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 &]?���'���  PAI^EDjrriQN  FIVE DOLLARS A YEAR  fi.-^.r-'iai.-'  ���Wtaiv *. - -^_;"<-5 ;���*��_,.��� ,--��g��4K  S*SJ>  -y-i*s<lS'  ^-."^-^ ^ ^--'^Afe^.-s^s?  -lSi*<!'  .--:.���-: ,=V'-  -;-i^_V:';'".'i^^';:.r--'.-^.'f--' t^v"'  '��� "Xt>  .'-���'.r^y  r'"*V "^-'\ "-*- --''"V^i^i-^ _ ���***'��� ���   -''*:'''''**''-V--,/-''-;;-;^ ;-'*":Vi''-;V* ,''-'<'*^v^^ "^-''J'^v;'^ "..XX'' :��� ^~X. ...'���'.  ":-V''.:'��w*-';''.;*i*:.,'^';-'Y.'':.-���-'Y'''-Y-Y*----'.^^^  --   -*f^-  YE*W'  r.Y:i.#,r-'��.v_'  ������E^c*;  i.S��*-f  SS^  '; (~��::  iss  '*- ..-..������ ..,.-  ..^...,.,/r.     > ���-''-v"n'--"'-'"'-.^>.fWii;ar  ~     - ~~ ~ "-"'*    r-'i..      ~r-i _--��������� i,^__      - V^^*  WEEKLY- EDITION %V 1ft��|��2*$^  TWO DOLLARS A YEAR   V ~^  '$$&!'  **. a.  i       *.       ,*^  NINTH ^IR.  "*.-*. y-  .-ia ������������  ��� ��������  ��� *23.-  :*.�����*  ... ���- p^,. ra.  '-''������'sJ-'-'SS   .-  ^ ,g*%jag_. %  -.y.;-' .gg. ������*-ya>;'   ..������--���.: -  ��� .-*���-��� --'������-. .���������-��� <?-.-;���'���*������������*- ^.M-:U ������:--������-.,' ���-���>>-),    :-.'��,>';:>,l(;.ii' .,>:t":.'V'i*rr',-;W'*<-'^''.** r'-T*..;  %S  ���:-f-xx  Smelting Interests Must Be  Vroiecte&yy?"  XJ-  X\i  JOHN  HOUSTON'S OPINION  INTERVIEWED  think the limit of cheap smelting  in British Columbia has V*jret-; l^ni  reached. ; ConsideringYr.these facts,  I thinkjt would "be a i serious tais-  take to allowthief:^^Crow's^Nest tcoalj  areas to fall into the hands of; ."men  whose interests;are jtb* have/ Canadian orei., smelted -in7^theY^United  ���Stote_^^:-^^^^^*^;;i4fy;  y^Wheir^leftt  two; weeksY;^  J-^re'l_ds*^l��lie^Ybyf^ie^^meri-^  ;.^ri��8mej^  '.piny*^  :t��jdeti||{.withdra wiriigjy frori-i^the:  :Yl^tori^��*^  *_�����"*_���_ t_\ _T\...   _V^m___.m _��������� ___. i*~. ��A  _k_i_i-_'' *-����� aua '  tions of capital _ the United States  has ever" seen.77 The -'object.*��� sought  is I clear...:, James 7 J: ^Hill * wants an  opportunity to sijueeze ���'Canatfa, as,  one would squeeze a sponge, and as,  that same gentleman Jias,:. squeezed'  the western-stated of the Ameri  union^foV years./:/ The fight is going  to be^KSt one,^ arid^.i^ wUY center  'ftrOuiircj^  ������ through^iiie���'. p^bmi^; . ttow's ^Nest  "Gdal'SCjO*^^  ^_^am(^t^for.^Y*c^rte^ tof iioi&  ^8tcnctYaiiilae;;o^  "thejcoai \ fl^dsYtoO  '- boundary.  * The' people, of*���* the' pro-.  Y-iffSJv.  .YESTBEDAY-'I1T  MONTREAL.  Jim Hill's Control-of ..the Crow's Nest'  5y^&*CTOiY'Reids^M6_t_w  ^u^iMiPSeiflc_^eigHtSrafes:w  :;too?h||^  ^A^^_m^^^a^^4.i^_^-cX^^^x-o^ti^i^^ (qtta^^^ridtla^i^d^^ ^pfSisiS  ���^^rtn^l|iaan|^|^;mi_^  ;C0i��?  to  This Provinco.  ^���:^7~i7  _7?.%&*&  &***':  701  Yl--^Y!r  Yy 70 Mx^ihe^^  *y:i*Mp^tre__15{Sj-a  ;|gf^owii_^'-Hi^&np^  I'gpJampyjMHil^i^  ^''^eurtdslar^e^-feldin  ytiie*^It*irnate!^irtrol��bf  '?<yyrft  'represen  .;'pre'_ie-aty_ifcy  {melting  and,Refining  " |^g;;;pr..thetmine  'mdt��i|yi4:  ipaiqy.'(was'  'St^a-was:  t^nf!:disc6^ei^d|^S^  byiYtliey1^^^  British* Columbia "thinking   about  i'.'--'J-?i-j_.v^_V-'.'*.:*n.^:-:.-?+ns--si;.*'~.'-��-.?t>'-t.-- ..'.^''"i'S--''' A5?-;?a:.-.:  'Sthe'5resultEojf:p-?suc^  yy^hicKlincl^Kpi-act^  JS;lWS^?*":-5'*^��S&I��Si ^.go^^^^t-Wr^^'-'^fl^^-^i'*.*^  - tcoali deposits 4ion���;the7%mainrand:-in  |G^iaSiaffism|mtfgi.  ^^ulii*^^r*Srthat!tli  Ymenits|j.,_  ^m_)lting|j%iM;^R_fin^  ^^a^m-^^eaghtfgr^  pm^and^iiaifc^  ^^ij^^ra^*|fimm^ast^  ^mell>as|t^-i��:SlOTafi  fbe^*r^iMed|ii^-dWl^  that the American 'Smelting 'and:  Refining Company, instead of being,  willing tdofferii ''co'rresppnding're-:'  ^du^p^i^h|i-^^igfi  vmeKt|cli_.ri^^|w^r  quote any-treatment:. rates whatso-  ���^er^r*eyein|tli^  lead. miners weW willing; to under��  ���iti&e^lie^^  .t<^aii^ipfft&e^mM^  ^woiks ;that might-1 be*;, designated.  pJj^n^in^a^^1fiB|^  found ;that seyerarvery large and  influentialifmiuerowhers; had..tele-t  ^grapljf&af^diriew  gtl_e|__.ii_OTic^^Slting!-^evflm  Company  askiug .them   to - quote  .t^tmeiijb^ra^la^at^^  PRICE FIVB^CEJNTSr  YroekH, the Dennys have, put all  [their available workmen on the"job  'and the building of the American  a cup challenger will be pushednight^  jfand day without pause. Mr. Watson  insists tliat she must be launched  Of Nelson's Mayof to $2000  Mi  ssifiSiy;  zm?.xm.  i  m  COUNCIL  ���jbut :,^*He-^.ihpnglit.^fe   .taiexmayor  ?shbuid*^)u-Tup' the* ej-ibrarY $800 * him%  i sett upon -the grpiihcT of Y patriotism.^  |S Maybir Fletcher explained that his ���  'experience soiar hadj,beein;that the  ls^MY^pf;"l^;m*^OTY^s,in'^^ .   ���gr^^ewurp^Yayaiiato the last week in March so  jthat his, elaborate plans for trial  traces ^can be ..carried *6ut.y Great  [quantities of material have already  [been shaded and fitted in readiness  "jto being put inHheir places." There  is considerable ..doubt, -however, 4,in  jipme quarters as\to ^whether'the'  ] shell can be ready for launching- at  jthe time mentioned. > A dredger  musB  -*t^_  *  ���\t*  ff iincli _)f cwhicti little' if' anV ?weHi_ ft�� ���  >J   - -���" ' *.'-    '*    ���;-'."-���'".-     ';. '"''^i--.'"i.:.:'.-'.'.,..-.-v,1.:j'V.'   -     ���:. -r ...V,^*'.-. �����   - ���"'  X:.'..'_ mi.^.'v__i._.>.' _*��--*'-*_.i*--^^-^-~..'_L--l_i-i _1_^*-j.'._ri-~-'  IS  taken.  We don't love the Canadian  rPacificTriiUWay^  ;:haye"ne\^_ia^a^^  ���^inttK&'ji^stain^|t^  jpatriot^;[coiirs��  is. to see that Mr.'Jim'; Hill; and his"  Ycrowd^r^ke^  *irifoi*_i^i6nal;'bS-.__da_^  COMMITTEES.  WW$8$$S$<  SsK3**SC.&:  Lord's Day Alliaace..  miy$7*&  |^|^iM^ng;y^&heWfi^^^^  ^I^atu^l*:^u^'f^f2f3%  organizing a local 'branch "of -the"  ^���r-.??���i-_..,..^^i".t'iL^':'i^...':-.-;:.r-.?^_'; ' -.^.*.'W^      -   -  ��^M��0m7m��&sp&M  OttawaY;Authbritiew.to<*Be  'i^-JS-S^RS'i'*?^  y*ftto:|^i^|^Cl^  W07^0^0i^f^^:fpppr^7-  .Petitioned  onY  pli^-.pi^iaMi'ti^l^ to��  j^��m^_W-_'^r(^^f|ti^ * ;l1 '-7^  fi^drtinnl'wiiKirii-fcK'B'rni-K^ ���ii-s?"' .   .     Dist  WW��&t?S'  #S5  church,,* acted ^as.jphairman' and C.  Jii^kins6ia^|sec^  Shearer was present and. explained  :'i.-'''i,-**��is--'i_ai-'-w'**i^'-'2''**"-'>'iS:i^  .YfuHy-stheitpbjects^pfsjthe:^^^  tion. Y' Several others' Who"were pre'-;  ^enfe-fop^^  "^T.^Xr".'*"  :**>"*ifii;i  of;'oire^^ token-put.of --British .C^luui:  bia mines will'; in future be smelted  tan*dS'featedMii?-_S  ftIj**>^;_^-^��:'^'^._TUy:^.g^^g'>tfi4a' --' ���"������   " *' " '  -*?: M* John^Houston;-exemayor^of 5?Nel-:;  ievY^-*"*VJeS'S^^V*1*5?*��'*-''5&iiS*'��  ��4::rspn,Yand''the;rep^^^  '���^3to^:;vU-^._��^prbvi_ir^^  .1   ia a guest at _ the Windsor.'  SpeakV  ��^iingYtp^.Stf^repprter;^  ���^;4f*&id:lrK_*_ie^'**^iri^  ''-i.*:.':'''i'r-,i--��J"'-'-*4('.,Vi..''at.?''''.:p^k'.."-"*s-'..3^^^  :|:Nest��'c^lflaTWs|?^  ���gan4|��tni^^  ���|;B^p^lil-e^^8t^i^  ^YTOn^l^ff^elD^n^i^  Sjwaj^yTlia^stiafe^  YYWt|pfirp^]t^  Sb^er*^;diffiwlt|f^  YYAnteciallii^resfe-ifYv^  *j^epresen^��3^B(rare^^  r.^e^mm-mi^sf^k^^t^  fcra^Mn^rwi^y^^fiotii^  ^love^r^the^  learned since coming East tliat this  company.had :previously.raised:re--  JA"^.*^   -^f'������%.(���'-''.'���i'.'^-.'^;***"*^ri"','*;"v*'-'**''*'ti''��   "'"'"������*  ��� -^ "*"iv*l,��rr"'*-^*i-'  c"-*---^^mte^:^S;thp^MUpn^^  Yr^r^mr^ ���#". o'lrto'irl i <i *i_Tr,'a ��W__i1'_h_a_��a"*bW'rr:'<t__l_I1  ^SAfcthfefmeetinSpfMbiiicitFY  y^-, -''���w-^-'^^-'?'.i"'^'vrj*_Srvi"*'>'*'T^  cil last, evening'abylaw was intra..  ���^r"^* '-/. �� It >-; -'���-��7*^-.   ^i^p^'i.*T'T,'^''*_* _**'A'''^' * .j',5*-' ** ^-- >- V.'; "^'*_-'" LJ-' ���"-'^-���'t'^ -^ ii'*i  f Hil /lA/l ' *_��� A*lMnn4<l._iVr.4<UnX'/MM 1 a'����.'���^      .'/I'Xli^  _:its.second^  give alderman Hauiilton,  who .was  were  .r_E_^r___._ri*;  ^utK6riiz*m|^iSB^|det^  i^^h|allttliese|fac;tst^  ^P|ywp|^|fekK^^y^ypb^  persoh'to see..and  understand ;the.  y'"past:.it*hasYbeenJ'r^  y'I{|think;Y^thcV-Ytiir^  y ^^er^C-_h^ian^h6r^  ���2#HilUan^  ,Y[in; _���^ringY'a Yfc^th^  * YEyen ifYit YmeansYthe; government  7 'wnership;of:railways, MivYHillland  yhisYasspiti^sYshpuld^;^  Yteepto f^ir;m  P.side of, tlie lin**';['|Asi;a:^e8ide^*i^f;  ^'British-(^lumbia^Yl^ am Yppposetl itp.  ' Mr.^Hill j3ecuring;>coritrpLs of$;the  ;'YX^p^s^Nest'coal;lands, and I think  ��� fpirYY the Dominion parliament Y to  - granti**^charter^tri^constructfa;lino;  ^pf:ranway:'frpm the (Coalfields south  YMotile boundaryYvvoulii Y be nothing  ^^ 8hbrt.ofY8uicidal'tp.the^^ interests'pf  British Columbiji.'Ylt''^^  the wiping ^Ou t it, once-of tiie Cau-  adian smelting interests, pi ti; would  ��� mean the siinelti'n^  YBritisli^phimbia ores in the United  Y S tiat*e8.y-Wi'-tit jthe Crow's -STcmt Pass  YcbaJ areas Yin���:'tii'ei' hands ]bf"; United:  Y States   ciapit^stsjY;^hatYYsmelter  could do; business in Canada'^fYYMr.  ^;.^���Hill:did:;n^Ywant^it~t���^  ;   , ^WTia^ abput'tlie-clia  have beraY^made'Ytliat/- thpY "rates;  ��� charged;fpr siiaeltingi: and "-treating  ;''iorbS':at;.t^^  ������.���;;at;;Trail:'are;ex6r]b^  7p. y"A. gJanceKatVifie^Y prices;;'which  _were charged for smelting at Y^Trail  Ha few ypar*^-agpY^  ]yincia the most scepttcalYtliat^very'  Y great-redu^  in. the Y charges, ; Ifor';insta,ncei;:<)n^  Y^heYfiratY75,P()0:tOTS of ;vEeYRpi;prer  shipped;tp-.'_ri;ail^  yyere*; pwhed^byYYMr.5 :Heinze,^; the^  7 freight and treatment charges were  .;*:$i.l;;pec tori, and frpm^tlieYj^  mentiihyestigatipn 1 at; Rossland Ypf.  the EeRpi.taxe  x sinceitheYstarting of th_��:N6i,thpctt,t  ; smelter, Ythp .^rate-ch^  Roi mine for smelting and treat-  xneht has been and still is $8.75 per  i: ton, or $4 pep. ton; more'than the  Trail smelter1 is now charging thei  mines in that district   YNor do I  bih^jp^,6f^TMi^^St^^  iiacliidin g^|he*^men!^^  ^C6m|^3^vi^chcra  ;;eyei^;si^lt^fi_if_^  |James!J��Hiii*fV^#^  (and^thersi*viirtei^t^  '���^ui-e^^^  terests   of._ Canada, and place the  ;vilii^i^fmines^  ,-ojf^t^inl^^!^n^  irianVwho.will control itacbal fiefds  thra^h;^  cruslrbutCana^ffs  tri^^n^^a-ybr S*riya^industries*^  'thpsUmted*; S *^tes;|wlilciii^re|nowi:  located arid established': (ph^Kis'nu-^  ���.merpusTline^  t;^Nbwf -ffbr^^rinstanc^-Ylet;^ us Yloolc  meeting of the executive arid  gen  pral|Rubli__lM  f^is,6jcfiur(^at'��8VO',ciSic��s^  ?.^,f.~r*,Tv.'.Eiv.L..V,i.^^;;_s^_^:o'.7'!:'i'^-ii:':"v[''V   -.;���*, ���.'.'..^yV.*?:'*.-!r.-~?:  iYda^eyemBgiwaen^^cpmpw  J^cati^'^ml  YB^_i^i��||isTOss^.^y^t^^  |3-I__&jt*i(eye^^  laddressedl^h^  morning-heTleaves".for-Sandon, and  fywUi?try^^^  lH__^ir_^tu__if|to^Vtl-es'^  ^-jA>ptoppsitioniwas:vlnadebyf^r;7A;-  ���y^'I^'yX?^.^'^fi^i'^i-^l^^~.-gXXtX'X^ "*V>iv,':-';':i-w:.:.  Stevenson offering^ofoayYftheY-city;  -'r***^^-*^,*-'^a.'*^'V^--'A^'"i^^f^^ ^.?**.-..iy..< **..?_, .-.y,/,^;'  ire^rvM^pb-^-jfliraii'^^  ���?chned!ft^ntei^m^t.^  js^he.reportioEthea-^inancesCom^  t^__^*^s��2*SP3^^SJ^^^:*^  ;mitteer;recommending. the; pay ment  ptcurrent account; SsvasXreadlalid  .i.'ti-;5y/^��s����-..a'i^.a^.��'K,^^i^^  ing the;managementi.of thefire de .  ���^^-'���^���W*l'^^.*^^^rVi^."^VJ.4ia' .��� -^tvifij^i^'ii_}v    i. V-Vl��J1-:-'/f*.'.V--''^-( iy"*^*>,-3  Ypartment arid Yof sMeelec tne Hght  !;system.Y-J; One ���recommendation'-was *  ^eiybte^ imi. th'p^ecb^^ifelMirigl  |e^ii^and|iBJ^d'^^  j*ttijmati'ye^  '|*^*d;BelodB*in"^he|n^  f$^n!pri^^  |^f:th^Jrea(^g|^s|^  l*^^fc|^ing^if|tM|^^ the river -L^ven pre-  iThe cityiY^licitor|re^^ a-'lannching^ berth and-a                 fairway on the Clyde.. c  - ������    * . i  Distress in Russia. '   '    ';  K|St. Petersburg, February 11.���  {The minister of the interior ;at last  jpfficially'admits- that widespread  jdistress exists in'large sections of  |the country owing to the failure of  |t|e "crops. * An official" arinounce-  fment issued today says "there "has  |been a complete failure of the crops  ��inj the governments of Kherson and  I^Tpmsk . and>'the, territory of Smo-  Ylensk,v\^hile'similar conditions exist  Yin> numberof districts'of Bessara-  |&k*^ie-^^bplsk,Xaun^,;jepddi-  |BUQH|Jb^|fJr��^^  P^fgo^rtiffien^  '_^r.'__fci\~__\~__a_,y_\_r_t\v__r%*itn ���'���' n *��>J *>1_-j>w- .*.���*'*__'*+.m*r_'-..XA.\____ X.  A; TON  Rich  *-i_  Strike on  z "Island.  A  '.     _    _      r.       *WV  Vancouver*  ^--^^i  '���*i  r v^  *Ta**i*W  V?l_  additionYwithirikthe city limits and  {si^njj^  : cbrpbration.-could" not. take effect  ���:uni-i^Ja^  ^||^lderm|^^'M*|tt'_^-_^^  [.petiti-oneiral^elin^  the^/receipt of iaYproper;petitipri;  carrying ;Ythe;5 necessary -property;  PROVINCE  AND  ������^'iji-rf��  -S.V      ia.1*-" fW1  DOMINION"  STRIKE' IN "THE  CAMP  a ij *"j S --   >    J*     ��      .      ~  ~* "��A-:  . -j  ;* - ^ -        . .' _   '��� -  ������i  " �� -&f     -* *Z  1 WATERLOO"\ ATl>, ^i'SS  af *������* a *  M'KINNEY.  -Ji  .- -1 X*_  /���*  was decided to requestY:thei Ottawa  J authorities tp: place ;a; tower ;arid: a;  i^liock ri]��: _he;i_ieT^pbstibffi^  P��-''.��j~*tfl'*P'fc'.'.K2*^  -Rnn-'fi.l'an.'ii.n."'nlPf>r.rin<T.itno'na.ll'K-aY>^.?^i^  i;and^lsb;aE^]^tric^iirie?ball..^^v^   .   ., .. -_.,. -'^.(K^'':t��j^,i'--��i��ai��';��.tgJV  ..^,��� ���. . ^ii^^pua^suggest-tpnf inf  i favor of proportionate voting ���upp'ri'  mbneyiibylaws-not; being;concurred^  iiri;Sv^^i*i*h'dmwn  '���.���J'Yl*^'-.  sii-1  ,���.......���.. Kmii^Dfeer^Outlof Season.  |^ An|IH^to;:t^tWi|Qa��^^ ^  |Sw^��^i^be_brS*eti|^  I'vfcj.-rK.rj^-'A't'S**'-*.;..'^*'''''-;^^^  jtrateCrease on Saturdayafternoon.  '.K-^^i','.^'-^_-'V:':''*:'''-v',^'*'"*^'I^,Ai^'ii.'^''^^,_v^^^^  l^n|1;lw;chargc^  : season. The case against the;Iudian:  ;"-was a clparYone,; as he;.:'wa8'.arre_ted  .near, BalfourYbyYcbnstable Yybunkv  ^.���.������',->'T.-,-^-',i��a'.-.'-;;j'-*^-^>-r-!>*<*.i-.*sj-,^.<,-^^  ^whileitheYdeer wasin hisjpossessionJ?  ���5rriii1^_r^i^**'iSa��*K*i^^i.^4T*iiili,^^  feo^^^l^i^poyera^^  jThe^mistevrfbffth(Biriteriofl^ppeftla.  �����*:'-?^i.-<Vi--^-",���?.'.*v-?.j>-;i-^,*;-'^���fe>v..'1 .-'-v.*.V/--.'.v-.''-^_;ivJi-v*i-*.'.**--r*.-*}',.-4- ^  igto>pnvate charity in aid of thegov-  I'-ernriient.'',-   ���--'7-v- i * 'Y'      yifffX 3  Recommendation-. From "the  ..,. Empire /Lea��ue~-News '^Notes  From Eastern '"Canada.  .Britfih^  ^'i.*#  was let:go,ibutiiad topay.all.costs.'.  i-;rw��1'^:f*'f*V*^^t;.^v*i.,trf^'*'*?j:*'-'*��*>^^  ^ThpsiB't^hpipurcha^^^  *fse_,_bn?aj^P*^Ij^ajs5ti^^  Slalith^eerMTlie^  ?^iam^e_fiat:the different moves  in"this��big   game whichY is ilieirig'  playedYwitli all the skill and determination for which Mr.i Hill is noted  jin^.his^  Americari-Y'Smeltiriig-i& :;Refiniril_���  C^|npany, some; of^whose directors  are tlie heads of. the great Standard  Oil trust; raise the rates for refining  ; tl^pi^uet Jbf iCamy^ilEm^smeltbiis;  yvitn a<-yiew- tb'Y removing ;*thetcom-  petition of  Canadian  smelters iiiv  the y purchase ���: of 7 Canadian .ibres.  Secbnd,YYthis^same3compaJiy; ;ah-������  nouuees its intention of withdrawing from the British Columbia lead  market,' although, it iisiwen'ik'nowri"  that these ores are the cleanest and  best?-sriielting;;; prey ^  Tiiird,;^ie Ypurchase^by;^^  who was; assobiated with; tlie Starid-^  irdfYpil' Company the.  recentYmanipulationsJ by*whichjlie;  sought-toj-secure: con.rpU.ofYlarge.  rail wayV; interestsii arid vprbperty ��� iri..-;  the .United. Stetes^bf tj_b iCrp^  ; l1?est i coal areas; which;; i<*:pri(^wriYthe  brilyYavailableJ coking cbal^in Cari-ii  ada' xy Fourth,7x Tthe   ��� application  through the Cro*f^sYNest;Gpal Com-  panyfbr::*a;charter fbr-f-heLeonstrub-;  tipn^of alirieb'f raU-^  cpaliYfields 7 to; -Ythe ;;Yi^ern^iq*nal;  ���Boundary and bri tb-Mbritariaviwhere  even the-presentio^riers.bfr  fields are supplyirig; cori'sumeris'atia:  lpwer^ rate than is quoted^^in British;  . Coluri_biai.y ;iYvY?'i~'ii.Y :'Yi. i ii; '7x1 ^.xYxX:, xl'7-.'  -YY':.^Thbr.*iylipl*e. question, to my tairid,  is^gbbd deal; more than ^merely a  fight ^ between;i;J!tfr.  Hill   ftiid ithe  interestsi'^h'ei ii*presents;-YMid ithe:  Canadian-Pacific.1 -It:, is really a  struggle on the part iof the people  of,British Columbia^ and all Canadians for^that matter, against the  operations   of  one  of; the - Y most  powerful  and relentless combina-  rowi and at7 o'clock in the evening  will "deliver an address1 to the members of the 'carpentersV'arid'Cminers':  SiiridayS^hich?]^^  was the 42nd anniversary   of.the  landing of-the first party of Methodist missionaries in;the province of  BntishYColi&bifeY:ItY&^  Ybliirteen, people; of whom Rev; JriH^  ;White| of^this city =yvas i;;brieyi:Ait  that'itime heyvias: quite,ybung,YhaV';'  ing accompanied his:father,'Ilev.B.  ;White; who iw*as brip^o^  aries. Y Tlie; other vimiriis^rs^vbffithe  ;.partjrYwere-Rey8. -E.���; E vans^JB^Rbb-  ;sori a.rid >A.; Brpwriin^Y Revs. White  and Evans are now: decea^d.yThe  party- left;; Toronto, went tpYNew^  York and,; around Yby;the I^mus]  ofi Panama,; landing on i-February  12thr 1859. *YYAtfthat ti^ 'thfe* prb--^  vince hadonly a small population.  The Methodist; denomination have  established ^nearly sixty churches  and-liave -a membership  over the  SOOO'markyyYY:'���'':*.���.;*���'-':���"-.' ���;-7y y(f:  YThe ht^ey matchliwhichVwas (to  haveYYbeeri Y playedlYbetween i tlie  senior Yiand ��� ^juriib-y teams Yof;; ithe  Nel^'clubYatfthernnk.^  did'not"materialize 'aiid af practice  gairie was' held.; > Bptli teairis y?ill gb^  to Rossland to take part'in-tne con-i  .testa. held Y there) this; Yweek.iK .Theyi  leave Y ThursdayY mbrairig^^Y'/iThis  evening*; the tram way boy s play the  members of ^theY R; 0. R;; arid i (bn  Thursday evening after the carniyai  the i C.Y P. JR.* team; will Yphvy Y the  wholesale1 grocer clerks.; '::'y,*y.y,:iii/-  -;--'������7. -f''. For the Championship,   .'-  i; -London, ��� February l.i.yin . a 15-  rbundY coritestii'for. ��150 and the  lightweight championship of England at the National Sporting Club,  Epndbn,;thw'-afternoon, Pat Daly  of * the 0nite��i'YStates bea* Johririy  Hughes bf; jjbridbri' in:. thb Y twelfth  rounds:7y-7:7;;y:77-. ;���;;;.:;.'7.'7y-r: 77  C. D.; McIJerizie,; manager - of r the  Arlington mine, who has: been sick  for some time in-the Cottage hospital, died this morning at 12:30  o'clock. ���"������ ��� 7x-777x~'7X:-'7:.:.    /;.;: Y ..��� ..,.���..'���.  '���--'"   :   ' -Y; ;-'*.-;:**;;*:_ -;'���-'> v ���.-���;::.*������ ���>*--'>-,;-~'--:\  IMiries^^h^^p^^ther^^  Hairrys StutteiYbe'; employed; at !the  |fi^^Balliimdei^tli8^  It^m^t^lelp-Wing^  |^efiT^^_wpri jVaridfalsbgthat Jail?:  spf^Wces|^  Y^d*^i|thfe5idirecti(^  f^ii^^h^calli'iof';^  ';c^m��'ti(^*:aljffjYrec^  ^ame'sH*McPhiee^Y,s^  ith||^'e^%'ic?S^  cife*^eyx^tlie;;bia*^  h^alsoxbeviapppinte^  JwjLring^nder^by^^  report] u^ifgall iapplicatipi^l'fbr  light servicei'bbfprebeirig'sarictioned  jby;the?maybrr and;^hat|hjB"i^kb a^  TinbritHlyrrepp  io These; Yrecci*inmendatipns;i|:^e'W  adopted, but; one sugg^irigSalter!-  atibrisitptliefire.haH  ;back: to the engineer;ito'asce  ?ippst.yyY'/:.Y i;���'"Y".... Y' '^7��;,r7y7:::77  y The? -prilyY= tender ;;>iret��iyed 'xft6v  -water '.works suppliesc-wi^-frbm^the  La.wrence Hardwares Comipan_CY-Ar-  tender was also before;^*hYB):cburicil  -frpmiStrachan: ;Bj-pthers;ibut;;as it  was riot submitted within /the time  set:the council decided^not to;operi  it.i .The tender of   theSLawi^rice  Hardware Company was'about the  same as that submitted last year  fpr/:similar  supplies, ^except';with  respect to curb-cocks; and: iseryice-  ���cocks.;;.       ��� ;':' .'7/7-y 7'77'y.,.r\-.'  7 Tit was decided to 'leave: this matter iri the hands of;" the?* mayor'tb  complete the pui-chasgibf^hei curb-  cocks - and service-:cpc_;s;i 'arid 7 the  company'si tender forthe balance of  thesupplieswais accepted. Y.;: ^;' :77;,  i, iBylaw No. 86 amendirigthe health  bylaw.was reconsidered a^rid finally  passed.: It deals withthei^^ifieate  required as to the causpbfy death of  alt bodieia brought; toYlNplsoir for  ���buriali'S.*" i>ii,Y^'.i.' "7 xxyrP *77 ;* Y^i  - Alderman Paterson ^introduced a  bylaw to restore the. salary-;: bf .ithe  mayor to $2000, an advanc&bf $800.  He moved the first reading^jpf Y;the  bylaw} .which wa"? - secorided- by  alderman Madden, i Y'vt " v: Y ; V  ;: Mayor: FJetcher asked alderman  Selous'to take the chair, arid upon  the second reading being: moved by  alderman Irving seconded'by alderman Y Paterson, the/vphajrimari an-  nonnced that he- wbul'd/iiopposeit.  He said ��� he did; nbt^ think: Nelson should, pay the ^ mayor the  maximum allowed Yiuridep the  Municipal Clauses Act.' Y ��� He did not  think that the position, was not  worth $2000, nor that the present  incumbent was not. worth $2000,  next Y offender,' rip .matter whether  ,;��oiaia^fpr;i^hi^^an^  magistrate, " will 'lbe,iprosebuted;tb  |th%full^^^teri'^^  penalty; is $100.or 30 daysor  both.  ^.'���__��b^^^  ;^iffi^i^d^ridgy^l^|ibfY^  lww|ta|_^i^ci^|^^  ;*^ij^xcMng^i!qf'ti'^wiy  :_feMingcbusiM^p^  ^.fufieral.^fsS��een^^^  iipni^jQdell?^*^^  lbwiri*^l*^bri_rbiri|Was^  y^Frt^y Departni^t^ *  ^ashmgtbri, tpiHis-Excelleiicy.Yihe  ;GbTOrrib��Ybf��i>^^  YESTERDAY'S  IBT^BRIEF.  NEWS  fcpmjmissioitfers^Kw  ^lbi^*MuSe?h*^b^iMi_^^  ^^-^.'i.%'-~i'A'r*;''.^^r^'A'r:'^'-.*_^:j.a-:*r_^."��%&^-^_f:^��.__';.<_ w  fram��33|to:50��peri.cent.^^'*'!^^l^'r  -,^*i-f'i*;��^^-''*'S5j|i��s%M'.^^^ -  ^IMiLTON&'Ontaric^SetuitwfMMfe  ivxr*��i'-"*i*'*:''iC''*''--*i,_ ���^^.'���-^-.^>*��'7.v*A*-*ifc'_i*v^'^'^'>''-^^^^  slightly, easier thia^ morning.    He is  of   Vancouver "returned from "the  Mount Sticker mining camps^Van-  couvei���Island, today and "reports  thata very rich discovery bf rfe-J  fractpry ore has been made" on j the  Lenbra mine, owned by/J^ H. Croft "V.  and others.' _This "ric^ vein "runs   z  alongside the main lead and is seven.  feet wid<witti threVfbeV'of' p��>^/  shoot, arid averages $300 in gold,  silver and copper.   Some of the ore;  however, runs as high as $1000.  *&?_  r^y**-*  *7.  ^ad0Qiflndt^ny;faiitnpn  .:'��������]���-' .'iii*-'hi������"*i*''''*''-.:;';^.^U*TWv,'-'ir,>."t..t��/'J':..,rf^il  &Neither^theff^mi8terswiipr.'ltheg'in-  ^t-eribri" " ���*���'���*������'������  -���--���*������-���>���   Sir:YI^have^Ythe,YhoiioytoYSirifpriri  iyoutha-tYhis^majesty, king Edward  "VII.Yliias iristructed his ambassador  liefe tpiiexpresa the grateful sense  eiitertaiifed by his iriajesty Of .the  sympathy and respect shown tb the  memory bf the -late ���. queen Sby: thei  closing of the financial and commercial exchanges of New York on  the? day pf;i her majesty's funeral^  Lord Paiiiricefote writes under date  of: the 5th instant,3 requesting that  ybii will have the kindness to bring  the king's-expression of appreciation to . the notice of the proper  public bodies. I have the honor to  be, sir, your obedient servant, i;  David J. Hii-l, ; "  - Acting Secretary.  'Manila Harbor Improvements. Y ;  MANiiaA, February 11.���Bids will  be advertised for in a few days fpr  harbor imprbveriients at Manila, for  which $1,000,000 of insular: funds'  hasi been: appropriated.': The: im^  prpvements .will consist chiefly of  ari; ,exterisiori of the breakwater  which the Spaniards had . niearly  completed and dredging inside to a  depth of thirty feet, i Major Craig-  hill is in .charge of- thei work  planned. Ultimately gbvernraent  wha.ryes will eliminate the rise of  cascoes between the - shore arid the  distant anchorages oif ships. ���  .\The American forces have captured since September 18 cannon,  1800 rifles, thousands of bolos and  90,000 cartridges. Besides this, 700  rifles have-been surrendered. The  orders of insurgent officials will no  longer be considered to mitigate  crimes.  ���: -;'Y'':    ' ���-������... *. -*'-77  . Hurrying the Challenger,   i  Glasgow, February 11.���Owing  to a serious, protest upon the part  of George L. Wataoni at the delay  in the construction of the Sham-  ���ai^'merit''_^^Yhewd]b^  p-fo^ro^el^i^ii^iri,  ,^h^(^ipfM|&ld^liile5^  |th^ffiiiier*aiSjcfetlie  fSmitt^ajri^wliplii^^  i&Mp^|?<^ditwri^e^^  ;sl^lj^^|impr^Sciy fiat J^is -*; byltiipi  tiriearisrbut/bfid-aii^^  ,iij -;-������>��� y'S.'-Xz-Vg.^^spi-- : jt*7-,.i .-.i'-'' '7;*>-''''i'*.i'-':r\I.'".-;:/'i^-  7.   ToRONjo/yThe.7.city   police Yare:  ���.ifc,.'i>-r_>'-.':Wi'^*.;vKi'*r1',.'.''-TiV:'if .---.^  ���:-,.���.,���-������  taking vigorous action against gam-  ;:jblingrf^eiisif;inl'to  i^nidai^mbftiirig V thiyrfraidedfttlie;  :bigaicv|^t^^ofY; (^prge | Hiley ^ 178;;  f^ingY^s^etY^e^^hic^ Ipng  ibe^lcribwiiias a. resort for ga^iblers^  ^���TqRp&-TO^Hbn  mieribfOntiiTib^YatYtheY- suggestion  ot prominent members of: the Y Db-  mihiori alliance, :is> considering;-the.  Yproppsalffpi^  : drafted; arid' submitted to the elec-  torate eitherYatYthe provincialY biv  i municipal elections.''{77x77(^yx\-yx:7.  Toronto.���TheY laitest corisolida:  tion is one; to acquire and, carry on  a number of leading business coir,  leges: of Orita,rip.y, It is called the  Federated Business Colleges, with a  capital of $100,000. k; It ha,s acquired;  five colleges,* one: at Gait, oue at  London, one at Hamilton, ione..at  Berlin and one in this city. ii^;  MoNTREAia.���At a meeting of the  C. P. II, today the usual dividend of  two per cent,011Ythe preference*  stock for the half year ended  December last was declared and a  dividend of two and one .half per  cent for the: same period was i declared on the common stock.  MpNTREAia.-^-Tlie statement of  the Riclielieuife Ontario Navigation  Company'for the year ;eriding December 31st, ;1900; for preseritation  at the annual meeting on Wednesday,; FebruaryY 13th, issued this  afternoohj ahowa net profits of  $129,622:90, compared' with $128,-  730.07 for>1899; : '-^  Ottawa.���P. French of Verribri  has been awarded first prize of $25  and A. W. Menzies of Pender Island,  British : Columbia, second, prize of  twenty dollars, for; the best selec-  tipris of seed grain in connection  with the competition for which sir  William McDonald of Montreal  donated a fund of; $10,000.  OTTAAVAyRev. Dr. Fallon of St.  Joseph's church last night denounced, the: declaration against  Roman Catholics which, the sovereigns bf'-Britain.' take at their  coronation.1 Dr. Fallon said the de-  claration was an insult to all Roman  Catholics.' He was hopeful that a  change would be made in time for  the coronation of king Edward.  .._ ^.       ,���        ��� .    'In  the'words'orj. H. Croft "cart'loacls  of it go about $500 to the tori.  tr.C.  i_ Greenwood,  fia�� t^^ribun^]!^^!^-;^^,  strength^of a tip from a prominenfe,,^ ** ^  mining man.who recently examineay^  the.Waterloo}at? Camp rMcKiuney,, ^s  there,has^been 'almost"active *de��� *'^U  ;%^|Wp8har^URw^td^^^  ^ hundred���throusand,sharesvand calls O ������  have been purchased byvlocal -oper^*  ators within ^the-past ^three. daysT  It is said thatthe pre in the" winze   *  will average $40 per ���Uw_ and that  the   vein   fills   the* width'of   the  workings.       *��� * ���*''5 -^ '     ^  -^r:?':'::':>'^;v_,^^::ii-������ 1 V _      ^.   . i   ���.     ";  jft-tis.;*'!������-'6,;.!**<.:\*i<z>i*,��� r '���'*-.'���*<   -- .v- **%- ���*  yy:^p:aReported Bale.yy     -;  |:i^c^iA^Febr^ary ^1L���The  v^i^Bala;fr^Lbnidon for'Victoria  MitEa;i_^era^bargo, for which un-  .easirieis^KasYJtNBeri felt on' account of  flndWgii^lifie^oy^ her by the  tr;eyefaueteutiii^ir Grant, was reported-  safe off CappBeale thi8^afternoon.  T1!  ���^V*P4?I  '' ,.J*1  '���PS?  JSTewfNic_��l .Mina        "   ~.  yTpR^i^February 11.���Arthur  "V^hitefsaysphere is a probability  bf large riickiel Works and a'sriielter  being established this year at Burk's'-  Falls, Oritario.'-. A new .nickel mine  Oil  7Z,\  has;j ust ,been .opened there.,  ^���^yYWoi*"oif Relic Hunters.   '  yQuEBEc^ YFebruary 11.���Twelve"  gunsfaridvwagons, in addition to  several forage, wagons which were  used by ''E" and "D" batteries  throughput the South African campaign, have reached this.city' from  Halifax.'; Tlie-authorities are ex-'  cited over the condition the guns  and wagons were found in on examination after reaching here, as  nearly all the equipments had disappeared, carried off, it is believed,  by relic hunters between Halifax  arid Quebec, y   .:,-.���. British Empire League.  -Toronto, February 11.���The executive   of . the    British.   Empire  League, which'meets in Ottawa on  February 13, in the annual  report  just  issued,, dealing   -with   South  Africa, expresses a strong conviction  that an imperial, conference pf the  representatives of all self-governing  colonies 'arid the mother country  should be held during the present  year in England to consider many,  questions affecting, the safety and  Ywelfare of the empire.    They consider the time was never- so oppor-'  tunp.   The committee also favors  the establishment of coinbination  military and naval defensive powers'  'of the empire and urges the Cana-'  dian. parliament   to   reorganize a'  Canadian    military    force    upon.  broader  lines   and. in -accordance  with the; spirit of modern warfare.  Also favors the formation of a royal  navy reserve in' Canada, passing of  an insolvency act,   together with  nationalization   of   the   telegraph  and'cable systems.  Montreal,.��� Premier Dunsmuir  arid attorney-general Eberts left for,  home this morning.. THE TRIBUNE:,, NELSON B  h -,  X  I, i5.  ��� %  I *:'�����  Ii*^  &  \i/  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  HAVE YOU HAD ON THE SIDEWALK |j?  DURING THE PAST FEW DAYS? ft  ************************  IF YOU HAD  ib  WORN A PAIR OF OUR $  w  * Rubber Soled Shoes  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ib  ������   ������ ib  ib  YOU WOULD HA VE BEEN PERFECTLY $  SAFE.    CONSIDER THESE PRICES:      ^  \k_  Men's  Rubber, Soled. Boots   In   Black   and Tan: Regular V  price $6.00, Snap at $4.50. JJJ  Men's   Rubber  Soled   Boots   in   Black  price $5.50, Snap at $4.15.  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Bargain at, $12.00  ALL  SHADES.  ************************  B  B  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Although -Robert Maepherson of  Vancouver" has patched'"up a' truce  with "Joseph Martin in Vancouver,  the feeling between the Labor party  and its self-constituted champion is  not over-friendly. The Nanaimo  Herald, the recognized organ of the  Labor t party, ��� openly ' denounces  Martin, and saysthat his attempts  to stab1 Maepherson' lends color to  the report that Martin has a very  good understanding with the Dunsmuir government.  . The" provincial government desires that all members of the British  s Columbia_ij_volunteer forces   who  have returned from South Africa  should join in forming the guqrjd  of honor at the opening of the  legislature on Thursday, the 21st  instant. Although the government  has offered to pay all traveling and  other expenses, the response to its  invitation is not bo general as its  members would wish, and in a  measure it has become necessary to  hunt the modest heroes up.  THE'iron and steel manufacturers  of the'Dominion have a petition  before the Ontario government in  which the request is made that no  conveyance of any nickel deposits  be hereafter made unless the persons seeking the conveyance cove-  , nant to refine and use the nickel so  secured in manufacture in Ontario.  They also protest against the free  export of 'any form of crude nickel,  and as - the people of Ontario are  alive to their own advantage the  prayer of the petition will no doubt  be granted.  Rev.   J. G. Shearer, the field  officer of the Lord's Day Alliance,  does not hold with the opinion, so  common in the East, that Nelson is  a tough mining camp.     During his  brief'stay in Nelson  Mr.  Shearer  says ��� he was   agreeably surprised  with   the   general   observance   of  Sunday.  True,' there were breaches  of the rule, but they were such as  were also common iri,Eastern cities.  And<what" he reports of Nelson ,Mr.  Shearer says will also hold good of  the new settlements  ia Nbrtherri  Ontario through which he -passed  on his vwayrto Kootenay.. ^Throughout theraTall^there.is a general .disposition, as .far as; possible, -to ob;  serve Sunday>as a day of rest.:  *    i ,    ���...   ���.,   ���- .   . ,  If 'the men .who" represent the  mining districts of' British Columbia in the provincial,legislature are  alive to their ( opportunities, "they  will get together during the approaching session and see what can  be done in tlie wiry of encouraging  home smelting and refining.   That  there.are difficulties in   the way  must be, admitted, but it does riot  follow that they are insurmountable.   With respect to lead smelt-  ing.and refining the difficulty which  most frequently, presents itself is  the question of the market or outlet for the lead.    This naturally  raises the question as to what becomes of the lead surplus in the  United States.   Enquiry along this  line shows that' Great Britain is a  great purchaser of lead.   That its  chief'Supply is drawn from Spain,  with   Australia  second    and   the  United States third.   What stands  in the way of marketing the Canadian lead surplus in Great Britain?     There vis   no   doubt  that  the assistance of the provincial and  even the federal government could .  be secured in the furtherance of  this object.    It is also almost certain that the Canadian Pacific Railway   Company,"   having   ,in   view  added business, would also co-operate.     These    are   very   powerful  influences,   and ' with    the    prospect     of     their     active     assistance      the       members     of     the  mining districts  should have sufficient encouragement to take the  matter up.   The difficulties in the  way of lead smelting and  refining  in   British Columbia are not half  so     great      as     the     difficulties  which confronted   the   people   of  Ontario .when they sought to secure  the reduction and refining of nickel  in that province.    With Ontario it  was   not   the  comparatively easy  "question of moving the product to  a market,.but at the very outset  they were'met with the poser tliat  nickel refilling and smelting could  not 'be hoped for because United   ���* ��� 1 rp.~  ���������tea; interests l&ld^Fie^tei^ts  -^ggon the orily kj|own;>proqe_s for  rise ^extraction of ?the\*nickel frpiu  the Ontario ores. This was intended  -as a knock-out blow -for- the- nickel-  industry of Ontario, but.it was not-.!  _��        11 < ���  Instead of throwing up JtheL fight,  the Canadian  DAY, FEBRUARY 12,1��  capitalists,called in,  outside' assistance, and, inr a Ishprf  in. the  steel and'  time there was a Canadian ^process  patented for the treatment-of the  Sudbury ores which'in lv_t,yI'Jriia'riy  respects was superior ~t��o' the'pro-  cesses in voguejin the vnited States  refineries. Ontario is now reaping  the frnitS'-iO&'this-Lvictory  growth of'its'iron and  nickel-steel industry, an expansion  which promises in a very short time,  to make it the most important manufacturing center in these lines not  only in America but in the world.  Why should not British Columbia  'take a leaf from Ontario's book?  The operation of Canadian lead  ���smelters would make such raw material as is used in ' Canada much  cheaper. This condition assisted  by favorable duties should so stimulate manufacturers of1 Canadian  lead that^the Dominion would be  an exporter "of lead manufactures  instead of an importer, and the advantage gained would not be restricted to'British Columbia but extended to the whole of Canada. Is  not this worth'striving for instead  of letting "British .Columbia -be  merely a supply depot of raw ma-'-  terials, furnishing' business to  United States railways, - and'contributing chiefly ,to the growth of  United States smelting points ?    .  x One hundred tons bf coal arrived-  in   Nelsonf-yesterday .from   Leth-  .bridge.*-   It is consigned to the electric-light company at'J Greenwood:  Lethbridge is "some 00 or  70 miles  east of-Fernie, and the freight rate  , is some ,<30Jcents<perjton higher than  from Fernie. ^-Another order ,from  ?Paul Johnston, of i,he: Greenwood  smelter," is also being filled at Leth-  bridge.   Here is .a condition for the  people of British Columbia' to consider." -The Crow's-Nest >Pasa -Coal  Company is shipping; coal-and'coke  to points iri MoutanaV'over a�� route  which requires two transfers, but is  unable to supply the demands made  upon it by the-British'..Columbian  smelting and   industrial interests.  In the face of these, facts the people  are  asked- to   approve ;of a deal  whereby, in return for a charter for  a railway from the Fernie mines' to  the international boundary, James  J. Hill will purchase the controlling  interest' in the Crpw.s Nest Pass  Coal Cqmpany.   Behind Hill in this  scheme is the American Smelting &  Refining   Company, Vr W -it   is  commonly'known.the* lead trust,  which inturn is dominated by the  Standard Oil trust. > What .will hap  pen   if   this   deal is carried out?  At the best the'mining and smelting industry of British Columbia  will be at the mercy of the greatest  trust of -modern times.    If it suits  the trust to divert the Crow's Nest  Pass   coal   to   American' smelting  points it will bo.so diverte'dl , If by  diverting the fuel supply, of British  Columbia the trust   can purchase  the ores of the province at its own  price, don't; you think tho diversion  will   be made?   Where is British  Columbia going to get off?   Which  interests  are > the greater, those of  the shareholders.of the Crow's Nest  Pass Coal Company, or'those'of the  men who have invested their riioney  in the mines and smelters of British  Columbia?    This  is   the   question  which the people of British Columbia must solve. Itmatters littlewhat  the .proposed intentions of Mr. Hill  and his associates are.    The people  must consider what the granting of  the Hill railway to the boundary  means.     If   they , grant   the   Hill  charter they put their province at  the mercy of the trust.    If, however, they wish to live without the  permission of Mr. Hill and his associates they can  do so by keeping  them  south   of   the   international  boundary.  i*6Lfm_-*TTiTn*nmii  .-;tl- kaflioiL Misses' and  v Children's Under-muslins  ' -- at-'Uhheard of Prices  (____  luuumuminiuuiniiiqi  .-.-,   ^Embroideries,,-. .  Wash Laces and Domestics  Greatly-BflSuced -1 '  \.'iT_i_'...r.i._7ir_i..i.Xi.-i.....t...*rmi  to  to  to  to  to  _U-��c  TEN  DAYS SALE OF LADIES*   FOR TEN DAYS WE WILL OFffER A LARGE ASSORTMENT'.O^'W^ITeWCARiAT dU?-  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  'i��l  il   Ul  \ .  THIS LINE INCLUDES  ,  Ladies' Nightdresses, 75 cents to $5.00   .t  Corset Covers, 20, cents to ,$1.75  Laceaand Embroidered Underskirts, 75 cents to $12.00  m  White Cambric Muslin, Nainsooks. Victoria Lawn, India Linens, White and Colored  Organdies, Dimities, Fancy Muslins, Plain and Dotted Swiss and Piques  > -  The balance of our Winter Stock of Ladies' Tailor-made Costumes,  Jackets/Capes and Skirts at Reduped Prices  to  to  ���Our Winter Millinery  Must be Cleared up'an  Order to Make BoonCfor  ; -Spring Styles  Fred Irvine & Co.  Baker Street, Nelson, B. C.  fTTTTTyiTT_T'  ���w  Furs  We are Letting go  at Prices to Suit the  'Buyer- ���      B  zxxiazxxjB  to  fife  '"to-  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  \_^_*__^ti00 ��� 0_0 *0_\0 ��� 00 *0f* ��� __^*_^_f* &^ *0__\ ��� f���^ *00 ��� 0f? m0^ ��� _^f %__^ ��� fSf * ���_______��� * ^^* ?*^ ��� ^^�� ^^^ *_______ *^^___S *___������__. *^^^ *__���_���__!*___!____ *____B^* ____S *-^__-^* ^_-^, *_^^ ^9lJ^w  ^tk* ^5k* ^''^^ *^tok * ^^^ ��^^^^* ^***^k ��� "%^^ * "���*���&���_ *^^k *��^^^ * ^Sk f "^^1^.^* ^____ * ^M^ *^^^. *j^^^ * ��� ____^ * ___^v ____^ *'A00* ���^0 * 4o0* 00 * A���0* 00 * 00* _t0 * ^���0* 40 * 00* 4^0 * 00 * ^0  S2l to 331 Baker Street, Nelson  American and European Rani.  MEALS   25    9ENT?  .    86 0ENT8.TO *tl'  QUEEN'S HOTEL  B_J__*R STREET. NKLSON.  Lighted by Electricity and Heat-  ,     x"  ed with Hot Air.  1   Largo ^oomfortable bedrooms vxAt flMtKdane  dlnlog-room. Sample rooau tor oonunorolM mea.  RATES.$2 PER DAY  CHARLES H��LLYER,U ,  "      u HARRY HOUSTON,    .  , i President and^General Manager./     '. - Secretary:Treasurer,  -j      <   ;A11 Oonmunicitiong.to be addressed to either of^tbe above".     ,,  "  *  V  Mrs. E. 0, Clarke, Prop,  ���LATK OV THB BOTAI. HOTB1, OAIaSABT  N|adden House  Baker*-.- Ward  Streetw. Nelaon  :Wea�� ppepapedttorFupxilBh  by RSn %ar&e op Teams ~  DIMENSION LUMBER ���_   \ ' ' I  ROUGH and,DRESSED. LUMBER >  ^ LOCAL and COAST-CEILING    "J*  ~SLOCAL>and COAST.FLOORING ���     , Su  :      :    iDOUBLEfDRESSED COAST. CEDAR  ,      ,  .       -     J: "RUSTIC, SHIPLAP, STEPPING .,  PINE and.CEDAR CASINGS  DOOR JAMBS,, WINDOW STILES  TURNED, W0RK~BAND-SAWING  BRACKETS, NEWEL, POSTS  TURNED, VERANDA POSTS  STOREFRONTS     ^  DOORS, WINDOWS and GLASS.  Get Our Prloes before -  pupohastn'gr elsewhere. ____________-_____.  OFFICE: CORNER HALL AND FRONT STREETS.  FACTORY: HALL.STREET, C. P. R. CROSSING.   MILLS: HALL STREET WHARF  -   '���J.    .'..'._., . ,���..���!', ���        / ... ���    "      -1'.  P. BllmS & -Co-  wholesale TRADE  JERATED AND MINERAL WATERS.  THORPE ic CO.. LIMITKD.-Corner Vernon  and Cedar street*, Nelson, manufacturers  of and wholesale dealers In 'terated -waters and  --(rait syrups.', Sole agonts for Baloyoa Spilugi  mineral water. 'Telephone 00.  ;ASSAYERS'. SUPPLIES."  ',  XtT F. TEETZfiL ft CO.���Corner Baker and  t "V ��� jjoaephiue streete, Nelson,.wholiualedeal,  era ln   assayers  supplies.* Agent* rar Denye  ilre Clay Go.ot Denver. Colorado. .  COMMISSION MERCHANTS. -.  HJ..EVANS, ft .CO.���Baker street, Nelson,  ��� wholesale -dealers in liquors, olgars  cement, fire brlok and Are olay, water plpe.and  steel rails, and general oomnuselon merchant**.  ., ELBOTRIoii, BUVFUBS.:    '"  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY ft CON-  81 RUCTION COMPAN Y-Wholeaalc deal-  eia ln telephones, anuunoiaLors, bells, batteries,  fixture**, etc., Houston blook. Nelson.  FLOUR AND FEED.  BRACKMAN - KER  MILLING , COMPANY  1   ���Cereals. Flour. Grain, Hay.  ���Cereals, Flour, Grain, Hay.  SLroi  mixed oars-shipped 6o all  Kootenay  Grain elevators at all principal points on Cal  Edmonton R. It.   Mills at victoria.'New  minster.'and Edmonton, Alberta.    -  ht or  'olntai.  est  FRESH AND SALT MEATS.  BURNS ft, CO.���Baker street).   Nelson,  wholesale dealers ln fresh and cured meat*  Cold Btnrage.  P.  Hkad Office at  NELSON, B.  0.  Wholesalevand-Retail   Dealers in Meats  The only.hotel ln Nelson that has remained  under one management onoe 1890.       ..._._  Thebed-rooma are veil fnrnUhed-and Ughfeod  byeleotriclty.  The bar ia- always  Uo and imported, ua<  stooked by the beet dom *  inora and elgan./, ,   THOMAB.MADPEN, Proprietor.  SLOCAN JUNCTIOR KOTEL  ��� ! v    .  J. H. MoMANUB, Manager  Bar etookod with best brands ot wines, Uquors,  and Cigars.' Beer on draught. Large oomtort-  aU�� roorasi.  IlrslKilasa table' boa d.  R. REISTERER & CO.  BBBWEIU AND BOTHJBItfl OV  FINE LAGER.BEER, ALE.  AND PORTER  Prompt and regular  delivery to the trade  Brewery tt Nelson  A. R. BARROW, A.M.I.C.E,  PROVINCIAL  LAND SURVEYOR  Markets ��t  Nelaon,' Roaalaod,  Trail,  Kaslo, Ymir,  Sandon,' Silverton, Ner  -Denver, Revelstoke, Ferguson Grand Forks; Green-wood, Cascade City, Mid  way, and Vancouver. ' >'...<���  * Mail Orders Promptly Forwarded  West Kootenay Butcher Co.  ALL KINDS Or  FRESH AND SALTED MEATS  WHOIJOBALK AND RBaTAIL  FISH AND ��� POULTRY IN SEASON  Baker Street, Nelson JJ.  G.  TRAVES,  Manager  nRnfORPbBT UAIL RUmHtlWB OAllaWnrj A��m PWIMPF A'affl'WHTinN "        '     '  ROSSUAIND   EINailN^BRINa  WORKS  CUNL.IFFB  &,MoM___I_AN  Founders and Machinists, Specialty of Ore Cars, Ore-Bin Doors and Ceneral Mining Machinery.  Llut ot second-hand machinery on haud^-which has been thoroughly overhauled and is as good  GROCERIES.  A MACDONALD 8c. CO.-Corner Front and  ��� Hall Btreeta, wholesale grooers and  'obbera in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,'rubbers,  maoklnaws and miners' sundries.  T^OOTKNAY SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMI-  ���'-*��� T_!D--'Vernou Btreet, Nelson, wholesale  grooerB.  JOHN CHOLDITCH 8c CO.-Front streeh, Net-  son; wholesale grooers.  J^YrQ-^FFIN'-^CO^FMnOtaeetrNelBo^-  ���  wholesale   dealers   in  provisions,   oured  meats, butter and eggs. ,  HARDWARE AND MINING SUPPLIES.  HBYHKS & CO.-Corner Baker and Josephine  ���  streets, Nelson, wholesale dealers In-hard-  ware and mining supplies.  Powder Oo.  Agents for Olant  T AWRBNCH*.  ���" Baker. St.,  -HAKDWARB    COMPANY   ��� Nelson, wholesale -"dealers in  hardware and mining supplies, and water and  plumbers' supplies.  UQUORS AND. DRY .GOODS.  as new  1 2*-H.<P. Locomotive type boiler, with engine attached and all fitting*, ready to torn on ateam.  touble-Cylluder Friction Drain-Hoist, built by Ingersoll Co.  1 Sinking Pump, No. 5 Cameron. New York.  1 bl"x8" Double-Cj  Corner Victoria and  P. O. Box SM.     -  nay Streets.  HONK NO, 84  The Cabinet Cigar Store  G. B. MATTHEW, Proprietor.  Headquarters for  "CARAMEL"  "ROMMERY"  "SMILAX"   "VIRGIN   GOllD"  Bmofclng and _iHpai,"  Home Grown  Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Roses, Shrubs  Vines, Bulbs, Hedge Plants and Seeds.  Extra choico stock of Peacl), Apr'cot, Plum,  ("���hcrry and Prune Trees. New importation of  firbC-claqs Rhododendrons, Hoses, Climatqs, Bay.  Trees, Hollies, etc.  i.  80,000 to choose from. No agents or commission to pay. No fumigation or Inspection chaises.'  GroenhouHO plants, agricultural imploments, fer-  tillrors, bee supplies, etc. Largest nnd. most  complete e'ook in the province. Send for catalogue before placing your ordera.  Address  hf. J. HENRY, Vancouver, B. C.  Whito Labor Only.'  1 Slnklmr Pump, WflxEtfrlZ", outside packed plunger pattern.  Watch this advertisement for'further lists, or wilte us before you buy for complete list.  may have just what you want.  Agents for Northey Pumps.  P.  O.  BOX il98.  We  dealers ln liquors, olgars an   for Pabst -frewlng Co. of Milwaukee and Cal  gary Brewing Co. of Calgary, r  POWDER, CAPS AND FUSE.  HAMILTON POWDER COMPANY-Baker  .streot, Nolson, manufacturers of dynamite,  sporting, stumping and black blasting powders,  wholesale dealers In caps and fuse, ana eleotrlo  blasting apparatus. M .  SASH AND DOORS.  NELSON SAW AND PLANING. MILL8,  LIMITED-Corner Front and HaU stroets,  Nolson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers  in sash and doors! all kinds of factory work made  to order.  WINES AND CIGARS.  CALIFORNIA WINS COMPANY, LIMITED���Corner Front and' Hall streets, Nelson, wholesale doalers In wines (case and bulk,  unci AntneflMn ind iroBortad ajjerars.  Stock carried.  THIRD  AVENUE.   ROSSLAND.  s ggHBirr costs but one oBNTymflflHEEU  ou_.  ARE  To drop na a post card that we may call and  Never-havo any plumbing doner until you  ive estimates.  It saves many dollars.  Ave seen our goods and our prloes.  OPPOSITE  jsrwvninrrnJB.*  STRACHAN BROTHERS. Plumbers.  ftEILEY & BENOY  SUCCESSORS TO H. D. ASHCROFT)  BLACKSMITHS   AND   WOOD WORK'f.o*  EXPERT H0R3E8H0EIHC.  gpeelal attention given to all kinds of repairing  ai)d custom work fiom c.taldo points, Heavy;  boTu o-we to onUr on ��h^.( notioe.  P. J. RUSSELL  Bayer and'Exporter of  RAW   FURS  ' HlgbBrt 'Prices    '  Prompt Heturoa,  - Fair A-sortment   >_������      '  Ship jby-j-xprefer.- NELSON, B. C  ANTI-CHINESE  RESOLUTION.  Pursuant to resolutions adopted at a regular  meeting held on Saturday ovoning, December  22nd, 1900, all members of Nelson Minors'Union  No. 86, W. F. M., aro requested to use every  legitimate means  To Discourage the Employment or  Patronizing of'Chinese  directly or indirectly. All union men and others  who believe In making this a white man's country, are requosted toco operate in giving effect to  the aforeoald resolution    By order.  Y   NHXSOV MINERS'   UNION.  Nelson, December 22nd.'        ,���  The above resolution has been endorsed b^'ihe  Trades and Labor Council of Nelson, and all  union men, and others in sympathy with it, are  requested to govern   themselves   accordingly.  TRADES & LAB<?R COUNCIL OP NELSON  - Nelson, Decembor 22nd. '    ���    '      >'.',..  ^ Aft0H_TE0T&  BWART ft CARRIE-Archltects,   _  ' "  _M aAberdemi Wotflc, ��to stzast, 7&Mg$gm
UNDIVIDED PROFITS       427,180.80
Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal ...President
Hon. G^orge^AbDrummojjdv • ^.ayice-P^ide^t,,
E.^.Icqia^^.f!lvS.i.ra*t.©etoeral MaflfgW
Y -!>*'  .' .'" I -MIBraft*Mii»*Pfi»*H#'*B ■      I .-_"
.. _..' j».,4NiPaSI .,
Corner' Bakor ani
 bote'rtay Steeeta.'
A. H. BUCHANAN, Manager.
Branches Ib IJondon (Enfelaiidr Nkw Yoaar,
Chicago, and all the principal cities ln Canada.
Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable
Saving's Bank Bp&neh
CURRENT Hm jflf pWgaqiWpfDl, p
B. C,
stock. i    a*- Asked,
Gold Fields.,..,   i...1
Hlaok Tail.
X '»
.     165      164
...     1 20
...   .    70 00
-I-.' ;   jj ( -fli
'j.'   *.?( u
"a'   ^
-1 - o
»    40t
Brandon & GoldeaSEL ,
Canadian Goldflams S;
Cariboo (McKinney^
Cariboo Hydraulic    .
Centre 8tar'
Crow's Neat Pass Coal
* .-Kefir view Corporation
,■■.',- Golden Star.
Giant.*.:.....      .       .   , %.
'Granby •Smelter*' r, *   i£   *
-Iron Mask...       *■ "
•/.Tim Blaine...
Knob Hill:..
Montreal & London' n      K
•'.: Morning Glory ~ *
Morrison....   . . i oj
Mountain Lion 40 15
Noble Five:..          n* ,    s
-North Star.. . <W 80
Old Ironsides ...       .     -.75        u)
Olive;.......        * ...        11 8
* Payne.-.■:.'.;: 52 47
Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated . il 29
Republic', ri;.                                            45i       44J-
X Slocan Sovereign .        11 7
Virtue*.,..;.- ,        3o 29
War Eagle Consolidated .        70 5i
'Waterloo....*—. J 21
-White Bear..   .                 4J 4
.Winnipeg:.:.   . 4i *
Y SuMyon..^;* lo 13
^$81^- SALES.
■77:m\ Iron "Mask *?    40}
Y'500 Iron-Mask 40J
• Y1000 Deer Trail ...                    $      3
-;-G00 Evening Star 0*1
i! 2000 Reput.no %                                     45
: 2500 Canadian Goldllelds Si ndlca c 7
:■:•■■-'.603-BlgrThreo 11
YlOOOWatertoo 7i
kXX/x7''\xX^.7X.'X'X .■;■■'■:' ■'.'■ic'::"yjrti''?^'r\"i':^''^'^;^^^Ye*3^
y/ys Sin£e^ta;:rie*^
xMithe jSilyOT^i-ing Y&iuefongTqadj
_M.^eH!nd*' '■•'"     ■ .-- $so6o;eoo
Hon. Geo  A  Cox, Robt   Kilgour,
__Pre<ldent. Vice-President.
London Offloe, 60 Lombard Streot. H. O.
■Kvw York, qi^jje-. Wt' Wxfre-npe^ktp..
* ^..node'jBnincbeBliCCatfiidoiaiid'vtho -■■-**
trnited States.
. . „    ^._^.M^nag9rJJel8S)nJJ>aW!l».
•ir.yy T'j"y*iyigHs&8
ySmountaitf^tlie Ydwel6pme_^|pftSt^
v..-.-^-.,1 ,-_;.*■?--:■. *•_>.*-..'-.•'.-.■.■..r,*.i.-''-i-**Yi:-/-'^..•■' ■^'■_*:,'rji£-:.-:*'-_.w^jA-.-. jf^v. f*;■"- -V*'i-^r^:
ifMlo weif^wbrkinfis; tiaslbe eiit dafried ■ oni
I £i£*t»ii^
■''*yth^iiiaiin shaft is 'beiuKasuukvaC-Yav
: Y; YYrapid^t;e^
H gopdpjro
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■7 k^.hje^hejleiitevj leyeljis % vench&d7^ '■
y\ ongfiiCTtaSicut* |iyiU^be;^i^||^||^;;
Yyvkribusyeiiisy .ibpufcY ^7/meinY,arei
y^tiie plaiitf^^^
3-;;) I Ssist^Ytie ;deEth
Y ^^pDe\y ^i^sih^^6e^
; the yeina cqiiobinvie to ^giye,. as ;Ygood
"^ally; be*;ifforo^e^°^8^d^elo^q*q'b'i
;,. adTOncea^sy^^7x7:77yx^^y. ■;■
who has- been'*appointedr^by^tiie
- provincial --government to. inspect
all the -mines'^iofHtheffprbvinceian-l
report as to their safety, isY.; in the
city for;wiq^4^S'tHe%aid.yeai^r-^
;day;thati lie w^lierisaf ter going to
make Nelson his headquarters, and
Bhat'he'wouid-in:1 tie' near l_t*itnre
has inspected many ofc the mines in
*:/. the .''Rossland;^
a^clstatiEffl^at^he;,fouqdisquie of
the^^^in^faS gqbid':icqnditibn,*Y but
bth'efs - were * sonriewha*-^
ing the next^^wefekh'e will visit the
mines in this;di8*tcict.    \ ty ..'■'■■■'.7 '
'-■■•-''-:%y& |Ixyj'y^^T: :".-.*?&■ 7. ■ ~Y
. ■;.a>v>>:^.^i^Y'Hjii^id^'Gh-l^   Y'
"Work., ugM'fJthq^fHilts icte ;gi^inpV
situateidff near 7^tiitewater^* which
.--hia's^ebn'iidle^fpr^ ^^>-Mme^is.;to
b^-rfesuinfedY at'oncef;^Theyproper*_y.:
is cohtrolled by Kaslo and Rossland
capit^M^f5JPhii'-'. IC^^fyKaslo
being • 'president; * of uYthe i^compEiny.
J. F. Ritjchie of Rossland, the con- •
only  a .-'few' Y hours 'yestbrdiay'- ^en
rbiite to^ the-^jjijqpertyls He^ill lay i
out the plans ||bi^the Ipreliminaryj
work   and¥afi _or<»|qf iinen .^illP^be j
put bnat .'oiicej^^yy.,/;^,y '..Y^,.'-.-]
andYalreaay-ftbitf $15;0(«ytb -^20,000 j
worth *pf* work'~;;lial been' dqbe on j
the v^bperty;y TWonlong -tlranelsj
havb'^en -rttn'^one about11700 feet j
and the yther^abo-ut;i450/'! When I
=work" resumes .Yit^wilL,consist,^ p_|
clwf ti^B bAelthel^ins; ^liibh kjgiyie!
ipment veryTfeV or4n*«i
_. _...:i|%i^dS. t   Fl
fa soeikittK __ M ^J^di|ion^o|
Tiiihing ^J^Roil^," MS'Ritchilf
stated thatuaffBcy thing.Jgasjonki ng.
blight. He«^rt<tetha.t?i(r-*«d been
reported thit^tljet^i-un^ial deposit
of ;the War Eagle' tco^x Center Star
ha£l given-out!'"i.(Bhis_ report, he
assertedywas false, --ua- lie had
learned *_rom"good ^authority that
* there was-^more *_ore" in -„sigb.t now
than tliere had'.ever J-been. ^ Small'
weekly shipments-'" are*" being "made'
and these_ would be'infcreftsed, but
thb smelters are receiving, mord'ore
tliHnrthey; can" handle, jt^isr estimated -that- the„mine, could ship
1000 tons per; day if it chose.     _^ ^
-   ^-—-—~—    Jf "^ -- yr
Driving-Twj) ^Tunnels. 2.2	
A. J. Dr^wivy^of -Rossland, ac^
countanb o| thel Canadian GbldHeias
Mining Compan-y, whifeli^ is ^operat-
ing the Sunset g^roup,' situated about
threfe'-'mlles froiri Whitewater, arrived in Nelson yesterday aftex\
paying a visit to the*p.o_fe-ty?*'H_
reports that=it'is showing • up^_weli
ing "gem" found
pinned to his bedr$M|tr?.<!
day  morriing,   c|^^
eiit.   It was nc ' ~
cation  or  -pre
.wight have don_^-
I've just jumped iatoacaClb
1 / jWitb-^Jteavy1' heart and "fl
A lump In my throat, a tea*3n my eve,
"•"^AnaaBBtnfnl'sotil -That'll never-gn high.	
]     So In caw I sleep till after ten 0 clock.
j ^'JustigivpitJtiSjdpor aitrpHeondonsknock. <, *-■
'  <HotiVc*W*lUi3g2;49('-i;iAt'teaay.)»HK  u
■:'■  **•.'■■.'  j'Ji_W 'Wa'AIK1.   .UftVfei'W   . !l>
neatv and j this ;s^ygi^in^ys<^
^esjpMjayel^.j^At^.the'^ sa-toeg|binie
3El_s *| wliichY^re^il^
silver-lead producing properties and
plie; smejyfer s|^;s Wpme^ ts toe^ein g
.-its the p.eae^t; wbfk#ili be prin-
ated in that se'etio.**^and^which;:is
"onerut07; bj^heY?B^^^Gbidfieids
IbmSaturdayi^r^cqu^ in -
time'ago about-50 men. wore, laid
.bffettut.stiil a.gbbd'sizedvfbrceis en-
gaged in carrying. on the work,
i^liet^nf^yxhaye M i"Si-a|8 OOitpY^OO
t-    UF,   •- "3
OU »<u
'**     •    Goffee Roasters;
Dealprsjn fta audCoffee _ .. u • '/
C ■■— i.   I.HI..II ■■■»■ -
************************* \
We dre offering at lowest prices the best
a grades jsf^Ceylon, India, China; and Japan
Teas.    ,      ->    ,  ,  i ;■ ,   ^" Ji. >       oi - -<
Our Bes% Mocha and Java Coffee, per -**-
,   pound ,,    ?  40
Moclia and Java Blend, 3 bounds     " 1 00l
Choice Blend Coffee, 4 pounds 1 00
Special Blend Coffee, 6 pounds .   1 00
Rio Blend,Coffee, Q pounds ,1 00
Special Blend Ceylon Tea, per pound      SO
j     ~  p       n L~
y  Telephone I77^;1 >     r "
_ a      ,,C        P.rO.   BOX   182. _
JpfAjk&S^   '      iUA'uMR^4ARTiVARE^  h         ^ANICUJRE SET&\}
ONYX TABLES      -PIANO LAMPS ' ---*-- *-*
.*'7^i;* *w»;4.vr~« «**>JM»V.'?,
^tt_^nms ^I§Gui_^^
part owner- of the American;Boy
^tiiieyf pS^ht^^fe^IbpmiB ,
:i_.boiit ilbO-vitobslYbf Y rich! ore ^were.
^sotwellY a*t^pi-ese^^tl-^v^l^^f!om'
,pany expect to ^hip about 200 * tons
this; !:;mbntiiv i*'i?!^'h6^wprking^_p_ce
ftrelengagedan ruiimiigYt^'otuhnels]
_ Notice Is hereby  given tliat   John  Cosgiov»
! has made application under the provisions of the
" Liquor Licence Act, 1100,' for a transfer of;his
' licence for tho Valley Hotel, neai Ymi", to A.
Anderson, and that a meeting of the Board of
Licence^ pommissinnors, ot the tNelson Licence
I District will be held to consider such application
at the Court House, at the City.of Nelson, on
Tuesday, the twenty sixth daj of February J.901,
at the houi' of ten o'61ock in the afternoon.
'    ~     W.H. BULLOCK WKBSTJCR.     '
Chief ^Licence Inspector.
i Chief Constable's Offlco*" Nelson.'B^c",
..     '      11th February,' 1901. ' ' ,     »
and i_n upraise.jfti-iro, ft tunnel,T.wbiqhJ
is^being-rvth/will rqi^:*^eiUneibe-E
tweeh.thisjprbpertyand Ythatpftiie
Ylaast.Ghance,'which;is .situated im^j
poinij'is ;'«^che^'^^epthr:pf -'i20(K
six to
is a good shpwing;pr pre in No.
but pnlyi.tHe'vbreV'jfrbm;;:
    ~        ) > -, i.
To T» A. Stevenson, or to .any person or -per
sons to *n bom he. may,have transferred his
interest in the Llla mineral ^claim^at Morn-
^  ing Mountain. Nelson MinbigiDivIsion  -... '■
You arc hereby notified that I 'have expended
the sum of One Handled andFiftj Seven Dollars
m 'labor and' improvements .-upon ^the abovo
mentioned mineral claim, in order tojhoULsaid
mineral claim  under- tho   provisions - of _ the
Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from the
date of this notice you fall or'refuse to contribute
your proportion, of _such expenditure, together
with all costs of t-tdvortising, j our interest m said
claim will become the property of the subscriber,
1 under section four of an Act entitled "An Act to
! Amend the Mineral Act, 1900.''    <      , j >
'    '   ' i^     O   *..   _ r DANIBL,;,HERB
Dhted this 12th day of February, 1001. * -'
tRLATJBD^ SILVER, ,.,      > \
'.:;•-:;'' '*'v--.".ld;^s»..
_.    h
j iU, g&fiSIflq,, !- ^ ^CmLDRENtSrSE.
-1847 ~FLAT^WAM&£^ ^{jh
^v^»    .•» v*^ ^-. —.
**}    I*"-   -f
*~   *2_
'-1     J
solid gold jewelry^witklaiid ihaJij^jnttiftK 0
^ , " aja **************************       Sf^y
.J-ic^B. l?OVER, T^r#^6li|ft
OupjJewelryaand Wat^/Departpipnt Is in-ftillswto|sr.r        // ,Mall
■Ji: \./i,   ^J:
• Oi f-
Orders receive our<Prompt Attention^'1" /?)n»   *'
■f ;     '   f     •>'     '      -> <1.   i-     F„fc    ,   .xfl-MJ^a,      lt.f.     »i3*"M      ,   7.
/■   <i^J.    j* 13
'a. ' ,    i< (,..1 a , .
i     L.
5       'a.. I
' 'ni
;Tuesday to- Saturday
»■ 'FEBRUARY 12-1C19Q131
Curling <;
,r Under
,    l .'
the) Auspices of! the fKootenay
, Association,,
.  For s Senion.Yjunior and. Ladies'. Championships'
'       ,       - of British Columbia
_   I    »    , i I '       ^ .  I.   t   *a-      .?   ' J   _      ^.
!     SNOWSHOE RACES  4    "
,  ForiProvinoial Championships and for>Men arid
I fi _  Boys r   ; -'
''    f1 'dUTTKR AND DOG RACES '   !   - ^r'
1 Coasting Contests        ,.        Carnival Masquerade
$3000 in Trophies and Prizes $3000'
! •;
i> 1.'
• *   [.'
Rales of a Single Fare for the Round Trip on all
Railways. 'For further particulars seeiposters ■*
andiprograms or address- r-.H. W. C. JACIfSONt,
Secretary Carnival Committee, Rossland, B.'C
.) ns,     ,    f    ,   ic-        t     u   tt,', di^-a a
r-  ->      i
_3-_T-30-A-,W  3STO.   S7-
A By Law to raise $79,000 00 for the purpose of
paying off advance made by Bank of Mont's—real on debentures hypothecated
working is being shipped, as.ifc is of
a .carbbnaited;/naturq f a*id /yvili be
■ accepted iby. •; the Y;smerters. , ;\.The
meii't was about $90 in'aU' 'values.
Mr;-McGaigah also' said tlie Other
properties   of that\ ■ district'.:*were;
looking jWell-YandYtiiat, tliere 4s. a
bright ^putloblrr -for- ■ •'the^coming
'seaspn.YjY;..l'';ut.t -■ *■"■■'.i.vyv.siv-yi'it'yx'i ■
'■7. x yI^.■ A^o^T Diyideztd. -.^.?„■[;.^'
! ^The ^cl^Me^mlfGbld
Mines announcea further "dividend
_.ccbunts for.tlie^past'fy^r.^h^ye'^hot
been: cdrnpleitedYYthe- '*'-distribution
will bq intthe nature f of - an interim
:dffidehdY*y y, *i!yy*';H Y--;* l^'''fi'y-
Y?g' 'S5"*|V^yMiniiag.Notoayy-.^xx^■;■■<'
-J.-0.:Prewr3r. *; pfj/Bpssiland^Ma?^.
.!'agerv'.fpri*ithft' (p.anadian7Gqldfleid*S j
^ihing^Companyi whei hasx beehr "ill I
[the east for'Several week's on miu--;
arig- business,^is .expected to arrive i
^n^3^*C)^y.tWs,evqning|:; iiy^xL :\ I
g . W. H. Jeffjery, ajprominent minr]
iing man of _^sioi:whbvhas been t6:;
•^Mon'trliaP in^rdjar Y^^-fprn-^Br'epm-j
paiiy. tbYbuild; aY'is-i3iqlter;vjtt .Kaslo, i
retumed-lhPmei-^teyeniiig.^,^   „y7. '.
A KelsqniPoet. j
It may •notybergenqrally. known 1
that the versatile J. Peck MacSwain!
is something of "ai poet as well as a} JshaHtedesi^'^'bytfersawAaetent
Hifell&i---- ln„Jr   lrpi,„,M^ h^^M^ themcoupons for.thepay-
•'Whereas,' Byaiaaws^JVosj m;w, 7U, 1\ anoY-z ot
theby-iaws.of the* Cltyaof-:Nelson, being lespect-
ivelyia^byTlaw ;,to.araiso C.Slo.OOO.OO. .to extend .the
water workS'Sj'stem; a by-law to. raise $15,000.00
'- ta extend l and, improve the electric. light sys-
teto/a l#-laW"fo''raised
"-seVeiage ^^.'system, :;t?a>jj-byrlawi-.n-to) .?i-raise
<an00;'.to//1improveL cthe A streeta;:■:within.-. the
city of Nelson;* and a .bylaw to raise
SCO0O.00, for purchasiog a. road making plant,
■Wei-S'duly pattsfed.-'ands _ebehtures 'issued thore
uhdorfor therespectlve sums mentioned in said
by-la-wsi'inaUitheisum ot ?7«,090.00, but said de
benturos so issued remain'unsOld.   < )
And ;wherea,s,:.sald:.deben,tures so.isaiied and
'unsold were'hypothecitetf to'the Bank of Mont
real; as-securltyi for, an*:? advanco thereon of
970,000.00 for the purposes in tho said by-laws re
*Clted..'*'S'.*-'!'"(^^*?---*.'-' ':•"*»■'■'••.{■' !*<-J.v -* '    J
■- -And whereas, A petition has been presented
ito'the'Mrihloipal'rCoUnoll '6f' the Corporation of
the City,of Nelsou, signed .byitho owners of, at
least one-tonth..of,tho value of- tho property in
the said city, as shown by tho last revised assess
mont roll, requesting * the said council to introduce a by-law tn raiso tho sum of,. sevonty:nlno
thousand ><*79,000.00) -dollars'for the purposes of
paying, off the indebtedness to tho Bank'of Mon (■>
real;and interest.theroon. for which-■said-dobentc
uresare 80,hypothecated,.'.*; Xf ■&■_■:■<.._.-. ki - *»
And whereas, It>la deemed expedient'to> borrow, the sum.of seventy-nine thousand (f 79,000.00)
dollars (which1 is tlie amount of the debt intondod
to'.be.created. byithiai rby-law) :for.-i the -.purpo-.cs
■aforesaidj'^^'l.j)-^ '.';w>*^'- .i7:X ■ ;>•■■'•■. ■■X.-,,. ■■',■'.■.;-
i'. 'And whereas. The amount of -the whole rateable real propcrty.of-,the said-city, accordlntt to
the last revised* assessment roll, is two million
sixtv-flve thousand four huhdred:(?2,065;i00) ?dol-
•lars; ;';:••■■■■■; •;■'.'.;•i/'/S-i ■'iiv.<fr:.-r..-f\i_i:k(::.iit.ir »•■-■>?
I-? AndAvhereas.ilt will'-bauiecessary to.raise annually, by crate'the sum*.of sixty-seven and nlnei.y-
four ($019100).'dollarsfor.paying' thesaid debt aud]
interest.  ' '*- '■.;;■--,-!''.i- rX- .:•;  X.-iX.H.Xr.'t'-Xy..   •
Now,-.therofore, the Municipal Council of the ;
;C6rpordtioh of '-tne City" of.Nelson? In* ■council as- '*
•sembled*,:ehactB'a8 follows:>;'.-.> \Xn;.i^ti\.;s.;:^".--:;
h\ ];-It8h£tUahd!may;be*'lawful for the Mayor of
the Corpor'atiOtt'Of the.eity:of':NelSon';tO'borrow,!
upon'ithe credlt',-*--ot::the:>said .'corporation,:.-by •
way of debentures hereinafter mentioned; from ■
any person or persons;-body or bodies t corporate, j
■who may-be •■* willing to ■ advance* the1- same as a j
floari,' a fium-of money hot exceeding. On the .whole |
tho : 8umi*: bf-'.iseveiicy-hin'e:'.thousand*•: (?79,000.00)
dollars,;and*:' to Cause all- such'ssumsrso raised.or. j
received to be :paidilito tho hands of the Treos- i
■urer of the saidcorporition; for.the purpose.and i
Witn the object hereinbefore recited;■-.■■>' ..-*-,• 'u■'. * j
>i. It ehall be .lawiul for the Mayor of the said j
corporation to'cause * any number of debentures:
to be made; executedand''issued for such sum or:
sumsas'mayba required■'.fdr'.sthe'purposeand;
'Ohjefct-afotosald, not* exceeding,-.however, the!
-sum Of severity-nine thouSandMS79,000.00) dollars: i
each'of' the-eaidrdebetiturefc being Of iho:denom- •
ination of ohe-th'oasan'd. '(flOOO.OOf dollars,' and all j
such debentures shall..bo sealed with the seal of;
the.-'cofpOHitlonrandVr.'sighed-'by! the Mayor;
.thereof.>v■.'■:. .-xXit.-). xv; .....'-.-.*-t.,--v ,.;.; f.i uj..-.->'i
r • 3.r.Tho*said debenturoa shall :bcar.-dato..the flrst i
dayiof April, AvD.1901,.and Shall he made payable:
iinaOyearstrom.!*'1-- *—**"' -1'"''"',''" '""■''"  ~~	
-of ;Canada at the
in- Nolson.af orcaaid,
1  . ,   .   '.    .=
i teres*'coupons may be either written,** stamped,
printed oi lithographed.    ,   ( .-*(_.
,  "1 Tho Baid1 debentures shall'bear interest'at
the rate of 5. per centum, per „ annum from the
'date thereof, which interest'shall be payable
semi annually at said office of tbe Bank OfJMont
real in Nelson aforesaid,* in lawful money of
Canada, on the l«t da> of**A*prIl and the-'lst day
of October respectively, in each yoai during tbe
currency thereof, and ehall bo expressed in said
debentures and coupons to bo so payable,    /     1
. a. It Bhall be lawful for tbe Mayor of .said cor
poi a tion to negotiate arid sell tho said dobent
xirc&oranj of theurfoi less _han par, but in no
case shall the said dobentures or any of them be ]'
negotiated or sold for' less 'than mnot\ five iSor
centum of their face value, including the cost of
negotiating) and sale, brokeiago ana other inci
dental expenses.*- 't* *^*<   *•> '"'     ' >~c   -*"" ■( *'
(>. There shall he raised and Jet led in each
year during tho currency of said debentures tho
sum of thirty-niuehundred and fifty ($3950,00) dol
lars for the payment of inteiest and the sum of
twenty eight hundred and forty four<&2814 00)dol
lars for tho payment of thedobtdue under thesaid
debentures by a late sufficient therefor on all the
rateable land in the paid municipality.
,1 It shall be lawful .for the said municipal
council to le purchase ao> of the said debontures
upon such terms as may be agreed upon with
the legal holder or holders thereof, or any part
thereof, oithei at the time of 'sale or any subsequent time, or times and-all debentures so re
purchased shall forthwith be canceled andde
strayed, and no ie-issue of debentures so ire
purchased shall be made in consequence,of suoh
re purchase. '      ' '
6. This By law shall take effect on, the date
of the final passage thereof.
Done nnd passed ln council at the City of Nel
son, on the day of , A. D. 19J1.
~Takc notlocrthat' the abo'vo^is-a-truo copj of
tho pioposed By-Law upon which the vote of the
elcccois of the Municipality wlll,be taken For
the East,Ward at the Citj Police Court, on tho
eastsideof Josephine street,,between Bnkerand
Victoria streets: for tho, West Ward at the office
of'Ward Brothers oh the nOr'th^side! of ■* Baker
'street.'between Stanley and>Kootenay streets/in
the City of Nolsoni on Tuesaay.ithe nineteenth
dav'atf February, instant, between'the* hours of
S o'clock.a. m. and 4, o'clock p. m.
J. K7 STRACH\N, City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C , Febiuary 6tlyl901.,%
.  i
< >
^.^ciass" reconteur. :Th& :_oIlpss,'-j|
A By-law to raise $21,000.00 to pay off overdraft
due the Bank of Monti cal and accumulated
Interest. c'      u 'j
Wheicas, a petition has been presented to the
said Municipal Council of tho Corporation of the.
City; of-Nelson,"slgned'hy tUoownew.of ,;ot least
one-tenth of the valuo of tho real proneity in the
said city, "as Sliown by the la&t revised 'assessment
roll, requesting I herald, council; to Introduce a
by-law to raiso t,he*8*iim'of twouty-one thousand
($21,000)Uollars for,the purpose ot pay Ingi.offttho
lndobtcdhe9sdue.by;tho .City>;bf Nelson to tho
Batik of-Montreal by-way Of ''overdraft* 'dhd' ac-
cumularcd Interest..;,!... •.,*:-.    ,.,,xrf ■•','■,,■'.• '•■-..
And Whereas: It Is deomed 'expedient to borrow the said sum of itwonty-ono, thousand ($21.
000.00) dollars (whioh is the amount .of the. debt
intended to be created by' thiji -byilaw) /for; the
/purposes'aforesiiid.    •. ;m :j,!, ' .y „ .,•■-;        ■:■.*, ■.
And.Whereas, Thoaiuoi^uEof tho whole-rateable real property df-tlio'said city,'accordingito
the last revised .assessment, roll.i is two million ,
sixty-flve thousand four hundred" (?2,065,40O;0O) •
dollars.  '•■■:••.;.- ;*'.-*:•    ..iii.  fiifi'M ,,'!•;'•!  '>;;'■._;....
,-■ .And Whereas, It will be necessary, to raise an-
anriually by rate the sum'of.$180B for'paying' the
•said debt and; interest., 5, i'Y 7 if ■'<([?.   .   ,;>   -1 ;•
•   NowTherofore the ,MunIoipal Council of * the
Gbrnbratioh'of Itb'c City of NiBlsblr in* Council 'as
sembled,enactsasfollows:,■•■'tl-'.-'V,-?■■;■>,-■(,■'■ • ,   ,../-.'
''1. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor •** of
tKeCorporation of tho CIty.ofkelson to• borrow,
upon the credit of the. said Corporation, ? by- way
of debentures hei'olndfter mentioned,; from* 'any
person or persons, bodyJoribodies corporate.:who
may bo willing to advance the samo as a loan, 'a
sum of money not* exceeding the* wholoi tho* sum
.of twenty-one thousand (iSl.OOO.OOJ.dpllars, and to
cause all Snch'siiins poraw.d bifcreceived 'tb'bo •
"paid into tho hands of the Treasurer ofnthe'.said .
.Corporationi for the. purposo and with the object *
hereinbefore recited;        r- 1.   .*<..'   i     .|ij..;,:   ;
-■yi. ltshall;belawfulfor-theMayor^off the.said :
.Corporation to cause any number of. debentures !
'td'bemadoVekeciited and issued' for such'sum or ;
:811msasmayibe.requircAfor the.Rurpose.and.ob-!
ject a'fore'-idid'.'ridt exceeding, hdwevbr;1-the 'Stim I
twonty-one;th6usaiidi(|21,0(Xi) dollMsV each.of ;the;
said debentures being of the denomination of one '•
'thousand ($1600.00) dollars, and'all such; deben-)
-t*iire8,Bhail be'aealctl with thenealof tho corpora-:
tion an'd'slgrie'd'by the Mayor thereof. '    '
3. The said debentures shall bear date: tho < flrst:
D.;:1901,, and, shall be.made
ffotn th'e'siifd date.'in the lav/-;
ifieof ti^e Baok of \
  ,.      . whioh"said plaoo!
 , . ,„       of pay mont shall be doslgnated by. tho said de-'
ment of ^IntereBViand ^JheJaJgnature* - tn,tbe.in-i} -be&twe*-) anaVah^^ha»'^att»ohea, ,to .thsm icou-
.d^riof {AmU>hA«
fnltiioney Of.Oanadaj-atthoj
Montroal ln Nelson afor^sali
pons foi tho payment ot, interest, and the signa
' turos to' the'interest coupons "may be'either
written, stamped printed or *" lithographed. _ «'-,'' _
i. The said debentures shall bear intorest at
' the rate of 5 per centum per annum from thedafd
thereof, which interest shall be, payable semi
j annually at said offlco at the Barge of Montreal
I in Nelson aforesaid, in la\\ ful money; of .C uMida;*
I on f the fiist day of AprU land tbe first day of
i October respocth ely. 111 each year during- the
curiency thereof, and shall be expressed ln^said.
< debentures and coupons to be so pa> able. ,
.-fl It shilll ho lawful for the Mayor of said' cor
poration to negotiate and ecII tho said debentures
(Oi any of them for less than pai, but ln no cise
shall the said debentures or any of thorn be, lie
gotiatcd or sold for less than  uiney five per
centum of their face value including the, cost of
negotiating and sale, brokerage and other IncK
dental oxpense». ' -1     J '*'■    ' '    '
G.   There bhall bo .raised .and ^levied in_ eaoh
year during the currency of said debentuies tlio
sum of one thousand and fifty ($10.M)) dollars /for
tho payment of interest and  tlie sum of seven
hundred and fifty six (|75G) dollars for the pay_
mont of the debt duo under/tho said debentures
by a rate sufllcient theieforeon all the,rateable
land in said municipality. '  '     ' "*
7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council tore purchase any of the said debentuies
upon suoh torms as may bo agreed upon wl' Oltbo
legal holder or holders thereof, 01 any pai t there
or, elchor at the time of the < salo or any subsequent time or/times.'-and all debontures so re
purchased shall forth*** ith be cancelled and do
strayed, aud no re issue of debentures so re-pne-
chased shall be made ln consequence of such re
purchase. '      '*J
8. This by law sh Ul take effect on tho date of
tho final passage thereof.
Done and passed in Council at the Clf j of  Nel
son on tho         day of                  A. D 1901  ,   .
  NOTICE. ^_ '	
Take notice that tlio above is a true copy of
tho pioposed By Jaw upon whicb tho vote of the
clecoors of the Municipality will be taken For
the Kast Ward at the City Police \Court,.,on J the
e*>«t side of Josophlno street, between Baker and
Vic:;oria;streots; fOr tho West Ward in;the' office
Of;Ward Brothers, on tho, north side :of .Baker
street, between Stanley and Kootenay 'streeti.'Ih
the City of Nelson, On Tuesday, the nineteeutli
day of Febiuary, Instant, between tho hours of 8
o'clock a 111. and 4 o'clock p. in. <        ''''
J. K. S I'll ACHAN, City, Clerk.
Nel'on, B. C, Februarj 4th, 1<XA.	
    . ii.,.'
=_> _■ 3
a_i t
f__  . _.        . l^
[L.S ] -HENRI oTjOliV de LOTBINlERfi^-j
«> TV     ^- _ OANAt>A>«--—        £*
VICTORIA?by the Giace of God, of th_-*Unitedr
I      Kingdom   of Great   Brltain""'ands Irelahdf
r     Queon, Defender of the Faith, tea , Sec, 8c$,^
{To our Faithful the members elected toTforve In
; .TttheXregisiative Assembly of Our Province of,
I      British Columbia at Our. City of Victoria.—
I      Greeting   1    Jjj."/ " .5" 1*7,1 >'n\V\   i
Deputy Attornej General.J-"    are ^desirous
and resolved, as sooo,as may bo, to^ineot our poor1
pie of ottnProvince of Brijash Colunibia, and U>"
havo their advice in Our Legislature    **'SW ■y*>2U
'NOW KNOW YK, that for divers causes and
considerations, and taking into consideration the
. ease anapdnVemenoo ofi Our loving sutuects^We
I hateibbught fit; bytmd with the advice ofr Our
'Executive Council do hereby* convoke, and by
these presents enjoin you, and each of jou,jthat
on Thursday, the twenty flrst day of -February r\,
I one thousand nine hundred and one,, you meet,
' Us in O\u. said --Legislature or Parliament of- Our/
1 said Prov'nce, at Our City of Victoria, FOR TIIE
DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to treat, do, act,
andoonolude upon thosofthings which in Our
. Legiijflture of Hn? Provinco of Brltish'GplUmbia,
1 byjihe Coinmou Couhcil oIlOtiriaSaia^FtovIncej,
maj-.'by the fayt>nr of-Godybc-ordftinedS s     «*?
yyi&Jfzr-     A* ,„«-->#-.   4TLr T. *£>     S'n
In Tkatimoni Wiikbkop, We have /caused
-   these Our Letters to be made Paterft and the.
Gieat Seal of the said -Province to be here-*
,untoaffixed j^        ^- 'h&M
Witkkss, the Honourable?SiR HEtOti'Oua
TAV|e J_cv.*dbLotbiniebk,,.K C M.G.,^laieu-
- tenant/GovernorA of Our said' ProvinceVof
>B British Columbia, in Our City otiVlCtoHarln
Our said Province, this.seventeenth day of
January, in the year ot Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and one, and in the sixty
fourth year of Our Reign.,,  » y e  _        j
Bj Command
J D. PRE \1 ICE, Provincial Secretary.
'k t-
,   -JTB__DB83
^T^M.—MeetB-in mmbrs',nnlonIi?ooms,
F. cf
er Viotor&kMd KooteB*«treetsrevery4      ' •k-'-
evening£i^|J_____**__y__l_!_W jneni   **■>/-<A£&I
Mrs weToome.. -PR. Movfitt,
* Wilkes, -^-Secretary. *UNl_*i».i
fob Nelson    District—Per
^Jlent. Jame;-
vet or W_ak_
shift,   machine
men,-$3.fi0: hammersmen miners, $3.25; muckers,
oiiiraai, shovelerejapd othor underground labor
ers, $J 00.
,l^r*ineetlng8«f t^e^lolsnnjTifldes apd Labor
Cotmoii, will be held in the miners' union hall, ■.
oomer^f'yiotoriaand'Koptenaj^rtreetStion the / *
first and   third Thursday of each month, at \
-7.80 p. m.™ Q. J. Thorpe, President.. J. H. Mathe--: Y.
Bon,.Seoretary. ^     <■ -js /
tWBE regnlar meetings of the Carpenters' Union?
£Sare held > on _We4nB8day ^wnhi* *f Seaoh
week, at 7 o'cloolc? in the Miners'TJdlon noil («>r-
ner "Victoria  and -Kootenay vstreeta.~sCba^les
-Clayton, ^Pjesident.  JohnJVlcLeod, Secretary..
Liz.jJL~+.a__„~ ^ 17.3'i I ly .
^___-IBR_^UNION.-7>}elBon taloh^SA 196,!of
*-*   the Interna tlonaljourney men Barbers On-     ■„■,;.*.
ion of America, meets every nn)t andthird Mon-"Ur ~%Ik
day* of each month in Miner•a'UnIon;>Hall,'corner *y\*S;
»at vlotoria^and Kootenay streets, at 8.30 pm, » *-^- .y.
8barp.ShVIaitln«. brothers-^oordially Invited to'^r-'' -7M
"     "   .R. McMahon, president: J. H. Ma'he-»"»»Y-^jM
attend. .
son. secretary ticasurer;
secretary. .>_
J. C. Gardnor, recording tr
J^UNION.-NolBon^LAborew' 'pro!   V/'^
,-,-.»OploS No. 8121. A. K-oPL'^'tne-ts-ln"*} . t W
aiinerstiUiaonTia]^C.,P. R-ahlockct^iorner^of      '
Baker and Stanley streets, overy Monday-evening"'',
:at7*^0p.Tn.,-aha*rp.'*ViBltingmember8of tbeAmerl- ~ '-
can   Federation   cordially invited*1.to,attend.\<-
A.t 3>.\ Cnilb.' Presidont. t JohnS ^totMrts, 're- •; -
cording secrejary; %. %        |L % g g tg> * - j*\lj; -
meeting of the  Painters' ,Union?Is held   ,
the flrst andlhlrd-FridAys In each month at Min-    '
ors'^Union hall att730 sharp.  J. H. MUlward,,,.
President; \Vill J. Hatch,-Seoretary.    '
, ,Pro.inoialSECiih.r_ii\ s0*fick,
' 17th January. 1901.
HONOUR, tli**   Lieutenant Governor in
Council, undor tho pi ovislous of the "Land
Registry Act', has bfen "pleiiseu to establish, at
tho "its of Nelson, jnithe .County of'Kootenay;
a District Office for the Recording of Instruments
and Registration of Titles affecting roal estate,
situate within the Ootinty of Kootenay
The name of tho said registration district shall
be tho Kootenay Land Registration District
Henry Fr\ MucLeod, of the City of 'Nelson, so
licitor, has been unpointed to perform the duties
ot tbe said District Otllco, which shall be open
fortbe truiisactiod of business on and after the
second day of March, 1001
By Command
,        J. V. PRENTICE, Pi ovinclal Socretarj.
B-sr-r.-A.-ro** _sro. 89. > w
A By law for stoppiDg    .
streets aud alloys in the City
up and closing certain
the City of Nelson'nnd
empowering tile Council  to comov    such
streets and alloj s ho slopped np und closed to
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. ■■/.'.
,, Whereas, It Is deomed advisable, to clow, up
cortaln portions of the streets and alloys 'herein- j
after described, within tlio limits of the City, of [
Nelson and to convoy tho same to tho Canadian :
Pacific Railway Company. ■' -\.\fX/.
-.(And^Wlioroas. in .the opinlon; of, the council :
sucii portions or streets and' •■alleys' are' hot ro-
'qtiU'cdiforcorooratepurposes..   ; \r.   ,k.r.ji /sit
,,,Therefore..Tho Municipal Qouncll of tho'Cor- :
JK)*ratlbh'bf tlio C'ity'df Nelson in 'council' rissbm- :
bled enacts as follows:: t;,.... ;,...•   ,,'•   ri • r: .
1. That tho following portions of streets and;
alloys within tho limits of tho City of -Nelson. ■•
namely: .Kootenay streot from its: northern! In- ;
tersectlon with Vernon street to the'Columbia & !
Kootenay.right. of.' way. ,* That.itriangular.ipor-.;
tion of a street.having no name, .being bounded-
on'the'oait by* thowestbrly limitof Stanley street.
Oh thcnorth.bv the Columbia & Kootenay .-right \
of way and on the smith bv tho northerly limit of.;
Blbbk frl and the lane or alley in block IH from Its \
intersection.with thew.esterly, limit, of Stanley i
street to its intersectibri with the* ColumbiaT& :
'Kootenay rlkht-ofjway; be and tho sameare.hero- j
by doclared stopped and closed.  ....*,;    .   .'.        *■
•'"i'Th'esald'Clty of ^felsoh 'be' and they are!
hereby empowered to soil to tho -, Canadian Pa- i
cific Itkilway tho said portions of streets and al-;
leys In'the next .prooeding; paragraph described i
iand. the Mayor and City Clerk aro hereby authorized to'sign and' seal a proper conveyance of' the
same to said Canadian Pacific Railway and  the !
said council {may accopt as. payment therefor:
either mOney :o*r: real property.. ■.'.- i
. T^ils by-law shall lake effeot on the dato of tho!
final ■passage', thereof.;'■■'■'■•:.■■■'■ '   ' '' »
"j-. Dono and passed in .Council at tho City of  Nel-;
son this    ,    dayof    . 1901, i
"- _    -•*-'"'     NOTICE. -;".'■-'   ' Y    Y' '   !
^'Tolkenbtlce that the abovo Is 'a* true'copy  of-.
• the proposed By-Law.upon .which the vote of tlio;
electors Of the Municipality will bo  taken: Fori
'tUe''East>Wardat the City. Police.Court,-.ion the;
east aide,*of .Josephine street, between Bakor and
Victoria streets'; for the WeBt Ward at the office-
'ofrWord-Brotliers, On the: north. sido, of Baker
.street, between Stanley and Kootenay streets, ln •
'the'CItji'of'Nelsohvoh Tuesday,  tho ^nineteenth:
'day otFebrJqary.Jnstant, between the: hours, of:
■8 6cl6ck*a. m. and 4 o'clock'p. m. ••."■; •'        " -.
,."V.i , {}*<!••! i .r_J.vIC8TR ACHAN; City Clerk.- :
Nelson, B. G., J^obruary 4th, 1901..' .
lo~Geo7-"H.*""I7ammj ns,-J~R-"CRA-NSOJfror t»-
any porson oi poisons to whom he may have
transferred his interest ln tho Harvey Joy
mineral olaim, at. Morning Mountain, Nelson
., Mining Division. .'• .   .   :
Y'-'Yoii are horeby-nbtiflbd'tliat' ;I halve expended
One Huudrod Dollars Iri labOrand imptovementa
*Q*pon the above montlonedi''fnlne*rar,.'cldlm,' in
'0rd6r to hold _uid, mineral, claim"urtder1'the
provisions of the Minoral "Act;1'andi if'within
ninety days from the date of' this notlceyou fall
or refuse to contribute your proportion of such
expenditure, together.-With.aH .costs of advertis-.
ing, your;'Interest liitjntid clitiuifwlll'becomo the
property of the subaOHber.'iUudor-sectlonjfOur bf
an .A*trrehMUld''^ACt^An*^udl*the-*ilhoi»l
Aot. 1000." . SILAS H. CROSS.
Dated this 12th day of Decembor, 1900.      Y     Y
I,;... ,*,. ,  .-I       .,        .l„'—_^ : v:-l(  ,,..,. .     .
All mombcis of. tho British Columbia Volunteer forces recently returned from Africi, who
would liko to join in forming a G uard of Honor
at tho,oponiiiB of :thq'Provincial Eoglglature, on
tho 21st instant, are invited to coinmunicaloilt
once with the Provincial Secrotary.
■'>NotIco isi hereby given, that1 within sixty days
.after the date of: this notice, I intend to apply to
tlie assistant commissioner .of. lands and woiks,
at Nelsoh.'for a leasoOf tlio "following described,
land, for tho purpose' of 'Opening up and working;
■stone, quarries, situate.about, two. miles int an j
easterly direction from the City of Kaslo, West
Kootenay District: .' ■''": * '.'''-■■'■ ■'•'•"" *'"*' "*'
Commencing at a post planted on the lake shore I
marked "J. A. Knauf's N. W. corner," running';
thenco east twenty chains; thence south twenty]
chains; thence west twenty chains, more or less!
to tho lake shoro; thence north along the lake shore •
'to the point of commencement; and,containing1
forty acres more Or less. J. A. KNAUF. -
Dated Dbcembef 19th. 1900Y ■'    •"•■''""' ;
 : ; t
- -     i
Notice is hereby given, that "thirty 'days after*
date.1 intend to apply to the. chief commissioner:
of land's and works.for'.pb'rmissloii toipurchasoj
the following described lands about two miles,:
Tvostof tho"City of Nolson: Commencing'at ai
post marked W. J. Boaven's S. E. Cornor' Post;
planted at S. W. corner post of H. Selous' pur-;
cliasodlaotCOS, Group l.ou the high water linei
, on.the west bank, of Kootenay river, thenco north;
20 chains, thence west 20 chains, thencesouth 20,
chains,mom or less to tho.high water, line on
north bank'bf Kobtenay'river;* thence* following)
the moandoring of the aforesaid river in an east-:
erly.dlroctlonlfi) chains more or less to point of
commonoement,,, Containing 32 Acres more or
less. W. JTbEAVEN.   '
Dated at Nelson this 21th dayof December, 1900.
meetings every Tuecday evening' at b 30
o'clock, in Aimers'.Union iHall,7 corner of Bakar
and Stnnlov st roots. - ViBting brethren cordially
invited. Chi is Luft, president rH. Smclser, financial and lecording Becretorj,,
172. moets every Mondayt evening In  the
Elliot block, oorner Baker and Stanley streets tt.
8 o'clock.   J.   D, :Mnvnv coresident; William
Vice, secretaiy, P. O.^Box 010.,^^
< s— » -
Meets seoond Wednosday in eaoh month.
Sojourning .bretbfeniinnted.
KNlGHTSiOF^PyTHIAS- Notoon Lodge. No
2S, Knl^ts of Pythias, meets in I. O. 0. K.
Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streets, ettry
Tuesday evening at 8 o'olock. -^.VlslMng Knights
oordlally invited toattend. - H, M. Vincent C. C.
A. T. Park, K. Ot(R-^3. , _*        	
Hold thoir regular meetings on the first and
third Thursdays ot, eaoh .month. Visiting-Sir
KiilghfetareVoordliUlyrMn'vited to attend G. K.
Browrf; ».■*:; A. W.^Purdy, Com.; R. J. Steel.
D. S. C. **>	
,„n r
NELSON L. O. Ly No. 1692, meets ln L O. O. F.
t.Hall, oorner Baker and Kootenay streeta,
lab *_Bd-8rd Friday tot eaoh nibnth,«yhdtihg
_M»h6rnJoardlalir3UiVlted.^.Wi W.&}iniBrfW
M, A. Mlnty, Reaprdlng-Seorotary.
tSi.lvJ>;':.';^  '.iii'"'?   '   .'  i  A   ,-"*lJ<ii -   -W
t"- ■*•.•'.:.'. ,..-.—r-r—= ;        j**"'
The undersigned lias "-been authorised by
resolution of the city council to'ask Jpr applications for tho position of chief of the"Firo Deparf-
ment of the City yof>Nelson.-J Applicants will
state ago, nativity, experience . and' wheie,
whether married tor single, sand -give- recommendations from i chiefi of t department whero
now employed and from underwriters, s Mark
applloatioDs: "Application for Cmefof Fire Department," and address^-' fi i JpSA-*
J. K. STRACHANt City Clerk* Nelson. B. O.
Dated January_2*qd*, 1901; ?/; Y'i ?i."
to Transfer a
Notice of
.-. ...License,
Notice Is horoby givqn.that I intend to apply
at the noxt sitting of-tho Board of. License Commissioners of tho CIty.of Nelson for, permission.to
transfer my retail liquor license? for tho premises
situate on the east half .of Lot ii. Block 2; in the
City of -Nelson, and known as tlio Grand,Hotel,
to Uustavus Nelson; '      JOHN'BlaOMBERG."
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 3rd day of January,
1901. '
Witness: Thomas Symks.
Notieo of. Application to Transfer ■. a
License.- ■*•       - i-'<
Notieo Ib hereby givon that I intend to apply at
the next sittingriof the.Board of IJconse.Commissioners of the'Clty'bt NeUjoq jfbri'peijrilsaion
to transfer my rotailuiqilor %conxpi(at iliajjpremises situate on the west half of lAt 1, Block 2, in
the City of Nelson, and known as the Glue;Pot
saloon, to Thomas Sproatt.      GUa iNJSUBO^;
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 3rd dfiyior Jduiuary,
(,| .-. '.-.T-.'   s.. *('£  ~>A-    'W   '..;    ha       »
John Blombkko.
i/Ro8aland;B, C.;.November^th, 1900.
TO F. B: SAUSBUBV f l        -«i--t'<f      jrAi.41.   :■;■:
Notice is hereby glvon that I, William Griffltl-.s,
intend to claim the Interests in1 the following
named mineral claims formerly held by F. It.
: Salisbury, on which he has neglected to ,pay bis
shatoof the expenses of'the-annual asapesmo*(it
work.   Towlt:,    ..    '
A one-half (i)' Interest-in the'"Bunker Hill"
mineral claim.
A one half (J) Interestin tho "Sullivan" mineral
claim. , ■■  *
A one-half (J) Interestin the "Fidelity" miners,
olatra.        >'—'..:>■>.. <i,-'v.. :.-.r.M::."        -,.;.
All the adjoining claims, ituatedon the west
fork' of the north. fork. ot Salmon river, ln the
Nolson Mining Division,
Tbis action is .taken under Seotlon 11 of Chap-
tei^ft. fit tbo--Ufortte of 18H. *od amendments of
ft-^rss1.. <.v<.«■"■*•.-■.,/,. ^A^tMWllfiamariffltia.- THE  TRIBUNE: NELSOfr, *A ���.; 'TUESDAY   FEBRUARY 12 1901  Assayers Supplies  We carry in stock a full line of Assayers' and Chemists'  Supplies. The- quality of our goods cannot be excelled  and our prices are  reasonable.?   ~-    =--���=-==-====^=  We are British Columbia Agents for      .���_**.  THE DENVER FIRE CLAY CO.'S GOODS  WM. AINSWORTH & SON'S BALANCES  SMITH & THOMPSON'S BALANCES  BRUNSTON'S POCKET TRANSITS  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.  VICTORIA  BLOCK  NELSON,  B. C.  The Nelson Clothing House  ..Great Slaughter Sale..  FROM 10 TO 25% DISCOUNT FOR THE  NEXT THIRTY DAYS. -   -      '  In order to make room for Spring Goods, I have decided to sell fen* the next thirty days all  cood-i in stock at greatly reduced prices. All heavy goods away down, cost not considered, and in  f/lotliing. Gents' furnishings, HaU and Caps, and Boots and Shoes 1 will give from 10 to 25 per cont  dis-oont and all Rubber Goods at cost. 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CITY LOCAL NEWS  Born, in Nelson on Sunday to  Mrs. Hector Mackenzie, Water  street, a daughter.  - The regular monthly meeting, of  Nelson lodge, A. P. & A. M., will be  held at the Masonic hall at 7:30 this  evening.  " Chief Thompson of the fire department was confined to the general hospital on Sunday evening.  He is puffer ing from a severe 7cold  which he contracted whilo recovering from a bad attack of la grippe.  -A false alarm was sent in'to the  fire department - yesterday* afternoon from the-Athabasca saloon.  Although the department made the  run in comparatively quick time  they were slow in leaving the  building.   ���    , -  The four rinks -of -the Nelson  curling club whicli are to take port  in the tournament at RosslancLthis  week left for that place last evening instead of this morning, as the  first games are played there at 9  a.m. today.'    j     -     "*       *  '> '      ^  John Cosgrove of-Ymir has made  application to the. local-board of  license commissioners for a transfer  of his license for" the 'Valley-hotel  near, Ymir to .A. Anderson.'','-'A  meeting of the board will ,"'be "held-<  in-tliis cityat 10 a." in.*'on. Tuesday,  February -"26th," Vto ������r consider' 'the"  matterr   "- ,-* '-���   <"v;  . TOwing- to, judge ',Forin having  gone'to -RosslancI, -Dr. Arthur 'has  been selected as. judge at.the fancy  dress carnival which will beheld at  the rink tomorrow" evening in aid  of-the'general hospital fund. ^The  committee 7wish.to say {that"all  skaters appearing in,costume must  wear a mask. - ���\  -The lecture on the yBoer "War,"  delivered' by Rev. R.* B. Blyth at  the Congregational church last  evening was largely attended. - Mr.  Blyth told of the many thrilling  adventures through which the'  British boys had to' pass and the  lecture throughout was highly, appreciated by"tho9e present.  Joseph S. Carter, who has been  appointed district passenger agent  for the Kootenays _of the- C. P. R,  arrived here -las't evening. \ For.  eleven years he, acted as' depot  agent at -Winnipeg for the company. E. J. Coyle of Vancouver,  assistant general passenger agent  of the Pacific division bf the_..C. P.  SUPREME COURT BUSINESS  -,'-.������ FawcettT- vs.  0. P. B.~   '���_'"&���  -^C ^ _ -,    , '  7 Yesterday!s ..session   ~vofi$7the  Y~*J,i>      j_ _���    i      '**  '  supreme, courts was�� entirely,-occupied with the-case of fawcett vs.  the C.'P. R.','iniVhich the ^plaintiff  'sues for, damages for "the death of  conductor Fawcett, killed at Rob  son. on the 20 th ot October, 1899.  Charles'' Wilson, K. C., and R.-S.  Lennie appeared for the plaintiff^  and E. P. Davis, K. C, for "the de-*  fendants.   'The jury sworn  was :  Fred Burnett," foreman; H. Bird, G.-  D. Curtis, F. - Gamble, H. J. Evans,  C. W. Westj' James Lawrence and-  Thorburn"j_llen.       "*��� __   �����  .Mr.^Wilson, iu his opening address, "pointed-, out   to   the- jury  that ,tbis ywas an action,',' first, at'  common) slaw, , and,   secondarily;,  under the Employers' Liability Act,"  and theffbriefly outlined" the" evidence' r it ������ wasYYintended to produce  for the plaintiff.   It appeared that  C. P."R. car^No.^93 .was sent up here  for passenger^service between Nelson and "Robson, and arrived "'with-'  out nuts on"tlie" brake rodj-leaving  the brake^wKeel unsafe," and^three,  days raf forwards, whiles conductor  Fawcett'i was"; superintending -the  sliiinting^ necessary tq'makingf up.  the train'at; Robson,^he used oneT'of  these hand* tbrakes,^ the * wheel of  which came.off, throwig'him to tKe  ground,,thejcai; running over 'him"  He "sustainedj; .injuries   which   resulted -in bis" death* the following  ���Wr'au1  ���^aafca^MaflW^i^M^a^*^  *m  -EEL.   BTEES. &  *  _sr__i__so_sr  K:_a.si_o  S^XT-DOXr  STOVES!   STOVES!   STOVES!  HEATING STOVES, COOKING STOVES, AND STEEL RANGES  Sole Ageqts for tye Original Cole's Hot Blast Coal Heaters  TELEPHONE 27  SEE OUR GUNS AND RIFLES  HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL KINDS OF AMMUNITION  Store, Corner Baker and Josephine Stieefc  at the session of the supreme court  this morning and took the oath of  allegiance to king Edward VII .before -Mr. justice -Irving.^ This -is  said to be according to an opinion  'that while superior court-judges'do  riot' require to /take 'the " oath,  county court judges 'do;* i;  ^  PERSONAL.  in  is  'W. N. Bray ton of--Kaslo was  the city yesterday.   - --  . \ William   Mathews-qf   Kaslo  registered at the Madden house?  ' T-F." -Farmer   of- London   and   H.  Young of Yitiu aro registered at tbo Queen's.  "ArWhealer and G. O^ Buchanan  of Kaslo, and M W. Coleman of Slocin City aro  registered at the Phair.     ~    ���   _ -  -   D.   Wr Moore   of  Trail,    Mark  Manloy of Slocan, aud H. J. Stewart of Silverton  are regisLored at tho Hume.       ���> r      a       -   ,  - 'A. H. Macneill, a prominent law-  ���"yer ot Ko'sland, anivod in iho city yesterday to  attend the sitting of the supremo court.  T. G. Roy, foreman at the Silver^  Hill mino, Ci awford bay, is in the oity for a day  or two. - He is registered at the Tremont.  -A: Toon   Edinger   of   Portland,  Oregon, who ii connected with tho Commercial  Uuun Insurance Company, and who inspects tho  various ofllcoa of the company, was In Nelson  ye terd.iy. He spent the day with Hugh Cameron, who is the local agent of the company.      ^  It Counts iii Results  The particular housewife wants  the best materials for her coolcing:  Hioe Sweet Butter  Good Fresh Eggs  are our specialties. They ensure a delightful .freshness in  all you cook, and-.attractive  daintiness, when it is served  on your table...  -��� A  KIRKPATRICK & WIIS0N  The Leading Grocers.  Telephone 10  K-W-C Baker Street  ���'���>- BUSINESS  MENTION.    :  Cellar to Rent���Apply The Royal  Bank of Canada.  '-���,-��� ���"-  "- Go to the Old Curiosity Shop if  you want to bily or sell anything.     _,-     /���  . "Ca9h'paid "for_ scrap -"iron*;' bras9  and copper.. Nelaon Iron .Works. ..  f Good smart boy* wanted,-'about  15year8old.   Apply W. F. Teetzel & Co. t -  ,  "/;To let���Furnished rooms', in Car>  'ney block." Reasonable rates.^' *���-     7   --    '  Y Hack   calls left at - the   Pacific  Transfer barn on .Vernon street. _ Telephone  call 36.        '    " a -^ r   . -r. *    o  ~ Por Rent.���Two fine .offices, cen-"  trail}' located. *' Xpplylo~A. H, Buchanan, Bank  of Montreal. - -       . -    / .-  MORRISON & CALDWELL  .GRdGERIES       ,  AND  1 ^^^^.  TfcifMS. -On tho real estate: One third cash,  one third in .six months, and balance in twelve  month').   Terms on household furniture, cash.  Canada Drug <_BookCo.  Umlfttf.  *on rimniLK pah in ur..\ns apit.v to  CHAS. A. WATERMAN & GO.  NKLSON, li. C. AUCTIONEERS.  THE GRANVILLE SCHOOL  1175 Haro Street, Vancouver.  Boarding and Day School for Girls. Will ro  open January 15th. Tonus moderate. For term I  and prospectus apply to  MAD_J_0ISELLE KEEN. Principal.  R., also arrived last evening.-  The masquerade ball given at the  opera house last evening by'the  Waverley social club was a decided  success. Nearly 150 invited guests  were present -and the various  costumes worn by the dancers presented an interesting sight'to the  many onlookers.who occupied the  balcony. The music furnished by  Wambold's orchestra was excellent.  E. P. Gigot, the new manager of  the Hudson's Bay stores in this  city, was given a hearty send-off  by his friends in Macleod upon  leaving that post to take up his  new duties. The last issue of the  Advance gives an account of the  proceedings, in the course of which  Mr. and Mrs. Gigot were made the  recipients of a neat silver five-o'clock  tea service, accompanied by am address.  Locomotives No. 25 and 584 collided about 6 o'clock last evening  at the local C. P. R. yard. The cylinder and other portions of No. 25  were damaged and slight damages  were'done to the other. No. 25 was  standing on the switch witli no rear  lights and was not seen by the  other engine. No- one was injured.  Owing to the accident the passenger for Robson due to leave at 0:40  was delayed until nearly 8 o'clock.  Mrs. James MeGhie, aged 34 years,  died at 7 o'clock yesterday morning  at her residence at the corner of  Vernon and Cedar streets. Deceased had for some time past been  suffering from consumption, the  disease from which she died. She  was born at St. Andrew's, Manitoba, and came to this city about  three year ago. The funei-al will  take place from the residence at 2  o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Rev.  William Munroe officiating.  .  Two large,1 well-furnished rooms      ._             .,     to le*E.   1 nnd>5 Macdonald block? corner Jose-  'day.v.At the*time\ of "the ^accident jphine and Vcmon. ; -  ���*.  .���___'__'_.   > ���-*._ ���>'   ���' _    <.��.��_��    -    Ai'/in' x_ Rnrnmi   anil  ��� _������{_ .  Fawcett ^kTearaing. frbin." $100' to, I " Robins and^breatfast'. ifa desired  *._.������-_.".      ..<���:-    T     ��     ->...-,    **-   at324 Josephinestfeot,'four.doora above.Silica  street,-' Mis. Blaneyr- f _  .}--   -i-"   S   _-_    -  ^$125*."a" month,^out.Aof \ which 'he  allowed his' aged^ parents $60 /per  month to live on, and the amount  of damages'asked issuch a' sum as  if invested'would produce for them  this income.       '-, -  ^_ ,y  ��� The father, tT. Gr Fawcett, was  the first Ywitness and 'told of the  allowance made by��� the ^son to his  parents.^ Then came^G. A. Hunter,  agent^ of the Manufacturers' Life  Company, who ' gave, technical  evidence of" the "expectancy of life  and the purchase of.annuities: F.'Jr  .O'Reilly, P. L. S., showed a-plan of  the yards at Robson, after which  J. C. Bradshaw,' a^CrP. R.-..conductor, who was on ''the .platform of  the car' when the accident happened, gave .detailecT.evidehce,. of  -how the unfortunate man-came-to  his death. Bradshaw was subjected'  to a lengthy cross-examination at  tlie * hands of Mr.1 Davis, in the  course of which the general rules  of the company were put in evidence  and,it was attempted to"show- that,  Fawcett owed his deatlf toThis own  disregard of the rules' and contributory carelessness.- 'The company had apparently given .express  instructions that there "was" to be  no "running shunting" at Robson  or Slocan, but" the rule was" disregarded. It was also shown that  the conductor ��� was responsible  for the "good order" of the car.  During the 'afternoon session  further evidence was given by other  conductors and brakesmen, but engineer Dow, who was in charge of  the engine of the train at the time  of the accident, was the only witness cross-examined at length. His  idea was tliat the switching of the  cars at Robson- was not shunting  within the rule and was the" usual  and proper way of. making up the  train. Mr. Wilson in closing the  plaintiff's case put in portions of  tiie examinations on discovery of  general superintendent Marpole,  superintendent Beasley and car inspector Otto Gabil.  Mr. Davis then moved for a nonsuit on the ground, (1) that there  was no evidence tp go to the jury  and (2) that the deceased was on  the evidence himself responsible for  the accident and therefore could  not recover. After argument on  these points the court adjourned at  5:30 p.m. until 11 a.m. tomorrow,  when judgment will be given on the  motion.  Great interest is manifested in  the case, a large number of railway  men being present.  His honor s judge-Fofin attended  3Yan*e^���A girl for general housework". Apply to .Mri*-T. M. Ward, cornor of  Victoria and Josephine streets. *-  Wanted���Board and;lodging in  private family for boy attending school. State  torm8.to Fred Adie, Waneta, B.C.   x       ���"*,.���,-'  All accounts owing to Miss McMillan must bo settled at .once or they will be  git en to a collector, as she leaving tho city.  Milk business for saltr���The'"only  dairy in *Kerni����. 20 cows. Will be sold at a bar-  gam.   Apply D. J. Whitney, Fernie, B. C.  For     Sale    Cheap���New    cabin  handy to imelter.. Apply to.George F. Motion,^  at Nelson Wine Company's store. _.        . ;  '"-"New   lot  just; in."���For   fr,esh  candies fruits, nuts, etc.) call at the Bon Ton  Confectionery, Baker street,-Miss A. L. Klink-  *Wlt7. -"��� -       -  * Wanted���A few first-class stonemasons and stonecutters on tho Robson bridge.  Union wages paid. Apply at the work. John  Gunn. ���">     ~  "        -  =^_Complete lifelof_queen���Victoria..  Best book. - Best*, terms. Outfit mailed on receipt  of 15 coats. Address S. C, Miller & Co, Portland,  Oregon.   -  Eight-roomed house, partly furnished, to rent in the Hume Addition, either to  ono or f wo families. Apply Mrs. Hart wig, Hume  Addition.  Wanted���Active,-steady  young  man for porter at the general hospital. Apply  between 11 and 12 a. m. to Mr. Swannell, room  0, Turner Boeckh block.  To Let���House on corner of Vic-  'toria and Cedar ctreets. Six rooms, bathroom  and modern conveniences, client $25. Apply to  A. E. Coxhoad, noxt door on Cedar street. .  For* Sale���Moving picture machine  and steroopticon combined. Films eighty Boer  war alldes. Every thing complete. Never been  used. Great bargain. Apply "Picture" Tribune  olllce.  $100,000.    I ,want^ a gold mine  netting $100,000 annually. Free milling gold properties wanted. Sond price, torms, full report,  etc. to Andieiv F. Rosenberger, Room 4, K-W C  Block, Nelson.   Tolophone 101  Miss   Von    Der   Werth���Clair-  vojant, palmist and card reading. Gives advice  on commercial bnsiuoss and mining; rcuniies  unhappy lovers and broken-up families.  Room  1, ovor Thomson Stationory Company.  Houso for rent���Newly furnished;  good plumlung; convenient location. Snaps for  eginneis. An opportunity* to apply part of  rfnt to'purchase of furniture. Apply on premises to aVirs. Sanderson, Carbonate btreet near  Josephine, or H. R. Cameron. . '  For Sale���120 acres of first-class  agricultural and gardon land, 12 miles from Nelson on Kootenay lake Will sell in 10, 20 or 40  acre tracts. Pi ice and terras reasonable. Apply  or address A. F. Rosenberger, room 4, K-W-C  Block, Nelson.  The ^Prospectors' Exchange is the  only place in British Columbia where prospectors  can exhibit samples^of their ore to the mining  Sublic. Send samples of your ore for exhibition.  To charges mado for exhibiting jour ore and  listing j our propel ty. Room 4. K W-C Block,  Nel-oon.  Telephone 101.  Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.  I.. Profeswr of Oplhalmology, Do-jtor of 'Optics  and Scientific Opticiaq, about those headaches,  pains in the ejes, eyes crossed or diverged, visual  defects on the fitting of spectacles that are absolutely correct, at McLean's drug store until February lOth. Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5.  T. W. Bain, chief of police, Revelstoke, in his letter to W. Harvov, F. O. M. C. I.,  makes the following statement: It is with pleasure that I testify to foe exactnoos of the spectacles which you fitted for me. as they are much  better than anything that I have previously  worn and give me entire satisfaction for the  Eurpose for which they were adjusted; and I  ike this opportunity of thanking- you for the  assistance which you have rendered me. ..��_      .  OURLEADER8-'��        i       ;, '   -        : ;     ���     .'*    -  ,f    -j . r y  The well-known Newdale Creamery Butter  ���������C  '    'a " v 1I3.aH 8i��d packages and 1-pouud bricks  ���* - -'   , _ '--1?-; *���'���-" w    ���"���������'���' -   1  ��� - --t     ,   vfv  v    *    "���_.--   September-Selected.Ontario.Cheese: v   .'.-  --   ���*������." J"   -Choice Matured Canadian-Stilton-Cheese    j  "*  ^y   JJ ^   _y\ Fresh Bogustown-Ranch Eggs ���   ��� .*>   -  I-    Sole Agents foKRegal Brand Tea, Coffee and Spjces  Morrison & Caldwell, Baker Street. Nelson  -TYTyY-TTTTTTTTrTTT-_Ll^TtlIf-^-^Tr-^-TTTII��T��lIgTCTT-TTT-_r-YrTTTT��KI-lt  THE   PROSPECTORS   EXCHANGE  No. 4, K. IV. C. Block,  NELSON, B. C.  .      r . Gold, Silver-Lead and'Copper Mines wanted at the Exchange.      '  .j ���  .Free Milliner Oold Properties wanted'at once for Eastern Investors. - -  ' - ���>    ' --    , - .<-   -   -���^  _  Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send samples of their ore to the  Exchange for exhibition We desire to hear from all prospectors who have promising mineral  claims 111 Biitish Columbia. -   ���* " -     --   ���  ' -Prospectois and mining men are requested to make tho'Exchange their headquarters -when  in Nelson.      _ - -���_..,..  All samples should be sent by express, Prepaid.  Correspondence solicited.       *  ���>��� Addiess all-communications to'-=*-  Telephone 104 -  - P. O. Box 700  ANDREW F. ROSENBERGER,  " ~ Nelson, B. C. I  TTITaillllTTTTTTTTTT-IIMTIIlTlllllllIirrTlIITlllIIIaTTT^rrTTTTTTTTTT^  '*5BffrT  The Gait Coaloffice has been  removed to the Ward building, on Baker street���two  doors west C.,P. R. offices.  A full supply of Gait Coal  now on hand. -  W. P. TIERNEY,  Telephone No. 265     General'Agent.  C. W. West & Co.  COAL.!      WOOD!  Hard Coal     $tQ,75  Anthracite  Crow's Noat  Coal  $6.15  _DIQI_IV__5_S__I3_��  AGENTS IMPERIAL OIL COMPANY, LTD.  No order oan be accepted nnless accompanied  by cash.    Offlco:  Corner of Hall  and Baker Streets.  TELEPHONE 33.  THOMPSON & DOUGLAS  Victoria Street.  PAINTERS  Decorators and  Paper Hangers.,  H. E. T. HAULTAiN, C. E.  Surpassing  Display in  Fall Suitings  _  All the fashionable creations  in Fall and Winter wear are  ~* * included in my last consignment of Scotch and Irish  Serges, Tweeds and'Worsteds, and Fancy Trouserings  E. Skinner  Neelands' Building, Baker Street,  FRED J. SQUIRE,'Manager.   ARTHUR   GEE  MERCHANT TAILOR.'  TREMONT > HOTEL BLOCK.  Largo stock of high-class imported goods.  A  specialty of tlie square   shoulder���tne  fashion in coats.  latest)  MINING  ENGINEER  OFFICE-8. 9, 10,  K.-W.-C. Block  -   NELSON  WE HAVE  Improved Incandescent  Mirror Globe ' Lamps  Now in Stock. They  - Improve Electric Light  Fifty   per, cent.  KOOTENAY ELECTRIC SUPPLY  & CONSTRUCTION GO.  NeLooivB. O. '-  if


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