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 DAILY EDITION-BY^MAIL"  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  t:tm  ^r^M^'^K.^f.*:'*  y*i  mmmmmmsimsM  .���^^tecYSb*-  fi7��&$y��7  MMms&k  77-J7.7;. 7^7. 7 7 ~^"_-.,. "'--y^-yyV;^;;**/.^  y^'y-y^^t ���  WEEKLY EDITION  ytwd. doliMto  NINTH tEM.  -y.y  ���:&:  ���;'<���'?.  i*  lOTESON:  T^  "^^-i***  PRICE FIVE GENTS  "Ttttj ;���; f-y :*yy .���%*���'���$��*-'  C.;iT^y-o:'":?r>.*'*'" r^i_>__c_fe-  1i**f��Ap|gJM^^^  A  EXPERIMENT  To Allow Jim Hill's Scheme  to Materialize.  MAYOR COODEVE'S COUNSEL  .. �� : .*t - ~.     -1'   .  BRITISH COLUMBIA MUST VIGOR  OUSLY PROTEST.  ���.      u  American Smelting arid-Reflninir Company Must Not, Cripple Local  Industries.  Rossland, February ,,13.���The  telegraph dispatch in "yesterday's  issue of the Miner under the caption "A National Danger," attracted a great deal of attention and  was discussed at length. A representative of the Miner asked Mr. A.  S' Goodeve, ex-mayor, Jf "he had  read- the article and what he  thought of it.>He replied : "I have  read the article, in, this: morning's  Miner, ^entitled , 'A .National  Danger,'-and if the" situation as  stated is correct I do not,think the  heading is" too strong,- but ���on the  contraryv'it_is theMduty "of every  ' citizen - of *"' British Y Columbia, to  oppose to their, utmost the granting  ' of the .charter sough _-"for .by,. Mr.    ���*"* **���F r *\ 1 **  **    Cv-   ���  Hill'and his, associates.. "Naturally  -when a new.railroad lis .mentioned  as likely to open .up anyYdistrictYwe  all- look upon it with favor- and "do  . - ���what.we can to-.encourage; it, ^par-,  -ticularly if'ari'n^tK^'pre*^nV't'case;i  * it is known as an opposition "or com-'  petitivelirie. Instinctively we feel  tEe t. truth' of.the V)old adage ^cdin-i  petition is the life of "trade,' and at  once come; to the conclusion" that*  we must'benefit by;such opposition.l  Ordinarilyj'this'iconclusion' -holds'  ��� good and we.must, ^tEerefbre,~!look  foir '.some underlying j- but "sound  reasons^-why it is not so ^iri this  case. '"'**'"       ���-    **->'<    ���" '2  "In the first 'place, who are Mr.,  Hill's associates and what are the"  steps, so far as, known, leading up  to the present deal?   -The American  Smelting and > Refining Company is'  a corporation whose principals are  members of the great Standard Oil  trust of America and. in whose control is the smelting industry of' the  .   United States. _ In> dealing with the  ���=_mining_industry-they���will^pursuel  the* same-relentless   course asv in  <lealirig"with the oil industry. ' It  is a well-known fact that, owing to  the manipulation of "the Standard  Oil trust, _many, "properties were  forced to close down in the United  States, with the result that in some  cases cities with a population much  larger than our own and "more substantial buildings have become  practically deserted aud thousands  of individuals and many independent corporations ruined. When  these same people, headed by Rockefeller, took hold of the iron industry everywhere could be seen the  trail of the serpent and the same  relentless .crushing of the" individual."  " What will the result be in this  province ?"-  "Now that these men have  turned'their attention,to this pro-  vincfe it behooves us to watch with  jealous care 0 every move on the  chessboard in order that we may  not be entrapped into selling our  birthright to this alien corporation.  What is our present position ? It  is stated in the public press that  Mr." Hill, representing the American  Smelting and Refining Company,  backed by ther Standard Oil Company, has purchased control of the  Crow's Nest Coal Company.   This,  "Robert Jaffray, president of the  coal company, denies. Mr. Jaffray  can well do this, as it is understood  the purchase has not actually taken  place, but is conditional on Mr.  Jaffray's being able' to secure for  Mr. Hill the charter applied for.  Should they succeed in securing this  charter and at the same time control of the Crow's Nest coal in what  position would it place the mining  industries of this province ? Absolutely at the mercy of the American  Smelting and Refining Company."  ���   "What  treatment  can - we   ex  ���pect?" -yy'yy'yy.y".  '��� ^Already because of ..,the .lead  stack esteblished at Trail they have,  irefusedto purchase the silver-lead  .ores Yof- the SlocanY and increased  the price of -Yrefining*;lead.: smelted  in Canada: by $4;aStpri*;* |^ Itlmt: ^jyeY  iwould belfpi^  ]pt7B.famA&a7!fa  ; trus3j��an��i ^qnl jr^l^e^higfi^grad'e}  properties tiiat '"could���'���stand the''  long haul andYcombinedYtreatmeht  iTatei.epuldtho^ succe^iy-Tim  result would be equally, disastrous  ^;��the|^  Rossland- and Boundary districts.;  l^e^lYciti^hYYof' :'R^la^|^nowsi;  "~ yofS^ur 1_ityY;arid'  ���??������ -tffMi'--**^?*-1- ,?*4i-'J>'-''*  ^scuutMygyon��  th^^ismelterv  __ iti^bec^*e^Q^  ouKii^epend'ISt^  ha^s/pf thislalieri;^  i Alre^y,Ywriem  |trolled byCa^  tthat it is difficult toobteinisufficient  .tciblc*^  Company to keep our present smelt-'  fei^'lnmningi; qwing^^J|^^i^a^s]  made with the American  smelters;  this is borne outYby the fact. that  !&**e^Uw^c^li#^  ^pi'fa-^'an^^  Green wood, smelter have been com-  CpelledfTO^^  Jwi'tlfc^^  ���^thtiriii^  haul   and   consequently  a   higher.  freight-rate-arid using> coal not as  ^suitaMeKJ^  l^!P^5y^S|*^rl*? *9^peting^Lraii  the CapeDutch' andthen to send a  deputation to Mr. Steyn andYgeri-  eral Dewet:.,to\endeavor -^prevail  ' upon them to surrender.' :'yJ7'"���_''7:'y.  He says he is confident coinmandi  ant-general, Louisi;Bqtha;;.willY:sur-  rerider if S^eyh and-DeweifYWill;^dqr  sb and the surreriderY will^. be prac-,  tically without- ���&hditipns.'|;-iK Y.^Y''r  :7 Anothiei?.:;:Y ;di^h^t^pm'�� ^Jjuticmic  plague   occurred   today   and ftwp  : fresh cases are^*o_fioi^i^^qr^^S  j^e^qer'lossiBis *;''Wnen^he^'^ere|atv.  ?tMk^-Y;Yl^|i::gene^  Ermelo' a - week" ago are said to have  ���^ieenyioyi'all-e^y  SLOCAIIS  ^3?  i*  prMoner^:.;*^^^^^*?^^'-;:s..  . j:G*eiqj^i|^eiEU^|h^^  15-pounder captured'frbm'the Biit-*  ^i^^j0cABB_^^l^7^^^x^~y'  i 7y7_. '���g; i YYsY"y:':Y' Y' :y77 ^777..7J7s77 v  Y*^l*Si��'.*G'i&8^  Gans was awarded the decision oyer  I'^lmlngtaofi?^  jround^^Hafc^ a^  twenty round contest att135 pounds  ���;*at}YMusic;j*HallYy^  ;was.|��rapM^^  honors at all pointsi in favor of ithe,  .'Baltimoreah.   To save himself from  ^fknwkput^W^i^^  clinches in the fifth round and after:  abeing||wi*^  referee Charley. White he-fwasYdis-  qualified,-whenYtwoY-miniites and  |fi^*^(Eteqii^;p^  :;st^ggied^ithSfli:  Jhe:;^|^b||i^^  >-^y  X7^v;iZ&ij*i7  ���,. _.. , S^iiyS^^yX'X' .:'vX'F-:'^'-i !7'^~  THE SITUATION _L-lD THE NEEDS  .QiYO.YBaej^anY<pf<^a8lo  i^y:^smivi0  Talks  the  tosa':  ���7iR%y.-  mMZfrl"-'  ^:y.-y>>'-^ ���  Indictments Found.;  i.'^X}.X^i^7Te'_  already in the hands of the C. P. R.,  aiid while I do not propose forYone  moment to defend all their actions'  nor to   contend' that they-are.in*.  cnpy: an entirely different - positions  ���aja/iregardy-toy^^  ^Irovinci^^h^mi^icula^  qppqnents^iTheir%^ucces8j;i^  timatelybbuud.Yup.with>the'deyel-l  opmeutof our^country/thatltlwoiild.-:  ?mean ���Ysuicide.Yfor fthem -;^tb vdo;any-*.  thing that would retard that devel-'  3^nt.y^lMsi^e^^  prq^n^g-Ttfeir^^  >*tairii^fe'!aY^*wraue^qi^  ready large.investments here is ,by  such rates and*facilities,for:tke carrying and' treatmentYof Your Ores as  Iwill^^ucei^  mtn^  industries; therefore as- true Canadians we. cannot afford at this time  .tojtljrow^^^l^  ipfjtfic^^hc)^*Ivf^r^  w^idy^gt^  j ur\_"i7ysxsy 7^7_xi&y7i -y^g^Yyiy y  p^TOJHe^ofeth^  ^^koin^^^ln^  meeting -ofethe-exejejutiye committeeY  of the Canadian Manufacturers' As-  socisf.ti'btt'^eiterdayif^tei^  K; McNaught,^ arj^Il^^wnY iinaniiv  "facturerjrgaye; -aqticef of ?;la7^nption.  urging*%tKe'-'^Dominion:: gdvernment:  to'-jextencl j*; ''preferenti-aV^radeT^riff.:  on goods coming from Great Britain  through Canadian^^ ports V.qnly.Y  The  mptionYwas' due te the action of the  Gria,nd: Truiik railwayi;m idivertihg  traffic from Montreal; to:^Por.tland,"  Maine.'-"[If thejm^ip^  effect hy7the governmentYit^jfvould  discriminate .largely4 against   the,  pbrtisof YPbr'tla-Ldv.^Newa^srk^.and*  Boston and build upY the' ports ' of  St.:jJqUn,:.YEbHfax,-''Y..Quebec'*Y-and"  Montreal.f -jx ���.->;,xx7;.:"y7fyy'.'^?{:  Can't Hold Two Jobs.1   ' 7;..Y,-;  YVancouver, February;l-ir-fSpe-  , cial tov:TheYTribune].-���Opposition  leaderf Martin ��� announcesi: that he  will demand the government to require "mayor^Townley's - resignation  asimajjbrjwM  position* un^er the prpyincial: gov.-:.  e_nmentlas'^:regi_t^  ti^:T^nl*ey "promised*\ to ^resign;  the registrarshipiY as; holding both;  positions wasYagreed-;to be jncon-:  Biste^y:7x77yy'7y}y>y::0;^  .���': So; farYthere is no- opponent tb;  __acPkersqu;'-in'tlie.:fi'eM  vincial house vacancy. Y: J. H. Senk-  ler^jand ''xnayor ��� G*_,rdei_Y halve^ de-  ciin^^runandthe; se^'may^gb  byS-o^fault:y '7' vyy'7 yyyyy  ^3?*otal)ly^a, DwigCTOius Missi-cm. :"; ^  (Capbtown, Februai^ Yl3.yPiet��  Dewet, (who- arrived ! in YGapetown  -yesterday to engage the :'*Afrikan'd-:';  erslin the peace mpyement,rhas. an  appointment*for*; Friday or Saturday with Mr. Therpp, president of  the.'Afrikander buijd,^ who. is coming here for*?;the special ^purpose of  discussing peace possibilities. Mr.  Dewet on behalf of the Boer peace  commission desires' the Afrikander  bund to announce clearly that the  invaders can expect no aid from  tii rned' i n'd ictnieuts;" against Eddie  Crbake,' 'lightweight -champion*^bf  ^i*W*af^ydung#Pe^^  .Chicago; ;r.and*-^,:referee;.Coster-f;of-  Chicago.   The' indictments-charge  CHAPLEAU MINE SUSPENDED  . , 1._ .>__ ..^^^^g^^^.^^.,.^^-,.'1^^  HXii'Z]  .��, Ji^ll#>peratiohsl a-I'tBefi Chapleau  mine, sitiiated on. Springer creek^  ���,__���.__,���,.the^eity  ^^terday^;'*afternobhyg3Whe  ���.Weyl, manager., of the mine, was  seen he, was quiteYcpnservatiye and  did not care to give many details at  ,iX' ������li-'J-S-vf s*i*u'*"���-.*<*��� <'-*5.v:a .?'��.'.���?." ���������,.r-",;-*:-*-':':';''"j,--';-js''i'-:^-'  tp^esen^YI^  ^ire^A^use^pJKl^^  work was that -jthe' mill Y would ��� not.  save enough, of.the metal and that  the*returns, .received from* the ore  th'atwas^treated were .exceedingly  Ys^H.yT^^n^ting^^i*^e^^  the company," whib came /from' Paris  a few weeks ago, is .at the property.  ������He will prepare a report, which will  fi^het^aiSfutt*ure^  '[the^ir^tbra.y;Mr^^  ?8ay['*^ethwv|^i^]^;^oulfe  siimed under the' present company  Yo^^tether^neW;; Ycpj^ah^^buld;  ibe=&rmeriiyit4gi|^dY^hat  considerable higli; grade-pre in sight  and the;mine-is riot lackinftYinYthis"  ,'respect. vYy-^fY'i \7y'77'x7iyyy yx  ; - This mine has b^en uriderY devel-)  ppmerit �����or: a considerab^  : and was; always thought-to:-. be a  good;, property. ,Y;The 7.pve ^ iix^of 7&  high grade^butit was ^useless eon-;  tinning operations v^hetf theYyalues:  could not-be saved. The mill ?waa'  erected last summer and has - been  ih;^ bperatioh ^  Frpm the first it did not give satisfaction. yVith ; the . proper treatment ;bfrthe^bre.Hhere ik not the  least doubt that the property would  prove to ;be one of the best of that  district. Y-Y: Y* 77,..   7.7, Y-.  OI ^^Iwtoinjbf Kaslo,whbj;fo^  several years has:made the growth:  of the mining:arid^smelting industries of Kootenay^ an especial study,  ..'..^���^.���-���>~-'-''t;'.:.'.'-tf..o^:a'i-iTj^^-!i-K^  and: who>is-akt;.the'  present time  ������-���.���1V.*'y'-S"''5Kwa''>'^>^���i-;'^'ftV,(^  prominently^ : identified   with   the  7^^MmMvim7s_m^_*_ ~  '^^ft^^S3^i$^2*>^^s*tfJ;��: ~- a .'s-.-_.-*^. ���.<;.-*.  ?'hais?givenjto/rall>;;__atters :affecnngj  .mining,ahdsmelting in Kooteriaiyj  Mr. Buchanan's c opinion upon Y the,  "��*;*=��SS;:��_5ab��'l**^*SS^i*-'.vVj  {;present-smelting;Outlook:inithe:Slo-;i  ���;can��become8iO_*int_i^st.t-Inidiscuss-3;  ���.:��-ai**+i;*j_^^^'**i��*:'%-^*usrofe'T'-oTtiT^^  of; aYvaiuatioh of Y ^lliOOO^OQO upon-  the plants consolidated with some  ^$19,000,000 added asYwater^^tbck^  'This: leaves a greatdeatfor ^British  Columbia smelters andt refineries to  come a,rid YgbiY uf>offi'iY^he";- prbyince:  has: the ore and the fuel much more  conveniently located than at most  :smelBnji--;f_^  !tru^"arid|tlirpug  secure. adequate','.tariff^protection  and favorable tranKportfttiori rates,  which inja very great.measure .^wili'.  offset; the advan^ges/.-'at present  hel'd by the trust rthrbughX its 'cqn^  ���^e^ratwi^f^iM^Mq^  the result'rpfY;previous': interviews  withthefederWmm^  !-��iS'^j.-'Pt-x2i_-'''XX-��'!yr- ������'"'������' !---V.��-^';.!v>i:.'^r-!'--'.i."iri>.'^'TS'"*a;.'  ;?th^^jthe:?^''l^um  ;rstan^^e^3p^  ance through the tariff -as 'the people of Britisl^blumbia';decide that  they need.'.' ��� What isrrequired'mbre  than   anything   else -to' .promote  ' '    -���*  "-'-I *.c.*���':-.��r~-__      ���*   **-���r ���- '---" " '-.*** *^*^a.*  *f ^ ,*    *'i'taj-''-   ->*-.��   .'     V-    -\., . tt >*       -- *"*  (nqm'ejf^smem  ^rgl^iz^g^^rtf^lftl-^p^  those who are engaged-in it, and of  those who are indirectly, interested  ;'i^iitsy*3uc^sfulf^  AnSunjfoi^w*^^  eht complications. was the unreaid-  iness;'of .the   goverrimentYahd.'of  fiaty: on his' accession to the throne  ��was passed by the Ontario legislature yester(h*yaf ternooh;YYv:;Y '  y To-aoNmyTb Y a-^depui��|iqn^ of  prohibitionists this morning premier  Ross^refti8ed tbfYgrantfal^furtlwr:  legislation in the cauee of temperance, at present, arid asked the deputation: to *let thel matte  i^^y^s until results;in:Manitoba  -\rattto^'t^es^a^s(EJi^^  tatiori withdrew and are holding a  ���meeting this afternoon 'to consider  ^tlieji^mier^pn^^  ^|^N]^,!:^ntaria^|i^i^  crackers^y isi ted * London this; nVorh-  :3ng||ia^|-')We|@iPp^  IGhi^*^Sl^ep^i^^g^^^  Hamilton road,; securing only a: few  cerits.iiYThe explbsipri; blew^ojit the  front .^window,:andY attracted tfee  police, 'who'. gave"Y chase, capturing  one^^inari after;a fusillade-'ofvsfats  l^ii^S^'^m^pga^^tHeXn^^  :cMferen^i^_'rife^  virtually- a' crisis in the -mining, de-:  ��� velbpmeirit ^of the prpviuce has been  ��� reached^ arid there:is; absolutely nb|  compensation on the. part *-of; the  sgoyernmentjofsthe-igravityluof^the;-  situ*atibnY ; The\ipresent" Dominion  '   '��itw-J'V-J9jferr.-*f��w:,Si��i*iwj';txiri  railway corii^titionl'b'utYit',seems  ;:>.��,-;:^��Vi_^i'-> is.tu^r.^.-i'v-va������_''������ .,.-v*.v,"*'*!=!"*!-'r"''ii*-;'-<;''  inowithat.persistencejinstheifcpohcya  ?i-'^..'.V;'.'1��.V*.v^.^T;ft'^^3T^il.T  ���ingaiKis^m*tW|MithY  a  TiSmtrNE"  irepresentativeSfelSBt^eyeninglSgMr.^  'Buchananc-said^that i the^presentj  iunsati9faetorjg<*>ndition?inv..theiSlpy  jcan?forcea?:the-ConyiQtion,upbn?him-  that the brilyisolutibn of -the'diffi-  ��*'^*��*Ktetf>.5*i';BfsT;A  tculta^la^ mssthegbuildmg&iups off a'  i-h-inneiSYsmeltinggandjirefining^in*  fdustry,'and-toithissend''everything.  else*should?t-be��madetto.cbendx**Tf-  PlTTSBXIKC^Y  Skating Records Made.  February:!. 13.���Two  indoor ���akatingYrecprdsYsiwer^^^  pri:the ice a^ lDuchesiae>  riig^yJcfluaYNeilsbn clipped two  seconds from;his! pwhY record I in.'? a  mile race YwithY John Y.S..YJphnstbrii  the time1; being Y2.52 1^5; ' Johnston  was about'three Y^ardslfhehind the"  winner.-YLerby See;Y;the champion  amateur from Brooklyn,Y'JriYyaY'half  mile exMbitioncoveredthedistance  in 1:25 1-5, the previous ^record be-  .*ing,-l:26 ^.;.^7-^~'^^i0y^  7.7y Monopoly Broken. 7yyixy  7x. Montreal, February ��� ;13;���The  St; iiawrerice river monopoly of the  Richelieu i:; & YOntario Navigation  Coiripahy .is ��� tbtbe broken 'again.  The Buffalo, Tprontb & Montreal  Steamships ;Cbithpain^; has ^been  :;fbr__ed;.5*tq^ riin:*:*a:.'.iline:".f between  Buffalo, and Mpntreai via Toronto.  Two of the' Fall River line boats  havebeen-seeured for Hthe service.  The president of the new company  is Hon.' 3:' R.: Stratton, provincial  secretary of Ontario, and H. W-  Van Every, Toronto, Manager.  the province of British.Coliimbia is  ^tohOTej^riy^!^  ^iriirigScburil-ry^amd^^  v;v,'i ..v.^^"?/��.'^,'-..i.,^.'/.^.(.>����.:r'.^:^-.-*..:-.-:.. ri'iiM  never be realized until its mining  .^d^^^W8is*:^*a1c^in;;��feiM'^^  SdemtYy!;!^  SeSta^li6!hment'^^  Y^rsj:yti|��||la^le^'|t^  fqSp^Se^minesi&I.'-.?^  people of Ythe whole province should;  apply^themselvos'andienlist (every  fp^^ifijle^-^  :'fut>i��ejg^f^:t)^  l^oi^t-l^tresultithe^  ?ifie*_^iri^i^istirig?upcHfc|t^  ^emfc^Kdbfie-tariff^a^fin  IttieiiSranwakyYlegislatibri^  ipiish^t-^YiY yy: y 77x:^7^!yvy7  YYuMr.Buchariariexpto^^^  wasfaYgreat deal of^iscpnceptibn)  ^ith^3pectYtQ2the^i^blfcb^w:^rii  is  W^  l^a.T���T-..!|*iW'.'1 >.V-*yi;S.  ^f���J,''-''J*.*  v,-. _ ^v-*ruin��;Our4^haneess -of-.  x^-'.vHi'.''-**,'.' 1-:J.tip^r^'wi^=*��-..-���^f;,iV'i^K/^  ^estebhshing^an&ouryownJs^coun*-;.  ?��_^;"'-��s^!X-i?**' Vi-��T?'*.* ���**_ > ^_!<.>*f"M:tXb��* !a?*t7?!.U r~. ^v!fe  ,try   the- .industry    of.    treating  :5;J-*^P':v��'j/:^'a4-a;.^J.,,.,*J::'.d_-,'".^0^.-:i*l^Mli^^:  jandfeworking^upfflmto^manufacri  '-vv^-s--,.to^.��.'v'ij'"'.SS'.ftsfe'rfe  tured^gOHods^oucsrrmineraliKoutput.*  _.t.i;Z.'tzs��*j_!:'.  editbr;6f-' the Toronto1;Globe, said  :thatgovernment patronage .was no'  "great-adyaritage.to a-paper? as, for  instance,:The,Toronto papers -with  :ari*;ih^_ae!bf|  ^rii^se_ure*^46bb"b^$5d^  ���:m^-. !*>.-���- .������Ajfi.-.tfi,':.31 ;. iv, i-,ij_3 ��� .v*K-'*t-i?S��i-:-i:i^-',*V*Jv,:iJ  ronage; and: in. return,Yhe 'added,  political 'matter that: people could  ^usSfp!*^U!d(^it^  ;8p<^?Md;S_^ii_#Ediia^  �� -^��<5/-;��^^.jS^*��^*^^����^'^^  ' theT&City^ddge'iSDecisionpas^  ';y$^y%0&i':'''''''4'''~""""'  m  -XriwVg'-J?.  rooms bf.the house of. comriions this  :mbrningrCrColonel i Denison; !;presi-;  |derit^pf*MidediflJri$  ������'rn':��-'-.-&��''*_'^'''*-  Denison   advocated   strengthening  _"_^_''l~s^3 *L-���*ijH 'J* _��� i^'-lv ���%f "���"'v^'Y^ra -*-"r~' %    -''' _���   *^-"-��:  th^smelter "7, triwt i^iinl^hp^Uniteii;  S-totes ahdvthe silveiv-l^  ?tte:"Slocairii:'���<>���'.-He ;waS'^member^pf:  the Mirie-0 whers' Associatibni^ and|  was therefore in a position to speak  intelligently^ upon{Y^e^matter.:  'The: -:: trust Y 7 is"Y Y npty purchasirig  any,ore;iri:. the' Slocan'.at^pi^eserit.;  The reason ^ssigned^by"' its-; repre-'  sentatives is that the^jjireight: rates1:  charged. byj the Canadian Pacific  ���'rail'way.upon" East .Kootenay; ores  are too high. B��C tlie general  opinion is that this^is'-aVpretext,  and that the real facta .are tliat  ��� they desire to discourage sthe productionYwithin British'(Columbia of  any large quantity of leadlbreluntil  they ha.ve=had time.toY^prkVoff, at  a profit to' suit themselves,- an overstock of lead which they have aiccu-  mulated. Personally Mr. Buchanan  considered the'present'cbntrbl which  the United States; beld%;over; the  Slocan mines the,most "unpleasant  feature of; the complications; Y So  long as the trust is permittedtoex-  jercise this control^^^the.Slocan mines  =will;be ^obliged to': siell^in a^market  in which the trust will: fix the price,  and in which' their own ores "will  always have the preference.  The only way in "winch ;British  Columbia c^n hope to free its . mining industry from the control of the  trust is through the building up of  .' local -v smelters and: refineries^ and  Siuehtf regulation of - transportation  rates as will enable the. marketing  of the product of ��� the "mines independent of the trust or its agencies.  That there is money in the business  of smelting and refining is amply  demonstrated by;,the. performance  of the United States trust in  paying aY seven per cent dividend  upon a capitalization of $30,-  000,000. . l^his great : sum .. was  arrived     at     upon     the      basis  i'v-rt*:'.'iTT;^'"a=^-5-i^.'T'''-.T^<a.-='.-1'^3..^a':^  sfinmg^was tin% altogetner��|failing%to-i  take into account; the :;stimulation  >which;it.-gives.s,tOwthe;'development*  '^-*ii.';fVi*''^v'^K*'*' -T*'-ij^4^.��3:T}Vi,(f.,.i^  -of^ low^-; grade T'propertiesii&Theforef  J;-,-J>4\.-ivV-i .������;�����', ���^^.-.i^J^'S^^.Wf [������.':>.-;,i��'lt'-*..9^^*/'��%;V;  i;bpdies;in sucnMpropertiesis?areisgen-  ^^*u^;VM��^i?3?'"5^w?^Wi'fe��'i'..-.''-:'.iW'a��^  -erally. of a Y*"fluch.- greaterYextent*  than those'bf theYhigh ���'grade ship'1,  .ping properties but their values' are  JiwjKsi^^*^  ^rauspp'rtatiori to, distarit^smeltejrs?  .West Kootenay has great riuhibers"  ;:,pf{s^h^p^|��rti^:TlJiu^  arid-will remain,sb until lbc'al'sriielt-  irig gives' them a  ..:t..i!  inew?  :li_e:*mThi8  * condition.in. a .veryY great measure  je^lairisjjtihef^mpa^^  jjpf^di^i^res^sofn^  ;^e(Wibmic' handlirig!^|t^e-^^resriff  ^KejSloMn^butl^  for them isjcreated.they.;will',''come'  ������;]^^hand.yT^  ^pres;^a^*may^^^  �����&phgY*5wi^  :iead^|isY :sia747ot "5tol^aridbyiiiatj  *m^riy'ti^^|^^fbreYt  {of^bu^miriirigj ppbmtibnsYwbuld;be:  Ypml-ijplied^;: y/:7 77.xy7y777::777x }:.7 7  ;;;Y^he^^rbmbters vof ^ tlib^Kaslo'  smelter hayeY satisfied^^ themselyes  upon this point,* a,u^ they h^yeithe;  assurance  of Y W. Y^H. YJeffery, the  '?$pririer: Dominion niineralogist, who  is7interested; in the .project, that  A/here are withiri reiwbriable dis-,  tances from Kaslo 'more than suf-:  ficient low grade silicibus ores.which  afcre: at present practically; unmarketable. Generally speaking what is  needed most is a ca__paign~of education 'upon the importance of  firmly establishing the smelting and  refining: industry and as to best  means of accomplishing it. Y  EASTERN CANADA   TELEGRAMS.  .Quebec and placing; guns -at - Char-  ^^���^iTOll^y^rict*^^  itHe1StS.I_awrenae#a^  .'';'^.-^*->^.-.'-4'-.*f..::V>* ��������"*.' *''-i'^j^'->''J-'*^^"'c>-^Ti'T:;,<*i.^v.i.v;r,f..'i.T'-j'  HAS A  .r^-. .���>-*_:'".'<.-?  jS.tT'Sgfct:  ^-i^^4To.i*;W__'-li_t^eJXIa^  ||fH^s*]-|^^  |t��|phe||Tn*^ri'^  proper openedYwitt ayeryfrsuccessf:  |M||m|S^^^|g|T*^|e^  Tn-jaskereW^  Statpra^|AIt'^  J and; en jbyabie}a^^  'y^J_^--l*.'���i~z\���-.���_" ;_:'-.T. -''^('.:V;"y,<'*'-;''^ '��� 7-.7.\''~ .?<:-"-"���"-<5"-Z *A^'*':ir;i-"T'> ���Ob,*^'"':  curling games-Hall .of Sandon : and  ;R*^bf^_^ispri^are^  ��finals^^^  |^tjra%|^q^|final^res^  ifeuxei_Xin^e''ic^  |'->'A^"^lie:*(Nrfsbri5 ririks);have been,  i^eo^d.i_^tih6 Walkeryille.1 YYRaS's:  ,*rmt^haS*?^nKipS^irl^  '{eigEfegamM^and 7 Is};'- rib^.Y'm^the"  ^riahWiof HfcEef Griaaid Challenge arid  XMivbrccups; and:NelsbnYstillY'lias7a";  'gobdJcKnce^'bf |winning^^ the"}A113  poiriei*s^ Hudsori'sY Ba^and; Tiickett}  pcrap-^itibnsy y'y y y ?y y y ^  ;-^^^^ubt^boi^|the|^^  T!pltoe;as.abbutithe;decisionof?3udgesS^��l  fHollist��EliTS^Birig5tiai^r1tif^^  all'oyei^the^country^arriv^itoday.W^^  -andtbe8iegeathe^offic��s��andgquar3��!^-^^  :.tors^ofsmanagers��Brayaya?M*adden'?s*i*as^^l  |ebbke:and^^  StEa.'itEejipjbuidffib*^  :!tolariything1uritiii^__bm^  :-.'.'.V--.^''*-.vi"'?.ftfi-r-��".'ii-'i-<^^  .';noon.i^As;Soonfas#3udge^Holhster^  ^���-'1'*''*-'i 1 ;-,-*^>'*^'^'''Tv_'.'*'^as'-^'.^  shall renderihis decision the- mana-:*K  .^^'.^^.~--i"^.'...'���.: V^*.V"j"^>Tri~^?^^'T.'.'.>r>^:'^:j.'.;^  >gers will; hold a conference with the ?i��  directors of the Saengerfest Athlet ic  5.^r'V5.*;.-1&*.-'*^��^iW*'.'i'��f^^*J!��fc"J*i<i��i  Association andcdecide*"~�����<**���������-.�����  plans,f or the f uture.y.. __���.__   j.*_r.->.~i=-Tr��'iv.--s'*T&f'L'i-ni?-'.>'-^y.w^  jtomake a stetement^for.Y^  ta3?sbbn^*aslpb^bl*e^iri^tEe1i^  mimM  ���X:.?Jl-  IriithMabtericefoMefiriitejih^  '���wz. '^^i'V? '(-j v-v - *^ ^; -t���-* ffp. 1'.>^;r.r1v^��.^:.'-'.yji.T.''^-i-'..*v^��5i  : ation today-thev local .^aud^visitiug;  i��wj.wN'i��'.c��-^-_*i��V'^*-*?��ist'.-i-_;��  editors, .together^with the managers  y.-*<!WV��rC^V-*��.^''=-��'>^^STi'^-3��^.v.'*  ;and. promoters,-; held - a vsort of. rnee tr  '���^'^"&'*''.'-*^"^;f'>'*'m'll*-:i^-J'-*'*  '7 Hamilton, Ontario;-v-Di*. Montar  gue, ex-M. P., is going to Australia.  Y Toronto,-���A "Glasgow syndicate  is tb.build a big beet, root sugar  plant at Aylmer and-Welland.    Y  Georgetown.���W. Hoare, section  foreman on Y the Grand Trunk, was  struck and killed by a* shunting en-  ��� gine'yesterdayy-.YYyyy'YYYy Y;''  Quebec.���The- Quebec Central  railroad is tied up Yby: the snowfall.  No one, has been able to get to St.  Francois, Beauce county,:for four  'days.'.:.'���'-"..'. " '..';.'���'��� :-:Y*!"i>..-;:,.  : Brockyille, Ontario.���W.'J. Perry was yesterday sentenced to four  years in the penitentiary at Kingston for burglarizing summer cottages at Fernbank.  MoNTREAta.���Liquidajtors of the  defunct Ville Marie bank today declared a second.dividend of 5 per  cent to depositors. The' first dividend was 10 per cent. They will  probably not get much more.;  Toronto.���By a standing vote a  joint resolution of condolence to  king Edward over the queen's death  and of congratulations to his maj-  Y';'y/YY;''McIiOTeh'vs;YBffl  . ThejcaSe pf^MbLareri vs.* YBillings,;  iin^which^thWplairitf^  grul)-stake agreeirierit which" is said]  to have been; made between the two j  partiesibe allowed,; was * before -the j  suprerrieY court7 allv day; yesterdayi  and yvill probablycoritiriuteuntil tb-|  morrow' afterrioph.; Plaintiff 'Mc-I  Lareri^^ who stepped irito'the wit-'  .ness box when' the case started on;  Tuesday morning; Jwas"still givingj  evidence at the; close of yesterday:  afterrioori's"session. The; case cbh-,  sists principally of !the reading "ot  lettersby the plaintiff and defend-*  ant at the time' that the agreeirierit  was made. ���:       ' : *"v* '*; '*  Y-1' :.7:7::  I  7 \i-,;7    To Increase the Army:;   ��� ;;'  'Washington, February;; 13.���Ac-  cording'tb the present plans of the  war departha'ent the r'armyY.is tobe  recruited Ytb. its Yfrill authorized  strength of 100,000meri.' Theregular; arihyY'riow^ consistis :of "about  67,000 men, including: the troops in  the Philippines, so that the-'new.,  enlistments 'are liriiited��� to about  33,000 men. It is realized by the  officials that it will take a long  time to secure so many men, but  the full machinery of the army is  being exerted in that direction  with gratifying results; Over 400  recruits were obtained last week,  and it is expected that much better  progress will be made when the recruiting agencies are in full operation. ��� ' - -"''���   ."���������: ��������� ���'.':!': :' '���''''���  Religions Riots.  Paris, February ; 13.���A dispatch  to the Temps from Madrid says  there were very serious disorders  yesterday in the province of San-  tander. .Thousands of rioters  attacked several; convents, the  bishop's palace and the Jesuits'  establishments and forced an entry  ���into a ��� Carmelite convent, where  they looted everything.  ^ItfisSrega^  ������*���:*������_ '������ '*y���������"'���.'���' ��� ?-^*Mi:<_X_ ��^:^-TV^i^fl;;*''''"'','-!*'i?*'i-''"SK*|^5^|  i1.rar^aitar..raa.lr.crnilir.T _ffhar.^ia ^���lr*irarayii��aa_'':.'^;?ili.-'7.fi->feW.I  ssffin  ''a?'. I  ing 5prizeLdgllt8*atftheY; Saerigbrfest  ���.r_~'.. --���--' ���'���"'yj-va-'i'.: -;/-^:.'*-<-^i-* ,������;���'-������ r>';'..rf-*>^^--v-'. *'.:j,-- ���!���-"��.'.'*j* <!~ ^7-'-^-��� ���*-?}-~-:":'~:i'irsvj'--  v*haH,::but';np*^agains't';a3bpxmg  i'tesi^:imcl^a^:t*hat'}ywhichfii:sy  ;i"4Ii?'"''"'""''i,;**Ta!'v*"**"'^' <:y;y".;'Y'-'>.r*'' ^'������t.-'-^'ip^isSm  ; mlthe permit' of may or Fleishmann.-���as-Sts:agf  Yj^Ih^this^eyentj ra^^l^a^tion; is;eJ^|i��S^^  ipectefl^frc^'T^  * prqmq|ter84w5u Idf] tti m#; _^|jdou fi t*S|  fP.twt^ge^tEe|eV^1a|[^^^  '.prilyjaridj-lpc^ii^  -jriit'^l-hefmayw:*^  ^ice^pffcp*fesel^fib^  i. werefp1rpOT^in'g.|:*wit^ f  Itibn.bf ;tih^viplatipriYbf tliella^an&Y       *''"'"  fthat^itjwbuld^beftthe^riiay^  to:J;-^;^hat; ^he Yeyent^  violate his^permit^or the^lawvY:It7is Y  'learried^bri^igbbd authority���"���^ightY  that the decision of judgeHollister,  priwhich'hehajs been workirig since Y  Moritlayi 'will: be Yvery ^elaborate  and unusually lengthy. ;!-lt; is.'/'an-.;':  nouriced that:he'%vill deliver it atll  o'clock . tomorro-*a*ymbrriing. xlJtlie 17  promoters: would; ^lieriYfriiake^iio-Y  further^effort ^���Y^nd^tth^flght;:;  until after they?ha^8:applied;to-tl(eY  circuit and supreme courts and Y if  , they are defeated ?: in: the , court. ;pf  last'���'.���' resort, they state positively  that they will declare the 'fight off.  Meantime the prosecuting'Yattor-  ney -arid sheriff are* vigilant, and  the former -still; has Jeffries and  Ruhlin .under bonds .under .-charge'  of training for a;prize fight. The  cases will be called at'brice: if the  injunction is not issued;y*-;  ���While, there; are; reports about  governor Nash haying three or four  regiments .under marching, orders,  it is not .believed; here that auy  troops will reach the city"this week  'atieast.:.;"-- y--;-'^_/'y* ^ '-y-yy^^f-y  ������'.��� ���- The riiembers ; of the Y San gerfest  Athletic Association, as, well as the  managers of the contestants, insist  'thpt they will not attempt to proceed if a permanent injunction is  issued against them, and the general opinion is that such will be the  rendering of the court. ':'.;'   '  ; . Thrown Up^ hjr; the Sea.; Y Y^^y  St. John's, Newfoundla,ud^^February 13.yA lot of /'wreckage Y bias  been found in the viciriity of the  island of Bacalu and' at various  other points on the .northeast coast  of Newfoundland. Articles picked  up include part of the interior  woodwork of a steamship, part of a  ship's'boat, several, pieces of bulwarks and a can containing coffee. r-rrtstTWi-rwi-Tf**,  2  i.  li ;*  /  '<'  h  i<r.  ��-'���  I      1.  li   ', *  ���; >!  !     '  j     1  ���Ti  s  r.-  I* >  ii"  ii 'f ���  li"  !T'  ,. ���""*������  ir��  Il r  I*.  1 4  **'  Silks  -j^0  s  We are showing  -a beautiful  assortment of the  following:  carefully selected  . goods  Bengalines  Peau de Soie  Brocades  Satins  in all shades  A grand assortment  of beautiful Silks  fn Blouse Lengths  See our window  ��� which shows  a few samples of  ��.-   * our stock.  HfflSMiS  , - '.-   ��� 2_-   The, notoriety which the, state of  Kansas has received as the result of  Carrie -Nation's   crusade ' against  illegal liquor joints will not do much  "to   popularize .prohibitory, liquor  laws.    For thirteen years   it   has  been illegal to manufacture oiv sell  liquor in'the state of 'Kansas,'but  the law was repugnant to ^the people  and -.it   was   openly violated.  And'from contempt and open vip-  lationof their liquor law the people'  of   Kansas 'have'become  infected  with contempt for all law,  so that  neither life nor property is safe;  and mobs support the courts, and >  --police officers at'tend,-a9-interested7  spectators, duly advertised "wreck-'  ings of property at the hands of the  .Carrie Nation crusaders.  British   Columbia   will 'never  amount to much as a mining province   once ' its -chief > industry   is'  turned over'to the tender mercies  of the United States smelter trust.j  -. It is this conviction which  compels)  the people of-the province to oppose!  -the granting of the Hill charter fori  a railway from Fernie to the inter-;  national boundary.   They aro-con-  ' vinced that the granting of such a'  'charter   would ��� place    it-in  -the'  power -of   an 'alien -railway1 *and  an alien smelter combine'to 'dictate  just*what development should take  <place, and they naturally -prefer to  ' work out their own salvation. < Past  \ experience'with the 'smelter trust  'has not engendered confidence, and  -a- )  British Columbia prefers to throw  -; off whatever hold the trust has upon  - it at present, rather than'forge new  Shackles.    The.people of Canada are-keen  to'resent'any'hostile move against  their industries'by alien trnstsrand  corporations.   For years tlie" Standard Oil Company has "enjoyed in  ' comparative quiet'the 'fdll" advantage of the Canadian'tariff upon  ��� coal   oil, - and a although --the -trust  - > from '-time > to -'time ��� advanced >" the  price of oil very "littlefdisconfitot  "was, heard from "the"people \vho  were   called   upon to pay.~-.Hdw-  .fever, now that the Standard -Oil  people have joined forces with Hill's  -great "rail way trust in  its assault'  upon the mining and  smelting industry   of  British  Columbia,   tho|  people of Eastern CanadH are get-  "ting stirred up, an'd'the prospect is  that   the   Standard   Oil Company  will have a lively fight on-its hands  to retain the--tariff advantages  it  has enjoyed so< long.   -The 'government has full authority from  parliament to wipe  out the oil tariff  by   order-in-council    whenever "it  appears that a monopoly   in  the  production of oil has been established, and   it is not   likely that  ��� much difficulty will be encountered  in satisfying  the members  of the  'cabinet   that   this time has   now  : arrived.       It is putting the cart before  the  horse'to insist that before'British  'Columbia can safely embark upon  smelting and---refining   that  there  should be an1 abundance of dry ores  suitable for fluxing with the high  grade lead ores of-the Slocan.' That  the present output of the Slocan is  in a very great measure composed  of high grade silver-lead ores is due  to the present lack of 'local -smelt1  ers.    There has   been   no   encouragement    to     the      development  of the countless lbw, grade properties,   which   in-  many  -instances  -have    been     crown-granted   -arid  since allowed to remairi^idle.    Men  do not engage in mining operations-  for fun. "They must see a prospective profit, and there being i until  recently comparatively no 'dbmand  for such low-grade ores, there were  none offering.    What - requires r-to  be done-is'to'make'it' profitable for  the owners of'the low-grade - prb-  perties'to market"their ores, a condition  which they .will   doubtless  take" full advantage of. Ir  THE AINSWORTH DISTRICT  <   - '.   t*Other"-Mining^NewB..  -' >  ;'i  S. Shannon, a prominent assayer  and mining man of Ferguson, spent  a few hours' in ,"the city ^yesterday  en -croute 'htrtne^from'-Kaslo.' Mr.  Shannon <is engaged Hn collecting  faata''from" -the various -mining  points v of *��������� thei Trout' Lake'-and  Ainsworth'-mining "districts,'as -he  is'preparing^ map-of thatssection  of ~;the: country!' '"The principal  feature of- the map' will be -to show i  the' position 'of every raining  property>6ftthe district,-'and when  completed will- be 'of , great benefit j  not'Only-tothe mining men of. the <  ���province but to'the general public  of-the Dominion..  t j. In speaking of the mining con- j  ditions'of the-'section surrounding'  Ferguson.    -He   said 'that it 'wasJ  steadily increasing and, that there'  would, without doubt,  be'a great!  advance during the coming season, j  Already buildingroperations in the  town-have taken-a boom.   A new  large   hotel   is'being erected and'  others aie being enlarged���A-num=  ber   of   residences are   also being  built, and this is mainly due to the  prospects of a prosperous season.     j  The 'Nettie   L group, which 'is,  situated near the town, is probably'  being developed with more activity  than any mine there.   About' 600(  tons of-high-grade ore have already l  this season been removed from-the!  property.   Before ��� the winter . has  ended it is expected I that another;  400 tons  will  be'taken out.    This,  will make in all over  1000, tons.)  About 200 tons have been sent to'  the smelter-and���the-rest "is being!  stored-'at" the*mine. <-rNo shipments]  are being made at present,-as 'the  creeks and rivers have been frozen1  up-and   transportation has   been  stopped.     About ^thirty men.:are>  engaged on-the i property, and they  'are-removing from  the workings  fifteen tons per day.   At present  development work is being;; done,  but stoping will be started in the  near "future.  ^It is-expected:-that  ��� before-long the force will be-in-  creased.     Things   are   looking -so  well at this mine that the company  is contemplating the erection of a  concentrator in-the spring.  Another   rproperty   which: has  'Shown -up well is the Silver 'Cup.  At-present only two men are enr  gaged at the mine, but development  is not being pushed  owing tor the  lack of transportation.   It is owned  by an English cobajiatiy aud active  work -was -carried on 'until'winter  set in.  -About 4000 feet of .rtunnel-  ing has been done-and during ; the  development of the proj)-i>ty:-_200  tons' ofr<high < grade ��� ore haveYbeeh  'shipped.   'More'extensive work'will  ��� be ' resumed �� in the >spiing.c'This,  company >'aiso 'intends   ejecting�� a  coueentnktor ��� > during  -the -coming  season. '   _....'  On the Great Northern mountain,  THE TIllBUNBri^^ON B.C'JI^|^S DAY, FEBRUARY 14 1901.  -I '-ia'. li*-. "**"   .       ������     1 "'"ili-iillii   "' ;.._���'  l6_  I   I." 7li M_ I.      ���    . .11 _*._,      I    il  situated' immediately toy'the-:ntneth-  ������#faest ��6f Ferguson; are-^ the; 'Great  -Northern, Broad view,-JT-rue 'Fissure,  "'Silver "Queen and'St.AElmo.   These  properties have been worked, but  are now idle.   "A number of -them  have been purchased by-companies  with large capital, and they expect  to extensively develop their properties * during- the summer ' months  of this year.    Judging'from present  appearances there-will be -a'large  inilux of capital - into that section  during this year.  __.^_^^^_^^ .  9    'Scarcity of Water.  H. J. Williams, "foreman -at the  Poorman mine, was in the city yesterday. He reports thatchings are  progressing -well -at the property,  but that the work is being considerably retarded 'by "an insufficient  supply of -water. For some -"time  past*fifteen stamps have been running, but-today the-mill* will'be  operated "to'its fullest ��� capacity,"  which is twenty ' stamps. '" The  water supply is a little more 'than  sufficient to operate Jthe - mill/and  this necessitates-the"shutting doWn"  of one of'the* drills. * -"Work' in -the  mine5his been so steady "that 'ihe  ore'"bins"at'the mill-are full. - Their  capacity'is-about 250 tons. 'For  some'time past work has been "suspended in stoping, but a-week or so  ago development was -resumed.  There is still a large amount'of ore  in'the old-workings.  "Slocan -' Junction - Mines.  J.' G. Develin, " the** gunner," who  is working the'Iron -King group* at  Slocan Junction, and Who is* supplying the Nelson smelter "with iron  ore for'fluxing purposes,'was in the  city yesterday. 'He said'they were  shipping about 100 tons-a week,* but  they intended to indrease -this  amount;considerably in the-near  future. .About' -twelve men. are  employed ' at the ' property. The  place where ,they are operating at  present is about 150 "feet* from-the'  railroad; and" the**ore is1 being-- taken  ' to 'the ' transportation - -point "by  sleighs. In the near'future->'a'-shoot  will'be constructed "from the'"workings'^ the cars and'Hhis will- considerably . lower--the' "expense- of  hkridling'the'o'rel/-''     "      }  >,     r  Mrs.-McQhie'B Fonerai.     "  Y-The funeral of theilate Mrs/James  McGhie,' who" died at her residence  at'the corner of Vernon" and'' Cedar  streets on Monday last, took" place  'frditfthe Congregational church at  % o'clock '"yesterday 'afternoon.  Among .the, mourners were"the bereaved -'husband and the 'deceased's  two sisters. ;"Bev. William'-Mimroe  officiated both* at the churclivandat  the city'cemetery, where'the interment'took" place. The "pallbearers  were" Charles 'Hillyer,'Harry Hous-  ton,*~Hector Mackenzie,'Angus Shaw  and George Gray.    ' *���"  -afa-aa^ar   -;,  arena  -LadiesHBfisses'-and  Ohildren's Uader-muslins  at Unheard of Prices  tima��Ttrittyi^fn a**'*"''^TTTTTTT OX1ZZ  00 a 00 *00 . 00. .00 ��� 00 *0t^ i'00 .00 . 00 .00 ��� 00 .00 . 00 *00 . j*_^ ��� U0.  ^^__v ^__^fl__^ &_m&w 4___.^__^ ^__v&B_^i��___a^^^_^4|^^_.&^^^3i|^^w^__B^ 4__vaj*ff_ba ___  fmne k ���o.  lyinHiunii  -vr_rrrrr*rrtzrt  m  Embroideries,      ��� .  Wash Laces and'Domestics  Greatly Reduced.  m  to  'to  to ---   - ���     -m  21?EN DAYS BALE OV U^DJES'��H!ITEWEARlS  m FOR TEN DAYS WE WILL OFFER A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF-WHITEWEAR AT jli  f HALF PftICE 1  fly THIS LINE INCLUDES iii  m.        "'.... Cadres'Nightdresses, 75 cents to $5;00 ..-; m  f\\ Oorset Covers, :S0^ents Ao $t.T5 fl\  fj\ , ? r ^    Lace-and=��i#fbrroitterr��rd%"?lJAdLerrslci)43s, 75 cents to $12.00 _./��  9\ /���";-��� ^   ��� ,     ��� , ,,/'^  (f\ White Cambric Musli_iv Nainsooks. Victoria Lawn, India Linens. White and Colored ffl  H\ Org-andies, Dimities, Fancy Muslins, Plain and Dotted Swiss and Piques jky  to  to The balance of .our Winter Stock of Ladies'Tailor-made Costumes, to  to. Jackets, Capes and Skirts at Reduced Prices to  to to  f$\       /i\  ,W^      LilliiiiiiiiiiintitiiiiiinttiTmmiTllljj -  '**<BaaV *V ,_Vr 9 _P% _^^ rnirwiimiimTmniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiii      'I'  iiiiiimi-xmxminiiixii'tmrTTnrnir  Our Winter'Millinery  "Must'^be Cleared up in  Order to Make Boom for  xrro  1  Spring Styles  _B��ed Irvine & Co.  Baker Street, Nelson, B, C.  [ We  L  iixixxx  Furs   .  We are Letting go  at Prices-to Suit the  -Buyer  ITTTTTTrTTTTTTT^TTTTTTTTTTrtT���-  nmfl   -.  to  to  '_fi* "W_  f^i{^.0^j'.0*?-j0?_*j^ *10 *j^ ��<fl^ * *flt*2?_._Sj_S__ t^ 't^: ____\___\i f^' __8fc _______&'_______& -���_&____ __���____& __S____^ Ta_____S_Bt ___������_____�� ^S_l^___! _���__ ���__f-^r  ^^���^2_* ^^'a**^���. " ***^^ *'^hk * ***H^ ***'^_^ * *^H^ *^^ . ^��^..*a^_^!* "^^^. ��� ^^- ��� **-^^'J��^_. * -^^ s ��� *mj * __^a __^ * M_W* _tt___f * ____0. ______1 * '___0 * _t__0 * __****?* ___W_1 *" __W0 :____0 * _\A_0* _t____1 * __t\0 *^0  S21 to 331 Baker Street,* Nelson  'm  AmeWcah aqd European Want.  MEALS  CENTS  ' Rioting in'Buda Pe-at.  , Buda Pest, February 13.���There*  was serious street fighting here today between men out of work and  the, policeT About "1200 of the  -former attacked the/labor bureau,  sma-jhed the windows- and attacked  the police who attempted. to disperse "them.~r The "police charged  them with iirawn swords and arrested thirty persons. The rioters  ,atte_apted_to rescue.them, butlwere'  scattered by the arrival of a 'force'  of cavalry.  the Cabinet Cigar Store  g.- b: matthew; Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   "POMMERY"  "8MILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOLD"  -Smoking and -���loes.  �� .   ' NOTICE TO -DELINQUENT' CO-OWNEBS  To T. A. Stevknbon, or to any--person 'or persons to whom he mav-havo transferred Ills  intei'CHt In tho Llla mineral claim, at Morn  ing Mountain.1 Nelaon Mlnirig Division:  You are hflrebynotifled that I"have expendod  Ythe suWofOne'Hundred and Flfty^Soven Dollars  in labor and improvements "upon "the ahbve  . mentioned mineral ���ftlitltoVIn' order to hold said  mineral claim under ithe.  provisions'*>ot   the  Minerol Act, and If vvltlllri ninety days from the  'date of this notice you fall or rlatuso to contribute  your proportion of such exponditure, together  'withallcosta-of advertising, your interest Iti paid  ' claim will becomo tho property of the subscriber,  'undersoctlori four'bf an'Actentitled "An Act-to  Amend theMineral'Act.lDOO."; . ���     "/ ..*.  DANIBL  HERB.  Dated this 12th dayof February,' 1901. *'..  \:.5';i^b'!ig4g^6^(te-.;'..:;.;f'. j  Notice is hereby, givon, that within Rlxty days  after the dnto of this notice,* "Tiritend to apply to  tho assistant comunlsaloner of lands ft-ndTVorks,  at Nelson, for.a lease of the" followiug described  land, for the* purpose of 'opening up and working  fltone-quarries, situate aboutr two: miiea in an  easterly direction'frbin the *.'City 'of"Kaslo,' West  ���KobtonaJr.Dlstrict:": ���',���..*.���,.��� f;-\   ,   ���.���;.  CommenClhg'at a pout planted on the lako.shore  marked*���" J. A. Knauf's N. W. corner,"-running  thence east twenty chains; tlience south twenty  'chains; thoKce'-west-twentyiBhainsj-mbre'or less  *to the lake shore; thence north along the lake sliore  to the point of commencement: and containing  ���'fortyacres monror less. i'-JwA'.'KNAUF,  Dated December 19th; 1900.      .  'BOOMB MOHTKD^Y EMCTMC1TT  ^aft.ffi_ATK��:-BTtOTiA__  -25.CKNTS TO 91  BAKER BTKiDBT. HBUSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heated wjth^jpt Air.      '  targe eomfortaUe beflrooms and .nrs^elMfi  dlnlnK-iooin. Sample rooms tor oonunerolal men.  i RATES *2.RER VDAY ,. ^  Limited.  CHARLES-HILLYER, -  _,�� "-'.' P^^ctt1.^ 9eAer*'." Manager.    .  t-.,i,   -'All'Oommunicattohs-to^be^addreBsed.toT  HARRY'HOUSTON,      ,  ���Secretary-Treasurer  either ofYtho above.  We are/  by Rail;  'to-Furnlsh.  :|yj^8^E,lC9iClaFKBs^PP0Pj  '      ''jJLTK OW THB BOTAX HOTKL. 0--QABY  Madden House  Baker wid Ward  Street.;-Nelson  -The only hotel ln Nelaon that<Kfc�� remained  nnder eneJxnanagemeii6''iiInoe MB0._ _.,..-.  - Thfr-bed-WimBarewell'fftrnlshedaWlUthtod  by eleotrlclfcy.    (  Tho bar la always atookefr-by tbe bait dom ���>,  ao fend Imported llquom ���nd<olg*n.  THOMAfl HAPPEN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. MoMANUSt Manager  Bar atooked with beat brands of wlnea, Uquore,  and?Cigars.,'Beeronrdraught. Largeooniforb-  able .room*.- Flwfcclaaa -tohlji boa A.   R. REISTERER & CO.  BBKWKRa AND BOrrtHBS OV  FINE LAGER BEER, ALE  AND PORTER  apg"e op Teams  -'    DIMENSION LUMBER      .  ROUGH and DRESSED,LUMBER  y        LOCAL and * COASTCEILING ,   .  ;     LOCAL and COAST FLOORING    ,-���     ;  ;,      ^DOUBLE DRES8E&COAST;,CEDAR   ;  J RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING, ,    .  PINE-and1 CEDAR'CASINGS  /DOOR JAMBS, WINDOW'STILES  TURNEDrWORK,rBAND-SAWINGr  , brackets;newelposts:;  turned veranda posts  : storefronts*  f DOORS, WINDOWS; and GLASS.  Get OupPpIoos.before ,  pupohasixicf elBewhepe.   t    t��aMf__M___________R-_-H-__-___----MMHfeain  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL STREET, C. P.^R. CROSSING.   MILLS -HALLSTREET^ WHARP,  * * ���   .   ii ��   ' i        i (  IV Bums &fe.  Hkad! Omen -at  NELSON, B. 0.  Wholesale and^Retai|���  Dealers in Meats  WHOLESALE TRADE  iERATED AND MINERAL WATERS. ;  rpHORPB'ft CO., LtMITKD.-Corner Vernon  ���*��� and Cedar streets, Nolson, manufacturers  of-and'wholesale dealers ln'-fera*ted"wkters and  fruit srrupa.  mineral'water.  Sole agenta for. Halcyon Bprlnga  Telephone 80.  ' AiSSAYERS'1' SUPPLIES."  tTT F.-TfiETZKIa 8c- CO.-Cbrribr Baker * and  " *>. Josephine stroets," Nelson, *whoV��ale deal  ers In'assayers-anppUes. "Agent* itWDenva  Plre,Clay Co. of Denver, Colorado.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS.  HJ. KVANS ft CO.-Baker street, Nelson  ��� wholesale 'dealers In" liquors, cigars  cement, fire brick and fire olay, water plp��i.aud  steel rails, and general' oommtsslon merchants.  8UPPLIE&  KlaKCTKIC   k      ION COMPANY       erdJn telephones, annnnriiatoriObel-i,"Jbatteries,  fixtures, eto.-; Houston blook. Nelson.  sK��^Ii  BLEOTBIOAL  [Al  SUPJPLY 8c CON-  NY���wholesalo deal-  P.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN - KER  MIIaLlNQ   COMPANY  .;-M^oreala,'Flour, Grain,; Hay. fBtralght-or  mixed oars'Snipped to all  Kodtenay Points.  Grain elevatord at all principal points on Colgary-  iEdmonton.R.R.  MilLs at Vlotoria. > New West  'minster, and Edmonton; Alberta. '  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.    .  .BUBNB Jb   CO.���Baker t street.   Nelson,  '-wholesale dealers In fresh and cured meat*.  Ooldatorage. ,    ..      .  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD 'tc CO.-Corner'Front and  ��� ** Hall ' streets, .--wholesales grooers r and  'obbers In blankets, gloves, mitts, boots, robbers,  maokinaws and miners'-sundries.  XTOQTENAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMI-  �����*��� TBI***���Vernon-'street, Nelson,^-wholesale  grooera.  TOHN CHOLDITOH 8c CO.-Fron^ street, Nel-  ��   son, wholesale grocers.  JY. GRIFFIN ft CO.���Front street, Nelson.  ���  wholesale   dealers   ln  provisions,   cured  meats, butter and eggs.  Markets at Nelson, Rossland, Trail, K-aslo,.Ymir, Sandon, Silverton, New,  D'enver,;Itev.l��toke, Ferguson Grand Forks/. Green-wood, Cascade City,'Mid '  -way,'and -Vancouver. ��  ' Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  Kootenay Butcher Co.  ' ALL KXNDB-Or  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOLHSALHAND RBl'AIL  FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Streetj-Nelson  E. C. TRAVES, Manager  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  H BYERS jc CO.���Corner Baker and'Josephine  ���  streets,"Nelaon, wholesale dealers ln hard'  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Co.  -Agents for Giant  Prompt and :regnlar  x 'delivery*to *l��e tta/Ie  Brewery aiHelson  A.^R.yBARROW,, AwM.LC.B.  PROVINCIAL  1MND SURVEYOR  LAND   NOTICE.  ���Notice is hereby given/- thaf' thirty days: af let-  date I intend to apply to tho chief-'commissioner  of lands aiid works 'for permission to' purchase  thofollowinK described -lands cabout two-inlles  west of the City of Nelson:. Commencing.at a  post mdrked W. J. Beaven's'S.'E. Corn'er-'Post  planted at S. W. cornerppstJof H.'-*8eIous'-|pUr-  chasecl laot 605, Group 1, on the high -water line  onthe'wesfc'6'arik'bfKf "���-���--'���������--   - -������             :<M>tehay'rlver,'the*hce'n6rth .  20,-hains, thonco- west 20chains,, thence south 20  '���'cttains.'-mbro'Or'less-to 'tiie"high1 wafer'line on  'north'ba6k;b{-Kootenay .river.; tbence following  ' Uio meandering bf the aforesaid fiver iri an oast-  '���WlrdH^itiori ��i) Chains itf6ro 'Otfloan .'to point bf  ootnmeircotnent. Containing 32 acres moro or  'tm. ..*���-������*������'-W.J. BKAVKN.  Sated at Nelson this Mtfa day of December, 1900.  "..' Corner Victoria and  ' Pa O? rtM-fi-Sfl.  r streets.  lONW WO. %  Scxme Grown  Fruit and Oi namontal Trees, Roses, Shrubs  ���Zr'i Vinos, Bulbs, Hedgo I'l-uits and Seeds.  Extra choico stock of "(?< acb, Apr'cot, Plnm.  Chorry* and-Prune Trees. Wew importation of  'flrst-class < -Rhododendrtftis, "Rosos, Cllmatus, *Bay  Trees, Hollies, etc.  . 80,000 to choose from.   No agents or commission to pay. No fumigation or Inspection charges.  Greenhouse plants, agricultural implements, for-  , tlllzerg,--beo .supplies,   eto.  Largest and, most  ''complete' stock in the province.-Send1 ���foi'**-cat-  -alogue before placing your ord-ers.  Address  % J. ijEIWY, -Vancouver, .B.'lC.  White XAbor Only.  nRnnmn rt mail ��wniritrHi nAKmsrira awd vroupv arnvmow  ��� -      1 a *f   i I '���    . i        ���   i i .  . -T^~  hassuAJsu isivaiiNBaRiiNQ works  OUKLIFFE '&  MoMILLAM  Founders1 and Machinists,'SpeoteiKy of Ore'Cars, Ore-Bin, Doors snd General Mining Maohlnery.  �� List of'second-hand'machinery on hand, which has been thoroughly overhauled and Is as good  1 2VH. P. Locomotive-typo boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on steam.  1 t��"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co.  1'Sinking Pump,,No. 5 Cameron,.New York.  T-AWRKNCB   HARDWARB    COMPANY  *-* Baker BU, Nelson, 'wholesale 'dealers ln  ���hardware and 'mining supplies,>-and -water-and  plumbers' supplies.  UQUORS AND- DRY GOODS.  mCRNBR,' BRETON '&' CO.-Corner -Vernon  * "and Josephine streeto,, Nelaon, wholosale  dealers ln.Ugupie; cigars and dry goods; Agenta  for vPabetf Brewing Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary.  - POWDER, < GAPS AND FUSE.  HAMIl/TON  POWDER COMPANY-Baker  street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,"  sporting, stumping and 'blaok-blaeU-K'POwders,  ��� ������       "   "    tin* *" ...  Of/a��uaaa_, Dvuaaayuj|  wholesalo dealers  blasting apparatus.  oops and fuse,'and eleotrto     i  , 1 Sinking Pump, I0"x6"xl3", outside packed plunger pattern.  - Watch "this' advertisement for further lists, or write us before  may <have just--what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.  'P.-O-'Box ��8.  you buy for complete list.  We  Stock carried.  THIRD  AVENUE,  ROSSLAND.  SMB UT -COSTS BUT ONE OBNTjgBMaab  OUR  ARE  To drop us a poet card that we may oalT and  Never have' any plumbing-done - until! you  live estimates.  It save* .many dollars,  have - seen our " gooda * and' ourv prices.  OPPOSITE.  pawiHunriOB.  STRACHAN BROTHERS. iPlumbepe.  reiley k mm  SUCCESSORSUTOHa-D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS'; AND   WOOD  WefflW.o  EXPERT HC*BS��3��0E1HC.  andci  bolte  :lal attohtton-given to jll kinds of repairing  fiopijcV-aslde| pplnU. -Heavy  ~g**&  ofi sbox( ndUoe;  P. J. RtTSSSELL  Buyer and EI��:pOk*er of  RAW   FURS  'Highest Prloes  Prompt Returns  ^Fftirt-Usort-miint  SASH AND DOORS.  ���M-BLSON.'8AW AND PLANINQ 'MILLS.  XI LIMITED���Corner Front and Hall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  In sash and doorst all kinds of factory work made  to order.  WINES AND CIGARS. .  California -wine- comp:an_-,  limi-  \J TED���Corner Front and HaU streets. Nelson, wholesale dealers in wlnea (oase*aud bulk,  (v-ort rtooiawWn'anil imoortdd elttarn.       -'*.*,,  ANTI-QHINESE RESOLUTION.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting1 held ou Saturday evening, December  22nd; 1900, all members of- Nelson Miners' Union  No. 96, W.'F. M., are requested to uso every  legitimate means  To Discourage the Enmloyment or -  Patronizing of, Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men and'others  who believe iii making this a-white' man's country, aro requested toco-operate in giving effect to  tho aforesaid resolution.   By order,  ���NKLSON MINERS'   UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd.  The above resolution has been endorsed br the  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men.-'and others iu sympathy with it, are  requested > to < govern   thoinselves   accordingly.  By order.  TRADEB tc LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON  Nelson, December 22nd.  Ship by EKprties.    ABOHI-'EOTS,  NELSON, B.C.J^r^��^^^^&. n
CAPITAL, all paid up...7912,0g0.000.00
> .rd Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President
Hon. Uoorge A. Drummond Vice-President
fi.8.ClouHton.....' General Manager
Baker and Kootenay Streets.
A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.
Branches In London (England) New York,
Chicago, and all the principal olties ln Canada.
Buy and sell Sterling Exohange and Cable
Urant' Commercial and Travelers' Credits,
available luany part of the wbrld.
Drafts Issued. Collections Made. Eto.
Saving's Bank Branch
stock.                                     Asked. Bid,
B. C. Gold Fields I       3 'J ,.; 2
Black Tail .*    -   11   *-.    9J
Brandon & Golden Crown   '     8 Y' 4
Canadian Goldfields Syndicate...         Ik ., ' 6}
Cariboo (McKinney)      '   34 j "SOj
Cariboo Hydraulic      163 1 S5
Centre Star      1 15 93
Crow's Nest Pass Coal    65 0<>    00 00
California              6 •* 4
Deer TraU Consolidated           31 2f
Evening Star >          7 • Bf
Falrvlew Corporation           2} 2
GoldenStar           2i 1}
Giant           4J -4 '
Granby Smelter .; '  .   ..    ,45 42
Iron Mask         42 35
Jim Blaine           9 4
Knob Hill      , 65   ' ,45.
Montreal & London*       5k "31
Morning Glory           8} >G{_
Morrison           7 6
Mountain Lion              40    . 15
NobloFive           4 2
North Star         831 84
Old Ironsides         75 60
Ohve  i         10 8
Payno          52 47
Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated...        30} 29*.
Republlo            41J «J
Slocan Sovereign          81 .   tit
Virtue        311 27
• War Eagle Consolidated         05 61
Waterloo                   2} 21
White Bear           4* -41
Winnipeg          lo 3j,
SuUivan               14* 13
2000 Deer Trail .- 9 23
2500 Republic               44-
1000 Golden Star.     .           ....              . 2
500 W bite Bear        -     . .. 41
2VM Hammond Reef        .*. ij
2000 Rambler-Cariboo               *. . .        . 30
"oOO^Big-Threo ".  1"
Paid-up Capital,
Reserve Fund,
Hon. Qeo.
A. Cox,
Robt. Kilgour,
London Office, eo Lombard Street. H. O.
New York  Office, 16   Exchange "Plaoe.
and 63 Branches in Canada and the
United States.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid up
'•*, "  "A-Large-Attendance. ' .-,-■_   •
The funeral of the late D. G. McKenzie, manager of the Arlington
mine-near.-Erie, -who 4died *af the
< v
Cottage "hospital-
mbrning,' took"place from" St. Paul's
Presbyterian "^church at' 4-; o'clock
yesterday •"afternoon. ' It -was one
of -the largest; ;if--not the largest,
ever, held f in - the _ city.. It -was so
well attended-> by friends^ citizens,
audonembers of the YMiners'VUnion
that nearly the'entire seating capa-
city~of the church was occupied,
which goes to'show how highly
deceased? was esteemed by.his-num-
erous friends of this city and com-
munity?while he was alive. **: "g
The funeral procession was formed
at'D/'McArthur'S' undertaking parlors on Vernon street,'and proceeded
to~the church.   The-procession-was
led by over thirty members ~of the
Odd Fellows' order, of which de-'
ceased was a member*.   Each_■ wore"
a spray of 'evergreen," a token for
a departed ■ brother.J-" iA.t' the right
and left of the hearse-..walked the
pallbearers, who were S. S. Powlerjj
Bruce White, George Kydd, captain.
Duncan/ G. 'O.   Buchanan1 and' H.>
■Byers.   Back of these came a number *of citizens, who were followed
_by about thirtj_of the men who_were_
employed at the mine and other
members    of   the   Miners'   Union.
There   were   nearly   one  hundred
'men in the procession. >
As the deceased's remains were
carried up the aisle " The Lord is
My Shepherd," was chanted by, the
choir. A short but impressive service was conducted'by Rev.' H.
Young of Ymir, assisted by Rev.
William Munroe, pastor of the Congregational   church   of   this   city.
;Rev. Mr. Young spoke from the
words " Set Thy House in Order for
Thou Shalt Die and not Live."
During the sermon he spoke kindly
of the deceased and told how he
had been -* respected and loved by
.all who knew him.' After the ceremonies the procession proceeded to
the city wharf   and   the   remains
(were placed on the steamer International.* This morning the body
will be sent to his family at Cin-
where the remains
rest in the Spring
cinnati, Ohio,
willjbe laid to
Grove Cemetery.
G. O." Buchanan of Kaslo, 1 who
knew the deceased well,' said yesterday: ''Mr. McKenzie worked in
my office at Kaslo from September,
1S02, for about a year, leaving to
give attention to a group of claims
in the Whitewater-basin. He held
this group for about three,-years
and then changed off to the B. N.
A. group on'South fork. He spent
his summers in hard work in the
hills and earned money during the
winter months and at odd times by
keeping books for mining companies, commercial firms and for the
city of Kaslo. Two years ago he
entered into partnership with Maurice A.'- Burke, and together they
assumed the management of a number >of" properties. ' Mr. Burke was
killed "11 months ago by ■'being
thrown from a buggy in which he
Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate
thi ee per cent,
Manager Nelson Branch.
wasdrivingc.down hill from a mine
in Montana.    " '* ;, :      :•.   '
"Mr. McKenzie was-appointed^to
succeed himrinj the* '-management'- of
the Arlington mine and for greater
convenience removed to-Nelson in%
the spring of* this'ryear.yMr. Mc-
Kenzie's home was in'-Ashland,
Kentucky, where his ^mother, to
whom he was devotedly attached,
continues to reside. Three -years
ago Mr. McKenzie spent a winter at
the old home and cleared off and
marketed the timber from a, tract
of land belonging to the family
estate; afterwards dividing it up
and selling the land. He was a
most painstaking and conscientious
man. honorably fulfilling * every engagement and expecting others to
do the same. He was a diligent
student of good literature. . Before
coming to British. Columbia he had
spent several-years *in the _ employ
of the Canadian government in the
'Northwest' asVprincipal of Indian
schools, where he is remembered b***"'
many of his dusky * wards with
affection." ,   *
'   ''     " 'D.RrWllkle, General -Manager. \
. * E. Hay. Inspector. -
Nelson Branch—Burns Block; 2El;Baker Street
J. M. IiAY.-rManagoa.
._mm_m«———-_.______._. ^M^———
- " .      ~ A .   't'
purchased shall be mode in-consequence of such
(I. This By-law shall take effect on*-the date
of the final passage thereof. .
Done and passed in council at the City of Nelson, on the day of ', A. D. 19J1^
aNOTICE. ' u
Take notice that the above is a true copy of
tho proposed By-Law upon which the vote or the
electors of the Municipality will be taken:-For
the East Ward at the City Police Court, on the
east sido of Josephine street, between Baker and
Victoria streets; for the West Ward at tiie office
of Ward Brothers on the north side of Baker
street, betweeh Stanley and Kootenay street*, in
the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth
dav of February,' instant,'-between the hours of;
8 o'clock a. "m. and 4 o'clock p.m.
J. K. STRACH\N, City Clerk. •
Nelson, B. C, February 5th, 1901. , L
Committed for Trial.
Ah unusual case came before
^magistrate-Crease; at-the'- police
^court ^yesterday morning.' Allen
McLaren, aii American prospector,'
Avho ' Was '"'arrested on Tuesday
morning, was charged" with rari
unmentionable 'offence. He was
arrested** by-> constable t Heavener,
who^'had^ noticed his actions and
was suspicious of the man. McLaren
was 'committed "jfor trial. He will
come before'Miv justice Irving this
morning.  ■ -,       i
a      , B-T-__.-__.-VST   _SrO-'--87/        ■
1     *-_,'"•
A "By-Law'to raise ?79,000.(Xffor lhe"prirposo of
paying off advance made by Bank^of Montreal on debontures hypothecated. ** *-
Whereas,<B>-Laws*-Nos. 68,1)9, 70, 71 and 72 of
the by-laws of tlie 'City of Nolsontbelug respectively a by-la w to''raiso-flj 000.00 to extend the
water works flystenva by-law to raise $15,000.00
ti extend and improvo the electric light system, a. by law to-raiso 9*20,000.00 to extend.the
sewerage system, a by-law to raise
$2100 to impiovo the streets within tho
city of Nelaon, and , a by law to. raise
$G**J0O.O0 for purchasing a roan-making- plant,
were duly passed, and debentures issued thereunder for the respective sums mentioned in said
by laws, 111 all tho sum of $76,000.00, but sald'de-
bentures so issued remain unsold.    .   " '
And whereas, said -'debentures so issued and
unsold were hypothecated to the Bank of Montreal as security for an advance thereon of
$70,000.00 for the purposes in the said by-laws recited. - , „
- And whereas, A petition has been presented
to the Municipal'Council of the Corporation of
the City of Nelson, signed by the owners of at
least one tenth ot the value of'the property in
the said city, as shown by tho last revised assessment roll, requesting the said council to introduce a by-law to raise tho sum of seventy-nine
thousand (879,000.00) dollars for the purposes of
pa> ing off the indebtedness to tho Bank of Montreal and interest thereon- for which said debentures are so hypothecated. >
And wheroas, It is deemed oxpodiont to borrow the sum of seventy-nine thousand ($79 000.00)
dollars (which Is the amount of the debt intended
to bo created by this by-law) for the puipo>e8
'aforesaid. ~~
And whereas, The amount of the whole rateable real property of tho said city, according to
the lost revised assessment roll, is two million
slxCy-flre thousand four hundred ($2,065,400) dollars.
And whereas It will be necessary to raise annually by rate tho sum of sixty soven and nlnoty-
f our ($67!M 00) dollars for paying the said debt and
Now, therefore, tho Municipal Counoil of the
Coiporation of tne City of Nolson, ln',counoll as
summed, enacts as follows:
1. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the'Corporation of the City of Nelson to-borrow,
upon tho credit of tho said corporation, by
wo) of debentuies hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or poisons, body or bodies corporate,
who may be willing to advance the same as a
loan, a sum of money not excoedlng on tho whole
Ilia sum of sevonty-nino thousand ($79,000.00)
dollars, and to cause all such sums so raised or
i uuolved to be paid into tho hands of tho Treasurer of the said corporation, for the purpose and
witn tho object hcielnbefore recited.
2. It sliajl bo lawful for the Ma} or of tho said
corpoialion to cause any numbor of debentures
to be made, executed ana Issued for such sum or
sums as may ba required for the purposo and
object aforesaid, not exceeding, howover, tlie
sum of seventy-nine thousand ($79,000.0'') dollars,
each of the said debentures being of 1 ho denom-
inal 'on of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and all
such debentures shall be sealed w ith the seal of
tho coiporation and signed by tho Ma}or
thereof. - ..   _
3. The said debentures shall bear date the first
day of April, A. D. 1901, and shall bo madepaynble
In 20 years from the mud dato lu law fill money
of Canada at tho ofllce of tho Bank of Montreal
in Nelson aforesaid, which said place of pa} ment
shall be designated by the said dobentures, and
shall have attached to them coupons for tho payment of interest, and tho signatures to the into'est coupons may be either written, stamped,
printed or lithographed. /
4. Tho said debentures shall bear interest at
the rate of 5 per centum per annum from the
date thereof, which interest shall be pa\able
semi annually at said office of the Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of
Canada, on the 1st day of April and the 1st day
of October respectively, in each year during the
curroncy thereof, and shall be expressed in said
debentures and coupons to be so payable.
0. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of snld corporation to negotiate and sell tho said debentures or nny of them for less shan par; but in no
cose shall the said debentures or any of them be
snogotinted or sold for less than ninety-live per
centum of their face value, including tho cost of
negotiating and Mile, brokerage and othor incidental expenses.
6. Thero shail bo raised and le\ied ln each
year during the currency of said debentures the
sum of thirty nine hundred andAfty ($3950,00) dollars for the payment of interest, and the sum of
twenty-eight hundiedand forty-four($2844.00)dol-
larsfor Iho payment of the debt due under the said
debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all tho
rateable land -m tbe paid municipality.
It shall bo lawful for the said
B'sr-Xi-a-'W^-'-sro- *ss_ *
'A By-law to raise $21,000.00 to pay off overdraft
due the Bank of Montrcal-and accumulated
> interest. -..   - > t
Whereas, a petition has been presented to the
said Municipal Council of the Corporation of the
City of Nelson,'slpned by the owners of at least
one tenth of the value of the real propoity in the
said city, as shown by the last revised assessment,
roll, requesting the said council to introduce a'
by-law to raise the sum of twenty-one thousand
r (§21,000)Wollars for tho purpose of paying. off the
indebtedness duo by tho City ot Nelson to the"
Bank of Montreal by way of overdraft and accumulated Interest.
And Whereas. It is deemed' expedient to borrow tho said sum of twenty-ono thousand ($21,
000.00) dollars (whloh is the amount of tbe debt
intended to be created by this >by law)' for. the
purposes aforesaid.        -** ,„
And Whereas, Tho amount of tho whole rateable real property of the said city, according, to
the la«t revised assessment roll, is two million
sixty-flvo thousand four hundred ($2,065,400 00),
dollars.     _ <
And Whereas, It will be necessary to raise an-
annually by rate tbe sum of $1806 for paying the
said debt and interest.
Now Therefore the Municipal Council- of the
Corporation of-tho City of Nelson in Council as
Bembied, enacts as follows:
1. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow,
upon the credit of the said Corporation,- by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned, from any
person or persons, body or bodies Corporate, who
may be willing to advance the same as a loan, a
sum of money not exceeding the whole, the sum.
of twenty one thousand ($21,000.00) dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised orv received to bo
paid into the hands of tho Treasurer of.- tho said
Corporation, for the purpose and with the object
hereinbefore recited.
. 2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor of tho said
Corporation to cau&e any number of s debentures
'to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum
twenty-one thousand ($21,000) dollars; each of the
said debentures being of the denomination of one
thousand ($100010) dollars, and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the corporation and signed by the Mayor, thereof.'
3. The said debontures shall bear date the first
'day of,April, A. 1)   1901, and shall be made
payable in 20 years from the said date, in tlie lawful money of-Canada at the office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelsun aforesaid, which said place
of payment shall be designated by the said debentures, and shall have attached to* them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signature* to the interest coupons may bo either
written, stamped printed or llthogiaphed.
4. The said debenturesJshall bear-interest at
the rate of 5 por centum per annum from the date
thereof, which interest' shall bo payable semiannually at said office at. the Bank of Montreal
in Nelson aforesaid, inlawful money of -Canada,
on the ifhst day of -April (and the lirst day of
October respectively, in oach year during the
currency thereof, and shall be expressed in said
debentures and coupons to be so payable.
1 5.' It shall be lawful for tho Mayor of said corporation to negotiate and sell the said debentures
or any of them for leas than par; but in no ■ capo
shall the said dobentures or any of them be negotiated ' or sold for less than niney-flve per
centum of their face value including the cost of
negotiating and sale, brokerage and othor inci
dental expense.
16. There shall be raised and lo vied'in each
year during the ourrency of said debentuies the
sum of one thousand and fifty ($1050) dollars for
the payment of interest and the sum of seven
hundred and fifty six1 ($756) dollars for the payment of the debt duo under the said debentures
by a rate sufficient therefore on all the rateable
land in said municipality. ,
' 7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council to re purchase any of the said debontures
upon such terms as may be agreed upon wi'h the
legal holder or holders thereof, or any part thereof, either at the timo of the sale or any subsequent time or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith bo cancelled and de-
stroyed,-and no re-issuc of debentures so le-pur-
chased shall ho made in consequence of such repurchase. , ** <
8,   This by-law shall take effect on the date of
tho final passage theieof.
Bone and passod In Council at the City of Nelson on the         day of                   A, D. 1101
—-—^ . ,—NOTICE.. = =-
Take notice that the above is a true copy of
tho proposed By-law upon which the vote of the
cleceors of the Municipality will be taken: For
the East Ward at the City Police Court, on the
cast side of Josephine street, between Baker and
Victoria stroets; foi the West Ward ln the offloe
of Ward Brothers, on tho north side of Baker
street, between Stanley and Kootonay streots, in
the City of Nelson, on .Tuesday, tho nineteenth
day of Febi uary, instant, between the hours of 8
o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. in.
J. K. S TRACHAN, City Clerk.
Nol-ion, B. C„ February 4th, 1901.
_3"_r-L___W  -STO.   89.
A By law for stopplog up and
streets and alloys In the City
empowering- tho Council''
closing certain
of Nelson and
to convoy   such
.   .... municipal
council to ro puich&so any of the said debentures
upon suoh terms as may- be> agreed upon with
the legal holdor or holders thoreof, or any part
thereof, either at the time of salo or any subsequent timo or times, and all debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be canceled and destroyed, and no re-issue of debentures so re-.
streets und alleys so stopped np and closed to
the Cunadiin l'aclflo Railway Company.
Whereas, It is deomed acnisaulo to closo up
certain portions of the streets and alloys hereinafter describod, within tho limits of tho City of
Nolson nnd to omit oy tho samo to tho Canadian
Pacific Railway Company.
And Whoreas, In the'opinion of tho council
such poi tions of streets and alloys aro not ro-
quhod for corporate purposes.
There'ore, The Municipal Council of the Cor-
Eoratioh of the City ot Nelson In council assem-
led enacts as follows:
1. That tho following portions of streets and
alleys within the limits of tho City of Nolson,
namely: Kootenay s'reot from its northorn intersection with Vernon street to the Columbia &
Kootenay light of way. That triangular portion of a street having no name, being bounded
on tho east by tho westerly limitof Stanley street,
on tho north by the Columbia 8c Kootenay right
of way and on tho south by tho northerly limit of
Block 64 and the lane or alley in block 61 from its
intersection with the westerly limit of Stanley
street to its intersection with the Columbia'&
Kootenay right of way, bo and the same are here-,
by declared stopped and closed.
2. Tho said City of Nelson he and--thoy are
hereby cmpowei ed to sell to the Canadian Pa
ciflc ilall way tho said portions of streets and alloys in tho next preceding paragraph descrlbod
and the Mayor and City Clerk aie hereby authorized to sign and seal a proper conveyance of the
same to said Canadian Pacific Railway and tho
said coudcII may accopt as pay mont therefor
either money or real property.
This by law shall take effect on tho date of the
final passago thoreof.
Done and; passed in Council nt the City of Nolson this day of 1901,
Take notice that the above is a true copy  of
tho proposed By-Law upon which tho vote of the
electors of the Municipality will bo taken: For
the East Wurd at tho City Polico Court, on tho
east side of Josephine street, between Baker and
Victoria streets; for tho West Ward at the ofllce
Of Ward Brothers, on tho north side of Baker
street, betwoen Stanley and Kootenay streets, in
the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, tho nineteenth
day of February! instant, between the " hours of 1
8 o'clock a. at. and 4 o'olock p. m.
J. K/STRACHAN, City Clerk.
Nelson, B, 6., February 4th, 1901,
Stock - Taking
I have, still a larger stock on -hand than I wish to carry, therefore I
will offer a^discount of 10 per cent on the price of every article.
° All. the articles are new and neat, and this sweeping discount
makes it worth your while to help me get rid of them.
_. r
OAKWARE     ,   y   ~
also all-the latest and. most unique .patterns nr
solid gold jewelry-'with5 and without**-settings..*
> - - -    - ,  -    *•        -   < - " '      '*    <;    ''        ..     ,-        .V.-S
*******************'*******. ,*i , a* ''*
JACOB DOVER, The a-eweW.,       *
■*' ..' -
Our Jewelry and Watch Department Is in full-swing. 'Hall Orders receive our Prompt Attention!
'     J    " * *-" ,"-*--' *     « ,     .
l > a   _.,... 1 ,
**""*"""» •3^,.55' «_S^ _5^ t-^*J^ v^vS^ v^0..^ r-^*^^^
J     "■ >
* y
,-<r   'Ir
t *••&
> j *i&
3    -W,*    V. f&Q
****************** _
'_ The census of'Canada will be frtken<in "April,- and the pop- '
nlation of the several incorporated 'cities Avill be'known a'short
time-afterwards.   The Tribune l publishes Daily- and Weekly,,
editions at the following rates of subscription by mail: Weekly,
' one-year $2; Daily, six months/$2.50;, one year, $5. - The Daily', A
is delivered in Nelson by carrier at the following rates:-Three,^f
months, $2.50; six months,'$5; one year',.'$10.   A large number"
, Of subscribers,are in arrears, and a large number of subscriptions*
are about to expire, besides a large number pf people in Kootenay i
and >Yale are' about to renew subscriptions for newspapeis for the <•
''year/^Ii^order^fco'make it an'object-for all these people to'pat- r
roriizaeTHE'Tbibunr, the following sums are offered'as prizes, on?,
.the following "conditions:    _ -
Canada«.".,; .*.\.- $100,
., British Columbia —,... ,26.
•Northwest Territories ... ,26;
.Manitoba .\ .„. - 26
Ontario  25r
Suebec ..;...; "T 25
ew Brunswick1 .'   25
-Nova Scotia ...'...,      25.
Nelson ...". .'.'$50
Rossland ..'.....*.."'. 26 .
Kaslo '• — ■"... -   26 \
Sandon   ..,....'....'..... .^ 25/ '-
Revelstpke.......(...'.... .J 25
Grand Forks ...."...'...".    25
Phoenix ...
The subscriber remitting $2 in payment of either arrears
or advance subscriptions to The Tribune will be entitled to give * I
an estimate on the population of:any two places in the list named "
^above; $2.50, to three*-estimates; $5.00, to* five estimates ; $10,' to
-ten estimates.;'Pill out- blank below, in accordance with above H.
terms, and remit-amount of subscription to     ', '   4
*  The Tribune Association, Limited  , \
\ .        y \ NBLSON.B.C.
Name ..'...
Post Office.
Province —". ' ;
Amount enclosed $.._  ',
Subscriptionito Edition of The Tribune
Estimate as to population of
Canada   . •
British Columbia	
North-West Territories
]  Ontario  	
Quebec  .**	
New   Brunswick.	
Nova   Soctia	
City of Nelson ,	
City of Rossland	
City   of Kaslo.	
City of Sandon  	
City of Revelstoke	
City of Grand Forks	
City of Phoenix	
City of Greenwood	
This offer holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.
Tuesday to Saturday
FEBRUARY .12-16, 1901
Under  tho Auspices of tho   Kootonay Curlln-jf
Asaociatioir (
For Senlon, Junior and Ladies'- Championships
of British Columbia
For Provincial Championships and for Men and
Coasting Contests Carnival Masquerade
$3000 in Tropfyes and Prizes S3000
Bate) of a Slnglo Fare for the Bound Trip on all
Railways.   F_r further particulars poo posters
and PK»(?roms or address      H. W. C. JACKSON
Secretftl-y Carnival Committee. Rossland, B. C.
*"   '■" -CANADA.'   ' -   "
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the' United.
Kingdom   of Great   Britain-and" Ireland,
Queen, Defender of the Faith, &o., &o , &c.
i To our Faithful the members elected to serve ln
73 the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of
British Columbia at Our City of Victoria.—
Greeting: ,,       '     ,
H. A. Maclean,        \"VTTHKREAS "We
Deputy Attorney-poneral:/ *»"    are ^desirous
and reBOlved, as soon as may bo, to meet our peo--
t pie of onr {Province of British-Columbia, ana to
ha\ e their advice in Our Legislature: -= •**>
"NOW KNOW-YE, that for divers causes and
considerations, and taking into consideration the
ease and convenience of Our loving subjects. We
hare thought fit, by and with the advice of- Our
'Executive Council do hereby convoke, and by
tbeso presents enjoin you, and each of you,, that
on Thursday, the twonty-ilrst day of-February,
one thousund nine hundred and one, you moot
Us in Our said'Legislature or Parliament of Our
said Province, at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE
DISPATCH OF, BUSINESS, to treat, do.^act,"
and conclude upon those things whichv in Our
Legislature of the Province of British Columbia,
by the CommonSCouncil'of Our said Provinco
may.'by the favour of God, bo ordained. ^
i*    ?   *       .   _7     * '   . ' "%-
In Testimony -Whkreok, We have "caused
. these Our Letters to be made Patent and the
Great Seal of the said Province to "be here-"
,** unto affixed:»-" *■.««      . ^ *,.      '     ,«.*.«.,
"   Witness, tho Honourablo Sir Henri Gus^
r   tenant Governor \of Our said Province of
,-.   British Columbia, In Our City of Victoria*; in
„    Our said Province? this -seventeenth day of
January,'in tho year of Our Lordf ono thousand nine hundred and one, and in the sixty-
,    fouithyear of Our Reign.
By Command.
J. D. PRENTICE, Provincial Seoretary.
XrELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 96, W. F. tt   -
*•* "M.—Meeis-in miners'■unlomrooms, north-   ■-
east oorner Vlotoria and Kootenaystreets, every
Saturday evening at 8 o'clook.~^VIflitlng mem -
ben weloome. M.-R. Mowatt, President Jame
.Wilkes. >«Secretary. xUnion So__k of W-eM '
for Nelson- District—Per'shift,   machine-*
men, |3.60: hammersmen miners. 93.25; muckers, .
carmen, shovelers and other underground laborers; 93 00. ~ a   r      ■
 ;  fX&l
mRADES AND LABOR COUNCIL.-T_eregu.-r .^~7-&ff
"L <- lar meetings of tbe Nelson Trades and Labor Y' " V %%
Council -will be held in the 'miners' union hall; s *, - tY's";
__*_,__. .    —       . . .     _ ... ,    ^jyj.
oorner ot Vlotoria and Kootenay street-Ton the   .
first) and  third" Thursday of each***month,-at*
7.90p.m.„G.J.-Thorpe,President). J.H.Matheson, Seoretary. • - -a ^ ,-i ;
■" —~——^^ >
"TIHB regular meetings of the Carpenters'Union
■*■ "are held on !Wednesday's evening >of-each
week, at 7 o'clock, in the MinersVUiilon hall cm-
nor Vlotoria-and .-Kootenay streets.L,Cba<Us
,Clayton, President.;'John MeLeod; Secretary.  .
i-DARBEBS' UNION.-Nelson Unlon/No. lae.^of'
■•-'  the International Journeymen Barbers On-'
Ion of America, meets every flrst and third Mon-    .-  ■»= «.
dayof eaoh month In Miner's Union Hall, corner*'/ ,> Was.
of Victoria and Kootenay streets, at 8i)0. p.m. V     *^t*&*g
sharp.,-jVisltlng  brothers cordially, invited', ta     *    "  '
attend.   R.'McMahon, president:"J. H.5Math =i£*-'i --v-ifsgi
-son.secretary-treasurer; J.C.Gardnor,recordings f *';c>J%|
secretary.*' . • - •>■■*,'*""■> "*—■'. '.'^i^SSi
T.ABORJJRavUNION.-Nelson-'Laborera'-Prij _
■" -teetlve Union: No. 8121, A. F. of L., meets in *
"Miners' Union hall. C. P. R. ^block, corner'of
'I'aker and Stanloy streets, every Monday eveniiig *
-at 7:30p.m. sharp. Visiting members of tne Amei(- '-i?
can " Federation *• cordially -Invited - to -attend. ,'
A.' -T. Curie, President.'   John.-iRoberts,   re
cording secretary.
Provincial Skcuki arv's Office,
-. 17th Jannai-y, 1901.
HIS HONOUR, th'i   Lieutenant Go\ernor in
Council, under the provisions of the "Land
Registry Act' has been pleased to establish at
tho I ity of Nolson, in the County of Kootonay,
a District Olllce for the Recording of Instruments
and Registration of Titles affecting real estato,
situato within tho County of Kootonay.
i The name of the said registration district shall
be tho Kootonay Land Registrat ion District.
■t Honrv Fry* MacLeod, of the City of Nelson, solicitor, has been appointed to pei form the 'duties
of the said District Offlco, which'shall bo open
for tho transaction! of business on and after the
second day of March, 1901.
By Command.     . '
J. D.-PRENTICE, Provincial Secretary. \
To Geo. H.  Lammeks, J. R. Cranson, or to
any person or porsons to whom he may have
1      transferred his inteiest iu the Harvey Joy
mineral claim, at Morning-Mountain, Nelson
Mining Division.
You are horeby notified that I have expended
One Hundred Dollars in labor and improvements
upon the above mentioned  mineral claim, in
order to hold said  mineral claim under the*
provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within
nlnoty days from tho date of this notice you fall
or refuno to contribute your proportion of such
expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your Interest in said claim wili become the
pioperty ot the subscriber, undor section four of
an Act entitled "An Act to Amond the Mineral
Act, 1900." SILAS H. CROSS.
Dated this 12th day of December. 1900.
AH mombcis of the British Columbia Volunteer forces recently returned from Africa, who
would liko Lo join ln forming a Guard of Honor
at the opening of tho Provincial laegislature, on
tho ?!st Instant, are invited to communicate at
once with the l'rovinclul Secretary.
Notice Is horoby given that John Cosgrovo
has mado application undei tho pro\ isions of tho
" Liquor Licence Act, 1*900," for a transfer of his
hconco for tho Vnlloy Hotel, neai Ymir, to A
Anderson, and that a meeting of the Board of
Licence Commissioners of the Nelson Licence
District will bo hold to considci such application
at tho Court House, at the City of Nelson, on
Tuesday, the tw onty-sixth daj of February, 1901,
at tlio hour of ton o'clock in the afternoon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Chief Constable's Olllce, Nelson, B. C,
11th February, 1901.
Mrs. D. B. Murray, graduate in vocal and instrumental music Is now prepared to receive
pupils for instruction In voico culturo, Italian
method, also piano and organ.
For terms and further particulars apply room
S. A. Macdonald building, oorner Josephine and
Varnon street.
-M-EL80N PAINTERS' UNION-The~ regular
x^   meeting of the  Painters' .Union"Is hold
the first and third Fridays in eaoh month at Miners' Union ball at 7:30 sharp. 'J. H. Millward.-.
President; Will J. Hatch, Secretary.-   - -       ^   ■
meetings every*' Tuesday evening at 8 30
o'clock, in Miner.' Union Hall, corner of Baker
aud Stanley streets. Visting'brethren cordially
invited. Chris Lnffc, president; H. Smelser, financial and recording sccietary.
172. meets every Monday evening in the
Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley sir-nets. al
S o'clock.   J.   D   Mover,   president; William
Vice, secretary, P. O. Box C1C.
' iJ-"M£l
.i A-itl
' VI
** *    ~———__      - (
NELSON LODGE, NO. 88, A. K. tc A. M
Meets second Wednesday ln oaoh month.
Sojourning brethren Invited.
25, Knights of Pythias, meets in I. O. O. V.
Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, every
Tuoeday evening at 8 o'olock. visiting KnbrhH
cordially invited to attend. H. M. VIncont C. C.
A. T. Park, K. of R. & S.
OOTENAY TEaVr NO 7, K. O. T. M.—
Hold their roguloi- meetings on the first and
third, Thursdays ot, each month. Visiting Sir
Knights are cordially invited to attend. G. A.
Brown, R. K.; A. W. Purdy, Com.; R. J. Steel.
-D. S. C^ *———^ ^-= —-	
TSJELSON L. O. h.. No. 1092. moota in L O. O. F.
•*■«   HaU. oorner Baker and Kootenay streeta,
lab and 8rd Friday of eaoh "month.   v_,m_,g
brethern oordlally Invited.   W. W.-Bradley, W
M , A. Minty. Raoording-Seoretary. »
The undersigned has been authorized by
resolution of tho city council to ask for applications for the position of chief of the Fire Department of the City of Nolson. Applicants will
slato ago, nativity, experience and whore,
whether married or single, und glvo recoui-
mondations from chlet of department where
now employed and from underwriters. Mark
applications: "Application for Chief of Fire Department." and address
J. K. STRACHAN. City Clork, Nelson B.C.
Datod January 2nd, 1901,
Notice of Application to Transfor a
Notieo Is hereby given that I intend to apply
at the noxt sitting of tho Board of License Coiu-
uiLsslonors of tho City of Nelion for permission lo
transfer m> retail liquor license, for tho premises
situate on tlio east half of Lot 4, Block 2, In tho
City of Nelson, and known as tho Grand Hotel,
to Gustavus Nelson. in«v m/iMPEnn
Dated at Nolson, B. C„
Witness: Thomas Svmks.
, this 3id day of January,
Notice of Application to Transfer a
, License.
Notice is horeby,given that I Intend to applj at
the noxt sitting of the Board of License Commissioners of the City of Nelson for pernupsion
to transfer my retail liquor license for tho premises situato on the west half of Lot I, Block 1, in
the Citj of Nelson, and known ns tlio Cluo Pot
saloon, to Thomas Sprontt.      G US. N KLSON.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 3rd day of January,
Witness: John Blomberg.
NOTICE.     *
Rossland, B, C, Novembor 9th, 1900.
To F. B. Salisbury :
Notice ia hereby given that I, William Grlfllths,
intend to claim the interests ln the following
named mineral claims formerly held by F. B.
Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his
share of tho oxponses of the annual assessment
work.   To wit:
A one-half (i) interest in the "Bunker Hill"
mineral claim.
A one half (j) Interestin the "Sullivan"mineral
olaim. . ,
A one halt (1) interestin the "Fidelity" minora,
All tho adjoining olaims, Ituatedon the west
fork of tho north fork of Salmon river, ln the
Nelson Mining Division,
This action Is taken under Section 11 of Chapter 45, of the stAfntPs of 1899 and amendment- ot
{Agent tor William Griffith-.
RH ��&*==  ���gy^g��Trf*a>T*gs?ffiffff_-,y^^'��a-a^^  THE TRIBUNE: NELSON, B. C._ THURSDAY   FEBRUARY 14 1901  ��� ��' ������-*������  P  h  h ������  I  ft  1*1 ���'<-  in  is-  I? ������  t,;  I .  L>  Ilk  If;  lit v  I  "1  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full  line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies.   The  quality  of our goods cannot be excelled  -,   and our prices are  reasonable.������^==-^*.  *  We are British Columbia Agents for       i_-  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH <Sc THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOCK NELSON,  B. 0.  The Nelson Clothing House  ..Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS.  Tn order to make room for Spring Goods. I have decided to sell for the noxt tilrty days all  ��� ',, ,1*V^ .ft-cS���3lv reduced prices. 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Zhe IRosal 3Bank ot Ganafca  from and after ' .  the Second day of January, 1901.  Halifax, 1st November, 1900.  E. L. PEASE,  "��� General Manager.  CITY LOCAL HEWS  Chief of provincial police Bullock-  Webster leave9 this evening for the  "Windermere .district on official  business/ He expects to be gone  about ten days.  Harry Howard, who was committed for trial on the charge of  attempting to do grievous, bodily  harm to his wife at Kitchener last  week, will come before Mr. justice  Irving this morniug to receive  sentence.  Owing to the operatic ball taking  place tbis evening the regular  weekly meeting of theTerpsichorean  Club has been postponed until-'to-  morrow evening. A full attendance  is requested as there is business "of  considerable importance to be' considered.  ' .    ^  T. B. Davey, a mining engineer of  Trout Lake City who has been in  Nelson the past few % weeks, expects  to/return home on Monday next.  His mission to the mining 'district  is to examine and report on a'pro^  perty for'an'Englislfcompany which"  is about to make a purchase.'.  -H-" J.' Phair,' who has been -tip--  pointed*; quarantine inspector.,for  the'Bonner's Ferry route, will .take  charge of,his." duties this morning.  He receivedl instructions from" the4  department at Ottawa yesterday.  Having an inspector on-this route  and also one on the Spokane Falls  ^Northern, eastern British,Columbia is" well guarded.   .-'   "   "'".   ''   '  ' "    "Rev. Shearer's Lecture.     -���-'*  .Rev.,J. G. Shearer, pf tlie Lord's  Day Alliance', addressed; a crowded  audience in, the" union hall last  evening. Charles J. Clayton, presi-'  dent of the Trades and Labor Council, presided. Mr. -Shearer in his  address'drew-'attention,to the com>  mon interest between the Alliance  and the labor organizations in reducing the hours of labor, and to  the beneficent results attending  such. In the course of his remarks  he admitted the necessity which  existed for the continuous operation  of smelters, but urged his hearers  to discountenance all unnecessary  work. At the close" of the address  a general discussion followed, in  which Rev. J. H.' Morgan, Rev. J.  H. White and George Gurd participated. '   ,___���_ Beanett-Spear. ____  . A quiet wedding took place at the  Congregational church at 8 o'clock  last evening, when Miss Ada Alice  Spear was married to Walter Bennett, both of this city. Rev.  William Munroe officiated." Mr.  Bennett was assisted by William  Dodds of Kaslo and Miss Jessie  McDougal acted - as bridesmaid.  There were .a large number' of  friends and relatives present. Mr.  Bennett haB been an employe of P.  Burns & Co. for the past year and  Miss Spear is well known and has a  large number of friends in the city.  After the happy couple left the  church they were given a hearty  reception and wedding dinner at  Miss McDougal's residence on Victoria street, where they will make  their home at present.  '  Those Who Can Vote.  Persons eligible to vote on the  money bylaws to come before the  electors on Tuesday next are those  whose names appear as property  owners- on the assessment' roll of  November last. This means that  all those who were entitled to vote  on the recent bylaw with respect  to the electric messenger service  can vote next Tuesday. For the  East ward the polling place will be  at the ��� police court on Josephine  street, and for the West ward at  the office of Ward Brothers on  Baker street. The polls will open  at 8 a. m. and close at 4 p. m. It  is expected that these bylaws will  meet with little or no opposition,  as the debentures to be issued do  not mean that the debt will be increased, but simply means that  enough money will be raised by  them to cover the other debentures  issued and also the overdraft at the'  end of last year.  THE LUMBERING INDUSTRY  -: " OfYBritieh Columbia.-^-*c.--;  J. Murray of Vancouver,- prpvin-  cial timber inspector for the Coast  division, arrived in--the city yesterday-morning 'and was.:during the  greater portion of the day in consultation with .the C. P. R. officials  on matters concerning the amount  of timber used in the Boundary  country by the company during the  past year.  - In speaking of the great lumbering industry, which is second to  mining iri "this province,,he" said  that during the year just passed it  had increased enormously. ' The  total royalty, received from the pro-,  vincial timber lands for ��� the year  1900 amounted to $101,000. This is  about '25' per cent in advance  of, the amount collected \n  any ���*��� previoust year. This ; illustrates Yhow , rapidly the industry  is increasingr-of late." More thi n  that amount was collected, but a rebate of 25 per cent is allowed to all  companies who' ship to foreign  ports.1 An act has been-passed -by,  Ithe - provincial, government--doing  away't/with'* the rebate "allowance*  after December.31,' 1900," therefore  it:"is''expected%that this .year^the  revenues- collected --will-^still^be  increased.7- '\y' . '--y. - *���  1 -Probably the ; company- which'  paid the largestiamou'nt of ���-revenue,  was the C. P. R.'-- At one time tlieyl  paid in $22,000,- and - since7- then  have - paid a ���" number - of * smaller  sums. -   -  '-The rate of the fees are. 50 cents  per,1000 feetfor;lumber,-25 cents for  each cord of wood cut, 25 cents per  cord for shingle timber, and 40 cents  per thousand feet for telegraph and'  other'poles,that are cut.     - x  In speaking'of the foreign trade  at. the Coast Mr."'Murray said that  the demand was exceedingly strong  but the shipments were light, owing  to, the high rate of- tonnage that  had*-to be paid.' The rates have  been advanced from about $7 -per  thousand feet to $14. ? This is causing many of the larger" companies  to hold their timber and now there'  is a considerable amount on hand."  There is a difficulty in obtaining a  sufficient number of boats for transportation purposes.' It is expected  that this difficulty-will be overcome  in the near future,and the lumber  export trade will be greatly increased. - "        , ��� -  -No large company opened np new  fields during the >year,"but many  smaller mills were built throughout  the province. Although an im--  mense quantity of timber is being  cut each year, the supply 'seems- to  .be inexhaustible.       * '-  Last Night's'Carnival.  The fancy dress carnival held at  the rink last evening in' 'aid of the  general hospital'fund was a success  financially as well as socially. Notwithstanding the large number of  tickets sold during the week, about  $90 was taken at the door. Besides the large..number of skaters  theie were nearly 200'spectators.  During tne early part of the evening "the ice waa'in fine condition  and all enjoyed' themselves. The  R. M. R. band was in attendance  and rendered good music.  The braiding of the Maypole was  the most interesting-feature of the  evening, and those ,who took part  did the work weft. They were:' Mrs.  Connon, Mrs. Akehurst, Miss Ciim-  mings, Miss Kyibcfi, G. Bell, T. J.  McCammon, R.-*-* Carley "��� and A. E.  Eskrigge.       ,    -   ."- ~    y  The prizes were - awarded as follows.: Ladies' costume, Miss S.  Tamblyn, as a Roman - princess;  girl's costume, Miss Tierney, queen  of -ftintei; gentleman's costume,  Mr. El well, as troubadour; boy's  costume, Fred Perry, as courtier;  most original costume, Mr. Nickerson, as Mrs. Nation; original costume, girl's, Miss Ferland, as the  popcorn girl. \  AttheBink.  An interesting. game_ of .curling  was played at'thejrinklist.evening,  and mAuy excellent throws were  HE-    -_z_S y_�� , H iT^S    Sc  _sr__tLso_sr  __:-__sxaO  B-A^N*_DO_Sr  STOVES I   STOVES I   STOVES I  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND iSTEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for tlie Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUN8 AND RIFLES ���  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION       , .  Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Sheet  TELEPHONE 27  made. The line-up of the rinks and  the result of the" game was as follows :  Principal Soady  Gno>eeJKydd  J. Dover  A.r. McCulloch  G. O. Buchanan     #.      W. W. Boer  H. B. Cameron, skip, 8. A. Gamble, skip, 9.  PERSONAL. ;  E. Mailandaine, a justice of the  peace of CreBton, arrived In the city last evening.  H. R. Stoddart of Ainsworth, and  W. Bennett of Erie, are registered at the Tremont. _ , .  - P.' L. Christie, a lawyer of Sandon,  Is in the city on business connected with the  Bupreme court.  R. Irving of Kaslo, manager of  the Kootenay Railway and Navigation company,  is in tho city. " '  W. F. DuB'ois, superintendent of  the Arlington mine at Springer creek, ia spending  a few days in tho city.  J. Wilson of Creston,.J. G. Shearer of Toronto, and Geo. H. Williams of Ottawa,  are registered at the Queen's,  E. E. Knowles of Ainsworth, S. D.  R. Fernie of Montreal, and H. B Smith of Ross  land, are registered at the Hume.  "James R. McRae of .Sandon, T.  Stewart of Mooaejaw, E. D. Greer of Spokane,  and W. P. Bassett of Victoria, are registered at  the Phair. "*-*��� ���- ,    -  George Boyd of Butte, YW. .Leslie  of the Chapleau mine, A. E. Short of Ottawa!  a id Hiram Williams of Oregon City, aio registered at the Madden Hou3e.  BUSINESS   MENTION.  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada."    .'   '-     i._-1      -     ,  Go t6 the Old Curiosity;- Shop if  you want to buy or sell anything*.     -_  p *  -^ Cash paid for scrap: iron7 brass  and copper.   Nelson Iron Works.''- s '-   ' -     ���'  v To let���Furnished rooms Jn Carney block.  Reasonable'i"rafe8.' '-if' -* - o'  Hack'calls left at   the   Pacific  Transfer barn, on Vernon'Street.    Telephone  -caiias. <_ ���    y   -_ -    %-y';    . "  For-RentyTwo fine-offices* centrally located. Apply to"'A. H.-Buohanan, Bank  of Montreal; _ ���"''���_ *, \    >    ���   "  Two large,.well-furnished rooms  to let. 1 and S Macdonald'block, corner Josephine and Vernon.      -  ���}>,, f f -     .. ~        -   _  ���Rooms and breakfast.;if desired  at 324 Josephine street, four- doora above Silica  street;Mrs. Blancy.-*i       ���    \~  Z Warited-r-Bbard'andJ lodging in  private family for boy attending school. State  terms to Fred Adie. Waneta. B. C.     -���  ' "Milk business for sale���The only  dairy in Fernin, 20 cows. iWillbesold at a-bargain.'  Apply D. J. Whitney, Fernie, B. C .  For    Sale   _Cheap���"New' cabin  handy to smelter. Apply to George F. Motion,  at Nelson Wine Company's store.  Wanted���A' few* first-class stonemasons and stonecutters on the Robson bridge.  Union.wngcs paid. Apply.at tlie work. John  Gunn. , _ -    i .     .    -   -  Continuous use.for over two years  is the commendation our coffee and tea receives  from inauy of our customers.' Kootenay Coffee  Company.      -  _^   ^ --    -      "'*        _    -  _ Try our fresh. roasted coffee at  25 cen la per pound, the beat value for the money.  Other kinds from 20 cents up. Kootenay Coffee  Company. .,      -   -. .  Complete life of queen Victoria.  Befit book. Best terms. Outfit mailed on receipt  of 15 cents. Address 8. C, Miller & Co , Portland,  Oregon.  For fresh candies, fruits, nuts, &c,  -cigars and tobaccos of the best brands,"call at tbe  Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker street, Miss A.  h. Klinkwitz.  Eight-roomed '.house, partly furnished, to rent in the Hume Addition, either to  one or fwo families. Apply Mrs. Hartwig, Hume  Addition.  It will pay you to read our ad.  in another column. Moderate prices and good  quality is our guarantee with each Item. Kootenay Coffee Company. **--  Wanted���Active,  steady   young  man tor porter at the general hospital. Apply  between 11 and 12 a. m. to Mr. Swannell, room  C, Turner-Boeckh blockr-  To Let���House' on corner of Victoria and Cedar ptroets. Six rooms, bathroom  and modern conveniences. Rent 9*20. Apply to  A. E. Coxhcad, noxt door on Cedar street.  For Sale���Moving picture machine  and storeopticon combined. Films eighty Boer  war slides. Every thirig oomplote. Never beon  used, Grcut bargain.- Apply "Picture" Tribune  otRce. f  $100,000.    I want a gold mine  netting $100,000 annually. Free milling gold properties wanted. Send price, terms, full report,  etc. to Andrew F. Rosonborger, Room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nolson.   Tolephono 104  Miss   Von  ^Der   Werth���Clair-  voj ant, palmist and card reading.   Gives advice  House for rent���Newly furnished;  good plumbing; convenient location. SnapB for  beginners. An opportunity to apply part of,  rent to purchase of furniture. Apply on premises to Mrs. Sanderson, Carbonate street near  Josephine, or H. R. Cameron.  For Sale���120 acres of first-class  agricultural and garden land, 12 mUes from Nelson on Kootenay Take Will sell in 10. 20 or 40  acre tracts. Price and termB reasonable. Apply  oi address A. F. Rosenberger, room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nelson, . - , .  The Prospector*** Exchange is the  only place in British Columbia where prospectors  can exhibit -samples of their ore to the mining  public. Send samples of your ore for exhibition.  No charges made for exhibiting your ore and  listing j onr property. Room 4. K-W-C Block,  Nelson.  Telephone 104.  Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.  I.. Professor of Opthalmology, Doator of Optics  (ind Scientific Optician, about those headaches,  pains in the eyos, eyes crossed or diverged, visual  defects on the iltting of spectacles that aro absolutely correct, at McLean's drug storo until February ICth. Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5.  T. W. Bain, chief of police, Revelstoke, in his letter to W. Harvev, F. O. M. C. I.,  makes the following statement: It is with pleasure that I testify to the exactness of the spectacles which you fitted for me, as they are much  better than anything that I have previously  vrorn and give me entire satisfaction for tho  purpose for which they wero adjusted; and I  take this opportuirity'wfc. thanking you; forttrar  assistance which you have rendered me.  It Counts in Results  The particular housewife wants  the best materials .for her cooking:  Nice Sweet Butter  i  Good Fresh Eggs  -  o  are.our specialties. They ensure a delightful freshness in  all you; cook, and attractive  daintiness when it is served  on your table.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  Thfe Leading Grocers.  Telephone 10 K-W-C Baker Street  Neelands Slide Ca  Two;Soiiils  ~1    '    ���    '    a  -Wlthbuf a-slngletthought,' 7  ,Togive best values ever bough  :..''-  YAU shoes'may look alike to some  people.:' Take our $4.00 and $��.00  shoes for instance. They, are not  just like other'shoes. 'They have.  got that swell, distinctive comfortable look about them.   ,  CALL  AND   INSPECT.  TT-ttrtltITTTTairrTTfaTaTlTTTaTaaTTrrrtTTTrTTTTlTTT,TtTTTITmTnTTTTTTTTaTT��,liallllMM_lrTItT  THE   PROSPECJORSy EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. W. C. Block,    :        NELSON, B. O.j, .       7:  Gold, Silver-Lead'and Copper MlneB wanted at the Bxehaago.- O'  ' Free-Milling Gold Properties wanted at once for Bastern Investors..  Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send samples of their ore to the-  Exchange for exhibition.   Wo desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising mineral  claims m British Columbia.    ' ~  Prospectors and mining mon are requested to make the Kxchange their headquarters when  in Nelson. .   ' ,    ,>    i        ���   -        .   . ' . ' '    "   ���   '  All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid.   Correspondence solicited.- .     ��� >   -Address all communications to _              ._,.,       . ,_^__ __ >_____ __.   Telephone 104 ANDREVy F. ROSENBERGER;     ~  P.O. Box 700 ���    _ ;    ,   Nelson, B..C.J  t".��.<|-., ]�� .l....lHllTlHIIlHIITTltITirHlllIlITT��TTTtTTTTITl��lIIIIIIITIIlTII��HHI^TltirT  REMOVAL  The Gait Coal office has been  removed to the Ward build-  iug, on - Baker, street���two  doors west O. P. R. offices.  A. full supply of Gait .Coal  now on > hand. ���'  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 205'    General Agent.  O. Wi West & Oo.  .COAL!      WOOD!  "__&��&  810.751 ��'sNMt   $6.15  __>__i--,i-sr-ii-a-HiP  AGENTS IMPKMAI. OIL COMPANY. Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied,  by cash.    rd1__^M.HaU     TELEPHONE 33.  Surpassing:  Display in  Fall Suitings  All'the fashionable creations  .in Fall and Winter wear are  included in my last consignment of ' Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker 8treet>.  FRED J. SQUIRE, Manager.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, C. E.  MINING  ENGINEER  rOMHfi_a5-*tefl? 10,"  K.-W.-C. Blook  NELSON  ARTHUR   GEE  _  ~   MERCHANT TAILOR.  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Large stock of high-class imported goods. A  specialty of .the square shoulder���toe latest)  fashion in coats.  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe Lamps  Now in Stock. They  Improve Electric Light  Fifty   per   cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  . & CONSTRUCTION GO. ..  Nelson, B. C.


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