeks' in Wichita, 'and have  only-, had. a J chance   to   demolish  , three, Awhile there - are ' sixteen in  running' or-der now.   -- ' '  ,  It is a hard job, but we will get  through.witli it in a year, I think.  I am'willing to work at it��� for the  rest of my life, but I think a year's  smashing will-be enough' for the  saloon-keepers, and they will close  their doors."    I do not know where  I'Will strike next or when, and if I  did it would not be good policy for  me to give it out to the newspapers.  I want to say to the people of ttie  whole country that. I will accept  for the good   of   the cause small  contributions tohelp us hire lawyers  to pay for the expenses of trials of  any-woman-who may-be-locked-up  "for saloon smashing.   I know that  we will finally come out all right,  but   you   see   it takes   time   and  money.   I am making all I can in  lecturing and paying my own- expenses that way,, but these, other  women   who > went with' me   the  other day will have to hire lawyers  and so will the other women' who  will strike later.   . I. will say that  we   will give Kansas the hottest  fight ever known in the history of  the temperance crusade. The streets  may run red with our blood before  it is over, but we will fight until  the last one is dead.   I expect some  of the saloon men will get drunk  and take shots' at; us,  but ib will  only be the worse for them in the  end.    I will not shoot any one, but  I will smash up any saloon I get a  chance at, and I know ,the other  women will do the same. ' I expect  to get three thousand women to  sign   the   pledge.     That   will be  enough to run demon rum from the  plains of sunny Kansas.  VIOllOBIA'S-MIQHTY INFLUENCE.  Victoria's reign was so long that  even if her own personal agency in  public matters 'had been of little  significance she would of necessity  have been identified with the  marvelous series of events making  up one of the most remarkable  periods in the history of the world.  But queen-Victoria from' the very  beginning of her* reign was a  significant factor in public events  to au extent even greater than  could be commonly known. According to those very real, though unformulated, usages;and methods  .collectively known* as *,. the .Sritish  constitution, the sovereign "reigns,"  but does not "rule" ; and responsible government is vested in the  queen's chosen' ministers,: who, in  turn, are dependent uponYthe^'isup-  port of the elected parliament. ^     ���  -But the influence:'-of4the'���?British  sovereign, if tactfully and prudently  exerted, may count for as -much/in  certain times of emergency^as";the  more visible and tangible authority  of the czar of Russia, hot,- to mention   the .German ..emperor.   And  queen Victoria had for man*/ years  past exerted an almost unbounded  moral control over the' larger policies of >the British empire.   She was  industrious and methodical, patient  and tactful,'with a memory that  was'a great storehouse of knowledge  of things past * and 'present.   She!  had retained the>ifull possession' of  her rare-power of judgment and  discernment up to the)very last.   A  monarch who has seen fifteen successive parliaments elected and who  . dealt with a full score of different  , ministries   under' ihe headship of  ' ten different individual prime ministers, might be expected to know  something  of parliamentary institutions and executive government.  Her      accumulated  <   'experience,  indeed, was so vast'that   the deference of English statesmen to her  superior knowledge had for the past  twenty-five or thirty- years of her  reign-been a genuine rather than  an  assumed attitude. Y In her long  reign sho had seen five archbishops  of Canterbury and;six archbishops  of-York in "office, and- in like manner had probably seen an 'average  of, five or  six.. changes" 'in- all the  bishoprics' of   England.   Thus her  'knowledge of' the organization and  !life of the statej;church, of which in  (a certain^senfce  she wasr'the head,  "'was. profound, and valuable.^ She  had seen lordc 'chancellors and chief  .'justices come, and go, and/had out-;  Jived" two"'generations-, of *> judges  ^who dispensed, justice in her name.  fAndxshe had "known hundreds of  sovereigns and rulers. '���<'_���'     -,   a  m  m  After Siock-Takirig  **************************  I have still a larger stock on'{hand than T wish to carry, therefore I  :   will offer a discount of 10 per cent on the price of every article.  All the articles are new and neat,, and this sweeping .discount  makes it worth your while to help me- get rid of them.'  PIANOS AUSTRIANARTWARE  ONYX TABLES       PIANO LAMPS  SEWING MACHINES  STERLING SILVER -   .  PLATED SILVER. '  CARVERS, JARDINIERES I-  MANICURE SETS  TABLE LAMfS "  CLOCKS^  CUT GLASS:-   '  FISH. SETS  '-'. I  . *.  SILVER NOVELTIES  -   " 1847 FLAT WARE ~  CHILDREN!S;SETS  BISQUE WARE* 0 JOAKWARE^l  yy��  also all;the' latest and most unique patterns iri  solid gold jewelry with and, without settings.. ' \  m  ************************** -'  ��� i if  r.  \ *" -'i       * K*^    t   f Z  *���   _.    _���    '  JACOB DOVER, The Jeweler,  it -��� ,  Our Jewelry and Watch Department Is ln full swing.  Hall Orders receive' our Prompt Attention:  y^  [?,  '.  J  i  M  ���fist  .."������st  ���JS_t_:  ��.*tab  it  'S3  &!f  X^> ^S'^ ^S^ ^^3 J=S^=3 ^S^S <S^^ jS^S ^^^ iSi^ iSi^,<^ <  I'.. >$?. r Profaned, by- Thieves?.   jt��;  [." Rome;"February1 18.-^A-.'painful  impression'has - been, made by the  Report thatthe tombs of king Victor Emmanuel II and king Humbert  have been profaned by'thieves, who  entered the Pantheon and carried  'away"a number "of- ornaments, one  of'them gold," adorning the Madonnas, , .together -with facsimiles of  various -orders of ^the iron crown  and a badge of the Annonciado.  Other objects' were taken,* though  not of great value.  ."     - Impersonating an Officer.  "He was-impersonating an officer," said the complainant.  , VDid he wear, a star?" asked the  justice. -"  yNo."'     ., -   .     '    ���  "Did he say he was a policeman?"  -   "No."    -  "Thendiow was he impersonating  an officer?"  "He was beating a man with a  club."   ~The���official- figures- show- that"  more than $2,000,000 were contributed to the relief of Galveston.  What is better is that the city is  very much restored and that it has  resumed its old place as a great  shipper of cotton.  Ward Bros.  *���   ���*��� * *     "��� ��     "*     y **,  '-  REAL ESTATE AND  INSURANCE AGENTS   7  Agents for J. & J. TAYLOR SAFES  >* ����� *' _   *">��     , ''     *' ''  Desirable Business and Residence Lots  ln (Bogustown) Fairview Addition.   ���  Office on Bakor Street, -west of Stanley Stroet  J '       ''   NKLSON.     *    '    -  C: D. J. .CHRISTIE  General Broker ���'- '  &.y ��>-  i-.'*-=iii_^��� <    ,     --< ���"  - * i    FIRE.^UFE AND ' *     - '���    -  v\ :/i> ACCIDENT. INSURANCE    l. y  -Money to loan at 8%br on tho Installment plan.  .   I   -> j-'i-M        v w, ^    , s .        r    ��� "    "~ _  - The Haywood placer' Price and terms on' application. -C. \J-r>4'   .)< ," as    I  3 fifty foot lots on Robson'strcot  $800 00  600 00  650 00  2 twonty-flve foot lots, Observatory St  A 25-foot lot opposite tjie Phair Hotel, a  '  bargain .*'.;   Several other good biiys arc on my list/  -    >v>    ^ * r.y , Por Rent.   .    _.   ���     '~  .  7 Room House, Carbonate'Street $30.00  6 Jlooin House, Mill'Street ...*...*.... 25.00  A Ground-Floor Office '. .".  25.00  i Room Cottage..'.. ..> ... .- .." 1 12 50  Tho Hay ward place.   Cabins for rent.  - See my list of Real Estate.' -   - '*  A FULL LINE OF  j-* Front Doors -  Inside Doors  - , * ' Screen Doors  ,   ."Windows   >  y   Inside Finish  ''���        local and ooast..- ,  ���   .. Flooring  looal and coaao. I     * ,  Newer Posts .-   -  Stair Bail-  Mouldings .  Shingles.   '.  Rough and  Dressed Lumber  oo in Prizes  ,-- ******************   _ -i  ^"i,-* "The census of- Canada will-be" taken in April, and the pop-,  'ulation bf the several incorporated ' cities will tie known*a,'short  /time, afterwards.   TheT Tribune  publishes^ Daily'^andWWeekly * ^l  editions at the following rates of subscription- by mail':';; Weekly,, Sj  one year $2; Daily,>six'_months,' $2.50; one jyearrfr'$5.V The\Daily-' I  .is delivered in^Nelson by carrier at^the .following, rates: Threey  months, $2.50; six months, $5; one year, $10.^ A* large number-  "of subscribers'are in. arrears, and,a,large number of subscriptions/  are about to .expire, besides a large number of people'in Kootenay...  - and Yale are about to renew sub'seriptionsYfor newspapeis^for the',  I  year." In order to make it an object for all these people to pat-  ronize'TnE'Tribune, the.'following sums are offered as prizes, oir  the*following conditions :y ,,.,* *. y  . Mm  't ���%.'/��}  _. _\_^^i.  ' **>aja��5  TEADES  .'*"���_  UNIONS.  'vC-SS'  ���VA  . j*. _  u  ���M-HL80N MINKB8' UNIONNO. 96, rf'j; &_���_"*? H  ai-'m.���Meets ln miners',union rooms, north- 4 xX7$k  east oorner Victoria and-Kootenaystreetas, every- -a��2S  Saturday,evening at 8 o'clock.; Visiting mem" v''"-ir��8  bers welcome." Bf. R."Mowatt, President. Jamo-^' \7_Al_  Wilkes,   Seoretary.    Union Scale of WAOEa_v"y^  ,vor Nisr_WN District���Per shift,-^ machine'-i '"-%_  men, fiOO: hammers-men miners. 93.25; muokora, 'J, 1- 7B  carmen, shovelers and other underground labor- ��i '��*,"��  ,ers,^��3m>   > ,   - '--VV^f'Sa  } = -_��� ���' .. *-W��3  ; rpRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The roi  i a r lar meetings of tho Nelson Trades and LaL ..  Council will beheld in the minora',union.hall,  __   ���  C. PrRrbuildlng.  corner Baker and., Stanley Wj,  streets, on the first! and third Thursday of eaoh ."iv  . ��, X"M^\  moni  A  ~  mOi,fal 7:30p. m.   C."J.  T.'Curle, Secretary.  Clayton, President.- J^^^jg  .Canada . .\.    ....... i ,y.. $100  British Columbia ....... " 25;  ,Northwest Territories,.. -, 25\  Manitoba ..r...........:__...  '25  Ontario',..,-.. .*.-;.' ;....." 25.  Quebec,.y..-..J... v-.-."... 7 25  -.New.' Brunswick -.:-.         25  Nova .Scotia ..'.         25  Nelson Vi M *:..'.-.:. A.A& 50,  Rossland :...':....:..'..'.   25'  Kaslo ~..    25  Sandon, .y...' , -Y, 25-,  Revelstoke        25;  Grand Forks .".'..'..'. /...    25  PHoenix . r.:~ '....T 25  Greenwood ...'.,..'.    25  Compound  Syrup...  OF WHITE PINE AND TAR  WILL DURE YOUR COLD.  (Jametuber the new stand   at Corner of Ward  aqd Baker Streets,  COME AND a SEE-US.  Canada Drug & Book Co.  Limited.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls,  open January 15th. Terms moderate,  Will re-  _.    For termi  and prospectus apply to  MADAMOISELLE KERN.. Principal.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B, C��� November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :  Notieo is horeby given that I, William Griffiths,  intend to claim the interests in the following  named mineral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which ho has neglected to pay his  share of tho expenses of ihe annual assessment)  WOF.C      *____} wit *  A ono half (j) Interest in the "Bunker Bill"  mineral claim.  a one half (j) interestin the "Sullivan"mineral  claim.  A one-half (J) interestin the "Fidelity" minora,  claim.* .       .    ..  All the adjoining claims, ltuatied on the west  fork of the north fork of Salmon river, in the  Nelson Mining Division, . '  . This action Is taken Under Section 11 of Chap-'  ter 15, of tho statutes of 1899 and amendments of  1900. WILLIAM B. TOWNSBND,  .... _.      (Agent for WU__m OrlMtha.  of all kinds., '  OT WHAT YOU WANT IS NOT IX BT0CK  WE WILL MAKE IT���.OB TOU  CALL AND OflT PBIOBB,  J. A. Sayward  BALL AND LAKE BTREBTB, mEIAOIf  Porto Rico Lumber Co.  (LIMITED)  CORNER OF  .  HKNDRYX AND VgRyON BTRKETS  Rough and  Dressed  Lumber  Shingles  Mouldings  A-1 White Pine Lumber Always in  StooK.',  We carry a complete stock of  Coast Flooring, Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and Doors.  Special order work will receive  prompt attention.  Porto Rico LumberCo. Ltd.  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, C. E.  f    '      The subscriber. remitting $2 in payment pf either arrears-��y|  or advance subscriptions-to The. Tribune will be entitled to give  _ an estimate on the population of any two places in >the list named  above; $2.50, to three estimates;* $5.00, to Jfive estimates ; $10, to  ten estimates..* Fill out blank'-below, in accordance with above  terms, and remit amount of subscription to > ���   _  :   The Tribune Association, Limited  .  .   ���.  .��� r i ^ NELSON, B. C.~  >TiiaiiiTmmnnmritrinnriTTmTaT,ttmmii.nn.M,Ttn..inTiiit IIIIllIlirTmnmig  ��*a��a^|������   a vvawA, aaa uat7j__aauio   _caiuai Unix uaar--^.,   ^"Jt^*.  nnr Victoria  and   Kootenay streeta., Cho'les ,*v: &S&  Clayton, ^President. John MeLeod, Secretary.*^- ix-yM  BARBERS* UNION.-Ncl8on Union. No. 196^: K^gM  ,. theInternationalJourneymen-Barber8 Uu-'i'ij'XSSK  ion of America, moets every flrst and third MouyyyM  day of each month in Miner's Union Hall, corner <; y~|$;  of vlotoria and* Kootenay streets, at 8:30 p.m.-  LS  "     Itod tn.'-VtW  riotorla and* Kootenay streets,  sharp.    Visiting, brothers cprdlail,  ff.  iQVit  ^ i*  nr**S  attend.'*- R.-McSfnhon^president: J. H.<Matbe��  son, secretary-treasurer: J.C.Gardnor,'r_cording  secretary. t, y.       . y%r.  tv' -.; ���_-?- _'- y; >,  LABORERS' 'UNION.-Nelson -I^bdwwi -Pro *--f J-igm  teoOve Union. No. 8121; A. F. of L.; meete in S_M  Miners' Union hall," C. P. Rrblock.^cornorfof^.i %H$t  ,Caker and Stanloy streets, every Monday ovenkig, '^jL^al  at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Visiting members of the Amerl-Y ...' 5*5r2f  can Federation'cordiaQy invited ' to.attend.**) *4V��i,-]%-  A. ^ J.  Curlo,".Pre8idenli. ��� John- 'Roberta;--' re- ����� "TT.^IS?  _    ,_.     i- ���.r���'_..A���~  cording secretary..  ���^'  < ��� ��� ������  Name  ~. "   PostiOffice '.._....-.....r '..'.'./:.'.'   Province \ : : ". t *.   Amount enclosed S '....... "..,..  Subscription to     Edition of The Tribune  Estimate as to population of  Canada      British Columbia.   -North-VVest-Territories .-.-^-.-.���.-. .���.-.-.-..-.-..-.  Manitoba   Ontario0'   Quebec      New   Brunswick   Nova   Soctia   City of Nelson     . v   City of Rossland     -   City   of Kaslo   City of Sandon   City of Revelstoke .:���  City of Grand Forks   City of Phoenix   City of Greenwood ��    .-'.   ����*T'  This offer holds good until the Is t of A pril,_1901.  ixnmnimiirxTTHjiTiixiiiuiimj iimina i  H  MINING  ENGINEER  OFFIOE-8, 9, 10,  IC-W.C.kook  NELSON  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   " POMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  Smoking and PIpm.  N|0RRIS0N& CALDWELL  GROCERIES  AND  PROVISIONS  OUR LEADERS���  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  In all slued packages and 1-pound bricks  September Selected Ontario Cheese  Choice Matured Canadian Stilton Cheese  Fresh Bogustown Ranch Eggs  Sole Agents for Regal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spices;-  NKLSON -PAINTERS' -UNION-The regular  meeting of .the'Painters''.Union la held, ,.  the first and third Fridays in each month at Mln-v,-' i ' Y  ors' Union hall at-7:30 sharp.,- J.' H.Mlllward.'-/. &'  Presidontrwai J: mtclirSecretMy.*'^;-^-^>     y,'  O00K8' 'AND-WAITERS' ,UNION.-^Regolarr. -,'   "i<  meetingsv evcry^Tuenday evening'at 8:30 , --' ,<�����  o'clock, in Miners'Union Hall,-corner-of-Baker- ."'  andStanlcy^streels.., Vistingi brethren cordially^-/., '. i  i invl^rd.   Chris. Lnft, president; H. Smelser, fln-     " - '_l  ancial and recording secretary.. {   ' ~7 *"'IX?  PLASTBRERS'  UNION-The O. P. I.-A. No., _"  "-'  172. meets, every Monday evening in  tha  Elliot blook, corner Bak - ~     -  A o'clock.   J.   D. Mm  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box; 61G.  iker and Stanley s_rnet��, at,  8 o'clock.   J.   D. Mnym*; president; William-  *  FltATBBNAL   SQCIETIEa   .  NELSON-IO0OE. NO. 83, A. F. tc A. M <,-  Meets second Wednesday ln a   *     "  "  Sojourning brethren lnvitied.  KNIGHTS OK PYTHIASr- Nelson   25, Knights of -Pythias,' meets in-I.  Hall, oorner Bal  Tnesday evenln  No  .IT.  :er and Kootenay streeta, every  day evening ab 8 o'clook.   visiting Knight*  cordially invited bo attend.  H. M. Vincont C. C,  ab 8 o'clook.  boatben  A. T. Park, K. of R. & S,  KOOTENAY   TENT NO. 7,   K. O. T. T.I.-  Hold their regular meetings on tho flrst and  third Thursdays of each  month.   Visiting Sir  Knights arc cordially invited to attend.   U. A.  -Browil.-R. R;-A���W���PurdyrCom.; R-JrSteclr**  D. S. C. -  NELSON L. O. Lj. No. 1692. meets ln I. O. O. V.  Hall, oorner Bakor and Kootenay streets,  1st and 8rd Friday of eaoh month. VIbIUhk  brethern oordlally Invited. W. W. Bradloy, W  M, A. Minty. Reoordlng-Seoretary.-  N0TICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Geo. -H. Lammeks. J, R. Cbanson, or to  any person or persons to whom ho may havo  transferred his Interest in the HarvoyJoy  minoral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson -  Mining Division.  Vou aro horoby notified that I havo expended  Ono Hundred Dollars ln labor and Improvements  upon tho above mentioned mineral claim, in  ordor to hold said mineral claim under the  provisions of tho Mineral Acb, and if within  ninety days from tho date of this notieo you fall  orrefuno to contribute j our-proportion ot such  expenditure, together with all co~*U of advertising, your Interest In said claim will become the  property of tho subscriber, under section four of  an Aot entitled "An Act to Amend the Mineral  Act, l'JOO." SIIaAS H. CROSS.  Datod this 12th day of December, 1900.   NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To T. A. Sikms.n'bo.v, or to anj person or persona lo v hotn ho mar have transferred hid  interest In the lalla mineral claim, at Morn  lug Mountain. Nolson Mining Division:  You aro hereby notified that I have oxpended  tho sum of Ono Hundred and Fifty Seven Dollars  in  labor and  imiirovoments   upon   the abovo  mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold said  mineral  claim  under  tho   provisions   of   the  Mineral Act, and if within ninoty days from tlio  date of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute  jour proportion of such expenditure, together  with all costs of advertising, your interest in raid  claim will becomo the proporty of tho subscriber,  under section four of an Act entitled "An Act to  Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."  DANIEL   HERB.  Datod this 12th day of February, 1901.   Notice of Application to Transfer a  License.  Notice is horoby glvon that I intend to apply ab  tho noxt bitting of tho Board of- License Commissioners of tho City of Nelson for permission  to transfor my retail liquor license for the promises situate on the south end of lx>t 1, Block 6, in  the Citj* of Nolson, and known as the Manhattan  saloon, to Charles H. Ink and Sicgel Boyd.  CHARLES A. WATERMAN.  Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 15th dayof February. 1901  tncs8: Annum K. VaO&han.  Morrison & Oaldwel!, Baker Street, Wi elson  MUSIC.  Mrs. D. B. 'Murray, graduate In vocal and instrumental inuslo, is now prepared to receive  pupils 'for instruction in voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.  For terms and farther particulars apply room  6, A. Macdonald building, corner Josephlno and  Vornon strut). jaaa-itBTt���ii*r*vA.rrT7;. *twr,_C3*-iar��/afc3g ������u^Taa-x^aa'KMi'-flxgt^^  *.*_ r*iSFa*sajCi)_.*n_ i-_at>vsca����tsjc  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON B. C. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1901  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and  our  prices  are   reasonable.- ~^=-=-  -������ ���==--���==  our  prices  are  We are British Columbia Agents for.  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH <Ss THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOOK NELSON,   B. O.  Some Merchants  GROCERIES  AND CROCKERY  Advertise because they have alot  of old cheap goods topush^offat  reduced rates, but 1  We  Advertise  \V7  - Because  ting   in  New Goods  ,  we  are .continually get-  large  consignments   of  -And we want you to known-it.  B/\KER STREET,  | NELSOJ-J, B. C.  WM. HUNTER  & COMPANY  ft <  i  Me&ltofc Shoe Co*  k  l'*aV"  \\\J*.  .  I-  I     *  Shoe  TELEPHONE  NO. 261. -  EMPRESS SHOES  ��� Por women*are too'well-known to  need much .comment.' iThey are,  without doubt, the best of all    ~ ',  -'   $3.50, $4, and $4.50 Shoes.:;  * _ ~y.v * -i-,   y^~-- - '-." -*��v*- '" "  '/-"We refer 'our readers who question * their   quality  to--friends'wlib  liave worn them. --,-<*'  CALL"AND   INSPECT;  Baker-  Street,  Nelson  xi'Tixn  y-T��Tiit<i����irittii��*ili��li����rCT^t����i<>��gi��ii����>>����*������i��fttTTllt��IIJL-_--LliX  THE   PROSPECTORS: EXCHANGE  No. 4," K. W. C. Block, NELSON, B. C.  '  Oold. Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tbe Exchange.   ���  Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Bastern Investors.  ***��� *������ s.   Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send samples of their ore to the  Exchange for exhibition.   We desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising minoral **  -claims In British Columbian������ . ^��� -= -^=- -,.   ..-*-.-.-������- _,-=���_  >" Prospectors and mining men are requested to make tho Exchange their headquarters when  ln Nelson.  All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid.  Correspondence solicited.  Address all communications to  Telephone 101 ANDREW  | P. O. Box'700  F.  ROSENBERGER,  Nelson, B. C.  MimnMiMKiiT.iiinn, illllnmn  I "-  II-  Iff.  ��������  The Nelson Clothing House  .. Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.  In order to make room for Spring Goods, I havo decided to soil for the noxt thirty days all  goods ln stock at greatly reduced prices. All hea\ y goods away down, cost not considered, and in  Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, Hats and Caps, and Boots and Shoos I will give from 10 to 25 per cent  disoonnc, and all Rubber Goods at cost. Now is tho chance to partake of the best bargains ever  offered in the Kootenays. My stock Is all now and up-to-date and tho sale is gonuine, so now avail  yourself of the best opportunity to got good goods at less than wholosalo prices. Remember this Is  for only 30 days. ��������������______�����������������������,  J. A.  CHLXE-R,  Proprietor. ,  CITY LOCAL NEWS  W, Hudson and H. E. Wade left  yesterday for the Oronoco group at  Slocan Junction, where they take  the preliminary steps for developing' the property, as stated in yesterday's issue of The Tribune.  Shipments of fluxing ore from the  Iron King property near Slocan  Junction havo been discontinued.  Considerable copper has been coming into the other which disbroyed  its value as a flux. Work is to be  resumed upon the property in another place.  Fred Hume, son of Mr. and Mrs.  D. H. Hume, while playing Sunday  afternoon fell from a bed and suffered a compound dislocation and  fracture of the arm. Dr. McLennan  attended the patient at once, but it-  is feared that the arm will always  be partially useless. ^ .  Miss L. McMillan, who is engaged  in the millinery department of Fred  Irvine & Co.'s store, leaves this  morning for her home at Peterboro,  Ontario. On her return to the west  she will go to Victoria, where she  will have charge of another large  millinery department.  The money by-law election will  be held from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m. today, and from the large number of  names attached to the petition in  favor of the ordinance^, there is no  doubt they 'will pass with a good  majority. In order that they carry  three-fifths of the votes cast must  be in their favor. _      -^ ��� ���  From a letter, received yesterday  it was learned that Harry MeLeod,  who has been appointed land registrar, and who, js now at Victoria,  will arrive in Nelson on February  24th, and will take charge, of his  duties in-the*" new "land office on  March 1st. His assistant has not  yet been appointed, y ���  Allan McLaren waa given a speedy  trial before judge Forin-yesterday  morning. He was sentenced to two  years' imprisonment. McLaren, in  company" with' William Howard,  who has been,,-sentenced to--five  years fou attempting to.do hii wife  ^grievous bodily harm.Y'will be taken  to New. Westminster this week'by  constable' Joseph "Wilson "of' Cres^  ton;"who will arrive -in-Nelaon'to*-  day.~-    - ���*!-'--,,���   *���~  - '''Arrangements"', are being made to  '-have the' Rossland,. hockey' team  come-to;-Nelson, this week.   They  ���may--come " tomorrow -or' Friday.  'The  contest-Will-undoubtedly be  'oneTof- the best;games * that' has ���  .been, played in Eastern "British Columbia this-season;'- Rossland will  send the, best team that it can produce. ���As Nelson holds'the championship it will do all it can to keep  up its standard.     -      "~  7    J. '  '*      Inspected the Tag.  J. F. Thompson of  Vancouver,  the   government   boiler inspector,  who arrived on Sunday night, made  an inspection of the new tug Valhalla  yesterday.    In speaking of  the    result   of, his    examination  he said he found the boat first class  in  every respect. -He' also stated  that it was by far the best tug on  the interior' lakes.'   General superintendent Marpole and master mechanic Hobbs Also made an inspection of the improvements that are  'feeing made at _the local C.'P. R.  yards.    Mr. Hobbs said -the  com^  pany was very much pleased with  the work of the local officials, and  that Nelson now had one of the  best yards between the.coast and  Winnipeg. The work is about completed, as only a few minor matters  remain to be done.  CHANGE HI RAILWAY STAFF  W. Downie Succeeds Captain Troup.  R. Marpole, general superintendent of the Pacific division of  the C. P. R., in an interview with a  Tribune representative last evening, said with respect to the recent  changes in the staff of the company  on his division: "The official  changes consequent on the appointment of captain Troup as manager  of the Canadian Pacific Navigation  Company's interests, recently acquired by the O. P. R., will be as  follows: W,,Downie, now superintendent of the Cascade and  Thompson sections, becomes superintendent of the. Kootenay sections,  succeeding captain Troup; H.' E.  Beasley will succeed Mr. Dowriie" as  superintendent^" the Cascade and  Thonipson sections; captain Gore,  formerly' port captain, concurrent  with Mr/ Downie's appointment,  will now' have' the title of port  superintendent of > the Columbia and  Kootenay steamboats.",   ,  With respect.to the work decided  upon superintendent Marpole said:  "Two barges are to be'constructed,  one with a-capacity of fifteen  loaded cars for- Kootenay. lakf, and  another of eight cars capacity for  Slocan lake. 'These are necessary  owing to the increase in the traffic,  between''^ Nelson and Kootenay  Landing, and Slocan City and Rose-'  bery "respectively. The ship -yard  at the west'end-iof Nelson yard,  which \vasA a. ^temporary, arrange;  _ ment, is 'to be < hioved to a point  near*Honeyman's foundry at Bogus-,  town,- and extensive permanent"  shipways^'are 'to be* constructed  there" immediately. A'houseboat  somewhat similar to the one built  here last summer is to be built at  .Sicamous-Junction, to be used in  connection with*the company's' ho-  tellthere.Yand the1 tug Denver,'now  at Nelson,-is to be moved to Sica-  mous Junction*for���use,in towifig  the -houseboat /and _ small craft  which will be;kept at this beautiful  spot for; tourists. Rails "for - the  Arrowheads &'"Kootenay railway  are now.beirigVshipped ,to -Procter  forjtransfer.. to? Lardo. There are'  over'14 iniles"ofi_&ils on the way.T  . _.-".v ,���=   - v y  '     ��-   -        ��        -��� r' -i    -,  $9000 totthe Carload.   --**-,   '  < J. M. Harris* manager of the Reco.  -mine at'Sandon, ia>ip the city, for a  few days.7 In speaking of the condition of the��nijuue .Mr. Harris- said  that it was looking,better now than  'ever. _ Abbut'twenty miners are engaged ahd-the-fvirork' is vbeing - con-'  ducted principally On "No." 8 tunnel.'  Since the rich strike: was 'made in  the tunnel drifting,;has been done  on the lead. The vein, which is of  a good width, hasTbeen traced over  200 feet and promises to extend a  considerable distance, further. The  strike was made at a" depth of 500  feet. The vein is' of'such a high  grade that from the' small shipments made -returns" of over  half a million dollars'have'been obtained. One carload- * which was  shipped gave a net return of $0000.  There are two other veins on 'the  property, but only a little work is  being done on-them- at. present as  hi. z__t5_t:ej:rs <&  XT-SXiSOXT  __-__j***j:_-0  e-A._srrjo_sr-  STOVES!   STOVES I   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Ageqts for tlie Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  8EE OUR GUN8 AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  TELEPHONE 27 Store, Corner Baker and Josephine SUeet  Fatal Quarrel Between Editors,  Honolulu, February 18.���Edwin  S. Gill, editor of the. Republican,  shot and seriously wounded Mortimer H. Stevens, a member of* the  staff of the Advertiser, in the office  of tbe Republican on the evening  of the Oth.    The, shooting followed  ! a controversy about an article Gill  'had   published   concerning    some  young ladies who were stopping at  xthe Hawaiian Hotel.   -  .    PEESOilAL. /     '     r  J. T. Zook of Seattle, and "W..M.  Manning of Spokane are registered at the Hume.  P. Wade of Slocan Junction aud  J BuoIcIpv of Sandon are registered at the'Mad-1  den Hiuse. >     -  <  Mayor Pitts of Sandon arrived in  the city yesterday. He Is do.wu on supreme  court matters.  William Cummings of Ymir, J.  Wilson of Creston and H. MeLeod of Fernie are  registered at the Queen's.    .     -,        ���<  James D." Sword of Montreal, A.  Whealler of Kaslo. I. K. Ashdown of Winnipeg  and E. A. Brown of Sandon are registered at the-  Phair. ���'   J ' -   "    -      v.  .  Mrs. Logan of Rossland, mauag-'  ring director of the Juno Oold Mining Company,  was in iho city last evening on a trip to the Slocan country.    *' "~~     '    '"  j.  ���Tom -Duncan, formerly secretary  of the Nelson Electric. Tramway Company, re  turned to Nelson yesterday ^after spending several months in Mexico. ~  7 A-  BTTBINBS8  MENTION. A  Cellar to' Rent-1-Apply The Royal  Bank of.Canada: y-f ;'J*^ <  *- 1    "~ y*"  "* Go to'the Old -CuriogityyShop.. if  you want to buyjor sell anything.1-.'' ��� ���.    ��� >,  Cash paid 'for-'-'scrap! iron, brass  and copper.  Nelson Iron Works. ��^,--i ~ v**1*  i  To let���FurnisHed.rdbms.in Carney bloolt. Reasonable rates.  "' Hack  calls leftYat  the -Pacific  -Transfer barn,on Yeroon street.-~Telephone  ,081155.--'-  -   , "  ' ''Por Rent.���Two fine offices^, cen-  'trally located.  Apply to A. EL' Buchanan, bank  of Montreal, a -       ���\- ".      --" -  -    ' ���*  -: Two' large, well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and fi-Macdonald block, corner"Jose-"  phlne and Vernon. ���/-&*!?*-'-, }   .    S.-"1      T* - *.  :  Rooms and breakfast "if/-desired  a 1324 Josephine street,' four doors .abovejaUloa'  stroeci-'Mrs.Blonoy."> l- 2 ~ **'���"'_.*_   _"    "  ; For; Siale."���Good^flsE \ business.  .Large hotel trade. , Apply .corner' of'Josephine  andSilica streets.,, y .,,'-'. ��� -1  *>,'   ".   - >  Japan Tea of'all kinds to) suit  CHEESE  ���  Perhaps you did not know,  ��� but we want you to learn  now and remember that  we make a feature of  cheese of all kinds.    ,  Maclaren'8 Imperial In all Sizes.  MacLaren's Roquefort. ,  Imported Swiss. ^     _  Also the' Finest Canadian Cream.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone IO  K-W-C Bakep Street  special sale op a new. consignment  ;,.   .' which; has-just arrived1 i ,.';/  there is little use of-removing the  ore when it is impossible to 'market  it.'   The two smaller ledges Consist    are selling at thirty cents per pound ls'niv'ing  your taste. Pun Cured, Spider "Leg, Pan Fired  In bulk or packages.   Kootenay Coffee Co.| ~'~  Milk business'for ,sale���The only  dairy in Fernin, Z0 cows. -Will be sold'at'a bargain.  Apply D.J. Whitney, Fernie, B.C.      ,-.  Wanted���A few first-class stonemasons and stonecutters on tbe Robson bridge.  Union -wages paid. Apply at the work. John  Gunn. ��� ��� ' "  L To Let.���Rooms for light housekeeping; convenient location; bath, hot water,  ..etc.   For further Information address R. fi.. tor  187, city.      - ���   ,       -  "For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, &c,  cigars and tobaccos of the best brands, call at the  lion Ton Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A.  L. Klmkwlbs.  -    ���    ��� _   -  Found.���A pocket-book containing a small sum of money.  Owner, can have  same by provlng-property-and-paylug-forTtbig-  advcrtlaoment.     "    *  That fine blend of Ceylon Tea we  Corset Covers from-20c to $1.00    r  Ladies Nightgowns at 75c, $1.00, $1.26 and $2.00,  .' - Ladles White Skirts from'76c to $2.00 ~ "!  ��.n  fpom 75c to $3.50.  For the balance of this month we are offering special reductions in  Carvers, Ladies Companions and Nickle-Plated Copper Ware.  k  Lawrence Hardware Co.  BEAUTIFUL  GRAVURES   AND   ETCHINGS  of Landscapes and other scenes, Free with every purchase  of two packages' of Cream of Wheat, the Breakfast Dainty.  i .  Houston Block.  Telephone-161.  P. O. Son 170.  JOHN A. IRVING & CO.  Had a Foot Crushed. '  Gus Nelson, trainmaster of the  Spokane Falls and Northern, is lying  at the general hospital with a horribly crushed foot.   The' engine of  the passenger train due here at 6:30  p.m. jumped the track near summit and Mr. Nelson was caught between the engine and tender.   He  was immediately brought to Nelson  on    a   hand   car,   arriving ' here  about   11  o'clock,   and   taken   to  the hospital, where Dr. LaBau   attended   him.   He   is   now .doing  nicely;   There seems to be all kinds  "of'-trouble  connected    with   this  road   of * late.     Outside    of  the'  numerous little things chat have  happened there has been no train  in or out bf Nelson since last Saturday morning.   The engine is now  off the track and at a late hour this  morning the train had not yet arrived.   It is believed that it will be  in   some- time today.   Pour days'  mail have been delayed.  A Presentation.  At a special meeting of Nelson  lodge I. O. O. P. last evening, Frank  MeLeod, who now holds the rank of  P. G. and P. C. P., was presented  with a combinatian jewel and an  illuminated address, which was  written by Peter Shonfeld, accountant of The Tribune, who also wrote  the address which was presented to  lord Minto on the latter's visit here.  There was a large number present  and the occasion was one of much  interest  of clean concentrating ore and at a  future date the company intends  erecting a concentrator. Mr. Harris  said if the smelter question was not  settled in the near future that' it  would be a great drawback to 'the  Slocan mining companies and that  a number of them-would be forced*  to suspend operations. - \ '  Bichardson Wins the Oup.  The All Comers trophy-which  was brought to Nelson from" Rossland by the Nelson .Curling Club  and which was to be played oft9 for  by the Richardson and Tamblyn  rinks, is now owned by the former.  The contest to decide who" should  hold the cup for the coming year,  "was played at the rink last night  and Richardson won by a score of  12 to 11. The game was a close  one all the way through and only  at the twelfth end' was the extra  point made by Richardson. A large  number of spectators witnessed the  game.. The line-up was as follows:  O. C. Honge D. Stanley  J. H. Fox C Morrison  B Walley J. H. Wallace  W. Richardson, skip, 12 F. A. Tamblyn, ekld, 11  Mining Becords.  The mining transactions recorded  yesterday are as follows: Transfers��� C B. Etnier of Spokane to  Louis Will of Syracuse, five-twentieths interest in Touch-me-Not aud  Standard, near Robson, for a nominal consideration.  Locations ��� Ocean Wave, near  Five-mile point, by Ruth H. Hubbard; John Bull, on the south side  of Kootenay river about four miles  west of Nelson, by James Arnot;  Josie, near John Bull claim, by  Pefcej*rDescelI.        '       <   ���  the best of satisfaction to our many customers.  Kootenay Coffee Co.  Eight-roomed house, partly furnished, to rent in tho Hume Addition, .either to  one or fwo families. Apply Mrs. Ear twig, Hume  Addition. _   ..  To Let���House on corner of Victoria and Cedar streets. Six rooms, bathroom  and modern conveniences.; Rent f25. Apply to  A. E. Cox head, next door on Cedar street.  For rent���On March 1st, house .on  cornor of Front and Park street*. Five rooms,  bath room, eto. ReutMncludliiBwator, t25. Apply to K Kilby, next door to McBrlde's-tables. '  We   have -Indian,   Ceylon   and  China Teas in great variety, choicest' quality.  We make a specialty of blending teas and sell  them in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  Coffee Co.  For Sale���Moving picture machine  and stereoptlcon oofnbined. .** Films eighty Boer  war slides. Every thing oompleto. Never been  used. Oreat bargain. Apply "Picture" Tribune  offloe ,  ���  $100,000.    I .want a gold mine  l-.'       Ladies Flannelette Nightgowns regular 76c for 50c.;-'  " '' -'- Ladies Flannelette Nightgownsregular $1.00.for 70c.   >y  Ladies Flannelette NightgownsJregular $1.T5, for $1.26    '7,  y <       Misses and Childregs Drawers, tO; clear, at 26c.  ��-,. - , A few Wrappers; to clear at $1.00<  *  -    __.]-  Black Satin .Shirt Waists, to clear at $1.00      <    -  Black and Colored Mercerized Shirt Waists, worth $2, for $1.26  K.       - ,-t . ,,   I *-J  *  '    ��� __ ,r ���*     v '     -    *; -\  A special drive in. Boys-Wool Hose.yWe have too   many of,  these and as long as they last will sell at these prices:  -   -      Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose, 46c line at 26c^      -,. l  \ ' Heavy Ribbed; Wool Hose,.60c line atcSSc.-,     g    y  yy -Heavy Ribbed Wool Hose,-66c line at 45cv,  "-"' v' -"'  ***-'-. "       * *      * i -     - %-*     .    c - ^       ^- * ',- '  We-are daily opening Tnew Spring Goods which we will sell ;  at remarkably low p-fices to suit the times.  Clothing, Boots and .Shoes, Hats and Caps.  A. FERLAND a& CO.  REMOVAL  The Gait' Coal office has been'  removed to* the Ward building, on. Baker street���two'  doors . west ��� C. P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait.Coal'  now on hand.  notting $100,000 annually. -Fiee milling gold properties wanted. 8ond>price, terms, full report,  etc. to Andrew F. Rosenberger, Room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nolson.  Telephone 101  Miss Von Der Werth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  on commercial bnslness and mining; reunites  ���unhappy lovers and broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company."      ,  House for rent���Newly furnished;  good plumbing; convenient location. Snaps for  beginners. An opportunity to apply part of  rent to purchase of furniture. Apply on premises to Mrs. Sanderson, Carbonate street near  Josephine, or H. H..Cameron.  For Sale���120 acres of first-class  agricultural and garden land, 12 miles from Nolson on Kootenay Take. -Will sell ln 10, 20 or 10  acre tracts. Price and terms reasonable. Apply  or address A. F. Rosenberger, room 4, K-W-C  ���Block. Nelson.  The Prospectors' Exchange is the  only place in British ColumbiaSwhere prospectors  can exhibit samples of their ore to the mining-  public. Send samples of your ore for exhibit'on.  No charges mode for exhibiting ymir ore and  listing your property. Room 4, K.-W.-C. Blook,  Nelson.   Telephone 101. >  :    W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 205     General Agent.  ClW. West&Co.  ';'-     COAL! WOOD!  Anthracite  .     ..'../.. $10.75  Crow's Nest '....'.         '. ,.   G.15  Blairmore         6.75  _=>__I__.I'V--I_%__I_3  .AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, Ltd.  No order oan be accepted unless accompanied  by cash.    Offloe:  Corner of Hall  and Baker Stroets.  TELEPHONE 33.  Surpassing*  Display in  Fall Suitings  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  8erges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy-Trouserings  ��. Skinner  Noolands' Building, Baker Stroet.  FRED J. BqUIRB, Manager.  ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  irge stock of high-class Imported  specialty of the square   shoulder���I  THE CREAT LABOR  INVALUABLE'TO  SAVING IHVCHTI0J4  BUSINESS   AND   PROFESSIONAL  HEN  The Can-Dex Copying Book and In^.  Letters and oUrer documents can be copied per-  foctly aud^qulckly without tlie use of water,  press, brush or moisture pad.  JOHN BLANEY, Agent, Nelson, -L-C. '  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  Deoorators and  Paper Hangers.  fashion in coats.  latest  REMOVAL  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe' Lamps  Now in- Stock. They  Improve Electric Light"  Fifty   per   cent.  Dr. Morrison, Dentist, has removed to his  I new offices In tHe K-W-O block.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  & CONSTRUCTION 60.   .^Netoon,_B._C^ _..


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