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DAILY Epitid^|8Y^ MAli^
'<> . rX
i$mm m&&
Present at the Opening of
*■ „-'
.>- !
of the Crowd Were the'Cana-
dians of Strathcona's-Horso, Who
Arrived Yesterday.
.^London, February In.—The opening of.the first parliament, of the
new reign witnessed the usual'com-
petition on the part of-tho members
of the house qf commons:, to secure
, seats.    Despite the Arctic weather,
the members stole*up to the doors-
-of^the   parliament  house shortly
after-midnight^ J:/-N/* Johnstone,_]
Conservative y member    for v the
iiorthwest,Vr Horsham^ division* of
VSussex.lhavingjbhe-placeiof .honor
-at'the head of the-.group.,-'*By_day-
- flight]-'al score,~* of'* members t'had
v .assembled ^-anft^after ^tlmt^ the
_ 'arrivals eame^in., rapid succession.
"  At 10:30 o'clock" a detachment -of
i. Yeomen tfSf-j.the ^Guard- from" the
^tow^'^i-L^st-ieir'^quaint. uniforms-
and carryings halberts,' 'arrived and*
< fc conducted-the customary search of
• > .the vaults for imaginary Ycoaspira-.
, tors,..with*the usual results?-*   i-?y
-'   Shortly afterwards;troops>march-
-'-<ed up and {lined "the<.entire]] route.
> The^-tfaffic^waB stbppedcahd., the*
^crbwds;\^ereJdnVenJbehihdTthe lines
'Of soldiersyand'^police. ^ St." James-5
'" iPark.was.densely;packed, the west-
^genders/*crowding" together.^  ;The
spectators-'v were 'thickest^aronnd
- Buckingham f« Palace,' ^-pressing
against   the iron 'fence' for'hours
„ Ibefore  the "procession, started.'   In-
the ..meantime-the, Horse;, ..Guards
arrived and formed in-line, from
* 'the'palace entrance to the principal
•gate. r Tlie members ^pf the1" royal
family,   including .- the - duke  and
/ duchess of'Connaught, the ."duchess,
of Cornwall and York,*the* duchess
■of Argyll, the duke' of Cambridge,
princess Henry of Battenburg and
prince" and   princess Christian" of
\ iSchleswig-Holstein,**  drove -out in
> plain two-horse coaches  with' t'wo
" ibox half an  hour before the profession formed.      ' i
When the six horse coaches, carrying the household appeared, the,
.Horse Guards''mounted band struck L
.up "God Save the King." The
.people, uncovered and the state
•coach rolled out of the, arch way'
and was greeted with a. roar of
•cheering. 'The Horse ..Guards took
•up positions ia front and behind the*
> tstate coaches., The heroes of the
•crowd'were^ members of the Strath-
•coua Horse (Canadian- volunteers
.just returned from South Africa),
who came, iu' several four horse
•brakes, carrying their carbines aDid
-wearing informal slouch hats and
khaki overcoats. They alighted in
front' of the palace.,and marched
down the line to a position a short
distancefrom itr where they were
_ drawn .up while the , procession
passed. The king saluted "them
most cordially and the people __
cheered them "repeatedly. From"
Buckingham palace to'the house of
lords the procession proceeded without a hitch at a walking pace. All
along the routes the greatest enthusiasm -was displayed, and-the
approaches to the houses of parliament were black with people.
The king and queen quickly got
-out, of the state carriage at "the
royal entrance and went up the
marble stairway into the robing
room. Outside the robing room, in
the royal gallery which leads to
the house of lords, were about 500
persons, chiefly women, who had
been waiting patiently hours on
stands especially erected for the
ceremony. Among them were disconsolate peers and commoners who
sought sympathy for their hard
luck in being unable to get places
jn the chamber. _ „ ,   '
The king was delayed iu the rob
ing room and the Yeomen of the
Guard and gentlemen-at-arms lining
the aisle between the standsehif ted
their positions uneasily, f Then the
robing room doors swung open and
the procession as previously formed
moved slowly through the dingy
gallery. No., funeral vcould. have
been quieter. The aristocratic spectators were perfectly still.*;   "* -»■"•*--■»
Slowly thOfheraldsf marched toward the upper chamber and the
sight of an usher * walking 'back-*
wards heralded the approach of the1
^kirig/' The - duke  of. s peyonshire,.
"president4*'of tbe-council,.immediately preceded him^carrying Whiff
arms the cushion on whicl/rested
the*/ crown1; -1 Lord' sDondonderry
with .. equal   dignify    clasped   the
sword-of stater- Smiling genially,
the king bowed right and left.   He
never*;,.looked ;better.t\~His 'huge
ermine. _cape - gave  "an " 'enormous
breadtli to his shoiilders arid'set off
the healthy color of his face. '*-,*-*
Queeillfeifeals-M wea-in,^
an eri^&ojjl^pf^wa-jth a small
ablejcpntrast tolS^SS^gd. a-The
pallorlof her"face and heisaowncast
eyes enhanced the idea of mourning
given by "the long crepe veil -hang-,,
ing down her back and-hiding' the
costly ermine. .''The ,ladies of the
"chamber, ^walking £-two '^abreast,
^directly behind and^ deeply veiled;
added a touch of sadness to, the
scene. -This was, quickly ."dispelled,
however, by the glittering uniforms
of.the'gentlemenat, arms and high
officers 6_ tlie'^rmy.yt "-"Z777y~
Before the end,.of the procession
had'passed out of-the'royal gallery
*the king'had'"* entered ^the -house_of
'fords and;the central fea_iire of~the^
day-commenced. "It jwas 2:15Jb'efore
the" king' arrived in "the. chamber,
where   one. of   the   most"striking-
things .was 'the^curious,reversal.of
£the customary appearance^ of ^ the
^sexes."  Hereofor% ohce^ttie womsn*
were*' somber-looking^' iri"iblack*- re-j
lieve'd only by their'white armsand*
?shouldersf-and- the diamonds "and
•pearls in their" coronets^,while{ tHe^
with brilliant robes of ^ scarlet]Wdp
ermine.   -The1 peers," bishops J and
/judges occupicMl the*front benches.
The ^monotony of <-this"xsea 6f?c'red'
and white was\"Varied rby the-uni-r
forms of -tKe'ambassadors jvho,„sit-"
■ting-on the bishops'-bench, with
their sashes'- of blue; crimsbn~**rid
'green of all 'sliades, made a welcome
change*. --   " -tV:';- ]v   _^7 >& """ (
The United "States "ambassador,
Joseph   H.  Choate./as^usual,'was'
prominent onjiccount of^ his'plain
evening dress.0,He was accompanied
by J. R. Charter, Jthe second secret
tary'of the United States embassy,
and W.-„ Bayard ' Cutting? ."the' pri-
ivate secretary of-the] ambassador,
-similarly attired.v Mrs. Choate -was
with the ambassadors' wives. „ ""
All present rose'aa the royal pro-,
cession "entered, thankful, that the'
long wait was^over^ahd, all'-eyes of
this house of peeresses, as it was
dubbed for-the occasion, centred on.
the queen's dress, which it-]could
be seen,"in spite of the ermine cape,
was   of deep black and   glittered
, with jewels, while across the breast
was'the ribbon of * the Order of the
Garter, her husband's 'latest  tribute.   v, _,f ^ ,    . '
W-hen their1 majesties reached
the throne the lord chancellor stood
on the king]s right; on the queen's
left"was* lord tLondonderry,. while
lord Salisbury stood at;the foot of
the throne. In tlie chairs were tbe
duchess" of Cornwall t -and York,'
princess Charles of Denmark, princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
and the duchess of Connaught, Fife
iand Argyle. The dukes of Con-
' naught and Cambridge stood near
lord Salibsury. .
With a motion of his hand the
king signified that the'distinguished
gathering should sit and the queen,
whom his majesty had gallantly
led to the throne by the hand, was
the' first to do so. ' Her example
was followed on all sides.
The gentleman usher of the black
rod, after a deep obeisance, hurried
to the house of commons, and after
a few minutes the speaker, wearing
his state robes and attended by the
sergeant-at-arms and * chaplain,
appeared at the bar.. Behind them
surged the members of the house of
commons. Seldom have Great
Britain's legislators presented such
a turbulent spectacle. Several hundred of them struggled fiercely to
get'in a space which could scarcely
hold fifty persons. In solemn tones
the lord chancellor administered
the oath, with the king sitting.
The lord chancellor, then kneeling,
handed the king a roll, which he
signed, after which all present
stood up and the king put on the
field marshal's plumed hat, rose and
in olear  ringing  tones   read hia
'tbere^ensued a rush
House of-lords
^speecli.y ^He /]|lien Tv!nrhed^to;>;tHe
queerii-vhelped Y ji^ib^'YriseiwadUed:
•her put. of the chamber preceded, by
'the-procession tErpugh; the 'rbyal
gallery again and "into the robing
room, a from whicht' within .a few
minutes they emerged, entered the
state carriage and drove away amid
a tumult of cheers-to Buckingham'
palace.-^ - -      *   '*   ';    V
After thisef'yy* ~^
and scramble*" in"the
->without^precedent in the history of
Westminster.-" The crowd"" in ,• the
"state gallery poure/lanto the chani^
ber.x*' Peers 'and -peeresses struggled
to get^out .'and otheiv,members of
the nobility,-1 less' luckyrwaited to
see ■ the, place iiijwhich' thet,greftt,
ceremony had "been' held.' Almost
half an hour elapsed before the confusion "was over"* and the distinguished people were able to.find
their carriages and^return homei^*1
t"> <«<^ i" 1—TT*-= T"^y cJII^ '
FiKht Probably OC
Cincinnati, "February   14.—The
conference of the promoters of the
| Jeff ries-Ruhlin cpntestclosed shortly
.before 6 o'clock.'" It was 'announce^-
-that there, would»'be_no^contest-to-"
morrow night, and  that   another
conference would be held tomorrow
"afternoon for more definite action.
The fact that^the event,-was''"".not
postponed to anytdate'is"cbnsidered
by some 'to mean^ttiat the forfeit
is under consideration. .     -~ ^ ^ -"
' V-.>-   t. *-*•-  —s *i— *
Allowed a Foothold,
. ± ^    ___  x J-. \*~
rTJnited States, to buridss aiid; deitri- t
^en^Probably the - most efficient ]
Tineahfthat]; thejYgpverhi^n^bouldf
employ to prevent sucli an: ] uhde^
sirable condition of affairs "would
be to refuse the application for a
charter for the railway by which it
is proposed to "tap the coal fields
from, the United States; but should
even . this prove inefficient regula-
tious'should belramed which would
prevent" the   export^ of any*East
Kootenay] coal v until'"all   demands
made by'the industries]of ,the" pro-
vince'haye been met.""'    * "*       '~~*
-y- -»-.
■*>*■--a-t. *•-*
*" -%     y^/r 7'r-\ a
-- . - y/.s \- m
J.,Campbell?Thibks the Dominion
aoyerninent" Should  Protect Y .
—^     *».y
.Local Interests.
'.."■' "Three to Nothing.
\ Moyie, February 14.—[Special to
The ^yTribiinel^^^-The^s- -Cranbrook
hockey' team'defeated'Moyie 'here
today by three},toJnothing..' Three
hundred people witnessed the game,
;which-was,a?hot dne-ifrom^ start,to
finish/ -\frjA$   n&te i \\ 'r-.i x :
•_The views of.J."J. Campbelh mari-
agei'^of  the -Hall 'Mines  smelter,
upon the smelter phase of
■ ^
,,«,-*-<     *l
*,n yry *' *■■<_ , -__  i.
'■^"•-'   buxibe ,OTOHTl,,.r
-Va*   ft '
♦•»> r-*i^v
X >
Rae of Nel-on'His
^" Winning I Nine
'Nelson vs.-' Phoenix'Todayr
* % __■»_. »-_^; t ^j£s * "^y*      - * - —"- *^ **■— * - J
■    j-        *v
Done Great-Work, *
*°" *- -r^   -"^ a.
Out 'of -Ten—r^ *
J^..— «*.-
. Rossland; February 14.—fSpecial-
to"" The- Tribune.]—Today's -^trains*
brought in a large number of visitors andv tlie -streets-are, crowded
with'the residents of near-by towns.
As,the senior Sandon team did not
put in an* appearance, a fresh draw
became necessary-to fill,.the- place
for, v-yesterday**i" afternoon ^arid a
scratch Rossland team was ~ gotten
(together to play the Sandon juniors.
In the'strict, sense of the jvordr
.perhaps, .many of "-the players on
both sides could scarcely be' called
juniors, as several of the. Sandons,
notably- Cliffe- and > Crawford, had
played with tflie_ seniors.   On the.
home team McCreary as goal won a
name for himself last year. The
game was an exciting one and was
won by Sandon by a score of 5 to 0.
The Sandons played a good combination game. Most_pf the passing
was done by- the Sandons from'
wings to center and in the center
forward.   -
_ „The-home juniors played .hard
and almost; scored on-several occasions. In the curling there now remain in for the grand challenge cup
Rae of Nelson,'who is to play off
with Cranston * of Rossland; in the
Walkerville Hall of Sandon is to
play Grey of Rossland; in the Oliver cup Rae Is to play McEwen of
Rossland; in the Tuckett Hood of
Sandon is to play off with Cranston.
In "the Hudson's Bay Sandon has
been defeated. ~. „ i t • , ■ >
_ Rossland, February 14.-11:30
p. m.—Rae's rink now has been in
three finals—Hudson's Bay Cup,
Grand Challenge"* and Oliver. He
has won nine out of ten. Tamblyn
was knocked out in the Tuckett by
Hood of Sandon. Richardson defeated Revelstoke in the all-comers.
Rossland defeated Revelstoke in
the hockey game 6 to 1. "Very fast
game. Ice is vei'y heavy. Curling
continues all night. Nelson plays
Phoenix tomorrow night.
Weyler in Command.
v Washington, February 14.—It is
stated here that, owing to the in-
ability-of the civil government of
the province of Madrid to maintain
public order, full authority in the
province has- been turned over to
captain-general Weyler. It has
been found expedient' to declare
martial law, and general Weyler
has occupied all of the most important points of the city with his
the rail-
way]struggle-ih-East .Kootenay'are
very pronounced^ In a few words,
-he regardsNtheJentrance of the Hill"
rail way; system> into the coal fields
at Fernie 'as;inimical to tliejriter-,
-      "■* c   *-   **.* -
ests.of the smelting.industry of the
province.-^ r^&vl-     *   .    *     ^
« In an ,-interview with aJTBiBtrN_T
representative yesterday Mr. Camp-
bell, in discussing'thesituation, said:
"It is-well 'known? by all that-the
^■J'*** - }.     j* -. •/i"I«'*-"-* a ---'«'
1 openmg^up\|ofythe^ coals fields of:
EastT, Kootenay^-] which ^ rendered-
available the .present supply of coal
and coke'Yfor.thessmelters'^df rBrit-
. ishr^ColumbiaV^was ^instrumental
largely in\- reducing^ the treatment
^charges ^ .upon ^.~ the ^cppper^ ores.
lot] * tti& b'province^rand ^also^in
"renderingiit1 possible t for «the" local
smelters '„to_" compete, Ywith _the--
United States _in~the reduction5 of
the lead-ores--of ',the,_Slocan:yThat-
this competition on the''part of-the
local  ^smelters '- has. been7 of  the,
greatest benefit to the mine owners
of the^province,"ii clearly - demonstrated .hy  the present.- smelting
situation^which is being^so- freely
commented upon."   And' it is generally]] appreciated now, that' were it
not" for'the   fact\that^the local
smelters,' taking advantaged pf "the"
situation, have equipped-theraselves
to some extent so as to' be" able to
handle at least a portion of the out-,
put bf the lead mines,^that with"
the American Smelting and Refin-
ing.Company'refusing .t» make any
lead'purchases, the majority of the
lead producing mines'.would before
this time have been obliged to close
rifwwr-n     r       '. **—       -
Speaking Yin a general'way.as to
I the future bf the lead smeltingin'-*^
Industry, Mr/ ]Caiiipbell"tookr*a1yery
vh6peful view/ 'HeY-agr^fed'wit^the
jppinion.ex-pressed by.GI.O. Buchanan', that^the siipplyof- dry'ores'for
fluxing 'would TrespondwtoxthveJde-
mani]., He^explained that there is
Hat" present], nongovernment .assist-
"arice whatever extended to*the lead
smelting—industry,''  the  'original
bonus upon the' basis of 50^. cents
per] ton   having   been- allowed "to
fap8e.ySuchca bonus would 'Joe" of
someassistance to I the industry,ras
50~cents'pef ton "might ,-mean' a difference ..between' profit and'lpS3>in
lead smeltjng,,;but as'to what measure of^assisjbaiicejHTie^gdyernment'
__ shouldf^xten&^Miy Campbell /de-
clined to express an opinion^'" * '
a-_              J"*       ---        »    .  I     . f-P ,    ,
t <■        — _ ; ;_        r      i ,
-I '7.  To Be.Traffic^Maiiager.:^'''!^
. n Montreal, Februai;yn 14.^rA-.re-
jport; is-r'current in ^railway, circles
here that FrW. Jones, manager 'of,
-a lumber concern 'at'Gplden,] British
Columbia,/has . been]/ offered ^the,
position^ of ^ traffic" manager of the
Canadian*- Northern*; rail way, with"
. headquarters "at Winnipeg.'' Cc"
S' i-l i«
rip '
'■" '^   '"\J
Lord ^Salisbury^CompMea--the   _
V9.ign7in South-Africa With" the
.'American Eebellion.
" Anotlier feature of the situation
which has presented itself is, that
with the rapid growth of local mining and smelting, it has been found
difficult to obtain a sufficient supply of coal and coke from the
-Crow's Nest Pass Coal, Company!
This fuel shortage has been for
some time past a cause of very
great anxiety on the part of the
smelters, and it seems ;,plain that if
anything -should happen ~> which
would divert any considerable part
of the Fernie coal output from the
smelters of the interior of British
Columbia there would not be a
sufficient supply for smelting purposes. And, since the, .opening of
the .present source of/supply reduced smelt<ng charges, it follows
that if the old sources of' supply of
coal and coke "have to be looked up
it will mean a considerable increase
in the present smelter treatment
"Having in view the fact that
the concessions at present' enjoyed
by the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company were originally given with
the view to stimulating the development of the resources of the province, it is only "reasonable to expect that the federal ^government
will in the present emergency take
such measures as will secure to the
country the fruits of this policy. If
a condition is created at Fernie by
which there remains no coke or coal
available from the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company for the British Columbia smelters, the fact that the
price is fixed at which the company
must sell to us, will be of no use
whatever. In my opinion it is the
duty of the government to take
such action as will prevent the
natural wealth of the coal fields of
East Kootenay from going to build
up    Industrial   interests   in   the,
Lonl^n;] February 14y On j the
resumption bf business in the house
'of Jords the .lord''chamcellor read
theJdng's speech and Y the^marquis
of -.Walford, Conservative, .moved
the address-in reply.—He is, perhaps, the youngest" member to
whom ^the honor has ever been
accorded. Lord - Manors^, seconded
the mption. 'Lord* Kimberley, the
Liberal leader/after complimenting
the mover and seconder of the address, said the house needed no f ur-
» s , ■»       ' an   .r
ther assurances that the king would
follow in_ the footsteps pf his
mother, and proceeded-"<to express
: wliole efforts of; JthatY^iw^Yintelli
gent and most efficient Y(epmmiinitjr,
thei*,warbf secession to a final "and
successful issue.   He would be glad
to hear lord Kimberley repudiate
'all, idea, of asking the government
to alter its   conduct  toward** the
enemy.. It was the business of the
"government to put its whole' heart
and strength to the"task before ,it.
A not'numerous but noisy Y faction
tried,to ^makOjout that ,thej_nglish
people were not liearty^uppprterspf
the war, and urged the government"
to adopt action' short of' what % was
implied in carrying thetoperatiohs
--to' a successful issue.-' If the enemy
twere allowed.to retain .any portion
of their" independence, it would 'involve incessant continuous Svarfare.
Unless ' the' British" were masters
and-conquerors of these 'territories,
there was no hope of abidingpeace.
rWhat the country should' do. with
the power when obtained ,'was an-^
other question;    -    '   * ""y ■*' ( '
tr It was'perfectly obvious that the
' firsfpurpose "-toLwhich 'jthe'? enemy
wouldsput_ any- powers .granted
them,would be to accumulate new
'forces^ and new' arms 1 to" 'await"a
fitting'pccasion "for'-'a new* attack'.
If -"Great' Britain . slackened •**- her
efforts it*., wouldr be- an'javowaHtb
„the„world that her frontier^could
vbe;invaded' in the\most Insulting
manner and that ,the empire was;
p'owerless to>effectively>resist it." If
■ lord /Kimberley '"could .impose * his
opinions on*.his~?party^ generally, it
^wouldibela great,Advantage ~tb tbe
empire^- asrit"   would - dispel '•* the
impression in South Africa Athat an
important party-movement in their
favpr..existed in*this»country,.' and
it; would help to bring tb'an end;the
p.insaue. resistance which\was^bring-
ing desolation ynd miseryI'tor two
Iterri'tSries/ %*':;'g'Jl * ^ >*<~ & i
/,f-The''address waV^agreed yto^and
v their - lordshipsjf/adjourned ^until
'February-lSth.^i'^Js-^ y^**-- '^i
M ~^"tr,   * r'-r!*-    *£"-■   ■' .      V:     '"■ ,:'~.   -'nrS''Vl'***f~i^-'JfS*is
' *■ '""*' " '"'MsfsS
The Dignity ^ofHlfe King's
'*' position BequbNa^lCL^'
r^i^ a
■*-—. — - "'-
~ > *. --,
'     '-rtrTi-J' -2i- >^ *. > T-x^ '
tTtf X^?0'~TBB« PB0NT.%t
'4>_- -J
Behavior/ ofjFthev„ British » Troops' in >Tf „
"   {-C-*-?,*■**,. «*^ .
Exemplary./, *-.*■>
-      *-a, "/-a   <J.
*     *i   •T-'i'z.
■*    \ j?
'- ¥• i    "'*>
. -^■fjtN'-v^ _,Z
*"*i.-**"V ^r *
. - London, ; February.. 14.—In; the^-^
hpifse of commons today" MrCH.^W.^'M
Fprster, Conservative,.°moved!^ the u£' ^
address in reply tb"thVspeecii froml'^i
the \oha,^jt ^^^^j^:pfm
Forster:said~he Sloped, tliatvthe ^-^
«    -1 t^f   i-.-^i , Sail'- *i.'^L''*^c      »*4>*.*''     v_'"1    _ V**«<
house^would remember tHeldignity*-1*,^
of the:king'8^pbsition/andd '"".5^
eroiislyiwith the civiUisty" 'f^C^rM*
dissatisfaction with the conduct of
the war in South Africa. He said
the present ^ conditions filled him
with apprehension. The government had been living in a fool's
paradise. Unless they enabled
general Kitchener to speedily terminate the war the situation could
easily become more dangerous. If
the government attempted to put
the whole military system on a
more satisfactory basis they would
receive every support from the
Lord Salisbury arose and added
his congratulations to the mover
and seconder of the address and
proceeded to refer to the manner in
which the country's loss had been
received throughout the world.
Continuing, lord Salisbury said the
country could now hope confidently
that the promise given by the king
that he would follow in his mother's
steps would be fully and abundantly borne out. If so it would be
the greatest triumph for the principle of monarchy and for the name
of the British union. Dealing with
the war, lord Salisbury thought
there was nothing unusual in the
length of the campaign. He referred lord Kimberley to the Indian
mutiny and the American war between the south and north. Iu
these and the South "African war
there was a resemblance. In Bosnia
it took two years and the whole
power of Austria to conquer the
peasants. Where great enthusiasm
and persistency existed in a country
like South Africa, months must
elapse befoie tranquility could be
restored. Therefore, he did not believe there was any real ground for
the discontent or apprehension expressed by lord Kimberley.
It   was   four years   before   the
•v   '"'^'f-C^.^i'',
<r7-j- Toronto.—;The vVterans.bf^lafOO
,last night presented colqnel, Otter;
with]a handsome" field officer's clress**
sword suitktily^engraved/"" -"J.^ITZ ."
50V a 'corporation'-'laborer,'^ despo*Qd-y"
rent because an 'injury £to?his,Ywrist_
prevented(hitn from- working,,took,
carbolic acid .yesterday afternoon
with fatal results'.  ^  - "'*. $_
" St/John, New' Brunswick.—rNew
Brunswick is suffering from one"of
tlie worst snow blockades in history.
Prince Edward Island is completely
shut off'fromx communication with'
thejoutside world.        » ' <
, Montreal^— W. B, Ross of Cape
Breton/is '"in the city today. He
says Cape Breton will require 3000
men'from the outside to supply the
labor demand next, season. The
country is enjoying the greatest
boom in its history.
Toronto.—Cities in Ontario are
restricted by au Ontario statute
from spending more than $5000 per
year in entertaining distinguished
visitors. In view of the approaching visit of the duke of Cornwall,
Toronto is applying for leave to
spend more, which will be granted.
Toronto.—A Guadalajara, Mexico, dispatch says that J. B. PowellJ
whose home is in this city, was assaulted and robbed by bandits
while making the overland trip
froth Union Deeula to Joachitlan in
the state of Jalisco. Mr. Powell
represents the Canadian Investment
Company in Mexico.
Toronto.—Insanity in Ontario,
notwithstanding all efforts to provide the most modern curative conditions, still continues to increase.
At the end of 1000, according to a
report just issued by the Ontario
government, there were,4498 insane
and 654 idiots in various public
institutions,'an increase of 08 over
Ottawa.—The government has
arranged to receive a deputation
of the Canadian Woollen Manufacturers' Association next week.
The deputation will comprise re-,
presentatives of 92 units. They
seek such-amendments to the tariff
as will offset the' effect in the
woollen industry of the Dominion
preferential duties in favor of
Great Britain.
Toronto.—The metric system of
weights and measures was very
heartily endorsed by a large and
representative gathering of professional and business men at a
luncheon of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association here last night.
The association favors a conference
being held of representatives of
Great Britain, the United States
and English-speaking countries generally to discuss the adoption of the
- Sir'Henry.. Campbell-Banriermaii.^^^SI
the," Liberal Reader/afteru,wisliing> ->
the king and"_queenrmighty have "»#
long and happy -reign," took aip^the?-
political paragraphs'of ^the^speechx\
house t£fa*cetth'effacta |in^»nnec^
tioHjwitrtKlg ^Sr.TTh%*mlrst}nbt^r
i ■ '■!
;tipn's£f the goyeW^tahd vpaid feMi
position^in Sbuth£Afri>ca*Spreserited v^§L
.fprmid«ble;tdifficultiesr lmtSnetther ^If1
-any idea of-'flinching.^Thequestlon^^yii
was, had the government adequately*,..-;..;
.realized the circumstances and ade- *
quately/provided" for ^them?»
1 1 *  J-   "aa^   '__*        -     I*.      *■"■
■ --#$X
The,-1 ,, i$&\
speaker asked" i£4 it" was ^true^that'^S1^'
general -Kitchener ^had ■ asked' for*^'" «■-"?
more troops eleven weeks ago*1 ^ Thev
liouse'would -"not *hesitate to 'vote
' anything   necessary^lfco < clearO the
Colony of thetanvaders, but when
that-was' accomplished,  then^was
the moment to make the" people of-
the two states such Jtei'ms of settle-
Amentas,»while securing for the'em-
pire all "they^ were contending for,
would /assuage v their" fears,.-. save"
their dignity,and restore their personal rights.," If they, were to keepY
South Africa"; they must1 win  the
confidence1 of the Dutch.', Whatever was done must be done openly."
was not wise.     -       t ,
A. J. Balfour, the government
leader, followed. On congratulating the king he said his majesty
had followed precedent in relinquishing to the - government all
crown property, and he might' be
assured that the commons were
ready to make ample provision.
Referring to the question raised by
sir Henry Campbell-Banner man "as
to the misconduct of the allied
troops in China, he declared that
the behavior, of British troops
there had beeu most exemplary.
He admitted that the government had not foreseen that
the leaders of the Boers
would be "so ill advised in their
own interest and the interest of the
country as to continue the struggle.
The government, he said, had exceeded lord Kitchener's demands
rather than fallen short of them,
adding that the0Boer leaders knew
perfectly well that if they lay down
their arms their persons and property will be respected and equal
rights guaranteed to all.
" More than this," continued Mr.
Balfour, "the Boer leaders know
tliat as soon as it becomes possible
free institutions will be adopted.
His majesty's government holds
that it would be perfect insanity to
grant all the institutions of self-
government while the effects of the
war are still visible. We have put
our hands to the plough and shall
not withdraw. The war will be
continued until it comes to the only
conclusion consistent with our
honor."       •
St. John, N.B.—Miss Frances
E. Murray, the foremost woman in
the maritime provinces in all movements for the betterment of humanity, is dead, aged seventy years. ?  \} i'  1/  THE TRI^OTE: NELSON B. CLEKIDAY, FEBRUARY 15 1901  Silks  -,tp the Nelson smelter a rate of ftp_a  $2 to $2.50 per' ton was charged.  Tbis policy of hostility to hcrafe  smelting pursued by the N. & F. S.  --was likewise the-poliey- of-the K. &  S. and in a very great measure ac-  ���counts for thejvery .general^ opposition to the present attempt to  run a,third,Hill feeder from.the  .south into the.East Kootenay ..coal  fields.  lift  m .  r*:  m  M  Xte  If?  It  We are showing:  a beautiful  assortment of the  following"  earefully selected  , igoods  ?  Beugalines'  Pern* de jSoie  JEtaocades  Satins  in all shades  A grand assortment  of beautiful :Silks ]  in Blouse Lengths *  -See our window  ^ which shows  a few samples of  liour stock   4'  .i.  r>\-  a-   J.  IW0FS  \'W.  --/y.'i  t  ���*t<-  Im**  512   '  m__. :_____.__.*  m  4  nf  "1  si:  ji  !f-<  H  y-'  iiy  !;���  !i'<  *" -  "-Premier^Dunsmuir!.' and-attor-  neyigeneral* Eberts"' are *on ���'-their  .., way   back,, from '>the ..��� East,'. and  --- **-    ;���*��-     . ���-r    ���        >-        ' >    * i *  ' i  -8houldreachf Victoria this* week.  -�����** "     " r" r*"** ;  ,'      ,   ',,  y -.It is saidthatithereare only two  j members of the Laurier government  -'who appreciate > theCimportance? of  '- British" / Columbia   and *?-have > any  ��� idea of the necessities of tlie  province. ? tThis,is a. trifle humiliating,  when nine out of p'ten of our people  are laboring- under, the ^impression  that'British Columbia is'not-only  great, but has a great .future". _ The  two members Ywho , are willing to  admit that British Columbia is not  s-fairlyfr-treftted^-arei^Honyclifford  Sifton of Brandon, Manitoba, and  Hon. James > Sutherland bf Woodstock, Ontario.  It is a significant fact,- that in  ���   many instances the. men who are  now -opposing the application1 of  ' the   Hill railway-' interests '-lor ]a  charter to tap the Crow's Nest Pass  coal fields are men-who heretofore  have held very pronounced -views  upon the --subjects  of-freedom, of  '   trade and freedom1 of railway competition.'   They.are men, who some  years ago championed the application made by the N. & F. S. railway  promoters     for    a    charter, - and  who   still   later    championed   the  application made- by the promoters  of the Kaslo & Slocan railway. Nor  can these men be^charged -swith inconsistency.^ They have found by  - experience with the Nelson & -Fort  Sheppard and the Kaslo & Slocan  -   railways 'that   the   Hill ^railway  \ branches are *not operated as competitive railway - lines, but simply  as feeders to the Hill railway system in a .the ��United .States. . Along  '  the line of ithe 'Nelson & Fort<Shep-  pard   railway   are   a   number   of  properties    which,    other    things  being     equal,.   would . - probably  _ have   sent.<^tbeir, > ore   to ; Nelson  ���- for -treatment, "��� but ,ithei". policy,  of th'e railway has been to haul'the.  )ore to the'smelter attNoctbport. To  ' this'endat'made a rata of- one-dollar per'^dn from any/point on 'the  line in .British Columbia to North-  while from the nearestsiding  Transportation competition is  desirable when the competition is  iegitimate; but competition such as  the Great Northern would give the  people of >the coal districts of -East  Kootenay. would not be of < any -benefit to the province of 'British Columbia as a whole. - The greater  ,portion of the,province, and more  particularly- tha-southeastern portion, is a mining country, and the  people depend entirely on the'mining industry for a living? To,allow.  that industry to .be controlled jby  either.-transportation;;companies, or  smelting trusts-would cripple-the  industry-and .impoverish or ruin  half the business men* in the prov-  t. *���* *  iuce, to say. nothiug.of.the lossxthat  would'result to'thousands of work-'  ing- men whose^investments > are in  improved real estate.'   Destroy real  ^property interests in the^towns that  have ��� sprung- up*- in Kootenay and  >Yale,<and sthe.loss to-the province  would be - enormous:' r<The oneway  to'   prevent , the r 'destruction* of  such ^vested ^property, interests..is  to build;*xipiin the- province smelters and refineries and manufactories'*  that   will^care   for--every--'ton-*-of a  ore     mined   ,iu^the   - province.  Ita  is - now, - generally -^admitted  that-the-great, smelters, and -refin-*  eries in * the'United--States > are'" con-  trolled'-by"one/company,  and "that  the mine owners of British Cpliim-  bia^need.not look for.,-competitive  .buyers of..oreafromcthat quarter; in.  fact, the smelter trust* indihe United7  S bates-; has   absolutely -refused ^ tp  purchase British-. Columbia silver-  lead ores.' If "*such.- a-'"refusal  been made at^a^time  smelters at Nelson" amf Trail/were  a. ��  unable to treat lead ores, the result  - ,- t-t     ..   ^ -   ,   "_ t     ^  would, have been, that .every silver-  :lead mineJnVKdotonay-would/.have  -been 'forced, to jsuspend" operations,  and* the snspeniling of work'for any]  length of time^wpiild result in the  ruin of.niue'out of ten of. the .meh-  engaged in.business in jthe^ district.'  Luckily >for cBritish: Columbia^ th'e"  smelters at TraiPand^-Nelsonjare"  owned by companies Jwho have  ndt���^ 3pined -"the v smelter s -trust,"  and. while ;they tj.rare not. able'  "to" smelt "the -. output \ of .-tall]  the - ���<��� mines," > they - have' - made  i ' li. a  'arrangements to ship the sore --they  cannot smeltY to smelters 'Outside  ^ f a  the United ,States.   * The govern-*"  �����   i j  ment-of - Bi'itish^.Columbia, has -the"  "power tdsprbtectTtlieTmining aindus**"  M__BBLB.WOfiKS jAJStMISfilON.  had  when v*the  -a,Vancouver WorM.  '������ In./Vanoeuverasuwell asinvothei^  parts of Canada extensive prospecting, investigations have been carried on with a view to finding some,  mineral substance that would serve'  in the manufacture of a- first-class^  Portland cement.. Messrs. Evans,  Colemaa aScEvans, (who have supplied to a .large extent the local  market with Portland^cement imported from. England have conducted investigations on their own  account, and at a good, deal of expense. They hr.ve at last discovered a body oLmaterial near Sutnas  on the Washington side of the line,  which has'been, tested and found  to be suitable for the purpose." The  deposit is on the direct route of the  Bellingham Bay & British. Columbia railway extension and is close'  to the.proposed route of., the Victoria, .Vancouver & Eastern. As it  is understood, that the new. rail way  to the interior will be started soon,  Evans, Coleman & Evans will build  their works.to develop the property;  on the Canadian side of the line instead of bu the Washington side, as  ,was first,intended., These works  .will cost about, $500,000"aud will be  constructed at;once. ' ;  , The    -^transportation     facilities  which.are available -will make the  property., one   of ,��� value   to    the  owners. . It is within easy���reach of  the Great Northern,, and Canadian  Pacificrailways, and is. also adjacent to the Fraser river.'.rTheCoas.-  Kootenay,line'.which.will pass close7  by twill enable-the product to be  shipped to the interior, of ..the. province.   Thepj-p'perty is an exten--.  sive one, and shows-a uniform be*ar-'  ing of the necessary ingredients for,.  the manufacture of lime and cementr  The rock/.when quarried and-finely*  polished, is a fine marble and  may  be ,used   for *" decorative   building  pui poses;-' The cementt works-will  be erected at*Mission and will- have  a'capacity of J300" barrels-per day.s  They will be built"-with 'the^inten-  Ytion pf;doublingrthat an*.ount,inside  pfi-a>year.- Thetto^alriirvestmenti  and expenditure in connection witli'r  the property- -will- be about half lar  'million dollars.   Specimens of **th'e  . rock- and pblished-maYble^'are now"  on exhibition.at the" oflice bf Evans,-  Coleman & Evans   at   their wharf.4  Ernest Evans-is-now on the" continent .to _. have   final _ tests made ijp^  -England and-Hamburg.'-'TheXfirm  have already, entered* a>~tender for'1  tjde   supplying,-of   20,000" feet   of  marble for the'construction of the  new postoffice,at Salem,.Oregon. ���*.  a��*^K��l. '  - LadiosYJMisses'.aiid    .  Children's Under-muslins  at Unheard of Prices  Imne�� Go.  ,l'll��lllTtTtTiliniln,ir.ilinT-TmrTTm  Embroideries,  Wash Laces and Domestics  Greatly Seduced  TTTTXTtTTTTTTTTTnXlrTIiriItTIllll������I*"**dl  *t__& __SEw i___^' ���*__. *,a__r * *'_? **__r * i____\ *_^l ��� **__l %^^' ^L__\_ *'*__: ��� ^^ *_!i * ^^ *j*__i * ^^ *��2l.  ���mtr-m* , - ^T> "35 "��ES *^^^ *2?-^f- ���Sf^^- *25i-*2!lii-2N-��*8t��^���^?��^?*^i_^>.  to  to  to  M  |{ TEH, DAYS ?SALE OF .LOTHBB* WHlimEm1!  ^ .        FOR TEN DAYS'WE WILL OFFER A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF.WHiTEyy^AR AT ^ *  I MMJ= REtGE  ^L , THIS LINE INCLUDES  jjfi: ������! s     .    -^ y; Ladies'Nightdresses, ,75 cents; to.\$5.0Q  /f\ _ ]       ;^jQi^]et:ppyers,;S0i;jGentsutO'r$1v76-       ���  /{V   a   ,,      J-acer,and;;Eiribroider^dJ'ynderskintsr75 Gent&rto $12.00  9} " '' ' "-    ���  '-    '/"/".     - ���"     ' :..': ^ ��� m  (fl White"Cambric Muslin,, NainsookSc Victoria Lawn, India Linens; White and-Colored /f^  fl\ Organdies, .DimitiesrFancy Muslins^ Plain and Dotted Swiss and Piques fry  to ': '        . ���    .    ,        " .      "���.'�����'��  balance of ���our.-Winter';Stock of Ladies' Taiior-made Costumes, to  .iJackets^ Gapes and -Skirts at^Reducedt Prices 'to  '    ������' ������-.'���������-        '   ' '       .    ' ' '     ^\  to  si  to  to  to  to  to  to The  to  #  to  to  to  -> cOur, Winters Millinery   >  .^- Must, be Cleared up m ,  ~ Order to Make Boom for'  * y -.Spring Styles  naxix:  '"%  _  Baker Street,: Nelson, B. C.  Furs  ' We are Letting go  .at Prices to Suit the  Buyer  to  'rtpy. ~        ^ - ^^ ,        _       ___       v ^       ___ i _, ' -     ^       ^^ *V__'  ^^^��__* ___W_7 * 0f? *^__L * ^^ *^___f * "*____L *00* 0frJ00 ��� 00- *00 ��� 00 m00 * 00 *00 ��� 00 ���   ���>  *      Ui- * ^^ * -_-_^��-^^ *_______ *^____k * -_!^ * ^***-****^^ * __B^* 't?^ *m .^Sk+ ���__j^ ,"^^S^* -J-_-^ ____ii^*._____S ____]____ ^____,^^r  i i  821 to 331-Baker Street, Nelson -<  ^TT  try of the province from the American smelter trust by granting-certain privileges to-smelters- and by  -aiding the building and,operation  of .refineries;;aud. the -government  of the-Dominion >can so _ control tlie  granting of' railway' charters* that  the natural resources' of .the country,will be used to enrich, and not'  to impoverish, the .people .who believe that Canada is-.to* be. one of  the nations of the world, and not a  mere commercial- appanage of "the  United States. ! '  The Molly 'Gibson  Nothing new has developed con-'  cerning the shut-down of the Molly  Gibson mine, upon which all operations were suspended last week.  The money to settle the wages of  the men has not been advanced by  the directors and just when it. will  be is not known, but, it will undoubtedly arrive in the near future.  Manager White expects to receive  word any day. It was rumored'  that the-men formerly employed  would-resume the development of  the mine aud thus obtain their  wages. This is not authentic and  no steps of this kind will be taken.  '  Proclamation" td\theJMilitia.. ,'  j.His vexcellency.,lord'Minto,: has  issued a long and elaborate,procIaui-~;  ation" pertaining-"to military mat-1  ters rjvitli   regard   to" -the  service  'undertaking iEdward, .VII. V It. has  been sent out by the .majoivgeneral'  with,the command,that it shall]be  read bef ore every company'of the'  Dominion;   Lieut/ (Seorge *S." Beer"  received- the-proclamation- yester-  Iday.and will-have jit read before the  Nelaon' rifle company, at .the"armory  at 8 o'clock -this ..evening.' Every  member must attend, as, no'excuses  willbe taken. - It is astrict militia  order'from-the-head, of-'the'^depar't--  meht and>must> berobeyed-..to:the  letter.,--As Mr. Beer is- confined to  the -house with..la, grippe George  Phillips   will take   charge   ofthe"  ceremonies.  American-arid, Europeanj-Want.  MS-  MEALS  ''V  25  CENTS  Limited.  -fi  , i  .     ���S   - i 185 CENTS TO ��1  TRICITI  QUEEN'S HOTEL  - BAKBR 8TRBKT. NBL80N,  1- _ ��� �����. , a-8  Lighted -by Electricity and Heat-  - =�� ed-with^XotiAir. ,  ^     .  .  I_uroe.ooiulortable,bo_roorM **n4,flrst-ol_M  -tUnlflg-room.*: Sample maaut-toe comnukrolal men.  .RATES S2-PER^DAY  port,  Minirg-'Records.  - The . following mining transactions were recorded yesterday:  ���Transfers, from Albert Barrett and  Lee Coombs, tboth of Rossland, one-  third interest in Lendor and Arizona on Wild Horse .creek for a  nominal ...consideration. .Locations:  Jfoiican*-near,tSloean ��� Junction, by  BU Xaanbert; Xegal Tender and  Fairview mine on Forty-nine creek  by Michael Kealey.  j. Christian Endeavor ers.  -.' A rally of >the ^various ..Christian  Endeavor societies of the city, will  bo held at St. Paul's . Presbyterian  church, on*Tuesday^uight next. The  principal 'feature of, the meeting  <will bejthe reading of.a,paperJby L.(  Lennox -on the ^'Influence of the^.  (Christian ^Endeavor,.Movement. on  Church Life and -Work.'; ; After  hearing the paper 15 minutes, will  be given for. discussion. -The provincial convention of ^ the societies  will be heldtin this city jiext.,Sep-  temboiv and these .rallys are ,being,  held each month in. order to. bring'  the different-.branches into closer  touch so that good, work, mayi be  done at .the general .meeting.  .Criminal Cases.  Harry, Howard, who" pleaded  guilty to -the charge of a having  attempted with a, knife to do his  wife Annie grievous bodily harm at  Kitchener last .week, .came before  ijustice, Irving ^yesterday, morning  .to receive i sentence. > He was given  five years' imprisonment with hard  labor.r-~ The prisoner will be .taken  >to New Westminster ay an early  date.  Allen McLaren, the American  prospector, who was committed for'  trial Wednesday, also came, before  his <��� worship for hearing. The  judge granted him a speedy tri.il,  which will baheld next Monday at  10:30 a. in.  N|rs. E. C. ClarKe,3 Er,op.  CHARLES HILLYER, ,        ^HARRY^HOUSTON,      <[.  ^PresidenCand"General Manager."  ���>   "���. ^Secretary-Treasurer  J*y.-^ r.!AlU,Cloinni*ani����tion8j.*to>be;addressed toeither.of -the above. yr' ,  ,    ,     ,*-^ 5     ��" "    - I" ���'              ~       .-..���        ' -- " j    _..r.  We arepi>epape<lrto^Fui>nlsh    ���                           '  '            , .  toy Rall.YBapge op Teams.                     ,                     -   ^   a.  ~DIMENSION]LUMBER \ |  .'     TROUGH. andJiDRESSED'LUMBER -  e LOCAL and COAST .CEILING -.-  ..^LQPAL^and COAST FLOORING .   /  .,-;., �� ; .-..-, I DOUBLE DRESSED, COAST CEDAR... .A  " ���   /    TRVSTIC; SHIPLAP, STEPPING '">      *} -  ,    :  ^PINE.mCdi CEDAR&ASINGS     '"    ,     ���  ~>DOOR< JAMBS,,;WJNDOW,:STILES  , TURNED tWORKyBAND-SAWING \  -BRACKETS,. NEWEL,POSTS  ' " <��� ]  TURNED \VERANDA POSTS      .- -     '    ��  j storefronts: '    " :  iD00RS,WIND0WSund. GLASS.     -      !  Get'-Oup-Ppioes-befope -  pwEoliaalngjelsewhepe. -      < '�� - _.   *  WHOLESALE TRADE  i'   ,          .' \  -  CRATED AND MINEBAL WATERS.  THOWK 8c CO., LIMITED.-Corner Vernon  .and Cedar streete,^Nelson,^manufacturers  ,Ht and*wholoaa.lo,deuler8.1n eemtod,waters and  ._-.,_.    g^ j^enta (or-'Ralcyon SprloKa  fruit sytupa.  onln^ral yraUt.,  Telephone 00.  i *^*bi nrn*0  ���HS ROVAI, BOTSrajjOAIAABY.  The only hotel ln Kelson that haa remained  under one management alnoe 1800.  ,Xhe bod-rooma are well (nrnlahed and lighted  by eleotrlolty. _ '  i The bar la * always stooked by the, belt dom s-  tdo and Imported liquors and olgars.  THOMAS MADDEN.-Preprletw.  SLOCAN JUNCTION HOTEL  J. H. M0MANU8, Manager  i  liar stooked with best brands of.wlnos, Uqnors,  and Cigars. Beer on dranght.-' Large oomfort-  abla rooms. -lllrgft_l_at*tabUbd> d.   R. REISTERER & CQ.  :.uBBXWaiM'.ASOai��WtBBO*' .  ' FINE LAGER BEER, ALE :  a .AND PORTER  - . OFFICE: CORNER-HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  .FACTORY.: HALL STREET, C tt. R. CROSSING/ HILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  ��� ������ ���m-aiew    ���P"'"^*���^"��>^����^'���'M"''I*��'*^^MM^'  ������  ���   i" ��� ��� ��� **���mmm^^T^^T^^^^^^ "  " m  Wholesale and: Retail  Hbad Ofhoe at  ' ;NELSON,,B.O.  Dealers, in Meats  P^?��iaSi?1��d. -^BrawerVttHfllson  Delayed Until,Monday.  Greenwood, February 14.���[Special to ,The Tribune.]���Owing to the  non-arrival of coal shipments, the  blowing in of the local -smelter was  delayed until Monday,  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E.  PROVINCIAL  ��� LAND-SURVEYOR  Corner Vlotoria and JEootanay Streeta.  p. o. iiox tea. TpacPWoww-KO, nt  Home Grrown  i ���  J'i uit mid Ornamental Treed, Koses, Sliraba-  .Vines, Bulbs, Hedgo Plants and Seeds.. "  TCxtra choico stock oi PLaoh, Apr'cot, Plum,  flierry and Prune Troea^-Now Importation of.  flist-ciata Uhododendions, ~ft.oc.us, Clluiatus, Bay  Trees, Hollies, etc. /  80,000 to choose /rom. No agonts or commission lo pay. No fumigation or inspection plwiKea.  Greenhouse plants, agricultural Implements, fertilizers, beo supplies, etc,-Largest *n.nd>most'i  icomplote stock in tho province, ^ono, Jar, catalogue before placing your orders. -Address  Wbito -Labor Only.  .Markets atiNelson,  Rossland,-.Trails^Kaslo, Ymir,, Sapdon,-[Silverton, New^  .   Denver, ReveUtoke,^Fergnson^Grand.Forks,,Greenvoodlrpaw3ade QibyLlIid/  j_way, ,and Vancouver. , c  ' '  "   ,, Mail ,Order8. Promptly Fp.rwarded;  i" - ���  ', ..     .'.'.'.'            . ���        '  . ALL;KIMD8 OF      ' .  ',  YERESHiAND; HALTED ;MEATS  .    f.WHOlJB8AT_HANDRH_AIL     ' ' '  .FISH AND POULTRY IN SEASON ;  ^aker-street, Nelson-    ;e# c#. TRAVES, .Manager  .j unnnHiRfi nv.MAWaLHWO*nym nARWiroi, and vRonaTpT' Avympinw   ROSSL,AND; lEilNairVBBRil^Q 1 WORKS  CUNLIFFE & MoMILLAN  ���founders, and, Maohlnlste,.Specialty of. Ore .Cars^Ore-BIn, Doors and Cemral Mining Maohlnery.1  List of second-band machinery on baud, ,whiob has been thoroughly overhauled and Is as good  as now: ' ��� '' '  1 2vH. P. Locomotive-type boiler, with engine attached and all fittings, ready to turn on steam.  -1 bi"x8" Double-Cylinder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron. New York.  j 1 Sink!*-* Pump, 10"xS"xl3", outside, packed plunger pattern.  Watch this advertisement for further lists, or write us before you buy for tiomplete list.   We  may have just what you want.  {. aAgents fonNorthey Pumps.. Stock carried.  P.  O,  Box 198. THIRD AVENUE,  ROSSI.AND.  ���8ia.emBiiTtoosTa but-one oENTisBSSB-g.,  To drop us a poet oard that we may call and  Never  have any plumbing done until-you  ���ive estimates. It sav-M. many r dollars,  lave^qoen our goods and our prioos.  0PP08ITB  'PtWTOS'inO'B.  STRACHAN BROTHERS, Plumbers.  ASSAYEBS'   SUPPLIES.  7__T_T- KTRBTZBL'fc CO.-^Conior Baker! and  I vv ��� Josephine streets,'Nelson, wholesale deal  .ers^In ��� assayers 'supplies. Agent_,,tor 'Denve  iFire Clay Co. of Denver. Colorado.**'       ' '  '��� i ; ^   ^^COIUMISSION, MERCHANTS. . .  HrJ. KVAN8'&-CO.-i-Bakor street. Nelson  ���   wholesale, dealers .in-, liquors,   olgars  cement, fire'brlok: and firo olay, water plpe^and  .eteel'rails, and; Koneral^oqmnilHslon.meroha-ats.  .'  . t: EIJECTBICAL  SUPPLIES.  " JENA-Yj KLKCTRIC < SUPPLY '& - CON-  ��� i\UO. RUCTION COMPAN Y���Wholes��Ue deal-  Sfs in telephones, annunoiators, bolls,! batteries,  xturea, eto., Houston blook.'Nolson.'   .    "'  j^FLODIUAND^FElEb. ,. ��� ,  i*DRACKMAN-KEH*An_IaINOr COMPANY  *-*' ���Cereals,' Flour, Grain, Hay."Straight or  mlxedT"car8 ^hipped to aU.Kootaqay..points.  .Grain elevators at all principal points on Calgary-  -Edmonton R. Ra^MlUs'at Vlotoria.' .NowWest)  ^minster.^nd^Edmqnton, Alberta. ���.���   ���  -FRESH AND SALT. MEATS.  P BURNS, ft" CO.-Baker;,etreeV ^Nolflon.  _ ���-,wholesale dealers |n fresh and oured meate.  Cold stonm.' ��� '  - ��� ~    '  \   ..    ^GROCERIES.  ��� A r;i "MACDONALD 8c CO.-Corner, Front and  "ca-��   Ball    streets,     wholesale  grooers   and  Jobbers in blankets. glovos,mltte���boote,'rubbersl  myit;lnaw8i and, miners' sundries.  -ITOOTBiNAY.SUPPLY COMPANY,-LIMI-  ���**���,.TED���Vernon��� Btroet, Nelson, wholosalo  grooers. ^r '���* -,  TOHN CHOLDITCH & CO.-Front stroet), Nel- ���]  w -son, wholesale grocers.       if. |  T' Y. ORIFFIN ft CO.���Front street), Nelson..  -w �����wholssals���dsalcrs ��� In^provialsiiarT oarss  meats, butter and eggs. <_.  HARDWARE AND MINING {SUPPLIES.  H'BYBRS ft CO.-Corner Baker and Joeephlne '  ���. atree.t_< Nelson, wholes  ware and mining supplies. * Agents for Giant ���  PowdorCo.       - '/'  T A WRENCH   HARD WARM ^ COMPANY  ���*fi. Baker., St., Nelson, .wholesale .dealers ln  hardware and mining supplies, and'water and  plumbers'supplies.    -  , ��� ���  LIQUORS AND, DRY. GOODS.  mURNBR, BEETON fc'COi-Corner Vernon'  ��������   and Josephine streets. ��� Nelson,' Wholesale ,  for Pabst Brewing Co.' of Milwaukee and Cal  garr.BrewlngCo.of Calgary.        *���  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMH/TON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  '���street, Nelson, manufacturers of dynamite,  ^aporting. -^ " J "- " "  wholesal   >tdasUn_iipparatnu7  ;. SASH AND DOORS.  ���M-ELSON SAW   AND  PLANINO   MILLS, j  J"* VHMITHD���Corner Front and Stall streets,  Nelson, manufacturers of and,^ho)08ale dealers  ln sash and doorsi all kinds of faotoiry work mado |  ^te order. _ ^ . ^  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA . WINE  COMPANY,    LIMI  TED���Corner Front and Hall streets,-Nel-  ���atw.vaaV. ���aaaimplng' an^^hlaek ^ ,   wholesale dealers In caps and fuse, am  wderu, *  elootrlo  soxu-wholesale m<  ��.nd.��*lom��wttc nni  lers ln.wlnee.(case;and bulk,  tmnorimd tAttnim.  RE1LEY&BEN0Y  ' SUCCESSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  l BLACKSMITHS .AND   WOOD t ypmi*  - -k -���EXPERlUH��8^i8SING.  alattojitloir given ito^.ldndfl of  ' im work from c'.*raide. points,  e to order on shoit notice.  ���vy.  P. J. RKSSPLL  ^Huyaar ana^Exporterof  , RAW   EURS  HlgheBt Prloes  jPronpc Bwtnrna  ,,,,F*lc ABsartmant  Ship by Exprera. ^NELSON, B. O.  ' ANTI-CHINESE  RESOLUTION.  ,   * -~~-���������-^~  , Pursuant to rosolulioua adopted at a regular]  meeting held on Saturday evening, December]  2_ad, 1900, all members of .Nelson Miners' Union I  . No.: 96, W. F.t M., are^requested to use every 1  legitimate means    -  To Discourage the Employment or  - Patronizing of Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men and others |  who believe in making this a white man's coun-1  try, are requested toco-operate in giving effect to j  the aforesaid resolution.   By order,  NKLSOV-MINERS'   UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd.   ,  The above resolution-haa been endorsed b*" thel  Trades and Labor Council'of Nelson, and alii  uuiop men, and others in sympathy with it, are]  requested to govern' thomselvea accordingly.!  By order. r  TRADES & LABOR COUNCIL OF NELSON ]  Nelson, Deoembec 22ud. .  ~'     *.< A-wparepT&.  EWART ft CARRlfi^-Arohltecla.   Booms   ,  ,a_d_ Aterde-o blook, Bafew stmfc. Nelson. J MOF M&KTREAL  CAPITAL. aU paid up...��� $12,000,000.00  RHST    7.000,000.00  UNDIVIDBD PROFITS       _27,180.80  Lord Strathoona and Mount Royal ...Prosident  Hon. George A_Drummond....... Vice-President  E. S. Clouston, General Managor  NELSON BRANCH  Corner Baker and Kootenay Streets.  A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.  Branohos ln London (England) (Nkw Yobk,  Cuioaoo, and all tlio principal cities In Canada.  Buy* and .sell Sterling Erohange and Cable  Transfers. ' v '  Grant Commercial and Travelers' Credits,  available in any part of the world.  Drafts Issued, Collections Made, Eto.  CJTHE.-CA8ADIAN  BMJS70F  YflTII WHICH IS AMALGAMATED  THE  BANK  OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  % HEAD.OFFICE: TORONTO.  Hon.  Saving's Bank.Branch  CURRENT RATE OF INTEBbaT PAID.  Paid-up Capital,  Reserve Fund,  8a 000,000  $2,000,000  . ACCRECATE RESOURCES OVER 365,000,000.  Qeo. A. Cox,  Presidont.  TORONTO   STOCK  THURSDAY S  EXCHANGE.  QUOTATIONS. _.   i* *.  . ' M   ^ Asked. v Bid.  STOCK _  B. C. Gold Fields ......7,.\-...*i., f_ ~*-2l  Block Tall   .*. .'.. .'.. <     11  Brandon 8c Golden Crown  ti  Canadian Goldflelda Syndicate... 74  Cariboo (McKinney)  31  Cnrlboo-rHydraullc ,    1 03 -,  .Centre-Star'.* '.  .120-  ,Crow"s No-It PaUa Coal  C9 00  J California    .*-. ' '  fi  Deer ,Tiail Consolidated. ... 31  Evening Star U  ������      7  '.Fairview Corporation  .,26  -iGolden Star r  24  Uiant  44  Granby Smelter          .            ... 45  lion Mask  12  Jim Blaine  '���  Knob Hill     ,55  Montreal & London  li  Morning Glory  tt -  Morrison  7  Mountain Lion                  . 40  NobleFive   4  North Star '  88  Old Ironsides  75  Olive  .,  12  Payne '....-.   "   51  Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated. . 31  Republic            *- iii  Slocan Sovereign    ."...'.... i)  ���������.Virtue   ..-...*".   . . '....-... ... ,*31  War Eagle Consolidated  ,   (13  Waterloo  .               2}  White Bear  41  Winnipeg  5  SALES. -  2000 Deer Trail   " .'  '  1000'Republlc * . .v  '-50O Golden Star " . ' -    .  13000 Hammond Reef ...  -1000 Hammoud Reef    ***���   2000 Hammond Reef   ...    2000 Cariboo McKinney   ���"8r  4  M  1 56  1 00  60 00  '   4  22  4  - '3|  41-  35  4  .   47  _  15  ~83  02  10  '48'  St  7 ���  27  GO  2'  Robt. Kilgour,  __________      Vice-President.  London Office, Oo Lombard Streot, Hi. O.  Mew York Offloe, 16   Exchange   Place.  and'63 Branches ln Canada and the   ���'.  United States.  SAVINGS BANK -DEPARTMENT:  Interest allowed on deposits.   Present rate  ' three per cent. - ''"���/_.      *�����*'��,  GRANGE V. HOCT,      ,  Manager Nelson Branch.'  new king of Italy has probably inherited-his father's, .large Jbobacco  interests here. * But "the sovefcei'gn  . who has undoubtedly - derivedv^he,  largest fortune from 4he' ,Uni-eclJ  States .is-king., George^of.i Greece,  who, when ' he-^wasj-elected to fyhe  Hellenic "7throne, was a -penniless'  midshipman ;in the-British* navy.15  Today king. George possess^- one jof  the largest fortunes of- anyorown'ed  head' in Europe. * He derives'"Jit  from bold 'and* successful * speculation in-*" American^ grain', cBiefly.-xat  Chicago^ duriug the war'- between  Russia ;and , Turkey some-Jatwenty-'  three years ago. "y^ }<'"'-'>.  RAILWAY   "COOKERS."  Capital Authorized  Capital Paid up ,  Rest  $2,600,000  S2.458.603  $1,700,000  ���- D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.  .,,*   E. Hayrinspecter.  J**" ��_------mm���--.  Nelson Branch���Burns-Block, 221 Baker Street  J. M. LAY.-Manago.  that might change the* situation-In  a manner to wipe out the 'issue is a  decision by the UnitedSfcarbes coiirts  to the effect that (Russian/sugar is  not bounty aided;- and tit' is'stated  that every opportunity wilLJbe afforded by the'treasury offu ills for  the speediest possible determination  of <tbat question thrqiigh a-test case]  upon the-first importation of Rus-'  sian sugar, r , ',  r 1-1       - 1  0$  2  -JI  y  INVESTMENTS   OF  ���Wit"-.****'  ROYALTY.  ���   ' -     ���?<  - ink- railroad  ttoH500,00<V  Now York"1 Journal.,     \ *  s    Widespread Js the'belief ^hat^ther  f crownei heads "'and^'royaltprinces  }' nndiprincessessi of, the Olcl World  *l are*large owners lbf i-real -estate in*  \ this 'country," the late, queen Victor iafaud empress Eugenie,* in^par-  _, ticularf being credited "with13 excep-  * tionally.extensive holdings of build-"  ?"ing   property   in   New   York and  -Chicago.   This is a  mistake./But  --what is true, is>thatv these' royal.  j�� personages. have>jlarge-,investments  ilin, American trailroad^and' mining  '" stocks, aud in United Statesjgoy,-  ernment,bonds._ ��� _ '  ' ^ ���-Eniperor William has'/about $4{-  ; 000,000.,,"invested -'in"'Union 'and  ^ Southern ^Pacific, ^ Illinois Central,  - Atchison .'Topeka and otherjAmeri-  ' can railroad, bonds._'His ' wife's  "' private investments  '. stbeks"' here 'amount  V while the'other members   of-the  - royal/house Hof Prussia^ comprising  prince Henry, prince Albert, prince  Leopold'and the twidowed <-, empress  Frederick are' represented in AmerU  '' can railroad companies by another  $2,000,000. -���" >   "'; -        . . f-  7      The czar has $6,000,000, worth of  X stock in the Pennsylvania-railroad,  j. the New* Jersey Central,.'the -New  " York Central, the Canadian Pacific  and   the   Northern Pacific,  which  ������ yield   him .handsome returns,';the  investments having been  made on  T?-the advice of-his^jniuisteiv-of-rail;-  Ways, prince, Hilkoff.    Hilkbff-^was  ruined as  a young officer of the  '' Guards at St. Petersburg, ^ came to  America, and securing work on the  ' New York "Central ~as a brakeman,  gradually worked hi9 way up until  the death of rich  relatives and the  inheritance of large estates enabled  him to return to Russia and to turn  to good ^account,- in the service of  the czar the practical experience'of  railroading which he had obtained  ' in the United States.  ��� The queen regent'of1 Spain  has  - for a number of years held some  t $3,000,p00 worth of- United States  . bonds,    and   retained    possession  thereof throughout the war of  Spain with this country. They are  deposited with the remainder of  her . holdings - of one kind and  another, in ^the Bank of England,  where so many  continental sover-  '  eigns are in the habit of keeping  their savings for safety.  rQueen   Victoria,   on    the   other  < hand.'derived'an-income of no less  than $700,000 a year from her American investments, being an extensive .holder of American Sugar- Refinery stock, of American Steel and  Wire Company stock, as well as of  the paper of the Tennessee Coke  and Iron Company. Her railroad  company holdings were likewise  very large, whereas her real 'estate  possessions in New York do not exceed half a dozen houses all told.  King Edward caused all the capital  account of the revenues of his duchy  of Cornwall, which he enjoyed as  prince of Wales, to be invested in  American railway stocks, and this  now becomes the property of his  son i George, as the > new- duke of  Cornwall.  King'Osoar of Sweden has money  ,in American breweries, while the  The Rio Grande railroad, in Colorado, has equipped 'its' locomotives  With a novel train robber-killing*  'device.- It is a means of applying  scalding .water and, steam over^the  bandits^ 'There; is an extra piece1  of steel pipe running up from the  bottom of the boiler , to- the * back  of the engine'cab, where'"it1 is flat  tened out fan shaped,"the"angle- of  -���'     ' -Activity at-Atlin.  - '���>Vancouver, Pebruary-14.���Commissioner'Graham bf Atlin -reports  several new good strikes and plenty  of work in that camp. "Thirteen to,  fifteen'liundred.men are now on'the,  creeks and the camp-has * been" the  scene of exceptional activity during  the past winter.   Last year -Atlin<  produced $750,000 , worth of gold  and   he   pre'dicts-th'e output this  year will be much larger" owing to1  the extension of hydraulic   operations,! which will be worked during  the coming summer.   The camp is  particularly adapted for thydraulic  mining and he says there is a large  area unstaked.        -  I haver still a^larger! si^ck-spiit^^dl^haji^^  :f:^-7jyffi:xrfs&^^  jpia__es 'itvj^i^^^^  PIANOS  WrX'T&BLES  TRADES  UNIONS.  NELSON MINERS' UNION NO. 06, W. F. cf  M.���Meets in miners',union rooms, north  "   irnerVioLorl        *  lay evening  eloome. M.  ^USTMmfARTWARmm  :sEmm^M:GM^sWsm  WmMm^ii^BmBm  ^s_^^2^_?i>la_iflff  CARVERS, * JARDINIERES  manicure::sets  WMMMmm"'  ::mmemmmmmmmmmmm^ms  mmeLocKS7mm00xlsiLVERmomLTiEs^  WimciMoMssMm  idGLASS  %ET&%  {BISQUEiWARE  "r��'  f  a*   <  rcHILDttWS^SEWS^^  nlvrrr.A d r�� i.  OAKWARE  k  also^allrt_ie latest and most * unique patterns�� in  solid' gold jeweliy|withfandiwitHdut^settings.;fy  **************************,  i*i &,* ,J-   -  a*'  ���if  JACOB DOVER, ThO Jeweler.  s     , ���        ^      ' '      ' ' <"     * J j*"  "Oup Jewelry and Watch Department is in full swing.,   "'u    . Hail Orders receive our Prompt Attention!  1.  4&AJk*&  .-%  S^t^-.S.  ���-a--  *.    * }���   >  B^jS^^l'-S"-S|Si35SSsSat  met m  Saturda:  bers welcome.  at 8 o'clock,   vialtlng mem  R. Mo watt, President;' Jame  the fan , embracing the front,  top--Cou_><^ "^..^ hel* Iu tbo'miners'union hall,  ��_.j"_j.i*     **i._.**ui:.,.i   t,���~������_'  ��_5    ����� P*_-R-*,b*?>&?_>  cwnerrBakor and Stanley  and sides of the'blind baggage and  express. ^ Another device of: practically "ithe ( same kind 'covers*tlie  f ront*'top and sides^pf the i,locomo-  ?tive itself. ^"Ptlier^engines'x'have [a.  ���-steam pipe and \ hose jifst'back of  tlie engineer,'whereat-is* haridy to  grab quickly. Down near tlie floor  of tlie cab, in several' places where  'they can be;.-'reached ^easily,-fi are  little innocent looking buttons that  connect'with-an-a'ii'Valve" fitted* to  ���the steam pipe In less time than  _it takes,to*tell-it the engineer7,6r  ,fireman can Ji touch a button^ and  send back* oyer 'the, coal pile in the  tender the" Hottest ^jet of "water  -that���-any robber -ever saw.-: The  iboilers^carry^a pressure of.about.  225 pounds," so the*?water near" the"  bottom of the .crown sheet ;will' be  at least'at the;boiling point. \  . - The amount of execution one of  .the " cookers," as 7 they are called,  'can do in a'few���seconds is frightful.  Should four or six robbers get on  the front_or top of the .blind bag-,  gage and make a hostile demonstration toward the engineer -they can  be-disposed ,of quickly. A slight  .stream will make it 'so hot in the  neighborhood that they will be glad  to get off.*" __t the "same time it will  fill the air with steam, so that  shooting at J��he engineer or fireinan  will be out of the question. It will  he impossible to tell the direction  except the way to jump. Only  once since' their installation have  the-new machines been put to test,  'and that-was^seyeral-weeks-ago-iir  the Grand Canyon, when'r several  tramps threatened to take charge  of a 'freight- train1 and -bully the  crew into ^submission -to^ - their  wishes." , ..        ,       _  They got thecbuductor and brake-  man ."buffaloed", back about a'dozen  car lengths and 'then started toward the engineer to make him  "dig up" some coin. But the fireman had seen the "whole performance and tipped off the affair to the  engineer,'who turned on a small  stream nnd slowed up to see the  fun. The white mist hod no sooner  struck the hoboes than they made  a dive off the tops of the cars. The  t\v6 'fellows with guns, who were  back with the conductor and brake-  man, worked their way ahead to  see what caused all the excitement,  when they got a few stray splashes  of hot water in the face and also'  jumped.     ,   Russian, Sugar.  Washington, February 14.���The  state .department and treasury department are being deluged with  telegrams from vast business interests protestingv against the imposition of the contemplated duty on  sugar imported from Russia. Nearly-  all the correspondents urge that  such action on the part of the  United States will prove ruinous to  our export trade with Russia, which  has already attained to large' proportions, with promise of an increase in the future as the Siberian  railway and the trans-Pacific steamship lines open up. Inquiry at the  departments named shows that the  secretary of the treasury took this  step as set out in his letter with  great reluctance and only after the  moat patient investigation into the  merits of the case.   The one event  east corner Vlotoria and Kootenaystroets, ever;  Dars weloome. M. R. Mowatt, Pros'-   ^Wilkes, Socretary. %.Union Scale of Waqkb  fob~Neij30n District���Por shift, - machine,  menVf 3.50: hammersmeu miners, $3.*2o; muokers,  carmen, shovolers and other underground laborers, $3 00.      , �������-., ;  TRADKS AND LABOR COUNCIL.���The regu-  lar meetings of the Nolson Trades and Labor   _^.       )V  streets, on the Arab-and third Thursday of eaen<  month,, at 7:30 p, m.   C. J. Clayton, President.  A. T. Cuile, Secretaiy.,--  s . ,  THK regular meetings of the Carpenters' Union  aro hold on .Wednesday evening of each  week, at J7 o'olock, in the Miners' Union hall oor-  ri��w -vlotoria - and ' Kootenay streets. Charles  Clayton, President.,,, John MeLeod, Secretary.  S.m.  to  dayof each month in Miner's Union Hall; corner  of Vlotoria and Kootenay streets.'at 8:30  .sharp. ..Visiting brothers' cordiallytinvite,  attend" R.'McMahon, president: J. Or Mathe  son, sccretary-ti easuror, J.C Gardner, recording  secretary. "__ . * * _  ABORER8' UNION.-Nelson 'LaboiersVPro  teotive Union. No. 8121, A. F. of L��� meets in  ���.Miners' Union hall, C. P. R. block, corner of  j Baker and Stanley streeta, every Monday evening  at7:30p.m. sharp. Visitintr members of the American -Federation cordially invited f to attend.  A. J. Curio, President. John1 Roberts, -recording secretary. \ ' ,      '  TNTELSONiPAINTBRS' UNION-The -regular  "+*   Meeting-of the-Painters'  Union is held  / the first and third Fridays in each month at Miners' Union hall at ,7:30 sharp.   J. H. Millward,  Presidont; Will J. Hatch. Secrotary. *-'  ****-|  COOKS''AND-WAITERS^ UNION  meetings, every Tuesday evenii_���   liners'Union HaU, cornor of Bakor  Regular'  evening at r 8 30  ��� -=_-. everj  oclock,in _         .___   an'd Stanloy streets. Vistlng brethren cordially  invited. Chris. Luft, president; H. Smelser, iln-  ancial and recording secretary. \  A. No.  ���    . ��l_>,   uaaroio   cvoai    .ULUuuttjr   OVOU111K   In    the  Elliot block, corner Baker and Stanley streets, at  8'o'clock.   J.-D'MovAr.   president;! William-  Vice, secretary, P. O. Box 616. ., . ( x.  ,pLA8TERERa% UNION-The O. P. I,  x  . 172, meets every Monday eveulnp*  fa  FRATERNAL  SOCIETIES.  _. NELSON LODOB, NO. S3, A. _". 8c A. M  " Meets second Wednesday in each month.  ��Sojourning brethren Invited.   .    .,   ,  nay streets, every  Vlaltlng Knt��ht*  KNIGHTS OV PYTHIAS- Nelson Lodge. No  ; 25, Knlghta of, Pythlaa, meets in LO. O. F.  Hall, corner Baker and Kootent - ~*    ���-  Tuesday evening at 8 o'clook.   '  cordially invltea to attend.  H. M. Vincent C. C.  A. T. Park, K.* Of R. 8c S."  OOTENAY   TENT NO. 7,  K. O. T.- M.���  Hold their rogular meeting1) on the flrst and  third-Thursdays of-each-month.���Visiting-Sir  'Knights aie cordially invited'to attend.- G. A.  Brown. R. K ; A. W. Purdy, Com.; It. J. Steel.  ij* St Oi  ELSON L. O. lu. No. 1693. meets ln I. O. O. F.  , Elall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets,  ���1st) and 3rd'Friday of - eaoh month. .)V_dU_7  brethern oordlally Invited.   W. W. Bradley, W  M, A. Minty. Recording-Secretary.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNERS  To Qko. H. Lammehs. J. R. Cranson, or to  any porson or persons to vt horn he may have  , transferred his interest ln the Harvey Joy  mineral claim, at Morning Mountain, Nelson  Mining Division,  You are hereby notified that I havo expended  'One Hundred Dollars in labor and Improvements  upon the above mentioned mineral-claim, ln  'order to hold said mineral claim under the  provisions of the Mineral Act*, and If within  ninety days from the date of this notice you fall  or refu��e-to contribute jour proportion of such  expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interestin said claim will becomo tbe  property of the subscriber, Under section four of  an Aot entitled "An Act to Amend the Minoral  Act. 1900."^ SILAS H. CROSS.  Dated this 12th day of December. 1900.  NOTICE TO .DELINQUENT C0-0WNEBS  To T, A. Stkvenbon, or to any person or persons to whom ��� he mar have transferred his  Interest in the Lila minoral claim, at Morn  ing Mountain, Nelson Mining Division:  You are hereby notified that I have expended  the sum ot One Hundred and Fifty-Seven Dollars  in labor and improvements   upon   tho aboto  mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold said  mineral claim under  tho   provihionq   of   tho  Mineral Art, and if within ninety days from the  dato of this notice jou fall or refuse to con tubule  >our proportion of suoh expenditure, together  with all ooats of advertising, your interest fn said  claim will become the property of the subscriber,  under section four of an Act entitled "An Act to  Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."  DANIKL  HERB.  Dated this 12th day of February, 1901.  NOTICE.  Rossland, B, C, November 9th, 1900.  To F. B. Salisbury :  Notice is hereby given that I, William Griffiths,  Intend to claim the interests ln the following  named mineral claims formerly held by F. B.  Salisbury, on which he has neglected to pay his  share of tha expenses of the annual assessment  work.  To wit:  A ono half (i) Interest in the "Bunker Hill"  minoral olaim.  A one half (1) interestin the "Sullivan"minoral  olaim.  A one half (i) Interestin tho "Fidelity" minora,  claim.  All the adjoining claims, ituated on the weet  fork of the north r fork of Salmon river, Jn the  Nelson Mln|ng.nivlalon,  This action Is taken under SeotlonJl of Chapter 45, of the statutes of 1899 and amendments of  1900.   -        t WILLIAM a TOWNSBND,  lAgent toe William Orifflthe.  i***************it >  ', ' ����� The census of Canada-will be taken in April, and the pop-T  - ulation'of the*, several incorporated' cities-.will-be'known a short/j  time afterwards.   The Tribune - publishes' Daily "-and Weekly, j  ^ editions at the.following rates of subscription by mail': 'Weekly,"(M  one year $2;.Daily, six months, $2.50; 'one year,'$5."- lThe 'Daily,4/'  ys delivered, in Nelson by carrier at the.following rates:,ThreeV  "���months,"J$2.50; six months, $5; one year, $10. rA,large number'7il  ' of subscribers are in arrears,Jand a' large ^number of subscriptions ^* |  are aboutJtb^expire, besides a large number of people in Kootenay"  and Yale are about to renew subscriptions for^newspapeis for the,a  year.    In order to make it an object,for^ all these people to pat-yl  , ronize The Tribune," the ^following sums are offered as'prizes, on 0_,|  the'following" conditions:'    "J "  'Canada .?:.��: ySlOO  7 25  i-'t  *~i il  British^Colurnbia _.  Northwest "Territories'..' ���"26  Manitoba ... r  26  Ontario   '...". 125  Quebec.  l\{? '    4.U2B  New Brunswick '. .=..    25  Nova-Scotia?." ���"��� -.   25  Nelson V.y.:... 77..'..:rS50*  Rossland , / r 25  Kaslo : I.."....? '25  "Sandon *" f.... r...'... :\^''25"^>|  Revelstoke .'X'. <>.���-.. \ :*.... -j-'25*a,  .Grand, Forks  :t��-25��?i  Phoenix >d. T: .!^ i>25rr  Greenwood .v...".....-.'.". .-.-25'.  The subscriber "remitting�� $2 'in-payment pf either arrears1' *, i  or advance subscriptions toJTHE Tribune 'will <be'entitled'to give!r',|  an estimate on the,population;of any two places in the list named i  - above ;i $2.50,-to.three estimates; $5.00, to five estimates ; ,$10,-to _s!  ten��� estimates.   Fill,. out tblauk -below.'in accordance witlnabove "**tf|  , terms, and remit amount of subscription to    i, _        * < ^ - ���  -." 'Jz  h c The Tribune Association;Limited  /;  'I ''    .    * -, "       '        J ..NELSON, B. C,.t  M   "  ame  .- *.   -,  -      *.,--' ���        -        ������       * '_.  ���   I WlllWtS ��� ��� ��^�� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���. ��� !����������������������������� ������*����������������������� _��������������������������� �����*���������  t a        I - a.  "it *V 1  Amount enclosed $v-   ,Subscription,to v Edition'of ThevTribune  . Estimate as to population of  vAllnQn     ������*������������������*������*������������������������.������*.������.�����        ���*���������������������_������������������  British Columbia ���    North-West Territories .' -. '...'...  -Manitoba���.::~. :.. 7.  r.......��� :...:.  Ontario     Quebec   ../...: '. ,   New   Brunswick   Nova   Soctia   City of Nelson.:   City of Rossland   City   of  Kaslo *.;'.'       -.���  City of ��andon..;.-:   City of Revelstoke     .'.   City of Grand Forks    City of Phoenix   City of ..'Green Wood    < This offer-holds good until the 1st of April, 1901.    | '-;  CARNIVAL   ���^A^lD-rr--   CURLING  Tuesday to Saturday  FEBRUARY 12^16, 1901  EIGHT CURLING CONTESTS  Under tho Auspices of the  Kootenay Curling  Association  - HOCKEY, TOURNAMENT  For-Sen Ion, Junior and  Ladies' Championships  of British Columbia  SNOWSHOE RACES  SKI RACKS   SKATING RACKS  For Provincial Championships and for Mon aud  Boys  CUTTER AND DOG RACKS  Coasting Contests Carnival Masquerade  $3000 in Tropfyes and Prizes $3000  Rates ot a Single Faro for the Round Trip on all  '���Railways.--* For--further particulars see posters  and programs or address     H. W. C. JACKSON  "���' Secretary Carnival Committee, Roflalaml. B. C.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NELSON  B'-T-Ij.A.'Wfc' XTO-  )    .      .i*..  ra7_- -? -  A By Law to raise $79,000 00 for the purpose of  paying off advance made by Bank of;Mont-  s v~ real on debentures hypothecated. ^ > ^  Whereas, By Laws No8."68,69,70,71 and72,of  the by laws ot the City of Nelson, being respect  ively a by law to raise 915 000 00 to extend the  water works system, a by law'to raise. $15,000 00  ta extend ana improve the electric light sys  torn, a by law to raise $20,000.00 to-extend^the  sewerage'' sjstem, a bylaw to a ralBe  $2000 to-* improve a the Ystreetsr within 'the'  city 'of - Nelson,    and    a, by-law -to, raise  $6000 00" for purchasing^a' rod- making 'plant,  weie duly passed, and debentures issued there  under for the respective sums mentioned In said  by laws, in all the sum of $70,000 00, but said de  bentures so issued remain unsold. ,.. ��� -~^_ _  And whereas/said debentures so tissued and  unsold were hypothecated to the Bank of Montreal as security for an advance thereon of  $70,000 00 for the purposes *in the said by laws re  cited; ift^rt^'-v                 , _ __       ,, r  "--And whoreas,f A petition has 'been presentcd-  to the Municipal Council of the Corporation of  the City of Nelson, signed bj the ownors of at  leastr,one-tenth of^tho value of ^tlio. property in.  tho said city, as shown by the last revised assess  uiont roll, requesting the said ..council to lutro ,  duce a by law to raise the sum of 'Bovonty nine  thousand ($74,000 00) dollars for tho put poses Qf  pa> ing off the iiidebtediiess to tho Bank of Montreal and intorest thereon for which -said debentures are so hypothecated.^ ,    \.^ j* $ *._, j   t&.  ^And whereas, It is deemed expedient to borrow the suui'of sevent) nine thousand ($79 000 00) <  dollars (which is the amount of the debt intended1  to bo created by this bylaw) for tho purposes  aforesaid. -, "    ? *    '  *"    "?Z~  ��� And whereas, <Tho amount of the whole rate  jablo real property of tho said citj, according to  < the last ret ised assessment roll, is two million  six-1% fl\ e thousand four hundred ($2,065,400) dol  lars.- * Lr ' .\*k "i < * , j /i1" ''*) ,  j And:^whoreas^Itwill'be necessary to raise an-f  nuallyby rate the sum of sbcty-eoven and nlnotj*-'  four (|0iiUO0) dollars for pay ing the said dobt audi  irite*rest-?^��fc^^  - ��� Now,; thereforeYVtbo Municipal Council of thd".  Corporation of J the'City. of NelsonYin ^council as-.;:  seinbled; enacts'as;follows:'W^iZX^'f-*r'ltlf&i-S&j.-.i  l.-'It shall aricl"mai\be lawful for the;:Maybr;6'f.:-  the Corporation1 of sthe'Clt*y of Nelson to borrow,',  upoii'Stneicredit'iofstho rsaid:;; corporatioii,'.;,by.  way of debentures..hereinafter mientioiied; from  anypersori or persohs;-:b6dy or=bodies Ycorporato;-  who may be  willing to! advanco the; same as a  loan, a sum of money not exceeding on the wholel-  tlie -sum 7o_.: so vohty'nine7 thousand;! ($79,000.00):  dollars, and to cause all-such^sumsiso raised'ori  received' to bo paid into the hands of tho.Treas-'  urcr of the said corporation, for! tho purpose and  witn' the object hereinbefore recltedis 'S:.axx.';^  2. It shall bo ; lawful for the 'Mayor, of "the said-  corporation to cause- any number of debentures  to be made, executed and issued for such sum or  sunisaa rnay.ba'required for Hhepurposo and  object-aforesaid;**-not 'exceeding;^ however; tlie,  Bum of-seventy-nine thousand ($79,000.00) dol)ars:Y  each of the said debontures being of the denomination of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars, and all  such debentures shall be sealed with tho seal of  the ;corpbrationWand'-Ysignedt^byi"the Mayor  rthmeot.'X^X^'-'^-X-XXXX'x^^X.-x-X^ \:-.^:}^XX-':xX^-,  3. The said debontures shall bear date the first  ,day'oti April; A. D.' 1901, and shall bo madoparable  in 'iO years from Jtheicaid date in lawful 'money  of Canada at the oflice of the Bank of Montreal  in Nelson aforesaid; which said place of payment  shall be designated by tho-said- debentures, and  shall have attached to thcui coupons, for the payment of interest;*and the signatures to* the into rest-coupons may-be-either^writt8n,=stamped,--  prlnted or lithographed.        ;-"7X'-x;i-'X  4. Tho sJiid debentures shall bear interest at  the rate of .5 per centum, per annum from tho  date thereof, which interest shall bo payable  semi-annually at said ofllce of the Bank of Montreal In Nelson aforesaid. In, lawful monoy of  Canada,' on the 1st day of i' April and the-1st day..  of October respectively, in each year during the  currenoy thereof, and shall bo oxpi-essed In said  debentures and coupons to be ho payable.  5. It sball, be lawful .for the Mayor of said corporation to negotiate and .sell; the said debont-  uiosorany of them for,.leas slian par; but In no  case shall the said debentures or any of them be         nil  000 00> dollars <whioh is the amount of* the debV  intended to be created by^this^b} law)^for the  purposes aforesaid,  And Whereas, Theamount of thoT whole rate, --j^  able real property ot the said city, according  tOv-;M  the last re vised*'asfloa8mont<roll, 4a two million <r^,^,T  jFixty.flve thou8and"four,.hundred ($2,065,400 00) v .,,;��_yi,  'dollars.    ^ ,  ?*   v^-^      *&   - ., j-"?^^ {WJ  *��� And Whereas, It will be necessary to raise an- ^ _S4"._.,  annually by rate tbe sum of $1806 for paying/ the>;- .SY'^S  'said debt and interest     �����-" * ->���>��-*'  ���-v,'��>^.'^  '���aNowTherefore^the'Munlclpal Council of'-the .^ aSs*-*���  Corporation of tho City of Nelson in Counoil' as {Y -k77  -sembled. enacts as follows, i   ***s-i  ^ >->,i  vorrnf''   ��� tiXS.  1/Jt shall and may be lawful for the Mayor Jof >  the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow"^ .     _����_.  upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way-. J i^f 1&I  or debentures hereinafter mentioned^from "auy *.X~- 77M.X  person or persons, body or bodies corporate, who . ���  may be willing to advanco the same as a loan, a 7<ii��  sum of money not exceeding the whole, the-, sum .Y^ -,!.  of twenty ono thousand (121.000.00) dollars, and to y*-^|  cause all suoh sums Fo'ralBed or/received to bo, "<Y^I  . paid Into the hands of tho Treasurer of *' the said >J. 'fP!%i  Corporation, for the purpose and with the objects*---^ sp1  "hereinbeforerecited. ' -��~Juv ��� p*��5+   ��    t^'^OG  ���*>% It shall be lawful foi the Mayor of the said*'   ^y  ^Corporation to cause any number/of debentures      y>�� I  to be made? executed and issued for such sutn^or^ ^ -?f -fjil  sums as nurbo required for the pui pose and oV- "^s**j  ject aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum * sV  twenty one thousana ($21,000) dollars, each'of the tA".1^  said dobentures being of tho denomination of one1- y-'f7f  -thousand ($1000 00)' dollars, andramsuch iohuiY-ym. ^  ���tures shall be scaled witli tho'seal of tho corpora 7 L^mB  tion and signed by the .Mayor thereof. .. ^j.^   ^*jw  _ The said debentures shall bear date the flrs r-^Sfef.  day*ot?April/-A. Dif!901,-and^ shalli'be fmade;*^|S-  ���ears from the said date. inthelaw-YFjaS%  money* of ^Canada ^at tho office ofthe^Bauk ot^^_  payable In 20 rears I  f ul money of Canada _,. um uaatvc vi un-aaaut <-*>-rut 7\jars  Montreal in'Nelson aforesaid.'rwhiohiSatdTplaa anjy&  of payment shall be designated by* the sald^do -p' " y$_yk  benturos;and shall have attached*;.Uf~\iiotR"eoa-''rfiftTvM  fions for the payment of Intorest, and the sigiia-V.^��#j��|  uro* to���tho*i Interest coupons maySbc eithert-';, w^l  ���'written, stamped printed oi^ lithographed.���i*!/'* V^'il  .; 4..Tho said debentures shall^bear interest?atv V'-^fe  tha rate of 5 per centum per annum from the dato Yj* x^M  * thoreof; which interest tshall be �����payable.* semi- *^  * l?a  annually: at said ofllco at. the-Bank of-Montreal "*, tJ14x|  iivNolson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada,'      *����� ? '  on lheYBrstday;ofcAprU|and>the first'day of" V&  ;OctOber,'^ciiwctlvely,'"-ln eaclC year'during the    j- -"-^  .currency thereof, and shall be'expressed In said c >-M^i|  (debentures and coupons to be so payable.'}   <-;    *    "*' v'jSI  ; iv 5.11*f shall be lawful for the Mayor of said cor- ^., r -T$fi  ��� poration to negotiate and sell the said debentures'" 7 'rScF  ; or any of them for less tliau par;'but In no^caKO--' .   -Vr  shall tho said debentures or any of them-.be ne-,^'V^.  Tgotiatcd��or*i8old'for^le8s than nlney-flve ��� per 't^KVisWl  negotiated or: sold for less than  nety-flvo por  the cost of-  centum of their face value, including  negotiating and salo, brokerage and other lnci  dental expenses.  0. There shall  be raised and levied in each  , ., urrency of said dobentures the  sum of thirty-nine hundred and fifty ($3950,00) dol  lars for the payment of interest, nnd the sum of  Lwonty-oiglit hundred and forty-four($2814.00)dol-  larsfor the payment of thodubtdue under the said  debentures by a rate sufficient, tlierefor on all tho  rateable land in the paid municipality.  7. It shall bo lawful for ..the said municipal,  council to ro-purch��isc any of the said debentures  .upon such terms as *���may be ijagreed* upon with  the legal holder or-holders thereof, or any part  thereof,'either at tho time of; sale or any subsequent, timo or times, and all' debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be canceled and destroyed, and no re-Issue' of debentures "eo repurchased shall be made In consequence of such  repurchase. ������ ����� ~  0. This By-law-shall tako effect on the'date  of the final passage thereof,   -  Done and passed in council at tho City of Nelson, ou the r���dayof ���,. A. D. 1901.   .  Take notice  NOTICK.  that the abovo  Is a true copy of  the proposed By-Law upon which tho vote of the  doctors of the ^Municipality will bo taken: For  the Kast Ward at the City Pollco Court, on the  east sido of Josephinostrcet,'between Baker and  Victoria streets; for tho West Ward at the ofllce*  of Ward Brothers on the north sido of-Bakor  .street, between Stanley and Kootenay stroets, in  I ho City of Nelson, on Tuesday, tho nineteenth  day of February, instant, betwoen tho hours of  8 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clobk p. m.  J. K. STRACHAN, City Clerk.'  Nelson, B. C, Fobruary 5th, 1901.  CORPORATION OF THE CITY OFNEISON  B-T-Hi-^-'W'   3STO-   88. i  A By-law to raise $21,000.00 to pay off overdraft  , duo tho Bank ot'Montreal and accumulated  interest.'  Whereas, a petition has been presented* to the  Said Municipal Council of the Corporation of the  City of Nolson, signed by the owners of at lea-at  ono tenth of the value of tho real uropeity in the  said city, as shown by the last revised assessment  roll, requesting tho said: council to introduce a  by-law to raiso the sum of twonty-one thousand  ($21,fl00)(dollars for tho purpose of paying off the  Indebtedneps due by the'. City of Nelson' to the  Bank of Montreal by way of overdraft and accumulated intorest.  And WhoroaH. II is deemed "expedient to borrow the said eum of twenty-one thousand ($21,  conturn'ot their.face value including tho cost" of.  negotiatingandsale.brokerago and other inci -  .dentalexpense'.', r~.   S . '���,*���'-      ���_,',���;   '*-  f ��� XC.i1 Thero.shallbo 'raised ���> and -levied  In' each>  year during the currency of said debentures the ,  sum of one thousand and'flfty'($1050) dollars for .  "tho payment.ot interest and the sum - of' seven  . hundred and flfty-slx (t75C) dollars for the payment; of the debt duo under the said debentures '  by a rate sufficient therefore on, all  tho rateable  latid 'in said -municipality. -,     ? ,,���_���*���<  r-'7.:Itshall._e"*ilawful'for' the said/Municipal  'Council to rc-purchaso any of the said debentures  .upon such tormsas niay.be agreed upon wl>h tho  -legal holder or holders thereof, or any part there-,  "of.elther atthe tlmeof tho > sale or any subso-  quent timo or times, and rail��debentures .so repurchased shall forth with be cancelled and destroyed, and no re-issue of debentures so rp-pn-  cbased shall bo mado In consequence of such le-  ���. purchase." ���'"./-'t^-S  ,,8.. This by-law shall take effect on the date of  . the final passage thereof.  ' Done and passed in Council at tho City of Nelson on the -      dayof*' -^ A. D. 1901'-<  -NOTICK.  TakeTiotico that tho abovo-ui-a-true-copy^o'f���  .:-;&���  _.\X?'  m  Ai  <i-.X  . vi\  the proposed By-law upou which the vote of the  eleceors of the Municipality will be taken: For  the East Ward at lhe City Police Court,' on; the  east side of Josephine street, between Baker and  Victoria streets; for the Wost Ward iu tho offlco  of Ward Brothers, on the north side of llakor  street," between 8Uiuloy and Kootenay streots, iu  tho City of Nelson, on Tuesday, tho liinot-cnth  day of February, instant, between the houis of 8  o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock p. in.  J. K. S I'RACHAN. City Clerk.  Nelson, B. C��� February 4th, 1901. ,  CORPORATION OF THE CITY. OF NELSON  btt-l.a.'w _sro_*s��:  A By-law for stopping-up and' closing certain  streets and alleys ui the City of Nelson and  empowering (he Council to convey such  streeta and alloys so stopped np and closed to  the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  Whereas, It is deemed advisable to close up  certain portions of the streets and alloys hereinafter described, within tho limits of tho Cily of  Nelson and to convoy tbe same to the- Canadian  Pacific Railway Company.  And Whereas, In the opinion of the council  such portions of st reets und alloys aro not required for corporate purposes.  "*.��� Thoroforo, The Municipal Council of the Cor-  poratioh of the City of Nelson lu council assembled enacts as follows:  I.- That the following portions of streets and  alleys within the limits ot tho City of NoIaoii,  namely: Kootenay streot from its northern intersection with Vornon street to tho C.lumbia 8c  Kootenay right of way.-That triangular portion'of a street having no iiamo, being bounded  on the east by the westerly liuiitof Stanloy street,  on the north by tho Columbia & Kootenay light  of way and on the south by tho northerly limit of  Block Oi and the lane or alley in block 01 from its  intersection with tho westerly limit of Stanley  streot to its intersection witli'tha Columbia tc  Kootenay right of way, be und the saiueaieheie-  by declared stopped and closed.  ���2. Tlio said City ot Nelson be. arid I hey aro  horoby empowered to sell to tho Canadian Pacific Railway the said portions of streets aud alleys In tho next preceding paragraph described  and the Mayor and City Clork areherebyauthor-  i/.od to sign and seal a propor con veyance of the  same to said Canadian Pacific Railway and tho  said council.;may accept as payment therefor  cither money or real property.  This by-law shall tako effect on Uio date of tl.o  final passage thereof.  ' Done and passed in Council at the City of Nolson this duyof 1001,  NOTICE..  Take nolico that the above is a truo copy of  tho proposed By-Law upon which the vote of the  electors of tho Municipality will bo taken: For  the East Ward at the City Police Court, on the  east side of-Josephine street, between Baker aud  Victoria stroets; for the West Ward at the office  of Ward Brothers, on the-north sHe of Bakor  street, between Stanley and Kootenay stroets in  the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, tho nineteenth  'day of February, Instant, between the hours of  Boolocka.ni. and 4 o'clock p. m.  J. K. 8TRACHAN, City Clerk.  ���JfilWn^ftO., February 4th, 1901. ^jT.-i!i^^��=��ai��^^a^^Kss*ay^  siJ^^s-t^awaii'iJiaiaxsrocr^'Sy-wJss  pSltt'&iX&SZililM^CZtZW^iV  ^���t.igtJi.r^f.-U-^t^^-is^'a^.nie^  THE TRIBUTE: NELSOK, B. C, FRIDAY  FEBRUARY 15 1901  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are  reasonab'e.-.  our prices are  We are British Columbia Agents for.  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'Born, at Leicester, England, on  January 21st, 1901, to the wife of  E. P. Whalley.a son.  The fire wardens, chief Thompson and aldermen Paterson and Selous), held a meeting at the city hall  yesterday afternoon and went over  the fire limits bylaw in order to ascertain their duties.  Y. .:v    y   t  The intermediate ! team of Y the  Nelson.Y Hockey Yiclub 7;leaves 'this  morning fdiv'Rossland; where they,  will participate, in the tournaments  of tlie inidwinfe*^carnival'Y' This  eveningthey play Rossland and tlie:  winners YT*>lay Y; Satid^  afternoOT^  y TheYconcertYgiyeri cby^thetishil^  d reh /of Hae Sti "Joseph ^h^ at* thier  opera housoHusfeyeningYipromises'  ���to; bef decidedly J in teyreat ing? '.-& gobd'  Yentt^aimn^jpv^  - pared.;YYji^ar^|riumb^^  |ha*ro aireWyYbeeri;^  yte^a^ce^ill^ ^doubtedly bo large.-J  ���y^The;;:*^^  ;;frd&-th6sepwhb,haye^  tion to enlist with the Baden-Powell  ;^ons]fcab^ry J of^ Southf  ;b��;recruit^:h^  ^rujM**^'^  thorough examination as to riding,  i shooting ;et(S  |tliSy; wiirbeY required'^YJlea-^j^f^  /Crtt^arWhe^  jifcetTwe*^  ?Marchvist.YlS*y|  Ws.��z?&_,:��:i.?  YLast: Night'sBall.  7yw77&%07?y*&   feg��if��|^^B6xM7^  .��Vii.��te-t-'.j*.-}5i*-'7'.-;.  loeaiaridi'obiMLS^S^'p^?*?  ���N6wel5jP6st3ll&^"   'j��  *yy  llgll^iY'Saffiyysis*:;:  -      WZYuV-.':.;:��i:r.:?':?r:.r:j^  l^^^fe^^^Sliinglesi'J  ,,���  ...., IF WHAT.'TOUiWANT 13 NOT IW BTOOK  jKi^^^*?r;^!i^  f��l||*ig|��^^  It  ���"���^tt^Kn.:**^  mmmmmmmm&mm  5-'��-,,-iJ>trS55r^;'i*��Ait?>ife*'  ��� Si3**i-i��;  i$7:  ���y��pi;:  ^EULt^_NB EAKK SrBEEtarSSIfiOi?  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'^ioiBlend'Coffee; 6;pbrinds.f ;-hrvf: ^>l:00*i  Kfi%The%iNe]^tt.||P_>e*^^^  ::ball?giyen|a*^tne^^^  ;'^^ihg^vi^|the?grett|^'^  XAnfj^hjire&ipr^ giy^^iin|j'Nei*^nij;  .tThe^anc^t^oiy^  ���|^ili^t^fi^^^a!3f^o^^0j  Jlargelfnw&BiK^oflT'si^^  |ft^;$inf^t:tp-da^  .event - last; night's- affair   haaYnot  |BS_n^'WquSlleolSi_iis'3:  committee .on.:arrangements. bad  ���fkia X nlaiiq    sn YiSorfonf.lv���;';arranicrprl.  Jt^pl^^rfe^fltih^e^  fj^ai^^fiwl^i^||^--m*^^  ;^Th*^a^^f^cI|wen|^^|^  was bef ore :the -supreme' court fall  day^ yesterday "and will probably be  finished ^y "this aft��ro6bnV;The  ��yiqe_i,ce;;Qfethe"^m  ���?phVi^^'-T-��ii^i6^o_S$_sf^  session;^ i-R.^.YThbmpson-of Van"-;  couver wasrtbe only, witness:heard-  BOARD OF TRADE MEETING  ' Several ��� Becommendationa Made.  The .establishment of a lead  refinery in British Columbia was  the main question * under discussion  at the meeting of the Nelson Board  of Trade .last evening.- Captain  Duncan, a -member of the..Mine  Owners' Association, in speaking  u pon the questipri, said bethought  immediate steps should be taken to         ..     . r.   . :.. ^���������I:^__r.^_.   ������ .-    '- . *   '  hRveyaY':Yrefin'6i'y.. established,' and  that the government should in the  first plaiM'grant a bonus upon its  ^iqu.puti.^^f;'^*''^  y Several oiiher,; members discussed  "the-fisuj^e'ptSqnite   freely,;and all  were^^h*^s��me ppiriipn^;:* *A reso-'  ;lution'^a-^passed,; authorizing the  Ydel^a,-^^h^^ili;'^ con-  Yyontiibii^fitlke associatedYbpards of'  f��rade^ ��ext  Y*^ek|^^in*j^hmm^OT  *v8tr<Mijp^3ffii_w^  :thatpometWn^houid^^ "- by  iithem^npe^nJfgH  ^���Y.Tti^qtfe^'OT^-^^yi^        enst-  }ern^^?sOTtlierh' p^tionYof ^British ���  ';^lut^a^?s|^��]^rt^^  yiyisi^i^Be^ail^iei-***^^       of'  ���^���^I^minion^l^andY hayihg|an in-  specio^fap^int^^Ywas^ also   dis-^  ^8Jsed^^glen^h?;|;YTh^  jWili:"Belref6rrkd|; toit^^ciuiicil for  -?cpnside'^ati'6i^^;^%.Y?^^  ���yrT^/p^ideniij^ vico-jf^sident and  ;;KmntcHn;|5Byers ^ere^ppoihted a  ^con^itlJe**^^  5|piro^nc^|m^ber^'JaW  |afld?8S��|fiim|t^iise his linfluionce at  fth^^^h^!sB0ionYof parlianient to  *ftOb^n*^|^ier^5^r.t|TO^  ���;:;m^ations|f*o^h"^^ity-^ ���    -^^  :yiTh*8?se_i-��ibM3pw^|i*u to"  l^it^^S^^^alUll^lle5' local  ;;ml^j^^f;|JMic^  ^urgeylii^i^-S^an-tK^ hav-  ing^bjet]^^ti^ipt^  Eacfff[tiM|^bf#|fie4^ be  a8ked|l��^ie|i^4nfl^ have  jlpe^xnajt^  minic^g-qjmnam^t'yY^^ "Y. t  ^^y^^^^^M^i^ivaio.s^qt but  ZEC. ^B"3e"EI?iS  <Sc  oo.  XT_333_SO_ST  _TA8LO  Sja._sr*Do_sr  STOVES!   STOVES I   STOVES I  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Agents for the Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  _   . ^ *      -       _  TELEPHONE 27 -    - oStore,* Corner Baker and* Josephine Stieeti  lynched by an excited- and indignant crowd. This happened about  a year ago, but the details have  only been received within a day  or so. , x  jliwe!ih^est*?^^re^ to  i^.V'VM.'-W'i'.'jTi^W^-;.-^^^  cYbe.'consid.o^^^  p|jQ^mg|to|i<n^llnes9 go|^residen t  tG.nmge^0^^^?0i^T^^^nt "-Ti  'PA^Iatnit&nnniont.tlri^  KABiKiiiiiiiiii  SelepfronevlWiS'l*^  ���RYO.fBpx|182^yHI;YSlS  WEST. BAKERvSTREET. NELSON.Y  'R^LiElTT^Ti-ANDii;^  INgjL^!t^E^GENTS;|��T  Agent* for J. A J��� TAYLOR SAFES  Desirable Business aiid Residence Lots  ln (Bogustown) falrvlew Addition.  ���7%.  '-A'XWi:S7'7'i  ''.\'Y~X.7\'X,'iK  ^���?X'$>'';X"^  *:.Sn^iS-'J" ���!:���,.'  f-fe?**?;.;.-'?,;*;,'  ^plg'^MJfW7U IJv:-B*'��� ���-'::*:���. Y-: *:  ^^^^^0_0y7:ry:P^yy7y'i:.y^  iilwiLt cure Vour cold:  '!tf*-T  km  : IJemeqber the' netw; -stai^tl: at Corner of Ward  '7x:yy:7 ''-��� ain( Baker *8tre8te,Y -^  \ :x7-: -���  Office on Baker Street, west of Stanley Street  *-* -:- r: .-^ 77-x.' .������.." ���,'NKL_pN:*'Y' ../:'������; ���': 7 f'7y Y  CYDdJOHRlSTlE  General Broker    y  ::-*-*>'-'--FiREi-LiFE' And-- ��� '���'���������'     yyh  ;..;  tYACCIDENT INSURANCE;        y  Money to loan at 8% or on tho Installment plan.  -Y;'i":,*:**T:T-*'^.^YY.T'-;. For Sale      _ Y   777.7 ;. '  The Haywood place.   Price and" terms .'on ap-  pllcation;        ;,/������,���*:     ���--.������*..  3 flftj" foot lots on Hobson street.. ,���.���.*:... ;*.*|8fl0 00  2 twenty-Are foot lots, ObservatorySt.... 000 00  A 25-foot lot opposite the Phair Hotel, a  bargain........:....:..........;;;......... 650 00  ..  Several other good buys are on my list,  :;  For Kent. ';���������:. Y'';*<:*  7 Room .House, Carbonate Street........  6 Room House.: Mill Street....... ....  A Ground-Floor Ofllco.......'....:........'.  i Room Cottage..:..'...;.. .V..".;... ........  The Hayward place:   Cabins for rent.  " See my list of Ileal Estate.  iS^ionjaMjh^sta^  |*TO^bOT*^e:;the(f^i2^  fplmiffitt^cl^  IDuiinglt^i^t^n**^^  ?and||^fe^  fdencevi6rTii^it^side|^  ^hell^-Mnti^i^^ril^  vim^e/EraS|gTvp;S^  with the defendant and duringYthe.  . period of .the agreement the'Yellbw-  stone mine:,at Salmo.��� was. located1  ||mdpwv"^h^^  certain interest- in   the.:.property..  Tlie greater portion of the evidence  ���vc^si^l^fj^h^w*^  and documents, which: were written  p^^thatf^time^^  closed Mr. Billings was  undergoing  ��i^jeross-e--aimih^ion  ^cc^tinued"at"this^orning'.irse99i6  ;'__iYH.>Macneiil of Rossland is acting  |for;the^iwntif^iand?^  ;iyahcouver forJdefeiidatityr" y77 ;  IB^h^manjil^^  j_>ul;Mn1?H_iB^r_i^*'|^^ and  |r^^^M^|onf^^il.' - >  ����ygi^ yf  ��c<>m^ittee^  |of��ti^*_SJto^gd  ?X-i'v*'Z?*~'-��'~i*'^-'^^-7&"V��i��_&-":-iL7:,A     __.*  The .s Manhattan saloon has  changed owners, C. A. Waterman's  interest having been, purchased, by  DoaBoyd. ' ���>  /PERSONAL!"      , v  J.-Wilson, a provincial constable  from Creston, is registered at the^ueen's.  Moyar Pitts and W. M. Stubbs of  Sandon are in the citj in connection with supreme court business, f*  -   ,   ,  * G. A. Mitchell of' Rossland, H. G.  Knowles of Vancouver and E.J. Felt of Taooma  are registered at the Hume.   _    v       _ i  A. E. Rowland of Toronto, John  Hartline of .Greenwood and1 W.-S. Grove of  Montreal are registered ar the Phair.  Mike Kirlin and G. Fisher of Sandon. Noil Getting of Sloean and. E. H, Home of  the Chapleau mine aie registered at the Madden  house.       "--^     ��� '. *"  r��    ���**       '   T  -- V.Hyde Baker of Cranbrook, who  .ii Interostod in'the Blairmore coal fields with  Messrs. Procter and Fishburn of this city, arrived In the city last evening.1-^   *     *- , -  ,:?3o.oo  ."26.00  .26.00  .12 50  :���:. -k Y'y x ���':;Th^;Pwctei*isiip^;: :y.;:::%  ;Y Messra. *Guteluis;:G��^  :ilto��: weni^to  'hiake; -tl-ie jfliial' test ipf Y the \ he wMip,  ;which5;lias ''7TJust;- beeii jYc^pleted  j.ibUere^::Oh "theitr retuni;Mr;-Guldu-is  isaid J that^ everything t^  '��� fectly*arid'the beat^reBulW.-wereibbT  tained from /the ^9t.3" A riumber'of  empty carsY were taken" to Procter  and were loaded on a bargelwithout.'  '.a,hitchy'Theslip iriay/bejwtilij^o^  useYinljft fewYdays, as; theYpresent;  method of bringingYthe loaded cars;  from'7the.-landing:*:to ���Nelsonjj-by  bwgeslsli^j^wa w^  lirig^the immense airi^ourit of freignt  that is'co-mingYihrbu^  ierit limey There aro ^thelanding:  125^ioa1iSd-Ycar3"'";toj be.'^ransported:  to Nelsoni :5lfe:; theV-b'arjges |. are un-���  loaded^ BtY^Ielspn"i^brily^ ioriie ^^txip^Bx  daycan^bejma^e^bythojtugs  if   fihsy *iareY^uriloadied <'at  Procter  douhleiiliei; ^num^r of Years cianb^  handled iri; the same time.-'���_���;>''. **    ;  '  jjn^Kod|i^^eaH^ vent  Kand'^tHei^es*^'^^  ^gai$S;tO;^C^  ^eth^sjo^ia^bi^ii^^  ^it;hoi^l;^pre^ai^  ��ttie^g*15ass^a*^(^^Ji^^  rprep^re^'aj'^ act,  iadap^ei3|Y*^ ���?l?vM��iSM:;^r|ditor8'  |^h^Bf|^^to*th(iii^  ^nce/a^iamen Sale  ^tet^*aknd|wiU��:.e^ the  ^sa^'p^siBd-jbjpJiffiS^^^  Y*lature.jy :TbeY?^e|OTia||^d'Aother  b^rdsYoft^de^ in  tiie':effort-''' 'A~^~"''*'"^'"'"~���������;~-**--'   . _.. .. jfe^.V J  :7xyy7 ^irtguitfixiw - -  M7^J^c^70^rxm^^^^!^l first  session of the tenth parliament was  ; opened at:^three ^ffiis ^"fj^rioori by  ^ir::ii6uis" Ca^uli^^iefcgjustice, in  .the abserice Yof;flieutenanfegovernor  [. Jette,; who is ilKS.^TheY^Wuallcondo-  lences arid conKra.ulation8]to;king  Edwardformed^  .-'of the speechfr^ltl^t^^ne.}The  ; only legislation; ofijm^rtarice promised is .the form^onpfY^aJdepart-  meut of ;-laborY"similaE'-to ^he one  inati tilted by the -Dominion gov eminent last sessicoii^y yx 7p; Y y 7  ��� Halifax,,, i^b^ryy^ 14.--The  Nova Scotia legislature ^opened at  three this^ afterrioonjpfeThe.speech  from; the throne^ref^^^ih^feeling  ;terms to the deertH^fjYher? majesty  and also congratulated his majesty  king Edward upon his accession to  :the;th.rbneyi;jH*-'i::%;^^ .  *..*. :��� -���.-. y '���' ��� 1.' '.Qape NomeTJv^ac^jy. 'y  Quebec, \F.e\x^^.lV7^^.oxiA has  /been receiyed^ii-j^tlie^ a  youngY man; nam^^outure^Y^vho  werit^to Cape ;Noi^  thatYGoutureYw^sTdriyei^^'^steal a  piece of pb-A^^d^som*^ro^erYeat-  ables -to keep^imSfrbin -starving  and was brutaUy^beatehj and finally  . 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Bank  of Montreal.' .... ^      ^     .,    ,,"-.-7**'  v,-^*.  \Two large, well-furnisfied rooms  to let. 1 and 5 Macdonald blook,,'corner Jose-*"  phineand Vernon.**   ,>   -,*>      ��� ',* ~\    �����"*"'���"  _-<.����� ���>l* *  l-�� ___.        *  ���iK Rooms and-breakfast/-if desired  at 3_4'-osephlne~Btreet,-,/four doors^abbve Silica  street. yMrs. Blaney\si>^.^*> j-,^-.-_. ^fe -,-.' ~_  Japan Tea of all  kinds tb^ suit  your taste. Sun Ciired.'.Spider'-Leif.'tPan Fired  in bulk or packages. '"Kootenay Coffee po.l>  v'"Milk business for ^'aley-'The only.  dairy in Fernie,- 20 cowfui Will be'eoldat a bar-"  gain/ Apply D^J. Whitney, Fernie, B. C. -       ^  *. Wanted���A'few,-/fir9t-cla88 stone-  maious and stonecutters on the Robson bridge.  Union -vwiges paid, i Apply,at tho work. John  Gunn% . <-^h  ~      -. f ' y v. -��y* y  .,-  For fresh candies, fruit?, nuts. Sec.,  cigars and tobaccos of the best brands, call at the  Bon Ton Confectionery, Baker street. Miss A,  L. ldinkwitz. ���;     -    j     ->    ;-_   ',   ~ f ^-jr  ^That fine blend'of Ceylbri Tea we"  are selling at thirty cents per-pound Js diving  the best of satisfaction to our man) customers.  Kootena> CoifeoCo. - .__��� */     ������'��        %      '_*���-���-  _��� - Eight-roomed .house, partly "furnished, to rent*in tho Hume Addition, either to  "one or f wo families., Apply Mrs. Hai twig, Hume  Addition.   -     -J" -*���**--...���   'V  To Let���House on corner of Victoria and Cedar'streets. Six rooms* bathroom  and modern conveniences. Rent $25. "Apply to  A. E. Coxhead, next door on Cedar street.  "^For rent���On March.lst, house on  coiner of Front and Park streets. Five rooms,  bath room. eto. Rent, including water, $25. Apply to E <Kilby, next door to McBrlde's stables.  We~have"Indian, ^Ceylon    arid"  China Teas in great variety/ choicest quality/  Wo make a specialty of blending teas and sell  thera in any quantity at lowest rates. Kootenay  Coffee Co.  For Sale���Moving picture inachine  and stcreopticon combined. 'Films eighty Boer  war slides.   Every thi  used    Great bargain,  office.        ' , _. -, -  I want  CHEESE  '. Perhaps you did not know,  but we want you to learn  -now and remember.that  we _; make a   feature   of  _ cheese of all kinds.  MacLaren'8 Imperial In all 8izes.       ,"     ,  MacLaren'8 Roquefort. ������-. % *  Imported Swiss.       w -       -    -.  Also the Finest Canadian Cream.  KIRKPATRICK & WILSON  The^.Leading_ Grocers.     ,.      .  Telephone 10   ���        _.----  il  K-W-0 Baker Street  j~.  fi H.A-* *>s f^  SPECIAL SAtfe^OI^i:,N^^ i  * />-?J^wi=_iOH-:___Ai3TJui3 y  . ^_ ^_  i X  'Y/Corset-Covers"from 20c to.SI.OO' / "   ������ ,-  Ladies Nightgownis >t'"76c,V$J.00,YS1.26^and $2.00  ':..    1(Laclles. WtiitetSkirts' from��76c t6'$2:00^7�� -'"  ~y<i -  y > <Ladies'FlanneletteYNightgowns regular, 76c 'fdrJSOc.',, -  ���^'- Ladies"Flannelette-: NightgownSxregular^$t.OO/for 70c.t" yu.  !"', Ladies .Flannelette Nightgown's regulariiS1.75*-for $1.25 ..*  r--   Misses and Childrens Drawers,, to. clear at, 26c."   ",  '1*1   -   < - ""y A few Wrappers, to,clear~at $1.00   1 ���" ~s"'���"  ,  ' ._" r>..; Black Satin" Shirt Waists, to ,clearrat:$1.00_r ^ '\ , ~\> ,*  Black and Colored Mercerized Shirt Waists, worth $2, for $1.25  ",c' -"���-   i "��� c ��ft-' >r , ���"-;    -    7 , -      ^    _���v  -x   K_.-^~  We have  of,  Every thine complete.   Never been  A;  $100,000.  pply "Ptoture" Tribune  a gold mine  notting $100,000 annually. Free milling gold prop-  '"   "    "     '       erms, full '         _       _ _        _ *m Rooi  Block, Nolson.  TolephoneliM  orties wanted.  Send price,'terms, full report,  etc. to Andrew F. Rosenberger, Room 4, K-W-C  COMB ''.AND'*'SEE''-Ua.  0.  JLlmltod.  THE CRANVILLE SCHOOL  .      .176 Harii Street, Vaneouvep.   J  'Boarding and Day School for. Girls. Will re-  'open January 15th. Terms moderate. Foriermi  and prospectus apply to -    -  MADAMOISELLE KERN. Principal  ; Mrs. D.B. Murray, graduate ln vocal'and Instrumental music, is now prepared to receive  pupils for 'Instruction ln voice culture, Italian  method, also piano and organ.    *  For terms and further particulars apply room  5. A. Macdonald ballding, corner Josephine and  Vornon itwefi,  YAH people suffering from defective vision,: headache," paihYinYtteYeyes,  eyes; crossedYorldiverged,'will be awarded a freeYexatnination. Spec*,  tacles fitted for all defects and sold under a positive guarantee. At  McLean's Drug JStore alii this week. - Hours M)cto _2 and 2. to 5.    .  Miss Von -Der Worth���Clairvoyant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  on commercial business and mining; reunites  unhappy lovers and broken-up families. Room  1, over Thomson Stationery Company.  W. J. Harvey. F. O. M. C. I., con-  oludos his practice at H. F. McLean's" drug store  on Saturday, February 16th. He is in receipt of  many valuable testimonials from people who  hive obtained relief for defeotive vision during  .his stay.  House for rent���Newly furnished;  good plumbing; con-> onient location. Snaps for  Beginners. An opportunity to apply part; ot  rent to purchase of furniture. Apply on premises to Mrs. Sanderson, Carbonate' street near  Josephine, oi H. R. Camoron.  For Sale���120.a'c_es of first-class  agricultural and garden land, 12 miles from Nelson on Kootenay Tako Will sell in 10, 20 or 40  acre tracts. Price and terms reasonable. Apply  or address A. F. Rosenberger, room i, K-WC  Block, Ntlson,  The Prospectors' Exchange" is the  only place in British Columbia whore prospectors  can exhibit samples of their ore to the mining  public. Send samples of your ore for exhibition.  No charges made for exhibiting your ore and  listing your property. Room 4. K-W-O Block,  NelHon.   Telephone 104. ���  H. E. T. HAULTAIN, C. L  A special drive in  Boys ���Wpbl Hose^   We have tool many  <, -    these and as long as~they last'will sell aiyhese prices.:   y~'  _  Heavy. Ribbed'Wool Hose^45c^lineat 26c"    \ "  ~y'"f'     Heavy* Ribbed Wool Hose,r 60c- line at-35c-' '!  1  v--   r x ;Heavy;Ribbecl' Wool' Hose, 65c line at 46c-"'% ���/:. ~  ''"^v -' p' *-��� "*"��"'.������S- -T ~% /V^".*'^ ~'- :?"  ^We are daily^openingj.new-Spring' Goods|whichi^we'will sell  'at remarkably-low prices' to suit thVtimes. , -3  - " __   Clothing, Boots and "Shoes, Hats and-Caps.  - _    "  7 f-i*  ! -,.  _\  The Gait Coal office has been  removed to the Ward build-  ing, on Baker ' street���two  doors' west C. P. R. offices.'  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand. ~        , -  MINING  ENGINEER  OFFIOE-8, 9, 10,,.  K.-W.-Cf. Block  NELSON  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 265     General Agent.  C.W. West & Co.  COALI WOOD I  Hard Coal     ftin 7ft I Crow's Nest ~   ffio IK  alnthraolte    �����u"'9 I Coal *������� 19  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY. Ltd.  No order can be accepted unless accompanied  by cash. .    __-  Office: Corner of Hall J  and Baker Streets. ,  Surpassing;  Display in :  Fall Suitings  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter, wear1 are  included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  1 Serges," Tweeds and Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  _E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street.,   FRED J. SQUIRE. Manager.   ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.  TELEPHONE 33.  The Cabinet Cigar Store  6. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  *' i" Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"   " POMMERY"  " SMj!$X "   �� VIRGIM, GOLD"  'v *-���Bmofclng anil PIlpM.-  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.  REMOVAL  Dr, .Morrison, Dentist),  has removed to^his ,  new aafflcea in the K-W-O block. *  TREMONT HOTEL BLOCK.  Lai  specii  fashion  stock of high-class imported  ity of the 'square   shoulder���I  inooatrs. -  latesb  WE HAVE  Improved -��� Incandescent  Mirror Globe Lamps  Now in " 'Stock. -. They  Improve Electric Light  Fifty   per, cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  .  & CONSTRUCTION GO.  frelflon, B. C.


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